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Can you replace t410 front mouse buttons???????

Q: Can you replace t410 front mouse buttons???????

Hi, one of the mouse buttons at the front of the pad came apart a few weeks ago, and today so did the second one! there are a lot of videos showing how to replace a keyboard key, but none about how to replace these mouse buttons. No sign of any damage / broken pieces. Photo attached This is not a machine used alot either. Any help would be greatfully received! BTA

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Preferred Solution: Can you replace t410 front mouse buttons???????

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can you replace t410 front mouse buttons???????

I cannot tell if the plastic clips are damaged without close inspection, but it looks like the 2 rubber cups that provide the spring for the buttons are missing. I have never done very well getting them to attach to the base and I have tried several adhesives.

You can replace the touchpad from the keyboard, but taking it apart is easier the 2nd time and the cable clips are fragile.
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Hello there, My Thinkpad's cursor is having freezing issues after upgrading to win10. When I move the cursor, it once in a while freezes and it's not related to the trackpad or trackpoint. I plugged in an external mouse and had the same problem again. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them, the problem is still there. I really don't know what else to do. I checked all the settings on synaptics, searched the whole internet. Still couldn't have found a solution for it. Here on this link people with Lenovo laptops are having the same issue as well. Will Lenovo solve this problem and maybe put a new driver on the official site? Thank you

A:T410 Mouse Freezing Problem After Upgrading to Win...

Dear subdivided,
welcome in lenovo community,
Kindly try to download and install the below driver, after uninstalling the current one,
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Ok I purchased a used Alienware M7700 laptop and am very happy with the machine, except for the fact that all the software I got with it was the Alienware Xp disk. I do not have any of the utilities CD. so while the machine runs fine I am wondering if there is a way to pick up the utilities CD or a way to get those front panel buttons to work correctly...
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Whenever i click on a button for a window in the taskbar instead of bringing it to the front it makes it flash orange like a messenger window. Also i cannot right click on the taskbar window buttons but i can right click the taskbar itself.

other thoughts:
windows xp pro sp2
internet explorer 6
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My laptop called HP Pavilion dv6-1100so Entertainment Notebook PC
This laptop has front panel touch buttons above the keyboard for volume controller such as mute button, Volume Increase/Decrease buttons,Play,Next & Previous buttons, stop button and at last it has Wireless on/off button.These buttons were working by touching the buttons once.After 5 or 6 months usage,these buttons stopped responding when I touched them.I don't really get the reason.I tried to restore by using Windows Vista system Restore program but there is no change.I tried to see the device manager, but there is no visible error.But I can control these buttons using the keyboard and buttons from task bar system tray at the right corner.What shall I do?


A:HP Laptop front panel touch buttons problem!


You may want to read this from HP,

The document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
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Anyone know of a simple way to replace the Titlebar buttons (minimize, maximize, exit) ? They're just fugly as sin in Windows 10. Thanks
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I want to adjust in the first instance the brightness and contrast controls by using the buttons on the front panel. No way can I either move from one adjustment to the other, nor can I operate the up/down arrows to alter the brightness and contract settings. Dell talks of using the OSD menu ( presumably accessed by the front screen buttons) but again 'no luck', so I can't do any tests they want done.

I'm utterly stumped. Anyone able or willing to help? Please!

A:Monitor Dell ST2210: I cannot adjust settings with front panel buttons

How are you connecting the monitor? VGA? DVI? HDMI? Looking at the manual the adjustments seem to be only for VGA.

I have a couple of monitors (an ACER and a Viewsonic) and with DVI interface the "on the monitor" controls do not work.
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Could someone from Lenovo let the forum know if it will be possible to replace the W540 Trackpad / Bezel / Keyboard assembly with the new one from the W541 which has integrated physical Trackpoint buttons.  This would make a very big difference to me and I suspect a lot of other W540 owners who use the Trackpoint. I am the current owner of 5 Thinkpads and have been a loyal customer since the 600 series. The increased pressure necessary to generate a less reliable click on the Trackpad has greatly exacerbated a problem with the top joint of my right thumb - I have had to retrain myself to use my left thumb to do all clcking.  The problem was nowhere near as bad on the old Trackpoint buttons - where I could use them with my right thumb for several hours with no symptoms, I can now manage only minutes. 

A:Replace W540 Keyboard with W541 Trackpoint Buttons

Add me to the list of W540 that wish to have a real workstation with original IBM style trackpad WITH BUTTONS! Similarly, we need to somehow add an LED to indicate HD I/O's. Maybe integrate this into the new PROPER trackpad. Example: Right now I'm copying off my NAS, 2.5 gig of PDF files catalogued by Calibre. The transfer has been running over 2 hours and only 35% done, and I have NO IDEA if data is transferring when the screen blanks out.  Thankfully, Western Digital's external Passport drive has an LED that flashes with the I/O, and this is the ONLY indicator that tells me the NAS data flowing and being backed up to the USB drive. Crypting does slow the data. Now, I realize that what I'm doing is not the best - using my WiFi connect for the transfer and USB 3.0 -, which is slow on this 'marketing promoted' Workstation. Hopefully I stuck it in the right port, as none are color blue identified, left front. ....  I'm blue <g>.
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Hi guys

I don't like the 'embedded' record selectors that can be enabled/disabled for an Access Continuous Form.

I'd rather have a Radio type of button to select the record. Based on the chosen record, I can then do other "stuff".

Is there a way to do this?

The ultimate background is that if I show (say) 10 records at a time in my form, I want to be able to give the user the choice to:

- Open the record
- Copy the record to a new record
- Delete the record

To do this, I'd normally click the ugly Record Selector and perform the task, but as I say, I don;t like the ugly MS Record Selector!

Any ideas?



A:Solved: Access 2003: Replace Record Selectors with Radio / Toggke Buttons
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hi all,
i have bought a new Chinese mouse, a nice mouse with good properties but with no special driver.
the mouse has 9 buttons (home and dpi included), the 6st and 7st buttons are internet and multimedia by default, and i want to change them.
all the software i found is for 5 buttons max, please help me find a way.
my knowledge is average, i can work with registry or cmd, and other stuff.
some info:
driver : windows driver - Hid compliant mouse
OS - windows 10
wireless mouse with a usb port.
i am searching the web for answers for a couple of days with no success so i will appreciate any help you can give me.
thank you in advance
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I just bought a new mouse, it has this (2X) button, that if u click once, it will do a double click.

so I just want to change it that when I click on it, it goes "back"


A:Config Mouse Buttons

Try Control Panel -> Mouse. See what config options you're offered
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I have had a look but can't find anything

I have the 'World of Warcraft Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse' but i'm struggling to figure out a way to assign the buttons to Windows/Explorer commands such as:Browser Forward
Browser Back

I have sorted it for the WOW game but would like to create a new profile for general use in windows.


A:How to assign mouse buttons

Was there any documentation that came along with the mouse?

This is a 15page PDF online manual that seems to cover what you need:

5. Button Assignment Panel*
6. Mouse Properties Panel*
7. Illumination Panel*
* Panels are closed by default; press the panel tab to open.

And it covers new profiles and macros.

This link explains how to find the user guide for the SteelSeries Engine: FAQ - SteelSeries - Where do I find the user guide for the SteelSeries Engine?

There are youtube videos that might be helpful.
I am hoping of course that you do have the SteelSeries Mouse.
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I got a Trust mouse, about a year old. It worked perfectly on my previous Vista laptop (HP), but for some reason the same drivers won't install on my new laptop (Acer).

Now for some reason, the left button behaves like the right button, and the right button like the left. Third, fourth and fifth button work as normal though. Fourth and fifth are on opposite side and are not flipped.

Left and right button on my laptop work as they should.

Any suggestion on how to fix this?
Will any drivers for any mouse with 5 buttons and tilt scroll wheel work?

A:Mouse buttons flipped

If you right click the screen and select "mouse". Under "Buttons" the first item allows you to swap over the buttons. Is this what you are lookinfg for?
Your second question - I doubt it, but try a few free downloads and see.
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My mouse has suddenly reversed buttons it is an HP mouse so my right click button does what my left one should be doing  I have no idea how this happened Can u help

A:Mouse buttons reversed

Hi, The easiest way to solve this may be to run Windows System Restore.  If you have Norton Internet Security installed, you will need to disable Nortons Tamper Protection as shown in Step 2, on the link below. Once you've done this, shut down the PC.  Windows System Restore is usaully best run in Safe Mode.  Tap away at f8 as you start the PC to enter Windows Recovery Console.  Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode and hit enter.  When this has loaded, from the Start Menu, click All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools and launch System Restore.  Pick a restore point before the mouse buttons swapped funtions and then proceed with the restore process.  When complete, Windows will reboot as normal. If the above doesn't help, post back with the full Model No. of your notebook and the operating system you are using. Regards, DP-K
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I have a Kensington Expert Mouse (trackball), and need to program the buttons so when I click/chord left+right it translates that into a middle mouse button..

