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Thinkpad T410 SSD/HDD not recognized externally

Q: Thinkpad T410 SSD/HDD not recognized externally

Hello there,I wanted to get all my data from my old Thinkpad T410, so I took out the SSD which was installed in it and connected it to my newer Computer. The problem is that my new bought Computer did not recognize the drive at all, so I tested the drive externally on my Thinkpad and this doesn't recognize it either nor will it boot from it when it is connected via USB. I tested the drive on Windows, Linux and MacOS, there are no problems with my external connector, my Thinkpad boots without problems from other USB-Drives and the drives work internally without any problems. On Linux, the drives are detected but not mountable and not formatable... I hope someone has an answer to this problem
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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad T410 SSD/HDD not recognized externally

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi everyone,
Need a new laptop for my computer science degree, considered quite a few. Was just wondering if anyone has an oppinion on the Lenovo ThinkPad T410 2516, I would upgrade it as follows:
i5-460m processor
windows 7 home premium 64
320GB 7200rpm hard drive
9 cell battery
Anyone think i should upgrade it differently, I'd like to get it a little cheaper so where if anywhere should i make the cuts in upgrades?
Has anyone got this laptop? is it particularly heavy to carry around?

A:What do you think of the Lenovo ThinkPad T410?

what the difference in 3 and 4GB memory - i would not expect you to use that amount of memory unless you are using some special heavy memory programs

what other choice of CPUs do you have
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Hi Can I use Battery from Lenovo ThinkPad T410 in Thinkpad T400?

A:Can I use Battery from Lenovo ThinkPad T410 in T40...

No.  It is a different shape
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I have a brand new issues T410 BSOD Thinkpad T less than a week old and I have been having problems with it When Thinkpad T410 BSOD issues I first got it right out of the box I would get a quot windows does not recognize one of your usb devices quot message and when I went to device manager quot unknown device quot was the issue So I uninstalled it and I thought that was that A couple days later I started getting BSoDs with the error code quot BUGCODE USB DRIVER quot I have gotten a bunch since then I would guess around and they seem to happen fairly randomly I haven't been able to pick up a pattern Here's some basic system information OS- Windows Pro -bit Came pre-installed I have not reinstalled it Like I said my computer is less than a week old Well it shipped out of Lenovo's warehouse on june st but it arrived around july th or th I have an intel graphics media accelerator HD not sure if that's the name of the video card or not Anyways any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated

A:Thinkpad T410 BSOD issues

here's that zip file I'm supposed to post
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I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and was wondering where I could get the fingerprint reader, bluetooth and thinkvantage drivers for my Thinkpad. I'm not really sure which drivers to get online.

A:Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Driver Help

Quote: Originally Posted by verbatim20

I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and was wondering where I could get the fingerprint reader, bluetooth and thinkvantage drivers for my Thinkpad. I'm not really sure which drivers to get online.

Hi verbatim, you can find the drivers here Lenovo Support - Download Drivers and Software (GB)? if you need further help post back
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About two weeks ago, I began getting BSODs on a 9 month old ThinkPad T410 running Win Professional 7x64, OEM. This is the original install of the OS, and there have been no recent hardware changes. Prior to this issue, the machine has performed without any failures.

Today's failure happened quite spontaneously (or so it seemed to me) while the ThinkPad was sitting unattended and unused for about 15 minutes.

Thanks very much for your assistance.

A:ThinkPad T410 100000b8 BSODs

Hello and welcome,
Uninstall Acronis Software as dump blames them.

Update your Conexant Modem: Lenovo Support - Modem Adapter Software for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), XP - ThinkPad

CAX_CNXT.sys Wed Jul 01 07:59:52 2009
CAX_DPV.sys Wed Jul 01 08:05:11 2009
CAXHWAZL.sys Wed Jul 01 08:01:14 2009
mdmxsdk.sys Tue Jun 20 09:27:26 2006
Update your ThinkPad TrackPad: Lenovo Support - UltraNav driver for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) and XP (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad

ltpFiltr.sys Mon Jun 15 01:49:50 2009
ltpwrflt.sys Mon May 11 15:47:52 2009
Update your RIM Software ---> Research In Motion - Products

RimSerial_AMD64.sys Tue Nov 25 06:01:01 2008

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 100000B8, {fffffa8006c7c680, fffff8800316efc0, 0, 0}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\snapman.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for snapman.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for snapman.sys
Probably caused by : snapman.sys ( snapman+18e71 )

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A wait operation, attach process, or yield was attempted from a DPC routine.
This is an illegal operation and the stack track will lead to the offending
code and original DPC routine.
Arg1: fffffa8006c7c680, Original thread which is the cause of the failure
Arg2: fffff8800316efc0, New thread
Arg3: 0000000000000000, Stack address of the original thread
Arg4: 0000000000000000

Debugging Details:
FAULTING_THREAD: fffffa8006c7c680






LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff800032ea992 to fffff800032e7eda

fffff880`03193580 fffff800`032ea992 : 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`06c7c680 fffffa80`00000000 fffff880`0f8b487c : nt!KiSwapContext+0x7a
fffff880`031936c0 fffff800`032ed1af : 00000000`00000000 fffff880`03164180 0000000f`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiCommitThreadWait+0x1d2
fffff880`03193750 fffff880`01818e71 : fffff880`0182b100 fffff880`00000000 00000000`00000000 fffff800`032f0f00 : nt!KeWaitForSingleObject+0x19f
fffff880`031937f0 fffff880`0182b100 : fffff880`00000000 00000000`00000000 fffff800`032f0f00 fffff880`03164180 : snapman+0x18e71
fffff880`031937f8 fffff880`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 fffff800`032f0f00 fffff880`03164180 fffff880`0182b140 : snapman+0x2b100
fffff880`03193800 00000000`00000000 : fffff800`032f0f00 fffff880`03164180 fffff880`0182b140 fffffa80`07d7a348 : 0xfffff880`00000000
STACK_COMMAND: .thread 0xfffffa8006c7c680 ; kb

fffff880`01818e71 ?? ???


SYMBOL_NAME: snapman+18e71


MODULE_NAME: snapman

IMAGE_NAME: snapman.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xB8_snapman+18e71

BUCKET_ID: X64_0xB8_snapman+18e71

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> lmtsmn
start end module name
fffff880`0ffc0000 fffff8... Read more
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I am having trouble getting the built-in wireless adapter on this laptop to get connected to the internet. I have installed the following driver:
but have had no luck. there are no available wireless connections I can connect to.
I have also tried to use USB wireless adapter TP-LINK TL-WN725N to connect to internet. It is able to find available connections but when it tries to connect it says unable to connect and give options to troubleshoot. Once troubleshoot is complete it says to investigate router or access point issues. I have reset the router many times. Other devices are working fine with the internet just not this laptop.
I am running windows 7 64Bit.
Please help.

A:Lenovo Thinkpad T410 wireless issue

Can you connect the laptop to the router using a cable at all ?

using just the laptop wireless adapter
unlikely to be this as it is reporting NO networks available - but check anyway please
Check the wireless is switched ON
theres often a physical switch or a combination of the FN and one of the F keys to toggle the wireless on/off
often F2 is used - but note , not always - look for a symbol that looks a little like (( i ))

is the wireless on?


can we see an ipconfig /all - see how below
do a tcp/ip reset - see how below
post a screen shot of xirrus please - see how below


ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the information above those entries

For Windows 8 or Windows 10
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop.
Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

Now press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt ​
It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results from the notepad should now appear in the forum reply.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

For Windows Vista through to Windows 10
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on the screen )​
For Windows 8 & 10
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold and red for the following commands.
Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog and press enter

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log and press enter

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log and press enter
​ReStart (reboot) the machine.

If you receive the message
The requested operation requires elevation.
Then please open the command prompt as administrator - as requested ... Read more
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I have a T with Windows risky? ThinkPad 10 T410 to Windows Is upgrading Professional which Microsoft invited to upgrade to Win In preparing the computer for Win a message indicated that some functions would not work I did not realize that in taking the next step whateve that was at the time it would gto ahead with the upgrade I found that the offer to choose when to upgrade was a choice of three different pre-assigned days I had to turn Is upgrading ThinkPad T410 to Windows 10 risky? off the computer to stop the upgrade there was no other way I tried Task Manager Is upgrading ThinkPad T410 to Windows 10 risky? Process Explorer Alt F etc Is upgrading ThinkPad T410 to Windows 10 risky? Now it is just reserved and waiting nbsp My concerns are nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp -will an upgrade result in a Windows Professional or will distinctions between Home and Profesional be lost nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp -the preparation process indicated that Intel PROSet Wireless would have to be re-installed As best as I can understand from the Intel site the wireless adaptor Intel Centrino Advanced-N AGN in the T is not supported in Win The Intel site said to go to the manufacturer Will Lenovo have an update for this nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp -Intel PROSet Wireless may not be critical to me but a wireless driver will be Will the T wireless function still function nbsp Has anyone had experience with the T moving to Win nbsp Thanks nbsp

A:Is upgrading ThinkPad T410 to Windows 10 risky?

