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Battery Detected, Not Working

Q: Battery Detected, Not Working

My Thinkpad T530 just stopped working on battery power and only powers/stays on when the AC adapter is connected. When it's connected and the battery is in though, the battery is detected and shows 100% charged. The second I unplug the AC adapter, the computer will cut off and it only turns on when the power is connected. Has anyone else experienced or remedied this issue? Thanks.
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Preferred Solution: Battery Detected, Not Working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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my battery was giving 1.5 hour power backup from last 4 months... then last month it decreased to 1 hour...from couple of days it decreased to 1/5 hour(with error 'Consider replacing new battery') and yesterday i was using on battery power... and battery had 34% power remaining.. suddenly battery indicating light turns orange and pc shutdown... after that.. my pc is not charging battery... and if i run pc on battery.. it work 10 to 15 minutes ( with orange light.. and on task bar.. battery icon giving error "No battery is detected" ) and then shut down.

today i run laptop on battery power and open setup..and there was error "No battery installed" in battery info...

what happened.. can anyone tell me????

i forgot to tell you that... according to battery's LEDs.... my battery is healthy enough.. but now only 1 led is working...

A:My laptop running on BATTERY and giving error 'No battery detected'

Your battery has failed and must be replaced. They're only good for three or four years. Happens to all laptops.
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I bought new original Toshiba battery for my M800-107, since my old one has lost a half of its capacity. The problem is, when I plugged this new battery in Win7 says "Battery connected, No charging" and after that "No Battery Is Detected". When I unplug AC, laptop works, but when I plug it in again, still no charging (no existence of the battery). The red battery charging led is blinking, when AC is unplugged, lighting when AC connected. I have tried everything I found on the internet to solve this problem, but nothing worked :-(

I also tried Ubuntu to see if Win is the problem, but the same problem occured.

I have bios v. 5.00.

Don't you know any solution? Maybe - new BIOS if there was any newer?

Thanks in advance.

A:Portege M800 New battery - "No battery is detected"

Have you bought original Toshiba battery with Toshiba logo on the battery sticker?
What happen when you start notebook with AC power supply only, without battery and insert battery when operating system is fully loaded?
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Hello there I have an ASUS K IE laptop that i had for years now been working fine until days ACPI but is battery detect doesn't 7 Windows battery working ago this problem has been bugging me for the last days here's why my laptop suddenly didn't detect my battery thought it was because my battery was dead I searched the net on things Windows 7 ACPI doesn't detect battery but battery is working to do before quot throwing in the towel quot on my battery and today i came across a blog where the instruction was to uninstall the Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery driver I did just that and my battery suddenly worked well sort of now here's where it gets all weird every time i open my laptop i do the following plug in AC to laptop turn on laptop unplug AC laptop runs on battery log on to windows battery icon shows up as an empty charging icon then shows the quot Battery is not detected quot icon again please take note that my laptop is still ON and WORKING so this means MAYBE that my battery is working is it a battery problem or the driver is just messed up please anyone who encountered this and had SUCCESSFULLY fixed the problem coz i need to fix this right now thanks and more power to you all

A:Windows 7 ACPI doesn't detect battery but battery is working

I had a problem similar a while back. Try this
1.Shut down the laptop
2.Take out the ac cord and the battery. Hold down the power for about 10 seconds to remove electric charge in the capacitors.
3.Put the battery back in and reboot.
4.Start windows normally, and See if the battery is recognized.
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Hi problem: detected" battery is "No Laptop battery everyone My laptop battery seemed like it had loads of life left in it but one day Laptop battery problem: "No battery is detected" it just suddenly stopped working and my laptop started saying quot no battery is detected quot I contacted the insurance people and they came over to check that the battery was dead and that it wasn't a problem with my laptop itself They confirmed that I just needed a new battery and sent me a new one Now with the new battery in it is saying the exact same thing quot no battery is detected quot and only working off power from the charger If I take the battery out and then put it back in again the laptop says quot plugged in and charging quot for a few seconds before switching back to saying quot no battery is detected quot and completely ignoring the battery I know that the problem must be with the laptop and not the battery so does anybody know how I can fix this problem Thanks

A:Laptop battery problem: "No battery is detected"

Hi and welcome to TSF please try removing the battery and the ac adapter and hold down the power button for 45 secs then try booting with the battery alone
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Hi there I ve been having a problem with my charger for a while now but it wasn t serious until recently A month or two ago my charger went from working completely normally to suddenly not being "no and then is charging battery detected" in/not battery plugged recognised This wasn t a big deal however because by holding the charger a certain way to the left kind of twisted or bringing it underneath the battery plugged in/not charging and then "no battery is detected" laptop it would charge like normally For the past few weeks however a notice has been popping up saying quot The AC power adaptor type can not be determined quot and then that follows up with a message underneath that stating that I should use a dell charger this is the original dell charger we got with the laptop quot This message however didn t matter back then because by twisting the charger a bit it would charge and so the message was irrelevant and would only pop up when the charger was plugged in and not twisted as far as I can remember Over the past couple of days though i ve noticed for my battery sign to sometimes randomly change to an X and when you hover over it it says quot no battery detected quot It will then randomly a second or two or a few minutes later switch to quot plugged in not charging quot and then to quot plugged in charging quot fluctuating randomly and for different intervals of time between these signs This as well wasn t much of a problem as my laptop was still charging at times and therefore I knew it wouldn t run out Now however the quot plugged in charging quot has completely disappeared and it fluctuates between quot plugged in not charging quot and quot battery not detected quot My charge at the moment is on so i m getting worried Ofc when the charger isn t held positioned a certain way it still doest recognise it and therefore works as it normally would without a charger the charge decreasing Do you possible know why this could be happening Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - U CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc G Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:battery plugged in/not charging and then "no battery is detected"

What is the exact model of Dell laptop you have? Look underneath on the label for Model information
For Dells of that time period, you must use a genuine Dell replacement AC adapter or you will get the reduced performance at startup message.... the Dell adapters so I have read, have a chip inside that informs the BIOS of the laptop that they are indeed, genuine Dell adapters.

Read about this issue here- and especially about the little test you can do before your power is all gone- you should do it just once, and I think you will get the "Unknown" message....

Note that there is more than just one thing that can be wrong- the motherboard, the adapter chip, the power jack.... Please do NOT attempt the adapter repair at that site.... The power jacks can be replaced by a good repair shop that does soldering on motherboards.

test yours and if you do need a Dell AC adapter they can still be found but it does take some hunting since a LOT of helpful sales sites claim "Genuine Dell Replacements" but I have tried some of those and they did not work but when a real Dell AC adapter was connected, that BIOS message disappeared.

look on the label of the LAPTOP and see what AC Adapter watt rating ....ex: 65watt or 90w..... yours calls for and purchase the correct model.

I can help you find a genuine Dell if needed but test things first. Hope you can do this before the battery is all gone.
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I recently purchased a used Ultra-slim Battery Not Working (Flashing LED) Battery EliteBook p and was disappointed at the battery life probably Ultra-slim Battery Not Working (Flashing Battery LED) due to years of use on the battery so I decided to buy an Ultra-slim battery to maximize my battery life Today it arrived in the mail and I plugged it in only to find it doesn't seem to work nbsp When I plug it in with the internal battery still installed the battery lightning bolt LED starts to flash amber and for the most part does not stop until I remove it In Windows the internal battery shows up as Battery and reports nothing installed for Battery nbsp If I only have the external battery installed the computer will not power on without the power adapter plugged in and the computer reports no batteries installed nbsp I have tried resetting the computer as instructed by another post on here unplug power and all batteries and hold the power button for seconds but that did not help nbsp I can't find any kind of battery diagnostic tests within BIOS settings so I'm not really sure if this is an issue with the computer or the battery I bought the battery used but the seller guaranteed nbsp it was tested and that it worked Do I need to use the docking station to charge it My guess is no since it has its own battery connection but I can't really find much information about it There is a button on the front of the battery with a battery icon on it but it doesn't seem to make any difference I've tried both tapping it and holding it down
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my laptop just recentyl started saying no battery detected while im using battery power. no idea how to fix

A:no battery detected?

Could be a lot of reasons why it's not being detected.

First, what brand and model laptop and battery are you using? Also, when you charge the battery, does it get really hot really fast?

If the battery is heating up too fast, the battery is faulty, and you will probably need to replace it. But the problem could be a faulty sensor, bad connection, faulty connectors, or a faulty motherboard.
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My PC only works when plugged into an outlet nbsp I tried both the HP Diagnostics windows program and the UEFI Bios level diagnostic tools -- both just report Battery - Detected No that there is no battery present -- it is as if the internal battery just disappeared nbsp I updated No Battery Detected - bios and other drivers tried deleting and reinstallingthe Microsoft ACPI battery driver as well nbsp No Battery Detected - No fix nbsp Took it to a local repair guy he said just replace the battery but that doesnt make sense -- probably less than hours of use on the PC and no noticeable No Battery Detected - battery problems or degradation before this abrupt stop nbsp And he would have to order the battery nbsp -- I don't want to pay for a new one just to find that wasn't the issue nbsp Computer out of warranty I called HP to find out how to send to HP for servicing but person on phone said not a hardware Issue this is a common problem and wanted to charge me for phone support nbsp nbsp I dont mind paying for expertise but I don't want to pay for someone to walk me through fixes I've already done without fixing it nbsp Any ideas nbsp Last think I want to do is spend hundreds on a non-fix nbsp While the PC is in great shape it is a couple of years old at this point nbsp Has this laptop become a stationary desktop nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp Thanks
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Hi for all ,

i think i have a problem .. i can't solve..
i have just reinstalled a clean vista but vista saying... "No battery is detected "!!!
even it was detected before installing it!!!

Hope anyone can help me..
Thanks ...

A:need help... 'No battery is detected'

Hello Chistena,

Is this for a laptop or a desktop with a backup UPS battery attached to it. If the later, do you have the software (32-bit Vista version) installed for it?
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Hi guys

Please help me.. there's message "no battery is detected" with cross red on battery icon. This message always appears when i plug or unplug the charger.. i worried there fault on my battery or my mother board and i must change them

Any solution for this..

A:no battery is detected

Hi and welcome to TSF try cleaning the contacts with a eraser and is the battery still in good health or is it losing it's charge faster
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For a few month after I change from XP to Windows 7 ultimate, my battery had decreased dramatically. Just at one time one message appears and it says "No battery is detected". What does it mean? How can I make my battery detected?
The thing is that I still can use my battery for more than 30 minutes right now but it just still say "No battery is detected". What should I do?

I'm using DELL 6400.

A:No battery is detected

Originally Posted by rumdoh

For a few month after I change from XP to Windows 7 ultimate, my battery had decreased dramatically. Just at one time one message appears and it says "No battery is detected". What does it mean? How can I make my battery detected?
The thing is that I still can use my battery for more than 30 minutes right now but it just still say "No battery is detected". What should I do?

I'm using DELL 6400.


From your statement above there only appears to be a couple of options: -

Replace the battery.Install the Dell Recommended Vista Power Management Settings software this could re-establish the battery status.Look here for it: -
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Okay I have another issue,I bought a new battery and it's not being detected? I have ran the HP Assistant battery diagnostic test multiple times with the same error...Fully Charged (90)Battery not detectedAny idea how to fix this issue so I can use laptop without the AC power adapter?Thanks

A:New battery not detected?

Genuine HP battery or aftermarket "compatible"?
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i have gateway laptop, with windows vista sp1,, i got a new battery and plugged it in, got x on battery status and shows 'battery not detected', battery is working as i can unplug ac line and computer still runs. did some research by google and found i should check device manager thur properties on computer, did so and found i couldnt open device manager, well, i have been thinking of doing a clean reinstall for some time now so i went ahead and did it. i am still having the same problem, so i did some more research and found that i should check bios to see that battery calibation is enabled and did so ,, it was disabled, when i switched it to enable, it went to the calibration and showed it had nothing to do and battery was showing not detected there as well. any ideas
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I have a Toshiba laptop (less than 2 yrs old) operated by Windows Vista. Anyway my computers been running very slowly for a while now, so I thought I'd spend today erasing unwanted programs, files etc. from it to try and speed it up. I'm not sure what I've done but now the computer is shutting down every few minutes and is saying that NO BATTERY IS DETECTED. Have I deleted something I shouldn't have? Any ideas as to what I can do to resolve this? Please help..... I use this laptop for all my work, and it'll be a nightmare if I cannot resolve this.....any help would be mucho appreciated..... Thanks!

A:No BATTERY Detected

dont use vista much but will have a go: start, type device manager, open it up and see if battery is detected there or if you have any yellow question marks, if you do its a driver problem, double click the one with yellow mark and try reinstall.make sure battery is prooperly clicked into place and or terminals are clean , no sticky fizzy drinks for example: try start contrrol panel, in there is options for battery use, make sure settings are for how you want them, also if use laptop a lot battery could be cream crackered
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Put in a replacement battery but it still says battery not detected.

A:Battery not detected

Dear Customer, If posiible can  you try the Battery on an other unit.Does you laptop work fine when the AC charger is plugged in and battery removed ?  Please post back.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Hey guys,

I own a gateway nv5814u and bought a replacement battery for it.

I installed the battery, and now the indicator is blinking and windows 7 does not recognize the battery.

The battery works, even unplugged from ac...

any help is appreciated,


A:New battery not detected

Was this replacement battery the original oem battery, or indeed a "replacement" battery? It's possible if it is an aftermarket battery, it isn't being recognized by the BIOS. Does the battery get recognized in windows at all? Open Device Manager

Start> Type Device Manager in search box> Press enter

Expand the batteries section, any yellow exclamation marks?

A Guy
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I have Dell Latitude D630 Laptop and my battery works fine but in the screen it says that no battery is detected,it was working but when i was working on my laptop the battery place it was overheated (mabye going in 50+ C ),so I removed it immediately and hours later I put in but it says no battery is detected.All drivers are update.What should I do,thanks.

A:No battery is detected

50c isnt hot, so i wouldnt worry, leave it in a car in the summer and it will easily beat that.
Check the pins on the battery as well as the laptop to see if any are bent. one of the pins will be used to measure voltage from the battery to the mobo, if its bent it may cause this issue as its not detecting any voltage.
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sir nbsp i have turned on my laptop after almost around days not sure exactly if its but its almost and before that i had problem with my charger when i contact hp via live chat he asked me to run the battery check and at that time it was showing that battery was okay and i didnt had any problems with the battery now nbsp got my charger and its working fine i checked it by connecting it to my friends laptop and it worked fine so the new problem is about the no battery detected error when i unplug the charger my laptop shuts down here is what i have already done nbsp i have already run the hp suposrt assistant and did the battery is battery detected no checkup but its shows nothing and a message unknown nbsp i have also run the system diagonistic tool but under the component test gt battery but it also shows me that please insert the battery error while i have my battery inserted in it nbsp i did some search on internet and found the steps like turn of your laptop gt remove the battery gt press the power button charger disconnected gt plug in the charger only gt turn on no battery is detected the laptop gt uninstalled microsoft acpi control something like this under batteries option in device manager gt turn of the laptop gt insert the battery gt plug in no battery is detected the charger gt turn on the laptopbut it also didnt helped me nbsp when i plugged in the charger yesterday for te first time after getting the new charger it shows the icon of battery normal and it charged upto percent then i had to sleep so i turned of my laptop i am having this problem since this morning please guide me nbsp thank you nbsp
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I bought a new ProBook s less than weeks ago It is running Windows bit I was using it today on battery power when it shut down unexpectedly nbsp Apparently the battery was low nbsp I was listening to music and did not hear any low battery warning nbsp Certainly there was no popup message nbsp I plugged in the charger and restarted the computer nbsp Now I see an icon on the bottom right of the screen that apparently means No Battery is Detected nbsp The yellow light on the left side of the laptop next to the Battery Is Detected No power cord is flashing nbsp I did some research online and tried removing and replacing the battery several times nbsp No change nbsp Originally I was unable to start the computer from the battery at all nbsp Now I find that I have enough power that No Battery Is Detected I can start from the battery so it must be getting some power No Battery Is Detected in spite of the icon nbsp I have now restarted several times plugged in and on No Battery Is Detected battery nbsp I always get the No Battery message and the flashing yellow light nbsp nbsp I have looked at Device Manager and it says that the battery is fine nbsp Please help Solved View Solution

A:No Battery Is Detected

I used the HP Warranty Service online chat.  The service person went through the suggested scenario above, but it did not work, so he wrote up an order and had a new battery sent to me by overnight delivery.  The new battery totally solved the problem.  Kudos to HP for honoring the warranty and fixing this!!!
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Hi there My new (day old) HP Envy Notebook won't recognise the battery.  It's the model with the inbuilt battery so can't get at it. Nothing I do in the settlings changes anything and the test battery thing comes back with not detected. Have charged the laptop for over a day but still no joy. Please help, I took a gamble with HP and I'd hate for this purchase to have been a waste of money. ThanksSharron

A:No Battery Detected

Not much to be done other than calling HP for support. We can't advise you to try to open the laptop. Can you still take it back to the place you bought it?
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Above message started to appear on my daughter's Asus laptop overnight!? Before that, she was able to use it for 3-4 hours without charging. Laptop is just one year old and has non-removable battery. I tried reinstalling drivers but it didn't help. Any ideas?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB No battery detected is Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled I just bought a used Dell Latitude D laptop that is working normally However there No battery is detected is an icon on the task bar that shows no battery is detected There is a Dell Battery Module type PC rating V capacity Wh being fed by a Dell AC Power Adapter P N NY model FA PE - output V A These specs are consistent with a downloaded PDF Users Manual The computer still operates when the adapter cord is unplugged which means the battery is not dead It s a weekend so my inquiry to the seller Think Green PC may not get a response for awhile Has anyone solved this issue nbsp

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Dell PP12L
Bios shows no hard drive detected and no battery installed.
My first thought was the motherboard. I replaced it with no luck.
My next thought is the power adapter. I don't have my multi-meter handy though.
I just want to know if anybody else has had this type of problem and know of a solution.

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Running Windows 7 pro, 64-bit and for some reason my laptop won't detect the battery. The laptop is just over a year old so hasn't been used that often, but it would be interesting to know why it won't detect the battery all of a sudden?

A:No battery is detected!

Could be the battery has failed, seldom is one given more than a year warranty. A couple other variables would be whether the AC adapter is the proper one or that the charging circuit or socket on the motherboard has a problem.
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hello about two years a go I purchase a hp notebook dv ev before a couple months a go i install windows seven ultimate x bit and replace the old battery to anew one now i have the battery icon with red x on it when and the battery does not charge but some times this quot red x quot disappear the battery charge when some times its still charging till its fully charged and some times its not its charge for is help battery no detected a - of its charge and the quot red x quot appear again and stop charging when the quot help no battery is detected red x quot is one the icon and remove the AC power supply the windows did not detect there is no power and did not apply the selected power plan and keep working that happen when there is some charge in the battery to solve this problem first i was doing the following steps i remove the AC power plug and the battery from the notebook and push the power bottom for a while min approximately and left the notebook for to hours without any electricity connected to it after that i apply the battery again and the power to the notebook its start charging a gain for a while and the quot red x quot again appear but in the last time it does not work so i search the web for some suggestions to fix the problem on is to check the device manager and the batteries category i did it first i try to update the components but they were up -to - date and i try to uninstall re-install the AC adapter and the ACPI-complaint but the problem did not fixed i also the other suggestion was to update the bios i did it but nothing change the battery keep don't charging later i tried the hp support assistant troubleshooter it did not recognize the battery and the problem still also i forgot to tell when shutdown the computer and remove the AC power supply and try to press the power bottom the notebook did not startup and nothing happen that is happen when try to shutdown when the quot red x quot is exist but if i try to shutdown when it is not there an do the above operation its start normally so i am asking what to do to solve this and if it is a software or a hardware problem sorry for bad English and Stretching the subject thanks for reading my regards

A:help no battery is detected

When in Device Manager, look for a yellow triangle with a "!" inside it. It sounds like a driver is not getting loaded properly. This yellow triangle probably will be all by itself, usually near the bottom - NOT in the Battery area.
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After replacing the battery the battery will not charge. Hitting esc after boot and running diagnostics on the battery shows no battery connected. I have verified that the battery is indeed connected, no dirt on the pins and no damaged / sunken pins

A:Battery not detected after replacement

@jbruce Did you replace the battery with an OEM battery or a China knock-off??? REO
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I bought my daughter an Envy 360 last year for school and we had to take it back because the battery died and wouldn't charge.  Exchanged it for another Envy 360 and it has been about 15 months now.  Guess what?  Batter died and laptop won't work unless it is plugged in.  Purchased a new HP battery and installed it and now we get "No Battery Detected".  Any suggestions??
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My original battery stopped being detected so I ordered a new battery and the new battery is getting the same message. The battery is internal so I can't just pop it out.
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Hi, i recently replaced my dead battery with correct and proper replacement but this battery not detected. I tried all uninstalling battery drives from "device manager" etc but it didnt help.Anyone had such issue and solution ?? Battery is brand new, and works as laptop stays powered on it without AC cord plugged in, but windows do not detect it. Regards Ron
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Just recently did a repair on a customers Dell D630

The battery is not detected, but when I unplug the computer it will stay on for about 8 minutes....

