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Z240 SFF Beep Code 3.3 (Graphics)

Q: Z240 SFF Beep Code 3.3 (Graphics)

Greetings nbsp We've purchased Dells for years but recently started (Graphics) 3.3 Beep Z240 SFF Code giving HP a look The first unit I received just stopped working during deployment testing and gives me long beeps red LED with short beeps white LED According to the manual this translates to The embedded controller has timed out waiting for BIOS to return from nbsp graphics initialization I couldn't Z240 SFF Beep Code 3.3 (Graphics) find any specific troubleshooting steps for this error so I did the following based on the testing I was doing nbsp - Cleared CMOSThe system wouldn't boot after applying BIOS settings using the HP BIOS Configuration Utility so maybe something went wrong there That said I applied settings with this tool multiple times before on the same system without issue nbsp but thought it was worth a start Here's my config file nbsp BIOSConfig Legacy Boot Options Disable Enable Legacy Boot Order HDD USB CDROM SATA HDD SATA NETWORK EMBEDDED UEFI Boot Options Disable Enable Configure Legacy Support and Secure Boot Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Enable Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Disable- Swapped video cards Nvidia Quado K with a known good card We bought two units for testing so I had an identical system to swap from - Swapped memory - Reseated all cables nbsp Any ideas on what else I should try before sending it back
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Preferred Solution: Z240 SFF Beep Code 3.3 (Graphics)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My system came with a Nvidia PCIe card. I would like to remove this card and use the integrated graphics. Whenever I remove the PCIe the system will just beep, and the integrated wouldn't work. I went in the bios but cannot find anything to enable the integrated. Thanks
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I am trying to setup my new HP Z240 workstation, but cannot get the graphics card to operate at any resolution above 1024 X 768. The graphics card is an NVIDIA QUADRO K620. It is connected to the monitor with a DVI-D Dual link cable. The monitor is an HP w2408. The monitor has two inputs (DVI and VGA). I have the VGA input connected to another HP computer with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 card (this computer/card/monitor displays at 1920 x1200). When I checked the adapter modes (using the list modes option), the best mode listed is 1024 x 768. The NVIDIA spec sheet lists the max resolution with DVI-I as 2560 x 1600 or 1920 x 1200. What can I do to get the max resolution from my monitor (1920 x 1200)?

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A:Graphics resolution on Z240

Update.  Problem solved. When I realized that the monitor in DVI mode was not being recognized as PNP, it pointed to the monitor as the problem. Installed new monitor, everythng works as it should. Evidently the VGA input to the old monitor functioned properly while the DVI portion was defective (card or cable connection). Dave6666
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When I download graphics card driver 15.20.1045 (sp73511.exe) from the HP site and install this, the properties display 15.200.1045.So I'm now not sure if the corect driver is installed, because I'm still getting graphics card errors. Our software supplier PTC recommends the certified 15.20.1045-version so how do I get this right?
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Hi. I am trying to run the intel onboard graphics and an nvidia quaddro on the same machine simultaneously. HP says it is possible to do so but I cannot find the option in the BIOS to enable the onboard graphics as a primary driver. Right now, the onboard graphics cards becomes automatically disabled as soon as I plug the Nvidia in.  Thanks for your help
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my computer beeps 5 times how do i troubleshoot the problem. do you have a list of beep codes

A:beep code

First of all, what's the make & model of the PC?
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I have fitted an ECS K7VZA Mobo running with a Duron 800 chip.with 64mb sdram 100mhz & ATI Rage Fury Graphics I cannot get any further than the boards initil boot,I have read somewhere that some boards do this if the fan is incorrectly fitted,is that correct
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A friend asked me to help with a problem on his PC.
He's daughter switched the pc on in the morning and left for school before it loaded up.
when she returned home there was a black screen with a flashing curser in top left hand corner.
She turned the computer off at the wall without shutting down.
Now the machine starts up but no beep code.
To Date I've changed the power supply for a know good one.
Changed the cmos battery for a new one.
Removed the ram and started up, no beep code.
I suspect that this indicates a fault on the motherboard.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Ray.

A:No Beep Code

Welcome to TSG

Now when you turn the system on do you get anything on the monitor?
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I have a Dell stuidio xps 435t, and at random times the monitors will shut off yellow light will come on and start the 6 beep code, if I hit the power button it then starts up takes me to the windows screen and does a normal boot up, any ideas ? could it be my video card ? Thanks in advance
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Hello to all,
My system is booting up but with two beeps. Is that normal for asus motherboards - m2n.
I'm aware that is usual for some motherboards. Thanks very much.

A:Beep Code


What memory(Ram) do you have in that PC??
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I recently posted that my comp wouldn't boot. Well, I thought I may have blown the mobo so I changed it (Asus 8NA SLI Deluxe), seeing as I didn't even get beep codes on start-up. However, after installing a new mobo (same one as above) I now get a beep long, two short (I can hear the intake of breath)....

After checking Bios Central and FAQ's here, it appears I have a video adapter error. I've taken the video card out, put it in, sworn at it etc, etc...but still the beeps.

Would it also be the case that my video card is knackered?

I'd appreciate some advice guys n girls before I burn another lump of cash..

500w Mercury PSU
AMD 4000+
2 x 250gb HDD
Asus A8n SLI Deluxe
Nvid 6800 Ultra GFx

Many Thanks...

A:Beep Code..

One way to check for certain if it is you video card that`s fried, is to try it in another system.

However, the beep codes are usually quite accurate. Therefore, if it says your video card is broken, then probably it is.

Regards Howard
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Hi I have an FIC AZ motherboard pulled from a working compaq presario with a ghz AMD athlon installed anyone why? code, beep know no with a heatsink I added a cd drive floppy drive and gb hard drive from another desktop that im sure was working I bought a new RADEON video card and added that There is also one DIMM memory in place When I turn no beep code, anyone know why? on the computer all the fans start blowing and I hear the hard drive make that start up noise but the monitor light is not turning green which means the display signaled isn t going from the computer to the monitor and it is hooked up fine But my biggest problem is that I hear NO BEEP CODE One beep would mean normal but I hear none at all Would the video card not no beep code, anyone know why? being in place completely cause this I thought if there were a problem would anything the speaker would beep a certain beep code to indicate the problem I m sure the speaker is plugged in correctly to the front panel connector Is it possible the cpu is dead what is going onn I would really really appreciate any help as soon as possible THANKS VERY MUCH nbsp

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Okay I have a compaq presario laptop. When I start up computer, screen is black. Then beep code 1-3-4, which means first 64k RAM odd/even logic error. Question is, what do I do now. Is this something I can attempt to fix myself.....or is my computer completely wrecked?

A:compaq beep code 1-3-4 this usually means your video card has failed. Video adapters are soldered onto the motherboard and cannot be replaced except by factory. You can try running Memtest to see if the RAM fails.
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Alrighty, I have a Toshiba Satellite A120. I have been have blue screens of death and other things happeing. Well I just got done saving my paper for school and it just shutdown outta nowhere. Then I got Three short beeps and three long beeps. I restarted and when Windows came back on it said that it had recovered from a serious error.

Here are the specs on the laptop.

Toshiba Satellite A120
Windows XP Home Sp2
2.8Ghz Intel Celeron
512 MB PNY Optima RAM
Only have like 1/3rd the hard drive used
Ran Antivirus and spyware software.

Thanks for you time.


A:Beep Code from my laptop!

Not sure what bios you have. Does it tell you when you are booting?

Take a look at this.

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Can anyone tell me what 3 beeps mean, my board is Intel D945 GCCR. My computer beeps 3 times and then just won't start up and also that this beep thing doesn't always happen, it happens sometimes and other times the system will boot quite normally.

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Mobo - Gigabyte nForce3 250

uses AwardBIOS

i powered off pc to connect an IDE cd-drive. upon powering back on thats when i started receiving beep code.

i then disconnected the cd-drive to boot as pc originally was and received the same beep code.

when powering on all fans are running. monitor stays at black screen. meanwhile receiving beep code.

its a long beep repeating every 4 secs. i still havent found a way to decode it yet or have any remote idea as to what could be wrong. ill continue looking for a way to decode this. thx

A:Help interpreting PC beep code

i know that the bios manufacter is Award, but they are now owned by Phoenix industries. not sure when the new ownership came into play.

turns out that Phoenix bios code for long repetitive beeps is a memory error. hmm. so bad ram maybe?
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Trying to figure out what is wrong with my Compaq Evo D300v.

When I try to boot I get one beep then two longs beeps.

Read somewhere that the beeps indicate bad video card. Is this correct?

I was careless yesterday when I moved my computer while refurnishing the room. Pulled out the cord from the back of the tower without shutting down what was running. I know, my bad. Didn't think apparently. Left my brain someplace else. Also when I lifted the tower and tilted it towards me a bit I heard a noise as if something moved inside. I have looked inside and can't see any loose cords or anything like that.

Is there anything I can do about this? Grateful for advice.

A:Beep code: two long

There are so many versions of your computer it's hard to say what your beep codes mean. Some were made with pentium processors others were made with celeron. some are desktop, some are workstations.

I found this, but it may not even apply. Depends on your motherboard. It would help if we knew exactly what parts your particular PC was made with. It's extremely unhelpful when a certain model of PC applies to several very different hardware configurations. It's even more frustrating when the manuals don't have a list of beep codes and their meanings. Precisely why I hate manufactured PC's. I searched all manuals for your PC and this is all I could find about beep codes.

