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Ideapad 500 - warranty service issue

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Preferred Solution: Ideapad 500 - warranty service issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hello nbsp brought a ideapad series few months back ang got the motherboard problem times nbsp asked them to replace for one to one nbsp customer service Ideapad 500 - issue warranty support Ideapad 500 - warranty service issue center is really pathetic and very irresponsive guys they dont call mail to update nbsp they just take their own sweet time nbsp when i call to call center for the update they said its all already ready and asked me to collect but the support center guy after waiting for mins in queue he says no havent heard anything from the management nbsp really asked him who is management the reply was lenovo management nbsp why the support center doesnt work on weekends nbsp do expect your consumers to take half day leave just to go and wait in the support center to hear such irresponsive support answers nbsp within just months did visits to support center and still one more time to collect that dump nbsp i dont want support service business with lenovo and just wasting my time and efforts nbsp much much appriciated if you pay me my laptop money nbsp brought this laptop by beliving my friend's suggestion that the hardware is real professionally good nbsp haha nbsp by completely non-satisfied consumer nbsp Mod's Edit Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue nbsp
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I bought a brand new Lenovo ideapad 305 from Argos. It has buzzing noise since I bought it. Called the Lenovo support centre in UK and the lady told me politely it is better if I take it back to Argos and they will help me. So I did that. The problem is, that Argos is really noise, of course we couldn't hear the noise as it is not that loud, but I am pretty sure, there is some problem. The lady told me she cannot do anything as we can't hear anything. Not the noise why I am woirred about. I am worried about the impact that can happen in the future, and maybe it will be after my warranty is expired. So my question is, why do I have a bloody warranty for the laptop if noone lift even a finger to help me? Is anyone had problem with Lenovo warranty or customer service?

A:Ideapad 305 Warranty issue,BIG ISSUE, anyone had p...

Not being from Great Britain I can't really tell you what to do. I had a similar issue here in the US, and returned the notebook entirely to the store. It was very inconvenient, however when I bought a new one they gave me a small discount.I would look at their return policy, and see if you could still return it for a refund/in store credit. Then you could purchase another one, or go to a different store.I believe I found a good link where you can avoid going to the store, and handle the issue online even if you are past the 30 day return policy. Says in there after 30 day return but before 1 year they can still help you. for the best!
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Hi, I purchased an Inspiron 1543 on Oct 27, 2015 from an authorized dell store at GIP Mall Noida and since then I have been strutggling with Dell Warranty team to update the warranty status under dell festive offers. They have updated only NBD warranty date to Oct 2018 sine I have purchased two years extended warranty, but all the other warranty dates are yet to be updated and they are not even replying my emails. The worst customer service I have ever seen. I will never recommend anytone to buy a dell product. I have provided everything they reqested already. My service tag #<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>. My contact # are<ADMIN NOTE: Phone number removed per privacy policy>. Can anyone help? And specially Dell should not sell it's product through cheaters like Skope computers(A dell authorized showroom, GIM Mall, Noida.) They are thieves and cheaters and not have manners.

A:Warranty issue and customer service

Hello. You have posted on the Laptop Audio discussion board. I suggest that you post on the Customer Care board. Do not include your service tag and contact numbers, because those will be removed as per forum policy. If someone from Dell replies to your post, they will ask you to send them that information via the forum's private message feature.
I hope you find success in resolving your warranty issues.
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sir service engineer told me that your ram socket burns due to heat or power fluctuation  and so we have to change your motherboard for that and this is not covered in your warranty. i have adp warranty .So can i arugu with them in these conditions  ?Is warranty doesnot cover issue due to power fluctuation , which cover accidental protection, too ?
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Hi,I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 700 15ISK, with a M.2 SSD slot, but without the SSD. Will I lose the warranty if I open the cover to install it myself? Thank you.
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My lenovo idea pad - ibd ran into a problem while I was on it not allowing me to do Voided 100-15IBD Ideapad warranty? - anything So I turned the laptop off and tried to turn it back on When I did this it went into an auto repair trying to fix disc errors I let this run Ideapad 100-15IBD - Voided warranty? for more then hours before finally stopping it and turning the laptop off When I did this anytime I tried to turn the laptop on it would just sit on the Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBD - Voided warranty? splash art and I couldn't bring up a console with f nbsp At this point I started looking up support on the forums and found something about cutting all power and removing the battery To do this with my Ideapad I had to take it apart some I DID break a lenovo sticker that was hiding a screw I assume that is how they would know if it had been opened Cutting the power didn't work so instead I took it to a nearby compute repair store They told me it would likely cost more then half the laptops worth to fix because it needed a new hard drive and to be completely reset nbsp So I'm really just trying to see if the one year warranty that IS still active according to your website had been fully voided And if I'm just going to have to suck it up and drop the benjis nbsp Or if there is a chance that I could still have it fixed through its warranty Any help is appreciated nbsp nbsp Mod's Edit System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility clarity Also removed the underlining from entire post for better readability nbsp

A:Ideapad 100-15IBD - Voided warranty?

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry hear of your problem.  Most Lenovo Service Centers realize that folks will open their laptops in order to upgrade the various components.  Although opening the cover on a model like yours will void the warranty, the service center at times overlook that fact provided no damage was done.  The best I can say is contact Lenovo Support and explain the situation to them and get their opinion.  Regardless of what I write here, they will have the ultimate say as to whether the warranty is voided.  You might also check to see if there is a service center in your area where you could bring the machine in and explain the problem in person.  You can use the Service Locator below to see what is in your area......
Lenovo Support - USA1-877-453-668624 hours a day 7 days / week
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I purchased a new xps from dell over two weeks ago nbsp Currently the laptop is working fine however I ve tried tried to register the laptop under my products multiple times since receiving the laptop nbsp Whenever to new for customer not tag reach service register service because xps13 to unable + warranty found unable I try to enter the service tag it keeps giving me an error quot Products not found nbsp There rsquo s no match for the Service Tags that were entered quot nbsp At first I thought maybe it was because the laptop was new but it new xps13 unable to register for warranty because service tag not found + unable to reach customer service has been weeks now and I m still getting the same message Not only that but I ve been trying to contact dell through email for weeks now and I always get the same quot you will get a response in hour quot reply but nobody ever replies nbsp I feel like the biggest moron right now because I paid for years of premium support and you won t even answer a freaking email nbsp I m pretty close to just returning this laptop and buying a piece of macbook because at least apple responds to support requests

A:new xps13 unable to register for warranty because service tag not found + unable to reach customer service

Was the system purchased direct from Dell?
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I have purshased a lenovo y50 laptop on 19th March during my trip to USA then I returned Egypt back and discovered that the laptop is defected with dead area in the trackpad and a horrible display with very ugly yellow color.
I contacted Lenovo Egypt and they told me to go to service provider to get these issues fixed. The service provider said they will replace the trackpad but they see that the screen is normal and they have no solution for it.
Before I bougth it, I made sure that all waranty services can be done from Egypt but Lenovo Egypt refused to replace the laptop and the service provider refuses to fix the screen. It is really disappointing!!
[Moderator note: Edited to remove personal information]

A:Lenovo Y50 - 70 Egypt Warranty Service

How to escalate this issue to Global Lenovo support?
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I sent my Asus K52Je to the warranty service last month, for a HD issue.

When returned, the HD was strangely partitioned:

Now, the Disk 0 has:
- a first (hidden) and not recognized partition: a 336 GB (!) RECOVERY;
- C:\ is the 116 GB NTFS
- D:\ is the 13.6 GB NTFS.

Should I resize the RECOVERY partition without any problem??
And after that, could I extend the C:\ partition? (I don't want to lose my licence and prefer not to use the 9-DVD-recovery tool...)

thank you.

A:resizing Recovery partition after a warranty service

You will under no circumstances lose your Win7 license as long as you have a genuine Win7 COA sticker on the machine. You can reinstall this in any way you wish and MS will protect you, which is why they put the Product Key on the COA sticker - you should back it up now in case it rubs off.

In fact most tech enthusiasts prefer to get rid of the bloatware by Clean Reinstalling Factory OEM Windows 7. Everything needed is in the blue link. Asus may not support a Clean Reinstall but they cannot void your hardware warranty. I would simply not tell them if I reinstall. You'll get better support here anyway.

With such incompetent partitioning I wonder if Recovery will even run. Can you cue it up to see? I would also make the Recovery disks now so you have a backup if you want the preinstalled Win7. Another backup is to save a Win7 backup image of your customized install: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup. With these backups you may feel you can afford to delete the Recovery partition.

Either way you'll want to shrink it. I'd use Disk mgmt first to see how much it wants to shrink it. But you'll need to use free Partition Wizard bootable CD to safely Resize C to the left afterwards, which can also be used to shrink Recovery more if Disk Mgmt bumps into files in the way. You'll need to leave ample breathing room for Recovery to function. Partition Wizard Move/Resize Partition Video Help.

