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Wifi Not SHowing HP255 G1 Windows 8

Q: Wifi Not SHowing HP255 G1 Windows 8

Good day I have a big problem at my laptop HP 255 G1 running Windows 8 64 Bit OS Wifi Adapter had been vanished for no reason although i have resetted the laptop in its factory settings I recently downloaded all the required drivers but no change has been made In addition when i try to install the Wifi Adapter Driver a message appears on my screen stating that device has been either removed or uninstalled therefore installation cant be completed I have used every single possible option to figure out what is going on but unfortunately i havent received any feedback Could you please assist ? Thank you in advance
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Preferred Solution: Wifi Not SHowing HP255 G1 Windows 8

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i just got a new router, my brother helped me set it up
this router creates 2 wifi network, one named A, the other one named B.
A is faster than B (i don't know why)
on my ipad or phone or any mobile devices, i see both networks
but on my windows 7 PC, i only see B (the slower one)
so where is A? i need this faster one, why does it show up on mobile devices but not on my Windows 7 PC?
when he set up the router, he said to me that the website ( - where you can set up your router, put password, etc) says "A is available for Mac and B is available for Windows PC". is this the reason?
but what about mobile devices, they can connect to both networks,
please help, thanks

A:WiFi network is not showing up on Windows 7

Other than the router's setup software, routers typically don't care about the OS of the machines connecting to it. But they do require that connecting devices operate on the protocols that it supports. If network A is running 802.11n and network B is 802.11g, and your PC can only do 802.11g, you will only be able to see B. If your PC can do 802.11n then you would likely see both.

What's the make/model of your router?
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Downloaded windows 10 a few months ago, realize my wifi wasnt working so i been using ethernet. Ethernet cable has been getting in the way of some stuffs.
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Hi Everyone I am new to the forum just signed up Have a question to ask but will also hang around and contribute where I can Basically I am running Windows x on my Toshiba WiFi Windows DialUp VPN showing above connections 8.1 and work latop In my job I literally have hundreds of VPN and Dial Up connections that I use regularly to allow VPN and DialUp connections showing above WiFi Windows 8.1 me remote access to various systems With the Windows 'Networks' panel that slides in from the right when you click on the network icon in the system tray all of my VPN's and Dial Up connections are listed above any available wireless networks Whilst this does not affect my VPN and DialUp connections showing above WiFi Windows 8.1 ability to connect to the VPN and DialUp connections showing above WiFi Windows 8.1 networks it is a pain having to scroll to the bottom of the list when I am out on site and using a touch pad I was wondering if anyone was aware of anything that could allow me to display wireless networks WiFi above VPN's and Dial Up networks Connections Maybe a registry tweak or similar I will attach a screenshot of the Panel for clarification I have re-installed windows this week due to an unrelated issue hence why there is only ten or so of the hundreds of connections I use visible Thanks in advance for any Help and Advice Paul

A:VPN and DialUp connections showing above WiFi Windows 8.1

I figured this was a long shot
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I hvae a Sony VAIO VPCL FD All-In-One computer that I just upgraded to Windows from Win It has Wifi No Connected, Showing 10 Upgrade Windows After Internet an Atheros AR x WiFi Wifi Showing Connected, No Internet After Windows 10 Upgrade card with driver installed It worked fine with but since I upgraded the OS I Wifi Showing Connected, No Internet After Windows 10 Upgrade m now getting quot Connected No Internet quot I ve narrowed down the issue but cant seem to get it resolved I m running a Linksys EA dual band router with the channel width set to AUTO When I go into the router setup page and switch it from AUTO to MHz it resolves the problem But I don t want to run my network at MHz so I obviously want to get the card to recognize higher channel widths When I go into the adapter properties there is nothing available to do this that I can find I m pretty sure I have the most recent drivers so is it possible this card won t work with anything higher than MHz with Win nbsp
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Hello  Recently I am experiencing a very serious problem with my wifi  My OS is Windows 10 16.07 build 14393.447. The windows update happened about a week ago At start the system was freezing after 10 minutes of open wifi and no connection possible to my wifi network even if it was showing up and sending the correct password I have reinstalled the sp71571 drivers for the Ralink RT3290 wireless card with partially solving the total problem. (I have also disabled any firewall during reinstallation Now I don't have system freezes and my wifi can see other networks but not mine (and maybe a few others) which is quite strange My only connection to the internet is through Ethernet cable which is to say the least inconvenient Please advise BRDimitris Natsiopoulos
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Hello , I have an issue with  HP Pavilion 15-n208tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) my system has recently encountered an update with windows 10 and my wifi is just vanished i tried to install driver but still not showing over device manager what will be driver that i should install ? Thanks and Regards

A:After windows 10 update wifi is not working and showing unin...

Hi, Please re-install  Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Drivers: Regards.
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Hi All, I would like to express my dismay that my 14-year-old son's HP255 is no longer working. I took the laptop to PC World who claim that either the Ram or the Motherboard are broken. The computer is less than 18 months' old so unfortunately out of warranty. HP say they are unable to help but this reflects poorly on this prestigious company.  How can parents keep replacing computers for homework every 18 months. I am appalled and will buy the next laptop from a more reliable company such as Sony next time.
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After one of the most recent updates from Windows 10 my Toshiba Satellite no longer shows the available 5Ghz Wifi signal I had set it to auto-connect with.
It does not show up at all in the available connections list.
My other devices (smartphone, tablet) still see it and can connect with it just.

My problem is not an option when using and there is no direct way to contact Customer Services at all.
Also Windows ships me off that the problem would be my drivers.

So far I've downloaded and installed it any updates available, but it still doesn't work.

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i can't connect to wifi bcz its showing internet secqured nd no internet...

A:why i can't connect to a wifi in windows 1o laptop?its showing no internet ,secured

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! Here are some things to try! If you need more help, please join the forum! Join the Windows Central Community!
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i have updated my drivers over and over again but cant make use of my bluetoot...all i get when try to add a bluetoot device is just "No Device Found"And another bluetoot device cant ind my Pcwhat could be the cause of it?
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iam using windows 7 professional 32 bit. my laptop is hp elitebook 2560. my laptop is capturing signal, i am able to connect to internet also. But in wifi icon,on wifi bar cross mark is showing up.

A:wifi signal bars not showing but connected to wifi

Do you have another user account on this computer? Are you able to see the Network indicator in the notification toolbar on that account? Follow the steps in this documentto create a new user account. If you do find that the icon is in the notification taskbar, you may also use those steps to recover from a corrupted user profile.
Let us know if this helps.
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Wifi was working fine until our router had a moment where it wasn't working so I switched it off and then on again and everything started working again apart from my laptop. My wifi name is not showing up in the connection box and I've turned my computer on and off switched my internet on and off including the router and none of it is working. Please help me ASAP I need to do my biology essay and it's due in 3 days if you need any extra details please ask

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I am no able see wifi on my pc settings or in drivers. I tried installing drivers . but it still not showing up. please model : 13-b202tumy OS : windows 10
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So the problem is that my WiFi somehow doesn't show up on my devices. However, the internet works perfectly fine through ethernet cable for my PC. All my other devices such as my phone and laptop dont see the router even though I have enabled wifi through the router control panel. I also have reset the router manually, updated to recent firmware. My ISP said it might be my computer so I disconnected the cable from the pc to the router and hardwired to another computer, tried that for a day but still no help

I thought it was my router's problem so I exchanged it for the same model (Netgear N300) but the problem still exists. I went back to ask the computer store to test the router's wifi and they said that it worked fine...

Any help would be appreciated.

A:WiFi not showing up


Please navigate on your Device Manager, locate Network Adapters, can you see your Wi-Fi adapter? Any symbol on it...? X or ! not needed - bubu...

Updating the Wi-Fi adapter to the latest might also help.

