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Importing Windows 7 Contacts to Outlook 2016

Q: Importing Windows 7 Contacts to Outlook 2016

I found the tutorial in this forum called, "How to Import Windows Contacts into Outlook 2010." It all looked very much like Outlook 2016, so I followed the same steps to import my Contacts list from Windows 7 Contacts to Outlook 2016. Everything seemed to go okay, but I cannot find them in Outlook. Is there a different process to use for importing Windows Contacts to Outlook 2016? Maybe I don't know where to look for them, but there is nothing there when I try to open the Address Book in Outlook 2016. Is there another place where I should look? Thanks!
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Preferred Solution: Importing Windows 7 Contacts to Outlook 2016

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have Outlook 2016 installed as part of Office on my Windows 10 computer and would like to import the 2016 contacts and calendar to the Windows 10 Mail app. I have searched to web for instructions for doing so but have not found an answer. I intend to use the Mail app on a W10 machine without Office installed.

Can this be done and how do I go about doing it?

Thank you very much.
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I am importing an Outlook 2016 generated .CSV contact list into a webmail email account but keep receiving the following error.

Unknown error for item "(Unknown)": Could not parse csv file - Reason : missing column name for column[92]

There are 92 columns and each one has a column name. 92 columns is what Outlook 2016 generates, most columns are empty, just the name. I had previously tried deleting columns with no data but still got the same error, and always for the last column.

Is there a trick to get this contact list imported successfully? I am trying to create a whitelist filter to reject all email where the FROM name isn't in my contact file. My .CSV file contains 162 rows.
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How can I import the 251 contacts that exist in my Contacts folder into Outlook 2007?
When I drag all of them into Outlook contacts they create a single contact.

Thank you for looking.

A:Importing contacts from the Contacts folder into Outlook 2007

Hi johnbigbootie89,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Let me apologize that it took so long for someone to reply to your request - but it is now active and I think we'll be able to resolve it. In fact, I think I have just what you need.

Check out the following article: Importing contacts from Windows Contacts folder | Make sure you use the Vista procedure. It seems the article was designed specifically for this purpose so I have high hopes it will accomplish your objective. You do not drag the contents (which is essentially copy/paste) - you use import/export instead.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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During my initial Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro upgrade, I lost my Outlook 2016 contacts. They are backed up on iCloud (on the same Win 10 desktop) from my iPhone, but I don't know how to copy them to the Outlook 2016 contacts file. Can anyone help?
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During my initial Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro upgrade, I lost my Outlook 2016 contacts. They are backed up on iCloud (on the same Win 10 desktop) from my iPhone, but I don't know how to copy them to the Outlook 2016 contacts file. Can anyone help?

A:Lost Outlook 2016 Contacts during Windows 10 upgrade

Try the step listed here, it's lower down saying that they aren't in your deleted folder. It is hidden, if not showing click the light bulb and type in recover and it will show you the hidden item

Recover a deleted contact in Outlook - Outlook
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I've read the other threads regarding my problem, but still can't figure out what to do. I backed up my files before installing Windows 7, and have an "Outlook Express" folder. However, I can't figure out how to import the contacts I had saved in my address book in Outlook. The Outlook files are in .dbx format, so I am unable to open them.

Does anyone know how I can even access the files so I can see my contacts and copy them down? Importing them would be ideal, but I'll take whatever I can get.


A:Importing Outlook Express contacts to Windows Live Mail

Here is the results of a google search, 33 million hits:

- Google Search

I took a a brief look at the first listing. It might help you?

You might also try running a google search for "convert dbx" for an app that can convert dbx files to eml or another format.
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A widespread problem? My Outlook 2016 Mail is performing normally in Windows 10 and syncing mail with my phone. However...I cannot sync my calendar or contacts into my Lumia 735. I get hints (nothing specific) from online searching that since my service provider (Time Warner) doesn't use MS Exchange, that the syncing can't be done. Can anyone verify that?
My mail is transferred cleanly, but contacts and calendar won't come over to the phone.
Any ideas about a solution?
Windows 10 Anniversary version
Windows Phone 10 ...1594.03084
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Hi I am having difficulty importing excel data into a contact list Perhaps you can help me with my immediate problem or my overall goal The immediate problem It makes a new contact for every piece of data So for instance I would like to import one contact for Outlook Contacts to Importing every contact in the excel sheet For every contact I would like to put their administrative role such as quot Chapter President quot I have mapped that to quot Department quot as shown in this screenshot When Outlook makes the contact file rather than make one contact with one person's first name last name and administrative role as department it makes a new contact for every chapter admin with no other detail than quot Importing Contacts to Outlook Chapter Admin quot It also makes one contact for every first name with not other details - so there are like three quot Julies quot with no other information What is happening Overall goal all I want to do At the very least I would like to email every contact from the excel spreadsheet at once Ideally I would like to be able to email all my quot Chapter Presidents quot at once or all the parents of all these students at once or Importing Contacts to Outlook all the students and parents at a certain high school at once But it seems as though to add a new contact I will have to add a new contact one-by-one since they are not already in my global address list That is infeasible with hundreds of contacts total Please help Also this solution needs to be simpler than some crazy quot CSV quot format thing I have wasted so much time at work struggling with this Thank you P S If you have any other ideas of any other forums Importing Contacts to Outlook I should post this on your recommendations are much appreciated

A:Importing Contacts to Outlook


Overall goal (all I want to do!): At the very least, I would like to email every contact from the excel spreadsheet at once.

You can try Mail Merge feature using Excel.
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We have a dual platform environment and when we import any contacts the format Contacts Importing Outlook in it selects is quot Always send in MS rich text format quot The problem is when you send to certain people with RTF it sends a file called winmail Importing Contacts in Outlook dat We found out to fix this we need to turn off RTF formatting So we turned off RTF in the places we know about listed below and it is still sending in RTF when we need it to send in HTML or plain text in order to keep attachments Does anyone know how to solve this problem Ways we changed it Tools gt Options gt Mail Format gt selected HTML as well as under internet formatting we also chose convert to HTML In contacts when you click on the email and the email properties box shows up we changed it in there Is there any other way to change it or choose which one is the default I am so lost and this is causing me a pile of troubles Thanks in advance for any help you can give nbsp
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Here is the problem that we are having here at the office. We have a lot of people with Contact lists from Outlook 2003 to outlook 2007. The problem that arises is this: On my machine which has recently been re-imaged and a clean install of XP and Office 2k7 put onto it and when I Import or Export contacts it works just fine. When a person that has UPGRADED to Office or Outlook from 2003 to 2007 they get a Just-In-Time debug error when trying to Import old contacts, and outlook is forced to restart. HALP, we have been beating our heads against random monitors for a while trying to figure out this silly bug, any tips?

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I am trying to import Contacts from an Excel sheet into Outlook 2000. I have created the Excel sheet according to the required Outllok 2000 format. I have an additional field "EXTENSION" (which contains the extension number to the Phone # of a contact). This "EXTENSION" field is not available by default in Outlook 2000, so I created a User Defined Field in Outlook.
The problem is that I am not able to Map the "EXTENSION" field from the Excel sheet to the field that I have created in Outlook coz it doesnot appear in the available fields when I try to map the fields.
Can any one tell me how I can import the "EXTENSION" field.

