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Bottom left corner of Spectre x360 is BURNING HOT !!! There are many other messages on this forum describing the same problem but HP SUPPORT IS NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION !!! HP SUPPORT, PLEASE DO NOT JUST POST A BOILER-PLATE PRE-WRITTEN ANSWER TO THIS. In other messages on this forum, multiple replacements of Spectre x360 ALL HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. Is HP going to fix the problem and do a recall, or what? How do we know that HP is aware of and working on this problem?

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Preferred Solution: BURNING HOT Spectre x360 BURNING HOT

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop new in Italy in the close burning the and keeps DVDs drive the fails windows burning spinnin When but December from a major computer store The computer came installed with Windows Home Premium Italian and I have installed on it an original version of Microsoft Office When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin XP Professional Edition English The CD-ROM unit is a Matsushita DVD -RW UJ Since I bought the computer I have sometimes had difficulty burning DVDs with the When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin built-in Windows burner function that I access from Explorer Often in the past I have ended up with partially written DVDs Nevertheless by using high-quality DVDs I have been able to burn DVDs successfully most of the time using the Windows utility I last used the utility successfully a couple of months ago when I burned a couple of DVDs to backup some photos Since yesterday I have been trying to backup my most important files onto DVDs The attempt has failed in every case First I copy about GB of files from drive C onto drive D in Explorer These are several hundred files divided into three different directories consisting mostly of PDF Word Excel and JPG files some of them with names in foreign scripts like Cyrillic Japanese or Chinese Then I insert a new DVD either Verbatim or TDK and attempt to master the DVD by selecting the option write to disk from the Explorer menu whether from When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin the menus at the top of the screen or by right-clicking on drive D in the lefthand pane of the screen A window pops up asking me for the name of the disk whether I want it to be flash or one-time only and the recording speed x x x etc Once I click continue to start burning the DVD a window pops up to tell me that Windows is making an image of the disk and then the window tells me that it has begun mastering the disk giving me a countdown of how many minutes are left minutes to minutes depending on the speed I choose But no matter what name I give to the disk and what recording speed I pick after - seconds the popup window and the Explorer window both suddenly close and the DVD unit s writing light goes out but the DVD unit continues to whir at high speed forever Here are the results I got yesterday with separate DVDs On the first DVD I used Windows s burn utility on a Verbatim DVD and I ended up with files burned onto the DVD making it unusable On the second try I used some simple burn software that I had used before Roxio Burn on a TDK DVD and ended up with files burned onto the disk but from different folders than the files burned by Windows On my third attempt after going offline shutting down my antivirus software AVG and using Task Manager to shut down processes from that other burn software Roxio Burn I used Windows s burn utility again on a TDK DVD and ended up with the identical files that had I ended up with the first time though this time I had chosen a lower writing speed In all three of these attempts the DVD unit continued to whir after the windows had closed until such time as I ejected the disk manually When I first encountered this problem yesterday I thought the problem might be caused by my antivirus software AVG Free Edition interfering with the writing process because after one particular automatic update by AVG about two months ago I began having problems with AVG blocking Skype and placing some of my Nokia cell phone software in quarantine But by disabling the HIPS element of AVG I was able to resolve those problems several weeks ago and begin using Skype successfully again But just to be sure today I disinstalled AVG completely and installed Microsoft Security Essentials Because I had read in a forum online that Windows might have conflicts with other burning software that was also installed today I also disinstalled the o... Read more

A:When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin

My guess would be theres something wrong with the dvd drive.I also have the same computer.Either the laser in it is shot or needs cleaned or the whole drive has failed.
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Nero Burning ROM crashed during burning and now my DVD drive is unusable. I cannot open the drive, I cannot shut down the computer because it says "Waiting for DVD Drive D:" and the drive runs like it is still burning despite the program doing the burning is no longer open. It isn't even in any process. What can I do to make the drive stop?

A:Nero Burning ROM crashing caused perpetual burning from DVD Drive

Go to Task Manager...shut the system down from there.
Turn system off....hard shutdown if necessary...disconnect the optical drive.
Sounds to me like it's a hardware problem moreso than a software problem if you cannot manually open the drive.
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some nero burning user veteran??problem burning cdr ,dvdrs.i cant burn a cdr.with windows media player is posible.also i use clone dvd with sucess. with nero is posible to erase a cdr-w.the problem is i cant record a cdr.when it comes to 3% to 8% the program tell "the burn failed"some advice?thanks for the attention

A:some nero burning user veteran??problem burning...

I am a "Nero Veteran", war veteran, etc.. etc.. The reason your having problems is simple. Some discs cannot be copied, as they may be copy protected or contain errors. If you are unsure if your disc can be copied,
run a trial in the "simulation" mode. Click on "More" at the bottom of the page and select "Simulation".
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When I burn cd/dvds with Windows 7 built in burning software and windows media player all my burns are successful. When I try to use Nero, CD Burner XP or imgburn, it fails. My computer is plenty fast enough(2.8ghz, 4gb ddr2, 250gb sata hd) and I tried reinstalling windows 7 without nero or deamon tools and tested with CD Burner XP, it still failed. I am using Sony blank CD's and also tried a few other name brand. I am burning at the lowest speeds. I purchased a brand new dvd burner and the firmware is up to date. The error I am getting is "Could not write to Disc". It fails randomly anywhere from 3%-30%. Any ideas? Again, windows 7 native burning works fine but other software does not. Same pc, same blanks, same burner, same hardware just different software. Any Ideas at all?

A:Windows 7 Native Burning OK, other burning apps NOT OK

Chipset driver?
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I would be gratefull for help, just a week or two my inside and outside (USB) recorders started to work extremly slow.
Using Nero 14 i can see the real recording speed 800 - 1 500 kB/s when using 16x (22 160 kB/S). My usb samsung blu-ray recorder also work very slow - data fo 25 Gb disc takes about 4 hours.
It is a new machine, 16 Gb RAM, 3770K on board so it is a fast one but recording...
I tried deinstaling IDE i decice manager.
I tried Ashampoo, CDburnerXP - all the same.
During recording HDD 0 (c shows 1% usage.
No software in background - just Kaspersky

DVD and Blu-ray have no errors - veryfication ok, surface test also - only very slow.
Tested media: TDK, Sony, Panasonic (all 16x for dvd and 6x for blu-ray)

Please help

A:DVD-R burning more then 1 hour! Super slow Burning DVD-R

Look in Device Manager. Right click on the burners and see if DMA is enabled. Usually when super slow kicks in it's because somehow this setting gets changed to disabled.

Turn Direct Memory Access (DMA) on or off - Microsoft Windows Help

The instructions are for Windows 7 but once you get to Device Manager I'd bet it's the same.

In W8 the quick way to Device Manager is hit Winkey-x then m.
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Ok, i'm new to this CD Burning. I have Nero Express, and i'm having a little problem with it.

I've copied an Audio CD to a CD-R, and it plays fine, but there are still space on it, and i wanted to put a MP3 (it converts to CDA really nice also) together with the already burned tracks, but i can't. Everytime i put the same CD, i get the folloqing message:

"This midia cannot be recorded
Please Insert another midia."

(Sorry if it's not right, cuz i translated from portuguese)

Can i do what i want?? How??

Sorry if it is hard to understand, it is hard to explain.

Thank you

A:Audio CD Burning with Nero Burning Rom

You cannot append any audio files to an disc that has been completed. Once a disc is completed it cannot access the remaining space. Especially with Nero Express. Once a disc is burned it is "closed (finalized)."

This is just a simple explanation.

