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T410 win 10 x64 - Bluetooth pairing with Bose QC35...

Q: T410 win 10 x64 - Bluetooth pairing with Bose QC35...

I've just successfully completed a win 7 pro x64 - > win 10 pro x64 upgrade on my T410.I can't seem to successfully enable Bluetooth to install and recognize and pair with a set of Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35) Bluetooth headphones (which pair perfectly well with my iPhone). the QC35 does list on the sound playback devices, but along with a vertical red arrow.Lenovo does not have any updated drivers for Bluetooth on my T410 with win 10, 64 bit.....HELP anyone? Pretty please? Is there perhaps ANY workaround that anyone knows of to accomodate Lenovo's tardiness to provide updated Bluetooth drivers for T410 with win 10?Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated ! ThanksJonathan
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Preferred Solution: T410 win 10 x64 - Bluetooth pairing with Bose QC35...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm trying to connect my PC and my Asus Zenfone 2 with Bluetooth. When I use the "add a device" wizard on Windows 8.1, my mobile phone is detected, but when I try to add it I get: "Windows doesn't have a network profile for this device".

Also, when I try to detect my computer with my mobile phone, itīs not detected.

I'm using a Trust USB 2.0 dongle Bluetooth adapter (the little one you insert on the usb port) that came with a keyboard and mouse Bluetooth set that I used. Could that dongle be designed only for the bluetooth keyboard and mouse set?

A:I cannot connect my phone to my PC (Windows 8.1) with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth device seems fine as it already detected your keyboard and mouse. However, your phone seems not supported with the current Bluetooth device and you might need to take another look.
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Have a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones and trying to get them hooked up to the sound of my older TV. Is there some kind of adapter you can buy to to hook up to the audio out of the TV so I can connect the 2 via Bluetooth? I just don't wanna pay for another pair of headphones. I just want the reciever.
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I have a mystery on my hands. I received a Bluetooth speaker as a gift. The BT-4.0 adapter plugged into my computer (USB-2.0 port) detects it (as a "Bluetooth headset"), but when I try to select it as my output device (from the "Sound" Control Panel), Windows reports it as "Disconnected".

If I open "Devices and Printers" and right-click the "Bluetooth headset" icon, I get an alert that the device "Failed to initialize".

I've tried rebooting, tried a different BT adapter, updated my BT drivers off the makers' website, Device Manager shows everything is connected & working (including "Bluetooth Audio").

64bit Win7 Home. Inateck BT-4.0 usb adapter. Speaker is a "MicroBoom" BT v2.1:
Any ideas?

PS: Eliminated the obvious. Speaker is fully charged and works just fine with my phone.
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Quick question.

I have two cheepo USB Bluetooth adapters for my Windows 7 PC. One is a tiny generic (thumbnail sized) micro adapter, the other a small "stick" made by Rocketfish.

Both adapters install and "claim" to detect my Bluetooth speaker (misidentifying it as a Bluetooth headset. I have no headset), but the speaker doesn't detect the PC (even when clicking the Discover button.) My cellphone sees my speaker, but it too DOESN'T see my PC.

Are all Bluetooth adapters the same and if my cheap adapters won't pair with anything, neither will an expensive one? Or might there be something else going on?


A:Difference in Bluetooth adapters?

Do you see any yellow (!) in the device manager when either of the Bluetooth devices are installed?
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I pair my Plantronics Calisto PLT Headset to my Desktop Computer (Windows 7 x64), and it showed that everything is OK, but when I tried to use it, it didn't work.
When I press icon of sound on the taskbar and I go to Playback or Recording there is there Bluetooth Hands-free Audio but is Disconnected, and I don't have any idea how to connect this and make to work.
Can someone help me to solve this problem? I will really appreciate any help.

I did everything like supposed to be. I attached few images to show my situation.


A:Bluetooth Problem

Yesterday I bought USB BT400 Adapter.
I started everything from beginning and there is exactly the same situation. Nothing changed. If you look to the picture, everything is pair and installed and when I ask them, they said that was something wrong with Windows configuration (not 100%).
Point is that they didn't have any clue what is wrong.
I didn't mention that before when I installed USB Bluetooth Adapter, and I pair my device in the Playback and Recording devices when I tried to connect it worked for very short time and after this somehow disconnected by itself.
I don't know if I explain well what's happened, but if you want to ask something to make clear, please don't hesitate.
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I just got a new system that is rather light on the USB ports, so I figured I'd take advantage of the built in bluetooth. That being said are there any bluetooth mice that the users of Techspot either own and like, or find appealing? I tend to like my mice full sized and being contoured for the right hand is a bonus.
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Hi there,

Is there a way to use bluetooth speakers as well system speakers at the same time?

Using windows 8 6bit
and bluetooth Jawbone Bigjam speakers.


A:Bluetooth Speakers

I think yes, but you need to use some other sound output manager. Windows built-in one doesn't support multiple output via different type.
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My old wireless setup finally crapped out so thought I d try Bluetooth with the longer range One thing I didn t know about Bluetooth at least with this particular keyboard and mouse to a small extent is that after a brief period of inactivity it unconnects or deactivates or whatever and to reactive it I have to type a key and then wait for seconds or more for it to come alive Very irritating especially like when I m trying to sign into something or am Bluetooth problems Keyboard working Bluetooth Keyboard problems on something I ve looked in the app and don t see anything where I can turn that off I don t mind replacing the rechargeable batteries more often if I can avoid that deactivating thing Any suggestions or am I just stuck with that Maybe back to quot old fashioned quot wireless At least those were quot always on quot or Bluetooth Keyboard problems whatever you d call it It s a Microsoft mobile keyboard and mouse There was a small install CD that came with them I don t know if the dongle would make any difference Thanks nbsp

A:Bluetooth Keyboard problems

Well, on the hopes there was something in the Bluetooth app that I missed, I went back and took another look.

Not much there, really. But I enabled Bluetooth Network (even tho I only have the BT keyboard and mouse and no other BT devices) and enabled sharing with other BT devices (I guess between the keyboard and mouse and dongle or ?).

None of those seemed particularly applicable when I looked at them before, but
whichever one of those did something, I did a test on the keyboard and at least
yet it hasn't shut off even waiting several minutes.

Actually, would be nice if everything PC / Windows would be that simple!
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Morning all The audio jack on my tablet has stopped working which doesn t bother me too much because I ve got some bluetooth headphones which I use to listen to my music on there However I ve got a huge flight coming up soon with my partner and there s loads of TV shows I have on it that we d ideally want to watch and listen to together If only my audio Multiple headphones bluetooth out worked I could just put a headphone splitter into it But I Multiple bluetooth headphones m trying to investigate whether you can get a bluetooth receiver like this http www amazon co uk JUSTOP-BTR -Bluetooth-Wireless-Universal dp B NDDEVQ So that receiver will pick up the audio then pass the audio into something like this http www amazon co uk Belkin-BKF s electronics amp ie UTF amp qid amp sr - Which I can then plug two sets of headphones into and bingo we can both watch and listen to the same thing on my tablet on the plane Would that work Or have I created a ludicrously complicated way of achieving this when a much simpler multi-bluetooth audio out system exists In a nutshell my question is this What s the easiest way get audio to two sets of headphones from one tablet if the audio out plug doesn t work nbsp

