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Dell Companion 12000mAh or 18000mAh compatibility with the Dell Laptop Latitude E6430 or is there another Dell Companion product for the E6430?

Q: Dell Companion 12000mAh or 18000mAh compatibility with the Dell Laptop Latitude E6430 or is there another Dell Companion product for the E6430?

I own a Dell Latitude E6430. I am looking for a Dell Companion 12000mAh or 18000mAh type of device to power and charge my Dell Lattitude E6430 when I am traveling (no outlet available). When I view the compatibility list for both the Dell Companion 12000mAh and the 18000mAh I don't see the Dell Latitude E6430 in either list. I went and purchased the 12000mAh and I am attempting to use this to charge and power my Dell Latitude E6430. It powers my Dell Laptop for about a minute and then quits. Is there a solution for this problem? And/or is there another Dell Companion type device that I can purchase that is listed as 100% compatible with the Dell Latitude E6430? I would like to either get this solution working or purchase the product that is listed as 100% compatible.
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Preferred Solution: Dell Companion 12000mAh or 18000mAh compatibility with the Dell Laptop Latitude E6430 or is there another Dell Companion product for the E6430?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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for the basics and schoolwork
and which is newer 

A:which is better dell latitude e5440 or dell latiude e6430

The E6430 has a metal case and is more robust, but uses an older CPU and chipset.
The E5440 is a plainer chassis with a newer generation CPU and chipset.
The E6440 is the concurrent update to the E5440.
There are too many possible configurations to definitively say which is better -- it depends on the CPU, GPU, etc. in the specific model (or that you choose when you order one, but since the E6430 isn't a current model,  you may be looking at used systems).
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On BIOS 01.01.19, when I plug the 18000mah Dell Power Companion in to my XPS 15 9550, the CPU locks to it's x9.0 multiplier. It's as if it's setting the CPU speed on how much power is coming in to the laptop (as the Power Companion is too weak to charge it).This reminds me of the old issue of the CPU multiplier locking when removing the power connector, which now seems to force the CPU to drop to x9.0 multiplier before climbing back up slowly (so it's not instant, but good enough).Does anybody else experience these issues?

A:Dell Power Companion 18000mah throttling XPS 15 9550 CPU

It looks like this has been fixed in the latest BIOS.
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I got a dell latitude e6430 around a year ago as a present and since yesterday (7/09/14) I couldn't get on it. It starts but it keeps going on startup repair (I've done this around 5 times) and the message that comes up with...

"if you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and restart your computer. If you continue to see this message, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance"

I click finish and still when I turn it on again it doesn't work. I've attached my photo memory card but I done it ages ago with no problem and nothing new has been attached.

If someone knows how to fix it I would be so grateful



Hi and welcome to TSF please see page 75 here and see if you can run the diagnostic.
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hello there not sure if this is windows related.well i have installed speedfan software and this laptop i have is at 55-60 running and the fan is quiet kind of i was wondering is there any way of speeding up my fan at lower temperatures.i cant figger out this speedfan settings and im afraid of frying my is what i think is my fan maybe DELL $3E8 on ISA then it shows temperature 1 offset not sure what i should put that to.


Many (most) Dell's do not have user fan speed control. Its what it is. Laptops, in general, tend to run warm as they sacrifice extra cooling for reduction in fan noise.
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hello i have both these dell and Dell e6430 latitude latitude e6420 laptops well i have bought a Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420 e for my girlfriend as the other one she has is crap well i have read that these e get warm and well i found out they come with one pipe heatsink well Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420 i heard u can upgrade the heatsink to a pipe one DUAL HEATPIPE heatsink DELL P N - TYP i was wondering what else do i need to do this as when i get this laptop its second hand i pro in it ghz im going to clean it out and put new paste on it put i hear people are on about this copper shim to put on it can this be done and well can i upgrade my dell latitude e i pro ghz heatsink with the Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420 double heatsink as i know that one only comes with one pipe love you guys info if you guys can help me would be class thanks i got this info here GPU Temperature C on Latitude E - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Community

A:Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420

Joseph mate best leave as is after all it was made to function as it came. Now for the compound and copper shim personally I would not bother with the copper shim I can see no good reason for it the dual pipe again if it was made to work with one pipe then leave alone.

It is better if you renew the compound using a decent cleaner and compound and I can recommend these for that job

Arctic Silver Incorporated - ArctiClean for thorough cleaning and preparation and Arctic Silver Incorporated - Arctic Silver 5 for the compound.

Now it depends on who you listen to but I always use these products and after the old compound is thoroughly cleaned off and the surfaces prepped I spread the compound very thinly and across the both entire surface of the CPU and the heatsink with my finger inside a vinyl or latex glove and then place a rice grain sized piece of compound on the CPU and replace the heatsink. If you touch the surfaces after clean and prep then redo it.

While you are in there do make sure the fan and the radiator are really spotless and I sometimes relube the fan bearings to make sure the fan is running at full tilt when needed.
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quick question my friend i have a dell latitude e6430 laptop i was wanting to make it faster as in put a bigger cpu in it is it a good idea do u think and do u have any ideas on which one i could put in to make it as fast as possible hello i have a dell latitude e6430 with a intel c216 chipset well love to put a bigger processor in it

Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller - 1E03


intel core tm i5-3320m cpu at 2.60ghz
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I frequently have Blue screen of deaths on my dell latitude e6430

It usually comes out with these notices:
Can anyone help me resolve the problem please?
It is my school laptop and i keep on getting bsods in the middle of my revisions ...
If you need any more details about my laptop, i'll try to get them for you..

Thank you very much !


-Compressed folder:

A:Frequent BSODs on my dell latitude E6430

Bluetooth is disabled. Is this deliberate? If so, why?

Out of 10 memory dumps there were 7 different BSOD error codes. The differing error codes are usually symptomatic of a lower level problem within the system. They are usually caused by one of these things:
- borked (broken) hardware (several different procedures used to isolate the problem device)
- BIOS issues (check for updates at the motherboard manufacturer's website)
- overclocking - You'll know if you're overclocking or not. If uncertain we can suggest things to check.
- compatibility issues (3rd party hardware/drivers)
- low-level driver problems
- or even malware (scanned for when we ask for hardware diagnostics from Initial Hardware Diagnostics or Hardware Diagnostics ).

You can get a head start on the hardware diagnostics if you'd like - they are located here: Hardware Diagnostics

Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

ewusbmdm.sys Wed Mar 24 22:08:45 2010 (4BAAC5AD)
USB Modem/Serial Device Driver - "Huawei Mobile Connect" package

ew_jubusenum.sys Fri Apr 9 03:24:31 2010 (4BBED62F)
HUAWEI Mobile Connect - Bus Enumerate Device

PxHlpa64.sys Mon Oct 17 10:29:34 2011 (4E9C3BCE)
Sonic CD/DVD driver (used by many different CD/DVD programs)

If all of this doesn't stop the BSOD's, please run these free hardware diagnostics: Hardware Diagnostics. Let us know the results and we can move on from there.

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Fri Jul 5 07:13:18.996 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Owner\SysnativeBSODApps\070513-39218-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9200.16581.amd64fre.win8_gdr.130410-1505
System Uptime:0 days 7:13:57.234
Probably caused by :pci.sys
BugCheck 9F, {3, fffffa8006bdc060, fffff88001e2b7f0, fffffa80136babd0}
Arg1: 0000000000000003, A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time
Arg2: fffffa8006bdc060, Physical Device Object of the stack
Arg3: fffff88001e2b7f0, nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win7, otherwise the Functional Device Object of the stack
Arg4: fffffa80136babd0, The blocked IRP
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x9F_3_iaStorA_IMAGE_pci.sys
CPUID: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3720QM CPU @ 2.60GHz"
MaxSpeed: 2600
CurrentSpeed: 2592
BIOS Version A09
BIOS Release Date 12/13/2012
Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Product Name Latitude E6430
**************************Thu Jul 4 12:49:39.405 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Owner\SysnativeBSODApps\070513-34500-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9200.16581.amd64fre.win8_gdr.130410-1505
System Uptime:0 days 1:08:05.104
Probably caused by :memory_corruption ( nt!MiValidFault+1fe )
BugCheck 50, {3b7f9ed, 0, 63620a00, 8}
Arg1: 0000000003b7f9ed, memory referenced.
Arg2: 0000000000000000, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation.
Arg3: 0000000063620a00, If non-zero, the instruction address which referenced the bad memory
Arg4: 0000000000000008, (reserved)
PROCESS_NAME: chrome.exe
FAILURE_... Read more
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hi there forums world well im going to stomp out for a new or second hand ssd what u guys recon id love one about 500gb or more not bothered with the smaller ones.just love to ask you guys what one should i get but im not a big fan of paying a bunch of money out for something i dont really need.was wondering are they worth buying and do they ever break down i have been looking at this site but love you guys info.thanks guys

Best SSDs 2015 | Best SSD reviews - Test Centre - PC Advisor
bought this one guys what u think
SanDisk SDSSDXPS-480G-G25 Extreme PRO SSD Sata III 2.5-inch Internal up to 550 MB/s Read - 480 GB

A:DELL LATITUDE E6430 i5 500gb hdd change to SSD

I'm using a Samsung EVO 850, 500GB drive on my Win 10 system (was 8.1 and upgraded to 10). I also have an older Samsung EVO 840 500GB on Win 7 (dual boot system). I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Samsung if I needed an SSD.
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hello there win 7 forum
quick question i have got another laptop and well its a dell latitude e6430 well i have to put a new hdd in it and
well im just wondering as its win 7 which is no problem do i need any other drivers for it as love to get it going great and fast but no crap ware.the problem is i was on the dell website and well its difficult to find out what software and drivers i really need.could any of you real nice people please point me in the right direction and what i need to download.cheers

Product Support | Dell UK

A:Dell latitude e6430 drivers and software new hdd

Windows will install most of the drivers. In most cases you will need to download and install the correct sound driver as Windows will only install the generic, basic function High Definition Audio Driver. Any specific Dell hardware drivers may need to be installed.