Hi and welcome, ssumOfficially, upgrade to the win10 on the T410 isn't supported: win10 reduction matches the source OS.- definitely, Lenovo will not update the win10 drivers for the Intel 6200 itself, it's a deal of the Intel. But as you noticed there are no upgrades too win8/10 manages wireles features from the metro app (Lenovo Settings, and Charms. For metro app some drivers are needed: there are not only win10 incompatible laptop components, but applications also.
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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T which I left outdoors overnight boot Pls help: Thinkpad T410 problem? Simple error after a BBQ No rain but likely some humidity nbsp Symptoms Initially screen remains black nothing happens Simple problem? Pls help: Thinkpad T410 boot error upon pressing power button However computer is still alive Simple problem? Pls help: Thinkpad T410 boot error since power button is shinin- After Unplugging reconnecting the CMOS battery cable machine booting showing following two errors after some Simple problem? Pls help: Thinkpad T410 boot error time Date and time error Neither the date nor the time is set in the computer Solution in the manual Run BIOS Setup Utility to reset the time and date System CMOS checksum bad Default configuration used Solution in the manual Charge the backup battery for more than hours by connecting the ac adapter Replace the backup battery and run BIOS Setup Utility to reset the time and date nbsp I tried Removing The backup battery CMOS Replacing the backup battery CMOS - I bought a new oneBattery only running on DC-powerHDDRAM x DVD-driveKeyboardPower button discharge as suggested on various sites to discharge or whatever the power To press the power button times followed by pressing it for sec I tried to reset the time in the BIOS however I'm unable to navigate with the keys gt nothing happens when I try going up and down between the options with the keyboard - I tried pressing many keys simultaneously and I do get the familiar beep when you press a lot of keys randomly so the keyboard is working fine Then I noticed incidentally that the screen light goes up and down if I press the keys changing this meaning it's like the Fn function key is constantly pressed So I also tried cleaning the keyboard and removing the CTRL and Fn key but this didn't help either nbsp In fact my problem is identical to those in nbsp https forums lenovo com t ThinkPad-T -and-prior-T-series T -Hangs-on-boot-up-screen td-p The solution there was to try pressing the GPU however its not dedicate one can't see that would help nbsp Many many thanks nbsp
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Hi Everyone nbsp nbsp I am a THINKPAD Owner, missing New T410 Fingerprint, Webc... new T owner Bought this notebook for cheap and i am impressed by its quality My specs for the laptop as follows I upgraded ram and ssd and i am happy with the results but there is always a space for logical and not so costly improvements that is why i am here to ask you experts New Owner, THINKPAD T410 missing Fingerprint, Webc... and owners to get some suggestions if you please I am New Owner, THINKPAD T410 missing Fingerprint, Webc... a regular guy who uses its computers for web-browsing and watching online shows and some little photoshopping This computer provided more than enough power for my usage and needs nbsp nbsp i nbsp i - M stock gb ddr mhz ram it was gb before gb kingston hyperX ssd had a gb rpm seagate before Windows legalized with Win Pro key found under the battery x resolution displayEverything works perfect with windows i didn't even have to install any driver but some extra lenovo apps I flashed the lasted bios and that corrected some issues with Win installation I have checked other T models but mine is missing some important specs like Bluetooth chip would prefer BT with low energy webcam support for skype and fingerprint reader for added security The touchpad is also worn by use in time and the palmrest housing is cracked on the edge of both sides I have cut some carbon fiber stickers New Owner, THINKPAD T410 missing Fingerprint, Webc... and put onto touchpad to keep nbsp aestetcis but the sensevitiy is not that good now I want to know if nbsp nbsp I nbsp can upgrade cpu to i if yes which model of i should i get Can i add fingerprint reader to this device and at the same time changing the touchpad and palmrest housing This would be birds with one stone Is it possible to add Bluetooth and LE supporting chip in Can i add webcam but keep the keyboard light nbsp nbsp Thank you for your time and wish you all happy and productive days nbsp ps sorry for the english nbsp it isn't my native language nbsp
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I have a Thinkpad T BiOS seems to have been made in and nbsp for about Boot seconds T410 Scree... Thinkpad to takes reach 30 half a month I haven't switched it off very Thinkpad T410 takes 30 seconds to reach Boot Scree... often So this morning I put it on sleep nbsp and brought it to class but when I lifted the cover the usual second wake-up screen did not pop up in fact it took roughly SECONDS before anything showed up on the screen I got back and tried shutting the thing down and restarting but the thing took roughly seconds to show me the BOOT screen with the Thinkpad icon When I pressed the Power button it lit up properly and the battery icon was on too but it just sits there for -ish seconds before even showing me life on the screen nbsp After the second wait for the Boot screen whether from sleep or starting up everything works fine I'm brought to my start screen at normal speed I've given that sketchy cuz it hasn't worked for me static discharge Power Button trick two tries after disconnecting the battery wires and ac adapters but doesn't change the second wait before the screen shows anything Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on At the start of last month my computer did NOT have this problem I've only had this problem happen to me today Is it the age Or
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Good afternoon all,

I have been in the process of making my laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad T410, a much better device to use. While I've been having HDD issues, my main issue right now is the battery that I had purchased. With the IBM Power Manager software, the battery is listed as a Sanyo 42T4710. It is a 9 cell battery and I will provide any other information you need.

When I had first purchased the device, after charging for awhile the battery icon on the laptop would begin to flash amber. It will not charge to 100%, and usually stops at 96%. With the battery manager, the charge threshold is set to "Always Full Charge (Start when below 96% and end at 100%). I tried to run the battery gauge reset option, however the laptop permanently stayed at 96% and never discharged lower than that.

Are there any recommendations that you can make for what I should do with the battery?


A:Lenovo Thinkpad T410: Bought a different battery, issues reporting %

Does it charge to 100 when laptop is shutdown?
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I ran some disc checking software and its nfg. So is it possible to use a usb external hhd instead of relacing the internal hhd?

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I installed the most recent windows 10 x64 synaptic driver this morning here on the lenovo site.  The new driver installed fine, but then after I went to reboot my system, the touchscreen was not working. I tried installing the march 1st Touchscreen patch from the same page, and it didnt fix it.   Under the device manager I have located the Touchscreen, it is showing up under Human Interface Devices, as an unrecognized USB input device.  In the properties window, listed under Events, it lists the "Device onfigured (null)".  After trying to install synaptics again later on, I get "Device not migrated", then "Device configured (input.inf)", and finally "Device not startd (HidUsb)". I don't have a wacom stylus, just the standard one that came with the device.Any help resolving this would be much appreciated.
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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E545 that's about 18 months old. Everything has been fine until now. I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 without a problem. However, I now realize the my CD/DVD player is not working properly. I inserted several different DVDs and CD. I can hear the player spinning as if it's trying to read the disc, but when I check File Explorer, the drive has not been recognized (and no CD or DVD starts).  After doing research, I tried most of the suggestions here: but I was unable to try to "fix registry entries" because I couldn't find Upperfilters and LowerFilters listed. Perhaps that suggestion didn't apply since the suggestion said to remove them.  I checked the BIOS to make sure the DVD was enabled.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I recently had to reinstall Windows XP on my IBM Thinkpad T30 and everything works fine except the WIRELESS ADAPTER is being read as a NETWORK CONTROLLER and a driver cannot be found for it. The device manager shows no driver installed no matter what I do and the new hardware wizard can't find anything either. I can use the internet when it is directly connected with the ethernet cable but the wireless capabilities are non-existant. I have gone to the ibm and lenovo websites and downloaded what seems like a million drivers that did not work and I am at a loss. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you

A:IBM Thinkpad T30: Wireless adapter recognized as network controller...need driver

welcome to tech support guy,

these are the general specs for ALL of the t30 models,

from that:
Infared (IR)
IR transceiver for wireless file and data transfer and printing.
Speeds up to 4Mbps.
Compatible with the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) IR data link specification
located on right side of system

Selected models as either a communication daughter card (CDC) or as a Mini PCI card combo card with Intel wireless
K56Flex v.92
Note: Public network download speeds are limited to 53kbps. Upload speeds are limited to 48Kbps. Actual speeds depend on many factors and are often less than the maximum stated.

10/100 Ethernet installed on the system board
Selected models will have Intel Wireless and modem Mini PCI combo cards
Selected models will have CISCO Mini PCI card
Selected models will have Bluetooth communication daughter card Click to expand...

I have gone to the ibm and lenovo websites and downloaded what seems like a million drivers that did not work and I am at a loss.Click to expand...

as you have found, it is most difficult to obtain a SPECIFIC item to perform a SPECIFIC function, it is even MORE difficult when we can't see what you are looking at, so to help someone here on the forums to help, you might post that info on your personal page or in your sig line or in the post where you are asking for help, - the full make and model

ibm / lenova has a very easy site to find info on, and, in that YOU have the info needed,
start with this:

Finding my product number (machine type / model or part number) and serial number

Support & downloads

User's guides and manuals

download them then 'burn' them to a cd for backup, cause if you needed them once, you will need them again
does that help? post back if you need more assistance and someone here will help
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I recently had to reinstall Windows XP on my IBM Thinkpad T30 and everything works fine except the WIRELESS ADAPTER is being read as a NETWORK CONTROLLER and a driver cannot be found for it. The device manager shows no driver installed no matter what I do and the new hardware wizard can't find anything either. I can use the internet when it is directly connected with the ethernet cable but the wireless capabilities are non-existant. Ihave gone to the ibm and lenovo websites and downloaded what seems like a million drivers that did not work and I am at a loss. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I would really appreciate any help with this problem because I need the wireless access for school.

