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Press F1 to run SETUP

Q: Press F1 to run SETUP

Today I boot my 1 year old computer this message appears:

"Please enter SETUP to recover BIOS setting

Press F1 to run SETUP"

I did the F1 thing, reloaded my OC profile and everything seems fine right now. Anyone knows why this happened? And above all: what are the chances of this happening again on my next cold boot? How to fix?

Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz 33 C
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology
8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8P67 (LGA1155) 28 C
E2250 ([email protected])
2048MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (Gigabyte) 30 C
1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Elitegroup) 28 C
ForceWare version: 326.80
SLI Disabled
Hard Drives
932GB Seagate ST310005 24AS SCSI Disk Device (SATA) 25 C
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio
Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

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Preferred Solution: Press F1 to run SETUP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Press F1 to run SETUP

It could be possible your cmos battery is bad. Beings its a year old. I would think this would not be the case. But you never know how long the manufacter had the battery. Before installing the battery on your motherboard.
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I can't believe this is an unsolvable issue...
my Studio XPS1340 isn't that old...
and my battery was replaced by warranty a little over a year ago...
it was charging fine...then suddenly, when I rebooted, I got:

WARNING: The battery cannot be identified.This system will be unable to charge this battery.Press Any Key to ContinuePress <F2> 2 times to enter SETUPPress <F12> and Any Key to enter Boot Menu
Do I just need to replace the battery?

A:WARNING: The battery cannot be identified. This system will be unable to charge this battery. Press Any Key to Continue Press <F2> 2 times to enter SETUP Press <F12> and Any Key to enter Boot Menu

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. You can follow the steps below:
Drain the residual power of your computer and recaliberate the battery by following the steps below:

Power off your computer. 
Remove all the external peripherals  (printers, scanners or any other USB device) connected to your computer.
Please remove the AC adapter and battery of your computer. 
Press and hold the power button of your computer for 10-15 seconds to drain the residual power. 
Release the power button
Keep the battery out for atleast 2 - 3 hours.
Then insert the battery and charge it overnight with the system powered off.
Insert the battery in and connect the AC adaptor.
Then power on the computer and see if it works.

If the issue still persists, you can update the BIOS of the computer.
Note: Make sure the ac adapter is connected and the battery is charged 10% or above to update the BIOS. Also, disconnect all the external peripherals before updating the BIOS. All the programs should be closed and documents saved.

Click on the below link:
Click on “Download File”.
Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
Click on “Download Now”.
Save the BIOS on your desktop.
Once the BIOS is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.

 Please reply with the findings.
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After remove the dust in my tower, during clean up i have start the system whitout monitor screen and shutdonw 2 or 3 time.

When i conect the system back and re started i got this full screen message i was not guetting before during the start up.

BIOs on startup - press DEL to run setup, press Tab to view post whit the Full screen logo PK5-SE...

I have this system for 3 years and never have that start up screen LIKE THIS BEFORE before.I do not know why it is like that now.

I want to Dsiable DEL message, Disabled ForceBIOS and Disabled Full screen logo and get back to what it use to be before.

If somebody know about this please advise.

Thank you

A:BIOs on startup - press DEL to run setup, press Tab to view post

You may need a new battery for the CMOS.
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When the computer starts up it says 'press DEL to run setup, press TAB to view POST'. Second half may be incorrect.

This was caused by my brother trying to reset the bios to its defaults. He was fiddling with it trying to make something work and wanted to undo his actions.

I am pretty sure that this can be fixed in the Boot Settings Configuration but I wanted confirmation before doing anything.

There is a settings called. Hit 'DEL' Message Display - This is set to enabled. Am I right in thinking I can disable this and the computer will run the post screen and boot?

There is another option called

AddON ROM Display Mode set to Force BIOS. I don't know what this is or if it is important.

I don't want to mess anything up or loose access to BIOS without the system booting so advice is much appreciated.

A:BIOs on startup - press DEL to run setup, press Tab to view post


Dsiable DEL message, Disabled ForceBIOS and Disabled Full screen logo.
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OS Windows Keyboard Logitech G Attached to one of the USB ports at the back of my PC - to - Keyboard setup to skip press not enter Press or F1 found Del returns error on all Attached during active OS meaning autoinstall of driver software on all and attached during shut down PC meaning no autoinstall of driver software on all of the ports Yet this error message which has never occured to me before Keyboard not found - Press F1 to skip or press Del to enter setup Code AMD North Bridge Rev Initializing USB Controllers Done MB OK USB Device s Keyboard Mouse Hub Storage Devices Auto-Detecting Pri Master AThrI CDROM Auto-Detecting Pri Slave Not Detected Auto-Detecting SATA- Hard Disk Pri Master TSSTcopr CDDVDW SH-SZZZA SA Indent Ultra DMA Mode- SATA- Maxtor STM AS AAF Indent Ultra DMA Mode- S M A R T Capable and Status X Auto-detecting USB Mass Storage Devices Device Generic USB SD Reader HiSpeed Device Generic USB CF Reader HiSpeed Device Generic USB SM Reader HiSpeed Device Generic USB MS Reader HiSpeed Keyboard not found COLOR quot Red quot Please press 'F ' key skip warning message or 'Del' Key enter Setup COLOR Also the BIOS isn t really helping me any further everything related to USB seems to be enabled The keyboard IS functioning though hence the weird message Keyboard not found press KEY to continue All default keys on the keyboard work as they should I am able to press F on it and Del to enter the setup but still it s being read as if it s not found So any suggestions nbsp

A:Keyboard not found - Press F1 to skip or press Del to enter setup

Sorry to do so, but this post requires a bump.
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my acer aspire 5740 laptop stuck on first ascer screen says pressF2 to enter setup. i press F2 it shows entering setup and get stuck. Please help

A:my acer aspire 5740 laptop stuck on first ascer screen says pressF2 to enter setup. i press F2 it shows entering setup and get

Have you tried launching it in "Safe Mode"? That would be the first thing I would try, and see if it will load past that screen. If it does, then there is probably something installed on the device that is causing the problem and you will need to see about uninstalling it.

If it doesn't move past, and still gets stuck, you may have a hardware problem.
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startup error while switched on the system it display error message
Press TAB to show POST or DEL for SETUP

with white screen and reboots within 3 or 4 seconds incessantly i could not able to make out what was the problem either hardware or software, according to others suggestions from different forums i tried by replacing RAM and keyboard but it was not worked for me.

thanks a ton in advance

A:Press TAB to show POST or DEL for SETUP

what happens if you press DEL key does it go into the setup screens ?

any beeps when it boots up at all

make and model of the PC

anything else connected to the PC - in the USBs etc
Take everything off that's connected apart from mouse and keyboard
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I removed my Epox mobo to try an ABIT board which I didn t like and when I reinstalled the EPOX board it won t get past the quot Press F to enter past F10 Press get to RAID can't I enter setup RAID setup quot screen Pressing F doesn t do anything though the keyboard works I can't get past Press F10 to enter RAID setup fine in the BIOS setup Plus it I can't get past Press F10 to enter RAID setup takes forever to get to the RAID setup screen minutes when this computer use to boot up and was ready to go in seconds This mobo has a Post Port Debug LED and the first code that pops up when it stays stuck on quot Detecting IDE drives quot is In the manual stands for quot Reserved quot When it gets to the RAID setup screen the code shown is is Enable L Cache Program boot up speed Chipset final initialization Power management final initialization Clear screen amp display summary table Program K write allocation Program P class write combining That all said and done anybody have any ideas on what is happening to my computer nbsp
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When computer is powered up, I get this message:
"No OS found - insert OS setup disk, then press any key"
I do nothing but press a key and Windows starts up.
Can anyone tell me what's going on???