If the Latitude came with Windows 7, access the Dell downloads using the service tag number and it will list all applicable drivers, as it was originally built.
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I'm planning on reinstalling Windows 7 on my Latitude E6430, but it's been so long since I bought it that I'm not sure if I have the correct re-installation DVD.  I have a couple of Dell laptops, and the one DVD I can find has a dark blue label, with the following Part Number at the bottom:
I also have the driver disk, which mentions that it's for the Latitude E6430, so I should be good to go if I can Windows 7 successfully installed.
Thanks for any advice.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 on Dell Latitude E6430

The driver disk is too old now. Get the drivers from Dell Downloads and Drivers for your model, All the Dell reinstall disks can be used as long as it is the exact same version of win 7--Home, Pro, SP1, Media, etc.
I have to warn you about reinstalling windows 7--it rarely works without major problems. Windows 7 is not supported by MS except for security updates and many have found that it would not reinstall properly. Be sure that a reinstall is needed. Why don't you consider upgrading to windows 10 while you can get it free? That offer is over at the end of July.
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quick question my friend i have a dell latitude e6430 laptop i was wanting to make it faster as in put a bigger cpu in it is it a good idea do u think and do u have any ideas on which one i could put in to make it as fast as possible hello i have a dell latitude e6430 with a intel c216 chipset well love to put a bigger processor in it

Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller - 1E03


intel core tm i5-3320m cpu at 2.60ghz
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Hope everyone is fine and well.

My said laptop is having severe heating problem with my Latitude E6430 i5-3360M upgraded to Windows 8 Enterprice 64 bit OS.

It is getting heat up too much from left side and exhausting the battery earliest.

Just one issue that can I see in it that Teredo tunneling pseudo interface shows a yellow exlamation mark in Device Manager. Windows 7 Ultmate 64 but I cannot find the solution to mitigate it.

Your expeditious help is requested to resolve the above problem.
Tariq ALi

A:Dell latitude e6430 heating problem

You require to uninstall and then re-install the device which shown the exclamation mark in device manager, otherwise require to run the device driver further.
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I cannot get my Latitude e6430 to turn on. I press the power button. The power button lights for several seconds and then turns off right after that the battery light comes on for a second and then turns off. Then nothing.
I have tried removing battery / AC supply removing all drives. Discharging stored energy. Resetting RAM. Still nothing. I did notice that if I install a battery that needs charging, that the battery light stays on as if charging (and probably is).
Any ideas?
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I have a Dell e6430 (not ATG) laptop. I may in the need of a motherboard and am searching for possibilities. It seems there are a few variances which may all work but I am not sure of the compatibility.
Does anyone know FOR SURE which of the different motherboards will work in my e6430.
My specs:
Dell latitude e6430installed motherboard QAL80 u01
installed cpu intel i5 3320m 2.6 ghz
service tags 1s21cw1
bios A18
8GB ddr3 1333 mhz
no fingerprint reader
high graphics or bluetooth is not important

A:Dell e6430 motherboard compatibility?

All the boards with Intel video will interchange -- the ones with nVidia will require a new heatsink assembly.  Since yours looks like an integrated board, any of the E6430 boards should work to replace it:
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I have several Dell Latitude E6430 PCs that I use external wired USB keyboards with. After a while (~ one hour?) the keyboard stops responding. If I wait long enough (15 minutes?) I can start typing again. It seems that the notebook keyboard also stops responding. I am using external monitors via e-port replicators. There have been times when I am able to type ONLY in a certain field. For example a form in an IE window that is running in compatibility mode. I do not have an issue within VMware Workstation 11.

I have restored to factory image, reloaded software and still have the problem. I have updated BIOS and drivers. I have removed USB controllers using Device Manager and restarted. Still have issues.

Systems are using Windows 7 Pro.

Curious if other software might be causing issues. Some installed programs include MS Office 2013, Notepad++,, BeyondCompare, VMware Workstation 11, FileZilla, Greenshot, Google Drive, Chrome, Tracker PDF Viewer, GoToMeeting, Kaspersky Internet Security.....
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I desperately need a Bios Dump of an Dell E6430 Version A18, as somehow it is impossible to update the Bios (currently it is A14). I have some problems with networking when using a docking station I hope to solve with this..Please no advice how to update Bios, I already tried everything(!). The Laptop does just a reboot instead of flashing the update.
I can create a dump of A14 from Windows using Intels FPTW (64bit Version) without a problem, so I hope it will work with A18 as well.At least using Windows 7 Pro 64bit with Adminstrator account. If anybody with an E6430 and A18 could just create a dump (just click "dump.bat") and upload it here it would really make me happy.

With best regards
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Sir , i have Dell latitude e6430 i5 running windows 10 is having the over heating problem it is emmiting enought heat to burn the hand on the left side of the laptop and because of this its battery timing is also reduced . Please kindly help me to resolve this issue
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My Latitude D6430 suddenly has no sound, I also disable the hardware driver and update new one but it refused. Pls help.

A:Dell latitude E6430 no sound from both Headphone or speakers

Hello. Use Windows System Restore. (Type system restore into the Windows search box.) Select a restore point dated earlier than when the issue began. See if that helps.
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hello my friends got a quick question for you i have a dell latitude e6430 i wiped it stuck on a fresh windows 7 and well all going great apart from one small problem when i plug in and out my ac power jack the screen goes black for a second or 2 it happens when i plug in and pull out both dont know what is causing this do u have any ideas

A:dell latitude e6430 screen gose black for 2 seconds

Hello Joseph mate I take it this is not your main machine or at all? The Dell site as always not helpful but I would suggest downloading and installing the driver for the graphics from Intel
I always use manufacturers site rather than the Windows feature because I am not so sure it is that reliable. Now you might get a message that says the download is older than what is installed and in that case leave it.
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Dear Friends,
I'm having hard time figuring out what was wrong with my laptop which default sound device could not be changed both options "configure" and "set default" are greyish and disabled . I have upgraded the driver that gives me no help. further, I have updated audio driver with Audio_Driver_RPG74_WN1.0.6454.0_A06.
Win 7 x64
Dell Latitude E6430 core i7
any help and support is highly appreciated.
thank you in advance

A:Default sound device is disabled - Dell Latitude E6430

Hello. Is your audio working at all? If so, what is showing as the default device? Which device are you trying to make be the default?
If the audio is not working at all, did the failure come with no unusual circumstances, or was it after a new program or operating system was installed?
If no audio at all, use System Restore to try to undo changes. Try to find a restore point dated from before the failure and revert to that date. Using System Restore will not delete any data files. Type "system restore" into the Start menu search box, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore.
If that does not help, remove the IDT audio driver and run on the Windows native audio driver. Go to Start>Control Panel. In the upper right corner select "View by category". Select "Uninstall a Program". Find the IDT audio driver then right click on it and uninstall it. When you reboot the computer Windows will install its native audio driver. Check that it is installed by going to the Sounds properties. If it says "High Definition Audio Device" on any of the tabs then it is the native driver. If it says "IDT High Definition Audio Codec" then it is still an IDT driver, so repeat the procedure. (Windows will keep installing IDT drivers until all that have been downloaded are removed.)

