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HP Probook 450g3 usb installation issue

Q: HP Probook 450g3 usb installation issue

Hi Team, I am unable to Install Windows 7 through USb over the 450G3 unit of hp Laptop.Getting error as "required CD\DVD drivers is missing"".

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Preferred Solution: HP Probook 450g3 usb installation issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HP Probook 450g3 usb installation issue

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer is to make sure you are booting from one of the USB2 ports.
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Is it possible to connect 2 external monitors using both the vga and hdmi interfaces at the same time?
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Is it possible to connect 2 external monitors using both the vga and hdmi interfaces at the same time?
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Hi I install windows 10 for my 450G3 Probook, its FN keys does not work for brightness. Kindly help me to update its driver.
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Hi I've edited this post to make users aware the Sandisk Ultra II SSD has issues with the 450 G3 in legacy mode.  It's simply not visible in the boot options under legacy only UEFI.  I have spent hours and hours and it doesn't work on a 240 and 480 gb models I have running the latest firmware.  I've posted messages on the Sandisk forums reporting the very likely bug. I think I'll stick to Samsung which 850 Evo works perfectly!
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Hi, I am not able to install wireless driver in HP Probook 450G3 laptop, after clicking on next and accepting all terms of license of aggrements , command prompt is opening and showing installing.... and then nothning ..Please help..!!
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Hi I've edited this post to make users aware the Sandisk Ultra II SSD has issues with the 450 G3 in legacy mode.  It's simply not visible in the boot options under legacy only UEFI.  I have spent hours and hours and it doesn't work on a 240 and 480 gb models I have running the latest firmware.  I've posted messages on the Sandisk forums reporting the very likely bug. I think I'll stick to Samsung which 850 Evo works perfectly!
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Hi I install windows 10 for my 450G3 Probook, its Its finger print device is not working properly. Kindly help me to update its driver.
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Hi, I am not able to install wireless driver in HP Probook 450G3 laptop, after clicking on next and accepting all terms of license of aggrements , command prompt is opening and showing installing.... and then nothning ..Please help..!!
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Apologies if this has already been posted but I have searched for the most relevant posts I could find. I am attempting to install Windows 7 on this device however it stops detecing the external CD drive & USB drive once I boot this from the BIOS. Is there any kind of workaround available for this?  I only have one external CD device available. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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hello , i bought this laptop brand new everything is fine except the audio its not working , i installed the latest driver from the drivers list on the website, i also updated the bios but also didnt fix the issue .
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I all! I got a issue with my Probook 450 G2 and bluetooth. My Wifi adapter is Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter, if i connect a bluetooth mouse, i cannot surf the web.Frequency: Wifi 2.4 Mhz - Bluetooth 2.4 Mhz is possible to change the wifi adapter to support Bluetooth? Thank you, Salvatore
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I purchased my HP Probook G3 a few weeks ago and the sound has been a problem from the start. No matter what I do to change the settings the initial sound is extremely loud and clunky (for example when an alert comes through). I have the sound very low in all the setting areas. I don't wish to turn the sound off altogether but a more gentle alert would be appreciated.  If you can advise on how to fix this please let me know.
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hello , i bought this laptop brand new everything is fine except the audio its not working , i installed the latest driver from the drivers list on the website, i also updated the bios but also didnt fix the issue . any hel please !

A:audio issue hp ProBook 450 G3

Hello ahmadbt Thank you for posting your query on HP Support Forum Please follow the steps given below: 1. Disable the Intel Smart Sound (ISST) option in BIOS 2. Uninstall the installed Audio drivers from Device Manager. 3. Reinstall the Audio drivers once again. ****Click the Kudos Button on left to say Thanks****Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.Thank You,K B T 86Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP
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There is very poor strength of Wifi Signals In Hp Laptop. Could any one help me please?
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Hey Lately I have an issue with my years old probook 4525's issue. Probook HP Few weeks ago I had to turn off the laptop because i had to travel somewhere and I had to take it with me When i reached my destination the laptop wouldn t turn on When I pressed the turn on button nothing happened but the wi-fi button s light switched to orange and the caps lock was blinking I thought it was a temperature issie since the laptop was in my bag and the HP Probook 4525's issue. temperatures outside was very low I put the laptop near the stove and half an hour later it turned on when i pressed the turn on button without any issues I thought my issue was resolved I had no problems using it after HP Probook 4525's issue. that Everything was running fine just like before I switched it off before the travel Next day when I got home I tried to switch it on again and the same thing happened - caps lock blinking and wi-fi button was orange I tried to turn it on later but yet nothing happened HP Probook 4525's issue. I checked what the caps lock button blinking means in the internet from another laptop and it turns it was a motherboard issue - caps lock was blinking times in a row and then it stops Later that evening I tried to turn the laptop again and voila - it was working like nothing has happened before I haven t stopped the laptop since Restart works fine but I don t want to risk to turn it off again I am using Windows if that is relative to the topic Any ideas what is happening nbsp
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HiI have some issues with my HP Probook G Touchpad freeze or pointer move issue Touchpad Probook G2 430 alone I have already do that nbsp Probook 430 G2 Touchpad issue Steps to drain the Static charge and loading default BIOS settings to resolve the issue Step Turn OFF the Notebook Step Un-plug the Power AC Adapter and also remove the Battery too Step Press and Hold the Power Button of the Notebook for a full minute Step Now let's re-insert the battery back in and plug back the Power AC Adapter Step Start the Notebook and keep tapping F Key during the startup to access the BIOS Step Once you get to the BIOS Please press F or F Key to load setup defaults for the BIOS Step Now let's press Esc Escape Key Save Changes and Exit - Yes Step Now please wait till the Unit loads the Windows Operating system Now please download and re-install the touchpad drivers for your Notebook from the HP Support SiteI made a fresh install of Windows same issue with or without trackpad driver update nbsp I think there is a hardware issueCould you make something for me I have seen that I'm not alone to have this problem nbsp Regards nbsp Probook 430 G2 Touchpad issue nbsp nbsp
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Hi, I'm currently having an issue with the display of the Probook 450 G3. (See photo) When I start up the ProBook, it works fine, it lets me login with no issues. However, when I close the screen (when still logged in) the laptop goes to sleep (as normal).When I try to wake up the Probook, via the power button, I get a faulty flickery screen as seen in the photo.
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Hi all I bought a probook for my wife last year as I thought it would be bullet proof but that is not the case It was purchased so that she could do work easily when she was pregnant It was purchased from saved laptops for a decent price and I got quid cash back Also had them upgrade the memory probook issue! Please 4530s help BSOD HP to gb from but I've just found that gb is Kingston and the other is micron strange Because my wife was on maternity the laptop rarely got used however when she went back to work I noticed the battery waasn't working well It would fully charge however after being turned off the battery would be dead I've completed a battery test amp the battery was fine so someone mentioned running the built-in HP support software and updating the drivers etc I updated everything and the battery was sorted no HP 4530s probook BSOD issue! Please help problem whatsoever However after minutes of use the laptop would BSOD and I kept missing the error message I then after trying various things rolled back the software to an earlier date and which has solved the BSOD however the battery is back to square one I then restored the laptop to see if it would help ANC for a while I though it did until it started all over again I've tried memory tests based on what someone said and various other tests I've noticed it only really happens when I'm on the internet and managed to catch the following pictures of the BSOD Please help

A:HP 4530s probook BSOD issue! Please help

Sorry for the bad spelling I'm doing this from a tablet
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We are currently having an issue with the HP G failing when attempting to wake it up from a sleep state nbsp We believe that the issue only occurs when the laptop has an external monitor attached via VGA nbsp Our system info nbsp Core i - U GHz GB RAMWindows Enterprise -bitBIOS versions Rev A and Rev A we are testing this issue with both Display driver versions Intel and we are testing this issue with both nbsp These are domain systems and are set through group policy nbsp Power Management Button Settings - no changeHard Disk Settings - always on set to for battery and plugged inNotification Settings - no changeSleep Settings abc order - nbsp 450 G2 sleep/hibernate issue HP ProBook - Allow apps enabled nbsp Allow automatic not config nbsp Allow standby disabled nbsp Require pass enabled nbsp Specify hibernate enabled set to nbsp Specify sleep on battery enabled set to Specify sleep plugged in enabled set to nbsp Specify unnintended on battery enabled set to Specify unnintended on battery enabled set to nbsp Turn off HP ProBook 450 G2 - sleep/hibernate issue Hybrid Sleep enabled nbsp Turn on the ability enabled nbsp Video and Display settings - all are Not Configured except nbsp Turn off the Display enabled set to nbsp We have applied these policies and have one laptop with the newest video driver old BIOS one with the new BIOS and old video one with both new and one with both old nbsp We are trying everything logical and for now we have set them to never sleep since its crunch time unfortunately it also occurs when the display turns off while an external monitor is plugged into VGA nbsp Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:HP ProBook 450 G2 - sleep/hibernate issue

I also have this issue. The machine will hang after being commanded to sleep, the lights flash momentarily, and then will turn back on into a sort of limbo state where the fan runs at full speed and the lights are on, but nothing responds. This mode requires pressing and holding the power button to shut the machine off and restart. Also, it should be noted that this machine is only 4 hours old and has no additional software installed yet, nor does it have any issues that would be related to age
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Hi, I own a HP Probook 430 g2.There is a problem with audio out put when head phones pluged in.Many times it doesnot provide audio on web or on an app. the video goes on an theres no audio.I have to close thhe web browser or the app to recoonect to the audio out put.I cannot do this all the time. Totaly stuck due to this. Not really happy with the product now.PLease let me know how to solve it.
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I can't get the integrated webcam to be detected under Win7 Home Premium x64.

Tried the HP driver no luck, updated Bios, still nothing. Any ideas?

A:HP Probook 6450b webcam issue

What is the make and model of the intergrated webcam? Does it work or did it ever work?
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Hi All, Please note that I'm facing an issue with our notebooks (4540s), laptops can't find any SSID, but after I have restarted the devices all SSID's appear. Regards,
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my laptop is not powering up and also caps-lock is flashing my laptop noot up once and it give me one msg ( your BIOS software is corupted please re instal  )  how should i re-instal the BIOS ?? to fix my laptop ? please help thank you
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HI i recently purchase hp 450g3 probook, i used window 7 64 bit and also tried window 8 64 bit , my laptop gets hangs while using different softwares, mostly photoshop cs6, i tried using different version of photoshop, changed the window, updated the bios but the problem ramains as it is, then i have to turn off the laptop and restart it either by long pressing the power button or by removing the battery, please suggest what should i do
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hello nbsp I had to reinstall on a new HDD windows bits after reboot I reinstalled he graphic adapter driver Intel HD and got- freeze of the computer means no reaction of anything done on keyboard - completely corrupted display nbsp what i probook issue windows 6560b in driver graphic 7 did reboot in safe mode uninstall driver reboot reinstall no luckI've also tried with an extrenal monitor installing driver with a second monitor connected and it worked at that point I was thinking i'm saved but no luck again - reboot without the second monitor ends to the probook 6560b graphic driver issue in windows 7 same- disconnecting monitor when running ends to the same display corruption nbsp I've also tries some probook 6560b graphic driver issue in windows 7 other setting in the intel driver and other evsions but no way to have it working only with the laptop monitor nbsp I may say also that i've taken the chance to dualboot on a linux and there it works out of the box nbsp Bios and other frivers are tha latest ones from HP web site nbsp Any nice idea it will be a pain nbsp to stay on a VGA driver nbsp best nbsp JM nbsp nbsp
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Hi, I installed WIndows 7 x64 fresh on my laptop (not from the recovery disk).  After installation, I ran HP's following driver package files, which I already had on my laptop.  sp53796 and sp56282.  My video and audio drivers are installed ok.  But I still don't get wifi and USB.  Therefore, I cannot connect to the Internet and download drivers.  Can someone please direct me to the driver for wifi and USB?  Or a driver package, that would install all essential drivers?   Imran.  

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A:Drivers Issue on Fresh Windows 7 x64 Install on HP Probook 4...

Hi, Imran: You need this wireless card driver for that device... This package contains the drivers for the supported Atheros Wireless LAN Adapters in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.
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Hi, Im trying to update the BIOS on my HP Probook 6555b, but get prompted for an admin password, which i do not know. I have removed the battery and the RTC battery, however when i start backup i get the below error and the default admin password gets restored.  Is there a way to reset the Admin BIOS password please? The CMOS checksum is invalid. The CMOS will be reset to the default configuration and will be rebooted. Please check your BIOS Setup options to see if they changed. CMOS Reset (502) ENTER - Reboot the system

A:HP Probook 6555b BIOS Admin Password Issue

@johnreid? Contact HP. Or download these files. Insert clean USB flash drive. Then run USB Image tool. Choose the flash drive then click on RESTORE. After restore remove flash drive. Insert flash drive into locked laptop and boot.?If HDD is installed remove before booting.? At C:\OUTPUT   type CD..   ?Then hit enter? Type HPBR   ?Then hit enter? First thing is to save your settings. Select #3 re-program. Press ?S? to save system information. Type HPBR and hit enter. Since your model is not listed select ?SHOTGUN.? After reboot repeat ?SHOTGUN? a second time. Let me know the result so I can update my list. Some instructions here. ?If you cannot boot from USB there are instructions to make a bootable HDD.? More help here. REO I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damage that may arise to your system by using these services. Please be aware that you do this at your own risk.
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Hello nbsp Here is the problem that I've encountered 6560b FLASH Probook from issue drive BIOS with update with my laptop HP b My HDD has crashed and is beyond repair I've went into the store and bought new HDD-SSD Samsung pro I've replaced crashed HDD with new SSD Probook 6560b BIOS issue with update from FLASH drive But to no joy During WIN installation I've came to part where I need to select place where I want to have my new OS Thing is it's can't be read So I've dig around the internet and found out that BIOS is issue with these new SSDs So I've decided to update my BIOS nbsp BIOS is currently on versio SCE Ver F nbsp I've downloaded latest version of BIOS sp nbsp from HP Support Center nbsp I've unpacked nbsp sp exe and started nbsp HPQFlash Through menu I've setup FLASH for update nbsp nbsp Folder structure of FLASHHP TOOLS HEWLETT-PACKARDcontains following folder structure nbsp nbsp BIOS nbsp nbsp BiosUpdatewithin BIOS folder there are two more folders and some BIN and SIG files nbsp nbsp Current nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp BIN nbsp nbsp nbsp SIG nbsp nbsp New nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp BIN nbsp nbsp nbsp SIGand within BiosUpdate nbsp nbsp nbsp CryptRSA efi nbsp nbsp CryptRSA efi nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate efi nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate efi nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate log nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate s nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate s nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate s nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate s nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate sig nbsp nbsp HpBiosUpdate sig nbsp I've sticked FLASH into Laptop and rebooted I've got the message 'BIOS update failed to update' or something like that and I had option just to reboot nbsp LOG file on FLASH had this with in nbsp HpBiosUpdate txt logfile from root EFI HP BIOS Update Started Failed init of SMBIOS data nbsp and nbsp HpBiosUpdate txt log file from BiosUpdate folder HP BIOS Image Interface Protocol Version BattInit Protocol All Required Protocols Located Lang reported as eng Language Selected is currently eng Failed Reading BIOS Image Hewlett-Packard BIOS New SCE bin nbsp I can see that it can't read SCE bin but I can't see that file in New as explaned above new folder contains only nbsp nbsp BIN nbsp SIG nbsp Should I rename these bins and sigs to SCE Has anyone encountered problem like this before with this model and version of BIOS nbsp Please advise and thanks

A:Probook 6560b BIOS issue with update from FLASH drive

When you executed the download BIOS softpaq, did you create a flash bootable key at that point? i assume you used another computer to do that? If you created a bootable usb key from the BIOS softpaq, you will see 3 files 68SCF.BINeRompaq.exegpl2.txt You can then insert the key no the laptop usb port and reboot to upgrade the BIOS. Is this what did not work?
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I have two HP ProBook 4510s laptops which both had the same issue of not booting up.  One of them has started working, but on the other the issue remains.  Upon pressing the power on button, the wireless indicator light on the front of the laptop continuously changes between orange and blue.  I can hear the fan running, but there is no output on the screen. I've tried the usual steps of removing the AC power and battery and holding down the power button, but to no avail. Has anyone else had the same or similar issue? Thanks
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I have been trying to install several times now. Windows tells me my upgrade is available. I start the installation process and the software is downloaded. I am told that it has finished copying files, then reboots. Win 10 logo displays and goes through another reboot. A few seconds later I get the message "attempting to recover installation". quickly followed by "restoring your previous version of Windows" which is done successfully, so now I am back at Win 7 64 bit ultimate. Checking the update status I get Error Details: Code 80242014, Windows update error 0x80070057, 2015-08-01-T-07_59_40P. I tried to create an iso file and got the error "Something happened," followed by 0x800704DD-0x96016. Does anyone have any idea how I should proceed? I'm kinda stuck at "something happened."

A:Win 10 Installation Issue

What are your system spces? Be as detailed as possible. Have you checked for a BIOS update? Have you made sure that all your software/hardware is all updated and running the latest drivers?
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Recently re-installed XP using the system restore disk that came with my PC. Since doing so, XP will not recognize various hardware, including network and sound cards. Any suggestions concerning how to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

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not exactly sure where to put this I've been trying to install Windows XP SP for a short while now The problem I have encountered at the moment is this error with installing my video card It reads The software you are installing for this hardware NVIDIA GeForce GT has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its companitibility with Windows XP Continuing your installation of this software may impar or destabilize the correct operation of your system either immediately or in the future Microsoft strongly recommends that you stop this installation now and contact the hardware vendor for software that has passed Windows Logo testing Do you want to continue installing the software for this hardware I have a few issues at this point My keyboard and mouse do not move or have been disabled so they do not seem XP SP2 Installation Issue to work My video card is a GeForce GT is there any solution to his horrifying problem to answer a few questions i am currently in the process of installing SP The XP SP2 Installation Issue drivers to see the monitor seems XP SP2 Installation Issue to be fine because i can see the screen in the background changing
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Ok I am trying to install xp home on a new hard drive I have done this a million times and never came across this When the installation begins you agree to the license issue Installation agreement and then select a partition where you wan windows to install format to ntfs and then setup files get installed on the hd The computer then says will reboot in seconds or hit enter Now the computer reboots and should continue the installation process Now this is where the fun begins The computer goes right to inspecting hardware and starts the installation process all over again The installation never continues where it should Things that I have made sure that are Installation issue done Pulled all hardware that is not necessary out of the pc Changed the ram out to ram I have laying around Made sure the boot sequence is cd rom first then hard drive changed the power supply Used different windows xp home disks to try to install with Formatted the hard drive both low level and high level formats All I know is i am in some kind of boot loop If anyone can help please I need it

A:Installation issue

on that first reboot, it doesn't say "press any key to boot from CD" or something similar?

you could try a different keyboard, but if a key was stuck, it probably wouldn't POST. do you have halt on keyboard errors disabled in BIOS?
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hi here is the problem i'm having i downloaded both bit rc and bit rc from microsoft burned both to dvd as i have with numerous images before used different programs downloaded the iso's from microsoft twice i have my boot order set to dvd st when it asks me to win installation 7 issue hit any win 7 installation issue key to boot dvd the machine restarts i am able to boot to xp home and xp pro cd and load windows from each also my hiren's boot cd will load win 7 installation issue and run no matter how many times i burn this or what speed i burn it at i get the same issue even when i used an older beta of that i installed previously although on another system and i know the disc worked i recently upgraded the pc i have machine overclocked but i already reverted back to defaults and same issue all the hardware is in good working order system specs core i- ghz evga x tri sli motherboard gb ddr corsair dominator mhz gb sata seagate mb asus dvd-rw sata creative x-fi extreme music pci true w mm fan ati hd gb w psu system more than meets the requirements i also tried a few different ways to try to get win setup to go on a usb thumb drive i kept having problems with it i know machine is capable of booting to usb i tried different ide achi settings did'nt seem to help either also i tried ide dvd-rw instead of the sata again the same rebooting my machine is stable even with the overclock tested with prime and intelburntest and all the temps are good too everything basically works great until i run a win installation dvd i have not tried to use the upgrade while in windows but i probably will i would prefer a fresh install anyways anyways i hope someone can help me figure this one out thanks

A:win 7 installation issue

Some members have said to not have more than 2gb ram during install
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Hi this is first time I am facing this issue Problem - I ve installed window XP on my desktop computer after fresh installation when I restart my computer for first time OS issue installation it start beeping after the XP logo and turn blank and keep on beeping Also the language of the boot menu i e menu which appears after pressing F is non english I ve Formatted hard disk of my PC several times but issue is still exists i e only first time windows Xp works after restart issue appears I ve tried installing Win but it wont be able to go till the install menu of win I ve reseted the BIOS clean the RAM etc but issue still exists When OS installation issue I install Vista computer works fine the issue is only with XP and Win I ve tried with different XP and Win CD DVD but still the problem is not solved Need urgent OS installation issue Help Don t know whether this OS installation issue is correct category or not also not able to find suitable Title for this issue nbsp

A:OS installation issue

Please provide the make and model number of the PC.

Are all your copies of Windows (Win7, Vista and XP) all legitimate retail discs and do you have the product/licence keys for all of them? Have any of the product/licence keys been used on another PC?

This sentence appears to be incomplete so it is not clear what happened when you tried to install Windows 7.
I've tried installing Win7 but it wont be able to go till the install menu of win7.Click to expand...

As Vista works ok then it is unlikely to be a problem with the PC, seeing a boot menu with a foreign language would suggest you have not used an English/US copy of Windows.

Please describe the beeping you hear. Is it a constant beep or a series of short and/or long beeps. These beeps are an error code which can be investigated once I know the code and the make of the PC.
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Just interested if anyone else has seen the following problem with Win installation BTW this is a GB p -ud r board with gig ram core i not overclocked I decided to upgrade issue ram Installation to bit after using bit since it came out last year Back then I remember having no issues with the -bit install and the comp is the same config as it was then except Installation ram issue for BIOS version So to make things easier I purchased a new gig drive Tried installing x version and it would complete but upon the first reboot where it updates the registry settings it would restart and show the quot Windows failed to start quot screen And would just remain in this reboot loop So I tried installing the bit using the same legit copy that I used last year and it did the same thing OK the hd is DOA then So I tried installing bit on my old drive and it still did the same reboot loop I checked ram with memtest - all Installation ram issue good New HD checked out fine too Anyway after flashing to the newest BIOS etc and trying just one stick of ram at a time this problem remained Then after days of hair-pulling I decided to put the single stick of ram in slot slots amp are on different channels thinking maybe slot is fried And ta-da Win booted After the successful boot I put the stick back in slot and it still booted successfully Ran the quot Memory Diagnostic Tool quot at startup and it found no problems Put the other stick in as well and still no problems It's been running like a dream since So any ideas why this happened - why win won't install with ram in the first slot Since the only thing that has changed with the pc config is bios updates I'm thinking Gigabyte has screwed something there But it doesn't explain why everything is working fine with all sticks used and windows is up and running

A:Installation ram issue

Hello jabbado. Welcome to the forum.

The first idea that came to mind was that there was an error in the memory controller. This gets complicated because the Intel Core i series motherboards have moved the memory controller from the (now extinct) Northbridge controller to the processor itself.

We used to routinely do a procedure called a "CPU Parameter Recall". This was (and I think still is) important to do when updating a bios or particularly when upgrading a CPU. Here it is:
Record all your preferred BIOS settings (so you can set them back later easily).
Enter the BIOS and Restore Bios Defaults. Save & Exit to reboot.
Enter the BIOS again. Then shut down the computer.
Disconnect the power from the system and wait at least 2 minutes (This performs the CPU Parameter Recall).
Reconnect the power, boot, Enter the BIOS, and Restore BIOS defaults again, Save & Exit to reboot.
Enter the BIOS again. Now restore all your preferred settings. Exit and Save. Let it boot into Windows.

When you update a BIOS it is important to Restore BIOS defaults before flashing the BIOS and after. If you did not do this when you upgraded your BIOS that may explain what happened.

Hope that helps.
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Hi Somone has asked me to fix there computer The original problem was that everytime Windows tried to load it would freeze at the quot Windows is starting up quot screen It would also occur in Safe Mode I decided to boot the Dell Windows XP Service Pack CD and try a repair install I cannot format this computer as he has vital data on it that cannot be lost It copied the files and then restarted as expected It never gets passed this screen http www winsupersite com images reviews winxp rc rev Installation issue XP gif It always says minutes left The green squares on the bottom right still progress as does the information on the right hand side but the setup never continues What can I do to get this to repair install Now the original XP installation is deleted so his data is still on the computer but there is no OS to get access to it to back it up XP Installation issue Please help Thanks nbsp
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I have a home PC I built myself Has been working fine for years Have had to reformat the hard drive several times over the course of its use but I have never had this happen before Here is the brief Serious Xp Installation Issue history of what happened Current SYstem Configuration Hardware AMD Anthalon GHZ GB Maxtor Hard Drive AOpen BIOS Software Win XP Pro OEM Version Norton Internet Security Office About wks ago PC began powering off unexpectedly This had happened in the past and it was usually a bad virus Serious Xp Installation Issue Did the usual routine to clear it out using Norton Seemed to help but then odd things began to happen Outlook wouldn t work DSL couldn t connect Decided to reformat hard drive After several attempts to reformat and install WinXP the PC now cannot even get through the startup sequence without powering off During XP Install I saw Serious Xp Installation Issue this quot COM Setup Error quot subcomponent COM raised an exception while processing to OC Complete installation setup message Error Code Ox Now I can t even get through boot sequence and I see this message during bootup quot NTLDS Missing quot message occurs duing BIOS startup Any advice you can provide would be really appreciated My email address is email protected nbsp

A:Serious Xp Installation Issue

Check and see if you have the primary partition still active using the diskpart command from recovery console. If it is there, delete it.

If you click here , you can get some information about NTLDR.
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Hi I have been trying to reinstall XP on my Dell Inspiron The SP XP issue 2 installation hard drive is an IDE GB with two XP SP 2 installation issue partitions I had all my data on D and the OS on C I went to reinstall XP and so splatted and reformated C This of course led D to becoming C and so I went to install XP on the newly created D partition The file copy process went smoothly but when the PC restarted setup did not resume I instead got a blinking cursor on a black screen and it just hung or with the Windows CD in I got the option to boot from CD These are the only two possibilities I have gone through the process times now with identical results and have even tried installing XP on the partition with my data thinking it might be a matter of having the OS on a C drive for it to boot properly No luck Any ideas Thanks Andrew nbsp
Relevancy 41.28%

I have just got Windows 7 Ultimate.

I accept the Licence Agreement, set my partitions as i want them but when it gets to the expanding files part it will hang at 0%. This happens on both the 32 & 64 bit disc.

This is a brand new purchase which I opened it about an hour ago.

The laptop has a 400GB HD and 2GB of ram. It came with Home Prem x64 pre-installed, So the hardware meets the requirements.

What seems to be the problem?

A:Installation Issue

Dis-connect all un-needed USB devices, printers, extra monitors, TVs, etc during the install.

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues
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I know the answer is don't upgrade a Windows 7 install however I am putting Win 7 on my son's system. In the upgrade process it tells me to close "PC Cillin Network service" but I have never had PC Cillin on that system. Anyone have any ideas how I might fix this issue?

Otherwise I will just reinstall.

A:Installation Issue

Which build are your upgrading from and to?
i assume your upgrading an older 7 build to a newer one?
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Hello everyone,
I've just build my own computer, installed windows 10 and everything works just fine. Except one thing: I can't install anything via DVD. I tried several different programs now and all of them get stuck at the point where the installation starts. There is just the setup window saying "Status:" and the progress bar stuck at about 10 to 25%. Everything looks normal but nothing moves, except the DVD in the drive. It's an ASUS 24F1ST by the way and the driver is up-to-date.
Any clue what the problem is? Is my optical drive broken or is it a compatibility issue?

Relevancy 41.28%

I have a Dell Dimension xps t450 that I was asked too upgrade too XP. Thing is that I had know trouble when I went too install it on too the orginal harddrive in the unit. I bought a bigger drive 200 gb an added 2 128 mb sdram. Thing is that when it boots off the dell xp disk it gives me errors that it cant copy the files. The indicator lights are good, I think that its a limitation of the unit.

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I'm having two issues which may or may not be Issue Installation IE9, with Etc. related A day or two ago I noticed that my IE was no longer working When I go to click the IE nothing happens I decided to just uninstall it but IE isn't even listed anywhere on the uninstall list I try to download it off Windows Update but it gives me the Error Code C message I try installing IE directly it tells me quot Setup can't continue because a more recent version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer quot And now I'm also getting the Installation Issue with IE9, Etc. Error Code when I try to install Security Update for Microsoft Visual C Service Pack Retribution Package KB I don't know if this issue is related or not but another program I've having trouble with is Logitech Installation Issue with IE9, Etc. When I go to uninstall it the setup screen is blank When I try to just install it the same issues occurs the setup is blank with no click-able buttons I'm more concern with my IE issue I feel like this is leading to something else

A:Installation Issue with IE9, Etc.

See this You receive error code 0x80070643 or error code 0x643 when you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates
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i am able to get windows 7 to boot and start the installation but before i get to select the partition i get a message saying;
A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now.

i am trying to install to a virtual machine using Virtual PC 2007.
i am able to install XP and Vista to this exact one, but get this message with 7. im somewhat unwilling to put this on a second PC if it comes with this error.

looking through the other posts i ahve tried to use vista to create a partition and format, that works, but then still get this error with 7.

A:dvd installation issue

Hello Brocky and a welcome to the VistaForums!

SInce just about everything on virtualzation is discussed on the sister forum Virtualization - Windows 7 Forums you will likely end there anyways on this.

I didn't spend much time with the 2007 version while the installation of the 7 32bit RC went on simply by having a virtual disk already created and starting up the newer Virtual PC for 7. With any disk in the dvd drive where a live cd or a Windows installation disk whatever was on the disk being a live distro or installation disk would simply load up and carry through until at a desktop or an installation was finished.

I have to suggest the other forum however since the guides for seeing that done on Windows 7 as well as the Virtualization section seen there as well.
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Hiya. Brand new laptop, with Windows 7 installed already.

Plugged in a USB device which somehow corrupted my USB drivers. Cue much faffing around, then decide to re-install Windows 7 from the CD provided. (Attempting a repair with the drivers CD did nothing.)

Re-installation complete but I now have a partitioned hard drive, one is labelled as C: Recovered and the other is D: OS.

I can use my USB ports and everything just fine on my C: drive, but the space is minimal. Can't use USB ports on my D: drive boot up, but have loads of space.

All I want to do is re-install Windows 7 and just have ONE drive, with working USB drivers.

Any thoughts? Help is most appreciated. (Am connected via my parents wireless internet, figure I corrupted my USB drivers by attempting to install my USB modem which I later found out isn't supported by Windows 7 - epic fail.)

A:Odd Re-Installation Issue

Hello, Welcome!

Can you try backing up everything to your D partition, then shrinking it as much as possible?

Then you can try a clean install onto your C partition.
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Hello, I recently tried to reinstall windows 7, I booted using the windows dvd, started the custom installation option and when my hard disks screen came up i deleted all the existing partitions so the windows could create a new one. the problem is that windows wont create a partition, for reasons unknown to me, and aborts the istallation process. Furthermore my comp stopped booting from the disk and it keeps asking for the istallation disk. what can i do?

A:Installation issue

Hello Redmore83, welcome to Seven Forums!


If the Windows 7 install disk is one you burned yourself it may be a bad burn and needs to be done again, if so this would be the first thing to try.

Use the free ISO burner at the link below to burn another at a speed of now more than 4x and select to let the program to verify the disk before it finishes.

ImgBurn Free ISO Burning Software


After you have made backups of everything you care to save and you want to do a real wipe "secure erase" to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) have a look at this tutorial at the link below, it over-writes everything, all the old Windows code including the old Windows drivers, everything all data, giving you the best possible space to install Windows 7 to; it goes hand-in-hand with a clean install.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.
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Received a new laptop hp pavilion zt US MWXP Home Edition Version Service Pack Intel Pentium M Processor MHz Mhz MB of RAM Success Hooked up via linksys to the net Ran all WXP updates as well as driver updates Removed Norton AVG see below for issue Zone Alarm Firewall Mail Washer OE Set up and running Shut down Never was I asked to restart at Installation AVG Issue anytime Issue AVG installed with success to the end HOWEVER when I turned my notebook on the next day I XP tried twice to start then gave me an option to quot restore to last know working settings quot something like that This is the AVG Installation Issue only way XP will restart with success XP starts and I am back to where AVG asks me to update however it does not work yes I am online with success I have to begin install to repair and then I am back to running fine until I shut down or restart Anyone with help to offer I ve gone back forth with AVG via email and they have not been able to help me They are willing to give me my money back but I d rather have a working AVG anti-virus I ve been on with HP and since the issue doesn t happen if I remove it they cannot help me either since it is directly linked to the AVG Any help would be greatly appreciated I m almost to the point of restoring since it was probably something I did BUT what did I do wrong here TIA nbsp

A:AVG Installation Issue

Go to C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG\6.0

Find the following file


Right click it and click rename
call it urlold

Now open Notepad
(Go Start | Run Type in Notepad)

Copy and Paste the following in green to Notepad


Actual URL=3
Click File | Save As
Change Save as Type to All Types
Give the file the Name of url.ini
(note case)
Save the file in same folder that you changed the first file
(c:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG\6.0)

Right click the AVG Icon in the System tray and click Exit

Now go to Start | Programs | AVG 6.0 for Windows | AVG Console to restart AVG

Double click to open the console,
Click Update Manager
You should now have THREE choices to choose from as your download site
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I have started to rebuild my desktop as it has become slow. I purchased the PC with windows XP professional and have the sticker in on the box with the license key. However, I used a Windows Genuine Advantage Kit for Windows XP professional disk to rebuild. When it asked me for the Product Key I entered the code on the chassis but it says this is not valid. I received an email with the Product Key for WGA disk but I do not have the email anymore with the yellow product key although the WGA box does have the Certificate of Authentication on it.
The computer is now stuck with me not able to get past the Product Key stage, how do I get another copy of the email with the Product key or get to a point where the product key I have on the chassis will be accepted?


A:Issue with XP re-installation

I suggest a phone call to Microsoft unless this works:

The Windows Product Key Update Tool
Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage phone support number>

Windows Genuine Advantage 1-866-530-6599 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Atlantic Time, Monday - Friday) Approximately 2 minutes
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ok b/c i couldn't get any help on my bsod issue i tried reinstalling xp and it said "unable to copy partmgr.sys"

then it gave me the option to retry or skip. retry didn't work so i just canceled setup. is there anything i can do to get around this problem?

also, windows update isn't working for me. it keeps failing during installation. any suggestions on this?

Relevancy 41.28%

My cousin's laptop was infected with a serious virus it was removed but continued to 'play up'. It stopped booting a few days ago so I have decided to re-install the OS but I have tried multiple times and I can get to the 'setup is starting' screen then nothing. It just continues to load, I've left it for a while, up to 2 hours but still no change. Help, please.

A:Re-installation issue

I would run diagnostics on the hard drive by downloading the diagnostic tool for the hard drive brand and making a bootable disc.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

See this for how to make a bootable cd:

How to Burn a Bootable ISO File
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Hey guys!

I bough a Advent 4211C net book not long ago preloaded with Windows XP, after a while I got bored or it and decided to install Unbuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 completely over it!
BAD MISTAKE! After a while all sort of stuff started to happen!

So I decided to install Windows 7; I had made USB to boot off and everything. I started the set up and got to the part where you need to select a partition.

I wanted to just delete the Ubuntu/ Write over it but the set up kept saying the partition is the wrong file system and should be NFTS or something ..

How do i change the file format of the hard-drive?

**God damn you Ubuntu ! - Stupid penguin **

A:Serious W7 Installation Issue

You should be able to do a custom install, then when you get to the format part here should be advanced options, where you can completely format the drive and create a new partition.
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I'm trying to install IIS on Windows XP through "Add/Remove Windows Components", whenever I try to install it, it gives me a "Distributed Transaction Coordinator Setup Error":

Sub-component Distributed Transaction Coordinator raised an exception while processing the OC_COMPLETE_INSTALLATION setup message.

d:\xpsp\com\com1x\dtc\ntdtcsetup\src\csetuputil.cpp (line 2748)

Error Code = 0x80004005

Unspecified error

Failed to execute function 'DllRegisterServer()' in 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\mtxoci.dll'.

I will be grateful, if someone could help me fix this problem.

Relevancy 41.28%

This is the 4th time i've tried to install sp2 on my computer. each time, it seems to freeze during the set up process. each time during the clean up process.
the three times previous i've just back out, uninstalled everything and decided to retry at a different date.
now that support for sp1 has ended, i figure, only thing left to do is do the sp2 thing.
can someone help me figure out whats happening?

A:Sp2 Installation Issue

Make SURE your computer is clean of all malicious software first! SP2 won't install correctly in an infected machine.
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Hi Guys,

Got a new laptop and I'm trying to install FSX. DVD 1 works fine, but upon inserting DVD 2 its just does nothing. Uninstalled Nero, to no avail.
Elitebook 8730w
T9800 2.9Duo core processor
NVidia Quadro 2700 Screencard
3G Ram

Can someone please assist

Kind regards
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So im having issues with my PNY 8gb Flash drive that im trying to use to install 7 onto my desktop. The problem is that whenever I insert it into my computer and try and boot off it, (Clean install btw) even though the bios menus detect the drive when I boot it acts as though it didnt insert. Please help I need my desktop

A:USB Installation Issue

Did you make a Bootable USB Flash drive win7 install ?

When you have the bios set to boot from USB, USB should be inserted first with computer turned OFF.
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Running XP Pro. RE: LX 710 keyboard and mouse combo. Software works, but device manager shows unknow device and each restart trys to install HID keyboard but fails every time. Any thoughts or solutions. Tried to redirct to system32 and no luck. Not sure how to copy .inf files if relevant.

Thanks for the help.
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I have yet another issue with my registry (if I'm not mistaken)

Attached on the picture is the error message that pops up, i wasn't able to fully uninstall the program so I referred to

At some point in this I believe I had made a mistake with the registry deleting.

Kindly let me know what to do in order to have my Microsoft Office finally installed.



A:Installation Issue

This combined with your other issues lead me to beleive you used a registry cleaning program?

If so and you did not make a backup of the registry before making the changes, your best bet of getting to a stable system is probably a clean install
Relevancy 41.28%

I just build my first computer (core i7, Sabertooth X58 MB, 64GB SSD, 1TB HDD) and installed Windows 7 HP 64B. I wanted OS on SSD and only save data on HDD.

The drive boot order is first HDD and then SSD. I want to minimize start up time and not place any OS files on HDD.

More importantly, Windows partitioned 1 TB HDD into 2 parts (100MB & 930GB). One part was set up as System Reserve drive. It uses 30 MB and the rest is free. Windows OS takes up about 24GB on SSD.

How can I find out what OS files are on my HDD? If there are any Window/ system files on my HDD, can I easily move them to SSD?

A:Installation issue w/W7 & SSD/ HDD

1. If the SSD is not on port0 during the installation (with the HDD attached) you can expect all kinds of problems - e.g. what you see now that the active partition landed on the HDD. That is not a good scenario.

2. I suggest you reinstall with only the SSD attached

3. You can move the 100MB partition to the SSD, but that is going to be complicated and you will also have to change the MBR to point to it.

4. The way your system was installed, I am not sure whether the SSD is properly aligned - and that will significantly degrade your performance if not. You can check that, see here: SSD Alignment

5. 24GBs for the OS only is kind of big for a new system. What else is on the SSD.
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I recently had some issues starting up windows, so I decided to just do a hard drive wipe. Everything goes fine for a while. It goes through its long format progress bar, then it starts to reboot becuase its finished.

For some reason when it reboots, its not taking me to the second half of the formating. There is a place im suppose to go were I type in things like the CD key, and some info about the computer. When my computer resets, it begins to just load up the CD once more.

I have tried making the computer load up hard drive only from the BIOS menu. But it still boots from CD.

I need help figuring out why I cant continue my hard drive wipe/installation, or if I am doing something wrong.Thank you.

A:*~Installation Issue~*

Lets get are terminology correct. Formatting is the concept that you Erase the drive and prepare it to accept a OS. There is only one step to Formatting. Once your drive is Formatted it should start to install the Windows OS. If it needs to Reboot, you must boot from the CD again and get to the point where it starts to install the Windows files. After that it will reboot and boot off of the Hard Drive and continue installing the Windows OS. If it is not booting from the Hard Drive at this step, then there was a problem with the install.
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I have tried to install win xp on top of winxp w sp2 but the installation disk does not show at start up to boot from it. If I put in the xp w/sp2 disk it will ask me if i want to start from cd

A:Win XP installation issue


Originally Posted by rlemoine

I have tried to install win xp on top of winxp w sp2 but the installation disk does not show at start up to boot from it. If I put in the xp w/sp2 disk it will ask me if i want to start from cd

The disk with sp2 on it is a newer operating system and will run properly the other disk if it does run will get an error message that it can not install because of a newer operating system that has been installed. The one that does not have sp2 on it might not have boot tracks on it so it will not boot
Relevancy 40.85%

I recently upgraded my computer to Vista Ultimate and when I inserted my D disc and error message popped up saying No program start menu found I searched on-line for a while and found a fix Go to Start gt Run gt type regedit Navigate to quot HKEY CURRENT USER Software Microsoft Windows Current Version Explorer Shell Folders quot if there is no string in there called quot Programs quot put that in with the value C Users USERNAME AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs After using this fix I re-inserted my disc and this time the D Installation Issue Diablo II loader appeared I ve tried all three installation choices and it keeps messing up at the same place I Diablo II Installation Issue choose an installation option enter my name and serial key yes it is valid and the box asking where the game would be installed pops up The default is C Program Files Diablo II I select ok and get this error Error in script file SetupDat inst ins line undefined symbol desktop Then the installer closes I have looked on-line and can t find a solution to this problem Can anyone help me out with this nbsp

A:Diablo II Installation Issue

I searched for other errors, and there are definitely issues with Vista and Diablo II, so you're not alone. I found this post, which is basically the same thing you just did, but with a little bit of extra info, it may be worth trying that.

Otherwise, I would try running it in compatibility mode. In My Computer, right-click the CD drive, and hit open, then right-click each .exe file in there, hit Properties, and run them in Windows XP compatibility mode.
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Hi there, I have just got a new computer, gone to install Java and this is what happens:

> Download Newest Version of Java
> Run Install, works all fine.
> Install finishes and redirects me to the Java Page that wants me to verify.
> I press verify it opens a new page with a Java box that isn't working (Got the grey box with the puzzle-piece)
> Yellow box on top of the browser says I need to install the plug in, I press it and it takes me back to step 1...

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing.
I have tried installing both the 64 and 32-bit Java's...

I am running Google Chrome and Windows 7

Any ideas?

It was affecting me from running Feed the Beast ( A Minecraft mod-client / launcher ) But that has finally started to work but still the verification/plug in issue.

A:Java Installation Issue

What OS and have you tried this in IE?
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I have windows XP SP3 and trying to install windows 7 on my computer, i have genuine software and product key from MSDN, however when am trying to install, am getting a message which almost resembles - file missing , use other media and try again, error code ""0x80070011". Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

A:windows 7 installation issue

are you doing a clean install or an upgrade

try reburning the disk at a slower speed
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have a HP Officejet5601 all-in-one printer that will not print. In an attempt to download an order form from the internet, I followed the directions to reset my printer so the form would download. Form still dones't download and now printer won't print anything.....

A:Printer installation issue

When you install some printer whatever tool that some other source tells you you must install to print their tickets, coupons, or forms AND then it screws up your printing, just remove their crap-ware and re-install your printer software.

Hopefully that will get you going again.

Once going again, and you still want to print whatever it was that got you into trouble, just see if there is some other format of the item you want, that you can select instead, to download.

I suggest that you look for a .PDF format of what it is you want. A .PDF format will only require the free and easily available Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the item.
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Hey issue Installation New Apps guys I have had this issue for awhile now and didn't think much of it But here is the exact issue Whenever I install a new program it never gets populated in the start menu So I assumed that the installer executable wasn't making a shortcut there despite telling it to Didn't think anything of it However just today I went to install an app from the Windows Store and everything downloads and installs fine No issues at all Went into my start menu clicked the arrow to show all apps and it is not there Normally when a new program gets installed you see a new icon in the start menu and it says quot new quot New Apps Installation issue next to it I did not even find the icon for the app I then went back into the Windows Store and went to account then my apps and it shows that it was once installed because it says quot you own this app quot but below the name of the app its says quot Not Installed quot so I install it again and everything goes fine if I click on the pop up notification at the top right New Apps Installation issue of my screen the app launches But once I close the app there is no way for me to get back into it New Apps Installation issue again And it still shows quot Not Installed quot in the Windows Store My first assumption was okay there is a problem with permissions with the files folders But I double checked my start menu folder and everything matches there with my surface pro and that functions as it should I really can't find anything on the web either Everything says quot click the arrow at the bottom quot and its like i knew that already lol Thanks all for reading
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i am having problems installing World of Warcraft, whenever i attempt to install it i get through disc one fine, but when i come to disc two i just get stuck the file "patch.MPQ"
I have tried installing it on my dvd drive but when i get to disc two i actually get an error saying that it cannot read Installer Tome 2.MPQ, i have tried downloading tome 2 but i still get the same error, can someone help me?

EDIT: i left the installation on for 9 hours and it just hadn't moved from "patch.MPQ"

Relevancy 40.85%

Hi all.

Im new here, and having a bit of a problem, hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. Im trying to reinstall XP onto a laptop (Professional, Service Pack 2) and when I get to the Serial Key screen, the key is invalid. I know the key I have is valid (Generated through MSDN site), so I have tried to use a newer version of the disc. When rebooting the machine, it tells me to insert the previous my question is this. Is there any way I can start the installation from the very beginning, using the newer disc, so that I can use the key?

Relevancy 40.85%

I tried to install the Windows 7 RC today (version 7100) and I was stopped by an error message. It said:

CD/DVD device driver missing!

I don't get why I'm getting this error message. I installed Windows 7 beta 7000 using the same CD drive.

The drive is read only, it doesn't write. I HIGHLY doubt that that could be causing an issue though.

I'm gonna try to use my step dad's CD/DVD drive instead, for the SECOND time installing a MSFT OS. Hopefully it works.

If anyone knows why I am getting this error and can help me with it before I have to take apart my step dad's computer, it would be much appreciated!
Relevancy 40.85%

I had windows 8.1 installed on my samsung evo 120 gb ssd.A faulty shutdown caused my windows to corrupt.As a result,when I start my system it shows me "windows automatic repair".However,it stays like that forever.I tried re installing my windows but after clicking "install now" option it shows me "setup is starting" and it remains there i.e i windows installer does not shows my ssd partition screen.

I connected the ssd to a laptop via sata to usb connector and can easily see the partitions in my computer but when i try to access it,the system hangs.Also,the windows disk management on the laptop wont display anything once the ssd is connected.

using asus z97 sabertooth mobo
core i7
2*4 gb corsair ram

Please help.

A:Windows 8.1 re installation issue

Boot a Windows 8.1 installation disc or flash drive. Select Repair then run Startup Repair up to 3 times, see if thta fixes it.

If you don't have one, see here: Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

Sounds like a corrupted file system.
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I have built a new system.


Asus P8Z68-v LX Mobo
i5 2400
8 gigs Corsair Vengence 1600 DDR3 memory
ATI 6870 Vid card

I removed the partion the formated my HD. Ran install it gets to asking for the serial number then it Blue Screens. I think there is something wrong with the memory but I am not sure. I have tried both sticks in every memory slot and still the same issue.

What should I do next to trouble shoot?

Thanks for the help!!

A:Win7 Installation Issue

Run MemTest if you think it is the memory. Runs at bootup.
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Hi guys,

I am trying to install windows 7 onto my dell laptop it starts up and loads windows file and then i select language and install but after that it goes into set up is starting an stays like that for hours.
Can anyone shine any light on this.


A:Windows 7 installation issue

Hi Adam1989,

Please run 'Hardware Diagnostics' to confirm 'Hardware functionality':
- Make a note of error(s), if any

If the 'diagnostics' pass, please share details of 'Windows 7' copy that you are using for installation. Is it a retail version? Or is it the 'Windows Re-installation DVD - OEM version' that you may have received with your Dell? Have you used that media to 'Re-install Windows' before?

Would like to know if you were facing any issues with the computer before you attempted 'Windows Re-install'. Also mention the model of the computer.

Do reply with the information; will take it forward from there.
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Hey i have a problem with my computer What 7 installation issue Windows i know is that it dont want to create a System reserved Windows 7 installation issue Partition when i press quot New quot in the installation setup Windows 7 installation issue window And im booting for a Usb i ve installed before with an usb and it worked perfect but not my main computer When i try to install windows on it i get the following message quot Windows cannot be installed Windows 7 installation issue to this disk This computer s hardware may not support booting to this disk Ensure that the disk s controller is enabled in the compuer s BIOS menu --- Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition see the setup log files for more info ------------------------- I tryed to change the hard drive on the computer but that dont work i still get the same message -- I dont know what to do and i have been up for more that hours straight trying to find a solution i would be glad if anyone have a solution Best regards Matt

A:Windows 7 installation issue

Unplug all other HD's and peripherals,

Boot into BIOS setup, reset to defaults, save changes. Next if an EFI BIOS, enable Legacy BIOS, set DVD drive first to boot, HD second. Then set SATA controller to AHCI. Save changes and Exit.

Then boot into installer DVD or flash stick burned or written using tool and latest ISO for your licensed OS version here. Your flash stick may be bad so if it fails download another iSO and write with tool to stick.

At first installer screen Press Shift + F10 to open a Command Box, type:

SELECT DISK 0 (after confirming Windows 7 target HD #)
CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY SIZE=102400 (for 100gb partition, adjust as desired)

Next click Install Now, then Custom install to Clean Install Windows 7 to the partition you created. If it fails then report back at which step and the verbatim error message.

In addition read over these steps to understand the tools and methods which work best to get and maintain a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. The steps are the same for retail.

After install you can adjust partition size or Create new partitions for data, etc. in Disk Mgmt. We are creating the partition here to mark it Active which overcomes certain install failures.
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Have successfully installed JDK6 with NetBeans..... Have access to Netbeans from Programs window....Not Sun JDK6... Can anyone instruct me in establishing this link from the Programs window...

A:JDK6 Installation issue

If you update the JDK and remove the old version and cannot run Netbeans because the JDK is missing, you can manually update the Netbeans configuration by editing the netbeans.config file which is in C:\Program files\Netbeans-5.5\etc.
Netbeans-jdkhome=”C:\Program files\Java\jdk1.6.0_06”

In Netbeans itself, you can add additional SDKs using Tools, Java Platform Manager.
Relevancy 40.85%

After failed installation attempt, need to know whether to first uninstall
.NET framework ver 2 first before attempting to install ver 3
and if there is any installation faq or procedure page for beginners.
Running XP Home s/pack 3 on Optima p4.
T.I.A. for any clarification, as download pages cluttered with offers
of other apps and services, obscuring the basic installation sequence
and system requirements etc.

Glen McCready (CNS burnt out)

A:.NET framework installation issue

Hi Glen

See how things go using the full .NET Framework 3.5 download, and installing that. I don't expect that you'll need to uninstall older versions first. If the install doesn't work, try visiting Windows Update & updating and Critical updates listed, then try the install again.

Here's the link for the full download:

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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Hi!I have HP ENVY dv6 7234nr with factory installed win 8, i just downgrade it to win 7 64 bit and now the problem is that when i go to HP website for downloading the latest drives n enter the model of my laptop it gives me the driver suggestions of only win 8 not for win 7 for this laptop. Now where can i get the drivers for HP ENVY dv6 7234nr with win 7 64 bit.I dont know what to do now, can u plz help me out of this problem, i'll really appreciate that. Thanks!
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hey attempting to install the .net framework and am having issues. when attempting to install i get the error 'Error creating process \Temp\IXP000.TMP\Install.exe>. Reason: \system32\advpack.dll. I checked to see if the dll was there and it ideas?

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My current laptop (AMD 64 Turin) is running Win 7 RC 32-bit. I am trying to install the RTM version of Win7 but this time trying to install the 64-bit version. I am not trying to upgrade it but clean install. But as soon as I launch setup.exe I am getting the following error:

"The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64(64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher."

Any idea how to get around this? Thanks much!

A:Having an installation issue with Windows 7 64 bit RTM

You need to get an ISO and boot from CD.
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New Computer new everything P ghz abit MB IS -E ram plextor dvd -ide maxtor -sata now WinXP installation issue hardwarewise im not receiving any errors i had some issues on setting up SATA support in Bios Apparently auto doesnt work but manually setting it does Currently i have SATA connected to the HD and IDE- to the plextor shows up in bios and apparently works Heres where the problem occurs when WinXP installation issue i try to install windows xp professional i use the cd to boot into setup mode First problem the HD is gigs however i can only allocate gigs for usage I tried to use the maxtor Promise patch via f WinXP installation issue in the setup menu WinXP installation issue to update the newest drivers didnt do anything i could tell Sometimes the computer will load and a message of quot Warning The Hard disk has changed Please enter setup to varify quot not completely verbatim but close enough this occurs even without any modifications in BIOS Primary Master is the plex Secondary Master is the Maxtor Dunno what issues they have --- Any suggestions on either of these issues Second problem i run the setup and make a partition and windows copies all setup files and hits up the seconds to reboot At reboot the cd-rom tries to boot if i remove the cd from the tray i get an error nicely fitting the quot ed if you do ed if you dont quot criteria --- Is windows just stupid or is the CD corrupt Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Daniel

A:WinXP installation issue


i just found a bios update from the ABIT website, i downloaded it and ran the program to make a bootdisk. The updates and fixes it lists pretty much solve all the questions i had earlier, however....

The option is Alt+f2 when at the boot screen to load awdflash.exe from the floppy drive, when i do this, it will say loading, but it will then give the error message 'Can not find any FDD, press esc ....'

whats goin' on!!

any help appreciated

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Hello to everybody
somebody of my family has give me this "old" laptop because my one was stolen.
To delete all the data i RE installed Win 7 and now the installation Stops after 5 minutes and tells something about emrs Problems .
Can somebody help me if not i search to kill all the data with nuke and try again.
So i really wait for your help or advice
Thx to all from Munich

A:DELL D 630 Win 7 Installation issue

You can click the link below for information installing Windows 7. There is also a link to download drivers for your computer.
Windows 7 Support
Latitude D630 Drivers and Downloads
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I've tried to google this repeatedly but the issue is outdated, isn't addressed, or doesn't provide a viable solution. I've come here seeking help.

I'm a big fan of TweetDeck, which uses Adobe AIR to install updates. So TweetDeck released an update to their application, and I tried to install it yesterday. I kept getting errors about installation "Sorry an error has occurred". These issues have continued today, and I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Air in an effort to fix this issue.

I've tried performing many of the action suggested by Adobe Air's site in order to address this issue, including uninstalling and reinstalling the AIR software. It doesn't work. I've tried deleting the TweetDeck folder and the old version completely, and then installing the newer version, yet the error persists.

I don't have a clue what is wrong, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Adobe Air Installation issue

At which point do you receive this error?
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My PC got strucked while running windows 7.
I re-installed the Windows7 again and now working fine.
The only problem now is that, when I start, it is showing 2 Windows 7 and I have to choose 1. Can you pls help me to delete/remove the old windows 7 from the system????

thank you,


A:Windows 7 installation issue

Try easybcd..

Download EasyBCD 2.1 - NeoSmart Technologies

It allows you to remove an entry, rename an entry etc etc.. Very easy to use. Make sure u delete the correct entry.
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Hi everyone, i don't know if this is the correct area to post my questions.

im having this installation issue w/ Yahoo messenger, it states that the firewall is blocking the program to change settings to the firewall to allow it.
I've checked the settings, YM is allowed, disable windows firewall and antivirus to allow installation, still getting the same error.. done uninstall/reinstall of program.

any help is highly appreciated..


A:YM installation issue on win 7 64bit

What antivirus program are you using?
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Hi - I am new to this group so apologies in advance if this has been already during issue installation EFI partition asked and answered I have a laptop with Win on one drive and a Linux system on a second drive installed on it EFI partition issue during installation under a UEFI system I have an empty area on my disk with Win that I want to use for installing Win to When I start the installation process I get to a point where the installer complains that the EFI partition is formatted as an NTFS partition and wants me to reformat it as a FAT This is very confusing because both Linux and Windows partitioners are reporting that the EFI partition is already in a FAT format So what gives My second concern is that if I reformat the EFI partition even though it has a protected MBR so I am not worried about losing the partition table won't I lose the boot manager for Windows That seems rather dangerous and could cause me to lose the ability to boot Windows How best to proceed

A:EFI partition issue during installation

Welcome to EightForums.

I have a laptop with Win7 on one drive and a Linux system on a second drive installed on it under a UEFI system.

1) Try removing the Linux HDD & install Windows 8.

2)Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Hi I m currently trying to upgrade my desktop from Vista Ultimate -bit installation to a -bit installation using the disk that came with the box however have encountered a problem As you can t install a -bit from within windows I restarted my PC and booted from the -bit disc I Vista 64-Bit issue installation entered the Product Key and clicked next I custom advanced install which was the only one available However when it goes to the next stage asking Vista 64-Bit installation issue for the drive you wish to install to it gives me the message To use the product key you entered tart the installation on a computer that is running a genuine version of windows I understand that this must be because my disc is an upgrade edition however it won t let me install from Vista 64-Bit installation issue within Vista 64-Bit installation issue Windows because it doesn t recognise the set-up exe Is their a work around for this or am I stuck to -bit unless I wish to buy a new copy of windows Help much appreciated nbsp

A:Vista 64-Bit installation issue

You can clean install from an upgrade disk however it is more work than the old xp. To do this, boot with the disk. Now start the install however do not enter your product key. Once the install is completed, insert your disk while windows is running. Have it upgrade your existing install and now enter your product key.

I do not know if MS intended this to work however they have known about it for a while and not "fixed" it so I would say go ahead and do it this way.
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Hi frndz,
I m trying to install the Vista patches for SQL Server 2005. The patches is:-
but it is giving the following error at that time of installation:- "The upgrade patch can not be installed by the Windows Installer Service becuase the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a diffrent versionm of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch". I am not too sure where am I missing and how to proceed?? Please help me. Thanx in advance!
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OK im having a very weird issue after installing a new PSU in my computer case I took my old PSU out just fine inserted my new one in then connected everything Atleast I should have Now what happened next was the PC would boot up but it looked like overheating help, issue PSU strange Please, after PLEASE installation. i THINK this was the original issue it would crash and shut itself off I went back in fiddled with my CPU fan and it should be working I should also note my LED light used to not be blinking blue like it should have after installing but now it does Anyway I thought Please, PLEASE help, strange issue after PSU installation. that problem was resolved BIOS says my CPU core temp is degrees celsius sometimes other times its or in the s it rises though slowly but steadily Never seen it above degrees though Then I installed my graphics card in the PCI-E slot everything was going well The graphics card was fine it could run the one game i played at max settings Now heres where the weird part comes in My PC was refusing to launch another game im certain it could run it too and it crashed while playing my first game yet again I check my cpu with ctrl alt del and noticed it was spiking periodically every time i opened a new program and like secs after My CPU is a dualcore it should not be running firefox at or even at times It struggles to download things off the internet too So this had me baffled I took out my graphics card same thing I did a full system restore Same thing I put my old PSU back in same thing i think this is related my problems only started occuring after taking my old psu out and putting my new one in So now I put my new psu back in yet again and the same thing I also took my new graphics card out I theorize that either A After switching out the cables somehow not enough power is going or something Maybe BIOS was configured for my old PSU and not this one but then why would it struggle to be running the same thing the old psu ran fine and furthermore why would the old PSU not be able to run the same thing again B I maybe missed some kind of plug on my motherboad for my cpu but I put in the -pin connector and -pin one i feel like i might be missing something Windows XP states both CPUs are functioning of the dual core But if i missed a plug why would the computer start up Im also sure it isnt a virus it was working fine prior to this installation ANY help from a expert would be appreciated please and thank you nbsp