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Sata III PCI cards for computer with SATA II ports on mobo

Q: Sata III PCI cards for computer with SATA II ports on mobo

I have a DIY box with an Asus P5K-E mobo that provides SATA II ports. I upgraded to a pair of Samsung 850 EVO ssds and naturally got a great speed boost. Now I am getting greedy and thinking about doubling my gains with a SATA III controller card. I have been reading online and I am seeing indications that I may not get much if any speed boost that way. Would those of you experienced with doing what I am contemplating please chime in and tell me if you achieved improvement and if so what card did you use? I am running Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home, one on each ssd, no RAID is involved.
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Preferred Solution: Sata III PCI cards for computer with SATA II ports on mobo

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


A:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports

I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there
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My Asus Crosshair IV SATA cluster is full. 2 SSD's, 3 HDD's and 1 of 2 Blueray drives connected. Need to connect at least 2 more SATA devices and power them. I have a open E1 sata port that is separate from the 6 port cluster but I believe that is for optical drives only, which would help with the 2 of 2 Blueray I believe but I still need a solution so I can connect a third SSD.
Even though I do have another set of SATA power connectors they may not reach spot where SSD will be. Any way to power a SATA device separate from power supply?

Best options if any?

System specs in profile page.

A:SATA Mobo cluster full. What are my options for more ports?

Honestly, your best option for simplicity and performance is to simplify. That's a crazy amount of drives to have in one system. If that was my system, I'd leave one SSD, and then add in 2 2 TB drives, or set up a cheap WHS box to store much of my data that isn't needed on a daily basis.
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My Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R MB has six SATA ports controlled through an Intel ICH9R device. They are coloured orange. I have two hdd's inhabiting the first two of these ports (and a third hdd on the sole IDE port). The MB has two additional SATA ports coloured purple and said to be managed by a Gigabyte SATA2 controller. Why provide these competing ports and controllers? Is there an advantage to be gained from using the Gigabyte ports rather than the Intel controlled ports?

The Gigabyte manual and the web site are devoid of any explanation. On the face of it both controllers seem to be capable of the same 3Gb/s speeds.

A:Solved: Gigabyte mobo with choice of SATA ports/controllers

I suspect the purple sata points are for a RAID setup,
If they are RAID is normally printed nearby on the motherboard, to be sure you need to check the motherboard manual
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I've installed a ssd capable of 6GB/s on my sata II board and was wondering, if there were controller cards that could be used with one of the two slots mentioned to get the full 6GB/s speed from the ssd if so, any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:PCI or Pciex4 controller cards for sata II to sata III for 6GB/s ssd

I've had experience with only one card (LSI 9211-8i, way overkill for your purposes) but, based on my experience with that card, to be able to boot from them (not all cards can be booted from), you would have to install the card during the installation of Win 7. Also, cards have their own BIOS that have to be loaded in addition to the OS and the MOBO's BIOS or UEFI so you probably wouldn't gain much, if anything, in boot time (more likely, overall boot time will be longer, as with my HBA card). You may gain faster program loading, though.
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I'm wanting to upgrade to a better mainboard. I don't know much about SATA, but I've been using a SATA I hard drive very successfully through a pci controller card.

My question: If I get a new motherboard with SATA II headers, will it readily accept my SATA I hard drive? I can see how the reverse might not work, that is, not being able to connect a SATA II hard drive in a SATA I header, but maybe I'm wrong on that...?

A:Will SATA II mobo headers accept SATA I drive?

Yes, sata 3gb/s ports(commonly called sata II), are designed to be backward compatible. I'm using a sata I hd on my sata 3gb/s port on my chaintech vnf4/ultra, so yeah, it works.
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Umm, this was probably a stupid question, but, SATA II hard drives are easier to find than SATA hard drives. Could I just buy a SATA II drive for my netbook (which I think has a SATA HDD)?

The netbook is an Acer Aspire One D260.

A:Does a SATA II device work with a SATA mobo?

This will probably be ok but I would check with Acer first.
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I am looking to purchase an SSDD ( - Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F90GB3-BK 2.5" 90GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)) and am wondering if I will still see good speeds as my motherboard only has SATA II connections and the drive is SATA III.

A:Will I still see good speeds using a SATA 3 SSD on a SATA 2 mobo?

Yes sir you will. Regular hard drives don't even use the max bandwidth speed of Sata II, and its still tricky to get the full speed of Sata III, so you will notice a very good speed improvement with what you have. I have done this very thing in the past
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problem - I bought a new 1 tb western dig HD that is sata ii (wd10eacs) and windows does not give it a drive letter.

I have a intel D101Dggc mobo whose specs say that there is a sata i connection. Can this be the problem - the sata 1 connection on the older moboi cannot process the new sata ii hd?

if not, what is a good way to tr shoot? The device mgr in windows put this drive name in the hard drive list.

A:can new sata II 1 tb hd work with a sata i mobo?

If the drive is detected then the SATA 1/5 versus 3.0 is not likely an issue.

But the drive needs to be initialized, partitioned and formated before it will get a driver letter and be accessible.

To do that you must use Disk Management and here's how:
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Hello so i have a asus rampage IV black edition GB corsair dominator plat Ram GB Samsung SSD x tb wd black edition hdd PRORAID x tb raid hdd enclosure with x TB PRORAID x tb raid hdd enclosure with x tb i x Ghz x msi r video cards corsair cosmos full case h i cooling system corsair RM PSU so basically i With Wont Start Computer Windows in HDD's Installed ports. sata Multiple had this computer Computer Wont Start Windows With Multiple HDD's Installed in sata ports. for little over a year i had x tb hard drives installed inside for my personal datas which were fine and my ssd was just for my operating system just last week i Computer Wont Start Windows With Multiple HDD's Installed in sata ports. got x tb hard drives to replace the tb as they were getting full and they were pretty old so i Computer Wont Start Windows With Multiple HDD's Installed in sata ports. thought i change them before they start to fail and i lose my data once i copied all data from old hard drives to new ones i replaced them and placed the new ones inside with new sata cables and cleaned my fans now for a while ive been having a little problem that started before i changed my hard drives which was my operating system use to take about min to load operationg system which was due to having to bypass all the hard drives and and my raids so after i decided to replace the old drives i thought i can figure out what was causing the problems so st problem that i incured was i couldnt see the whole tb so i fixed the problem by changing the partition to GPT and that solved the problem next problem once i transfered all the data again i set all the hard drives inside and connected them i turned on the computer and the computer started to take about min to load and sometimes it wouldnt load at all and when it did load after min my hard drives were not shown in my computer or my disk management console but when i disconnected the sata cables from the all the hard drives but the ssd and turned the computer on it almost immediately loaded and everything was normal ive tried everything that i could thing of e g Formatting the hard drives Formatting the windows changing sata cables updating bios to the latest reseting bios setting to optimized defaults undoing the components in the case and rebuilding from scratch Thank you for reading hope you can help me with solutions
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I have 2 IDE HDs installed and added SATA drive lately. SATA runs in IDE mode in CMOS. Problem is, even though SATA drive is recognized by BIOS, Disk Manager, Norton Ghost & System Works, it doesn't show in My Computer, causing problems with saving and opening files. Tried a couple of tricks (changing the drive letter,disconnecting & reconnecting the drive, reformatting etc. ) nothing seems to work. I use this SATA drive for storage and for now I have to drag the files down there manually.
I don't know if it's of any importance, but I have nVidia GeForce graphics card onboard.
Has anyone encountered this kind of a problem ?
Thanks Carl
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I am using Windows 7 Home Pemium on a Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3745 Desktop computer.
This uses a MS-7504 (V1.X) Mainboard with Sata 2 capability. This board has 4 internal Sata 2 ports. Is it possible to configure things in such a way to allow me to run a SATA 3 hard drive ?
I wish to do this so that I can benefit from the faster speed of Sata 3

A:Sata 3 from 2 X Sata 2 Ports ?

You don't need to configure anything. Just plug it in as you would any SATA hard drive.
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I'm thinking I'd like to add SATA capability to a non-SATA capable mobo. Is it simply a matter of buying something like this - - and installing it in your PC? I don't know anything about SATA except for the two different speeds/standards (1.5 vs. 3.0) so I'm kind of lost. The PSU is SATA power capable, and another question is if that is what I plug into the card (look at the card and I think you'll see what I mean)?

The way I picture it is I buy the card, install it, plug the SATA power into it that comes from my PSU, and than plug an external SATA hard drive into the PCI card. Is that all there is to it?

A:How to get SATA on non-SATA mobo

Doesn't need to be an external drive, there is an internal connector for drive.
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i am looking into sata II cards, and was wondering about the best sata II cards for my needs.

i guess all i really need is something that gives me the fastest/ best performance for 1 sata II drive on my asus p4pe mobo, the 3GB/s....

will anyone of these standard $50 cards do? what should i be looking for?


