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Kicked my self in the shins and cant undo Fire Fox option

Q: Kicked my self in the shins and cant undo Fire Fox option

So i work with a pretty old application that is no longer supported and uses outdated TLS. So every time I would go to the site i would see this message in Firefox.
As long as you ignored it or X'ed it you could carry on your way. Its internal so i am not worried about the security implications.
Well today i had way to much going on and clicked the Dont Trust This Website button... Well after that when I go to the site all i get is.

For the life of me i can not find how to undo that option... I have even tried yanking FF and still nada... WTH am i doing wrong here?
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Preferred Solution: Kicked my self in the shins and cant undo Fire Fox option

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm having an issue with my media sharing options in Network and Sharing on all my computers on my network. When I go to network & sharing to turn on media sharing for some reason by itself it gets turn off?? This is frustrating to have to continually reset it on all computers on my network. They all have the same Home Group password, but still it gets turn off somehow. Can anyone Please tell me what am I doing wrong or what the problem is causing this to happen???

A:Media sharing option keeps shutting off by itself

I assume you are talking about Media Player setup. Did you see this?
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My internal HDD failed due to a sudden power outage. I can hear beeping sounds like the motor is trying to spin the drive up and failing to do so. This drive contains all my important data ( documents, photos and videos), I'm thinking of taking it to a data recovery center, How much would it cost me for a data recovery service? I've been recommended to WeRecoverData data recovery labs by an IT person, Anyone have experience with them? Any help advice? Thanks in advance.

A:HDD beeping. What's the best data recovery option?

Likely thousands. Hopefully in the future you will make backups of important data.

If it was killed by the power outage, you can probably fix it yourself by purchasing the exact same drive on ebay or wherever and swap the PCB.
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My media sharing option constantly keeps turning off by itself even after I have reset it to share my media on all networked (4) computers and even while watching movies from another computer on my network, I have also enabled media sharing thru Windows media player and it still cuts itself off! can anyone help with this issue??

A:Networking: Media Sharing option turns off

Which version of Windows do you have? Make sure services for media share are enabled.
You might have to

press start key + r at the same time then type: services.msc

Computer Browser (started/manual)

DHCP Client (started/auto)
DNS Client (started/auto)

Function Discovery Resource Publication (started/auto)

start/auto/enable Homegroup Listener
start/auto/enable Homegroup Provider

Network Connections (started/manual)
Network List Service (started/manual)

Peer Name Resolution Protocol (started/manual)
Peer Networking Grouping (started/manual)
Peer Networking Identity Manager (started/manual)

SSDP Discovery (started/manual)

Also check on your system for software that is disabling sharing just our right like cleaners all-in-one does it because in theory suppose to reduce over head.
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I have Intel DH77KC, Windows 7 64bit installed, Realtech HD audio, Everything was working fine .. I don't know what happened, last night I plugged my headphone and try to chat with my friend but, mic was not working, its weird, anyhow I noticed that in mixer every thing is good but rear microphone jack is grayed out, I think that is causing the issue.. I don't know why is so, I checked my headphone on my laptop and mic worked fine there, is something wrong with my pc hardware or what is going on please guys I need ur help.

A:Realtech HD Audio Rear Mic Option Grayed Out in Mixer

When did this happen? If you know roughly the time period, you can do a system restore to just before that period and that should fix it if it is software based. Also have a look in the Real tech audio 'control panel' and the Windows sound one in case something got disabled.
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I recently downloaded the latest Skype for Android to my Motorola Droid M smartphone. When I make a Video Call on Skype there is no option for a Speaker option so I can only hear via the phone earpiece. I have tried using earbuds but the sound can not be heard. I couldn't find any help on the Skype site and others appear to have the same issue. Does anyone know how I can "fix" this myself or how you actually speak with Skype Support?
Thank you,

A:Motorola Droid M and Skype Video Speaker option

Post this question here:
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Hi guys, Im not sure where to post this question so sticking it here. I was wondering, do computers (desktops) ever catch fire if left on too long?

I am travelling in December for 3 weeks, and was thinking of leaving my desktop at home on so I can connect to it remotely. I am wondering if it is safe to leave it on 3 weeks with no one at home. Can a computer catch fire if running too long? For the record it is a new computer, HP Paviliion e9180t with i7 processor and 6gb ram, bought in August, so im assuming it has the components that are standard these days.

Also I have an external hard drive connected to it that seems to run constantly when connected to the computer. Any fire hazard from this?

Thanks for any info.

A:Computer catch fire if left on?

No, I don't think that is a worry. I have left my computer on for weeks at a time and all seems normal when i return.
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I Win7(64) no "color scan" with Omnipage17 option see Mailpup or moved me to hardware I doubt this is a hardware issue As indicated below all worked properly under XPSP It is only under Win that this issue has cropped up So I am not sure if this is the best place In short Omnipage is not communicating properly with my Win7(64) no "color scan" option with Omnipage17 Mustek A scanner on a Win system There were no issues with this software and scanner running on xpsp Not sure what I could be missing Any help appreciated Thanks Longer Description Wondering how to get color capability with OP on my Win system Currently all I can get are B amp W and Grayscale for my scan options All scanner quot sizes quot B -A letter and legal are available in the Tools- gt Options - gt Scanner toolbox and they work properly So OP is partially working with the scanner NOTE OP was working properly fully with this scanner on my old xpsp system System Information Omnipage Professional version Product ID OP- - - OS Win Computer Dell Vostro i processor Scanner Mustek SE A USB Pro What I have done Downloaded the lasted drivers ScanExpress A USB WIN zip from Mustek Uninstalled the old driver installation from Device Manager Reboot Reinstall Mustek software Reboot Open Omnipage - gt Tools - gt Options - gt Scanner - gt Setup Download Latest Scanner Database from Nuance Select amp Test Scanner TWAIN SE A USB Pro - gt Next Would you still like to test your device - gt Yes The scanner is already in the database Would you still like to test your device - gt Yes Close any other applications that might be using your scanner - gt Next After running all available tests Omnipage still cannot see the scanner s color capability Testing the Scanner from Control Panel - gt Devices amp Printers - gt Scanner Select Right Click for Properties - gt Diagnostics - gt Test Scanner quot Successfully completed the diagnostic test quot Testing by Control Panel - gt Devices amp Printers - gt Scanner Select Right Click for Properties - gt Start Scan Here the quot Color quot Option is available And it successfully creates a color scan I found no help on this topic at Nuance Either Knowledge base or Forums Google coming up dry too Not sure what I could be missing Any help appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Win7(64) no "color scan" option with Omnipage17

Typically this is a driver problem. find the driver from the print/scanner manufacturer and dl/install it.
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Hey, I just installed new ram and a gtx 670 and I went to see how temps were 5 minutes of installing drivrs.! Not evn gaming and my giant cpu cooler is scorching hot.! its barely been warm with my old card, I know something is not normal.. I think it might be the ram its I think 1800 apose from my old 1333. Would that cause overheating problems?. going to try the old ram in the am...

thx people!

A:My CPU is on fire...

Hello Chris,
First, post your exact temps as reported, and the software used to measure them (assuming you didn't stick you finger into the heatsink fins). Generally, modern GPUs run quite a bit hotter than CPUs, so I wouldn't be surprised. The RAM shouldn't make a drastic change in temps, whether DDR1 or DDR3.
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I want to use virtualbox software it says in settings that you need to enable the virtualization option in host system to add more than one cpu.But in the bios i was unable to find the option.Please help me.

A:Unable to see virtualization option in BIOS

may not support it. make sure you look up the processor you have and check if it supports it.
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Hi Guys I just bought an Acer Aspire z- laptop It has windows and a realtek sound card The problem is that I am not getting a good sound from my headphones when I connect them to the laptop I have tried pairs and I face the same issue I tried changing the settings from realtek control panel but there is no specific option for headphones there Also in control panel gt sound gt manage audio devices there is no option for headphones I have selected both quot show disabled devices quot and quot show disconnected devices quot and still i cannot see any option for headphones I sent out a mail laptop for headphones option my No new settings in sound in :( to acer tech support and they said that I have to control my headphones using the quot speakers option quot that I see under control panel gt sound gt manage audio devices Can it be like that I thought I should be seeing all the options since it is a windows feature I have updated all the drivers and all but nothing seems to be working Please help me out over here Thanks in advance Lovish nbsp

A:No option for headphones in sound settings in my new laptop :(

Yes, in the Windows 7 Control Panel you will see a "Sound Option". Select headphones and select configure...
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I kicked what? it, gs 7600 now finally got almost half a decade outta my Nvidia gs mb card and finally I boot my system to long short beep post error I m finally willing to give in and get a replacement MSI NEO-F P Intel S Motherboard Intel Pentium GHz HT MB GB 7600 gs finally kicked it, now what? PC - MHz DDR RAM planning on adding - gb W Antec Power supply I live in the US I only game - and earlier Actually I m pretty retro though I d like to maybe play say Oblivion for example on descent settings nvm the ram Also HD video playback is fairly Important as well The highest resolution I would be running is with maybe a second monitor or television running lower Prefer also a quiet card or at least not a super noisy one I ve spent most the day scouring pricewatch and amazon only to achieve a headache From what I ve seen I think I can get a card for - but there are so many holiday specials I can t decide nbsp

A:7600 gs finally kicked it, now what?

