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What would you recommend to extend my wi fi signal

Q: What would you recommend to extend my wi fi signal

I need to extend my signal on my router. It is not going as far as I need. The place where I need it has an Ethernet port in the room but I would need to be able to wire from the piece of equipment that I decide to use there. It would probably best be a router unless an access point can have ports to hook up to additional equipment in the room that I already use. I know it is best to stay with the same brand and my router is NETGEAR DGN3500. Can anyone tell me what they would use? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: What would you recommend to extend my wi fi signal

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: What would you recommend to extend my wi fi signal

Best to use either Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router (disable DHCP,VPN, SPI and NAT)

Example #1 using two Wireless Routers (note interwebs = modem)

Example #2 Using Wireless Router with Wireless Client Bridge with Wireless Access Point

There are also PowerLine Wireless (one box connects to our router lan port) uses AC power

These are the options you can use or just use Access Point which has Wireless features. That would connect to your Router as shown in the first example. Port 1 goes into the single port of Access Points to extend your Wireless where the room is not getting enough single to it.

Your model is also ADSL modem and router all you need to buy is either Powerline set or AP (Wireless Access Point) which has wired LAN connection port.
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Hi, I have a D-link Wirless G router DIR-300 in my appartment, I need to use it 2 floors upstairs with my laptop, I've tried but I cannot get the signal enough and the navigation is not possible, sometimes it gets a low signal and let me see one or 2 page, then it disappear. I'm not expert about this, I've red on the internet I need an Access point, maybe I can put it in the middle floor, this is possible for me. Someone knows if the Access point is the right way and can suggest 1 low price model. many thanks

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Hello, i currently have a wireless belkin router in my basement and i want to extend my signal to about 50 yards from my home. What would be best way to extend my signal?

A:Trying to extend my wireless signal

Start by getting the router above ground level.
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Hey All,

I have a question regarding extending my wireless network throughout my building.

I have on hand three Linksys WRT54GL wireless routers and am wanting to use all three to expand the coverage area of my signal.

What I am thinking is, using the latest firmware from Linksys, hard wiring the cable modem to the main router and then configuring each of the other two routers with a different IP, placing them a distance in either direction from the main central router. It sounds logical on paper, but can it be done?

If so, can anyone walk me through the process, or at least direct me to a link where this process is explained in detail?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Is there any way to make this work 2 miles away? I want to use this around my small town. What gear or steps can I improve to beam out the biggest signal. We currently have an ATT internet standard router.


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We use electronic devices throughout our home, and need something to strengthen our network signal, which is located on the 2nd floor. I've read so much about different ways - range extenders, range repeaters, range boosters and Access Points, but I don't know which would be the right one for me without costing an arm and a leg. I have a Verizon DLS Router D-Link DSL-2750B. I have contacted Verizon and posed this question on their forum, but he only answer I received was a suggestion to move the router to the 1st floor. Great, now I won't be able to connect on the 2nd!

Any help is appreciated.

A:Best solution to boost/extend network signal

The "best" and most reliable way is with wireless access point(s). However, some people don't find that solution acceptable because of the ethernet cable between router and access point(s).

Another way, which you didn't mention, is powerline adapters, which plug into an electrical outlet near the router and the wireless access point, using the electrical system instead of running an ethernet cable. Some powerline adapters include a wireless access point.
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My wireless router is in my office at one end of the house; my wife's PC is at the other end. She's at about 40% reception quality. She never complains but I know she'd like a snappier Internet experience so I'm thinking of installing a Wi-Fi signal booster.

Three questions:

1) Do Wi-Fi signal boosters work?

2) Are they pretty easy to set up? (In other words, can I plug it in in the middle of the house and be up and running in a few minutes.)

3) Any models to suggest?


A:Can anyone recommend a wi-fi signal booster?

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I need to extend my signal on my router. It is not going as far as I need. The place where I need it has an Ethernet port in the room but I would need to be able to wire from the piece of equipment that I decide to use there. It would probably best be a router unless an access point can have ports to hook up to additional equipment in the room that I already use. I know it is best to stay with the same brand and my router is NETGEAR DGN3500. Can anyone tell me what they would use? Thanks.

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Hi guys and gals Im in abit of trouble trying to setup a wireless network Part of the problem is that I am many miles away and I ve never setup a wifi-netork involving more than one device that device being a router I ve attached a jpg which should explain the basics of the problem This is what I ve done so far I connected the TL-WA ND to the router a Thomson tg located in the TP-Link the Using both Point, TL-WA901ND to of signal Access a an a extend repeater house this router couldn t be used simply because the SSID and its password is locked and we sometimes have people renting the bottom floor and we would prefer a better SSID and a changable password for the network The first TL-WA ND will call this one Using a repeater to extend the signal of an Access Point, both a TP-Link TL-WA901ND TL AP from now on the other being TL RP is set to operate as Access Point having a different SSID and password for the network and it works great However when I try to set the other one TL RP to repeater mode with the TL AP and that SSID MAC as quot target quot it doesn t seem to work I ve tried using bot the repeater mode and the universal repeater mode but none of them seem to do the job Is is possible to repeat the signal of an access point or does it have to be a router The SSID and the WPAkey of the repeater is set to the same as the access point is that correct The access point is not the one handing out IP-addresses the router is still acting as the DHCP-server is that correct Are there any other setups using these devices that could achieve the same thing using some kind of AP bridge or such Do you have any idea what I could be doing wrong I would be really grateful for any help I can get Alex nbsp

A:Using a repeater to extend the signal of an Access Point, both a TP-Link TL-WA901ND

I've never set up a Repeater, so blind leading the blind may not help much.

Is is possible to repeat the signal of an access point or does it have to be a router?Click to expand...

Depends on the Repeater and Access Point. I didn't check the manual, but I would expect that two of the same device would play nice together.

The SSID and the WPAkey of the repeater is set to the same as the access point, is that correct?Click to expand...

To my surprise I learned recently that the Repeater (at least some of them) can broadcast a different SSID. But certainly you have to specify that of the Access Point in order to make the connection between them. I'd get it working w/o encryption first. In some cases you have to specify the MAC Address of the other device--again, I did not check the manual for your units.

The access point is not the one handing out IP-addresses, the router is still acting as the DHCP-server, is that correct?Click to expand...

Yes, definitely.
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Hi Couple of days ago I switched over new ISP in Macedonia on T-Home with a Optic Broadband I don't know if that's the correct terminology and they gave me a new router Huawei don't know the exact model will update asap The thing that confuses me that there is no cable modem the optic cable goes straight to the router and it's used like normal router Wi-Fi one LAN port for PC and another empty port Because the W-Fi coverage isn't that good I was thinking of setting up a secondary router insert the LAN cable that goes from the Huawei router to PC now to go from the Huawei router to the new router From the new router to put a cable that goes from the secondary router to the the using Can wi-fi signal "extend" I router? secondary PC BUT there is big BUT in my mind because Can I "extend" the wi-fi signal using secondary router? I can't see any way that I would configure the second router to get to that internet connection Can anyone tell me if I can use a second router as I explained and have internet and Wi-Fi or I need to buy an extender

A:Can I "extend" the wi-fi signal using secondary router?

