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Whenever I have inserted a cd in a drive and selected explore, I have been able to see the file type. I bought a cd, karaoke style -- for all practical purposes here -- and when I inserted the CD I only found pdf files which hold the sheet music. I always make a copy of these cds in case one becomes damaged. On two computers I was completely surprised that I could see nothing except the PDF files. Is there a way to see the music files?

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Preferred Solution: Music files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Music files

Purhaps you did not buy a CD with music on it. It may be a karaoke cd that gives you sheet music to some popular songs to let them play and sing it yourself (thus the karaoke).

I cant think of anything else because if thats ALL thats on the disk then the obove situation is accurate in my opinion
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I apologize if this has already been addressed. I honestly don't know what I'm doing. My Vista's not playing any of the music files on my computer or my iPod on any music player I use (iTunes, WinAmp, the Rhapsody that came with it), though it plays anything else that's online. Other sounds on the computer are also playing (MSN, AIM, system sounds). What it does exactly is, upon clicking any song in the media library, it shows intention to play it but then stays at 0:00, while recognizing the length of song, name of artist, etc. Did I miss something?
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Hi I had recently replaced my HDD with SSD So I had backed up amp erased all the personal files including music videos etc from respective folders Actually there is no files other than system files programs softwares in the SSD now I had done disk cleanup defrag clearing of temp prefetch folders etc before starting the SSD files :( App present not lists in Music music cloning everything from HDD to SSD After replacement now I could see all my collection of songs Music App lists music files not present in SSD :( music in the Now Playing section of Music App Modern app No music files are actually present for me to locate in any of the folders when I go through for explorer I'm not able to play the music files by clicking it from Music App amp when i delete it from there by right Music App lists music files not present in SSD :( clicking it - temporarily goes away but returns when i close the App and opens it again I had unchecked amp checked the indexing option in the Music folder File Explorer - properties amp restarted system checked But still all the music files are listed in the App Could anyone suggest on how to clear the music file listings from the Music app permanently which are not really present in the system

A:Music App lists music files not present in SSD :(

Try to right click and un-install it. Then install it again from the store. Hopefully that will clear it out.
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RE: Windows XP Home SP2 with WMP 10 Also all of the music files are stored in WMP 10 as mp3 file format and not wma format. In addition there is no copy protected music, i.e. no DRM.
How do you copy music files from WMP 10 to 'My Music' folder?
Thanks in advance for all your help!

A:Copy music files from WMP 10 to 'My Music' folder


Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player and see if you find them there.
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I have Windows 7 Home and when I go to Pictures all my Music files are in there as well.They are, as normal, in Music, which means I have got 14gb of Music files in there twice. This has happened fairly recently and I have not installed any music files since I bought the computer and put them in there about six months ago. I tried deleting them, one folder at a time from Pictures, unfortunately it removed some folders from both Pictures and Music, and others deleted normally. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

A:Music files appearing on Pictures as well as Music.

Panic over. I stumbled across the answer.
Start/Right click Pictures/Left click Properties/highlight unwanted folders.Left click remove.
I still don't know how it selected Include in the first place.
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My husband and i are in a band and are trying to upload our music to a local site. It said we needed mp3 files so we tried coverting our wave file to an mp3 file ( my husband downloaded something that said it could do this) and now we have no sound. The speakers still make little crackling noises like they are still live but we get no sound.


A:Tried to convert music files from wave files to mp3 files and no NO SOUND WHATSOEVER

Try a different program.

Are you converting from CD, or a wave file on the hard drive?

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I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this but if not, I'm sure someone will let me know!

I have a lot of music files on my hard drive and because they have come from so many sources over the last few years their file names are inconsistent. I'd like all of the music files to be in the same format in the My Music folder itself and not just in an application such as Win Amp where I can tag the music.

It's driving me crazy (I know it shouldn't!!!) and I am really not interested in changing each one seperately . . .

I know there has to be a program (hopefully, free!) that can do this easily. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks so much.

A:Organizing Music Files In My Music

Hi, that's always been a problem of mine until I decided to act. I didn't use a program - I spent a whole day renaming, retagging, organizing the files. If you have a program like iTunes which has a music library feature, filenames shouldn't be a problem, but if you're paranoid about filenames(like me), I suggest you do it manually. Delete all entries of the music library(if your player has one), but DON'T DELETE THE FILES. Making subfolders in My Music (ex. by artist, by genre, etc) should help. Once you've renamed everything, re-transfer them to your music library. Done!
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Hi, I am new to the forum and Windows 8.

I have a question regarding a new build I have. I am running windows 8 off of a SSD, and have a new HDD that I bought for everything else. I recently transferred my music over from an external HD and now when I attempt to find them in my Xbox app I can't seem to select that drive. It only sees my SSD, and I do not want to install music on that

How do I make it so my apps pull files right from that drive?

Thanks in advance.

A:How do I get music files to be seen in Xbox Music app?

Hey Sawlstone,

Welcome to the forum

have you gone through these procedures:

How to Add Music to Xbox Music on Windows 8, 8.1 or RT | Xbox Music Player -

Hope that helps,

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Can anyone provide me with a software that can convert .midi, .mp3 or .pdf files to .mtd (Digital Music Sheet) files? Files types other than .midi, .mp3 or .pdf are okay. Thanks in advance.
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I recently purchased an Ipod for Windows. Up until now, I had all my cds loaded into Media Player as .wmp files. With the Ipod, you have to use Music Match and .mp3s.

My problem: How do I convert over 1,000 songs from .wmp files to .mp3 files so I can load them into Music Match and onto my Ipod.