Personally I would rely on Recovery disks if i ever needed to fall back to factory condition to resell the unit. Otherwise I'd rely on a Win7 backup image of a factory install after I Clean Up Factory Bloatware, or for the very best performance I'd Clean Reinstall.
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I have a HP ENVY m7-010dx that died last night.  Upon power up nothing happens except a continuous slow blinking light on the cap locks key.  I went through their online troubleshooting help section and it looks like it is a hardware issue and will be going in for warranty service.  The big problem I have is that the hard drive has lots of sensitive personal information on it that I believe a good tech could copy and fairly easily decipher.
So what can I do?  I have never removed an internal hard drive and accessed it as an external drive.  I really need to wipe all personal info before returning for warranty service.
Any ideas?

A:How to Secure Hard Drive Before Warranty Service

DVDs?  USB flash drive?
How much personal info are you talking about?
Since most of us don't have that much (IMO) personal info on a system...either of the above should do.  Simply copy the data to new media and then delete it from your hard drive before sending.
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I had sent my Y50-70 to Giat Solutions Service Center (Malaysia) to fix its screen. They found out that the part of the separator inside one of my USB port came out a little. But they decided it was CID (Customer Induced Damage). I recalled that the USB port was slightly tighter than the others when i first received it. I take a very good care of my laptop and i had not drop it once even after 1 year. The damage of the USB port looks nothing like those pictures Lenovo posted on their official website. I m very disappointed with the service since i paid a lot of money for that machine. If they cant fix the USB port for me, i can no longer trust the Lenovo Products. Please assist me.
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Hi This is a rant plea for help from someone at Dell nbsp For the past months I ve been through the wringer with Dell s warranty service nbsp Short story for patience horrible service with Dell's Out warranty of those who don t want to read this entire tail of woe nbsp I ve been through LCD screens one motherboard replacement nbsp and now one entire system replacement - Out of patience with Dell's horrible warranty service and I still have a computer with issues because Dell keeps sending me JUNK and wrong parts - nbsp And to top it off my warranty is about to run out And now the long story My story begins almost a year ago when I purchased a new Inspiron nbsp I loved that laptop and things were great up until Feb of this year when the LCD screen developed an issue with burn-in image retention I contacted Dell tech support about this and the tech agreed that the screen needed replacing He said he d send out an on-site service tech with an LCD replacement kit and a motherboard nbsp I thought sending the motherboard was strange since the issue was clearly with the LCD screen nbsp So I asked why they d send a motherboard nbsp The tech said incase the replacement LCD doesn t fix it nbsp Strange This should have been a red flag but I just shrugged it off Jump forward a few days later and the on-site tech shows up nbsp He says he doesn t know how to replace the screen in this model laptop nbsp He said any time he s tried the clips in the bezel break nbsp He also said Dell should have sent the entire LCD assembly as there are no instructions to replace the LCD screen only nbsp He called up Dell s on-site tech support line to see if they could supply him with instructions and Dell instructed him TO REPLACE THE MOTHERBOARD for an issue with an LCD screen nbsp He didn t know what to make of it but did what they said and replaced a PERFECTLY GOOD motherboard which OF COURSE didn t fix anything nbsp So the tech says to ask them for the entire LCD assembly nbsp So I contact Dell and ask them for the specific part number which to their credit they send nbsp But of course there are still issues with the screen Dead pixels backlight bleed and the touch screen often has a mind of its own and causes the cursor to go crazy nbsp Also at this point I m noticing the laptop runs much warmer than before there s a loud quot coil whine quot and the touchpad now randomly stops sometimes nbsp So my perfectly good motherboard was replaced with a broken one Great By this time screen number had arrived nbsp But it was the wrong part nbsp It was the k UHD screen and I had the p version nbsp I am a software developer and I use Linux and a lot of Java software which does not scale properly on Hi-DPI screens So once again I had to contact Dell and tell them I can t use a k screen After sending the wrong part Dell said they d replace the entire system with a refurbished one nbsp Great Finally an end to this I hoped nbsp But nope Dell sends me an Inspiron quot gaming laptop quot with a k screen Even after I specifically told them I am unable to use a k screen nbsp However by this time I had well and truly had enough nbsp I just wanted to be done with the entire ordeal nbsp But as I am beginning to learn there is apparently no end to it because guess what the Inspiron has a few issues of its own nbsp The screen dims flickers when certain shades of blue enter the screen lots of owners are complaining about this it s an inherent flaw of the LG quot pentle quot screen used in these There are a few youtube videos that show this if you search nbsp I could have just changed the resolution to p and lived with the flicker but nbsp It OVERHEATS LIKE CRAZY and the fan never shuts off nbsp Even when idle nbsp Tonight nbsp as I was trying to use it the thermal protection kicked in and it actually turned itself off right when I was in the middle of working nbsp UNACCEPTABLE I ve been patient and courteous throughout all this nbsp But now I ve had enough I am not going ... Read more

A:Out of patience with Dell's horrible warranty service

Tough luck. I've also have had more hardware issues than I can count, including trackpad failures, fan issues, lights burnt out, etc... I just continuously had stuff break on my $1400 laptop for no reason. 
After months of dealing with this ***, I decided I just wanted Dell to buy the laptop back from me or give me store credit as that's really the only repayment for the amount of stress and issues this laptop has brought me. I was basically told by the highest level sales manager that I cannot return the laptop and I just have to go the Dell's support system. There is really nothing you can do except constantly call in service requests and once your warranty expires, like me, you are pretty much screwed.
That being said, I will never buy any Dell product again.
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I am so frustrated with HP's customer service I will never buy an HP product again because of their nbsp horrendous customer service and the fact that HP either doesn't honor their warranties customer Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE service Not or they make it exceedingly difficult to do so nbsp I have an HP chromebook Pavilion Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service nbsp -c dx that has a malfunctioning touchpad and no one from HP is helping me Intermittently my touchpad won't work The cursor pointer starts to shake vibrate making it almost impossible to click on what's intended and the scroll function freezes up Also a powerwash has not fixed the problem I started calling a couple of weeks ago while still under the one year warranty HP told me my chromebook was out of warranty It was not They had an incorrect purchase date They told Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service me to scan and send proof of Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service purchase I did twice to two different people and two different email addresses I was told my chromebook would be repaired and to wait for the box to ship it in nbsp I have an order number nbsp BFBB nbsp but I have received nothing According to the order status online it says waiting for customer action nbsp I was told by one of the several people I've spoken to that he would personally make sure my issue would be solved but refused to give me his full name Now when I reply to the emails I previously got from customer service I get automated replies stating my chromebook is out of warranty and I can no longer get email support I just called customer service and he said I still need to send in my receipt for proof of purchase SERIOUSLY HP you are doing terrible business by making it so difficult for people to have their problems fixed And shame on you for not honoring your warranties nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Not Honoring Warranty/TERRIBLE customer service

Hi @bassplayinlady ,
I sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your private messages then this post has instructions that will guide you through the process.
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I wonder if in your country Lenovo guys ask you to wait 45 days for warranty works in service centre.In St.Petersburg, Russia I was asked to wait 45 days cuz spare parts are not available. And it is for really new laptop I just bought.Is it really firm service or home kitchen?I just wanna say Hi for VP in Lenovo company responsible for the customer service  Please let me know your awaiting time. Who give more?

DSC_0651.JPG ?989 KB
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Hello nbsp Service Warranty in Indi... not honored International I purchased a Y - laptop in US nbsp one nbsp year back I did check on the International Warranty Service both with US and Indian sales support teams and after that went ahead with the purchase of the laptop with year warranty extension nbsp nbsp Now I am in India and got an hinge problem with the laptop As per this link nbsp https forums lenovo com t Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series Y - -Touch-only-customer-review-broken-hinge- Lenovo investigated the issue and created a nbsp service TIP nbsp SF -I nbsp HT nbsp But the Indian customer support agents are International Warranty Service not honored in Indi... trivializing IWS and said that I need to take the laptop back to US for repair Even though the product is under IWS and supported in India it is disappointing to deal with arrogant customer support agents who are declining the repair by quoting IWS When I nbsp mention nbsp the nbsp service TIP International Warranty Service not honored in Indi... they are saying it is only for US and doesn t apply to IWS Could someone please let me know if that is true Would Lenovo IWS not cover a design defect nbsp This is my first Lenovo laptop and it is very unfortunate to go through this I went to local service centers twice already and each travel took me hours Hope someone can help nbsp Praveen
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I ordered Precision M3800.
But warrant information on support website is incorrect.

How can I fix it?

Ship date: January 01, 0001
Country: Unknown
Service: No information available.
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When I went to buy a laptop, I have not considered any other laptop as I thought Dell would be perfect for me. However, let me tell you, it's not. Within the period of 1 month, I started getting touch pad issues which is not resolved completely yet. This is not ended here. I bought this laptop (which was the worst decision I have ever made) in October 2014 and this Dell dashboard shows my warranty expiring in July 2015. I am emailing to them and nobody even bothers to give a reply. On phone support I have asked several times that I want to extend my warranty, however nobody helped me for that too. Is this your SO CALLED superior customer service and quality product? If yes then please stop selling Dell Inspiron 3542 model. Pathetic touch pad! LET ME KNOW HOW CAN I FILE A COMPLAINT as I cant take this harassment further.

