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first time upgrade to windows 10 mobile anniversary upgrade can received?

Q: first time upgrade to windows 10 mobile anniversary upgrade can received?

first time upgrade windows phone lumia 640 xl to windows 10 mobile after 9 th august can i received anniversary update version?
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Preferred Solution: first time upgrade to windows 10 mobile anniversary upgrade can received?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Windows 10 upgrade mobile ...before the up grade when I receive text the speech setting allowed the system to read the receipt text on a speech
Talk format. Now I have the upgraded windows 10 mobile no text speech... Can some one tell me how to get the text to tall to me...

A:windows 10 anniversary , text doesn't talk.

his could be enabled under settings for cortana, cortana is widely available now for every region so open cortana> hamburger menu> settings> there scroll down and you will find an option " read incoming text messages aloud" with a drop down where you could choose when cortana does that as per your comfort.
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Before the upgrade to windows 10 mobile the Lumia 640 speech setting allowed the receiving in-comming text to have speech great for blind people now with the upgrade no speech
.can some one help??

A:windows 10 mobile upgrade .does this support talking received text for blind people?

this could be enabled under settings for cortana, cortana is widely available now for every region so open cortana> hamburger menu> settings> there scroll down and you will find an option " read incoming text messages aloud" with a drop down where you could choose when cortana does that as per your comfort.
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please tell windows 10 mobile anniversary update rolling out time in India ?

A:please tell windows 10 mobile anniversary update starting time?

Sometime in the working morning, Pacific Time, USA. So, after 9am their time, probably later.
It's currently quarter past midnight over there, so there's at least nine hours to wait.
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My desktop pc is running Win 10 Vers. 1511.  I've tried repeatedly to install the Anniversary Upgrade Vers. 1607 - always without success, with the error code 0x80070005.  A Microsoft technician queried whether the pc is able to install the Anniversary Upgrade.  I never thought of this as a problem and I hope someone can help me to find the answer.
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After having installed the upgrade, I was asked for Pin code or Microsoft account password.
None of my formerly used pin code or password is accepted.
I tried changing Microsoft account password on my laptop. Did not help.
What can I do to start my computer?
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I m afraid I took advantage of the free Windows upgrade last year biggest mistake I ve ever made but I ve learned to live with it But today there were multiple problems and now I am effectively frozen out of my laptop a Vostro I know that it s not one of the pcs tested by Dell for the operating system and I m sort of OK with that But a rather rude and spectacularly unhelpful Microsoft technician told me very forcibly that my laptop is incompatible with Windows and that therefore there is nothing they can do Windows Anniversary 10 after upgrade compatibility to help me and nor will they now try as it is pointless as Windows 10 compatibility after Anniversary upgrade I can t even use the laptop with the new upgrade of Surely that can t be correct I have grown to pretty much hate Microsoft in the last months but can they really have decided that my laptop is obsolete And not told us Anything anybody can tell me here will be greatly appreciated And I ll try to gain access to my laptop again
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was and..... [SOLVED] for a Windows disc Xmas upgrade 7 Received wondering if you guys recommend I simply upgrade or do a clean install I know the benefits of a clean install but the problem is that it would take quite awhile to back up everything as I don't have an external HD Doing the disc swapping thingy is just too cumbersome since I have around gb of stuff to save I would prefer a clean install and was wondering if it's really worth it over upgrading I've read online that there's not thatmuch difference in performance Yes boot times and programs will launch faster but is it worth my saving [SOLVED] Received a Windows 7 upgrade disc for Xmas and..... all my stuff to dvd-r's Is there a free program anyone knows about that could just save my settings I don't really want to go looking for installation [SOLVED] Received a Windows 7 upgrade disc for Xmas and..... discs around the home because God knows where they are I've see a program online called quot NikSaver quot Is it worth the money or is there something similar that will do the same thing for free Worse case scenario I'll only copy the important stuff and write down all of my bookmarks from Firefox etc Which route should I take

A:[SOLVED] Received a Windows 7 upgrade disc for Xmas and.....

Clean install. There may be some bad/ extraneous baggage you don't want following you from Vista.

You can only back up personal profile folder files -
- Music
- Docs
- Pics
- Favorites
- etc...

You'll need to reinstall apps.

Regards. . .


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The Windows 10 Update Assistant says:

The current OS on the target machine is Windows 10 Enterprise v 1511. I've got access to the Anniversary Update iso but before I try installing it I wondered if anyone else has run the gauntlet.


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Our computer automatically installed the Windows 10 anniversary update. After the update all of our documents, pictures, etc. were missing. The quick links no longer worked. I am searching for them by name to see if they moved. Anyone else experience this problem? Why would they move or delete? I'm a little panicked! Help!
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I have held off going from Win 7 to Win 10 for a number of reasons, including several hardware upgrades over the last 6 months. (I actually have one more hardware upgrade I would like to do, going to a M.2 drive once a 500 GB drive comes out, which may or may not happen soon.) Not in a hurry as Win 7 is working fine.

So, browsing this forum occasionally, I see the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming out soon-ish, no firm date. Plus, the end of the "free" upgrade period is also coming up.

Is there any advantage to waiting and seeing if the Windows 10 Anniversary Update comes out first, and performing the upgrade on that version as opposed to doing an upgrade now, and then updating with the anniversary edition? It is possible that the free upgrade period could be extended a bit as well (not starting a rumor, just thinking) that could allow this to happen.

A:Upgrade from Win 7 and Windows 10 Anniversary Update edition

Perhaps, upgrade now and get to know how Windows 10 works, so that by the time " anniversary update" comes along, you will enjoy it more.

Free upgrade period appears to be unchanged, at least for now. Nothing is definite. Never say never.
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I was using windows 10 home genuine. Then came the Windows Anniversary Upgrade and I did. After 2-3 days my apps didn't start , my store won't open , and start menu does not open . So i tried everything that i can get from online and but nothing worked.
So i decided to downgrade my windows 10 to previous build and then the process of downgrading started and it done well " i think so" and and during restart the log on page does not seems to open . There is only a blue page with a round dots like windows does before starting . But nothing appears after this much .
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I'm in the UK using 2 laptops (Asus & Acer) both windows 10 home edition, used the windows 10 upgrade assistance both downloaded 100% verified but failed to install reached 2% then error code: 0x80070057 appeared. please help!

A:windows 10 anniversary upgrade error 0x80070057

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I'm in the UK using 2 laptops (Asus & Acer) both windows 10 home edition, used the windows 10 upgrade assistance both downloaded 100% verified but failed to install reached 2% then error code: 0x80070057 appeared. please help! Windows 10 Anniversary Update common problems and how to fix them | Windows Central
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hi my lumia 630 get a installer preview release windows 10 mobile, fast installer also cong... but when reboot there no update seen its still msg your phone is up to date
how to upgrade please help me
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I am at present having lumia 720 and planning to upgrade my mobile. I am not confident to upgrade to windows 10 mobile. Though Lumia 950 is verry good but software seems to be way behind. and APPS.
As an example, CITI bank apps is not present, mVisa, may be the UPI feature to be launched soon in india also shall be not available to us in the near (2-3 Years) future.
Kindly guide me.
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If I have a machine running a legal Windows 10 with a volume license (my work) how does it get upgraded to the anniversary update? The media creation tool doesn't work and the upgrade advisor says that this edition of Windows 10 cannot be upgraded.
What has to be done to upgrade a volume license to the latest anniversary update?
Many thanks.