Yes you can here is a brilliant link

How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network With an Old Router
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So at my friend s house whenever it rains or bad cloudy day there is no WiFi signal sending from main floor to nd floor So I recommend them to install a Linksys RE range extender to boost the signal on the existing Linksys AC unit and the setup of that extender is wacky It somehow works after a while but w o the GHz band But the other day when they re-plug and good what's signal doesn't day during booster signal & WiFi rainy the work, signal extender? no in that extender there is no signal even on a sunny no WiFi signal during rainy day and signal booster doesn't work, & what's the good signal extender? day So today no WiFi signal during rainy day and signal booster doesn't work, & what's the good signal extender? I try to help them to re-initialize that RE by going thru the instruction totally no signal on a sunny day Now assuming it s a defective DOA unit is there some range extender that is high quality And has a nice and simple setup software just in case pushing the WPS button doesn t work And more importantly should we unplug the extender when you don t use it Or are you suppose to always leave it plug in If you unplug it would you lost all the setting on that extender nbsp

A:no WiFi signal during rainy day and signal booster doesn't work, & what's the good signal extender?

Use a wire. Extend WiFi via remotely placed access points.
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I took my Acer Laptop to the computer shop to get my SSD fixed and when they finished it and got it home i noticed my drives where split into 2 drives of 50GB approximately; C: & D:.
I have been trying to merge or at least give some space to drive C: , but my extend volume button in the partition manager is gray, even tho i have allocated space.
please give me some advice.

A:Extend Volume on C: Drive grayed out, can't extend volume.

Disk Management will not do the extension, but Partition Wizard will do it.
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Have XP. Drive split evenly between C and D. C has 35.4GB Total Size and 544MB Free Space. D has 39.0GM Total Space and 39.0GB Free Space. I would like to create one drive or at least transfer some of space from D drive to C drive. Would appreciate some help in "how to". Thanks

A:How to Merge Partitions to Extend C Partition merge partitions to extend C drive

Windows Vista and newer have built-in tools that can resize volumes. See our tutorial for that here.Windows XP and earlier don't have the tools built-in, so you have to use a third party partitioning tool. We have a tutorial for that, too. This tutorial covers shrinking an existing volume to make space for a new second volume, but resizing two existing volumes is substantially similar.
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My Sprint HTC EVO phone is cheaper and faster than my AT&T broadband connection so I want to drop AT&T and use sprint.

The problem is I have a few devices such as a Blu-ray player, a Direct TV DVR and other items that need to be hard wired.

I want to use my phone as a WiFi hot spot then pick up the signal with a device and plug my Direct TV DVR into the device with an ethernet cable.

Sprint was unable to help and someone on another non-tech site suggested a Engenius Network ESR9850.

Does anyone know if this will work, or if there are other options available
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Hello I just noticed that my wifi signal bars stay at full bars and does not change even if the signal is truly low I realized this only recently when I transferred to our bedroom which supposedly had the worst signal in the house but the signal bar still stays at full Whenever I click on it the real signal will appear and does not currently real at not signal always Wifi Signal full bars - matching match the one shown in the system tray icons Note My current wireless network adapter is Intel Dual Band Wireless AC- Updated to Windows Anniversary Update on August Solutions I've Wifi Signal always at full bars - not matching real signal tried but failed to fix it Uninstalling the wireless network adapter restarting PC and scanning for hardware changes although it did show the true signal for a second then went to full bars Updating the wireless network adapter to no success in fixing it Also tried rolling back the driver to the original one Turning Network system tray icons on and off in the windows settings And BEFORE doing that I was also trying to fix various problems Wifi Signal always at full bars - not matching real signal that also came with my laptop Updated Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia drivers which seemingly fixed my BSOD problems that never again happened since then Updated my BIOS to the latest which fixed black screen restarting problems when laptop wakes up from sleep NOTE all the drivers ive installed came from the manufacturer's model's support website for my specific laptop I've fixed all the other problems of my laptop but I can't seem to fix the wifi signal bar staying at full Below is an attached image of my problem

A:Wifi Signal always at full bars - not matching real signal

You do not need to scribble out the names on that screenshot, since it will do nothing for any of us. That signal graphic is just like on a cellphone. It does not mean anything. There are a lot of factors why you can have great radio signal, but have interference causing a blackout or outage. If you want to see a snapshot of all signals your wifi adapter is seeing, open up a Command Window as administrator and type it 'netsh wlan show all'.
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Hi I have a HP Probook 6550b, The problem is. I can't get my intern microphone and webcam to work. The IDT (audio) drivers are given NO sound and NO microphone signal, alsothe webcam is not working under Windows 7 (64bit) Think it's a very, very bad driver support from HP on their notebooks. Tried everything.I read that many Probook 6550b users have the same problem, not working internal microphone and  webcam without given any solution till now, shame on you HP Running windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit How can i fix this? Kind regards
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We have a nice signal from the router until about the same time each day. Only cable tv modem is available. Evidently the country neighbors do lots of internet during the afternoon.

Is there a way to boost the signal coming down the cable line ? The cable tv company has installed new cables from the pole into the house. We have installed all new cables in the house.

All of the boosters I've seen are for after the wireless signal gets to the cable modem.

Thanks !


A:wireless signal boost to help low signal from cable tv ?

This is a known issue with cable connections. When its not heavily used the signal, speeds can be good, but when it is used heavily things can deteriorate.

However, how do you know that the cable signal is changing? Unless someone from the cable company has measured the cable signal you don't know that is what is causing the problems. I don't think the signal level on the cable side will affect the wi-fi signal level on that side. They are two separate functions. If your wi-fi signal is deteriorating it has to be some other interference.

