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camera on Lumia 640xl not opening

Q: camera on Lumia 640xl not opening

Hi. When trying to activate camera it shows - something went wrong -
i did reset phone
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Preferred Solution: camera on Lumia 640xl not opening

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have an asus x555ld-x0549h, it has a built in camera that does not work. I have been searching for a driver all day and didnt find a thing...
then I tought that the camera was being blocked and I enabled it and... still noting...
can anyone help me please?
I'm using windows 8 and the camera app says that I need to plug in a camera... so.... wtf?! :S

A:Asus x555ld built in camera not working

How old is this laptop?
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The $35 Raspberry Pi 2 launched earlier this month sporting a wealth of upgrades and apparently, one of the most peculiar hardware bugs in recent memory.

Read more

A:Weird bug alert: A simple xenon camera flash can crash a Raspberry Pi 2

Reminds me of what a big solar flare could do.
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Previously used this phone with Zune on my now-deceased PC with Windows XP (although even that took a while to establish). Now have an HP laptop with Windows 7 but Zune consistently refuses to recognize it and just comes up with the usual 'disconnect, turn off and reconnect'. I have downloaded both Microsoft Fixes and neither of them find anything wrong; I have uninstalled/reinstalled countless times; I have been into my certificates and made changes and/or deletions - and I m now simply running out of options ...and patience if I'm honest.

Almost all the internet advice suggests the fix is easy. Would the fact I've worked on this for over a month now suggest I am a one-off?!!!

A Google search revealed that there are many people who have had the same problem still unresolved after two years or so - just as often with other Windows Phones rather than Nokia. Can anyone help please?

A:Microsoft Zune will not recognize my Nokia Lumia 800...

Any luck with this?
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Hey everyone,

So I am using Windows 7 and I have been trying to open my Sound options under my Control Panel to no avail.

When I click on the "Sound" text, my Control Panel box slightly fades as if a window is going to open but no such window ever does. 5-10 minutes later, the sound controls will finally pop up. It is experiencing some kind of heavy delay.

I have been told it may be a driver issue but my drivers are relatively new (3-4 weeks old).

Let me know if you guys have any solutions.


A:Sound Control Opening With Heavy Delay

Hmm, could be a bug with the new drivers.

Try un-installing all audio devices and then re-install.
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Hi Everyone As you can see by the title I m having a few strange issues At random points during the day my mouse moves and sometimes right clicks system volume mutes itself and turns itself down and lastly the DVD drive randomly opens them immediately closes a couple times a day First thought was quot Someone is playing a prank on me quot because it s my work computer and has various shadowing remote control tools on it like UltraVNC and Teamviewer however stopping these services did nothing Then I thought it might be a virus or hacking tool system runs Sophos anti-virus and the computer is behind a pretty powerful corporate firewall nonetheless I ran MalwareBytes HijackThis and Spybot Search amp Destroy and they found nothing I ve also tried replacing the mouse and keyboard just in case but still nothing Is anyone able to help shed some light on DVD Opening Mousing Volume By Themselves Muting and Moving, Drive these issues Not particularly keen to reformat my work machine and put myself out of action for a few hours Cheers David nbsp

A:Mousing Moving, Volume Muting and DVD Drive Opening By Themselves

Any updates on this?
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Hi, I have an old dell inspiron laptop screen from a broken laptop and I have heard that you can purchase converters on ebay to turn the screen into a monitor, but I was also wondering if there is anyway to recycle the web camera to use it as some sort of a security camera, I know it would probably be easier to buy a security camera but im bored have alot of spare time and an old laptop screen with a web camera


A:Recycle laptop screen and camera

If you're bored and have a lot of spare time, Google is your friend. Technically, yes, you can make it work as a monitor and stand-alone camera. I can't help you though.

Good luck and have fun!
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Before I get to the poll a little history is in order I got my first droid retiring my GS moved to iOS from WinMO few years ago But I think it is the most 920 or ATIV Lumia S regrettable of decisions I made Because despite the fact that I always went for the higher end droid at least of its time e g Desire SGS SGSII Sensation SGSIII to name few I never found a stable solidly performing android phone They all suffered from random crashes reboots sluggishness hang ups and I only install apps - I need nothing more They all have various annoying quirks as well e g SGS ATIV S or Lumia 920 III doesn t want to find any WiFi network at times folders on home screen will randomly open at ATIV S or Lumia 920 their own my older Sensation s screen would stop responding quot in some places quot etc IMHO almost all droids I owned had great hardware but a crappy OS Few months ago I got my hands on Lumia and used it along side my Sensation SGS III for months and my views about WP totally changed It easily outperforms all those multi-core droids with its dated single core SoC being absolutely rock solid and very easy to use UI unlike androids copycat of iOS It is time again to jump ship only thing to decide is should I get ATIV S or Lumia though I m tilting toward the later due to better support upgrade cycle of Nokia compared to Samsung However SuperAMOLED display of ATIV S will be more battery friendly and it also have expansion slot ATIV S comparison Lumia specs Specs of HTC X amp Accord rumored Lumia along side Samsung ATIV S So what you guys would pick nbsp

A:ATIV S or Lumia 920

I'm firmly set on the Lumia 920 right now. I've always had a thing for Nokia handsets, and until Android hit the scene I only ever owned them. Plus, I don't think I'll miss the lack of storage expansion (my SGS3 has 16GB now and I'm only using 1GB of it!), and I think Nokia will be quicker and more supportive with its own apps than Samsung will be.
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I have made a mistake in my computer and I do not know what I did or where I did it to create the screen to become black when I go to a second screen. I can open a website fine, but when I go to a second page it comes up black with only very light grey printing. Can someone walk me through changing this back from black to a more readable color?
Oh, I forgot to tell that I have Windows 7 on this laptop.

A:Opening second page comes up black

Are you talking about an external monitor connected to the laptop?
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My wife has an Evo app Yahoo Mail Shift photos w/ Opening 1.3.8 and 1.3.6 Evo on shift and recently it stopped opening photos that are attached to emails sent Opening photos on Evo Shift w/ Yahoo Mail app 1.3.6 and 1.3.8 to her Yahoo acct She has the Yahoo Mail app and she s experiencing the problem on and It s supposed to work like this Opening photos on Evo Shift w/ Yahoo Mail app 1.3.6 and 1.3.8 You tap on the attachment and it opens up another small screen that says quot loading quot and it counts up and then obviously when it reaches the photo opens Her phone does this You tap on the attachment and the quot loading quot screen immediately closes and nothing happens What I ve tried I ve tried uninstalling the app multiple times by going to Settings gt Applications gt Manage Applications Clearing the data by going to Settings gt Applications gt Manage Applications gt Clear Data Reinstalling the app new from the Market I have tried it from my Evo D and it works fine Next step for me is to try doing a hard reset on the phone and taking it back to factory but I thought I d reach out to see if anybody had any other ideas other than what I ve tried Thanks nbsp
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I have a Dell Latitude D620. I opened the case in order to clean the fan and change heat sink compound. Now, after turning laptop on, it shows the light for a couple of seconds and then turns itself off. CPU or fan don't even start running. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Did I disconnect something by mistake? Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop won't boot after opening the case

Re-trace your steps there is something you have missed. Otherwise clear the CMOS or remove the backup battery for 30 seconds. DELL has some sort of fail safe on their hardware.
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Finally, I found Dell's site on how to open the top cover of my XPS M2010. I forgot who wanted to know how to open the top but here it is. Look for the 2 slots on the back side of the computer. You will need a small flat screw drive. Follow the instruction in the Dell support ... XPS M2010 Service Manual
There are topics you can find in this manual about this computer. Just click what you want to know.

I hope this help.

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I am posting this after reaching the point of frustration and having spent days trying to find a solution I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ E Laptop and after doing a fresh XP Pro SP install can t get the camera to work The chipset is Intel R GM Express Chipset I have tried Installing SODOTH- -US EXE Version Camera with Sony VAIO frustration Last Modified - Problem remained Sony VAIO frustration with Camera Downloading and installing the Camera Driver from Code ftp ftp vaio-link com pub OS XPDOWNGRADE Sony VAIO frustration with Camera FZ DRIVERS but the problem remains When I click on the USB Video Device in Windows Explorer I get the message Video Preview Failure Creation of the video preview failed Please check the device connection and make sure that the device is not being used by another application or user In Windows Explorer when I right click on the USB Video Device and from the resulting dialog box I click on Diagnostics I get the following message Your imaging device successfully completed the diagnostic test Can someone help me please nbsp
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I am obviously new to Techspot, and my question will reflect that I am sure, but here it is: I have a lakehouse, installed a 2wire AT&T wirleless router and a Panasonic BB-HCM371A Camera. I had everything working with my laptop, wirelessly, while on the lakehouse wireless network.
When I returned to my house in the city, where I have ATT U-Verse, with Their wireless 2 wire router, I could not access the camera.
Long and short, why can one wirless network not contact another. I have all of the IP Addresses. I assume this is something very easy or stupid, and I am sorry, but I just cannot figure it out. I am looking for any help I can get.
Thanks all,

A:Wireless Network Camera Problems

Even though your provider at both homes is AT&T, the two wireless networks are not able to communicate with each other by default. The routers you have in each house separate your home networks from AT&T's network with their firewalls. Opening a port in the firewall that is forwarded to your camera will allow access from anywhere in the world as long as you know the exact external IP address with the correct open port added to the end of it.