A:How to upgrade Windows 10 Volume License to Anniversary Update?

That has to be done through the company IT department - I think they have to approve the update or MS have to actually release for enterprise
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Hi ,
after windows 10 anniversary upgrade installation i ran Disk Management and found a new created Recovery Partition as shown in picture . 845 MB , Healthy (Recovery partition). Is it necessary or can I delete it ?
The Upgrade installation has been absolutely successful , no problem at all.

A:windows 10 Anniversary upgrade created a recovery partition

You can check which recovery partition is registered with the command reagentc /info from elevated command prompt. You'll see something like this:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /info
Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration

Windows RE status: Enabled
Windows RE location: \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition1\Recovery\WindowsRE
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: 3d8f8337-bc56-11e5-a7c5-85493d747884
Recovery image location:
Recovery image index: 0
Custom image location:
Custom image index: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.


To find which partition the number above you need to check diskpart as disk management doesn't show all partitions (the MSR partition specifically which is partition 3 normally). Again from elevated command prompt:

Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.14393.0

Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: WIN10

DISKPART> select disk 0

Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

DISKPART> list par

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 Recovery 500 MB 20 KB
Partition 2 System 200 MB 500 MB
Partition 3 Reserved 16 MB 701 MB
Partition 4 Primary 32 GB 717 MB
Partition 5 Primary 55 GB 33 GB
Partition 6 Unknown 23 GB 88 GB
Partition 7 Unknown 619 MB 112 GB

Perhaps it made a new one as 401MB is not big enough - normally it is 500MB AFAIK.
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Can anyone help me with this error? I get it every time when trying to get version 1607. I have checked many times; this is not related to any drivers but to something I do not understand. Here are included my Panther and Rollback folders. - Google Drive
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I am using DELL Inspiron n4050. Windows 10 was working perfectly before anniversary upgradation . Any external mouse don't work instead I installed drivers by software and uninstalled and reinstalled drivers manually also. but didn't work at all..
What to do now?
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So I downloaded the Windows Upgrade Assistant and started it like I'm supposed to and it says my PC is compatible I get to where it downloads the OS files and asks me to restart so I do this When it turns on It says it will reboot various times during installation Unfortunately it only gets to about before the PC Crashes (Using 10 to Upgrade Windows When Updating Assistant) Anniversary computer shuts off completely like someone yanked the battery and power adapter out When I boot it up it restores my previous version of Windows You see I don't want my previous version of Windows I would like to have the anniversary edition especially because my PC is compatible JUST BECAUSE What PC PC Crashes When Updating to Windows 10 Anniversary (Using Upgrade Assistant) is this you ask This one HP ENVY dv Notebook PC Windows Home Version OS Build Processor AMD A - M APU with Radeon GHz GFX System Type -bit OS x -based processor I PC Crashes When Updating to Windows 10 Anniversary (Using Upgrade Assistant) can't be the only one with this dumb issue so I wanted to see what you guys had to say about it
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I just joined this forum today so I am brand new Both my desktop and laptop were Windows systems that I successfully updated over a year multiple Tried on times do desktop Anniversary upgrade Windows to 10 ago to Windows The desktop never changed the version showing when I use the winver command - still Windows Build The system was an upgraded desktop purchased on ebay from a company that Tried multiple times to do Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade on desktop refurbs Tried multiple times to do Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade on desktop and upgrades the computer I tried to upgrade both of them to the new Anniversary version of Windows The laptop updated perfectly the first time It is also a HP system The laptop version shows OS Build I have not had any errors I am not a hardware person so I spent a long time researching how to run reports to answer the questions for the System Specs I am attaching the reports from SiSoftware Sandra and CPU-z in case I did not correctly report some of the details I hope that someone can help me If not can you tell me if I explained this well enough to ask Microsoft for help I am a bit intimidated by that Thank you so much in advance Sally
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Hi I previously upgraded from Windows to but the Anniversary Update will not complete properly and I ve been stuck on v for a few months now - 10 hangs 9Q33 12 Update Windows upgrade on XPS Anniversary The installation goes through most of the steps but on reboot it just goes to a black screen with the dell logo and the endless spinning dots nbsp The XPS 12 9Q33 - Windows 10 Anniversary Update hangs on upgrade error message after rolling back is xC - x quot The installation failed in the FIRST BOOT phase with an error during BOOT operation quot I ve tried the following based on other forum posts unfortunately without success nbsp Leaving this running overnight nbsp Unplugging all USB devices nbsp Installing upgrade from USB drive nbsp Installing from a clean boot nbsp Installing with wireless adaptor disabled In each case it hangs at the spinning dots nbsp After a few forced reboots the upgrade rolls back fairly quickly to the previous version nbsp One thing I haven t tried is a clean install as if it fails I ll not have anything to roll back to nbsp Also it s unclear if my existing Windows license will carry over Any help appreciated
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I have a USB 3 Dock on my XPS 13.  Sky Go worked fine until I did the Windows 10 anniversary upgrade - now if dock is attached I get a 6030 error when trying toplayback .  Sky support says it is a hardware/driver issue.  It works fine if I disconnect dock..  I believe I am on all latest drivers.
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HelloThanks for reading my problem My son's HP stream runs windows I know disk space is tight but up until now we have managed Windows has a new update they call it the anniversary edition It needs GB space I managed to get it to GB but still it wouldnt run Now it has popped back to GB I have uninstalled everything I can and ave run disk clean up millions of times including removal of to to Anniversary Windows 14943 10 Unable upgrade edition windows updates I have even turned off hibernation This update refuses to go aheadI think by virtue of the disk size this HP Stream is unable to accomodate windows OS updates anymore nbsp any suggestions welcome but please bare in mind I have researched this topic top to bottom for hours and hours and have come up with nothing nbsp When upgradeing from win gt win I was allowed to make use of a Unable to upgrade Windows 10 to Anniversary edition 14943 flash disk to supplement the install process But with this upgrade the option is not available nbsp Thanks in advance for listening nbsp Joe nbsp PS HP if you are listening if this refuses to proceed you have lost a customer for life
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Since upgrading Windows 10 Pro to with the Anniversary update my screen sort of changes tint from light to a sort of yellow tint...  The image stays clear and does not flicker...  I think I have seen this before due to Windows/Intel trying to adjust the brightness of the display to save power - although this might not be the cause of my problem...  Things were perfect before the anniversary update, anyone else seen this?  Thanks, Peter
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This is just a FYI for fellow Windows Media Center users on Windows 10. If you use cablecards, DO NOT UPGRADE to the anniversary upgrade. It will break the connection.
Windows Media Center no longer will see the cablecard any more after the upgrade. This has been confirmed by Ceton and HDR users. After installing your cablecard software, WMC will just show "No tuner found" There has been a lot of reports of it.
There is a bunch of people looking into it.
If you do not use WIndows Media Center or hate it, or just want to bash it, PLEASE do not reply to this thread. There are no need for useless posts like that.