Thanks alot!

A:IBM Thinkpad T30: Wireless adapter recognized as network controller...need driver
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format my computer HDD which contains a dual boot Win 7 and an unwanted XP OS? (I know that to delete that XP is not an easy task so have left it there)
I assume if I just do the upgrade the Win 10 will just overwrite the Win 7 partition and leave the unwanted XP still taking up space?
So, can I put the Win 10 on an external drive and use that, somehow, to load it onto the formatted computer HDD?
Thanks for advice.

A:Can I download Win 10 externally to a HDD so that I can......

Hi zzzz It would be easier if you made a bootable installation media (CD, DVD or USB) with the Windows 10 .iso, boot from it and then use a Custom installation to delete all your current partitions, create just one and then install Windows 10 on it.
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I just came home a few days ago and I found that I couldn t log into my OS it gave Backing externally up Registry me quick BSOD display and force restart the PC the HD data still can be accessible Backing up Registry externally but CHKDSK r and CHKDSK Backing up Registry externally f couldn t repair it The CHKDSK went from - gt - gt quick jump to and back up to - gt slow moving to - gt return back to - gt slow moving to - gt jumped to and finish without giving any error code I tried with CHKDSK p and it didn t give me any bad sector report or anything similar I also didn t notice any file restored from the CHKDSK usually there should be hidden folder containing backed up files if the CHKDSK partially failed ok so I don t have all my installation disks with me but I still want to be able to use my installed applications after I reinstall my windows Backing up Registry externally So I need a way to locate the windows registry file and back it up manually I found the page about Windows Registry in Wikipedia Windows NT XP and Server The following Registry files are stored in SystemRoot System Config Sam - HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SAM Security - HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SECURITY Software - HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE System - HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM Default - HKEY USERS DEFAULT Userdiff The following file is stored in each user s profile folder NTUSER dat Click to expand do I only need to back up those files in order to keep my applications running w o having them reinstalled any other alternatives to this problem is welcomed too Other information - I partitioned my HD to MB no file system GB NTFS where my application data and windows stored GB no file system Thanks in Advance nbsp

A:Backing up Registry externally

You can try a CHKDSK /R /V - this will give you a bit more information on what CHKDSK is doing.

If your PC is on a network and you can "see" it from another PC, then you can download a file called PSEXEC.EXE from and use it to run a file called REG on the other PC.

I would suggest doing a REG /? on your own machine (this will bring up a help screen), to help you determine how you will need to use the program to export the registry from the failing machine.

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For the past few days my new drive hasn't worked on my PC at all, I was copying stuff over to it as I suddenly got an I/O error. I restarted my system to find that the drive had disappeared completely, not only in file explorer but in disk management as well.

Recently I took out the drive and tried it as an external drive on another computer, it loaded fine without any issues. I figured there must be a problem with the cables, so I took it back and used the external slot on my PC to try it. But it still doesn't appear anywhere on my computer.

It's a WD 1 TB WD10EZEX.

EDIT: it seems I found the issue, the cables were loose. Nevermind.

A:HDD won't work externally or internally

Try rebooting your computer before plugging in the external drive. Wait a few minutes after boot before doing so. You may be dealing with a sudden drive failure.
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I had caught a bug and it would not allow me to even move my mouse and type. I cannot enter into the BIOS screen because it will not even allow me to enter setup. I have the means to externally set it up to another computer but im not quite sure how to go about it.

A:REformatting an internal HDD externally

Welcome to TSG

check the connections between mouse/keyboard and PC first, if necessary, replace the keyboard ... it's certainly not a bug that prevents you from entering the BIOS.
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Hi My DVD HDD recorder has packed up today the motor that ejects and plays the disc and it would cost more to repair it than to buy a new one But I have important TV programs about my work autism on the hard disc that I never got to transfer to DVDs And I know there's nothing wrong with the hard drive I had to quot operate quot to remove a disc and noticed the hard disc looked exactly like a normal internal PC hard drive It's a Western Digital gb one and I seem to remember you can buy external casings for these and use them from PC externally DVD player to Connect HDD as external hard drives Is that true And if so what is the correct terminology please so I can find out what to buy to get it to connect to my PC I'd rather not fit it internally although I have fitted an additional tb one so it can be done Anyone know the best way to attach it externally please thanks

A:Connect HDD from DVD player to PC externally

You have to be careful with making a HDD from a device like that as external. Sometimes the device has a controller that provides its own file system to that HDD. That means you may not be able to use it properly on Windows. I once had a NAS drive fail on me and I tried everything to get it working on Windows until I found out that NAS device had it's own very specific file system that only worked for that device. I popped it into Linux and used a program that could browse that type of file system and restore the files.

If the device you have doesn't have a specific file system like that (which it probably doesn't, I don't know I've never worked on DVD/HDD recorders before). You should be able to just plug it into your computer and use it like a normal hard drive.

You can purchase Hard Drive Enclosures from anywhere like Newegg. Some devices are USB and others use eSATA (my personal favorite).

Before you purchase that enclosure attempt to explore it using Windows. If all else fails you can restore those files using any Linux OS like PuppyLinux.
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Ok fellow hardware os geniuses I emptied out some old pc s in my closet I now have several gig drives and some gig drives old maxtor and western digital and seagates I used one of my usb to ide connectors to get the data off my maxtors with no problem but the WD and SG drives would not be found odd So I bought another will drives not Old externally slave gig 4.3 WD external enclosure and bam the gig WD and SG drives were found But none of my usb to ide connectors or enclosures will make my western digital WD Caviar gig ide drives work Same in XP SP or Vista Ult SP Device manager sees the drive loads the driver for the usb to ide and sees the drive by name shows WD in devmgt but will not mount it in disk mgt xp does not even show it in disk mgt vista shows it in disk mgt but shows as not initialized which is odd regardless it will not initialize it all of the WD gig drives pull the same issue and when I did tell vista to initialize it it yeilds an i o error Yes i have tried multiple usb to ide connectors yes i have tried multiple enclosures yes i have tried every possible jumper combo single master slave cable select samo samo Old 4.3 gig WD drives will not slave externally So how do i get xp or vista to see my old WD with an external connector or enclosure Survey Says Tx Matthew nbsp
Relevancy 44.29%

Hi. I'm able to host my web site using IIS (on XP) within my computer. I have a static IP address that I'm using. When using my computer, works, my static ip works, and "localhost" all work. However from any other computer, typing in my static IP address doesn't work. Pinging my computer from my computer works but pinging it from another computer gets a "response timed out" message. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Accesing my IIS web site externally

For the properties of your website, what IP and port number do you have listed?
Do you have a firewall that might be blocking incoming traffic?
Relevancy 44.29%

Hi All I am running a webserver with IIS and I have setup the site binding settings as follow http Now my hosting PC's LAN IP is I can access my webserver from any of my PC's on the LAN via the local ip but when I use the External WAN router IP or my free dyndns hostname externally cannot Webserver accessed be it gets a timeout Note I did forward port to on the router I did create inbound and outbound rules for port on windows firewall I disabled any Webserver cannot be accessed externally other Antivirus and firewalls Doing a port test Webserver cannot be accessed externally on my external IP on port tells me my port is open Doing nslookup on my free dyndns hostname resolves the correct IP and I made sure my dynamic IP is updated with the hostname As I said accessing my web page using the internal lan address gives me my index page but when using either my external ip or dyndns hostname It cannot resolve the address What can be the problem Thank you

A:Webserver cannot be accessed externally

Check with your ISP to see if they allow web servers on non-business accounts - they might be blocking the connection.
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Is there a way to hook up the swapable floppy drive to a Dell Latitude P233 Laptop?
I have WIN98 2nd edition so I cant boot from the CD...seems the simply way would be to just hook up the floppy someone externally and boot from there? anyone know if this is possible and what would I need as far as a cable? thanks

A:Is there a way to hook up the floppy externally to the PC?


I don't think it is possible. I still believe we can get the Win98 installed another way.

It will be better to continue posting to the original thread until we get this resolved so that evryone wishing to contribute can stay informed as to what is going on.


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This is going to sound odd, but I need a way of powering two 120mm exhaust fans in the top of my PC case.

For some reason, these particular fans keep burning out the power connectors that I plug them into. The fans are not obstructed and spin freely. I don't think replacing them will necessarily fix the issue (though I plan to do that as well). I think it's just "drag" from trying to suck air out of a smallish mid-tower case.

I need another way of powering these fans (at least until I can figure out why they they keep burning out my plugs). I considered the USB port, but they only output 5v and not enough amps (and last thing I want is to burn out a USB port.).

Batteries may work, but they'd drain awfully fast.