Also, are you using a wireless utility manager or check your Windows WLAN Auto config service if it's enabled/disabled?
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Hi, I have a HP 15-g009ax. Since a few days it has sarted showing Wifi problem. Certain times after restarting the laptop, the wifi doesn't work. Even the Wifi logo doesn't show in the taskbar. At this time the laptop doesn't detect the wifi. Trouble shooting has also not helped, cause it only detects Lan connection. I have tried updating & reinstalling the drivers, but in vain. The wifi starts automatically after unspecific time & restarts. After removing the battery of the laptop & reinstalling it back, the wifi starts working again. Can you please let me know for what should be the problem. Thanks
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Hi. Since yesterday, whilst I can see that there are wifi networks within range, none of the names are listed. Not a problem when I'm in range of a familiar network, but makes it impossible to connect to any new networks.
At the same time, when I click the power options button, whilst the box is there that should contain the sleep, power off and restart options, no text is visible (although it is still there as if I hover over where sleep is, I can put the laptop to sleep). Does anybody have any advice?
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Hi , since I reinstalled windows 7, am not seeing the wifi icon anymore , all I see is the ethernet icon with a red cross , even though am connected to a wifi, here is a screenshot , I've tried a lot of tips ,posted in alot of forums , but none helped , I have the network icon enabled on the Notification Area Icons , but still doesnt work, I hope u'll give me a solution here , am already tired of this thing , annoying .
Thanks in advance
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Hi , since I reinstalled windows 7, am not seeing the wifi icon anymore , all I see is the ethernet icon with a red cross , even though am connected to a wifi, here is a screenshot , I've tried a lot of tips ,posted in alot of forums , but none helped , I have the network icon enabled on the Notification Area Icons , but still doesnt work, I hope u'll give me a solution here , am already tired of this thing , annoying .
Thanks in advance
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Hello, Have tried all options like BIOS reset, drivers installation and everything that forums said, nothing worked out. Also in Device Manager, under "Network Adaptors" there is only "Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection"
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Hello! About two weeks ago, my friends computer started bugging out with the wifi. It started when she unexpectedly shut down her computer, when she brought it back up, the wifi symbol wasn't up, so she shut down and restarted her computer correctly; the wifi symbol still isn't appearing. It's showing the symbol for hooking a computer up through ethernet cable. I went to wireless on her computer to see if it was toggled off, but "wifi" isn't appearing at all, it's just showing "bluetooth". The Toshiba is a Satellite C855D-S5104. Thanks

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I am using Windows 7 and I have my Administrator account and a Guest account. I had a friend visiting me and I had him use the Guest account when he wanted on the computer.

Today, I went into the Guest account, and the wifi is not showing up. It was working when my friend was using it. I went back to my Administrator account and the wifi is working fine there.

When I try to access the internet under the Guest account but of course it will not connect. I tried the troubleshooter but it did not help. I went to Control Panel and Networking but was not able to find a way to get the wifi to turn on in the Guest account.

Anyone know how I can get the wifi turned on in the Guest account when it is up and running fine under the main Administrator account?

A:Wifi not showing up in Guest account

Welcome to Seven Forums,

Have you tried to manually add your SSID under Guest Account?

I'd try creating a new Guest or a Standard User Account see if that helps.
Create a user account
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i install a new window and my wifi icon not showing on it a drivver problem??? i install drivers but wifi icon is not showing and in settings "there is no device" i m using windows 8. my laptop hp 15 notebook pc

A:wifi icon not showing on my taskbar

Hi Right click the Windows button (Start Menu), and select Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the Notification Area tab.In the Systems Icons area, ensure that the Network checkbox is selected.Click Apply, then Ok.
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My Wi-Fi network is showing that it is on and connected to my devices. But it is not working correctly. Any advice on how to get it fixed? I have already attempted to turn it off and back on and unplug and replug in the router and modem.

A:Wifi network showing up but not working


Can you be more specific please? What do you mean by not working correctly?
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i dual booted my hp pavilion 15ab522tx with kali linux wifi is not showing and even sound i tried install compact wirelessbut it is does not show any network and as soon as i log out wifi disappears again                                   

A:wifi not showing kali linux

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome! HP computers (most of them) are designed with Microsoft and Windows in mind. They do not officially support Linux due to lack of tests, HP propretiery and tested drivers, etc... As you probably know, Linux is different from Windows and FOSS drivers here come from the kernel itself. If wi-fi or sound adapter is not recognized OR if it does not function well, it may be due to lack of proper and tested drivers in the kernel. I can advice you try with different still supported Kernel versionsor post in the Linux community >> Kali is special Linux-based operating system not typically used by novice Linux users and not typically run on daily bases. You may also try the most common Linux-based OS Ubuntu or Linux Mint.
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I had an usual experience last weekend while traveling The hotel wifi network LaQuinta that I was trying to connect to with my laptop wasn t showing in the list of available wifi networks I was able to connect with my iPhone my wife s showing available WIFI not in Strongest list. Network iPhone and also a netbook that I carry as a back up It was clear looking at the netbook that the hotel s network was the strongest local signal it was the only network to show up on the phones but on the laptop which was showing the other wifi s that the netbook detected it wasn t there This is a Dell laptop running Win SP I tried restarting the Strongest WIFI Network not showing in available list. computer several times I deleted a couple of profiles LaQuinta and La Quinta that had been created when I visited other hotels I ve never stayed at this particular one before I used the command prompt and the Netsh tool to look for any filters there weren t any and LaQuinta didn t show up in the list of networks there either In the end somewhat surprisingly the hotel also had a wired connection in the room so I used that and went back to work Does anyone know what was going on in case this happens again I m stumped nbsp

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hi there i recently after working not not wifi virus? internet showing up, had to wipe my harddrive on my laptop and reinstall windows due to a particularly bad virus lo and behold after reinstalling XP my antena was not registering with the computer the light indicating that the antena is on works but when i open the network connection window there is no section for wireless i ve tried reinstalling the driver for the antena but to no avail XP isnt recognizing it second issue that someone might be more educated on than me i encountered another virus the google redirect and a rookkit several wifi not showing up, internet not working after virus? weeks after the reinstallation of windows i was able to run combofix on the laptop and remove the viruses but now internet explorer will not open when i try and connect with my landline i get a little error box telling me that quot windows cannot connect to the specified path device or file you may not have the appropriate permissions to acces the file quot - - tried reinstalling but the installation was cancelled because files were missing or i had malicious software after running combofix i did notice that the file proquota exe was listed as missing but was able to copy and paste it from another computer would that affect my internet like this any help would really be appreciated i really REALLY dont have to wipe the drive again
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I'm just curios, when looking at the list of WiFi connections available to connect to in WIN7, I see one that says: DeviceSerialNumberLogger.

Any idea what this is?

A:Weird thing showing up in available WiFi connections

Could be that somebody in your area assigned an SSID of DeviceSerialNumberLogger to their WiFi router or access point.
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 Hi,My wifi connection keep shutting me out with limited access error. Please help me to solve this problem. Tried updating the drivers, tried with troubleshooting too. Still getting the same problem.
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Whenever i connect to wifi it is showing limited access, can anyone please provide solutions please.  Think i need to update wifi drivers!!!!!

A:Wifi connection showing limitd access

Dear Customer, Try this first: Use the HP Guided SolutionLet us guide you through the solution   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee.
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Suddenly my wifi started showing "No Networks Found"  with a red cross mark on WiFi symbol on taskbar, i had tried several method of fixing it by spending hours on internet but it didn't worked. I had updated the Wireless driver, flushed dns cache, unchecked the "Allow this computer to turn this device off", Reset router and a lot of things but i was unsuccessful al the time. Please help me, i am having a lot of trouble! HP Model : HP Notebook - 15-r202tx 

A:Suddenly my wifi started showing "No Networks Found" with a...

