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Asus laptop stopped giving low battery warning 10%

Q: Asus laptop stopped giving low battery warning 10%

I have been using my Laptop ASUS for 2 years now and ever since I my Charger(Charger not battery)broke I tried charging my laptop with the broken charger with a diffren angle and sometimes work and sometimes not and the notfication of low battery always appears but when I decided to repair my charger it works perfectly fine but the only problem is that when my battery is low it does not warn notificatons anymore.halp message edited by HelpINeedAnswers

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Preferred Solution: Asus laptop stopped giving low battery warning 10%

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Asus laptop stopped giving low battery warning 10%

Give it a good long charge. After that does the charge indicator show (which I assume is on the laptop)?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I've been trying to put together a new system and have run into a host of problems. The next in the queue is my new Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe MB keeps giving me the "System failed due to CPU over-clocking" error. Problem is that I'm not OC'ing! I'm running all new components. The CPU is a XP 3000+ w Barton core 400FSB.

The only thing I can think of is the RAM. Do I have to use 400MHz RAM with this MB/CPU configuration? I'm running 333MHz RAM and have tried to tone down the CPU but still does the same thing. Resetting the CMOS gives me a POST or 2 before gagging.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Help! Asus MB keeps giving me OC warning...but I'm not OC'ing!
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my battery was giving 1.5 hour power backup from last 4 months... then last month it decreased to 1 hour...from couple of days it decreased to 1/5 hour(with error 'Consider replacing new battery') and yesterday i was using on battery power... and battery had 34% power remaining.. suddenly battery indicating light turns orange and pc shutdown... after that.. my pc is not charging battery... and if i run pc on battery.. it work 10 to 15 minutes ( with orange light.. and on task bar.. battery icon giving error "No battery is detected" ) and then shut down.

today i run laptop on battery power and open setup..and there was error "No battery installed" in battery info...

what happened.. can anyone tell me????

i forgot to tell you that... according to battery's LEDs.... my battery is healthy enough.. but now only 1 led is working...

A:My laptop running on BATTERY and giving error 'No battery detected'

Your battery has failed and must be replaced. They're only good for three or four years. Happens to all laptops.
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Hello i just bought a extended Giving off weird Laptop Information result a Software Battery wh genuine dell battery for my e laptop from ebay After recieving it i decided to use a software to let me see if its worn any which it said it was days later i looked at it again and it says it is worn and i was only gonna get wh on a full charge now i looked and when im at a full charge im getting the designed amount of wh and its claiming my battery is at charged i understand why its Laptop Battery Information Software Giving off a weird result saying is because its holding more then the software thought the battery could hold but how can i fix this i tried to recalibrate the battery by killing the battery at full charge and then recharging it completely Laptop Battery Information Software Giving off a weird result but unless i did it wrong it didnt work ive used different peices of software including checking with cmd but Laptop Battery Information Software Giving off a weird result they all say its wrong i think this would be called a false positive on the wear level

A:Laptop Battery Information Software Giving off a weird result

It seems the software programs for checking the battery that you are using are useless. I would uninstall them & just rely on the usual method of checking your battery, that you have used up till now.
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 I am using pavilion 15-n003tx notebook pc with win 8.1.  My laptop does not show battery warning before it shuts down. It directly shuts down. What should I do?
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Hi, well i really dont know anything about computers what so ever, but for a few days now, my Acer Laptop has been shutting down when theres 19% left of the battery, or 20 minutes without warning. Usually it gives me a low battery warning when theres 13 minutes left, then a critical battery waning at 7-8 minutes left.
(copied off from the sticker on the bottom right)
-Windows 7
-AMD Athion II X2 processor P340
-ATI Mobility Radeion Hd 4250

I hope those ^^ help, thanks.

ps. ive only had it for about 3 months, well since christmas

A:Laptop dies at 19% without a 'low battery' warning. Help?

click start / windows
type power options and select it
select change plan settings on your current power plan
click change advanced power settings
go to battery
check the low and critical battery level and actions.

if those aren't set in 20% it probably means your battery is out of calibration.
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My Asus X44H often shuts down (immediately) when unplugged, even though the battery monitor (Battery Bar Pro) I use shows that there is maybe 70%plus battery power left. It will run on battery OK for a while, then sometimes I get an audio warning that power is low, but often, as I say, not, the laptop just goes black.

The battery is now getting old, but before I buy a replacement, is this definitely a problem with the battery itself, or could there be some other issue here?

I don't have any problems when using a/c power..


A:Laptop shuts down with no warning when on battery

Hello martinlest. I'm Brian. Definitely sounds like a shot battery. Will the laptop power back on after the blackout or does it do nothing? After it goes off, reattach the AC, boot up and see what percent the battery shows. I am having one of my old units do the same and the battery is 2 or 3 percent when I bring the laptop back up on AC. It'll charge to 100% after a couple of hours and repeat the same exact thing 30 minutes after I disconnect the AC.
Let Me know.
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Hi, From last few days I facing the issue that my laptop shuts down without any warrning only on battery, usually after using the 50% of battery.And battery is not charging more than 98%.Here are my laptop specs and details battery is discharging more quickly as well. (Laptop is not warrenty now) Any suggestion or recomandation please... Thanks,Yahya.

A:Laptop shuts down without warning on battery

You need to run a battery status test which you can do by tapping F2 as you power up to get into diagnostic mode. If you are out of warranty and the laptop is over 2 years old the first thing we think of with battery problems is that the battery is old and needs replacing.
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My Toshiba laptop battery (vista) keeps dying without any pop up warning whatsoever. I can assign a sound to remind me, but I usually have the volume turned down. I would prefer a pop up warning. My other Dell laptop has a pop up bubble that comes up at various stages of battery power. Is there some way to get this from Vista, or maybe independent software for this?

A:LOW laptop battery pop-up warning program needed

Copy the text in the following code block into Notepad.
Save it on the desktop as BatCheck.vbs. Be sure to change the Save as Type: box to All Files when saving.

[plain]strComputer = "."
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\wmi")
Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * From BatteryStatus Where Voltage > 0")
For Each objItem in colItems
If objItem.PowerOnline = True Then
Msgbox "Running On Battery" & vbCRLF & "Remaining capacity: " & objItem.RemainingCapacity, vbOkOnly + vbCritical + vbSystemModal
End If
While connected to AC power with the battery fully charged, double click the file to run it.
It will display a popup saying you are running on battery, and a Remaining capacity number. I need the number when the battery is fully charged. Then I can modify this a bit so it will display percent remaining. Then we run the modified script as a scheduled task every 5-10 minutes, and only display the popup when the percentage drops below whatever number you want.
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A couple months ago, my laptop stopped giving me a low battery warning. It would just die when the battery was too low. This wasn't a big deal a couple months ago because I was on summer vacation, but now that school is in session, I will lose my notes and homework without much chance to revive. I have tried adjusting the warning levels in the advanced power settings, but that did nothing. I tried talking to a Windows representative via chat, but he brought up 2 payment plans so they could fix it. I believe there is a way that doesn't require payment for some guy to remotely fix my laptop.

A:HP Pavilion laptop battery dies with no warning

Could well be the battery. Mine shuts down when the battery gets to 75% due to a faulty battery. I dual boot OSX and Windows and it happens on both so it is certainly not a software issue.

You under warranty?
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It will not turn back on and was on charge when it shut off, I tried it without it plugged in but still nothing

A:My Asus Windows 8 laptop shut off randomly with no warning

See if you can get things happening with this.How to use a Lazesoft Windows Recovery CD or USB device to fix the boot problems if your Windows operating system does not start correctly"It is very common for PC users to be faced with a Windows crash. When this happens, the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' pops up, or your PC has a black screen and can not boot or start up"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device
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Hi We have an ASUS K Jr purchased in April last year At the start of this year the hard drive packed it in while I was trying to download something on ITunes and it would not start up again We were moving and so didn't get around to taking it in for a couple of months Anyway a couple of weeks ago we went it in to ASUS and the hard drive was replaced under warranty -year warranty battery won't laptop Asus charge The laptop is Asus laptop battery won't charge working fine now on AC power but the battery will not charge I've tried Asus laptop battery won't charge shutting it down taking the battery out restarting it and putting the battery in while it's on but no dice I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the power management driver from quot Device Manager quot It was saying quot plugged in charging quot on the battery icon but the quot power bar quot on the icon would stop moving within a few seconds of putting the battery back in and the power level would stay at Yesterday it started saying quot plugged in not charging quot Is this because the battery was left in the laptop while it wasn't working Is it just coincidental that the problem started after the hard drive was replaced I am not against getting a new battery but I don't want to fork out for that and then find out the battery wasn't the problem Is there something else we should try

A:Asus laptop battery won't charge

You can likely take the battery to a service center to have it checked, or find someone with a laptop that uses the same battery to see if yours will charge. Of course, it never hurts to have an extra battery around.

Incidentally, I think it a good practice to somehow 'mark' those removable components to ensure that no monkey business has taken place with the servicer. Most are reputable, but as in all occupations, there are those who are willing to excercise immoral practices.