A:How to file a complaint against dell customer service and Warranty

Contact link, bottom of the screen.
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I ordered Precision M3800.
But warrant information on support website is incorrect.

How can I fix it?

Ship date: January 01, 0001
Country: Unknown
Service: No information available.

A:Incorrect service warranty information on support website

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.
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I sent my laptop in to be serviced under warranty because the keyboard would not work. was denied service because of water damage but now my screen doesn't work, can someone help

A:My screen won't turn on after service was denied on warranty due to water damage

Water can destroy a laptop or any other electronic device. Chances are that the water sat underneath the keyboard and flowed onto the motherboard where it dried causing corrosion and damaging the motherboard permanently. You could take the laptop to a repair shop and they could give you a repair estimate. Of course, you will have to pay for this repair. If a liquid is spilled on a laptop in the future, immediately open it and turn it upside down. This allows the liquid not to hit and pool on the motherboard, or in a keyboard
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I have brought a hp laptop from a retail shop on 11-09-2016 but on hp website it showes that my warranty starts from 23-06-2016....PLEASE ANYONE PROVIDE A SOLUTION......

A:warranty issue

Your warranty is one year from retail purchase. HP puts in a placeholder date based on when the laptop was made but sometimes they sit on the shelf for a while. If you actually have a warranty problem it will be 1 year from purchase. Keep your proof of purchase documents and register your laptop with HP.
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Hi Sir, i have just got the HP laptop model# Ay005tx. I came across the it has only 10 month left to get the warrenty over however, i have bought it two days before fron now. Also, i am unable to register this product over your hp site. Please assist we with this, Regards,
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serial removed per forum rules - mod nbsp Apparantly if your Lenovo purchase is out of warranty nbsp online support of any kind nbsp is unavialble On the contact page I entered serial number nbsp xxxxxxx and was told my Thinkpad is out warranty something I knew in June Does this mean that nbsp online contact with Lenovo is unavialable The only contact nbsp option on that page is the forum so hello nbsp I've been bouncing back and forth between Staple and Lenovo for a couple of months now regarding a Thinkpad purchased this year I recently sent the following note Staples who again forwarded me to Lenovo Support and who as explained is unavailable nbsp nbsp I purchased a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad in mid February I purchasedthis computer based on what I could afford and past experience with both Staples and Lenovo The computer failed in June one Out Issue Warranty of month beyond itswarranty period The local Staples store told Out of Warranty Issue me they are unwilling torepair it It should be clear to a reasonable consumer or vendor that a Out of Warranty Issue dollar product carefully used should not be rendered worthless withina month period without consideration Is this what Staples hasbecome If it has why would I remain a customer I expected more from Staples and Lenovo warranty or no warranty nbsp As stated I expect more of a nbsp global brand and its vendors regarding nbsp a computer or a lawnmower warranty or no warranty nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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I have recently purchased HP Pavilion notebook from , when i checked with the warranty it shows warranty started on  october 2015.How is that possible?

A:Warranty Issue



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I am really unhappy with hp warranty services i have recently bought a hp pavillion notebook due to some reason my windows got corrupted and now service center is asking me to order a recovery disk py paying money even though it is not a hardware issueI have to pay extra 1000 rs bucks to order the recovery disc even though my laptop is underwarranty . I am really pissed with hp servicesAnd me and my family have been hp customers for a while. If there is anything you guys can do to improveMy warranty status let me know.


Hi @Shikh, I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details. If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works  please review this link. First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More
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I am really unhappy with hp warranty services i have recently bought a hp pavillion notebook due to some reason my windows got corrupted and now service center is asking me to order a recovery disk py paying money even though it is not a hardware issueI have to pay extra 1000 rs bucks to order the recovery disc even though my laptop is underwarranty . I am really pissed with hp servicesAnd me and my family have been hp customers for a while. If there is anything you guys can do to improveMy warranty status let me know.
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SN--CND6210ZFFProduct Number:  CND6210ZFFWindows 10 Home 64-bit My computer is approx 1-month old.  I purchased the 3-year warranty at that time, however, the warranty on the HP website still shows only the 1-year warranty.  Two previous email requests to support have gone unanswered.  In addition, I have spent almost two hours on the telephone with HP trying to resolve this issue.  I paid for the 3-year service, and should be provided the three year service.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.Respectfully submitted,Slingwing (Ron)
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I bought a loptop from cape town south africa while i was there and i moved to srilanka . Now im having a problem with my lap top that it doesn't work which means when i see ress the on button it doesn't work so i contact the authorized HP service center in sri lanka and thy saing that they cant do anything becouse this was not bought from srilanka and its from another region. I don't understand i bought it with international warranty and why doesn't international warranty apply here in srilanka i have another 3 months remaining of my warranty period
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Hello,I bought hp 245 g5 laptop on 23 september 2016, which is having one year onsite warranty.  But when i checked my warranty status online it is showing that my warranty will end on 21 August 2017. How to solve this issue kindly reply asap.
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I bought this laptop today - Windows 10, 128GB SSD Intel i3, but the warranty says 9 month remaining on the support assistant. I try disputing this on the site and let the support assistant find my model number, and it says that it's been obselete for a number of years, and then another part said unknown error?! I contacted live chat and they said they will try and get it updated in 3 weeks, but I'm not convinced. My printer had the same issue in Jan, contacted them then and they never updated it. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Remaining Warranty Issue


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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  I Harsh , I purchased dell vostro laptop on 22th October 2015. And I checked on online it show me you shipped on 3rd July 2015. I have issue with hardware anybody can not  help me. Please help me
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I own Y50-70 Lenovo laptop bought in Norway! The motherboard is broken and here in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina the services is not able to repair it or to replace it. I can not see the warranty status because the site does not recognize the Serial Number of my computer which is CB32585929! Services here recommend me to go to Norway to get my warranty but it is not an option for me. Please help!

20160623_003250.jpg ?711 KB
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This is not a technical question if i m posting in the wrong with Issue warranty/invoice section I request the moderators to move it to the correct place I m from India We have an online shop here called quot Snapdeal quot Purchased a laptop from here it s a Dell Vostro When I check the Dell warranty page Issue with warranty/invoice I see the quot Shipping Date quot is different from the date on my invoice Called up Dell support they asked me to mail a scanned Issue with warranty/invoice copy of the invoice and they will make the appropriate corrections I did and the next day Dell called me back and informed my Issue with warranty/invoice request has been rejected as there s no quot Service tag quot or quot Express service code quot mentioned in the invoice It s impossible for Dell to verify this invoice is for the laptop in question and i need to contact the quot place of purchase quot for an updated invoice which includes the service tag of the laptop I ve since called quot Snapdeal quot a number of times They keep telling they have taken a complaint and will send an updated invoice in hours but I m yet to receive this This is not really a Dell problem it s a quot Snapdeal quot problem Could someone please suggest what do I do now If the laptop gets stolen I won t even be able to complain to the police as my invoice is pretty much meaningless without the serial number of the laptop mentioned on it -
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To Whom It May Concern nbsp This has been a nightmare trying to get support for a -year Worldwide Warranty product that my company purchased a little over nbsp year ago nbsp The dock's Issue ThinkPad Dock Warranty Pro OneLink DisplayPort seem to not be working properly The monitor that is connected to it will randomly go blank I've tried updating to the latest drivers and firmware for ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock Warranty Issue the dock I tried switching monitors and switching cables I've tried moving around USB devices to make sure it isn't interfering with operation I've tried ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock Warranty Issue connecting the bare minimum to the devices and the problem ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock Warranty Issue persisted I need the DisplayPort as I am running a dual monitor setup nbsp I contacted the Customer Service line to get support To my dismay I was told my product was not under warranty and had to send in a copy of the invoice for nbsp my product The support rep gave me an nbsp email address to their entitlement department and was told I will receive a response within - hours It's been hours nbsp now and no response nbsp I try calling again to check on my status but told the same thing and that they don't have the service case in their system nbsp I hope some Lenovo rep can see this and provide some assistance
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My Dell Inspiron was purchased in May 2015 and now it has just been more than a year (warranty over), and I am facing problem in closing the screen (the left hinge seems to have a crack). FYI:I have been taking good care of laptop in terms of handling , highly frustrated that this should happen so soon.Kindly provide me a solution.
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Sent my Dell XPS away under warranty having been led to believe Dell screen issue warranty xps12 Dell would replace the screen The monitor still has image retention problems amp it turns out Dell didn t replace the screen They are now saying I ll have to pay for this as I m now out of warranty nbsp I m extremely disappointed in the way they have handled my case - any Dell warranty issue xps12 screen suggestions See emails below On Jun at UKI TS CONS Notebook Dell com gt wrote Hi nbsp nbsp Good day no worries I will create the service request in the system Please be reminded Dell warranty issue xps12 screen that all the data on the unit will be deleted physical damage not covered in the warranty and please don t include the accessories during the collection The repair usually takes - days but we will do our best to expedite the process for Dell warranty issue xps12 screen you You will receive a call from UPS to confirm the schedule of the unit collection To track the status of the repair you can visit our website at nbsp www dell aftermarketrepair com nbsp You can also send me an email if you have question nbsp Thank you and have a great day nbsp Thank You for choosing Dell nbsp Dell Technical Support SpecialistFor inquiries regarding the status of your Service Request simply reply back to this email --- Original Message --- From nbsp On Jun at lt UKI TS CONS Notebook Dell com gt wrote Hi Good day I checked the warranty of your device and it is still active My advise is to send the unit in our depot for repair To set your expectation the repair will take - days All the data will be deleted and physical damage is not covered in the warranty If you want to proceed please provide your address primary and alternate contact number Thank you Thank You for choosing Dell nbsp Dell Technical Support SpecialistFor inquiries regarding the status of your Service Request simply reply back to this email --- Original Message ---From nbsp gt Received PM CDTTo UKI TS CONS Notebook lt UKI TS CONS Notebook Dell com gt Subject Re Dell Support RequestXPS Q InWarranty ARBR Bios is up to date - makes no difference nbsp Regards On Jun at nbsp lt UKI TS CONS Notebook Dell com gt wrote Hi nbsp May I know if you have tried to install the latest BIOS update for the system If you have installed the latest drivers already and we still encounter the problem the unit needs repair We advise to send it in our depot for us to be able to fix the issue To set your expectation usually it will take - days nbsp Thank you Thank You for choosing Dell nbsp Dell Technical Support SpecialistFor inquiries regarding the status of your Service Request simply reply back to this email --- Original Message ---From gt Received PM CDTTo UKI TS CONS Notebook lt UKI TS CONS Notebook Dell com gt Subject Re Dell Support RequestXPS Q InWarranty ARBR It is the lsquo burn in rsquo issue which has been documented extensively on the internet I see the previous imagery as the screen updates nbsp I understand Dell are replacing the affected LCD rsquo s Thanks On Jun at lt UKI TS CONS Notebook Dell com gt wrote Hi nbsp Thank you for your email I apologize that you encounter a problem on your monitor May I know the troubleshooting steps you have done so far nbsp Thank you nbsp Thank You for choosing Dell nbsp Dell Technical Support SpecialistFor inquiries regarding the status of your Service Request simply reply back to this email --- Original Message ---From Received AM CDTTo UKI TS CONS Notebook lt UKI TS CONS Notebook Dell com gt Subject Dell Support RequestXPS Q InWarranty ARBR BEGINTechnicalSupportREQUEST nbsp SubjectLine Dell Support RequestXPS Q InWarranty ARBR BEGINIssueCategories nbsp CS IssueCategory Monitor ProblemDescription monitor is ghosting - know problem requiring lcd replacement ErrorMessage RecentChanges Troubleshooting Diagnostics BEGINProductInformation nbsp CS ServiceTag xxxxxxx CS SystemFriendlyName XPS CS SystemLabel XPS Q ShipDate CS OperatingSystem Windows CS Operati... Read more
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Dear GPU owners/buyers,