A:No OS found - insert OS setup disk, then press any key

Sounds like your MBR may be damaged, have a look at this tutorial.
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I just bought a couple year old Dimension desktop I put a new WD TB hard drive in it and replaced the dead clock Press to F1 retry, Can't F2 Solved: for setup. boot battery hoping that that would be enough to get it up and running however it was not I m trying to install ubuntu on it and have a CD with the program installed on it I can get it to work fine on other systems so that s not the problem My computer is detecting the new hard drive as the primary SATA drive Here s exactly what it says under the hard drive portion of the setup utility SATA primary drive Hard Drive Drive I just put in the tower - GB Capacity SATA secondary drive off Primary Master Drive off Primary Slave Drive off Secondary Master Drive CD-ROM device standard DVD drive Secondary Slave Drive CD-ROM device DVD RW IDE Drive UDMA off I am telling it to boot off of the IDE CD drive but when I try it I either instantly get the message telling me to push quot F to retry or F to go into setup quot or it will try for a little while seconds or less and then give me the same message I just stated Any ideas what I should try Or more info you need Thanks nbsp

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My teacher has been experiencing problems with her computer. First she said she could not get it on they bought a new powersupply and I found that it was not the power supply but the Power Cord was blown. Once I got the Computer back together after they took it apart. I plugged it all up and it turned on but the drum light is flashing really fast or it is staying on and it is frozen at the bios screen saying press del to go into bios setup or press tab to go into POST which is Power On Self Test. But I press either key and it just beeps and it does not do nothing. I am not sure what to do about it.

A:Froze at the BIOS screen the one that says press del for setup or tab for post.

Check all the leads are connected firmly from the power supply to the motherboard, drives, etc. and the IDE cables. Then remove the CMOS battery for 20 minutes, replace it and reboot.

Are you getting any POST beep codes, or does it just beep when you use the keyboard?
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my client get this msg everytime when i shutdown my laptop directly on power button .

Not yet performed diagnostics or changed the bios settings for now.

what are the best options to fix this ?

its a dell xps - Windows Vista OS

for now removed threats using hitman pro

waiting for your suggestions.

thanks in advance .

A:strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility, press f5 to run diagnos

Quote: Originally Posted by abhinani24

my client get this msg everytime when i shutdown my laptop directly on power button .

Not yet performed diagnostics or changed the bios settings for now.

what are the best options to fix this ?

its a dell xps - Windows Vista OS

for now removed threats using hitman pro

waiting for your suggestions.

thanks in advance .

Hi abhinani24,

Is this the complete error message that you receive. If possible kindly provide us with the complete error message that you receive.

Also, please set the system hard-drive as the first boot device to ensure it boots without any issues.

Please update your system details here and if you need help then follow this.
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Hello everyone My HITACHI hard disk has NTFS partitions Suddenly it couldn t boot up So i removed the hard disk and connected it to another pc as cable select POST could see both disks but the computer stopped with the following error Warning The boot devices have been changed BBS boot priority will be affected Please enter setup to check Press F to continue Del to enter setup I entered set up and it could still see both disks When I left set up having saved the changes it couldn t the disk HITACHI So during the new POST the previous error appeared again I booted with UBCD WIN and tried to recover my files with testdisk tool I could see the partitions boot amp primary and i tried to copy all the files to the healthy hd not the HITACHI I managed to copy only some of them Press will boot enter to Please F1 Solved: be affected. to check. setup BBS priority and most of the folders I recovered were empty I couldn t use the WRITE command to fix the partition table to the HITACHI hd PC should restart again and I had the same problem BBS boot priority Another problem is that the HITACHI disk has a broken pin the first one at top right corner pin --- near the jumpers and i don t Solved: BBS boot priority will be affected. Please enter setup to check. Press F1 to know if I have to fix it first Solved: BBS boot priority will be affected. Please enter setup to check. Press F1 to OS WinXP Pro Gr HD HITACHI ATA IDE GB HD model HDT DLAT Deskstar Partition NTFS OS amp Gbytes Data I would appreciate if anyone could help me Thanks nbsp
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I m trying to install W K on a pc that had Windows ME previously I managed to get rid of ME but cannot install any os now I boot from the dvd rom when trying to install and it starts but when I get to the screen that says Press F for rd party or raid something sorry can t remember it then goes to a message that says Line of the INF file is invalid Set up cannot continue Press any key to any file Setup is Press exit. cannot of 7243 INF the key Continue. to invalid. Line exit whether I press Line 7243 of the INF file is invalid. Setup cannot Continue. Press any key to exit. F or not This pc has an Asus P B-F motherboard Slot HD Quantum AT-Fireball AS ATI Line 7243 of the INF file is invalid. Setup cannot Continue. Press any key to exit. Rage Graphics card Ram cards M PC and PC came with the pc that way and DVD-ROM Lite-on IT Corp- model ltd- I thought I might need a driver for the motherboard as my other Asus motherboard different type has a disk for Promise So I downloaded a bios driver for the Asus P B-F but when I press F as instructed I still get the quot line of the INF file is invalid do I need some other driver Hope someone can help Thanks nbsp

A:Line 7243 of the INF file is invalid. Setup cannot Continue. Press any key to exit.
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im not sure if i put this on the right forum. but when i start my computer up, a message comes up along the lines of "press F4 to setup up raid something something hard drive" i dont need to setup a raid configuration and that screen stays there for about 20 seconds. is there a way to disable that from appearing on startup?

A:annoyance at startup > "press f4 to setup raid" (moved from XP)

What changes preceeded this? Did you install any drives?

I'm going to move your question to the hardware forum. Personally I have no experience with Raid setups.
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i get this message when i turn my computer on. what should i do?

A:"press tab to post del to enter setup"

Take it to a repair shop...
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ok... idk how this happened but one day my computer froze and i had to manually shut it down... now it is saying this message and will not start up. im sure some of you guys are familiar with this because i have read some of the posts. please help!

A:No boot device available press f1 to retry press f2 for support?

It appears there is a problem with the hard drive. It's probably dead or dying. If you have data on it that you want to save, you could place it in a USB external enclosure or an inexpensive docking station (if a SATA hard drive) and try to access the files with another PC.
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So I m using a burnt CD-R of windows XP w SP I downloaded from MSDNAA This From To Any when Key I a press CD" Boot key "Press Hangs is actually the second copy "Press Any Key To Boot From CD" Hangs when I press a key burnt from the same iso I m running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon so that s on the MBR and there is about gigs of unpartitioned space sitting on the primary hard drive My combo drive is IDE my hard drive is SATA and my motherboard uses the P chipset Now to the actual problem I pop in the disk set the first boot device to be the optical drive it gets to the quot Press any key to boot from CD quot message I press a key Nothing happens A few "Press Any Key To Boot From CD" Hangs when I press a key details on what exactly quot nothing quot is In contrast to when you don t press any key no more trailing s occur However the cursor keeps blinking so the system is totally hung But there are no noises nothing new pops up on the screen etc Nothing happens I m thinking the ISO may be "Press Any Key To Boot From CD" Hangs when I press a key bad though I did directly download it from microsoft but I ve also heard of people unable to install specific versions of windows from not being able to boot from the CD under similar conditions Anyway any help you could provide would be very much appreciated nbsp

A:"Press Any Key To Boot From CD" Hangs when I press a key

How did you manage a direct download from MSDN of XP?
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I have several Asus Eee netbooks that I'm getting set up to use at my school. I had some parent volunteers helping me get them ready to deploy, and one of the netbooks was plugged in to initially power it up, but then hard-shut-down before Windows could run through its initial setup.