(Hope I havent confused you)


A:Importing Contacts into Outlook 2000

I have had exactly the same problem importing. I have a vendor database of 1000 vendors. I created a searchable "Keyword" column to import into Outlook. Outlook shows Keywords in the Outlook map, but there is no real field if you check a contact form. So I tired other fields. Since I have no other use for "Assistant"s Name ( who has assistants these days?) I used it because it worked. So, Now I select the database, click on Tools|Advanced Find|Advanced Tab|Name Fields| Assistant's Name. I enter the search word in "Values", click "Find Now", click yes to the next dialogue box, and up come my results. It is really a lot simpler and quicker than it sounds, because I do it alot.

So, just find a field that will work and that you do not need for something else.
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I am helping a non-profit organization with their email - they are trying to export from 2003 into 2007.

The 2003 contacts contain sub folders that we imported to 2007 as a .pst file through the import function.

The contact folders show up as separate folders under contacts, but are not available to select from when sending a new email. The contacts folder is available, but not the subfolders.

Is there a fix?
Thanks for viewing.

A:Importing Contacts in Outlook 2007

Look at the properties for each contact folder and see if this is checked.
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I bought a new computer.
I am trying to export and import my .pst and my contacts.

I completed the .pst files however my subfolders were not transferrred with my contacts.

I attempted to go back and do another export with contacts only with subfolders but I don't see where I can select it to Import only contacts.

But my backup is not recognized as Personal Address Book.
Please help. and Thanks

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The import wizard only imports outlook express contact in wab file format. All my contact are in outlook in pst file. Can one convert or something?

A:Importing contacts from outlook into ms fax win7

There is a walkaround suggestion in the following which might help:
64bit Client "Fax and Scan" with Outlook 2007 Contacts: - THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS "DIVA"
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I've made a copy of my Outlook Contacts & Calendar on one computer (in pst files) and am trying to import them to Outlook07 on my laptop. The Calendars pst file imported without a problem, but I can't seem to get the Contacts pst file imported. After I've selected the Contact pst file to import the laptop tells me it's importing "Calendar".
What am I doing wrong???

A:importing Outlook contacts problem

Are you sure that it contains your Contacts?
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I am having a bit of a mare with outlook. I have my main POP3 email address plus a Hotmail acc (lesser used) setup in it. Obviously my POP3 is my main default acc I always use. But when I go to my contacts list (setup in business card display) it always defaults to my Hotmail contacts. This is annoying as the contacts I want to view first is my POP3 contacts. I cannot see how to change it?

Also the Hotmail acc (which outlook has setup as an exchange acc is constantly saying 'updating address book' at the bottom. Can I fix / stop this?


A:Outlook 2016 contacts

In Outlook, go to the People Icon on the Left panel at the bottom so Contacts is showing. Then on the Toolbar go to the View tab and Folder Pane and make sure it is set to Normal. On the Left Folder Pane should be a list of your Mail boxes. Hotmail will be at the top. Drag Your Main POP3 mailbox to the top, or you can right click it and choose Move UP.
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I am using Outlook amp from Excel contacts into Solved: Importing Outlook Excel Solved: Importing contacts into Outlook from Excel Trying to import contacts from Excel I ve imported several times with different results and finally figured out the quot name the range quot rule and to save the Excel worksheet in the - format I also selected Do not enter duplicates quot and then mapped out the entries I tried this last time using a dummy list of fictional entries which included columns for first name last name Solved: Importing contacts into Outlook from Excel email address address city state and zip After importing I had contact with just the first names an additional contacts with just last names another with just email addresses etc I don t understand why it would think that each column was a different set of contacts I would GREATLY appreciate your help Also - I am practicing on my system so I can help a client import a huge list into her email program She is on Windows Vista with Windows Mail Any suggestions on how the process will be different on those systems programs THANK YOU BkkprGal nbsp

A:Solved: Importing contacts into Outlook from Excel

I've played with it more and found out that I needed to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. That has fixed my problem.

See I knew this site would help me!
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Hi I have Office 2010 which came bundled with Outlook. What I am trying to achieve is to trasnfer my iPhone contacts to my Outlook on my PC. I go through the iTunes contact sync and in iTunes I select Outlook as the option to sync with. After iTunes tells me the sync is complete, no contacts appear in my Outlook.

I used to have Outlook Express but now have the full-blown version of Outlook, could this be causing the problem?

A:Outlook 2010 problem importing contacts

Do you have iCloud Contact sync enabled on your iPhone. Note that if you do, iTunes will say that contacts were synced but like in your case, no contacts will appear within your Outlook. iCloud Contact sync and Outlook sync via iTunes do not go together.

You can alternatively export your iPhone contacts to outlook using third-party tools such as copytrans contacts:

Make sure to select the Outlook option once prompted during export.
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Does anybody know of a good way to do this. I tried searching here and goggled. I was not able to track down much.
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Is there a simple way to import email contacts from Outlook to Windows Live Mail?

A:Importing contacts from Outlook to Live Mail

Hello ctucker,

Please refer to the links below...

Export contacts from Outlook to Windows Live Hotmail - Outlook -

Importing mail from Outlook to Windows Live Mail

Import Outlook Contacts Into Windows Live Mail/Hotmail | Technipages
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I have Office on a desktop and am having trouble importing a Contacts list I exported a few days ago Am using Outlook on Windows If I import the csv file the contacts address book are all blank I looked at the csv file under Excel and it is blank until way down the sheet and then it contains some incomplete very old no longer wanted items They look like they might have come from a deleted list some time ago I then emptied the deleted item folder and exported contacts again The csv file viewed by Excel was blank No sign of the old contacts What do I need to do to get contacts export import to work Oddly enough I have much the same set Outlook Trouble contacts exported importing up on a laptop and it works just fine In fact I used the laptop's csv file to import to the desktop and that worked But when I exported the contacts to a csv file Excel showed that file to be Trouble importing exported Outlook contacts blank as above I will appreciate help in resolving this Thank you

A:Trouble importing exported Outlook contacts

I have been having the same problem with Outlook 2013. Previously I had my email account set up as a POP3 account & my contacts were all showing in my address book. This has worked for a couple of years without any problems.

Last week my IP changed their email account system & I had to set up a new IMAP email account & while that worked for sending & receiving emails, I had lost the address book contacts, as it was all blank. I did find some contacts after I had imported them from Outlook's Address Book in Outlook Files. However, these were not in the address book, they were in Contacts that can be found by selecting People in Outlook & there you will find Contacts. This had about half of my contacts, which I actually think came from an old contact list I had.

The only way i have been able to get the address book to work & showing all my contacts is to revert to the old email POP3 system & change all the details there to suit my IP's latest account settings, as they do allow either POP3 or IMAP to be used. As I don't need my emails to be found & viewed on other media, I have no need for an IMAP account.

