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Stylus compatibility

Q: Stylus compatibility

Hello, Can you please let me know if there is a stylus available with HP (or from another company) that would work on my HP Pavilion X360 for sure? ThanksNarayanan
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Preferred Solution: Stylus compatibility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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HiWhich HP active pens are compatible with this PC please?  HP Spectre x360 - 13-4007na (ENERGY STAR) (L0B60EA#ABU)Are non-HP active pens functionally the same? thanks

A:Active Stylus/Pen compatibility

Hi, Please check the following list:   I think   HP Spectre x360 13-40xx series is on the list. Regards.
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Hello, I have bought a  "HP ENVY x360 - 15-aq102no " and i need a stylus or digital pen.I got a microsoft surface pen 4 but it did not work on my there some stylus that i can use for my computer??if is there not, could you name some pen that works good on this model?? Thanks

A:Stylus Compatibility with HP Envy X360

Hi, The following table may help: Regards.
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   Hello, which stylus/pens are compaitble with the touchscreen HP Omen 15 5050-na? If any? Thanks

A:omen 15-5050na stylus compatibility

Hi, Does it have a right screen for stylus ? No.  For start, please check the following list Regards.
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I want to buy a stylus pen for my new laptop.  Could someone tell me which brand and type of stulus I should buy. Thanks
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Can anyone help me out with printing to my Epson Stylus Pro 7000 from windows 7 64 bit?

There is no Vista or windows 7 driver available so I have tried running the XP driver in compatibility mode but I don't think it likes the 64 bit OS.

Is there a generic print driver that might work? Any suggesgions would be great!


A:Epson Stylus Pro 7000 Windows 7 Compatibility

Welcome to windows seven forum: Unfortunately it looks like your going to be in the market for a new printer. How old is your printer? I only ask since I see drivers going back to win 95. The XP driver is dated 12/10/01. Fabe
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I have the ENVY x360 model m6-aq103dx. I bought it because I was told it is compatible with the HP active PEN. I bought the pen and tried it, it didn't work. I called HP for the TENTH time to ask about the compatibility and set up. I was told the active STYLUS would work, so I bought the stylus. It doesn't work either. The packages list which computers the pen and stylus are compatible with; none of which list the ENVY x360. I would understand if the HP "techs" had told me that my computer is not compatible but instead they say "it may be if it has the right digitizers/driver/capability/etc." So do I need a different computer or is there a way to make this one communicate with either of the writing tools I have bought??
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Need help to install a epson stylus cx1500 on a vista business 32bit system. There appears to be a compatibility issue. Detailed steps would be much appreciated as I am pretty green at this.


A:stylus cx1500 compatibility on vista 32bit

have a look here mate see if its supported in Vista

Epson America, Inc. - Support - Highlights
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I purchased an Adonit Jot Pro stylus.  Is it compatible with my notebook and how do I activate it?  My touchscreen is on as I can use the touch with my finger but it does not respond to the stylus
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Hi I currently bought this computer and was looking for a stylus pen that was compatible with it.  I dont want to spend money on a pen that wont work right on my computer. Can someone please help! Thank you! yguti3

A:HP Pavilion x360 m3 convertible stylus pen compatibility

Hi, Pavilion x360 is a lower class machine, moving up to Envy class or top class Spectre machine you should be able to find a proper active stylus. Regards.
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I recently purchased the Spectre x360 (13-4003dx) along with the Bamboo Stylus feel Carbon. Unforunately, the stylus was not compatiable with the Spectre and I had to return it (after reaching out their customer support). I still want an Active Pen/Stylus for my Spectre to take precise notes with OneNote and I want to know which stylus/pen are compatibile with the Spectre (e.g. if the HP Active Pen J4R51AA#ABL is compatiable).  Thanks!

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A:Spectre x360 Active Pen/Stylus Compatibility

Check out these options: Either should be compatible!
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Hi. I am a computer dumby and I just got a new computer. My new computer obviously has Vista on it (apparently Vista SP1, if that means anything) and I am trying to setup my printer (Epson Stylus CX4200). I inserted the printer disk and part way through the download, a screen called the "Program Compatibility Assistant" popped up saying that the "Epson printer driver setup utility is incompatible with this version of Vista". What does this mean? What do I do to get my printer setup on my new computer? Help!