A:best sata II cards

Will just any sata 2 card work for you? probably not, sata2 cards often have comapitability issues with various motherboards. so you need to research what cards work best with the chipset you have. personally I would go with a quality name brand card for the best performance and compaitability. And that generally means Promise or SIIG. stay away from the bargain, generic, cheap stuff.
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i bought a seagate sata hdd not to long ago and i had a big forum on how i thought it wasnt

working but i later found out that the problem was my motherboard so i am now wondering if

i could just get a sata card to fix this problem i want this drive to be my primary drive.

A:Sata Cards

You can install a controller card. If you want to boot from the card, make sure the one you choose is bootable.

I have had problems in the past with asus boards when you install a raid card. The system does not like to boot unless the onboard controller are disabled. The model was an a8v deluxe. It may or may not apply to your board.
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hey , i have bought a SATA Drive , hitachi 160gb sata...
and when i wanted to connect it , i saw there was two ports.
one port is sata port...but what the other port for?


when i installed win xp , there was two options to was to set up the raid adapter (sata) from a disk but i didnt had the disk.
and other iption was to let windows choose the driver for me.
and its found some you think my SATA drive wont work normally because of it?
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With my current setup, I'm basically out of free ports for adding more drives.

I want to add one more SSD and one more HD to the mobo.

I just bought a 240GB SSD. I will clone the content (OS, software, etc) from the current 120GB SSD to this new one with EaseUS. The current 120 GB SSD will then be dedicated for cache on image editing.

I have looked into cards like this one, but reading from the reviews it seems that this setup would be slow for the max SATA III speed.The funny thing is that the pins on the card seems short like it's for PCI Express x1

I do have an extra unused PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot.

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i just bought a gb seagate NL sata hd's, sata 2 3 ports hd to complement my gb seagate sata v hd s i would like to know if there is any reason why i shouldn t hot swap one with another right there amongst all the guts of my machine without using a drive bay ideally i will have a gb hd that i will store rarely accessed data on and plug it in only occasionally will sit in a desk drawer otherwise from my research i believe that i will have to disable the hd i am removing via the device manager but i have no problem with doing that because it won t be often after several hrs of google searches i think i know the answer but only by inference can somebody please verify this for me ------------------------------- also if i was to buy an internal drive bay that holds sata hd s could i run all with my sil controller even though it has just ports i think i recall reading that there are drive bays out there that would allow this 3 sata hd's, 2 ports but maybe the contoller will not i don t know enough about that for it is not what i want to do yet windows xp pro ga- inxp mobo radeon pro mb thanks for your help eusair nbsp

A:3 sata hd's, 2 ports

Hotswap has to be supported by your SATA controller, by your SATA drivers and by your SATA drives. If any of these is NHP (non-hot-plug) then you risk serious data loss and/or hardware damage when you go shuffling the drives around.

An external USB-SATA enclosure would be much more useful and convenient.
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I've been looking around lately trying to find a good Serial ATA Controller card for my system because the onboard one is broken/nVidia. I have two SATA devices that will utilize the card so I need two internal ports and PCI-E x1 bus to support SATA-II 3.0Gb/s speeds. The problem is, the PCI-E x1 slots are only 2.5Gb/s so I'm just wondering if the controller card is going to bottleneck transfer speeds. I figure buying a SATA controller rather than a new motherboard would be far more practical so I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks in advance!

A:SATA Controller Cards

EXCellR8 said:

... I need two internal ports and PCI-E x1 bus to support SATA-II 3.0Gb/s speeds. The problem is, the PCI-E x1 slots are only 2.5Gb/s so I'm just wondering if the controller card is going to bottleneck transfer speedsClick to expand...

IMO, you'll never see the difference between 2.5gb/s and 3.0gb/s
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Please help.
I've been getting this message for about a month. However, after rebooting sometimes once, sometimes several times the computer eventually boots up. After reading multiple posts on similar issues, I went and got a new hard drive. I backed up all the files and was going to reinstall evertyhing from scratch onto this new hard drive. I took the old one out and put in the new one. I get the same message when it tries to boot.
At this point I swapped the drives again (the old one is back in).
I am at a loss.
Am I doing something wrong when I'm installing the new drive? Why am I getting the same message with this new drive?
System specs:
Inspiron 531
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 2.81 GHz

Thank you.

A:no boot device available sata 0: installed sata 1: installed sata 2: none sata 3: non
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I was wondering.. I hear some if not all sataIII motherboards (whether AMD or INTEL based) have 2 or so intel sata 6gb ports. My mobo is a Gigabyte 870A-UD3 REV 2.2 . Does my board have intel ports? and if so which ones are they?

A:Intel Sata Ports.

They will be the ones labeled 6Gb, according to the manual for your motherboard they are labeled SATA3_0 through _5. Sata 6 and 7 are Sata 2 ports.
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Have an HP Pavilion 620 computer that uses a A7V8X-LA mobo. Noticed that the board has two SATA connectors that were not operational. I went into the BIOS to see if they could be enabled there, but there was no reference anywhere to SATA, so I couldn't enable them.

I did an internet lookup of the BIOS and found a reference to enabling SATA ports in the BIOS under the ADVANCED tab. Unfortunately the BIOS seems to be different on my machine the SATA enable feature is missing.

So far I have not found a BIOS update that provides this feature. Is it a lost cause?

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hello this is my first post on these forums i all sata ports active ve used them alot before and allways found the answers i was looking for without ever posting a question until this happend to me I active all sata ports have a m n -em asus motherboard with sata slots inside and external sata port on the rear next to serial ports well today i got my fourth internal hard drive and it would not read i thought maybe it was a dead hard drive but no it was the actual slot that was not reading out of the slots that are on the mb are red and are black those black ones cannot be used at all i checked out the motherboard manual and found the sata mode selection i was thinking of changing that to ahci or raid but i dont want to screw anything up right now its set for sata mode which was default and i just want to be able to have all my hard drives up and running without having to do anything major and taking any of the out is not an option thank you for your time if i dont respond its probably because im asleep since im way to tired and my post really sucks because of it nbsp

A:active all sata ports

Have you tried enabling it in the BIOS? Sometimes the sata port can be disabled.
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I have three Marvell SATA ports as well as an eSATA port on my motherboard. I installed the drivers last night and would like to put them to use.
My board is an Intel D975BX2 board and I have been reading about a lot of lock up and boot failures when people have use the Marvell ports.

My question is, can I hook up slave HD drives and my DVD/CD drive to these ports? Will I need to adjust anything in my BIOS if I keep my master HD Drive on the ICHD (or whatever the acronym is) SATA port?...where it currently is plugged in.

A:Marvell SATA ports

You may need to enable SATA in the BIOS.
The biggest problem seems to be getting the correct drivers.
SATA doesn't use the "Slave/Master" designation.
If your board supports SATA DVD/CD you should be OK.
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If I wanted to add more SATA ports on my motherboard, would I get this, and stick it in my pci slot?

And how would I set it up?

I know nothing about this and I need help

Any help appreciated

A:How do I more SATA ports on my motherboard?

You wouldn't need to set it up, just plug and play.
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How would you connect these drives?

Motherboard Asus P8Z68-V Pro

Intel Z68 Express Chipset
2 X SATA 6.0Gb/s ports
4 X SATA 3.0GB/s ports

Marvell PCIe SATA 6.0Gb/s controller
2 X SATA 6.0Gb/s ports

J Micron JMB362 SATA controller
1 X eSATA 3.0Gb/s port

1 SSD to hold the operating system and some programs
2 HD SATA 6.0Gb/s in a raid 1 configuration
1 HD SATA 3.0Gb/s to hold some other data

I know the SSD should go in a 6.0Gb/s port, but what are the differences in the Intel and Marvell ports? Should the SSD go in the Intel and the HDs in the Marvell?


A:Confused about SATA ports

If it were me doing the build, I would connect both the ssd and hard drives to the intel controller. Both marvell and j micron are not noted as being quality sata controllers.

Remember no mech hard drive even comes close to sata1 speeds. It is irrelevant whether the mech hard drive is sata2 or 3; it is never going to give you more than 100mps or so. If you really must use the marvell pci controller, then put the 2 drives you are going to raid on there. Again I would not do this however if you must use raid, then use the controller card.

FWIW if you must use raid, then I would highly recommend a quality card ie promise or highpoint. A quality raid controller starts at $150 or so and goes up from there. There is a reason why they cost so much; performance and reliability.
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I have an Asus P8Z77-V board and my front dock has just stopped working. Thinking it was a problem with the PCB of the dock I slipped the 500GB drive into an internal slot and still it did not show up in Computer using the ports indicated in the pic with the red arrow.
Hooked up the SATA lead to the black arrowed port and now the drive shows up in Computer.