A:Multiple bluetooth headphones

I dont think your bluetooth audio adapter is able to drive 2 headphones at reasonable volume level. unless, you get a small headphone amplifier. but then you'll have 3 devices connected and I think it's not worth the hassle. the amplifier itself is cheap, look for something like fiio e3. I have it and it should cost less than 10 bucks.

a single alkaline AAA battery could last for about 10h on my heavy usage. but im not sure if the bluetooth adapter could do the same.

bluetooth adapter -> fiio e3 -> 2way splitter

actually this way, it wouldnt be too much of a hassle. the 3.5mm jack of the bluetooth can be plugged directly into the fiio e3 as well as the 2way splitter.
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Hello there,
I'm having a laptop with Core i3 2350M processor and was suprised when I read on that this processor has an intergrated Intel HD3000 graphics card inside it. At the moment I'm using AMD Radeon HD7470M 1GB dedicated graphics card and I was wondering is there any way to enable that Intel integrated GPU to work along with the AMD card? I understand that I can't pair them with Crossfire because one is Intel one AMD but I think I read somewhere that you can run 2 different gpus without cf or sli but they will work different or something like that (one will just take a load off from another)...That's why I'm here asking you can this be done or I'm just hallucinating...

A:Pairing two different cards

I don't think it can be done. But I think I heard somewhere that the integrated GPU inside the CPU helps with video rendering, but I could very well be wrong about that.
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I bought a laptop from a on line site. It is a Dell Inspiron 1545. I'am not able to connect it to my wireless printer. It tells me that installation has failed every time I try. It has a bluetooth device installed on it. Help? What should I do????
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hi, I have a 2 year old emachine e630 notebook with both usb ports broken. I do not want to spend money replacing ports. I can't find detailed information about the mb except that it is an acer e630 mb. i would like to know if the mb has a socket for an internal blue tooth device or where i can find this information. I have looked at the on line manual but there is no mention of socket.

I would be very grateful for any information, and as this is my 1st post on any forum site i hope its in the right place, thank you

A:Can I put a internal Bluetooth device into a eMachines e630

You could use one of these... If the PCMCIA socket is still working:
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For the last month my new pc rig has ran fine, with only one BSOD wich I located and found a driver fix for it (marvell btw) but today I booted it up and now my integrated bluetooth shot me an error message. "Cannot detect bluetooth device in com port 0" Any thoughts? It was working fine till today, and I have seen a few posts from other people with same issue but no solutions. This is an Asus P8Z68-V PRO/Gen3 Motherboard.

A:Integrated mobo Bluetooth

Wow no one has any insight on this?
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hi - i was just playing music on my dell latitude e4300 via bluetooth to a belkin bluetooth receiver connected to stereo.

somehow the connection got dropped - during a phone call on a land line. may be irrelevant.

now, i cannot get bluetooth connection back. there is no bluetooth icon in the system tray.

i cannot find 'bluetooth' devices in start>control panel> devices
--i have 2, and both ought to be there.

i unplugged bluetooth receiver, and had win 7 search for devices to add - no luck.

sure, i can reboot, and everything will probably come back.
but i am hoping for a better answer. i don't want to have to reboot every time the bluetooth connection gets lost.

i searched the web for a little, but only found unrelated posts, or posts with no answer. THANKS!

A:Bluetooth connection lost, icon gone from system tray, not in device manager

bluetooth light/icon on laptop, not screen is on; no bt

ok, i rebooted, thinking the bluetooth icon would again be in system tray, with the red in the middle, showing i have bluetooth capability, but that sound is not currently being directed to bluetooth.

no icon.

the dell laptop does have bluetooth icon illuminated on the laptop, just above the function keys - not on the screen at all / not in sys tray.

the bluetooth receiver is on, is working.

'add a device' is not finding this bt thingie.
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I bought this thinking I could connect a bluetooth headset, I was wrong. What purposes does this do?

A:USB Bluetooth adapter

It connects your PC to any other device that is Bluetooth enabled.
For instance, mobile phone. You use it to transfer files, (mp3 .jpg or video) to or from your devices.
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Please i don t know wat s wrong with my windows ultimate i have been enjoying it peacefully sorry if i opened this thread in the wrong section the board is so wide so i just felt if i might get some help cause i got this wonderful site on google so i normally use my nokia n to connect to the internet via external bluetooth but some few days ago a friend gave me a usb mouse nd i installed it in the same port where the usb bluetooth was installed but surprisingly after using it nd inserting my usb bluetooth back The problem started nd dis have happened to me once when i was using win basic nd i formatted Problem with USB the Bluetooth of connecting my use external phone n70 my pc but i don t wanna do dat anymore i want to find the solution to the problem surprisingly my nokiapc suite no longer Problem connecting my n70 phone with the use of external USB Bluetooth see my modem i now have to remove the modem from the pc Uninstall the bluetooth from device manager nd even deleted the pairing with my fone then inserted back the bluetooth During installation of the bluetooth the blueetooth peripheral device wasn t installed successfully But it s normal nd my modem worked like that before then after installation i now tried to add my n device via the bluetooth But my modem isn t detected after the adding Please i really need some help cos am messed up ryt nw Pls if u need money to help me out Indicate Thanx sobs nbsp
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dell xps m wont start up blue power light and bluetooth light stay on i have been searching posts in other forums as well as this one and i thought i d narrowed it down to the graphics card i was right to an effect my approach was to take the xps apart following dells website documents while i had the top dvd drive off i up, stay XPS light start m2010 on Bluetooth Dell blue light power won't and noticed that the graphics card screws Dell XPS m2010 won't start up, blue power light and Bluetooth light stay on were really loose this was my first job i tightened these The top dvd drive i re-connected but propped it up at an angle so i could still see motherboard and parts warning be carefull electric attached power cable and pressed power button after half a dozen times pressing this it came to life I noticed my fans were working and thought this might not be my motherboard after all no overheating happening then it froze on windows xp it Dell XPS m2010 won't start up, blue power light and Bluetooth light stay on was a start another to ten times pressing power button it worked again this time not freezing went into bluetooth with usb mouse and paired keyboard made system restore point and restarted It took maybe times with it being glitchy freezing not powering up but when it does load xp without freezing try restarting windows xp and then it eventually finds its feet my xps is running ok now jimb nbsp
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ive tried to use the memory card slot on the phone and the bluetooth but the memory card wont read and the blurtooth wont accept or send any thing any help?

A:LG vx855 Bluetooth/memory card error

Which way are you trying to send a file?
Phone to pc? Or pc to phone?
You need to make the target 'discoverable' and search from the 'source' to make a 'pair' with the target. Then find the file you want to send,(right-click) send...via..bluetooth and it will transfer.
It might be easier to get a USB cable to join phone to pc USB port.
Then open two explorer windows, and drag and drop the files across, (or copy & paste).
* Does the pc have bluetooth built-in?
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i have a tecra s1 i have installed a internal bluetooth card but cant seem to get it to work i have all the toshiba bluetooth drivers and software installed im running windoes xp pro fresh install any help would be greatfull thanks in advance

A:Toshiba Tecra s1 Bluetooth

Is that a Toshiba Bluetooth card or a 3rd party card? You will have to find out the model number and make sure you have the correct driver installed for that card. I can imagine that there are several different Bluetooth cards available for that model laptop
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I can't use my bluetooth headphone and wired earpiece simultaneously. whenever I connect my bluetooth headphone to my laptop, the wired earpiece stops working.
I'm having Dell XPS L501X with Realtek High Definition Audio and OS Win7
Is there any way to make them work simultaneously?