I was trying to get my GPU RMAd but lost the invoice and got this answer from TGT overclocking support:

"Dear Mr. xxxxx

I am sorry, but without a copy of the original invoice, the warranty is void. I know the experience of losing documents during a move, but the warranty claim requires a proof of purchase.

Another issue about the warranty claim is that TGT ceased operation. The closing is quite recent, I don't know yet what will happen regarding warranty requests."
Please be informed of the situation if you have a TGT GPU or planned to buy one.
TGT overclocking is the company making the overclocking for Point of View GPUs


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I have purchased Dell Inspiron 5558 from ebay in India with Thailand bill date 21/05/2016 international warranty but on warranty status page it say 18-12-2017 which is 6 month less after that i call to Dell care but they not able to help me they said you need to contact dealer so i am worried please expert from Dell help in this issue as i bought brand new dell 5558 but worried about my warranty please confirm me how i get update my warranty status to 21/05/2018
Thank You
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Hello there, I have an ideapad p500 for about five years and there is something wrong with it. I plugged the AC adapter in and it wouldn't charge at all. I didn't see "Plugged in, charging"... I recently bought a new AC adapter and it still doesn't work. Any idea why? Thanks!
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Hi to all, May be somebody have same issues:Note that ( email support for some reason do not work (send button pressed but nothing happens - i filled all fields required). I have IdeaPad Y700 with Windows 10 Pro x64 installed. I install all drivers from lenovo site.When you connect headphones via BlueTooth from time to time headphones are disconnected and re-connected. Headphones working and tested on another computer. Thanks,

A:IdeaPad Y700 BlueTooth bug/issue

I have a similar problem. When I close the laptop lid and it goes into sleep mode. My USB and BLUETOOTH don't work when I open it later on and I have to reboot the whole computer in order for it to to work again.
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I hope someone can help me with this issue Bought this laptop about a month ago and started having display issues 500-15ACZ Graphics Issue IdeaPad I have searched IdeaPad 500-15ACZ Graphics Issue the forum on this issue and haven't found a resolution particular to my IdeaPad 500-15ACZ Graphics Issue laptop model then again I could have overlooked something nbsp Issue started a couple IdeaPad 500-15ACZ Graphics Issue days ago presumably after a Windows update and started getting a message saying display driver stopped responding and has recovered The screen kept blacking out hang up then display the desktop This happened over and over and every th or th time the laptop would restart I eventually started getting Windows didn't load correctly and I had to boot into safe mode nbsp After days of searching I found many resolutions that included uninstalling the drivers and downloading the latest which I did but to no avail The only way I can use the laptop is to NOT reinstall the AMD drivers Hopefully the following information will help someone with more technical experience provide a solution nbsp System Processor AMD A - P R Installed Memory RAM GBSystem Type -bit Operating System x -based processor nbsp AMD AutoDetect program displayed the following Graphics Hardware A-Series APUBest Driver for this device Radeon-Crimson Minimal SetupChipset Driver AMD Cipset Drivers Crimson Edition nbsp I've tried these and the issue comes back I also tried the Crimson Edition Hotfix and the issue comes back So right now my display adapter is set to the Microsoft Basic Display nbsp Adapter nbsp Is there any relevance to forum posts I've seen regarding updating the drivers with Intel even though I have AMD

A:IdeaPad 500-15ACZ Graphics Issue

Hi: Kindly try this fix we have worked for all our IdeaPad 500-15ACZ devices. Basically the AMD drivers and Bios were oudated and Windowds 10 update messed up the issues. Regards
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i purchased my lenovo ideapad g500s in february. I am facing heating issue in this. especially my touchpad gets heats up. i haven't contacted the service center. can anyone tell me the reason for so much heat up. i use my laptop for 10 hours a day. 

A:heating issue ideapad g500s

Hi Adarsh,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that your G500s Laptop is heating up near the touchpad area, please let me know if you use the Laptop on a flat surface and if you use any High-end Graphical applications continuously.
 Hope to hear back soon
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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HI Everyone,

I just bought a brand new Ideapad Y560 with 740QM i7 & 8GB RAM 1333Mhz but when I run Speccy it shows my RAM as 8GB @ 665Mhz.

I have also had 4 BSOD happen to me in the first couple of days. The blue screen shows something about that I might have the wrong RAM installed but it does not give me enough time to read before restarting.

I don't want to open the laptop to check the RAM in case I void the warranty.

Another interesting thing I noted is that when I move my mouse to the top left corner of the screen I get the spinning wheel (instead of the normal cursor) almost as if some process is busy launching or something. I tried searching for this but found nothing.

Anyway, I hope someone here can shed some light on these issues.