Are you using a POP3 or an IMAP account system?. Is your PC email system the same as your laptop one. As I mentioned above you could check People when in Outlook & see what are found in your Contacts.
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I am trying to import a csv file containing contacts. I know the steps - Import Export > Import from another program or file > Comma separated values > Browse. I select the file and click Next. Then I get the box to select the destination folder. The problem is that no folders show up in the box. There is no destination folder displayed to select. This works on all other PC's that I've tried.

Are there any suggestions?

This computer has XP and Outlook 2003 SP1. I am in the process of updating to SP2.

Thanks for any help.

A:Outlook 2003 - Importing Contacts Problem

It now shows the Outlook archive folder in the destination list. It shows no other folders. Can anyone help?

I have already run the repair option.
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Greetings I need help importing or associating pst data with a profile Actually I'm not sure if importing importing contacts 2002 Outlook into mail & Help the pst is the right way to do it Details My old computer crashed Someone gave me a new one new to me at least Running XP Home on a Toshiba laptop I have installed Office XP and am interested in re-populating Outlook XP I had a million problems with getting my mail settings working Along the way I made a new Profile by way of Start Control Panel Help importing contacts & mail into Outlook 2002 Mail and Bingo All mail settings were healed But with a new empty profile Now I have two profiles One is called quot Outlook quot which has contacts an Inbox with many sub-folders sent Help importing contacts & mail into Outlook 2002 mail etc But the mail settings do not work I get quot Operation Failed quot and the test e-mail Help importing contacts & mail into Outlook 2002 settings fails to authenticate ANYway the quot Outlook quot profile is populated and has bad mail settings Took about hours to import this data The other that I made is quot Carl quot but it's essentially empty except for the fresh e-mail it successfully accepted from my e-mail accounts I just backed this profile up as a pst file in order to save the mail after whatever brilliant ideas I get and try lol My current challenge is to somehow import all the stuff mail contacts Inbox and sub-folders into the quot Carl quot profile either from the quot Outlook quot profile or from the month old pst file WITHOUT messing-up my now working e-mail settings Then perhaps delete the quot Outlook quot profile or just let it sit I'd like to do this in the most efficient way My old pst file is on an external drive I am about to copy them to the new computer's hard drive for future speedy access After all this I want to Import other files which I save called quot Archive quot quot Archive quot and quot Archive quot Like everything this is probably easy once you know how -lol I'd love some step-by-step directions Thank you in advance Dr Carl

A:Help importing contacts & mail into Outlook 2002

Just few tidbits, not a comprehensive answer at all, and based on Outlook 2003 and not 2002:

Few outpost files are in
C:\Documents and Settings\<userName>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
Files I see are outcmd.dat, Outlook.NK2, ourlook.srs, outlook.xml, outlPRT. No idea what they are.

.pst file and archive.pst are in
C:\Documents and Settings\<userName>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
also here are extend.dat, mailbox.PAB, outlook.log

Outlook.pst contains contacts and mails in one bundle.
I once made changes, and had to reimport contacts and it wasn't easy. I actually had to make another layer in Contacts, so I have some empty Outlook thing and under it is my contacts list. Unfortuanately don't recall the details
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I have a problem when I import my contacts from my desktop Outlook into my laptop Outlook. The way I do this is to export them from my desktop machine onto a flash drive, then I move that to my laptop and import them. The problem is that once completed, my laptop Outlook sorts the list by the first name, rather than by the last name as my desktop does.

My list is about 5K names, and while I do have a few occurrences where there are a couple of people with the same last name, there are FAR more with similar first names. You wouldn't believe how many Dave's I have!

I have gone into the "Tools, Preferences, Contact Options" on the laptop, and it IS set for "sort by last name."

Both computers are tunning XP Pro, and Outlook 2003.

A:Importing Outlook Contacts Into Laptop Outlook

I hope this will help... I've just sorted my contacts by last name by doing the following:Go > Contacts, then I selected phone list from Current view. Then right-click on the empty place of the contacts table and select Customize Current View > Fields and Last name field. Now when I click on the Filed column in the contacts table Outlook sorts my contacts by last name.Also, you can always move your contacts and other outlook data using this utility.
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Subject says it. Saved a backup of the pst file (outlook 98) onto the shared file of another pc on my home lan. When I go to import that pst file into Outlook XP it appears to happen but the contacts, calendar items, tasks etc are not there. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have Outlook Express 6 on my old computer (with Windows XP) and have exported the address book as a .WAB file. With this .WAB I have imported the contacts on my new computer (with Windows Vista) into the "Windows Contacts" thing.

The problem is that I can't then manage to export the contacts to Outlook 2003 which is the program I'm now using on the new computer. Exporting leaves me two choices, creating a .csv file or a bunch of .vcf files. .csv doesn't work (it comes out all jumbly when I try importing) and .vcf works but I can only import the contacts one by one and I have over 1000 to import.

What can I do?

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Can anyone tell me how to migrate my iCloud contacts to Outlook 2016?

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I updated from Win 7 to 10 back during the crunch week ("last chance" week), and later discovered that my Outlooks 2016 contacts had gone missing. Blank. Nothing.

I have all of them on my iPhone. Can I use that to recreate my contacts?
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I updated from Win 7 to 10 back during the crunch week ("last chance" week), and later discovered that my Outlooks 2016 contacts had gone missing. Blank. Nothing.

I have all of them on my iPhone. Can I use that to recreate my contacts?

A:Outlook 2016: Contacts deleted when upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10

I found my contacts on iCloud. I "selected" all contacts and then tried to use the tool (the "gear" symbol in lower left corner) to export as a vCard. I expected a popup with the ability to download the file to a sub-directory on the Win 10 machine of my choice. Instead, nothing happened. Yikes!
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I imported my Contacts from WLM to Outlook 2016.
In the Address Book it has assigned Display names identical to the email addresses (it didn't ask!)
I would like them to be the same as the Full (real) names.
It appears I can edit them one-by-one but for >200 that's a pain.
Is there a way to change them globally?
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I need to import contacts from Excel into Outlook Contacts 2003. When I name the range in the Excel worksheet then close the workbook I open Outlook Contacts then click import from Excel. I then locate the workbook and find the named range of contacts. I then proceed to import them after mapping. However when I then search the Outlook Contacts folder I cannot find any of the new contacts.
Any suggestions please?

A:Problems importing contacts from Excel to Outlook in Office 2003

Please post a sample XLS file without personalised data
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I have to sort out a huge base of about contacts infortunatelly in excel The data Importing Data Random outlook when to missing contacts excel (2003) from is entered in a sloppy way you got writen comments next to mobile numbers mixed Greek and English languages full text Addresses Not separated in Street Region Country etc and any other stupidity you can immagine Nevertheless I managed to import Random Data missing when Importing contacts from excel to outlook (2003) this mess on to Outlook the standard way - put headers in the excell according to Outlook requirements LastName FirstName etc selected the data area all data columns and inserted a name for it When mapping fields in the outlook import interface I decided to map the full text addresses column as Notes full text supported All went fine after several tries though and imported this huge list of contacts THE PROBLEM there is data missing randomly in over of the contacts Some Contacts are without quot BusinessPhone quot numbers others without MobilePhone and so on I cant figure out what is going on since every time I import the Contacts tried many times to find some paterns there seem to be different data missing even though Greek fonts that I feared would be an issue are imported properly Unicode Supported Could it be that the Outlook refuses to import some data because the formating in the excel sheet does not correspond to what it expects to receive Is there any particular formating that has to be applied to the ecxel sheet or cells for the data to be properly imported Any ideas on what might be causing this weird behaviour nbsp
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I updated Windows 14371 to 14372 the other day, and haven't had much thought to check Outlook as it was the weekend.
Today, when I went to open Outlook 2016, and create a new email, I started typing the contacts name, and nothing appeared, so I went to check the Contacts section in Outlook 2016, and all my contacts were gone.
All my emails are there in my inbox, and other folders have everything still, just the contacts are going?!!?!?
Don't get it, never had any issues with this before in other inside builds.
Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution?
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Windows 10 running Outlook 2016. When I did a fresh install I set up 3 email address and added my .csv files of contacts and calendar form prior install. I did not pay attention and Outlook 2016 assigned them to an email address I now wish to get rid of.

