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Hard Drive Replacement/Warranty?

Q: Hard Drive Replacement/Warranty?

I receive a Smart Drive error of "Immanent Failure, back-up immediately"... and of course its been telling me this for close to 2yrs now. my Question is this, "Is my Hard Drive covered under its manufacturers warranty or HP's warranty?". My Laptop is no longer warranted by HP but the manufacturer has a 5yr. warranty on its internal hard drives and my hard drive isn't 5yrs old yet. The HHD I'm referring to came installed within my laptop at the time I purchased it. Anything else you need to know? Thank you.
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Preferred Solution: Hard Drive Replacement/Warranty?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My Hard drive is saying imminent failure. It is still under warranty.Where can I organise a replacement in Ireland or UK ?
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My son purchased this computer JUST OVER a year ago.  After he had it for about 1-2 months, his hard drive crashed.  It was replaced with a new one under warranty. Now, it has crashed once again, and is past the original warranty (expired May 29).  I am wondering if the new hard drive that was put in 1-2 months after he originally purchased this computer would have it's own additional warranty? 

A:Hard Drive Warranty

TLSchneids Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your warranty question but this is just a community self-help forum staffed by volunteers and we are not authorized to commit HP regarding warranty issues. But, my GUESS would be that no, the warranty on the replacement drive does not extend beyound the warranty on the original laptop -- IF you obtained that drive through HP.  However, if you did not buy the drive from HP,  the original manufacturer of the drive may have their own warranty, and you should check that out.  Western Digital, for example, warranties some of their drive for three years.Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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Think Your Drive is going Poor Warranty of Hard Drive Storages Ok so maybe most have noticed Maybe some have not But in the recent year it seems some storage manufacturers have stepped away from backing their words of quot Reliability quot when it comes to storage Its been some time since I have actually posted here on Drive is of Poor Your going? Hard Drive Storages! Warranty Think the forums but this article needs voiced opinions sent out I ve been wanting Think Your Drive is going? Poor Warranty of Hard Drive Storages! to post on this for some time and after having to purchase some upgrades for my own network it really got me itching to voice my own thoughts and hopefully get others to do the same Storage warranties It seems that a couple of manufacturers above all are making a standard becoming that drives need no further backing past the first year yet we are expected to Think Your Drive is going? Poor Warranty of Hard Drive Storages! pay full pop in excess where we paid the same Think Your Drive is going? Poor Warranty of Hard Drive Storages! and were giving years in place Folks as far as hardware goes outside of a good UPS Uninteruptible Power Supply Battery Backup there exists one of the most important items in computing It holds the most vital information that can be the most devastating to loose in the IT infrastructure or Home Office Computing and can be the biggest pain to recover from Ok so granted we have all these ways of backing up this and that and even additonal redundent options for backup but I dont see why only a One Year Warranty should accompany where just a couple years or so ago almost any EiDE device came stock with at least a year warranty and then there was the option added to get the slightly lesser drive spec with a smaller price tag and then the shorter warranty I near came to terms with this most recent change about a year ago with one of my favorite recommendations Western Digital During a very short diagnosis while calling in the models info to a WD rep I was immediately presented with a quot Were sorry sir we no longer offer year warranties on these items and have never quot Excuse me Ok obviously right off the bat I am dealing with either a complete rookie or one who has had their head in a book of lore instead of computer science So I as I usually seem to end up in a quot school the rep quot session on their employers basic justs Which after a short thesus we moved on to checking the drives warranty which low and behold had about a year left I was then presented with the fact that only drives accompanying the newer mb of cache would carry the year warranty from here out Oh really With that I bid a fair ado and moved on to seeing if I could repair the drive and in fact was able to All the while grinding my peerly whites trying to reason with the fact Ok makes sense for the most part its an easy way to get folks to spend the additonal dollars US on avg or so for an additonal years of warranty and a small burts of performance Fair enough Well looks like even that mb warranty is no longer the case either As WD and even Maxtor clearly stamps the print on every package I could find under immediately available locally which explicitly stated quot One Year Warranty quot I ve never really gave much thought to Maxtors as I have had many problems with them as far as drive reliability longevity goes How ever I did a quick research and found that Hitachi and Seagate have moved up in the ranks of at least backing their own product Even on sub drives unlike the previous mentioned Now WD about years ago or so came out with this quot Lesser Price quot option of for going the much quicker rpm and rpm mb cache drives with a mb cache rpm at a lesser cost and the One Year Warranty as mentioned Which technically should yield a longer spinning drive anyways and the average performance is still very fair and barely noticeable in many current situations But it seems now even on Maxtor s that even if you pop for the... Read more

A:Think Your Drive is going? Poor Warranty of Hard Drive Storages!

Editorials, should probably be in Review section of TSG, but no doubt Hard drive mfr. probably couldnt afford the law suites any longer. Like many things in our society, as soon as trial lawyers get involved, the consumer takes it on the nut.
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I have a Hard Disk Short DST 'Failed'Sent the info to HP (you can't talk to anyone)and asked about warranty...never heard back.

A:Crashed hard drive / warranty

@Mik46?, welcome to the forum. This is a peer to peer help forum. The only presence that HP has on it are the Admins and the Mods. Otherwise, none of us works for HP. Your computer was released in 2012.  Therefore, it is over 3 years old and the warranty has expired.  You will have to buy another hard drive that is the same size or larger than the one being replaced.  Here is a guide to help you replace it. If you need further help, you will have to contact HP Customer Service. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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A:Dell Warranty - Faulty Hard Drive

Good question!

First, what brand is the hard drive? Just about every manufacturer has their own diagnostic software. Go to their site and download it, and test the hard drive yourself.

Then, if you feel you should still send it in, wipe it clean first, using tools such as Eraser.

Hope this helps,
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About a year ago I decided to get a laptop for my work/schooling need, I purchesed this laptop with a 100GB SSD not knowing how little this would be for the tasks that I was going to be doing on this laptop. I have a blank 1TB hard drive and a hard drive replicator that I could to easily clone the smaller drive onto the large drive. However I still have a fair amount of warrenty present for the laptop. If I swap out the hard drive will this void my warrenty? Thanks, 

A:Will Upgrading my Hard Drive void my Warranty?

Not on a Probook. The hard drive compartment is customer accessible and customer can change hard drive. See p. 35 of the Manual here: Service Manual Post back for any more questions. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hello Does upgrading the hard drive myself invalidate the warranty? I have a HP Omen 15-ax003na. I have the necessary tools and have replaced drives in other laptops before, although that rubber screw cover looks tough to not aesthetically damage :/

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A:Does replacing hard drive myself invalidate the warranty? 15...

Typically, upgrading "user upgradable" components doesn't void your warranty, however this computer doesn't contain any user replaceable parts. Please see OMEN by HP Laptop PC - Maintenance and Service Guide, which states; "Removal and replacement procedures for authorized service provider parts;CAUTION: Components described in this chapter should be accessed only by an authorized service provider. Accessing these parts can damage the computer or void the warranty. CAUTION: This computer does not have user-replaceable parts. Only HP authorized service providers should perform the removal and replacement procedures described here. Accessing the internal part could damage the computer or void the warranty." Provided you don't damage anything in the process of changing the hard drive (128GB M.2 SSD), it is unlikely that you will have voided the warranty. If you damage anything while change the drive, you will have voided the warranty. You may also be required to return the original har drive to the computer before receiving warranty service. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the White KUDOS "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation
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Spent a good while "chatting" w/ NewEgg & Seagate - India about OEM vs "Retail" hard drives.

NewEgg clearly states on their site that many "OEM" Seagate internal drives drives have 5 yr parts & labor "Manufacturer's Warranty" (on the specific HDD specs page).

Seagate - India, tells me that drives designated as OEM will NOT have any warranty (or support) honored by Seagate to the end user.