Hi @vivekcoool21, Welcome to the HP Forum! I am pleased that you have become a HP Forum member.  It is such a wonderful site to find answers and tips. Here is a link to guide you   to having the most rewarding experience and answer any concerns about posting.: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More  I understand that you suddenly lost your WiFi and you have the message :"No Networks Found" with a red cross on it.  Please try the following by @Great-Deku-Tree: First, we have a step by step guide to walk you through the troubleshooting process here: Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network and Internet Connection A second option, is to try these steps:Power cycle the network:1. Shut down your notebook.2. Unplug the power to your router.3. Unplug the power to your modem.4. Wait at least 45 seconds.5. Plug in the modem, and wait for it to come back online.6. Plug in the router, and wait for it to come back online.7. Turn on your notebook, and test your connection.Disable the Power Off option for the adapter:1. Open Device Manager. (Win Key+R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)2. Expand the Network adapters.3. Right-click on the Ethernet/Wireless Adapter and click Properties.4. Click the Power Management tab.5. Remove the check mark beside Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.6. Click OK.7. Test.Reset the TCP/IP settings on your PC:1. Go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.2. Right- click on the command prompt icon and chose Run as administrator.3. In the window that opens type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" without quotes, and press enter.4. Restart your PC and test.It may also help to reset the winsock catalogue:1. Go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.2. Right click on the command prompt icon and chose Run as administrator.3. In the window that opens type "netsh winsock reset" without quotes, and press enter.4. Restart your PC and test.Reinstall the network adapter drivers:1. Download the drivers from here but do not run them yet.2. Go to your start screen/menu and type Device Manager.3. Expand Network adapters.4. Right click on the wireless adapter and choose Uninstall.5. Run the downloaded drivers from step 1.6. Restart your PC and test.Test an ethernet connection:Self- explanatory. Test if the issue persists on a wired connection to rule out the wireless adapter hardware so troubleshooting can be directed towards the right areas.Test another connection:Many people rule out their home network as an issue if another device is working on the same network. Networking is not that simple. Each device interacts differently with your router or modem and it is impossible to rule out settings in that device until the notebook has been tested on another network.If those three steps do not resolve the issue, try this document published by Microsoft for networking issues: Wired and wireless network problems. You can change the operating system with the dropdown in the upper-right corner of the document. Hopefully, this helps. Please click the ?Thumbs Up? below to thank me for my efforts! If one of my posts help you to resolve the issue you are experiencing, please click the "Accept as Solution" so that others who may be having the same difficulty can find the answer more efficiently. Thanks for taking part in the HP Forums!
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I recently found that "xfinity wifi" is showing up in my available internet access list as an openly available option.
I have comcast xfinity hi speed internet as my internet provider but have never had it show up on the routers available connections list before. The home network I set up years ago has a different name.

I am puzzled why this free open network has suddenly appeared in the list. As it requires no password I think there is a possibility its use might present a security risk
Is this a new Xfinity feature??
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My Brand new Laptop: Lenovo g505 after upgrading it to windows 8.1 from MS Apps store now i am not able to connect to internet i get "limited" or "No Internet Access". i have tried to re install the driver no luck

Lenovo support suggests to do factory rest but i dont want to go back to windows 8

Does anyone else has any other idea on how to fix this issue ?
Thank you very much

A:Windows 8.1 Wifi showing "limited" or "No Internet Access"

Try rebooting the router & modem. Usually limited connection, means that the compute has failed to communicate properly with the Wireless Access Point, or wired router connection.
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I need to disconnect from my wifi and reconnect again everytime it happens. Any solution for this?

A:HELP: Wifi showing No internet access, Secured every 10min (Moved W10)
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I am facing a kind of weird problem!! My Sony Vaio was getting connected to my Home wifi network and I could access Internet without any problem. Its been few days now that I can't access Internet though it shows connected. It does connect with the Wifi without any issue and even show the full signal like before, but actually there's no internet access. No browsers (IE,Chrome,FF) load any webpage, no messengers work.
I am using Windows 8 Pro,
antivirus-Avast home edition
Vaio model-VPCEB1E0E
Can anyone please shed some light on this issue?

Thanks in advance

A:No Internet access in Sony Vaio though Wifi is connected showing full signal

Do you get internet access with an ethernet connection?

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
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windows not showing my disk partitions please help and it is showing my partitions like in the screenshot, please help me my all the memories in life are in those disks

A:windows not showing my disk partitions please help and it is showing

As the screen says,it shows all the partitions
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When i was using windows 8 the wifi was good and would never get disrupted.But i updated to windows 8.1 and now when am downloading something the wifi gets disconnected and wont show the network even if the router is on and my phone is still connected to it.I have to toggle the wifi on and off for some 6-7 times and then toggle airplane mode on and off for 3-4 times to get it to discover the network.Is this because of the adapter or driver and my laptop has a ralink wifi adapter.What should i do?Thanks

A:Windows 8.1 wifi issue ralink wifi adapter and envy 15t j001...

Goutham, Welcome to the HP Forum. You might try the following Ralink driver for Windows 8.1 :sp63945 Mediatek - alink 802.11 WiFi Adapter V5.0.34.0 - Win 8.1 [Devices] (Hardware Ids)PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_5390="Ralink RT5390 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_539F="Ralink RT5390 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3592="Ralink RT3592 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090="Ralink RT3090 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_539A="Ralink RT5390R 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_539B="Ralink RT5390R 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3290="Ralink RT3290 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Adapter"PCI\VEN_14C3&DEV_7630="Mediatek MT7630E 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter "Your computer's webpage does show a few drivers for Windows 8.1:HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j001tx Notebook PC Drivers  Hope this helps. Click the Kudos Star!It is a great ?Thank You? to the HP Experts who are here to help!
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Hello I have recently bought a new pci wifi lan card Ralink rt turbo and have plugged in and installed drivers Initially the drivers the company I bought it from 7 any Ralink WiFi not windows RT61 card, signals wifi Lan receiving told me to install didn't work but after some googling found the correct drivers and downloaded from Ralinks website However these didn't work either When using the Ralink wireless utility it says that the card is disconnected however in device manage it is both connect Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals and the correct drivers installed and everything is perfectly fine I ignored the wireless utility and hoped that windows would still be able to use the wireless card as past experiences have shown to be true This case however I get nothing Windows says that the Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals wireless card is experiencing problems it doesn't show any of the routers that should be shown I have been looking around a lot and there have been several drivers Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals that should have worked and they haven't I would have thought that the antenna is broken or the card doesn't work however when I use it with ubuntu instead of windows it works perfectly fine without any hassle so the card is definitely working Any advice that anyone can give on how to resolve this would be very welcome Thanks Aieden

A:Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals

Have a look at this thread.

Ralink RT61 Turbo Wireless Driver
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Hi All,

I am new to this forum..few day agai got to know that I can make my Windows 7 Laptop a HotSpot via Virtual I tried to make my laptop hotspot and the same can be detected from my iPhone also...i can connect connect iPhone to my laptop...but i cant access any internet..
i have also tried putting off my firewall but with no use....
can somebody help me out with the same?
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Hi there! I would lik e to inquire on how can I fix my laptop. I can't connect to the wifi network. Plus I can't upgrade the driver because the driver isn't showing in device manager. Plus, my track pad is also not working. Help please. Thank you in Advance

A:HP STREAM 11 d002tu Wifi Not Working. Windows 8.1 My Wifi ca...

Hi First of all there is an option in Device Manager; VIEW; Show hidden devices  The faint entries are hidden, like my Zyxel G202 because it is disconnected.   Also.... As an adminstrator, in a Command Prompt Window, typegetmacThis will list MAC addresses for those items that are present, and may not be connected.A good number would be 3,1 x Ethernet1 x Wi-Fi1 x Bluetoothand then typeipconfigand in the long list look for named devices have a matching MAC address.Along with Device manager this is a way to determine the number of devices. additionally type netsh wlan show driversnetsh wlan show interfaces and report the results please.

Happy 2 [email protected]
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I recently updated my Inspiron 14" 5459 to the Windows 10 anniversary update, i noticed that when my wifi access point changes or wifi signal drops or turning off wifi, my laptop semi-freezes, you could still scroll with the mouse or track pad and select open tabs but that's all, clicking other icons and even the windows start menu does not work, if you wait for more than 5 minutes, everything goes back to normal. Waiting around for about 5 minutes is annoying so what I do is press ctrl alt delete and from there restart the laptop. my wifi adapter is updated to the most recent version and also both graphics card (intel hd 520 and amd radeon m335) is also updated to the latest version.  Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

A:after Windows 10 anniversary update, Inspiron 5459 freezes if wifi is turned off or wifi access point is changed, is there a solution to this problem?

Please confirm the wireless card from the device manger or the network control panel. Also please update the BIOS firmware to the latest version. The BIOS update should ideally be version v1.2.2. Also please try system out with  a LAN cable as well to confirm if is indeed caused by the wireless. Though this may not run a complete diagnostics on the network you can run a hardware diagnostics on the computer using the following steps

Shutdown the computer
Hold the 'Fn' key and turn on the computer
Let go of the 'Fn' key after 2 seconds

This is will initiate the H/w diagnostics. Please let us know if it completes or if  you run into any errors. If  you do run into any errors.
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i am having trouble with my wifi and bluetooth not working, it is (off) and is greyed out in the metro interface, so i can not turn it back on, i checked networking centre and it is enabled, i have tried to reformat the computer using lenovo "one key" and the problem is still there, i tried updating the driver but no joy, and i can find one by searching, please help i dont want to have to send this back as faulty to "john lewis" also the trouble shooter says the HW switch is not anabled, i have tried the airplane button, but it does not make any diference, there are no other buttons or switches to turn on bluetooth or wifi so i'm stumped. please help.....