A:Converting Windos Media Files to Music Match Files

<FONT face="Comic Sans MS" color=navy size=3>Hi MattyMoh25...<BR><BR>Plenty of download free programs that will convert .wmp files to .mp3 files. I have one called "NCT Media Converter" that has worked great for me.<BR><BR>I would go to <A href=""></A>... or to some other sight where you can download programs to see if you can find what you are looking for.<BR><BR>Good luck </BR></FONT></STONG></BODY>
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Please, I really need help on that. I bought my laptop a little over a month ago. I have Windows Vista. I have some videos on this laptop that I have downloaded, My computer used to read them as normal videos files. Since a week ago, all the software that I try to use on my computer to read my AVI video files read them as just music. I can only hear the sound of my videos This is really frustrating. Although, if I read a normal DVD that I have, it is ok. Why? How do I change this? Is it because I downloaded quicktime?

HELP !!!!! Thank you so much

A:My videos .AVI files are being read as just music files.

Download the free version of Divx and it should sort the problem out for you as far as .avi files go.
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I have some songs on my computer that I wanted to save as data files or burn as an mp3 cd because they take up too much space as regular music files. And my Drag'nDrop Burn Program that came w/ my computer got deleted somehow awhile back. All I have is Real One Player and Windows Media Player now. Is there anyway to do this through those programs?

* I tried playing around w/ the Real One Player but it didnt work...of course I dont know that much about computers.


A:Saving music files as data files?

You can burn CD's with Windows Media Player
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I having trouble figuring out how to sort the following files in a folder;

What I want
Example Album - Song Name
Example Album - Song Name (Dance Remix 1)
Example Album - Song Name (Dance Remix 2)

What I get
Example Album - Song Name (Dance Remix 1)
Example Album - Song Name (Dance Remix 2)
Example Album - Song Name

I'm using Windows 8.1. It seems like Windows is treating the space between "Name and (Dance)" as a character. Is there anyone to sort the files the way I want?


A:Sorting files (music files) in folders

media player > show menu > options

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I've had my pc for four years and the problem occured several months ago. When I play music or video files the files stutter. This occurs on every software such as Media Player, Itunes, Real Player. It even occurs when I play youtube videos. It is very annoying and the stuttering happens approximately 10 to 15 seconds apart. I tried the following with no success: reloaded Windows XP, defrag hard drive, ran CCleaner, ran SpyNoMore, ran RegCure. I've notice that the stutter occurs when my CPU spikes above 25%.

Clark <removed by moderator - etaf - please do not put advertisements links here>


A:music or video files the files stutter

Welcome to TSG

i have moved you post to a thread of its own - please do not ask questions on other peoples threads

Also removed the advert link
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Can I burn music files to a CD as data files and still use them to burn later as music CDs?

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How can I convert windows media audio compression format to mp3 format. I already have .wma files saved on my computer. I'm trying to convert it to mp3 for a RCA Lyra personal digital player mp3. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support.......At my wits end

A:convert .wma music files to .mp3 files


There are lots of programs on the www. to download, just go to google and type .wma to mp3 coverter, or something along those lines, you will find trial progs and freeware, the choice is yours.


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I Have a few music programs installedo n my windos xp media center sometimes when i m uploading music using program but later want to music files burn music w a different program like windows media palyer I M Wondering if when I quot get music from computer quot to play burn in another program if that means have copies of the same thing on my computer taking up x the space I often upload music legally and it goes to documents my music but it doesn t always appear in my music library in windows music amp I have to search for it Any suggestions I often use music match music files which freezes up my computer In the past I ve un-installed it amp use windows medea instead but lately windows media has been doing the same thing I have no problems w either program until my music files computer promts me do upgrade the program then the newer versions jam up Any suggestions for free music playing burning programs The computer also has quot record now quot which seems to take a music files while amp quot Real Player quot which I ve only used for movies so farm The computer has recently been wiped clean amp haven t re-installed a bunch of programs so that it doesn t make the computer run slow Please help Do you if you shoulding have more than media program running at the same time nbsp

A:music files


I'M Wondering if when I "get music from computer" to play/burn in another program, if that means have 2 copies of the same thing on my computer taking up 21x the space?
Click to expand...

No because when you first use the new program or whatever your just pointing it to the source files. It generates a list of those files for that particular program. Generating a list doesn't mean it creates new files.

I use Mediamonkey for audio files and PowerDVD for playing video.
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Hello, I have a question, I have some music I downloaded from the internet, (yes I have legal rights to do that, as well as a licence to sell the music), So my question is this:
I have the music on my pc, and I now want to sell this music so that people can pay me, then be able to download the music right away, how do I set this up? I need as simple steps as possible, and or a web site/video that will show me what to do, step by step..
I would like to do this as simple as possible and with as little expense as possible, thank you...

A:Music Files

Have a look at TuneCore
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Im looking for a program to convert MO3 files to any other type lol. Does anyone know of one?

A:Music Files

download unmo3
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I have Vista Home Premium with Windows Media Player 11. Where in Explorer does Wmp 11 store the actual individual files for the music in the WMP library? Thanks.

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I have Photo Story 3 for Windows and would like to rip the music files from that programme to use in other Windows applications, but I can not find the music files... Could some one help me find them.