A:Ideapad Y560 i7 BSOD & RAM Issue

Hi and welcome to TSF try this Automatic Restart Windows 7 - How To Disable the Automatic Restart on System Failure in Windows 7 you should then be able to see the message then follow the instructions here
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I have just bought the above, which advertises "long battery life", however when fully charged it tells me I only have 2hrs 55minutes of charge, then if I have my usual programs turned on (such as Lenova or Cloud etc), it tells me even less.Right now I only have my anti-virus going, and it is 2hrs 42mins, with 89% charge.    This is not what I paid for or whatis advertised.   Am I doing anything wrong here, or do I have a lemon??
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Hi Everyone, I have a Levnovo z510 i5 @2.5 GB running windows 10.The usb ports gets disconnected on their own.I have to place my laptop on the floor to acess the pendrive .Also, sometimes, it just doesn't recognize and gives this error 'Device has malfunctioned!' Kindly provide help.
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Hello there, I've bought this laptop ( Lenovo IdeaPad 300 ) about 2 or 3 months ago and I've had the same issue all the time. First, I met the PalmTracking [Elan] Issue which is configuring PalmTracking through Elan or Windows doesn't work until I have found a fix which is to uninstall the Elan Driver untill they update it but it lead to another issue which is it gets automatically reinstalled after a restart, so I need a fix that won't need me to do it repetitvely. And then my trackpad suddenly just started moving so fast and randomly clicked about 50 or 100 Clicks per second ( not the real, approx with my vision ) everytime I just touch the TouchPad. I don't know what caused this issue. Note: I bought a mouse so I can use the laptop in a better way and in playing games, but I still use the trackpad.Thanks for your time.
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I recently bought an ideapad and it's a great machine The only issue I came nbsp across is that the Chrome browser shows some graphics error seen in picture Chrome graphic issue This behaviour is quite common - however a simple mouse selection or even hovering over the obstructed area is enough to make the screen work again This only happens with Chrome I've seen people with similar Firefox issues and sometimes the entire screen becomes graphic issue Chrome ideapad 300 unstable and freezes In these situations the notification chrome exe was blocked from using graphic used to pop up but with the Windows anniversary update and some settings tweaking I was able to revert that Sometimes the problem occurs but solves itself within fractions of a second and actually that just happened now I tested the matter using a hangouts screensharing and it picked the problem too nbsp I have also seen people with HP computers having similar problems ideapad 300 Chrome graphic issue even with the same graphics card processor combination Any suggestions are warmly welcome nbsp Data ideapad Intel i GB RAMIntel graphics driver nbsp
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Hi everyone nbsp I bought my Z notebook about years ago and this problem started about weeks ago A significat drop on performance occured when playing games that previously had no problem to run smoothly It's quite annoying because now it's Ideapad performance Z510 issue impossible for my games to run fluently - instead they almost run frame by frame like I had too weak graphic card It happened suddenly - one day it was OK Ideapad Z510 performance issue and the other everything went down I cannot watch YouTube videos in p quality p is max and if I chose higher Ideapad Z510 performance issue quality videos cannot run smoothly - the situation is almost the same like with my games Video needs to take some time to load for about - seconds - it also lasts for about - seconds My notebook also needs much more time to start up and switch off It used to be a copule of seconds and now I feel like this time has doubled In general my PC works slower I scanned it for viruses a copule of times and even reinstalled Windows Nothing helped What is happening Is it because of the graphic card or is it because built-in technology making the hardware obsolete and forcing buying a new PC nbsp In advance thanks for You help
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sir hi actually i bought my lappi last year in the month of may 25th and since i was in last year of my collage i did not bother  to extend becouse of money issue. can i extend the warranty of the lapptop now ??pls help and if yes then what all the procedure i need to follow. ?  w/w  aayan akash.
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Hello, Just purchased the ideapad the laptop but after a computer scan through the lenovo solution center, i keep getting a failed result because of the intel graphics 520 hd card.  The 'mathematical operations test' keeps failing.  I have re-installed the driver through the lenovo support website but it did not take care of it.  is this because of Windows 10?  I am thinking there are still some quirks with the operating system and compatability with hardware. Thank you.

Go to Solution.

A:Ideapad 500s - graphics card issue

I've never owned a Lenovo laptop until recently, I've always bought my computers from Dell. However, a couple of week ago, I decided to purchase the Ideapad 500 and I'm already having an issue with the Intel Graphics Card. When I watch videos, like from YouTube, the images keep scrambling and there is a horizontal, white band of interference that keeps flashing at the bottom of the screen. I've even started getting the blue and black error screens. I ran the Lenovo Solutions Center app and got the same result. There was a failure with the Intel HD Graphics Card, "Mathematical Operations Test." Here is the Results Code: WVC007002-RK8WFH. I checked the Intel website for the latest version of the graphics card to see if mine is out of date, and it is. My version is, which was released, 8/24/2015. The new version is, which was released, 10/26/2015. The recommendations given by the Intel website for updating the driver, seem to address the issues I'm having with the blue and black screens. Anyway, since my driver is out-of-date, I downloaded and tried to install this latest one, but I got an error message, saying it must be done by the manufacture. I then checked Lenovo's website to see if they had it for downloading, but the only graphics card that Lenovo has available is out-of-date too. I have a two-year warranty, but I don't want to ship my laptop just to have my graphics card updated.
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I just got an ideapad Flex 15 for work. Win 10. I was playing with settings and clicked "Make Windows more touch friendly when using your device as a tablet. When I did the screen display changed resolutions, and there is now a black border, about half inch, all the way around the display. Turning the setting back off did not reset the resolution. No resolution brings back the full display. I have checked to ensure that all drivers are updated. Can't come up with anything else to get it back to using the full screen. Any ideas?

A:Ideapad flex 15 display issue - not using full scr...

Hi Real,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Consider performing system restore to get your computer back the time when it worked.
Let us know how you get on.
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Hello, Few days ago I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad 710S laptop with Intel I5 2.3GHz, 8GB and 256GB SSD. When I power the laptop with its original power supply, and touch the laptop metal surface, I feel permanent "Electric Shocks" !!! (The laptop original power supply doesn't have a ground socket). I have also a new Dell laptop with metal surface and there is no electric shocks with it.  Is it possilble that a 2016 Lenovo laptop will have an "Electric Shocks" issues ??? Thank you,Alon
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I recently purchased a ideapad 700 for home use. However, when the conservation mode is turned on, i noticed the notebook sometimes charged to 100% by itself without consent. Then I would have to disable the conservation mode, and then re-enable again the function so the battery would deplete its battery to 60%. This is not often happening everyday, but it did happened some often and it is annoying since it is wasting the charge cycle of the battery. Any help?
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Hello, I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 500-15acz with an AMD A10 8700p and R6 graphics. It came with 8gb of Single channel RAM (2x4gb) and I upgraded it to 8gb of dual channel RAM but its still running on single channel. I even tried 2x4gb Corsair Vengence 1600mhz ram and 2x4gb Hyper X 2133mhz RAM and its still running very poorly. the performance of the hardware is so bad that I cannot even play Modern Warefare 1 at more than 25fps which should be more than doable. Could anyone help me  get more out of this laptop?
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I've been using this laptop for around a year or so now and it's Keyboard Lenovo Issue Ideapad - Y580 worked perfectly up until this point in time nbsp nbsp The issue that I'm currently having is entirely mechanical At the moment my keyboard is intact and works just fine However if I press a key mainly the 'e' key off-center it pops the entire key up and I have to click it into place It's not life-threatening or crucial to the machine's function but when I am busy typing papers or lesson plans having a key Lenovo Ideapad Y580 - Keyboard Issue on the most constantly used vowel key continually pop up really puts a dampener in things nbsp I've taken the key out and have tried to click it back in While I can't see what's going on given that there's Lenovo Ideapad Y580 - Keyboard Issue a key in the way I can most certainly feel it clicking into place twice both clicks stemming from the right side of the 'e' key It seems that to the best of my knowledge only two out of four prongs that are meant to keep the key in place and in line are actually snapping and holding the key down Whenever I type off-center and to the right the entire left side of the key snaps up and must be pushed back into place nbsp I'm wondering if there's anything I can or should do Given that I've had my machine for over a year now I'm unsure if my warranty still covers it speaking of is there a way to check warranty status online nbsp Please if anyone has any advice on how to fix or replace a busted key keyboard please let me know

A:Lenovo Ideapad Y580 - Keyboard Issue

A replacement keyboard (chicony, oki, or dafon are the makers - be sure to look for the manufacturer label and p/n right below the lenovo p/n on the back to get a genuine keyboard) would make a good spares, they are about $30 on ebay. I replaced a broken key on a few different laptops but much prefer to swap out the entire keyboard.  Once a single key goes bad it's likely that more keys will start to fail (note that 'e' is perhaps the most commonly used key on your keyboard because it's the most popular vowel.  Other popular keys like 't' might be failing sometime soon).  So I would suggest you buy a spare keyboard and save it until you can't live without it, the procedure to replace the keyboard is a 10 minute swap. If you want to replace a key, a sharp tipped (xacto-style) knife blade, and a loupe (magnifying lens) are important accessories.  Buy from a reputable site which has good instructions ( ).  Unfortunately, the key and hinge are manufacturer-specific (OKI, Chicony, Dafon, see above) so you will need to determine it from the guide on  When I fixed our Acer c720 I also used needlenose pliers to bend a metal tab back into place, the key hinge wasn't seating correctly because the metal tab had bent and was open too wide.  The Acer c720 has a nightmare keyboard to replace with 75 different locking plastic tabs that bind it to the undersize of the palmrest, so i had little choice but to replace the single key or buy an entire keyboard/palmrest assembly. Thinkpad T-series keyboards are like the hood of a car, just pop 2-4 screws and push towards the LCD, then it pivots open like a hood and you can remove the connectors and install a new one's connectors and screw it down in 5-10 mins.  The 2-4 screws to remove often have a little picture of a keyboard on the back of the laptop or search for "Lenovo Y580 Hardware Maintenance Manual" and download the instructions for all the repairs to your laptop.
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During the installation process for Windows 8 consumer preview, my laptop screen displayed very poor resolution, so poor that I could hardly see anything. The problem continued after installation completed. I can only now see things through a second monitor. Things seem to also work when I put the laptop display on duplicate or extend mode
I have read many posts on similar problem, and have been installing many drivers, but nothing seem to help!... Would someone please point me to the right driver for my computer? Some info on my laptop is below for your reference. Computer info: Ideapad U460; video: Intel (r) HD graphic; Windows 8 consumer preview 64-bitThanks !

A:Graphic issue with Lenovo IdeaPad laptop

Originally Posted by nxaquoc

During the installation process for Windows 8 consumer preview, my laptop screen displayed very poor resolution, so poor that I could hardly see anything. The problem continued after installation completed. I can only now see things through a second monitor. Things seem to also work when I put the laptop display on duplicate or extend mode
I have read many posts on similar problem, and have been installing many drivers, but nothing seem to help!... Would someone please point me to the right driver for my computer? Some info on my laptop is below for your reference. Computer info: Ideapad U460; video: Intel (r) HD graphic; Windows 8 consumer preview 64-bitThanks !

Lenovo Ideapad U460 has an Nvidia card according to my searches (either a 4XXM or 3XXM). Could you post your hardware ID's of your graphics card and possibly find out if there is a specific model on the bottom of the laptop?
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Hello, I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 500-15acz with an AMD A10 8700p and R6 graphics. It came with 8gb of Single channel RAM (2x4gb) and I upgraded it to 8gb of dual channel RAM but its still running on single channel. I even tried 2x4gb Corsair Vengence 1600mhz ram and 2x4gb Hyper X 2133mhz RAM and its still running very poorly. the performance of the hardware is so bad that I cannot even play Modern Warefare 1 at more than 25fps which should be more than doable. Could anyone help me  get more out of this laptop?

A:Ideapad 500-15acz Ram Issue and poor performance

Hi there, Ipogodo                   -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Your CPU / GPU might be overheating and it's throttling down which may explain the FPS drop during games - this would cause your CPU / GPU to operate in a low frequency. Try to monitor your CPU by using CoreTemp and your GPU by using GPU Shark or Afterburner.
If you get high temperatures, you can try to decrease the heat by:

Using a good quality cooling pad that runs on high RPM or a better cooling in your room.
Replacing the stock Thermal Interface Material with a good quality TIM like Noctua NT-H1, Tuniq TX-4, or Artic Silver 5.

Also, run a few tests from this link -
You should try Storage test, memory test, motherboard test, CPU test. Open Command prompt and try sfc /scannow to check if your windows files are corrupted.
Update us how it goes.
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we have four laptops . we are trying to connect one wifi network but these 4 laptops are not connecting after restart  the router(i.e router1) it will connect. we have one more router  inthis case no need to reboot router(router 2) it can connect automatically. But other brand laptops connect automatically to router 1.can you please help on this.    Thankskiran
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The 100s has no way to disable tap to click on the touchpad. This 'feature' makes it nearly impossible for me to use the touchpad, and I bought this laptop for it to be entirely self contained. The the touchpad uses the microsoft HiD Driver. There is no option to disable tap to click in Windows Settings or the HiD driver in the device manager. Is there any 32bit driver or other solution to disable tap to click?

A:Ideapad 100s11IBY touchpad tap to click issue

Bump, I really dont want to return this laptop because of the touchpad when everything else about it works perfectly.
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Hello, the issue with my Ideapad 700 (Windows 10, last update KB3176938, 1st of september) is that, even though I switch the battery conservation mode on, every time I restart or shut down the system it turns back to "off" like it's unable to save the setting. Any clue? Thanks
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Like many forum members I suffered with battery problems with the IdeaPad I tried everything from re-loading the operating system all the way to changing the fuse in my IdeaPad 11s Yoga Issue (Solved) Battery wall socket and every other tweak in-between Still the problem persisited battery drain and then no charge possible The solution when it came was beytond simple and Lenovo gets no credit for highlighting this problem or helping it's users nbsp The problem is this In most battery plans for the IdeaPasd the default is for the 'sleep' mode when the IdeaPad is not being used idle Problem is sleep mode still uses battery power abiet at a trickle Still left for several hours or over night the battery will drain and the user gets a power reading when booting up and the battery won't charge nbsp The fix is the battery plan 'Stable Mode' This IdeaPad Yoga 11s Battery Issue (Solved) plan does not let the IdeaPad go into sleep mode with it's battery draining drawback Once I selected sleep mode I now have a fully charged battery when I start using the IdeaPad If I am on battery of course it drains the battery down but the dreaded sleep mode doesn't kick in to flatten the battery to a state where charging is not possible nbsp Hope this helps nbsp Hughdal nbsp Mod Comment Moved post to this thread as the OP posted my system is IdeaPad Yoga s in another thread Subject edited to match include model

A:IdeaPad Yoga 11s Battery Issue (Solved)

Thanks for sharing your findings with others - sounds like a good work around solution.
I'm not sure which model IdeaPad you experienced these symptoms on.   Generally, I would recommend checking for battery firmware updates (which may be available for some models) and also checking for later versions of energy management software.  
If anyone else is experiencing these same symptoms and found hughdal's solution helpful, could you share which model you have, what OS version and energy manager version installed.
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I'm on my second Ideapad - ISK having returned the first because of USB and SD card slot problems nbsp but nbsp this one nbsp still has similar issues They were bought from 510-15ISK USB Ideapad card issue 3 and SD slot different PC World stores They came with Windows pre-installed and latest updates have been applied automatically nbsp Things seem fine with the USB port on the left-hand side of the laptop The right-hand-side Ideapad 510-15ISK USB 3 and SD card slot issue USB port is distinctly unreliable and so is the SD card slot My OCZ SSD in a caddy just would not work it would be recognised initially cause a long pause and eventually I would get an error saying the device had malfunctioned and was not recognised Plug it into the left-hand-side USB port and it would come up straight away The drive is now corrupted but I am working on recovering it nbsp I'm currently sitting here with an Express Duo GB USB memory stick plugged in which drops nbsp out and nbsp comes back again nbsp every minute or two unpredictably then stays OK for a while There is a wireless mouse plugged in to the USB port and I have no trouble with that I just plugged in and SD card nbsp it has dropped out and come back nbsp once while I was accessing it a couple of minutes ago fortunately while reading not writing Oops there it goes again nbsp It's been suggested that nbsp these problems nbsp may be something to do with the internal USB hub drivers but when I try updating the driver it says they are up-to-date My wife is fed up with it and says I should buy HP Any suggestions before this too goes back for a full refund nbsp nbsp That is assuming I can get it to misbehave in the shop as the memory stick has now been fine for minutes
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Hi everyone, eversince recieving my new laptop a few days ago, I found out that headphones do not play correctly once connected to the 3.5mm jack. they only play music from the right bud (It is not a balance issue).  I tried checking various headphones, and they all have the exact same problem. I updated my drivers to the latest versions (including the one located in the product page on Lenovo site), and the problem doesn't seem to be fixed.... I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

A:Ideapad y700 - headphone issue (left bud not worki...

Hi Ranya,
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There is usually a hardware switch in the socket, which is engaged when you put the plug in. Seems like it might be mechanically broken.
Playback Devices under Sound Properties (by going to Control Panel (large icon view) > Sound > Playback Devices) and see if the Headphone is being set as the default playback device. If not, click on it and set it as the default playback device, try to play a sample sound and observe.
-Link to picture
I would suggest you to check your left and right speaker volumes example posted below
Let us know how you get on.
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Dear Members I am in trouble with my nbsp Idea Pad Z I bought it couple of years ago / Lenovo BIOS Boot Issue IdeaPad - Z570 running Windows During the years of Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 - Boot / BIOS Issue usage I had no trouble at all With Windows beeing released I upgraded and it starts to make a lot of troubles Bluescreen directly after boot or sign in no WiFi all the known stuff So I decided last week to downgrade to Windows nbsp But now I am even in a bigger trouble I tried to boot the Windows from DVD and it crashed into Bluescreen saying Windows Error xc Restarting is not helping So i tried to go into BIOS to boot from another device but I do not even get to BIOS or UEFI nbsp So thats a kind of Deadlock I cannot boot from Harddisk because Windows Error xc appears and I cannot get into BIOS amp UEFI because the Windows error xc comes before getting to BIOS nbsp Hope this description of my current situation is understandable and you guys have a lot of ideas how to fix it nbsp Thanks TheGooner
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Pretty much what it says in the title.  I have recently been needing to use my Notebook for extended periods of time, and I had found that, despite the laptop reconizing that the charging cord is in, it fails to charge while in use and only charges when the computer is hibernating or when then laptop shuts down. I've taken a look at the battery settings, including Conservation Mode which seems to cause this type of problem, but I've had little to no luck fixing to problem. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some advice on how to fix the issue, as it is getting in the way of my work having to use it for only an hour, then have it charge for an hour.
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I have been having difficulty typing in any passwords on my ideapad, including in trying to log into the computer. I have tried the passwords on other devices and it has worked so I know in typing in the correct password but it just doesn't log in, is there any way to fix this?
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Ran solution center and got the result code WVC007002-RL8ZHK after the mathematical operations test failed. Fairly sure it's a false positive but does anyone have a solution to fix this from coming up?
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Just received my new notebook and am extremely happy with it execept for the battery indicator The effective charge reamining fluctuates by a wide margin suddenly jumping from hours remaining - to hours - to hours in a matter of minutes The PC was left in idle state with no processing happening whatsoever at charge it shows hours mts of remaining time as the charge drops to after mins of idle the remaining time changes to hrs mins and at charge after another mins it shows hr mins of remianing time nbsp I called Lenovo service and after one hour of trying this and and that they offered to replace the PC with a comment that battery takes week to settle down and stabilise I find that a bit out of the ordinary nbsp My config is S i GB RAM GB SSD Windows with Lenovo optimiser loaded The battery gauge reset suggested by service is missing in this version - the service staff themselves could not find it nbsp nbsp Is anyone else having similar issues nbsp nbsp
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Hello everyone,I am using Lenovo Ideapad S405 with Windows 10 64-bit installed in it. Few hours ago when i was waking up my laptop from standby, i noticed that my display resolution had changed from 1366x768 (16:9) to 1024x768 (4:3). I went to the Device Manager and saw my display adapters (AMD Radeon HD 7450M & HD 7600G) with caution signs. I look to the properties of both drivers, and looked at the device status dialog box, it said, "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". I have tried updating my windows, uninstalling & re-installing my display drivers, and shutting down my laptop but nothing's changed with my display. If there is anyone here using the same laptop model or knows how to solve this issue, please let me know. I will be very grateful of your help, thank you
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My laptop has Windows 8.1 OEM installed.But since a while, it's touchpad doesn't work on right-click with Double-Finger Feature.I have synaptics driver installed for the toucpad.
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I have had an Ideapad u430P for a couple of years and within the last week, all I see is a black screen when I try to start it up.  Nothing happens.   I have held the power button down to turn off and waited a few miniutes to days before turning back on and I still get the black screen.    I have tried the Fnc F2 button and nothing happens  I am not able to access the battery without taking the entire cover off.  Any ideas?
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Hello all Pardon my weak grammar amp spelling as English is not my mother tongue - days ago I try to upgrade my Lenovo Z585 Win SSD Home Premium & Ideapad Lenovo issue 7 64bit Ideapad Z with gig SSD but much to my dismay Windows Home Premium bit did not install successfully something about quot unable to install quot I typing this from memory sorry At first the technician suspected the Intel SSD gig is not compatible with AMD chipset in my Lenovo so I change to Corsair gig but error is still the same during clean installation AHCI is enabled in BIOS Lenovo Ideapad Z585 & Win 7 Home Premium 64bit SSD issue too But it remains a frustrating mystery for me Can anyone in the forum shed some light on this Thank you for your time amp attention This is some core specifications of my laptop Processor AMD Trinity A series APU Core Chipset AMD A M FCH M Bus architecture DDR MT s for Ivy Bridge Dual and Quad Core CPU DDR MT s for Sandy Bridge Dual Core CPU DMI Gb s FDI lanes channels Gb s PCI Express Graphic Chipset AMD Thames XT Display HD LED Panel Flat type pixels nit Standard memory DDR up to SODIMM CMOS RAM bytes

A:Lenovo Ideapad Z585 & Win 7 Home Premium 64bit SSD issue

Try wiping with Clean Command then creating, formatting and marking Active an NTFS partition from Step 2.2 in SSD - HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation.

Report back results. Is SSD detected in BIOS.

Unplug all other drives and peripherals.
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I discovered back in August that when lifting the monitor up the bottom chasis was separating from the top Upon further investigating I found out that a small silver barrel used as leverage to prop the monitor Y400 warr... IdeaPad hinge LEFT issue/breakage out of open had completely SHATTERED Furthermore this barrel also served as a nut for the bottom screw to attach the bottom chasis to the top The material has the consistency of nickel and it astonishes me that Lenovo would use such soft metals at a point where there would be the most structural stress nbsp So I've been researching this issue and it seems that it's ONLY the left hinge that has everyone's laptop in a bind The problem with mine is that it's is a few IdeaPad Y400 LEFT hinge issue/breakage out of warr... months removed from warranty Prior to purchasing IdeaPad Y400 LEFT hinge issue/breakage out of warr... this laptop I had done a load of research on it and I do not recall this issue coming up But now that it has happened it seems to have happened abruptly to a lot of customers I've noticed that the posts have been popping up consistently since June July August Sept and now nbsp What I want to know is if anyone has gotten this common issue fixed And if so was it under out of warranty And if it was out of warranty did it cost anything I certainly nbsp don't want to pay for a fix since I truly believe it is a design flaw I also don't believe it's customer induced since it's NECESSARY TO OPEN THE MONITOR TO USE THE KEYBOARD The laptop has been subjected to NORMAL USE and it has never been dropped on the ground nor seen agressive movements nbsp Any help would be appreciated Thanks

A:IdeaPad Y400 LEFT hinge issue/breakage out of warr...

My hinges also broke as well, left side...!  With that said I doubt any manufacturer would fix a physical issue for free when a unit is out of warranty. Contact support t see if you can get a quote. Lenovo sales parts so you may want to contact support so they help you out. 1-877-453-6686 - you'll be prompted for part sales department. Would you mind posting a screenshot? Maybe someone can help identify the part you need.
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Hi, My laptop's manufacturer warranty has expired on January 24 2016. Can I buy extend warranty for my lappy??  

A:Can I extend the warranty after its manufacture warranty has...

Hello, If unit doesn't have any issues right now, yes you can extend the warranty. if there is any issue with the laptop then after repair you can extend the warranty  #hpexpertday

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.
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Hello I've searched the forum and read several threads on this topic quot The user profile service service failed the logon quot I went in and found the failed a service issue from problem, Another service profile user common the" "The HYKEY stuff found the SID stuff but I have like SID's and Another issue from a common problem, "The user profile service service failed the" only two of them have LONG numbers after them which NONE have quot bak quot or quot bk quot Both numbers are the same the top number has no caractor's at the end the bottom number say's quot CLASSES quot Upon reviewing these SID's there is NO INFORMATION on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen is this bad The account that is locked IS NOT the admin account My question is the quot fix quot for this listed in another thread is the same fix Even though i'm not seeing the same stuff on the screen Or do I have another issue all together I'm not a wiz bag with computer's but not totally ignorant I just don't want to be changing HYKEY's and what not not knowing if I'm doing more damage then good Thanks in advance Curt

A:Another issue from a common problem, "The user profile service service failed the"

I am not sure if it is the same fix or not. Im not sure of what you looked at. The only thing that I know is that the suggestions in this fine tutorial has fixed the problem for many members
The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

If you follow this tutorial, do you still have the same problem? Does the explanation make it any clearer for you?
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As the title suggests - my invoice specifically says 3yrs warranty was purchased with my M3800 in November 2014. I'm now showing as out of warranty after 2yrs
I'm having issues with a screen that was replaced in May/June 2016 and would like a replacement as I believe the unit is faulty. Please can you get in touch to resolve.
Thank you.
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Hi nbsp I got a nd hand Lenovo Ideapad S It came with Win installed but had someone elses profile and data nbsp I am not sure if it originally had Win when it was shipped there is no rollback option anymore nbsp My preference is to wipe the current installation completely by downloading Win and installing nbsp a clean copy off USB nbsp nbsp I also usually prefer to delete all partitions including recovery because nbsp future reinstallations can be done from scratch via USB I don't nbsp need the option of reinstalling nbsp from recovery partitions nbsp the extra space is more important nbsp I see Ideapad clean 100s - installation ideapad... Win10 on a warning nbsp in the user guide however Do not delete or modify the Recovery Partition on a WIMBoot-enabled computer If the Recovery Partition is Ideapad 100s - Win10 clean installation on ideapad... deleted or modified you may not be able to restore Windows to the factory status For computer models on which WIMBoot is enabled deleting the Recovery Partition may cause Windows to fail to start How can I determine whether the Windows running on my computer is WIMBoot enabled WIMBoot technology is normally enabled on Ideapad 100s - Win10 clean installation on ideapad... copies of Windows Update running on SSD or eMMC -only computer models nbsp What is the best way to do this Install a clean copy and remove the partition nbsp by booting off a USB or should I not do this Via Settings nbsp settings gt Recovery gt Reset this PC gt Remove everything or settings gt Recovery gt advanced startup gt Reinstall from USB Which of the above should I do to get the cleanest barest Windows possible My only concerning is the Wimboot warning nbsp Anyone had experience nbsp doing this nbsp nbsp Mod's Edit System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility clarity

A:Ideapad 100s - Win10 clean installation on ideapad...

 Hi larrens , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
It's a good thing you posted first before proceeding with any clean installation. 
Not sure what the Machine Number is to verify the details and specifications of your system.
But if you have a pc with a Windows Image Boot (or WIMBoot) you may not want to choose a clean installation. 
This new deployment of installation is compressing part of a big OS file so that you can have an operating system that can only take small spaces intended for small storages (SSD).
Best option to wipe out previous owners profile is a have a fresh out of the box image is using the Puch button Factory reset (Novo key similar to Item 7 page 1). Simply shutdown the system and use the button to turn on, System Recovery option would provide One key recovery from initial backup to do it. 
WIM boot are usually created thru OEM depot authorized by Microsoft . DIY for WIMboot maybe a bit complicated.
Click on underlined links for further review. 
Hope this answered your query.
Update us. 
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Ho Comprato un'IdeaPad 100: il volume di dell'altoparlante e Basso RISPETTO un calcolatore di un altro Lenovo bis del calcolatore di Altre Marche, vorrei Sapere se Qualcuno ha LO STESSO Problema. Grazie.
Google translated from Italian to English......
I Bought un'IdeaPad 100 : the volume of the speaker and Basso RESPECT one computer to another computer in a Lenovo Other brands , I would like to know if anyone has the same problem . Thank you.
Mod's Edit:  Since this is an English forum you may get a better response by posting in English.  Readers have a tendency to avoid posting in threads which require translation.
Modifica del Mod : Dal momento che questo č un forum inglese si puņ ottenere una migliore risposta inviando in lingua inglese . I lettori hanno la tendenza ad evitare distacco in fili che necessitano di traduzione.
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I keep getting the following message after trying to install updates:

The following updates were not installed:Update for Office 2003 (KB907417)
Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3)
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update for .NET versions 2.0 through 3.5 (KB951847) x86
Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 Security Update for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP (KB953300)

According to the Add/Remove Programs in my Control Panel Service Pack 3 is installed. I've been going through this for a couple of months now, have searched our wonderful forum here and done other searches and have had no luck finding a fix. Any help would truly be appreciated...thanks!

A:XP Service Pack 3 Issue....

XP Service Pack 3 and Office 2003 Service Pack 3 are two different service packs.

You can download Office SP3 direct here:

You can also download IE8 direct here:
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I downloaded Windows Service Pack this morning and my computer upon restart came to a snails crawl Upon the advice of my local support person I uninstalled the Service Pack but am still barely moving Attached is the logfile Any help would be greatly appreciated Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system LEXBCES EXE C WINDOWS system LEXPPS EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files ewido security suite ewidoctrl exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus IWP NPFMntor exe C Program Files Issue Service 2 Pack Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe C WINDOWS system spupdsvc exe C WINDOWS BCMSMMSG exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe Service Pack 2 Issue C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe C Program Files Lexmark X Series lxbkbmgr exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C Program Files Lexmark X Series lxbkbmon exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasDtServ exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared wkcalrem exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files HijackThis HijackThis exe O - Hosts localhost O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - HKLM Run IgfxTray C WINDOWS System igfxtray exe O - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run BCMSMMSG BCMSMMSG exe O - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run SSC UserPrompt C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center UsrPrmpt exe O - HKLM Run Symantec NetDriver Monitor C PROGRA SYMNET SNDMon exe Consumer O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Portfolio C Program Files Microsoft Works WksSb exe AllUsers O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe O - HKLM Run gcasServ quot C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe quot O - HKLM Run Lexmark X Series quot C Program Files Lexmark X Series lxbkbmgr exe quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - Global Startup Adobe Reader Speed Launch lnk C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Global Startup Microsoft Works Calendar Reminders lnk O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger MSMSGS EXE O - Extra Tools menuitem Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger MSMSGS EXE O - DPF -C A- E-A -C C BBF Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool - http go microsoft com fwlink linkid O - DPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C WUWebControl Class - http update microsoft com microsoftupdate v V Controls en x client wuweb site cab O - DPF E A- D- EE - C-DC FA D FC MUWebControl Class - http update microsoft com microsoftupdate v V Controls en x client muweb site cab O - DPF CE D D - CF- C D- FE - F A ActiveDataInfo Class - https www-secure symantec com t... Read more
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I'm a technician at a small college. A student brought her laptop up with a broken dvd drive in it. The computer will not start up because of a failed Vista service pack install. I kno this is fixable by performing a windows system restore, however, the dvd drive in the laptop won't work, and I can't get it to boot to a Vista disc through an external USB dvd drive. Is it possible to run a system restore from an external hard drive? Or is there another option I can try?

A:Service Pack Issue

In order to boot from a USB device the BIOS of that laptop has to have that option, and you need to change the boot order so that the USB drive is the first device in the boot order. Some BIOS don't offer this option, you will have to check it and see. You can boot from an external hdd or flash drive using this method, but as I understand it you can't boot from and external optical drive.

Does this computer boot at all?

Can you get to the advanced boot options? Press and hold F8 while it is booting.
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Hello everybody,

I was trying to repair my windows xp .. and then another version was installed somehow

so they're two now

that's not the problem .. the problem is that whenever i try to browse a website it gives me the error that says "the page cannot be displayed"

I re-installed my moden and made sure that the internet provider profile is activated and all these sort of stuff .. I even contacted them

they tried to help me and guide me through certin steps that i have followed .. but the problem is still there .. they said it's a teachnical problem in my computer

i was checking the add/remove programms and i noticed that i have neither of the three service packs .. so is it this that cause the trouble ??

-I'm posting this from another computer-

(sorry for inconvenience )

A:Is it A service pack issue ?!

Hello Real Rulz,

Can you boot into either version that you installed?

Open the Run dialogue box > type devmgmt.msc

When the device manager opens look for any entries with ? or ! beside them. (post back listings)

Were you having the connection problem before running the repair?

What type connection do you have (DSL,Cable,Dial-Up) ?
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Hi Guys I just joined the forums today and wanted to bring up an issue that recently happened to a computer that I service It runs Vista Home Premium -bit with GB RAM GB Toshiba Satellite D with CA Security software and no known issues with Service Pack other than some typical - minute start up time associated with Vista However the Pack 2 Need Service Issue. Possible Help. problem I ran into was that after Possible Service Pack 2 Issue. Need Help. installing Service Pack some kind of error or glitch started occurring What happens is that I restarted the computer after the install and when Vista boots to the desktop only about icons in the tray would show when usually there are - that display So I then tried opening Internet Explorer and you see the hourglass symbol show next to the cursor showing that it is working but then it disappears and nothing displays No window shows for IE I tried launching other programs and the same problem occurs No windows would display but in the Task Manager I see the processes running So I figure the issue is related to Service Possible Service Pack 2 Issue. Need Help. Pack upgrade so I restored to the point before the Service Pack upgrade Everything worked fine So I tested the computer after a Possible Service Pack 2 Issue. Need Help. restart again and again the non-window launching error occurs I stumbled acorss some proccessing issues with CA Security software that would hog some memory but I am unsure that it is the reason for this error Could it be that the Service Pack may have installed improperly thus creating some kind of window error Or do you think it could be related to some preinstalled program having incompatibility with the Service Pack I have contacted Microsoft support and they suggested resetting IE but I don't think that is the solution I haven't tried it yet I sent them a HiJackThis log and they reported no problems with it No viruses or issues to report from a Malwarebytes scan either Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Possible Service Pack 2 Issue. Need Help.

Detecting incompatible programs will be hard - even MS don't know which programs cause problems with service packs and hotfixes.HJT is too weak -prepare logs from OTL (leave original program settings) and create logs MAIN+EXTRAS -both logs attache to post.
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Hi - hope you can help me as now at end of tether. After a recent update my computer is stuck in a loop were RCP window appears indicating failure and after 60 seconds restarts itself again. Ran msconfig and the majority of microsoft + other programmes are stopped. Trying to start any of them brings up Error 1053 or i get nothing.

Tried to run system restore in both full and safe mode but get message that states cannot run please restart computer. Even tried to access it using dos cmd function. Find this frustrating as made checkpoints before each update ( 2 in total)

Ran registry cleaners and fixs but no avail.

Scanned for worm virus but clear.

Would appreciate any help or guidance anyone can give me?

Many thanks in advance!

A:Windows XP SP 3 service issue

What is an "RCP window"?

Registry cleaners have caused more damage and possibly made things harder to fix, if fixable at all. Restore the hacked out entries and get rid of them.
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My webclient service has a status of "stopping" and there is no wait to right click to reset it as the options are grayed out. Is there a way to get this service to run normal? IE: change status back to started? Restarting my modem and pc did not help. Any help will help. Thanks.

Btw, this may be the reason as to why I can't use the internet or play any downloaded games, but what is WebClient for anyway? I can't use any program that requires the internet. I can figure out what to do.
What do you do if you can't get your internet to work despite having a working modem?
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What's up everyone?
I'm having an issue with Service Create in Command Prompt.
This service did exist, but I had to delete it because of a syntax error I had in the path.

1. I created the wrong RadioBOSS Service
2. I deleted the wrong RadioBOSS Service
3. I restarted the PC
4. I have been attempting to create the corrected binpath service and see this every time. (screen snip attached)

Sorry, this is on a Windows 7 x64 Pro
I am an admin

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Well, this seems to be a common problem, doesn't it? I join the ranks of those who have gotten to their wits' end trying to find a way to get my computer 100% updated, but I have exactly one updates that keeps hitching, and that's the Service Pack 1.

The error code is: Code 80070490

A:Another Service Pack 1 issue...

Read through the links below to see if they offer any help.

Windows 7 SP1 x64 Install Error 0x80070490

You receive a "0x80070490" error code when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates