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Thinkpad T410 SSD/HDD not recognized externally

Q: Thinkpad T410 SSD/HDD not recognized externally

Hello there,I wanted to get all my data from my old Thinkpad T410, so I took out the SSD which was installed in it and connected it to my newer Computer. The problem is that my new bought Computer did not recognize the drive at all, so I tested the drive externally on my Thinkpad and this doesn't recognize it either nor will it boot from it when it is connected via USB. I tested the drive on Windows, Linux and MacOS, there are no problems with my external connector, my Thinkpad boots without problems from other USB-Drives and the drives work internally without any problems. On Linux, the drives are detected but not mountable and not formatable... I hope someone has an answer to this problem
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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad T410 SSD/HDD not recognized externally

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi I need to choose a laptop to my daily use between only those choices I cant choose different one first option ThinkPad Yoga broadwell includes inch usb level mini hdmi port no vga - provided converter to vga has digitizer work on wifi can add external usb splitter ethernet battery - around hours internal - 840 HP ThinkPad broadwell VS EliteBook Yoga G2 12.5 14.0 can t be switched fast charging reviews talks about hours even in average wifi work second option HP EliteBook G broadwell includes inch usb level no digitizer has Ethernet connection battery - around hours external battery max - hours Beside of this - both are equal with internal content same cpu ssd graphics etc for both I won t change battery or something like that in my daily use I don t plan to take a spare battery ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 broadwell VS HP EliteBook 840 G2 14.0 with me but I do need it to work duration as much as possible I will work with this only on laptop hours a day - rest of day is on external screen What I need is highest battery life as possible convenient and easy connection to docking I heard many argument against HP docking stations with series normal keypad today I have lenovo thinkpad and its wonderful normal screen bigger is better but not in any case for hours a day max what do you say I would appreciate you comments - how much the change in screen size is critical it s only cm- cm ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 broadwell VS HP EliteBook 840 G2 14.0 correct vs - for the lenovo- I afraid that the battery does not have a long life time and after a one year it will die the cell is an internal cell - hours by team mates review and more How manufacturers treat nowadays to cell issues Does a user still need to replace a battery every - years how this in internal battery devices Thank you nbsp

A:ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 broadwell VS HP EliteBook 840 G2 14.0

What did you choose in the end and why? I have the exact same options offered to me.
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Hello I have a Dell Inspiron laptop I have an image of the entire hard drive that I created when I first got the computer using Acronis TrueImage and I d like to restore that image returning the laptop back to that fresh clean original state I ve done this two or three times before and it worked great each time But now there s a problem Normally I would in boots as when drive external but laptop hard Primary recognized isn't drive used connect to the laptop a USB storage backup drive that has the disk image boot the laptop from a Rescue Media CD created by Acronis then restore that disk image from the back-up drive onto the laptop s HDD When I tried it this time round the laptop s HDD was not listed in TrueImage at all I created a new rescue media disk tried it again and got the same result I then took the HDD out of the laptop connected it to Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive an adapter kit that let s you power up and plug in the drive via a USB port and external power supply and tried the same procedure using my desktop to run the operation Same result The drive was not detected by Acronis The drive does not seem to spin up at all Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive when it is connected Keep in mind the drive still works when installed in the laptop -- it boots into Windows XP etc When I plug the drive into my desktop the drive does not show up in Disk Management Start Right-click My Computer Manage Disk Management It doesn t show up in either of the two right-side windows so there s no way I know of to format it or do any work on it in Windows When I go to Device Manager Disk Drives I see quot USB Device quot for that drive and under Properties it is listed as quot Disk Drives quot for quot Device Type quot and its status says it is working properly So what I don t get is it works fine when it is in the laptop boots into XP etc but when connected as an external drive or when the laptop is being run off of CD the drive can t be detected and not on just one computer but multiple Is it junk Any ideas nbsp

A:Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

It's a power issue. Had the same issue taking a 2.5" laptop hdd and attempting to hook up w/ a passive usb sata hdd cable. my recommendation is to use a powered usb sata cable. like this one: having proper power will allow the USB bus to detect and power the hdd correctly. Hope this helps, take care!
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Lenovo's VP of Design, David Hill, wants to create a new ThinkPad laptop that is heavily inspired by the old-school designs of popular ThinkPad laptops from the IBM era, stretching as far back as 1992.

Read more

A:Lenovo design chief wants to build a retro-styled ThinkPad laptop

I used to use one of those old IBM Thinkpad laptops at around that time and I thought it was the coolest thing ever even if it was terribly slow, weighed almost a ton, had a crappy pixelated display (~2ppi it seemed) and was about a metre thick. I loved it.
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Hello everyone,
One fine evening while watching a movie, my laptop stopped responding and in frustration I switched off the laptop by holding the power button long enough to turn off. Next Morning it showed a blue screen and a message to recover my windows, which I failed to do and by the afternoon this message showed up. Detection Error on HDD0 (main HDD) and hence forth I've been unable to install windows from a USB drive since ( and I suppose) it is not able to read my HDD. I do not care about my data at all, I just want my laptop up and running. If I can have the data back it will be perfect otherwise I don't mind not getting my data back. I know for a fact that my Hard disk is fine because I went into command prompt, diskpart , and list disk, and saw the status of HDD as healthy, this is after the error (detection error on HDD). SO my question is: Why this error? IS there a problem in the motherboard? Why the error shows once and then doesn't show the next time and then comes up again.

A:2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD); Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

The error might be bad sectors, but I'm not sure. if my guessing is correct, you might have to get a new drive to replace. also you need to reinstall OS
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I have done some research and have not found a solution to my problem.

I plug in my HDD (Fantom Drive, Green Drive) and I hear the 2tone sound when I plug it into my USB2.0 port.
My computer then searches for a driver. It decides a suitable driver for what I plugged in is called "Initio Default Controller". I got this information from the Device Manager.
I have looked in my "computer and right clicked "manage". The HDD is not listed. I have used more than one USB cord, ports, and 2 different computers with the same problem.
Both the computers are running windows 7 64bit. One is a laptop (ASUS) and a desktop(HP).

Can someone please help me with this problem.


A:External HDD not recognized by my computer

So I said the facts but I never mentioned exactly what the issue is. sorry.

When I open my computer when the external HDD is plugged in, it's not there. I can't save files in it, open anything, it's just not there.

Also the icon that pops up that lets you "remove hardware safley" in the bottom right is not there. Also the external hard drive does not show up on any programs like "Defraggler" or "Speccy"

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I built my desktop in Sept These are the specs Motherboard Intel BOXDH CLB LGA Intel H HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel recognized doesn't HDD get Motherboard Power Supply RAIDMAX HYBRID RX- SS W ATX V V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Power Supply New HDD doesn't get recognized Version with Build-in LED Fan On Off Switch Graphics Card GIGABYTE GV-N - HDD doesn't get recognized GI GeForce GT Fermi GB -Bit DDR PCI Express x HDD doesn't get recognized HDCP Ready Video Card CPU Intel Core i - Sandy Bridge Quad-Core GHz GHz Turbo Boost LGA W Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX I Last night Feb th I was peacefully watching tv on it I shut it down before I slept Next morning I wake up and turn it on And my baby doesn t turn on She won t respond to my fingers Fans aren t spinning like nothing So what did I do -I opened her up I saw the green light on the mobo was on This gave me a hint that PSU is Okay -Checked if everything was connected even though I haven t moved the computer anywhere lately so I don t imagine anything to get loose Seemed all good -Then I wanted to test the PSU I unplugged the PSU from Mobo the pin connector Only top fan was connected to the PSU Then I carefully performed the paper clip test The top fan ran Woo This makes me thing that PSU is still okay -So I connected it to the rear fan component on the mobo I did not connect the pin connector So at this point I still have the paper clip in the PSU plug I did the test again Only the top fan ran Rear fan did not run Top fan is directly connected to the PSU Rear fan is connected through the mobo -Now I am not sure if the rear fan is supposed to run if the connector aren t connected If the rear fan should run regardless if the pin connected as long as PSU is directly supplying to the rear fan component on the mobo then I would say that my mobo is bad If I need the pin connector to run the rear fan along with the direct connection from the PSU to the component then I would say my PSU is not giving enough power -So I went on got a PSU from best buy with same watts to see if it turns on It did Therefore my old PSU wasn t producing enough energy However now my HDD is not being recognized The BIOS says no Hard Disk recognized All my SATA cable is connected to my PSU I feel my SATA cable that connects HDD to mobo is bad -I connected PSU directly to HDD and still not luck I did this to find out if the connector that comes out of HDD had problems which I think it doesn t Less probable -This is why I think my SATA cable from HDD to mobo is bad as it s not giving good connection I hope my HDD didnt go bad I am trying to see if I can find anyone to check if my HDD will work on their desky -Any Suggestions nbsp

A:HDD doesn't get recognized

A SATA cables are cheap, go get one and try that.
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My USB drive is enabled. The USB flash drive or any other storage device is recognized when connected to my laptop. But when I click on the drive in windows explorer, it says access denied. The same works fine in other laptops. I have admistror previlages. There is no local group policy set up on Removable storage access. I have searched multiple forums and tried out various options, but still cant connect to my USB drive. The drivers are successfully installed and are the latest. This happens even when I connect my camera or mobile phone. It shows up as 'Removable Disk' in windows explorer, but cant access it. I have given authorization to the drive as well. Please help.
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This issue started when I was connected to it and while accessing it recognized Google at day my despite External drive fu not attempt long I touched the cable and it disconnected Since that External drive not recognized despite my day long attempt at Google fu no luck in finding the external drive to External drive not recognized despite my day long attempt at Google fu access it I ve been using it for a a year and although a touch of the cable caused a disconnect it still worked well The device shows up nowhere on my laptop which I use to edit my photographs Here s a screenshot showing device manager disk management etc http I imgur com u ezzj png The hard drive is a WD MyBook Essential TB that is named quot Local Disk E quot on my laptop I should mention the hard drive s light is on when I plug it to the computer and will idly blink The light is off if not connected to a computer even if it is plugged in to a power source My troubleshooting steps Use different cables-- did not work Connect it to other USB ports-- did not work Connect other devices iPhone and a different WD hard drive -- all devices work on all ports Check for presence in disk management and device manager-- nothing there so I can t change the drive letter Remove all USB drivers and reinstall using Intel USB driver set obtained from Asus website using my computer model Asus G VW http www service asus com downloads c wax -- did not work Install drivers obtained from WD support website link to model http support wdc com product download asp groupid amp lang en -- did not work Shut down disconnect then start up and connect hard drive-- did not work Change cables and test-- nothing wrong with cables The biggest f you of them all connect the same hard drive to another laptop-- works flawlessly I am at a complete loss on what to do nbsp

A:External drive not recognized despite my day long attempt at Google fu

What do you mean by the point #9. Did it really worked well on different computers? Have you replaced cable or anything before connecting it to different computer?