A:Music Files Where Are They Kept

I'm not familiar with that programme, but if is it on your computer, try Rightclick>Explore and see what happens.
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My music files play on "half speed" when I try to use the media player. This means that one second roughly becomes one and a half second. This, of course, makes it completely useless. Any ideas? Can it be a virus? Or do I need to change settings some place or another

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messed up I have been using WinMX for along time When I download files songs i then open Real Player One and it says it has detected new files do i want to import them now I click yes and they import into real player and I can burn CD s Well for some reason alot of my files in real player are either gone or have duplicated themselves x I looked in quot my music quot folder and the songs are there all of them but whatever song i click to play it is a different All help, files music my are Please song If i go to find this file it goes to a different song title and it will in fact be a different song Like they are all mixed up Can someone please tell me how to fix this without having to open each song and rename it I would really appreciate any help I have sent Real player and email but no response yet grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Thanks Jammer nbsp

A:Please help, All my music files are

Geez sorry I can't tell you what caused the problem or how to rectify it.
Sounds like a good example on the need to back-up your files. Not just your music files but your system files as well. Might save you from a real disaster some day.
I can only imagine how much hard drive space 564 mp3s take up.
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Not sure if this is the right place but, I was wondering if it is possible to extract the music files from Madden 08 some how. And if so, how. TIA

A:Music files ??

You can record anything you can hear through your speakers with Audacity.
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i need to tag all of my music but i dont know ow do that, i have winamp but it doesnt have the option i need to tag. please help me!

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Does anybody know how you send a music file over the internet in Windows 7
If so i would love to know.
In XP it could not be easier but in W7 it would appear that it is not possible.
Unless it is hidden in some strange place.

A:music files

Are you trying to copy the file from one computer to another over your home network? If so, both computers must be connected to the same network and have a shared folder where the file can be accessed by both computers.

Or are you trying to send it by email? Or are you thinking along the lines of torrents (something I don't recommend)? Your post was not clear as to how to are trying to achieve this objective.
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Okay I am having a problem with my music files..the files says only 3:02mb in size but it wont play and they say 13:12 in playing time.. I have several that are like that.. any one know why? they are mp3 format. and if this topic in inappropriate for this site.. please someone delete it.. I was not sure as I am not talking about P2P or things of that nature...

A:music files

Where did you get your music files and what are you trying to play them on?
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Can't seem to play music cd's (.cda file types) using Media Player 10.
Used file registration for assigning cda files to media player but still receiving error code COOD1197. Tried using other players (Real One; iTunes, etc.) with same results. Nothing recognizes "track.cda" of any music CD!
Suggestions appreciated.

A:cda music files

I always rip CD's to MP3, media players have no trouble with that format. Actually, I've never seen a use for CDA files, except on audio CD's.
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Libraries are set and I can play any tune by surfing via explorer. But no matter what, if I use the music tile on the start page, tells me I have no music or even audiobooks, no nothing basically. I used windows file transfer , I got my pics and docs, the music is there, windows just doesn't see it on the start screen. Most purchased with iTunes. What am I doing wrong?

A:Win 8.1 not seeing music files

hello ,not sure, what program do you have set as the default music player, if its iTunes ,then you might try windows media player ,to see if that helps .go to defaults in control panel to check
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I'm using Win xp, how do I put a recently downloaded music file into a specific album, in windows media player. The new file went into an unknown folder and I want to move it to an album I've already created, that have songs in it from a previous time, but it seems that I can only put that file into a playlist. I tried moving it in the My Music location by copying and pasting but that doesn't seem to work, any suggestions?

A:Music files in WMP

The album data reflected in derived from the Internet.
Beyond that, I can't tell you much about it because I don't use the data provided by the Internet...I'm not interested in it.
The playlist function is expected to be used for self-made compilations of songs, but it doesn't have to be.  Some of us just use programs like Audacity, Cool Edit, etc. to make our own compilations.
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I have these music files that are .IT. They open in winamp and play, but i have searched and cannot find any information on them, or how to convert them so that i can burn them onto a CD. Nero Burning Rom says they are an invalid file type, and none of the music converters i have tried recognize them. Can anyone help me with this? Im not sure if you can change them to .wav files with winamp. If so, can someone tell me what output pluggin i would need to get? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Odd music files?

Okay i figured it out.

- Menu: Options: Preferences
- Plug-ins: Output
- Double Click: Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in v2.0
- Select where to save the .wav file
- Close this and leave it highlighted then open the file
- Uncheck loop button
- After it plays through, go back to output and highlight the one you had highlighted originally, then you can play it. ^^
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Is there a way to play m4a music files in Windows Media Player 11? I had download music on my old computer and want to transfer them to my new laptop and I do not want to have to install Itunes. Is there a codec or something I can download?
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Okay, Now I have used the older programs for sharing music. Now I am using Music Match. I want to uninstall Morpheos, Piolet, and Napstar software. My music files are in the software folders. When I slide the music files from Napstar to My Music, and I go to MM play, I get an error message :
c|prografiles\napstar\myshasredfolder\santana....\mp3 could not hbe found. ...removable disk....

I want to locate all my songs on My Music. When I move them, I can not play them. So how does one do that>>> Huh?
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Dumb question but, are all downloaded music files .wav files or not. My ultimate goal here is to compress my downloaded songs into mp3 files, to free space. Can I do this?

A:Music Files

First things first: Most .wav compressed songs are WAY too large to download through a peer to peer program, hence most songs are .mp3 compressed already. But what sort of music are you trying to compress, and where are you getting it from?
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How do you change mp3 files into wav or midi files?

A:Music Files

You can convert them to wav files with any ripping software and there are lots of free utilities that will do it. You cannot convert to MIDI because it is created with a MIDI instrument and is all digital.
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Urgently need shareware programme to convert .rm files to .avi, .mgeg etc. Please help. I've looked everywhere I can think of including trawling through Cnet and tucows.
Thanks everyone.

A:.Rm music files.