I believe Roxio's Easy cd creator lets you add files to your disc as long as you don't "finalize" it. Until you finalize it you will not be able to listen to the music.
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I have a Compaq Presario SR5710Y with AMD Athalon x2 4450e dual core processors, 3gb memory and 350gb hard drive. My CD-DVD burner is (this is what it says in device manager)
ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L-C SCSI cd rom device.
I have been burning my dvds with convert x to dvd with no problems up until this . Every time I go to burn a DVD it will convert but when it burns it is taking so long (I usually burn at 6x) I did a speed test and it said it was burning at .05%. It would probably take 5 hours to burn a normal movie,Anyone know why this may be happening? Thanks in advance

A:My dvd burner has slowed was burning at 6x now burning at .05%

If you are converting to a format readable by a dvd player they burner will burn very slowly depending on the source file. Now does you cpu max out when burning?
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My OS is windows xp home SP my system is Gateway Select with GH AMD Athlon processor MB RAM GB hard drive with GB free NEC DV- A DVD CD ROM internal drive and IDE CD R RW x x internal drive When I write on a CD using xp s built in Cd writing utility I CD burning Wxp's cd burning with utility builtin cannot read the newly written data in the RW drive but can read it in the DVD drive and can also read it in the CD RW drive after I reboot the computer Another inexplainable feature is that when I look at the properties of a CD that has been written in the RW drove in Windows explorer used space shown is only the space used by files in the root directory and not by all the files I have two questions Is this inability to read newly written data in the RW drive without rebooting the computer a feature of Windows XP or of the CD writing utility CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility that is built in the OS If it is a feature of the OS is there a fix that would enable the data to be read after being written without a reboot Does Easy Media Creator Basic CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility by Roxio have a feature that enables newly written data to be read without reboot Thanks Preet nbsp

A:CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility

i use roxio cd creater 5 and yes it reads the disk without reboot - even though i have xp on a few machines with cdrw never used the built in facility
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Have been burning CDs through Windows Media Player forever; no problems. Suddenly, when I choose 'Burn CD', nothing happens. No error messages.

BUT, when I choose a previous playlist to burn, it works. The non-burn problem seems limited to only recently downloaded music playlists. These same playlists do play on my computer, so they're obviously recorded and working.


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What's the difference between the HP Spectre x360 and the HP Envy x360? They both look the same.The only noticeable difference is that HP Spectre x360 has a Radiance Infinity display, while HP Envy x360 has an IPS display. Having the same specs, except for the display, why is the Spectre x360 more expensive than the Envy x360 ? Moreover, I thought that IPS is better than TN, which is my guess that is the technology used for the Radiance Infinity.

A:HP Spectre x360 vs HP Envy x360

Hi, You've got few questions about those products. Well, come to a store and yoy can see the differences. Better still, you can buty 2 machines and compare.  For build quality, the HP Spectre x360 is much better than the Envy x360 you can also find Pavilion x360 - we are talking about SPECS and BUILD here about plastics and metals about wood and gold. Regards.
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I used my 3rd CD Burner and I put my music files onto the CD-RW. Everytime I finish the disc is ejected and CD Writing Wizard comes on and says I have to finish writing the disc. I put the disc back in and it says it doesn't have enough free space when it does! I see the files inside the CD-RW and I can play it but I have to change them into Windows Media Files. I plays fine too! But when I put it in a BoomBox it keeps saying no disc! I have no idea what's going on!

A:Solved: Burning, Burning, Nothing!

It sounds to me as if you put too many files on the disk and there was not enough room for it to complete the lead out etc remove a couple of files and see if it completes ok ....
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I am running Windows 98SE.
I download from Kazaa V2.1
About three weeks ago I had to reinstall Windows.
Since then I am not able to burn anything from Kazaa.
In the past I had no problems burning anything from Kazaa.
I can burn from CD to CD.
It goes through the motion of burning, it shows up that there are tracks on the disc, but when I play it back - there is no sound.

I burned an entire music CD and replayed it with no problems. Is it Kazaa or something else. Are there properties I should be checking... HELP!!!!!
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Hi to all,
Here's a strange one, I've just re-formatted my hard drive and re-installed xp ( not the first time, I prefer this to restore ) anyway I've tried to burn three music disc's using new blank cd-r's. I go through all the motions ( using nero 5.5 ) I do my compilation as normal, hit burn and nero " burns " the disc. When I try and play the disk on my walkman I can skip through the track numbers but get no sound. When I check it out on my pc in my computer it says Free space 0 bytes, Total size 0 bytes. I am sure this is not a hardware problem so what else could it be ?

I've been recording sucessfully with the same set up and software in the past, any suggestions welcome and appreciated.


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I am running Windows XP Professional.
I have just started getting problems burning DVD's. I have the same problem with Clone DVD2 and also DVD Shrink 3.2.
While copying it can freeze anywhere between 9% and 50%.
I have actually burnt two or three discs but then the fault returns.
Up until now it has been fine.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.

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New owner of HP Spectre x360 - 13-4003dx here. I want to ask if the bottom of the laptop, the area above the fan openings where the FCC info/text lies, is supposed to creak when I press it slightly. I first heard this noise when I took my laptop out of the sleeve and held that area. At first I thought it was just rubbing against the sleeve, but after further examination, that is not the case. If this occurs with other models of the Spectre, it is a bad build quality, I am not sure which component is under there, but I want to know if the creaking noise is normal with only a slight press along the text area. Thanks.

A:HP Spectre x360

I have the same problem but in the front, in the back of the touchpad... really annoying. looks like the lid doesn't have nothing to lay on and the aluminium is very thin. poor quality for such expensive machine.
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My Spectre X360 is getting hot....I would like someone to address this issue and respond to me directly.  Love the machine worried about the heat.
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Hello nbsp Last winter nbsp purchased a convertible nbsp lenovo laptop The first one had faulty hinges I had it replaced on the same day I brought it in and the second one had faulty hinges and a faulty touchpad So I decided to ditch the cheaper computers and splurged on a HP spectre x from Best Buy I live kilometres away from large retail stores like this so getting back and forth is quite difficult Staples was very understanding about the Lenovo laptops however Best Buy told me there was nothing nbsp I could do when I described the problems I was having with my brand new HP Several months went x360 Spectre - Given Up HP I've by and I avoided using the computer as much as HP Spectre x360 - I've Given Up possible in order to avoid facing the mistake I made in purchasing it Eventually my old computer became completely obsolete and I had no choice but use this HP nbsp nbsp My problems were not limited in any way They ranged from an extremely annoying touchpad nbsp that sounded loose and made strange noises the fact that the screen was closing on an odd angle and the fact the the screen could barely stay open A slight touch or even shifting the laptop would cause the screen to move I could forgive these flaws if I had abused this computer or if it had received nbsp heavy usage however I barely even turned the thing on I contacted HP support and I must admit that they were polite friendly nbsp and had my return materials sent very quickly nbsp nbsp My first bad sign involving the shipping process was the fact that there were materials missing from the box they sent which I then had to find a way around myself My second issue is that they forced me to use UPS to ship it from a rural area with no local UPS dealer Then when it got back after well over a week my problems continued My touchpad nbsp has improved however it is still frustrating nbsp to use Even though I described my issues with the screen they did not appear to have even looked at it nbsp nbsp I am at the point now where I cannot go without a computer as school starts again in only a couple weeks and I need a computer I am extremely disappointed nbsp in the build quality of this premium product and I fear it may have turned me off from buying HP computers again nbsp nbsp For the same money I could have bought a variety of other computers with reputations of being much more helpful when it comes to these sorts of issues I really wanted to like this computer however I just can't bring myself to do it If a HP service rep reads this post don't waste your time in responding I have no choice but keep and use this product - no matter how much it's manufacturing flaws or the company behind it annoys me nbsp nbsp Kind Regards nbsp nbsp -N nbsp
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Hi,Two weeks ago I bought an HP Spectrex360. Two days after buying it while using the keyboard, not the touchscreen, it began to touch the touchscreen by it selft only on a part of the screen followed continuously.This happend alot while i was using the laptop so I went to the place of purchase and I changed it with for one of the same model. But this new one  also it has the same fault, any recomendations of what should i do?
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Hi, my spectre x360 just out of warranty and will no longer charge the battery! Charger checked and working. When plugged into laptop, symbol appears to show connection but then states not charging. Battery nearly flat now but diagnostics state batter condition ok. Would appreciate any ideas to resolve please but I am not considered computer literate just general working knowledge!