Going back to the cable signal level, I had a change every day around 1PM and the cable modem would lose sync. It turned out to be a bad underground cable between the main cable distribution amp and an intermediate amp in our neighborhood (every thing is under ground). It took a special crew to find and fix this, the tech that came to the house knew "nothing". I had to keep calling everyday when it went bad and after the problem went "chronic" then they got the cable crew on it.
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My e-mail from AOL last night told me that my broadband had been enabled DSL Modem busy Can't signal!? up - signal or no set so therefore they have changed my payment accordingly which now means that anytime online I pay for per minute The modem and software arrived this afternoon and since pm I have been getting DSL Modem - no signal or busy signal!? Can't set up more and more frustrated I followed all the instructions I ve done everything as instructed but I cannot get the broadband up and running When I try and connect with it I get a DNS server unreachable or unavailable error To fix this I did as instructed reactivated the connectivity settings which made no difference I have checked the XP firewall settings and Norton Anti-virus settings again these are fine My brain however is no longer fine I run the diagnostic checks and these tell me that my phone line is busy I don t understand this - there is no-one using the phone which i even disconnected to test nor do I understand anyway why a DSL connection should report a busy line I thought broadband was separate to your phone line because of the filter And yes i swapped the filter incase that was at fault It told me to run a BT amp and AOL DUN test gave me the codes to type in following the connect button asking for these codes except there is nothing like that just the status box which amazingly tells me that there is quot No Signal quot something I figured out hours ago and the two diagnsostic tests here which upon trying to start tell me that the quot Phone line is busy Error quot There is an AOL Broadband Check-up installer which it tells me that now my broadband is set up will load automatically It does It takes me straight to the internet connection bit where it then tells me quot AOL UK Broadband Check-Up installer cannot access a download server Please check your internet connection and try again quot If I had an internet connection on broadband I wouldn t be having this problem I ve changed the USB port incase there was a problem with that It made no difference but although there is a power light on the modem the DSL light only flickered on briefly when I plugged it into the USB on the comp then went off I have no idea if this is normal I m beginning to wonder if there could be a problem with the modem itself or even worse if my line really isn t broadband enabled because the place is so rural After all a quick check on BT earlier said once more than quot it is highly UNLIKELY that this location will recieve broadband quot and the promised letter from BT about working on the broadband etc never did arrive AOL helpline has been busy all night and closed for the night at midnight I am now extremely p d off I ve had to spend several hours online tonight being charged per minute for the privaledge of downloading upgraded drivers that I already have I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I am no further forward now than when I started out just after pm The computer is running AOL XP Norton and have all the computer requirements to run broadband and the modem is a BT Voyager I feel I m running close to insanity here Is there anything you can suggest i can do or what the problem is Not one bit of any of troubleshooter mentions busy phone line or no signal - I am utterly at a loss as to what is going on help please nbsp

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hi guys,

i want to expand my lan network.I'm gonna use engenius eoc-5611p access points.It's gonna be a point to multi-point connection.there are 3 areas to cover.So i need 4 access points,1 has to work as a ap with a omni-directional antenna and the others must be in bridge mode.The distance between the ap and the other areas is about 6km.
My question:
-what omni-directional antenna can i use with the engenius eoc-5611p to reech the other access points?
-which cable do i need to join the engenius eoc 5611p ap with the omni-antenna?

please i need you're help...

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Running Windows 7, home premier, 64 bit
On all my disk partitions I have this very large file named $Extend\$Usr.lml
What on earth is it? What is it all about, and why is it needed?
When I run Diskeeper, it does not seem to defragment it.
I have seen something similar in Lubix, but windows???


What is the full path to this file or is this $Extend folder at the root of the C drive?
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Hi, as you see I have 86 GB of Unallocated space. I want to extend in size my "Downloadz (D:)" drive. But I don't get the "extend" option. How can I add this unallocated space to D: drive?? Thank You for your help!!

A:Can't Extend

No success here with extending volumes outside of Vista re-install.

You can easily make a new NTFS partition with unallocated space.

Right-click on unallocated space, format, assign drive letter
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Does anyone know if there is a way to extend RAM by using a USB memory stick under Windows XP Pro SP2 ?



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Guys, when i installed windows 7, i made a partition of 40GB. I fear this will be swallowed up very soon as i download near enough eveything i find within the forum. I have 2 internal HD, both 149GB. When i installed Win 7 i seem to have lost the other HD that has XP on it! It does not show up in My Computer! The other 109GB on the same HD as the 40GB Partitoin is doing nothing. Can i link it to the Win 7 Partiotion so when the win7 one fills up it links to the other 109gb?

Also, how can i go about linking my other internal HD up? Where has it gone? LOL,


A:How To Extend HD

goto startmenu,

rightclick on Computer, chose manage.

In the management console on the left pane chose disks management.

wait a few secs until disks show,

look for the missing drive,

If it is recognized it's there but without a drive letter.

Right click on the drive, select add drive letter,

chose a drive letter and click ok.

You're done.
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I wanted to know if it is possible to extend the IE in the following way:

I am surfing on a page which will relead content via ajax. But if a special word is mentioned I want to have a sound output :)

So, is it possible to add something like a polling to the IE7 which will check every 1-2 Minutes if a special word is available in the html code and if this word is available start a soundfile?
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Currently i am using HP-D009TU Laptop having 2GB ram i want to extend My RAM please suggest me whether i can upgrade my ram ? how many ram slots are having in my system?  if there are two ram slots then i will upgrade by putting a 4GB Ram into my device then my system will become 6GB RAm or else i will Buy 8GB Ram and How much a 4 ,8 GB Ram Will cost?gurrantee /warantee for the product  in years?can we install any other Company RAM other than HP ?Whgich is best Company Ram in Market in Best Price? please give a detailed explaination to the above answers please write answer in a very clear manner Thanks in advance madcoder

A:I want to Extend My RAM TO 8GB

please compare various RAM Companies for Upgrading
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Need a little bit of help here! Ive just turned on a pc which I havent used in around 6 months, and its giving me SIGNAL ERROR. I have tried 2 graphics cards, 2 monitors but still. I have tried different RAM, no difference. The CPU is seated fine and fans working. PSU is giving power to IDE drives i.e dvdrw & hard drives. Tried different IDE cables... And the mobo cant be dead, the sound card is working, ethernet adapter is flashing..... Anyone got any ideas? If I get any good advice theres a few gigs of webhosting in it for ya Thanks all. Also I do not recieve any beeps... but my other computer is working fine I dont get beeps on that either!! lol

A:Signal Error, Ram, G card, cpu, mobo, psu are fine.... Still Signal error!

Try to replace the(COMS) baterry . It could be old ...
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This is my first time posting.

I just bought an ATI Radeon R4350 graphics card. I followed the (brief) installation instructions, but received "No signal" on two separate monitors, both of which had no problems previously. After reading some forums, I though I should disable the onboard graphics first, so I backtracked by removing the new graphics card and returning my monitors to their original ports. However, after returning to my original setup, I still got "No signal". I've already reset the BIOS, but still no results.

A:No signal after installing new graphics card, no signal after removing new card

Please indicate your computer specs.
Are you sure that your video card is compatible with the motherboard ?
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Hello. I'm a New Member on this forum. Nice to Meet U Everyone

I have something to ask about my partition problem here :

That's my partition list, and I want to extend Unallocated drive (that I recently used for Ubuntu) to drive C or D, but I can't do that because I can't click "Extend Volume" at drive D.

Any ideas ? what I supposed to do ?


