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ENVY Phoenix 860-180st not working with my Dell monitor

Q: ENVY Phoenix 860-180st not working with my Dell monitor

I recently bought my Phoenix and decided I wanted a monitor from dell the Gaming S DG Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC I tried connecting them together 860-180st Dell ENVY working Phoenix with not monitor my with the USB and DP cables provided and then connected them to a power source My Dell monitor turned on but then it ENVY Phoenix 860-180st not working with my Dell monitor said it was entering power save mode I checked the input and it was on DP I asked a friend and he told me it might be my Phoenix not being set up right These are the specs Phoenix customized options nbsp HP ENVY Phoenix st Desktop PC nbsp GB D SSD nbsp TB RPM SATA- G Hard Drive nbsp TB RPM SATA- G Hard Drive nbsp Home and Home Office Insert nbsp HP USB volume control Keyboard and USB Optical Mouse nbsp GB Nvidia GeForce GTX Ti DL DVI-I HDMI DP DP DP nbsp No Additional Security Software nbsp GB DDR - DIMM x GB RAM nbsp HP Wireless a b g n ac x with Bluetooth M Non-vPro NIC nbsp Microsoft Office Trial nbsp Windows Home -bit OS nbsp -in- Media Card Reader USB Ports Top Audio Top USB USB nbsp Blu-ray Reader and SuperMulti DVD burner nbsp th Generation Intel Core i - quad-core processor GHz MB Shared Cache nbsp Integrated SoundDell monitor specs nbsp ms x at Hz nbsp I have more available but the specs are in a table that I can't just copy and paste nbsp
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Preferred Solution: ENVY Phoenix 860-180st not working with my Dell monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I turn on the defrag and Optimized my c drive as you advised me but my question is also are there other changes I might need to change to get more speed out of this SSD drive?  My PC had Windows 8.1 Pro when I first got it and here on the HP support Form I found a list of steps to change, but I have not found this list in my files yet. Are you saying that Windows 10 has been changed in this issue that it makes all changes from a standard drive to a SSD drive,so we don't need to do anything?Thank You for your Help...Dan

A:HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop - 860-180st CTO

Cranky_Eagle YES -- Win10 knows when the OS is running on an SSD and already has built-in the functions it needs to work effectively with an SSD.  There is nothing you need to do. I've been running Win10 on an SSD and never had to do anything to get it to work properly.Good Luck
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Can I fit an M2 SSD drive if I remove the WLAN/Bluetooth adapter? how many M2 Slots are there and where are they on the motherboard? any mSata slots by any chance? Thank youHolger

A:HP Phoenix 860-180st M2 drive?

Hi there @hbaeuerle?Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are looking for information on how many M2 slots are available on the motherboard of your system. I am happy to help with this. See the section on the Expansion slots for your motherboard:HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - motherboard specifications, Thimphu It shows the following slots in the board, which may already be used, but it seems there are two of them.One M.2 socket 1, key AOne M.2 socket 3, key MI hope this helps, and if this answers your concern, please mark this post as a solution.
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I have been happily running two monitors since I got this computer in April one monitor connected to the HDMI port and the other to the DVI port on the NVIDIA third Envy on a HP monitor How run I Phoenix can 860-010 nbsp GTX card nbsp This card supports four monitors maximum nbsp It has nbsp HDMI DVI and DisplayPort connections nbsp Note that on model - you cannot nbsp use the two vertical HDMI ports nbsp marked How can I run a third monitor on HP Envy Phoenix 860-010 HDMI and HDMI nbsp They are not active in this model nbsp They only work with lesser models nbsp that use nbsp integrated graphics nbsp This model has the dedicated graphics card so nbsp only the ports on the card are active nbsp That's according to HP Support and I can confirm it from experience nbsp nbsp Now I need to connect a third monitor which only has DVI and VGA ports nbsp My only option is to nbsp connect it to one nbsp the DisplayPort ports on the card nbsp through nbsp an adapter nbsp I contacted NVIDIA support and they told me that either an active or passive adapter will work with this card nbsp So I bought a passive DisplayPort to DVI adapter cable and connected the third monitor to one of the DisplayPorts nbsp When I boot the boot screen shows up on my third monitor but it flags an unspecified nbsp error says it can't start Windows and offers to recover my system back to a restore point which I of course decline nbsp I tried various advanced troubleshooting nbsp options two different DisplayPort ports and two different DVI monitors with the same results each time nbsp When I disconnect the third monitor the computer is back to normal and boots fine nbsp My third monitor is obviously able to display stuff through this connection because the boot screen and various error and recovery screens nbsp show up there and I can use my mouse to interact with those screens nbsp The error message screen references log file C windows System Logfiles Srt SrtTrail txt nbsp That file flags the following error nbsp Root cause found ---------------------------Unknown Bugcheck Bugcheck b Parameters xc xfffff a b xffffd cc f b x nbsp I tried looking up this error online and got no helpful hits nbsp Does anybody know how to make a nbsp third DVI or HDMI monitor nbsp work on this model nbsp nbsp

A:How can I run a third monitor on HP Envy Phoenix 860-010

Update: When I run two monitors, one connected to the HDMI port and the other to a DisplayPort through the DisplayPort to DVI passive adapter cable, it works fine. So the cable itself is OK.  It's only when I attempt to run a third monitor through that cable that it fails. I suspect NVIDIA support was wrong when they said a passive adapter would work for a third monitor.  I've heard of a video card that works fine with a passive adapter for the first two monitors but requires an active adapter for the third.  I was hoping the NVIDIA GTX 960 was not like that.  Does anybody know for sure? Also, the precise sequence of boot messages with the third monitor is: 1. Preparing Automatic Repair screen.2. Diagnosing Your PC screen.3. Automatic Repair screen with message "Windows couldn't load correctly"
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I have an nbsp HP Envy Phoenix qe and nbsp Issues 850qe Monitor Phoenix Envy HP have issues with the monitors nbsp I just purchased a nbsp Acer LED x CB HYK monitor When I connected the monitor via HDMI several different windows HP Envy Phoenix 850qe Monitor Issues go extremely small most important Google Chrome and Photoshop They are so small I cant read the text or see any of the icons It is not just the text it is the tabs and the entire window Does anyone know how I can fix this nbsp I have three monitors but only two of them will work at a time They all work but if I have them all three connected one will go black I am using HDMI DVI and Displayport Again they all work if there are only two connected but once a third is connected it will go black nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Specs Intel Core i - Quad-Core GB AMD Radeon R Graphics GB Memory nbsp nbsp nbsp
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I have a new HP Envy Phoenix desktop and when I try to hook it up to the HP LED Backlit monitor, the monitor boots and then goes to sleep. I hooked the monitor up to a different PC and it was fine. I tried both the VGA and HDMI ports - no luck. I'm wondering if I have a bad card. Has anyone had this problem? The PC is new but sat in the box for 7 months. How do I get support from HP?
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So i just cam back form Best Buy a few hours ago and set up my NEW Envy Phoenix, and i noticed the LEDs didnt turn on "oh well" i thought a few hours and a few restarts later the LEDs wont turn on and HP Phoenix Control is not doing anything Please Help other wise no other probs with the computer

A:HP Envy Phoenix 860-019 LEDs wont turn on and HP Phoenix Con...

Hi @JakeRaines, I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.
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I bought this machine with just an SSD because I wanted to install two hard drives I already own. However, the pictures in the upgrade manual show that you need to attach 4 nylon pins to each hard drive to install it in the drive cage. The pins slide down slots in the side of the drive cage and physically hold the hard drive in place. Since none of these guide pins came with my machine, does anyone know where I can get them? Thanks,-Bob

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A:Envy Desktop 860-180st - where to get guide pins for hard dr...

Hi @RSRausch, Please use the following and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.
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I bought a Dell P2014H monitor, which came with display port, VGA and DVI-D slots and cables? My HP Envy only appears to have a HDMI and USB slots. Is there an adapter to hook these 2 together?

