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X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB) lid and body alignment

Q: X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB) lid and body alignment

I recently got a X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB), and I have been super happy with its performance. However, it seems like whenever I have the laptop closed, the keyboard is leaving a mark on the screen. I sent it to repair, and they changed the screen, but that didn't seem to fix it. I noticed that the body and the lid are not perfectly aligned - one of the corners of the lid seems to be jutting out a little bit with respect to the rest of the body. I've attached picture to show this. I'm not sure if this is a part of the general design of the Carbon. Can anyone with a X1 carbon 4th gen confirm that this alignment feature is not present in their machine? Thank you ?
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Preferred Solution: X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB) lid and body alignment

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, i just bought X1 Carbon (20FB series) running on windows 10. there's a sim card slot, but when i insert the simcard it keep poping out from the port the question is, is this laptop really support sim card? and how do i know if it work when i can properly insert it?
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Hi, I've got an X1 Carbon 20FB (4th gen), and noticed it doesn't have Lenovo System Update on it, which I've found useful in the past. So I went to the Lenovo downloads site and found System Update, but it doesn't list the 20FB as one of the X1 Carbons it supports - it only goes up to 20BS, 20BT: (See the "Note for ThinkPad X1 Carbon users") Should I avoid downloading System Update then? I've not noticed anything that's not functioning, but I figured it makes sense to keep things up to date from a security and features point of view. Why is it not included by default? Thanks for any advice!
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Hi, does anyone know if there is a list of compatible embedded LTE chips that will work on a X1 Carbon 20FB?  The reason why I ask this is bec the current model, EM7455, only operates at some frequencies that some abroad contries do not support and the older models such as the EM7355 support those frequencies.  One being GSM.  I tired to install a EM7355 into my 20FB laptop but the bios isn't allowing it. Thanks!

A:X1 Carbon 20FB Embedded LTE Compatibility

EM7455 is versatile enough and supports a lot of 4G/LTE including LTE-A and 3G bands worldwide. It does not support 2G (GPRS/EDGE) access technology.

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Hi, I have x1 carbon 20FB and I have Synoptics WBDI bio scanner. Device is working fine when I try to use scanner to log in to the computer. I'm interested in ability of using the scanner to store other passwords from secured web sites utilizing the scanner. Is it possible? If so - what do I need? Thanks, Jakar55
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Hi, We are having an issue with our X1 Carbon's(20FB). The audio output via an HDMI cable works, we see the Epson speakers in the playback devices. After the user is logged on for a while, the speakers will no longer showup in the playback devices and the auidio will just come through the laptops speakers. After we restart the computer, the audio will again work and play to the speakers. Windows 7 X64 Any help or thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks,John
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We've purchased about dozen th gen x carbons machine type fb and nbsp have been having some intermittent keyboard issues with multiple laptops nbsp At least different units have had problems where the keyboard doesn't seem to work at all nbsp After power on nbsp we press F F or Enter to try and access different functions but they have no effect nbsp Once windows loads we still can't type anything nbsp nbsp The first time my tech ran into this he nbsp rebooted a few times and was still experiencing the same issue he nbsp set the laptop nbsp aside for me to look at nbsp When I turned it on they keyboard was functioning normally nbsp Later after loading our image on the computer he was preparing to deploy it to a user when the keyboard stopped working again nbsp I fired up a new laptop this morning fresh out of the box and had the same issue a non-functional keyboard nbsp In this case at least the touchpoint touchpad didn't work either nbsp I rebooted tried to get into UEFI config and after a couple of more reboots I tried pxe booting but nothing I pressed on the keyboard seemed to help nbsp I turned the laptop off and put a note on it that it had a bad keyboard iss... 4th intermittent Carbon x1 gen keyboard (20FB) but when my tech came in and turned it on a couple of hours later they keyboard is working fine nbsp nbsp I've got one in front of me right now that was working this morning but now the touchpad point aren't responding nbsp Keyboard is working though nbsp nbsp Lastly we issued one x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss... of this model to a user recently and she has intermittently had the keyboard stop responding while she's in the middle of working on a document nbsp After a few minutes it might start working again nbsp nbsp These issues may or may not be related to each other but it's very x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss... odd behavior and we haven't quite been able to pin down the cause nbsp Anyone else seen something of this sort nbsp Any suggestions

A:x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss...

Hello all, We've got the same problem here with our x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB). Lucky, we just purchased 2 but not 2 dozen. Both of them have the same problem which same as Swhitcher. We've called the Lenovo support hotline and ask for the onsite support. The on-site engineer replaced the mother board for us, but after 1 hour, problem occur again. We're going to deploy those computers to the end user very soon.So please, give us the solution as soon as you can, Lenovo!Many Thanks! Willi
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Carbon X1 connected to OneLink+ with current firmware 2.30 OneLink+ dock is connected to 2 DisplayPort monitors and some USB devices 1. If the X1 display is closed the system hangs on starting Windows2. If I open the lid and re-power the system and start up windows. Once I can get the the Login screen, I can then close the lid and all is good. Both external dispay work fine 3. X1 boots fine when not attached to OneLnk+ Workaround - #2 is not a great option in the long term Any help would be appreciated Steve
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I recently reinstalled my windows 10 system and then can not find my wireless card. In the Device Manager, there is two hardware without drivers. 1) Network controller; 2) PCI simple Communications Controller.I went to the Lenovo support page and find out I need to install Huawei Huawei ME906s Wireless WAN Firmware Updater for Windows 10 and 8.1 - ThinkPad. However, I can not install this. It showed "Error code 10: Find port failed" Did I install a correct version. Or what kind of drivers I need to install for my wireless card. My model is :X1 carbon 20FBSystem: Windows 10 Thank you very much!
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We've got about dozen of the th gen x carbons machine type FB and have had a high number of display related issues with them nbsp At the moment we have sitting upstairs waiting for UPS to pick up for shipment to lenovo service and one more on my desk that was Display X1 (20FB) flickering and/... issues -- Carbon just acting up nbsp I'm told that we have previously sent in at least another or laptops for similar issues nbsp I understand that those previous laptops had the displays replaced and that we have yet to see a recurrence of the issues in one that has been repaired nbsp The problems we've seen X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... are intermittent and generally fall into one of two categories FlickeringVideo X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... garbled missing sections or complete garbage nbsp The flickering is sometimes very faint barely noticable but other times it's more pronounced bad enough that users complain of X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... headaches and or it's going to cause seizures nbsp The garbage video issue is what I just saw with the laptop sitting on my desk nbsp It went to sleep and when I woke it up this was what I saw nbsp After a few moments the laptop rebooted on it's own and the display was back to normal but I don't want to send this out with a user now just to get a support call when it nbsp happens again nbsp Is anyone else having this sort of issue nbsp Or did we just nbsp particularly unlucky nbsp
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I'm setting up a new X1 Carbon with machine type 20FB. It came with a Samsung MZNTY256HDHP SSD. I noted there was a recent SSD firmware update package for this laptop model, so I downloaded and ran the updater. It reported there were no updates. However, after digging a bit deeper, I discovered that the SSD firmware updater for the X1 Carbon 20A7/20A8/etc. DOES have an update for the SSD in this machine. What is going on here? Does this firmware update somehow only apply when the SSD is installed in a 20A7? Or did this particular model of SSD just get missed when Lenovo was putting together the firmware update package for the 20FB?
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Hi all, I have have new X1 Carbon and really like it. However I am getting regular BSOD failures once or twice per week. I am running Win7 Enterprise SP1 and have all the lastest Lenovo urgent updates installed and most of the recommended and optional updates installed too. The BSOD have been of the following types:KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (1e) on June 28thMEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) on June 30thBAD_POOL_CALLER (c2) on July 6thMEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) on July 7thDRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL (c5) on July 21st At first I thought it was faulty RAM so I ran MemTest ( for over night for two nights in a row and no issues were detected. Has anyone encouneted this issue and know how to fix it? Any recommnedations from Lenovo? If required I can attached detailed log dmps. Thanks,Ian