If still no audio at all, check the Windows Audio Service. Go to Start>Run and type "services.msc" (without quotes) then hit the 'Enter' key (or click 'ok'). The Services window will appear. Scroll down until you find "Windows Audio" towards the bottom of the list. Check that it is enabled, set to automatic, and running.
If the Audio Service is running and you still get no audio even with the Windows native driver, there might be a hardware failure.
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sorry to be a pain well pro sandisk changed extreme LATITUDE E6430 ssd.bios ahic DELL new to maybe you know the answer i bought a sandisk gb extreme pro and im putting it into my dell latitude e i change the bios to ahci then load a fresh install of windows on my dell through usb all goes through great but wifi cant get working i have tried DELL LATITUDE E6430 new sandisk extreme pro ssd.bios changed to ahic all the drivers to nothing working and when i use setting from here Product Support Dell UK Dell Wireless WiFi Driver View details Network Driver RHDN WN A EXE Update Package for Microsoft Windows MB Network Release date Mar Last Updated Mar Recommended Version A Download File Add to download list Dell Wireless Bluetooth Application View details Network Application CP N WN A EXE Update Package for Microsoft Windows MB Network Release date Oct Last Updated Mar Recommended Version A Other versions available Download File Add to download list but i get a error at the end do u know why also when i cloned my hdd onto my ssd i had a problem as well as the laptop would not load up on bios for ssd set to ahci i had to change them back to the way the hdd was please would you have a idea what im doing wrong
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BSOD randomly on Dell Latitude E6430 when recovering from sleep mode. Sometimes boot image shows first.

A:BSOD randomly on Dell Latitude E6430 when recovering from sleep mode

I just saw a thread with the exact same problem. Was that you?

Generally, the first step is to ensure you have the latest device drivers (from Dell). Video is a prime suspect, although it could be others.

Product Support | Dell US
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Hi guys quick question i bought both of these laptops and well im upgrading the e6420 i7 chip nvidia e6430 and with dell Dell i5 heatsink on both from a single pipe heatsink to a double heat pipe heatsink well i put the double one on my dell e i with the nvidia Dell e6430 i5 and dell e6420 i7 with nvidia chip chip also i thought be cool and great if i did the copper mod on it also did anyone ever do this as im not sure what thickness of copper shim to put on it i got a few thickness of shims when i bought the kit i have a mm on it alresdy and all is good just wondering is that the right one for maximum coolness anyone ever do this also if you guys have any ideas on the shims for my other dell e i one would be great as i have the double heat pipe heatsink Dell e6430 i5 and dell e6420 i7 with nvidia chip coming Dell e6430 i5 and dell e6420 i7 with nvidia chip also i intend to be keeping these laptops for a long time so love them to be running really cool getting about c on just surfing the net on idiel on the e i
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I want to restore on Factory Image how I can download image and restore it ...
Service Tag is :JPXYBW1

A:Restore Image Dell E6430

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly private message the proof or purchase and the system owner.
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In my e6430 atg laptop headphones don't work. I made BIOS diagnostics & there was a sound either from speakers or the headhones. When I plug phones in, there was a sound also in speakers, not only in headphones.
But in win 7 x64 I can't hear anything from headphones, only speakers work. I tried to reinstall IDT, update BIOS, CHIPSET, update WIN 7, force microphone to headphones, but problem still is not solved.
I don't think jack is broken, cause I hear sound during BIOS diagnostisc as I mentioned before.
Any other ideas? 
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How can we extend to 3 monitor displays i.e. One laptop screen and two monitors attached to the docking station; 1 in VGA Port and other in DVI port.
I can get it to extend it to two screens but the third one always gets disconnected.
Is it possible to get this done by using some graphics driver update or is it more of a hardware feature?
System Info:Dell E643064 bit Win 7 Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (this is show on two displays in dxdiag)

A:Extend to 3 monitor displays on Dell E6430

Optimus in the Bios... THAT DID IT!  
I had three monitors before (two external and the laptop's display) and then somehow it got turned off.  I had to take my laptop away from my desk for a week and when I came back, only combinations of two screens at a time were available.
But I played with the Nvidia driver settings, but I think the real change came when I went into the Bios and activated Optimus.  Then I used Screen Resolution to activate three screens and it worked perfectly! 
Thanks so much, everyone!
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Hi team,
My question is the following :
Is it possible to upgrade Latitude E6420 - E6430 from a simple HDD to a SSD disk ? 
Technically, I know that it's possible, but several technicians from Dell sub contractors are sure that there is a lot of issues with this upgrade.
Indeed, in my company, we did this upgrade on a E6430 yesterday for a beta client. This morning, this client called me to report that after laptop switching on, the screen shows " No bootable device found".
Are you aware about this kind of problems ?



A:SSD disk upgrade - compatibility with Latitude E6420 - E6430

I have experienced the same issue. My SSD drive was not detected. I updated drivers and so on, without any effect.
By chance I figured out that it was a purely mechanical issue. The ssd drive is a little thinner than the usual hard drive so that it did not get into contact with the slot.
I resolved it by sticking some layers of tape on the tip of the ssd in order to make it apparently thicker.
See the photos.
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I'm wondering if there are any recommended external extended runtime battery options for the 7710 series laptop.
I see dell now has some external add-on battery options for longer runtime for the 5510 -- the Dell Power Companion 1800 mAh
but I assume it must not have sufficient output for the 17" 7700 series.
Is there an equivalent product for the 7700 series? I'd like to add 12 hours of runtime for a location that may have a few power outages a year and wouldn't mind buying a couple or few of these devices if there were one which was compatible.
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Hi We have laptops in my family Latitude E and E and a Precision M I wanted to upgrade all configs with an mSATA SSD which is placed into the WWAN mPCI-e connector It works fine with the Precision but I can t use it with the Latitudes Is there any possibility to use it issue Latitude and mSATA and compatibility E6420 BIOS SSD E6430 with the Latitudes My first thought was to update the bios of the E it came with A i just downloaded the A for that and ran the updater but it failed somehow i ran the exe when the process finished the system rebooted i saw the update in progress in the post screen and than when it restarted again it said no bootable device press f Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue to run bios but bios was damaged could not run and killed my motherboard Now it is replaced with a new one but i m afraid to run an update again now it has A Could you Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue check up the issue of the failure Is it safe to try a bios update again And can it help me to update the bios to use the mSATA SSD Regards Otto

A:Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue

Hi Otto89,
Latitude E6420 and E6430 are not designed to install the mSATA drive on the system. The slot provided is for WWAN cards. Therefore, I am afraid there will be no BIOS update released to customize the mSATA drive.
Please reply for any queries.
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I have the Dell Power Companion PW7015L (bought through my cost center from Dell retail) and a Del-issued (I work for Dell)l Latitude E7240.  When I charge my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, things work fine. The Power Companion shows 5 bars for charge level and 5 for battery health.  However, when I plug in my laptop and hit the power button for the Power Companion, the "charging" indicator never comes on, and the "plugged in, not charging" icon comes on for 15-28 seconds, and then goes off (and the screen dims):  apparently the batter disconnects from the laptop, or the laptop disconnects itself.  If I hit the power button on the power companion, the "plugged in, not charging" icon will come back on, and then again go out after 15-28 seconds.  Help!  #IworkforDell.
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Hi My dell power companion didn t charge nbsp I plugged in my power companion to dell 18000 companion charging power not the AC adapter and it basically said leds thinking it is fully charged nbsp nbsp nbsp Holding down the power button for seconds then letting go shows constant led nbsp Again no dell power companion 18000 not charging problem nbsp nbsp Plugging in the battery to my latitude laptop doesn t charge at all nbsp Tapping the button once on the power companion turns it on and briefly seconds charges my laptop and then stops nbsp I did this maybe more times and then the power companion was completely dead nbsp Tapping the power button shows no leds showing nbsp Holding down the power button again shows no leds nbsp This battery is now completely dead nbsp I plug my dell ac adapter into it and the battery now starts charging shows led nbsp Eventually it shows leds and shows it is fully charged nbsp I still need to test how much power it really has but I think it is fully charged This is the interesting bit nbsp I think there is a bug where it doesn t properly show the correct amount of power it has when it close to dead nbsp Because the battery thinks it is fully charged it doesn t charge itself at all even though it is almost dead nbsp nbsp Probably there is no way to fix this unless there is a way to update the firmware through the power cord Dell uses some cheap ink and it shows nbsp My power companion isn t close to a year old and the ink is really coming off nbsp They should use better stuff but who cares about dell quality control www dropbox com - - jpg
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Hi everyone,

Ever since I bought my XPS13 a bit more then a year ago with the 12000 Dell Power bank, I encountered problems. At some instances, when the power companion is put into my laptop, the speakers become distorted, and the laptop becomes very slow and sluggish. The sound gets back to normal when I pause music for a minute or so. However, the computer runs still slow/sluggish since two weeks now.
I see it especially in the browser (edge), as the cursor becomes sluggish when hovering over buttons, and in general the browser is very slow in responsiveness...
I already ran a bloatware test, and a AVG scan!

Hope someone would be able to help me!

