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Satellite P50-C-17D memory expansion question

Q: Satellite P50-C-17D memory expansion question


I really enjoy this new laptop. Only having this problem with memory expansion.
It currently has a M2 256gb SSD built in, and I want a 2,5'' 500gb HDD in it aswell.
Therefor I need a bracket.
I have found a picture of this bracket, add in attachments.
Found on the following site (picture 4/8):
In this picture is no M2 slot to be seen.
Looks like only one of these posibilties has been add into the laptop.

Question is; where can I find this bracket, so I can add more memory to my laptop?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite P50-C-17D memory expansion question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi new to this forum I tried to find a direct contact to ask this but could not locate any email options on the website only phone numbers which aren't an option right now as I have other obligations during business hours at the moment I'm a computer technician of years and have today purchased a new Satellite Pro R -C PS A- with an i - U GB of RAM and TB HDD Notebook for a customer of mine He has requested an additional GB of RAM Memory R50-C upgrade Satellite - question which I purchased at the same time from my wholesaler On opening the box I discovered there is no access to the memory slots or the Hard Drive The Toshiba Website states in the specs that the RAM is expandable to GB but it appears the back cover has to be fully removed to gain access I would like to check if I remove the back cover will this void the warranty The specifications on the Satellite R50-C - Memory upgrade question Toshiba website do not state that it is not user accessible to change the RAM where as from the research I did for the customer other cheaper models do state this I have sold Toshiba and other brands Notebooks in the past and have always ensured that the specifications for the laptop did not say the RAM was non user accessible and as such that I would be able to upgrade the RAM as customers request As above I just wish to check that upgrading the RAM on this laptop will not void the Toshiba warranty since the specifications do state that the laptop is expandable to GB of RAM and do not state that it is not user accessible upgradeable Cheers Peter
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Have Satellite P200-10C

I want update memory to 4 GB
have pny optima memory 4gb 2x2GB
not work!!!
Only in safe mode.
Help! Please

A:Question about memory upgrade (4 GB) on Satellite P200

You have to use compatible modules!
You have to use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM

If you already use such modules then I?m afraid a memory malfunctions.

Try with other modules!
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I have an ACER aspire 5733.  It came with both memory slots filled, one DIMM0 with a Kingston DDR3 1024mb PC3-10700 (667 MHz) and the other, DIMM1 with a Kingston DDR3 4096 MBytes PC3-10700 (667 MHz).  I'd like to replace the smaller one with another 4gb stick so that it performs a little better, and is more likely to cope with Windows 10, but I can't work out how to idenitfy the right one to buy. Which specification is most important to match. Is the Mhz important ?  Some UK sites don't quote a mhz number on what seem to be the right sticks.  how do I work out what pin I need? any help most welcome

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A:memory expansion

Hello, I suggest you to buy this compatible memory module (you'll need 2 units):Corsair CM3X4GSD1066All processors of this model support only DDR3 800 or 1066MHz. The original memory module 1333 or 1600MHz work at 1066MHz.Original processors:Spoiler (Highlight to read)KC.37K01.DMPCPU.I3.370M.2.4G/3MKC.38K01.DMPCPU.I3.380M.2.53G/3M/35WKC.48K01.DMPCPU.I5.480M.2.66G/3M/35WKC.56K01.DMPCPU.I5.560M.2.66G/3M/35W.PGAKC.37K01.DMPCPU.I3.370M.2.4G/3MKC.38K01.DMPCPU.I3.380M.2.53G/3M/35WKC.48K01.DMPCPU.I5.480M.2.66G/3M/35WKC.56K01.DMPCPU.I5.560M.2.66G/3M/35W.PGA
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I really enjoy this new laptop. Only having this problem with memory expansion.
It currently has a M2 256gb SSD built in, and I want a 2,5'' 500gb HDD in it aswell.
Therefor I need a bracket.
I have found a picture of this bracket, add in attachments.
Found on the following site (picture 4/8):
In this picture is no M2 slot to be seen.
Looks like only one of these posibilties has been add into the laptop.

Question is; where can I find this bracket, so I can add more memory to my laptop?

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Hi everybody. I have a question a bit strange/or difficult! I'm using Dell Dimension E521. I have 4 (four) slots to add more RAM memory. I have it filled with 4 (four) 512 MB RAM modules. I have a feeling that I need a bit more. What can I do? My motherboard supports only 2 gigabytes all together. Wondering if there is anything I can buy (a link for the item please) to add another 2 gigabytes? It can be something what I can plug in to one of my USB outlets. Or do you think the existing 2046 MB of RAM memory is enough for me?
(How difficult would it be to install a different motherboard? I donít really understand what can I do with a Processor chip itself?)


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I was wanting to pursue the memory upgrade for my 6 GB you have the precise name/type of modules to perform either the 8 GB or 16 GB upgrade? I am a poweruser/programmer and would benefit from more memory. Thanks, Joe

A:Memory upgrade/expansion for HP-ac143wm

Here is the Service manual: Manual p. 2 the Manual says 8 gigs is the max. I personally think it will take 16 gigs since it will take an 8 gig module, but to be safe assume 8 is the max.  To go from 6 gigs to 8 gigs you have to discard the existing 2 gig module and replace it with a 4 gig module.  How to on p. 46: 4-GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600-MHz) 691740-005 This is really only supposed to be done by an authorized technician to keep the warranty, but it is actually not terribly hard to do. There are a lot of screws involved, however so if you are not used to tech work you might want to take it to a shop.  Post back if you need more help. the 6 gig to 8 gig upgrade should be somewhat noticeable and does enable dual channel memory operation which is a bit faster than single channel and the extra 2 gigs is needed by any intensive computing. 8 to 16 gigs might not even be noticeable.  This is the module you need: If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Can i install 16GB Ram in my Toshiba Tecra R950-104?

Currently i have 8GB and i would like to replace the existing 2x4GB with 2x8GB.

Best regards,


A:Tecra R950-104 - Memory Expansion


According notebook specification your Tecra can be upgraded up to 32GB and you can use 4 X 8GB RAM modules.
Compatible 8 GB RAM modules have part number PA5037U-1M8G.
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Is there any current documentation or whitepapers that illustrate why a customer should upgrade by adding DDR3/4 memory as opposed to believing they will get the same performance by allowing Windows to page out to an SSD drive?  Particularly if the software they are running specifically calls for more memory than is currently installed in the machine?
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1. Expansion SlotWhat is the expansion slot specification for this model as we would like to add a dedicated graphics card with DisplayPort ? 2. MemoryHow many memory slots does it have on the motherboard ?What type of memory is required ?What is the maximum memory supported on the motherboard ? 