A:Dell Monitor connect to HP Envy

My HP Envy only appears to have a HDMI and USB slotsClick to expand...

What's the complete model number of that HP Envy desktop?
What's the exact part/product number(P/N) on it?
I bought a Dell P2014H monitor, which came with display port, VGA and DVI-D slotsClick to expand...

This is what the bottom of that monitor and its ports look like.
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I want to upgrade my 960 card to a GTX 1060 3/6gb version. Will it fit into the HP envy phoenix case?
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I ordered a new HP Envy Phoenix 860st yesterday and was wondering if anyone else has taken the plunge on this same model? This will be my first HP after 15+ years of buying Dell computers. I actually looked at Dell but they offered almost zero customization to their XPS line. Anyhow, I'm just curious to hear from others who also purchased this model. Good, bad or indifferent. I should mention my current PC is a Dell XPS running Windows Vista and it has been 8 years since my last upgrade. However, I have upgraded my previous PC with a newer graphics card, SSD drive and maxed out the RAM. This was all in an attempt to squeeze as much life out of it as possible, but unfortunately the time has come to move on from it. Feel free to drop a note on your experience and any caveats.Thanks!

A:Envy Phoenix 860st

@Mr_Blue_860st? Welcome to the HP Forum. HP doesn?t have an official presence on this forum other than for administration and moderation. The assistance that you receive is mainly from volunteers. The HP 860st has some excellent specifications and configuration options.   I hope that you bought the model that is on sale.
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I have been regulary plauged with the following issue. Rebooting 1-2X usually fixes it. I go to power the system up and the fan starts up like a blowdryer and has a loud high pitched whine. at this point the PC refuses to boot. When I recognize this starting I force it to power down by holding the power button for 7-8 seconds.  The last attempt to boot the pc lead to the same symptoms but, rebooting did not fix it and it will not boot. By St. Boogar waiting at the backside door of purgatory, I have had way to many issues with this "gaming" PC. When I initially ordered this last november the mobo fried within 5 days of use. I don't even bother overclocking things. TLDR: I am frustrated by this recuring issue, Please help. 

A:hp envy phoenix 810 st won't boot

Hello @mosferatu333, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how your desktop computer is not able to boot, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter! To correct this issue, I recommend following the steps in this document on Computer Does Not Start (Windows 8). This should help to power on your computer again. If the issue continues, please contact our technical support by clicking the link below to get the support number for your hope this helps!Regards
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Unboxed it. Plugged everything in. Turned it on. The machine crashed several times within a few minutes. Take your pick from "System Thread Exception", "System Service Exception", "Kernel security check failure", "DPC Watchdog Violation", "Kmode exception not handled" and "Windows hasn't loaded correctly". It must have crashed 30 times within the first hour. I reinstalled Windows from the machine and... it all happened all over again. Clearly no one in the factory quality controlled this machine. Shameful from a brand like HP. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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Hello I am considering an Hp Envy Phoenix 860-010 And would like to run Windows 7 ultimate and Linux mint on it and can't seem to find out if this is possible.
I would appreciate any input.

A:Hp Envy Phoenix 860-010 runing win7

Well I answered my own Question. I went on the HP web site and found win 7 drivers for this machine.
How do I close this thread?
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The LED lights on the front of my HP Envy Phoenix 860 only change colors in Red and Green even if those colors are not any of the 4 colors I have chosen in the HP Phoenix Control software.  There are no settings or other menus in the Phoenix Control software.  Just the 4 different modes.  Trying each mode the colors never change to anything but Red and Green.  Turining it off and back on has makes no difference either.   Based upon the Programs and Features area the version of HP Phoenix Control software that came installed on my computer is 1.1.1. I know Christmas is coming up but only Red and Green all the time is gonna get old. Thanks for your help. Scott

A:HP Phoenix Control for LED Lights on Envy 860

Hello @Scott1515?, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I read your post about the LED lights, and wanted to assist you! To start, can you provide me with teh Product Number of the desktop?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? In the meantime, have you tried using the HP Support Assistant, to check for updated drivers?  Did you always have this issue, or did it just start to happen recently?  Looking forward to your reply. Have a great day!
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Hello HP Support Forum,I would be grateful if you could tell me whether my pre-built HP ENVY Phoenix 860-000nj Desktop PC should be compatible with NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card or not. I should note that this desktop of mine has been running a GTX 980 Ti on a 500W power supply for almost six months now without a single problem. I've added a link with the full specifications below.Thank you!
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A few weeks ago I took delivery of an HP Envy Phoenix - se nbsp It seems these days that HP and other manufacurers don't want you to add anything that they didn't ship to you so newer PC's are harder to upgrade nbsp nbsp On the surface it seems the - se has some upgrade potential nbsp x M slots open open PCI Express x slot open PCI Express x slot nbsp I wanted to make use of the open M slot add some RAM add an SSD for data apps add a high end sound card and replace the stock drive with a bigger one 850-065se Upgrading Phoenix Envy the HP nbsp nbsp When it came to adding memory or accessing the open m slot there was a challenge nbsp The Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se CPU fan radiator was in the way nbsp I almost stripped the screws x in moving it but was successful nbsp In the end I was able to add a Kingston heyperx m drive and up the RAM to Gb nbsp nbsp When it came to hard drives there were a couple of challenges nbsp The first was fitting a inch ssd in a inch bay nbsp I found a suitable adapter on amazon nbsp The second was that the drive bays depend on a certain type of screw to work nbsp Once you know what sort of screw it goes pretty well nbsp The last challenge was SATA cables nbsp One needs degree connectors at the drive side of the connection nbsp The last challenge was expansion cards nbsp I want to add Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se a PCIe sound card to the computer but there's not much room nbsp The nvidea takes Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se up two slots and obscures the PCIe x slot nbsp There's another PCIe x slot but the video card won't fit in there nbsp I haven't done so yet but I am hoping that I can fit the PCI x card to the PCI x slot successfully nbsp So far I have been able to upgrade my - se but it's been a fight all the way nbsp I've also done some modest overclocking with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility I've got the CPU up to MHz but have hit a bit of a wall nbsp I need to do more study and may get a better result nbsp

A:Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se

Schwaa, welcome to the forum. This was a very good review of how you upgraded your computer.  What you discovered are the problems that are created by a mid-size case.  It would be great if HP would offer a full size case for their gaming computers.  What you accomplished should make a major difference in performance.
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I have seen this question and I have seen answers, but nothing that helps, so here goes: 1. HP Envy Phoenix hard drive died with Windows 8 installed2. Ordered $25 restoration disks3. Put in new hard drive and restored computer4. Did upgrade to Windows 105. Have permanent watermark saying activate windows, go to settings to activate windows6. Need windows activation key and have error: "Activation failed because this device doesn't have a valid digital entitlement or product key. Error code 0x803F7001 I understand the key is in the bios. I reinstalled from HPs DVDRs which I purchased.  Is there any solution short of calling HP or paying for a key?
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Hello all.  I recently bought an Nvida 1060 to replace my old GTX 680.  No problem knowning to to swap out the cards in general, but there was this metal support on the old graphics card as well as holding the wiring together on top of it.  I'm curious if any other 1440 owners have dealt with this.  Did you leave it in?  How do I take it out if I can? There is not a single youtube video or support video of anyone with this model number!  Appreciate all of your help.  To clarify; this isnt the bar that goes across some HP envy models that you can see in the tutorial videos.
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Hello nbsp nbsp My custom built HP Envy Phoenix Desktop was shipped to me about three weeks ago nbsp All has been running smoothly however days ago a rattle started in the tower and continues most of the time the computer is on nbsp It kind of sounds like a CPU unit running loudly nbsp I'm not sure if it's the water cooled fan or something loose nbsp It is not being caused by the air fan towards the top of the computer the noise comes from the bottom portion of the new noise Phoenix Envy Rattling HP in tower I have not opened the tower to look for anything loose as I do not want to void the warranty nbsp nbsp nbsp I figure if I call HP they are going to tell me to nbsp box up the tower send it to them and I won't see it for Rattling noise in new HP Envy Phoenix a few weeks which is really irritating after transferring everything over to the new computer and using it daily now nbsp Does anyone think this could be a simple screw loose that I should open the tower nbsp I took a breif video of the noise but nbsp do not know how to embed it in this message or attach a link nbsp Thanks in advance for anyone's opinion out there nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Rattling noise in new HP Envy Phoenix

