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the windows solitair collection will no longer load in windows 10 - how can i correct it

Q: the windows solitair collection will no longer load in windows 10 - how can i correct it

is was working well before today
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Preferred Solution: the windows solitair collection will no longer load in windows 10 - how can i correct it

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am pretty sick of having to go into apps and features to get rid of things like Skype and Solitair each and every update. What keeps reinstalling them and how do I disable it?

A:Is there a way to permanently remove things like Microsoft Solitair Collection?

Did your PC come from windows 7 before updating to windows 10?
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When we upgraded to windows 10, we lost all of our games. We have downloaded Microsoft Solitaire Collection, but it times out on loading.

I have read that drivers may need to be upgraded...........but I am not computer savvy and would need more help to be able to do whatever it is I need to do for it to load. I have uninstalled and difference.

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I have Windows 10 and the Microsoft Solitaire Collection has stopped loading. I was going to uninstall it and reinstall from the app store but the app store will not load either. Now What?
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Hi, I ran a hijack this log and there is a suspicious entry, line 20, that says rarely used except by trojans and that it loads early in start up and stays in memory- I'm thinking it has something to do with the splash screen taking so long all of a sudden.

Can someone suggest a scanner I could use to see what is loading at start up?

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Hi everyone. The other day I was forced to run a repair of my Windows XP Professional because Windows wouldn't even start. It'd hang on a black screen right after the black Windows XP loading screen would come up just before the login screen is supposed to load. Anyway, ever since then, my login screen has been taking longer than usual to start and it's really annoying. It takes like 2 minutes to load whereas before it only took about 10-20 seconds for it to load. It gets stuck on the Windows Is Starting Up Screen and waits like 2 or 3 minutes before it loads the login screen. What is going on here? How do I fix this?

A:Solved: Windows XP Professional Taking Longer Than Usual To Load Login Screen

Oh I forgot to mention that I did a repair install on Windows XP Professional the other day (cause Windows wouldn't start up) and this erased Service Pack 2. Thankfully, I had Service Pack 2 on a CD and was able to reinstall it from the CD rather than try to download it on a dial up connection. This fixed my problem and the Windows XP Professional login screen is coming up much faster now. Thanks! I'll mark this solved now.
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Okay so here's the deal I had Windows Service Pack Everything was just lovely then I decided to FINALLY upgrade to Windows 3 Windows Boot Now won't past Service Pack Load Windows load Installed Screen Service Pack because some high end Adobe products I was installing suggested it for Installed Windows Service Pack 3 Now Windows won't load past Windows Boot Load Screen better compatibility Aiesh so I took the plunge and tried to upgrade to Windows Service Pack I was smart because of all the horror stories though and did a full backup up all my data including system state etc I set a system restore point the whole nine yards I upgraded with no problems but when the computer restarted it do so got past POST and the windows boot or load screen popped up with the loading bar but windows never loaded A lot of people report having problems where it get's past the windows load screen and just keeps cycle rebooting Or it'll load to the user selection screen welcome screen This is not me I am simply stuck at the windows load screen Picture below for reference So I booted into safe mode with networking searched for help EVERYWHERE and couldn't find any - By the way I could boot into safe mode safe mode with command prompt and safe mode with networking So I used my system restore point that had made before the SP upgrade and now I am typing to you from the comfort of my Service Pack But this ticks me off because I want SP on my system for the sake of those Adobe programs and just because I can't get the dern thing on there it bugs me Does anyone have a suggestion for me as to WHAT is stopping me from have a healthy running version of Windows Service Pack I ran the Service Pack install upgrade as an Administrator in safe mode with ANY program thing that could possibly affect it not running I thought I had all my bases covered but apparently not Any help suggestions It'd be nice for all the other people out there who are having this same problem to get an answer as well P S I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition Version Service Pack hopefully SP soon

A:Installed Windows Service Pack 3 Now Windows won't load past Windows Boot Load Screen

Hi sirdanceal0t,
I had a similar problem when Windows XP SP3 was released it was only designed for Intel processors, so if you have a AMD processor it will cause your system not to load, if you are running a AMD processor if i were you try and get back to the System Restore Point or if that fails reimage your pc and just before installing SP3 looks for the patch/fix for your processor model, then install SP3 and it should all be fine.

On the other hand if you have a Intel processor i woulldn't know what to advise.

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Yesterday my son was on my windows xp he s not a kid he s Let me say first on my computer I have XP Pro I have ONLY administrator on my log on screen because I am the only one who even uses my computer except very occasionally my son No one ever told me the importance of what would happen if I did with password no longer log my can correct on administrator not Croat a password reset disk or of simply adding any account to it so I could always log on an additional I not know the stupidity of that The real sad and depressing thing about this is that just four months ago my brother rebuilt me a decent computer cause he s a computer engineer My last PC had just fried Now only four months later still glowing from the joy of XP over Millenium this happens The weird thing is that i did not lose the password it s nothing stupid like caps or anything like that I have some computer knowledge simply because of problems and have fixed a lot on my own But this one I cannot find an answer to anywhere I found a way to fix it in PC World that can no longer log on with my correct administrator password said while I was booting to hit control alt delete three times and a new log in screen would appear They then stated that I should type quot Administrator quot in username and put no passwork where it asks for it and that would fix the problem When I tried it I got the screen to appear it already said quot Administrator quot in user name and the digits that cover my password were already there I tried clearing the password etc etc and I still kept getting the same screen as when I try to log on in regular mode Does anybody have any idea why it would change my password Also I cannot get on safe mode either The message I get whenever I put in my password is quot Have you forgotten your password quot Believe me I m positive the password is correct I don t want to sound like a pity fool but my year old daughter just had a heart attack and this is the absolutely worse time for this to happen cause I am unable to do any computer work except from work and this is not easy at all to use the computer here Any information at all would be so greatly appreciated Thanks very much in advance nbsp

A:can no longer log on with my correct administrator password

Did you try pressing enter after you got that alternate login screen while your password was still there? I think that trick works only if you have not set a password for the admin account. I saw another post that had issues with keyboard layout. Would you be from the UK bychance? When windows starts, it defaults to a US keyboard layout and some few keys are different from the UK layout.
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On my server (Win Server2003) I am using the fax console and it was set to send my faxes to another folder on another computer on the network. now this worked for a few years and just recently it stopped. I can't imagine why it stopped working because i don't recall doing anything to the server or anyone else messing with the actual fax console. I tried running the config wizard to reassign it to the folder and then it kept giving me the error that it couldn't access the folder, but the folder is there and permissions are set so that it can be edited by anyone....

Anyone ever run into this problem before? If so how did you go about handling it? Anyon have any ideas?
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On my server (Win Server2003) I am using the fax console and it was set to send my faxes to another folder on another computer on the network. now this worked for a few years and just recently it stopped. I can't imagine why it stopped working because i don't recall doing anything to the server or anyone else messing with the actual fax console. I tried running the config wizard to reassign it to the folder and then it kept giving me the error that it couldn't access the folder, but the folder is there and permissions are set so that it can be edited by anyone....

Anyone ever run into this problem before? If so how did you go about handling it? Anyon have any ideas?

A:Fax Console no longer sending faxes to correct folders

Does no one have any ideas on what might be the issue here?
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So, this is my first post.

I've finished loading Win 8 to my wife's laptop and I'm not too happy with it thus far!

My wife really likes the old solitaire programs from previous MS Win versions. Alas, they are not available with Win 8!

So, I successfully installed Win 8 Solitaire Collection, on her newly upgraded laptop, using my account. When she logs on to her account, the Launch tile for Win 8 Solitaire Collection is nowhere to be found. How do I get it to be available under her account?

Please help. Thanks.

A:Windows 8 Solitaire Collection

Try this on for size?
How to use Microsoft Games from Windows 7 in Windows 8
How to

1. Please use x86 games for Windows 8 x86 & x64 games for Windows 8 x64. Otherwise the patch will not work.
2. Copy 'Program Files\Microsoft Games' folder from the x86/x64 install.wim or a working x86/x64 installation.
3. Paste it in 'Program Files'.
4. Copy 'cardgames.dll' from system32 of a x86/x64 install.wim or a working x86/x64 installation.
5. Paste it in 'FreeCell', 'Hearts', 'Solitaire' & 'SpiderSolitaire' folder.
6. Apply the patch.
7. Done.
**For multiplayer games (Backgammon, Checkers & Spades)**
1. Copy cmncliM.dll & zgmprxy.dll from system32 & paste them in system32 of 8.
2. Copy cmncliM.dll.mui from system32\xx-xx & paste it in system32\xx-xx of 8. (xx-xx represents your os language; for me its en-us)

It was weird, but the ONLY place I was able to find cmncliM.dll.mui was in the WinSXS Folder.
But I got those Folders and Files transferred and the Windows 7 games are now working on Windows 8.

1: a single gem (as a diamond) set alone
2: any of various card games that can be played by one person

Why MS would insist that you log in with over a million other people to play SOLITARE
gets me to scratching my head in wonder.....sheeesh!
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Windows App Studio Collection ready to download and install from the Store
For anyone who is interested
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Does anyone have a Adobe CS3 Master Collection working on Windows 7 Ultimate. It installs alright but when i try to activate it wont work and the 30 day trial version says theres an error.

A:Windows 7 and CS3 master collection

Quote: Originally Posted by Cybor

Does anyone have a Adobe CS3 Master Collection working on Windows 7 Ultimate. It installs alright but when i try to activate it wont work and the 30 day trial version says theres an error.