If your looking for a decent and cheap video card i prefer you to buy the ATI HD 5450, around 40 bucks but upgrade your PSU. I also game 2008 and lower.
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I have noticed that my computer (and many others) have an option called "PCI-LAN" or similar in the BIOS boot menu (when I press F8 I get the option to choose boot device, HDD, CD, USB and PCI-LAN).

I'm just curious, what is this for, and how could I use it?

A:LAN boot option in BIOS

Not sure about PCI-LAN, sounds like a NIC.
Are you referring to PXE booting?
That is where you set up an image on a server that people can boot from without having the OS actually on their hard drive.
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This is unbelievable !!
A friend saved all his money to get a brand new game pc.
Finaly he went to the shop and asked for an extreme gaming pc.
The shop suggested to take a Gigabyte mobo with GTX570 SLI.
he waited for a month, then they finaly called him to say the mobo is not good.
So in the beginning of this week they suggest to take ASUS 1366P6X58D Premium, he agreed and today new phone call....
"I 'm very sorry but one of your GTX570 caught fire, we suggest you to pick up your pc and play with 1 GTX570.

This is not normal right? Anybody had same problem?
What should he do, just accept this?
The pc was over 2000 euro.

A:GeForce GTX 570 caught fire

Why the hell are you posting?
Sounds like "your friend" needs legal advice. Maybe you should have friend post in the "Belgian Consumer Law" section.
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I believe I am talking about quot fake quot raid here To the point I am building a file server using FreeNAS with a PC thats over a few years old I d say around - years RAID best PCIe, option? PCI and cards, wanting to set up a RAID function with this I ve learned after a bit of reading that there are such things as fake raid where the processor actually handle where the data goes and this is fine as these RAID cards, PCI and PCIe, best option? also seem to be much cheaper I m using a bit older mobo can post model later upon request that has SATA ports for RAID or I am considering getting a card to support up to HDDs Here are options I ve been looking at Syba PCI Express SATA II x Ports RAID Controller Card SY-PEX Adaptec RAID SA - Storage controller RAID - Channel - SATA- low profile - MBps - RAID JBOD - PCI Express x SYBA SY-PCI PCI Low Profile SATA II Gb s Controller Card Adaptec -R SA PCI Express X -Port SATA GBS Low-profile Host RAID Controller Now I realize Amazon com doesnt give good descriptions Also is there a RAID function build into FreeNAS I cannot seem to get window shares to work with that so I still need to work that out using nbsp

A:RAID cards, PCI and PCIe, best option?

Here are options I've been looking at.

Syba PCI Express SATA II 4 x Ports RAID Controller Card SY-PEX40008

Adaptec RAID 1430SA - Storage controller (RAID) - 4 Channel - SATA-300 low profile - 300 MBps - RAID 0, 1, 10, JBOD - PCI Express x4

SYBA SY-PCI40026 PCI Low Profile SATA II (3.0Gb/s) Controller Card

Adaptec 2240900-R 1430SA PCI Express X4 4-Port SATA 3GBS Low-profile Host RAID ControllerClick to expand...

Adaptec has been the leader for decades and using the CARD avoids the 'fake-raid' software implementation. One big advantage is the card completes the operation without the assistance of the CPU.

Once you opt for the raid-controller card, you (imo) really ought to go with
SCSI attached devices which give you hotplug support and dynamic raid recovery.[x]

Be carefull: Even Microsoft does not recommend attempting to boot from a Raid.
Raid is a server function to avoid a single point of failure, and even with Raid-1 or Raid-10, you still need a backup system.

[x]The NAS Raid-x is frequently SCSI internally for these reasons
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OK, here is the problem. I'm browsing online with Chrome when all of the sudden it shuts off and refuses to let me browse more until I have disconnected and reconnected to the network. Its a wired network and ive disconnected my router and modem in exchange for another therefore eliminating those as the problem. The funny thing is i am still connected to the internet because I can still chat with my friends on Google talk and skype. Its very strange and i have not gotten any leads yet. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Does realtek have a line-in option ? I'm getting sound from my hi-fi amp through my computer speakers, and its volume is controllable through the keyboard,
but Audacity 1.3.12-beta! shows "error while opening sound device". Volume Mixer (Windows 7), Sound, shows FrontMic and Microphone only as recording devices. What can I do ?

A:Does Realtek have a line-in option?

Yes, downloadable

To answer my own question: get on to Acer (in my case) website, and download the HDMI driver for your computer model, soundcard and and version of windows.
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Well it s not actually on fire but it s definitely dosed in gas Actually it s been failing the past few weeks and I m looking for a replacement until I can afford a on is fire, card Video stat! new need a one new system Literally I m online now only after hours of safe mode maintenance and cross fingered reboots My original Video card is on fire, need a new one stat! troubleshooting thread http www techspot com vb topic html thx Route I ve googled all night yet haven t found anything useful that s at my level of computer savvy as to what is compatible with my system Here s what I have and what I m looking for Current Card MSI Nvidia Video card is on fire, need a new one stat! mb Geforce GS DDR it has a DVI and S-Video output which I d prefer though do not require MOBO MSI NEO-F P Intel S PCI-E v a Mem GB PC - MHz DDR RAM CPU Intel Pentium GHz HT MB S Power Supply W Enlight brand I Video card is on fire, need a new one stat! think Monitor Samsung Syncmaster BW Budget As LOW as possible I run XP and only game older stuff such as WOW Civ SC Though I hope to build a dedicated gaming PC this one is really only used for common use And I m in the U S from the question in the sticky thread Really all I need is a card that can maybe run WoW has a S-Vid out and is compatible with my mobo and my budget Thank you very much for reviewing my thread Also I m looking for a good seller I ve scoured Pricewatch com and find suppliers that I m unfamiliar with or am reluctant to trust nbsp

A:Video card is on fire, need a new one stat!

I think this XFX GeForce 9400 GT will do what you need and it supposedly has free shipping and only costs $19.99 after the mail in rebate.

Also, here's a 1 GB stick of dependable RAM for $17.49 plus $0.99 shipping. ;D
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I have an Acer aspire 2930 and when I close the lid and then reopen it, it won't fire up again. I have to power down and re-boot to get it to work again. I've checked the power settings and they are set to sleep mode when the lid is shut.
Any assistance would be really appreciated.
Thanks T.

A:Laptop won't fire up when I reopen lid

We have a latitude that requires momentarily pushing the power button to wake it up, does that work for you?
fine line on how long to press PB
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I've just installed windows 7 onto my ide hard drive with my sata as a secondary. My sata used to be primary and was the only hard drive I had; now that I've restarted my computer my sata drive no longer shows an assigned letter but looks like it still has the data.
In Disk Management it shows that the sata has a healthy primary partition, but I am given no other options but to delete it. How am I supposed to get that data back?
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I want to back up my computer, so I went to START ... ALL PROGRAMS ... ACCESSORIES ... SYSTEM TOOLS ... and there is no option for backup. I tried going to CONTROL PANEL ... PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE ... and there was no option there either. Advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:I have no option to back up my computer

I'd recommend using third party backup software.
And as a comment, don't put your backups in the same place as the computer you backed up.
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Dear Techspot SLI 9800GT with memory 2x unavailable option on different I m at a dead end with my attempts to enable SLI on my system I ve done everything I can Activating coolbits hasn t worked I think because the nature of the nvidia software has changed since coolbits was introduced a few years back My motherboard is SLI option unavailable on 2x 9800GT with different memory definitely set properly as I ve followed the instructions in my manual Here is the latest system report Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor MHz Operating System Microsoft Windows XP -bit Service Pack DirectX version GPU processor GeForce GT Driver version CUDA Cores Core clock MHz Shader clock MHz Memory clock MHz MHz data rate Memory interface -bit Memory MB Memory type GDDR Video BIOS version A IRQ Bus PCI Express x GPU processor GeForce GT Driver version CUDA Cores Core clock MHz Shader clock MHz Memory clock MHz MHz data rate Memory interface -bit Memory MB Memory type GDDR Video BIOS version IRQ Bus PCI Express x Components nvCplUIR dll NVIDIA Control Panel nvCplUI exe NVIDIA Control Panel nvWSSR dll NVIDIA Workstation Server nvWSS dll NVIDIA Workstation Server nvViTvSR dll NVIDIA Video Server nvViTvS dll NVIDIA Video Server nvMoblSR dll NVIDIA Mobile Server nvMoblS dll NVIDIA Mobile Server nvDispSR dll NVIDIA Display Server NVMCTRAY DLL NVIDIA Media Center Library NVOGLNT DLL NVIDIA Compatible OpenGL ICD nvDispS dll NVIDIA Display Server NVCPL DLL NVIDIA Compatible Windows Display driver Version NV MINI SYS NVIDIA Compatible Windows Miniport Driver Version NV DISP DLL NVIDIA Compatible Windows Display driver Version PhysX NVIDIA PhysX NVCUDA DLL NVIDIA CUDA driver nvGameSR dll NVIDIA D Settings Server nvGameS dll NVIDIA D Settings Server Notably the PCI Express section says PCI-E x which is odd My motherboard is an Asus A N-SLI Deluxe so it should be fine The other thing is the video bios is very slightly different for each card along with the IRQ Please help guys Im really struggling on this nbsp

