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T410 win 10 x64 - Bluetooth pairing with Bose QC35...

Q: T410 win 10 x64 - Bluetooth pairing with Bose QC35...

I've just successfully completed a win 7 pro x64 - > win 10 pro x64 upgrade on my T410.I can't seem to successfully enable Bluetooth to install and recognize and pair with a set of Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35) Bluetooth headphones (which pair perfectly well with my iPhone). the QC35 does list on the sound playback devices, but along with a vertical red arrow.Lenovo does not have any updated drivers for Bluetooth on my T410 with win 10, 64 bit.....HELP anyone? Pretty please? Is there perhaps ANY workaround that anyone knows of to accomodate Lenovo's tardiness to provide updated Bluetooth drivers for T410 with win 10?Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated ! ThanksJonathan
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Preferred Solution: T410 win 10 x64 - Bluetooth pairing with Bose QC35...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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1. Added Bose AE2 SoundLink successfully as a bluetooth device.2. Double click to open services window and turn audio on, but the window shows as below with no where to turn headphone audio on:3. How do i fix to make this window show correctly and get the headphones working via bluetooth?
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I have a HP Pavilion g6 and want to pair it with a Bose Soundlink Mini bluetooth speaker - it doesn't work.  Any help would be appreciated.  Very frustrating.   It paired with my iPad and iPhone easily.

A:Pairing bluetooth Bose soundlink mini


For pairing your bluetooth Bose speaker to your computer. I have included the link 'SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker update' to download the actual software, and updates available. According to the page for the download, you will need to have the speaker connected to the computer with a micro USB cord.

If the above step fails to resolve the issue, I will need to know the full model number of your notebook, and what version of Windows you are running. I have included the documents 'Guide to finding your product number', and 'Which Windows operating system am I running?'.

Thank you.


I worked on behalf of HP
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Background My computer iMac late OS window bit via bootcamp I had me bootcamp driver installed BT apply keyboard and magic mouse are working great Recently I bought my new headset Bose QuietComfort I can't make it work on my iMac My Bose QuietComfort when it turn to bluetooth pairing mode Blue blinking light ready to pair White blinking light connecting White firm light connected My Problem When my Bose QC said quot ready to pair quot I use window's add quot bluetooth device quot successfully discover my Bose QC I right click the device icon and had it install all the following drivers services successfully Audio working QC35 bose not run headset 7 window 64bit, bootcamp Sink Handsfree Telephony bootcamp run window 7 64bit, bose QC35 headset not working Headset Remote Control Remotely Controllable Devices I tried only install Audio Sink or headset or whatever reasonable combintions of above I can think of My iMac win bit via bootcamp successfully register my Bose QC BUT my Bose QC still blinking blue light mean gt quot ready bootcamp run window 7 64bit, bose QC35 headset not working to pair quot That means my Bose QC can't discover my iMac Bluetooth Settings quot Discovery quot and quot Connections quot sections all box ticked already Playback devices shown the icon of my Bose QC however Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Audio Disconnected Bluetooth Headsets Bluetooth Audio Disconnected I CANNOT connect either one of it here I go to quot View devices and printers quot click on my Bose QC icon it shown that bootcamp run window 7 64bit, bose QC35 headset not working my PC is connecting to my Bose QC Under it there is a quot Operations quot section with two buttons Listen to Music Forward VoIP Calls to Handsfree I Clicked quot Listen to Music quot NOTHING happen Of course my Bose QC still blinking blue light gt read to pair SO WHO GONNA HELP ME PLEASE
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I purchased myQC35's 29 Aug 2016.  When used in Video Conference the other end only gets loud static from my microphone on my Elitebook 840 G2.  There is no problem with sound when playing video etc on Windows 10 on it. I have tried the most up to date MicroSoft supplied Bluetooth drivers and also tried the HP support site drivers - same result - loud static deliverd to the other end from QC35 microphone. My Andriod phones and tablet have no problem with play back and with using the microphone - from what I see on forums on the net it appears that others are having problems using Bose QC35 with their HP computers.  One OP suggested I also post to this forum with my experience to add to the weight of evidence.
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I cant get my Samsung level u headphones to pair with my notebook.

A:bluetooth pairing

Hi,What is your computer and its Operating system ? Did you downgrade/upgrade your machine ? To help us answer question quicker, please read this:
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I have a Bluetooth headset I'm trying to get connected on Windows 7. I have a Bluetooth USB hub connected which seems to work fine. The headset can be seen, but when I connect it said no drivers found and fails.

I suspect part of the problem is that it's not asking me for a pair code. How do I enter the pair code in Windows 7? I know how I did it in XP, but I don't know in 7. The default pair code is 0000 and I need to enter that.

It's a PnP device so there are no drivers. This setup worked just fine in XP.

A:Bluetooth pairing?

Anyone have any ideas? I've seen the pair code window come up sometimes, but I can't figure out how to get it to come back up.
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I cant pair my bluetooth on my dwell laptop with other device
other device discivered it but my laptop did not pair with it
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Hi we've just been bought a Bose SLIII as a gift and it works great with the iPod via Bluetooth. However it was also bought so we could stream straight from the laptop to the Bose but I'm not able to connect it. I have an Acer Aspire V5-571P with Windows 8 on it. I followed the instructions with the Bose but with no success. In Bluetooth settings it recognises the Bose and says connected but only for a few seconds until it changes to not connected. What am I doing wrong?!

A:Bluetooth connection to Bose SLIII

I looked at the specs on Bose, Ipod and the Acer laptop and they all seem to be using Bluetooth 4.0. Have you made sure to turn off the Ipod's bluetooth just to assure it is not obstructing with the laptop's signal? And try rebooting both devices the laptop and Bose to see if that helps.
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My HP Envy dv-7 notebook won't discover my new Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker.  I have checked all my drivers, network setup, etc and all are up to date. I know speaker is working as it did link with my ipad.  What is the problem?

View Solution.

A:PC Won't link with Bose bluetooth speaker

I was able to get it to discover the speaker by resetting the bose speaker--holding the mute button for 10-12seconds. Then powering speaker back on.
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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 that finds and apparently "connects" to my Rocketfish RF-MAB2 bluetooth headphones. However, the headphones never show up as a device in the sound/volume settings, so the computer plays sound from the speakers rather than the headphones. Any help will be much appreciated.

A:Bluetooth Headphone Pairing

I have experienced the same behavior using a rocketfish RF-MAB2 and Dell E6410 running windows 7 64 and 32 bit. Were you able to resolve the issue?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop which has Bluetooth enabled. My Nokia 2760 phone also has Bluetooth enabled. I've paired them before and the phone is listed in the Dial up box but shown as disconnected. When I try to connect I get Modem Error 777. My phone can find my pc but not the other way round. I thought I'd try to Add a device but in the box that comes up there's no option to do that neither is my phone listed there.

I've used Bluetooth with my phone in the past so can anyone tell me what's gone wrong?
Let me remind you that there's no option to Add a Device in the Add Bluetooth Device box.

I'd appreciate some advice please. Many thanks.
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Blackweb Soundbrick bluetooth speaker.  I switch it on - voice says Power On - Pairing. Bluelight flashes quickly   Music playing on my laptop can only be heard through the speaker if I connect it with the cable supplied with the speaker.I click on the Bluetooth devices icon at bottom right of screen,  says Bluetooth is switched on,  and says Soundbrick is paired. Why can I not hear sound through the speaker unless I connect it with the cable? What should I do to fix this?I use Windows 8
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Hey all I am hoping someone has an easy fix for my issue here. I can pair my android cell phone to the pc via win 8 generic bluetooth drivers and it works after confirming the pair code on both my cell phone and my pc.