A:Frequent BSOD with 2016 X1 Carbon (20FB)

Look in the event log to see if a driver is throwing an error before the BSODs
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Hello, I have this problem for month now :I close my X1 Carbon lid before going to bed, and in the morning, when I resume it from hibernation, the trackapd and trackpoint are totally unresponsive. Everything else work fine, I just have to wait, sometimes 20/30sec, sometimes a whole minute, to have the trackpad working. This is very frustrating to have a computer resuming so fast from hibernation but being unable to use it. I have the latest BIOS (1.15), latest UltraNav driver ( several drivers uninstallation/reinstallation, several fresh windows install, problem is still present. Actually on a fresh install of Windows 10 64bit (Anniversary update).
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Hi, trying to get a Windows 7 Install done on a Carbon X1 2016 20FB w/ Samsung950 Pro. Bios 1.14 (latest as of May 2016)Special issue is, I need to get it done in a Legacy mode (BIOS,MFT style). I was able to install Win7 based on a win7 image that got the 950pro drivers and the USB3 drivers infused through NTLITE, and then I build an image with Rufus 2.9 (both UEFI/GPT and UEFI/MFT) worked, with the X1 BIOS was set up to UEFI only with CSM.BUT I need to to run on the BIOS setting 'Legacy' and in MFT style, b'cause the special Win7 installer I need to use does not support anything else. I know, sounds weird, but..... . So- is there a fundamental limitation against booting / installing a Win7 on a Carbon X1 2016 20FB - Samsung950 Pro in Legacy 7 MFT mode?
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Hi There, I am trying to image this laptop from wds and looks like i am getting below error: "windows could not set a partition active on disk 0. The target disk, partition, or volume does not support the specified operation. The error occurred while applying the unattend asnwer file's <DiskConfiguration> setting. Error code: 0X80300024"  Please see my attached answer file, not sure if that is somthing with this laptop model since even i try to go to it's pre installed windows, it just don't take me to windows. Please advise!

xml version.docx ?13 KB
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Hi There,
I am trying to image this laptop from wds and looks like i am getting below error:
"windows could not set a partition active on disk 0. The target disk, partition, or volume does not support the specified operation. The error occurred while applying the unattend asnwer file's <DiskConfiguration> setting. Error code: 0X80300024"
 Please see my attached answer file, not sure if that is somthing with this laptop model since even i try to go to it's pre installed windows, it just don't take me to windows.
Please advise!
Moderator note: serial number removed for member's protection.

xml version.docx ?13 KB
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Hi all, I have the X1 Carbon 2016 (20FB) and it is running Windows 10 Enterprise. I have all the lastest Windows and Lenovo updates. It all works pretty well except when it comes to starting back from sleep mode. I have the laptop configured to go to sleep when I close the lid. However when I reopen the lid, the power button and keyboard lights come on but the display stays off. Opening and closing the several times doesn't help. The only way to get the display to turn on is to quickly press the power button. This puts the laptop to sleep. If I press the power button again the laptop comes back to life and the display works again. Anyone else have this issue? Any possible solutions? Thanks,Ian
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Hi, the power options sets that the display should turn off in X minutes. But it doesn't do it at all. Instead, the computer is locked and the display dimms.  I'm pretty sure that I have installed the latest monitor and graphic card driver. For testing it, I have also unplugged all USB devices.  What can still be the reason? Thanks!
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Hello! I have made many driver pachages and image loads of lenovo pc, but i cant figure this one out. I think I have spent 4 hours of researching and I have realised I need to put down my pride. I need help. Using:Sccm 2007.WinPe 3.1 I'm using the Onelink+ pro usb to RJ45 adapter to get ethernet. It says it supports PXE. We use winpe 3.1 and want to deploy Win7.I have added all the drivers from Lenovo sccm pachage. I have turned "only legacy" in the bios. I have added the USB3 Exstension driver to both the image and WinPE. I get to download the Winpe and start it up. It have an IP and shows activity untill it start Winpe and check connectivity. It show error, but simply just reboot. When i f8 and type ipconfig /all it shows nothing. Please help me.
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Just got my brand new X1 Carbon (4gen 2016/20FB) with the 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD (THNSN5512GPU7). Was expecting a blazing fast disk, but it felt sluggish something that AS SSD Benchmark confirms (see attachment). According to the specs this drive should offer up to 2400 Mb/s read and 1500 Mb/s write. But I get 1800 MB/s read and abysmal 113 MB/s write. The machine has all the latest updates from Lenovo (incl BIOS) and all the drivers for Windows 10. Anyone else tested their drives? Found a Dell XPS owner with the same drive that complained about the same issue. Turning off windows write cache buffer flushing does help, but that is not a good answer.

as-ssd-bench NVMe THNSN5512GP 08.08.2016 10.41.20.png ?31 KB
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Hi, I updated my X1 Carbon 4th gen to 1.17 BIOS, and since then, opening the lid won't wake the computer from hibernation, except when plugged.Bios changelog states Disabled the power button when the computer is in battery mode and the
computer lid is closedbut when I read "power button", I don't think "this is gonna break the behavior of the lid". And of course, no rollback is possible from 1.17, so I'm stuck with a computer wich won't wake from hibernation correctly. I just can advise you all to not upgrade bios, and see what's inside the next version...
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I have my quot Caption quot style customized with Alignment Centered however whenever I insert a new caption for a picture right click on picture Insert Caption its alignment is Left which is the same alignment that the picture has by default if I change the alignment of the picture beforehand for example to Right then its caption will also be inserted with Alignment Right disregarding the style I therefore have to manually apply the Caption style for every single caption that I insert in order for it to become centered Interestingly enough even alignment, Word - style alignment picture ignores caption uses though the caption does not have the Caption style when first inserted it does have all of the text formatting included in that style for instance Word - caption ignores style alignment, uses picture alignment I have set the font under the Caption style to be gray and italicized and inserted Captions are indeed gray and italicized but the Alignment setting is always overwritten by the picture s alignment My question is whether it is possible to either - make inserted captions automatically be of the style Caption or - set a default alignment for inserted pictures I know you can set Word - caption ignores style alignment, uses picture alignment a default position for them such as In-line With Text or Squared but I m not sure if there is also a style for pictures or something that can allow a default set of settings for every new picture inserted into the document Can anyone help Anticipated thanks PS using Word on Windows XP nbsp
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I have my quot Caption quot style customized with Alignment Centered however whenever I insert a new caption for a picture right click on picture Insert Caption its alignment is Left which is the same alignment that the picture has by default if I change ignored, alignment picture by captions alignment - overwritten Word style the alignment of the picture beforehand for example to Right then its caption will also be inserted with Word captions - style alignment ignored, overwritten by picture alignment Alignment Right disregarding the style I therefore have to manually apply the Caption style for every single caption that I insert in order for it to become centered Interestingly enough even though the Word captions - style alignment ignored, overwritten by picture alignment caption does not have the Caption Word captions - style alignment ignored, overwritten by picture alignment style when first inserted it does have all of the text formatting included in that style for instance I have set the font under the Caption style to be gray and italicized and inserted Captions are indeed gray and italicized but the Alignment setting is always overwritten by the picture s alignment My question is whether it is possible to either - make inserted captions automatically be of the style Caption or - set a default alignment for inserted pictures I know you can set a default position for them such as In-line With Text or Squared but I m not sure if there is also a style for pictures or something that can allow a default set of settings for every new picture inserted into the document Anticipated thanks for any help nbsp

A:Word captions - style alignment ignored, overwritten by picture alignment
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I set the trackpoint speed in the mouse pointer options in control panel nbsp to max speed and then I also set the trackpoint to max speed in the synaptics specific driver nbsp nbsp This is great the mouse is really responsive and i can scroll quickly and move the mouse from the left side to the right with very little pressure nbsp nbsp Recently though I have noticed that the trackpoint nbsp has about halved in responsiveness and to move at full speed i have to apply maximum pressure against the trackpoint nbsp nbsp This is making my finger quite sore and is extremely annoying even my old t and trackpoint 4 less Lenovo resp... Gen (20FB) became X1 T have way better trackpoint responsiveness nbsp nbsp I've tried reinstalling the trackpoint driver but no luck nbsp I noticed that there seems to be a fairly recent trackpoint driver update Lenovo X1 Gen 4 (20FB) trackpoint became less resp... and was wondering if that was the problem nbsp nbsp But lenovo do not publish the Lenovo X1 Gen 4 (20FB) trackpoint became less resp... older drivers like they used to nbsp nbsp nbsp How do I fix this I'm not even certain whether it is a software issue or hardware nbsp
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trying to install windows x on a thinkpad x type fb and having issues nbsp Already called Lenovo support x1 install 20fb Win7 on SM951aPCIe... type thinkpad & and they were not help nbsp Can someone help with this Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe... problem when i Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe... try to boot from a usb drive with a windows i am able to see the PCIe NVMe drive but when i tried to format or click new to install windows i recieve a message of this hardward may not support booting to this drive and i am not able to install windows nbsp The drive is visible through the bios and through the boot menu nbsp But cannot install into the NVMe drive nbsp i read somewhere on the forum that the new skylake and nvme only works if the boot option is set to uefi nbsp tried that too but did not work nbsp Can someone help me with this issue i just need some help trying to install windows x on thinkpad x type fb with SM aPCIe NVMe nbsp Is there a bios option that i need to change to make the laptop see the NVMe drive When i install a M drive i am able to install windows without any issues but having issues with the SM aPCIe NVMe drive nbsp Thank you Solved Go to Solution

A:Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe...

What gen is your x1 carbon? Is it 3rd gen? If so that model does not support NVMe ssd due to it has no NVMe technology only 4th and yoga model of x1 Carbon has got NVMe support.
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 HiI own a X1 Carbon Gen 2 thinkpad and wonder if it is possible to replace the current keyboard with a X1 Carbon gen 3 keyboard (with proper mouse buttons), or if it will not fit?I have tried to check the manuals and the connectors seems similar although some things, such as the fingerprint reader, seems different. I have no problem "loosing" the adaptive keyboard and fingerprint reader if I can have all the functionality of the keyboard and trackpoint on the new "keyboard" (i.e. the gen 3 frontpanel).

A:X1 Carbon Gen 3 Keyboard on X1 Carbon Gen 2

I am interested in this exact topic as well. Looks like the Gen 3 keyboards lack the adaptive keyboard - that clear stripe on the top that changes. The FRU for these X1 Carbons seem to be the whole keyboard, adaptive part, trackpad and bezel - they go for 150 USD or so. Problem is we don't know if it will work given the model year differences. A nice alternative would be just to replace the trackpoint. They came close with this one, but it is no macbook in terms of tactile feel of the pad. I really am having a hard time with it and it's been about a month.  Lenovo please help!
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I'm reinstalling Windows 7 Operating system on my SSD drive. If I perform a clean installation of Windows 7 and wiping the entire drive. Do I need to perform a SSD alignment in the diskpart command before or after a clean reinstall of Windows? Or when is a SSD alignment needed?

A:SSD Alignment

Not really the install will alien the ssd
The only times you might need to alien the ssd is if you make a partition to install on.
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I have just migrated my Win8 HDD to an SSD and ran Diskpart to check the alignment. The attached shows the result. Note Partition 1's (The UEFI partition) offset is 1024KB which is fine, I think. Partition 2's (Win 8 System) offset is 330MB and Partition 3's (Data) is 60GB. Neither of the last 2 is divisible by 4 evenly. Does that mean they are not properly aligned for an SSD? Or should I just not worry about it?

Thank you very much.

A:SSD Alignment

I'm not completely sure, but I think that since your first partition's offset is good the 2nd and 3rd are ok also, since they follow the first one.

I think...

Here's mine:
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In VB 6 can someone please explain to me how to center text in a TextBox both horizontally and vertically. I can center it horizontally using the "alignment" property option but the text always centers itself laft to right but is at the top of the box with respect to top to bottom. In HTML I would use the valign option to do this.

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I have set up computers with SSD as the C drive I used diskpart to align both of them Both had different issues The st I could not install the image backup so I did a fresh install SSD alignment of W The nd the image restore when smooth and all seemed to SSD alignment work but I had a new hardware conflict the was giving me SSD alignment BSOD and I didn t figure that out until I hosed the g SSD alignment backup drive on the machine another thread So I did a fresh install of Vista As always when I install a fresh copy I format the drive to install windows on and it looks to me like I must have deleted the partition for the bitlocker set up in the diskpart procedure As you can see from the screenshots nether of them shows a partition So at this point both seem to work fine Can they be aligned after the OS has been installed Or do I make an image then remove each and align and restore the image

A:SSD alignment

SSD Alignment

Does this help?
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Hello, recently i bought 256Gb sandisk ssd, i wanted to clone my previous hard drive partition with Windows 7 in it, because i dont want to do any new installations of windows. there is just too much custom settings in system.

Anyway, by reading tutorials over the net and using EaseUS partition master 9.3.0 paid version, i cloned my C partition to my new ssd witch i connected to USB>SATA cable for temporarly use.

Anyway, before copying, i formated SSD with windows 7 and it gave 1024offset. seems all right.
However, after started cloning in safe mode (it took 5 hours), EaseUS reformatted my SSD again and gave wrong offset, starting sector was 63.

After that i googled some method, i corrected alignment with "Minitool partition wizard home edition" free application.

Now here is the results:

is it all looking good now?

A:SSD alignment - do i am done it right?

In elevated command prompt type..... Diskpart

hit enter

then type...... list disk

hit enter

then disk x

hit enter

replace x with the disk you want to check

then type........list partition

hit enter

it will show you the offset and it has to be divisible by 4
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Hi everyone,

I have Intel X-25M 80 GB SSD. I want to install Windows 7 Pro x64, MS Office and other application on it.

Should I create partition primary align=1024 or Create partition primary size=100 align=1024?

Thank you.

A:SSD Alignment

I assume you are using diskpart????

I think the first one will create a single partition covering the entire drive.

I think the second one will create a small 100 mb partition that you could then make the system partition.

But you don't need that small system partition, so I would do the first command.

I don't think you even need the align part of the command.

select partition 1


format fs=ntfs quick

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Three months ago after I first built the computer everything was lightening fast but now things are slowing down. I had done research on SSD optimization before I installed Windows 7 but I did not catch the alignment part so I am not sure if this is causing a problem.

Screenshots -- is everything correct?

A:SSD Alignment clarification..

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Personally, I have no idea whether your settings are correct as I've never tried to install and set up a SSD, but this tutorial may be of help to you: SSD Alignment
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Hello there, I have an Intel 520 series 120GB SSD. I ran AS SSD which told came up with '31 K - Bad'.
The speeds I got were 480MBps read and 120MBps write. Very low, but I believe the motherboard is faulty (the 3rd party SATA3 and USB3 are also not working).

I used an upgrade copy of Windows, so I installed Windows XP to the SSD first and then used the Win7 upgrade disc to do a clean install.
I read Win7 is suppose to set the correct alignment, but I deleted the partition before install, so I'm not sure why it was set 31K.

Should I change the alignment? If so, to what?

A:Should I change the alignment on my SSD?

Hello Clem,

If you wish to get the best performance from your SSD you would ideally change its alignment to something that is divideable by 4. (Like 1024 or 2048 KB)

There's a nifty tutorial here on this forums that'll guide you through the process:-

SSD Alignment

If you wish to realign the drive and it already has an active OS on it, and do not wish to have to perform another clean install after realigning, you can use this partition alignment tool from Acronis for SSDs:-

Hope that helps!
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I just read a pdf provided by the developers of System Mechanic and they say their 'Program Accelerator' module is the only prog available that can correct misalignment of a programs files. So, it defragments the files and puts each progs files close together which they say improves loading time of the prog.

I use Ultradefrag and it has a full optimization option. Doesn't that do the same thing or does it just put similar file types closer together? Which is what System Mechanic developers is saying other defragmenters do and only their prog can correct.

Using System Mechanic s Program Accelerator to speed up program launch times

A:Program alignment?

Get some decent SSDs, and you won't need to worry about it. You're probably dealing with 4k sectors anyway, so it's almost a waste of time on a platter drive.
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Not sure if this should be posted in here so sorry if this is in the wrong location I have a friends Dell Studio laptop and their hard drive was failing badly They have no alignment Wrong SSD? on money right Wrong alignment on SSD? now to get a new drive so I opted to help because I have SSD's sitting around planned for nothing So I had imaged the drive about Wrong alignment on SSD? - months ago and he has that So I took the SSD and just imaged the system on to it but I forgot about the alignment I was able to boot in to Windows and all that It seems fine But I said I need to wipe the SSD Parted Magic process and then create the alignment partition Then I imaged the system but this time at boot up all I can get to is I believe is the Dell Utility test There is no way around that I can see So I Parted Magic again reloaded without the alignment and the system boots So he needs his laptop back and to me it is running but I know of the alignment issue Believe me when I say he is just going to love the speed compared to what he had which BTW the original drive had like unrepairable items but I know about the alignment issue Here are some screenshots I attached So I am wondering if there is a way to fix this without having to reload from the image That way I can give him his laptop so he can work on whatever he needs to do and I can come back a week or two later to realign it if that is all possible Also if you look at the Disk Management I am not sure why at the end there is that GB un-formatted section Maybe for the SSD to utilize Not sure Any inputs would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Wrong alignment on SSD?

This could be a helpful read.
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System[3]=Installation%20and%20Setup
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How do you know the correct alignment when placing a processor into the socket of the mobo? I know on the processor itself there are 2 missing pins that tells me Orientation indicator but what do I look for in the socket so I know to align it with the indecator?


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Hi ,

I am using Internet Explorer Ver 6.0 . I am having problems in viewing my application reports having Japanese Characters in IE. The Output is misalligned. Refer the attached output file ( Physical Inventory Custom Repo_251206.txt) and you can see the 4th column ( Sub Inv) is misalligned if the Description column has japanese characters.

I have a Japanese OS and japanese fonts are installed. Kindly let me know if i need to do any font settings.


Rajesh Khatri
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I have just purchased a crucial Ssd 500gb. I copied the old boot drive with a triple boot of XP, win 10 x86 and win 10 x64. While googling SSD I came across an article on alignment, so I used aomei partition tool to re-align the xp and 32 bit partitions but discovered the x64 partition was already aligned at 2048 , how come.
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I am merging to a page containing 16 labels, 4 x 4, but I need to fix the last line of the information to the same point on the right hand side of every label. I can right align this but as I have chosen to suppress empty line printing it causes this last line to wander vertically with the movement of the address block. Is there any way that I can vertically fix this line? This line also contains merge information.

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Hope I am on the right forum. I have a Dell 926 printer. I replaced the color cartridge the printer went into its "printing alignment" mode. I received the following error message; "Alignment problem, remove tape from cartridges or check trouble shooting. There isn't any tape on the cartridges. I took the color cartridge back to the store and received a new color cartridge only to have the same problem. My black ink cartridge will be empty as will the color cartridge if this problem is not resolved soon. The trouble shooting doesn't help at all.

Please help.

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I have a Transmission line that goes from one location to another Each location has a name and a Alignment Solved: of Rows. number Every line is identified by the location it is coming from to the location it is going to The lower number of the two locations is alway where it is coming from I receive many cases with a lot of lines but they might not always contain the same number of lines In my example I Solved: Alignment of Rows. attached I would like Excel to automatically add a line to the September section so Solved: Alignment of Rows. that the line z t lines up with the same line in August I sometimes have to deal with over sections with up to columns and lines and it is difficult to go Solved: Alignment of Rows. through and line them up to compare data A new line could come in later or a line could go out of service so I can t necessarily think I will have lines like in the case just because my first case has three I think access does this well matching up records but I would like to do this in excel I think I described it well enough but if I could provide further explanation please ask Thanks Joe nbsp

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Okay this is just making me upset I have a user who has a Lexmark Z They have XP SP installed and had to bring it in for service someone tried to upgrade to SP before but did not have admin rights This is connected VIA a USB cable You know how when you disconnect a printer from one USB port and you plug it into another you get the printer driver Copy and the asking stop alignment. for Lexmark Z23 won't other shows Offline Well this happened here and the woman is flighty so I decided quot Okay I ll remove Lexmark Z23 won't stop asking for alignment. both drivers have her turn it off and let it refind the printer quot Well upon reinstalling it asked for drivers and said no drivers found when I said no internet and install automatically which was strange because since it was loaded it should have reloaded what was there I could not find drivers on the PC anywhere usually when I load PC s I copy the drivers to a foldero n the HDD Lexmark Z23 won't stop asking for alignment. in case a reload is needed but I didn t build this PC so Lexmark Z23 won't stop asking for alignment. I went to - http downloads lexmark com cgi-pe frame amp fileID amp searchLang en amp searchLang en I downloaded it and uncompressed it and pointed the Add Remove hardware wizard to the files and off it went installing I then rebooted the PC verified the printer was there and connected I went to print a test page and got an alignment prompt saying I could either conitinue without an alignment and continue to get the prompt box or I could do the test and cancel the job I wanted to print I tried to continue without the alignment and it would not let me no pruint job spooled so I then picked to do the alignment It did the alignment page and then it allowed me to print a windows test page Wooooohoo all done right User is happy and I am happy because this is over minutes away and I am glad i odn t have to drive there I get a call back minutes later EACH time she tries to print she gets the same alignement page wizard if you print the alignement page it then prints time and then asks yet again for the alignment page I then uninstall and reinstall with a fresh download even trying the other custom driver they have on their page two more times with no change She is able to print to other printers is a network printer in our main office which does her no good and the other is a local network printer on the other side of the building which is more of an inconvienience So I know it has nothing to do with the OS or the spooler nbsp

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I have created several template letterheads in Word 2003. All was Ok until yesturday. When I opened a letterhead template the blank page including the letterhead comes up but 50% of the letterhead has scrolled up above the top of the screen view.

All of my template letterheads are similairly affected.

How do I fix this proble ?.

I am using Windows XP as my operating system

A:Template Alignment Error

Welcome to the forum.

Have you tried checking out what your default top margin is? You want to the double click on the ruler on the left side of the screen which will bring you into "Page Setup." From here check what it says in the "top" section. If it is too large change it to what you want and click on the "Default" button to set that as the default for new documents. If you send me the file I will check it out as well at duluvian at verizon dot net.
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I'm surprised I still haven't seen a lot of these kind of questions on the interwebz, so after a lot of searching around I have to ask:

Is it possible to align the titlebar text to the left instead of having it centered by default?

I think I read somewhere that I can do it in resource hacker, but I would be completely unsure how to do this....
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On my PC, we use Windows XP and the version of Windows XP we received came with Mircosoft Works, in the Works Word Processor, I would like to know if there is a way to change the vertical alignment of text. I know there is in "Mircosoft Word" because I was actually taught how to use it, but as for Works... I have no idea.

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I have a windows 98-based computer and I use WordPad as my word processor. But it always acts weird when it comes to aligning the text. It looks very nicely formatted on the screen, but when it's printed out or copie and pasted to my email, the alignment is a huge mess! Or, I use JAWS 3.7 and a Braille Lite 40 since I am deafblind. Anyway, I read it out in Braille and it feels nicely lined up to me, but a sighted person tells me that it's actually in corkscrews on the screen. What would make my computer do that? Anyone know a solution? Oh and by the way, while we're talking about WordPad, is there a way to make a table in a document?

A:WordPad alignment problem

I am not sure how to help you specifically with these problems. I don't understand how the alignment could go wrong, but perhaps NotePad is better for "draft" emails.

However, there is a free program called OpenOffice, which is a free office applications suite that is a lot like Microsoft Office; it just isn't as pretty. With that, you would be able to align your text better, and you will be able to insert tables. Go to

I wish you the best!
Welcome to Tech Support Guy!
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After recently doing a DiskPart check 160GB SSD Mis-Alignment on x25m on my old standby notebook with X -m GB SSD for C-drive I just noticed that the SSD has an offset of KB not divisible by Drats Don't know how that happened with I upgraded to that SSD six months ago Currently with a Q quad in this mis-aligned-SSD laptop the X m benches with Crystal at MB s for sequential reads That seems a bit slow for even an old quad-core But I m not sure it s worth the bother of re-align if it does MB s since I don t use it for high performance tasks or as long as the mis-alignment don t significantly escalate the WRITE wear-and-tear factor requiring wasting more write space than necessary and impacting the leveling function thus shortening life-span What do you suggest for the easiest and SAFEST method for correcting the mis-alignment on the Mis-Alignment on x25m 160GB SSD old notebook or is it even worth messing with If so should I do Secure Erase then Diskpart re-align to then initialize quick format then clone with my fss-Casper the Mis-Alignment on x25m 160GB SSD old original factory spin-HDD with W O S and factory appls already installed on it Or will the cloning from HDD merely re-re-align the SSD back to Mis-Alignment on x25m 160GB SSD the KB offset again Thanks

A:Mis-Alignment on x25m 160GB SSD

I'm not familar with Casper, but as you describe it, it sounds more like an imaging program. A clone is a 1-1 copy from one disk to another. But, I would suggest a clean install. That will align it properly. I don't think a secure erase is necessary. Just in diskpart use the 'clean' command an not the 'clean all' command. There is a good tutorial about it, Ready hard drive/SSD for a clean install. But, again just use the clean command. The only tool I am aware of that will align an SSD with the OS installed is the $29.95 Paragon Alignment tool. It will do what you need. You could also clone the ssd to another hard drive and use the $19.95 Paragon migrate to clone it back. It will clone the OS and align the SSD correctly. I have it and have used it several times and it does it right every time.

If you don't want to spend the money, a clean install is the best option.
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Just a little information about this tool My C drive was not correctly aligned It wasn't a big deal Everything worked fine But being a geek like the rest of you I decided to try PAT and see if it really works First off it's like Not that Paragon Alignment Tool much but it's a one time tool It comes with a exe file to create it's own rescue disk Basically it puts everything back to the way it was before it started Thankfully I didn't need it The application installed with no problem at all and it does allow you to do an analysis on all connected drives including external USB drives It graphically shows your drives and by color shows which if any need alignment Green-good Yellow-bad When you select to align it reboots to a Paragon Alignment Tool Pre-windows full low res screen showing the progress of the alignment My Paragon Alignment Tool gb SSD took approximately minutes to process It rebooted the PC and opened the application and reported it as successful I had no other partitions on this drive hidded or otherwise I ran Crystal Disk Mark before and after the alignment After reports nearly a doubling of the k and k- thrd writes and an almost increase in the k reads Overall I'd give it a thumbs up

A:Paragon Alignment Tool

Thanks for the report Michael.

Seems to have worked well for you.
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Im using Outlook 2000 and am having problems with the text alignment. Im using numbering - typing a number, then a full stoip, then tab and then typing a para and then doing nuber 2 and so on.

On the screen it looks fine but as soon as i print the tex seems to go all over the place and doesnt look a bit like the email.

I know this has always been the case with outlook, but i was wondering if someone knew a way round it, other and doing it in word and adding as an attachment..

A:Outlook text alignment

You can set Outlook to use Word as its e-mail editor. This would allow you to use the formatting options that are available in Word in you e-mail. A word of caution though... using Word for your e-mail editor can sometimes cause Outlook to mis-behave. If you only need this occassionally, you could change the settings temporarily while you complete your task.
To change the settings in Outlook... click on - Tools - Options - Mail Format. There you should see an option to use Word to edit e-mail.
I just had another thought on this subject (that's scary). If you are composing your e-mail in 'plain text', you may want to try 'rich text'. Rich text holds it formatting better than plain text. That option is also available in the Outlook 'mail format' settings. Give them a try and see if that solves your printing problem.
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Hey guys I just downloaded Windows today Dual Alignment Monitor after a mishap with my old SSD I have to say I'm enjoying the experience That being said and as much as I hate asking for information I'd like to know if there is a way to perfectly align monitors as was possible Dual Monitor Alignment in Windows I Dual Monitor Alignment have two monitors both VS at x One is connected to DVI-D and the other to HDMI I have updated drivers for my AMD HD as well as generic Windows updates For some reason however this occurs https gyazo com fbb f e bf d a aed a As can be seen the intersecting point of both monitors has a slight pixel difference I have no idea why this is occurring as they are both the same monitors and they have been perfectly aligned in both AMD Catalyst Control Center CCC and Windows Display Settings Dual Monitor Alignment The only difference that I observe is that in AMD CCC when going in 'Desktop Properties' desktop has Desktop area as p whereas desktop has x They are essentially the same thing however which leaves me baffled as to the cause of this misalignment I'm sorry if this has been answered previously but a search didn't turn up anything perhaps due to incorrect search terms Either way I would appreciate it immensely if someone could offer some insight into why this is happening As petty as it may seem this is actually a huge issue for me potentially dealbreaking if I can't find a solution I may have to reinstall Windows Thanks for your time

A:Dual Monitor Alignment

go to display settings (right click on blank portion of desktop).
make sure the two displays are aligned at top and bottom.
if not drag one of them so it aligns perfectly with the other.
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I have Bullet 2HP AP and I saw that it has Antenna alignment option where it show something in dbm and I can change RSSI Range from 0 to 55. Now RSSI range is set to 30
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Last night I was sitting at my computer and the monitor flickered and the alignment got messed up. From 1 side of my screen theres a tiny black bar that goes to the other side diagnoly down and part of the desktop is not shown. Also there is a drop shadow of multi-colors on everything that shows on my desktop. Usually I would just tap the side of my monitor and it would usually fix but currently it hasn't. I was wondering what kind of issue this is.

A:Monitor issues with alignment.

Also my video card is an nVidia geForce FX 5700LE
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I created a form in Adobe Designer and then had to change the page size to a smaller width. I'm trying to resize and realign the text boxes etc. to fit into the new page but all of the boxes have automatically aligned to the right side of the page (alignment within text boxes is fine). The only way I can get something to align closer than 2 inches away from the left margin is to expand the box so it is page width but in cases where there is more than one text box at the same horizontal alignment - ex. name and phone number boxes, I can't make them smaller and align one to the left. I can put them side by side but they have to be extended over whatever's on the right. Any suggestions besides starting over? it's a very big form.

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I recently downloaded an mpeg video from the internet. When I try and play it, Media player gives an error message of " Invalid Alignment". All other vids play no problem on my PC. I did a Google search and a Microsoft search, but didn't come across anything helpful, or understandable to me. I'm more to the novice side than the techy type. Any help would be appreciated. System: Win 98SE, 256 MB ram, Celeron 466 chip, Media Player 9, Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 120 GB Hard Drive (partitioned, 20 GB C drive) and Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 Pro video card. Sound card is on board in what started as an HP Pavilion 6475Z unit. I believe it's Riptide PC Audio. Mozilla Firefox, primary browser. Thanks in advance for any help, T.

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When I turned on my computer this morning, this alignment grid thing appeared. Is there any way that I can disable this?  I tried to google for answers, but all I can find is to right click on desktop, click on view and uncheck "align icons to grid" but that is not the solution. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

 Capture.JPG   116.47KB

A:How to disable or get rid of alignment grid?

When I turned on my computer today, this grid appeared all across the screen.  I haven't changed any settings so was wondering if someone has any ideas as to what to do?  Thanks.  I have Windows 7 64 bit.

 Capture 2c.jpg   21.98KB
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I m scanning picture for my parents and I ve gotten to the point of scanning prints I ve been using a piece of cardboard of which I measure to a fraction of an inch to try to align the image in the scanner bed It works to a point But there are images that are curled up and end up out of position once the cover is closed Also the prints were never properly align when they were made I know of image programs that allow you to rotate the image so that it is properly aligned But I find them cumbersome in terms of precision they didn t have grids or such that I could align with Is there a program that you can have a grid Solved: Picture Alignment to line up the picture with or even Solved: Picture Alignment a way that you could place two points on the picture and the program automatically lines the picture up according to the two points nbsp

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I don't know what this is or where to look to fix this. I can't get any videos-this pops up everywhere. What is it?

A:exception alignment fault

I have the same issue on a Compaq laptop with xp installed (orig. shipped with vista).

What is your setup and have your resolved the issue? contact me at ajweav(at)Gmail(dot)com
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For some reason, my desktop/wallpaper isn't going all the way to the right margin. There is about a 1/2" area of just black at the far right side. I checked my settings and it's set to be "centered". I tried the "stretch" setting and that didn't work either. I haven't messed with any settings or recently installed any new software. Anyone have any ideas what happened and/or how to fix it?

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hi, does anyone know what would cause an Exception, "alignment fault" when I launch IE? I can open maybe to links and It kicks me out of IE back to the desktop. Im running XP on a Dell desktop.
Thanks for any help.

A:alignment fault problems

Hi Leonard !

Do you have SP2 installed ? Have you installed all the latest critical updates from Windows Update ?

In IE click the question mark menu => about internet explorer and tell us which version you're using.

Have you installed any third party plugins ? If you have IE7 then go to tools => manage add-ons and disable them all.

Do you have any internet related toolbars or softwares installed, like the google or yahoo toolbar, some download manager, ... ?

Does the problem also happen with firefox ? If not then stick with firefox, many consider it a better browser than IE.

I'll move your thread to the internet explorer support section where you'll have better help.
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I am unable to read any email from my hotmail inbox as all options gets disbursed and when I click on any email it is not opening. Snapshot is available at this link.

Please suggest some solution.

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I have plugged several monitors into my computer lately and my icons are not lined up the way I want them to be.

The icons on my desktop have shifted to the left so the first letter of the description is cut off.

How do I change the alignment of my icons?
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I would appreciate some help on this.

When I type a line of simple text and then insert a table directly below it the table does not by default alighn itself to the first letter of the text, it always aligns itself a little before.

Should I set Word to show text margins I notice that my table by default appears just overlap the margins on both sides while the text is within the margins.

Would anybody know why this is the case and how I can get it to be within the margins without necessarly having to drag the table border or make the use of indents just to get it to align.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Table Alignment Question

I can't help you with the problem, which appears to be the default behaviour for Word, but would just say that it has the virtue of ensuring that the text in the first cell of the table aligns vertically with the body text above the table, which is typographically desirable
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Hi I work at a business that prints a lot of small cards by These cards can be printed on a computer printer by fitting on a by page The problem is that these cards have fronts and backs When I try to print on the front of the page and then the back either automatically or manually there is always a milimeter or two difference that throws off the front of the cards with the backs This hair difference is probably created by the rollers inside the printer or other extremely minute factors It would be entirely unnoticeable in normal printing jobs But for these cards alignment perfect Printer with it has to align and print in exactly the same way every time I went to Office Max Printer with perfect alignment to buy a high end printer that could do this I brought my laptop and tried printing the cards on several high end models And NONE were precise enough They were always off by a milimeter or so The same printer would sometimes get more precise and other times less precise That s the problem - it s unpredictable so I couldn t even work around it I know there are Printer with perfect alignment card manufacturers with industrial printers that could make these cards but for now I m looking for a home solution So my question is is there a computer printer I can buy that would print with absolutely perfect alignment every time Let me know if I was not clear enough in my question nbsp
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Hi everyone,New Lenovo Yoga 710 15" owner here.  I absoluteley love this laptop, but when I close the lid, it's doesn't quite line up with the bottom portion of the laptop.  When closed, the top (lid) is crooked. This hinges look ok to me.  When I had the laptop open to upgrade the RAM I even inspected them closer and I don't see an issue there. Anyone else with a 710 having this issue?  Is there a fix? Thanks!
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Hey guys.

So, I'm in the mist of re-installing and when i cheked if my SSD had a good alignment, I saw this...

My 500GB hard drive is misaligned. Should I worry? How do I correct the situation? Should I do a chkdsk?

Thanks for the help
P.S If needed, I can save the data somewhere else in case if it needs a format. But I want it to be the last resort... it's kind of annoying.

A:Bad Hard Drive alignment - should I worry?

a ssd benchmark program tests SSDs.

However, if you would like, then go to an elevated command prompt and type:

Reboot your computer.

Results will be in event viewer
Check Disk (chkdsk) - Read Event Viewer Log
How to Read the Event Viewer Log for Check Disk (chkdsk) in Windows 7 and Vista
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does somebody know how can i change icon name alignment. goal is to set the icon name right from the icon and not under the icon.

example: Black Unity by ~falanga on deviantART

A:Desktop icon text -alignment?

from what i see the way he got the text to align to the right is because of the theme he's using.

i don't think there's a setting in windows that lets you do that.
but then again i could be wrong but i've never seen a way to do it.
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I have this problem where the taskbar takes up the whole screen on my main monitor, but when I try to drag a window and have it snap to the left side of my main monitor, it leaves a gap of about two inches. It's really annoying since even when I maximize one window, I am losing the two inches in the viewing area. Anyone have a solution?

A:Snap alignment with multiple monitors

Try a System Restore to a date prior to this problem.
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My Vista machine recently started aligning my Quick Launch popup and program menu drop downs as far left as possible <see screenshots> instead of to the right as usual. I assume there is a registry key that controls this, but I am unsure what one to look at. I set up a new user account, and that works as expected, so it appears to be attached to my user account. Any ideas?

A:Quick Launch and Menu alignment

>> Quick Launch is not enabled by default, to create the Quick Launch toolbar perform the following procedure.

>> 1. In an empty space in the Taskbar, right-click.
>> 2. Select Toolbars, New Toolbar.
>> 3. In the Folder text box, type: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
>> 4. Click Select Folder.
>> 5. The Quick Launch toolbar displays in the taskbar.

>> To modify the Quick Launch toolbar properties, unlock the taskbar, right-click the Quick Launch toolbar title.

>> Change any of the toolbar properties.
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Im having a strange problem with dual screens with my laptop and a second monitor where the bottom of a window aligns perfectly but the top on one monitor is much higher

how can i fix this?

please help, nlgregg

A:dual monitor alignment problem

What resolution are the two displays?
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Is there a way to align the icons in the Start Screen of Win 8.1? The customization feature won't do it and there is no apparent way to align the icons as the user may want to: (e.g. 8 icons in two neat columns).

When I try to align the icons the snap back and forth and it is very difficult, if not impossible to place them where I want.

Many thanks in advance...

A:Win 8.1 Start Screen Icons Alignment

You can create groups of icons. Just drag the icon to the right of a group, and you will notice a bar appear indicating that when you drop the icon, it forms a new group.

Also, keep in mind that icons "flow". So if you remove an icon from early in the flow, then the icons drop back and fill in the empty space. So it works best to start at the first icon in a group and work your way down (icons work in 2 column pairs, so left, right, down and left, right, down and left, right.. etc..). Move icons from later in the list to earlier in the list, not the other way around. Otherwise things move.
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Every so often, while I'm working with equations in MS Word 2007, I get strange behaviour where the equations seem to be shifted. It's hard to explain, but if you look at the attached photo, one of the equations is selected (far right column). As you can see, the selection box is not where the equation is. I've tried reloading Word, looking at Print Preview, cutting and pasting into another equation, clearing the formatting... Even if I retype the equation within the body, it remains skewed. I have to retype it below for it to work... really annoying. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this without manually retyping everything?

I'm running Office 2007 Ultimate with Windows 7 Home Premium 64


A:Microsoft Word Equation Mis-alignment

Hmm, ISTR something similar in Word 2007 when I was writing my proofs for Discrete and Foundations.

The only thing I could figure would be to either 1) write the whole thing as an equation, instead of entering the "z >" as text and then building the equation, or 2) doing the exact opposite of 1). I cannot recall *which* one would make it work, but one of those 2 *should* fix it.

I never actually tried the columnar approach except once for a formula sheet that our DE professor allowed us to have during a particularly brutal exam, but if I can find it on my jump drive I'll take a look and see which method I used in that instance, as that is the only time I ever used a multi-column layout. All my proofs for the other classes were normal 1.5 spaced paragraph-type proofs.
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Can you tell me if there's a way to change the default text alignment when starting a new document? Right now, the default alignment is on the left. I want to change it.


Relevancy 41.28%

(Moderator: please keep my request here... I need an IE expert! Many thanks.)

My problem is very simple:

I want to vertically align javascript charts (HighCharts) in the middle of the webpage. I'm using tables to do it (in Dreamweaver), and the charts display fine in everything but Internet Explorer. And when I say everything, I mean Firefox Win, Chrome Win, Safari Mac, Chrome Mac, Firefox Mac, even Opera and mobile OS's look great. But on IE8 on XP, the charts display at the top of the page.

Links to the test page and code are below. If anyone has the magic code ;-) I can't thank you enough for your help.


EAP Metrics 2012


A:IE8/XP: Javascript/HTML alignment problem

Unfortunately I can't access your links. May you upload them somewhere else.
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Is there a way to change the ruler limits to remove this wasted space? (so that you can have text, like in a 'text document', spanning from left border to right border of the window?).

A:text alignment in Win7 Wordpad

I'll post this similar themed issue in this thread, rather than in its own thread, because I suspect neither have solutions...
I'd also love to be able to reduce the text indent in all programs (exampled below: Winamp5, Text Document*, FireFox3)

*error: that is in fact a 5, not 6, pixel indent.

I know some of you think this is trivial, but we are talking about a gap bigger [on my current configuration] than a system font hyphen* (3 pixels) and bigger than a system font space (4 pixels), so it looks as though an unwanted space before a word has been made by the user, and I find it quite a distraction.

*this is a third futile topic, but I would be absolutely thrilled if I was able somehow to import the Lucida Sans Unicode hyphen (which is 6 pixels long) for all my folders/files. I really can't stand to use the 125%/150%/custom DPI options (that change not font or font properties but only font size)--I don't want to make everything cumbersome, I basically just want to make clicking on one or the other side of a hyphen easier.
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This may be a dumb question but it is driving me crazy. I got a new computer and so have gone from Word 97 to Word 2003. In Word 97, when I open the open file menu in my document, the folders always aligned at the top and any files saved there below them. I could then align the files by date modified. In Word 2003, if I align by date modified, with the newest on top, the folders are now at the bottom, so I have to scroll down to go into subfolders. Is there some way to have Word 2003 act like Word 97 did in this regard?


A:Word 2003 folder alignment

Hi Wendyday

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Unless I am misreading your question, clicking on the Date Modified header column should toggle those folders back and forth between Ascending and Descending order.

Click the column again and it should reverse the order.

Do you also use the Date Modified column in My Documents?
Try changing it there also.

Let us know if that works or not.

Let me know if that was a dumb answer!
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Here I have a screenshot which should make clear what is expected to happen and what actually happens. For some reason Excel thinks that the datum in J114 corresponds to a label in A113 instead of A114 and so on. Anyone know how to get Excel back in line?

A:Excel label alignment error

Here are a couple of screenshots which I'm pretty sure demonstrate a bug in Excel. It functions fine when I put numbers in an additional column of labels and reverts to idiocy when I remove them:

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Hello, I've always wondered about this. Anyway to change it to be left aligned like in windows 7? I have a windows 7 style theme that matches 7 almost perfectly, the only issue is the titlebar text. I've yet to find any help on this topic through some googling so i figured i'd try here. Here's a picture incase my question wasn't clear enough

p.s Sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasn't quite sure what this would fall under.

A:Windows 8.1 titlebar text alignment help?

It would probably get more attention in "Customization" thread.
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Hey, i'm new here but I've always wondered about this. Anyway to change it to be left aligned like in windows 7? I have a windows 7 style theme that matches 7 almost perfectly, the only issue is the titlebar text. I've yet to find any help on this topic through some googling so i figured i'd try here. Here's a picture incase my question wasn't clear enough

A:Windows 8.1 Titlebar Text Alignment?

Originally Posted by sc0ttwitha0

Hey, i'm new here but I've always wondered about this. Anyway to change it to be left aligned like in windows 7? I have a windows 7 style theme that matches 7 almost perfectly, the only issue is the titlebar text. I've yet to find any help on this topic through some googling so i figured i'd try here. Here's a picture incase my question wasn't clear enough
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I have put a new colour cartridge in and the printer keeps saying to align the cartridges.

I have tried several times and it still keeps giving the same message.

Any suggestions????
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Okay I'll try to make this a short but clears as I can It's kind of crazy so hang in there Currently I run a Samsung XP G M drive in my Asus X -A w Intel K GB G Skill DDR and Windows Home I decided I wanted to upgrade to the new Samsung NVMe M After realizing I couldn't back up and restore on the drive as W has no drivers for it I got a PCIe card loaded the Samsung NVMe drivers and cloned the XP to the Pro using Easeus and had it optimize Corruption or Samsung install SSD alignment 950 after Pro for SSD I was able to boot from the new SSD but then things started to go wrong over the next Corruption after SSD alignment or Samsung 950 Pro install few hours First I noticed that I lost all Chrome setting and extensions and Norton Security needed to be removed and reinstalled Then I noticed I lost the ability to do a Windows update after the first successful attempt it decided to stop I then found that my Pinnacle Studio would load and then hang Last was my Asus systemboard apps AI Suite III wouldn't load and I had to remove them After all that I figured something went wrong using the Easeus cloning so I went back to the old drive and did it again double checking everything This time it seemed okay so I started doing some benchmarks When I went into AS SSD Benchmark it showed that my alignment was bad I doubled checked by going into MSCONFIG and dividing the offset by It came up with a decimal so it is bad That's when I used MiniTool Partition Magic to align the partition It didn't take long and I was up and going again Going again until all the previous problems started again I tried on last time by using the Data Migration program from Samsung This time it cloned with the correct alignment but the same issues started happening So back to the XP I went I figured there must be some kind of issue with the Pro as had the latest BIOS that supports it Maybe it was a driver issue I sent the darn thing back to Amazon So now we get to today I am using the XP and AS SSD showed that this entire year I have been using it with a bad alignment Figured I back it up with Easeus and do an alignment with Minitool PM All went well but upon completion it would just boot over and over again at the point the login screen should show I managed to get a Windows repair to fix that issue and I was up and running The machine seemed fine for about an hour or so but then things started happening I have error messages with AI Suite III Windows Update no longer works Chrome lost all its setting and extensions etc So now I know it is not NVMe It must have something to do with having a properly aligned drive I'm assuming I am also unable to restore my system back up from Easeus because there is unallocated space on the drive that wasn't there during the back up It told me to try it on a clean drive or do a partition restore The partition restore isn't available and I have to get a boot time utility to wipe the drive So any clues as to way aligning the drive does this or cloning to the Pro also has the same issue The XP has worked flawlessly for a year until I aligned it I know it was definitely out of alignment as my through put scores went up after aligning it Thanks for any and all help suggestions
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There is probably a simple solution to my problem, but for the life of me, I cannot figure it out! I am working in Dreamweaver CS4 and am running into an issue where if my text in the body of the webpage is longer than the menu on the left hand side, the menu icons and logo drag along with the text. I do not want this to happen! I want the menu to stay stationed at the top with it left adjusted. I am using a template for the inner pages of the website, and this nonalignment is only occurring on the pages that have extended text in the body. I have attached a picture so you can see what I am talking about.

