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Powers up you can here the fan all light come on but the screen stays black
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I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My lapton crashes and HP Pavilion PC Entertainment shuts down everytime after I made use of a stock market trading platform Why is it doing that and what can I do to fix this Any help would greatly be appreciated This is the problem msg Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode f BCP BCP B BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C WINDOWS Minidump Mini - dmp C HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Users Martin AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml C Users Martin AppData Local Temp WER ECD tmp version txt Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode f BCP BCP B BCP BCP OS Version HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C WINDOWS Minidump Mini - dmp C Users Martin AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml C Users Martin AppData Local Temp WER ECD tmp version txt nbsp

A:HP Pavilion Entertainment PC

I probably shouldn't try to get into this, but since nobody has responded, I'll suggest some things. The error message says there's a file that helps describe the problem in a subfolder under in the \WINDOWS folder. It's a text file, so can be read by anything, including Notepad. What does the file say?

Have you contacted tech support for the program and asked them what's wrong?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?

My recollection is that "OS 6" is Vista. If that's your OS, have you tried doing what's suggested at
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Hello and thank you to the forum members that are reading this laptop help request I own a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC notebook and HP Pavilion Entertainment Help! PC this morning I had dropped a pizza on the right side of the keyboard Now at the time the notebook was on when I went to clean off the grease on the keyboard wasn t too bad but as I was doing HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Help! this action I was also pushing down various keys at the same time I have realized that I should have turned OFF the notebook before proceeding with the cleansing of my keyboard but I happened to be a fool at the time and was rather slow to realize this since it was one in the morning Now the notebook did open various folders documents etc But I had ignored all of the factors on that and continued to clean off the grease and then paid attention to the notebook again I noticed that something was wrong with the notebook and may have outworked the notebook by pressing various keys at the same time When I went to turn off the notebook it averted from shutting down to locking itself down I unlocked the laptop and the sound that is made when you get to your desktop screen was erie and out of tune as if it was gargling in water To make this short and simple I was cleaning the keyboard while the notebook was on various programs and documents were opened notebook began to malfunction or override commands turned off the notebook turned it back on but would not move on to the desktop screen and had an error message stating that something must be re-installed in order to work properly again Basically when I was cleaning the notebook I must have accidentally deleted a vital system component that operates the system properly I tried doing a system recovery with a disc that had all the default programs etc but failed to complete the recovery This morning I turned on the notebook and after the Windows XP F Boot Order F Set-up screen the screen will go into a black screen and restart itself over and over again I do not know if my notebook is completely FUBAR but I am hoping that someone has a solution to this problem I do not have a warranty on this notebook as a friend gave the notebook to me in June Can anyone help nbsp
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Powers up you can here the fan all light come on but the screen stays black
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I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Notebook. When I had first purchased it, it ran on Windows Vista and I upgraded it to Windows 7. I want to restore it to factory settings but I am having difficulty. I tapped Escape and then pressed F11 and have this several times and it did nothing after each option I selected. I have also tapped Escape and then pressed F9 and tried all the selections from there and that has failed too. I do not have any of the original CDs except the Windows 7 upgrade installation and I have tried that to unistall Windows 7 but it won't do that either. I have basically tried everything, ran out of ideas, and I need help.

A:How do I restore a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC?

Hi: You will have to order a set of recovery disks for your PC by reading the info at the link below. If you can read all 25 characters of the vista product key on the bottom of your notebook, you can make your own vista installation dvd. Here' s how: If you're up to a slight but rewarding challenge you can make your own if you can read your 25 character Vista product key on the PC. Just download the 3 files you need at the link below, and read all of the instructions to create a bootable DVD installation disk using imageburn. Disregard the part of the text under the first screen shot about "extract the files to the Vista folder."The files were already extracted to that folder when you ran the X14.exe file by reading the text on top of the first screen shot. The other thing I noticed is on the 4th screen shot, where it shows Developer ID Microsoft Corporation. I had to type Microsoft Corporation in myself, and then the other codes automatically populated. When I went to compile the ISO file, ImageBurn gave a message that about a WIM file and ISO, and if I wanted to burn it in a different format. I selected No, make the ISO file. It was not that hard to do. I burned both the 64 bit disk and the 32 bit disk in case I ever need them. I tested both of them an my hp dc7100 CMT desktop PC, they worked perfectly. When you enter the product key, it knows what version of Vista you have. After you successfully install Vista, you can then install the drivers from your PC's support and driver page. Paul
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When I go to turn on - there is a sound like it is going to boot up (sound is like it is trying to boot from DVD player) then the volume speaker button stays red, the volume turn up scale light on and the wireless icon is lite up red. The light just to left of caps lock and the light above the num lock/scroll key blink once at same time stop then blink again. No picture on screen and no sounds. We used the computer Thursday morning and put it to sleep then when we went to use it Thursday night it acted up.

A:HP pavilion entertainment pc with Windows 7

 Try a hard reset, works 'sometimes'.Disconnect all external devices first.1-remove power cord and battery2-press power button for 30 seconds3-reinstall only power cord for first startup.4-power on
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I am running Windows Vista V6 32bit on a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC.  I understand to upgrade to Windows 10  I need to purchase a retail copy of Win10 with product key.  Are there any issues with the upgrade I should know about before I purchase the license ?  i.e.  Can I do an upgrade or do I need to do a clean install ?I initially thought I would upgrade to Win7 or 8 to qualify for the free WIN10 upgrade but have since discovered this option isn't available to Vista users. Thank you

A:How do I upgrade my HP Pavilion Entertainment PC running Vis...

When requesting assistance, please provide the complete model name and product number (p/n) of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq makes thousands of models of computers. Without this information it may be difficult or impossible to assist you in resolving your issue. The above requested information can be found on the bottom of your computer, inside the battery compartment or on the startup BIOS screen. Please see How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? for more assistance locating this information. DO NOT include your serial number.  There is no direct upgrade path from Vista to Windows 10. You would have to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1 before the free upgrade would work.Being that you have Vista, you must do a clean install using a retail copy of Windows 10. After installing Windows 10, it is very possible that some features of your computer no longer work or there aren't Windows 10 drivers for it's hardware. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the White KUDOS "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation
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HP Notebook Pavilion Entertainment I am having issues with my keyboard. When I am in a web browser no matter what key I hit it refreshes the page.I can use the key board just fine typeing in my password and such. and use it just fine typing on the sticky note app on the computer but in a web browser it just refreshes the page.
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Hi Everyone!I am trying to pair Hesh 2 headset via Bluetooth to my HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (product: WC161EA#ABH, model: dv7-3150ed, operating system: Windows 7) but Hesh 2 won't connect. It will be running in pairing mode and then just shutting off without making the connection.Bluetooth Services on my notebook are set on Automatic and running... I can see the Hesh 2 in Devices and Printers, the driver is installed, everything seems to be ok but still no connection...What am I forgetting? Please help!Thank you very much in advance! PS I have to say that the user guide coming with Hesh 2 has really poor and unclear instructions.

A:Hesh 2 cannot pair with HP Pavilion Entertainment PC

Hi, i found a video on youtube that may help.try this : considering its to do with windows:Please start "Model automatic detection" to find exact model number of your laptop.Refer this win+R > type in > services.msc and then the below Please also make sure that the "Bluetooth support service" is running and set as "Automatic" and then check the issue. Please follow these steps: a. Press Windows + R keys, type services.msc in run window and press Enter. b. Scroll down to "Bluetooth support service". c. Make sure it is set to "Automatic" and is running. If not, double click the service, select "Automatic" in startup typeand click "Start". d. Click apply and ok.

Although I work for HP Inc -The views and opinions I post here are of my own.If my post helped you out, give me the kudos i deserve #HPExpertDay
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i have installed on my HP Pavilion dv6621eb Entertainment Notebook PC windows 7 and i didn't find any driver in your page internet, please help me to install all the necessary driver .Best regard

A:HP Pavilion dv6621eb Entertainment Notebook PC

Hi: Use the Windows Vista drivers from your notebook's support page. You will have to manually install the graphics driver because when you run the file, you will get an unsupported operating system error. Also see this link for more tips to get W7 to work correctly on your notebook...
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HP Pavilion dv7-4180us Entertainment Notebook PC + 64-bit, Microsoft Windows 10 Home, Fragmented SYSTEM Hard Drive will not optimize, 100% Fragmented.  Daveobs 

A:HP Pavilion dv7-4180us Entertainment Notebook PC + 64-bit, M...

