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Onenote 2016, how can you change the font on the section tabs at the top?

Q: Onenote 2016, how can you change the font on the section tabs at the top?

I saw this done on an instructional video of one note but it did not cover that aspect. I can change the default for the page and the page color and all that. I just want the tabs to match
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Preferred Solution: Onenote 2016, how can you change the font on the section tabs at the top?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Can Excel 2016 find and replace a word's (character string) font color?I need the capability to search a spreadsheet for a word and change that word's font color. For example, find all instances of the word "ANALYZE" and change the font color to BLUE (0000FF). Similarly, find all instances of the word "DESIGN" and change its font color to GREEN (009900), and so on.I'm doing it manually now. Would like to run a macro (?) that does it. It would save me 15 minutes of keyboarding time, 10 times a week.Thanks, Roseymessage edited by RoseyProcessTraige
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After the 13 August 2016 Windows 10 update the font on my browsers (Chrome and Firefox) become very hard to read. They were thinner and just plain funky. I went into settings and made a few changes but it just didn't work. Does anyone understand why and how to change them back?
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Hi all,
I'm having major issues with onenote 2016.
All of a sudden I can't enter/edit text in the app. Word etc work fine. When I install Office, the "demo" notes work fine. Any ideas?
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OneNote per Word 2016 will not allow me to access my Xerox 7760 printer.  To attempt to access the printer must I uninstall OneNote?  What am I doing wrong?  Note: I have Windows 7, not Windows 8.
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Hey guys,
So I'm wondering If I could get help with getting a font to be used in the system. The font I want to use is this:
(traditional) AR Tianniu B5 - Free Chinese Font - Free Chinese Font

However the font name is in Chinese:
called '最新版心形中文甜妞体智能机专用科'

I'm trying to use this font as a system font on my English Home Premium Windows 7 64-bit.

I've tried changing the fonts the normal way via the 'change window colors and metrice' way in the control panel. However, the font I installed doesn't appear as an option because the font name is in chinese?
I tried to change the font name to English, however it makes the font invalid.
Any help?
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I use many different font in my line of work and need the font in the selection drop-down box to be larger. Is there way to change the default size of the listed fonts?
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I just decided to try Office's OneNote. When I ran it the first time, I chose to use it on the web. I didn't really mean to do that and would like to undo it and choose 'On this computer only' but I can't figure out how to go about doing that.

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much.

A:Change OneNote from web to this computer only

You did not list the version of Office/OneNote you have. This is for 2010:

For your open Notebook,
File > Info
Click on Share on Web or Network hyperlink
Click on Network
Leave the Network Location blank
Click on Home tab.

That should do it.

If it doesn't, just create a new Notebook and delete the one you don't want!

File > New
Store Notebook On: My Computer
Give it a Name and Location

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I entered the wrong email address and the system will not let me go any further and it will not let me update my email. Is there a way to reset the entire Cortana set up?

A:I need to change the user name on the set up section.

You should be able to sign in with a different MS account (Notebook\About Me) in addition to clearing what Cortana knows about you (Settings\Change what Cortana knows about me in the cloud). Have you tried either?
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I deleted a few fonts from my font folder the other day and it seems that a few OS fonts were deleted in the process Usually Ive got a message saying something along the lines of quot this is a OS font quot or quot in use quot Question I noticed that my default calculator font is missing and was curious if anyone knows what font the calculator uses I got a substituted font from the deleted one but it looks terrible If Missing How Font 7 Font Calculator / change Win to nobody knows the above Then would anyone happen to know how to change the calculator font ----- I went into a font deletion frenzy because I had some non-OS fonts that made my font list bulky and it took a How to change Win 7 Calculator Font / Missing Font while to scroll to the more used fonts So I deleted some to combat this Photoshop loads a lot faster as well due to less fonts my little takeaway tip from all this ----- Thanks for any feedback

A:How to change Win 7 Calculator Font / Missing Font

This site has the default fonts in a download. You would only have default fonts again.

How I restored my Windows 7 default fonts | With Steps

A Guy
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I want t o know which font is Windows system font - for filenames, menus, window captions and all written text in Windows.
So which is it?
And is possible to change it?

Thank you for everything!


A:Which font is Windows system font? Is possible to change?

Originally Posted by MIRKOSOFT


I want t o know which font is Windows system font - for filenames, menus, window captions and all written text in Windows.
So which is it?
And is possible to change it?

Thank you for everything!


Hi Miro,

In Windows 7, the default theme font for Windows Aero is Segoe UI.

In Windows 8, the default theme font for Windows Metro is Segoe WP.

You can change the font by editing the theme in Windows 7 (right-click on the desktop → personalize).

You can't change the font in Windows 8 as the feature was removed.
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Under Windows 7, how can I increase the default font size of everything in Outlook 2016's opening window. These tired old eyes find all of the panes hard to read.

Thank you.

A:Increase Font Size of Outlook 2016


I do not use Outlook (2010 on my Win7 boxes and 2016 on my Win10 box) and I have not tried the links or the suggestions therein, but Uncle Google turned up these:
(Scroll down on the page for instructions to change the interface font)

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We have about 2,000 files consisting of Word and Adobe documents Saved As 'AO blah blah blah.doc' (the character O) when they should have been Saved As 'A0 blah blah blah.doc' (the number zero).

Is there a way to do a mass Find and Replace on part of a file name?


A:Change a Section within many file names?
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today i need to run task sheduller its runing but i got an error message like that:this not a valid account name(i translete it bad i know)

this notebook is new a week ago i installed vista.when i install vista my account name was nonpasaran but later i changed it from control panel with another one.But now i turn it nonpasaran again but task sh. error didin't fix.I tried change the name C:users/nonpasaran folder but i couldn't rename it.Help me please
i also tried taking ownership of C:users/nonpasaran folder but don't worked

A:i cant change my account name at the C:users section

Did you do the following?