The reason I'm asking it because you've already tried everything we could suspect off for the external hard drive to not work properly.

Instead of connecting it externally, try connecting it directly to the motherboard using SATA/IDE cable and see if it may start properly and allows you to see your data properly.

In worst case, you can take help from the WD support professional or alternatively, can ask for returns if the hard drive is in warranty.

Good luck though!!
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This is going to sound odd, but I need a way of powering two 120mm exhaust fans in the top of my PC case.

For some reason, these particular fans keep burning out the power connectors that I plug them into. The fans are not obstructed and spin freely. I don't think replacing them will necessarily fix the issue (though I plan to do that as well). I think it's just "drag" from trying to suck air out of a smallish mid-tower case.

I need another way of powering these fans (at least until I can figure out why they they keep burning out my plugs). I considered the USB port, but they only output 5v and not enough amps (and last thing I want is to burn out a USB port.).

Batteries may work, but they'd drain awfully fast.

Any other ideas? Thx.

A:Externally powering 2 fans?

What do you mean they are burning out your plugs?

Do they only have the tiny motherboard connector on them and not a molex? The fans shouldn't draw many watts, what fans are they and do they have a power consumption sticker on them?

I know you want a fix before replacing the fans, but this obviously isn't normal behavior and I'd worry about causing permanent damage to something else. Maybe you should also look into higher CFM intake fan(s) if you suspect they are working too hard drawing (although I really doubt that is the case).
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I have a Rosewill RC-215 PCI SATA card with an Asus SATA DVD/CD Rom drive hooked up to one of the SATA ports. When I boot up, the motherboard (Asus P4PE) bios doesn't recognize my DVD drive(Asus DRW-24B1ST) so I can't boot up from a repair CD/DVD disk. But once I'm in Win2000, the DVD drive (Asus DRW-24B1ST) is recognized and usable. And it shows up in My Computer, and Device Manager.

I need some advice so I can figure out how to be able to boot up from a DVD/CD when I need to.

A:DVD/CD ROM not recognized by bios, but works after Win2000 starts

You may have to spend a few bucks and get a PATA/IDE DVD drive. You have drivers for the SATA card loaded after 2000 boots, so that is why it works.

Have a look through your BIOS and see if there is any option that supports your SATA card. I remember this back on the A7V boards with the Promise ATA 100 controller vs the 33/66 that was 'included' with the motherboard.

I assume you have looked for that option in the BIOS. If you have, and it doesn't exist, I think you will have to pick up a non SATA drive.

Also, I think its pretty cool that someone is still running 2k.
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I have a Dell Precision T which I just purchased off of Ebay Recognized Possible Hard Formation, Second Not Drive Raid It came with gb of ram and gb hard drives installed In quot my computer quot it shows drive quot c quot but not the second drive This computer supports raid configurations but when I received it it had no operating system installed I installed windows ultimate bit This computer has quad core processors and I have been noticing a Possible Raid Formation, Second Hard Drive Not Recognized slower response time lately which leads me to believe it may be in one of the raid modes even though they are supposed to be faster most of the time Possible Raid Formation, Second Hard Drive Not Recognized I went into the bios and the setting it is on is to automatically detect raid configuration in the drives and if not detected the regular mode I read some information about raid setup and cannot find the software quot Intel Matrix Storage Console quot on the computer to help verify or change settings Could this be an extra program like drivers that are downloaded from the Dell website because they don t normally come with a regular windows install If someone is familiar with configuring raid formations could you please help me determine what my system is set on and how to set it properly I would be satisfied to not have raid active as I don t need that kind of constant backup My work is not that important I can back up important files in other ways nbsp

A:Possible Raid Formation, Second Hard Drive Not Recognized

What shows up in the Disk Manager vs the Device manager?
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I gotta Seagate USB 2.0 500 GB Expansion drive. Its been working just fine on my computer up until a couple days ago. For some reason the latest windows 7 update must have messed up the formatting of it, now its not being recognized on my laptop at all. Shows up as a local disk...very frustrating. I've tried almost everything I could think of. I've tried assigning a partition letter in disk management, uninstalling the software, trying it on different computers, system restore...nothing. I don't wanna result in having to reformat it and lose what I got. Could somebody please help me???

A:Seagate HDD not being recognized by my computer

You may try to scan and check your hard drive for possible errors using Seagate's Seatools for Windows.
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As the topic says, my computer doesn't detect my on-board sound card. It all started when I tried to install new audio drivers from manufacturers page, but the next day when I booted PC up there were no sound. In Device Manager, under Sounds, game,.. controllers tab sit 4-5 High Definition Audio Devices. Here's pic:

Then tried re-installing original audio drivers from motherboard CD, enabling/disabling On-Board HD Audio in BIOS but still no luck.

My Audio Device is VIA VT1705.
DxDiag shows that no sound card was found.

This is what is shown in Playback Devices tab:

But I have no HDMI kind audio devices..

How to make my system recognize my sound card?
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I have to say I am a little worried about my hard drive. Often I bought it for the purpose to protect my game videos, and some program files. For a long time, it behaved rightly with my HP windows 7 desktop when directly used. Sometimes ago I decided to let this old PC alone and bought a Macbook pro. The latter has no such a SATA interface for me to input the data from this drive. For the convenience, I borrowed this SATA dock from my brother . ( I have to admit previously I once use another dock to exchange the data . )

My mac just could not recognize my drive as a normal one. I am not sure where the problem lies in. The key is that other drives have no similar issue with this dock. I wonder if anything happen before in the process I handle the data with another dock.

Grateful for any advice.

A:Previous WD hard drive 500GB could not be recognized as it always

Yeah. At present I have no such another one to have a try. I will turn to my friend see if any gadget he has to test my drive.
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Acomdata Model with WD AAJB drives installed System Dell Optiplex with Windows XP-Home Acomdata driver installed Two identical by computers different 4 recognized HD not case of IDE Acomdata 509 any New in cases and drives neither was recognized Objective to format these brand new IDE drives New IDE HD in Acomdata 509 case not recognized by any of 4 different computers Drive configured as Master Master with Slave New IDE HD in Acomdata 509 case not recognized by any of 4 different computers and Slave the only evidence of New IDE HD in Acomdata 509 case not recognized by any of 4 different computers movement of disk Pink light was when installed as slave As MASTER or Master w slave No pink LED at any time Reset as MASTER An identical second Acomdata box with a second new WD AAJB drive behaved exactly the same It was not recognized in the Dell Initially the Device Manager USB list showed a yellow warning for a USB Mass Storage Device Uninstall and reinstall hardware made no difference A subsequent repeat of uninstall reinstall caused the yellow warning to disappear When the drive was reinstalled a small screen popped up in the Notification area telling me that new hardware had been found My Computer Open - eventually showed H as well as W X Y Z the card readers At that time Device Mgr USB Mass Storage had no yellow warning any more Storage Disk Management did not show H at that point An internal inconsistency ----- When I tried to FORMAT from the OPEN drop down menu H was shown to be inaccessible Tried the Acomdata drive system on an iMac and two functioning Sony Vaio PCs running Windows None could see the external drive Microsoft and other sites had all the same ineffective directions for taking care of the Code Cannot start this device MS blamed it on a device in one place Nothing to do with a device No one mentioned anything about how the HD should be set up while Acomdata s instructions were to set it up as a Master which I did After spending several hours on this with these two new WD AAJB drives and two Acomdata cases no success --- Contacted WD support for help via E-mail They responded that they do not support the drives unless directly connected to the mother board I e they did not know or have any idea either Searching the Internet the problem shows up very frequently for many people regardless or PC make or Windows OS When I first acquired the Acomdata case it worked OK I actually installed Windows XP pro on it with some files That drive is not recognized either in that case any more Different PC nbsp

A:New IDE HD in Acomdata 509 case not recognized by any of 4 different computers

Addendum: One of the drives is in a 509 Combo case, so I tried the 1394/Firewire connection.
Result: with the 1394 connection, the PC hung up during booting at the Windows screen.
Checked the BIOS and it looked ok. Safe mode booted OK, but the drive was not visible in My Computer-->Open; Device Manger, or in My Computer--> Manage-->Disk Management.

There seems to be no way to recognize this case or its USB only 2nd unit.
I cannot believe that both Acomdata cases developed defects in storage.
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I've been having this problem for a few months now. I recently built my own computer, having been on a lap top for a couple of years, and found my old external hard drive. I plugged it in to the new computer, and it said something about needing to be formatted, which I promptly did due to nothing of importance being on it. I went to sleep, and woke up to see that it couldn't be formatted.

This is where my issue begins. It no longer appears in Computer, or Disk Management. Disk Management won't even load if I have the drive plugged in. There seems to be no way at all to format the drive, since Computer, and Disk Management both don't load when the drive is plugged in. Any help?

A:External Hard Drive is Not Recognized in Computer or Disk Management

I have a similar problem. I have an old external hard drive and it wont showed up or open under my computer or disk management. I tried to open it under disk management but there is no way to be found. The files F, G, H, etc are empty. I really appreciate an extra help here since I am not a computer expert. Thank you!!!!
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I ve set up the with Shuts Laptop 2 Down 201X Monitors External Thinkpad laptop to work with external ThinkVision L monitors using Windows Professional One is connected via the VGA monitor port on the laptop the other is connected via VGA to a Lenovo DisplayLink USB Port Replicator model VDK -- with drivers updated Both monitors are working well and available when the laptop lid is closed The issue is that after the screen saver period completes the laptop powers down completely I d like it to just shut off the screen and resume on mouse movement The laptop is used with external monitors when it s plugged in -- Thinkpad 201X Laptop Shuts Down with 2 External Monitors and the power settings are Balanced profile Display turns off after hours Screensaver starts after minutes Computer goes to sleep - Never Hard disk off - Thinkpad 201X Laptop Shuts Down with 2 External Monitors never Internet Explorer Javascript Timer Frequency - Maximum Desktop background settings available Wireless Adapter Settings Max Performance Sleep - Never Hybrid Sleep Off Hibernate After Never Allow Wake Timers Disable USB Selective Suspend Disabled Intel Graphics Power Plan Balanced Power Buttons amp Lid Lid closed - Do nothing Power Button - Sleep Sleep Button - Sleep PCI Express - Moderate Power Multimedia - When sharing media - prevent idling to sleep When playing video - Optimize video quality Does anyone know why this is happening and a way to prevent it Thanks nbsp

A:Thinkpad 201X Laptop Shuts Down with 2 External Monitors

This is a tough one. Have you made any progress on this issue?
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I built a new PC about a month ago, and have been using speakers as a primary Audio source. However, I bought a Turtle Beach PX21 headset, and all I can do is watch Netflix/Other media ETC. I can't use Skype or Steam calls because it won't register the headset as a recording device. Why is this ?