Hi, Assuming the hard drive has a mbr style, the System partition will contain the boot files and recovery environment for Windows and it's perfectly normal for it to show fragmentation - this partition should not be defragmented as it can cause problems with loading Windows. Regards, DP-K
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I am looking for drivers for my notebook. Amazingely noted that there is no any link to download the drivers on concerned drivers page i-e What to do now??
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Can anyone tell me how to create the backup disks (4 DVD's) for partition D:\ without relying on the popup that appears? My wife saw the popup and selected 'later' on the choices buttons, but that was days ago, and still no popup is appearing to allow the backup of the critical files to restore the computer to the factory defaults, should this become necessary.

Thanks in advance.


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A:HP Pavilion Entertainment PC backup DVDs

Take a look in either Control Panel for Back-Up & Utilities Software or go to All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools and see if anything is mentioned there.
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Hello good people, I upgraded from Vista to Windows 8.1 and started having issues with video failure sad face VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. I was advised to upgrade the RAM but not sure how much RAM or max RAM to add. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.
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Pavilion boots up with no display this morning. Audio bootup is heard from Windows.wifi blue light on.power and speaker LEDs on.flashing led on hard drive flashing so accessing hard drive. tried... hardware reset.remove battery and drain charge from depressing power button while off and disconnect power.all external devices disconnected. same problem after hardware reset. appears so is running but no display.
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i have a hp laptop and it will not boot up. it is an xp machine and the lights come on and nothing else happens. please advise. thank you

A:HP pavilion entertainment laptop will not boot

In order to solve the problem, you are advised to write more about your system specification. And also when this thing happen and what exactly the problem. Is the computer fan spinning during boot? So it is just the monitor issue? Or only the lights are on?
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What is your thoughts on this laptop?
Do you think it would be able to run practically all games available now?


A:What do you think of the HP Pavilion dv5-1007tx Entertainment Notebook PC

If any laptop can allow you to play most games, this one looks good... It is unrealistic to expect most laptops to match a desktop computer when it comes to modern gaming performance
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My Laptop stuck in HP screen.pressing Esc ,F9 and F10 are not making any difference.I reset the CMOS battery but not working.I change my two RAM's in 2 diffent slots 1 by 1If i remove my harddisk then my ESC and F10 working. But the LED of harddisk blinking while powering on.can anyone help me?
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I need a replacement AC adapter and am not sure what voltage to get Thanks

A:HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx Entertainment Notebook PC

Hi, We need to know waht is your dv4. Please use the following instructions to find out: You can also turn the charger up-side-down to read its label which shows all informatioon including part number or use part number from the following link: By the way it uses AC Smart pin slim power adapter (65-watt) - 100-240VAC 1.7A input, 50-60Hz, 18.5VDC 3.5A output -. Regards.
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My hp pavilion dv6 entertainment pc was working great until i left after starting a download and cameback after couple of hours. The screen was off and when i touched the mousepad it came back on like it was supposed to. Just as the screen turned on it froze. Nothing worked including cntrl-shift-del. So i shut it down the hard way and restarted it. There came the hp logo and it started booting. I again left and when came back the screen was blank and num lock and capslock light were simultaneously blinking with a 4-5 second gap. I again turned it off. Now the screen doesen't even show the hp logo and boot menu. The screen doesnot come back onn and capslock led and numlock led keep blinking. Can anyone elaborate what might be causing the problem and give me a fix. ( i have tried hard resetting and it doesnot work)

A:Hp pavilion dv6 entertainment pc capslock and numblock blink...

Hi, Try these links first.

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Hello I have a HP Pavilion dv - tx Entertainment Notebook PC with windows which I am using from quite sometime recently I decided to dual boot my system with windows Notebook Entertainment PC Windows - Pavilion P dv6-3049tx But after taking an origional windows from msdn official site when i tried to dual boot I had some issue of quot dynamic disk quot which I came to know that I cant install a new OS if my hard disk is P Pavilion dv6-3049tx Entertainment Notebook PC - Windows of quot dynamic type quot Now after reading from many blogs I downloaded one utility and converted my hard disk from quot dynamic type quot to quot basic type quot with that utility without formatting P Pavilion dv6-3049tx Entertainment Notebook PC - Windows the hard disk but just by using that utility which went fine Now after installing the origional windows from the bootable pen drive yesterday I was using fine until now Suddenly when i started doing some actual work I got some graphics issue I guss but not sure and my screen started going to black couple of times like it used to happen in windows when it used to do quot switchable Graphics quot thing I thought that it will go off but it happened quite some time and windows just restarted Again i tried samething happened and my windows is just restarting again and again after couple of black screen effects Please help me now I am not able to log in to my windows also its just hanging in between but I am able to use my windows smoothly The reasons can be many As I have changed the disk type from quot dynamic to basic quot without formatting my harddisk that can be a problem but i over rule coz the procedure of installing windows was smooth As i am not good that technically so I am not sure if I have to update my BIOS or any graphics drivers or anything Mainly I think there is some issues with windows trying to access C drive and its not happening coz i checked some event logs Also now my Windows disk partition is showing as the primary partition in disk management I am not sure if it should be that way Please help me in this coz i need to install windows and start making apps for windows phone and I cant afford a new laptop I can share snapshots Just ask what you guys needs Thank you Please help

A:P Pavilion dv6-3049tx Entertainment Notebook PC - Windows

Originally Posted by guisan07

But after taking an origional windows 8.1 from msdn official site when i tried to dual boot I had some issue of "dynamic disk" which I came to know that I cant install a new OS if my hard disk is of "dynamic type". Now after reading from many blogs I downloaded one utility and converted my hard disk from "dynamic type" to "basic type" with that utility without formatting the hard disk, but just by using that utility which went fine.

This is a problem that HP made when setting the HD.
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After 3 password attempts here is what it saysSystem disabled64271153

View Solution.

A:Hp pavilion entertainment pc-- screen is saying enter admini...

Hi: Enter this unlock passcode... 71159195
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PC Expert please help me, i reformat my laptop and this is the one missing. Please help me.  Thank you. 

View Solution.

A:HP Pavilion dv6-2134ee Entertainment Notebook PC (UNKNOWN DE...

Hi: You need this driver for that device...
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hi folks, I'm trying to get vt-x enabled on my "HP Pavilion dv7-1070ed Entertainment Notebook"with operating system Windows 10, I need it for a program called "Oracle VM VirtualBox" I was trying to upgrade my bios from Versie F.2D RevtoVersie F.14 REV  E (in this bios you can enable vt-x fuction) link: but i did get an error "Warning: cannot check platform ID." does someone know how to solve this?
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Boot/Recovery partitions corrupted.Need a Recovery DVD for a HP Pavilion dv7-6165us Entertainment Notebook PC does not have it. Can I get it from HP?  If not, where else?  Thanks Ozzie    

A:Recovery DVD for a HP Pavilion dv7-6165us Entertainment Note...

Dear Customer,  Please go through the below Document: HP and Compaq PCs - Looking for Recovery Discs  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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I NEED TO KNOW THE RIGHT PART NUMBER FOR THE FAN COOLER. I'M RECEIVING AN ERROR WHEN STARTING THE LAPTOP. HP Pavilion dv6-6c10us Entertainment Notebook PCModel #: A6Y49UAProduct Number : A6Y49UA#ABAThanks in advance.
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Hello, I have been randomly getting the BSD for a year now. I have formatted and reinstalled Windows 7 several times, upgraded to Windows 8 for a short time and then back to Windows 7 once the unit crashed in Windows 8 as well. I have replaced with new the memory, hard drive and motherboard. The only thing that isn't new is the CPU! I have disabled one GPU and vise versa. I have monitored temps. This motherboard doesn't seem to be supported to be able to monitor fan speed, but I can say I checked the fan and it's wires when I installed the new motherboard and also checked for air output through the exhaust vent. So I can only assume the cause is either the CPU or it is software/driver related?

A:BSD - HP Pavilion CTO Entertainment DV7t-6000 Laptop

Likely you haven't installed drivers for your Fingerprint Reader, nor for your ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
Please download and install them, then generate another perfmon report.
These are the devices:

Not Available    USB\VID_138A&PID_0018\08689A6652DA    The drivers for this device are not installed.
Not Available    ACPI\HPQ0004\2&DABA3FF&1    The drivers for this device are not installed.