For those w/ experience in this, what's the actual truth about OEM drives & warranties, from NewEgg or any other E-tailer? Is NewEgg (& other online retailers) WRONG about the warranty, or is Seagate WRONG? They can't BOTH be right.


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nbsp I think the answer may be obvious for this but I can't find it anywhere so here we gooooo nbsp Ok so I posted on here a few days ago about my failing hard drive and determined that I should get It replaced utilizing the extended warranty that I got which allows free on-site repair nbsp However two days ago I had to go back to drive void Does warranty? the hard changing your my parents house for personal reasons and have not yet updated my address for lenovo I have also not received a call from a technician yet It would not be a big deal but I am starting Does changing your hard drive void the warranty? a job in a couple days where I work as a sales agent from my laptop and I need it to be functional so it can run the appropriate software for Monday nbsp nbsp As I have already gotten the replacement hard drive and recovery USB in the mail from lenovo would it void the warranty if I took it upon myself or a more computer savvy friend of Does changing your hard drive void the warranty? mine to replace it as opposed to wait for the technician to contact me Its not a matter of impatience simply a matter of I need my laptop to be functional so i can work from it Thanks

A:Does changing your hard drive void the warranty?

This is mostly opinion-based, but I'm pretty sure hard drives are CRUs (Customer Replaceable Units). Given that they mailed you the replacement drive, you should be able to install the new one, and mail back the old one.
Did the box with the hard drive come with a return shipping label? If so, just call Lenovo Support and check if you can just do the replacement yourself. Only downside is that you'll also have to do the Windows install again if the drive isn't pre-imaged.
Again, I'd recommend calling to confirm, but if you're comfortable replacing it, it won't void your warranty.
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I have a HP ENVY m7-010dx that died last night.  Upon power up nothing happens except a continuous slow blinking light on the cap locks key.  I went through their online troubleshooting help section and it looks like it is a hardware issue and will be going in for warranty service.  The big problem I have is that the hard drive has lots of sensitive personal information on it that I believe a good tech could copy and fairly easily decipher.
So what can I do?  I have never removed an internal hard drive and accessed it as an external drive.  I really need to wipe all personal info before returning for warranty service.
Any ideas?

A:How to Secure Hard Drive Before Warranty Service

DVDs?  USB flash drive?
How much personal info are you talking about?
Since most of us don't have that much (IMO) personal info on a system...either of the above should do.  Simply copy the data to new media and then delete it from your hard drive before sending.
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Hey everyone. I bought a HP laptop from the HP online store in USA in November 2015. I am currently in India and my laptop hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. Is my laptop warranty valid outside the country of purchase(USA)? Can I get the hard drive replaced under warranty in India even though I bought the laptop in USA? I have read somewhere that replacing hardware under warranty can only be done in the country of purchase. Is this true?
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About a month ago hard drive, but contact I Likely Dell? to warranty. broken best How am under my computer had a quot SMART event quot which I found Likely broken hard drive, but I am under warranty. How best to contact Dell? out means an early warning sign that the hard drive was about to fail I ve only owned this Dell Likely broken hard drive, but I am under warranty. How best to contact Dell? PC for years and have either a three or four year warranty Today the computer started flashing weird image patterns on the screen and then froze on one of them I tried to restart the computer multiple times but each time I just see different bizarre lines on the screen and the PC immediately freezes I m pretty sure this is the defective hard drive that the SMART event was warning about My questions are What is the best way to contact Dell By phone email some kind of live chat Any specific phone number or email or link for what is the best way would be highly appreciated What are Dell s customer service days and hours Do I need any information other than my Service Tag and Express Service Tag What are the difference between the two If it is the hard drive that needs to be placed how will that happen I don t really know how to take apart a computer Would Dell send somebody Would they make sure to reinstall Windows I have no idea what the procedure for this would be Thank you so much in advance for your answers
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Hello, I had a failing hard drive that was replaced in warranty just a couple of days ago. However the hard drive that was installed on my computer is not a new one - CrystalDiskInfo reports it has been turned on 450 times. Is that a normal policy to send refurbished hardware as replacements?  Also, I've noticed the hard drive does an unfamiliar clicking sound when beign used. (and since it's the same hard drive as I've had before, I assume the usual working sound should be the time, which it isn't)Check disk and CrystalDiskInfo don't show any errors though, so I'm not sure if it's a bad sign or not? I will definitely take it to the authorized repair shop that did the HDD replacement but I still thought I'd ask here. Thanks in advance.
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Hi. I just bought HP 250 G4 notebook with 500 GB HDD that i wanted to replace with 120 GB SSD but it ?ike i will need to takie off the whole down part of my notebook. Will i loose my warranty then?
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ISSUE WAS THAT- MY LAPTOP DIDN'T On/Start suddenly. So i took it to Hp authoresed service center here in Shillong. They told that they will have to keep the laptop, Check it and inform me within 2 or 3 days. But they didn't so i contacted them after 7 days and then they told me that the Laptop's Motherboard needs to be replaced and that they already ordered one from the company. But 15 days gone still no Contact from their side. I'm worried whether they r just fooling me round and round or Do Hp take This long time for The replacement. R they going to charge me even though its still under warranty? How to keep a check and be safe? Please help .. Tired of Hp
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Hello,I want to know the warrant policy regarding the following issues:I have a Lenovo Flex 2-14 laptop.Will my warranty be void, if:1. I upgrade my RAM to 12GB by making use of the two provided slots. 4 Gb Ram the implicit one and adding another 8 Gb Ram.2. If I dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu Os.Kindly let me know the warranty status in both the cases.
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my battery recently reported permanent failure, it was under warranty so I contacted Dell support to request a replacement. I've provided all the necessary information and had also ran some diagnostics, the person I was in contact with was happy with all the information provided and informed me that they'll send me a replacement.
Few days later he messaged me the below. I'm not quite sure why they need my whole laptop for this, I'm not really happy to have it collected and kept by them for what I can imagine will be several days if not  weeks. Is this a normal course of action for faulty battery?
"I forgot to tell you that the warranty on the system is Collect and Return, which means we have to collect that system and have that fully diagnosed and checked through our repair team. "

A:Replacement of battery under warranty

It depends on the system you have.  If the battery isn't user-removeable (i.e., it's inside the system rather than easily removed by sliding a latch externally),it's not a user repair and you will need to return the system to the depot for service.
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hi,my laptop model is dv 2911 tx and it is under warranty so i would like to know whether battery replacement will be covered under warranty or do i have to purchase a new one? Thank you,Ankit

A:Battery replacement under warranty????

It should be, contact HP and ask, they will want you to run a battery test and get a failure code before they will replace it under warranty. USA Any other Country
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I have HP ENVY ... in warranty but its battery have problem ... battery goes charge and dischrage so fast ... can i replace that battery
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ISSUE WAS THAT- MY LAPTOP DIDN'T On/Start suddenly. So i took it to Hp authoresed service center here in Shillong. They told that they will have to keep the laptop, Check it and inform me within 2 or 3 days. But they didn't so i contacted them after 7 days and then they told me that the Laptop's Motherboard needs to be replaced and that they already ordered one from the company. But 15 days gone still no Contact from their side. I'm worried whether they r just fooling me round and round or Do Hp take This long time for The replacement. R they going to charge me even though its still under warranty? How to keep a check and be safe? Please help .. Tired of Hp
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I want to know the warrant policy regarding the following issues:
I have a Lenovo Flex 2-14 laptop.
Will my warranty be void, if:
1. I upgrade my RAM to 12GB by making use of the two provided slots. 4 Gb Ram the implicit one and adding another 8 Gb Ram.
2. If I dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu Os.
Kindly let me know the warranty status in both the cases.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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A:Flex 2-14 - Warranty: Replacement policy