Kensington had a utility to do this in XP (Mouseworks), but it is not Vista supported and in fact they are dropping it saying this function already exists in Vista..

How can I program the buttons so left+right=middle..?



A:Programmable mouse buttons

If you have Vista x32 then, it might support the trackball mouse but if you have Vista x64, than that's where the problem may be.

Have you tried setting this on the Vista Control Panel option by any chance? I doubt it will work but, perhaps worth a try.
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what is Function(***.exe) of the Right Mouse Buttons??
i want to run this program(***.exe) with three finger on the touchpad.

A:what is Function(***.exe) of the Right Mouse Buttons??

I don't quite understand what you're asking...

Do you want to run a program by placing three fingers on your mousepad?

What is ***.exe? A placeholder?

Are you talking about a touchpad or mouse buttons on a traditional mouse?
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I installed Flashget and uninstalled it. I still have the download & download all with flashget on my right click mouse key. I've tried for weeks to get to their site. How can I get rid of these ?

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Haw could I configure the wheel button to "copy"?

A:three buttons mouse configuration

you usually set it up in the mouse software if it offers that option
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The following nbsp is a problem other people on here have experienced but in most cases no nbsp solution Mouse - Flex need 2 buttons a fix was found and the solutions I have found on google do not apply to my case - at least not without tweaks I am pretty sure I will need someone Flex 2 - Mouse buttons need a fix with extensive knowledge about drivers or the windows registry in order to ever be able to fix this myself Unless of course Lenovo ALPS decide to take responsibility for their hardware design If you can help me thank you tons I love every other nbsp part of my new notebook and if imprecise mouse movement would end up screwing with my experience on it forever that would be a pity nbsp The issue I have is that my the Flex - has a touch pad where the keys are part of the motion-sensitive touchpad surface Gliding the finger over them will move the cursor The obvious reason why this is problematic is that the cursor moving while clicking causes the clicks either to miss or to hit something that the cursor did not originally rest on when the button was meant to be pressed Meanwhile the ability of moving the cursor on my buttons serves absolutly no purpose whatsoever to me Sidenote I think Alps nbsp aleady did their part to start making the problem less of an issue If all gestures are deactivated and my index finger is resting where it moved the cursor then I can use my thumb to press the buttons without causing any movement because the finger above the keys takes priority in controlling the cursor That is pretty nifty But use your touchpad and try to right-click while letting your index finger remain on the keyboard and then putting your thumb back to the left key The movement is really uncomfortable and keeping the index finger still during that odd motion nbsp is just as hard as pressing the mouse button without moving the cursor The movement is so awkwark it takes me two seconds to execute So the problem just shifts fingers if you try to adapt to that system nbsp Now as I have mentioned this problem is well-known and some people I believe have been able to fix the issue on their Lenovos HPs Asuss nbsp with their native Synaptics drivers because the Synaptics settings just generally nbsp allow to limit the area on the trackpad that is sensitive to motion However my notebook is not equipped with a Synaptics touchpad My touchpad is from Alps And the only functionality the Alps driver settings have is nbsp switching all the additional gesture-features on off or turning the full touchpad on off for people who only use the touch-screen And there are some minor sensitivity force settings None of these options work to get rid of the sensitivity on the buttons nbsp As for the nbsp obligatory question - Yes I have uninstalled the current recommended Alps driver and reinstalled it from the Lenovo recommended drivers page via device manager and then nbsp through Windows nbsp Update No drivers solve my issue What is interesting is that I cannot download the nbsp Alps driver appropriate for my nbsp Haswell i - U nbsp from the Lenovo page It is listed but the folder in nbsp the file hosted for Haswell nbsp only includes Synaptics and ELAN drivers No ALPS nbsp The solutions I hope someone could help me pinpoint on how to apply and have myself nbsp already spent many hours trying to research in forums and the registry are either of these nbsp Can I somehow force Windows to accept a Synaptics driver and use it on my Alps touchpad That would solve my problem in an instant nbsp Can I somehow code my way into the ALPS driver and find the ALPS equivalent of the Synaptics BottomEdge variable and just turn off any sensitivity below there Some people setting up ubuntu OSs have had to do that and apparently it pretty much worked for them It then caused other problems so they could not stick with it but it looks to me like those problems were particular to their touchpads and would not happen on nbsp the touchpad of a nbsp Flex The only problem is... Read more
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When I left click on an Mouse Issues. Buttons/USB icon on the desktop it acts as if it was right clicked but I cannot get the left click action to start the program This is the case even with a wireless mouse plugged into a USB port as well as the two sets of mouse buttons on the laptop Sometimes the pointer even freezes up but not always Upon Mouse Buttons/USB Issues. initial startup the mouse buttons work normally but within a minute or two the issues begin I have uninstalled the drivers for the USB stack and the mouse and keyboard Mouse Buttons/USB Issues. I have done a system restore to an earlier state I have gone to Windows Update and made sure it is up to date I also have two HDD for the same laptop and I got it to act up with both HDD but again this is a bit sporadic Sometimes it works normally Doesn't seem to matter what the load is on the CPU or particularly what programs are running I suspect a conflict but not sure where On one of the HDDs the number of programs installed is very brief so I have thought of removing them in the hopes of narrowing down the culprit Am about ready to reformat as a last resort but I'd really like to find the reason and not just go around it It happening on two separate HDDs really has me scratching my head but cannot think what hardware malfunction would cause this Any ideas It's an old Dell Inspiron laptop I have taken many of these apart and put them back together piece by piece so I know my way around the inside and am not afraid of it No virus on it I'm adept at keeping it clean Ran Microsoft Security Essentials just to be sure

A:Mouse Buttons/USB Issues.

Did the "optional" updates on Windows Update Custom menu yesterday and so far so good.
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hi all,
i have bought a new Chinese mouse, a nice mouse with good properties but with no special driver.
the mouse has 9 buttons (home and dpi included), the 6st and 7st buttons are internet and multimedia by default, and i want to change them.
all the software i found is for 5 buttons max, please help me find a way.
my knowledge is average, i can work with registry or cmd, and other stuff.
some info:
driver : windows driver - Hid compliant mouse
OS - windows 10
wireless mouse with a usb port.
i am searching the web for answers for a couple of days with no success so i will appreciate any help you can give me.
thank you in advance
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I have just bought a mouse (A4 X-748K) and I'm having problems with the 4th and 5th buttons. When I try to map them to a custom control in a game it says that I have pressed the 'left alt' button. I have not done this in any custom mapping tool so I am confused as to why it is saying this. The buttons work in web browsers to go back/forward.

Any ideas? They would be greatly appreciated.
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Earlier today I switched my mouse to a Logitech MX700 and after the drivers installed I noticed that the mouse clicks were screwed up. To start off, my left mouse button does not register until after I release the button, instead of registering before, so now I can't highlight text or anything and my right mouse button, it registers two clicks now, instead of just one. Does anybody know what the problem could be? I've already tried reinstalling the drivers and updating them, but that didn't help.

A:Mouse Buttons Messed up Registering

Quote: Originally Posted by Anartic

Earlier today I switched my mouse to a Logitech MX700 and after the drivers installed I noticed that the mouse clicks were screwed up. To start off, my left mouse button does not register until after I release the button, instead of registering before, so now I can't highlight text or anything and my right mouse button, it registers two clicks now, instead of just one. Does anybody know what the problem could be? I've already tried reinstalling the drivers and updating them, but that didn't help.

Did you just plug it in didn't reboot and let Win7 install new drivers?
If you did that you just may have a bad mouse. I'd plug inth eold one and see how it responds.
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Here's the issue. Battlefield 1942 was my game for years and Logitech MX 310 my favorite mouse, I recently bought another one on ebay to replace an old one. My new Windows 7 PC won't accept any input from the extra mouse buttons in BF1942, but it worked fine for years on my Windows XP machine

My Logitech G13 works fine in BF 1942, and the MX310 works fine everywhere else, including other games [ BF3 for example ] using setpoint 652 x86 with and without game detection enabled.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i Working Not Laptop Buttons Mouse CPU M GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Sony Corporation VAIO N A N Laptop Mouse Buttons Not Working A Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled I have been trying to get the left Laptop Mouse Buttons Not Working and right clickers on my internal mousepad to work and nothing I do seems to work The mousepad itself works fine and I can use it but not the clickers When I go into Device Manager it says that it s got the Alps-Pointing Device driver installed I tried to uninstall this driver twice but everytime I do and restart my computer it comes back installed What to do - Also I can click the on the pointers and they do click on an object highlight it but it will not double click on either so nothing opens Help would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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Running Windows 7, an Agama m-355t wired mouse.