A:FYI: IF you use Windows Media Center on 10 with cablecards DONT UPGRADE (anniversary)

Thanks for this information. I trust you'll be keeping us up to date on this situation and its eventual (I hope) resolution.
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Just upgraded to windows 10 mobile. Now calendar, contacts, and mail cannot see Microsoft account. The account is listed correctly in phone settings, but not in mail, calendar, and contact settings.

A:Windows 10 mobile upgrade broke calendar

Go to the Store, and update all of the apps. You should see an update for Outlook Calendar. If you'll like, you can just update that one only.
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Hi everyone Current PC specs listed above to get it out Time RAM choices?? card upgrade.. input / on to upgrade of the way I am a gamer This upgrade is to allow me to play some of the newer Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices?? games such as The Witcher and also to enable me to utilize DX when I eventually upgrade to Vista RAM this is what I have found I do not overclock Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices?? and I am very happy with the matched pair of Corasir XMS MB Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices?? C running at that I currently have so I figured the safe bet is in just jumping to a matched pair of MB sticks of the same http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Graphics card I do have a budget and from the reviews I have read this card should carry me through the gaming world for at least the next year hopefully I like eVGA and I have nothing but good things to say about the eVGA GS that I am currently using But if anyone has some input as to problems with the card listed below or if you know of another card that will perform just as well or better for around the same price I would like to hear about it http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices??
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I have new gifted lumia 1520 AT&T mobile which unlocked. using well windows 8 only. I wanted to upgrade 8.1 or 10. I tried to get the phone updates, but downloading the software but not opening and showing error. how can it make possible to upgrade?
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Every time I try to open MS Edge, it is so slow and sometimes won't even open. Also whenever I want to open one of my favorites that I imported from IE it gives me a security warning asking me if I want to allow downloading of this file. How can I fix these two things ?

A:Windows 10 anniversary upgrade sept-2016, MS Edge very slow and always gives security warnings

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Every time I try to open MS Edge, it is so slow and sometimes won't even open. Also whenever I want to open one of my favorites that I imported from IE it gives me a security warning asking me if I want to allow downloading of this file. How can I fix these two things ? You got some security iussue, make a scan with a antimalware. Do you got an antivirus installed?
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I'm using a Lumia 640xl with windows 10 mobile. In setting "Living images" toggle button is present, but pics are clicked as normal ones. It was working fine with windows phone 8.1.
Note: My Camera app is up to date and my OS version is 10.0.14393.67.
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My trusty Nokia Lumia 1520 has served me well since launch. But now, with a cracked screen and a dying battery I am in need of an upgrade. I see prices of the Lumia 950 xl dropping and I am wondering if the OS is still viable? And even if it is, would be be best to get this model or an alternative? Or even wait for the fabled Surface Phone?

A:Using a lumia 1520. Considering an upgrade but unsure of the state of windows 10 mobile.

Get another 1520.
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i have microsoft lumia 640 xl , i want to update windows 10 but can i know ? dose mobile automatically reset after installing windows 10 from upgrade adivsor ? so i can take back upfrom card and sim
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Who all has and hasn't received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update yet?

I still haven't received the Anniversary Update yet on 2 of my computers. I don't want to download it from the internet again like I did on my Desktop and my personal Laptop since the update was or is still buggy.

P.S. @Brink, if you need to move this thread to the appropriate section, please go ahead. I didn't know where to put it at.

A:Who all has and has not received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update yet

I posted in another thread that I have not received the Anniversary Update on all four of my computers. One of them just checked for updates and again came back without it. I have had no problems with updates on any of the computers so unless I know for a fact that there is a problem I am going to wait it out.

MS said the update is rolling out in waves and it could take some time until everyone gets it.
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I bought a HP laptop back in August that came win Win 7 upgrade to be delivered "on or after the official release date of 10/22". I completed the necessary online application with proof of purchase and it was approved in August. I haven't received my upgrade and the website provides no status other to say I am approved.

1. Has anyone actually got their Win 7 upgrade for an HP product purchased this summer?

2. Does anyone here have an idea how fast these upgrades are being delivered to PC mfgs for them to re-distribute? Just curious if I will be waiting another month... or 6 months... or a year.
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A question regarding the Win 10 anniversary upgrade, is it included in the ISO that is provided by Microsoft in the media creation center? I have tried googling this but failed to find a definitive answer,

Thank you.


A:Anniversary upgrade

No, I believe the ISO provided by Microsoft is still pre-1511.
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I have been looking for a fix to the upgrade splash screen received in Internet explorer 10. I cannot update to IE 11 my company needs to stay on IE 10 due to websites used. I have applied the registry fixes mentioned but that is not working. I have
6 RDS server running 2008 r2. Any help would be appreciated.
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A:if i upgrade lumia 640 xl please tell me which builds are received from microsoft

Hi, builds are pretty stable now and both are from Microsoft.
If you have any further info or questions please join the Windows Central forums, so that you can reply to this thread.
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Say am on build 10.0.10586.107, if I upgrade my device,will it take me to the Anniversary Update or to the build slightly ahead of my current one?

A:Upgrade To Anniversary Update

Which device are you refering to you?
Phone or PC?
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AU just installed tried to access other computers on my network:

Windows computers (2) asked for credentials won't accept user name and/or password.

Ubuntu shows up but "... is not accessible. You might not have permission..."

Anyone have a solution? Can't wait for my other computers to get the AU
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Ever since I upgraded to the W10 "anniversary edition" Hello hasn't recognized me a single time anymore! Hello seems completely broken since the update, even though I went through at least 10 "improve recognition" procedures by now.

Before the update Hello worked so-la-la, i.e. it recognized me in maybe 50-60% but since the upgrade that rate has fallen to a flat 0%!

Anybody seeing similar behavior? Anything one can do as a user to improve that feature? This is on an MS Surface Pro 4.
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Awhile back my daughter received a message from Microsoft about upgrading to Windows - she had Windows Home version on her laptop She did the upgrade and there were problems don t remember what they were so we reverted back to Windows I built my current computer Windows Professional nbsp -bitIntel i - CPU GB RAMCrucial GB Is Windows it time 10 upgrade yet? to to SSD - boot driveWD Caviar Black TB - HDNVidia GeForce GTX display adapterI left it on and when I when I came back a couple hours later I found that Microsoft had started to change my OS over to Windows without my permission it was probably a message giving me a certain time to opt out before the install So I declined the agreement and it took a few minutes to bring Is it time to upgrade to Windows 10 yet? my PC back to Windows Pro Has Windows been on the market long enough for a lot of the bugs to be ironed out Should I be fearful of making the change I like my PC s performance now What are the main changes I should be expecting as far as day-to-day use goes Are there advantages of Windows vs Windows

A:Is it time to upgrade to Windows 10 yet?