Go to Solution.

A:wifi greyed out "wifi (off) in windows 8 on lenovo...

Uninstall Lenovo Energy Managment 8 and install Version 7 Here is the link : you install version 7, press Fn+F5 to access wireless setting, and turn your WiFi and Bluetooth onIt solved the problem for me.P.S: I've checked out the keyboard of U410 on net, you don't need to press Fn key. Just press the f7 key [this key must be having a ((laptop)) symbol]. Also you will get a compability issue warning. Just ignore it and run the software.Cheers . Hope it helps.
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Ok Thank you guys in advanced before I start So for some odd reason today on one of my laptops my wifi seems to not be working Usually I like to go and look at my wifi signal to see Wifi icon system system not tray. showing in up what Im connected to as soon as I boot m computer Well this time I started it up and the wifi system icon will not show up Of course I go to customize to see if its disabled and if I can enable it Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray. Well the option doesn't even show up I restarted the computer and even used system restore nothing seems to work I ran a wireless network troubleshoot and it says Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray. the problem cant be resolved Im on one of my other laptops because I cant access the internet on the laptop So can anyone help me at all Im new to this forum I think but I do have FRST so if anybody has an idea please let me know I will provide all the information I can if you tell Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray. me what i need to get

A:Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray.

Have you checked Device Manager?  Are there any problems noted with the wifi connection there?
Have you tried:
- downloading a fresh copy of the wifi driver from the manufacturer's website
- uninstalling the current wifi software/drivers
- installing the freshly downloaded drivers?
Have you tried to reset tcp, ip, and winsock?
From an elevated Command Prompt run (and press Enter after each command.  Reboot when done):
netsh int tcp reset
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset
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I have a iMac and I have installed Windows7 using Bootcamp v4.0.

When I use the computer on MacOS X I am able to connect to the Wireless Connection named ([email protected]), also when I restart the computer the same connection shows on the boot-loader screen. But when I am on the Windows 7, I am unable to see the same connection in WIFI connection list. I was earlier able to connect it, but now it doesn't shows up in the list.

All other Wifi enabled devices viz. Android Phone, iPad are able to connect to the same connection & they are in the same room. So why I am unable to connect the iMac when on Windows 7.

How do I fix this?

A:Wireless Connection - WIFI connection not showing up


Can you please provide us an ipconfig /all output for review?
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Just got wifi at my new place and no problems with my computer. My GF's laptop has the problems connecting. She gets wifi only if I set for an Open network or ethernet. I think the problem is with Vista. So does my IP's tech support, but they were clueless about solving the problem...namely no wifi with WPA SK.
Her laptop is Acer Aspire 4315 2535 with Vista. 
I poked around on the internet and I think this MS Support update will solve the problem? But, not sure.
Not sure if I need to go to Acer support for any updates? 
Good advice appreciated, I don't like keeping my wifi Open.  Help appreciated, Jack

A:Wifi Windows Vista Help--No Wifi ?

It seems to be a common problem with this computer. In Device manager what chip is shown for the wireless adapter? Right Click the wireless adapter,select properties and in the dropdown box under the details tab select hardware ID and copy in your next post. I believe an updated driver will work.
Edit: Check this link.
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recently usb resources wifi adaptor wifi wifi not recognized, hogging i was having major computer issues on my desktop i did a full restore to factory settings and after doing a few windows updates i found that my network adaptor was not finding any signals it does not show up in the change adaptor settings wifi adaptor not recognized, usb wifi hogging wifi resources page or in the device manager page when i troubleshoot my internet connection it says an ethernet cable is not properly plugged in I have a desktop computer but it definately has a wireless network card i used to get windows updates for it and it just stopped wifi adaptor not recognized, usb wifi hogging wifi resources working one day when i look in the BIOS the only option related to booting a network card is B D Yukon PXE no matter when i boot it i still dont get wireless signals when i go into the boot menu and try to boot this device it says quot PXE E media test failure please check cable quot i have opened the tower and the card is securely in its slot i thought i would workaround by getting a usb wifi card I installed it and connected to the internet and it alternated between having a connection to the internet and being connected to the network but not the internet even when it is connected to the internet i cannot reach any web pages my dropbox desktop files wifi adaptor not recognized, usb wifi hogging wifi resources update very slowly kb s when i am connected with the usb card the network stops working for everyone else in the house they can no longer reach web pages or continue downloads please help gateway DX AMD Phenom II X processor GHz GB DDRII RAM windows home premium EDIT additionally nothing shows up when i scan with avast antivirus nbsp

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Hi, my computer is a dell dimension 1100, with a Linksys WMP54G wifi card, running vista home basic.

So, In the wifi thing in the notification area, it shows two wireless networks, One is my normal SSID (Lower Net), and one is "Unidentified network". They are both on one wireless connection (Wireless Network Connection 3). When i try to go on the internet, it says i'm not connected. i tried disconnecting from the unidentified network, but that disconnects me from lower net too. Thanks For Any Help In Advance!!!

A:Solved: Vista showing my normail wireless SSID, plus showing second unidentified netw
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I am trying to remove empty folders using Remove Empty Directories. I know of a few that are empty, and just ran a test to see if RED would detect they were empty. Well, to my surprise, I am finding that RED shows 1 (or more) file in these folders (a JPG at 0.00 MB), but it's not showing up in the folder. Is there any way I can have these show up in folders so I can search for all JPG's and delete them? Example:

I do have "Show hidden files, folders and drives" checked under folder options as well.

A:File not showing up in folder,but showing up in Remove Empty Directori


You could try running JPG Cleaner v2.6

I use this software on a regular basis. I'd suggest limiting it's use to only one problem folder on your machine as a test run.

Run the program with admin rights then from the GUI choose Add Folder then browse to your test folder. Additionally choose the option to delete Unknown Files and also untick the option to Create Backup Files.

Then choose Start and when the cleanup is completed there is an option to save a log file. Save the log file somewhere and have a look at it to view the results.

Additionally you could run the program again choosing the Delete Corrupt Files option.

If you're happy with the results - go ahead and add the other remaining folders or directories to be cleaned.

I've never encountered any problems using this software but as always before running any sort of cleaning product it's best to at least create a system restore point to fall back on and ideally have a system image backup handy.
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I have just built a new computer using Windows Pro bit however I've noticed when I open Windows explorer out of times it will continuously search for drives when opening up explorer and not show any drives that are installed I've tried reformatting using different hard drives but the problem persists no matter what I do I've reinstalled Windows with only a single drive plugged in tried different SATA ports but this folders/file icons/thumbnails showing Drives not showing, not problem keeps Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing coming back The only thing I can think of is that the Windows install disk is corrupted and not installing properly I've also noticed that once it starts searching like this the icons wont display in any folder although the file names will Likewise when trying to sort files Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing by date type etc they will not sort When this happens I can easily type in Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing C to get to the drive without problem to access the drive but above problems with icons not showing sorting etc still is a problem Has anyone had this problem Know of a way to fix this I'm not looking forward to having to reformat again as I don't have the time to sit through and reinstall everything again after

A:Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing

Hey Man.

When Im having problems with the system i do this:

Open cmd as administrator and then type "sfc/scannow" press enter

I will check your system for missing systemfiles and problems.

Give it a try and let me hear from you
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Have recently formatted my laptop and re installed Windows on my normal HDD because i have a small SSD since formatting my SSD and deleting and renewing the old partition, in windows explorer and disk management i can no longer see my SSD. I can see my SSD in Bios and in the Intel Rapid storage technology app, but cannot understand why i cannot use my SSD, Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


A:SSD not showing in Disk Management, but showing on Intel Rapid Storage

Could we get some more information?

Does this laptop have 2 hard drive bays? Did it always have 2 hard drives?
What does "deleting and renewing the old partition" mean?