CAUTION: Some models support ECC memory and some support
non-ECC memory. For those systems that do support ECC, Compaq
does not support mixing ECC and non-ECC memory. Doing so will
cause the system to blink the NUMLOCK LED on the keyboard
continuously and, if a speaker is installed in the system, there will be a
short beep followed by 2 long beeps. In addition, the system will not
boot the operating system.
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I just realized that I get this one short beep right after I push the power button to turn on my machine. Then it boots up and runs just fine. After looking back through my A+ Managing and Trouble shooting PC book and found out that it's normal to here one or two short beeps that informs me that all is well. I don't remember hearing any beeps on my retail PC's on boot up. Is it me or is something wrong.

A:mobo beep code

Look in the back of your motherboard's brochure for details or Upgrading and Repairing PC's 19th Edition. It should be OK, but my mobo had no speaker to hook up so no beeps.
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ok... a few day ago I downloaded this program from this bad site and when I was installing it I was getting Hard Disk errors and then I pressed end now and my machine rebooted and told me I needed a boot disk. So I restarted it many times and it kept giving me HDD errors and CMOS errors. So I turned it off and back on and the screen was blank. So I came on here last nite and pyritechips and branden were very helpful and told me to take the CMOS battery out and let it sit over night. SO I did and now I am getting two short beeps and eight long beeps and a blank screen..
Can someone please help me

Thank You... I am running XP on my machine btw.. this is my hubby's..

A:I am having beep code problems


The closest thing I could find is 1 short beep and 8 long... that is a video card problem. You should try to reseat (remove and reinstall the cards on your computer... one may have come loose. I would also suggest to check all of the cables to see if they are still tight. If that doesn't work, let us know some information about the computer, including the type of Motherboard/BIOS you have.
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Motherboard: Foxconn M61PML-K
RAM : Kingston 2 Gig/DDR3 1333

Scenario: PC turn on but no display, but after trying some troubleshooting afterwards its getting Non Stop SHORT BEEP same as when i remove the RAM, Since i already check some beep codes for ami ive never seen beep code like this. i dont have any xtra RAM to try but i will try to find soon, but as of now i need some opinion if do u think its really a ram problem. thanks in advance

A:beep code problem

Make sure your RAM is fully seated, and if you have a graphics card make sure it is fully seated, and the electrical connection is tight(that is, if it has a electrical plug)
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I had partitions one with one with XP It code and HDD beep problem was like this for a few months I was in the XP partition restarted the pc so i could go to the partition When i restarted it it started beeping beep code beeping and wouldn t stop The whole time i was in it was beeping I restarted and went beep code and HDD problem into XP this time and once the XP loading screen came on it stopped When ever i was in it would beep but XP didnt So i figured that i would just delete the partition using partition magic Anyways to make a long story short something went wrong It never set the Xp partiton to primary beep code and HDD problem like it was supposed to Now i cant do anything with the HD at all I tried to set it to primary with fdisk but it wont do it I tried making it primary with partition magic but it says that the partition is quot dismounted improperly quot Their website says to run checkdisk but i cant get it to I got pissed and figured that i would just delete it Fdisk wont delete it either So i bought a new HD and put only XP on it It still beeps until it gets to the loading screen But the main thing i need now is to get into the old HD i forgot about some of the things on it and i need some of it specs beep code and HDD problem Soltek SL- DRV awardBios Asus Geforce ti vid card WD gig HDD the old one is IBM gig Athlon XP PC ram nbsp

A:beep code and HDD problem

When you deleted 98, you deleted the boot info for XP, that is why you couldnt get into XP. The 98 partition held the info. You could try loading 98 onto it, then load PartitionMagic & see if you can view the Partitions. If the XP partition was NTFS, fdisk cant set it active. It reads the partition as non-DOS, and can only delete it. It might even take a few attempts to delete it, but it will. It has happened to me on occasion. The beeps indicate a problem, & should have been investigated first, esp if only one OS had them. Could have been an incompatible driver in 98.
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My HP9680c wont boot. The beep is saying theres a memory problem, either its missing or unseated, so I switched the ram around with known good ram, and it's still giving the same code. Is the beep code fool proof, whats the next step?

A:asus beep code help

The beep codes are based on the BIOS maker. Google for both Phoenix BIOS beep code and Award BIOS beep code. It's been years since I last had to look them up. You'll find some interesting info about the beep codes. One of them has a default beep that I think is the the same as the RAM error beep on the other.
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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba laptop my friend asked me to look at. At startup, I am getting a continous blast of short beeps.

Dead mainboard??

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anybody has an issue with 3 long beep and 2 short beep with a Gtaeway NE722 laptop. Also the smart touch pad is not workiong at the same time

A:beep code for gateway ne722

Have you changed any hardware on this notebook or opened it for any reason? Looking at the codes makes me think that something is not installed correctly, ,a stick of memory might be bad, or the motherboard itself is going/has gone bad.
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I have a an Asus p s mobo i carried it downstairs then back up and plugged it back in and the screen was blank and it had one long beep then repeated forever I checked the no code and beep display P4S800 graphics card and put it back P4S800 no display and beep code in place I unpluged everything from the mobo and it beeped long and short When it is unpluged and pluged back in it doesnt beep but still no display but after your restart it has no display and beeps I took everything out and put it back in place and still is doing it any ideas anyone know what these beep codes could mean i have no clue what the bios are since you cant get ANY display not even bios I also checked the power supply no P4S800 no display and beep code problem there Thanks in advance for any help P HT mb ram hardrives primary secondary sony dvd burner hitachi cd burner Antec w PSU nivida mb x graphics card Windows XP home nbsp

A:P4S800 no display and beep code

this might be the motherboard. i have a p4p800 E, which is a similar board and the chipset on mine fried when i plugged in a camera via usb and i was forced to RMA it
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My computer was working just fine until recently I moved the computer to another location and it started giving me a long beep error code Started testing beep error code Long RAM Video and PSU and found out that the computer would start fine with just stick of RAM Long beep error code Ran a memory test for each RAM Long beep error code stick and they all passed with flying colors Also tried all the RAM sticks on a different computer and they all worked fine As for the PSU and Video I used different and working parts and still had the same problem Thought it was a mobo problem and decided to buy a new one and for my surprise it did work with all the RAM sticks once I turned off the computer and moved it to my room and it gave me the same long beep My computer specs are P N-E-SLI mobo Intel Core E GeForce GTS DDR Mb x Gb Corsair DDR MHz Hitachi Gbs Mb Cache Please assist I ran out of ideas on how to fix this problem nbsp

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Hi, my cousin's computer is acting up. When you turn it on, it gives a beep code. The beep code is one short beep, one long beep. I've read it's a memory problem, but I don't know. What can I do to troubleshoot and identify the issue?

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Hey guys, I'd like to first apologize if this is in the wrong area of the forums, I'm new to TechGuy.
Grandma has a Dell Desktop(no specific model), but she was using her computer and it immediately shut off on her. She tried to turn it back on and got 4 brief beeps back to back. (beep beep beep beep........beep beep beep beep........etc etc). Tried looking for common issues, so far I'm concerned it might be either the motherboard or memory failure. Any tips will help, thanks in advance.

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Hello again A friend of mine brought me his Dell Dimension to fix The unit had assorted spyware trojans a virus etc It had XP home on Dell code Beep problem it I only had a copy of XP pro so I reinstalled Dell Beep code problem it instead of home I deleted the old partitions in the process and created a new one I installed a firewall and antivirus Dell Beep code problem program I ran all the MS updates I defragged the HDD and after one long day I had it all dialed in Until I rebooted that is Then I noticed that the unit will not power up unless I depress the power button for about seconds The unit then gives long and short beeps and boots to Windows where everything seems to be in order and working fine The Dell website lists the beeps as quot IDE subsystem failure quot but I see no visual indications of anything amiss Any help on this is greatly appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Dell Beep code problem

Did you by chance download and install the Chipset Drivers and all the motherboard drivers from Dell? These will be needed if you did not.
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Hi i have a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Li 1705 notepad(laptop)

get a series of beeps at startup : - Beep Beep (gap) Beep Beep Beep (gap) Beep - then silence.
after the series of beeps it just shows the power light - nothing on screen. The beeps only sounded once in the series.

would it be a memory/hd problem.

thanks for any help.

A:notepad will not start beep code help

Hello does it start in safe mode ?
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Hi to all, I have an IBM Aptiva E series 276, which has the AMD K-6 2, and the mother board is an Acer V75M. We have had this comp for at least 4-5 years, bought it brand new. I never noticed before because it is wifes comp, but was on it the other day, and upon startup, no beep code. Asked wife, and she said it has never made a beep on startup. I went to a beep code site for IBM, and it said no beep = power supply. Question is it`s been like this since new, and it is still running, if there is a power supply problem, why is it still running? Was wondering if anyone has run into anything like this before. I mean I hate to replace the power supply, since the comp is still working like it always has. Any ideas appreciated.