Hi wavare_ajinkya ,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
As a general rule, CRU (customer replaceable parts ) will not void the warranty as listed from the hardware manual . However most upgrades on this model shows that such are considered FRU (field replaceable unit) , meaning you would have to open up additional parts and might require skill and specific tools thus CRU ID is N. (item6 page 72 ).
1. Upgrading your RAM however would not void any warranty.
We had same issue discussed on this thread . 
On quotes: " Similar to this query is this case  for the Z500 replacement of optical drive which is also a CRU Id - N and this thread. 
Warranty agreement :
What this Warranty Does not Cover 
- failure or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, power surges, improper maintenance, or use not in accordance with product information materials 
-damage caused by a non-authorized service provider
-failure of, or damage caused by, any third party products, including those that Lenovo may provide or integrate into the Lenovo product at your request
Warranty is not covered if during the process of modification , damage or accidents may incur both on the replaced parts and the original devices ." 
The answer would be no , upgrading  the harddrive ,RAM will not void your warranty not unless that original parts gets damage because of or during the process of upgrade. 
For best measure , you may give Lenovo Tech a call so that they would be able to note it on your account for the pc that you have plan for upgrades .
2. Changing the original operating system would not void the hardware warranty , but support for the software such as the new or original Operating System (example to restore it back/ drivers issue etc.) would be users responsibility and functionality thereof. 
Hope this answered your query .
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Hi, is it possible to open this laptop to replace the HDD with an SSD, or it would void the warranty? Thank you
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I guess this isn't a Yoga-specific question but wasn't sure where to put it. I'm ordering a replacement AC adapter for my Yoga 3 Pro on the site. But there's nowhere to enter the serial number so I can order it under warranty. I get to the purchase screen and it's going to charge me full price. I've entered my warranty info on the main support site, but when I get to the parts site it doesn't recognize that. Basically, how do I order the part under warranty without having to pay for it?
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Hi All,I've checked my warranty status on the base warranty and it's still active.Warranty type:   Base WarrantyService type:   Wty: HP HW Maintenance Offsite SupportStatus:   ActiveStart date:   Feb 11, 2014End date:   Apr 11, 2017Service level:   Std Office Hrs Std Office DaysStandard Parts LogisticsStandard Material HandlingGlobal CoverageStd Office Hrs Std Office DaysCustomer Pickup at RepairCtrCustomer delivers to RepairCtr2 Business Days Turn-AroundNo Usage Limitation Deliverables:   Offsite Support & MaterialsHardware Problem Diagnosis  How am I able to know whether it covers a replacement of battery?As my battery have been draining quite fast and wish to change my battery... 

A:How do i know if my base warranty covers a replacement of ba...

Hi!, @Den: Welcome, to Forum !. If you write what your netbook, have warranty available, you needed register your device, from ... Next step, you can call, to Support and Assistance Center, of HP, more, near your home, from ...
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Does hdd replacement in my S75-B7316 mean warranty lose? There is no separate cover for hdd so have to remove whole back cover to do this.

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My Toshiba C650d fell of my bed the other day and my hard drive is damaged. When I boot the laptop up I get no bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key. I have done some research and found out basically my Hard Drive is F*^K%D. I did'nt have many important files on there so I dont care about losing them but I dont wont to get it repaired as it will cost about the same as getting a half decent Notebook.

Is it possible to buy a New Hard drive that fits my Laptop. Would this make my Laptop boot up and start or do I need to fork out and get another?

If so how do I get a Hard Drive that I know will (fit in my laptop) with my Laptop.

Really need some help here!

A:Hard Drive Replacement for Broken Hard Drive

Here is one Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9320423AS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive - 49.99You will need windows re-installation CD in order to get Windows back on it.
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After sending in my new GB Western Digital Black Edition hard drive due to my partitions getting completely screwed multiple times I received a brand new replacement TB Western Digital Black Edition hard drive yesterday Everything was working fine until I turned on my desktop new after drive. drive a partition. Hard problem with replacement Even on today and received the message quot operating system not found quot This is the same problem I got with my older hard drive I tried everything including creating a new partition using the command prompt on my old hard drive and Hard drive problem with partition. Even after a new replacement drive. I still had the same problem I haven't tried anything yet with my new hard drive and I'm wondering what is causing my hard drives to do this Any ideas of what could be causing this and fixes would be immensely appreciated Thank you for your time Note -Not posting this from my desktop -Both drives are OEM and I do not have any discs with to run a diagnostics or repairs -I can not start up Windows in anyway -I still have my Windows bit disc -My computer does not recognize my hard drive due to the partition being corrupted

A:Hard drive problem with partition. Even after a new replacement drive.

Check all the cables.

Check your HD.
Disk Check

Check with a hard drive diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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I cannot find the access point/cover to the hard drive in my Toshiba 2515CDS
My replacement hard drive has arrived, and I feel pretty stupid, BUT, my
owners manual does NOT address this location. It shows every possible
detail for the top/bottom/front/back/and both sides, but NOWHERE is the
hard drive access cover shown. Can someone HELP???
Thanks alot!

A:Hard Drive Replacement

See if you have any rubber feet on the base of that laptop. Remove the feet, and find your screws (most likely).
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I wanted to get a ASUS G53SX series or ASUS A53SV series laptop. All the specs looked real good but the hard drive only runs at 5400rpm.
I was wondering if ASUS laptops could have the hard drive easily replaced so I can grab a 7200rpm hard drive at a cheap price and replace it.
If so, what "numbers" for the new hard drive do I needa concentrate on besides the RPM and the GB.

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I have a HP 15-P199SA running Windows 10.  The laptop will not start. System test stops with a Hard Drive DST Check : failed.  FAilure ID : M37S3F-7R6874-MFPV6K-60R403.  I believe I need to replace the hard drive, the laptop is out of warranty. Can you suggest a suitable replacement? TY
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I want to replace my hard drive. It is a Toshiba 80GB, HDD2D32, MK8032GSX.

I was hoping to find one on a big site like Amazon or maybe even Toshiba. No joy.

I have found them for sale on small sites that I've never heard of and I'm not sure what I will be 'new' really new or some sort of salvaged part.

Question: Is there any websites that give a substitute drive of known quality, eg: Seagate?
I'm assuming that if the physical size and connector pin layout is correct then I should be able to use any manfacturer?


A:Hard Drive Replacement or are good places to start. I think that drive is a SATA drive for a laptop, so you'll need a 2.5" laptop SATA drive.

If you need to clone your existing drive to the new drive, you will also need a USB to SATA cable to clone the data. Or if you have a desktop with available SATA ports, you can clone the drive from the desktop.

Otherwise you can do a fresh install with you notebook install discs.
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I want to replace the 2.75" hard drive in an old IBM Thinkpad laptop. The replacement drive, however, is thinner than the original so there is a problem aligning the pins with the holes in the drive bay connector.

Has anyone had this problem? Exact pin alignment is critical. Is there a commercially available adapter shim that will solve the problem or should I try to make one?

A:Hard drive replacement

By any chance, does your old HDD have a metal casing?
If so, remove that case and put the new HDD in it.
It is highly unlikely that a newer drive would be thinner than the old.
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I have just bought 1Tb hard drive for replacing my old one 250gb. I want to keep all data I have on my old (still working) hard disk. If someone can help me what to do, I will be very happy.

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Hi, I was wondering, if I got a new 500gb internal drive cause my old one is bad, would I be able to transfer everything (Including my seven install) onto the new drive? and if yes, how would I go about doing so?

A:Hard drive replacement

Attach the new one to your system, then run some software like Norton Ghost to copy the old drive to the new one. Remove old drive after.
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Help, I replaced me hard drive as the one in my system was bust so unable to make a recovery disc.
I replaced it with a new hard drive but have problems loading Windows 7 from the disc which is an upgrade.
The system was originally running XP, I do have an XP disc but it is also an upgrade, Is there anything I can do to get this up and running again, As is probably obvious, I am a bit of a novice in this field. Any help would be welcome.

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I am replacing a hard drive. I have it installed and it is recognized in the system setup. When I install the "system recovery" disks, I get "invalid system drive. Please replace and hit any key." The CD drive light is continually on. Any suggestions?

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I need to replace the hard drive on my laptop.  The hard drive type is ATA, model- Toshiba MQ01ABD050, Serial Number 627JP0k1T, capacity- 500 GB. My laptop model is hp Envy m6. I would like to replace with 1TB hard drive, if its possible to replace the 500GB with 1TB hard drive, how much will it cost?

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A:hard drive replacement

Hi, An example of what you're looking for is on the link below. Regards, DP-K
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I would like to replace my 15g hard drive with a 80g one... i don't wand to have a slave just one drive with everything on it. Can i Copy everything from my current drive onto the new one with out reinstalling xp and everything esle?

if someone can tell me how i would really appreciate it. thanks

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Adding a new boot drive on my father's computer. Used the Maxblast software that came with the Maxtor 120 G. Everything worked fine except I noticed that the software had partitioned the drive into four equal sections--the same situation that had caused the need for a larger drive because the sections not located int he boot partition were not easily available. So I reformatted the drive into only one partition but then the copying from the original boot drive could not be completed (many attempts). So I partitioned it back into several partitions, everything copied as intended, but now it asks for some command something or other at C prompt. Will not boot windows 98.
I've tried reinstalling O/S, recopying original boot drive--nothing works. Somebody help me please.

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I want to replace the SATA HDD in my Dell Dimension 4700 with a larger SATA drive, but I don't want to start from scratch because I only have the Dell restoration WinXP Prof CD, not the retail version. Is there a way I can "clone" the present drive? What hardware and software would I need? I once did this with Maxtor IDE drives, using Maxblast. But I think that only works with Maxtor drives. I haven't yet bought the HDD, so I don't know what brand I'll be dealing with. Also, there's only 1 SATA connector inside the computer, so I guess one of the drives will have to connect via USB. Any help here will be appreciated. Thank you.

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1. I have an old Dell, model OptiPlex GX60. It has a hard drive of this designation: WDC WD400BB-75FJA1. It's a 40gb size.

The hard drive is failing. I'd like to replace it.

How do I know what kinds of hard drives may be good substitutes here? Might go to a 60gb. I have expanded my RAM.

I'd like to know what kinds of hard drive I could replace it with. General descriptions would be good.
2. Is it as simple as pull the old one, stick the new one in, and go to F12 in Dell OS menu, then load windows in?

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Hi, I need to replace the hard drive on my son's Pavilion 15 lap-top. Can anyone recomend what I need to buy. I dont have a back up cd so presumably i have to re-load windows etc as well ? Thanks very muchAde

View Solution.

A:Which replacement hard drive ?

Here is the Service Manual: Manual Supports 6.35 cm (2.5 in) hard drives in 9.5 mm (.37 in) and 7.0 mm (.28 in) thicknesses (all hard drives use the same bracket) So that confirms it will accept the one I linked in the post above.  Unfortunately, hard drive removal is a bit tricky. Start on p. 85 of the manual which shows how to remove the top cover.  You can skip over the part about removing the screen and jump to p. 105 for the hard drive.  This series of pictures will also likely help: If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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We have several systems that are not likely to be replaced within the next ten years. The use a dos os and the file structure uses less than 100 MB. We use the 3 1/4 floppy for backup and communicate through the com port to make backups of the db. I have a thought to replace the ide hard drive with a flash drive. Is there an adapter that would allow you to use the ide port on the mother board to plug in a usb drive? There are probably some connectivity issues with bootup that but can probably be addressed by booting from floppy, or even by placing the right files on stick. Any thoughts?

A:IDE replacement hard drive

What are these DOS systems used for? Some sort of monitoring of equipment? There is probably no provision to boot from an external device on these, and I don't think they can be made to boot from anything but a internal hard drive or Floppy
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I have a Pavilion a6202n with the factory hard drive, a KINGSTON SV300S37A12 SCSI Disk Device.  Can I still get this same hard drive or is there a compatible upgrade for it?  if so, where can I look? Many thanks
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if i wanted to replace my laptop hard drive how would i find out what model to replace with

like how do i know if mine is sata pata ide etc i took it out earlier and it didnt really say much on it i measured and it is

W 70mm x L 100mm x D roughly 8mm (i say roughly as it had a metal cage screwed to it)

and pins it had

a group of 15 contact points
a group of 7 contact points
a group of 4 pins

also thought worth mentioning
(i was under the impression laptops had 2.5 inch HDDS this was nearer 2 3/4 inchs ? )

thankys anyone who can provide any help/info on this

much apreciated

A:hard drive replacement

Speccy will tell you more than anyone wants to know
Speccy - System Information - Free Download
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I have a Compaq Presario 1260 laptop with Win98 and a 4gb Fujitsu IDE hard drive. I need to replace the hard drive. Can anyone tell me what I need to look for in my new hard drive to make sure that it is compatible with my computer (ie Capacity, Physical Size, interface, etc)?

A:replacement hard drive

I have a Compaq Presario 1260 laptop with Win98 and a 4gb Fujitsu IDE hard drive. I need to replace the hard drive. Can anyone tell me what I need to look for in my new hard drive to make sure that it is compatible with my computer (ie Capacity, Physical Size, interface, etc)?

If you are running win98 you shouldn't have a problem with any size hard drive, other than that you will just need to make sure you get a IDE interface HD. For Physical size generall you will just have a 3 1/2 drive that should fit. However sometime Compaq uses 5 1/4 drives for there newer ones. Just take a look inside the case for the physical size.

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Hi, I have a hp omnibook xe 4100 and the hard drive has packed up - (ticking) the model of the hard drive is a ibm travelstar ic25n020atcs04-0 and is only 20gb

i can purchase the same one but they are expensive for such a little hard drive

Can i change the hard drive for a totally different model or do i have to keep it the same?

Also how do i find out the type of hardrive it is as others i have seen do not have this type of connector?

thanks for your help

A:Hard drive replacement

Yours is a standard PATA drive using a standard 44-conductor PATA connector. It is a given the system will handle a drive as large as 137 Gigabytes; but, it may go even higher depending on whether your board and OS supports 48-bit addressing.

Just be sure you get Parallel ATA (PATA) as opposed to Serial ATA (SATA). The connectors are very different. You'll need a drive with a 2.5-inch form factor.

As you shop, pay attention to the fact that you can usually get a drive with a three-year warranty for just a very few dollars more than the cheapest on in the list. Example: This drive for $55 carries a one-year warranty while this one for $60 carries three and this one for $60 carries five years.

Sometimes the warranty periods aren't listed on the dealer's web site and you have to get that information on the manufacturer's site. All Western Digital Scorpio drives carry a three-year warranty while Seagate's Momentus drives carry five years. Most drives carry only one year so if you shop smartly and pay just a very few extra bucks, you get a far better warranty.

Another consideration: I would be careful about getting fooled into buying an extended warranty on a hard disk from a dealer. I have a lot of first-hand experience that the replacement procedure from Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba and Hitachi and they are all fast and relatively trouble-free. Two Seagate swaps I did recently were advance replacements. It cost me $20 to do it this way (advance) and Seagate furnished a prepaid return shipping label and a box to ship it in.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1700+, x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 751 Mb
Graphics Card: S3 Graphics ProSavage 8A26 (Microsoft Corporation), 16 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 39189 MB, Free - 22520 MB;
Motherboard: MicroStar Inc. , MS-6511 , 1.0 , 00000000
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

I suppose I should know but.......
My hard drive needs replacement
I am told I need to ensure the replacement is ide? and should be compatable with the motherboard
Can anyone advise the biggest drive I could buy without having problems I was hoping to get one about 500gb but will that give me any problems? My friend says he will install it but the responsibility is mine to get the right one. I would be very grateful for any information or recommendation as to product.
Thank you

A:hard drive replacement

You can look thru Here ... I only see one 500gig.

And welcome to the TSG Forum
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I am working on a friends Toshiba Satellite P75-A7100 laptop. His hard drive crashed. Connected hard drive to my PC and cannot access it. My friend has no disks or backups. I will need to replace the hard drive. Having said this, I have a couple of questions to start with:

1. I see no COA sticker on this laptop. I'm not sure about how to activate once 8.1 is loaded.

2. Where would I get 8.1? Is there an iso download and where to get a good one?
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Hey gang

Last week my "d" drive went south for the winter.
Thats all right I told it to stay there and I'm getting another from Maxtor under warrenty.
Since I'm not the local hardware-man is there anything I should know before I mount the thing in, hook it up, and put the power to it?
Right now my OS knows its not there and doesn't display it anywhere, but do I need to do prep work before surgery?

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I have to buy a new hard drive for my desk top The one that was in it was a Seagate Barracuda quot TB ST AS I broke the plastic on it where the power or data cord plugs in so it won't work now I want to replace it with a Seagate Hard drives a TB amp a TB so I can back up on one My motherboard is a MSI A MA-G amp I know it will accommodate more than one hard drive possibly more than I'm just not sure how to install them in sequence Would I be better off to buy a TB hard drive amp and external drive for backups Replacement Drive for Hard PC How important is the Hard Drive Replacement for PC rest of the info on the hard drive such as Site Code Firmware etc I want to make sure that I get the right replacements that are compatible Also I hope to be able to install Windows amp I have an ISO Hard Drive Replacement for PC file that I put on a flash drive Not sure how to install Win on a new hard drive b c I have no idea how it will find the Hard Drive Replacement for PC other info on my computer Older data regarding my PC current updates not showing etc can be found here http speccy piriform com results Q IIVHBanlZexZN How important are the 's on a hard drive when buying possible a TB amp a TB or maybe to put my operating system on a separate hard drive I don't see how a clean installation on Windows will find all the items in my device manager can't see how this works with a new install So after installing new hard drives - amp or an external drive for backups I don't know where to go from there Just need to get the hard drives ordered - and make sure they are compatible with one another since I am not sure what all the 's mean such as firmware etc I had a recommendation to purchase a quot SSD but the price was outrageous I am trying to get buy spending the least amount I can as I only use my computer for emails selling online and storing photos

A:Hard Drive Replacement for PC

You would be better off getting one HDD to put in your computer and an external one for your backups (actually two external HDDs for backups would be much better since even a backup HDD can fail without warning but only one is better than none). The external HDDs should be connected to your computer only when updating the backups; they should not be permanently connected.

Using an internal HDD for backups is a bad idea because the same thing that can cause data to be lost on the main drive can also take out the data on an internal backup drive.

If you can swing it, I prefer using the Western Digital (WD) Blacks for internal drives. WD has a better reputation than Seagate for drive reliability and customer service. I've had only six Seagates; two died within a year and a third, a SSHD, was a disappointment performancewise. Of the 23 WD drives I've had, only two have failed; one other one arrived DOA (which could have been caused by rough handling in shipment), which the vendor promptly replaced and now is humming away in my machine happy as a kitten under a leaky cow.

If you are going to run your OS and programs on a HDD, I wouldn't get a third one; you can just put them on a partition on your one internal HDD separate from a data partition. The only way I would recommend a separate drive for the OS and programs is if you were going to upgrade to an SSD. An SSD will give you lightning fast boot times and program access and is an upgrade that will give you more bang for your buck than any other upgrade you can do.

If you decide to go with a WD Black for the internal drive, a good 1TB would be the WD1003FZEX. For 2TB, the WD2003FZEX.

If the price of a WD Black is a bit too steep for you, the 1TB Blue—WD10EZEX—is a good substitute. Unfortunately, WD doesn't make a 2TB Blue.

There are a variety of external drives available but they tend to be lower quality than internal drives. I like to use the WD Greens for my backup drives, plugging them into a dock built into the front of my computer. You can either use an external dock to plug them into or put each one into its own enclosure. I personally would prefer the dock, especially because of the large number of backup drives I have (12) but enclosures would make handling the drives easier.

Good numbers for 1TB Greens would be WD10EZRX and for 2TB, WD20EZRX.

If you would prefer to get one or two external drives, the 1TB WDBZFP0010BBK-NESN and the 2 TB WDBMWV0020BBK-NESN are fairly good ones. If you go with one of these, I especially recommend getting two since they are not as good quality.
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Please could somebody help me with my probelm. I took my hard drive out of my Dell Inspiron 530s as it was full and took ages to load so wanted to buy a new one, of course not making any backup ha. Once i buy a new harddrive, what software would i need to buy to make my PC run as normal again. I was running with Windows Vista before, so what Software package do i require as the only ones that i seem to find are upgrades of which is no use as im starting from scratch as such. Do i need to make a boot disk first?

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need to replace the hard drive serial # [personal information removed] in my Envy touchsmart 17t-j100.   Can't afford sata right now.  Any suggestion to where I can purchase one compatible to the original.  This is a 1TB 5400-rpm.

View Solution.

A:Replacement Hard drive

terfig wrote:..... Can't afford sata right now. ...Hi, You MUST use SATA, no choice. Probably you are talking about SSD. There are many standard HDD's around. I bought one of the following HDD's last week to test few things - much cheaper elsewhere You can buy Toshiba, WD, Hitachi, ... Regards.
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I recently checked in the HP website is possible to upgrade your hard drive and I would like to change my HP mini laptop for TB hard drive because the original one is practically full and I believe this is the best option I tried to contact HP store parts sellers and they mention I need to check if the conexion is SATA or IDE and I have not idea and I am not intending to open the laptop as yet I also tried HP store email and somebody wrote me this nbsp HP nbsp Mini ENERGY STAR A K UT the PC supports the following hard drives GB rpm and mm GB rpm and mm nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp drive replacement hard nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp This have confused me because I saw in amazon they have TB for my model and the photo says it is SATATSM LAPTOP HARD DISK DRIVE FOR HP MINI hard drive replacement - - - - - hard drive replacement - tbI have therefore questions is it or not possible to upgrade to TB or if not what is the biggest one I can use to upgrade the hard drive it should hard drive replacement be SATA or IDEI would also appreciate any suggestions and recommendation for the nbsp hard drive upgrade I have my recovery disks which I will try to use and if they do not run I have the HP manufacture for the windows and drivers Thanks for your kind information and recommendations in advance
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Hello I m new here and I hope Hard Drive replacement? someone can help me I was working on a friends computer She had a ton of spyware malware and trojans that needed to be cleaned out It s an IBM Netvista Celeron email protected MB Ram GB hard drive CD-ROM running WindowsME After getting it all cleaned out I turned it off Went to boot up the computer this morning to install anti-virus and the hard drive crashed Not recognized in BIOS no sound nothing I tried all day but it s definitely gone Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement hard drive that is compatible with this computer I ve searched IBM Hard Drive replacement? shopping websites etc I m worried about buying something that won t work in this computer not made of money here I m trying to absorb a crash course on hard drives but I need to get one for this computer NOW Thank you so much for any help nbsp

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my hard drive is getting rather noisy it makes grinding noises when ever i open an application so i think its time for replacement, i have and external hard drive which is 640 GB is there a way i can remove that one so i can use it in my PC and also will it last as long as an normal hard drive,

The external drive is a simple tech 640 gigabyte desktop external drive, i cannot for the life of me figure out how to open this damn thing so if i can able to use this in my PC how do i open it ?

please respond asap thanks

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Hello,I need to replace the hard drive in my laptop HP Notebook  P1A99UA#ABL.What size and specs of the hard drive I should buy?Thanks a lot.

A:Hard drive Replacement

Hi, Your machine is an  HP 15-af148ca : Would you like to use the same as the original HDD, which is a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive  ?  You can use any standard 2.5" HDD for laptops on the market today. Please buy a faster HDD which has 7200RPM and big cache such as or much smaller cache: Regards.
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I received a SMART error, warning me to change my hard drive a failure may be imminent. So I need to change my hard drive and need some info.
I have a HP Pavilion 6460 system, running windows 98.
My current hard drive is: Quantam Bigfoot TS9.6A (pm)
Secondary master: CD-532E-B-(sm)
Install Memory: 96mb
Memory Bank 0: 64 mb SDRAM
memory Bank 1: 32 mb SDRam
Legacy Diskette A: 1.44 mb 3 1/2

According to HP support I need to purchase a drive with the same or more and I would like some opinions on what drive to purchase...what drive will work ie: # of pins etc. What is the best for the money etc. Thanks allot!!!!

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I have actually never done a hard drive swap and a full restore. I was wondering if you all could help me out heres what i want to do.

I have a full entire backup of all files on my computer. (took like 6 hours to backup)
I want to take the 2 tb hard drive ive purchased and hook it up by sata and remove the old hard drive then restore my computer back to as if it were exactly the same without anything changing.
1. )do i have to backup my registry in a different way than windows 7 backup utility.
2. )will i lose any data throughout the process and will all applications including games and everything on the drive function correctly?
*note i am not changing any other hardware in the machine just simply swapping the hard drives.*

thanks, let me know what i need to do to make this happen

A:Hard drive replacement

You say you have a "full entire backup".

What do you mean?

An image of your C partition?

A file by file backup of all files on the C partition?

Something else?

You don't have to separately backup the registry.

What application are you using to make this "full entire backup"??

Whether you will lose data or need to reinstall applications depends on exactly what you are doing and we don't have enough info at this point.
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I have a 40gb hard drive that has the OS on it. I am close to maxing it out and want to replace it with an 80gb hard drive. Is there a way to copy or clone the drive so I do not have to re-install everything? I have an external hookup to connect the SATA drive.

Thank you.


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Can anyone help with this   is the seagate st1000dm003 3.5inch 1TB barracuda hard drive compatible with my pc
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Hello everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7210 running Windows 7 that has experienced a hard drive failure due to a drop. Is there any possible way for me to salvage the computer?

I possess a copy of Windows 7 and spare hard drives to use but I am unable to open the optical drive anymore after the drop so I cannot reinstall windows using that laptop and when I use a separate computer to install windows on a hard drive, it installs the drivers for that computer when I need the drivers for the laptop. In addition, due to the failure, I cannot clone the hard drive.

Sadly, I do not possess a recovery disk for the laptop so I'm wondering if there was some way to get the drivers I need for the hard drive.

Please and thank-you, Peter.

A:Hard Drive Failure, Replacement

Hi, welcome to TSG!

Make an ISO of your Windows 7 disk.
Use the ISO to make a bootable USB flash drive.
Install Windows directly onto the laptop (and new hard drive) using the flash drive.

You can then download all the necessary drivers from Toshiba's website.

This will be much easier and reliable then trying to move a Windows install from one computer to another.
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First many thanks for any and all help as this is my first time posting. I replaced the hard drive on my dell 9200 dimension with a WD blue cav this am. Took a while as I'm pretty green at this but managed to get it up and running and windows xp downloaded. Problem is I couldnt connect to internet went to the dell site on my laptop plugged in the service tag and downloaded both the most recent bios and chipset software installation to disc then downloaded it to the dimension. Ran both independently of one another rebooted and still am getting yellow ? marks in Device manager on Ethernet Controller, PCI Device and video controller ... what am I doing wrong here??

A:problems with hew hard drive replacement

Did you download/install...the drivers for the Ethernet controller/network function...if the PCI device is a modem, I would not bother with that unless you are on dialup . Just disable the modem in the BIOS settings.

Or you can install it .

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I found my old HP Mini in storage, but the hard drive has completely died.I was hoping to buy a replacement hard drive, but have no idea where and what to look at?Can someone please help me out?
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Hi, I need to replace the hard drive (ST31000528AS) on my HP Pavilion p6580t CTO.  I am trying to find what drives are compatible.  Will ST1000DM003 (promoted as a newer version of the ST31000528AS) work?  How about the Kingston SSDNow UV400 SSD (it is smaller, but I do not need so much storage)?

A:Hard drive replacement options

The ST1000DM003 is an excellent replacment. You must replace the old drive with the SAME capacity or larger. Otherwise it will fail to acknowledge the new drive. The ST1000DM003 is a SataIII (6Gb/sec drive, but the 64MB cache file will speed up your system slightly.
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I have a 4 year old computer that runs almost all the time. Tonight I rebooted it and when I did the hard drive started to make a noise like a fan does when it needs to be oiled. In about 5 minutes it quieted down and now I can barely hear it, but I am assuming that I will need to replace the hard drive soon.

Is there a way to replace a hard drive and reload all the info onto it from the old drive? I would like to do this before the current drive crashes.
Any suggestions or comments?? If I have to take it to a shop that would be OK, but that would be my last choice.

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A friend of mine gave me her hp g6-1d6dx instead of trashing it.  I replaced hard drive since it was toast but no recovery media was available.  I loaded ubuntu to be able to access internet since I have no other pc available but I am clueless on a lot of things from it.  Really would like to load original os back on it have coa sticker intact for win 7 home premium 64 bit.  However, I do not know how to make a bootable usb flash drive from ubuntu nor do I know where to get a dependable iso of win 7.  Can anyone help?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

A:Replacement hard drive. No win os available using ubuntu for...

Hi, Please read the following instructions how to order a set: Regards.
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I was thinking about replacing the hard drive in my wife's laptop I'm not quite sure I need to replace it may be that I messed up and threw the Boot Drive priority out of place The lap top is a Toshiba Sat C -S Widows I cannot boot to Windows it turns on to Reboot and select proper boot device select a I did manage to get it over to the Set Up screen Replacement? Laptop Hard Drive but not quite sure what to select and even if I do select the correct boot drive whether it will boot to Windows Anyway Laptop Hard Drive Replacement? here are the four options I am viewing This is the sequence it is in From what I am sharing could you tell me if I need to replace the hard drive or could I save this if I knew what I was doing lol I do not have a boot disk Thank You HDD SSD USB ODD TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN- AB Laptop Hard Drive Replacement? LAN Realtek PXE B D

A:Laptop Hard Drive Replacement?

Download Parted Magic, a program based on linux, here. Burn the iso file to a CD or DVD using a Windows 7 computer by right clicking the iso and selecting Burn Disk Image. Boot the Parted Magic disk and on the desktop is a icon called either Disk Health or GsmartControl. Double click the icon and run the short generic test. If that passes run the long generic test and post the log. 
I have a feeling your hard drive is failing or has failed. Here is a video explaining Gsmartcontrol
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Today my hard drive died.
Before a pull it out I need to know what size " physical dimensions" I will need to get for the new drive. My laptop is an Inspiring N4110. Also is there a driver disc I might purchase as it was a used computer and did not come with any thing but the computer its self.
Thank you for any information.

A:I need info on a replacement hard drive.

2.5" 9.5 mm or 7mm in height;  any SATA SSD, Hybrid drive or hard drive.
All drivers can be downloaded from -- however, if you don't have an operating system disc, you won't be able to purchase one from Dell if you're a second owner -- you will need to purchase a copy of Windows for use with the system.
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My existing hard drive on a Dell Ins. 1720 seems to be failing. Would like to try replacing this myself using a cloning kit such as one by CMS.

Am considering a Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive.

Would appreciate any words of wisdom regarding a novice doing this and any comments on the selection of a hybrid drive and the use of a CMS kit.
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Hello, I have a Latitude E5520 which has been hanging at srartup with a Startup Repair that is going on for ever. I run the ePSA diagnostics and got the Error Code 2000-0142 with validation 14116, which means the hard drive is not working properly and should be replaced. This part is covered by my warranty and eligible for an automated dispatch. So all I have to do is fill in my shipping info. BUT I don't have an OS CD. I see you provide online all the drivers etc., but I am worried how I would be restoring the system with the windows 7 OS without a CD, or a restore CD. Is the replacement hard drive equiped with the restore the OS option? Or it comes totaly blank?