A:Epson Stylus CX4200 printer driver setup utility compatibility with Vista

it means the setup program itself is incompatible, not the drivers.just grab the latest drivers from the epson website.
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I need to know if there is a stylus I can use which looks and feels quite like a pen, I don't like the compressible rubbery feel of some stylus, they are not smooth enough.

A:Which stylus should I use with my Inspiron 15r touch laptop? Will a 'Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel' work with it?

Hi Shaurya,Welcome to Dell community.
Yes you can use stylus pen with this system.
15z has 15.6" LED-Backlit LCD Capacitive Multi-touch screen, so you can use Targus Stylus with this system which Dell recommends. For further help you can click on the below mentioned link: 
The Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel is the newest stylus from Wacom that a user in that forum said works well. The site,  , says it's compatible with the Latitude 10. Technically, any of the non-battery (somehow powered wirelessly by the tablet) powered Wacom stylus should work.
Please reply me if you need any further help.
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Hello I recently had issues with my PSU and rather than play guesswork on whether its still functional I rather just replace it My motherboard is a m n -pro Its a bit dated PSU/Mobo compatibility? backwards ATX confusion, V2.3 12V compatibility but ATX 12V V2.3 backwards compatibility confusion, PSU/Mobo compatibility? I d like for this pc to last another months before I build an entirely new rig If I read the manual correctly it requires ATX 12V V2.3 backwards compatibility confusion, PSU/Mobo compatibility? ATX V V The PSU I d like to change to since it just has to last another months this w PSU Would the m n -pro be compatible with this PSU One concern I had was that the m n -pro requires a pin ATX v connector If I read the PSU s specifications correctly it has one V -pin CPU power connector Is that -pin two separate power connector ie do I just use of the connectors to fit into the pin ATX v connector Please excuse my noobishness but what exactly does the v Motherboard specification entail I tried to google it but got less useful information and product results from newegg Also I read the wiki on the ATX V V X standard but it didn t answer my question - is ATX V v backwards compatible with the ATX V v standard Thank you very much for any help you can give nbsp
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hihhi please could you tell me what stylus  can I use with the above operating system
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hihhi please could you tell me what stylus  can I use with the above operating system
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Q: stylus

I want to get a stylus for my hp pavilion x360. Will the stylus for the hp spectre x360 (the hp active stylus) be compatible with my computer? I want to be sure before I make any purchases that the two will be able to work together. Thanks!


Hi, At this stage, Active stylus for Envy and Spectre machines won't work on Pavilion x360 machines. When ? I don't know. Regards.
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I purchased the HP Spectre x2, a008nr 12" convertible with Win 10. Getting used to it. So far ok except problems with Windows stuff.I'm interested in a stylus pen that will work with this laptop. However, all of the reviews I've  read refer to use on the HP Stylus x360 and they all are negative. The reviews I've seen are on HP's community forums, Amazon's Ask A Question and various tech sites via Google search.  I have never seen one positive review on any HP stylus pen.I did see a recommendation for a stylus pen, # 834590-001. Can't find it anywhere because when I do a search for it I'm directed to sites where the reference is, again, to Spectre x360.Is there a pen for the Spectre x2? If so, where can I check it out and look @ reviews?Any ideas welcomed.Thanks
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Hello, I'm interested in purchasing HP Spectre x360 13. However I'm finding different model numbers and some things got me really confused.    I will need to take notes with a Stylus pen.1) Does the FHD or QHD screen make any difference regarding to the ability of taking notes?2) In general, I'm seeing variations of HP Spectre x360 13, how do I know the screens come with digitizers or not?Are all of them compatible?  I would really appreciate if someone confirms for me whether I'll be able to use a Pen on either of these 2   Thanks a lot in advance
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which active stylus pen is compatible with hp pavilion x360 convertible 13-s 105nia?
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I am having HP Pavilion x360 Convertible.Product No : T0Y58PA#ACJWindows 10 64-BitIntel i3 6th generation I want to know, whether I can use stylus on this laptop or not. If yes, then whether any damaged caused to the screen will be covered in the warranty or not.
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does any one know where i can get a replacement lcd for this camera?

A:stylus 600

Maybe an Olympus service center will sell you one, but it may cost more than the camera's worth.

