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HP ENVY m6-n010dx touch screen stopped working after Windows...

Q: HP ENVY m6-n010dx touch screen stopped working after Windows...

hello, my computer had a Windows update today, and now the touchscreen (which was fully functional before the update) is not working. it is not the screen, as this happened once before to me and I did a system restore to fix it. I tried a system restor this time, didn't work. I looked in the Device Manager, and there IS NO DRIVER for my touchscreen. how do I reinstall, it is NOT listed in the driver list on the HP website for my product. help! Ivan
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Preferred Solution: HP ENVY m6-n010dx touch screen stopped working after Windows...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My touch screen has stopped working and I can see in the device manager that the HID-Compliant Touch Screen controller is greyed out. When I click on it is say: Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.Can anyone help me fix this please?Thank you 

A:Touch Screen on Envy TS 4 stopped working

Hi @Monty007, Welcome to the HP Forum! It is a terrific place to find answers and tips! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More What is your exact model of Envy 4 Sleekbook? HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number? I understand that  your touchscreen is not responding.  It is listed in Device Manager under HID but it is grayed out with code 45,(Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer) . Here is a link that I believe may help with this issue: HP Notebook PCs - Touch Screen Issues (Windows 8) Please let me know the outcome. Thanks for being a part of the HP community. Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution". If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. If you wish to say "thanks" for my efforts, click the "Thumbs Up" to give me a Kudos.
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My touch screen has stopped working and I can see in the device manager that the HID-Compliant Touch Screen controller is greyed out. When I click on it is say: Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.Can anyone help me fix this please?Thank you
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nbsp nbsp nbsp I purchased my HP Envy in early July of this year at Best Buy In hours the touchpad began to give me grief It would open the side panel that shows you how many programs are open at the momnt cause the mouse to jump around when I used it would not respond to clicking nd just generally not work I did everything under the sun that I could think about to the pc I uninstalled the drivers uninstalled the entire touchpad reset my pc to factory settings Issues Touch m6 n010dx HP Pad Envy to no avail Within five minutes of turning on the pc the mouse acted up nbsp nbsp nbsp I nbsp returned the laptop to Best Buy in two days and received the same model A few days later I faced the same exact issues This is the laptop that I currently have I thought I could live with it but I am at my wits end nbsp nbsp nbsp I will note that when I have an external mouse plugged into the laptop the mouse gives me no trouble whatsoever nbsp I have an HP Envy M -n dxI'm running Windows x bit Solved View Solution

A:HP Envy m6 n010dx Touch Pad Issues

Hello @Leah_anais  and @sirdoom34 , Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand you're having issues using the touchpad on your ENVY notebooks. Please take the time to go through the following document for touchpad issues: Using and Troubleshooting the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 8). Make sure the touchpad is up to date with the following drivers: Synaptics TouchPad Driver. If neither of those work please contact HP Phone Support for service options. You can contact HP Technical Support at 1-800-474-6836 in North America. For all other regions click here.Thanks!
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It seems from the forum posts that there are many many people with the same issue, and no solution to the problem!  When will HP take responsibility for this issue and provide a solution? The issue is the "Touchsmart" screen is no longer responding to touch!!!  What's the point of a touch screen laptop if it does not respond to touch!!!! I have been through all the proposed solutions ... device manager... etc. etc... but still nothing... Under System: Pen and Touch it says: It says no pen or touch input is available for this display Please can HP help its customers resolve this issue?

A:HP Envy - Touchsmart Touch Screen Not Working - Windows 10

Hello @HP-Envy, Welcome back to the HP Forums! I came across your post and want to help you restore the functionality of the touchscreen on your HP ENVY TouchSmart m7-j120dx. This seems to be a driver related issue, but could be related to something else as well. To being, please perform a hard reset. Next, I recommend restoring the BIOS so the notebook will research the hardware that it has installed. HP Notebook PCs - Restoring the BIOS Once the BIOS restoration is complete follow the steps in this touchscreen troubleshooting document, I know you have completed most of the steps from it but doing it after the BIOS restoration is key. HP Notebook PCs - Touch Screen Issues (Windows 10)(If component tests is not an option in step four of that document, use the testing for hardware failures document) HP Notebook PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8) I look forward to your reply with the results!
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Touch screen stopped after updating to Windows 10 And I could not get TouchSmart to work again. Can someone help because it looks like HP have just not botherd to update drivers or systems The Laptopis an    ENVY 15" TouchSmart 16gb Ram 4TH Gen i7
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My Ideapad S415 touch screen has suddenly stopped working.  I've had a tech connect to my PC and try a BIOS reload of default settings, plus unistalling all "HID" devices in Device Manager with no resolution.  I've also tried a system restore with no luck. The system properties does see the touch capability. Suggestions? Thanks.

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A:Ideapad S415 Touch - touch screen stopped working

hi Hersh,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
First do a Power Drain 
     (If the battery is removable)
            Remove AC and Battery and hold the power button down for 15 sec.
               Turn the computer back on and see if the Touch capability is now detected under System Properties,
                  If not
         I suggest you contact Lenovo Technical Team about the Issue as this may be a device detection issue.
       Lenovo Technical Team
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I dont recall when the issue has occured, but it has been a while since my touch screen has worked. It weird because under pen and touch it states that there is no inout for pen or touch when clearly my computer's touch screen once worked. What should I do to bring the once beloved feature back? Thank you for your help!
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Please help! The touch screen on my Envy laptop no longer works. I've tried restarting and shutting off, but to no avail. When I go to PC Info, it tells me that: "No pen or touch input is available for this display." This is obviously incorrect, because my laptop is, in fact, a touch screen. I haven't installed any programs that would have affected the feature. Thanks,Jerry