Did a web search and didn't come up with a good reliable way to transfer the folder to another email address PST file. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
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I've sent my contacts from Outlook to a .csv file. I cannot find a way to import that file into Windows 10 People app.

I've been searching and searching online, and the only instructions I've found is to link my Outlook to People, and even that doesn't work. When I've tried to do that, it somehow doesn't want to accept my account which is already set up in Mail.

I'm soooo confused. Surely there is an import feature in People.

Thanks, Carl
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I am trying to import my old Outlook Express address book into my Vista windows mail or live mail. I have successfully exported my old address book as .csv files into a flash drive and can import about half of the data, but it gets to a certain address and locks up gives me an import error.

I am trying to open the flash drive file in .csv format to look at the address where the error originates and want to delete that file if I can.

I cannot find any software on Vista or the web which I can use to open and modify the .csv files.

Any suggestions

Coug Dude

A:Importing csv files into windows mail contacts

Hello Couge, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I have not done this myself, but this may be able to help you with this.


Hope this helps,
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Converting from Windows Mail in a Vista PC to Windows 8 Mail (part of Windows Essentials). My contacts in Windows Vista are files with .contact extension. Looks like import to Win 8 mail is limited to .csv .wab .vcf type files. Is there a way to import the .contact files?

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Dad recently bought a new computer. Before he finished with the old one I backed up his firefox and thunderbird profiles. Ive managed to import his favorites to IE and his old emails to windows mail. But ive not been able to find out how to import/convert thunderbird .mab files to windows mail or windows contact format.

Any ideas?

A:Importing contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Mail

Hi swarfega,

Have a look at the following webpage for details on exporting Thunderbird address book files: Export Thunderbird's Address Books and Contacts. Select a format that is compatible, i.e. CSV or LDIF. Save the files in their converted form. I suggest that you give them a slightly different name. Alternatively, backup the original files to removeable media prior to converting them. To import the files into Windows Mail, click on 'File', highlight 'Import' and click on 'Windows Contacts...'. Click either 'CSV (Comma Separated Values)' or 'LDIF (LDAP server)' and then click on 'Import'.
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I bought a new computer with Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail. I have copied my Contacts file from my old Vista computer and input the file to the new computer. The file is labeled Contacts in my Library. I can open it and see all my contacts there. But, when I got to Windows Live Mail, click on Contacts, then Inport, then on Address Book for current Windows User, and then OK, the contacts are not imported. I can't figure out how to get them into my contacts into my new Windows Live Mail. Help!

A:Importing Contacts from Vista to Windows Live Mail in Windows 7

Welcome to the Seven Forums, GAN.

In WLM the contacts are located in C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts\Default\15.5 but the Folder may appear empty unless the Protected O.S Files are unhidden.

As you were using WLM on the old Vista Computer you should copy the contacts file in this folder and you shall have all your contacts in W 7 WLM.

Alternately if you have the old .wab file preserved somewhere then you can browse to it via the Import Tab by clicking on Windows Address Book and import your contact.

The third method is to export your existing contacts as a .csv file and then import it to WLM in a like manner.

Good luck.
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Im trying to get outlook contacts to show up under my windows contacts under


I send a lot of faxes and it's annoying not to mention inconvenient to manually add contacts so they show up in fax and scan.

A:export outlook contacts to windows contacts?

The way I got this done was to export the contacts from outlook, import them to gmail, then after gmail did its magic and merged + fixed all the duplicates I exported them from gmail as a .vcf and opened the .vcf with windows contacts and it added them one by one.
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"Patch Tuesday" broke our install of Outlook 365. It was working fine on Monday and on Tuesday it was hanging on "Processing." So I restored back to the last restore point before the update and it worked great after that. Yesterday it re-installed the updates, and again Outlook didn't load. Restoring again today "fixed" it. Now it wants to update again, so I will disable updates until the problem is fixed. I don't know which particular "patch" is causing the problem; there were about 22 of them that installed.
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Win 8 pre installed Acer touch

There is a partial list of contacts under People and when composing an email.

Imported my contacts (WAB) file from a USB but the new contacts do not appear under the People App or when writing an email.
However they are listed in a directory, C:\computername\Contacts

Because I tried this several times there are 2 copies of each contact. Real mess. Going to delete this file but want to hear from someone here first.

Looked for filters but none to be found.

How can I import my contacts from a USB drive into the People App and use this list as my email address source?

A:Importing Contacts

Yes, we are having the same problem... it would be great if someone lets us know how to import the wab file or csv file into the people app...
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Hi, just got a new Toshiba laptop with Win Vista Home Prem. I'm trying to import my contacts from Office 2003 Outlook to Vista Win Contacts. When I try to do this the names in my contacts are filed by first name instead of last name. How to I get them to import by last name? Thanks!

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I have tried exporting the contacts in WLM in win XP using CSV format and importing into WLM in win 8. The result was a real mess, missing data, sometimes 3 entries made for the same contact, it was horrendous. There should be a better way to transfer from one DBstore to another, in the same way one can transfer PST files in Outlook.

as anyone got any better suggestions?

PS I have tried copying the DBstore over by replacing the folder, the result is no contacts; I guess the file in XP is somehow different to that expected by win 8?

A:importing contacts from WLM in win XP to win 8

The issue of restoring the dbstore for WLM (especially when dealing with a system rebuild) remains; specifically when dealing with email other than hotmail/livemail etc.

However I have found the error in the CSV export/import. The export from XP to a CSV file was fine, looked at it in Excel and was formatted correctly. The problem was in the import; the WLM Import in Win 8 ignored the email address field, and hence caused the corruptions. I repeated the process this time prior to importing I revised the import commands to explicitly add the email address field.

