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Microsoft Bluetooth Arc Mouse keeps turning off

Q: Microsoft Bluetooth Arc Mouse keeps turning off

I have just bought the HP pavilion and a microsoft bluetood arc mouse. Love the mouse BUT it keeps turning off and you have to turn on and off to get it to work again. I have searched for answers with most saying it is a power saving option however there is no option on the mouse for power saving selection. If anyone could this would be great otherwise its going back to the shop.
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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Bluetooth Arc Mouse keeps turning off

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse the Notebook mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center I have my PC ran to a monitor and a inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc The problem is the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but with mouse. 5000 Notebook Bluetooth Microsoft Issues Mouse issues I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw didn't come with the mouse the mouse actually comes with no dongle Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse go into bluetooth devices delete it and readd it all over again WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol It's very annoying I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing Help

A:Issues with Bluetooth mouse. Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000

Quote: Originally Posted by kdogg

This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, the Notebook 5000 mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center.

I have my PC ran to a monitor and a 55 inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc. The problem is, the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC. I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but issues.

I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw, didn't come with the mouse, the mouse actually comes with no dongle.

Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse, go into bluetooth devices, delete it and readd it all over again.

WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol?

It's very annoying, I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse.

I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing.


It's your dongle. I have the same mouse and it works absolutely fine. I'll bet you have the USB option set to power the dongle down when unused. How's the radio in the mouse supposed to wake up a sleeping dongle?
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It took me several days to get my new Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse detected by my Dell XPS 8500 Win 7 PC but with the help of SanddeepP on this forum I finally got it to work. Now I wonder if it was worth it. I find the blue button on the left side, the one that brings up the start menu, to be very, very, annoying. Up pops the start menu whenever my thumb rests a little more than lightly on it. (Darn it, it just did it again.)

Does anyone know of a way to disable that button? Control Panel/Mouse offers no way.

Thank you very much.

A:Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth Mouse

Quote: Originally Posted by jsquareg

It took me several days to get my new Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse detected by my Dell XPS 8500 Win 7 PC but with the help of SanddeepP on this forum I finally got it to work. Now I wonder if it was worth it. I find the blue button on the left side, the one that brings up the start menu, to be very, very, annoying. Up pops the start menu whenever my thumb rests a little more than lightly on it. (Darn it, it just did it again.)

Does anyone know of a way to disable that button? Control Panel/Mouse offers no way.

Thank you very much.

Hi jsquareg,

I understand it is causing more issues than when it was not working. Have you checked if in the mouse software has options to disable the button for opening the start menu.

Maybe it would take sometime for you to get used to the new mouse and it should get better by the time.

Please check the mouse software and let us know if you require further information.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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My Bluetooth mouse is not working PC settings seems to see the mouse but cannot connect to the mouse It tries but the mouse willnot activate If the PC Settings screen says it sees the Bluetooth mouse but also says quot offline quot I remove it from the list Then I click on Microsoft Mouse 5000 Bluetooth the Bluetooth icon then click on quot add Bluetooth device quot This sends me to the PC Settings screen where I click on quot Add Device quot It looks and finds the Bluetooth mouse then tries to connect with it That process never completes It shows the device but indicates it is quot offline quot Has anyone had similar problems with the Bluetooth mouse or any other Bluetooth devices This is a bit of an issue for me because I have arthritic hands and it is Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000 easier for me to use a mouse than a trackpad or my fingers The laptop is an HP TouchSmart tm It has gB memory and a gB hard drive Running Windows Consumer Beta Build The mouse worked just fine under W Rick York

A:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000

I use that mouse with my VAIO SR290 notebook and Windows 8.

Try removing any instance of the mouse from Devices and Printers (leftover from previous attempts). Then turn on the mouse, press the little button on the bottom to turn on "discovery" mode, then try to add the mouse again.

Best of luck to you!
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This is my first experience with trying to use a bluetooth device, a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse, on my Dell X8500 running Win 7 SP1. I thought it would be simple but, boy, was I wrong. I went to Add a Device as instructed but the system didn't detect it. After trying the several things suggested by the system I finally took a look at Devices and Printers and fount the Bluetooth USB Host Controller had a yellow exclamation point with it. I found the following message for the Bluetooth LWFLT Device and the Virtual Bluetooth Device.

"This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)".

I had chased down one or two other avenues and got a message saying something like, "Windows update is not configured to download the driver."

Anyone have a way to get my Bluetooth mouse to be recognized?

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

A:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Not Detected

Quote: Originally Posted by jsquareg

This is my first experience with trying to use a bluetooth device, a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse, on my Dell X8500 running Win 7 SP1. I thought it would be simple but, boy, was I wrong. I went to Add a Device as instructed but the system didn't detect it. After trying the several things suggested by the system I finally took a look at Devices and Printers and fount the Bluetooth USB Host Controller had a yellow exclamation point with it. I found the following message for the Bluetooth LWFLT Device and the Virtual Bluetooth Device.

"This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)".

I had chased down one or two other avenues and got a message saying something like, "Windows update is not configured to download the driver."

Anyone have a way to get my Bluetooth mouse to be recognized?

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Hi jsquareg,

Please let me know which bluetooth card is installed on the system. If it is bluetooth/wireless card then let us know the model of the same.

You would need to install bluetooth driver and application for the system. You can also check this video for updating the same on your own:

Updating Dell Drivers

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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My system wont recongize my Notebook mouse. When i try i install it, when it "searches" for it the icon for the mouse shows up, i select it, but it wont complete the installtion. Ive only had it for a year, it worked like a charm with Windows Xp. i have a $60 paperweight or should i just hold out until MS fixes this prioblem?
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So I bought a mouse today called Designer Bluetooth by Microsoft, when I click on Add Bluetooth device in start menu, it just keeps searching for a long time and nothing shows up, my batteries are fine and my switch button is on, I'm a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 user.

A:My Laptop isn't detecting Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

Screenshot by Lightshot
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Hi,I bought a Microsoft Designer Mouse and Keyboard combo, and, while the keyboard is nicley connected, the mouse will not.I?m guessing that for some unknown reason ? the Intel Bluetooth chip in the X250 ?decides? to use a ?low-energy Driver? for that mouse ???But it should not be so?.The mouse does indeed ?pair?, but the correct driver does not ?match up? with the mouse ?And so, it does not respond. I tried several versions of the Intel Bluetooth driver ? up to and including the very latest from Intel ?But, still, the mouse will not work. HELP!!!ThanksRon
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I'm running Windows 8.1 and using a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse. I've been using it for months and had no issue until recently. Now, it keeps disconnecting.

If I open Bluetooth settings in the metro settings app, the mouse immediately connects and begins working. If I then minimize the settings, the mouse seems to keep working as long as I keep moving the cursor continually. If I take my hand off the mouse for just a second, it disconnects until I open the Bluetooth settings menu again.

Anyone heard of this before? What can I try?


A:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Loosing Connection

Have you tried new batteries? I have 4 of the MS Sculpt Comfort mice and if they start acting flaky I know it's time to change the batteries.
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Im rinning windows 10 and am using the Microsoft bluetooth mouse this past few months, but this past few days it keeps dropping connection with my laptop, i keep having to uninstall it in device manager but its a real pain doing this, so anyone offer any help why this could be happening and how to fix the problem?
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Even remove those KB#KB3172605 from windows update to fixed intel bluetooth driver install problem. I can reinstall lenovo intel bluetooth driver successfully. But I still encountered that my "Microsoft Designer Mouse" (bluetooth) still have problem with my X260 laptop with Win7 64bit. All driver install successfully and look okay in device manger. Could you help check if any possible way to fixed this? It's really suffered for such bluetooth malfunction in my new laptop for work.PS. The other bluetooth mouse work well on X260. (Logitech M557 passed)

Bluetooth mouse malfunction.png ?104 KB
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My new Microsoft Sculpt bluetooth mouse has a mind of its own. It is like using a long thin willow branch as a pointer. Nearly impossible to position accurately, the pointer moves all around in the general vicinity of the place on screen I'm attempting to click, and often continues to move in the direction in which I had dragged it, overshooting the target.