Any other ideas? Thx.

A:Externally powering 2 fans?

What do you mean they are burning out your plugs?

Do they only have the tiny motherboard connector on them and not a molex? The fans shouldn't draw many watts, what fans are they and do they have a power consumption sticker on them?

I know you want a fix before replacing the fans, but this obviously isn't normal behavior and I'd worry about causing permanent damage to something else. Maybe you should also look into higher CFM intake fan(s) if you suspect they are working too hard drawing (although I really doubt that is the case).
Relevancy 44.29%

Have a customers machine that the hdd went bad in certain sectors. However it appears I can still retrieve data from it. A message pops up when trying to access the owner folder in documents and settings. "e:\Documents and settings\owner is not accessible. Access is denied." I need to find out how to access this folder as there are pictures and music from itunes I need to backup. I know of all the availiable explanations reguarding this problem, as I've searched reguarding this issue in google and yahoo. However all the explanations of a fix are pointed towards a situation where you have to actually be on the computer containing the hard drive. In this situation I am reading the hard drive externally.

A:Cant open folder externally

Have you tried Unstoppable Copier?
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The ads I see on Amazon etc say that there is more than one fan type for a T and be sure to get the one that fits your machine nbsp How to make the match nbsp My T is a Type - U according to a sticker on its bottom nbsp At https support lenovo com us en documents migr- I find a table that maps these computer types to model numbers of parts including fan assemblies nbsp It lists Fan assembly integrated M and M as suitable for type - x but by omission it implies that Fan assembly discrete M and T410? fit What replacement fan will my M are not suitable to type - x nbsp I assume that in that type code x is a variable so - U is a member of that type nbsp Ah nbsp I just learned at nbsp https support lenovo com us en What replacement fan will fit my T410? documents migr- that the two different fan assemblies are for integrated graphics and discrete graphics models respectively - their heat sink components are quite different nbsp Ah again nbsp From pix on Amazon I infer that the two integrated assemblies have slightly different heat sinks but both are for integrated graphics nbsp The M is shown here nbsp https www amazon com Genuine-IBM-Thinkpad-Cooling-Heatsink dp B MTWDB E and the M is here https www amazon com IBM-Original-Thinkpad- M -Assembly dp B QWCTLG nbsp From this I want to conclude that if I get a model M or M I'm cool nbsp Is that right nbsp Also it's possible and much cheaper to buy a fan without buying the heat sink assembly as well nbsp Anybody know which fan models fit into the Fan assembly integrated nbsp Thanks in advance Ken
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Hi,  We have HP Zero Clients (T410) and are connection to an Windows 2012 server.When i look in the admin guide it saysthat USB redirection to windows 2012 and Windows 8 is supported.  I have enable USB redirection in the zero client. But when i connect an USB device to the zeroclient is isnt viable in my RDP7 connection to the server. Do i have to edit some policys on the server or do i need software ?  Kind regards,   Hans Vos

A:T410 - USB redirection

Im having a simaller problem with my Windows server 2008, using the T410 as well. I can get thumb drives to redirect, but i cant get SD card readers. Have you found a solution to this problem yet?
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Hi all I T410 bios mod bug have flashed a WL-free BIOS from Serg to my T -DA I had the latest factory BIOS before Flash was successful i disabled the TPM because the beeps at startup Then i realized that i cannot read CPU speed from the OS Ubuntu and the battery isn't charging I can see on the indicator when it is T410 mod bios bug inserted or not but no charging T410 mod bios bug I installed TLP started a calibration but it only discharged the battery and charging is not working Or if it is working BIOS does not see what charging circuit is doing EC ROM is in addition I tried to flash factory BIOS but it cannot be done with battery I'm afraid to flash FL and FL as i have two FL files extracted from factory flash Have someone seen a bug like this before Can someone tell me how to flash FL and two FL 's and PAT files with Winphlash Or force the boot CD image to update I ned to revert the factory BIOS to check that the charging circuit is OK nbsp Thanks in advance
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I am having problems playing media files from my laptop, onto an external monitor. Although media player is on screen, the film/clip doesn't show within the player.

Is there a reason for this (copyright?), can it be remedied?


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Can I download and install .net framework 3.5.1 externally which is required by some programs to run in windows 8, the problem is I'm not able to download it internally because I've a really slow connection.

I've already tried this from Download Confirmation - Microsoft Download Center
235mb of download took 9 hours for me to download so you can understand my problem of not downloading internally.
Can I copy some files from win 7 partition to win 8 so that this runs or can anyone give me a direct link so that I can download with download manager and install it later.

Thanks all

A:How to Download and Install .net framework 3.5.1 externally

All I did was check the box.

I dunno about a slow connection (though I have one, relatively speaking - 3MBps) and it only took 8 minutes or so.
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I have a box full of used quot laptop drives that I hope to sell on Ebay I have a good reputation as a seller and I wish to externally Testing 2.5" drives used keep it that way So I need a time-efficient way to test the drives before I sell them I am no expert so I need a simple layman-terms explanation I m hoping there is a way I can plug some sort of docking station via USB to my desktop Mac and then plug the drives into the Testing used 2.5" drives externally external docking station and run a test So me questions are Is this possible and if so which docking station or whatever Testing used 2.5" drives externally should I buy What test do I need to run and pass the drives on in order to confidently advertise a laptop drive as being sold as used but in good working order What is the most time-efficient way of doing this Anything else you think I should know in order to do all of this properly nbsp

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Ran into an interesting problem and I'll try and explain it as thoroughly as possible I'm able to browse websites as normal without any notable issue however we ran into an issue when we went to remotely connect to a or externally not browse, but ping to Able internally business application using the external IP address Tried pinging the IP to no avail then tried ping google also to no avail The IP resolves to the correct hostname and Able to browse, but not ping externally or internally I can nslookup but no go on the ping Tracert also resolves the correct hosts but fails on all hops Upon changing the internal configured IP I can ping any address for about a minute and then it starts timing out again no matter what I change the IP to Have already tried the following - Checking the host file all default - Reinstalling the NIC - Winsock reset dns flush route flush - Running netalyzr came up with the following which I don't believe to be an issue Code The resolver at win-na telstra net could not process the following tested types Large B TXT records fetched with EDNS Requests from this resolver come from This resolver requries ms to fetch a result from our server and ms to return a result from its cache It does not validate DNSSEC - Disabling firewalls on both computer and router - Checking for any rules blocking ICMP requests - Restarting computer - Restarting router It's on a relatively simple network one modem serving a small amount of computers This is the only computer encountering the issue so I think I can rule out an issue with the router I'm really at a loss with this one any ideas would be appreciated Regards BusDoctor

A:Able to browse, but not ping externally or internally

Welcome to Eight Forums!

Was this working before? If Yes....have you tried a System Restore before this issue started?
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Is there anyway to externally attach an internal drive? I have a Sony Vaio Notebook pcg-705c and would like to attach an external cdrw drive. Does any company out there make some sort of case for the drive so it is protected? Or is this a bad idea from the start?

A:externally attach internal drive?

It can be done. I have seen external cases for internal drives before. The problem is you'll be going with either a usb or a parallel interface and will lose speed and performance in the process unless you get one for USB 2.0, SCSI,or firewire if you can support that.

I did find this kit for USB 2.0
I know there are other kits out there that are cheaper as well as parallel port kits.
Here are some others including parallel, SCSI, and firewire.
You may be able to find cheaper prices elsewhere.
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Hello! Sorry if this is in the wrong discussion area.. I wasn't sure where it fit in.

I recently bought a WD Green 1TB Hard Drive for moving some music, photo & video files off my laptop.

I was wondering if when I build my own PC will I be able to install an operating system onto the hard drive along side the files and be able to access them?

A:Can I install an OS on an internal HD being used for files externally

Of course... why do you expect problems?
Most people have their user documents on the same physical drive. Even in same partition.
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Hi there I m setting up connecting VPN externally to Solved: Problems a small office network for my brother and he wants to be able to access it from home He has a Mac Mini Server setup in his office with VPN service running When connected directly to the network I can Solved: Problems connecting to VPN externally enter in the servers IP for the host address and connect to VPN without any issues When I try to connect from home it times out and can not reach the server Currently the setup is SMC Comcast business class modem -- gt Netgear WGR v router -- gt Server Cleints I have set the comcast modem to forwarded the ports UDP and TCP to the Netgears static IP Then I have those same ports being forwarded from the Netgear router to the Mac mini servers static IP From home when I enter in the static external IP for the office the VPN will not connect and times out I did a scan with NMap on the external IP of the office and it showed that port was being filtered and wasn Solved: Problems connecting to VPN externally t closed or anything which I think should be correct Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this working Thanks for your time nbsp

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So one day I tried starting up my lappy and all I get is this blinking cursor after the bios goes away. no windows. I have tested my hdd and its fine so put the hdd in a usb enclosure and got my work files off. Now how do I go about repairing xp. Note the cd drive stopped working at the time of the crash as well, and the lappy doesnt support external booting.

I was hoping I could do a repair with the oem disc from my vista machine but its not letting me access those options?