You have until July/16 to upgrade with no charge. Windows 7 support runs out in 2020. You should try upgrading and work with it for a while to see if you like it. I upgraded my tablet to Win 10 and it's almost like Windows 7 with more features.,155510.0.html
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Greetings I have had and or have the following issues since having the forced Win Anniversary Edition upgrade push on my Alienware R as I have Win Home Edition not Pro and cannot pick and choose which updates that can be installed Multiple NV driver dll errors which cause BSOD s after login regardless of what NV driver is installed nbsp I ve deleted ALL NV Causing Alienware Issues Edition 15 R2 Anniversary 10 "Upgrade" Windows folders on my laptop nbsp and used CC Cleaner Pro to mop up each time problem s still exist I now have five user profiles listed under Users folder nbsp Cannot change computer laptop name I have never ran across this issue before with any OS update or upgrade on any system I ve ever owned have been doing this stuff since If I do a factory reset the Anniversary Edition will install again as I ve got Win HE Catch- System Alienware R Edition --Purchased May CPU Skylake HQ GPU s GTX m Intel HD RAM GB DDR HDD TB HDD factory No mods nbsp No Overclocks nbsp Windows 10 Anniversary Edition "Upgrade" Causing Alienware 15 R2 Issues Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated nbsp Thanks
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Thought it might be interesting to note what seems to have been fixed that we've noted as longstanding quirks or bugs. These are things I've noted so far.

1. Items listed in explorer search which were deleted from the search results list formerly remained displayed unless on hit F5 to refresh the window.

Now they disappear after about 3s.

2. The Flight Mode/ Airplane Mode button in the Action Centre was at odds with the actual state of the mode unless toggled a couple of times.

Now it works as it should.

3. Desktop icon positions were often lost and icons rearranged on the left side.

Now the positions are retained.
(Confirmed in #135 here:
Desktop icons keep rearranging - Page 14 - Windows 10 Forums
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Web cam not working after upgrade w10 anniversary. Driver log reports "migrated".  Does Acer have a web cam driver for S7 394 notebook that I can reinstall or do I have to get it from Sunyin?
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after upgrade to windows 10 Anniversary update, i cannot used my printer to print . i try to install again printer but still unsuccessful.  i try update windows 10 again, but still fail to update driver to my printer. please help me.
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I never received a activation/product key for my version of W10 which was downloaded from the official Microsoft website over a year ago. How can I proceed to upgrade to the latest Anniversary update as I don`t have the required key/code. Thanks in advance.

A:Need activation key to update to Anniversary Upgrade W10

If you downloaded W10 within the first year and activated, no key is required for the update.
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After Window Anniversary edition upgrade, beats audio is gone, speaker jack does not override the pc speakers anymore, and my plug in speaker system sounds horrible.  Regards,Impsuds
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I downloaded the upgrade by means of the "Windows10UpgraderApp", it completed the initial check and the whole download. At the second restart the installation got stuck at 32%. Switching off the pc, the previous release was automatically restored in few minutes.
It's an almost powerful laptop. I have large amount of RAM and HD space available. The current version is 1511, build SO 10586.589
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Just upgraded my Lumia 950xl to Windows 10 Anniversary edition software and now the settings doesn't function at all. I click on settings and it tries to connect but then goes back to the alphabetical list of items . All other items when I click on them they work and open up. All except Settings.
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I'm having issues with my windows machine crashing and rebooting (mostly after being put to sleep). Any help will be very appreciated!
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OK so I have an Asus Zenbook Prime UX A Ultrabook It was purchased in and Can't get to upgrade laptop to Update. Anniversary came with Windows x Pro installed The specs are Intel i gig SSD drive gig memory I ve since updated it to then ultimately to Windows Pro TH x That said I had issues getting it to update to Threshold and ultimately had to do a clean install to get TH installed It now seems I have to do the same to get the Anniversary update to install as nothing else seems to work BTW it s not even been offered through Windows Update Anyway each Can't get laptop to upgrade to Anniversary Update. time I try to install I either get an error code telling me something went wrong or no error code and a failed Can't get laptop to upgrade to Anniversary Update. install This is via ISO download and mounting the image Media Creation tool via USB update or the get Window Anniversary link Bottom line is there have been two major Windows updates TH Anniversary and in both instances I m being forced to do a clean install on my laptop BTW there were no issues updating my desktop In fact it was updated through Windows update without issue Only the laptop seems to require a Can't get laptop to upgrade to Anniversary Update. clean install Any thoughts as to why this is happening And yes I have enough disk space as this is checked during the update and no warnings are issued Thanks
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Will personal customization be honored or retained within the Aug 2016 Anniversary upgrade? I haven't bothered uninstalling any little default (store) unused apps since I figured they'd likely be reinstalled with the Aug upgrade/update.

There is not a Microsoft Account on this desktop nor are there any tiles on the screen.
There is an MS Account on a laptop and I do log in there but I do not log into the desktop.
I cannot find any comments or articles stating that this type of 'customizing' will be retained.

A:Anniversary Upgrade and current customization

Anything that has changed since the last release is likely to be "reset". This could be just about anything.
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I have two very recent but different HP laptops with Win 10 pre-installed. After the Anniversary update, one laptop is still OK but the Spectre has lost the facility for a PIN login instead of using a password. I have seen much criticism of the effects on devices after installing the update, on the Internet, but haven't seen a cure yet that works on my Spectre. When I attempt to set a PIN and a confirmation of the PIN, the pointer arrow displays and if I don't move it, it stays there. If I move it a tiny bit the pointer disappears completely, but I am still asked for my Password on login. Any help would be appreciated. My update was done just after it came out so i don't want to rollback, even if I could. There must be some good effects from installing the update! Many thanks in anticipation.
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I've ran the upgrade several times and sits for hours (overnight) at 99%, ran the troubleshoot and no issues.  Not sure what to try next.  Thanks
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I have a Lumia 640 and have upgraded to the Anniversary update, a lot of apps won't launch, Discovery News, Network Speed Test, Microsoft Authenticator, Litecoin easy check, etc. Even Settings! They immediately close.
I have tried to download to re-install say Network Speed test, but it is stuck at "working" and rebooted a couple times.
Would you recommend waiting for an update? Resetting the phone and starting from scratch or resetting the phone and restoring a backup?
Or is there something else that could fix this?

A:After upgrade to WP 10 anniversary some apps won't launch

Hard reset is more preferable. Update may not fix the issue
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ok i have a toshiba a135-s4407 laptop 100gig hd t2250 core duo 1.73 533 buss 65 nm i'm installing a new hd 200 gig toshiba 7200 16mb cache .but i would like to upgrade cpu but not sure what i can use without problems i use 4 gig ocz 667 ram .can i use 800 buss and 2.4 to 2.53 core 2 duo ?what are my options i really would like more speed to better vista's performance pls advise in detail .

