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why my lumia 640xl not notify any massage from WhatsApp fb messenger hike etc

Q: why my lumia 640xl not notify any massage from WhatsApp fb messenger hike etc

When i closed WhatsApp hike messenger fb then my phone not notify any msg.'s

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Preferred Solution: why my lumia 640xl not notify any massage from WhatsApp fb messenger hike etc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: why my lumia 640xl not notify any massage from WhatsApp fb messenger hike etc

Try going to settings and then notifications, see if the notifications there are off or on for each of those apps.
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Previously used this phone with Zune on my now-deceased PC with Windows XP (although even that took a while to establish). Now have an HP laptop with Windows 7 but Zune consistently refuses to recognize it and just comes up with the usual 'disconnect, turn off and reconnect'. I have downloaded both Microsoft Fixes and neither of them find anything wrong; I have uninstalled/reinstalled countless times; I have been into my certificates and made changes and/or deletions - and I m now simply running out of options ...and patience if I'm honest.

Almost all the internet advice suggests the fix is easy. Would the fact I've worked on this for over a month now suggest I am a one-off?!!!

A Google search revealed that there are many people who have had the same problem still unresolved after two years or so - just as often with other Windows Phones rather than Nokia. Can anyone help please?

A:Microsoft Zune will not recognize my Nokia Lumia 800...

Any luck with this?
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Before I get to the poll a little history is in order I got my first droid retiring my GS moved to iOS from WinMO few years ago But I think it is the most 920 or ATIV Lumia S regrettable of decisions I made Because despite the fact that I always went for the higher end droid at least of its time e g Desire SGS SGSII Sensation SGSIII to name few I never found a stable solidly performing android phone They all suffered from random crashes reboots sluggishness hang ups and I only install apps - I need nothing more They all have various annoying quirks as well e g SGS ATIV S or Lumia 920 III doesn t want to find any WiFi network at times folders on home screen will randomly open at ATIV S or Lumia 920 their own my older Sensation s screen would stop responding quot in some places quot etc IMHO almost all droids I owned had great hardware but a crappy OS Few months ago I got my hands on Lumia and used it along side my Sensation SGS III for months and my views about WP totally changed It easily outperforms all those multi-core droids with its dated single core SoC being absolutely rock solid and very easy to use UI unlike androids copycat of iOS It is time again to jump ship only thing to decide is should I get ATIV S or Lumia though I m tilting toward the later due to better support upgrade cycle of Nokia compared to Samsung However SuperAMOLED display of ATIV S will be more battery friendly and it also have expansion slot ATIV S comparison Lumia specs Specs of HTC X amp Accord rumored Lumia along side Samsung ATIV S So what you guys would pick nbsp

A:ATIV S or Lumia 920

I'm firmly set on the Lumia 920 right now. I've always had a thing for Nokia handsets, and until Android hit the scene I only ever owned them. Plus, I don't think I'll miss the lack of storage expansion (my SGS3 has 16GB now and I'm only using 1GB of it!), and I think Nokia will be quicker and more supportive with its own apps than Samsung will be.
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Dell laptop doesn't let me download windows live messenger 2011, it says i need a service pack 2 and won't let me download that either, my computer was set to factory settings and now it won't let me download this, did it erase something when it was rebooted? please help

A:Dell laptop doesn't let me download Windows Live Messenger

What version of Windows are you running? Have you checked for a virus or other malware?
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My windows live messenger IM feature is update and working fine. My web cam allows others to view me. However the other person that I want to view is having problems letting me view them. Every time they send an invite for me to view their web cam, a message appears under the invite immediately that they canceled the invite..they are saying that the install of their webcam is correct, however it ask them to update to the newest version of windows live messenger..when they did still didn't work and they couldn't even view themselves from their cam. Could it be a firewall problem for them of just a step they are missing? My friend is very frustrated..what advise can I give them?
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Using Netgear router. Wireless connection indicates connected. Both IE and Firefox cannot connect. Skype and Yahoo Messenger can connect.

A:No internet access on wireless network. Skype and Yahoo Messenger work.


My wireless router sometiimes locks up and wont let HTTP traffic through, MSN and the like work fine, i fiind a hard reboot sorts it out nicely...
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I'm trying to uninstall AOL Instant Messenger but it comes up ERRO Could not load the DLL library C:\ProgramFiles\AIM\aimapi.dll. The specified module could not be found.


A:Removine AOL Instant Messenger

This was while using Add and Remove in the control panel?
You might try again in SAFE MODE.

You might try downloading RegCleaner by Viourno from, then using it to remove all evidence of AIM inn the registry. It is easy, and the changes are recoverable. Usually, you can rid your machine of AIM and all other AOL evils.
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this is the error message that i got every time i access gmail, yahoo mail...

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to

Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).

(Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)

A:Can't connect to gmail, y!mail and messenger

i get something like that some times usually mine fixes itself but other whys i have no idea whats wrong
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I want to know how to install Yahoo Messenger for PDA..

Thank You
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Hello all I hope there s a solution to this weird problem I ve got I recently bought a new Compaq computer with a Microsoft Lifecam webcam got high speed internet cable thru Comcast When I use Yahoo with Internal interference webcam with messenger on? voice noise Messenger for voice everything runs fine-- the person I m speaking to on the other end has no problems hearing me BUT once I activate my webcam for her to view there s a lot of static all sorts of noisy interference-- and it s VERY loud Once I turn the webcam back off everything runs fine So my friend amp I can only talk with my webcam turned off her webcam doesn t affect the sound-- she has a Dell Inspirion laptop amp we both have Windows Vista I moved the webcam off the flatscreen monitor thinking maybe that would help Using a different seperate microphone doesn t help either Using a noise canceller doesn t help of course-- that s for external sounds amp I think the sound must be internal I dunno if it is my CPU or the internet connection the webcam or what combination of Internal noise interference with voice messenger with webcam on? factors are causing this problem Obviously the webcam is part of the problem but I really don t know what to do Any ideas Suggestions HELP thanks so much kiwiwannabe nbsp

A:Internal noise interference with voice messenger with webcam on?

hey kiwiwannabe.... weird problem lol..... just a question....u have only mentioned that the problem occurs with the one specified person....i'm just wondering if u talk and cam with someone else whether it still does the same thing?? Also is the interference only apparent when voice chat is activated?? I mean, does it make an "internal" noise when ONLY the cam is running?? Please check these 2 things and report back.

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On a pc where xp-sp2 was reinstalled from scratch, Live Messenger works properly except for sound. The person we call can hear us fine but his voice is garbled. When we play a DVD movie on the pc, sound is also garbled.

On the other hand, a music cd plays fine (over same player). And when there is sound on PowerPoint (PPS) documents, sound is also okay.

The sound device is a built-in Creative SB PCI 128 (Ensoniq ES 5880). We updated the firmware with an upgrade from the SB site: SBPCI128Setupus_w2k. No change. We then tried to install the most recent firmware version WebDrvsV5_12_01. We got an error message telling us we had no Sound Blaster device (!!!) although it's a Creative SB PCI 128 (Ensoniq ES 5880).

A:Sound problem with Live Messenger

Go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager, then remove or disable the existing driver. Then go to the sound manufacturer's web site to download the driver one more time.
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I have used my webcam years ago with older version of Skype but it is not working now I have new version Skype, my webcam is Ritmo TPC-4113 and my driver is STV680 camera driver
Message is Skype could not find video device, or it is in use with another application, of course it is with messenger....... so take it off messenger and the same message still comes up
Regards motherearth
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MY windows messenger is no working. It comes up with an error code: 80048820 nad extended error code: 80048412. Some other things that I think are related to this problem are:
-My time will not synchronize...when I click "Update Now" "An error occured getting the status of the last synchronization. The RPG server is unavailable." I was trying to update with "" and "" but both do not work.
-I also have a problem with this certificate keeps saying it has expired. I'll take some screenshots for you to look at and hopefully you can solve my problems.