What I suspect is that the SSD has a partition that is still marked ACTIVE. Windows will boot from one Active partition and ignore the other. So if the SSD has just one partition that is marked active then the whole drive would be ignored.

If you deleted the partition in Disk Management or some 3rd party program then that would have taken care of the Active flag on that partition. But if you just deleted the contents of the partition that would have left the flag.

Let us know what you did.

EDIT: I should add: any partition that contained an operating system will have the active flag. This is not something you would have had to do yourself.
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Hi guys I am fairly new to this website and would absolutely LOVE if someone could help me figure out this problem I have an Alienware Windows M laptop I know everyone hates alienwares but I don t have enough time to build my own The laptop has a build in SoundBlaster Recon Di with an intel display audio This problem just started happening yesterday before I went to work and when I came back the headphones wouldn t work I thought the headphones were the problem so I tried testing them on two different computers and they weren t working I went to get some new ones and tried plugging them in and they didn t pick up either The jacks do show that they pick up in saying showing not up Headphone No sound. it's playback devices; jack showing up. when the headphones are plugged in just no sound will play Speakers work perfectly fine but I Headphone not showing up in playback devices; jack saying it's showing up. No sound. listen to music all the time and need to have headphones that work The laptop is fairly new so I know it s not a problem that persists with that Tested Updated ALL of the drivers persisting to sound Disabled and uninstalled all drivers and restarted the computer If there s anything else I should add please let me know I just cannot figure out why it would suddenly stop working nbsp

A:Headphone not showing up in playback devices; jack saying it's showing up. No sound.

Sorry guys, forgot to add this into the main post.
(Attachment included of the picture)
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I have a toolbar on my taskbar titled "Programs". It has about eight folders in it. I made another toolbar, and placed it directly adjacent to the Programs toolbar, to obscure the eight folders and force it to be a dropdown menu.

Trouble is, as soon as I lock my taskbar, right next to the arrow that displays the eight items of my Programs toolbar in menu-form, one of the eight items is showing up as an icon, as if the other toolbar isn't close enough to the Programs toolbar in order to completely obscure the eight items.

Here's what I mean in graphic form:

It's bugging me to no end. Anyone else had this problem/resolved it?

A:Toolbar on taskbar should only be showing an arrow but is showing icon

Hello thewonkits, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I notice this happens when using small icons for a toolbar. If you like, you could unlock the taskbar, right click on the dotted separator line to the left of the two top far left toolbars (one at a time) click on View and Large Icons, then lock the taskbar to see if that may look ok to you. It will make the top row a bit bigger though.

Hopefully someone may know a better way to hide that bit of icon poking out when locked.
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I have a game in my pen drive that is splits second, my friend had given this pen drive to me, but windows explorer is showing that this drive is empty, i have checked it if it is hidden but still it's not showing after i had changed settings for hidden files, and i had checked the drive properties, it is showing that 3.07 GB free of 7.44 GB, please help me...

A:File folder is not showing in my pen drive, showing it is empty.


The problem could be because all the data that was present inside the pen drive now have become system files by the virus. This is the reason why they are not visible even with the option “Show Hidden files and folders”.
To remove the problem this is what you need to do.
1. Go to Folder Options -> View tab
2. Make sure that your Show Hidden files and folders option is enabled.
3. Uncheck the option that reads “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)”

Now when you see your pen drive, you will find that your data is present there but in hidden form. There are 2 ways to unhide the data, either right click and uncheck the Hidden box or type in the following command in the command prompt
attrib filename –h –r –s
where filename is the complete location of the file.

Let me know if it solved your problem.
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I am running the following system on a Dell Inspiron:
Vista Home Premium 64bitPentium Dual-Core 2.7ghz4.0gb RAM500 GB HD
My HD says it is 99% full. However, I have read all of the posts here for assistance, used disk clean-up, culled unwanted programs/files etc. and the size continues to grow.

I ran WinDirStat and it shows that only approx. 133gb is being used -- which is far more realistic.

I have ran a full system virus scan with Bitdefender.

What else can be the problem?

Thanks for your quick attention. I appreciate your help.


A:500GB HD showing 99%full - WinDirStat showing 133GB used?

Off the top may I suggest the obvious. Test your hard drive

Test Hard Drive HD Diagnostic or this test Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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Hi all I want to ask what to do to fix my computer. After the the initial windows 7 start up screeen it will show
Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk check, but itbis strongly recommended that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk.
Cannot open for direct access.
Autochk cannot run due to an error caused by recently installed software package.
Use the system restore feature from the control panel to restore the system to a point prior to the recent software package installation.
An unspecified error occured (766f6c756d652e63 3f1)

A:Windows wont start up after Windows startup screen showing corrupted file

Can you access the Advanced Boot Options by tapping F8 at boot? If you can, select System Restore and do a Restore just before the problem began. If you cannot access the menu via F8 do you have access to another Windows 7 computer so that you can create a System Repair Disk?
Edit: If you can access Advanced Boot Options then try Last Known Good Configuration before attempting a System Restore.
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windows professional had no trouble until i think was the date I have looked into many threads on this subject to no avail nothing in the registry HKEY local machine components to remove not the clock tried microsoft fixit here is a copy of my MGA diagnostics file Code Diagnostic Report ----------------------------------------- Windows Validation Data-- gt Validation Code x FE Cached Online Validation Code x Windows Product Key - -TKY X-QRT - K CH Windows Product Key update also not genuine windows error fail 8000FFFF windows showing Hash x eg fzrYc BYQyKndw qOX E Windows Product ID - - - Windows Product ID Type Windows License Type Retail Windows OS version ID FC-B F - CE - A -D EFDF Is Admin Yes TestCab x LegitcheckControl ActiveX N A hr x Signed By N A hr x Product Name Windows Professional Architecture x Build lab win sp gdr - TTS Error Validation Diagnostic Resolution Status N A Vista WgaER Data-- gt ThreatID s N A hr x Version N A hr x Windows XP Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x File Exists No Version N A hr x WgaTray exe Signed By N A hr x WgaLogon dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x Version N A hr x OGAExec exe Signed By N A hr x OGAAddin dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Data-- gt Office Status N A OGA Version windows update fail error 8000FFFF also showing windows not genuine N A x Signed By N A hr x Office Diagnostics D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - Browser Data-- gt Proxy settings N A User Agent Mozilla compatible MSIE Win Default Browser C Users Jeff AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe Download signed ActiveX controls Prompt Download unsigned ActiveX controls Disabled Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Allowed Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Disabled Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control Disabled Active scripting Allowed Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting Allowed File Scan Data-- gt File Mismatch C Windows system sppobjs dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppc dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppcext dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppwinob dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system slc dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system slcext dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppuinotify dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system slui exe Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppcomapi dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppcommdlg dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system sppsvc exe Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system drivers spsys sys Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system systemcpl dll Hr x b File Mismatch C Windows system user dll Hr x b Other data-- gt Office Details lt GenuineResults gt lt MachineData gt lt UGUID gt FC-B F - CE - A -D EFDF lt UGUID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt OS gt lt OS gt lt Architecture gt x lt Architecture gt lt PKey gt - - - - K CH lt PKey gt lt PID gt - - - lt PID gt lt PIDType gt lt PIDType gt lt SID gt S- - - - - - lt SID gt lt SYSTEM gt lt Manufacturer gt ACER lt Manufacturer gt lt Model gt Aspire T E AP F lt Model gt lt SYSTEM gt lt BIOS gt lt Manufacturer gt American Megatrends Inc lt Manufacturer gt lt Version gt R -A lt Version gt lt SMBIOSVersion major quot quot minor quot quot gt lt Date gt lt Date gt lt BIOS gt lt HWID gt BB FC lt HWID gt lt UserLCID gt lt UserLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt TimeZone gt Eastern Standard Time GMT- lt TimeZone gt lt iJoin gt lt iJoin gt lt SBID gt lt stat gt lt stat gt lt msppid gt lt msppid gt lt name gt lt name gt lt model gt lt model gt lt SBID gt lt OEM gt lt GANotification gt lt MachineData gt lt Software gt lt Office gt lt Result gt lt Result gt lt Products gt lt Applications gt lt Office gt lt Software gt lt GenuineResults gt Spsys log Content x Licensing Data-- gt Software licensing service version Name Windows R Professional edition Description Windows Operating System - Windows R RETAIL channel Activation ID bc - dc - d-b - cba... Read more

A:windows update fail error 8000FFFF also showing windows not genuine

This may simply be caused by a bad set of Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers -

Installing the Intel Rapid Storage Drivers
try downloading and installing them from here -

(you want the iata_enu.exe download)

Once complete, please reboot twice, then post another MGADiag report.
If that one fails, try the earlier driver set -
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I have a problem where the left pane of the windows explorer bar is greyed out and it shows nothing. The right pane however works fine.