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A:XC-704 Expansion Slot & Memory Upgrade

Ok, Sorry looking up the model at Kingston and a couple other sites didn't show your computer and seeing I hadn't seen any I was confused. Based on what I have found maybe a Model from other country.  With that said it looks like it comes with 2gig DDR3L Ram and is Upgradable to 8Gig Also looks like yours comes With 1 PCI Express x16 Slot. I am not sure with the PSU and with that slot if you would be able to upgrade to a different Graphics Card. GPU and size of case would put a huge limit on what could be able to fit...  James
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Hi, when i uprgrade the ram, i see on MB a expsansion slot, is a msata o a mini pcie? i want to put a ssd here if is possible. thanks
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There's a small expansion slot labelled PCIE1x1 next to the longer slot in which I've installed a graphics card.  What can the smaller one be used for?  Can it for example hold an SSD?  Thanks,Tom

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A:TC-705-EB53 expansion slot question

OK, Yes that is the one that I was Refering to...  There was some boards that could connect to that slot I don't see any ATM but they were non Controller systems Plug in and some would be found. Some wouldn't So I think they have done away with them... One with a Controller like the one in my picture here.... Can be used for SDD and also an extra HDD off it as well. They have others that are just SSD and some that have 2 spaces for SSD on the card but may not work for your space as they are longer cards. There are also some that offer SSD, SATA and exta ESata out the back... It is all up to what you want and how much you like to spend.
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Hi HP and friends My friend is looking at purchasing a HP ProBook 450 G3 15 Notebook that comes with 256gb SSD, m.2 variety.  That means the 2.5" HDD bay should be empty.  Would there be any issue installing a 1tb hdd in this Hdd bay for extra storage, that is running the m.w ssd and hdd concurrently?  For example would the meager 45w power brick can handle the extra load?  just want to be sure before he purchases it. regards  choppa
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I got some custom content for this game, however I can't get it to work. All I get is this message: No :svd for :sid.
The name of the object, is drpCrokscrewSign :sid
the only custom content that works is "Tower of Terror."
My Top Gun custom theme won't work, my Pirates of The Carribean custom theme, and Highway signs custom content. All have the same message when trying to use it. the only difference is the name of the item. I have no idea how to fix it.

If anyone know where I can download custom content that you know does work, or how to fix the content I do have. I'd appreciate it.
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Yea I know Sims You guys get a ton of these I ve read all your help and tips on other threads but none have worked for my current problem This on a brand-new PC with a clean OS install It s an E with gb of RAM GTS vid card and an Audigy ZS All packs 2 normal a Weird (not Expansion swear) I Very problem Sims question, drivers are recent and updated directX is new etc I usually can fix these problems but this one has me stumped I installed Sims University Nightlife and Open for Business All in order and totally legal The core game was patched had to patch it before installing Uni or I d get that uninstall error that s pretty common and most recent patch for OFB was used However every time I try Open for Business the game crashes after playing the intro video or when any attempt was made to skip it I uninstalled everything took out all registry keys and reinstalled Same thing Once again I removed the games and tried just Sims The game started up fine no problem I then just installed University and tried that Same exact error as the one I got with OFB I then Very Weird Sims 2 Expansion packs problem (not a normal question, I swear) removed University but now the main game won t even start up it just crashes Very Weird Sims 2 Expansion packs problem (not a normal question, I swear) when I try to start it I removed all the games reinstalled Sims and now it works again So I m stuck I have no virtual drives going on no clones or daemon tools that the game might be Very Weird Sims 2 Expansion packs problem (not a normal question, I swear) detecting I used to have daemon tools installed but I removed it I ve googled my problem asked in another forum and talked to some guys on IRC and no one can think of anything that will fix My sadistic side needs some good ole fashion Sims torture help me out here Thanks nbsp
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I have a computer I built and used since 2010 running well. It has two matched 4GB sticks of DDR3 for a total of 8GB. I have two remaining slots (empty) for ram on the motherboard to add more ram. Do I need to find the exact same memory as the ram I am currently using or does it matter?

A:Question regarding Dual Channel Memory- Mix or Match Memory

If you can get the same kit again it would be best but if you can get a kit with the same timings, speed, and voltage you should be okay. You should use cpu-z to find out your kit model and timings it supports. CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID At the moment your two current sticks should in the white slots.
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Memory Riser Question XW8600 Is the HP 449416-001 MEMORY RISER compatible with the XW8600? I am about to recieve 4 of these risers (free from my friend) and would like to know if anyone could tell me if they are compatible with the xw8600 (part# RV726AV)? xw8600 (part# RV726AV) -->URL: Thanks in advance--- J4.52
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I understand that part of the system memory can be used to enhance performance. (up to 4gb?)
If this is true......
1. How do I do this?
2. Do I need to increase the basic 6gb that came with the machine?

Thanks in advance for any constructive advice :).

A:Satellite Pro C70-A - memory upgrade

You can enhance performance of your notebook with memory upgrade. I don't know which notebook model do you have exactly and cannot check specification.
Please post full model name.

I presume you will be able to increase memory up to 8GB anyway.

Are you satisfied with notebook?s performance?
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Hello there

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
I have a Satellite Pro M40 Part Number : PSM46E-00H002EN

I really want to upgrade the memory but I dont know what to get.
I know I want two 1GB ones but I don't know what type.

I have looked and there seems to be so many.

Could someone tell me exactly what I want or give me a link to one to buy.
I would be rerally grateful.

A:Re: Satellite Pro M40: What memory modules can I use


I think you should check this Satellite Pro M40 memory page:

Memory for Toshiba Satellite Pro M40

It says that you could use the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules and you could upgrade the memory up to 2GB RAM

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I'm looking for memory upgrade and I need some advice. Please let me know if any of below works on my laptop?

My Laptop: Satellite C50-A-157
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I have a Satellite Pro R50-B-12u with 4Gb of RAM.
I have purchased an additional 4Gb RAM stick but cannot see how you fit it.

My last Satellite Pro had a memory flap on the back but all I can see on the back is about 20 screws but no flap!

Can somebody please help me or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in anticipation.


A:Satellite Pro R50-B-12U and memory upgrade


The Satellite R50 does not contain separate memory bay.
The memory modules and slots are hidden under the bottom cover.

In order to get access to the modules, the bottom cover has to be removed.
But I would not recommend doing this because this would cancel the warranty!!!

I guess your warranty is still valid and in such case only authorized technician should perform such upgrade to keep the warranty valid.
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Have a Toshiba Satellite 225 CDS / 1.4 running Win98SE
Model # PR1240U VCD
It has 16MB of EDO RAM, am wanting to upgrade to 144MB. What I NEED TO KNOW, PLEASE, is what TYPE (My own research suggests that it takes the PC133 SO DIMM 144 Pin. Is this correct? If not what type is needed, and who still makes 128MB modules as Curcial only goes upto 64MB & Kingston's are discontuned.
All feedback & help is apreciated, plus I thank you in advanced

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Hello there,

I have to expand the memory of a Satellite Pro C70-B-11T by adding 1 module 8GB.
The datasheet says that the laptop can go up to 16GB.

I can not find the door to open for accessing to the memory slots.
Should I remove the entire rear panel?
Do you have a procedure?

Thank you for your help.

A:Satellite Pro C70-B-11T - need help in order to upgrade memory

RAM upgrade on this Satellite Pro is a bit complicated and I think it should not be done by notebook owner.
Problem is that you will have full access to memory slots if upper notebook cover is completely removed and it should be done by Toshiba service only. In case that you do it on your own you can lose valid warranty.

Try to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. They can do this for you and I think it cannot be so expensive.
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I just uploaded 2 new Youtube Video on the Satellite Pro L50-A.

The first is a tear down showing how to replace the memory, hard drive and battery (You can also clean out the fan if it is overheating).

BTW Why did they make it so hard to just get to the battery of this model???

Warning - perform the steps at your own risk and remeber to take static precautions!

Hope they help and if you have any questions let me know.