I am at a loss as to what drivers are for which from the list of SATA drivers can someone please help as I have read the manual and still cannot make out from the lists here I need to download to see if there is a problem with the driver for those red arrowed ports.

A:Problem with SATA ports

Hey John,

Here's the details for your SATA ports below. You would want the Asmedia SATA Controller Driver V1.3.4.0 driver. You might also double check to make sure that this SATA port is still enabled in your BIOS.

Intel? Z77 chipset :
2 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), gray
4 x SATA 3Gb/s port(s), blue
Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10
Supports Intel? Smart Response Technology, Intel? Rapid Start Technology, Intel? Smart Connect Technology

ASMedia? PCIe SATA controller : *6
2 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), navy blue

Hope this helps.
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I have an ASUS P P -E Deluxe motherboard with only two SATA ports I PCI about Question 150/300 well) some suggestions SATA cards as (Could use already have sata hard drives one GB Seagate and Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well) another GB and want to add another drive but I don t have any more open ports I have a Promise FastTrak SATA RAID controller card built into the motherboard and I heard from another post that you cannot have two of the same type of SATA card http www techspot com vb all windows t- -SATA-QUESTIONS-onboard-amp-PCI-card html So I have a Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well) few questions about SATA cards If I were to buy a non Promise sata card let say a port SATA card would I still be able to use the two onboard SATA ports or would I need to buy a port non Promise card I could also use some suggestions on SATA cards too I don t plan Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well) on using any RAID features I just want to use SATA hard drives So if anyone can recommend what to buy or what not to buy that would be awesome Thanks in advance -DarnCrazy nbsp

A:Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well)

Uhm.. Your motherboard has a normal SATA controller and a SATA RAID controller, giving you total of 4 SATA ports. The RAID controller is capable of working with non-RAIDed drives too.

Of course both of the controllers work simultaneously. Why would they put two of them on the motherboard if they didn't?
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Im wondering what the general consensus is for the best all around MOBO that has both USB-3.0 + SATA-3 implemented into it is..??

A:Best mobo with usb-3.0 + sata-3..?

There is no "best" ,,, There are about 1000 different motherboards out there... give us five or ten to choose from.
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Is it possible to connect an ATA HDD to a MOBO designed for SATA HDD? If so is there any special adapters or cables that I will need? Thanks!


Yes, you will need an adapter to convert the SATA connection to ATA interface. This adapter will be connected to the IDE cable to change the other end to ATA interface in order for you to connect it to a SATA port of the motherboard. Here's an example:
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im building a new computer and was wondering is it ok if i used a ide cable froom my other mobo with hd would that work because my mobo only came with sata cables and ide cables for my cd drive and stuff :chef:

A:mobo sata

Your old IDe cables should work just fine.
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I was just wondering I have a Intel D865GBF mobo and it supports both IDE and Sata drives. My question is, can I have both types installed at the same time? Also can I ghost from IDE to Sata? And can I boot from The Sata? Anything else that I should know along these lines would be greatly appreciated

A:Both sata and ide on same mobo

check your manual,some m/b you can use both ides with sata and others you cannot use eide 1 when using sata
otherwise everything works as normal from what i have read
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Hi i just bought an a n x deluxe mobo for the serial ata that was available on it It appears that it is more difficult than i thought to bring those sata devices to Sata --> Help Mobo + work I explain i got that AMD Barton gb Ram Dual a n x deluxe sata Western Digital gb Maxtor gb Dvd drives graphic cards and everything else that doesnt matter at all So i installed RAID Controller from Microsoft with autodetection Silicon Image is updated My bios is updated Help --> Mobo + Sata to v Also my new samsung gb SATA with the lil things to switch it plugged in is plugged detected but not working as hdd So my real problem as you might know is that my sata is not working so my new hdd cant work i ve tried my maxtor alone with samsung with jumper my Western digital alone with samsung with jumper samsung alone with jumper for samsung alone without jumper maxtor with samsung without jumper western digital without jumper i also tried to installed windows only with the samsung connected nothing else Can t detect an operative hdd so can t install Windows cd tried to install raid controller and everything nothings working Oh yeah and my new asus drivers are on Another thing is that i got no floppy working My floppy drive is broken and i can t use it and referring to my ASUS SATA installation s read me i need one to install something to make those things working Is there a way to install everything without that Maybe it s easy to figure out for some of you but i tried everything and i really need your help Thx for all and to all nbsp

A:Help --> Mobo + Sata

To me it would be simplest to buy a new floppy drive for $6-$8 (okay, plus shipping and maybe tax).
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I have a mobo which supports 2 x ide and 2 x sata Hard Disks (Asus A8V Deluxe, agp)
I have 3 Hard Disks: 1 x ide and 2 x sata.
I m thinking get rid of the ide and stay just with those 2 X sata...
Is it a good idea?

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I received my Biostar NF325-A7 this afternoon. It has 4 IDE connections and 2 SATA connections. I searched the forum and read the manual but I couldn't find any clear cut answer to this question. Can I install both IDE and SATA hard drives on this board. I have some of each in old computers.

Another question just occurred to me. Can I prepare the used Hard drives for installation in the new computer by deleting the old partitions then reformatting in the new computer?

A:IDE and SATA HD on the same mobo?

Yes to both questions.
I would only install the drive you want as your boot and OS drive,install your OS and use the option in the setup to format.
When you have that drive working then install the other drives .
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Okay so I have the Corsair Force GT Series 120GB SSD. Its port's are Sata 3 and well my motherboard is a MSI Pro-E long story short it does not have a sata 3 port. So my question is there anything out there I can buy that does have a sata 3 port like something that will hook on the PCI slot's or something. I basically dont wanna have to buy a new mother board but I still wanna get the amazing speeds because right now im getting half its peformance anyways please write back soon. If you give me a link to a product I prefer and my max budget is $50.​

A:Expansion card with SATA III ports for SSD?

You will need a free PCI-E slot. But this should get the job done.

I do not know much about the brand. But it does have 5 Eggs on Newegg.
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Hello, i have an Elitebook 850 G3 with BIOS Vers. 1.0.4 and i want to disable the SATA 0 Port (the hdd), because our imaging software always choose the SATA 0 port as default. I want to choose the SATA 2 Port (the ssd) as default.So is it possible to disable the SATA 0 port? Thanks.
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I was looking at device manager to see if i have my hard drives hooked up right. I wanted my Kingston SSD to be on SATA port 0 which is the built in dock on my case. I checked and the SATA cable is going from SATA port 0 to my dock on my case. But in device manager it says bus 1. My other 2 hard drives that are the same make and model in device manager it says location 0 and location 1. In my BIOS i did set i think it was SATA ports 0 to 4 to AHCI and SATA port 5 and 6 to IDE (no other choice for the latter ports).

So what is the difference between the two, bus and location? Which one is faster to get 6 GB/s on my SSD and my one Seagate Firecuda SSHD on the SATA ports. My motherboard does support 6GB/s.
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the Aspire xc-710 has two standard SATA ports and one m.2 port. Does using the m.2 port for solid state storage stop ONE of the native sata ports from working? i.e. are there THREE ports on the motherboard for three devices... or is it TWO ports that can be shared between THREE devices? Thanks

A:does m.2 port remove one of the sata ports?

Hello, No, you have 3 ports available and "independent" : 2x SATAs and 1x M.2 2280. You can connected 3 devices.
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Please specify the type(ata sata sata2 sata3) and number of available SATA ports on the motherboard of my laptop  HP Pavilion 15-n290sr

A:type and number of available SATA ports

@mkor005? 1 multi-format SD media card reader1 HDMI1 headphone/microphone combo1 USB 2.02 USB 3.01 RJ-45 Your specs here. REO
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I recently purchased a new WD5000aaks sata hard drive, and I've tried to install the hdd, but during windows xp installation, I found that it can't recognize any hdd connected.
I also checked bios to see if there was any option for sata, but I couldn't find any. I really don't know what to do at the moment. I would like to know what I should do to make the hdd work.

I would appreciate all the help I could get. Thankyou very much for your time

A:I see the sata ports on my motherboard, but I can't install my new hdd..plz help
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well i bought everything and im having trouble with my motherboard. Everything turns on fine the screen shows the bios and stuff but none of the sata ports on the motherboard are working. GA-MA785GT-UD3H sata ports not working my hdd wont show and my cd rom drive wont open as well what do i do

A:Motherboard sata ports won't work

Hello Farbods0, and welcome to Seven Forums.

On page 49 of your motherboard's manual (PDF file), check in BIOS to make sure that you have the Onchip SATA controller enabled with the type set to AHCI.