A:Dell Power Companion makes XPS13 run slow and sluggish

Is it possible you need a BIOS update? There is version A09 out:
Fixes & Enhancements
1.Fixed CPU capped at 0.48GHz after resume from sleep with dell power companion. 2.Fixed touchpad may sometimes freeze in Setup and OS.3.Fixed G/g password not response in BIOS setting issue.4.Update suspend/resume protections

Edit: Make sure it's for the right hardware version - the XPS 13 could be either 9343 or 9350.
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Dear Dell Customer Support,
I recently purchased a XPS 13, which, despite some challenges with the touchpad, works just fine. In order to boost the battery capabilities and independence from power sources I purchased a power companion. The first charges however, despite being for 8 hours (1st), and 14 hours (2nd) indicate (via LED lights) that the companion is only charged for 60% (3 LED lights). This is rather frustrating, because it defeats the purpose of a power companion, wouldn't you agree?
Could you please advice on how to proceed to achieve the full charge on this device?
Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully
Prof Phil

A:Power Companion 12000mAh Charging Problems

That is odd, what does the battery status light indicate about the Power Companion? You should be using a Dell AC adapter when charging the power companion.
Diagnostic Indicators

When the Dell Portable Power Companion is over heated the 1st and the 2nd LED will flash interchangeably in amber and white color respectively.
When a wrong adapter is connected first LED will glow in solid amber, until wrong adapter is disconnected or correct adapter is used.

Checking Battery Health
Battery health can be identified by pressing and holding the power button on the Dell Portable Power Companion for five seconds.
Have you noticed the first and second LEDS flashing white or amber? Have you noticed the first LED glowing solid amber? After charging the Power Companion press and hold the power button for five seconds, how many LEDs light up?
Have you noticed any problems with the notebook itself when charging directly from the system AC adapter? No use diagnosing the Power Companion if there is a problem with the AC adapter / notebook.
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I have a Windows 7 home premium Dell laptop that is on the older side. I needed to reformat it, but no longer have the disks it came with. I used a Win7 ISO to reformat, but it wont take the dell product key. I spoke to Dell support, and they stated that I needed to install Windows with a Dell recovery disk for the product key to work. Is there any way to use the existing product key when I no longer have the disk? Or is there any place I can get an ISO for the dell recovery disk?
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I wanted to upgrade the WiFi card in my E6430 to one supporting Bluetooth and 802.11 AC WiFi. I was wondering if the BIOS has a whitelist preventing me from installing a non-Dell WiFi card.
I'm thinking of the AzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB/BCM94352.
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I have a Latitude E6430 that isn't charging. When I plug it in, the battery indicator lights up for a few seconds, but then goes out. The battery wont charge off of the built in port or through the docking station. I have a Dell 90 watt power adapter, but I have also tried a 130 watt one; neither work. It runs quite happily off of the adapter, but won't charge.
I updated the BIOS to A18. Is this an issue with my main board?

A:Latitude E6430 Not Charging

Check system setup (F2 at powerup).  Des the system sense the AC adapter correctly, or does it show unknown?  If unknown, the system will run but the battery will not charge.
In that case, since you've already tried a new adapter to no effect, the next possibility is a bad DC jack:
If replacing that doesn't solve the problem, it is a faulty mainboard.
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Hello, I am trying to replace the screen inverter for my latitude e6430 its a slightly older model 2012'ish . I am having trouble finding what screen inverter it is supposed to have. The problem I am having is that my computer is completely black screened, but if you shine a light on the screen you can see that it is still displaying there is just no back light to light the screen. While doing a little research online I found  the problem most likely seems to be the screens power inverter. If anyone could help me out in pointing me in the right direction for a inverter it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Hi Everyone!
Last weekend I downloaded the new BIOS version A06 for my Latitude E6430 from Dell's driver site. Installed it and most everything works fine, but when the laptop is connected to the docking station the external monitor doesn't show any boot screen until windows begins to load. So the pre-boot login screen isn't visible to me
A day later version A06 wasn't available on the dell site but A03 release again. Tried to downgrade vom A06 to A06 in order to solve my PBA problem, but the firmware doesn't install on my system. This is the error message I receive: "Firmware Downgrading blocked: Security features are enabled".
Is there any way to downgrade BIOS without changing the mainboard?!?
Thank you for your help!

A:Latitude E6430 BIOS Downgrade

Hi Stargoose,
It is imperative to have 'administrative privileges' before attempting BIOS upgrade/downgrade. Please ensure that you log into 'Windows' with an account that has 'admin credentials'.
1. If you already have the 'admin rights' the 'security features' in the system BIOS may be preventing the BIOS downgrade. Please get into the BIOS set-up and try disabling the below mentioned 'security options' before you flash the A03 BIOS version:
- Restart the laptop- As 'Dell logo' appears on the screen, repeatedly tap < F2 > to enter BIOS system set-upNote: Mouse is non-functional on this screen. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate; < Enter > to select a value in the selected field (if applicable) or follow the link in the field; < Spacebar > to expand or collapse a drop-down list; < Tab > to move to the next focus area; < Esc > to move to the previous page till you get a main screen (Also gives an option to save any unsaved changes)
- Navigate to 'Security' table- Disable 'Intel TXT (LT-SX) Configuration'- Disable 'TPM Security'- Save changes- Exit system setup- Boot to 'Windows'
2. Downgrade BIOS to A03 by running the file as an 'Administrator'- Download the BIOS file that you want to install- Right click the file and click 'Run as an administrator'- Click 'Yes' if prompted with 'User access control' message- Follow the on-screen instructions and try flashing BIOS again
3. Try disabling 'User Account control' in 'Windows 7'- Click 'Pearl / Start' icon- In 'Search Programs and Files' text box, type 'UAC' (User Access Control Settings link appears in search results)- Click 'User Access Control Settings'- To turn off 'UAC', move the slider to the 'Never notify' position, and then click 'OK'.   If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. - Restart your computer for 'UAC' to be turned off.
If the issue still persists, please reply with the following information:- List all security options available in your system BIOS- At what stage of installing BIOS, do you get the security related error message?
Hope this helps. Do reply is you have any further questions. I would be glad to assist.
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I just bought Dell Latitude E6430 with NVS 5200M and its performance is really poor, only 2300pts in 3D Mark06 and on integrated HD4000 I'm getting 4900pts. Updating video drivers, system and switching off Optimus in BIOS isn't changing anything. According to many tests found on internet it should be minumum 7300pts (to 10000+) on NVS 5200, but I can't find out what's wrong. Same problem on Windows 7 and after updating to Windows 10, the integrated video card is much faster than Nvidia... Any suggestions?
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I bought the computer from my tattoo artist and got a fair deal on it. Its brand new and everything is fine but the finger print scanner wont work and sometimes a window pops up about not having a genuine copy of windows, it also came with the start up disks but I cant figure out how to restore it to just the way it should be when you buy it. Long story short im not extremely tech savvy and I would like to just revamp the computer. Get the correct software installed, copy of windows, the whole nine yards. How would I go about doing that so in my case I would have the perfect computer? Its going to be used mostly for games and music. Have 500 gb also.

A:Bought a new windows latitude e6430 but it doesnt have all it needs

Yes in your case you need to make sure you had all of the disc to restore the system as you would have received it new with all the correct drivers an etc. Check with DELL to make sure you have all what you need. This model you have is there business line so built to stand the extreme work force pounding. Heavier but still very good laptop.
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As I have found from countless hours of searching for a fan controller for my e6430 laptop, there is no support and no solution. I find this a little disturbing. Making changes through fixed bios updates isn't enough. I need the ability to control the fan speed of my computer and so do many other people. Personally, I don't care about fan noise. I want a manual fan speed control and many other people do as well. How do we do it?
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Whenever my e6430 wakes up from sleep, it locks the maximum speed to 2.4ghz, usually i runs at 3.1-3.3 whenever i'm doing something intensive. Restarting the laptop fixes it and allows it to reach the 3.1-3.3 cpu speeds but it's not really a convenient solution.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Hi Greetings I would like to ask for your assistance because I m already out of ideas how to resolve this issue Right after I powered up the laptop E5450 screen dell Latitude start logo after up blank DELL it will get past the DELL logo screen then it will be completely just black screen I wouldn t even hear any activity from the CPU fan HDD and pressing DELL Latitude E5450 blank screen after dell logo start up the Caps Lock doesn t lit up the LED The LED indicators on the side are only displaying the power indicator but none for HDD Battery and Wireless Here are the steps that I have done so far Removed the HDD and Battery then press amp hold the power button for at least - seconds to disperse the internal voltage Then attach the Battery but not the HDD Press and hold Fn and then the Power button hoping to boot me up to the ePSA Diagnostic Utility Press F or F while booting up Re-seat the memory and also clean with a dry tissue These are the procedures that I have done but nothing has changed It still displays blank screen right after the DELL logo I do hope that you could assist me on this Thank you so much
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Hey guys.
Pretty much what the title says - Dell's new, recently-released ControlVault driver (version A19) does not successfully install on a Dell Latitude E6330.  I followed the driver installation order from the "Dell Business Client Re-Image 'How-To' Guide" and installed the Dell ControlVault driver last.  It did not work.
Attached is a screenshot of what I got, and the Windows Installer log.