Problem is that once I reboot I can not connect to the cell phone and have to remove the device from the list and discover it again, pair with it again and then it works.

Am I missing a setting in win 8 that keeps the settings for my bluetooth devices and connects to it once it sees it again?

Also, is there any better drivers/ software to use other than the generic bluetooth drivers that win 8 uses?

I have an intel 7260 HMW mini pcie wireless n card with bluetooth 4.0.
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Hi, I bought two "JBL Charge 2+" some time ago because of the low price at my local electronic store. These are overall really good portable speakes with great sound and build quality. Only thing is that I have two of these and I have to use them separetly because the JBL pairing app doesn't support older models. So I'm asking if you guys know any alternatives to the app so I will be able to use both speakers at a time through Bluetooth on phone. Thank you for any tips!
Speakers: "JBL Charge 2+"
Phone: "Samsung Galaxy s7 edge (with newest android updates)"
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to start off i would like to via computers pairing 2 bluetooth apologize in advance if i posted under the wrong subject anyway here is pairing 2 computers via bluetooth my problem i have pairing 2 computers via bluetooth an asus g jh republic pairing 2 computers via bluetooth of gamers laptop running home premium x and an asus eee pc pn running home premium bit b i upgraded my eee pc to home i was running starter and was able to pair the laptops via bluetooth and was able to control the media player from one computer to another efectivly using one computer as a remote to the others windows media player after i upgraded to windows home premium on my eee pc i have lost this funtionality now i still have all the options to control my g on the eee pc but they dont work they try to connect for a little while and then just switch back to saying disconected and my g says that the eee pc is a computer but only gives the option to connect to it as a bluetooth headset i have uninstalled and reinstalled bluetooth drivers on both machines and have tried drivers from asus website and drivers from windows update all with the same result im hopping that someone will be able to help me with this because it was such a handy little thing to be able to do i am ready to post any information u need just ask and i'd like to thank you in advance for any help whatsoever

A:pairing 2 computers via bluetooth

How'd you get bluetooth to work in windows 7 I thought it was taken out. My Lenovo laptop has bluetooth but says this version of windows (windows 7 home premium) doesn't support it.
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Hi I'm using a laptop with Windows x and I have the Intel Wireless-N WiFi card with Bluetooth Can't BOSE uninstall controller from speaker bluetooth Last week I tried out a Bluetooth speaker of a friend it was the BOSE Mini SoundLink When I connected it to my laptop the controller got installed automatically and it worked nice Now I have that BOSE speaker device in my Bluetooth devices and I want to delete it from there cause I'm not going to use Can't uninstall controller from BOSE bluetooth speaker it anymore When I uninstall it this is what happens Bluetooth Device deleted Device BTHENUM DEV C ABDD C amp B B amp amp BLUETOOTHDEVICE C ABDD C was deleted Class Guid E CBF C-CD B- -BB A- B F F Device installed bth inf Driver Management concluded the process to install driver bth inf amd cab f bth inf for Device Instance ID BTHENUM DEV C ABDD C amp B B amp amp BLUETOOTHDEVICE C ABDD C with the following status x I uninstall it through Device Manager Right-click on it uninstall Then it disappears but if I check for changes in hardware it appears again It's like I successfully uninstall it but immediately after it gets installed automatically I have controllers of this device Bluetooth Bose Mini SoundLink Human Interface Devices Bose Mini SoundLink Audio Video Remote Control HID Sound video and game controllers Bose Mini SoundLink Stereo Human Interface Devices Device deleted Device BTHENUM E- - - - F B FB LOCALMFG amp amp B B amp amp C ABDD C C was deleted Class Guid A A - D - D -B FE- A C F DA Device configured bthaudhid inf Device BTHENUM e- - - - f b fb LOCALMFG amp amp b b amp amp C ABDD C C was configured Driver Name bthaudhid inf Class Guid A A - D - D -B FE- A C F DA Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft Driver Section BthAvrcpTg DDI Driver Rank xFF Matching Device Id BTHENUM e- - - - f b fb Outranked Drivers Device Updated false Device started BthAvrcpTg Device BTHENUM e- - - - f b fb LOCALMFG amp amp b b amp amp C ABDD C C was started Driver Name bthaudhid inf Class Guid A A - D - D -B FE- A C F DA Service BthAvrcpTg Lower Filters Upper Filters Sound video and game controllers Device deleted Device BTHENUM B- - - - F B FB LOCALMFG amp amp B B amp amp C ABDD C C was deleted Class Guid D E C-E - CE-BFC - BE Device service added BthA DP Driver Management has concluded the process to add Service BthA DP for Device Instance ID BTHENUM B- - - - F B FB LOCALMFG amp amp B B amp amp C ABDD C C with the following status Device installed wdma bt inf Driver Management concluded the process to install driver wdma bt inf amd cc cddbd wdma bt inf for Device Instance ID BTHENUM B- - - - F B FB LOCALMFG amp amp B B amp amp C ABDD C C with the following status x And now too when I check for updates with Intel Driver Update Utility I get this Audio Driver for Intel Desktop Board Product Detected Bose Mini SoundLink Stereo Current Driver Installed This device is unknown or unsupported Please contact the manufacturer for possible updates More information gt gt That should be Realtek High Definition Audio This is getting really annoying and I don't know how to uninstall all the BOSE controllers Thanks

A:Can't uninstall controller from BOSE bluetooth speaker

OK, I've finally solved this annoying issue.

All you got to do is go Control Panel/Devices and Printers/BOSE speaker, right-click, remove device.

That finally removed every single thing about BOSE speakers. Wow, it's been 5 months 'till I solved this...
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Can you help me ?  I'm trying to conect my Pavilion 23 to my Bose Bluetooth speaker? 
I cant find where to turn on the bluetooth settings . 

Thanking you in advance , 

Rachel Machuca
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I'm having a Bluetooth working not OE2 Bose microphone Soundlink over tough time getting my new Bose Soundlink OE headset working with my HP Elitebook on Windows nbsp I'd like to use the headset for Skype and other VoIP calls nbsp I am able to get it to pair and have no issue getting sound from my laptop but the microphone will not work and doesn't register any noise under the Recording devices tab in Sound nbsp I've tried upgrading the Bluetooth drivers and still haven't had much luck nbsp I see two Bluetooth Radios in my Device Manager Intel Wireless Bluetooth and Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator nbsp When pairing I have two options with the headset nbsp I've tried both nbsp Listen to Music nbsp Forward VoIP Calls to Handsfree nbsp If I look at the properties of the headset I see the following services with all selected nbsp Audio Sink nbsp Handsfree Telephony nbsp Headset nbsp Remote Control nbsp The headset and microphone work great with an iPhone nbsp Anyone have any ideas nbsp Is there a specific Bluetooth driver I should be using
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Have had my Lenovo Bluetooth Mouse working with my W541 for some 18 months. After unknown system updates, it stopped working and cannot get it to pair.  Other bluetooth devices are pairing.  Mouse has new batteries, is sending signal and pairs with another computer just fine.  Have un-installed and re-installed Lenovo Mouse suite.  W541 runs on MS 10.  Anyone have any bright ideas???
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i'm trying to pair my droid smartphone to compaq laptop running windows xp. keep getting message saying pairing rejected by pc. checked hardware devices, & bluetooth is ok. probably a simple setting somewhere, but i don't know where. any ideas?