A:Mobile CPU upgrade

Upgrading CPU's in laptops is a tricky thing to do. The motherboards are very limited in what they can accept. Check the Toshiba Support site under your model laptop... for CPU recommendations
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Gentlemen to what the comes? the to when upgrade time way Windows be 10 will correct amp Ladies What will be the correct way to upgrade to Windows when its available for sale given with a little tough situation I encounter with my sony laptop Here is what the situation I encountered a few times of blue screen due to some sony's own software update It's too late for me to do the System Restore as the date s for late known good configuaration had passed I know I can go for a clean reinstallation of Vista SP -dating back to but then it requires ALL windows update which will takes forever just to get up-to-date status then wipe out again-- when the time comes for Windows upgrade OMG Not to mention first require backing up all files and photos then reinstall--I know i can't get away with this part-HAHA So If i buy the Windows Grade version when it's available for sale then back up my files amp photo What will be the correct way for me to install to fix my problem getting my laptop running up-to-date Here are the spec of my latop Sony old vgn-AR- U -- years old Windows Vista Ultimate SP bit Intel Core Duo GHz RAM GB Solid State Drive GB Blu Ray Read Write drive with built in WIN-DVD player comes with purchase x resolution It's not worth any now but I don't have any these days to buy a new computer either Thank you in advance

A:what will be the correct way to upgrade to Windows 10 when the time comes?

Why upgrade to windows 10, when It hasn't even been fully tested? 
I would go for Windows 7 instead,
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My skype app is now blank on my Lumina phone once I downloaded the new Windows 10 anniversary update. I cant go into the app . Any suggestions
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After the same grief I had upgrading to I was finally able to upgrade to anniversary version My anniversary 10 Wireless to problems USB upgrade since adapter wireless usb adapter worked flawlessly for internet access all through the update however once completed and it restarted to the update my usb adapter went south I uninstalled the driver Netgear WNDA v and tried to re-install from the DVD but at the point that it said to attach the device I was left with the window to wait that the application was proceeding After hour I had to reboot Then went into the Device manager where this driver did show and went through the re-install After several minutes received an error that it could not install Figuring a new adapter would work purchased a Linksys WUSB M with the same results Windows doesn't recognize the adapter when plugged in and cannot install the software as it just stops way through it Tried Wireless USB adapter problems since upgrade to 10 anniversary re-booting but again nothing I now have no internet to see if a Windows update would Wireless USB adapter problems since upgrade to 10 anniversary provide a driver Disgusted with Windows once again

A:Wireless USB adapter problems since upgrade to 10 anniversary

There are some people with WiFi problems around.
And seems that the best are this 2 options that most sure to help:
1) Roll-Back to previous OS
2) Repair Windows wiht In-Place Upgrade - Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums
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Just upgraded my Lumia 950xl to Windows 10 Anniversary edition software and now the settings doesn't function at all. I click on settings and it tries to connect but then goes back to the alphabetical list of items . All other items when I click on them they work and open up. All except Settings.
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I Install, F6 Sound Upgrade After Mut... Anniversary Win10 No 1st saw the other thread about the missing Beats Audio Control Panel but nbsp I also have one other problem in addition to that The light on the mute function key F no longer works After Win10 1st Anniversary Upgrade Install, No F6 Sound Mut... nbsp When I press it it will mute the sound but the light does not go on nbsp I getthe display confirmation X showing that the sound has been muted when pressed but the light does nothing So I don't know if the sound is muted or not without pressing the F button or adjusting the sound with the F F keys nbsp As a note my F does show the two different colors for whether or not the notebook is in airplane mode so it's limited to the F audio key nbsp I followed the instructions for getting the Beats Audio Control Panel back but nbsp I did not have any luck by deleting and letting it reinstall my audio driver nbsp I also did the step of downloading and installing the chipset driver nbsp No difference came from either nbsp My sound overall seems fine from the speakers but I know I'm not getting the benefit of the Beats Audio Control Panel I also have a mute light that no longer works nbsp Both were just fine before installing the Win st Anniversary Update nbsp Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the F mute light back and also any additional steps to try in order to get the Beats Audio Control panel back nbsp I'm more concerned and interested in getting my F mute light back nd working nbsp The Beats Audio isn't a critical issue to me but I wanted to mention it nbsp I'd really appreciate the help nbsp I'm just glad I have decent sound that is good enough for online training still nbsp This could be a total nightmare otherwise nbsp I just want my mute light back and would really like the Beats Control Panel working again
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I use Windows Home and find the inability to disable the Lock Screen on login really annoying. I used to use the registry fix on this forum but this no longer works.

In Spotlight Mode, the correct Lock Screen background is shown when I use Windows Key + L but the last selected picture Lock Screen background is shown when I log out. In Picture Mode, the correct LockScreen background is shown when I use Windows Key + L and log out. I can't get the slide show mode to work.
In summary:

In Picture Mode, the Lock Screen background worksIn Spotlight Mode, I see the correct background using Windows Key + L but the last set picture when I log out.I can't get the Slideshow Mode to work - it just shows the last set picture whether I log out or use Windows Key + L.

Does anyone have this problem and have you found a solution?

A:Lock Screen Problems in Anniversary Upgrade

I just wonder if that registry key that no longer works, is somehow interfering with the now-compulsory lock screen.

How about removing the registry key?
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Asus Portable Sonicmaster Second_Boot Fail/Error Upgrade Anniversary V CA Win upgraded to Win version latest version as of yesterday Yesterday the computer downloaded and attempted to Anniversary Upgrade Second_Boot Fail/Error install Hung for several hours at a black screen with white dots going in circle prior to any login In other words no login Did some research here and pressed the boot button Long story short computer finally went to quot restoring your previous version of windows quot which it did Today Tues Sep did more research and used media creation tool to download to usb and booted the computer from that to install Same results as above Got the version restored Tried again with fast boot software and bios turned off Same results as Anniversary Upgrade Second_Boot Fail/Error above except this time I did get this message quot xC - x install failed in the SECOND BOOT phase with an error during boot operation quot I have looked that up all instructions relate to upgrade to I have the latest Bios for this computer I have yet to try with wifi internet off Have upgraded to the lastest video driver - Intel HD Graphics driver with a generic pnp monitor The computer now just did updates for and my winver is - Have not yet tried another upgrade because these updates started Does anyone have any suggestions Thanks

A:Anniversary Upgrade Second_Boot Fail/Error

Facing exactly the same issue....anybody?
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I've got a friend's laptop running 8.1 here. They can't upgrade to 10 because a lot of the software they use for their work is extremely buggy and just about works on Win7 and 8.1 - She has been advised by the IT people working for her company not to upgrade to 10 until they give everyone the all clear to do so.

My question is, if I use the media creation tool on her laptop now to create an ISO, would that mean she could do the upgrade for free beyond this July?
I have read that it's necessary to do an inplace upgrade first in order to generate the necessary hardware id codes etc, but Im wondering if it's goes past the 12 month free period, if that notification will be gone or the ISO on the system will be useless?