A:Dell ControlVault A19 installation fails on Dell Latitude E6330 with a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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I installed Windows 7 64-bit on my Latitude E6400. I cannot seem to find any way to install Dell Control Point. I got the Driver Pack to install. I found one download of Security Manager that worked, but I would like the Power Manager one.

I've looked on this forum a few times and any links I click on just redirect me to the Drivers and Downloads page. I get errors saying that my service pack is not supported.....I'm on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I also got some 32-bit errors, but that's my fault for downloading the 32-bit version.

Does anybody have a link to the full Dell Control Point package (Power Manager, Connection Manager, Security Manager) that will work on 64-bit Windows 7?


A:(Dell Latitude E6400) Dell Control Point on Windows 7 64-bit

Here is a good article on reimaging the Latitude E6400
The Win 7  Control Point System Manager files are a bit tricky to find, but they can be downloaded from the following link.
This should help if you have installed the correct drivers in the correct order.
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Hey all nbsp I ve got a Dell Latitude E where the driver installer for the Dell Wireless wireless card fails nbsp I m running Windows -bit the computer boots in UEFI mode and I ve installed all of the drivers according to the Latitude E-Family Re-Image Guide I ve got a log as well it says this nbsp nbsp nbsp Dell Update Package Execution Start nbsp nbsp fails on on mode) Dell Windows E6320 installation 1530 7 driver Latitude Wireless (UEFI 64-bit Dell nbsp Original command line E -NIC DRVR WIN A R EXE Dell Wireless 1530 driver installation fails on Dell Latitude E6320 on Windows 7 64-bit (UEFI mode) nbsp s nbsp nbsp nbsp DUPFramework version nbsp nbsp nbsp User Command unattended nbsp nbsp nbsp DUP Capabilities Dell Wireless 1530 driver installation fails on Dell Latitude E6320 on Windows 7 64-bit (UEFI mode) Value x FFFFF nbsp Dell Wireless 1530 driver installation fails on Dell Latitude E6320 on Windows 7 64-bit (UEFI mode) nbsp nbsp DUP Vendor Software Version A nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System Model Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Version nbsp nbsp nbsp OS Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Language EN nbsp nbsp nbsp Language Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior unattended nbsp nbsp nbsp Temporary payload log file name C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUP B tmp nbsp nbsp nbsp Translated Command Line setup exe s v quot LOGFILE quot C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUP B tmp quot quot nbsp nbsp nbsp Path C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior unattended nbsp nbsp nbsp Append File C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt nbsp nbsp nbsp --- Start of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp --- End of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp Vendor Software Return Code nbsp nbsp nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp nbsp nbsp Exit Code set to x nbsp nbsp nbsp Result FAILURE nbsp nbsp nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp nbsp nbsp Execution terminated at date-time nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Dell Update Package Execution Start nbsp nbsp nbsp Original command line quot C Users Administrator Desktop Drivers - Dell Latitude E E -NIC DRVR WIN A R EXE quot nbsp nbsp nbsp DUPFramework version nbsp nbsp nbsp User Command attended nbsp nbsp nbsp DUP Capabilities Value x FFFFF nbsp nbsp nbsp DUP Vendor Software Version A nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System Model Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Version nbsp nbsp nbsp OS Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Language EN nbsp nbsp nbsp Language Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior attended nbsp nbsp nbsp Temporary payload log file name C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUPB tmp nbsp nbsp nbsp Translated Command Line setup exe v quot LOGFILE quot C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUPB tmp quot quot nbsp nbsp nbsp Path C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior attended nbsp nbsp nbsp Append File C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt nbsp nbsp nbsp --- Start of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp --- End of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp Vendor Software Return Code nbsp nbsp nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp nbsp nbsp Exit Code set to x nbsp nbsp nbsp Result FAILURE nbsp nbsp nbsp Open file C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt nbsp nbsp nbsp Open file C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt
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I recently obtained a Dell Latitude E6430 without a hard drive. I installed an SSD and managed to get windows up and running but ran into problems.
I noticed that every time I enter the BIOS setup and exit the laptop will always fail to boot and I would have to re-seat a ram stick to turn on the laptop again or if I closed the laptop lid the laptop will turn off and once again I will have to re-seat the ram sticks for it to boot again.
I noticed that the laptop is running on an older BIOS version (A11). I tried updating to the latest version with various methods.
- I tried just running the executable
- Tried using the command prompt and using /forceit command
- Tried booting into a bootable USB into freeDOS and updating that way
I'm really running out of ideas and right now the laptop is completely unusable.
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I just swapped out a e5-2603 CPU and installed a e5-1620 CPU in a Precision T5600.  The PC will not boot, and prior to a forced entering to bios setup, it gives a warning/error
"Your dell current power supply does not support the recent configuration changes made .."
My PSU is a 635W - this should be sufficient, yes??
So is the 1620 not compatible with this model?
thanks for any help, david
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So over the computer Product Foundation Services KILLING and Registration Dell Dell my past - weeks I kept noticing that my battery kept dying even though I would shut it down yes window gt shutdown the computer with a full battery Dell Foundation Services and Dell Product Registration KILLING my computer The next evening I would power up and see that the battery was at from full charge This Dell Foundation Services and Dell Product Registration KILLING my computer is a BRAND NEW as in lt months XPS I checked my event log and WHAT THE H It is absolutely filled with Dell Foundation Service and Dell Product Registration events all saying nbsp quot Power event Handled Successfully by the service quot Clearly it is not The stupid things run every seconds So when I think I am powering down my computer it is being blocked by these services and actually just going to sleep but it actually isn t sleeping Its waking up every seconds Can anyone PLEASE help me determine the issue Apparently according to update service everything is up to date nbsp Dell XPS nbsp Win nbsp Dell Foundation Services vers DFSSvc exeDell Product Registration nbsp vers PrSvc exeDell Update Service vers Log sample note the time yes i was asleep nbsp Information AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Product Registration NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services NoneInformation AM Dell Foundation Services None
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I own a Dell Inspiron 7558 se 15.6 inch 2 in 1 convertible and despite what this image from your website says the dell active pen does not work with this or any inspirons. Nor does the active stylus 750-AAGN that I just received in the mail. I want drivers and an explaination at the very least. I have now spent over 65 dollars on two of your products that say they are compatible one place on your website and are not compatible here in the real world where I'm trying to use them. Get your shirt together and reconcile this immediately.

A:dell active pen compatibility with dell inspiron 15 7558

I was considering migrating from the Inspiron 2-in-1 13" laptop to the 15.6" one, but I will wait until the answer for your question. I'm beginning to think that not every Dell 2-in-1 laptop has a digitizer capable of being operated my an active stylus pen. There're some complains about the Special Edition of the 13" 2-in-1 series. Also, sometimes the same incompatibility within a given model. Maybe Dell removes the digitizer without altering the laptop product number. Talking about a possibility. 
Currently, I'm waiting for the 750-AALP Active pen to deliver. Dell said that it will work with a 7348 laptop, that has its 750-AAGN prematurely failed. 
Look at this topic:
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my laptop turns on,but then a black screen,after a while it says windows could not start successfully,please start in safe mode etc.,but no keys will do anything.also it will say file missing or corrupt,please reinstate,but when no keys will work how can i do anything what it tells me to.i was using laptop and it just suddenly went off,and then the above messages come on.i can also hear a clicking it time for the scrap yard or will it be worth having it fixed. thanks any help will be appreciated.
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I have just bought a Dell Latitude LS laptop (used) and I want to upgrade the RAM. It only has 128 MB. How do I take it apart and put more RAM in and where can I get the RAM cheap? Also, would it be possible to upgrade the processor eventualy? (it has a pentiun III as of right now).


A:Dell Latitude LS Laptop Help

You can go to Dell support, enter your notebook model or identification code and navigate to replace hardware for a guide on replaceing the memory. If you go to system specs on the same site, it will tell you what kind of memory it uses and how much it will hold . .

You can also use the Memory Configuration at to get the same info. Dell's do not handle cheap memory well so stick with Crucial . . price is competitive and they gurantee it will work in the notebook.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to upgrade processors on todays notebooks . . dammit! You can upgrade memory and hard drive but nothing else.

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looking to run in safe mode to remove a virus - PF8 doesn't work suggest any other keys? The virus can be removed by using the last restore date - how do i do this?

A:dell latitude D630 laptop


Usually repeatedly pressing F8 at the Dell logo will get you to the Advanced Boot option menu to choose Safe Mode.

I would also suggest following the steps listed in the following link for Virus Removal assistance.

Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal Help
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My boyfriend and I bought a Dell Latitude Cpx laptop a few days ago. When we first started using it, the blower fan worked fine. But after loading a few Windows updates and games, the blower fan isn't turning on and we are afraid it will overheat. Does anyone have any ideas why the fan isn't working, and how to fix it? We really like the laptop, and would rather not have to return it. It is used, so we unfortunately do not have a Dell warranty. Thanks.