Hi mate! If I was u I´ll send it back soo the can fix it dont open... its my opinon... Best regards Ozzy

Best regardsOzzy
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HelloI need HW detailed manualfor my HP Envy Phoenix 860-112nfI need some information as:- What kind of memory module is necessary to upgrade to 16 GB ?- which USB ports are 2.0 or 3.0- is there a IDE port to connect old hard disk coming from my failed PC ?Very surprised that HP Envy Phoenix 860-112nf comes without documentation, not even available on HP site ...
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I've been considering buying the HP Envy Phoenix - I don't like buying a pc over the internet though I am finding it impossible to find this model anywhere in my Province at retail stores like Best Buy Staples etc they have them online as well but don't carry the lastest models in-store anymore This Desktop HP Phoenix 860st ENVY has been ongoing for a long while HP ENVY Phoenix 860st Desktop nbsp I also noticed the price increased recently by Canadian at HP Canada amp online at other stores which seems odd for what now isn't HP's latest This brings me to another question nbsp I see that HP in the U S has a model I would prefer buying it's the Envy Phoenix st I'm able to select larger hdd's Cpu etc Why is HP not making this available in Canada nbsp Personally I think HP is making a mistake I'm not buying the Envy - but would buy the st if it were available here nbsp I'm likely to have a local shop build one to my specs instead which I've done a couple of times in the past nbsp Using pc's since First pc bought Every day I'm still learning new things about computing

A:HP ENVY Phoenix 860st Desktop

This is a peer to peer help forum. The only presence that HP has on it are the Admins and the Mods. Otherwise, none of us works for HP. I have a HP Phoenix 860-170VR (you can review the specs) that has similar specs to the 860-019.  In fact, it has a HDD instead of a SSD.  It is a very nice computer with good system performance.  HP has loaned it to me so I can help members with their problems.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy the 019. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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The HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports are not recognizing the HP Pavilion 27xw 27-inch IPS LED monitor when I plug it in. I have installed the software that came with the monitor and also updated my PC. Any help that would allow me to use multiple displays would be highly appreciated. Thanks
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I wonder if i can fit the new nvidia gtx 1070 , on this HP ENVY Phoenix 810-430QEand if i need to upgrade the power supply aswell i am looking for this card  rigth now i have the version with the gtx745
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I'm trying to connect my two monitors for my new computer, but I'm having no luck. The first monitor is being recognized but the second one isn't. There are three HDMI ports on the back and 3 ports, I'm not sure of. I've tried the other HDMI ports and nothing. Any help would be appciated. Borgbear

A:Connecting two monitors to HP Envy Phoenix 860-010

Borgbear, welcome to the forum. Great computer! Here is a guide that should help you solve your problem.  Read the entire guide, but the section on connecting two monitors in Win 10 is towards the bottom of the guide. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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System HP ENVY Phoenix PCModel - seWindows bitVideo AMD Radeon R nbsp My PC has had a black screen reboot issue for the past days or so My son who plays the games on it believes that the above video card is causing the problem There was a recent set of Windows updates that included a driver for this hardware but after several attempts to install it including RESETS of Windows with an image CD via the update and or directly from the March AMD download the farthest that I get is a black screen after the driver software attempts to install I have done this with Windows Defender disabled I have tried in Safe Mode with Radeon R9 with 270 810 AMD problem ENVY Phoenix and without Networking but nbsp the AMD Crimson ENVY Phoenix 810 with AMD Radeon R9 270 problem software will not run there I did use the AMD removal utility as well nbsp The earliest problem before I started all the ENVY Phoenix 810 with AMD Radeon R9 270 problem diagnostics was a reboot loop nbsp Having said all this at one point I ran the HP BIOS utility than scans all the hardware for failures guess what video memory FAILED nbsp Failure ID LM HS- V-QFFV F-Q WM nbsp nbsp Is this an indication that the card is toast or that the driver and chipset is just missing messed up nbsp Another symptom is a weird set of vertical stripes on some graphical features nbsp So I guess my question is where do I go from here to get the PC back up nbsp Thanks Phil Solved View Solution

A:ENVY Phoenix 810 with AMD Radeon R9 270 problem

Hi @Tutescrew,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the  video memory FAILED. I will be glad to help you. This is a hardware issue, Please use the following and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.
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Hello, I have some questions about this particular product. I'm interested in possibly ordering one however there are some things I'd like to know first. Does the computer have front installed case fans, what's the efficiency rating of the power supply unit & what other PCI slots other than the ones for the graphics card does the motherboard have?

A:ENVY Phoenix 860st Questions

Hi, There is not a lot on information posted on the HP Envy Phoenix 860st.  Is this the model that you are looking at? If yes, then use this link for the HP Support pages.  The sales site server does have a list of certified HP OEM graphics cards.  This particular model PC has a 600 watt power supply. HP is offering an extended return period during the holidays. Return & exchange informationWe have extended our return policy for the holidays. All purchases made between 11/1/15 ? 12/25/15 will have until January 15th, 2016 to return.
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I'd like to upgrade the firmware on my 800-089 hard disk (SSD) but I cannot make the computer boot from a USB key. I have tested the USB key on another computer and it is working fine. I did change the BIOS settings such as boot order, security and legacy but nothing worked so far. I'm out of ideas... 

A:Boot from USB on HP ENVY Phoenix 800-089 Desktop PC

Hey there  @SdeGat,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are having trouble trying to boot from a USB flash device needed to update your SSD firmware. I am happy to help with this. Please see the following document: How to Boot from a USB Flash Drive in Windows 10 -  It includes how to see up the boot process from within Windows 10. Give it a try and see if the flash device is shown there, and let me know, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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i created a bootable usb with Windows 10 pro. ISO but no matter what i tried it will not boot from it.all it wants to repair my OS. i'm running windows 10 home and wanted to do a clean install of a proffecional version. PLEASE HELP
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I bought the HP phoenix 860-019 a couple of weeks ago and from day 1 it freezes up. There is no one particular thing I am doing, it is very random. Could be 10 mins into use or a couple hours.  All drivers are up to date. I have read that the nvidia 860 card that is installed has issues with windows 10 but don't see any fixes. That drive is up to date as well.  This was a refurbished computer could that be the issue?  Should I reinstall windows? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Bought this PC from BestBuy Intel Core i - GB Ram GB SSD TB HDDNVIDIA GeForce ENVY Upgrade 860-019 HP Question GPU Phoenix GTX GB GPU nbsp I was curious to know if I can fit the Zotac GTX Mini GB in this PC nbsp the one marketed as HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 GPU Upgrade Question being 'Super Compact' nbsp Specifically I wanted to know if nbsp The GTX mini would fit in terms of size AND If it is compatible with the case board I'm not too knowledgable in this area but I think there's ATX cases HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 GPU Upgrade Question and some other types of cases nbsp Please feel free to add any other info you think could be crucial before HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 GPU Upgrade Question I buy the card itself nbsp From my research into this the stock PSU W should be sufficient to accomodate this card so I probably won't have to change anything other than the card itself please advise if incorrect nbsp Based on the size dimensions provided on HP's website for this PC it seems that GTX Mini is also the same size more or less stock being x and the GTX mini being x from retailer's website nbsp Thank You
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a few days ago i bought the hp envy phoenix 860-000nd.Within the shown specifications i saw it would contain a Nvidia geforce GTX 970 graphics-card. When i opened the desktop by unscrewing the tumbscrew i saw a graphics-card that looked nothing like the Nvidia i saw on the website of Nvidia. Since there is no other brand name or somthing like that visible i was wondering what card it is and why i don't have the card that was "promised" in the productinformation.i hope someone can help me with this question because i get the feeling i got scammed or something. (note; i bought the desktop from HPstore)
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Hi, I have recently bought a HP Envy Phoenix 860-007ng (purchased in Germany as I am currently living here). My question is around whether the power supply is large enough. Here are the key specs: - IntelŽ Core? i7-4790K-16 GB DDR3 (2 x 8 GB) - NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ GTX 980 Ti (6 GB)- 500 Watt Power Supply-128 GB SATA SSD-2 TB 7200 U/min SATA Having done some research online I understand the 980ti graphics card I have normally needs a larger PSU. My question is why does the computer comes with a 500 watt PSU? And is it worthwhile/possible for me to install a new psu manually? Many thanks for your help! Andy  

