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Issue reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell E7250 Laptop

Q: Issue reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell E7250 Laptop

So I downloaded the image from Dells site and put it on a USB and booted from it. My SSD does show up, but it gives me an error when I try to install it on a partition. I forgot the exact error, but it says something about checking the log which I also can't find. I even tried deleting the partition and installing it on the volume it shows and even tried creating a new one. None of it worked.

Basically I took out the old SSD (I think its an M2 SSD) and put in a larger one and just want to put Windows on it again.
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Preferred Solution: Issue reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell E7250 Laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Has anyone got the fingerprint reader working on the Dell e7250 with Windows 10 ?
I have download just about every driver Dell has to offer with no success - in Control Vault I have a yellow warning triangle and (code 10).
Is there any switch in the BIOS that needs to be activated? the laptop has had a clean install of Windows 10
Also in the device driver there is no reference to any Broadcom hardware.

thanks for any help
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Recently our Dell Optiplex 330 experienced some pretty severe virus attacks that render the computer useless. The user had disabled the installed protect advising that it slowed his performance and would not let him install cute little things from his favorite social network. The machine was so hosed it was determined the best course of action was to reformat the drive and basically start over. The problem is this unit was sold to us by Dell with a license for Windows Vista Business which we request it be down graded to XP service pack 3. Each time we attempt to reinstall windows xp from teh provided original disc we get the famous blue screen advising there is a problem with the hard drive, etc. How can we reinstall the our favorite XP? The unit has a SATA hard drive. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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hi i bought dell inspiron 3 mnths back for 500$.
i dont know why they had not sent windows 7 os cd for me which is free of cost.
suddenly my os has been crashed i coudlnt recover my os as my system is not repsonding.
i want to reinstall my os windows 7 on to my laptop with cd which i doesnt have with me.
please provide me some answers so that i can install windows 7 on to my system with cd.
finally i need windows 7 cd to install os onto my laptop.
i am sick calling to customer care number which never connects.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 on a Dell inspiron Laptop without the CD

Thanks for contacting the community.
I regret the inconvenience that you are facing. Before I can assist you with the issue, would request you to send me some details like, Service tag or the Express Service code of the system, so that I can help you further. . Kindly let me know the above details through private messaging only, kindly do not share the information on open forum, Also, I would request you to elaborate the issue and please let me know the problems which you are facing on the system.
I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request by clicking on my name highlighted in blue and then click on “Friends” tab at the top and then click on “Request to Review” and finally click on “Accept” button.
I am sending you a private message as well. Click on “Inbox” to respond to the message and provide system’s Service Tag and contact details so I may access your system records and check for further course of action. You could also click on Start Conversation to send a private message.
Please reply if you have any further questions.
Thanks & Regards Prateek K #iworkfordell
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I'm giving a my old laptop to my friend but first I want to reinstall Windows XP so all my data will be wiped.

I bought the laptop used, so it didn't come with an OS DVD. I searched through my stuff and managed to find the Operating System DVD for my old computer which the disc to install Windows XP Media Center 2005.

So can I install this OS on the laptop? And if I do, does that mean all of my data will be gone (which is my goal)?

A:[SOLVED] Giving Dell Laptop to friend, question about reinstalling Windows XP Media C

Technically, if it's an OEM disk then, no, you can't install it. If it's a full (or upgrade) version then you should be fine providing it is not installed on any other machine. If you don't care whether it has an OS installed or not then boot from the CD (DVD?) that you have and allow the setup to proceed as far as the disk formatting section. Allow it to format and then cancel the install. Nice clean disk that only a forensic expert would be able to reconstruct any data that was there.
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So I have Dell Latitude e7250 with i7 CPU (5600) and the CPU temperature is reaching 103 C when it's under load. 
I did the self test and I got a warning about the temperature out of range issue. 
Is it normal for this laptop ? Please note that I'm not getting any auto restart or shutdown, just seeing overheat using HW monitor SW.

A:Dell Latitude E7250 overheat

Hi Aghanem
Thanks for writing to us.
Is there is a performance lag? Is the machine overheating to the extend that you cant touch the machine?
If the bios is not up to date, please do the same and keep us posted.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name
in blue and then select send a private message
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Dear Community,
Do you guy knew if Dell E7250 is able to install ADDITIONAL ssd in M.2 Expansion Slots?
In the specification it's show there are free M.2 slot for WWAN or SSD.

If it's support what SSD M.2 model should i but 2242?

A:Dell E7250 SSD Expansion Slot

The additional slot referenced is in the E-dock expansion adapter - NOT the system.  The system takes only one internal M.2 drive.
If you have (or purchase) the E-dock port adapter, you'll have the additional M.2 slot.
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Hi! :-)
On an A12 BIOS on my E7250, UEFI PXE booting doesn't appear in one-time boot menu and BIOS configuration (of course UEFI Network Stack and NIC w/PXE boot is enabled).After downgrading BIOS to A00, it magically comes back, but after updating back to A12 - it's gone again.
I've also tried A08, no option in here, so it was probably broken before.Legacy NIC boot works nicely and flawlessly.
Are there any Dell guys out here who could forward it to BIOS development team?
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Does anyone know of a way or download I can use to remove an existing service tag on a Dell system board? Working on a Dell Latitude E7250.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

A:Dell Service Tag removal on a Latitude E7250/7250 (Late 2014)

WHY? The tag is fundamental to getting parts for that system.
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Hopefully someone can help with the problem we have.  We have purchased several E7250 and E7450 laptops, which we've managed to configure with our corporate image but, when applying McAfee Endpoint Encryption v5.2.12, the following reboot reports an error at startup
"Error: 0xe002001b
No Boot disk was found"
We've applied this version of EEPC to all our previous Latitude models without issue, it's just this new model range. 
We've tried imaging using AHCI and RAID, other don't change the outcome.

If anyone has an answer to this, we'd be most grateful.

A:Dell E7250/E7450 - McAfee Endpoint Encryption, No boot disk

Hi DarrenPG,
Thanks for your post on the Dell Community Forum. 
A Google search produced the following information from the McAfee website:
Have you tried any of the solutions there?
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Hi I m having a particularly frustrating problem with my laptop s Laptop Dell on Wi-Fi Issue Windows 7 with Solved: wifi connection and couldn t find any other posts with the same conditions My Windows laptop has no problem finding a wireless signal and connecting Once I m connected I get full wireless bars and everything seemingly works fine for a few minutes At that point some pages will stop loading and others will partially load usually without pictures Eventually it will just stop working completely especially in firefox For some reason pages seem to load better in Chrome but Solved: Wi-Fi Issue with Dell Laptop on Windows 7 very slowly and sometimes not at all I ve already tried several solutions like renewing my ip address and flushing the DNS Sometimes doing that works for a small period of time but the problem always returns Winsockfix did nothing as well I ve reset and unplugged my modem and router countless times Using a wired connection on my network seems to work fine on the laptop I have another computer at home connected to my network through wifi that also worked fine I ve also been able to recreate this problem on my laptop through a wifi hotspot at work so I think the problem can be narrowed down to the laptop and not my router or home network It seems like it has to be a virus or firewall causing the problem but I ve turned windows firewall off completely and don t know of any others on my computer I also ran a full scan in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and came up with one trojan that was successfully removed though the problem remains If anyone has ever dealt with this or has has any ideas I am open to suggestions Theres probably something really simple that i m overlooking Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

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Hello, I have a Dell Latitude E7250 that I recently reset it to factory settings. When I tried tuning laptop on afterwards and a screen that pops up that says, "Windows isn't Activated" then when I scroll down and click on the "Activation Details" section it says
Error Code: 0x80072EE7
The serve name or address could not be resolved

The laptopl will not let me go online with WIFI, stating that there ae no Wifi connections available.
Could anyone tell me how I could resolve this without having to connect to WIFI with the laptop?
Please and Thanks!

A:Latitude E7250 Windows Activation Help

Did you do a factory recovery, or  a reinstallation of Windows?  If the latter, where did the copy of Windows come from?  What version (7, 8 or 10)?
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I am trying to reinstall Windows XP Professional on my Dell Inspiron 9300. The installation is good up untill the computer reboots and throws it into a blue screen. When I tried safe mode it stops at
and then the blue screen message is

*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF8C94538, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Can any one give any advice or help.


A:Reinstalling Windows Xp And A Dell

Here is a M$ knowledgebase article on your issue,, and here is the general area on that stop:
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Hey everyone My Dad has his Dell XPS laptop filled with junk software Windows XPS on Dell Reinstalling XP a and is running an average of process which is crazy since most of the pc s are tweaked out so their only running about processes at a time Even if you exit out of all of the programs in the system tray there s still like processes going And besides that lately he s been having tons of network Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell XPS issues so we re just going with a clean install Besides it was never reinstalled to begin with so it still has all of the Dell crap that came with it from the start My concerns the Dell Media Direct thingy I m not sure if my dad still has any of the disks that came with the laptop We have plenty of XP Pro cds I can find places on the web for instructions for doing this but I m open to suggestions because I ve never Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell XPS installed any of Dell s crap I m not using an XP cd that has SP installed But I don t think it s a problem since I ll be loading SATA drivers right Should just be plug and pray after that right I ll get updates immediately Also is there anything special that I need to be warned about before I do this Hopefully someone has reinstalled XP on an XPS before to help guide me through this Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell XPS I ve installed windows so many times but this seems like a different kind of project Thanks for the help nbsp

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I wiped my dell clean with DBAN yesterday. I now tried to re-install windows using a copy of windows xp. However, when I press "enter" to install, it takes me to a screen saying that no HD have been detected. When I go into the BIOS, however, the HD shows up. I'm guessing I can't use the Dell system restore at this point because I completely wiped the HD. Any suggestions?