Now when I boot up the netbook, and it attempts to go through the initial windows setup "Setup is starting services", and then throws an error message:
The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation.I restart, and the cycle continues. This happens whether I try to boot normally or in safe mode.

I've got no CD-drive attached to it, so I'm not sure what I can do to break this error cycle. Any suggestions/tools/ideas?


A:Win7 Starter getting error on initial setup; locked in setup loop

Not sure how you deployed them, but if Startup Repair doesn't help when run from System Recovery Options then I would redeploy the image or run Factory Recovery from its partition after backing up the disks.

If you don't have one and they are same hardware, simply backup one's image using Win7 backup imaging or free Macrium - Image your system then boot System Recovery options to Recover Using an Image from its external storage location which you have connected.

If they are not same exact hardware or Image hangs at startup, SysPrep the original before deploying to remove all drivers, activation, SID and HID's.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery
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Is there any info recorded anywhere in Windows Application - checksum?! at L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe setup.exe location that tells me the name of a setup file that ideally including it's path An executable can usually always be opened with -zip often like itunes revealing the executable internally to contain a collection of msi's Maybe info about the execution Application setup.exe at location L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe - checksum?! of one of these is logged somewhere in which case with a bit more effort I think the 'origin' setup exe could be inferred I read that the journal records every file that's opened is this human-readable Application setup.exe at location L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe - checksum?! Thinking Application setup.exe at location L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe - checksum?! aloud I have about widi setup executables I obtained whilst trying to setup intel widi similar scenario with several other applications installed on various VHDs I'd like to purge my downloads gt gt setups folder but retain installation-media for important applications just in case So much info is installed during installation ie setup msi stuff as well as appdata of course surely something this simple must be possible somehow somewhere somebody Thinkin aloud nbsp
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Hi everybody I got dell latitude d laptop with dead display and without os supposed to be XP sticker is intact Hunting for affordable good shape lcd panel will take a while so I made unattended cd with nlite and installed XP but external monitor didn't fire up I checked the installation with live CD and it looks like complete install so I got an idea that the install is lacking dell drivers file [SOLVED] extension setup in .exe Inject setup drivers own or with unattended particularly video driver nvidia fx go card Even more it's possibly lacking any video driver 'cause native display was disconnected So I have to somehow inject video driver and force setup to install it Then XP must fire up external monitor and then I can update all the drivers I read about winnt sif and OEM Drivers directory but that all about quot naked quot drivers like sys cat inf but the drivers I got from dell have also dll exe and other files but nvidia driver even has its own setup exe How to make XP setup to install such drivers during unattended setup

A:[SOLVED] Inject drivers with .exe extension or own setup file in unattended setup

Hi I 'am not entirely certain but this might help Customizing Unattended Setup
How to Add OEM Plug and Play Drivers to Windows XP
Talking Shop: Windows XP unattended installation | TechRepublic
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Ive read the Instructions on how to setup XP to dual-boot with Vista...
However, im concerned (and someone mentioned it happened to them in the thread)
that when XP SETUP is finished with the TX part of setup and reboots PC to go into the
rest of setup (GUI XP SETUP)) it wont continue....?
is this right>? ive read elsewhere that if the partitions for XP are created in Vista that it wont boot into the rest of setup....

I could make the partition during XP setup if this will help?


A:Vista/XP Dual Boot - Will XP setup continue into GUI setup after reboot of 1st part.?

When I did my dual boot [using win2k / vista] I used an existing partition that was created by vista. No problem at all. It is a little more difficult than say installing win2k after xp however as long as you follow the instructions there are no problems.

As always make an image of your system before you start. This way if something does go wrong, it is a simple matter to restore the image and be back where you started from.
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Hi Guys amp Gals I ve been trying to get my Home XP SP desktop talking to my XP SP Laptop using tips gleemed from the threads in this forum My desktop does not require a sign-on My laptop is from work and requires sign-on to the work Domain I have put my Desktop into a workgroup of the same name as the laptop domain I have enabled file amp print sharing and added the laptop into my trusted Norton security zone on the Desktop I have shared folders on both machines I can see the Workgroup from my Laptop but not the desktop within it I can see the Domain from my setup? affect existing on Wizard Setup Solved: Network Running - Desktop but it times out if I try to drill further I cannot see my shared printer connected to the desktop from the laptop I can map from my laptop to desktop shared folder but not vice versa The only thing I haven t tried is to run the Network setup wizard on either the desktop or laptop Here s my question if I run that wizard on my laptop will it destroy my work network settings OR any other ideas what I Solved: Running Network Setup Wizard - affect on existing setup? should try to get each machine to see each other Thanks Hew nbsp

A:Solved: Running Network Setup Wizard - affect on existing setup?
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I'm trying to install windows xp, after formatting, it goes thru the process of copying the xp files and automatically reboots. Now after rebooting, instead of this installation to continue, it just goes back to the same setup process again i.e right from the beginning again of wanting to format and repeating the same process again. It does not continue with the installation as it normally does. Xp disk is good. no problem with it.
One thing strange I noted is when booting with the XP disk in, it automatically goes thru with the XP setup without asking 'Click any key to boot from CD-Rom'
Any ideas to solve this? Thank you all in advance

A:Solved: Xp Installation: Setup-Formats-Copies files-reboots back to square 'A' Setup

The simple answer is a stuck key, or a faulty key signal. Could you post your system specs to give us a little more to go on?
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Hi All

I am trying to install windows XP on my new system I built.

When I get to the 5th XP install disk it stalls and says

file ntfs.sys caused an unexpected error(4100) at line 5010 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\setup.c

I have done a memtest and it has came out with zero errors.

I am lost can you help?

Kind regards
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I formated my hard drive with Fdisk and ran the 4 disk set of Windows 2K and it goes through set up till last screen and then says Setup is starting Windows 2000 and it freezes there.


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Hi All

I am trying to install windows XP on my new system I built.

When I get to the 5th XP install disk it stalls and says

file ntfs.sys caused an unexpected error(4100) at line 5010 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\setup.c

I have done a memtest and it has came out with zero errors.

I am lost can you help?