Also of possible help, I haven't checked any of these links, but you should find some useful info:

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I brought a asus laptop in 2009,and I often need to travel,4 days ago, I will give the laptop charge but display "no charging", what should i do?tks

A:My Asus a32-f9 laptop battery not charging

Order a new one on eBay... from somebody getting better than 9.6
You are lucky to have an Acer 2009 laptop battery last that long... many last only a year
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I need to know what type of CMOS Battery is in the Asus N61Ja-JX046X laptop, because I need to replace it

Anyone here able to tell me what type it is?

ps. I've already done all the research and this is the only solution. Please do not reply with something like 'i advise against it', post if you can help me out someway, otherwise please just don't post. Thanks

A:Asus N61Ja laptop CMOS Battery

cannot find out any specifics on the CMOS battery--nor it's specific location.

you'll need to open the laptop, locate the battery--the number 'should' be on the top side of it--if you're not comfortable dismantling your machine--a shop would be useful.

you could try contacting asus about the specific battery #

try this address

[email protected]

I did find this guide--it's for a different model--but--process should be similar--see step 16 as it seems asus puts the cmos under the palmrest
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I have a Asus K53SV laptop. I have replaced the battery and the charger. While the laptop will run on AC power it will not charge the battery. It says plugged in not charging. If I restart the laptop I get an error screen that says the charger is not recognized. Is there a solution to this? I know there is an identification pin in the plug end of the charger and it is still there.
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I have ASUS R510 laptop and since the new windows 10 I have an issue with my laptop battery, It actually says its plugged in and charging but it isn't. I must mention that in my last windows 8.1 I didn't have any issue at all.

Thanks for the helpers.

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I have a on Battery error Laptop No Detected Is ASUS recently purchased ASUS laptop as mentioned in title and there seems to be issue after issue As mentioned in a previous thread I had problems with my sound card popping a No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop crackling After updating my BIOS drivers this fixed the problem Now I have a new problem Since updating the BIOS drivers I've noticed that my battery icon shows an 'x' on the battery and No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop says 'no Battery Is Detected' on mouseover If I turn the computer off disconnect the AC and try and turn it on again it wont turn on at all I No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop have tried going into Device Manager and uninstalling the two drivers under Battery and then reinstalling them but this hasn't worked I have seen solutions online that involve removing the battery and then adding it back but the laptop I have appears to have a non removable built in battery I have also tried uninstalling the quot Microsoft acpi-compliant control method battery quot and quot Mirosoft AC adaptor quot drivers then restarting the computer This worked to redetect the battery but ONLY until the next computer restart when the problem resurfaced What other options are available to me

A:No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop

The laptop not being able to turn on from the battery is a hardware issue. There may also be a software issue in Windows, but missing drivers etc, will not stop a laptop from booting up from the battery to the BIOS. You can boot to the BIOS with no OS installed. The battery has likely failed and needs to be replaced, or its fully discharged and not being recharged. It should charge even if the laptop is off, as long as the power pack is plugged in. My ASUS and my ACER laptops will charge the battery when powered off and plugged in. Is this a new or second hand device? If it's new, I'd return it.
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Hi all I've been having a serious issue going on with my Asus K V laptop running on Windows Home bit mode switching laptop to Asus battery keeps ! OS It's been a couple of Asus laptop keeps switching to battery mode ! weeks Asus laptop keeps switching to battery mode ! now since this started and it's getting on my last nerve to say the least I've been searching hard on the internet for an answer to this problem seems like I'm not the only one having these issue's with an Asus laptop bad news is nowhere I have seem to find an answer or solution to the problem This is how it goes My laptop keeps switching from AC mode to battery mode when connected and plugged in This happens when I start up my computer out of sleep mode Then I have to unplug the power cord if I do this it goes back to AC and everything seems to be fine the battery is loading to the max but if I dare to put it to sleep after getting it out of sleep mode again it goes back to battery mode as if it's not connected actually This seems to have started after some update for Windows I can't tell for sure but I been having some other problems too since I did the big update to Windows All I could solve but not this one I'm pretty sure and convinced it's not a hard ware issue Somewhere along the line searching there was this person that claimed it's a built in program bloatware type to inspire new sales this person suggests to delete ATK this is the program that supposedly controls your power supply This actually helped for a few people but seems to me this is just too risky business Also some people are talking about updating the bios but I don't really know how to do this and this is a pretty new machine I think it updates automatically I tried a lot of suggestions I've read online already I really don't know Any kind of help or suggestions would be highly appreciated Thank you
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So my laptop's going on three years old here. And just the other day, it was working perfectly fine until I noticed it was getting insanely hot. Not terribly long after that, it suddenly and without warning shut down. It was when I had turned it back on that I noticed that my fan wasn't working. It's now been roughly a week, and the fan hasn't come back online, and since it's the beginning of June, my laptop is having some major heat management issues.

So, I don't want to have to crack my laptop open to take a look inside, but I fear it's my only option. I've tried using compressed air, or searching for any way possible to start the fan up from Windows, but all hope seems lost. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

A:Fan in my Asus laptop just kinda... stopped

Okay, so, nevermind, I suppose compressed air worked. I have no idea why or how...but I guess it worked out.
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Hello guys,

I have laptop Asus UL30A for more than 2 years with windows 7 home edition. Everything worked fine, but suddenly on change occurred:

The battery charging stops exactly at 33%. It is stated that "33% available (plugged in, charging)", but it never exceeds this value. Since it is that "nice" value (exactly 1/3) I am convinced, that it is not hardware or battery error, but something with the operating system and drivers.

(I know that in windows 8 is software, which allows to not charge a battery fully in order to extend its lifetime, but I don't have such a software in my windows 7).

Does anybody have an advice for me, how can I charge my laptop fully please???

Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Battery charging stop at 33% on my Asus laptop with windows 7

Hi welcome to the forum
Do you know anyone that has the same laptop that you could try their battery. Sounds to me the battery is going bad. Two years on a battery is about the lifetime for it.
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How long does the battery last for the Asus ZENBOOK UX32VD Laptop?

I travel a lot , so considering if buy a replacement battery when buy this notebook .

How about the battery online like this one
Asus ZenBook UX32VD Battery

A:How long does the battery last for the Asus ZENBOOK UX32VD Laptop?

Hi and welcome to the Forum
Have no personal knowledge but the following is an exert from this Web Site:
Asus Zenbook UX32VD Review - Watch CNET's Video & Read Our Review - page 2

All three of the Asus Zenbook models we tested had very solid battery life, but not spectacular. The UX32VD has higher-end components, so it may be forgiven for only running for 5 hours and 13 minutes in our video playback battery drain test (it will certainly run less when the GPU is engaged). The UX32A and UX31A ran for 5 hours and 16 minutes and 6 hours and 16 minutes, respectively. Other ultrabooks can run for 1 to 2 hours longer, but these times should get you through a full day if you close the lid and put the laptop to sleep when not actively using it.
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Hi there,

Yesterday my touchpad just stopped working, although a external USB mouse does. I have restore my computer to an earlier point, ran a virus scan and uninstalled and then re-installed the synaptics driver. It still isn't working and I'm not really sure what to try next.


A:touchpad on asus laptop stopped working

Hello and welcome Vicky mate some machine specs would be nice model etc etc

Try this and post back a screen shot or just some specs and how old is the machine? < download from piriform
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Hi. I was recently using my laptop, when I wiggled the power cable a bit and suddenly the laptop stopped charging. I have a bad feeling the battery has died or something. I tried using another power cable and that didnt fix it (so I dont think the cable is a problem).

Is there anything else I can try before resorting to buying a new battery?

Its a HP Probook 650 G1
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The trackpad and left/right click buttons on my laptop work fine up to the point when I need to log in to my user profile.

Once in, and Windows is working, they do not respond at all, except to bring the screen back when it has gone to sleep.

Does anybody know what is going on and how to resolve this problem?



A:Trackpad stopped working on ASUS K72F Laptop

ignore that it says dell, the principle is the same, what you want is to try to reset it all , adjusting settings up and down to see if you can kick start it back up
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I have had my ASUS G51VX laptop for a couple years now and it's still going strong. However, just recently the built-in SD card reader has stopped reading cards for some reason. When I pop in a card Windows will make the sound that a USB device has been plugged in and then a couple seconds later it will make the unplugged sound. The "Removable Storage Device" does not show up in Computer. I've tried looking through the Device Manager to find the card reader and re-install the driver, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I suppose it is one of the USB controllers. I've also tried multiple SD cards so I know it's not the card.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

A:Asus laptop card reader stopped working

Don't know If this will help, but I had a similar problem with my laptop (not ASUS though). I tried everything, ended up re-installing windows, which fixed it.
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I havn't used my dvd drive in a while, but recently i decided to install a game, but the drive doesn't recognize any disks, and it does not appear in my computer.

Im pretty sure i have all the proper drivers which i downloaded from the support.asus website. I also removed my dvd drive and put it back in and no change.

I upgraded to windows 7 and i found a few other articles saying that their are a few problems with windows 7 not recognizing the drive. So if anyone has had this problem please help.... Thanks

I also tried to update the firmware, but my drive could not be located to do that

Asus G50VT-x5
Windows 7 ultimate

A:G50vt-x5 asus laptop dvd drive stopped working


Could you please check to see if the drive is recognized at all in the BIOS?

