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X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB) lid and body alignment

Q: X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB) lid and body alignment

I recently got a X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB), and I have been super happy with its performance. However, it seems like whenever I have the laptop closed, the keyboard is leaving a mark on the screen. I sent it to repair, and they changed the screen, but that didn't seem to fix it. I noticed that the body and the lid are not perfectly aligned - one of the corners of the lid seems to be jutting out a little bit with respect to the rest of the body. I've attached picture to show this. I'm not sure if this is a part of the general design of the Carbon. Can anyone with a X1 carbon 4th gen confirm that this alignment feature is not present in their machine? Thank you ?
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Preferred Solution: X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB) lid and body alignment

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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When I connect my carbbon mobile sometime it connects to wifi sometimes not
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OK, I was being careless and formatted an SSD under XP. I then installed Windows 7 Pro 64. My offset is 63. I know I am not aligned. Any method of alignment test says I am not, and I don't want to burn up my SSD.

My question is can I re-align without re-installing Windows 7? I have a bunch of stuff transferred/installed/licensed and I don't want to do a clean install.

Will the following work:

1. Run Norton Ghost and get a disk image.
2. Re-format the SSD under another Win7 computer and format with correct offset.
3. Restore backup image to correctly aligned SSD.

Any thoughts on that?

I really messed this up.

Thanks for any thoughts.

A:Screwed Up Alignment of SSD; Can I Ghost, Re-Align, Restore?

Savage1701 said:

My offset is 63.Click to expand...

What? I'm confused!
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STATIC ELECTRICITY from our body/hand could kill motherboard?
is that true?? B'coz when I clean my motherboard I was touching itself , and then afterward , I turn on the Computer immediately and it won't boot . ( the the ALL FUN are spinning, Keyboard is lighting, also the mouse ) and then I tried to disconnect all peripherals ( HDD, RAM, DVD ROM) except the processor and then I turned on the system eventually the motherboard didn't beep anymore ..

and then I asked my professor about it, then he said the motherboard may be ruined due to STATIC ELECTRICITY from my HAND..

I tried to pull down the motherboard and place it to non-conductor surface, and run the system but it's still not working ..

I also checked all peripherals if I connected those correctly and I did ..

ty ..


A:Static electricity from our body could kill motherboard?

Hi n0tepad,
Unfortunately that is true. Thats the reason every component has a warning to use an ati static wrist strap when assembling or handling, or to discharge the static by touching the metal portion of the chassis when installing,assembling,or disassembling. You will get away with accidentally shocking a component more times than not...but it can damage or ruin them.
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Last night I was sitting at my computer and the monitor flickered and the alignment got messed up. From 1 side of my screen theres a tiny black bar that goes to the other side diagnoly down and part of the desktop is not shown. Also there is a drop shadow of multi-colors on everything that shows on my desktop. Usually I would just tap the side of my monitor and it would usually fix but currently it hasn't. I was wondering what kind of issue this is.

A:Monitor issues with alignment.

Also my video card is an nVidia geForce FX 5700LE
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i put a new motherboard in i turned it on and it showed the cpu had been changed not knowing what i was doing i shut it down after i hit a few keys and windows booted up now when i turn it on the biostar screen comes up and says to hit enter to enter set up but does not do any thing past that can any body help me

A:New motherboard can any body help me

Pull out the CMOS battery with the system unplugged from the wall, wait a minute and plug everything back in
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TOSHIBA Processor Type Intel Core Duo T Screen Size in RAM Preloaded Maximum x MB DDR Exp To GB Hard Drive GB RPM Optical Drives Super-Multi Double Layer DVD Graphics Mobile Intel GM with MB Product Weight kg Audio Type me.. body confused!! so some i'm help please Realtek ALC Battery please some body help me.. i'm so confused!! Type cell Lithium-Ion Cache KB KB L MB L Fax Modem K V I O Ports See The Features Section Included In Box AC Adaptor Power Cord User Manual Network Card See The Features Section Other Software See The Features Section PC Card Slots ExpressCard Pointing Device Touchpad Preloaded Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Processor Speed GHz Product Dimensions W x H x D cm Removable Storage None Screen Type WXGA TFT Speakers Built-In Stereo Speakers System Bus COMPAQ Processor Type Intel Core Duo T Screen Size in RAM Preloaded Maximum x MB DDR gb max Hard Drive GB RPM Optical Drives Super-Multi Double Layer DVD Graphics Mobile Intel GM with MB Product Weight kg Audio Type Altec Lansing Battery Type cell Lithium-Ion Cache KB KB L MB L Fax Modem K V I O Ports See The Features Section Included In Box AC Adaptor Power Cord User Manual Network Card See The Features Section Other Software See The Features Section PC Card Slots ExpressCard Pointing Device Touchpad Preloaded Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Processor Speed ghz Product Dimensions W x H x D cm Removable Storage None Screen Type WXGA TFT Speakers Built-In Stereo Speakers System Bus i dont know which laptop better to buy they have same price does it true that toshiba bran much better than compaq is there big difference bitween ghz and ghz processor thanks guys for your help i am so confused nbsp

A:please some body help me.. i'm so confused!!

You should check the battery life. Also, 1GB of RAM does not make Vista happy. Up the RAM or downgrade to XP.
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Hi guys, I got a Sapphire X1950XT graphics card today, and while playing Need for Speed Carbon, I get a single beep, then a few seconds later, another beep etc. If I close the game, or alt tab to reduce the load on the gfx card it stops, until the card heats up again. Could this be due to overheating? or any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

A:Recurring beep during NFS Carbon

It is almost undoubtedly overheating.
If you have any software for monitoring the temperature of the graphics card and keep an eye on it!
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My mobo is an acorp 4pm800mnl, and I installed the 4 in 1 via hyperion drivers with service pack 2 installed, and its giving me alot of problems.
I went to the acorp's web page and they say that i gotta have the microsoft default agp driver but before installing sp2.Do I have to reinstall windows or just reinstall sp2 so that i can get the right driver?

A:Does any body know how to install the microsft default agp driver?

Not quite following what you mean.

Can you give a link to the info you found on acorps website?
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some one tell me where i can download the latest audio driver of realtek ac 97 for xp my driver version is 5.0.10. of year 2003 :bounce:

A:any body know about latest realtek ac 97 audio driver versio name for windows xp

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Would you please take a few moments to read this post. A message for all newcomers. Thanks.

You will be able to get the Realtek drivers from your mobo manufacturers website.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!
Program: C:\PROGRA~1\Electronic Airt\Need For Speed World.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."
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Hey guys, I'm starting to draw a lot recently and I have some newbie errors with the anatomy/joints of a body.
I'm searching for a software that provides me control with the joints, camera movimentation... like a mannequin.

A:Is there any software that give me full control of a human/animal body?

Pivot Stickfigure Animation. 2D though.
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I've never had this issue before and have searched for a solution to no avail. Whenever I receive an e-mail, or try to view saved messages, there is nothing in the preview (message body) pane, I have tried several solutions including emptying temp files; checking and unchecking the "automatically download messages..." etc.
Any ideas

A:Can't view message body in Outlook Express

Open OE
Click on View-->Layout...--> tick: Show Preview pane
Apply -> ok
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I open Outlook Express and try to read my mail but there is nothing in the body of the message, I have sent myself various e-mails that have text in the body of the message and can't get any of the bodies of the messages to display. It will display the subject headings but not the body.

OE 6

please help!

A:Outlook express not downloading the test body of emails

See "Symptom 6" HERE

It involves downloading the KB887797 update from HERE

Another idea HERE and HERE
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Any ideas what might be the problem. and if so where did u find your fix?

A:Outlook Express not displaying body of the message

I have no idea what this is referring to. Please provide us with more information.
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Hey guys/gals.
What is the closest Windows program to Carbon Copy Cloner?
It is used to create scheduled bootable backups of your Windows hard-drive.
Thanks in advance.

A:Equivalent to Carbon Copy Cloner?

Windows 8 has the ability to backup files on a schedule and create an entire image of your hdd. As the
link below states, for some reason known only to Microsoft, it is 'hidden'. But it is actually the same backup
features offered in Windows 7....a smaller version of Acronis.
Using Windows 8′s “hidden” backup to clone and recover your whole PC | Ars Technica
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In making filters in Thunderbird, it seems Thunderbird ignores special characters. The one type of filter I would like to make would look for special characters and trash the mail that contains those; but, Thunderbird ignores special characters in the body of mails.

See attached image/screen shot for an example.
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I have just purchased a crucial Ssd 500gb. I copied the old boot drive with a triple boot of XP, win 10 x86 and win 10 x64. While googling SSD I came across an article on alignment, so I used aomei partition tool to re-align the xp and 32 bit partitions but discovered the x64 partition was already aligned at 2048 , how come.
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we faced a flood of fake DHL shipping notification mails recently. The majority of mails contained a link and a PDF with the same link leading to a malware infected file. A couple of the reported mails I received by our employees contained a PDF where the malware code was already embedded in the PDF itself.

But strangely in a minority of emails (around 2 out of 100 reported ones) I found some hidden code in the mail body. The code was kept in super small font size and the color was set to white. On the first look you could not see that. Here is how it looks:

I copied the code into a TXT file and attached it to this post. The file name is "hidden code.txt".

Does anyone have a clue about what that code might be?? Anyone out there seen this kind of thing already before?


A:Hidden code in mail body of a fake DHL shipping notification

Hello I read now your thread.

Well, usually the danger that comes from mail is represented by the infected attachment.

But sometimes the virus can be contained in the "body" of the email. The virus writer can also spread malicious code "hiding" within the e-mail message. To do so use the HTML code. The HTML code, the programming code of websites, is an element of email, because it is used to embed images or links. Similarly, though, a cyber criminal can use it to embed malicious scripts that run automatically and infect your computer.

Of course delete this mail and scan your PC.

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Hey guys I just downloaded Windows today Dual Alignment Monitor after a mishap with my old SSD I have to say I'm enjoying the experience That being said and as much as I hate asking for information I'd like to know if there is a way to perfectly align monitors as was possible Dual Monitor Alignment in Windows I Dual Monitor Alignment have two monitors both VS at x One is connected to DVI-D and the other to HDMI I have updated drivers for my AMD HD as well as generic Windows updates For some reason however this occurs https gyazo com fbb f e bf d a aed a As can be seen the intersecting point of both monitors has a slight pixel difference I have no idea why this is occurring as they are both the same monitors and they have been perfectly aligned in both AMD Catalyst Control Center CCC and Windows Display Settings Dual Monitor Alignment The only difference that I observe is that in AMD CCC when going in 'Desktop Properties' desktop has Desktop area as p whereas desktop has x They are essentially the same thing however which leaves me baffled as to the cause of this misalignment I'm sorry if this has been answered previously but a search didn't turn up anything perhaps due to incorrect search terms Either way I would appreciate it immensely if someone could offer some insight into why this is happening As petty as it may seem this is actually a huge issue for me potentially dealbreaking if I can't find a solution I may have to reinstall Windows Thanks for your time

A:Dual Monitor Alignment

go to display settings (right click on blank portion of desktop).
make sure the two displays are aligned at top and bottom.
if not drag one of them so it aligns perfectly with the other.
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Hey, i'm new here but I've always wondered about this. Anyway to change it to be left aligned like in windows 7? I have a windows 7 style theme that matches 7 almost perfectly, the only issue is the titlebar text. I've yet to find any help on this topic through some googling so i figured i'd try here. Here's a picture incase my question wasn't clear enough

A:Windows 8.1 Titlebar Text Alignment?

Originally Posted by sc0ttwitha0

Hey, i'm new here but I've always wondered about this. Anyway to change it to be left aligned like in windows 7? I have a windows 7 style theme that matches 7 almost perfectly, the only issue is the titlebar text. I've yet to find any help on this topic through some googling so i figured i'd try here. Here's a picture incase my question wasn't clear enough
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How to indent Footnote text (between the raised number and the body text) automatically?

I have word 2013, and I would like to insert an indentation 1.5 between the raised number and the text in footnotes (see figure 1)

Figure 1

When I go to "Footnote Text" style, and then paragraph to do the indentation, it moves the number and the text to the right (see figure 2). But I do not want this.

Figure 2
1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If I use the hanging option, it only indents the texts below the first line (see figure 3)

Figure 3

I have gone to "Footnote Reference" style, but the "paragraph" tab is locked. I cannot enter. Can anybody help me how to unlock it? Alternatively, how can I get the results I want (figure 1)

Thanks, M.

A:Indent Footnote text (between the raised number and the body text)?

Create your own style, based on Footnote.
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I am having a problem with getting NFS carbon to open. I keep getting an error that says please open with administrator account and try again. I have contacted EA about this, they did not help. I have also tried creating a new admin account and install it there, that did not work either. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:NFS Carbon Windows 7 Error

It may be the copy protection and a recent Windows update. Do you need a disk in the CD/DVD drive to run the game?

Also, how long has this been happening?
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I'm looking to pull some data from active directory then email it to myself using Powershell. I only have been wrapping the text and it looks pretty ugly. Can anyone tell me how I can do a carriage return in an email body? Also, is there any good documentation
on formatting email bodies so they look better?

PS - I can't select a good forum for this, so hopefully it gets to the scripting guys.
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Today I found this site and looking forward to better learn the Win 10. Santa brought me a new Lenova laptop for Christmas and I am finding things are quite different from my previous Win 7 software.
I have been able to find my way around so far, but cannot figure this one out.
I can open documents as usual, change name of new folder, but cannot type in the body of the document area. I have tried several times with no luck. What am I doing wrong???? Please help a senior!!

A:cannot type in body of document area

Not much different from 7, other then you can use tiles in the Menu, when you first click on it.

Just roll up your sleeves and jump right in.

What are you using for Word Processing? That part is a important vital piece of information.
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Can anyone tell me how I go about editing a windows gadget? I have have attached a screenshot with the issue hilighted in pink. Thanx.
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I'm reinstalling Windows 7 Operating system on my SSD drive. If I perform a clean installation of Windows 7 and wiping the entire drive. Do I need to perform a SSD alignment in the diskpart command before or after a clean reinstall of Windows? Or when is a SSD alignment needed?

A:SSD Alignment

Not really the install will alien the ssd
The only times you might need to alien the ssd is if you make a partition to install on.
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Okay I'll try to make this a short but clears as I can It's kind of crazy so hang in there Currently I run a Samsung XP G M drive in my Asus X -A w Intel K GB G Skill DDR and Windows Home I decided I wanted to upgrade to the new Samsung NVMe M After realizing I couldn't back up and restore on the drive as W has no drivers for it I got a PCIe card loaded the Samsung NVMe drivers and cloned the XP to the Pro using Easeus and had it optimize Corruption or Samsung install SSD alignment 950 after Pro for SSD I was able to boot from the new SSD but then things started to go wrong over the next Corruption after SSD alignment or Samsung 950 Pro install few hours First I noticed that I lost all Chrome setting and extensions and Norton Security needed to be removed and reinstalled Then I noticed I lost the ability to do a Windows update after the first successful attempt it decided to stop I then found that my Pinnacle Studio would load and then hang Last was my Asus systemboard apps AI Suite III wouldn't load and I had to remove them After all that I figured something went wrong using the Easeus cloning so I went back to the old drive and did it again double checking everything This time it seemed okay so I started doing some benchmarks When I went into AS SSD Benchmark it showed that my alignment was bad I doubled checked by going into MSCONFIG and dividing the offset by It came up with a decimal so it is bad That's when I used MiniTool Partition Magic to align the partition It didn't take long and I was up and going again Going again until all the previous problems started again I tried on last time by using the Data Migration program from Samsung This time it cloned with the correct alignment but the same issues started happening So back to the XP I went I figured there must be some kind of issue with the Pro as had the latest BIOS that supports it Maybe it was a driver issue I sent the darn thing back to Amazon So now we get to today I am using the XP and AS SSD showed that this entire year I have been using it with a bad alignment Figured I back it up with Easeus and do an alignment with Minitool PM All went well but upon completion it would just boot over and over again at the point the login screen should show I managed to get a Windows repair to fix that issue and I was up and running The machine seemed fine for about an hour or so but then things started happening I have error messages with AI Suite III Windows Update no longer works Chrome lost all its setting and extensions etc So now I know it is not NVMe It must have something to do with having a properly aligned drive I'm assuming I am also unable to restore my system back up from Easeus because there is unallocated space on the drive that wasn't there during the back up It told me to try it on a clean drive or do a partition restore The partition restore isn't available and I have to get a boot time utility to wipe the drive So any clues as to way aligning the drive does this or cloning to the Pro also has the same issue The XP has worked flawlessly for a year until I aligned it I know it was definitely out of alignment as my through put scores went up after aligning it Thanks for any and all help suggestions
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I'm on the latest preview for developpers on my X1 Carbon model 34XX (2012)

I download the fingerprint driver from the support website of Lenovo and I can see "TouchChip Fingerprint CoProcessor" in the Device Manager into the Authentification Devices category

But I can't use the Windows Hello when I go into the connections options panel...

How can I fix it ?

thanks in advance
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All Thank you in acct, display w/ Win10 pop3 Mail msg body acct won't but w/Gmail fine advance for your help I have an unusual problem I have a PC with Windows and I'm using the stock mail application I have added accounts a pop account and a Gmail account The Gmail account works fine but the pop account will only display the message header and not the body of the email when you click on quot download message and pictures quot nothing happens I've found Win10 Mail won't display msg body w/ pop3 acct, but fine w/Gmail acct other people online that have similar problems but what I have not come across is an answer I'm hoping someone here can help Windows Mail version Dell OptiPlex Win10 Mail won't display msg body w/ pop3 acct, but fine w/Gmail acct GHz processor GB RAM this is the first program installed off of a clean installation of Windows the pop account was set up as follows outgoing server - auth myhosting com requires authentication incoming server - ex myhosting com and of course my email address amp pw It did not however give me a chance to identify the port in my case if that matters As a side note when I attempted to go back Win10 Mail won't display msg body w/ pop3 acct, but fine w/Gmail acct and review the settings for that pop account I could not find where to make changes once you've got the account set up I wonder if in order to change your settings do you have to delete the entire account
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For both you and infant Not just may it decrease your anxiety levels and enhance your body certainty however inquire Body Bloom Forskolin about from Bupa additionally demonstrates that mums who exercise claim it enhances their child rearing aptitudes The increases are great Here's the manner by which to do it securely
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Hi , Am using HP-UX 11i Version 3 server . i have written a script to send a report to user throgh mailx command. i have to add the user in cc to send the report. i have used carbon copy command  ~c [email protected]  to send the report but it dosen't work. Kindly help me which command will work for carbon copy to send email.

A:carbon copy command

This is the wrong company for Servers, Storage, Software, and Networking. Please use the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community: If your first? line of your stdin is "~c [email protected]" then that works.
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Dear Friends I have a persistant issue that neither local lenovo techniciens or myself could resolve As the entire computer was changed and the problem is still going on this is probably a serie issue Although I couldn't find anybody having the same issue on forums nbsp Description of the problem The bluetooth is pairing and connecting well But when playing music through bluetooth speakers whatever is the receiver UE Boom Logitech BT Received Bose I experience persistant lagging Sometimes it can work well for - minutes but usually it lags very frequently Strange thing is that with any other transmitting devices T s smartphones low cost computers I've never got this problem A bit frustrating considering the price of a Carbon X I also noticed the exact same problem when being in different places nbsp Attemps to solve to problem I reinstalled Windows and Windows many times as well as several versions of bluetooth and audio drivers whether featured by lenovo and intel Got no improvement Lenovo service changed the bluetooth chip No results Then they changed the mothercard No results They even send me a entire new computer No changes I must confess I'm out of ideas nbsp Would be the community and or the support team kind enough to help me nbsp Thank you nbsp
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For some reason, I cannot get the backlit keyboard to work on my new X1 Carbon Touch.  It lights up upon powering up and then will not turn on no matter how many times I hit the space bar.  I don't see an option to enable/disable anywhere either.  Am I missing a driver?  Thanks in advance.

Go to Solution.

A:X1 Carbon Touch Backlit keyboard not working

Hi, architect7
Be sure to hold the Fn key while pressing the Spacebar to turn on the backlit keyboard. If you have already tried this to no avail, then I would recommend checking some BIOS settings. To enter BIOS, reboot the machine. When it is powering back up and you see the Lenovo splash screen, tap the Enter key repeatedly. A menu should appear. When it does, press F1 to enter BIOS. Once here, navigate to Config ? Keyboard/Mouse and check the settings of Fn and Ctrl Key swap and Fn Key Lock. For purposes of this test, make sure they are both set to Disabled. Once done, press F10 to save and exit. The machine should now boot normally. Log in to Windows and try to activate the backlight again and see if that works.
Best of luck,

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Hi All nbsp I bought a nd hand X Carbon It arrived a couple of days ago its the non touch QHD i model I am happy with the laptop Carbon X1 strange screen 2014 otherwise and getting used to the keyboard and touchpad However the screen is giving me headaches My previous laptop was a Dell Inspiron from years ago However the screen on that laptop was still better than that on the X Gen So thinking that it is a settings issue I did the following already nbsp nbsp Disabled adaptive brighness This helped a X1 Carbon 2014 strange screen bit nbsp Looked for a screen protector I dont think there is any Installed the calibration profile on it nbsp played around with colour settings in the intel graphics app then gave up as any thing I did to it looked worse than standard nbsp The screen seems washed out dull and a bit yellowish at full brightness nbsp I have years warrantty on this laptop still o you think there is a settings issue or a bad display nbsp X1 Carbon 2014 strange screen nbsp Really appriciate any help nbsp X1 Carbon 2014 strange screen thanks

A:X1 Carbon 2014 strange screen

OK, so after a Win 10 refresh install. Lenove Sloution Center told me to update drivers from ThinkVantage software. That installed a bunch of new drivers including Intel Graphics and the screen suddently turned much whiter than it was. Still not bringht in full brighness.  Here is Photo comparison with both laptops on full brightness. X1Carbon 2014 vs Dell Inspiron 1749 (2009-2010)
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Looking to replace my W530 for something a little lighter ...Any ideas when we'll see X1 Carbon with USB-C?
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Hi All Is it possible to get the Hibernate option in window 10 on the X1 Carbon 2nd Gen? I have sleep, reboot and shutdown. I like to sleep the laptop so I can start work where I left it. However, I have found that it keep getting out of sleep spontaneously when its in my laptop bag. which I think is dangerous. So I am desperatly looking for a solution for this. Thanks
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Hello nbsp I have deployed laptops with the model of BT X carbon laptops nbsp in corporate enviroment The Lenovo X Carbon is randomly causing BSOD when using the wireless connection after undock The wireless driver that I have installed on the laptop is the version from Lenovo WCCM driver package I noticed the BSOD is a bug in which is resolved in the version However nbsp i am unable to upgrade to the nbsp latest version nbsp I can download the update from both Lenovo website or system update or even Intel driver support site but none of it upgrade the driver Any idea nbsp nbsp From release note - fix nbsp lt gt nz w w - New Added support for Wireless Lenovo - BSOD Random Carbon 20BT X1 - Dri... the following systems ThinkPad L Thinkpad P P s Machine types FK FL P ThinkPad S Thinkpad T ThinkPad T Machine types FH FJ ThinkPad X Carbon Machine types FB FC ThinkPad X Tablet Machine types Lenovo X1 20BT Carbon - Random BSOD - Wireless Dri... GG GH ThinkPad X Yoga Machine types FQ FR Thinkpad X ThinkPad Yoga - New Improved driver stability - Fix Fixed an issue where WiFi might not function correctly after connectedstandby - Fix Fixed an issue where blue screen might happen at the certain Lenovo X1 20BT Carbon - Random BSOD - Wireless Dri... case nbsp nbsp WhoCrashed Minidump diagnostic System Information local Computer name X -T- -LOANER Windows version Windows Service Pack build Windows dir C WindowsHardware BTS YJ LENOVOCPU GenuineIntel Intel R Core TM i - U CPU GHz Intel level logical processors active mask RAM bytes totalCrash Dump AnalysisCrash dump directory C Windows MinidumpCrash dumps are enabled on your computer On Wed GMT your computer crashedcrash dump file C Windows Minidump - - dmpThis was probably caused by the following module netwsw sys Netwsw x Bugcheck code x E xFFFFFFFFC xFFFFF D xFFFFF A xFFFFF CE Error SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED Mfile path C Windows system drivers netwsw sysproduct Intel Wireless WiFi Link Adaptercompany Intel Corporationdescription Intel Wireless WiFi Link DriverBug check description This indicates that a system thread generated an exception which the error handler did not catch This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver netwsw sys Intel Wireless WiFi Link Driver Intel Corporation Google query Intel Corporation SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED MOn Wed GMT your computer crashedcrash dump file C Windows Minidump - - dmpThis was probably caused by the following module ndis sys ndis x D Bugcheck code xD x CFD x x xFFFFF AB D Error DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUALfile path C Windows system drivers ndis sysproduct Microsoft Windows Operating Systemcompany Microsoft Corporationdescription NDIS driverBug check description This indicates that a kernel-mode driver attempted to access pageable memory at a process IRQL that was too high This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module Your system configuration may be incorrect Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time On Wed GMT your computer crashedcrash dump file C Windows Minidump - - dmpThis was probably caused by the following module ndis sys ndis x FB Bugcheck code x E xFFFFFFFFC xFFFFF A D FB xFFFFF A B xFFFFF A Error SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED Mfile path C Windows system drivers ndis sysproduct Microsoft Windows Operating Systemcompany Microsoft Corporationdescription NDIS driverBug check description This indicates that a system thread generated an exception which the error handler did not catch This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module Your system con... Read more

A:Lenovo X1 20BT Carbon - Random BSOD - Wireless Dri...

same problem reported else where for Wireless-AC 7265 BSOD Error Win7 x64
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Hi,I was just equipped with a brand new X1 Carbon (20A8 type) and tried to use my Bluetooth headset Bose AE2W.The pairing was successful.Unfortunately, the headset doesn?t work properly.The headset does not work in the recording mode (just playback)When I am listening to music, sound is time-shifted (about 1-2s) and every 10-15 it stops.Sometimes it mutes completely so I need to reset the headset.I used Lenovo system update. I also ensured that the headset has the most update firmware.Previously I was using t420s and didn?t have such problems (perhaps sometimes number 3). The headset works perfectly with my private laptop, mobile, tablet etc.I wrote to Bose. They replied that the headset is compatible with:Headphones (HSP 1.1); Hands Free (HFP 1.5); Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP 1.2); Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP 1.4)Can you help me?Thanks 

A:X1 Carbon and Bose AE2W

Actually the problem number 2 worsened... now music stops playing every 1s :-) It's horrible... Cant believe that a device for $2k can be so bad in terms of compatibility with Bluetooth devices... BTW: I am using Windows7
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Hello nbsp I have a ThinkPad X Carbon rd generation Two days ago I have updated the nbsp Carbon... ThinkPad Fan - Problem BIOS Update after X1 BIOS to the latest version nbsp The installation went well and I successfully booted into Windows with no Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon... issues However the fan was not working anymore I did not notice this until the laptop was extremely nbsp hot which is very unusual for this laptop under low medium load In particular nbsp I was just running a disk cleanup using the native Windows tool and after minutes I decided nbsp to kill the process this operation usually takes - minutes My Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon... feeling was that due to the temperature the cpu was in nbsp throttling At that moment I noticed that the fan was not active nbsp After a shutdown the fan was again working However I noticed that the fan nbsp kicks in much more often than it nbsp was used to For this reason I did two things - I have downgraded the BIOS to BIOS updated the CPU microcode I am not sure that the microcode was downgraded as well when I downgraded the BIOS nbsp - I have run the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon... I was afraid that the high temperatures may have damaged the cpu The tool reported that the maximum temperature of the cpu during the benchmark was always safely within the expected threshold and all the tests were passed nbsp Now I still can see that the fan kicks in much more often than usual I have noticed using sensors nbsp under nbsp Ubuntu that every time there is a very short burst peak of cpu usage e g I start Google Chrome and visit nbsp Gmail the sensors report a very high temperature nbsp but just for lt nbsp second e g from degrees to degrees and then soon goes nbsp back to degrees This is the reason why the fan kicks in it remains active for - minutes starting from a high RPM value and then going down as expected I don't think that the temperature actually reaches degrees I expect an immediate but small increase e g degrees of the temperature due to the burst but nothing like degrees nbsp I think that the sensors are nbsp returning junky values I never saw this temperature behaviour instant jump temperature degrees or more due to short bursts peaks before the BIOS update nbsp In my opinion the sensors are not returning stable values as before but they are very jumpy Few questions - Is there any bug report about BIOS update How can you explain the temporarely non working fan after the update I think this may be a serious concern - How can I debug my issue with the temperature sensors Is there any way to reset them Do you think this is a software or hardware problem - Do you think that the high temperature may have damaged the sensors nbsp nbsp Thank you Emilio nbsp

A:Fan Problem after BIOS Update - ThinkPad X1 Carbon...

Laptop has got anti overheat thing so if temp rises over 100c it will automatically power off like if the battery was dead and that you unplugged it that sort of power off so temps you don't have to worry but as long laptop alone isn't idle at 80-90c then laptop needs clean out to fix it and if that won't fix it then it could be something else
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Hello nbsp I've got my Carbon X Model) endless Carbon X1 bootloop (2014 yesterday but today when I woke up and wanted to switch it on again the Carbon X won't boot The lights of the keyboard and adaptive keys plus the powerbutton are flashing in white and green for one second After that the laptop turns off an tries to boot again after - seconds Also the fans X1 Carbon (2014 Model) endless bootloop are working and the AC-Cable is X1 Carbon (2014 Model) endless bootloop connected nbsp I've tried following Reset the Laptop with a paperclip -- gt boot again with AC plugged inReset the Laptop --- gt without AC plugged inHold reset-knob for sec sec sec and even longer -- gt hold down the powerbutton for sec sec sec or longerIt didnt't fix the Problem yet I've read in the forums that there is a BIOS update which solves the Problem but when the laptop doensn't boot I can't install the update nbsp Do you know how I could fix X1 Carbon (2014 Model) endless bootloop this problem nbsp Nice regards nbsp F Martin

A:X1 Carbon (2014 Model) endless bootloop

I bought my X1 Carbon Touch 2014 brand new about 2 months ago.Today was a normal day, I set it to sleep before leaving work and came home. A few hours later, I pulled my laptop out and connected AC and pressed the power button. It woke up normally into the login screen so I swiped my finger to login and 1~2 seconds after, the screen suddenly turns funny and then shows black screen (I think it powred off or something at this point). And then it turns on (but not the screen) briefly for about 1 second and then turns off, turns on for 1 second and turns off, and repeat... I tried the reset button and it made it stop the loop. But then whenever I try to power it on it starts that loop again and I have to use the reset button to power it off (holding the power button will not stop the loop). Also, pressing the reset button does not stop the loop when the laptop is plugged into AC.. I have work tomorrow and this is my work laptop.... Any ideas of what's wrong??This is so disappointing. It will be a huge headache if I have to send this in to Depot as our company policy requires the SDD to be wiped before sending it in for repair.   UPDATE:Seems like I'm doomed now. After leaving it for a while I powered it on and it powered up normally and went to boot screen. I chose to normally boot up window but then screen turned blank again... After that, trying to power it up will again enter that power on/off loop. So I reset it again and left it for a while. Then powered it on again and it shows the boot screen normally. I chose Safe Mode this time and it asked for the bit locker key because the system was not turned off normally. While I was looking for the key in my other computer, the screen suddenly turned funny again (lots of red dots and stuff). Keyboard was unresponsive and soon after it went into the power on/off loop again..
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Hi all nbsp I have an FB I am installing bit windows on from USB nbsp Unit is brand new build Carbon X1 cant on win7 G4 - install NVMe date last month orderd with GB NVMe SSD nbsp Symptom nbsp Cant get X1 Carbon G4 - cant install win7 on NVMe windows to install on the diskPrevious nbsp Incorporated USB drivers into the installer it reads the USB with no problems nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Copied samsung NVMe WHQL v drivers to the USB nbsp Got the drivers from here nbsp http www win-raid com t f -Recommended-AHCI-RAID-and-NVMe-Drivers html nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Booting in Legacy not UEFI nbsp Procedure nbsp X1 Carbon G4 - cant install win7 on NVMe nbsp Its basically an F install nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Do a standard install until the where do you want to install windows screen nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Select Load Drivers and install the samsung drivers Samsung NVMe controller nvme inf nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp X1 Carbon G4 - cant install win7 on NVMe nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Result nbsp No drives were found nbsp Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation nbsp Im not sure that Im installing the correct samsung drivers but they're the only ones I can find online Im also not sure which SSD model type I have installed and I dont want to crack open the unit to find out nbsp I've also tried the windows 'hotfix' and installed native NVMe into the installer and thats a crock as expected nbsp There are no drivers to unload only the msu package which I added to the install wim and boot wim anyways nbsp If anyone has a suggestion I'll send you some bazooka joe for karma nbsp nbsp Cheers Riv nbsp nbsp X A X and a Tab Oh plus some various T 's T s T s and a an old R Solved Go to Solution

A:X1 Carbon G4 - cant install win7 on NVMe

I have installed Win 7 64-bit on a samsung nvme with great success using the same driver from your link.1. Are you able to locate the driver when you press "search" och "load drivers"? If not, ignore all USB 3.0-ports until Windows 7 are fully installed. According to TP X1 spec pdf, you have one USB 2 and one USB 3.2. What USB-port do you use when connecting your flash drive? (there are both USB 2 and 3-ports on your laptop, be sure that you Only use version 2.0 port when installing Windows 7. Try this even if you included USB3-drivers, just to eliminate potential errors)3. I am 95 % that nvme requires UEFI-boot. Try a BIOS-reset and make sure bootsettings are UEFI-compatible, and starting from USB and NVME next.
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I currently have the lenovo x1 carbon 3rd generation, which I purchased last summer. Hours ago, I decided to restart my laptop, but it ended up getting stuck in the boot menu/app menu. I have tried pressing the esc button or doing the f9 f10 method in the BIOS menu, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how I can fix this? This really is wasting my time, as I have assignments due and finals coming up, and I am getting really frustrated. Thank you!

A:x1 carbon stuck in boot menu/app menu

This sounds like a damaged boot record or a bad SSD.  Do you have a good backup?
Does it ever start?  If so, run chrystal diskinfo (free)
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Placed an phone order X Carbon Gen on was told that a shipping estimate would take or nbsp days and that I should expect to take delivery in to weeks OK Lenovo are slow Fair enough I thought That should have been my first warning the website claimed ships in days nbsp Order appeared online pretty quickly No estimated ship date nbsp Waited a few days no change nbsp After a week order changed to 'Released to Manufacturing' No estimated ship date nbsp Waited another week then called to ask what was going Carbon Gen delay? Massive X1 4 on Was told they don't know why the item is delayed but they'd look into it and asked me to call back in a couple of days nbsp Called again on was as if the first call never happened Still Massive X1 Carbon Gen 4 delay? no idea why the delay and couldn't give any estimate Said they'd look into it and call me back today or tomorrow at the latest with an update but as you'd expect they didn't nbsp Have I broken some kind of record here I've seen that Lenovo routinely takes or weeks to actually fulfil an order but this order is approaching weeks without ever having an estimated ship date Has this happened to anyone else nbsp nbsp

A:Massive X1 Carbon Gen 4 delay?

Which options did you order?    I heard the 512gb nvme ssd can add time to the order.
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Is the Samsung 950 PRO -Series 512GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD 2-Inch MZ-V 5P512BW  compatable with the Thinkpad X1-Carbon 3rd Generation? Any issues /problems?

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A:NVMe support on the X1 Carbon

The answer is no 3rd Gen x1 carbon don't have NVMe support and that this new ssd is PCIe 3.0 x4 while laptop had PCIe 2.0 x4 so answer is no best option is to buy Samsung evo 850 m.2 instead since that one works defently
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Firstly Hello everyone and sorry if this has been asked solved before I couldn't find the search option for the forum its early my brain is still sleeping nbsp I have issues with getting the X Carbon to PXE boot I have it connected to the network via the Lenovo USB Ethernet adaptor and when I press F the LAN option is there This is where the problems start nbsp One you press enter to boot Carbon Issues PXE X1 Boot via NIC the screen goes black and the text gt gt Start PXE over IPv is displayed this lasts for about seconds before exiting back to the boot menu It never boots through to Ghost I have double checked X1 Carbon PXE Boot Issues that I have the TFTP server PXE server and Ghostcast Server running correctly and has been tested using a Vaio nbsp Has anyone else seen this issue Fixed this issue nbsp Thanks for reading and any help would be greatly appreciated I hope I think I know Solved Go to Solution

A:X1 Carbon PXE Boot Issues

I'm having the same issue only with SCCM.  All other models work properly.  When I PXE boot the Carbon with the USB Ethernet adapter, it doesn't recognize the adapter.  I've added the 2 NIC drivers to the boot image.  Is there something else that needs to be done? Thanks for any assistance.
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Dear all, does the X1C3 support real NVMe SSDs, like the just released Samsung SM951-NVMe?Please note that the PCIe SSD option provided by Lenovo is not a real NVMe SSD: it still is an AHCI drive, even if connects to the PCIe bus. Thanks! 

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A:NVMe support on the X1 Carbon

X1C 3rd-gen does NOT support NVMe SSD.  There is not currently any ThinkPad that supports NVMe.  This support will come in a future ThinkPad.
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Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Lenovo Companion App, all the windows still blank (like this: ) I don't know if I uninstalled someting wrong (Thinkpad Settings Dependency and Hotkeys installed). I uninstalled Companion and installed back from the Windows Store but it still blank. All drivers and software up to date with the Lenovo System Update tools.  Thank's in advance Flavien
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I manually put the system to sleep via the Start menu or whatever it's called now nbsp Usually when I come back and hit the power button it resumes just fine nbsp But it seems that every now and then it gets totally stuck wake X1 2015 Carbon won't sleep from nbsp The green light on the power button is blinking slowly but the machine won't respond at all nbsp I press the power button press the enter button do everything I can think of but it stays off nbsp This happens on battery X1 Carbon 2015 won't wake from sleep and on AC nbsp It's not X1 Carbon 2015 won't wake from sleep easily reproducible it's done it maybe two or three times in the past week that I've had it nbsp I'm looking for some pattern but haven't found it nbsp nbsp The only resolution I've found is to hold down the power button until I get full power off nbsp Then I can boot from scratch losing anything I had open at the X1 Carbon 2015 won't wake from sleep time of the sleep nbsp Any ideas

A:X1 Carbon 2015 won't wake from sleep

I've had this too...seems to me to be a Windows 8.1 issue.  Frustrating, especially coming from a MacBook Air which is pretty flawless in the reliability, dependability and battery life department. 

____________________________________________________________2015 3rd Gen. X1 Carbon | i5-5300U+256GB SSD+QHD (2560x1440) | IPS Multi-touch2012 x220 (i7-2640M 2.8GHz) | 8GB RAM | IPS display | upgraded 256GB mSATA Samsung SSD + 160GB SSD
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Dear all,I recently got a new carbon X1 2016 version and I would like to connect it to my display at work (samsung U24E590, 4K) and my TV at home (Panasonic, 4K). As especially my TV doesn't have a display port, I would like to connect over HDMI. In the manual, it says that HDMI connection allows resolutions up to 4096x2160px. However, when I connect my Samsung display, I get only options up to 1920x1080px in display settings (win 10, x64). I downloaded and installed the newest Intel HD Graphics 520 driver from the Lenovo support page. How is it possible to use full 4K resolution over HDMI connection? Anybody an idea? If possible without any expensive adapters etc. Many thanks for your help!
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Can someone advise where I can buy a larger SSD for my X1 Carbon (Type 3443-CTO).  Not sure which generation of X1 this is. Currently have only 128GB.  Would like to have 1TB. I am also open to swapping the WWAN to free up the socket if that is a possibility.

A:Upgrade SSD to larger size for X1 Carbon Type 3443...

largest ssd for the X1 carbon gen 1 is 256 gigs. The wwan slot can't accept a mSATA (I tried).
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Have a brand new X1 Carbon running windows 7.  It originally came with Windows 8 but had to downgrade to run a necessary work application (which could be the problem).  My battery never exceeds 50% even when plugged in for extended periods.  Also, I am not seeing any of the "Rapid Charge" that was promoted.  Please advise, thanks

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A:X1 Carbon - "Plugged in not charging"

did you install the Lenovo ThinkVantage Power Manager and driver for the power manager?
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Hi,  I have read that all the carbons after the gen 2 use an M2.ssd. Is there anything to stop you from changing or swapping the ssd around. Are there any videos or pictures online that might show me where the drive is located.  Is there anything that would stop me from buying the model with the smallest and cheapset M2 ssd and then later putting in something newer? Thanks

A:X1 Carbon Gen 4 SSD

Sorry, perhaps I can rephrase this a little clearer. Can I assume that all the thinkpad carbon gen 4s will support any NVMe M2 SSD that I buy?
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Hi every Carbon X1 ho... freezes one ThinkPad 20A8S0080T nbsp I X1 Carbon 20A8S0080T ThinkPad freezes every one ho... have a two months X1 Carbon 20A8S0080T ThinkPad freezes every one ho... old Carbon X Product No A S T and since two days for no reason it freezes every one hour When it stucks the mouse can be moved but everything else is freezed Pressing alt ctrl del will not appear the screen neither to select Task Manager It completely freezes Only one time after freezing appears the blue screen with the following message nbsp KERNELL DATA INPAGE ERROR fastfat sys I updated the software from the lenovo settings I updated the windows I run the command at the Run chkdsk command in the command prompt as administrator but nothing happened I also run all the tests lenovo provides for motherboard memory CPU etc but all give the result that the pc works fine I would appreciate if you could tell me how I can fix this as I use the laptop for my work and it is not nice to loose your work every one hour I would deeply apprceciate nbsp Operating system Windows Pro bit x based processorLenovo product nbsp A S TModel ThinkPad X CarbonBest Sophia

A:X1 Carbon 20A8S0080T ThinkPad freezes every one ho...

Things to try. Run a Disk CheckYou said Chkdsk did not run when you tried it , so if not, try the followingRight Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)In the Command Prompt (Admin) window, type:    chkdsk /f  and press enterChkDsk will run on reboot prior to loading Windows Run a full virus scan.    If you do not have one, try Malwarebytes free scanner from  You do not need to run the trial of the full version unless you want to, so deselect option that during install if not.    Once installed, open from the Settings menu from the top, and then select Detection and Protection in the left pane, select the option to Scan for rootkits, and then let it update is virus signatures and scan. Run a System File CheckRight Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)In the Admin command prompt window, type:  sfc /scannow  and press enterNote: Let the System File Check scan run until it completes. I usually appears to hang at about 20%, but just wait and it will eventually complete, but may take up to an hour to finish depending on the system.Once it completes, it will give one of the following results:"Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations" (If you get this message, then system file corruption was likely not your problem)"Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log" (If you get this message, then your problem might have been corrupted system files, and the problem may be fixed)"Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log" (If you get this message, see below on how to run DISM to fix a corrupt Windows Component Store, and then run the SFC scan again) How to run DISM Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and close all programsRight Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)Within the Command Prompt (Admin  window, type:  Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealthNote: After running the DISM utility successfully, you must run the System File Checker again to fix any corrupted system files using the now updated Component Store.  Good Luck
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Hi nbsp I had to reinstall Windows Controller d... not Carbon can Network find 20BT X1 professional nbsp SP onto a X Carbon BT latop due to a failure while trying to reinstall a previous image I had taken of the laptop using EaseUS to do backup For some reason the reimage failed halfway through and wiped the hard drive nbsp Because of this I had to install a fresh copy of Windows professional I was able to reinstall all of the drivers apart from the Network Controller drivers Within Mevice manager the Network Controller is showing with an yellow explanation Mark next to it X1 Carbon 20BT can not find Network Controller d... nbsp I have had Lenovo remote onto the laptop and and try to install the drivers with no success They used the various nbsp Lenovo tools without success They also uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers in the recommended order they Lenovo suggest this included installing all of the correct chipsets drivers nbsp nbsp I also tried to look for the drivers via the hardware IDs which are below on the Internet with no success I know they are Intel drivers by just can't find them Any X1 Carbon 20BT can not find Network Controller d... help will be much appreciated Please see the hardware IDs below nbsp Network Controller Hardware IdsPCI VEN amp DEV B amp SUBSYS amp REV PCI VEN amp DEV B amp SUBSYS PCI VEN amp DEV B amp CC PCI VEN amp DEV B amp CC nbsp Regards nbsp Trevor

A:X1 Carbon 20BT can not find Network Controller d...

Hello and welcome,
The Google thinks those IDs belong to a 7265.
You've already tried installing this driver (it's the only one listed)?
What happens when you do?  If you haven't already you might try installing and running ThinkVantage System Update via a wired connection and see if it turns up anything else.
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Hi, Lenovo Solution Center reports the following hardware problem on my new X1 Carbon (4th Gen).I've also tried the Lenovo Diagnostics tool for PCI express, as indicated in the forums, which reports the same error. Anybody an idea how serious this is? Resource type:
Device Connected:
Vendor Id:
Vendor Name:
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Class Name:
Mass storage controller
Subclass name:
Non-Volatile memory controller

1/04/2016 18:57:13 - Status Test
1/04/2016 18:57:13 - Warning Fatal Error Detected in PCI device present on Bus: 0x5 Device: 0x0 Function: 0x0.
Failed (0s)

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A:PCI Express hardware test fails - Lenovo X1 Carbon

This is my machine type: 20FBCTO1WWAll software is up to date using the Lenovo System Update tool.
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I have the same problem. It began with to bright spots in the lower part of the panel, one in the left and one in the right corner. They came from one day to the other; now, a few days later, two, larger, non-circular blothes have emerged in the centre-left of the screen. The PC is not even a month old.
I did the pixel test mentioned - and it does not appear to be faulty pixels; the blotches remain visible with all colours, except for black, which is basically all the pixels turned off. The shape and size of the blotches also point to something else than pixel error.
Any idea what this might be? It is certainly getting worse by the day.
3/6/15 EDIT: Moved post to front of discussion for escalation purposes. Amy_Lenovo

A:Bright white spot on thinkpad x1 carbon 3rd gen

I have a small bright spot that can be easily seen on a white background, but disappears on a black background. What is this, and can something like this spread or get worse?Doesn't seem like a dead pixel since it is lit it seems. Anyone see something like this on their displays? This is a on a new machine. Thanks
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trying to install windows x on a thinkpad x type fb and having issues nbsp Already called Lenovo support x1 install 20fb Win7 on SM951aPCIe... type thinkpad & and they were not help nbsp Can someone help with this Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe... problem when i Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe... try to boot from a usb drive with a windows i am able to see the PCIe NVMe drive but when i tried to format or click new to install windows i recieve a message of this hardward may not support booting to this drive and i am not able to install windows nbsp The drive is visible through the bios and through the boot menu nbsp But cannot install into the NVMe drive nbsp i read somewhere on the forum that the new skylake and nvme only works if the boot option is set to uefi nbsp tried that too but did not work nbsp Can someone help me with this issue i just need some help trying to install windows x on thinkpad x type fb with SM aPCIe NVMe nbsp Is there a bios option that i need to change to make the laptop see the NVMe drive When i install a M drive i am able to install windows without any issues but having issues with the SM aPCIe NVMe drive nbsp Thank you Solved Go to Solution

A:Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe...

What gen is your x1 carbon? Is it 3rd gen? If so that model does not support NVMe ssd due to it has no NVMe technology only 4th and yoga model of x1 Carbon has got NVMe support.
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Hi nbsp Does the X Carbon with i processing machine type BS A GE have the ability to AES encrypt the nbsp Gb SSD by setting a BIOS password nbsp I wrote and nbsp called Lenovo Encryption X1 Carbon SSD 512 GB and Samsung Support and they tell me they don't know and do not assist customers with configuration matters The Samsung Magican does not work with the B B HDD like this one Nor the manual helps me further nbsp The manual just says about nbsp Encryption solid-state driveSome models contain the Encryption solid-state drive This feature helps to protect your computer againstsecurity attacks on media NAND flash or device controllers by use of a hardware encryption chip For theefficient use of the encryption feature set a hard disk password for the internal storage device nbsp I have set the BIOS password but I am not sure if the data on the SSD is now AES encrypted or only the access protected by a password nbsp In my X BS A GE there is a Samsung SM HD X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption SAMSUNG MZHPV HDGL- L Lenovo SRU X nbsp Or do I have to use Bit Locker tp protect my data If so is there a good manual how to set it up best e g use some security features of the X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption HDD nbsp Anybody out there who knows nbsp Thanks Jogi Solved Go to Solution

A:X1 Carbon 512 GB SSD Encryption

I believe that drive in not self-encrypting/  Please note that the BIOS password is not what is used to encrypt self-encrypting.  Rather it is the ATA (hard disk) password.  In any case, if you set an ATA password, it is considered uncrackable.  If you have a self-encrypting drive and no ATA password, the drive can simply be moved to a different machine and read directly.
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Hi, Is it possible to have the back cover screws replaced if they wear off? Since mine is starting to wear off due to I got 2 ssd and one of them is my home use ssd and other one is for work/testing ssd so I switch between them alot depending what I'm doing and I noticed couple screws of mine are begining to wear off so it's starting to get harder on unscrew them due to + shape is becoming more rounded each time almost, the laptop itself has no damage on motherboard or any inside area only screws on back cover is wearing out so is it possible to have this fixed or something and does it void the warranty if only screws wear off? I hope not since if so it would be ridiculous reason :/
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Hi, I'm unable to open the SIM port. I've tried with a paper clip without success. Regards Pål-V. #iamlenovo?

IMG_20160411_151002.jpg ?63 KB

A:X1 Carbon Gen 3 - SIM card slot stuck

First problem fixed! After installing the SIM card I get this error when I reboot my PC: ?
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HI! We have updated one X1 Carobon to Windows 10 for test and see if the function cast do device can work.The laptop find the tv but when we want to connect it says "cant connect" so we cant reflect the image Any suggestions?
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Bought both of these together th Gen X Carbon and OneLink and am on Win Pro and I keep getting this error nbsp nbsp Window Title ThinkPad OneLink Dock DP Hub FW ver exe Content Windows cannot find 'ThinkPad OneLink Dock DP Hub FW ver exe' Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again OK nbsp nbsp The dialog seems to pop up randomly but will occur for certain when using the Companion nbsp I've tried Downloading the firmware onlineFilename is tp onelinkplus dock fw exe instead though Running this produces nothing on screen but creates an update log file with this Version Update result Error description Can't connect to Synaptics VMMxxxx DP hub ICDownloading the driver onlineWhen trying to install it says the installed version was newer than the downloaded file I've updated everything from the Lenovo Companion File on X1 FW OneLink+ Carbon Not Error Found system updates and Windows update I decided to uninstall the OneLink installed drivers and then install the online ones - they installed fine but the error keeps coming back nbsp Does anyone have any ideas I searched online for this file and nothing comes up I even OneLink+ FW File Not Found Error on X1 Carbon tried renaming the downloaded firmware file to the one it is looking for but I didn't know what folder to put it in nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:OneLink+ FW File Not Found Error on X1 Carbon

I forgot to add: When I first connect the dock I receive an error that the AC Adapter is inadequate and I need 90 W or higher - but it IS a 90W AC adapter, and it runs just fine (the computer runs off it fine too). As far as I can tel, the dock runs fine.
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my Lenovo X1 Carbon lost Wifi connection and no wireless adapter is showing up in deviec manager or under network adapters. running windows 10. How do it get back to wifi?

A:Lenovo X1 carbon Wifi connection gone

Download and Reinstall the drivers from here:   WLAN Windows 10 64 Bit DriverWLAN Windows 10 32 Bit Driver: To determine which version of Windows 10 you have:Click "Start" > type in "Machine Name" a dialog box will pop up and under System Type will tell you whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit edition of Windows installed. Good luck.
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Hey guys how you doing today?Here I come...I got a new X1  (207A) with 128sdd, i also have a x1 (3448) with a 256 sdd....... I want interchange the sdd on those X1s... I do have the recovery DVD that came with the new one, but none for the old one... Can you guys tell me how can I do that? Best regards...

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A:SSD x1 carbon changing

It's not possible because the two systems use SSDs with different physical sizes. The original X1C uses an mSATA SSD but the X1C2 uses an M.2 SSD.
M.2 - mSATA Comparison
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Since upgrading to Windows 10 , my X1 is having awful power management issues. It randomly powers off when the lid is closed and often times won't wake up from sleep. It does this power on , blinking green light power button , power off mode:  see video of issue here: The only way to get it out of this mode is plug in the power cord and press and hold the power button to force off then turn on. Even though the battery is at 90% + it won't power on without being plugged in.  I have type: 20BSCTO1WW , Bios N14ET32W , Windows 10 ProAll latest ThinkVantage and Lenovo Power Management updates installed  Any thoughts? Does it need to go back to Lenovo ? 

A:X1 Carbon Won't Power on After Sleep

I am having the exact same issue. After pressing power button the light flashes 8 times and there is then a pop from the speakers, this repeats 3 times. model:20BS0032USBIOS:N14ET32W This started for me after I ran Lenovo Updates on 10/8/15. I am able to get the laptop to eventually start by holding the power down for about 6 seconds and then powering the device back on. The start screen is a much different Lenovo splash page. I also had to roll back the wireless drivers as I could not connect to certain networks which previously had no issues.
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Hi, I got a 3rd Gen Carbon X1 with a touch screen. Now the screen is broken and I am afraid I have to replace a new one. Is it possible for me to replace a non-touch screen instead of a touch one, since I found the touch function didn't that improtant for me? And if I have to get a touch screen, how much it would be?Thanks for the help!!  

A:Carbon X1 touch screen replacement

It isn't just the LCD that is different. The panel, bezel, lid, cable and hinges all are different.  If you want to repair with non-touch, the best choice might be to look for a used, complete assembly
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Took my X1 Carbon on vacation with me in Thailand.  Used it once.  Tried to boot it the following morning and a message about something missing - in courier font without a screen driver.  Now it will not boot even into just the bios.   Press the power, and the power button lights up, the keyboard function selection is active and can be toggled through, the keyboard can backlight, but nothing else.  Then a short time later it shuts down on its own.  I have tried powering it on and using a paper clip to press the reset button.  Any ideas?

A:X1 Carbon (20A7) No Bios, No Boot, keyboard lighte...

Is your warranty still active?  This would be a good time to use it.
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I have an X Carbon Mic Not OneLink X1 Working Carbon Gen + Pro - 2nd nd generation and hooked to it a OneLink Pro dock Attached to that are two external monitors a keyboard mouse USB HD and ethernet nbsp nbsp I used to connect my headphones directly to my notebook but a few months ago I noticed that when my notebook is hooked to the dock the notebook's audio Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen would not work nbsp Not a giant problem becasue I could get audio feed via the dock But it is a problem when I am on a conference call because the Mic feed doesn't work in the dock nbsp nbsp To nbsp join a conference call I have to unhook my notebook and use my headset with the notebook Alternatively I can join the audio section of the call on my phone and then Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen the webfeed on my notebook Both are frustrating nbsp nbsp Can Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen I force the audio mic feedback on my notebook even when hooked to the OneLink doc nbsp nbsp Or can the Mic feed go through the dock nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen

I have two X2 Carbon 3d Gen systems and two OneLink Pro docks with the same problem. The dock combo port microphone feed does not work.
I have the latest OneLink Pro software installed (1.08.36), and already updated the dock to the latest firmware (2.24).
When I plug a headset into the OneLink Pro combo port, it is detected, and looks OK... BUT the headset audio is dead, while the X1 microphones are still picking up audio:

I have to unplug the X1 from the OneLink Pro and plug the headset into the X1 combo port to have a conversation :-s.
Any ideas out there?
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 Im a new to this board and forst would like to say hi all! Im looking to order the Gen3 Carbon X1 in the next couple of days. Im little worried and confused about the ssd situation on it. The model Im looking at comes with the 256gb installed, which is not even close to the space I need.So Im looking at 512gb options from eBay. Ssd's are very expensive here, eBay or similar is the only viable option for me. What specs exactly work for the gen3? I gathered it supports two different standards? Also, can it really be, that we cant take the WWAN m.2 slot and put another ssd there? Has someone thoroughly tested this? Thank you...

A:Carbon X1 Gen3 SSD questions

SSD on the WWAN m.2 will not work...First, the WWAN M.2 slot in the X1 Gen3 is single-sided only (insufficient height for M.2 cards with chips on both sides), and second, it apparently doesn't have SATA lanes routed to the slot.The M.2 slot in the X1 Carbon Gen 3 uses M.2 SSDs of length 80mm and supports the following interfaces:PCIe 2.0 4x (faster)SATAIIIThe PCIe 512GB SSD in it is a Samsung MZHPV512HDGL-000L  and in synthetic benchmarks it scores 2.5x higher than the SATAIII Samsung 840Pro... price difference is around 100 dollars for this one with the almost identical data... regards...
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Hello I was wondering if any of Carbon X1 Failure Help! Thinkpad Boot Secure you might be able to help me Today I opened my laptop and saw a message that read Secure Boot Image failed to verify with ACCESS DENIED Press any key to continue nbsp I can enter BIOS w F when I press the power key but that seems to be the only place I can go and most of the options are grayed out It won't let me disable secure boot It won't allow me to enter an administrator password It is enabled but pressing enter gets me in nbsp Option is grayed out nbsp F does Help! Thinkpad X1 Carbon Secure Boot Failure nothing at all nbsp There is no USB external harddrive CD or DVD involved nbsp I pressed F on startup in an attempt to restore the system but all I'm able to get is a stationary white cursor line in the upper left corner of a blank screen Any suggestions would be much appreciated nbsp Background My computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad X Carbon and I was running Windows until the free Windows upgrade came out a few months ago I haven't installed anything in a while except Windows and Lenovo updates I've had a bit of a heating issue so eight days ago I replaced the thermal paste The machine's been running much cooler but I've been experiencing random hibernations--usually once every hrs or so but occasionally two in min A few of those times I had a message that said something about my battery not being detected and this happened both when the computer was plugged in and when it wasn't It still charged like normal
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One of my users just brought his X1 carbon in for me to look at.  When powered on, it comes up to a solid white screen.  The wireless radio light is on, and I see the HDD light flicker a couple of times, very briefly.  I have tried holding the power button in to power it off and bring it back up, pressing the reset button, and also holding the reset button for 10-15 seconds.  None of these made a difference, the lcd still displays a blank white screen when I turn the laptop back on.   Before I put in a support ticket and send it off to service, is there anything else I should try?

A:X1 Carbon: Won't boot. Powers on to a solid white...

Hi, swhitcher
For clarification: Does the computer go to a white screen immediately, or only when it is booting Windows, i.e., can you see the BIOS or any screens at all? My first recommendation with issues like this is to boot into Safe Mode, but if you can see nothing but a white screen, troubleshooting steps will be vastly different.

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I just upgraded my X1 Carbon from Windows 7 to 10.  I followed the instructions from the Lenovo site.  They recommend that after the upgrade, I should go to get the latest drivers from  When I follow that link, I get to a page that does not include the option for X1 Carbon. Can anyone please help me find the Windows 10 drivers?  Also, I can't find the Windows 10 Thinkvantage tools - have they been replaced by something else?   Thank you in advance...Ron
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I have an X1 Carbon, 20BS  CT01WW.  A few days ago I changed my hard drive password to something more secure,  and now I have forgotten the password.  I can still access the laptop using my fingerprint, but I am worried that some day the fingerprint reader won't work.  The X1 has an SSD, but it is not FDE. I do have a full disk image  backup using Macrium. I am wondering if I can use "ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility for the Resetting the Cryptographic Key and the Erasing the Solid State Drive" to reset the hard disk password.  I am aware I will wipe the SSD clean, but i can restore from my Macrium backup. Thanks.

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A:Forgot Hard Drive Password for my X1 Carbon

If it is the ATA password that is set in the BIOS, it cannot be removed without knowing the password.
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I have a brand new x carbon type FB All seems to work fine apart from when I use an external moniter of any kind nbsp it always seems to display at a poor quality on the external screen with nbsp the laptop nbsp display staying at nbsp a high standard The resolution nbsp is set high enough to give a good clarity currently using x on company monitor but the image is pixalated and the contrast is weak nbsp nbsp I have tried using HDMI monitors VGA monitor TV projectors through the HDMI outputs and the onelink docking station played with every setting Poor Gen X1 video on carbon 2016 4th output I can find tried using an external screen only and switch the laptop screen off but nothing seems to generate a good image I would suspect that it was just me as most things seem to be but we recieved three of these laptops at the same time and all have the same issue Does anyone have a solution or is the nbsp intel HD graphic card just not up to scratch
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Hi nbsp i am about to buy a Carbon X Gen but since the GB PCIe-NVMe takes weeks to get shipped and it is a little cheaper i was thinking of going for the or gb SATA buying the big drive separately and doing the upgrade by myself nbsp Is this in general possible to upgrade from sata to PCIe-NVMe or do you have to go for PCIe right from the start nbsp if this is possible is one of the following SSD compatible and which one is to recommend http www amazon com Samsung- - GB-PCIe-NVMe dp B M ref sr ie UTF amp qid amp Upgrade Carbon X1 Gen SSD 4 sr http Upgrade SSD X1 Carbon Gen 4 www amazon com Kingston-Digital-Predator-SHPM P H- G dp B V C M ref sr s pc amp ie UT nbsp I know there is a chance that this question has already been answered here in the forum but I now spent quite some time and I only found the question answered for the third gen nbsp Best and thanks a lot S

A:Upgrade SSD X1 Carbon Gen 4

Hi.  I found this post from a Chinese forum, author of which have a Samsung 950PRO 512GB NVMe successfully installed, on a 20FB shipped with 192GB SATA.
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Hi Everyone, I am trying to deploy Windows 10 to a Lenovo X1 Carbon using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) from a Windows Server 2008 Standard Server. In order to perform a PXE boot my Lenovo requires the use of a ThinkPad USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter. With the adapter I am able to boot with PXE however I am unable to install Windows 10 (or other operating systems). I am seeing a network device error message. Initially I suspected that this was due to the deployment image not containing drivers for the USB Ethernet adapter. I therefore added the adapters drivers to the deployment image, however unfortunately I am still receiving the same error. If anybody has any suggestions on how to overcome this issue they will be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, David
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Hi All, Since the most recent update to the new power management and Lenovo Optimizer software (whatever the heck that does) my fan has been running much more constantly. I have to imagine it is becuase of this most recent update becuase it wasn't doing this before. Is anyone else experiencing this?  My X1 is model 20BS0031USand the Dock is 4X10A06687  Thanks

A:X1 Carbon Fan Running w/ Dock

Hello jigets,did you solve your problem with fan ?  There's something similar being discussed in another thread. After BIOS update, fan is running more often. No solution yet.
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Hey Everyone, I just got a carbon x1 - and keep getting the following error when I try to use the bluetooth.  'The driver for bluetooth peripheral device is not installed. Install the latest driver for this device" So I went to the lenovo driver site and downloaded and installed the most recent package for the bluetooth on the site and even after that it is still saying that. I have confirmed I have turned bluetooth on by doing Fn F5.  Any idea what could be wrong?Appreciate you help! 

A:Thinkpad Carbon X1 -Bluetooth Peripheral Device is...

I've installed System Update, and made sure all my drivers are up-to-date. Still no joy. What are these devices?
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Hi, for the last two weeks I'm having a problem when I use earphones on my Lenovo X1.  I've tried different earphones, and every time I put them on and plug them in the computer, audio will sound degraded: For example, when playing a movie trailer, human voices will sound so low that they can't be understood, but music will sound ok. Also, Skype calls are useless when using earphones (human voice again) I tried playing with different dolby settings to no avail. Sound on the loudspeakers is ok though.  Can someone help me fix this? Thanks!

A:X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Degraded Earphone sound

Good day and welcome to the community.
No guaranty that it will be help, but there is a new Realtek audio driver (v6.0.1.7746) available, dated 4/22/16:
If you decide to try it, please let us know if it helps.
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I have my x1 carbon for always a year now. Last month, it had problem starting up for the first time, and I resolved it by pressing the reset button at the bottom. However, this problem has happened more frequently lately. Especially in this week, I had to press the reset everytime I start up the laptop. I start to wonder if there is something seriously wrong in the hardware. Any suggestions? Thanks. 

A:X1 carbon always has problem booting up

Good day and welcome to the community.If you would, please post more information about your system (Carbon generation: 2 or 3, OS, any recent updates hardware or software, etc), as it may facilitate the community better assisting you.Regards.
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I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon and I was considering either purchasing the Thinkpad Onelink Pro Dock or the Thinkpad One Link Dock.  I need to be able to connect a monitor and keyboard to my new computer. I have a some questions that I was hoping someone can help with.  1.  What is the difference between the Pro Dock and the Regular Dock? 2.  If my monitor does not have HDMI will these two docking stations still allow me to connect a monitor? 3.  Can you connect two monitors with both the pro dock and regular dock stations? 4.  Are there other docking station options that are better? 5.  Do these docking stations work with all versions of the x1 carbon? Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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Hello, I have a Lenovo thinkpad x1 Carbon 4Gen with Windows 10. When I connect to internet with my sim card to the mobile broadband network, my screen is blinking (screen getting on and black several time). The connection is good but it blinks time to time. It happens even when I am already connected and while doing stuff online. Thanks for your help. Joel
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My X1 Carbon (4th gen) runs Windows 10 (64-bit). When I click the middle TrackPoint button to scroll (with the red TrackPoint mouse), I am able to scroll, but this always opens the Windows start/search menu. If the cursor is far enough to the right of the screen, I can scroll just fine with the Start menu open, but I would like to disable whatever it is that is making the middle button open the start menu. Thanks