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hp envy phoenix h9-1440 GPU Swap

Q: hp envy phoenix h9-1440 GPU Swap

Hello all. I recently bought an Nvida 1060 to replace my old GTX 680. No problem knowning to to swap out the cards in general, but there was this metal support on the old graphics card as well as holding the wiring together on top of it. I'm curious if any other 1440 owners have dealt with this. Did you leave it in? How do I take it out if I can? There is not a single youtube video or support video of anyone with this model number! Appreciate all of your help. To clarify; this isnt the bar that goes across some HP envy models that you can see in the tutorial videos.
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Preferred Solution: hp envy phoenix h9-1440 GPU Swap

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm swapping my xbox for gaming PC and was wondering if these specs where decent enough to run games like arma 3 and battlefield or like dayz ?

And if it's worth swapping xbox one for it

A:Are these pc specs good enough for a starter pc and to swap an xbox one for this gaming pc

No, it is an LGA775 platform. It is old and outdated. For Intel look for a LGA1155 platform or better yet the latest LGA1150 platform. I wouldn't even look at LGA1156, which is the platform between LGA775 and LGA1155. Save yourself a headache and only look at the last two CPU socket platforms.

If you already have the platform, there is still life in it. However I wouldn't advise buying into the platform at any price, especially for a gaming rig.
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Howdy all The amazing folks at Tech Spot saved my bacon many moons back helping me fix a virus laden laptop for Brand New to can't HP connect 17 Internet Envy Quad Touchsmart my sick kid And so I turn to Brand New HP Envy Touchsmart 17 Quad can't connect to Internet you with my latest computer nightmare and beg of your assistance once again I just bought a new HP ENVY TouchSmart t-j Quad Edition Notebook PC ENERGY STAR for my daughter for Christmas It arrived yesterday and I opened it up to start preloading her software onto it so she can have it ready to go Christmas morning Unfortunately the thing just won t let me get connected to the internet via wifi It is using an Intel Wireless-N adapter running Windows factory installed I have tried everything I could think of - using Intel drivers instead of Microsoft ones resetting WINSOCK flushing the DNS using a static IP instead of dynamic the works Nothing appears to be working The device can clearly see my network - it shows up on the list of connections and validates my security information running standard WEP security - not the best I know but it s easier for the multitude of tech I have on my network all of which connects fine but it only gives me limited access and does not want to connect to the network or the internet My base system is running Windows My router is a Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N Gigabit Router WNR v I have not tried a hardwire connection yet as I really need this to be a wireless device Help me TechSpot Gurus you re my only hope nbsp

A:Brand New HP Envy Touchsmart 17 Quad can't connect to Internet

Hey Mark. I would connect to the Net by cable and allow it to get any OS updates and/or driver updates before I change any settings.While online,try to connect wirelessly to see if it finds any updates quicker.
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Hey guys,

I'm needing some information that is extremely hard to come by.

The 740m in the HP Envy 17t-j000, does anyone know, or does anyone know WHERE to look (Google failed me, or I failed Google!) to find out whether it needs ACTIVE displayport -> HDMI adapters?

I question this because I know the 57xx series from ATI required active. The card only supported 1 RAMDAC signal (or something?) and the Nvidia's tech seems different. According to HP support, passive will work fine. I need to have the adapters ordered ASAP, but I do not want to order the incorrect ones.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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When I bought this computer it had windows 7 on it. it ran everything lag/shutter free. I have since upgraded to windows 8 then to 8.1. The problem is the audio and video noticeably lags/shutters. As if the entire computer is pausing. I have talked to HP tech support and they only reinstalled the drivers. All drivers are current. I am fairly sure it has something to do with the HD4k graphics but I do not know for sure. I was hoping the 8.1 would resolve the problem but it has not. I have this problem whenever I watch videos (on the internet or from file) and when I play World of tanks. Any help would be great

A:HP envy 1038-nr

I seen similar comments re "since upgrading to Win/8" and (imo) think the drivers are not 'fully compatible' with the new system.
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Is the 15'' screen from an Acer Aspire 5517 the exact same item found in a 15'' Acer 5742,I would like to swap in the 5517's screen.If not,where would one search for a new replacement screen for a 5742 in NorthAmerica (Canada)

A:Swap screen from Acer 5517 into Acer 5742

Looks like they may be close if the cables are the same. Here's a new LCD Panel:
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owned since August specs visible on profile i guess problems since April initially it wouldn t turn on soon after shutting down like i had to wait some - mins before it could turn on quot turn on quot in this post means when the screen lights up and the dell sign loads the problem further deteriorated when it didnt turn on for a whole week like that and one day just out of the blue i pressed the power button and the screen came to life a week after that it died again and then i took it a computer repair shop i lost the warranty card and i dont reckon dell has reliable repair etc in my country they told me the motherboard was fried but there was a chance they could fix it it was fixed and returned to me detailed Inspiron not on, symptoms 1440, turning i have never spilled anything on it but it could have overheated due to overuse usually turned on for - hrs in one go without external cooling i took extra care after that and got a cooling pad as well but - weeks later it died again and i took it to another shop it was fixed and returned to me now i have no idea what they did to it in the shop bcz u have to leave ur machine with them n they work on it whenever THEY find it feasible now after a few months it s dead yet again i tried my own hand at it several times but i could never open it out of fear till the motherboard iv tried -resetting the ram changing slots etc -taking out all the detachable elements and blowing into it to clean the dust but i can t reach the motherboard somehow there is some screw that i can t find and now it s lying there dead for all the world to see and im figuratively Inspiron 1440, not turning on, detailed symptoms crying girly tears at its deathbed sigh also if i turn it on without ram it gives me beeps pause beeps pause repetitively if i insert the ram into the ram slot it waits some - seconds before exhibiting the aforementioned behavior nbsp
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Hi I would like some insight on the subject please. I have a Dell Dimension 2400 (had it for a while). I want to replace the motherboard on it with a ASRock P67 Extreme4 B3 Intel P67 ATX DDR3 2133. Fisrt is that possible, and second would i have to do anything other than hook up the componets. The fan and disc drives. Or should i just look for a diffrent motherboard. My main thing is that I want a computer for gaming and I dont want to have to buy a new one. (Just bought one) So if i could do anything to this old dell; what would it be? I am just gonna use it for Emulators and Flight sims. I dont want to spend to much money. The most I will go is 400$. Could I replace the processor with a i7? Please any thoughts at all let me know. Thank you and have a good day.


A:Help with motherboard swap?

Your current motherboard and CPU is not compatible with the new SandyBridge line.

You will need to purchase a new motherboard, and a new CPU and new RAM in order to use it. Your existing hard disks and optical drives should be compatible (assuming the motherboard has IDE connectors if they're needed). The PSU is unlikely to be powerful enough as well, so will also require replacement, and its also likely a new case will be required.

If your looking to upgrade your computer on a budget I would just purchase a whole new system. Self-build only starts saving money with enthusiast or gaming systems. Budget systems including an OS are often cheaper purchased pre-built by major manufacturers.
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hi guys,

i have a dead Satellite M30 series from one friend (i posted about it before) and another friend with an M100 with a cracked display.

so i'm just wondering if the displays are swappable; if i can transplant the screen from the dead M30 to the otherwise good M100 since they're the same size and aspect.

cheers in advance,

the saiyan

A:Toshiba screen swap

The power socket and the ribbon cable plug must be the same.
You can sometimes tell by reading the "for sale" items on eBay that describe Toshiba screens that are for sael.
You cannot tell for sure until you try... first, check the measures from bottom left to top right corner.
If those sizes are identical, you can remove the broken screen and take down the model, brand, and performance info from the label on the back. But you will have to match those details with those of the good screen.
First, you have to be sure the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the motherboard is the same, and they usually are... but can vary widely.
Then, Two items are very important... the size and socket on the inverter (about the size and shape of a ball point pen... perhaps longer) which is at the bottom and behind the screen. Be sure you use the inverter that comes with the good screen.
You cannot depend on brands being different... because there are many, many brands and models of screens that may fit either computer...
To do all this, you will need to disassemble both computers. It can be tricky to find all the screws, because they are covered by rubber plugs or rubberized flat screw covers. Usually a flat blade #0 screwdriver will be useful in removing these covers. Remove them VERY carefully so they do not tear apart, then be sure you have a good rubberized adhesive to stick them back on afterward.
There can be as few as eight screws, or as many as 24 screws, and yet still have both screens fit... The two parts of the screen cover or moulding fit together like a clam shell, but how they are held together may mean different screw sizes... so label each screw and keep them in an order that can help you in re-assembly.
Once you get the damaged screen out, you are mostly home because you have learned most of what you need to know.
Then if that bad screen is not the right fit, you can often buy one on eBay or from a computer parts supply house.
Were it my project, I would buy a new inverter for the good screen... They are usually around $5.95 to $9.95 on eBay, or $25 from Toshiba.
Your first screen exchange will probably take three to four hours... but your next one will take less than 20 minutes. It is suprising how easily the job is done once you learn how.
Good luck. Tell us how it goes.
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Hi, I was looking to update my motherboard drivers and there i found update for
my BIOS. My mobo is MSi K8N NEO4 Platinum [MS-7125] 1.0. I downloaded update for BIOS, and i got 4 files: 7125 - Text document that says what is that update doing. it says: This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version:
- Improve compatibility problem with nVidia graphic card
- Improve stability problem when doing overclock behavior.
Im getting a new nVidia gpu, and + my system is unstable when oc so i really need this update. I also got a exe. file, and some 160. file. when i click that exe file nothing happens. Last file i got is called How To Flash the BIOS.doc. Do i have to read that file in order to update bios?? I dont understand English very well, is FLASHING bios updating BIOS?

A:How to update Phoenix AWARD BIOS v6.00PG

Unless you are having a problem that the BIOS update will solve, I recommend not flashing the BIOS. There is a risk. If something goes wrong with the flash whether it's your mistake or a power outage or something else, your motherboard could become useless. This is a risk especially if you are not sure how to read the instructions on how to do it.