Open the Control Panel by clicking the "Start" menu and then selecting "Control Panel" in the right column. Search for User Accounts by typing "user accounts" into the search bar at the upper- left corner of the control panel. Select the "Make Changes to Accounts" option under the heading "User Accounts." Select "Change Your Name" and type in the new user name for the account and then press "Change Name." The changes will take effect the next time you log in.
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I'm going to buy a new license of one of these product, so any suggest please?
I have used Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky ( about 3 years ago), I haven't used Norton and Trend Micro.

A:KIS 2016 vs NIS 2016 vs BIS 2016 vs Avast IS 2016 vs Trend Micro IS 2016

Out of all these,and your prerequisites,I would go with Kaspersky!
PS:This is from personal experience,and other members may have varying opinions!!
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My 950xl is running edge version 25.10586.164 and I was just wondering is there way to turn those tab screen index fonts back to smaller?
The way they were before that update? I hate new large font. First, there are only few letters showing now in the bar. Second, the thicker bar is taking too much of room from the preview scene of the page. And finaly i had no problem of using the smaller x-button of the older version.
Hoping that some one would have some kind of fix for this.
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I figure there must be a way, but damned if I can find it. Right now, they're white. I'd like them to be black, painted black.....

Talking desktop mode, of course.

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I can adjust the font size on all items in Win7 except dialog box tabs; this includes IE8 and all Win7 OS related functions. I have tried changing themes and anything I can find. What I currently have is just too small. The problem also exists in IE8 (not browser tabs, they are ok) dialog windows and any input boxes for all websites. Using the DPI is not the answer on this one. Thanks...

A:Windows 7 font on dialog box tabs too small

Can you post us some screen shots so we can see exactly of which you speak? A Guy
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Is the font size for tabs and address menus changeable?

A:Is the font size for tabs and address menus changeable?

Originally Posted by awindowsdummy

Is the font size for tabs and address menus changeable?

Control Panel > Display > Personalization (lower left corner) >Window Color and Appearance > Advanced appearce settings (under show color mixer)

click the down arrow in the grey box under Item and showing Desktop

Start with 'Menu' adjust font size and Bold if you like
Play around with your choices
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Is there a way to increase the size of the fonts on an Excel spreadsheet - the ones at the bottom that say sheet1, sheet2, etc.?

Thank you for any assistance.

A:Excel - Font size of tabs (sheet1, sheet2, etc)

Sorry, nope. You can change your system font size to change it, but it'll change other things as well.
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I have been unable to get Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 to start minimized. I have already right clicked on the Shortcut icon, chosen Properties, selected Run: Minimized, and then closed the dialog box by clicking OK (and I have revisited the Properties dialog box to be sure my selection was saved). Still, this application will not start up minimzed. Also, I have been unable to find any command line switch for OneNote that will direct it to open as a minimized application.

Anyone have a solution? I like to have OneNote available to me whenever I am at my computer so I want to have it in my Startup folder (or the appropriate Registry location); however, it is a nuisance to have to minimize it every time I turn on or restart my computer.



A:Minimizing OneNote on startup, Can Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 be started minimized

Hi Dave and welcome to the forums

There are 2 ways of doing this, either to have a shortcut in the system tray or the Quick Launch area (or both, if you wish).
To place a shortcut in the system tray:
Click on 'Tools' and 'Options...'.

Click 'Other' and check (tick) the option 'Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar'. Click 'OK'.

To place a shortcut in the Quick Launch area, locate the 'Microsoft Office OneNote 2007' shortcut in the start menu, right click on it and select 'Add to Quick Launch'.
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Now! ESET has just released their newest security suite: ESET Smart Security 9 (2016 Edition). These products are on the top of security suites which are produced by giants on security companies. Most of them released 2016 editions of their products. I want to compare on their newest products with new features (such as on ESET: Banking Protection, Bitdefender: Ransomware Protection and new Firewall, etc...) and some enhanced features.

And now, which is your choose for your security? Please let me know your opinion!

A:Battle: Kaspersky IS 2016 vs ESET Smart Security 2016 vs Bitdefender IS 2016 vs Emsisoft IS 10

its hard choice choose between Eset,Kaspersky and Emsisoft.
in fact i never test Eset 2016, but i tested kaspersky and Emsisoft, Kaspersky 2016 really go lighter than Emsisoft(now i am Emsisoft useres)
by your budget and your interest u can choose Emsisoft or kaspersky.
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Windows 8.1 Desktop PC Android 4.2 on Asus Transformer TF300T

I have Onenote 2013 Desktop as part of office and also the free version of Onenote on Android. The latter has a notebook only on OneDrive. When I open that notebook from the desktop I am told that the 'account' does not have rights to edit the notebook. It says the certificate is somehow wrong. If I accept that then I can edit the notebook but it does not sync the changes back to Android. It does work the other way around.
Any thoughts please?

[Edit] The message on the Desktop Onenote...
we're sorry, your account doesn't seem to have permissions to edit this notebook.
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I everyone I am a newbie to the forums. I was installing some new font packages the other day for photoshop and all of a sudden the font within some of my programs is now unreadable (looks like Tekton Pro, but very hard to read). I googled how to change font in windows 8 and was only able to change:

I changed all of these, but it did not change the font that is not readable! I have noticed that when I log into Facebook, the search bar font is also unreadable...

Does anyone know how to fix this?!

A:Mystery font change in Windows, how do I change it?

It looks like the font may be arial bold, and should be just arial. THe bold really makes things look fuzzy on the screen...
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Please let me know how to import onenote 2003 data to onenote 2010.

I have some important data of onenote 2003, but I can't read at inenote 2010.

Thanks in advance.

A:import onenote 2003 data to onenote 2010?

Microsoft OneNote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Microsoft OneNote supports Microsoft Live Mesh, which allows cloud-based storage and synchronization of OneNote files that permit their editing and viewing by any OneNote client, including Office Online.[4] Microsoft OneNote 2007 also supports simultaneous editing without any locking of shared OneNote documents by multiple users when the document is stored in a shared folder,[5] Live Mesh, or Dropbox.[6]

Will this work?
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I see the new Windows 10 OneNote, and it looks pretty different to me from OneNote 2010, but I wanted to at least try it. But I can't find anyway to import my notebooks from 2010. Is there anyway to do this? I keep getting messages about "updating", but I don't know if that's for OneNote 2016 or Windows 10.