How long have these errors been happening? Have you installed or removed any programs or utilities recently?

Try downloading RegScrubXP and run it. It is a free utility that cleans your registry safely and it works very well. Do a Google Search to find it
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I am quite new to routers, and they have always seemed quite daunting to fiddle with.

Due to an upgrade on my BT line, i had to get a router instead of my old modem, the router works fine now (BT Voyager 220v ADSL Voice Router), and will connect to DSL and ethernet fine, but my MSN Messenger will no longer connect.

It is strange since other applications such as Internet Explorer, Security applications, etc. can.

I suspect it has something to do with port forwarding, but looking at guides on this and attempting to implement them I find does not solve the problem, although, I could be doing it wrong.

OS: Windows XP (Home Edition SP2)

Any help/guidance, would be most helpful!



A:BT Voyager 220v ADSL Router = No MSN Messenger :(

Have you looked at THIS GUIDE ?
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Dear All

Half duplex, mean; we can not transmit and receive at the same time. It should either send or receive, it can not be both at the same time.

Now with MSN messenger or Yahoo, why cann't we talk at the same time ? Is it because of half duplex technique? or something elase?


I have got two type of connections (Dialup and ADSL)

A:Half-Duplex And Msn Messenger

Half duplex is either send or receive.
Set your (ADSL) NIC to full-duplex or auto, and your problem should be solved.
Dialup is too slow to react that quick.
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Dear all:
My best friend just had his car broken in, and his laptop was stolen. Now that thief uses his laptop to go on internet, and my friend's AIM and MSN automatically logs on.

My question is, is there a way to trace the connection from MSN or AIM based on IP address? Is it peer to peer? Anyone? Please help...


A:Is MSN or AIM chatting messenger user IP traceable??????

It is peer to peer if you do file transfers, voice and video chats. Otherwise the IP is untraceable.
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First of all i would like to thank techspot crew for such a great site in Audio conversation messenger problem m$ it informs me everyday one of top sites today with some others This is my first post in the forum I didn t Audio conversation problem in m$ messenger even noticed there was a forum before Today after reading this networking article at the last page the editor talks about this forum and I found here I Audio conversation problem in m$ messenger have a great problem that I cannot nor many of friends can solve In our apartment we bought a ADSL connection and sharing it with D-Link DSL- G modem and a router which brand I cant remember now There are flats sharing one connection means one IP too to surf the net visa versa Everything was good till we found out neither of us can make an audio conversation over MS Messenger we tried older versions x as well It doesnt matter which one tries to start it us or the person on the other side It tries to connect to for example my computer or his computer and a few moments later it gives connection cannot established error We can make webcam only video conversations by the way Some said this is because in our network our pc s there is a firewall and it interrupts the connection we closed all and be sure there is no firewall anywhere on the whole network There is no firewall on the modem too We also tried connecting one of the PC s directly to the net with the modem there was no network in that one net works but the same audio problem again We also can use p p aps without any problems only edonkey emule gives lowid error it was giving it when I was on dial-up too We can play all the multiplayer games as well over the net and in the lan And WE CAN MAKE AUDIO CON INSIDE THE LAN Yes we can establish the connection with the messenger and can talk to each other but not outside the lan Lastly I learned stg about NAT and checked -not sure but everywhere our dsl modem seems to have Upnp NAT So that is not the problem either I gived all the info I can figure out now asking you Is there a solution for this kind of situation Anyone can clarify that our modem s nat is Upnp by the way we tried this in both win and winxp non of them worked And why there are some progz such as paltalk we can make it but not in messenger I say i really in need of messenger audio conversation and can make without it however my neighbours all wants this feature Too much talk please help Thanks nbsp

A:Audio conversation problem in m$ messenger


hey!! Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll msn audio dosn't work with mine either bt skype works, go on google and search for it noooow! IT works everytime and is beta quitilty. SEEYAAZ
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Have AOL and use ZoneAlarm. Recently accessed IE and a NET passport deal poped up. Required an e-mail address and a password. Fine. But now I cannot access the Internet unless I turn ZoneAlarm off. Was told this and it worked. Was told I would have to change firewalls which I don't care to. Don't know where this NET stuff come from but I would like to disable same and keep ZA. Thank you.


Try going into the "Add Remove programs" dialog, and remove anything .net...

I'm sorry, but that's about all I can think of, since I only use IE for windows update, and even there I do so reluctantly!
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I keep getting these pop upz all the time, have yall had this problem before...I don't know what to do i tried alot of things

Do yall Have any ideaz

And what the best Pop-Up Killer....????

Peace out....

A:Messenger Service

Messenger Spam

See if this helps you any.;en-us;330904&Product=msnmsg
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I have managed to set up my wireless connection now both machines are constantly connected with wireless cards to my Vigor wireless router It appeard to work fine I have not yet managed to share files but that is next on the list My question is in order to allow my kids to use windows messenger I had to turn off the firewall that comes with the router Im sure this is a bad thing but I cannot find simple instructions to let me turn it on I got a link to some info but I could not locate the settings it referred to It cant be too hard any help appreciated Also I used firewall with messenger Enable windows the settings and transfer wisard in xp when I put in a new HD in Enable firewall with windows messenger my kids machine and said yes to all files and settings I was hoping that everything would transfer but no such luck I have had to reinstall most stuff The other HD is still there set to slave where are the settings hidden as Im going to have to do the same to mine if I ever get the replacement Asus board from dabs Do I need to get something like Ghost to do what I am trying nbsp

A:Enable firewall with windows messenger

I think you just need to enable the port that MSN Messenger uses in your router firewall. I'm not exactly sure right now as to which one that is, but when I have more time I will search for it.
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WhatsApp's coveted calling feature is finally ready for primetime. After rolling out to a select few users earlier this month, the feature appears to be ready for users worldwide - but there's apparently a clever trick you need to use to enable it. ...

Read more

A:WhatsApp calling comes to Android, but you'll need a friend to help you enable it

The 'passing on' feature has been shut. Those people who had this feature aren't able to pass it on to others now. But they can call others and talk.
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Hi, recently downloaded Yahoo Messenger and the messages I try to send will not show up, I can also not see other people's messages.
I've tried all of the solutions I have found online including playing with the Regedit and typing this in on command prompt.
regsvr32 jscript.dll then press enter
regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\vbscript.dll press enter
None of this seems to be working so please can someone help me.
Thanks in advance

A:Yahoo messenger not working

I certainly understand the issue. These steps might help you fixing it. This is an issue that is cropping up more and more.

If just a new problem try exiting Yahoo Messenger and then relaunching it. Even try rebooting your computer. If both those fail to solve your problem then try the suggestions below.
The first thing to check is to make sure you have scripting enabled in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is integrated into Yahoo Messenger so things that go wrong with IE can affect Yahoo Messenger. Here is the yahoo help page about that:
In the Start Menu click on Run. Type, without the quotes, ?regsvr32 jscript.dll? and then click OK. Next, repeat the process but this time type in the Run box ?regsvr32 vbscript.dll? and click OK. Please note, if you are using Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 temporarily disable the User Account Control (UAC). You can easily turn it back on. On the Control Panel (Category View) choose User Accounts and Family Safety, next choose User Accounts, and then click Turn User Account Control on or off.
If the above does not fix your problem and if you are using Windows XP, you can update your Windows Script to version 5.7. In my experience helping others, this is the step that has helped the most people. Exit all browser windows and chat programs including Yahoo Messenger before installing. Here is link from Microsoft to update that: you can do an internet search for Windows Script 5.7 and choose the Microsoft link.
This version of Window Script is already included with Vista, so you would not use that link. There is also a Windows Script 5.7 released for Windows 2000 and you can find that here:
The newer Windows versions will have Windows Script 5.8 inbuilt. For more info on the version, please visit this link:

Source for the fix: post #28 on this link:
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I would think some smart computer geek (and I use that term as an accolade) could
come up with a Firefox Add-On that could automatically, or selectively as desired,
be embedded in or attached to emails irregardless of browser that would be activated
upon opening and send notification to the sender that it has been opened.

If legal constraints require, it could maybe ask for permission to send notification,
but that kind of nullifies lots of the reasons for something like that in the first place.
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this is what i keep getting
failed with Error !
Failed to open logfile

can anyone help pelase ......running windows vista
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I seem to have a unique problem that I ve been searching for Internet Messenger Windows Explorer Live Windows Player failing and and Media hours for a solution on Anytime I Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger and Windows Media Player failing try to load Internet Explorer and WMP the window will appear for a brief second then disappear entirely I look in to the task manager and it says neither are running The computer I m using was riddled with viruses and malware which I took care of although it seems that the Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger and Windows Media Player failing damage done couldn t be fixed Windows Live Messenger is giving me error and I ve followed the solutions none of them worked I think that ultimately something is preventing ActiveX from working which is stopping all three because I ve noticed Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger and Windows Media Player failing one thing in common for all three applications that Internet Explorer is absolutely required for them to work I tried uninstalling and reinstalling up to IE or and it still won t start up Games such as Anarchy Online that have an ActiveX control on the login screen do the exact same thing a flicker of a window then it shuts down immedietly I can find no work around no repair utility or anything My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium x Also a few things I ve noticed that I think are related because they came up at the sime time anytime I install something and it tries to make a link on the desktop it comes up with an error I can put one on myself but Windows Installer can t seem to do it On top of that whenever I d bring up something that would let you say search for a file through Windows like if you re installing and it asks for a folder it comes up blank I don t know what any of these problems are caused from but they all started simultaneously If anyone has seen ANYthing like this before please tell me so I can attempt to fix this cursed thing They re relatively minor problems but it occasionally makes some things impossible to do Follow up what I mean by the searching for files through Windows is take installing City of Heroes At one point it asks where you d like to install it the default directory or one of your choice Whenever the screen comes up for the one of your choice comes up it either appears blank or force quits the program or installer or whathaveyou I have nothing but vague terms to google this problem because it s not coming up with an error or anything just either a blank window or forcequit nbsp

A:Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger and Windows Media Player failing

There is a good chance you are still infected so if you haven't done so already go to our Virus & Malware Removal forum read the UPDATED 8 Step sticky, follow the steps as given and on that forum post with the required logs attached.
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Have tried to connect and sometimes it does but not for very long then it loses connection and then tells me this machine appears to ahve an invalid ip address, i am running a t-mobile dongle, hellllllllp please
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Regarding the closed topic Live remember and not forgets ID / does Windows Messenger password quot vb topic html quot and also in this forum I have a solution that actually works Since your website is one of the first Windows Live Messenger forgets / does not remember ID and password google results for many kinds of searches on this problem I thought it would be good for the community to share it The problem has been discovered by Jonathan Kay who has proposed an executable problem that solves it However like many people I do not like running third-party programs and moreover I wanted to know how it actually solved the problem The answer has been proposed by Adam Johnson but it is not easy to find using Google The problem is originally caused by the bugged Yahoo Toolbar installer which changes the registry key AppData under HKEY CURRENT USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Windows Live Messenger forgets / does not remember ID and password User Shell Folders to quot AppData quot It should be set to quot USERPROFILE Application Data quot without the quotes of course instead The problem is then solved as soon as Explorer is restarted the simplest way to do this is to restart the computer but it also works to simply kill and then run explorer from the Windows process manager Of Course Messenger also has to be started Windows Live Messenger forgets / does not remember ID and password again after that so it takes the new environment into account To the admin please include this post in the closed topic or at least link it there because this would probably help many people solve this problem nbsp
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Im using windows XP latest version and my user accounts can't login to window live messenger. My wife is able to login but I can't. I get the error Error 81000306. I tried everything on the web and what I saw here but still can't get a fix. Has anyone been able to find a fix for this?
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please help! my windows live messenger stops responding every 15 minutes or so! I've attached the windows event viewer log. if it helps mine is a acer aspire 5920g laptop. Thanks!


- Provider

[ Name] Application Hang

- EventID 1002

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 101

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2010-10-02T21:50:32.000Z

EventRecordID 69911

Channel Application

Computer Weizhao-Laptop


- EventData


A:Windows Live Messenger not responding Vista

please help! anyone?
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I've been receiving lots of spam e-mails ( mostly ads.) in my Window Live Messenger account lately, at first I thought it was some sort of trojan program that caused it, but even after I reformat my drive, those annoying spam e-mails kept coming in, and I don't know what to do to stop them, please help~

btw, I use facebook quite frequently, is there a possibility that the spams were send by facebook??

thx in advance for your help

A:Spam on Windows Live Messenger, even after reformat

First, go to our Virus and Malware removal forum and read the Updated 8 Steps sticky. Follow the steps in order as given and then post there with the three required logs.

Second, Facebook is an excellent way to become harrassed with spamming and infections. :evil: Seriously, it is.

Third, what security software are your running, is it kept up-to-date, and are you behind a router?
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What sort of smartphone can you buy for just $70? Well you're about to find out, as Microsoft just launched the Lumia 430, their latest budget handset that features surprisingly okay specifications for a very low price tag.

Read more

A:The Microsoft Lumia 430 is a $70 Windows Phone

For 70 bucks I'm sure you could do worse.
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Hello All,
I recently being getting this massage right before microsoft outlook opens, I have reinstall the program twice and also decided to try the detect and repair but no change can someone help? I am enclosing the massage as well. [/url][/IMG] NOtice: If you click the image it would get to a size that it is readable.
Thank you

A:Massage before opening outlook!

It will be best if you post the actual message, as the image you sent is not readable by very many techs.
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whenever i try to webcam

my webcam screen shows up and my partner waits for my webcam to load

i can see myself while my partner still loads to see my webcam

after a few seconds, the webcam chat would end and i'd receive a message

"webcam session has ended"

.... so anyways does anyone know a fix to this or experiences this too


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I'm getting a blank window when I open yahoo messenger so I wanted to uninstall and reinstall to see if it would work properly. This is after I tried to update yahoo messenger and it wouldn't work.
Wise Uninstall window
Could not open INSTALL.LOG file.

I tried
typed run in the search box
clicked on Run under programs
browse and found "C:\Program Files (x86)\Yahoo!\Messenger\UNWISE.EXE"
Per suggestion in another post: at the end of the file name (space) install.log
Got the same response as before

A:Yahoo messenger won't uninstall/ Windows 7 home edition

See if this MS Fixit might help. I'd create a System Restore point first
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For a couple of days now i've been trying to get rid of Windows Live Messenger as it doesn't work so that i can re-install it. (OS: Vista)
Couldn't find it in control panel > uninstall/change programs so i just went to the Windows Live folder and tried a Shift + Delete to just get rid of the program completely.
One problem is that it wont let me delete all of the files (relating to the photo gallery and contacts) - saying that i dont have permission even though i'm the admin.
Another problem is that even though (as far as i can see) all of the files relating to the messenger have gone - when i run the installer it says that its already installed so i cant re-install it!
Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Real difficulty uninstalling Windows Live Messenger

Download and install the freeware Ccleaner. Use it to clean your registry of entries your simple deletion of folders and files has left behind. See if it will install after that.
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Here we go again in Dummies' Corner!
Every time I try and sign in on Windows Live, I get the message that they can't sign me at the time and the service is 'currently unavailable'. I get an error code of 80070005.
The only thing that I can think of that would have any bearing on this is that I recently failed to act on the fact that my anti-virus had expired and was subjected to a malware attack which I think I have now got on top of after uploading Microsoft Security Essentials.
However, I have been told that a malware attack can leave this legacy. I was also told that running the trial version of ESET NOD32 would sort it. It didn't, despite scanning for a total of 16hrs.!
If no-one has any ideas on here, I think I'm at the stage of totally changing my email address.

A:Cannot log in to Windows Live Messenger ...

Live Messenger is being discontinued

So says

Windows Live Messenger will be retired as Microsoft moves contact lists into Skype?s chat feature as part of its Windows 8 roll out.

Technology giant and Skype parent Microsoft is integrating its chat service, Windows Live Messenger with the VoIP service, according to a Nov. 6 blog post from Skype, a move that signals the essential retirement of the world?s most popular instant messaging service. By updating to Skype, Messenger users can instant message and video call their Messenger friends, wrote Microsoft?s president of the Skype division Tony Bates. Microsoft bought Skype last year for $8.5 billion.

see also this
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pls i cant install my web cam.since i dont have the drive to do it i need help augently can anyone help or tell me what to do.thanks for ur concern

A:Panwest webcam lebeca messenger

See How to identify your webcam (and then find its driver)
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i dowloaded and installed the new windows live messenger 2009 but every time i try to log in it says "signing in to windows live messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. it has an error called error: 80040154. my internet is working perfectly fine and i also went to a website with steps on how to fix it but it still doesn't work!!?!?!

Please help.

A:Error: 80040154 when signing in to live messenger 2009

What operating system are you using?
Is it 64 bit?

Some good troubleshooting for this error with links here:
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i'm having problem of signing in my account into windows live messenger as i did everything mention in the windows help and yet it can't sign in successfully. I did it by signing in my friends ID and it successful in my PC. I try to sign in window messenger and ebuddy and still successful. I trying to sign in window live messenge in my friend's PC and yet still the same problem that cant sign in. Please help me... have been this problem in a week.

A:Need help with Windows Live Messenger error 81000306

Start > Run > CMD > ok
On the command line enter: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

Note: >> Vista /Windows 7 Users will need to Run CMD as an Administrator
To run Command Prompt as Administrator
Click the Start button
In the Search box, type cmd
In the list of results,
Right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator
You?ll be prompted to approve the action
OR if that doesn't work:

Go to Control Panel > Programs > And Uninstall/Remove: Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant

Then try again (or Restart, then try again)
Here is Messenger Supports Blog on it:!8B3F39C76A8B853F!13932.entry
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After much searching and trying just about everything i finally fixed the MSN Messenger Error 80072745 login issue by doing the following:
On the netgear router there is a setting to enable IM .... even though i had this set to enable i believe the router data file may have been corrupted. I enabled the following services inbound..... 443, 7001, 9 and 1683 and saved the settings. Then i applied the IM enable setting again. This then allowed me to login to MSN. i then removed the ports in services which disconnected me from MSN then reapplied the IM setting again.... bingo it all works..... I am not sure but i feel there may be a configuration save issue with the netgear router or the configuration can become corrupted for whatever reason.

A:MSN Messenger Live error 80072745

Thanks for the update. I assume it is working fine now.
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I just reinstalled windows live messenger in my laptop I always manage to sign in but it stops responding a few seconds after that If I m lucky enough it works for a few minutes I ve tried some suggestions online but they don t work Here are the details of the error Hope it gives a clue on how to solve it The program msnmsgr exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed To see if more information about the problem is available check the problem history in the Action Center control panel Process ID c Start Time cbc a f e Termination Time Application Path C Program Files Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe Report Id Windows Live not responding Windows in 2009 Messenger 7 d f - d- e -bc f- e eb - System Windows Live Messenger 2009 not responding in Windows 7 - Provider Name Application Hang - EventID Qualifiers Level Task Keywords x - TimeCreated SystemTime Windows Live Messenger 2009 not responding in Windows 7 - - T Z EventRecordID Channel Application Computer user-PC Security - EventData msnmsgr exe c cbc a f e C Program Files Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe d f - d- e -bc f- e eb E B E F E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binary data In Words E E B F E In Bytes E B E U n k n F E o w n Please help me guys It ll be very much appreciated because I don t like windows live messenger nbsp

A:Windows Live Messenger 2009 not responding in Windows 7

Per your PM: Windows Live Messenger is outside of my area of expertise. I don't use messaging programs.

I found the following bits of info:

Windows Live Messenger 2009 customers should consider upgrading to Windows Live Messenger 2011, provided that they?re using Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7, in order to take advantage of additional security mitigations capable of blocking the spreading of a self-replicating worm.Click to expand...

Microsoft has switched off Active Links in Windows Live Messenger 2009.

?Because we?ve now blocked active links in Messenger 2009, starting [Nov. 12], some customers may also see a notification in the main Messenger window warning them that some features might not be available.?Click to expand...

Possibly this might be related to your problem. More HERE>

Hopefully someone in this forum will be able to assist you.
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Hello Everyone .

I've been running some problems with Windows Live Messenger 8.1 about few days already
If I double click on the Messenger shortcut then It won't just open ( Most of the time , but there are exceptions ) , however it appears on the task manager .
If I disable my network connection or unplug the internet cable , then Live Messenger will pop up , but when I unplug / enable the network , msn just freezes and the program seems to not respond .
I think that Msn may bein conflict with Winamp since they sometimes crash together .
I'm running Windows XP 64-Bit .

Thanks ,
Chris .

A:Windows Live Messenger problem
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I have this major issue with my MSN messenger (on my PC) whenever I connect it to a ethernet switch so I could use it (my PC) with my Laptop, so together both have internet connection.. my MSN messenger works fine and it could sign in easily, but when I disconnect my ethernet switch and connect to just my modem, my MSN messenger says it could not connect to the internet or that there's no internet connection where there is! (I forgot which error code but its well known, I've searched before and it said it could be the anti-virus etc but I have no problems with my anti-virus and programs it monitors). Anyone know how to stop this stupid silly error with Live Messenger?

A:Live Messenger works when I connect it to a Ethernet switch?

Can you ping once you use the modem? You might not be authenticating to the WWW properly and Msn is blinded with connectivity by the modem being unable to do so.
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I have got a new email through my uni powered by microsoft outlook. When i login to Windows live messenger and click on the emails icon it goes to outlook express which i have never used how do i get it to go to my inbox at the right address?