I assume the IP address you have for your camera is something like 192.168.x.x and is hopefully statically set(not DHCP) The first thing you will have to do at your lake house is configure 'Port Forwarding' in your router so that your camera is accessible from the internet. While connected to the internet there you will also need to visit and write down your external IP address which is what you will use in combination with the port number you opened to connect to your camera from your home in the city.

I am at work right now so there are many details missing but if you need more help, reply and I'll do my best to get back to you.
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I have a toshiba hard disk that used to work properly and now I can't open it. whenever I try to open it a DOS window opens and I get the following error message:

the ntvdm cpu has encountered an illegal instruction

What should I do?

A:Error opening hard disk

"whenever I try to open it a DOS window opens and I get the following error message:
the ntvdm cpu has encountered an illegal instruction"

Please clarify how you try to open it? what your OS? and if you go to windows command prompt and manually try to go to that HDD (e.g. d:\ and press enter) ...... does it work?
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Im using uTorrent and i got the error saying that my port was closed. I tried opening a port on my Belkin wireless N router. Model number is F5D8233-4v3. I check the port that I tried to open on these two sites but it says that its closed:

I have the firewall turned off and also used the virtual server tool and added an inbound port and a private port with the same port number. No luck though. Any help would be appreciate.

A:Belkin Router Opening Ports

See for help.
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I have a game downloaded from Big Fish Games which I ve been playing for the past year However now when I try to open the game I get this error code quot Executable path is not writable If you launched the application directly Trouble opening game from the CD please run the installer Trouble opening game to install the application quot The game is called Ricochet Recharged one of my favorite games I contacted Big Fish and they told me Trouble opening game I might need new drivers Here s the information that got from my error report Hi Linda Thank you for providing the report After analyzing the report I saw that the video driver was last updated on An outdated video driver may be the cause of trouble you ve encountered To resolve this I would recommend visiting the computer s manufacturer website below to get the most recent update by contacting their technical customer support To make the process of locating your driver update easier I ve listed the details of your system and video card below System Model product Inspiron s Operating System Windows Vista Home Basic Driver- Graphics Video Radeon X X Series Afterwards uninstall and reinstall the game restart your computer to initialize any updates and then create a new profile to start a new game I ve provided a link below with detailed instructions on how to uninstall reinstall a game If you re still having problems with the game after doing these updates please let me know Click to expand I have installed and uninstalled this game so many times but keep getting the error message Can anyone help me on this Is there another driver I should be installing Any help would be appreciated Linda nbsp

A:Trouble opening game

if the game has worked for a year without any problems before i want to say that it's not video driver related. however, games are updated from time to time which can yield compatibility issues. i would still think that the drivers are fine though. the actual error message itself states that the path in which the game's files are stored is not accessible, meaning the computer can't run it. since you're on Vista, I would try disabling UAC and then see what happens when you go to run the game. you may need to modify the application's security permissions or run it under another account.
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need help! My dvd-rom would not open.. when I press the open button, light is blinking but wont open. I already tried to use my spare dvd rom, also it did not open. Same as the first one. Also tried to change IDEs still not opening. What should I do?

A:DVD-rom not opening

hi kheb20

On your DVD ROM you should see a very very tiny hole ... stick a pin of some sort into it and the ROM should open. By the way, it might not be opening because it's not receiving enough power from your PSU. Have you experienced any other power issues such as the pc shutting down randomly?

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Okay so I ve had my current laptop for almost three years It s a gateway MX quot GHz Turion X processor GB of RAM blah blah I laptop trouble my opening Having ve been overclocking Having trouble opening my laptop it for about a year now and have noticed that every month the temp on my one core seems to climb while my other core stays cool Example Right now with just this page and MSN open my cores are sitting at C and C So having a TON of experience with desktop computers and their innards I figure I ll pop open Having trouble opening my laptop the laptop clean the HSF out and change the thermal compound to AS Well I took out all the screws and I couldn t get the damn thing open One side omes apart and the other side stays quot locked quot in place I looked for extra screws I missed but am sure there are none Does anyone here have experience opening laptops especially Gateways and know how to get the thing open Thanks for all your help Kyle nbsp

A:Having trouble opening my laptop

I've never opened a gateway, but i have opened a few hp's, an apple, and a dell, and for most of them you need to do a bit of prying to get the casing up. The casing is often locked down by a plastic clip. Insert a thin pocket knife blade, or something similar, into the crack, and slide it along the crack where the two pieces of plastic join. this should pop the little clips apart. Good luck
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I have windows xp Professional version 2002 service pack3 on my dell laptop...when going to open some video files..i.e.avi movie hops in and shuts it down stating that it was closing it down to stop damage to my laptop...opening the same files on another p/c problem....any sugestions??have tried to ask microsoft with not much success, reckon this is a better forum...thanks....philthyphil

A:XP shutting down opening avi files

We need the brand and model of your computer, along with configuration and age in order to be of much help to you... Since it is a Dell, we need to know if Inspiron or Latitude, and the Service Tag would be helpful.
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Hi im new in here and in need of serious help well im trying to run cmd and regedit and its telling me that a program is using it well heres my HJT log here its very frustrating that i cant get into these things and i tried many anti-spyware programs like Malwarebytes Super professional anti spyware Registry mechanic none fixed this peroblem thx for reading and the time

A:Regedit and cmd prompt not opening

The more programs you use to "clean" a system, the worse it gets. Remove all the cleaners along with Spybot SD, and start over. Your HJT log shows problems, but it doesn't look too serious. Try downloading Avast free Antivirus and Glary free Utilities and run these
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Afternoon all- After dealing with some unstable issues using Gamespy I have been inspired to try and get the private LAN game back up and running I have been trying over the past year to get other gamers to see my machine but to no avail All we get are time out errors - which has led to a battery of port tests It appears that everything is blocked or filtered I have Opening Port + XP SP3 WRT54G - checked with my ISP and they do not block any ports WRT54G + XP SP3 - Port Opening However no matter what I try - I get the same response a connection refused I am beginning to think this is a SP XP issue as I have tried WRT54G + XP SP3 - Port Opening completely bypassing the router wrt G in safe mode with networking and I get the same messages and game response Here is what I have WRT G Version Updated Firmware to version Windows XP with SP Game trying to plan - Flight Simulator X Ports anticipated by FSX - and I have two workstation running into the router One system non-gaming is hardwired The second system FSX machine uses a wireless adapter D-Link DWL- I don t have any network connection issues as a whole Everything has been running stable and access is fine The wireless adapter is under WEP security What I have tried Verified that all antivirus software is off windows and avast Made gaming computer static IP - On router - set port forwarding to the ranges as noted above for FSX On router - enabled DMZ for On route - unchecked quot Block Anonymous Requests quot Connect directly to modem Safemode networking That s about all I can think of No matter what I try I can not see the ports open I can ping my IP Lost and confused Any help is appreciated Benjamin nbsp

A:WRT54G + XP SP3 - Port Opening

just an update for you... i've seen your post and plan to look into your problem so i will get back to you again.. probably later today.
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I bought a thermaltake w psu the other day and installed it fine It was working absolutely perfectly until I decided to open up PSU by new killed my pc? up opening Have my I my computer and clean Have I killed my new PSU by opening up my pc? some of the dust out a couple of days later In this process I unplugged some of the components in my computer such as the hard drives and dvd drive However after reconnecting everything correctly I reattached the power lead to the psu and Have I killed my new PSU by opening up my pc? pressed the power rocker switch to on and nothing happened On this psu there is an orange standby light that comes on even if the computer is not powered up but this no longer comes on I have tried the paper clip test with this psu but the fan doesnt spin The computer does boot up and work fine with an old psu I have but dont really want to use To me this means the psu has failed but I just dont understand how this could have happened after merely unplugging and reconnecting a couple of components Any insight would be much appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Have I killed my new PSU by opening up my pc?