A:Windows 10 free upgrade time limit

The way I understand it, ALL free upgrades MUST be done before the July date.
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Hi all Been ages since I was last here I was hoping to get a feel for what its time to do with my pc Its years old now and still running great and runs all the current games no problem Most recent new game bought was time. harware 8, too or same to Upgrade bunch do of windows at a cod black ops and it ran fine I Upgrade to windows 8, or do a bunch of harware too at same time. was thinking its time to lose the Vista and upgrade to windows but there is the question of whether to upgrade some hardware as well I have a q cpu on evga mobo Its ddr and has gigs of good mushkin ram I have a good antec atx case and watt power supply which I m sure I could keep along with the sound card and dvd etc I have gtx running in sli for video and there have been keeping me in the game to date My thoughts are IF I do a hardware upgrade I could A just do the vid card and overclock the cpu to gigs or B do A plus the mobo and cpu and ram also I am not sure if now is the time I m looking at bucks for windows up to bucks for the full upgrade approx That s a huge swing lol Any input would be much appreciated Thanks all nbsp

A:Upgrade to windows 8, or do a bunch of harware too at same time.

Before upgrading to Windows 8, it is recommend that you run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. It scans your PC to see if it is ready for Windows 8 and then provides a compatibility report and optional steps to buy, download, and install Windows 8.
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how long is the normal shipping time when you do a upgrade from vista to windows 7. i got a computer for Christmas and it had vista and i did the whole windows 7 things and i cant do it digitally i have to wait for the cd. Does anyone know how long it would take to get here i got it from microsoft

A:vista to windows 7 upgrade shipping time

Is there such a thing as "normal"? I would imagine that it depends on where you are getting the upgrade from.
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I have ordered an SSD drive that should arrive at the same time as Windows 8 is released later this week.

I want to install the SSD drive and do a clean install of my PC OS at the same time. I intend to keep my HDD for saving photos etc..

What is the best order in which to approach this?

I was thinking I could:
- re install Windows 7 on the SSD, format the HDD and then buy the Windows 8 upgrade


- buy the upgrade before installing the SSD and create the upgrade installation DVD. Install the SSD drive, boot up from the HDD and then use the clean install facility on the Windows 8 upgrade DVD to install Windows 8 onto the SSD and reformat the HDD?

Will this work?



A:Install an SSD drive and upgrade to Windows 8 at the same time.

I'd Clean Install Win8 since you have to start fresh anyway.

In Win7 if you install Upgrade version to new HD you must leave Product Key blank during install and afterwards do Option 3 workaround in Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version. We're waiting to see if it's the same with Win8. You might find out faster in our sister forums Windows 8 Forums
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Lumia 735 on Verizon. Updated to 1607 OS build a couple days ago.
Huge change in battery life...for the worse.
I check battery usage by app...and its all Cortana. For example, I fully charged the unit, unplugged it and, it sat untouched for 10 hours. Cortana ate 50%!
I don't use Cortana normally. I've turned everything off in her notebook. Is there some way to turn her off...or save my battery power?
Let me be clear...this is not cool. I don't care what bells an whistles MS wants to brag about adding (mostly spyware by another name assuredly)...I used to be able to go days without I can't go a day without the phone going into saving mode.
I am not happy about this.
Thanks for any advise.
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I was under the impression that Lumia devices with 512MB RAM weren't going to be get getting the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, however today I turned on my old Lumia 635 to double-check a question I replied to on this forum earlier and it updated itself to the Windows 10 Mobile 1607 Anniversary Update. Well, can't complain at that.

I have no idea why though, before updating it would have been on whatever 10586 insider build it was on back in about March when I reset it back to defaults and threw it in a cupboard.

Has anyone else received the 14393.67 update on a Lumia 635?

It seems a bit, err, confused... LOL
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I am using Lumia 730 and I got an update. But i am using limited bandwidth Wi-Fi. So i want to know the data size of the update.

A:What's the data size of Windows 10 anniversary update for mobile?

Originally Posted by Senthil Kumar18 I am using Lumia 730 and I got an update. But i am using limited bandwidth Wi-Fi. So i want to know the data size of the update. At least 600MB and a lot of app updates after that.You should try looking for better wifi from another source
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After what seems like an eternity Update Mobile for Anniversary Microsoft releases Windows 10 the of waiting Microsoft Microsoft releases the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile has finally released the Windows Mobile Anniversary Update The news comes two weeks after all of the other Windows platforms saw the update and Dona Sarkar said it would be available in the coming weeks The build that you ll be seeing today is which is a cumulative update that was offered to Insiders a week ago If it s not entirely obvious you ll need a phone Microsoft releases the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile that s officially supported for Windows Mobile to grab today s update The Anniversary Update brings quite a few new features to your device For one thing Wallet now supports tap-to-pay Well to be more specific it only supports NFC payments if you subscribe to one of seven banks and your phone is a Lumia or XL You ll also find a few camera improvements which is also exclusive to certain devices Windows Camera will now have a panorama feature and on the lock screen you ll notice that the back button turns into a camera button Aside from improvements to Cortana and the Action Center perhaps the most important improvement is the new UWP Skype Preview app One of its biggest new features is that it won t beshut down in early like its Windows Phone predecessor It also supports light and dark themes which is something that s huge in the Windows world Those are just a few of the improvements that you ll see in today s update You can check out our full review of the Windows Mobile Anniversary Update here which includes side-by-side screenshots with version You can grab the update by heading to Settings - gt Update amp security - gt Phone update - gt Check for updates Remember if your device is on the Insider Program you already have it however if you re on the Fast ring Redstone builds should be coming soon It would appear that today s update only apply to unlocked devices so carrier-locked Windows phone will have to wait a bit unless you sign up for the Insider Program Click to expand It s finally happening Microsoft releases the Anniversary Update for Windows Mobile nbsp
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I tried upgrading three different desktop computers with the August nd Windows Anniversary Upgrade I used the Windows Assistant from to code Anniversary Win Error Upgrade updating 10 0x80070057 the Microsoft website for this upgrade Problem is that it begins the process then eventually stops and displays a notification that the upgrade can't continue due to Error x I searched to find out what this is and found a lot of hits for a variety of things that have been attributed to this error code but nothing specific to this upgrade I m sure that I'm not the Error code 0x80070057 updating to Win 10 Anniversary Upgrade only person who has had this happen Does anyone know if there is a solution or way to work around this problem I found two files that apparently were dropped onto my computers when I tried to perform the upgrades Win Upgrade One was on my hard drive and the other oddly enough was found on my network drive No idea how that one got there I've tried running them again but get the same error message each time When the upgrade didn't appear as a regular update I went to the Microsoft website and found the Windows Assistant and thought I'd give that a try I was surprised that it didn't work Then again I had similar things happen back in July but still eventually managed to get the free upgrade to without too much difficulty In fact has worked just fine for me Anyway if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing from you Thanks message edited by casper