Kind regards
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So I decided to experiment with Raid on my i system to see if it had any impact on video encoding performance using two Gb Green Caviar WD HDD s Specifically I encoded a Mb AVI to DVD Unfortunately it took almost times longer over a single HDD setup Prior to this I installed Vista Ultimate non-Raid mode on different Gb HDD s and a Velociraptor and ran the same test above Keep in mind that the video file and the software were always on the Main Drive and there were no jumpers on any of them Here s A summary WD Gb Green Caviar mb Cache mins WD Gb Green Caviar mb Cache mins WD Gb Green Caviar mb Cache mins Than Worse HDD Performs Raid Setup Setup Single 0 WD VelociRaptor Gb mb Cache mins Seagate Barracuda Gb mb Cache mins Seagate Barracuda Gb mb Cache mins Raid WD x Gb Green Caviar mins So is this AAM related causing such dramatic variations When I get home tonight I plan to run a program that s supposed to disable AAM nbsp

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I mistakenly launched XP Setup and want to know how to stop it from progressing further I have another XP installed on another virtual disk Rebooting trying disk Setup remove setup logging on Corrupt XP from to another by from there allowed me delete the Setup files Or so I thought The main XP installation however continues to try to launch Setup Just about whatever I do it ends in tears My question is how do I stop XP on this disk from thinking it has to launch Setup I don t want to reinstall XP as that will involve a huge amount of work to recreate my environment Corrupt XP Setup trying to remove setup by logging on from another disk I am able to choose my operating system when I press F If I launch the corrupt system in safe mode or domain controllers everything appears to progress normally until the very end when the XP black desktop appears and just before the icons appear At that point I get the error message Windows XP cannot run under safe mode and I am asked to click OK to consult a log file The screen however is actually frozen at that point so I have to unplug the machine Otherwise if I launch in debugging mode or Last known good configuration m I get a message saying Setup will restart now and then Setup is being restarted while the usual XP installation logos start to appear e g An exciting new look etc Shortly afterwards I get An error that has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing Again the screen freezes so I need to unplug the machine I looked at the difference config and ini files and compared the Windows directories on both disks also looking for hidden files I looked at the log files setuplog txt refers to this command but I can t file neither the file nor the folder nor is the corrupt setting on D d xpsprtm base ntsetup syssetup syssetup c BEGIN SECTION Installing Windows NT setupact log The critical system information file K WINDOWS system winnt inf is corrupt or missing Any ideas very welcome Thanks nbsp

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i can setup my d-link wired router with no probs but after i have done that then i need to do something in the windows control panel under the network connections icon i have no clue what to do there to complete the final step in networking my machines some nfo new machines with ethernet cards one is xp home and the other is xp pro all i want to do is make those machines use the same cable connection i dont want ics or print file sharing i have been told to set up the router then power cycle the devices and magically the machines will begin working but i refuse to fall into that lame trap i do format approx every - months so i will need to know how to do this so i can recover from that activity each machine has a network connection from its previous service - do i delete this - do i create a new one -must i disable delete leave alone original connection icon these are the many questions that i have and i have googled this and can pnl setup the - no router setup to ctrl windows not find any nfo as to what to do on the windows side after the router is setup help i have been trying to figure this out for approx router setup - no to setup the windows ctrl pnl months and my hardware will be obsolete before i get it so i appeal for help mahalo and aloha nbsp

A:router setup - no to setup the windows ctrl pnl

not sure the issue. but posting the result of the ipconfig /all on both computer may help.
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I have just finished moving my OS from a 3TB hard drive to an SSD. I now have 2 matching drives that I would like to set up as a RAID array. A couple of questions:

1. Do I need to backup the data that will be on the RAID before setting it up and then move it back once it has been setup?

2. Do I format them before I go into the RAID setup utility or does that utility do it for me?

3. Will the RAID just appear as a single drive letter on my system?

4. Evidently I have the choice between RAID0 (for performance) and RAID1 (for redundancy). I hhave an extensive back up scheme in place so is there any reason not to use RAID0?

I know that I enable the RAID in the BIOS and then there is a place in the boot sequence to get into the RAID setup.

A:RAID Setup - Alienware - A few setup questions?

What are you hoping to get out of a RAID0 setup? If you have User data on the hard drive, such as movies, music, documents, pics, etc....there is no need for RAID0. Hard drives are more than fast enough for that kind of data.
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I recently purchased a refurbished HP 6005 with windows 7 Professional. On the initial boot up I got to the windows setup screen asking for the country/language. It was at this point the power was disrupted and restarted the computer. Every time I tried to run windows the computer would restart. I also tried in safe mode which did not work. I then went into system restore mode to try that but am not able to complete because I get the restore error message 'Error 1'. Unfortunately I only have the product key and not the actual disc since i bought refurbished. Any suggestions on how to complete the setup so I can use my computer?

A:Power was disrupted during setup and now unable to setup.

According to the Troubleshooting Guide, you can restore to factory new state:

Press the F11 key at startup to boot into the recovery partition
and run a factory restore.
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I am trying to install Windows XP Pro onto my machine as a dual boot operating system, it will enter the txt portion of the setup but not gui mode after the restart. I've tried to make a new partition on my hard drive, reset my bios, change boot order, everything I can think of to no avail. I've searched the forums and couldn't find any real help.

Any suggestions?

A:Win XP Setup will not enter GUI mode setup

Just got off work, thought I'd include more information. My current main OS is Windows 7, when I hit Enter to go into GUI setup mode, the screen goes to black, no cursor, no blinking underscore, just blank. I remove the cd and when I try to boot into the XP OS I get the hal.dll error or the missing/corrupt file error. So I load into Windows 7 to check the partition out and see that there is no ntldr, no ntdetect, and no boot.ini (assuming this is all installed in the gui portion of the setup)

Still baffled with this.
Relevancy 33.54%

i am trying to install windows office 2007 but after a minute from start of installation ,it popup dialog box saying setup can not find setup.exe file and say browse valid installation source and click ok.
I don't know whats happening.I have just formated my c drive and installed fresh copy of windows xp.
here is image of error message.
please help me what to do?

A:error:setup can not find setup.exe

You should purchase a legal copy of Office
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re Setup of WIN I had noticed that when i start my gb win98 setup? & re: setup cdrom HD the one w win and ALL my re: cdrom setup & win98 setup? other s ware on it it will NOT recognized the SCSI CDROM after realizing that NO CDROM has been properly installed I then started my PC with the WIN bootdisk where it loaded the drivers to enable the CDROM to function Now that I have C gb Hdrive D ramdrive and E CDROM that is how my PC is setup now Here is the question when re: cdrom setup & win98 setup? I run WIN setup from the E cdrom it comes to the Windows re: cdrom setup & win98 setup? setup welcome screen IF I click on continue will it overwrite my data on my HD OR will it recognize that data exists there I need to know basically how can I make the CDROM letter stay if I clcik on continue would it posssibly clean up my registry so that it is NOT as cluttered as it is or will that come from a re-install of the software thks once again nbsp
Relevancy 33.54%

ok I am TOTALLY at a loss - almost even for words here - recently I was going to try out Avast and so I installed it decided I didn't like it setup! trying won't setup.exe avast stop to and so uninstalled it Nice amp normall right Oh how wrong I was Ever since then every time I restart my computer I get this dialog box - it's the Avast Setup Program trying to setup again and again and again The weird thing is I don't know where it's getting its avast setup.exe won't stop trying to setup! info from I deleted the downloaded setup pkgquite some time ago and have checked avast setup.exe won't stop trying to setup! in the Program Files folder for a shell nothing there The worst part about the situation is avast setup.exe won't stop trying to setup! now I am constantly also getting errors in almost every other program on my system Runtime errors missing codecs that I KNOW for a fact are there and up to date my taskbar suddenly vanishing ohohoh pleasepleaseplease help me it driving me utterly BATTY No wait I think it's actually FLYING me there Edit Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum Animal

A:avast setup.exe won't stop trying to setup!

Generally speaking, all of the anti virus programs have uninstall tools that you have to use to get rid of them completely. So you might want to go to the Avast website.
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Every time I boot it goes to setup mode then gets a fatal error and restarts after Error Setup Setup Incomplete -- leaving me unable to Incomplete Setup after Setup Error even access files Problems started when I tried to install SP on my Windows system There was a problem that gave me a blank screen with cusor visible at the end of boot up Safe Mode worked OK and from there I used my Windows Pro Upgrade CD to try to reintall the operating system After the restart during setup it asks me to put the Windows Pro CD in the drive but it cannot find i NT cat I originally upgraded from Windows but that installation CD does not satisfy it either This is a fatal error and gives no options except to restart the computer Upon restart it goes back into setup gets the error and restarts -- a deadly loop Safe Mode does the same thing If I cannot repair this I would at least like to get my data files off of it From the Repair Console mode I cannot access My Documents getting an quot Access Denied quot error I would like to avoid removing the drive and making it a slave on another system So my three ascending goals are Save the files in My Documents Get out of Setup mode so I can at least go to Safe Mode and run the system Repair all problems and get back to a working system Thanks for any help nbsp
Relevancy 33.54%

I was having problems with my Maple Story, so I un-installed and re-downloaded the program. However, when I tried to open the setup wizard, it gave me the error:

Error reading setup initialization file

I looked online for troubleshooting solutions, and I have so far found two options:

-Re-download because the error could be the result of a failed download that wasn't identified when the file was downloaded.

-Find and delete old files that could be stopping the file from being reaad properly.

I need help with the second solution, as in how I search for those files. Also, any other solutions for this problem would be much appreciated.

A:"Error reading setup initialization file" for Maple Story Setup

test reply
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I used to have the videogame Medieval Total War on my new alienware laptop using Windows XP and it was fully functioning I ended up deleteing it because I thought it was taking up too much space Now I can install it but when I try to run the actual game I immediately get a message saying quot Medieval II Total War has encountered an unspecified error with to setup"?? adapter your "Try standard running setup before driver a VGA display and will now exit quot and after reading through forums I saw a comment about "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"?? someone having this problem and fixing it by downloading the latest ATI graphics I think I might know the problem but I am clueless as to how one goes about fixing it A few days before I found out about this site and managed to find the virus that was slowing my internet I was quite frustrated by the slow loading speed of my internet so I opened task manager and began ending random processes I realize now this was not a good idea I think I may have done something to ATI When I try to run the ATI setup which has been on my computer the whole time I reach the ATI Display Driver when it tells me quot Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system quot then after clicking OK i received the message quot Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup quot nbsp

A:"Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"??

You most likely need to get the mobile graphics driver. You can get it at.
Relevancy 33.11%

I used to have the videogame Medieval Total War on my new alienware laptop and it was fully functioning I ended up deleteing it because I thought it was taking display setup a VGA to adapter "Try driver standard with setup"?? your before running up too much space Now I can install it but when I "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"?? try to run the actual "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"?? game I immediately get a message saying quot Medieval II Total War has encountered an unspecified error and will now exit quot and after reading through forums I saw a comment "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"?? about someone having this problem and fixing it by downloading the latest ATI graphics I think I might know the problem but I am clueless as to how one goes about fixing it A few days before I found out about this site and managed to find the virus that was slowing my internet I was quite frustrated by the slow loading speed of my internet so I opened task manager and began ending random processes I realize now this was not a good idea I think I may have done something to ATI When I try to run the ATI setup which has been on my computer the whole time I reach the ATI Display Driver when it tells me quot Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system quot then after clicking OK i received the message quot Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup quot nbsp

A:"Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"??
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I put a new bios chip in, because the flash
process from a 3rd party vendor, blew my original bios. Now I believe xp has a problem
so I have my system disk in the cd and what do I do now:
Welcome to Setup
To Setup XPnow, press Enter
To Repair WindowsXP installation using recovery console, press R
To quit setup withour installing XP, press F2

Btw, before this fiasco, when xp was running, I had turned off system restore.

A:So Please what Do I do Now, which Key do I Press

The installation of the BIOS chip does not affect "Windows" Setup.

If you want to install or reinstall Windows at that juncture, press "enter".

If Windows is already installed you will then be given the option to "repair" it. If you do not take that option, you will do a "clean" install which wipes out whatever is there.
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Hi Guys, anyone know if it's possible to create a 3 key combo,
for instance Crtl + W + T
then giving this combo a value, for instance your pass-word
instead of having to key in your p/word just press a 3 key combo.

I use kinda large strong p/words, sometimes get p*st of with keying in.

Thanx for your thoughts.

Kind Regards

A:3 Key press

Not exactly what you're asking for, but have you thought about using Password Safe to store your passwords? Memorize one strong password to open the safe (which stores the rest of your passwords), copy and paste or drag and drop your password for the given site/program, etc. It also has a password generator you can configure. Creates very strong passwords you don't have to remember, plus you can use different passwords for every need. A very good practice.

It's free: Password Safe

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im trying to install a fresh copy of windows xp pro. when says press any key to boot from cd. nothing happens my keyboard seems to be ok please help

A:press any key to boot from cd

when you say nothing happens, do you mean nothing really happens or windows loads as normal ?
Relevancy 32.68%

A few days ago I went to turn up the volume from my keyboard and it would TAB me over to a different item on my screen. I tried pressing all of the Function keys and it messed up all sorts of things on my computer. I found out that if I hold down the FN key the F keys will work properly. How can I get it back to normal?

A:Have to press FN to use F keys

I also have that FN option and i dont think so that you can change that beceause the OS indtalled is set to work F keys With Fn keys,me too i wish i can change that but i dont think so you can am sorry for that
Relevancy 32.68%

I'm able to quot Page Up quot and quot Page Down quot when I'm at the EULA screen but I press F and nothing happens I've used this keyboard countless times before on my old PC that crapped out on me a few months ago It's a USB wireless and I just barrowed my roommate's PS wireless and has the same problem I read someone else had the same prob but it was fixed just by buying a new keyboard I strongly don't believe that a new keyboard would help seeing as how it is working right now and because I was still able to quot Page Up quot and quot Page Down quot Could Installing but can't F8. XP, press it have anything to do with my hardware configuration Maybe because this PC is newer and XP maybe just won't work on it I'm running Vista Ultimate bit right now and I have old software that won't install on vista unless I buy the newer version So can anyone shed some light on this I'm drowning here

A:Installing XP, but can't press F8.

did you press the FLock key? This will give you access to the F Function keys.
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After installing W7 (XP erased), no way to boot directly from disk (like with old XP on same disk).
I tried to boot in command mode and exec bootrec command (with /fixmbr, with /fixboot and finally with /rebuildbcd).

Any idea?
Thanks for your help

A:Press a key to reboot ?

Hello pla, Welcome!

Have you tried a Startup Repair?

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Good day everyone. I'll start here; not sure which section this should be.
I'm using an ACER Aspire M1610, bought from a friend, but less than two years old. WIN XP SP2, using Avast 6 and Malwarebytes, updated daily.

When I press my quotation-mark key I get nothing - the second press gives me two symbols. This occurred on three keyboards, two of which were new. It has survived a reinstallation, done for other reasons. No virus, trojan, worm, rootkit or other nasty has been found recently.

Although this doesn't take long to correct I would be happier without it and would be grateful if anyone can help.