Hope this helps,
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I'm a newbie thru and thru, in need of advice.
I have a GA-X58A-UD3R Rev.2 w/i7/12gb RAM and the following drives-
120gb Vertex2 SSD (w/w7-64bit)
2-600gb DigiRaptors as RAID1
I originally plugged the SSD and DVD into GSATA2 and the RAID1 drives to GSATA3. I had BSOD once a week til I moved the SSD to SATA2 port.
Where should I have these drives plugged in for best performance?
Also, is there any difference between using SATA2 Port 4 and SATA2 Port 0?
thanks everyone!

A:which SATA ports for GA-X58A-UD3R rev.2

Usually you will get better performance if your boot drive is connected to port 0 or 1. I'm not familiar with your board, but the Gsata is probably a Marvel controller and the other ports are native controllers. You will be much better off using a native sata port. That being said, I don't think you should BSOD no matter which port you connect it to.
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This is going to make me look really stupid but on old award bios I was able to figure this out, but I am new to UEFI. How do I use the two grey/white ports on my motherboard. This is my exact model and here is a pic of it. I just want to use them to hook up two hard drives, no raid config or anything, just use them as normal sata ports.

A:How do I use the two white sata 6gbs ports ?

It is recommended to use the chipset native ports (the brown ones) for your boot drive and OS. So if you just have 2 drives to use then use those. They are 6GB SATA so no loss in performance.

If you just want to know how you would use the 2 ASMedia SATA ports then you need to first make sure that the controller is enabled in BIOS. You will usually find this setting in the Onboard Devices Configuration section, usually on the Advanced Tab.

One note: modern UEFI BIOS with graphical user interface will start up in "EZ Mode". Switch this to "Advanced Mode" to get a more recognizable BIOS.

After checking to be sure the ASMedia Controller is enabled you then want to be sure the driver is installed. Check the downloads section.

Once enabled, and drivers installed, you will use these ports just like any of the other brown ones, with the exception that they may not work until the OS starts. If Asus installs BIOS drivers in their download package then they will work always.
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    I installed in my Inspiron 3847 an SSD to SATA port #1, leaving the origin HDD at SATA port #0.
I ran HD Tune on the SSD and found the read performance only in the 200MB/s range, much lower than the published speed (450MB/s). That made me wonder if SATA port #1 is SATA III or II. 
I Googled about this, found some docs on the spec of the system, but still couldn't determine if SATA port #1 is III or II.
Could anyone with insight on this share your knowledge? Thanks.
Here are a couple of links for your reference:

A:SATA ports in Inspiron 3847


Its not a Yes or no its not linear.
Intel® H81 Chipset(Intel® DH82H81 PCH)PCI Express Revision     2.0PCI Express Configurations      x1, x2, x4Max # of PCI Express Lanes     6USB Revision     3.0/2.0# of USB Ports     10USB 3.0     2USB 2.0     8Total # of SATA Ports     4Max # of SATA 6.0 Gb/s Ports     2
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Hi, Are there many people out there with AsRock PC's, and has anyone had problems with SATA Ports on the Motherboard not working, or else the Power-Supply-Units having SATA cables that did not work??? Thanks!!!

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My first four (black) sata ports are filled on my Intel D975XBX motherboard and I want to add another drive.

There are four more SATA ports below these and they are blue. When I plug a drive into them, it does not get recognized.

I tried the Intel site and registered but even though, I can read the postings on their "discussion" site, I cannot start a new one.

Anyone here had and solved this problem?


A:Need help with SATA ports in Intel D975XBX

Those 4 ports are for raid configuration only, so you cannot use them for individual hard drives.

Four Serial ATA ports via integrated RAID controller
3.0 Gb/s
Support for Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
Intel® Matrix Storage Technology
Support for RAID and non-RAID drive configuration
Four Serial ATA ports via on-board discrete RAID controller
1.5 Gp/s
Support for RAID drive configuration only Click to expand...

You will have to use a PCI add in card to get more Sata ports for individual hard drive support.
Nice PDF on that board here

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Ill first tell you my issue then Ports to Invisible 2 Bios? SATA later describe some necessary background info so that you understand my question immediately I have ruled out that ONLY the SATA ports two of them work out of SATA 2 Ports Invisible to Bios? all six ports I have trial many HDD s and same unrecognizable issue remains Basically i cannot see any drives that are connected to the SATA ports and bios and the POST screen become really slow when drives are connected to those ports Although when drives are plugged into teh SATA ports they run perfectly normal Is there a way SATA 2 Ports Invisible to Bios? to enable these ports or make my drives recognizable once plugged into these ports Or do i have to get a whole new motherboard Background Info Relevant computer setup I have a GB OCZ Vertex SSD this has windows pro installed and is the main drive i boot from and install the majority of my programs on I also have TWO GB Western Digital Green HDD s which are setup in RAID Striped using the OS disk management tool I store some small programs and my data on this drive s On my mother board i have SATA ports and SATA ports I plug my SSD into on of the SATA ports no particular reason and i plug the RAID drives into the SATA ports See full comp specs at bottom of post I will now tell you how i came about this problem I was simply browsing the internet whilst downloading something for my uni course when suddenly my computer started to get really slow and then i went to My computer and noticed i couldn t see my HDD s Restarted comp and issue still remains Thanks for reading and thanks so much for replying SPECS x GB Kingston RAM GB RAM Intel core i GHz GB ATI Radeon HD gb OCZ Vertex SSD x gb Western Digital Green HDD s Thermaltake Lightpower W PSU Motherboard - Gigabyte P A-UD R nbsp

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Hi I just had a thread recently about a DVD rom drive that was not recognized by my PC and when I opened up the case of my PC I noticed something about the SATA ports on my motherboard which led me to open this new thread I noticed on my motherboard there are two different kinds of SATA ports one kind is red there is a total of six of these and then there are two orange swap ports motherboard? I my on SATA can SATA ports and in the manual of my motherboard it says the orange ones are mean t for hard discs and can be used to configure RAID I do have two discs in RAID and according to the manual of my motherboard these discs should be connected to these orange SATA ports which in my case they currently are not By the way the hard drives in RAID set up are just data drives NOT OS-drives can I swap SATA ports on my motherboard? not sure if that makes a difference though My question to you guys how do I fix this My RAID can I swap SATA ports on my motherboard? setup seems to be fine but if these two SATA ports are meant for RAID I think I should hook up can I swap SATA ports on my motherboard? my two RAID discs to them BUT could swapping the ports my drives are connected to mess up my RAID set up or mess up anything else on my PC And I mean swapping from a red port to an orange colored one I'm hesitant to try this because I am cared I could screw things up Thanks Lars
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I have a MB with 6 sata ports 4 are red and 2 are black. Can i use the 2 black ports just like the other 4 red ports to say hook up another HDD or DvD drive?

Note: i do not want to raid HDDs i just want to hook up more drives.

here is a link my MB....

Tnx, Bob

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I have a Gigabyte-S GA-M52L-S3P motherboard which has only two SATA ports.

What sort of expansion card do I have to fit to give me (at least) two more ports ?

I have the motherboard manual, but advice garnered on the Net is confusing.

(System is XP Home SP-3)

A:[SOLVED] Add Extra SATA Ports


You should be able to get any expansion card that fits into a conventional PCI slot or a PCI Express 1x slot. So anything like:
1. SATA PCI Express Controller Card 2 x Internal Sata II: Electronics

2. Dynamode 3 Port SATA PCI Card with Raid Functionality: Electronics

3. 2 Port SATA 6 Gbps PCI Express SATA Controller Card: Electronics

4. 2 Port PCI Express Internal SATA II Controller Card: Electronics

5. 4-Port SATA II PCI Card: Electronics
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I have ?work Solved: cards SATA Controller Will a motherboard with two SATA ports I m using one port for a Combo drive I was thinking of creating a RAID array However I need the one SATA port for the Combo drive since it doesn t work with IDE So I thought of adding a PCI SATA controller card for additional SATA ports I contacted my motherboard manufacturer about this They informed me that I cannot do this They say the MB bios rom does not have space to add another SATA controller I can accept this However if this is true Solved: Will SATA Controller cards ?work of my Solved: Will SATA Controller cards ?work MB why do the PCI SATA controller cards continue to sell The cards tell you which OS to use Solved: Will SATA Controller cards ?work but not the MB s I was of the impression that PCI cards were like standalone devices that would work with almost any MB that has PCI slots Am I wrong Evidently I am Anyone know about this restriction Any way to overcome it nbsp

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looking to add 2 or 4 port don't not need raid
seen some cheap cards out there prefer pci-e can use pci-x
want sata II 3gb/s
installing 2 more dvd burners bought deal on sata optic drives
anyone with experience with the 20 dollar cards or there abouts
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Hey guys This is kind of embarrassing Despite being a very seasoned PC user I have never ever used a SATA HDD Always mobo HDD? support a SATA my Does IDE My old machine I custom built back in had been retired a few years ago due to a crashed hard drive I was able to score a GB Western Digital WD ABYS but I was surprised that it Does my mobo support a SATA HDD? was SATA when installing it because I didn t have a cable to connect it with nor do I see one on the motherboard So basically I have no experience installing this Is SATA better than IDE somehow I would just like a summary of the differences and more importantly some guidance on what I need to purchase I tried researching my Shuttle AK S E mobo to see if it was even compatible and if I would need one of those cables or the entire adapter Needless to say I didn t find much info available on it I heard these adapters slow it down which implies IDE is better than SATA to me Most of the ones available on Amazon had bad reviews How do I install this without any drawbacks Do I need a new mobo or is there an easy way to make it work and continue to use this mobo that s still in fine working order nbsp

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My old motherboard supports only SATA 2.0. At the moment, to get the best out of one of my SSD's Im using a PCI- Express adapter card. It only allows one SATA 3.0 device to be connected. Can I just get an adapter with 2 SATAIII slots? Will that allow me to use 2 SSD's on the one PCI Express x16 lane? Im not sure about that.