Relevancy 24.51%

Hi Have been trying for days to install Windows Live Messenger Vista First I tried to do the upgrade when upgrade Live Messenger fails 2011 Windows I was no longer allowed to otherwise log into messenger I have learned from past experiences that it doesn t pay to be first for these things Didn t work Then I tried to remove programs install Used windows installer cleaner tried to use the offline installation and still get the same error Tried with ZoneAlarm turned off and on With windows filrewall turned on as some posts suggested none of the wl programs installed Couldn t install programs It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working Error x Source Watson-x It does however create a Windows Live directory and Windows Mail was never removed and there appears to be no way of doing this short of re-formatting the hard drive Went back and did a system restore Windows Live Messenger 2011 upgrade fails to before any of the upgrades and started again with multiple and different ways I have been using messenger for many years now to video conference with my o s nephews and it has been working acceptably for a long time This is the worst messenger upgrade ever by far I can not comment on the final product as I have not seen it yet Any ideas on how to clean it out completely so I can install it Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance for any new ideas nbsp

A:Windows Live Messenger 2011 upgrade fails

Time to switch to Google Talk or Skype
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I did a clean install of a XP Pro SP I got hold of a new one to replace my old XP Home I followed instructions I obtained from Techspot except that I loaded the system drivers before I got all the upgrades my Messenger Yahoo crashes Loading computer for Windows it is now running XP Pro SP Everything went well until I loaded Yahoo Messenger and I immediately had the system crash and reboot I received a Windows quot your system has recovered from a serious error quot message that suggested it was caused by driver or hardware incompatibility When the system rebooted Messenger started to load automatically - I clicked the X Loading Yahoo Messenger crashes my computer to close it and the system crashed again and rebooted with the same Windows error message I tried to open several other things and each time the Loading Yahoo Messenger crashes my computer system crashed and rebooted Ultimately I opened Control Panel Loading Yahoo Messenger crashes my computer and removed Yahoo Messenger and then did a search and deleted all files relating to it The system operated fine at this point I downloaded several different versions of YM but each time it crashed - often before it had finished installing properly when this happened on rebooting the YM shortcut was on the desktop and YM automatically started to load but didn t complete Sometimes YM was in the Control Panel list when this happened on other occasions even though it appeared on the desktop and started to load it wasn t in the list of programs in CP that could be removed I had to delete all the YM files and folders by finding them first in Search I am now stumped and have removed YM from my system the web version nworks but it only does text chat and not much else so isn t much good Is it possible that by loading the drivers before i updated XP has caused a conflict BTW as part of the reloading of software I updated all my drivers using Driver Whiz Software that I loaded before YM all seems to work fine includes Opera Spyzooka MBAM Avast Internet Security Windows Messenger Can anyone help please I am using a Gigabyte motherboard with CPU of Ghz and Gb of RAM and running AMD chipset I m afraid I m no technowiz so I need fairly non-tech advice please or good step-by-step fix instructions nbsp

A:Loading Yahoo Messenger crashes my computer

Did you get a BSOD everytime it crashed if it did you will have mini dump files I need these to see what caused the crash also look in the event viewer and have a look at the event ID for when your system crashed.
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Windows Live Messenger - Change Number of Reconnect Attempts + Maximize Security

I have a small issue with the Windows Live Messenger automatic reconnect feature, and was wondering if there is any way to change it.
Thing is, whenever I lose my internet connection for a minute, Messenger obviously disconnects, and attempts to reconnect after a certain amount of time (~1 minute). Usually its first 2 attempts fail at connecting to my account, and then the attempts stop.
I need a way to make Messenger try to reconnect once or twice more, because usually the 4th-5th time I try, Messenger gets it right.

Thank you very much for any help whatsoever.
Greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Live Messenger - Change Number of Reconnect Attempts

as far as i know there's not a way to change this, usually it will keep trying to reconnect with longer intervals in between, but obviously this is not the case here

i expect it would be a set thing in the program's code and not something that you could change easily
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I've just installed the latest windows live messenger & when i open a conversation window I always get the "Don't include information like passwords or credit card numbers in an instant message"

I tried Msn Plus & A-Patch , and it didn't work ;but it did work with my laptop !

so what can I do to remove It ?

A:How do I remove the "Don't include information like passwords" from msn messenger?

That message should go away itself after you open a set amount of conversations. Try opening a conversation window a few times and see if it goes away.
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Running messenger 8. been using it for a while without a problem. Suddenly when i send a message to a UK mobile i get the following message:-

"This message was not sent because messages can't be sent to this contact's mobile service provider. View a list of providers that support mobile messages"

This is happening wil all my numbers, can anyone suggest how i resolve it

A:MSN Messenger mobile messages

Call your own mobile SP and ask them what they are playing at. I suspect that this is "a strategic withdrawel of service facilities" - in other words they don't make any money out of the calls so they have stopped access through MSN. B*st*rds.
I assume you are in UK - post what you find out please?
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I use XP as my OS I previously had MSN messenger I upgraded to Windows live messenger and it worked fine for a few months Then I found that it was annoying me a little by always starting & 8.1 Windows 11 Player both DOA Live Media Messenger Windows whenever I booted up so I tried to remove it from the startup folder This didn t really work so I uninstalled it and went back to MSN However it still kept trying to start on boot which was affecting so in my lack off wisdom I went into the registry to try and remove the references to it Now Windows Live Messenger AND windows media Player will not work at all I have tried uninstalling them completely and reinstalling them I have tried going back to system restore points I have tried uninstalling them for a few weeks and reinstalling them After every attempt on booting up the OS I immediately get WLM has encountered a serious error and needs to close If I try and open the application then I get the same message whatever else is open or closed When I try and play a media clip it hangs or crashes every time displaying this message quot Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close We are sorry for the inconvenience quot I have tried reg edit and reg clean programs but now think that I am just guessing so want some proper help before I break other applications HELP me undo this and I promise never to touch my registry ever again Sabretech nbsp

A:Windows Live Messenger 8.1 & Windows Media Player 11 both DOA

Is there nobody who can help me with this please?
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Hi there. I'm having trouble with the new Window's Live Messenger. NONE of my contacts show up, keeps telling me that i don't have any. When I try to add people that I KNOW are on it, it tells me that they are not using WL Messenger.

I've followed the instructions at from the HELP at MSN - to delete contacts from the contacts folder and stuff, but it doesn't help. I have also uninstalled Window's Messenger, so it doesn't conflict. I have uninstalled WL Messenger several times, and redownloaded it. Nothing seems to help.

Please...this is really starting to annoy me. Can anyone give me any advice.

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Hi. recently i noticed that on startup , live messenger opens properly but my ID and Password that i was saving are gone. when i enter my ID and password it signs in and i check "remember me " and remember my password" BUT still on restarting the same problem occurs . i reinstalled it and ran a full system scan using BitDefender 2009 but can't figure out the problem.

Please help . thx

A:Windows live messenger forgets my ID and Password

Try running the 8 steps found here

And see if that reveals anything
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A few times now I have tried to download Windows Live messenger and every single time the following happens I download the program with no problems I sign up for a Windows Live ID I click on the button in my start menu to pull up windows live It freezes It pulls up and then stops responding I dont even have a chance to try and sign in I get a not Live Messenger Windows responding box that says program has stopped responding you can close the program search for a soultion Windows Live Messenger not responding on the internet and still cose the program I have done a scan before and after downloading Windows Live and there is no virus I took off programs I dont use anymore aim various tool bars games etc I restarted my laptop I have cleared my browsing history and temp files I have uninstalled and reinstalled Windows live rebooting after each and it still freezes up like that Does anyone know what the problem could be Is there anyway for me to fix it Am I missing somthing when I download it Any help is greatly apprecaited thnx Wallflower nbsp

A:Windows Live Messenger not responding

anyone any where? any ideas at all? :\
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I had download and then install New Windows Live Messanger 8.1.0178.00
some days before from microsoft.
After install and reboot I had seen that something had eaten 4gb of hard disk space on primary drive C. There was undeletable files on the drive.
Then I had to format Drive C: and install windows xp sp2 again and then explore the Install_Messenger file through winrar and then explore msnmsgs file. It have some files that also cannot deletable.
These files size are also upto 4gb...
What is this?????????????

A:Windows Live Messenger

Are you sure it is Live Messenger itself and not some malware (which you may have downloaded via Messenger)? Maybe take a look in the security and web section of our forums and try some malware detection/removal routines?

BTW "some files" is not a very helpful description!
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Anyone tried BigAnt Messenger? It offers 10 users free license for scompany, is it true? Thx.