A:Help reinstalling Windows on a Dell

Does the Dell have a Sata drive? Go into the Bios and find the screen that has a listing for Sata Mode and change it to IDE Mode, Save and Exit, Boot from a Windows XP CD and reformat and install XP. It is much easier to install if you get a Dell reinstallation CD as it will have all of the drivers and programs for your specific model.
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I just got my brand new dell mini10 in the mail with 160gb hardrive, 1gb ram, and the updated processor, i dont remember what it was called. anyway, this thing is so slooowwww. i read that a clean install of windows xp would help. would i be able to do a clean install of windows xp with the backup disc for xp that my laptop came with? any advice is greatly appreciated because i spend the rest of my summer savings on this laptop and it is for school and i am trying to major in english to be an english teacher and i will be using this laptop a lot in school. thank you for reading everyone.
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I am trying to reformat a Dell Dimension 2400 to fresh copy of XP from my restore CD. After doing the prescribed procedures after F12, at the command screen to either enter, repair, or quit, my computer freezes. no keyboard etc. I have to restart CPU with power off. Anyone have any ideas how I can reinstall?

A:Reinstalling Windows XP on Dell Dim 2400

are you using the keybord that came with the dell or is this another one? if the one that came with the dell was a PS\2 and your now using a USB keyboard then that may be your problem.
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I don't have a dell computer but I want to know if I can reinstall windows xp with a windows xp reinstall cd that says "for dell pcs only"?

A:Reinstalling Windows Cp With A Dell Reinstall Disk

I highly doubt it will work at all
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My hard drive died last week on my Dell E6520.
I got my hands on a new hard drive and after connecting it I reinstalled Windows 7 (64 bit).
All went fine. When windows rebooted the screen's resolution needed to be fixed and the computer could not detect any wifi signals nor could it go online via an ethernet wire, etc.
I tried reinstalling all the drivers from the 4 dell CD I had. However, nothing changed.
I went online with a different computer to dell's site and put in my service tag  It only listed two BIOS files.
I am at a loss as what to do.

A:Can't Go Online after reinstalling Windows 7 64 bit on my Dell E6520

Check if you could update the BIOS.
Restart the system and press f2 on startup to enter BIOS - load BIOS defaults - save and exit - restart and check in device manager if the hardware is detected under network adapters or if there are any unknown devices.
Download and install the required drivers here -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Trying to do a clean install on a Dell Inspiron 1150.Have copy of xp that came with it.Set it to boot from cd rom in bios but cd rom i think is not working properly.Makes a bunch of racket and says missing files and setup cannot continue.I have a external usb cd rom,can i use that?cant seem to get it to boot from that.What am i doing wrong?

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Hi all,
First time poster long time reader, I am currently trying to reinstall windows 7 home premium 64 bit onto a dell inspiron 1545 with very little success, I have a windows 7 disk and a dell drivers and utilities disk and the problem I am having is after windows loads files, language selection, start setup I get the message a CD/DVD driver is missing. I then put the drivers disk into the drive and get the message no device drivers were found. Make sure the installation media contains the correct drivers. I have made the recovery disks and put them away for safekeeping (so safe in fact that I can no longer find them) so that option is now gone as is the restore from factory image PLEASE HELP as I am about to go insane and kill the laptop.

Oh and please talk to me in laymans terms as I am not a super programmer

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 onto a Dell Inspiron 1545

You may try this. As far as I am aware, there were never any driver issues with this .iso.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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I'm planning on reinstalling Windows 7 on my Latitude E6430, but it's been so long since I bought it that I'm not sure if I have the correct re-installation DVD.  I have a couple of Dell laptops, and the one DVD I can find has a dark blue label, with the following Part Number at the bottom:
I also have the driver disk, which mentions that it's for the Latitude E6430, so I should be good to go if I can Windows 7 successfully installed.
Thanks for any advice.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 on Dell Latitude E6430

The driver disk is too old now. Get the drivers from Dell Downloads and Drivers for your model, All the Dell reinstall disks can be used as long as it is the exact same version of win 7--Home, Pro, SP1, Media, etc.
I have to warn you about reinstalling windows 7--it rarely works without major problems. Windows 7 is not supported by MS except for security updates and many have found that it would not reinstall properly. Be sure that a reinstall is needed. Why don't you consider upgrading to windows 10 while you can get it free? That offer is over at the end of July.
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Okay, yeah so I feel like an idiot posting b/c I've done this kinda thing so many times before.

It's been two years since I've reformatted and started from scratch and i've decided it needs to get done. I am running Windows XP Professional.

I'm having issues getting the cd to run tho from the boot floppy. It just doesn't want to find the cd rom drive at all when it tells me right above the prompt that it's in drive d.

Any thoughts?

oh, and it will run from windows and let me reinstall from there.. but I don't wanna do that.

A:Windows XP CD issue when reinstalling?

Just go into the BIOS and make sure it is set to boot from the cd first,exit BIOS and put the xp cd into the cd rom and restart.The computer should come up with a black screen saying "Press any key to boot from the cd...",but you have to be quick as you only have about 5 seconds to press a key.That should get you started.
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Ok i have had this computer for 2,5 years. Now its pretty laggy and crashes sometimes, so i desided to reinstall windows. (I have XP home edition).
I did everything with instructions and got pretty far.

I just found this when i searched answer to my problem. And my problem is that in last (3rd) picture of that web instruction, when you must choose the drive where you want to install new windows, it doesnt say C/Windows. It says two times "unknown disk". Then when i try to choose it, bluescreen bumbs out with explanation that windows was closed for some reason. So now i cant reinstall it..
Whats going on and what could i do ??

A:Windows XP reinstalling issue!!

Are you REINSTALLING or REPAIRING? Those are two different things. The instructions you're following are for a repair.

A repair will fix defects in the operating system, but everything essentially stays the same as before.

Decide which operation you are performing before you go any further.
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Hi. A friend of mine purchased a used HP Omni 120 desktop all in one computer that came with Windows 8. There are some problems...1. It's polluted with malware. 2. Even worse... The previous owners girlfriend messed with it and I see that while the recovery partition is there it is empty so I can't use that to restore it to factory. The computer didn't come with any recovery media either. I have an official MS Windows 8.1 iso I made and I have used that in the past a few times to restore some computers. I put that disk in this computer and thought I'd get it to reinstall Win8 easily, but that's not the case. I get stuck with a driver issue. I have a screen shot below of what happens. Any ideas of what I need to do to get past this and get Windows back on here? Thanks!   

View Solution.

A:Issue reinstalling Windows 8

The MS tool creates Retail installation media; the version preinstalled on your PC was HP OEM -- they are not the same. You said you had an ISO; nowhere did I see in your post that you used the MS tool that also allows you to create install media using a USB stick. So, I told you how you can do that using RUFUS. Some folks have also claimed that the Win8.1 media made from the MS tool will accept Win8 product keys for activation, not just Win8.1 keys.  I have found this to be true because I did a clean-install using media made from that tool and used my existing Win8 product key to activate it. There have been claims that the version made from the MS Win8.1 tool CAN accept OEM product keys, but those claims have also been disputed. Don't know of anywhere that you can download a Win8 ISO -- and even then, that would be subject to the same limitations as the Win8.1 ISO -- it might not accept an HP OEM product key for activation. Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.
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So I have just reformatted and reloaded Windows XP on my old Dell machine. I thought I had gotten lucky because I believe all the drivers were installed after reloading the OS. I had started the process of updating everything via Windows Update. After the third or fourth restart, the machine will not completely load up... you can see the boot up process up to the point of the Windows XP screen and then it will go black. Its as if goes in to Hibernate mode. Any ideas what might be the problem?

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I have a dell dimension 5100 that I need to reinstall windows xp pro. I currently have RAID 0 configured by default. I do not want RAID 0 at all so I removed RAID from both SATA drives in the BIOS prior to reinstalling.

Now the problem..... I started the reinstallation process for Windows XP pro on sata drive 0. The drive was formatted and once finshed windows would not boot up. The dell boot screen keeps coming up. Do I have to manually format sata drive 0 and 1 then try reinstalling? Or does RAID 0 have to be configured? Researching my machine it does not say anything about RAID cannot be removed.

Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows XP Pro On A Dell Dimension 5100

This issue is happening after you formatted drive, then selected the unallocated space to install windows on, then windows copied files and restarted to finish installation? Or did you format drive and then just try to boot?
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I have a Dell Inspiron z i z- O quot Mini Notebook that I have had for only about months I am trying to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows so that I can sell it This notebook has no disc drive So I bought an external disc drive The one I bought can be seen here Windows have my Notebook on (I help reinstalling Inspiron 7 Need disc) Dell http www amazon com gp product B B U ref oh o s i details I have the Windows reinstallation disc that came with the notebook But every time I get to the quot insert Windows disc and click Yes quot it inevitably says nothing is installed I Need help reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron Notebook (I have disc) know from previous experience that I m supposed to do something with the boot options I just don t remember what I tried to go into the BIOS you know where you press F before Windows loads to get into the BIOS to set Windows to boot from different things I tried USB Removeable Devices and also CD Drive But every time it says it can t find the disc Another bit of info that may be helpful is that when I m in the quot Computer quot folder where I can see my C drive and whatnot the CD Drive D is there But for some reason it doesn t recognize when I put the Windows Disc in It DID recognize however when I put in the little tiny disc marked DRIVER that came with the external disc drive But when I went into that folder to see maybe I have to install something the only thing there said SetUp so I clicked on it and it said something about how it doesn t work on Windows NT which makes no sense because I bought this external disc drive like two days ago and I m running Windows so I don t know what that s about Any help All I m trying to do is reinstall Windows and wipe my hard drive so that I can sell my laptop Thanks nbsp

A:Need help reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron Notebook (I have disc)
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I have had this problem before when installing windows xp on a Dell so I saved my drivers folder to a flash drive to put back in the new drivers folder after re-installing windows but this time it didn't work.

