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X1 Carbon 2016 (20FB) - Very slow SSD write speeds

Q: X1 Carbon 2016 (20FB) - Very slow SSD write speeds

Just got my brand new X1 Carbon (4gen 2016/20FB) with the 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD (THNSN5512GPU7). Was expecting a blazing fast disk, but it felt sluggish something that AS SSD Benchmark confirms (see attachment). According to the specs this drive should offer up to 2400 Mb/s read and 1500 Mb/s write. But I get 1800 MB/s read and abysmal 113 MB/s write. The machine has all the latest updates from Lenovo (incl BIOS) and all the drivers for Windows 10. Anyone else tested their drives? Found a Dell XPS owner with the same drive that complained about the same issue. Turning off windows write cache buffer flushing does help, but that is not a good answer.

as-ssd-bench NVMe THNSN5512GP 08.08.2016 10.41.20.png ?31 KB
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Preferred Solution: X1 Carbon 2016 (20FB) - Very slow SSD write speeds

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello, I have this problem for month now :I close my X1 Carbon lid before going to bed, and in the morning, when I resume it from hibernation, the trackapd and trackpoint are totally unresponsive. Everything else work fine, I just have to wait, sometimes 20/30sec, sometimes a whole minute, to have the trackpad working. This is very frustrating to have a computer resuming so fast from hibernation but being unable to use it. I have the latest BIOS (1.15), latest UltraNav driver ( several drivers uninstallation/reinstallation, several fresh windows install, problem is still present. Actually on a fresh install of Windows 10 64bit (Anniversary update).
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Hi, trying to get a Windows 7 Install done on a Carbon X1 2016 20FB w/ Samsung950 Pro. Bios 1.14 (latest as of May 2016)Special issue is, I need to get it done in a Legacy mode (BIOS,MFT style). I was able to install Win7 based on a win7 image that got the 950pro drivers and the USB3 drivers infused through NTLITE, and then I build an image with Rufus 2.9 (both UEFI/GPT and UEFI/MFT) worked, with the X1 BIOS was set up to UEFI only with CSM.BUT I need to to run on the BIOS setting 'Legacy' and in MFT style, b'cause the special Win7 installer I need to use does not support anything else. I know, sounds weird, but..... . So- is there a fundamental limitation against booting / installing a Win7 on a Carbon X1 2016 20FB - Samsung950 Pro in Legacy 7 MFT mode?
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Hi all, I have have new X1 Carbon and really like it. However I am getting regular BSOD failures once or twice per week. I am running Win7 Enterprise SP1 and have all the lastest Lenovo urgent updates installed and most of the recommended and optional updates installed too. The BSOD have been of the following types:KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (1e) on June 28thMEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) on June 30thBAD_POOL_CALLER (c2) on July 6thMEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) on July 7thDRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL (c5) on July 21st At first I thought it was faulty RAM so I ran MemTest ( for over night for two nights in a row and no issues were detected. Has anyone encouneted this issue and know how to fix it? Any recommnedations from Lenovo? If required I can attached detailed log dmps. Thanks,Ian

A:Frequent BSOD with 2016 X1 Carbon (20FB)

Look in the event log to see if a driver is throwing an error before the BSODs
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Hi all, I have the X1 Carbon 2016 (20FB) and it is running Windows 10 Enterprise. I have all the lastest Windows and Lenovo updates. It all works pretty well except when it comes to starting back from sleep mode. I have the laptop configured to go to sleep when I close the lid. However when I reopen the lid, the power button and keyboard lights come on but the display stays off. Opening and closing the several times doesn't help. The only way to get the display to turn on is to quickly press the power button. This puts the laptop to sleep. If I press the power button again the laptop comes back to life and the display works again. Anyone else have this issue? Any possible solutions? Thanks,Ian
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Hi, the power options sets that the display should turn off in X minutes. But it doesn't do it at all. Instead, the computer is locked and the display dimms.  I'm pretty sure that I have installed the latest monitor and graphic card driver. For testing it, I have also unplugged all USB devices.  What can still be the reason? Thanks!
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I noticed since day one that this new computer's trackpad has been acting slowly on taps. I tried to find solutions but can't. Then finally I found out 'disable edge tap filter' resolves the problem. After uncheck this feature, any mouse tap provides immediate response.
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Hi, i just bought X1 Carbon (20FB series) running on windows 10. there's a sim card slot, but when i insert the simcard it keep poping out from the port the question is, is this laptop really support sim card? and how do i know if it work when i can properly insert it?
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Hi, We are having an issue with our X1 Carbon's(20FB). The audio output via an HDMI cable works, we see the Epson speakers in the playback devices. After the user is logged on for a while, the speakers will no longer showup in the playback devices and the auidio will just come through the laptops speakers. After we restart the computer, the audio will again work and play to the speakers. Windows 7 X64 Any help or thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks,John
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We've purchased about dozen th gen x carbons machine type fb and nbsp have been having some intermittent keyboard issues with multiple laptops nbsp At least different units have had problems where the keyboard doesn't seem to work at all nbsp After power on nbsp we press F F or Enter to try and access different functions but they have no effect nbsp Once windows loads we still can't type anything nbsp nbsp The first time my tech ran into this he nbsp rebooted a few times and was still experiencing the same issue he nbsp set the laptop nbsp aside for me to look at nbsp When I turned it on they keyboard was functioning normally nbsp Later after loading our image on the computer he was preparing to deploy it to a user when the keyboard stopped working again nbsp I fired up a new laptop this morning fresh out of the box and had the same issue a non-functional keyboard nbsp In this case at least the touchpoint touchpad didn't work either nbsp I rebooted tried to get into UEFI config and after a couple of more reboots I tried pxe booting but nothing I pressed on the keyboard seemed to help nbsp I turned the laptop off and put a note on it that it had a bad keyboard iss... 4th intermittent Carbon x1 gen keyboard (20FB) but when my tech came in and turned it on a couple of hours later they keyboard is working fine nbsp nbsp I've got one in front of me right now that was working this morning but now the touchpad point aren't responding nbsp Keyboard is working though nbsp nbsp Lastly we issued one x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss... of this model to a user recently and she has intermittently had the keyboard stop responding while she's in the middle of working on a document nbsp After a few minutes it might start working again nbsp nbsp These issues may or may not be related to each other but it's very x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss... odd behavior and we haven't quite been able to pin down the cause nbsp Anyone else seen something of this sort nbsp Any suggestions

A:x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss...

Hello all, We've got the same problem here with our x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB). Lucky, we just purchased 2 but not 2 dozen. Both of them have the same problem which same as Swhitcher. We've called the Lenovo support hotline and ask for the onsite support. The on-site engineer replaced the mother board for us, but after 1 hour, problem occur again. We're going to deploy those computers to the end user very soon.So please, give us the solution as soon as you can, Lenovo!Many Thanks! Willi
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Hi, does anyone know if there is a list of compatible embedded LTE chips that will work on a X1 Carbon 20FB?  The reason why I ask this is bec the current model, EM7455, only operates at some frequencies that some abroad contries do not support and the older models such as the EM7355 support those frequencies.  One being GSM.  I tired to install a EM7355 into my 20FB laptop but the bios isn't allowing it. Thanks!

A:X1 Carbon 20FB Embedded LTE Compatibility

EM7455 is versatile enough and supports a lot of 4G/LTE including LTE-A and 3G bands worldwide. It does not support 2G (GPRS/EDGE) access technology.