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I have to work across three PCs for which I use a KVM switch But while I'm on PC or I like to make notes on PC so I use a Bluetooth keyboard and a second monitor which is always on PC This pairing longer no keyboard Bluetooth has been working fine for Bluetooth keyboard no longer pairing weeks PC is Windows Every few days I've had to reconnect the keyboard by going to Bluetooth detecting it and pairing it again Windows gave me a code to type into the keyboard and I was away no problem Since Wednesday rd I've been unable to do this The PC detects the keyboard after a longer Bluetooth keyboard no longer pairing search than before It pairs with the keyboard and says it's connected but the keyboard doesn't work When I return to the Bluetooth screen it's gone from the list of devices I've replaced the keyboard batteries and tested it with my iPad where it works perfectly well So my sequence is type Bluetooth at Windows home pagesearch for devicesthe keyboard is foundclick Pairwait 'Enter the passcode for your keyboard you might need to enter the same passcode into the keyboard'ClickTtry entering a passcode on itcode comes upput it in 'connecting' then 'Bluetooth keyboard connected' graphic shows still searching for devicesafter close Bluetooth Devices window keyboard doesn't workReturn to Bluetooth screswitch keyboard off and on it disappears from devices list Any idea why it would stop working It was fine for about four weeks

A:Bluetooth keyboard no longer pairing

Hi nlamont,

Maybe it's worth to try to plug it to another computer and see if it works there. If it still doesn't respond on the other system then probably it's already busted.
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I've tried to install a couple of different Bluetooth headsets (Motorola & Samsung) to my Latitude E6230 running Windows 7 Pro x64. It recognizes the headset and says it has been installed, but then searches for drivers that cannot be found and the device icon ends up with an error flag on them and it doesn't work. I have an internal Dell 380 Bluetooth 4.0 module with current drivers that tests fine. Any suggestions?

A:Pairing bluetooth headset to laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by werosen

I've tried to install a couple of different Bluetooth headsets (Motorola & Samsung) to my Latitude E6230 running Windows 7 Pro x64. It recognizes the headset and says it has been installed, but then searches for drivers that cannot be found and the device icon ends up with an error flag on them and it doesn't work. I have an internal Dell 380 Bluetooth 4.0 module with current drivers that tests fine. Any suggestions?

Hi werosen,

Welcome to the community.

Please remove the drivers currently installed for Bluetooth and then install them from the link below:


Let me know the model of wireless card installed on the system.

Also, you can update any driver for your system by the following this video below:

Updating Dell Drivers

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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I have an Arctic p311 headset, an Asus usb BT-211 dongle and use windows 7 ultimate x64. For the life of me I can't get this headset to pair with the dongle. I installed the drivers that came with the dongle, and in device manager I see this generic "bluetooth audio device" under Sound. I try to auto update but all is up-to-date according to my pc. When I try to get my pc to add device my pc doesn't read it at all.

Maybe I bought the wrong kind of dongle, maybe my pc just hates bluetooth, maybe I'm missing a driver(s), I don't know, I need some help on this.

A:Bluetooth Blues, pairing issues

Are you using the latest drivers/utility from Asus?

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Have a dell Vostro 3550 w/windows 7 64 bit. Can I pair Bluetooth Speakers?

A:Bluetooth Pairing - Windows 7 Laptop

You should be able to pair the bluetooth speakers to your computer. Below are some links to help you get the speakers paired.
In Windows 7

Turn on your Bluetooth device and make it discoverable.The way you make it discoverable depends on the device. Check the device or visit the manufacturer's website to learn how.
Select the Start button 

 > Devices and Printers.
Select Add a device > select the device > Next.
Follow any other instructions that might appear. Otherwise, you're done and connected.

Your Bluetooth device and PC will usually automatically connect anytime the two devices are in range of each other with Bluetooth turned on.
How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to a Windows 7 Laptop

Fix, connect to and learn about Bluetooth
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Hey guys, im starting to explore bluetooth in Win 8.1 -
What Can You Do By Pairing Desktop to Laptop? I cant think of what the use of doing this would be.. .can anyone provide examples please?

A:Bluetooth - What Can You Do By Pairing Desktop to Laptop?

You cannot use Bluetooth to pair two computers. Only for Bluetooth capable mice & keyboards.
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I recently bought a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard 6000 for my HP 2730p tablet pc. I paired the keyboard and number pad to Windows 7 (x86) Ultimate without issue the first time but had to clean install the computer. Now, I cannot pair them any longer...When I go through the "add device" operation, I can sometimes find the BT devices and sometimes not. If I press a key, then the devices will appear and I can select the "create a pairing code" which gives me the 8 digits. I start entering them and then get timed out because I only have 5 seconds or so for entering the numbers.Is there a way to lengthen the timeout or some other options I'm not seeing?This device does not have its own codes like a cell phone of 0000.Keith Hageman

A:Win 7 Bluetooth pairing timeout too fast

OK, Duh.
It turns out that there's a magic sequence to resetting the pairing on my devices. If I hold in the pairing buttons for 30+ seconds the LEDs start alternating colors and I can successfully pair my devices.
And, of course, nada; nothing in a manual anywhere on this one... Nothing on the forums on this... I've seen several questions similar to this. It would be helpful to add a "try this first" to an FAQ on the forums.Keith Hageman
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I have a Rocketfish micro bluetooth adapter RF-MRBTAD in a USB port on my PC Both my wife and pairing phone PC error Bluetooth and between I have the same flip phone LG Fluid AN- Both phones were pairing to the PC back in the spring and some photo's were sent from the phones to the PC Win Home Premium bit A couple of days ago while loading the boat on the trailer my phone fell out and into the water After retrieving it wasn't working too good Got a new one same model from CSpire I'm in south MS Now I can't get the new phone to pair with PC I keep the bluetooth adapter turned off when not in use After turning it on and powering on the bluetooth on Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC the phone making the phone visible the PC cannot find it Doing a search for devices Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC from the phone does find the PC but when I try to pair the phone to the PC all I get is an error msg saying quot the device pairing failed quot My wife's phone will still pair just fine and send photos to Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC the PC I'm kind of at a loss about what to do now

A:Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC

If anything i would try deleting the old phone from the devices list and re-adding it; letting windows search for it and see if it works that way. It it doesnt; then there could be a glitch with either the bluetooth adapter or with the new phone itself you got(as much as i hate to say that; yes it can happen especially in this day and age). So give that a shot and see what happens.
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SYSTEM SPECS COMPUTER Dell PC with a dual core processor about years old gigs of memory windows professional bit service pack BLUETOOTH SOFTWARE Blue Soleil PRODUCT PAGE----- gt BlueSoleil - Bluetooth Software Bluetooth Driver pairing my my help Trouble bluetooth with keyboard PC.......... please Bluetooth Dongle Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help BLUETOOTH EMITTER Zoom PRODUCT PAGE----- gt Zoom Telephonics Bluetooth Products BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD SIIG JK-BT -S PRODUCT PAGE----- gt Wireless Bluetooth Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help Mini Keyboard - Wireless Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help - Keyboards - IT PRODUCTS ------------------------------------------------------------------- My computer is bluetooth enabled I have been successful in connecting a few bluetooth devices to it For example a I have successfully connected a bluetooth mouse to it and also a bluetooth capable cell phone Now here is where it gets strange The first time that I tried to pair my new bluetooth keyboard it DID work The first night I used it for a couple of hours However the next day it would no longer work The computer DOES recognize that the bluetooth keyboard is there However it will not successfully pair When I attempt to pair it I get a pop up message saying that it is attempting to pair but it never goes through I am fairly familiar with bluetooth technology but I am not an expert Can anyone here please offer any possible solutions Thanks TC

A:Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help

Check for driver and BIOs updates.
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hello my android phone wont find my laptop on bluetooth and the laptop cant find my mobile hotspot what can i do
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My laptop detects the devices but when I click pair it won't ask for the pairing code and just says "that didn't work" after about 30 seconds like this it's been like a month and is driving me crazy.
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Hi Guys,

Happy New Year!