A:need to press key twice then two symbols

PS2 KB or USB?

first thing i might try is.. do this to show phantom devices in devmgmt
Device Manager Does Not Display Devices Not Currently Present in Windows 2000
and delete any phantoms

then check IRQ conflicts
IRQ Settings, how to view IRQ assignments and resolve IRQ conflicts

If everything checks out, if its a USB Kb... try a different USB slot thats not directly ontop of the one ur currently using. cause even if theres not Conflict, you can rule out an issue with that hub.

Also this happens with all aplications? or just sertain programs? like does it also happen in something as simple as notepad?
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Hi All,

This is a system from workgroup. Windows XP sp3. When i'm pressing the ctrl+alt+del, nothing happening.. can someone help me to fix this.. pls..


A:Nothing happens, when i press ctrl+alt+del

I assume you are trying to access the Task Manager, try another keystroke.

Such as : CRTL+Shift+ESC
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i just done a fresh install of a new hard drive in my sons comp, it was working fine untill he got to ( adjusting ) resolution; ie; and whatever when you turn comp on it starts boot sequence then stops at press f1 to continue or delete to enter setup... if you press f1 it goes to windows, and works fine... i need help to get it to go strait to windows without the f1 to startup...any help greatly appreciated..

Relevancy 32.68%

HP laptop, when i turn it on i get this

SMART Failure Predicted in Hard Drive 0:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WARNING: Immediately back-up your data and replace your Hard Drive Disk. A failure may be imminent.

Press F1 to continue.

i press f1 and it does nothing....wont even boot to a boot disk or os disk. any suggestions other than get a new hd??

Relevancy 32.68%

I have got a new PC
when ever i start the PC it says press f1.
i have to press f1 inorder to get to the windows.
Please Guide Me

A:Press F1 To Continue

Is that all it says? Just press f1?

Please post the whole message, because what comes before press f1 is the problem you have.
Relevancy 32.68%

hi there this post was a bit similar to one last august when i try and load a win or vista c d the same things happen on different any key press to boot units a sony vaio laptop a dell laptop and a dell optiflex desktop here it is i have wiped the hard drive formatted using a piece of softwere i reconnect hard drive and insert disc and press any key to boot start up the installation goes all the way through then comes up with quot finishing installation quot the press any key to boot pc wil reboot when it reboots for i think should be the last time the message about quot press any key to boot from c d or dvd quot comes up then a few dots appear then it freezes and thats it just a few more things i have tried press any key to boot all of the p c 's loads of times and i have changed the boot order but nothing i can see that the memory has been used as gb approx is being shown used from blank g the disc must be ok because i only used a month ago and all went fine i even tried an old xp disc and the same thing happened well i know this is prob a walk in the park for you guys and i would like to thank you for reading my post cheers tg

A:press any key to boot

Reduce the installed RAM to 2GB or less, see if it boots then?
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i used to have some tabs above this window for applications, performance and something else but now there is nothng. it also used to have the X in the corner where you could close the Ctrl-Alt-Del window but now it isnt there either. when i press Ctrl-Atl-Del now i can disable the application that i want to but cant close the Ctrl-Alt-Del window.

does anyone know what this problem could be? i have been having a lot of trouble running games and programs that require a lot of RAM now too.

this is exactly the kind of window i used to get but now i dont get those (Applications, Processes, Performance, Networking) features. of this picture, i get from where it says
"Image Name User Name CPU Mem Usage" down. nothing above it.

A:When i press Ctrl-Alt-Del

What happens if you type in Run box taskmgr ?
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A friend switched cases , (moved hard drives, mobo, and cdr to new case), and now, after it posts and sees all the drives, it just gives him the "Press any key to reboot" message. Any ideas?

A:Press any key to reboot

run the repair option
boot from the xp cd and choose install
when the first repair option comes up continue with install
when windows finds the previous installation then repair
you will have to reload the video drivers and any ms updates i.e. sp1
Relevancy 32.68%

When I press CRTL ALT DEL quot This has been disabled by administrator quot message pops up and the system shuts down helpThis is my logfile Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM I press CRTL+ALT+DEL, When on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet When I press CRTL+ALT+DEL, Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning When I press CRTL+ALT+DEL, processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exeC WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXEC Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exeC WINDOWS system Msmsgs exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exeC PROGRA AVG AVG avgemc exeC PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsx exeC PROGRA AVG AVG avgnsx exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgscanx exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exeC Documents and Settings Administrator Desktop HiJackThis HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page about blankR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId F - REG system ini UserInit C WINDOWS system userinit exeO - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dllO - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files AVG AVG avgssie dllO - BHO Groove GFS Browser Helper - - C - D -B F - BBC D A E - C Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveShellExtensions dllO - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dllO - BHO no name - E D - A- EC-A -BA D E E - no file O - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dllO - BHO AVG Security Toolbar - A A -BACC- D - - A E E - C PROGRA AVG AVG AVGTOO DLLO - Toolbar AVG Security Toolbar - A A -BACC- D - - A E E - C PROGRA AVG AVG AVGTOO DLLO - HKLM Run AVG TRAY C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exeO - HKLM Run IMJPMIG quot C WINDOWS IME imjp IMJPMIG EXE quot Spoil RemAdvDef Migration O - HKLM Run MSPY C WINDOWS system IME PINTLGNT ImScInst exe SYNCO - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXEO - HKLM Run GrooveMonitor quot C Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exe quot O - HKLM Run USBcillin C WINDOWS system USBcillin exeO - HKLM Run Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot C Program Files Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe quot O - HKLM Run SYS C WINDOWS system system exeO - HKLM Run SYS C WINDOWS system bad exeO - HKLM Run SYS C WINDOWS system bad exeO - HKLM Run SYS C WINDOWS system bad exeO - HKLM Run Msmsgs C WINDOWS system Msmsgs exeO - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exeO - HKCU Run MsnMsgr quot C Program Files MSN Messenger MsnMsgr Exe quot backgroundO - HKUS S- - - Run Sidebar C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe autoRun User 'SYSTEM' O - HKUS S- - - RunOnce nltide rundll advpack dll LaunchINFSectionEx nLite inf C N User 'SYSTEM' O - HKUS DEFAULT Run Sidebar C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe autoRun User 'Default user' O - HKUS DEFAULT RunOnce nltide rundll advpack dll LaunchINFSectionEx nLite inf C N User 'Default user' O - Global Startup Adobe Gamma Loader lnk C Program Files Common Files Adobe Calibration Adobe Gamma Loader exeO - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System ... Read more

A:When I press CRTL+ALT+DEL,

can someone help me here please!
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Hello. I have a HP Media Centre PC and am missing some programs that were preinstalled so on boot up I press F10 ro format and the screen isnt coming uop.. it just passes it and boots windows. What should I do?

Relevancy 32.68%

Why when I open my computer u need to press F1 to start the windows of my pc ... what can I do to erase that F1 ... please help me... thanks.. god bless..
Relevancy 32.68%

When I do a ctrl+alt+delete I show that "Versato Retail UI" is running! What the devil is that and how can I get rid of it?