A:Can't Extend Volume

Minitool partition wizard will solve your problems and its free.
You'll probably need to move the empty space next to the partition you want to expand it to.
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Hi All,
Just been reading the Outlook Contacts thread and it reminded me that I have a long outstanding query someone could maybe clear up.

I backup my .pst file with my regular backups, in my case it's in my Outlook flr.

But what is the Extend.dat file that's there also?


Later: this is what I found:
The Extend.dat file is a binary file that caches registry entries for third-party product extensions.

More important, it doesn't need to be backed up because if you rename or delete it, it will be recreated the next time Outlook starts.

I'll leave this thread here in case anybody else searches for Extend.Dat

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I previously created a second partitions on my Vista machine to dual boot XP. I was unable to install XP for one reason or another. I am now trying to combine back the two partitions into one. I was able to turn the second partition back into unallocated space, but when I try to extend the Vista partition, the extend volume option is grayed out. Any suggestions?
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Help, please! I'd like to extend my warranty which has 1 month left. Can I do that now or, am I too late?

A:I want to extend my Warranty

You need to purchase a CarePack and I think but cannot guarantee because I do not speak for HP that you can do it right up until the original warranty expires.;jsessionid=2B31FDEFF83095F8B8A528B5AD831A46.tomcat6-c1t11481?...
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Upon opening Outlook 2007, I received the following error - "Cannot open file extend.dat." Apparently, one solutioins is to change that file to extend.old. When I tried that fix I received another message that I didn't have the proper administrative authority. I am the Administrator and no one else uses my computer. Why can't I change this folder. BTW, after restarting my computer yet again, the first error message was gone. What gives?



A:Cannot Open Extend.dat

Hi, there are a couple of things you can try:

Take Ownership of that file, a tutorial on how to do so is at Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums.

Do a System Restore, the tutorial can be found at System Restore - Windows 7 Forums.

These should be a good place to start.

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hello, I have an arris broadband modem combo and the wifi signal in the basement is poor I tryed to connect a netgear n 300 wireless router (wnr2000v3) to extend the wifi with an ethernet cable but the neatgear router does not have an internet connection. what can i do or what am I doing wrong?

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I have an 80GB drive partitioned as 15Gb to"C" and 65 to "D." The computer was orginally setup like this and the main user has the habit of saving everything on the C Drive. I want to extend the partition so that "C" uses the entire 65GB's. The demo versions of the software packages I have used will not perform this function. Does anyone know a good freeware?
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How do I fix an 'extend.dat' error that has suddenly occurred when I try to open Outlook 2003 on xpsp2 notebook?
I have checked device manager processes and don't see anything unusual there?
I am the administrator and don't understand why this has occurred?
I don't know what file it is nor what causes an 'extend.dat' error.
I look forward to suggestions, thank you.

A:extend dat. error?

I found the fix. My Computer>finding the extend.dat file and press delete and Reboot.
Error disappeared.
Thought that I should post this.
Have a good day. xpsp2
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I am trying to extend my desktop onto a second monitor. I want to use the screen on the actual laptop as the primary display. I was able to do this previously, however I had to do a clean install of Windows 7 and I cannot get it to work anymore. I go into the resolution in the control pannel and it does not detect the monitor. I have tried plugging it in several times (VGA) to get it to do something, which it did not. Any suggestions?

A:Extend Desktop

Did you install video card drivers?

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how to extend C: drive in windows7 without using any third party software

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i had 3 partitions on my HDD. i backed them up and deleted them to make room for a custom partition. when i finished deleting them the disk management said i had 2 unallocated partitions. i checked in disk part and it showed only my "main" vista partition existed. my vista partition is "partition 2" and i was able to extend it into "partition 3" (one of the unallocated partitions) via disk management, but i cant add "partition 1" (also an unallocated partition) to my main partition. phew! i hope that doesnt confuse anyone! any idea guys? or girls?

Toshiba Satellite P-350D S8900
Vista Home Premium 64bit

A:How to extend partition?

Originally Posted by GRock

i had 3 partitions on my HDD. i backed them up and deleted them to make room for a custom partition. when i finished deleting them the disk management said i had 2 unallocated partitions. i checked in disk part and it showed only my "main" vista partition existed. my vista partition is "partition 2" and i was able to extend it into "partition 3" (one of the unallocated partitions) via disk management, but i cant add "partition 1" (also an unallocated partition) to my main partition. phew! i hope that doesnt confuse anyone! any idea guys? or girls?

Toshiba Satellite P-350D S8900
Vista Home Premium 64bit

3rd party app like perfectdisk 10, or paragon drive backup, will do it easily

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I want to extend partition C , but the extend is not active on right-click menu. what's the trick
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how toextend the warranty of acer aspire e5-574g-77rn from 1 year to 3 year
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If you use a wifi network at home, there are undoubtedly limits to where you can access the signal. You might get a strong connection at the kitchen table, but take your laptop to the living room and you lose the signal. If you're looking to boost your signal a few feet or get a strong connection all the way upstairs in the back bedroom, we've got a handful of simple tricks and more advanced techniques to get you on connected to your home wifi from anywhere in your house.

Video and article.

A:Extend your WI-FI Range

I hate web sites that force sound on you with no way to turn it off. Sounds interesting but I'll pass on this one.
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My laptop has VGA and HDMI
I normally use VGA to output to a second monitor

A lighting bolt just struck me: use the HDMI as well!

Can I use both together?

I can't think why not


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Hello all,

I am having a problem that I hope someone here can help me with. I had to recently replace the hard drive in my laptop with a larger one (the old one was 30gb, the new one is 250gb). I managed to do that successfully (surprising to me as I am not tech savvy), yet when I go into disk management, I cannot extend C drive, as it isn't contiguous with the unallocated space. At the moment, my partitions look like this:

|C: 29.35gb|E: HP Recovery 6.36gb|F: OS Tools 1.55gb|Unallocated Space 260.82gb|

With the above scenario, the extend volume option is greyed out on drive C, so how do I go about getting around that?

Thank you in advance for your help here.

Oh, and I'm running Windows Vista Home Edition 32bit if that helps.
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I have Got Ram Issue On PC,Can't Handle Software Like Android SDK On 4GB Ram,Want To Increase My Ram ,Which One Should I Go For,What's It's Architechure Kind.HELP ASAP P.S-I Need A Minimum Of 12GB Ram.        Suggestions Needed  Thanks.
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Hey guys,

Im looking for a program to extend a partition using free space I have. I used to use a program by Paragon Software on Vista but im not sure if it would work with 7. I dont really wanna risk it considering the drive I want to extend has all my valuable data on so I dont want it to go wrong. It also use to take a really long time.