Disabling my WiFi network helps. What other network settings impact Bluetooth mouse performance?
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Even remove those KB#KB3172605 from windows update to fixed intel bluetooth driver install problem. I can reinstall lenovo intel bluetooth driver successfully. But I still encountered that my "Microsoft Designer Mouse" (bluetooth) still have problem with my X260 laptop with Win7 64bit. All driver install successfully and look okay in device manger. Could you help check if any possible way to fixed this? It's really suffered for such bluetooth malfunction in my new laptop for work.PS. The other bluetooth mouse work well on X260. (Logitech M557 passed)

Bluetooth mouse malfunction.png ?104 KB
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alright so it all started when I accidently unplugged my laptop and it turned off, i plugged it back on and turned it back on. then i realized my wireless mouse stopped working, so I tried removing the device and installing it back again like i always do. I added the device, and it says i was successful at adding the device. after this, it says windows is now checking for drivers...blah blah.there's usually this window that pops up on the bottom right of my screen saying that its done installing. but this didn't happen! the icon for the mouse in my Device and Printers menu is grayed out. its weird. and waited and waited and i still didn't get any response. i cant get it to work. this is strange, cuz it usually works. help?

A:microsoft bluetooth mouse 5000 stopped working......again

Sorry for this but have you checked the batteries?
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I bought a Microsoft Designer Mouse and Keyboard combo, and, while the keyboard is nicley connected, the mouse will not.
I?m guessing that for some unknown reason ? the Intel Bluetooth chip in the X250 ?decides? to use a ?low-energy Driver? for that mouse ???
But it should not be so?.
The mouse does indeed ?pair?, but the correct driver does not ?match up? with the mouse ?
And so, it does not respond.
I tried several versions of the Intel Bluetooth driver ? up to and including the very latest from Intel ?
But, still, the mouse will not work.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.
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I have a laptop lenovo ThinkPad T420 and I had the OS upgraded from Windows 7 32Bit to Windows 7 64 Bit.

My Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 can be detected and is listed as one of the Bluetooth devices, however the mouse does not move.

I did some google-ing to try to trouble-shoot and I tried the following:
Go to the Power Management page and clear the checkbox ?Allow the computer to
turn off this device to save power?. And finally, relief! No more disconnects.
Apparently there is a bug in the power management of the Bluetooth driver
under Windows 7.

But it did not help.

Can someone help me ?

A:Can't get Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 to work

Found the following link where member: jetpack1976 resolved my problem:

MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 not working

Hi Durden,
Went to another site and found a solution that worked. You might want to try it out.
Go to START icon and type in services.msc and select services.
The dialog box that opens has a long list of stuff but look for BLUETOOTH SUPPORT SERVICE. Double click to open. Make sure it is AUTOMATIC. Go to the LOG tab. Choose THIS ACCOUNT and type in LOCAL SERVICE. A list of password (a 15-dot string) would appear. Delete all the password in the PASSWORD and under CONFIRM. Choose Okay.
It will ask you to restart the service. Once restarted, turn on your bluetooth adaptor again. Put your mouse in pairing mode and add the mouse. It works perfectly!!!
Give it a try and see if it helps.
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Hi all,

Has anyone come across the issue of the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 suddenly stopping and will not work again unless you reboot, this works occasionally, or I have to re-install the device again.

I'm guessing it's a Bluetooth issue but want to know if others have run into this.



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Hello there,
I have this weird problem with my bluetooth mouse. First of all im having hard time connecting it on the system startup, second is i feel like having wrong driver (the one that windows is installing automatically, and i cant download any from the microsoft site coz theres none :|).

I shuld see my mouse icon in the devices and printers instead i see generic icon:

also going to properties shows that the driver is not valid:

Does anyone know how can i install the apropriate driver for my mouse? I would aprichiate any help.

A:Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook mouse 5000 no dedicated driver

Hi there Read the link below hope this helps

MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 in Windows 7 - Microsoft Community
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Please understand that I am a simple person who wanted to buy a simple product that I thought would simply work I'm not an IT expert and I have no idea what to do when things don't work as expected So I brought a bluetooth mouse of Microsoft brand just to make sure I didn't have any issues after having already purchased three separate mice from three separate retailers of which NONE worked Comfort Wireless Sculpt Bluetooth Mouse Disconnecting From Microsoft Keeps I plug it in it's working fine then it stops nbsp I turn it off and on again it works for about another minutes then it turns off again This happens constantly I am just continually turning off and on the stupid mouse instead of just being able to go about my business nbsp It comes back to Microsoft Wireless Sculpt Comfort Mouse Keeps Disconnecting From Bluetooth life quite slowly nbsp In summary it's a major pain in the ass nbsp I've looked at a few google results but the advise seems extremely difficult to follow because a I have nfi which version of Windows I'm running and b none of the menus which are referenced in the instructions seem to relate to my computer and I cannot find any of these stupid menus or whatever Can anyone tell me if this is a simple fixable problem and how to simply fix it or should I return the mouse because it's faulty nbsp I mean is this going to be an ongoing problem or what Any help would be appreciated but please keep it REALLY simple nbsp Ps It just died AGAIN
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I just bought a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and it works fine when connected but it disconnects when my computer is idle. Once disconnected it is not recognized again when I start using my computer again. To get my computer to connect to it again I either have to restart or delete the drivers and reconnect the mouse. Is there a way to change the bluetooth settings so that it doesn't "sleep" after a period of time? I dont know if that is the problem but I cant think of anything else. I'm using the mouse on my desktop outlined in my system specs.


A:Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 Disconnects when Idle

Are you using your on-board bluetooth adapter.

Have you checked the device manager to see if your bluetooth is allowed to be turned off to save power (disable if so)

Do you have the Asus BT Go! Bloatware installed? is so you could try removing it. If you dont perhaps it could help (I dont have on-board bluetooth so don't know)
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The Microsoft Designer Keyboard and Mouse 9550 Bluetooth Intermittent on Designer Microsoft XPS15 Mouse operates very intermittently I notice this most frequently when the XPS dims or turns off the display but it can also happen spontaneously while I m moving the mouse pointer around I think both mouse and keyboard stop working at the Intermittent Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse on XPS15 9550 same time I have found that sometimes if I use the trackpad to move the mouse pointer around the Designer mouse starts working again If not it appears to not update the mouse pointer Intermittent Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse on XPS15 9550 indefinitely or until I reboot the XPS I ve spent time pairing and unpairing the Intermittent Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse on XPS15 9550 mouse Pairing pairing fails maybe - of the time I found this post http arstechnica com civis viewtopic php f amp t I don rsquo t have a Dell Wireless ac shown as a Network Adapter but there is a Dell Wireless Bluetooth LE in Bluetooth It doesn rsquo t have any settings for Collaboration Where has this setting moved Or does anyone have any other suggestions Thanks Mike
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Hello all Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse Bluetooth doesn't work on my Professional Mouse doesn't work on Bluetooth 64bit Microsoft 7 Windows Dell laptop Here is some more detailed information Laptop Dell Vostro Operation System Windows Professional bit SP Steps to reproduce turn on Bluetooth of Sculpt Touch Mouse go to 'Devices Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse doesn't work on Windows 7 Professional 64bit and Printers' add a device double click 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' on the list of popup screen the 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' device icon will be added to device list on 'Devices and Printers' ovserved that the icon of 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' was grey out and couldn't be used tried to move the mouse but no response and the light on the top of the mouse keeps flashing red lt -- gt green The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse was suppose to be setup install in one minute That's why I prefer to buying the Microsoft mouse product But it wasn't It took me few days to try to install it and it was still failed Could everyone tell me how to fix that Thanks

A:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse doesn't work on Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Try installing this software/driver for microsoft mouse and keyboard first: Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse
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In windows 10 mobile, I can go into my bluetooth devices, and 'disconnect' a specific device. In Windows 10, I can only 'remove' the device (which I don't want to do) or turn off BlueTooth altogether.
Does anybody know a way to just disconnect a device? For instance, I want to have my headphones connect to my phone instead of the PC.