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I am upgrading my dell latitude cpx 650 laptop. I was wondering if someone could let me know a good brand of memory to use. I don't want to get any bad memory. Thanks.

A:memory for dell latitude laptop
Dane-Elec memory

FYI, the maximum is 512Mb. You have two slots and one slot is filled with 32Mb (providing you haven't upgraded it already) which is removable. The maximum module you can buy is a 256Mb module.

The type of memory you need is PC100 SDRAM SODIMM. is $105 for a 256Mb.
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This Dell laptop starts (I hear the disc turning) and in about 15 sec shuts down. Screen is dark all the time and pressing the "setup" key (F1) doesn't do anything...
Anybody's guess?

A:Laptop Dell Latitude CPx does not start

Could be a failed backlight on the display, can you connect it to a VDU or TV see if they display anything ?
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A friend of mine asked me to rebuild her hd because she performed a partial format without knowing what format does reinstallation OS laptop Dell Latitude So now it is a clean disk Anyway the floppy drive and cdrom are both external and only one can be plugged in at a time I used an ME bootdisk and copied the oakcdrom driver to c in order to get cdrom access So far I am not having any luck It s as if the laptop doesn t quot see quot the cdrom It spins makes noise and all that but has no effect on anything Yes I have BIOS configured to Dell Latitude laptop OS reinstallation read the cdrom first More than that I am having a seperate and more challenging problem Dell Latitude laptop OS reinstallation Her laptop keeps going into hibernation or suspend about every seconds I changed the BIOS to disable hibernation but still no change It just goes into hibernation even if I am working on it I have to press the on off button to bring it back i suspected a bad battery at first Took it out and left it on AC but it still goes into hibernation Put the battery back in and it still goes into hiberantion How can I stop this nbsp
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I have a Dell Latitude D laptop that I have just started to have problems with It has worked great up until a couple of days ago It started out shutting down unexpectedly once or twice a day and yesterday the problem increased an was doing it after the computer had been on anywhere between five and fifteen minutes Then today I went to turn it on and it wont The light the showed that the ac corded is plugged in does not even light up I tried unplugging the ac cord and trying again but the same problem Latitude Dell with D600 Laptop Help I also notice that the light on the ac adapter is lite up until I try to pull it into the computer I hope this is making since I do not no a whole lot about computers but I tried to explain the problem the best I could Also the fan seems to be working However maybe not as well as it needs to Thank you for reading my posting and any help you may be able to give me nbsp

A:Help with Dell Latitude D600 Laptop
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I have recently purchased a used Dell Latitude C800 laptop. After installing Windows 98SE, I have no sound, no modem appearing in System devices and only VGA monitor resolution.

If anyone can help me with the drivers I need, or perhaps something that I'm missing on the Dell site (which is not user friendly). I just basically want to use basic email with the built in 56K modem, and to be able to view the screen in better resolution than VGA,

Any help greatly appreciated..Steve

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Hi all,
couldn't able to turn on my laptop. I tried the following

but couldn't be able to turn on normally.

when I try to push the power button and next one button don't this is for what purpose, may be for restart. push again and again this turn on the laptop.

but after shutdown the loptop, unable to turn on it again.

can any one help me?

A:Laptop dell latitude e4300 don't turn on

Did you remove the battery and try to start the laptop using only the AC adapter?
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Windows 7 64 bit pro installed. Actually the computer often suddenly restarts without a reason. Today got a blue screen. I followed your instructions and collected the attached files. It would be highly appreciated if you can help in any way.

A:Got blue screen in my Dell Latitude laptop

Hi -

The 3 BSODs are USB related.

Run Driver Verifier - Driver Verifier - Windows 7 & Vista (BSOD-related)

Driver Verifier needs to run 24 hours minimum or BSOD.

Upon BSOD, re-run the jcgriff2 BSOD app -

Also, run Speccy -
- "File" | "Publish Snapshot" | Paste URL into your next post

Regards. . .





Debug session time: Wed Oct 17 14:45:49.546 2012 (GMT-4)
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\PalmDesert\SysnativeBSODApps\101712-16489-01.dmp]
Built by: 7600.17017.amd64fre.win7_gdr.120503-2030
System Uptime: 0 days 0:20:30.888
BugCheck D1, {fffffa000bad0018, 2, 0, fffff8800427a075}
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for usbehci.sys
Probably caused by : usbehci.sys ( usbehci+6075 )
Bugcheck code 000000d1
Arguments fffffa00`0bad0018, memory referenced 00000000`00000002, IRQL 00000000`00000000, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation fffff880`0427a075, address which referenced memory
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xD1_usbehci+6075
Debug session time: Mon Oct 15 05:35:49.701 2012 (GMT-4)
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\PalmDesert\SysnativeBSODApps\101512-15834-01.dmp]
Built by: 7600.17017.amd64fre.win7_gdr.120503-2030
System Uptime: 0 days 1:02:59.669
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for usbhub.sys
BugCheck FE, {8, 6, 6, fffffa8006b4a000}
Probably caused by : usbhub.sys ( usbhub+129ec )
Bugcheck code 000000fE
Arguments 00000000`00000008, USBBUGCODE_RESERVED_USBHUB 00000000`00000006, USBHUB_TRAP_FATAL_TIMEOUT 00000000`00000006, TimeoutCode: Timeout_PCE_Disable_Action - PortData->PortChangeListDone - Timeout trying to set Disable bit fffffa80`06b4a000, TimeoutContext - PortData
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xFE_usbhub+129ec
Debug session time: Fri Oct 5 01:09:36.821 2012 (GMT-4)
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\PalmDesert\SysnativeBSODApps\100412-22682-01.dmp]
Built by: 7600.17017.amd64fre.win7_gdr.120503-2030
System Uptime: 0 days 0:12:39.179
BugCheck FE, {5, fffffa8005bb01a0, 80861c26, fffffa800689dc48}
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for usbehci.sys
Probably caused by : usbehci.sys ( usbehci+5fac )
Bugcheck code 000000fE
Arguments 00000000`00000005, USBBUGCODE_INVALID_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS The host controller is a physical memory address that was not allocated by SBport driver. fffffa80`05bb01a0, Device extension pointer of the host controller 00000000`80861c26, PCI Vendor,Product id for the controller fffffa80`0689dc48, Pointer to Endpoint data structure
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xFE_usbehci+5fac

J. C. Griffith, Microsoft MVP (jcgriff2)

jcgriff2 - Sysnative Forums

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Hi Guys,
My Old Dell Latitude 630 Laptop running XP professional says "BOOTMGR" missing
I have licensed XP but no CD. Can somebody help?
Kelly Mistry

A:Dell Latitude 630 Laptop running XP not booting

The laptops hard drive may have gone bad. Take the laptop to a friend that understands computer repair. You really need a Windows install disk for this... and a new hard drive
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Hello good folks I have a Dell Latitude D laptop that I notice freezes up when it gets really hot Tonight I held it in front of my window air conditioner unit to cool it down and suddenly it worked like a charm So I wonder if anyone s got any suggestions as to what to do about this I ve seen these laptop desks at stores like Target that have fans in them and I was wondering if they are worth looking into Do they work Does anybody have one and have a critique of it good or bad I m not so sure that the CPU fan is working if I have to hold the computer up to the window AC unit to cool it down enough to get it to work There s got to be a better way to keep this thing running at optimal temperatures so that it doesn t keep freezing up on me I m all ears for Dell My laptop Latitude and gets D620 up hot freezes suggestions here Thanks folks you all are most sincerely appreciated SLBurnell nbsp

A:My Dell Latitude D620 laptop gets hot and freezes up

My first guess would be theres a problem with the fan and its going to need replaced.obviously its not supposed to get that hot where you have to put it near an a/c to cool it would be easier and cheaper just to replace the fan then get a desk with a fan.
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How can I play a dvd on a Dell Latitude D630 computer laptop? I can play a musical disc but not a dvd. The dvd is ntsc which plays on most PAL systems.

A:can I play a dvd on a dell latitude D630 laptop?

NTSC and PAL are different systems.
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my windows 7 dell latitude e4310 is not switch on ,why and how to again start my laptop,so please tell me what i can now to operate my laptop, when i on my laptop only on light showing not open and suddenly close the switch on light so please help me

A:hii!! my dell latitude e4310 laptop are not switch on,why?