Do you have a problem that you think updating the BIOS will fix?
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I'm curious
if i have a gateway laptop with a hdd and i want to swap it out say in a dell
will it work?

i mean like Compaq and hp are basically the same right

gateway and acer

if i swapped it out will it hurt the drive or just blue screen
I'm assuming the video driver are the culprit but I'm not sure

lots of times people try to sell hdd with a OS on it like its a big deal
but most likely it wont match

am i thinking correctly

A:Can i swap hdd

eyemfedup2 said:

if i swapped it out will it hurt the drive or just blue screen
I'm assuming the video driver are the culprit but I'm not sureClick to expand...

It won't hurt the Hard Drive hardware
But it will likely bluescreen, but not because of Video drivers, but because of different hardware chipset and installed drivers for the different chipsets (like Intel and AMD, and many others)

I hope this helps
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I put a GHz prescott cpu into a mobo Dell mobo Optiplex not working swap that formerly held a GHz cpu and installed no activity except for Dell Optiplex mobo swap not working mobo led and front panel led went on everything else was dead I repeated this same swap once more with a different GHz mobo with the same results I went back and re installed my original GHz and mobo and everything is perfect I went for rd try only this time dropped a GHz cpu mobo straight into the case without touching anything and results were same as my first to installs nothing except the mobo s green LED is on as well as the front panel on light I changed out psu s using the original functioning one and an after market unit with no change in result s I also double checked all connections during each swap Is there some mystery force that keeps any other cpu mobo from working in this case The World Wonder s Help me thx Tragic nbsp

A:Dell Optiplex mobo swap not working


im sure someone once told me that Dell use propriatary PSU's, that is to say they dont use standard PSU's in their machines.
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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with some problems. I have another newer Dell in the office that is not being used that has more resources. Both are running XP Professional. Instead of trying to re-load files and programs, can I just swap out the hard drives? Thanks.

A:Can I swap hard drives in 2 PC desktops?

You can't swap HDD's unless they are both EXACTLY the same.
What you could do however is install the HDD from your 4600 into an external enclosure and access it that way.
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Hey guys the circuit board on my hard drive got fried. I swapped circuit boards now the hard drive gets power but making clanky noise. I was just wondering if anybody knows a way I could swap hard drive platters myself without paying a company $1,000?

A:Hard drive platter swap

It's not a big job, but if the info on it is that important, grab an obsolete HDD and rip it apart to get the just of it. The key thing is you need to be extremely careful, that's why it's an expensive job, for the liability. Personally that's what I would do (and what I have done) if I didn't know how it worked.
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The GX 280 has a silm case which has 250w PSU, 2.4Ghz cpu, 2G ram and 250G hard. I buy a tower ATX case to swap the silm case with 500w PSU. I tried but M/B doesn't fit for ATX case. The M/B doesn't have the power connector to switch. It looks like to need a lot of modification. Anyone try to replace the case with ths model?


A:Dell GX280 case swap?

"It looks like to need a lot of modification"...

What needs modification, the front panel wires, USB/Audio connections? How may PCI connectors does the Dell GX280 motherboard have? 2 or 3?
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I need to update the bios on my pcg-c1vp sony vaio netbook"PheonixPhlash Error File open failed on PLATFORM.BIN press any key to exit". The bios is the one that the sony vaio website links to "" containing "Phlash5.exe".

Maybe i need to run it outside of windows, but im updating the bios because it won't recognize any external boot formats. Its running windows xp pro at the moment and that is the only capacity that it will boot in.

A:Phoenix bios flash failure

Sony should have Bios Flashing instructions on their support website. Find them! Most of the time bios are flashed outside of Windows using a bootable floppy or CD/DVD disc
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I just recently got a Dell mini. I want to know exactly how to open the casing to remove the HDD and install a bigger one. Any tips people? Oh and does anyone know how much is the max amount of ram a Dell mini can hold? Thanks, lookin forward to your replies.

A:Trying to swap out the hdd in my Dell Mini

What are the exact Dell model and service tag numbers?
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So I ve been trying to fix my sisters laptop for a few days now and it s not going so well Basically Drive Virus-Infested Swap Hard she didn t have any anti-virus installed so now the drive is infested with all sorts of nasty stuff and windows Virus-Infested Hard Drive Swap almost doesn t even work To make things even better the stupid thing has no CD-ROM drive so I can t even use the recovery disk it came with It s a little MSI wind notebook with windows xp home sp installed I tried reinstalling the OS from a bootable USB flash drive gb but that went horribly I couldn t delete the original partition for whatever reason and it was missing all kinds of files and whatnot and I don t have time for that crap So now I ripped the thing apart and took the drive out There s no bay for the hdd so I literally had to take the entire thing apart Anyways I got the hard drive out which is a sata btw and I was going to attach it to my computer However I m a little concerned that all the crap that s on it will spread to my drives and then cause me to go completely insane I can disconnect the two secondary drives but I will need to leave my primary drive in tact so I can format the little sata drive Is this a good idea or should I keep that thing as far from my drives as possible nbsp

A:Virus-Infested Hard Drive Swap

I'm not sure if this is the easiest way, but you could disconnect all your existing hdd, and only connect your sisters infected drive. Then boot your system from any Linux Live-cd (like Ubuntu), and format the disk from there. Your hdd's would be safe. If you need a guide on how to format a disk in Linux you could try
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I just recently took a fan out of a working GX280 and put it into a GX280 that needed it. When I went back to put the fan in it the working machine, plugged everything in. The power button was glowing in an amber color. There is also an amber light on the motherboard. I had grounded myself ahead of time so I don't think I fried anything. Could it be a wire?Any help ahead of time is greatly appreciated. Also if the motherboards are the same can I swap hard drives?

A:Dell GX280 amber light and hard drive swap

Unless you created a surge of static electricity, then you should not have hurt anything. But you Likely have connected the wires backwards... Does the fan have a four wire or three wire plug and socket?
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ok so i got this hp pavilion ze5800, pretty good machine and i dont know what the bios password is, bios manufactured by phoenix i do know that much, can anyone tell me a way to retrieve the password or bypass it?

A:phoenix bios password hack or bypass or software to find it HELP!!

There is probably no easy way.

The passwords on laptops are designed to not be easily bypassed or reset.

I would take it back to the place you bought it and get your money back.

Wearing some oven gloves probably wouldn't hurt either.
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Hi, Any help on this would be appreciated... I recently put a Celeron CPU ( Intel® Celeron® D Processor 335 (2.80GHz, 533MHz FSB, 256KB L2 cache))

Which should work in a 478 socket into my motherboard (Intel Corporation D865GVHZ AAC93540-101) which has a mPGA 478b socket...

and it wont boot up!!!!

Any ideas?

A:Comp wont boot after CPU swap

Before wasting anyones time, i think i figured it out... my board supports 400 MHZ FSB and my cpu has 533.

IS there any way, using overclocking or something to make them work?
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Which is better I have a MSI MS- motherboard with FSB amp Socket so these CPU s are my best options Does the Hyper-Threading technology of the Pentium really increase performance past the GHz rating of the non Hyper-Threaded Celeron Also I understand that you need to reinstall Windows when you swap motherboards but my Windows XP was factory installed on a partition of the factory hard drive and I don t think I can access swap & Celeron D 3.06 vs. HT 3.2 P4 mobo it unless P4 3.06 HT vs. Celeron D 3.2 & mobo swap I am doing a system restore and that won t help with a P4 3.06 HT vs. Celeron D 3.2 & mobo swap mobo swap Is there a way I can upgrade my mobo without buying another Windows XP Here are some specs for a comparison on both CPU s Intel Pentium Processors GHz sSpec Number SL S CPU Speed GHz PCG P4 3.06 HT vs. Celeron D 3.2 & mobo swap Bus Speed MHz Bus Core Ratio L Cache Size KB L Cache Speed GHz Package Type pin Manufacturing Technology micron Core Stepping C CPUID String F h Thermal Design Power W Thermal Specification C VID Voltage Range Supported Features Hyper-Threading Technology Intel Celeron Processor Family GHz sSpec Number SL NY CPU Speed GHz PCG Bus Speed MHz Bus Core Ratio L Cache Size KB L Cache Speed GHz Package Type pin Manufacturing Technology nm Core Stepping E CPUID String F h Thermal Design Power W Thermal Specification C VID Voltage Range V- V Thanks to all who read this nbsp

A:P4 3.06 HT vs. Celeron D 3.2 & mobo swap

The celeron is just a crippled Pentium 4 with less cache, Hyperthreading does make a difference even if it not noticeable.

if you want to oc then you're good both ways, i learned to overclock with the same celeron and i got it to 4GHz water cooled then the mobo died ;-(

for everyday use keep the P4,

or go out and buy a real CPU.

AMD FTW! lol jk jk im so ready for the flaming
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I have here an older HP notebook computer with an ATI Radeon 9200 in it.
(HP zt3010us if that matters...)
I connected a Samsung monitor that has a native resolution of 1440 x 900, however I could not, for the life of me, get the thing to set the resolution to that.
It has a higher selection, but not of the correct aspect ratio.

I tried installing the latest Omega driver, however that just messed up the video output beyond compare.

I tried the "List All Modes" thing in the advanced settings, however I had no luck, as 1440 x 900 was not listed there either...

A:Radeon 9200 won't do 1440 x 900?

Resolutions for your card. From here:

2048x1536Click to expand...
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Hi guys and gals I'm new to the community and fairly new to tweaking and modding computers ,I found your forum to be the most informative thats why I joined.Now here's my first question .I have an old Dell dimension 2300 that came with a Celeron 1.79GHz , I know I cant overclock it because I cant acces the FSB but the same motherboard takes a P4 1.80GHz and I happen to have one of those can I swap w/o problems?It originally came w/ 128 Megs of Ram I upgraded to 1G Thanks for your insight.