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Hi, I have x1 carbon 20FB and I have Synoptics WBDI bio scanner. Device is working fine when I try to use scanner to log in to the computer. I'm interested in ability of using the scanner to store other passwords from secured web sites utilizing the scanner. Is it possible? If so - what do I need? Thanks, Jakar55
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Hi, I've got an X1 Carbon 20FB (4th gen), and noticed it doesn't have Lenovo System Update on it, which I've found useful in the past. So I went to the Lenovo downloads site and found System Update, but it doesn't list the 20FB as one of the X1 Carbons it supports - it only goes up to 20BS, 20BT: (See the "Note for ThinkPad X1 Carbon users") Should I avoid downloading System Update then? I've not noticed anything that's not functioning, but I figured it makes sense to keep things up to date from a security and features point of view. Why is it not included by default? Thanks for any advice!
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I recently got a X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB), and I have been super happy with its performance. However, it seems like whenever I have the laptop closed, the keyboard is leaving a mark on the screen. I sent it to repair, and they changed the screen, but that didn't seem to fix it. I noticed that the body and the lid are not perfectly aligned - one of the corners of the lid seems to be jutting out a little bit with respect to the rest of the body. I've attached picture to show this. I'm not sure if this is a part of the general design of the Carbon.  Can anyone with a X1 carbon 4th gen confirm that this alignment feature is not present in their machine? Thank you ?
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We've got about dozen of the th gen x carbons machine type FB and have had a high number of display related issues with them nbsp At the moment we have sitting upstairs waiting for UPS to pick up for shipment to lenovo service and one more on my desk that was Display X1 (20FB) flickering and/... issues -- Carbon just acting up nbsp I'm told that we have previously sent in at least another or laptops for similar issues nbsp I understand that those previous laptops had the displays replaced and that we have yet to see a recurrence of the issues in one that has been repaired nbsp The problems we've seen X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... are intermittent and generally fall into one of two categories FlickeringVideo X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... garbled missing sections or complete garbage nbsp The flickering is sometimes very faint barely noticable but other times it's more pronounced bad enough that users complain of X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... headaches and or it's going to cause seizures nbsp The garbage video issue is what I just saw with the laptop sitting on my desk nbsp It went to sleep and when I woke it up this was what I saw nbsp After a few moments the laptop rebooted on it's own and the display was back to normal but I don't want to send this out with a user now just to get a support call when it nbsp happens again nbsp Is anyone else having this sort of issue nbsp Or did we just nbsp particularly unlucky nbsp
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Carbon X1 connected to OneLink+ with current firmware 2.30 OneLink+ dock is connected to 2 DisplayPort monitors and some USB devices 1. If the X1 display is closed the system hangs on starting Windows2. If I open the lid and re-power the system and start up windows. Once I can get the the Login screen, I can then close the lid and all is good. Both external dispay work fine 3. X1 boots fine when not attached to OneLnk+ Workaround - #2 is not a great option in the long term Any help would be appreciated Steve
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I recently reinstalled my windows 10 system and then can not find my wireless card. In the Device Manager, there is two hardware without drivers. 1) Network controller; 2) PCI simple Communications Controller.I went to the Lenovo support page and find out I need to install Huawei Huawei ME906s Wireless WAN Firmware Updater for Windows 10 and 8.1 - ThinkPad. However, I can not install this. It showed "Error code 10: Find port failed" Did I install a correct version. Or what kind of drivers I need to install for my wireless card. My model is :X1 carbon 20FBSystem: Windows 10 Thank you very much!
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I'm setting up a new X1 Carbon with machine type 20FB. It came with a Samsung MZNTY256HDHP SSD. I noted there was a recent SSD firmware update package for this laptop model, so I downloaded and ran the updater. It reported there were no updates. However, after digging a bit deeper, I discovered that the SSD firmware updater for the X1 Carbon 20A7/20A8/etc. DOES have an update for the SSD in this machine. What is going on here? Does this firmware update somehow only apply when the SSD is installed in a 20A7? Or did this particular model of SSD just get missed when Lenovo was putting together the firmware update package for the 20FB?
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Hi There,
I am trying to image this laptop from wds and looks like i am getting below error:
"windows could not set a partition active on disk 0. The target disk, partition, or volume does not support the specified operation. The error occurred while applying the unattend asnwer file's <DiskConfiguration> setting. Error code: 0X80300024"
 Please see my attached answer file, not sure if that is somthing with this laptop model since even i try to go to it's pre installed windows, it just don't take me to windows.
Please advise!
Moderator note: serial number removed for member's protection.

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Hi There, I am trying to image this laptop from wds and looks like i am getting below error: "windows could not set a partition active on disk 0. The target disk, partition, or volume does not support the specified operation. The error occurred while applying the unattend asnwer file's <DiskConfiguration> setting. Error code: 0X80300024"  Please see my attached answer file, not sure if that is somthing with this laptop model since even i try to go to it's pre installed windows, it just don't take me to windows. Please advise!

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Hello! I have made many driver pachages and image loads of lenovo pc, but i cant figure this one out. I think I have spent 4 hours of researching and I have realised I need to put down my pride. I need help. Using:Sccm 2007.WinPe 3.1 I'm using the Onelink+ pro usb to RJ45 adapter to get ethernet. It says it supports PXE. We use winpe 3.1 and want to deploy Win7.I have added all the drivers from Lenovo sccm pachage. I have turned "only legacy" in the bios. I have added the USB3 Exstension driver to both the image and WinPE. I get to download the Winpe and start it up. It have an IP and shows activity untill it start Winpe and check connectivity. It show error, but simply just reboot. When i f8 and type ipconfig /all it shows nothing. Please help me.
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Hi, I updated my X1 Carbon 4th gen to 1.17 BIOS, and since then, opening the lid won't wake the computer from hibernation, except when plugged.Bios changelog states Disabled the power button when the computer is in battery mode and the
computer lid is closedbut when I read "power button", I don't think "this is gonna break the behavior of the lid". And of course, no rollback is possible from 1.17, so I'm stuck with a computer wich won't wake from hibernation correctly. I just can advise you all to not upgrade bios, and see what's inside the next version...
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Ive had my laptop for a year now and it runs on Windows Home Premium bit I keep it updated with all the microsoft updates and have the usual security software The USB write speeds have been fine up until now I was just transferring files Mb xvid avi to a USB so i could watch them on my Xbox but then all of a sudden the write speed for the files to the USB almost stopped and went to about only kb s when usually i get around - MB are write extremely USB SLOW! speeds s I have tried writing files to a number USB write speeds are extremely SLOW! of different USB flash drives in order to see if its only that specific USB but it seems to be univeral across all of them but i still have a few flash drives that i havent tried it on but thats because they have important files on them I Have also tried to use these flash drives on my windows XP pc and the transfer of the same type of files was slower than usual So far the only things i have tried in order to solve these problems are formatting my USB drives changing the format of them from FAT which transfers slowest to NTFS starts off fast but slows down to about mb s and freezes occasionally I have also removed all the usb drives from device manager and installed new drivers for them but still they are slow I have also done a system restore to try and go back to a time when the transfers were alright but this hasnt even worked However copying from the USB is fine as i get speeds of around mb s constantly Also my gb portable hard drive is fine The write and copy speeds on that are normal it is just copying files to the USB flash drives that are extremely slow I hope that someone on this forum can help me Ive searched for about a week on the internet but i still cant find a solution to this nbsp
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Here s the main problem before you read all the details below Purchased a new SSD it s in AHCI mode working properly Box suggests read write mbs I m getting read Getting Speeds? Slow Read/Write SSD New and write Here are the details I went out yesterday and purchased a GB SSD from the brand Silicon Power SATA III It cost me only The box claims read and write speeds in mb s My current motherboard has SATA ports a couple months ago of them died completely of them work fine I only used two one for my HDD and one for my DVD-Drive I New SSD Getting Slow Read/Write Speeds? now needed because I wanted the new SSD to be my main drive and the old HDD which is gb to be a simple storage drive So I also purchased a Port SATA PCI board Plugs into my PCI port gives extra SATA So here s what I did I used a program I googled to transfer my old drive contents to the new SSD including windows I had gb worth of Data on the HDD which is now on my SSD Windows boots fine everything works I do notice a small speed increase but compared to the year old drive I was expecting more SSD is connected directly to the motherboard SATA port HDD is connected to the SATA PCI board In BIOS my SATA is set to AHCI So why am I not getting decent speeds My year old standard HDD gets about read and write my SSD gets read not bad but and write basically the same as my HDD I must be doing something wrong Would wiping the SSD and installing fresh windows be smart Would that guarantee a fix or just be a possibility Here are my PC Details if it may help Intel Core i k GHz Motherboard Gigabyte Z M-D H Intel chipset GB DDR Nvidia GeForce GTX Your help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:New SSD Getting Slow Read/Write Speeds?

Your motherboard appears to have 6 SATA ports; 4 SATA II ports(Blue) and 2 SATA III ports(White). Based on your benchmarks you appear to be using the SATA II ports. Where do you have the SSD connected?

The speeds are also based off certain benchmarks, if you are using a different benchmark utility then the manufacturer then your numbers will not be the same. The reviews on suggest those 500mb/s numbers are not being achieved by most people.
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My write speeds are around 150 MB/s which is coparable with a SHHD. Read speeds reach around 900 MB/s. Is there anything that can be done?Lenovo discontinued the 128 GB PCIe version of the Ideapad 700 laptop offering now the 265 MB/s. Is it a problem with the SSD or the compatibility?
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My MoBo is only years old Gigabyte MA so speeds SATA3 on (SSD write my Why slow? card) are GS-DS H PCIe AHCI Phenom II X cpu but only has Sata- ports I bought a Corsair Force GT gb SSD drive last November and wanted to take full advantage of its speed so I bought a PCIe x Sata- card ASMedia ASM which arrived yesterday I ran ATTO before Why are my write speeds so slow? (SSD on SATA3 card) and after so I d be able to see if there was any Why are my write speeds so slow? (SSD on SATA3 card) difference in performance With the GT plugged into the MoBo s sata- port- http www outlawwebdesigns com images My ATTO sata results jpg Plugged into the sata- card with the MoBo AHCI Why are my write speeds so slow? (SSD on SATA3 card) mode DISABLED the card has its own AHCI mode http www outlawwebdesigns com images My ATTO sata ide-results jpg With AHCI mode on the MoBo enabled http www outlawwebdesigns com images My ATTO sata ahci-results jpg My reads speeds with the card are great increase but my write speeds fell through the floor down as much as Any idea why Help Thx nbsp

A:Why are my write speeds so slow? (SSD on SATA3 card)

Have you checked the sata port you used is the motherboard's or the AMD chip that is?
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Hi, Im having some problems with my flash drive, on Xp works like a charm, but on windows 7 is really slow, it wont write faster than 800Kb/s and when i plug it on the PC it always says, this devices could run faster if you insert it blablabla... and other devices like Kingston, work great...

Any ideas on what could be the problem??


A:8gb Transcend Flash Drive with slow read/write speeds

Quote: Originally Posted by romsfan

Hi, Im having some problems with my flash drive, on Xp works like a charm, but on windows 7 is really slow, it wont write faster than 800Kb/s and when i plug it on the PC it always says, this devices could run faster if you insert it blablabla... and other devices like Kingston, work great...

Any ideas on what could be the problem??


If you insert it into a USB 2.0 port? You likely need to update your USB drivers. It did that on this old Dell Dimension that I got from a good friend, until I updated its drivers.
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X1 Carbon Gen 4 (2016) GPS Is available with optional Wireless WAN Integrated Mobile Broadband 4G LTE (Huawei ME906S) which according to Huawei?s specs has GPS built-in. No mention of GPS capabilities in Lenovo?s specs for X1 Carbon Gen 4 (2016), so can anyone comment about experience? Does GPS work in X1 Carbon Gen 4 (2016)? X220 has Lenovo GPS Enabler ? anything similar in X1 Carbon Gen 4 (2016)?
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Hello everyone, At last time I can remember, my X1 carbon turn the AC led (charging led, near AC port in the notebook's left-side) from orange (when charging) to green and then turn it off when my battery is full charged. But now, it's always on (green color)(plugged in but not charging because I use threshold setting) Please tell me it's normal or not?
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I was just reading the User Manual for a new X1 Carbon that will be delivered next week.  It includes this advice under General Tips for Preventing Problems: - "Use disk defragment tool regularly on your solid-state drive to improve data seek and read times." (p. 91 [pdf p. 107] Is this supposed to read "non-solid-state drive", or am I misinformed about when to use defrag?
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Hi All I have just updated the Bios on my 2016 Lenovo X1 Carbon and now the splash screen which normally shows Lenovo in all black with white text has now got a RED box around the Lenovo text. Anyone else have this? Type: 20FB-003TUK (6th Gen) Regards Stu

A:Lenovo X1 Carbon 2016

Yeah, it change with a new logo.u can check the change log (New) Updated the logo screen at start I'm a ThinkPad fans, and a Chinese Lenovo employee. My English is not good. That's all.
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Hello everyone, At last time I can remember, my X1 carbon turn the AC led (charging led, near AC port in the notebook's left-side) from orange (when charging) to green and then turn it off when my battery is full charged. But now, it's always on (green color)(plugged in but not charging because I use threshold setting) Please tell me it's normal or not?
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Hello,I am using X1 Carbon 2016 with OneLink+ and 27 inch 4K Dell monitor. It works all right with 60Hz.I would like to know, if it is possible to connect two 4K 60Hz monitors to the system?I understand, that OneLink+ supports two 4K monitors only with 30Hz and this is out of question. I need 60Hz on both of them. So, can I connect one through OneLink+ and another to MiniDP on notebook itself? Theoretically, it seems OK, because Intel HD 520 graphics itself supports two 4K 60Hz monitors and OneLink+ 30Hz limitation is related to speed only (if I am right). Would be grateful for any advice. Thank you.
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Dear all,I recently got a new carbon X1 2016 version and I would like to connect it to my display at work (samsung U24E590, 4K) and my TV at home (Panasonic, 4K). As especially my TV doesn't have a display port, I would like to connect over HDMI. In the manual, it says that HDMI connection allows resolutions up to 4096x2160px. However, when I connect my Samsung display, I get only options up to 1920x1080px in display settings (win 10, x64). I downloaded and installed the newest Intel HD Graphics 520 driver from the Lenovo support page. How is it possible to use full 4K resolution over HDMI connection? Anybody an idea? If possible without any expensive adapters etc. Many thanks for your help!
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Hello, I have a new notebook, it's a thinkpad X1 carbon Gen 4 (X1 carbon 2016)I don't know how to use fingerprint to turn on my notebook, last time I have a Thinkpad T420, when it's fully power off, I just swipe fingerprint to turn it on. I realy like this funtion, please help me bring it on my new thinkpad.Thank you

A:X1 carbon Gen 4 2016 - How to power on with finger...

Good day and welcome to the community.
To my knowledge, that capability is no longer available, and I don't believe it will be returning.
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I just received my x1 carbon, just a day before relocating to Spain. I didn't have time to check it out thoroughly before I left, but everything seemed fine. When trying it out upon arrival I imediately noticed a rattling sound from the touchpad. Just tapping the touchpad lightly produces noise, not to mention doubble tapping which is aweful. The touchpad seems to be centered and in level with the rest, but doesn't appear to be screwed on properly. A lenovo store here in Madrid only had the cheaper models, but the touchpads on these where all firm like a macbook. I'm a little hesitant about calling the spanish lenovo service as my spanish is severily limited atm. Has enyone else experienced this? Thanks.

A:X1 Carbon 2016 Noisy touchpad

A similar problem is being discussed in relation to the X1 Yoga (click), which is pretty much the same hardware as the X1 Carbon Gen 4.
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I've been trying to find a solid review on the internet Yoga 2016 vs X1 X1 Carbon anywhere review ? comparing these two X systems head to head but no luck so far nbsp The touchscreen and stylus capabilities of the X Yoga are nice but not absolutely necessary I'm worried if the build quality and reliability nbsp matches that of the X Carbon X Yoga has more moving parts raising keyboard platform more mobility in hinges laptop mode changes reliability touchscreen reliability etc in light of ongoing Lenovo quality control issues 2016 X1 Carbon vs X1 Yoga review anywhere ? Not that the X Carbon is without issues of its own nbsp If the touch and pen capabilities are a nice to have feature for someone and not required are they more trouble then they're worth given quality issues Or are the concerns overblown nbsp Would also like to know 2016 X1 Carbon vs X1 Yoga review anywhere ? if the QHD screens used in both systems are identical in terms of brightness color accuracy and viewing angles Same screen manufacturer Do both keyboards have the same key travel and quality of feel while typing nbsp Would be great if there was a review comparing both directly Has anyone had hands-on experience with both nbsp Thanks - Paul
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Again, not sure why Lenovo is so hard headed? Resuing to listen to what the MAJORITY of people want. * No OLED displays? How long do we have to wait for this? 2020? * SD Mini slot in the back? Very inconvient. No one is going to use it. (regular SD card on the side works better).* CTRL and FN button still in the wrong location. Why again do we have to fix it in bios when Lenovo can easily make it right? No SD card on my 2015 is the most annoying thing ever. Yes I have a stupid USB SD reader but c'mon. What's the point of thin and light if we have to carry a bunch of add-ons. Especially when the SD card slot doesn't even take up any space. Stupid move. Lenovo is losing sales and customers and it's due to them being out of touch with consumers.   

A:The 2016 X1 Carbon was a flop. When will the 2017 ...

The 2016 X1 Carbon was a flop for Lenovo? I doubt that. I think it sells very well for Lenovo. You say the majority of people want an SD card reader? Many mobile systems donīt have one anymore, and they still sell. This is a niche requirement, and Lenovo, who is a company with a wide lineup, has other models to fullfill that need. Aka the ThinkPad T460s, which is dimension and weight wise almost exactly the same as your X1 Carbon 2015, but with an SD Card reader, Ethernet, upgradeable RAM etc.
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nbsp I recently picked up an X Carbon with a WQHD screen while travelling in the US nbsp On first boot I noticed a column of dead pixels and promptly put in a service ticket for the issue nbsp As with my previous Lenovos I buy the yr NBD Onsite service nbsp Anyhow the LCD was backordered and after a week Carbon woes X1 (Gen replacement LCD 2016 4) - yesterday the screen was replaced nbsp Here is where the problem starts nbsp The original screen in the machine was LP QH -SPF nbsp The replacement screen installed is LP QH -SPF nbsp Both screens carry the same Lenovo part number HN but they are drastically different in quality nbsp The original screen was paper white and very bright where I X1 Carbon 2016 (Gen 4) - LCD replacement woes was using it indoors at and in my vehicle at full brightness without issue nbsp The replacement has whites that are yellowish X1 Carbon 2016 (Gen 4) - LCD replacement woes and when at full brightness it is not as bright at the original screen was at nbsp It is very dim and difficult to use outdoors nbsp I have spent over k CAD for this ultrabook and I am not happy about the difference in replacement screen model nbsp Is there a way I can get the correct screen back in my machine nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hi all, iam getting crazy with my X1 Carbon 4th Gen. I have problems to install Windows 7 64Bit Enterprise from USB or DVD, i tried both. It still appear the message of missing CD/DVD Drivers. I guess it's a USB 3.0 Driver Problem Thing's i've already tried: - I restored BIOS Settings. I disabled Win8 Compatibility Mode. Boot Options from Legancy to UEFI and back..- Deploy Windows 7 on USB Device 3.0 and 2.0 with Windows7USB/DVDTool- Deploy Windows 7 on DVD- I tried all combinations with the Onlink+ Dockingstation and USB 2.0 Port....- With all combinations i tried to load the USB3.0 drivers and AHCI/Chipset Drivers in the setup menu- I reimaged Windows 7 with the Microsoft Toolkit and add a Hotfix for USB, USB Drivers....nothing My Device:Lenovo X1 Carbon 4th Gen. (2016) (Type 20FB, 20FC)Intel Core i7-6500U Processor (2.50GHz)8.0GB RAM256GB SSD SATA Please help me... :-(

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Hi all, I have just recevied a shiny new ThinkPad X1 4th generation. It is model number 20FBCTO1WW and it is running BIOS v1.14. I am using it in conjunction with the OneLink+ dock (model DU9047S1) which is running driver v1.10.10. They work fine together except when I reboot the X1 as it fails to reboot and just hangs after the Lenovo splash screen. The loading of Windows 7 doesn't even seem to start. I know there were similar issues a few years back with earlier versions of the X1 but I have not heard any issues with the 4th gen model. Here is the issue from older versions of the X1: Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a proper resolution. Thanks,Ian
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Hi All So im looking to build my new X1 carbon with Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit, i have the iso on a bootable USB pen, but i cannot get the system to boot from the usb with secure boot on. I would like to take advantage of the UEFI boot, i can turn off the secure boot and it will build as normal, but after installing all the drivers, i put UEFI secure back on and it wont do anything. Am i missing something here? Regards Stu
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Hi Guys nbsp I am a former X owner whom ventured back to Thinkpad and bought a X Carbon G GB 10 Thinkpad 2016) (X1 software Windows Carbon i GB LTE FHD and I must say Windows 10 Thinkpad software (X1 Carbon 2016) first impression is really good It feels like a better X in terms of hardware keyboard and so forth - not to mention the screen is leagues above the old X despite me choosing Windows 10 Thinkpad software (X1 Carbon 2016) FHD over WQHD nbsp So fundementals of the purchase are ticking all hardware boxes nbsp However here is the let down - My laptop arrives with Win Pro with all the bells and whistles of an X model The shortcut brings up all the tools and it just feels like home when I had X Win was in its prime - Then I upgrade to windows and there is mostly just a standard windows nbsp It doesnt feel much thinkpad like in windows nbsp Have I completly missed the upgrade how-to or is lenovo not providing same look and feed in both Win and Win nbsp SImple example - the classic battery gauge in toolbar which i found some substandard lenovo remake of 'lenovo battery gauge' which didnt show hours left nbsp I had to go and get the third party batterybar to do the job nbsp Further the shortcuts that normally would give me Accesss Connections and show me the Watt usage of my Thinkpad are nolonger existing and it gives me the windows settings instead nbsp Im a happy X owner but had I known the thinkpad came with Win and mediocre Win features after upgrade I would probably have bought a macbook or similar which offeres no integrations but drivers and would leave me with more in my pocket nbsp So the short questions is - Does anyone have an idiots guide to Windows on X series All I did was to install every driver listed in support plus companion and settings from App Store but still feels very little like lenovo integration - Any hints on where to start or is 'this it ' nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hi All
i'm trying to turn on TPM via a task sequence set whilst building the machine via SCCM 2012
I have included the following cmd as a step in the task sequence:
cscript.exe SetConfig.vbs SecurityChip Active
then use a 2nd step in the task sequence to enable  bit locker encryption and use TPM.
Now step 2 works fine as we have used this on our previous HP laptops, but it will not work on the lenovo's Am i missing something in the first step of the task sequence?
Moderator comment: Detail added to subject for clarity. Model clarified per previous posts.
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Hi all, I have just recevied a shiny new ThinkPad X1 4th generation. It is model number 20FBCTO1WW and it is running BIOS v1.14. I am using it in conjunction with the OneLink+ dock (model DU9047S1) which is running driver v1.10.10. They work fine together except when I reboot the X1 as it fails to reboot and just hangs after the Lenovo splash screen. The loading of Windows 7 doesn't even seem to start. I know there were similar issues a few years back with earlier versions of the X1 but I have not heard any issues with the 4th gen model. Here is the issue from older versions of the X1: Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a proper resolution. Thanks,Ian

A:X1 carbon (4th gen 2016) doesn't reboot when conne...

We've seen the same issue. Our cause was older USB devices were plugged into the dock. One user had an old keyboard.  The other user had an old optical mouse. Replaced devices with new items and it boots just fine.  Thanks,Kyle.
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Hi there, Today my X1 Carbon 2016 suddenly refused to come out of sleep mode. After a reboot, it refuses to go any further than the boot splash screen. I can enter the BIOS setup screen (F1) and do changes there, but booting anything results in a reboot, including e.g. PXE (never makes it to the actual PXE boot, reboots before that) or even the Lenovo Diagnostics tool (also reboot before making it to the tool). I tried doing a hard reset through the reset button at the bottom of the laptop but it didn't seem to help. Is this a known problem? Should I just get a motherboard swap? I'm a bit disappointed since I've owned the laptop for less than 4 months now... Cheers,
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My serial numer for the x carbon th gen is xxxxxxxxxxxx nbsp I fan (2016) noise carbon unbearble gen makes... 4th x1 spent nbsp custimizing the x carbon th gen with TB PCI-e SSD I thought I would got a laptop for me to use years as I had a W used for years with problems and very quite nbsp but it is too x1 carbon 4th gen (2016) unbearble fan noise makes... heavy to carry it around nbsp However as soon as I started this new laptop the fan noise pissed me off The noise is totally unacceptable becuase I didn't x1 carbon 4th gen (2016) unbearble fan noise makes... start any programs yet and it runs a fresh Win Pro OS the noise can be heard about nbsp ft away in my bed room I tried to restart for a few times the noise comes back about seconds after the system is reboot nbsp nbsp nbsp I did some googling and found this old post for x carbon st gen nbsp https forums lenovo com t ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops x -fan-Noise td-p page nbsp I read the entire post and I assume this is probably the Bios issue again hopefully not the design issue since this is the th gen Can anyone from Levono help me geck this issue and provide nbsp me a solution I really hate to send the laptop back and exchange a laptop probably with the same issue if this is a Bios problem nbsp Cheers nbsp nbsp Mod edit nbsp Removed Serial Number to prevent abuse nbsp nbsp
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Hi all I would like to share my recent experience of nbsp Thinkpad X carbon th screen brightness problem and how this problem been solved nbsp The laptop cames good and the screen brightness carbon ca... Thinkpad 2016) X1 (4th F and F function for screen brightness adjusting is OK nbsp Other methods like in the setting menu and battery menu nbsp to adjust the brightness are all OK After one hour or one day or some short time you will find you cannot adjust the brightness Even the battery amp power options are not working nbsp The problem Thinkpad X1 carbon (4th 2016) screen brightness ca... comes from the driver First I thought it is the problem of driver of monitor wide viewing angle high density flexview display x driver I uninstall update change but none of them work Finally I find it is the problem of nbsp intel hd graphics There is another nbsp evidence that during the time only this driver of nbsp intel hd graphics has been updated automaticly to the latest version So I uninstall and roll back to the version nbsp and Thinkpad X1 carbon (4th 2016) screen brightness ca... the problem is solved I did Thinkpad X1 carbon (4th 2016) screen brightness ca... not check the lates version of this driver But I am sure that the latest version of intel hd graphics has conflict with the lenovo driver for screen brightness nbsp I am sure there are other people face the same problem after the update of nbsp hd graphics driver nbsp Any engineer please check it nbsp nbsp
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I have a brand new x carbon type FB All seems to work fine apart from when I use an external moniter of any kind nbsp it always seems to display at a poor quality on the external screen with nbsp the laptop nbsp display staying at nbsp a high standard The resolution nbsp is set high enough to give a good clarity currently using x on company monitor but the image is pixalated and the contrast is weak nbsp nbsp I have tried using HDMI monitors VGA monitor TV projectors through the HDMI outputs and the onelink docking station played with every setting Poor Gen X1 video on carbon 2016 4th output I can find tried using an external screen only and switch the laptop screen off but nothing seems to generate a good image I would suspect that it was just me as most things seem to be but we recieved three of these laptops at the same time and all have the same issue Does anyone have a solution or is the nbsp intel HD graphic card just not up to scratch
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Hello, Can I buy a WWAN card (like Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A (Sierra Wireless EM7455) to add to my note book (x1 carbon 2016)? Thank you
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Hello, Can I buy a WWAN card (like Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A (Sierra Wireless EM7455) to add to my note book (x1 carbon 2016)? Thank you
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Hi, I just bought an second hand X1C4 (in Germany). The serial number is written in the BIOS (there is no label on the back). However this SN can neither be validated in the warranty database, nor be found in the product support site. I don't think that I can return it now.In which case this can happen? Is it possible that this SN is somehow wrongly flashed into the BIOS or can it be that this particular laptop is some kind of "illegal" article? Thanks! 

A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016 Serial Number cannot be va...

Hi, I don't know if this applies to you.  I had a motherboard replacement on a IBM A30p and a W510 Thinkpad.  Both times after motherboard replacement I had problems with warranty validation.  On both of my cases after board replacement they put in the wrong serial number by putting in the letter "O" vs the number "0".  Since i still had the label and my purchase receipt i did not resend it in to IBM to fix the BIOS serial number.  Again i dont know if this applies to you.
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Hello I have issue on my x1 carbon 2016 (win10).When dark color thing is displayed then screen brightness is dimmed.When bright color thing is displayed then screen brightness is brighter. So I think this is "Dynamic Brightness" or "Adaptive Brightness" feature.But in fact, those setting are disabled (off) but still brightness is changed automatically. I already upgraded all drivers but still same. Anyone has similar issue? Please advise. Thanks

ScreenHunter_18 Nov. 03 14.19.jpg ?156 KB
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This morning my X1 carbon Touch Screen stopped working for no apparent reason. Everything that I can see is updated.  Lenovo Chat has been a pain. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

A:2016 X1 carbon Touch Screen Stopped working abrupt...

Are you saying the machine won't start, or that the touch function doesn't work?
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I was given some 16X DVD-R blank discs which I tried to use but my writer would not burn onto them. I have been successful with 2X and 4X speeds. A friend has told me that he has heard that there is some software available to be able to use these faster write discs. Can anyone please help.

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My computer has extremely slow download speeds, upload speeds are fine. Ping is always at ~10-20ms. (to Google) The problem has nothing to do with, my ISP, my router, my type of connection. I know this for a fact.

I've tried multiple network adapters. USB WiFi, integrated WiFi, connecting through another PC via ethernet, they all give the same result.

I'm guessing this is a problem with some software on the PC itself, as it seems to not be a hardware problem.

All other devices on the network have perfectly fine speeds, including Ethernet and WiFi connected devices.
I also cannot connect this PC to Ethernet, would take hours.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Slow download speeds, Fast upload speeds. Other devices are fine.

In device manager check the status of devices under Network Adapters
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I have an ASUS laptop with a USB 3.0 port into which I plugged a Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 Thumbdrive .

I then copied a 32 Gbte file from laptop to the Corsair drive getting a speed of around 45 Mbtes/sec.

This is my first experience of USB 3.0 devices and am wondering whether this is the sort of speed I should expect ?

A:USB 3.0 Thumbdrive Write Speeds ?

Looks fine for that model flash drive.
You are limited by the speed of the device, and that one is rated at 40MB/s write.
Read speed for that device is 85MB/s
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I have Adaptec Direct CD, can anyone tell me please the best speeds to read and write music CDs. Current read goes-2 - 4 - 8 -16 and 32 and the write write goes -1 - 2 - 4 and 8.
When I first open the settings box they show - Read 32x and Write 4x. If I change these, when I start the next time they are back to 32x and 4x. Is this an automatic setting that is recommended or should I change them to the 1x 4x or any other speed that is on the CD cases. I have a HP Pavilion running Windows 98se.

A:Read Write Speeds

Reading CD's is normally done at whatever speed the drive can read them, typically about 8-12 times the normal playing speed. Since the information is all digital, the speed isn't an issue.

Writing is subject to some discussion, though I have never found it to make much of a difference. I write my CD's at 16x, since that's what the media I happen to have is rated at, and they sound just as good as writing them at a slower speed. Some folks swear by slower writing speeds to reduce jitter, maybe I just have a tin ear.
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I have Roxio Direct CD 5 and Easy CD Creator on my machine...TEAC CD-W554E CD Rom...

Having been given a rather large box of CD-RW 700MB discs it would be nice to be able to use them--ONLY-- they are not recognized by the software I have...I usually use 1 x 4 compatible...these discs are 8 x 12 high speed...

If I keep these discs, would I be able to use them when I get around to buying Nero...'been getting around to it for months now'...just hate spending money until I have to....only I understand Nero is a far superior software, so I will eventually shell out for it...

Can Nero use these discs or does it depend on the drive I have...

Cheers guys...

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I'm running windows 7 home premium 64 bit on an Acer Timeline X 1830t.

I have just installed a Crucial M4 SSD. For some reason my Write speeds are low when on battery compared to on mains power but my advanced power settings are exactly the same as on power and battery.

I have attached screens shots of speeds on battery and mains power.

Can anyone shed any light?

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Hi there i was wondering if you could help me this problem i ve been having for the past days now I recently downgraded from Vista to XP and ever since then i ve had download speeds of kb s or less Before now i couldn t get onto anywebsites because it would time out things like www download very are fine, are speeds and speeds upload slow. Browsing yahoo com would take about minutes to open properly I did notice that when i was asked which partition to install XP on there was sub partitions on the Browsing speeds are fine, download and upload speeds are very slow. C drive for some reason Anyway long story short i managed to fix it by using the format option from booting the pc with the vista installation disk then put xp in etc So browsing speeds are normal for me but i can t get on my online games because it just times out due to the slow download speeds and anything large in size takes extremely long to download even with internet download manager I ve been waiting minutes for windows live messenger to finish downloading and installing and it still hasn t done so If you could have a look at my hijack this log and let me know what you see wrong it d be much appreciated thanks Not sure if this is to do with a virus ran AVG Malawarebytes etc and they haven t picked anything up Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgfws exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgam exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsx exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgnsx exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgemc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Unlocker UnlockerAssistant exe C Program Files LClock LClock exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files VIA VIAudioi HDADeck HDeck exe C WINDOWS system ICO EXE C WINDOWS system FSRremoS EXE C Program Files Logitech GamePanel Software LCD Manager LCDMon exe C WINDOWS system Pelmiced exe C Program Files Logitech GamePanel Software G-series Software LGDCore exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files Internet Download Manager IDMan exe C Program Files WinZip WZQKPICK EXE C Program Files Internet Download Manager IEMonitor exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Documents and Settings Serena My Documents Downloads Programs wlsetup-custom exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe C WINDOWS system wbem wmiprvse exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page O - BHO IDM Helper - C - - B-A BF- B C A A - C Program Files Internet Download Manager IDMIECC dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files AVG AVG avgssie dll O - HKLM Run UnlockerAssistant C Program Files Unlocker UnlockerAssistant exe -H O - HKLM Run LClock C Program Files LClock LClock exe O - HKLM Run HDAudDeck C Program Files VIA VIAudioi HDADeck HDeck exe O - HKLM Run Mouse Suite Daemon ICO EXE O - HKLM Run Launch LCDMon quot C Program Files Logitech GamePanel Software LCD Manager LCDMon exe quot O - HKLM Run Launch LGDCore quot C Program Files Logitech GamePanel Software G-series Software LGDCore exe quot SHOWHIDE O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run AVG TRAY C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe O - HKCU Run IDMan C Program Files Internet Download Manager IDMan exe onboot O - HKUS S- - - R... Read more

A:Browsing speeds are fine, download and upload speeds are very slow.