A:xp crash/repair or reinstall...externally

Welcome to TSF....

I am afraid that you will have to get the CD-ROM drive either fixed or replaced since both clean installs and repair-installs have to be done in the computer with the hard drive in them especially if they are laptops. You can try an external CD-ROM/DVD Drive if your laptop will support booting from an external but the hard drive has to be in the laptop so the install will detect all of the components of the computer.
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how should i connect FireWire interface externally to a veriton all-in-one desktop....and how much would be the cost incurred in doing the same
Relevancy 43.86%

Hi, ive got a lenovo z51 laptop. I've removed the ODD (dvd) drive and tried to insert an SSD into the optical bay with a caddy, the caddys LED light turns on but Windows does not detect anything!When I put the SSD into an external enclosure and plug it into my computer via USB it works!Now I would prefer to have this drive sit in my computer interally, that way im not lugging around an external device everywhere I go (already bring a mouse with me).Any suggestions? The SSD is a samsung evo 850. I'm runnng Windows 10 64-bit.  thanks
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Can anyone else also ping Tracert reveals it's external to our network, but am I mistaken in thinking that it should be a private address?

A:Reaching a private address externally?

So Traceroute hits your gateway, and finds a 10. right after?
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Ok i know this issue comes up often and i have searched the forums for my particular issue but to no avail.
I am trying to run an FTP server with Serv-U and using no-ip.
I have forwarded port 21 and have proved it through the online port checker.
I have even went as far as to disable my firewall and router firewall and antivirus.
I still cant connect using my WAN.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am using Windows 7 64bit
Avast Home edition
Dsl modem (ive connected directly to the modem)

A:[SOLVED] Cant connect externally to FTP server

Nevermind I found the problem. i could not connect from an external address but my friend could. please delete this sorry
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At the end of the day when I close my laptop, the display will turn off but sometimes the system won't go into sleep mode. I then have to open the lid again and completely shut down the system. Is there an easy way to fix this?
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Hi guys, Trying to get Bitlocker working on a t410. The bios is enabled for TPM and the drivers are installed. When trying to enable Bitlocker i'm getting a message saying: A TPM module must be present on this computer but a TPM module was not found. Any ideas? Thanks,Mike
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I did a hardware scan on my computer and it showed me a hardware problem with the memory. The computer have been working fine for many years now. The only thing I did not so long after I got it was to upgrade to 8 GB of memory and an SSD disk. So it have been working great for many years.No it's started turning it self of sometimes while I use it. The scan showed result code: WMEBVVBTH-WL8BRF Also see the log attached. Is the memory starting to go bad or is it the Windows? The computer is upgraded to Windows 10 a few months back.

Report.jpg ?48 KB
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Hi all, I have a T410 that's from 2010 with the i5 520m cpu. I bought it used recently and I don't think the bios has ever been upgraded. When I follow the regular instructions of entering BIOS --> Config --> CPU, I saw a menu of four choices. The bottom two wereIntel(R) Virtualization Technology [DISABLED]Intel(R) VT-d Feature [DISABLED]I tried to change them, but strangely the menu only let me navigate through the first two choices (I can't recall them exactly now but they didn't seem to have anything to do with virtualization), nothing seemed to allow me to access the bottom two choices...  How should I go about fixing this properly?  I want to be very careful with upgrading/flashing BIOS as I really don't want to end up with a brick Thanks

A:Enabling Intel VT-x in a T410

Look for your BIOS Version and post it(You can find it on the start page of your BIOS)VT-x is supported by your CPU, but maybe there are conflicting settings..Maybe you really have to update the BIOS but that shouldn't be a real problem...Use a disk image, hook your thinkpad to the power and let it be for 20 minutes or so...
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On T410 upgraded Windows 10 32bit op sys to 64 bit and Epson projector no longer works.   Worked flawlessly and effortlessly prior to upgrade to 64 bit.  Help? thankshal mann
Relevancy 43.43%

Hello Iam new here my wifi card broke and I want to replace it!.Original card is Intel centrino advanced - n - 6200 FRU 60Y2331.Can I replace whit this one T410s wifi card Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300. And what equalizer would you recommend to make sound better. Thank you!All The Best,Janar
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Hi Guys nbsp I need your help here I bought a refurbished T in Oct from Newegg It has a Win professional Today when I turned on the computer it first give out a brief it 15. bought in a has refurbished. t410 ... Oct. Now Thinkpad then it gave out a brief green screen Finally it will stay on a 'black' screen It seems that my screen is 'good' since it first has very briefly Thinkpad Recnetly I have downloaded software which I supspect it has virus on it Also to day before t410 refurbished. bought in Oct. 15. Now it has a ... I turned the computer t410 refurbished. bought in Oct. 15. Now it has a ... off I changed the computer time to Jun I am not sure if these activities are related to my 'black' screen nbsp I later connected a external display and I could do everything on it my external display is good nbsp Lenovo 'black' screen external display is working when the computer is turned on 'Thinkpad' briefly showed up then a brief green screen then goes to 'black' nbsp Please give me your advices Thanks nbsp Dan nbsp nbsp
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Without any indication of slow computer etc.. suddenly a very short blue screen then unable to boot from any device.
I had changed to a new SSD just 8 months back.
I need help with this otherwise nice Laptop.
Relevancy 43.43%

I have been getting regularly occurring BSODs with various errors. Looking for help please.
The dump output from BSOD program and performance monitor data are attached.

The system is:
Lenovo T410
Current OS is Windows 7 and is the one that came with the system.
System is 3 or 4 years old.

The BSODs seem to occur during heavy browser usage. Having multiple tabs opened and switching back and forth between tabs, the browser, and desktop apps. But almost always (if not always), when I am in a browser window.


Paul T.

A:BSOD Lenovo T410

Additional info ... The internet browser being used seems to be unimportant. I get BSODs with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Paul T.
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I have had to reload W7 and cannot find drivers on the driver page for these:? Any help appreciatted!Device manager?

A:T410 driver issue

Welcome to the forum!
Install and run Lenovo System Update, it should take care of the missing drivers: click me!
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Hello everyone I've got a Seagate Momentus hard drive taken from a laptop that I intend to use not but works Hard internally, externally. Drive as an Hard Drive works internally, but not externally. external storage device When plugged directly into my laptop's hard drive slot it works fine When I try to use it externally with an enclosure it is not recognised on the same computer from which it was taken by either Windows Explorer or Disk Management yes I did a rescan When plugged into another laptop via the enclosure however it is detected in Disk Management although not in Windows Explorer Unfortunately Disk Management doesn't provide me with any useful options for reformatting it It simply says quot no media quot and doesn't detect any data or capacity When using SeaTools for Windows while still plugged in externally with this secondary laptop it fails virtually all tests and refuses a full data scrub I have since plugged the hard drive back into my primary laptop's hard drive slot from which it was taken and am running Seatools so far so good Any idea what's going on How can I get this hard drive to operate as a normal external drive Thanks in advance UPDATE - I reinserted the hard drive into my laptop successfully reformatted it via Disk Management chose not to assign it a drive letter and I still have the same problems My secondary laptop detects the hard drive when connected externally via USB hard drive enclosure within Disk Management but not within Windows Explorer More frustrating - when connecting the hard drive externally to my primary laptop via USB hard drive enclosure Windows will not detect it anywhere - neither within Disk Management or Windows Explorer By the way I am using Windows -bit Anyone have any ideas

A:Hard Drive works internally, but not externally.

Maybe the external enclosure or USB cable is bad, that prevents Windows recognizing the drive? Try changing the USB cable or the enclosure...
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I had a dual boot hard drive XP/W7. I tried all kinds of things to eliminate the XP partition and when finally able to do it, now W7 will not boot and even the install disk will not run. Error message says "missing bootmgr". The boot files are still in the W7 partition which is logical. Will converting this partition to Primary help the situation? Tried to boot from CD in several MBs without success.

A:Hard drive will not boot internal or externally.

Hello and welcome frak sorry for the wait now you list 7 32 and 64bit in ?two different machines?? as your can you please confirm which machine you are concerned about? before we go any further.
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My old computer died, and that's ok. I just have some data on its (functioning) hard drive that I need. I disconnected it.
This is how it looks like:

Now I do have a HD case that you can connect an internal one to, and have it connected via USB.

These are its connections:

They don't match.

What are my best options here?

A:Solved: I pulled an internal HD from an old PC, and I want to connect to externally

Your hard drive enclosure is for a Parallel-ATA (PATA) hard drive only (often simply referred to as IDE), whereas your hard drive is a Serial-ATA (SATA) model.
You therefore need to buy a Serial-ATA (SATA) hard drive enclosure.
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I have an acer aspire T320 and I just bought a dvd burner. when i was trying to install it I realized that i can open only one side of the casing and not the other and so i can't remove the screws on the other side of my existing cd rom to install it. furthermore i cant seem to remove the faceplate on the so-called expansion hubs. it seems that they have rigged this to not enable people to install new hardware. so i was wondering if it is safe for me to install my dvd burner and leave it outside (on my desk or on a table) - will there be a problem with vibrations?

reply asap would be appreciated because otherwise i have to return this soon.

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My company currently has a server setup running windows 2000. We would like to be able to set up the server so we could connect to the server from our homes or elsewhere. Not looking to use a program like PCAnywhere, looking to set up a true connection to the server. Not sure what we need to make this possible. Could someone shed some light on how to make this work?

A:Connect to Windows 2000 Server Externally

What do you mean by a true connection? What are you connecting to this server for?
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I have one old hard drive that I do not have an enclosure for, nor do I want to put it into a box. My question is, how should I store the hard drive?
I thought about putting the HDD into an opened anti-static bag and taping it up (because it is not a resealable antistatic bag), but I'm aware anti-static bags have to be sealed and I'm not sure if taping it up counts as sealed.

A:Solved: How do I store a hard drive externally?

That is perfectly fine. There is no reason why an anti-static bag needs to be sealed other than enough to prevent dirt from getting in, just like any other bag. If you want, you could put that bag inside another, zip-lock bag. A bigger danger to external HD's than static is the ease with which they can be destroyed by dropping and bumping. Maybe wrapping it in soft material and putting it in a bag would be a good idea.

If this is to be for a very long time, silica gel or another dessicant may be wise, too.
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Hello I am a construction estimator and need to add a second external monitor Can two externally I laptop? to monitors single a connect to my daily work setup Currently I use a laptop HP Envy with an HDMI to one external monitor quot AOC I use the laptop screen for my email and internet viewing and I use the quot monitor for my work software program PlanSwift I am running Windows and I am using that quot classic shell quot program to make it look like Windows I want to still be able to use my external monitor for my work software program and my laptop screen for my email internet I d like to get a second external monitor so I can keep a large spreadsheet open as well that is too big to view on my laptop screen My question is how do I do this Treat me like I m please with your explanation Do I just buy a monitor and connect it along with my other Can I connect two monitors externally to a single laptop? monitor through an HDMI splitter does this exist to my only hdmi laptop port I dont have a vga port Also I want a large second external monitor quot to quot inches- my budget is Can I buy a cheap quot flatscreen tv and use this or do i need to buy an actual monitor Once I connect the two monitors I think I can trouble shoot my way through getting them to work or hopefully there is a guide I can google or that you can recommend Thank you very much for your help nbsp
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OK I'm having a hard drive problem I've never encountered before and well I haven't been very diligent on my backups it has been months so I'm very worried I externally access problem, to do? Hard what and - can't drive may lose some valuable files I'm hoping someone here can help me BACKGROUND I have an HP dv laptop computer running Windows that was working fine for a couple of years Then all of the sudden without any warning Hard drive problem, and can't access externally - what to do? I started to experience a peculiar hard drive behavior Upon launching a program rd party or Microsoft the hard drive would become completely busy causing the whole system to be sluggish and apps to not respond The drive would make a series of clicks and access sounds in a certain pattern that repeats every seconds Same exact pattern over and over Then after a while it would subside Yet it would repeat again and last longer I was able to run diagnostics on my drive and everything checked out I even booted up in a special HP BIOS diagnostic where it could check the hard drive -- no errors found I ran Malware Bytes but it turned up nothing significant I booted up in SAFE mode still same problem I posted about it but couldn't get any advice that helped OK I figured there must be a bad driver somewhere that was caused by a Windows update so I decided to roll back to an earlier checkpoint Well BAD MOVE The rollback worked but it made things worse Now I was getting this hard disk access loop DURING BOOT UP which didn't happen before Well that right there informed me that this is a hard disk issue Now if I do boot up there is a short period of time after the desktop initializes where I can launch Windows Explorer and see folders files I can even copy some files from C drive to D drive So the drive seems OK to a degree MY PROBLEM I take the drive out and mount it on a USB SATA III adapter attached to my Windows computer However it does not see the partitions as something readable It comes up with partitions and sees them as RAW I cannot get permissions So I'm perplexed The only thing I can think of is that maybe my hard drive is encrypted Is there any way I can check This is not a work laptop It is personal And I don't recall setting up any encryption on it MY OTHER PROBLEM OK I can boot up into Safe Mode command prompt and from there I'm able to copy files to a USB drive in between these long drive accesses it still happens However it won't recognize my Gb USB drive I can only use my Gb one While I was able to pull off a few important smaller documents I have some video media that I really want to rescue I can't do it with a tiny USB drive Is there some other mode I can possibly try Is there any way to get a multi terabyte external drive to be recognized in this mode

A:Hard drive problem, and can't access externally - what to do?

Thankfully I have been able to slowly but gradually pull off files that I really needed, now fiddling around getting other files that I'd like to have. The highest USB drive I could get recognized is 8Gb. So at least I was able to pull over around 7Gb of files with each swap. Still mystified why my 16Gb USB drive won't work. Anyway, it was clumsy having to use XCOPY... so I launched Explorer and was able to get the GUI interface going. The hard drive loop kicked in once or twice, but then subsided. The only strange thing is that the click+drag functionality would stop working after each drag... so I'd have to close the window and open a new one.

I'm still perplexed... as to why I could not access the drive externally, that it was seen as raw devices. There must be some kind of drive encryption. If a known encryption is used, is there some method by which the drive can be used externally? Or is it permanently relegated to internal use until decrypted?
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i found this thread Hard Drive works internally but not externally which is opposite to my problem and its been a year since the last post So i make a new thread As you can see in the title My Hd drives works externally but not internally I have HD s ST AS WD AAKX WD AAKS ST DM this is my local hd the rest is my other hd drive but not connected Now i want to add atleast or hd to my computer So I start adding the first one which is the drive the ST AS I plug the cables to the hd then turn on my computer But its always freezes at the bios screen then it will turn off automatically I tried all the other hd drives from - drives i listed Drive not but works externally internally Hard above They got the same results So i searched about the problem and i found this thread Bios screen freezes on startup I also used the disk clean command To format my hd But the problem still persists That problem occured only when i connect it internally but when i connect it externally its working Hard Drive works externally but not internally fine What do you think is the problem I tried replacing the sata cables and connecting it to different sata port But got the same Hard Drive works externally but not internally results The Hard Drive J is the ST AS Connected externally and it s working fine SPECS OS windows Hard Drive works externally but not internally x bit CPU Inter Core i GHz Motherboard H H -M Memory Kingston KVR D N g gb overall GPU AMD Radeon Hd DDR GB HD ST DM Power Supply Generic watts

A:Hard Drive works externally but not internally

Hello hinaruu!

Just to make sure if I have understood correctly.

You have 4 internal hard drive, one of them (ST500DM002) is your OS drive, which is 500GB SATA III. You have only the OS drive connected to the motherboard and when you try to connect any of the other three HDDs to any of the ports using multiple cables, your BIOS freezes and PC turns off? But you can without a problem connect the drives externally?

Are you receiving any messages, or beeping sounds from the motherboard? I would first advise you to back up anything important from the OS drive to another one.

Then disconnect your OS drive and plug it to another port and start the PC. Does it work? Then power off again, and plug one of the other three drives on the first SATA port where the OS drive previously was. Try powering up again. This should give you sense if the ports have a problem or the drives.

Then reset your BIOS. Carefully pull the CMOS battery out for about 15-20 seconds then put it back on place. Be very very careful! Then press the power button of the PC for 15 seconds to discharge any remaining power stored in the capacitors. By discharging the power, the CMOS memory will reset, therefor should reset the BIOS. Then connect the drives again, firmly, to data and power. Test again.

I see your motherboard has 4 SATA ports, which are SATA II. Some of the drives are SATA III, but the ports are backwards compatible, so this shouldn't be the issue. But I believe that your motherboard ports may be damaged.

Do post back with results to troubleshoot further!

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I have a PMD HD z that will not connect via plug and play in the internal bay but when I connect it externally it works as expected nbsp nbsp A little background it stopped working in the bay late last year but I didn't have time to bay Media in connects not the but externally, drive Personal futz with it nbsp A month Personal Media drive connects externally, but not in the bay or so ago I had to replace the motherboard due to swollen caps and I replaced it with an identical version nbsp I had hoped that would cure my ills but it didn't nbsp Then I upgraded to Windows bit nbsp Still no joy nbsp I can uninstall the root hub driver it's on host controller and when I reboot and the driver reloads the OS tries to install the device but fails repeatedly and you get that annoying connect disconnect noise until the drive is physically pulled out of the bay Personal Media drive connects externally, but not in the bay nbsp If I reseat it then nothing happens - it Personal Media drive connects externally, but not in the bay does not even try to plug and play nbsp So I thought maybe the USB cable was bad nbsp I found another bay cable assembly changed it out and have the same result nbsp If I plug it in externally to one of the front USB connectors it runs fine nbsp I have to think that something must be corrupted down at the OS configuration level nbsp Can you offer some assistance nbsp Also and ancillary question are ther any bit drivers for this device nbsp Thanks in advance
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I am adding a second hard drive to a new pc because I need to retain the files that reside there. I plan to use it externally. I dont beleive in this configuration, the 2nd hdd would be set-up as the slave- would the jumper settings be set to "CABLE SELECT ENABLED"? With or without the use of the second jumper in the Cylinder Limitation position (CLJ).