A:Power Supply on HP Envy Phoenix 860

Greetings, I don't work for HP. You are correct. A 500 W PS should not be able to power a retail version of that graphics card. My guess is Nvidia or a licensee of Nvidia ( EVGA, Gigabyte, Zotac, MSI ) modified the card for HP to work with a 500 W PS. You could replace the PS. I just upgraded to a Corsair RM650X PS in my Envy Phoenix 810-150. It was somewhat of a hassle. Very tight working conditions inside the case. You must measure the existing PS and purchase accordingly.  You would know if you have insufficient power on the 12V rail. It is also possible you are on a tight rope. Adding any additional components could push the power supply to it's limit. Cheers!  
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So I was setting up a virtual machine using VirtualBox, but when I tried to start it I got an error message. Apperantly I will have to boot into BIOS and enable something, but I can't figure out how! I've tried all F-keys and DEL-key but nothing seems to work. Do anyone know how? Please help.

A:HP ENVY Phoenix 810-201no How do I boot into BIOS?

Press the power button and then immediately begin tapping the Esc key. That should invoke the Startup menu, where a number of options are available, including the F10 key for invoking the BIOS.
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I have a newly purchased HP ENVY Phoenix - qe which includes what's supposed to be a gb ssd cache nbsp Running WIndows Pro nbsp nbsp The ssd drive was factory installed so it shows in Windows as with the name DATADRIVE doesn't sound like it was intended as a cache does it 800-445qe doesn't Cache in... HP in seem to be ENVY Phoenix SSD and it shows as drive E My understanding is that if SSD Cache in HP ENVY Phoenix 800-445qe doesn't seem to be in... it were really installed as a cache it wouldn't be showing as a drive in Windows Explorer nbsp The HDD was set as ACHI in SSD Cache in HP ENVY Phoenix 800-445qe doesn't seem to be in... BIOS not RAID nbsp The Intel RST screen in firmware accessable through Ctrl-I shows both drives as non-RAID Disks nbsp The HP support assistant shows the Intel RST x driver v installed nbsp nbsp Elsewhere on the HP site is a support article with the title A Seondary GB Drive Shows up in Windows File Explorer which is the problem I'm having except I have Win not it says to download a softpaq with release notes that say it only applies to HP ENVY HP- systems and requires Win it's fix is to install nbsp Condusiv ExpressCache which I'm under the impression is an alternative to Intel's RST not something that works with it nbsp So that doesn't seem to be the fix I'm looking for nbsp HP Tech Support's helpful suggestion was to find a local computer dealer an pay them to fix it Yeah right nbsp Does anybody here know how to get this thing working nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:SSD Cache in HP ENVY Phoenix 800-445qe doesn't seem to be in...

Hi, Your PC should be using the Condusiv ExpressCache service.  It either works or it doesn't.  If you believe that it's not working then you need to contact HP Support (instructions from an internal HP employee). HP's support number is 800-474-6836 or 800-HPINVENT or online here.
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I would like to upgrade my video card from a 2GB Nvidia GTX 770 to a GeForce GTX Titan X , for gaming and video editing - (Can the phoenix 810st desktop handle this card) ? Thanks for any feedback - Jayree.
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A few weeks ago I got the BSOD and could only re-format without backing up After a data recovery service ravaged my hard drive I purchased a new drive My recovery disk is nowhere to after 810-160: and... install phoenix envy BSOD to Win10 trying be found my guess is the wife pitched it in one of her cleaning fits Of course I have to re-install the OS and bought Win Home nbsp I plugged in the USB and started the install but am now getting a message that no device drivers were found This is a pain but it makes sense Went to the HP drivers site on a laptop and downloaded all the drivers it produced for my specific model nbsp Where I'm stuck nbsp I have a pop-up that says Windows Setup and Select the driver to install envy phoenix 810-160: trying to install Win10 after BSOD and... along with an unpopulated window I plugged my USB containing the drivers in and found it - USB Drive envy phoenix 810-160: trying to install Win10 after BSOD and... H I selected that drive and the folder into which I placed the drivers Click OK and I get the message No device drivers were found Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers and then click OK nbsp If I have the drivers provided by HP and they're not recognized how do I proceed Solved View Solution

A:envy phoenix 810-160: trying to install Win10 after BSOD and...

Hi: Make sure you are booting from a USB 2 port. You won't be able to install Windows from a USB3 port. If you have the W10 installation media in a USB 2 port, windows may be looking for the sata controller driver, so see if this works... Download the drivers from this link below (first or second file listed -- 1st file listed (64 bit). Extract (copy) the files onto a usb flash drive without any folders. With the flash drive and W10 installation media plugged into the machine, boot from the W10 installation media. After you select the install now option, select the Drive Options - Advanced menu, then select the Load Driver option. You should now see the storage driver files listed. If you check the box, it will only include the compatible driver. Follow the prompts and hopefully, W10 will install.
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My system will not let me on the internet or get to my folders.  It is in a loop that keeps saying "Automatic Repair"  -  then it says an error has occurred - we will restart for you.... then the loop starts again!   Do I need a new hard drive?  This have never happened with my Toshiba Laptop  or my DELL XPS!


Greetings, I have seen this before. Did you implement any recovery strategy for getting back to your previous OS if you upgraded to Win 10? Have you backed up the important stuff because recovery does not always work? You may have to rebuild this PC using HP Recovery media or a reinstallation of Win 10. You need to create Win 10 boot media using a different PC. See Windows 10 Forum for detailed repair options and instructions. Option 5 applies when using Win 10 installation media. Refer to the beginning of the article for recovery options. Try the least destructive options first, startup repair or system recovery. Jay
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I have a Phoenix desktop 860-121, (Product number T4A30AA) with a GTX 970 in it.  I want to upgrade the graphics card but do not know what card would be compatiable with my pc.  The motherboard is a Thimphu Pegatron, if that helps.  Is a 980ti compatable, or should I look for something else? Thanks
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I was told that I could hook up two VGA monitors to my new Envy Phoenix 850se desktop. This machine has the NVIDIA GTX 745 video card. I was told that I could hook up one monitor through the VGA port and then use a DVI to VGA adapter to hook up the other monitor. Maybe I am blind or dense but I do not see a VGA port on my machine. It came with the DVI to VGA adapter so I can hook up one monitor. What am I missing here?

A:Dual VGA monitors on an Envy Phoenix 850se

Hi, Envy Phoenix 850se is a series of many products/options: Therefore you need a right option to have right ports. In short: what you were told was half true depending which option you picked. Regards.
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I want to upgrade the New Nvidia 1080 GTX founders on this computer.  I noticed inside the tower on the power supply it reads 470W and on the specs it says 500W. Will this be an issue since Nvidia recommends 500W for this card.  Will this card fit inside the tower. It is about 1 inch longer then the exist GTX960.  Can the current  motherboard and cooling system handle this new card.   Any input and advice is much appreciated.  thx
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Product documentation. Does anyone know how do get an illustration listing all of the controls and connectors on the ENVY Phoenix?
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Hi nbsp I have a - nb tower nbsp When the PC is off and I turn it on fan case fan see step here http support hp com us-en document c directly starts blowing at maximum speed and never stops nbsp This is nbsp the out of the box behaviour the PC is new nbsp I have searched HP site and found that a bios update could fix this nbsp I tried to install the bios update from the drivers and updates pages of the - nb but to no effect since that bios update is for a different family See nbsp http support hp com us-en drivers selfservice hp-envy-phoenix- - -desktop-pc-series mo gt bios nbsp Now the funny part and 'solution' nbsp When at boot I open the HP diagnostic tool with F and after it exit nothing is done changed just F and exit the fan directly operates normal nbsp Right now it means I have to do the F action on each booth which is a solution But I prefer to have the above behaviour Phoenix Envy fan (fan 860-039nb runs max #6) speed at fixed in a better way
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HP has enabled overclocking from the factory. I did not turn it on as it was already enabled. To verify this. I even reset bios to apply defaults and it was still enabled. This system also comes with a liquid cooling solution. The settings are limited. I will post a picture. But, I wanted to know where does one start with these settings. Doing a friendly overclock. I don't see why it could not easily hit 4.2 to 4.3GHz? Any thing past that I would consider it more of an aggressive oc?  I personally don't feel the want or need to oc atm. As 4.0GHz is plenty fast enough stock right now. But, it is there in the future if need be.  

A:HP Envy Phoenix 810-430qe 4790k overclocking?

@FattysGoneWild Good information! What speed are the dimms running?
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In a month I am planning to upgrade my gpu from Amd radeon r9 270 to Asus Strix GTX 1070. I know this is a big upgrade. I don't know if the gpu is fully compatible.  I know that the MOBO is compatible but I need help if the power supply is enough and if the size is too big. My power supply  500W. Will it be enough for the new gpu? I don't know its brand but it came with my HP envy Phoenix 810-200nc desktop. And will the gpu fit inside my case? Please help, I can not figure out if its compatible.


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A:Will ASUS GTX 1070 be Compatible With my HP Envy PHOENIX 810...

First I would cut a piece of cardboard to 11.73 " x 5.28 " and try to fit it into the space.The 500W PSU seems OK based on this review. Also read this concerning Secure Boot.
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I have had this computer for a week and every time I turn it on and sign in about 10 minutes later it just shuts down and restarts itself with no explanation.  I have tried turning off the automatic restart in the advanced section of system properties, but it didn't fix it, and I can't find any other explanations for what is happening.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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A:HP Envy Phoenix shutting down and restarting suddenly

Hi, You just purchased this PC? Nice system. I have a 810-150se. Similar to yours. I have zero tolerance for new products that fail soon after purchase. Return it as soon as possible! Jaco
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i have my phonix envy on my computer desk and because of the hieghth of the tower i can not see the usb and card reader slots,does that mean i have to stand up to use these slots? thanks for your time

A:usb,card reader slots on phoenix envy 850

It is your choice of placement on the desktop. I keep my desktop on ther floor since it is cooler there, even though I use water cooling for my CPU.      Floor placement is normal for the type of desktop PC you have.   Desktop PC is a bit of a misnomer.  It doesn't mean that is where you have to place the PC.   Usually only the convertible desktop PC's are meant to placed on the desktop. The is why the optical drive placement is sideways.
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The plastic cover for my phoenix envy optical drive falls off and is hard to replace securely.  Any tips?
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HP also says they now support oc under warranty. No help or zero instructions on how to do it in the bios. They just put it there for you to figure it out on your own. The settings are limited any ways. But, they don't explain what CPU power limits 1 and 2 are for. How they effect overclocking. I have a HP Envy Phoenix 810-430qe that came with a Intel i7 4790k. 

A:HP Envy Phoenix advertising overclocking but not supporting ...

Hi, From my view, overcloking won't come from manufacturers. Vendors WILL shoot to their feet if they told customers how to overclock and this is understandable: they don't want customers send machine back during warrnty period (1 year). Do you want to sell products and tell people how to break them then receive those products back during warranty period ? Regards.
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While loading up my computer it all of the sudden just frozed while starting up at the HP logo. I tried some options but none helped. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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I have envy phoenix 800-010hk since 2 months and it's working normally,but suddenly the desktop is running but nothing appears on screen and screen goes black,i've also change the screen and vga cable but nothing works .kindly resolve this issue asap.

A:envy phoenix 800-010hk black screen

Hi there @MujtabaAhmed?Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you have a blank display on start up and that you have tried a different display and cable. I am happy to help with this. I would suggest that you give this a try. There are a few things that you can probably skip, as you have done them, but otherwise try to do what you can. HP Desktop PCs - Computer Starts but Monitor Remains Blank (Windows 8) Please let me know if that works for you.
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Had this monitor for exactly 30 days - suddenly the usb3 outputs on the back have stopped working - they won't charge an iphone and nither do they allow a webcam or a disk drive to connect through  the display's hub - but they used to! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Simon
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Hello all - log a Phoenix on included BSOD 850qe ENVY new dmp brand HP I am hoping someone here can help me as I have recently purchased a HP ENVY Phoenix qe for my motion-media BSOD on a brand new HP ENVY Phoenix 850qe - dmp log included production needs For some strange reason weeks into the PC is getting BSOD I'm shocked The only things I have installed are Creative Cloud Apps Photoshop After Effects Premiere and Firefox and Chrome HP support was not very helpful so I am hoping someone here could take a look at my error log and see what could be causing this issue Specs as follows HP ENVY Phoenix qe Windows Professional -bit SP Intel Core i K GHz RAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard Hewlett-Packard B Graphics Card MB ATI AMD Radeon R HD Main GB SanDisk SD SB Q- G- SCSI Disk Device SSD GB Seagate ST DM - ER SCSI Disk Device SATA ------------------------------------------------------------- Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode b BCP C BCP FFFFF F FA C BCP FFFFF D BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp -- I have uploaded the dmp file to - - dmp Free File Hosting - File Dropper File Host for Mp Videos Music Documents ----------------------------------- Thank You all very much in advance

A:BSOD on a brand new HP ENVY Phoenix 850qe - dmp log included

Please read BSOD Posting Instructions & How to upload files

RMA it? As you have recently bought it
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My father purchased this computer in August of last year just before the Intel Broadwell Socket 1150 chips (i7 5775C and i5 5675C).  This HP computer contains a Z97 chipset which should have support for both of these chips with a BIOS update.  However, I have not seen any such BIOS update released from HP other than the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI which I can't get to run on his computer.  Will it be safe to drop in one of these processors without a BIOS update and sucessfully run the chip?  Thank you.
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I have noticed HP providing newer bios update for systems using the same motherboard and specs. Why is the newer bios not posted for my said pc? And is it safe flashing to the newest bios even though they are listed for other systems with same specs? I am on version A0.08 and HP has updated them to A0.12 Example for this system here Also note. I am on and using Windows 10 myself. Those newer bios are for Windows 10. I personally think HP has just for got to list the new bios update for my pc. They need to update the driver page.
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the processor on this machine is Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz nbsp error message when starting up guest vm copied from my previous pc ------------------------------Binary translation is incompatible with long mode on this platform Long mode will be disabled in this virtual environment Applications requiring long mode will not function properly as a result See http vmware com info id for more details ------------------------------and subsequently this ------------------------------This virtual machine is configured for -bit guest operating systems However -bit operation is not possible This host supports Intel VT-x 800-090ez W8 Pro 64b... with HP Phoenix vmware 64bit ENVY issue but Intel VT-x is disabled Intel VT-x might HP ENVY Phoenix 800-090ez W8 Pro 64bit issue with vmware 64b... be disabled if it has been disabled in the BIOS firmware settings or the host has not been power-cycled since changing this setting Verify that the BIOS firmware settings enable Intel VT-x and HP ENVY Phoenix 800-090ez W8 Pro 64bit issue with vmware 64b... disable 'trusted execution ' Power-cycle the host if either of these BIOS firmware settings have been changed Power-cycle the host if you have not done so since installing VMware Workstation Update the host's BIOS firmware to the latest version For more detailed information see http vmware com info id ------------------------------ nbsp The BIOS setup has the following releveant options Advanced nbsp Device Options nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Num Lock State at Power-On nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Multiprocessor nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Hyperthreading nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Integrated video nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp NIC PXE Option ROM Download nbsp That's all there isvmware does not care if Hyperthreading is enabled ot not nbsp Any suggestions

A:HP ENVY Phoenix 800-090ez W8 Pro 64bit issue with vmware 64b...