A:Can't use bluetooth headphone with my wired earpiece!

dreckk said:

I can't use my bluetooth headphone and wired earpiece simultaneously. whenever I connect my bluetooth headphone to my laptop, the wired earpiece stops working.
I'm having Dell XPS L501X with Realtek High Definition Audio and OS Win7
Is there any way to make them work simultaneously?Click to expand...

look at the options of the program , cause sometimes it was configed that way

when you use the blue the wired turns off vice versa

look both in the sound card program options , bluetooth program options , win7

audio options
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Bit of a weird problem i try to send a file to my computer less than about 300kb it transfers fine any larger it fails. I try sending it through MyPhoneExplorer, it transfers all of it but my point is I some times need files from other people not just my own phone. Any ideas? I am on windows 7 home premieum 64 bit i do have a uknown device listed as "bluetooth peripheral device" with that yellow triangle.
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Hi I am seeking some assistance or advice with the above problem. Prior to resetting this laptop (Acer Aspire3680) the bluetooth dvice was fully functional but now it does not ppear as an option in the control panel nor do I see a device icon on the bottom left of the screen. thelaptop has a bluetooth toggle switch but when this is filcked a pop up sign flashes on the bottom of the screen "No Device" Can anyone advise on this matter please? Regards Keith

A:Bluetooth device not found once Vista reset to factory settings?

Prior to resetiing? You mean you used the options to restore to factory condition? Then you almost certainly just need to re-install the driver for the blue-tooth device. Read the manual, or the website support for the laptop, where you will also find the necessary driver if you cant find it on the HDD or CD's that came with the PC
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Is it possible to hook up suround sound speakers to a laptop? If so what kind of wire do i need to get to plug into my laptop on one end and bare wires to insert into the red / black ports on the speaker end

I'm trying to play a movie with my laptop and i want more audio. I'm not real worried about the quality as far as base I just need more sound. Is it possible to take a set of headphones and cut the wires so that I have the male port for the laptop and then strip back the wires to insert into the speaker ports? Dont think i'm stupid im just trying to find a cheap way to make this work. Thanks

A:Hooking up a laptop to regular Bose home suround sound speakers?

If the speakers you are trying to hook up use the bare (+) and (-) wires, I don't think you can hook them up to your laptop because you would be missing an amplifier in between. If you have an amp or receiver (audio or AV), you might be able to use the laptop as a signal source, using the amp/receiver to drive the speakers. The amp would need to have the appropriate input connector.
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Where can I buy one of these? Its exactly what I'm looking for to upgrade my laptop and it seems to be the only half size one in existence, but I cant find anywhere to buy it. There arent even any sketchy Hong Kong Ebay auctions for it. I understand that Atheros is probably only selling them to OEMs right now but I find it very hard to believe that none of them have made it to a venue that I can purchase from. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you'd like to sell me one, I'm open to that too.

A:Atheros Bluetooth\wireless n

better buy defective laptop and get it off of it
also try craigslist
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I have a HP laptop and connect it to my desktop through Bluetooth. But it takes lot of time to transfer files especially pictures. Can someone tell me how to boost it?

A:Laptop takes lots of time to transfer files through Bluetooth

Taken from this WikiPedia article:

Bluetooth Core Specification Version 2.1 + EDR is fully backward compatible with 1.2, and was adopted by the Bluetooth SIG on July 26, 2007. It supports theoretical data transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbit/s.Click to expand...

That explains why it's so slow.
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Hello all i got a situation right here im using an old LG KS with its default OS WinMo and i happen to have stereo A DP devices which are Philips SHB and Fujitsu SPK- so i pair them to my older phone LG KU Viewty and both devices work perfectly Now i m trying to connect either one of them to the KS without any luck So the bluetooth headset and speakers are working right I discovered that there are quot handsfree options quot in bluetooth settings that has quot authorization quot quot authentication quot and quot encryption quot ticking or not ticking any of them did not WM6 Headset Bluetooth and give me what i need so basically the problem is i can connect both devices as quot hands-free quot and it asks me for pairing code when i pair both of them but i cannot connect the quot high quality audio bluetooth quot it says connection failed obviously because it didn t ask Bluetooth Headset and WM6 me the pairing code which is necessary in the first place so anyone here facing the same issue nbsp
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I am thinking of getting a KVM Switch in particular I/O Gears USB based switch that works with one USB Mouse and Keyboard.

I happen to have a Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard so I was wondering if I plug the USB Bluetooth receiver stick into the USB 'in' port on the KVM switch if both computers will respond to the Bluetooth unit coming on and off line as I switch between them?

I suppose it may be a bit slow as each computer would have to recognize the Bluetooth receiver and add it to the devices. Is there a solution to this to allow a user to use Bluetooth devices?

My forum search didn't turn up much that was helpful.


A:KVM and Bluetooth

good question, i cant answer it but i would love to know...
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I want to buy a nice bluetooth headphone so I can listen to music wirelessly from my mobile phone. However, I don't want to spend too much money on this, I can only spend upto 30 bucks. Is there any nice headphone I can buy for 30 bucks?


A:Bluetooth Headphones

Here's a good example:
Blue Tooth Headset
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Okay so I normally use my cellphone as a modem when I m out I dial in through AT amp T s connection but that s not really relevant I was messing with Bluetooth port use, in use says Modem Problems: is clearly not in another dial-up modem and in the process lost the connection data and now the whole thing s gone south I deleted the connection from network connections in windows and have since been unable to re-create it The thing just won t contact the bluetooth Bluetooth Modem Problems: says port is in use, clearly not in use modem at all Doesn t even make an effort to NO matter what dialing information I put in for the dial-up connection it doesn t even contact the Bluetooth Modem Problems: says port is in use, clearly not in use bluetooth modem the phone at all It just immediately fails Someone said to try querying the modem That fails and gives me an error that quot The port that the modem is using is currently open by another application quot What could cause this What am I doing wrong Using Windows Vista standard bluetooth manager in windows no special applications nbsp

A:Bluetooth Modem Problems: says port is in use, clearly not in use

Try reinstalling the bluetooth driver
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I had to reinstall WinXP on my Dell XPS M1530, and now Windows doesn't detect the bluetooth unit. The symbol in the line with power buttons etc is lighted though. I have software from before, but could only copy, not install it. What I find works only in Vista. Broadcom's own bluetooth software does neither detect a bluetooth nor work without that. In the control panel there is no icon for bluetooth, even though Windows help suggests exactly that.

Does anyone know how to do that? It worked before, but now I can't figure out how, even after hours of googling...