I was using this as a reference:

,but they don't go over my problem.

Thanks !
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I have a 1TB WD My Passport that's suddenly not recognized.

When I plug it in, I hear the "ding" sound that it's recognized. It appears under Device Manager > Disk Drives.

It does not appear on Disk Management and My Computer.

I've tried different ports, cables and laptops.

Any possible step I might've missed? It's full of data and I really don't want to lose them.


A:WD My Passport Not Recognized

If you can detect the WD drive in Disk management just right-click and choose assign path or drive letter and there it goes on to display in My Computer I dont know if something similar can be done under the Device Manager at all.......
Otherwise there could be a way via the WD Website to update the passport or drivers or something

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I have had my PNY 8G flash drive for several month using it with no problem on my laptop. Last week I attempted to plug it in and it wasn't recognized. I attempted to plug it in on another computer and same thing. HELP, I really need the information on the flash drive. Suggestions?

A:My PNY 8G USB Flash drive is not recognized by my computer

Try a different computer other than what you have there at home. Is the light coming on?
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I have a Dell Dimension 5100 Desktop computer that the power supply recently went on so I replaced it and now the computer is not recognizing the CD/DVD drives?

When I first installed it and powered the computer on it said I had a Floppy Diskette Seek Failure . I don't have any floppy drives installed so I disabled it through the BIOS and now I noticed the drives aren't working . I have two drives installed one to play dvds and burn cds and the other is a dvd burner . Both of the drives power up and you can hear the disk spinning but nothing happens and the computer doest show I have them?

A:Installed New Power Supply / CD Drives not recognized

The old PSU may have taken out the motherboard when it fried - fairly common, especially with the cheap O.E.M. units used by Dell. Also, some Dell boards are proprietary, which means the connectors may not be standard ATX - Check the pinout on the 24 pin ATX connector to make sure it matches on both PSUs.
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We have a model HP z820, very powerful machine, with the basic hp image we have on there, win7 32, windows recognizes the DVD in windows but in the Bios it does not recognize it.

Note, this is SATA and the bios was already updated.
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Hi All:Any suggestion?The HD does not show in disc management or in device mgr.
No exclamation mark either.
I have replaced the enclosure.
None of my 3.5 HDs are seen.

A:3.5 External HD is not recognized [2.5 HD is]

How are you connecting it to your computer (USB)? Is it supposed to supply its own power (plugged into electric, not just getting its power from the USB)? Have you tried to use it on another computer or possibly another USB port?
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I've removed all traces of my old nVidia card's software. (My 9500 gave up the ghost not long ago when the fan failed and the GPU burned up) My computer did not recognize the new card, an ATI. I manually installed the drivers from the disk that came with the new card, but the computer refuses to acknowledge that there's even a card connected. The Device Manager can't see it. The cooling fan runs, but the monitor remains stubbornly blank whenever I reboot. It is indeed seated properly, before you ask. My question is this--what might cause a computer to fail to recognize hardware? A BIOS error, maybe? Motherboard failure? Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Oh, here are my basic system specs:
ASUS m2n68-am motherboard,

A:New card not recognized

Might be a dumb question, but I have to assume the worst in people here sometimes. Does this card require a power source of any kind? 4 or 6 pin connector?

You didn't give much detail on what gpu you have now
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I have a Kingwin Recognized Not Drive Hard quot SATA hotswap rack in both my systems My i K and my Hard Drive Not Recognized E systems are both running Windows The E is Pro bit GB DDR Hard Drive Not Recognized and the i is bit Ultimate with GB s of DDR My swap drive is a TB Hitachi Deskstar When I load it into the i system it s recognized right away The E system doesn t see it unless I reboot I have a N Router cable modem so the E in the living room connects wireless It s also connected to my quot TV but I can t run video unless I swap the drive into that one and run the video directly on the system Am I doing something wrong In particular the i has a blue ray burner but the E doesn t so I m uploading movies from the ROM to the HDD and playing the HD movies in the living room I hope thats not confusing nbsp
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So XP bit sp isn t detecting showing a HD attached via a USB connector Device Manager shows the device status as quot This device is working properly quot Safely Remove Hardware shows the brand name etc under a USB Mass Storage entry I tried removing UpperFilters and LowerFilters as per http support microsoft com external not adapter recognized USB New HD, - kb Because I couldn t find HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services USB http support microsoft com kb New HD, external USB adapter - not recognized I restarted and got told that windows had found my but needed to restart so it automatically restarted me a second time That didn t help me display a drive --- Eventually I found out how to do this My Computer - gt right click - gt Manage - gt Storage Disk Management Which started up a wizard which allowed me to partition and format the new drive Cool Looked like I could use my drive as the partitions were showing up in My Computer needing to be formatted but that s cool --- Then I had to restart the computer once or twice before I got the free time chance to put anything on the drive formatting sucked up about hours of my free time Now Device Manager shows the device status as quot This device is working properly quot However Safely Remove isn t showing the brand name of the HD anymore Disk Management doesn t show the drive either And obviously My Computer isn t mapping the drives displaying them Btw I now have this HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services USB and DisableSelectiveSuspend --- Kept looking on the internet Ran drivecleanup exe as per http www techspot com community t nup-and-remove-old-usb-storage-drivers Removed USB devices Removed USB hub Removed Disk devices Removed CDROM devices Removed Floppy devices Removed Storage volumes Removed Keys from registry Forgot to reboot first plugged in the USB got an empty non-brand recognition but said hardware was ready to use etc Didn t check to see if drives were found in my computer Followed much of the recommendations on that Techspot post and no dice will detail more later - blew another ish hours on it already and lost some of my write ups Including starting the malware removal stuff ran malware bytes anything but that s as far as I ve gotten on that nbsp

A:New HD, external USB adapter - not recognized

So I went and bought a new external case for the drive, and plugged it in (via USB).

Plug and play recognized it, and said new hardware found.

Safely Remove shows the brand name of the drive.
Computer Manager/Device Manager shows the brand name of the drive.

However, Computer Manager/Disk Management does not see it.
And obviously, it doesn't show up in My Computer
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Googled all day and no answer to my specific question I have some software that requires the USB pen drive to be inserted for the software to work The chinese I bought it from have some how made the recognized USB drive flash not drive INVISIBLE I mean it does not show in MY COMPUTER it does not show in DISK MANAGEMENT Tried various CMD lines tried various software INC TWEAKUI and others No joy As I say its a working drive as its needed to run my software It seems the chinese are doing this often now as I have bought other items from china and all have these silly drives with the software you buy I just want to be able to read whats on the drive so I can clone it USB flash drive not recognized in case it breaks on me in the future Or better still copy whats on it onto my HDD so that the software works without the damn FLASH DRIVE I hate to have to always have a pen drive sticking out my laptop nbsp

A:USB flash drive not recognized

Try a different USB port.
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Hi, could you please help me?

1) local disk (G) is loading too slow

2) (not responding at all) once I click it

3) so, I decided to eject the disk but it couldn't safely remove. I pulled usb,then this box come out.

I've tried many time. What should I do? How to do data recovery.? I've lotsa picturesss in my hard disk!

A:External harddisk; not recognized completely

Have you tried accessing this drive on another computer?
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I have an Asus G73jh laptop, Windows 7 64-bit, etc. Suddenly, my external hard drive, my usb headset, and my ethernet cable connection are not being recognized. My usb mouse, however, is. It doesn't matter which port you plug which into.

With the headset and ethernet, my computer doesn't make any confirmation sound through the speakers and I don't see any little yellow !'s in Device Manager. My external, however, does come up with a yellow ! and "unknown device."

And no, I haven't installed anything or changed any settings or blah blah. Any advise greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

A:External HD, Ethernet, USB headphones not recognized

I looked up the issues related to what you mentioned above I think that these might help.
These are links to help solve both issues. G73jh!downloads/c1wax
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My Seagate 1Tb hard drive has connected to my girlfriends pc and is recognised in 'devices and printers' and also in 'disk management', however I am unable to view it in 'my computer'. I have tried to rename it but the computer says the operation failed due to the disk management console not being up to date. I have restarted the computer and the disk manager but both have failed. The Seagate hard drive work perfectly fine on other computers but I can't work out why it doesn't on hers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks kris

A:Seagate HD not recognized in my computer

What OS? Can you manually enter the drive letter in the address bar? (Get the letter from disk manager)
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Found an old works LT and am trying to rebuild it clean. Its an IBM thinkpad. There is no CD/DVD though I have one that plugs into the USB and a clean version of XP

1st problem it won't boot and stops, reporting error 0271 chk date and time settings followed by a screen with a padlock. Obviously this means I need a password but I don't know it and the company has gone away so can't ask.

I can get to boot set up by cntl+s but it won't let me change any of the settings.

The Access IBM button doesn't work either and stops at the above error.

I suspect that buying a new HD won't help, how can I change the bios settings back to manufacturers default.
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Just installed an Intel 330 120GB SSD on my computer running Windows 8. This is an older system with a Penryn1600SLI-110dB (Asrok) mobo, Q6600 cpu.

I see the drive in the BIOS. I see the drive under Hard Drives in the Device Manager.

I do not see the drive under File Manager. I do not see the drive under Disk Management.

When I try to use the Intel Solid State Toolbox, it says

"The Intel SSD Toolbox cannot communicate with the selected Intel SSD.
Consider changing to another storage driver compatible with your system and try the tool again."

I'm a noob so I guess my questions are what driver should I use and where would I find it?