Does anyone know any other programs which definitely work with 7 and is pretty quick?
Im also running 64-bit if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

A:Extend a partition

Quote: Originally Posted by Exodus

Hey guys,

Im looking for a program to extend a partition using free space I have. I used to use a program by Paragon Software on Vista but im not sure if it would work with 7. I dont really wanna risk it considering the drive I want to extend has all my valuable data on so I dont want it to go wrong. It also use to take a really long time.

Does anyone know any other programs which definitely work with 7 and is pretty quick?
Im also running 64-bit if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

Hey Exodus

Parigon Disk Suite 2009 is pretty bullet proof. Im not sure they have a 64 bit version but you could check. If you are worried why not back up before.

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I'd like to increase the capacity of my C drive which contains the operating system (142GB; 39% free space) by either deleting or shrinking my D drive which is empty (143GB, 100% free space).

I've read several post from users who found that the 'extend volume' option is greyed out and found that this is the case on my laptop.

I have yet to delete or shrink the D drive so there is currently no unassigned space on the disk.

Attached is a screen print of the Computer Management window showing the current situation.

What is my best laid plan?


Andrew Baxter.

A:Extend volume

Have you had a look in the tutorial part of the site to see if there is anything there that can help?

My thoughts would be that you would have to go into the D partition and delete it which would put it as unallocated space, then you should be able to extend the C partition into that space.

Hopefully the experts will see this post and give you all the information you need and say if I got it right or wrong
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we are learning about polymorphism which means that we are learning about quot extends quot quot implements implement vs extend quot abstract classes and interfaces i understand that classes that extend and implement have an quot IS A quot relationship w the supercalss what i don t understand is the difference tween quot EXTENDS quot and quot Implements quot i understand you quot extend quot abstract classes as a way of code resuability i e not re-inventing the wheel quot and i understand that you quot implement quot interfaces for the same reason except that an interface reuses code for things that are similar but still different eg paying an invoice and paying an employee s salary - both are payables i also see that a class can only quot extend quot implement vs extend one class but quot iimplement quot many intefaces in my first java class the teacher used quot extends quot w ActionListener and quot implements quot w quot ItemListener quot but both are interfaces did i answer my own q nbsp

A:implement vs extend

Hi tovachanah,

There is a good explanation on this page.

Have a good read !
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I am using Vista x64 with a 3ware 9650SE raid controller as a redundant raid5 data drive. I added a 4th 1TB harddrive, and I am trying to extend the volume to merge with the new space currently available. I can't seem to do that though because "Extend Volume" is greyed out, and I can't figure out what is wrong. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this? Attached are screenshots that may help.

A:Cannot extend volume

Hi craziplaya21 and welcome to Vista Forums

Sorry, but that cannot be done without erasing and rebuilding the array. This article explains RAID and the different arrays available. RAID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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First cant C i extend Why partition?? i have read other threads but i think my problem is diferent or perhaps my english is very awfull its possible I have win ultimate bits Im trying to do with paragon partition manager from program and from cd boot maked from this program This is my start configuration see attached file I obviusly want to extend C partition shrinking D partition I dont want to format or to backup all D partition Fist attemp I shrink d partition getting enough free gigabytes to right of d partition But when i try to expand c partition Why i cant extend C partition?? program doenst quot see quot free space Well i think that to extend c free space must be just right to c not right to d partition but imnot sure of this Second attemp I make a new partition from d i get d and e I make a partition backup from d into the new partition e I erase d in this moment i have a lot of gigabytes free just to the quot right quot of C But again when i try to extend c program doesnt see free space What im making wrong thxs

A:Why i cant extend C partition??


Your attachment is very very difficult for me to read on my laptop.

Try using the Snipping Tool in Win 7.

Also maximize the Disk Management display before "snipping".

Please fill out your system specs.

for the snipping tool,
WIN | type Snipping Tool | ENTER

WIN is the key with the wavy flag on it.



In the line at the top of you will see UserCP.
That is an abbreviation for User Control Panel.
Click on UserCP.
In the left-hand column, under Your Profile you will see Edit System Spec.
Click on Edit System Spec
You can copy and paste from the output of Speccy, Speccy - System Information - Free Download to fill out much of the info. Be sure to use the Other Info section of your System Specs for such info as your optical drive, your wireless adapter, your speakers, etc.
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I am running a Win 7 64-bit machine with an extra HD (F: in my screenshot). I have been reading and found the help I needed to delete an added partition and extend it to my D drive but my C is in the red.

My son is usually my personal geek but he is deployed and can't help me. I am totally paranoid about using command line so if there is another solution then that would be my first preference.

I have downloaded the Partition Wizard but wanted a bit of direction before I go off and tear something up.

Thank you in advance,


A:Need to Extend C Drive

Did you download the bootable version from the bottom of this link?

Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online

If it's D that you want to delete, you are going to have to find some other place to put the data on it temporarily.

Looks like D has over 200 GB of data. Where can you put that temporarily? Won't fit on F?

Or do you want to delete some other partition?

You can't extend C onto F.

You can move space from D to C, but D would remain, albeit smaller.
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I think that I will need a female to female adapter to extend it, right?
I can't find any online... any suggestions?

A:need to extend my a/v cable

Look more carefully?

Also, how about another plain female-to-male cable?

Mind you, the longer the cable, the bigger the loss in quality (unless you have a digital setup) and the less joints in between, the better.
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Hi all, when I last installed Win XP Pro on a new Hard Drive, I partitioned about 10gb (C Drive) just for the Windows files etc. Recently I have been getting messages about low disk space on C drive and even when I clean this up I only have about 600mb of free space. I have moved all "My Documents" and other files to the other partition but still cannot free up enough space.

Any suggestions please?

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When I defrag this won't defrag right, and it's on my hard drive. Should I worry?
Is this something that needs fixing?
Is someone watching me?

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I need to extend the data range of a collection of embedded charts on a worksheet. I saw the Extend method, but I really want this procedure to extend the series based on it's current source data values. I'm adding a new row of data each week, so I need each chart to extend it's data source by +1 row. I could not find a good example that used the existing range + 1 row.

Any help is appreciated.

Sub UpdateChartData()

Dim ChtObj As ChartObject

For Each ChtObj In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects
ChtObj.Chart.SeriesCollection.Extend Source:=Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A6:C6")
Next ChtObj

End Sub

A:Extend a set of charts...

Welcome to the board. Which version of which program are you using?

In Excel, this can be done without VBA by naming the source data range using a dynamic formula. Whether this method would suit depends on how you're set up so far.

Download & open the attached file. Press F5, type:


, press Enter. Note the range selected.

Enter 7 in B5 to see the chart expand. Do the F5-thing again.

Click on a column in the chart & note the formula bar, =SERIES(,,DynaChart.xls!Data,1)

To see the formula that defines the range "Data", go Insert -- Name -- Define.