The drivers install fine, but the 4th and 5th buttons (on the sides of the mouse) don't have anything mapped to them by default. The software that came with the mouse to program it appears to possibly not be installing properly, or possibly just be badly-written, because it doesn't do anything. I've installed it off of the CD, uninstalled it, installed it off the Agama website, same thing happens every time.

Is there some way I can manually go into my registry or settings (the 'Mouse' settings on the control panel are no help) and map the mouse buttons? Even to just map them to something random so that X-mouse Button Control can intercept it.

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After having to re-install Windows 7 on my laptop I've found that the trackpad and associated mouse buttons are no longer working. The keyboard works fine.The touch screen works fine.When I inserted an external mouse, it automatically installed the driver and worked without issue.I installed the Synaptics TouchPad Driverbut that didn't make any difference. I also tried removing the battery, holding the power button for 30 seconds, re-instering the power cable (but not the battery) and booting up the latop.  It was working fine before the re-install so I can ssume i's not a hardware fault and if the keyboard works the interface cable is also working... Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue and can suggest anything?
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This past couple of days I've been reformatting and re-installing windows and tweaking my partition sizes. However, yesterday evening, after finishing loading up Windows XP and in the middle of loading my programs my mouse buttons just stopped working for no apparent reason.
The cursor movement works just fine but the buttons are non responsive.
I reformated and reinstalled windows again this morning thinking everything will be fine but low and behold during my program load up the buttons packed up again after about 5 or 10 minutes.
Any ideas?

A:Mouse buttons non functional after 5 or 10 minutes.

eliminate the mouse... try with another pc/mouse and see if it keeps happening. I think you can guess what the outcomes mean.
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hey guys, does anyone know of a mouse with a few buttons it? i've only seen cordless mice with 5+ buttons. i'd love something with 6-10 or so.


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Hi!I have HP 5-Button Optical Confort Mouse bought by a friend.I installed the driver and it works really great so far, but i have a problem: my 4 and 5 buttons.In a browser, they work. Their function is Forward and Backward and they work, but when i try to bind them into a game(for example, i tried to bind them in Smite and Dishonored), it doesen't bind anything. When it ask me to press the button i want to bind, i press any of them and nothing happens.Do you know any way to solve the problem, please?

A:can't bind mouse buttons in games

I suggest installing the driver for the mouse.  You will have to choose the appropriate one from two choices; one for English speaking countries and one for other countries.  This problem can be caused by many things.  It is normally software related.  Installing the driver for the mouse is a good place to begin.  In some instances, it can be incompatibility with the game source code. Please click the "Thumbs up + button" if I have helped you and click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.
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The built-in mouse buttons stopped working. The touch pad still moves the cursor, but the machine's mousebuttons do not work (they will physically depress but no action is taken).
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It was working just last night and when I woke up and used it this morning it was not working anymore, No one used it when I was asleep since I keep it in a safe place every time I am done using it. The mouse also has no support forums or technical support. Here are what I have tried:

Model: Dragon War Leviathan ELE-G1 USB Laser Gaming Mouse
Different computer (Windows 8)
Restarting pc
Cleaning the mouse
Using different USB ports (usb 2 and usb 3)
Using a usb extension
Giving it a tap on the floor (LOL)

Its a cheap gaming mouse for about $10 and is just a few months old... I guess you get what you paid for... But it will still try anything to get it to work, pls help me THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

A:Mouse buttons are working but not the sensor

Hello Ian mate I found this if it of any help

and it might be as well to take it apart and have a look if the first bit isn't of any value. Just look for loose wiring or even parts that not connected see pic it is very general but will give you some idea of what you are looking at or for.
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Dell Inspiron want Keyboard/mouse I opposite buttons doing the of what laptop with Logitech wireless mouse here running on Vista While browsing Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want today Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want mouse s wheel started zooming instead of scrolling then keyboard wouldn t produce letters and would only Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want open endless new tabs various dialogs every time I touched a key Selecting and deselecting with the mouse buttons also not functioning properly If I minimize a window I can t click on it and get it to come up again Same if I ve got multiple windows open can t change the display order without closing the top window Restarting did not help and apparently I ve got no restore points I finally got the typing to work again by repeatedly pressing left Shift with some force but only for a few minutes I keep having to redo it and it s not perfect I have to hit certain keys kind of hard selecting stuff just deletes it instantly and there s some lag time between my typing and letters appearing on the screen It may be related that left Ctrl has been nonfunctional for a while Weirdly everything s working PERFECTLY on the TSG pages What s the deal nbsp

A:Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want

Not real sure what you have going on, but I think I would start by checking the batteries in the mouse/keyboard. Also if you can, after the battery check,if you're still having problems, check out the mouse and keyboard on another computer to see if it's the computer or the mouse/keyboard.

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I have a Steelseries Ikari Opitcal Gaming mouse It consists of left right more buttons near the thumb area the scroll wheel working completely Buttons Mouse not which can be clicked middle mouse button and another button Mouse Buttons not working completely just behind the scroll wheel which changes the sensitivity between low and high for the mouse itself I have installed the latest Ikari drivers but let me detail when the problem arose and what I've done as well as what I'd like the final result to be like The problem first Mouse Buttons not working completely came up while playing a game Magicka As something worth mentioning comodo antivirus announced that the game wanted to inject input dll file or something of the sort I naturally allowed this expecting no problems would happen This may be a key point to the problem although I can't be too sure While playing the game the middle mouse button stopped working and that's a fairly core aspect of the game and for some reason the keybinds can't be changed not sure why but oh well - I'm stuck without a middle mouse button and unable to do much about it The sensitivity changer is out of the picture as well sadly I can't switch my sensitivity back to high it's stuck by default on low Another thing I noticed while this problem was going on was that when i started up i could move hte mouse but click nothing Even though I'd move the mouse over the taskbar icons in Win the icons wouldn't highlight and the mouse aside from moving the pointer was virtually useless I had to open Task Manager to be able to gain basic functionality of the mouse What I've done was basically mess with firefox and whatnot to see if hitting the middle mouse button actually brought up that little scroll button but it obviously didn't The middle mouse button just doesn't exist same applies to the sensitivity changer Eventually I decided to check into device updating properties the USB controller was lacking drivers but it was always like that even before this problem cropped up - regardless i updated them and restarted I gave it several restarts and eventually decided to do a system restore to yesterday's configuration the problem only happened today What I'd like done is to obviously have the middle mouse button back mainly that one and hopefully the sensitivity button too since I'm used on the higher sensitivity setting having a fairly big monitor and whatnot Would somehow getting the original dinput dll file or whatever it was called if it's accessible and relevant back be a possible fix I'm fairly sure the change had to do with magicka somehow I had played this game for a few days without any hiccups but I've never gotten as far as now so maybe something was triggered which effed up my settings Not sure to be honest appreciate any and all advice Lupo

A:Mouse Buttons not working completely

The support site shows the latest drivers -

SteelSeries Ikari Optical
Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista
Region: EN. Version: 1.0. Released: 2008-11-28
Download (2854 KB)
I don't see updated drivers for Windows 7 - SteelSeries ? Downloads

I downloaded the drivers. The release date does say Nov 2008, but the drivers have timestamps = late 2007, before Vista SP1 came out.

If no Windows 7 drivers are available, you'll need a new mouse.

Regards. . .


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Hi I did a brief search for similar topics but couldn t find anything So i apologise if this has been covered elsewhere I have recently bought a Logitech G Wireless Mouse I have installed their quot Setpoint quot driver software and the mouse performs as expected around Windows and in Web Browsers I have made a couple of adjustments to the default settings such as having one of the Resolution buttons configured as a next button whilst in Firefox My problem is that in games Counter-strike F E A R when I am configuring my controls I am unable to assign the Wheel Mouse Button or the Fourth Button Left side of mouse Cannot Mouse Logitech Games G7 - Buttons use 3rd/4th in to any in Logitech G7 Mouse - Cannot use 3rd/4th Buttons in Games game action Running WindowsXP Service Pack Fresh Install No previous Mouse Drivers Installed ---Update--- When i Disable the Setpoint software I can use the extra buttons Is anyone familiar with this application and might be able to help me with this Any help or guidance you offer regarding this matter is most appreciated Kind Regards Nnahrino nbsp

A:Logitech G7 Mouse - Cannot use 3rd/4th Buttons in Games

It's possible the games have their own drivers for your mouse, and they are conflicting with the system drivers for the mouse...
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My operating system is vista . My mouse buttons started acting up. sometimes I have to double click to get them to work and sometimes the right button does what the left one is supposed to do. It is making playing games extremely hard. I have an hp wireless lap top and I am a beginner computer user.My right button is highlighting everything when I use it and I cannot download the tsg sysinfo because it won't go to copy so I can paste the info. I tried going in to adjust my mouse controls but a lot of it I don't understand. HELP!!musicnana
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My Samsung R580 / Win 7 laptop works fine, but when i plug in a USB optic mouse (and i've tried a few) they all reverse the buttons and changing in Control Panel only reverses the track pad. It has no effect on the mouse. - Also not improved by using different USB port.