Best regards
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Hi I m sorry if I put this in the wrong forum but I m not exactly sure where to stick this topic since I really don t know the problem I have a DSP bluetooth Wifi card in my computer The bluetooth service works great after starting restarting my computer but it will not start up after waking from sleep mode I have updated to the newest driver but I still have the problems I get no error messages from Windows Bluetooth Problems or from the Bluesoleil program other than it just saying quot The service is not available Connection failed quot I ve also tried to manually restart the service by going into services msc and that didn t work either only seems to work Bluetooth Problems if I completely restart the computer So I m not sure if this is an issue with my card my driver or Windows Vista Does anyone have any idea what I should try Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Bluetooth Problems

What are the specs for your system?
I have the same problem (only it's very rare) with my external HDD not starting, but I know it's a "lack of memory" issue. In your case, it may not be the bluetooth at all. Try running ccleaner and/or Advanced System Care to clean up your system and see if conditions improve.
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Had a little incident with the laptop It got dropped pretty hard drunk sibling fight dont wanna discuus it really Took it apart like I did a couple months ago to replace the motherboard the wireless card was is loose and the bluetooth card fell out Tightened up the wireless card but dont know where the bluetooth card goes I turned on the laptop before taking it apart after the quot incedent quot to see what worked if anything It started up fine well it sounded fine but I couldnt see anything Took a closer look with the lights off and could barely see the screen Was real dark but there I do have some vertical lines running bluetooth card with Dell laptop display, Problem Inspiron 9300 thru the screen so thats getting replaced Problem with Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop display, bluetooth card soon anyways So where do I plug in the bluetooth card and whats the deal with the monitor Loose connection Completely shot What can I look for in terms of loose connections etc as I put this back together Any other tips or help Thanks a lot nbsp

A:Problem with Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop display, bluetooth card

What is this laptop's make and model?
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Hey eveyone. I have a Microsoft MX5000 bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo. Will this work with a KVM switch to controll another computer? I have never used one a wireless/bluetooth mouse keyboard before. Thanks.

A:KVM Switch and Bluetooth Mouse Keyboard


as its blue tooth connection i would have thought that the PC would load drivers to use it, the KVM switch wont be able to load the drivers needed and as such i would think it wouldnt work.

I may be wrong though...
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Hello all

Hope someone could help me with a small problem I have.

My roommate and I both have laptops. His being an Acer Aspire 5335 with Vista basic and mine a Dell Inspiron 6400 with XP. Both laptops have Bluetooth and 802.11N connectivity.

Here's my problem:

I have a Tmobile dash that I use to connect to the internet via the dash's internet sharing all while connected to the laptop via bluetooth network access. My roommate connects to the internet the very same way. Problem is only one of us can go on at any one time.

Is there a way we could both connect to the internet at the same time using bluetooth or even make use of the Wifi cards somehow?

Any help you guys can give is very much appreciated


A:Sharing Internet Connection via Bluetooth

Hey bud...I have tried this before with a pair of el cheapo bluetooth dongles...I managed to share files sweet as but I got bored of fluffing around for ages...I suspect looking out for what brands of bluetooth dongles are reliable and if anyone else has managed it...

But if you get it going, can you drop us a line? Pretty keen to learn how to do it
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i have a pantech c aka duo and my girlfriend has a razor and for some reason i can send ringtones pics etc from the motorola razor to my duo but not from the duo to the razor probably a stupid question but any help would be greatly appreciated Better explanation i have a pantech duo and apparently i dont know how to use it and i dont have the book that came with it i know how to turn bluetooth from pantech c810 to Can't razor on my bluetooth and my visibility on the duo and i know how to bluetooth from the razor to the duo and pretty much any other phone however on the duo when i click on send from a ringtone or pic or whatever it will only take me to an email txt prompt is there something im doing or not doing wrong or what do i need to do in order to send something via Can't bluetooth from pantech c810 to razor bluetooth from the duo to another phone razor nbsp

A:Can't bluetooth from pantech c810 to razor

I answered you on your 7th thread (in one day) here:
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I have a Toshiba M700 laptop, running Windows Vista ultimate.
It has an internal bluetooth adapter. The bluetooth manager software that installs along with the drivers from Toshiba's website sucks. It causes a lot of little annoying problems, some of which you can't get around at all.

For this reason, I wish to use a different bluetooth manager program.
I'm not sure if Vista really has a default program, but my other 2 computers that have bluetooth seem to use the same, less annoying, bluetooth manager program.

Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but I'm not well acquainted with bluetooth yet.

A:Using the Default Bluetooth Manager with Toshiba Laptop

"Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but I'm not well acquainted with bluetooth yet"...

This may be the root cause of your Bluetooth problem...

"It causes a lot of little annoying problems, some of which you can't get around at all"...

Can you explain in a little more detail just what are the problems
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My mp3 player Samsung YP-T9 QAB displays that , and I can't turn it off except for pressing the a/b button and menu simltaneuosely which I discovered at

Before it displayed something like F/W v1.26 and I thought it was a firmware problem so I downloaded the most recent one a couple weekes ago-Obviously it didn't work

By the way this mp3 player had a preexisting problem-I dropped it in water-but I fixed it thru this thread: dropped yp-t9 in water

Anyway, I recall having this bluetooth problem before and I fixed it but can't remembr how

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I have a Toshiba M700 tablet PC running Windows Vista ultimate 32-bit edition.

I wanted to run a program that requires me to have the non-unicode language set to Japanese.
I changed it to Japanese, and then proceeded to try and run the program.
Program runs fine.

I tried to connect my bluetooth headset to listen to my music. No luck. I get an error message about copy protection.

What's odd is that if I change the non-unicode language back to English, the headset connects just fine, and it doesn't complain about copy protection or anything.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

A:Bluetooth malfunctions when language is changed

The bluetooth program you have installed is set to work on one user only
By changing the language it thinks you are another user

I think ipod software does that too
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Okay, so I am trying to use bluetooth to transfer a couple of movies to my friends laptop. My discovery mode is turned on, so is his, and both bluetooth switches are on. When I try to add him to my Bluetooth Devices list, it does not recognise him. He does not show up. Same vice-versa. I opperate on a 64 Bit Vista, and he opperates a 32 Bit Vista.
I have read through most of the Bluetooth tips that come with Vista, and so far none have worked.
Right now I am transferring them over a wireless internet connection and it is taking an extremely long ammount of time for a few movie [[estimated 18hrs]

Any tips on how to get the bluetooths to recognize eachother would be great

A:Problem with Bluetooth

you're in for a painful stretch of road transferring movies via bluetooth. Your better off setting them side by side and using IR. Or why dont you all just wire into your router and transfer them over a wired connection? it'll be much faster. not to mention the risk of data corruption. I have a movie that was corrupted during transfer and you have to skip through about 10 minutes of it to avoid having it freeze during playback.
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i have a usb bluetooth but it doesnt work because i don't have the software for it i looked everywhere for it on the internet and couldn't find one for my type of bluetooth.

its a blue tooth usb class 1.

i don't know if these might help but it says it on the back of the usb :

thank you very much


A:I need software to make my bluetooth usb work

Does this blue tooth have a name and model? Is it a phone device or headphones, or something else? The part number you give doesn't have any results when googled. Are you sure you posted the correct one. You can get more help if you are more specific in your posts. Julio made us stop using crystal balls to answer posts. <g>
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Hi all,
My specific problem is as follows:
I have a Bose 321GX system. I have used it week-ends with no problems. Last night I put in a DVD from netflix as I always do, everything worked great. Today I put in another DVD from netflix and up on the screen was the message: "Format not supported"
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

A:Bose 321 system problem

So do you still get "Format not Supported" when you put in previous DVD's?
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could someone help me with this plz , just asking if someone got infos about any bluetooth hacking program , plz contact me - thanks

A:Bluetooth hacking?

err hacking...your in the wrong place for that pal...try astalavista or do a google.. this thread is for help with mobile computing
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Hi I have a USB Bluetooth Dongle I use this with XP sp that I keep fully updated I did an update today and following this my bluetooth dongle does not work I have used the windows update site to look at my update history and it tells me that one of my udates was this iAnywhere - Other hardware - ISSC EDR Bluetooth after doesn't Bluetooth update work windows USB Adapter I think that if i remove this and try again my bluetooth dongle should work edit I should add that I am unable to find this program to remove it - which is why I am posting I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver and it doesn t seem to do any good Does anyone have any ideas please Will I Bluetooth doesn't work after windows update have a ghost image that I took today just before doing the windows update I could just restore Bluetooth doesn't work after windows update the image but am a little nervous because I have never done it before nbsp

A:Bluetooth doesn't work after windows update


You'll be glad to know I stopped being a WUSS, and restored the Ghost image I made this morning. It was nerve wracking but went well. I'm posting here after all.