*aussie_blondie said:

Urgently need shareware programme to convert .rm files to .avi, .mgeg etc. Please help. I've looked everywhere I can think of including trawling through Cnet and tucows.
Thanks everyone.Click to expand...

It seems to me that there are some freeware gnu based programs that will run almost anything and convert almost anything back and forth. I know openoffice does it for docs and so does irfanview for handling photos. Have you tried or the linux board here. Gnu programs run on windows OS's like mozilla, openoffice, irfanview without any problem...doc
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I have 9.78GB of music on the 'D' partition of my XP computer. I now have a new computer with Vista Home Premium on it. I want to copy the "My Music" folder from the XP computer to the "My Music" folder on the Vista computer so that there are identical files on both computers. I have instructions from a MSF site on how to do this but there is one little (big) wrinkle. The Vista computer has a large 'C' partition only (there is a small 'D' partition with the o/s on it). The XP computer has a 'C' and 'D' partition. The wrinkle: Can i copy the "My Music" folder on the 'D' partition of the XP computer to the "My Music" folder on the 'C' partition of the new Vista computer (without getting into changing or adding partitions) and "How To'? Thanks.
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how do i get them to have the windows media player icon on them again.

A:how do i fix these music files

Open WMP > Tools > Options > File Types, put a check in Mp3.
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can anyone tell me after I unzip a file that is I thought was an mp3; What kind of file does it turn into? I have tried to copy these files using nero and after i drop and drag it says it is an illegal wav file or something! Basically what can i use to change these files into a "working" mp3 that can be burned?

thanks alot

A:music zip files help!!

Try this:,10615,60365,00.html
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I have a dvd with music files that are in vts format on the disk. I want to split the files so i can save only the video song that I like on my hard drive and not the whole files of the dvd. Can some one help which program can do that?
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I posted this in 2007, but was unable to get solutions that worked...

Without going into the details of how I managed to accomplish this....I have many music files that have different names, but are the same song. Is there a utility that can find redundant files of different names so that I can delete them? They all equist in the music library, so I am not even sure if the files themselves are redundant, or if there are redundant references to them

A:Redundant music files

What software are you using to store your music information?

There are some freeware programs to find duplicate files: Fast Duplicate File Finder, google for more.

This free program is for finding duplicate Mp3 files: Duplicate Music Files Finder

Here is a list of free and shareware program:

The best paid one I've used is Phelix and you can download a trial version. It takes an acoustical sample of the files, so it will find duplicates even if there's is no match on filename or ID3 tags.
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By this I mean I have an audio file that is longer than I want it, and I want to cut it into two parts. I am sure there is a program for this. Anyone know how to do this, and what to download?

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Hi everyone. I got a new CD for Christmas (Josh Groben - Closer) and wanted to rip the files to the hard drive to listen to at work (instead of from the CD). This way I can leave the CD at home. The problem is that when I look at the CD from My Computer I don't see any music files...

I've never seen this before so I don't know how to rip them onto my hard drive (in .wav or .mp3 format). Does anyone know anything about this?

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I made the mistake of thinking I could use iTunes, Napster and Windows Media Player rather than choose just one. I buy music from iTunes & Napster. Now I have a simple mp3 player that works through Windows Media Player and I'd like to bring all of my purchased music together and upload it to my mp3 player. Some songs are protected apparently and won't transfer whereas other songs transfer just fine.

For the protected songs, I tried burning it onto a cd, then ripping it to WMP, but it won't even rip, saying it is protected. I'm irritated because I am very adamant about buying all of my music and yet here I am unable to use it the way I want to. Got any ideas to help me?

A:protected music files

try ripping with exact audio copy (free) and then compress the wav files to mp3. You can then load them to player
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Here I''m with winamp playing music, old and new. Then I download Windows Live Photo Gallery (just for info), then i played some music the RECIENTLY music I downloaded from May 1 sound ok, but all music downloaded before May 1, doesn't sound, some don't play and others has some strange sounds with music in fast foward, BUT I can play all music my 17 GB life in Windows Media Player, but not in Winamp or in my PS3, my PS3 said those were Corrupted Files, I'm like WTF happened?

A:Music Files Infected or What?

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I have two pages with embedded mp3 music files. When those pages are loaded in IE8 the mp3 player, Windows Media Player, is not called. It works in all previous versions of IE
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for example;
can anyone help???


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How To Import My Music Folder To Windows Media,or Nero Burn
I Have This Folder That Has All Mp3 Music In It, And I Have Burned
Music Before,but! On The One I Just Burned I Put The Disc In The Dvd
Player,and It Just Shows Me The Track #s. The Disc I Burned Before
Had The Track #, Title And Song. My Question Is.. How Do I Format
Or Import The Whole Folder To My Burner.(windows Media Player)
(real Player)(nero Burn)
I Would Like To Use Nero Burner. Do I Open The My Music Folder,
And Slide The Track Over To The Burn Unit? Or Slide Over The
Whole Folder? The Folder Has Only 10 Songs I Want To Burn. I Am
Ilitterate To The Computer,so! I Don't Know How To Do These Things....please!!!! Help Me If You Can Understand What I'm Trying
To Do.


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I have itunes and an ipod . I got a free 10 song cd this weekend but you have to use the sony connect program to get the songs . So , now I have the songs on the sony connect program and cant do anything with them . When I plug in my ipod sony connect doesnt recognize it . It wont let me burn the songs to cd it says the songs are copyrighted (then why are they giving them away free?)and I cant find any way to import the songs from sony connect to itunes . Ive tried drag and drop . Ive tried saving them in my music folder , and importing them on to itunes doesnt work . Does anyone have any experience with this ?