Appreciate that English is not your mother tongue so it's not easy for you to explain what's happening?Are you using the mains/power adapter/charger to run the laptop; or is it only running on battery? If the problem is when running on battery only - try with the charger unit attached. Is the battery charging OK; there will be light to indicate if the battery is charged or charging?Does the laptop power up - and show "any" lights at all?Are there "any" sounds or signs of things happening inside - fan noise perhaps?Something to try whilst people here try to resolve the problems with you...Disconnect the charger/mains adapter from the laptop; and then remove the battery too.Now press and hold for about 10-15seconds the on/off button on the laptop.Having done that, re-install the battery, and reconnect the mains adapter/charger unit to the laptop - and ensure the mains is "on' at the wall socket where the charger is plugged in.Watch to see what lights (if any) come on; and listen for noises too (fan and hard drive spinning up)?This is from the Dell Support site for you Latitude - it's the Service Manual: the Diagnostics page (it's a few pages in - but there are no page numbers) there is list of what the various indicator lights mean. Have a look and see if the information there corresponds to anything happening on your Latitude.This is a link to the basic features/setup guide for your Latitude. It shows what the various lights, buttons etc do; and on the second page it shows where the battery and mains indicators are.
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Hi I just bought a Dell Latitude E laptop connect the Latitude E6510 to a net? Dell laptop How and now I wonder how to set it up for How connect a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop to the net? internet access I have a desktop PC and so I know that my connection is good I tried just connecting it via the RJ socket on the PC thinking it would How connect a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop to the net? configure itself once it sensed a live connection but no go I cannot imagine that it is sold without the necessary hard- and software as it is no more than a couple of years old but maybe it needs setting up The spec sheet says under Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet K v Internal How connect a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop to the net? Modem Optional which I take to mean that the modem is not necessarily installed as a matter of course but like I said above - who buys a PC in say and doesn't get internet connectivity in the deal I happened to have an ST Lab Base TX USB to Ethernet adapter that I tried before posting this but Windows didn't find a driver for it so I got one from driverscollection com but didn't get a 'second chance' to install it manually although I had installed the driver and rebooted the PC I then ran Device Manager to see what I could see and not surprisingly there were unknown driverless ethernet adapter entries galore I then uninstalled those the ones with an exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle until I had a 'clean slate' then did a 'rescan for newly installed hardware' - no go Then I did the same on my desktop PC That is I didn't uninstall any drivers but plugged in the ST-Lab adapter did a 'rescan for newly installed hardware' let Windows fail then double-clicked the device name the newly 'discovered' ST-Lab adapter and when prompted pointed Windows to the folder containing the -bit Vista driver they almost always work on Windows and were my only choice anyway after having first received an assurance that quot It's best to let Windows install device drivers automatically quot Now Windows could not find the driver which I had downloaded myself per its own Help-page instructions and then pointed it to solemnly announcing quot Windows could not find driver software for your device Well duh In my opinion Windows couldn't find six o' clock at five thirty or find a driver if hit on the head by it or so it seems at times like this quot It's best to let Windows install device drivers automatically quot What a joke Hilarious Seriously though it makes one envy Linux and Mac OS users As always any and all help is very much appreciated Thank you Kindest regards Goran

A:How connect a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop to the net?

The "10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet 56K v924 Internal Modem (Optional)" is actually 2 separate specs.
10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet means the laptop has a wired network card that allows the laptop to be hardwired directly to either a DSL or cable modem, or hardwired directly to a router which is in turn hardwired to a DSL or cable modem.
56K v924 Internal Modem (Optional) means the laptop can be ordered with an internal dialup modem as an option.
Your laptop also apparently comes with a wireless network card for wireless Internet connectivity.

Normally, a router is required to connect 2 separate computers to the Internet.
A standard(wired) router allows both computers to be hardwired to the router's LAN ports.
A wireless router allows both computers to be either hardwired to 2 of the router's LAN ports, or one can be hardwired and the other configured to connect wirelessly, or both can be configured to connect wirelessly(assuming both have wireless network cards).

If you already have a router configured for Internet access, then to connect a 2nd computer to the Internet, go to Windows Help, type internet in the search box, select "Set up a second internet connection", and follow the instructions.

If you do not have a router, then you need to install one. They normally come with setup instructions.
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Hello everyone,

I need help fixing a dell latitude e6410 Core i7 Laptop. I tried removing and reinstalling the cpu on the laptop and I put everything back together. When I turn on the laptop, it wont display anything on the screen. What would be the cause of this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I made sure I put in the thermal paste on cpu and installed Heatsink and fan.

The fan was clean and aswell as the heat vent.

I already tried other cpu's and it didn't boot up aswell.

Is there any special key combination do I need to press when I power on the system.

Can you think of anything else that can be useful to resolve the issue.

A:Need Help repairing Dell Latitude e6410 laptop

Are you getting any LED indicators to light up anywhere on the laptop?
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I have a dell latitude E5510 that can't accept windows, and can only accept suse Linux and centos. 

A:dell latitude E5510 laptop system

Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Dell Latitude 5510 has been tested and pre-installed with Windows Vista & Windows 7. May I know the method you are using to install Windows on this system? Was the system pre-installed with Windows from Dell and do you have the Dell Media Disk?
Please go through the following Dell Article, as it gives you step by step instructions on installing Windows 7 on your system:
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Guys I Had Installed ubuntu Imstalled First noe i am back to windows 8.1 but i installed it via unofficial way i used my freind laptop os windows 8.1 made a bootable of it and booted on my laptop but i am facing many issues like low sound very low sound issue,areoplane made always enable because of it i am not able to use wifi on my laptop to download drivers,
i downloaded drivers from my brother laptop from dell site but installing them is useless so please guys can i get any help in this matter
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I was installing windows on my laptop (latitude C840). I deleted the existing partition, created a new one and quick formatted. After formatting it turned off and now will not turn back on. None of the lights flash when pressing the power button, with or with out a/c.
If anyone could shed any light on the problem it would be much apreciated

A:Dell latitude laptop wont turn on


Sounds like somethings gone a bit iffy, here the manual for the laptop, make sure things like the memory havent worked loose etc etc.

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Windows 7 x64 SP1 laptop. BSOD an various times. Please advice. Enclosed is report.
Note: Could not complete "perfmon /report" to generate Performance Monitor Report...

According to BlueScreenView by NirSoft:
DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - ntoskrnl.exe & usbehci.sys

Please advice.

A:BSOD Dell Laptop - Latitude E6510

Can anyone please help with this?
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Why does my Dell latitude 630 laptop not connect to the internet when I click on the explorer icon?

A:Dell latitude 630 laptop not connecting to internet

What type connection are you using? (cable,dsl,etc)

Is this a wired or wireless connection?

What happens when you try and connect to IE.

Check Device Manager for any driver errors. (? or ! beside devices)

Try and give as much info as possible.
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Sporadic BSOD on Dell Latitude E6510 notebook.
Memory & hard disk show no errors.
Please advice. See file attached
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Sometimes the mouse (the built in touch pad) on my Dell Latitude laptop stops......and it works again. Hardware issue? Or something else?

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Please help me locate and remove my hard drive. It needs to be fixed by Dell and they asked me to remove the hard drive first.

A:Dell latitude 800 laptop hard drive

tech support did not walk you through the removal of the drive? It is standard practice for techs to walk customers through how to remove the drive when determining to replace it. reseating the drive is one of the standard TS steps.
Anyway, is this a D800 or a C800? On the D800, locate the headphone jacks, you'll note that there is a cutout area around it and a screw just under the bottom edge of the system, remove that screw and pull the drive out. On the C800, the drive is located center of the right side, you'll notice a rectangle cutout with a single screw through it(if you have an IR port, it is located on the faceplate for the hdd) remove that screw, slide the plate up, grasp it firmly and pull the drive out.
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Need the following drivers for Dell Latitude D620 using windows xp/sp3:

ethernet controller: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_1600&SUBSYS_01C21028

A:Drivers for dell latitude d620 laptop

as you've apparently got a few machines that need drivers, may want to check out pcidatabase; probably a lot quicker for you.
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Hello. My friend bought a used Dell Laptop Latitude D610 and the hard drive got fried by a virus then while trying system restore the battery ran out so that 4 sure ruined what was left of the hard drive. What I need to know is can we put a generic hard drive in or does it have to be a Dell hard drive? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Sheila

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My Dell Latitude D laptop decided to blue screen on me while I was doing Dell D620 Won't Laptop Latitude Boot some work in Excel However when I reboot it Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Won't Boot makes it to the Black screen showing Windows XP loading and I get the following blue screen quot UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME quot Technical Information STOP X ED X B E X X X I try booting into safe mode and all other configurations and get this same message ----------- I Google the issue and see I probably just need to the chkdsk r thing I change the boot order to my CD in setup and put in my Windows XP cd I click to boot from cd and it begins to enter Windows setup Windows setup takes about a minute to go through all of the files it normally Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Won't Boot loads However as soon as it gets to quot Setup is Starting Windows quot I get a new blue screen that has the following information on it Technical Information STOP X E XC XF BF XF A F XF A EF pci sys - Address F BF base at F C DateStamp b d c ------------ So I can't get into the repair function which means I can't do anything at this point Anybody have any suggestions Thanks in advance
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i just purchased a brand new battery for my laptop and it still will not charge or play off it and it needs to be plugged in.

any suggestions are grealy appreciated

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Really struggling with this - hope someone can help.