So my questions are:

1) Can you import notebooks from OneNote 2010 into Windows 10?

2) Is there a good reason to do so? I.e., use Windows 10 OneNote?

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Hi I ve posted my problem in OS and Windows XP section of the site and they have requested I post here too I OS requested section from section advice seek this They said to post a HJT log and report any findings advice from this thread back to them This is my original post Hi I recently sent my laptop away to be fixed as it wasn t turning on of the time and when I got it back they said it had loads of viruses and trojans which was the problem I use AVG which I thought would have prevented this and I OS section requested I seek advice from this section don t know how they OS section requested I seek advice from this section fixed it but they said it was now clean The laptop was used with no problems for about hours altogether before I installed a new external hard drive Well I say new but it OS section requested I seek advice from this section s actually a Seagate Desktop gb that i had previously imstalled but the USB connecter fell off so I had to transfer it into a new case After installing it into the new case it appeared in My Computer and I could access all my files again but the Seagate Device Manager did not recognise it However I soon began getting Blue Screen Errors regularly which directed me to this page after restarting http wer microsoft com responses R f fb f here I have tried all of the steps apart from the final one and nothing has worked I started up the laptop with nothing connected to it and just left it for a few hours and when I returned to it again I got the same message telling me a serious error had occured and to visit the above page I really dont know what else to try to fix this problem My second problem started about days ago - my Internet Explorer keeps freezing I have to close it down through Task Manager and then I send an error report and it takes me to this page http wer microsoft com responses R abb here I have done the first steps and can t do the last one as I dont have a Yahoo toolbar I have used Internet Explorer with no add-ons at all and its Ok but quite slow and when I went to disable my add-ons there was loads It would take me ages to go through each off them eliminating them and sometimes the Internet can work for an hour without freezing Is there a way to delete them all Ive deleted the ones I can but some of them I cant delete Im selling this laptop to my parents in weeks and they don t have a clue about how to fix a computer problem so would like to have it sorted for them as soon as possible Is it fixable or something seriously wrong with it Thanks in advance for any help kates This is my other thread http forums techguy org windows-nt- -xp -blue-screen-error-internet-crashing html Here is my HJT log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Tall Emu Online Armor oasrv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Acer Empowering Technology ePerformance MemCheck exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgamsvr exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgemc exe C Program Files Seagate Basics Service SyncServicesBasics exe C WINDOWS system bgsvcgen exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C Program Files Canon IJPLM IJPLMSVC EXE C Program Files Kontiki KService exe C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Acer Empowering Technology eLock LockServ exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Progr... Read more
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IE 6.0
I have a user on an imaged pc - who wants her fonts larger in IE
I changed in the IE registry to medium - logged in as user -
but the change won't "stick" - it goes back to smaller font
also when changing font size via "View/Text Size/Medium"
this will not stay either? any ideas -
The Administrator IE Font Default size is medium already - but
does not carry over to the "user"

A:Change IE Font Size - can't change


Originally Posted by lisalam

IE 6.0
I have a user on an imaged pc - who wants her fonts larger in IE
I changed in the IE registry to medium - logged in as user -
but the change won't "stick" - it goes back to smaller font
also when changing font size via "View/Text Size/Medium"
this will not stay either? any ideas -
The Administrator IE Font Default size is medium already - but
does not carry over to the "user"

Maybe take a look at this.Have to copy and paste into address bar. If this don't help go to Google and type for search "Fonts will not stick in IE".'t%20stick%20in%20IE6%20XP%20SP2.php
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Is there a way to change appointments in Outlook 2016 instead of going on the web to change it in Outlook? Seems stupid to have to go on the web when your Calendar is right there.
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VirusTotal Blog Maintaining a healthy community VirusTotal was born years ago as a collaborative service to promote the exchange of information and strengthen security on the internet The initial idea was very basic anyone could send a suspicious file and in return receive a report with multiple antivirus scanner results In exchange antivirus companies received new malware samples to improve protections for their users The gears worked thanks to the collaboration of antivirus companies and the support of an amazing community This is an ecosystem where everyone contributes everyone benefits and we work together to improve internet security For this ecosystem to work everyone who (May Policy Change 2016) VirusTotal benefits from the community also needs to give VirusTotal Policy Change (May 2016) back to the community so we are introducing a few new policies to make sure that our community continues to work for years into the future First a revised default policy to prevent possible cases of abuse and increase the health of our ecosystem all scanning companies will now be required to integrate their detection scanner in the public VT interface in order to be eligible to receive antivirus results VirusTotal Policy Change (May 2016) as part of their VirusTotal API services Additionally new scanners joining the community will need to prove a certification and or independent reviews from security testers according to best practices of Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization AMTSO Finally all VirusTotal users are fully accountable for VirusTotal Policy Change (May 2016) and need to follow our existing Terms of Services and mandatory Best Practices It s frustrating to see abuses show up and it s damaging for our community Let s remember some basics VirusTotal should not be used in any way that could directly or indirectly hinder the antivirus URL scanner industries VirusTotal should not be used as a substitute of an antivirus solution The data generated by VirusTotal should not be used automatically as the primary indicator to blacklist produce signatures for files i e Antivirus vendors should not copy the signatures generated by other vendors without any other scrutinizing on their side VirusTotal should not be used to generate comparative metrics between different antivirus products Antivirus engines can be sophisticated tools that have additional detection features that may not function within the VirusTotal scanning environment Because of this VirusTotal scan results aren t intended to be used for the comparison of the effectiveness of antivirus products VirusTotal should not be used as deceptive means to discredit or to validate claims for or against a legitimate participant in the anti-malware industry VirusTotal renders information generated by third party products antivirus vendors URL scanning engines file characterization tools etc those product names are exclusive property of their respective brands hence use of these names in third party products and services will be done at your sole discretion You should ask the corresponding brands for their permission In no event shall you use VirusTotal s logo name or trademark on any customer list public statement press release or in any other manner without our prior written consent in each instance There is a new specific email address abuse virustotal com for users and partners to report potential abuse of this new policy or our long-standing Terms of Services and mandatory Best Practices When potential abuse is reported we will investigate and work to adopt specific measures to combat any irregularities if any uses can t come into compliance we will terminate their service We are looking forward to working with new partners as it will bring more value to the ecosystem All collaborative efforts are based on the principles of benefiting the security industry as a whole and enabling the protection of end users We also want to thank our current partners and the entire VT communit... Read more