A:Transfering music files

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to the Mutimedia forum for more response


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Searching for software that will convert from .WAV to .AU for use with hover buttons on Front Page.

Many programs convert the other way around, Any suggestions much appreciated.

Jenifer Pink
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Hi I've got a problem and I don't know what caused it I hope this is the right forum to post in I can't play any music any music can't I files play files suddenly I I can't play any music files use Winamp the latest version and it has always worked fine But suddenly I can't play any files When I try to do so the songs just don't start So I tried to see if Windows Media Player would play the files but no no luck here either Here I get an error message when trying to play a file quot A problem occured in Windows Media Player during playing the file quot I really don't know how this problem occured and I've got no idea about how to solve it I do have another problem and I don't know if this is somehow related I use VLC Media Player to watch video files but sometimes there isn't any sound when I try to watch a video The video plays fine and the volume is turned on etc Somehow this is sometimes solved by closing down Google Chrome but I'm not sure if it's Chrome that's causing it Oh I also tried to play my music files in VLC and they do play there but there is no sound Please help me EDIT I posted this thread in Google Chrome and as soon as I closed it Winamp started to play the song that I tried to play before so clealy Chrome is somehow the problem If I open Chrome again the music continues to play though Why is that And how do I solve it Knowing this this thread should probably be moved to the quot other browsers quot sub-forum

A:I can't play any music files

Hi -

If the problem appears to be tied to Google Chrome - get rid of it.

See if same issues occur under IE8 or FireFox.

Regards. . .


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Can someone please give me the names of a few programs that convert music files to mp3
.ive already used dbpoweramp but it only lasts 30 days and ive already passed that so does anyone know any otha programs to convert files to mp3.

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum but you know how you can only put small amounts of music onto a CD? (Isn't it because of Copyright and piracy?)

So how do I go about backing up my music files if I can only use about 1/10 of the CD's space for music files? Do I have to use 63 blank CDs to backup my music or is there another cheaper more efficient way?

Thanks peeps

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I do not know if this is the best forum, but here goes. I installed two new drives. One is a CD writer/DVD player, the second a DVD/CD player/burner. Since installing the drives and new software (nero6.1/Easy CD 7) everytime I attempt to make a cd longer than 70 minutes the last tracks start a "clicking" noise and eventually stall. I have tried different write speeds, different media, and two change.
Anyone have any suggestions?


A:Burning Music CD from .mp3/.wma files

I had that problem a few years ago and it turned out to the be the software I was using to rip cd's. Could it be that your audio files contain this clicking sound? If not I would try to burn a cd using Windows Media Player and see if that works out for you. Also make sure that you have aspi installed for your drives.
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hi completely off the original subject but i am having the WORST issues with my music
i have about 32gb of music on my computer and my music folder has a mind of its own: it pulls files out of one folder and seperates it to another folder buried in three subfolders.
it splits my music by one artist into five or six other folders with one song each.
i am trying to streamline the process but WMP wants to be the manager, sonicstage and phatmedia also want to govern my music.
how can i fix this and get my music files to stay put once and for all i am so frustrated at this point that i have deleted about 20 gb of music i no longer wanted and like Christine, it came crawling out of my recycle bin and back into my music folder

A:my music files are possessed

Take some time and follow these instructions.
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When I say corrupted I mean well let me start this way It s been awhile since I ve had a working burner and got one the other day I ve been trying to burn some discs with no luck Corrupted Music To Be Files Seem My MusicMatch burner is giving me grief but that is a problem that they can try and help me with It was with Media Player that I first took notice A burn playlist would list all of the songs as only a few seconds each When going to the file it would say that it was say Mb in length but only in length When playing on Media Player it would reach the second point but keep on playing to the end of the song I Music Files Seem To Be Corrupted started looking through my music files and noticed the majority of Music Files Seem To Be Corrupted the songs are cited as a short running length Music Files Seem To Be Corrupted but proper size Mbs And boy do I have a lot of music Is there anyway of correcting this problem Am I S O L I have a feeling this is part of my problem with burning I hope I have described the problem well enough Windows XP Pro Pentium Ghz Gb Media Player MusicMatch Jukebox nbsp
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I recently received an email with music files attached. To play them you click the song and an internet website opens to play them.

Is there a way to save this email music to my music libray and burn them to a CD? When I look at the file properties it says HTML document. How do I convert them to music files, if possible.

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I got a message that windows media player its corrupted, so I uninstalled and reinstalled WMP 12 but when it updated my files it couldn't update from my Solid state USB hard drive that has most of my music on it.when I tried to add manually it says they are unavailable? I moved the USB hard drive to another port but its still the same(unavailable)? I have a few music files in documents as well but it hasn't added them either,could it still be corrupted coz I haven't reinstalled it properly?

A:Music files unavailable to WMP 12

 I deleted everything from WMP including recently played and the cashe? now I can load everything off the USB hard drive except for one other music volume that still says not available?   Anyone ever had anything like this?
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Hi to all.
Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section.
Ok, so my problem is:
I play all of my music on iTunes, when im sent songs they get saved in my music file in my documents and also saved on Windows Media Player. I thought that the songs in windows media player were irrelevant, so like a fool i deleted the windows media playlists.
As it happens all my songs have gone, not in the recycle bin and arent restored after i completed a system restore...
Any suggestions people?

A:Deleted Music Files...Help!!!