A:How to disconnect a bluetooth device without turning off bluetooth.

'Remove device' is probably not the best choice of words they could have used on this! When you close the process (i.e. 'disconnect' your headphones) on your PC, you are performing the same function as what you describe on your phone. You are not actually removing the device, just closing the process. I hope that makes sense!
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I got a Microsoft 3600 Bluetooth mouse and I can get it to pair with my M7510 laptop when I boot to Windows 7 (I have a dual boot for Win7 and Win10 setup), but in Windows 10, it can detect the mouse, but when I click "Pair" it just disappears.
Does anyone know how to get the MS 3600 mouse to work with Windows 10?


A:Cannot pair a Microsoft 3600 Bluetooth mouse with M7510 and Windows 10 (Windows 7 is ok)??

I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem, but I noticed that in Device Manager, there is an "Unknown" device.
The description says "Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator" and the Device ID is:
But it says that "No drivers are installed for this device".
Anyone know where to get the driver for that device for a Dell M7510 and Windows 10?
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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop running W7 64 bit Pro, 8 Gig Memory. Would goning to a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse create problems, or should I just stay with the wired connections? The keyboard and the mouse as of this time would be my only bluetooth devices. It does have the internal Bluetooth.
Thanks in Advance


A:Solved: Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse

no it shouldn't you just want lack of cords?? if you have a set in mind post a link to it and we might be able to advise whether its good purchase or not
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Recently I have bought a ASUS laptop with Windows 8. I have tried my best to find option to turn the Bluetooth ON or OFF but it doesn't seem to appear anywhere. There is WIFI, Airplane etc but no Bluetooth
Could you please help me to resolve my problem? I would really appreciate that.
Thanks in advance

A:Win 8 Bluetooth turning on and off

Hello JustPush, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check to see if you have any of the options in the tutorial below to use to turn on or off Bluetooth.

Bluetooth - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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I am trying to connect my phone via bluetooth to my laptop (HP 15), which is using a wireless internet connection.  I followed the steps found online: settings>change PC settings>wireless...except the "wireless" option is not an option.  I have PC and devices, Accounts, OneDrive, Search and apps, Privacy, Network, Time and language, Ease of access, and Update and recovery as my options.  I used to be able to connect, but I am unsure why I no longer have the "wireless" option.  Thank you for your help.

A:Turning on Bluetooth

Hi, What is your HP 15 ? Please use the following instructions to find out:  Regards.
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Hi i seem to have to go into device manager everytime i want to turn the bluetooth on or off...if there a way to have the bluetooth symbol in the systray and turn it on/off there?"The meaning of life is to be happy and useful" Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama
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I have a BlueTooth speaker that sometimes I will connect to my PC for listening to music. If I don't disconnect the speaker from Windows, then turning on that speaker will turn on the computer if it's off. The power management tab for the Bluetooth USB "dongle" is disabled; I've checked all the drivers are up-to-date but still can't figure it out. Are their any other settings I might be missing, or any other method to prevent this?
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Hi guys, I had a Yoga Pro 2 but I got it replaced by Lenovo under warranty because it was having some major major issues. They sent me a Yoga 900 and I am already noticing problems with its connection to my bluetooth mouse. I used this same bluetooth mouse on my Yoga Pro 2 and it always connected fine without any problems at all but with my Yoga 900 it seems that the mouse will be connected for 5 minutes max and then the Yoga 900 will no longer recognize the mouse. Any help is appreciated, this is very frustrating and I have had been having a lot of problems with Lenovo's devices. Their warranty is great but I am getting tired of so many problems for such expensive machines.

A:Lenovo Yoga 900 Bluetooth keeps turning off by its...

Similar problem here.  Yoga 900 just a couple of months old, and I decided to try a bluetooth mouse.  It connected and worked just fine for a couple of minutes and then stopped.  Windows still says the mouse is paired and connected, but it doesnt work.  Turn bluetooth off, turn mouse off, remove mouse from bluetooth devices, re pair mouse and it works for a couple of minutes and then stops.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  I'm hoping this is a Windows problem and not a Lenovo problem, but if anyone finds a solution I would love to hear it.
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Hello everyone I was going about my business playing games on steam when all of a sudden Designer mouse) error(bluetooth Drive Mouse my mouse stops working nbsp I go to my bluetooth settings and it says I have a driver error I look further at the properties and it says I should update drivers code so I do that but it says that is was unable to find drivers along with some other stuff look at the end of this post nbsp I tried removing the device and re-pairing the device but still the same driver error pops up nbsp I tried turning my computer on and off but I Designer Mouse Drive error(bluetooth mouse) get the same error this time code Designer Mouse Drive error(bluetooth mouse) so I uninstall drivers and re-pair the mouse nbsp No luck I get the same driver error nbsp I wonder if Designer Mouse Drive error(bluetooth mouse) it's the mouse that's the problem so I try pairing it to my friends macbook and it works so it's not the mouse nbsp Mind that the mouse was working just fine for about a month and all of a sudden driver errors nbsp Even tried replacing the batteries nbsp My specs I have an MSI GS ghost pro - Qualcomm Atheros QCA x Bluetooth When I go to quot devices and printers quot on the devices properties under HARDWARE tab I see three things Bluetooth LE Service - - - - f b fb -This is what has an exclamation mark next to it Bluetooth LE Generic Attribute Service Designer mouse When I try to update the Bluetooth LE Service I get a message saying quot windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attpemting to install it quot quot bluetooth low energy GATT complaint HID device quot quot the wait operation timed out quot quot if you know the manufacturer of your device you can visit its website and check the support section for the driver software quot nbsp I checked the microsoft page for driver updates for my device but no luck unless I missed something Thanks for reading nbsp
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I have bluetooth headphones and each time I want to use them with my desktop I literally have to spend - minutes turning them on and then back off and then after tries or more it might end up working What's weird is that when I turn them on and they don't work if I Turning my is on a nightmare bluetooth real headphones point my sound icon in the systray it does say bluetooth audio instead of SPDIF but there's still no sound in the headphones The headphones also don't indicate they are connected with the status LEDs even though the computer says bluetooth audio What would be causing this As you can imagine it's extremely Turning on my bluetooth headphones is a real nightmare aggravating and I'm about to get rid of these if it continues BTW it's now been close to minutes I've been Turning on my bluetooth headphones is a real nightmare trying to get them to work this time with no luck so far this is insane If this helps I have another pair that works first time every time but they aren't as comfortable Update My other pair is doing the same now this is ridiculous I don't think I've ever had problems connecting them to my Windows Phone or Pocket PC Thanks

A:Turning on my bluetooth headphones is a real nightmare

After disconnecting my USB bluetooth adapter and plugging it back in the earphones worked the first time I turned them on, does this help?

This is absurd, it took me 1 hour to connect my headphones, I HATE wireless "technology".
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I have bought a Bluetooth speaker, turned on bluetooth on the laptop, found the speaker and connected. Plays fine. But within around 30 seconds the Wifi becomes disabled. Won't come back automatically again on until I turn bluetooth off.

Any ideas on this? I've just bought a small usb bluetooth adapter to try too and will update with my results with that too soon.

Toshiba Satellite C855-2F9
Operating System: Windows 8

Speaker - Sumvision Psyc Mako Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Hi, I'm using a Fujitsu E8410 laptop, Microsoft Windows Vista.

Recently, everytime I enable the Bluetooth function, a folder is automatically created on my desktop. This folder is called "Field Trip to Esplanade Pictures", but is always empty.