A:VirusTotal Policy Change (May 2016)

In short, a company must have a native (their own) scanner that has been approved by the AMTSO BEFORE they can leech VT data to add to their scanners. So on the face of it, VT only scanners may be going bye bye (and Palo Alto Networks are shaking in their boots).
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hi there, is anyone using bitdefender 2016 total security pack on win7?

upon initial installation of the package, have you noticed if it made any change to either a default windows setting or a user defined setting? ok apart from firewall. if you did could you elaborate please


i mean something like this

man but it installs with autopilot on by default. it's too late. already changes made, and i have to go over each setting again. and who knows which other area.
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hi there, is anyone using bitdefender 2016 total security pack on win7?

upon initial installation of the package, have you noticed if it made any change to either a default windows setting or a user defined setting? ok apart from firewall. if you did could you elaborate please


i mean something like this

man but it installs with autopilot on by default. it's too late. already changes made, and i have to go over each setting again. and who knows which other area.

A:Does Bitdefender 2016 change any win setting on installation?

Hi Magna,
In my humble opinion, i'd never pay for an AV.
Use the free version they supply and the built in windows firewall,
common sense provides the rest of the support you pay for.

PS i use BD free
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-4455M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3552 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7500G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 457647 MB, Free - 413323 MB; D: Total - 18987 MB, Free - 2069 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 18DE
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

my computer was reformatted april 27th 2015, when i got home i installed google chrome and on the 30th i could not change any tabs i installed mozolla firefox. neither one will let me change tabs nor the internet explorer either. mouse works fine and the mouse works fine. the only way i can change tabs is by typing what i want in the search bar and then loading from there, please help. thank you very much speciallady

A:my computer will not let me change tabs

Please explain what you mean by "change tabs". Are you able to open several tabs in the browser but then once they are open you cannot switch back and forth between them?

What are you entering in search to be able to change tabs?
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I am in a business that I have like 15-20 pages open at a time, is there a way to customize the name of the page name on the start bar so I know which I am clicking on? thanx for the help, if you need more information so you can help me, then just continue the thread, thanx

A:Change Name on Tabs on the Start Bar

yeah, srry. theres not really a way to do that because, since they aren't your own programs, that would be illegal and you'd have to debug them.... i understand what you mean though. your best option is to just try and exit as many programs as you can and don't let them build up. srry.
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Just wondered if OneNote needs WiFi access?

A:OneNote - does OneNote need WiFi access?

It shouldn't require WiFi - though it does use communication (WiFi, Broadband, Ethernet, LAN.....) to collaborate or search.

OneNote 2007: What is OneNote
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Is there any way to change the stupid HTML rendering engine on Outlook 2016? I read somewhere it uses Word to render HTML, but it has a horrible support for formatting, and I like Outlook more than the Mail app
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I have 6 months trial license all of them. Which one do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.


A:Avast IS 2016 / Panda IS 2016 / Bitdefender IS 2016

What kind of system do you have?
Panda and Avast are the lightest while Bitdefender can be heavy.

All 3 offer excellent protection (Avast requires tweaking; Bitdefender and Panda works out of the box), while Bitdefender is mainly known for its detection rate (signatures).

Try the 3 of them (trial versions, not the 6 months) and see which one you prefer.

In terms of UI, all 3 are user friendly.

Have a look here for Avast and Bitdefender info:
KIS 2016 vs NIS 2016 vs BIS 2016 vs Avast IS 2016 vs Trend Micro IS 2016
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I have a file with about 30 tabs and I need to change the currency symbol from C$ to A$ on all tabs in all cells.
There is also US currency in my file, but those are indicated as just $.
For example: $500 C$600 should be changed to $500 A$600
The columns are not identical, therefore I can't select all tabs and columns and format the numbers that way.
Does anyone know if there is another way I could do it all at once with one step?

Thank you in advance.

A:Change currency symbol on several tabs in Excel

if you goto find
use replace
Options > Workbook
it will change every C$ on every cell

is that what you need ?
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Ohayo~ so I got a new font on my HP laptop. There's a problem, though~! I followed all steps provided  but I cannot change the font on my HP laptop. Strange, isn't it? Maybe not, I don't know. Any help, may I ask?
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The font on my Internet Explorer has gotten ridiculously big and I don't know how to make it normal size again.

How do i change it back?

Thanks for you time

A:How do i change the font of IE?

Right next to "Tools" on the upper tool bar there is a box called "Page" with a down arrow. Click on the down arrow, choose "Text Size" and then choose a smaller size. Hope that solves your issue.
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The font for document titles in My Documents mysteriously changed from black to blue. Does anyone know why this would happen and how to change it back?

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A:What is the font Win XP uses and how do I change this?

i change the fonts in window by going to
display properties/appereance/ advanced.
there you can change the fonts
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Is there any way to change the font of UI elements as could be done in Win 7?

A:Change Font

Only in the registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics

You can translate this with google: Change Fonts in Windows 8 - deskmodder-Wiki
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Hi, I have problem again.
By looking at the title, you may think it's simple problem but it's not(I think)


Before this happened, I installed BankGothic font(a.k.a. MW2 font).
What i did was simply copy and pasting that font file into "Font" folder.
But now, I see these things.
I tried to reset IE but still I see BankGothic.
Also, I do not know why McAfee has changed too.
Any solutions?
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can someone tell me how to change the overall system font style in windows 10 ?