I got a Konica with a cracked screen, am willing to try to change it myself, and have been watching ebay for a parts camera to go on sale but all the non-working cameras have .... cracked screens.
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Hello, I'm interested by the Yoga 510 and I would like to know if there is a possibility to use a stylus with it.I had a Surface Pro 2 and used the stylus with Photoshop and I woul like to do the same with the Yoga 510. What stylus models are compatible with it ? Is there a pressure detection ? Thank you.
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I have just purchased a HP Pavillion x2 detachable notebook, and so far it is great. However, are there any pens/styluses I can buy which would allow me to use pen pressure when drawing in software such as photoshop or paint tool sai? Regular styluses don't seem to be able to.

A:Best stylus for pen pressure?

If you would like to use pen pressure sensitivity you may download the pen pressure sensitivity driver off of Wacom.
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Just canned all my printers, Brother MFC9200c, Lexmark x1185 and x75.
I just purchased the CX3810 (All-in-one) "because" I can buy the ink cartridge for $3.40 ea. The printer was $90 (after tax) then a $30 rebate. Anyone have any Pros & Cons on this printer?

A:Stylus CX3810

nope ...your the guinea pig...let us know how it works out
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Hello, I've had this notebook for a few days now and just wondering if there is a compatible stylus for it. I've checked the Wacom site but the model is not included on the list, and I'm not sure if others I have seen would work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Can i use active pen on my laptop? I couldn't find any compatiblity information anywhere. Thanks for answer
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I recently bought an Hp Envy 17 laptop and I'm really liking everything except that there is no stylus for it. Does anyone know of one that would work well?
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Hi I know this topic appeared a few times before on this forum but I am really confused especially after a Lenovo employee told me via pohne I could basically use for Yoga 510 Stylus any stylus on the Lenovo Yoga I would be very grateful if someone could help me I read this article http www howtogeek com not-all-tablet-styluses-are-equal-capacitive-wacom-and-bluetooth-exp As i figured Lenovo Yoga Stylus for Yoga 510 has a different touchscreen Stylus for Yoga 510 no wacom technology no digitizer than f e Yoga which is much more expensive Is that correct Is that why I can not use f e the ThinkPad Stylus Or was the employee right and it doesen't matter if not is there any kind of alternative for the Yoga apart from the cheap pens with the thick tip I want something that is somewhat precise I saw pens with a battery that appear to be capacitive by generating a small electromagnetic field like your finger but have a thin tip Are these the only alternative for Yoga Does the pen for Lenovo Think Pad definitely not work What about the pens that comunicate via bluetooth mentioned in the article Could they be an alternative for the Yoga If there is no real solution for Yoga and there was a Lenovo Laptop with a similar price than Yoga with similar performance and with digitizer I would consider changing mine but from what I saw the notebooks with digitizer are either much more expensive like Yoga or have a lower performance like yoga book is that correct Thank you very much
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Hi...........does anyone know how to factory reset an epson stylus 880 printer.


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Just been given an Epson Stylus D68 but can't get it to work on Vista! Seems like a drivers problem. Any help or advice most gratefully received. Thanks

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Hey. We need a stylus to work with my device. The stylus is needed with a thin tip. All I found on the net - HP Active Stylus. But it is not even for sale on the site HP. What should I do? Are there any other analogues are compatible with my Pavillion x2 10?

A:HP Active stylus

I replied to you. HP deleted my reply. I give up on HP now. The customer service here is beyond pathetic.  (Long story short: I asked which Active Pen I needed to purchase. The agent gave me links to printers, the HP India shop, the HP UK shop, and told me to talk to Best Buy. Still no idea what I need to buy. Certainly won't be an HP product now.)
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Hi I have a 1 month old Spectre notebook.The tip of the stylus pen that came with it has fallen out and is lostIs this a design flaw.Is it covered by warranty?Can you get spare tips.
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is yoga 900 support any stylus pen ? or any other pen ?

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A:stylus pen for yoga 900

No, The Yoga 900 with a Core i3,i5 or i7 does not support an active stylus. But, the 900S does. Unfortunetly, it comes with only an M7 processor. Though, I suppose that it is probably an great laptop. Not .one wants or needs a ton of power. So, if you are in the market for a lower powered laptop, here is the link. Mind you, it has not been released as of yet.
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I'd like to purchase a stylus for my Elitebook 820 G3 and would appreciate any suggestions or lists of campatible stylus'
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I'm looking for a good stylus for my Archos 70 Internet Tablet 250GB.

I just found out that there are bluetooth styli! Would these work with the Archos 70 IT?

Also, I'd like a stylus with a fine point, so I can easily choose small font links.