A:Why this when I press ctrl+alt+del

A google search tells me that's the hot key software for a QTronix keyboard. Do you have one of these keyboards.
It's probably in add\remove if not go to the program in windows explorer and uninstall it from there. uninstall.exe, unwise.exe, 000wise.exe.
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I have two books Books/CD's MS Press by MS Press that came with CD s for self-assessment tests and I m having the same problem with both cd s I am running W I have IE scripting and debugging enabled INstalled programs from CD s go to run program get a javascript error stating null MS Press Books/CD's object do I want to continue running scripts I think that the script doesn t point to the file that has the questions I ve installed Microsoft s patch that is supposed to fix this but it doesn t I ve uninstalled adn resinstalled and reinstalled the patch Microsoft PRess won t answer the email I sent asking for further help The support site says it s a problem with XP andSP but I quot m not running XP and I quot m still having the same problem AND the patch didn t solve the problem Any body out there have an quot in quot with MS Press that can get them to fix this The CDs were the main reason I chose those two books in the first place so that makes my purchases close to worthless to me nbsp

A:MS Press Books/CD's

would be nice to know what 2 books you are talking about. looking at MS PRESS (link below), there is a lot of books listed. in order to help you, help us. let us know what you purchased.
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I'm having a problem with my touchpad on my laptop - when I press 'Fn' and F8 to Mute, I can still move my cursor round the screen, but if I try to click something, it just doesn't do it, but after re-boot, it's fine. I'm on an Acer aspire 5050.

Any help would be appreciated,

Sorry - It's whenever I use the 'fn' key not just 'fn' and f8
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When trying to boot from cd, my keyboard seems to go dead when it says " press a key to boot from CD". But Control-Alt-Delete still seems to work...HELP

Relevancy 32.68%

when pc start at that time it ask press F1 to continue and delete to enter cmos setup.

A:Press F1 to continue

Any other errors its giving? how old is your PC?
Relevancy 32.68%

I get a failure code: gb_ui_support(1147). Any help for a fix would be greatly appreciated. Why is it that things like this happen when you need your machine most?

Relevancy 32.68%

When I get to my desktop it is fine but as soon as I press any key on my keyboard my computer blue screens. I'm trying to write as little as possible because I have to use the onscreen keyboard. It started happening after I installed razer comms. I've uninstalled it since but my computer still blue screens.

edit: Here's the details of the problem.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: d1
BCP1: 0000000000000000
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000001
BCP4: FFFFF8800523D954
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

A:BSOD when I press any key

Please go to Start and type in "msinfo32.exe" (without the quotes) and press Enter
Save the report as an .nfo file, then zip up the .nfo file and upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.
Also, save a copy as a .txt file and include it also (it's much more difficult to read, but we have greater success in getting the info from it).
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I friend of mine instaled win xp on his pc, and now when the pc is started it doesn't start to detect the IDE drives until a key is pressed. After that the pc boots normaly. I thought it might be something in the BIOS, but I couldn't find anything, and even after reseting the BIOS to defaults didn't work. Anyone knows what it might be?

A:key press boot

Hard to believe that Windows has anything to do with this, since at the point of Drive Detection the OS is nowhere to be found.

Is "Auto Detect" specified in the BIOS?

Is there a msg posted at the point that BOOT hangs?

What is the last line on the screen at this point?
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I wud like to skip the subject prompt at bootup. I'm running DELL Dimension 3000, Win XP Home.
Have 2 hard drives plus DVD.

What wud the proper jumper and BIOS setup be to accomplish the above?

Present setup:
WD077 (has the OS) master and is on the proper cable connector.
WDxx -2nd master
DVD - 1st slave

Boot sequence:



Relevancy 32.68%

Hi,At start up pc is asking me to press F1 to continue,when pressed pc will start normally,why im having this,can i do something to let pc start without this ?

A:Press F1 to continue

I could be a setting in your bois.
We need this first so we know what we are working with.
Please update your system specs.
In the lower left of your post tick on (My System Specs)
This is also helpful.
System Info - See Your System Specs
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On my Dell XP lap top when I press the @ in an email address it comes up as "
Any ideas please.

Relevancy 32.68%

I bought this program about three years ago to make backups of the DVDs I purchase. I am trying to install it on another computer and it says that I have to "activate" the product. Of course, it's been a few years, and it appears that the server that online activates the program is gone.

I tried calling the 888 number, but now it seems like it is a phone sex number.

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: Nevermind. Apparently the company is gone. I'm toast.

A:DVD X Copy X Press

Yep, and programs to copy DVD movies are off topic here at TSG anyway. Please consult the TSG Rules. I'll close this thread...
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I have a small annoying problem. Everytime I boot up my computer I get the splash screen then it tells me to press F1 to continue. This is a recent occurence I have not made any changes to my computer and I have checked the BIOS and it is set to boot from the HDD first. Whilst it does not in any way affect the running of the computer it is annoying. Can anyone help?



A:Press F1 to continue

Usually when I see this, it's the BIOS with some minor error, like it can't see a hard drive when the setting says there's supposed to be one. I'm surprised it doesn't spell it out.

You might have lost some hardware, like your optical drive. Start pulling stuff off the motherboard and see if the error goes away. Also disable everything you don't need in BIOS. It's a good idea to do that anyways.
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Hi all sorry if post already exists but just need some quick advice press Fan error CPU f1 I have a rampage III Formule motherboard from asus and have recently installed a cpu cooler deep cool tigershark but SOMETIMES during startup CPU Fan error press f1 the motherboard makes loud beeps and gives an error- cpu fan error press f to resume after pressing f it starts up normaly The cpu cooler is installed correcktly the fan works perfecktly it has the thermalpaste and all the needed stuf on and the fan is plugged in the motherboard where it says cpu fan there are other places to plug it in but they read temp and on So i went on goolgle and someone posted i should check in the bios and change fan speed or something like that Now please advice on what to do CPU Fan error press f1 to fix the error Thanx O and the temps read c when its pretty hot outsode and on a cold day it drops to - c

A:CPU Fan error press f1

Can no one help on this??!!
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when trying to format my toshiba L640, did not appear first the word "press any key to boot from cd",it will continue to boot.

i have already checked the BIOS setting. and then i tried the OS to other laptop and it appear the word "press any key to boot from cd".

please help me about this problem.

thanks and regard,


A:press any key to boot from cd do not appear.

for whatever reason it does not always appear. just start tapping the space bar when starting the computer and see if that works.

Also what are you trying to boot to?
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How can i remove 'press F1' just before the is operating system loaded, its on compaq pc. thank you!

A:remove press F1

The function keys displayed prior to the OS loading are a part of the post process and the BIOS. Some BIOS will allow you to disable that info.
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I was just using my PC when it seemed to run low on memory and my browser crashed. It was stuck open with a grey screen so I clicked start/reboot. The computer posts but immediately goes to a black screen that says PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT.

is the hard drive done or is it just Windows? i am still running XP. Can I run REPAIR on the disc to fix a possible issue?



Looks like there are connectivity issues to your hard drive or possible drive issues. Disconnect all cables from the computer, disconnect the Power and SATA cable to the hard drive both from mobo and Hard drive and connect them again and try.
If laptop, remove and reseat the drive and make sure it seats correctly.
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Everytime I turn on my computer, I get an annoying Startup prompt:
D0 [my hard drive]
D1 Not Detected
D2 Not Detected
D3 Not Detected

IDE Bus Enabled
STRIKE F1 to continue. Strike F12 for setup"
Is there anyway to remove that?

A:XP startup - press F1?

System manufacturer and model?