You can try using a program called Recuva. Would like to mention that this program is still in beta though. Here is the link if you are interested:
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I copy CD s using window media player and well WMP now since the upgrade When I try to play a file using my ATI pro All plz Help needed files with music in Wonder file player I get a message that cannot play this file this being a quot wma quot file What do I do to get this Help needed with music files plz to play these files These files play fine in other players such as Quintessential player Winamp etc Then What do I need to do to the files to get them to play on my ATI stuff Also Thses are pretty large files do I convert them To what and if I do Will I lose sound quality Thank you KatieBird -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMD Barton O S XP Pro ASUS A N X-Deluxe NVidia SoundStorm Digital Dell THX ADA Spkrs with Watt Duel quot Twin Powered Base Simply Wonderful ATI Pro quot All in Wonder quot never settle for Help needed with music files plz less Corsair XMT Twin Stick Meg Ram WD SATA Gig H D s not configured for Raid as of yet need to decide either Raid or Raid quot advise welcome quot W Power and Iam HOOKED nbsp

A:Help needed with music files plz


Is this the ATI Video Player? If so, it looks like they only allow Video CD, AVI and MPEG-1 playback. So, you'll have to convert it to one of these formats.


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I am trying to set up to record old vinyl albums to my computer. I know some time ago, (have searched and not found) soneone had posted something similiar. I need to separate the music files from the album download. Can someon e please steer me in the right direction. The records are from the 50 and 60's including many German language albums purchased in Germany. Thanks in advance. Gary

A:Separating Music Files

check these and see if they help
hope this helps
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I DL my music,pictures from my External 160gb my new pc..Little trick..Its all in my documents...besides.I cant figure out how to select and place it on my music..Theres double or triple of the same music..How can I make it a Single song.for each of my songs..cause it all came from my External HD..My pictures..I can cut -paste ..but my music.I dont know..Should I do the same...its tricky for me..My ISP verizon wont dare touch my music..
should ,I delete the duplicate songs one by one..I got like I got like 25k..what should I do about my Mutiple music files.
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It's been an old issue but I still have the problem of dupliate music files. How can I delete the extra copies of songs?

A:duplicate music files

Mind to check if any of the programs despicted in this link fits your needs?
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First thank to you all my virus is gone, but now all of my music files are too.
I tried a search and found nothing, also my sytem back up date only goes back to
june. I upgraded to sp2 and installed some virus protection but never deleted my
music. I hope is enough info. Thank you in advance. This site is great.

A:Missing music files

Hi have you tried a search on your computer by going to start, search, files and folders type in what you are looking for even let it search hidden files and folders.

If that turns up you music then make another folder for it and store it all in their, if nothing turns up then yes you have probably lost them.

Hope this post has helped you.
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I got a mp3 CD from a computer magazine. I've copied the files to my computer, but cannot use volume leveling on them. Music Match says that the files are read only, and can't be modified. Can anyone help?

I tried right clicking the files and selecting Properties. They weren't marked as read-only.

A:Read only music files

Navigate to the file(s), click on properties, and uncheck the read-only tab.

Oh ho, sneaking an edit in on me are ya! Well, 2 can play at that game.

Hmm, Try copying the files to another directory.
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When I first started downloading music, I must have had a setting wrong. The majority of the music on my PC is in an Artist Folder, then an Album Folder, in the My Music section of my PC. If I want to organize the music more efficiently, by moving the song out of the folder so that it is just viewable under My Music, do I have to open every damn folder one at a time, or is there some kind of Windows XP trick to do this more quickly?

A:Organization of Music Files

cgm707 said:

When I first started downloading music, I must have had a setting wrong. The majority of the music on my PC is in an Artist Folder, then an Album Folder, in the My Music section of my PC. If I want to organize the music more efficiently, by moving the song out of the folder so that it is just viewable under My Music, do I have to open every damn folder one at a time, or is there some kind of Windows XP trick to do this more quickly?Click to expand...

Correct if I'm wrong here, but aren't you trying to make your music less organized by doing that? Why would you want to do that, anyways?
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I recently formatted my computer and now I see about percent of my music is corrupted and it won t Music corrupted files absolutely play at all I m on Windows ultimate bit I only formatted C drive and my music is kept in K drive But when I try to play this one album in Windows Media Player it gives me Music files corrupted the error quot Windows media player cannot Music files corrupted access this file The file might be in use you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored quot blah blah There are more than just this one album that s corrupted I know this for sure When I tried playing with VLC media player it says quot File reading failed VLC could not open the file quot K Music Music Organized H Hammock Hammock - The Sleepover Series Volume - -hammock-still point-its mp quot Your input can t be opened VLC is unable to open the MRL file K Music Music Organized H Hammock Hammock - The Sleepover Series Volume - -hammock-still point-its mp Check the log for details quot And itunes doesn t play it either What do you think the problem is It s been this way ever since I formatted it Can any one please help me I m extremely shattered to have lost all my music Thank you nbsp

A:Music files corrupted

Try copying a music file onto the C drive and then try to play it.

What are your music files saved in?

Any software on your K drive will need to be reinstalled for it to work with the new installation of Windows 7.
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I am not sure if I need to place my question here, if not feel free to post it in the right section.

We have about 15 Pcs (WIN XP) in our warehouse and all of then have TFT screens with speakers in it. I am looking for a kind of program to:

1) Play Music files on every pC (all the same music together)
2) Play special music files (MP3 files) at certain hours. For example to tell them that it is almost lunchtime, or time to go home,.....

All this must be controlled from one PC.

Is this possible? Does such software exist?

Any idea/help is welcome!