A:SLI option unavailable on 2x 9800GT with different memory

I've just reinstalled my NVIDIA drivers and I got a "Hardware not working properly" message after the system tried to find drivers for the "other PCI Bridge Device". Is this my problem
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Hey I run WinXP on an HP a n with a SapphireRaddon graphics card and a Gateway HD LE monitor I just installed Diablo after my computer crashed I have DirectX and ran the tests that Diablo comes with It deemed my computer playable and I went on to try it The error messege Error popped up I went into dxdiag and it came up on Diablo, 640x480 25 Error wrong no display DirectX with nothing option, with this I was looking at a different forum about a similar thing on here http www techspot com vb topic html Error 25 on Diablo, no 640x480 display option, nothing wrong with DirectX thats how I found this place and tried a few things like changing the display and or the color resolution It was suggested to change to high color -bit but my high color is as seen here So I m not really sure what to do anymore but the install of diablo went fine and all my other full screen MMORPG s work just fine Error messege http www facebook com photo php pid amp l d bf amp id dxdiag http www facebook com photo php pid amp l a c f amp id display picture for the resolution color bit settings http www facebook com photo php pid amp l b e de amp id Oh and I put this here because its only the display issue-thing wrong with it and the program it also just happens to be a game nbsp
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First of all thank you for viewing this topic as the data on this hard drive is extremely sentimental Some of my greatest memories such as my wedding are on this hard drive so I appreciate ANY help you can give me I have a TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK yesterday my foot decided to accidentally kick the power supply and a noticed a few minutes later windows was giving me the following error message quot Windows was unable Power Supply kicked HD External was to External HD Power Supply was kicked save all the data for the file F MFT The data has been lost This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection quot At first I didn t think much of it I viewed the drive and all the contents were shown but no videos were playing I thought it was a codec issue at first because I just recently nuked my computer Most files don t open on the drive The thumbnails for the pictures were still showing some pictures I could still open some text files were intact Later on I made a small text file wrote something in it and saved it to the drive to see if I could still write and it saved properly I have never restarted my computer as I ve read it may not allow me to see the drive anymore I tried copying the files but windows gives me the quot Cannot read from source file or disk quot error After a little while I opened up some pictures possibly not the same ones and only of the picture I opened would be showing the rest greyed out After I went to sleep the thumbnails don t work SHORT VERSION and WHAT I VE DONE Running XP Kicked external power supply TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK Error quot Windows was unable to save all the data for the file F mft quot Can still see filenames on hard drive Cannot open most files even text files Some files do open Pictures displaying only Can create and save a txt file Slept Picture thumbnails gone Pictures don t work Actions Taken PC Inspector doesn t detect my F Drive Recuva Detects the Drive but says quot The process cannot open the file because another process has locked a portion of the file quot Panda Recovery DOES detect my drive but has the error message quot failed to open selected disk drive quot Questions I read that enabling disk cache may cause this problem But I believe this is different as I kicked the power supply Do I risk losing any information by turning this off to see if that works Should I restart my CPU Do I risk anything by NOT restarting the computer The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimes and like I said pictures are now no longer viewable Does it make sense that if I don t restart it could harm the drive or no If anybody has ANY idea on what I can do PLEASE post CPU XP Home Service Pack Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz GB of RAM nbsp

A:External HD Power Supply was kicked

jra64 said:

The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimesClick to expand...

Can you elaborate "clicking"
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Rebuiding an old Emachine (ATX. ) using Gigabyte MBO GA-MA785GMT-UD2H, new 400W P/Sup, AMD Phenom ll X3 2.8 GHZ X3-720 processor, 2 sticks mem, Kingston DDR3-1333(1Gb each)

Was trying to save old IDE Hdd! After install of above, cpu fan spins, but nothing else....cant get to beeps or video! Purchased SATA drive....tried booting, can hear drive spin up, but nothing on monitor! Removed batttery and Restored CMOS....same! Keybd and mouse are USB! Noticed reference to Graphic card in manual! Does this MBO require a separate Graphics card to boot?? Made sure MBO not shorted to metal! Someone else on here mentioned "connecting 8 pin power supply to CPU" I missing something??
I am out of ideas!!!! Please help!!!!
Note: CPU and Memory selected from Gigabyte compatibility list!

A:Complete rebuild with Gigabyte mobo does not fire up

you don't need a video card, the MB has on board ATI 4200 integrated. so did you plug in the 8 pin power connector to the MB?
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I have a Gateway p- fx laptop with vista up Right programs menu on click keep popping some option and keep having this problem with a right click menu pop up Right click menu option keep popping up on some programs on programs like winamp opera and hardware configuration On certain Right click menu option keep popping up on some programs programs a right click menu will pop up non stop and i cant use the program at all The laptop keyboard doesnt work after I spilt coke on the keyboard so I use a usb keyboard After that it started having this popup menu Right click menu option keep popping up on some programs or key mapping issues with emulators For some emulator programs it will automatically map a button called AppKey and i cant configure buttons with a usb to psx converted joypad on them This also happened on other programs that i used but probably forgot about them and deleted them I tried looking up everything i could to disable a right click menu or appkey but couldnt find anything Tried deleting a window key registry all i could find looking up appkey disabling in vista Tried disabling the touchpad I don t think its any kind of virus or spyware i never detect anything i had pictures of what happens but i need more posts so i cant show them nbsp
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Well there is a notification box in realtek Sound Manager's Audio/I-O -> Analog -> [wrench icon] -> Connector Settings in which i need to place a tick in "Disable front panel jack detection" but unfortunately i am unable to see that option in my driver. There is only one option in there which says "enable auto popup dialog, when device has been plugged in."

Does anyone know how to bring that option back?

Note: I have uninstalled the old driver and installed the latest driver just few weeks ago which apparently means every setting has been put back to default.

Here is a screencap

A:Recover Realtek hidden option

Your screenshot link should start with http not hxxp... Are you using the right driver for your motherboard? What is your motherboards model number? Do you have the case front panel audio connector removed from the motherboard, or is it in the wrong place?
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The numeric option on my Toshiba A21m laptop is somewhat turned on. How do I bring it back to the normal keys?What happens is when I try to type J or K or L, the numbers 1 or 2 or 3 comes up. How can I change it back to the alpha keys? Thanks

A:How do I turn off numeric keypad option on my Toshiba laptop?

Look for a key labelled Num Lock or something similar (perhaps an arrow with a number inside). You may have to use shift or the fn key to toggle it.
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pretty self explanitory lol

A:How do i find the paging file option on my computer?

click here for how to find it whole lot more
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hey, just fixed my audio, and plugged my mic in. Whenever I try to record / chat to a friend online, they find my mic very quiet.

I know this mic accepts the +20DB option in vista, so why not xp?

I can check the box, yet when I open it up again it is not selected?

Thanks in advance

A:+20DB Option doesn't work?

Ok, first things first... What are your system specs? What is your audio type, on board or sound card?
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I was trying to make a direct connection between my 2 computers using this method ( but on my laptop, the option for "connect directly to another computer" is grayed out. How do I enable this? I enabled network file sharing option but the button is still grayed out.

A:Connect directly to another computer option is grayed out

You need a cross-over network cable (I always get this confused !)
Then just run NetSetup (you can also create a floppy network install disk with this method)
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Hello! I just bought a Belkin Wireless Router G plus MIMO and I still get kicked out of online games (remember before I got an old Linksys), I don't understand why? I have no idea, I have moved the router to higher locations, I moved it to a diferrent room and still the same problem, I don't know much of the settings of the router but is there anything I can modify to get rid of this problem? is 40-45ft really that much for wireless gaming? however I have to get across two walls, is that the problem? the signal indicates 82% please help me I don't know what else to try and I want to play games online with my Nintendo Wii.

A:Still getting kicked out of online gaming

I thought it could be Internet speed but on my wired PC I never have this problem when gaming online, I thought could be poor reception from the Wii, but the PS3 does the same thing, anybody? help will be highly appreciated!
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Hola everyone - got a problem and hoped to get some advice or thoughts So I recently purchased some components to build a computer - Asus m n sli deluxe amd x gig ram xfx gt X-FI xtreme gamer new case and other things hard drive PSU and dvd Advice: fire... caught 7950gt xfx drive from previous machine - none of which are over a year old Well I put the system together and it ran perfect for about a week and half This past weekend I Advice: xfx 7950gt caught fire... was changing the case fans and replacing the heatsink to improve airflow When I was done I hit the power switch and Advice: xfx 7950gt caught fire... nada I checked the connections and everything finding no problems I spoke with a neighbor who advised I should try a new PSU So I go grab one at the store Antec watt go home and plug everything in Advice: xfx 7950gt caught fire... I push the power button and FLASH I can see the small fire on the top of the video card and immediately shut it down Ok so a chip on the video card was pretty much cooked off And after attempting to use the hard drive on another computer I discovered that a chip on the hard drive PCB was visibly melted The strange thing is I am pretty sure that I didn t even plug the new PSU to the hard drive just the MB to see if I got a post What would be the most obvious source of this The old PSU which was not really powerful enough watt I already sent the video card back for a replacement but I am afraid the MB ram and CPU may also be fried I am waiting for a friend to bring over his AMD rig so that we can test the components individually Any advice as to what could cause this would be most welcome nbsp

A:Advice: xfx 7950gt caught fire...

This system could have been hit by a power surge, and "slightly" damaged components... after a week and a half, the damage worsened. The motherboards damaged voltage regulators probably took out the video card
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Hi Ive just bought new machines with the following components Asus P KC Intel Core Quad Q OCZ GXS PSU OCZ fire! mobo on Asus P5KC RAM Gig on one and Gig on other Coolermaster RC- Asus P5KC mobo on fire! Praetorian case Sparkle GF GTS Graphics card I have built both machines i read the manuals to be sure was setting everything up right but when I have powered each of them up for the first time the have both caught on fire On the first one Gig one the track leading from the main power input to the PWR FAN connector is frazzled and had smoke coming of it and the CPU fan wont work any more On the other once i powerd it up it turned off almost straight away after switching the PSU of and back on again the power LED on the board lit up i notice that one of the transistors next to the slot for the graphics card was glowing and then started smoking Can anyone explain from the component list i have provided why this would happen orther than a faulty mobo I am posotive that everythig is compatable It just seems strange that they would both have problems Thanks i advance Rob T nbsp

A:Asus P5KC mobo on fire!

Error in pin placement... somehow you have reversed some points on something critical... will be difficult to get replacement under warranty unless you did exactly as the manual said.
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I used the "SEND TO" feature to back up my data to another there a downside to that?

I simply selected all the files i wanted to be backed up and right clicked them and the send to feature is available as well as copy, paste,etc...and i choose the "Send to" feature to copy all the files to the other hardrive

A:Is Using The "Send To" Option Ok For Backing Up Data?

/?????anyone know
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I am wondering which combination would produce a better gaming result. I have enough money to either get a core 2 duo 2.13ghz and an 8800GTX or a core 2 duo 2.4ghz and an 8800GTS. Which would be better for gaming?

A:better upgrade option?

I would look into the performance sum of each system. What percentage of performance is greater? If the performance difference in the vid cards is least, get the faster cpu/lesser vid card. If the performance difference is least noticeable between the cpus, get the faster vid card setup.
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Ok, as i was switching mi computer off last night, i and smoke billowing from my computer case. Inside the wires which are combined and come from my power button and cpu speaker had ignited...:S

I tore off the speaker wire to mi jumper block, and couldnt figure out where to put the rest...

I was wondering if anyone could giv me a link, or picture as to where i need to put the power sw lead 2 pin, and the reset sw lead 2pin ??

My motherboard is an asus A7N266- VM, and yeh this is really urgent

thnx in advance :S


Try the Top link here.
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a few days ago my i do option? how reverse this friend was using my computer to test some how do i reverse this option? SATA device how do i reverse this option? i went in the other room to watch a movie with some other friends When i came back i found that my IDE drives were not there and my SATA drive wasent being shown in windows My windows partion is setup on my raptors in raid so those werent touched Now all my other drives that arent showing up in windows ARE showing up in how do i reverse this option? the bios and the boot screen So i asked my friend what he did and he said he disabled the drives in my bios cause he needed to do something he hasent had time to get to it to fix it I tried looking in the bios myself to see if i can figure it out but i cant I want to do this sorta myself but i havent figured it out thus far and i need some assistance although im sure its quite simple Can somebody help me to reenable these drives so they show up in windows cause they are there i see all of them in the bios and post thx Not Shown in Windows but are in bios IDE Primary GB Maxtor Diamondmax SATA GB Western Digital IDE Secondary Pioneer DVR- B Shown in windows x Plextor SA x GB Raptors Raid Windows Link to Manual http us dfi com tw Support Download manual download us jsp PRODUCT ID amp STATUS FLAG A amp SITE NA nbsp

A:how do i reverse this option?

again, another thread with someone mixing IDE and SATA drives. While it will work most of the time, when an error occurs XP will default to IDE and write OS data on the IDE drive, thereby jacking the system up. This can cause serious errors making data recovery difficult.

Solution. USE one type of drive or the other, but not both.
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Lol... yesterday my brothers Dell Inspiron laptop caught fire! He was gaming on it... then he started to hear dodgey sounds and smell burning... i ran in at the point too see a small flame flicker out of the side.... i picked it up and threw it outside... i then proceeded to stamp on it 'till it went out.

I do have pictures of the aftermath.. but they are being processed currently... i will uploa them ASAP! they will be the talk of TechSpot for weeks!!!

A:My Dell Is On Fire!!! Help!

Sjbrand99 said:

Lol... yesterday my brothers Dell Inspiron laptop caught fire! He was gaming on it... then he started to hear dodgey sounds and smell burning... i ran in at the point too see a small flame flicker out of the side.... i picked it up and threw it outside... i then proceeded to stamp on it 'till it went out.

I do have pictures of the aftermath.. but they are being processed currently... i will uploa them ASAP! they will be the talk of TechSpot for weeks!!!Click to expand...

Ummmm..............OK, not really but whatever.
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Anyone have luck booting an operating system from a HDD via the front bay on a C600/610 or similar? I had read something about this option while looking for info on this model. I also am a bit in the dark on the additional slot near the memory on the bottom, what can be installed here... It looks similar to the memory interface but also has two unhooked connectors toward the palmrest side. I assume this is miniPCI slot? I am new to laptops this year, in fact, having picked up a few used ones cheap, this is one off eBay in the last week.... I am yet to have it fully operational.
Thanks TIA,

UPDATE: Paragon33 tells me I must have some incomplete info, It is possible via another port but not the CD/Floppy front bay. I can't recall where I got that information. Anyway, sorry for any confusion passed along

A:Dell's HDD bay option

BILL_S said:

Anyone have luck booting an operating system from a HDD via the front bay on a C600/610 or similar? I had read something about this option while looking for info on this model. I also am a bit in the dark on the additional slot near the memory on the bottom, what can be installed here... It looks similar to the memory interface but also has two unhooked connectors toward the palmrest side. I assume this is miniPCI slot? I am new to laptops this year, in fact, having picked up a few used ones cheap, this is one off eBay in the last week.... I am yet to have it fully operational.
Thanks TIA,

UPDATE: Paragon33 tells me I must have some incomplete info, It is possible via another port but not the CD/Floppy front bay. I can't recall where I got that information. Anyway, sorry for any confusion passed alongClick to expand...

Hi Bill

I own a C600, the slot next to the memory is for a MiniPCI card, although if you want to use a Wifi Nic you will need to buy a pigtail connector to link it to the inbuilt aerial, these cables are like rocking horse sh*t to find.