A:Intel Series 330 SSD not recognized by Windows 8

You are going to have to configure the SSD to be able for Windows to see it. Do you have the Intel Rapid Storage utility installed?
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Hi we are working on a computer for a family member Windows has slowed down incredibly won't Toshiba recognized Satellite CD not different two S7802... boot, put drives... ROM in they had multiple viruses and spyware we tried to clean it off for them but decided it would be easier to just do a reinstall We have been googling going to various tech sites etc and cannot figure this out The CD drive was not recognized in Windows and wouldn t work we thought it was just part of their other computer problems Upon rebooting it won t boot from the CD ROM which is a Toshiba brand factory drive We already checked the boot order CD ROM is set first HDD second No network boot enabled So we thought the drive was bad We bought a new drive put it in same issue I find it hard to believe we got two bad drives one after the other Windows of course doesn t Toshiba Satellite S7802... put in two different CD ROM drives... won't boot, not recognized recognize it either Both of the drives act like they can read they flash you hear them running but it doesn t show up and won t allow us to boot into anything not Windows not Linux nothing from the CD ROM It just will not boot from anything but the hard drive and no option to Toshiba Satellite S7802... put in two different CD ROM drives... won't boot, not recognized boot from USB We are at a loss as to what to try next We tried looking for jumpers cables etc but it doesn t have them Any suggestions nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite S7802... put in two different CD ROM drives... won't boot, not recognized

Dose this laptop or computer have a recovery partition?
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Okay so I had this problem since FOREVER I is Jack computer by headset not recognized tried everything that I could find on the internet but nothing works I think it has something to do with realtek because it s gone It s not in the control panel I can t find it anywhere except in the program list where I can delete it Jack headset is not recognized by computer I tried deleting it and re-installing but that doesn t fix the problem I have used all Jack headset is not recognized by computer types of different headset headphones etc etc that had a jack thingy don t know what it s called so that is not the problem Even if I click the white speaker next to the time and I go to the audio devices it is not Jack headset is not recognized by computer shown there But when I connect my headset to my phone it works perfectly fine Also I use normal speakers en a microphone with a usb simply because the jack input doesn t work My speakers work fine and so does the microphone So technically my jack input thingy doesn t respond both back and front This just frustrates me I don t know much about computers so if you could explain it to me step by step would be great I have a packard bell ixtreme M I have no Idea how to look for me specs but this is the only thing I could find System Windows Ultimate bits BIOS default system BIOS Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU I really hope you can help me D nbsp
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Hi I have just change my PC and my Imation Apollo Portable HDD GB is not recognized Imation recognized not HDD when i plug it in It only shows unknown device when i go Imation HDD not recognized into the device manager My motherboard is Gigabyte P A-D currently running on Windows XP SP Other external HDD works fine on my PC expect for Imation Apollo My Imation Apollo definately is not faulty as it can run on other computers laptops EXCEPT on my new PC I m also using it with the correct USB cord as I m using the same cord to try it on other PC and laptops and it works I have tried the following uninstalling the driver scan for hardware changes still the same Tried changing my OS to windows still the same read as unknown device Went to Disk Management the HDD is not shown there I have tried plugging my Imation Apollo into every differnt USB port USB port show it as unknow device USB ports totoally no response as though i never plug anything in All my USB ports whether USB or USB are working fine as I ve tried other devices and external HDD I have tried going to Bios and disabled my USB still shows unknown device I have tried updating my motherboard with the lastest Bios from GIgabyte server still shows unknow device I have tried installing Mass Storage Device Driver from third party still shows unknown device I have also tried installing USB drivers still shows unknown device I have tried shutting down the PC plugged off the power supply and waited more than an hour and try still shows unknown device Can any kind experts help me on this PLEASE I m desperate nbsp

A:Imation HDD not recognized

Only thing I could recommend is maybe it didn't install the driver for the hard drive properly once. Try uninstalling all USB Root Hub's and anything left under USB after that and restart. you may need to download the chipset drivers or USB 3.0 drivers from Gigabyte again to reinstall, but they should reinstall after a reboot. Try again then.

If it is still not working on your computer then I see it as a power issue through USB.

Check your power settings, it is usually only an issue with Laptops running on battery, but make sure there are no power settings that would stop it from reading properly (Put it on Performance if it is set to Balance)

Hope this helps.
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I know enough about computers to follow advanced instructions but ive never dealt with WHATEVER my friend did to my computer and I dont really care but I need to reformat it and save read backup the hard drive heres exactly whats up simplified and I need a explanation of how to -Computer can turn on but it wont do anything - you cannot hold F or delete or anything because not even the first text appears - I cannot get a disk USB or anything else to boot from because it cannot get that far in loading what a basic computer is to even do that - it hard method access a externally drive to Explain computers can not respond to any kind of keyboard or mouse input and stays completly black altho a diffrent shade of black from either a off moniter or a Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive powered moniter with a off computer so I know the moniter is getting SOMETHING just nothing that does anything -it is not a faulty video cord it works fine on other computers I own and trying other monitors cords doesn t Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive work either -I have plenty enough space to do it the wrong way and install another OS while one is already installed and boot from that to backup the hard drive but the computer clearly cant even show anything let alone receive disk information or mouse or keyboard input to hit next anyway so that option is null -It is not overheated or underheated nor is it fan ishues or anything else stupid its clearly however more then a virus not to say a virus is also not present but unless some uber tier virus hit the net recently a virus is not the cause nor does it matter -I want to either preferably without taking it apart access the harddrive from another computer I have pretty much any cord it would require or to put it diffrently I have never needed a cord I did not own in the last year -I asume sence it stays powered on altho it doesn t do anything past that that the harddrive and disk drive the computer has are readable it just cant do anything about because it cant load anything to do anything so I asume theres some method to plug the computer itself into another computer and access the hard drive as a external or something to access it from another computer short of taking apart my computer with a screwdriver how do I access the hard drive externally and no I do not want someone to reply take it to a future shop or something thanks in advance I have never had a computer that couldn t emit video or rather cant even get to the process to emit video and honestly have no idea how to fix it il just reformat nbsp

A:Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive

Lets slow down and backup for a bit. You don't even need a hard drive in the system for it to post a screen. Unless you are simply trying to recover data, taking the drive out and connecting it to another computer is not going to gain you anything.

Disconnect the power cord from the power supply.
Take out all cards within the PC. If you don't have on-board graphics keep the graphics card in the PC.
Disconnect all drives, DVD's and HDD's.
Take out your memory modules so you can test them one at a time.
Pull out the coin size motherboard battery and put it back a few minute later.
Insert a memory module (try a different module later if you have more than one).
Make sure the monitor is connected
Connect the power cord to the power supply
Try and boot the system and then let us know what you see happening.

Are there any lights blinking or illuminated?
Are the fans spinning?
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I have a hard disk that I want to clone my C drive to, and I connected it via USB external; it showed up fine, I formatted it. However, since XP doesn't recognize boot drives through USB I wanted to attach it internally before I cloned my system drive over for when I do a boot test.

However, the drive that showed up just fine through USB isn't showing up when I plug it into the MB. It is recognized and is powering up, because when the system posts, the initial screen shows it is connected, and it gets warm after a few minutes, so it's working and the system can detect it, it is just not showing up in Windows.

I checked, and it's set to Slave.

What's the problem?

A:Hard disk not recognized?

When you say windows doesn't see it, do you just mean it does not show up in My Computer or does it not show up in Disk Management either?

If it is just My Computer that you have checked, this could be because it is not formatted, or not formatted properly, or has no Drive Letter assigned to it.

To check Disk Management, go to Start > right click my computer > Manage. In the left hand side go to Disk Management. See if the hard drive shows up in there.

If it is there, but has no drive letter, right click it and assign one, or just do another quick format since it has already been formatted.
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I recently formatted an external HD on my IMAC with the following option Mac OS Journaled . This is how I've been advised so the HD will be recognized by Windows OS as well as MAC. Unfortunately it is not so since my laptop windows 7 recognizes the HD only thru disk management utility but doesn't see it as a separated Drive indicated by letter. "My computer " lists only internal HD, DVD drive. Any thoughts??? Thanks to all.

A:External HD not recognized by Windows 7

The problem is Windows won't read Mac formatted drives natively.

You could see if Windows will format it to exFAT (because exFAT works on OS X 10.6+ and Windows), but Windows may only do that to flash media. And doing so would wipe out any data you have on the drive now.

If you format as NTFS you can read it on a Mac, and write to it in Windows. In Snow Leopard (and presumably Lion) you could enable experimental NTFS writing, but it may not be stable. I certainly wouldn't try it on a drive with important data.

You can get 3rd party (generally pay) tools for each OS.

Paragon makes one for each OS. I have HFS for Windows installed on my main PC, I was lucky enough to get it when they offered it for free. So you could buy and install that on your PC and it would be fine.

If you want to go the other way, you can get NTFS for Mac.

If you are primarily a Windows user with Windows friends, formatting as NTFS and then using NTFS for Mac (or enabling the experimental stuff in Lion and Snow Leopard) would be best. If you are primarily a Mac user, I'd get HFS for Windows.

There may be other 3rd party tools too, I'm only stating the one I've used, you are certainly free to look for others.
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Hi, I have an old slow pc which had only 256MB of SDRAM installed, so to speed it up I decided to up the memory with a1GB stick of DDR memory. The mobo, a ECS K7AMA has 4 slots, 2 for SDRAM and 2 for DDR ram. I removed the sdram beore I installed the DDR ram, I changed the jumpers as necessary but the system seems to think there is only 32MB installed which makes for a very slow pc, running XP. I have tried both slots but it makes no difference.
I I revert back to the SDRAM, changng jumpers that is recognised fine.The memory is from Crucial and is the type recommended by them on their website.
Any suggestions as to where I may be going wrong?

A:Memory not recognized correctly

The motherboard may only recognize 2-512MB DDR modules or even just 2-256MB DDR modules
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i tried converting my external har drive from fat32 to NTFS using : Type Convert Drive letter : /FS:NTFS so I entered "convert G: /FS:NTFS"

at the end it said data error cyclic redundancy check
after this my computer stopped responding and i had to do a hard restart.
after this the hard drive was not being recognised at all,not in device manager also.

the hard drive does have power and the light goes on,it also makes the sound when it is being read.

please assist

A:External hard drive not being recognized

Only suggestion I can think of is to go into Device Manager and uninstall the Mass Storage Device under Universal Serial Bus controllers. If it does not show up you may have to show Hidden Devices and see if you can then.

Let it reinstall the drivers for it and hopefully it'll be recognized.
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Hello People's,
I saved the Hard Drive from my old laptop...bought an external hard drive...
hooked everything up correctly...can hear the enclosure running...light is on...
but my PC [running Windows XP] does nothing!
No pop up windows or anything.
I am a real layman at this stuff, so can someone explain to me in simple terms what to do to get this thing up and running.
Thank You.

A:External hard drive not recognized

Run a diagnostics on the drive.


Use a desktop and connect the drive directly to your motherboard using IDE or using S-ATA.
Sometimes, failing drives will now show up via a USB connection. Alternatively, check to see if the drive is seen on another OS such as Linux or Mac.
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I have a problem with my graphics card. I use NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 which has 3 video input: VGA, DVI, and HDMI. I use two output displays for my monitor and my HDTV.

I used to connect my monitor via VGA cable and my HDTV via DVI to HDMI cable. I used DVI to HDMI cable for my HDTV because the HDMI input in my graphic cards didn't recognize whenever i want to connect with my HDTV.

However things changed when I updating my driver to version 285.62 recently (this is the first time I update since two years ago). Suddenly, the DVI input didn't connect to my HDTV but the HDMI input works fine!! So, I changed my HDTV input from DVI input to my HDMI.

My question is: How to use both the HDMI and DVI input altogether? Does anyone have ever experience the same thing?