A:HP Envy TouchSmart 15 - touch screen not working

Hi Jerry, Welcome to the HP Forums!I would like to take a moment and thank you for using the forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I understand that your touchscreen is not functioning.  When you looked in PC info, you see "No pen or touch input is available for this display" I suggest you uninstall and delete the display driver. I would reinstall with the original driver and then run The HP Support Assistant to do updates.   Here is a link to assist you with reinstalling the original driver.  Using Recovery Manager to Restore Software and Drivers (Windows 8). If you would like further assistance, would you provide your exact model of Envy 15 Touchsmart you have and the Operating System you are running and if it is 32 or 64 bit.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number
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I had disabled the HID-compliant touch screen driver some time ago It was working fine then now that I have re-enabled it touch screen is not responding at all nbsp I have tried reinstalling the driver perfomed the system updates callibaration of the touch input from table pc settings perfomed a touch screen diagnostic test in HP nbsp Hardware Diagnostic UEFI but the problem is not resolved I have tried all of the steps except step and which asked for system restore and recovery from the following link -http support hp com us-en document c nbsp I want to know if there is any way that I can get my Touch is HP screen envy not m6-K015dx working touch screen working without performing system reset as I have some important softwares running and dont have an external drive to backup my data in case of factory reset nbsp Note Also I am unable to install a fresh copy of windows as I have forgotten BIOS password halt code show in
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Bought a brand new Envy last Thursday, touchscreen did not work.  Called support and they remotely worked on it for a few hours ultimately having to restore to factory settings, still did not work.  Exchanged laptop at store yesterday and the touchscreen on this one does not work either.   Per the sales person at the store the touchscreen should work with computer in laptop or tablet mode, is this correct? Is there a known issue with these that I should choose another model?   Is there something that has to be enabled?  I have checked the drivers and all is newest version and enabled. Thanks for any help.
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The touchscreen stopped working suddenly. At first i though it was like a normal failure and that will get fixed by turning the pc of or restarting so I did not pay attention to it until now that I had restart my pc multiple times. Currently running win10. I started to believe it was because of an update a few days ago since it was when the problem started. I have checked for the HID-compliant Touch Screen driver.
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My touch screen stopped working about 2 days ago. The computer is updated, I ran the HP support and nothing happened. I ran also 2 tests, those that you can enter using F2. Everything seemed to be fine but it simply doesn't work, no matter if it is in PC or tablet mode. The result is the same.
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Just bought the Samsung All in One PC and the Touch Screen stopped working:

This is new territory for me although I know my way around Windows.

Any assistance on how to get the Touch Screen back on?

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My touch screen stopped working about a year after I bought this computer. Right before it stopped working completely random items started opening on the computer as if there was a phantom clicking on things. I thought it was a virus but none was ever found by many anti-virus scans and nothing else in the computer was harmed. I'm leaning more to thinking that it is a hardware issue. Any help is apprecaited!  Thanks!
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My touch screen stopped working about 2 days ago. The computer is updated, I ran the HP support and nothing happened. I ran also 2 tests, those that you can enter using F2. Everything seemed to be fine but it simply doesn't work, no matter if it is in PC or tablet mode. The result is the same. 

A:touch screen stopped working

  Hi @natalia1818, Welcome to the HP Support Community! I read from your posts that you are having an issue with your HP Pavilion 11x360 PC Notebook and the Touchscreen not working correctly. You might need to check that the Touchscreen is enabled on the Notebook. Here is a listing on how to do that: Press the Windows logo key + X.Select Device Manager from the list.Click the little arrow next to Human Interface Devices to expand the list.Click the touch screen driverRight-click, and select enable from the list.Confirm you want to enable. You can do a system restore. System restore will help if something automatically updated and did not go well on the Notebook. I suggest at least 4 days ago as it will make sure to catch what changed the settings. When performing a System restore please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices as they can cause issues. Please let me know how this goes. If this post helps you to resolve the issue you can click the Thumbs up icon to show gratitude! Thanks.
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I just got my ideapad 110 touch Friday. After using it for awhile and recieving a brief windows 10 update my touch screen quit working. How can i fix this?
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I have had this system for around 3 weeks, and today the touch screen just stopped working for no apparent reason.
I have barely used the system since I received it (have been away), and so it is very unlikely it is due to anything I have done (I've installed virtually nothing except Microsoft Office).
I am reluctant to go fiddling with BIOS drivers, etc, given the repercussions that has had for some people elsewhere on this forum.
Any ideas please?
(I must admit I am disappointed to be having numerous issues in a top of the range computer at a premium price.)

A:XPS 2720 Touch Screen stopped working

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I just got my ideapad 110 touch Friday. After using it for awhile and recieving a brief windows 10 update my touch screen quit working. How can i fix this?
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before I shut down last night I got update then shut down, OK done that, now when I turned on this morning the touch screen does not work......
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I've had nothing but problems since my computer updated to windows 10, sadly I missed deadline to go back to windows 8.1. The touch screen barely worked after the update and has stopped working all together now. I've tried all trouble shooting suggested. After trouble shooting tried to call for support only to find out I'd have to pay because my computer is over 12 months old.
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In the first week with my Y700, sometimes, when the pc started, the touch screen just didn`t work and i had to reboot in order to use this functionality. Now, there`s nothing i can do to use the touch, it`s like the computer never had a touchscreen.Looking in device manager i haven`t found anything related to the touch interface but there is a " Unknow USB Device" in Universal Serial Bus controllers tab.What shall i do?
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the touch screen on my 3147 stopped working. Has been fine up till now with no issues. I have made sure all the drivers are up to date. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Is there some setting I've messed up or missing?

A:inspiron 11 3147 touch screen stopped working

Try the steps below and let us know if issue persists.
1. "Press Windows" key +"C" to select the search option
2. In the search box type "Device Manager" and click on it.
3. Select the "Human Interface Devices", in that right click on "HID-compliant touch screen" and select "Uninstall"
4. It will display the warning message "you are about to uninstall this device from your system" click ok
5. Restart your computer and the driver should install on its own.
Check for the functionality and let me know if issue persists.
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My touch screen as stopped working. It was working fine, screen went to sleep and when I woke it up the touch screen had stopped working. Not sure if I may have push or touched something to lock or deactivate the touch screen?

There is a function key to lock the touch pad (mouse pad) on the keyboard but nothing obvious for the screen.

A:Satellite U920T - touch screen has stopped working

If you restart Windows does it work again?

If not, you may need to send the tablet to an authorized Toshiba repair center.
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Hi, I have a Satellite U840t-103.

The touch screen stopped working a little while ago.
I just don't know why.

I think I may have been fiddling with the project button, but I still can't make it work again.

Please help.

A:Satellite U840T-103 - touch screen stopped working


The touch screen does not require any special Toshiba drivers.
The driver is already part of the Windows 8 / 8.1
Therefore I don?t think there is some software problem but of course, I would recommend you to recover the notebook back to factory settings using the Toshiba recovery disk just to check if this procedure would enable the touch screen functionality once again.

This is an first common procedure in case something wrong would happen to the notebook or the system.