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Morning all

I have a HP/Compaq D220 MT computer that is giving an 8 beep code over and over at startup. I have no video no nothing on screen. When i remove the memory it gives the correct memory beep error (3) i have removed all periferals and removed power and data cables from all devices except the MB. HP is SLOOOOOOW at trying to get Tech Support and their "live help" is kinda useless if your not using the computer that has the problem ( if i can use the computer that has the problem then why do i need LIVE HELP LOL) Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Zones Inc.
Returns Tech

A:HP/Compaq Post Beep Code

I believe it is a video card problem. Try reseating the video card or try a new one.
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Hi My problem is that my PC won amp t start up First the monitor sets on green light but then immediately switches beep won't recites code start, PC into power saving mode no view at all and meanwhile the PC boots up runs for about seconds and then the internal speaker recites a beep code once only I amp ve recorded it so it can be heard at http media putfile com BIOS-Beep-code I can amp t really describe the beep as I can amp t make out if there are pauses in it or not The PC won amp t show any image on the monitor when starting up not at any point the monitor just goes straight to power saving mode My motherboard is Asus A N-SLI Deluxe BIOS rev I have checked the monitor plugs started the PC with only the power plug and monitor plug on checked PC won't start, recites beep code the RAM seats checked the AGP graphics card seating and all the other wiring started the PC over and over again I amp ve booted it only with the essential parts plugged in amp and nothing Only once I have got the image in the monitor When I plugged the CPU fan off and booted and when I put it back in it was back to no image and this trick won amp t work again tried it it showed the BIOS screen Motherboard picture and BIOS version not set-up BIOS then it went through the normal checking the memory etc and then got to the raid sata screen showing some raid sata BIOS version and got stuck there I amp ve got only one HD Seagate Barracuda Gigs The PC was working well yesterday and it wasn amp t until today that it wouldn amp t start up I had experienced this issue before but it was resolved by re-starting the power and I thought it was only a problem with some of the fans not powering up Any ideas Thanks for any help Tom Oh and here are my full pc specs CPU AMD Athlon GHz KB Socket Box Mhz Winchester Core Case Antec Sonata Piano Black Quiet W Monitor LG Flattron L S quot Silver Black Mobo Asus A N-SLI Deluxe nVIDIA nForce AMD Hammer BIOS Rev GPU MSI NVIDIA GeForce NX GT MB RAM MB Kingston PC- Mhz DDR-RAM DIMM Hard Drive Gt Seagate Barracuda Rpm DMA Mt Drive LG DVD-ReWritable LightScribe GSA- B CD-R CD R CD-RW CD RW DVD-R DVD R DVD-RW DVD RW DVD-RAM DVD RAM DVD-DL DVD DL Sound Card Creative SB Audigy Audio GPU Cooling Arctic Cooling NV Silencer rev Case Cooling Two x mm fans three x mm fans and a Titan TTC- outblowing PCI-slot fan x x mm rpm Speakers Creative Inspire P Speaker System Mouse M USB Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer Keyboard USB PS Delta TB- Multimedia Keyboard OS M Windows XP Pro SP All the fans work when the PC power is turned on nbsp

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OK, please make sure that any responses to this question are extremely dumbed down for the tech clueless...

My computer HP a450N powers on, but the light at the bottom of the tower front is orange (don't even know what color it usually is). No signal to monitor, and no lights to keyboard. I get a beeps-1 short, 6 short. I tried searching for what this means, but I cannot find it. Please help!!!

A:No signal to monitor, beep code?

Solved my problem!

Hey, I solved my own problem-bad keyboard (the 3rd one the kids went thru this year..grrr...)
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this is my first post on this site, I couldnt find any info on this problem anywhere else on the internet, so i decided to ask on here.

ok here's the problem, I bought a new PC (specs below i believe) and now that i have got everything together the machine is beeping, i looked up the beep codes but it isnt doing any of the ones i could find on line, from what i can here it is a 2-2-2-2 code, which i cant find anywhere.

does anyone have any ideas what my problem could be, i dont want to install windows 7 until i get this fixed.


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My Brother-in-law has an old computer circa that he wanted to resurrect for his kids to play on He asked me to get it running and told me that the only thing he was aware of that was wrong was that the computer was not recognizing the CD-ROM drive an essential for kids software He also wanted me to prepare Boot. Help! Please No Video, no on Beep Code it for possible networking in the near future It was loaded with Win so first thing I was going to do was to do a clean install of Win SE and that would possibly No Video, no Beep Code on Boot. Please Help! fix the CD-ROM problem However since the computer had been sitting for a while about a year I wanted to do some inside cleaning and check the CMOS battery Upon opening it up I decided to take an inventory while cleaning and I removed the heatsink and fan off the socket processor It s No Video, no Beep Code on Boot. Please Help! a Pentium with MMX Since it doesn t say P I m guessing it s a P but I m not sure I removed the battery CR and it tested at V so it was OK Now I may have made a mistake by not putting it back in very quickly It was out for about an hour After reinstalling the CMOS battery and the heatsink and fan on to the processor I attempted to boot No Video, no Beep Code on Boot. Please Help! up but there was no video and no beep code The power is on as the hard drive was turning and all LED lights except those on the keyboard were lit In an attempt to troubleshoot I unhooked everything including the RAM sticks but the power the processor and the video card there is no onboard video but the same thing happened no video and no beep code Therefore the problem has to be with the processor including the heatsink and fan CMOS the video card or the motherboard The MOBO is a P VX DM Explorer II made by QDI but their website http www qdigrp com was not much help Does anybody have any ideas on where I go next nbsp

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Oh no...
A friends pc, with bios password. I've replaced the battery to get rid of the password. Pc gives one long and three short beeps while booting, and stops after that. I've checked the videocard - without success.
Who can help me out of this?

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anybody has an issue with 3 long beep and 2 short beep with a Gtaeway NE722 laptop. Also the smart touch pad is not workiong at the same time

A:beep code for gateway ne722

Have you changed any hardware on this notebook or opened it for any reason? Looking at the codes makes me think that something is not installed correctly, ,a stick of memory might be bad, or the motherboard itself is going/has gone bad.
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I'm trying to figure out this darn beep code for this motherboards bios, but I can't seem to figure out the type of bios, if anyone has a way to figure this out, I'd appreciate it, It's a ABIT-KG7 RAID board, and the bios is giving me a single, long, non-stop repetative beep, like this

beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....beeeeeeeeeeeeeep (endless repeating)

Thanks, I'd appreciate it, it's my girl's father's pc, LOL

I'd appreciate it, please, LOL, help me, help me, I'm assuming it needs new ram, but just trying to not make assumptions I'm not sure about.

A:Need help w/ beep code for ABIT-KG7 raid

RAM errors? Overheating errors? BIOS need to be reset?
I suggest you edit your post to a proper one, since your post do not contain useful info. making a good thread will be better for everyone.

Tell us the complete system specs, when this has happen, what have you do recently before and then we can help you.

Welcome to techspot.
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My Dell will not boot up. It will not get to the Dell logo screen. After power on, it stays on the black screen and beeps 3 times. I've found info on the web that it leads to a bad system board. How reliable is that diagnosis? Is there a CD I can use to boot from to diagnose it better.

A:Inspiron 14z 5423 3 Beep Code

I had the same issue with Dell inspirion 5423 after installing Windows 10.
First, I followed this manual to remove CMOS battery:
Then the beeping stopped, but laptop started after few attempts to start with F2 key, as described here:
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Okay so I am working in a retail enviroment customer wants to buy a display model off the clearance rack SOP is to Unknown Code, Help Beep ASAP Need do a full system reset before handing it over but it is acting a bit funny This was not a powered-on display as far as we knew it was a like-new system nbsp From the start it makes a beep-code that I can't find anywhere online every time its powered up long beeps and short ones Initially our attempt at a factory reset stalled at with an error code about something could not be accessed or other but once I powered it Unknown Beep Code, Need Help ASAP down it looked as if the reset had completed it was at windows setup I told the other tech who was staying later than me to take the windows install media and run the upgrade maybe the beep code was something to do with OS corruption and we would find out in the morning if that upgrade did anything nbsp However I want to find out for certain what this beep code is before we hand this computer over to a customer because beep codes usually mean something hardware and I don't want to hand over a faulty computer
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Very happy with my new machine Thought I'd pop my old pcie nvidia gtx card in for a bit of a boost I uninstalled the old cards drivers and software powered off and just about managed to squeeze it into its slot I also changed the psu as the stock one probably not powerful enough and no pci pin power cable When I power it up all the fans spin and Beep display adapter code after installing the HD clicks away a little then a slight pause before long low beeps and short high beeps with corresponding power led flashes this repeats or times before it becomes a very expensive desk fan If i swap the original card back in all is well Thinking it may be a faulty card Beep code after installing display adapter I've bought another pci express GTX ti yeah well it's all I need and could afford Same story with that card Now is it possible i have two faulty video cards They are both over years old A faulty psu I have tried a hard drive power adapter as well as the proper pci power cable Or have I missed an important step in installation I've never had any problems swapping cards out before I've tried resetting the bios via the jumpers and the holding down the power switch for seconds thing Can't find anything on the beep code hp site is vague others don't seem to have what I'm looking for Think it's a custom bios Thanks
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Hello Today I tried to open my laptop ProBook s and it doesnt want to start It emits an LED code times Does Start Code and Laptop LED&Beep Emits an Not and sounds followed by nbsp two mini sounds First thing i did after this I ve dissambled my laptop and nbsp cleaned it as i never did in year since i have it Nothing till i found some information of this error and I disconnected all USB the power cord and battery to perform a power reset and after this nbsp i holded the power button for seconds All was good my laptop turned on but after i shutdown its the same thing doesn t want to turn on and the sec-button hold doesnt work anymore And if somewhow my laptop turn on what do i do next to stop the problem nbsp As i know its a hardware error if i found and dissamble the bad piece it could work right again nbsp nbsp Hope you could help me guys

A:Laptop Does Not Start and Emits an LED&Beep Code

Hi Alexandru123, Visit this article in regard to Beep Codes:    

I am a very busy person. PleasePlease click ?Accept as Solution" if I solve your Problem
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Hi I have a ASUS CUSL -C Jumper Free PC AGP x Motherboard We correctly flashed and up graded the Bios to teh latest version and it was working fine Then another day I turned on the Computer and got start up beep codes Three beeps then a very short pause the the other two beeps the th and th were a high not beep in Manual is Bios that code listed the low beep I looked at the manual on page and there is Bios beep code that is not listed in the Manual no reference to these codes The closest that I could come to it was Bios beep code that is not listed in the Manual teh posibility of it being a video card I bought another one - put it in and apparently it was not the video card Oh well - I guess it is going off to the repair shop Taking it back to where I had it built I checked everything to see it things were tight and in place I am not good at this sort of thing I had teh computer built years ago so I guess I got plenty of miles out of it nbsp

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Thanks to anyone who looks at this post these forums have been a great help for years. Appreciated

The PC froze in the middle of a game of Machines with a friend. Could not Ctrl-Alt-Del after 15min used manual shut down.

