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Z240 SFF - caddy/insert for 3.5" HDD in

Q: Z240 SFF - caddy/insert for 3.5" HDD in

Hi, I'm wanting to install 2 x 3.5" HDDs in my new Z240 SFF Workstation. There is a bay that already came with an insert and one of the new drives slots into that just fine. However it looks like some sort of insert/caddy is needed for the "External/internal shared 3.5" bay", as it is too big for the drive itselt to slot in. It looks like this bay is sized for some sort of optical disk. I've called HP and their spare parts people here in Australia, but no one can find the part needed. Can some one please help?
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Preferred Solution: Z240 SFF - caddy/insert for 3.5" HDD in

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My partner's laptop HP 0700 Notebook will not boot up and just comes up with the above message. We found an HP troubleshooting site which said to reset the BIOS default settings by pressing the Escp key, F10 followed by F9 to reset. Then it said to press the F2 System Diagnostics keys which tested the hard disk and all the tests came out OK. When we tried to restart it, it came up with the same message and we have noticed that before it comes up with this message it says in the bottom left-hand corner "Prepare boot to OS" and then comes up with the message in the heading. We have not bootable disk as the laptop already had everything installed.

Coupled with this my partner's virus protection is coming up with "Threat detected" every minute on practically every site my partner visits on the Internet. You will appreciate that we cannot run any virus checks as we cannot get into the computer.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


A:No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key

Any luck with this?
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I hope someone could help me with this...when I connect my Blackberry to my computer this shows up "there is no disk in the drive. please insert a disk into drive device harddisk1 dr22" and sometimes it deletes everything thats in my phone...
I hope you have any ideas and thanks in advance : )

A:There is no disk in the drive, please insert a disk into drive device harddisk1 dr22

You might need to install a new micro-SDHC flash card into your phone
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Hi So I have a Toshiba netbook Windows and I bought an external CD drive for my computer since it doesn t come with one I play PC games and I have an old game called Roller Coaster Tycoon which I ve been able to play just drive? into Please game F insert fine Please insert game into F drive? for about a year on Please insert game into F drive? my Toshiba Recently all the files corrupted on it and wiped out the game so I reinstalled it and was able to play for about three months and again it worked fine Now whenever I try playing it a message comes up saying quot Please insert your RollerCoaster Tycoon CD in the following drive F quot but I have the game in the external drive and I don t know why it keeps coming up I ve been able to play other older PC games on my computer without this problem like The Sims and Age of Empires The Conquerors So I decided to install a bit newer version of RollerCoaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes and the same problem is happening Is something wrong with my computer s F drive or is the game just being unresponsive nbsp

A:Please insert game into F drive?

It's either the disk itself for the game or the external cd drive may be going bad. try testing with different kinds of disks: audio cd, video dvd, data cd, data dvd, etc. see what the external drive reads and does not read. if it works with all types of disks without flaw, then I'm going to say that the media disk itself for your game is bad. Hope this helps, take care!
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when i plug in my memory stick and do a search on it it say please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click ok whats gone wrong please

A:Memory stick -- insert last disk of multi-volume set?

it could be that the zip file is part of a lot more files. they are usually broken up into smaller parts to upload, and you need all of them to decompress the file.

or the file didnt completly transfer onto the USB drive, or has become currupted/damaged.
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Have an old XP Pro PC with a bad motherboard and another perfectly good XP Home PC I put the Pro HD in the Home chassis and after a revalidation of the OS it recognition HDD caddy USB with problem booted successfully However I can t get to the internet So I HDD recognition problem with USB caddy put the old Home HD back in the Home chassis booted successfully and attached the XP Pro HD HDD recognition problem with USB caddy to the Home machine with a USB caddy thinking I d just have to copy the files to the Home PC It sort of recognizes the drive - by that I mean that although no drive ecer shows up on the Computer screen it makes the bloop-bloop noise when I plug it it and when I remove it and if I go to the notification area I can click on the icon for safely remove hardware and it displays as a mass storage device but there is no drive letter Disk management displays nothing pertaining to the drive I ve plugged the caddy into the USB port of another PC and have gotten the same non-results And I tested the caddy with another drive and it works fine So I m baffled How can I put the Pro HD into the chassis of the XP Home and have it boot and display all my files yet when I use the caddy it fails to assign a drive letter nbsp

A:HDD recognition problem with USB caddy

Possibly the old drive is a bad drive... age and technology lapses make the suffer.
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Hey Guys,

So the Title pretty much sums up what's going on.
It'll read some dvds, much with some it'll just turn into a cdrom drive.
It's not the dvds, i tested them on two other dvd players and they worked. And i'm not sure it's the drive either since it can read most dvds i feed it, so i'm pretty sure it's a software problem.

I tried a lot of stuff, including registry editing (guides on the Windows site) and such, but nothing helped. Also, i dunno if this is related, but it seems autostart has been disabled on my pc, for a long while now. Whenever i feed any cd, dvd or image into virtual drives, it won't autostart.

Thanks for the help

A:DVD drive turns into a CD drive when I insert DVDs

Unlike you, I'd expect this to be a hardware problem. You've ruled out that the disks are faulty by trying them in other drives, and you've established it can read some dvds. I think the drive is faulty.

Good news is you can pick up a fancy new dvd burner for about $15-20
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Having some issues booting up my other packard bell notbook, i think i have caught the hard drive on somthing and bashed it. When i turn it on i get the error of 'insert boot drive - press any key to continue', if it helps i have a mass storage disk lying around, but i don't have a clue what to do.
(and i don't realy want to pay for repairs)

A:Insert disk drive error

Solutions here:
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When I plug my memory stick into the computer, a new drive appears as you would expect it to, but when I try and open this drive, it acts as if its a disk drive without a disk in, meaning I can't attempt a reformat of the memory stick or anything :S

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to make my memory stick usable?

A:"Please Insert Disk"... On a memory stick drive?

Try starting disk management to see if the flash drive is visible and whether or not it is partitioned and formatted. If so, should look like Disk 3 in the attached snapshot ... if not you may need to partition although these drives normally come preformatted.
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hi . plzz help me . my e machine d5120 is not working, when i start my pc is complety black and i read insert boot disk and press any key. the problem is, i don't have the boot disk, i don't know what i can do plzz any one can help me?, i have important document inside tnx

A:eMachines says insert boot disk on startup

Do you have any friends or associates who have working tech knowledge? What is the make of your hard drive?
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I need 3 Toughbook hard drive caddies for a CF-29. I really did not want to pay an arm and a leg for it. The prices on ebay, I think is a bit high.

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Till yesterday everything was fine. Today when I tried to run my computer following message appeared on my screen; 'Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device' I completely have no idea what the problem is as it happened to me for the first time.. My HDD is working/running but somehow I think my computer its not reading it, no clue why. Maybe its SATA cable fault?
I have no idea how to check where the problem comes from?

Can someone help?

Sorry for my English. Hopefully u know what I mean..

A:Reboot & select proper boot device or insert..

Did you check the boot priority in BIOS? It should be HDD first.
Still, you can try another SATA cable just to try if it is ok,
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Hi I saw a post about the asus m n sl i motherboard on RAM properly DIMM slots my DDR2 black 'Asus - insert wont SLI' m2n here and thought i would ask for some advice or help I have recently bought more RAM for my computer hoping to add 'Asus m2n SLI' - black DIMM slots wont insert my DDR2 RAM properly the RAM i had already however after trying to insert the new RAM into the black DIMM slots for dual channel they wouldnt insert properly so i started thinking quot oh no ive bought the wrong one quot but then i removed my old RAM from the yellow DIMM slots put my new stuff in and they fit and work perfect so my problem is that none of the RAM i have will fit into the black DIMM sockets despite them both being pin mhz DDR They just wont slot in enough for me to click both clamps down if i manage to get the bottom of the RAM inserted so it clamps in the top end will sit up and if i get the top in the bottom end will sit up and so on and so fourth I have done a bit of research and all sockets yellow and black are supposed to be DDR sockets pin So why wont it take the RAM ive got nbsp

A:'Asus m2n SLI' - black DIMM slots wont insert my DDR2 RAM properly

Is it possible that you need to flip the RAM modules 180 degrees? The notch in the insertion end is not in the middle so it will prevent the RAM from seating if you insert it backwards.
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I'm planning to buy a graphic card for a gaming PC but I never actually assembled a PC before. I'm confused with these PCI slots..
How will I know where to insert a graphic card? Will it be on a PCI slot? X1? x16?

Refer to these links for example: (Please add "www" on the links, the forum doesn't allow me yet to post links)
Graphic Card:

Where in the specs in the graphic card can I know where to insert it in the MOBO?
Lastly, the graphic card says in it.
Multi-GPU Support: 3-Way SLI
Does this mean I can insert 3 graphic cards of the same type in this MOBO? Is it advisable to have multiple GPUs? Is it worth the money?


A:Where to insert Graphic cards?

it will go into the PCIe 16 slot, the first slot or third slot
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i just reformat my hard disk today...and installed all its drivers...
...the thing is ... when i restarted it ... some error appeared saying...."insert proper boot media and press enter to continue",,, something like that...
..i already checked the hard disk connection, its power and is good...
...then i reboot it again then it well all fine just then...
..what could be the problem???? is their a damage or some kind or what???
... u really need info 'bout this...

A:Insert boot media?

You have likely made an error in the installation of your Windows or whatever software...
Or your hard drive has gone bad on the outer 8 sectors of the magnetic media and cannot be read.
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I was backing up my hard-drive when, zapppowwww, the computer shut off..... when I turned it back on, I get only the manufacturers logo screen (pre-boot) .... eventually it goes to black with the phrase :

"Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device."

Have I lost my Hard drive at the critical moment during backup?? :-( Please help!

A:Randomly: "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or insert Boot Media in selected.."

Yes it sounds like your C drive has developed problems
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I bought a Caviar SE Serial ATA drive from Western Digital SATA II And all i got was this lousy message when i started up my PC My mobo is an Intel D GZISSLIt only supports SATA but i didn t think i would have a problem since the drive is backwards compatible with SATA I got the utility called Data Lifeguard Tools available Device and any Boot key insert No boot press disk - from the makers website and burned it to a CD and tried rebooting with that to see if my disk was kaput but i No Boot Device available - insert boot disk and press any key couldn t boot from the cd either Now i m not No Boot Device available - insert boot disk and press any key sure if i burned the DLT right or something but i m pretty sure i couldn t boot from the cd either when i tried with the Windows XP Cd And that cd works fine The bios i just don t understand what s going on I checked to see if it detected my drive and it appears to be detected as SATA or something Master and Slave say nothing is installed I tried changing the boot order but i doesn t seems to change anything Gonna try tomorrow booting with the Data Lifeguard Tools form a floppy disk But first i would love to have some kind of advice first because my Pc case is a bit small microatx and i have to remove my dvd drive and videocard to reach the Hardrive Thanks for the help and sorry for my bad english and poor grammar nbsp

A:No Boot Device available - insert boot disk and press any key

Have you tried putting your old HDD back in?
Cables connected correctly?
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I installed a hard drive into my pc to access stored movies. The drive appears in explorer but when trying to open drive I get the message please insert disk media into storage device. Any tricks on how to get to the files.

A:Can't access harddrive "insert disk message appears"

wostone said:

I installed a hard drive into my pc to access stored movies. The drive appears in explorer but when trying to open drive I get the message please insert disk media into storage device. Any tricks on how to get to the files.
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You might have auto-run worm on the system. Does it appear on C also? When last you scan your system for malware/spyware/adware/worms/viruses/trojans?
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First timer. I just got a pc from my roommate that he wasn't using. When I turn it on, it gives me the screen saying
"reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media"
I pressed F2 to try to switch up the boot priority and the only option it shows is the DVD/CD RW drive, does this mean I don't have a hard drive? I opened up the computer but I don't really know what I should be looking for. All I noticed was two wires that weren't plugged into anything so that added to the suspicion that the computer doesn't have a HDD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media

If you have a look at the drive on the right, that's what a hard drive should look like

I am assuming that you are using a desktop and not a laptop

Did have a nice pretty circle around it showing you, but it wouldn't let me upload that one
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I have been working for a few days in the library on my dissertation because my laptop is doomed and my USB stick has been fine until this morning. It shows up in My Computer though when I click all it says is Please insert disk into Drive. i have clicked on properties and it is saying 0 used space, 0 free space.

I have since tried it on 3 other computers XP and Vista and they are all saying the same. i know I should have backed it up somewhere else too but is there anything at all I can do?? i think I am about to have a break down!

A:USB containing uni work saying 'insert into Drive D:/E:'

1st see this post and try running drivecleanup on your PC (with all USB devices disconnected)

post back if yes/no makes a difference. if no, suggest you also run Windows update (USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates) and also See this Guide Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive
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I believe that some files got corrupted on my HDD since windows would restart itself when it got to the loading screen I ordered boot boot media or insert Reboot and device proper select a new disc drive Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media since mine was faulty to use when repairing windows After plugging it in i booted up my computer and after setting it to boot from disc first got the message quot reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media quot I found this odd since i had the windows installation disc in the drive I checked all the connections and they are fine At one point the message quot press any key to boot from disc quot appeared and after doing so got the installation screen but out of all the possible things that could have happened experienced a power cut It wouldn t have affected any components because i have a surge protector and i m still getting the message Computer specs Asus Maximus formula II LG DVD drive Gb MHz DDR black dragon RAM Intel Q gb barracuda seagate HDD HIS IceQ Turbo Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media

you may want to look at your power supply. different optical drives consume power at different rates. If it didn't see the disk in the drive, there is a possibility that the drive was not powered up or spinning the disk at a speed fast enough to read the data. I see that you have a custom machine so its possible that with all the upgrades you now may need a beefier power supply. Thats just 1 of several possibilties. Whats the wattage on the one you have now?
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I have two problems:
1)Ive reformatted my computer, booting from Windows Xp Genuine Kit, and deleting the partitions, and then reinstalling one. I had a problem with my product key, and got that figured out with microsoft. I loaded up into windows, started installing the MOBO drivers (InstAll, with my ASUS P5B-SE), Games, Files. I was asked to restart, and in which case, I ended up seeing the message...
"Unable to boot from device, Insert media and select boot device, or press a key to continue"
I cannot overcome this message. Ive reconnected everything inside, checked fan's and my drives. Cant figure this out, and im about to lose it. Spent 200 bucks for WGAK and now my comp isnt working? WTF?
2) My computer now shuts off after about 4-8 seconds from turning on

VC: Ati Radeon
Proc: 3.3ghz

Help, Thanks!

A:Insert media and select boot device


sounds like a thermal fault, or a mobo failure,

Try this

strip the board down, use one stick of memory and just the video card.

No HDD's or CD rom units

See if the System powers on.

Let us know
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Hi Today I went out and bought a WD JB GB hard drive I installed the hard drive and it was recognized by the bios but not by windows I went to the western digital website and downloaded the drivers in selected select device device and boot or proper Reboot media insert boot boot to get windows to recognize the drive Everything was working fine I logged out of my windows user I m the only user but I log out anyways I came back several hours later and went to go log in I was entering my correct password i made sure and it wasn t logging me in This has Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device happened a few times before and everytime it was fixed by rebooting I rebooted the computer properly and after the BIOS load where the windows XP loading bar should have come up i got instead quot reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device quot I have searched the internet for about an hour now trying different jumper combinations cable select on both HD s my master on master and slave on slave I have even removed my slave drive and Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device tried different jumper settings with my master drive I have plugged in different power supply cords set BIOS priority to hard drive first I took everything off the BIOS boot list except for the harddrive and still no go I disconnected both HD s and attempted to boot from a CD drive and got the same message Same with floppy drive I restored Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device BIOS settings to default and tried again with all of the above Nothing has worked I have ensured that power cables and IDE cables are snug in place Any other suggestions before I have to pay someone at the store to fix it for me I ve never had to pay anyone to fix my computer i ve always done it myself Im stuck this time though Anything you guys can come up with would be awesome Thanks alot Chris nbsp

A:Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device

I forgot to mention, my motherboard IS detecting Both my CD drives, both my HD's and my floppy drive.
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Can you put a normal Blu-Ray drive, ( ) into a normal external caddy?

I'm thinking there could be HDCP issues?



A:Can you put a Blu-Ray drive into a caddy?

A Blu-Ray drive is the same size a a non-Blu-Ray drive, so yes you can put it in a caddy
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I have absolutely no idea what I m doing I tried to get my desktop computer set boot or boot device? insert proper select device and selected boot media Reboot in up for the school year but found myself with a Blue Screen Error every time I would turn it on I had this problem on my laptop just weeks earlier and when I turned it into the shop they informed me that it was caused by corrupted RAM So Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device? instead of wanting to Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device? pay another to get the desktop fixed I chose to take out the RAM myself Bad idea For some reason the RAM appeared to be melted or scratched away a little bit at the bottom Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device? gold part that goes into the slot So I took that RAM out Only now when I turn on the computer it gives me a screen saying quot reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device quot I go into the Boot Menu and it gives me two options both bringing me back to the same quot reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device quot message I tried taking out a RAM drive from a different desktop computer and putting it into the one I m trying to fix but then the monitor wouldn t read the computer being on I switched monitors but to no avail I switched RAMs from other computers but that doesn t work either I can t afford to take this into the shop or buy new parts for it but I really need it for school I don t even care about it running slower or files on their disappearing forever I just want my computer to run So how does a person with no skills get their computer to run nbsp

A:Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device?

I just want to be clear here (point form is sometimes good)

PC Bluescreens
Removed Ram (looks to be physically faulty, gold plate scratched off)
Turned on computer (not sure if you re-inserted the original Ram here again)
Now cannot find HardDrive boot sector
Tried Ram from another (unknown) computer (Note: Ram specs may be incorrect)
Would not POST (Power On Self Test)
Put the original Ram back in
From here, I don't know what's happening, probably not Booting again (ie your long heading)

This is what I recommend (even though I'm still a little unsure where your at!)

Remove the Ram (By the way 1 or 2 Ram Cards?)
Blow out (either compressed air in a can, or just using your breath) the Ram slots
Re-insert the Ram (you usually just need one in there to test with) Note: They click in
Unplug the cables going to your HardDrive (HardDrive end and Motherboard end)
Re-insert the HardDrive data cable (securely)
Do the same for the HardDrive Power Connector (pull it out, then push it in with a little force)
Now do the same for the CD/DVD Drive data and power cables (you can even just leave these cables fully out)

Turn on !

Did it work?
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when starting my computer, and no boot disk is inserted, i get the error message:"HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK PRESS ENTER" when a boot disk is inserted, windows xp starts up if no button is pressed after a boot disk is inserted. I cant work out how to boot from hard disk immediately, and it is set as primary boot device. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk Press Enter

Just go into the Bios and (For my motherbaord) in Advanced BIOS Features, set primary, seconday etc boot devices as you like.
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When I insert a cd into the computer, it doesn't work. I want to write some files to the cd, but when I click on it, it says to insert a cd. What should I do?

A:Something's wrong when I insert a CD

Does it recognize any cd?

If you insert the Win install disk in the cd and reboot with cd selected before hd in boot sequence, does it boot the install disk?
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issue resolved- see post #3


I have a damaged hard drive (WD 250GB) that I pulled from my external enclosure.
I'm trying to do data recovery on it, so i connected it to the slave IDE cable (middle one right?).

Now when I start up my PC, it gives me that error message, but my Primary boot disk (Seagate 80GB) works fine when th Slave isn't plugged in. (I'm guessing it's a BIOS or a jumper setting that's telling it to look at the Slave as the Boot disk???)

I thought I had the BIOS configured correctly to the best of my ability, but now it's beyond me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter

Put the drive into a powered USB enclosure. It must have its own power adapter. You have a good chance of recovery there.
If you must put it inside a case, you must change the jumpers, assuming you are using PATA or EIDE. The main drive to which you are copying, must be jumpered as Master, and the failed drive must be jumpered as slave. USE EIDE 80 conductor 40 connector cables.
You will not have good luck depending on the EIDE cable alone, or while using Cable Select. That puts you at risk of losing even more data.
Once you start this recovery, do not stop until done, as it is possible the drive will never again power up, depending on its condition. Keep that drive spinning.

Once your drives are properly jumpered, you should have good luck in your data rescue, as long as the bearings are not failing. The other main cause of trouble is the magnetic media bubbling up and pealing off. That usually starts at the outer edge. The centrifugal force of the drive plates will cause the bubbled parts to be destroyed and blow off due to the force of the rapdily moving air.
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Now I know this topic has already been covered a while ago on here and I read and boot in media insert selected Reboot boot select proper or device boot device it from beginning to end and tried everything and it did not Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device fix my issues So my computer got hit by lighting through the phone line I have replaced the power supply and the motherboard and cpu which came as a unit And when I boot up it finds my HDD and both my Cd-Roms but then I get quot reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device quot I ran Knoppix and looked at the hard drive and everything is still on there So I am guessing the problem is in the Bios but I have no idea where to go from here Here is what I have going Elitegroup Goal Motherboard AMD Athlon Sempron Master Drive - Hitachi GB HDD CD Drive - Pioneer DVD-R RW CD Drive - Samsung CD-R RW SW Generic Floppy Drive quot MB Kingston DDR Ram Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device

When you say you "tried everything," what did you try? Give us a clue regarding your prior efforts so we don't waste time suggesting the same old thing again.
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Hi!I have a HDD with a problem such that when I boot my machine with boot sequence first boot device CD-ROM and second boot device HDD,the machine does not recognize any of the boot devices and indicates the error BOOT DISK FAILURE,INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.Even if I re-connect the IDE and power cables for HDD and CD-ROM the same error appears.If I disconnect the HDD and boot with only the CD-ROM,the CD-ROM is recognized and when I put the first boot device as the HDD the error still appears..When I replace the HDD with another one,the replacing HDD is recognized by the machine.How do I solve my problem above and boot my HDD?

Please respond as soon as possible and I shall be infinitely grateful.Thanks in advance.

A:Boot Disk Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Can you access the master hard drive when jumpered as Slave and the other as master... or when you change the cable locations for cable select?
If you can, run the drive fitness test of the hard drive manufacturer. I suspect you will find a failed S.M.A.R.T. test, and probably other errors in the extended test... Particularly if it is a WD, Hitachi, or Maxtor drive.
If the drive is failing a "REPAIR" windows may work, but it will not last for long.
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Hi all, i have searched the forums before posting this to see if i could find anything similar but to no avail.

My problem is as follows.

When i boot my machine without the Xp pro disc in the Cd-rom Drive i get the invalid boot disk error after post.

IF i leave the xp pro disc in the cd-rom drive, and do not boot from it, my system will then finish posting and boot as normal.

I have tried recovery console:

chkdsk /p

In that order no avail.

I also flashed my motherboard bios (asus m2n4-sli). To no avail.

I am thinking my HDD is not saving the MBR for some strange reason, and before i replace it, i would like to hear your views.


A:Invalid boot disk, insert system disk

Couldn't this be a disc fault
Have you confirmed the disc works in another computer ?

Check if the CD/DVD drive jumper is set to Master or Slave or Cable Select
I have seen issues before when Cable Select works and systems that Master works - very strange I know.
You may need to check Hard Drive as well

Also confirm the data cable for Hard Drive and CD/DVD is in the correct order.
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I'm currently running on a m2n32-SLI Deluxe WIFI edition with a 320GB maxtor harddrive. Previously, I had my set up like this: One SATA from maxtor to the mobo, one IDE cable with my cd drive, as master, and my old HD(30 GB w/ my documents) as slave. It was running fine with Vista on the maxtor. However, I wanted to remove the old HD and place a new CD-drive in. I did so, and I received the above error message.

I took out the the new CD-drive and switched back to my old connection, and it worked great.

Then, I had the 320 GB connected, and the old cd-drive to the IDE. I get the error message. I've tried every single possible combination of jumper settings and replaced the IDE cables.

What do I need to do to get this to work, before I throw my computer out the window?

A:"Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter"

Windows has detected the change as an attempt at piracy. You will now have to reinstall Windows in repair mode, then talk to Microsoft over the phone to get it re-established.
This is common with OEM versions of Windows. Windows will detect any change in the hardware, other than memory, as a possible attempt to bypass the Windows Install parameters... it thinks the computer has been changed.
You might want to do a thorough search of the knowlege base.
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I'm sitting here and have unscrewed all the screws that holds the hard-drive caddy in place. But still it wont go off.

Anyone have any ideas that may help me to get this hard-drive caddy of the mainboard?

Im onto short circuiting the chip beneath the caddy!!

Help would be appreciated

A:Removal of hard-drive caddy on insp.8500

One screw, and caddy straight out

But if the caddy (or Inspiron casing) has warped, due to heat
Then you could wiggle it a litttle, left and right, up and down; until it frees itself.

wiggle refers to the harddrive motion, not yours !
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Ok I built a PC a month ago and everything seemed find no problems of any sort The other night I defragmented my hard drive and shut it down and turned it on today to a memory test and the message quot Disk Boot Failure Insert system Disk and press enter quot The computer has access to the XP pro w sp disk only as a boot device but it and Disk work press seems Insert nothing Disk enter system Failure, to Boot will not recognize it now I have set Cd-rom as st for boot sequence then hard drive I have no floppy Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter nothing seems to work drive and the bios has been configured to know that I am not sure if this means anything but in the bios the IDE Channel Master says none and when I try to turn Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter nothing seems to work on auto detection it wont detect a hard drive The HDD is fully connected and has not been touched since I installed it a month ago I have this awful feeling that I fried the HDD when I defragmented it last night Any help would be very much appreciated Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter nothing seems to work But please be simple this is my first build and my knowledge at this sort of thing is very very sketchy at best I have installed a new hard drive and used three different sata cables none of that worked I have even taken out the battery and that did not work I am about to give up and scape the whole thing nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter nothing seems to work

It sounds like a motherboard failure to me.
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Ok I built a PC a month ago and everything seemed find no problems of any sort The other night I defragmented my hard drive and shut it down and turned it on today to a memory test and the message quot Disk Boot Failure Boot on Insert system Error press first message Disk "Disk and enter" build Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter quot The computer has Error message "Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter" on first build access to the XP pro w sp disk only as a boot device but it will not recognize it now I have set Cd-rom as st for boot sequence then hard drive I have no floppy drive and the bios has been configured to know that I am not sure if this means anything but in the bios the IDE Channel Master says none and when I try to turn on auto detection it wont detect a hard drive The HDD is fully connected and has not been touched since I installed it a month ago I have this awful feeling that I fried the HDD when I defragmented it last night Any help would be very much appreciated But please be simple this is my first build and my knowledge at this sort of thing is very very sketchy at best nbsp

A:Error message "Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter" on first build

The first thing to do would be to get a new data cable for the herd drive and see if that fixes it, they are nice and cheap nowadays.
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I recently swapped out my Maxtor GB Master and GB Slave harddrive for a Western Digital GB harddrive When I boot I get the Disk Boot Error My boot order is CD-ROM - gt HDD - gt HDD I have a CD-ROM RW and DVD-ROM RW and they are cabled and mastered slaved properly I m trying to install Boot Insert Enter Press Error, System Disk Please Disk and Windows XP on this new HDD but I can t get to anything in windows such as partioning etc I believe it is a hardware issue but I m not sure I tried resetting the battery on my Mobo switching in and out different peripherals but nothing is working I know the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are working as the CD is Disk Boot Error, Please Insert System Disk and Press Enter still spinning when I open them I took out the slave drive just so I can see if I can get by all this to install windows to the big drive and just add the other one later but I m still having the problem The only problems I can see happening are Bad cables Bad Mobo Bad CDROM Bad Disk Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Disk Boot Error, Please Insert System Disk and Press Enter

Help me, please!
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When I turn on my PC I get the following error message quot Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter quot I have a Maxtor d h hard drive When I tried System Failure, Disk Insert Disk Enter and Press Boot to run my Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter Windows XP setup CD I d get the following error message quot Setup cannot access this disk quot Yesterday I browsed the web for this error message and it was recommended to download Active KillDisk and format the drive so I did so The hard drive was recognized and it started the formatting process It got stuck at and now my hard drive is making clicking noises Now when I turn on my computer I still get the error quot Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter quot Now when I run my Windows XP setup CD I get the blue screen error quot A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer quot I downloaded the Maxtor PowerMax utility I cannot perform any diagnostics because it tells me that quot No device was found quot Can anyone help Thanks nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter

Buy a new drive or return it under warranty. The drive is a lost cause... it's trashed.

"now my hard drive is making clicking noises."Click to expand...

That's the head clicking as it seeks back and forth, which is commonly referred to as the "Click of Death". Basically, that is the drive attempting to read over and over, but being unable to. There is no way to repair it. Freezing it in a ziploc bag might get you 20 minutes or so, but since you formatted it, I'm assuming there is no data to recover.
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Before i restored my computer, i put some files on a blank CD. I put jpeg and gif files, and photoshop and some fonts in the disk.

After restored, had problems with screen resolution etc, fixed all that after a few hours...

but now new problem. When i insert the disc with my files in, nothing happens, so i click on my computer and then open the cd, the computer just freezes...damn i then i go to task manager and end the task. 2minutes(literally 2minutes) later computer works normal.

How do i fix this? Thanks to whoever helps It's greatly appreciated.


A:I insert a disc with written files on..when i try open it on my comp,it freezes

Try to read the disc on another system...

You said some of the files are in a Photoshop format. Has Photoshop been reinstalled after the computer restore?
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ok it started as usual as i switched on my com.....but suddenly something pop up at the top telling me to reboot and change the boot device or insert a boot media.......tell me what can i do i cannot go into my deskop anymore

A:Reboot and change the boot device or insert a boot media.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I have moved your post to it`s own thread.

is your hard drive recognised in bios?

if not, check that the cables attached to your hard drive are properly connected.

If they are and you still can`t boot, try changing your hard drive IDE cable and see if that helps.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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My brother is working on his first machine. I have helped him a lot, but this stumps me. Upon power on, everything works alright until it starts to boot, where it displays "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter." I thought that this meant a dead hard drive, the thing is he doesn't have an OS on the drive, he is trying to install xp. I have also gone through the bios at least a dozen times to make sure it is set ONLY to boot from the cd. Does the system disc mean the OS or the motherboard utilities disk? (I don't have the utilities disk, i could find one online) he is also using an asus 18n sli mobo, a board that i have heard is very prone to this problem. Any ideas on solutions? thanks a lot!

A:"boot disk failure, insert system disc..."

go into BIOS and ensure it looks for the CD rom first. Then put your windows installation disc in the cd drive when booting. It is looking for the OS installation disc, not a utilities disc.You will also need all your drivers readily available. If you have SATA you will have to install SATA drivers when windows asks to.
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alright everyone 250gb/usb caddy problems! Seagate Barracuda let me give the lowdown on the goings on Basically my pc has died on me but luckily i have a laptop I cant afford a new pc yet so i bought a hard drive usb caddy thing it works a treat with Seagate Barracuda 250gb/usb caddy problems! my dvd writer and with my other hard drive gig Western Digital one with partitions and windows on the drive but this seagate one is being a bit more of a pain the usb drive itself can handle upto gig and i have a usb connection so theres no compatibilty problems and it works with the fine also i tried to put the hard drive in another Seagate Barracuda 250gb/usb caddy problems! pc as slave and it found it but didnt bring it up in windows my computer its the same problem on my laptop my usb caddy finds the drive and the name and says its connected but doesent bring the drive up in any explorer windows etc im a bit worried now that the drive might be dead i have LOADS of data on there that i really need get my mitts on when i go into hard drive management the drive is found but has a yellow exclimation point next to it i was thinking it might need checkdisc being run on it but i dont think it will find the drive when windows nexts boots up with it being a usb drive im thinking of perhaps using knoppix to get into the drive to see if the data is still there etc but ive not used knoppix for well over a year and ive pretty much forgotten how to use it lol so any help would be greatly appreciated i know it might be a strange error or it might be common for all i know but i cant seem to find anything with the same error as me alot of the time the errors are windows boot related and this gig drive doesent have windows installed on it my other gig one does and that boots fine thankyou nbsp

A:Seagate Barracuda 250gb/usb caddy problems!