But if system recovery doesn?t help, the notebook needs to be checked by authorized service provider for possible hardware malfunction. But let?s hope, the recovery procedure would solve your problem.
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I purchased Spectre x convertible laptop at the start of August nbsp I had the computer for weeks and the touchscreen and pen Touch Spectre working stopped screen x360: functions stopped working nbsp I called HP and they had me send the computer to a repair center nbsp Below is the paste of nbsp my original posts under a different thread name that was probably too specific Spectre x360: Touch screen stopped working due to the model number nbsp Wanted my experience to be viewable by others having difficulty with Spectre laptops Spectre x360: Touch screen stopped working nbsp Original Spectre x360: Touch screen stopped working Thread nbsp https h www hp com t Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch Spectre-x - - ms-touchscreen-st nbsp nbsp - - AM nbsp Bought this computer at the first week of August nbsp Set it up and used it for weeks nbsp Enjoyed the flexibility of the convertible funtion and regularly used the touch and active stylus features nbsp nbsp Then the touch screen and stylus functions stopped working After multiple attempts to reactivate the features i e restart new pen battery software updates I contacted HP support nbsp My assumption was that the hardware was bad the screen had failed in some way because the software didn't even recongize the touch ability any more nbsp HP support ran me through the standard solutions so again restart etc nbsp Then they wanted to reset Windows revert back to the shipped version of the software erasing all my files apps and software that I had migrated from my old computer nbsp That computer had been recycled at this point nbsp So I would be left to start over nbsp My feel was that it was a hardware issue so why go through the pain of having to reset up the machine nbsp After some coaxing by the rep I relented and reset windows nbsp No help nbsp The software still could not recognize touch or pen functionality nbsp nbsp Next step was to send the machine in for repair nbsp They told me it would take days nbsp That seemed like a long time to go without a computer nbsp I asked for a replacement machine nbsp The computer was only weeks old nbsp They refused nbsp And no compensation was offered for my lost time nbsp Now weeks later I still do not have my computer back and have recieved no info directly from HP nbsp I called in days ago nbsp and after being hung up on and redialing the number times I finally got through to a live person nbsp She stated there was a backlog in parts needed to repair that it would take another week nbsp Again I asked how I would be compensated for the fact that I paid full price for a working computer and was now going without one nbsp They gave me a number to call once the computer had been returned nbsp Now days later the HP Customer Support website still says that the computer will be shipped back to me on the th of September no updates have been given to me via email or phone and no computer has been sent to my home nbsp I called the number they gave me during my call days earlier I was guaranteed it was a direct line to customer service It was a different number that went into the same automated call directory that hangs up on customers that have sent their machines in for repair nbsp I hit zero until someone picked up at least zeros nbsp They are now telling me that parts won't be in for my computer until October th nbsp That would be two months without a computer nbsp How is that customer service nbsp I asked them to just send me a brand new computer nbsp They said they couldn't I did the usual and asked for a supervisor nbsp I'm on hold now nbsp If this was an apple product it would have been replaced on the spot nbsp nbsp I really liked the computer while it was working but am wondering why HP doesnt stand behind its own products and refuses to treat its existing customers with respect nbsp - - AMThird Update The HP Support Rep contacted me to let me know my case would be closed and the shipment date of the computer back to me is still expected to occur o... Read more
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So my pavilion was a gift back in August 2015 and about a month later the touchscreen stoped working at first I thught I had turned something off but it wasn't that. I upgraded to windows 10 thinking it would solve any issues but it didn't. Ive tried everything. Also about a two days ago my pc bagan to disconnect from the wifi at random now I know something is wrong. It was purchased at Famsa so i don't really know. I've check the properties and the touch calibration isn't even there. I've kept it clean and has no visible damage.Please I need the touch ability for school and there's no point in having bought a touch screen computer if it doesn't even work properly.

A:Touch Screen stopped working for some reason and disconnects...

Hi @Pavilionuser721,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the touch screen and the WiFi. I will be glad to help you. Here are some documents to help.Troubleshooting Touch Screen Issues (Windows 8)Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 10)Computer Might Be Infected by a Virus or Malware (Windows 10, 8) Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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This morning my X1 carbon Touch Screen stopped working for no apparent reason. Everything that I can see is updated.  Lenovo Chat has been a pain. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

A:2016 X1 carbon Touch Screen Stopped working abrupt...

Are you saying the machine won't start, or that the touch function doesn't work?
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Tonight I upgraded from Windows 8 whereby my touchscreen worked perfectly to Windows 10 whereby my touchscreen on my HP Envy laptop is totally non-responsive. Is there a fix for this problem? Does HP have a new driver or software that will fix this problem? Is this a Microsoft problem that we have to wait until and update? I have read where others have experienced the same. I cannot imagine Microsoft not supporting touch screens since it is required in tablets, phones and many cross over laptops and computer monitors these days. Please help

A:HP Envy Touch Screen / Touchscreen dead after Windows 10 ins...

My HP Envy touchscreen is not working after the Window 10 install. Looking for direction also!
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Hi, I've recently formatted my Laptop HP Envy m7-n101dx (touch) and installed Win7  Ultimate (64 bit).  I have downloaded all drivers available on HP website and installed on my laptop.  There is only one unknown device left (acpi\msft010), and I'm unable to to find the correct driver.  My problem is I'm unable to use the touch screen of the laptop, I've googling and found that is there must be a problem with with the Human Interface Device, but when I've checked the Device Manager no Human Interface Device is on the list.  Please could anyone help me out.  Thanks in advance

A:Touch Screen of HP Envy m7-n101dx (touch)

Hello @JeffJadoo, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I understand that you are having an issue with the Touch Screen, and wanted to assist you! Did the notebook originally ship with Windows 10?  How did you go about formatting the notebook, and installing Windows 7?  You may be able to use the Recovery Manager to restore the drivers, however, based on how you installed Windows, the Recovery Partition may already be removed.  You can also try reviewing the following document, to see if the information helps: HP Notebook PCs - Touch Screen Issues (Windows 8) Please post back with the results.  It is possible that the Touch Screen may not be supported for Windows 7 on that particular notebook. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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Hi @SALEEN-KIDD  Welcome to the HP Support Forums! In answer to your request, the drivers for that model of notebook can be found here:HP Pavilion 11-n010dx x360 PC (ENERGY STAR) - Software & Drivers I hope this helps.
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Help my left hinge is broken like so many others and I'm out of warranty! I just spent 2 hours on the phone with HP only to discover I will be charged $220!! It's clearly a design error since it's happened to literally hundreds of others with this computer! There needs to be a recall it's not fair to have to pay for something that I've never dropped, etc. I've also read where some have gotten theirs repaired free of charge without being covered under warranty 