I post this here for the benefit of others - the moral is check the import parameters, don't assume.
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I exported my Windows Live Mail address book contacts in the cvs file they only give you two options to do this there is no WAB option I have TONS of folders groups and contact emails when I import the cvs backup file into my other computer Windows Live Importing contacts Mail it takes hours to import those addresses PLUS it DOES NOT BRING IN MY GROUPS Why Importing contacts is this Outlook Express ALWAYS brought it my groups but the export was saved as the wab option what's the deal with Windows Live Mail Is there not a way to bring in my email address contacts AND GROUPS email Importing contacts contact groups that I've made into another computer's Windows Live Mail Contacts Is there a way to just copy and paste these somehow somewhere or do I have to actually go into Windows Live Mail and run the import and choose the cvs file this takes hours or more to do but the GROUPS are not there just individual emails

A:Importing contacts

The WAB file was last used in XP; for Vista MS switched to a completely different method with a "Contacts" folder under your username in Windows Explorer; WLM is completely different once again and instead of using the "Contacts" folder (still in Windows Explorer in the same place) they create subfolders under "Windows Live Contacts" in a different place. This post explains how to find the new contacts folder and how to use it to save categories (groups). Unfortunately, it does not say how to preserve the categories set up in Outlook Express. What it will help you do is preserve the categories when making a backup of your WLM contacts but you will initially have to set them up again in WLM's "contacts" window. At least it only has to be done once: Problems Syncing Live Mail contacts with web

BTW, you don't need to export contacts to CSV format. WLM/Contacts has an import wizzard (File>>Import>>Windows Address Book *.WAB) so you can import directly from the *.WAB file.
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I have created a csv file from excel with all the contacts on and am trying to load it up to WLM on W7 x64. I have loaded them all up in WM Vista with out a problem so the csv file is ok. Now trying WLM in W7 but it will only take the first 172 ish contacts and then close. I have deleted the contacts from the csv file that imported, in the hope that the next 172 contacts will load up, but no; nothing loads up. It will also load up duplicates and have had 878 contacts so the number is no a problem. Any ideas guys?

A:Importing Contacts to WLM

When your .csv file is constructed is it correctly formatted throughout? Double comma after each complete field, single comma between field variables?

Are the headers constructed with a single comma between field variables and without any comma at the end of the header section?

Name,E-mail Address
Trudi Ball,[email protected],,
Ted Armstrong,[email protected],,
Tony Narbell,[email protected],,
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I'm working on a new Vista PC here, the old one's power supply died, but I was able to take the old hard drive and copied all the old folders (documents & settings, program files, etc) to the new PC.

How do I import the OE contacts into Windows Mail on the new PC? I see the import function, but I don't know what folder the address book is in.



A:Importing OE 6 contacts

OE isnt really supported on Vista or by Microsoft. May I suggest you try Windows Mail (comes with vista) or Windows Live Mail (Downloads - Windows Live).
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My wife uses Livemail on a Vista system she does NOT use a live ID for login just two at amp t email accounts Recently the hard drive started acting up and we had a image made of contacts missing Importing the drive The system became very unstable and a local pc wiz setup an new system for her and transferred all the data for her from the image the Livemail contacts were not there So I got the contact data base for the Live Contact folder in the appdata from the tech I exported the data to csv using EscDBviewer then imported the csv data to live contact Importing contacts missing There are two problesm with this The WLC import app does not allow matching of the complete field set for instance WLC does have multiple emails per contact Personal work and other and they exist Importing contacts missing in the csv file but they are not available in the match option Why are all the files not included or am I missing something Since the CSV was created from a WLC file it should be a one for one transfer Many of the contacts are missing I have ran it twice which takes about hours Is there a better way to move the contacts from the old database to Importing contacts missing the new one Thanks Robert

A:Importing contacts missing


I have just exported (.CSV) & then edited the file & re-imported it in 30 seconds! Granted I only had 20 contacts in the file at the time.

So, why your system takes 8 hours I am at a loss. Do you need to run a virus scan?
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I have a question I haven't been able to find the answer to. I have 2 backups (exports) of Windows Live Mail messages and contacts separated by a few months, but they both contain some messages and contacts that I don't want to lose.

Long story short. Can I import both copies without losing anything or does Windows Live Mail overwrite the existing messages and contacts when importing second backup from a different date?
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I have a new computer with windows 7. I have attempted to set up several email programs. I am currently using Windows Live. How can I import contacts from my old computer. The program wants the contacts to be in"CSV" format. What is that.? I have saved my contacts from Outlook Express on a CD, and on my desktop. I cannot integrate them with Windows Live. I have to enter them manually.

Thank you

A:Importing contacts from old to new computer

Is the old system still working?

If so open up OE and go to File>Export>Address Book>

Choose "Text File (comma separated values)

save the file, then in Windows live mail go to Tools>Contacts>File>Import>Comma separated values

navigate to the file you saved earlier, import it.

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I just created 3 new accounts in Outlook 2010 and set one of them as the default. Then I imported a csv file containing another compute's contacts. All went as expected but for the fact no contacts appear in the other accounts. I also imported another csv file for Calendar to the default account and each account shows the correct calendar entries. I guess Contacts don't behave like Calendar. So, I tried to import the Contacts csv file into the other accounts but could only find 'suggested accounts' a a target for the import.

How can I get each account to have Contacts?

Thank you.

A:Importing Contacts to All Accounts

Here are a couple of links which might help:
How to import contacts into Outlook from Excel

How to Import Contacts from Excel or a CSV File into Outlook - About Email
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I tried incredimail and like it I but I had to take it off because it would not import my contacts list. or bring up previous mail. I tried to do it from export it from gmail I converted it to a file that was supposed to be acceptable. incredmail retrieved the file and said that the import was a success but it was not. still did not have the information from my other gmail account. The same problem exist with both xp professional and windows 7 ultimate. Does anyone know how to solve this problem. I would like to install incredimail again if I could get it to import my contacts
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Recently deleted entire hotmail address book and started afresh. This was fine however, now my messenger contacts have all been deleted. Went to "add contact" as i was instructed but saw you have to enter in one by one... would take to long. Bit of investogation showed that you could import contacts from .ctt file but how do I create one from which to import my contacts?

I run on XP if thats relevant.
MSN messenger version 7.0
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Recently deleted entire hotmail address book and started afresh. This was fine however, now my messenger contacts have all been deleted. Went to "add contact" as i was instructed but saw you have to enter in one by one... would take to long. Bit of investogation showed that you could import contacts from .ctt file but how do I create one from which to import my contacts?

I run on XP if thats relevant.
MSN messenger version 7.0
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I just received my new laptop running windows 7 and I installed Outlook Mail 2003. I'm trying to import old outlook express mail (version 6) from my old laptop. Can someone tell me how to do this?

On a related topic. Should I install Outlook 2007 on my computer instead of 2003? I chose the 2003 version as I have read reviews that Office 2007 is no good. I'm asking because I can see Microsoft releasing a new version of Office which would be more compatible 2007 than 2003.

Thank you,

A:Importing Outlook Express into Outlook '03 in Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by Pinarello911

I just received my new laptop running windows 7 and I installed Outlook Mail 2003. I'm trying to import old outlook express mail (version 6) from my old laptop. Can someone tell me how to do this?

On a related topic. Should I install Outlook 2007 on my computer instead of 2003? I chose the 2003 version as I have read reviews that Office 2007 is no good. I'm asking because I can see Microsoft releasing a new version of Office which would be more compatible 2007 than 2003.

Thank you,

Hi Pinarello911,

Your first question.
You need to localize the outlookexpress folder on the old system.
It contains files named .dxf, .iaf and some others I can't remember.