Thanks in advance! Really appreciate your help

A:DVI not recognized after updating driver

It might not be possible. From the specs I see on (, the chipset supports 2 digital outputs. What they may have done on your card is set one output to be the VGA using some sort of digital to VGA bridge and then shared the HDMI and DVI outputs so you could only use one or the other. There may be a software setting somewhere to toggle which one but that I can't help with.
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Hello all I have anymore External HDD not suddenly recognized a problem with my external HDD When I woke up External HDD suddenly not recognized anymore this morning windows update had installed some updates and automatically my laptop had restarted I tried to log in but it crashed immediately out of the blue I thought ok can happen so when it had restarted and after logging in I wanted to check on some things on my HDD But I got a message saying something like The USB device is not being recognized So I tried again a couple of times but I kept getting that message After trying to switch usb ports and plugging in and out several times I didn t even get that message anymore That was when I started to realise I had a serious problem here The HDD won t show in windows explorer won t show in device management and won t show in the BIOS It is nowhere to be found but the HDD itself is plugged in and working it seems I tried to recover data but all the software I found doesn t find the HDD either which makes sense considering the BIOS isn t even recognising it Is there anything I can do to try and recover my data Can my HDD be saved I don t know if I ve explained my situation clear enough should there be any questions please ask Thanks in advance Lukas nbsp

A:External HDD suddenly not recognized anymore

Tell us about your system and your hardware... brands, ages, connections, etc.

How is the HDD connected, and has it been reliable till now.
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Alright I ve had this problem for the last few weeks I have a Alura-tek USB SATA hard drive dock that I use with a TB WD Caviar hard USB as dock longer External 2.0 recognized drive no being Green After using this dock on a different computer a few weeks ago I came home to find that win External hard drive dock no longer being recognized as USB 2.0 was requiring me to install drivers for a new USB controller It installed as a Generic USB controller and the hard drive dock was tied to it I then get the message quot This device can perform faster quot and quot click here for a list of ports quot It shows ports for the ports I have on my computer under the two existing usb controllers I have I ve tried uninstalling the new controller deleting the infcache file and tried using the device on a different pc It works find on other pc s but not on my main desktop I can t seem to find the problem Also the computer I used it with before it stopped working was running DeepFreeze if that means anything nbsp

A:External hard drive dock no longer being recognized as USB 2.0

mavrick3020 said:

Alright, I've had this problem for the last few weeks. I have a Alura-tek USB2.0 SATA hard drive dock that I use with a 2TB WD Caviar Green. After using this dock on a different computer a few weeks ago, I came home to find that win7 was requiring me to install drivers for a new USB controller. It installed as a Generic USB controller and the hard drive dock was tied to it. I then get the message "This device can perform faster" and "click here for a list of ports..." It shows 6 ports, for the 6 ports I have on my computer under the two existing usb controllers I have. I've tried uninstalling the new controller, deleting the infcache.1 file and tried using the device on a different pc. It works find on other pc's, but not on my main desktop. I can't seem to find the problem. Also, the computer I used it with before it stopped working was running DeepFreeze, if that means anything.Click to expand...

1) I'm guessing it says it's a Generic USB Hub ( not a Generic controller). (Check Device Manager)

2) If you look at the USB controllers in Device Manager, at least one controller name should include word Enhanced and/or include the number 2? (Those are the 2.0 controllers)

3) Do you have the power adapter connected on your drive dock station before you connect the USB cable to the computer?
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Hey. I had a little trouble with my old headset... I used it on both my PC and my mp3 player, till one day it broke. I was sure it was a problem with the wire, but whatever. One day, I wanted to see if my headset works, so I plugged it in. Of course it did't work. So I bought a new set and tried to connect them to my PC but... The Front Panel Jack was too, like, wide. Even known the set was for PC and the jack of the headset is 3.5 mm like the one in the front panel, it didn't fit. Friends told me that the front panel jack may be a little used so its too wide. But I wanted to ask you guys before going to buy another jack.

A:Headset not recognized

Go USB headset, that will solve the jack problem
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Hi, I have just tried to format my 80GB External Hard Drive to FAT32 as I wanted to use it on a Sony Blu-Ray player, I did this on a Windows Vista Laptop. About an hour after I started fomatting it I got an error message saying that the "Volume is too large for FAT32"

Edit: Thought it would be prudent to add that I attempted to format it using the cmd program.

So I plugged the hard drive into my Windows 7 computer however now my computer cant even recognise the hardware as an external hard drive. It thinks that it is a CD Player of some kind. This means that I cannot simply format it back. And I have my suspicions that I managed to delete the format that was already on the Drive (NTFS)

Can anyone help? I am really struggling here.

A:External hard drive not recognized

When attempting to format a FAT32 partition larger than 32 GB, the format fails near the end of the process with the error you received.

Either Partition the drive 32GB FAT and the rest leave non-partitioned or you could do 32GB FAT x2
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Hi I m Sound card not recognized hoping someone can help me out I have an old acer aspire laptop I use for work and a month ago the sound began to stutter like playing a cd when it starts to skip Now it won t work at all when I open task manager there Sound card not recognized is no sign of the onboard audio chips set I m no expert but I m also far from a computer numpty I ve tried to do a system restore and I ve tried to reinstall the driver and run windows update If it was a desk top with a PCI sound card I d swear someone had removed it Also at the same time or around that time the CPU began to reach very easily when using programmes I ve ran a virus check and done the msconfig disabling pretty much everything also I ve uninstalled pretty much every program but the CPU still reaches easily making the computer very slow It s fine if I m just browsing the Sound card not recognized net or using MS word but try and use stuff like Nero or adobe pdf and it just freezes or runs slow Thanks in advance for any help you can offer as it s got me beat nbsp

A:Sound card not recognized

You could try installing Ccleaner from Piniform in a effort to make you computer run *more effectively*
Have you tried downloading and installing a freeware sound driver like Realtek OR downloading the most recent audio driver for your particular machine from the manufacturer ?
There are also USB sound cards you can buy now here's one from Creative
Relevancy 28.81%

IBM Thinkpad Series I 1200 (1161). Replaced the NiMH battery with Lithium Ion. Replaced the AC cord. When I look at Power Options, it says my battery is 3% charged. Won't run on either battery. Won't charge either battery. Will run with battery in or out. Ran fine many months ago with NiMH battery. Didn't use it for many months. Now the above problems. Any suggestions?

A:ThinkPad won't charge battery

You have to use the same type of laptop battery as the original battery. You might have damaged the charging circuits
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Hello all, just set up a server running server 2003 and exchange 2003. Configured dns and mx records. I could send and recieve e-mails internally within the network, but when trying to send from my gmail account I get an error. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Exchange Server 2003 sending e-mail externally problem

I know this is an old post, but are you still having problems with mail. Also, are you having problems sending mail to an external email account or receiving mail from an external account?
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So i have been browsing for a few hours now trying to get this issue fixed but I have had no luck!

I have a Seagate 320gb external hardrive. I have had it for a few months now and has worked great every single time I used it. Now suddenly it is no longer recognized. (Windows 7)

I have tried doing a few things which i found throughout other topics but ran into a few problems.

The HD is not shown in My Computer nor does it show in Disk Management.
So I try it on a Vista machine and same results. It is not recognized anywhere not even in Device Manager.

I can hear the HD spin and the green light does turn on however it used to flash consistently and now just flashes once and then remains lit.

If anyone can give me some insight it would be much appreciated.

A:External HD not being recognized, not even in Disk Management

The external drive is bad...
Relevancy 27.09%

My External HD won't show up in My Computer anymore.

It does not show in device manager or disk manager to even assign a letter path to it

I've Tried these steps and still no luck
- restarting computer
- refreshing content of my computer
- un plug and re plug
- device manager settings
- disk manager settings

in my device manager i see this under Disk Drives:
ST3320620AS ATA Device (working properly)

Disk manager errors -

Base System Device PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0592&SUBSYS_028A1028&REV_12\4&B4D00C5&0&32F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
PCI Simple Communications Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2E24&SUBSYS_028A1028&REV_03\3&11583659&0&18 The drivers for this device are not installed.

Don't think either of these are it.
Can it just be dead? the green lights show its on and i believe is working

A:External Seagate HD won't be recognized

The green lights don't mean anything more than 5 volts is being supplied to the drive, but the drive can still be bad or corrupted... You must back up important data to non-volatile media like CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs, and not rely on mechanical devices like hard disk drives or even solid state media
Relevancy 25.8%

I have a Simple Tech Pininfarina 320 GB external hard drive that is no longer recognized by two different PCs, even under disk management. When plugged into the USB, the PCs do try to install the driver, but fails. It is recognized under Devices and Printers as Unspecified and with the information Model-Simple Drive, Category - Unknown, and Status-Software is installing for this drive. The troubleshooter searches for a driver, but does not find one. Basically I get the information that "There is a problem wiht the driver for USB Mass Storage Device. Reinstalling the driver might fix this problem." But I cannot find a driver for this hard drive.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

A:External hard drive not recognized in Disk Management

The system is telling you that there is a problem with a USB driver, check in the Device Manager for any yellow warnings. Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers you will see a driver for USB Mass Storage Devices, right click and uninstall it then reboot, Windows should reinstall it, or go to the motherboard's manufacturer's site and download and install the latest chipset drivers..

There are two other possibilities, the hard drive has failed or the circuitry in the enclosure has develpoed a fault.

Remove the hard drive from the enclosure and (if you have access to one) hook it up to the internal connections of a dektop PC. Or, purchase a USB Hard Drive Adapter (about ?10) from a computer store or eBay and then plug it into the USB connection on any computer and see if you can then access the drive.
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I have been wanting to purchase the Thinkpad x120e, but I'm not sure if now is a good time, since it was released almost a year ago, and it is the first of it's kind to sport the new AMD e350 processor. I don't know if Lenovo plans on upgrading this soon (since it's been almost a year) and if it would be better to wait for the next gen of this class of non-netbook netbooks. I would like your input on this issue and what you predict for future releases. Thanks!
Relevancy 27.95%

Model #2746
Please help!

[DDS log removed by Broni]

A:Webcam now ill not work on Lenovo Thinkpad SL500

Click Start, look in Programs for Webcam.
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When I plug in my flash drive windows recognizes it and tries to run some kind of setup utility that came on the flash drive. I exit that and just go to my computer but my flash drive is not seen there. When I go to disk management it is seen there and says online. I've tried changing the drive path but no matter what I do it brings me the error "The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up to date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task. I the problem persists close the Disk Management console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer."
I've refreshed, restarted the comp.. still same problem. I've downloaded and used the USB clean up utility here on Techspot and still same problem.

A:USB flash drive recognized but Windows can't see it

tries to run some kind of setup utility that came on the flash driveClick to expand...

Allow Windows to finish the installation of the USB flash drive driver.

Try clearing your mountpoints

DL and run Autorun Protector and clear the Mountpoints.