HI wwu: 

Thank you for your inquiry.

I regret to inform you that we do not support virtual setups.

You may want to try posting on the commercial forum as they may be able to assist you with this issue.. Here is the  link click here
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I purchased a HP ENVY Phoenix 860VX Desktop with a 256 GB SSD drive as the boot drive with a 1TB storage drive.  I have a Samsung Evo Pro 500GB SSD that I want to use as the boot drive.  I cloned the original drive to the Samsung Evo without a problem.  I opened the case of the PC to switch hard drives, and I can't find the SSD drive.  I found the 1 TB storage drive easy enough but can't find the SSD drive.  Can anybody help?

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A:How do replace ssd boot drive in a HP ENVY Phoenix 860VX Des...

Greetings, You may have a 256 GB M.2 PCIe (Non-SED) Solid State Drive. This drive connects on the motherboard, It is about the size of a stick of gum. It could be mounted vertically or laying flat on the motherboard (MB). The M.2 drive is much faster than a SATA 3 SSD.  You may not be happy with this change if you purchased a SATA 3 SSD. You might be better off going to a 512 GB M.2 if the MB supports it. I have noticed the M.2 drive performs closer to rated speed when you use an i7-5930k or an i7-5960x due to the 40 lane PCIe bus as opposed to 28 lanes on the i7 -5820k. It should be near the PCIe slots. Asrock, Asus, and Gigabyte locate the M.2 slots there as it connects to the PCIe x16 bus and uses the bandwidth of one of the x16 slots. If this is true, install the SATA SSD in available HHD bay using a 2.5 inch adapter. Then change default boot device in BIOS to the SATA SSD. You may have to experiment on what SATA port you use. EFI can be finicky. It is also possible that you may have to reinstall the factory image. I have an Asrock x99 board with M.2. The Asrock BIOS is much more forgiving and configurable. I am not familiar with your PC's MB or the boot configuration options available when going from an M.2 boot device to a SATA boot device. Making this hardware change could also mess up using the factory image to restore the PC. It depends on whether this hardware change is a configurable option at purchase. Cheers!
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Hey guys So this is my setup http www bestbuy ca en-CA product hewlett-packard-hp-gaming-pc-intel-core-i - - tb-hdd gb-ssd Intel Core i - Processor Speed GHzProcessor Cores RAM GB DDR - SDRAM MemoryHard Drive Capacity TB GB SSDHard Drive Speed Revolutions Per Minute rpmOptical Drive Ultra Slim Tray SuperMulti DVD BurnerPre-loaded Operating System Windows HomeGraphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Dedicated Graphic Card YesVideo Memory GBI have the most recent nvidia drivers installed the computer is not overheating and i can't seem to find anything wrong with how it 2 Envy of Brand new Phoenix mins lags after gaming is setup yet every game i play will start to lag about mins in this is a brand new computer the game will start off looking amazing being fully responsive to Brand new Phoenix Envy lags after 2 mins of gaming my controls and in no time at all i can't even tolerate the delay between my mouse movement and the response on the screen the background gets blurry and it's just terrible lol Ive searched for help elsewhere but it seems no one has the answers please help i've Brand new Phoenix Envy lags after 2 mins of gaming invested a lot in this comp and am NOT getting a return

A:Brand new Phoenix Envy lags after 2 mins of gaming

Hi @thelastofme,I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the computer lagging when playing internet games. I will be glad to help you. Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me and I will help you.
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I just got the brand new phoenix 860 this morning. it's the model with GTX 960 inside. Every time I start to play game, the fps is very high during the first 1-2 minutes. And then the fps just fall to around 10. I've got the latest driver, so I wonder whether there's something else wrong?--------------Update: Problem Solved by myself.It's the design of the data wires inside. The wire is too long, it bended and touched the fan on the graphic card and stop the fan. That leads to a very high temperature of the GPU. Now i rearranged the wire and problem solved.
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Hi,I have upgraded system BIOS for HP ENVY Phoenix 860-017ng to "HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4B)" - A0.27 Rev.A. (SP77323) Now I have the red OMEN logo instead of the HP logo even though I found this documentation where it says "FIXES: Fixes issue where the OMEN logo replaces the HP logo after updating the BIOS." = = = = = = = = = = = = =Software and drivers: = = = = = = = = = = = =HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4B) = = = = = = = = = = = =HP ENVY Phoenix 860-017ng:
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Hi,I bought this new desktop from Futu_Online. When I registered with HP and checked the warranty status, it said warranty had expired. I then sent a warranty dispute with a copy of the invoice to HP, but no response from HP. Hopefully I can get some help here from this forum. Much appreciated.
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I am thinking about buying a HP ENVY Phoenix 860-078na and wondered if it is able to take a seccond graphics card and has room for a Corsair H60 Liquid CPU Cooler. Thanks
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HP ENVY Phoenix 810-000ee restarting after upgrade frimware just startup and after like 5 min restarting agin and agin ?can Anyone Please Help Me
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I decided recently to take the plunge and make the biggest purchase I have ever made I had recently beaten homelessness and unemployment and now had the financial security to buy myself a great computer My excitement didn't last long though When I ordered my and hardware ENVY Desktop: Bluescreen 860-170VR HP ... Phoenix computer it was advertized as coming with a GTX and the one I got contained a Radeon x I was pretty angry as no email had been sent to me informing me about the change nbsp I may not be close to living on the HP ENVY Phoenix 860-170VR Desktop: Bluescreen and hardware ... streets again but - isn't money I can just throw around I'd at least want to know if something had been changed nbsp Further more I've had the computer for days and have had about crashes that restarted my computer I called HP Support but they say the can't do anything without seeing a crash firsthand The crashes are all nbsp verifiable in the logs I have crash dumps sitting on my harddrive right now HP ENVY Phoenix 860-170VR Desktop: Bluescreen and hardware ... I'm at the HP ENVY Phoenix 860-170VR Desktop: Bluescreen and hardware ... point that I think I'll just eat the increased cost to return this computer and build my own This is the second time I've gotten burned by HP products and customer support and I'm thinking it will be the last I currently work at a NOC for a fortune IT company and I know it can be busy and thankless work but not using the logs and tools provided to dianose an issue is not acceptable

A:HP ENVY Phoenix 860-170VR Desktop: Bluescreen and hardware ...

Hello Klutzydrummer, I know you have looked through the log files to see the crashes but do you know what driver is causing the blue screen crashes. If I may make a suggestion if it does not show it you can download bluescreenViewer from NirSoft and that will tell you which kind of blue screens you are getting and where they are coming from. Once having those it will be easier to see if this is software (and where) or if it is a hardware issues.  Thanks
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I just purchased this computer & want to add a 2nd internal drive.  Can anyone help me find  an instruction guide to help me?

A:help installing a 2nd hard drive into ENVY Phoenix Desktop ...

Hi, Please check the following post: Regards.
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Hp Envy Phoenix 810 sometimes when inactive, for varying time lengths crashes/goes into sleep mode/switches off on its own. Sleep mode and hibernation mode disabled and already spoke to HP and done all the obvious checks. Is it now likely this a hardware fault, has been doing this almost since purchase date. Very frustrated and any help would be much appreciated, still under guarantee. Daz.

A:Hp Envy Phoenix 810 desktop crashes/goes into sleep mode/swi...

Hello @Dazpot1972, I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publically post (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.
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Hi nbsp I have just bought a HP Envy Phoenix - na desktop (Win10, 860 HP not Envy NVidia Phoenix GTX 980Ti) ... Brand-new PC with Windows Brand-new HP Envy Phoenix 860 (Win10, NVidia GTX 980Ti) not ... and NVidia GTX Ti This is apparently a state-of-the art spec and yet I find myself unable to use it for the simple reason that it is not recognizing my second monitor which Brand-new HP Envy Phoenix 860 (Win10, NVidia GTX 980Ti) not ... I need to perform my work I previously had a HP Pavilion intel core Brand-new HP Envy Phoenix 860 (Win10, NVidia GTX 980Ti) not ... i running Windows which worked perfectly with the monitors One connected via DVI and the other via HDMI nbsp using a DVI to HDMI adaptor nbsp nbsp HP Online help chat told me that Windows doesn't recognize adaptors for the HDMI port and advised that I buy a new monitor with a HDMI port They said it's most definitely not a hardware problem with the HDMI port the desktop has two ports and none of them worked nbsp So I l had to buy a new monitor with HDMI port despite current one working totally fine I have just nbsp plugged this new monitor into the desktop's HDMI port and - it still doesn't work nbsp I've already tried rebooting taking out the cable then putting back after start up I've tried using control panel display as well as the nVidia control panel to see if they recognize the second display - no luck nbsp I've also updated all drivers I'm not sure what else I can try as am not techie at all I was hoping this would be plug and play nbsp Can anyone help please Any ideas nbsp This is so incredibly frustrating and I am starting to regret 'upgrading' my desktop Thanks so much
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Good morning,Why when I try to install windows 7 64-bit the PC does not recognise the keyboard and mouse ? Instead in the bios they works correctly. Thanks Marco.
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Trying to run Virtualise environment, get the usual message that VT-x not enabled in Bios.Reboot, F10, find out Bios Password set - but no idea what it is.Try three attempts, no error message (as seen on other posts), PC simpy boots into WindowsPC bought some time ago (Costco special deal - last one in store) - assumed Bios was unlock.Any other ways of enabling VT-x and/or reseting Bios pwdmany thanksDavid
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I'm new to the forum and have just received my new Envy PHOENIX 860-180st customized with the following: Windows 10 Pro 64-bitIntel core i7-6700 4.0 GHz16 GB RAM512GB SSDGeForce GTX 960 2GBNo secondary drives (I store all data on a NAS)  From several webpages featuring the front panel LED lighting, I understood that the 860 series provided a method to customize these lights.  I also believe I read that the 850 series could only turn on/off.  However, I can't locate ANY documentation regarding the LED lights.  After hours of researching online, I now only have an interest to shut them off and lower my electric bill.  HP has not impressed me with this marketable "feature".

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A:ENVY PHOENIX Series - LED Lighting Control Solution

There is an application called HP Phoenix Lighting (or LED) Control which is used to control the LEDS.I discovered it in an older thread while perusing the topic. Check in the Control Panel or type it into the search box on the systray near the Windows symbol. There might even be an icon that represents the lighting control in the systray. My last HP product loan Omen 15 had an app called HP Omen Control, which allowed for control of groups of the keyboard backlighting. It allowed the owner to make custom color changes of the groups of keys.  If it needs reinstallation, then it must be done from the HP Recovery Manager. Check the reinstall software and aplications section of the HP Recovery Manager.  @NewEnvyOwner?Try the following softpaq. It is called the HP Phoenix Control utility. BTW, the HP rep you talked to was wrong. The softpaq was found in the self service download web portal for the Phoenix Envy 850 by HP Expert @Dragon-Fur.
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Hi thanks for taking the time to read this nbsp Product No G B EA ABUModel No - na nbsp My PC has been working No Display Envy HP - Output Monitor 700-311na working absolutely fine for the last couple of months until I HP Envy 700-311na - No working Monitor Display Output attempted to turn it on yesterday nbsp My issue is that my monitor is showing No signal found despite having my tower connected to it nbsp Upon Startup and Tests When starting my PC I get the usual beeps and the red light on it lights up as it normally would The wifi light is on as it should be on the front of my tower The usual blinking light is also working as normal on the front of the tower The fans are working fine when powered up My wireless keyboard and mouse are being recognised whenever a key is pressed or the mouse is moved as the blue light on my USB connector lights up as it normally would The CD drives open close as they should What I've Tried So Far Turning it off and on again No luck Removing the power cord from the PC and holding down the power button for seconds before reconnecting and powering it back up No luck Connecting my tower to a different monitor via HDMI nbsp No signal found error also on that one Using my usual PC Monitor for other things My xbox input was detected immediately on the monitor via HDMI Using all display output methods available with my usual monitor nbsp HDMI DVI DP none of them worked and would all result in the no signal error on the monitor Removing Reattaching the display cables nbsp This does result in my monitor from turning on as if is has recognised the connection has been made to an output device but once the monitor turns on I get the usual error message This applies with both DVI and DP connections HDMI didn't give me much joy but this may be due to it going through an autodetect nbsp ' in out' nbsp HDMI splitter nbsp The splitter does recognise the HDMI is connected though as I get the normal red light that appears when a nbsp powered up nbsp HDMI is linked up to it What I Haven't Done Touched the BIOS Physically damaged the machine Taken the machine apart in any way I'm completely out of ideas as to what else to try nbsp I have had the PC for just over a year and has a similar issue to this within the first few months of owning it I believe it was something to do with the power cable A friend looked at it for me but he managed to get it back working again nbsp Unfortunately I'm no longer able to contact my friend about this issue so I'm completely in the dark nbsp Help would be much appreciated Please avoid specialist terms as I'm a bit of a rookie at the whole fixing a PC business nbsp Many thanks in advance
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I am preparing to upgrade from Win to Win According to the HP Support site the BIOS should be upgraded before upgrading to HP ENVY 810-140ea Desktop update Unable on BIOS Phoenix to Win The BIOS currently installed as reported by msinfo is AMI nbsp According to the HP Support site page for my product the latest HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update ROM Family SSID AF software available is sp exe Version Rev A Aug I temporarily disabled my Antivirus Norton Security and exited ZoneAlarm Firewall Free and then attempted to download and install this new BIOS version using HP Download and Install Assisstant Recommended The download part suceeded and a cmd window launched and all operations displayed within it appeared to proceed without error After the cmd window closed the remaining dialogue window indicated that the BIOS update was also successful No automatic reboot occurred so I then closed that dialogue and manually rebooted After logging in again and re-running msinfo the BIOS version reported is unchanged at AMI To double check I rebooted Unable to update BIOS on HP ENVY Phoenix 810-140ea Desktop and used F to enter the BIOS At that level in System Information the BIOS version is reported as KAI v so it seems that the BIOS update to the new v Rev A in fact did NOT succeed nbsp What do I need to do to successfully update the BIOS to Version Rev A nbsp nbsp
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Has anyone installed a GTX 1080 in their Phoenix yet? I ordered my new GTX 1080 yesterday directly from Nvidia and it will be here next week. I am upgrading from a 4GB EVGA GTX 960 FTW card that has currently been in my Phoenix for a bit over a year now.
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Any advice on whether there is room to add a Firewire card/port on the 810 running windows 10? Any thoughts on an appropriate model 1394 card to best be compatible? I'm looking to digitize all my old camcorder tapes and my old rig with a firewire port is toast : ( Any guidance would be most appreciated! Thanks!
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 I need to be able to import and capture video contect into Premiere Pro but this Envy has not firewire. Which card will be compatible with the following: HP ENVY Phoenix 810qe Desktop | Intel Core i7 | Blu-ray Player | 4GB Graphics | Windows 8.1 Professional Thank you!Martha
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Hi,I would to know how connect audio  from my ENVY Phoenix 860-100nl to an old Logitech X-540 5.1 System.I have three jack input in X-540 but only one jack output in HP desktop... Must I split sound from anhother source? (HDMI?)See the image Thanks in advancce to all.Cheers
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When I bought my HP ENVY Phoenix 810-430qe, I had the option to get the GTX 980 card (which I should have done) but I opted for the 745 OEM. I want to upgrade my graphics card to the GTX 980 and noticed that some cards are made a little differently. My question is which card is fully compatible with my computer and which one do you all recommend? Thanks!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HP ENVY Phoenix 810-430qe, i7 - 4790K @ 4.00GHz, Samsung 850 EVO SSD 500GB, 32GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 745