Google is your friend.
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This is a pretty basic question that I can not seem to find a very basic answer to. When changing the font in the "Icons" menu under "Personalize" it changes Windows Media Player's font along with the File Location Bar's font as well. Is is possible to change the Icon font without changing the WMP or File Locations Bar Fonts?

Thanks in Advance
- Lollies

A:Font Change

Hello Lollies,

Not sure what you mean by the "File Locations Bar" from this location. Which desktop icon are you changing the icon on?

Desktop Icons

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Hey all The tabs on IE stopped working I have tabs enabled using internet options but they still won't work If I right click on a link the only option it gives me is to open in a new window Also I can no longer change my desktop background When I right click on the desktop and click properties the background tab is completely gone missing Anyway I've tried every cleaner virus scan etc but nothing fixes either of these problems I don't know if they are related or not but PLEASE HELP I've included a hijackthis log below in case there are any nasties anyone would recommend removing Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe desktop can't tabs won't background log-ie change Hijackthis work; on C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccProxy exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Hijackthis log-ie tabs won't work; can't change background on desktop SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe C WINDOWS System WLTRYSVC EXE C WINDOWS System bcmwltry Hijackthis log-ie tabs won't work; can't change background on desktop exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Symantec Hijackthis log-ie tabs won't work; can't change background on desktop LiveUpdate ALUSchedulerSvc exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Dell QuickSet NICCONFIGSVC exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system dllhost exe c windows system svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS ehome ehtray exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C WINDOWS system WLTRAY exe C WINDOWS stsystra exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD DVDLauncher exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files AGEIA Technologies TrayIcon exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE CLI EXE C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C WINDOWS eHome ehmsas exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqSTE exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Console NSCSRVCE EXE C WINDOWS ehome ehshell exe C WINDOWS ehome ehExtHost exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmplayer exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www google com ig dell hl en amp us amp ibd R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search Default Page URL http www google com ig dell hl en amp us amp ibd R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page blank htm F - R... Read more

A:Hijackthis log-ie tabs won't work; can't change background on desktop

Welcome to TSF.

Please print the below instructions or copy them to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the order mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes.

Run a scan in HijackThis. Check each of the following if they still exist and hit 'Fix Checked' after you checked the last one:

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page = \blank.htm
F2 - REG:system.ini: UserInit=C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe,C:\WINDOWS\system32\secpol.exe,
O3 - Toolbar: (no name) - {224E1433-F086-4BB1-B791-AF87F7629D93} - (no file)
O20 - Winlogon Notify: fsmgmt - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\fsmgmt.dll
O21 - SSODL: kopmet - {042745E6-36BA-4735-A66E-3C8209726BAE} - (no file)
O21 - SSODL: jetctrl - {1F5087DB-7FAB-488B-B371-6A98F2A82A70} - (no file)

Locate the following Files/Folders and delete them if they exist (if no location given, just do a search for them):


Go to and follow the instructions on how to install the Recovery Console and run ComboFix. Go through all the steps until posting the log part. Post the combofix log here.

Download SmitfraudFix at and extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your desktop.

Open the SmitfraudFix folder. Double-click on smitfraudfix.cmd and select option #1 - Search by typing 1 and press Enter. A text file will appear, which lists infected files (if present). Please copy/paste the content of that report into your next reply.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT run option #2 or any other option until you are directed to do so!

NOTE: process.exe is detected by some antivirus programs as a Risk Tool. It is not a virus. If you get this detected, ignore it.
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Ok, a couple hours ago I got a runtime error ( i dont know which one) and it restarted windows explorer and my font size for everything got really big then i tried to change the DPI and it got very small ( changed it to 96 DPI).
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Can't change font size.

I have just gotten this problem again and I forget how to fix it. Please help.
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Hello Administrator

Is there any possibility to change the font of the desktop in Windows 8.1, the regedit ..

I would like to leave with the source: Franklin Gothic


A:change the font of the desktop

I didn't understand exactly what you want! You mean to change the fonts of the OS interface?


Actually now that I think of it, I don't think you can change your font in 8.1, you could in Windows 7

Mudar fontes do Windows - Ajuda do Windows
How to Access
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I am using Vista and I have Norton Security 09 on my laptop. For some reason I can't change the size of my fonts in any of my programs. When I try to change the font I hear a pinging noise. PLEASE HELP!

A:Can't change font size

completely un-install norton and symantics and install AVG 8.5..........this works WAY better and norton will not control you so much. it will also make your laptop faster especially if the OS is VISTA...Norton is a very, very heavy software program.un-fortunatly it comes pre-installed on almost every PC in 09'. there are many programs to un-install on a new PC. this is only one of them.....(NORTON)....make sure you take your laptop some where like Comp USA or similar and have your ram maxed out. once again esp. if you are running VISTA OS...
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Hey guys, i have managed to find a way to change fonts in everything except the explorer.exe in my Windows 8.1 thanks to a program.

So is there anyway to change the explorer.exe font?
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How do I change font to BLACK?

The fonts on all the Windows 7 windows, titles, information screens, are all some kind of washed out blue or gray. Almomst impossible to read!

How di I get just plain BLACK text?

A:How do I change font to BLACK?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

See if this tutorial will help you out, you are showing you have Windows 7 home so use option one and then you'll have to go to step 7B in option two to finish it up.
Window Color and Appearance - Change

If that does not get it for you let me know may be I can come up with an alternative.

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The text on lockscreen looks kind low res. , I mean the edges of the text is not smooth,,, is it just me or that's how it is ???
Can I change maybe change the font so it won't look like that ? If so, how can I change it ?
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i don't know what happened but whenever i try to rename or make a folder in my c: the font color of name is blue. but in all other drives or user folder there is no can i change it?

A:cannot change font color

hello ajan & welcome....
See if Brink's tutorial helps you out... good luck...