As for booting from the front slot, I would need to look into that, as I am looking for a way to have 2 HD's in the machine, i'll email Paragon later and see what he has to say.

lastly watch the power lead on the C600. if you let it hang down for to long the cable breaks about 2cm from the plug, I have gone through 3 PSU's already, mainly coz I sit on the couch and the cable hangs down, Dell fixed this on later models by including a small clip to support the cable, I now use a wire tie....
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OK alot of you are techs so I must share this story And find out Hardware catching on fire? if you have had similar occurances where your work or possibly at home We all know the burning smell when something quot goes wrong quot and to users well even most of them are brilliant enough to know quot Um there s a problem quot Maybe a little smoke Rarely does an occasion like this come about and an actual fire takes place Well I work at a hospital and we have many computers a phone switch dedicated to facility Hardware catching on fire? PA system and a pager system Many of these quot larger quot pieces of equipment Hardware catching on fire? have Amps or in the case of a phone switch emergency backup batteries inverters Alot of things that un-qualified individuals shouldn t handle Well our pager system failed and I being the tech went to check on it the main transmitter amplifier blew Big deal for a hospital but our repair guys seemed pretty confident they would have it back the next morning The next afternoon arrived and they finally came back with my amp We hooked it up and started it up and all of a sudden quot the smell quot So while leaving the machine plugged in pure and utter brilliance might I add the guys said quot Lemme open it up quot so we opened the back panel and could see sure enough burnt in the same place as last time Just at that time someone tried to use the pager system paging God knows who and POOF A inch flame like a torch shot up for about or seconds until I unplugged it I could have sworn we told everyone not to use the system until we were finished MORALS OF THE STORY Always unplug USERS NEVER LISTEN Anyways just had to share if you have had flamboyant or flamiliar experiences let me know nbsp
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Does anyone have any experience gaming with the Fire GL v5200 (256MB) with its native drivers (with having to run Omegas....The 3d marks are just fine with native drivers so, if that's the only difference, the native drivers should be fine). I know it is an application based GPU buti have heard that it will runs games as well. Also, anyone know if it will run older and newer direct x based games equally well. I have gotten feedback form others that say it should run everything ok but because it is a design based GPU, it can run into problems.
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Hey there First off my specs are in my sig Right my system is sorta bottlenecked by my CPU i plan on getting a option to Overclock No new one amd in august but i wanna get a bit more out my system until then So im wanting No option to Overclock to overclock the one i got but i seem to be having a hell No option to Overclock of a time doing it Now i know a wee bit about overclocking I know that the FSB multiplier voltage etc are the targets in the BIOS And i read up that the HTT defines the clock speed as well on AMD rigs still researching bout that though rolleyes But to get to the point i have no settings in my BIOS for overclocking I know what i m after and it isnt there Also in the manual on the first page it says a bit about the Versions it on an says next to it what it includes Check this ------------------------------------------------------------------ V Removing overclocking function Adding ATI RAID and Surroundview ------------------------------------------------------------------ pricks i am now on version which is a new one not long realeased and it has fixed a few problems for me but they havnt added the overclocking function in And there are no jumpers to alter the clock either The closest thing i saw to overclocking was the memory control which only gave me this Dram Configuration Timing Mode Auto Memclock index value MHZ mhz CAS Latency Tel The bottom were grayed out until you select Manual But i wont go into detail here if it means nothing There was also options to alter Gfx clock from Async and Sync an a few more options there but since thats not relevent i wont go into that So does anyone know any good Windows Overclocking tools i could use I looked for ages but the ones i got either just didnt work or werent up to date enough for AMD processors one even said i had a socket haha Or if i m going in the wrong direction please tell me Cheers guys nbsp

A:No option to Overclock

I take it that msi's fuzzy logic wont work?

Also, are you using a stock processor cooler? If so, i wouldn't recommend overclocking anyway.
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Hi all I m new to this forum but I hope someone can help me My problem started up fire not Monitors will when I had to replace a Monitors will not fire up damaged Hard Drive I replaced it with a GbHard drive but the BIOS only recognised Gb I knew there might be aproblem with this I then flashed the BIOS and a statement came up BIOS flashed successfully I reset the PC as instructed to but when I did this the PC started but the monitors wouldn t fire up I ve got a nvidia Geforce MX card that supports monitors I was then told by PC World where I bought the hard drive from that flashing the BIOS had knackered my motherboard I bought a new MSI PM Monitors will not fire up M-V motherboard and installed it along with everything else that Monitors will not fire up was on the old motherboard but when I switch on I still get the same problem that my monitors won t fire up Without the monitors working i can t do much at all - I haven t managed to set the new BIOS settings for the new motherboard yet Is this simply a case of the graphics card being the knackered item and probably not the original motherboard or have I missed something else Any help and suggestions gratefully received nasherman nbsp
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well for about a month my book marks have been lost some one had upgraded the firefox and the next time i logged on and check my bookmarks there gone i went to the firefox forums for info and it seems it happend to a good amount of people i tried alot of what they said looking at my firefox profile i opened the file up nothing i acculmalated atleast plus bookmarks over months and hours upon hours of all for restoring asap bookmarks fire help fox need types of bookmarks gone i spent so much time getting these bookmarks i restoring bookmarks for fire fox need help asap cant afford to lose them forever im going giddy they also suggested getting a file recovery program to get them back but im lost at what im to do what would be the best recovery software how big would the file k i dunno just taking a guess by the way im new to the board only my second thread the help would be appreaciated these book marks are beyong important to me hope fully seasoned techies can help me out grinthumb nbsp

A:restoring bookmarks for fire fox need help asap

Your Firefox bookmarks are contained in a file called bookmarks.html. It is not located under the Mozilla Firefox program folder. If you have Windows XP, look under Document and Settings > [your account name] > Application Data > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles.

There should also be a backup file called bookmarks.bak in the same folder. If the .html file is missing, rename the .bak file to bookmarks.html and you should have access to your bookmarks, that is if the file is still there.
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Second time I've tried to post this. First try disappeared.
I have a big, fast 1 1/2 year old HP with a SB Live 5.1 upgrade. I use the "WHAT YOU HEAR " recording option all the time, but recently the check mark frequently disappears and nothing is recorded. I use two different programs to record; ABSOLUTE MP3 RECORDER and ROSOFT AUDIO RECORDER (registered version.) I have reinstalled the software to no avail. Any answers to my problem would be appreciated.
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I am not getting well performance in gaming from my newly bought MSI Radeon 9800pro.(Low FPS in games like MOH-PA, BF2)
Many people says my Processor is limiting my 3dcard and i have to change it to get 100% better performance from my 3dcard. Is it true.

My system spec is.

Intel Celeron D 2.4Ghz
MSI Mobo with 4x AGP.
512 MB DDR 400 bus.

I have decided to upgarde my system. Plz help me for selecting me a right option or tell me what to do.

1. Buy Intel pentium 4 HT 3.0 GHz 1mb chache memory 800MHZ FSB with AGP 8x motherboard and keep my (newly bought 8 days ago)R9800pro.

2. Buy pentium 4 3.0Ghz 512 chache 533MHZ FSB and buy 6600gt and plug them into my current MSI 4x AGP mobo or buy 1 with AGP 8x Mobo.

PLZ help me for selecting me right option!

One more thing How much Ht technology supports the gaming?(Is HT tech. is good for gaming?)

A:Help Me For Selecting A Right Option For Me For System Upgrade.

I've heard it said that celerons are the equivalent of a pentium with 70% of the celerons clock speed, so a 2.4 celeron would be like a 1.68 pentium 4, if that % is right. It would slow you down a bit having a slower cpu.

Agp 4x likely isn't a major problem with a 9800pro, but I may be wrong. People say that agp cards barely can use agp 4x's speed let alone 8x.

A 6600gt won't be much faster than your 9800pro, but the 3ghz cpu would make it work faster(less bottleneck).

I think you should just get a new cpu for your current board, depending on what your board can support, or a new cpu and a new board.
So a cpu'd be about $180 us, and a board would be $60-100.
I don't think there's any reason to ditch the 9800, at least not yet, although in bf2, it may not be very fast on high settings even with a new cpu.

Or if your board has the capability, you could overclock your current cpu, and see if it increases your performance.
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Well.. ***** me was too impatient to wait for my computer to be shut off, so i decided to unplug all my 3 fans simultaneously ( wow, stupid ). I forget the reason I did it but oh well. Anyway, I turn around and smell smoke. Then I look inside my computer and my harddrive has flames coming out of it :hotbounce .
So obviously I cant boot from it. But just wondering, can I possibly get these files retrieved? Or will that be a big waste of time . Looks like only a little black chip thing caught fire. Little chip, but big flame. Heres a Picture

A:My hard drive...caught fire...Can I retrieve the files?

If you find an identical hard drive then you can take the PCB from that and replace the burnt one on your drive. Some computer repair shops will do it for you too - they have better access to hard drives and can even order the one to take the circuit board from.
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Greetings. I have a P5WD2 Premium MB with duel nvidia 6800 GT's 1gb Corsair 800mhz ram. Problem is when I go into the properties of the Vid card there is no option for SLI??? Can anybody help me out here finding how to either activate it or fix it?


A:SLI option not showing up in settings?

you need the sli drivers, one or two hardware bridges, and the appropriate bios settings to get sli to work. without any one of these, you'll never get sli to function.
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After re-installing my HP 4070, the scanning software showed only TIFF and
Compressed TIFF options while earlier I had JPG and BMP.

To get back BMP and JPG options, I deleted the Registry entry under HKEY_USER....
Software\Hewlett-Packard\DigitalImaging\CUE Settings\0000_4070]
"ScanPreferencesSettings", and Run the HP Scanning software.
It will recreate the Key with default settings and the next time you start the
HP scanning software you will have all the four save options.

Backup registry before trying this! Modify the registry at your own risk!
You can highlight the Hewlett-Packard entry and export from file menu to a
desktop file for backup of just this entry. If something seems wrong, double
click on the exported file to restore the original settings in the registry.

Happy Scanning! - Raj

A:HP Scanjet 4070 save file option issues solved

I dont't see the options for file type


I just bought an HP Scanjet 4070. After I install it and HP Image Zone v.4.0 that comes with the scanner, I don't see the options for choosing save file type, such as TIFF, etc. It automatically saves the scanned photos to JEPG. How I can change the option, and saved location?

Are you using the HP Image Zone, or other software to support the different file types?

Thanks very much.

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My regular computer is a kicked internet on sign others of when Dell Dimension It s running XP with Service Pack I have McAffe kicked of internet when others sign on anti-virus that I kicked of internet when others sign on downloaded from AOL I also just acquired a Dell Inspirion M laptop It also has Xp and SP and I also have McAffe on the laptop I have my regular computer hooked to Comcast broadband internet through a Motorola surfboard modem I hook the laptop to the regular computer using a cat cable The problem is that when I am on the laptop and someone else gets on the reg computer and connects to the internet I get kicked off the internet and cannot connect again until the other person gets off I feel like I am doing something wrong on the most basic level duh If there is anyone that can lend some advice that would be cool Ps I just found that it is when someone signs onto AOL that I get kicked off It is fine if they just open IE but sign onto AOL and poof nbsp

A:kicked of internet when others sign on

OMG. I am losing my mind. I've contacted AOL twice and they cannot get it through their minds that connecting to AOL kicks me totally offline on the laptop. They have it stuck in their mind that I am trying to sign into aol on both computers and that is the problem.
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i need some help i have downloaded the need for speed under game but in order for me to play i have to put it into a cd but now that i have the program that i need which is nero 6 express i don't know what would be the option i need to select to burn it the best ?

A:i´m trying to copy a game using nero express and don't know option i should use??

No open discussion on piracy and how to do it is tolerated here. Thread is closed.
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When I select from a pull down or pop menu eg right click in explorer and 'delete', it leaves the word 'delete' with a highlighted backgrouns on screen unless I reset the screen resolution of the display. This 'ghost' also shows on my second display when set to 'clone' display mode. I have an NVidia FX5200 card running under Windows XP Pro. This is a pity since as far as everything else goes this is a great card.
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I have an asus P4R800-V deluxe motherboard with an inbuilt soundmax 'cadenza' board. The problem is I can't seem to get a microphone to work. I have the inputs on the back of the PC (the pink socket) but despite trying various mics I can't seem to get any sound to go in. On the soundmax control settings there isn't an option for microphone, and if i go to control panels - voice - all I get is an option for talk text, nothing about mic settings. I've tried the hardware set up wizard (so you cna test mics) but there's just no sound going in, and I've updated the asus driver. How do I get sound in??
Yours confused


A:No microphone option on soundmax cadenza

How did you even get the sound to work, ive been tryin to do stuff to get it to work all day and it dont seem to work, and i dont know whats wrong with yours mine shows microphone.
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Ok here is my situation I ve been building computers for a little less than a year to Can't Monitor Please up. fire help. won't machine get work. This one here is my th machine so I m still very new to this See if you can help me get this thing running correctly When I first built this machine it seemed to run ok The monitor didn t kick on at first but after a few presses of the reset button it came on I was able to load windows etc After all that I turn the machine off Next day I power it up to install some other software and the machine seems to turn on but the monitor only powers up and then gives the quot OFF MODE IN SECONDS quot screen and then turns off Sometimes the monitor won t even power up light stays orange So thinking this is just a video card issue i send the card back to newegg and get another Same exact problem continues I take the whole thing apart and re-build it Same thing I replace the monitor with another monitor doesnt work Yet the monitor I was using works fine on other machines Not knowing what else to do I send the motherboard ram case videocard and hardrive back to newegg to get all new parts Well i put the machine together again Can't get machine to work. Monitor won't fire up. Please help. and the same problem I even switched the processor with another machine I had built recently and the processor worked fine in that machine And NOW even to add to the problem this machine powers up right when i hit the on off switch in the back where the power cord connects It just starts up when that is in the on position so i really don t know whats going on I m sure that minor but the monitor issue is makng me pull my hair out I about to just send everything back and refund the customer But I would like to avoid that Please any suggestions are very appreciated Here are all the components I m using CPU AMD ATHLON XP RTL HD GB SAMSUNG ATA CASE ASPIRE ATXB KL-BK RETAIL MB ASUS A V X-X LAN KT RTL DDRAM M PC- MUSHKIN FD MB SONY MPF Black MNTR VWSNC quot CRT G FB DVD -RW LITEON SOHW- S BLACK DVD LITE ON X SOHD- T BLACK GeForce MX MB AGP Video Card Thank you -bobby nbsp

A:Can't get machine to work. Monitor won't fire up. Please help.

Try clearing the CMOS ,because I take it you can't get to BIOs setup screens.And I think you might have some settings in there causing some problems.APIC,Ram Latency ,etc.
If you can get to Bios ,Flash to latest update.
Run a memory test at this point.
It might be best to strip that system down to the bare minimun outside of the case , andput it back one piece at a time testing at each step .
Also try to reverse the power switch connectors at the Mb .
Let us know how far you get.
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I purchased a Terratec DMX 6 fire 24/96 sound card and a Red5 Audio RV8 large diaphragm capacitor microphone working through an "Audio Buddy" to get phantom power as I was told these would be compatible. However, the Terratec manual says that "phantom power" microphones do not work with this soundcard. I have plugged the microphone into the phono input of the card, which works, but the input is too powerful. Is there any way the microphone can be made to work with this soundcard through the microphone input? or any other way?
Any help please otherwise I appear to have wasted a lot of money!!!
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Just wondering if Creative SB Audigy 2 are going to offer a card with a front panel that slips into one of your drive bays at the front of the machine like Audigy 1 did!!


A:Creative SB Audigy 2 : Is there going to be a front panel option

Audigy 2 Platinum (has internal 5 1/4" breakout box)

Audigy 2 Platinum eX (has external breakout box)
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I have not used a fire wall for years but with the amount of hacking and such going on today on the net. I am wondering if there is a good software Fire Wall.
I am running Window 7 sp1 and use sattalite internet provider because where I am at there is nothing else.

A:Fire Wall

I have W7 & I use the firewall that came with it which I understand is just fine. I would say as long as you keep your computer security programs updated & clean, you should be fine.
Get your security software from here
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I am looking to buy and imaging software that I do not have to install, just pop the disk (or USB stick) in let it boot image the entire drive to external device.
When the PC crasher or I just want to start again I want to boot from the disk tell it where the image is and restore the entire drive to square one.

I am looking for software that does not have to be installed, just booted from.


A:Imaging software with boot option

Acronis True Image, just boot from the CD.
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when i try to install anything i receive an error message that tells me system could not find the environment option that was entered help please. I'm using Vista on a Gateway.
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I decided to try a different browser so I've got Comodo Ice Dragon installed & do not want yahoo for my default search so I used comodo help to change it
but it still don't work like a search engine. I do have bookmarked, any ideas or am I dumping comode? This is on the XP I have & will add I found the same link via a googlesearch.

A:Changing search option in Comodo Ice Dragon

@admin, kindly remove this post/thread. I'm dumping Comodo Ice Dragon for a decent browser. Thank you.
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I was reading this article & am wondering since I use adblock plus in Firefox & SeaMonkey I don't see ads . So how can they "serve you (me) advertisements based on your (my) interests?

A:About the "Do Not Track" option

My goof . I was reading an article about ads & I see now I posted the wrong link.
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This is something I have struggled with for a long time so now I m seaking outside help I m trying to sync my music collection Linux Windows between sync option Good and between my main game Pc Windows XP my media server Win my quot shop quot laptop Xubuntu and my quot take with me quot laptop Ubuntu oh and my g f Win laptop I m probabaly going to stop keeping music on my gaming machine and just Good sync option between Windows and Linux stream from my media server but my two laptop don t Good sync option between Windows and Linux have that option all the time mostly the Ubuntu laptop that I take with me everywhere I would like anytime I add or remove a song from my Ubuntu laptop for it to happen on all other machines Same for the other computers I used Drop Box for syncing smaller files but I have about gigs for music To much for any free cloud syncing programs I have found I tried Unison and it installs wonderfully on Ubuntu but doesnt want to work worth crap for my on Win Any sugguetions I would like to keep them fairly simple and automated Come home boot up laptop new music syncs nbsp

A:Good sync option between Windows and Linux

After doing more digging around I haven't really found anything free that meets my needs. Thinking of just doing the paid Ubuntu One 20gig setup for $2.99 a month and give it a try.

Unless anyone else has a better suggestion. They are cheaper than Dropbox's $10 for 50gigs.
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Hey guys I bought Asus
M5A99FX PRO R2.0

in specs it have Remote Go Option to use it to stream movies from PC to tab or smart phones ...I installed this program in my iphone 3GS and Desktop and put wire plug in my lan and try to control in my desktop but program in my iphone get me try to connect then after 1 min the message connect filed I don't know why ?! ..can anyone help me?!!
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i am using a connection which provides night unlimited but it starts form 2 o'clock to 8 in the moring. i wanted to ask that is there any way to start the downloading torrents automatically? is there any option in software(torrent clients) to do this? or any torrent clients provide this facility? i am
i am fed up of waiting for 2 o'clock. please help me out guys.

A:option to start automatic torrent downloading..

Can't you simply schedule for BitTorrent (or whichever client you happen to be using) to launch at a specific time ? Once it's launched, it should automatically start downloading.
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I recently missing (color) personalization option Vista used ccleaner to clean all of my free space I included Vista personalization option (color) missing the option of clearing cluster tips Although I don t use this option all the time I have used it before with no ill effect Once completed I rebooted my computer and discovered that the Aero theme was gone I right clicked on the desktop Vista personalization option (color) missing to select Personalization but under the first option Window Color and Appearance the option for Color was missing Under Themes the Aero theme is also missing I did a search and discovered that all the Aero files are on my hard drive When I selected it in the Theme option by browsing to the Aero theme it will not stay selected I ve tried a number of things to correct this I have scanned for viruses and spyware and found nothing I have used sfc scannow in safe mode and some errors were corrected Unfortunately this did not solve the problem I ve also used chkdsk with no success Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I have used the Aero Theme on this computer for years so I know my hardware is capable of supporting it I am using Windows Vista Home Premium with service pack two nbsp

A:Vista personalization option (color) missing

First thing I would try is reinstalling your video card drivers. Aero is not just a color, it is a transparency effect that relies on DirectX so if you are missing your video acceleration then you won't have Aero as an option.
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I have a Dell Inspiron here that I am working on for a friend of a family member Looks like they decided to install Windows and they are getting the quot Windows is a option? to Installing new factory how restore access OS, old not genuine quot dialog that we just love to see So I figured I d just back up the user data and do a factory restore The Dell factory restore partition is still there but when Installing a new OS, how to access old factory restore option? I hit F during boot-up to access the quot Repair my computer quot option I do not see Dell s quot Dell Factory Image Recover and DataSafe options quot Now this is frustrating because I want to allow them to use their old Vista OS legally instead of making them cough up for Windows or a little less for upgrade plus the fee that I am making them pay to work on it This is also to satisfy my own curiosity I can still access the Dell partition somehow right Just a matter of pointing something to the correct partition the recovery partition Am I right Does anyone know how to do this I usually google and come up with my own answered but sometimes I just get stuck Edit Some more information and what I am trying so far Opened up the recovery partition and found a Tools folder with PCRestore exe I start this and it open s Dell s restore application then I check quot reformat hard drive quot and it gives me a dialog saying quot Access to tools dp sc was denied quot However I can clearly see the file is in there Edit Past the last edit I started the PCRestore as administrator and accessed the above file Now I am getting a BLANK DIALOG BOX wtf nbsp

A:Installing a new OS, how to access old factory restore option?

This is the point that I am stuck at.

So anyone? How to restore a Dell Factory restore?

TLDR: Restore files still there. F8 doesnt work.
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Hi all I bought a acer laptop today windows 8 from cash converters store 2nd hand . and when I got it home it hadnt been wiped it was passworded so I took it back they offered to do it but said it would take few days as they busy or said we can give u 30 compensation to go get it wiped I took the 30 as I know how to do it my self BUT when I turn it on there is no boot option does anyone know how to get to boot menu or what key it is to factory reset it.. I got it for 274.99 then 30 off so what a bargain

A:Windows 8 format or boot option

terry5880 said:

Hi all I bought a acer laptop today windows 8 from cash converters store 2nd hand . and when I got it home it hadnt been wiped it was passworded so I took it back they offered to do it but said it would take few days as they busy or said we can give u 30 compensation to go get it wiped I took the 30 as I know how to do it my self BUT when I turn it on there is no boot option does anyone know how to get to boot menu or what key it is to factory reset it.. I got it for 274.99 then 30 off so what a bargainClick to expand...

It must not even have an option for safe mode... interesting. What is the make and model?
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Im having problems with my laptop hdd, and currently Im trying different Linux Live-cd distributions. The Puppy linux live-cd is able to burn any changes back to the Live-cd, (user documents, preferences, etc.).
My question is: Are there any other (bigger/more complete) linux-distributions that are able to do the same ting? Im currently using Ubuntu 8.4, but any changes I make are lost as soon as I turn of the computer.

A:Live-cd with save option

because you are using live cd , install it , and everything you change will be as it when you restart your laptop.
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Im having problems with my laptop hdd, and currently Im trying different Linux Live-cd distributions. The Puppy linux live-cd is able to burn any changes back to the Live-cd, (user documents, preferences, etc.).
My question is: Are there any other (bigger/more complete) linux-distributions that are able to do the same ting? Im currently using Ubuntu 8.4, but any changes I make are lost as soon as I turn of the computer.

A:Live-cd with save option

because you are using live cd , install it , and everything you change will be as it when you restart your laptop.
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Hey guys, I've recently installed windows 8 on another hard drive and it's booting straight to Windows 8, I'd love to option to boot with windows 7 (I had the option when I had XP/7 dual-booting)

How would I enable this boot menu? I've done a small amount of research and found a program that'd allow me to enable the boot menu but I'm not too sure if it'll work with windows 7/windows 8 I believe it was called easyBCD. Would this software work?

A:No boot option after dual-boot with Windows 7 and Windows 8

Yes, should do (I used it to set up dual boot from Windows 7 on one HDD and OpenSuse on the other, but will work for any PC version of Windows too)
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Does anyone how to increase the size of the applet windows that windows opens for in this case OPTIONS under TOOLS in Media Player In the screen shots attached the window simply gobbles up the dialogues and options under almost all register tabs Applet/Settings/Option Window in Size Win 10 One can also observe the same behavior under such windows of some other dialogue boxes of some other software applications i e Preferences Applet/Settings/Option Window Size in Win 10 Adobe's Dreamweaver Photoshop etc It is not the case with all applet windows but only some I am using a large Samsung screen so the screen size etc can't be the problem I am sure there is some setting somewhere that allows one to change the size It is quite frustrating and security risk otherwise not being able to access the settings of an application Thanks for any input Bobang Microsoft seems to be on an advertising BIng e in Edge which does not allow any app to curb the ad-curse PS I just coined Winten as a nickname for Windows or Windows X Let's see if it catches

A:Applet/Settings/Option Window Size in Win 10

Most likely you have windows set to 125% dpi and many programs will not render properly with windows set like that.
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Hi all, 
Not sure how to easy explain this one. 
Not sure how to load a screen capture here so here is a link to a short video I made showing 
The vids just a cloud server yandex. It should stream ok without the need to dowload. 
Thanks !!
Video link

A:Windows 10 . Partitions. Can I undo what has been done

If you are still running Windows 10 ok, awesome! Just delete the partitions you created and then extend the Windows 10 partition to fill the space that is left over.
I wrote a guide on dual booting Windows 7 or 10 with another OS here.
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Hi All I have an Access database with numerous option groups to capture ratings using to on various customer-service questions My problem is getting the reporting function to tell me how many s how many s etc for each of the approximately Count option group within Access: questions So far I can only get it to return which Access: Count within option group number was marked but not a total of each rating I tried doing a query with the totals and then making another query based on that but using the Count Total function but that didn t work either I m not sure how to get these totals of each rating for each of the option groups Is it even possible with an option group to set up such reporting Would the option groups need to be changed to individual checkboxes ugh Please note that while I am comfortable with Access design interface I am not a programmer so your answers may need to be quot dumbed down quot for me Many thanks for your help nbsp

A:Access: Count within option group

You need the select sum function
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Running Outlook Express on Windows all latest service packs and updates for both Also installed is Outlook Outlook is used for Office e-mail and can not be removed OE is used for personal e-mail accounts and News group access which is required for job support I have e-mail accounts set up in OE and the quot Leave a copy on server quot checkbox is supposed to be checked all the time for both accounts On average about once a month the box becomes unchecked on one or both accounts This is a problem because quite often I will read and delete e-mails thinking that the e-mails will be retrieveable at home from the server When I find that the e-mails are not on the server I can look back at the office and find that quot leave a copy on server quot check box is unchecked I am resets Server" Express "Leave copy Outlook option a the on - randomly the only one with access to my machine and those accounts Has any one heard of this before I was unable to come up with anything on the MS support knowledge Outlook Express - randomly resets the "Leave a copy on Server" option base and don t think that I should be charged to report a bug to Microsoft through their tech support nbsp

A:Outlook Express - randomly resets the "Leave a copy on Server" option

No one has any ideas of why this happens? Only 20 people even read this what gives?
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Anyone come across this before?
Dreamweaver MX (V6) will not allow me to insert a table or a layer into a new document, and in a document containing a table it will not allow me to add or remove lines or columns - but I can delete the contents.
Any ideas - this is driving me scatty!
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just a question , how do i turn off the user account so when i start windows it goes to welcome screen without clicking ( user account) and runs straight through to the desktop?