Copy the folder to your new system.

In outlook 2003 first import the accounts.

To import addresses you need to open address book and choose import.
Then chose outlook express again.

I hope I remembered this right, because I haven't used 2003 for quite some time.

Your second question.
Not much has changed in outlook 2007, so changing only for outlook isn't worth your while.

Office 2007 for me personally is the best office to date, but lots of people hate it because they don't like spending a bit of time getting to know the new layout.

If you are planning to use 2007, make sure you first do the imports from outlook express to outlook 2003, and then from 2003 to 2007, because 2007 can't import from outlook express directly.

Hope this helps.

Let us know if you need more detailed help.
Then I will install 2003 and post screenshots.


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Luckily, many weeks before my 8-year old HP Notebook crashed, I printed out my LONG list of Outlook CSV contacts, which I want to locate in my new HP Notebook and import into my gmail and/or hotmail accounts. I've researched this, but nothing is working. Hope someone can help me with this dilemma!

A:Problems with importing/exporting my contacts

Never had this to work either. I had to put mine in manually. What I did to save my addresses is create an e-mail and address it to every one in my address book. Don't send it just print it. If you go to print the address book it will be about 30 pages. It skips about 4 lines between each one.
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I am constantly trying to figure out how to get contacts from one email to the next. My latest task is to convert an AOL address Book to Gmail. The problem like always is the fields do not line up and your left with an incorrect/incomplete Gmail contact list. I know you can go into a CSV file via Excel and edit the fields. However, this takes time and there seems like the risk of making an error. I have come across the following program Address Magic Personal PLUS and it retails for $50. Has anyone else used this program and would you recommend it or another similar one. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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perhaps this is the wrong forum but I will ask here first.

I installed Thunderbird on my Vista PC for various reasons but my wife dislikes it and wants to revert to WLM or Windows Mail.

Can anyone let me know how to get the Emails and Contacts from the Thunderbird installation, one of the email addresses is Gmail and the other is BigPond (an Australian ISP)

Thanks for any help and advice.


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i am using Wndows 7 and Office 2007. I am trying to inport 124 contacts(email addr only) into my windows live account.

Have tried methods from Google but nothing is working.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Importing contacts into hotmail from excel

Hi Boomer123454

Try creating at least one Contact in Hotmail, then Export the Hotmail Contact list to your Desktop as a .csv file.
Contacts > Options > Export Contacts

Open the .csv file, then you can see the template Hotmail uses and either paste the information from your Excel sheet to the .csv file or change the order and Headers of your Excel file to match the Hotmail .csv file.​
Import the .csv file into Hotmail:
Contacts > Options > Import Contacts
Select the Microsoft Outlook icon.

In Step 2, it should default to the Microsoft Outlook (using csv) option. If not, select that option.
For Step 3, click the Browse button and browse to, and select, the .csv file you created, or added to, on your Desktop.
Click the Import Contacts button that appears in the Hotmail window.
​The Import should begin.
Hotmail will tell you if it is successful or not.
Let us know if that works for you or not.
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Backed up contacts on laptop to transfer to desktop. Not transferring the files. Tried this: import under file menu/import personal address book pst./from: external drive/to current folder/it doesn't do greatly appreiciated. EL

A:Importing contacts from ext hard drive

Two questions:

What versions of Office (to and from)?

How did you perform the "backup"?
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I have a user with BCM and I need to get her contacts into Dynamics CRM. I have purchased an addon for ACT! which let me export data into a CSV file to import to CRM for another user, but haven't had a chance to mess with BCM yet and I don't think it will import cleanly. Does anyone know of a solution for this?

A:Importing contacts from Business Contact Manager to CRM or even ACT!

Maybe try
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We are currently using multiple sharepoint portals for various projects. Each of these portals contains a contact list, and when someone connects the sharepoint contact list to their outlook, it sends all mail to the users on that list a message in RTF (rich text format).

This is causing problems because everytime an email goes out in RTF format it is creating a junk file called winmail.dat.

Does anyone know how to stop Outlook from automatically selecting RTF when sending to those sharepoint list contacts? Or anyway of fixing this problem at all?

Thanks in advance.
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I had some old fax numbers in Winfax 10 pro that I exported into a .csv file. Upon importing into Win7 fax & scanner program everything comes through that I selected except the Business Fax number. To test different solutions I reduced the file to only 2 contacts. Then I change the Business Fax number (+1 (949) 770-6922) format from "general" to "text" and tried to import. Still no fax number came through. I changed the mapping to place the number into the "Pager" column and that worked. Next I pasted a Home Fax number that came through into the Business Fax column and tried importing, over riding the current contact, and no number came through. What else can I do?

If I leave the Business Fax number in the "Pager" column, will the program recognize this number as a fax number and be able to fax to people?

A:Importing Business Fax # of Contacts into Win 7 fax program problem

Even when I put in a contact the Business Fax number does not show. However when I fax to that contact the fax goes through even though I show no fax number in Business or Home. It must be there but not visible, right?

So how do I get it visible?

A side question, should my phone number other than the fax number be in the canonical address format also?
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I am trying to find out how it works to move from one email account to another. I know that hotmail charges a small fee to import things into an account. Seems like you can transfer contacts over to most email servers, but not inbox, sent messages won't transfer. I think Gmail is the one email server that let's you transfer all of your information from other accounts. What's the best and easiest strategy's for going from Outlook-Hotmail, Outlook to exclusively Comcast (accessing account through web browser), Comcast to Hotmail, Hotmailo to gmail etc. Is there some good articles or instructional information on how to do this. Hope my post makes sense and really appreciate any feedback on this topic.
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I am constantly trying to figure out how to get contacts from one email to the next. My latest task is to convert an AOL address Book to Gmail. The problem like always is the fields do not line up and your left with an incorrect/incomplete Gmail contact list. I know you can go into a CSV file via Excel and edit the fields. However, this takes time and there seems like the risk of making an error. I have come across the following program Address Magic Personal PLUS and it retails for $50. Has anyone else used this program and would you recommend it or another similar one. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Problems Exporting/Importing contacts from different Emails!

According to the info in link below you can import emails and/ or addresses from AOL account to Gmail account. How to Import AOL Messages and Contacts Into Gmail - About Emaiil
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OK I have read many threads and posts about the solution "ZeroConfigExchange". But it does'nt work for my Windows 10 clients.

Windows 10 x64Office 2016Office 365 / Azure AD accountsClient computer is join with Azure AD so the users login with Office 365 accountsNo On-promise AD, only Azure ADAutoDiscover and modern authentication works with sharepoint and Outlook 2016Dword "ZeroConfigExchange" = 1 is created in both regkeys for all users
When I start Outlook 2016 for first time users it still prompts the "Welcome to Outlook 2016" setup wizard where I have to create a profile.