A:HP ENVY Phoenix 810-430qe Graphic Card Hardware Upgrade

Greetings, We know your system will run a GTX 980. Two items to verify are Power Supply (PS) requirement and card dimensions. You'll also need a combination of 6 pin or 8 pin additional (PS) power connectors to run the card.  The manufacturer should provide an adapter to make it work. You can run a 980 on a 500 Watt PS. A 980Ti needs 600 W or better. Check clearance from the back input-output panel where the 745 is now. The 980 cards are usually 10+ inches in length. The 980 cards are double slot so you'll probably have to pop a backplate to install the card. Cheers!
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Hello, I would like to buy this Gaming PC  but I read that it has water cooling instead of air cooling and I am not sure if I need to do maintenance for water cooling . I have PC with air cooling now and every month I need to clean the inside of PC from dust.
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I need to be able to import and capture video contect into Premiere Pro but this Envy has not firewire. Which card will be compatible with the following: HP ENVY Phoenix 810qe Desktop | Intel Core i7 | Blu-ray Player | 4GB Graphics | Windows 8.1 Professional Thank you!Martha
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That is the bios I have for an old P3 CPU. I can get F8 to get me into safemode, but I do not know the key combo for selecting boot menu. I have tried F2, 10, and 12. Esc does nothign, and Del sends me to the setup where I have the CD rom to first, then HDD. I have my Win XP cd in the drive, but it STILL goes to HDD. Anyone could help me I would appreciate it

A:Dell Phoenix A07 BIOS

are u trying to reinstall windows xp? to reinstall on a dell u put the cd in reboot and when u see the dell screen u should see f12 for boot menu. the correct order is boot from the cd first.when u see the dell screen keep tapping f12 and then u should see a black screen with a blinking cursor that says hit any key to boot from a cd. hit enter and then u should see windows installing. just follow the directions and go from there. f2 on a dell computer takes u into the bios.u shouldnt need to change the bios if it has xp already in it. hope this helps u.
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I have a dell Ultrasharp 19" monitor and an Nvidia GeForce 5700. I cant get the DVI to work on it, i have a brand new DVI cable and the card is new right out of the package. Whenever i have the DVI plug in, it just says DVI Power Saving Mode, and then the monitor just turns off. VGA works fine though, can anyone help me.

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My Dell laptop monitor turned on when I lifted it up then turned off (to black - as if it was not on). Now it won't come back on. An external monitor works and my computer seems to be running as normal other than the monitor not working. Of course my warranty ran out 6/09 the computer is only 18 months old. My husband just deployed to Afghanistan and I need my computer to be able to communicate with him, so time is very precious to me. Thanks for any help or ideas!

Dell XPS 1530 - Vista - NVidia GeForce 8400
If you need any spec details let me know.

Also I ran a test and an error code came up it said -

Error Code 0321
Msg: Error Code 2000-0321
Msg: LCD EDID - unable to access EDID EEPROM
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Hello All again I got a dell monitor from a friend because he got a different one because this one wont work It is a Dell FPC and i plug it into my laptop and i turn on the power When it turns on i can see my background so i know it works but after seconds it stops displaying The green power on led turns orange so i am guessing that it goes into power save or standby mode for no reason It does this every time why is it doing this I know it is working Dell right monitor 1908fpc not not my laptop not working so it Dell 1908fpc monitor not working right has got to do with the monitor I tried changing the input from analog to auto Dell 1908fpc monitor not working right to digital none of them work It does not work on any other pc either It either does that or it displays my background for seconds but then it stops displaying it but it is not in power save mode it just is black nbsp
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I have a Dell Latitude D800 laptop.

I'm having a problem with the monitor.
The display is barely visible. I have to use an external monitor.

When I start the laptop, the monitor works for just 1 second and then it just suddenly becomes very very dim. Its so dim that I can barely see anything. I have to really strain myself under a light to see.
The display is there, but very dim. Its like the stand by mode in cell phones.
I thought it was a virus, so I formatted the hard disk and re installed windows. But it still didn't work.

Now I think I might be missing some driver update. So I went to the Dell website to check for drivers, but it didn't show any display drivers.

Any ideas?

A:Dell laptop monitor not working

Thank you so much.

I did a Dell Diagnostics Test and it revealed that the inverter is not working properly.
But what if there is a problem with the back light too?

There was no test to find that out.

Also if I buy the inverter and the back light, how do I replace the back light?
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Hi, have a Dell 15" LCD monitor that was working perfectly until one day I just saw no display on it. Switched to a CRT monitor, which worked, so I knew there was a problem with the LCD monitor. I switched it to another computer I had, still no display. It turns on, shows the RGB and everything, but won't display the computer image - can it be repaired? whats wrong?

appreciate help thanks

A:dell 15" LCD monitor, why not working?

There are 12,875 possibilities as to what could be wrong, and without having recourse to test equipment and service data its simply not a reality to make any guesses.

You need to take it to a service agent. Is it under warranty?
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My Dell laptop monitor turned on when I lifted it up then turned off (to black - as if it was not on). Now it won't come back on. An external monitor works and my computer seems to be running as normal other than the monitor not working. Thanks for any help or ideas!
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Ive tried to reinstall everything. I dont have the original CD. Where can I download the drivers or get the webcam working?

In Device Manager, under Monitors, it shows Dell S2340T (HDMI), but does not show anything under videos. I updated my Windows from XP to 7 as it crashed and now Ive updated it to Windows 10, and I think I lost all the drivers then.
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hi guys i need your help, my friend got a Dell PC and a flat screen monitor. So he try to connect a regular 15 pins cable from monitor to cpu system,. when I ON the system getting message like this [connect a vga cable which comes when you buy the system etc]. This is a win Vista system, having old style vga & new style white vga connector behind it.

so i dont know what to do know, I took some pictures of monitor connector & cpu connector, please let me know ehich cable need this PC or what kind of settings i have to do to use regular 15 pins cable get work on it.

pic 578 is on cpu connector
pic 574 is on monitor connector

thanks for your answers.

A:Regular VGA cable from monitor to PC not working on Dell

Hi tester2 on your monitor it's DVI, on your PC it looks like VGA but seems different to that.

What computer do you have, and what graphics card do you have.

What is the monitor size ?
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I am not sure I am in the correct forum but this problem is related to an (Resolved) Working Dell Not Monitor XP after Upgrade XP upgrade I did for a friend s Dell which had Win ME on it This friend lives an hour away from me and I am trying to trouble shoot this problem from my home Before the XP upgrade my friend gave me his PC box only no (Resolved) Dell Monitor Not Working after XP Upgrade monitor mouse or keyboard I hooked it up to my old Gateway quot Trinitron mouse and keyboard and the XP upgrade went fine on my equipment Since I had no problem with my quot Gateway monitor I did not download the latest XP Nvidia driver from their website My friend picked up the machine yesterday and when he tried to hook up his Dell Trinitron monitor and run it he got a message that goes something like quot monitor is in power standby mode and needs to be reset by a command from the PC quot At this point you can not see anything else on the monitor so he is dead in the water and does not have an alternate monitor or my monitor at his home to fix this problem We played with it over the phone by turning it on and off several times to no avail--I think it is hooked up correctly and this monitor was working fine before the upgrade Called Dell and they recommended we download the XP driver from Nvidia which I did and which I will burn to a CD I can not get to his place till this weeked to bring my monitor and the CD Was wondering if there is some interim fix to this problem I could tell my friend over the phone to try to get this monitor running without a trip to his place before Saturday Appreciate your thoughts on this Thanks in advance nbsp