Cybor Im assuming 32bit, right?
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Keyboard shortcuts are always central to any Windows power user and it?s incredible how much more productive and efficient you can become once you?ve got a good handle on them. After using keyboard shortcuts for a while they become second nature to you and you?ll find yourself using them without realizing it.

With Windows 8, I think that keyboard shortcuts have become more important than ever because of the new Metro UI. The Metro UI as most of you should know by now is based primarily around touch. And while Microsoft have worked hard to make it friendly for users without desktops, there?s still a bit of a learning curve with it. Microsoft have added plenty of new keyboard shortcuts to Windows 8 to try and make it easier to navigate around the Metro UI.

A Collection Of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

A:A Collection Of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Windows Key Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotkeys unchanged from Windows 7

Key combination Windows 7 functionality

Windows Display or hide the Start menu.
Windows-Left Arrow Dock the active window to the left half of the screen (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-Right Arrow Dock the active window to the right half of screen (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-Up Arrow Maximize the active window (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-Down Arrow Restore/minimize the active window (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-Shift-Up Arrow Maximize the active window vertically, maintaining width (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-Shift-Down Arrow Restore/minimize the active window vertically, maintaining width (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-Shift-Left Arrow Move the active window to the monitor on the left (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-Shift-Right Arrow Move the active window to the monitor on the right (does nothing to Metro-style applications).
Windows-P Display projection options.
Windows-Home Minimize all nonactive windows; restore on the second keystroke (does not restore Metro-style applications).
Windows-number Launch or switch to the program located at the given position on the taskbar. (Example: Use Windows-1 to launch the first program.)
Windows-Shift-number Launch a new instance of the program located at the given position on the taskbar.
Windows-B Set focus in the notification area.
Windows-Break Display the System Properties dialog box.
Windows-D Show the desktop; restore on the second keystroke (does not restore Metro-style applications).
Windows-E Open Windows Explorer, navigated to Computer. Windows-Ctrl-F Search for computers (if you are on a network).
Windows-Ctrl-F Search for computers (if you are on a network).
Windows-G Cycle through Windows Desktop Gadgets.
Windows-L Lock your computer (if you?re connected to a network domain), or switch users (if you?re not connected to a network domain).
Windows-M Minimize all windows.
Windows-Shift-M Restore minimized windows to the desktop (does not restore Metro-style applications).
Windows-N Create a new note (OneNote).
Windows-R Open the Run dialog box.
Windows-S Open screen clipper (OneNote).
Windows-T Set focus on the taskbar and cycle through programs.
Windows-Alt-Enter Open Windows Media Center. Note that Windows Media Center must be installed for this key combo to function; in many Windows 8 builds, it is not present.
Windows-U Open Ease of Access Center.
Windows-X Open Windows Mobility Center.
Windows-F1 Launch Windows Help and Support.
Windows-N Create a new note (OneNote).
Windows-S Open screen clipper (OneNote).
Windows-Q Open Lync. Note that in Windows 8 the Search function overrides this key combo.
Windows-A Accept an incoming call (Lync).
Windows-X Reject an incoming call (Lync). Note that this key combo does not function if Windows Mobility Center is present on the machine.
Windows-Minus Zoom out (Magnifier).
Window... Read more
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I downloaded windows 10 which comes with Microsoft solitaire collection. When I click on it, it says "Loading" but nothing ever happens. I have let it sit and run for an hour and nothing ever happens. I am not real computer literate, so keep any answers specific or step by step instructions. Thanks!

A:Why can't I get the Windows 10 solitaire collection to open?

Yeah, it seems to be very buggy. Sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn't. Hopefully Microsoft will get around to fixing it eventually.
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I have seen many persons post about how they play these games and then they stop working which is also my issue.  I DID download it.  I HAVE played it now it just goes to a blue screen with the title.  What now?
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I ve searched the Web and seen lots of theories and arguments on what Microsoft collects on its new operating system I ve seen people say statistics basic data I ve seen people say Cortina s voice commands Bing searches even email content I ve heard about a possible 10 does what it Collection: Data Windows collect? keylogger that got quot removed quot on the final version I ve seen Microsoft disclaimers saying data was needed to improve user s experience And finally I Windows 10 Data Collection: what does it collect? ve seen Microsoft say any info will be delivered to the government if the law required it the user was under legal sight or to protect consumers Now the question I wanna make is does Microsoft collect information on third party sites apps just as Gmail instead of Hotmail Outlook And finally does Microsoft access to user s personal files such as pictures I know Microsoft does not care about my private holidays on Guatemala and this is not a thread to discuss whether they spy or do not spy on us I just want to know how deep is this issue just to know what I m installing Anyone s got a clue PS is keylogger really removed nbsp
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Hi I m having a problem running The Sims Complete Collection on my Windows OS on my laptop I m able to download the game successfully but when I run it my screen turns black and crashes on The 7 Sims Collection Windows Complete to the desktop after a few seconds I ve tried uninstalling reinstalling the game and running it as administrator and also The Sims Complete Collection on Windows 7 running it under The Sims Complete Collection on Windows 7 compatibility mode for The Sims Complete Collection on Windows 7 Windows XP and The strange thing to me is that my computer will run The Sims Creator that came with my game but not the main game itself Is there anything else I can try or do to get this to work on my Windows OS Below are my computer specs Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU P GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Aspire Z V Base Board Serial Number Antivirus Symantec Endpoint Protection Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Download here:
Every lock screen image has a phone variant. Sort images by name to see the images that belong together next to each other. Enjoy. I'll update when new ones pop up.
I began too late collecting them. If someone can help me dig up the old hidden backgrounds from previous builds I will add them to this collection. One background I particularly liked was the one with the city shot from above with all the lights and blurry stuff between the buildings. Does anyone have it?

A:Windows 10 Spotlight lockscreen collection

Originally Posted by crise
enjoy. ill update when more new ones pop up. they seem to change all the time. These are great, thank you. :)
You don't happen to have the default wallpaper available to share? It didn't come with any Windows 10 TP build for me. :/ The one I'm referring to is seen on Paul Thurott's website:
I can't find it anywhere. :/​ ​​
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I have an ASRock gx AM MB I recently purchased a Visiontek Radeon HD video card I popped the card in and hooked up my vga cable I booted up to my OS win x and installed the drivers for my card This Was all after I had previously uninstalled on board graphics and changed settings in bios to use PCI express as my video output Okay so after a reboot things are going smooth So I unplug my vga cable and plug in my DVI cable and get no video So I unplug the DVI and plug back in the VGA cable and I then have NO video So I reboot my computer with no luck Then I plug my vga back into my on board slot and take a look in my device manager and it isn t showing my video card only MB no longer ASRock install drivers card or recognize video correct will on board graphics and on top of that every time I run the ATI software to install drivers for my card it will only install drivers for my on board graphics and doesn t install them for my PCI Express card I m sure the card and slot are fine as I have run them successfully once before I ASRock MB will no longer recognize video card or install correct drivers don t know what to do but I really don t want to have to go through the hassle of sending my card back Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:ASRock MB will no longer recognize video card or install correct drivers

Could the fact that it isn't recognized by my PC be do to a lack of power from my psu? I have a raidmax 530w psu and min for the card is 400 so I figured I was okay... There is no place on the card to hook a cable from the psu to. It gets all its power straight from the MB... I dunno if that info will help any
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ok so longer Windows taking is to longer Boot? and my laptop's a few years old It came with Windows Home Basic it still has it My question is that it take A LOT of time to boot Heres what happens Windows is taking longer and longer to Boot? The starting windows doesn't take that long to disappear im satisfied with it But the welcome screen ugh First it just displays the Welcome screen background without the 'welcome' text only the loading circle Then after a little while the 'welcome text appears this par takes a lot of time Then the desktop finally appears but wait theres more The icons on the desktop appear as white pages files then one by one their respective images appear Sometimes even after the desktop appears it wakes about - seconds for the login sound to be played I have a Intel core i - M processor ghzz With gigs of ram and Gb of harddisk space which is filled more than percent about gbs are available I've tried to defragment my harddisk Use CCleaner used MsConfig to disable a lot of startup rpograms and services and remove a few programs I would like you to suggest some other software for 'cleaning' or 'optimizing' my harddisk as i think that its filled way too much and that may be the cause OFF TOPIC is it possible to remove everything from my harddisk 'except' Windows Because i don't want to format my harddisk and then reinstall Windows Any tips and tricks are also welcomed

A:Windows is taking longer and longer to Boot?

For a test, disable ALL startup programs in msconfig.
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Not sure if this has been posted before, but i will add it anyway as there are some new ones added!!