Is it an ata drive?
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hello this is my first post here after using this site many times without actually posting anything i decided to give it a go the title explains it pretty straight forward DISK BOOT FAILURE - INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER is the message i get after my bios load Alright what do i know I know it s probably not detecting my And Boot Insert System Press Enter - Disk Disk Failure hard drive it s an IDE set as the slave because when i enter the BIOS i can only see my cd drive as master and no secondary boot devices Curious thing if i spend about seconds in the BIOS exit and save changes even when i make no changes at all my computer will start up just fine without the message I also Disk Boot Failure - Insert System Disk And Press Enter know that when i do this and go back to BIOS it now displays my HDD as my secondary device Highly doubt it has anything to do with the IDE cords everything besides the HDD and Cd drive are only a week old but hey i never know Also on a side note i have a memory slot for camera memory sticks and such drive connected to the motherboard as well which came with the case Any help or comments or suggestions will be very appreciated thanks everyone -Ryan nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure - Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Of course an IDE Drive set as the slave it not going to boot... under normal circumstances.
To boot, the hard drive must be primary 1, or the BIOS must be set for a bootable device other than Primary 1.
It can be floppy, or CD, or hard drive, but a hard drive jumpered as slave, must be first in the boot order.
But you will always have troubles when a drive on a secondard cable is jumpered as a slave, no matter what the BIOS is ordered to do.
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Hi I m helping out hard drive with caddy Help & USB a friend to try and recover data from her crashed computer i have a USB IDE caddy Help with hard drive & USB caddy have removed the hard drive and plugged in - having removed the jumper from the back Help with hard drive & USB caddy panel as advised in fact I ve also tried it plugged into the slave part I connect up the blue light comes on on the caddy - I have seen drive letter H assigned to it in disk management but can not see the drive assigned within my computer so cannot access the drive So it s as if the drive is seen somewhere on the pc but not in a way that I can access it or download the data from As I have already done this for my own pc connected a hard drive and downloaded all data I know that I CAN do it but not on this hard drive for some reason I ve even downloaded tweak ui in case a drive letter wasn t able to be seen but that doesn t help either When I connect the hard drive the whole pc slows down as well - so it is seen somewhere by this pc Any thoughts much appreciated nbsp

A:Help with hard drive & USB caddy

Is it possible that your system is formatted to FAT when your external drive is formatted NTFS?
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Hi I was building my first machine today everything seem to go smooth except when I went for the final run test It boots the Logo and starts going through a scan of some sort detecting devicers and whatnot And prompts me with quot HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS Enter Insert Disk HDisk Failure Boot Press Problem! And ENTER quot Now the only problem HDisk Boot Failure Insert Disk And Press Enter Problem! i had building this thing was the directions on the hard disk-to mobo directions Its a WD g Sata theres no ribbon HDisk Boot Failure Insert Disk And Press Enter Problem! cable slots on the back of the drive so i figured the red SATA cable that came with the mobo was for the different type of Drive instead It was connected from there to the mobo and itself to the power supply from wires And this is where im lost as to how to fix the prob Restated Q How Do I Get Rid of quot HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK PRESS ENTER quot Error What should i be connecting on this Hard Drive of mine nbsp

A:HDisk Boot Failure Insert Disk And Press Enter Problem!

Getting The Boot.........

WD Sata (retail boxed) drives come with a proprietary cable. it has a wide end at the drive and must be used with a 4 pin "legacy" connector for power. This is the same power cable you would use for a standard IDE drive. Using a standard SATA cable it should just connect to the board (at SATA 0, for 1 drive) with no other cable used. That is what you're calling a flat cable.
It won't boot from the hard drive because there's no OS present. The BIOS must be set to boot from the CD (or DVD) drive first which should have the Windows CD inserted when you power up. Some boards will run Sata as IDE automatically and some boards require you to install a SATA driver before they'll recognize the drive. If you're running XP and don't intend installing RAID drivers, you must run the drive as IDE. Usually, this is in BIOS under drive configuration. What you're calling a "ribbon cable" is an IDE only connector. A ribbon cable (40 or 80 pin) has no use whatsoever in a SATA installation!
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Hello, I have a Dell Dimension E310 Series, Intel Pentium 4 Processor 521 (2.80GHz) and 1MB cache, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz and I just recently received a 250GB 3.5in eSATA External 7200rpm Hard Drive ( for a gift. The problem is I don't have a eSATA port and need a way to use it.. Can I buy a card that I could put in my PC that would allow capability? or is there an effective eSATA to USB 2.0 adapter that would allow and perhaps keep some of the speed that eSATA provides??? Could someone please shed light on where to go from here?

A:eSATA to USB 2.0?? or card insert

You can buy a simpe eSATA adapter that replaces one of your PCI slot covers and plugs into a SATA port on your motherboard.

Looks like this:
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Disk Boot Failure Please Insert System Disk And Press Enter hey guys possibly the th time this problem has occured to many of you out there basically here s the story i was playing a game when all of a sudden my cpu froze it stayed like And Disk Enter Failure, Syste, Disk Press Insert Please Boot that for a Disk Boot Failure, Please Insert Syste, Disk And Press Enter while before i manually restarted the system i was then prompted with DISK BOOT FAILURE PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER initially i thought i would have to format the pc so i attempted this when it rebooted after copying Disk Boot Failure, Please Insert Syste, Disk And Press Enter the files over it would just take me back to the windows xp blue setup screen instead of starting windows also when i checked to see if there was a partition there wasnt one there it s as if the partition is being deleted each time the cpu reboots after the initial format in cmos it detects the hard drive and its capacity the IDE leads are working fine and the HDD itself works fine and can be formatted in my nd pc ive swapped hard drives and everyting leads and HDD works fine in my secondary pc im wondering if this is a mobo problem grateful for any advice thanks nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure, Please Insert Syste, Disk And Press Enter

so you have tryed to reformat? if you have the XP disk bootup from it and then format the drive, or you can even go into dos and format the drive if needed to.. but yeah reformat is the solution
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Hi guys and dolls, here goes

Old PC of a friend, all I was trying to do was add a PCI Wireless Network Card. Put it in and rebooted, power light stays on and Hard disk light too, but no display and just hangs will not boot, removed memory and battery, pc comes back alive after replacing battery and memory of course, tried with another pci card as curious and does same, any suggestions why this si happening, should I give up.

Any help appreciated.

A:Insert PCI card in old PC and kills it

The power supply in the old PC probably can't handle the extra load
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ok...HELLO TECHSPOT COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!! ok well now to my problem.....well actually my buddies but he hasnt the slightest idea on what to do with a pc besides surf the net......ok any way I removed his HD and formatted it in mine and then replaced it to reinstall his OS.....half of the old one was mising.......well now when I boot it up this is the message that I get......REMOVE DISKS OR OTHER MEDIA.....PRESS ANY KEY TO RESTAR.....well when I press any key, I get this......DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.......can anayone help me or give me some siggestions? I have tried to boot from cd but it gives me the same thing no matter what I do and I thought it was not reading ot finding the HD but it shows it in BIOS.......HELP!! PLEASE!!!?

Edit: Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Make sure it is connected to IDE-0 and plugged into the end of the IDE Ribbon. Also make sure the jumper on the rear is set to either Master or Cable Select.
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Hi all,

I burned an MP3 disk with Nero about 10 days ago, and lately when I try to burn anything it's giving that message -- insert empty medium. Nothing I seem to do works, restarting, with and without an disk in the drive. Both my drives are doing this, both show in "properties" that the entire space is used on the disk it THINKS is in the drive even when there is no disk in the drive. Anyone know why it's doing this and how to correct it? I reinstalled Nero. Grrr....

Thanks very much!

A:"device not ready -- "insert empty medium" message

I had a similar

I had a similar problem with Nero goosing my writers. THe only way I managed to get it fixed was to system restore to the last point before Nero was installed.

I checked the drives and got a newer version of Nero - No probs for the last 5 Months now.

Hope this helps.
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Ok I just finished building my custom pc The stats are Asus A N sli premum mobo AMD Athlon gb seagate sata gbs hardrive W power supply mb kingstom ram e-GeForce GT PCI-E video card and NEC dvd-burner lt p gt The problem is that I cannot get any drives to boot from the IDE channels I m only using the IDE for the dvd-burner optical drive I tried changing the cables changing jumper settings and nothing The optical drive is working because I already tested it in a friends computer The hardrive is using SATA lt p gt When I turn on my computer it just lists all of the devices detected not showing anything on the IDE channels it just shows this message lt br gt Disk boot Failure insert system disk and press enter lt br gt insert system enter boot disk press and Failure Disk Is this message normal I assume that message is asking to insert the OS disc but I can t because of this problem lt p gt If I get one of those IDE to SATA adaptors for my optical drive would it recognize it What can I try to change in the BIOS so it can recognize my dvd-burner Disk boot Failure insert system disk and press enter lt p gt I can access the mobo BIOS The cpu seems to be running fine I already tried changing the ram to a different channel Also the computer did shut itself down like times since I installed it is using a cheap pin PSU that came with the case whereas the mobo Disk boot Failure insert system disk and press enter is pin but I can still power on because of the extra pin connector Could this cheap PSU relate to my problem of not recognizing drives in the IDE channel Or is it motherboard lt p gt Please help nbsp

A:Disk boot Failure insert system disk and press enter

there arnt any disks in the flopy drive are there

jsut thoghut id ask:blush:
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Well first of all My names Kyle And this is my first post here ive red up on the other posts similar to mine ive changed my bios ive tried unhooking and hooking stuff back in but the main resaon there not helping me is that im pretty much "hardware illiterate" cuz i really know nothing about hardware im decent with software. so plz explain what it looks like or where it is thx alot

A:Disk boot failure.please insert system disk and press enter

Ok I dont wanna sound patronising but !! have you left a floppy in the floppy drive?
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um I just built a pc 4 my friend and i need help...uh i got through boot and then i gotta error message sayin DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND CONTINUE. i hav an xp disk and i put it in and it still showed error and then i put in my mobo driver disk and it still showed same thing. I n33d help uh plz give aall the advice u can. thx

p.s. it dont hav an fdd


Is the hard disk completely formatted?

Check your XP cd and see if it is scratched.
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Ok I just built my first computer last night and everything went great I hooked everything up nice and neat made sure all the connections were tight and then I read the Manuel before I turned it on to know what to expect Sure enough the manual says quot If one short beep occurs then the installation was a success and no errors have been detected quot Well that is the beep that I got thank God After the beep the screen then shows the diagnostics of what is in the computer at the bottom of the DISC FAILURE, BOOT" BOOT "From TO CD: INSERT screen it says quot Press F to Continue "From CD: BOOT FAILURE, INSERT DISC TO BOOT" or F to go into setup quot So I pressed F and then the screen comes up and shows all of my hardware like my HD s and it saying quot Capability DISABLED quot on both Then on the bottom of the screen it says quot From CD BOOT FAILURE INSERT DISC TO BOOT quot Well I live with my parents and to say the least they were not pleased because they said this system was going to turn into a money hole I personally am proud of myself for doing EVERYTHING right and am very disappointed that this is happening After I told my parents the Error they said I shouldn t touch it until I m done with school I am still going to work on it when you guys give me some ideas So the other computer I have the dreaded Compaq I put jus the basics back in the PSU that came with my new case a stick of RAM and once HD that has my OS on it Then I had the idea that the Disc that the computer wanted was my Motherboard drivers CD so once again I took my HD out of the Compaq and put it into my new case to try it then it give me another error Disc read failure But I am almost positive that the Drivers disc is what I need to use but my ROM wont read it So if you guys could help me I d be most appreciative I have WINDOWS XP on my Hard Drive so I shouldn t need the XP disc because I talked to guys at Geek Squad that said I didn t or do they not know crap Please tell me what to do I am using my OLD HD s but I know that they are compatible The reason I didn t tinker around is I don t want my HD s being wiped off somehow Ok guys thanks a million NOTE This topic is also in the Modding thread nbsp


Insert your XP Cd and run a windows repair on your computer.

Also, make sure your HDD is being detected by your system. You should be able to see you hard drive listed in the bios. (Is it an IDE drive or SATA)?

(ps. I deleted your other identical thread. No need for two as it just confuses things)
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I've started a digital film course and need to shift my saved footage between my Mac in school and PC at home. I have a couple of old hard drives sitting around so I'm thinking a caddy might be the right idea.
What do I need to look for in the specifications etc? Any reliable brands?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Truesdale
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"Disk boot failure insert system disc" every time i get up

I have done a format c and installed windows xp again. My pc worked just fine a whole day long and i could restart the pc without problems. The next morning i want to boot my pc and i get the message "System boot failure please insert system disk" I couldn't get it fixed so i reinstalled my pc again. I worked with my pc the whole day without any problem i went to bed. The next day i had the same problem as the day before "System boot failure insert system disk". Now my question is how it comes that i cane resart and boot my pc a whole day long and if it is turned off for 8 hours that i get the message "system boot error..." anyone a suggestion?

A:"Disk boot error insert system disc" every time i get up

That could be caused by 1 of several problems.

First (and most likely), it could be a flat bios battery. Does your system loose the date and time too? If so, fit a new bios battery.

Check all your boot options in your bios to see if any of those are the cause.

If you have any spares, try a different data cable.

Scan disk your hard drive as it could be a drive error.

If none of this helps, let me know and i will do my best to help further. Rik
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This has been driving me crazy for the past hours It all started by me trying to put a new cd dvd reader writer drive I am positive that the new drive has nothing to do with this problem however Along with installing the new drive I replaced the flat IDE cables that came with the computer with the newer type of cables that are in stores these System Press Enter Failure, Boot Disk Insert Disk and days the round ones that are supposed to quot conserve space Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter quot When I started up the computer I got a Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter black screen with this message Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter I realize i m not the first person with this problem as I have been researching online for the past hour however I have tried everything unhooking everything from the motherboard plugging it back in changing boot priority settings in bios swapping hard drives completely taking out all the drives or each drive once at a Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter time I created a startup disk and put it in there when the error message comes up and press enter and then the floppy disk drive makes some noise and gives me this message Starting A gt A gt and nothing happens after that The only thing that is of concern to me is that I think when I first started up the comp after installing the new cd dvd drie the cable connecting the motherboard to the floppy disk drive was not all the way in the motherboard i goofed I hope something can be done cause the computer isn t even mine it belongs to a girl that i m trying to talk to which makes matters worse Paaaaalease help me any advice suggestions expertise is greatly appreciated hell i appreciate anyone who read this far down by the way the comp is running xp home edition has gb western digital hard drive mb s of ram its a compaq presario S NX No added sound or video cards two cd dvd drives connected bout years old but has been very well maintained so i doubt age could play that much of a factor problem initially began a with the computer for the first time ever a week ago when the cd drive wouldn t burn anymore and sometimes wouldn t even recognize discs at all the other dvd drive worked perfectly though so after looking at everything taking out ied cables switching from slave to master i told the owner that it was either a bad ied cable or bad drive so she got the new cables i mentioned above and the new cd dvd drive nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter

ok.. that sounds like (most likely that is) that the floppy drive either died or connected teh wrong way around (they have a notch on the connector saying which way tehy go up/down but with floppy ones you may need to watch out that one of the pin holes is reversed i think).. or something is in one of those drives..

take em out and check for pin damage on the mobo and device as well as on the ide cables.

clear cmos so we can get it back to defaults and eliminate mobo, there is a variety of ways to do this, each dependant on what mobo you're using so just search this forum on how to reset the cmos.. and boot up.

then if that fails try this setup first, everything else disconected
1. with old ribbon type cable

2. again with teh new round ones

if you can get windows loaded then proceed..

3. add the floppy but using the old ribbon

4. new cable "--"

if it is the floppy, double chek with hooking up another one that knows it works, any cable..

5. old + optical drive 1 etc. etc.. you get the pattern

sorry if i repeated anything you said before, but clearing the cmos may produce some sort of fix, and step by step elimination i can work with easyer
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My Sony 2GB Micro Vault flash disk is still given me the same problem no matter what i do,i have tried all suggestions but all failed,It behaves like a floppy drive or a cd-rom on the computer i.e it displays 'Insert disk'. no matter what i do it can't be accessed.People where saying maybe it was because i used the computer to format my flash disk,though it comes with its own disk for formatting it specially,the properties are similar to that of a floppy drive i.e unknown file system, 0 bytes of data used and remained say the fact i am very frustrated.What can i do, anyone ,please help.

A:"insert disk" problem

Did you really try ALL suggestions? Where did you get these suggestions from? Read this:
If you can't fix it after reading that, then you might have a dead drive, those things do just die sometimes.
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Not sure what forum this would go under but i figure it is a hard drive issue Anyways here is my situation Brand new computer specs are intel P ghz FSB L mb cash gigs of dual channal ddr ram pc mhz DVD Burner x x gig sata drive in microsoft terms gigs watt power supply to much but i want it for future upgradability radeon x I think that is it I quadrouple checked everything is compatible and it is becasue it turns on and as far as i know everything works The only thing i can think of is wrong is that since the HD is not formatted maybe that is it but putting in windows CD or boot disk doesn t work I also though maybe that the DVD burner wasn t working but i checked that and it is all plugged in and good to go So i am going to ask a very hard question What is wrong Can anyone please help me nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure, Insert Sytem Disk and Press Enter

Make sure your BIOS is set to boot first from floppy, then from CD and finally from HD.
Boot from the (bootable) Windows CD and have your SATA drivers (on the floppydisk) ready when asked for SCSI drivers etc. and to press F6.
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Hello, i recently posted a reply in another forum about this issue. I wasnt having any luck there so maybe someone could help me. I looked over some of the posts on other forums but my situation is a little different. Here it is. A friend of mine was using my computer one day and it just crashed on him. Now it will boot up and the memory test is fine but when it goes through the drives it reads primary hard disk....none. The floppy drive and cd-rom drives read fine. Then it proceeds and comes up with the message "disk boot failure, insert system disk." What could be the problem here? He does not have a floppy boot disk for the computer. Would a boot disk created by another computer with Windows XP help? Any ideas of how to get back into the computer without losing the hard drive?

A:Need help "Disk boot failure, insert system disk"

have you tried undoing the IDE cable and then re-plugging it back in? I know sometimes ive had the kind of problem when putting together a old machine. I end up just redoing my cables and it will come on. Then again if it dosent work I usally end up putting a diffrent HD in instead. Im kinda new here so i prolly dont have the best advice but it the only thing i can think of.

This might sound stupid, but ive seen it more than enough times. I think its only on older machines, but if you leave a floppy disk in the drive, shut down, and then turn the machine back on with the floppy in. The computer will say something along those lines and not boot into windows. All you have to do is take out the flopply and restart.

Best of Luck to You! :giddy:
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When I put in a readable of any type CD in my 52x LG CD-rom, it freezes up the system until it is read. Sometimes its for 15 seconds or so. quite frustrating. Any suggestions? Its a new pc 2.53Gb chip and 80 GB hard drive 256 MB ddr333 PC2700 mem. Everything else is fine.

A:PC freezes when I insert a CD

never mind

I turned off digital in device manager and everything is a-ok.
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my cd /dvd drive is'nt reading any audio or cd roms! Tried uninstalling the drive and letting my pc detect it,it dectects it ok but does not seem to reconginse it? its a newish dvd/cd rom drive the only trouble recently was my moniter popped and i had to replace it,its after that when the problems seemed to appear. any help would be very much appreciated(im a novice at this so keep it simple)!! thanks

A:please insert cd!!!!!! help!!!

You say your monitor 'popped', what exactly does that mean? I'm assuming you had a little power surge and it fried. Something could have happened along those lines to your drive as well, although I would assume something more serious would have happened as well.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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Recently, i have found that my computer restarts when i insert a CD-R into my TDK 52 speed burner. This just recently came about, and I don't know how to fix it! I need some music CD's!

A:Insert CD-R, Instant Restart!

What is ON those CD-Rs? Are they bootable CDs? Maybe you can switch off the 'autorun' function?
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My laptop has just stopped powering all of its USB ports This is odd because the night before everything was working really well I just turned it on the next morning and it doesn t recognise my Microsoft wireless mouse UCB insert It s like someone s flicked a switch and just turned off every insert point because both cable and wireless internet are no longer working I can t see my external hard drive I haven t tried to connect my iPod by firewire yet but I imagine that will bring the same problem I know the hard ware card) wireless failure USB firewire (along and network internet, power/insert with is still working because I plugged it the mouse into another computer yesterday and it worked straight away I ve tried looking at the hardware options in control panel and been through the Microsoft USB trouble-shooter walkthrough to no avail The most recent program I installed was a driver for a Belkin wireless network card I have uninstalled this although this was installed around a month ago and everything was working fine before so maybe that s just me being superstitious and this hasn t had any influence The laptop dual boots one for audio production the other for home-type applications like email word processing etc and the problem is USB power/insert failure (along with internet, firewire and wireless network card) happening when I boot up in either partition I m running Microsoft XP Pro on a Pro-Studio Modular Laptop P- with Pentium- Ghz of RAM and Gb of DDR Memory Is there something relatively simple that I m missing Or is it likely that every single port appears to have broken over night I d be USB power/insert failure (along with internet, firewire and wireless network card) really grateful if anyone has experienced anything similar and could point me in the right direction nbsp

A:USB power/insert failure (along with internet, firewire and wireless network card)

You could try the USB settings in the BIOS setup. Like disable USB keyboard support etc.

Did you put the Belking driver on both instances of Windows?

To rule out a problem with Windows download a bootable Linux CD like INSERT or Knoppix. Burn and boot it and see if you can access your external HD. It should also detect your USB mouse.

Uninstalling things in windows does not always remove the system drivers (and this causes lots of issues). Go to Device Manager and tell it to show hidden devices. Remove everything you don't need. Look under non-pnp devices for any suspicious leftovers.
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I m working on a machine that seems to somehow only run DOS Windows is not detected on the machine We bought this from a company in order to do simple testing on System Bizarre Boot Disk Insert Failure some of our products Upon powering up one day No change to HD cables or power cables I got the quot Disk boot failure enter system disk quot message The only means to have a disk on this machine is the USB port which is empty The company that we bought the machine from provided us with a backup flash drive to boot from in case this computer went on the fritz like it has now I m able to start up the program from the flash drive but obviously Bizarre Boot Failure Insert System Disk once removed it will crash I m trying to find a way to wipe the drive and then reinstall this program on the drive The drive s contents are still readable so I don t know if the drive is actually fried or not I m not sure how I d install dos again if I flashed the C drive either Any thoughts nbsp

A:Bizarre Boot Failure Insert System Disk

I'm noticing now that the drive that is being recognized as C: is actually the back up flash drive. So I'm actually not sure I'm able to read anything off the hard disk. Is there a way to check if the hard disk is done? I'm also noticing at the initial screen it's listing the primary drive and slave drives as "none"
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I'm trying to print a mail merged document of about 160 letters and MSWorks automatically inserts page numbers when I go to print or preview the document. How do I stop the insert of page numbers?

Message: You have added the Insert Page Number field to the merge document. Each entry in the merged document will be marked sequentially. Click OK to number each entry sequentially.

A:Printing unwanted automatic insert of page numbers in MS Works

instead of using works which is incompatible with most other word processors and not fully functional, use openoffice which is and is free and can save in MANY formats.
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Hi I have just moved house and my computer has been in storage for months I ve just set up the PC and when I ve come to turn the computer on it says quot Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Insert problem Disk System Failure, Windows - Boot Disk Vista Enter quot I have a Packard Bell computer with Windows Vista Home Premium installed but wasn t given a System Disk as this was pre-installed onto the computer I suppose if I could log into the computer I would be able to run some kind of system restore but I can t Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk problem - Windows Vista get past the quot Disk Boot Failure quot screen I ve made a recovery CD from the internet but when I ve put this in the CD drive and even selected the BIOS setup to go to the CD drive first it doesn t boot the recovery disk When I click on F when Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk problem - Windows Vista booting it doesn t give me the option of booting from Safe Mode it just shows a list of bootable drives Help nbsp

A:Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk problem - Windows Vista

Two things:

1. Check your cable to your harddrive and from your harddrive to your motherboard and make sure it is securely attached.

2. If that isn't the problem then go into your BIOS and place your CD/DVD drive as First Bootable and see if you can now run that disk you made.
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COMPAQ Presario from MSI motherboard SATA disks one optical IDE drive XP Has been working fine for years Then got boot failure insert system disk Booting again fixed it but not for long it is solid now Going into setup AWARD rather few options I see only the optical disk which is on an IDE controller being recognized the other ports showing None Detecting the disks makes no difference I can hear the disks go click on power up and they spin I tried the following Switched cables using the existing cables Switched the system disk to the Boot failure insert disk system - other secondary disk SATA slot Switched cables again Took out the secondary disk Switched slots and cables for the remaining system disk For the rest of the story I did not connect the secondary disk again Reset MB config Boot failure - insert system disk Looks like it was running with the defaults as I saw no changes in the disk and controller enabling settings Took out the battery For good measure I don t think this resets a lot Put the system disk in another PC It booted fine Connected an old system disk with W on it but to the IDE cable Booted fine Found the latest BIOS version on an HP website and flashed it using the W disk The update went fine according to the software Booted from an XP CD mine not the original one went into repair tried FIXBOOT and FIXMBR With the original system disk in it of course Booted from my CD and pretended a Windows Boot failure - insert system disk install Hit F But I do not have any SATA drivers if they would have been needed at all anyone know and the XP disk did Boot failure - insert system disk not provide any help here Finally found an SATA disk and connected it to the board Same problem I would not have posted this if I could find another MSI board but I can t It is even difficult to find a MB with a socket and the options I need Question Did I miss anything I do not have a known working SATA disk other than Unlikely that cables went failing at the same time The system disk boots in another box Another known good disk gets the same boot failure Serial ATA controller right Thanks for any help new ideas or a replacement board for this machine The HP product number is SR FR btw nbsp

A:Boot failure - insert system disk

RE.: Previous

I forgot: I am in the south of France
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I am trying to Install Windows XP on my old PC. It didn't have a CD-ROM so I used one from my new Computer. The Problem I am getting is that whenever I connect the CD-ROM, computer doesn't boot. It Ends Up giving me error : "Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter"
The Hard Disk is alright and does boot if CD-ROM is disconnected. However, After I connect the CD-ROM, Hard Disk won't Boot either, even when it is first boot device.
CD-ROM is working fine on other PC and hard disk is also quite right when CD-ROM is not connected to the PC.
I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

A:Can't install Windows... Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter

If the optical drive is IDE, check the jumper settings on the back of the drive. If you have the CD drive and the hard drive on the same cable, one should be master and the other slave or set both to cable select.
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I ve made a collection of news articles in a word document which I organized by placing headings between the articles These with and tables MS index Word: -- problem insert headings are formated gt Style gt then selected as Headings The news article Titles are all formated gt Style gt Headings When I add new articles I delete the previous Index and then insert MS Word: problem with insert -- index and tables a new index Last week however I opened the options box while I was inserting a new index and made a change to the index setting I don t know MS Word: problem with insert -- index and tables what I did and I ve tried to reset it but every time I now attempt to reindex the collection of articles I get an quot Error No table of contents entries found quot message Can anyone tell me how to correct this so I can once again index this collection of articles Note I ve checked the Headings within the collection of articles both amp and they are still active throuout the collection Thanks for any advice you can provide nbsp
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hi im new to this so please can some one help me I have recently got a new computer amd processor heat sink fan with gb ram and gb hd with nvidia gt graphic card fails startup Windows load to disc? insert All was working fine Windows fails to load insert startup disc? until about weeks later when sudenly it just switches off normally it would load back up but somtimes it will display startup failed insert startup disc but now its switched off and will not load at all same error message on startup i was thinking about getting a new hd gb one is years old and re installing windows on the new one therefor saving all the files and games on my old hd and still being able to run games off of it b ut havin a new os installed on a new hd will this work any ideas welcome please help as i need this for both work and call of duty purposes thank you in advance p s the reason why i want to keep both hd s is because i do not want to re install everything and install game patches ect will i still be able to play game and programs with them pre installed on old harddrive with windows installed on new harddrive will this not affect the registry as i said im new to this nbsp

A:Windows fails to load insert startup disc?

I have seen faulty HardDrive connection to the Motherboard cause this
Try replacing the Sata cable, and/or connecting the HardDrive to a different Sata port on the Motherboard
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hi, im new to this so please can some one help me.
I have recently got a new computer
amd 6000+ processor + heat sink + fan with 4gb ram and 200gb hd with 512 nvidia
9800gt graphic card. All was working fine until about 2 weeks later when sudenly it just switches off. normally it would load back up but somtimes it will display startup failed insert startup disc. but now its switched off and will not load at all (same error message on startup) i was thinking about getting a new hd (200gb one is 5+ years old) and re installing windows on the new one therefor saving all the files and games on my old hd and still being able to run games off of it b ut havin a new os installed on a new hd?? will this work??? any ideas welcome! please help as i need this for both work and call of duty 4 purposes thank you in advance.

A:Windows fails to load (insert startup disc?)

Caps on the title = no good. Please read our forum rules while you wait for our community to assist you
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This is the problem I m having Essentially I have a fresh new harddrive without an operating system on it As far as I know the disk is in working condition The BIOS detects it and I can feel that it is spinning getting power etc I also know that my disc drive is working for similar reasons However I cannot get past this error I have a Dell Windows disc that I insert disk system failure, Disk boot ve attempted using to put the operating system on with I also have another copy of Windows that should perform Disk boot failure, insert system disk the same task I ve attempted to boot only from CD-Drive CD-Drive first HD second I ve tried mixing between master slave on both devices but no matter what I cannot even get the point where I can format the drive so even if I wanted to try that I can t The only thing I ve changed about this rig is the new Harddrive When I first built this computer I had to reformat my computer because of all the new parts but it worked I had to replace Disk boot failure, insert system disk the old HD because it was starting to click I m really at a loss as to why I cannot reformat partition or anything for that matter Any help comments appreciated nbsp

A:Disk boot failure, insert system disk

Hi sylarforever,

Can you supply some more information about your system?
The new HDD - is it a SATA device?
Some of the first motherboards with SATA required separate drivers for windows to install at the begining of the installation process (press F6 if you need to install additional drivers - have you seen this message ?). You should be able to obtain this information from the mobo Manufacturers site...

I have a motherboard (MSI k7n delta), that only boots from a SATA HDD when the device is set as SCSI in BIOS!?! (and it came with SATA drivers on a floppy disk)

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Everytime I insert a Flash drive not just any usb device but a flash drive Any flash drive I have tried several of them with the same result BSOD I appreciate thehelp Thanks in advance Here is the minidump read from the debugger UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP M f This means a trap occurred in kernel mode and it s a trap of a kind that the kernel isn t allowed to have catch bound trap or that is always instant death double fault The first number in the bugcheck params is the number of the trap double fault etc Consult an Intel x family manual flash insert a BSOD I drive everytime to learn more about what these traps are Here is a portion of those codes If kv shows a taskGate use tss on the part before the colon then kv Else if kv shows a trapframe use trap on that value Else trap on the appropriate frame BSOD everytime I insert a flash drive will show where the trap was taken on x this will be the ebp that goes with the procedure KiTrap Endif kb will then show the corrected stack Arguments Arg EXCEPTION DOUBLE FAULT Arg ba d Arg Arg Debugging Details ------------------ BUGCHECK STR x f CUSTOMER CRASH COUNT DEFAULT BSOD everytime I insert a flash drive BUCKET ID COMMON SYSTEM FAULT LAST CONTROL TRANSFER from to bec STACK TEXT ba nt ExpInsertPoolTracker x STACK COMMAND kb FOLLOWUP IP nt ExpInsertPoolTracker bec push ebx SYMBOL STACK INDEX SYMBOL NAME nt ExpInsertPoolTracker FOLLOWUP NAME MachineOwner MODULE NAME nt IMAGE NAME ntkrpamp exe DEBUG FLR IMAGE TIMESTAMP bd e e FAILURE BUCKET ID x f nt ExpInsertPoolTracker BUCKET ID x f nt ExpInsertPoolTracker BSOD everytime I insert a flash drive Followup MachineOwner nbsp

A:BSOD everytime I insert a flash drive

You say that ANY flash drive will cause this problem.
One possibility is that making your paging file larger may help.
Another possibility is defective thumb drives.
Another possibility is that an infected drive has now infected your computer.
If you force the drive there is a chance of shorting your hub, and rendering it useless.

Are all the flash drives you have tried the same size?
Are they all the same make (purchased from the same source/same lot perhaps)?
Have any of them ever been used in any other system besides yours?
Was it in a SEALED package when purchased?
Are you certain that you are installing them properly? (They will only go in one direction, and should not be forced).
Do other usb devices work properly when attached to the same port?
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Ok well i hope somebody can help. My brother's HP pavillion's hard drive was accidentally formatted. The computer was started with a windows xp cd and the format was completed. The computer is then restarted without the windows xp in the drive and the computer then says Disk boot failure, Insert system disk and press enter. What can be the probelm? thank you
will it make a difference if the prior xp version was home edition and the new cd is professional edition? Please help you thank you

A:Disk boot failure, Insert system disk and press enter

No it wont make a difference that the previous version was home and the new is Pro. what you need to do now is boot from the XP CD delete the existing partion create aa new one and format and install XP on it.
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Does anyone know how to incorporate or insert an automated gif into your signature in outlook?

I have inserted it but it only show up as a non animated picture.

Thanks in advance

A:Does anyone know how to incorporate or insert an automated gif into your signature in


Does anyone know how to incorporate or insert an automated gif into your signature in outlook?
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I have IBM Thinkpad T41,
Windows XP
(I have tried Windows 7, formatting C, win xp sp2, usb extention lead and then inserting usb drive)
My system freezes as soon as I insert USB Flash drive or when I turn ON the Bluetooth.


A:My system freezes when I insert USB flash, or on Bluetooth

With a fresh install of Windows this USB Bluetooth trouble happens? If so the laptops motherboard may be bad. Have you tried removing the laptops battery and inserting the USB device only with AC power? Bad batteries can cause many odd issues
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recently i woke up, went in my computer room, and saw the screen was black with the following message displayed
"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device"

so i rebooted and windows started fine

couple days later same thing happened, only it won't reboot, just comes back to the same screen

the hard drive is the only thing showing bios (samsung hdd), but when i hook up as slave drive to another comp, it only shows the usb/sata adapter, not the drive, also noticed the dreaded hard drive clicking noise, i really don't want to send to a data recovery company due to cost, but my family photos are on there and i have no backups, are there any other options?
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I have disk Disk boot enter system insert and failure, press a rebuilt desktop computer that has a Maxtor HD and a secondary HD that I installed in it immediately after purchase It has been running fine ever since I purchased it Although I have internet on it the primary function of this computer is to store information off my surveillance my cameras around my home Although the cameras don t run I do not shut the computer off and it is on continuously When I walked in last night to review the footage of that day I was greeted with the quot Disk Boot Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter quot message Needless to say I was shocked by the message and even more surprised when I realized that I didn t have the boot disk cd Nothing has been installed or taken off since the first installation The internet is on only when someone powers up the hot spot wireless device As I am the only one that has access to the computer I can imagine it having a virus because I don t surf on it Very seldom do I use the internet My OS is Vista and the Maxtor is a GB HD while the secondary is GB HD Could anyone tell me how to fix this problem nbsp

A:Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter

That Maxtor 40GB must be over 5 years old, right? If so, you will need to replace it. They don't last forever. One thing, is the clock and time correct?
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Okay I CD press and enter Boot insert disk apologize ahead of time but im a bit rusty on my tech talk I built my computer Several years ago with a friend and dont remember much Yesterday I decided to redo my computer I Boot CD insert disk and press enter bought purely cosmetic things New case lights fans and a power supply Same as the previous one that was being used I took my old computer apart and assembled with the new parts ALL THE HARDWARE stayed the same motherboard HD CD Burner VGA the only difference in the new computer was the look and i did not transfer over my Floppy drive I booted it up and it eventually goes to a screen that says boot failure or somthing and all I can do is quot insert disk and press enter quot if i just press enter it says quot Boot CD quot and goes no where Can anyone help me I have windows XP pro I have NO CD s for this pc I think my friend had one last time and booted but cant remember Ive had my updates off for a long time Do not have SP but like i said she ran perfect untill now I just dont under stand why it would do this if all the hardware is the same Can it be the floppy is missing i can plug it back in -ASUS XE deluxe MB nbsp

A:Boot CD insert disk and press enter

Im pretty sure its not the jumpers ither but i'd have to check
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Hi When I turned on my HP Pavilion computer Disk Disk Failure, Insert System Boot running windows XP I got a blue screen with STOP X A XC E C XC E XF B D X A atapi sys-address F B D base at F A Datestamp db beginning dump of physical memory KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR When I restarted the computer I got a blue quot hp invent quot screen with a choice of going to setup or system recovery I tried system recovery amp nothing happened I then tried setup I enabled Boot-time Diagnostic Screen amp found that it is not detecting a primary master Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk primary slave secondary master or secondary slave drive It then goes to a black screen with Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk amp Press Enter It will not boot windows amp the CD amp DVD drives aren t working I only had the computer a couple of months amp I haven t added or changed anything If anyone can tell me what the error message means or what I could try to fix it I would really appreciate it Thanks nbsp
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I have a wierd problem When I boot up i get the error msg that says something like System disk error system Insert disk error Insert system disk and press any key to continue My hdds are both working I did a funny test on em and they seem fine It always gives me that error the only way i can bypass it is to insert a CD DVD into my DVD-RW Insert system disk error It will read the disk and continue to load windows If i don t have a disk in there it gives me the error I have tried changing CMOS to boot automatically from the HDD first then the CD Rom second still Insert system disk error same problem I have tried formatting and reinstalling windows same problem I have tried to do a repair console and fixboot same problem after writing a new boot index My boot ini file looks like boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition quot noexecute optin fastdetect what should i do to get rid of the msg nbsp

A:Insert system disk error

It appears from your boot.ini that there is more than 1 instance of your OS installed otherwise your Windows dir wouldn't be labeled Windows.0...
I would try hooking that drive up as a slave and retrieving and backing up any important data and start over.

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I'm stuck with this, I have limited pc knowledge but I've narrowed it down to something to do with my PC trying to read a blank disc. After i insert a blank disc, i get the BSOD. I ran the debuger and it suggests the imapi.sys is the probably the cause. Its a long shot but if anybody can help, i'd be really grateful/
Thanks.... Gavin

A:Windows crashes when I insert a blank CD or DVD

do you know how to get to services and shut down IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
sounds like cdrom drive failure or software conflict
1. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel, and then double-click Administrative Tools.
2. Double-click Services.
3. Right-click IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service and choose Properties.
4. Choose Disabled from the Startup Type menu.
5. Click stop, and then click OK.
if it fails to stop
redo above except 5 click start and OK reboot machine go back ,check should be off now
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This has been very frustrating to me for the last hours I've been reading forums from here there and everywhere and no one seems to address my my issue It seems like it is a pretty straight forward question and I hope has a simple solution I bought a new printer for my desktop XP I put XP SP3" "Insert Edition Home Getting in HP's disk and it started to do its thing Then out of nowhere I got a wizard saying quot Now please insert your floppy home edition service pack or CD and press 'next' quot I have a genuine verified XP system and I have had SP since it came out I even double-checked and it said that I had SP On the same day I had also bought a wireless keyboard Well after installing the keyboard software I got the same wizard asking me the same question about inserting the SP thing I just got Getting "Insert Home Edition XP SP3" off the phone with the place where I bought my computer and they said that I should definitely NOT have to insert anything anywhere regarding xp sp packs Alas I Getting "Insert Home Edition XP SP3" am here and I will ask someone out there to possible assist me with this issue PLEASE HELPPP I am either going to take xanax until pass out return the printer and keyboard or more likely break everything into little pieces and or throw them out the window Sincerely Getting "Insert Home Edition XP SP3" Danny

A:Getting "Insert Home Edition XP SP3"

Hi welcome to TSF

whats the make and model of printer?
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When I go to open a program I ve recently installed half way through loading I ll get an error message reading The drive is not ready for use its door may be open Please check drive A and make sure that a disk is inserted and that the drive door is closed quot Cancel Try Again and Continue to which I press continue to Then I get quot There is no disk in the drive Please insert disk into drive Drive Insert "Please when \Device\harddisk\Dr1" error a into starting Disk program a Device Harddisk DR quot with Cancel Try Again and Continue to which I press Continue to and another appears but with Harddisk DR and so on After pressing continue to and the program continues to load fine After doing some google searching I see suggestions about renaming the troublesome drive something other than C apparently this error "Please Insert a Disk into Drive \Device\harddisk\Dr1" error when starting a program happens when drives are called C but there is no drives involved its just a program so theres nothing to change does anyone have any ideas as to why these errors appear S Many Thanks nbsp

A:"Please Insert a Disk into Drive \Device\harddisk\Dr1" error when starting a program

What program? Are you sure you're on Windows?
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My pc (win 8, IE9, 64 bit) started behaving oddly suddenly before refusing to go any further now saying unable to find boot drive, please insert boot disk and press any key.
Is this terminal and have I lost all data on that pc? Will taking it to a pc wizard do any good?
I am in Australia
I hope someone can offer productive advice

A:Unable to find boot drive insert boot disk

I'm assuming that you are currently communicating from another computer.
Do you have the installation disk? If not, then the trip to the PC wizard sounds like a wise choice.
The data loss will depend on what is wrong and when you made your last backup. It could be very little to total.
Keep us posted
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I'v have just bought a Dell Inspiron N from car boot sale This laptop turns on but will not message insert boot at and boot... Error Boot device or proper Reboot up: Select get past the screen shown in the photo Hard drive has been removed all other parts are still in place The guy who sold this laptop had the hard drive removed Specs Intel Core i Processor unsure of exact speed or generation because unable to access desktop due to error GB RAM Screen HDMI USB Ethernet ports and SD card reader Questions What does this error mean Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key I want to install a TB hard drive Error message at boot up: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot... If yes which Western Digital hard drive should I go for Curently it has GB RAM installed Want to install GB RAM to optimise performance please tell me which make brand should I go for I also have a Dell recovery operating system windows home premium from another Dell Laptop Will this Dell Error message at boot up: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot... recovery opertaing system work and install Windows using the key located underneath the laptop near the battery area of the Dell Inspiron N Thanks in advance

A:Error message at boot up: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot...

The first thing you are going to need to do is to purchase and install a hdd.
Newegg has a Western Digital 1TB hdd for $69.99 plus tax and shipping. 
You will then need to install Windows Home Premium 64-bit.  You can download a ISO image of your operating system here.
You will need to burn the ISO image to a DVD to create a bootable installation disc.  
How to burn ISO image using Windows Burn Disk Image.
Notice:  This applies only to Windows 7 and Windows 8, earlier versions do not have this.  
1.  Place a blank CD or DVD in the tray of your optical drive and close the tray.
2.  After you have downloaded the ISO image you want to burn right click on the Start orb, then choose Windows Explorer.
3.  When Explorer opens click on Downloads in the left pane.  Scroll down till you find the ISO file you want and double click on it.  Click on Burn Disk Image.
4.  In the image below you will see Disk burner:, this should be set to the optical drive you want to use.  Click on Verify disc after burning if you want to Windows to verity the disc image after burn.  Click on burn.

5.  In the image below you can see that the green progress bar, when the image is finished burning the bar will be filled.

6.  After the image has completed being burned click on Close.
If you need a tutorial for installing the operating system, ask me and I'll help with that.
After you have installed the operating system you will need to download and install the drivers.  You can download these at Product Support, Dell US.  When the site opens you will need to choose your operating system (MS Windows 7 64-bit), the drivers download list will fill below.
As for RAM.  I have a personal preference for Crucial.  They have a 8GB kit (4GB x 2) for $83.99 plus tax and shipping.
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Whenever I am searching with the index I come across this message that says--- Please Insert The Multi-Volume set and Click Ok to continue (Compressed Zipped Folders).----
I've tried rebuilding the index and that doesn't work.
No I do not have a windows installation CD My vista came OEM.
I have tried everything I can think of. Can anyone help me?
I have a gateway DX4500 with 5 gigabytes of ram and an AMD Quad Core Processor.

A:Please insert multi-volume set to continue.

The index is looking through any zip file on your hard drive and if it sees a multivolume compressed file it will ask for the multivolume set. Do you use a zip utility like Winzip or are you using Vista's own built in zip compression?
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I have Windows Vista installed on my desktop Today Insert Key and Disk Device Bootable Any Not Press - Boot when I woke up the computer had turned itself off and when booting up states No bootable device Not Bootable Device - Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key -- insert boot disk and press any key So I used my Windows Vista Anytime Upgrade disc to boot to Repair your computer option When the System Recovery Options loaded it could not find my Windows installation so I just hit Next anyway When I went to Command Prompt it brought me automatically to X Sources I tried running bootrec exe fixmbr and bootrec exe rebuildbcd and both outputed Not Bootable Device - Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key Device not found I tried cd c and it outputted Device not found I tried Startup Repair and it said Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically ProblemSignature reported NoHardDrive I rebooted and removed the CD and still no luck I entered Not Bootable Device - Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key the BIOS via F and switched the boot order configuration so hard drive was above CD DVD saved and then it booted up to Windows But I restarted and am only getting the same No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key Please help me Thank you

A:Not Bootable Device - Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key

You might want to go to the website of your hd manufacturer, download their diagnostic utiity, burn it to cd and run it. Alternatively, you can try SeaTools for DOS.
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Hey guys,
just reformatted my PC with Windows XP x64 bit edition,
After putting in my Mobo CD and installing the necessary drivers,
I restarted and got this message:
Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key
I looked around the internet for a bit, and most said to change the boot sequence in the BIOS to the primary drive,
it was already set to the primary drive, so I disabled the 2nd and 3rd boot choices.
But low and behold, I still got the message.
Although, a couple times, I was able to get to Windows.
Then when I restart, I get the message again.
So I'm not really sure what to do.
Thanks to anyone who would like to help.

A:Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot devic

First...system manufacturer and model?
Just guessing...but I would disconnect the hard drive and reconnect it...then see if the BIOS properly recognizes the hard drive.  If it does, then I would try to boot.
I would also enable all boot options in the BIOS...and try to boot from an option other than the hard drive, if you have a bootable XP CD, bootable USB, etc.  Save all changes made by hitting F10.
If the system can boot from an alternate option but not from the's probably a hard drive situation.
If the BIOS doesn't cannot retain the changed settings or you start getting other hardware guess would be CMOS battery needs replacement.
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Win XP Pro SP - Not Crtiical - yet - just a botheration This happened twice in the past week I fired up Low found insert please No - and disk WTF? reboot. - OS priority last Monday and I got No OS found Please Insert Startup Disk and reboot Ok I rebooted without the CD and everything went just fine Later boots all week Low priority - No OS found - please insert disk and reboot. WTF? - no problem until this morning and I get the same warning I shut down unplugged everything not necessary and rebooted with chkdsk R X and there wasn't anything outstanding Should I be shopping for a new HD Oh yeah I ran the diagnosics from Maxtor the HD mfgr and it came up clean The one I'm using for C is fairly new months and has two partitons - C the boot part and D where I put stuff not needed on C I have other HD's divided into partitions holding music photos and personal H is a USB Black Armor password protected for really person stuff but I don't think they have anything to do with happeded that involved my boot drive C As I stated this is low priority There's folks here that NEED help right now but I ain't one so help them first ok But any advise is always nice

A:Low priority - No OS found - please insert disk and reboot. WTF?

Did you plugged any USB pen drive at the time the system shows that message. This can be happen if you plugged a flash drive when powering on the system. The system may try to boot from the flash drive instead of HDD.
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I was recently infected by a browser hijacking advertisement malware I have tried all of the basic name> by Hijacker Browser <Insert Ads removal methods with no success I use Firefox browser on windows bit Windows explorer was also Ads by <Insert name> Browser Hijacker infected I have found a temporary work-around by installing Firefox in a different hard-drive however I cannot eradicate the virus itself and would like to get rid of it Here is a screen shot Ads by <Insert name> Browser Hijacker of what the main page for BleepingComputer com looks like in my browser http i imgur com kVCy cB png The ads at the top and right as well as the hyperlinked keywords with mouse-over ads are all caused by the malware It also opens up new tabs directing me to various help programs and such and redirects my pages as well The most likely cause is that I downloaded a program about a week ago and thought it was safe My anti-virus warned me of a possible risk but I foolishly allowed it anyways I had Norton antivirus when infected I ran a full scan and a power eraser scan but it did not fix the problem I ran malwarebytes anti-malware home and ccleaner with no effect I tried reinstalling my browser deleting all browser files removing all addons running in browser safe mode all to no effect The FRST scan log was too long so I need to split it up Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST txt x Version - - Ran by chris administrator on ASUS-CHRIS on - - Running from C Users chris AppData Local Microsoft Windows INetCache IE JDS N Loaded Profiles chris Available profiles chris Platform Windows X OS Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser IE Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved NVIDIA Corporation C Windows System nvvsvc exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation D Vision nvSCPAPISvr exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Display nvxdsync exe NVIDIA Corporation C Windows System nvvsvc exe ASUSTek Computer Inc C Program Files x ASUS ATK Package ATK Hotkey AsLdrSrv exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System wlanext exe ASUS C Program Files x ASUS ATK Package ATKGFNEX GFNEXSrv exe ASUS C Program Files ASUS P G InsOnSrv exe C Program Files x ASUS WebStorage Sync Agent AsusWSWinService exe Broadcom Corporation C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software btwdins exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Microsoft Office ClientX officeclicktorun exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows Microsoft NET Framework v WPF PresentationFontCache exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System dasHost exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation GeForce Experience Service GfExperienceService exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows SysWOW svchost exe Intel reg Corporation C Program Files Intel iCLS Client HeciServer exe Malwarebytes Corporation D Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamscheduler exe Malwarebytes Corporation D Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamservice exe Symantec Corporation C Program Files x Norton Security Suite Engine n exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation NetService NvNetworkService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation NvStreamSrv nvstreamsvc exe C Program Files x Razer Razer Services GSS GameScannerService exe Razer Inc C Program Files x Razer Core bit RzOvlMon exe Company C Program Files x Popcorn Time Updater exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation NvStreamSrv NvStreamNetworkService exe ASUSTek Computer Inc C Program Files x ASUS ATK Package ATK Hotkey HControl exe ASUS C Program Files ASUS P G InsOnWMI exe ASUSTek Computer Inc C Program Files x ASUS ATK Package ATK Hotkey KBFiltr exe Malwarebytes Corporation D Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System SkyD... Read more

A:Ads by <Insert name> Browser Hijacker

==================== One Month Created Files and Folders ========
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the file\folder will be moved.)
2015-04-03 13:11 - 2015-04-03 13:12 - 00000000 ____D () C:\FRST
2015-04-03 12:56 - 2015-04-03 12:56 - 00001173 _____ () C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mozilla Firefox.lnk
2015-04-03 12:56 - 2015-04-03 12:56 - 00001161 _____ () C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Mozilla Firefox.lnk
2015-04-03 12:56 - 2015-04-03 12:56 - 00000000 ____D () C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Maintenance Service
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00003606 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tasks\SUPERAntiSpyware Scheduled Task f992b4ee-bacd-4b2e-b5b0-780f5fa0d79d
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00003524 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tasks\SUPERAntiSpyware Scheduled Task e8c896a0-3f32-471d-9388-8db14a8b5b01
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00001822 _____ () C:\Users\Public\Desktop\SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition.lnk
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00000540 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\Tasks\SUPERAntiSpyware Scheduled Task f992b4ee-bacd-4b2e-b5b0-780f5fa0d79d.job
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00000540 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\Tasks\SUPERAntiSpyware Scheduled Task e8c896a0-3f32-471d-9388-8db14a8b5b01.job
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00000000 ____D () C:\Users\chris_000\AppData\Roaming\
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00000000 ____D () C:\ProgramData\
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00000000 ____D () C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\SUPERAntiSpyware
2015-04-03 12:13 - 2015-04-03 12:13 - 00000000 ____D () C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware
2015-04-03 12:12 - 2015-04-03 12:12 - 21580144 _____ (SUPERAntiSpyware) C:\Users\chris_000\Downloads\SAS_1337.EXE
2015-04-02 14:50 - 2015-04-03 06:08 - 00088477 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\WindowsUpdate.log
2015-04-02 14:50 - 2015-04-02 14:50 - 00000000 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\setuperr.log
2015-04-02 14:50 - 2015-04-02 14:50 - 00000000 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\setupact.log
2015-04-02 11:59 - 2015-04-03 12:54 - 00000830 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\Tasks\Adobe Flash Player Updater.job
2015-04-02 11:59 - 2015-04-02 11:59 - 00003718 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tasks\Adobe Flash Player Updater
2015-04-02 11:43 - 2015-04-02 11:43 - 00002802 _____ () C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tasks\CCleanerSkipUAC
2015-04-02 11:43 - 2015-04-02 11:43 - 00000000 ____D () C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner
2015-04-02 11:43 - 2015-04-02 11:43 - 00000000 ____D () C:\Program Files\CCleaner
2015-04-01 19:08 - 2015-04-03 09:02 - 00136408 _____ (Malwarebytes Corporation) C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys
2015-04-01 19:07 - 2015-04-01 19:07 - 00000642 _____ () C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.lnk
2015-04-01 19:07 - 2015-04-01 19:07 - 00000000 ____D () C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
2015-04-01 19:07 - 2015-04-01 19:07 - 00000000 ____D () C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes
2015-04-01 19:07 - 2015-03-17 06:15 - 00107736 _____ (Malwarebytes Corporation) C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\mbamchameleon.sys
2015-04-01 19:07 - 2015-03-17 06:15 - 00064216 _____ (Malwarebytes Corporation) C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\mwac.sys
2015-04-01 19:07 - 2015-03-17 06:15 - 00025816 _____ (Malwarebytes Corporation) C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\mbam.sys
2015-04-01 19:06 - 2015-04-01 22:46 - 00002492 _____ () C:\Users\chris_000\Desktop\Rkill.txt
2015-04-01 19:04 - 2015-04-03 13:06 - 00000000 ____D () C:\Users\chris_000\Desktop\Viru bleep
2015-04-01 16:01 - 2015-04-01 16:01 - 00000017 _____ () C:\Users\chris_000\AppData\Local\resmon.resmoncfg
2015-04-01 15:50 - 2015-04-01 15:50 - 00000730 _____ () C:\Users\Public\Desktop\WildStar.lnk
2015-04-01 15:30 - 2015-04-01 15:30 - 00000000 ____D () C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\NBRTWizardx64
2015-04-01 15:30 - 2015-04-01 15:30 - 00000000 ____D () C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Wizard
2015-04-01 15:30 -... Read more