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Hi everyone My computer had a problem when it would turn on and turn off randomly or it would start and shut off automatically I took it to the repair shop and told me it could be power supply They had the power supply changed and Key Press to a Reboot now every time it turns on I get a quot Press a Key to Reboot quot and even when I press a key it would still go back to that message They told me the solution would be to reformat the computer but important files Press a Key to Reboot and programs are on there and there is no back up so I can t have it formatted Anyone has any solution to this The computer was fine before it just wouldn t start up sometimes but when it does it runs smoothly Compaq Presario Windows XP GHz MB DDR SDRAM Memory GB Ultra DMA Hard drive Any help would be greatly appreciated By the way the first computer repair shop I went to told me I needed to increase the MB to GB and that I needed to format the computer for it to run But I felt it was the power supply that was causing the problem so I Press a Key to Reboot went with the second one nbsp

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I just finished slaving a desktop HDD (parallel) in order to format it. (I was getting a NonSystem Disk Error).That was successful. Now I am wanting to install a fresh OS (Windows XP Prof.), but when i start it up (with the OS CD in the D drive)- the keyboard lights up (like it's working) but when it comes time to Press any key to boot from CD...the keyboard doesn't work.
Why do computers have to be so difficult!!!
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

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Well guys i have to this error to my pc....asus m4a78t-e and he show me when i powered my pc FAN ERROR PRESS F1.....well i'm going to this option....and instead of N/A i change with IGNORED and after i never see this error and he's entered in the windows smoothly.hi all!

A:Fan error... press F1

Check to make sure the CPU fan hasn't failed or stopped working.
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hi.. i need help please.. my laptop can't startup.. it keep asking 'press esc key to start up' but nothing happen when i did.. i've done primary hard disk self test and memory test.. but after it's finished, it goes back to 'press esc key to startup' i read some older post saying to follow page 59 on maintenance manual, i did it but i couldn't find the rtc battery on my presario cq43please help me..thanks
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exactly as the topic suggests, i d like to press ~ in a game on my t61... but dunno how.. ive spotted it on the bottom right  close to the enter button.... keeping in mind that my keys are labeled slightly different because im French Canadian.. i doubt this should impact the function of this ~....

A:how to press ~ on lenovo t61

Some games read the keyboard directly and look for scan codes (key position).  Try the key to the left of the "1" with the shift key
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Can anyone help me i have a dell cpu with windows 2000. All of a sudden when i boot the cpu it automatically goes to this screen that say press f1 to reboot, but when i do this nothing happens the same thing keeps reapperaing, Ive tried to make a boot disk off another cpu with the same version of windows but i only get the message that it is the wrong system disk or something to that affect. Ive read on a webpage that trying to press f8 before the cpu starts up allows you to bypass this but ive tried and it does not work.
Anyone that can help me please respond.

A:press f1 to reboot problem



press f8 after switching the sytem on... when it shows the dell logo, keep pressing the f8 key until it shows a boot menu, then select safe mode. post back weather this works or not
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Today I formatted my computer, installed Windows XP professional and my games however when I press these buttons nothing happens. I'm the administrator and every thing else runs perfectly.

A:I press Ctrl+Alt+Delete Nothing Happens!

Look here:
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My keyboard on laptop is driving me crazy.

All keys correspond as they should eg press a and I get a on screen.

When it comes to using the SHIFT key to key in for upper case @ sign eg needed for when I have to type in my email address etc I get [email protected] with left hand key and I get a sequence of 4 letters when I press down the SHIFT KEY at right hand side of keyboard.

I also seem to have a problem with trying to put the CAP LOCK button on and then trying to get the @ sign this way.

Do you think I downloaded something malicious that has caused this - or do you think this is something to do with dust getting under the keys ?

I would be grateful if someone could help me to fix this, Yours Sincerely.

A:don't know where to start-press shift key and I get [email protected]

Duplicate post.

Thread closed.

This appears to not be a malware issue.

See this thread for your issue:
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From the total lack of any response to the previous thread I posted under this heading, I have come to the conclusion that this is possibly the most unresponsive forum this side of the Mint Linux one.

So I can't say it's been nice knowing you ...

A:Disk Error - Press any key

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My computer: HP Laptop zd7100, 3GHz. Windows XP home, SP2. No floppy drive. CD R/W, DVD.

At cold or warm boot I get the immediate message: Non-system disk, press any key.
There's nothing in my CD drive, of course. I press a key, and then wait about 90 - 120 seconds until I see the XP welcome screen.

I have run AdAware, SpyBot, Spyware Blocker, etc. My Norton AntiVirus is up to date and does a complete sweep once a week.

There's trouble with my email reader (Earthlink + Mozilla Thunderbird) but that's probably another problem for another day.

I would like to be rid of that startup message and have a faster bootup.

A:Non-system disk, press any key

Go to your device manager (control panel/system/device mgr) and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks or red question marks in the cd/dvd drives. If so, click on troubleshooter.

Even if there aren't, highlite the cd/dvd player, right click and click on properties, click the driver tab and select update driver.
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Greetings! I am new to this forum.
I have several websites online I created with AOL Press 2.0 several years ago. I currently don't want to upgrade to a different editor. I have been uploading my files from an old computer with Windows 98 because I don't know if AOL Press 2.0 with function with my new computer with Windows XP. If I can use AOL Press 2.0 with Windows XP I can switch to DSL instead of having to use the old dialup service for my old computer. Otherwise I'll have to create my websites all over again with a new editor. Too much work really! I hope someone knows something about this compatibility problem. So far I haven't had any luck.

A:Windows XP Compatibility with AOL Press 2.0

The website can be uploaded with any ftp program surely?

I don't know the program but cant you save your website onto a disk from your old machine and put it on your new pc and upload it with any ftp program?
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So i decided to build my computer and everything has been going pretty well. Its my frist time but have helped/watched other friends build theres. Anywho, ive finally got to the part where i can load XP and the first time i do "Press any key to boot from CD" and i do and it works fine until i get to this window:

and for some reason it wouldn't work when i hit enter so i restarted it.

let everything load then hit F1.

Now i get everything up until "Verifying DMI Pool Data............ successful" but after that i dont get the Boot from CD part after it.

Anyone know what im doing wrong?

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Hi - a very small problem but very annoying. Im using xp. In any text editor I use, even MSword, I have to hit the quote key ("speech marks") twice, then back space just to get one speech mark. By pressing the " key once; nothing happens. Pretty stink aye. :hotbounce

A:Have to Press " quote key twice

Are you sure it is the quotes and not the umlaut? The double quotes are above the "2" key on all keyboards I have ever seen.

How about pressing the spacebar after hitting the " key once?

Are you using Windows or some other operating system? Some systems do use the double quotes for umlauts and diaresis. You will have to turn off the "dead keys" feature then.
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I am a gamer and when i press my f keys they function normally, but i would like it to where i have to press fn so the function, because it is very annoying when i press f1 and the help screen comes up in the middle of a game. 

A:Getting the f keys to only work when i press Fn

Hi, You can change the default action as follows. Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Bios option ( f10 ), then make the change shown in the document on the following link. Regards, DP-K
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Is there some software that does a key press every couple of minutes to indicate to Windows 7 you are using the system even when you step away from the machine for a few minutes? Windows 7 shuts down after a few minutes if I step away and of course whatever I was doing for the hours before that is lost.

Thanks for your help!

A:Automatic Key Press Software?

Quote: Originally Posted by alsnoid

Is there some software that does a key press every couple of minutes to indicate to Windows 7 you are using the system even when you step away from the machine for a few minutes? Windows 7 shuts down after a few minutes if I step away and of course whatever I was doing for the hours before that is lost.

Thanks for your help!

Um, why not just increase the time before shutdown??

Does it BSOD, or just shut down normally?