Now when booting I seem to get 2 tiny beeps (could be the keyboard) then about 10 seconds later 9 beeps. Nothing loads, no display. This link shows beep code errors.

C2D E6420
Abit IL9 Pro
2 Gig Ram @ 333Mhz
Radeon x1950 Pro

Any idea what I need to do next to isolate the broken hardware and test the machine?

Hopefully it won't be too expensive to replace

Thank you!

A:Solved: PC freeze then beep code - ROM error?

Have you tried to clear the CMOS? Usually there is a jumper that you move to accomplish this.

If that doesn't work, try removing everything you can, all USB connected devices, drives, adapter cards, etc. Even the video card, at least to test. See if anything changes. You may get a different beep code for the missing video card. Remove the memory, maybe swap them (if you have two sticks), or try one at a time. It may very well be that the motherboard has met it's proverbial maker ...
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I got a Dell Optiplex GX280 tower, P4 3.2Ghz DDR2. When I start it up there is a long beep followed by 5 short beeps. I know the beeps mean something, but I don't exaclty know. I've tried changing the RAM, to no avail. Could it be video, because there is no signal to the screen?

A:Dell Optiplex GX280 beep code

See if this thread might help The complete BIOS beep guide
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My computer will not boot up. I have an Asus A7V-E mb with a Duron 1 ghz cpu with 256 MB of ram.

After turning on the pc I get 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps. Anyone have any idea what error that the beeps is giving?

I switched out the ram - no help. I tried the mb outside the case with only the video card- no help.

Thanks for the help.

A:[SOLVED] Computer not booting - Beep code?

It depends on what bios you have. Take a look here for beep codes....

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Hi, if someone could help me would be great! I receive this 7beep code from the motherboard every time I try to boot my inspiron duo 1090, nothing on screen just a 7 beep code not like 3-2-2 or 3-4 or something is a 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. I saw around the net that this is common and is just a fake alarm from the motherboard, and that dell support have told ppl to just press the FN key while booting and that bypasses the P.O.S.T. and boots like nothing again, some ppl say the just left they're computer there and tried like 2 weeks later and booted like normal. I tried this FN key to bypass the P.O.S.T. but NOTHING happened and my duo is out of warranty already and I don't wanna pay for a fake code or something please somebody help me =( 

A:Dell inspiron duo 7 beep code at start up!!!

I found an American webpage telling how to solve this within half an hour. At first I thought is was mad. I was desperate so I tried it.With the laptop on and beeping away wrap it up tightly in a large towel and place under the duvet. Leave it for 1/2 hour and then unwrap and switch off. Leave it to cool down and then switch on. I writing this on a dell laptop that had the 7 beeps and the above treatment.It works!!!
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Hi I have an M A-VM motherboard and stupidly as it turns out especially as I m an IT professional and should know better I decided to up rate my memory using memory from a donor machine now after installing code beep RAM error and removing here comes the stupid part I looked at the RAM and thought that looks right without checking whether it was DDR it wasn t I installed it powered on the machine and got beep beep code error after installing and removing RAM long short repeating so I removed the offending RAM But I m beep code error after installing and removing RAM still getting the beep long short repeating and beep code error after installing and removing RAM all I did was install that one RAM stick So I investigated the beep codes for my AWARD bios and this is the closest I can find Long Beep Short Beeps One long beep followed by three short beeps means that either the video card isn t installed or the memory on the video card is bad Reseating or replacing the video card will typically fix the cause of this Award beep code But it cannot be the graphics card as I hadn t touched it and its brand new less than weeks old but I removed and reseated it just in case but the error reoccurred so I tried other things without success including Reseating the original RAM Installing a new PSU Removing the graphics card completely Disconnecting everything apart from the CPU fan and CPU power connector In desperation even removed the four pin out black and yellow CPU power cable and that s the only thing that stop the beeping The only thing a haven t tried is reseating the Processor and Fan but that seems to be major overkill as it was working perfectly prior to this There is power getting to the MB the fans spin the drives flash but I cannot find the cause of the error beeps and its driving me Have I managed to fry my memory or god forbidden the processor And you know the really annoying thing- I reinstalled the offending RAM back into the donor machine which I m now using to type this message Please Help as I m out of ideas nbsp

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Friend s PC gives kinda long beep stops and then repeats Apparently nothing comes up on the screen WHat I have found so far is possible Memory Problem video card or a MoBo error Not sure of BIOS or MoBO for sure I am going to try a mem chip switch here Solved: video a boot code up beep or and No in a min any ideas I put new mem stick in a Solved: No video or boot up and a beep code different slot removed old same results Appears the Vid card in onboard and we don t even get the BIOS etc info on the monitor It is a different monitor than orig problem config too Thanks for any help you can provide then What Candy has been able to advize me so far I have a similar problem on hubby s computer after it s been off haven t figured it out yet do email instead of pms I m bogged down What I do to start his is open it and touch everything Did that X s the power supply connection to board ram video card etc then on two or three tries it will start Didn t worky Vid must be onboard cuz it ain t in a slot Did you look up the bios beep code or have you been able to figure out which bios it is Award Software PG MOBO M LMR ALL Thanks for any help you can give John THanks John nbsp

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I have the similar problem as the guy below but I have not replaced anything other than tested with another good PSU and the same problem comes up
HP Pavilion A6030N Desktop PC

Nettle2-gl8e + fans spinning strange

The problem is that when I plug in the PC, there is no video no beep codes all fans run . When I hold the power button for 5 seconds to power off the fans(both) automatically spin up to high until I unplug the power from the PSU. . Motherboard: MCP61PM-HM Rev 1.0B
I have gone through trouble shooting removed all components no blown capacitors on motherboard.
when I removed the memory still no beep codes makes me believe motherboard is shot.
Any suggestions for what might be wrong here? I'm stumped.



A:Nettle2-gl8e NO mintor or Beep code

It sounds like a motherboard failure. To troubleshoot go here;

and follow the directions under the heading; You assembled the system, and it will not post

Whether it's a mass produced or custom built machine, troubleshooting is the same.
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Hello nbsp I need help troubleshooting the Thinkpad l of my roommate Whenever she turns the occasionally 5 beep code times L440 won't boot. notebook L440 occasionally won't boot. 5 times beep code on the screen remains black and a repeating error beep code is L440 occasionally won't boot. 5 times beep code audible beeps then pause and another beeps and pause and so on Most of the time after some second oder even minutes it continues booting normaly and the OS Win bit start up perfectly normal nbsp Since the notbook isn't the newest modell and no waranty left repairing in by lenovo service wont pay off I already checked a number of things including CMOS Battery lose flat-flex connectors Ram etc Than i tried to Update the bios via lenovo's utility through the OS this did not work with an errormessage telling me the bios could not be read Now I want to do it via CD What do you think might that help or is the risk of comlpletely blowing up the machine to high in case the system cannot restart properly after updating the bios nbsp We would be truelly grateful for some information or advices Thanks in advance GreetingsDaniel
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The computer does not get past the POST. It gives a long approximately 15 second  tone followed by a 10 second pause and another long tone and this sequence repeats indefinitely.No screen display. I replaced the power supply but same beep POST beep code. I removed the RAM cards and got a different beep code long beep followed by a short beep. I see others have reported this problem. Any successful fix?

A:HP a6600f beep POST code error message

Hi there @John2569, May the Forums be with you! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that your computer is not starting properly and that you are getting a repeating beep code. I am happy to help with this. I would suggest you follow the following document due to the codes you are getting: HP Desktop PCs - Computer Does Not Start and Emits an LED or Beep Code This process may also be of use if there is any improvement, after using the above document: HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows Vista). I hope this helps, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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My laptop has been shutting off randomly. This has happened before but more frequebtly lately (2 weeks ago for about 2 days or about 8 tries, then problem went away). Now its happening again, sometimes on playing a video, sometimes just surfing the web. When it shuts down, it gives a fearful beep code and light code. Please see video in link.
I haven't been able to turn on the laptop recently as it just shuts down before the windows load. Also I cannot complete the diagnosis without shut down. I tried contacting dell but response is slow.
Does anyone experience this or know what is wrong?
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Hi I've seen like a million other threads for this particular problem with just about every kind of possible solution there could be However as no two computers can be identical I'd give it a shot and boot Sleep or code No display, Mode after beep get some help on this one No display, beep code or boot after Sleep Mode After attempting to resume Win from Sleep none of my displays awoke so I shut the system down checked all cables and leads for the monitors As it were no issues I booted my PC to be presented with a whole lot of Nothing All drives and fans were functioning my DVDROM did it's little check for CDs all the normal crap only it neither woke up or brought me to GRUB Thus far I've reset CMOS done No display, beep code or boot after Sleep Mode bare bones booting tried my GPU HDDs and PSU in my several other self built machines No problems no drama I'm yet to test my CPU and RAM in another machine as I don't actually have another capable of it at present I'm also quite unsure on whether my speakers works or no I've tried several with no beep codes As of right now it's still set up for bare bones booting I should also mention that the power button needs to be held to kill the system on an attempted boot Any ideas or help would be appreciated specs will be posted below Cheers for the assistance OS Windows Ultimate bit amp Fedora PSU Ritmo Force CPU Intel Dual-Core Ghz E MOBO Asus P G T-M LX RAM x Kingston GB DDR - KVR D N G HDDs Seagate Barracuda GB - ST AS Western Digital GB - WD AAKB GPU ECS GT alternative MSI N GT EDIT Any suggestion would help including quot try hitting it with a sledgehammer quot as a valid idea Could it be possible the BIOS is damaged or corrupted from a failed wake up EDIT Strange Just tried to boot it to find that there is an odd problem First attempted boot it took around seconds for the PC to start Once it did it powered off and back on again Second attempt it took around seconds to boot this time with no powering off and on It would appear the PSU might be the culprit I also noticed the PSU fan took a little to get going after power up Going to retest the PSU in an another machine and will edit with results SUB-EDIT PSU continues to function normally in other systems So what could be the possible culprit It would appear to be either a mobo or a CPU problem Unsure on if there could be much else Require input on this