If not, can I make use of my USB 3.0 ports with a similar SATA adapter. Could I then get the max read/write speeds from the SSD?

Im just really looking for ways around a complete CPU/Mobo/Ram upgrade!

A:How to add more SATA 3.0 slots to an old Mobo

You can use something like this card;

4 internal ports and 2 external ports.

FWIW, I would opt for a new mb rather than spending money trying to get old tech to work with modern ssd drives however that is up to you.

Note you generally do not get as good of performance from a sata controller as you do from the native intel/AMD controller on the mb.
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I just reinstalled a P4P800 SE motherboard in my PC. I used my old WD Caviar 80G sata HD, connected it. I have tried installing the drivers that came on the mobo cd, and one from asus website for the sata chipset (Intel 865PE chipset) yet I am still getting sent to the screen to where I have to choose to restart under last known good configuration, safe mode or start windows normally. Is there a way to install the drivers without using the windows xp disk? Do I have to reformat the HD(I want to avoid this)?
I am still a bit new to the Sata HD installation bit, so the more info the better.

A:New mobo, old sata hd problem

what kind of mobo was the WD sata installed on before? if it is a different chipset then you need to at least do a repair install of windows. you cna find the guide to do this in the OS section here.
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Hope someone can advise me please I have just bought a new motherboard Gigabyte GM-UD H x gb dimms AMD Phenom II X BE and a new case I took out the IDE dvd drive from my old machine the one i m writing this post on and two sata drives plus the psu I assembled the motherboard into the new case with the ram and cpu and it boots up can't mobo New SATA or IDE detect fine no beeps etc The problem i m having is getting the mobo to detect the sata and the ide drive It s been a good - years since i last upgraded and many of the options in the bios i New mobo can't detect IDE or SATA am unsure of I have spent the past hours trying to get the motherboard to find anything I am not sure if New mobo can't detect IDE or SATA the psu is the culprit as it is only a w ish psu The manual is pretty unhelpful and doesn t go into much detail about anything It does mention to use a minimum of w psu to avoid manfunction or booting problems but all seems well apart from detecting drives I even removed my ATi pro because i know it used lots of juice and might help me figure this out No change All i have plugged into the motherboard is the ram cpu and an X-fi soundcard Surely buying another psu that can deliver another - w of power won t make this suddenly detect the drives I just have two oldish drives not in raid and this older pc detects them fine I had to pull out the hardware again to get this machine running again so i could get on the web to look for help What is AHCI Has anyone got experience on this motherboard can someone explain please the sata settings in the bios and what i should use One option mentions port and ide i think but this confuses me I see settings for native ide but don t understand the relevance with sata If anyone has the correct settings i can then maybe try them and if still doesn t work it might be the board i guess Can t believe why everything else if perfect but the detection side is so problematic Many thanks in advance nbsp
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I've been reading that it is possible to set a SATA-300 HDD to run at a speed of SATA-150 on boards that support only SATA-150. Is this true? If it is, what do I have to do to set this up so that I can purchase a SATA-300 HDD to work on my mobo that only supports SATA-150.

A:Can I use SATA-300 on Asus K8V-X SE Mobo?

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probably a silly question but...

I have 2 hdd one is IDE and the other is currently usb 2.0/ide also my dvdrw is IDE.

I'm looking to buy a new motherboard for a core2duo after the july price cuts but nearly all that I have seen only use sata.

Anyway I was wondering if there is any conversion part I could so I could still use these as the extra expense isn't is my current budget/limit.


A:ide hdd conversion to sata mobo?

Google SATA to IDE
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Hello I am building anew PC I have two SATA drives and an MSI K N NEO Platinum mobo Windows XP Home edition SP will NOT finish installing It hangs as it is trying to quot save settings quot The drives are Seagate a Gig and an gig Both are I believe SATA II I have them plugged into the high speed SATA ports on the mobo and the onboard controller shows enabled in the BIOS But XP will not detect the drives either as regular SATA drives or even in a RAID configuration At K8N and SATA MSI Mobo NEO4 F I have tried loading the manufacturer s disks but they do not appear to read I don t think those drivers should even be needed SATA and MSI K8N NEO4 Mobo but the floppies spin but do not read The floppy drive is brand new so I guess the floppies could be bad but I also made my own floppies and they do not read either I am at a loss The BIOS is V B which is the latest oner available Any ideas are greatly appreciated Thanks much Easydog nbsp

A:SATA and MSI K8N NEO4 Mobo

Ah yes, the good ol' nForce4 chipset

What do you mean when you say "the high speed SATA ports"? You will want to use the purple SATA ports for the system install, since they more closely work like an IDE channel. Also, is the 80GB drive is for the system install? If so and you aren't planning on RAID striping them, I would just try to install with the system drive plugged into the #1 purple sata connector (oddly, the 2nd one from the battery).

As for the floppy drive issues, I have had a high failure rate on floppies as of late, so I just keep trying a different one until one works. My complaint with the nForce4 chipset is that all the components it controls aren't recognized by Windows until it is completely installed and you run the main nVidia installer that installs all of the individual drivers. Then, your RAID & LAN and the rest start working. Also, at that point, you should be able to get the Silicon Image RAID stuff working correctly.

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I had an external wd harddrive that I wasn t using much and decided to fill that last empty quot bay in my new case My problem is that the external drive is ide and my motherboard only has one ide slot that s being used by two dvd drives I found an ide to sata converter on newegg ordered it installed it and it dosen t seem to work I have four sata slots on my mobo I have already added one sata harddrive and had to configure bios to work with it but this last ide to sata mobo harddrive harddrive dosen t show up I went to the manufacturer s site and I found that I installed it correctly There are no drivers I need to download The ide harddrive to sata mobo converter is a small circuit board with an ide plug on one end When inserted into the harddrive and power connected it s led indicator lights up the harddrive idles but it just dosen t show on bios Oh and I formatted my pc thinking it would inadvertantly fix something and now I can t even GET into bios When I press F F or Delete it dosen t do anything Just loads windows with no eMachines post beforehand I don t have any ideas Help nbsp
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I have an HP a n with an ASUS Socket motherboard and Can SATA die? on controller MOBO GB SATA drive running XP The other day our power went out for Can SATA controller on MOBO die? no reason When I restarted the machine it said quot Disk Boot Failure quot After a couple of tries I got it started After that it was harder and harder to get started and now it wont boot at all In the bios it does not even see that a HDD is present Neither does the Windows Recovery Console I put the drive in another machine and XP booted right up from it no problem and all my data was there I put another drive with Vista on it in the machine and it was not recognized at all either I thought it was a BIOS problem After a long story I was able to update the BIOS successfully But it still does not see Can SATA controller on MOBO die? any hard drives Should I try getting a PCI SATA controller or should I just get a new motherboard nbsp

A:Can SATA controller on MOBO die?

Does the BIOS see the drive after you push the reset button or ctrl+alt+del at the error message to reboot? (Do not power off!) Does the HD actually spin up?

Maybe the PSU was damaged so that it can't supply enough power to spin ip the HD? Make sure you have no CDs in drives. Try the HD on another molex connector?

Yes, of course, any component can go bad..
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Hi Any Help Welcome
Just Installed Seagate Barracuda Sata 80gig Hd On Abit Ic7-g Mobo.updated Bios.showing 82801er Sata Raid Controler In Device Manager. Disc Drive Shows As Standaed Drive Used Hd Tach To Test But Showing Slow. Any Help Welcome Thanks
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How to put a SATA & Ultra ATA on the same mobo?

I just recently bought a new mobo that has only one IDE slot. I have two DVD drives, 2 Ultra ATA drives ( Seagate & Western Digi), and a WD SATA drive. The SATA drive will run my OS how do I configure the jumpers or do i need them at all on the ATAs?? I tried once already with the jumpers set to slave but I almost burnt out my CPU (AMD Phenom X4).

Mobo - ECS GeForce7050M-M (I know it's an ECS!! Please don't hurt me! LOL!!)
CPU - AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.4GHz
DVD 1 - LG GH20 SATA Multi DVD Rewriter
DVD 2 - Samsung CD/DVDW SH-S182M
SATA - WD Caviar SE16 320SATA
ULTRA ATA - Seagate 300Gb & WD 120Gb
Memory - Crucial 2x1gb DDR2 (PC2-6400)

A:How to put a SATA & Ultra ATA on the same mobo?

THe jumpers on the IDE Drives will have to be set either Master and Slave, or both set to CS.
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I recently got new Intel SSD series 330 60gb in addition to my standard 1tb Samsung HDD. So I set RAID mode from IDE to AHCI in BIOS (mobo MSI X85 pro-e). Now some of SATA ports (port 3 and 5) don't recognize my HDD or CD/DVD being connected but I still can use them in windows while other ports display them normally in BIOS. Also when I switch back to IDE mode, ports 3 and 5 display hardware in BIOS.
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i used to have my main HDD, a caviar black 1tb running through the sata6gb/s ports just fine, then after moving to a new case (nzxt Phantom, which i'd recomend to anyone!) i cant get the bios to recognise the HDD through the sata6 ports. it runs fine on the sata3 ports, but, after reading that there is a difference, although small, in performance, i'd like to have it running back as it was.
can anyone suggest a reason for this?

A:WD Caviar Black HDD not recognised on Sata 6 ports

Not sure why the difference but you don't lose any performance running a mechanical drive on SATA3...SATA6 is to accomodate what is right now the leading edge of SSD speeds.
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Hello folks,

I cloned my C drive and updated to windows 10 a week ago. Yesterday SATA ports 2 and 3 stopped working (on MOBO gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP). I think it is a windows 10 problem because I have:
swapped my drives between SATA ports. All drives do not work in ports 2 and 3 and they all work in the other ports. So that eliminates the possibility of disk or cable problems. checked that all ports are enabled in BIOS, and switched ports 2 and 3 off and on again to make sure. swapped back to my old C drive, which is still on windows 7. All ports work fine with win7. I think that eliminates the possibility of a MOBO fault and since everything works with win7 I'm guessing it must be a win10 problem...

It is strange because everything was fine for a week, problem started yesterday with no obvious cause. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks heaps...

A:SATA ports not working after windows 10 update

Sorry! I forgot I had installed more RAM and it didn't occur to me that might affect the SATA ports. Fiddled round and fixed the problem.

The GA-Z77 MOBO has 4 RAM slots. I had 2 8GB sticks in slots 1 and 2 and yesterday I bought 2 more sticks, just because RAM is cheap. The new sticks have large heatsinks on them which I thought would interfere with airflow if I put them in slots 3 and 4. So I moved my old RAM to slots 3 and 4 and put the new RAM in slots 1 and 2.

The SATA ports stopped working, but it didn't occur to me that it could be because of moving the RAM around. Just then I put my old RAM back into slots 1 and 2, and put the new RAM into slots 3 and 4. Bingo, all the SATA ports work. Then I moved it all back again, SATA ports still work.

So I'm guessing my problem was related somehow. The RAM was showing up in my system, and after the install yesterday I did a windows memory diagnostic to make sure it worked. But today, removing the RAM and putting it back in fixed by SATA ports. Go figure!
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I ve been searching through the forums and have found a few situations similar to mine but not quite I ve tried a few of the suggestions I ve seen that are applicable but thus far they HDD to through mobo IDE SATA IDE PCI card controller haven t helped Here s what s up I am and always have been running XP home I was running IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card a Dell Dimension I had a Gb IDE IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card hard drive in it being used as a secondary storage device It worked fine I upgraded to the system I have detailed in my profile It s boot drive is the new Seagate and works fine In the Dell I formatted the Maxtor completely and then connected it to my new comp via the PCI IDE controller card I have installed BIOS recognizes the Maxtor correctly according to my user s manual and what I ve found actually looking I can t do absolutely anything to configure my IDE storage through the BIOS because it does everything automatically XP does not see the drive in any capacity from My Computer to Disk Management The Maxtor is on the slave connector of the IDE cable and it s jumpers are set to slave The PCI IDE controller card is functioning properly I still have the original Maxtor installation CD and floppy The floppy says to pop it in the drive along with the CD and reboot I have done this and the Maxtor software doesn t recognize that a Maxtor is in there I don t need to recover any data the Maxtor is formatted and has never had an operating system on it I just want XP to recognize the space Finally this is what comes up regarding the Maxtor when I IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card boot up Drive Number Maxtor MB Set lt gt Maxtor MB Hit F to enter RAID configuration I have entered the RAID configuration and done what I needed to to delete the set because I don t want to get into RAID however obviously it hasn t done anything because the drive is still in a set Deleting the set or defining a new one is the only option that the RAID configuration will allow me to go into I m at a complete loss here Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card

Never mind; I got it worked out.

Long story about RAID controllers and poorly labeled/missing drivers!
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My 4 yr old mobo has SCSI and IDE.....ok! No problem booting either one.

I was thinking about buying a new Raptor SATA drive with a SATA PCI card and have a question.

If I have my XP installed on this new drive, is there going to be a boot problem..??

A:Booting W/SATA HD on older MoBo..?

Good Question.

You might try looking in the BIOS and see what boot options are presented. You might also peruse the M/B manufacturer's support site and see if there are any BIOS updates that list having the ability to boot from a PCI device as a reason for the update's release.

What's the M/B and which BIOS version are you running ?
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Can I arbitrarily plug in and out SATA cables (coming from DVD and (external) hard disc) into and from SATA slots on the motherboard?

or does this cause hardware damages?

Are thesDVD and external hard discs detected automatically by Win7
or do I have to click somewhere "refresh" ?


A:Can hot-plug-in and out SATA cables from mobo during run?

Quote: Originally Posted by pstein

Can I arbitrarily plug in and out SATA cables (coming from DVD and (external) hard disc) into and from SATA slots on the motherboard?

or does this cause hardware damages?

Are thesDVD and external hard discs detected automatically by Win7
or do I have to click somewhere "refresh" ?


Hello Peter and welcome to the forum

The answer I will give you is that the drive and PC must support hot plugging, You need to select AHCI in the BIOS and the drive must have a SATA power cable (as opposed to the old four pin molex connectors that were used by some of the early SATA drives.)

I have never heard of hot plugging a DVD drive.

So how do you know if I can do it of not? easy answer read the next paragraph

To disconnect a Serial ATA hard drive from the computer when the computer is running, you must first use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the system tray to dismount the drive from the Operating System. If the Serial ATA hard drive is not listed under the "Safely Remove Hardware" function, the motherboard or Serial ATA controller does not support hot plugging and the computer should be shut down and powered off before disconnecting the hard drive.

Except for external SATA my personal opinion is not to do it
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Motherboard P m -M Intel P Installing retail Mobo Another SATA on Problem POS Installing Windows XP Home First Downloaded drivers from here http www biostar-usa com mbdownloa model p m -m Then tryed from here http www biostar-usa com app en-us er php S ID If you search biostar it does not say p m Another SATA Problem Installing on POS Mobo -m its p m -m But its is a version Anyways I dont know if its Another SATA Problem Installing on POS Mobo BIOS setting witch i just place on defualt Only options is changing SATA type from IDE to RAID and only got hdd so its not going to be raid I just cant get this POS to take the driver and detect the drive Anyone ever used this motherboard Had this crap Ive installed sata drives on over systems and never had a problem were i load the driver and nothing unless it was some bios setting bad floppy witch is rare or wrong driver Spent hours on this and need some redirection btw bois is Phoenix

A:Another SATA Problem Installing on POS Mobo

You can either change the SATA drive in the Bios to IDE, or you can slipstream your driver into you XP CD using nLIte.
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I have a 4 year old Toshiba L550 that is running fine but after a lot of Googles I cannot find at what SATA speed the SSD is being driven at. From my pic I am guessing it is only 3GBs??

Relevancy 76.11%

Hi everyone,

I've just inherited a 2 or 3 year old Dimension 8400
Pentium® 4 Processor 540 with HT Technology (3.20GHz, 800 FSB), Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional from my brother.

It came with a sata drive, but I want to install 2 IDE hard drives from my old computer. The mobo has a 40 pin connector that looks suitable for IDE ribbon cable, but my bro says its for an optical drive. Will it depend on whether there is a proper controller card installed to run my IDE drives? Is it OK to run both a SATA and IDE drive in same machine?

I'm afraid to just plug in my IDE drives to see what happens. I don't know the model number for this mobo.


A:Will mobo handle both sata and ide drives?

Yes the Dell Dimension 8400 will handle both SATa and EIDE drives, if the EIDE drives have the ATA133 80 conductor 40 connector cables, and the SATA cables are high quality. The EIDE Sockets will work with either. Just set your BIOS Boot order accordingly... and be sure your EIDE drives are jumpered correctly.
In any case, running both on the 8400 will harm nothing.
We have huge numbers of clients who use the 8400, and several have both 750 GB SATA drives and 320 EIDE drives humming along side by side.
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Hi everyone, my sister has an asus A7N8X-D 2.0 mobo and i want to know if its sata II compatiable...?
Had a look around and can't find out if it supports sata I or II so i thought i'd see if anyone knew....?

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Machine configuration Installation XP MOBO/SATA of drive on Computer Type Advanced Micro Devices MHz BIOS AT AT COMPATIBLE Date Adapter NVIDIA GeForce TurboCache BIOS Manufactured American Megatrends Inc BIOS Date Installation of XP on MOBO/SATA drive BIOS Version BIOS Installation of XP on MOBO/SATA drive Size KB System Manufacturer ECS System Model MOBO K T -A System Type X -based PC VIA SATA RAID Controller Win Promise Ultra TX IDE Controller Silicon Image SiI SATARaid Controller Independent Dual Boot capabilities on two separate amp independent drives one on the MOBO EIDE controller the other on the VIA SATA RAID Controller on the same MOBO I am attempting a clean installation of Windows XP on the SATA Drive but the system fails to recognize even the presence of the drive This even after stripping the system of all drives except this one and after prepping it to be bootable with MAXTOR prep tools Was there ever a restriction on putting an O S on SATA drives even on the MOBO I have all the updates installed quot I think quot Thanks Installation of XP on MOBO SATA drive

A:Installation of XP on MOBO/SATA drive

A clean install is one done to a hard drive...that has no prior XP install on it.

<<I have all the updates installed, "I think".>>

What updates to what?

There is no need to use any utility with the XP "prep" the hard drive.

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I just got a 320G SATA HD for my PC and I need to know what kind of MOBO I have in order to install the correct drivers....I've looked on the MOFBO and can't find any kind of markings to indicate the there any place else I can retrieve this information? Thanks!!!

A:SATA drivers....what kind of MOBO????

Download and run the free Belarc Advisor, or Everest Home... When installed, either will report all your components.
Alternately, you can jot down the model P/N from the center of the board, and post it in a Googe search.
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Hi I have a system with an ASUS P AD -E Premium mobo When I first set up the system I installed two identical GB SATA drives on the Intel ICH R controller I set it up for RAID I never had a chance to compare a RAID setup with standard SATA in AHCI mode so I just assumed that RAID was better performance old on ASUS SATA mobo than standard SATA Now almost yrs later I have decided to replace the two old HDD s with one SATA II GB It s a Western Digital WD AALS It has a MB buffer compared with the old drives with only MB buffer All of these SATA performance on old ASUS mobo drives are RPM My first thought was to buy another of the GB drives SATA performance on old ASUS mobo so I could set up another RAID system but after reading about RAID and controllers I realize that RAID on my system is probably not worth the cost of the second HDD and I don t need another GB of storage Since both the Intel ICH R and the SIl controllers are on the PCI not the PCIE bus the max transfer rate I can get is about MB sec When I ran HD Tune for Read I found some interesting things First when I am running a single SATA II drive the GB on the Intel controller it maxes out at about MB Sec But as the test progresses say after the first minute of testing the rate drops way down to about MB sec When I run the same test on the two old drives configured as RAID on the same controller the rate is more steady at or near MB Sec but there are frequent spikes downward to MB sec I have found that some of the spikes are due to my running Norton IS while the test is in progress Shutting down the IS does reduce the number of downward spikes but does not eliminate them If I try the single SATA drive on the SIl I get read rate of only MB sec and it also drops off as the test runs I understand that there is a burst feature built into the Intel and probably the SIl controller but that is good only for what it says bursts of data What I have concluded is that if I really want great disk transfer rate I am going to have to replace my mobo to one that has the RAID controller s on the PCIE bus At the same time upgrading the mobo would give me the capability of installing a multi-core processor more RAM etc Am I correct about it being a waste of money to buy another GB drive identical to the one I just installed and configure it for RAID on the Intel ICH R Also if someone could explain why the transfer rate drops off on the SATA configuration as the test runs Thanks for your help FW nbsp
Relevancy 76.11%

My parents computer crashed on them (MOBO failure) so I was going to connect their hard drive to my computer to retrieve their files. I have an Asus K8V SE MOBO with and PATA hard drive. My parents hard drive is a SATA drive. I cannot get the computer to recognize the SATA drive. This seems to be a common issue with this MOBO can someone please help me? Thanks

A:Asus K8V MOBO with Sata HDD Problems

Install Driver ...
If driver is not the issue Update the BIOS ...

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I Have a working 2003 Western Digital PATA HDD I'd like to use with a Compaq SR1810nx motherboard which came with a SATA HDD. Although this PATA HDD is recognized in the BIOS, and all its SMART information; windows cannot boot and I get the blue screen of death which says the PATA HDD might not be configured or terminated correctly. I believe I have the jumpers set correctly. Is there something I should change in BIOS such as access type. Or, can this MOBO only start windows from a SATA HDD?

A:How to configure a PATA HDD For A SATA mobo

The motherboard will boot off PATA just fine. It sounds like it is trying to now.

You didn't just take the drive from another system with Windows on it and stuff it in that box and expected it to work without reinstalling Windows did you?
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There are 6 Sata ports named: SATA2_0, SATA2_1, SATA2_2, SATA2_3, SATA2_4, SATA2_5.

Then above it there are 2 GSATA ports named: GSATA3_6, GSATA 3_7.

Now I have one HDD: My HDD according to the site says that it is 3GB/S.

and one Optical Drive (also what's the abbreviation for optical drive?): What's my optical drive? 6GB/s ? 3GB/s? 1.5 GB/s?

Now, I know that the difference between SATA and GSATA is that GSATA supports 6GB/S. (Tell me more differences or correct me if I'm wrong) However it also supports 3GB/S and 1.5GB/S. If I plug my HDD (3GB/s) into the GSATA will it be faster, same, or incompatible?

Alas, can someone tell me the difference between Controlled by P55 Chipset (SATA) and Controlled by Marvell 9128 (GSATA).

A:Solved: On the Mobo: SATA or GSATA?

Its the hard drive that sets the speed, not the mobo, the specs for the motherboard just tells you what the fastest it will support.

If you plug a slower drive into a faster port, it will just run at the speed of the hard drive spec, backwards compatible in other words.

If you plug a 1.5gbps into a 3gbps port it will run at 1.5.

Remember all those Sata gbps ratings are for "Burst" speed, not continuous data transfer speeds. They are somewhat faster, but not as much as they would like you to believe.

here is a little more info on gbps ratings on Sata drives


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Fresh install W bit Home Premium All chipset Mobo over IDE forcing SATA Gigabyte driver updates installed GA-P a-UD rev F BIOS Version Intel Core I - gb Gigabyte Mobo forcing IDE over SATA RAM G Skill ATI gb WD TB SATA HDD Recently reinstalled due to some hardware issues Long Story and my BIOS sees my HDD as IDE In diagnosing my hardware issues I Gigabyte Mobo forcing IDE over SATA took an old IDE HDD and inserted it into MB to see if I could load windows on it The MOBO now sees my SATA drive as IDE It didn t do this after my first build The introduction of an IDE legacy device seems to have forced it to IDE mode and it won t come out I have studied my mobo manual extensively and believe I have the correct settings ACHI enabled on the appropriate controllers SATA enabled However my SATA drive still shows as IDE I have all BIOS settings set to ACHI HD is connected to the correct SATA controller This SATA HD was connected to a portable HDD shell to ensure it was working then put back in the PC in question and I did a clean reinstall of Windows I can really sense the performance hit from the IDE mode I spent the extra to get SATA HDD and MOBO when I did my build and it was working I would really like to get this back in order Any suggestions Thanks in advance for any help Pete

A:Gigabyte Mobo forcing IDE over SATA

I'm not sure what you mean. Where are you seeing the drive identified as IDE?
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i have a problem with my hdd when trying to make it to Raid in the bios, when ever i do my comp will keep restarting non stop.
when i enter bios main menu i get

primary ide master not detected
primary ide slave not detected
sec. ide master cd drive
sec. ide slave not detected
ide config << when i go here and then choose config sata as raid thats when my comp restarts but thats what my manual tells me to do with sata hdd's
any help?
mobo - asus p4p800deluxe
hdd - SATA seagate 120gig sata

Relevancy 76.11%

Basically, my IDE hard drive is really slow and noisy and I want to use my extra SATA hard drive on an old computer. However, the computer only has IDE connections... BUT! I have one of these:

I tried connecting my HDD to this via a SATA cable and powering the HDD via a molex to sata power cable. When I turn on the computer, it just tells me "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"

All I want to do is run Windows XP from it.

Relevancy 76.11%

Hi there I have only just recently purchased this board from a local vendor After installing a Semp S gb ide drive dvdrw floppy and caddies ide and sata both used for data transfer and data retreival x crucial mb and utilising the ob graphics Windows xp sp etc and all the usual gubbins earlier this evening after rebooting its K8Nf4G 2 Mobo Asrock New Sata coming up with a error code on the bottom right hand corner of It freezes at this point and simply hangs after attempting a reboot same error code and I am unable to enter bios or anything I have to say it was running fine at one point this evening as i was transferring files onto the drive and it was running sweet New Asrock K8Nf4G Sata 2 Mobo as a nut After closing it down and rebooting earlier on this is whats happening now It doesn t even get to the point of looking for the New Asrock K8Nf4G Sata 2 Mobo ide devices I have pulled everything apart and started from scratch even testing it out on my work bench and still the same thing Tried another new hard drive another crucial mem stick Is there something I am totally overlooking New Asrock K8Nf4G Sata 2 Mobo here or is the mobo kaput already Ps I have also attempted to boot the pc with only the hd and memory and still the same error code Please try and assist a guy whose going prematurely grey at this point and tearing out what little hair i have left lol Thanks for your inputs Be safe Nige nbsp
Relevancy 76.11%

I was thinking of buying the 400gb seagate drive but im not sure whether it would work with my motherboard? (an AsRock 775i65GV). How easy would the drive be to install and will i need to but any extras with the drive to get it working? Cheers

A:Will my MOBO support a SATA drive?

Well does your board have SATA ports on it. Then the next thing to check would be if it does have SATA ports on it is the drive that you have picked out SATA or SATA2, and what is supposed by the board you have
Relevancy 76.11%

Hello Experts, i would like buy an PCI-Express-Card for Support 2 x e-SATA Port. The Card can only installed into an PCI-Express Slot Interface. Windows Vista Ultimate German Version, 32-Bit with SP1, actual Drivers and Patches on my XPS PC. I am not sure, that the Card can be installed on my XPS 720 Desktop. Currently works my Seagate FreeAgent Pro Drive on the IEE1394 Port (e. g. Firewire), but the Speed is currently very bad.  Sorry for my bad english, i am living in Germany.... ;) For more Questions for me - Thanks all experts here...   

A:Installing an PCI-Express Card for Support e-SATA Ports ?

If you have only one video card installed then you have one(1) PCI-e X16 slot available. there is also another on availabel on the lower end of the board but it will only run at x8 not x16.diagram of system board HERE Items number 14,16, AND 19 are the PCI-e slots. you will need to determine if the add in card needs the x16 or can run with the X8
Relevancy 76.11%

I have 3 disks in my computer, of which 2 are SSDs.

I swapped the SATA ports between one SSD and the HDD so as to give the SSD a SATA port with maximum 6gb/s transfer speed, and now the access to the HDD is denied. The drive letters are correct, as they should be.

The user (myself, admin) did not change.

What can be done about it? I already tried to check the ownership of the drive and says STEVECOMPUTER/Administrators, which looks good, as my user account is an admin. Still, I have no access.

Would be thankful for any help on taking ownership back of the drive properly. I do not understand how it got lost in the first place.


A:Access denied to drive after switching SATA ports

Was the system set up with the drives arranged the other way? Try using a different SATA port for the HDD.

When the system was set up, it got used to having the drives the way they were. If you switch them back, do you get permission again? I would try that before anything else-Plug it back in the original way, and see if it gives you your permissions back.

Otherwise you may have to try an In-Place Install or totally re-install Windows.
Relevancy 75.25%

I recently installed win 8 on new clean 1Tb hdd but forgot to firstly disconnect the second 250Gb hdd disk #0, so the OS ended up on disk #1. I then disconnected the 250Gb drive and reinstalled Win 8 on the 1Tb drive. I then checked Disk Management and found, as I thought, that the 1Tb drive was now disk #0.
However, when I reconnected the 250Gb drive and then checked Disk Management again I found that the 1Tb drive had reverted to disk #1 and the 250Gb to disk #0. I would prefer that my 1Tb C:\ drive be disk #0. Could I achieve this by swapping the SATA connections on the HDDs or on the motherboard?
Help appreciated.

A:Is HDD disk# determined by mobo sata socket?

Hello Pedro,

Yes, that would be correct. Whatever the SATA port number the disk is connected to will be the disk #.
Relevancy 75.25%

I was trying to figure out the best way to move files from my old PIII XP PRO desktop to my new Quad box but then decided why not just move the drive over didn't remember that I might have used Windows IDE mobo SATA an Trouble to migrating drive Easy Transfer The new Windows bit sata machine already had a gb sata drive as primary so I thought the coming from the old computer might make a good storage partner backup It might be better if they were the other way around with the as the 'backup' but so be it I bought an IDE to SATA adaptor Trouble migrating an IDE drive to SATA mobo to connect the old IDE drive to the sata mobo It seemed to work initially although somewhat quot sketchily quot the computer was slow to boot but I did eventually have both drives running OK and was able to access all files on both and see them both on my workgroup After a couple Trouble migrating an IDE drive to SATA mobo of shutdowns and restarts though the machine got increasingly slow difficult to boot sometimes only coming to life if I hit the spacebar on my keyboard weird then after three or four of these wonky boots it wouldn't boot at all I removed the added drive and after many shutdowns and restarts the box finally started windows but I swear it played the XP sign-on splash screen music At that point I realized remembered that the XP Pro OS was still on the old drive and now I see in another thread that IDE drives somehow quot overrule quot sata drives Ooops I think my Master Boot Record is botched up Booting takes longer than it did before and I swear the quot login music quot is wrong I don't even see a BIOS prompt when booting now the computer goes from blackscreen to windows splash screen no quot F or F quot visible anywhere So here are the questions Should I keep this drive I've invested in the adaptor and I'd hate to scrap both Can I hot-mount the old drive connect it while the pc is running so I don't risk another 'spooky' boot Is there a special setting for the jumpers on this nd drive or are they different depending on the brand How do I get my BIOS prompt back and what do I do once I get into it assuming I can Complicating any rescue efforts is the fact that my Windows disk is one of the popular read CHEAP OEM versions that I don't believe provides all the REPAIR utilities that come with the full-blown copies Any suggestions for fixing up my boot process OTHER than a full re-install I'm lazy like most humans and HATE the thought of all that backing up and reloading Thanks a bunch for any and all tips tricks suggestions

A:Trouble migrating an IDE drive to SATA mobo

hit f8 during boot up....go to advanced boot your "enter"...startup repair
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Hi all,

After putting in a second GPU -- which now covers 3 of my Sata ports -- I was forced to switch my drive order around. I was able to boot successfully with 2 of them, but oddly not 3. So I removed my System Reserve drive, setting C: to the active drive, figuring that would clear things up. Then plugged in my 3rd drive into that spot leaving just 2 drives, but windows still does not boot.

I checked boot order in BIOS, but I still get boot error. Windows will only boot when I remove the drive leaving only the OS drive.

I know a reinstall will solve my problems, but I need to avoid that at all costs.

Please forgive me if this is a repost. I tried searching put couldn't find any answers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

A:No boot after switching HDD Sata order on Mobo

Try a startup repair and run it 3 seperate times...

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
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I know that you lot & SATA XP mobo issues with installing Asus have probably answered these before but i promise i did check and couldn t find a solution System AMD Athlon XP Asus A N X-D v mobo x mb Corsair RAM x Western Digital WD JS Caviar SE GB SATA HDD New Windows Drive x Maxtor gb SATA HDD Storage Drive My old IDE HDD died and so i opted to buy a SATA Asus mobo & SATA issues with installing XP drive this time as i knew the performance was better and the drives are much cheaper now I ve put the new drive into my pc the SATA connector into the primary socket the Maxtor storage drive has always been in the secondary and worked fine and tried starting my pc and the install process Unfortunately setup quot Asus mobo & SATA issues with installing XP did not find any hard disk drives installed quot I checked my BIOS settings and the boot order between SCSI and SATA is correct SATA st and when passing the BIOS stage the HDD is showing up in my SATA drives list I ve read around and understand that i might need a SATA driver disk to be able to install onto the SATA but not sure if this is applicable to me as i have already used SATA in the past for my storage drive I ve tried pressing F at the start of the installation to get to the SCSI or RAID section but i m not trying to run the disks in a RAID array so this seems pointless I tried quot Specifying Additional Device quot anyway just to see if there is anything in there and i get a prompt for a Manufacturer Support Floppy Disk alas Asus does not offer support for my mobo anymore and all I have is the original Motherboard CD which contains only the files shown in the pic below My housemate bought a disk recently that had to be initialized Could that be the problem nbsp