A:Error code 0x80070057 updating to Win 10 Anniversary Upgrade

Did you look at the comments here: the best I can here... And remember, there's always more than one path to success. :)
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I have a situation which I am totally unable to explain I have a Dell notebook and a Dell s Both run the -bit Windows on a -bit hardware architecture The only significant difference in installed software is that the Dell- s has Microsoft Flight Simulator Hard drive size puzzle Anniversary after Upgrade installed Obviously the sizes Hard drive size puzzle after Anniversary Upgrade of the C drive should reflect a small difference because of Flight Simulator and some support software for it Also for minor differences in hardware and hardware support software No user data is stored on either hard drive Since the Anniversary Upgrade perhaps coincidental the Dell s seems to have a huge amount of additional material on C And I can't find it Prior to that they were within any logical differences a gig or two If I total the space of the folders on C they still are But File Explorer shows a great difference Full backup images Acronis of the entire hard drives both with the same compression level are gB vs gB supporting the File Explorer number for C total total usage GetCurrent and Windows Upgrade are not removed by Cleanup System Files For some reason Windows old was removed on the Dell but will not go away on the Dell s Recap See below for details gB --- gb ------- C gB ----- gB ------- Rough totals adding the sizes of Hard drive size puzzle after Anniversary Upgrade the large gB individual folders - gB --- gB ------- Difference I can't find or explain Can anyone suggest what I may be missing where I can find it and how to get rid of it if it isn't necessary Here are the detail numbers for the folders on C with quot Show hidden files folders and drives quot checked and quot Hide protected operating system files quot unchecked d n s difference but no sweat n p not present on this computer gB ------- gb ----- C Hard drive size puzzle after Anniversary Upgrade Wow kB -------- kB ------ GetCurrent kB -------- B -------- RECYCLE BIN d n s mB ------ mB ----- Boot d n s kB -------- kb ------- Brother --------------- -------------- Config Msi mB ------ kB --------- Dell d n s notebook support a link on both Documents and Settings B --------- -------------- Downloads from Firefox d n s mB ------ n p ------------ Drivers d n s notebook support kB ------- n p ------------ EFI d n s not sure why it is there n p ------------ mB ----- Flight One Software d n s kB ------ kB ------ inetpub -------------- n p ------------ Installer kB ------ kB ------- Intel d n s n p ----------- mB ------ MININT d n s n p ----------- --------------- MSOCache gB ---- gB ------- Program Files d n s mB ---- mB ------- Program Data d n s ------------ ---------------- Recovery ------------ ---------------- System Volume Information mB --- mB ------ Users d n s mB -- mB ------- VC RED cab kb ----- --------------- WCH CN d n s gB --- gB --------- Windows d n s n p --------- kB -------- Windows old d n s mB -- mB ------ Windows Upgrade d n s Edited to make table a bit more readable and to clarify some comments

A:Hard drive size puzzle after Anniversary Upgrade

When you run disk clean after first scan have you then hit system files button which will rescan and remove 15gig
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I've read different threads posts about Anniversary Upgrade license activation changes issues questions My situation is different than what I've read so i created this thread as an fyi for anyone interested in multi-boot Here's what happened for me with a multi-boot PC with Win OS's The Anniversary Update changed my Insider Preview W OS from a license with an expiration dual-boot Upgrade change W10 license Anniversary date to a permanently activated license This OS is not a free Upgrade license it is the OS I installed before the official release of the free upgrade offer It always has been an Insider Preview OS with an expiration date until now This PC also has a W RTM not an insider OS that was the free upgrade from W to W The W RTM OS has always been Anniversary Upgrade W10 dual-boot license change a permanently activated retail pro license I use the same MS Outlook com address on both of Anniversary Upgrade W10 dual-boot license change these OS's and i also have a Local Admin account on each OS To me it Anniversary Upgrade W10 dual-boot license change seems the Anniversary Update quot applied quot my permanent RTM OS upgrade license to my Insider OS that should have an expiration date The Anniversary Update also changed my Local Admin account to a Local Standard account on the Insider OS Each OS is on a different drive and all other drives were disconnected when installing the Anniversary update except the drive OS being updated From what i see i now have permanent W OS's I should only have permanent and with an expiration date
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About 24 hours ago I upgraded our two 640XLs from Win8.1 mobile to W10 mobile.
I exercised due diligence and backed up both phones using the tools provided in settings.
After the upgrade the email (google mail and IMAP) accounts, people and SMS text messages were gone.
The email accounts & contacts stored in google were recovered by setting up the accounts again.
However, SMS text messages on both phones are gone. Is there a way to recover them?

A:What happened to my SMS texts after Win Mobile 8.1 > 10 upgrade?

If you had SMS backup switch on in the SMS settings under WP8.1 then they will come back over time. If that backup option was not on they won't.
For me it did take quite a while after an initial upgrade to 10 for them to appear.
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I've done this about 10 times now, each time it fails. It installs the OS and it reboots itself a few times then it rolls back and boots back into Windows 7.

I did some investigation and it seems that it's getting a blue screen. So the last 2 attempts, I've checked the minidumps it saves.

First time, it was wdf01000.sys and ucx01000.sys.
Second time, it's wdf01000.sys, pacer.sys, and AgileVpn.sys.

Last driver is the highest in the stack.

I've tried removing all software that the ASUS DVD installed when I first set the machine up (It's an ASUS P8P67 Pro rev 3.1 motherboard). I have 16 gigs of ram that has been tested.

In Windows 7, I have no issues. No blue screens, no strange errors, no weird problems at all.

Need ideas and things to try.

A:Win7 x64 Ultimate Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro fails every time.

Uninstalled Avast, same result.

I was wrong about last driver in the stack, every time it's been the wdf01000.sys. I was reading it wrong.

This time, the minidump is showing wdf01000.sys and ucx01000.sys again.
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You can get the equivilant of a clean install from a windows upgrade disk You still need to have the previous version of windows installed and run the windows upgrade installation on it Once it is installed move your mouse down to the bottom right of the screen to get the right menu Click settings then click change PC settings Click general on the list to the left Scroll down the items til you see remove everything and reinstall windows Click get started While running the reinstall make sure to select clean entire drive and save nothing Run the reinstall When it is done it will be a clean install of windows but it will have kept the license and activation files for both the previous windows version and windows Those files are required for the windows upgrade activation This leaves only windows installed and gets rid of any files left from the previous windows install including the windows old file It may request to get time. Windows some clean install-takes upgrade-way 8 your upgrade disk for the reinstall Don t do this if you are trying to upgrade and keep your files This is only if you want to have a clean install of windows with none of your previous data left Be Windows 8 upgrade-way to get clean install-takes some time. advised that the reinstall itself can take several hours to run It is slow so just let it do it s thing Just a note With windows upgrade you want to have your previous windows version disks available or a set of factory restore disks In case of a serious system crash you will need to reinstall the previous version then upgrade again Be smart and make a backup image of your system so you don t lose your data in case of a crash Remember once you upgrade you can t use your previous windows on another computer even if it is retail The upgrade and the previous version licenses are tied together If you want to be able to use both buy the retail version of windows and install that Media Center for windows Pro is free for a limited time Make sure to get your key while it is still available Scroll down this page to request a key http windows microsoft com en-US windows- feature-packs If you try to do a full install on an empty hard drive with a windows upgrade disk it will install but it won t activate Don t waste your time on it You have to have the system key activation files on the drive when upgrading Activation checks for them and kicks out an error that windows upgrade is not licensed for a full install nbsp

A:Windows 8 upgrade-way to get clean install-takes some time.