A:Broken left hinge HP envy m6 n010dx notebook PC

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). 
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Hello, all others hotkeys work(volume, light the keyboard, etc) but the brightness change button dont work at all ! i tryied to install graphic card from drivers and nothing changed
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Hi, I have bought HP Envy Notebook 17T recently in US. But from start Touch was not working and I thought that this laptop doesnt support Touch. But after reading several post I found that this laptop supports Touch, but somehow the drivers are missing and I am not able to find the drivers for this Touch screen. In Device Manager, under "Human Interface Devices", I could only find "HID-complaint wireless radio controls" and "HP Wireless Button Driver". I didn't find any other options to enable touch in my Laptop. Please find the below screenshot for reference.  Please assist me in making the touch screen working at the earliest. I have spoke to HP Customer care and they registered a case reference number as well. Please see the reference number "3027751069" for more details on the conversations. Please do the needful. Thanks,Vinoth Karunanithy

A:HP Envy Notebook 17T touch is not working

Hi there @VinothK,  Welcome to the HP Support Community! I read your post and wanted to reach out to help you! Could you please provide me with your Model Number (How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?) so that I can assist you better?Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant. Please download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating. Have you done all of your Windows Updates?Have you tried to find new hardware in the device manager?Have you downloaded or installed any new tool or programs?  Have you tried to run the Windows Troubleshooter?Have you tried to Perform a hard reset?Have you tried to Update the BIOS and graphics driver?Have you tried to Perform a touch screen diagnostic test in HP Hardware Diagnostics?Have you tried to Configure the touch display? Did this reply resolve your issue or answer your question? If yes, then please share the good news! Let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. You can also show your appreciation by clicking the Thumbs Up. If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with the results of the troubleshooting. Thanks!Have a great day!
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If anyone is thinking of buying an HP Envy all in one touch screen computer then DON'T do it I bought one less than months ago The touchscreen failed and rendered the whole computer inoperable It took several hours on the phone to get them to agree to take it in for repair After three weeks they claimed to have repaired it and sent it back They changed all the settings and locked them so I could not put the settings back to how they were I don't like one all Envy touch HP screen in working on a black screen with white writing It took another couple of hours on the phone to get them to fix it Now less than two months later the exact same problem with the touchscreen has arisen again It has taken two days to get them to agree to take it back in for repair They cannot collect it until next Thursday It will take another two weeks after that before it's repaired and returned to me I am really really disappointed with this machine and warranty service especially so as it was very expensive
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After a windows auto update my touchscreen no longer responds. I think it is a driver issue. My windows is INSISTING that the best driver is this generic driver from 2006. The display also shows up in the wrong place in the device manager. It's not in the HID list. I'm also having issues with the wireless since an update. It, for lack of a better term, stutters. Other devices will connect just fine and stay connected. But this laptop will drop the connection or simply not 'see' the network. Any help is appreciated.
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I was watching a youtube video when nbsp i decided to do some browsing when suddenly my touch screen stopped responding i have tried restarting factory reset updating drivers everything my screen will only work on one half or it doesnt work at all HP refusing to help as its out of warranty i bought it brand new sealed last month but for some reason warranty is out i called HP who told me to call Currys as that is where it was originally bought by the nbsp hp 13 not screen envy x2 responding touch person who sold it to me nbsp nbsp I called nbsp Currys and they told me to call hp envy x2 13 touch screen not responding HP Parts to see how much the parts would cost on top of a labour charge I called HP parts who told hp envy x2 13 touch screen not responding me they cant find any parts for my laptop on there system and they are unable to help I would of thought that HP would have all parts for all laptops consdering ITS A HP LAPTOP I paid for this laptop less than a month ago and i have no easy way to fix my hp envy x2 13 touch screen not responding problem can anyone help
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How can I turn the touchscreen on, on my computer, I just notice it after 2 months of having it, the mouse stop working
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In the last two weeks my HP Envy 27 Recline All in One Touchscreen computer has powered down and won't power back on properly.  Tried the power button, no response.  Disconnected all sources of power to the computer and still no response after reconnecting power source and pressing the power button.  Attempted the same process a second time and after a few minutes the computer finally powered up.  Please advise. Thank you.
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Hello, I bought an HP Envy 15-J170us laptop which now has a cracked touch screen. I don't know how it got cracked, I put it in my padded PC backpack and set it in the back of my car, with nothing on top of it, and when I opened it up it had several cracks in the display radiating from one of the microphone holes (at least I assume it those are microphone holes) in the top of the glass. If this could be covered by my warranty it would be great, but if not, I need to know how I can get the touch screen replaced. Thanks, Mathew Pierce 

I am an HP employee.

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A:Envy 15-J170us cracked touch screen

If you purchased accidental damage protection plan, then this would be covered as a part of this plan. This is not covered as a part of standard warranty. You can go to Manuals section and download the Maintenance and Service Guide which has the part number and the procedure to replace the screen:
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I upgraded my PC from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.  Since upgrading the Touch Screen / Screen functions are no longer available or working.   I checking windows itself  there is no Pen or touch input available for this display?Please Help 

A:Windows 10 Touch Screen not working?

Me too. HP Envy 15t-j100 quad. Currently on hold with HP tech support via Costco Concierge.
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The touch screen functionality is no longer working and I have no idea why. Please help as I am not very good with computers.
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My touch pad has completely stopped working.

I have a sony VAIO laptop and it doesn't have the eraser-looking mouse in te middle of the keyboard. I have another normal mouse plugged into the USB, but the clicky buttons undeneath the touch pad and the touch pad itself have just stopped working!

I don't have any idea what could be wrong, but any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU!!!!

A:Touch pad stopped working!!!

Hi check in device manager for any error flags ie yellow ! or red Xs, if you have then go to the sony support site for your model and download and install the driver,you may wish to download the driver for the touchpad and install it and see if it sorts your issue
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touch pad on HP Mini 110 stopped working for awhile ago.
do u know how to fix this?

A:touch pad stopped working

This may sound odd, but remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds or so. Now plug it in to AC and see if the touchpad is working again. A Guy
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Hello everyone, my touch screen on my lenovo ideapad z400 touch is not working anymore.  The only weird thing I remember is some ghost touchpoint on my screen. I've been looking for the answer to this issue, but it seems that Lenovo does not address this problem.  If someone has found the solution to this problem and wants to share it with me, I will be forever grateful.  