A:Processor swap on a Dimenssion 2300

It can be done, but you will have a few problems to overcome. Just do a lot of reading. You may need tech experience, depending on the exact model of the replacement processor.
The Dell Dimension 2300 is a fragile, basic, budget desktop model with a limited motherboard. It will detect that it no longer has the original cpu, and if the timings and setup are very far off, it will not boot. But you will not damage anything.
The main problem will be finding the details for changing the BIOS and motherboard setup. You can locate and download them at the Dell site, but you will need to explore the site for the 2300 that has a Pentium CPU so you can download the correct BIOS and chipset.
The difficult part may be booting up so that you can install the correct bios, and chipset so it will boot... a circular catch 22.
But you can get lucky, and have the cpu work the first time. It is a matter of luck, which Pentium you have, etc.
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i have 2 computers, 1 is a gateway the other a dell.. both are in good shape but the dell has a 40gig hd and the gateway has a 160gig hd.. my question is im wanting to put the 160gig hd into the dell but i dont want to lose anything that is on the 160gig hd when i remove it from the gateway.. the bigger hd has all my programs and xp home os so how would i go about putting the bigger hd in the dell and still have every thing working like it does in the gateway now...thank for any advice

A:Hard drive swap

can i just put the 160 hd in and it still have windows on it or will i have to reinstall windows after i do the swap...anyone???
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I have an emachine and a Sony VAIO and they are part of a peer to peer network. Each machine has different software installed on the HD and perform totally different primary functions at their respective work stations. Both have Windows XP Home Edition installed.

My problem is that I need the power and RAM of the newer eMachine at the workstation where the Sony is located. The Sony, has plenty of power for the other station and therefore my idea was to swap the hard drives in the two machines so everything didn't have to be redone on the HDs. For the network ID, each machine would have it's name swapped as well.

Will this work fairly seamlessly?

A:Hard Drive Swap`

Wont work at all.
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My Antec Neo p s quit working the P/S Can't hard after drive swap detect other day and i bought an Antec Neo to replace it Everything went smoothly with the swap but when i turn it on it Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap won t find my boot drive It states something like no boot drive detected insert boot cd etc I have WD g sata drives in raid I quadruple checked all connections then i unhooked everything and just hooked up the raid drives and vid card power still Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap the same thing I also tried disconnected the Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap sata power cables from the drives and hooking in molex power cables nothing Also tried other sata power cables aswell I can t figure out why this is happening with just a P S swap Do i need to change something in the bios Do i need to stick in my spare g ide drive and install windows on it then replug in my satas and see if they ll be detected Could the new P S be causing this it seems to be working properly though I m really outta ideas I m guessing its something to do with the boot drive being raid but i ve had this setup runing great for a couple years now and all i did was swap P S I went into bios and all the settings are the same as i had them On the main bios screen it shows all the ide master ide secondary sata master etc There all disabled which i think is correct since the only thing i have plugged in atm is the sata raid drives On the boot priority tab i have hard disk cdrom removable disabled The only other selectable option is legacy lan I tried to enter raid setup during post with f but it won t go prolly because it can t detect drives In the onboard device configuration there is the NVraid configuration tab In there it says Raid enabled and its enabled Then the following is disabled ide primary master and slave ide secondary master and slave first sata master and second sata master The third and fourth sata masters are enabled which is where my drives are connected After post the exact message that is displayed is quot Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter quot I thought maybe i could put in the xp disk and maybe windows would boot and i could back up my data real quick So i hooked up my dvd drive and it doesn t seem to be showing up in bios Also it won t open like its not getting power I m beginning to think this new P S is borked But its powering up and all fans are working etc I was also thinking that my other p s might have messed up the mobo but it didn t die while the comp was on it just failed to start the other day completely out of the blue The same thing had happened to my previous p s which lasted about the same time - yrs My drives are full of data i can t lose i kept putting off backing it up Any and all ideas are most welcomed I ll try anything Thanks My specs WinXP Pro Asus A N-SLI Premium AMD Athlon gigs OCZ Plats x g eVGA GT SB Audigy xWD g SATA raid WD ide g storage drive NEC DVD RW drive Pioneer slot DVD drive EDIT I found the problem i scrounged up another p s from my sisters pc and swapped it in and bingo everything works perfect So i m both relieved and pissed lol nbsp

A:Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap

Remove the "non detected" drive and use another drive as the C drive just for test purposes. If this other drive is detected, your old C drive may be bad. We can discuss saving data later
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I using laptop Compaq v3203TU and windows Vista. Then i update my bios using file i download from hp website.. This file "WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS (for Notebooks with IntelProcessors) - Microsoft Windows/Vista-Based". But after i update then when restart it show this in screen "BOOTMGR is compressed. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart.. Then i go to bios, it want me to enter the password.. Who know the password? Or anything that i can solve this problem.. Please help..

A:Phoenix Bios Password

Compaq tech support is very helpful. I assume you are still under warranty if you are using VISTA.
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A friend of mine got himself a new P4 HT by Hewlet Packard, supposedly has 2 procesors x 3.4GHz, (700eur), but it is kind of sluggish. He hasn`t opened it yet not to lose warranty, anybody knows what could be inside, how it works? He thinks he could speed it up by putting duo core intel, but isn`t sure if it`s worth it and if it fits (what kind of connector is in). Any ideas?

A:Pentium 4 HT, what is it, any use to swap to intel duo core?

Hyperthreading technology in a 865 chipset family. Pentium 4 processors with speeds of 2.4, 2.6, and 2.8GHz. These new Pentium 4 "C" revision chips with Hyper-Threading technology and support for an 800MHz front-side bus, a bit slower by todays standard. They boosted clock-for-clock performance.

Very good deal for the price but no way they match the Core 2 Duo with much faster clock to clock speeds.
HT was Intel's implementation of SMT, or simultaneous multithreading, in which a single CPU presents itself to operating systems as multiple processors. Scheduling multiple threads at once allows the Pentium 4 to keep its relatively long 20-stage main execution pipeline full, increasing clock-for-clock performance.

Hyper-Threading does have its downsides, including some resource sharing issues.

For the skinny on the 800MHz front-side bus, you will want to read our review of the Pentium 4 3.0GHz and Intel 875 chipset. Those 865 chipsets Intel introduced big feature was an 800MHz bus... but that is now far from leading edge.
Those P4 "C" chips generally scaled better with clock speed, but not after Core 2 Duo came out. Just an older, but great technology but for the price, very good.
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I got a MSI P N SLI Platinum mobo and right now I have a ghz E core duo processor in there i also have a regular MSI P N mobo with a ghz dual-core pentium D processor I am using the MSI platinum currently and i would kinda like to swap the processors since i figure they re both dual-core but on has swap CPU needed help a higher ghz firstly would that be better I use my system for games internet movies and music I got the core duo because it said that it would run cooler but it runs the same as the pentium D when i used it in the mobo it s in now when i originally tried to swap them i probably messed up big time but nothing was damaged i just switched them when i booted up it was just a black screen i put the core duo back in and when i first started up something popped up that said basically quot previous overclocking failed quot when you switch to a higher ghz CPU does the system view that as overclocking please help nbsp

A:CPU swap help needed

That doesn't count as overclocking.

The Core2Duo as a lower clock (measured in ghz), but it performs better than your PentiumD. And I'm talking much much faster.

Your older MSI motherboard may not support the Core2Duo, even though it uses the same socket. A BIOS update may fix that, but its not guaranteed.
Relevancy 38.27%

i believe my bios chip is faulty, it has intermittent problems when it boots. and even if i change the bios setting it is not stored it goes back to the default settings. i have replace the battery already and no change i have even try resetting the bios. and i have problems obtaining a chip
Relevancy 35.26%

Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me a little info on whether or not I can swap my old CPU (an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2Ghz) for a new AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.0Ghz. I dont know much about this machines mobo... I am assuming though (unless AMD drastically changed something) that the CPU's can be easily swapped ^^ any thoughts

A:Cpu Swap Help

unless AMD drastically changed somethingClick to expand...

Uhm.. I think that going from 32 bits to 64 bits and adding another core do qualify as significant changes

Athlon XP uses Socket A whereas that X2 uses the AM2 socket, so you do need a new motherboard.
Relevancy 35.26%

Will a pentium 3 1GHz 370 pin processor work in a mobo with a Celeron 366MHz 370 pin processor. To also let you know this is for my youngest daughter so she won't mess mine up any more. Tring to build 1 out of 2 please help.
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Can i swap my hp pavillion's 501 mhz celeron processor with my emachines 2.60 celeron processor

A:Processor swap

I know that two celeron's with a difference in speed that great will run in different SOCKETs, so no
Relevancy 34.4%

Hello My buddy s computer was not booting problem CPU Computer swap after and I was trying help him figure out the problem I tested my graphics card in his machine Then I tried to test his CPU a Sempron in my machine which has Sempron both socket My machine would not boot with his processor When I turn the machine on I see the graphics card screen the fans startup and the system makes its normal beep but after that nothing displays to the screen The hard drive does not sound like its spinning and there is no way to get to the BIOS Then I put my processor back in and the same thing happened My computer was working fine before this I have tried a few things I cleared the CMOS Reseated the processor and reapplied thermal compound The Computer problem after CPU swap system makes error beeps if I turn it on with out the graphics card or memory installed I also checked the connections Does anyone have any ideas Should I replace either the processor or the motherboard or both Thanks for you help nbsp

A:Computer problem after CPU swap

did you first update the bios before installing in the new processor? Sometimes an update of the bios is necessary.
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Hey, I have a Dell Dimension B110 and my father has a Dell Dimension 8400. We want to swap computer systems because he doesnt use it much anymore and i play lots of games. However the object in the way is that we both have things on the hard drive that cant be replaced. Now i Would like to know if simpling switching the hard drives will work without having to do more than set the bios. Can anyone help me?

A:Hard Drive swap

No!!!!! Well Maybe....