Yes ben4652, i think your PSU has failed. maybe you should check your manufacturer and your warranty.
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Hi not sure if I am posting in the right forum but here File please help opening goes My computer is taking a long time to open media files - all types I generally use media player classic or occasionally WMP I like the library Recently both apps have been taking a long time over minute to access files All my media files or stored on an NTFS partition on my HD This partition is a general storage partition and has folders that are shared over my home network in it - including the music and video folders I read somewhere can t now find the link that mapping network drives improves retrival times - but I don t know enough to know if this is correct or even if it relates to my problem I would like to know what is slowing the access time to the media File opening help please files on my HD and what I can do about it many thanks in advance Will nbsp

A:File opening help please

How are you handling Virus and other malware protection? Do you regularly use registry cleaners like CCleaner and Glary Utilities?
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I feel a bit guilty as this is my first post and I have to ask for help.
I need to fit a new DVD player in my Vaio.
I can not remove the frame around the key pad. I have found the screws under the key pad, and now the frame remains fixed under the strip where the buttons and the speakers are. I can find no more screws or fixing clips? Only the very ends of this strip seem to move a bit. The metal screen under the key pad seems to be permanently fixed to the strip
As my Vaio breaks down often it is getting too expensive to send it back again.
I would be very thankful for advice.

A:Opening the case on a Vaio VGN-A 317M

I can't find that model number on the Sony Support site. There is a number on one of the LCD display inside hinges... This is the proper model number. Is this a USA model?

Sometimes, there is a single screw accessed from the memory or hard drive bays at the bottom of the laptop, that releases the CD/DVD drive
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I can't open the Control Panel on my XP computer, so I need to find a way to open the audio control. I know (or I think) it's located on windows/system32 but I don't know the name of it, can someone help me?

A:Need help opening audio control

You need to reinstall the sound driver. What is your computer a desktop or a laptop? What type of sound do you have? On-board sound (motherboard) or a PCI sound card?
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Is there any way of checking what agp slot/s you have (4x 8x 16x) or what pci slots you have without opening the case and actually seeing them. I was thinking it may be possible by looking at device manager or dxdiag but I don't know where to look.

A:Checking your slots (agp or pci) without opening the case.

Not device manager. Download one of the system monitoring applications. I just looked at my "Everest" Ultimate edition program and it tells you the make and model of your motherboard. Then go to Google and do a search. It's good to take off the side once in a while to check for dust and junk Also to get a look at things while it runs.
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I need to clean the keys of my labtop. I think wine got spilled on it, and all my keys get stuck. How do I open the labtop to get in there to clean the keys? I have a hp pavilion zv6000. Any ideas? or a diagram?


A:Opening a Labtop

-=Go here to download the HP service manual:

-=Pages 107-117 detail the instructions for removal of the keyboard.

-=Page 75 has part numbers for replacement keyboards, if you want to just replace it.

-=Here is a link to an online store where you can buy the keyboard. It's not the lowest price, but it's a reliable vendor.

-=If you want to look for more price and store options, hit and search for the product number for the appropriate keyboard. For the US version it is 383664-001.

PS: *whistles* that's a long process just to remove a keyboard... Have fun and be careful. Oh, and remember that you may be voiding your warranty.
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Every time I try opening a video file I get the msg "explorer.exe has generated problems and willl be closed" something along those lines.

I tried searching for solutions but got no luck, any ideas on what I can do to solve the problem?

A:problem opening video files...


This is an old,old, problem,unfortunately.

The brief explanation is that Windows tries to create thumbnail previews
of videos,but crashes for some unknown reason.

The brief solution is to go to go to :

Start/Run/and paste in - regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll then click OK.

That turns off previews.More solutions HERE
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How would you clean the insides of a dvd-drive without being able to open the cover(not talking about the tray..)

My xbox360 has a broken dvd drive .. it can't read media anymore. I don't want to open it up because it'll void my warranty. I'm just trying to see if I can fix it before the UPS guys arrive and I send it in for repairs.

A:Cleaning a dvd drive without opening it

If its not reading a disc, chances are pretty good that it need to be replaced! Besides it is under warranty, why you worried about fixing it yourself?
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i wanted to know that as the title suggests i want to know of the precautions to be taken while opening the case

A:What precautions to be taken while opening the case

Don't pinch your fingers Use a little common sence and don't bang around inside the case to hard... Why are you opening the case. To clean the insides?
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Hi all,
I opened my dimension 4400 and installed a PCI adapter; tonight I
tried to open my husand's dimension and when I push the button on the top of the tower the bottom part of the tower is able to push out but the top
seems to be stuck. Should I be pushing another tab? Do these buttons get stuck? I'm afraid to pull too hard and break the plastic at the top. Am I missing something? Any tips?

A:Opening the Dimension 4400

Can you unscrew the sides of the case off?
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Hi everyone Ive got this not DVD drive opening problem with my Sony DW-Q A DVD R RW drive simply put it doesnt open every DVD drive not opening time i press eject the light flashes for a few seconds and then nothing happens i know there is a cd inside but the drive doesnt read it it was working fine up until late last night i can see the drive in device manager and i can see it in the boot-up menu but the tray wont open This isnt the first time its happened last time it happened my cousin happened to be visiting and she knew how to pry open the the drive using a safety pin But now im on my own I run XP sp and i had Alcohol installed but the dvd worked fine earlier with alcohol installed and now even after i uninstalled alcohol the dvd drive wont open i did a little search here but i couldnt find a related topic hopefully the problem isnt too serious and one of you can help me out nbsp

A:DVD drive not opening

You should find a tiny hole in the front of it, you just push the pin into it when the pc is off and that should allow it to open.

It looks like you could do with replacing it really, they are very cheap and easy to fit.
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Ive another problem (again -.-)

This time i noticed using bittorent(a file share program) and im pretty sure some ports are not opened in my router (6881~6999). Im 100% sure something is wrong because ages ago when i didnt have a router i used to get download speeds of 40kb/s at least. Now i get 3kb/s and never get anything above 10kb/s.

I need some help opening ports. heres a screenshot but im not pretty sure what to fill in in every field .

Im not sure if im on the right page, if i am pls tell me what to fill in there.


A:opening ports in a router

It could be a problem with you ISP. If it has been happening recently, maybe there is overcrowding, or something of that sort. Try calling them and see what they say, they could be having problems.
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I just purchased an AOpen DVD burner and am having some issues. I've installed it multiple ways with the jumpers (tried it as Primary, Secondary, etc) so I don't think that is the problem. Also, when I go to "My Computer" I can see it's reading the drive as the "F:" drive. Also, I tried installing drivers from the Nero program that came with it. I updated the Firewire drivers from the AOpen website.

The problem with the drive is that it keeps opening after a few seconds. Its a brand new drive so I'm thinking that maybe its faulty. Anyone ever have this problem or know anything about it? Suggestions?

A:DVD Tray won't stay closed, keeps opening

after it opens, does it close? or does it just want to stay open?
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Hi, i need to open a couple ports for farcry..just wondering how i would do that-thanks

A:Opening ports

Please clarify. What excactly do you mean by opening ports?


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Hey there. My laptop is pretty messed up now, well just a pieace. The input for the laptop charger fell out, like i guses it broke off. Its like a squae pieace, and it was loose for a few days and when i was trying to fix it, it fell out. Right now my dad thinks he can fix it but we are trying to open the laptop cover off so we can see the part perfectly and fix it. We got all the screws off but there seems to be a screw for the middle and we cant find it. Im thinking its under the keyboard, but is it? Anyone know how to pull a Dell notebook cover off, so i can fix this problem?

A:Need help opening my dell laptop

There are are some pics of a Dell laptop being taken apart HERE and HERE

Don`t know if that helps.
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Please can anyone help me I have signed up to VoIP with BT I already had a wireless Speedtouch router and they have provided me with a BT Voyager V I can go through the set up for the voyager and receive configuration successful message but the a speedtouch580 on with the Problems ports opening BBV light on the voyager keeps constantly flashing Problems with opening the ports on a speedtouch580 BT say I need to open the ports on the Speedtouch and I have contacted the support team who have provided me with details but still no joy BT gave me lots of info regarding the incoming and outgoing ranges etc but not sure where I need to put these as all the NAT manager on the speedtouch asks me for is the inside and outside ip I have read the manual a number of times and still can t figure it out Have been trying to get this set up since beginning of April so if anyone could give me some advice I d be very grateful Many thanks nbsp

A:Problems with opening the ports on a speedtouch580

there is a very good site here: that deals with port forwarding. i couldnt find anything specific for bt voip, but they have guides for voip buster and lingo voip, which might help.
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As mentioned, i have had some audio problems, when I open a program (ie internet explorer, word 03) while iTunes or Windows Media Player is playing, the sound start to crack and i get some static, after the program finishes opening the sound returns to normal. This is most weird because until 2 months ago it was fine when opening programs, then my hard drive crashed causing all data to be lost. I then bought a new hard drive, reinstalled windows Xp and the Device drivers for the audia control and i now get the problem, no changes to anything else in the computer.
Please help, and sugestions would be very appriated
Cheers Hynes

A:sound crackles when opening programs

Try updating or re-installing your audio drivers . This is a pretty common problem with onboard audio.
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Just got a used Sony Vaio Pentium 4 to use as my gaming computer until I finish building my AMD rig. However, I can't get the top of the case open. I need to replace the PSU, but the Vaio uses a proprietary design, and I don't have money for a new PSU, so I need to crack open the top of the case to get to the wires to the disk drives, and to lay the PSU on it, but I can't figure it out.