...or you can manually delete Mountpoints2 entries in your registry. Create a backup of your registry before doing so.
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Okay I have read a bunch about this topic and it s relation to AHCI but now I would appreciate some help I have a Sager NP Clevo D F which has an X board with the Intel ICH R controller and drives in RAID I just got an eSATA but no matter what the drive is not recognized At one point it showed up briefly in the Intel Matrix software but on not controller drive recognized ICH10 E-SATA then the program keeps refreshing and looping searching for new devices At one point I gave up and just unplugged the drive didn t think much of it because it wasn t being recognized even in the RAID controller settings but it somehow it broke my windows boot record but windows recovery was able to fix it I just want the eSATA drive to work QUESTION Do I have to enable E-SATA drive not recognized on ICH10 controller ACHI My BIOS only has RAID and AHCI options and when switching to AHCI Windows does not boot QUESTION Can E-SATA drive not recognized on ICH10 controller I still use RAID in AHCI mode I also read I have to reinstall Windows after switching to AHCI but QUESTION can I install Windows with an Image backup I think the answer is yes but I just want to be sure EDIT First off thank you for the help so far when I was a year old child I came here and got help with how to upgrade my graphics card I guess things have changed or I have just become more impatient lt rant gt So exactly what happens and how it happens is that I plug in and power on my external eSATA drive then I boot the computer E-SATA drive not recognized on ICH10 controller Windows -bit When it reaches the Windows logo loading screen it stays there I have to hard reset my computer and unplug the eSATA drive and then it fails to boot correctly Windows goes into self repair restore mode After a while it boots As far as AHCI I don t see a way of setting up RAID while using that setting I can use my drives separately but that is not possible in my current setup I may never use RAID ever again after this unless parity is absolutely necessary Also I would think the eSATA drive would show up on the boot order list since all my other SATA devices did however the external drive did not appear on the BIOS boot order list My solution right now is to try an eSATA Express Card adapter which should work completely separate from my internal SATA controller and AHCI stuff That s it for now but I will most likely add my progress to this post regardless Thank you for reading nbsp
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Hey everyone,

I've been considering getting a Lenovo Thinkapd X120e to replace my old laptop. Need a lightweight laptop with good battery life for my classes. After looking over a couple reviews, I noted a sizable difference in what was reported for the laptop's temperatures. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the X120e getting "too hot"?

FYI: I won't be stressing the laptop much, mostly note-taking using Word or PowerPoint. Also some web surfing, video watching, or very light gaming if the class is particularly dull.

Specs: Planning on upgrading to the 1.6 GHz E-350, 320 GB 7200 rpm HDD, 4 GB of DDR3-1333, and 6-cell battery. Laptop comes with Windows 7 Pro, and I plan to add Ubuntu to it.

Any comments would be great, thanks!

A:Lenovo Thinkpad X120e temperatures

Excellent choice in a Netbook especially with what you want to do; your upgrades are right on. I personally don't have one (but am leaning towards purchasing one in early 2012) but I am also a member of (NBR) and there are many people there who own this system. Check out the Lenovo forum at NBR.

Also, check out TechSpot's own reviews of laptops/netbooks. We give it high marks as well and after doing my own research I have found Lenovo has the best build with the E-350.
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My harddrive works great apart from the fact it has to be plugged in twice in order to be recognised by my PC/PS3, for example, i turn my PS3/PC on with the device connected via USB and it wont be recognised, i unplug the USB then plug it back in and it is recognised straight away, it seems to only happen when the device has been left turned off for any great length of time, when i turn my PS3/PC off and back on again (within 5 mins) the device is recognised no problems. any idea what could be causing this problem and how i can fix it???

A:Hard drive not being recognized

You could try:

Go to Device Manager:

Click Start, then right click My Computer, select Manage. Go to Device Manager, then under Disk Drives, right click the External Hard Drive and go to Properties, go to the Power Management tab, then uncheck the option to "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

However, the computer may turn back on from standby/sleep if the hard drive requires any power at all..
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My external hard drive sounds like it starts up fine but it is not being recognized on my Windows Vista laptop.

I have searched many forums for solutions, all to no avail, such as:
> Leaving the power off for some time (in my case overnight)
> Full virus scan
> Uninstalling all USB n device manager, reboot then reconnect devices

The problem may have arose when I shut the computer down with the HD still on.

I feel the problem may be the power supply, as when I plug in the HD, sound on my speakers start buzzing.

All my other devices work fine in all USB ports but my HD does not work in other computers also.

Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance.

A:USB device not recognized error

As the external drive fails to be recognised on other PC's as well then it is probably a fault in the circuitry in the enclosure, You can get a new enclosure and move the hard drive into it.

To test the drive take it out of the enclosure and use a USB adapter to hook it up to your laptop or hook it up to the connections inside a desktop PC.
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So I have a month old WD passport gb external usb hd I have it partitioned into an ntfs and fat partitions I Western recognized not Digital Passport plugged the hd into an internet cafes computer and it didn t recognise Since then no computers will recognise the hd I have tried several recovery software including the wd own software Also tried a different shorter cable The light starts up as normal and the hd doesn Western Digital Passport not recognized t make any unusual noises but after a second Western Digital Passport not recognized or the light goes dim like there is no activity inside I also tried chkdisk from command and still nothing If I could just get the hd to show up maybe I can use these recovery programs to recover data Even if I lost the data and just got to use my hd again I would be happy Any ideas from anyone would be HUGELY appreciated I have spent hours on google trying to find a solution short of sending it away for repair which would cost more than its worth Also heard a trick of putting it in the freezer but I m not sure about any of this Thanks for reading nbsp

A:Western Digital Passport not recognized

Anyone had this happen before?
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I have had my Maxtor One Touch lll external drive for several years and have never had any problems with it. Last week my computer stopped recognizing the drive. I've unplug, shut down and restarted with no luck. How do I get the drive back up or how do I get the over 1000 photos off of the drive?

A:Maxtor lll external HDD no longer recognized by my computer

Try the external on another computer. If it is not detected by another computer, take it in for repair or take the drive out of the enclosure yourself. You might be able to attach the drive to your computer like a second drive and attempt to recover any data that way
Relevancy 27.52%

Hello, I've been given a 4GB PNY SDHC, with a number of photos on it.

It's not being recognized by any computer.
So far, I've run testdisk, which did not seem to see the disk.
Disk manager has also failed to even see the disk.
Recuva doesn't seem to start at all.

Linux can't see anything.

EDIT: Ok, for some reason, my computer started trying to read it.
Testdisk, my computer, and disk management seem to have all frozen looking for drives.
Computer management now seems to have stopped, and come up with a "Generic USB SD Reader", with a red x icon.

After all that, testdisk doesn't seem to have found anything aside from my own hard drive .

Relevancy 26.66%

So basically, I decided to take a 120gb seagate hard drive from an old server I had laying around for extra storage on my desktop. The thing is it is not recognized by my desktop, however is recognized in the bios. I've looked at computer management and its recognized, but is not assigned a drive letter. When I right click I don't get any options...

I'm sort of stumped with this, please help.

A:Server hard drive not recognized

Is this an IDE or SATA hard drive?
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My wife dropped my brand new External WD HDD and it won't work.
I tried it on my Vista laptop and my Win7 Desktop.
In both computers the HDD will increase the booting time by 7-12 minutes and the HDD is detected, BUT it can not be opened/seen with the windows explorer.
It is 1.5TB in size and right now I am using HHD Regenerator with a bootable CD to recover the disk. The thing is that it has been 10 hours and only 0.04% of the disk has been scanned...1028MB to be precise and it keeps findings "bad sectors". I have like 2.100.000 bad sectors this rate it will take like 20 days to finish the scan...why is it taking so long???
Pls help, I need to rescue some info from that HDD.

Thanks in advance,


A:My external Western Digital HDD is not recognized

Personally in my line of work, I've had to recover a lot of failing hard drives, but never did I have to recover one that had been dropped, that's a new one for me. I have heard, but never used, that program you speak of. I myself try to do my best to transfer information on a "going out" hard drive to another, rather than try and "regenerate" one.

Now mind you, the hard drive has been dropped, if dropped upon a carpeted floor, you may have a chance! Dropped upon a hard wood floor or tile floor and linoleum flooring, you most likely are out of luck.

If you can you should try and find yourself a spare hard drive, hook it up to your system and try running a program called "Drive Copy"! Might have better luck to just copy the hard drive, as it is now. Then worry about reforming or regenerating a hard drive.

And if all else fails, you said two key words in your post, which were brand new, you said the drive is brand new, so if you got the original packaging, sometimes not required, and you still have the sales slip, package all that together, and get yourself back to the store and get another new external hard drive.

"Seriously Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. salesperson, the drive just wont work, I can only wonder why" :rolleyes:

Good luck to you..............
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To all Tech Gurus,
I need your help. I lately connected my WD external to a Windows 7 64 bit OS and since then my WD external drive is not recognised in my 32 bit Vista ( laptop).

Also, i connected to UBANTU 10.10 , its the same

what am i supposed to do now ? I have all my thesis data in there (
Kindly help to restore my HDD.
Cheers !!

A:WD2500ME external HDD not recognized :(

This seems to be a fairly common problem with a multitude of solutions, try these two to start with on the laptop.

In vista disk management, when it says the disk is not initialized there will be a little red arrow on the disk icon on the left of the unallocated space. Right click on the little red arrow and select initialize disk.

You could also try shuting down the Vista laptop and disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes then reboot and plug the external drive back in.

Is the drive still OK when using Windows 7?
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Hi, I have a Ipod Nano wigth Music on it and want to put new music on it. Now it used to work fine but now when i plug it into the computer usb port it comes up with the messenger USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED!

I have tried looking on google but couldnt get any help so i rememebered about TechSpot..

Basically what ive tried so far is:

Test every usb port
uninstall and then install iTunes again..
reset the ipod (hold down menu and circle)

Ive also checked and the ipod doesn't appear in My Computer or in iTunes. In device manager it shows "Unknown Device". Ive installed, uninstalled that aswel and nothing.

Its really anoying Apple need to sort this out lol.! If anyone could fix my problem id appreciate it alot..

Thanks in advance!

A:iPod Nano says "USB Device Not Recognized" on Windows 7?

Try the Nano in another computer
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hi gang i am looking at a lenovo R500
the problem is it will start to boot get to the thinkpad screen and that is it.
i tried changing the ram
i took out the main battery and tried just booting from the AC
i cant get into the bios

thanks zag

A:Lenovo ThinkPad

First thing I would test is the hard drive, but as you cannot get into the Bios to change the boot order you will have to remove the drive and link it up to a desktop PC using a "Laptop Hard Drive Adapter". Then you can download the diagnostics for Windows from the manufacturers site listed below.

Have you tried to boot from the OS disc? Do you have Recovery Discs?