I created this folder end of August for school work, but deleted it soon after. So it doesn't make sense to me that it keeps getting created whenever i turn on the bluetooth.

What can I do to fix this? I've deleted the folder repeatedly after enabling the bluetooth radio.

A:Random Folder Pops Up On Desktop After Turning On Bluetooth

What are you trying to connect via Bluetooth?

Could it be that one of your Bluetooth capable devices has this file on it - and that it's syncing it to your desktop when you turn the radio on?
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I'm just wondering if there are any differences between the two. I have integrated bluetooth on my laptop, so I won't need a dongle for it. I also know bluetooth is slower than wireless usb, but does this have any effect for a mouse?

In terms of performance and accuracy, are there any advantages or disadvantages to either format? Why are bluetooth mice seemingly much less popular with manufacturers?

Thanks a bunch.

A:Any difference between a wireless usb mouse or a bluetooth mouse?

Here's some advantages and disadvantages

Bluetooth you can expect 30 feet distance from the EEE. Wireless IR you can expect from 4 to 6 feet.

Easy to setup and configure
You plug Wireless in and it just works. With Bluetooth , you have to use the command line to set things up, and you have to script it or else every time you boot you'll have to give it all the commands.

The Bluetooth wins this one. The wireless keyboard and mouse use a USB port and do not give you anything else. The Bluetooth adapter uses the same port, but also lets you connect Bluetooth stereo headphones, your mobile phone, etc.

It really depends on what your needs are. If your living room is 12 feet and you want to hook your EEE up to your PC and surf from your lazyboy at the other end of the room, infrared won't do it. If you want the keyboard in front of the standard EEE screen and just want a better one, then the wireless IR is fine.
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I can't stand it anymore. It just randomly turn off and on.

What I have tried so far:

- Changing mouse
- Changing USB root
- Disabling mouse power saving
- Updating drivers

A:Mouse turning on and off

What about power saving settings for USB ports ?
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ive had this mouse for a few weeks, properly installed, corded mouse that is.
and now windows says it malfunctions, turning on and off every few seconds.
i tried another usb port, restarting, leeving it for a few days, but nothing helped.
i reall need helps guys., and i thought you guys could help me.

A:Mouse is turning on and off

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Try a different mouse and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then the mouse if faulty.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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When I play games like Arma 2, LoL and Dota 2, my mouse randomly cuts out and will not turn on no matter what I do! The only way to fix this is by restarting my computer. You could say it is just the mouse, but I have a feeling it isn't. Sometimes, even, my keyboard cuts out while playing Arma. Also, last time it cut out (20 minutes ago) not only did the mouse cursor not respond, but the letter 'm' on my keyboard would not type in. These are some of the symptoms I noticed when this happened.

The mouse and keyboard are both wireless, and came with my HP PC. I have had the computer for approximately 1 year and 2 months.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you for reading.

A:Mouse Turning Off

Try PS/2 keyboard and USB mouse and observe it again if this not work like same in wireless i think it's the driver problem..

hope this helps..
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Please help I have had this problem for months and I haven t found a way to fix this problem The problem is my mouse keeps turning off and on It usually will happen every few minutes then it will usually turn back on This cycle repeats over and over but sometimes it won t turn back on at all unless I unplug it and replug it in I KNOW its not the mouse and i KNOW its not the motherboard because I have different USB port explorer mice and they all do it and I have just recently upgraded motherboards and and both boards did it I Have the latest USB Drivers and mouse drivers off turning mouse for keeps help, I'm begging and I have tried going into device manager and in universal serial bus controlers I have turned off the option that turns the device off to save power doing this has not fixed the I'm begging for help, mouse keeps turning off problem btw my device manager USB controller has six things it has quot Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controllers quot and quot USB Root Hub quot I don t understand whats what though I have windows xp corp and two usb ports on my mother board Please I beg for someone to try to help me This problem is driving me absolutly mad I can t find much help on the internet but I have seen other people having the same problems Please help I beg of you Thanks nbsp

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My Logitech G5 will random freeze, but stay on, and then it will also turn off for 10 seconds then turn back on. I've tried every USB port and it still does it. I've had Windows 7 for a week and it's been fine, and now this just started randomly. Any help?

A:Mouse freezing and turning off

This may help:
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I am using an HP wireless mouse and keyboard. The mouse keeps turning off. Pressing the connect button (also on the keyboard) does no good.
What works for a very short time, if at all, is manually turning the mouse off and then back on. But it soon goes off again. I am, meanwhile, using a wired optical mouse. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:wireless mouse keeps turning off

Solved. Although I put in new batteries a week ago, they were both low, i don't know why, but new batteries are successfully keeping the mouse on. Thanks, anyway.
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I am thinking of getting a wireless keyboard and mouse, probably a Logitech, and wonder if, when I power off the computer, the mouse and keyboard will also turn off? It seems like a setting in Power Setting should offer the choice to do so.

Thank you.

A:Turning off a wireless keyboard and mouse

I have a Logitech MK 250 Wireless desktop. (KB & Mouse) The USB transmitter is quite small and sits neatly in the rear of the case. It uses AA batteries in both devices, which do last quite a while. They can be switched off by small switches under each device, although I don't bother unless I am not using the PC for some time.

The only problem I can see is if you are a hard core Gamer (I am not, just a dabbler) as they do tend to be slower for gamers (or so my grandsons tell me). But for most uses, I am very pleased with the kit, especially since I installed a TV Card in the PC. There are other manufacturers, but I have always been happy with Logitech stuff, it is well made. Check out this one:

Logitech UK - Wireless Combo MK260

?24.99, the successor to mine. There are others, in fact (EDIT) I read that there are more expensive ones there which would suit a Gamer. Hope this helps!

FURTHER EDIT: The MK 260 is available from Amazon @ ?17:98.
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My mouse light is still on after I turned off my computer? Previously it was not like this. How can i turn it off after my computer is shut down?

A:Mouse got light even before turning on power.

(I assume your mouse is connected via a wired USB connection to your desktop PC?)

Does your power supply have a on/off switch on the back of your computer.

If so, this is normal and is nothing to worry about really but you can turn that switch off if you wish, just remember to switch it back on before turning your PC on.

This happens because some USB ports allow power to continue going through to them which is very handy if you charge a mobile or MP3 device using the PC, this way it can carry on charging those devices whilst the PC is off.

If you unplug you mouse after the pc has shut off and then plug it back in again, in some cases it should'nt turn back on till you turn the PC back on but if it does turn back on then again, like i said, don't worry.

Hope this helps to explain your query.
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Lately I have noticed that my Synaptics pointing device keeps disappearing from the Notification area (Next to the clock)
And when this happens my mouse starts doing the whole tap to click!

So what i have to do is type mouse in the start menu and open it back up to start the synaptics mouse options.

I've also tried updating the driver, it just says I have the most recent driver already installed.

I don't know why it keeps turning off and disappearing from the notification area.

- Any information to stop this will be appreciated.
- Other Information
- HP Pavilion dv6

Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
Driver Version:

Ragards, Scott

A:Synaptics Mouse keeps turning on tap to click

Hi Scott,

I've got the same model laptop (HP DV6) with exactly the same problem.

Cannot access the mouse properties without first doing a system reset but even after that's been done the tap function (which I hate) soon returns and I lose access to the properties again, thus preventing me from turning tap off from the control panel.

I also get the following message as the reason for when the mouse properties stops responding via control panel:

'Windows shell common dll not responding'

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I'm talking just my monitor...Not the PC being in sleep mode. I want just the keyboard to turn on my display when it's in power down mode. I have gone into device manager and deselected (under mouse) the Allow This Device To Wake The Computer option but that doesn't work.

This is for Windows 7 64 Bit.


A:How do I prevent the mouse from turning my display on?