Thanks for your help!
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I created a flyer in Word using three columns so that text used as captions will be aligned with pictures. I made sure that the pictures are smaller in width than the columns themselves, which was a problem at first since they were wider.

However, even though the pictures and text are all centered within the columns, the pictures seem slightly more aligned to the right than the text. It's barely noticeable, and I could put a few manual spaces before the text to center them out, but I don't understand why they don't have the same alignment.

The pictures have a width of 1.5 inches each, and each of the three columns is set at 1.83" width and 0.5" spacing. Here's a screenshot from Word:

I know that it's almost not noticeable, but I like everything to look professional.

A:MS Word 2003 Column Alignment

Moving thread to the MS Office forum for better results.
Your picture is too small to see what you are talking about. Please upload the document as an Attachment in your next post.
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Hello My HDD recently became unrecognizable due to an unfortunate tumble with my old notebook I extracted the hdd quot pata and plugged it onto an old external enclosure I had hoping to take out some of the files still on the drive However I USB alignment? Power caused pin by Surge bad was careless and didn t notice that the pins weren t aligned properly by that I mean I shifted or USB Power Surge caused by bad pin alignment? pins to the right or left in any case it meant the male pins on the HDD weren t aligned properly with the proper corresponding female sockets of the external enclosure I plugged the external enclosure onto a free USB port and I received the USB Power Surge warning I immediately removed the HDD re-examined and reseated it I plugged it back in and it was seen for a few moments then it was just unresponsive The entire time it felt like the HDD was struggling to rotate or as if the needle was damaged from the fall I understand it was a shot in the dark to try to retrieve data from a damaged HDD after it had sustained a pretty nasty tumble but I m trying to figure out what the Power Surge warning meant and if that could have fried my HDD thereby damaging even further Has anyone ever gotten the Power Surge warning before Would a mis-aligned HDD on an external enclosure cause that error Do you think any damage was sustained on the HDD or the Computer itself by that message Does windows lets say xp through have usb port protection in terms of power surges from mis-configured usb devices Thnx for your time I understand that there s really nothing I can do to remedy the situation I figured I d just learn what I can from the situation and move on nbsp

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I used to clean and align the cartridges without any problems by going to: "Printer","Maintenace" then clicking on "Clean". I've no problems cleaning the cartriges (an image appears on the screen showing the command running while the IJP-V100 was printing ) When I click on "Alignment" the image pops up and indicates that the alignment is being executed, but the printer does absolutely NOTHING. Any sugestions?

A:Cartridges alignment SONY IJP-V100

Your best bet maybe emailing sony, their tech support site has gone downhill, hard to find an answer for anything there lately.

You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer and printer software
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So, my HP OfficeJet 5740 comes with a 'feature' that whenever you swap an ink cartridge, the printer tells you that an alignment needs to be done. Both on the printer AND on the computer. This is kind of annoying, but wouldn't be so bad if this could be disabled. But no.

I don't want to have to do an alignment each time I swap a cartridge - I don't care if it only uses a small amount of ink. I was figuring that I could just stop the message from popping up on my computer by finding that service in the TM, and going to the location, and renaming the file. But that pop-up does not appear in the TM.

Was wondering if someone has any ideas as to where I can find if it, if not in the TM.

Thanks in advance.
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Quote Windows XP does not align partitions So your OCZ SSD should be aligned before installing on alignment SSD old parttition thread Update Windows XP Easiest way is to attach your SSD as a spare in a current Vista Win OS install Then partition it from within the Disk Management console This Update on old SSD parttition alignment thread creates an optimal aligned partition at an Offset of KiB Sectors Ok so I m restoring a partition that has been striped out from a much larger drive GB WD Black with the WD edition of Acronis So my partition is not going to have the proper offset but in the options of WD Acronis is how much room to leave in front of the partition on the disk So if I choose MB is that the manual equivalent or why is that setting there fairnooks Noyb Distinguished Member with posts Join Date May Location Kokomo IN Experience More Input Please -Mar- PM The last time I looked at the WD version of Acronis a couple weeks ago it was Version I think I ve read that the new version is the one that will clone without reformatting So that s what I used after I formatted it with diskpar Formatting Guide Version is several versions old I d trust it for normal operations but not this I could have formatted it in W before Cloning XP But I didn t This is not the same as leaving a mb partition or space in front of the C I don t think I have a fresh install of XP fully updated and configured in disc partition O or disc partition E System only No data So I cloned it to the SSD Attached Thumbnails A message from my Avatar Need More Input Jay-E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last edited by Noyb -Mar- at PM Report Noyb fairnooks Senior Member with posts Join Date Oct Experience Advanced -Mar- PM I m thinking it must be a logical from the standpoint of where the partition boundary is offset as well not physical and slapping on an image or cloning without reformatting is the solution So it must leave space between the partition boundary and the first addressable space Then is that easily accomplished with NTFS Then but the offset required comes from a reaction to firmware settings does it not And firmware in this case would be pretty baked in So what starts counting where and takes precedence quot Mondo is but pawn in game of life quot Click to expand Follow up from old post Seems that offsetting the partition may have optimally aligned the partition What evidence say you Well I bought and downloaded PAT Paragon Alignment Tool thinking I ll allign my drive So I run it and it won t let me select the drive but doesn t say its optimally aligned So I figure maybe it can t do the C partition that its installed on So I tear it apart and hook up the drive to another system install PAT there and run it and it still won t let me select the SSD but this time it also shows that it is already optimally aligned and it is showing other partitions that can be aligned which are not optimal nbsp

A:Update on old SSD parttition alignment thread

This free app will very quickly tell you if there is a problem with partition alignment when using xp. It should say drive health excellent IF the partitions are correctly set.
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Hello! I really hope someone can help me with this one! My menu bars does not align correctly in all screens except iTunes. I have attached attached a print screen for you to view. This is driving me crazy!!!!! Even when I right click on a screen the menu goes to the left!!!! I have spent countless hours researching this issue, but no luck!

A:Vista Dropdown Menu alignment issues

Hello cckck, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This may help you with this.

Menu Open Appearance

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I have a new laptop with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium installed.
It is a Dell XPS. It came with an extra partition for "Dell Utility" of size 40 Mb. This is the first partition.

There is a partition misalignment.
To check ,I booted an Ubuntu USB(live,without installing).
When I opened Disk Utility in Ubuntu, I find that there is a partition misalignment of 512 bytes with the Dell Utility partition.
How do I fix it?
The warning message says that there could be poor performance due to this.
Is it true?
Is it going to affect the performance of other drives or my general usage?

Thank You.

A:there is a disk alignment in my Dell Utility partition

here is an image