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Hey I recently bought a new hard drive yesterday and am trying to get everything working I finally self-fixed my modem issues by going into the BIOS but now my computer doesn t register having a sound card It didn t work before changing the Can't files. music play BIOS either I know I have a sound card and I know it works because I could play media files pefectly before with my old hard drive Nothing but the hard drive has been replaced When I play a music file this dialog box is shown Windows media player error Cannot play back the audio stream no audio hardware available or the Can't play music files. hardware is not responding Details There is no sound card You either do not have a sound card installed on your computer or it is not functioning properly If you do not have a sound card installed you must install one before you can listen to audio in a digital media file If you do have a sound card installed Can't play music files. refer to its documentation to troubleshoot the problem Error ID x Remedy ID x What could the problem be I m stumped and I just want to get my music playing again nbsp

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Hello, still attempting to find my way around this infernal thing (sorry my Computer). Does anyone know of a free media Player download, which asks me, after I have selected a music file, "would you like ????? media player to convert this file in order to play it". I ask this because I don't know one music file from another. Your help, as always will be very much appreciated. nor69

A:Playing various music files

Hi nor69,

Most audio players will simply play a music file in any normal format.
You would be interested in the format if you were downloading the song from the net. A compressed music file (mp3, etc.) will be much smaller than the original WAV format of the same file and would therefore download faster. Both the mp3 and WAV version of the same music file will play in music players.

I personally use Winamp which can be downloaded from many places on the net. It was free and probably still is.

Most folks just use the windows media player which will handle music and video.

If you are wanting to make a music CD that will work in your car player, then you will be interested in converting the music files to WAV format.

Hope this sheds a little light for you.

Best regards,
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So I went to find a music file from my music section to put onto my itunes and when I looked at least 80% of my files were gone. Now I only use itunes to upload to my ipod, otherwise I use windows media player. Also when I download to My Music the file doesn't show up. Its as if the files are all hidden. Same deal with any folders. I'm not sure how this happened or how to fix it. Thanks.

A:My Music Files Disappeared

The files might have been moved because you're using 2 different applications for music. Something similar happened to me, WMP moved a lot of music to different folders (i.e. moved songs from a soundtrack to a soundtrack folder, I had it sorted by artist before). When iTunes went looking for the songs, it couldn't find it. I had to relink all the songs again.
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My computer wouldn't boot up windows so I did a pc recovery and all my music files were deleted. I did this knowing that it was very probable that I would never get them back because I did not have them backed up on an external hard drive. I am by no means a computer wiz, just know basic computer functions. Just wondering if these files were still on my hard drive somewhere and if I could get them back?

A:Did I lose all my music files?

they are most likely gone
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Not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm sure I will be corrected if necessary.
Problem: When I double click on a file in MY MUSIC or SHARED MUSIC it refuses to play (It used to) and I now get a warning dialogue box stating "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an assocation in the Folder Options control panel." - How please?

All music plays OK in Windows Media Player (that with the acceptable file type anyway). Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


A:Files in MY MUSIC will not play

See if this helps.

Click start/all programmes/set programme access and defaults. Click on the custom button, under "Choose a default media player" select Windows media player and click ok.

Regards Howard
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I have access to various legal music files. When I donwload them, they arrive as htm. instead of mp3. When trying to open the files, WMP does not recognize the format. The files tries to open to Paint default.
The sites say the problem seems to be on my end.
Is it possible to convert the files, or am I doing something wrong?

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I got thousand's of music files and I want to fill them with tag's. What program you would recommend for auto filling directed music files with tags?
EDIT: Program should automaticly find tags in internet.

A:Music files tag's filler

Free: Picard
Not Free, but free trial: Jaikoz
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Whenever I download music off the internet I have to add the information to it from Windows Media Player. The information is supposed to go to the file in the My Music folder. All the information does, for example, the artist name, album name, etc., except the album cover picture doesn't. It was, but isn't now. I have 2.72 gb of files in my music folder. Could that be the problem?

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I have a server where I offer a lot of music to stream, but in the past week people have listened to what they want, and then they go and download the entire real media file (.rm) instead of streaming and leaving.

Is there a way to prevent this? I'm not building this archive of music for any money, and I don't want to get a bad reputation for letting people take whatever they want from my server.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I posted this in the HJT Logs thread and they told me that it wasn't a malware issue but to check on the Vista support thread I've seen both Ascentive and Viewpoint Media Player on malware lists and had both installed on my computer Music playing files not both were removed via Revo Music files not playing Uninstaller VMP is completely gone Music files not playing but after Music files not playing I ran Ascentive through Revo Uninstaller a file called quot GUID quot showed up When I tried deleting the GUID file it basically told me quot access denied quot The main thing I've noticed going wrong is that none of my music files work anymore it gives me an error message saying Windows Media Player cannot access the file The file might be in use you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored or your proxy settings might not be correct If any reference to my old thread is needed check here hxxp www techsupportforum com security-center hijackthis-log-help -ascentive-viewpoint-media-player html post

A:Music files not playing

Out of curiosity, what is the current response estimate on TSF? It's been 10 days since I posted this. Thanks again for your help!
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I am having a tough time with music files.
They are located all over the computer. Some in i-tunes ,some in various WMP playlists, some in stand alone music files etc.
Is there a (preferrably free) program which can dig through my hard drive and gather all music files of any file type together in one place so I can re-organize them, eliminate duplicates and so on?

You folks have always been very helpfull.
So thanks to all in advance.


A:organizing music files

One easy way to find them all is to open your C: drive and put the file type (e.g. .wma) into the search field. That will bring up all with that filetype. Then you can repeat that with .mp3, etc.
For the duplicate file problem you may try this program: Fast Duplicate File Finder Identifies Extra Copies :: the How-To Geek
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How can i backup my music files on my computer that i save from this software called soundforge it's a music editor software?