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I need to know how to find out if a bluetooth adapter is installed on a d620.
The bios has a place to Disable or activate it. So im thinking it has the moduale installed. Any advice would help.

A:Dell D620 Bluetooth

Dell says that Bluetooth is an option on this model. If the option in the bios to enable or disable Bluetooth is hi-lighted, we can assume that the system has a Bluetooth adapter installed
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Is there one standard blue tooth that can work with most all cell phones?

If not, what is the best out there, where do you get them, and what price did you pay?


A:What is the best bluetooth to get for a cell phone?


I assume you mean a Blue tooth Headset, if so prices will vary from how they look to who makes them and how long you get on things like standby time and talk time, i was bought a plantronics one by the kids for xmas and it works great and lasts for a long time and it was about Ģ20.

If however you want to pose with a designer model then expect to pay upto Ģ100 for one.

Ask around the people you know who have one and see what they say.

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-N220E Laptop. It came pre-installed with Vista Home 32Bit OS. I upgraded to Vista Ultimate 32 Bit OS. Before I upgraded, the bluetooth showed up in device manager, now it does not.
I looked on the Sony support page for Bluettoth drivers, but did not find any. When I look in system Info I find the device (BTHmodem Bluetooth Serial Communications Driver) But it is disabled. Can anyone help me on how to enable this driver?

A:Bluetooth on Sony Vaio

Have you done anything with this?
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I'm trying to get my SIXAXIS wireless controller to work with my laptop, but I am unable to find "Bluetooth radio" under my device manager. Is there a way to install these drivers? Or are they supposed to be native with windows?

I'm using Windows XP SP2.

A:Bluetooth Radio not showing in device manager

You might be able to get it to work using a USB cable. Bluetooth drivers are not native to XP
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Is there any bluetooth adapter out there that I can connect to my PC Bluetooth Multi-purpose Adapter PC and that is both able to transfer data as well as be A DP compliant Specifically I want it to be able to fulfill the following tasks transmit Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter data wirelessly between my bluetooth enabled phone and my Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter PC pretty basic allow me to listen to music on my PC wirelessly using my stereo bluetooth headset allow me to do the reverse of and listen to audio on my phone through Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter the speakers attached to my computer I know can be done in a round about way transmit the audio files from the phone to the PC then listen to them using a media player but it would be nice if this could be done directly I ve seen USB adapters that will allow for and and adapters that will allow for through a quot line-in quot port on the PC soundcard or other stereo system but none that incorporates them all I would think a device that could do all three would be out there somewhere Anyone been able to do this nbsp

A:Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter

Something like these?
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Hi guys, a little off subject, PC-wise, but I was thinking of buying a new bluetooth capable mp3 player and bluetooth headphones/headset. It led me to a few questions on the technology. I hope someone can help. I've had no replies yet off other PMP/bluetooth dedicated sites.

1. Does listening through bluetooth headset reduce the quality (e.g mono, compared to stereo)?

2. Does bluetooth allow different branded mp3 players and headsets to be interlinked? I was thinking of mainly the Samsung YP-T10JCB working with Sony's DR-BT21G headset, or Sony's NWZ-A828K working with Samsung's YA-BH270B headset. These mp3 players are the one's I'm most interested in.

3. Can you have a separate mp3 player and mobile linked to the same headset, so that you can listen to music, take a call, then carry on listening to music, seamlessly?
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Right, just bought a Canon MP610 printer and have already used in via bluetooth with my Windows Vista computer, but I have now set all the bluetooth software, printer software etc. on my windows xpmc laptop. I searched for bluetooth devices in range and found my mobile and the printer, I paired the printer up with the right passkey and also installled the latest Canon MP610 drivers via canon's website

Anyways when I try to print I get an error message saying 'The printer is not responding' after a while of it saying 'Collecting Printer Status' and then it says the printer is not responding. Not sure why this is because on my Vista comp. had no problems, unusually, but would appreciate anyone's input on this problem.

If anymore info. is needed just ask, will be glad to reply.
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Recently acquired HP Compac nc8230,
XP Pro sp2
1g RAM

Bought a Dell Bluetooth keyboard new

Powered up and connected and worked fine for 3 days

Now won't connect
The Bluetooth wizard finds the device and the pin #,
but won't make a connection when I "enter", or when
I press the connect button

Tried 2 different sets batteries.

Did it crap out on me or??


A:Bluetooth connectivity problems

Thread here:
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Recently acquired a used laptop hp Compaq nc XP Pro sp bluetooth Bought a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and thought I was all set Nope They worked fine for a day or now the keyboard won t connect although the laptop bluetooth finds it lists the pin but still won t connect when I press enter Says disgusted! problems - Bluetooth Ihave to press the connect button Bluetooth problems - disgusted! But that doesn t make the connection And when the mouse goes to sleep or I shut it off then try to get it going again it s supposed to wake up just by clicking any button Nope again More and more I have to restart the computer to get it to connect to the Bluetooth problems - disgusted! mouse So started researching Found there s a number of different mfg s and each one has it s own drivers And I can t just download and install the mfg s drivers for my devices that would be too easy They don t support quot embedded quot bluetooth devices even tho they made them I have to go thru some complicated rigamarole doing something or other with hp s configuration something like overlaying MS s bluetooth whatever over it and a whole long list of steps that mostly only an IT engineer would understand Where does it say there can t be a standard for bluetooth with everyone using the same setup software and drivers At least the quot old fashioned quot plain old wireless devices just plain worked when you hooked them up Irregardless of who made them Any helpful tips in basically plain English appreciated but after what I read tonite - - anybody want to buy a new bluetooth keyboard and mouse nbsp

A:Bluetooth problems - disgusted!

The power hungry thread asks a question about battery life in bluetooth devices - I didn't see anything relating to that in my last thread about connectivity problems. And I thought posting the problem thread in another section might expose it to someone that wouldn't see it in the other section. I don't browse all sections - I normally just go to a section that applies to my specific concern if I'm posting a question or looking for info on a specific subject.
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Recently acquired hp Compac nc8230
XP Pro sp2, obviously with Bluetooth

Bought a new Dell keyboard and Kensington
mouse to go with it.

I'm only getting somewhat less than 30 hrs use
out of a pair of coppertop AA's in either device

Is this normal?

Seems maybe I better invest in some good quality
rechargeables at this rate - I use the machine up to
8 hrs or so daily.

What ARE some good quality rechargeables that
hold power well? I know some don't retain "memory"
and therefore lose charge capacity over repeated charges

I've forgotten which are the good type, i.e. NiMh or whatever?

Also what brand / model hold the longest lasting charge?