Short answer: Not possible. I know it's pretty irritating. What I do is turn the mouse upside down/unplug it. That's the only way.
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My mouse cursor keeps turning to an hourglass and interferes with applications It even changes when I don t have anything running or when I m only browsing internet pages I realize it isn cursor hourglassw Mouse keeps turning to t accurate to say quot when I don t have anything running quot as there is always something running on a computer I have read several similar posts but have been unable to resolve my problem I have checked Task Manager and notice that the services exe service regularly jumps to the top of the list There seems Mouse cursor keeps turning to hourglassw to be a correlation Mouse cursor keeps turning to hourglassw between this jumping to the top of the list and the cursor turning to an hourglass There also seems to be a correlation between high cpu usage and services exe Other processes that jump to Mouse cursor keeps turning to hourglassw the top are rundll exe System Idle Process msiexec exe and svchost exe I am running Windows XP SP I have PC Tools firewall installed along with Avast Anti-virus free version This issue is most frustrating and problematic when typing in a word document or entering transactions in Quicken My screen flashes like it is refreshing and whatever I am typing is affected oftentimes deleted The cursor also jumps to a new location on the screen This is the log from the TSG SysInfo Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Atom TM CPU N GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R Graphics Media Accelerator Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC PX Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled I would be extremely grateful for whatever help anyone can give nbsp

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So for some reason this option turns on when I restart my PC...can someone help me to turn it off forever ? Since I dont use it at all.

A:Enhance mouse precision keeps turning on

Download Autoruns from the link below unzip it to your desktop search for the program you wish to disable un-check and reboot.
Have a great day enjoy.
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Is there a way to assign the ALT+TAB key combination to a mouse button in the Mouse & Keyboard Center?
I select the "Key Commands"-> "Key Combination" field but I can not find a way to enter a
TAB keystroke.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Assiging ALT+TAB to a mouse button with the Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center?

I changed the timing on the TAB press to 1 second. Still doesn't work.
Here is how it looks now:

I just remembered that we have seen this deficiency before. 
Sorry for the confusion.

Robert Aldwinckle
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Lately I have been having an annoying problem with my wireless mouse. For some reason the pointer will lag, and be very sluggish and jumpy. I've had this mouse on this computer for about a year and I've had no problem. Out of nowhere this problem is happening. I've tried re installing drivers with no luck. I tried uninstalling intellipoint and re-installing it, but when I tried I got the BSOD, and then it completely disabled my mouse and keyboard so I had to use wired peripherals to go in to safe mode and do a system restore. Now everything is working again, except my mouse is still jumpy.

Thanks for any help.

A:Annoying mouse lag - Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

Erratic behaviour from wireless peripherals, especially keyboards and/or mice, particularly where they were working correctly before, generally points to a dying battery in the peripheral. Have you tried replacing it? If it is rechargeable, it may no longer be holding charge and will also need replacing.
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I just recently updated my computer to Windows a few days ago and yesterday I noticed that my mouse was constantly blinking The curser has a constant blue circle flashing around it like it is trying let turning curser keeps me not Mouse and or will open ... type to load a page or something It occurs when I am on the desktop opening up programs as well as when I am on the internet The open programs or dialog boxes flash as if they are no fully opening which is weird and have a hard time staying where you drag them the first time It does not let me open drop down boxes I have to use the arrow keys to move through choices It also cuts my typing short or deletes what I am trying to type within search engines or when I am just typeing in a web address nbsp I have tried looking for updates specifically for the mouse but my computer says I am up to date with everything I have done a hard reset changed the batteries within my external mouse and have even turned off the mouse pad Nothing has worked I currently Mouse curser keeps turning and will not let me type or open ... have te Synaptics Pointing Device v and running a V on SMB port nbsp Has any one experienced the same issues when they have updated to Windows Thank you nbsp nbsp
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I urgently need help as I'm not understanding what to do at all This problem has just started tonight and all after secs Mouse and freezing, off turning is going display on is 2 I know of what all I did was I resetted firefox and used adwclear etc files to clean all ads After that I installed mostly IObit apps like advanced systemcare Mouse is freezing, display is going off and turning on after 2 secs IObit malware defender etc applications and I also did all kinds of cleaning of whatever Mouse is freezing, display is going off and turning on after 2 secs the application had suggested to me I also used Driver Booster and update many drivers as per the application I also installed Android Studio and jdk I made changes to environment variables for java installation at first the java was working but android studio wasn't supporting then I looked up video online and made changes to jdk environment variables setup again and then the jdk android studio problems got resolved I've no idea if this is anyhow related to my current problem Lastly a week back my computer's power button suddenly stopped working I'd to unplug and keep it completely off for a day and only then it started This might be some indication of some previous problem but I don't know what exactly and with these number of programs I installed what is causing this I don't know And this problem didn't start immediately it started after around - hours after all these installations and while I was working on android studio I restarted my pc and after - minutes problem again came and now I'm continuously doing this restarting thing to avoid but just cannot resolve I've listed each and every thing I did today in hopes of someone pointing out where can the fault be please help me I'm a newbie in all this so whatever information you need to help me please beside them tell me how to retrieve those information from my pc I want to repair it before it completely freezes or something major happens All details about pc I can give is it is a Lenovo C all-in-one pc Along with this is an another problem which if possible please tell what to do my cd drive doesn't work is there any way I can check that whether there's any software problem or I'll have to get the entire disk replaced PS I did all these points I wrote in laptop too except the Android Studio jdk installation part But laptop currently isn't facing any problem
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Hey guys I have a quick question I'm not sure if this is doable or not but here is my question anyway I followed the following link on Keyboard Turning Mouse from and Disable On Monitors? how to create a keyboard shortcut that turns off all connected screens to my computer at once Link This worked just fine and has Disable Mouse and Keyboard from Turning On Monitors? been really useful for the past few days however my problem is as follows When I use my keyboard shortcut and turn off my screens which are two Acer multi-touch screens any key-press to the keyboard or move to the mouse will bring them back on Is there ANY WAY to disable that I would like my screens to ONLY turn on when I touch them and NOT when I move the mouse or press the keyboard It is annoying for me because Disable Mouse and Keyboard from Turning On Monitors? when I place anything on my desk that causes the mouse to move both screens go back on I don't use SLEEP or STANDBY neither do I lock my Disable Mouse and Keyboard from Turning On Monitors? machine since my computer is always on Any ideas Thanks

A:Disable Mouse and Keyboard from Turning On Monitors?

Welcome to the forum darkangel86, sure that is doable.

Start> in search field type Device Manager, click on Device Manager to open it

Expand both the Keyboards and Mice and other pointing devices. Right click on your keyboard> Select Properties>

Click on Power Management tab

Unclick Allow this device to wake the computer

Click ok

Repeat for the mouse and there you go. A Guy
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Hi guys. I have windows updates set to manual. Yesterday i checked for updates  and found more that 10 important updates. I selected all for installing. I recieved two _80070103  error
messages for  "Microsoft - Pointing Drawing - Microsoft Hardware USB Mouse" and "Microsoft - Keyboard, Other hardware - Microsoft Hardware USB Keyboard" updates. I looked at update history and found out 8 similiar update failures !
 I have windows 8.1 and i use wireless keyboard and mouse.  Shall i just unistall that failed updates or it might affect my mouse and keyboard performance? Thank you!

A:microsoft - pointing drawing - microsoft hardware usb mouse download fail.

Hi Alona,
If you receive Windows Update error 80070103 while installing updates, you might be trying to install a driver that is already installed on your computer or a driver that might be less compatible than one you already have installed.

So, if you did not encounter any performance issue about mouse and keyboard before, you can hide these updates and don't install them again.
Best regards,Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]
Niko Cheng
TechNet Community Support
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Hi I m really hoping someone here can help me My logitech corded optical mouse was working pretty well but it was a little slow so I decided to switch it out with a microsoft comfort optical mouse I XP, freeze! microsoft Mouse to from logitech switched mouse have another machine and both mice seem Mouse freeze! XP, switched from logitech to microsoft mouse to work perfectly there But on Mouse freeze! XP, switched from logitech to microsoft mouse my main machine they both lock up after a few minutes and the only thing that fixes it is rebooting I was highly suspecting it was a conflict between logitech and microsoft software at first I tried this http support microsoft com kb several times to clear the registry and start fresh But each time I ended up having to use system restore after I can clear everything out and then the USB hub is detected when I reboot but the mouse is not I check device manager and it says it has an HID compliant mouse and the mouse lights up like it has power but won t move at all Does anyone have any ideas Is there any more information I could give that would be helpful to troubleshoot Thanks so much Airmide nbsp
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I have a recurring issue I'll be listening to music or a Youtube video or whatever when suddenly my master turning down? sound Keyboard my Microsoft sound level will slide to Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down? zero I can't override manually If I try to override using the mixer on the screen or the hardward quot quot sound button there is a fight between my effort and whatever is turning the sound Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down? down So the sound goes up and is adjusted down right away as long as I hold the button on the laptop or on the screen the sounds zigs and zags up and down If stop pushing the button the sound goes to zero After about a minute the problem goes away Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down? and the sound may be adjusted up again Also apparently if I whack my keyboard on the desk I'm able to adjust the sound Another related issue is that when I'm typing the sound level bars a white bar on a big black background in the lower middle of the screen courtesy of Lenovo and the narrower Windows green bar to the lower right pop up periodically say every few minutes and every time they do the sound level goes down by one increment This latter problem got me thinking as it happens only when I'm typing Could it be my keyboard I tried the volume key on the Microsoft Natural Wireless keyboard and sure enough pushing either quot quot or quot - quot set off the quot sound to zero quot problem Is this a known issue with MS keyboards or with the Mouse and Keyboard Center software or earlier drivers for mouse and keyboard Or do I have a weirdly broken keyboard It is rather old Thanks

A:Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down?

Sounds to me like a defective keyboard in the Laptop. Can you disable the built in keyboard, in the Device Manager when the external keyboard is connected? This is one possible way to try and isolate whether the problem is the keyboard or something else.
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I've had my computer (Dell Latitude Core i7 x64) running Windows 10 32-bit for over a year and have been using the same mouse for many years, as far back as 2 computers possibly. In the past week the mouse will disconnect and it will not come back on if I unplug and reconnect it or switch ports. The only thing that will restore it is turning the computer off and then on. Any ideas what could be causing this?

It seems like maybe it happened after a recent automatic update..
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Hi folks Mouse/Keyboard/USB off anymore work computer turning don't after Yesterday night I turned off my computer by pressing the power Mouse/Keyboard/USB don't work anymore after turning off computer button and now my mouse and keyboard do not work anymore in Windows I wanted to see if it was just the mouse keyboard itself but I noticed nothing detects when I connect a USB device I tried plugging it in every port and it's the same I thought it was a hardware issue but now I realize that it is not I restarted my computer and tried to get into safe mode it worked I was able to go up and down to select which mode I wanted to enter Once inside safe mode and windows is loaded the keyboard just freezes It does not work at all I then decided to go into bios to see what is up and everything seems right I even screwed around and messed up my overclock settings So now I know my keyboard still works and it's probably a Windows issue I wanted to see if my mouse would work I went into Windows Repair I might have gotten the name wrong and voila my mouse worked I'm not sure if it's a virus or what not but can someone kindly help me Thank you ps I do not have any system restore save points unfortunately

A:Mouse/Keyboard/USB don't work anymore after turning off computer

Hello once again.

I managed to find a ps/2 keyboard lying around and I figured out my problem. It was because I installed libUSB and it messed everything up.
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Every time when I turn on and turn off my mouse, I have to pair it to my laptop. Isn't it supposed to connect automatically?

A:Do I need to pair my Sculpt Comfort mouse every time when I'm turning it off and on again?

Originally Posted by Valeri Mazdrashki Every time when I turn on and turn off my mouse, I have to pair it to my laptop. Isn't it supposed to connect automatically? You should ask to mouse developers
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Hi all, I have bought HP Pavilion G6 about 4 years back. Now while turned on the continuous beep sound is coming but after while the system will open. After turned on the cursor would not , if i press "ESC" key the cursor becomes active and again some error sound will come and it will not work properly. There is a lag while using the touch pad and also  If i delete the file it is not deleting. Please suggest if i can do anything for that problem before carrying to the service center.
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The hardware:
HP Pavilion dv7 Lappy
Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
IOGEAR 2.0 USB Bluetooth Adapter

The Software:
Windows 7 Ultimate

The problem:
I installed the drivers and software that came with my bluetooth usb adapter. Everything worked fine, until yesterday my mouse started lagging. It's barely useable at this point. I've resorted to using the touchpad. Touchpads suck.
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does anyone know of drivers for bluetooth mice for 98se, peticularly microsoft intellimouse w/ bluetooth. Any info or help would be appreciated.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with a Dell BT Travel mouse and a Kensington PilotMouse Mini BT. During my first setup session both mice were found after a fair bit of searching and then worked correctly. On the second session no bluetooth devices could be found. The third session both were found on boot and worked correctly for an hour or so. Since then, 18 Jan, bluetooth will not discover either mouse even though Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Dell Truemobile 355 Bluetooth + EDR are said to be working. I have lodged 2 feedback reports on this. Can anyone suggest a fix, please?

Edit: I should add that I'm dual-booting Windows XP and 7 and when I boot XP, instead of the bluetooth mouse being acquired automatically, I have to run the Bluetooth Setup Wizard, so something in Win7 is disabling bluetooth on the laptop.

A:Bluetooth Mouse

have you got the latest bluetooth drivers from dell?

i would also suggest uninstalling any bluetooth software that dell might bundle with the laptop (if it was a vista > 7 upgrade)

my lenovo bt mouse is working great, if not better with 7 than vista
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I have HP 2000-2c22DX Notebook PC, and a wireless Bluetooth mouse. Does this model have bluetooth and if so, how do I get this mouse to work?
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Hi, I have a bluetooth mouse and it works perfectly. Only thing that i cant seem to get to work is for it to pair with the laptop automatically when it is within distance and on. Anyone have any help? (If it helps its a HDX Bluetooth mouse) Thanks

A:Help with bluetooth mouse

Go into services and check Bluetooth is set to start automatically as opposed to manually; I had non-pairing problems with an HP Bluetooth mouse on a Kensington dongle which was solved by doing this

At first I had imagined there was a compatability issue and thought I'd have to get another mouse, but the solution was the BT service just wasn't running by default, although in my case that could have been due to the dongle not being there when Windows7 setup was originally run...
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I recently purchased a HP Touch to Pair Mouse for my HP Elitebook w nbsp Two months prior I had purchased a JETech bluetooth mouse nbsp The mouse paired quickly to my Elitebook but every now and then I would experience periodic 'lags' in the mouse nbsp I googled this issue and contacted JeTech but had to return the mouse as the issue was unresolved nbsp I am experiencing this same issue with my HP Touch to Pair Mouse There are periodic 'lags' which lag mouse Bluetooth make using the mouse VERY annoying nbsp Even if it works well of the time for me it doesn't suffice if it doesn't work well about of Bluetooth mouse lag the time nbsp I've googled this issue ONCE AGAIN and have found no 'solutions' that remedy my issue nbsp My bluetooth adapter driver is up to date and it seems that apparently some people are simply 'LUCKY' or have slightly newer bluetooth technology or just that bluetooth technology isn't advanced enough to make owning a bluetooth device 'worth it ' nbsp Any answers to this issue nbsp I have contacted HP several times in the past and feel though they are genuinely sincere and attempt to be competent that their company is -like most- very disorganized and stupid and incompetent nbsp Their website is a joke
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can an RF wireless mouse be used on a keyboard tray and desktop without removing the sensor, or does it have to be in line of sight?

A:RF vs Bluetooth mouse

no line of sight for anything RF.
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I've spent some time searching the web for a bluetooth mouse, but I'm not finding too many options. Those that are available are either pretty expensive, $60+, or are only two-button models with a scroll wheel, no extra side buttons.

Are bluetooth peripherals just not in demand anymore? Am I not looking in the right places?

A:Bluetooth Mouse

Does anyone here have any experiences at all with Bluetooth mice? I don't want to fill up a USB port on my laptop with a wireless receiver adapter when I have a perfectly good wireless device adapter built-in.

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Hi, the bluetooth mouse just stopped working. WiFi is working, cause I use internet now. The mouse has new batteries etc. The notebook sees it, there is connection. I have updated drivers. But still the mouse does not work. Any ideas?
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This problem has just started today Microsoft security essentials is turning itself off and earlier it was turning back on when I clicked it but now it isn't even doing that It keeps timing out when I try to turn it on When it was turning back on it would turn off if I turning Microsoft itself randomly Security Essentials off tried to do a scan Since then I've turned on malware bytes just cause Really have no idea so just did that to make sure The computer Microsoft Security Essentials randomly turning itself off has been having issues recently with Microsoft Security Essentials randomly turning itself off a like one or two BSODs only on startup I'll add the SF diagnostic tool files just for more information but I do not know what else to say right now Previous issues made me download these two security tools and I had removed all previous security completely with their tools Programs have been randomly freezing a lot Edit The diagnostic tool is freezing up on me too so I can't even get that working Also the crash dumps didn't appear to save properly but I can atleast give the error code Unmountable boot volume error code xED Took a picture of it with my phone if the entire series is needed

A:Microsoft Security Essentials randomly turning itself off

Hello again, thenecessity!

Please go to the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Download
Select the 64-bit version.
Save it to your Desktop.
Double-click the downloaded file to run it.

When the tool opens click Yes to the disclaimer.
Press the Scan button.

FRST64 makes a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory from which the tool is run (Desktop).

Please provide the FRST.txt in your reply. <<---
The first time the tool is run, it also makes another log: Addition.txt
Also post the: Addition.txt in your reply. <<---

Next, download Farbar Service Scanner

Save to the Desktop Make sure the following options are checked:Internet Services
Windows Firewall
System Restore
Security Center
Windows Update
Windows Defender

Press: Scan
FSS creates a log, FSS.txt, on the Desktop.
Please provide the FSS.txt in your reply
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Alright so about a week ago I got a new bluetooth mouse rapoo I added it to my devices through the -control panel - add bluetooth device mouse problems. Bluetooth option however today when I was Bluetooth mouse problems. moving my laptop to a different room I turned off the mouse with the sliding button on it's back just to be sure I dont click on something while going to different room after I got there I was sadly suprised that the mouse won't work after turning it back in I have checked the control panel - devices and it wasn't there for some reason so I tried to restart the mouse again and click the bluetooth button on the mouse the mouse's red button on the top started blinking which indicates that the mouse is indeed looking for a contact with a bluetooth device howerver my mouse didn't appear on the add Bluetooth mouse problems. device menu after a while totaly desperate I decided to try this mouse on a different computer it worked perfectly there and was connected in about seconds I have read quite a lot of forums about this problem and all I could get to was to check the Services - Bluetooth support service and turn it off and on it did help some people but sadly not me to make sure that this problem Bluetooth mouse problems. was on the side of my pc and not the mouse I did try to pair my phone with my pc but it didn't work I couldn't even send any file I have hp pavilion dv and win x Any help will be greatly appreciated Ignore any grammar fails as it's quite late hour for me and I'm posting this after desperate hours of trying to fix this problem

A:Bluetooth mouse problems.

First thing to warn you of is Windows + bluetooth is, and always has been, a buggy nightmare. So in all honesty I would not be surprised if this is one of those "it should work but it just never will" times. However I'll try to offer a few suggestions. First of all check for a switch on your computer for bluetooth/wireless and make sure it's turned on (there are a lot of HP DV6's so I can't point out where exactly it is or if you have one), then go to Device Manager and verify that your bluetooth isn't disabled under Bluetooth Radios, and finally right click your bluetooth icon and click Show Bluetooth Devices, if your mouse is there delete it and try adding it again.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite C55 laptop running Windows 10. A couple of days ago my bluetooth mouse stopped working. After messing around for a couple of hours, I went into settings again and the bluetooth showed being off. I turned it on and was back in business. This morning, I woke the computer up and again the mouse was not working. I tried going into settings to see if was on or off and was unable to find bluetooth. Where did it go? How do I get it back. I am puzzled. I am not a real techie, so please keep any suggestions simple or very detailed. Thanks
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I recently bought a Belkin Comfort Mouse, it worked for about 2 months with no problems, was fine.
However I unplugged my bluetooth dongle for a long period of time, so it lost pairing with the mouse.
I tried reconnecting it, but the mouse doesn't do anything despite claiming to be connected.

When I first try to connect to the PC, it picks it up as a "Belkin Bluetooth Mouse", however when it actually connects it claims to be just to be a "Bluetooth Peripheral Device".

I'm not what what else I can do, or whether it's a problem with the mouse, windows or the bluetooth dongle.

Any help will be much appreciated and if you need anymore information don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,
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Hi all,

I have BT model: Microsoft Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000.

I can make it discoverable but 7 doesn't seem to see it.

I do not see a BT option in the control panel but there is a Bluetooth support service present in the Services window (and it is started).

The mouse is brand new and doesn't seem defective, I haven't tried it on another computer though, I don't have any friends with rigs that are BT ready.

Any pointers?



A:Bluetooth mouse not working...


1. You've got to enable the 'discovery' feature on your mouse
2. There should be a Bluetooth icon on your taskbar/Start > Control Panel > Device & Printers > Add A Bluetooth device
3. You've got to pair it up first, using the Pairing code provided by Microsoft Mouse 5000
4. Once the device is paired up, Windows should automatically install the generic/Microsoft BT Mouse 5000 drivers and recognise it a HID device
5. Should work!
6. Otherwise, after pairing it, you could install the prepackaged driver CD provided with your purchase

Hope this helps!
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Firstly, I hope this is the correct Forum for this post.

I have a New HP650 Laptop with Win 7 64bit Home Premium installed.

I purchased a Bluetooth Laser Mouse BT which I installed from the disc provided.
Initialy the Mouse worked fine, untill, win 7 went into standby mode. When I went back into Windows, the Mouse would no longer work. Nothing I attempted would recover it. Switch Off, Switch On, Press ID Button to reconnect, nothing.
I Un Installed the Program and Drivers.
I then Re Installed and it worked fine, untill, and you know the rest of the story.

This problem seems to associated with win 7 going into Standby Mode and Recovery.

Does anyone have a clue about this Nasty.

Owen Carlton

A:Bluetooth Laser Mouse BT

Does the BT transceiver plug into a USB port? Check that the two options shown below are Disabled. The first is accessed from Device Manager under the USB Hub Properties. The second is accessed through the Power Options in the Control Panel then clicking on Change Plan Settings (for plan you use) > Change advanced power settings. There seems to be a common problem with USB ports after the PC goes into hibernation.
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I have a couple of near-new bluetooth mice here for which I have lost the little bluetooth adapter that plugs into the USB port.

I also have a bluetooth adapter here that I bought for connecting to a network, printer, etc. I tried connecting the mice through a bluetooth adapter and I cannot get it to detect. I've been through the help files in Windows, tried their suggestions but still no result.

So, my question is whether these mice are proprietary to their own original bluetooth adapters?

A:Question about bluetooth mouse

I do not know the answer, but I suspect an answer is more likely if you can figure out a brand and model of the mice.