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hi all

after a bit of a slog trying to log on here (had to setup a new user as my old one was not sending password resets) im finally on! phew

anyways im after a bit of advice with regards to extending my wireless range.

currently my setup is as follows

phone line > netgear ADSL2+ wireless router (834gv4 iirc)> eithernet cable to my pc (out of range)

however the other day I came across a netgear DG834GT super wireless adsl router.

does anyone know how I can set the DG834GT to act as a extender or repeater (not sure on the correct terminology here)

all I want to do is extend the signal to the few rooms that dont get it.


A:How to extend my wireless..?

What you need to do is setup the 2nd router as an access point. You run an ethernet cable from your first router (the one hooked up to the dsl modem) to the 2nd router but before you do thaqt configure the 2nd as an access point.. Also make sure the set it to a different channel and the same SSID. I can not give you specific instructions or even know for sure the the 834GT is capable but that is what you need to extend your range.
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I have a 500GB hard disk in my PC, but only one partition of around 40GB size. The rest of the disc is unformatted.

I extended the partition, when I started running out of space for the media center features of Vista, but found that I couldn't record - I <think> this is because I had extended the partition, but into disk space which was unformatted. Does that sound right?

I assumed that when extending the partition, the added space would be formatted at the same time, but it seems not.

I subsequently shrunk the partition back to the original size.

So, can anyone give me step-by-step advice on how to extend my partition and end up with usable space?


A:How to extend partition?

What I've always done with partitioning is download the GParted Live CD here. You can also get one to boot from USB, I've just always used the CD. Anyway, just boot up from that, and you should be able to extend, format, split, and manage your partitions just about any way you want!
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So i recently installed windows 7 on to my dell latitude 630 d and I have a TV that connects via VGA cord well it would automatically connect when I was on vista but now it cannot not be found. I checked all my drivers and they are fully up to date but the monitor doesnt show up please send me some instructions

A:extend my monitor

Is there a menu on the TV that would enable the VGA? You might check the Mfg's site if you don't have your manual. Also, if your video card has it's own console, you might check there for settings instead of using the one that comes with the OS. I find the NVidia control panel in the Control Panel, and it has different choices.
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I recently made a 20gb partition from the C drive and called it the U drive. I needed another 10gb on U, so I shrunk C 10gb. When I right-click the U drive from Disk Management, "extend volume" is grayed out. Here's what I have now:

DISK: 149.05 GB Online
12.00 GB - Recovery Partition (Don't worry, I know not to touch this)
SYSTEM RESERVED - 102 MB NTFS - Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)
Windows (C) - 106.94 GB NTFS - Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
10.00 GB - Unallocated
Ubuntu (U) - 20.00GB NTFS - Healthy (Logical Drive)

Thanks for any help!

A:HD Partitions don't extend

Windows 7's Disk Management will not let you extend to the left of your U partition, only the right.

You could delete the UBUNTU drive, and then create a new partition, which would include the 10GB you took off C.

Or you could get hold of third-party disk management software that will let you move the U partition, and then extend it or create a new partition on the 10GB unallocated space then merge it with the U partition.

Acronis do trial software if you don't want to spend any money.

BTW, it is always a big help if you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window just in case we're barking up the wrong tree.
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Hi, Recently i purchased HP-15be0005TU laptop from Flipkart couple of weeks back. Now i am planning to extend the RAm but i am unable to do that, Please let me know how can i do that. My minimum requirement for the software is 8GB RaM. Thanks,Prashanth
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I purchased a laptop with 256 GB SSD and 1 TB Hard Drive. The free space in C: is nearly full after I installed a couple of heavy programs. Now traditionally I would extend the system partition C: in Disk Management under Device Management. But I can not do it currenty. Is it because the two are separate physical Hard drives?
What Can I do now to have more space in C:

A:Can I extend my SSD C Drive?

I'm afraid you can't.
Either partition the 1TB drive and use solely for programs or install programs on the 1TB drive directly without any partitioning.
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i have a dell optiplex 5040 i have two dell monitors i want to set up and use one as en extended desktop, i connected vid HDMI and the dvi SLOT on same card but it just gives me two desktops, no option to extend display any ideas? or is this card just not capable of it if so should i add new dvi card?

A:extend display

With all of your programs closed right click on an empty area on your desktop, and then click Screen Resolution.
Click on the Multiple Displays drop-down list, and then select Extend These Displays.
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There's nothing on D:, but it wont let me delete it. I have 150+ gigs free, but it wont let me put it on C:. I'm trying to do this through "Computer Management", why is this?

A:Can't extend C: cannot delete D:

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
and we will give you the steps needed.
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I created a partition of 40GB to install windows 8 as a dual boot.

I need to extend this partition as I need more space but the extend button is greyed out.

Is there anyway to get around this?? I have some unallocated space ready but its not working.


A:How do I extend my partition In

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image.

This video show the tool which works best to extend partition easily with Partition Wizard - video help.
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hallo! i'm sure, there are lot of solutions for my problem, but i can't find the right one, so i will ask again. i shrimped c disk and gained almost 100Gb, that i want to move to d disk, but disk management wizard don't allow me to do this. i can shrink partition d, but can't extend (it's gray and unclickable). what i have to do?

A:can't extend partition d

Hello pavlix and welcome to Seven Forums.

The Disk Managment wizard is limited in what it can do. It might be easier to use the free MiniTool Partition Wizard. They have an option to "extend partition" that works quite well regardless of where the unallocated space is located in relation to the target partition

MiniTool Partition Wizard
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I cannot extend my C: Partition!

Why is it I have so many problems lol, anyways heres the screenie.

Attachment 13301

A:Cannot Extend C: Partition

It seems to be at max size, so you can only shrink it. You will need to shrink your other partition in order to then allocate the space to your C: partition.
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I want to combine some unallocated space with a partition, but it wont let me, but it will let me with a different one.

A:cant extend volume

I take it you are trying to extend D:\?

You can only extend from left to right using W7's software.
You will have to use 3rd party software like Partition Wizard - Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.
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My C drive was dying so I replaced it and did a bare metal restore from a Can't a partition extend backup with ShadowProtect All went well except that now when I click Can't extend a partition Computer to view the drives it tells me that the new C drive is only GB which was the capacity of the older drive The new one is bigger TB I'm trying to change the partition there's only one to a bigger size using Disk Management in Windows but it's not working In the upper part of the dialogue where it lists the drives it's reporting the incorrect amount of space GB But in the lower dialogue where it shows the partitions it's showing the correct size of the new drive - GB It all shows up as a Primary Partition there's no Unallocated Space If I rt-click and try to extend the volume that option is grayed out One forum says Can't extend a partition that if you convert the disk to a dynamic disk it will then let you extend the volume But it won't let me do that either - it tells me there's not enough space available to convert it How can I make Windows see the full size of the new drive

A:Can't extend a partition

I'd say that you need to consult your Shadow Protect documentation on how it works.
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i need to add more space to my OS partition but it wont let me extend even though i have 80gb unallocated as seen in the screenshot below.