A:Power hungry bluetooth?

i happen to have logitech wireless mouse and keyboard and use rechargeables for both of them as well as other non-computer items around the house. Don't know how all the brands and types compare but can tell you i have Radio Shack Nickel-Metal Hyrdide batteries and recharger and have been pleased in all their uses.

I'd add no matter what you decide to get, advise you buy only by a recharger that can handle ALL different type batteries (e.g. AAA, AA, C, D, etc) as it really makes it easier as you decide to add batteries for use around the house. And make sure the recharger allows you to drain all the batteries before recharging (one reason battery life is short is recharge before drained)
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I'm just wondering if there are any differences between the two. I have integrated bluetooth on my laptop, so I won't need a dongle for it. I also know bluetooth is slower than wireless usb, but does this have any effect for a mouse?

In terms of performance and accuracy, are there any advantages or disadvantages to either format? Why are bluetooth mice seemingly much less popular with manufacturers?

Thanks a bunch.

A:Any difference between a wireless usb mouse or a bluetooth mouse?

Here's some advantages and disadvantages

Bluetooth you can expect 30 feet distance from the EEE. Wireless IR you can expect from 4 to 6 feet.

Easy to setup and configure
You plug Wireless in and it just works. With Bluetooth , you have to use the command line to set things up, and you have to script it or else every time you boot you'll have to give it all the commands.

The Bluetooth wins this one. The wireless keyboard and mouse use a USB port and do not give you anything else. The Bluetooth adapter uses the same port, but also lets you connect Bluetooth stereo headphones, your mobile phone, etc.

It really depends on what your needs are. If your living room is 12 feet and you want to hook your EEE up to your PC and surf from your lazyboy at the other end of the room, infrared won't do it. If you want the keyboard in front of the standard EEE screen and just want a better one, then the wireless IR is fine.
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i hav a d610 without a bluetooth can any1 tell me the exact part number 4 Internal bluetooth for Dell D610 there Part # 1U746 and Part # W9242 i'm confussed so can some1 either give a link 2 the part i need thankss

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I have four 184 pin-DIMM sockets
Supports Dual Channel DDR 400 ECC/non-ECC un-buffered memory
Suppports up to 4GB RAM
Existing Memory is OCZ DDR PC-3200 / 400MHz / Value Series / Dual Channel .

New memory is Micron/Crucial 1GB PC2700UNBUFF PBF /333Mhz

This would make a total of 3GB and totally populate the MBD with 4 sticks.

I spent$70 (if I get the rebates) for the new 2GB of memory.

1. Do I keep the faster 400MHz 1GB memory in Bank A
2. Do I need all 400MHz memory? (I can return the new stuff)
3. Can I overclock any of this if it is better matched?

Any comments appreciated. This is a noobe post. (My first post.)

MY motherboard is ABIT KN8 SLI(NF-CK804) Socket 939
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+ 2200MHz


A:Pairing memory size&speed across my 2x2 banks

You should never ever mix different speeds of ram unless you like dealing with bsod's and instability issues.
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I have a Dell XPS Intel Core processorQ with MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX and X-Fi PCI Sound Card The Bose to PC 321 Options computer is located upstairs I have a Bose - - connected to a Sony HDTV downstairs I have a wired network available between upstairs downstairs as well as wireless network I don t want to run any new cables from the PC to the Bose HDTV I want to view video from the PC on the HDTV streaming or from hard drive I want to listen to music from the PC on the Bose streaming or hard PC to Bose 321 Options drive I don t need to watch listen to anything originating from the Bose TV on the computer just one-way from computer to Bose TV What are my options for marrying-up the two systems I d rather use the wired network than any wireless options but I suppose wireless would be ok also I appreciate any advise you can offer Thanks for your help nbsp
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Me and my brother bought a couple of cheap bluetooth dongles, they work fine ect ect. But does anyone know how to setup so one computer is connected to broadband. And both computers are connected (not entirely sure how to do this properly either) via bluetooth so the second computer can wirelessly surf the net.

A:Bluetooth dongles

You need a network to provide a wireless link for the internet - and I regret that the bluetooth connection does not work like this. Sorry.
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Hi there, i just got my DV9543cl and am quite loving it i can even play gothic 3 on almost maxed out settings, something that i dint expect from the 8600M GS card, altough not a 1440 resolution.
However my main problem is that i need to put bluetooth to the laptop as it only came with the wifi option.
i thought that i could upgrade to the "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Network Connection and Bluetooth" card, in order to have wifi + bluetooth internally.
HP help/support advise me that i cannot upgrade this laptop to a internal wifi+bluetooth.
Can anyone share some wisdom to this? Is there an internal card i can use to install bluetooth to the laptop? mainly i need bluetooth for my connectivy with phone and also a bluetooth wireless mouse, so no extra devices hang out the laptop ports.

any ideas, much appreaciated .


A:Internal bluetooth / wifi - HP DV9543cl

The Guru's at HP say No... Go to some laptop parts websites and see if there is a 3rd party Bluetooth card available for your HP model. Do a Google search. If Blutooth is not an option for your model, I'm afraid that you are out of luck.

Shouldn't you have checked for the Blutooth option before you purchased the HP laptop?
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Right, this is just a query really, I know a lot of the time, im leaving my phone either in the shed, garage, or somewhere in the house.

then i was thinking the other day.

is it possible to get some kind of tracking device? which will locate a bluetooth device determined on the signal strength?

i know with Wifi you can check a signal strength, and work out if your further away or closer.

it would be pretty handy, as i always have my PDA on my desktop, and my phone wherever around the house, i spend hours looking for it sometimes, (and i always have it on silent, so ringing it does'nt help)

anyways, if anyone has any information on this, ide really appreciate some help.

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hi guys

i did a thread about my bluetooth not working well again it isen't i have tryed install the software that didn't work then upgraded it from the bluetooth belkin webiste and that didn't work then i found out that the USB device is not recognizedand it said it has malfunctioned and windows doesn't recognize it what can i do i have tyed installing it and uninstalling it and that doesn't work so now i am my wits end

please help so i cn put photos on to my cvomputer via my bluetooth


A:bluetooth not working ( again)

Try a different access point... USB devices are often trouble, and much slower and lower in signal as well.
To attempt to deal with the malfunction, reset your devices by either inserting a pin into the reset hole, or powering off for 20 seconds, then by removing and reinstalling the device software.
See if the USB device is recognized by another computer when you plug it in... if it is, you need to reset everything in the computer you were using... and the device(s) plus the access point or router.
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When ever I turn on my YP-T9 it has a black screen saying "Bluetooth Mode" and in the bottom right it says "F/W v1.20". How do I get past and STOP this screen from popping up?
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I installed a MS Bluetooth Wireless Mouse amp Keyboard on my PC It was not as easy as the directions claim Even though the PC has built in Bluetooth I & Wireless Mouse Bluetooth Keyboard still used as was recommended a MS Bluetooth Transceiver in a USB All functions of the mouse and keyboard work However after shutting down and starting back up the scroll on the mouse and the specialty keys on the keyboard don Bluetooth Wireless Mouse & Keyboard t work The only way to fix it is to basically start over I have to uninstall the mouse drivers in Programs I have to uninstall the transceiver drive in some supplemental files found in Bluetooth Then I have to reboot the reinstall all drives There is no place to go and install the transceiver drive you just have to hope the PC does it Sometimes a message comes up saying it failed at installing Eventually when all is installed I have to go to Bluetooth and let it recognize the mouse and keyboard which doesnt always happen even when triggering them to signal the PC My question is Once installed and working what can I do so that it will work when Bluetooth Wireless Mouse & Keyboard I reboot nbsp

A:Bluetooth Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

"My question is: Once installed and working, what can I do so that it will work when I reboot?"