I will use the stylus for typing (on-screen keyboard), clicking on links (small fonts!), gaming and drawing.Stylus for Archos 70 ...
I'm looking for a good stylus for my Archos 70 Internet Tablet 250GB.

I just found out that there are bluetooth styli! Would these work with the Archos 70 IT?

Also, I'd like a stylus with a fine point, so I can easily choose small font links.

I will use the stylus for typing (on-screen keyboard), clicking on links (small fonts!), gaming and drawing.
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I just purchased the Spectre 360 and want to know if the HP Stylus will work in Evernote as well as One Note. Thank you!
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HP pavilion touchsmart 13 a-201tu model This is touch laptop.1) Is it possible to use stylus for this laptop2) Is ther any productivity software to make  sketch or make drawing etc  Prabhuram
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What stylus works with the HP Spectre 360?  I was told by HP reseller for parts that it's HP Active Pen part 773175-005 which is very very expensive because it is to be obselete and there are not other stylus that will work with this Laptop model?????? I thought I bought a new model laptop???  Help!
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Hi. I have just upgraded to this lovely computer  (HP Pavilion x360 13=u013na) from an HP tx-2130 Tablet PC and the stylus was awesome, can I somehow use it on this laptop with touchscreen?
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Hello!           Just wondering if I could recieve some assistance with my HP Spectre x360 13t Touch. I am a digital artist and I need a stylus/pen for the touch screen. It would make the art alot easier. I have been surfing the web and I have only found the 'HP Active Pen' which aparently works with it? So if anyone knows if the pen works with it that would be great. I found it here if you need the specs: And my computer's specs are here: PLEASE HELP!PS: I must be really stupid but when it says 'Windows 10 Home 64' The '64' means 64 bit right? Ok thanks!

A:HP Spectre Pen/Stylus?

Hi, Please check: Yes, 64 means 64bit. Regards.
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Hi. I want to buy HP Active Stylus. But i from Russia. In your site i don't seach this stylus. And our support don't tell me? when stylus will be in market(((( I see, you have it . What can i do? Should i buy it on ebay or i have any ways ?
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It's one year old, it is working fine for a while but it always create print roster for a lot of pages when the computer turned on and keep on pumping more and more.

2nd problem is that it has not been used for a year so now the print does not have any color. I did replace with new ink cartridge and kept on cleaing the nozzle so many times, it still print blank on black, a little line on color. Wasted $150 on new ink cartridge, 1st one ink was out in 2 minutes.

Any help will be appreciated.
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I received a Dell Inspiron 2in1 laptop that can also be a tablet and I'm looking for the best option for a stylus. I have a regular one, but I am at college and would really like to be able to take notes on it so I am looking for a fine point pen stylus that works with the touchscreen on my laptop. Do you know which one would be the best option for me? Please let me know.

A:Stylus for Inspiron 2 in 1

We'd need the exact model number to tell you for certain, but most of these don't have a true digitizing screen - meaning the active type stylus you'd need to take notes won't work.   If this is an Inspiron 7359, that will be the case.
There ARE systems out there that do have true active digitizers, but the price floor is about $1K -- this is the domain of the Lenovo Yoga Pro, Think Pad Yoga, and Surface Pro 4.  Just about every system under $1K is a touchscreen tablet - not a true digitizing screen notebook.
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Can anyone please tell me which stylus is compatible with the HP Probook 430 G3?
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I want to buy one for my wife, probably a 24", but she's an artist and it needs to work with a stylus/pen.   Can't find if ithey do anywhere. My guess is not as it's not listed as an accessory. Thanks.
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HiAfter some searching, i couldn't find a proper answer.I would like to know what stylus works well with Lenovo Flex 14. I have already tried 2 different ones and neither of them work. Does anybody have a suggestion as to what pen I should be looking for? I mostly need it for writing and drawing. Thanks.

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A:Looking for a stylus for Flex 14

Look for touch capacitive styluses.
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I recently bought a HP Pavilion x360 and i am in need of an active pen for use to do things sucj as take notes for school (I am a student) i was wondering if any of the hp stylus' will work? or if anyone knows of any that will?

A:Digital pen/stylus

Hi, At this stage, no active pen for Pavilion machines as I can see. You need a Spectre or at least Envy class machine to be able to use Active pen. Regards.
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I bought the R15 a few months ago, and was wondering if it were compatible with a stylus pen? like the acer active stylus pen. I like to draw and it'd be cool if it was compatible.
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Hi I m physically disabled amp I CANNOT use my hands nor a mouse I wear a head stick pointer with an eraser at the using info Would a, about like some ?stylus? tip of the head stick pointer Currently I have a -year old Dell laptop which as an Add-On Magic Would like some info about using a, ?stylus? Touch Screen Would like some info about using a, ?stylus? enabling me to touch anywhere on the screen vs using a mouse Would like some info about using a, ?stylus? If I were to buy a Touch Screen Laptop an eraser would not work because the screen requires only allows a human touch as I understand However I m told through chatting online with Dell that I can attach a stylus onto my head stick pointer which then will enable me to use touch screen I cannot use transfer the Add-On Magic Touch Screen onto a new laptop because I want a bigger size laptop screen amp unfortunately it s not in my budget to buy a new laptop amp a new Add-On Magic Touch Screen Here s my question if I were to use attach a stylus to my head stick pointer I would also be using the stylus to type peck at the keys with I m on my computer anywhere from to hours -days a week literally How durable would a stylus withstand with hitting the keys for the length of time I spend on my computer laptop Thanks in advance

A:Would like some info about using a, “stylus”

@djclinton: I don't know if you've seen this but check it out. The YouTube testimonial video is inspiring but the manufactures website seems a little sketchy. All the best to you!

Stylus-R-Us Review-A Solution for People with Physical Challenges - YouTube

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I have a Epson Stylus C80 that when I print a text document, every 5th line has broken or faded text. I have replaced the printer cartridge, but it seems to be getting worse.
Any suggestions?
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Just bought a Hp active stylus pen from bestbuy, they told me that this pen will work on my Hp envy x360. for some reason I try to bluetooth it not picking up the pen. is this really compatiable with envyx360?
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Trying to print XL spreadsheet. When I set up the page, the printer changes it. It makes it's own page breaks. It has printed up in the left hand corner in font size too small to read....
Any ideas?


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There seem to be two different black ink cartridges available for the 800:
SO 20108
SO 20025.
What might be the difference betwwen them?
Which might be better for graphics printing?

A:Ink for Epson stylus 800

Epson website shows only the SO 20025 works with the 800, so I would go with that one. click here
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I cant reinstall my printer onto my system using instalation discs. I have a software disc but i am asked to also install disc 2. to my knowladge there is only 1 disc what do i do to reinstall my printer please.

A:Epson stylus 460

Ive tried getting info from epson and it seems that its my system that has a problem because when i try to install my printer i get the message ' a usable port for this printer cannot be found' flashes up. what can you suggest i do now?
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Hi everyone I just got a brand new Elite x2, and everything works fine except the stylus pen. It does connect OK via bluetooth -the blue light flashes, and OneNote launches when I press the top button. However, it doesnt work at all when I try to write or sketch something. I'm also assuming that the pen can be used as a pointer device.. that doesnt work either. It's really frustrating! Any ideas? Thanks,
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I had 4 pc's connected to a switch box to use one epson stylus 800 printer and it worked fine. It finally died so I got an epson stylus color 900 and connected it to the switch box. Now, whenever I switch between pc's the printer says its 'out of paper' and only after I shut it off and unplug and replug it, will it print on the next pc....any ideas?

A:epson stylus 900

have you tried contacting epson to see what they say?
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Hi using an Epson printer NX 400 with my vista home premium pc and was wondering how to get the printer to use black only for text printing and then when my color inks are empty how do i use black ink only ?

And how do i use the quiet mode in the fastest speed or is that mode for next to fastest ? Amazing how noisy the fastest speed very shocking can anything be done to get it quiet ! ? - thanks . .

A:Epson Stylus NX 400

This is a lesson that the people who are making printers are in the money business and selling printers is just a means to that end. I, too, have an Epson, a Stylus Color 960. You cannot print black unless all colors are sufficiently full to print full color, whether you need color or not.

I contacted Epson years ago about this and that was their answer.

Quiet mode has always been slower on all the printers I've seen.
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I have an opportunity to buy a stylus that comes with tx2000 laptop. Quick question: (tx2500 laptop) + (tx2000 stylus) = compatible?

A:tx2500 + what stylus?

Okay, so following question, which stylus will work with HP Pavilion tx2500 as active (other than default one).
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Will the Epson C46 printer (USB) run on Win XP without the installation CD (the person I'm helping has mislaid it).
My HP3300C scanner runs on XP using the operating system's drivers and was wondering
if printers can run in the same way.
Any help would be appreciated,

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Hi! Anybody,Can i use a stylus pen with my yoga 500-14 ?Thanks for advance


I want to know if I can use an active pen on my Yoga500 as windows 10 supports digital ink apps and things like the sticky notes app need an active pen.btw a normal stylus can be use in some as already you have to. - . select the touch keyboard icon on the task bar icon in Win 10 then select undock icon and write in the box with your stylus hth
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Why is it so difficult to find what stylus works on my new laptop?  Does anyone know if the N1DNK will work with this system?  If not, what have you been using from light drawing and not taking.
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When I click File-Print the printer dialog box that comes up is fine. However, when I click the printer properties button the dialog box that comes up is cut off on the right side not allowing me to see or use the "advance" button or the number of copies square. I have tried various resolution and pixel settings with no effect. The box gets bigger but the content is still cut off on the right side and there is just a wider clear margin to the right of the box. I have uninstalled the printer and then reinstalled. No effect. Ran anti-virus, anti-malware and spyware programs. Downloaded the latest drivers. It is apparently something missing in the Epson program because I have a Canon Selphy D5700 printer installed and a fax printer and the dialog boxes for them are OK.

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My wife urgently needs a RIP file so that she can properly print from Quark on her PC, using Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer. Epson doesn't have that RIP file, suggested she find third party source. We've found lots of third-party sources that have Mac version of the RIP file, but none for PC. Homework not getting done right w/o this file, anyone know where we can find it? HELP!

A:RIP file (PC) for Epson Stylus 870?


Have you had a look at this one:

Right at the bottom, it says:

Systems Requirements

28 MB RAM minimum*; 500 MB available disk space; Windows 98/95/NT4.0/2000/ME/XP Professional
*Performance improved with additional RAM and disk capacity above the minimum.


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I really need help with this because I use my computer and stylus for class.  For the last week, my HP Active Stylus has not worked with my HP Spectre x360. The touch screen works, I've updated everything based on what the HP support assistant said, I have replaced the battery in the pen, and my computer still does not recognize the pen at all. I've been searching other messages for help but I can't find anything. So someone please tell me what to do to get my pen working on my computer again. Thank you
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I just purchased a used, Epson Stylus Photo R200 Printer with no USB cable or software, just the printer. Is there any way I can purchase just the installation CD and USB cable somewhere? Thank you!

A:Epson Stylus R200

Note install the software/driver before hooking up the printer. It's a standard USB cable that should be available at many places.
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Can I use Spectre X2 stylus pen to scroll down in screen (webpage)? It has 1 buttons with central divider/groove. Thus I'm not  sure 1 button or 2 botton.  Looking forward !
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I cant seem to find drivers anywhere on the net for the above named printer.

Has anyone else had this printer working in XP?

Would it be worth me installing drivers for the 440 as that is supported in xp?

A:Espon Stylus Color 460 in XP?