+Message was edited: link has been removed ? channel advert is not allowed+

A:Satellite Pro L50-A: how to replace memory, HDD and battery

Thanks for these videos. It can be very useful for replacing memory but I think notebook owners should not open the case. This can cancel warranty.
Be careful about that.
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I have this model of board: V000068460 it has the docking port/blue tooth/fingerprint/microphone/infra-red/external graphics capabilities and the pci-e connector for the wi-fi accepts dual use pci-e cards but the system memory is limited to 3gb due to chipset revision.

So does anyone know of a compatible board that has all the same options (infra-red is optional) but has a later revision of the chipset so the memory can utilise the 4gb or nearly the 4gb of ram?

A:Satellite Pro A100 - 4GB memory motherboard?


As far as I know the Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-196 PSAACE-001009AR supports 4GB RAM.

Googled a little bit and found out that V000068140 board is compatible for Satellite Pro A100-196

Hope this helps
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I need expanded memory for my Lotus Symphony programs.
But it does not work at this Toshiba Satellite Satellite Pro M70 PSM75E-009005DU with Windows XP.
On my desktop computer with XP it works.. I can setup it in the shortcut preferences on the mainscreen.

A:Expanded memory for Satellite Pro M70 PSM75E

So do you want to upgrade the memory?

As far as I know Satellite Pro M70 PSM75E has been equipped with different CPUs and chipsets so memory upgrade may depends on model you purchased?

But I think that you could upgrade the RAM up to 2GB RAM.
You could use 2 x 1GB RAM 200pin 533Mhz modules.
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Dear Sir or Madam!

I own a bit old laptop, and I would like to increase the processor's and the memory's clock speed, but I have no idea how to manage it.BIOS 6.30 version Toshiba Satellite 300CDSI haven't found the clock speed settings in the BIOS.

I tried out some programs to increase the clock speed, but it failed. Thats the reason, why I write this letter to you.

Please help me to figure out, how is it possible to increase the clock speed.

Yours faithfully,
B?lint Kecskes

A:Satellite 300CDS - CPU and memory upgrade

I’ve googled bit around but I was not able to find any useful information about RAM upgrade.
It is originally offered with 16MB RAM and can be upgraded up to 144MB but I don't know which modules can be used.

It is very interesting what you can do but I really don't know what you can do with this old piece of hardware designed for old Win95.

I mean it is nice if it still works but I cannot imagine that you can do anything useful with it. Am I wrong about that?
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I have purchased a Satellite R830-1G1 recently.
It was advertised as having HDD with 320GB memory size. However, the HDD only displays 282GB total memory size.

Has anyone with this model had the same problem? How did you solve it?

A:Satellite R830 HDD memory size

There is no problem at all. Preinstalled OS uses small recovery partition, Toshiba recovery partition is also there and this is not included in capacity when you check it in windows explorer.

Open disc management option and there you can see exact partitions structure.
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on NB10t-A-102 I want to change the memory and increase in 8GB or 16GB
Can we make this change?

A:Memory upgrade on Satellite NB10t-A-102


According notebook specification RAM can be upgraded up to 4GB and obviously with 4GB RAM inside it is already on the maximum.

Unfortunately on this forum we don't have much info about this new machine but in the past we have discussed about older models with maximum 1GB RAM but at the end it was possible to upgrade it.

If nobody can help you with this I recommend you to try upgrade with 8GB RAM and check how it works. RAM part number that you should test is PA5104U-1M8G.

If possible send some feedback.
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I have a big time spending in searching memory that works and I am frustraded by Toshiba technical support Memory Satellite upgrade P500-190 for as I could not find resource to help me I have Memory upgrade for Satellite P500-190 for years GB GB GB Elpida PC - S- - -F so MHz working on because of FSB Everything worked just fine no issues unti my GB module died So I was seeking for x GB set and there starts the story I have tried dozens of different modules new from - Hynix Samsung Kingston Micron ranging from - either DDR L V or DDR V with R and with R and ALWAYS the same behavior after POST when entering Windows either Win or Win I got BSOD MT got stuck if I test So definately something wrong with SPD on newely produced sticks and BIOS I have newest there is Can someone tell me which exaclty memory will finially work like my Elpida did Soething is vary weird and there is no QVL to find out It is very dissapointing that such a company could not solve such a simple issues like list with all recommended and tested mem modules that fits Thanks
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My C50D-A is reporting a problem with RAM memory. Third party diagnostics verifies this so removed both memory modules and tried a new one but still reports errors. So I replaced the motherboard and again same errors. Ran diagnostics on hard drive and all was fine. Don't know what else I can try.Any assistance would be appreciated.
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I was just wondering, since i have a lot of stuff in my laptop; is there a way, like a card, to extend my laptop's memory?
As i noticed a big slot inside my laptop on the lower left side, so is there something for a memory extension i can put in there?

all help appreciated!!

A:Way to extend Satellite Pro R850 memory


Do you want to extend the notebook?s memory or HDD?
I think in your post you are talking about the ExpressCard Slot or Smart Card slot (this depends on the model you have purchased)
This slot handles the ExpressCards or Smart Cards

Here is a nice Wikipedia article about Express Cards:

There are different ExpressCards on the market. You can use the SSD Express Cards or HDD Express Card to extend the storage or you can use Express Cards in order to upgrade the notebook with an TV tuner, 3G or similar?
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How can I upgrade my laptop memory? There isn't a memory slot at the bottom of the laptop.

A:I can't find the memory slot to Satellite S70-B-10V

Memory slots on this notebook model are placed under the bottom cover so when RAM modules must be exchanged or upgraded bottom cover must be removed.
Please note: on some notebook models RAM upgrade is supported by notebook owners and RAM upgrade steps are described in user?s manuals document.

I your case such upgrade is not supported and RAM upgrade should be done by authorized service provider.
Generally speaking bottom cover removal is not complicated but you should not do it alone. This will cancel valid warranty.

In my opinion, before you do anything contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help. Simply pick up some info about price and compatible RAM modules.
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Dear all,

i am trying to upgrade my M40-142 (win XP) with 2x1GB memory modules. the initial memory is a single 512Mb unit. when i remove it and replace with the 2 new modules the system is not booting.
if i leave the original memory in the slot and add only a single 1Gb module the system is booting and the total ram is 1.5Gb.
if i use a single module of the new memories, the system is not booting again.

i tried to upgrade the bios to the latest version but when i run the .exe there is an error message and i am not able to run it.

looking at the datasheet the motherboard should support the 2x1Gb memory upgrade.

thanks for your help


A:Memory upgrade probelm on Satellite M40-142

It must be compatibility problem. You are right and your machine can be upgraded up to 2GB RAM. Compatible 1G RAM module has part number PA3313U-2M1G (PC2700-1024MB).
I don't know which brand have you bought but many people have reported about same problems with RAM upgrade.

If possible obtain Ram modules with posted part number. It will works 100%.
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My Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 is 4 years old with 512 RAM (2 x 256 PC2700 DDR SDRAM 166 MHz). I would like to upgrade my RAM to the highest possible capacity. How much is this? (BIOS version upgraded from 1.50 to 1.70, Windows XP Pro SP 3).
I would be glad not only to get the answer to my question but also to learn where I could have found out the answer myself.

Thanks and regards

A:Satellite Pro M30: memory (RAM) upgrade - max capacity

If you want to search it alone then use Google and you will find this info somewhere. Using Google you can find almost everything.

So now the question: do you want to search it alone or you want your answer? ;)
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So I want to add 2GB RAM memory to existing 2GB. I'm using Windows 7 64bit. In BIOS I can see 4GB of memory, but the Windows doesn't want to start.

When removing the old memory and leaving the new, the computer doesn't even strats. Some more info:
Old memory - Samsung M4 70T5663QZ3-CF7 2 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (6-6-6-18 @ 400 MHz) (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)
New memory - DDR2 Spectek 2GB PC6400 800MHz 200-pin

So what is the problem? And what can I do?

A:Satellite Pro P300-19Q - Can't start with new memory


Theoretically it should be possible to use 4GB in this notebook.

The new RAM memory is from the manufacture ?Spectek?. This manufacture is not known to me. For me it sounds like cheap ?noname? module.

I always use Kingston modules for upgrading my notebook. I never had any problems with these modules so you should try it to.
I think the new module isn?t compatible with your notebook.
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Hello All I want to upgrade my memory from MB to GB I bought G RAM and when I plugged in screen became white and Laptop is not working RAM is fine I contact the technical department of Seller and as per them I need to remove the old MB RAM and plugged there my GB RAM so my Laptop can recognise the new RAM To do this I open my keboard and beneath this I can only find the Satellite located? Where is M40x - memory WLAN in the middle in the left there is another LAN and the extreme left I can see my DVD-ROM On the Satellite M40x - Where is the memory located? right PC card and that's it I don't know where the the MB RAM slot is It's definately there somewhere Is there any one any expert who can tell me where can I find RAM slot for MB PS I even call Toshiba support and they said sorry as per policy we cannot tell you So experts non-experts Legends please help me fix this issue Satellite M40x - Where is the memory located? Please

A:Satellite M40x - Where is the memory located?

I have checked the user manual of Satellite M40x (it can be downloaded on the Toshiba website) and if you look on page 8-7 you can find a description how to upgrade the memory.

In my opinion the 512MB that you already have is an integrated RAM that can?t be upgraded because on the bottom side of the notebook is only one memory slot.

However, I think it?s not a problem to use an additional RAM module but maybe the new RAM is not full compatible with your notebook.
What type of memory did you bought exactly? Maybe you should try it with another one.

I hope I could help you a little bit.
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I have Toshiba Satellite C600-1MK with 3 GB ram ( Samsung) . I will upgrade to 8 GB 2x4 GB 1333Mhz. I will buy Goodram 4GB GR1333S364L9/4G modules but i don't know about working on my laptop. Some uprgaded laptops and work it?
Sorry for my english

A:Satellite C600-1MK - Ram memory Upgrade

should support:
2x4gb. 8gb total

try searching on google
For the following:
manual toshiba c600-1mk

Just to make sure
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I have just tried to add 516MB in my memory expansion slot, but the additional memory has not been recognised. The notebook boots up fine, but only shows 465MB available.

I have tried switching the original and new memory cards, and either card in either slot ( 0 or 1) on their own works as a 516(which proved both cards and both slots are working) but together they still show as only one in use.

Has anyone any ideas on what the problem might be, and how to get it to use them together?

A:Satellite M50 Memory upgrade problems

The 465MB is normal, because of the shared video memory. If I understand you correctly, both modules plugged in, only show 512MB?
Maybe you should perform a BIOS update. Could help. You can find an update at the emea support&download page.

Do both modules meet the needed specifications? They should be PC2700 DDR-RAM.
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Good afternoon.
is Toshiba T230-113
2GB of memory installed
Hynix 2Gb 2Rx8 PC3-8500S-7-10-F2

I want to upgrade to 4 GB, it is better to choose?
2x2Gb or 1x4Gb?

Will the two-channel mode?

Thank you

A:Memory upgrade on Satellite T230-113

I have checked specification for your mobile unit and it should have 4 GB inside.
Anyway it can be upgraded up to 8 GB so maybe you should buy one module with 4 GB and put one old module as second RAM. One day you can put second 4GB RAM and use maximum possible RAM with your Satellite T230-113.
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I have a S300 with 3Gb RAM and want to upgrade to 4Gb. There are two memory cards in the machine, both with 4 chips. What do I need to do to increase the capacity? I'm guessing I will need to replace both cards with a matched pair of 2Gb cards.

Many thanks,

A:Upgrading memory on a Satellite Pro S300

Yes, you will need to use 2 x 2GB RAM modules.
I guess the DDR2 800MHz SO-DIMM should be compatible.
I made good experience with Kingston modules. Very good brand and good quality.
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I have a Satellite Pro P100 ( P6PA4E-002001EN ) with just 512 MB of memory and wish to know if it can be increased and if so what memory would I have to buy and is it a simple task to open the machine and fit it?

A:Can I increase memory on my old Satellite Pro P100?


You can increase memory on this older notebook to amazing 4GB of RAM.

Compatible RAM modules that you can use for upgrade:
PA3511U-1M51 (DDR2-667 512MB Memory Kit)
PA3512U-1M1G (DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)

Check bottom side of your notebook and there you should find Ram cover probably fixed with one screw. Remove it and you will have access to memory slots.
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I upgraded my Satellite to 4GB but I was wondering if I could take it higher? The web site says 4GB max, but in the upgrade section it offers an 8GB upgrade. I thought it may have been limited to 4GB by the chip set so I don't want to buy the memory if it won't work. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


PS. I did try to look heavily on Google for any info, but I couldn't find anything.
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As a newbe please excuse it my question has been answered before. I have tried to find the answer.

I have updated from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7. All seems to be well except I keep being told the PCI memory controller did not instal properly. Toshiba do not support my machine anymore.

As the laptop seems to do all I need, do I need this thing or can I just forget about it? If I need it then where can I find a compatible version?

Thanks in adance for any help.

A:Satellite X200-219 - do I need the PCI Memory Controller

As I can see your old Satellite is not supported for Win7 so if you can live without it go to device manager and disable this piece of hardware.

Do you use 32 or 64bit Win7?
Which drivers have you installed until now?
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I was able to update the BIOS for my Satellite A665-S6086 by burning the 2.30 update to a CD. I have Windows 7 64-bit. I needed to update the BIOS because I'm upgrading my RAM/memory from two 2GB cards (total 4GB) to two 4GB (total 8GB) cards.

My issue now is when I start my computer with the new RAM/memory (two cards that are KTT-S3BS/4G Kingston DDR3 1333MHZ SODIMM SGL RANK), it freezes on the Starting Windows screen. Then when I hold the power button to shut it down and restart it, it wants to start using Windows Repair, but then freezes again. When I put in the old memory and start it back up, it starts the Windows Repair and runs normally.

What can I do to make my computer run with the new memory?

Thank you very much in advance!

A:What can I do to make Satellite A665-S6086 run with new memory?

What you can do?
Buy another RAM modules which are fully compatible with the notebook.
It looks like you want to use RAM modules which are not fully compatible and therefore the system freezes.

By the way: the CPU which is used in this notebook handles the DDR3-800 and DDR3-1066
RAM modules.

I would not recommend you to use the DDR3-1333 modules but PA3677U-1M4G 4GB DDR3-1066
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I add 1 GB of memory to the notebook, to notebook that already had 512 MB of memory. However, the notebook only see 1 GB of memory, not 1.5 GB of memory. I tried resetting the memory into modular, no luck.

Relevancy 45.15%

Hi there,

I have a Satellite Z930 which has been working perfectly for years. I have recently downloaded and installed Windows 10 and as soon as I did, I keep getting Low Computer Memory warnings, the laptop runs slow and I need to shut it down and re-start it. I have installed all updates and I only ever have windows mail and (one) web browser open, yet the problem persists. I have used 75 of 103GB of storage, not sure how relevant that is.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm at wits end.


A:Satellite Z930 - Low Memory after installing Windows 10

Dear Chris,
I bet for Toshiba support being able to help you it would be necessary to know the exact version of the Z930 (e.g. Z930-16K) that you have, especially how much memory (RAM) is currently installed.

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I have the aforementioned laptop, but not it's instruction manual. I also have a stick of Centon Electronics' 128 MB Laptop PC133 MemoryPower RAM. I've inserted it into the laptop whilst it was off, and booted the laptop, with all looking fine. However, a quick look into system properties says that I still have 32 MB RAM (What I started with.)

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Hey, I bought a Toshiba Satellite Z830-10w. It is a fine ultrabook.
I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 Gb ddr ram.

Have some here tried with an 8 Gb RAM block Regand flemming

A:Satellite Z830 - I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6GB memory

>I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 Gb ddr ram.

The chipset is responsible for the RAM
So you have to know if the chipset would support the 6GB RAM,.

The Z830-10w supports the Mobile Intel(R) HM65 Express Chipset and it should support 8GB RAM

From my knowledge the unit is equipped with one 2GB internal RAM which is NOT removable.
You can upgrade ONLY one slot?
So one slot can handle 4GB RAM and in such case the 6GB RAM are supported.
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Good evening All

I'm looking to take my Satellite S50 back to factory settings and am wondering if I could back up the Windows 8.1 onto a new 16gb USB stick as a bootable drive?

Thanks in advance


A:Satellite S50 - Bootable USB Memory Stick for OS back-up

Original recovery image is saved on the HDD and you can create bootable recovery media and using this bootable USB you can install original Windows version that you got with your notebook.
Using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator you can do this.
I have S50-B and I have created USB recovery media. I have used 16GB USB.

How all this works you can read in user’s manuals document.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.
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L50-A-1D5 pskk6e memory upgrade

I have a ddr3 4gb 1rx8 pc3-12800S-11-12-b2 hynix memory and i tried to add another memory
ddr3 4gb 1rx8 pc3-12800S-11-11-b2 hynix memory but it doesn't boot up the laptop.

I tried to mount only the new one but it doesn't boot up.

Some ideas?

A:Satellite L50-A-1D5 PSKK6E does boot after memory upgrade

I think it?s already known to you that this Satellite L50-A-1D5 would support max 16GB RAM (2 x 8GB)

But the reason why the notebook doesn?t boot is very simple: the new modules are not compatible.

I found recommended modules by Toshiba.
These are:
8GB DDR3L-1600 PA5104U-1M8G
4GB DDR3L-1600 PA5104U-1M4G

Both are made by Kingston and the specifications are:

Memory Speed: 1600Mhz PC3-12800
Capacity: 8GB (1x8GB Modules)
Pins: 204 SODIMM
Data Integrity Check: non ECC
CAS Latency (CL): 11
Voltage: 1.35v
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The Notebook has two memory modules with 512 MB each module. I have received a used 1 GB module.

Can I remove one of the 512 MB modules and install the 1 GB module to get total 1,5 GB RAM or need both modules the same memory size?

A:Changing memory modules in Satellite M30X-165

According notebook specification you can upgrade your machine up to 2GB of RAM so you can use one 1GB RAM and one module with 512MB. Important is that you use 100% compatible memory modules.
Just for your info: compatible PC2700 1GB memory module has part number PA3313U-1M1G.

Make upgrade, test it and post some feedback.
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I have a MSI K9A2 CF V2.

It supports Up DDR2 1066 and up to 8GB.

I have 2 2GB sticks right now which I will be moving to another computer. I wish to buy 2 sets of 2 2GB 10666. The board support 4 sticks of ram. If I buy 2 separate of the same memory will I have an issue meaning 4 total sticks of the same ram. Meaning will the sticks do there little duel channel thing??


Relevancy 44.29%

Hello all,

Could you please suggest a program to test the mainboard of my laptop Satellite Pro A300 and RAM on reliability and compatibility issues.

Thank you.

A:Re: Satellite Pro A300 - Program to test mainboard and memory

Hi buddy,

There is no software tool to test the mainboard. This can only be done with special diagnostic tools from an authorized service provider.

But for the RAM there are several diagnostic tools like Memtest86. It?s DOS based diagnostic tools that checks every sector of memory with different methods. Really nice freeware tool that you can download here:
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When I plug a USB memory stick with 22 folders into my T130, only seven of the folders are shown.
When I check back on my desktop, I notice that the folders mising on the laptop are shown slightly 'greyed out' in the directory.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium on both machines.
Any suggestions?

A:Satellite T130 - Missing folder on USB memory stick


To be honest I really never heard about such an issue?

Can you post some more details?
Do you copy the files on USB stick from T130 or another computer?

Make also sure that hidden folders will showed on your notebook. Therefore check the folder options (Windows explorer > Tools > Folder options).
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My question is, "Does the Toshiba Satellite A300/M00 have room for Intel Turbo Memory and if so is there a tutorial to placing the module in".

Matthew Gill.
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I have TOSHIBA Satellite Pro L40 Version PSL4BE-00V00XIT, it has 2 RAM slot: one inside with1 gb ram and I put another one 1 gb ram more. Now I would like to change the ram I put years ago for one 2 gb RAM, for a total of 3 gb RAM. is it possible with my notebook or the slot has a maximum gb ram?
Relevancy 43.86%

Hi, i bought this notebook with AMD A10-8700P CPU and i would know if is possible upgrade the ram, with 2 modules (2x4gb or 2x8gb), using Dual Channel. This information is very important, because all AMD APU, works better in Dual Channel than Single Channel. Thank you very much.
Relevancy 43.43%

is the above laptop easy to upgrade with an ssd?cant find any info anywhere on it not evan a review
Relevancy 43.43%

Running Windows 7 with satellite internet.

Something has changed with my setup.

I can no longer open film clips such as You Tube, etc. Also, I can't open .jpg attaments in email.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:satellite internet question

My computer also give me an error message: DNS is the cause of why I can't open film clips and attachments.

Other functions work fine.
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I have found out how easy it is to remove the current DVD Writer on my Satellite S70-A (10 seconds) so no problems there.

I see that there is a small lug at the back of the writer allowing the writer to be locked in place by the small bolt that holds the HDD/RAM cover in place

Can I buy a Blu Ray player which has this lug already fitted or I can I fit the lug afterwards?

Can anyone suggest a suitable Blu Ray player to buy as a direct replacement.

A:Question about Blu-ray upgrade on Satellite S70-A

Most of S70-A notebooks are offered with DVD-multi optical disc drives. Just few of them are offered with 9.5MM BD-ROM. Unfortunately I don't know which model of BD-ROM is this exactly.
It is not easy to find any information which model can be used on your machine.

I’m not 100% sure but it could be UJ162 UJ-162.

Let’s see if someone else can find exact info about that.

Anyway, in worst case you can order it and test it. if there is some problem simply send it back.
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is there any way i can use my direct way pro to play broodwar online?
my dial up only connects at 28K but suprisingly plays pretty well most of the time but some of the time its awful and ends up disconnecting, this aggrevates me when im owning someone and i disconnect.

A:satellite internet question

Almost every satellite company I know offers satellite broadband. Contact them for service and equipment requirements.

Downloads are fast, uploads are slower.
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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba M60 Laptop just after some info to upgrade it for online gaming (if its worthwhile) specs as follows -

[PC Information]
Model Name Satellite M60
Part Number PSM60A-02F00D
Serial Number
OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
BIOS Version V1.20
CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz
Memory 1024MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity 79,826,342,400 [Byte] 74.344 [GB]
Hard Disk Free Space Capacity 61,610,532,864 [Byte] 57.379 [GB]
Video NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 ver=
Screen Resolution 1680 x 1050 Pixels
Color Quality True Color (32 Bit)
Sound Realtek AC97 Audio ver=
Network Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC ver=5.709.1121.2008
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection ver= MacAddr=
Modem TOSHIBA Software Modem ver=
IDE Device 2 None
IDE Device 3 MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-840S Firmware=1502
IDE Device 4 None
IDE Device 5 None
IDE Device 6 None
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702

EC/KBC Version ""
PS-MICOM Version ""

A:Satellite M60 Hardware Upgrade question

What you can upgrade is RAM or HDD.
With more RAM notebook will have better performance in general but I dont know if this will help much for online gaming.
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The DVD drive isn't working any more. It is a Samsung SU-208FB/TFJF. Can I use a Samsung SU-208FB/BEBE instead?
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Hi There,

i took my Satellite Pro P100 totally apart, cleaned the heatsink and vents.
Also applied new thermal paste.

The GPU idles around 50?C Fan always on
The CPU idles around 40-45?C Fan always on

At my other Qosmio G30 with a Geforce Go 7600 i got Idles at 35-38?C and CPU at about the same!?

So, pretty normal Temps for the satellite pro or are there any tweaks i could use to lower the temps?
BIOS is latest from Toshiba, driver from toshiba and win 7 power managemnt is at powersaving...

Kind Regards

A:Satellite Pro P100 - GPU and CPU temperature question

> The GPU idles around 50?C Fan always on
> The CPU idles around 40-45?C Fan always on

I don?t think its too high? In my opinion the temperature looks ok.
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Hi everyone I came across this site doing some homework on this crappy Toshiba M x that my girlfriend bought Anyway the DC jack pin is broken I know big shock huh and I m having problems of all things just getting the top case to come off I got all the screws off that I can see but satellite Toshiba M35X question... it seems in the back were the LCD screen is connected to there s something holding it down on each end Is there some additional screws I missed Is it like a quot hook quot system or like a quot plunger quot I don t want to pull on it too hard and break it then I ll Toshiba M35X satellite question... hear the old quot I told you Toshiba M35X satellite question... so quot speech I ve been using both a guitar pick and a tiny flat head screwdriver and it doesn t want to come off Is there a trick I looked all over on the internet just about this top case and nothing Please please give me some advice Thank you nbsp

A:Toshiba M35X satellite question...


Ok, I got it. I admit I'm a dummy. I forgot 2 screws in it and it came off. I have another question though. Whats the best way to remove the old DC jack? How do I un-solder the pionts? Any advice is great! Thank you in advance. =)
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Hi guys

I have a L300 motherboard that needs replacing.

Does it have to be the same as the code on the motherboard or can I use different one from same series

Part number =13100a2170208
SPs =v000138040

The one I want to replace it with is this code

Part number: 1310a2264916
SPS: V000138700

Much appreciated

A:Satellite L300 - Motherboard Question

In my opinion you should exchange it with identical motherboard. After doing this you can be sure that you can use original OS that you have got with your machine.
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I'm very familiar with dial-up since I spent my first 10 years on it & loved it.
I then graduated to wi fi/DSL.
Ok, my question is why do I hear so much bad mouthing about Satellite being so slow? How can it be so slow when the signal travels thru air?
I can understand DSL, Dial-up & cable being slow because it travels thru wire, but not satellite.TIA

A:A question about DSL, dial-up, cable & satellite

Satelite broadband has high latency due to the signal being bounced from earth to space and back again. ( around 22 miles). Other conditions such as weather and line of sight can also affect performance.

Edit : 22 thousand is correct
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im thinking of upgrading my M50A-110 from win8 to win10, but i am having some concerns

namely, when i did recovery on my lap top in win8 i chose 'remove everything and reinstall windows' option.

while doing this none of drivers (geforce experience, intel drivers...), nor toshiba utility programs (service station, desktop assist...), had to be installed manually, but were installed as part of recovery.

i love this feature so much that i would like to know what should i do to keep it in win10?

A:Satellite M50-A-110: Question about Windows 10 recovery

Have you created recovery media (DVD or USB stick)?
If yes you can do with your notebook whatever you want and make experiments with upgrade and Windows 10.
Using this created media you can roll back your original OS version that you got with your Satellite notebook.

If you don't have it but you still have original OS version please create this media and make recovery image back-up. After Win10 upgrade you will probably not be able to start HDD recovery image installation. Be careful about that.
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I would like to upgrade my 5 year old laptop, because of memory... I have now changed and a SSD hard drive added (500GB) and a new battery but I want more: the processor ... I have read in the Internet that this is but one has at its manufacturer which processors ask for the device suitable and this I want to do with it what better processor I could use in my good old laptop purely build the perfect works with all components.

Additionally the graphic chip (if possible) but ...

A:Satellite L670-134 - CPU upgrade question

Check for cpu upgrade in the cpu support upgrades forum section

and place a request there they will ask u to fill in some information with CPU-Z program then they can determin which cpu upgrade is best for your laptop.
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Hello, CAn you help me ? my system is very slow i and i want to upgrade, i have this system actualy : standard : 3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) Mo
m?moire maximale : 8,192 Mo
technologie : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) whay model of memory card can i upgrade on my slots ? Kingston or others ??? what the maximum i can find please ?? merci

A:Satellite P300-1H7 upgrade question

Originally Posted by Thomas1973

Hello, CAn you help me ? my system is very slow i and i want to upgrade, i have this system actualy : standard : 3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) Mo
m?moire maximale : 8,192 Mo
technologie : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) whay model of memory card can i upgrade on my slots ? Kingston or others ??? what the maximum i can find please ?? merci

Hello Thomas

Your notebook has an Intel Dual Core T3400 processor and 667Mhz FSB and 1MB cache only. And you are in Vista 32 bit. Your DDRII RAM is of 800 MHz. All this does not allow you to speed up your system.

If you want to upgrade to speed up your system, you need:
- Either change your processor by a more powerful dual-core (1066 MHz FSB as P300-20E eg with a 3MB cache).
- Or place your system on a 250 GB SSD drive (I recommend the Samsung 850 EVO 250 Gb), the migration of your HDD to the SSD software is included in the Samsung box). Modified the price is less than € 100.

I think for a beginner computer the most effective solution is the latter, especially since it is not easy to find a P8600 processor to replace your T3400.

Take the opportunity to buy a dry air bomb to remove the dust from the ventilation of your laptop.

Good luck and good Christmas holidays.


Message has been translated
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Just got the new Satellite Z with the Gb SSD partitions as follows mb recovery partition mb EFI system partition Gb recovery partition Gb Primary partition Gb Boot pagefile crashdump primary partition Only those marked with are allowed to be deleted using the windows disk management tool I'm assuming the Gb partition is the recovery media for a factory restore I'm question Satellite partitions Win8 - SSD about Z930 planning on creating a USB recovery media of Satellite Z930 - question about Win8 SSD partitions course Gbrequired according to the recovery media creator - Gb USB recommended Then delete this partition and extend the main partition The questions Anyone know what the Gb partition is and why Satellite Z930 - question about Win8 SSD partitions it can't be deleted Possibly hibernation related but why when there is only Gb RAM installed that would make the hibernation partition Gb What is the EFI partition for It is curious that if you take away Gb what the hibernation file for Gb RAM should be from the the remaining and the Gb partition are basically the same size as the Gb primary partition reported here for the portege z Why would Toshiba squirrel Satellite Z930 - question about Win8 SSD partitions away part of the recovery media along with the hibernation space Any way to recover the full Gb asmentioned in the portege z post Thanks in advance

A:Satellite Z930 - question about Win8 SSD partitions

>1. Anyone know what the 9.66Gb partition is and why it can't be deleted? Possibly hibernation related, but why 9.66 when there is only 6Gb RAM installed (that would make the hibernation partition 4Gb)

I assume the 9.66GB partition called recovery partition is created for HDD recovery.
You can recover the notebook using HDD recovery and this does not require the recovery disk or recovery USB memory stick.
But I would not recommend deleting this partition because you would lose the possibility to recover the unit by HDD recovery?

>2. What is the EFI partition for?
EFi partition contains the boot loader program for all operating systems installed (in other partitions) on the HDD. So don?t touch it.
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I am new to this so please don't shoot me down if this is a dumb question. I have just bought a new Z930 ultrabook. The advertised storage space was 125GB (although the C drive is only showing 100GB available). I have only installed MS Office Standard 2007, Norton anti virus, and printer drivers.

However, I now only have 65GB of disk space left and I don't think these applications take up 35GB. I have removed shadow copies of everything.
Can anyone give me some advice please?

A:Question about disk space on Satellite Z930

Unfortunately we cannot see exact info of the HDD but maybe you saw something wrong.
Check please ?Disk management? in ?Computer management? options and there you can see all basic info about HDD and each HDD partition.

I can imagine that this 35GB is total amount on data saved on certain partition that includes OS and all preinstalled stuff.
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Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U - downgraded from Vista to XP with the Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 'audio card' installed While this would appear to support HD audio I cannot find any option to use or to enable the quot Stereo Mix quot option in the Windows Mixer I've tried a few Registry tweaks and some different drivers but so far the option has remained absent I know from this forum and other comments on the net that Conexant audio cards may not support Stereo Mix but I was wondering if anyone could confirm this is definitely the case for the SmartAudio Similarly does anyone know of an alternative method to record sound 'as heard' on the and - Conexant "Stereo U400-130 Mix" question Satellite Pro computer So far the options seem to be a buy an external audio card or b connect the headphone socket to the mic socket with a minijack cable Having used an year old Portege p quite happily with this actually pretty basic feature it's very disappointing to find that this card may not support it Cheers Mark

A:Satellite Pro U400-130 - Conexant and "Stereo Mix" question

In case anyone else encounters the same problems, I've found one way to still record sound as heard on the computer without the Stereo MIx option.

This page ( describes the basic operation of a third party program called Virtual Audio Cable. The free version has some restrictions but you are still able to essentially generate a virtual equivalent of the Stereo Mix option. It's a little confusing at first, and a bit more complicated to use than the Stereo Mix option, but it works and is actually pretty good.

That said, if anyone has alternatives I'd appreciate hearing about them. Any unofficial drivers, alternative methods to enable the Stereo Mix option, any other programs, etc?

Relevancy 42.57%

Hello all,

Happy owner here of a L50-C-20W.
The laptop came without an optical drive and has a dummy in its positon.
2 Questions: which part # do I order to insert an optical drive? And can I use this slot for inserting an extra SSD?
Relevancy 42.57%


My U500 was sold with specific addons (hardware and software about network) in an official Moscow dealer. I will have to replace the hard disk that will probably fail soon after the notebook fell on the floor (!).

There is the "Recovery media utility", I used it to make 2 DVD as "Recovery disks"

1- Have these disks ALL to reinstall the system AND files as it is now? I mean OS, ALL drivers, programs, data files etc?

2- How to restore from these disks on the new hard drive after I install it?

Thank you!
Relevancy 42.57%

okay so i recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite L50C-1807 i5 6gb ram,gtx950m card,everything is great,but i wanted to ask ,can i run it after removing the battery ?or it just runs with battery?because i play a bunch of games like witcher 3 and gta and somtimes moba like League of Legends,the battery will end up damaged,so will the laptop run if i remove the battery?at full charge 100% it says not charging but will gaming with the adapter plugged in damage it ?thanks in advance
Relevancy 42.57%

I see that Satellite Z930 is on the Toshiba list of supported upgrades to windows 10, but no sign of Z830. I have a Z830-10U and trying to decide whetehr to take up the free upgrade to windows 10 before it runs out in July 2016. Has anyone done it successfully?
Relevancy 42.57%

Hi everyone,

I have a satellite L50-A-14L notebook, the version of my sound driver is 6.10.6466.0 and the Service Station tool tells me there is no update but on Download Drivers page the newer version of sound driver is 60.10.6491.0, why? What should I do?
Relevancy 42.57%

I have a Satellite A350 with Vista installed. When I run the Win 7 upgrade assistant it says I can install Win 7 Home Premium or Ultimate... but my question is: I have an install disc for Win 7 Professional, can I upgrade to this version of Win 7?
Relevancy 42.57%


I've been willing to format my old satellite L500- 1QV but I don't have a dvd so I was trying to download windows 7 from the microsoft web site and i've also downloaded the windows 7 usb/dvd tool. microsoft is asking me for the key product but right after i click in order to accept the key ive put in, then it tells me there is an error with my download and that i have to contact the producers to get the drivers i need.
on the toshiba support part of the website, the are so many divers and i have no idea if any of them are useful for what i need to do.. or if there are any others way to do it, id be greatfull to know.

please hepl!
Relevancy 42.57%

Hi everybody,

I just would like to know if the drivers available for Satellite L850-16D under the title "windows 8 upgrade" are good also for a total fresh installation of windows 8 64 bit, or if they are only good for an upgrade to it from windows 7 64 bit.


A:Question about Windows 8 drivers for Satellite L850-16D


The Win 8 Upgrade Assistant connects to an driver server and downloads the Win 8 drivers for the notebook.
This should function also with clean Win 8 installation.

But don?t forget to create a Toshiba Recover disk before switching to Win 8.
The recover disk allows you to go back to Win 7 if you would like to use the Win 7 in the future..
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A friend of mine is going to New Zealand next week and will take his Toshiba Satellite laptop with him. I don't have the model number handy, unfortunately.

He's looking for a converter he can use for the wall power outlet. He will plug his AC adapter into the converter and that into the wall outlet so he can charge his laptop. He found a converter that is advised to NOT be used with electronic devices that use more than 25W and I'm thinking his laptop does. His laptop is 3-5 years old, probably leaning more toward 5 yrs.

I don't know what kind of power rating (voltage or wattage, I'm not good at this stuff) New Zealand has so I'm not sure what kind of conversion options he has. His laptop was purchased in the US.

Any tips or advice?



A:Question about Toshiba Satellite laptop and power conversion

Might want to look through this page.
Will probably need the transformer and an adapter plug.
Information about how much power is needed.
Might be easier if they picked one up after they get there.
They can be a bit heavy.
Relevancy 42.14%

I have upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and have since made a USB recovery disk using the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator; my question is will it recover to Windows 10 or the original Windows 8.1?

Also are all the drivers and software recovered?

Thanks for your patience - I'm fairly new to this!

A:Satellite P50-C-128 - Windows 10 upgraded - recovery media question

Did you create a recovery USB flash memory stick before the Windows 10 upgrade?

Usually the Toshiba recovery medium would set the notebook back to factory settings… to the same system which was preinstalled at the beginning.
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Hi there!

I would like to use my S300 10J for acoustical measurements on speakers. (DIY)

For that setup, I'm using an electret microphone, the IBF EMM-08:

for power, this is what it needs: 1.5 - 10V / approx. 0.5 mA

Does the s300-10J supply that or not ?

Anyone that can recoomend an external soundcard that has that supply? (if my laptop doesn't )

Thanx in advance,
Bart Segers

A:Satellite Pro S300-10J - Question about the microphone voltage supply


I cannot provide you any details about the microphone voltage of satellite Pro S300 because I didn?t find any details regarding the voltage of mic jack but I assume it?s a standard voltage like on other, different notebooks.

As far as I know the notebooks supports external microphone which need 1.5V DC.
So I would assume that the S300 would support this too.

This is everything what I can say about this.

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Hi everyone I recently purchased a R - detailed configuration provided below I had to upgrade it from Windows Home Premium to Ultimate because I Question battery usage for R830: options Satellite power regarding need to use it on my university network My university provides us with an upgrade edition of windows ultimate but I had to do a clean install from within Windows Home Edition which the upgrade copy lets you do The key Satellite R830: Question regarding power options for battery usage they provided me with would not work with the Windows anytime upgrade utility I think I have installed everything I need to make the laptop work but I am not sure about the battery configuration The Satellite R830: Question regarding power options for battery usage cooling fan seems to be always on and when the battery reaches charged it still says it is charging My questions are Is there another program I need to install to Satellite R830: Question regarding power options for battery usage enable the computer to manage the battery settings Do I need to change some settings in the Power options What settings do I need to change in Power options Any help would be most welcome Kind regards Alex Toshiba Satellite R - Windows Ultimate clean install because my university product key would not work with the windows anytime upgrade Toshiba programs installed EcoUtility HDD Protection Resolution Plugin Sleep Utility Value added package Programs running in taskbar Dropbox TwoFingerScroll Avast Anti-virus home edition Intel HD Graphics Synaptics pointing device Bluetooth manager Optical drive autolock EcoUtility HDD Protection Standard windows programs Action centre battery speakers wifi

A:Satellite R830: Question regarding power options for battery usage

Hi mate

I think this Toshiba document should help you to get best power settings

+How to handle the power management features of Windows 7+

Usually if the battery is fully charged, the battery indicator should switch from orange to blue (or green).
If it does not switch then this means that the battery still charging.
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after win 8.1 installation in old Toshiba A200 - everything is ok except yellow question mark in "Mass storage controller" in device manager. As a result sd card reader is useless.

Have any idea which is the driver for Win 8.1?

A:Satellite A200 - Win 8.1 : Mass storage controller yellow question mark


Please don't understand me wrong but I hope that you know how old A200 is. Even newer machines are not supported for Win8.
So, I can understand that you want to use newest OS on this old piece of hardware and if most of the things work pretty well you should be satisfied.
In this situation when you use 8 years old machine designed for Vista and definitely not supported for Win8/Win8.1 ..... who cares about SD card reader. You know what I mean? ;)

Simply disable this device in device manager and be happy.
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Okay I did something really stupid It was late I was Memory on laptop A215-S7416 MicroSD the Express stuck Satellite slot Card Card my in in the dark and I wasn t paying attention obviously so here s what happened I had a SanDisk GB Micro SD Memory Card that I was using in my cell phone I wanted to transfer some pics amp photos from my computer to the phone so I decided to stick it in the Express Card slot of my laptop Simple enough right Well being the incredibly smart person that I am I put the micro memory card in the adapter but it was the wrong one So my computer pretty much swallowed it whole I can t MicroSD Memory Card stuck in the Express Card slot on my Satellite A215-S7416 laptop get it back out Now I can t use the Express Card slot in my computer AT ALL because the old one MicroSD Memory Card stuck in the Express Card slot on my Satellite A215-S7416 laptop is still stuck in there You can t really see it but if you try to put another adapter in there it won t quot click quot It won t go all the way because the old one I lost is still in there waiting to be rescued haha So my question is How do I get the memory card out of my computer I tried taking it apart but I couldn t get the part of where the express card slot is so that was no good There s a way to do this I know I m just not smart enough to figure it out on my own Which is probably a good thing because I might mess it up again lol I have a Toshiba Satellite A -S laptop Any help is appreciated Thanks -Ashley nbsp

A:MicroSD Memory Card stuck in the Express Card slot on my Satellite A215-S7416 laptop
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How can a person tell the difference between a SIMM & DIMM chip? Is it that a SIMM uses a single slot and a DIMM is divided into 2 slots? I have seen chips that would be divided into 3 sections, but not a clue what that would be.

Thanks for your help.

A:Memory question....

Probably more than you wanted to know.
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do u think if i got nonecc/unbufferred memory it would cause a problem with my ecc/registered memory?
heres my memory i got now:

heres the stuff i wanna add to it:

thye have diferent timings too...
what do you techs out there think?

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i have been having memory errors mainly from games and a few blue screens both in XP Pro x and Vista x it got me to thinking about Dual Channel mode for my RAM sticks when i got my current computer see sig for specs it came with Gig of RAM about a month ago i upgraded with another Gig of RAM for a total of Gig RAM now my question is do i need to install them in pairs i didn t touch the first two RAM sticks i left them as is when i put the other sticks in memory question... there i used slot and which were the only remaining slots now i am thinking that i may have done this incorrectly but i am not sure i checked on Apacer s site and i noticed at the bottom it states DIMMs must be memory question... installed in matched pairs for Dual Channel mode Maximum memory capacity must run at -bit operating systemClick to expand when i read this i thought pairs hmmm i guess that means each pair much use the colored slots i have yellow slots and black slots as the computer came the first yellow and first black slot was used when i upgraded the RAM i used the second yellow slot and the second black slot now my understanding is that to install them in matched pairs the first RAM sticks pair uses the yellow slots and the second RAM sticks pair uses the black slots is this correct note i do not have it like this at the moment i just have them all as singular at least memory question... i think i do how do memory question... i tell if they are in dual channel mode the RAM sticks are identical down to the specification as listed on Apacer s site under the specification column http ap apacer com ap products se SUSTek Computers amp System Motherboard amp Model P K AP ASUE GB Memory DDR DIMM PC also in my motherboard manual it states If you install a DDR - memory module whose SPD is DDR - make sure that you set the DRAM Frequency item in BIOS to DDR - MHz Click to expand so since my memory is DDR - i must make sure that it is set to DDR - is this correct i have not messed around with memory timings and such in the BIOS and i do not want to go changing anything until i am sure i know what i m doing edit shortly after i wrote this message my computer blue screened and it said PFN LIST CORRUPT i don t know what that means since i had to reboot i went into the BIOS and had a look what the DRAM Frequency was set to it was on auto so i changed it to DDR - i don t know what difference that will make if any nbsp