(Im assuming the battery is shot...?)

A:Solved: Battery Not Detected...

what is the 6 prongs for where the battery attaches? looks like somethings supposed to go there
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Hello, I recently got battery issues where it can not be charged and keep 0%, a few minutes charging it gets to 100% but when I unplug the power its Off. Got this message just now, "the battery is not detected. try reinstalling or recharging the battery" So right now the battery is not working. When I plug the power however it says plugged in, charging. Any idea how to debug this? is this a software issue or hardware? thanks!

A:the battery is not detected. try reinstalling or r...

Hi Ahayaza,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
To resolve this issue start the system connecting ?Power Adapter?. Wait till the system to boot completely and then go to ?Device Manager? then uninstall ?Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery? under battery option.
After uninstalling shutdown the system, remove ?Power Adapter? and then connect the power adapter, let the system boot completely and check if it is charging.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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I have a HP Pavilion g6-1117tx notebook (Win 7 Home Basic 64 bit, BIOS version-Insyde F.66  24.01.2013) purchased in Jul 11.  For the last two months I have had the problem of "Plugged in Not charging" message, which has now turned to "No battery detected". I have tried all means including hard reset, uninstalling Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" and the "Microsoft Battery Adapter" after removing my battery and plugged in on mains.  No change observed. Tried running HP Support Assistant (ver, Configuration file 7.0.3386.1538), but it crashed on battery check. Now I have purchased a new HP MU06 battery.  But still the same message of "No battery detected" is seen.   What should I do now?Thanking youBimal Kumar 

A:pavilion g6 no battery detected

Hello bimal67. Please refer to this for troubleshooting your "battery not detected" issue and let me know if these steps resolve your issue or not. I'm only here to help!



I worked on behalf of HP.
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i have dell inspiron N4050, and using windows 7....backup time of my laptop was 3-4 hours , today suddenly it started showing "no battery is detected", the laptop is working when it's plugged out(on battery)...and battery light remains off when the battery is plugged in... what should i do? is it the battery problem or windows problem?

A:Error, No battery is detected

Welcome to the Community. I suggest you try reseating ( take out the battery and put it back ) your battery once and restart your computer. You can also try updating your Bios using the below link. Make sure you have the battery and the AC adapter connected to the system when performing this step.
I also suggest you check Dell Quickset on how your Battery is performing. If you do not have Dell Quickset, use the below link to install it.
Thank you
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http is detected Solved: battery No oi tinypic com hnvqs jpg As you Solved: No battery is detected can see from the link when I left my laptop for minutes I came back to find this A quick google search and I find that this isn t a rare event for Dell Laptops My laptop is a Dell Studio and I use Windows Vista I know I changed my laptop to power saver straight away but if I remove my charger or unplug from the mains the laptop turns off I replaced my mains adaptor about months ago and my friend says it isn t that as far as he can tell Spec OS Name Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Version Service Pack Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name BAILOORS-PC System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Studio System Type x -based PC Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU T GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United Kingdom Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot User Name Bailoors-PC Bailoors Time Zone GMT Standard Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys nbsp

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I have purchased the laptop 3 months ago and suddenly from yesterday I am getting no battery detected notification on the battery status icon. My battery is charging and dischaging also but still the notification is shown there.  I cannot see the status of how much power is left or if the battery is fully charged or not.
I am using Inspiron 15 3000 Series i5 Laptop.  After sometime the battery status comes back. So its like going and coming back type problem. Can anyone guide me of what should be done to eliminate this problem?

A:Battery not detected status

Hi sparsh.68,
I would suggest you to try flashing the BIOS on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the operating system, and then download the BIOS from the BIOS section onto the system and install it.

Also, I would suggest you to run the test on Battery on the system.
1.       Open the link
2.       Select ‘Battery Life’ under ‘Simple’ tab.
3.       Click on ‘Run Diagnostics’ button.
4.       Let me know if the results.
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Hello there!
My local computer store let my swap the old and defunct battery in my Dell Latitude e6420 for a brand new one, but windows 10 doesn't detect the new battery. When I plug in my charger the battery light on my laptop alternates between flashing amber and a (not flashing) blue light. I have tried my best to troubleshoot this issue, I have tried to hard-rest the computer, I have uninstalled the Microsoft ACPI entries in Device Manager and I have shut the laptop down and removed the battery several times, but nothing has worked so far. I can't update the BIOS because the system doesn't detect the battery and without battery you can't update the BIOS. Is there anything else I can try?
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I've installed Windows 7 RC on my old Acer TravelMate 4001 notebook. Installation went fine, all drivers are working, but only one is missing - ACPI driver. In other words, Windows doesn't know, that there's a battery in the computer and that's quite a problem for a notebook. It's problem with drivers, not with the battery. If drivers are fine and battery us dead, there would be an icon in toolbar saying 'battery is dead'. But i got no icon, no advanced power options, no 'time reamining' indicator, nothing.
In windows XP everything was OK, but since I started using Window Vista and Windows 7 - no battery found and one unknown ACPI device in device manager.

I've searched for help many times on internet without any success, I'm asking here, maybe somebody experienced the same problem and found some solution. Thanks any advice

A:No battery detected with Windows 7

Hi Necroman,

If there is an 'Unknown' ACPI device in Device Manager has it got a yellow tag/exclaimation on it? If so try right-click then Update driver software to see if anything gets detected on Windows Update.

Hope this helps

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Hi im using a HP elitebook 8440p and the wrong battery is constantly detected. I only have 1 battery for this system but for some reason windows insists that Battery 1 is not present ad Battery 2 is. This leads to the battery not charging for some reason so I have to keep the notebook plugged in all the time. I tried a hard reset unplugging the battery and AC and putting it back in and everything and it worked, for a time. Unfortunatley though that seems to have been a temporary fix. Anything more permanent out there? Thanks
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Samsung laptop has "No battery detected" icon at bottom right of screen
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I have a Dell Vostro 3500 and just changed the battery (a non-dell item) and this is shown as not being detected. I have tried using the device manager, uninstalling the MS ACPI Control Method and then scanning for new hardware, then rebooting but this does not solve the problem.

Clearly there is something that only detects Dell originals but there must be a solution to finding alternatives

Anyone any ideas?