My model is a PCV-RX790G.

Also, will an aftermarket 530-watt PSU be a problem with the Vaio hardware? So far all the wires look the same, so I'm thinking it's only the PSU size that's proprietary. Need help asap.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

A:Need help opening Sony Vaio case

I am assuming your PSU is bad. I don't think an aftermarket PSU will be a problem, if you can find one.
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As much as i hate to say that im a noob, BUT I AM !!!
The thing is : Im due to make and ''game'' server i need to select a random port
Now, is there any limit to ports ? Where can i open ports manualy ? I know i can do it on windows firewall in advanced settings but my firewall does not activate ...well if it sayd i cant start the service in there i went on manual, wnt to controlpanel services and tryed to start it whrom there but an error 10047 replays to me .
So now i have 2 problems firewall, and is there anyother way to open ports with out that firewall, PS: i have ZoneLabs
Replay me on ********* ( its msn and email together, add wich u like )

Edit: Do not put your email address on public webpages! -- Nodsu

A:Opening ports and firewall

zonelabs will not run along side other firewalls happly
your lucky it runs at all.
The Well Known Ports are those from 0 through 1023.

The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151

The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535
if zonealarm fails you disable it in startup
switch back to xp
if xp firewall does not run you have diff other problems like a trojun and or spyware already on machine
I can't stand ZA they s**ck big time in my book
+++end of rant++++++++++
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ok so i got madden06 and im having one hell of a time opening the ports on my router to allow me to play onlineive been having to unplug the router to play. i found that i have to open
HTTP: 80 (outbound only)
HTTPS: 443 (outbound only)
TCP 13500, 28400-28499, 32768-65535 (outbound only)
UDP 1795, 1797 (inbound and outbound)

the problem is i logg onto my router (D-link DI-524) but i dunno wtf virtual server? application? firewall? and suggestions anyone who has done this and could step me through would be great.

A:need help opening ports!

Don't bother with any of the outbound stuff - it is all enabled by default.

In router config you forward the ports in the virtual server section. Just put in the port (you have to make two rules to have both 1795 and 1797), type (UDP), your computer's IP adress (it has to be static) and optionally the port on your computer (the same as before).
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Hello everyone The problem originally occured days back That time IE would take forever to open websites that i manually typed in the URL like www google com etc However the speed was normal during navigation to websites from the Favourites menu Also if My Computer would take foreever to display the directory tree However once the tree was displayed there was no lag in moving between drives But if My Computer was restarted the issue would repeat Also while saving files using IE or Getright the Save As pulldown menu would take a long time to finally display the drives for me to choose a path to save I had tried out a search on google and used some fixes Had also used ad-aware and spybot as well as a registry fix and somehow the problem had been fixed But it occured again yesterday and the the same symptoms have reappeared I haven t been able to fix it Any suggestions Help will entering "save manually url IE opening as", in Slow computer, my be deeply appreciated nbsp

A:Slow "save as", opening my computer, manually entering url in IE

also, I have XP Sp2...the slow browsing for non-Favourites website I mentioned afflicts only IE and not Firefox, but the slow Save as affects both IE and Firefox
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I need to open a Toshiba Satellite 2250XCDS to change the fan. I've taken out all of the screws off the bottom and it still wont open. I'm not sure if I have to remove the keyboard and if so how do I do that? If anyone knows of a link with instructions or whatever that would be great. Thanks.
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I have been hearing about opening pipleines in video cards. Can someone please explain what exactly this is and what it can do for your ideo card preformance, thanks allot.

A:opening pipelines

take your model card and do a google search, because not all cards allow users to mess with the pipelining.
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I don't pay attention to the graphics all that much--I just made sure I installed a card that would be good for my kids to play their games with. That was a couple of years ago. Now, I have to re-install the driver for the graphics card, but I've misplaced it, so I'll need to download one. Without taking the case apart, how can I find out which card is inside there?


A:Without opening the case, how do I know which video card I have?

Right Click a clear area on your Desktop, click Properties

Click the settings tab and it should be there. If not, click the advanced button and then the adapter tab.
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Recently my laptop cooling fan has started this thing where it makes a sound much M15-S405. opening helpful... Satellite Any a up Toshiba Pro Help advice like if a CPU fan was rubbing up against a wire which worries me I am not sure how serious it is or what I should do about it but it is starting to make me nuts I think the fan is running more than it used to but I really don t know as I wasn t able to hear it in the past I guess my options are to either take my laptop in and have it looked at or if I am brave open it up myself I know that taking it in will cost dollars for an overall checkup and thne they will credit that towards anything that needs to be done What should I do I have a Toshiba Help opening up a Toshiba Satellite Pro M15-S405. Any advice helpful... Satellite Pro M -S Has Help opening up a Toshiba Satellite Pro M15-S405. Any advice helpful... anyone taken one of these apart before I just don t know how serious this is nbsp

A:Help opening up a Toshiba Satellite Pro M15-S405. Any advice helpful...

not recommmended

I would strongly suggest not opeing it yourself. I had the same problem and it was a huge pain in the ***. For some ungodly reason Toshiba decided to place the fan underneath everything in the very corner of the machine so you have to take the whole stupid thing apart (took me almost 2 hours) to get at the fan. Why they wouldnt make a little compartment at the bottom of the machine is a mystery but thats the way it is.

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My system is like this-
not overclocked or modded

Athlon 1.4
ECS K7S5A mobo
350W jeantech PSU
ATI radeon VE
asus cdrw 52,24,52
LG 52X cd

I have been having a problem that whenever I open a game the system will simply reboot. It gives a loud beep, black screen then reboot, it then runs scandisk and often finds lost chains.
It occurs with a variety of games all that have previously worked on the system under 98 and XP. It seems able to do most other things without crashing but gaming is the most intensive test I give it. It runs 3d mark 2001SE fine and gives the same speed it always has.

The hard disk had been loosing clusters for a while so was replaced- no improvement, the ram was replaced- no improvement. flashed bios with latest update- no improvement

Anyone have some ideas?

A:Intermittent crash when opening game

have you tryer using different brands of ram. this makes a differents on sone motherboards. the only other thing i could think of is to change your video card but this may not make any difference
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Can both side covers ff a computer case be removed? I can remove one of the covers dead easy just by removing the two screw at the back. But When I come to remove the other side, i cant get it off with just removing the two back screws. The reason I want to get it off is beacuse there is a screw with the bottom pointing up into the case. I think the head of the screw is underneath the case cover i cant get off. Any help would be nice and I would be grateful. Thanx

A:Opening Computer Case

Can you not see the screw that is underneath the cover through the side that you have already removed???
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Good Day,

I have an eMachines with AMD Sempron running Vista Basic. Recently, I have noticed that Windows Media Player will crash when trying to open a normal wav file. I can open the same wave file using Real, I-tunes and VLC with no issues. This problem also affects my Magix Samplitude Music Studio 14 and my Magix Audio Cleaner 12, both I use regularly and need to complete my music projects. I have checked to make sure that wave files are associated with WMP and my driver is up to date.

Any ideas what I can do.

A:Certain Audio Programs Crash When Opening Wav's

One thing to try would be to install the codecs again, the fault may be the .wav codec has become damaged.
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A user tries to open an xls attachment. The Excel 2007 launches, but no data is loaded into it. She can open other Excel documents fine so it doesn't appear to be a problem with Excel.

A:Problem opening particular xls file

Figger the XLS attachment is configured incorrectly, or damaged in transmission... Ask the source to re-send.
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my friend took this laptop from me for 2 hrs,
my safari brower was working fine
after my friend took it, he updated my IE (thts what he said)
After that when ever i open safari
IE opens and says
http://"c/Program Files/Safari/Safari.exe" as the link
and says
Oops! This link appears to be broken.

I tried Updating and reinstalling the safari
but no luck




A:IE opening, Safari not opening

66 views ,, no answer

is there any solution
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I am working on my dissertation and started to use some of my references previously stored as pdf files in/on my computer and pen drive backups.

However, for every single pdf file, I now get this error message "adobe reader could not open file.pdf because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged "

I have the following programs installed
Adobe Digital Editions 3
Adobe Read XI
plus various Shockwave Players

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programs to no avail.

I have checked that .acsm file extensions are set to use Adobe Reader to open with, and have also tried to set that to Adobe Digital Editions (on someones suggestion), but no luck.

This is disaster because I religiusly save all my pdf article and research documents, but now cannot use them for no apparent reason.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Opening PDF file disasters

welshsnowflake said:

I am working on my dissertation and started to use some of my references previously stored as pdf files in/on my computer and pen drive backups.

However, for every single pdf file, I now get this error message "adobe reader could not open file.pdf because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged "

I have the following programs installed
Adobe Digital Editions 3
Adobe Read XI
plus various Shockwave Players

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programs to no avail.

I have checked that .acsm file extensions are set to use Adobe Reader to open with, and have also tried to set that to Adobe Digital Editions (on someones suggestion), but no luck.

This is disaster because I religiusly save all my pdf article and research documents, but now cannot use them for no apparent reason.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.Click to expand...

You might give Foxit a try
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Windows Home Premium Service Pack -bit AMD Phenom II X T Processor GHz GB RAM AMD Radeon HD Mine is seemingly a story of blunders Yesterday I noticed malware called After Not Deleting Folder AppData Programs in Opening Conduit Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData on my computer specifically BackgroundContainer dll AppData Local Conduit BackgroundContainer BackgroundContainer dll I quickly googled it learned it was no good and in my haste deleted the entire Conduit folder and yes removed it from the Recycle Bin as well Then I went to Task Scheduler to remove the Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData error from appearing at startup While I was in Task Scheduler I thought I might as well clean up my startup while I m at it and deleted a few other things Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData Unfortunately I can t remember exactly what I removed but it was stuff that didn t seem important e g Java and Adobe update notifiers etc I can t say which of the above actions caused my problem or if I m at the mercy of some virus but after said actions I soon realized that many programs would not open most displaying an error Steam gets stuck in an update loop iTunes says it can t start because GNSDK DSP DLL is missing MSIAfterburner says Failed to initialize display driver wrapper Nestopia says found no valid display adapter most of my other emulators also give errors involving video plugins and the like None of this has ever happened before I ve tried reinstalling many of these programs only to be met with the same errors Booting Windows in Safe Mode yields the same results On the other hand many programs seem to work just fine e g all internet browsers uTorrent Photoshop Sony Vegas What could be the cause of this Should I not have deleted the Conduit folder in AppData Could removing something in Task Scheduler cause this I ve scanned for viruses with Avast and removed any infected files I ve run AdwCleaner to remove any junkware etc notably some files associated with Conduit came up I ve booted Last Known Good Configuration booted in Safe Mode I ve run System File Checker Windows Research Protection did not find any integrity violations No luck Unfortunately I do not have any System Restore points Please help What could be the problem here nbsp

A:Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData

I have win/7 pro, 64bit and iTunes runs
but GNSDK_DSP.DLL: Not found in AppData

AppData is (duh) for the applications. Deleting a folder within AppData should be fatal TO THAT application and that one only.

It is true that any EXE in AppData\* ... is suspect - - the app was not installed as an Admin OR it's a virus.

I do find several DLL files within AppData\* ... so these should be expected.

Uninstall and Rinstall of a failing application should resolve that app.

*Conduit* itself should be blamed for your existing issues.
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What sort of smartphone can you buy for just $70? Well you're about to find out, as Microsoft just launched the Lumia 430, their latest budget handset that features surprisingly okay specifications for a very low price tag.

Read more

A:The Microsoft Lumia 430 is a $70 Windows Phone

For 70 bucks I'm sure you could do worse.
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My friend has Win x running good However after months long he opened Task Scheduler He got 8.1 error - Scheduler Windows SvcRestartTask when opening dialog Task a dialog See attached file Post which whenever he open Task Scheduler he got the same dialog We ran sfc scannow in elevated cmd prompt both in normal startup and safe mode Both returned the same result Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them Details are included in the CBS Log WinDir Logs CBS CBS log SvcRestartTask error dialog when opening Task Scheduler - Windows 8.1 I tried replacing the quot SvcRestartTask quot file located in quot Windows System Tasks Microsoft Windows SoftwareProtectionPlatform quot with a copy from another PC with Win However the issue is still the same I ve also attached the CBS log details named as quot sfcdetails old txt quot and quot sfcdetails txt quot which are before and after replacing the file quot SvcRestartTask quot from another PC with Win How to fix it Please help with proper instructions Is there anyone who can help with this issue No replies yet If there are any MS employees incl ex or any good techie who can help solve this issue for my friend please reply with a fix workaround nbsp
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Hey all I m having one of the weirdest issues with my computer at the moment that I can t seem to solve I apologize if this is in the wrong section but since the problem seems to span a multitude of issues hardware software OS etc I figured it would do just as well in this forum The Problem Recently I installed a new GPU into my system to which a few weeks later I noticed the OS Windows bit behaving awkwardly with programs Some programs that I try to open do nothing but zombie on my processes tab in task manager and will never fully open Even worse is the fact that I can t kill the processes in task manager An example is Malwarebytes refuses to open but is stuck on the processes tab in task manager oddly enough the moment Windows Opening Behaviour Strange Programs When 7 I just wrote the Strange Windows 7 Behaviour When Opening Programs previous statement Malwarebytes finally opened up albeit about an hour after I had tried to open it and gave up Some programs work fine others tend to hang after a certain period of time Other weird issues include the fact that I can t create new folders on my desktop funny enough I extracted a tool to my desktop to help with checking if any disk drives are failing and after the program was extracted all the sudden quot New Folder quot magically popped up on my desktop Also whenever I reboot my system it will get past POST into the Windows logo instantly restart and then ask if I want to recover or start normally If I select start normally it loads Windows just fine This behavior occurs every time the PC is booted up Earlier I tried to open iTunes in order to put some projects on my iPod classic when the same problem occurred and iTunes refused to open I tried to repair QuickTime to see if that would fix the issue but again I was thwarted by Windows as the Install Uninstall window from the CP was taking ages to load any programs Almost mins after which I tried to get back to quot Computer quot to view my drives to which everything was blank with the green loading bar at the top slowly progressing across SPECS Windows bit Gb Memory EVGA GTX Gb GDDR Intel i Things I ve tried At first I thought it may be the main Windows C Drive failing But after numerous checks and reports it keeps coming back up healthy In fact all the drives are healthy I checked my installation and my boot sectors etc everything checks out I thought it may be the PSU with the new GPU installed but the PSU is Watts with the proper connectors in place so I ruled that out I ran CCleaner to fix any registry errors and clean up any gunk to no avail Reinstalled certain drivers such as my GPU and audio interface Messed around with my USB connections by disconnecting any USB hubs and hardware I produce music for a living so I disconnected any keybords or MIDI controllers just in case except my mouse and keyboard Ran a check with Malwarebytes after I finally was able to open it up and it came up empty The problems still occur even with the old GPU installed for testing Ran an sfc scan check S M A R T signatures etc everything checked out on all drives The only thing I ve narrowed it down to is something possibly fishy with my C Drive since it seems most of the issues with programs are the ones installed on the C Drive with the exception of Firefox and a few other programs which load just fine Also it may be something wonky with my Windows but again checking came up empty Could be other things not sure but any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Strange Windows 7 Behaviour When Opening Programs

Pretty odd one, and you seem to have done the most obvious checks. Only thing l can suggest is prepare a bootable cd of a sensibly-sized linux distro (eg Ubuntu) and run that. If you see odd hanging behaviour you know it must be hardware, but a perfectly normal process does tend to implicate windows settings. The exception is that in Ubuntu you cannot fully exercise the C: drive, but you should be able to copy a lot of data into c:\temp directories.

Do you have a system restore point still available from a time when the pc behaved well?
Run for a while with all anti-malware disabled and the network also off.
Test the memory for a long time - memtest86

It seems most likely that the coincidence of new GPU and the problem starting is all you can pursue, but be prepared to do a system repair-in-place (does not lose data or settings if careful).
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Hello All,
I recently being getting this massage right before microsoft outlook opens, I have reinstall the program twice and also decided to try the detect and repair but no change can someone help? I am enclosing the massage as well. [/url][/IMG] NOtice: If you click the image it would get to a size that it is readable.
Thank you

A:Massage before opening outlook!

It will be best if you post the actual message, as the image you sent is not readable by very many techs.
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Hey, please anyone help me. Recently when I was working on my PC, there was a power cut and my PC shutted down unexpectedly. I have again booted the PC and saw that no windows applications which are on the start menu including the PC settings, windows store are not opening. When I click on them they are just flashing on the screen and remaining on the. Why is this happening? What shall I do to bring my PC to a normal state?

A:Windows apps are not opening

Sounds like windows is corrupted from the unexpected shutdown. Try a system restore from a early time. See if this fixes your problem. If not you have to do a factory reinstall .
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Lenovo Thinkpad T510i

The intergrated webcam used to work. Iīve tried updating the driver from the Lenovo site and also physically removed the screen bezel to confirm the plug/jack hadnīt come loose, it hadnīt. I also checked in the BIOS/security/I/O but couldnīt find an option for enabling/disabling the intergrated camera.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, Iīve spent all day trying to solve this!!!


A:Intergrated Camera not working - Imaging Devices not showing in Device Manager

Product ID: 4313 CTO
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Im running Photoshop on windows xp amp downloaded a pluggin so i can open DDS files amp edit them Pluggin installs amp I start doing just that DDS file saves correctly amp i can now play Mount amp Blade with my own meshes amp their new textures Life is good but its getting late so i shutdown amp go to bed Next morning i startup computer but now Photoshop cannot open DDS files I just get a box pop up saying i need Photoshop or higher thats compatable with this plugin but i have amp it worked last night Though sometimes theres no box amp it just has to end program Once thats closed down i get a error message saying DDE Server Windowhotoshop exe - Application Error The instruction at quot x c c quot referenced memory at quot x quot The memory could not be quot written quot Anyone out there that can offer some insite into whats happened to my photoshop nbsp

A:Photoshop 5.5 has stopped opening DDS files?

The clue might be the warning you got from the plug-in after reboot. It expects to see photoshop 3.0. That could imply it is written for version 3 and is actually too old to work properly with the version 5.5 you have. Your best bet is possibly to forget it, uninstall it and find an alternative that is more recent. If it won't uninstall and leave you with a working Photoshop, you will have to reinstall photoshop.

A second clue is the error referring to DDE server. This is a communications technology not supplied by either Photoshop or the plug-in - it is microsoft product and it may be you have a corrupted version, or the add-on has installed .DLL's which have incorrectly overwritten a later version in XP. I can't offer advice on how to update or repair DDE, sorry, but maybe a reinstall of photoshop might do it.
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I turned my computer on this morning, as per normal and without having any previous trouble, and I cannot use Firefox to open a window more than once, be that from my desktop or Rocketdock.

For example if I have used Rocketdock to open Yahoo, which is setup to use Firefox by default, it will work. However, if I then attempt to use any other Firefox assigned icon or the icon on my desktop all I get is a brief flash of the hourglass and then nothing.
I do not, however, have any problems opening up multiple tabs in that one open Firefox window.

I have run Registry Booster, CCleaner etc and I have also re-installed Firefox but without any luck.

Any ideas?
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I need to Open Some BAS Files, Does anyone know of a free program that opens them?

A:Opening BAS files

Microsoft Visual Basic, probably.
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HP Pavillion G6 Notebook
Windows 7
I have the following:
SuperAntiSpyware, SpywareBlaster, Avast Home, MalwareBytes and Comodo Firewall are all up to date regularily except Comodo....I'll explain below. I ran SAS, Avast and MalwareBytes quick scan and all comes up clean.

About 3 days ago I changed my home page from MSN to Foxsports. I turned on the laptop this afternoon and tried to get to the Foxsports homepage and a blank page opens. I can click on a favorites page but it will take 30 seconds+ for that page to open, so something is not right. I went to Internet Options/General and retyped MSN's homepage and applied, but this won't work either. I then went to Comodo and updated and when it finished it prompted me to help Comodo by using Yahoo as my new homepage. I did and that homepage will not open either.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Homepage will not finish opening

Sounds like a DNS or browser cache problem.

empty the browser cache, quit and relaunch it
try another browser.
get a command prompt and test the dns with this: nslookup
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Hello I had registered to one website which has a large database of images and is payable Example I search for an image when I am logged to that page Website shows me images as not some opening images is Web site result Web site is not opening some images - no problem so far Problem Later I Web site is not opening some images select and click random Web site is not opening some images image and image doesnt show in bigger size and I cant look at the single image in bigger size I have the last version of Java latest Flash Player I tried opening the images in Mozila Firefox and Google Chroome and it doesnt work I log in start searching everything is all right https rapidshare com files Slika jpg I select and click result with more images everything is cool https rapidshare com files Slika jpg Problem I select and click the single image and it desnt show the image https rapidshare com files Slika jpg I repeat the process and thing happens again with other image s I cant zoom the image its just blank space https rapidshare com files Slika jpg I own Lenovo laptop and I am using Windows Is there a problem in some kind of image size limit images are higher resolution I had some problems with high cpu usage in last few months but more than a month ago I solved the problem with stopping some services and killing some process- everything was checked so I didnt shut down important serwices or kill necessary process I dont have problems when I am opening images on other sites or with playing flash games Everything runs smoothly Is firewall blocking something I checked firewall but stil Any suggestions Thanks nbsp
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I am running Windows 7. For some time now if I double click a file or folder in windows explorer left or right pane it moves up a level to the parent folder and shows the contents of that in the right pane rather that opening the contents of that folder.

I have no trojans or viruses. I am using the QTTabBar.

Any ideas of why this is happening?

Thanks, Tom.
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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here and needing help.

I received an excel 2007 file, I was able to open it using excel 2003 but I am unable to view all the columns, I am sure that there is no hidden columns. Help please.

A:Missing column using excel 2003 when opening a xlsx

If you haven't already, install the compatibility pack from here: Microsoft Downloads
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The Acer (c drive on my pc turned red because it was running out of space, so my son uninstalled some of his programs & since then there is some things not opening when i go into them, like files ending in .cct, .rpt .ger .pub .inx .hdr .bin & the Advanced System Protector, Launch Internet Explorer Browser & Windows Live Family Safety icons are just blank & when i open ASP & LIEB it says ?the item you selected is unavailable?. I don't know if i have some sort of virus or my son uninstalled some programs by mistake. Is there anyway you can help me or tell me who can help me.

A:Programs & files not opening

Do a system restore back to a time before the programs were removed. Then be more carefull with the software you delete.
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I just downloaded firefox and every time I try to open a file or download anything it prompts me if i want to save it or open it. I have "open with" checked, and i also check the "do this automatically for files like this from now on." However, when I open files of the same kind, the same dialog box comes up??

A:Firefox keeps prompting me when opening files


Go to Tools/Options/Main and look at the "Downloads" section.

It should be clear from there.

Always make you sure you Save files to you hard drive,before opening.

That gives you a chance to have second thoughts about what it might be.:evil:

Desktop is a convenient place.
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Hello I REALLY want to change the way my folders are opening regular file folders stored on my computer but I am not sure what command s I need to use if it s that simple Currently my folders have somehow changed so the default folder window opens up as a search window with the name of whatever folder I just clicked on I then have to hit enter to start the quot search quot and then it pulls up all the files I don t know how this setup happened because opening search window) in with options folder are Help (folders I used to be able to click a folder and it would open right up and show all the files I am in the folder options window file types tab and Help with folder options (folders are opening in search window) I am trying to add a quot New action quot for my folders file folders and I don t know what commands to use so that this action goes for ANY ALL folders not just a specific one Changing these options may not Help with folder options (folders are opening in search window) even solve this problem so if there are any other suggestions of things to try I m open to them I am just irritated with this setup and really want to change it back to the original setup asap Thanks nbsp

A:Help with folder options (folders are opening in search window)


Go to Start/Run/and paste in regsvr32 /i shell32.dll click Ok

See HERE for the Microsoft way.
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hey Guys,

Does anyone know if there is a bugg or something that is not letting users change settings in outlook.

i want to disable the allow reading view option from outlook and word 2k3, and i go to tools >general> uncheck the allow reading view, and it works but as soon as i reboot my computer the settings go back to default.

Is this an ongoing Problem? is there a fix to this? or it's not possible to permanently uncheck this option.

I've been asked to do this where i work and i thought it was an easy fix, but i guess there is something else going on.

These computers are Running Windows XP service Pack2, Part of a Domain.

can anyone help please/

A:Outlook 2k3:Disabling Reading view When opening attachments

Perhaps the setting is forced on you with Group Policy?

Run "gpresult /v" to see any settings that are forced on you bu the domain.
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Can anyone help? I've being trying to update my Laserworld software from the 2008 version to the 2009 version. I've downloaded it, but when I go to open the downloaded file I get the following error message:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0000 IP:1204 OP:ff ff 00 00 98 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

I contacted Laserworld and they tell me it seems to be a problem with opening the .rar archive. I'm using my laptop which runs Vista 32 bit.

A:Problems opening updated Laserworld software

Please see
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hi there im having a problem with my vaio webcam most of times it doesnt work in the device manager it appears as quot other drivers quot inside have two - U device the device my TT with a camera problem having VAIO I'm built-in status says The drivers for this device are not installed I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT Code There is no driver selected for the device information set or element To find a driver for this device click Update Driver - I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT unknow device this one appeared after i tryed to install another driver not from vaio website this one says I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT No drivers are installed for this device ps after installing this second driver the next day the camera was working again after a long time then stoped again and every time i try to install it says windows couldnt install or say this driver is for windows vista eventhough i took from the right place for my model and OS in vaio website however rarely the cam with apparently no reason starts to work again then in the devices manager it apear as quot image devices quot if im not wrong with these drivers arcsoftksufilter sys ksthunk sys usbvideo sys i already sent my laptop to the assistance they said they changed the webcam but the problem still i checked in the system information components problem devices and shows this U device USB VID CA amp PID FF amp E ED amp amp The drivers for this device are not installed i already installed original config many times also uninstalled and intalled the driver many times please help me i most use my computer to video conference and at this moment im thinking in throw this in the river thanks nbsp

A:I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT

please anyone give me some ligths
is that message too confuse?
what should i do
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I am using Windows Service Pack 3 and everything was working fine, but today when I opened a DOS file second time, I got an error " Another program is currently using this file". And it continues for every DOS file. Even I tried to open them in command prompt, but even there I am getting the same error.

Can you please help me for this as I have to use DOS files many times a day.

Thanking you.

I downloaded the HJT Software and run a scan, so I got a log file which is attached herewith.
Hope anyone will guide me further.

A:Having an error " Another program is currently using this file" while opening DOS Files

Sorry, your post is not clear. When you say 'opened a Dos file' what do you mean? Do you mean 'RUN a Dos PROGRAM'? And why do you say 'second time' ?
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I have recently finished my new computer build, and it runs like a treat! The only issues I have is that at start-up, there is a delay before any program will open. My specs are below:
> AMD 8350 8 core @4GHz
> Gigabyte HD 7950 graphics card
> ASUS M5a99X Evo R2.0
> Western Digital Green 1tb Hard Drive
> 16GB 1866MHz RAM
> Windows 7 64-bit
> 880W PSU

At start-up, all the programs listed in the start-up folder and MSCONFIG utility all finish launching a few seconds after logging in. However, I am not able to run any program such and IE9/Firefox/Steam/Inventor Fusion until around 20/30 seconds have passed, and the widget will not come up until the 20/30 second period. IOf I am to 'spam' the IE9 shortucut 10 times, after the 20/30 second period, 10 IE9's will launch immediately. I am completely baffled, and am wondering if anyone knows how to fix this.

A:Delay in opening new programs at start-up

What anti-virus are you running and is it configured to scan programs at launch?
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Hi this is my first post thanks in advance for reading I have a PC running XP SP I freshly re-installed everything on the machine weeks ago Everything has been running as normal and I have not installed downloaded or used anything out of the ordinary and in fact have only surfed received emails and written word documents The PC powers up at normal speed runs at normal speed and is generally fine I can open my computer open folders copy files after program works opening any locks XP normally, etc For all intents and purposes all is fine However if I XP works normally, locks after opening any program open a program it will initially open fine but subsequently freeze itself and then the system normally on the quot second quot task you ask it to perform for instance double click google chrome opens fine load one website fine open another tab everything grinds to a halt OR you XP works normally, locks after opening any program re copying some files from one place to another you open a very small program same XP works normally, locks after opening any program problem the pc is clean and tidy no viruses as far as i can tell all defragged plenty of space no hardware conflicts its been fine at the current spec for nearly months likewise i think with software I ve never had an issue like this before Is it likely a component on way out or another issue just so i know where to start nbsp

A:XP works normally, locks after opening any program

Welcome to Techspot supermunky. Let's see what we can do:

Chrome is the browser- let's think of that separately from a 'program.' The browser is what you use to access the internet. Bet you knew that already!

Programs are installed. They use hard drive 'space' when closed and when you open a program, you use RAM- that's your memory. Please go to the Control Panel> System> Genera; tab> find the RAM figure and give it to me.

You may have plenty of 'space'- you would use that to save files and folders, install programs, apps, etc. But you need RAM to run them. If you would like to share other information about your system, it would be appreciated.

Two additional questions: Why did you do a reinstall? Did you have the same problem before doing it?
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hi i'm using xp sp3 with ie8 while i am trying to open microsoft site its not opening i tried win32downloadup from symmantec and also scan for viruses, now i am using asquare anti virus & twister trojan remover its not work to removeing virus other sites are opening, pls give sugessions to open site

A:Microsoft site not opening

it doesnt open? what does it do exactly?
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XP SP Windows My friend at work started Paint to work with a picture but now every picture he opens goes automatically opening stop Paint when picture? to a editing How from to Paint He doesn t remember what he did and wants to use Paint only when he needs it for something specific I Exited from Paint and could open a JPEG in Picture amp Fax Viewer downloaded from his camera so not imported in Paint but when I tried to Edit the picture it went to Paint instead of the Edit function in Picture and Fax Viewer We don t have Admin rights so can How to stop Paint from opening when editing a picture? t go into MS Config to deselect it from auto starting altho I m not sure that s what s causing the problem I don t believe he somehow set it up to Auto Run on startup without Admin rights He s restarted several times since he did this and it still happens I also tried to go into My Documents All Users Startup but was blocked from going any further without those Admin rights Appreciate any expert advice nbsp

A:How to stop Paint from opening when editing a picture?

OK, making a little progress.

Didn't realize it before, but Pict & Fax Viewer doesn't have a default image editor, therefore when trying to Edit the picture automatically opens in Paint.

What we need to do is get back to having the picture open with Office Picture Manager where there IS an edit function.

However, when right clicking on a picture and go to Open With, the option to open with Picture Manager doesn't appear.
I checked and the program is still in his computer.

I believe it used to be his default picture viewer, but how can we restore Picture Manager as the default viewer if it doesn't
even show in the Open With tab and we don't have admin rights?

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I get the following message when I open Excel Word and Powerpoint Microsoft and Powerpoint Word Office opening Issues Excel, 2007 - Publisher works but dare I try any others Excel Failed to start correctly last time Starting Excel in safe mode will help you correct or isolate a startup problem in order to successfully start the program Some functionality may be disabled in this mode Do you Issues opening Excel, Word and Powerpoint - Microsoft Office 2007 want to start Excel in safe mode If I click yes or no it doesn t do anything on occasion Ill get a message prompting to diagnose and repair a couple of minutes later it says i s successful but back to square one I have just installed SP in hopes there s some sort of fix to no avail I have tried a repair via the installation disc I am hoping I don t have to uninstall reinstall because I don t know if the licenses are limited If anyone could shed some light on how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it OS Windows XP with SP Model Compaq Presario V Office Microsoft Office Home And Student Specs Pentium M Ghz CPU MB RAM nbsp Issues opening Excel, Word and Powerpoint - Microsoft Office 2007

A:Issues opening Excel, Word and Powerpoint - Microsoft Office 2007

A reinstall of Office 2007 will be the quickest fix.
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Excel not opening an attached in Outlook email

Here is a good one. I have an external hard drive hooked up via USB that I use as a backup.

Recently I can not open an attachment in excel that is attached in an email. If it does, it is a web page. If I save to the external hard drive and try to open it through Win Explorer I can?t.

However if I launch Excel, then do the open command and try that newly saved file it on external hard drive, it opens.

Anyone? What?s up?

A:Excel not opening an attached in Outlook email

file may contain a macro or virus. It might be protected, it also might be corrupted. Do you know the sender or creator?

Are your file associations good in your registry. Run CC cleaner registry repair.
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Greetings BleepingComputer I am having issue with my machine playing games Here are the circumstances of the crashes Whenever I open up any game it didnt used to be this way once I get to the main menu and or the exact moment crashes Windows games video upon opening/loading I reach of loading a level the machine crashes and Windows crashes upon opening/loading video games instantly reboots no BSOD just a brief shut down into a restart You should also know that this is a fresh HDD right off the shelf with a fresh install of EVERYTHING Some of the procedures I have done Windows crashes upon opening/loading video games I have uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers Installed older versions of graphics drivers Uninstalled and reinstalled games Reseated my video card and RAM Run any and all programs as administrator Run any and all programs in compatibility mode for windows Some procedures I have failed to accomplish I have tried using the program WhoCrashed to get the dump files of crashes but I it is unable to obtain them I am unsure what I am doing wrong and hopfully you can point me in the right direction should you need those files which I imagine you will Hopfully what I have described to you is an adequate starting point although I am certain I am missing details Below you will find reports from the various programs that this site has recommended I provide to help diagnose the problem You will also find attached reports that come from the BSOD Pinned Thread Which may or may not be relevant in this endeavour but the way I see it the information cannot hurt On a side note You should also know that adobe flash for firefox and my VLC player also crash instantly upon opening a file or trying to view something on YouTube Unsure as to why because I have also uninstalled and reinstalled this program Thank you in advance for your efforts and I look forward to hearing back from you If there is anything I missed or that you need me to give you post here and let me know I will be monitering this thread habitually System Specifications http speccy piriform com results RipjhKX pPnoNcfLSlHw F This is a MiniToolBox run Using the settings List last Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Users Partitions and Memory size List Minidump Files MiniToolBox by Farbar Version - - Ran by Dillon ATTENTION The logged in user is not administrator on - - at Running from C Users Dillon Desktop Microsoft Windows Pro X Model DH BL Manufacturer INTEL Boot Mode Normal Event log errors Application errors Error AM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name vlc exe version time stamp x Faulting module name ntdll dll version time stamp x a b Exception code xc Fault offset x daae Faulting process id x Faulting application start time xvlc exe Faulting application path vlc exe Faulting module path vlc exe Report Id vlc exe Faulting package full name vlc exe Faulting package-relative application ID vlc exe Error AM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name dxdiag exe version time stamp x c Faulting module name ntdll dll version time stamp x a Exception code xc Fault offset x e f Faulting process id x Faulting application start time xdxdiag exe Faulting application path dxdiag exe Faulting module path dxdiag exe Report Id dxdiag exe Faulting package full name dxdiag exe Faulting package-relative application ID dxdiag exe Error AM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name wmplayer exe version time stamp x aa e Faulting module name ntdll dll version time stamp x a b Exception code xc Fault offset x daae Faulting process id x Faulting application start time xwmplayer exe Faulting application path wmplayer exe Faulting module path wmplayer exe Report Id wmplayer exe Faulting package full name wmplayer exe Faulting package-relative application ID wmplayer exe Error AM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name vlc exe version time stamp x Faulting module nam... Read more

A:Windows crashes upon opening/loading video games

BIOS dates from 2010 - please update it
Any reason for not updating to Win8.1?
The drivers for this device aren't installed.  Please download and install the latest, Win8 compatible drivers from the manufacturer's website.

SCSI Controller    PCI\VEN_1103&DEV_2300&SUBSYS_11AB11AB&REV_02\4&24B79ACB&0&00E2    The drivers for this device are not installed.

Lot's of problems with VLC in the application event log.  Please uninstall it (temporarily) in order to test it.
No significant evidence in these logfiles.
Please run a couple of games in order to crash it (3 times would be good), then create this report:

Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).
FYI - If we're looking for Event ID 41 errors (unexplained shutdowns), there's more info on that here:
While waiting for a reply, please monitor your temps with this free utility:
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For some reason when I try opening pages with subdomains, I believe, they always time out. Example: When I'm on ebay and try clicking on "My Ebay" which is it never works. Same for alot of other ebay links and subdomain sites. I believe its just subdomain links, but I'm not sure.
I have extensions such as noscript and adblock, but Ive tried it with them disabled and the problem still existed.
Any help appreciated.
It might be something stupid and easy that Ive not found, I am not a genius here

Thanks in advance,

A:Problems opening certain pages in FireFox

I've noticed mozilla suite does the same thing occasionally, but I have just exited out of Mozilla suite and reloaded the web page. It doesn't happen often enough to be really annoying- only once in a while, and generally only with ebay.
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How to open .NIF files

Does anyone know a free/cheap program that can open .nif files. So far the only program that can open them is 3d studio max (which costs too much)?
Much appreciated.


I recently found a website that lets you do this using blender.
works well.
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Hi I am running Windows XP Professional and I have recently only in the last or days started having cant use task opening, manager Limewire trouble with Limewire It keeps reopening automatically when I close it down off the taskbar and I also cannot do ctrl alt delete to open the task manager It happens with different versions of limewire I have done checks on my PC using the following programs Lavasoft Adaware Pc Bug Doctor Registry Mechanic Spybot Search amp Destroy Spyware Blaster Norton Antivirus complete system scan AVG Anti-Virus None of the above programs showed up with any spyware viruses The only one that came up with problems was registry mechanic and that fixed the problems that it found and pc bug doctor came up with clsid errors and fixed one of those and other errors to do with program shortcuts etc and fixed all of those I will post my hijackthis log file below to see if anyone can spot any problems and suggest any solutions Logfile of HijackThis v Check the Read How to threads before you post Thank you for any help it is very much appreciated P S I have also found that I have had one two occasions zip folders placed in my Ares shared folder and in a folder called quot complete quot at Limewire opening, cant use task manager the address C Documents and Settings Gareth Sharpe Complete on my hard-drive These were all pornographic video titled zip folders and from what I know I think they contained a file called video exe but I deleted these and have no idea where they came from as I dont use these programs often I should point out that I have a MB Broadband connection with NTL which is on a LAN with other users none of which have reported any problems similar to mine Thank you again for any help Gareth nbsp

A:Limewire opening, cant use task manager

Read and digest the following two stickies:

After carrying that out you will be able to post your log in the approved format.
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I'm new to the forums, so, hello.

Anyway on to business. I've made some cool songs with my eJay, and I can't open them externally, and I would REALLY like to. Any ideas of how one would go about doing this?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. I googled the living crap out of it, and I used your search, and additionally FilExt. No help, no cake, wah.
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MY local disk C wont open!!!! when i double click it or hit enter a wind pops ups saying Open with:
plz help me thx

A:Problems Opening Local Disk

So you use Browse option and look for C:\Windows\explorer.exe and make it so! Or does that not work either?
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I've been having programs with my computer freezing at random times and making me have to restart it manually, and Steam not working - it just isn't loading. Can anyone help?

A:Computer Freezing, programs like Steam not opening

ok first off, i cant help you with the random freezing, but i did have problems with steam like you, what i did was save the entire steam folder to another hard drive, then deleted it from the hardrive on my computer, then i trasfered it back and the freezing just went away, dont know how it fixed it, but steam works like it should, hope this is a little usefull
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I have kiosk software that allows guests to access my company website only on a desktop set up in the lobby. The software does not use IE as a browser but when a guest clicks on a hyperlink a new ie window opens. I have configured ie>tools>internet options>connections>lan settings>proxy server with a from keeping those popped up windows from showing the external links. So the guest sees the window but can't access anything outside of the company website. Is there any way from keeping the window from popping up in the first place.

P.S. I have enabled content advisor and configured pop up blocker filter with the highest setting but still get the popped up window. The hyperlink which pops up the window is not an advertisment...just a link to another website.


A:Keep IE from opening

In Windows Explorer Tools View Folder Options HTM and HTML will normally be set for Internet Explorer activation.

This is the logical place to look I think.
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Every time I open a .pdf document, I get a BSOD on my laptop and the machine shuts down. What could be the cause of this error - I can't load any pdf anymore!!


A:Opening a PDF document causes a BSOD on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Hi George, what is this computer? What version of Windows are you running? Are you using the latest version of Adobe Reader? Get into Control Panel, System, Advanced System Settings, start up and recovery settings. Un-check "automatically restart"
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Hi, I just recently cleaned up the computer with help on the forum thank you. I didn't realize till now however that I can no longer get my computer to detect my camera or ipod. The camera I can manually go into it in control panel. The ipod I can't find anywhere on the computer. Not sure where to start here, if I removed some drivers by mistake or what.

A:Removed Trojans can't get USB ports to detect camera or iPod

You can try these first

1) Open Device Manager. Plug in the ipod. Do you see it listed / apear there? or any devices with yellow icons?? Rt the device, select Install then let Windows search for drivers

2) If still a problem, See if this might help How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers

There's one more thing but try the above first i think
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Access database not opening completly

I have a user that is having Microsoft Access 2003 issues. There is a database created for this base only but here is what is happening.

He moved from one building to another. At the first bldg. he had all rights and access. He moved the same machine to another bldg. and tried to log on. He was able to log on but he is unable to access certain parts of the database. We have changed his permissions so that he has full permissions and we have changed the macros to that it is low. When that didn't work we reloaded Office. None of that worked. Some things will give him an "open report error" but on others it won't give him any errors at all. It just dosn't open. Any ideas?

A:Access database not opening all the way

Is that on a domain? Or just a workgroup?

If it's a domain, you have a whole mess of permissions to check. Maybe you missed just one?

As an experiment. Try to copy the whole database, COPY, to his machine directly and open it from there. If he can't even access it locally, then there has to be a problem only between Access and the DB. Usually some kind of version conflict.