I made this a sticky. If you don't want that, leroys1000, just let me know and I'll unstick. Thank you for the info.
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Will the free offer expire at 12am 29th July or 11:59pm 29th July? Is it based on our local time zones or ET, etc?

A:Exact time when upgrade to windows 10 is no longer free?

See post 434 for Kari's countdown clock

Insider Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14393 for PC and Mobile - Page 44 - Windows 10 Forums

It seems the time ends when last zone reaches midnight at end of July 29th

So Aussies get extra 23 hours, Brits 11 hours, New Yorkers 6 hours, Californians 4 hours (I think), Hawaiians 0 hours.
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Hello I have upgraded my CPU from Core Duo mhz to Core far) on after Games 1 upgrade CPU crash so time BSOD (With windows Quad Q and I had to upgrade the BIOS for my motherboard before that MB type GA-EP -DS Everything worked fine for that except when I run a game it takes it about to minutes before it just crash and close itself with no any error message currently with Deus Ex HR Starcraft Minecraft I only get the error reporter for the games if they had one and no useful information I can get from them I suspected the heat issue so I bought a new cooler the heat now in sticking on no more but still I am having this issue My configuration are MB GA-EP -DS CPU Intel C Q Q GB RAM Kingston gb x sticks Nvidia GTS As GPU Nvidia GT As physix TB HDD WD GB HDD WD for system GB HDD WD watts power supply Now I am thinking about the power supply but the thing is everything was OK before and I did not face any power issues before all the problems started after I upgraded my bios and CPU I checked the heat status and voltage status with CPU-Z stuff but I am not fimiliar with the correct voltage values for RAM and CPU Any suggestions about the issue PS And the windows was on my computer since Jul and I would love to keep it from that date I would not prefer re-installation unless there is no other option Regards

A:Games on windows crash after CPU upgrade (With BSOD 1 time so far)

It might be a defect in the CPU
Run Prime 95 to test your CPU. Carefully the instructions in this tutorial: CPU - Stress Test with Prime95. Run 3 separate tests, one on each of the settings (Blend, Small FFTs, Large FFTs). Post back with your results.
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Has anyone experienced it?
1. Restart didn't help
2. Reset didn't help (volume down + power for 11 seconds)
3. Taking out the battery didn't help
Been migrating it for nearly two hours now.
Ideas? Suggestions? (both appreciated!)
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Hello I just bought a lumia a couple of months ago Previously I had a lumia I liked very much I though the change to better hardware with a more modern operating system was a sure bet After I month of the Am disappointed/frustrated/angry update I on windows one 10 anniversary mobile? only of happiness anniversary update came along and the only two features in my opinion in which windows mobile was ahead of competitors have been downgraded - Glance screen is missing config options it already had I can understand not putting any more efforts on developing new features but removing the ones that are already there I charge my phone at night with a wireless charger and I have had to disable glance alltogether to be able to sleep in the dark please don't mention putting a paper on the phone as a smart solution for this nonsense - Kid's corner Am I the only one disappointed/frustrated/angry on anniversary update of windows 10 mobile? the envy of all my android friends is no longer there Android has need several main versions to get a children mode only available to newest devices and microsoft decides to remove it Great idea Apps corner is near to useless tiles cannot be set up they are reset every time you enter that mode I pinned the tile to start screen entered app corner and now there is no tile but it cannot be pinned again because it detects it is already pinned What sense does it make to upgrade an operating system to downgrade its features Please Microsoft the hardware of our devices is great much better than average give us the tools to make good use of it or release the specs to install some other OS which is interested on investing on improving their users experience I use my smartphone for work as a camera and to keep my children busy when I cannot play with them If I use my phone for so few things and I have come accross two quot downgrades quot I am sure power users must be quite disappointed too Or not Maybe I am the only one thinking that way Best regards

A:Am I the only one disappointed/frustrated/angry on anniversary update of windows 10 mobile?

I agree wholeheartedly! I've never understood removing features in a new version. For example, Groove music doesn't allow me to browse my music library from my car's head unit like Xbox Music did. All I can do is skip forward and backward.
Not phone related, but the Xbox One has no ability to limit children's play by time or number of hours/day like the 360 did. Why?!?!?
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Before upgrading to the Anniversary build I was using a Backup Seagate USB Drive for File History on I It was connected when I made the upgrade After upgrading I could not get the computer to recognize the Backup at all But it DOES recognize an old GoFlex USB drive It was NOT connected when History Issue Anniversary after File Drive Upgrade Choose I made the upgrade with Drive File History Choose Drive Issue after Anniversary Upgrade Letter M I can use Macrium to backup images to the GoFlex M drive File History does NOT work however It still shows that it's trying to backup File History Choose Drive Issue after Anniversary Upgrade to the old I drive When I try to change to the new M drive nothing changes - my choice is not saved I also tried changing the drive letter on the GoFlex to I thinking Windows would see it as the correct I volume but it still does not regedit still has references to the Backup drive in the Portable Drive Section Any suggestions for how to get the File History reference to I out of the registry
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I've had tried many times to install windows 10 on my windows 8.1 desktop but to no success due to an error that reads 0x8007002C-0x4000d this occurs during 80-95 percent of the installation process I've tried every solution posted on How to: Troubleshoot common Setup and Stop Errors during Windows - Microsoft Community but is still get the error every time both through the ISO and windows update.

A:Every time i try to upgrade to windows 10 i get the error code 0x8007002C - 0x4000D

From ZDNet today: Windows 10 cumulative update causes 'reboot loop' havoc for some users | ZDNet

EDIT Although the article is for the update after 10 is installed, it's indicative of the initial installation also. Try disabling AV and Firewall. If no go, start in Clean Boot and then attempt.
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Hello friends,
I have tried to update my Lumia 930 (which was already nicely running Windows 10) to its latest Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update and got stuck on the logo screen for indefinitely long time.
The update seem to have proceeded smoothly until the device restarts and displays the blue logo and then stuck there for ages.
Tried to factory reset and it ran the reset and then again stuck at the logo screen forever. The Device Recovery Tool is helpless as it cannot establish a USB connection with the device.
Goddamn, I should've never tried the damn Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.
Updating Windows 10 Mobile is always very painful and extremely risky, no idea why Microsoft cannot engineer a proper update in 2016.
Any help guys? :'(

A:Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update Stuck on logo screen forever

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Hello friends,
I have tried to update my Lumia 930 (which was already nicely running Windows 10) to its latest Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update and got stuck on the logo screen for indefinitely long time.
The update seem to have proceeded smoothly until the device restarts and displays the blue logo and then stuck there for ages.
Tried to factory reset and it ran the reset and then again stuck at the logo screen forever. The Device Recovery Tool is helpless as it cannot establish a USB connection with the device.
Goddamn, I should've never tried the damn Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.
Updating Windows 10 Mobile is always very painful and extremely risky, no idea why Microsoft cannot engineer a proper update in 2016.
Any help guys? :'( try a different cable for wdrt and maybe a different USB port too
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Im not one of those people who know how to work computers and know them inside out. Very specific instructions would help alot like First do this______> then_______>after that ______ etc. Thank you for the help in advance

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you cant upgrade a laptop's gpu buddy!