Dumb question: are you sure these wireless mice are bluetooth?
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I have recently bought a bluetooth mouse for my windows 8.1 tablet. However it keeps randomly disconnecting while in use (usually every 30 seconds or so). Therefore I searched for some solutions on the internet and found something that said to turn the power saving setting off in the bluetooth menu. I did this but I have the same issue. I then found something else that said to turn on the bluetooth support service. But this did not work either.

I have tried the mouse on my windows 7 laptop instead, and had no errors which shows it is something to do with my tablet. Having tried the above things does anyone know what else I can do?


A:Bluetooth Mouse keeps disconnecting

Brand and exact model of mouse?
Is the tablet running Windows, Android or OSX?
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I bought a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to replace my laptops fried touch pad.
However, every time I start my PC (and new mouse) they can't find each other so I have to enable the out-of-control touchpad to click on the Bluetooth Icon and click "add" (and some other actions I'm not sure of) then it connects.

Is there a setting I'm missing?
Windows Help said to unclick the Passkey for a mouse but I haven't figured out how.

Or is this typical of Bluetooth connected Mice and I should look for a mouse with a dongle?

A:Problem With Bluetooth Mouse

I discovered the answer was as simple as turning off the Bluetooth on the PC then turning it back on.
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hello there i'm not so Win7 with x64 Using Mouse Bluetooth familiar with bluetooth devices i have been given a bluetooth microsoft mouse which supports Using Bluetooth Mouse with Win7 x64 Bluetooth or higher Operating Systems Windows Windows Windows RT and Windows RT i was wondering if i can configure and pair this mouse with a laptop running on win SP x it has an in-built bluetooth adapter - Dell Truemobile Bluetooth EDR Manufacturer ID Device Driver didn't install any additional stack or widcomm packages yet so i guess this is my default os driver under device manager I see items under Bluetooth - Dell Truemobile Bluetooth EDR Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator before we even go into drivers i'm questioning these considerations - Supported Device does my internal card support Bluetooth and if not will my system accept a newer card i do not intend to use an external dongle and this card is housed in an old mm form factor compartment don't know what it's called got the pic from Wikipedia however i do have a spare WWAN slot i think not sure if i can use it for a newer minicard there Supported OS no way i'm installing win providing i have a supported device can win x use a mouse designed for win or up if not what is the windows component that is missing from win and can this be replicated by introducing specific software
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Hey guys,

I reformatted my computer recently and ever since my Dell BT Travel Mouse is not working. Bluetooth is turned on in the BIOS, and I used driver genius to get all of the drivers needed. It is connecting to the mouse and I can see it in the Devices. That being said I can't actually move the cursor with the mouse. I have no idea what could be wrong with it, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure you'll need some additional info, so just let me know what else you need to know to help. Thank you in advance!

A:Bluetooth mouse not working

NEVER use third party apps to find or install drivers. All drivers should be downloaded from the OEM website by you and then installed. In this case, get the drivers from the Dell Website. Start with the chipset driver.

Open Device Manager - any yellow or red symbols?
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I recently connected at Targus Notbook mouse to Windows 7 with out too much difficulty. However, what happens now is that everytime the mouse is in active for 5-10 seconds and I touch it, W7 makes the Device Disconnect\Connect sound. OVER and OVER again. This is probably because the mouse goes into power saving mode. I tried tunring off the Bluetooth setting which states "Alert me when a new device wants to connect" but this did not help. I turned off the sound for connecting and disconnecting devices in Windows, but this is not really the answer because now sound is off for all devices I plug in and out. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:BlueTooth Mouse Annyance

Change the mouse properties/hardware/power to never turn off mouse?

I don't have a bluetooth device, but perhaps there is a similar setting.
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Before upgrading from Vista to I decided to Mouse recognized KB & not Bluetooth first try the OS as a dual boot option and get used to everything - AND make sure everything works as expected This morning I did just that and ran into what I think is a fairly unusual problem I'm using a Logitech MX BT mouse amp kb combination Windows was able to recognize amp use both natively immediately after the install I then installed the latest setpoint sw which is Windows compatible Everything went smoothly - the mouse amp kb were recognized and setup by setpoint Then I rebooted After rebooting into the mouse amp kb do not work I tried getting setpoint to reinitiate both bluetooth devices but nothing happens If I press the quot connect quot button s nothing happens If I try to do it from within setpoint nothing happens If I reboot to Vista everything is fine I find this one very odd When I reboot I get to the OS selection screen If Vista is highlighted everything is fine But as soon as I highlight Windows the kb is no longer recognized and does not work Again on the boot selector screen everything is fine if Vista is highlighted - but if I use the cursor arrow on the kb to toggle up to the Windows entry the kb immediately stops working and I either have to connect a usb kb or reboot to get out of that screen Obviously the bios is set to recognize usb devices on boot or it wouldn't work at all on the boot screen - not even with Vista Other than replacing the kb with a wired one which I'm considering I'm stumped Any thoughts

A:Bluetooth KB & Mouse not recognized

Okay - better & better

Just to be safe, I checked the bios - nothing relating to bluetooth at all. Exited bios (w/o saving changes - though I didn't make any) and the kb worked at the boot screen. Booted to 7 and the mouse worked, so I opened setpoint and the kb did not show up. Tried to initiate it and lost use of both the mouse AND the kb. Booted back to Vista and all is good.

Soooo, I'm guessing that there is some sort of incompatibility between 7 and either my BT or my kb & mouse or setpoint. Regardless, I'll probably just get a wired kb and non-bt wireless mouse and then upgrade from Vista to 7.
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A mouse should be a very simple device and should give little frustration.
I have a Retail Plus Model: RP-MUUS-BT309B Bluetooth mouse. It is the most erratic device I have ever had to deal with. It is nearly impossible to control, seems to lag and then catch up. It may wiggle around it may not.
Slowing down the pointer speed helps some but then the trackpad is useless.
Anybody have any thoughts or know of a driver that will fix this thing?

A:Retail Plus Bluetooth mouse

RetailPlus Wireless Bluetooth 2.4G Notebook Mouse ? Retail Plus
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Recently bought a Dell Inspiron laptop w/Bluetooth capabilities. Vista 64-bit OS. Option to upgrade to Windows 7. Want to get a wireless Bluetooth mouse. Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 has been recommended. Is this the best choice? Will it work with both Vista & Windows 7?
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So I got a Bluetooth mouse, from I don't remember where... But I recently put in new batteries and it turns on but it wont show on my bluetooth devices when I turn it on... It says the brand is Optimal Shop, my laptop is a Toshiba. PLEASE HELP!

A:Problem With BlueTooth Mouse

I don't use Bluetooth, but have you paired it??
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I just got a new system that is rather light on the USB ports, so I figured I'd take advantage of the built in bluetooth. That being said are there any bluetooth mice that the users of Techspot either own and like, or find appealing? I tend to like my mice full sized and being contoured for the right hand is a bonus.
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I can't seem to get this RocketFish mouse Bluetooth RocketFish Bluetooth mouse to work i am currently typing on my apple wireless keyboard using the same rocketfish usb dongle but the mouse simply won't work First i tried just using the install wizard and that found it fine but RocketFish Bluetooth mouse the scroll wheel wouldn't work and also i had no settings for it So then i installed the official software from the website Rocketfish - Rocketfish Bluetooth EDR Class II Wireless USB Adapter then once i installed and restarted it automatically found my apple wireless keyboard without me doing anything So i go to the tray icon and right click where i usually go to connect my BT devices but all i get is quot Bluetooth device not found quot so then i went start gt controlpanel gt Blluetooth configuration and it just hung for about seconds and came up with quot Bluetooth Setup Wizard Bluetooth device not found Please verify that your bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on quot If there is anymore information i can provide for you please just ask Thanks

A:RocketFish Bluetooth mouse

tried re-installing...still not working
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My bluetooth mouse lags and I need to fix it. I got the Microsoft Scult Comfort mouse, btw. When I turn off ipoint.exe which is a background service for it, it works smoothly. But I need ipoint.exe. How can I fix this situation?