Windows XP has built-in drivers for older Epson printers, and they are just as good as the original Epson drivers. If your printer has a USB connection, then that would be the best way to connect it and installation of drivers will be automatic. If you are using parallel connection, then you'll have to add a new printer manually using the 'add printer' wizard (just right-click in the printer and faxes folder and select the wizard). The Epson 460 driver is available in WinXP Sp1, I just checked.
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Hi there, I have the Best Buy version of the THinkpad Yoga 14. for about 2 weeks now. When I first bought it, I tested it out and the pen works. Now I am in class and I tried using it and the pen is not registering. The touchscreen works (e.g. I can draw in OneNote with my finger). I tried hovering the pen over the screen and it is not registered at all. I know the pen automatically charges when it is in the holder. So I think it should be fine on battery.  So I don't know what else to do to get the pen to work??
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I am looking to get a decent stylus so I can take better notes using my Flex 4, but I have found that none of the active stylus on Amazon say that they work specifically for the Flex 4. I contacted support through web chat earlier and they informed me that if it says Lenovo Yoga 900, it should work. If it's marked for the Yoga 900s, would it still work? Does anyone happen to have a suggestion for a stylus that will be primarily used for taking notes and writing in general?
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Hi I've read through some other posts but cannot seem to find the definitive answer. Can anyone please advise if they have or recommend an active stylus for HP Pavilion X360 s150sa. Many thanks in advance
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Hi just ordered the Spectre x after a lot of googling around about nbsp it's active pen support nbsp I haven't been Spectre Stylus x360 for able to find the official HP Active Stylus in my country Norway which I've read nbsp quite a bit of negativity about anyways however I found one named HP Pro Tablet Active Pen K P AA which according to a reply by an HP employee in an older thread nbsp http h www hp com t Notebook-Software-and-How-To-Questions Spectre-x -Active-Pen-Stylus-C is supposedly supported by the Stylus for Spectre x360 Synpatics digitizer in the x nbsp The official documentation however has no mention of this nbsp I've also read an overwhelming amount of feedback that a recent firmware update disabled the support for the Dell stylus which many apparently found success in so this is another reason I am uncertain nbsp Could this update have disabled the support for the other HP styluses Stylus for Spectre x360 as well nbsp Before i go out and spend a lot of money on this pen I was wondering whether someone nbsp has tried the HP Pro Tablet Active Pen nbsp themselves on the x or whether any HP employee could confirm this compatibility Again this is the black stylus K P AA nbsp http www hp com us en products tablets product-detail html oid nbsp im looking at nbsp not the silver white one found nbsp here nbsp http store hp com us en pdp hp-active-penThe lack of synaptics-supported styluses and documentation thereof nbsp was almost a real deal-breaker for me since im going to use this for uni however this was the best computer in its price segment currently so i decided to have a go at it anyways Being able to use it with a decent stylus would make my day though
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I am a college student and am looking for a fine tip stylus to take notes with. I find the average stylus with the rubber ball tip to be difficult to write with, as the tip is kind of bulky. I just purchased my R-15 this week and am wondering if there's an active stylus that would be compatible with the touch display.
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Hi I am seriously troubled by this problem I have two pavilion x b nr Stylus around x2 jumping Pavilion 12 let them be and and two new bamboo smart stylus for in let them be A and B I opened pen A and tried it on computer working Pavilion x2 12 Stylus jumping around fine Then I tried to switch the tip of the pen As the Pavilion x2 12 Stylus jumping around instruction wasn't clear I opened the head of the pen and put it back before knowing I didn't have to do that And the cursor started jumping around lines tend to fly to the edge or a horizontal line of the middle of the screen I thought I broke the pen so I opened pen B and kept it in stock condition the same result was reproduced Like this nbsp Pavilion x2 12 Stylus jumping around Then I tried to use both pens on computer both works Both pen works on computer and both don't works on computer but they worked before Sometime both pens works on computer but after a while they stopped working What the heck Do you guys have any ideas on fixing this
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Hello guys ,  I'm just asking if there's is any Is there any active pen or stylus that works for my yoga 510 ?  and how do I know which pen can work for my device ?  What about this one ?   

A:Is there any active pen or stylus that works for m...

what about this one ?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Touchscreen laptop. I wish to know whether a Dell Active Stylus would work with my laptop, which currently runs the latest version of Windows 10.
If YES, would I be able to effectively draw / write using this Stylus.
If NO, please suggest Styli that works best with this laptop.
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I'm having a hard time figuring out how I can install my new printer (Epson Stylus NX100) without using the installation CD. My CD-rom doesn't work right now. I have Windows Vista on emachines computer.

Thank you so much.

A:Epson Stylus NX100

I presume its USB? just plug it in and windows should recognize it as to whether it will find a driver for it you will have to wait and see,hopefully it might be ok.if it doesnt work go to the Epson website and download a driver for it ...
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i recently bought a printer (well six months ago!!)
i bought an Epson Stylus Color 680 but it has sat untill i could afford to replace the carts of ink , well last week i found a local comp fair and got a more than decent price for two sets.
Now that i have installed them and the colors are flowing nicely i have got some vertical lines appear on my photo prints (all prints actually!) and can find no way of getting rid of them i am on my knees begging for all of your greater knowledge , please indulge me thx loads

A:Epson Stylus Color 680

If it's anything like my Epson Stylus C60, it's a piece of crap!!! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you paid under $100 for it, and it's an Epson, I'm gonna say that in my experience, there's no way to fix it (Believe me, I tried with mine ), and you're best bet is to just buy a new one. I just bought a Dell all in one flatbed scanner/inkjet printer/copier, I'll let you know how it goes.
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I'm looking to get a stylus for my laptop for taking notes in school, and for just daily use on the touch screen portion of the screen. Woud like to know if anyone else had expierence with stylus' and what the best option for them was. I have the hp pavilion, x360 13" with the i5 processor. Thank you for your feedback.

A:best stylus for hp pavilion x360 13"

Hi, Please check the following discussion: In short, no available stylus supports your requrements. You need an upper class machine such as Envy or Spectre. Regards.
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My friend has a Epsom Stylus 480 printer that she is running on Win 98 an it will pint one page and hen say thee is pape jammed in it. We ahve had a good look and there isn't any paper jammed in it. Sometime ago the son got some pape jammed in it but it cmae out complete and ever since then it's been coming up with this message after it prints one page. Have tried reinstallin it and have it on a different PC now to the one it was on but it still thinks there is paper jammed. Anyone got any suggetions.

A:Epsom Stylus 480 Paper Jam

Sounds like the gears may be out of alignment or there's some little thing jam in there somewhere. If you can't fix it yourself its not worth having someone try to fix it for a fee, new printers are just too cheap.
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 Hello, I'm interested in buying the model mentioned above.Can anyone please confirm whether it has an active digitizer?Also which model of Dell Active Stylus should I use?750-AAHC or  750-AAGN ?  Any help is greatly appreciated
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So basicly I have a printer Epson 1400 with Stylus Help at home that is conected to a desktop and enabled the printer to share over my network The computer that its connected to is currently up to date with all the drivers When I want to print form my laptop it prints gibberish The problem and the only thing I dont Help with Epson Stylus 1400 understand is when I download the drivers for the printers on Help with Epson Stylus 1400 my laptop The Epson config comes up and asks me to update Why do i have to update since the driver is already up to date on my desktop Also if I want to update the drivers on my laptop I have to manually choose the port which port do I choose USB is already taken from the computer downstairs but keep in mind im doing this over my network on my laptop so which port do I choose Specs Both computers running Win Ult x Printer Epson Stylus Photo Drivers amp Downloads - Technical Support - Epson America Inc

A:Help with Epson Stylus 1400

Welcome to the forum, I've been looking at the printer and I've not been able to find any information on whether it is network capable printer.
Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Ink Jet Printer - Product Information - Epson America, Inc.

Do you know for sure that you can connect it to a network ?
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i have been looking for epson stylus c50 driver (winXP)...

the official site
onli has drivers for win98 & win2k.

any1 know which site has this driver ?? thanks

A:epson stylus c50 driver


The one for Windows 2000 should be fine on that link you gave.
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Hi I have been happily using this machine for some years with no problems but yesterday I tried to print a CD label and it failed to work The ink and paper feed lights are both flashing red and the quot On quot light is not lit The status monitor reports quot General fault quot The notes and instructions that came with the machine are not very helpful When switched on the machine Photo R 200 Epson Stylus goes through its usual actions of checking the ink flow and the carriage moves across the platen then the warning lights Epson Stylus Photo R 200 come on Searching on the net I found one article which stated the printer had an internal counter which made the machine inoperable when a certain number of sheets had been printed requiring servicing and resetting of the counter by an Epsom repair shop The writer of the article Epson Stylus Photo R 200 also offered for sale a CD with software to reset the counter Could this have anything to do do with with this Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received regards phil Epson Stylus Photo R 200 nbsp
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hi im running wins xp
ive been given a epson stylus scan 2500 printer/scanner
when ever i try to install the setup disc it goes so far
and then gives a message can not operater in nt enveroment
what iam i doing wrong any help thanks

A:epson stylus scan2500

Have you tried the drivers from the EPSON website?
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Recently, my Epson Stylus RX630 displayed the message:

Parts inside your printer are at the end of your service life. See your printer documentation for details.

However, nothing is mentioned in the documentation.

After doing some online digging, I realized that it's got nothing to do with the printer being defective; it's in fact a software counter that's part of Epson's scheme for forcing people to maintain the printer every so often. Upon further googling, I found some software that resets this counter (SSC Service utility) however it only works up to RX620.

Anyone know of any solutions to this problem, either software or hardware? I'd hate to have to waste pointless bucks to pay epson for something I don't need (the ink cartridges are already so overpriced )

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Hi, Does the HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 have palm rejection/active digitizer? If so, what is the best stylus to use? Thanks

A:HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 Stylus

Hi, The following one may help: Regards.