Your UEFI/BIOS (version F.1B) dates from 2011.  Please check at the manufacturer's website to see if there are any UEFI/BIOS updates available for your system.  If you are able to install the update through Windows (without booting from an external drive), then go ahead and update it.  WARNING - if the computer might shut down during this procedure, please don't do it, as this may physically damage the computer and prevent it from booting.
Only 173 Windows Updates installed.  Most systems have 300 or more.  Please visit Windows Update and get ALL available updates (it may take several trips to get them all).
Finally, as the problem has continued through multiple reinstalls of Windows, please start with these free hardware diagnostics:
Can't run the memory dumps - seems to be a problem with them.
Could you please zip up the contents of C:\Windows\Minidump and upload them with your next post?
If you have problems zipping them, try copying them to your Desktop and zipping them from there.
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My HP Pavilion dv - dx Entertainment Notebook PC goes to blank display frequently during working on the same It is having Vista with dv4-1465dx entertainment Problems HP notebook Pavilion Home Premium Edition installed The only indication at that time is the blinking of the POWER ON button When we press space bar Problems with HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx entertainment notebook or Enter key it tries to load to the original condition and after getting the previous screen loaded for Problems with HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx entertainment notebook few seconds it Problems with HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx entertainment notebook goes back to the blank state with POWER ON button blinking If I put some light from torch or something on the display sometimes I can see the screen loaded In such cases of sleep activity the CTRL ALT DEL won t work pressing continuously on the POWER ON button won t work in order to shutdown and I had to remove the battery to start the Notebook again So after searching the internet for the same kind of issues I re-installed my OS from Vista to Windows bit and I installed some of the drivers from the HP Site corresponding to my Note Book HP Pavilion dv - dx Entertainment Notebook PC and Windows Bit OS After that also it is going to the blank state but returns immediately by showing a message as quot Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered quot So when I checked this in HP site as as per that I updated the Intel Graphics driver for the chip set corresponding to my Note Book and Windows Bit OS In that case also the volume control display on the screen was not showing anything while increasing decreasing the volume but it is working as normal without any display Again based on the search in HP Site I reinstalled my BIOS from HP F to Insyde Flash F After that when I press quot F quot while booting the machine I m not getting the options such as Safe Mode Safe Mode with Command Prompt Restore Last known Good configuration etc I m getting a red screen with some other options containing some different technical terms Is it because of the wrong BIOS updating or something else If it is related to BIOS can I downgrade from F to F Or is there any other way to get the above mentioned options such as quot Safe Mode Safe Mode with Command Prompt Restore Last known Good configuration etc quot same as pressing the F button Expecting the support in this matter nbsp

A:Problems with HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx entertainment notebook

How old is this computer? The power supply may be on it's way out...
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I was just given a pavilion dv ca entertainment laptop in seemingly good condition no adapter or peripherals nbsp It was left behind by the family's son when you went away to school so no information on it's operability nbsp It would not boot so I did a hard reset and removed the battery dusted and cleaned what was easily accessible nbsp It powers on black screen no fan or drive DVDs black entertainment pavilion screen laptop just the led lights for the dvd at the top of the keyboard nbsp pavilion DVDs entertainment laptop black screen It blinks off immediately then back on then off etc does not respond to function keys pavilion DVDs entertainment laptop black screen and I do not have another monitor handy to hook up to nbsp Ctrl-alt-del or Windows-B stops the blinking and momentarily engages the drive and the fan but not the screen nbsp nbsp The drive does not engage long enough to load Bios or OS nbsp no idea what OS is installed it was designed for Vista nbsp Repeated pressing of the F- key to bring up the HP recovery screen results in a beep code long short this code repeats until I power off nbsp Any ideas what my next step should be nbsp nbsp
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I couldn't be able to find NVIDIA drivers for HP Pavilion dv6853cl Entertainment Notebook

Also fan is giving annoying voice I have tried to clean it up using fast air blow method but same please help

A:NVIDIA drivers for HP Pavilion dv6853cl Entertainment Notebook

Nvidia drivers for Windows 8 can be downloaded here. You need to know which graphics card you have installed in your laptop or desktop.

NVIDIA Windows 8 CP Drivers
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I have a HP laptop very nice supposed to be an entertainment laptop but it wont read any cd or dvd that I put in the drive. When I turn on the pc it reads the drive and everything but it just wont read a cd/dvd... Ive been on the run around with and was wanting to go through microsoft but im not paying that much money for something they should fix for free... Plz help me out

A:HP Pavilion Entertainment PC dv4 reads the drive but wont read any cd/dvd???

What does Microsoft have to do with an optical drive problem?

Does the machine still have warranty?
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Machine has gotten progressively slow max ram is gb running PRO SP Speccy http speccy piriform com results IKFZGSCsGi mOC amMW Trn Minitoolbox MiniToolBox by Farbar Version - - Ran by Chris administrator on - - at Running from C Users Chris Downloads Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack X Boot Mode Normal Event log errors Application errors Error PM Source Bonjour Windows 1 Pavilion Entertainment on Laptop 7 Professional SP HP slow Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledSPRetry Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledEvent Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error Continuously busy for Windows 7 Professional SP 1 slow on HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop more than a second Error AM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledSPRetry Error AM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledEvent Error AM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error Continuously busy for more than a second Error AM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledSPRetry Error AM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledEvent Error AM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error Continuously busy for more than a second Error AM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledSPRetry System errors Error PM Source Service Control Manager User Description A timeout milliseconds was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the IKEEXT service Error AM Source EventLog User Description The previous system shutdown at AM on was unexpected Error PM Source Service Control Manager User Description The Realtek nCU service terminated unexpectedly It has done this time s Error PM Source Service Control Manager User Description The Norton Security Suite service failed to start due to the following error Error PM Source Service Control Manager User Description A timeout was reached milliseconds while waiting for the Norton Security Suite service to connect Error AM Source Service Control Manager User Description A timeout milliseconds was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the Realtek nCU service Error AM Source Service Control Manager User Description A timeout milliseconds was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the Realtek nCU service Error PM Source EventLog User Description The previous system shutdown at AM on was unexpected Error PM Source Service Control Manager User Description A timeout milliseconds was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the Realtek nCU service Error PM Source DCOM User Description A F - - E F-BE -D EC DF A Microsoft Office Sessions Installed Programs Update for Microsoft Office KB ABBYY FineReader Sprint Version Adobe Flash Player Plugin Version Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Version Adobe Reader XI Version Adobe Shockwave Player Version Akamai NetSession Interface Apple Application Support Version Apple Mobile Device Support Version Apple Software Update Version ASUS USB-N WLAN Card Utilities amp Driver Version Bonjour Version Broadcom Wireless LAN Adapter Version CCleaner Version Cisco EAP-FAST Module Version Cisco LEAP Module Version Cisco PEAP Module Version Cisco WebEx Meetings Conexant HD Audio Defraggler Version Duplicate Music Files Finder Garmin USB Drivers Version Garmin WebUpdater Version Google Chrome Version HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP HP Quick Launch Buttons Version HP Support Solutions Framework Version Hulu Desktop Version iCloud Version inSSIDer Version iTunes Version Java Update Version Java Auto Updater Version Junk Mail filter update Version LG USB Modem driver Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version Version Microsoft NET Framework Version Microsoft Application Error Reporting Version Microsoft Choice Guard Version Microsoft Off... Read more

A:Windows 7 Professional SP 1 slow on HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop

Your low RAM is the main issue.  1GB is the minimum for the 32 bit version you are running, 2GB is the minimum for 64 bit.  Everything that cannot be stored in RAM is written to the hard drive.  I'm currently us 3.62GB of RAM on my 64 bit machine with Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, a Command Prompt and Task Manager.  In other words a very light load. 
Essentially you're using 83% of your memory doing next to nothing, as soon as you start doing anything you fill the RAM and the excess has to be written to the hard drive.  This computer is never going to be fast with 2GB of RAM.  I recommend 4GB of RAM for Windows 7 as a minimum with 8GB and the 64 bit version preferred.
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Hi nbsp Product CPU details nbsp ------------------------------------------------------BinariesCPU-Z version x ProcessorsNumber of processors Number of threads APICsProcessor -- Core -- Thread -- Thread -- Core -- Thread -- Thread TimersACPI dv6t-3000 PC (Laptop)- Entertainment Notebook Pavilion M... CTO timer MHzHPET timer MHzPerf timer MHzSys timer KHzProcessors InformationProcessor ID Number of cores max Number of threads max Name Intel Core i MCodename ArrandaleSpecification Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHzPackage platform ID Socket rPGA x Pavilion dv6t-3000 CTO Entertainment PC Notebook (Laptop)- M... CPUID Extended CPUID Core Stepping C Technology nmTDP Limit WattsCore Speed MHzMultiplier x Bus Speed x MHzRated Bus speed MHzStock frequency MHzInstructions sets MMX SSE SSE SSE SSSE SSE SSE EM T VT-xL Data cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line sizeL Instruction cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line sizeL cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line sizeL cache MBytes -way set associative -byte line sizeFID VID Control yesTurbo Mode not supportedMax turbo frequency MHzMax non-turbo ratio xMax turbo ratio xMax efficiency ratio xTDC Limit AmpsMax bus number Attached device PCI device at bus device function Temperature C F x F Core Power W Package ChipsetNorthbridge Intel Havendale Clarkdale Host Bridge rev Southbridge Intel HM rev Memory Type DDR Memory Size GBytesChannels Dual Symmetric Memory Frequency MHz CAS latency CL RAS to CAS delay tRCD RAS Precharge tRP Cycle Time tRAS Row Refresh Cycle Time tRFC Command Rate CR THost Bridge x Host Bridge x C Host Bridge x D Host Bridge x D Host Bridge x D Host Bridge x D Host Bridge x D Memory SPDDIMM SMBus address x Memory type DDR Module format SO-DIMMManufacturer ID G Skill F F F FCD Size MBytesMax bandwidth PC - MHz Part number F - CL - GBSQNumber of banks Nominal Voltage VoltsEPP noXMP noAMP noJEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC frequencyJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzDIMM SMBus address x Memory type DDR Module format SO-DIMMManufacturer ID G Skill F F F FCD Size MBytesMax bandwidth PC - MHz Part number F - CL - GBSQNumber of banks Nominal Voltage VoltsEPP noXMP noAMP noJEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC frequencyJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzJEDEC - - - - MHzMonitoringMainboard Model C x DC Pavilion dv6t-3000 CTO Entertainment PC Notebook (Laptop)- M... - x D LPCIOHardware MonitorsHardware monitor ACPITemperature C F xD C TZ Hardware monitor BatteryVoltage Volts x Current Voltage Capacity mWh Pavilion dv6t-3000 CTO Entertainment PC Notebook (Laptop)- M... x E Designed Capacity Capacity mWh x E Full Charge Capacity Capacity mWh x E Current Capacity Level n a x Wear Level Level pc x Charge Level PCI DevicesDescription Host BridgeLocation bus x device x function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x Revision ID x Description VGA ControllerLocation bus x device x function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x Revision ID x Description Communication DeviceLocation bus x device x function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x B Revision ID x Description USB Controller EHCI Location bus x device x A function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x B CRevision ID x Description Multimedia deviceLocation bus x device x B function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x B Revision ID x Description PCI to PCI BridgeLocation bus x device x C function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x B Revision ID x Description PCI to PCI BridgeLocation bus x device x C function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x B Revision ID x Description USB Controller EHCI Location bus x device x D function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x B Revision ID x Description PCI to PCI BridgeLocation bus x device x E function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x Revision ID xA Description PCI to ISA BridgeLocation bus x device x F function x Common headerVendor ID x Model ID x B Revision ID x Descripti... Read more

A:Pavilion dv6t-3000 CTO Entertainment PC Notebook (Laptop)- M...

Hi,I would NOT recommend such an upgrade. You need a new mtb, heat sink and the cpu. That's a lot's of money as it's very hard to get a RELIABLE product from eBay or Alibaba. I don't think HP have it in stock and if it could like £400 for a new mtb.
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Pavilion dv6775 Entertainment NotebookProduct: HP Pavillion DV6700HP Service: DV6775-USWarranty: 1YearP/N:KC412UA#ABA I just reloaded the laptop with Win7 Pro 64bit. The HP site for the model shows options for Vista only.Everything worked out ok except for three yellow "!" in device manager.They are under the "Other Devices" tab.All are "Base System Devices".Under the properties is:PCI bus 9, device 9, function 3PCI bus 9, device 9, function 2PCI bus 9, device 9, function 4Any ideas?
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I need to order Windows Vista 64 Bit for an HP Pavilion dv6t-1200 CT laptop.  I don't see it on the driver and software page for the model.  Does anyone know of a number I may call to see if they can be ordered? Thanks! 

A:Recovery Discs - HP Pavilion dv6t-1200 CTO Entertainment Not...

HP does not keep the stock of older Recovery kits beyond Windows 7. You can order them from third party providers like the one as follows: As this is a special configured model, please provide your product number to them instead of model number for exact recovery kit.
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hello , I have HP Pavilion dv7-6b00ee Entertainment Notebook PC with win 10 as OS , the problem is in my keyboard ,( no. 5 ) is suddenly stopped working either in the upper numeric line or in the side numeric area

Ive tried to clean them by using Ultra Duster , but nothing changed ... so can anyone help me to know any possible solution for this issue ?
Relevancy 64.93%

Hey  everyone,My beloved HP Pavilion dv7-3111ea stopped charging. Battery still working, charger too. Ive been talled that mother board need to be replaced. Any ideas where to get it from? Many Thanks
Relevancy 64.93%

Dear friends,
I have a HP Pavilion DV2845se Verve Entertainment Notebook PC.  I have upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium.  I have flashed the BIOS (SP38358.exe) and updated the drivers.  I have been able to occasionally make the sound
work only for it to no longer work upon reboot.  I have attemepted to re-install sound drivers for Windows Vista.  I have attempted to re-install the NVIDIA drivers for NVIDIA nForce System Mgmt Controller as well as NVIDIA nForce PCI System Mgmt. 
All to no avail.  The best I can determine is that this is a drive conflict issue.
Any assistance that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Terry R. Godsey
[email protected]
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My HP Pavilion Laptop will not boot Vista past ( Loading Windows Files) then at bottom says please wait..... then you can hear it working and now nothing just a black screen no cursor nothing. I tried to reboot again in safe mode using the f8 key and now it won't even power up. The lightning led and bottom left corner of the laptop flashes then stops when I press the button to power up

A:Solved: HP PAVILION ENTERTAINMENT PC/ LAPTOP/Windows Vista - Not Booting

Somehow I fixed it myself.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Quanta Antivirus Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live Anti-Virus Updated and Enabled My battery goes to low and the computer shutsdown while I had an excel and msword document open with work in process but not saved and at the same time a couple of browser windows open WHAT USE TO BE When above situation occurred I simply plugged Entertainment Pavilion PC Hp Vista Premium Laptop- Notebook Home Service dv5-1235dx p in my power supply pressed the power button and when the computer rebooted I would see a resume windows session at which time I would click enter This is all I did The computer would then bypass my login password screen and everything would resume exactly Hp Pavilion dv5-1235dx Entertainment Notebook PC Laptop- Vista Home Premium Service p as it was with all windows open and nothing lost and just as it was before it shutdown due to low power SOMETHING CHANGED When I now press the power button and click to resume the windows session the computer reboots successfully but only to the desktop The windows that were peviously Hp Pavilion dv5-1235dx Entertainment Notebook PC Laptop- Vista Home Premium Service p opened are gone and I must now start my work over again I can t seem to find the setting to Hp Pavilion dv5-1235dx Entertainment Notebook PC Laptop- Vista Home Premium Service p revert back to quot WHAT USE TO BE quot CAN SOMEONE HELP SOLVE MY PROBLEM nbsp

A:Hp Pavilion dv5-1235dx Entertainment Notebook PC Laptop- Vista Home Premium Service p

Here is the support site for the HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx Entertainment Notebook.

You should add and save this site in your browser's favorites/bookmarks list so you can readily refer to it when needed.

See if this troubleshooting section is helpful to you.


If you're creating or working on a lengthly document that you don't want to lose, you should click the "Save" option every few minutes so it stays current.

If the computer unexpectedly loses power or shuts down, you can reopen the document where you left off after you restart the computer.

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I can't get the search thingy here to work today for some reason...

Is there anywhere to get Entertainment Pack #1 that came loaded on Windows 95??? I'd love to find the download on the internet.

A:MS Entertainment Pack #1

I did a search, not sure what you'll come up with..

It might be easier if you specify a specific game you are looking for, perhaps we can find a remake.
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When i tried to save the recovery image on cd, i canceled the process by mistake and got the message "A set of recovery discs was previously created for this computer. Only one set is allowed for each computer". what should i do? i need a recovery image, because i replaced the hard disc when it was crushed. I need help please please!! ThanksMisse

A:Hp Pavillion dv6 Entertainment PC

You may be able to order a set if they are still available.  >>Contact HP or Recovery Disks-Europe, Middle East or Africa
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I have an adult entertainment agency Las Vegas based. What do I need to keep my site legal?
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I am looking for a Blueray player/recorder (with backward DVD compatibility) that i can site in my lounge. I would like it to have internet access so that i can download and play clips and movies/concerts from the internet, ie from U tube and subsriptive sites. Both streaming and to store on it's own hard drive. Also if possible to have Freeview to access all the Freeview channels. I would like for it to be wireless so that i can use a ' dongle to conect to my Netgear Router and i would like it to have input USB ports so that i can connect my Drives containing my music and videos.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love to play my music an music videos in one place.
Many thanks,
Len Scott

A:Home entertainment

Blu-ray Recorder reviews, release dates and specs. In the Blu-ray Recorder section you will always find up-to-date information about new and upcoming Blu-ray Recorders, the most popular and best Blu-ray Recorders, Blu-ray Recorder reviews, photos and product images, detailed specifications about Blu-ray Recorders including release dates, media, hardware, connections, features etc.

This is site of]Blu-Ray Recorder. You can download from this place
Soccer | Play Soccer
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Hello there , I need to replace my previous laptop HP Pavilion dv6 2030sa which no longer works. I need advice on what to go for with similar or better performance abilities . Other than the usual day to day computer use , I watch a lot of catch-up TV and movies on my laptop , so I am searching for the best value entertainment laptop.....
Done a lot of internet searching and I am

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I have XP home Edition desktop computer. None of the msn videos will load and play from the msn homepage. I have no trouble viewing other videos or music. What do I need to do?

A:MSN entertainment videos

Hi may be ad blocking, anti-virus or firewall software which is preventing the content from playing back properly. Have you tried disabling those one by one then refreshing the page to see if that helps?

Also, do you get any error messages?

Plus, you probably need Silverlight to view MSN content. If you don't have it, please visit the following site:

Even if you do have, perhaps try reinstalling it to see if that helps.
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So lately i ve laptops entertainment been looking for laptops online because mine is dead and i want some suggestions i m not paying more than USD and i d strongly prefer less than that too But what i m looking for is a computer with pretty nice graphics and either or quot screen I would like a decently large hard drive about gb and quite a bit of memory My sis s laptop has a nice li l port on it that allows multi-card reading but i think that s more of an HP-only entertainment laptops thing as i have not seen it on anything besides HP pavilion laptops Along with all that i would like an integrated webcam some i ve looked at are the HP Pavilion dv - us dv - cl dv - and Asus n jq-a although it s a bit pricy I figured that I m not looking wide enough outside of HP so if you entertainment laptops guys know of anything then that d be awesome I mainly want it to play games like HL Portal and Spore but if it could handle some newer games well that d be cool And i d watch some movies on it too Any ideas also i probably wouldn t get it right away I have to save up a bit more money until i reach the s nbsp

Relevancy 41.71%

Hello everyone. I have a laptop which is used as my main PC. It is a Win7 laptop. It does not have a tv tuner card in it. I am house sitting at a friends house for a week and he has a Vista desktop machine, a PS3, and a LG LCD TV. He can use his PS3 to access movies from his PC and watch them on the LG TV, how do I do this? I do not have the latest technology in my house. I have a laptop with Win7 and Fedora Linux 12 on the same HDD. A 2TB external USB HDD, an origional XBOX, a PS2, and a 26inch CRT TV from 1995. Am I out of luck?

A:Using My Laptop As A n Entertainment Center

I wouldn't mess with anything. I would ask them for assistance.
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I want to be able to play my mp3s on my pc (upstairs) but be able to listen to them downstairs on my stereo receiver. I want it to be wireless and everything that I can find says I already need a wireless home network in place but I don't have a home network, just one pc. Can anyone give my some ideas without having to buy a router or anything like that. I just want it wireless. Is there anything that you guys or gals know that would be able to create this?

Thanks for your time!!!!!
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Are there any tutorials anywhere on how to network a HDTV HDTV-DVR and a BD-DVD Player I would like to tie these three Entertainment Home Networking? devices into our WNDR AV also tied to one Desktop PC via LAN and also two Notebooks on WiFi networks but I m not quite sure how this would work Do I need to buy another piece of over-priced hardware to handle the streaming between the HDTV DVR and HDTV or would Media Center on Win handle that by itself on my PC I ve spent a while researching this but turn up nothing tangible on actually HOW to do it I just get you need this buy that and blah blah blah but no here s how to actually do it stuff So if anyone knows please let me know TV is a Samsung BD-DVD Player is a Samsung BD-P and the HDTV DVR is going to be Home Entertainment Networking? a Motorola-something from Mediacom which I THINK will have an Ethernet port and support Networking according to the manual s pictures of the back panel I am going to be forgoing quot WiFi quot on this portion of the network because I don't agree with the completely crazy for the little USB dongles ARE THEY NUTS and will instead be using cheap CAT LAN Just FYI but I won't be ordering these until I know without doubt that this is going to work and without the necessity of another very expensive piece of hardware As always thank you in advance Edit Mixed up quot BD quot with quot DB quot sorry lol

A:Home Entertainment Networking…

I hope I understand this correctly:

Here is what I did. I have 3 HDTV (none have networking) I added a small fast computer with a good Video Card to each TV via HDMI. All the computers are on the network (CAT6). I have a server; however you could use one of the machines as a server and store Videos. I download my DVR to my server and then can play any video on any TV in any room. I can have all 3 TVs watching different videos at the same time.

As far as the BluRay Player I only have it connected to one HDTV in the main living area. Typically we just watch BluRay Disc in that room only. You can run HDMI over Ethernet but it requires expensive equipment and 2 CAT6 wires for each device. Not really worth it. If I really need to watch a BluRay movie somewhere else I normally plan ahead and RIP the BluRay to my Server then I can watch it in the other rooms. (Note: This is a BluRay I own, not rented, or borrowed)

Hope that helps -WS
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After playin' around with this Vista for a week I can see that with the right componets, A new rig may be in the cards for me to start building. My TV blew up and with this online TV and all the other stuff the Media Center feature has .. this could be severly cool.

Would this be a good monitor for such a thing?


I don't like LCD's because of the limited resolution choices.

Also I just ordered a ATI Wonder Card here

Will I need this for the build or should I cancel the order..


Relevancy 41.71%

I am planning on using this PC for gaming SC2 Diablo 3 Civilization V etc..
I also want to use it to watch movies on my 720p Optoma Projector with an HDMI cable

Corsair Obsidian Series 800D Case 270$
CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-1000HX 1000W PSU 230$
MSI Big Bang-XPower LGA 1366 Intel X58 300$
Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz BX80601950 295$
CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 160$
EVGA GeForce GTX 460 Superclocked 220$x2=440$
Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB 64MB 3.0Gb/s 110$x4=440$

Total =2135$

Any changes, recommend a good blu-ray reader? Don't need a burner.

Dont need a mouse or keyboard or monitor, I am considering watercooling for quieter overclocking.

A:Gaming/entertainment PC build

Is there supposed to be a question in there? Everything looks fine but it seems like you're over spending in some areas.

For all the money you're spending I would go with a much faster main drive and then maybe the WD 2TB for storage.

Something like a 600GB WD VelociRaptor or a single/RAID SSD.
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I was just looking at the Antec Overture. I really like Antec cases. I was reading a review on the Overture and the reviewer mentioned using this computer as a part of an entertainment center. Has anyone done this before? I am thinking of building a system for someone to use with their home stereo system. Any ideas on the things I could do. I am familiar with the all in wonder cards. I have one. So I am looking for other ideas for using a pc with an entertainment center. Thanks

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Whats the BEST solution for cleaning under the keyboard, cleaning the screen, and the fan.

My pc needs some housekeeping.

A:Cleaning notebook entertainment PC

Keyboards I use canned air for underneath and a wet wipe for the top of the keys. I always wipe down the tops and get those clean let it dry so nothing sticks to the keys from the wet wipes and then air blow it.

For cleaning the screen on LCDs your supposed to use these cleansing wipes but I usually just damp a towel with windex and lightly run it across the screen.

For fans I use a vacuum with a thin nozzel (with the fan/PC turned off of course). Do not use bristles you don't want to static up anything.
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So I have been doing my research on this topic but wanted to get some feedback before I go out and buy anything.

Setup: I am in a 3 bedroom dorm with no Wi-Fi... stone age? Anyway we have a TV in the living room and one in each of the three bedrooms each has a coax not dvr or reciever box and no internet apps. plus I have an HP tx2500 with Vista

Goal: I want to be able to stream content (Audio + Visual) from my laptop to our TVs to watch movies, internet tv, do homework, etc.

So what is the easiest way to do this? I have the $ to spend but obiviously I am still in college and would like to keep this cheap.

Suggestion are greatly appreciated!!


A:Dorm Room Entertainment

Great project and welcome to TSG

It would help if we knew what connectivity each of the TV's has.
Relevancy 41.71%

Just like the title syas. Nothing there and volume controls are gone from the bar! The machine is a Gateway 7322GZ Notebook. Thanks in advance.
Relevancy 41.71%

Hi all I'm going to school for micro computers for business I'm thinking of replacing my laptop with a tablet preferably something that can do flash microsoft office and QBASIC and similar programs is there such a tablet
Thanks for the help

A:Tablet for school and entertainment

Tablets are primarily content consumption devices, not content creation devices.

Get a laptop.
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I want to set up a home entertainment system that would consist of a 32" LCD TV, PC w/ 22" LCD monitor and a 5.1 sound system.

Was fiddling with the schematics for that kind of setup, and couldn'd resolve bunch of questions that surfaced along the process.

Is it possible to double screen if you connect 32" LCD TV using HDMI port and a 22" LCD monitor using the DVI port on a video card?

Is there a way to interconnect both TV and computer with a 5.1 sound system so they both use it, even when the computer is off and tv is being used for watching normal cable channels?

From where the audio would come from on the TV, the HDMI or the 5.1 sound system?

A:Solved: want to set up a home entertainment system

Some Video cards do not support HDMI + DVI simultaenious output. You would have to check the card documentation to find out. HDMI to the TV would also carry the sound. Post your system specs and we can help check it out.
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I changed out the components for my HP Digital Entertainment Center The DEC is HP z on a windows XP platform w SP After the connections were made I was getting video only There were no sounds when Windows opened or for My TV DVD or CD I kept futzing with volume settings then finally heard faint sounds coming from the back speakers when I hit a TV network that keeps really high sound Thinking the speaker wire contacts into the receiver Pioneer Audio Video Multi-channel Receiver VSX-D were the issue I removed and reinserted the speaker wires I got sound from left right and back Digital from Center Entertainment sound HP No none from the woofer But I got sound Three days later I connected the High Def antennae to the system I lost sound again The video from the Olevia LCD is beautiful The Devise Manager indicated there are no problems with the Realtech Hi Def Audio Driver version It was suggested by a techie friend that I might try getting a driver update The driver that HP showed was Though older maybe No sound from HP Digital Entertainment Center this is the one HP wants Still No sound with that driver HP support suggested a windows update for XP KB No sound from HP Digital Entertainment Center Still no sound I checked Volume settings again There were no mutes on the DEC the receiver or Monitor Windows Audio Service is enabled Bios shows audio as auto I did No sound from HP Digital Entertainment Center a System Restore Still no sound Now what The DEC is under warranty but I wold love the find the error of my ways nbsp

A:No sound from HP Digital Entertainment Center

hmm? try uninstall the driver then reinstall it or new and better one. Try checking the sound card model and then check on the HP site for a newer driver.

another would be codecs? you might not have the required codecs to play the video?!?

i can't think of anything else sorry.
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Hi all--

I just installed a PC in the living room and hooked it up to my TV. I've started to copy DVDs into the Videos Library. Each DVD has an appropriately named folder...

Is there any way to use a picture of the DVD cover to designate what's in the folder? I mean, can I use a .jpg of the Bullwinkle DVD cover as the icon for just the Bullwinkle movie folder and a .jpg of the Shrek cover for the Shrek movie folder, etc., etc...?

I'm open at this point to any suggestions to not only organize, but graphically represent a folders content.

As always, thanks for your help and insight.
EDIT: Hi all...I figured out how to implement a way to do this. Through use of Paint Shop Pro, IcoFX, and creating a shortcut, I can achieve what I wanted to. A pita, but it works. I'm still open to suggestions.

A:Home Entertainment PC Movie Icons

Hi Fuentes,

Glad you were able to fix the issue! Could you please post a link to the instructions you used (or copy them here), for the benefit of future visitors? Please also mark this thread as 'Solved' as explained here, if you get the chance.


Windows Outreach Team
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The webcam on the laptop I have (metioned above) is not working anymore. It used to when we first got the laptop but then all of the sudden it would say no camera is detected. Any advice, please? Also when i try to use it the light comes on but no picture shows up. Oh! And the webcam is also built in.

Relevancy 40.85%

I am running Microsoft Best of Windows Entertainment Pack games for Windows 3.1 on my Windows 7 computer (because I can).

However, shortcuts placed on the desktop show only a generic icon. If I choose to change the icons, Windows displays a message that the EXE file contains no icons. When I had these games on a Windows XP computer, they each had colorful icons. I can't remember how I got them.

Relevancy 40.85%

Hello Recently with the help of some of the members here I successfully reformatted my computer a Gateway Pentium running WinXP SP for the first time However after reinstalling and booting up I was immediately made aware of several problems The biggest problem I encountered is that there appears to be no audio whatsoever just internal speaker beeps The Volume tab of the Sounds and audio Devices Properties window is completely grayed out and not only that but the Accessories gt Entertainment folder is completely empty -- no Sound Recorder no Volume Control nothing When I tried to open Entertainment reinstallation? after No Solved: folder sound or Windows Movie Maker I got an error message saying that WMM couldn t start because the appropriate audio hardware was missing -- and this didn t sound very good at all I ve checked the cords leading from my speakers to my computer and there don t seem to be any loose connections I ve also looked at my System Recovery disk and even a couple other WinXP re-installation disks to see if they had anything that looked like sound hardware or audio applications on them and if they did I certainly couldn t find it My computer isn t connected to the Internet yet the reason I reformatted it was because of a particularly nasty trojan and I m still waiting for my latest HijackThis log to be inspected and my monitor apparently decided to Solved: No sound or Entertainment folder after reinstallation? die as Solved: No sound or Entertainment folder after reinstallation? well so there s not Solved: No sound or Entertainment folder after reinstallation? a lot I can do with my computer at the moment Still I thought I d post this question here anyhow just to get it out there Why is my computer missing the contents of the Entertainment folder and what can I do to restore the audio nbsp

A:Solved: No sound or Entertainment folder after reinstallation?


Before you do a hard drive and fresh install of XP, you should identify the devices(display adapter, sound device, network adapter, chipset) in your computer and then obtain and burn off the drivers for those devices to a CD-R.

It's my guess the sound device driver and possibly other device drivers didn't get installed.


Right-click MY COMPUTER, click Properties - Hardware - Device Manager, click the + in

Display Adapters

Network Adapters

Sound Video And Game Controllers

then write down what's listed in each heading.

If there are also headings with the name

Other Devices

Unknown Devices

write down what's listed in those headings.


If you have another thread going in a different forum section, can you post the link to it here?

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Hello,I was recently given a pavillion dv9821ea laptop which was in bad shape after being infected with a virus. I eventually had to replace the hard drive and at the same time I upgraded the operating system to windows 7 PRO 64bit. I was unable to save nothing from the origonal hard drive, no drivers, HP software etc and since I installed Windows 7, the laptop seems to have several problems including not downloading Windows updates. I connect it to the HP assistant, but this recognises the laptop and only gives me the choice of Windows Vista as the operating system for which to support drivers etc. I wonder if you could help me by letting me know if there is anywhere I can download Windows 7 pro 64bit drivers for this laptop? my wife and I are both disabled and it would make a great difference to me if I could have full use of this laptop. Regards. Gerald

A:Drivers for Pavillion dv9821ea entertainment notebook

Hi, Gerald: HP did not support that model for W7, and you should be able to use the Vista drivers from the dv9821ea support page except the BIOS and firmware files. Additionally, you can read this helpful dv9000 W7 upgrade guide for some tips on getting W7 to work just fine on that model.
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bluetooth connection wizard in xp2 won't recognize and therefore add this device, despite repeated attempts to troubleshoot.

A:microsoft wireless entertainment keyboard 7000

Please provide more information as to what you've tried.

Have you tried new batteries and pressing the connect buttons on both the receiver and the keyboard? Have you installed the Microsoft IntelliType software: Pro 6.2 32-bit for Windows XP

Do you also have a wireless bluetooth mouse? Does it work?
Relevancy 40.85%

Hello. I have been searching extensively on the Internet trying to find someone with this problem with no luck...

I bought a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. After I finished installing the Intellimouse and Intellitype software (6.1) on a fully updated HP Windows XP MCE 2005 machine the software recognized the keyboard and mouse without problems. However, the svchost.exe process started causing the CPU to run at 100%. Every time the Microsoft Bluetooth Dongle is connected this happens...however, when I disconnect the dongle the CPU starts running at it's normal speed again. I tried installing the very same configuration on a Windows XP SP2 Laptop and the hardware ran flawlessly. I decided to “format” (meaning using the crappy HP System Restore) my machine but as soon as the Microsoft software and hardware are installed the svchost.exe process takes all CPU resources again. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 Causing 100% CPU

I have been struggling with this problem for a couple of weeks and have learned the specific cause of the problem. However, I haven’t been able to fix it…

I have a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. After I finished installing the Intellimouse and Intellitype software (6.1) on a fully updated HP 7248n Windows XP MCE 2005 machine the software recognized the keyboard and mouse without problems.
However, the svchost.exe process started causing the CPU to run at 100%. I have tracked down the problem to the Human Interface Device Access Service…if the service is disabled, the CPU runs normally again. However, this disables most multimedia buttons on the Keyboard. I have installed the same configuration on my Laptop and everything ran flawlessly. I have tried multiple other fixes (downloading the software from the Internet, using a different bluetooth dongle, repairing the service’s DLL files, etc.) but none of them have worked. Finally, decided to “format” (meaning using the crappy HP System Restore) the machine and removed all preinstalled software but when I install the hardware the problem returns. I am certain that the problem has to be related with something in the preinstalled configuration of the system.

Any suggestions on how to fix this will be appreciated. Thank you.
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I have a network running in my house using the Belkin G Router, and I recently bought a home entertainment system that has an ethernet socket on it for interactivity with web services for presentation onto my TV.

Q. As I cannot easily get to my modem from my home entertainment system using an ethernet cable, is there another way?

For example can I buy a plug in wireless adapter. Read lots on them?? but not helping much??? and not sure if am looking at the right thing ???

Thanks, Simon.

A:Solved: LG Home Entertainment System on Network ....

You need a wireless bridge if you want to connect that to your wireless router with a wireless connection.
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Support Guy,
I recently bought a pack of 3 Red Storm Entertainment games including Rainbow Six, Covert Ops., and Rogue Spear. All three games seemed to install perfectly and were all working just fine until I tried to start a mission. As soon as I tried to start a mission the program closed without any error message and returned to the windows desktop. I tried reinstalling the games but it was no use. Can you tell me why its doing this?

A:Problem running Red Storm Entertainment games

You might try the Red Storm support page, check the FAQs for your problem. They have a patch that might help.

Also be sure your machine meets the specs needed to run the game.
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I was previously using 800x600 screen resolution and it was in the center of the screen with the black bars on the side, however i had to change it back to 1366x768 (monitor natural resolution) periodically and when i change it back to 800x600 the screen is stretched and I would like to return it to its original state. graphics driver is ATI Radeon HD 4650
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i have a tx1000 tablet and i am trying to install a windows 7 on it and it says BOOT MANAGER MISSING
THEN IT SAYSI HAVE THIS ERROR I/O 0X00000e9 and my windows 7 installation won't go anyfurther
i tried changing the boot order, biught a new hard drive "seagate moentosand i've downloadedwindows 7 x64 but nothing has changrdwhat can i do

A:Hp Tx1000 entertainment PC tablet I/O error 0x00000e9

That tablet comes with Vista. Where did you get Win7? Did you burn the DVD yourself? Confirm ISO and burn another using ImgBurn at 4x speed. Or write ISO to flash stick using
Universal USB Installer with Win7 in Dropdown menu.

How to Boot your Computer from a Bootable CD or DVD
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I'm currently having an installation issue with the Sound Blaster X-Fi External USB after reinstalling Windows OS Before I reformatted and reinstalled Win everything was working perfectly After I reinstalled Win I downloaded all windows drivers and updates After all updates were installed I used the CD that came with the sound card and installed all components of the CD With everything installed I opened up the Entertainment Console to test the individual speaker volume levels but nothing works The individual speaker volume levels don t work and the master volume level doesn't even work When I conduct a channel test however quot Front Right Front Left quot will emit from Sound X-Fi Console Not Blaster USB, Entertainment Working the speakers but that's about it With setup selected in the Creative Entertainment Console only the front two speakers are working The Windows Audio settings do seem to be working but obviously this doesn't let me control the speaker levels or anything else that the Creative Software has to offer I attempted to uninstall all the audio drivers then download the latest driver from the Creative site but received the message quot No Creative products have been detected quot Any suggestions

A:Sound Blaster X-Fi USB, Entertainment Console Not Working

Do you have the integrated audio (On the motherboard audio) disabled, preferably in the BIOS so there are no conflicts?

Also, if you have an Intel CPU based system, reinstall the Intel motherboard chipset drivers.

Please fill in the "My System Specs". Helps us to try and help you.
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Went to use the sound recorder from all programs/accessories/entertainment and it was missing. How to get back?

XP Home Edition


The Gillette Family

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I have this issue where my HP laptop fan is making lot of noise with blank screen on. I tried all possible ways to Hard reset, force reset it doesn't work. plugged the HDMI cable to my laptop to see display on TV, doesnt work. Pressed f8 to low resolution doesn't work. Pressed F4 to see if screen displays doesn't work. Pressed F10 immediately after switiching on the power on my laptop to view BIOS but still nothing works. I haven't tried opening up the Laptop to reseat memory. I am not an expert in that area. But i want to know if there is any way that i could troubleshoot my laptop to see some kind of error message atleast pops on my blank screen. Any tips or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Well hello there i'm new here, been trying for the past week to get technical support from Sony itself, they keep telling me to call my ISP and hwen i do, nothing get's done, so i'm gona try it here, i play a FPS game called Infantry, well it's not really a FPS but anyways.. i updated my drivers ( i think) i run ad-aware all the time, just finished it now. i do a ping route to server on the game, and one of the I.P's comes up fishy gi2-2.sdtermsw-2.sonyonline.netlast ping 92 mg, ave ping100 ms, best ping 89 ms, worst ping 290 ms sent 500, received 500 loss 0%

i don't know what to do, any suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you very much

A:Problems with Sony online entertainment game Infantry

Sorry, but what's the problem? Is the game not connecting or something?
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question ... is this possible?

is there any way to get your computer to hook up to a home entertainment center (like, the ones you hook up your DVD, TV, Audio System, etc) ? can i do that?

like, is there a plug/jack to go from the computer sound card (speaker output) to plug into the RCA jacks in the back of the entertainment center?

reason is, that i would like to use the computer for a wedding reception, play music/MP3s, etc. would be easier than burning CDs, etc etc.

any quick replies would greatly be appreciated!

A:Computer to Entertainment Center hookup ? (sound card to RCA?)
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Home entertainment systems health monitoring devices and connected cars are all top of the list when it comes to perceived Internet of Things IoT threats according to a new poll of information security professionals Security vendor Lastline surveyed over IT pros at the recent Infosecurity Europe show in London asking them which categories of IoT they were most concerned about Home entertainment systems like smart TVs and streaming media players came out top with nearly followed by healthcare and health-monitoring devices and connected cars Wearables and smart home devices including alarms cameras and smoke detectors were also popular However kids toys and Tops Home List Fears IoT Security Entertainment monitoring solutions raised the least concern of all categories That s despite the high-profile breach of electronic children s toy manufacturer VTech last year The very nature of hacking dictates that people will find the new and innovative hacking targets such as hacking into toys smart TVs and refrigerators which are seemingly harmless and try and compromise them - simply because Home Entertainment Tops IoT Security Fears List they can argued Lastline VP of product development Brian Laing IoT presents one of those unchartered territories where people are opening themselves up to all Home Entertainment Tops IoT Security Fears List sorts of maliciousness purely because these devices are connected to the internet Laing recommended consumers to limit their purchases to only essential smart devices Users should also keep patches up to date on all devices to use unique strong passwords if prompted and to ensure all devices at home are put on the guest network Full Article Home Entertainment Tops IoT Security Fears List nbsp
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Hi, when i plug in a hdmi from my tv to my computer, my desktop doesnt show up on my tv. Im trying to makee it so i can use my tv as a monitor for my computer


MotherBoard: Gigabyte: GA-MA785GM-US2H

Cpu: AMD Phenom II x4 920 Processor

Memory: 2 X COrsair CM2x2048-6400C5

Netowrk adapter: Realtek pcie gbe family controller

Graphics: EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 1024 MB

Sound: Reaktek High Definition Audio

HardDrive: Seagate ST3250410AS


A:Unable to run dual monitors, for home entertainment system.

Take a screen shot of the screen resolution & stick it up here. Right click the desktop/screen resolution. First window you come too. Just curios.
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I have a dv t with the i nbsp m processory from about yrs ago build I think it has clarksfield processor I have a x gig installed for total of gig with i7 Entertainment CTO processor... DV6T 72QM Notebook 2000 now from the original build nbsp nbsp I am wondering DV6T 2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook with i7 72QM processor... assuming Win nbsp bit home premium which supports up to gig will this laptop only support gig nbsp I ran a tool and it has a reference of Logical Chipset memory banks nbsp maximum memory installable of gig and a reference to Computer memory controller Max installable memory of gig nbsp So what gives Will the laptop support x gig memory sticks or just x gig memory sticks nbsp The DV DV6T 2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook with i7 72QM processor... T CTO Entertainment laptop nbsp If it supports gig I would like to just buy one of the gig rather than x gig sticks And maybe try to use one of the gigs with the gig giving me gig for now or just wait to see if I need a nd gig nbsp And will a bios upgrade support the gig Solved View Solution

A:DV6T 2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook with i7 72QM processor...

I figured I would update my own question with the truth and working answer which hopefully helps anyone else that stubmles into this.  But in a nutshell the DV6t 2000 CTO models one could order about 2009 DO DO DO support 16gig and NOT just 8 gig. I have 2 slots. I have the 720QM quad first edition, yes first edition. Both Intel site and Memory checker sites are WRONG!  The saying was 1st gen cpu quads do not support more than 2x4gig=8gigs.  In fact one of my tools suggests I can put in up to 32gig assuming I can find 2 x 16gig memory sticks that I don't even think exist yet for general sale let alone affordability. Spread the word as hopefully this will help others. I bought memory at egghead and figured I would chance it since I read several reviews and comments in various locations suggesting they tried 16gig and indeed it worked for the 720QM processor.  I did not have to update my BIOS that HP last suggested I install circa 2010ish as opposed to the 4 or so that are available today for my model but I think were updated to support other things my model did not require. I ran memory tests too in 5 iterations without issue and in fact it booted right away with no problems with WIN 7 home premium recognizing the sticks. I also checked the CPU64z tool  tab for memory.
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Hi All,
I am Barrett Dungy and I am using Dell's desktop. From last few days I am facing an issue. The computer is getting restarted itself again and again. I do not know why it is happening. If anyone knows what can be the reason. Kindly help me out.
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I hope someone can help me fix this issue with my computer. My husband ran a disk clean up on a secondary hard drive and when it cleaned it up, he said not to reboot it yet but it had already deleted internet explorer, the games folder/program, entertainment folder/program, and calculator. That's all I have realized is gone because those are the frequent programs that show up when I open the start menu. I can't find them in the trash can or anywhere when I searched for them. Someone please help me!


A:Please Help! Lost Internet Explorer, Games & Entertainment Folders, And Calculator

When you say. "Disk clean up", what exactly do you mean?

Do you mean wiping and reformatting or just emptying temp files?

Emptying temp files should not have impacted the operation of IE or changed what you had stored in your favorites.

You can repair Internet Explorer, but unless you had your "favorites" backed up, if he deleted them they are gone.

Repair IE

Click to Control Panel, then to Add/Remove Programs, and then to "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x." (Your copy may call itself Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x (or 6) and Internet Tools," or something similar, but your get the idea.)

The next step is not at all intuitive, but click the "Add/Remove…" button, and instead of triggering an uninstall, you'll find the repair tool.

The tool gives you the option of repairing your current installation (this is usually the correct choice), or reverting to your previous installation, if you elected to make a backup of that installation when you first installed IE 5+.
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Hello I am new the forums hello everyone and I wanted pass along a fix for the quot Microsoft Wireless Entertainment desktop set quot that I know is very common and as far as I know has not been fixed by Microsoft Also if this is in the wrong section can someone please move it the right thanx Issues Cold Booting into Bios Cold booting into safe mode Keyboard and mouse response issues etc I originally had these exact issues with my desktop set and I actually found common** Entertainment **Very set with Microsoft 8000 Wireless desktop Issues the solution on this sites quot Vista news groups quot but since the news groups have been archived I thought I would make a new post here because I know many owners of this desktop set who set suffer from similar issues Issues with Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 8000 desktop set **Very common** I do not want to take credit for the solution so I will post the original comment that helped solve my these issues with this desktop set Original comment and solution from vistax com archives Original Archived Link Here sutester Re Wireless Entertainment Quote Originally Posted by hjburt Hi I am experiencing the same boot up problem with the Wireless Entertainment and wonder if a more elegant work around has been found besides leaving a wired keyboard plugged in MS support says I need to change a BIOS setting for USB emulator to 'no boot' Shuttle says says no such operation exists in their BIOS If there no fix this day trial with a return J Burt I've had a similar problem with my Shuttle PC and Microsoft Wireless Entertainment keyboard After I removed the bluetooth dongle from the charging dock and plugged into a USB port of the computer instead the problem with booting has disappeared Try the same thing on your computer and it may resolve your issue too So as I said the J Burt solution fixed my issues instantly and I think anyone with this desktop set or Issues with Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 8000 desktop set **Very common** the individual parts should try this solution st before anything else as it absolutely works

A:Issues with Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 8000 desktop set **Very common**

Hello PARANOID365 and welcome to the forums

Thank you for sharing this with us, I had not previously come across this issue but if I ever do, I'll know what to do

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Hello gurus all This is what I ve got Sony Vaio - with Multiple error control vaio freezes and entertainment aggregation service VGC-RC- G Intel R Pentium R D GHz g built Multiple freezes with vaio entertainment aggregation and control service error in ram g centuron add on ram GB GB free ACPI Multiprocessor Intel Ultra ATA Storage controllers - DF Windows XP Pro service Pack Sound cards Echo Layla I usually keep this one engaged sometimes I use Sigma Tel High Def and a Lagacy Video Card Okay I m having multiple freezes Bad stuff I keep the computer off the internet as I use it for music It quit on me recently doing a quot Click Click quot thing so I knew it had to be the hard drive Took it to Sony they said it was my add on RAM - that it wasn t compatible I took it around trying to buy the right RAM and everybody said I had the right RAM and it tested good so Multiple freezes with vaio entertainment aggregation and control service error we put it back It s running - poorly So who knows what THAT was about but it is running but not well enough for me to use it It was doing well but the thing that seemed to have changed it Multiple freezes with vaio entertainment aggregation and control service error was adding software to process my video camera footage I need to be able to do this I have the latest anti-virus stuff on it from work Here are the errors Error Event ID The Image Video converter recording monitor for vaio entertainment service depends on the following nonexistent service Vaio Entertainment Aggregation and Control Service THAT is the BIGGEST BUG Then I have another error that is not as frequent Cat System Error file name faultrep dll file version Microsoft Windows Error event ID Error code f parameter parameter bab d parameter parameter So I thought I d do a check disk and see how my sectors are and it won t run through I have an error reading quot windows was unable to complete the disk check quot Right now I can t use the computer It is too unstable I am in Japan with a one byte computer that I can t take anywhere to get fixed since the systems here are two byte Can you help me fix it I ve been reading your forum and you guys sound pretty good There may be some time lags between my getting tasks done to send back - time change and then I have to go to work Thank you so much for helping me B P nbsp
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does this work on "DB-Tech Super Slim Lightweight Ergonomic 2.4 GHz Wireless Compact Entertainment Computer Keyboard with Smart Touch Tap Mouse Pad & Numeric Pad for MCE - Media Center Edition - Long Range of up to 32 Feet"
on windows 7?

here is the link

A:DB-Tech Super Slim Lightweight Ergonomic 2.4 GHz Wireless Compact Entertainment Compu
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Dear everybody! I'm going to buy more 8GB Crucial ram for my laptop. Currently i have 4GB. So i will have 12GB ram total. So Could anyone give me some advices about this. Is it ok ? Is it compatible with my device ?  Thank you.  

A:HP-Pavilion-17-f100-Notebook-PC-series - HP Pavilion Noteboo...

@0xaddr? Memory Supports the following configurations: ? 12288 MB (8192 MB×1+ 4096 MB×1; not supported on computer models with a 32-bit operating system) Your manual here. REO
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The sound on my notebook works fine until I connect it via HDMI to an HP Pavilion 24xw monitor.  Then the audio disappears.  If I disconnect it, the audio comes back. I have tried going to the 'Sound' section of the control panel.  There are two options:Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio HP 24xwThe default is Speakers Realtek.  When I use the test facility my notebook plays the test sound.  I have updated to the latest version of the driver. Can someone help with why when plugging in the monitor the audio disappears from my notebook? Thank you so much!
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I have a Genuine Microsoft DVD DV4 not does ... Pavilion internal Pavilion UEFI show dvd using for Windows When I put the Bios in UEFI boot mode It does not boot from the DVD or Pavilion DV4 Pavilion using UEFI does not show internal dvd ... if i use a USB bootable stick nbsp formatted using APT format When I hit esc on boot and select the boot devices to boot from nothing is shown nbsp If nbsp I let it just try to boot it give me a message that no bootable image on hard disk It is a new hard nbsp When I put it in legacy support mode it will boot either the USB or the internal DVD but I want to use UEFI and the new APT format for security What device can you buy so this laptop nbsp will boot something that is portable media on this bios nbsp It came with this format on the original hard drive with windows nbsp Thanks Buford nbsp HP Pavilion DV - cl with INSYDE F bios from latest update
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a simple question......will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

help me obi-wan youre my only hope!!


A:will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

Actually that's a hard question, generally its not possible to install another motherboard, sometimes it is. In this case one is an AMD platform and the other is an Intel platform, there could be tons of differences in mounting holes, physical design, clearance, connectors, heat dissipation requirements, cooling systems, etc. Laptops are not like desktops that use more standardized designs.
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Hi, I just bought 2 laptops today and wanted it to be in Windows 7 64 bit instead of Windows 10.May I know where to get the Winows 7 drivers?I had tried to search around but I couldn't get Win7 driver.Can you provide me? The laptops I just bought are:HP Pavilion 14-ab175TXHP Pavilion Notebook - 14-ab161tx