I have seen the article in relation to how to fix this problem on a Windows 95 and 98 machine but not a Windows 2000 machine as the registry key mentioned does not exist in Win2k.

Any idea anyone ?

A:Windows Explorer left pane not showing for Windows 2000 machine

Hi Jeeviz....See if this site is any help,289625,sid20_cid461699_tax287574,00.html
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I have attached a copy of he dumpfile. Please let me know if you require any other information. The user cannot replicate the issue, it happens at random times and she isnt starting or stopping any programs around the time of the crash.

A:Windows explorer crashing randomly. Windows logs not showing anything

Welcome to Seven Forums,

Have you gone through these troubleshooting steps?
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4PCs: Vista1 Vista2 Win8 Win10 using Workgroup Network:
The older PCs still behave normally, can see each other and Win10.
The Win10 PC has two problems: 1) It can't see Win8 (sees only the other 3). 2) Win10 Net View in command prompt shows no PCs, just a message about "system error 1231" and "see windows help". An older similar thread mentioned the net view problem may be related to the computer browser service, but it's running.

This is my first attempt to install Windows 10, so I have no previous installs to refer to or compare. In the past 15 years of home networking I think this is the first time a PC was totally invisible to only one other PC. It looks like the problem is Windows 10, considering the strange result from the net view command.
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I have 3 computers on my network

Windows 8.1 Pro X64 - named Desktop
Windows 7 Pro X64 - named Webserver
Windows 10 TP X64 build 10049 - named Laptop

I can see all 3 computers on my network from Desktop and Webserver.
I can see Webserver and Laptop from Laptop.
I can not see Desktop on Laptop.
I can see the Desktop shares on Laptop by entering \\Desktop in the address bar of Windows Explorer (Network).

I was able to see all computers from all computers before I upgraded to build 10049 and I believe I could see all from all even after the upgrade until last night.

Note: Just rebooted Laptop and now I see only Webserver, Laptop no longer shows.

These images are from Laptop:

A:Windows 8.1 computer not showing in network on Windows 10 10049 system

Microsoft is in the middle of a huge network rewrite.. this was the reason why the IPv4 properties were disabled in 10049.

My guess is this should shake itself out in a few builds as they complete the work.
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So I was watching a YouTube video in fullscreen and when it ended I exited the fullscreen to find my window borders as if they were the ones in Windows Vista, the individual buttons that look like a cross between Windows XP and Windows 7, not the ones that you'll see if you look up "Windows Vista window borders". As I say this it does this more and more often, at first it was a split second but then it was long enough to observe it. Now it happens when I close and open windows too. What's happening?
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I have a perfectly running PC and a working wireless adapter but funny thing is that my home wifi cant be detected while neighbor's wifi are listed down. The problem occur whenever I send my PC to repair, after the whole process when I want to get my PC connected to the internet but just cant. It has happened to me 3 times and total I bought 3 different wireless adapters, I dont want to keep buying new wireless adapters just to search for my own wifi. My other devices worked fine with my home wifi as I am typing this on my Iphone instead because my PC cant detect my own wifi !!!!!! VERY FURIOUS.

thanks for reading and i really hope for an answer as soon as possible because i just wana dota on my new PC.. please help me.

A:Wifi adapter can detect other wifi but not my own wifi

It has happened to me 3 times and total I bought 3 different wireless adapters,Click to expand...

has that resoved the issue or not
it maybe the signal is broadcasting on channel 12/13

can you connect the pc directly to the router with a cable and then
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file to the faulty PC and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
enter you details
Download this file "DOWNLOAD WI-FI INSPECTOR Vx.xx "
( the site now appears to allow webbased emails like gmail, hotmail, outlook and yahoo now )

There is also a xirrus gadget, But that does not have all the fuctionality "DOWNLOAD GADGET Vx.xx

Alternative links - Use the links below
Do NOT use any of the download managers offered - Cnet , just use the direct link below - and click on the download button
Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You will need to have NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.
On windows 8 - (i do not have windows 8) but, it would appear that, When you first try to run, you may get a message that .net framework is needed, and included in that message is a link to download/install.

Run the program

A user guide is available here

post a screen shot of the program running.
if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information.

post which SSID name is yours, its located in the list, under network "Adapter Name" (1st column)
For a reliable (or robust as the Xirrus user guide says) wireless connection you need a signal of about -70 dBm or better. "A desirable signal level for a robust Wi-Fi connection will be green".
note: the signal level is a negative number, so for example -88 is worst and -40 is better

To post a screen shot of the active window.

Windows XP
Hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application (Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint) and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.

Vista or Windows 7
you can use the "snipping tool" which is found in Start> All programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool

Windows 8 & 10
you can use the snipping tool > Open Snipping Tool
(From the Windows 8 Start Screen, or windows 10 Search, type "snip" and press enter)
(From windows 10 - All Apps>Windows Accessories>Snipping Tool
>Press the Esc. key.
>go back to your Windows 8 start screen - Swipe from left or press Window Button
>Press Ctrl+PrntScr button to use Snipping Tool
see here

To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the full reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
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Why is it that sometimes the folders icons show samples of their contents and sometimes not?

Check the two images: the first shows Desktop in Windows Explorer; the second shows the desktop itself.

Any idea on how to make Windows always show the folders contents samples?


A:Folders icons showing/not showing content

Hello Paul,

You might see if clearing and resetting the thumbnail cache may be able to help.
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I am hoping that I am posting this in the correct area. My wife has a laptop that will connect wirlessly and show internet pages on our home network but when we are traveling, even at her parents, he laptop shows as being connected to the wireless network but does not show internet pages or allow her to surf the net. This only happens away from our home network. Any ideas on how to fix this? It is a Dell laptop is that makes a difference.(Moderator edit: added Topic Description.jgw)

A:showing connected but not showing internet pages

I've had good luck with similar issues by clearing out its saved networks, then trying to connect again.

If I had the OS, I could tell you how to do so... hint, hint
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Hi there, I have a few questions.
First off, I tried downloading the Win7 RC 64-bit via that download manager that you have to use. After the download, I do no see the .iso file of Win7 RC on my desktop(which I set as where I want to file to download). The only icons I see that are related to the RC are the "Start Download Manager" and the .dlm file for the RC. Does anyone know what may be going wrong?

And another question: since you can't upgrade from a 32-bit Vista to a 64-bit Win7, I will have to do a clean install. Does anyone know how I can make an ISO of my current OS? I don't have the OS DVD since my laptop came with Vista already installed.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Windows .iso not showing up?

Quote: Originally Posted by Chaotix

Hi there, I have a few questions.
First off, I tried downloading the Win7 RC 64-bit via that download manager that you have to use. After the download, I do no see the .iso file of Win7 RC on my desktop(which I set as where I want to file to download). The only icons I see that are related to the RC are the "Start Download Manager" and the .dlm file for the RC. Does anyone know what may be going wrong?

And another question: since you can't upgrade from a 32-bit Vista to a 64-bit Win7, I will have to do a clean install. Does anyone know how I can make an ISO of my current OS? I don't have the OS DVD since my laptop came with Vista already installed.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

HI and welcome

How big is the dl, file? how long did it take you to download? where did you download it?

re:backup of vista. do you want an ISO or a backup? You cant just make and iso of vista then install it back, so im thinking either you want a backup, or want to be able to roll it back, or dual boot, which?

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I recently had a bad sector and had my primary drive C formatted. Eveything including the OS and drivers were moved to D which was empty. Then I had to re-install my OS but the older Windows 7 installed files and drivers are still in drive D but they dont show up in boot menu and instead the nwer installation is used which is new and therefore has no drivers also. How can I get my PC to boot from the old drive D windows installation.

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Hi I have recently been trying to install Elementary OS on an SSD that I bought a while ago but never used It worked but I thought I would try Ubuntu instead so I formatted the SSD not showing up Windows 7 in hard drive and then installed ubuntu via a USB drive I then thought that Elementary was a lot SSD not showing up in Windows 7 nicer so I tried going back to that but I got an error message Errno I tried with a different USB and I still got it so I went back onto Windows on my primary hard drive and the SSD was not in my computer anymore Since then I have tried many things to get the SSD discoverable by Windows again including post on this thread and also SSD not showing up in Windows 7 karlsnooks' suggestions in this thread but nothing has worked I got it to be seen by Windows using the suggestions in the second thread and even formatted it while I could see it but when I restarted my PC it went away again I can see the SSD in BIOS as well so I know that all connections are secure Worst comes to worst I can install Linux on my third HDD which works but I really would not like my SSD to be useless as it was quite expensive P S The SSD is a Kingston GB ATA

A:SSD not showing up in Windows 7

Is it shown in Disk Management? and does it have a letter assigned if so?
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Hey guys this has been really bothering me and I've tried a couple things but nothing has worked. I'm running a fresh install of XPSP2 and when Windows boots up it doesn't see the drive. It works ok at startup(I can re-install Windows from CD) and the light on the drive shows up every time I put a disc in. I've noticed a weird slow down that might be linked to it as well. A stuttering is the best way to describe it.

Sometimes it sees the drive and sometimes it doesn't.

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Hello You might have seen a number of post from me other the last couple of days as I have been struggling with building my new pc blush Anyway my PC is now running fine and I have installed more or less the programs I need Now I have just one quot problem quot left I have put in Gb of RAM in my computer and in the boot up sequence it all shows up But in Windows I can only see Gb I have never had the opportunity before to have this much RAM in one computer So I in 2 gb of only Ram showing is up gb as Windows 4 XP dont know if there is anything I need to do to get Windows to recognise RAM above gb I am thinking of the gb limit per process which is obviously 4 gb of Ram is only showing up as 2 gb in Windows XP not the same thing but got me thinking or if this is caused by a real problem I ran memtest- and everything came up OK Sorry for being such a n b nbsp

A:4 gb of Ram is only showing up as 2 gb in Windows XP

PC hardware specs?
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Hey!  Current bios version M73 01.41 Rev.A System is only picking 3.4 GB and the rest is not usable. The issue occured after updating to the latest bios. I tried reinstalling windwows 10 and even i got back to 7 ultimate  (all x64 ) ,but the resault is the same.  In the System configuration menu there i have not checked the max memory or processors. I tried going back to the older 01.16 Rev.A using a recovery USB and holding down Windows key and B key and power key, but i only have a black screen and a blinking CAPS LOCK key.  -The newest bios is working and the PC is functional ,but not using all the installed memory How do i fix it or downgrade is the question.  Thanks in advance !
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hello, ive fitted an iomega predator cdrw 24x10x40 to my laptop via usb. after setting it up it took over my cd rom drive `d` and has knocked out the cd rom. i have now moved the cdrw to drive g but drive d has now dissapeared along with the cd rom. the cd rom is a teac 2200 for laptop and im on windows 98 second ed.
all attempts to reinstall the cd by hardware or drivers have failed. i only see any mention of the cd rom in dos when i boot up.
in the device manager the primary and secondary ide controllers are also down but im not sure how to re-install these?
hope someone can throw some light!



A:cd rom not showing in windows

Probably the easiest thing for you to do- check at the support site for the drive- USB reinstalls involve a step by step process, which is not difficult, but can differ from device to device... I do know that in Device Manager, do this from Safe Mode (at startup, hold CTRL key down, select Safe Mode from looks and acts like Windows, but less drivers's a diagnostic mode, will look less colorful, but it works) when you reach Safe Mode, it says that in all four corners....go into Device manager, click open the problem devices...IDE controllers, and click Remove....restart.....will ask for drivers, tell it to look in C:/Windows/Options/cabs or, sometimes they will be in a folder called may also just use the Windows CD or your Restore software to reinstall these drivers.
your problem could be that you have not jumpered the drive to match where and how it is trying to be installed in the computer- the old CDROM may have been a Master drive on the Secondary IDE port on the motherboard- usually, when a CDRW is installed, most folks want it to be the Master drive, so the CDROM (old) has to be changed both by rejumpering as a Slave drive on one IDE port or the other, and both should be redetected in system BIOS/setup. Most newer motherboards are set to Auto for configuring new drives, just check the settings...
Each cable and port can support only two devices/drives without the aid of an added in Controller card. Sometimes, it can make a difference too with the power supply- not enough power, exceeded supply, etc. With USB, as I said, there are one way step by step setups to install- check site or manual to uninstall and reinstall software and the device itself. hope this helps.
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Hi, My computer currently has Vista 64 on it and it's showing 4GB of ram but I wish to go back to XP 64 bit because I hate the control freak attitude of Vista. My problem is when I had XP 64 on it wouldn't show 4GB of ram even though I enabled /pae from the boot file ?

A:Windows XP 64 bit not showing 4GB ram ?

Can you provide some of your system information like make and model of mobo and video graphic card (onboard or exernal)?
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Hiya people, lurker speaking for the 1st time

I have a RAM issue that a little baffling...

Now I know that the 32-bit OS wont show all of my 4GB as usable but its showing alot less than 4GB.... See pic

Any ideas what I can do?

A:Windows 7 showing far less RAM than should be....

Do you have an integrated video card on your machine with "shared memory"?? My guess is that a certain amount of your main memory is being reserved for the video card....thus leaving about 2.75G
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Ok so I just built my new computer and Windows. in Second up HD not showing finally got it running see all the info in my signature for the specs Second HD not showing up in Windows. on it I formatted the primary SATAII HD installed XP and had Second HD not showing up in Windows. to run to work So I came home tonight and planned on formatting the second SATAII HD but I can't Second HD not showing up in Windows. find it in XP Pro I checked under control panel gt Administrative Tools gt Computer Manaagement gt Disk Management Under that I see Disk and Disk along with my Optical Drives Disk shows a quot Primary Partition quot and is labeled the quot C quot Drive Disk is shown as unallocated and is not assigned a drive letter When I right click on Disk the only options I get are quot Convert to Dynamic Disk quot quot Properties quot and quot Help quot I thought there would be a format option or something and there isn't The drive is also not showing up in explorer which is why I went through admin tools Does anyone know how to correct this Thanks all PS The drive IS showing in BIOS

A:Second HD not showing up in Windows.


for a high end system you have a low ranked power supply.

you will need to recheck the sata cables first, they arent the most secure.
[why they couldnt make them better, who knows?]

post back
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Hi All!

Just purchased a used Samsung Chronos 7 laptop and updated the OS from 8 to 10. Now the SSD disk doesn't show up anywhere and I have no idea what's on it. I am not a tech savvy person and any help would be greatly appreciated!

The C drive is 1TB and the SSD would be 8GB.

Thank you!

A:SSD not showing up on Windows 10


That's too small to be of much use for anything but a cache for the spinner.

This is 3 years old, but you may find it relevant:

Clean install of Windows 7,8 on Samsung 7 Series Chronos Laptops with ExpressCache | NotebookReview
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I have a Dual Xeon machine with a fresh install of Windows XP Pro SP The DVD-RW works perfectly fine in Linux Ubuntu and Windows but when I install Windows XP Tiny XP Rev it won t show up at all regardless of what I do and the drive won t even open if I hit the eject button Dvd-rw Xp In Windows Showing Not it s as if the Drive is disabled I can t Dvd-rw Not Showing In Windows Xp see it in the Device Manager and it doesnt work regardless if I have the Intel Chipset driver install or if I am using the Microsoft Driver Any ideas EDIT I have the latest BIOS update tried the latest drivers from Asus s website and Intel s website and I even popped in a old Sony CD-RW from another machine and got the same thing Now I have used this version of Tiny XP Rev on other machines and have had no such problems machines so far mine being the th

A:Dvd-rw Not Showing In Windows Xp

Hi .

From what I see Tiny XP is an illegal version of XP, support of such is against forum rules.