A:No display, beep code or boot after Sleep Mode

EDIT3: As it so happens... It seems to be booting successfully now. I've put all hardware, cables and leads back to their original locations and it boots, or so I assume. The activity indicator now does it's job when the PC is booted, and my reset button works once again. I still require to hold the power button to kill my system, but I believe that is due to ASUS TurboKey (Makes power button auto overclock PC on-the-fly). Displays still don't function. Going to attempt my alternative GPU and will re-edit with results. USB mouse and keyboard also appear to not function, which is normal at certain stages of my boot up. The only times they function during boot is at BIOS, GRUB and once I've launched my OS. Still, could be a potential problem indicator.

EDIT4: No change. Main, alternative and onboard, it doesn't matter what, it doesn't display anything.

EDIT5: The CPU and RAM are fully functioning in another system, it would appear either the BIOS isn't receiving the power up signal or it's damaged/corrupted. Unfortunately, I cannot flash the BIOS or restore it. Problem solved.. Sort of. Going to replace it, but keep it incase either myself or someone else stumbles upon a possible solution. I'd like to request this thread stays open incase anyone has ideas, or I find the solution so it can be archived at least. Thanks for, well, allowing me to brain storm.

Any help and ideas would still be appreciated.

(I apologize for the double post, but for some reasons I'm now unable to edit my original - if a Mod can merge or edit, please feel free to do so)
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Hi all

Just picked up a Satellite Pro 6100 with a few problems.

It will turn on, the HDD light shows and I can hear drive activity. However, the screen remains blank and a single beep can be heard after about 20secs. The blank screen I understand, it is probably the power board issue that plagues the SP6xxx series. However, the single beep I don't understand.

I know 2 beeps or 3 beeps is memory incompatibility but does anyone know what the single beep denotes ?


A:Satellite Pro 6100 - Single beep code on start

Hi buddy,

To be honest it?s not easy to say what is causing the problem because it could be everything and Satellite Pro 6100 is pretty old notebook.

Have you installed two RAM modules? If yes remove one module. Try always one module only at the same time and test it in RAM slot A and B. Maybe one module is defective or one slot.

If not it seems to be a problem with mainboard or CPU itself. If you can exchange these things, try it yourself because a repair would be too expensive for this oldie I think.
Second hand spare parts you can get on eBay? It?s worth a try! ;)
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I keep experiencing random crashes. Due to the fact that it happens at any time I can only provide the information attached in the zip. I still hope some kind and knowledgeable soul will be able to help me out.

32 bit
clean 3 year old install full retail
3 year old system

A:Random BSOD with beep code 1 long 3 short

Before we can even investigate you need to update these drivers.

The pre 2009 version of this driver is a known BSOD cause.

Please visit this link: Asus tek computer inc. -support- drivers and download p7p55d le

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P7P55D LE
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P5K-VM

Scroll down to the utilities category, then scroll down to the "atk0110 driver for windowsxp/vista/windows 7 32&64-bit" (it's about the 12th item down).

Download and install it.

Go to c:\windows\system32\drivers to check and make sure that the asacpi.sys file is date stamped from 2009 or 2010 (not before).

MLPTDR_C.SYS 9/3/2002 6:31:10 AM 0x912dd000 0x912e01e0 0x000031e0 0x3d748f6e
ASACPI.sys 8/12/2004 10:52:52 PM 0x93ffc000 0x93ffd420 0x00001420 0x411c2d04
lmimirr.sys 4/10/2007 6:32:11 PM 0x93418000 0x93418c80 0x00000c80 0x461c106b
000.fcl 9/13/2007 10:55:48 PM 0x9d438000 0x9d455000 0x0001d000 0x46e9f834
RaInfo.sys 1/4/2008 2:57:12 PM 0x91334000 0x91335800 0x00001800 0x477e8188
LMIRfsDriver.sys 7/14/2008 12:26:22 PM 0x91336000 0x91340000 0x0000a000 0x487b7e2e
lirsgt.sys 3/7/2009 11:17:27 AM 0x9132f000 0x91333880 0x00004880 0x49b29007
cpuz132_x32.sys 3/26/2009 7:16:27 PM 0x9132b000 0x9132e180 0x00003180 0x49cc0ccb
atksgt.sys 5/10/2009 10:50:58 AM 0x912e8000 0x9132b000 0x00043000 0x4a06e9d2
Your problem may be caused by many things > RAM problems >graphics drivers > overclocking > heat issues > using more than one AntiVirus at the same time > etc etc.

Please run the below tests.

System File Check

Run a system file check to verify and repair your system files.
To do this type cmd in search, then right click to run as administrator, then

It may need to be run up to three times before successful

Read here for more information SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Let us know the results from the report at the end.

Event viewer.

Type eventvwr in search and go to the windows log>application tab.
Look for RED errors in the left hand column that say app hang, or app crash, or anything related to the CURRENT problem.
Note the event ID and source codes and look them up in Google.
Let us know what you found.
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My computer crashed around a week ago without reason I rebooted my machine and when I did my CPU fan was going mad and I got a beep error code which according crashes Computer 5 on gets beep code then error reboot, to my research is a CPU error I tried testing my ram stick at a time I tried reseating all my connections to the motherboard including the GPU and booting without CPU I tried clearing the BIOS with the battery Eventually it booted up fine like nothing happened Fast forward to today and it did it again I just pulled it out of sleep and bam it crashes On reboot again it got beeps and a mad fan This time I just waited left it on I Computer crashes then on reboot, gets 5 beep error code eventually Computer crashes then on reboot, gets 5 beep error code heard windows turn on but my monitors did not do anything WTF I turned it off again waited like - m and rebooted It started up as normal NO changes made to anything I don't even Really upset this is happening posting here before I contact gigabyte or intel CPU-Z TXT Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binaries ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU-Z version x Processors ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of processors Number of threads APICs ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Processor -- Core -- Thread -- Core -- Thread -- Core -- Thread -- Core -- Thread Timers ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACPI timer MHz HPET timer MHz Perf timer MHz Sys timer KHz Processors Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Processor ID Number of cores max Number of threads max Name Intel Core i K Codename Skylake Specification Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Package platform ID Socket LGA x CPUID E Extended CPUID E Core Stepping R Technology nm TDP Limit Watts Tjmax C Core Speed MHz Multiplier x Bus Speed x MHz Stock frequency MHz Instructions sets MMX SSE SSE SSE SSSE SSE SSE EM T VT-x AES AVX AVX FMA TSX L Data cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line size L Instruction cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line size L cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line size L cache MBytes -way set associative -byte line size FID VID Control yes Turbo Mode supported enabled Max non-turbo ratio x Max turbo ratio x Max efficiency ratio x O C bins unlimited Ratio core x Ratio cores x Ratio cores x Ratio cores x TSC MHz TSC MHz APERF MHz MPERF MHz IA Voltage Mode PCU adaptive IA Voltage Offset mV GT Voltage Mode PCU adaptive GT Voltage Offset mV LLC Ring Voltage Mode PCU adaptive LLC Ring Voltage Offset mV Agent Voltage Mode PCU adaptive Agent Voltage Offset mV Temperature C F x Core Temperature C F x Package Power W Package Power W IA Cores Power n a GT Power W Uncore Power W DRAM Voltage Volts VID Voltage Volts IA Offset Voltage Volts GT Offset Voltage Volts LLC Ring Offset Voltage Volts System Agent Offset Thread dumps ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU Thread APIC ID Topology Processor ID Core ID Thread ID Type h Max CPUID level h Max CPUID ext level h Cache descriptor Level D KB thread s Cache descriptor Level I KB thread s Cache descriptor Level U KB thread s Cache descriptor Level U MB thread s CPUID x x x E x C E x E x x E x x FFAFBBF xBFEBFBFF x x x F B FF x x C x x x x x x x C x C F x F x x x C x C F x F x x x C x C F x FF x x x C C x C F x FFF x x x x x x x x F x x x x x x C FBB x x x x x x x x x x x x x A x x x x x B x x x x x B x x x x x C x x x x x D x F x x x x E x x x x x F x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x F x x x x x x x x x DAC x x x x x x x x x x x x x C x x E x C x F x D x x x D x B x x x E x A x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x MSR x B x xFEE MSR x A x x MSR x A x x MSR x CE x xF MSR x x x MSR x x x MSR x C x x MSR x C x x MSR x C x x MSR x C x x... Read more