What am I doing wrong?
Best regards

A:Outlook 2016 skip "Welcome to Outlook 2016" setup wizard

It will be best for you if you ask this question in a forum dedicated solely to MS Office Outlook 2016.
I recommend that you use this forum :
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I copied my "Windows Mail Contacts folder" from my previous Windows Vista pc to my new Windows 7 pc. I have close to 4,000 contacts and they are all organized in subfolders. How can I import them to Windows Live Mail while keeping them all organized as they were in Windows Mail on Vista? If I have to manually organize them again it will be an endless task. I have built this organized list of contacts over several years of work. For people like myself who rely on this type of organized list of contacts for work purposes, switching from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail could possibly be a nightmare. I really hope there's a positive quick solution.
Relevancy 60.2%

With the help of Google I managed to import my contacts, but I can't seem to find anything useful for importing email from Outlook to Live. For some reason Roadrunner and Outlook don't work well. I like Live better anyway. I don't have many emails to import but is it possible to import a whole folder? Or do you have to import one at a time. If so, how?

A:Importing from Outlook to Windows Live

You can have multiple mail accounts in Windows Live. Just create another mail account for outlook, it will download all your emails to your PC automatically.

BTW, thanks for the
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I am trying to replicate my Comcast email service that I use on a desktop to a laptop. It runs in Windows Live Mail. I do not have a Windows Essential account nor do I want one.

I have downloaded WLM and installed in the laptop. Comcast runs fine but of course I am missing my contacts. I have exported the contacts from the desktop to a csv file and moved the file to the laptop. When I import that file, it only records in WLM 79 of the 649 records that are in the csv file (I looked). During the inport, I checked the mapping and all fields matched perfectly.

Both machines are running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit on desktop, 32 bit on laptop) and IE9 browser.

Please advise. Thanks.

A:Importing csv file into Live Mail misses over half of contacts


A workaround would be to create multiple (10?) csv files from your original and import each separately. Not pretty, but it might isolate one bad entry causing the difficulty. If you get a partial import on any of the csv files, you can whittle it down in a similar fashion (creating multiple files from the 'broken' one)

Who knows - maybe there's a character problem hiding or a length is off. I also know that categories don't import - so perhaps there is an extraneous field that WLM doesn't like.

At least you'll have more than 79 contacts out of 649.

Good luck.


Quote: Originally Posted by seattlerust

When I import that file, it only records in WLM 79 of the 649 records that are in the csv file (I looked). During the inport, I checked the mapping and all fields matched perfectly.
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As a new Windows Vista user, I have a question please:

I'd like to be able to import an Outlook PST file into Windows Mail but I'm unable to do this.

When I go:

file/import/messages/Microsoft Outlook

I get this error message:

"Messages cannot be imported from the MAPI client. Mapi is not installed on this computer or an error occurred while initializing it."

Can you please tell me if this procedure is possible?

A:Importing Outlook PST file into Windows Mail?

Hi Kiaorana
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

You need to have Outlook installed on the computer. Is it installed?
What version of Outlook are you using?
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I got a new computer at work and had backed up my old Outlook on a PST file. I have been trying to import that into the new computer and continue to get a message "The personal folder file (PST) is already in use in the current profile"

Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this front but if anyone could help me I really need to be able to import my contacts and messages from the old computer onto this one. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Importing a PST file to Outlook 2007 on Windows 7

How to manage.pst files in Outlook 2007, in Outlook 2003, and in Outlook 2002
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Hi, I was trying to backup my contacts on my Nokia E-71 phone using Outlook 2007, this is my first time doing it. So apparently the current Outlook in my pc already has a whole bunch of contacts which belonged to someone else and so both of our contacts are now merged together, is there a way to undo the sync?

A:Accidentally synced my nokia E71 contacts with someone else's contacts Outlook 2007

Short of deleting the contacts on your phone which don't apply to you, I don't know what else you can do.
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I just bought a new laptop because my old one was fried.

So I am using Windows 7 and bought Outlook 2010 to use for emails. Anyone know how I can import all of my old emails saved, account settings, etc, from Windows Mail on Vista? I have it all stored on an external harddrive. Tried to follow the steps that Outlook 2010 provides and it doesn't work.

Anyone have an idea?

A:Importing Emails into Outlook 2010 from Windows Mail

As for the Account settings, I would just reenter them manually.

I do NOT have 2010 installed, so I can not help with the others.
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Know any software that does this automatically?

I know the manual approach by editing the registry in Notepad, but prefer not to do it like that.

Relevancy 58.91%

I have read the previous threads on this subject but when I am on the Windows Live Mail page there is no File to click on, apart from the one which belongs to the Browser. What am I doing wrong?
Relevancy 58.91%

I have just transferred from a Windows XP PC to Vista PC and am trying to transfer all my past messages from Outlook Express into Windows Mail.

I have followed the option for File, import messages from OE6 Directory but the folders are not detected though they are present. Any ideas of how I can transfer the folders with previous messages?
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good afternoon. I'm looking for idiot-proof step by step instructions to get my old outlook express emails from the old xp computer over to windows mail, or gmail for that matter, and then be able to read them in the same format (email address, date, subject). I've looked at some of the earlier threads, but the responses are either over my head, partial, or not applicable. does anyone have detailed step by step instructions for the whole process. i've seen drag and drop (which i'm obviously not doing correctly). i have an old backup version (thru jan 2009) on cd, but can't get windows mail to read them from there. I also have an external hitachi lifestudio harddrive.

A:importing outlook express files to windows mail

Try the following and see if it assists you: Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express.

I hope this helps. If it doesn't work, please explain where and how it failed and post any error messages exactly word-for-word. Also verify that none of the exceptions listed near the bottom apply (exceptions that prevent the process from working).

Good luck.
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Hello I have multiple issues regarding address Iphone contacts Contacts Organize Outlook Fix, synchronize and and books and contacts I am currently trying to organize multiple address books on my Win desktop outlook express my laptop XP outlook and my IPhone G They are a mess because of old cell phone backups combined with address book entries I now have multiple entries for numerous contacts etc After organizing all these contacts address books I would like to import to my new Win desktop outlook beta and retire my Win desktop These are all stand alone computers that are not networked other than through a router to share broadband access I tried searching for software to help combine and organize all three of these but had no luck I then tried manually updating all my contacts on my laptop and Iphone but I ran into a Fix, Organize and synchronize Outlook contacts and Iphone Contacts glich of sorts After making the changes on my Iphone and doing a ITunes sync some of the contacts disappeared Right now I am not sure how many but I noticed a few of the ones I use alot are gone on both my laptop and Iphone I do not subscribe to or use the quot mobile me quot feature I have spent quite a bit of time searching the net without finding a solution Any help you can provide would be much appreciated Thank You Ron nbsp

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I want to move some contacts from my google account to my hotmail account, without having to manually enter them. Is there a way to accomplish that? Thanks.

A:Moving Google Contacts to Outlook/Hotmail Contacts

Download the contacts from Google online in CSV format to a folder then import into Outlook.
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I'm going to buy a new license of one of these product, so any suggest please?
I have used Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky ( about 3 years ago), I haven't used Norton and Trend Micro.