Doing a Panda Security Activescan right now, telling me at 25% it's already found over 100 infections.
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My new HP laptop -ac nx Intel very speeds battery normal slow HP but Wifi on speeds... Laptop Core i GHz HP Laptop Wifi very slow speeds on battery but normal speeds... GB RAM TB HDD running Windows bit has a serious wifi problem Ever since HP Laptop Wifi very slow speeds on battery but normal speeds... I have bought the laptop Wifi internet speeds seem to be comparitively very slow on battery than when plugged in I have a Mbps connection which provides a reasonable browsing and download speed on all my other devices The issue with this laptop is that when running on battery and connected using wifi even opening a webpage such as facebook or youtube takes an awfully lot of time lets say like to seconds and sometimes much more whereas if I do the same with the power cord plugged in the web pages appear as HP Laptop Wifi very slow speeds on battery but normal speeds... soon as I click their links i e Vey Fast Instantaneously nbsp nbsp To add further clarity to the situation I tested the download speed of a particular file while running on battery and with the cord plugged in I started the download of a file Java Development Kit MB using chrome with the cord plugged in and navigated to the chrome downloads page to monitor the download progress The download speed was about - Kbps Midway through the download I removed the power cord Immediately the speeds dropped down to - Kbps and sometimes even much lower nbsp After approximately seconds I plugged the cord back in and wow the download speed went back up to approx a Kbps After sometime I removed the cord again and as a result the speed dropped down again Plugged the cord again and it rose back up NOw this can't be coincidence since I have tried this with multiple files from multiple servers and am experiencing the same behaviour nbsp THe list of things dome so far but have had no results THe problem persists Number One nbsp Open DEVICE MANAGER Open up NETWORK ADAPTERS Right click on the WiFi Adapter for the pc and left click on PROPERTIES Click on POWER MANAGEMENT at the top Remove the check mark beside ALLOW THE COMPUTER TO TURN OFF THIS DEVICE TO SAVE POWER Click OK nbsp Left click on nbsp Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and select Properties Click on POWER MANAGEMENT at the top Remove the check mark beside ALLOW THE COMPUTER TO TURN OFF THIS DEVICE TO SAVE POWER Click OK Restart just to be extra sure nbsp Number Two Flushed the DNSRestart nbsp Number Threereset the nbsp TCP IP nbsp stack Restart nbsp Number FourUninstalled the WIfi driver and reinstalled it from the HP website nbsp Number FiveUpdated Windows My windows ten is on the latest build with all the updates installed nbsp Number SixLeft CLicking on the start button and selecting power options - gt Next i clicked Change Plan Settings next to the currently selected power plan which was High Performance and clicked Change Advanced Power Settings Next Under Wireless Adapter Settings-Power Saving Mode was set to Maximum Performance both on Battery and Plugged in Note The above point was tried and tested on all power plans i e Hp recommended Power Saving and unbundle nbsp Here is some info about my wireless adapter Realtek RTL BE bgn WIfi Adapter THere has nbsp been no imporvement whatsoever even after trying all these actions multiple time Will be really glad if someone could help What is the point of having a portable computer if I have to keep it plugged in for using the internet Even just web browsing is slow and unsatisfactory on the battery Thanks
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I noticed that when I plug my 16 GB USB (15MB/s read, 7,5 MB/s write) and when I put a file on the USB it starts copying at 150 MB/s the first 5 seconds. I have USB 2.0. And the file was copied to the USB, the file was not corrupted and I'm sure it is not a glitch. It copied a 760 MB movie for just 5 seconds. And as soon as it copied I unplugged the USB and it was not corrupted. But when I copy large files that the speed slows down to 500 KB/s. The USB Stick is low quality because with a 5 year warranty it died 2 times in 2 years and I got it replaced for free but all my stuff was gone, twice. Any ideas?

A:USB insane write speeds first few seconds

The maximum data rate of USB2 is 60MB/sec. And to achieve that speed, you need a so called 'high speed' USB2 stick. So 760MB in 5 seconds does not compute. It is a minimum of 13 seconds - if you are lucky.
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updated the aspi drivers, rehooked it up (tested the power to the drive). With no luck, I figured I'd ask here, since this board has helped me throughout the years I've posted here.

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I have an HP CD-writer Plus series burner and the Adaptec software that came with it BTW the DirectCD was giving me peculiar problems after burning like Explorer not showing file lists properly and after pressing Adaptec tech support for a quot logical quot explanation one of the techs abruptly told me quot Don t use DirectCD quot in a way that I took to blatantly mean there was a bug in it which pertained to a package bought about months ago and CD speeds Varying software write -- I uninstalled the DirectCD component so can t give version number I ve only used Easy CD Creator since with essentially no problems Anyway my question pertains to doing burning data backups on -min CD-Rs TDK s basic CD-Rs The burner is spec d at up to x but I m told it ll never quite get up to that What has me confounded is that I recently used the Layout feature and assembled about MB of files folders to burn and it took about minutes for the whole burn Then I used the Wizard and assembled about MB of other data to burn and it took minutes to burn that Weird The display told me up front how long each burn would take and it was pretty close to being correct I m wondering what gives The -minute burn was the Identities folders from Outlook Express Yes I have so many emails in there that it Varying CD write speeds and software came to about MB It would seem to me that quot data is data quot so I can only assume that it s one of three things the first MB uses the outer portion of the CD which spins faster well I m reaching using the Wizard results in a much longer burn shrug or I happened to have a faulty CD but it burned ok just took MUCH longer With a business it s important to me to be doing backups often but the slowness is a negative motivation I was thrilled to see it burn the MB so fast and knew it s not what I ve gotten used to but then again I ve almost Varying CD write speeds and software always used the Wizard before and this one time used the manual Layout screen Could that be the reason Yes I know I can just test to try to replicate it both ways and I will At this point I m on the hunt for better burning software for backups--Easy CD Creator is okay but won t let you select a larger amount of data than will fit on one Varying CD write speeds and software CD I need a good burner software that will work fast and will automatically spread it across multiple CDs Suggestions nbsp

A:Varying CD write speeds and software

After hours of trial-and-error testing, I concluded the following:

1. Some of my early posted specs were wrong. The HP CD-Writer Plus 9100 (9110i in my case) writes at up to 8x (not 12x). The TDK CDs I'm using are 80-min/700MB (not 74 min).

2. I'm using Easy CD Creator 3.5c (which came with the drive, even though Adaptec's Web site, or rather, Roxio's Web site (who I assume bought Adaptec's CD software division or something like that) says that the earliest version of Easy CD Creator this model drive supports is 4.x.

3. The speed variance I was seeing is due to a very weird phenomenon whereby the software, on what seems to be a totally arbitrary basis, randomly goes into one of two modes when copying a CD: it either first writes the entire contents of the folders/files you want to write to CD to a "disk image" on the HD first and then writes that image to the CD, or it writes to the CD as it also reads your folders/files.

What I found was that it did it both ways when using the Wizard... and believe me, as far as I can tell I did nothing in the world different that would make it choose one method or the other, and I tested a lot of variations (use the auto-launch-at-startup wizard, launch the wizard from the File menu, etc)... but when I did not use the wizard but instead used the File - Create CD (from Layout) manual approach, it only did it with the "write disk image to HD first and then copy that to the CD" method (but the random nature of this was such that it might have done it the other way next time around for all I know).

BOTTOM LINE: What I found was that the "write disk image to the HD first" approach is much faster than the "read and write to CD at same time" approach. Therefore, since the program seemed to randomly choose this method versus the other one, my way of writing data to the CD from now on will be to avoid the wizard altogether (you can go into Tools - Options and tell it not to launch the wizard at startup) and instead manually make my folders/files Layout and then use "File - Create Disk Image" and then "File - Create CD from Disk Image".

My testing showed that the "disk image" approach was as follows: for about 450MB of data, it took about two minutes to "read" the data and write the disk image to the HD, then about 7 minutes to write that image to the CD, and about another 15-40 seconds to write the TOC to the CD. It showed that the "read and write at the same time" approach took about 30 minutes just to write the data (I didn't bother checking the read time or the time to write the TOC given the huge advantage of the other method).

When you do "File - Create CD from Disk Image" it gives you an Advanced tab that has a few choices that may be totally different for an audio disk than for my purposes with only data. For my purposes with only data, I found little if any difference between the default choice and the bottom choice (they had to do with leaving sessions open or closing the CD, pertaining to two-second space between songs and whether the disk would be made a read-only or you could write more... which was confusing since it didn't mention non-audio and it didn't address the fact that you cannot write more data to a CD-R disk after you've written to it). The only difference between those two choices for me with just data was whether it wrote the TOC first or last (and perhaps a few seconds difference in speed one way or the other).

Hope all this helps someone... or is this all obsolete software by now anyway?

Then again... in the time I took to figure this out I could have earned the money to buy the latest burner hardware and software myself! Now to go do a test on reprioritizing!

One question lingers, though: a salesperson at a major national retailer had told me that there's no point in going to a burner over 8x write speed yet becau... Read more
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The computer has been having this trouble for a few days now, I installed another 4 gb's of ram into the system not that long ago, but it was running fine after that, no slow downs or anything after that, i installed the new service pack, and it's been slow ever since that, I think that caused this problem. The computer also Blue Screen a little while after the install, power failure, just my luck. and thats when the read/arites got even worse. They got as slow as .8 Mb/s, i have no clue as to what is causing this, any ideas?

A:7mb/s Read/Write speeds on a HDD with Windows 7

Go to your device manager and look at IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and find which one your drive is on. Then go to Properties then Advanced Settings and make sure DMA is enabled. Somehow the drive may have got kicked into PIO mode.
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When using DVD shrink and Nero version to backup a dvd, I use the backup feature in DVD shrink, burning starts automatically after the files have been shrunk..however, the video was choppy a lot of the time so I tried burning it at a slower speed (2x) and it seems to have fixed the problem thus far. To do this though I have to go into nero and burn the file after I have shrunk it at a seperate time rather than letting it burn automatically after dvd shrink is finished. My question is--is there a way to set the write speed--either through the nero program or the drive settings--to 2x as a default so that I can burn it in one step like before?

A:Setting write speeds for DVD burner

I have had similar problems and still use nero in a second step. I have a 8x burner and burn at 4x. I get perfect burns all the time so I am not screwing with it.
make sure you have the most up to date dvd shrink, my version is 3.2 and nero is now
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Hello everyone,

I have somewhat of a quick question. I recently upgraded to 'Windows XP', did a clean install of the OS and formatted the hard drive as NTFS as opposed to the DOS format because of the reliabilty factor. Everything is working great except for one thing that's been bothering me. The hard drive is reading and writing alot slower in NTFS than it was when I had it formatted as FAT32.

I was just curious as to whether or not this is normal or is there any way to boost up the read/write speed of this hard drive? I have checked to make sure that DMA was already set and it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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I just got a samsung 18x dvd burner and am confused about the speeds. When I am reading dvds using dvd fab decrypter the maximum speed at around 50% of the process is almost 8x. Also when I am burber a dvd at 16x it seems like it is fast at the beggining, also makes more noise, and then slows down. I thought that the read speed was 16x and the write speed was 18x...are these problems? I thought these speeds were constant and always used.


A:DVD burner Read/Write Speeds

Reduce the speeds when you have problems, or allow the burner to automatically adjust speed to conditions. Some DVD discs will only burn in a satisfactory way.
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Hey, I'm having really slow speeds surfing the internet, watching videos on sites like youtube, and downloading files. So i went to and found that my download speeds are only 1.3 mbps!! my upload is fine, around 5 mbps. I dunno what the issue could be! I am wirelessly connected to the router, but the signal strength is fine. Attatched is a screenshot from xirrus.

A:Slow Download Speeds, Upload Speeds fine

And your download speed with an ethernet connection to the router? Directly to the modem? What speed are you supposed to be getting?
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Running benchmarks on my new Alienware 17 and it looks like write speeds for the Samsung PM951 NVMe are very low. CrystalDiskMark shows good read speeds but write is 3X slower than the specs.
Laptop seem to be running latest drivers and bios up to day. The default controller was set to RAID and thats where I left it. 
Any ideas? Faulty drive?
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I'm going to buy a new license of one of these product, so any suggest please?
I have used Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky ( about 3 years ago), I haven't used Norton and Trend Micro.

A:KIS 2016 vs NIS 2016 vs BIS 2016 vs Avast IS 2016 vs Trend Micro IS 2016

Out of all these,and your prerequisites,I would go with Kaspersky!
PS:This is from personal experience,and other members may have varying opinions!!
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Hello Digital helponthe net users I have had a CDRW for almost months now However I have been having some problems When I first got my CDRW it came with a CDR and a CDRW The CDRW was made by Verbatim It s a x- x MB Disk I screwed that one up because I didn t know anything about burning a CDRW or so I think OK it is months in the future now I have sence brought three X CDRW disk and they have never failed except for a few times when I was running a few Help+PlextorCDRW+VerbatimCDRW+can't speeds+disk write fails+help? high at applications that took up more RAM then I thought The PROBLEM is that I also brought seven VERBEATIM CDRW x- X CDRW disk I have used three and they have all failed At first I have noticed Help+PlextorCDRW+VerbatimCDRW+can't write at high speeds+disk fails+help? that it happened when I burned at high speeds so I thought it may have been the drive Then with the next disk I noticed that it happened when I burned at X and x speeds So now logic would suggest that it is not the drive since the three x disk I have of another brand do fine every time My questoin is if anybody Help+PlextorCDRW+VerbatimCDRW+can't write at high speeds+disk fails+help? has had simular problems with Verbatim or any other media with a Plextor or anyother CDRW drive Thanks JD nbsp

A:Help+PlextorCDRW+VerbatimCDRW+can't write at high speeds+disk fails+help?
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Now! ESET has just released their newest security suite: ESET Smart Security 9 (2016 Edition). These products are on the top of security suites which are produced by giants on security companies. Most of them released 2016 editions of their products. I want to compare on their newest products with new features (such as on ESET: Banking Protection, Bitdefender: Ransomware Protection and new Firewall, etc...) and some enhanced features.

And now, which is your choose for your security? Please let me know your opinion!

A:Battle: Kaspersky IS 2016 vs ESET Smart Security 2016 vs Bitdefender IS 2016 vs Emsisoft IS 10

its hard choice choose between Eset,Kaspersky and Emsisoft.
in fact i never test Eset 2016, but i tested kaspersky and Emsisoft, Kaspersky 2016 really go lighter than Emsisoft(now i am Emsisoft useres)
by your budget and your interest u can choose Emsisoft or kaspersky.
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I am having issues with my desktop. I am getting download speeds using of about 3mbps. On my laptop however I am getting speeds of 20-25mbps.

I have run a virus scan and malware scan and both came out as clean. What else could be causing my computer to suffer such slow download speeds?

A:Slow Download Speeds on Desktop, Fast download Speeds on Laptop

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Guys, a real basic question. I am looking at buying a new machine and have a choice of DVDRW/CDRW or DVDRW. The CD write and read speed (16 and 24) appears alot quicker than the DVD write and read speed (4 and 8). Is this a true comparison i.e. the CD reads 4 times quicker than the DVD or am I missing something. Will be using the laptop for a lot of CD reading for itunes and this is an important factor in my decision. All guidance appreciated. Cheers.

On a side note anyone know what the differance is between these two graphics chipsets?? i.e. which is better or are they pretty much the same

Gaphics chipset - Intel 855GM NVIDIA Ge Force FX go 5200
Mem Size - 64mb 64mb
Mem type - Shared Dedicated

A:DVDRW/CDRW 'v' DVDRW Whats the difference between the read and write speeds???

Personally i would opt for the DVDRW/CDRW combo drive as it will give you the most burning options for backing up data/music.
If you are going to have an empty bay i would get a plain old CDR to play music on as they are dirt cheap now.
Reason being is burners run a lot hotter and i only use them strictly for burn projects.They will play your music fine but why subject them to the wear if not needed. After all their not as cheap to replace. My CDR is 54x and about 4 years old and still ticking. I found out the hard way about wearing out a burner.

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Hello all First off is is Laptop Wireless Speeds Slow fine, SLOW Desktop - I have been searching these forums for several days and have seen a number of people reporting slow wireless connections in Windows Which was comforting knowing I was not alone - but unfortunately I've yet to find the answer in any of the older posts so Slow Wireless Speeds - Laptop is fine, Desktop is SLOW I am hoping that making one of my own will help resolve this Sorry to add to the noise but I'm kind of out of ideas Now for the problem Initially my wireless Slow Wireless Speeds - Laptop is fine, Desktop is SLOW speed in Windows was comparable to what I got under XP - mainly mbps but occasionally dropping lower but nothing out of the ordinary However I've recently noticed that I am never going about mpbs now on my wireless connection and the actual speed seems to be bottlenecked even slower than that Example here is a speed test I just ran Here is the results of my ipconfig all Code Windows IP Configuration Host Name Jon-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List provenahealth com Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Cisco AnyConnect VPN Virtual Miniport Ada pter for Windows x Physical Address - - A- C- A- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe d b e da d c Preferred Default Gateway DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - - D-B -AC- C-F - - - -A DNS Servers fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix hsd il comcast net Description Broadcom g Network Adapter Physical Address - F- - E- -DA DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Tuesday October PM Lease Expires Wednesday October PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter isatap hsd il comcast net Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix hsd il comcast net Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e ccf f fe Prefe rred Link-local IPv Address fe ccf f fe Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter isatap D CC A-B C - FE-AF -CCE B Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes I have checked for the latest drivers on my Broadcom g Network Adapter through Windows and even going so far as to try and find the reference drivers Which is turns out is quot Broadcom Dell Wireless WLAN MiniPCI Card quot but I've been unable to find anything worthwhile there The router is a WRT G running the latest firmware version Also the issue seems to be on just this ONE machine We have a Win Home Premium bit laptop that connects at mpbs and the speedtests done there are closer to - mbps that I should be getting here Also for giggles and grins I ran a speedtest on my iPhone connected to the same wireless network and received better speeds than on my desktop I realize that was a lot of info to dump all at once but I figured best to get the obvious questions out of the way up front So anyone have any suggestions Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Slow Wireless Speeds - Laptop is fine, Desktop is SLOW

I almost don't believe it, because I could have sworn I had tried this in the past. I changed the broadcast channel from 10 to 1 after doing another WiFi channel search and seeing a new network broadcasting on 8. I was still getting good signal strength, but I figured it couldn't hurt. About 30 seconds later my wireless speed jumped back up to 54mbps and this is the speed test now.

Glad its fixed, but I almost don't trust that this will stay fixed. Going to leave this open for a day or two to see if anyone else has any suggestions that I might want to try.
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I have 6 months trial license all of them. Which one do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.


A:Avast IS 2016 / Panda IS 2016 / Bitdefender IS 2016

What kind of system do you have?
Panda and Avast are the lightest while Bitdefender can be heavy.

All 3 offer excellent protection (Avast requires tweaking; Bitdefender and Panda works out of the box), while Bitdefender is mainly known for its detection rate (signatures).

Try the 3 of them (trial versions, not the 6 months) and see which one you prefer.

In terms of UI, all 3 are user friendly.

Have a look here for Avast and Bitdefender info:
KIS 2016 vs NIS 2016 vs BIS 2016 vs Avast IS 2016 vs Trend Micro IS 2016
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Hello nbsp I've got a user with an X Carbon connected to a nbsp USB Dock I've done every type of cleaning imagineable on this system and I've tried different user accounts No matter what when the dock is connected nbsp the time it takes for the users account to load is anywhere from to minutes If undocked things load up nice and quick And if you disconnect the dock during the login when it's sitting at loading desktop or any one of the other spots it seems to linger on it kicks in and loads normally the second the dock is disconnected I've been through several sites and is Carbon login Slow when X1 docked forums and I've tried suggestions from updating the Intel USB extensible host drivers setting power options to Maximum and I've updated DisplayLink drivers to the latest Slow login when X1 Carbon is docked I've also tried anothe dock And I have a few other users with the same setup and they're telling me about login lag Does anyone have any solutions for this I was thinking there might be a firmware update for the dock but I can't find one on that models page Just drivers All I can come up with right now is the work around of having the user login undocked and then dock once the desktop loads It seems to work fine once it's loaded up Any suggestions greatly appreciated
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I just start using X1 Carbon Gen 2 and find that the Trackpoint is way too slow.  I have used Trackpoint for more than 10 years in various models of Thinkpad and get use to Trackpoint.  Every model of Thinkpad that I used, the default setting of Trackpoint which is in the middle, is too slow but after adjust to fastest, it work fine.  However, for this X1 Cargon Gen 2, it is still too slow after adjusting the speed to fastest. I have updated the device driver few days ago, it does not help. Any suggestion?

A:Trackpoint "too slow" proglem of X1 Carbon Gen 2

Same problem on the x240.  I set the trackpoint speed to max, mouse speed to max, and turned off the "enhance cursor precision" option (which also slows the cursor), and still feel like I'm effortfully pushing the cursor around the screen with the trackpoint.  It's completely unacceptable and basically ruins the trackpoint for me.  Last night I got on my old x201 and it was like a breath of fresh air... just tap the trackpoint and it immediately goes where I want.  The constant pressure on the trackpoint of my x240 is also making it lose it's inertia settings so that it frequently just drifts uncontrollably up or down the screen. Perhaps there's a registry setting to increase it's sensitivity? It's just terrible what they did to the trackpoint on this generation.  I can partially live with the virtual buttons, but the loss of sensitivity and the removal of the press-to-select function of the trackpoint are terribly dissapointing in the new X series.  They should take the red-dot off of the lenovo marketing.
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Hi folks re-posting as per your suggestions

The indexing did rebuild and I removed the P2P program.
One thing I noticed is that explorer related tasks are very slow. Sometimes when I try to open a folder and view files explorer is stuck. It doesn't freeze and is semi responsive but doesn't display any files and just stuck in trying to load the folder. See image attached. I have to restart the explorer from Task Manager in order to get it running again. 
Here is the link to the msinfo file

A:Slow browsing and very slow explorer and disk read write related processes

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Hi there sorry the notifications about this post have been buried by the mailbox and I forgot to respond.
To answer your last question. What I meant by sometimes was that, sometimes Windows loads normally without BSOD. Anyway this issues seems to have disappeared now. Laptop runs a little bit faster but not much. Website are still loading very slow (even the major ones so it's not a problem with UE on their end, and loads much faster on my desktop). Explorer folders sometimes don't load icons and menus, preview of media takes ages sometimes causing crashes of the application, applications like skype, xlite and office are very slow and are getting stock/becoming unresponsive.
Thank you for your help.

A:Slow browsing and very slow explorer and disk read write related processes cont.

Quick update of things I've noticed. 
1. When searching for things on Google after typing the query and pressing enter/clicking search the page is stuck I can see it's loading at the top (Tab spinning circle) and the search page results are blank white, buttons are responsive etc but tit doesn't bring up any results. Then if I press search (enter or click the search button it displays the search results.
2. Sometimes there is a huge delay in typing. You can type a full sentence and it will display the letters/words slowly on the screen (letter by letter steady pace first and sometimes at a fast/semi fast burst of typing) but not at full speed. 
3. Sometimes when I open spreadsheets or other documents in office it says that someone is currently editing the file but this is a standalone laptop that is not part of an intranet and there is no one else who is viewing these files apart from me.
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This seemed to happen very suddenly but one week my computer was running fine and the next it got very slow I'm not exactly a computer genius so i can't be sure what this is I deleted some programs wintools cashback etc and ran cleanup ad aware windows anti spyware and overall speeds slow startups running and Slow spybot as well as defragging my computer Unfortunatley my computer hasn't gotten much faster Any Slow startups and overall slow running speeds help would be very much appreiciated Here's my log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C Slow startups and overall slow running speeds WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System CTsvcCDA exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system devldr exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Creative SBLive AudioHQ AHQTB EXE C Program Files Yahoo browser ybrwicon exe C Program Files Creative ShareDLL CtNotify Slow startups and overall slow running speeds exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Common Files AOL ee AOLSoftware exe C WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C WINDOWS system hphmon exe C PROGRA Yahoo browser ycommon exe C Program Files HP HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnd exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Plaxo PlaxoHelper exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasDtServ exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Creative ShareDLL MediaDet Exe C Program Files HP HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnf exe C PROGRA Yahoo MESSEN ymsgr tray exe C Program Files Palm Hotsync exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Documents and Settings David Desktop HJT HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www aimtoday com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http red clientapps yahoo com cust www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http yahoo sbc com dsl R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http red clientapps yahoo com cust www yahoo com R - URLSearchHook AOLTBSearch Class - EA - - DB- F -D CA FB C D - C Program Files AOL AOL Toolbar aoltb dll O - BHO Yahoo Companion BHO - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO AOL Toolbar Launcher - C - CB - A -B F - EA C F - C Program Files AOL AOL Toolbar aoltb dll O - Toolbar amp Yahoo Companion - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - Toolbar AOL Toolbar - DE C F- - A - B-AA ED D - C Program Files AOL AOL Toolbar aoltb dll O - HKLM Run Speed racer C Program Files Creative PlayCenter CTSRReg exe O - HKLM Run AudioHQ C Program Files Creative SBLive AudioHQ AHQTB EXE O - HKLM Run UpdReg C WINDOWS Updreg exe O - HKLM Run YBrowser C Program Files Yahoo browser ybrwicon exe O - HKLM Run IPInSightMonitor quot C Program Files SBC Yahoo Connection Manager IP InSight IPMon exe quot O - HKLM Run Disc Detector C Program Files Creative ShareDLL CtNotify exe O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe O - HKLM Run mmtask C Program Files MusicMatch MusicMatch Jukebox mmtask exe O - HKLM Run URLLSTCK exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security UrlLstCk exe O - HKLM Run HP Software Update quot C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe quo... Read more

A:Slow startups and overall slow running speeds

Hi and welcome to TSF

I'm Jet Ian, and I am currently reviewing your log. Please note that this is under the supervision of an expert analyst, and I will be back with a fix for your problem as soon as possible. Please be patient with me during this time.

We also recommend that you Subscribe to this thread so that when I or the other experts replied, you will get an email notification. To do this: Click on then and make sure you set it to Instant notification by email.
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So, I've been trying to fix this problem for months. I have two Maxtor hard drives on the primary IDE channel, one's a 120 Gb(master) and an 80Gb(Slave). Both of them write at about 1.8 Mb/sec and read at a normal rate. I've put a new ribbon cable in it, checked the jumpers, Windows says they're running in UDMA mode 6.

Both hard drives can't be bad, so I've ruled that out for now. I honestly don't remember when they first started running slow, but at least 6 months. I did a reformat about a year ago, and I think it was working well then, but that's a while ago and I just don't remember thinking it was slow at the time anyway.

Windows XP -SP3
AthlonXP 3200+
2 Gb Corsair Ram
120 & 80 Gb Maxtors
450 watt PSU


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I recently switched my ISP from cable internet to DSL... when I was on cable, everything seemed to be consistently speedy (but not as fast as my new DSL connection is supposed to be) As soon as I switched over to the DSL, the issues began.

Now, my wireless connection is consistently faster than 3Mb/s, and I'm quite happy with that, however the wired connection bounces from 300kb/s to 1.5Mb/s. I have a DLink WBR2310 wireless router that has served me well until now.

Any ideas why the wired connection would be slower than the wireless...? I should also mention that when I connect my desktop right to the DSL modem, I always get speeds of 5Mb/s or more.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Relevancy 49.02%

Hello ok first the problem I use orange broadband if you can call it that and supposed to get mb speeds I know its shared and i get about - mb which is fine and is what I get With Help slow speeds. on my Help With slow speeds. laptop on which I am currently using to post this However I have recently Help With slow speeds. bought a new pc BUT im only getting mb speed which is awful the network card I am using in the new machine is the Edimax EW- PIn PCI-E mb s and the router have to use is a Livebox- D made my linksys I have tried installing latest drivers port forwarding dosent work gaming is worse max Help With slow speeds. ping on all games Minecraft running crashed my connection Google wont load or takes - seconds laptop is fine though runs smoothly I need help I may have to send my pc back cause its not what I want sure I can play games offline but I carnt do anything online I need suggestions before I send it back as it would be better thank you and HELP nbsp