A:IdeaPad z400 Touch - Touch screen not working

I facing the same situation right now. any solution please. left side of monitor is being "touched"?
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The touchscreen stopped working suddenly on my Envy TouchSmart Sleekbook - dx At first i though it was like a normal failure and that will get fixed by turning the pc off or restarting so I did not pay attention to it until now that I screen- not touch touch... HID-compliant to working, use unable had restart my pc multiple times Currently running win I started to believe it was because of an update a few days ago since it was when the problem started but all drivers and everything is up to date I have checked for the HID-compliant Touch Screen driver and had to nbsp show hidden divices in order to find it I cannot enable it and when i check in the properties HID-compliant touch screen- not working, unable to use touch... the following message displays nbsp Currently this hardware device is not connected to the computer Code To fix this problem reconnect this hardware device to the computer nbsp I have no idea on how to connect or how it got disconnected I come from a similar thread but did not solve my problem I have been researching this for hours and have not found and answer Help please nbsp
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Several weeks ago I started to have a problem with my cursor suddenly disappearing nbsp It can be brought back with the track pad but disappears immediately touch HP screen envy cursor with m7-n101dx Disappearing again if I touch the screen If I plug in a mouse and only use that the cursor stays nbsp The only fix generally is a reboot although following one occurrence it spontaneously reappeared as a functional touch screen cursor sometime after disappearing nbsp This question was posted on a Windows forum and per the recommendations there nbsp I have updated several drivers from within windows device manager or found them to be the latest and by downloads from HP site chipset nbsp There was a previous similar question for Windows in which the solutions included updating the system event utility from HP which I do not believe I have done if that is still a potential solution The problem persists nbsp I also had an occasion yesterday just the second such where the cursor was moving on its own and I was unable to use or control it or make any selections and had to do a hard shutdown restart Hardware failing Disappearing cursor with touch screen HP envy m7-n101dx nbsp
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HP ENVY TS Notebook PCProduct number E A UA ABAWindows -bitIntel R HD Graphics ENVY HP (ghost TS malfunction Screen clicks) 17 Touch System board KBC Version System bios F nbsp Good HP ENVY TS 17 Touch Screen malfunction (ghost clicks) day nbsp nbsp My screen was replaced very soon after purchasing my laptop dead pixels and I would like some confirmation that the HP ENVY TS 17 Touch Screen malfunction (ghost clicks) problem I am now experiencing is nbsp related to the hardware reinstallation nbsp before taking it back to the service center nbsp I did not experience this issue prior to the replacement nbsp During the boot into Windows or some times after a day of use the screen malfunctions with several visible nbsp ghost touches on screen I have the Show visual feedback when I touch the screen enabled nbsp The nbsp touch nbsp functionality is then disabled with the Windows nbsp Event Viewer System warning A multi-touch device reported inconsistent contact information nbsp nbsp Some times it is possible to reactivate the touch screen functionality by nbsp uninstalling nbsp the HID-compliant Touch Screen device driver and then scanning for new hardware nbsp Restarting usually nbsp resolves the issue but occasionally the system does not recognise the above driver and lists it as an unrecognised device in the USB controllers section of the Device Manager nbsp I ran the UEFI touch screen test a few times - it usually passes but there was one time when the touch screen was disabled and you couldn't run the test nbsp I have refreshed my PC but this did not help nbsp nbsp Any feedback would be appreciated nbsp Thanks

A:HP ENVY TS 17 Touch Screen malfunction (ghost clicks)

Hi Indy_za,  Welcome to the HP Forums!I would like to take a moment and thank you for using the forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I understand that after replacing the Touchsmart screen, you are getting ghost touches.  You did a refresh on your notebook, but it did not help. Here is  a link to assist you. Troubleshooting Touch Screen Issues in Windows 8/  I  hope this helps.
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Hi My Envy start 23 not does envy screen touch blank smart - Smart Touch recently refused to start nbsp I search and did the recomended items to try and get it going again such as envy 23 smart touch does not start - blank screen Diconnect all devices disconnect power hold power button for sec power on with F key etc nbsp have performed this numerous times No luck nbsp I don't see the BIOS nbsp There is power as the hard drive light does do a short light and the DVD drive does make an initial sound nbsp Even tried a USN keyboard to see envy 23 smart touch does not start - blank screen if that would help nbsp I have even reset my CMOS with the jumper pins checked the battery unplug plug hard drive and other cords that attach to the motherboard nbsp Have reseated the RAM - tried to also boot with just one chip in nbsp Hard drive appears to be ok as I was able to browse its contects when I removed it and attached it to my smart TV Partitions and folders nbsp Still no response to the PC other than the quick LED HD light coming on and the quick LED light on the DVD drive nbsp -screen remains blank nbsp This PC is just now years old nbsp Anything else to try Thanks in advance Jim nbsp

A:envy 23 smart touch does not start - blank screen

My ENVY 23 Touch screen dioeds not start. I tried all the suggested steps that I could find... As we have two power cords exactly the same wattage, that has been tried as well... Ther light at the back comes on when the power cord is plugged in, but the start button coes not work. Unplugging and holding the start button down for 10 seconds and re starting does not work.Restartting with F10 key down does not work. Nothing seems to do the trick. It happenerd once before and I was able to restart it with a hard start (holding the power button down for 5-10 seconds with power cord off) and restarting. It did work about three weeks ago. Now it does not. Any suggestions?
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the lcd backlight on my envy k204na appears to have failed......4 months out of warrenty! im not confident seperating the digitiser from the lcd panel and the cost of the complete unit is ridiculous, can i use a standard lcd screen, a third of the cost, to replace the existing screen? if so what is the part number i need. any advice greatly appreciated footnote: dont buy a touch unless you are absolutley sure you are going to use it.......or your loaded and can afford repairs/replacement!
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I'm having the same problem as others with my HP envy 17. The left hindge has broken without any drops or setting it down to hard.

A:HP Envy Touch Screen left hinge broken

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Windows Store and Store Apps were not functioning after the Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 update, so I attempted a fresh install of Windows 10. After successfully completing the update, the touch screen driver vanished, and the touch screen (and sound) stopped functioning. After runing the HP system tests, I found that all touch functions work fine outside of the Operating System (sound test failed), but would not work once windows began booting up. Device manager shows a single Unknown Device with the Device ID: ACPI\INT3401\0The Unknown Device reported the problem code: 0000001C Thank you in advance for your assistance.-Sayin
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After updating windows 10 my touchscreen won't work in Chrome. How do I fix this?

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A:Touch screen not working after windows 10 update

Hi, Welcome to HP support forum. Asus and Chrome are not from HP, touchscreen works on my HP machine with IE, Firefox and the new browser from Windows 10 called Edge. I think you need to update Chrome. Regards.
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I bought an asus F553MA with touch screen and after i updated from windows 8.1 to windows 10 the touch screen has been turned in to a genaric screen inside of hardware management. And the hid for touch monitor is no longer there

A:Touch screen not working after update to windows 10

Go to the manufacturer of your system and download the video card drivers for your device. Windows supports touch screens, but it can't do it without the drivers for the touch screen.
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Hi, have upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and the touch screen is not working so unable to use in tablet mode. I have run Lenovo system update and all devices are showing OK in device manager.When I go to about PC in Windows 10 I get "no pen or touch input is available for this display".Have installed drivers from Lenovo website for chipset, gpio, sideband, monitor and display. No success.Everything else is working OK. Any suggestions? 