If the 2 hard drives are identical (or at least compatible) with the motherboard you might be able to swap the drive into the slave position of the IDE buss and transfer most of your data that way. Windows XP has a transfer wizard to help with situations just like the one you're describing. This involves bridging the 2 machines with a USB cable. If you try installing the second hard drive method, you must go into the BIOS and disable the computer's ability to boot from the secondary IDE position. In any event it's not going to be as easy as you envision. On second thought if the motherboards support the same data transfer protocol it could work. Hang out for a while a wait to see if someone else seconds this or has some other ideas.
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Emachine T6410
Athlon 3200+ 2.2ghz
MSI RS-480 MObo
Kingston 1.5gb ram pc2700
Xpress 200 on-board graphics
160 gb hard drive

Went from on-board (disabled in Bios) to Sapphire X-800 GTO 128 mb ...install fine, worked fine for 8 months.....

..then upgraded to PNY 7900 256mb.(ran driver cleaner)...install went probs....then built new gamer rig, Uninstalled the Nvidia with driver cleaner.....installed old X-800 GTO, and rebooted to blank screen...."no video input".... put in 7900 and got basic vga screen.....rebooted to Bios, enabled on-boad Xpress 200...worked fine....dropped in the x800 and again had a blank screen.......I tried to download latest Catalyst driver and it wouldnt install...said " Hardware device for driver not found" .......

tried X800 on new system with ASus mobo and again came up with a blank screen....

so both systems did not recognize the ATI X800, even though its fan was spinning.........did I fry the card? any suggestions?

A:Emachine video swap - Fried ATI X-800 ?

I think from what you describe, the card itself is bad. Did you have a look around this site about this problem? Problems with eMachines? There are probably thousands of post about eMachines here.

BTW....Welcom to Techspot!!!!
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Like many here I have a password issue but it s not with the bios The organization my wife works for bartered for her to keep her laptop when she resigned in exchange for some ongoing side-work Unfortunately the tech at the outfit is upset cuz he wanted that laptop for himself and has no intention of giving her administrator drive Dell swap D620 priviledge so we can disjoin it from the domain and install our home printers He answers to a different boss than the one who had the authority to give my wife ownership to the laptop long story If we fight it he ll find a way Dell D620 drive swap to quot help quot her by swapping Dell D620 drive swap the D for some Dell D620 drive swap relic from the junk pile The machine works fine but we can t install printers or do various other things due to lack of user admin priviledges for her user account I can hit F to boot from CD-rom but can t do a new install from cd because i get a pci sys bluesceen which I m assuming is happening because of the hdd having password protection on it Question is if I buy my wife a new sata drive the D is sata will it work fine without further problems installing windows I ve already checked dell com to be sure I can download all the required drivers that all seems ok Thanks Bob nbsp

A:Dell D620 drive swap

Sure it will work. There is no reason why it wouldn't. As long as you have a fresh, formatted hard drive, there shouldn't be any problems.
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I have a friend who is using Verizon DSL Their area had a bad wind storm the DSL modem swap other night and the electricity went out for several hours Unfortunately the computer was on and connected to the Internet I m not an expert at home networking but he is completely computer illiterate so I DSL modem swap told him I would come over and try to help Today when I talked to him on the phone I had him do the disconnect reconnect sequence for the modem and router and the indicator lights are showing that all is well but he still can t connect I want to do as much troubleshooting as I am capable of before calling Verizon tech service I m bringing over another computer to hook up just to make sure the problem isn t with the computer I also happen to have a Westell modem that Verizon provided me couple of years ago I ve switched to cable so I m not using it anymore and it was working the entire time I was with Verizon At some point in the troubleshooting sequence I was wondering if I could just swap out his modem with mine reset it make sure the bridge settings were correct and try connecting with it I wasn t sure if it was that simple or if something more complicated was required and I should just wait for tech service before messing with this nbsp

A:DSL modem swap

DSL modems are usually just plug an play. Even ADSL2 is backwards compatible with all normal DSL equipment. So yes, swapping the modems should work just fine.
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I bought an older adaptic 6 drive cage
to replace my standard cage
bought 6 scsi drives 80 pin seagates
to replace the 60 pin ones
drives all work on boot I can unplug one then plug it back in and it still works
but I don't get a prompt that a device was unplugged
if I leave 1 out on boot and plug in hot the system does not see the device
I am new to hot swapping does it not work like usb
have old bios should there be a bios control for this I can't find it
Intel does not give a clue
I have no raid setup


A:older hot swap drive cage help please

If you had 68 pins drives previously, did they run with 68 to 80 pin adapters?
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hey guys i just took apart my old hp ze5170 P4 laptop(not really important) my new laptop is is a P mobile (socket 479). My question is this will this new laptop support the (socket 478) P4 im wondering if that extra pin is just something to help reduce power for longer battery life. or if my laptop will explode if i drop the P4 in. im willing to experiment but i was wondering if some one already knows. ill entertain guesses and rumors too. let me know what you guys think.

and yes i know the voltage is different but i can change that

A:socket 479 cpu swap for socket 478 cpu, will it work???

It won't work Check THIS PAGE and THIS OTHER ONE.

BTW, Welcome to Techspot!!

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Hi fellow TS ers - HDD work! pcb swap it does Since I joined I ve had so much help from other members time and time again I felt it was only right to give something back to the forum Hopefully this will be helpful to others who find themselves in the same unfortunate predicament Earlier this year through carelessness and rough handling I caused the demise of my enclosure and damaged the PCB on my Maxtor GB drive The drive contained over films - many of which were irreplaceable there was no way I was prepared to spend thousands of s paying a data recovery firm to retrieve the data for me so I went out and bought HDD pcb swap - it does work! an identical model of my Maxtor HDD All I had to do was swap over the PCB s the replacement had a more recent firmware revision but it made no difference and I was back in business My drive is now well protected inside a Weibetech Toughtech USB enclosure where even my quot destructive lifestyle quot cannot harm it and all the films have been been backed up onto HDD pcb swap - it does work! a Samsung GB and stored safely away If I d been smarter from the start and performed regular backups I wouldn t have ended up in that situation but you live and learn Anyway despite the scare tactics and propaganda of data recovery firms a simple pcb swap worked for me and hopefully it should for you though I wonder if it was a quot maxtor thing quot Jay nbsp
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My parents' computer is getting up there in age, and is now just too slow for them to work on. I have, in storage, my old Dell Optiplex computer, which is up and ready for them to use. It has no hard drive, but they will supply their 10gb hard drive for the computer. The only thing, is that they do not want to format the hard drive when I install it into the new (old) computer. Is it possible to do this?

A:Hard Drive swap w/o format?

What OS? if the chipsets are different between the two machines then no it proobably wont work. if the OS is XP you could do a repair install of windows.
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I have an old hard drive which i used for bacup of personal files whilst i replaced another HD. However the drive was fine for the write but as soon as i tried to copy back the bacup drive failed. I think the spindle is damaged as the head jumps constantly.
Me being me i didnt do any other bacups so i lost a lot of important stuff and the missus is gonna kill me. DOH.

Anyway, the question is this. I have heard rumours that i can place the plates into another drive of similar capicity and it MAY work. Is there any truth in this?

If so does it need to be same manufacturer, and what about size differances between the two drives, will the mobo be able to work with it etc.

Cheers for any help.

A:swap plates in HD?

Are you talking about swapping the actual drive platters or just swapping the circuit board on the drive?
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Terribly sorry if this doesn't belong here; but it seemed to fit under 'cooling'.

As title, my Radeon X850XT is idling at a full 10-15C higher than it used to on my old mobo.

I went from the ASUS A8N-SLI Premium to the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe.

Switched because the former was defective. Nothing else has changed, just the idle temp is quite a bit higher, which has me worried I did something wrong..


forgot to add the actual temps

Idle 32-36C

Idle 45-50C

A:After mobo swap, GPU idle temps a full 10C higher for no apparent reason.

Does the processor heatsink use heat tranfer paste or a pad?
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Due to some incompetence I can't figure out the problem. First off I am running an ECS k7s5a motherboard. around 1.1ghz and The RAM currently in it I believe is PC2100 128mb DDRAM. The problem was when I swapped in 2 PC2700 dual channel 512mb RAM sticks. Everything was working awesome then they decided to cause some problems. i.e. the computer would not boot after the RAM check and boot devices. I was told that PC27 and PC21 are backwards compatible and I wasn't sure if there was a particular setting that had to be changed in BIOS for everything to work properly. I understand how touchy RAM is, but I was curious if someone could help a dim bulb brighten thanks.
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I'm getting ready to swap motherboards again and I have a question about the processor. I'm going to reuse it so I'll be taking it out of my current motherboard. Will I be able to get it out and put it into the new mobo while having the CPU (s478) and sink still attached to eachother? A faint memory and my gut are telling me that I'll have to separate them... I'm just wondering if anyone knows something I don't.

If I do separate them, do I need to reapply that grey goo? If so, do I need to clean the goo that's on it now before I can reapply? I've never reused a processor like this before so I'm totally clueless ATM.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Getting Ready To Swap Mobos Again (A Few Questions)

Unless you used thermal glue (not likely) the first time, you really should separate them. If it turns out it's stuck (can happen), be very careful, as you can destroy the cpu if you're unlucky. But mostly they come apart so easy you won't be able to move them without separating them!

When you've separated them, clean the heatsink and cpu with alcohol. Re-apply thermal paste before you put the two together.

If you don't do this, your cpu will run hotter than it should, since it won't conduct the heat as effectively as it should.
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thanks moosep856

A:still unable to get password FOR PHOENIX BIOS

Welcome to techspot...

Look in your mainboard manual for instructions on how to "clear cmos" or similar. Basically, it's a little jumper on the mainboard that erases the BIOS settings (which is where the password is stored).

Once you've done that, enter the bious, and load failsafe defaults if you don't know how to set it up as you'd otherwise want it, and proceed to only change the things you understand, or that are related to any problem you are having (and it helps if you understand those!)