A:Computer crashes then on reboot, gets 5 beep error code

Try and run Intel's CPU test -
I don't have any other ideas for you other than that.
Regards. . .
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Hi This started like a month ago when I tried to boot my laptop but instead I was getting this L702X RAM code module 2nd beep 4 XPS17 installed is when beep code RAM read write failure What I did then was removing switching XPS17 L702X 4 beep code when 2nd RAM module is installed memory modules until I found one of them wasn t working the one on DIMM A slot So I order new RAM install it and laptop works fine for about two weeks Just today I tried to boot and got the beep code again Same old remove one module test replace the module test but this time whenever I fill the DIMM A slot the laptop won t boot beep code of course I can use any of my RAM sticks on DIMM B and the computer will work fine which means that my memory sticks aren t bad I d appreciate any ideas Thanks --Pablo FYI I have GB RAM modules of them are the Corsair RAM I recently bought and the other one came originally with the laptop Hynix

A:XPS17 L702X 4 beep code when 2nd RAM module is installed

Sounds like one memory socket has gone bad -- you will need to replace the system board.
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Good day wonderful tech people code possible memory beep - BIOS Dell failure? I ve been using my Dell Vostro for about three years now and besides a few repairs here and there have had Dell BIOS beep code - possible memory failure? a generally positive experience Unfortunately after watching a little Firefly last night and shutting down my laptop for the evening I awoke this morning to be greeted by a blank screen and a BIOS beep code long short means that there has been some sort of memory error according to the manual I have two sticks of the memory that came with the laptop - GB Hynix HYMP S CP - Y and I tried all of the permutations of reseating removing them The idea that two sticks would fail at the same time seems not very probable Which brings us to a painful possibility and what I want to ask y all about I know this model of Dell along with a few others is slightly infamous for a faulty Nvidia GPU Do you think that might be cause of this problem Between the screen that refuses to display anything and the memory sticks that seem just fine I m getting worried Since this is past the warranty I bought it from Newegg three years ago would it mean a motherboard replacement As a DIY kinda person would it be feasible for me to order a motherboard and replace it myself Thank y all kindly nbsp

A:Dell BIOS beep code - possible memory failure?

Hate to do this, but bump?

Am I in the wrong place? Anybody care to help direct me to the right place? Thankee kindly,

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When I power on my system, all the fans, lights, etc. spin up but I get no display on my computer monitors. I tried step-for-step, the post diagnostics from this tutorial up untill I took out the RAM sticks. That was when I received the post beep code "1long beep and 2 short beeps." After this I tried replacing the CMOS battery with a new one and I still got no signal. I even tried connecting the video cables to the motherboard instead of the GPU. I researched the beep code; "An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered." How can this be fixed?

A:No Display When Powering On Computer. Beep Code [1long,2short]

Where are you sticking the cable to the motherboard and not gpu? Is this the board listed in your specs on here because that has no onboard video on it and you must use a add-in gpu. If your VBIOS is messed up on the 970 it might be rma time.
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Currently running a Supermicro C code C2SBX when inserted board Beep 4-2-3-3 Supermicro into ATI HD5770 SBX with fanless Gigabyte ATI HD inserted It's been running fine for two years Dual monitors I recently replaced my old CRT monitor with a new LCD monitor so now I have two quot Eizo monitors each running at x Unfortunately the HD only has one DVI connector so I've been running the new second LCD in analog mode using the VGA cable It still looks beautiful at x but I'd really Beep code 4-2-3-3 when ATI HD5770 inserted into Supermicro C2SBX board like to run it digitally meaning I need a Beep code 4-2-3-3 when ATI HD5770 inserted into Supermicro C2SBX board second DVI connector So I purchased a Sapphire Vapor-X ATI HD card which has two DVI connectors Seemed just about perfect even though I was really wanting another fanless card But this Vapor-X card has very positive reviews for silence Anyway I cannot boot the machine with the HD inserted into the same PCIe x slot that the HD currently lives in No other changes in the machine were made so it's exactly the same except for the swapped video cards With the HD inserted there is no video output from either DVI connector and instead the Supermicro C SBX Phoenix BIOS v beeps - - - Beep code - - - means quot extended block move quot which suggest a problem with video memory i e mapping it conflict with onboard graphics etc although none of the possible causes mentioned by other users with similar problems on the Internet seem relevant to my situation Furthermore trying out the HD in my second machine which has an ASUS P Q motherboard in it sees it work perfectly So the new video card is not defective and in fact does work perfectly in that other ASUS P Q motherboard Obviously there is some issue with the Supermicro C SBX board although both boards support PCIe which is what this HD video card uses I believe It's not a power issue I don't think as the C SBX machine has a W PSU whereas the P Q machine has a W PSU Yes there are additional drives and cards in the C SBX machine but honestly I don't think this is power related It's most likely some other BIOS incompatibility between the C SBX and HD that just is not a problem when using the HD Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions Any BIOS engineer experts out there who have experience with - - - extended block move in Phoenix BIOS This is already the second HD I've tried since I RMA'd the first one believing it to be defective However since this second card works perfectly in the P Q I'm certain this card is not defective

A:Beep code 4-2-3-3 when ATI HD5770 inserted into Supermicro C2SBX board

At the risk of being insulting:

Did you remove the Catalyst suite before swapping cards?

I'm not sure whether the machine would properly recognize the swap if the old drivers stayed.

Does your 4850 have an HDMI connection? If so, there are HDMI to DVI adapters available. (These are cheap, passive adapters.) The nVidia Quadro card on my workstation at my job uses one to connect the second monitor (with a DVI port). That would have been a cheap alternative to swapping graphics cards.
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Hi All Just finished installing a replacement motherboard in this Inspiron M laptop The original problem was no power to laptop no fan no boot Tried another known working Dell AC adapter i had and no luck with it Tried removing Optical drive Memory modules one at codes M5030 on Beep Inspiron Code Error Diagnostic and a time and ran diagnostic on hard drive Beep codes and Diagnostic Error Code on Inspiron M5030 after removing it and putting in another computer Still could not get laptop to boot I now have a different issue where i can not get a display on the LCD I am able to hook up an external LCD and get the display to work on it I was able to run the Dell diagnostics and im getting an error code of The code means LCD cable not detected Beep codes and Diagnostic Error Code on Inspiron M5030 I reseated the cable and still have the same issue The cable and connector look fine and none of the pins look damaged Im getting what appears to be different BIOS beep codes when first starting the laptop The first one is a series of short beeps followed by quick beeps and then repeats This happens several times and then i get Beep codes and Diagnostic Error Code on Inspiron M5030 beeps which repeat several times as well Beep codes stop and it does boot to the Windows login screen on the external LCD Im able to stay at the Windows Login screen without issue for over mins I have tried entering the BIOS to attempt changing the Service Tag but the laptop shuts off after a minute or Same thing if i hit F and dont make a choice So something more than the LCD cable seems to be at fault here Looking at the Service Manual from here http support dell com support edocs systems insM en sm display htm wp its hard to tell if the LCD connector has a plug on the end that goes to the display I hate to take the display all apart just to find out there isnt Im leaning towards to it being a refurb lemon motherboard Before i jump through the hoops of getting it replaced i thought i would get someone elses opinion

A:Beep codes and Diagnostic Error Code on Inspiron M5030

Beep codes from m5030 manual found here:
Beep Code Possible Problem
One - Possible system board failure or BIOS ROM checksum failure
Two - No RAM detected
NOTE: If you installed or
replaced the memory module,
ensure that the memory module
is seated properly.
Three - Possible system board failure or Chipset error
Four - RAM read/write failure
Five - Real Time Clock failure
Six - Video card or chip failure
Seven - Processor failure
Eight - Display failure
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I've just purchased an ATI RADEON 9600 Pro 256 mb graphics card, I'm running XP Pro but I can't even get into the bios. There is no beep and nothing ever appears on the monitor. I know the card is good, I tried it on WinXP on roommates 2.4 Ghz. I've got an ASUS P4S333 Motherboard, w/ 512 Mb memory. I can only set the AGP VGA to 4x max, but the card will go up to 8x. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it! Steve
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The XPS i motherboard failed the Ethernet port and both PCI Express slots were not functioning I replaced - - the listed setup not display replaced motherboard - 630i beep XPS no Manual Dell code in the motherboard with one purchased on eBay and I used the CPU amp memory sticks from the old motherboard plus the GE Force GT video card and the hard drive with the previous installation of Windows on it but then due to health issues it Dell XPS - 630i replaced motherboard setup - no display - beep code not listed in the Manual sat incompleted for a year It just needed the waterblock and cooling system installed which is just recently completed When attempting to start the computer it plays a continuous beep for seconds pauses for seconds beeps again for seconds pauses again for seconds beeps again for seconds then stops There s no video display I realize I may have to reset BIOS CMOS yet with no video display I m seeking to respond to this beep s meaning learn what that means first - and then generally how to set up this new installation from here Thanks Rob archer
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The XPS i motherboard failed the Ethernet port and both PCI Express slots were not functioning I replaced the motherboard with one purchased on eBay and I used the CPU amp memory sticks from the old motherboard plus the GE Force GT video card and the - setup replaced code beep XPS display not no the motherboard Dell - Manual - 630i listed in hard drive with the previous installation of Windows on it but then due to health issues it sat incompleted for a year It just needed the waterblock and cooling system installed which is just Dell XPS - 630i replaced motherboard setup - no display - beep code not listed in the Manual recently completed When attempting to start the computer it plays a continuous beep for seconds pauses for seconds beeps again for seconds pauses again for seconds beeps again for seconds then stops There s no video display I realize I may have to reset BIOS CMOS yet with no video display I m seeking to respond to this beep s meaning learn what that means first - and then generally how to set up this new installation from here Thanks Rob archer
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I have two printers connected to a Dell E520 through Vista. They are a Brother 5440CN and a HP 6110xi. The .Brother works ok but I can't say the same for the HP. Clicking any button on the HP gives the same response. Beep, beep, beep. I have recently moved the system to a new location just a couple of feet from where it was. Before the move Brother would scan and copy and the HP would do the same, but now as noted I can't get any response out of it but beep, beep, beep

Anybody have any ideas??.