Fonts - Change Default
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I need help in totally removing a font from my computer amp replacing it with a different font I ve created font change possible? of Blanket many documents in MS Word using Univers as my standard font Recently when converting these documents to PDF files I found that Univers gave me undesirable results Someone told me that Univers is actually a carryover from WordPerfect amp Blanket change of font possible? that it s not a TrueType font They suggested I use Arial instead amp I d be happy with the end product Since then I ve been using Arial as my standard font amp I actually opened every single file I d previously used Univers in amp replaced all fonts with Arial or so I thought Since then sometimes when I open one of these same files I m finding Univers has reappeared in various places throughout my documents Usually I can do a quot Find quot to find any stray Univers text amp change the font to Arial but why does it come back when I thought I d gotten rid of it before Is there somewhere within Word or maybe within Windows I m using Windows that I can tell it quot anywhere you find Univers change the font to Arial quot I also posted this question on Allen Wyatt s WordTips list but no one had an answer for me I d appreciate any amp all suggestions thanks Patti nbsp

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Hello everyone new here.

I want to ask a question, do anyone know how to change the font color in the toolsbar

for example i download this theme today and i wish to change the red font for a black one but i dont know how or is if possible to change it

if anyone can helpme i would appreciate very much, or if there is a theme like that one but with other font color

Thanks, and sorry for my english

A:Change font color

It is not quiet clear from the pic, coz it's just a thumbnail
But as far as I know, it is Ave's Windows7 Style Builder that changes the theme elements like color, font, texture, sounds, etc
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I found under display settings the link for advances sizing of text and other items In that window that comes up there are drop down lists to change do change font sizes? I How font size for the following titles bars menus message boxes palette titles icons and tool tips I changed all that to Which for now How do I change font sizes? I think I m comfortable with of those I readily see so far However inside that window the text describing things above that is like an or font I need to be able to change that Also the font size on web pages in firefox is not the same from before doing the upgrade from windows How do I change font sizes? pro That font is also several numbers lower than before I m used to text ranging from to in size I need to be able to change the font sizes for much more things I seem to recall in previous versions of windows the font size changing thing had a dozen or more items in the list to change But I can t find that anywhere Could someone direct me to where I can adjust font sizes for everything everywhere Thanks nbsp
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Hi, I use CorelDraw and with it comes a little app called Bitstream Font navigator. I try to use it as little as possible though as it always messes up my system fonts. Normally it comes right again after a reboot.
This time though it won't change back. Seems it's stuck on Tahoma or something.
Any idea how to change it back to whatever the default system font is?

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How do I change the font of this folder? I want it something lighter, so that I can actually read it.

A:How do I change the font of this folder?

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Are you using a 3rd party custom theme?
Where is that folder at?
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I have a Kindle font change PC for PC i am currently running windows on I have Kindle For PC installed latest version I also have a samsung galaxy tab tablet wifi only and a brand new Samsung Galaxy s smartphone I have the kindle books i use the most delivered to each of these devices My S nicely changes the book fonts to a pleasing san serif type so i am set there I will look into quot calibre quot to change the default serif font in the Tablet other than that i will have to root unless Kindle for PC font change someone has some information for me my eyes are not compatible with Serif for e reading My primary concern here is the font in KINDLE FOR PC which i use on my computer I will consider alternate readers only if they can read my KINDLE books either from online the cloud or the file on my computer AND BE ABLE TO CHANGE FONT I know there is a registry hack to be able to change the Kindle For PC fonts but i lost the bookmark and the site is a pay for site and can't get the information I would appreciate if anyone could lead me to the specific information i need to CHANGE THE FONT TO A SANS SERIF FONT for all my books on Kindle For PC on my computer - either Windows Kindle For PC or Windows Kindle for PC either will run on my PC i understand thanks hope i made that clear -
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How would I set up Windows 8 so that I can edit the `path` environment variable in a fixed pitch font such as `Console` or `Lucida Console`? I don't want to change the font for other parts of Windows - only where paths are displayed. It seems I've been doing this in a terribly inappropriate font for many years and my tired eyes aren't great for semicolons.

A:change the font for paths

Hi Broiyan,
In windows 7 it was so easy by going to control panel, but now is much harder(you`ll see what i mean):
As Far As i know go to regedit>>>>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>>>SOFTWARE>>>>Microsoft>>>>Windows NT>>>>Current Vision>>>>FontSubstitues>>>> thats all what i know now i need an MVP like brink to hep you with here.
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I Had To Format Computer But Now I Can't Change Size Of Font.

A:change font size


What Operating System is it XP?

And how are you trying to change the font?
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Sorry if I missed the answer while reading through the existing pages of this thread and others but this seemed like the best place to ask this question. How would one change the font colour for the text that shows up in the dropdown menu while using the location bar in Windows 7?

A:How would one change the font colour

Welcome to the Seven Forums
If you are talking about the menu in the screenshot that text color cannot be changed, no one has found it yet.

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I like bold fonts on my menus, windows and icons so i change the font easily using Personalize/Windows Color/Advanced appearance setting.

I have several custom toolbars that I create that have web sites (shortcuts) that I frequent for various reasons. I have not been able to have these fonts show up as bold. Not a big deal really. It's just the fact that I haven't been able to make it happen.

I have attached a screen shot.

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I've searched a lot on this topic but I have failed to find anything that works. In particular, the suggestion to use option 2 or 3 (registry edit) of a similar tutorial in the win7 forums, does not work for me.

Has anyone gotten this to work? Particularly on win 8.1.1?


A:How to Change win 8.1.1 System Font

Open your theme in Resource Hacker or use Restorator 2007.

Navigate to the String resource and expand.

Drag/drop (or export) Neutral on your Desktop.

Open Neutral.rc in a text editor for example Notepad++.

Replace all instances of Segoe UI with your font.

Save Neutral.rc

Drag/Drop (or import) the new Neutral.rc from Explorer back into your Resource Hacker or Restorator with Assign
Save your theme.
Then apply

if you use a modded theme you can use Vista Style Builder
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Is it possible to change the font the Visual C++ IDE editor uses? If so, how.