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Basically my laptop s probably about years old now and as expected the battery that came with the laptop reduced itself to a state of in battery charging not is detected/Plugged No no charging No battery is detected/Plugged in not charging As a result I bought myself a new battery because the laptop itself works perfectly fine The first day I got the battery I had the issue of the battery being not detected but I fixed it through going into Device Manager uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and then scanning for hardware changes and it worked an absolute dream percentage and time remaining were spot on I then didn t use the laptop for about a month and when I turned it on it will either give me quot Plugged in and not charging quot or quot No battery is detected quot and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which one appears I thought it might just be a simple fix again my doing the uninstalling and scanning for changes but it doesn t seem to be doing anything at all It s an Advent W that I m running with all the specs below Thanks in advance goodwin Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB S Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Intel Corporation SANTA ROSA QTFDOD Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:No battery is detected/Plugged in not charging

You may want to dust the connection between the comp and battery. The same process you did before may just might work again.
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Upgraded my Aspire 5738 from Win 7 to Win 10. After upgrade, no battery was detected by the laptop. I like Win 10, but if no solution is found, I'll neeed to roll back to Win 7 pretty soon, or I'll be stuck with a laptop that's permanently turned into a desktop. I've tried the old standby (unplugging everything, holding down power button, then rebooting, then adding back battery), but doesn't work. Anybody have any other ideas / suggestions /directions? Thanks!

Go to Solution.

A:Battery not detected after Windows 10 upgrade

Please check if you can do a battery driver reset. Here are the steps: Go to the devise manager. Press and hold the windows key with your left hand and then tap on the letter X key with your right hand. Then select devise manager from the list. Right click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant control method battery and chose uninstall. Click on ACtion tab on top of the window and chose scan for hardware changes. Let us know if you notice any change after following the above steps. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++If i was helpful, a KUDOS is appreciate and remember to mark "Accept as Solution", the post that solved your problem. Thank you.

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Purchased an Aspire V 15 Nitro( VN7-571G-50VG) and as I soon as I started it up it had "No battery is detected" on the battery icon and as soon as the power cord is disconnected it turns off so it can only stay on when its connected. I tried resetting the battery but it didn't work. Any ideas how else to fix this?

A:Aspire V 15 Nitro "No battery is detected"

Hi, First you can try to update your BIOS to the latest version if you don't have the latest one. BIOSAcerUpdate KBC to V1.171.148.8 MB2015/03/20Download But I don't expect it would help. If you just purchased the notebook just bring it back because I don't think that it has anything to to with the software side. It could be that the battery is just not connected (just by mistake they forgot to connect the battery connector) or that the battery is defective. Either way I would bring the notebook back. I don't expect that you can turn on your notebook without the charger plugged in and if this is the case it clearly means that the issue is not software related.
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I have a recently purchased ASUS laptop as mentioned in title, and there seems to be issue after issue.

As mentioned in a previous thread, I had problems with my sound card popping a crackling. After updating my BIOS drivers, this fixed the problem.
Now I have a new problem.

Since updating the BIOS drivers, I've noticed that my battery icon shows an 'x' on the battery and says 'no Battery Is Detected' on mouseover. If I turn the computer off, disconnect the AC and try and turn it on again, it wont turn on at all.

I have tried going into Device Manager and uninstalling the two drivers under Battery and then reinstalling them, but this hasn't worked. I have seen solutions online that involve removing the battery and then adding it back, but the laptop I have has a non removable, built in battery.

What other options are available to me?
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Upgraded my Aspire 5738 from Win 7 to Win 10. After upgrade, no battery was detected by the laptop. I like Win 10, but if no solution is found, I'll neeed to roll back to Win 7 pretty soon, or I'll be stuck with a laptop that's permanently turned into a desktop. I've tried the old standby (unplugging everything, holding down power button, then rebooting, then adding back battery), but doesn't work. Anybody have any other ideas / suggestions /directions? Thanks!

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A:Battery not detected after Windows 10 upgrade

Please check if you can do a battery driver reset. Here are the steps: Go to the devise manager. Press and hold the windows key with your left hand and then tap on the letter X key with your right hand. Then select devise manager from the list. Right click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant control method battery and chose uninstall. Click on ACtion tab on top of the window and chose scan for hardware changes. Let us know if you notice any change after following the above steps. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++If i was helpful, a KUDOS is appreciate and remember to mark "Accept as Solution", the post that solved your problem. Thank you.

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I took apart my laptop to fix something, and I connected the battery the the naked motherboard to test something, but I put it in backwards.
It was brief, but it caused an issue nonetheless.

I'm almost positive the battery itself is fine as it wasn't connected long enough to get any significant short-circuit damage and it reads fine on the multimeter.

Any idea what to do?
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Actually not strictly an upgrade but a fresh install of 7 over XP.

Any idea why?

Thanks for advice.

A:Battery not being detected after upgrade from XP to Win7.

I would suspect a needed Dell driver was not installed. There is a long list of applicable drivers listed on the Dell site. Not sure what you need, that you may have not installed.
Product Support | Dell US

The Dell Community Laptop hardware forum would be the best place to get an answer for this.

Laptop - Dell Community
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Hi All,
I have an older Vostro 2420, my battery finally gave up the ghost, and I purchased a new one. 
The old battery had a problem that it was not detected, whatever, it no longer held a charge, so I bought a new one.
I have the latest version of Windows 10, version 1607, X64. The laptop has been updated with all of the latest Dell drivers. I've uninstalled and installed the battery driver and charger drivers. I've also done a power hard reset.
Good news, is my new battery holds a charge. That is, I can charge it up, and its good for many hours without being plug-in... Great! its a new battery!
Bad news, Windows 10 can't detect the battery. 
I trolled the interweb looking for youtube video's and other hints, done everything. 
My trusty multimeter shows that the connection to the battery works, and has continuity. 
Any ideas?
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I have a Sony Vaio SVF15N17CXB Fit 15A Flip 2-in-1 15.5" Touchscreen Laptop.

I can run it only plugged in to the wall. The battery icon in the taskbar shows a red X and has the words "No battery is detected" when you hover over it.

I have replaced the battery 2x (one was a used battery, the other new) and it has not fixed the issue.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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Hello, I have an Asus x202e with I3, Win8 64 Bits. The defect is that the battery does not detect. Here's what I did: I disconnected the battery, I pressed the power button 30 seconds and not fixed. I reset BIOS F2, F9 and F10 and again not repaired. I uninstalled the Microsoft ACPI method battery and nothing. Do you think that a BIOS update will fix the fault? Mention that no longer turn on the battery. Thank you.

A:Asus x202e battery not detected

I doubt that any BIOS update will fix your issue. It just sounds like you have a bad battery but hang in there for more suggestions.
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Just purchased a Dell XPS 15 9550 32gb 1TB SSD and getting intermittent NO Battery Detected understand this is a know issue and may require motherboard replacement. Can anyone advise. Product still under return and refund only few days old.
Update 20160519: Running off battery but system states battery not present and battery check light at side of laptop not working.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 - No Battery Detected

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please update the BIOS to the latest version available for this system from our Dell Support Site.
Check in the BIOS if the battery is detected when you receive the message "NO Battery Detected".
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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Battery not detected for hp touchsmart 15-r063nr. Hardly used this PC and battery refuses to take a charge.  Initially, laptop would recognize battery but now after updating my BIOS it is not even detected. Followed all forum suggestions to no avail. Is this a testament to HP quality? I see countless accounts of faulty batteries. I spent too much money on HP products over the years to have a useless product.
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Hello I recently bought a Yoga 900S and it was working fine for a day or two, but suddenly the battery symbol had an 'x' and it kept saying BATTERY NOT DETECTED. When that happened, my laptop would only stay awake for a few minutes or seconds then shut down. When I put it on charge, the 'x' was still displayed over the battery symbol but it wouldn't shut down, until a few days later when it would shut down even if it was on charge. So I didn't use my laptop for a day or two and then started using it again. For a few days, the problem was gone, but now it's back. I did recently update to Windows 10, but I don't know if that's what's causing the problem. Can someone please tell me what's wrong with my laptop? The problem is really annoying. Thanks
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Battery not detected for hp touchsmart 15-r063nr. Hardly used this PC and battery refuses to take a charge.  Initially, laptop would recognize battery but now after updating my BIOS it is not even detected. Followed all forum suggestions to no avail. Is this a testament to HP quality? I see countless accounts of faulty batteries. I spent too much money on HP products over the years to have a useless product.
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Following an accident in June this year I couldn't pick up/move the laptop, so used desktop/tablet instead.

Now need to use laptop again and it says "No battery is detected."

I've tried taking the battery out, disconnecting the power lead and pressing the on button for 30 seconds.

I've updated the BIOS. The battery was replaced with a third party one over two years ago, and has been absolutely until June. It's been variously switched on or off, connected/not connected to power since June.

Help please, what do I do next?

A:Equium U400 - battery is not detected

Does Windows show red cross symbol?
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I have a Lenovo Flex - It operates with or without the AC adaptor being plugged in so I am quite sure it does have a No Flex Detected Lenovo 2-15 Battery battery Lenovo Flex 2-15 No Battery Detected nbsp I could not determine how to display a battery level indicator or icon which is a common feature on most laptops I just couldn't find such a thing on this machine nbsp Lenovo Flex 2-15 No Battery Detected I loaded an app called Lenovo Settings version When I click on the Power Status tab I Lenovo Flex 2-15 No Battery Detected see a battery icon with three dashes a status messages No battery Installed and AC adaptor is attached nbsp When I unplug the adaptor it still says it is attached nbsp So several questions nbsp nbsp - Does this Lenovo Settings app really do anything Is it compatible with the Flex - nbsp nbsp - How do I see the battery status nbsp nbsp - Did I accidentally uninstall a utility nbsp Thanks for all the help in advance nbsp Lenovo Settings JPG KB
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Hello I recently thought that it would be time for me to buy a new laptop battery for my Toshiba Equium A D- x Battery Equium - is detected No A300D-13x since the current one is so old I roughly get - minutes charge out of it So I looked online and shopped around and the official Toshiba ones were So instead i Equium A300D-13x - No Battery is detected settled for a replacement that was roughly cheapskate Anyway the battery is the exact same model number to the official toshiba battery I have and is the exact same voltage V However the battery will not be detected within the laptop Whats interesting is though the battery does power the laptop it just wont indicate to me how much remaining charge I have left Also when plugged in to the AC it doesnt detect it but looks as if it is charging the laptop as the light signifying that the AC is plugged in is on and the battery indicator is orange charging Does anyone else have Equium A300D-13x - No Battery is detected this problem or know what I can do to fix this as i dont have the to buy a new battery Thanks Jamers

A:Equium A300D-13x - No Battery is detected


Did you have the same battery problems with the old, original battery?

From my experience there are many batteries from 3rd party suppliers but not all meets the standards even if the part number is the same?

But it looks that the battery is detected because the notebook can be powered on using the battery power? also the orange battery indicator show you that the battery would be charged.

However, I would recommend you checking the BIOS version.
From my knowledge BIOS update could help to solve problems with battery.

If it does not help you, I would recommend testing other batteries which you could order directly from an Toshiba ASP in your country? in such case you could be 100% sure that your battery is compatible and would work.
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My Satellite Pro C850 was purchased in March 2013. By December 2015 the battery would not hold a charge long enough. In December 2015 I bought a new genuine Toshiba battery from a reputable company Now only 3 months later my laptop shows a red cross over the battery indicator. Unplugging the power lead still allows me to use the laptop but seemingly randomly the laptop hibernates/shuts down without displaying the reason. After this happens I have to plug the power lead in again to restart the laptop, although I can unplug it again later without the laptop dying. For purely personal reasons my power options are set to Never for all choices. All this does not stop me using the laptop, but it can be annoying when the laptop suddenly saves everything and shuts down.
Are Toshiba laptops susceptible to battery changes and not detecting new batteries?
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I just bought a new replacement dell inspiron 1545 laptop battery,and works with power supply disconnected from computer,however it shows x in battery icon,and reads no battery detected,this is a windows 7 system and a dell laptop,any suggestions on how to get my pc to read or recognize this new battery? it also shows that it cannot read model number of battery during startup so no charging can be done??

A:new dell laptop battery,not being detected

1. If it is a non Dell battery it is quite common that some cheaper alternatives are not detected
2. Go F2 setup on post (think it is F2 on a dell - enter BIOS scroll across to power options look for battery learning function or something similarly worded
Enter that and see if there is a choice for enable etc.
If so select, save and exit
Reboot and test
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my advent 9117 laptop says battery not detected. It will work from mains directly. Bought new battery same problem

A:battery not detected on advent 9117

Maybe dirty contacts:
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I have an ACER Aspire 3680 laptop. About 1 year ago, I purchased an OEM battery (compatible based on number match) to replace the manufacturer's battery that had stopped charging. I installed the battery, plugged in the AC adapter and turned on the computer. Once fully booted, the battery icon said "Battery not found". The laptop works as long as it's plugged in to the AC adapter, but powers off immediately if the adapter is removed.

I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue or a software issue. My thought is that it might be solved by updating a driver, but it could also be that the hardware that converts the AC to charge the batter is defunct.

I appreciate all suggestions!

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Sir had an update with my laptop and sad to say it tells me that No Battery is Detected., had tried the solved solution for this by uninstalling microsoft ACPI-Complaint Control method battery and searched for hardware changes but still no luck again,, its been this state for 4 months already and its makes me so disappointed this time.. if anyone could help would do a great help. thank you..

A:Please help Z1402-34M3 NO Battery is detected afte...

You should have a warning displayed in Device Manager if the driver is not working right for battery detection. Try firing it up to see if you have any exclamation points or red Xs.
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I have a on Battery error Laptop No Detected Is ASUS recently purchased ASUS laptop as mentioned in title and there seems to be issue after issue As mentioned in a previous thread I had problems with my sound card popping a No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop crackling After updating my BIOS drivers this fixed the problem Now I have a new problem Since updating the BIOS drivers I've noticed that my battery icon shows an 'x' on the battery and No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop says 'no Battery Is Detected' on mouseover If I turn the computer off disconnect the AC and try and turn it on again it wont turn on at all I No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop have tried going into Device Manager and uninstalling the two drivers under Battery and then reinstalling them but this hasn't worked I have seen solutions online that involve removing the battery and then adding it back but the laptop I have appears to have a non removable built in battery I have also tried uninstalling the quot Microsoft acpi-compliant control method battery quot and quot Mirosoft AC adaptor quot drivers then restarting the computer This worked to redetect the battery but ONLY until the next computer restart when the problem resurfaced What other options are available to me

A:No Battery Is Detected error on ASUS Laptop

The laptop not being able to turn on from the battery is a hardware issue. There may also be a software issue in Windows, but missing drivers etc, will not stop a laptop from booting up from the battery to the BIOS. You can boot to the BIOS with no OS installed. The battery has likely failed and needs to be replaced, or its fully discharged and not being recharged. It should charge even if the laptop is off, as long as the power pack is plugged in. My ASUS and my ACER laptops will charge the battery when powered off and plugged in. Is this a new or second hand device? If it's new, I'd return it.
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Hello I know there is a few post on this particular issue and I will list what I have attempted to do Deleting the charging driver and also AC Adapter Pulling the plug using windows b power Updating bios to latest Checked all the wall outlets in my house Used Hp Assist Center Bios to check battery status I keep hitting error mainly and have hit error on boot nbsp In the HP battery checker Envy Hp detected! Not Battery 15 charging, Not U010dx the both batteries are not detected which is weird nbsp It's like the battery is not plugged in because both batteries are grayed out is there any reason why this should be nbsp I'm really hoping I dont have to replace the nbsp battery or Hp Envy 15 U010dx Battery Not charging, Not detected! it is covered under the battery recall I saw on the hp site somewhere nbsp This laptop is hardly used by my mother as she really has only been using it for work for the past year-year and a half I would say nothing over charge cycles Thank you
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Unclipped and reclipped battery and now laptop E6400 will not boot up.
The diagnosis screen shows battery as there and in moderate condition.
Ran the on board repair but it failed to resolve issue.
Service Tag HFJFTM1
Build 4127
BIOS very A24
Please advise on course of next action. Thanks.
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My dell inspiron 1520 says no battery detected . and i also noticed that the fan is not working.the problem happened just 4 days ago.when my laptop was totally dischharged 2 times in a row.Then first it didnt charge more than 40%.then increases a little bit to 43%.and today when i was using it on battery power and it showed warning that 11 min left i shut it down .when i restarted with AC power critical battery charge led was blinking and showing only 29% charged and charging. but the charge remained 29%.and now it is showing no battery detected.if i disconnect the AC charger the laptop immediately turns off. My laptop is abt 18 months old but never gave any problem before. i opened the battery and again reattached it .but nothing warranty was 1 year. . can someone tell me what to do??

edit: i have noticed that bios is loading very slowly sometimes at startup now.

A:Dell Inspiron 1520 says no battery detected


sounds like the battery has failed, 18 months isnt bad in the world of laptops.
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I was given a 7-year old Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop to do a clean reinstall of Windows XP.

The battery in it is Dell-branded and appears to be the same one that came in it.

The charger works fine and kept the laptop powered during the entire setup/install/update process.

After I was done, I discovered in the power options and in the taskbar that the battery isn't being detected.

I examined the battery and the contacts and didn't see any damage or corrosion.

I wanted to update the BIOS, but I couldn't because of the "no battery detected" issue.

I realize a 7-year old battery likely no longer holds a charge, but why isn't it being detected?

I've never run into this issue before, so I'm stumped.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Sir had an update with my laptop and sad to say it tells me that No Battery is Detected., had tried the solved solution for this by uninstalling microsoft ACPI-Complaint Control method battery and searched for hardware changes but still no luck again,, its been this state for 4 months already and its makes me so disappointed this time.. if anyone could help would do a great help. thank you..
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I would not have bothered making an account here if I could have found a fix otherwise The battery is not charging AND it is not detected I want to stress this because I have not NOT battery charging Z710 detected, IdeaPad seen a million and one webpages IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging for batteries that were plugged in but not charging Mine is not detected I have checked my power settings I have done a power drain take out batter and adapter hold power button I have restarted I have looked for updates and I have uninstalled the two IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging battery things in the device manager and restarted again I did NOT do battery gauage reset because the battery is not detected I have Windows so Energy Manager rather than Power Manager I have not touched the BIOS because I'm wary of anything else going wrong nbsp I bought this laptop in December It is quite new still under warranty and even though I use it every day it is still good and not bogged down or worn down in any way I have had multiple problems since buying it even a few right out of the box shame on you Lenovo all of which I was able to fix myself I can't imagine why I would have whatever problem I am having right now nbsp For a short while after this problem initially occurred I was still able to unplug the laptop and move to another outlet So it's like the battery was actually detected But once the battery charge ran out I couldn't unplug anymore without immediate shutdown Considering everything I have already tried is it possible that the battery is bad nbsp Can anyone help me I have not been able to find a fix nbsp nbsp IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging And literally as I have been typing this my battery was suddenly detected and is now charging again But I am not satisfied I want to know why this problem occurred and how to fix it if it happens again as I suspect it will nbsp Now that the battery is detected again should I do a battery gauge reset I don't have a problem with battery life so I don't know whether that woud be a good idea

A:IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging

It has now happened again. All I did was unplug my laptop for about an hour.
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I have a ThinkPad Helix that says: "Battery 1 not detected". All Lenovo updates have been applied to both the Helix and the keyboard dock. It will not charge.

A:ThinkPad Helix Internal Battery not detected

Power Manager 6 has been Reinstalled. I have also attempted, in BIOS, to "Disable Built-in Battery", but it won't even shut off, it just freezes.
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Hi ,
My old Vostro 2420's battery gave up the ghost, as it did, the windows 10 1607 stopped detecting it. So I got a new battery.
Put it into the holds a charge! Fantastic....but no detection. I did a hard reset. This didn't help.
I checked the drivers, updated all from Dell, latest stuff.
anybody got any ideas?
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I recently opened up my new acer nitro v17 to install a SSD to move my OS onto. After placing everything back in order. The laptop will not turn on without the charger connected. When the charger is connected, the laptop turns on and indicates that the battery is at 88%, but once the charger is removed, everything shuts down. If anyone can help that would be great thanks. TL: DR - Battery detected, battery not charging, only runs off of charger
Relevancy 48.59%

Hope someone have seen not Thinkpad detected Yoga battery Win1... 14 after - this and found a way of fixing it nbsp The Thinkpad Yoga was bought new Thinkpad Yoga 14 - battery not detected after Win1... from BestBuy with Windows already installed A few days ago after I finally allow Windows to install the update the battery started to disappear ie the power icon has a X and with a message No battery is detected The battery driver has a June date a months after the purchase So this must be the driver brought in by the Win update note this is not from Win Win etc to Win but an update of Win nbsp Removing and reinstalling nbsp battery driver did nbsp not fix the problem as the same driver is installed again I also cannot roll back the version as Windows does not show any previous version I also cannot restore as Windows does not actually restore the system Windows shows the update still installed even after it was restored to a state nbsp prior to the update nbsp I also tried to install Lenovo's new power management driver No help either nbsp nbsp Any suggestions other than to returning the computer This Thinkpad Yoga 14 - battery not detected after Win1... is for my son He'll start his school right now Thanks
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I have a Sony Vaio SVF15N17CXB Fit 15A Flip 2-in-1 15.5" Touchscreen Laptop.

I can run it only plugged in to the wall. The battery icon in the taskbar shows a red X and has the words "No battery is detected" when you hover over it.

I have replaced the battery 2x (one was a used battery, the other new) and it has not fixed the issue.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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I install windows 8.1 on my Toshiba Satellite L655-S5107, battery with an x ??appears in the description says "no battery is detected".

Why is this happening? Do I need a driver or software?

A:Satellite L655-S5107 - No battery detected after Win 8.1 installation


Possible solution:

Go to device manager, right click and uninstall "microsoft compliant ac adapter"

Then go to action and scan for new hardware.

Now the battery should be found.
Sometimes an additional reboot would be neccessary.
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I have 2 Acer Aspire 9300 5349 PC and bought new batteries. The original batteries were 11.1V 6 cell 4000 mAh (model LIP-6198QUPC SY6) and should also take the 8 cell 14.8V 4800 mAh. When I insert this battery the indicator light flashes from green to orange and doesn't detect the battery. The battery also doesn't recharge. I also bought a 14.8V 4400 mAh battery that does exactly the same. The original still work, but only lasts a few minutes. Is it perhaps the charger that's not suitable for the higher 8 cell voltage? (Model PA-1900-04 Output 19V 4.74A) Please advise!

A:new battery not detected Acer Aspire 9300 5349

I have the exact same laptop and I'm encountering the exact same problem. Have you gotten anywhere? Will flashing the BIOS help? I'm about to return my new battery.
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My Inspiron 17R just had a Windows 10 update.  Immediately afterward (by coincidence or ??), the battery would not function.  If I do not have the adapter connected, it is dead.  According to the BIOS, it is not a Dell battery.  Well, yes it is, original to the machine.  Meanwhile, the battery meter shows at 100% and plugged in.
Any ideas?
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Ever since the update I can no longer use my computer without the cord plugged in.  the battery is internal so it cannot be removed.  i had a new battery professionally installend but no change.
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Hey guys I've had this Sony Vaio VGN-CS for almost months now and I've recently decided to upgrade it's quot Vista Home Premium quot setup to the new Windows RC I've installed and had the most basic features already supported I finally decided to attempt to get the quot fn quot keys and the top quot volume media quot control sliders to work Touch Sensitive After downloading the drivers and Shared Library and installing each restarting install restart etc I only have the volume part of the the quot fn quot keys to work The top sliders light up but have to no effect on the computer The brightness quot fn Windows RC 7 "Battery Vaio w/ Error SONY Detected" - quot SONY Vaio - "Battery Detected" Error w/ Windows 7 RC keys and top volume slider are the only real things I need as I do not use the volume network and monitor quot fn quot keys I've talked to Sony tech support and they've said to wait for October for the Windows drivers to be released and that there are generic drivers released by Microsoft They wouldn't tell me where these drivers are located and was hoping that a Support Wiz could help me out on this one I'm considered a nerd so I know my way around the computer and can do advanced operations I just need to know how to fix this problem Thank -Artur

A:SONY Vaio - "Battery Detected" Error w/ Windows 7 RC

Hello and welcome to TSF, playful_cyanide!

I snooped around Google and found this link, as it seems useful.

Also, you can use this program to give detailed analysis of your battery for reference.

I noticed you're in Sacramento, that's like right by me, I'm in Paradise.
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I have my hp elitebook 850 G3 for one month now. When it was new i could use it for 9 hours on airplane mode but now fully charged only 4 hours on airplane mode. I want it to be 9 hours on airplane mode aigain. I have also noticed that my precentage is going down faster than before and I only use word and microsoft edge
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I juse recently purchased a lenovo ideapad 100s and my laptop won't turn on unless i have it plugged it into the charger. But the second i unplug it the laptop dies becuase the battery is always it 0% even if i have it charging for hours .
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Hi all of you that are reading my post.Here where i live the electricity is not good that means that we have electricity for two hours
then it dissconect for five minutes or more.I have a pc with UPS(battery) and when i go for work i let my pc turned on downloading,but as we know when the electricity missing the UPS take pc turned on for 15-20minutes and then it turned off without command.And i want to know if Pc have the ability to know if its working with turned electricity or UPS and if it knows which are the components that make it(software or hardware).Please help me!!! Thanks

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Hi there,
I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5521. Since a while now my laptop is given me messages explaining my battery has a fatal error and needs to be replaced. I have been searching for a different solution than simply replacing the battery/adapter and I've seen that a lot of people had to update their BIOS. I currently have BIOS A07. When I try to update using the driver I've gotten from your site this window pops up and tells me I have to plug in my battery and adapter. Both are plugged in but I can't seem to manage to start the update. 
I hope you guys can help me,Dries Vanden Broecke

A:Battery not working

Hi Dries Vanden Broecke,
Download the A14 BIOS here -
Now, for the BIOS update to run, it is required that the battery be connected and battery should contain a minimum charge of 10% and the adapter needs to be detected in BIOS.
Having said this, Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point. Check the battery health in BIOS (if applicable).
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Hello I and fan working. Battery not have the following queries regarding my year old notebook whose warranty just expired - nbsp I want to buy a new battery for my laptop as the original one does not work anymore So Battery and fan not working. I was thinking if I can get a battery with a more capacity than the original one so that it lasts longer How much would the battery cost nbsp My laptop's fan also stopped working a month ago I suspect it might be because of dust collected over time Can I get that checked too along with the battery at HP service center and how much would it cost if I need to replace the fan nbsp I also want to Battery and fan not working. upgrade my TB hard disk with a SSD Is there any exchange or buy-back program at HP And how much would it cost nbsp I want to add another GB RAM to the existing GB Any idea how much it'd cost if I do all the above together nbsp Thanks amp Regards
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I replaced the battery of my laptop ( Inspiron 17R SE 7720) with a new one.
But the Old one is 48 Wh and the new is 60wh.
When the laptop has started, this message appears " Warning, this battery is not recommended for this system use. It may only have limited features and non optimized performance. " .
What shall I do ?
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After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.
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So I made a post Being 8.1 Not " Windows Battery 9 Cell Detected" over on seven forums but I was told to bring it over here I have a 9 Cell Battery Not Being " Detected" Windows 8.1 Dell Vostro running Windows The battery was giving me about minutes battery life so I bought a new cell OEM battery The quot Probl em quot with the cell battery is that it seems that Windows is not really detecting the battery I'm not sure It will only tell me quot unknown time remaining quot It will not give me a notification of when the battery is going to die Except the physical red button lighting on the front of the computer In terms of battery life the battery works fine I get hours and hours of battery life so I know the battery is functioning properly In the BIOS it is detected as battery performing regularly I don't know why it is not showing the time I tried uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI drivers in device manager and rebooting but nothing changed I was a able to SHORTLY borrow a similar laptop to mine but running windows The time remaining was being displayed My Bios version is on the latest version Why is this happening The Battery was bought directly from DELL I have tried calibrating the battery How to Calibrate Your Laptop I downloaded a program called battery bar And while not perfect the program is able to give me estimated time remaining Length of time the laptop has been on battery Why can this program do it but windows cannot

A:9 Cell Battery Not Being " Detected" Windows 8.1

do you have dell quickset installed?