A:Hard Drive replacement and OS restoration

You will also need to request Restore Media since you are still under warranty.
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 I am replacing the 320 GB hard drive in my system because I believe it is ready to fail. I purchased a Toshiba SATA 500 I am trying to use Marcium cloning software to get everything onto the new drive.  Thing go fine until I get to the partition section.  I tell Marcium to use the maximum for the primary partition but it does not seem to want to take anything except the original size.  I am wondering if there is a maximum to the partition size for this laptop. What is the maximum size hard drive this system can support and what is the maximum size each partition can be?

A:Hard Drive Replacement and Partitioning

Hi, Normally the cloneing softare can clone the physical of the existing HDD to new HDD. In your case, it will clone 320GB and leave 180GB free and you can do whatever you want later. I don't know Marcium but my question: is the new HDD new, empty or it has something on it ? What is the error message actually. Back to your question: no problem with size. You simply clone the existing size(s) and adjust later. Regards.
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I have a HP ZD7000 Pavilion Media Center notebook with Win XP Media Center edition.

My laptop has TOSHIBA MK6022GAX 60 GB hard drive. This drive has recently shown 4KB in bad sectors. I took this as a warning for replacing my HDD and taken a backup of my data.

Now my question is if I want to buy a new HDD (a better one), which one shall I go for. I am getting confused with ATA terminologies when I searched on the net about a replacement. I am attaching the specs for my HDD in PDF format with this post.

Will you please help me with this ?

Thanks And Regards

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Currently I have an gb Western Digital Caviar Blue with a mb buffer I have found this on there website and have decided to opt for drive hard replacement? Good the gb mb buffered one here http www wdc com en products products asp driveid It is on here http www amazon co uk WD-Caviar-B ie UTF amp s electronics amp qid amp sr - Is this a good hard-drive Is it a good buffer cache Is it Sorry If I am impatient Anyways I have found some more info for you guys Product Description WD Caviar Blue WD AAKS - hard drive - GB - SATA- Type Hard drive - internal Form Factor quot x H Dimensions WxDxH cm x cm x cm Weight kg Capacity GB Interface Type Serial ATA- Data Transfer Rate MBps Average Seek Time ms Spindle Speed rpm Buffer Size MB Manufacturer Warranty years warranty Got a question here regarding replacing the hardrive If I can buy this Good hard drive replacement? hard-drive and then an external casing then copy over from my existing hard-drive to the new one using Norton Ghost Does this sound like a good plan I am gonig touse Norton ghost so what would be the best way Maybe I should copy thw whole hard-drive to my external Good hard drive replacement? set as OS Then install the hard-drive to the computer and then copy from the external to the internal and set that as OS Is that it the easiest way I don t mind nbsp

A:Good hard drive replacement?

No, it's not a good drive unless you're only using it for very basic computing. The other thing is it has to be very well ventilated.

Two things Caviar SEs hate... Heat and any significant volume of read/write transactions.
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Just looking for instructions on replacing the hard drive of my Dell Digitial Jukebox.
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My GIG hard drive is making grinding noises and is about to give out Best-Buy ok? drive Hard replacement-steps has a bargain GIG drive on sale today so I am doing the obvious this afternoon and going to replace mine I would like to have some assurance I am taking all the correct steps before i shut down my PC and cannot get back online for advise I made a complete backup copy of my Hard drive replacement-steps ok? C and Da partition on one drive onto a seperate external hard drive using NERO I made a startup disk on disk I have my Windows ME disk available The old hard drive has not completely given out so I prefer to try to extract all the files directly rather then through the external backup What I intend to doLEASE ADVISE ME ON THIS PART Mount the new drive as SLAVE and use DOS XCOPY to copy all files from old to new drive Remove old drive and set new drive as MASTER If those steps didnt work then start computer with disk and install Windows ME from CD oops-will I have CD drivers how do I load those If I get Windows loaded then load NERO software and use restore function to extract backup from the external hard drive restart the computer Am I on the right track should that disk have any more files maybe some drivers to see the CD and the external hard drive Will I have to mess with the BIOS I get to it from F key-right What steps have I missed Should I have any other backups of system files nbsp

A:Hard drive replacement-steps ok?

This is what I would do Knot ok
You have 2 hdd's and the 80 gig is still ok yes?
Make sure the second (back up) drive is empty and just back up your .exe progs like nero or firefox etc.
Make sure no ME OS files are on it, remove it and set the jumpers to slave.
Make a ME boot disk then install your new drive jumpered as master.
You will of course have to fdisk it and format it.
Install ME then add the second drive. Then just transfer your .exe files back onto the new drive to a folder of your choosing.
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I just bought a new 1TB hard drive. and the full install of windows 7. i want to take the HD1 as seen in the pic. and wipe it clean so i can install it in the empty bay for extra storage. then i want to install the new HD. and install windows 7 on that drive. can i do that? plus i have all my photos that i take on the HD2. will i lose any of it when i do the switch around? or should i unplug it. then after installing windows 7 i can plug it back up?

A:Hard Drive replacement question

I would temporarily disconnect HD2 so there is no way you can inadvertently wipe it or install Windows on the wrong drive.
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I replaced a defective hard drive in my NEC 2205c notebook, all went well. When repowered, the screen remained black, I powered down, repeated the procedure with the same result. with the drive removed the startup stops at "starting WIN 95", next error MAG. ,as would be expected, "hard drive missing".
Where do I go; from here?


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 805 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8159 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 840464 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, N68S3B
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
I have found through the tech guys here that my hard drive is failing. My question there any criteria that I need to follow in buying another drive. Or would any good hard drive work in my machine?

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This is for a Lenovo Idea Pad P400 Touch Pad

I've determined the hard drive is bad ( if you need the details, I'll supply them ) and need to know if the Lenovo Start Recovery Disc and the three Operating System Recovery discs that came with it will be enough to get the system back to the original status, but on the replacement hard drive..

Thanks for your time.

A:Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

the three Operating System Recovery discs that came with it will be enough to get the system back to the original status,Click to expand...

yes they should set back to factory condition

you will need to change the boot order in the bios so that the DVD is first

If windows 7 - you can expect a LOT of windows update probably 150+
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Hi everyone I just need your expert opinion on this matter before I call Dell back Apparently my Hard drive went out on my new computer mos old and I guess possible Motherboard problem as well because the Dell tech told me they were sending a Hard drive amp a motherboard to a Replacement drive??? Dell Hard service tech near me Anyway the tech came out with only the Hard drive When I ask him where the Motherboard was he didn t know anything about a motherboard Dell did not send him one He went ahead and installed the Hard drive amp every thing seems to be working fine now for days so far My concern is do you think my computer would still work ok if it has a faulty motherboard too My warranty will be up in about months amp just want to Dell Replacement Hard drive??? make sure I have a message to call Dell back amp let them know how my service call went but Just wanted your opinion before I do Thanks

A:Dell Replacement Hard drive???

"possible motherboard problem" along with them only fixing the hard drive leads me to believe it was only a faulty hard drive (which is very common).

I would casually mention in your return phone call about the motherboard, but don't push the issue. If the mobo is faulty [now], you'll know about it before 6 months is up (although you likely would already) and can take the appropriate measures for replacement if it comes down to that.