Lastly, just a bit of kind advice, but please don't continue to post all in caps (uppercase). Apart from looking untidy, many consider it to be equivelant to shouting, and so it's considered impolite (just simple nettiquette).
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I had Desktop PCS HP Pavilion and was trying to take parts out of the and put into After Screen Swap Blank the Ram and Hardrive swap so that the would have all of my Blank Screen After Swap files and added speed On the i took out the stock bus pc ram and put in a ram chip that might have been a different bus type I also put in a different hard drive with XP installed When started computer drive lights flashed and fans worked but got a completely black Blank Screen After Swap screen I then replaced the ram and hard drive with the orginal ram and hard drive and started again and got the same black screen Monitor instantly turns to standby and when unplugged says it quot is not connected quot or quot is working properly quot I tried this with several different monitors all with the same result I also tried a different graphics card with same result Any ideas Could motherboard be fried it was not touched at all by hands ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED nbsp
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I had Screen After Blank Swap Desktop PCS Blank Screen After Swap HP Pavilion and was trying to take parts out of the and put into the Ram and Hardrive swap so that the would have all of my files and Blank Screen After Swap added speed On the i took out the stock Blank Screen After Swap bus pc ram and put in a ram chip that might have been a different bus type I also put in a different hard drive with XP installed When started computer drive lights flashed and fans worked but got a completely black screen I then replaced the ram and hard drive with the orginal ram and hard drive and started again and got the same black screen Monitor instantly turns to standby and when unplugged says it quot is not connected quot or quot is working properly quot I tried this with several different monitors all with the same result I also tried a different graphics card with same result Any ideas Could motherboard be fried it was not touched at all by hands ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED nbsp
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This is a great site, been lurking for a few days now...

I am putting together a new system and through an accident I have 4 HDD, 2x300GB SATA and 2x320 GB SATA II. The idea was a 2 HDD RAID 0 setup, but now I have a question.

What would get me the best performance:
- RAID 0 with 2 drives
- No RAID, but WinXP Pro swap file on the non-OS HDD
- RAID 5 with all four HDD (this is RAID 0 with redundancy, right? How's the performance?)
- Another option, keeping in mind speed is the goal. Does RAID 0 really give that much of a performance increase?

Any help will be greatly appreciated...I may just send two back and get some $$ back!

A:RAID or Swap File move for new system?

The swapfile performance depends on how much you actually use it. If you have plenty of RAM, then you could keep your swap on any slow disk and you would barely notice.

Can you actually do RAID5 on your controller? Or is it software RAID? RAID5 is slower than 0 when writing and it is optimal when you have an odd number of drives. I wouldn't recommend it across 4 HDDs.

If you have a kickass system that can do RAID5 then perhaps it can do RAID 1+0 - a mirror of stripes. This way you would get the speed of 0 with redundancy of 1. You'd lose half of your disk space of course.
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can someone please explain to me how to change out and transfer my files and folders from my 2 - 30gb hdd /w RAID to my 2 - 300gb hdd w/ RAID? i'm running windows xp pro, and i have an external maxtor 80gb hdd.

A:how to swap 2 -30gb hdd to 2 - 300gb hdd w/ RAID

tim4604 said:

can someone please explain to me how to change out and transfer my files and folders from my 2 - 30gb hdd /w RAID to my 2 - 300gb hdd w/ RAID? i'm running windows xp pro, and i have an external maxtor 80gb hdd.Click to expand...

Is it hardware RAID, or software RAID? Is Windows installed on this RAID setup, or is it just for data?
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Today I switched my case from poorly ventilated case to a well ventilated Antec Swap = help! No video!! Case Please P- That was the smart thing I Case Swap = No video!! Please help! thought to make sure my very hot running computer would stay stable My specs Antec SP- Watt PSU Asus P P Intel Ghz J Zalman CPU Cooler GB Corsair ValueRam eVGA Vanilla VC Maxtor Hdds The one thing I had to do to make this switch work that might be the problem is I had to manually increase the length of the ATX power cord using wire crimps The way the case is laid out has the PSU on the bottom The Asus board I have puts the ATX all the way on the top When I power on the case all the fans spin the HDD s start up and the fan on the GPU runs The HDD s do not begin to load windows since I hear no noise of the sort I ran the box for a while and the proc did heat up as I could feel the heat from it blowing off The ram never left the slots on the mobo during the switch I also get no error beeps from the mobo All the parts in this PC worked fine before the switch There is no situation where the PSU can t handle this load of hardware So what are my likely problems here I m at a loss I m going to try to get alternate hardware to test this out Is it my crimp job Does that ATX power connector affect video Did I damage something in the move Can anyone think of anything that I may have overlooked during the move that would cause no video Why isn t my HDD booting into windows I m not a novice and this PC I built in the first place I will post the results of my testing ASAP Things I have tried are I tried the other output ports on the video card to see for video When I unplugged the power from the GPU it beeped like death when I put it back in the beeping stoppped I have attempted to unplug other parts that are using the power to rule out an issue with power consumption Thanks everyone Please help nbsp

A:Case Swap = No video!! Please help!

Get a molex to 12v ATX adapter and plug that into the P4 connector which will test your crimping job. They are inexpensive. It sounds like it could be a problem with the crimping job or maybe you crossed the wires somehow. Anyway, you should have soldered and shrink wrapped the wires.

By the way, they make extension cables for that 12v ATX connector.
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My son & I both have Dell Latitude C600 laptops. He is having overheating problems with his. I am giving him my unit to finish out the term at college and would like to know if it is possible to swap the hard drives on these two units. His has XP Pro OS and mine has Win 2K Pro OS. The idea is for him to be able to continue using XP and whatever else he has on his drive after he gets my unit.
Is this possible and if so how do we go about accomplishing the swap? Also, what problems if any will we be likely to encounter?
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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System basics Windows SE MHz Pentium MB RAM FX HD Gone Desktop Nvidia Settings, Tabs, After Manager 5200 Swap A few days ago I replaced an ailing hard drive with a new Nvidia FX 5200 Settings, Tabs, Desktop Manager Gone After HD Swap Seagate and used the drive copy utility by CMS on the install CD to copy it to the new one Since that swap the settings functions for the Nvidia GeForce FX graphics card which I d installed a couple months ago and had been working fine have disappeared The video is working fine but the Nvidia icon is missing from the taskbar and when I go into the Windows Control Panel and click the Nvidia FX 5200 Settings, Tabs, Desktop Manager Gone After HD Swap Nvidia icon which is still there I get the hourglass for a couple seconds then nothing It won t open When I start a game - currently Tomb Raider Chronicles - and go into Settings most of the fields in the settings pop up are blank The top one quot Graphics Adapter quot reads quot NVIDIA GeForce FX - nvdisp drv quot - The Output Settings field is blank but when you click the dropdown arrow quot Core Design MMX Hardware Card Emulation quot is still there - Output Resolution and Texture Bit Depth fields are both completely empty - Sound Device has both quot Primary Sound Driver quot and in the dropdown quot SB Audigy ZS Audio quot as normal All other instances in which the Nvidia settings tabs were formerly present are gone - in the display preferences the system properties hardware profiles everywhere What I ve tried thus far I uninstalled everything even removed and re-seated the Nvidia card tried the latest Nvidia driver which I downloaded directly from the Nvidia website I uninstalled that and tried the old one from the CD that came with the card which is I uninstalled that and went to the archives at the Nvidia site and tried the previous version released March which was about the time I first bought the card All of these came up exactly the same - the screen graphics work fine but there are no Nvidia settings tabs anywhere to be seen only the Nvidia icon in the Windows Control Panel - and the game settings popup window has the blanked-out fields as described above What I haven t tried but will later this morning I m on the vampire shift right now Since I d heard that Nvidia drivers are maddeningly difficult to uninstall completely and that remnants lodged in odd nooks and crannies completely hose up newly-installed drivers I did a net search for a comprehensive Nvidia driver uninstaller program I found and downloaded a program called quot DriverCleaner quot from DriverHeaven net I didn t have time to start it up and try it before coming to work last night Is this just a case of an incomplete driver uninstall -or something else Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer lt gt nbsp

A:Nvidia FX 5200 Settings, Tabs, Desktop Manager Gone After HD Swap

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It is probably a good idea to run the Drivercleaner programme.

Go into add remove programmes, and uninstall anything to do with Nvidia.

Now run the cab cleaner first followed by the driver cleaner.

Reboot your system. Windows should install the generic vga driver.

Now install the latest drivers for your card from the Nvidia website.

Hopefully this should work.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have several computers that I would like to have backup hot swap hard drives for (as I've lost the original install disks for the programs). I've been able to copy all the files to the hot swap drive, but making them bootable seems to be the kicker. The only way I've been able to do this with the Win XP drive is to install the OS on the hot swap drive then replace all the files from the original drive. Is there an easier way? I'd like to save the original drive data on the network and copy it to the hot swap drive as needed. I also have Win 98 computers that I would like to do this for.

A:Making Bootable hot swap hard drives?

one thing that you may want to try doing is to make a fileserver computer what it amounts to is pretty much acting like another hard drive that you can store everything on. however there are a few things that you would need for that to work one being to nic cards (network interface cards) and a crossover cable. i haven't done this yet but plan on doing so very soon so that way you always have your info even if your hard drive crashes. another option is installing two hard drives at once having only one of them formatted and keeping your info on the unformated hard drive. you can back everything up those two ways or you can always burn the files onto cds.
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A long time ago I posted a question about a noisy fan, I still haven't gotten over that, I was wondering if I can swap the processors from the computer with a noisy fan, and an OLD computer of mine. I want to do this because the mother board of the old computer has more slots for extra RAM, and a a slot for an AGP video card which makes room from one extra PCI slot. Here is where my questions are, (1) Would it be bad to switch to a mother board that is like 3 years older? (2) Is it possible to take the processor out to swap?

Sir Loin

A:Processor Swap

What processors are they? What are the models of motherboards?
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I have a 250 gig hardrive and I have 10 gig c drive and three partions inside of an extended partition , I plan to move my swap files / paging file out of the c drive and into the 25 gig f partition , but I am wondering if its necessary to do this if I have two gig of memory , and if I have my swap files on the back end of my hardrive won't that slow things down and have the opposite effect of what I want , which is a fast computer ?
Thanks to all in advance

A:If I have two gig memory should I still move swap files from c to another partition

You will not notice the slowness of your swapfile unless you ae one of those people who sit next to the computer with a millisecond stopwatch and think that losing .01% in a benchmark is a disaster.
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i own a computer w/ a DVD+R and my dvd player and dvds i bought are all -R, so i got a DVD-/+R from my friends computer. I believe i know how to install the drives, but do i need any drivers, or software to get the drive running once installed?


A:How to SWAP dvd writer?dvd-r to dvd +/- R.

You don't need any drivers. If you have Nero and it came with your old drive then it will not work with your new one. You may need the software that came with the other (+/-) drive.
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I have just baught a new motherboard for my computer and here is the motherboard for anyone who has questions on the specs on it http www zipzoomfly com swap motherboard problems jsp ProductDetail jsp ProductCode Now motherboard swap problems i also check that my processor is compatible with it and it is and so is everything i have in the computer Now here comes the problem i motherboard swap problems swaped everything and came to turn on the computer everything worked fine until it attemped to go into windows right before going into windows it would restart over and over again i then turned it off to then restart it later on When i came to restart it it would turn motherboard swap problems on but nothing would hapen the power goes to the motherboard but no sound no video no beep codes one out of two cd drive turns on the hard drive turns on but nothing hapens The reset button does not respond neither does holding the power button the only way to turn it off is to pull the plug The funny thing is that i have an other old cmputer at home that does the exact same thing I am freaking out i dont know what do do anymore help Aurelien Guth nbsp

A:motherboard swap problems

Well there are a lot of 'no boot' threads in 'CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos' to read and get ideas from, so start with that. Then try resetting BIOS and see if it can post. It sounds like you are using an existing windows installation. Well your motherboard drivers and hardware may not be compatible with your old hardware and you may need to do a clean Windows install or you can try the 'second repair option' off the install CD and have a chance to repair that installation to get your new MB drivers on it. (Don't count on that)
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I am going to put a new 40 Gig Hdd into my Daughter's Dell Inspiron 8000 (10 Gig) I have built a number of ATX's but never a portable.I checked Dell's site they have directions that look pretty basic, but I thought maybe one of you guys might have some hints or issues I should be aware of. Any thoughts?

A:Any hints for HDD swap in a Portable

its pretty simple, you pretty much just remove a screw, pop out the drive and pop the new one in. One thing you do need to know(you may already) You'll have to replace that drive with a Notebook HDD.
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I've read that its best to locate your page file(swap file)to the beginning and therefore fastest part of your disk drive. What's the best way to do that? I have Partition Magic 8.0,which I have never used,but is just partitioning an area on my 'C' drive for a page file all I would have to do? How then would I actually assign my page file to that partition? I'm running XP Home using NTFS on a 40gig HD with 38% unused space available. Thanks

A:Swap file partitioning

I would make your system partition first and your swap file second. It can save you alot of hassle when installing programs and the default install dir is C: and you always have to change it to D:. You won't notice any performance difference if it was on the leading edge.

Or if PM8 (never used it) supports specific partitioning, start the C: partition at block 2049. Then start your D: partition at 1, to 2048. This will make your swap file partition 2GB, which is plenty. You can make it smaller if you like, but mine are always 2GB...

I'm sure that would work!
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Pretty self explanatory, I want to know things like the cluster sizes, comparibility in speed and other such things to FAT32 and NTFS, and partition size limits, losing space, etc.
I'd especially like to know the difference between ext2 and ext3. Which one's better, newer, faster, specialized, etc.
And what some effective partitioning strategies would be. Or does it not matter? What about fragmentation? Data recovery?

Boy I ask alot of questions, for I am young and set on the path of gaining knowledge

A:Can Anyone Explain the Linux Filesystems? (ext2, ext3, swap)


There's really not a good answer to that question. Ext2 and Ext3 are both good filesystems - the differences. Well to keep this post short I'll just point you to a pretty good information page about ext3. It goes into the details of how the filesystem works. As far as a comparison to NTFS - well there really isn't a comparison.

Here's the page:

btw - I decided to wait on sending you the RH 7.3 CDs. RH 8.0 just came out so I'm going to send that to you instead, cool? I left them downloading at work - so I'll burn them Monday and send them sometime next week.

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My college has it s end of the year swap meet next month and I m upcomming Could get price meet...? I check a quick for an swap going to be selling off both of my rigs so that I can get a laptop for grad school The problem is I have no idea what to start the pricing at Any help you guys could offer would be great Thanks a ton Here are the systems with approx prices System - ATX Full Tower x and x bays Watt Enermax Power supply x mm Could I get a quick price check for an upcomming swap meet...? Enermax Thermal Sensitive case fans ABit KT A-Raid Motherboard Athlon GHz T-Bird FSB MB PC cas Crucial SDRAM x Nvidia GForce MX MB DDR Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer Com C B-TX NIC US Robotics k PCI Voice Modem combo floppy drive IDE Zip drive Acer x CD-ROM Sony x x x CD-RW x Maxtor GB RPM Hard disks x Maxtor GB RPM Hard disks Microsoft IntelliMouse Logitech Ergonomic Keyboard Monitor I custom built this system in July of It has never been overclocked and is in perfect working order System - ATX Mid-Tower x x bays W Power supply mm Enermax Thermal sensitive case fan Abit BH Motherboard Celeron a MB PC cas Micron SDRAM x Voodoo TV SoundBlaster PC RealTek PCI NIC Samsung GB RPM Could I get a quick price check for an upcomming swap meet...? Hard disk Logitech Trackman Mouse Generic Ergonomic keyboard Dell Trinitron Display I ve had this system for a couple years now This year it has mainly functioned as a FTP game server It is in great working order and I ve had no problems with it nbsp

A:Could I get a quick price check for an upcomming swap meet...?

For System 2, $300 is a little steep for a 366 system.
System 1 price is fair for what is in it but with new faster systems being offered by major sellers, $1300 may be hard to get. You will have to convince them. I just built an AMD 1.4 system with 19" monitor and stuff and it was only about $1200. Remember, all most non computer people see two things, SPEED, and PRICE.

Anyway, good luck selling them, try to convince them thats what they want, don't be afraid to come down a little, just don't take a beating.
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Hello, I've got two little 10GB hdd's left over.

Right now, I have a single 500GB SATA HDD I have three partitions, one for storage (irrelevant), one for windows, and one for Linux. I am currently using GRUB.

I am wondering if it is safe for me to remove the 500GB hdd, install a 10GB hdd with an os, and then switch them back later. I'd like to play around with my 10GB hdd, but I don't want to re-partition, nor do I really have a ton of space left. I think it would be nice to take my 500GB out, put the 10GB in, and play around with different Linux distros and stuff.

So will that cause problems?

A:Can I swap HDD's?

If the OS' are both on your 500GB Hard disk, then if you remove it you'll then have free run.

Nothing will be an issue on the condition you make no hardware changes after removing your 500GB disk, and everything is the same when you re-connect it.

You'll be free to play til the cows come home with you 10GB hard disks then.

This is all based on the assumption your just swapping physical disks, and not actually adding them together in the same system.
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Anyone uses this? I need help in the "Append Header Files" part. Thanks.

A:Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Yup i had used stellar phoenix windows data recovery software.
Tell me what is you problem?
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For the linux swap partition, when I create it, should I make it primary or logical?

A:Linux Swap Partition

No difference whatsoever.
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Q: swap

Hi just a quick question I'll be using Fedora 4 and RedHatLinux Enterprise AS 4 as a dual boot can i use the same swap for both of these linux partitions or doesnt' it work that way?


As long as it is named swap yes u can! (it is just kinda temp memory) so u can use them!
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I need to spread my swap file across 2 different i-RAM drives. WinXP says I need about a 4.6GB swap file. Will I hurt system performance if I a 2.3GB swap file on each of my i-RAM drives?

Thanks for any input.

A:Swap files on 2 different drives

No, on the the contrary it would be better to use the lower Swapfile amount

The issue with Swapfile size is it's a matter of playing around with the Min\Max amounts until you get it right (well, when it seems more responsive)
Note: I always place the same amount in both Min and Max settings, to increase stability.

I got down to 50Meg at one time, but am now running ~1.5Gig (Min and Max) on 3Gig installed Ram (and also placed on another drive, to increase speed)

No one seems to be able to provide the definitive rule, because 1.5X or whatever Xp reports that you should have, is not correct in my honest opinion.
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To the powerful rustam_:
I salute you with both hands. I read your postings and i must say I am a huge fan of you. You truly are a superior being. I need a little help, please.
I bought a Laptop the Sahara Brand from someone. If you start it up it asks for a HDD password. Fortunately the guy gave me this password. Everything works fine, but I wanted to put the harddrive in a PC and I need to disable the HDD password. In order to do this I need to get in the BIOS. It is from Phoenix. I tried to search the web and it gave me "PHOENIX" etc. but these master passwords don't seem to work.
Please help to find the bios password.
I do thank you for your time.

A:how to recover Phoenix Bios Password on Laptop

Rustam isnt here today, he's on a sabbatical, apart from which all his posts centre around the removal of DELL laptop passwords not a Sahara Brand one.

Most of these phoenix passwords can be cleared by removing the CMOS battery, you would need to download the handbook for the laptop to find out where it is.
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I'm not sure I am posting this in the right forum, but I will be in Phoenix, Arizona for 6 weeks this summer. My mother only has dial up access to the internet. Is there any way that I can subscribe to high speed access for a 6-week period? I really don't want to drive to the nearest hotel and sit in their lobby solely for the purpose of accessing their high speed internet.

Thank you for any suggestions.

A:Obtaining high speed internet in Phoenix

try cricket communications they have the monthly highspeed internet i think check it out they should have it in phoenix its monthly. nevermind that wont work
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Hi everyone! What is the "Swap" partition? Why does it need it? Will 2gb be enough? Thanks!

--Daniel L

A:What is the Linux "Swap"

You need to explain what you are talking about.

Which linux distro are you using?

How big is the H.D that you are using?
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Hey guys, i realized today after class that during my install i NEVER formatted my Swap parition.

My teacher said that this means im running with out one now, even though i have the partition made.

Is there a way with out having to reinstall to format this swap to make it functional?


A:Linux Swap partition

you created a swap partition but never formatted it?

try issuing this command:


you should see memory useage stats... if you don't see any mention of Swap: then you have no swap file running.

[[email protected] root]# free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 127440 120876 6564 0 54492 10912
-/+ buffers/cache: 55472 71968
Swap: 1052248 43084 1009164

If this is so, post back and we will tell you how format it.
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I am trying to install Windows 2000 Professional on 150 GB "SATA" Hard Disk by making 3 partations of 50 GB each.
When am trying to boot with the Win2k Pro. Bootable CD,it's giving an Error "AN INTERNAL ERROR HAS OCCURRED.COULD NOT FIND A PLACE FOR A SWAP FILE.SETUP CANNOT CONTINUE.PRESS enter TO EXIT.

Please somebody tell me the solution for my problem.

I'll be Thankful & Appreciate for your help.

A:Error: Couldn't find place for swap file

Format then partition?
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Hello thank you for taking the time to read this long post I consider myself above average when it comes to Windows but I m out of ideas short of reinstalling XP over itself and I can t download the SATA drivers I need right now I had my system restart due to a Software Update When it came back SP2. and related Problems Swap XP to Space w/ Lockups it was stuck in a reboot cycle The splash screen would occur then it would reboot I had this happen on XP w/ SP2. Problems related to Swap Space and Lockups a Server a few months ago On that system the update corruped something on the hard drive I was able to use a BartPE cd to run chkdsk and it fixed everything I tried that same procedue but because I didn t have the right SATA drivers on the BartCD it wouldn t see the drive I then took the drive out of the system it was in and moved it to one of my K servers I was able to boot the server and run chkdsk on the SATA drive It found many errors but fixed them all I then put the SATA drive back in the original PC Now when I boot I can not log in As soon as I touch any key on the keyboard the computer locks hard I can boot into safe mode command prompt only but not regular safemode If I boot into Safemode Command Prompt Only and try to start the GUI by typing EXPLORER I get a BSOD with a stop message that goes away too quickly to write down The motherboard is an ASUS A V nbsp

A:XP w/ SP2. Problems related to Swap Space and Lockups

can u use the server to get any info u need off the drive and then save it . then i would find the sata drivers for the asus board and reinstall windows on it .
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i just finished building a new computer the other day, the only thing i used from my old computer was the hard drive, when i go to run mynew machine windows runs, but when i log in it says you must activate this copy of windows. when ihit yes it goes past the log in screen and a window pops up and says "this copy of windows is already activated" i hit ok and it just logs me out. it workedfine on mylast machine. am i just screwed and have to buy a new copy of windows or can i reformat and reenter the product key that came with my oldcomp?

A:xp issue (harddrive swap)

you can reformat and reinstall windows withyuor old product key. (best option) or yu can do a repair install of the existing OS. ( second best option) either way you will have to reactivate windows.
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Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me out here. Im running XP and my BIOS is Phoenix technologies 6. When I try to boot up I get a blank screen, one long beep and two short beeps from the internal speaker and nothing else. I persisted with trying the startup and it works maybe one in twenty times so I have extremely limited access to my PC. Can someone advise me as to the best way to fix this up?

Thanks for hearing me out, hope someone has some info


A:Phoenix V6 BIOS, cant startup XP!!! help please

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Check out the meaning of your beeps HERE

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Product Name HP ENVY 8.1 print NOT will HP ENVY win in 5530 Operating System Microsoft Windows -bit Is there a proper fix for the below yet This has been going on for months and still no fix I bought this printer days as there were many HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1 good online recommendations but these have been overshadowed by the below New HP ENVY wireless printer bought days ago Will NOT print a single HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1 document in Windows or It's scanning perfectly I can also print from my Android HP eprint App perfectly The printer is showing as connected and working properly as evidenced by printing ability from other device When I go to File gt gt Print the printer always shows up as being offline when it is online and ready I have tried all the below fixes FIX Check if both the laptop and printer are connected to the same wireless Result They are FIX Uninstall the Printer Software Rename the HPBXPSRENDER DLL to HPBXPSRENDER OLD located in C Windows System spool drivers x for bit and C Windows System spool drivers w x for bit Reinstall the Printer Software Result FAIL - THERE IS NO HPBXPSRENDER DLL FIX Unplug everything leave for secs re-plug Result FAIL FIX Turn off Firewall Result FAIL FIX Download Microsoft Fix It Tool - Hotflix Run Program Result FAIL - I get the message quot The Update is not applicable to your computer quot Please Help

A:HP ENVY 5530 will NOT print in win 8.1


I bought this printer days ago.... This has been going on for months

How could this be Going on for months when you have only had the printer for 4 days?
First, go to Search and type services.msc and press enter. In the Services windows scroll down to Print Spooler. Double click this. Make sure the Startup type is Automatic, and the services is Started.
Then try these suggestions: HP Single-Function and Multifunction Printers - 'Printer is offline' Message Displays on the Computer and the Printer Will Not Print: Windows 8 | HP?*Support
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Hello my HP Envy has been acting up after I restored it from a restore point The restoring process worked great and did what it was suppose to 15-j000 System.. Quad not Operating Edition boot Touchsmart Envy will HP do I installed a Bluetooth Wireless driver supported by intel it installed like HP Envy 15-j000 Touchsmart Quad Edition will not boot Operating System.. it should have Then it asked me to reboot so I did then I was prompted on a black screen with an error message of The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors file windows system winload efi error code xc So I brought it onto myself to check other forums to see if there was a solution to this error I tried a bunch of different things HP Envy 15-j000 Touchsmart Quad Edition will not boot Operating System.. and nothing worked So I formatted my hard drive via HP Envy 15-j000 Touchsmart Quad Edition will not boot Operating System.. Command Prompt After that was done I tried reinstalling the operating system Windows That didn't work it said the Operating System on my flashdrive was bad This is false because I've used the same flashdrive for many reinstallations So I tested it on a computer I did not care a whole lot for to make sure it still worked Sure enough it worked I even tried switching out the hard drive with another computer that has Windows already installed on it I get the error message quot Please install an operating system on your hard disk quot As if there was no hard drive attached I'm not sure what to do at this point I have completely lost hope for this very expensive laptop I called HP and they said all I have to do it buy a flashdrive from their store with the recovery OS on it This would make sense but I can't even tap the esc key a bunch of times to even get to the boot menu I can still get to the bios just not the system recovery tab Otherwise it will send me back to the quot Boot device not found quot quot Please install an operating system on your hard disk quot Hard Disk F F System Diagnostics I have tried running the System Diagnostics and they all pass for both hard drives Please help me Thanks in advance
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didnt really know where to post this, but here goes. about a week ago i bought a new laptop, HP envy 15-k172no. and ive noticed this static sound going on. tested different headphones, and the computer speakers alone aswell. the static gets louder and more pronounced when i change the volume, and for a good 10 seconds after, then it gets lower again(as the computer plays this note when you change the volume, it might have nothing to do with the volume change at all, but with just playing sound, i dont know). its easier to hear when using headphones, for obvious reasons. muting does not help, but lowering the volume to zero makes everything go away....hoping this is a software issue. running windows 8.1 64 bit
anyone here able to help ?

A:[SOLVED] HP envy 15-k172no static noise

Hello bonnerik, to TSF!

Rather than possibly voiding your HP Warranty, my recommendation is to contact HP Customer Support directly regarding this issue.
There should be a sticker on the machine with their telephone number.
Give them a call and post back with the results.
Good Luck with it.

Kind Regards,
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I am running Windows 7 and have 4 SATA hard drives. (One of which is partitioned and has the system software installed on one of the partitions.) My Computer will show all 4 hard drives for about 2-3 weeks, and suddenly one day on startup it will show only 3, or even 2 sometimes. I can swap memory sticks in different slots, and, once again, it will show all hard drives for 2-3 weeks. Why do I keep having to swap memory and is there an app or other solution to this problem, so I don't have to keep doing this over and over?

A:Memory swap required for My Computer to see all SATA hard drives

Hello and welcome rodo first up


Can we have some systemspecs please as what you have posted gives us not that much (or anythingat all with some folks) to work with and given there are so many manufacturersof components and configurations that do influence what goes on within anygiven machine and OS.
System Info - See YourSystem Specs

Now for starters the amount of RAM you have is in my view way too little you should be running a minimum of 4GB preferably 6- 8GB if your machine will support that and that is why we need those specs .
For an example imagine the CPU is the bucket holding a known amount of water (data) and you pour that water into the second bucket (RAM) and you do that through a funnel with a 1 inch outlet then it will take the RAM bucket a long time to fill and that water will then flow very slowly onward to whatever you are trying to do from the RAM bucket.
Now if you do the same thing and you make the the RAM bucket larger the CPU bucket has more channels (more funnel outlets) for the CPU can use to transfer the water (data) to the RAM bucket (through more funnels) - so your RAM bucket of data will be ready much faster than it sounds like it is now. Then that data is also available faster to the drives etc etc

Lecture over I would suggest you run these too in any case in safe mode< if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2 >in safe mode if need be
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I own an HP Envy TouchSmart Notebook PC on Envy won't HP 15 TouchSmart turn product number E K UA ABA and Model -j cl I had a couple plastic screw inserts that hold the right side hinge to the top cover of the laptop break due to very high strength of the HP Envy TouchSmart 15 won't turn on hinges which caused the top cover of the laptop to pry apart from the base enclosure when opened a problem many owners of this laptop model have had Since I was out of warranty I ordered a replacement on Ebay using the correct part number - HP Envy TouchSmart 15 won't turn on and disassembled my laptop to make the repairs and loosen the hinges while I was at it I swapped out all parts being careful to note where and how plugs and ribbons were connected so I could put it back together correctly Now after having it reassembled it will not turn on I get a white LED light to turn on when I plug in the power cord AC adapter should be amber orange in color to signify it is charging the battery but no other sounds lights or signs of life I have attempted to remove the battery and power cord pressed the power button for - seconds to drain power and do a reset and then try to power up with plugging in the power cord but it won t turn on I also tried to power up by removing one part at a time including the hard drive two RAM sticks and wireless card but still not able to turn on Do you have any ideas for what may be wrong or steps I can take to troubleshoot Is this possible a mother board issue Everything was working fine before embarking on this repair Link to maintenance and service guide http h www hp com ctg Manual c
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So I have a fair amount of questions:
1. Do you loose your Windows 10 reservation if you factory reset, and if so, is there a way to save it so when I factory reset I still have it?
2. When I factory reset on Windows 8.1, is there a way to partition drives in the setup menu so my C: drive (HHD) will get erased, and Windows will go to SSD
3. If you cant partition the drive, is there a way to download Windows 8.1 on the SSD, and not the HDD when you factory reset
4. If all these are no's, I do have a Windows 8.1 disk I can use, but is the reservation still available?
Thanks for the answers!
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I have an Icy Doc that docks internal drives into a front inch bay with two power switches on the front - one for the inch dock bay and one for the inch dock bay nbsp In the past drives inserted here as well as internal drives would show up in the Safe To Remove list nbsp Apparently a Win update fixed the internal drives showing up there nbsp Now even though the SATA ports for the ICY Doc are set to hot swap nbsp in the BIOS they still don't show up in the Safe To Remove List which means the upper Removable Drive Policies section don't show up in Device Manager Policies Tab like they used to and still do for USB drives I found here in the forum some registry lines added to turn off the drives showing up in Safe To Remove List so I am wondering if there are some lines or a tweak to these lines not Drives Safe in Remove BIOS set in To swap hot to to get the two ICY DOC SATA ports to show up in Safe To Remove - or is there another way Here are the instructions to remove drives from Safe to Remove from the other post by Bobby Mikkelson nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Click Start nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp In the Search programs and files box type command nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp In the Programs list click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator nbsp If you are prompted for an Drives set to hot swap in BIOS not in Safe To Remove administrator password or confirmation type the password or click Continue nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Copy and paste or type each of the commands into the command prompt and press Enter after each command reg exe add quot HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services msahci Controller Channel quot f v TreatAsInternalPort t REG DWORD d x reg exe add quot HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services msahci Controller Channel quot f v TreatAsInternalPort t REG DWORD d x nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Restart your computer to enable the registry changes Note There may be some trial and error to determine the correct ports also referred to as quot channels quot The channel numbers shown Drives set to hot swap in BIOS not in Safe To Remove in Device Manager may not match the channel number in the registry so you may need to set the value and verify the desired effect Currently there are no entries like this in HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services msahci In case it isn't clear - I WANT the ICY DOC drives to show up Drives set to hot swap in BIOS not in Safe To Remove in Safe To Remove Win Pro -bit ASUS Z -A All drivers and OS updates up to date
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Hi I keep getting the BSOD. I am unsure why. The problem comes and gos but seems to develop when I am running a few programs at any one time. Does anyone know of a way I can run self-diagnostics without having to take it into a shop.
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Hoping I can get some help with this I have an HP Envy H that HP while Envy H8 freezes up booting I bought two years ago March to be exact I use the PC constantly and it's on as I use it as a media server for the house and stream music to every room have PLEX installed to watch movies etc So the PC is never off for more than a few minutes when I reboot it every - weeks or so Today when I came home I noticed that the PC had frozen and wouldn't wake up When I tried to boot it I get the HP logo screen and the swirling dots going around at the bottom once or twice and then the dots freeze and the PC stops booting and won't do anything else I've rebooted it several times the PC has actually tried to fix errors itself it says Preparing Automatic Repair but can't seem to do anything it just kicks me back to a menu that gives me several options including to continue HP Envy H8 freezes while booting up to boot into Windows but nothing works Anyone can help me fix this Or is it just dead I'm hoping it's not just dead as I've not backed up the HD in a while and will lose a lot of photos and data and things fingers crossed
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About a month ago, I bought this laptop, BRAND NEW, and I've had problems with it since the beginning. When I run a speed test, it averages about 2.36 Mpbs download speed and 1.14 Mpbs upload speed. After a strenuous two hour long session with an HP representative, they finally concluded that it wasn't the computer causing the problem, it "must be the router" which is bullbleep. I have a cell phone and a four year old desktop (both in the same room) that run an average of about 12 Mpbs so it can't be the router. The laptop is the ONLY device giving me hell. I've been trying to find solutions ALL DAY and I'm frustrated and ready to scream. After a google search I've found MANY people with the same exact problem with this laptop, but almost none have found solutions (and I haven't found a solution yet that worked). PLEASE, can someone help me???

A:New HP Envy m6- 1205dx SLOW connection, AT WITS END

What antivirus software are you using on the HP?
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Hi, new to this site an am looking for solutions. I am not an expert on hardware and software nor am I a neophyte. Somewhere in between and I need help!
The story is:
Win 8 crashed. Got it going again after spending a lot of time doing the Recovery Manager Backup and Restore. Now I have a folder on my desktop w/three files. My super smart computer tells me that I don't have the Administrative rights to look at those three files to open them and retrieve the docs I need. This is my personal desktop in my house on my home network. How do I fix this and retrieve the specific files I need?
Thanks in advance to all.

A:HP Envy running Win 8 crash and recovery of files.

What you need to do is take ownership of the folders in question and you will have access to them. You can add "Take Ownership" to the right click context menu and use that to quickly make yourself as the owner of any file/folder in the system.
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I am with Premium Keyboard 7 HP problem Home Envy Windows helping a friend Keyboard problem with HP Envy Windows 7 Home Premium with a computer problem he is having and Keyboard problem with HP Envy Windows 7 Home Premium need some help He is running a Hewlett Packard Envy Desktop Computer It has gigs of ram and a I quad core processor Keyboard problem with HP Envy Windows 7 Home Premium The computer functioned properly until after a Internet Explorer update and has had nothing but troubles since The biggest trouble he is facing now is that his keyboard will not work When I go to Device Manager I see two instances of a HID Compliant Keyboard driver I've always read that there should only be one instance I uninstalled the second HID Keyboard driver and now if we don't restart the keyboard will work Once we restart the second keyboard driver is installed and you can't print again Here are some other things I've tried Uninstalled IE from add removed programs Did a system restore back to before there was any problems Went into safe mode and the keyboard worked fine Went into Google Chrome and the same No keyboard working until after I removed one of the drivers from device manager Then it worked I can't delete one of the HID Compliant Keyboard drivers Could I delete one in Safe Mode Any suggestions would sure be appreciated The computer is just now out of warranty Thanks

A:Keyboard problem with HP Envy Windows 7 Home Premium

I would uninstall both drivers...then reboot the system.  Only one should then be reflected.
In Device Manager, there are "ghost entries" for devices or drivers which were installed at one point but now are not attached.  Deleting both drivers reflected should eliminate the dual drivers for one device, IMO.
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Hello good people. On any computer when I try to open a site called Free Docs (Documentaries)I always get
the message "AVG has blocked the Phoenix Exploit Kit Type 769". I like the site and haven't been able to log onto it for almost two months. I suppose I should be trying to contact the webmaster but I wanted to try Bleeping first.
Great site, this is my first time on it. If anyone has dealt with this can you let me know if you were able to resolve it?

Thanks so very much~ Funky

A:Phoenix Exploit Kit Type 769

Phoenix exploit kitAVG detects this somewhat active Webthreat and its 6 known variants. exploit kit is a threat that is spreading. It is currently ranked 10 in the world for online threats. Phoenix exploit kit has been detected by AVG on victims' machines in 180 countries during the last month. There are currently 190 websites in 26 countries that host Phoenix exploit kit.Are you sure the website is safe?Roger
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Lost story short My copy of Windows got corrupted so I was forced to use the Windows CD Install- gt Repair Option The computer is now running setup Yes I could have installed a new copy of Windows but I would prefer to repair my copy so I don t lose all my installations drivers etc So I had to reinstall Windows XP Pro x Edition but only had a SP CD I downloaded a SP CD because I XP Product Key swap? Windows was unable to slipstream SP onto the SP disc without a bit OS This laptop is bit My SP cd is OEM from Cyberpower whereas this SP CD is not I have a legitimate valid CD key I even called Microsoft support who verified it was legitimate HOWEVER the SP CD installation would not Windows XP Product Key swap? accept the OEM Key Microsoft Windows XP Product Key swap? Support directed me to contact Cyberpower where I bought my system or pay them to help So after some googling about the difference in OEM standard activation keys I ran across Microsoft s technet site From the microsoft website I used this key http technet microsoft com en-us library bb aspx XP x Key provided there in hopes I can re-apply my OEM Key later Now here s the questions Can I swap the technet microsoft key that I had to use to install Windows with my OEM Key Is there a program to allow me to do so OR can it be done manually Or will I have to do another Install- gt Repair once I get Windows running to slipstream my SP OEM disc to use my legitimate key

A:Windows XP Product Key swap?

Hi CompXP64
This should help with the slip-streaming
Try to make an ISO (or any other CD-image) of your corrupted CD and slip-stream SP2 into that if successful.
You can actually include the OEM key also but only if ripped from OEM original.