Also, if you have another machine you could test the drive in, that would be great. If not, no big deal.

You can also try updating your chipset drivers and BIOS.

Good luck!
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Purchased the HP Gold Luxe laptop with Windows less than two months ago This past week it started freezing up when moved even slightly or when picked up This happened during mundane browsing or using the computer even just to write notes not anything using lots of resources like gaming or even streaming video nbsp After looking around online I saw several suggestions including to try removing the battery I removed the battery and sure enough it did not freeze when when when freezes NEW battery -- remove... moved laptop stopped moved if battery is REMOVED and the laptop is plugged in nbsp nbsp Does this mean the battery is faulty Again this is a brand new laptop less than months old It is under warranty Am I going to have to ship the laptop to some HP service center or will they likely just send a replacement battery or what nbsp nbsp NEW laptop freezes when moved -- stopped when battery remove... Other notes specs of the computer are below Note that I did not change add remove any drivers or anything like that it is still as it was when taken from the box nbsp nbsp Includes Pavilion -g cy laptop with AC adapter four-cell lithium-ion battery and manual and PC Treasures software digital download ships separately Windows operating system GHz AMD A - P APU quad-core accelerated processor with MB L cache up to GHz with Turbo diagonal WLED-backlit HD touchscreen display with x resolution GB DDR L SDRAM TB RPM hard driveSuperMulti DVD drive b g n Wi-FiBluetooth wireless technologyAMD Radeon R graphics with up to MB total graphics memoryB amp O PLAY audio with dual speakersHP TrueVision HD webcam with dual-array digital micsFull-sized island-style keyboard with numeric keypadHP ImagePad with multi-gesture supportSD memory card reader -year Microsoft Office Personal subscriptionTwo USB portsUSB portHDMI ethernet portsHeadphone mic combo jackKensington MicroSaver lock slotMeasures approximately - W x - D x - D weighs lbsUL listed -year LMWImported
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Hi Guys Have a real strange issue here I have an Asus X A Laptop running windows and my keyboard suddenly went crazy It started adding random characters when typing or added spaces between - and files - ASUS Desktop stopped Keyboard Icons working disappear!! Laptop each letter I was able to try a restart using ALT F but it would then not let me type anything ASUS Laptop - Keyboard stopped working - Desktop Icons and files disappear!! into my password box I wasnt able to cursor over the on-screen keyboard function I eventually got logged on by using a USB keyboard and Mouse which work fine Still getting spaces between letters when I type Even stranger when I click on ANY desktop item it will simply vanish I used msconfig to get a ASUS Laptop - Keyboard stopped working - Desktop Icons and files disappear!! safe mode with networking boot When I click on an icon then a dialog box saying 'Item Not Found' and then something about file transfer - try again or cancel If I select cancel the icon will vanish Even selecting items in folders will disappear I am assuming this a virus and any help at all will be greatly greatly appreciated Thanks ndonaldson

A:ASUS Laptop - Keyboard stopped working - Desktop Icons and files disappear!!

Try a system Refresh (if possible).
Open up Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery. Then under "Refresh your PC without affecting your files," click the Get started button.
If you still can't do that, start a topic over in the Am I Infected forum:
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When I switch on my laptop today, I got the warning "Warning battery cannot be identified. System cannot charge the battery." If I plugin my adapter, laptop is running on AC power, if I remove the plugin, laptop is turned off. I have downloaded latest BIOS update but still the problem persists.
Details: Dell Inspiron 3521, Windows 10, latest BIOS V14.
Please help!

C.S Harsha

A:Warning battery cannot be identified. System cannot charge the battery.

Is the battery OEM or an aftermarket battery?  How old is the battery? I know of Windows 7 OS having issues with recognizing some batteries and were relatively easy to fix.  I do not know if it carried over to Windows 10.  I will have to look up the article to find any relevance.
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Hi Guys I started having this problem last year soon after I built my system but I ignored it Basically after I ve MB Warning:Possible Giving failure? Solved: PSU Keeps IDU or on my computer for awhile idle or not Intel Desktop utilities will suddenly flash I had IDU configured to alert me whenever there Solved: IDU Keeps Giving Warning:Possible MB or PSU failure? s an error that all my voltage cpu vccp dropped to volt for awhile they returned to normal after I went and checked This had already happened through PSUs and CPUs Starting I had a Pentium D and a HEC w PSU Then I changed it to a cooler master extreme power w PSU and a Q CPU I bought a OCZ stealthxstream w PSU All throughout this time IDU keeps popping out with the voltage error Btw last year I returned my board to Intel to fix a botched bios update that I had done and my HD suddenly malfunction which I STRONGLY suspect that it s because of the HEC power supply Is my motherboard or some other parts failing Should I be concerned Hope you guys can help me with this Thanks in advance nbsp

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When you hover over it says "current pending sector count: 1".

The drive is about 9 months old Samsung M3

Should I be worried about this?

A:Crystaldiskinfo giving Caution warning on SSD (C5)

You say that you are talking in regards to a 128GB SSD from Crucial, but the screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo refers to a 1TB HDD from Seagate that is connected via USB.

With all due respect, are you sure you have your information straight? It would appear you are a little confused.
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i have windows 2000 pro with sp4; i have a p4 2.8ghz; i used to have a cheapo case so i recently switched my case to a better one with more watts; chieftec case with ultra 600W psu

ever since i switch, my computer freezes intermittently , usually while browsing with maxthon or when i'm on emule; a lot of times it freezes when i m not even there
the only weird thing is that it doesnt give me a bsod or any error message in the event viewer and also i can access that computer from another computer within my lan, so when i m downstairs working away using the files from upstairs, the one upstairs might have been frozen for an hour or more even

has anyone had the similar problem? i am very baffled by this odd symptom
thanks for your help

A:please help;win2kpro freezes without giving any warning


I have had this problem too...doc
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My pc says that it is infected with 12 viruses... I hae no ideal what to do or how to remove them or exactly what type of virus it is. I downloaded malware from a friends suggestion and it is acanning my pc now... Does anyone know exactly what i should do and how to prevent this from happening again? Your response is greatly appreciated.

A:My new pc is giving me warning signs of virus threats! What should i do?

The process of cleaning your computer may require you to temporarily disable some security programs. If you are using SpyBot Search and Destroy, please refer to Note 2 at the bottom of this page.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself.Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen:Click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note:-- If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you may be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. Regardless if prompted to restart the computer or not, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware. Note 2:-- MBAM may make changes to your registry as part of its disinfection routine. If you're using other security programs that detect registry changes (like Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere with the fix or alert you after scanning with MBAM. Please disable such programs until disinfection is complete or permit them to allow the changes. To disable these programs, please view this topic: How To Temporarily Disable Your Anti-virus, Firewall And Anti-malware Programs
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So, I know that svchost.exe when not in system32 is bad thing, but I don't really know what to do in this situation. This usually pops up when I am just browsing anywhere, and nothing to me is being blocked.  The IP is from Luxembourg?  Another forum told me that it belonged to sokroveno, a Warez site, but I've never been there.
I have run the svchost.exe through VirusTotal, bytehero found "Trojan.Win32.Heur.Gen", nothing else turned up anything.I have the standard Windows Firewall running.

A:Malwarebytes keeps giving me "website blocked" warning

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Your log is clean.Malwarebyte is working well, If you are seeing a message each time it blocks an IP, you can disable that action.To disable the popups1. Open Malwarebytes2. Click on the Protection tab3. Uncheck/untick the last item"Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked"4. Click the exit button rather than the X at the top right to close the window.How is the computer running now?
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I recently replaced the BIOS battery in my 8 year old PC, which I pulled out the garage after 2 years. When I first switched it on I got the warning - no big surprise given the age of the PC. I did ask how fresh the battery stock was when I bought the new battery, and was assured it should be fine.

Having replaced the battery I'm still getting the message about low battery voltage. I think it unlikely the new battery is faulty (but have no way to check it)...any ideas?

The PC is a Dell Dimension 8300 running latest SP of XP if that helps



A:[SOLVED] low battery voltage warning - new battery!

Googling 'Dell Dimension 8300 low cmos battery voltage warning' gets some historical (and hysterical in some cases) anecdotes about this issue.

I'd suggest you power off, pull plug, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, open case, pull cmos battery, clean cmos battery socket with a q-tip and some isopropyl (a SMALL amount), allow to dry, wipe battery contact surfaces CLEAN, reinsert battery, close case, plug it in and power up.
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Hello I have a yr old Toshiba Satellite laptop that I use every day on avg hrs per day for school The battery used to in No hibernate Battery drains battery warning before 1hr; low last about hours without needing charging In the past couple weeks it only seems to last about an hour before needing to be charged Even more troublesome is its action when the charge is gone I have set the power settings to pop up a notification message at battery level and take no action then at battery level pop up another message THEN go in to hibernate Battery drains in 1hr; No low battery warning before hibernate However last week it would give me only about seconds notice of a critical battery level then it would hibernate Battery drains in 1hr; No low battery warning before hibernate It wouldn t give Battery drains in 1hr; No low battery warning before hibernate me any notice before the critical level Now it has taken to just hibernating with no warning notice whatsoever I could keep it plugged in all the time but my concern is there s something more at issue that will get worse over time I don t need any crashes at finals time Any suggestions Could the battery need replacing Thanks nbsp

A:Battery drains in 1hr; No low battery warning before hibernate

Li Ions really start to lose capacity at 2 years. By 3 years, they can easily be at 50% of their original capacity.

I'd go for a new battery.
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Can someone set me straight I have been running my system for a bit over a year without incident Present System MB ASUS Strike Extreme CPU Core QUAD core Q Memory GB Total Crucial BL AA FD GB - - Graphics Card EVGA GTS MB on ASUS Giving questions) MB up (several Plenty of clean power W amp Liquid Cooled CPU OS Vista Bit System started to get flakey boot ups sometimes requiring multiple restarts Check power supplies Giving up on ASUS MB (several questions) with tester all voltages Giving up on ASUS MB (several questions) we OK Now it won t boot no keyboard no monitors no posts Narrowed it down to what seemed to be a Northbridge problem not initializing the RAM Was given an RMA from ASUS for a MB repair Upon receiving and rebuild the system the same problem still exists The POSTER LCD is messed up so I cannot read the error messages but still believe it to be a MB issue I am considering buying a new MB frustrated with ASUS and leery of the nVidia Chipset Looking at the Intel DP SG MB with the Intel P Chipset Questions After reading the manual note that it says that if your graphics card can pull more than Watts the V connector should be used Since the EVGA claims to require VDC amps minimum or Watts I am obviously over that limit however the GTS has an independent power connector that plugs directly into the Giving up on ASUS MB (several questions) card Should I still be power the MB pin V connector Since this is a DDR V SDRAM MB I was going to by new memory also Of course the only verified GB MHz - - memory is Micron MT JTF AY- G D Not readily available to the consumer as Crucial or other brands Was planning on starting out with sticks GB upgrading to Windows and than adding another sticks for a total of GB Is there a good source for other End-user verified Memory compatibility results that someone can recommend And how can you tell if memory has Serial Presence Detect SPD Lastly am I giving up on the original MB to early ASUS Striker Extreme original NOT the new model II any ideas on what I should try Thanks for your insight More details can be provided if I forgot something nbsp
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Lately my wireless card has been giving me fits Random disconnects difficult to re-connect etc Today it just gave up I had a second card exactly the giving Asus problems PCE-N13 same that I swapped out but the problems persist ASUS support was non-existent I managed to get as far as quot limited connectivity quot with the current set up my desktop computer Below are the TSG SysInfo and also the CMD IPConfig logs I hope you can help I m stumped Thanks TSGSYSINFO Tech Support Asus PCE-N13 giving problems Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC M NPV-VM xx Antivirus None removed to reinstall ASUS WLAN utility replaced Asus PCE-N13 giving problems now IPConfig logs Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Trevelyan gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix C Users Trevelyan gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix ftrdhcpuser net Link-local IPv Address fe ecbe b da c IPv Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix C Users Trevelyan gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Users Trevelyan gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from Destination host unreachable Reply from Destination host unreachable Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Users Trevelyan gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from Destination host unreachable Request timed out Request timed out Reply from Destination host unreachable Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Users Trevelyan gt ping yahoo com Ping request could not find host yahoo com Please check the name and try again C Users Trevelyan gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name ZAPHOD Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List ftrdhcpuser net Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix ftrdhcpuser net Description ASUS n Wireless LAN Card Physical Address E - - - C- D- DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe ecbe b da c Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Saturday July PM Lease Expires Sunday July PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - D- - - - - - - F- - DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap earthlink net Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes C Users Trevelyan gt nbsp

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I bought laptop just 1 year ago. Recently I clean installed windows 10 on my lenovo Y40. Now laptop is going to hibernate mode when battery reaches near to 30% without giving notification! My all drivers are up to date. I am fade up this problem what should I do? pls help 

Go to Solution.

A:Y40 hibernating without giving low battery notific...

In response to customer reports of unexpected battery gauge behavior on Y40-70 and Y40-80 laptops, Lenovo determined the battery gauge software is performing as expected. The unusual gauge results being reported are a reflection of the battery reaching end of life.
Lenovo has released a Service TIP to assist customers with obtaining battery replacements under warranty, or if out of warranty, to find a replacement battery from Lenovo-approved vendors. The Service TIP can be found here:
The part numbers for Y40-70/80 batteries are:
Y40 SP/A L13M4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500248
Y40 LG L13L4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500249 substitute part 121500251
Y40 CP/C L13C4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500259 substitute part 121500251
To determine which battery came with your Y40 notebook, instructions for removing the bottom cover can be found in the Hardware Maintenance Manual pdf here. An alternative to opening your system (which does not void warranty) is to search for batteries using the model/product number located on the bottom cover.
Thank you,
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After the default installation of EMET 5.5, I just open explorer 11 and I get the following EMET warning, affecting the module VBScript.dll.
could someone tell me why? how can I debug this warning to identify the reason?
Many thanks.
EMET version 5.5.5871.31892
EMET detected ASR mitigation in iexplore.exe

ASR check failed:
  Application     : C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
  User Name     : XXXXXXXX
  Session ID     : 1
  PID         : 0x16F0 (5872)
  TID         : 0x1444 (5188)
  Module     : VBScript.dll
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I have had this same email for around years and even though it's a silly embarrassing name in terms of me hotmail [SOLVED] randomly stopped giving Why mail? has my reliability it has been impeccable as far as I can recall All of a sudden tonight it decided to stop sending me emails which I knew I was to receive Replies from [SOLVED] Why has my hotmail randomly stopped giving me mail? other forums as well as the sign up activation mail for this forum and another both were not received after waiting over minutes with still nothing and of course I checked the junk mail I tried to send an email to myself from my same hotmail and nothing I also tried sending several form other mails and still nothing After awhile I was getting one or two reply notifications from different forums come through but now I cannot trust it I have no idea what is getting through and what isn't as when I got those replies I did another self email check [SOLVED] Why has my hotmail randomly stopped giving me mail? and still nothing Any idea what is going on here I even checked another hotmail account to send something to that one and it worked fine so I am rather puzzled by this I will probs slowly migrate to another account as I have planned to do so for a long time and so this will probably be the motivating factor however I have many many internet accounts tied to that hotmail address so I may be getting important mails and losing them randomly and have no idea Could there be something more sinister going on such as someone intercepting the mails such that they don't get through or am I just being paranoid there Is that likely or not so much That or some virus

A:[SOLVED] Why has my hotmail randomly stopped giving me mail?

Hmm not a moment after I made this post I checked it again and a couple of the mails I sent myself seems to have come through plus another one which I know would have been sent earlier. The clog in the pipe seems to be slowly unblocking...
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I am having problems with my Canon program Zoombrowser. It has worked find up until about a month ago. Then I started getting an error message Zb module stopped working I 've called tech support for Canon, HP and Window. They all point the finger at each other. PLEASE someone HELP ME!!
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Warning:the battery not recommended for this system,the system will not be unable to charge this battery
I bought a new battery and nothing solved
And try another charger and not solved the problem
 i must work when he plugged in charger only and the battery fully charged and the light sign turn 2 times on yellow light and 1 time on LED light 
any suggestion for help ?
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I have purchased many ASUS ASUS about Warning boards over the years and never a quality problem The board that I purchased recently has defective DIMM's a problem that required quite a bit of work to diagnose The following is my Live Chat with ASUS which I think tells it all Quote Marcus Hello ME thank you for contacting ASUS support At the end of this chat please take the time to fill out a brief survey and rate the overall experience at the top of the chat window How can I help you today ME First of all Please do not put me on hold - and then disconnect me I have contacted Warning about ASUS ASUS twice in my attempt to RMA a board with defective DIMM's I do not have the box so I do not have the serial number All I have on the board stickers are - -MB F -A and C CB My case number is WTM and I communicated with both Tian and Kevin Marcus I will try to keep the session open by chatting with you ME I have lots of ASUS boards and the SN is always stamped on the board Marcus Did you look on the back of the board for the s n ME Of course I have been building computers for years Marcus Can you send all the pictures of the numbers on the board to me email address removed ME No I just gave them to you - -MB F -A and C CB I buy LOTS of ASUS boards Let's not make this my first bad experience Marcus I don't want that either Since you are familiar with our products you probably know what a serial number looks like and I need the correct one to create a RMA for you Let me check on these numbers for you ME Yes I do And as I mentioned this is the first board NOT to have the S N stamped on the front of the board Everything else is nicely marked just not S N Believe me I have read all the very small stampings and no S N on the board Marcus If the S N is not on the board then it is out of warranty We can repair it for you but you will be charged a fee ME What the heck do you mean I absolutely cannot remove a sn if it is stamped on the board This is completely unacceptable I've had the board for a while in the box and just now decided to use it Out of the box the DIMM's are bad That is your problem to fix Marcus I'm sorry sir but if there is no serial number on the board then it cannot be tracked in our system ME The board is manufactured in China YOU did not stamp the board How the devil am I responsible Do you sell boards w out serial numbers so you can claim No Warranty That sir is fraud quot it cannot be tracked in our system quot Please be advised I did not design your quot system quot either Marcus No sir you did not That is company policy ME Send me a copy of this It's going all over the net Marcus It is on our site service asus com ME You should be ashamed of yourself I see no copy of this on service asus com

A:Warning about ASUS

Since you do not have a serial number on the mobo is it possible someone sold you a counterfeit product?
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Hi I have an old Latitude E and has for years been annoyed with the malware Dell ships that pops up the quot Your battery is able to charge normally However it is reaching the end of its usable life quot and similar warnings I started getting these messages when warning Battery I had typically around hours of battery time the following more severe message when I had hours of battery time and the quot has reached the end of its usable life quot when I still could get hours This has been reported several times in this forum but the Battery warning most common solution quot Dell Battery Meter quot does not work instead they have hid the disable option deep in group policies en community dell com So Dell is obviously trying to get me to buy a battery I don t need just to get rid of the annoying popup and made it very difficult to disable I e it s a malware and most of all it s highly disrespectful to their customers My question is does Dell still ship this with new computers The battery has survived the rest of the computer som I m looking to get a new computer rather than buying a new battery I will not support this kind of behaviour so I d like to know if Dell is still an option
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When I turn on my computer, the first thing that comes up is a message from hp that my battery should be replaced: "HP Battery Alert
The system has detected the storage capacity of the battery stated below to be very low.
For optimal performance, this battery may need to be replaced.
Primary (internal) Battery (601)
ENTER - Continue Startup"

Is there anyway to get rid of this without buying a new battery?

A:Get Rid of HP Battery Warning

Take the battery out - does message still appear?
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I kept getting the Error message:  Low Battery Warning   Replace your wireless keyboard battery.  I replaced the batteries and kept getting the same error message.  I finally replaced the keyboard with a USB connected keyboard.  I took the batteries out of the wireless one.  However,I am still getting the same message.  I went to devices and deleted several keyboard drivers,but it did not solve the problem.

A:Low Battery Warning

Is that the originally operating system installation? You might consider going to a command line and running the system file checker. Operating systems do develope issues after extended periods of use.
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warning the battery is not recommended for this system The system will be unable to New Battery warning..HELP! charge this battery Hit F or F to continue I just bought on Ebay a replacement battery because my original Dell battery doesn t last long anymore It is Identical model and every word on it is exactly the New Battery warning..HELP! same wording as the one I m replacing I bought the battery because I want to sell it and I wanted the battery to be new for the person who buys it Well now It New Battery warning..HELP! gets the error warning in the first sentence of my message The ebay guy even sent me another one still identical as my original one and it says the same error It does seem to charge but no one is going to buy it with that error that pops up when you turn it on I upgraded the laptop to windows and I don t get that error with original battery so I am stumped Any help for me out there nbsp
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HP Battery Alert
The system has detected the storage capacity of the battery stated below to be very low. For optimal performance, this battery may need to be replaced.

Primary (internal) Battery (601)

ENTER - Continue Startup
For more information, please visit:

PIc ----

A:Get Rid of HP Battery Warning!!!

I just worked on a G62 that had this issue, and couldn't find any options in the BIOS to disable it. My suggestion to them was to replace the battery.
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I have Vista Home Premium 32-bit. The computer manufacturer says that keeping my laptop plugged in after it is fully charged will ruin my battery, so I unplug & run on the battery once it is fully charged. My problem is that the only warning I get that the battery is low is a teeny-tiny yellow flag next to the power options icon in the notification area at the bottom right of the screen. This is very easy to miss. I am tired of my computer shutting down while I am in the middle of something. Is there a way I can get a pop-up warning that my computer is going to shut down? I am a novice, so please go light on the tech terms. Thanks.

A:low battery warning

You can use Windows Sidebar and download a Battery Meter and also you can Take the battery out anf Plug the Computer on AC Power and it will run on the Mains instead of the Battery

Hope This Helps,
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on my new laptop (Lenovo G50) I just received a warning stating that keeping the battery above 70% charge for long periods of time is detrimental to the batteries health. which is great. i have never seen a warning like that before, but i certainly do not want to kill my battery. so, i was wondering, can i run this without the battery, just on the a/c power adapter? or is that a bad idea also?

A:battery warning

See my thread if the devices section for info on leaving the charger in all the time. Post #1 is what's relevant to you.

Useful Lithium Battery Information

Sent from my HTC One
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I can't believe this is an unsolvable issue...
my Studio XPS1340 isn't that old...
and my battery was replaced by warranty a little over a year ago...
it was charging fine...then suddenly, when I rebooted, I got:

WARNING: The battery cannot be identified.This system will be unable to charge this battery.Press Any Key to ContinuePress <F2> 2 times to enter SETUPPress <F12> and Any Key to enter Boot Menu
Do I just need to replace the battery?

A:WARNING: The battery cannot be identified. This system will be unable to charge this battery. Press Any Key to Continue Press <F2> 2 times to enter SETUP Press <F12> and Any Key to enter Boot Menu

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. You can follow the steps below:
Drain the residual power of your computer and recaliberate the battery by following the steps below:

Power off your computer. 
Remove all the external peripherals  (printers, scanners or any other USB device) connected to your computer.
Please remove the AC adapter and battery of your computer. 
Press and hold the power button of your computer for 10-15 seconds to drain the residual power. 
Release the power button
Keep the battery out for atleast 2 - 3 hours.
Then insert the battery and charge it overnight with the system powered off.
Insert the battery in and connect the AC adaptor.
Then power on the computer and see if it works.

If the issue still persists, you can update the BIOS of the computer.
Note: Make sure the ac adapter is connected and the battery is charged 10% or above to update the BIOS. Also, disconnect all the external peripherals before updating the BIOS. All the programs should be closed and documents saved.

Click on the below link:
Click on “Download File”.
Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
Click on “Download Now”.
Save the BIOS on your desktop.
Once the BIOS is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.

 Please reply with the findings.
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If you buy and Asus motherboard and are unfortunate to have problems with their products you will get very angry with them It is almost impossible to get any kind of tech support from them through email mothrerboards about Warning Asus phone or even their web page The web Warning about Asus mothrerboards page is totally unorganized for solving problems You will not be able to sort through their faqs for a specific product and their faqs only contain basic questions that don t not relate to what you re looking for If you try to email you will find the their email to tech support is down often and when you are finally able to email them they will only give you a phone number to call for support This number isn t toll free by the way and this number is not listed in the instruction manual The only number listed in the instruction manual is an international number that will not be able to help you any way Also when you do call the long distance number states side be prepared to wait to minutes to talk to an operator who will ask you for a case number as if you should have one already They want you to get this case number off their page if you can ever find where that is Then after that be prepared to wait an additional -minute before your transferred to a voice box There you will be asked to leave you name and number The real kicker is you will NEVER be called back EVER I m still waiting for my call back from Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from last week Needless to say I returned my motherboard back to never ever buy and Asus product again and to warn other about the same problem nbsp

A:Warning about Asus mothrerboards

Seems you had an unfortunate bad experience but I've been using Asus products for years and the few times I've had problems, I've always gotten fast service from them.

BTW, what was the problem you had with the board which caused all this?
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Hey all, this is my first post here so dont hate me if I sound stupid.

I am using a Dell Inspirion 1000 notebook but keep getting this error on bootup telling me to do the

Battery recalibration warning, your battery needs to be recalibrated.
Press <F1> to boot to operating system or
press <F6> to run battery recalibration utility.

I go ahead and do the battery recalibration and after step 3 (letting the battery fully charge) I restart the computer only to be confronted with the same error message over and over again... no matter how many times I do the recalibration. I am at a loss of what to do next, is there a way to test the battery could there be an underlying problem in the bios?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Battery Recalibration warning...


My name is Mike, Iím a Technical Analyst located at Dell corporate headquarters in Round Rock, TX. Iím part of an internet outreach team developed to interact with the online community regarding technical questions and issues that customers face with Dell products. I read your question and wanted to offer some help.

If the battery is still receiving errors after the recalibration then you may be looking at a failing battery. Lithium Ion batteries are considered a consumable unit and are only warranted for 1 year. After this amount of time the battery can experience lower charging thresholds, shorter life spans, and dead cells. Recalibration can help with some of these problems, but it sounds like your battery cannot recover.

You can search online for a replacement battery or contact our spare parts department at 1-800-357-3355 and provide them with the service tag and they should be able to give you a quote on the battery. If you do go with a 3rd party seller please make sure that the battery is Dell branded as these are the ONLY batteries tested and proven to safely work with our systems. Iíve seen a lot of people go with generic batteries and end up completely destroying the system or worse so again, look for a Dell Logo on the battery itself or purchase one from an authorized Dell supplier. I hope this information is helpful.

Thank you,

Dell customer advocate
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when I turn on my laptop I get the HP Battery than goes to a blue screen that says 'the operating system couldn't be loaded because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors'..I have ran the test and the only thing that failed is the battery..yet I can't get past this screen. please help!!
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My Gateway NV53 w/W7 HP SP1 works fine, but when on battery in the past week or so, dies (not shuts down) when the battery reaches about 10%.

There's a "CLICK!" and the computer goes stone dead and shows abnormal shutdown on reboot.

No low battery warnings show.

No power settings have been changed.

Any thoughts on this?


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I been recently having this problem where my battery run low and instead of warning me it turns off. What should i do ?

A:No Low battery warning, Just turns off.

Replace the battery. They don't last forever and this is what happens when they die.

I strongly recommend getting the OEM battery and not a cheap chinese knockoff. I never take chances with ink/toner and batteries. The real deal or nothing.
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OK so Windows used to warn me my battery is low when it is at 10%. However, it no longer does, so it will now shut down without warning me to plug in my charger. Why is it doing this, and what can I do to make it warn me again? It is so ridiculous that I have to restart the computer just because the battery died and I wasn't warned by the system.

A:Why Is Windows 8 Not Warning Me When My Battery Is Low?

Hello TJ,

Double check to see what you have set under Battery in your Power Options settings like below. Make sure that you have the "Low" and "Critical" percentage and action set for the level and action you want.

Low needs to be a higher percentage than Critical for Low's action to be performed first.

Power Plan Settings - Change in Windows 8

Hope this helps for now,
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After windows 10 upgrade in PC all-in-one TouchSmart 600; every time the PC wakes from sleep mode, a low battery for keyboard warning message appears despite fact that batteries are new.   The message "form" has no way of closing other than "remind me later". 

View Solution.

A:Low battery warning for keyboard will not go away

Solution: new keyboard <Logitech> purchased.  Have to say I was so tired of the ongoing false messaging I simply replaced my HP keyboard/mouse with new third party one.  Thanks all for those who responded/tried to assist.
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just read this, Microsoft Botches Up UEFI Support for Windows 7 on ASUS Motherboards

seems like MS will do anything to get people to upgrade to win 10

A:warning updating KB3133977 , asus mb and win 7

Secure Boot suddenly stopped working with Windows 7

Secure Boot was never an option in Windows 7... ASUS essentially let a ticking timebomb into their motherboards as an advertising gimmick that now bites their users in the ass after the loophole was closed.
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Greetings everyone This weekend I m about to embark on building my new machine and I would like to get some insight from you guys on problems I m more than likely going to come across and what I should have ready and DL d before i go into it The configuration of my box to be built I have all the pieces already just waiting till friday for M2N-SLI Deluxe warning Prior Asus - help my CPU to arrive Mobo Asus M N-SLI Deluxe CPU AMD Athlon X Dual-Core HD SATA WD GB two of these CD RW DVD RW Plextor PX- SA SATA Video Card Asus GeForce GS mb RAM Samsung Dual Channel DDR PC - four GB chips GB OS Windows XP Pro x I do not have a floppy drive would you advise me to buy one for this or will i be able to use my USB flash drive to update BIOs etc I m going to just use of the HD s during install and once i get windows running then i was going to pop in the other SATA drive and IDE drives that i pulled from my Win k box Basically based on the problems you ve encountered could you give Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe - Prior warning help me some tips on what i may come across this weekend just so i can be ready for anything much thanks in advance plastik nbsp

A:Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe - Prior warning help

Is this your first time to put a system together?

Your parts look good from what I can see. What PSU will you be using?

If it is your first time, be sure you use the riser pins in your case when installing the motherboard. A mistake many people make is installing the motherboard directly into the case, shorting it out and often damaging some parts.

The only other potential problem I see is finding all the 64bit drivers. Does Asus have them ready for you to download on their support pages? I'd download those and have them ready.

Good luck!
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I have a pavillion Dv6, and I'm having a problem with the computer simply shutting off when the battery is running low. It happened today when the battery was at 35%, and it gave no warning of low battery or anything. It didn't even go through the shutdown process... it just shut off immediately. I checked my settings, and the computer is supposed to go to sleep at 10%, and shut down at 5%. I'm running Windows 7 x64. Let me know if you have any advice.

A:Notebook Shuts-Off Without Warning when battery is low (Dv6)

Hi Drummer89,  do you have HP support assistant installed on your laptop? If so, perform the following steps"Open HP Support AssistantClick "Troubleshoot"Click "Power, Thermal and Mechanical"Click the "Power" tabClick "Battery Check" in the Resources section.It may be your battery is out of "sync" with your laptop. If you don't have HP Support assistant installed, click start>help. and type Battery, or calibrate battery. Please let me know if this helps. 

______________________________________________________________________________ProBook 4710S, Win 10 Pro 32 bit, T6570 @ 2.1Ghz, 320GB, 3GB, ATI Mobility HD 4330Elitebook 840 G1 Win 7 Enterprise x64HP Stream 7 Tablet Windows 10 Home
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I'm having a win 64 bit laptop 1607 build, recently it shown a warning message stating battery less than 9 % , but when checked battery status in taskbar showed 33%, so i ignored it , but this keeps on popping up, is there a problem with my laptop battery or is it a technical glitch ?

A:showing false battery low warning

Hi, how old is the laptop?
And is the warning message about less than 9% definitely about the laptop battery?
I only ask as I get alerts about my phone battery in the notifications.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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Product Name: hp 4520sOperating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)My hp 4520s used to warn me of battery replacement two weeks ago. This morning when I shutdown and remove the battery, and only used my AC adapter. But when i reinstalled the battery and put it on, it only show hp logo when starting on battery but won't boot. But when i shut  it down and remove the battery and then plug only the Ac adapter, it boot well. But when i shutdown and reinsert the battery, and put it on , it will only show the hp logo but won't continue to start. it just stick at the hp logo. Please help. i will highly appreciate your assistance. Please help 

A:Battery warning replacement , after when I shot down, my HP ...

The battery is no longer functioning properly. Temove it and leave the battery out of the notebook. Purchase a replacement guaranteed compatible battery. Make sure you purchase it from a vendor who gives a one year warranty.
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Hello everyone, I have a HP 15 Touchsmart. This started happening to me yesterday in the afternoon. My laptop will shut off at around 27% battery life. The low battery message does not come on till around 15% battery life, but regardless no low battery warning message appears.  After it shuts off it will not turn on unless the charge is plugged into it.  Has anyone experienced this before?? Any feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

A:HP 15 TouchSmart shuts off with out low battery warning

Hi FranciscoMacia, Please download HP Support assistant with link that i shared below and do battery test.  HP Support Assistant | Download  Thanks,

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Hi.I have a x201 laptop. I have two batteries - one original 6-cell, which is pretty old and one non-original 9-cell, which is rather new.When I unplug the computer from power, with either battery, what happens is that it shows that it has fairly normal percentage left, and that it also has fairly normal time left (for example, yesterday I used the 9-cell, and it showed 95% and about 3 hours), at the beginning it drops fairly normally (with the 9-cell it was about 20 minutes later when it showed 84%, so about 10% for 20 min use, which is reasonable).But then, after mere minutes (let's say 5 more minutes or so), with no warning at all, the battery is at 0, and the computer hibernates.Since this is happening with both batteries, and in the same everything-is-fine-until-it's-not manner, I don't really think it's a battery issue, but rather suspect it might be firmware\software\driver related. Any thoughts?
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I have Eurocom laptop running Linux SuSE. My problem is AMIBIOS and
the battery critical alarm. I would like to turn it off. All comments helpful.
Thanks in advance.
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I am receiving a battery capacity warning every time I boot up my computer. I ran the battery diagnostics and a few of the battery details came back as follows: Charge capacity: 9%Battery status: Very Weak(71)FAILURE ID: UC29AF-76K83P-MFPV7F-C0CD03 When plugged in battery charges to 100% but only lasts 20 minutes before battery is completely drained again after being unplugged. I purchased this laptop only 17 months ago!! Please advise.
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I have had this computer for a few years and a few months ago the battery slowly stopped holding a charge until it stopped working all together Leaving the battery connected to the computer made the computer run wonky so I took it out completely Recently I got a new battery to replace the old one in hopes of making my computer portable again but it is doing basically the same thing except the battery is at full charge rather than rapidly depleating Basically what happens is the battery is at full charge- great I disconnect the power cord and then A few seconds later there is a popping sound and the computer goes completely dead until I plug it in again and start it up proceeding with the 'windows didn't shut down correctly' screen ect This has lead me to believe that in essence power warning Computer down without on battery when no... shuts something is wrong with the computer itself Computer shuts down without warning on battery power when no... making it in essence 'allergic to batteries' I cannot afford a new computer at this point and at the time I spent a great deal more money to buy a better laptop so that I WOULDNT have issues with it or have to replace it every years nbsp Is this something that has to be brought to a computer mechanic who can take the thing apart and physically repair it As a side note I have to shut down the computer by unplugging it or else when I start it up again I will not get my user account to appear- it will just be the blue background without any options to shut down or log in availible This problem is worse with a battery attached to the computer- it takes removing the battery and incorrectly re-starting several times for the user Computer shuts down without warning on battery power when no... account to appear- I can practically never move my computer Or shut it down properly Ever without these issues

A:Computer shuts down without warning on battery power when no...

Hi, Is there a way for you to boot the computer back again?If you can then kindly hover your mouse cursor to the lower right corner down to the battery icon and check if you will get a message "Plug in not charging"..? If Yes then follow the steps here  Cheers!

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Hi, I hope someone can help. I have an Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop that was originally Vista but now is running 8 pro.
The problem I have is that since I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, I no longer receive an on-screen message warning of low battery level.
I however still have the battery level indicator in the task bar,which still functions correctly.
Any comments,ideas welcome.
Regards Dominic

A:No low battery level warning message since windows 8

Did you do an upgrade installation of Windows 8 over vista or a clean install?
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Experiencing regular low bttery warnings with my Lenovo Ideapad 700 - battery status shows battery charge of 70%, then suddenly low battery warning appears, as well as battery icon changes for low battery icon, basically after a second the warnng disappears, as well as battery indicator shows battery charge of 70% again. This occurs randomly quite regularly. What could cause this? Quite annoying, although not a problem otherwise.
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I recently added a brand new Cyberpower EC650LCD UPS to my desktop computer setup.

Since then, I've been getting "low battery" notifications even though my UPS is fully charged and running smoothly.

Any ideas why Windows 10 would be showing this notification on a desktop?

A:Windows 10 Desktop keeps showing low battery warning

Is the low battery message showing in the Cyberpower UPS software?
Or is it a Computer warning at bootup? If a Computer warning, then your CMOS battery on your motherboard may need replacing.
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My computer keeps disconnecting the battery charger after 10 seconds without warning. After a few seconds it connects again. I had this problem start about 2 weeks ago and the charger to my computer is plugged in when the battery is disconnected. Please, I've had this problem for weeks and I need it resolved.


Information about this computer:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7860 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -293 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 320306 MB; E: Total - 476836 MB, Free - 455556 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2014, Updated and Enabled

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I need help as my ACER Aspire E15 laptop stopped from showing a low battery warning and will just hibernate as it reached critical battery level. I tried to check the advance setting on the power option but still no hope. One time, it warned me again but not anymore. My laptop is just 6 months old as it was bought back in November 2015. HELP! THANKS! BEN

A:No low battery level warning message on windows 8....

In this case, you can follow the steps below and check if that works:1. Right-click on the battery icon at the bottom of the screen and select "Power Options".2. If you are not able to view the battery icon, you can go to "Power Options" by clicking the "Start" button, clicking "Control Panel", clicking "System and Security", and then clicking "Power Options" (this step may vary depending upon your Windows version).3. Click "Change plan settings" and then click "Change advanced power settings".4. In the next popup, first check if "Balanced [active]" is the actual active profile.5. Then click on "Battery"-"low battery notification" and check if both options are "ON".6. If the options are not On, turn them On and click Apply -> Ok. If the issue still persists, you can contact nearest Acer service center using the following link for further assistance: Hope this will help you.
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I had my Asus laptop for a while now then I restarted it but stay on the windows 10 but now it loads on ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE then turns black then shuts off then turns on and does the same thing until I turn it off but when I turn it back on it does the same thing somebody help me also my battery is built in so I can't take it out
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Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

First off I for the most part do not use the battery. It is normally detached from the laptop. I only attach it to periodically charge it and test prior existing charges' performance.

O.K. here is the problem. I attach battery attachment, computer does not make it to the window screen more often than not. When it does, it freezes at the please wait loading screen.

I rarely use the battery at all, but I want all my equipment up and functional. It's life should still be good for I periodically recharge it. I think since I've had the laptop I've only recharged it a total of 6 or 7 times and that's been a year or so.

A:Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

jonasdatum said:

Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

O.K. here is the problem. I attach battery attachment, computer does not make it to the window screen more often than not. When it does, it freezes at the please wait loading screen.

I rarely use the battery at all, but I want all my equipment up and functional. It's life should still be good for I periodically recharge it. I think since I've had the laptop I've only recharged it a total of 6 or 7 times and that's been a year or so.Click to expand...

I, for the moment at least have the battery working power adapter attached. What did I do? I uninstalled Avast (freeware version) ?

I learned from prior experience that running two of any system utility software can cause problems, but it normally restricts itself to what it is protecting. Then I remembered: "If you remove the possible whatever is left however in probable must be the truth."

Next phase of testing is test the battery on it's own.
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Asus has some way of starting their programs that I can't find. In particular, I want to disable their Wireless Console 3 (wcourier.exe). There are other programs but I can't remember what they are right now. I can only tell you that is does not show up in msconfig or HJT. Does anybody know where I can find these startup entries?



A:Asus Laptop can't find startup entries for Asus Programs

Try using Sysinternals Autoruns.
It lists a lot more than msconfig.

You can download the Sysinternals Suite, or just the Autoruns utility.

Windows Sysinternals: Documentation, downloads and additional resources
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I am sure someone has post this before. I apologize for the repetition. I have a 3.5 year old Benq LCD monitor and it just shut down this morning without any warning. I can't turn it back on. I mean I can turn the power on and everything looks normal except there's nothing on the screen. I have read that it could be the back light went out, but wouldn't it happen gradually over the time? So is it the back light or is it something else?

There's no dealer/service support at where I live and I really need a monitor to get some work done...AND it's snowing. So screwed!!!

A:LCD Monitor stopped working without warning

Will the monitor menu come up if you press the button?

Either the backlight has died or the power section for it has died.

Sounds like you need a new monitor, they are fairly cheap these days.

wouldn't it happen gradually over the time?Click to expand...

not always, sometimes they just fail unexpectedly : - (

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I dug out this old Vista machine someone gave me 3 years ago, updated it but can't get Chrome to work, only I E will work. After installing Chrome I uninstalled it because I kept getting the Chrome window warning "Chrome has stopped working" I reinstalled it and it seemed to work ok but after rebooting I keep getting the warning Chrome has stopped working on every Chrome icon etc so can't get into Chrome unless I uninstall and install over each time. I had also clicked make Chrome my home page. Also I had sent an email ok and was in F B writting a comment and right in the middle of writting, it wouln't type anymore but the curser was still flashing. Than I went into my email and same thing happened, can't type. Please help
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My hp laptop had its battery flat for 12 hours. After that the laptop can nolonger boot up or charge. Please help

A:HP laptop cannot boot up or charge battery after battery went flat for 12 hours

What is the model of your laptop?
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Hello I ve been using a Dell inspiron from about years now and exactly after years of my buy the battery failed and it started showing me to battery charge! Bought battery still and dell my doesn't laptop a new replace the battery and always notified me about contacting dell for a new battery Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge! I didn t take this of much concern so i just ignored the message and kept on using my battery with my adapter plugged in After - months of such usage My battery completely failed and doesn t Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge! even offer me even a minute of backup when i remove the power socket Then i realized the importance of a new battery and then bought a new battery from Dell Its the same battery with the same specs and also the same family type After i removed my defected battery I replaced my new bought Dell battery and realized that my battery is working fine its charging well but at some time it says quot Plugged in But not charging quot Which is rare for any new battery which is bought brand new This is how it looks now after i remove the AC adapter plug and when i depend on the battery backup it is providing me a backup but I see a yellow exclamatory mark beside it Which I think should not be present it also says quot Low battery quot when there s already of battery left I ve also followed some online steps updated by BIOS to the latest nbsp Followed some other steps like uninstalling the battery ACI in the device manager and etc i would love to get this problem solved I m using a PA- family adapter which is also a replaced one So any help on solving the issue would be appreciated THANKS

A:Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge!

Hi Utkarsh. I Actually FIXED this problem months back. and I exactly want to help you on this so that you can fix it yourself too..
the problem which is creating your battery to show an exclamatory mark is your power settings.
so follow these steps to get rid of that sign and a perfectly working battery.
1) Click on your battery icon (left click) you should see an option called " More power options" at the bottom of the popup.
click "More power options"
2) Now you will be taken to your control panel where you can see all of your power plans and under each plan, you will see an option called "Change plan settings"
3) Click on "Change plan settings" for your active power plan. Now you will get redirected to another control panel window, where you can see two kind of power options to get adjusted. that is, when you battery is plugged and when your battery is unplugged.
4) Don't touch those options, just click on "Change advanced power settings" at the bottom left of that window. THIS IS THE AREA WHERE WE NEED TO FIX!
5)After you click on "Change advanced power setttings", you will see a POWER options popup, go to the bottom and then you can see something called "Battery" with a plus sign on the left. click it.
6) Now you just have to change the levels for the following values
                   --> Critical battery level ( you can change it to 10%)
                   ---> Low battery level ( you can change it to 20%)
So I hope this works!
Reply me back when you've succeeded fixing it.
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Hello there I have Battery.. 1YearOld at battery Laptop left. 20% off powers unexpectedly an one year-old ASUS K S Laptop Windows Home Premium bits GB Ram and HDD At Laptop powers off unexpectedly at 20% battery left. 1YearOld Battery.. the beginning my battery lasted gt hours in Balanced power mode which is the one I alway use and now due to regular use it last about hours Everything normal until here About months ago i started playing this game in full screen with the battery on and it last about - minutes until it reached the low battery warning left I would then plug the power on and resume the game charging the battery as well After a few weeks the warning stopped appearing in the desktop and the computer automatically hibernated left with the game still on So i plugged the ac power on and resumed the game right away This kept happening from that moment on every time i played the game it would reach battery left and hibernate for itself whereas it should appear the low battery warning at left where I would plug in the ac power and charge the battery without going into hibernation On top of that my sister kept stealing my ac charger for charging her Toshiba Satellite as she often forgets her own charger at her workplace Now at the present day when the battery reaches about - left the laptop power off unexpectedly as if I had pull the battery off of the laptop It must be from all those time it would reach left with the game still on that quot tired quot the battery and now it won't even last further than left It might be a problem with the battery or the ac charger that my sister used in another computer Both the battery and its respectively ac charger are the ones that came with the laptop Can someone please tell me what is causing my year-old laptop to power off for no reason at all when battery has just remaining Do I have to buy a new one or what Regards conhaqu

A:Laptop powers off unexpectedly at 20% battery left. 1YearOld Battery..

Hi there .. Do you have Power4Gear Installed ... If so i would look into the Settings for that could be a power plan so save Battery life ... It should also be able to tell you your Battery's Health status ... I have no idea how good this Program is could be total crap ...
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It's so strange. Today when I turned on my laptop, suddenly, there was a message that my battery has problems so the computer might shut down suddenly. I tried different strategies, like uninstalling the battery driver, or letting the computer completely die. When it turned off itself at 6%, I turned it back on, and it was at 2 minutes battery life. Then in a few minutes, it said 4 minutes battery life for 6%. Now, it's passed an hour, and it says 3 minutes, but changes sometimes to 1-4 minutes. The battery meter is completely wrong, and I don't know what to do since it is closing the computer way too early. I'm still not sure what the problem is. Please help me.

A:Laptop Battery Meter is Completely Wrong and it says there's a problem with the battery

How long have you been using the laptop with battery? Is it still under warranty?
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Ok this might be might not (COMPAQ M2105)

I ended up replacing my motherboard for a model with more features (SD readers blah blah).

I took it all apart and put it all back with the new board when i go into windows (and even before while booting)...the orange lights would come on for a second...then beging to flicker

while in just will either not charge the battery..or flicker from AC to battery

i CAN power the unit on with the battery alone, and i CAN power the unit with the cord alone...

lastly, my old motherboard (which had a HD connector problem)...still WILL charge the i'm sure its not the battery...i don't think...

i also dont' think its the AC adapter since it is the same piece I used on both motherboards.....

what to do................

A:compaq M2105 laptop - battery will not charge, flickers from AC/battery

Hopefully you are experienced in working on and repairing laptops/notebooks... and you carefully handeled the replacement motherboard and didn't damage it. Repairing laptops takes considerable skill and caution.

It does sound like the "new" motherboard is bad unfortunately. How did you handle the "old" operating system restore to the "new" motherboard?
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I've been playing with overclocking my Intel i on a Asus P P D Pro At one point today I was running temps up around c while running Prime and I started to hear a constant piercing tone like some kind of warning It was not coming from the system audio because it continued when I turned off the speakers When I killed the Prime test and temps went down it stopped While doing this test I was also running Speedfan and Core Temp Does this Mobo have a warning tone I can't find anything about it in BIOS I also checked Speedfan and Core Temp and I don't see anything in their settings about a warning tone I & 750 CPU Asus coming Where Tone: (I5 P7P55D) from? it is Warning Heat see a warning pop-up option in Core Temp and a shutdown option but nothing about a noise If it was coming from a program like Core Temp CPU Heat Warning Tone: Where is it coming from? (I5 750 & Asus P7P55D) wouldn't it come through the system audio That's why I was thinking the board itself had a warning Anyone know where the noise is coming from c isn't really hot enough for a warning is it

A:CPU Heat Warning Tone: Where is it coming from? (I5 750 & Asus P7P55D)

63 is not that high for your CPU. However, you should never use 2 temp monitoring programs at the same time. Both reading the same sensors can cause false readings. Core temp does have a warning if you set it. I'm not familar with your board, so can't answer some of your questions, but most modern CPUs and boards have a fail safe shut down that will shut the computer down if the CPU gets overheated, to protect it from damage.
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Microsoft has confirmed it is investigating a problem causing some Windows 7 users to receive incorrect battery warnings on their laptops.

The warning is triggered when a laptops BIOS detects a battery replacement is required. Windows 7 provides the following alert: "Consider replacing your battery. There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly." One user who spoke to The Register claimed their laptop battery life had decreased from two hours to half hour and others posted their experiences in a

Source - - Microsoft investigating Windows 7 battery warning issues

A:Microsoft investigating Windows 7 battery warning issue

i have a question ....if that problem appeared to ur will shut down totally..plz reply for my e-mail
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OK I see there are a myraid of battery warning Erratic behavior, mouse keyboard low posts concerning this issue but no fixes Even the HP employee gave a link that does nothing and appears broken I purchased and Erratic mouse behavior, low battery keyboard warning installed GB RAM and that didn't fix it What a waste of money And for HP to ignore all the posts about the problem is frankly disingenuine reckless and bad business Erratic mouse behavior, low battery keyboard warning There simply MUST be a fix or workaround for this nbsp nbsp IF I HAVE TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER IT WILL NOT BE AN HP nbsp Are Erratic mouse behavior, low battery keyboard warning you hearing me HP My statement says a lot I have been computing for years and only ever bought HP or Compaq I use the computer for business and the state my computer is in currently is far from a shining example of streamlined productivity Double triple quadruple clicking on single click stuff no response clicking clicks bring up multiple duplicate windows click for new tab and tabs pop up insert or remove SD card nets low keyboard battery warning and on and on and on nbsp What's going on WHAT IS THE FIX nbsp EDIT as with most users this all started with the Win upgrade last Fall
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I had this problem with my laptop lenovo z510, it's battery charges fast, and when it's unplugged then used it, it automatically turn offs without warning of low battery. It automatically turns off. What do you think its problem? Please help me. Thank you!
Mod Comment: Moved post for new problem. Edited subject to include model/issue.

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo Ideapad z510 Low Battery Warning Problem

same problem here. im from the philippines as well.. tsk tsk!
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Hi i have a XPS M dell laptop and bought a new battery wich came charged to the instructions said that i should discharge the battery to and then chargeit to for first time I used the laptop withouth cord until it was then i plugged it but the amer light that should battery testing of of or port need dell a i help a Hi, a battery laptop appear it is not when i plug the laptop with the battery installed then i check the energy administrator i have xp Hi, i need help testing a battery or a port of battery of a laptop dell and lubuntu and it both was the same and it said quot charging quot but it stayed in i let it more than hours plugged but never charged the battery it is still in and the light of the battery doesnt turn on I dont know if the battery is bad because it worked when had charge or is maybe the laptop that is not charging Is there a war to check if this port is charging electricity to the battery i have a multimeter and i know how to open this laptop Any information would be helpful as i havent been able to found information on this and also is there a way to know with the multimeter if the battery is allowing energy to charge it i hope you have understood im still klearning english thanks for your time nbsp

A:Hi, i need help testing a battery or a port of battery of a laptop dell

Testing the DC jack on a laptop
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I am becoming more and more concerned about my laptop's battery each and every passing day. When I check the bottom right of my computer screen to check if my computer battery is completely charged, it says "0% available (plugged in, not charging)". I have had to buy two new batteries because of the same thing and they also read "0% available (plugged in, not charging)". When I unplug my laptop from the power source, it turns off automatically. I cannot even bother calling Dell to check this issue for me because I bought this computer off the street for $35.

My question in general is how do I get this problem fixed and how do I keep an eye on how my laptop computer charges correctly (or not)???

A:General Question about laptop battery charging AND 0% battery

Some reading and testing for you

Why is my Laptop battery not charging? – updates

Laptop Battery Not Charging | PCWorld

The common method is:
- Create a System restore point
- Uninstall (Under the Batteries category in Device Manager) the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery.
- WARNING: Do not remove the Microsoft AC Adapter driver or any other ACPI compliant driver.
- click Scan for hardware changes
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HP g - b us Notebook PCHere is the situation LED charge whi... battery charging battery shows and not Laptop and symptoms nbsp Battery not charging Battery icon indicates battery being charged but it sits at Have bought a replacement HP battery and that battery will not charge also it sits at which I assume is the initial charge it came with nbsp Run the HP Support Assistant and both batteries fail the test saying that cell is bad cells to have charge but cell has a reading even in the new battery Is there a problem accessing charging Laptop battery not charging and battery charge LED shows whi... cell When the battery is installed and the AC adaptor is unplugged and the laptop is turned off the battery charge LED shows a white LED red amber indicates that it is charging the battery now the only time the LED goes out is when the battery is physically removed Before the problem began the battery charge LED would be off when the battery was installed and the charger was not being used Now the battery charge LED goes off only when the battery is physically removed What I have tried Cleaned the contacts Bought a new HP battery Tried the complete discharge method of turning the laptop off removing the power cord and battery and holding the power on key for over seconds Have done safe restarts Reset to HP recommended settings Suggestions recommendations