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Hello, so I recently bought a product key for Windows 10 Pro and windows finally activated. Originally, the PC was home edition, but then I tried upgrading it to pro with a product key but that key wouldn't activate it. So I decided to buy one, which I thought it would fix the 118 gb limit, but apparently it hasn't. My friend has windows pro on her laptop (we have the same laptop) and her windows says 918 gigabytes, not 118. Any help?
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i formate my usb to make bootable usb for 8.1 using rufus but it is not formate completly and after that it is not showing in my computer ...
when I connect the USb computer made sound but not show the USB....

A:USB flash is not showing in windows 8....

May be you formatted it with wrong partition type, not recognized by Windows.
1. Restore USB partition
2. Create bootable Windows 8.1 USB
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The Libraries folder exists, but there is nothing in there. No Documents, no music--nothing. Right clicking and choosing "restore default libraries" has no effect--not even an error message.

Any ideas? I've seen this topic pop up in many different forums, and the recommended fix is always to right click and select "Restore Default Libraries." As mentioned, this has no effect on my machine.
Thanks for any help

A:Windows 7 Libraries not showing up

this may help you if you run a SFC system scan

please follow the steps in brinks tutorial How to Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker >>> SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

The sfc /scannow command (System File Checker) scans the integrity of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible.
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Let me preface by saying sorry if this is a stupid question and or I do not provide enough information I have a Dell Precision desktop that was running XP Pro until I switched it over to Windows to test it out I in Internal Up 2nd Showing Windows Not HDD have two WD GB SATA drives inside of it When I start the computer and go into the setup to look at 2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows what drives are enabled it recognizes the 2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows two different drives Once I boot into windows it does not recognize the second drive I have tried switching the 2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows second drive to different ports to no avail I used a new OS Install disc to see if it would show the drive in case it needed to be formatted and it still did not show the second drive I can hear the drive spinning just fine I have a Sabrent Cable Converter that I can plug into the USB Port to see if it shows up that way using Active Recovery Partition software if anyone thinks that might help Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciative The people at Dell told me to send the whole thing in Let me know if you need anymore information Thanks nbsp

A:2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows

do you have the jumper settings correct? I would hope that this is not your only computer as windows 7 is a beta version. this could be your problem. does the secondary drive show up in bios?
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My usb icon does not show. Its not a big deal but it really annoys me when things dont work the way they are supposed to especially when they used to. This happened about a month ago. I turned on my laptop and bam, all of a sudden icons arent showing up and looking through forums i have fixed all but one. When i plug in any mass storage device (usb; flash drive, external hard drive, mp3 player) the icon shows a general icon as if the icon was missing. I have attatched a picture so you can see exactly what I am talking about. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be GREATLY appreciated.

A:Windows 7 - USB Icon not showing up

hi Alex, and welcome to sevenforums,

If one or more of your icons are not displaying correctly, or that your icon cache is corrupted, then you might consider rebuilding the icon cache to reset and reload the icon images into the icon cache.

try this - and let us know if it worked.

you may have to reboot after doing it.
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So I have defragged my system multiple times to optimize my overall system performance and every single time it shows 1% defragmented, eventhough I have ran the built in defragger for windows 7 64-bit home premium x amount of times to fix this.

I know that its not an immediate concern, but is this something I should be concerned with, since something seems to be wrong during file allocations when defragging.



found this

A:Windows Defrag showing 1%, instead of 0%

Quote: Originally Posted by Fuzion636

So I have defragged my system multiple times to optimize my overall system performance and every single time it shows 1% defragmented, eventhough I have ran the built in defragger for windows 7 64-bit home premium x amount of times to fix this.

I know that its not an immediate concern, but is this something I should be concerned with, since something seems to be wrong during file allocations when defragging.


Nothing to be concerned about and perfectly normal. Dont go overboard on defragging as each time you do you run the risk of introducing an error. Not worth the risk until you get over 5% fragmented.
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I have a TB showing 7 up drives RAW Windows keep as 3 in TB Seagate Barracuda SATA drive and seemingly out of nowhere it is showing up as a RAW partition within Disk Management on Windows A bit of history The drive seemed to work fine being housed 3 TB drives keep showing up as RAW in Windows 7 in a Thermaltake 3 TB drives keep showing up as RAW in Windows 7 BlacX Duet dock connected via USB to a Windows computer We just noticed that one 3 TB drives keep showing up as RAW in Windows 7 day possibly after rebooting Windows the drive shows up as RAW and we get the message quot You need to format the disk in drive K quot Fortunately the data on this drive is not crucial and what concerns me is this has happened on at least one or two other TB Seagate drives in the same dock over the past few weeks As far as I know the drives are not being abused in any way -- meaning they re not being physically moved around the docks aren t being improperly shut off or disconnected or anything like that I believe all the drives were formatted with a quick format within Windows using GPT to allow all TB to be used So the main thing I m trying to figure out is why this is happening Any tips on where else to look or any possible insight on what could be going on here Could it possibly be the dock It s random enough where it seems like it might be hard to isolate it reproduce it know when it s solved Would appreciate any thoughts nbsp

A:3 TB drives keep showing up as RAW in Windows 7

What is the model and manufacturer of the docks?
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Hi there I have just opened ms config and noticed there is not a version of windows running there.

here is a image depicting what I mean. Now my Husband has again been playing around after many times of him messing my system up.

How can i rectify this with or with out re-installing windows 7 again.

Any help would be grateful


A:Windows 7 not showing up in msconfig

Try checking the box next to "OS boot information". You may have to close then re-open msconfig for it to take effect. Not sure if this will show the OS under boot tab or just show everything that's booting on startup splash screen.

Could also try running System File Checker scan from elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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Im running Windows 8 which came pre installed with my hp notebook, but all I see in system properties is "Windows 8" and I typed "winver" into run and all I see is "Windows 8" and nothing about an edition

I need to know this because I am getting an SSD and will need to make a Windows DVD so I can do a clean install onto it.

A:Windows 8 is not showing the edition

Windows 8 =Core

Windows 8 Pro

Windows Pro with MC.
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I have a problem, The icons next to my time clock and date are not showing up ( only 1 of them and thats xfire )

Can someone help me?
Look at the attachment for a screenshot.


A:Windows 7 Icons are not showing

Hi, welcome to the forums

You may want to look at the following tutorial

Icon Cache - Rebuild

and see if it helps.

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Hello as the title says I'm having problems to load ads in my browsers and I was hoping I could get some help At first with Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge it worked normaly Then I installed Mozilla Firefox because is the browser I normaly used before updating and ads didn't load any not showing Ads in 10) (Windows browser they worked just in Private Mode but in Edge and Explorer they still worked So I tried installing Chrome but ads didn't load either in normal or private mode Then for some reason after installing it advertisements stopped working in Edge and Explorer too but in Mozilla Private Mode they still worked Right now I don't have any antivirus installed just Windows Defender I had Kaspersky and then I tried Avast Free to see if that was the problem but nothing changed Ads not showing in any browser (Windows 10) I'm not running any AdBlocking software as far as i know and Java and Flash are up to date Any idea why is this happening P S Sorry Ads not showing in any browser (Windows 10) for Ads not showing in any browser (Windows 10) my bad english haha
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I am an AMD FX 8320 eight core processor, 3.5 ghz
i installed Windows 8 Pro, but when i checked task manager, it is only showing 4 cores.
Please help

A:Windows 8 is showing only 4 cores, instead of 8?

Run msconfig and go to boot> advanced options> make sure the number of processors is not set to 4 (uncheck the box if checked).
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I have two monitors. Both worked fine with this pc.The video card fried and I haven?tbeen able to get both working with my pc since.One is a Dell 1901FP (monitor #1).The other is a Viewsonic GS790 (Monitor #2).

In Windows 7 (64 bit) Monitor #1 works fine. Monitor #2 shows up in the Windows screenresolution screen but nothing shows up on it.

I have tried two different video cards both EVGA. Neither worked, both had the same issue.One was a GeForce GT 730 2GB while the otherwas a GeForce 8400 GS.

The Viewsonic monitor works fine with other PC?s including onewith Windows 7 enterprise.

The motherboard is a Gigayte 970A-G46.

I suspect that it is driver related since multiple videocards have the same issue and the monitor works on another pc fine. In addition this monitor worked with this PCin the past.

Any help to get this going would be really appreciated.

A:Windows 7 64 bit Second Monitor not Showing Anything

I also have tried an NvidiaGT 620 with the same results.