A:Yoga 11e touch screen not working after Windows 10...

I also have have this issue. I have been fighting it for 2 days now.
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Good night,Yesterday I did the update to windowns 10 and after that my touch screen is not working. I tried everything that I knew for windowns 8.1 but nothing worked.Thank you

A:Touch screen not working after update to windows 10

Hello HPPavillion11, please perform the following steps to ensure everything is working: Step 1: Shutdown your PC.Step 2: Install Windows Updates.Step 3: Perform a touch screen diagnostic test     a.1: Plug the AC Adapter into the computer.     a.2: Press the power button on the computer for 5 seconds.     a.3: Turn on the computer and press the F2 key repeatedly.      a.4: When the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic UEFI screen displays, click Component Tests.      a.5: Click Touchscreeen.      a.6 There are two interactive touch screen tests. Start by clicking Touch Pointer Test.       a.6 Read the on screen instructions, and click Run Once.       a.7:  Touch each block to erase them the test ends when all blocks are erased or after three minutes have passed and results are displayed.     a.8 Click the main menu to return to the UEFI Screen and click the second test.      a.9:  Click Compenent Tests, and then click Touchscreen  again.      a.10 Click Drag and Drop Test.      a.11: Read the on screen instructions, then click Run Once again.      a.12: Drag and drop the the blocks according to the screen. The test ends after all the blocks are repositioned, or after three minutes have passed. ------------------------------------------- If all else fails, please let me know so I can further assist you.  

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My computer's been acting up since yesterday but nothing really drastic happened until a couple hours ago 23 HP just... HELP! working. stopped Envy nbsp Yesterday my computer was being kind of slow and unresponsive Website pages weren't loading correctly on Chrome which was my go-to browser but were fine on Firefox I thought this was because I hadn't turned the HP Envy 23 just... stopped working. HELP! computer off for a couple HP Envy 23 just... stopped working. HELP! days I just kept putting it on sleep because I had unfinished business unsaved However it got to the point where the unresponsiveness was annoying so I decided to restart the computer nbsp While restarting instead of booting back up it got stuck on the black screen and wasn't doing anything for about minuites so I just shut it off via the power button and went to bed It's done this before and booted back up with no problem other times nbsp Today when I turned the computer on it booted up fine but was being really slow and eventually froze I had to hold down the power button to turn it off When I turned it back on I got a blue screen that read something like your computer has run into a problem and needs to restart We are collecting some error info and then it will restart for you When the error info was collected the computer restarted but instead of booting up I kept getting the blue screen over and over again It was throwing up two different codes on the screen one was WFS VIOLATION and the other was xc a nbsp nbsp Eventually I was able to press F to get into the pre-boot settings and did a system restore After the system restored everything seemed fine until I attempted to windows update The updates downloaded fine but when it came to restarting the computer remained on that dreaded black screen The computer was on definitely - I could tell by the sound of the fans - but nothing was coming up on the screen I left it like that for about minutes hoping that it would just pop back on on its own but when it didn't I shut it off via the power button again nbsp nbsp It could have been at this point that I messed up bad I understand There's a reason why they tell you not to shut your devices down during an update and I know this nbsp I waited a few hours before attempting to turn the computer on again and when I did the fans turned on full blast and were so loud it sounded like someone turned a blow dryer on Again the screen never showed any sign of life - it was black the whole seconds the computer remained on before shutting itself off This part scared me I was sure it would blow - thankfully it didn't nbsp nbsp I talked to a few of my computer savvy friends and they've suspected viruses I do have a paid subscription of Norton Antivirus and have not downloaded anything strange over the passed few days except for a Video files merger can't tell you the exact name that I've had for about a week now I had not noticed the symptoms until I woke my computer up from its sleep last night where it began to act up nbsp With this same computer a few years back I had to ship it back to HP because the motherboard had fried on me I hope its not the same issue again nbsp Any help or guidance would be much appreciated I think at this point I'm going to have to get it professionally fixed because I can't even turn the thing on
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hi ya. im hoping someone can help me with an issue im having my laptop. for some reason my touch pad and keyboard stop working. i have tried reintalling windows to correct the issue which it does for a day and then the same thing happens again. when i checked in device manager and clicked on PS/2 mouse it said there was a code 10 error. if i uninstall ps/2 and restart the laptop it fixes the issue for a while, then it occurs again. my OS is windows 7, i think it was upgraded from windows vista (i only recently purchased this laptop 2nd hand) so im not 100% sure on that. the driver date for the ps/2 compatible mouse is 6/21/2006. i have tried looking on the website for a more updated keypad driver but i could not seem to find one. it seems to have every other driver apart for keypad driver.

any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Touch pad/keyboard has stopped working.

just replying as I'm having exactly the same issue, though on Win 8. Somehow the drivers were gone for the keyboard and touch pad, and while I resolved the touchpad issue by reinstalling the driver, but still cannot find the keyboard one.

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My scroll bar on my touchpad stopped working. I have an HP laptop.

A:scroll bar on touch pad stopped working

Is the touchpad a SYNAPTICS or ALPS or some other brand?

What version of Windows are you using?

What model name and model number is your HP laptop?

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Hi, please I need help. I own an hp pavilion sleekbook 15. Just out of the blue my mouse and touch pad stopped working after a restart. I download a new driver from the hp website, synaptic touch ps/2, installed it and still nothing. After several tries I don't know what to do anymore. I checked the device manager and nothing is installed, when I check the control panel it says reinstal

A:mouse and touch pad stopped working

Hi ProcuradorGeral,

So in your control panel under mouse does it have a touch pad at all? Is it enabled in the BIOS, as I know some laptops give you that option to disable it. By mouse stopped working do you have an external mouse? Is it USB?


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My external drive has stopped working. It turns on alright but does not make its usual noises nor does it show that it is there on the computer. I don't get any error messages or anything. My husband has another Maxtor One Touch III hooked up to his laptop and it works fine. I tried hooking my Maxtor to his laptop and it does the same turns on but and that is it (It does not show up as being connected). I also exchanged the powercord and USB conncection with my husband's Maxtor cords without any changes. I have all my music and photos on my Maxtor III and would like to get it back. Any help is appreciated.
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My ENVY m6-AQ003 x360 touch screen function clicks itself. It clicks really fast in a straight vertical line. I havn't used it in a couple days so when I turned it on and it started clicking my first thought was the mouse was acting up or the touch pad. so I unplugged the mouse and restarted the computer. It continued to do it after the restart so I tried to turn off the touchpad. But the screen kept clicking before I could. Although it has stopped after i played around with it. It seems to keep doing it from time to time a few clicks. I know it is the touch screen function after I realized that the touch screen makes circles where you click and the mouse and touch pad don't. I hope there is a quick fix so I dont' have this problem when I travel in a few days.
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The laptop: HP Envy TouchSmart 15 Notebook PC (15-j173cl)Windows 8.1 Pro The problem: I use an external monitor, so my laptop is usually shut.  Randomly, my touch screen THINKS something is touching it, which disrupts whatever I'm doing.  I would like to disable the touch screen completely, as I do not use it at all. I thought maybe the latch wasn't closing properly, but the screen resolution changes when I shut the laptop, so it KNOWS it's closed and switches to the proper resolution for my external monitor, but it DOES NOT disactivate the touch screen, and some dirt or something is touching it, changing where my mouse is pointed, where I am typing, etc. I have tried cleaning the screen and keyboard with compressed air. The problem happens randomly; sometimes when I CAD for the day, sometimes after hours of working.

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A:Disable touch screen for HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j173cl Notebo...

Hello, @rockspeak Welcome to the HP Forums.I see that you're looking to disable the touch feature in your notebooks display. I will help you with this. You can do this by going into Device Manager > click the + or > by Human Interface Devices > right click on HID-compliant touch screen > choose disable. This will have disabled the touch ability. Let me know if this works for you.Thank you for posting on the HP Forums.
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Hi The touch screen of Lenovo ideapad Flex 14 is not working at all after recovery.The OS is the stock Windows 8. Please help me  recover the touch screen functionality Many thanks in advance.
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Hi After upgrading my pc from windows 8.1 to windows 10 my touch screen stop working, i tried by calibrating and some options but now i cant find my pen and touch option in control panel and the device showing no pen and touch option. Help me.

A:Touch screen not working in Pavilion 14-b124us after windows...

I have the same problem. Upgraded to windows 10 and touch screen does not work. Furhtrermore the Sprout technology does not work either. WE NEED HP TO REPLY WITH AN ASNWER!!
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The touch screen is non-responsive on Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit Version 1607 also known as Windows 10 Anniversary edition. the monitors worked fine with Version 1511. This is in an Enterprise IT environment. 5 different desktop systems using this same model of monitor exhibit the same issue. Desktop systems with Acer Touch Screen monitors work perfectly.  So far I have downloaded the driver update sp73334. I have also tried using the display assistant sp74896.exe. I have logged a call with the display assistant software vendor, and they indicate that they only help with the display, not the touch screen. The display works fine at the correct resolution.
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I upgraded to and Pen and Touch or the touch screen is unresponsive I have tried draining battery and not Touch after working upgr... Screen - Windows S415 reboot for device detection I have gone in to device manager and deleted HID compliant-touch screen driver and then all the HID drivers If I go into control panel and open Pen and Touch to enable finger input option under touch action Equivalent Mouse action no finger input option is there to apply Under system properties I S415 - Touch Screen not working after Windows upgr... can see Pen and Touch Full Windows Touch Support with Touch Points nbsp is there I have gone to Lenovo's support and downloaded all the drivers and firmware and BIOS update as well I also tried to reistall to factory settings with one touch but it did not work in either I have since upgraded again to and done all the updates for windows nbsp Any Help would be greatly appreciated Thank You John nbsp nbsp nbsp Mod's Edit System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility clarity

A:S415 - Touch Screen not working after Windows upgr...

hi MatrixLinx,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Have the AC adapter unplugged
Remove the battery
Hold down the power button for 10sec.
Reconnect Battery and plug in the AC
Turn on the computer and check if the touch will no respond
Hope this helps

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Hey All!!So my touchscreen stopped working randomly and I tried updating my drivers. Windows said that the drivers were already update...sooo I was good on that frnt. I left my computer for a bit and now I am currently running Windows 10 and I just recently disabled the touch screen foloowed by a restart of my laptop then I enabled the touchscreen to no avail. The touchscreen is still not working. Any advice on what I should try next would e greatly appreciated.  Thanks!Tiff

A:Ideapad s400 Touch screen not working Windows 10

I also asked this question in Dec.  Nice to know no one cares to answer us.
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My 7537 Inspiron touch screen is not working after the upgrade to Windows 10.
In device manager a USB device shows as unknown (yellow warning triangle), otherwise there are no indications to the source of the problem.  There is no other touch screen device showing in device manager. There do not appear to be any touch screen drivers on the Dell website.
Suggestions please ?

A:Inspiron 7537 touch screen not working with windows 10

You can click the link below to download the touchpad driver for this system. The drivers shows it is for 32 bit but will work with Windows 10 64 bit.
Dell TouchPad Driver
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I updated to Windows 10 Aniversary Edition a couple of days ago and lost the use of the touch screen. I have done some research and found that the HID compliant touchscreen is no longer showing up as a Human Interface Device in my device manager. Is there a way I can re-download this or is there another way to get my touchscreen to work again?
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I have been running windows 10 for almost a year with no problems to my touchpad. Today it stopped working completely. I went into the device manager and it showed the touchpad still connected. I restarted my computer and now it is as if my touchpad does not exist at all. The drivers for the touchpad are installed and I checked for updates. Could it be that the connection inside the laptop has come loose?
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Recently my HP MY DISPLAY software has stopped working.  This is the softare that allows me to use the advanced features of 34" curved display.  I have downloaded all of the drivers/software on the support page but it hasn't helped.  I have uninstalled them and reinstalled and it has not helped.  When I try to open HP MY DISPLAY a messge pops up that says "Enumerating Display Devices phase 1" , then a large moving circle displays like it is waiting.  Then I get the error messge "HP My Display has stopped working". Any ideas?
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Hi please help me as well as I am having the exact same problem. I am unable to connect an external laptop to use my screen via the HDMI cable.

A:Re: HP Envy 34c - HP My Display has stopped working

Hi there @boowah, May the Forums be with you!  I understand that you are trying to use your 34c display with your laptop computer.  I am happy to give you a hand with this. What is the model# of the laptop you are trying to use? Are you getting any error messages on the display when you try to output to the 34c? Also please see HP ENVY 34c Media Display - Product Specifications. What is the maximum resolution supported by your notebooks display adapter? Please let me know when you can.
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I have been using a USB mouse for a few weeks and touchpad has always been operational. A couple of days ago the touchpad has stopped working. No issues are raised in the device manager so that pointed me to the on/off buttons for the touchpad. But pressing the dedicated button and fn F9 have not changed anything.

Really confused but think I am missing something really obvious as I cannot think of an initiating event so assuming some magic button will bring the touch pad back to life.

All help gratefully received...

A:Satellite Z830-10U - Touch Pad has stopped working


What happens if you disconnect the USB mouse?
Can you use the touchpad again?

From my point of view the usage or installation of external USB mouse has affected the touchpad functionality? I cannot say for sure why and what happens exactly here but I read in different forums about similar issues and sometimes the usage of USB mouse caused the touchpad problems.

For example: in my case the touchpad did not work with connected USB mouse? I was very confused but found a solution? in my case the option ?disable touchpad when USB mouse is connected? was checked and this disabled the touchpad.

You can find this here:
Control panel -> mouse -> last tab (advanced) -> Advanced settings button

A friend of mine could not use the touchpad because it was disabled in BIOS.
This is worth to check too?
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nbsp nbsp I bought of these laptops from Evine The model is the E - T- Intel E Touch 8 15 after working o... months stopped Aspire core is with Windows nbsp I use this laptop mostly for my social media and email and to do my research papers I set it up so that it powers down after an hour of non use About a month ago I noticed that the laptop was running significantly slower than usual and the cursor was Aspire E 15 Touch stopped working after 8 months o... jumping wildly all over the place when I try to type anything that the Web pages I try to load would freeze up a lot and that the machine would just shutdown and reboot itself while I was in the middle of doing something It has a terabyte hard drive that is nowhere near capacity I have also never dropped or otherwise damaged this laptop nbsp nbsp Since Aspire E 15 Touch stopped working after 8 months o... the past days the laptop refused to boot up at all It slowly flashes the Acer logo and the preparing automatic repair message on the screen then it just goes black and does nothing I know that these things aren't really made to last too long but these laptops were not cheap and months is very disappointing I am hoping that someone can help me to get it working again Ive tried all the generic interventions i see posted on these forums and none of them work Any ideas
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so i left the computer on over-night and now, i can't use touch to scroll up and down in lists / web pages any more. is there something i can re-initiate to get this to work again?
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My Helix (windows 8.1) is 2 years old now, It was working fine until las tnight, but when I switched on this morning, I found there is no reaction from Track point and touch pad. There was no driver update/windows update last night, and did not give any physical shock onto the Helix between last night and this morning.  Today, I tried to update track point driver from device manager, but it says my version is the latest and not necessary to update. I have absolutely no idea what cause this problem and how to solve. I would be appreciated if anyone knowledgeable could give me helping hand. Many thanks
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I had this laptop original with windows 10 from manufacture and I did downgrade to windows 8.1pro since I need to run a prgram that works only with windows 8.1. Now my touch screen is not working and can not find any driver, shows no pen or touch input available. Also i did check on device manager and dont see any HID for touch screen. Can somebody please help me out with this matter.
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After upgrading to Windows 10, my Pavilion 23tm touch screen monitor lost the touch feature.  I looked for a driver on the HP website and it required me to download the HP Support Assistant app.  That is, the site would not simply allow me to download a driver update.  After downloading HP Support Assistant and running this app, it did not find the Pavilion 23tm monitor, so I hit a dead end.  I believe I just need to be able to download the most recent driver, but the HP site won't allow this. 

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A:Pavilion 23tm touch screen not working after Windows 10 upgr...

Hi there @jazzquilt?,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are having trouble with your touchscreen display after upgrading to Windows 10, and that you installed the HP Support Assistant to help, but the problem remains. I am happy to assist. On looking up the model of the display, I did find a Windows 10 driver, linked below. Give it a try, if you haven't already.HP 23tm LCD Monitor - Windows 10 Driver Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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Windows update caused touch and working not windows fingerprint screen reader after update this problem on - - and I noticed this touch screen and fingerprint reader not working after windows update error last week Problem with Video Driver NVIDIA GeForce Go Video Driver - This is the video driver version for my HP tablet HP Website But windows update installed the latest version touch screen and fingerprint reader not working after windows update from NVIDIA From that time onwards my touch screen stopped working I contacted HP care and they advised me to follow these steps Uninstall the latest driver and install the driver by giving the video driver devicemanager - gt display adapter - gt touch screen and fingerprint reader not working after windows update Nvidia - gt uninstall Bios Flash they provided the software Calibrate I am done with the first two steps but still my touch screen is not recognizing the pen So I couldn't calibrate When I contacted the HP care again they are telling it may be because of hardware failure My notebook is working perfectly except this touchscreen problem Again they asked me to do the driver installation in safe mode Add Remove Programs - gt Remove only display adapter Driver installed successfully but in device manager it is showing the latest version I tried two times but couldn't help I can't install the older driver pls help Problem with Fingerprint reader Finger print reader has not detected I contacted HP care and they advised me to install the driver for fingerprint reader After reinstall and restart I am able to see that driver is installed through control panel - gt add remove programs but the driver details are not in the device manager What could be the problem please help me

A:touch screen and fingerprint reader not working after windows update

Full system recovery solved the problem.
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Without warning or any hardware/software changes, my Envy 5530 stopped working wirelessly.  The blue light blinks and I have tried; (1) powering down the printer and laptop, (2) running the wireless wizard, (3) resetting to default settings, (4) unplugging my modem and router, (4) re-entering all passwords and settings, (5) using the HP print and scan doctor, yet nothing has worked. Any one know why this might happen and what can be done?
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Hi i m using hp envy m6 sleekbook. Its keyboard stopped working suddenly. Only space, delete, backspace and home buttons are working. I m not able to enter my password to open it.
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Recently the touch screen on my HP ENVY/Touchsmart hasn't been working. When I bought the computer Windows 8 was installed; I converted to Windows 10 and for about a year the touchscreen was working fine. I also noticed that when I go to HUMAN  INTERFACE Devices in device manager, no touchscreen program appears. ANy suggestions? Thanks
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Had this monitor for exactly 30 days - suddenly the usb3 outputs on the back have stopped working - they won't charge an iphone and nither do they allow a webcam or a disk drive to connect through  the display's hub - but they used to! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Simon
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Hi, I just got a new HP Envy x 360 in July 2016 and a new HP monitor 27es Display in mid-August.  It was connecting to the monitor by using HDMI fine till last week.  From a week ago (around Labor day), it stopped recognizing the monitor.I have an old HP laptop, and it is fine connecting to the the monitor by VGA.  So, it is not the monitor's issue.I remember I did the recommended HP update around the same time.  I am suspecting that update caused the issue with HDMI.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.
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After updating to latest Bios my HP ENVY wont start up.My os is Windows 10After update all I get is a flashing capslock (twice) and a black screen.  Help me please as I need my computer every day. Thanks in anticipation