Many thanks in advance for the assist-

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Hello TS!

My friend asked me to help them with their laptop. I can't seem to figure it out.

The laptop is an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC.

The laptop is running Vista SP2

It grabs a valid IP address from DHCP. It can ping Google and Yahoo and any other web address. But the problem is, when you open a web browser (firefox, ie) it displays "Unable to connect"

I have repaired the connection. I have tried both wired and wireless connections. I have run the netsh winsock reset command at the command prompt. I am not sure what else to try.

Thanks for the help


A:Connected to router and can ping externally, but not able to go to web pages

check to see if the browser is trying to use a proxy server to connect...
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"The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid."

This error shows up when ever I try to open my Lenovo all in one PC I got in 2012. It has the simple error message and then a black background. When I try to delete the error by clicking the x, it just pops back up again. If you keep pressing x for maybe 20-30 times, the message goes away but the black backdrop stays and I can't use my PC. So less of a blue screen of death and more like a black screen of death. I just need to extract some old files from it, so I don't mind if it isn't a perfect fix. Please help.
P.S. The "file" in the error is my wacom pen display tablet driver.
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I have taken out my laptop 320 Gb hardisk out n replaced with 500 Gb on laptop now i want to format that 320 GB hardisk that is with me i also have the case Please direct me folks how to go about it

A:Formatting Internal Laptop Hardisk Externally

Quote: Originally Posted by tattibot

I have taken out my laptop 320 Gb hardisk out n replaced with 500 Gb on laptop now i want to format that 320 GB hardisk that is with me i also have the case Please direct me folks how to go about it

If it is a sata drive you can get a cheap USB enclosure for it and format it easily.
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I recently bought an ultrabay adapter off ebay that was compatible with the T T S nbsp The Lenovo part would be nbsp HDD T410 Ultrabay Question SOLVED! - ThinkPad Serial Hard Drive Bay Adapter III P N nbsp N nbsp I took out the original GB HDD and put an Intel X -V in the main HD bay nbsp T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED! Then I put the original drive in the Ultrabay Adapter nbsp When I power up the machine the Ultrabay drive spins up for a second and the light on the adapter comes on and then the drive turns off nbsp The Ultrabay drive is not found by the BIOS I have - installed nbsp I called Lenovo tech support and was told that there is no Ultrabay adapter for the T and the website confirms this when I search for storage adapter accessories for it nbsp Is there some way to get a second HDD to work in the Ultrabay nbsp EDIT The solution Thanks to Dd nbsp To enable the DVD automatic power off feature open the Advanced view in Power Manager go to the Power Plan tab and expand the System Settings dropdown Now set nbsp Automatic Optical Drive Power Off nbsp to nbsp Enabled nbsp on AC and battery You'll be able to see and set this setting nbsp Automatic Optical Drive Power Off nbsp only if your DVD drive is inside of your ultrabay After being idle for or minutes your DVD drive will be powered off Then this new icon Other E Powered Off will appear in My Computer nbsp nbsp Make a shortcut of that icon on your desktop nbsp because after you remove your DVD drive this icon will disappear from My Computer Remove the DVD drive place your ultrabay hdd adapter double click that shorcut which you placed on the desktop and it will power on your ultrabay As I said in my previous post after you restart Winodws you'll have to double click that shortcut again to power on the ultrabay nbsp You can just go to Safely Remove Drive to power it down when you're not using it Solved Go to Solution

A:T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

you got a knock off or the real one?
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Hi, My T410 would not power on, nothing when pressing the button. It will power up if I remove the cmos battery, plug the power in, unplug, re-connect the cmos battery and then plug the power in, and it works fine then...until it's powered off of course and the cycle begins again. I thought it may be a faulty cmos battery so I have changed that to no avail. Next step is to change the keyboard I guess? the power button seems to do will not power the laptop off etc. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found a solution before I spend 20 or so on a keyboard off Ebay. Thanks, Terry
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Have been trying to upgrade my T410 running Win7 SP1 64bit  from 2x2GB to 2x4GB RAM (KVR13S9S8/4, Kingston ValueRAM 4GB SO-DIMM, 204Pin, DDR3-1333MHz, 4GB, DDR-1333 (PC3-10600), CL9, 204-Pin) but Windows doesn't start with this memory. The weird thing is that the PC boots and i can enter the BIOS and can see the 8GB installed, but Windows 7 hangs at the startup screen and never comes up. I first thought of defect in RAM and have requested replacement from vendor, but same issue with new RAM modules. Any idea why this is? Tx

Go to Solution.

A:2x4GB RAM on T410 doesn't work

Does it boot with one stick installed?
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I need some help please I keep getting Consistant I5 BSOD T410 Lenovo a BSOD like clockwork on my Laptop The Laptop can run in safe mode with no issues Tested this last night and this it was still on this morning I initially thought it was the ram so I removed the onboard Gb and replaced it with a new chip Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410 I thought it Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410 was the video drivers so I tried all Lenovo's recommended Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410 drivers but it doesnt work cause according to the drivers I dont have a graphics card I reloaded windows to bit by doing a clean install and have not loaded any other drivers except the ones thats generic by windows I am clueless as I have tried every angle possible Anyone pls Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP BCP C C C BCP F EA BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Danie AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt

A:Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

If you are overclocking STOP
We could also use some system information, which you can get easily by running msinfo32.
To do that go to start>run>type msinfo32>enter

When it is finished running go to file>save>name it and upload to us here.
You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK your way out.
* Reboot if changes have been made.
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Hi Guys,

I got Lenovo T410, I installed Windows 7 Ultimate, and it function well besides that I don't have comunication, no WiFi nor by cable. I assume driver is missing. Any suggestion?

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Woke up one morning to a dead PC. Wouldn't boot. Downloaded and burned Hiren. Which does boot. Does this mean its my HDD?
Can I use Hiren to try and repair HDD? Buy a new Hdd and install Win10 from thumb drive?

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I'm trying to figure out if the slow performance of my T410 (on certain apps - mainly Firefox and Quicken) could possibly be caused by an overheating problem that I know I have (because I sometimes get a "fan error" on startup, and because it is hotter to the touch that it seems it should be).  My speculation is that maybe the CPU has a temperature monitor, and when the temp gets too high it throttles down the CPU.  Is there any truth to that idea? ~ Thanks in advance~ Ken

A:Can overheating cause slow performance on a T410?

That is true.Your fan error means your fan is running slow, which would hurt cooling
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Hello, Model: 2522-DM1 I'm looking for new hard drive for upgrading my exisitng 320GB HDD but i have one question thatwhat will be the maximum hard drive capacity support in my system?? In lenovo site it has mention max 500GB HDD and 250GB SSD but when i go through forum and other online utility where it has mention that it can support upto 1TB HDD,SSHD and SSD. see below link someone please clarify this.. if 1TB is supported then i would intereset in seagate SSHD 1TB 32GB NAND (P/N:ST1000LX001) and also i have seen Toshiba SSHD which is also good but i need expert's suggstion on this.
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Good afternoon all nbsp While I have researched the heck out of this issue I have not been able to come up with anything useful I have been having this ongoing problem with my Lenovo 10) Above T410 Battery - (Windows 74% Not Charging T laptop and the battery charging above Sometimes the charging light will turn amber sometimes it will stay green with a random quick flash here and there I'm trying T410 (Windows 10) - Battery Not Charging Above 74% to determine for a fact if the battery I have is not functioning or if it's something else T410 (Windows 10) - Battery Not Charging Above 74% causing it Below are the steps I've taken to troubleshoot nbsp Completely discharged battery and recharged with laptop off Reseated battery and attempted to remove dust from battery connection port Checked Windows registry for settings regarding charging actions at certain percentages This was initially upgraded to Win - Fully remove Lenovo Power Manager from machine Verify using HWInfo that it appears the battery health is good can provide image if requested Completely reformatted and fresh installed Windows There may be a step or two I have forgotten but if someone asks I'll let you know if I did it or not I would love to get this fixed as the laptop serves my purposes other than having a fully charged battery If there's a surefire way to know factually if it's the battery then I'll go ahead and replace it Thanks all

A:T410 (Windows 10) - Battery Not Charging Above 74%

Have you tried recalibrating the battery? Open Lenovo Power Manager -> switch to advanced -> Battery -> Battery Maintenance -> Perform Reset. It will take a lot of time to complete, don't remove AC power while this is running. Let it run while you are sleeping or something similar so that you won't have to interrupt the process.
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Hi AllT410 gave fan error and stop workingI replaced with new one and now fan works perfectly. (I hear it works and blows)Now I have totally black screen problem, nothing on screen even no dots.The power button is green (for me yellow), fan works,BUT I see nothing on screen.Any idea?
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Hi AllT410 gave fan error and stop workingI replaced with new one and now fan works perfectly. (I hear it works and blows)Now I have totally black screen problem, nothing on screen even no dots.The power button is green (for me yellow), fan works,BUT I see nothing on screen.Any idea?
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Hello nbsp since beginning of the year I have started to have connection problems to any wireless network All of a sudden the laptop no more connects to any wireless network home school phone hotspot and always shows an error Cannot connect to this network It worked before but aftero some unknown update the connection cannot be established anymore nbsp The issue was present on Win system but even after upgrading to Win it still doesnt work Latest system and Lenovo companion updates were installed I have also tested multiple WAN drivers current one is - Intel Centrino Advanced N I have tested live Fedora DVD and it connected to any wireless network just fine - the problem have to be somewhere in the Windows OS nbsp Troubleshooting via Windows tools didnt help at all also running system check via Lenovo Solution Center didnt return any result In Windows system setup is the adapter set to NOT safe power when on battery nbsp Any help will be much appreciated thank you nbsp

A:Cant connect to any wireless network - T410 Win 10

Here are some things to try Check for Unknown Devices in Device Manager Right click on start and select Device ManagerDouble left click on section titled "Unknown Devices" if listedReport back any Unknown Devices which are listed Turn off any firewalls you might have with your AV, or the Windows Firewall (just for testing) Right Click on Start, and select Control PanelOpen Windows Firewall control panelChoose option "Turn Windows Firewall On or Off"Test your Wifi Reset Windows Network settings Right Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)In the Command Prompt (Admin) window, type the following commandsType:  netsh winsock reset  and press EnterType:  netsh int ip reset  and press EnterType:  ipconfig /release  and press EnterType:  ipconfig /renew  and press EnterType:  ipconfig /flushdns  and press EnterReboot and test your WiFi connection  Uninstall WiFi Adapter/driver and install fresh driver  Connect to internet using wired Ethernet LAN Uninstall the Wireless adapter from Device ManagerRight click on start and select Device ManagerDouble Left click on Network AdaptersLocate your WiFi Adapter and select Uninstall (make sure to select the option to "Delete driver software for this device"Once complete, right click on Network Adapters from within Device Manager and select "Scan for Hardware Changes"Windows should redetect your adapter and download the correct driver. Create Diagnostic reports Right Click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)In the Command Prompt (Admin) window, type the following commands ipconfig /all >c:\ipconfig.txt netsh wlan show all >c:\wlan.txt Two text files (ipconfig.txt and wlan.txt) will be created on the root of your harddrive or C:\.    Please locate and attach to a reply using the Choose File option. Good Luck
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There are ultra bay adapters for the T410, as well as many other T-series laptops so you can install a 2nd hard drive in place of the CD or DVD drive.  I have the adapter and drive but for some reason the computer doesn't recognize the drive in the bay.  You can hear the drive attempt to power on and spin but after it boots there isn't any sign of the drive.  Are there some steps I'm missing, something I need to change?   I just updated to a 240GB SSD, so the 2nd drive is the OEM 250GB HDD it does still have the OS installed, which would be wiped if I could just get the drive to load so I could format it and use it as a storage drive.  I'm running Windows 10 64bit.
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A friend dropped off a T410 system. Windows is flakey and locks up after about 5 minutes. Ran the HD test program in the BIOS. It finished but gave me a bunch of 0000 Read verification errors though the controller tested fine. What I'd like to do is format the Windows partition and re-install. But I don't have Windows disks (there is a COA sticker for Windows 7 Home Premium 64). Can I build a set of recovery disks from this system? Even if Windows won't run? Any info would be a great help. Thanks.
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I think my motherboard has died - I was in the middle of working on a document when the screen just went blank on my laptop, although the light is still on, indicating it's still on, and I have to do a hard turnoff. Each successive time I've turned it on, it's shut down sooner and sooner. I took my hard drive out of my laptop to try and back it up, but it won't let me into the my documents folder. It says access denied. I've backed up all of my other folders. Can anyone help me with getting into that folder through another computer? I want to back it up before I send it in to have the motherboard checked out. thanks!

A:trying to read documents folder from internal drive externally

Start in Safe Mode. In the Documents and Settings folder>Security Tab>Advanced > Owner Tab > Under Change Owner To, put in the user name from the old Laptop. Now set the permissions for your account. Be sure to check Full Control. What you've done is taken over the "ownership" of the files so you now have authorization.
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I removed my hard drive containing Windows 7 from my computer, where it boots properly. I placed the drive in an enclosure and connected it via USB. It refused to boot, instead flashing a blue screen for less than a second and then asking if I wanted to attempt system repair.

Upon returning the hard drive to the inside of the computer it works correctly as before.

I regularly boot various Linux operating systems with hard drives connected internally or externally on this computer, so I believe that my BIOS settings are correct and that there is not a problem with the hardware.

Does anyone know why Windows refuses to boot unless it is connected internally?

Thank you for any help or advice.

A:Windows 7 does not boot when its hard drive is connected externally

Windows doesn't boot via usb natively. It is possible to fiddle with it to get it to work. Not sure of the point.
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Installed Vista SP2 update and now get this startup error:

Found this thread but reinstalling hotkey drivers didn't work.

Know of a fix? Thanks.
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I just upgraded my T BIOS to I don't recall the exact previous version number but I believe it was in the 's nbsp Since I've done this two things have happened the trackpad no longer works and the Trackpoint is now very laggy slow jumpy it looks problems. have now bios, Upgraded T410 Ultranav like it only updates about twice a second Here's a video of what it's doing nbsp https www youtube com watch v YzHL ZI TcM nbsp I'm using Windows here in this video Upgraded T410 bios, now have Ultranav problems. The CPU load shown in Task Manager is very low indicating it's not the computer itself lagging Secondly if I boot the Windows install CD or an Ubuntu LiveCD the same problem is happening indicating that it's an issue with the laptop BIOS itself not with Windows nbsp So far I've tried nbsp - removing the battery unplugging the laptop- disabling the trackpad trackpoint in the BIOS booting Windows re-enabling it nbsp I found this while Upgraded T410 bios, now have Ultranav problems. searching on here for the same problem Though it's a different laptop BIOS maybe it's the same bug nbsp https forums lenovo com t ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile UltraNav-Trackpad-stops-working-after-ne nbsp Anyway the onboard Ultranav is now pretty much unusable on this laptop and I'm now stuck using an external mouse any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Upgraded T410 bios, now have Ultranav problems.

Also, I attempted to file a support ticket except the Lenovo website is doing this.
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Recently my T has been overheating and shuttind down after a few hours of browser usage I believed this was due to a heating problem so I finally got under the keyboard today only to find little to no dust or after shuts seconds power approx. on T410 20 down debris clogging up the heatsink fan Just to be safe T410 shuts down approx. 20 seconds after power on I hit it with the compressed air again After reassembling the laptop now shutdown after a short period of being powered on This shutdown happens regardless of me getting into windows loading or getting into the BIOS setup I think this too may be an overheating problem as I see and hear the fan spinning up harder before the sudden shutdown nbsp nbsp I've tried everything from running with only the AC in only one ram card in holding the power button for seconds prior to actually powering up etc Is there any more troubleshooting I should preform or should I just accept the fact I'm better off handing this to a repair professional nbsp nbsp Side note After reassemble I had screws that didn't fit anywhere on the exterior casing maybe I mistook a screw placement and now it's somehow short circuiting
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Hello - I'll try to be succinct and cover everything I have tried nbsp I have a T i with Win installed along with all issue suggestions needed please! power - T410 the drivers nbsp It has been working fine T410 power issue - suggestions needed please! but I seem to be experiencing a power issue nbsp This first manifested itself as the screen going blank and refusing to come back on nbsp Thinking it was overheating my partner opened it up and cleaned out the fan my partner fixes Lenovos as a field engineer and applied thermal paste to the processor nbsp All seemed well I was working on it plugged in when suddenly it T410 power issue - suggestions needed please! shut down nbsp I tried to restart it but without success so I left it plugged in with the orange light flashing and went off to have supper nbsp When I came back the orange light was still flashing so I decided to leave it to charge overnight Next morning - orange light still flashing and although it would power up there were odd things going on when I looked in Power Manager nbsp It showed the battery as being good for hours although I knew that if I took the AC adapter out it would close down nbsp So I tried a different known good battery - same thing nbsp Then a different PSU - same thing nbsp On the desktop it shows as charging for half a dozen animations then goes static - Power Manager says it's charging but doesn't display the 'time left to fully charge' and isn't actually charging at all nbsp So - here are the things I've changed and tested at each step nbsp The battery nbsp The PSU trying both w and w - power manager recognises them for what they are but no charging actually happens Hard drive with a fresh install of Win Motherboard Processor Palmrest Memory including using just one in each slot Keyboard nbsp Because motherboards one with nvidia graphics and one Intel both exhibit the same behaviour I am now at a complete loss and the only thing left to change that I can think of is the screen so I might do that while I wait for a response nbsp If I appear to have overlooked anything obvious then please let me know - I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out by a process of troubleshooting but I'm beat this time
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I have a T410 here that has no product number, only a spare number and the serial number.  I cannot even check warranty on this thing without the product number, and trying the normal t410 product number does not work. Does this thing even have a warranty?

A:T410 Thin Client no product number

Hello, You may check the warranty of a unit with just the serial number here - 

Regards,RobYI am an HP employee... I don't speak for HP.