As in the title my Bluetooth headphones pair with my laptop but no sound at all. I tested the headphones with the phone so I know they work. Any ideas?


PS Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section.

A:Headphones Bluetooth pairing but no sound

1. Turn on and pair your BT headphones

2. Go to : Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Under Playback > select the bluetooth headphones/device, right-click and set it as the Default Device.

3. Apply > OK

4. Test the audio output


I found this visual guide for you:
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I bought bluetooth v3.0 wireless keyboard, i tryed pairing it to my laptop but i can't remember the pairing code the computer used so i used the code in the instruction manual but it says its wrong. is it possible to find where the code is stored on the computer or generate a new code?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8104 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, -2016 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 942117 MB, Free - 861643 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
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I am trying to get my bluetooth headset to work with windows I have tried a couple of different adapters and one ask for a passkey and worked at very short range but it was a piece of junk that wouldn t stay recognized on wake Windows pita pairing 7 bluetooth or restart This one is also a csr chipset unit and everything is Windows 7 bluetooth pairing pita recognized fine and all drivers are installed It just won t prompt for a passkey This is resulting in the headset connecting then immediately disconnecting There is no unpair in windows I have removed the device and readded no go I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything I even enabled hidden devices in device manager and uninstalled everything that wasn t in use to start clean without all the extra in use com ports and unused bluetooth devices that were added while I have been trying to get this to work on different ports Including network adapters So the system is clean except for the required drivers Anyone know where that bluetooth passkey is stored or how I can change it Toshiba and broardcomm widcomm stacks won t work with this and are not helpful Thank you nbsp

A:Windows 7 bluetooth pairing pita

I found out that some third party bluetooth software I tried
disabled the bluetooth support service and didn't reenable
when I uninstalled it.
I can now enter the passkey but it still connects then
immediately disconnects.
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Hello, I got a JBL Everest Elite 700 bluetooth headphone and I would like to pair (connect) it with my HP Pavilion G6. I also have the latest updates installed. 1. Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add a deviceNo device can be found! (I am sure the headphone is discoverable and it works perfectly with other laptops and my mobile phone) 2. In "Device Manager", there is no "Bluetooth" icon. 3. In Computer Management > Services, "Bluetooth Support Service" is running and is set to Automatic. 4. In Computer Management > Services, "Bluetooth Handsfree Service" is running and is set to Automatic.   This is driving me crazy. I don't know what else to do.
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I purchased myQC35's 29 Aug 2016 and my experience is the same - no problem in Android, no problem with sound from video etc on Windows 10 on, HP Elitebook 840 G2.  But just static from the the QC35 microphone in ZOOM and Skype calls on the HP Elitebook 840 G2 - I have tried the most up to date MicroSoft supplied Bluetooth drivers and also tried the HP support site drivers - same result.
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I had my new Bose headphones working on my laptop last week and of course windows updated and now I lost music through my headphones. I still can pair the headphones to the laptop and they work fine with microphone function but I cannot get them to turn on the function to play music. I have searchede for previous drivers and tried to roll back but as soon as I pair device it installs new drivers that wont allow me to play music through my headphones. Tried two different headphones and neither will play music. $1200 laptop and wont play bluetooth music.
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Hi there nbsp I own a nbsp HP Spectre x - x360 h... 35 HP with Bluetooth connection QC Spectre issue Bose - nz ENERGY STAR and I just acquired a Bluetooth Headset from Bose the new Bose QC The headset works nbsp like a charm any Windows PC I tried Dell XPS Lenovo Yoga and with my Android Nexus X However I have a blocker issue if I use it with the nbsp Spectre x nbsp Pairing works even if I had to repeat the process several times Once HP Spectre x360 Bluetooth connection issue with Bose QC 35 h... paired listening to music works mostly fine in stereo mode The problem arises when I try to perform a call The problem is the same with any program Skype Skype For Business Skype Preview or my Softphone Bria I can hear the counterpart but they can only hear a really loud static noise I tried an Echo sound test service with Skype and the recorded sound is exactly as my counterpart described I can record and attach it if you want I have updated all drivers soundcard Bluetooth BIOS I have updated from Windows to Windows Anniversary update and I have update the QC from to Nothing helps I have tried all possible setting configuration remove the Bluetooth device added it again etc Still static noise It is clearly an issue with the Spectre x and as far as I know this model had several other Bluetooth issues before Therefore my question to HP could you please look into it and update the drivers to support the Bose QC which is a hit on the market Thank you and best regards
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Hello everyone, I just bought a dell alienware m14x, I love it so far.

I pay the 20$ extra to have the Bluetooth option and I successfully pair my blackberry but when I am trying to pair my Bluetooth jay bird SB2 headphone with my computer, it doesnt work?

the computer find my device, and when I go to device and printer I see it there, but there is not option to ?use? or activate I also check in the sound option where you can choose the output(manage audio devices), but only the computer speakers are there.

I tried to download the driver installer wizard from Broadcom corp but it doesn?t find my headphone?

I am puzzled!!

Anyone had a problem like that?


A:problem pairing bluetooth headphone with alienware

Consider posting on the Dell Community users help special forum just for Alienware owners.

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Greetings I have a dell inspiron e laptop that I got in June and it came with Vista I recently put Windows Professional on it and things appear to be working better than ever Anyways I got a rocketfish bluetooth keyboard model RF-ABTKB for Christmas and I have been having a rough time with it-- kind of makes pairing keyboard initial bluetooth issue me wonder why I don t just get a different one But it makes a good puzzle for a tech at least When I go to add device Windows begins searching for the keyboard I push the connect button on the back of the keyboard and Windows detects it Then a window comes up that has a number I enter the number and press enter on the bluetooth keyboard and there is bluetooth keyboard initial pairing issue an obvious response as Windows moves on to the next steps and finishes installing it However when I type anything on the keyboard it has no visible effect on the screen The keyboard shows up under devices as quot Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard quot If I right click on the keyboard and go to properties then Bluetooth tab it looks like this at first After about bluetooth keyboard initial pairing issue ten seconds the keyboard apparently disconnects and it changes to look like this So if I hit the connect button in the above window I have to enter the numbers again bluetooth keyboard initial pairing issue and it does the same thing over I figure the problem could be with my bluetooth driver My system has a Dell truemobile Bluetooth EDR module built in Trouble is windows installs its own driver that overpowers any other ones I install and when I delete it it reinstalls it again I went into the system drivers folder and deleted the sys files it said it was using but it made them back the next time it detected my bluetooth I guess its unpacking them from somewhere because I don t think I was connected to the internet So I guess any suggestions are welcome especially if someone knows how to stop windows from installing its own drivers or how to force another driver on Thanks in advance nbsp
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I'm trying to pair my LG-VX800 with my Lenovo T60p. On the phone, I can detect the computer but when I go to pair them, I am asked for a passcode and I don't know what that is. Is the passcode for the laptop or for the phone? Thanks

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Hello I have a macbook pro quot which I have partitioned and installed windows ultimate bit onto I bought A Bluetooth Stereo Headset WS- and it was able to pair with my computer but it was not connected and came up with the error quot No Drivers Found For This Device quot It shows up on my device and printers but not my playback devices I doubt that the problem is connected to my computer being apple because it worked on my mac partition and on my Pairing Headset But Drivers No Found Bluetooth cellphone I had tried using on another windows computer but got the same error The box that came Bluetooth Headset Pairing But No Drivers Found with the the headphones said that it was windows compatible I searched for fixes on other forums and tried them such as setting the driver to Ports COM amp LPT or enabling all of the services before I continued with the drivers installation but none of it worked Does anyone know how I can go about fixing this gt

A:Bluetooth Headset Pairing But No Drivers Found

I wonder if THIS has anything to do with it? On the newegg site it states

Windows or Mac OS computer with Bluetooth function A2DP
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Anyone knows how to get my HP Roar Bluetooth speaker to pair with my DELL Inspiron Series 5559 laptop (Windows 10, 64-bit)? I keep getting connection failure messages. I had no problem pairing the speaker with my iPhone 6 Plus. Both units (HP speaker and DELL laptop) are only months old and under warranty, yet both HP and DELL are offering only fee-based tech support for this problem, which I refuse to accept. I visited the DELL support web site, hoping to download an appropriate driver, but found no option for Bluetooth.
Note that, in Device Manager, under Bluetooth, nowhere does the name DELL appear among drivers. All I see there are:
- Bluetooth LE General Attribute Service
- Bluetooth Mouse 3600 (a Microsoft device, paired)
- Intel? Wireless Bluetooth?
- Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator
- Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I just got the XPS15 and a Bluetooth Mouse WM615 and I followed the simple instructions to a T.  I press the Bluetooth button and the indicator light on the mouse is blinking as it is suppose to.  The computer shows the mouse available on Bluetooth.  One the computer, I click 'Pair' but the error message keeps popping up saying Not found, please ensure the mouse is still discoverable.
I've tried it over and over, same thing.

Any ideas anyone?


A:Bluetooth Mouse - WM615 & XPS15 not pairing

I had the same problem with my new xps 15 9550 and the WM615 mouse. Trying to solve it with Dell, had a mechanic at my house  but to no avail.
Problem remained for about one month. Today I found this suggestion on the internet by :
Go to Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Dell Wireless 1830 ac -> Properties -> Advanced. There you should see a list of various parameters to change. Scroll down to "Bluetooth Collaboration" and set it to "Disable". Now my mouse is working perfectly!
It works perfectly indeed!
Maybe this helps you too.
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My brand new HP Bluetooth Mouse Z5000 doesn't seem to be discoverable by my brand new HP Spectre running Windows 10.   The laptop wireless is on, because it's finding other devices, but nothing that looks like the mouse (i tried every device anyway, no luck).  The mouse is turned on, there's a blue light.  No where does it tell me what the name of the item should be when it's discoverable - I had assumed it would be obvious.  Thanks for any suggestions!
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Hi After spending over hours yesterday trying to get my Bluetooth mouse to cooperate I removing - re-pairing Bluetooth problems or Mouse have finally reached the end of my tether Here's the story of events Pair Bluetooth mouse all works okUse mouse with a different laptop Win x I do occasionally use it on other devices it all Bluetooth Mouse - problems removing or re-pairing depends on what work I am doing Come back to use it with Win laptop and no matter what I do I cannot re-pair it Now I understand that once paired a mouse will try and connect with the paired device and works successfully Now if I then use it with another PC the mouse won't try and connect as normal and the PC will have to initiate the connection or the device be deleted and re-paired In Windows it has simply been a matter of going to Bluetooth devices and sometimes just right clicking and going to 'Connect' will work other times just delete it and redo the pairing Problem is that in Windows the mouse just doesn't appear in devices whether it is working or not So I can't right click and 'connect' nor can I delete it and do the pairing again It is in Device Manager in Bluetooth devices and also in HID devices as a Bluetooth HID device No matter how I delete these they just reappear Obviously adding a 'new' bluetooth device windows won't find it as it has 'already been paired' Things I've tried so far pretty much everything I can find on the net about similar issues Re install bluetooth driversEdit registry to delete the BTHEN entries relating to the devicesEdited the user and startup mode of the Bluetooth servicesI have also used a different bluetooth mouse and can duplicate the behaviour so I actually have two Bluetooth mice listed in device manager and the mice both work fine on a variety of other devices Sorry for the long post but this is driving me mad Fingers crossed someone can help me

A:Bluetooth Mouse - problems removing or re-pairing


What kind of mouse do you have? Is there a specific driver you can download from the manufactures website that offers more compatibility?
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My Ipega 9025 bluetooth controller will connect to my PC fine (It didn't even connect previously but i solved that) but it then installs drivers while the controllers pairing LED is still flashing, it then disconnects before the drivers are installed and every time I re-connect it's treated as a new device and installs again and again. Any ideas?
My bluetooth adapter is the ASUS BT400

Edit: tried one more time and it seems to have solved itself! Now i can finally play Dark Souls III
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Such a title will get me in trouble and possible few viewers but I couldn't not pairing Windows confused; & anything. Bluetooth drivers, knowing figure out how to properly address my problem--sorry Bluetooth drivers, pairing & Windows confused; not knowing anything. Here goes I bought a bluetooth dongle Had problems installing its Bluetooth drivers, pairing & Windows confused; not knowing anything. drivers since Windows Calling it ''Bluetooth radio quot couldn't find the right drivers I uninstalled them and then via something called quot IN BTH Bluetooth drivers, pairing & Windows confused; not knowing anything. WW exe quot It seemed to install the correct drivers More precisely what the above installed is CSR Bluecore device CSR Bluetooth radio Bluetooth SPP Driver COM and Bluetooth SPP Driver COM Reboot all seems OK Now I go to my Control Panel and I see -Bluetooth Devices -Bluetooth Settings and -Bluetooth Local COM If I click on either of the first nothing happens--no new window no anything as if I clicked on an empty space Shouldn't they do something Assuming so then something is wrong somewhere--which may be this installation of drivers has nothing to do with my dongle and hence the cause of the other problems listed below I'll get to the COM one later My aim is to use my headset the one I use with my cell phone with my PC So I went to CTRL Panel-- gt Devices and Printers -- gt Add new Device and nothing happens it just searches and searches and searches--and yes I did let my headset try to pair during this process Now to -Bluetooth Local COM If I click on it a window pops up saying it wants to install drivers Why would it want to do so since the drivers are already installed Do I need even more drivers Nevertheless it just hangs If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it or even a better title

A:Bluetooth drivers, pairing & Windows confused; not knowing anything.

Hi there ... Please Post a screenshot of these Devices ... Could you also tell us what are the System Specs which you are trying to Install this Bluetooth Dongle ? .....
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Hi These are the details Connecting The Bluetooth of an Android mobile with the Bluetooth of HP laptop didn't succeed I have followed these steps to pair the the Bluetooth of my HP laptop and the other Android Bluetooth First I have clicked on 'add' a device' Second the Bluetooth of the Android mobile got shown Then I have connected to it After that 'Comparing pairing Codes' showed to me Screen shot below Next Each Bluetooth's user of us accepted that confirmation Finally The pair was established well Screen shot below Although The Android Bluetooth was paired with my My HP laptop Bluetooth successfully the Android Bluetooth is grayed out on my My laptop Bluetooth list as shown in grayed with Android out is Samsung pairing Laptop's a Bluetooth after this screen shot below Whenever I have clicked on the Android Bluetooth listed in my the Bluetooth devices I received no Bluetooth control showed me NO way to send files since Android Bluetooth is grayed out Also whenever the User who has the Samsung Android Bluetooth is grayed out after pairing with a Laptop's android mobile phone tries to send file into my laptop Bluetooth paired with his Android Bluetooth he received an error not sending file Although the the Android Bluetooth is enabled to be detected by other Bluetooth devices If there were a problem with my Laptop Bluetooth then I would be facing the same problem with connecting pairing my Laptop Bluetooth with the Nokia Bluetooth Second Connecting The Bluetooth of a Nokia mobile with the Bluetooth of HP laptop succeeded I have followed the same steps to connected the Nokia Bluetooth to my Laptop Bluetooth and it succeeded well Then windows was checking for drivers for the Nokia Bluetooth Then the Bluetooth control was shown which will enable me and the other one user to send and receive files via pairing Bluetooth NOTE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN connecting THE NOKIA BLUETOOTH WITH MY LAPOTP BLUETOOTH AND THE ANDROID BLUETOOTH WITH MY LAPTOP BLUETOOTH - there is no checking windows for drivers for the Android Bluetooth while got paired to my laptop Bluetooth However there is a checking windows for drivers for the Nokia Bluetooth when got paired to my laptop Bluetooth - THE NOKIA IS NOT GRAYED OUT active enabled HOWEVER THE ANDROID IS GRAYED OUT inactive disabled ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have installed the latest version of Samsung Kies for my My Android mobile mode Mobile Phone GT-S I GT-S XXLC The firmware revision Samsung Android Bluetooth is grayed out after pairing with a Laptop's is XXLC While installing Samsung Kies I don't check the first option as Samsung Android Bluetooth is grayed out after pairing with a Laptop's in the screen shot below however I am still having a problem pairing my Android mobile Bluetooth with the my Laptop Bluetooth When Android Bluetooth gets paired with my Laptop Bluetooth the Android mobile Bluetooth is grayed out in my Bluetooth devices under my Laptop I have installed old version and then updated the new one Since I could pair the my Laptop Bluetooth with Nokia Bluetooth without being plugged to my Laptop via a USB I don't think that my Samsung mobile phone must be plugged to my laptop so that the Android Bluetooth will be paired correctly actively no grayed out with my laptop When I plugged the Android mobile phone to my Laptop I found that the Android Bluetooth was still grayed out when it was paired with my Laptop Bluetooth The Android Bluetooth is still grayed out although the detecting the Bluetooth is enabled in both devices Android and Laptop and it is plugged to my laptop Also I can access all files videos in the Android mobile phone via the Samsung Kies while Device is plugged to my laptop USB

A:Samsung Android Bluetooth is grayed out after pairing with a Laptop's

Could anyone at this splendid forum take some of their precious time out to reply to me since this problem is still going on?
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I'm trying to get my phone to work with my bluetooth. There is no problem getting the laptop to find the phone, but then I get a screen with a code on it (see below attachments).

My question is, how do I manually enter the code? I know what it is for the phone, but I can't seem to figure out how to get vista to allow me to enter it. Selecting any of the option on the screen cap I included below fail, and none of them allow me to manually enter a code.


Vista Home Premium
ASUS M50vm-B1 Laptop
LG Rumor 2 Mobile Phone
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I have installed actual Bluetooth-stack v9.10.32(T)
Also added Bluetooth filter package and Bluetooth monitor (cannot see them in the control panel under "programs and features)
But cannot complete pairing with an Denon AVR-X1100

when connecting with the Toshiba all steps look good until the pairing code is displayed.
I confirm it and the Denon displays the Toshiba as paired and connected
but the Bluetooth wizard is displaying for a while:
"setting up audio device"
and ends up with "connection to a remote device failed please try again"
and windows7 displays "Authentication went wrong"

My Iphone and my Dell Latitude connects without any problems so it should be related to the Toshiba Bluetooth-stack (settings)
any Idea how to solve it?

thank you in advance
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I recently purchased a WS-3200 Bluetooth headset, and it works perfectly fine with phones and mac computers, but i'm having trouble using it on my windows 7 ultimate 64 bit platform.

I had some driver issues prior to this thread, and I was able to solve that, but now I am having trouble linking and pairing to my computer. I can successfully add the device to my computer, but when I go to click link with headset or hands-free telephony, it is unresponsive.

Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

A:WS-3200 Bluetooth Headset Connecting But Not Linking or Pairing

Have u tried this

open settings

then Check all the boxex

the first box too that is unchekd in this image ( just tick all the boxex )
if this doesnt try to remove and re-add the device
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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit SP1 with an ASUS Bluetooth adapter that supports bluetooth 2.1 and A2DP. I can get it to pair with my iPhone but not my Pioneer VSX-921k.
The Pioneer uses a BT100 adapter to connect via bluetooth, it works with my iPhone perfectly, but again, cannot be seen by the PC.
I have tried multiple adapters, several drivers, and a few different programs. I still cannot get them to pair, though I see online it is quite possible. Help please!!
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my laptop has windows 7 home premium acer 64bit os,model 8950g.

I am having trouble trying to add my bluetooth keyboard:
The bluetooth software is showing,and it finds the keyboard on its own.

But the bluetooth pairing with list of discovered devices does not show anywhere,and if i try to use the "add a device" from printers and devices",it will not find the keyboard.

The laptop is "discoverable" by devices,its just that the pairing and list of devices does not show anywhere!

On win8.1 i need to go to the win8.1 start to find the pairing and list of devices,but there is not that option in wi8.1!

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In May, I bought a pair of bluetooth headphones (Photive BTH3) and a USB bluetooth wireless adapter (SoundBot SB340) for my work PC.
Last week, my computer got a bug, and IT reformatted the computer.
Now my headphones are not pairing with the computer properly.
I used the CD that came with the USB adapter, and it seems to work, but when I pair the headphones with the computer, the drivers start to install, and I get this error:

I got this right before it, and thought it was all going well

I can not pair my headphones with the computer, and get this pop-up:

Can anybody help me out? I've tried the drivers on the SoundBot website, and they give me the same driver error.
No music at work is a real bummer!!!

A:Bluetooth headphones and USB adapter are not pairing properly. NO AUDIO AT WORK

Isn't that the province of your work IT personnel?
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My laptop has windows 7 home premium acer 64bit os,model 8950g (I have 2 questions in this forum as I have 2 laptops).

I am having trouble trying to add my bluetooth keyboard:
The bluetooth software is showing,and it finds the keyboard on its own.

But the bluetooth pairing with list of discovered devices does not show anywhere,and if i try to use the "add a device" from printers and devices",it will not find the keyboard.

The laptop is "discoverable" by devices,its just that the
pairing and list of devices does not show anywhere!

On win8.1 i need to go to the win8.1 start to find the pairing and list of devices,but there is not that option in win7!

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Hello. My son just installed Windows Vista Ultimate over XP. Ever since he did this, my Bose Companion 2 speakers have stopped working. I know it's not the speakers with the problem because I took them to work to test them out. The system does not even recognize that there is an audio device installed.

I have contacted Bose customer support but they could not help me, and suggested I contact Microsoft. As I am on eternal hold (48 minutes so far) with Microsoft, in hopes of getting help, I am requesting help here.

I would truly appreciate any help with this. Thanks!!

A:Bose Speakers

What brand and model computer do you have if you have upgraded the sound card what brand and model is the card?
Most likely you don't have a driver installed for the audio card, If you check in device manager (Start> right click on "Computer" select "Properties">select the "Hardware" tab> click on "Device Manager" do you see any yellow question marks if so on what devices?
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Hi, I have an Asus P5LD2-Deluxe motherboard. I have 2 sets of bose companion 3 speaker systems. Does anyone know if I can hook both of these up to my sound card? I have realtek 8 channel audio.

A:Bose companion 3 x 2?

The bose companion 3 speaker system has it's own amplifier ... you should be able to hook it up to anything with an Audio output jack.

To run both ....
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Can anyone tell me how I can run a pair of Bose 251 outdoor speakers from my computer, so I can access a media player on the computer and make a play list and get the music to play outdoors etc.
What hardware will I need etc.
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Hi, I have an Asus P5LD2-Deluxe motherboard. I have 2 sets of bose companion 3 speaker systems. Does anyone know if I can hook both of these up to my sound card? I have realtek 8 channel audio.
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I have a Dell XPS Intel Core processorQ with MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX and X-Fi PCI Sound Card The Bose to PC 321 Options computer is located upstairs I have a Bose - - connected to a Sony HDTV downstairs I have a wired network available between upstairs downstairs as well as wireless network I don t want to run any new cables from the PC to the Bose HDTV I want to view video from the PC on the HDTV streaming or from hard drive I want to listen to music from the PC on the Bose streaming or hard PC to Bose 321 Options drive I don t need to watch listen to anything originating from the Bose TV on the computer just one-way from computer to Bose TV What are my options for marrying-up the two systems I d rather use the wired network than any wireless options but I suppose wireless would be ok also I appreciate any advise you can offer Thanks for your help nbsp
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I have been having terrible trouble with getting an internet connection on my machine (Lenovo Q190). I have been able to connect to the network and get outbound pings to etc. But I have not been able to get any web browser activity.

After playing around with all kinds of things, I finally worked out that it's the transmitter for my Bose SoundLink. This transmits over a private Bluetooth network to the speaker. With the transmitter out, all is well with the connection. Plug it in, everything stops.

So of course this means that I can either connect to the internet OR listen to sound in my preferred way. Since I spend a lot of time on Spotify and Netflix, either/or isn't really good enough.

Can anyone suggest a way that I can leave the Bose connected and still have internet traffic?
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Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on Bose speakers for computer?

I use to have Creative Inspire 5.1 system and was quite happy with the sound quality but after listening to bose speakers, I was completely blown away. I've never heard anything like that. Does the computer speakers are equally good but they seem pretty steep, the lowest range is ?99 and they go upto ?299

so are they really worth the price or can you lot suggest something else which is eqaully matched?


A:Bose Speakers

Hate to break the news to you, but most people who know quite a bit about audio stay away from bose speakers because for the money, they generally are crap.

Here are some references;
Just A Couple Reasons Why Bose Sucks | Obnoxious Listeners
intellexual net ? m k i v
Why does Bose blow? Suck? hated by audiophiles? |

And this comes from a person who make the mistake and went with some Bose speakers once before. Never again. These days, I go for Polk, Paradigm, Klipsch, KEF, Axiom, Definitive, etc.

Bose is more of a marketing company than a speaker company. More often than not, those who own BOSE and swear by them are unable to name more than 2 other speaker mfgs. People "aspire" to own BOSE because marketing has said they are the best...but they are not.

Here is a great example. Look up speakers from any other reputable company like those listed above. Look at specs...they tell you thinks like crossover frequencies, sensitivity, resistence, frequency response, etc. Look at the specs on the BOSE site...they list weight and dimensions...but not a single thing from any audio standpoint. Why would you not list your specifications when every other company on the planet does?

For computer speakers, check out Swan, or Klipsch.

Here are some suggestions;
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Hi,  We have HP Zero Clients (T410) and are connection to an Windows 2012 server.When i look in the admin guide it saysthat USB redirection to windows 2012 and Windows 8 is supported.  I have enable USB redirection in the zero client. But when i connect an USB device to the zeroclient is isnt viable in my RDP7 connection to the server. Do i have to edit some policys on the server or do i need software ?  Kind regards,   Hans Vos

A:T410 - USB redirection

Im having a simaller problem with my Windows server 2008, using the T410 as well. I can get thumb drives to redirect, but i cant get SD card readers. Have you found a solution to this problem yet?
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Hi all I T410 bios mod bug have flashed a WL-free BIOS from Serg to my T -DA I had the latest factory BIOS before Flash was successful i disabled the TPM because the beeps at startup Then i realized that i cannot read CPU speed from the OS Ubuntu and the battery isn't charging I can see on the indicator when it is T410 mod bios bug inserted or not but no charging T410 mod bios bug I installed TLP started a calibration but it only discharged the battery and charging is not working Or if it is working BIOS does not see what charging circuit is doing EC ROM is in addition I tried to flash factory BIOS but it cannot be done with battery I'm afraid to flash FL and FL as i have two FL files extracted from factory flash Have someone seen a bug like this before Can someone tell me how to flash FL and two FL 's and PAT files with Winphlash Or force the boot CD image to update I ned to revert the factory BIOS to check that the charging circuit is OK nbsp Thanks in advance
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The ads I see on Amazon etc say that there is more than one fan type for a T and be sure to get the one that fits your machine nbsp How to make the match nbsp My T is a Type - U according to a sticker on its bottom nbsp At https support lenovo com us en documents migr- I find a table that maps these computer types to model numbers of parts including fan assemblies nbsp It lists Fan assembly integrated M and M as suitable for type - x but by omission it implies that Fan assembly discrete M and T410? fit What replacement fan will my M are not suitable to type - x nbsp I assume that in that type code x is a variable so - U is a member of that type nbsp Ah nbsp I just learned at nbsp https support lenovo com us en What replacement fan will fit my T410? documents migr- that the two different fan assemblies are for integrated graphics and discrete graphics models respectively - their heat sink components are quite different nbsp Ah again nbsp From pix on Amazon I infer that the two integrated assemblies have slightly different heat sinks but both are for integrated graphics nbsp The M is shown here nbsp https www amazon com Genuine-IBM-Thinkpad-Cooling-Heatsink dp B MTWDB E and the M is here https www amazon com IBM-Original-Thinkpad- M -Assembly dp B QWCTLG nbsp From this I want to conclude that if I get a model M or M I'm cool nbsp Is that right nbsp Also it's possible and much cheaper to buy a fan without buying the heat sink assembly as well nbsp Anybody know which fan models fit into the Fan assembly integrated nbsp Thanks in advance Ken
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I purchased a Bose companion 5 speaker system. I have it set-up but no sound. I have a HP computer, Vista 64 bit SP1,Intel Core 2 Quad CPU-Q6700,2.66666ghZ,6 Gigs of ram, NVIDIA 9500 GS. I am having trouble finding the right driver to download ! Any help would be appreciated.

A:Need help with Bose 5 speaker system

Deerhunter, that system should just be plug and play.

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Hi,I was just equipped with a brand new X1 Carbon (20A8 type) and tried to use my Bluetooth headset Bose AE2W.The pairing was successful.Unfortunately, the headset doesn?t work properly.The headset does not work in the recording mode (just playback)When I am listening to music, sound is time-shifted (about 1-2s) and every 10-15 it stops.Sometimes it mutes completely so I need to reset the headset.I used Lenovo system update. I also ensured that the headset has the most update firmware.Previously I was using t420s and didn?t have such problems (perhaps sometimes number 3). The headset works perfectly with my private laptop, mobile, tablet etc.I wrote to Bose. They replied that the headset is compatible with:Headphones (HSP 1.1); Hands Free (HFP 1.5); Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP 1.2); Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP 1.4)Can you help me?Thanks 

A:X1 Carbon and Bose AE2W

Actually the problem number 2 worsened... now music stops playing every 1s :-) It's horrible... Cant believe that a device for $2k can be so bad in terms of compatibility with Bluetooth devices... BTW: I am using Windows7
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I read another thread that somewhat seemed very similar to my problem I have a Bose Companion System and my brother bought a new Gateway FX Gaming system which I connected it too The is already a Driver Issue Bose GeForce GT Video Card installed and the standard issue speakers work fine but my Bose System doesn't work at all which is plugged into the back of my tower not by USB Gateway was totally uncooperative and quite mean if you ask me but after a long ordeal they said I may need to DL a different driver Now I'm a pretty smart guy but totally computer-dumb lol so I need to know what driver I Bose Driver Issue need how to install it step by step please and any other information that may help me out I hear this is the site to go to for reliable help so thank you guys soooooo much for what you're doing you're helping out us PC-illiterates more than you know

A:Bose Driver Issue

download and run this one
Vista Driver(32/64 bits) Driver only (Executable file)
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Hello. I can´t connect  Bose soundlink mini to my Thinkpad E440. Laptop still shows "peripheral device driver missing". I´ve tried Windows drivers for bluetooth device, i downloaded and installed drivers from Lenovo pages. Nothing works :/ Can anybody help me, please ? Thank you. Jakub

A:Thinkpad vs. Bose soundlink

I also had a similar problem - with my X230 - and found this worked wonders:
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Two things happened at once. 1) My Bose Companion 5 speakers stopped working. Computer (Windows 7) says not plugged in. When I replug it, it says it cannot recognize the speakers. At the very same time, all video conks out after a few seconds, even without sound. Netflix won't work at all, and YouTube stutters, then stops. Any ideas? Thanks...

A:Bose speaker mystery

and 2) ? jj

Manually update/reinstall the audio drivers. The audio drivers are responsible for audio port detection.
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I have the Bose Companion 5 speakers for my HP pavilion dv7 1232nr laptop, and the pc refuses to recognize them when ever I plug into usb port, once in a while after restarting the pc and/or plugging , unplugging the USB cable I am lucky enough to be able to listen to my $400 speakers.
Any advice ?
thank you

A:I just can't listen to my $400 Bose speakers

you may need to connect with a self powered usb hub
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Model AWRCC1







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Hi all,
My specific problem is as follows:
I have a Bose 321GX system. I have used it week-ends with no problems. Last night I put in a DVD from netflix as I always do, everything worked great. Today I put in another DVD from netflix and up on the screen was the message: "Format not supported"
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

A:Bose 321 system problem

So do you still get "Format not Supported" when you put in previous DVD's?
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i am consedering buying a bose soundlink 11  bluetooth headset my question is will it link up to my laptop
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Hey every1, i just installed windows vista ultimate over xp. now, everything works fine except for my speakers. i have bose pc speakers, everything is plugged in, but it says the speakers are not even plugged in, someone suggest i needed to get the bose drivers, but 1. i never had drivers, and 2. if there are drivers for the bose speakers, i cannot find them

so if any1 can solve my problem, or tell me where to get the bose drivers at, i would greatly appreciate it.

please reply, i really need help with this.

A:[SOLVED] Bose speakers

Do they plug into the usb port?
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Hi, I have an Asus P5LD2-Deluxe motherboard. I have 2 sets of bose companion 3 speaker systems. Does anyone know if I can hook both of these up to my sound card? I have realtek 8 channel audio.
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I got a set of Bose Companion 5 5.1 (2 speakers, using their special technowhatever to sound like 5.1). These use a USB 2.0 cable connected to a subwoofer to work. Now, I had Vista, which this speakers worked on fine. Switched to Windows 7, because I hated Vista's slow Windows Explorer loading, and the speakers don't work. After being plugged in, they are "Unknown Device"s.
..Help please.

A:Bose Companion 5 USB 5.1 Speakers

This is weird, I own these speakers too and they seem to be working fine through USB. They get detected properly and the sound is automatically redirected to them when I plug them in through USB, the only problem I experience is sometimes some kind of popping/skipping/crackling sound. I guess your best way to go is to plug them to your computer using a headphone cable to connect from the volume pod sound input to the computer's sound output.
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I have a pair of BOSE Media Mate computer speakers and I burned out the power cord. It says 12 vac 1.2.

Where can I find a replacement cord?



A:Bose Media Mate

Check your local radio shack, or any other electronics store, you just need a 12V AC power adapter.
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Hello I bought a Bose Companion speaker set I was using them in my laptop while waiting for my PC to arrive I wasn t sure where to plug them in but the only place it made sense to plug in was the headphone jack and that seemed to work fine My PC came in and I tried to find somewhere to plug them into the back of the computer XPS I looked in the manual and it said to plug surround sound speakers into the black outlet or whatnot No sound was coming out speakers Bose Companion 3 I plugged them into the headphone jack and they work fine but it s annoying Bose Companion 3 speakers having a cord coming around the front of the box The speakers run through an quot Acoustimass quot module which acts as a subwoofer I assume that s the correct term as well as the piece that the speakers plug into and the power output plugs come out of The only output cord is the headphone jack cord Is this speaker set more appropriate for laptop use Is there anyway that I could get to plug into the back of the computer If not is there any kind of adapter that wouldn t sacrifice sound quality that I could extend the output cord Just ask about any terms that don t make sense I know a thing or two about computers but not much and barely anything at all about speakers audio set up Thanks Josh nbsp

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Q: Pairing

I have XP Home an MSI Wireless Card (CB11B2) and Wanadoo Wireless Broadband. I have'nt a clue how to match them up. Can anyone help?



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Hi all, I have a T410 that's from 2010 with the i5 520m cpu. I bought it used recently and I don't think the bios has ever been upgraded. When I follow the regular instructions of entering BIOS --> Config --> CPU, I saw a menu of four choices. The bottom two wereIntel(R) Virtualization Technology [DISABLED]Intel(R) VT-d Feature [DISABLED]I tried to change them, but strangely the menu only let me navigate through the first two choices (I can't recall them exactly now but they didn't seem to have anything to do with virtualization), nothing seemed to allow me to access the bottom two choices...  How should I go about fixing this properly?  I want to be very careful with upgrading/flashing BIOS as I really don't want to end up with a brick Thanks

A:Enabling Intel VT-x in a T410

Look for your BIOS Version and post it(You can find it on the start page of your BIOS)VT-x is supported by your CPU, but maybe there are conflicting settings..Maybe you really have to update the BIOS but that shouldn't be a real problem...Use a disk image, hook your thinkpad to the power and let it be for 20 minutes or so...
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On T410 upgraded Windows 10 32bit op sys to 64 bit and Epson projector no longer works.   Worked flawlessly and effortlessly prior to upgrade to 64 bit.  Help? thankshal mann
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Without any indication of slow computer etc.. suddenly a very short blue screen then unable to boot from any device.
I had changed to a new SSD just 8 months back.
I need help with this otherwise nice Laptop.
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Hi guys, Trying to get Bitlocker working on a t410. The bios is enabled for TPM and the drivers are installed. When trying to enable Bitlocker i'm getting a message saying: A TPM module must be present on this computer but a TPM module was not found. Any ideas? Thanks,Mike
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Hello Iam new here my wifi card broke and I want to replace it!.Original card is Intel centrino advanced - n - 6200 FRU 60Y2331.Can I replace whit this one T410s wifi card Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300. And what equalizer would you recommend to make sound better. Thank you!All The Best,Janar
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Hi Guys nbsp I need your help here I bought a refurbished T in Oct from Newegg It has a Win professional Today when I turned on the computer it first give out a brief it 15. bought in a has refurbished. t410 ... Oct. Now Thinkpad then it gave out a brief green screen Finally it will stay on a 'black' screen It seems that my screen is 'good' since it first has very briefly Thinkpad Recnetly I have downloaded software which I supspect it has virus on it Also to day before t410 refurbished. bought in Oct. 15. Now it has a ... I turned the computer t410 refurbished. bought in Oct. 15. Now it has a ... off I changed the computer time to Jun I am not sure if these activities are related to my 'black' screen nbsp I later connected a external display and I could do everything on it my external display is good nbsp Lenovo 'black' screen external display is working when the computer is turned on 'Thinkpad' briefly showed up then a brief green screen then goes to 'black' nbsp Please give me your advices Thanks nbsp Dan nbsp nbsp
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I have had to reload W7 and cannot find drivers on the driver page for these:? Any help appreciatted!Device manager?

A:T410 driver issue

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Install and run Lenovo System Update, it should take care of the missing drivers: click me!