Ditch the bluetooth and go regular wireless mouse/keyboard
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Okay. I bought two bluetooth dongles, installed them in two computers in the house, set up the connection, and it worked.

For awhile.

The problems started when I took both computers away from my computer workbench. I put them in thier respective places, (one upstairs and one down) and now, it wont even register them. They are well within range (60 meters tops, and I'm directly underneath the other one upstairs) but still, they won't recognize eachother. Does a bluetooth radio wave only transmit latterally? Am I missing something?

PS: I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE TO BLUESOLIEL. I hate it. I had to mod it just to work with my dongle. Even without it, the two would recogognize eachother through plain XP Widcomm drivers. They won't recognize with either bluesoleil or widcomm now.


A:Bluetooth Problems

I thought Bluetooth only worked within a 33ft range. And it is also MUCH better when 'line of sight' is obtained. So going through walls and such might not be the best idea.

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Would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

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SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.

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soz if this is in the wrong spot.

I hav a nokia 6111 with bluetooth version 2.0.. i think.

I am going 2 buy a bluetooth dongle from ebay. and i was wondering if the version of the dongle needs to be 2.0 or higher?
The bluetooth dongle does not state wat version it is. And i dont want 2 buy this if it wont work. This item is also new. so does that give a good indication on wat version of bluetooth it will support?

any help will b greatly appretiated.. Thanx

A:Bluetooth Version Compatability

what exactly are you buying?

afaik 2.0 is backwards compatible at least it is with my phone...
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My officemate has a motorola cell pone. She wanted to have a copy of video and picture in her computer. The problem is she dont have a cable and software of her cell pone. We plan to transfer the video and pic thru BLUETOOTH of her cell pone. what kind of device we need to buy for her computer to transfer the video? Could you pls guide us...thanks

Donskister( Allied frnd )

A:Bluetooth problems

You need a bluetooth adapter. Usually they sell ones that attach to a USB port, but you can get PCI or PCMCIA models too.
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I recently bought a Logitech MX5000 Keyboard/Mouse set, the mouse works fine, the keyboard sometimes goes on this delay where I type and I have to wait like a second before it inputs my keystrokes...and I play a lot of games which I cant let that happen, anyone here run into any issues with this and can maybe gimme some tips on how to make this work more efficiently?

A:Bluetooth delay

I've had that keyboard/mouse set & I've had to give it up. It was horrible even when doing regular computer use (typing documents, editing pictures) let alone games. Logitech support was quite good & sent me a replacement Bluetooth dongle but even with that & updated drivers, it was very laggy & buggy.

I'll give you the hints I was given when trying to solve my multiple problems:
install the dongle in the least "crowded" area of your computer (at the front, at the end of an USB cable, etc.)
if possible remove other wireless devices from the room (WiFi routers, cellphones, radio receivers, etc.)
remove the Broadcom Bluetooth drivers & use the Windows supplied ones
update to the latest driver build when available
That's all I can provide (aside from saying ditch the keyboard/mouse & get something else).
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well a few months ago i bought an HP Laptop Pavilion dv laptop including hp problem pavilion...!! bluetooth, when i first started it it didn t have any bluetooth so i figured it doesn t have but then a friend of mine bought the same computer and he has bluetooth the wierd thing is when i had a problem and i did a software windows restore the driver of the bluetooth appeared in the device manager but it tells me that there is no bluetooth device anyway i recently formated the computer and the driver didn t appear again now today i was lookin arround in my start menu then i went to the driver restore of hp anyway wt i found is the driver of quot HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth wireless technology quot so i ll explain in a simple way i have the software and driver for bluetooth but i can t seem to find it plzzzzzzz help coz i need bluetooth Thx Anyway nbsp

A:problem including bluetooth, laptop hp pavilion...!!

What bluetooth devices do you have that will be utilized with this laptop? What install discs do you have for these devices? Have you tried to connect them?
What relevant devices show up in the Device Manager?
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after 2 years of waiting it seems that ms hv finally fixed x64. I hv been waiting to unlock the potential of my 64bit system and at last it works. unfortunately people like msi hv not released any bluetooth software that works(not that i can find). if anyone knowns how to get bluetooth dongle working on x64, info could reduce extra hair loss. dongle=msi starkey.
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i recently got a new phone and have heard about this bluetooth stuff, atm ive only got a filetransfer app running surely thats not all you can do ?


What make/model is the phone? Different manufacturers offer different features for different models.

You can probably download a huge bloated application suite from the phone manufacturer. If you have a Sony-Ericsson, then you can use this really cool program called Float's Mobile Agent.
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My friend has told me to enable my bluetooth on my phone, and he sent me files without me accepting it. This made me go nuts.I told him if I posted here, i could get an answer of how one phone can send a file to another phone without the other phone accepting it.We both had Nokia 6630. I am counting on you guys!

A:Bluetooth Wireless Connection

hadoud76 said:

My friend has told me to enable my bluetooth on my phone, and he sent me files without me accepting it. This made me go nuts.I told him if I posted here, i could get an answer of how one phone can send a file to another phone without the other phone accepting it.We both had Nokia 6630. I am counting on you guys!Click to expand...

Its in the bluetooth security setting, I had a look at the sony errickson I have and its a per phone setting, so if you linked to your friends phone go into the options (more options) for the phone named "your friend" and you will find a setting for "connect".. "always" or "ask each time" or similar.

I suggest reading the manual for your phone, and turn off bluetooth visibility or turn off bluetooth if your not using it, I saw a program where a guy used a portable PC to hijack bluetooth phones and earn money for a premium rate number.

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Hey everyone Right so i ve upgraded my PC RAM and brand) other up Pairing (Ballistix recently and it s running everything nicely the only problem I have is a degree of stuttering in games like F E A R and BF Framerates and Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand) other Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand) things are all good but I know my RAM is letting the system down My spec is AMD Athlon HIS X XT GDDR gig of branded Ram might be Crucial but not sure it begins with C DDR W PSU by Jeantech Asrock SATA Mobo Now i ve gone and ordered some high quality Ballistix Ram from Crucial com x DDR but my worry is that my old Ram will stop it from running to it s full potential because of different CAS latencies and timings etc So my question is what would be the benefits of getting x Ballistix over using the lower quality RAM and the Ballistix ones together will I notice much difference at all or is there no difference I was only wondering since running Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand) different modules together tends to make the higher ones scale down to the slower ones but i m not sure if this applys if they are both the same speed DDR Thanks a lot everyone Matty nbsp

A:Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand)
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hi guys

i have a belking bluetooth that my dad got for my birthday when i installed it on my laptop it worked but when i used it again for the second time it didn't work and i am really getting annoyed at it pease help

A:Belkin bluetooth device

So you plugged it in and installed drivers for the device and then you pulled it out and plugged in again and the device was not found?
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Okay so my friend's using TELUS for his cell phone service, but I'm using Rogers. He said he's limited on using the Bluetooth because TELUS & Rogers both "locked" it so you can't transfer certain files like Ring Tones - and I overheard some people saying because of this lock, TELUS cannot recieve any media files from a Roger's bluetooth & vice-versa.