A:Spectre x360

Hi @ Roy1955, Thanks for being a part of the HP community. It is a great place to get your questions answered by experts .I saw your post regarding the problems with the battery. This could be a possible hardware issue with the battery. Kudos to you for performing the battery tests. Brilliant work was done. It may be a possible battery issue. However, I would require more information regarding this to isolate the issue correctly? How did you run diagnostics? Was it from The F2 UEFI diagnostics page or from HP support assistant?In the meantime, Please perform a hard reset first.Steps to do it:Power down the computer and unplug the charger.Hold down the power button and mute button simultaneously for 15 seconds to discharge static electrical charges inside the machine.Then visit this link to troubleshoot battery related issues: perform these steps listed in the link mentioned above.Testing and Calibrating the Battery. (Windows 10)Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge.Hope this helps. Please let me know how this goes. To simply say thanks for my efforts, please click the "Thumbs Up" button. Please remember to mark "Accept as Solution" if this helps. Thanks and have a blessed week ahead!
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Hej! I have a question regarding the  new 2016  HP Spectre X360 ( Is it possible to order it to Sweden or are there any local retailers I could directly contact? Thank you so much in advance,Marina

A:New HP Spectre X360

Dear Customer, Please go to this website: contact- 08-593 664 18 This link is for UNITED STATES ONLY (  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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hi i recently bought HP Spectre x with highest specs an d i'm facing some real serious issues with the touchpad clickpad as many others in this forum and reviewers pointed out the clicks are not being recognized In my case I'd say it is around of the clicks don't get registered and I have to click again to make it work That is really frustrating and enough to make me come here and post this question I really like the laptop and this is exactly what I've been looking for but this clickpad is a real deal breaker I followed some suggestions on this forum and also tried some troubleshooting myself since i Spectre touchpad x360 myself is a support engineer but Spectre x360 touchpad to no avail I changed the synaptics settings to try and remove too much intelligence from the Spectre x360 touchpad touchpad and at least get the basic functionality right but i continue to miss the clicks I also tried replacing the driver with synaptic one but the problem continues which tells me that it is something related to the hardware piece than the software driver can someone here please help me with this if i hadn't liked the laptop i wouldn't bother posting here to try and find a solution i'd simply get rid of it and go with lenovo yoga pro or something else but this laptop has really high build quality and classy looks but probably killed by this buggy piece of hardware nbsp

A:Spectre x360 touchpad

Hello @malikons ,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read about your HP Spectre x360 13-4040nd Notebook and TouchPad not working correctly. Here is a document on how to troubleshoot the mouse and TouchPad sensitivities.If you will go to the section on Adjusting TouchPad pointing sensitivities it should help resolve the issue. If this does not help, what you can do, is use the following link to create yourself a case number, then call and it may help speed up the call process: Step 1. Open link: Step 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detectStep 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"Step 4. Scroll down and click on: HP contact options - click on Get phone number Case number and phone number appear.They will be happy to assist you immediately.Hope this fixes your issue.Thanks.
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Hi all.I'm going to buy a HP Spectre x360. I've seen that there are three different products with (apparently) same specs but different product number: HP Spectre x360 - 13-4124nlHP Spectre x360 - 13-4132nlHP Spectre x360 - 13-4136nlDoes someone know something about the differencese between those?Thanks. 

A:Differences between Spectre x360

Hi, They are very close but NOT the same. Now, print the following specs and compare line-by-line. Can you see the differrences. Regards.
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Hi I bought HP Spectre X360 - 13-4290nz . Now I would like to buy Pen for it. I found : Unfotunatelly there is no information if it will work with this laptop. Is it possible to check it somehow? BR Wojciech

A:HP Spectre X360 - 13-4290nz

Hi, Sorry I can't read, but the following one should work: Regards.
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Same as above. Got that dialogue box and then nothing. 13 inch specter and HP active pen here.

A:Re: active pen for Spectre x360 15

Hi @sirianth, Welcome to the HP Forum!  I am pleased that you have become a HP Forum member. It is such a wonderful site to find answers and tips. Here is a link to guide you to having the most rewarding experience and answer any concerns about posting: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More What is the product or model number of your Spectre x360? HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number?  What is your operating system? I grasp you are having an issue with the HP Active pen. When I checked the  HP Notebook PCs - Compatibility with HP Active Pen and HP Active Stylus chart, it looks like you need the HP Active Stylus and not the pen. If  you are unable to return or exchange the pen. please contact HP Support for assistance.  Contact HP Support Fill out the online form and follow the prompts.  Please let me know how it goes. If this has helped you to resolve the issue, please click on "Accept as Solution" on said post. To show that you 'like', or are thankful for my post, kindly click the ?Thumbs Up? below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please be sure to let me know!
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I need to upgrade ssd to 512gb, have seen posts on other variants but dont know how important the 4050na number is? Also most posts were about a year old and so i wondered if anyone had more uptodate experience? The Samsung seem to have many models, just paying more for faster read/write speeds but dont know how important this is and whether machine can support any or all of these speeds?
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Unfortunately our machine is 1 year + 1 month old and they won't give us a break on the repair. They estimate that it would be $300. I agree with many folks on this topic that this is a design issue and they need to do a recall instead of having their customers pay to replace the faulty parts.
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I just bought an hp spectre x360 today and my webcam looks really really bad, I've watch reviews of the computer online and the videos using the webcam look way better than mine does, could there be something wrong with my computer? Is there something I can do regarding the settings? 

A:My Spectre x360 webcam looks really bad

Hi @Tudela?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your  HP Spectre x360 and issues with the WebCam looking really bad.  Here is a link to check your settings in the WebCam. It has a section inside the document for Quality issues. What program are you using?Please let me know how this goes.You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below!.Thanks.
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Hi I bought a new HP spectre x For my job I need to run simulation trought OpenFOAM so it's easyer for me to use Linux nbsp Nearly everything work out of the box except one things sound nbsp I post a bug on launchpad here the link HP linux on x360 spectre Bug Hp spectre x nbsp It as nearly everything you need to debug the phenomena I know that you don't officially suport linux on that computer but it would be fun to be at least linux compatible nbsp Thing I know There was a bug that really look HP spectre x360 on linux like this one on the Dell XPS The bug was in the bios wich was setting the sound card to alternative mode that was not working I think is the same here I need to find a way to tell the bios to load everything like if it is windows Yeah I just ask no special treatement nbsp nbsp Thank you I will give all support you need I really wish to correct this bug nbsp PS HP if you correct this bug you will sell three more of those computer they all want one in the lab nbsp Follow up It's seem that we are now hable to use the lagacy mode from the sound card It's good but not perfect The fix for the i c will come soon the latest kernel code ask about a mysterious drivers file that doesn't exist right now in the linux firmware directories So this case is close because the issue as been addressed Follow the launchpad bug for furter improvement nbsp nbsp SOLUTION MAY NOT BE THE SAME FOR YOUR DISTRIBUTION nbsp From Spano nbsp If you use gummiboot you should have something like that nbsp options acpi osi Windows acpi osi Windows acpi backlight vendor root dev sda rw nbsp The selected solution under this post is for Debian based distribution I will put the solution for other distribution on this post if they are on the forum You don't find it Adjust the solution to fit your distribution and post-it you will make people happy nbsp Solved View Solution

A:HP spectre x360 on linux

I SOLVED IT! After hours of pain, i can now use the built in soundcard with headphones, as well as the internal speakers. HOW TO: Edit grub config by doing:'sudo vim /etc/default/grub' Edit the line:GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash'" To:GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi='!Windows 2013' acpi_osi='!Windows 2012'" Then run:'sudo update-grub' Reboot TWO times. BOOM! Sound works in headphones. The sound card is now in HDA mode (not I2S). To confirm, run:'aplay -l' and make sure you have the following in the output: 'card 1: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: ALC3242 Analog [ALC3242 Analog]  Subdevices: 0/1  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0'I'm running kernel Linux spectre 3.19.0-21-generic #21-Ubixuntu SMP on Ubuntu x64. BR,Ingmar  EDIT: Even the speakers are working, they were just muted in Alsamixer. Hallelulja!EDIT2: Added the 'acpi_backlight=vendor' parameter to the options line, based on @spano 's input. Thanks!EDIT3: Fix as pointed out by venividivici24
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Hi! My webcam also has a very very bad image quality! Does it have a cheap sensor? Please help me finding the right driver for it! Ive got the Spectre x360 15-ap006ng Cant find a special webcam driver.. :/