How can i fix that?


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Hello partition Extend Since my rather tiny C drive is becoming cluttered and I fear that some day too soon I will get the 'no space left' message I went to look into options to extend my C drive to install programs to What always annoyed me was how my C drive is only GB while my D drive Extend partition which is empty and unused aside from what looks like an update dump folder of some sort is GB - and I can't install much on that useless space Now I can Extend partition only extend the C drive with unallocated space to the right of it but there's a small MB Recovery Partition quietly hiding next to it which looks empty just as well so I can't do anything to extend my C drive unless I can free that space next to it Since I don't want to mess with anything unnecessarily I was hoping someone could help me out here A quick screenshot of the partitions shown in disk management is attached I'm not very tech-savvy but I was fed up with this so I'm hoping someone can help out here

A:Extend partition

How about installing a second drive, copying everything from D: to it, delete D, and extend C: into that space?
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How can I extend warranty of my HP notebook.

View Solution.

A:Extend warranty

Dear Customer, Sorry, but this is just a community self-help forum staffed by volunteers. HP maintains no official presence here and we are not authorized to deal with warranty issue.For that, you will need to contact HP Customer Support directly.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.--------------------------------------- Good Luck  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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I want to extend a partition on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit system.

The HDD is at 150Gb. I have it at 2 partitions at the present.

I shrinked the second partition with 10Gb.

How do I extend the first partition C:\ with the 10G's from the second partition D:\

I have attched a view dump from the manage.


A:Extend a partition ?

Windows native disk management will let you extend a partition only when there is unallocated space IMMEDIATELY to the right of that partition. That is not so in your case, so use partition wizard. Heres a tutorial.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD
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Well !
My aim is shrink volume of 8 gb from D drive and that extend to C drive.
I had successfully shrink volume of 8 GB and able to see as Free space.
Now i tried to extend this Free space to C drive. When i right click on C Drive the " Extend Volume" option is invisible. The same if i right click on D drive also.
Please help me out.

A:Extend Volume

You cannot change the size of the drive that you're currently using because it's locked for Windows. In order to resize your C: drive you'll have to use another tool (outside of Windows) to resize the partition - make sure that the tool is Vista compatible so that there's no issues with the resizing.
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I have a Drobo system with 16 TB of hard disk. Windows has it allocated as a 2 TB and a 14 TB for some reason. I formatted the 2 TB as seen in the first screenshot. I then Right click in the computer management window and click on Extend Volume. This is seen in the second screenshot. I then click Finish and get the message seen in the last screenshot.. I know that a 16 TB disk is OK since I have had it before. What is going on here and how do I extend the volume?

A:Can't extend volume

To use the entire size contiguously, you must configure the drive as GPT not MBR.
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Hi all

I'm trying to extend my OS's partition onto a new hard drive that I've just installed. From what I've read it has to be adjacent in the GUI (meaning on the same drive), so does that mean I can't extend it onto a new disk? Do I have to use third-party software?

Update: Having just learned about Basic and Dynamic disks, it looks like I probably want a striped dynamic disk, but my disks are currently all basic. Would it be possible to change to a dynamic disk without having to reinstall the OS?

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Extend partition to new HDD

DON'T get involved with dynamic disks at this time.

Do you mean extend a partition ON a new hard drive or extend a partition ONTO a new hard drive from another hard drive?

Repeat: DON'T get involved with dynamic disks at this time.

You can generally extend a partition on a hard drive, but it isn't clear from your post exactly what you want to do.

You may or may not have to use a third party application.

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management so we can see what is going on.
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Hi, I have two 500 GB HDD. I installed software, which added a secret space to my second HDD. I uninstalled software and the secret partition turned into unallocated space. My second HDD now shows 289 GB (the unallocated space is 176 GB). I have tried to extend the HDD, so that I get my 500 GB back, but the information is greyed out. I have formatted the HDD, but it changed nothing. I only use it for backups. Is there anything I can do? helgaursula

A:Cannot extend HDD have unallocated space

Originally Posted by helgaursula

Hi, I have two 500 GB HDD. I installed software, which added a secret space to my second HDD. I uninstalled software and the secret partition turned into unallocated space. My second HDD now shows 289 GB (the unallocated space is 176 GB). I have tried to extend the HDD, so that I get my 500 GB back, but the information is greyed out. I have formatted the HDD, but it changed nothing. I only use it for backups. Is there anything I can do? helgaursula

It seems the software u used damaged your partition table.. Delete all the partitions in that hard drive, make the complete space as unallocated. Recreate partitions using vista disk management tool.

let us know the result
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I have 4 partitions on my notebook.
C: is Win7 32-bit
D: is Vista 32-bit
E: is Win7 64-bit
F: is Data.

I now want to get rid of the Vista partition and give its sectors to the Win7 64-bit.

I tried shrinking the Vista partiton, but the extend option is greyed out for WIn7 64-bit.

How do I remove Vista and have it deleted from the boot manager setup?
Then how do I extend the Win7 64-bit into the, now empty, Vista partition?

A:How to delete/extend partition

Hi dougham, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Go to the Tutorials section of the forum; there might be sometime there that can help you with your problem. Also you might take a look at programs like Partition Magic, or some other partitioning program to help you with your situation. Also be careful not to erase you MBR. Good Luck.
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Okay. I recently created a 100GB partition for Windows 8. I then realised I would only need 50GB so I shrunk it by 50GB leaving me 50GB unallocated space. I then tried to use this as a partition for Ubuntu. Unfortunately, this was an 'extended partition' of the W8 one so I am unable to put any other OS's on it.

I've tried deleting the partition but it doesn't let me extend my C: partition. I can extend the W8 partition just fine. I'd prefer to solve this without uninstalling W8, deleting both partitions and starting again. I've attached a screenshot of my Disk Management if it helps at all.

I hope I've explained this alright. If you need any additional details, I'll be be glad to provide them.

A:Unable to extend C: partition

You can't extend your C partition because the windows 8 partition is between it and the free space. I believe it has to be continuous space (side by side) for that to work.
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Have a -story brick-and-frame house about sq ft not counting sq extend of range Best way to router ft basement Bought my first-ever router a D-Link DIR- N for the exorbitant price Best way to extend range of router of a little over a year ago and installed it in my basement home office next to my PC PC connects to it via a Belkin wireless adapter Also have two laptops one new Win Toshiba one old Win XP Compaq and wireless Canon MG printer in the office Router has worked flawlessly but range is middlin PC and printer are in my home office next to the router so connection is extremely strong Win laptop is used in the office and family room on first floor Connection is - bars out of in the family room Win XP laptop is used in a nd-story den Connection strength is often only bars out of and the Internet crawls What s the best way to improve the signal strength on the first and especially the second stories New router dual band Repeater installed on the nd floor What nbsp

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In "Windows 7 In Depth", discussing Disk Management (page 718), the authors say:

Caution: If you shrink your system's boot volume, you cannot extend it (unless you want to connect your system's hard disk to another system running Windows 7).