If this is true (which I hope it isn't - I haven't had time to meet up with that friend to test), is there any way to unlock it? I'd love to share some pictures & ringtones w/ my friends. And put in some custom wallpaper on my phone too.

A:Unlocking Bluetooth on Cell phone

What phone do you have?
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Hi, I have an Asus P5LD2-Deluxe motherboard. I have 2 sets of bose companion 3 speaker systems. Does anyone know if I can hook both of these up to my sound card? I have realtek 8 channel audio.
Relevancy 43.86%

Hi, I have an Asus P5LD2-Deluxe motherboard. I have 2 sets of bose companion 3 speaker systems. Does anyone know if I can hook both of these up to my sound card? I have realtek 8 channel audio.
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i bought a bluetooth dongle for my laptop recently. it is working very well with my nokia 6680 smartphone; i can transfer images etc easily.
but i have a question. when i tried to pair the adaptor with my smartphone the smartphone showed the message "unable to pair the device", but the transfer goes smoothly. this is a bit confusing.
any explanation would be appreciated.
thanks in advance.
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Hey all, Cheers for the help with the power supply thing, finally managed to get things up and running! Unfortunately, I have another problem:
I bought a bluetooth card for my laptop, so that I could connect to the internet through my Nokia 6230. The card and laptop work perfectly together, and I have no trouble exchanging files etc, between my phone and laptop. However, every time I try to connect to the internet, my computer tells me that the card isn't connected. I never get this message when doing other activities, any ideas why I get it now? Hope one of you guys can help me, this is driving me insane!

A:Bluetooth problems

Is it a PCMCIA card or do you mean a Bluetooth dongle which connects to the USB port ? The latter is easier to reset as you simply need to pull it out & plug it back in. It might be a bit harder for a PCMCIA card though.
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anybody working on a bluetooth trackball??

Logitec has kb/mouse combo but I am in an 18 wheeler and trackball a must.

I am assuming bluetooth a lot less prone to interference (I suffer a lot of pointer freezes) from CB *****s blabbing away in the truckstop. Currently running Logitec RF wireless Kb and trackball.

A:bluetooth trackball

Wow - not to sound stupid and sorry about getting off topic, but do a lot of truckers have computers/laptops in their trucks these days? It's just kind of hard for me to picture but it would be a pleasant surprise if so.
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hi, this is the first time im on this forum and i had a problem with my new bluetooth dongle.
well, when i bought it it camed with its own software. i herd in some forums that when a bluetooth divice is connected to a computer and u have sp2 there would be a bluetooth icon on control panel and a my bluetooth place icon in my computer. but i have sp2 but i dont have does icons. and also my mrouter does not find the bluetooth devise. so the only way i can use my bluetooth is with its own software , (which is useless to me).
does any one know how i can fix this problem?

A:bluetooth dongle

There will be no blutooth icon if Windows doesn't know you have a blutooth thingie installed. You need the drivers for your dongle. Try ones from the manufacturer's website instead of the outdated ones you have on the CD.
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I wish to make my laptop bluetooth compatible so that it may 'talk' to my smartphone. The laptop has 3 USB ports and 2 PCM/CIA ports. Is there anything available in the market that could help me do it? Help would be appreciated.


Yes, you can buy PCMCIA and USB bluetooth adapters. If you have a free mini-PCI slot in your laptop then you can ask the manufacturer to fit a Blutooth card in there too.
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Anybody know where i can find a Mini-PCI card that has both Wireless (802.11g preferably) and bluetooth built into it that will work in my Samsung P30 Laptop? ive been looking for months and they just dont seem to exist.

i know they interfere or whatever but there is one for MSI laptops but i dont think it will work, will it?

Any help will be gr8ly appreciated, i dont see how i can b the only person with this problem

A:802.11g + Bluetooth Mini-PCI?

If the thing for MSI is a mini-PCI device then it will probably work in any mini-PCI bay. That's why we have the mini-PCI standard for..
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I have a wireless Bluetooth headset for my phone, a Jabra BT250v.

I just bought Battlefield 2 and want to use a headset (VOIP).

If I buy a wireless Bluetooth USB dongle to connect my headset to my computer. Can I use it for Battlefield 2 to talk to other people in my squad?
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Hi, I hope someone has an idea... I have two laptops running windows xp pro with embedded bluetooth paired with each other. Everything was working fine for several weeks until I decided to customize the folder icon on Laptop B. As soon as I did that Laptop A could no longer send files to Laptop B -- it creates an FTP connection and then says "error copying file". when laptop A looks in laptop B's exchange folder, there is a desktop.ini file which was not there before I customized the folder. Yet Laptop B can't see the file in its own folder (even with hidden files being shown) so I can't do anything about it. Laptop B can send and grab from Laptop A -- Laptop A can grab from Laptop B, just can't send. Getting frustrating -- any ideas? Thanks!

A:Bluetooth Help Please!

Never mind -- I figured it out (deleted the "bluetooth exchange folder" on laptop B and created a new one if anybody else is as dumb as me)
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i'm using IVT bluetooth device and i want to use it with nokia pc suite 6.41.but the pc suite cant work with the show me 'OPEN MEDIA` error code.anybody pls help me.

A:Connecting Pc Suite with bluetooth device

Even i am facing the exact same problem. Can someone please help !!!
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Help! I've just bought a usb Bluetooth dongle I've installed the driver an plugged in the device but windows or the the software won't recognized the bluetooth dongle. Windows knows that there's a new usb device fitted. Can anyone pls help. :giddy:

A:Can't get my bluetooth dongle to be recognized by my PC!! Pls Help!!!

What version of Windows?
What make and model of dongle?

Does it show up in device manager?
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hi, can anyone help, i have a dell pda with a bluetooth flash card in it and also a sd card with navigator on it, also i have a bluetooth reciever, i want the pda to pick up a signal from the reciever so i can use the pda for sat navigation, but i cant get the pda to pick up a signal from the reciever, it says no gps signal. anyone help? thanks.

A:help with bluetooth

both devices need to have BT enabled and make sure they are set in "discoverable" mode. Use the BT manager on the Axim to find the GPS device, once you see it, try to connect, it will then ask for a PIN, you can prolly find that in the documentation for the gps device, if not try 2003(if it is a Dell device) or 0000(the default used for many BT devices.
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Q: Pairing

I have XP Home an MSI Wireless Card (CB11B2) and Wanadoo Wireless Broadband. I have'nt a clue how to match them up. Can anyone help?



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One of my friend in India purchased "HCL ME Sync 1.0 (U3) Tablet (WiFi, 3G via Dongle) by HCL" online . It says in many places that it supports Bluetooth but when I saw this I couldn't find any option for the bluetooth and don't know how to turn it on. Is there any one who has purchased it and help me out to turn the bluetooth on or how can we transfer files with some other bluetooth device. Even I couldn't find much good information on internet.

A:Hcl Me U3 tablet says file sharing with Bluetooth but don't know how to turn on the bluetooth ?

I don't see it listed in the spec sheet, nor the user guide.

On both of my android 4.2 devices, Bluetooth is listed after Wi-fi in Settings. I would think it's the same w/ android 4.1. It's possible the tablet doesn't have bluetooth.
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I think the attached item is a blue tooth app but am not sure can someone tell me if I am right. I opened it and saw all the encoding and think it may be an app I had sent to me but want to be certain. thanks.