A:Re: My Spectre x360 webcam looks really bad

Hey @MikeAT35,  First and foremost, I want to welcome you to the HP Support Forums! Here at the forums, you have many community members that will help you toward a solution. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s), please click the Accept as Solution button to allow others to find the solution.   I have looked into your issue about your HP Spectre x360 and issues with the WebCam quality.  Here is a link to check your settings in the WebCam. It has a section inside the document for Quality issues. What program are you using?Please try the troubleshooting above and let me know the answers to the questions asked above. Could you also please provide me with your Model Number (How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?) and Which Windows Operating Systems you are running. To simply say thanks for trying to help, click the Thumbs up below!  I hope this helps! Thanks for joining the HP Support Community!Have a great day!
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nbsp I have only just bought the spectre x and x360 Spectre HP problems all has been well for the first two weeks nbsp This week I found that it has been a little slow to start up When I opened the machine in laptop mode I would get to the lockscreen where I have to enter my pincode Despite entering the pin using the keys and trying to use the touchscreen the machine remained unresponsive and I had to open and close the lid unil it did respond which it did eventually nbsp Today I started to have problems with the screen Whilst using Microsoft Word and the windows DVD player the machine again stopped responding and the screen went blank I had to shut the lid and when I opened it again it was still blank When I plugged it in to a power socket using a charger it seemed to boot up again The battery was low but not HP Spectre x360 problems so low that it had wanred me or gone into a hibernation mode about When connected to the power socket nbsp nbsp I was able to continue using Word but the screen was flcikering Later this evening I tried to switch to tablet mode The screen went completely blank and the tablet was not responding at all When I sought to change it back to laptop mode it remained blank The light on the CAPS HP Spectre x360 problems button was flashing The machine was making a loud whurring noise It was down for about minutes Eventually after holding the power button down the machine came back to life nbsp nbsp I have never posted in a forum like this before and whilst nbsp I have purchased the HP Care Pack I cannot see a number that I can call over this weekend so hoped that I might get some assistance on here Can anybody help nbsp
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Hi just ordered the Spectre x after a lot of googling around about nbsp it's active pen support nbsp I haven't been Spectre Stylus x360 for able to find the official HP Active Stylus in my country Norway which I've read nbsp quite a bit of negativity about anyways however I found one named HP Pro Tablet Active Pen K P AA which according to a reply by an HP employee in an older thread nbsp http h www hp com t Notebook-Software-and-How-To-Questions Spectre-x -Active-Pen-Stylus-C is supposedly supported by the Stylus for Spectre x360 Synpatics digitizer in the x nbsp The official documentation however has no mention of this nbsp I've also read an overwhelming amount of feedback that a recent firmware update disabled the support for the Dell stylus which many apparently found success in so this is another reason I am uncertain nbsp Could this update have disabled the support for the other HP styluses Stylus for Spectre x360 as well nbsp Before i go out and spend a lot of money on this pen I was wondering whether someone nbsp has tried the HP Pro Tablet Active Pen nbsp themselves on the x or whether any HP employee could confirm this compatibility Again this is the black stylus K P AA nbsp http www hp com us en products tablets product-detail html oid nbsp im looking at nbsp not the silver white one found nbsp here nbsp http store hp com us en pdp hp-active-penThe lack of synaptics-supported styluses and documentation thereof nbsp was almost a real deal-breaker for me since im going to use this for uni however this was the best computer in its price segment currently so i decided to have a go at it anyways Being able to use it with a decent stylus would make my day though
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When I try to turn on the laptop and press the power button it just blinks once and then nothing happens. I tried holding it for 15-20 seconds already and it's a spectre so it has a built in battery that I can't take out. Please help
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Hello, I just received my i7 model of the HP Spectre X360 today and after a short period of use on the computer the upper left corner of the body of the computer becomes very hot, so much that resting it on part of my body becomes unbearable. I had read up on the notebook before buying it and the only mention of any issue of this sort was in a pros/cons list in one review that merely stated that "the bottom runs warm." Thus I was not expecting this level of heat while using the laptop rather casually, as the most intensive thing I was doing was streaming videos. Is this normal for what I am doing on this laptop? It's not the worst problem but it is definitely worrisome as I am planning on using this laptop for the next four years or so. Thank you all in advance!

A:Spectre X360 Extremely hot

Hi @yiajiipamu ,
I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publically post ( serial numbers and case details).
If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

I work for HP
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Anybody knows if it's possible replace the laptop's SSD with another M.2 but pcie? I have read in some forum on internet that's possible but i'm not sure because i bought a Samsung SM951 e i tried to mount but the notebook does not see it!!!!The laptop's M.2 connector is it compatible with pcie? Can i replace my SSD with one pcie?I updated BIOS to  rev F.25 but nothing. Is there some BIOS configuration to do so that the notebook can see the pcie SSDs? Thanks for replies and sorry for my bad english Santo

A:Hp spectre x360 SSD replacement

Can you identify where you tried to put the mSSD by reference to the Manual here: Manual See p. 28. It uses M.2 SATA drives and if the drive you installed is a PCIe type it will not be recognized. AHCI type drives only as far as I can see. I know only the very most recent desktop motherboards will boot from a pcie M.2 mSSD. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I have a tiny little scratch in my Hp x360 Spectre in its metal body...How can I cover it?
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is there an active pen available for the Spectre 15? many thanks

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A:active pen for Spectre x360 15

under support, software & drivers, spectre x360 15t, firmware: Titled HP Touch Controller Firmware Uupdate, 1.00,A,1 Rev.A  Another posted said to extract the files from the executable (I used winrar, he used 7-zip; I figure any zip app can do it), then run the bat file.  Works now!!! I find the Dell stylus much more responsive than the HP stylus.
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Hi after being bounced back to and fro from various departments of HP I'm still unable to get Pen support on my Spectre x360 13t-4200 model. I've came a few people that didn't have the firmware but were able to download it for their 15t series,  but so far I get a failed operation when I try to install the firmware. The same pen works on my sister's last year's model. Attached is a screen shot. ANy help is welcomed as I'm a graphic artist, I need my active stylus functionality  Please & Thank you. 13t-4200  13-4003

A:Pen Support for Spectre x360 13t

What is the name of the pen excact model number?  I will see if I can locate drivers for it.
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Hi!I'm just experiencing some issues with my recently bought laptop. It is probably nearly 2 months old, and this is happening as I type this.  I am charging my laptop and it's been, say 30 minutes since charging and the charger is really hot! It's keeping me warm in this cold winter I could say.  Is there something wrong with it? Should I unplug even though it's charged up to 85% ... I have a feeling it's dangerous. If anyone has any advice, please let me now!  Much appreciated,Sam

A:Spectre x360 Hot Charger !!!!!

Hi @sammiie43,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the charge getting hot. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit?Please get back to me with above information, so I can help you better.
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I just purchase a HP Spectre x360 and the HP Active pen from Best Buy.  Great laptop but I have noticed that I need to press VERY hard before the pen responds. If I don't press hard, then pen strokes appear very light.   When I cross H's or T's the cross doesn't register.   If i put the laptop in Tablet mode, then I can get the letters to appear as expected.  But when Writing on the screen in regular "laptop" mode or "Tent mode", the letters appear as "chicken" scratch I didn't find any settings for adjusting the Pen's Sensitivity in windows or one note. I would prefer that the pen behave more like a finger.  Just more precise.

A:Hp Active Pen Spectre x360

I've heard better review for the Dell Active Stylus (the one with aluminum top half). It has worked great for me and I heard it has better sensitivity.
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Greetings, I just bought the HP spectre x360 with the i7 processor, and I've tried over 100 times to register a right click on the trackpad and it has failed to do every single time. I have read several articles complaning about the width being the problem to the right click, but mine has failed to register. period. I went into the control panel to try to disable it then enable once again in hopes to it working, but nothing has changed. I have only been able to register a "right click" by holding down on the touchscreen which is fairly inconvienent. I would like to see this problem fixed because I do enjoy everything else about this laptop, but that is a major flaw for me. Thank you.