Any ideas?

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Hi, My mouse is 4 years plus old.
It has always been stable and no problems until the last few days..
the little rubber feet are worn....and lately I get no mouse sometimes on booting up.
I have Windows 2000, and have cleaned the mouse, troubleshooted the mouse, and all the drivers it says are up to date, and it says the mouse is not conflicted and this "device works properly" says all the good stuff.....but
Sometimes it is not there at the boot up, and I have to check the connections at the ports and manually reboot, etc.
Is there a way to see if I have a mouse takeover or virus in it, or is my mouse just too old now...any help would be appreciated...
It is a microsoft PS/2 mouse....Thanks

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Hello Lenovo Community, I have a Lenovo T440s but the three mouse buttons above the clickpad do not work. However if I uninstall the synaptics driver, the mouse buttons work but then click won't, kinda. Only tap to click works, no two-finger scrolling.  If I install the synpatics driver the mouse buttons do not work and I get full multi geasture support for the clickpad.  Lenovo Technical supports wants me to ship the PC.  Does anyone else have a different solution. Even in the mousepad settings, the mouse buttons do not show. Thank you
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Hello all I just built a PC for the first time this past weekend Everything fired up and worked GREAT except for one thing My Wireless Logitech MX keyboard hot keys and the side buttons on stopped & working Mouse hot keyboard buttons my mouse no longer work I installed the Set Point software I reset all the hotkeys and the side mouse buttons But to no avail Any helpful hints would be appreciated Here is the system I built Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case NEC X DVD R DVD Burner With X DVD-RAM Write Black E-IDE ATAPI Model A- B G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - PHU - GBHZ NEC Black MB quot Internal Floppy Drive SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD LJ GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP b Mouse & keyboard hot buttons stopped working pk OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI ATX V W Power Supply Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Channels PCI Interface Sound Card PNY VCG GTS XPB GeForce GTS MB GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Video Card Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA Processor Model BX E EVGA -CK-NF -A LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard PS In case it matters The Mouse and Keyboard hotkeys did work on my prior PC nbsp

A:Mouse & keyboard hot buttons stopped working

The first thing I'd try is uninstall & reinstall the drivers. Instead of using the disk to reinstall from, download the latest ones from the Logitech site.
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Hi all,
I have Dell KM714 keyboard / mouse combo. The mouse has two side buttons but it's very easy to press the right sided button by mistake when using it. Annoyingly this the mouse to freeze and not do anything.
I'd like to disable this mouse button but Windows 10 thinks this mouse only has 2 buttons and non of the Dell software or drivers help me edit these side buttons. I have tried using third party software such as X Mouse Button but this hasn't helped either.
Can anyone lend a hand?
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Hi, my mouse model is a Logitech Marathon M750 (Wireless).

I just got this mouse along with a keyboard in a mouse-keyboard combo I got off Amazon. The keyboard works great, completely functional, but the mouse, not as much.

The mouse's left click, right click, middle click, scrolling, etc., all work perfectly, but oddly, the cursor is not moving despite my attempts to move it. My previous mouse I had was also by Logitech, a M135/M125 (also wireless), with a fully functional cursor ability and button ability. I'm actually using that M135/M235 to post this.

This is the first forum post I have posted anywhere on tech support, because usually I get the problems figured out, but this has me baffled. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

A:Mouse cursor not moving, but the buttons work

Sounds like the mouse is faulty. If the buttons are working, you should be able to move the cursor as well.
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My wife's Dell Inspiron Laptop suddenly started locking up when coming out of sleep mode. The mouse moves, but nothing else works including clicking either mouse button or any keys on the keyboard. I have changed the power settings to "Never" and now it does it after about 5 minutes if the computer is idle. As long as I am working on it, then it doesn't lockup.

Dell Inspiron 1545
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
P8700 @ 2.53 GHz
2.50 GHz , 3.46 GB of RAM
Windows XP Service Pack 3

I have already done the following:

Changed the RAM with another Inspiron 1545.
Changed all Power Settings to "Never"
Run HiJackThis (Nothing pertinent)
Run Spybot, Ad-Aware, CCleaner, & AVG (nothing pertinent)
Not installed any new hardware (other than the RAM after this started happening)

Attempted to Defrag in Safe Mode and it will not get past 1% even after 48 hours!

Thanks for any and all help!

A:Keyboard and Mouse buttons unresponsive after being idle

Have you check device manager - properties - power management tab and allow the device to wake up this computer? Try reinstalling or look for the latest driver on Dell support site for the graphics chipset. Try removing currently used wallpaper and run a diagnostic test utility to check on your hard drive. You could also remove the recently RAM module to check on the difference.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A running XP with a few problems Sometimes there is no display when Windows loads It is just a blank screen The same problem occurs booting into safe mode Sometimes Mouse/Touchpad Buttons Problems and Display there is a display and sometimes not It is the same using an external monitor I can go into setup without any problems so the problem is when Windows loads Another problem - the mouse buttons do not work when I am able to see the display I can move the cursor but I cannot click on anything I also cannot use Ctrl Esc to access the Start menu I cannot open any icons or right click to get the properties box It is the same with an external mouse This computer has a virus Spyware Guard When I was first given the computer to clean I was able to use the mouse buttons and could see the display I was not able to run any executables when I tried to install some spyware and antivirus programs I don't know if the virus was able to prevent loading those programs Someone else closed some processes in Task Manager The Display and Mouse/Touchpad Buttons Problems problems with the display and mouse buttons may have started after that Could there be something that I need to enable I currently have the laptop booted into safe mode and can see the display intermittent problem The mouse buttons do not work I can move the cursor but cannot click When I hover over the Start button I get an hourglass I cannot open Task Manager I don't think this is a hardware problem Are there any suggestions Thanks for any help

A:Display and Mouse/Touchpad Buttons Problems

I should add that I might take the harddrive out and connect it to another computer and access it that way. I should be able to run antivirus software on the laptop drive.

I'm still not sure how I would fix the problems with the mouse buttons and display accessing it from another computer.
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I just bought an L850 laptop but because I have little strenght due to disability it is hard to click my mouse buttons. Is there a way to soften them up (maybe even by opening the laptop and removing the spring)?

Thank you.

A:Re: Satellite L850 - mouse buttons are too hard

As far as I know you cannot change anything. On some machines touchpad buttons are simply harder and it depends on construction. I?m afraid you must live with it.
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I'm running XP Professional with latest security updates. I'm also left handed, so it has always been my practice to swap the mouse buttons.. A few days ago I found that when I reboot or power on the computer after previously powering down, the o/s has forgotten that the mouse buttons are supposed to be swapped.

I'm using the standard Windows mouse driver with a Logitech USB optical mouse but I don't see how it could be a hardware problem.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

A:Swapped mouse buttons forgotten after reboot

You could try this,one of the things it will do is save your mouse settings,a handy app to have.Look under logon>settings and check box mouse.
You can customize much with this.
It's from Microsoft and it's safe.
Hope that helps
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My friend has a mouse with 5 buttons. He is wanting to bind a key on his keyboard to one of his extra mouse buttons (for gaming). How would he do this?

He has Windows XP Pro Edition

A:Binding keys to extra mouse buttons?

I'm assuming there has to be a way to do this. Some setting or program that can acheive this?
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Hi there About a week ago I got the quot Security Tool quot virus and after following the guide on this site I managed to get rid of it I have since run another Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scan run a Home Intruder scan and have installed Avast and done a scan Eventually they stopped finding infections so I assumed I was free Odd virus mouse altering - problem buttons? of viruses But I ve not been able to shake the feeling that something was not quite right For instance I downloaded the Odd problem - virus altering mouse buttons? Rkill renamed Iexplore exe program and I would notice that it would simply disappear or the shortcut to it would become invalid I put this down either to paranoia or a virus trying to stay on my system I ignored my paranoia as I d run so many virus scans and was frankly getting sick of fighting with the computer However today when I turned on my computer I noticed the middle mouse button wouldn Odd problem - virus altering mouse buttons? t open a new tab in Chrome as it would normally do Fair enough I thought Windows must be having a bad day But then I tried to click on another tab with the left mouse button and instead of switching to it it closed it Then I noticed that clicking hard with the LMB would enable the scroll feature you know the one where you have a circle in the centre of the screen with four arrows pointing in each direction which is something the middle mouse button should do And now it occasionally won t let me click on things in my toolbar I can hover over them but it just doesn t respond to me clicking It is temporarily solved by ending and restarting explorer exe but invariably comes back The same with shutting the laptop and logging back in The only consistent thing is that the middle mouse button does not respond to button presses only scrolling This is getting pretty frustrating as I am in the middle of doing an essay and it is sometimes impossible to highlight text and do other simple tasks Is this a virus or simply a hard software fault N B I have tried a different mouse and have used the built-in touchpad and all produce exactly the same results so I doubt it is a hardware fault I am running Vista on a Dell Studio Laptop and like to think of myself as reasonably technologically proficient so I haven t uninstalled the mouse drivers or anything I tried going into Control Panel but the only useful options there were to switch primary and secondary mouse functions I did that and still had the same problem Sorry for the long essay just trying to give as much info as possible though I think I ve given my life story I would be so grateful if anybody could give me so advice guidance - it s a really frustrating problem Cheers Jeremy
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My left and right mouse buttons are reversed. If i go into 'mouse' in the control panel there is the facility to reverse the buttons and it's already ticked, you can untick the box but can't apply or OK it. When I try that the mouse buttons cease to to anything although you can still move the cursor around. I suspected viruses, and have done several sweeps with Spybot, AdAaware, Norton, AVG. HJT CW Shredder. Nothing much found and its still doing it.

Help ... please.

Advent laptop 2.4GHz Pentium, 512MB RAM 40GB HD
Windows XP SP2

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I have a Logitech wireless mouse M with an additional three buttons one below the wheel and two on the left side and I currently have Windows on my Lenovo laptop When ever I hit the one under the wheel it opens the panel on the right with the search share start devices and settings buttons When I hit the one on the side closest to the back of the mouse it minimizes all windows and takes me to the desktop When I hit the other side button it brings me to the Windows start screen My problem is that whenever I play a game that requires the use of one of these three buttons I cant make it so that it doesn t do what it says above I didn t program my mouse to do this When I first installed the mouse software it automatically bound these keys to these functions Is there any way I can make it so these buttons do not automatically do this Any and all help is appreciated nbsp

A:Mouse buttons automatically bound windows 8?

Have you installed the logitech software?

Link OR go to logitech and search your mouse and choose downloads

This enables mouse config as you desire it.

I am assuming not, as my win 8 lappy works fine with this.
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Hi, I accidentally spilled tea on my wacom tablet today, and everything seems to work okay for a time, but after about 30 minutes or so, the buttons in Windows Explorer stop working, and the left-click function in the mouse has no effect on them (although the right-click does work). When I reboot, it's the same thing, it works fine for a while and then stops. I can't click anything, I can't close any windows, I can't open anything. Everything basically freezes, although the mouse otherwise works fine (it moves around still), and the clicking appears to register with the tablet. Anyone seen this before? Anyone know how to make it better?


A:Taskbars and buttons freeze, mouse still works

try leaving it switched of and unplugged for a couple of days in a warm place. and leave it open.
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My wife's laptop was just upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. After the upgrade neither the touchpad or the touch screen worked at all. I dug around and enabled the Elan Mouse in Controle panel. That allowed the touch pad to control the cursor but the mouse buttons still don't work.
I haven't even started on the touch screen but I would love any ideas.
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As left hander when I use a desktop I use the right mouse button as my primary button.

When using a laptop it's easier for me to keep the track pad buttons set with the left button as my primary button (it's nearest my dominant thumb!)

This hasn't been a problem until I got a win 8 laptop when it started to synchronize the settings on my latop to desktop and vice versa. This is a good thing in normal circumstances but for me it's a pain as I have to keep changing the setting depending on what machine I'm using.

Is it possible to disable the mouse synchronization whilst retaining the synchronization of other settings?

A:Stop the synchronization of mouse buttons between devices

It's okay, I found the setting in synch settings toward the botttom of the page.
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My mouse Dyna Point M DE- P had been working fine until yesterday I had some visitors at my house and I gave them free reign on my computer while I ran errands Now when [SOLVED] Replace Mouse? I move the mouse the cursoe will sometimes follow suit and other times will freeze where it is so that I have to keep urging the cursor by repeating the activity with the mouse Sometimes the cursor will stop [SOLVED] Replace Mouse? just short of my goal for it and I might have a devil of a time getting it on the goal I am assuming that I need to buy a new mouse However when I researched the word Mouse on this site I saw that often when someone was having mouse trouble the responding posts would advice various manuvers other than replacement which might correct the problem So before I replace the mouse I thoiught I check to see if anyone thinks that I should try something else before replacing the mouse Thanks grandpaw nbsp

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I recently purchased a "kluge" computer system for my wife when her old HP system died. Everything seems to be working well, eccept that this computer has only four USB ports, two in the back and two in the front (actually five - there's a Ethernet cable connection, too). Both the keyboard and the mouse are connected by USB connections as well as the speakers. When I add my wireless adapter card, I've occupied all four USB connections. But, the HP All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier also requires a USB connection!
I tried removing the USB Mouse and driver and replacing it with a Non-USB mouse (plugs into the green jack in the back), but I've had no success.
Is there a way to do this? Or, is there some other way to get around my
shortage of USB connections?

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well i guess this would apply to any razer mouse
my question is:
Are the buttons programmable outside of games/macros?

like are you able to say for instance open i-tunes with one of the extra buttons?

just wanna make sure before i buy it
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I left the room a little while ago and it seems my darling cat messed up my computer not only by vomiting on it but apparently did something to my mouse buttons my cat's idea of a birthday present D anywyas i run a Dell Inspiron when i left click it brings a right Mouse back wont turn switched, think, buttons i click menu up when i right click Mouse buttons switched, i think, wont turn back nothing happens at all no matter where i click i checked my mouse properties the buttons werent switched but i switched them back and forth a few times to see if it helped it didnt when i try to left or right click to close a window open a program etc nothing happens it wont actually show to quot click quot on the screen i've restarted multiple times completely shut down took battery out everything too it off the dock too still it's like this i plugged in an external mouse just so i can get into here to ask for help it seems to be okay for now but every so will get screwy now when i use the touchpad buttons in this text box the right click still does nothing but the left click goes to the scroll lock like with a middle button i've check my button settings and everything is still set to the way it should be whatever the unhelpful feline did it was clicking a bunch of buttons together i just don't know what those buttons might be so that i can release this issue i've tried clicking with ctrl alt fn anything i can think of i tried loking for a system restore but apparently no system restore points exist for me someone PLEASE tell me you can help

A:Mouse buttons switched, i think, wont turn back

Maybe try this.

How to start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature
To start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature, follow these steps: 1. Start your computer.
2. When you see the "Please select the operating system to start" message, press the F8 key.
3. When the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, use the ARROW keys to select Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked), and then press ENTER.
4. If you are running other operating systems on your computer, use the ARROW keys to select Microsoft Windows XP, and then press ENTER.
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I just built a new computer and am running Windows I elected to continue using my old wired mouse an obsolete Razer Diamondback I went out and looked for the latest drivers for all hardware for the new computer As can be expected this mouse is around or years old so there is only a legacy driver available Nevertheless I installed it and it works However there buttons? side 5-button Solved: deactivate - mouse doesn t seem to be a way to set the side button actions or disable them My main problem is that I have a tendency to inadvertently click the right side button which is defaulted to scroll down This has been a significant frustration and I d like to disable Solved: 5-button mouse - deactivate side buttons? it In Control Panel there are ways to set Solved: 5-button mouse - deactivate side buttons? other things for the mouse but no way to set the side buttons as as I was accustomed to on my other computers Control Panel opens a utilityu called Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center which I find totally useless I complained about it a few minutes ago in my previouis post the first on this forum regarding a problem with the keyboard Can anybody suggest a way to disable that mouse button Thanks Optiker nbsp

A:Solved: 5-button mouse - deactivate side buttons?

The driver can be found here,76,2,124

The user manual can be found here
Follow the instructions in the user manual to bind your buttons (and disable them).
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Logitech Performance Mouse MX, extra buttons for previous / next page. Since yesterday evening these buttons are useless, instead of bringing me to next or previous page they both cause browser to jump two pages.

An example: I open Seven Forums home page, click News, click first thread in News. After reading it I press back button which should bring me back to News main page but instead browser jumps two pages back to SF home page. Same action when Forward / Next button is pressed, browser jumps two pages forward.

All browsers, all sites. Logitech Setpoint drivers uninstalled and reinstalled, laptop rebooted. Issue remains.

Any ideas welcome.

A:Mouse back and forward buttons step two pages instead of one

Quote: Originally Posted by Kari

Logitech Performance Mouse MX, extra buttons for previous / next page. Since yesterday evening these buttons are useless, instead of bringing me to next or previous page they both cause browser to jump two pages.

An example: I open Seven Forums home page, click News, click first thread in News. After reading it I press back button which should bring me back to News main page but instead browser jumps two pages back to SF home page. Same action when Forward / Next button is pressed, browser jumps two pages forward.

All browsers, all sites. Logitech Setpoint drivers uninstalled and reinstalled, laptop rebooted. Issue remains.

Any ideas welcome.

Sounds like one of those really annoying things

You don't have sensitivity options on that mouse do you, i had an issue with a mouse in the past where by the sensitivity was set that high that when clicking once would register about 2-3 clicks.

I honestly don't know... Just a thought

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ideally, i would like for any mouseclicks and menu opening commands made within X microseconds of a keystroke to be discarded, with the user setting the value of X.

for the record, i'm working on a laptop (2730p) which has mousebuttons and menu buttons quite close to the typing keys, and i have on occassion overwritten entire paragraphs and somehow even issued a close program command while furiously typing. needless to say, i would like a fix for this.

A:How does one disable touchpad and mouse + menu buttons when typing?

Hi, You can refer to the link which might help you:- you can look into the manufacture's website for any key combination to enable/disable the touchpad.Thanks and Regards Deepa_R *moderator edit: removed shortened link and replaced it with full link - Queen-Evie*
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It's Friday afternoon, have been down the pub and am feeling too lazy to work this out myself.

Can someone tell me how you can set up PowerPoint 2003 to flick forward and back through slides using left and right mouse buttons (so right doesn't bring up menu essentially) during a presentation.

Would be utterly grateful



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Is there any software which replaces the all the mouse functions, if not 100% upto 90% or so.

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Hello thank you in advance for the community's assistance I'm experiencing unusual behavior when trying to hold down keys or buttons Specifically while playing a PC game My issue is sporadic and doesn't apply to all keys and persists despite switching out my accessories for backups lying around just to test on buttons/keys behavior mouse/keyboard Unusual down holding and Unusual behavior holding down buttons/keys on mouse/keyboard check My issue is when I hold down the ctrl key or specific buttons on my mouse the game or my PC does not register them as holding the key but rather just pressing it a single time The issue doesn't apply to the primary rt click left click mouse buttons for example though and only to these secondary buttons on the left side used primarily for back forward web browser navigation The problematic buttons keys are ones that I have customized in the keyboard customization via the in game options which could play a large part in this For example I did not like a certain mapping for a function or action and added ctrl as the secondary or primary button press for this action Wanted to see if there was something I could do in the control panel or in one of the mouse keyboard setting programs I have as I don't see anything that jumps out to me in the game settings Logitech mouse is controlled by those settings keyboard is controlled by the Razer suite but as I said I tried different accessories Perhaps something is conflicting or I activated a setting with an unintentional key combo and didn't notice Apologies for the length I try to provide a lot of info in case it helps Thanks

A:Unusual behavior holding down buttons/keys on mouse/keyboard

EDIT - posted on game forum as well, where other users identified the issue pretty quickly as they had the same problems.

Thanks for any considerations, but the matter has been resolved.
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This is ridiculously annoying.  No matter which open program or site you are trying to work on, when the mouse touches any edge of another window then that one immeditely pops to the front.  This is Windows 8 or 8.1 with the Classic Shell add-on.  Firefox is the default browser, but this also happens when I have only Word and Excel open.  I have read other web sites where people have this same complaint.  Some believe it is a mouse sensitivity issue, but I know that's not the solution in this case.  If this is an issue of "hover delay" then how do you turn that off or adjust it so it does not take over like this?  Thanks

A:windows annoyingly jump to front when touched by mouse pointer

It sounds like you have of the accessibility helpers turned on.
Go to "Control Panel", "Ease of Access", "Change how the Mouse Works"
(or select  "Make the mouse easier to use" if you end up in "Ease of Access Center")
On the "Make the mouse easier to use" page, under "Make it easier to manage windows", you will find a setting "Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse". I suspect that that setting has become enabled. Untick it, Select "OK" and you should be back to normal.
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I recently had to turn off my firewall to set up my internet connection, and i picked up some sort of virus/hack/script that changed my Internet Explorer and Startup menu buttons.

For example, in the startup menu, a mouse icon permanently sits beside "connect to" or "my recent documents". In Internet Explorer up on the toolbars, an hourglass icon permanently sits beside "Page" and "Tools"

Any ideas?

A:IE and startup menu buttons have strange mouse and hourglass icons

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.
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Hi there, first off, I'd like to say that I am using a Dell XPS l502x. Yesterday I was cleaning my keyboard and palmrest, and i think some liquid got inside the mouse buttons and the power button, because they malfunction now. The mouse buttons do not work, and the power button only works when I press it sometimes. When I do press the mouse buttons, sometimes the laptop will go to sleep or on standby. I'm thinking of buying a replacement for the palmrest because it contains both the power button and touchpad, as well as the mouse buttons, but I need confirmation so that I don't end up wasting money if it doesn't work. Is there anything I can do?

This is my first time posting here, I appreciate any help. Thanks .

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I'm running Avira. MBAM picks up nothing. It's an old XP SP3 installation with a few virus problems in the past.

The same problem exists with a zero msconfig load, after which I upgraded Avira to 12 as it was the only likely candidate I could see.

When I'm playing computer games the mouse buttons work as normal. I haven't tried ComboFix.

Thanks for any help.

A:Mouse buttons sometimes don't work, restored on clicking Task Manager bar

Actually had this behaviour in a DirectX game briefly - when Windows was still loading. I presume it's some process (malign or not) that only operates when the desktop is shown.

I can't boot Safe Mode for some reason so I'll try a refresh, then will do DDS GMER from Safe Mode if it works else zero msconfig load.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite C875D-S7120 to fix. It has Windows 8. The touchpad and mouse buttons do not respond at all. They quit accepting input without warning. Device Manager and msinfo32 show no errors and Device Manager says the device is working properly. I have tried the Fn + F5 to turn off, then back on, and that has no effect. I tried 2 older drivers. Both installed correctly but did not fix the problem. I have 3 spare scrap Toshiba Satellite laptops, a C655-S5225, a Pro L550-EZ1702, and a C855D-S5305. All 3 have the same Synaptics touchpad, the part numbers match. I swapped in each of them and tested. That still did not solve the problem. Is it maybe a problem with the touchpad connector on the motherboard? The system is otherwise fine and works properly and a USB mouse works.

A:Satellite C875D-S7120 Touchpad, Mouse Buttons Failure

If none of the touchpads work then I would say it is the connector on the motherboard,155859.0.html
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I have an odd problem that I think is Javscript-related although I suppose it could also be either CSS or HTML or Perl The buttons and boxes at the top of the page just under the red bar are rendered on the screen when the Perl program is run and Buttons Javascript shift page HTML - I CSS Perl mouse over on when the Rerun section is hanging off the page just enough to create a scroll bar If I make that section less than wide it doesn t Javascript HTML CSS Perl - Buttons shift on page when I mouse over hang off The odd behavior I am getting is that when I roll over any one of the buttons in the entire row the rerun section on the right shifts a bit to the left and displays properly After that I can Javascript HTML CSS Perl - Buttons shift on page when I mouse over roll over the buttons all day long and nothing will shift If I rerun the report or click refresh the Rerun button section to the right gets Javascript HTML CSS Perl - Buttons shift on page when I mouse over shifted off the page a bit Again once I roll over any of the buttons it shifts back into its correct spot I might have expected a toggle sort of action that as I keep rolling back and forth over the row the Rerun section would shift back and forth However once it shifts back into place it never shifts back out again unless I rerun the report The even odder thing is If I view source and save the text to an html file I can t replicate the behavior It renders the page perfectly and no amount of rolling over buttons can get anything to shift Any ideas on what s causing this behavior I tried putting in quot display inline quot in the table s style and even on each button but that did not work I had read something about IE s double margin bug quirk and thought that might address it Below is the code for the entire page I was going to cut some sections out and then thought maybe that would not be wise And as stated above the view source doesn t let me replicate the problem Because I am behind a firewall I can t give the URL so you can see the behavior in action - Code lt DOCTYPE html PUBLIC quot - W C DTD XHTML Transitional EN quot quot http www w org TR xhtml DTD xhtml -transitional dtd quot gt lt html xmlns quot http www w org xhtml quot xml lang quot en quot lang quot en quot gt lt head gt lt title gt CORS Report - Trial Balance - Summary lt title gt lt style type quot text css quot gt body font-family Arial color black font-size small form margin em hr width color D D D white-space nowrap button input option reset select submit textarea font-size em white-space nowrap td tbl border-top em solid gray border-left em solid gray padding em em em em white-space nowrap border-collapse collapse tr tbl border-top em solid gray border-left em solid gray padding em em em em font-weight bold border-collapse collapse th padding em em em em button font-weight bold color black background DCDCDC text-align center tbar white-space nowrap font-weight bold background B text-decoration none color white width title white-space nowrap font-weight bold width text-align center bold white-space nowrap font-weight bold hide white-space nowrap display none norm white-space nowrap bothdbl border-top thin solid black border-bottom double black lt style gt lt head gt lt body onload quot hideStuff quot gt lt a class quot hide quot href quot content quot gt lt img src quot images nc com x gif quot alt quot Skip to Content quot width quot quot height quot quot gt lt img gt lt a gt lt div gt lt h class quot tbar quot gt amp nbsp lt a href quot http www myemployer com quot style quot position absolute left px cursor pointer background B text-decoration none color white quot gt My Employer lt a gt lt a href quot nc co menu quot style quot margin-right margin-left cursor pointer background B text-decoration none color white quot gt CORS lt a gt lt span style quot position absolute right px quot gt Report - Trial Balance - Summary lt span gt lt h gt lt div gt lt form name quot form quot method quot post ... Read more
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Hi, i returned a Dell Studio 16 for another Dell Studio 16 with some lighter configurations. One thing I didn't expect to go missing was the ability to "middle click" and open firefox links in new tabs by pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously.

When i went to Dell's website to update the driver, i was informed via a pop-up that the driver i already have was newer than the one i was trying to update with. so i didnt "update" the driver. The device says "Synaptics TouchPad V7.2 on PS/2 Port" and the Driver Version is I am running Win7 64bit. Thanks.

A:Solved: Middle-Click via pressing both mouse buttons not working

i "updated' to the older driver and it worked.
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Using Windows XP Home SP3

Among the buttons in my Desktop popup menu (mouse 3) are these:

Save Desktop Icon Layout
Restore Desktop Icon Layout

How can I remove the buttons and the application they run?

A:Desktop mouse right click popup menu - remove buttons?

keepplugging, It looks like you may have installed Icon Restore at one time as it puts those 2 items in the desktop right click context menu. Check out the link below which also has a "Uinstall Icon Restore" tool at the bottom of the page which you can download and run. I'd create a new System Restore Point prior to running it.

Context Menu Editor 1.0 is also Free and may get the job done.
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Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to disable the mouse pointer and click buttons on an Acer Travelmate 529TXV. I checked the BIOS, but there is no setting in there that will allow one to disable it.


A:Disable mouse pointer and click buttons on Acer Laptop

Have you tried disabling the pointer device in Device Manager?
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Hello - Sister in law's laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro about years old Was originally running Windows Vista About months ago she Windows respond Mouse (Toshiba, once booted don't and XP) keyboard buttons had someone Mouse buttons and keyboard don't respond once booted (Toshiba, Windows XP) uninstall Windows Vista and install Windows XP instead and it worked fine About month ago she turned on the laptop and the mouse buttons and keyboard were completely unresponsive the touch pad did work meaning cursor can be moved but nothing can be clicked preventing her from taking any action even from running a virus scan I've booted the machine Mouse buttons and keyboard don't respond once booted (Toshiba, Windows XP) up and used F and F to enter the different safe operating modes I was able to boot it up in an error checking mode where it boots up with limited functionality and there the mouse buttons and Mouse buttons and keyboard don't respond once booted (Toshiba, Windows XP) the keyboard worked and I was able to copy all important files to an external drive I read numerous similar problems on this forum and on others but never saw a real solution The only actual solution a came across for the same problem was called a quot hardware reset quot on an Acer where you take out the battery hold the power button down for seconds and then put the battery back in and boot up This worked for a number of people on one thread - I tried it on the Toshiba - no luck I also read a number of times that people with the same problem did a complete reinstall of the OS and that did not fix the problem So I'm hesitant to do a reinstall and I don't have the original OS discs would have to reinstall with a copy So I'm less than hopeful that this problem can be resolved without taking it to a computer repair place but I'm naturally optimistic so there remains a shred of hope Please if you have seen a similar problem with solution let me know Thanks so much Eric

A:Mouse buttons and keyboard don't respond once booted (Toshiba, Windows XP)

Heh it might not be as bad as you think, first thing u need to try is go in safe mode and try computer restore, this will bring the computer back in time depending when the last automatic restore point was done.

Also, if this don't work and ur using xp home with the install cd u could choose repair the installed system without using the system console, this might replace any corrupted drivers, also if u can go to safe mode with networking with mouse and keyboard functionality try updating windows, maybe ur missing sp2 or sp3 which are very important for hardware drivers.

Also if u can access the internet from safe mode go to the manufacturer's website support page and download the drivers for the the keyboard, trackpad or pointing device ans install them, this might also correct the problem. Give it a shot and let me know how did it go.
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Hi all:

This is my first post. I'm trying to help my 80 year mother 1000 miles away fix her computer. They have a Dell desktop running Windows XP service pack 2 is installed (I think).

It appears her mouse buttons reversed and I cannot figure out how that happened (as no jokers have access) and even stranger, I walked her through the old Control Panel - Mouse - Button - Button Configuration and we tried to reset the buttons to Left as primary. But it did not work!

Is this a virus problem or something else? Please help me and mom :)

Thanks in advance. kurtk

A:Mouse Buttons Reversed and Won't Change Back to Left as primary

after changing settings did you try restarting pc. if she has internet you can use remote assistance to access her pc and change settings. did you try the mouse in another usb port and changed the settings. finally would recommend system restore that might solve it hopefully.
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My 3 year old logitech wireless mouse conked out on me today. No laser light, blinking green on off switch and red battery light stays on. The mouse is part No 810-000769. I have tried all the suggested remedies offered by Logitech support with no success.

The wireless mouse was bundled with their S520 wireless keyboard purchased 3 years ago.

If I purchase another wireless mouse will it work with the Logitech S520 keyboard or will I have to replace that and the receiver dongle too? Are all wireless keyboard and mouse devices interchangeable??

Thanks for your help!

A:wireless mouse conked out must replace with new one...question???

You will probably end up needing 2 recievers the exisiting one for your keyboard and the new one that comes with the mouse.

These tend to auto-pair and are not usually interchangeable.
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HP wireless keyboard/mouse USB receiver broken. need replacement cant find replacement online. model number listed back of the USB receiver : MORFGIUO-D please direct me to place where i can get a replacement ASAP!!!!

A:HP wireless keyboard/mouse USB receiver broken. need replace...

It can't be replaced separately. The wireless dongle for a wireless keyboard/mouse set is paired with a dongle at the factory and if it is broken, the set is no more. It is now defunct, broken, kaput. Replace it with a Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo. A Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard set will come with its own unifying dongle that actually can be replaced if it is broken.
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A:Touchpad buttons open activity center after windows 10 upgrade, how do i reset them to mouse click only?

This may help, open the start menu, and click settings, and then click the “Devices” icon, then on the left column please select “Mouse & touchpad”. Click on the “additional mouse options” link under Related Settings. This will bring up mouse properties, click the buttons tab and then under Click Lock, uncheck the box for “Turn on Clicklock” and see if that helps.

 You may also wish to turn off Tablet Mode, again click the start menu, then settings; you will be able to find Tablet Mode on the left. Turn it off and see if it makes a difference.