Windows 7 Wallpapers

A:Collection of Best High Quality Windows 7 Wallpapers

Thanks, found some very nice wallpapers on that website!
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Ive just tried Complete Sims 7 problems Collection, Windows installing The sims complete collection on windows the disc edition prior to installation I have disabled windows UAC and run the sims exe as both admin and in compat mode with xp sp The installation runs fine and everything appears ok but when I try to run the game I immeditaly get the message quot program has stopped Sims Complete Collection, Windows 7 problems working quot I have tried running the game in every different compatabiltity mode and as an administratior and I still get the same messgae when I try testing for compability It tells me fatal error quot Sims data directory not found quot I have a good level of computing knowlegde and before you ask my computer more than meets the specs i have done hours of searching for a solution online but have had no success finding an answer to be honest i am absoutely baffeled as to how to get the game working According to windows the game is compatabilte with both and bit operating systems Anyone got an idea what is wrong Thanks nbsp

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I just got Sims Ultimate Collection from Origin Support not with Sims 2 8? compatible Windows Collection Ultimate but it won t run at all on my computer It s a windows with graphics card AMD Radeon HD Support stressed that it doesn t run because it s not compatible but I ve always been able to play Sims on this computer Here Sims 2 Ultimate Collection not compatible with Windows 8? are the things I ve already done - Run as administrator in both Windows and WindowsXP Package mode - Removed the quot TM quot from the display name in the registry editor - reinstalled Sims 2 Ultimate Collection not compatible with Windows 8? it from Origin - Tried to run it out of Origin s App - download a new paul dll file from the support site - Run Origin App in Windows Compatibility mode I just reinstalled the game last night and nothing s changed It won t Sims 2 Ultimate Collection not compatible with Windows 8? launch at all or give me an error message of any kind Support says they have no intentions of updating it to make it compatible with Windows - either Is there anything I can do nbsp
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I try all of your Info on resetting IE 11 & there was no answer. Its been over 2 months & it still don't work. I paid the yearly fee for no ads & now nothing. Give me an answer, or refund my money!
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Pinnalce 14 Studio Ultimate Collection Issues

I have Pinnacle 14 Studio Ultimate Collection on my windows 7 platform and have the Pinnacle 700usb device attachment hub attached to my computer as well, and regardless of what I do when trying to import video to capture from my old VCR or Vid Cam I keep getting the no video signal error. In the menu of studio 14 the pinnacle 700usb device is in orange and connected displayed as working fine. In the device manager of control panel same applies, all good. Have changed the leads, checked connections, made sure all in right in locations out /in etc but still nothing, except no video signal!
Any ideas as what could be going wrong here would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts!!

A:Pinnalce 14 Studio Ultimate Collection Issues with Windows 7

Post in the Pinnacle Systems Forum for better results
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When playing the Klondike game on CPU Heavy game 10 Klondike Collection Solitaire for Windows win I experience CPU usage between and according to Task Manager plus overall CPU usage between and Responses to my mouse clicks and movements can take from to seconds When I minimize the game the game cpu usage goes to and the overall usage goes to indicating that the game is responsible for most of the overall Heavy CPU for Windows 10 Solitaire Collection Klondike game cpu usage I have updated my Intel HD driver it needed an upgrade and several other suggested fixes without result I have occasionally had the same problem with another windows store game named Hearts Deluxe--however it only goes into heavy cpu mode about of the time--while Klondike seems to do it consistently I also have occasionally had the problem from time to time on other Solitaire Collection Games such as Pyramid I find the only way to work the game is to minimize the game let its cpu go to and then when I maximize it again I have a couple of turns before it goes cpu crazy again None of this happened prior to the major update to win I seemed to run fine on the original win for a few months prior to this
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Yikes:  so much for all those privacy settings.  Just like Paragraph 2 of the Microsoft Services Agreement reads, you agree that MSFT has a complete free right to Your Content, even as Paragraph 3 there gives it God-like judgment powers over whether you're behaving.  So now more teeth in all that, ouch. 
Computerworld article here.

A:Windows 10 Makes Diagnostic Data Collection Compulsory

Really MS? This is getting quite ridiculous.
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windows 7 IE9 correct credentials, the Outlook Web Access page does not load
and no error indicated. This is a new desktop computer and the same OWA website address loads fine after credentials are entered. have tried lowering and adding the OWA site to IE trusted sites list and even tried compatibility mode ... any help thoughts are appreciated

A:IE9 correct credentials, OWA will not load

Moved to internet explorer forum
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Hi I am trying to install a 7 Collection Ultimte Studio 1721 on Error Pinnacle 14 Installing Windows full version of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection on Windows Home Premium -bit and am receiving the following error Error There is a problem with Windows Installer Package A program required for this install to complete could not run Action PCLE-Studio init Location C -Studio exe command init quot I have Error 1721 Installing Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimte Collection on Windows 7 tried a the suggestions in the site http support microsoft com kb Did not work b right clicking on the setup ext and 'Run as Administrator' Did not work c Right Click setup exe - gt Properties - gt Compatibility tab - gt Select quot Run this application as an administrator quot This did not work either d Running setup exe compatible with different Windows Versions XP Vista Couple of other errors I found in Application Event log Source - SideBySide EventID Activation context generation failed for quot C Program Files x Pinnacle Studio Programs Studio exe quot Dependent Assembly Microsoft VC MFC processorArchitecture quot x quot publicKeyToken quot fc b b a e e b quot type quot win quot version quot quot could not be found Please use sxstrace exe for detailed diagnosis Source - SidebySide EventID Activation context generation failed for quot C Program Files x Pinnacle Studio Programs Studio exe quot Error in manifest or policy file quot C Windows WinSxS manifests x microsoft vc mfc fc b b a e e b none c a ee a ed manifest quot on line Invalid Xml syntax Computer Hardware Info Processor Intel Core i Please Help

A:Error 1721 Installing Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimte Collection on Windows 7

Vivian,Thanks for the options. I was able to install Studio 14 Ultimate collection by installing the visual studio run-time (as was suggested in another forum). This resolved the sidebyside error.
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Any help please my computer just goes in to reboot when I play spider solitair .?
I am running pentium 4.3 with 4gb memory & GV-N52128DS graphics card.
Also internet explora keeps telling me it has a problem and needs to shut down send a report and I do & it said I need to download the latest updates but I am up to date please any help

A:Computer Reboots playing Spider Solitair

scan your computer in safe mode with a good anti-virus like AVIRA and an anti-malware like malwarebytes
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I have an Asus notebook, running Windows 7 Home Premium, operating with a 64-bit system. I have problems playing DVD's through the program that came with the computer, Power DVD. A window comes up, with all the tools appearing, but the inner window where the film plays is black. I can hear sound though. I can get the film if I play it through Windows Media Player instead, although sometimes the film shudders for no reason.
I've also just tried playing some of the inbuilt games that came with the computer, like Solitaire, and the same thing happens.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I can work my way around a computer, but only basically, and can't seem to trust in my old friend Google to help me with this one.

A:Getting a black pop-up window when I try to play DVD's or inbuilt movies i.e Solitair

Try reinstalling/updating your video drivers. They should be available from the Asus website.
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I m using only Opera The best web browser especially the functionality Excuse me if my english is not so much correct gramatical From more then one mount i can t load normal this page https bazar bg And when i am on eBay i can t load page web does Opera not browser correct click on quot see seller other items quot button With Microsoft Edge i have no problems I delete all extensions and add-ons like AdBlock Youtube center clear history-nothing help I reinstall Opera and delete all instaled passwords and data and problem Opera browser does not load correct web page solved but after time lets say week problem immediately come back again Is it virus-i dont think so OS Windows Enterprice AV Avast Free Opera latest version Firewall-Windows itegrated SSD Kingston V series health Run disc cleanup-nothing help Does not load page normal means screen flicker and icons on the web page non stop revolve Very sad because i cant reinstall each week Opera and make new bookmarks and settings again and again On my another PC into the another room i nad the same problem for a while and now everything is OK without my actions nbsp
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If I boot the Windows 7 emergency recovery DVD it no longer finds any Windows image backups on my USB drive. I have tried it on 2 different Windows 7 PC's. I can however see the backups in the \WindowsImageBackup directory while booted from the DVD and going to the DOS prompt. The kicker is that I used these backup images before to replace hard drives on both systems. I do not know what changed. The search on the PC for the images takes only a couple seconds before failing. I have tried changing permissions and ownership on the files without success. Got any ideas?
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I do not know if I am posting in the right location nbsp If not please forgive me I am getting ready to launch PRO 10, TO I LONGER MAKER 7 WINDOWS USE BACK PAINT, GALLERY, AFTER MOVIE FROM PHOTO CAN REVERTING WINDOWS NO my own campaign against Microsoft for ruining yet another laptop I really believe that Microsoft looks into my laptop to determine what it is that I use the most and when they know they go about destroying the integrity of the programs After being forced not my consent to upgrade to windows my laptop has all kinds of errors nbsp I do not have time to try and find out how to fix it nbsp I have spent hours already trying to figure out how to get my Windows Pro to function as it should nbsp I purchased this laptop March brand new because it had Windows Pro and that is what I want to use I have not tried to reinstall windows yet nbsp This is the last resort for me since it is so difficult to get a reliable backup Please help me to recover from Microsoft's intrusive behavior WHEN I REBOOT COMPUTER WHEN TRYING TO OPEN PHOTO GALLERY PHOTO GALLERY Movie Maker WHAT PAINT LOOKS LIKE NOW NO TOOLS WINDOWS VERSION AFTER REVERTING BACK TO WINDOWS 7 PRO FROM WINDOWS 10, I CAN NO LONGER USE PAINT, PHOTO GALLERY, MOVIE MAKER lt object id quot kpm plugin quot type quot application x-KPMPlugin quot gt lt object gt
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typically i see the beats loggo in my task bar, but since ive upgraded to windows 10 i havent...
when i searched for it and tried to run the program Windows pops up a 'missing shortcut' message saying "Windows is searching for IDTNC54.cpl. To locate teh file yourself, click browse"

i looked a bit prior to this post, and it might have been some update? not quite sure, help is welcome.

Edit: after waiting a bit the message box changed to this
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I recently upgraded my hard disk and operating system to Windows 7 Professional from XP Professional that was orignally on my Lenovo T61p Think Pad.