Thanks in advance,

A:Change display font in VC++ 6 IDE?

Tools > options and then scroll all the way over on the right to the Format tab
(you are probably best off staying with a fixed pitch font like courier though)
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I need to know how to change the system font for windows xp through the registry but cant seem to find the key?

I tried the following key but it ONLY effects the system font not menus and desktop which is what Im after.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes]
"MS Shell Dlg"=
"MS Shell Dlg 2"=

Please dont meantion right click on desktop stuff I need to do this remotly.
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I am working between two Word documents. When I copy from 1 document which is in my default font (Book Antiqua) to the other document (also in Book Antiqua) it pastes in Times New Roman and I have to change it back to Book Antiqua. How can I get it to stick with the one font?

A:Font change between documents

It sounds like you might not have Book Antiqua on your PC.
Also, if the font is applied to a style, and the style is applied to a paragraph, and you're not copying the paragraph return, it won't hold the style when it's brought over.

Also, if the text is in style "body text" in doc 1, and you bring it over to doc 2 and doc 2 also has a style called body text, then it's gonna take on the style of doc 2...see?

Hope it helps and welcome to TSG!
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I have just bought a ThinkPad T60 with Windows XP Professional, and am in the throes of setting it up. I remember that when I set up my desktop some years ago with Windows XP there was a setting I used to sharpen the appearance of all fonts. It made a big difference.

But I have forgotten how to do it, and because I can't even remember the name of the process I can't google it or find it in help.

Does anyone know what I mean, what it is called, and how to do it?

Regards, Alex

A:Change font appearance

I think your on about font smoothing?

Go to your control panel > Display > Appearance > Effects

Then tick "use the following method to smooth fonts" (or something like that ) and select "ClearType" from the list
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How can I change the font under my desktop icons?

A:Change font in desktop?

Under Window Color and Appearance in Personalize (right click on desktop), you should see a Open classic appearance properties line toward the bottom. Click on that and then on Advanced and you should then be able to make font changes there. The panel that comes up is just like XP if you're familiar with that. Its just more well-hidden in Vista.
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I have IE6 and XP Pro installed on a new computer. When I go to IE 6 the fonts are super large although I have the view set on SMALLEST. Nothing I seem to do will change the font size. I did the IE tools font sizes and under accessibility I checked ignore font sizes. Nothing is working. The XP Pro version I installed had service pack 3C...does that mean that IE 7 was installed and that I have IE 6 on the computer as well causing a confusion in IE?

A:Can't change font size on IE 6

Do you ahve the same problem in ie7?
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Here is a picture of what I'm talking about:

I want to change some of the Tabs to show something else like "Authors", "Date Accessed" , etc.

I know you can Right-Click and select More to see the different Tabs accessible. If I select "Authors" it will show the tab "Authors".

However, when I open another folder it no longer shows that "Authors" tab.

So my question is how do I permanently save new Default Tabs like "Authors" to show on all Folders I open.


A:[PICTURE INCLUDED] How do you change the Default Tabs when you open a Folder?

Hi, you need to select views, then "details" and you have 267 different options when you right click and select "more". To keep those you choose select from the main menu "tools" then "folder options" under "view"you will see Folder Views select "Apply to Folders".
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I used to know how to do this but I have forgotten... I need to have the numbers for Section 1 (title page, TOC, etc) be like i, ii, iii, etc... and then Section 2 (Chapter 1) needs to be page 1. Nothing I've tried is working, and I know this is simple, I've just forgotten how to do it! Thank you for your help!!

A:Solved: Page numbering in Word 2007... different numbering for Section 1 and Section
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After normal shutdown on my small office network last Friday my server which is also MY workstation began font Screen to change italics my week by displaying previously normal screen fonts in italics on Monday morning Although entries display in italics they print with normal fonts At first Screen font change to italics I Screen font change to italics thought it was the particular office program I use but I notice a similar aberration when I opened Google It doesn t effect bold and title fonts just the normal fonts that would Screen font change to italics be used when typing in entries It also does not effect the screen fonts on Word Notepad or OE The server is the only station affected and it runs on XP Pro while the other workstations are on SE The phenomenon does not transfer when I take a backup of my office program home to another XP Pro computer Is there some place I can change the quot system fonts quot so to speak I tried changing Views Encoding in IE but that has no effect nbsp

A:Screen font change to italics

My guess would be that you font folder may have become corrupted. The other possibility is that the settings have been changed in Display Properties/Appearance.
To fix the font folder install Tweakui. It has a tab that will allow you to repair all sorts of stuff - including the font folder.
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Is it possible to easily change the taskbar's font color (buttons + clock)? I can't believe I can have a solid white background with white fonts on it.

A:Change taskbar's font color?

Rt Clk Desktop
Windows Color
Advanced Appearance Settings
Icons (I think)
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anyone know how to darken the font on windows and whatnot?

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How can I change the font color on menus ?

There is only a men? for resize.

A:Font color change menus how ?

You will need to wait for something like ObjectDock or WindowBlinds for Win8

While I do not recommend a novice (not saying that you are as I have no idea, this is just in general) try using the following, it is up to you.

This will allow you to use custom Visual Styles as they are created. There are not many at the moment and some could (or will most likely) break Windows 8 at this time. They are being developed, but it will be a while before we see more Styles for Win8.

See this Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color? thread for some answers, as well as the many other threads found here Customization - Windows 8 Forums
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I think I can in a stylesheet I change in font javascript? the and Can color I a m still trying to learn Can I change the font and color in a javascript? that I came across this to put the date on a page lt script language quot JavaScript quot gt lt -- var now new Date var days new Array Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday var months new Array January February March April May June July August September October November December var date now getDate lt quot quot quot quot now getDate function fourdigits number return number lt number number today days now getDay quot quot months now getMonth quot quot date quot quot fourdigits now getYear document write today -- gt lt script gt It seems very simple and basic which would be good to learn from The first thing I tried was to get it in the middle of the page It just stays on the left side Also can I change the font and or color of it Not a big deal just trying to learn about it Thanks Carrie nbsp
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Hello dear forum members This is my first post here and definately a place where I found many answers to my questions until now I really tried anything to make this work with no result also found none solutions over the net or here in the forum I updated from IE to the latest IE Beta and really like the browser except one big thing the font render New Vista style fonts are horrible and I want my old IE default Tahoma style font renderer for web pages After upgrading to IE the font settings look identical but pages are rendered differently I Change Old Style How ? IE9 to Tahoma to Font have tried numerous combinations in the Fonts settings tab with no luck Accessibility didn't help much too also tried Software renderer instead of Hardware clear type all with no luck Please tell me how to make my web page fonts displayed look like in IE here's what I want Here's whay I got at the moment with IE IE9 How to Change Font to Tahoma Old Style ? Hope you have the answer because otherwise I'm stuck with the old IE This new font render is genuinly bad poor Microsoft Almost forgot operating system is Windows Enterprise x IE9 How to Change Font to Tahoma Old Style ? also tried on Vista x Thank you in advance for your answers

A:IE9 How to Change Font to Tahoma Old Style ?

They look the same to me except that the one looks like it is Bold have you tried changing the setting to make the font bold ?

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Hi, I recent updated to the latest Windows update, and noticed that after installing it, the update seemed to have changed the browser font to something else, and also noticed some of my PC video games have also changed their text font as well. I can't seem to changed back to default, it still stays the same. I did do a system restore, and narrowed the problem down to the updates.

A:Did anyone's browser font change after update(s)?

I've also noticed this and am pleasantly surprised.
Text looks much clearer and crisp.

I have found this KB article about updating blurry fonts in IE9 but it seems to have changed text rendering at its core, as it has affected text in all my browsers and the operating system.

Text displayed in some core fonts appears blurred in Internet Explorer 9 on a computer that is running Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008 R2
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But I want to do it without increasing the desktop icon size? I'm assuming that this is not like past Windows where u have that option just to change the font size in Advanced Settings?

A:Wanna change W7 font size

Right click - Screen Resolution-Make text or other items larger or smaller
There you can change either the magnification of everything on the screen or on the left - Set custom text size(DPI)
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I just installed a new theme on my computer. The background is lighter than previous themes. Contrary to instructions, the Font color remained white, which makes reading the icons difficult. I have performed a search, but I have been unable to find a way to change the font color to black.

A:Change Icon font color

Post a link to the theme you installed and I will look at it.
Where does this white text show up at?
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Hello! A long time problem I have had in Word 2003 is sometimes when I use the backspace key, the text immediately in front of the cursor changes to a different font. Usually three or four words change, and it always changes to the font "page number + italic". This has happened in hundreds of documents - some I have created, some have been sent to me by others. It does not always happen, and it can happen intermittently within the same document.

I have tried and tried to fugure out what on earth is causing this. Any help would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks.

A:Backspace causes font change in Word - sometimes!

hi Smedley,

Looks like that when you are backspacing you are removing the paragraph format marks.

The text format is specified in these hidden marks at the end of each text format block.

Click on the symbol in the tool bar to show these and you will be able to see if that is the case.

Click again to return to them not being displayed.

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The other day I opened IE and the font seemed to be enlarged and style changed. Now its hard for me to view pages without scrolling frames. What could have caused this and how can I change it back? Firefox seems to unchanged by this.

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Does anyone know how to change the font size of this menu?

I have tried every setting in Advance Apperance Settings/Window Color and Apperance and none of them seem to affect it.

And if I need to change my system font or something, could someone tell me how to do that.

I'm just trying to make it a little bit bigger.


A:Tiny Font Size + How to Change

You may try this setting:
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Is there an easy way (not a macro) to show any date that appears on a worksheet that is <Today to appear with Red font color?

A:Solved: Change in font color?

Just set one cell, anywhere, such as A1, as your set date, or even to =TODAY(), to make it automatically adjust.

On the cell you want to change per the date, use "Conditional Formating" on that cell to reflect your choice of font color.
(Command: Format>Conditional Formatting)

Then on that cell that you want to change color. just set the condition to be
"Cell Value Is" "less than" =A1
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In outlook 2007 whenever I create a new message, copy text in or insert a signature, when I save the message or send it the font changes from what I chose (i.e., arial 10pt) to Times New Roman 12pt.

If I save the email, edit all the text to the font i want, and then send it, the font changes again.

Additionally, if I use outlook format to change the style the font still changes when I save or send the email.

Further with this, when editing all text looks fine. If I click save, leave message open and look at the copy in draft in the reading pane, the font shows as changed but in the email I am editing, the font is as I chose. I have clicked save again and multiple times but the font in the draft is a different font then how I edited the email.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Font change in emails when saved or sent

change the font settings for sending/receiving in the options.

have you given thunderbird as try? it's free and better.
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I'm running Windows 7 with IE8. I've rarely used IE, pretty much always using Firefox so my question is, is there a way to make the default font larger in IE8 without having to always start over after closing it? From what I see there are only small, medium, large and largest settings, no way to actually set the font size?

A:Is it possible to change the default font size in IE8?

There's an excellent page here on Browser Font settings:

But the size issue on Internet Explorer is very limited
Another option is to hold down Ctrl on the keyboard, and use your mouse scroll wheel button, to reduce and enlarge the entire web page
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How do you change the font color? I can barely see the text with a black window.

A:How do you change the font color in Win8?

Which window is black ?
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I want to know how to change Windows' default font from Tahoma to Trebuchet MS. I know how to do it by going to the Display applet and changing the font for specific items such as the titlebar, but I want to be able to change it all at once, is there a method?

A:How To Change Window's Default Font.

Greetings Clue.07

Backup your Registry Before Editing

Start > Run > regedit > Navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\GRE_Initialize

On the Right Pane Double Click on "FONTS.FON" and Change The Font of your choice

Note :- You must enter a font filename with the extension ".FON" For it to Work