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Windows Power Management - Power Saver - is this safe for graphic card

Q: Windows Power Management - Power Saver - is this safe for graphic card

Hi. If i change in Windows 10 in Power Management from Balanced to Power Saver is this safe for graphic card?
I change from Balanced to Power Saver and fps in benchmark went from 180fps to 50fps. Is there any hardware related changes due to swap from Balanced to Power Saver ?

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Preferred Solution: Windows Power Management - Power Saver - is this safe for graphic card

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Power Management - Power Saver - is this safe for graphic card

Power Saver attempts to save power by reducing the CPU’s speed all the time and lowering screen brightness, among other similar settings and that may account for your fps drop when benchmarking. Doesn't sound like a good choice for your purposes.
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It's been a while since I built a system from scratch and have a... errr... simple question

gfx: Sapphire HD3850 512MB Ultimate (passive)

MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FIR

PSU: Seasonic M12II 500W

The motherboard has a power connector for the graphic card next to the slot.

Is there any reason I should connect the power for the card to the power connector on the board instead of directly to the power supply?

A:Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

First time I have ever seen that feature. I like it. I'm thinking that is a neat/easy way to partially eliminate cable clutter from the PSU. Give it a shot, you can always revert to PSU cable if you wish.
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Hello After installing the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse both the Screen Saver and Power Management stopped working properly or at all - whereas everything works fine if Mouse is not installed This problem has already been touched on partially in one of the Tech Support threads but the solution offered there doesn t work for me This solution amounts to go look on the Microsoft Help site http support microsoft com kb which does indeed show that Microsoft is aware of this problem occurring apparently for almost all Microsoft hardware but that its answers are absolutely irrelevant for me First the site begins to say arrogantly that the fault lies with two services i e quot & after Mouse Saver in installing MS Power XP work Management don't Screen This issue may occur if the PCM and DVD Launcher services are running in the background quot - conveniently ignoring that the problem does NOT occur with any other non-Microsoft pointing device In my case after checking with msconfig these two services are indeed running in background - and I do need them now and again so that the quot solution Screen Saver & Power Management in XP don't work after installing MS Mouse quot offered by Microsoft to disable those services in order to have their mouse not playing havoc with part of the XP system is of course nul and void Their other answer is installing a software called quot Microsoft HID Non-User Input Data Filter quot After an extremely long search through several Microsoft so-called support sites when one finally gets hold of the software and installs it nothing happens at least not on my system Both screen saver and power management remain unshakably inoperable - until one disconnects the mouse of course So if someone would come up with any other solution that truly provides relief for this galling situation - I d be most grateful Thanks Hakumaster nbsp
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I am trying to set up the company's workstations for wake on LAN and experiencing strange issues I have two identical workstations except one is bit and the other start wakes - does 7 Windows half not computer up System management power Operating the card network is bit Each is an identical model HP and have identical NICs with identical drivers version and Windows 7 network card power management half wakes the computer - does not start up Operating System date Yet the power management options are different and wake up behavior is different as well HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class D E -E - CE-BFC - bE lt var gt DeviceNumber lt var gt The bit machine when PnPCapabilities is set to Keeps the setting after restart and loads Windows However the bit machine resets back PnPCapabilities nbsp to nbsp or keeps it at nbsp if set to that but never loads Windows Meaning the Nic wakes up the computer lights flash screen blinks but Windows never nbsp loads In fact to get into Windows at this point I need to press the quot power button quot to turn chassis Windows 7 network card power management half wakes the computer - does not start up Operating System off and again to start the computer This question was originally posted by me in answer microsoft com nbsp nbsp and then the person helping referred nbsp me here Google search term quot Windows network card power management half wakes the computer quot unfortunately I am not allowed to post pictures or links yet since i've just created my account
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Earlier this afternoon I switched my power settings to power saver as my laptop was dieing.

I shut it down like this.

I hooked it back up to power and switched back to high performance power setting.

However, while playing games the performance is horrible. I even switched back to power saver while playing and it made no difference.

Any ideas?
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Hello Guys i'm new here to TSG but i have a real issue with my new tower and monitor. I'm not sure whether the issue is with the tower or the monitor as when i set up my {LG Flatron monitor} and my custom built {Vibox tower with a NVIDIA G card} the monitor appears with the message D-SUB Power saver mode. These are brand new items and have been setup today and i'm wondering what i could do to fix this issue whether it be replacing the battery or downloading a DVI driver file? Please help

A:Help with D-sub Power Saver Issue {LG Monitor}{NVIDIA Graphics card}
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I just installed an Asus STRIX Geforce GTX 950 into my computer to replace an ATI card that had become faulty, it seems to all be working, but when I woke up this morning my monitors had idled off despite power management settings set to Never.

I can't see any Nvidia options in the control centre regarding power options so I'm a tad confused.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, multi-monitor set up with a Panasonic Plasma and an Asus LCD, both went idle, no settings have been changed on them so it's clearly the new graphics card for some reason.
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Hello I am deciding that is time to update my graphic card and my power supply I have some question and some help from you to help me decide to get the latest and good graphic card on a good money budget value My resolution is x I play several games and looking for a graphic card that can at least handle with high settings at this resolution I did some research and found a couple of review and feedback about ATI My question is is this card worth the money for gaming The game i usually play is MW the one i have trouble playing max Card Need Supply Graphic + ) ( Help New Power Buying A settings with my current graphic card TF League of Legends and possibly the new upcoming game Call of Duty Blackops Will ATI worth the money and run all my games smooth or there is another better graphic card out there that outperforms this one Currently i also need to uppgrade to a new power supply Any recommendation of a power supply and a graphic card My money budget is up to max for both items Any help and comment will really appreciate it Thanks nbsp

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at the moment i'm using a Nvidia Geforce 840M with 4GB 2GHz, it's an open question i know but if anyone can help me powering it up i would be gratefull
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Hello TSG,
I recently bought a GeForce 9800GTX+ Graphics Card

I have a regular HP Pavillion Desktop Computer...

is this power supply going to work for me?

Im pretty sure it will, is this a good price? Should I look elsewhere first?
Will it fit lol?

lemme kno

A:Power Supply/Graphic Card Questions

Don't get a modular PSU if you're not really, really, really persistent about having one or two cables less inside the case. It's just not worht the extra price, and the loss of power the cables cause, and the multi-rail design instead of the rock-solid single rail desing. Get this instead: or this even cheaper and well enough.
You'll need to post the model number of the HP, but I would say it fits. Also... I would still recommend a new case. HP cases do not have enough airflow for high-end components like (well, mid-high) 9800 GTX+.
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I'm getting a new computer and found one that does everything I need...BUT...its graphics capabilities are only mediocre. SO...I also purchased a spiffy high-end card. I read that this card requires a big power supply, preferably something over 600watts and ideally 800 with the "rails" to run it. that true? And if so, how much power should I get? The computer has 300watts.

The card is a EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked 896MB and you can read the specs on the link to the page at TigerDirect where I got it. Please advise. Thanks!

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i have listed a few i think i like. but can anyone research a good deal on a power supply good enough to run 1 560ti. i can only spend up to 40 dollars. and u can find used ones that have either barely been used or the box opened for some reason and get i t exremely cheap and still basically brand new. so used or new. if u think its a good condition and will work for me and is a reall GOOD PICK FOR ME PLEASE LIST IT HERE!!!

A:Graphic card power supply! Plz help!!! Plz list!
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Ok, I recently moved in with my brother and his wife. We all have computers in the same room. Now my question is that is it possible that the circuit for this part of the house is not putting out enough power? because from what it seems is that my computer and my brothers are overheating. for me its mostly a graphic card problem and him it might be the same


4gb 1066mhz ram
1tb HD
Vista Ult. 64bit
AMD PHENON 2.53ghz quad
Nvidia BFG 9800GX2
850w PSU

at the moment its at 64C on idle with a box fan sucking air out and another pushing air in. Under stress it gets upwards to 90C.

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Hello, i've just came across this forum after a google search and i'm really in rather of a pickle

I changed a fuse in a lamp, plugged it back in, switched the lamp on and the bulb blew, the tv turned off and back on, and my pc lost power for about 1-2 seconds, and since then i can't get a display from the graphics card

nvidia 660ti

The fans are running although extremely fast on the card

im currently plugged in via the motherboards integrated graphic chip

is my card fried? just don't understand, any help would be greatly appreciated, i need this pc for work

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i own a hp pavilion slimline 400 and i wanna upgrade the graphic card of it .However  the power supply is not enough for my new graphic card.The graphic is too large for that case . SO i decide to buy a new case and P.S! move all the thing inside the hp pavilion slimline 400 to a new case. However i have heard somebody saying that this kind of PC can not match with the case which we can buy in the store and the pin cable of those power supply in the market dont match with the motherboard. CAN i really do that?
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Hello!! I'm new here so bare with me

My question is: I'm deciding to upgrade my graphic card and power supply on my "HP Pavilion P7-1010"
I came across these two that I really like! I wanted to know if they will suit my computer specs so I don't over fry anything or end up buying it and realizing that I don't have a PCI-E input.

My computer specs:

Graphic Card:

Power Supply:

Any help is appreciated!! Thank you

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I currently have a Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT Graphics card. Operating System is Windows XP

There has been problems with it lately. My monitor has been going to save power mode, and not waking up.
I've searcher around [found 1 topic about it here, didn't find result] and its annoying me.

I've done test to see if it was monitor [had 2 monitors. 2nd monitor failed.]
i've taken out my graphics card and used my intergraded one [Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller]

both passed... so i am assuming its my graphics card.

I've tried "windows + u + u" and it didn't shut off my computer. [mouse movement and keyboard press didn't work either].

Any Suggestions that can help me solve this?

[Extra info]
Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.53GHz
Display Adapters: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller
--------------- : NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Any Suggestions.

A:graphic card problem - Save power mode

"I've done test to see if it was monitor [had 2 monitors. 2nd monitor failed.]
i've taken out my graphics card and used my intergraded one [Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller]

both passed... so i am assuming its my graphics card."

welcome, but
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I don't know if this may have been posted previously but just in case it helps someone I'll go ahead and post it Use of the Power Saver Setting in Windows lowers Power Option Windows Setting Saver 8 my pc temperature at idle by at least degrees Using this setting my pc now idles at degrees C When I use High Performance my idle temp is usually at least degrees or more For those who have problems with their pc's running warm this is just one of the things I've found which helps temperature lowering My biggest impact on lowering temp was air cleaning the pc case interior - getting all the fuzzy balls out lol At one point my idle temp was in the to degree range and I figured my disk was failing After checking for a possible problem I found much of the problem was my own maintenance procedure failure So if your pc seems to be running rather high look around for Power Saver Setting Option Windows 8 the simple solutions - clean pc use power settings Power Saver Setting Option Windows 8 etc

A:Power Saver Setting Option Windows 8

If you reduce power, you also reduce performance.
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My computer seems to switch to Power Saver mode of its own volition. I'm not sure what triggers the switch from Balanced mode to Power Saver. Yes, I know and how to prevent screen dimming and sleep mode, and I know how to change the plan settings for any power mode...

...but what is the specific setting I need to use to prevent my computer from ever automatically switching to power saver mode? I want it to boot up into Balanced mode, and never, ever switch from that plan.



A:Prevent switch from Balanced power mode to Power Saver mode

Do you have some program in auto startup that might be doing this ?
Laptops may come with some utility for this ???
You could review your startup programs, or try a clean startup.
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
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Hi Forum,

I have a laptop that will not allow me to change the power management settings. When I either right click on the mouse and go to properties/screen saver/monitorpower the hr glass appears for a couple of seconds and then disappears.

.....the same things happens if I go thru control power .....

Good old Microsoft reckons the xp is probably corrupted and will have to be reinstalled ( losing naturally all the info on the HD) ....any suggestions folks?

A:Windows Xp power Management

You could attempt to fix your windows installation by inserting the Win XP CD-ROM and when prompted select the REPAIR option. If that doesnt work i suggest backing up your system data and reinstall.
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Greetings friends.
We still do have 30 Windows XP Computers in our Network which are not in domain. Yes we're migrating slowly towards windows 7.
Recently we have standardized our computer settings to be 10 minutes of inactivity to turn off screen and 20 minutes of inactivity to sleep. It was really tedious to go to each and every computer change the settings manually.
So i made a batch file to implement the standard settings created in one of the xp machines
"powercfg /export powerStd /file filename.
Now to invoke that batch file a NORMAL account allow in xp to change the powercfg.
When i do runas /u:administrator "powerStd.bat, The power settings are created instead for the administrator user.
I hope i clearly mentioned my problem.
Many Thanks
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Got my wife a new E-machine i realize it is a cheaper computer but good enough for us anyway when it goes into the screen saver mode just a black screen if it hasn t been in screen saver very long you can just touch the mouse like you do with any other computer and it comes back on however if it goes into sleep mode and you leave it for say or min it is kind of random times it will not come back on by touching the mouse or clicking the spacebar button you have to push in the power button on the tower just push it in and let it right back out and then the desktop comes back up it comes out of sleep mode My question is ---what can I do to make it like other computers and just be able screen must xp home out awhile after click won't button power saver of windows come to touch the mouse no matter how much time it has been in sleep mode to get it to come back on Please windows xp home won't come out of screen saver after awhile must click power button give me some idea windows xp home won't come out of screen saver after awhile must click power button s thanks nbsp

A:windows xp home won't come out of screen saver after awhile must click power button
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Hello everyone,
I haven't had any chance to test this deeply as I would like but anyways that is.
I suggest everyone with more than 1 Hard disk drive to disable the feature that switches off the hard drives after x minutes of inactivity as this caused me issues to the hard drive (bad sectors).
I got an error from Utorrent ran a chdsk c: /r and got a list of files with problems. The hard drive is pretty new and the last time I remember of such an issue is when I installed vista and I solved it disabling this feature at that time.

Anyone else has verified this thing?

A:Windows 7 and the power management evil

Quote: Originally Posted by Deviad

Hello everyone,
I haven't had any chance to test this deeply as I would like but anyways that is.
I suggest everyone with more than 1 Hard disk drive to disable the feature that switches off the hard drives after x minutes of inactivity as this caused me issues to the hard drive (bad sectors).
I got an error from Utorrent ran a chdsk c: /r and got a list of files with problems. The hard drive is pretty new and the last time I remember of such an issue is when I installed vista and I solved it disabling this feature at that time.

Anyone else has verified this thing?

No, i actually always leave it disabled.
I don't like Windows turning off things without my consent. :P
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In vista, you can change the power settings from power saver to high performance. How do you do this in XP?

In XP, I tried all the power schemes and none of them seem to lower the noise coming from my laptop fan. In vista, when i change it to power saver, the noise goes down a lot. So i was hoping i could do this to XP.

How would i do this for XP? Maybe some 3rd party programs?
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How can you turn power management off for all user accounts in windows 2000? I log on as administrator and turn it off there, but it does not take affect for the other user accounts on the machine. (I am talking about when you go to desktop properties on the screen saver tab).

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I just upgraded my Toshiba A70 Laptop with Windows 7. The old Toshiba power management software is not compatible with Windows 7 and does not work. Is there any third party power management software I can use to increase my battery time. The old Toshiba software worked quite nicely on Windows XP.
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Neither work after the allotted time....
Running Vista home premium Svc pack 1
This is my first question so I apologize if I'm not in the right section.

A:Screen Saver/Power Saver

If you manually click sleep, does it go to sleep and stay asleep? It doesn't wake up on its own after 10 seconds or so?
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All,I have a Windows 2003 AD Domain and Windows 7 clients.I have successfully configured our Windows 7 clients to use certain Power Management options thru the use of GPO.However, I don't see an option to configure the "Allow Wake Timers".I would like to use this to wake Windows 7 machines up to do a full scan with our Antivirus program.Can anyone tell me how to configure "Allow Wake Timers" thru a Windows 2003 AD GPO?Thanks,Systems Admin
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I have just installed Windows 8 on my home HP Microserver with AMD n36l CPU integrated. After installation
of Hyper-V module, the PowerNow cpu management has stopped working. In Control Panel / Power Management I don't see CPU scaling options and the CPU is still running at highest frequency. When I remove Hyper-V, the frequency changes without any problem and
it is manageable through power management. 

Information exposed to operating system during boot:

Processor 0 in group 0 exposes the following power management capabilities:
Idle state type: ACPI Idle (C) States (1 state(s))
Performance state type: ACPI Performance (P) / Throttle (T) States
Nominal Frequency (MHz): 1300
Maximum performance percentage: 100
Minimum performance percentage: 61
Minimum throttle percentage: 61

Does anybody has similar problem? Is there some workaround?

Thank you for any answer

Petr Janousek

A:Hyper-V Windows 8 CPU power management problem

So, there is some bug with Hyper-V in Windows 8 and CPU power management. On the same hardware with Windows Server 2008 R2 is everything OK.
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Hello everyone! I recently got my Lenovo yoga 460. I installed the Lenovo Power Management Driver for Windows 10 in hopes of setting the charger to charge when battery is below 40% and stop charging when the battery reaches 90% However, after successful installation, I could not find any user interface to set such setting. I could clearly see the " Lenovo Power Management Driver " under programs and features. The driver is also installed in C:\DRIVERS\WIN\PMDriver I noticed that the update date is 5/16/2016. Could this update to blame? What went wrong? Thank you very much and I really appreciate your help! Have a good day
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Hi all I have built a new computer system for my parents and am having some annoying power management problems The system specs are Asus M A TD USB Athlon II x GB RAM DDR Ati Radeon Gb All drivers and BIOS are up to date The annoyances stem from the Windows Problems Sleep/Power 7 Management fact that Windows 7 Sleep/Power Management Problems when the Windows 7 Sleep/Power Management Problems system is powered down from Windows the machine keeps power through the LAN Port and USB bus keeping lights on the mouse keyboard and card reader which is a problem for my parents I realise that this is normal and - I believe - so the computer can be woken up However BIOS option for 'wake on LAN KB Mouse USB' etc is all disabled There is a setting for energy savings requirement EuP Windows 7 Sleep/Power Management Problems which when enabled over rides all other settings and when this EuP setting is selected and the computer is turned off all power is switched off and no lights are left on However if EuP is active and I set the computer to sleep in Windows there is no way to wake the machine up from sleep other than killing power to the PSU The power button flashes on and off but does nothing when you press it Nothing happens with keyboard or mouse action However with EuP disabled sleep works as it should from Windows Is there something I'm missing Many thanks
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I recently built a new computer (Intel mobo, Core 2 Duo quad-core, 4GB RAM) and installed the Windows 7 beta (32-bit).

One issue that I have observed seems to be related to power management. After about a half-hour of non-use, the computer seems to go into sleep mode. The screen shuts down, all the fans stop, and the hard drive and power lights go out. It then sits there for about a minute like this, and then, for no reason that I can see, it powers back up again. The fans rev up, the lights come on, the screen takes on a glow (though nothing is displayed), etc.

After a few minutes, it powers down again. After another minute, it powers back up. This cycle seems to go on indefinitely.

Does anone have any idea what might be causing this or what I might do to determine what the problem is? I have never seen anything like this before.


A:Strange Windows 7 beta power management issue...

It could be one of your peripherals waking the computer from sleep.
Check the setting of anything you have that could wake the computer up!
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I ve recently upgraded from windows vista home to windows ultimate I ve experienced some issues with quot sudden quot and quot random quot display closures To put it simply the screen goes black not completely there s still a slight glow of grey as opposed to completely shut off and I cannot see my mouse or anything If i try to input a key stroke a sound sometimes 7 + Black management : Screen Processor Windows power appears I Windows 7 : Black Screen + Processor power management ve adjusted my power settings to not turn off in ANY situation and the problem still persists Then I tried changing the quot Processor power management quot and changed maximum to minimum is also originally as opposed to in the default setting This seemed to fixed the constant sudden and random black screens but I m afraid this has decreased my laptop s performance These are the specs and I hope someone can tell me what was wrong and how I can go back to a high performance setting without experiencing sudden screen outages Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual-Core QL- AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Quanta None Antivirus BitDefender Antivirus Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Windows 7 : Black Screen + Processor power management

Is this a laptop for desktop? Sounds like overheating on the video. Vista is getting old so have you ever cleaned the machine? Use compressed air to do the cleaning.

Anyone else with some ideas?
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I am using windows 8 in HP r007tx .Whenever the power card is plugged in charging port the displays off and gets on.Vice versa when i switch off charger , the display goes black and back normal. This issue was on windows 10 so i changed to windows 8. Now same happening in this os also.Kindly resolve this issue.
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I am seeing something I have never seen before under power options. The selection is either unbundle (which acts like the normal power usage) and power saver. What is unbundle and how do I get it back to normal? I can't find the answer anywhere. Here are a few screen shots I took.

A:Power Option: Unbundle or Power Saver? What's unbundle?

Welcome to SevenForums.


User CP (3rd item in the top menu bar) |
in left-hand column, under Your Profile, Edit System Spec |

Use Speccy - System Information - Free Download
and/or SIW to gather info for filling in the blanks.

Do me a favor. Please add the word laptop or desktop to the ?system manufacturer? block.

Provide full windows version info, such as provided by Speccy:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

Use the ?Other Info? block for Optical Reader, Mouse, touchpad, wifi adapter, speakers, monitor

Scroll down and click on the SAVE CHANGES button.
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Group on 2000 management laptops Policies Windows Power settings Server Group Policies Windows Server Power settings on laptops Our school has a Windows Server various x workstations and laptops with Windows The laptops are in a cart and are shared by five classrooms of students grades to Each student has his own login and we re using roaming user profiles My problem is this I want to change the power management settings on the laptops to increase the time before blanking the screen increase the time before going to standby etc When I log onto the laptops as administrator and change the settings the settings don t apply when a student logs on Students can t change the settings because they don t have access I Group Policies Windows 2000 Server Power management settings on laptops m thinking the best way to set those settings is with a group policy All the laptops are in a group I have not been able to find these power settings in the group policies I have searched through the settings but have not found the power management Does someone know exactly what I need to do Ted Olsen nbsp
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My wife thinks we should turn off our computer after use and power it off over night. I think all that off and on takes more energy and we should just leave it on all the time. Who is right?

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Hi. I recently started building a computer for my brother, I've got everything together, but I'm a bit stuck on the power going to the motherboard.

Unlike on my main PC, which was a doddle, there is only one 6pin PCI-E power cable coming from the PSU on this one, and the card wants two. What will happen if I only operate it with one in? Is there another one there, and I am simply missing it?

Also, the only 4pin connector I can find is one that is bright blue and says '12v' on the top. Is this the right one to put into the CPU power header on the mobo? I thought that CPU wasn't controlled by 12v?


A:Only one PCI-E power from PSU, card wants two, and general power noobery

If you try to operate with just one auxiliary connector to the card it won't run properly since it is not getting the required power.

Most all processors require the +12v auxiliary connector.

It sounds like you need to look at a stronger power supply for your build.
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Does anyone have some good advice as to the best way to configure power saving settings? I have a new sony Vaio with Windows XP. Specifically, my questions are how long before the harddrives should be shut down? Screen Saver? Monitor? System Standby? Should the computer be left turned on all day? I think you got the idea.

A:Power Saver Settings?

What does your manual suggest? When my laptop is on a/c I treat it like a regular desktop. When on battery I use the pre-set XP power management settings for "laptop"
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I just formated my Toshiba laptop, i have a problem, i googled alot to find out, but no help at all.
The problem is that i need the software for toshiba power saver, its a toshiba satellite pro A120.

can any one help me.

A:toshiba power saver


Go to :

Click on "computer systems" in middle of the page
Click on "support & downloads" (top right) & choose "download files"
Choose the model, series etc. & under "driver type" choose "power saver"
Download & install

Hope this helps

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Unit will not go to screensaver or into power saver mode. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:screensaver & power saver won't come on

What windows version do you have and are there multiple users on your unit?
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When I select Power Saver settings for the power plan, it saves power hy reducing "System Performance".

Now when it resuces system performance , what exactly is meant by that ? Which parts will operate with reduced performance ? Dont system run at optimum power requirements ? Which system parts run at more than required power ? How do I notice that system performance is reduced ?


A:Power saver settings

choosing the power saver settings will dim the screen and i think it will also limit the graphics performancehi. is this a laptop or a pc you are using? if it is a laptop. t
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PC specs EVGA B W Bronze Certified powersupply x GB DDR RAM Newegg com - Computer Parts Laptops Electronics and More AMD FX AMD Sapphire HD w GB of video RAM TB Hard Drive SeaGate Barracuda msi A-G motherboard with the correct cpu socket so i built my pc a couple months ago with a W power set Help! unless power crashes on My saver!!! pc supply and it kept on freezing after short periods of time and the only way to unfreeze was a manual shutdown upon noticing it i tested my ram video card and even ran my pc with the case open and a giant fan on it to prevent overheating of any sort still none of this fixed the problem so i began messing around in Help! My pc crashes unless set on power saver!!! the windows settings and found that my pc works fine with the power settings of power saver which noticeably lowered my performance but as soon as i set it on balanced or high performance it does it still Getting tired of the performance i just bought my new powersupply to find that it still did not fix the problem Please help it would be greatly appreciated
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I recently changed my power supply, and no my computer won't go on stand-by. I have a sleep button on my keyboard that can put it into stand-by, and when I press it, the computer goes into stanby, but comes back out very quickly

A:Power Saver Options

Welcome to Bleepimg Computer MSem.I am not sure what the question is? Do you want more power options?
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My Windows VISTA has locked up in power saver mode. I have turned the computer off & unplugged and the screen still won't come on. Is there anything I can do?

A:Vista Power Saver

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Does the screen fail to work at all?

How about Safe Mode?

Does an external monitor work with the PC?
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I know there's a million freezing issues and I'm sure someone's having the same problem. My computer is brand new. Win 7 x64 8gig ram ect.. When I leave the computer and the screen saver does its thing and the monitor goes into its power saver mode...after that you can move the mouse and the screen appears, but you can't click on icons or the taskbar. Sometime's it's only for a short period of time and sometimes longer or maybe even have to reboot.

A:Freeze when returning from scr sav and power saver

Try using only a screensaver, OR only letting your power settings turn off the monitor. Don't use both.
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I am able to tell my PC to sleep after a certain amount of time but I would like to know if there is a way to tell it to totally shutdown instead. Thanks for your help

i.e. last night I fell asleep and my pc stayed on all night without ever sleeping or shutting down!

A:Can you set PC to auto shutdown in power saver?

Sure. Take a look at this: Power Plan Settings - Change

You might consider either Hybrid Sleep or Hibernate.
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A:Dell Power Saver Mode

Well dust doesnt help any computer whether its a laptop or desktop. Although desktops for some reason get more dust in them than a laptop.Not everyone is comfortable taking computers apart to fix them.If people arent sure what they are doing take it somewhere and pay the money to have it done right.One wrong move and a computer can become a very expensive paperweight in minutes.
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I've a Tecra M11 (Windows7 64-bit). The Toshiba Power Saver Settings V8.9.3.64 are installed.

My problem is: The fan is almost always on with maximum speed, whereby there is no processor load (only 1-5%). That is really loud and annoying!

What I've done so far: I switched the cooling method to "battery optimized" for both power modi, but without any effect.

1) Is there any quite office mode available (as many other notebook manufacturers offer for there business notebooks) to work in a silent environment?
2) Is there any option to deinstall the Toshiba Power Saver Settings and use the standard Windows7 cooling methods, because Windows 7 in general offers a passive cooling option with the effect that the fan is off.

Thanks a lot!

A:Tecra M11 power saver settings - fan almost always on

I?m really wondering this ?cooling method? settings didn?t help. I have Tecra A11 with Win7 64 bit and my notebook is absolutely silent. Changing these settings on several other Toshiba notebooks the result was the same. Notebook was much quieter.

Which power plan do you use?
Have you noticed some difference when you switch to ?Toshiba eco mode??

# As far as I know such mode is not available on Toshiba notebooks.
# You can remove Toshiba power saver but it is a little bit complicated. You must remove whole Toshiba value added package. Later you must install VAP again but not in standard but custom mode and remove check mark in front of applications you don?t want to install.
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I can go into my screen saver and into the Monitor Power settings and set it to turn off the monitor in for example minutes And it will work for some period of time usually for a couple of days Then it will inexplicably go back to simply a screen saver with no power saving ANd when I look at all the settings they are Power Intermittant Saver Monitor all just the way I left them This also happened BTW on my old WIN system which was an Monitor Power Saver Intermittant entirely different computer except for the monitor However there is Monitor Power Saver Intermittant some software that I had in WIN that I reinstalled onto my new XP Home system so I suspec that one of those peices of software is causing the problem What I don t know is what to look for to tell me what might have caused it to stop functioning One thing I Monitor Power Saver Intermittant was wondering is if there is some kind of software available that I can buy that will keep a log of what applications I have started and stopeed so I can have a kind of journal of my activity so I can narrow things down Thanks Dave nbsp

A:Monitor Power Saver Intermittant

Download HiJackThis. Run the update feature for it then scan your system. Save the file then copy and paste the results back here. Don't try to fix anything until the experts here have a chance to look at it and advise you.
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I have a Dell 1702FP TFT attached via a switch box to a PC and a Gadmei TV3488E television receiver.

The screen works fine with the PC but with the television receiver it goes into Power Saver Mode.

Does anyone have any idea how to disable or bypass Power Saver Mode.
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With Win98SE and Office there a way to save and install a Power Point slide show as a Screen Saver???

I know how to create a slide show (transitions), but can that slide show be saved in a format that will allow me to use it as a screen saver???

A:Using Power Point as a sreen saver??????

Try it free?
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Anytime I go to use my monitor years old Dell E W it will turn Monitor- Mode Entering Saver Power on and be stuck in quot entering Power Saver mode quot This process began slowly first it only happened every week and all i had to do was just turn it off and then back on It would sometimes happen as soon as I start my computer and sometimes in the middle Monitor- Entering Power Saver Mode of doing something on it Sometimes I would just have to turn it off and back on sometimes I would have to unplug everything for a couple minutes and it would turn back on For some reason it will not work with this computer now Dell Vostro Intel core quad q ghz gigs ram radeon HD and when I went to hook it up to my other computer it Monitor- Entering Power Saver Mode worked for minutes and then cut out again and it will not connect back to the computer I also have a Viewsonic VA b that works perfect with both computers with the same cords I was using for the E W so it wouldn t be the cords so it doesn t seem like it could be the computer I ve read a lot of forums of poeple having similar problems with their dell monitors but usually they work with other computers It does pass the Monitor Self-Test The computer doesn t Monitor- Entering Power Saver Mode acknowledge that i plugged anything into it when i connect the dvi cable either Anyone have any idea what might be wrong nbsp
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I know it is possible to make a Power Point slide into a screen saver. What does it take to do the reverse -- make a screen saver into a power point slide?

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Hello Again!
I see a few people have read my first posting, but as I have had no response to date, I thought perhaps I should be a little more specific...
What I wish to do is take an animated screen saver that is already loaded onto my computer and use it for an animated slide for a Power Point presentation. I have tried doing this with the controls already given me on Power Point, but to no avail. Is there some way to manipulate the screen saver so that it will work as a slide, with the animation still functional?


A:Screen saver to power point slide II

You need to get a screen capture utility that will capture full motion video. You can then activate the screen saver via display properties in the screensaver tab.
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Probably not but it would be cool and convenient.

A:Is it possible to connect a particular screen saver to a power plan?

AFAIK, no. Screensavers are "connected" to your desktop theme - if you save a theme different from your current, and assign another screensaver to it, it should change when you which between themes.
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I can't seem to make the screen saver and power save settings work.
I adjust the power saving settings and set the screen saver, push the preview button and it's all good. But leave the computer for the allotted time and nothing happens. I also set the standby/powerdown duration and nothing happens there either, the machine just stays on.
any suggestions?

A:Screen Saver and Power Save issue

see the screen saver thread under "vista". I had the same problem and got it solved thanks to this site.
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I've got a asus 7100 agp vid card (geforce 2 mx 400) on a gigabyte ga-8irxp mobo (p4 1.6 mhz). All is well, until the monitor goes into power saver mode. When the mouse or keyboard is tiggered to bring it out of powersaver, video does not return. The indicator on the monitor goes back to green, but the video image does not return. The machine continues to work through all of this - it is not frozen. my only way out of this is to do a blind shutdown (without the help of video). Upon reboot, all is well.

If I disable powersaver in windows, all is well, but I leave my system on and would like this feature to work. These are all new componenets on a clean win98se install.

Any thoughts?
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I liked the Toshiba Power Saver that I had used for so long with my laptop, but after upgrading to W7-32b it does not work anymore... Most of the new utilities and drivers from Toshiba are specific for W7-64b.

I was wondering if a driver from a relatively new computer (32b based) would work fine in mine and, if it is worth a try, which one would be the most "similar" laptop to mine?

In case nothing works is there any other power management utility that you could recommend me?


Toshiba Satellite M40X-115

A:Power Saver - Toshiba Satellite M40X

hi fernandoc, if your laptop originally came with Vista, just reinstall the same drivers, but install them in Compatibility mode with Vista,
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Partitioning Software is running on a PC After min of running the MiniTool Partitioning Wizard the PC shuts down Loss of DC-Power at Hard Drive and Board I suspect a Power setting has been enabled to shut down the PC aftyer min being idle The program advised to disable Power Saving Settings - I have overlooked that I re-started the PC the Monitor shows no desktop no action after keys or mouse are pressed It displays the Progress and process of the Partitioning Wizard Again for min and then shuts down I like to cancel the partitioning process but there is no Desktop displayed After every new start-up the Wizard runs the program again and the Screen shows only the Partitioning proces min is insuficcient time for the program to complete the partitioning task How about maintaining the Power Supply of V and V DC at the terminals to keep the Hard Drive and the Board operational for a longer time than the min The wizard can then complete the task Is there a Relay that switches off the supply from the Power Supply Is there a short cut which to How Saver stops During Power disable Partitioning PC - may stop that programm Is there a different way of re-starting the PC like pressing keys during the start-up process which may cancel the Wizard in the process

A:During Partitioning PC stops - How to disable Power Saver

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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My power options (sleep, hibernate, monitor off etc) all ceased to work. Also the screen saver will not automatically start. I've tried all different settings and non of them function. I can preview the screen saver but it will not automatically start.
Thanks for any help or input.

A:Power options and screen saver problems
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I set my screen saver to blank after 4 minutes and my monitor to power down after 5 minutes. After 4 minutes I hear the Windows seven default sound for log off (I think) and the screen powers up but the blank screen saver stays on. This only happens when I have a check mark by show the welcome screen when the screen saver wakes up. Like I said, the screen saver does not show the welcome screen, the power just comes back on the monitor. paj692

A:after 4 minutes monitor wakes up from power saver mode

I'm not really sure what you are after, but if you don't want a screensaver, why not set it to "none" instead of "blank" That way there is no time factor involved, and the welcome screen will appear normally.
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I just bought a new Horizon 2 AIO computer from Best Buy. I plugged it in and turned the power on, the Lenovo loading screen came up, and then a "power saver mode" count-down appeared, counting down from 9, before the screen went black.  The power light is still on, but the computer appears to be asleep. I have tried this several times (after holding down the power button to turn it off) with the same result. Why won't my brand new computer start???  Please help, thank you!  

Go to Solution.

A:Horizon 2 immediately enters power saver mode

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of the problem.  Unfortunately what you have described is not something a new system should do.  Since the system is brand new, I would suggest you just return it to Best Buy and do an exchange.
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hello i am fighting with this problem for months now the latest version of power saver on my toshiba sat pro m running windows xp with service pack installed gives a message box with an error message on shutdown and i am unable to eliminate this error i re-installed the system from scratch because there are many other applications installed i ve read the forums and realised i Satellite Toshiba Power M30 shutdown & error Saver am not the first one having problems with toshiba power saver i am even lucky to have it started successfully at the start-up yet it crashes at the shutdown it s quite annoying also i Toshiba Satellite M30 & Power Saver shutdown error have downloaded all latest updates from this site for my laptop including even bios update i would love to have the opportunity to be able to download the bug-free version of toshiba power saver from this site and i am sure many other people would appreciate the fixes too Fatal error x A any feedback on that andrew nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite M30 & Power Saver shutdown error

i got it uninstalled, now when i try to put the s/w bac on, it gives me this
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Hi I ve been having a few configuration problems that started happening a few days ago First my screen saver won t initiate after the set time Trust me the mouse has NOT moved or mode, Screen Save, Power saver No Standby Second I just recently changed my screen resolution back to the highest setting which I had it on when No Standby mode, Power Save, or Screen saver I got my laptop in January worked fine then then when I restarted my comp it went back to the previous setting Finally my standby mode will no longer activate Its supposed to initiate when I close my laptop yes the power save options are set to that But I still No Standby mode, Power Save, or Screen saver can t enter Standby even when I manually select it from the Turn off Computer Menu Hibernate option also inoperative I ve run Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus but it didn t fix the problem I m not sure if these are related but its kind of weird that they all started happening at once Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks Listed problems for quick reference Screen Saver won t initiate after set time Mouse has not moved no key pressed Screen Resolution configuration won t save after system No Standby mode, Power Save, or Screen saver restart Standby mode and Hibernate inoperative Manual and power save settings do not work Running Windows XP Service Pack This is a Brand New Dell laptop since January Dell Inspiron Laptop Intel Core CPU T Ghz Ghz GB of RAM If you need more info please let me know Thanks nbsp

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Or more precisely aero transparency. I'm using a gateway netbook with 1.2Ghz atlon and an ATI x1270 gfx card. The drivers are from windows update. I've also tried downloading the ati drivers from their website (vista x64 were the only ones i could find) and no change.

Is there any way I can manually edit the profile settings? Maybe via registry?

I've tried EXPORTING the profile to .pow files but I have no idea how to read or edit them (tried notepad).

A:Power Saver profile doesn't turn off aero

hi Psych0, and welcome to sevenforums - the place to be,

do you simply want to turn off aero permanently?

if so, right-click desktop >> personalise >> select windows 7 basic theme
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I am reposting this problem because i think i may have explained my problem incrrectly Sony off come saver monitor wont of power Repost:Sony monitor wont come off of power saver It has led lights for Power Saver such as in stand by mode and for when the monitor is on and working When i turn the monitor is on it immediately goes to Power Saver mode therefore the screen remains completely black as if it was off I cannot seem to get it back on A little background I put in a NIC card booted the computer and during Post i received a message about a device conflict and a memory parity error When i choose to ignore the message it would not boot in normal mode Windows was giving me the same error When i choose to ignore the erro and bot into safe mode it works fine I decided to remove the NIC and i still received the same error so this time i choose the option to remove the conflicting device thinking it was the NIC Unfortunetely and aparently the device that was removed was the monitor because it has not worked since I removed the CMos battery took out the video card remove all unecessary devices reset the memory but nothing seems to work nbsp
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Hi The way I know my desktop PC has gone to sleep is that the blue light around the Options Confusion Power about Sleep Saver and Settings power button flashes instead of being on all the time I'm playing around with some settings right now to find out exactly what is pulling it out of its sleep I realized that if I go to Power Options and change the plan settings for the recommended Balanced Plan and DISABLE wake timers then my computer DOES stay asleep HOWEVER Confusion about Sleep Settings and Power Saver Options I also noticed that I can only put my PC to sleep MANUALLY by using Sleep Mode using the Windows Power Button If I instead use the following quot automatically sleep after quot in this case minute it doesn't go to sleep Why is that And finally question about the following These are the settings for my Intel V Gigabit Network Connection There is a section called quot Wake on LAN quot Could someone explain to me what the three items mean What are magic packets and pattern matches in plain english language please I'm trying to figure out if these need to be adjusted

A:Confusion about Sleep Settings and Power Saver Options

this should be simple English because that all I can speak .
lan is a local area network, used In a business setting for the most part ,iam sure some guys have them at home! so wake on lan means the computer can be awaken by the company IT guy from his computer using a magic packet ,what ever that is ?,or something like that ,so you /me can disable that feature ,
magic packet ,info from my best friend on the internet .
Wake-on-LAN - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
as for the first part of you post ,if it stops the computer from automatic sleep ,then don't uncheck it ,if you don't want to manually put it to sleep
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Just curious if anyone knows of a quick way to change the power settings and/or screen saver without having to right click on desktop and choose properties. It's not that it's that hard to do it this way, but I was curious if there was some utility or batch file that could be created to quickly switch between settings.

A:Quickly Change Power Settings & Screen Saver

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
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I've tried various settings on the advanced link in power saver in Windows 7 Ultimate. I hear the bing-bong (or is it bong-bing?) sound windows makes when the system wakes up, but the screensaver stays on. The screen goes to gray (LCD) as I'm using the 'blank' screensaver. I tried turning on the powersaving feature (monitor) with no special settings, and no screensaver loaded. (circle with a line through it on the screesaver icon). It has been asleep for over an hour (power off to the LCD monitor). With the screensaver on, the power usually only stays off on the monitor for 5 or 10 minutes tops. I've turned off several options in advanced and even told the NIC card not to wake up the system. Why would the power saver wake up when there is a screen saver running, but not when there is no screen saver running? paj692

A:Power saver mode (monitor) wakes up if screensaver is used.

Further information; this only happens (monitor wakes up) when the checkmark is placed in the box marked, 'on resume display welcome screen', Otherwise the monitor stays asleep with the screen saver on and the power saver on. Thanks paj692
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Hi guys,before when i turn the ac power off & my laptop goes to on battery.the taskbar colour was changed to i think windows 7 basic theme colour to save battery power.but now it doesn't,now it stay on aero colour not to basic when on to fix it ?

A:Power saver on battery not changing taskbar colour

See if this tutorial will help you out any Visual Effects Settings - Change
Try Adjust For Best Performance

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intermittent failure of saver and screen intermittent failure settings. of power screen saver and power off to activate Hi My Win Desktop computer unlike my laptop and other Win computers has a power and screen saver setup that at times never activates I have checked background processes and can't understand why at times it kicks in and other times I must reboot to get it to kick in It always works after intermittent failure of screen saver and power settings. a reboot as long as I do not use the computer Sometimes when I use it the screen saver and power setup will go on sometimes not My screen saver is not a rd party one and the same for the power settings They are the ones that part of the Win pro Os Has anyone ever heard of this What do you suggest Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you very much for any possible solutions sincerely Miles P S I have done a SFC scannow and no problems were found I also checked my Lan Driver Properties to make sure the box was unchecked for waking up the computer P S S My Computer is a Win Pro with an i rd generation Intel GHZ CPU with GB of DDR Ram and a TB SSD HD P S S S All Drivers Have Been Updated

A:intermittent failure of screen saver and power settings.

Would someone please read my above post, and if possible, offer me some advice regarding my screensaver, etc.?

Thank you very much.


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I'm currently experiencing this issue and it's really annoying. I just bought this laptop for 2 months and it's been working fine. Then suddenly this problem started yesterday. Generally every time I open up a game my laptop will automatically switch to Power saver mode and it causes some lags in the game. At this point I would Alt+Tab to desktop and switch it to "High Performance". Here's the annoying part, even though I have set it back to "High Performance", the laptop still works as it in "Power saver" mode, I can tell because the game is still laggy and slow. I tried to restart the laptop and experienced the same issue. I ran a Full scan by using Avast Internet Security 2014 and didn't detect any problem at all. What should I do? Thank you.

By the way my OS is windows 8.1

A:Laptop automatically switches to Power saver mode

Hello Frankie, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It sounds like some sort of power management software that came preinstalled by the OEM on the laptop. Check to see if such software is on there, and what it is set to.

Hope this helps some,
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Hiyo there In the future I'm planning to 8.1 Windows Power How High in Plan is Safe Performance the build a new computer to replace this How Safe is the High Performance Power Plan in Windows 8.1 old hunk of junk and I'm curious as to one thing as I'm not entirely sure on this Just how safe is using the High Performance Power Plan in Windows You see my current rig is running an old i normally on the Balanced Power Plan on an old ASUS P P D-E Deluxe Motherboard with a GTX and GB of RAM on -bit Win But my future plan is to use an i K with a Corsair H All In One Water Cooler for CPU Cooling on a Z Motherboard and GB of RAM in -bit Win I'm hoping to get quite a bit of performance on this next computer cause hey I'm planning on using it for gaming and such But also web browsing and chatting with friends I hear how High performance is suggested for 'optimising' Windows but how much safer is it And how much of a performance increase could I possibly see in comparison to the old rig

A:How Safe is the High Performance Power Plan in Windows 8.1

I have been using computers 24/7 for many years now and always on modified High performance power plan where any and all power saving features are disabled, Mostly overclocked to the max stable OC. With good cooling and virtually no chance of overheating, there was no ill effect that could be attributed to heat or instability. To make sure all is running all the time, all devices and HDDs are set to "never turn off" or "Turn this device off to save...."
I and many others are of opinion that HDDs last longer if they do not have to turn off and on many times a day as that puts more stress on their components. Other electronic stuff also benefit of running at steady pace without changing their temperature and loading all the time while waking from sleep states.
So it's "full steam ahead" for me with no problems with it.
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monitor blanks doesn't shut off

A:power management

I recommend you to try unhooking your monitor and hooking it back up. That might work on some monitors.
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I have a new XP machine and an older machine I m still migrating off of Both computers Power management have LCD flat panel monitors I m a small business user Time is always of the essence and waiting for my computer is never a good thing I m wondering if Power Management is useful and worthwhile ie to put the computer into power saving mode after an hour or two of inactivity I m really more concerned with saving the life of the computer than few pennies on electricity I never even bother to turn off the lights when I leave the office Also is a screen saver useful at all with an LCD monitor Power management or totally unnecessary Oh and Power management I notice my Norton Anti-Virus automatic update checks aren t taking place at least not on the machine anyway -- not sure about the XP machine -- shile in Standby mode Not cool Not worth a few pennies savings Takes me more time to manually do the LiveUpdate when I get back to the computer than it s worth Thanks nbsp

A:Power management

I have always set all the power saving options to Always On and leave the screen saver off. When I am leaving the PC for more than a few minutes, I turn the monitor off. If there's an open project I'm working on, it's always there when I return. Using the Standby mode and other handy features, raises the possibility that you will loose it when the darn thing doesn't "wake up" when you want it to. It only takes a few seconds for the monitor to come up and you know you have it just like you left it.
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I seem to be missing my power management tab for my Power USB Tab Management Root Hubs I ve got power management for USB Power Management Tab the keyboard not usb and mouse usb but not for my wifi I d like to control the power management for the wifi but there no tab for that Is that normal or is something wrong here I ve also noticed that some times when bringing the machine out of standby that my wifi doesn t always reconnect Recently I had to reboot to get it reconnected So I don t know if this is an associated problem as well I have another machine operating the same software and noticed the same problem so I was able to disable power management for the wifi and the problem went away That s why I d like to do the same for the above machine but No power management tab I m running WinXP Pro SP and all updates and drivers are current nbsp

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If I start up the pc on internal battery then when I connect mains power to the pc (no matter the level left in the battery) when it is on using the battery, the pc freezes until I disconnect power and go back to the internal battery. I have to close the pc entirely to connect to mains power again. But if I start on mains power connected and disconnect to use the internal battery no problem, until I try to reconnect to mains power again. WHY?
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I have my computer set up to turn off the monitor, go to standby, etc after a set time. It used to be that when it went into standby and I moved the mouse some time later, the monitor would light up and the blue log in screen would appear and then I would click the appropriate user and go from there. Now, after I move the mouse and the monitor turns on, there is no log in screen, it takes me right to the desktop of the last user. How do I get it to function the way it used to with the log in screen when it turns back on from standby mode?

A:Power Management in XP

There are so many factors in Windows that can affect Standby Mode that it can be very frustrating trying to figure out what is going on. Standyby feature has always been a 'thorn' in Windows side so to speak. Some people can use it and never have problems, some can't use it at all and some just have lockups when it worked fine. My opinion?? Leave the standby feature off, have your monitor shut off after XX amount of minutes. Set the hardrive to shut down XX amount minutes later. That way, when you log off to the logon screen, the monitor will shut down as per your settings. I know this isn't a fix for something that worked for you before. Did you install or make any changes to software/hardware before this happend? Anything different in your settings before? The only other thing in your case is maybe some software program activates and logs back on to the last person's profile.
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My pc is pretty new, it's a custom build. Everything seems to be working okay but I have this message in the action center telling me to install the power management driver. I have the ASUS motherboard disc and I installed all the drivers previously so I don't know what happened, but I have no idea where the driver would be. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Power Management

If you open the Action Center, you should be able to turn off that message.

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What sorts of things can I do for power management, or is there any freeware/cheap software out there for this?? I cannot get my Sony Utilities installed, which means I no longer have Sony power management....

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I have edited my power management settings,

I have set the computer to turn off the monitor after 1 minute, hard disks after 30 minutes. However neither the monitor or hard disks turn off when they are set to, why is this?

no screen savers are set.

A:Power Management

You probably need to enable APM (advanced power management) in your bios.
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I'm looking for some advice regarding power management in Win XP for the home user with a desktop. Is it better to activate the system standby and hibernation features, or should I stick with "turn off monitor after 20 minutes"? This all stems from, is it better to shut the system off each night for a clean start the next day, or is it better to save the wear and tear of startup with standby or hibernation. Thanks in advance

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When I set my Monitor to turn off in power management it dosen't come back on when I need it
I tried different setting ,still woun't come on, I have to reboot??
What do you think is wrong??

A:Power management

Many times Power Management options as originally designed do not work well. If the system was designed specifically to be compatable with power management all will go well until something changes. In your case it could be addition of a video card or updated drivers. Or incompatable drivers to start with. The only suggestion I would have is go to your Video cards manufacturers website and see if newer drivers are available. If you have on Motherboard video then to the Motherboard manufacturer you must go.

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I am using a Toshiba Satellite notebook and the power management utility doesn't seem to be working. There is no choice for notebook use and there is no hibernate option. Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:xp pro power management

i had the same problem with my ibm thinkpad t23. there are two solutions: upgrade to service pack 2, but thats a huge download. service pack 2 MIGHT enable your advanced PM. the other option is to go to toshibas website and download the PM drivers for your laptop
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Win 8.1.1, I noticed, that sometimes windows fails to manage cpu frequency - i was watching 1080p flash videos with chrome, and i noticed that it lags much, but it has never laged before. So trying various things i noticed in task manager, that when i start video, cpu stays at its miserable 800 mhz in powersaving mode (though i have set everything to performance and full speed in power management) instead of going to full speed at 2,4 ghz. So without any games i just completely disabled cpu power management in regedit to "solve" this problem. What could be the reason for this bug ?
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Is Hp Power Management compatible with windows 8? i re installed it but it never seems to run, and it doesnt dim the screen or work in anyway, please let me know, thanks guys
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This is a second attempt for this question:

I have a W2K server domain in a small business office. Two of the PC's are running WinXP Pro. The two pcs have to stay active 24/7/365. By default the macines go into standby is left unused for 15 minutes. These machine are logged into by several users a day using a domain login account. The only accounts that can change the settings are admina and power users.

Is there a setting that changes it for all users or a group policy that can be enacted for all users. I dont want to make everyone that uses the machine a power user for security reasons. Changing the setting by an administratopr does not affect all users.

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Your question is a bit unclear.
<<Is there a setting that changes it for all users or a group policy that can be enacted for all users.>>
Changes what? What exactly are you trying to do?
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I'm running Windows XP Home. I know how to get to my POWER OPTIONS PROPERTIES WINDOW. I know how to adjust my Monitor settings to shut my monitor down, however how do I get my computer to Sleep? What is the difference between SYSTEM STANDBY and SYSTEM HIBERNATES options? Which function should I use if I want my computer to basically shut down if I'm not using it after a certain peroid time? Also under Power Schemes options I have it set for "always on". Where should be set? Thanks

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To get your computer to sleep go to the advanced tab on the power options. There you can set different reactions for your actions like sleep when I push the power button. My understanding of standby is that during stand by the computer essentially shuts down with the exception of the memory. This way the data for the current system state are still stored there allowing quicker restart while the battery, if it is a laptop, lasts or the power is plugged in. Hibernation is similar except the data from the memory is stored in a temporary file on the hard drive and the computer shuts down completely. When it restarts it reloads the data from the drive to the memory and restarts much the same as sleep mode from there. Problems with both of these modes is that changes to things such as the last good configuration, registry or profile are not completely saved which can cause certain issues if these are used all of the time. As far as the settings for your power scheme the right one is the one that makes the computer do what you want it to do. Other than that it doesn't matter. For myself unless it is a laptop I have it set to always on and turn all of the items underneath to never so I don't have to wait for anything.
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Windows 7 has the full and basic aero themes that can be changed inside personalization. Windows used to automatically disable Windows Aero (transparency) when I unplug my laptop from the mains.
I reset the theme and now it doesn't do this anymore. I can't seem to find how to enable this again. I've checked the advanced power options and control panel but turning back on this feature is eluding me. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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You might try

Start> Right Click Computer> Properties> Advanced System Settings> Advanced tab> In Performance - Settings> Check Let Windows choose what's best for my computer

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Hello to all,

Not a big deal, but my machine doesn't seem to go into Standby automatically lately unless I do it manually. The settings in Power Management under Control Panel seem to be OK, unless I'm overlooking something. Any takes on it?

Pete C.

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Any number of things can prevent a computer from going into standby mode. Nearly any program running in the background can cause the problem. The only way to figure out which one is to start disabling things. Unfortunately, security software is a frequent culprit, and you don't want to disable that.