A:KIS 2016 vs NIS 2016 vs BIS 2016 vs Avast IS 2016 vs Trend Micro IS 2016

Out of all these,and your prerequisites,I would go with Kaspersky!
PS:This is from personal experience,and other members may have varying opinions!!
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Hi all I have not been able to figure this out I am trying to import a bunch of local folders with old messages I want to keep from an install of Outlook Express on another computer to my current Windows Mail install I can't seem to do it I use Import gt messages from the file menu then OE then I get the box that says quot store folders or quot identities quot - but identities is grayed out So go with store folders browse to the store folder which I have copied off the other computer and it says it can't find any messages in that folder They are there All the offline dbx files I created in OE are in this folder but I guess it's looking for eml files or something If anyone knows how to do this help would be appreciated I can always re-create the folders on my desktop on the old machine and from inside OE drag each group out and into a folder - which converts them into eml But I have folders to do Hoping there's a better way TIA --ch

A:Windows Mail - importing local folders from Outlook Express

Is the old computer part of your network, I don't know if it would work but can't you do a File Transfer Wizard, I think that's what it's called between the two, you didn't say what OS the other computer is using.
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Hi there,

can anyone advise me the easiest way to export windows mail emails into outlook 2010?

I have lots of folders with emails in so I would like to keep the folder structure if possible.

Thanks in advance, Jay

A:Exporting emails from windows mail and importing into outlook 2010

Hello jay76,
Please peruse the links below.

Export Windows Live Mail email, contacts, and calendar data to Outlook

Import email messages from Windows Live Mail - Outlook -

Migrate from Outlook Express or Windows (Live) Mail to Outlook | HowTo-Outlook
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I exported contacts from OL 07 to a .pst file, and then added the .pst to OL03 on a new PC. the contacts came over fine, except that I had 1873 on my old PC (OL 07) and only 1825 on new one OL 03 --

why did the other 48 contacts not go with the pst? yes, they are recently added contacts that are missing.

OL 07 not connected to MS Exchange when I created PST, but is this a synch problem?

Thanks in advance!
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I was using a Windows XP desktop and Outlook Express exclusively for my emails It was set Outlook Express importing corrupts when emails Live Mail 6 Windows frm up to do automatic nightly backups of all messages by copying the following folder Code C Documents Windows Live Mail corrupts emails when importing frm Outlook Express 6 and Settings User Local Settings Application Data Identities GUID Microsoft Outlook Express Yesterday the hard drive on that XP machine crashed and now I'm trying to set up a new desktop that is running Windows pro My main goal is to set up a mail program that will allow to import all of my emails from Outlook Express that also works in a similar fashion In other words that Metro mail app that Windows has would not work So I downloaded Windows Live Mail and went to File - gt Import - gt Messages - gt Outlook Express and specified a copy of the folder above Unfortunately when the importing process was done first of all the inbox was empty Eventually I was able to find it buried in a storage folder Well inconvenient but OK But then when I pulled it up I could not recognize my messages It seemed like a big chunk of them was missing Unfortunately I don't have access to the Outlook Express on a computer that crashed Instead I had an old copy in a VM that was done back in Sept So I did the same exporting process just to test Here's how the inbox looks like in Outlook Express And here's how it looks when I import it into WLM As you see a bunch of messages are missing and the inbox itself looks totally different What am I doing wrong here
Relevancy 57.62%

Hello All!
I am having a heck of a time importing email messages from Vista Windows Mail. This is my situation: I have a new laptop with Windows 7, I have Outlook 2007 installed on it. I have backed up data from the old hard drive using an IDE to USB cable and Cobian Backup Black Moon Edition. When I try to import the address book and the messages, it imports the address book, but not the messages. Can anyone help me to figure out another way to do this, or if there are other settings that I need to change in order to make this happen.

A:Need help importing email messages into Outlook 2007 from Windows Mail Files

It is best to export the messages from Winmail, then import them into Outlook.

Not sure how you backed up your Winmail.

Also see this

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I have been trying without success to export Outlook express mail from an XP computer into Windows Windows live into Problems messages Outlook Mail express importing live Mail on a brand-new Windows HP computer I have followed the directions on the Internet to copy the Outlook express mail folder onto a flash drive The directions I followed were to go to Outlook express click on tools options maintenance store folder Then copy store location go to start menu click run Then when the Outlook express folder opens with the Problems importing Outlook express messages into Windows live Mail DBX files I copied the entire folder to a flash drive I have followed the directions on the Internet Problems importing Outlook express messages into Windows live Mail to copy the Outlook express mail folder onto a flash drive I go into Windows live Mail import and follow the prompts It acts like it is copying the DBX folders however when it is finished there are no e-mails in the imported folder I have tried over and over and have no luck I have no idea where the e-mails are or Problems importing Outlook express messages into Windows live Mail if they are actually available What am I doing incorrectly Please help with more detailed instructions Thanks Rosanne

A:Problems importing Outlook express messages into Windows live Mail

Have you seen this thread: Importing mail from Outlook to Windows Live Mail
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I have bought a new computer with Windows 7 preinstalled. Before setting it up I backed up all my outstanding emails (204 .dbx files) and email addresses (one .wab file size 176kb) from my old computer on to a memory stick. I now want to import them into Windows Live Mail. I have gone through the recommended procedure for the emails, but only some of them have come across. I have been totally unable to import the addresses. The only procedures I have found seem to relate to a different version of Live Mail because they tell me to click on things that don't appear on my screen! Can anyone help?

It occurs to me that maybe not all the messages are being imported because I haven't imported the relevant contact details. Could this be the case?

By the way I can't go back to the old computer as it has completely died, which is why I replaced it.

A:Importing email addresses from Outlook Express to Windows 7 Live mail

Peruse the links below to see if they provide you with more information.
Note the links are in a random order.

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Hi ,
Can anyone suggest a fix please ? I have been through the usual account settings routes without success and PC world know how keep giving me command prompt fixes that do absolutely nothing. I can see my gmail messages online but not in outlook , same goes for draft messages which isn't even an option ( cant even find that folder never mind any messages)

Thank you

A:Unable to see sent messages in sent folder in Outlook 2016 (Moved from Windows 10)

How has Gmail been configured ?
Goto Accounts and see if setup as POP or IMAP
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I am having a unique problem regarding this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:How do you export contacts from windows 8.1 to outlook 10

It took me forever to figure out how to export contacts from Windows 8.1 - my friend gave up on Windows 8.1 and went back to Windows 7 for her operating system.
Go to the Windows logo in the left corner of the screenRight click to get the list of options, then left click on "Search" and type in "Contacts"The Contact folder icon should appear, click to open itSelect the contacts you want to export, then click on the "Export" option in the menu bar at the top of the screen (after Organize, Include selected folder in library, Share with, New Contact, New Contact Group, Import, then Export)You can save the contact file as a csv or v-card. Then import the contact file into Outlook 10 or in my friend's case, Windows Live Mail
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I have managed to export Windows Contacts as vCards and I have found out how to load these into Outlook, BUT only one at a time.

Is there any way I can either

1. Import multiple vcards into Outllook


2. Simply transfer Windows Contacts to Outlook by either exporting from Windows Contact or Importing into Outlook?

Or am I asking too much of two (in)compatible Microsoft programs?

A:Windows Contacts to Outlook 2003

Hi oldun,

Have you tried the alternative format, 'CSV (Comma Separated Variable)'?