A:spectre X360 trackpad

Hello, When did the issue start for you with the right click funtionality problem?

I am an HP employee.Make it easier for others to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.
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I bought an HP Spectre x360 for college and everything was fine at first.... but for the past couple of months, my laptop has been having some real loud fan issues. Just by starting up the device with minimal programs causes it to whir very obnoxiously. I only have Skype, Microsoft Office, and a few other basic programs installed on it... is there any way to fix this?

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A:HP Spectre x360 Fan Issues

Hi there @rawrimmakitty?,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with a noisy fan. I will be glad to help you. Can you try the steps in these documents? Fan is Noisy and Spins Constantly, PC is Warmer than Normal.Reducing Heat Inside the PC to Prevent OverheatingTesting for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8) Please keep me informed of how thing went. If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below! Thanks.
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I have an HP Spectre x360 with a 2 year ADP coverage. I purchased the laptop in US... but I am currently employed and working in India. My screen has got damaged and needs to be replaced, but the local service center is unable to verify the ADP care pack details in India. I purchased this laptop after doing my research that the product is marketed in India and will be supported here. However, now the local tech support is saying that the Family name - pike1.0 not available in India and the laptop cannot be serviced even if the ADP is avaiable. As per the ADP contract, HP Support can courier the necessary parts to the local service center and my laptop can be serviced. How do i resolve this issue?

A:HP Spectre x360 LCD replacement

Hi, Yes, they say the true, many HP laptops asre localized that means HP local can only help you (a) Order part)s) from original country and repair it for you  or(b) You have to send machine back to the original country (in this case the US) for repair. Warranty or not, same rule. Please read (very similar to your case): ANSWER: You can call HP Customer Support or HP Authorized Support Providers for diagnostic purposes. If a hardware service is required, two alternatives can be offered: The part can be dispatched by HP Customer Support or the HP Authorized Support Partner within the border of the country where they are located. It is your responsibility to get the part from this location, move it to the PC, and to return the defective parts - when required - to the same location. Associated costs are your responsibility. The PC may be moved, under your responsibility and at your cost, to the closest country where HP has support presence, or any other country chosen by yourself (depending on the logistics network), in order to get access to the solution. When HP has no support presence in the country of use, all actions and costs required to gain warranty services are your responsibility. Source: Regards,
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I have bought my HP Spectre x360 - 13-4002dx on 3rd MAy 2015 the expiry ended 1 year later. it was working perfectly but one week after Warrenty expired it stopped working no 'charging light' not getting switched on,nothing.It is such a premium product and the quality is so questionable. I need to travel to US and need to handle a lot of things simulatniously please help me out. Recreate situation: I was working on my HP Spectre x360 - 13-4002dx and  the battery got discharged and it won't turn on.
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I bought hp laptop spectre x360 with a global warranty from usa but it stopped working and is not getting on after a lot off try and even the people here in india are saying that they can't do anything with this laptop as dont have support for this. This is really bad of hp that the product with global warranty don't have support on there sevice stations.
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Twice today, my laptop set idle and all of a sudden it started to open windows like someone was hacking the computer.  I turned off the wi-fi and it showed windows with scripts opening mainly on the left bottom corner of the screen.  I bought this laptop 4 days ago and I've not loaded much on it.  Has anyone had this problem?  When I turn it to tablet mode it stops.  I have videos of it if needed.
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My new Spectre laptop is way too hot for my lap.  The last post on this I see in the forum is from 2015.  Has there been an update on how to correct this or should I return it?
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Great laptop put it through a lot of testing in my first weekend of owning it and I'm quite pleased overall nbsp This issue has nothing to do with the laptop itself but rather the included sleeve which I'm also pleased was included as other brands models I checked Brand HP x360 new Spectre out did not include a sleeve nbsp However it smells really awful nbsp I mean it's really nbsp an nbsp exceptionally terrible rubbery type odor nbsp And it's not as if it's only when I put my nose up to it or even handle it nbsp It can just be sitting a few feet away from me and I smell it nbsp I tried washing it by hand figuring it's just an extreme example of factory chemicals or materials not being completely washed away before packaging nbsp This act may have reducded the smell by - but the stench was still very noticeable so I put it through a wash in the washing machine nbsp Again it's possible it's reduced the smell down to of what it started as but it's Brand new HP Spectre x360 still pretty ridiculous how bad this thing smells nbsp Has anyone had the same experience nbsp Have you had better luck in nbsp removing the smell nbsp I'm sure someone will suggest that it's free and maybe not worth the effort and therefore to just look into a different sleeve but I like it aside from the odor and would like to be able to keep it for some extra protection padding even once I decide on a method for carrying the device around if possible nbsp But it will not be worth it if I can't get rid of the odor Solved View Solution

A:Brand new HP Spectre x360

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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All of a sudden from one day to the next my keyboard keys wont work at all These are so x360 @ and H ... ESC Spectre and and backspace G key and HP key far my mute sound my nbsp g my h my esc my and backspace I have tried to nbsp -reset my device the reinstall all my applications i had prior then didnt work then done a full file reset still didnt wor-in stall HP drivers from web site-install the previous drivers then upgrade-restored the BIOS defaults and installed HP Spectre x360 H key and G key and ESC and @ and backspace ... the latest BIOS-completed the f keyboard test HP Spectre x360 H key and G key and ESC and @ and backspace ... which didnt pass- changed the keyboard language from uk to us-tried flipping it into tablet mode and back nbsp So far none of this has worked amd looking through your forums its a known issue but i cant see a fix My on screen keyboard works fine My laptop is only a year old and now out of warranty I have no restore point set either so couldnt reset to a time it was working nbsp Any body with any ideas on how to fix this issue please aas its frustrating the hell out of me I have already spent days working on this and process of elimination Any body at HP know of this issue please reply or i am due to start working their soon so might find out also through nd line I work in IT and hate spending time on my own equipment Please help Thanks
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I received my Spectre some two weeks ago and I started only to gave name and password, change keyboard to UK and then left to charge the battery. Now I try to use it, and I forgot the the password and the hint leads to nothing, what can I do?  Hard reset does not works.... Thanks for your help
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Hi All I have a Spectre X Spectre tb 1 SSD upgrade x360 for - TU nbsp that runs the nbsp Intel i - U GB ADATA SSD Gb RAM and Win nbsp - It is a great little unit and has become my main work horse for my business nbsp As I am running out of Disk space I wanted to upgrade the SSD to GB but I have noticed that Intel have launched a S Series tb M drive for a little bit more than the cost of the Samsung gb nbsp unit nbsp However I want to know if the upgrade will work before I invest the required The two questions that I can't get an answer to are The intel unit is double sided Its thickness is mm nbsp compared to the mm thickness 1 tb SSD upgrade for Spectre x360 for single sided SSD - WILL IT FIT in the X ssd gap nbsp Will the nbsp BIOS of the x address the tb memory The x has the nbsp F BIOS running on the nbsp D system board nbsp Has anyone else experienced fitting a tb to an X Any recommendations nbsp ThanksFrank
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Hello ,First I want to say that I tried contacting HP sales in 5pm they said that they are working from 8am to 2 am which is already a warning sign ...I am planning on buying HP Spectre x360 ash silver.I love how it looks and also the performance is really good for the money.My concern is that I have read so many complains of cracked screen from itself ( design flaw or uncalculated pressure on the screen or heating up too much , something is causing the screens to crack ...) Hp hasn't made official statement on this issue and so far I understood that the warranty doesn't cover it.I don't want to spend so much money on something that will break from itself and the warranty won't cover it.Is there someway to include this issue in the warranty before buying the laptop?
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I cannot create a new folder on the desktop. Right click of the mouse pad does nothing. Shift Control N does nothing. This is ridiculous. Any help is appreciated.

A:HP Spectre X360 with Windows 10

Does right click work at all? Try right click on Start button and see if it produces a menu. Some people has experienced problems with their touch pad, try using a mouse and see if right click works.
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Not sure exactly where to put this but here goes. Recently registered for a HP Student account to get a student discount on a new laptop. When on the student store home page there's a section for new student deals/offers which lists the HP Spectre 13-4108na x360 (i5-6200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) as being 799 with 100 off. Problem is when I click to view the offer in the store or to shop for the offer I can't find it anywhere in the presented list of laptops, it just doesn't make sense to me that the product is listed and advertised as being on offer if I can't actually purchase it ...
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Hi, Does the HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 have palm rejection/active digitizer? If so, what is the best stylus to use? Thanks

A:HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 Stylus

Hi, The following one may help: Regards.
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It should be an easy thing the for Which active x360? pen Spectre to do Contact HP Sales with my computer information order the accessory Which active pen for the Spectre x360? I would like to purchase Turns out not easy at all So I'm asking here does anyone know of an Active Pen that will work with the Spectre x I'm hesitant to order one via eBay if there's only a chance that it will work HP Store and Amazon seem to be sold out I contacted HP Sales nbsp Not kidding below is the transcript of the chat I had with a sales consultant To say that she is incompetent is an insult to incompetents I can't find an email address for support to send this to either PM Connecting PM Connected A support representative will be with you shortly PM Support session established with TANIYA PM TANIYA Welcome to HP Customer Support for Notebook Support My name is Taniya and I will be your technical support specialisttoday NOTE For security reasons PLEASE DO NOT send credit card information via this chat window If I need that information from you later I willlink you to a separate secure HP web page to provide your credit card details PM Connecting PM Connected A support representative will be with you shortly PM Support session established with TANIYA PM Elizabeth Hello I have a question about which Active Stylus to buy for a Spectre x PM TANIYA Okay PM TANIYA I am sending you links you can check them PM TANIYA has sent a link http h www hp com product sku mfg partno K P AA PM TANIYA has sent a link http store hp com webapp wcs stores servlet us en pdp accessories hpactivepen PM Elizabeth OK thanks I'll try these PM TANIYA Do you consider the issue to be resolved PM Elizabeth Oh wait The one is sold out PM TANIYA You can contact HP Shopping PM TANIYA for more details PM Elizabeth I got here through HP Shopping PM Elizabeth And the other one says it is for tablets PM Printing chat transcript PM TANIYA Elizabeth where are you located PM Elizabeth I'm in Germany today but I live in Chicago PM TANIYA Where did you purchase the product PM Elizabeth Germany because I need the German keyboard for work But I'm going to order the pen from the US site because nbsp that's where I need it shipped PM TANIYA You have reached the dedicated technical support department for USA Canada You need to contact HP support UkWebsite Chat http www hp com in en contacthp support html PM Elizabeth Why UK if I'm going to order from the USA PM TANIYA You have purchased the product from Germany that's why PM Elizabeth And that link sends me to the Indian website PM Printing chat transcript PM TANIYA Sorry for that PM TANIYA has sent a link http www hp com uk en contacthp phoneassist html PM TANIYA Check this link PM Elizabeth So I should talk to the UK site to order from the USA site Sorry if I seem dense but this is all very strange PM TANIYA has sent a link http www hpshopping in PM TANIYA Order it from here PM Elizabeth Wait what From India That makes zero sense PM Elizabeth I've entered active stylus and active pen in the search box with zero results I wanted to see what shipping nbsp rates times would be PM TANIYA has sent a link http store hp com jumpid re r redirect ETR amp ts UNrgwotzXcku PM Elizabeth It opens a list of featured products and top sellers none of which are an active pen PM TANIYA You can also contact best buy PM Elizabeth That's helpful Coming from the manufacturer with a web store I'm usually patient with online chat support but this nbsp has been an absolute waste of time PM Printing chat transcript
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Hello Folks nbsp I have the nbsp HP Spectre x - t- CTO and have spent weeks trying to get my brand new HP Active Stylus to work with this brand new laptop I also bought a nd stylus to make sure the first one wasn't the problem nbsp I have spoken with five different tech support reps plus my case was escalated to a team of engineers nbsp Although this very stylus is listed as compatible with this laptop the word today from the engineers nbsp was that no I cannot use a stylus with my laptop there is no work-around and although there is a firmware upgrade for the model HP 13t-4200 - Spectre CTO x360 there is nothing for the model nor can they tell me if there is any plans nbsp in the works and that I am welcome to return the laptop for a refund and long as I do it in the next couple days before days after receiving the laptop nbsp Sorry HP this has been a nightmare with non-stop bad information and I think that you should publish on the website that a stylus will not work so that when people consider purchasing this model HP Spectre x360 - 13t-4200 CTO they will know that they can't use a HP Spectre x360 - 13t-4200 CTO stylus nbsp But we all know that's not going to happen because it could affect sales of the laptop nbsp If you have to have a stylus working on this laptop you should go with the Dell XPS nbsp HP Spectre x360 - 13t-4200 CTO Frankly I should have know better as this is my very first HP computer
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I have had my X360 for about a year but just recently it's really running hot after a short time of use.   I have turned it completely off overnite instead of putting it in sleep mode and it still runs hot.   I have it currently leaning so there is absolutely nothing blocking the vents in the back and it's still super hot.   What am I to do to cool it down and is there something that HP is doing to fix this issue?
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My Spectre X360 is becoming extremely warm in the bottom upper left. It is to warm to have on my lap and I am worried about the computer becoming too hot. The laptop was bought only a month ago and I have yet to use it for any extensive purpose. Is this just a problem with this model or just mine? And is there anyway to fix this or will I have to buy an external fan?
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Hello everyone,so suddenly and for reason my laptop (HP Spectre X360) stopped workin  and it shows no sign of life anymore, the only led works now is the charging led, when I plug in my charger it lits in white that's it!! no other lights or any feedback from the pc!! it's less than 6 months old now and never had any issues with it before! I went to bestbuy and they said it might be the motherboard that needs to be replaced, so idk if anyone of you had the issue before? and if the motherboard has been replaced would I lose all my data? and do they even need to access my data to replace the motherboard??thanks,,,

A:Hp Spectre X360 13.3 does not start

Hi @Murtadha05,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the computer not booting. I will be glad to help you. Please post the full product number of your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? Does the computer make any sounds eg coling fan?Please get back to me with above information, so I can help you better.
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 I have an HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 8GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive and I wanted to know if I could upgrade the RAM in it.

A:HP - Spectre x360 Upgradable RAM

 Hello @Cepeda_Nicholas? I appologize but the RAM is not upgradable on the Spectre 13 x360 notebook as it is soldered to the system board and doesn't have additional expansion slots.

I am an HP employee.Make it easier for others to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.
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Not sure exactly where to put this but here goes. Recently registered for a HP Student account to get a student discount on a new laptop. When on the student store home page there's a section for new student deals/offers which lists the HP Spectre 13-4108na x360 (i5-6200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) as being 799 with 100 off. Problem is when I click to view the offer in the store or to shop for the offer I can't find it anywhere in the presented list of laptops, it just doesn't make sense to me that the product is listed and advertised as being on offer if I can't actually purchase it ...
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Hello I was just wondering if its possible to upgrade the ssd of this ultrabook? I looked online for some asnwers but couldn't find one, so I decided to just ask here.

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A:SSD upgrade for spectre x360

Yeah but it is not easy and will jeopardize the warranty. See pages 32-33 of this Manual, which is the closest thing out there for your Model: Service Manual
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I have an HP Spectre x360 Convertible with Product Number K8P19LA#ABM. I want to use it as a drawing and sketching tool. I have read several reviews from other x360 owners and decided that my best option was to buy a Dell Active Pen PN556W to use. Similar qualities as the HP Active Pen (which are not sold on my country) but with better reviews. I have had no opportunity to use my pen, as it is not recognized in any way by the screen.I have also installed the Anniversary edition of Windows 10 with better Pen Support and it still doesn't recognizes my pen. My configuration is:Windows 10 ProPen and Touch Support with 10 Touch Points

A:Spectre x360 stylus

Hi,  Is Dell stylus support HP machines mentioned on its specs ? You are asking HP to support another vendor's product here. From my view: No HP won't support other vendor's products unless HP does not have equivalent products.Dell may be very happy for HP (or other competitors) to support its products, it will sell more and laughing to the bank.Regards.
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My spectre x360 is the skylake version and came with an m.2 ssd that supports sata 3. Does anyone know if the laptop would also support an NVMe ssd?

A:NVMe for my Spectre x360?

Hi, I think HP has stopped publish Maintenance and Service guide for this series but from my record, it only supports Support for single PCIe / SATA M2 solid-state drive configuration as storage (scope M2 2260/2280 DS solid-state drive) in the following configurations:? 256-GB solid-state drive self-encrypting drive (SED) supporting multi-level cell (MLC)? 180-GB solid-state drive supporting MLC? 128-GB solid-state drive supporting MLC Regards.
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I have exactly the same problem. I have bought my "Hp Spectre x360 13 inch, i7, ram 16, Hard 512 solid" less than a month ago from Bestbuy in NJ. From my first use, I found that it gets so hot after less than half a hours which my leg feels burning. I still didn't install a heavy program or compilers and I am using this laptop only for surfing the internet or writing text in the Microsoft word. Please help me for this issue. 

A:Re: Spectre X360 Extremely hot

My Spectre was heating up during idle. I use RealTemp to monitor temperature and set alarm for 180F. It was hard to catch the culprit, because it stopped as soon as I moved the mouse or keyboard to check.  I finally used Process Monitor to track CPU during idle and discovered that it was Norton 360 which does aggressive system checking during idle. I like Norton and the way it checks and rates download executable files. Setting lower priority for Norton doesn't do anything and I don't really want to do that anyway. And I don't want to inhibit the system checking. So, now I leave my Spectre on my homemade vacuum pad during idle to solve that problem. *sigh* I need a way to throttle back aggressive programs as a function of temperature.
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Hi All I am experiencing several issues with my notebook In order of priority the clickpad doesn't work properly it get stuck frequently and I can only wake spectre my Several x360 issues with up it after pressing Several issues with my spectre x360 Esc button I have tried everything mentioned in the troubleshooting of the HP support assistant changing configurations nbsp uninstall and reinstall drivers several times format the nbsp PC and reinstall Windows I am sure it is not an hardware issue since nbsp the animated icon tray on the setbar show that the clickpad is responsive after trying to solve the clickpad issue something with my BIOS went nbsp wrong I cannot move thorough the menu nbsp and for each key I press the notebook returns a sound I tried to reset the BIOS but the problem is the same and now I have also lost the nbsp function keys setting I really need nbsp Several issues with my spectre x360 them since I am intensely working with Excel The shift dx with arrow left doesn't work at times The notebook seems to nbsp not recognize the restart for example after a driver nbsp uninstall or reinstall Problem and nbsp showed up since I bought the notebook nbsp I look forward to receiving your help and advice Best nbsp
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I have a Spectre x360 with windows 10. It freezes several times a day, especially after I put in on sleep, what can I do?
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I have the i5 version, and I experience the same heat issues as you guys described. Also, the area right above the F1-F5 keys gets really really hot after running anything even mildly graphics intense. Even simple 2d flash games will cause the fan to throttle up and that area will become extremely hot. It has been like this since the beginning. Other than the heat issue, I honestly have no qualms with this ultrabook.

A:Re: Spectre X360 Extremely hot

  Hi @odontomon, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. It is a great site for information and questions. I have looked into your issue about your HP Spectre X360 Notebook and issues with overheating and possible fan issues. Here is a link on what could cause overheating and how to reducing heat inside the Notebook. You could reset the BIOS with this document selecting the reloading the BIOS default settings. Which has helped others as it restores the fans default settings. Please let me know how this goes. Thanks.
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I am turning to you all, as I have been unable to get an answer from HP sales, HP tech and HP engineers refuse to give me an answer. Before possibly purchasing said laptop, I simply want to know how many nits brightness and what is the contrast ratio for the latest spec x360 15-ap007na 4k laptop. If no one out there knows, then maybe someone who i should get in touch with......thanks
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I recently acquired an HP x360 Spectre 15t (about 5 days ago).  During charging I noticed that the charger plug is quite warm/hot.  Using a laser temp gun, I measured the hottest point of the plug to be 152F.  The average temp reading seems to run around 128F (scanning different points on plug). Is this normal for thie plug to be running at this temperature while charging? Thanks, WW
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I have purchased my Spectre x back in nbsp and i have been using it for less than a year So far the laptop experience have been rather satisfying Apart from experiencing minor glitches initially the updates helped and the laptop worked just fine and smoothly Though the speakers stil have rattling sound when played loudly nbsp nbsp Until recently couple weeks back x360: Spectre RIP Haywire, HP the laptop went haywire as i was doing my assignments Without any signs to indicate any mechanical problems the whole system just shut down i couldn't switch it on nor could HP Spectre x360: Haywire, RIP i even charge it nbsp So i have called up the service centre and since it is still nbsp under warranty they have replaced the motherboard On the bright side I did not lose any datas or files However I have discovered my case wasn't the first to happen as there was one earlier case which was much severe The laptop's motherboard literally burnt The bottom part was HP Spectre x360: Haywire, RIP all black and all nbsp data was lost nbsp nbsp nbsp The following image was the default in my product that has occured recently nbsp nbsp nbsp Hope to receive advise and any precautionary steps to avoid this mishap Thanks nbsp
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I purchased an HP Spectre 15 x360 in March 2016 and have been struggling with freezing/lock ups since then. I have tried updating all drivers but this hasn't fixed the problem. Almost daily, the screen freezes, the cursor shows a "busy" signal, and Windows does not recover. I have to do a full shutdown and restart, and lose all my work. I haven't been able to pinpoint what is causing this freezing. This has been a problem since the laptop was first received, so I am wondering if there is a hardware problem. Thanks for any help/ideas you can provide.
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Bought this laptop 4 weeks ago and thought by paying out for a better "quality" one that it would go the distance. Used it on Saturday evening, closed the lid and left on my desk. Came down in the morning and when I opened it the screen had cracks in it - no force had been used and nothing had dropped on it - everyone else was in bed apart from me. From looking on the reviews here and speaking to my IT delaer, there is an obvious design flaw with the screen that needs some investigation from HP - there are literally hundreds of customers that have had this same problem - can someone help on this please - I am very unhappy after paying out 900 on this to break after only a month !!!!Many Thanks inadvanceDean Johnson
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After lot of search on screen spectre x360 cracked and impatience i am writing hear with lot of hope nbsp I am from india and received this laptop hp cracked screen on spectre x360 spectre x copper trim cracked screen on spectre x360 last december as a birthday gift from my sister from the US I am currently in india and have been delighted to use this product for months nbsp Two day ago after using it cracked screen on spectre x360 i shut it down and to my nightmare next moring i found a slight hair line crack on the screen which has now increased to lot of cracks after using as i had all my data on the laptop I called the CC India and reported the problem but they said as this product is not available here but have taken my complaint nbsp Its been only month and i have hardly used it i am really attached to this laptop nbsp i am so disappointed and restless dont know what to do please help me and provide me a solution and guide me nbsp
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On CES2016 the HP Spectre 13 X360 with OLED display was launched. HP said the availability would be at then end of spring ... well spring ends in a month. So I was curious what HP's progress is on this new version of the Spectre X360 laptop. I see that some of the 'older' types of the X360 are no longer available of have long delivery times, does this mean that all the focus of HP is in stocking up the new OLED type? Can HP please give a statement on the availability?

A:Availability HP Spectre 13 X360 OLED

Hello,Hp production will start June6 2016, after this date you will be able to see the offer and order. Introduction date will be different based on country so depend country where you want to order.

I am an HP employee.
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I bought this recently. Everything is fine unless the charging issue. I saw many people have this issue, but mine is little different. 1. I can charge, so AC adapter is fine2. sometime (yes, sometimes), AC cannot charging again (for example, when I wake up, sometimes it is out of battery even though I didn't move laptop)3. if I plug out and plug in AC to nb again, then it charges again. It seems it is a hardware issue. Any solutions? Thank you
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HP Spectre x360 13-4014tu not powering up at all!  My laptop suddenly stopped powering up one fine morning. Had got the laptop from Australia to India and I am in India currently. The yellow power light also is not turning on. checked with a different charger and still the same issue. Hp warranty just expired a few days before this happened and I didnt notice it. Now I am told there is no repair/ replacement of parts even if I pay for it. Help!!!!
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I have an HP spectre x i - dx The notebook will not charge The battery is functioning and the process is functioning was will 13-4003 Spectre X360, not charge on The charger has been tested a hard reset has been preformed The Battery was disconcted and reconected with the same outcome The problem appears to be a common defect or intentional MTF I am currently in Europe on business with a failed HP laptop Have tried to contact local support I have tried to enter part number and serial number but the system will not accept my details I have tryed nbsp calling the local contact centre nbsp The level of support and corresponding complications have been unacceptableI nbsp have responded to a thread in the past I am looking for assistance on the same topic http h www hp com t Notebook-Boot-and-Lockup HP-Spectre-x -will-not-charge-nor-boot m-p please can you connect me to support via another rout other than the browser that will not work Please assist f possible nbsp
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Hi,  I recently recieved this laptop and when i have went to play a sound clip on youtube it has not worked i have tried using the troubleshoot audio but this said that everything is fine.  This laptop is brand new. Thank you

A:Speakers not working on new HP Spectre x360

Hello, I am sort of experiencing this same problem too. On mine, the sound would ocassionally turn off. However, rebooting my PC, or disabling and re-enabling the windows audio would temporary solve this. The latter might work for you, though the sound problem could occur at anytime again. To do this: 1. Go to computer management. Move your cursor to the very bottom left corner and right click, and access computer management. 2. Once there, click on "Services and applicaiton" and then "services". 3. Scroll down to "windows audio properties" 4. Click "restart" the service Again, this appears to work for me, though it might not for you. Additionally, I found myself repeating said steps over and over again because the sound would sometimes stop. Furthermore, the "DTS audio" application on my x360 would sometimes make this static-like noise problem. When the audio enhancements are in use, any sound produce through the PC would make a somewhat unbearable cracking noise, essentially making watching and listening to videos and music less enjoyable.  Additionally, if you turn off the sound "audio enhancements" in DTS Audio the cracking noise will stop, but then the tradeoff is good quality sound for bad quality sound. I'd assume this problem has something to do with the "sound off" problem too. For now, I am waiting to see if there is a solution for this, hopefully a "PC update". If not, I might have to ship it in to HP to have them check it out. Lastly, I have read about other PC users fixing the "sound off" problem by uninstalling windows 8.1 and reinstalling/reverting back to windows 8. I have not tried this yet, but it could work. Anyways, I hope I was at least somewhat helpful.
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I recently bought my Spectre x360 and overall I am very happy with my purchase. However, I am a bit concerned with battery life. For my version (i7 processor and UHD screen) I am only achieving about 5 hours usage from each charge. I had expected nearer 9 hours from the adverts for the model. Reading messages from other users I seem to find that to achieve nearer 9 hours i should lower screen brightness to about 50%. Surely the main reason for buying a notebook with a UHD-4K screen is for the display to be bright especially when watching videos (Nertflix, iPlayer etc).Any suggestions about improving battery life please
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Are there any other details about what was updated x360 Skylake Spectre HP with refresh in the refreshed version of the Spectre x Obviously the processors are now th gen and they use Bang amp Olufsen sound but are there any other physical fixes to the device I love HP Spectre x360 refresh with Skylake everything HP Spectre x360 refresh with Skylake about the spectre x especially the design but I'm conflicted on whether HP Spectre x360 refresh with Skylake to buy the Spectre the Surface Book or wait til the nd gen Surface Book next year One of the things I like about the Surface Book over the Spectre is the keyboard and trackpad experience I noticed the trackpad for the spectre required a lot more force to click compared to the Surface Book and the keys weren't as clicky or tactile and felt softer and mushier You can also see weird dots behind the screen on the Spectre if you look really closely which I assume has to do with touch screen technology but it bothers me especially because other touch screen devices don't have this Has anyone played with the refreshed Spectres and are there any other minor fixes to it especially to the trackpad screen and keyboard Or is it just the processor and speakers Thanks
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Hi,My Laptop is getting extreme heat even with the normal use like browsing and watching videos. It is very difficult to place on the lap and sometimes to type as the area around the keyboard getting extreme heat. Config:6th Gen i7 Processor 6500U256 GB SSD8 GB RAM

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Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Spectre x360 13-4110nd and have noticed that when pulling back and forth the screen into different modes, the hinges make soft clicking and creaking sounds. Is this something to worry about, am I the only one? Or is this a common hardware problem with the hinges of the Spectre x360? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
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Anyone know if the new Spectre x360 released in October 2016 supports digitizer pen? HP customer service does not seem to know and none of the early reviews say anything about it. Looking at this particular model:
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I am have the same issue on a brand new spectre x360 I just purchased. My bios and drivers are all up to date.Is there another solution to this problem other than a reboot or closing the lid?
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Hp recently released a 2016 Spectre x360. Will there be a special edition (black and copper trim) of this laptop?
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I have the B amp O edition HP Spectre x For some reason only the left speaker is working - this is a huge bummer for me since the speakers was a selling point I don't know when the right speaker stopped working Several windows updates and a BIOS update has passed since I last determined that both speakers were functional so there are unfortunately many confounding factors nbsp At the moment I cannot determine whether it's a driver issue a BIOS mobo-related issue or a purely hardware issue i e it's dead For now I Only Spectre one on speaker x360 HP working updated Only one speaker working on HP Spectre x360 the driver and checked Only one speaker working on HP Spectre x360 the L R balance and the issue has not been resolved I don't believe that it's a driver issue since both speakers worked perfectly fine with the old driver just a few months ago I suspect that the right Only one speaker working on HP Spectre x360 speaker is actually dead but I don't know how to verify that It could also be the BIOS update since it's not impossible nbsp for BIOS updates to mess with audio but I've never heard of a BIOS update knocking out just one speaker nbsp Please advise Many thanks for your help
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I'm interested in buying a HP Spectre x360 13-4129na, but need to drive 2 external monitors - is there a displaylink certified docking station (port replicator) that you sell that can do this for the laptop specified?
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Hi, My company recently purchase seven of these units, which look very impressive but has left me in the situation of trying to modify our current SCCM 2012 Operating System Deployment TAsk Sequence to include this model.We also purchased seven ?3005pr USB 3.0" Port Replicators to facilitate connection to our network, whicxh do not allow PXE boot. I am aware of a PXE Bootable USB to Ethernet adapter (part no. XZ613AA) which would overcome this, but this then leads me to these two questions.1. Can someone point me in the direction of SCCM 2012 buil;d documentation for these units?2. If I were the have these units built using the Ethernet adapter, what problems will switching the units over to the Port Replicators cause and how can these issues be overcome? Given that each will have different MAC addresses.

A:HP Spectre Pro x360 G1 - SCCM 2012 OSD

Hi, Did issue got resolved, have u tried to change the replicator ? Did u got any documentation for these units,If please share me i am also facing same issues with "HP Spectre Pro x360 G2"
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I just wanted to tell you your customer service is a disgrace. I just bought a brand new spectre x360 10 days ago and its touch screen goes crazy every few hours. I had to contact your support 4(!!!) times: first time they updated the BIOS, second time they updated the BIOS and the graphics driver and the third time they had me do a full system refresh, nothing has helped. When I called the support line the last time they told me I had to replace my laptop and that it would take 7-9 business days for it to get replaced once they take it away! I'm new here in Los Angeles and don't have another laptop, while school is starting I don't have any alternative laptop and can't make do without one! This is ridiculous, I'm never buying another HP product again in my life and will recommend everyone else to do the same.