Btw, I hope you backup your data.
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Hi everyone got a question G4 Replacement?? Drive Hard Powerbook Mac for anyone who may be in the know on this I have a Mac Powerbook G that has a dead Mac Powerbook G4 Hard Drive Replacement?? hard drive Unfortunately this machine is out of warranty so I m pretty much on my own for getting this back to working order I have removed the dead Toshiba GB RPM HD and replaced it with a Hitachi Travelstar GB RPM HD When I boot the Mac with my copy of OSX Tiger in the drive the OSX install menus start as usual but then when it comes time to quot Select a destination volume to install Mac OS X software quot the list of possible devices is empty I was able to install this same hard drive in a inch enclosure and hook it up via USB to a windows machine was able to initialize and format the HD no problem so I m assuming this new HD works Does anyone know if Mac Powerbook G s require a replacement hard drive that has been authorized and or encoded in some way by Apple or will a generic drive work and I am just missing something Thank you in advance Andy nbsp

A:Mac Powerbook G4 Hard Drive Replacement??

If I were you I would ask for this thread to be moved to the Mac forum.

Technically the HD should work from what I know of Mac, but Apple may have some sort of authorization for its HDs.
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I've been having a hard time the past week with either a virus or malware. I'm pretty frustrated. Thinking maybe the easiest solution is to just swap out HD's, as I wouldn't mind a larger drive. It is an sata drive. Is this a major undertaking?I'm not totally helpless with a computer, just intimidated.

Also, their is a huge price difference between retail, and oem drives. Are there any major downfalls to an oem drive? Any one brand more user friendly to install? Any general advice as to pitfalls to look out for?

Thanks in advance, John

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I am replacing a sata internal hard drive in an older PC running XP. Setup on xp doesnt detect hard drive, but it shows in bios-and sata is enabled. I've contacted Western Digital to no avail - their diagnostic disk shows the drive works. I tried Intel and verified the motherboard supports the 500gb drive. I am lost and now have a used hard drive.

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I have a Compaq Presario 5000 Model 5BW130 running Windows 98 se. It just gave me the dreaded Hard Drive Failure imminent error and will not boot.

I bought this unit used & do not have the original recovery disks for it.

Is there some way to replace the hard drive without having the Quick Restore CD?


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I have a P580 Laptop (ideapad) - Machine Type 3087 (308725U) . Its 3  year old and is out of warranty. The Hard drive is reporting bad sectors, and there is a notification to replace the hard drive on this laptop. The Current hard drive size is 750 GB ,5400 rpm, model ST750LM022. Can i install a new hardrive of a larger capacity like 2 TB either of 7200 rpm, when i replace it? Will it support a SSD?
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This is my first posting on this forum so please bear with me I purchased my laptop from a small pc repair shop for a low price About four months later my Toshiba replacement guidance Hard Drive mk gsx hard drive began sending error messages along the lines of disk failure and back up your data Hard Drive replacement guidance and don't turn the computer on again until you replace your hard drive I Hard Drive replacement guidance have used it many times since I saw that - my bad I began troubleshooting and researching and found that this particular hard drive is quite terrible and if it doesn't give out this week or while I'm sending this post it will soon My laptop came with Windows Home Premium bit already installed The pc repair guy has a license from Microsoft to put the OS on any laptop he refurbishes but he cannot distribute discs I called him up yesterday and he said I need to pay after I replace the hard drive if I want to continue to use win The worst thing is if I paid this guy I wouldn't have any discs to reinstall windows still I ordered a Western Digital GB Mobile Hard Drive Inch RPM SATA II MB Cache - an obvious upgrade and I'd like to use some of your tutorials on this forum to get Win on this new drive The bottom of my laptop has a product key so will I need to buy this software again Additionally I tried to save an image of my system on my back up external drive but this error message popped up saying that my drive isn't formatted with NTFS I'm not sure what that means but can I format my hard drive with that My plan is now to make sure my product code is good with some freeware I saw on another thread buy an GB jump drive and hopefully install Win on that replace the hard drive and boot my system with the jump drive In the meantime I might just install Ubuntu and partition the new hard drive until I can figure this out Any advice I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing here And yes I did back everything up Thank you

A:Hard Drive replacement guidance

Welcome to SF. Have you considered just imagining your current drive over to the new drive? Also maybe consider a SSD vs a HDD as well as many SSD's come with a software suite for imaging and a usb cable to make the process easy !

Here's the kit alone and would work with SSD's and HDD's - Crucial Technology CTLAPINSTALLAC Easy Laptop Install Kit For 2.5 2.5in Solid State Drive (SSD)
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I need a replacement hard drive for my CQ57-371SA laptop,product no.QJ120EA#ABU.Coould someone please advise me which hard drive I should buy?

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A:Replacement hard drive needed

 Hi, SATA 2,5 inch, check the pages 46, 47 and 48  500-GB, 5400-rpm 634932-001320-GB, 5400-rpm 622643-001250-GB, 5400-rpm 622641-001
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Last night I booted up my computer and it Drive Hard Replacement Primary took about a minute to get past the bios screen Once it had it said something about quot error reading startup disk quot or something along those lines I Primary Hard Drive Replacement put in my Vista disk to do a restore and once it loaded the files it sat Primary Hard Drive Replacement at a blank screen for half an hour Then the hard drive started clicking so I powered off and the drive has been clicking ever since I ve thought up some options for replacing the drive and I was hoping for some input as to which I should go for RMA the drive It is should still under warranty but I have never heard anything good about Hitachi drives from people at TechSpot With this option I am afraid that it would just die unexpectedly on me again Buy a new gb drive Buy a new drive and a copy of Vista bit with a Windows upgrade At some point I will be upgrading my video card to one with more than megabytes of ram and that will cut out of my gigabytes of ram which is already crippled to gb s by Vista bit I figure it is more sensible to upgrade Windows when I know I need to do a fresh installation than to wait and have to delete my perfectly good one when I upgrade my ram or video card Buy a gigabyte budget SSD For the price of windows and a gb HDD I can get one with about mb s read and mb s write This will barely be able to hold all my software but it will easily be able to hold anything that really needs speed like photoshop or games Also I do not really have to worry about it spontaneously failing With that speed is it really worth it to increase the price of the drive by over a gb and sacrifice all the space Any better ideas or sudgestions Thanks a bunch for any input nbsp

A:Primary Hard Drive Replacement

(sort of) Good news

Well, I figured out that in fact my secondary hdd is dead, not my first, so all I had to do to get windows up and running was to fix my master boot record. Unfortunately, I hadn't had a chance to back up anything on that drive, so I lost about 7,000 photos from stop motion shorts I make, 10 full length movies, and seven gigs of downloads. I sure have learned my lesson about backing stuff up. Soon I'm going to get a 500 or so drive and an external one also. Man, my computer really hates me right now...
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Okay here s the run down I ve been using my new computer for about a month with no problem here are the specs Intel Core i - PROBLEM replacement Hard drive k ghz overclocked to ghz ASUS P P Mobo GB DDR - Corsair RAM Geforce GTX gb Single card Watt power supply Kingston GB SSD - Main drive Hitachi TB HDD RPM Windows Home Premium Today Hard drive replacement PROBLEM suddenly my computer wouldn t boot windows It kept saying insert boot device or something I talked to tech support on the phone and we realized the Kingston SSD had crashed so they told me they d swap it out I brought them the drive and they gave me a brand new one I brought it home and put it in I went to the BIOS and I had to manually select the Kingston drive to get it to boot from there at least it would show up But it would not let me select the Kingston as my primary boot device It only gave me the option of my Hitachi or my DVD drive Once I manually selected it I ran the windows recovery disk and reinstalled windows on the kingston I then tried restarting and i still have to run BIOS and select the drive for it to boot from it It will not show up on the boot priority box Once windows has come up it s a mess It doesn t seem to be recognizing my video card which seems odd since it s plugged into it In the dxdiag tool under display it shows the device as quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot with N A Approx total memory I can t find the GTX anywhere And my resolution is all messed up and no matter what setting I put it on it still won t match my widescreen monitor Along with that problem it will not let me connect to the internet I have my router plugged in and when I click connect to a network it just flashes that there are no networks NOTHING seems to be working Can anyone help nbsp