A:HP 6110xi Printer Goes Beep, Beep, Beep

Here is the support and software site for the HP Officejet 6110xi All-In-One .

See if resetting the printer resolves the issue.

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i was actually coming on here to ask about my new beep Solved: beep beep beep beep beep beep graphics card butttttt my laptop is acting up i have a toshiba satellite m d-s amd turion ultra x dual core mobile processor zm- mb mhz ram gb rpm hdd i shut it down properly upon finding that my C key was on the fritz a couple of months ago my E key had been doing the same randomly not working and randomly typing e consistently once i rebooted i got the message quot Operating System OS Not Found quot i let my computer rest for a while and turned it back on i currently get the toshiba startup but around when it s suppose to load the os it beeps continuously at the loudest Solved: beep beep beep beep beep beep beep volume with a contantly blinking underscore in white font on a Solved: beep beep beep beep beep beep beep black background i believe this may have happened once before but i have no clue what i did to fix it there are no extra items like CDs or disks in the laptop help nbsp

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First my specs Mobo Giga-byte iexp CPU P ghz socket gb DDR RAM Antec case amp PS Video ALBATRON GeForce TI P NVIDIA GeForce TI GPU MB DDR DVI video suggests troubleshoot? error how code Desktop video; boot; won't no to - beep VGA TV-Out Built it about years ago It was my first and only build Since then I haven t keep up with Desktop won't boot; no video; beep code suggests video error - how to troubleshoot? computer hardware so bear with me here The thing has worked great over the years But last week out of nowhere it stopped booting When I try and power on it the monitor says there is no signal coming in and I get one long beep immediately followed by two short beeps I believe my bios is Award which from google searches would indicate my video card is causing the problem I can hear it reading the hard drive as it usually does but after that it s just silence other than the fans amp processor running In case it may be pertinent I made a couple of quot upgrades quot recently January I installed a new heatsink amp fan on the CPU to address occasional heat issues Since I did that I had no indication of any heat issues ie no symptoms of overheating and according to motherboard monitor the inside temp was fine when I checked it so my is that this current problem is unrelated I also installed more memory at that time but again I had no issues with the memory since then so I believe it to be unrelated too I ve removed and re-seated the video card but no dice This is kind of out of my realm of knowledge now b c I don t know how to troubleshoot hardware when I can t get a video signal I m leaning towards just taking it somewhere for repairs but if it s possible to do it myself I d like to so as to avoid dropping off all of my personal data with a stranger Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions nbsp
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I just bought a new ThermalTake ToughPower watt Power Supply Beep owners: "ToughPower" code(s)? psu all Calling Unit psu with all the alarms and sensors It is barely audible but I m hearing this high-pitched sound that I ve tracked down as coming Calling all "ToughPower" psu owners: Beep code(s)? from the psu It sounds like well a bomb whisteling over and over again wheeeeeeewwwwwwww wheeeeeeewwwwwwww wheeeeeeewwwwwwww So Calling all "ToughPower" psu owners: Beep code(s)? quiet I can barely hear it above the fans in my PC Sometimes it goes on for fifteen minutes or more Otherwise the computer runs fine I m on it now though I did just have to remove a bad video card that was damaged when the fan went out overheating the PC and possibly damaging the MoBo Unfortunately the quot manual pamplet quot that came with the psu provides no information and the ThermalTake website is still under construction so I have no idea what this sound may mean Anyone have any clue what the warning sounds of the ToughPower indicate power surge spike damaged and failing low power And shouldn t any alarm be louder The unit is barely two weeks old Thanks nbsp

A:Calling all "ToughPower" psu owners: Beep code(s)?

Beep codes are handled by your mobo I believe.

edit sorry misread your post. Can't be of help there. Might wanna call tech support, it should be free.

However, ThermalTake power supplies are on the list of bad PSU's I believe, if you can, return it and get a good model(Enermax, Ultra, etc).
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hello everyone,
i had this problem last night i tried to uninstall program that i suspect as a virus and after that i wasnt able to turn on my computer, i heard 3 beeps, on the first place im able to go to safe mode by pressing the f8 but now im stuck with the 3 beeps constantly repeating the same thing, I dont know what to do , I need to do my homework pls help me. thank you


Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===The 3 Beeps are most likely coming from the BIOS and is an indication that your have some Hardware problem.Could be RAM or a failing Motherboard.Check it out. you computer to a qualified technician is probably your best option.
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Here is my problem I have a Compaq presario with a frozen bios screen but cpu ok, mem ok, video ok, nothing is conected and power supply ok.
any ideas?

A:Compaq bios freeze short beep long beep

Is the beep pattern just one short one long? Check your manual for the POST beep codes to determine what it is telling you. All POST beep codes are different so there's no way to tell unless we know exact model of your PC. The manual usually has the beep code in it, though.
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My tower is not booting up when I turn it on.  My son took the side off and was going to put more memory in it for me, but in the end he didn't.  He put the old memory back in and put the side casing back on.  Today, when I turn it on, it has 1 short beep and 1 long beep.  It just won't boot up.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get it back up and running?

View Solution.

A:one short beep and one 1 beep on hp pavilion media center 81...

RBurke, welcome to the forum. The BIOS Beep Code that you are hearing is caused by a memory problem.  Here is a guide that will help solve the problem: You should read the entire page.  The beep codes common to HP computers are toward the bottom of the page. Please click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.
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A few times now my E will give a low beep then a few seconds go by and another beep nbsp It just happened a minute ago - only two beeps this time nbsp But I think it happened a few days ago and beeped several times with the same pause of a few several seconds in between the beeps nbsp It s so quiet that before I ve thought I was imagining it nbsp But this time I was sitting in front of it typing There are no pop-up notifications on the screen anything is wrong such as Pause - Beep - Latitude Unexplained: Beep E5440 - the disconnection sound when you remove a portable HDD or your Wi-Fi disconnects nbsp Nothing to indicate what the beeps mean nbsp The laptop is working perfectly nbsp Battery is fully charged nbsp I can hear the fan turning and changing speed but it s am here with no outside noise and I can barely hear the fan nbsp I assume it would be spinning up like crazy if something were overheating I m at a loss what it means nbsp Does anyone know I m running Windows Pro -Bit if that matters

A:Latitude E5440 - Unexplained: Beep - Pause - Beep

Thanks for writing to us. 
Is the system saving the date and time or does it goes back to any different date/time? 
Please update the BIOS from the tag#--submit--drivers and downloads--operating system--install the bios.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message

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My computer has been making this noise for quite some time now but it would only happen once every few days so Weird noise beep beep boop it didn t really concern me until Weird beep beep boop noise now because its Weird beep beep boop noise happening non stop The noise is definitely coming from system sounds I m not sure if this is related but under device manager there is an unknown device which i cannot account for as i put the computer together and I m staring in to the case rite now there is also a yellow icon by teredo tunneling pseudo-interface i have no idea what that is lately my computer just seems to be working really hard when idling the cpu is constantly spiking up to usage and my hard drives seem to constantly be spinning specscpu intel core duomobo abit ab ram gb ddr gfx geforce gtx hd seagate internal drives with os the other blank for storage In my mind there are two possibilities i have some sort of virus some hardware is malfunctioning either way i have no idea where to start and i was hoping someone could point me in the rite direction Thank You

A:Weird beep beep boop noise

You should check for malware first. I'll ask a mod to move this to the appropriate forum.
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I am trying to help with a Dell Inspiron 5100.
The computer was running very slow and I've made a bit of progress resolving that. I think it needs some more RAM and I'm not sure if that could be at all related to the following.
The problem now is that after running for few hours, then shutting down, then trying to turn back on:
1. light comes on indicating computer is on
2. the computer makes 2 beeps
3. screen
4. screen
5. and so on

This does not happen everytime trying to start the computer so I'm really at a loss. I've read about overheating in this model which would seem to make sense but sometimes this will happen after the computer has been off for a day or so.

At a complete loss now.

Any assistance much appreciated!

A:beep doesnt turn on

sure it's only 2 beeps? - nothing listed here for 2 beeps...
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Q: Z240

Hi Team, We are trying to install win7 on Z240 but due to some issue the SSD does not gets detected we have also tried installing Win7 via CD/USB but still no luck can someone help me regarding this issue.


If secure boot is enabled in BIOS, try disabling it and enable legacy boot.Also in case you are using NVME SSD, then you may need to inject the corresponding driver
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I have a brand new HP Z240. I have installed the SSD in the M2 slot on the board and updated the BIOS 1.27. The board or the BIOS will still not see the SSD. it is a Crucial 500GB SSD. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I need to upgrade from a Z220 to a Z240 using the same drives and o/s and software.  Will those drives run on the 240 without crashing?  If not, what drivers would I have to supply to use a program like Acronis Snap Deploy (set to restore to different hardware)?
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Hello We are going to be purchasing a lot of HP Z Tower Workstations from our supplier in the future and I have been given one to QA in our environment nbsp We currently use HP BCU to make available and enable the TPM on our current HP systems We are using version of HPBCU Today Workstation HP TPM PPI Z240 I have downloaded version of the HPBCU to begin creating a configuration file for the new Z workstations nbsp The problem I have is that the TPM PPI physical presence settings are nowhere to be found in the UEFI BIOS firmware user interface What we want to do is suppress the prompt that would allow users to deny HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI modifications This is was possible in previous incarnations of HPBCU on different models of workstation in the form of the following setting nbsp Embedded Security Activation Policy nbsp nbsp F to Boot nbsp nbsp Allow user to reject nbsp nbsp No prompts nbsp Unfortunately this is not in the file created using on the Z and as I said nothing appears in the user interface I have checked under Security gt TPM Embedded Security but the only options I see there are TPM Device and TPM State nbsp Is it possible to configure the physical presence settings on this model of workstation using HPBCU If not then I will need to reccommend an appropriate alternative make HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI model where it is possible nbsp We deploy scripts that run HPBCU through configmgr SCCM and can't have this prompt annoying our users and potentially allowing them to deny the change nbsp We also can't have technicians HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI visit every Z to configure this manually Our I T estate is fairly large at computers so automatic management is crucial to us nbsp Any help would be massively appreciated nbsp Many ThanksC Solved View Solution

A:HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI

Updating the System BIOS/Firmware seemed to solve this issue
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Bios ver. N51 1.27 Does anyone know where the option is to turn on Num Lock for the HP Z240? I have looked throguh the service manual and there was no listing for turning on num lock like other models.Example: the  z210 Bios does offer this.  z240  Note: I am not interested in setting the forInitialKeyboardIndicators option in the Windows registy.    I'm looking for an option  similar to was is shown here.
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Hi,I would like to know the MTBF of Z240 workstations.In one site I found MTBF as 2 million hours with SSD. Is it correct?
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Hello, i just bought an hp z240 workstation (tower format).I'm trying to configure a transcend m.2 30GB drive. After installing it on the dedicate m.2 slot on the motherboard i can't see it in the bios and even in windows 7.the first drive is connected on sata0 (original 1tb hdd with win 7 installed on it)On bios settings the m.2 slot is enabled. any suggestion? Thank you
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Dear Support Team,I want to procure HP Z240 workstation for  one of my project. The online datasheet shows that it comes up with only Windows 7 or Windows 10. But my system requirement is with Windows 8.1. Can HP Z240 haedware allows me to use it with Windows 8.1, if I purchase windows seperatley.RegardsWaqas Khalid
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Problem Summary Graphics (Code Graphics 43) Card Card Device Status reads quot Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code quot and white lines display on screen Limited resolution options and incorrect aspect ratios to my monitor also Hello I believe I have a problem with my graphics card I ll explain my problem here and list all steps I ve taken to check into it even if they seem silly or unrelated More information is better The problem came on very suddenly I would say I was playing a game on my desktop computer when suddenly my display turned to blocks squares I can t recall much detail since the problem only presented itself briefly in this form but first it was squares They weren t crazy rainbow colors or anything like that perhaps just distortions of what was on my screen or else whitish or grayish something along those lines They flashed across my screen briefly and I knew something was wrong I m very perceptive This happened Graphics Card (Code 43) very close together with my screen turning to squares like this then back to normal so I shut off the game and restarted Got the squares again I thought maybe I need to give the computer a break or something it s not in rough shape just a year old computer but quite decent but the display error wasn t restricted to the game as I d thought and the squares continued showing no matter what I happened to be doing It was only a few minutes between the start of the problem and what seems now to be the place where it has settled I no longer see squares as I stated that was a brief period when the problem began Now it s white lines across the whole screen I ve taken a picture with my camera of MS Paint on a black background because the lines are white and can be easily seen against that backdrop I ve taken a screenshot as well not shown here and the lines do not show in screenshots The display shows normally in screenshots I should say When I checked the Device Manager the device status of my graphics card read quot Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code quot Also when I drag my cursor across the screen it leaves a clear spot in its wake where the screen displays normally only a path as big as the cursor When you move the cursor enough the the white lines return just the same Online I read that this was most likely a driver error If not a driver error possibly a hardware issue with the graphics card and if not that perhaps the power supply though I haven t given much consideration to the power supply since it s all worked fine together for years now and I don t understand what the relation would be I started first with the driver I can say now that I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver time and time again I ve used Display Driver uninstaller as I saw recommended in a forum and I ve also gone the way of uninstalling the device through device manager I have reinstalled the driver both by downloading it from the NVIDIA website as a file to my computer and also by downloading and installing with GeForce Experience which regularly checks for driver updates and lets me know whenever there is a new one I do not believe a have any integrated graphics card on the mother board since only one is ever displayed in device manager and the lines across my screen show up whether or not I have a driver installed for the graphics card When the driver is not installed the device manager displays the card as quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot and when the driver is installed it s quot NVIDIA GeForce GTX quot I don t have a way to test the graphics card that I know but I have also pulled all of the connectors from the card and moved it to a different PCIe slot That didn t change anything so I assume no motherboard problems involved The only other thing I have done I believe is the plug the monitor to my laptop and of course it displays perfectly the same thing as my laptop is displaying Though that does remind me that the monitor doe... Read more

A:Graphics Card (Code 43)

Replace the video card
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nbsp HP Z Tower WorkstationProduct number L T AVTo update the Firmware I was provided this link by customer support http h www hp com hpsc swd public detail sp ts oid amp swItemId wk amp swEnvOid Using the link I was able Updating Firmware for Z240 to download and run sp exe nbsp Then Updating Firmware for Z240 a set of instructions appear as follows nbsp Another FWUpdLcl exe utility in the ME Flash Local-Win directory is designed to update the ME firmware within a -bit or -bit Windows environment from the Run box or a command prompt The ME can be updated by executing the following command FWUpdLcl exe -f BIN -generic Alternatively when running a -bit Windows environment use the command FWUpdLcl exe -f BIN nbsp nbsp -generic The ME Flash folder contains the binary update image to be used with the utility nbsp The update binary image and the Local-Win folder contents can be copied to any storage volume available within the Windows operating system nbsp nbsp Since I am using -bit Windows I assume I need to run the command nbsp FWUpdLcl exe -f BIN nbsp nbsp -generic nbsp My question is how do I complete this command i e how do I tell it which folder to look in to find the files nbsp Much thanks for any guidance nbsp nbsp

A:Updating Firmware for Z240

When you run HP service packs, they will expand and place their contents under an own directory within C:\swsetup.Specifically in your case, if you run sp74202.exe, you should see a new directory C:\swsetup\SP74202 has been created with the contents of the service pack within. Alternatively you can use 7-zip to peek inside the service pack exe without running it since the exe is a self extracting zip file that runs the installer once decompressed  In any case, a newer ME update exists here but i'd first apply the latest system firmware update available here. When looking at the HP service pack links above, it's good practice to selectively click each "Description", "Enhancements", "Installation Instructions" "Release Notes" "Fixes" and "Revision History" tabs and read the information (some of it is repetative but you'll soon learn where to focus your attension). The contents of these tabs contain important and relevant information on what has been improved, fixed, which system it's for, how to install the update, etc. And if a previously installed SP is not listed in the "revision history" tab, that release may have been pulled by HP due to some fauly behaviour or other issue! Pay particular attension to the prerequisits as in some instances firmware updates have to be stepped (that is you can't always simply apply the latest). And if you read such boaring stuff, the system firmware (BIOS) Installation Instructions tab would have given you a clue where the sp files are expanded to  Have you tried simply enter the command (as specified) via a command prompt window but changing directories to where the FWUpdLcl.exe file is located? Just keep in mind that sp74202 is the initial ME firmware release so nothing sould update  So best to apply the latest system firmware (BIOS), then the ME firmware, then maybe the latest ME software (under chipset drivers). Best to bookmark this page which lists all the downloads for your z240 Windows 10 64bit tower system so check it out periodically.
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HP sent a 16gb 2Rx4 PC$-2133P-Ra0-10 seperately with the new PC (HP Z240 SZh3). It came with 8gb RAM. I replaced the 8gb RAM with 16gb RAM but it wont boot. Blinking RED power light which turns to white blinking light. HELP!
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Have a new Z240 Workstation with a Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2 nVMe SSD.Windows 10 will install to the SSD from USB no problem but the machine fails to find the OS post install.The Samsung 950 Pro SSD does not show up in the UEFI section of the BIOS, but it does show up under Legacy devices.Secure Boot is not enabled. If I add a SATA HDD,  Windows Boot Manager gets installed on the SATA device and the machine will then boot Windows 10 from SSD. How do I get the machine to boot from SSD without having to have a SATA HDD installed? I've updated the BIOS from 01.11 to 01.21 with no change in the above.
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HP sent a 16gb 2Rx4 PC$-2133P-Ra0-10 seperately with the new PC (HP Z240 SZh3). It came with 8gb RAM. I replaced the 8gb RAM with 16gb RAM but it wont boot. Blinking RED power light which turns to white blinking light. HELP!
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Hello, I have some problem to open a ticket in warranty for an HP Z240. I'm registered on HP Support and also HP Enterprise Support, but when I try to open a ticket after the serial number check the site platform give me an error: this is not the right site for this serial number. I get this error on HP Support and also HP Enterprise support. What is the procedure to open a warranty ticket for this workstation?????If I call the telephone support number is always is crazy  Thanks,Alessandro