A:How do I turn off user account option

For Vista:

- run netplwiz

- uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer"

- if there are more than one user, you'll be prompted which account will be used.

For XP:

How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP
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I'm running Fedora core 6. Recently I deleted my Gnome desktop. I got it all reinstalled by the yum install gnome* . But now I don't have the Add/Remove Software option. I tried repairing Fedora, but it still didn't work. I was wondering if there is a way to get that option back?

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A Very good browser- Firefox. Try it and get rid of your problems,securitywise I mean, with IE. Please post your opinion with Fire fox and the optional mail cleint Thunderbird.


A:Fire Fox_A Very Good Browser

Wow! That's great man! I had never heard of this wonderful thing before! I will try it right away and post my experiences with this new technology and perhaps start a campaign to convince other people to use this completely unknown and new dimension in computing..
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How can a remove or add options to the control panel? in Xp Sp3. Freeware maybe? thanks

A:Control Panel Option Removal

what options? You can use group policy to hide/show the control panel and/or allow/stop users fiddling with it.
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Hey all I was playing Black Ops when my Asus M J suddenly shut down At the time my laptop was quite hot due to Black Ops considerable usage Upon starting up again i received quot Reboot and select proper boot device or insert longer Hard-drive option bootable as recognised no a boot media in selected boot device quot I checked out the booting order and there was only the option of booting from a DVD I have tried holding down f to access the windows Hard-drive no longer recognised as a bootable option inbuilt repairer but it was to no avail Does this mean that my hard drive has possibly died out on me I got the laptop in December last year As i bought my laptop with a copy of Windows preinstalled i am unable to use the Windows DVD to repair it At the bottom of my laptop the Windows tag reads quot Window Hard-drive no longer recognised as a bootable option Pro AO quot but i am quite sure that my laptop is Home Premium however i may be wrong Anyway i would really appreciate any help and Hard-drive no longer recognised as a bootable option thanks in advance nbsp

A:Hard-drive no longer recognised as a bootable option

if you laptop is still under warranty take it back to where you got it from.
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Hello! Could anyone help me on how to create a mini dump option please? I just need that option to be turned on to gather the blue screen minidump for further analyse the root cause of bluescreen. Please help!

Thanks in advance!
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I'm having trouble with my internet.
My fire fox keeps on disconnecting me.
Sometimes i'm just idol for 5 minutes, then i cannot go back online.
I tried ipconfig /renew. It renews my ip adress, but firefox still does not reconnect me on the internet.
It's getting really annoying , can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.

A:Fire fox, and Internet Explorer

Firefox does not connect you anywhere. It is just a program that uses your existing internet connection.

Please, provide some information about your internet access, like what kind of a connection is it (cable, DSL) and what kind of network devices you have (modems, routers, wireless adapters).
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I'm having trouble with my internet.
My fire fox keeps on disconnecting me.
Sometimes i'm just idol for 5 minutes, then i cannot go back online.
I tried ipconfig /renew. It renews my ip adress, but firefox still does not reconnect me on the internet.
It's getting really annoying , can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.

A:Fire fox, and Internet Explorer

Firefox does not connect you anywhere. It is just a program that uses your existing internet connection.

Please, provide some information about your internet access, like what kind of a connection is it (cable, DSL) and what kind of network devices you have (modems, routers, wireless adapters).
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Hi all I have just got rid of a bad virus named (antivirus xp2008) real bad now
i can not set turn off monitor for any setting but 5min.
the numbers are there ie;10min-15min-etc. But will not work.
Can anyone tell me how to get into taht system and how to correct it.

A:Windows XP power option properties

Don,. click on the Delete button at the top, under Power Schemes. Then make the new settings> Save as> Apply> OK.

Note: depending on the settings, you may get a message that the combination is not compatible. That is normal and you may have to make changes until you get an acceptable combination.
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I installed an etrust product [internet security suite 2]. I had to uninstall then reinstall. A message said unable to uninstall firewall. This is a package deal,Antivirus,Firewall,ect. It did uninstall everything else. I tried there support site. No help what so ever. Is there any way I can find, and remove the fire wall ?Thank You

A:Uninstalling Fire Wall

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Disconnect from the net and try and shut the firewall down. Then try uninstalling it.

If this doesn`t help, try the uninstall from safe mode.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have just recently downloaded and started using Firefox for the first time.

I notice that every time that I put in a password on a website that the browser asks me whether or not I want Firefox to save the password.

When I went to sign into Yahoo a warning came up telling me that the site uses encryption or whatnot.

For security reasons, would you advise me to do this?

A:Using The Firefox Save Password Option

If you have already done it, go to Firefox Tools on the top tool bar, and Clear all private data, then to Security Passwords to remove that action.
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hi i m using windows xp and vista together in windows xp virus are main problem me some viruses attack the task manager folder option regedit to Virus attack task manager, and folder option and regedit at the same time so we can t see the folder option in tools menu and control panel also we can t open task manager it will not appear even if we press Ctrl Alt delete if we pressed it will say administrator has blocked the task manager task manager name which is in the task Virus attack to task manager, folder option and regedit bar it will be not active and we can t open regedit if we open it it says also administer has blocked the regedit and we can t open CMD also some time we can t install any programe this time we can delete the virus if you use kaspersky or AVG but i couldn t open task manager folder option regedit and other option so if i deleted the virus then how can show the folder option in tools menu and control panel how can open task manager how can open regedit i think virus rewrite something in those execute files therefor we couldn t open it is there any solution for this problem i can say viruses name like this SVCHOST EXE crazya exe and there are some other virus but i can remove other virus without a anti-virus software sometime we can see the folder option in the menu option but we can t chenge show hidden option in view tab if we change it won t change this time if we use anti-virus software it will delete that software but still we couldn t change show hidden option for this problem we can solve it we can change it with regedit option nbsp

A:Virus attack to task manager, folder option and regedit

Please go here and follow the steps:
New malware cleaning instructions from TechSpot:

Post a new thread in the Security Forum with note of the problem and attach the logs.
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I had a hard drive added to my PC about 4 months ago - at that time we moved the My Documents to the new drive (I have what seems to be a million digital photos.... hence the new drive).

Recently - I went to defrag the C drive - just as a normal course - the button is highlighted - but when I click on it - nothing happens. Same with the Analyze button. They just won't fire - for either drive.

Has this been seen before? What could corrupt the this functionality?

I have a Gateway 500X - purchased in 2003.

My operating system is Windows XP Professional Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254: Service Pack 2).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Defrag or Analyze won't fire

You might like to try downloading the free and very good Auslogics Disk Defrag from the CNET download site.
or turn off all security when you attempt to defrag using Windows.
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My problem is a lot of times fire fox won't allow me to download or open files. It will open the window to select weather to save or open file. then it will only allow a selection of cancel. Usually links that are redirected but not always and it don't always do it. Some links I can select cancel then re-click it and it will allow me to download the file.

Is there a way to disable opening of files I am overlooking


Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070309 Firefox/

Thanks Just anoying and I hat IE
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few weeks ago i started to get blue screen. At first i though it was because my graphical card got a new driver.
My first idea was to remove the new driver then install an older version. unfortunately it didnt solved the blue screen issue.

Note that the blue screen are from my side completly random... sometimes at boot, sometimes nothing for hours then BSOD.

i haven't install new hardware

Here are the step have already done

1. Memtest -> good result
2. replace Both Ram
3. checkdisk
4. reinstall PC
5. Reinstall PC on another HD
6. Test another graphical card

as far as i can see my last option s the motherboard but i cant do that myself. So before going to the computer store i wanna give you a shot

i add 2 zip file with the minidump file. if ever you need extra information let me know... ill do my best to provide the information you may need


A:BSOD - last option before going to store ;)

Is the inside of the computer clean and are all the fans running?