A:backup my music files

Copy the files to CD, DVD, or an external hard drive. Music files are just data files like documents, spreadsheets, or pictures. They're backed up the same.
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Hi l would converting files. l Hello, need music help with love it if l could get some help with putting all my music on my backed up cd s onto my hard drive You see l backed up all my music on some blank cd s like months ago and without going into it l ended up deleting all my music off my ipod and another mp player that l have Now l tried ripping the cd s but the way that they re organized on my cd Hello, l need help with converting music files. s are in folders So all my music files songs are Hello, l need help with converting music files. in folders and the folders names are of the artists like l have a few backed up cd s of the beatles stones etc and when l try to rip the songs via windows media player and even the free edition of media monkey it just doesn t do it im guessing it doesn t recognize it because its not an actual audio cd I suppose l could copy and paste it but l heard somewhere that that would damage the songs or something meaning its better to rip them If anyone has a solution l basically just want to put all my music from my cd s to my harddrive and then sync them all over again on my portable mp music player Thanks heaps Aaron nbsp

A:Hello, l need help with converting music files.

The fact that the music on the CD's is in folders means that they were already ripped. Check the files in the folders to see if they have the .mp3 file extension.

So all you need to do copy the files from the CD's to the hard drive. This will not in any way damage the files.
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Hello BC!
This is potentially the most interpersonal matter that relates to computing that I have ever confronted. My best friend has spent a lot of money on expanding his music collection (in iTunes), and rightfully so, does not feel that his brother has a right to just take his music and put it on the brother's own iPod.

So, my question is how could my friend prevent his brother from essentially stealing music that he bought? I'm pretty sure my friend is down with any ideas you have to suggest.

Thanks a bunch!

A:Lock music files?

He could password protect his account.He can also encrypt his music collection.Some free encryption programs can be found in the Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps topic, under the File Encryption heading, in Post #1.
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This is a strange problem and I hope that I m posting it in the right place Did a search but could not find anything System System is XP Pro SP and seems to be running fine Most of my music files are kept on a second HDD i dedicated to storing music and photos with 8,000 Vanished Files Music all of the 8,000 Music Files Vanished music in the My Music folder with sub folders for each artist The library consists of over items most in flac format ripped from my CDs I have a Logitech Squeezebox 8,000 Music Files Vanished which accesses the library through the squeezebox server software on the computer Other installed music software is Windows Media Player and Media Monkey Problem Accessed the i My Music folder yesterday and noticed that all of the library had disappeared with the exception of folders starting with the letter A The capacity of My Music shows about gb instead of what should be gb However when checking the capacity of the drive well over gb had been consumed as is normal Showing hidden and system files did not change anything Not sure when this happened as I don t access this drive very often only when I m moving files adding music etc When I open Media Monkey or the squeezebox server both show the complete library and will play the music instantly Windows Media Player is unable to access the files however Also Media Monkey has the option of viewing files in file manager Doing this pops open a My Computer window showing the proper name and files i e i my music pink floyd wish you were here Clicking the up icon on the tool bar to go back to i my music but is then only showing the folders that start with the letter A just as before Tried running a system restore with a restore point of a month ago but it didn t change anything Has anyone seen anything like this I really appreciate any help Thanks nbsp

A:8,000 Music Files Vanished

Perform an AV and malware scan. The only times I've seen similar issues have been the result of malware.
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I am running Vista 32 with 3gb of memory and 500gb of hard drive space.

audio files are skipping quite often and video files are choppy at times

I have a gigabyte Motherboard with a P4 3.20 processor

the sound card is onboard so what do you suggest?


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I moved some m3u music files to winamp to play. Now they won't play at all. Any suggestions?

A:How do I change m3u music files to mp3's?

go to and get the eval copy of musicmatch jukebox 6. you can convert song files with it (like wav to mp3, etc.)
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Hi, my mp3 phone plays music fine but the volume is different for each song. So many times I have to adjust the volume whenever the next song is played. Is it possible to do something to the music files first before I upload them to my phone without affecting the music quality? Thanks in advance.

A:Volume of Music Files
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this might not be much of a problem but just wondering if there's any suggestions to help me out...

i have over 3000 songs on my computer and want them all in one place, but when i used to have iTunes it put them all into individual folders by their artists... is there any quick way to extract all my music out of these folders and into one place? as opposed to dragging them out one at a time...

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I have been having this problem lately with Windows XP Pro, with my music files.

When I go to edit the info with the files (mp3) such as artist, etc, it tells me that the file is in use by another application, which it is not. I went to msconfig and changed it so no programs started up with the computer and I still have the same problem, I can't figure out what program is causing it.

The other thing is that when I go to My Computer to view the files, all the information is missing there, before in the Details view, I could arrange by Artist or year, etc, and all of that is gone.

What is causing these problems and how can I fix it. I have reinstalled Windows and it still happens.

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i have Windows Media Player(WMP) 11. When I try to burn a CD by dragging my music to the "Burn List" I get a Red "X" That repaces the blue "x" and when i HIT THE "Start Burn" button I get an Error Message: Code COOD10DA. I am unable to know what to do next. Any help?

A:Cannot Copy Music Files to CD

I can tell you what I did... I reverted back to WMP10. I could never get any cd's burned with WMP11. I could rip ok, but not burn.
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Is there a 'free' program that simply lets you convert music files such as .mp3 and .wav to .mid (So I can upload them onto a phone as a ring tone)

A:Converting Music Files to. . .

GaMeSTa said:

Is there a 'free' program that simply lets you convert music files such as .mp3 and .wav to .mid (So I can upload them onto a phone as a ring tone)Click to expand...

Just have a try with AmazingMidi, it converts WAV into MID.