 Please let me know if any of this helps out.
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I just had my toshiba satellite pentium xp-sp mobile processor RAM gigs into the authorize warranty depot for a replacement of the mouse pad as the warranty was almost up It is now over this was May I had called a week and a half earlier however they said toshiba notebook? can't bios after warranty password replace mouse pad replacement of the parts were delayed and did not arrive until the day before my warranty was up I can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook? had to go in for medical surgery directly after and did not use the computer until this past week and noticed when I took can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook? the notebook down to my software techie who was removing Norton Systemworks for me as I don t how to do it cleanly that my BIOS password was not in place He tried to replace it however it would not set I phoned the warranty depot and I am not a tech oriented person and know little about BIOS and I should say that my software techie called them as can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook? well I should say that I have used this software techie since I have owned the computer and he knew that I had a BIOS password and so he discussed the issue with the warranty depot tech who replaced my mouse pad The tech replied that he did not touch my main board and thus it was not his fault and he told my software techie to have me call him which I did I told him that I noticed that he did not boot my computer in front of me when he had me test the mousepad that he brought out my notebook from the back room repair station and had me check out the mouse pads which worked fine and then he also mentioned that he had looked at my PCMCIA slot pins visually and used the air duster on it but could see no issues I mention this as I advised him via phone before I went to have the mouse pads replaced that I had just recently had a problem with the PC card not recognizing my hardware and so I asked him to check it as the warranty was nearing its end I should also comment that the PC card was working when I took it into the shop and so we discussed the fact that I may not have seated the card in the slot so that there was a good contact and that was the end of the discussion Since I did not use my notebook due to my health until last week I had no realization that the BIOS password was not working On the phone he said I must have possibly had the computer near moisture which I definitely did not He admitted that he had not seen a notebook so free of dust in the openings and in overall such good shape as he indicated he sees so many with food etc on them and my computer was in excellent condition as he put it I told him I am an accountant and don t eat around my computer etc and I also use the air duster compressed air on it weekly into all the openings and have for the past years that I have owned it Now the warranty depot says that my main board likely has an issue with the BIOS chip and that they charge hr and that the board will cost - I had to pull teeth to get documentation on the work that was done under warranty and noted that the mouse pad part was quot Used quot and the area where quot Condition quot was categorized was quot blank quot But that was after I got the computer back to work as I was in a hurry when I left I never thought that I should have had him boot the computer when I was there He says there is no quot jumper quot on this notebook whatever that is and that he did not disconnect anything that my main board coincidentally must have given out right after I left his shop He claims that there was no BIOS password on the unit and I told him it was working when I booted my notebook an hour before I brought it to this Toshiba authorized depot There are no updates for the BIOS on this notebook as my software techie checked for this on Toshiba s Support site and he tried again to put in m... Read more

A:can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook?
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Several times now, when I start my computer, everything seems normal. But when I try and click on the start button, a quick launch button or a task bar button - NOTHING HAPPENS. I just get a ping sound from my speakers.
Sometimes a restart fixes the problem and sometimes I have to turn the computer off and then on again to get it to work correctly.

Does anyone know what could be wrong and what I can do to fix it.


A:Start button / Quick launch buttons / Task bar Buttons - Problem

Is everything fully loaded when you are doing this?
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If anyone has acces to the connections/schematics for the M4600 touchpad/button assembly, I'd love to see them! For some reason both the right buttons have stopped working. Tried to disconnect/reconnect  the 14 pin "touchpad cable from the mainboard, but unfortunately this did not do the trick. Need to look a bit deeper - so would love to see the schematics or at least the pinout of the connector(s)... (It's a button - how hard can it be to fix... ;-)
Thanks and best regards,
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hello Im having an issue with my laptop , two days ago i turned it on and i dont know what did i pressed but a dailouge box appeared with two options ( yes\ no ) and i was in a hurry i think i cilcked on yes or maybe no i dont remmber but  since then my brightness keys f2 and f3 and my volume control keys f6 and f7 and f8 none of them are working i tried every single soultion in the internet now the screen is too bright and i cant control it i wish u could help me asap thank you
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Hi,  We have HP Zero Clients (T410) and are connection to an Windows 2012 server.When i look in the admin guide it saysthat USB redirection to windows 2012 and Windows 8 is supported.  I have enable USB redirection in the zero client. But when i connect an USB device to the zeroclient is isnt viable in my RDP7 connection to the server. Do i have to edit some policys on the server or do i need software ?  Kind regards,   Hans Vos

A:T410 - USB redirection

Im having a simaller problem with my Windows server 2008, using the T410 as well. I can get thumb drives to redirect, but i cant get SD card readers. Have you found a solution to this problem yet?
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Hi all I T410 bios mod bug have flashed a WL-free BIOS from Serg to my T -DA I had the latest factory BIOS before Flash was successful i disabled the TPM because the beeps at startup Then i realized that i cannot read CPU speed from the OS Ubuntu and the battery isn't charging I can see on the indicator when it is T410 mod bios bug inserted or not but no charging T410 mod bios bug I installed TLP started a calibration but it only discharged the battery and charging is not working Or if it is working BIOS does not see what charging circuit is doing EC ROM is in addition I tried to flash factory BIOS but it cannot be done with battery I'm afraid to flash FL and FL as i have two FL files extracted from factory flash Have someone seen a bug like this before Can someone tell me how to flash FL and two FL 's and PAT files with Winphlash Or force the boot CD image to update I ned to revert the factory BIOS to check that the charging circuit is OK nbsp Thanks in advance
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The ads I see on Amazon etc say that there is more than one fan type for a T and be sure to get the one that fits your machine nbsp How to make the match nbsp My T is a Type - U according to a sticker on its bottom nbsp At https support lenovo com us en documents migr- I find a table that maps these computer types to model numbers of parts including fan assemblies nbsp It lists Fan assembly integrated M and M as suitable for type - x but by omission it implies that Fan assembly discrete M and T410? fit What replacement fan will my M are not suitable to type - x nbsp I assume that in that type code x is a variable so - U is a member of that type nbsp Ah nbsp I just learned at nbsp https support lenovo com us en What replacement fan will fit my T410? documents migr- that the two different fan assemblies are for integrated graphics and discrete graphics models respectively - their heat sink components are quite different nbsp Ah again nbsp From pix on Amazon I infer that the two integrated assemblies have slightly different heat sinks but both are for integrated graphics nbsp The M is shown here nbsp https www amazon com Genuine-IBM-Thinkpad-Cooling-Heatsink dp B MTWDB E and the M is here https www amazon com IBM-Original-Thinkpad- M -Assembly dp B QWCTLG nbsp From this I want to conclude that if I get a model M or M I'm cool nbsp Is that right nbsp Also it's possible and much cheaper to buy a fan without buying the heat sink assembly as well nbsp Anybody know which fan models fit into the Fan assembly integrated nbsp Thanks in advance Ken
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Without any indication of slow computer etc.. suddenly a very short blue screen then unable to boot from any device.
I had changed to a new SSD just 8 months back.
I need help with this otherwise nice Laptop.
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Hello Iam new here my wifi card broke and I want to replace it!.Original card is Intel centrino advanced - n - 6200 FRU 60Y2331.Can I replace whit this one T410s wifi card Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300. And what equalizer would you recommend to make sound better. Thank you!All The Best,Janar
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I have been getting regularly occurring BSODs with various errors. Looking for help please.
The dump output from BSOD program and performance monitor data are attached.

The system is:
Lenovo T410
Current OS is Windows 7 and is the one that came with the system.
System is 3 or 4 years old.

The BSODs seem to occur during heavy browser usage. Having multiple tabs opened and switching back and forth between tabs, the browser, and desktop apps. But almost always (if not always), when I am in a browser window.


Paul T.

A:BSOD Lenovo T410

Additional info ... The internet browser being used seems to be unimportant. I get BSODs with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Paul T.
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I did a hardware scan on my computer and it showed me a hardware problem with the memory. The computer have been working fine for many years now. The only thing I did not so long after I got it was to upgrade to 8 GB of memory and an SSD disk. So it have been working great for many years.No it's started turning it self of sometimes while I use it. The scan showed result code: WMEBVVBTH-WL8BRF Also see the log attached. Is the memory starting to go bad or is it the Windows? The computer is upgraded to Windows 10 a few months back.

Report.jpg ?48 KB
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Hi all, I have a T410 that's from 2010 with the i5 520m cpu. I bought it used recently and I don't think the bios has ever been upgraded. When I follow the regular instructions of entering BIOS --> Config --> CPU, I saw a menu of four choices. The bottom two wereIntel(R) Virtualization Technology [DISABLED]Intel(R) VT-d Feature [DISABLED]I tried to change them, but strangely the menu only let me navigate through the first two choices (I can't recall them exactly now but they didn't seem to have anything to do with virtualization), nothing seemed to allow me to access the bottom two choices...  How should I go about fixing this properly?  I want to be very careful with upgrading/flashing BIOS as I really don't want to end up with a brick Thanks

A:Enabling Intel VT-x in a T410

Look for your BIOS Version and post it(You can find it on the start page of your BIOS)VT-x is supported by your CPU, but maybe there are conflicting settings..Maybe you really have to update the BIOS but that shouldn't be a real problem...Use a disk image, hook your thinkpad to the power and let it be for 20 minutes or so...
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I have had to reload W7 and cannot find drivers on the driver page for these:? Any help appreciatted!Device manager?

A:T410 driver issue

Welcome to the forum!
Install and run Lenovo System Update, it should take care of the missing drivers: click me!
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Hi guys, Trying to get Bitlocker working on a t410. The bios is enabled for TPM and the drivers are installed. When trying to enable Bitlocker i'm getting a message saying: A TPM module must be present on this computer but a TPM module was not found. Any ideas? Thanks,Mike