Toshiba Fujitsu:

Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

Western Digital: to expand...
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Hi I have recently bought a new Thinkpad AC ADAPTER and a new cell battery to my quot Thinkpad T T60: charge! doesn't battery New ThinkPad quot notebook After i received them I pluged both new devices into the notebook but battery cant get charged Whenever i plug the new ac adapter to the notebook when is not turned on the lighst start blinking like orange battery and green litle plug lights appear after a second shuts and apear green batery and green litle plug and after a second just apears the litle green plug lightened this cycle continues until i take the plug ThinkPad T60: New battery doesn't charge! of adapter from the wall socket ehn I turn on the notebook with the ac adapter there is always a beeping going on like the notebook is switching on and off intermitently with some seconds between ThinkPad T60: New battery doesn't charge! the beeps Here first theres a orange light with a green light when the notebook is switched on but after a second appears a green battery light then lighs go off and start all again its very noisy I made two litle videos on cell phone i order for someone see whats happening when the notebook is turned off with ac adapter plugged and when is turned on with acadapter plugged AC ADAPTER PLUGGED WITH BATTERY amp NOTEBOOK OFF mediafire com rieyu uq zoz f AC ADAPTER PLUGGED WITH BATTERY amp NOTEBOOK ON mediafire com a fxsll nhcu I dont have the original lenovo software but windows so i dont have maintanance battery check software but the battery is new bought on eBay and carger new as weel bought on eBay as well The new ac adapter i bought details are P N p - FRU P PA - output V A W My old ac adapter details P N P - FRU P PA- - output V - A The Battery details are Cell Battery IBM LENOVO Thinkpad T Y Y The back of my thinkpad says output V- A Can someone tell me whats wrong with the notebook Is this normal to charge a new battery I left the notebbok charging a hole afternoon and didnt charge at all Hope anyone can help me Boto nbsp

A:ThinkPad T60: New battery doesn't charge!

Can you explain briefly what was happening that promted you to buy a new battery and AC adpter. Why did you think they both needed to be replaced?
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Basically the title is my problem, I have a small 16 gb usb key which isnt bein recogonised when i put it into my usb slots. Im guessin this problem is driver related?

Could someone point me in the right direction?

A:USB drive recognized on laptop but not desktop

See if this might help How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers
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Hello, I have this problem: I recently bought an external enclosure that is USB powered I put in my HDD and when I plug it in on my computer it does nothing, the led just blinks once and that's it. I have checked on device manager disk management and nothing there.

I know both the enclosure and the HDD are good because I test them on my friends computer and the HDD is recognized right away within seconds, my friend suggest me to use the rear ports instead of the front ones but still same result, what could be causing my system don't see this device, everything else I plug in it works fine, I tried to disable usb legacy I disable another setting called EHCI but still same result.

any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help.

A:External HDD not recognized


1) Are you hearing the Windows device connect/disconnect ding-dong sound when you plug/unplug the USB cable? (can take up to 30 seconds sometimes i found)

2) When you say you checked Device Management, did you look under USB Devices and check if a USB Mass Storage Device appears/disappears as you plug/unplug the cable?

A few other things you might try
> Make sure you have the latest chipset drivers installed
> See How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers

You might also try connecting a self-powered USB hub to your computer (one with its own AC adapter) and connecting the drive to the self-powered hub. Or tryr a USB Y power cable to draw power from 2 USB ports for the device (like this one from Apricorn)
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I'm having a spot of bother with my thinkpad t40 and soundmax. I'm trying to have a line-in into the microphone-in port to record directly through a studio mixer but for some reason it's still recording through the voice mic on the laptop itself. I would have thought it would automatically cancel out the voice mic when you plug something in the mic-in port, like when you plug in headphones to something, it negates the sound from the speakers..

Is there any way to accomplish what I'm trying to. I have the soundmax drivers installed but also have installed the asio4all drivers as I have studio software on the laptop too..

I'm running xp pro btw..
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ok so i try to plug in my ipod touch 4g and when i do a little message pops up in the right corner of my computer it say usb not recognized and when i click it it says unknown device please help!!!
Im not good with tech stuff so help!!!!!

A:USB not recognized?

Make sure it's fully charged and then also take a look HERE
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Hello All I ve been searching for an answer to my problem for almost days to no avail recognized not External HD I really hope you can help me A few days ago my WD TB stopped working Ironically External HD not recognized I was trying to back up External HD not recognized my back up onto another external when it stopped and gave me an error message which I can t remember Now when I plug it in to my laptop it doesn t work Here is what I mean -No sounds are made on my laptop indicating that something has been connected to the laptop -It doesn t show up in Disk Management -It doesn t show up in Device Manager either This is what I have tried but has not worked -Using a different USB power cable -Connecting it to another laptop PC it won t read on them either -Cleaning out my quot hidden devices quot in Device Manager I cleaned out everything I could under volumes and USB controllers Rebooted twice and reinstalled everything It still didn t work -Connected it to different USB ports on my laptop Other information -When I connect the HD the light will come on and will sound like it is working but there are some definite quot clicks quot that I don t remember happening before this problem -I m pretty sure that it used to show up in Device Manager under WD Drive Mgmt devices but it definitely does not anymore There isn t even a quot shadow quot or hidden version of it -Win - clean -Hd is about months old -Laptop is about months old Normally I would take this in to get it fixed but I am stationed overseas so taking it to a Best Buy or something isn t really an option Anything anyone can offer especially if it includes retrieving my info on it would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:External HD not recognized

Sounds like the drive may have died but will take a closer look.....

> Download the zip file HERE. Save it on your Desktop
> Unzip and move devcon.exe to C:\Windows\System32
> Now double click to run USB_DevDump.bat file

It will create file USB_DEVCON.TXT on your Desktop. Please attach it to your next post.

Also, have you tried connecting other USB Drives and/or devices? Do others fail or just this one?
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I have an external Hitachi HD My system is recognizing the HD partition recognized-no External hardware but when I try to save to the drive this is the message Folder is not accessible the folder may be located in an unavailable location prtected with a password or the file name contains a or I went into Disk Management and saw there was no quot F quot Drive Partitioned which was at External HD recognized-no partition one time Went to My Computer pulled up the F Drive and there are no files So I formated the drive However I really don t think it formatted because Windows cannot see the file Please I need sound advice I need this hard drive for school coming up I do not know why this is not functional It was fine the last time I used it External HD recognized-no partition about months ago That was when I noticed something was wrong when the docs would not save to the F drive Didn t think anything of it I just saved to my C drive Now my C drive is almost full I need the the HD for Adobe CS Anyone please help me out Thanks Pam nbsp

A:External HD recognized-no partition

As a first test on your external drive, does it have a 'power on' light, also when you plug it in to the USB socket on PC, put your hand flat on the case, can you tell if it's spinning up inside? ( I can hear my Seagate, 2 clicks then drive motor speeding up.)
Try a different USB socket on your PC if you have a choice. If you are using a tower PC, use the USB sockets on the back, rather than the front panel.
Assuming it is working, In 'Computer', does the drive appear on the top row to the right of 'C' ?
If you right click on it, and choose properties, does the pie chart show saved content on the disk? (ie, part pink/ part blue).
If you have a Flash memory stick, does that appear in 'Computer' when plugged in?
>>(all this is to prove if the drive is actually working)
If all the above is true, and drive seems to be working, can you go into 'Control Panel', 'Hardware and sound',' Device manager','Disc drives'
right-click and choose; 'Scan for hardware changes'. Click on the small white arrow left of 'Disc Drives'.
Can you see your Hitachi drive at the bottom of the list?
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I recently purchased a new laptop I was working on my old one last night and it started running very slowly This machine was about years old with a internal HDD only a few months old It had been working fine up until last night The machine was running slowly so I turned not computers; boot not on two HDD recognized will it off and turned it back on It wasn t starting up and Startup Repair launched It identified the problem as Corrupt Registry I did a memory check then the computer restarted However the screen after the initial boot screen was just some text saying there was no bootable disk detected I took out the hdd and reinserted it it still said there was no detected bootable disk For reason I won t go into here I no longer have the older laptop but I do still have the hdd My new laptop works beautifully I swapped the hdds out to see if the old one would work in this new one It doesn t When I start the machine it gets to that initial boot screen with the HDD not recognized on two computers; will not boot brand splash logo TOSHIBA in this case However it never gets past this screen It won t let me boot into BIOS and I can t get to the safe mode F or boot F screen Any button I push causes the machine to produce a beeping sound If I tap a button it s a short beep If HDD not recognized on two computers; will not boot I hold the button the beep persists and continues for a little while after I release the button and it lasts longer the longer I hold the button down So good fun I can t even get into BIOS with this hdd I also have some irreplaceable photos on this drive Story of my life and this is the second time this has happened I deleted my backed up photos because I was planning on putting my updated photo folders onto a different external Stupidly I did it the other way around- I deleted the old files before saving the new ones and now I can t access them I used a recovery tool on the old external back-up but I was only able to save maybe half of the photos I still need the other half I have wedding and honeymoon photos and other important photos I do have a few boot discs I want to try but I can t figure out how to change the boot order so that CDs boot first Of course I also don t know if this will solve the problem since the laptop isn t detecting the hdd Since it hasn t worked on two laptops now I can only surmise that the hdd itself is what is faulty and not the laptops Thanks for any help you give nbsp
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Hi to everyone........

Big favor, I need help. My external HD is recognized, but no folder....need for school. Anyone, please help me out


A:External HDD is recognized but there's no folder

Hi Pam and welcome to TechSpot.

What kind of external HD are we talking about? Brand and model would help along with the type of interface, assume it's probably Usb2 but still need to know for sure. When you say it is recognized does this mean you can see it in Windows Explorer and if so, does it have a drive letter assigned to it? That should be enough to get things started.
Relevancy 27.09%

I googled a few hours but couldn t find answer bootable Win C XP Old drive not recognized in so I decided to ask for help here Any input or insight would be much appreciated I just migrated my old GB C drive to a new GB one Now I want to use the old GB as my storage drive so I put it in Old bootable C drive not recognized in Win XP the internal hard disk bay in my ThinkPad T CD Drive Bay But Windows does not recognize it no matter what I do I tried inch ATA-to-USB adaptor cable to no avail I have tried both method many times in the past and they usually recognize drives immediately No Old bootable C drive not recognized in Win XP need to set drive Old bootable C drive not recognized in Win XP letters or jumpers The only difference this time is that this drive used to be a bootable C drive When I connect the drive Windows says quot New Hardware Found quot and starts installing But toward the end it says quot Unknown error occurred and drive might not work properly quot Sometimes it says quot Your device is installed and ready for use quot In any case if I right-click My Computer -- Manage -- Storage -- Disk Management this drive is not listed there If I go to Device Manager -- Disk drives this drive is listed there Its Properties says quot This device is working properly quot And the Location says which is the same as the new GB C drive Is this why I am having this problem After many failed trials I put the old drive back to the main drive bay and Windows started fine just like before So the old drive itself is fine It s just not recognized So I rebooted with Windows OS Installation Disk and formatted this drive with NTFS Then using EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition I tried to create partitions but it fails to do so Acronis True Image Home Add New Disk does not find the drive Just to test I took the C drive out of my other laptop ThinkPad T and tried the same thing and it did not work either So drives that are used to be bootable C cannot be recognized or partitioned Is there anything I can do to use this drive In Summary Device Manager Disk Drives recognizes it Disk Management does not recognize it EASEUS finds it but fails to partition Acronis does not find it Both GB and GB have Location of Thank you for your help nbsp

A:Old bootable C drive not recognized in Win XP

Check the jumpers on the drive. It may be on Cable Select and might need to be forced as Master for what you are doing. Or, since you are hooking it up in a CD drive bay, maybe thats shared with the internal HD so you'd need to set it to Slave. In any case, have you tried changing the jumper to something other than what it is currently on?
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I have acquired a slightly used D620 however the touch-pad and track stick do not seem to be working at all. Neither of the buttons on the touch pad work either. My external USB mouse is functioning perfectly. I have reinstalled drivers from Dell Support, tried drivers from other models, and reinstalled Windows when I noticed the hardware manager wasn't even detecting the touch-pad at all. I also tried to change around the touch-pad options in the BIOS settings but nothing has led to success. My next step is to remove and reconnect the touch-pad and track stick/ keyboard. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a bunch, in advance, for your help.

A:Dell D620 touchpad/track stick not functioning and not recognized


I opened up the laptop lifted the keyboard and noticed the poorly designed touchpad cable attachment system. It is so closely stuck to the palm rest/ keyboard boarder that it disconnects from the motherboard with the slightest lift of the palm rest. My guess that an inexperienced Geek Squad member probably cleaned out the unit and didn't bother to check for the attachment of the wire to the motherboard. Anyway, my problem is solved.
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Hi this is the only place i could see where i could post this. If it is in the wrong place i am sorry.

I have an ipod nano i am trying to use. It is one of those "passed down" things. A cousin who had one but doesnt use it gave it to my brother who doesnt use it ect. And now i have it. From my research it is a second generation nano. (serial number: YM546ZY5TJT) I am trying to well put music on it and when i plug it into my computer i get "usb device not recognized" i have looked at the ipod website to try and figgure this out and nothing is working.
I honestly dont know what to do. I dislike Apple products generally. And am at a complete loss as to what to do.
Any and all help is appreciated.

A:Device not recognized

If you dont have iTunes installed, the driver to recognize it may be missing, else is the cable or the iPods jack.
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hi guys,

I have been using this WD external hard disc from last one year. all of a sudden its not getting recognised in my computer. below are some details...

- I am using windows XP.
- tried restarting the laptop, no luck.
- change the USB cable that woks with another external HD.
- It is identified at the USB icon on the desktop as USB Mass storage device, but my computer will not recognise.
- In th disc management its not getting recognised.
- my laptop is recognising different hard disc drive and able to see the contents in it.

A:My external hard disk is not getting recognized

It's possible that the disk has gone bad or the controller inside the external enclosure has gone bad. One option would be to remove the drive from the external case and either install it in the PC or put it into another external enclosure and see if it works.
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I installed a new hard drive that is not recognized by Compac Pressario sr555of. The Compac screen opens and I can press f10 that tells me that there is no drive in 1, 2,3,4. The disk drive works, I can load the 1rst of the 3 recovery Vista disks, but not the other 2. The first disk boots up nicely but takes me to the recovery window instead of asking me for disk2. Disk 1 displays the loading bar at the bottom of the screen and acts normally, the drive works somewhat. Does anyone know what to do. I checked and rechecked the connections more than ones.
Relevancy 26.66%

Hi everyone I am a newbie so please be gentle One morning my XP machine only booted the the XP screen and the blue harizontal bar just kept going in a loop and no further Tried booting in safe mode and received the BSOD Tried installing a fresh copy of XP to be told no drives were detected on the system Have now bought a new SATA hard drive and disconnected the old one On boot-up the new drive is NOT auto-detected and the BIOS states that no hard drive was found There is no setting in the BIOS to recognized drive not hard SATA manual force a drive recognition If I disconnect the cables attached SATA hard drive not recognized to the new disk and reconnect the old disk the original problem is shown which I am asuming means the cables are OK The motherboard is an ASUS A V Deluxe and the new drive is a Samsung HD HJ This is driving me daft and fast approaching a drop test of the computer from a great height Any suggestions gratefully appreciated nbsp

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Hello I have a desktop with motherboard Via KT CF- ruinign on windows xp I had a MB memory and the computer was running very slow with lots K7VTA3 ECS RAM v8) fully isn't recognized (board of RAM isn't fully recognized (board ECS K7VTA3 v8) lags I decided to buy some more memory and bought the lot of two kit Kingston KVR X C AK total of GB I opened the computer and inserted the two memory sticks on the motherboard and switch on the computer As it runs BIOS says only MB Ram and not GB RAM Other times it reads sometimes says MB and one time said MB RAM Its very strange this Whats going on I dont know but the site says that the board accepts DDR SDRAM Did I bought a wrong set of memory sticks or is it something wrong in the computer data from Everest software ID Motherboard -KT CF- -K VTA C- Motherboard ECS K VTA v Physical Memory Total MB Used MB Free MB Utilization North Bridge VIA VT Apollo KT Thanks Boto nbsp

A:RAM isn't fully recognized (board ECS K7VTA3 v8)

I dont know but the site says that the board accepts DDR200/266/333 SDRAM.Click to expand...

You bought DDR400 so I'd say your RAM is not supported by your motherboard. Also, the voltage standard for your motherboard is 2.5 volts. Your RAM needs 2.6 volts although it should still run if your motherboard supported it in the first place. You might be able to bump up the voltage in the BIOS but I can't say for sure.
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sony vaio vgn-fs840 battery not recognized. anyone know why?

A:Sony Vaio vgn-fs840 battery not recognized

The only way to sort this out, is to install another battery. If the "new" battery is not detected, the motherboard may be bad
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I have a Issue with My WD External harddrive where it will recognize on My PC but it will not be Recognized on my mothers PC. Its pluged in by USB and Pendrives work on her PC just fine. What could be the problem?

A:WD external hard drive 232GB not recognized

What is your mother's PC? Windows XP, Service Pack3?
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related problems I have a laptop that died I took out the hard drive to try and save the files I purchased an adapter from a computer shop that allows me to connect to an IDE cable on a pc I was told that I could just unplug one of not CD-ROM Second recognized drive the disk drives and connect my hd I have an old dell dimension that I dont use anymore It has cd-rom drives Second CD-ROM drive not recognized I opened it up and unplugged of the drives and plugged in my hd I rebooted and got an error quot secondary hard disk drive not found quot F to continue F to go Second CD-ROM drive not recognized to set up I went to setup and tried several times to get it to read my hard drive but could not There are only options for the settings Auto and off If I set it to auto I get the same message every time quot secondary hard disk drive not found quot primary hard disk hard drive primary hard disk off secondary hard disk Second CD-ROM drive not recognized cd-rom reader secondary hard disk unknown device The disk drives were on the same cable The master connector works but the slave does not If I plug the master connector into the other disk drive it works Could my slave connection be bad on the ide cable What should my settings be both jumpers are set to cable select I want to recover the files on my old hard drive but first I want to fix this problem thanks nbsp

A:Second CD-ROM drive not recognized

Try the jumpers set to master and slave - I always found cable select pretty useless.
Check for badly twisted cables too.

You could also connect the HD to the second primary channel on the motherboard,maybe ? Set the jumper to slave.

If you can`t get that to work,buy a USB/IDE 2.5 adapter (cheap) and connect it externally to a USB port.
That should have been your preferred solution..hee hee.
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my hdd in my hp slimline just not being recognized. i assume it died (it happens) is there any reasonable way to recover data from the drive if it did die?

A:HP Slimline HDD not recognized

You can use an USB to SATA\IDE adapter to slave it to another computer and then copy whatever you want from that drive to the computer or a writeable CD.
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Hello i know this is quite common topic but i need help urgent I have an ADATA External computer HDD recognized by any not external HDD GB Running Win It was working fine until Saturday it just stopped working If i unplug and plug it back it says quot New device was found want to format quot Click External HDD not recognized by any computer Cancel says quot Unknown file formats were found cannot access the device quot External HDD not recognized by any computer Tried this change the name of partition nothing happened I moved it on other devices no other computer External HDD not recognized by any computer sees it Tried SpinRite V for nights nothing happened Recuva also says quot Could not find bootable info quot What it does If i open MyComputer it is there named quot P quot now click explore nothing happens In Desk management it is File System RAW if i click Properties for this HDD it says that everything is right except in General it does not recognize anything says GB available GB used i could even access the part where it has quot Update driver quot and Driver Details everywhere it says that it is working fine This was the Backup HDD for my laptop because all the information from my internal HDD were damaged because of a virus Please tell me what is left to do I really need help Thank you so much Annya nbsp

A:External HDD not recognized by any computer

In Desk management it is File System RAW,Click to expand...

Sounds like the filesystem is corrupt. Try TestDisk for partition/data recovery. Many have reported success using it. Hope it helps/works for you too
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Hi from glenaurora I have recently installed a nd GB HD and it will not work on my desktop It s use is for extra capacity only The OS is Windows XP home It is installed via the shared ribbon cable with the original GB HD The ribbon cable is plugged into the secondary mother board connector this is the way it s always been The GB HD New is connected to power recognized drive hard New not and the grey pin connector and the GB HD Old connected to the black pin connector The New hard drive not recognized old HD is set to quot master quot and the new HD is set to quot slave quot When both are connected I get a message upon boot up telling me there is no OS installed When I disconnect the GB HD from power and the ribbon cable everything works fine Could this be a matter of formatting the new HD or does it need to be connected seperately to the primary ribbon cable connector on the mother board It only lists HD C and at no time lists the other HD nbsp

A:New hard drive not recognized

It might just be an issue with boot priorities in BIOS. Head into BIOS and check the boot order.

Ideally you want it to be the following:

1st: CD/DVD drive
2nd: Your 160GB hard drive with the OS installed.
3rd: Can be anything really.
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Hello everyone,

I was trying to replace my old dvd burner on my kids computer which is a Dell Dimension E310. The new drive is an LG which i got from Newegg. It is an IDE drive and it is not being identified when I boot up. I thought it might be the IDE cable, so I replaced it with a new one, still no luck. I also looked in bios and it shows the cd rom drive as unavailable. I tried going to the device manager and looking for the burner but I didn't see anything in the descriptions that resemble it. Not sure what else to do. Can you guys help? Thanks so much.

A:New DVD burner not being recognized in XP

This may be a jumper issue. Try setting the jumper to Cable Select, or Slave (Secondary), if you have it connected to the same cable as another drive.