A:Free messenger for company use?

try pidgin - it's free and opensource. download from
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i totally forgot my windows live ID password and the security question too and theres a software that can recover the password if i check the quot remember me remember my password quot in this computer but i reinstalled Windows Messenger Live Password Recovery windows in drive D and i deleted files in drive C yesterday last time i used C drive but theres a prob with my windows Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery so i have to use D before i reformat it so the the software couldn t find my password in the computer and i downloaded this software which can recover files that have been deleted which file or destination folder that contain the password which file do i need to recover cause there are thousands of them or is there any other way to recover my password because i dont have any alternate email in my hotmail account and theres the only way for to contact my old friends and to send my assignment files to my partners please help thank you nbsp

A:Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery

Here's the official link:

But you want to recover your password, and:

You formatted C Drive
You installed Windows to D Drive
You forgot your secret question
You don't have an alternative email

Really it's sounding very sus to me :suspiciou
Like you are trying to recover someone else s password
It really doesn't sound all that kosher :rolleyes:
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I've been running Windows Live Messenger lately and every once in awhile during use my computer reboots for no apparent reason. Looking around in the system I found the original Windows Messenger still in the system. I tried to remove using add or remove programs but it's not in the list. When I go to just delete the folder it tells me that other programs may get messed up by deleting it. I uninstalled Windows Live Messenger and tried again to the same effect. I would like to just delete Windows Messenger and reinstall Windows Live. Does anyone know of any problems with deleting the original Windows Messenger folder?

A:Windows Messenger issue

you can't delete windows messenger because it's part of windows

you may be able to remove it by going to control panel > add/remove programs (if you're using windows xp) and clicking the button that says add/remove windows features (or something along those lines - i'm using vista and can't remember the exact name). it may be in there somewhere

windows messenger and windows live messenger are fine on a pc together, i suggest just reinstalling live messenger
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I've recently noticed a Windows Live Messenger hijacking trend. Some contacts, specifically the ones who tend not to sign in as often, randomly come online, throw in a spam message with link, and go offline. As I mentioned, the hijackers tend to target the contacts most often online. I am also getting some vulgar usernames sending me likewise vulgar links. Obviously you wouldn't want to open op the links, and especially not enter your Messenger username and password, one of the links directs you to a website asking for your Messenger account (yes, I did open the link :/). How many other people are having this problem, and what are some ways you can combat it?

The poll questions options are: Yes, I am getting spam from messenger, or am sending spam, and No, I am not sending or receiving spam via messenger.

A:Windows Messenger Spam...are you getting any?

At least 5 people on my contact are doing that, and honestly some of these things are so obvious, i have no idea why people click on them and get infected...

Most of the infected are people whom i rarely talk to and i know have little to no knowledge about computers and perhaps digital security... >.>

At least i'm logging in my msn using Gmail so when it sends those fake links, even through email that you have to log in to hotmail or what not, i can instantly tell its fake heh.

Ditched hotmail a long time ago. That web mail service? is just spam bait. As i know you can't inform them, it blocks incoming but leaves outgoing open perhaps? Best you can do is block them...

Amusing story though, my OLD hotmail account got hacked into and used for this purpose. I saw myself log into my own old account and start sending mail out, so i went and killed my Hotmail account. Not sure how that happened since i haven't used my hotmail in over 4-5 years but yeah, somehow they managed to grab passwords for the account....
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I got message asking me if i wanted use my account from two location i click no than later on today.I notice buddy list gone only show one person and my message have been to yay i have been hacked any way to fix this. Or how can i contact window live any body can help me out.

Also i notic in tool,option,privacy i see allow list and i still have alot name is it a way i can put those name back on my buddy list.

A:Windows Live Messenger 9 hacked

I?d suggest that you do a couple things:

First, run a virus/malware scan on your computer using your anti-virus. Second, I?d change your password for your Windows Live account. Third, I?d contact the people on your contact list and ask them if they received any suspicious communications from you.

Last, I?d suggest that you go through and manually re-add your contacts. This might be a good time to take those contacts out who you do not speak with much ? a little spring cleaning.

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this is really starting to annoy me i cant get windows live messenger to work on my windows vista ive installed it and when i click on it to start it, it says windows live messenger has stopped working can someone please help

A:windows vista and windows live messenger

try installing the latest patches. apparently it was a bug in a vista update but was fixed later on.
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hi, I have a problem while installing messenger. i shall write in quotes what the error comes
"portions of this software are based in part on the work of the independent JPEG group"

and thus the installation is unsuccesful. so pls advice me on correcting this problem.
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hello guys hope u can help me with this yahoo. messengers massage is not readable..i can see the person on-line but the messages that was sent to me and the replied that i made is not visible my screen was totally blank...hope u can help me fixing this probs.....

best regards

A:yahoo messenger massage is not readable

Maybe you have set the font colour to white?

Try selecting the "blank" text in the conversation window.
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Hi I have being getting the error since this afternoon now i have also search for Messenger Windows Live Problems tru and read tru many website regarding the error Well the Windows Problems for Windows Live Messenger Live Messenger works fine earlier this morning while during the noon me and my housemate changed the ISP since we have being using our friend s internet And since we have our own ISP Problems for Windows Live Messenger now we switched the router and start using the internet All works fine accept i cannot access into windows live messenger the thing says that It is not connect to Net Messenger Services Runned all the rgsrv dll files cleared the Socks Flushed the DNS but none ever work It is still the same router tho Linksys that the MSN actually work before the switch of ISP so either there s something wrong with the ISP or there s something that i need to configure Any Ideas where i Should start and do Thanks in Advances much is appreciated and if you live in Asia i ll buy you some beer edit i d just noticed that i cant actualyl access into my hotmail accounts nor can i actualyl post anything at certain forum nor does certain microsoft website works such as entries of windows and stuff it would only show blank page after i post or login which basically i got nothing wait maybe it work from which the problem may lies to the internet making most of the page load into blanks nbsp

A:Problems for Windows Live Messenger

Several current threads on TechSpot about this issue. Please search for information that will help you. If you do not find it from existing threads, please advise.

EDIT: Here's one:
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I have had this really irritating error come about in the last week where I can't sign in to messenger. Error 81000306 indicates that the problem could be caused by a firewall, proxy settings, DNS cache. I followed all Microsoft's instructions but to no avail and I have ALLOWED msnmsgr.exe in ZoneAlarm, so the lack of info they're giving me is getting on my nerves. I even uninstalled, ran Registry cleaner and reinstalled but still nothing. Can anyone help?

A:Error 81000306 with Windows Live Messenger.. help please?

Its a stupid thing with MSN live Wellcome screen

If u have Zonealarm Go to:

1. control Center
2. Privacy
3. Disable ad blocking, and cookie Control

And it should Work It did for me....

Later on U can play with custom settings if u have the nervs

I didnt
Relevancy 24.51%

I have been trying for a few hours to sign into my Windows Live Account. It keeps trying to sign in for like 2 minutes straight and then says Error 81000306. I have tried everything the help website told me to. It still doesn't work. But what is weird is I tried my friends account, and it worked. If anyone at all knows how I can fix this problem, please let me know. I'm on WLM all the time. It's killing me not being able to chat with friends!!

A:Windows Live Messenger Error 81000306. Help?

I notice two of you have encountered this problem. Please see these instructions for work through:

Windows Live Messenger Error 81000306:!8B3F39C76A8B853F!13932.entry
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Hey guys,

Im having a problem with the windows live offline messaging feature. It seems that I can initiate conversations fine, and people can respond. However, if the person waits about 1 min after the last thing I said, they wont be able to send me messages anymore. I have to say something to them, and then it seems like everything resets back to normal (unless they of course wait a while before responding).

Any ideas?
Relevancy 24.51%

I recently re-formated my local hard drives and reinstalled win xp. I am currently installing all the software I need... I installed windows live messenger and apparently successfully. Apparently! I don't have any contacts on my list! I tried signing in with another account and the contact lists are also gone. I signed in on windows messenger (the one that comes withe windows...) and the contacts appear.

I've researched for help and the procedure to solve this consists of erasing folder content. But I do not have those folders! No "Contacts" folder nor a "My messenger email address" folder on "Windows Live Contacts" folder. I tried adding those folders to their respective places but it didn't solve anything.

I tried also to add contacts to messenger but they don't show up on the contacts list.

Help! :dead:
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Skype / Messenger Live video call voice quality (fixed)

Hi All,

I am having a few problems with webcam calls with my folks.

I have installed the latest versions of Skype and Windows Live Messenger on both machines but when using either one for webcam video calls their audio and video coming to me is absolutely fine and so is my video to them however my audio to them is delayed, juddery, and robotic/gravelly (as if i have a sore throat). It is the same in both programs.

Zone Alarm on both machines is configured to allow these programs to run as they wish but still the problem persists.

We both have broadband at speeds usually no lower than 3mb.

Any help apreciated.

A:Skype / Messenger Live video call voice quality

skype is heavily dependant on bandwidth. I use it here in Iraq and with phone calls can be garbled if bandwidth is insufficient. However, it would seem in your case, the problem may be firewall related. I would ensure that all your ports are open for skype. I don't recommend zonealarm as it interferes with many programs.
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please i just discovered that i can no longer sign into yahoo messenger to chat after upgrading my system from vista premium to vista business. however, i can still chat directly from yahoo mail and i found this strange.

please anyway out?

thank u
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Hi, every time i try to open conversations from 2 people, the whole windows live messenger just closes and i have to start it up again. This happens even when they are offline only time it doesn't is when you can SMS one of them. I have windows xp sp3

A:Windows Live Messenger 09

It's possibly a bug.

I would
Run CCleaner from Here. Ive written instructions for it Here
RE DOWNLOAD the installer, DON'T use the existing one you have
Try running again

There was a new update released i think it was Friday so download that one and see what happens.
Relevancy 24.51%

Recently I have bought a new PC and installed Windows Live Messenger 8. However, after signing in into my account, Windows Live Messenger is not responding at once, and the Windows prompt me to send an error report.

I have tried uninstall and reinstalling it, as well as trying MSN Messenger, but none work. Strange though, Yahoo Messenger still work. (I install Yahoo Messenger after several attempt to troubleshoot the problem.)

What can be the sources of errors.

A:Windows Live Messenger (Not Responding after signing in)

A virus, malware or spyware infection can cause this
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I'm using Yahoo Messenger w/Voice version on Windows XP Pro Vers. 2002 SP2. Everything on Yahoo Messenger works 'except' I can not share a picture in my display image. I 'can' share yahoo Avastar but not a pic.

I've tried: 1) Messenger, 2) My Display Image (the 'don't share' box is checkec), 3) changed the select to 'Share my Pic', 4) selected a picture and select OK. BUT messenger does not save the selection. It goes back to don't share. I also tried to change the selection through the other methods recommended by Yahoo but get the same results. If I select Share My Pic it will not save that selection and goes to don't share. HOWEVER, if I select 'Share my Avatar' Messenger will save that.

Yahoo tells me to uninstall and reinstall Messenger - which I have done twice. But I get the same results.

Any ideas what can be cause this and how to fix?

A:Yahoo Messenger Problem

Uninstall Messenger and all the rest of Yahoo bloatware, delete all the relevant folders (from both "Program Files" and "Documents and Settings"), delete all Yahoo related registry keys. Reinstall.
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Hi, i'm having trouble adding new contacts in yahoo messenger. i get the message "there was an error in the server while trying to add a contact. Please try again later". it been like this for almost a week now. what's weird is this only happens on that account, i tried a different YM ID and i was able to add a contact without a problem. please help me. thanks

A:Help with yahoo messenger!

i know you said it works with other accounts but try using another application like trillian.. maybe it will work. goto
Relevancy 24.94%

I would like to know if using instant messenger & webcam with Yahoo poses any increased security risks. I think I read somewhere that there are real safety issues with msn messenger due to the nature of the software. I am just up-grading to Windows XP & trying to follow all the security advice from "Prevent infections by making windows more secure..." but there is little point in following such advice if I will jepordise it by using unsecure software.
I will be getting a DSL cable router & using an ntl broadband cable connection.

A:Security concerns using Yahoo! messenger

The biggest threat IM programs pose is the user blindly trusting a message from a "friend" and opening malicious links/files. Do not open anything before asking what it is - it could be malware on your friend's computer sending you stuff.

Other than that, YIM is no bigger threat than any other internet application. Just use common sense.
Relevancy 21.93%

Hi Folks I m new to messaging and can t get Yahoo Messenger both YPager exe and YMsgr the tray icon I guess to execute with the Program Error Yellow exclamation mark sign message run as Administrator quot YPager exe has has errors..." Messenger error: generated startup Yahoo "YPager.exe generated errors and will be closed by Windows You will need to restart the program An error log is being created quot - Restarting doesn t help - Note I don t know how to view the log - I have uninstalled Messenger and reinstalled it times with the same result - Yahoo help is skimpy at best with this problem at least I couldn t find a solution Environment - Windows Yahoo Messenger startup error: "YPager.exe has generated errors..." Pro SP running behind a NAT d router - MS-IE fully patched - AVG retail anti-virus updated daily run today - PopThis Yahoo Messenger startup error: "YPager.exe has generated errors..." - Ad-aware SE Plus updated daily run today - Tiny Personal Firewall Yahoo not restricted Security I allowed these to run during the Yahoo Messenger installation - IE tools Internet Options Security Custom Level settings -- Scripts must be prompted -- Active-X controls and plug-ins are prompted -- Java Permissions are set to high safety Recently run online virus spyware hunters - BitDefender - CA virusscan - TrendMicro-Housecall Recently run OS tools - HiJackThis latest - Silent Runners latest Standard procedures temp dumped more than daily C lt username gt Documents and Settings Temporary Internet Files dumped more than daily C lt username gt Documents and Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE directories not files dumped at the same time as Don t know where to go next Thanks nbsp

A:Yahoo Messenger startup error: "YPager.exe has generated errors..."

I'm having the exact same problem, and my computer information is mostly the same as yours...

But it isn't just the Yahoo messenger that I've had trouble with; the exact same thing has been happening when I try to install Adobe Photoshop 7

Edit: I've found something you can try. I just read that the newest version of Yahoo Messenger for some reason doesn't always work well with windows editions before XP, but that the old ones will work fine.
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i recently got a DSL-connection msn freeze Why does the time? all my messenger and the celebrations would never end i thought i bought a webcam for the fun of it and logged on to msn messenger ofcourse i wanted to try out the cam and clicked quot invite to view webcam quot then the messenger froze when i tried to close Why does my msn messenger freeze all the time? it a message popped up and told me messenger didn t respond after nagging about quot report to microsoft quot i finally got back into the usual Why does my msn messenger freeze all the time? windows the problem now was that the computer couldn Why does my msn messenger freeze all the time? t find my internet connection so i restarted the router the connection was refound and i went back to messenger then i discovered that file transfers caused the same error to occur and i have not yet tried voice chat but i m guessing it will cause the same problem what is the problem here file transfers aren t a problem with trillian but trillian doesn t have the webcam function help nbsp

A:Why does my msn messenger freeze all the time?

Are you running any software firewall? Try disabling that, including the Windows builtin one.

MSN messenger tries to use uPNP for streaming media, it may be that this is causing the failure. Check the status of the uPNP services in Windows and on your router.

Many people have solved many Messenger problems by upgrading to the 7.0 beta version.
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After waiting for updates, i finally decided to install windows live messenger, but I have a fairly big problem... I always send messages to my contacts by right clicking on the icon and selecting "Send as", but now it also shows off line contacts. This is a problem, because I have about 350 people on my msn list, friends, colleagues, business partners and many more. And it is nigh on impossible to find anyone who is online. Is there a mod to change this to only show online contacts? I have downloaded msn plus, but it hasn't got the option to change it.



A:Help with windows live messenger.

Uhm.. How about Contacts->Filter contacts->Online contacts only. Present in the vanilla installation of Live.

(The menu bar button is in the upper right corner next to the usual Windows buttons).
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I am having yahoo messenger problems can anyone help me out? I cant click on anything in im boxes or my messenger disappears and I have to reopen it when I make a confrence the voice dont work I have to have someone invite me b4 I can get voice I cant put a picture in my display box it keeps going back to change display image can anyone help me all help will b greatly appreciated.
Black Rose

A:Yahoo Messenger Problems

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Download and install the latest version of Yahoo messenger. See if that fixes your problems.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hey guys, I just need some help in resizing the MSN Messenger chat window. I was messing around with those Backgrounds and Display Pictures and I can't resize the window anymore! It made the space where you type in text all big. Please help!

A:MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA Help!

Upgrade to the latest version of MSN - it's not beta anymore.
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I just downloaded latest yahoo messenger (version 8.) from and installed it successfully but as i login and start to use yahoo messenger it is getting quit by itself. i tried uninstalling and installed it again but there is same problem. Somebody help yaar. I need it working badly.

A:Yahoo messenger

I have the same problem! So I turned back the old version 7.1 ( ver7.5 have the same one: quit by itself )
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Recently everytime i run msger after a few min it just freezes and the only way to close it is via task manager. I have plenty of ram so its not that nor is it my internet connection/speed as im on 20meg and everything else runs fine eg online gaming/IE. The only other thing it affects is my winamp player its freezes that as well until i close msger then winamp starts running again? Any ideas?


A:MSN live messenger freezes all the time

do you have msn set to display what media you're playing on winamp when its running?
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In AIM, whenever I or a friend try to warn each other (Don't ask), it always says, "Warning of <Screenname> is not allowed." Can this be fixed? I've tried following all the rules for warning someone in the help file, but it won't work. Anyone else have this problem?

A:AOL Instant Messenger warnings

I've seen this problem if the users are using Trillian. I know you can only warn each other a max of 3 times I think, before you have to wait a while. I've gotten this many times when I try to warn those spammers who try to get you to click on their links. Not sure why, but it happens.
So at least you aren't the only one.
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Huh,I'm having problem with Windows Live Messenger.I have a latest version which was downloaded few days ago,and now I can't close on some conversation when I'm in middle of it.I try to sign out of msn,but there's still window in toolbar of conversation I've tried to shut down to.
It won't close even when I'm in middle of conversation and I minimize it.
What to do,should I download new version of messenger?

Thanks forward!

A:Windows Live Messenger-conversation freezes

Do you have those stupid kiwee smiley things? Or other free "smiley" add-ons? Nine times out of ten, that's what does it.

The rest of the time it's those stupid ads on the bottom of MSN. There used to be a hack out there to get rid of them, but I've no idea if it still exists.
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How the $%$@ do you use firefox with yahoo messenger?

any idea's about changing the browser used by yahoo...
has anyone had a similar problem ?

ta and thanks

Bo ! hopkinso :grinthumb

A:How the $%$£@ do you use firefox with yahoo messenger?

Yahoo! Messenger uses the default browser of your system. It will use Firefox if you set Firefox to be the default browser in Windows. (We are talking about Windows here, right? (And a semi-recent version of YiM like 6.0?)

That goes for normal use. I really can't comment on $%$@ use.
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I have been using MSN Messenger since about version 3.0. I have seen it evolve from the ugly low-tech version to 5.0 and 6.0 and become better each time. I currently use MSN Messenger 7.0 Beta, but that does not have all the features and has some holes in it still. I want the official v7.0. I've heard late February, March and this summer as release dates, but does anyone know the official date of release?
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i recently updated my msn messenger came up a thing to update so i said yea in service Messenger pain neck = the popups wos a security thing or sum crap lol as usual nehoo after a while i got a popup but its wasnt like a normal popup the window was called quot messenger service quot but within the windo is alot of weird stuff at first it only came up sometimes things like quot get rid of this spam go here quot the addresses didnt work and porno stuff pus y palace an crap like that but its Messenger service popups = pain in the neck really gotta real bad now it comes up all the time the second i close it another appers in its place Messenger service popups = pain in the neck sometimes if i just leave it it just keep beeping whenever one of these popups cum up it makes a beep noise Windows XP Exclamation wav thats wots its called in the sound bit if this is ne help nothing new appears when it does lotzsa beeps its as if its refueling the popup machine or sumfin lol nehoo i restarted and uninstalled msn messenger all was fine for a while but after mins they came back and wouldnt go i scanned for spyware with spybot adware with ad-aware Se and for viruses with AVG they found a few things but a got rid of them and still the popups kept comeing on i even updated with windows update and still no luck although i dont have SP or SP i dont like em lol this is really slowing down teh cpmputer as well and ive tried everything i can think of get rid of this ne ideas neone p s some ppl mite have got this before i sometimes get it when i install xp pro but it goes away after update if neone has got that be this is just like that except ALOT worse nbsp

A:Messenger service popups = pain in the neck


go to start run in box type services.msc

go to messenger higlight it press disable then press ok than you good to go :grinthumb
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My work is asking me to remove MS messenger from their computers. They don't want employees, or the public, to be able to chat. Once it is removed, they will deepfreeze the machines.

The problem is I cannot find it in add/remove programs. I can take the icon off the IE 6.0 bar, but it is very easy to put the icon back on. I see the "messenger" folder under programs, but there is no uninstall option.

If I delte the .dll files in the messenger folder, will messenger stop working? IS there a way to completely uninstall msmessenger?

A:Removing MSMessenger(windows messenger) from XP Pro SP2

Take a look HERE it may help you.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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This problem is really getting annoying so I was hoping someone could help me out. My yahoo instant messenger completly closes everytime I try to right click or click to send a smiley. I've tried reinstalling the software several times and have had no luck. any help is greatly appreciated since I have already posted a thread and have had no replys. Thanx

A:plz help with yahoo messenger!!!!

I dont like yahoo ... no replies for you again haha lol msn is better.
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Hey guys/gals, my girlfriend is currently trying to install windows live messenger onto her new laptop, which has the windows media player xp version, however during the installation process it comes up saying it's not a valid win32 application. Is there anyone out there who can advise as to how to fix this issue?? Your help would be much appreciated

A:Windows Live Messenger error

this was fixed by downloading the application from a different location. Just to let anyone know who has read this thread.
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I have recently started having problems with my msn messenger. I try to open the program, or even when i hvae it open at start up, the same error message pops up everytime. "The following error caused MSN Messenger to close: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation" I can't get msn messenger to work at all.... all other programs work just fine, I have a constant running/updated virus scanner and i have no spyware or adware on my computer whatsoever. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

A:MSN Messenger problem

You can use the web version MSN Messenger for a while:
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everytime I try and sign into my msn messenger I recieve an error message stating that I am unable to be signed in at this time and am given the error # 80072f0d. My roommate uses msn messenger as well and is having no trouble signing in. I am using messenger version 7.0 and have windows ME...just wondering if anyone can help!

A:MSN messenger error message

Have u tried to reisntall the msn messenger?