Is this true? If so, it seems rather an oversight. Has anyone tried it? The book might be referring to Dynamic Disks, or Basic Disks, or both, I cannot tell.

A:Extend Boot Volume

I have never encountered this problem...

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Well, it's all in the title . How can i extend it? It seems i can extend only my secondary one. I must not be getting something... Help!

A:How can i extend my primary partition?

You might want to check out Brinks tutorials on deleting and extending a partition.
Disk Management - Delete and Extend - Vista Forums
Disk Management - Shrink Partition - Vista Forums
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Hi, rarely post here (more active in the 7forums). Anyways, I cannot extend my C: Partition.

Before I had Windows 7 RC (x64) installed, then shrank it and installed Vista SP2.

Then I deleted Windows 7, and now it doesn't let me extend C: (vista) with the unallocated space.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Unable to extend volume

hello, your question is simple,I recommnd the Partition Assistant to you, you can try it.
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hi all

my very 1st thread and a simple one ....
but i want to extend the timing of my laptop so that is doesn't shut down even while i am not using the system . the main purpose is to keep the downloading on( torrent download ) .
I have seen this feature in control panel in other OS but i am not able to locate the same in windows 7 .
Pls suggest .

Thanks ,

A:extend shut down timings

G'day,,, you can still reach Power Options via Control Panel - you may need to play with Viewing options to see the icon. But in the Windows 7 search, just type power... and it'll find Power Options. Then from there, you can set different Power Plans.
Hope that helps somewhat...
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Hi im trying to extend my network and have run into some issues im trying to set up a wrt g as a second router on my network the main router trendnet tew- brp IP is with DHCP range of - so i set up the wrt g to have the address and thurned off dhcp then under advanced routing switched it from gateway to router as instructed for all cascading LAN-LAN setup guides across the internet I have trouble getting wifi to the far end of my house so hopefully this setup will enable that I just purchased a Netgear powerline bridge and have that connected between the two routers as of now I feel that this may be part of the issue Perhaps I will try again without the powerline bridge but my network needs to span a far Cascade/ extend network distance ISP gt Cable Modem gt Trendnet TEW- Cascade/ extend network BRP gt NETGEAR XAVB Powerline AV Ethernet gt Linksys WRT G Cascade/ extend network v gt when a computer connects to the wrt g it does not aquire an ip address which is supposed to be assigned by the main router and cannot connect to the network internet I was connecting using a mac but have macs pcs and game consoles that need to connect so when the mac connects to the main raouter everything is fine but connecting to the wrt it says no ip adress so i manually configure to have an ip adress and can get to the setup page but no internet access or anything I WANT it to not have to maunally configure the IP adress and i WANT it to have internet and access to network files I would also like to have the same SSID and auto jump to which ever access point is best is this possible without DDWRT I think my linksys v is capable of the hack not sure about the trendnet also have a nice new netgear def capable of the hack at school but not here atm so off the table for now Please help I have been reading and wonder if i need to connect the two by a crossover cable i can do trendet- gt wrt via x-over - gt powerline bridge I also have old-school WRE G Wireless G range expanders which I have never ever never been able to successfully work note it needs WEP and my other devices use the WPA standards HELP ME BOOST MY NETWORK PLEASE nbsp

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I am trying to extend my desktop to a second, identical monitor.

I have a new Dell Studio desktop running Vista Home Premium X64, with an ATI Radeon 3450 display adapter. I have two identical 19" flat, widescreen LCD monitors connected to the display card using an SVGA "Y" adapter. In the ATI Catalyst Control Center, the second monitor is not enabled (it is greyed out). When I right-click on the number 2 monitor and select "Enable" the number 2 monitor graphic lights up for about 3 seconds, and then goes grey again. The monitors remain clones of each other. I have tried installing an updated driver from AMD for the card, but to no avail. The same problem occurs when I try to extend the desktop using the Windows control panel display properties. The monitors remain cloned.

Is this a Vista problem, or do I need another display adapter?

This is driving me nuts.

A:Cannot extend desktop to second monitor

It may be a problem with the y connector. Have you tried 2 separate cables?
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I want to use that 4.88 GB and allocate it into any of the 4 drives... but the extend volume option is grey and i cannot select it.. since the unallocated space is at the right of all drives i should be able to use it, right? plz help me out...

A:Unable to extend volume

you will have to delete the unallocated partition to turn it in to free space and 4 partitions on a drive is rule of thumb just checking for you
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Hey guys I just had a quick question about extending my wireless internet I just bought a laser printer that is internet capable but not wireless I have a wireless router through my internet provider extend wireless How network to Rogers that sits on my main floor I am in How to extend wireless network the basement I moved into my unit three years ago and ran a foot cable through the vents into my bedroom to hook up my older xbox to the internet rather than buying a router I also want to do the same thing with my printer however I would rather not get into the three day job that I did before and drill more holes into the floor vents etc I have a D-Link DIR- version B router that I am hoping to use I have tried to find solutions on here for my particular setup I am looking for but I cannot seem to find it I want to use the router almost the same way as you would use a cable splitter I do not actually want to broadcast a new wireless signal because I get bars on both of my laptops now anyways I just want to be able to use the one cord running to my bedroom to hook up BOTH my xbox as well as the printer My question is two-fold Is it just better to buy a internet splitter Or will the quality of the connection be compromised If this option is the best does anyone have any advice or products that are good they have had success with If the first option is not the best how do I actually go about making the router work Thank you all so very much in advance and sorry for the long answer Any help is appreciated nbsp

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I remember there used to be a FREE program which would allow you to use another physical machine as an extended desktop, over the network. I found maxivista but it's not free, the one i found was free and was by another name.
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I have a bunch of unallocated space at the front of the drive after deleting my previous operating systems and I would like to expand my win 7 partition into that.

I'm looking for advice and instructions on the best way to do that.

Had I known I wouldn't need my vista partition I would've deleted that first and install 7 in the front, but oh well.

I already tried making a copy of my 7 partition in the front, but I didn't really like how that went.

I went into the original partition and added the copy into the bootloader but when I went into it the copy was not being recognized as the system drive.

Also my computer is running really slow after trying all that

I have EASUS Partition master BTW

A:Extend Partition to the left

I used gparted which is a freedownload to shift my partition to the left and then grow it into the free space on the right.
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What is this C:\$extend\$UsnJrnl:$J:$DATA thing?. Its spread out into hundreds of clusters and totally throws off my defrag program and is locked. Can someone tell me how to delete it because it is really starting to bug me!

OS: Server 2003
Defrag: O&O Defrag server 10