I have tried all my disks and tried to specify the location for my audio drivers but it still shows "no drivers installed for this device" no matter what I do.

Can anyone help me with this?

A:No sound after reinstalling windows on my Dell, drivers not found

You tried installing the drivers from the disks which came with your PC, but have you tried downloading the most recent audio drivers directly from Dell's website?
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I have a 9 year old Dell PC. The hard drive died.

I took another hard drive and I wiped it clean.

I purchased a "Windows XP reinstallation disk for Dell" CD off of ebay.

I installed that onto my blank hard drive. It did NOT ask me for a Windows license key.

After I connected to the internet, my computer connected to Microsoft to verify the version of Windows I installed is legitimate(aka, not pirated). My version did pass.

So what is the deal? Why do I not have to put a Windows license key in?

Can I use this exact same CD to reinstall Windows XP on my other Dell computers? I have a few Dell systems at home.

The Dell reinstallation disk that I bought looks like this.



A:Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell system........... no license key needed??

Hi True,

The guy that made the System Restore disk probably put the key in the install. Does it match the sticker on the case of the comp? I just went through this and can you can find the key that loaded automatically in Winnt.sif on the install CD. An example is also in unattend.txt. That is just a sample key and not a legitimate one. There is lots of info on the net about this. Magic Jelly Bean's Keyfinder.exe will tell you what key is installed on your boot disk

Good Luck, Jim
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A problem has been encountered during the Microsoft Genuine Advantage validation process. Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to determine whether your operating system is genuine at this time. Please return later to complete the validation process.

I had to reinstall windows after a drive transferring operation left me unable to use windows.

I was able to activate windows with the same key (same hardware, same computer)

Now when I try to install WGA it gives me the above posted error. I deleted KB 107033 and reinstalled it after a restart. That did not help.

A:activation issue after reinstalling windows...

Give Microsoft a call and explain the situation, that would be the best course of action at this point.
The WGA program is still fairly new and it has encountered problems. I am sure MS will know the best solution. You are not the first with this problem.
Good Luck
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I need to replace the HD for my Dell Inspiron One 2305. When It comes time to reinstall Windows I am unsure what to do. Do I just grab any Windows 7 64 bit OS Installer from the web and input the serial that is on the back of my computer? Will that also install all the appropiate Drives. Btw, here is the HD I am getting to replace the one on ebay. Is this the right one?

1TB Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron One 19 One 2020 One 2205 One 2305 One 2310 | eBay

Thanks for the time

A:Reinstalling Windows on New Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron One 2305

Quote: Originally Posted by TJGOA

I need to replace the HD for my Dell Inspiron One 2305..................Do I just grab any Windows 7 64 bit OS Installer from the web and input the serial that is on the back of my computer? Will that also install all the appropiate Drives. Btw, here is the HD I am getting to replace the one on ebay. Is this the right one?

1TB Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron One 19 One 2020 One 2205 One 2305 One 2310 | eBay


You don't "just grab any Windows 7 64 bit OS installer from the web".
You grab a specific installer from here:

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life

Which one?

The one that matches the version mentioned on the sticker on your PC.

For instance, Windows 7 Home Premium English 64 bit is 58997.iso

The Product Key on your sticker is good for either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Burn the ISO to a disk, install from the disk, activate with the 25 character Product Key on your sticker.

Do you see the 25 character Product Key?

No use proceeding if you don't.

Drivers: the ISO you burned will supply most, maybe all drivers you need. As a precaution, I'd go to the Dell web site before I began and download the Dell drivers, but I would not use them unless I had problems. Put them on a USB stick or something in case you need them. The Ethernet (NIC) driver is most important as it will be needed to establish an Internet connection.

Drive: I have no idea if that's the right drive. As near as I can find out Dell all-in-ones take standard SATA 3.5 inch drives and that one on Ebay is SATA 3.5 and reasonably priced at around 65. I have no idea what brand it is. There may be something peculiar about Dell all-in-one drives, so maybe you should get that one and avoid ordinary SATA 3.5 inch drives from another source.
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hello everyone.i bought a dell xps 15 about 2yrs ago. recently the internal hard drive died so i replaced it with a toshiba hard drive.but i cannot reinstall genuine windows shows error 0x4001100200001005. is there any way to solve this issue?
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I am working on a Dell inspiron laptop and diagnostics showed the gb hard drive was bad so I bought new gb hard drive I have tried to re-install windows but when it gets to the install windows screen the message appears that there is no hard drive installed I hooked up the Dell Laptop issue hard drive to an adapter and formatted it and can see the drive I also put the hard drive in a different dell computer and used the same windows cd and the install starts I took a another hard drive out of a laptop and put it in the problem machine and I see the windows logo and windows loading and then get a blue screen but I think that is normal due to the drivers being different as they are different models of laptops I did the dell diagnostics and everything is OK The time and dates is not staying set in the bios but that should not be related I do not see anything about the hard drive in the bios and I was wondering if there might be an issue of this laptop being incompatible with a larger hard drive Any ideas

A:Dell Laptop issue

when a mb fails partially, it is hard to tell. If no laptop drive is recognized, check the pins on the drive and the adapter (part of the caddy) and look for cold solder on the pins that connect to the MB. You may have to completely remove the mb to check the underside.
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So I ve been trying to get all of the machines in our organization up-to-speed on the latest standards nbsp I figured that as long as anyone is getting any NEW machine imaged and set up for them that machine might as well be set up in UEFI mode with GPT partitioning as those are the latest standards for PCs We have a lot of Dell machines and I UEFI my E7250 Professional detect doesn't 7 - Latitude drive Windows reinstallation USB mode in have had no problem getting tons of them booting to my Windows Professional installation USB drives in UEFI mode and installing Latitude E7250 - doesn't detect my Windows 7 Professional USB reinstallation drive in UEFI mode a build of Latitude E7250 - doesn't detect my Windows 7 Professional USB reinstallation drive in UEFI mode Windows in UEFI mode using GPT partitioning for the drive nbsp E s E s Latitude E7250 - doesn't detect my Windows 7 Professional USB reinstallation drive in UEFI mode E s all work fine The Latitude E doesn t even detect the USB drive that I plug into it that has worked flawlessly for so many other machines nbsp I have the latest BIOS A nbsp Secure Boot is disabled nbsp I have tried plugging in the USB drive in a USB port on the E-Port Plus docking station nbsp I have disabled USB nbsp The machine does not detect USB devices in UEFI mode This is a laptop that costs north of Dell nbsp For real

A:Latitude E7250 - doesn't detect my Windows 7 Professional USB reinstallation drive in UEFI mode

This is not Dell's doing - it's Microsoft and Intel at work.  They removed the ability to boot Skylake-based systems from USB to install WIndows 7:
While you can find ways around it (see below), whatever reasons you have for running Windows 7 should be very seriously rethought now -- the Skylake platform is the very last Intel platform that will run 7 -- the soon to be released 7th generation (Kaby Lake) CPUs will not run Windows 7 at all.
Work around:
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I'm having some charger problems. I had my charger plugged into and outlet and into the computer and it was working fine but once I unplugged it and moved my computer to a different place with a different outlet it stopped working. In the past, the light on my charger has stayed on even when not plugged in to an outlet or computer. The outlet is not the problem as I have tried plugging it in to multiple outlets. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for not giving much information; if any other information would be beneficial please let me know. Thanks.
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I just hooked up a laptop computer for a client of mine and he tried to use his wireless connection at the library and his home the other day but wouldn't connect. He can see the networks but it won't connect.

Any help appreciated.

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I recently got an older dell laptop, and i have been having a problem during boot. Right before the BIOS finishes loading, i get a white screen that reads- "unknown device in system modular bay." I cant proceed beyond this point, so i just keep rebooting over and over until i get to my desktop. I unplug everything from it, and i still get this problem. any thoughts?

A:Dell laptop boot issue

"sounds" like you have a new hardware device or input device without the drivers installed. Is that possible?
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I don't know whether it's hardware or software issue or how to find out, I didn't know if I should post this here or under laptops.

It's a Dell Inspirion 2600 Laptop running XP Professional.

Basically, the thing will either randomly right click at the same time I left click (doesn't matter if I use the mouse or the touchpad), or it will randomly open the Start menu for no good reason. Sometimes this problems gets so bad, the computer is unusable. Other times, it works just fine.

Anyway, I keep virus scanning it and it comes out clean, I'm guessing maybe hardware issue, but I dunno.

I want to fix it myself because I am leaving to a job on a bus in exactly two weeks, and I need to bring a laptop with me and I can't buy a new one.

A:Weird Dell Laptop Issue

Are you sure that you are not accidently clicking the windows button to get the start menu popping up? As far as the right/left click action, make sure you are only touching the one bad. You could take a look at the buttons settings in mouse in control panel, but that doesn't sound like its the problem.
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my sisters dell laptop purchased x-mas 2010. the laptop will not turn on. have replaced battery,power cord, wall outlet works dell is no help. what should we do/ is it time to get a new one. I get the impression this is a problem with dells in general.

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Hello guys,
Im quite sure this has been posted before but i cant happen to find it, i have a newish samsung laptop that came preinstalled with windows 8 but i need to format the stock hard drive and i was wondering how i would reinstall full windows 8 without a product key. if anyone could help that would be amazing, thank you!

A:Reinstalling windows 8 on laptop

Shouldn't the full version simply over-write the OEM version ?
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I have bought a laptop while ago from Samsung that came with windows 8.
Due to software problems i decided to reinstall the windows.
When accessing the hard disk in windows installation i deleted all Partitions on
HD. Inclusief those from factory.
When i try to install windows now , he''s asking for drivers and he will not
continue without. I tried to download the sata hd drivers, wich he finds, but
he still keeps screaming for drivers. Did i delete the wrong map? is it possible to recover this?

Laptop model from Samsung : NP900X4D-A02be

Kind regards
Gino Verstraeten

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Hello all, I have an hp laptop with windows 8 installed.  I would like to reinstall it to sell the laptop.  Like many OEM laptops it has a windows 8 sticker with a product key on the bottom.  Since that key is currently in use in the laptop right now and it's an OEM copy of windows will I be able to put in that key and have windows be activated after I reinstall?  Or will it say that the key is invalid or already in use?  If it won't work then how can I make that key on the bottom work?  Thanks for any help you guys can give! 

A:Reinstalling Windows 8.1 on HP laptop?

That key on the bottom might not be your Microsoft license. You can extract your license by running;
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My letter to Mr Michael Dell Dear Mr Dell I realize that there is an extremely small chance of this letter ever reaching your desk and I guess that is the reason I have never written a letter of issue or complaint to a company I have little faith that it will ever make a difference However I am so extremely disappointed at the moment and I feel I must do something for my own peace of mind I am a single mom raising kids alone I have desktop computers quot hand me downs quot from friends I have been able to fix almost every single problem that has ever occured with all my desktops I have replaced fans installed hardware set up a complete wireless networking system etc I understand this may not be impressive Laptop cord issue Power Dell to you but I have had no computer classes or nor have I ever been taught anything Six months ago I made the decision to purchase a laptop I was looking for small convenient and inexpensive This would just be a luxury for me to check email and have a few files on Dell Laptop Power cord issue hand for when I go somewhere I did a lot of research and talked to several Dell Laptop Power cord issue friends My brother has HP s and loves them but he started having problems with one of them it was TWO years old I wanted a more reliable laptop LONG story short I decided on DELL I purchased the Dell service tag MFXZ on Feb It has been less than six months and a few days ago I started having problems with the Dell Laptop Power cord issue powercord The connection became loose I would jiggle the adapter prong and it would be ok Last night it completely turned off and the jiggle would not work anymore I purchased a new powercord and it did not work I spent all morning on the phone with technical support and on the computer MY HP trying to figure out what to do I find out that my warranty ran out after months I was told that the mother board needs to be replaced and that it would cost I am in total and complete shock There is NO WAY even IF I HAD the money that I would invest that much more money in a computer that I do not believe in I have not even had the laptop for months lt gt I was using the laptop to create scrapbooks for my sons baseball team I had scanned over pictures that the parents had got together for me and I was supposed to have everything ready by Thursday Needless to say I never expected this situation to happen and I am not ONLY out of a computer but I have lost weeks of work and will not be able to have the scrapbooks in time for our party The saddest part of this whole situation is I DO NOT THINK IT IS THE MOTHER BOARD gt the back connection is loose it is the CONNECTION that will not let the power get to the computer and CHARGE the battery I tried to explain this to the DELL technicians and they proceeded to tell me that they were not authorized to tell me it is the connection and that they can give me a deal of to repair the MOTHER BOARD gt I just do NOT understand this I have been reading all the comments on the dell website community boards and it appears that this is a HUGE problem and I am not the only person to ever complain I know that my situation is no less more important than anyone else but I can t remember EVER being this disappointed in a product that I have purchased And for the service help I have received I will never EVER purchase another Dell and although I have never been a trouble maker or CRUSADER I will be sure that anyone ever needing a computer and asking my advice will NOT be advised to buy a DELL thank you for your time nbsp

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Long of it Hey I was playing Minecraft this Friday night when suddenly the screen stopped working correctly The moniter diplays everything fuzzy similer to the background here However at the top of my screen maybe about a centimeter everything is fine I can see the title bar of open folders and even managed to move my task bar up to the top of the screen and can see it about half way I can start the computer and access folders programs threw guessing where the icons are or using the keyboard to select the icons Works best when I have hot keys to work with to remove the clicking guesswork I m not sure what is going on with my laptop I purchased it almost a year ago on June th So I m probably out of luck on the manufacturer s warranty but I did purchase the year warranty from Wallmart so I m trying there But as my collage classes start on the th sooner I can get my laptop working the better Short of it The graphics on my Dell Laptop ain t working properly I can see a centimeter at the top properly but that is it The computer itself still works on issue Laptop Dell Sudden graphics I can open access everything I just don t have a visual on the GUI to make clicking things easy Is there anything I can do to alleviate this problem while waiting to hear back about my warranty Sudden graphics issue on Dell Laptop Or am I just out of luck My laptop is an Inspiron N Intel Core i - M Processor GB Memory Integrated Intel HD Graphics Windows Home Premiun -bit Microsoft Office Starter Dell Stage software nbsp

A:Sudden graphics issue on Dell Laptop

It's the sort of screen corruption seen when the integrated graphics are shot. The laptop probably needs a new motherboard. Playing high intensity video games for long periods on laptops isn't a good idea unless they have been designed to do the job. That warranty should come in handy.
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Hello everyone out there, I'm experiencing a lot of trouble and difficulties with my laptop. I recently got a virus and the past few days I've been doing whatever I could to fix it and so I finally uninstalled the virus, but now, When I want to go on websites like on internet explorer or google chrome, it says different error messages. Mostly it says 'windows found a problem that cannot be repaired automatically, contact your internet service provider or network administrator for help or click here for information about things you can try to help resolve the problem'. My laptop says wifi is connected and it shows that it is, but I really don't know what's going on or what the problem is. I've tried everything! Can someone, anyone PLEASE help me out here!!!

A:Dell Laptop Issue: Can't connect to internet :(

you may not have removed all the virus, it can be a specialist area to remove fully
I have moved to the virus / malware forum

Please have a read here and reply as requested
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Using a Dell laptop with Windows 7 - laptop has just died by undertaking a registry clean up using norton utilities. It won't reboot or restart and has tried repairing itself but can't.

Anyone any ideas? Unfortunately, it hasn't been backed up for a few months. Worst case scenario - just want to be able to get all the data off the hard drive and buy a new laptop.

Any help appreciated.


A:Issue with Dell Laptop & Norton Utility

If you have the installation DVD you could try a repair install which should not overwrite your data.

In order to access the drive you could put it into an external enclosure and copy the data to another PC. You could also use a linux live disc or symantec ghost to access the data.
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I have a Dell Netbook that runs on Windows 7. When I insert the charger in, it doesn't charge. Well, it usually doesn't. Sometimes, after I push it in really hard and twist and jerk it around, it works, but I have to keep it absolutely still. As you can probably conclude, this is a giant pain. The laptop and charger are about two months old. The charger shows no obvious damage.

This is the second time this has happened. It happened with my Compaq laptop back in May '09. This doesn't happen to my sister's laptop. Or my dad's. Do I have a charger curse or something?

A:Laptop charger issue for Dell NetBook

The Achilles heel of all PC laptops -- the ever weak, ever breaking power connection in the laptop. I've never seen a case where this plug was damaged that it was not caused by abuse -- pulling sideways on that connector when it was plugged in.

And in every case, the user denies they did such a thing; but, there it is, the irrefutable evidence.

It has to be either a damaged cord on the charger or a broken socket in the laptop. And it is quite an expensive repair if the damage is in the laptop, which it almost always is as the laptop must be disassembled completely and the main board removed in order to repair it.
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running win xp m140 on issue dell Keyboard laptop sp ie norton s systemworks and windows defender windows firewall also active a week and a half ago had a redirect from gmail to another site for a few hours then it went away thought it was a google problem i think keyboard started to act funny shortly after typing from a wireless keyboard that is not fully functional right now but it s what I have tried to use the laptop keyboard but everything i d typed before got deleted from this forum post the problem had been that the botton two rows come up together if I type a j the m comes up the f and the v come up together like that keyboard has been replaced twice by myself once by a dell Keyboard issue on dell m140 laptop tech who then also replaced the motherboard and the problem persists the motherboard becasue I thought the machine had run hot a bit when it seemed the fan Keyboard issue on dell m140 laptop did not go on last month fwiw i do understand most hardware stuff Keyboard issue on dell m140 laptop have built my own desktop and helped build many others and my husband is an it pro so he encouraged me to keep this machine and work on the software os for a keyboard fix before pulling the hard drive and sending it out in addition to the stuff i mentioned up top the nortons win firewall and defender i have run housecall from trend micro spybot adaware sdfix from safemode kapersky comes up with an infection after running all these the other things came up with tracking cookies that i had them just clean problem persists have all logs of stuff that s been run do not want to send this machine back to dell last time they had it for a keyboard spill --- a very minor one --- it was five weeks before i saw it and two weeks before they sent me the material to send the machine back it was merely a keyboard spill and it was last christmas help --- marylyn

A:Keyboard issue on dell m140 laptop

Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on Download_mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen, click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to restart your computer. (see Note below)The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note: If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts. Click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process. If asked to restart the computer, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware.
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So I'm trying to clean up my buddy's sisters laptop He Problematic Laptop Windows on Reinstalling said it was getting blue screen within minutes I never played around on it I just put in my windows disc and began trying to wipe it and install a new windows I tried wiping and formatting the hard drive and throwing windows on there but I think I messed up somewhere Whether I formated it wrong it was something else I'm not sure but it wouldn't install windows When I try to install windows it says it cannot install required files Make sure all files are available etc Error code x D When I boot the laptop it says bootmgr is missing So I think the hard drive needs to be formatted properly and Reinstalling Windows on Problematic Laptop windows installed How do I go Reinstalling Windows on Problematic Laptop about doing this I'm guessing I need to open cmd prompt in the I'm windows installation screen and format it through commands Can somebody help me out with this If you need more info please let me know

A:Reinstalling Windows on Problematic Laptop

Is this disc the same version of Windows 7 that was installed on the laptop?  Ex.  Windows Home (64-bit)
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Ok I am sitting here with this thinkpad 240x and from what I can gather, the hard drive has been wiped when I turn it on I get this

Partition corrupt or doesnt exist, save to disk feature disabled run phisk bla bla bla

then operating system not found

So as it stands I have 2 choices, windows xp install from disk)

or windows 98 floppy to begin with then 2 cd's

then thinkbad reconises the floppy drive, but not the usb external cd drive, god knows what type of connection the floppy drive uses a serial like one... I am not sure, anyway that works, the usb external cd drive is the orginal and does work on other computers

So help me where do I go from here

A:Reinstalling Windows Xp On Thinkpad Laptop

Here is a link to M$ to get the floppy disk utility you will need to have an external optical drive that hooks up to usb, another computer to download the file and to make the floppy (six) disks.once you have done this, you can boot from the floppys, with the optical drive hooked up. you can also see if the laptop has external usb boot in the bios.
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I currently have Windows 7 that cam with my laptop. A few days ago it seems I contracted a "maybe" virus, that has pop ups that come up when I go to a new site (esp. if site is not in browser history).

I was told this could be spyware and/or malware. One suggestion I was given for getting rid of said issue was reinstalling Windows 7. If so how would I do this and what would I need? I don't have the Windows 7 disc, and Windows 7 is still currently installed on my lap top. So before I do anything and would like to what exactly will happen before I do anything to Windows 7 that I already have?

Thank you. I apologize if this issue has been discussed before.

A:Reinstalling A Preloaded Windows 7 On Laptop

Hello thalivest and welcome to Seven Forums.

It would help if you listed your system specs. At the top of any Forum page click on "User CP". Then in the left column click on "Edit System Spec". If you need help finding your system info a free tool called Speccy will help.

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

You could check for malware by running a full scan with the free Malwarebytes. A second (or third) scan with ESET Online Scanner and Windows Defender Offline wouldn't hurt since no anti-malware product is 100% effective 100% of the time. (If there was such a thing we'd all be using it.)

Many newer laptops come from the factory with a hidden recovery partition already on the hard drive. It can return your machine to factory specs (just like the day you brought it home.) Each manufacturer has a different way of accessing the recovery partition so that's why your specs are important.

You could also elect to do a clean reinstall of the operating system and eliminate all the factory bloatware. One of the Forum experts prepared this tutorial which explains how to do that along with a way to get a legitimate installation disk for your machine's version of Windows 7.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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hey i have a akoya medion p6512 was having windows 7 home premium
and then i installed windows 7 ultimate on it....everything went smoothly but then a step came where it says
something like updating the registry and then it starts completing installation
after a few minutes my laptop automatically gets turned off
and when i reboot says windows installation cannot be continued
now i am not even able to install another windows on it....same thing happend with every version of windows....i have even tried ubuntu but still its not working

A:Laptop not working after reinstalling windows 7

Have you tried the medion akoya p6512 Recovery DVD?
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Hi everyone I have been working on trying to get my brother s Dell laptop to boot It has apparently been doing a checkdisk every time he boots up This has been going on for about weeks Before that it was acting flaky like it needed Windows reinstalled His wife likes to download games and junk from the internet and I m constantly fixing the darned thing He brought it to me tonight Dell laptop issue with boot Strange Solved: and what it is doing Solved: Strange boot issue with Dell laptop is not booting at all When I turn on the power it goes to the typical Dell screen that gives the option of F for Setup and F for Boot options If I go into setup it is showing the info on the memory and HDD so I know that it probably is seeing those ok If I let it try to boot without hitting F or F then it goes to a back lit black screen and stops It won t go any further If I hit F and try to boot to the Dell utilities CD it will boot to it And run tests There was a bad spot on the HDD when I ran the tests just on the HDD If I put in any Windows CD I ve tried different cd s both tested ok in another computer to reinstall the OS then it does just what it was doing while trying to boot to the HDD Just that back lit black screen If I boot to the utilities CD and then exit the program and then change directory to the C a directory listing shows quot Volume in Drive C is MS-RAMDRIVE quot and shows command com as the only file on the C drive I m not sure if this is an accurate listing of the physical drive or if this is the utilities disk creating a temp disk This is not making any sense to me why I can t get the computer to boot to a Windows install cd Any ideas nbsp

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Okay first things first- I was told to post in this forum on my original post http www bleepingcomputer com forums t so-over-my-head-now-whole-network-infection-if-seems Here s the dealio and the logs for this computer for Issue Laptop- #2 infection? nasty? 4...Dell new FBI of past more info on the WHOLE issue please see the link above This is part of issues I am Issue #2 of 4...Dell Laptop- past FBI infection? new nasty? having Issue #2 of 4...Dell Laptop- past FBI infection? new nasty? ugh Computer is a DELL INSPIRON LAPTOP running WINDOWS I suspect this machine was the source of whatever infection my network caught because it was what I watch Internet TV on and the initial scans said it was most infected- Trojans backdoors toolbars you name it I had the FBI virus about - months ago but I thought I had gotten rid of it After all this I m Issue #2 of 4...Dell Laptop- past FBI infection? new nasty? now wondering if it is somehow a delayed reaction from that Regardless I reinstalled windows from CD about weeks ago Been scared to turn it on since after the reinstallation I was getting clean scans So as far as I know it was at one point clean good at pretending and I just want to make sure it ACTUALLY is clean Across my computers I ve seen everything flagged from Trojans to backdoors to spyware to adware Can t recall what specifically got flagged on this one BUT since I ve got more logs than I know what to do with I ve included the dropbox link to ALL the logs I have over the past - months http db tt zlnSAkDq Like I mentioned I had this posted in another forum but no response until someone told me to post here and wait all over again L I had a bunch of views and almost days of waiting Truthfully I'm sorta ready to just dban everything tech guy work just mentioned this program and reinstall but even THAT I m scared to do without ya lls help or if will even actually make a difference I really do need help My tech home all of it is basically useless and I keep falling further and further behind in work and personal life because of this can't complete work home because can't reinstall install needed programs can't pay bills online or order items I need for my house because I don't know my computer is clean enough to use my cc can't forget about all this and watch TV because I don't have cable and my TV comes from the internet etc Add to that I'm going through cancer treatment and all this building stress is NOT good for me TMI well i figure gives a sense for why I am so desperate I swear there is a special place in hell for some of these hacker virus creators Someone please xxxxxxxx ORIGINAL DELL INSPIRON LAPTOP LOG xxxxxxxxxxx DDS Ver - - - NTFS x NETWORK Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by Alison at on - - Microsoft Windows Ultimate GMT - SP Windows Defender Enabled Outdated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows system ctfmon exe C Windows system conhost exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcs C Windows System svchost exe -k swprv Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxps www google com BHO AutorunsDisabled - lt orphaned gt BHO Search Helper EBF - F- bff-A F-B E AAC B - c program files microsoft search enhancement pack search helper SEPsearchhelperie dll BHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dll mRun QuickSet c program files dell quickset QuickSet exe mRun Dell PC TuneUp Startup c program files iolo common lib ioloLManager exe mRun RoxWatchTray c program files com... Read more

A:Issue #2 of 4...Dell Laptop- past FBI infection? new nasty?

Alright so in checking that my post showed up correctly I stumbled upon this post...seems like A LOT of the stuff that happened on my computers (including the weird desktop.ini files in all my folders!!) Not sure if this is helpful but thought since it was soo similar it might be relevant. Haven't done anything suggested here though since I had my own post already and I am trying to be patient
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Hey A friend of mine who s not computer savvy performed a partial format without knowing what formatting does So now she has an empty hd My problem is this She gave me the A drive and a cdrom drive both external but only one can be plugged in at a time I am trying to install K over the old XP After I formatted the hd I tried using a K bootdisk so I can begin a fresh OS install BUT since only one of the externals can be plugged in at one OS issue Dell install Latitude L400 laptop time I cannot get the bootdisk to recognize a cdrom drive during the boot Then Dell Latitude L400 laptop OS install issue I tried to boot straight from the cdrom with a bootable K cd Dell Latitude L400 laptop OS install issue But I am not having any luck with the laptop reading the cd in order to perform a clean cd install The cdrom spins makes noise and stuff so I know the power is there But it seems as if the laptop isn t reading the cdrom correctly because it still bypasses the cdrom and reads the hd and of course comes up with quot Missing operating system quot Anyone know what I can do to get an OS installed on this laptop I ll be away from my pc and the laptop until around today but I might be able to sneak in a reply or two during the day nbsp

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I have a dell laptop that is monitor issue connect to laptop dell extended connect to a samsung monitor the dell laptop is like inch and the samsung monitor is like inch I wanted to use extend display on the laptop the laptop dell laptop connect to monitor extended issue is set as primary and the monitor is secondary I am able to drag stuff to the monitor however when i enlarge some boxes like IE explorer it does not fit to the screen and is like over the edge abit How do i make it so that it can fit to screen I have try figuring and adjusting the resolution but still it does not fix to the screen exactly Beforehand the user has a hp laptop and larger in screen like inch and connected to the samsung monitor Someone help to adjust it to fit it to the samsung screen so it mean the samsung monitor does not have problem I do not know how he manage to fix it Anyone experience this issue before nbsp

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Distorted or scrambled video on the notebook computer screen
No video on the computer screen even when the notebook computer is on
Random characters or garbled images on the notebook computer screen
Intermittent video failure
Failure to detect the wireless adapter or failure to detect wireless network

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I'm trying to reinstall the OS on my laptop, a Compaq Presario 2200 laptop. I inserted the Disk and I get the following questions:

Welcome to Setup
This portion of the setup programs prepares Microsoft Windows XP to run on your computer.

To Setup WIndows XP now, Press Enter

To repai a windows XP installation using Recovery COnsole, press R

To quit, Press F3.

Whatever I chose I get this:

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk relatied hardware configurations is correct.

Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3.
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now the laptop wont boot into Windows. How do I fix this? I went to "repair my computer" then went to "reinstall windows while keeping my old files". Little did I know that this laptop had a broken power jack and was running off of battery. The computer shut down on stage 4/5. I have no CDs and used the option within the partition to reinstall. How do I reinstall windows now and keep my files after this... ? Did I lose all my files?

When I press f8 now to go to "Repair my Computer" it goes to Windows Boot Manager and says that windows has failed to start... Insert windows installation disk... Boot failed - required disk is inaccessible.

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Can I install Windows from a download (DigitalRiver) and use the product key that's on the bottom of the laptop so I don't have all the HP bloatware? I'm trying to do a restore using HP's tools but it isn't looking good (doing a startup repair now). I went to HP's site and found the drivers I need, just have to save them to a thumb drive.

A:reinstalling Windows on a HP laptop using the laptops product key?

Can I use Windows 7 OEM Key with a non-OEM disc? - Microsoft Community
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Hello I have a dell latitude d which I got refurbished and it has a windows license with it According to the label it is a special license for refurbish computers so when I tried to enter it on microsoft website to download a windows ISO it didn't accepted it and prompted me to contact the manufacturer because this license is special OEM or something like that So what I Reinstalling on windows laptop version refurbish want to do is to format that laptop because I can't get in windows anymore and before I send it back for faulty HDD I need to make sure that it is not in fact just a windows problem I don't have a disc with windows only the license below the laptop and as I said MS site doesn't let me download Reinstalling refurbish version windows on laptop an ISO to use Also it doesn't seem like there is any partition to boot from and reinstall What can I do Is there a place where I can download a legit version and burn it on a disc
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I am trying all the steps in order to solve this problem but nothing works.
I just tryied to reinstall windows xp SP2 in a laptop HP Pavilion.
In the middle of the process after copying all files and reboot the hole system the screen just keep black with the mouse arrow cursor in low resolution in the middle of the screen.
I can move it, but nothing else.
I tryied to restore de previous system but nothing happens.
I created a cd booteable, and I can boot my system using it, nbut I can not do anything else, please I really need help.


A:Black screen after reinstalling windows xp sp2 in my laptop, please I need help

Your best bet is to use the HP Recovery disks that came with your laptop and then install SP2 immediately after. Your display may require some video drivers that are more specific to your laptop than the general ones that will be on the XP disk.
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Acer travelmate Model BY Operating system Windows XP wth servicepack Hi After being reinstalled windows xp the sound of my laptop has been disabled The icon of sound in the right bottom of the screen has been gone And now disabled of being my windows is Laptop after Sound xp reinstalling I got different sound errors sometimes when I go to - start all programs accessries entertainment volume control and then click I got the error that quot there is no active mixer device avaiable On control panel when I click on Sound is being disabled after reinstalling windows xp of my Laptop sound and audio devices I found all the options related to sound are being disabled I also checked out the harware section on MY Comuter the sounds drivers are there but something goes wrong with respect to that I have already downloaded audio vga and someother drivers from us acer com ac en us content drivers and installed them but the problem is still there that is the sound is disabled I would really appreciate on this forum if I can get the solution from someone with respect to that sound problem I am facing I can t want to open my laptop s harware because I cant do that BinNyen nbsp

A:Sound is being disabled after reinstalling windows xp of my Laptop

Do you see any yellow (!) in the device manager?
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Hi all my friend has Reinstalling windows configuration EISA Laptop a laptop an ACER travelmate which got Reinstalling windows Laptop EISA configuration a virus which requires a reformat i have reforatted his system but am having trouble instaling Corporate windows xp the disc shouldnt require a serial but it is asking for one and wont let me proceed with the install i was wondering since this is a different copy of windows to the original that it is lookin for the old one there is another partition on the sytem called EISA which it mb if this contains a copy of windows i dont know how to get to it Reinstalling windows Laptop EISA configuration i havent deleted it as i thought it may be of importance and could leave me unable to install windows i dont know wheteer to delete the EISA and hope it will allow me to install the xp corporate or if there is some kind of disk i coudl get to use the EISA if it does contain windows the laptop didnt come with any rescue discs Thanks Olly nbsp

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Inspiron 15R SE 7520
When I attempt to start my laptop it goes to the Dell logo screen and will not boot Windows 8. Any suggestions?
I've had the computer less than a month and if I have to restore the system completely it will not cause much of a problem.

Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Dell Laptop w/ Windows 8 won't boot past dell logo screen

Hello Univers789,
Re-installing windows is the last resort. So before doing that, you can try the steps mentioned below which might fix the issue. 1. Restart the laptop and start tapping the F2 key at the Dell logo for enter the BIOS. 2. Navigate to the “Advanced” menu. 3. Change the SATA operation/selection in BIOS from Intel Smart Response to AHCI. 4. Press F10 to save changes and exit. 5. Reboot the system. 6. Go back into the BIOS by tapping the F2 key and change the SATA operation/selection in BIOS from AHCI to Intel Smart Response. 7. Save changes and exit by pressing the F10 key. 8. Reboot the system and it should boot normally into Windows. In case the above steps don’t fix the issue, run the Pre-Boot System Assessment (PSA / ePSA) Diagnostics. Run the test and check if gives any error code. Note down the error code and update me with the same, would let you know the next course of action. Please write back with results.
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Please tell me I didn't lose everything!

I thought I got a virus on my laptop so I reinstalled Windows 7. My 1TB iomega external harddrive was working fine before the reinstall and held approximately 4-500GB of family photos, documents, home videos and music. After the reinstall, I get a prompt stating I need to reformat the external drive before I use it. Please help! I am sick just thinking about loosing all that stuff.

Windows 7 Home
iomega 1TB external HD Model LDHD-UP2 S/N: WJAL177817

A:Prompted to format external HD after reinstalling Windows 7 on laptop

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I don't quite know what you've done, but you've deleted the partition that was on your external drive, hence the reason it's showing as a RAW drive.

Check this tutorial for a method of recovering your lost files.

Free data recovery software - recover files from RAW hard drive with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.

If the files are successfully recovered you will need another drive to save them to. Do not try and save to the drive you are recovering from. You risk losing your data permanently that way.

Once you've recovered your data you can create a new partition on the drive, give it a quick format then move your data back onto it.

You may also want to check this link, which looks promising.

It's just a great pity you didn't disconnect this drive before you reinstalled Windows. We always recommend that you do so for the very reason you are in trouble now.

If you don't feel confident enough to carry out this task you can get specialist data recovery experts to recover your data, but they are expensive to use.
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I have a number of problems with my laptop and so decided to reinstall windows XP. My laptop did not come with windows and so i found the file to reinstall it (winnt32) in the I386 file. Unfortunatly, half way through reinstalling windows, my laptop over heated and switched itself off (a problem i have now fixed by cleaning the fan). Although i can still use my laptop, every time i start my laptop it trys to reinstall windows but cant find any of the files to do it, and instead says press escape to skip that file, but does this with every file. I still need to reinstall windows but have no idea how to as when i try to use the winnt32 setup, it does nothing, please help

A:Reinstalling windows without a cd after laptop switched off half way through reinstal
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I'm not sure if this is a major issue but I've never seen a system that has done this and the computer is only a couple of months old Not sure if worth the time effort to deal with Dell tech support so I'll try here first to see if anyone else has seen this or experienced similar issues No matter what device I plug in to the USB port i e thumb drive external HDD MP player etc when I go to remove the device and use the icon on the system tray to safely remove the device I click on the icon and nothing happens New Dell harware and remove issue eject media" Laptop- "Safely No matter New Dell Laptop- "Safely remove harware and eject media" issue if I use left or right click nothing happens I'm used to it opening a context menu asking which device I would like to safely remove but this does nothing However when I shut down restart for a split second on the bottom right of the screen that context menu flashes and then disappears like it was running in the background but couldn't work up the nerve to display it for some reason shy maybe So far I have had no issues of lost or corrupt files as a result of not being able to safely remove the devices but I'm just waiting for the day that it does Anyone else have issues with this or know anything about why it might be happening If not I'll suck it up and call Dell tech support and see what country I can talk to Thanks in advance

A:New Dell Laptop- "Safely remove harware and eject media" issue

I have a work-around, but not a fix. It will allow you to safely remove a USB item by;
Go into Windows Explorer and find the device to be removed
R-click the device, and on the menu select "eject"
You should get the "safe to remove" prompt
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Hello I just purchased a Dell laptop and & XP Memory Issue - New Shutdown Dell Error Install Laptop Virtual installed Dell's XP disc to replace Vista All is working well except Shutting down takes minutes to get to quot Logging Off quot and quot Shutting Down quot New Dell Laptop XP Install - Shutdown Issue & Virtual Memory Error screens It hangs on the background screen after the icons task bar disappear I think is a driver issue I can go in and New Dell Laptop XP Install - Shutdown Issue & Virtual Memory Error out of Standby mode in seconds the computer starts up amp shuts down very quickly in Safe mode I have run virus spyware scans clean I removed most StartUp programs Windows Error - Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low Here is the exact message quot Windows Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low Your system is low on virtual memory Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file During this process memory requests for some applications New Dell Laptop XP Install - Shutdown Issue & Virtual Memory Error may be denied For more information see Help quot As for errors in the eventviewer logs we have Error Service Control Mgr - Event There are about in a group roughly when the windows error popped up I already set my virtual memory minimum to exactly what I found repeated in Google queries It's set to MB for low and high and I'm running GB of RAM Could someone please help me to fix these two issues Thank you in advance

A:New Dell Laptop XP Install - Shutdown Issue & Virtual Memory Error

Hi sean123456, and welcome to TSF.

Take a look at this page and get back to us if things are no better.
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The problem I m facing on my old laptop years old Targa is that I m getting a blue screen which lasts for lt s then quickly disappears after the windows xp load screen and then I m presented with options of safe mode start with last known good Laptop files and to problems Reinstalling Windows backup accessing HDD config and start normally Whatever I choose it would do the same thing and the cycle repeats from the quick blue screen to the choices I had this in the past and before Reinstalling Windows and problems accessing Laptop HDD to backup files I just popped in my Windows XP CD into my DVD-ROM and volia - reformat But now it s not as simple since my laptop seems to like killing DVD drives this is its rd one and so I think it s not worth investing in another drive I have searched online already and found a tutorial for doing it via booting Reinstalling Windows and problems accessing Laptop HDD to backup files from a USB drive using wintoflash and created a bootup USB device Kingston Data Traveller GB with Windows XP on it but the BIOS Phoenix v on the old laptop is not recognising the device I researched and if it s recognised it would be expandable under the boot then removable devices category with the name of the drive So at the moment I am unsure how to get my BIOS on the old laptop to recognise the USB device I also do have a USB enclosure thinking I could backup my old files from my HDD on the old laptop Samsung GB IDE PATA M but in turn I face another problem as for some reason the enclosure can t access the HDD I m pretty sure it s not the HDD since it s still spinning ok with no odd sounds and it s booting ok and also successfully boots on startup with my new Cyberpower laptop in the enclosure and yes it does the same thing with the repeating cycle I also just got another new HDD Samsung GB PATA IDE M and tested the enclosure so it s not the enclosure is it because of all the windows files and other related files on the GB HDD Any other ideas of how I will go about re-installing windows without a DVD drive and also get access to the files on my old HDD Thanks very much in advance for anyone that is able to help and sorry for the long post lol I am getting alot of headaches with this nbsp

A:Reinstalling Windows and problems accessing Laptop HDD to backup files

The USB drive or an external CD-ROM seem to be your only options for installing.

You can recover your files with this USB stick, provided it will boot. It has recently been modified to boot in almost any type of machine. But BIOS would have to recognize the drive as bootable.

You might try a smaller USB stick since 16's have not been around that long and 2's are more compatible. Hopefully you used a FAT file system.

Parted Magic disk partitoning tool (Bootable CD image)
If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key.
This CD (or key) contains many useful tools. You can partition, recover files, recover lost partitions, make disk images (by several different methods), transfer files between media, scan for viruses (It can serve as an Alternative Trusted Platform for search and elimination of rootkits and bootkits), examine and benchmark hardware, access the internet, and much more.
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HP Pavilion dv laptop reinstalling backup recover 7 on files HP windows Unable to after laptop Came installed with Windows Home Edition bit but upgraded to Windows Professional using Microsoft installation disks Laptop crashed saved a backup using HP recovery utility then forced to reinstall window to factory settings then installed Windows Professional using Microsoft disks This time had trouble upgrading Windows Professional so forced to perform a clean installation of Windows Professional from the Microsoft disks Now unable to restore backup files which are stored on external usb drive nbsp Unable to recover backup files after reinstalling windows 7 on HP laptop I have tried - restoring backup files by running restore exe stored on usb drive with backup of the files are restored then it crashes with error - restoring backup using my wife's HP laptop which came installed with Windows and is upgraded to Windows - same result - restoring backup on a colleague's HP laptop which is still installed with Windows but this is the Unable to recover backup files after reinstalling windows 7 on HP laptop business edition and doesn't have the HP Restoration utility - same result - downloading the HP Restoration Manager from the HP web site but this won't install error message about the softpaq software now on laptop - using -zip to extract the SWM backup files Unable to recover backup files after reinstalling windows 7 on HP laptop - of the files are restored successfully to files recovered with restore exe first but the rest contain data that look encrypted - using ImageX that is part of the Windows WAIK kit to merge the SWM files into a single WIM windows image file and then mounting the image to the laptop's drive - same result as extracting with -zip - using programs called HP Backup Fixer and Softhinks ER tools which have been recommended for this problem on Windows Vista laptops but don't recognize the file type of my backup files nbsp Thoughts - I am guessing the backup files are encrypted somehow - from some of the threads I am guessing that the HP Restoration utility is rd party software provided by SoftThinks and that the softpaq software or environment is part of that - unfortunately there does not appear to be any kind of support provided on the SoftThinks web site - does something like HP Backup Fixer exist that works on Windows - is there any way of obtaining the HP Restoration Manager software which normally comes pre-installed nbsp
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Dear All I am having trouble with installing a clean OS on on clean boot can't W7 E7250 install my machine which is Dell Latitude E I spent three straight days to no avail on the issue that seems to W7 clean install can't boot on E7250 be known This is what I did at first I downloaded the Windows PRO image from the drivers and downloads section made a bootable USB drive and booted it at which point I get one of the two errors USB boots shows that windows is loading files presents a windows logo opens a nice blue Windows background but the installation menu for Windows doesn lsquo t show up Installation menu shows up but then asks for the required drivers in order to read the data from USB Note installation menu shows up every time if booting from an SD card but then stops at error number This is the BIOS setup that I use to boot the drive UEFI is off Legacy Boot is on Secure boot is off This is the setup that I use for the USB drive I think I have tried every possible combination of formatting and partition schemes I did some research to find that the image provided may not have the required USB drivers integrated and followed these instructions to get the right image http www dell com support article us en SLN This extensive tutorial leads to downloading the same W image I have already experimented on Then I tried to follow this tutorial http www dell com support article us en SLN And then this http dellwindowsreinstallationguide com converting-your-dell-windows-reinstallation-dvd-into-a-reinstallation-usb DeletingtheEIUSB Both getting one of the two errors described above I have also another two points to make I have another E laptop on which I tested the above solutions and got identical results I have successfully booted other images with different operating systems There is another possibility hellip Dell system detect has to be ON to download the W image maybe the image is specifically tailored to boot only on the exact same machine And if so hellip This makes no sense on many different levels How should I go around it if the system is bricked
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I'm looking to add WWAN to my e7250. Which WWAN cards are compatible? I'm looking for Verizon 4G. I think DW5808e is one of them but wondered if there were others.

A:Latitude e7250 compatible WWAN

Thanks for writing to us. 
DW5808E and DW5809E both are compatible with this system. 
Should you have any questions do revert.
Have a good one. 
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Ok, I have been trying to install Windows XP Pro on a Dell netbook, and I have even taken out the HD and formatted it first. I boot to the Windows XP CD via USB CD ROM drive and all works fine, I select format NTFS Quick, and it copies all its files. When it goes to reboot after the files are copied I get:

Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and device hardware. Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.

Some things I have tried:
chkdsk /r
two different external CD-ROMs
reset BIOS to default
Changed hard drive to ATA instead of AHCI (I think it's AHCI)

Any ideas? I am just trying to install a clean Win XP SP3, but failing...


A:Reinstalling XP Pro on Dell Netbook

What model Dell system?

Did Dell provide the disk you are trying to use? If so, are you following Dell instructions for reinstalling?

If you are trying to do a clean install with a MS Genuine XP's best to delete existing partitions first...then format/install from the CD.

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Forgive my ignorance.

I am currently trying to reinstall Win XP Home on a Dell Dimension 2400 from the Dell reinstallation CD following the instructions in the Dell User's Manual. Here is where I have got to so far:

Put CD in machine.
Rebooted from CD.
Win XP Setup screen appears and I choose 'To set Up Windows now' option.
Accept the EULA.
Press ESC to install a new copy of Windows.

The manual then says 'Press <Enter> to select the highlighted partition (recommended), and then follow the instructions on the screen'.

On the screen is a box saying

76294 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]

-: Partition1 [FAT] 47MB ( 40MB free)
C: Partition2 [NTFS] 76238MB ( 68371MB free)
Unpartitioned space 8MB

and the 'Partition1' line is highlighted.

What does this mean, and are the instructions correct, i.e. do I just press Enter, or do I need to highlight the 'Partition2' line?



A:Reinstalling Win XP Home from Dell CD

You need to insatll it to the Partition2 NTFS section of the harddrive so highlight that section then press enter.
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I recently reinstalled my laptop but cannot install the right driver to connect or find my wireless Internet,,i tried downloading from another computer off the Dell site but noting worked?????

A:Reinstalling dell inspiron???

What OS are you running?
If Windows 7, did system come w/ Vista originally?
What is manufacturer/ model of internal wifi? - check Device Manager
What is driver name? - check Dev Mgr
What is driver timestamp? - " "

Please provide Dell link for wifi driver that you downloaded.
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I was having problems with my laptop so I wiped it clean. Starting from new. I know nothing about computers so I hope I installed everything correctly. I went to test my webcam and I can't find it. So I checked the Dell website for help and everything they posted didn't help me. I couldn't find anything they were talking about. So if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
my laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5010.

A:Reinstalling Dell Webcam

Hi and welcome

Not sure what things you tried already but did anyone recommend reinstalling Dell Webcam Central?
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I have a fairly new laptop and the cover is peeling from the casing.  Is this covered by the warranty as I would have thought this should not be happening so soon.  The service tag is CJY4J72 and the laptop is less than a year old.

Thank you

A:Latitude E7250 Plastic cover peeling

Your images are not linked -- but you should call Dell support to see what they say.  
If it's cosmetic damage, they won't cover it -- if it's a manufacturing defect, they should.
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I purchased 10? Windows Dell issue? XPS 13..speed/RAM and received my Dell XPS 13..speed/RAM issue? Windows 10? new DELL XPS I intel laptop two days ago I opted for gb RAM and SSD I was torn between this and the macbook pro for university I have never had apple and decided to stick with microsoft just for ease of use with onedrive and what I know I have always heard negative things about windows but have had a chromebook up until now After researching Dell's laptop I thought surely a gb RAM and SSD would mean I would not have any issues unfortunately after onyl two days of using it I am getting slow responses Some examples just clicking on cortana it seems to crash occassionaly I opened a rd tab on Microsoft edge and the screen lagged and crashed for - seconds Opened a PDF from gmail which had pages laptop froze for seconds Opening microsoft word takes way too long and loads for a while My internet is fine IMO is this the laptop Windows or a mixture of both I really thought a laptop of this quality should manage to run windows with no issues Has anyone got any ideas Thanks
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I have recently upgraded my system from windows vista to windows 7. Everything seems to work fine except the printer - Dell all in one printer 922. To solve the issue, I have followed several solutions from different forums. For e.g., according to one solution (this solution seemed sensible), I have deleted the printer from my system, uninstalled all the printer driver software and have tried to use the vista 32 drivers to get my printer working. But all in vain. I have tried the process almost ten times now and I am tired. That's why I have come to this forum. Please could any one of you help me resolve this issue. Thank you in anticipation.


A:Windows 7 - Dell aio 922 Printer Issue

I had the same problem with my Dell AIO 964... Try downloading the the Patch/Upgrade .Zip file from the Dell website. When it finishes downloading open it and run the DellCleanUpUtility.exe this will delete the driver that Windows 7 automatically installed. When the Utility completes it will ask to reboot, allow it do so, then procede to install the windows vista version of your printer driver from the Dell website. Cho Yung Tea
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Hello nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I purchased Dell laptop Inspiron two years ago with windows home pre-installed After months I installed Windows pro what I had got from my office and upgraded to windows pro Free up-gradation from Microsoft Now I have to remove this windows the issue 8 Dell Reinstall Windows license I got from my Dell Windows 8 Reinstall issue office and Dell Windows 8 Reinstall issue reinstall the same windows Home what i had got with my laptop But I am not getting any option for this I do not have recovery disc I tried to install fresh windows home using disc but it failed due to wrong key in BIOS I checked my dell account System configuration and found windows pro as OS This means windows pro key has been registered in BIOS and due to this I am not able to install fresh windows home Now the questions are nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp How to recover my OS windows home nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Do I need to purchase new license windows pro now as I am not able to recover install windows home I checked windows pro installation is running nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp If i install windows pro and upgrade to windows pro Free up-gradation from Microsoft in future will I be able to downgrade or install windows pro once again or will only have option to install windows pro Would i need to make the recovery disc for windows pro Thanks Avitesh

A:Dell Windows 8 Reinstall issue

To download Windows 8.1 (Home) see here:
Take care with the Edition. If Windows 8.1 (Home) asks for a product key then retry with Windows 8.1 (Home) Single Language.
Then you can upgrade to Windows 10 Home:
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When my laptop crashed I lost the "Dell Webcam Central"
Have been looking for a link where I can reinstall.
Have Windows 7.
Thank You

A:Reinstalling Dell Webcam Central

Go to Dell Drivers & Downloads - Drivers & Downloads | Dell US
Enter your service tag number and download Dell Webcam Central.
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I MAY HAVE TO reinstall Windows unfortunately as I can't reclaim ownership of my C drive, though can access files on it. (Screenshot)- trying to find workround.
If I can't recover ownership and have to reinstall Windows (don't think Dell came with a Win8 b\ up disc), would I then have to pay to upgrade back to Win 10, now we're out of free period??

A:Reinstalling WIn 10 to DELL XPS12, supplied with Win 8 OEM

Thanks for prompt reply; Yes it's just Win 10.
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Hello looking for advice I have a Dell ATG laptop and I'm running a program called V golf swing analysis for my teaching business Im having intermittent issues using the voiceover recording feature After I record the voice over sometimes it doesn't save it I've used this program for many years with no issues on older laptops After I purchased this new laptop and It became infected w virus Reinstalled Windows and downloaded drivers from website Since I've never had issues with Dell laptops and the recording for voice over program on my V I'm thinking I didn't reinstall all of the correct drivers from the Dell website Once I have the ATG drivers pulled up in the Dell website How do I know which drivers I should be downloading from the Dell website The computer otherwise seems to work perfect and I've spoken with the v tech support and they don't seem have the answers drivers Reinstalling from dell website Any suggestions or comments would be great thanks Owen

A:Reinstalling drivers from dell website

I don't know where you went for drivers on Dell however you could go from here after entering the information you should only be given a choice of the drivers your machine requires.
There are ways to check which driver you have installed now but it's just as easy to download them and run the installation executable.
One of two things will occur.
The driver will install or update the existing driver, if it asks if you want to remove the older driver first (for any of them) answer yes, the old one is removed, usually it will reboot and then proceed with the new installation.
The driver is not required or not the correct one so it will advice you that it won't install as it's not the right one.
In any event I think it highly unlikely you would disrupt anything doing this. Don't forget to backup and\or set a restore point before doing anything.
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I need to reinstall XP on a Dell Latitude laptop. The service tag is 5C5SP1J. I have a XP CD but it won't recognize the CD nor boot up. I tried the USB action but it won't format it! I need to reinstall because it had a illegal copy of XP on there. Also, my sister may be selling it.
The COA is Windows XP Professional SP0. I am on a tight budget so I can't get a Dell XP disc.

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My friend's hard drive died (he has a dell computer) and while I know how to swap hard drives if it'll cost any thing to reinstall operating system, etc.? Does my friend need to buy a recovery disk or a new operating system CD from dell?

A:After the swap, reinstalling stuff on a dell?

If he's got the install discs there's no problem, if not he can call Dell and get the discs.

However that Windows license is tied to the motherboard, so if he had to replace the motherboard then he'd have to buy a new copy of Windows.
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my friend has Dell inspiron 630m, which didnt come with OEM Win XP CD,

i believe it contains hidden system partition with original XP on it

how can i reinstall winxp from system drive

the laptop has Win XP Product key or serial number printed on the back of laptop

A:reinstalling win xp on dell inspiron 630m

Quote: Originally Posted by kf10

my friend has Dell inspiron 630m, which didnt come with OEM Win XP CD,

i believe it contains hidden system partition with original XP on it

how can i reinstall winxp from system drive

the laptop has Win XP Product key or serial number printed on the back of laptop

Is CTRL+F11 on powering on still working?

The Dell-specific Ctrl+F11 process is supposed to completely automate the restoration process, returning the hard disk to the state it was in when Dell shipped the computer. However, overwriting the MBR by using a boot manager, using the commands "fixmbr" or "fdisk /mbr", installing from a Windows installation CD, and assorted other tasks a user might do will inadvertantly break Ctrl+F11, rendering the system unable to boot the DSR partition. Furthermore, changing the partitioning by adding, deleting, or resizing partitions will cause DSRcheck to fail, so even if Ctrl+F11 works, the restore process will abort without attempting to restore the Ghost image
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Me and 2 co-workers got new computers, E7250.
Together with the E-Port Plus II docking station. (PR02X)
Problem is that one of the external monitors keeps flickering to black, as if loss of signal after a while.
Docking out and in again solves it, or removing the DVI-cable and putting it in again.I run 3 external monitors + internal.
Co-workers runs 3 external only.Same on all, one of the external monitors flickers.I have the latest BIOS, latest driver for GPU and Chipset.This does not help.Any suggestions?