The Windows as purchased from Micro Center was an OEM system builder pack.

Can you advise how I can resolve these issues?

A:Windows Update no longer working, Windows now states not genuine

In order to completely troubleshoot Windows validation & activation issues, please perform the following:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click Copy - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the tool here in your next reply

More detail: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions
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I recently did an unusually long Windows update that took about an hour in total, and once my computer was running again, Windows gadgets said "Windows Desktop Gadgets has stopped working" and then I tried to open Skype which also said "Skype has stopped working". I tried updating Java, a second Windows update, uninstalling and reinstalling Skype, advanced uninstalling Skype and reinstalling, but nothing I'm doing seems to be having any effect. I'm completely out of ideas, and was hoping someone could help me to solve this?

A:After Windows update Skype and Windows Desktop Gadgets no longer run.

Bump. This is at 100 views with no one offering any advice. I'm really stuck here, I've exhausted everything that I know how to do to fix faulty computers. I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.
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I've been going around with this for a while now and I can't figure out what is going on. WU consistenly errors out on me when I try to download updates and system restore will no longer restore to any older points. I've also noticed that running all of the Microsoft Diskfix tools has somehow managed to lower my SSD space in the neighbourhood of 27 GB and I'd like to get that back. I don't even know where to start so can someone point me in the right direction. I've run every diagnostic tool and everything should be working. Safe mode doesn't help either. However if anyone cares to advise I would appreciate it.

A:Windows Update and System Restore no longer working in Windows 7 64 bit...

Hello there,

Have you launched "Windows Update troubleshooter" yet?
Keep us posted!
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how to make a page in windows paint longer?

A:In Windows 8.1 how do you make windows paint page longer?

See if this helps: pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct sub-forum but it all started out with problems with activation and windows update so whatever A couple of days ago I suddenly had a watermark in the windows windows started activated, can't longer is update no be bottom right corner of my screen saying that I should activate windows I have a legit copy of windows and had it registered before when I installed it about months ago and had no problems until now When I go to the windows is no longer activated, windows update can't be started activation window and attempt to re-register I get this message quot Windows can't activate right now Try activating again later If that doesn't work contact support Error code xC F quot After trying this during different times of the day for about a week I started checking other stuff and found another quite big problem I can't start Windows Update The service is set to quot disabled quot and when I change it to anything but this it windows is no longer activated, windows update can't be started automatically changes back after around seconds Up until now Windows Update never had any problems and ran regularily So then I started googling this problem and found some solutions all of which do not work I tried resetting the Windows Update https gallery technet microsoft com windows is no longer activated, windows update can't be started scriptcenter Rese but that didn't help either since it coulnd't complete every step It failed when running quot sfc scannow quot at around So I searched for solutions to that problem and found this https www infopackets com news how-fix-sfc-scann Checkdisk worked fine but then I noticed another problem I can't even run DISM to fix stuff Attempting to run quot Dism Online Cleanup-Image RestoreHealth quot returned an error saying that the remote procedure call failed Here is my sfc log http pastebin com EFTJdXNb and here my dism log http pastebin com sV ekPie ------------------------- Short version suddenly windows is no longer activated windows update can't be started sfc and dism fail I would love a solution that does not require me to completely reinstall windows Here are my specs I have a Lenovo G http shop lenovo com us en laptops essential g-series or http shop lenovo com de de laptops lenovo g-series g with an i - M GHz and a Geforce GT M the rest wasn't configurable My OS is Windows Pro N x version build

A:windows is no longer activated, windows update can't be started

Hi SomeRandomUser, welcome to Ten Forums. I would try a repair install with an inplace upgrade. Choose keep apps and files. This is from the tutorial forum. Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums .
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Hello,I run a Windows 2000 web server. As of a day or so ago I started receiving calls from customers running Windows 7 that they cannot log into secure directories on their websites (on my Windows 2000 server). I assume this has to do with a recent update to Windows 7. Does anyone out there have any idea what happened and how I can fix it on the server end or what I can tell my customers so they can fix it on the Windows 7 end? Thank you. This happened once before about a year ago. The problem eventually fixed itself but I don't want to rely on that happening if it is something I can fix.Jay

A:Windows 7 no longer authenticates to Windows 2000 Server

What protocol are they using? Is it http via a website, FTP, WebDAV, or something else? I'm guessing that it's HTTP and you're using integrated Windows authentication. If this is the case, change it to basic authentication and it shouldn't matter which OS they're using.--Andrew LeonardBL Technical ServicesBaltimore IT Support
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I run a Windows 2000 web server. As of a day or so ago I started receiving calls from customers running Windows 7 that they cannot log into secure directories on their websites (on my Windows 2000 server). I assume this has to do with a recent update to Windows 7. Does anyone out there have any idea what happened and how I can fix it on the server end or what I can tell my customers so they can fix it on the Windows 7 end? Thank you. This happened once before about a year ago. The problem eventually fixed itself but I don't want to rely on that happening if it is something I can fix.


A:Windows 7 No Longer Authenticates to Windows 2000 Server


Check the event logs of both the Server and clients. Have you tried rebooting the Server? Do you have a working (tested) backup solution?
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I have 3 hdd. All of them are sata and i can see the corect order showed in BIOS:
Disk 0 - WD 500GB
Disk 1 - WD 1TB
Disk 2 - Samsung 1TB

Right from the instalation part windows does not see the corect order.
Disk 0 - WD 1TB
Disk 1 - WD 500GB
Disk 2 - Samsung 1 TB

Any ideea why?

A:Windows does not see correct hdd order.

Windows sees the order based on the Boot Order in BIOS.
BIOS sees the order based on the SATA port they are hooked up to.
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Dear all First of all I've had a look around with Google and can't seem to find an answer to this - I suppose it's a bit of an odd question I have a TOSHIBA laptop which came with correct? 7 partitions Windows my are - Windows Vista pre-installed and was purchased approximately years ago I'm just installing Windows CLEAN over Windows Vista now downloaded it after purchasing it with the ridiculous UK student discount deal currently running My question is - what should my partitions look like I have messed about trying to install Linux in the past so when I came to choose one to install Windows 7 - are my partitions correct? Windows I was all over the place Essentially I deleted any partition which was not one of the following Vista C Data D and WinRE I then formatted Vista C and installed Windows fresh on that partition Is this how my partitions should look right now I am just trying to pre-empt a failure in the future in case I've done something stupid I know for example that after I tried installing Linux my computer lost the ability to boot to TOSHIBA's recovery platform by pressing F when the computer starts Thank you for all your help in this matter
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Download your ISO Image from Microsoft https www microsoft com en-us soft nload windows You'll need 7, way. the Windows How to reinstall correct your OEM product key Verify your key once entered it'll tell you what version of windows How to reinstall Windows 7, the correct way. you're entitled to x bit - x bit Download both ISO's if you wish Find the manufacturer and model of your motherboard and devices inside your computer Visit the manufacturer's website and download all the drivers you need FAIR WARNING DO NOT USE DRIVER UPDATE PROGRAMS They How to reinstall Windows 7, the correct way. will screw your computer up beyond belief Advice Save all your drivers to a flash drive if you own one then install windows on another flash drive Rufus is by far the best to put windows on your flash drive Download Rufus - MajorGeeks Once you've got everything downloaded and saved and windows on your flash drive You'll need to find a program called Acronis many people already own this program It'll help you make back up's and wipe your hard drive or SSD Acronis comes with a boot disk that will help you wipe your drive's its called Acronis secure erase Once you've booted Acronis make sure the program loads Acronis press up on your keyboard arrows till you are on Acronis and press enter it'll load up Once it loads to the left and down you'll see Tool's and Utilities Then to the right all the way down you'll see Acronis Drive Cleanser Click on that find your hard drive and wipe with either DOD or Fast depending on what level of data destruction you wish for It could be a few hours Now you've wipe your drive it's now time to re-install Windows Press F while when your computer is starting up and boot from your USB flash drive Do a custom install of windows and not upgrade you want your install to be clean You might have to delete the partition after that create new partition then format partition which takes about whole secs Your Windows OS will start installing more than likely take about minutes Now you have your OS installed start installing your drivers Audio Chip set Graphics USB Sata NOTE I believe you might have to flash your Bio's for some newer chip sets After that you're ready to start enjoying Windows Thanks for reading Dev in need
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Hi the Booting windows correct So i tried rebuilding my computer for the first time and when everything was back together i turned it on and it couldnt load the OS After trying to figure out how to fix it i simply re-installed windows on another hard drive After that every time I turned on my computer it asked Load Windows or Windows recovered The recovered one failed every time and the Normal one was working fine I came down to my computer today and it was in the quot windows Booting the correct windows recovery window quot After restarting my computer it didnt give me the option to choose between the new windows and the recovered it just immediately loaded the quot recovered quot one I restarted it again and next time i Hit the quot Boot menu quot button and loaded the correct OS I went online and looked up how to delete the Old recovered windows It told me to go to msconfig and simply delete it from the boot options I did this and nothing has changed Now every time i restart my computer without hitting the quot Boot Menu quot button it loads the recovered version How do i make it so it boots the correct Windows version Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Booting the correct windows

Hi and welcome to TSF do you have 1 or 2 hard drives installed
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I have a windows computer and a windows on a wired network The windows and previously played 7 2000 windows longer no likes windows nicely although it was a bit of a pain to get it to work the first time don t really remember what the issue was I have a big old CAD plotter connected to a parallel port on the windows computer and previously was able to use it from the windows computer I was also able to access any file on the windows from windows it all worked fine a few months ago I haven t had the win computer on for a while but recently needed windows 7 no longer likes windows 2000 to use the plotter I now get a log-on error when trying to access the win from the win but it shows up on networks The log-on error window shows a domain with the name of the windows computer listed as the domain name but nothing is set to be on a domain I can access the files on windows 7 no longer likes windows 2000 the windows computer from the win computer with no issues in that direction There windows 7 no longer likes windows 2000 is no home group set up think that was the issue the first time Windows is always updating itself and I suspect that s part of the problem I am guessing something went back to a default during an up-date but I can t find it Thanks nbsp

A:windows 7 no longer likes windows 2000

You need to be using a "WorkGroup" network, and there also needs to be the same user accounts AND same password on both machines.
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I am a Windows Insider Preview user. As of the last build, my FreeCell game icoin no longer opens the game. I had been playing it for several months after downloading "Windows 7 Games with patcher", but in the latest Insider Preview build ( 11102.rs1_release.160113-1800) the game will no longer open. I click on the executable on the Task Bar, and nothing happens.
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this is a previous post on your Windows load wont \$Windows-BT\Windows\System32\winload.efi site i have a similar problem with a few differences Hi Windows wont load \$Windows-BT\Windows\System32\winload.efi all Short version is that I bought a new Hp laptop with pre-installed Windows Didn t like Windows wont load \$Windows-BT\Windows\System32\winload.efi W for many reasons so tried to install windows according to guided installation instructions from a techie site google took me to The installation stopped after minutes referring to a driver issue I believe and I had to revert to loading Windows wont load \$Windows-BT\Windows\System32\winload.efi up using Windows again to get out of the dos error screen Now the system tells me how I get inconsistent blue screens although I don t physically see a blue screen and every day I boot up it reverts to the Windows Boot Manager screen telling me a recent hardware or software change has resulted in something missing damaged etc Additional message when in the Boot Manager reads File Windows-BT Windows System winload efi Status xc Info the digital signature for this file could not be verified Although Im not an expert it seems to me that the file path mentioned above relates to the part installation of windows - if so how can I remove the part installation clean the system up and reluctantly return to W btw - unable to get help from Windows or Samsung so far quot quot My problem is the same as this person except I can not log into windows at all All i get is HP with a little loading spiral at the bottom i left it alone for days on and it never loaded windows I was able to get to a command propt by pressing F when the computer starts going to repair computer then troubleshoot then advanced setting and got this info Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier bootmgr device partition Device HarddiskVolume path EFI Microsoft Boot bootmgfw efi description Windows Boot Manager locale en-US inherit globalsettings default default resumeobject bd a b-efb - e - -dd e a fce displayorder a - - a -ac f-e fb d default toolsdisplayorder memdiag timeout Windows Setup ------------- identifier a - - a -ac f-e fb d device partition C path WINDOWS BT Windows system winload efi description Windows Setup locale en-US inherit bootloadersettings osdevice partition C systemroot WINDOWS BT Windows nx OptOut detecthal Yes winpe Yes Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier default device partition C path windows system winload efi description Windows locale en-US inherit bootloadersettings recoverysequence Current recoveryenabled Yes isolatedcontext Yes allowedinmemorysettings x osdevice partition C systemroot windows resumeobject bd a b-efb - e - -dd e a fce nx OptIn bootmenupolicy Standard C windows system gt please help me nbsp

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Does any one know the correct google toolbar for windows 8.1 and the explorer as cant get it to work


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Gentlemen to what the comes? the to when upgrade time way Windows be 10 will correct amp Ladies What will be the correct way to upgrade to Windows when its available for sale given with a little tough situation I encounter with my sony laptop Here is what the situation I encountered a few times of blue screen due to some sony's own software update It's too late for me to do the System Restore as the date s for late known good configuaration had passed I know I can go for a clean reinstallation of Vista SP -dating back to but then it requires ALL windows update which will takes forever just to get up-to-date status then wipe out again-- when the time comes for Windows upgrade OMG Not to mention first require backing up all files and photos then reinstall--I know i can't get away with this part-HAHA So If i buy the Windows Grade version when it's available for sale then back up my files amp photo What will be the correct way for me to install to fix my problem getting my laptop running up-to-date Here are the spec of my latop Sony old vgn-AR- U -- years old Windows Vista Ultimate SP bit Intel Core Duo GHz RAM GB Solid State Drive GB Blu Ray Read Write drive with built in WIN-DVD player comes with purchase x resolution It's not worth any now but I don't have any these days to buy a new computer either Thank you in advance

A:what will be the correct way to upgrade to Windows 10 when the time comes?

Why upgrade to windows 10, when It hasn't even been fully tested? 
I would go for Windows 7 instead,
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CFileDialog dlg(FALSE,".mdb",key,OFN_OVERWRITEPROMPT, _T("Export file (*.mdb)|*.mdb||"));
CString filePath ="..\Data\Trans";
dlg.m_ofn.lpstrInitialDir = filePath ;
dlg.DoModal();I had set the "dlg.m_ofn.lpstrInitialDir" to particular path , the path is open properly from windows XP , but its not open from Windows 7, its giving some other directory than "trans" to save the file.
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What video and/or graphics drivers do I need to run windows 7 ultimate on a dell optiplex GX280?
About 2 years ago, I loaded W7 on this computer and, after help from this forum, I obtained the correct drivers to play my videos and dvd's on multiple players (zoom player, windows media player, etc.). I had given this computer to someone else, but recently got it back, at which time I did a fresh install of W7. However, I don't recall how I did this before.

A:Need correct drivers for windows 7 on optiplexGX280

Try to use the drivers form dell

Dell drivers optiGX280

and install with compatibility mode

compatibility mode install
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Some time ago i got product keys from msdnaa and i just bought a new computer and plan to use it now However im unable to access and download the installation files from msdnaa and the legit files i found from Digital River dont match the exact version i have key for So i wonder how it works Help windows find correct version me with different versions service pack installs The keys i have are for Windows Professional x Swedish Windows Professional x English Would a key for these version work with other versions languages service packs i guess not cus why would we get different keys for different version if they work I would very much like to have a x installation with swedish language preferably with SP included I found a link for Windows Professional x Swedish with SP integrated does this one work with any of my keys If it dont can someone help me find a legit link to Windows Professional x Swedish

A:Help me find correct windows version

My Windows 7 Home Premium OEM product code is good for 32 bit or 64 bit installs. It also worked with Install media that had SP1 integrated, the original OEM DVD didn't have SP1. YMMV.
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computer won't let me log on saying.user name and domain not correct...this happened some time ago...think admin was,mentioned.please help

A:won't let me log on windows xp.user domain not correct

Is this your own/home computer or one at work? If the latter then contact your Admin chaps/chapesses.If it's your own/home computer - are you actually using a domain system; very unlikely to be on a domain at home??
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Install 10 first got, do i install all windows update after that first or go to motherboard drivers then finish off with updates from MS? Does it really matter what order the whole process goes in ?

would like your HONEST and Best way of installing windows,drivers etc..

Tankies in Advance

A:Whats the Correct way to install windows

Step 0) Download latest drivers for everything to USB drive
Step 1) Make sure your Windows 10 installation media has the newest version of the Windows 10 install
(Friend of mine screwed this us recently. Turns out new Nvidia drivers won't even install on an unpatched original version of Windows 10!)
2) Install Windows 10 while network cable is unplugged. Because F Microsoft trying to use a Live account for setup. Also sometimes Windows Udate manages to install old drivers for shit before you can install the new drivers.
3) Install all drivers, reboot as requested. Use the following order: Chipset, IME, USB/Thunderbolt, audio, GPU, webcams, whatever
4) Connect to Internet and run Windows Update
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Hello tech support guys,

Windows 7 (recently installed and operating fine on my ASUS 6600 QUADCORE P5B MX MB) keeps on advising me to change the screen resolution to 1920x1200 ALTHOUGH my screen resolution HAS ALREADY BEEN SET to 1920x1200.

A:windows 7 keeps asking to correct screen resolution

If their's any option on that message that makes it do so, click it. This is a really random idea but try changing the resolution to a slightly lower one, then put it back on the highest setting.
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Hey everyone Long time listener first time caller I have a quick question about booting from a new drive I just installed an SSD with the intention of copying Windows Correct Not Booting Drive From my system Windows Not Booting From Correct Drive files over from my old standard HD and using the new one exclusively to boot off of using this old guide and despite a couple of hiccups the whole process has gone smoothly Now I'm at the stage where everything is copied to the new hard drive but when I go into the BIOS and change the boot order the computer still wants to boot from the old drive So basically my question is is this normal When I start up normally Windows Not Booting From Correct Drive I can see the new drive GB and the old drive TB but it appears that Windows is running off of the old drive which is still reading as the C drive Furthermore when I either unplug the old drive or set the BIOS to only boot from the new drive I get a quot Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key quot message upon startup I'm pretty sure it should change the new drive to the C drive once I format my old drive and I have everything backed up in multiple places so I shouldn't be too worried but I just want to be extra paranoid about my data and make sure nothing catastrophic happens before I do the any formatting Any help or clarification would be appreciated thanks in advance

A:Windows Not Booting From Correct Drive

Please post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management that shows all partitions on all drives.

Was your "standard HD" connected to your motherboard when you installed Windows on the new SSD?
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Okay, I have a Asus p4p motherboard and I had 1gig of Kingston, 400 dual channel RAM in, perfect. Now, I add the exact same Kingston, 400 dual channel RAM in (2 more 512's) and windows is only reading 1.5 gigs.

If I do my math right I think it's supposed to say 2gig? Any help on this issue?

Thank you in advance,


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I recently got a hewlett Packard 630 laptop which had linux OS. I decided to replace it with Windows 7 and face two major issues:

1) When I was installing Win 7, it asked me to create a new hard drive because the 10GB partition could not fit Win 7 ultimate 64-bit I wanted to install. I therefore created a 20GB hard drive and completed win 7 installation through USB. However, when I finished I could only see the 20GB hard drive and not the remaining 450GB!

2) I installed win 7 and MS Office 2010 properly. However, the system is missing HP tools, such as network, ethernet, PCI etc. As a result, I do not have internet. I tried a number of drivers from the HP site, with no success.

How do I correct the problems above?

A:How do I correct installation problems for Windows 7

You cannot see the 450GB because Windows does not see ext2/3/4(Linux) partitions.
Linux is still there.
Later you can either make Linux boot over Windows boot manager or reinstall GRUB (which can boot Linux and Windows).

There are good system information tools like Speccy which will tell you exactly which devices you have in your system. After you know the exact specification of devices you can download the correct drivers.
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Moved and cannot open windows with correct password. How can I correct?

A:Windows will not accept correct password

Sorry but we can not help you with passwords. You'll need to try and remember it.
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windows wont let me set static IP on Laptop or desktop but it works fop all mobile devices I have empty IPs As in I want Windows 7 static IP allow correct wont my laptop on but it wont find and external IP and then when I do the winfix instead of giving it an Windows 7 wont allow correct static IP exteranl IP address and keeping my setting it sets it to I don not want a buch of empty IPs I want them in number order So why does the aptop keep making it when nothing is using on the latop wireless and on the laptop wired conection which is what I want Wind ze shouldnt be skipping a bunch of IPs at the lower level to use a higher one Why would it pick I dont even have deviced The highest IP that should be used is and no high unless I get a new device Yesteday I had my desktop working on but this morning I woke up with no internet connection Did the winfix and it changed the IP from to Again with the desktop why is it choosing a nuber that is so high If I dont own devices then that OBVIOUSLY means I dont own deviced and dont need to go as high as Again my IPs should not be higher that for my devices and the gatewas using Gateway on devices HOW can I set it so the desktop LAN is and the LAptop is on the wireless and on the wired if I plug it in and not have windows change the IPs to what it tthinks is best Ive been fighting with this for over hours now ALmosta full day

A:Windows 7 wont allow correct static IP

This is how I need to get this set up:

Gateway - -- Working

Desktop LAN - -- NOT WORKING - Changes IP to 1.12 <----These should not be changing
Laptop LAN - -- NOT WORKING - Changes IP to 1.10 <----These should not be changing
Laptop Wifi - -- NOT WORKING - Changes IP to 1.11 <----These should not be changing

Printer Wifi - --Working
Wireless IP security cam - -- Working
Android Phone 5g wifi - -- Working
Android Phone 2.4Ghz wifi -- -- Working

There should be nothing above but the computers are making it so there is.
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Hi all,

I got a problem I can't seem to fix. I checked online for help to no avail.

Here's my problem:

I boot my Dell (windows 7 Professional) and when the welcome screen appears all I get is "password is incorrect'"

There are no usernames present nor administrator. When I click on the "ok" underneath the password is incorrect, It brings up my username, but when I enter my password it says it's incorrect (it's not). I can't log in from safe mode, nor will system restore fix the problem.

Since this is an old work computer I was never given the disc that could solve this problem.

Anyone have any idea of what is wrong and how it can be fixed?

Thanks in advance,
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I have just had the new Windows updates installed on my computer and I am not sure they are the correct updates for my Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.

I also had the issue where my computer was still on at the time the the updates were installed. Does this cause any harm to the computer.

I also have attached the file where I found the CBS logs file - am I effectively part of a Homegroup or can you not tell by my attachment?

I just wish to ensure that the updates that have the extension x86 are the correct updates for my computer.

Thank you and I hope that I provided the correct information

A:New Windows Updates - Are they the correct ones for my computer

x86 is for 32bit so i think your got the right updates.
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I can't remember fully now but I was having a problem with setting up a schedule in Macrium Reflect it kept failing to accept my Win password I went to 'netplwiz' thinking I could just login without a password but then after I rebooted I could only get to the win login screen the one after the pretty picture It seems there is a scheduling problem with Reflect after the anniversary update and I haven't been able to use it since I reset my Windows password but that fails Cannot password Windows 10 with login to correct as well so it seems to me that I somehow need to get back into 'netplwiz' again in order to remove the tick 'Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer' but I don't know how to get to it I found this very complicated to understand as it seems to worded back to front but I was told to add the tick in order NOT to have to log in As I downloaded the update and installed it I don't have an ISO but assuming there is an ISO anniversary build can I create one on this spare laptop and use it on the one I can't get into That's assuming it will Cannot login to Windows 10 with correct password help me to overcome the login problem Thanks for any assistance
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I have had windows 7 for a few weeks and every time the PC is rebooted the Metric for both the Lan (172.17) and Wifi(192.169)goes back to 20, the Lan is set to Automatic and the wifi is set to 10, has anybody seen this problem before?

Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 20 20


A:problem with windows 7 not using correct metric

Sounds quite bizzare, Windows assigns a lower metric to the gateway it can communicate the fastest with, but in this case both have been assigned 20.
If you've manually assigned a gateway and metric you should see that in the list of persistent routes.

I wonder if your issue is similar to that in

I'm stumped and have emailed MS as it works as expected in Win XP
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Is there a way to manually fix correct a Windows FAT partition in size fix/correct Windows partition CHS-values volume size in for Windows or fix/correct partition size in Windows can someone point me in a direction to find a solution I am trying to correct the partition values that are read retrieved by fix/correct partition size in Windows the Windows OS I supposedly successfully converted a GB partition partition from NTFS to FAT using Partition Magic v which I have successfully done before When Windows restarted Windows chkdsk disk defrag and windows explorer now recognize the GB FAT partition as a GB FAT partition Only the Windows OS seems to have the problem I am assuming that a glitch in Partition Magic wrote the wrong partition information to some alternate location that the OS accesses Partition Doctor Partition Magic Partition Table Editor and TestDisk v all correctly analyze and detect the GB FAT disk partition Some of the files on the drive are accessible but many are not I have discovered some sector editors so I if I can find out where and how the partition data for chkdsk defrag and explorer is stored I can manually correct the field values Any help will be greatly appreciatedPlease advise Thanks TraceyTestDisk Data Recovery Utility November Disk dev sdb - GB GiB - CHS Current partition structure Partition Start End Size in sectors P FAT LBA W KP Structure Ok Partition Start End Size in sectors D HPFS - NTFS W KP NTFS found using backup sector GB GiB D FAT LBA W KP FAT GB GiB PowerQuest PartitionInfo -- Windows NT VersionDisk Geometry Information for Disk Cylinders Heads Sectors TrackInfo Disk Manager is installed on this drive System PartSect Boot BCyl Head Sect FS ECyl Head Sect StartSect NumSects W KP C Info Begin C H S values were large drive placeholders Info End C H S values were large drive placeholders Actual values are C Partition Information for Disk MegabytesVolume PartType Status Size MB PartSect StartSect TotalSects D W KP FAT Pri Boot Record for drive D Drive Starting sector Type FAT after conversion Jump EB OEM Name MSWIN Bytes per Sector Sectors per Cluster Reserved Sectors Number of FAT's Reserved x Reserved x Media Descriptor xF Sectors per FAT Sectors per Track x F Number of Heads xFF Hidden Sectors x F Big Total Sectors x A A Big Sectors per FAT Extended Flags x FS Version First Cluster of Root xBE FS Info Sector Backup Boot Sector Reserved Drive ID x Reserved for NT x Extended Boot Sig x Serial Number x B C Volume Name W KP File System Type FAT Boot Signature xAA Boot Record for drive D Drive Starting sector Type NTFS before conversion Jump EB OEM Name NTFS Bytes per Sector Sectors per Cluster Reserved Sectors Number of FATs Root Dir Entries Total Sectors Media Descriptor xF Sectors per FAT Sectors per Track x F Number of Heads xFF Hidden Sectors x F Total Sectors MB x Unused x Total NTFS Sectors MFT Start Cluster MFT Mirror Start Clust Clusters per FRS Clusters per Index Blk Serial Number xCE C C C A B Checksum x Boot Signature xAA

A:fix/correct partition size in Windows

How much data was on the 152GB partition when it was NTFS? Were you using the default cluster size of 4kb?First of all it is best to type directly into the box and not copy/paste to it. Your text is spilling over, making it hard to read.A FAT32 partition of 152GB would have a cluster size of 32kb. Only ONE file per cluster is allowed so depending on how much data was on the NTFS partition there may be too much data to fit when using clusters that are 8 times larger, meaning only one eighth the actual capacity. How old is your hardware. Your motherboard may not be 48 bit LBA compliant. This means you can't use hard drives larger than 127GB actual capacity. You also must have at least SP3 to use large hard drives in Win2000.What is the total capacity of this hard drive and does it show that way in the BIOS?It appears you have a 160GB drive which is actually 149GB+-.
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Hello I would really appreciate if someone could just way install of Is to this Windows correct do a clean 7? a briefly look through Is this a correct way to do a clean install of Windows 7? my steps and let me know if this is a correct way of performing a clean install of Windows without any flaws Insert the CD with the Windows image on it Boot from the CD and follow the setup steps Select custom installation and Advanced Drive Options Delete everything until it reads Disk Unallocated Space Start the installation Disconnect all USB devices such as headsets WiFi Adapters etc Await the installation to Is this a correct way to do a clean install of Windows 7? fully complete Insert the personal settings such as username password etc Boot to the desktop and remove the CD Activate Windows for me automatically Proceed with disabling Windows Update and Automatic Driver Installation from Windows Update Extract the drivers from a USB-drive and install in the followig order Chipset Driver USB Driver Microsoft NET Framework Intel Rapid Storage Technology Intel Management Engine Intel Display Driver NVIDIA Display Driver LAN Driver WLAN Driver Audio Driver Lastly I enable Windows Update and leave it to update until no more updates can be found update DirectX with the June runtime run the system classification optionally create a system backup and then proceed with installing my software also extracted from the USB-drive Thanks alot

A:Is this a correct way to do a clean install of Windows 7?

This is the correct way, but I would suggest at step #11 going to the Device Manager and viewing the devices. You only need to update drivers that are missing (eg) have a yellow flag next to them, or are not listed (eg) USB 3.0 driver, WIFI driver. Unless you are having a problem with that device or a BSOD, there is no reason to update the driver in most cases, but it doesn't hurt to do so. Also, you don't have to disable Automatic Updates before installing drivers, in many cases, Windows update will have a newer driver then the one you have saved.
Then you would want to install Java, Adobe Flashplayer, Shockwave, and Reader unless you have Acrobat.
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Hi I have recently installed upgraded from Win to Win XP Pro When I first installed Win Xp Pro the welcome screen greeted me each time I booted the computer I then chose which quot user I Pro this XP Welcome Missing, is correct How Screen Windows do issue? quot to logon At some point and I really don t know when the Welcome Screen stopped popping up Actually when the computer boots the Welcome Screen without the user names pops up for a few seconds and then the computer continues to boot and automatically logs into my personal account I really prefer that the computer boot to the Welcome Screen so that I can use the quot Guest quot account I have house guest frequently and do not want individuals logging into my personal account As a side Windows XP Pro Welcome Screen is Missing, How do I correct this issue? note I can log out of my account and will be taken to Windows XP Pro Welcome Screen is Missing, How do I correct this issue? the Welcome Screen and choose the quot Guest quot account but once the computer is shut down and restarted it will automatically login to my personal account I would appreciate any help in correct this issue Thanks Beth nbsp

A:Windows XP Pro Welcome Screen is Missing, How do I correct this issue?
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Hello everyone the other day I shutdown my computer then upon restarting it - I entered my password at the login screen as password *correct* 7 admin rejects Windows I always do Now I know for a fact it is the right password And the strange thing is when I get the error Wrong username or password it doesn t happen immediately it goes like it s about to start windows then comes back to the error Now I have bypassed it somehow by pure will by entering the password over and over again And when I was finally logged in I did a system restore to see if that would work But upon restarting it brought me Windows 7 rejects *correct* admin password back to the login and the problem remains trying to get back in again Also I went and set the setting to bypass the password by unchecking it in the control panel So now when restarting my computer it goes automatically to the error instead of the login screen So before even typing the password it just presents the error right off the bat This is all very strange any help is appreciated ------------------ System details Windows home premium bit Toshiba Satellite a Intel Core i nbsp

A:Windows 7 rejects *correct* admin password

You may have to do a Factory reinstall of your system. If you can get in again . Try changing your password in the user account.Or just deleting it.
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Hi I am just checking before I do it if the steps are correct Q Why am I doing this A I have both retail versions of Windows x and x and need x32 x64 7 correct? & Windows steps, Boot Dual to install both on one HDD I have two unique keys also This is used for my work machine for software testing I have a single SATA GB HDD Dual Boot Windows 7 x32 & x64 steps, correct? which is a new HDD completely un-used The steps I think are correct are as follows Insert Windows x into drive and proceed with setup Click advanced drive options and click New create the first partition of my full HDD space Click New and create the nd partition with the same size as previous Install Windows onto Partition as normal Insert Windows x into drive and proceed with setup Install Windows onto Dual Boot Windows 7 x32 & x64 steps, correct? Partition as normal Use the unique license key for each install cannot use the same key for both Both operating systems are now installed and can be chosen on boot each has the same available size One question I am wondering is does this process create System Partitions for recovery files like it does when doing a single install If so do I need to incorporate the MB size allocated when I am choosing each partition size I know this can also be done via disk management after one is installed then shrinking the volume by a max of but I want to know the clean install route as mentioned above Thanks guys this is much appreciated nbsp

A:Dual Boot Windows 7 x32 & x64 steps, correct?

Those aren't actually recovery partitions.
Windows creates a 100MB partition to
store system activation files and certificates.
It should just do that automatically for you when
you create the partitions,even on a dual boot.
You may just want to create the first partition
for 32 bit and install that,then use the unallocated
space when installing 64 bit.
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This is strange... I installed Windows 8.1 on two computers but got different partitioning on the SSDs...I would like to know which is the best/correct one, and should I tweak the one thats not setup properly?

Disk Management shows:

C: 214.25GB NTFS Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)18.63GB Unallocated

Disk Management shows:

300MB Healthy (Recovery Partition)100MB Healthy (EFI System Partition)C: 118.73GB Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

NOTE: I dont know if this is related but for the laptop (the one with the most partitions), I performed a Reset Windows 8.1 to fix a few things.

A:Whats the correct amount of partitions for Windows 8.1?

LAPTOP: Windows 8 was installed using UEFI instead of the legacy MBR. Your SSD is initialized as GPT disk. In addition, there's actually another 128MB unallocated partition that Disk Management did not show, if you use Diskpart then you can see it listed.DESKTOP: W 8 was installed using legacy BIOS. With leagacy BIOS, normally it will create a 350MB reserved partition if you did not create & format the partition prior to W8 installation and put the boot manager, Recovercy, bitlocker feature in this 350MB partition. If you did create and format the partition prior to the installation then the installation will put everything in C: together with your Windows.

EDIT: Another case that Windows installation might put the Reserved partition in another HD if you did not set the SSD to be the first boot priority in the BIOS and you have the other disk set Active and I think your Desktop is in this case.
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Hello everyone A few days ago Windows did some updates automatically The quot Microsoft Net framework family update x quot failed and ever since whenever I start the computer the windows installer window appears and that tells me that the feature I am trying to use cannot installer Windows path correct find is on a network resource that is Windows installer cannot find correct path unavailable It asks me to enter an alternative path to a folder containing the installation but I do not have any of these discs such as quot TrayApp quot quot Market Research quot Status quot etc Also it stops me from accessing all the Office programmes I have tried the Microsoft Fix it center without any luck Any suggestions please Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M GS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION EVE Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Windows installer cannot find correct path

IF this happened after a software update for windows, try rolling back your system to a previous state.
Open up the start menu, then all programs then accessories then system tools, then open up system restore, go through the wizard and restore your computer to a previous state( before the update failed)...
This should work in terms of getting rid of the problems you disclosed..
good luck!!

IT solutions
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I recently set a password for my computer I locked my computer and typed it in so I know for a fact that its right But when I started my PC this morning correct 7 rejecting password. Windows suddenly it automatically brings me Windows 7 suddenly rejecting correct password. to a screen saying 'User name and password is incorrect' I press OK and re-enter my password WHICH IS CORRECT it says Windows 7 suddenly rejecting correct password. it's wrong So when my computer is starting up I pressed F and went into System repair It brings me to a screen to enter a password I type the EXACT same password as before and it lets me in I am trying to log into my user account 'Tyquan' when my PC starts up AND on the system repair I only have one account which is administrator I never set a password when configuring my windows for the first time and even if I did it would be one of passwords I tried them all and all stupid variations of them that they could be I'm just confused as to why my computer is rejecting my password in one screen but accepting it in another

A:Windows 7 suddenly rejecting correct password.

Hello Tyquann, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you set Windows to automatically sign in to the user account that you changed the password for, then that could be the issue. Netplwiz will still use your old password unless you updated it in netplwiz by starting over and setting it up again below.

Log On Automatically at Startup

Hope this helps,
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Hi I hope this is the correct area to ask this question I felt a kind of falls into tweaking or optimization I need some kind of a Windows theme that is on the dark black side But it's also got to actually work as close to as possible a I the for 8?Hi, is this theme Dark Windows hope correct I've got one that's Dark theme for Windows 8?Hi, I hope this is the correct a called ultimate Dark theme for Windows 8?Hi, I hope this is the correct a clean however it doesn't work for example if I were to open my control panel there is a stripe at the top and a box at the left that is not been darkened so it's a big white box on the left and big white stripe at the top and then the text that's inside of that is on a light shade of gray so it makes it near impossible to read And then there are other boxes or Windows that will open where it has black text on the black background of the window I need to try to avoid that with a good quality dark black theme for Windows The reason that I'm looking for a dark black theme for Windows is not to be cool but rather that I spend anywhere from to hours a day working on my computer and it often feels like my eyes are being burned right out of my head And while the ultimate clean theme is really nice because it makes everything really dark there's just a lot of mistakes that make it more difficult to use than it should be for example if you open up notepad and you try to select some text on the page which is now white text on a black background inside of notepad when you select text bill only make it a shade of gray which makes it hard to make sure that you selected the right text So if anybody knows of a good dark black theme for Windows even if I have to pay for it please let me know my eyes will be forever grateful to you Thanks I should also mention that I'm looking for a theme that themes basically everything on the Windows operating system not just something that changes some backgrounds to a darker color and maybe changes your mouse around because quite honestly I can do that without a theme So I'm looking for some kind of a theme that will perhaps change basically everything for example in Windows Explorer to make it entirely black with white text things along that nature Attached is an image that shows just how deep I need the theme to go for what an example of what I mean is you can see that in the image Windows Explorer as well as Notepad are completely being to a dark black color so I need a theme that will go this extensively and not just one that will change the background

A:Dark theme for Windows 8?Hi, I hope this is the correct a

Are you looking for something like High Contrast - Black ? For starting it's a good (pretty basic) one. The only drawback is that it's not based on Aero and some 3D applications don't run properly. It's a pretty good theme for text reading, programming, film watching, presentations and image processing.

Pretty much, you need a dark theme that is pretty clear and you can still easily distinguish between buttons or text (white or light colored) on the screen. Sometimes you need to switch to a light theme when the sun shines, so using a couple of good themes to choose from is a nice thing.

I've kept it simple and played with the high contrast to create some variations.
If you're interested, look here for examples and info about the different settings.
Why no glossy themes? Usually those custom made ones need the system dlls patched. You are free to look for those online, and sorry I don't have any like that.

MS didn't thought about this: creating a dark theme based on Aero would fix everything but because of the general corporate (light) look used in businesses just one light theme was provieded and we need to resort to high contrast. However we do need dark themes for our eyes.

I hope you find what you're looking for, third party themes need to be compatible otherwise you test a couple of them before finding the right one.

By using custom high contrast themes, you don't need to patch anything, system remains stable and all elements are changed not just some backgrounds and text. If you don't like a theme, change it and/or delete it.

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We use the "reader" program with Windows 8 to save our files as PDFs. Just the other day our problem started. Anytime we try to open a file it comes up as the same document, we will call it "Main St". It appears this file, "Main St", was saved over EVERY SINGLE PDF in our desktop. How could this have happened? The names and dates of the original files did not change and neither did the sizes of the original files. However, it seems that there is a broken link or something that redirects us to the "Main St" file. Can someone please help me? Are the old files recoverable???


A:Windows 8 reader not opening correct files

Have you tried opening the PDF's in a real PDF viewer? Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader? The files may be fine but the PDF viewer may be having an issue.

If they open incorrectly in another PDF viewer do you have backup?
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Last time I clean installed Windows 7 I partitioned the hard drive and Windows installed to the 1.5 Tb partition, not the 100 Gb partition I had intended. Another time, from memory, I partitioned the drive using Windows tools, split the main drive in 2 then Windows ended up on the larger part again!

Can anyone tell me a failsafe way to ensure Windows installs to the section of the disk I want to to install to? Step by step would be great if available. I know how to format + partition the drive and install windows, just not how to ensure the OS goes on the correct partition.

Appreciate any help in advance,


A:Ensure installation of Windows 7 64 bit to correct partition?

Hello Matt, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I find that the easiest way is to only have the hard drive that you plan on installing Windows to connected. Afterwards, use the method in the tutorial below to delete all partitions on the hard drive until it's unallocated. Select the unallocated disk to install Windows to. When installation is finished, then you could create the second partition, and reconnect any other hard drives.

Clean Install Windows 7

Hope this helps,
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I don't know what to do now..
the normal size : 50gb
current :495..

A:After reinstalling windows my c: drive size is not correct

the normal size : 50gb

There is no normal size.

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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My newly installed Windows 10 has a Calendar programme which works OK but the Reminder for events will not do so for the One Week which I require every time, only a 12 hour reminder. This is despite my clicking the Save & Close button on exit having set up up the one week. Anyone suggest what I can do about this please?
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I have an 8gb disk in my mcahine, i have installed windows 2000 pro and in disk manager it tells my i have an healthy 8gb disk but in my computer i only have 2 gb, any ideas

Pleae help !

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I have an issue with how Windows Explorer is sorting my files now and I can't figure it out despite searching for a solution.

If I open Windows Explorer, then select any folder in the far left pane, then View > Sort by... > and select Name and Ascending, all my folders and files sort correctly with "A" at the top to "Z" at the bottom. However, If I get an file as an email attachment or print to pdf or generally try to save or save as ... any file, when I get the the Win Exp window to select where I want to save that file, all the files and folders are sorted as Descending. In that window, there's no View or option that I can see to re-set the sorting preferences.

How do I get it to sort in Ascending order again?

Thank you.

A:How to correct sorting issue in Windows Explorer

In the detail view, you should be able to click on the Name column to toggle ascending/descending.

Notice the tiny triangle.
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I have bad blocks on my hard drive. I was told to download check disk 1.03. and this software would mark the blocks as unusable, enabling me to reinstall xp maybe solve my problem. My problem now is I don,t know how to execute the program. When I tell it to run the message say c:\ntfs system in use. So i log off and it terminates the program . I need help. please let me know if I posted this thread to the wrong forum.

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Hello,  newbee here.   Looking for some help with a gateway laptop.  Had a shutdown prompt to update.  Hit that fun button to shut down and came back to a usless laptop.  The computer seems to fire up correctly.  It takes me to the password screen and waits for my input.  When I enter the correct password the system sends message that "you can't sign in to your PC right now.  Go to to fix the problem, or try the last password you used on this PC. "
Help.  I do not have any restore disc for this unit.  Is there a way into safe mode to disable the password?  or can I restore to before the last update?  I need past this screen to try anything though.
Thanks for the help

A:windows update from 8 to 8.1 will not allow access with correct password?

The error that you've received is saying that (most likely) you're not entering the right password.
Go to and get them to reset your password.
This may help to reset the system (and will wipe everything off the system):
- at the login screen, click on the icon in the lower right
- hold down the "Shift" key and then click on "Restart"
- continue to hold the "Shift" key until the system boots into the recovery mode
- Once in recovery mode, click on "Troubleshoot", then of "Reset my PC" (these may not be the exact words)
Worst case, contact Gateway for a set of recovery disks.
Here's a page that I wrote back in 2012 that has instructions:
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Hey people, I just installed the latest update to windows 10 (pro) and I cant get cortana to work. Infact, every since upgrading from windows 10 home to pro i dont remember a time when cortana was working

Ive attached a picture of the taskbar where cortana is supposed to sit. Theres no initiation icon. "hey cortana" doesnt result in anything. the australian english language pack is installed. When I click cortana's search box, it doesnt look correct, as attached in picture 2 (2016-08-03). And I can't use the search box to search for files either.

in gpedit.msc in search, everything is set to "not configured" and "no".


A:Windows 10 Pro, Cortana does not seem to exist, Language Correct?

Hi, Changing the language completely and successfully is a several stage process, not as straightforward as you might think or hope.

You are correct that Cortana doesn't look right- when properly configured there should be 6 buttons down the left side.

I would suggest you first try reverting to the default language settings and see if Cortana works, so as to prove nothing else is broken. Having done that, check Settings, General and make sure 'Some settings are managed by your organisation' is not displayed.

Once you have got Cortana working, create a disk image (everyone should use disk imaging so as to be able to restore their system to a previously working state without technical help - e.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium + external storage).

Now try changing your language. This requires also downloading the speech language and at least one other item, and setting your location appropriately. Cortana should indicate that things need to be done to keep it happy.

Finally, try searching Settings. If you haven't completed all the steps you may find you get 'Search results aren't quite ready yet' or similar.

Maybe this will improve in the Anniversary edition.. I hope so, but have seen no comment yet.

If you are struggling with this, I'd suggest you reset the language settings to default, and wait for the anniversary upgrade, rather than spending time trying to fix Cortana or do an in-place upgrade repair, for example, which will reset your language to default.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU P GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M GF MG GF MGS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - Windows Help of with from installation 32bit to 64bit 7 correct MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Help with correct installation of Windows 7 from 32bit to 64bit Dell Inc K D Antivirus None I started another thread which ended with trying to repair problems caused by dirty bits After two days the scan had reached step of and was at but I lost power during a storm which eventually ran my battery down The second attempt to scan never went past step of at and I gave up after three days I tried to reinstall windows but that hasn t worked out so well for me Now I need advice on what to do next Below is what I did up to this point I tried to reinstall windows from my Dell Windows bit disk but it would freeze after loading the files until a message saying that the installation could not continue or something close to that I tried twice I thought if I wiped my drive first that Help with correct installation of Windows 7 from 32bit to 64bit it might help and used Kill Disk to wipe all partitions on my drive I tried my Dell disk again and after failing for a third Help with correct installation of Windows 7 from 32bit to 64bit time I found that the disk had a deep scratch and was unusable Dell offered to send me another one for but I just cannot afford the expense at this time I Installed a bit version of Windows from a disk that belonged to my old desktop but something seems to be wrong It feels much slower that what it should be Like I need more memory but I already have the max for this computer which is GB I don t know if it matters or not but the drivers on Dell s website for my PC were different for Windows bit then what is available for the bit they didn t have all of them Also the CD key was written on the Windows disk and I don t believe it was the correct number because I keep getting the activate windows message I did find a good copy of my original Dell Windows bit disk but only a couple of days ago I would rather install the Dell bit version because it seems to work best for this machine and it is what came with it Can I do this without having to start all over again or would a clean install be the best thing to do Either way I don t really know exactly how to install Windows so I know it is done correctly and would appreciate the help Thank you Victoria nbsp

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