A friend's Dell was not accepting updates - I think he had done a 'refresh' as he had not lost any files.

I've now done a full Windows 8 reset / reinstall from within Windows thinking it will sort it. However it still has the same issue. Within System - Windows activation - Product ID: not available

Within PC Setting - Activation - Activation error description not found.

Then because of this the software protection service will not start. Updates won't install etc.

The showkey script I found on this forum says 'OEM Key: Key not found'

There is no key on the machine - I presume it should be found by Windows from the bios but this doesn't see to be happening.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A:Dell laptop - Product id not available

Diagnostic Report
Windows Validation Data-->
ToolVersion: 6.2.9200.16384
LicensingStatus: Unlicenced
LicensingStatusReason: 0xC004F014
LocalGenuineState: The license is valid
LocalGenuineResultP: 0
GraceTimeMinutes: 0
TotalGraceDays: 0
ActivePartialProductKey: 4RDHT
ActiveProductKeyPid2: 00179-60470-03504-AAOEM
OSVersion: 6.2.9200.2.00010300.0.0.101
ProductName: Windows 8
ProcessorArchitecture: x64
EditionId: Core
BuildLab: 9200.win8_gdr.120926-1855
TimeZone: GMT Standard Time(GMT+01:00)
ActiveProductKeyPidEx: 05426-01796-047-003504-02-1033-9200.0000-0142013
ActiveProductKeyChannel: OEMM
DomainJoined: false
ComputerSid: S-1-5-21-3944701357-1908872862-1273979803
ProductLCID: 1033
UserLCID: 2057
SystemLCID: 1033
ServiceAvailable: false
OemMarkerVersion: 0x00020001
OemTableId: CL09
Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
Model: Inspiron 3521
InstallDate: 20140828004101.000000+060
Health Check Data-->
Result: PASS
Genuine Authorization Data-->
ServerProps: 0xc0000022

Activation Diagnostic Tool for Windows 8.x
Created by Superfly for EightForums
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Not sure if this is in the right category or not but here goes. The computer has been working fine until about 1/2 hour ago. The monitor goes VERY dim like in hibernation but will not 'relight'. If you reboot it comes on and works properly for about 5 minutes then goes dim again. The only way to get it back is to reboot. needless to say, this is a pretty useless way to have a computer. I appreciate your help.
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Hey A friend of mine who s not computer savvy performed a partial format without knowing what formatting does So now she has an empty hd My problem is this She gave me the A drive and a cdrom drive both external but only one can be plugged in at a time I am trying to install K over the old XP After I formatted the hd I tried using a K bootdisk so I can begin a fresh OS install BUT since only one of the externals can be plugged in at one OS issue Dell install Latitude L400 laptop time I cannot get the bootdisk to recognize a cdrom drive during the boot Then Dell Latitude L400 laptop OS install issue I tried to boot straight from the cdrom with a bootable K cd Dell Latitude L400 laptop OS install issue But I am not having any luck with the laptop reading the cd in order to perform a clean cd install The cdrom spins makes noise and stuff so I know the power is there But it seems as if the laptop isn t reading the cdrom correctly because it still bypasses the cdrom and reads the hd and of course comes up with quot Missing operating system quot Anyone know what I can do to get an OS installed on this laptop I ll be away from my pc and the laptop until around today but I might be able to sneak in a reply or two during the day nbsp

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I don't know what's up, I am pretty sure it's connecting, but the server isn't respondinG or something. At the bottom right, it has the 4 bars then it has a triangle on it and on N&SC ( network and sharing center it has NAME-PC and then Identifying to the right of that. I've tried system restore to see if its the antivirus, that doesn't help, tried resetting the winsock catalog, I just don't know what's wrong, can someone help?

A:Dell Latitude (Win7) Laptop not connecting to Internet

Can you post a shot of your "ipconfig /all" minus the quotes when you enter it in the command prompt.
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I have recently obtained a Dell Latitude model PP01L with a 20 gig hard drive. The stickers say it is a PIII, and a sticker on the bottom says it is running Windows 98. I know nothing else about the laptop as I am unable to access the OS. When I turn the machine on, I get the following message:

Press Fn-X to return the system to normal running mode.
No timer tick interrupt

When I press Fn-X, the screen goes blank and the machine shuts off. Also, if I let the machine run without pressing any button, it shuts itself off within 30 seconds.

I have limited knowledge of laptops, but am fairly familiar with the XP on my pc. Does anyone have any suggestions for a non-pro?

A:Dell Latitude laptop model PP01L problems

Try the link to Dell in here:
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My Dell Latitude D820 laptop is locking up when I move it while open. The screen goes black and a green light comes on at the top of the keyboard that looks like a padlock with the letter A in it. None of the keys work and I've tried closing it and reopening it with no reaction. The only solution I have now that works is to manually power down and then repower. Is there some keystroke combination that will keep me from having to reboot? Any ideas about what might be causing the problem and how to fix it? Thanks for the help!

A:Dell Latitude D820 laptop locking up when moved

Is the AC adapter connected when you move it, or is it just on battery power? Has this laptop ever been dropped?
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Hey guys i need help finding the dell latitude D600 ethernet drivers, i have been looking on the dell website for the drivers but every time i try to install it, it wont give me lan connection.


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Any advice on how to upgrade this to wireless AC?
Operating System Edition: Professional Product Line: Latitude
Operating System: Windows 7
Optical: DVD
Screen Size: 14"
Battery: Included Processor Type: Intel Core i5 2nd Gen.
Webcam: Not Included Processor Speed: 2.50GHz
Touchscreen: No Graphics Processing Type: Integrated/On-Board Graphics
Memory: 8GB
Hard Drive Capacity: 320GB
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Hi everyone I ve cloned my laptop HD labeled D in my P-III with the XXClone software The new volume is initialized and will boot normally in my P-III When I in Dell boot laptop. C610 XP-Pro clone Latitude won't plug the drive back into my Dell C it won t boot - instead it goes around in circles A blue screen XP-Pro clone won't boot in Dell Latitude C610 laptop. with white text will flash for a split second and the Windows XP screen will do the same The blue Dell screen appears and the status bar completes then the black screen with boot choices appears quot Start Windows Normally quot etc The boot diskette made with XXClone does nothing The laptop was running and has a new motherboard XP-Pro clone won't boot in Dell Latitude C610 laptop. and CD drive BIOS won t let me right-key to edit the HD it has the white arrow but I m not sure if this is editable or not I ve set the boot sequence several times from internal to floppy I ve inserted the Dell drivers CD and run check disk diagnostics on the drive while hooked up to my P-III - still nothing I m wondering if my Latitude BIOS is corrupted Heelp nbsp

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Dell Latitude D Laptop keyboard repair is one of the more common jobs performed on laptops it s also one of the easier repairs to carry out providing the following hasn t happened A spill of anything but water on a keyboard will times out of leave you in a situation that involves replacing the keyboard all together Keyboards are manufactured in such a way that leaves little to no room to Laptop D520 Latitude Dell Keyboard Repair clean out messy spills Basically any liquid containing sugar soft drinks beer wine coffee or tea are bad news A couple of laptop keyboard repair do s and don ts in the event of a spill DON T panic Panic makes us do stupid things think before you react DON T use a hairdryer to dry out a spill melted keys are hard to type with DON T tilt the machine upside down or on its side if you do feel the need it s better to tilt it Dell Latitude D520 Laptop Keyboard Repair to the side that houses the CDROM as the CDROM area inside the machine has less components on it than the mainboard DO switch the machine off immediately and resist switching it back on until you re certain the spill has dried Survey the damage after you ve dried it out At this point you could remove the keyboard and try the machine using an external keyboard to see if anything else has been affected The ribbon cable can also be located on the front edge of the keyboard depending on the age and model of the laptop you have Note the keyboard holder thin strip of plastic that sits on the top edge of the laptop keyboard needs to be removed to get access to the screws holding the keyboard down Traditionally a spill will kill a keyboard or at best at least some function will be lost I have only ever been successful with a laptop keyboard repair that involved a water spill anything else normally results in a tragic loss and putting your old faithful keyboard to rest nbsp

A:Dell Latitude D520 Laptop Keyboard Repair

i once spilt a glass of baileys onto th keyboard of an inspiron 1300, i took the KB off and soaked it in hot soapy water then rinsed it out and left it to dry, worked fine when it was put back on....

I often scrub dirty keyboards in a bath of hot soapy water and leave to dry, makes em nice and clean and they always work.
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Hi i aquired a laptop, and im trying to reset the Admin password on it so i can change the boot sequence. The copy of windows xp on it is bad and i cannot boot into it. Is there any way to get the admin password off other than removing the Cmos.?

A:dell latitude c600 laptop bios pw reset

Our forum rules prohibit us from assisting with password recovery or work arounds.

Please review our rules: