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OK I got a new Lenovo Yoga 900 80MK0010US model. They replaced it and the replacement has issues so they are willing to replace with model 80UE003AUS.

Since I'm not a tech person and this was just a gift from someone who bought me the laptop.
I am told replacement is better than what I have.

Here is differences that I see on spec sheets:
Processor from I7-6500U (2C, 2.5/3.1GHz, 4MB, 1600 MHz) To I7-6560U (2C, 2.2/3.2GHz, 4MB, 1866MHZ)

Storage from 512GB SATA SSD To 512GB PCIe SSD.

Nothing else different.

While my sons do gaming, we just use windows based products and quickbooks. Im sure its fine just want to make sure it is better


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Preferred Solution: Replacement Computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replacement Computer

It does appear the new notebook is nicer - at least on paper. The normal CPU speed is a bit slower, but when tasked, it will boost to a higher "turbo" speed - though .1GHz is not likely to be noticeable. The RAM is faster though not sure that will be noticeable either. Generally more RAM gives a bigger bang than faster RAM. PCIe SSDs do tend to offer faster performance than SATA SSDs. But SATA SSDs are already extremely fast - especially compared to even the fastest hard drives. So again, not sure you would notice the differences. Altogether, however, on some tasks, there may be a noticeable performance gain. But still, whoever told you the replacement is better was telling the truth.
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Hello again I have a couple of questions First I have a Gateway FX desktop which I purchased in Having a yr in home warranty I had Gateway replace both of my optical drives because they computer Getting replacement were not opening without a fight They sent both drives out one being a DVD and the other a re-write write It seems this computer is discontinued and they no longer can get the re-write drive Being this computer has a curved bezel or front another drive won t do After some going back and forth they agreed to replace it I finally agreed on a model brand new which is an FX - Looks like it is more powerful larger hard drive gig memory compared to my gig This unit takes an optional pull out hard drive that fits in a drawer I can t seem to find just what type of hard drive to purchase so I am hoping someone can help me out with maybe where to get it I would like a - gig drive for backups Maybe it is what they call a hot swappable drive Also I just upgraded to win on my old machine like weeks ago and will put it in the new one that has Vista bit installed Will I be able to install win again without a hassle I also have purchased Microsoft Office with Excel Word Outllook and Powerpoint I have already needed to call Microsoft saying I only downloaded it Getting replacement computer times Will this be an issue as well And Getting replacement computer lastly I will need to get a TV tuner card as the new one doesn t come with it Maybe some help there as well I will call Gateway tomorrow and ask if I can take the tuner card out of the old one and hopefully they will say yes I would like to add that I am really happy with windows and I think they got it right this time Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Thank you
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I am looking for a new case and PSU for my current computer and my next computer after I upgrade -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current System Spec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q GHZ GIGABYTE EP -DS R GB PC case and a PSU computer Looking replacement for mhz x gb x gb Nvidia GTX mb Asus Xonar DX soundcard Windows x Jeantech W PSU Operating system is on TB drive two TB data Looking for a replacement PSU and computer case drives one GB drive all sata drives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be replacing the budget case I currently use and the quot Jeantech W PSU quot After a lot of research the best candidates in my opinion Coolermaster CM II Advanced Case Corsair W HX modular PSU My concerns are whether these will be suitable for use after I upgrade I will be investing on my next CPU motherboard RAM GPU and will be upgrading to whatever offers the best price performance I could upgrade now but have been advised to wait for the next generation of hardware to hit which should spawn some bargains on the current top hardware Considering my budget I do not want to overlook a quality case and PSU The Coolermaster CM II Advanced offers versatility with modular drive bays and the like I don t know whether W will be enough though To note I don t think I ll run a multi-GPU setup it just seems like a major headache I am more likely to buy a dual core GPU if it is worth it Case fans are something I have always overlooked in the past I have read some things about where to position fans in a case for optimal airflow Now I need to figure out which fans I should get To quote from the specification Air cooling support for up to fans with support for up to x mm fans x Case Fans are included - Front mm Blue LED Fan Top mm Fan and rear mm Fan Will I need anything else Are there better options I can replace these with Thank you very much for any suggestions nbsp

A:Looking for a replacement PSU and computer case

Excellent picks. Both of them should do fine for all your future upgrades.
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My computer is 4 years old. Does the battery need replacing? What happens if I just let it go?
Can I replace it myself or should I take it into a shop?

Thanks for the help

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Hi guys I got Computer Replacement, choose. help me my computer from PC World last Computer Replacement, help me choose. year and it stopped working the other day so I took it back to them and they offered me a replacement I'm not really a hardware person but if you guys could help me decide if the following PC is going to be good better than my old one My faulty PC Specs are in my profile PC specs of offered replacement Packard Bell iXtreme I uk full details on the PC --- gt Information and Instructions - IXTREME I UK - PT U X - iXtreme - platform ixtreme - Desktop GB hard drive GB NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics DVD Rewriter x USB ports Intel Core i processor GHz MB Cache GB memory Bulldog Plus Motherboard more about the mobo http support packardbell com uk it n PT U X The thing that's pulling me away from that PC is the motherboard I've never heard of the make and I don't want my motherboard to fry again As for the power supply and graphics I already have an w PSU and a GTX ready I will be using the PC to play the latest games word processing and surfing the web So do you think I should go for the replacement or not All replies appreciated

A:Computer Replacement, help me choose.

Get a refund and a build a better PC - that graphics card is rubbish and laptops have bigger hard drives. What about the PSU? Is it 80+ Certified Bronze? As for the motherboard it might be propietrary - stick with name brands like Gigabyte.
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I am looking to renew my desktop PC and also my laptop computer but am working to a tight budget a Choosing computer replacement system I am looking for a bargain while at the same time trying to Choosing a replacement computer system remain conscious of the fact that I d like to replace the equipment I am currently using with machines of a better spec My current desktop is a Patriot running Windows XP Home with SP with an Intel Choosing a replacement computer system Pentium processor GHz gb DDR GB HDD x DVD - R RW double layer and Integrated SIS Mirage graphics This machine is roughly years old My current laptop is an Aries Watford Electronics Green running Windows XP Home SP with an Intel Choosing a replacement computer system Pentium GHz MB GB HDD CDRW DVDROM This machine is roughly years old I do not intend to use either machine for serious gaming but would like to be able to play dvds without the picture being choppy Mostly I shall use the machines for compiling web pages uploading downloading webpages running applications such as Topstyle Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop Flash etc I do tend to keep quite a few applications on the go at the same time whilst looking at the web etc Sometimes my old machines tend to struggle with this amount of expectation with the end result being that they can run painfully slow As desktops replacements I have been looking at the following machines http www ebay co uk itm ssPageName STRK MEWAX IT amp trksid p m l http cgi ebay co uk ws eBayISAPI dll ViewItem amp item As laptop replacement http www ebay co uk itm Can anyone tell me whether they have personal experience of these machines whether they are considered good bad or indifferent and whether they would be considered better faster then my current machines I realise that I am not exactly reaching for the sky when it comes to the desktops I have given as examples and perhaps I would be advised to venture a little higher in price but as I mentioned earlier my budget is limited Can anyone suggest a better spec of machine at a great price I also remain unclear as to how dual core processors stack up against the Pentium and whether in a dual core I would be getting something akin to the old Celeron processor which is slower and not really what I am looking for Also is an AMD processor better than a Pentium or dual core Can anyone please offer any guidance I have looked around quite a bit and have tried Ebuyer PC World and various others but wasn t really blown away by anything they had in my price range - which wasn t much Any genuine help and advice gratefully received nbsp

A:Choosing a replacement computer system

As you're in the UK, may I suggest Which? as a good source of reliable unbiased reviews to supplement comments from TSG members?
In case you don't know about Which? (quote) " ... we are now the largest consumer body in the UK, with over 617,000 members that subscribe to our magazine, and over 254,000 online subscribers* - and this is constantly growing."

If you want to read individual product reviews there's a one-off charge of £1 per review.
Laptop reviews
All in one PC reviews

This page though is free & rates desktop brands

I've no connection to Which? I'm just suggesting a source of info.

Hope this helps?
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Replacement components for a computer that does not post My desktop computer has been exhibiting unusual components that not a does Replacement POST computer for behavior over the pass week Unfortunately my pc does not always post when the power button is pressed Sometimes the computer turns on after several hours When Replacement components for a computer that does not POST the computer does not post I cannot hear the drives spin up or any posting process including beeps Unfortunately my time is limited for Replacement components for a computer that does not POST researching and troubleshooting the situation since this computer is down I have re-seated all the components inside the case yet do not have additional components to swap in and out The computer switch seems to work on the case When opening the case and pressing the power button CPU graphic card and case fans turn on The paperclip switch technique did not make the computer post either same effect as the power button Changing the motherboard battery made no difference My initial thoughts relates to the motherboard or video card since the power supply is less than months old Corsair TX W When the computer turns on it does not encounter any errors or hiccups and performs as expected My first inclination is to begin looking into replacement components yet I was not planning a major system upgrade So I humbly request suggestions on replacing my motherboard processor and video card My current system has processing power for most computing tasks except when doing heavy multi-tasking with streaming HD video My requirements for replacement components would revolve on a dual monitor setup moving large files file archiving and HD video decoding in a multi-tasking environment This rig does not serve as a gaming machine Value is a top priority for replacement components My budget will be between and AMD seems like the better value The Phenom II X T looks good with cores The motherboard and video card are not easy choices It has been years since my last system build and the technology has rapidly evolved The motherboard should have at least Sata connection most seem to have and on-board sound USB would be nice yet not essential The video card should be powerful enough for basic photo editing and viewing HD content I do have GB of OCZ PC ram from a previous hot deal yet it did not work under my current setup Below is a short list of potential candidates for replacement component and my current system I am hoping this thread would begin a discussion on the components that offer the best bang for the buck Any suggestions would help me avoid major disappointments with getting this system back online Update The computer has not turn on in several days it may be completely dead Replacement Components ----------------------------------- Phenom II X T Black Edition ASUS M A GTD PRO USB AM AMD GX SATA Gb s USB HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard XFX Radeon HD Video Card or something under Current System --------------------- Processor Athlon X GHz MB L Cache Socket Heatsink AMD Heatsink-Fan Thermalright XP- C w mm Fan Motherboard A N-SLI Deluxe Video Card XFX GeForce GT -MB PCI Express Power Supply Corsair TX- w Memory x GB Mhz PC DDR RAM PIN DIN Monitor Dual Dell Inch WA nbsp

A:Replacement components for a computer that does not POST

Take it to a respected computer repair shop, and find out exactly which component is failing. It might cost you $60 -$90, but will save you money in the long run.
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i just replaced my Pentium D 3.6ghz for a Core 2 Duo 2.2 because of power and heat issues with the D processor. install went fine, no issues (card installed correctly,) computer comes up with all the lights on and the heatsink fan is on, but the monitor remains blank and i dont hear the hard drive spinning. any ideas as to what it could be?


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I was thinking of eventually replacing the mobo in my computer, the current dimensions are 9.6 by 9.6 and I found an amazing mobo that I might consider getting that would def. fit my new graphics card, the only problem is, those specs are 9.6 by 12, My question is would it still fit?

A:Motherboard replacement in an m8400f hp computer

There is the motherboard i might want to replace with if it fits
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2 days ago the power outlet that my computer was placed into was kinda half exploding. And the "lightning protector" that was attached into it died. I was trying to connect the computer to a different power outlet , and the computer won't turn on.
Not sure what happend... So Idk what to do... Should I buy a new power supply and see if everything is ok? Or just give the computer to some lab and have em to "make it work" ??

A:computer died / power supply replacement

Anyone? No sense? It's not like a genius question. Just kind of a "your opinion"
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Oh those Best Buy geeks...
My parent's pc died on them and they took it to get serviced...3 weeks later, it came back with a new power supply, but the computer is awfully, awfully slow (it takes 10 minutes from.startup to load internet explorer). Factory reset has done nothing...did they touch something they shouldn't have?

Posted via Mobile Device

A:Computer slow after power supply replacement...

You would have to ask them for a list of that which they did.

What brand, model, model # PC, or same information for the motherboard?

Computer specs would be helpful.

Which ;power supply was it: brand, model, model #, wattage? Same for now?

If you aren't happy, take it back & have them install a new power supply and politely insist that they demonstrate it to you before you accept it back.

Start the computer, note time from start to desktop appearance or log in screen appearance.

Start the computer in safe mode & do the same.

To start in safe mode, start > run
type: msconfig
boot.ini tab
put a check in "safe book"
exit without restarting
Shut down.
Turn on.

Post your time logs here.

See #17 at for an example.

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I wasn t sure if this should be under quot Other Software quot or quot Vista quot After days trying to restore my daughter s computer I have finally been able to use Macrium Reflect software to replace an image of her OS drive I made when I first set it up for her Now I can t get it to boot It opens the Acer splash screen then goes black and there is white type across the top saying quot Verifying DMI Pool Data Update Success quot then a blinking curser at the end and nothing more It s an Acer M computer that came with Vista It recently refused to boot after her yr old son used it and I couldn t get it up and running again It didn t Computer won't replacement image Solved: after boot seem to have any restore points Not Solved: Computer won't boot after image replacement sure why as it was setting them when I gave it to her last spring I can t think of any more info that might be usefull to you I would appreciate any suggestions Thanks Peg nbsp

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Recently I replaced the power supply in Computer supply booting not replacement. after up power my computer and then my computer refused to bootup When I try to bootup my computer just turns on and nothing else My monitor screen doesn t even get a picture which I m assuming means that it isn t getting a quot signal quot The monitor remains black with nothing ever showing up not even the text during the bootup screens Computer not booting up after power supply replacement. and the little light on a monitor that indicates that it is quot on quot just flashes like they do when you shut off your computer and forget to turn off your monitor So I replaced the video card with a spare one Same problem I ve used a different monitor Same problem And I have also used a different harddrive But as you guessed it Same problem I ve reseated all my Ram the CPU and all of the ribbon connections about times to ensure they did not come loose during the power supply change Still nothing As a last resort I reinstalled my old power supply system which was working but old and NOISY and it never helped Any suggestions I m at my wits end Thanks for any assistance I need an adult drink nbsp

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Hi I ll try to be as specific as possible I recently bought a new motherboard and processor motherboard/processor Computer - not turning replacement on as an upgrade to what I previously had everything was working no problem beforehand and I went through all the usual precautions when installing each part anti static wristband etc etc etc I put it all together applied my Arctic Silver thermal compound to my processor exactly as it said to do on their website secured everything in place with screws plugged in the quot replacement motherboard/processor - Computer not turning on POWER SW quot quot H D D LED quot quot RESET SW quot and quot POWER LED and - quot parts exactly where it said to plug them in on the motherboard double checked everything to make sure it was in the right places and they were I plugged the power cable into the power supply made sure it was switched on and pressed the power button on the front of the case but nothing there s no interior LED on the replacement motherboard/processor - Computer not turning on motherboard to inform me of an error there s no activity whatsoever I checked everything again to make sure it was all in the right place and it was took everything out and re-plugged everything in but the same issue occured Is there any way to find out what could be causing this issue or to resolve it Computer Spec Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H MA-D V CPU Intel i p Video NVidia GeForce GTS Hard Drives x Seagate Baracuda ES GB x WD Caviar Green GB PSU G Power Extreme W RAM x GB sticks Tower Jet Turbine ATX Case I hope that I have given enough information but if there is anything else you would like me to provide I will ASAP Thanks for any help in advance -- liamsmith nbsp

A:replacement motherboard/processor - Computer not turning on

First of all, have you read the guide at the top of the forum for problem builds? If you follow ALL steps of the guide, you will find the cause of your problem.

Next I assume you did not just install the mb without checking that each standoff was in the correct position. One incorrect standoff and the board will short when you press the pw ON button.
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HP Notebook Computer Battery Safety Recall and Replacement Program
In cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, HP has announced a worldwide voluntary safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook batteries. The affected batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers.
Because affected batteries pose a fire and burn hazard, it is extremely important to check whether your battery is affected.
The following Website provides a list of potentially affected product series:
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Hello My  Toshiba Laptop failed to start so i removed my newly purchased and installed SSHD and put it in a replacement computer after removing its existing hard drive. I started the computer and it has worked fine for a few weeks so i decided to reinstal
the original OEM Widows 7 disc and its product key on the CD cover. Microsoft does not recognize the product key. I have checked the number several times it is the product key i am typing in. I also have the original product key for the xp version also.
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Hello All

Most sites I visit inform me they either do not support or will shortly be withdrawing support for IE8. Opinions welcome as to which browser would be best for me (a simple man) to replace IE?
Regards SilverSurf

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Lately, I haven't been satisfied with WD. I went searching for a better alternative and came across one that I liked, looked similar in interface to WD but with better features... did I download it right away? Nope! I don't even remember what it was called or anything about the website. Right now, I'm only using Spybot S&D with WD, Avast and NetVeda as my firewall.

Suggestions? I'm not necessarily looking for THAT elusive program I shoddily described, just anything that I can replace WD with. I've already tried the free v. of Ad-Aware, but it tends to freeze on my comp.

A:Looking for a replacement

Take a look at SuperAntiSpyware -You can find it in our list with others hereFreeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps
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Hi, hope this is in the right place. My computer has been making odd noises lately so I installed HDD Health and it tells me the temp is too high at 46 degrees. I believe 40 is the normal. Can someone tell me how to buy the right fan as I bought one before but the computer didn't work after it was installed. Reinstalled the old one and the computer worked perfectly except for the noise. Does it go by the device id in device manager i.e: Processor Device ID: ACPI\GENUINEINTEL_._x86_FAMILY_15_MODEL_2\_0 or is there somewhere/something else that will tell me. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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Okay well while I ve made a topic about this before sort of I really am freaking out here I have it narrowed down Ill give all the info i can Its the Hp Dv us original part Here is the part number for Hard Drive - Royce Replacement Hdd help Here is the part description Royce ATA- EIDE hard drive - RPM in form factor mm hei ght So here is some info about the computer http h www hp com ctg Manual c pdf go to page - it works with a variety of their hard drives It says Rpms Replacement Hdd help on s so does that mean it supports it BAHHH okay so look this website offers a perfect match but I never heard Replacement Hdd help of it http www getpartsonline com gbhd-pres-v html http www getpartsonline com gbhd-pres-v html So i was thinking I should go with newegg because I know there good here is the page for them http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E what I need to know is if the newegg hard drive will work or if you fellas ladies have bought from them I have noticed they have older parts for the same price they would have costed when they were first introduced look at the Geforce gt s so it makes me a little iffy nbsp

A:Replacement Hdd help

I don't think I would ever buy a "refurbished" laptop hard drive... The hard drive is simply an IDE 4200 rpm 60GB laptop hard drive. A 5400 rpm drive will work too. Newegg is a fine company. I buy from them all the time... It is your decision
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can I replace my HDD with SSD ?If yes please let me know if i can also use the HDD along with the new installed SSD  by using a caddy thus replacing my cd-drive with HDD caddy...
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I've decided it would prob be best just to replace the internal disc drive in my laptop but would prefer not to buy anything else Desknote related(not that there is a whole lot of options for parts).

The pc is a Desknote A928
running XP
current using slim drive QSI DVD/CDRW SBW-081
Any suggestions on another brand that would be compatible and worth buying.

A:Replacement cd/dvd help

it is going to be hard without being able to compare the old drive next to the new drive to make sure it is going to be physically compatible. My Dell can use a few different drives yst they will not physically be the same and therefore even though they fit in the drive bay there is no way of securing them. There fore using what Dell has to offer is MY only option.

You may be better suited for a different drive though. I would make sure that you have a return policy if it doesnt work with what you buy.
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I bought a new fan for my Toshiba Satellite A45-S150 laptop because mine is grinding and I can tell it's about to die because I have had to replace it once before. Last time I replaced it I took it to CompUSA and they sent it away and it took about 2 weeks but they did it. I am in the middle of nowhere now, the nearest place that will do it is over an hour away. ]

Anyway, I bought the fan online myself and I tried opening up my laptop to replace the fan but I cannot get to it for the life of me. It was very frustrating. Does anyone know where to find a guide online for how to do this? I have tried googling it but I have had no luck. I have tried going to Toshiba's website but also, no luck. Please help!

A:Fan Replacement Help

Here's a page for replacing hinges, but it gets you through the disassembly to the fan/HS, so it should do the trick:
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Hello I have an HP Compaq b notebook that needs a new hard drive The existing one isnt damaged just nearly full I dont know why in all the years of computing Ive never had to do this Possibly because previous PC s have become obsolete before the HD needed changing Now I m pretty sure the Hard drive I want is a quot SATA and after watching youtube videos I m fairly confident I can do the job but and this is the Help with please HD replacement question I really should know the answer to Help with HD replacement please after years of computing what I dont understand is presumably when you fit a new HD it doesnt have an operating system on it so do you need to buy a new one I have an authentic version of Windows on it currently but it didnt come with the disks so presumably I cant use that This is Help with HD replacement please probably very basic stuf f so please forgive my ignorance Thanks in advance Col nbsp

Relevancy 29.24% loving son, just 15mins ago just decided to play with a "shiny thing" that happened to be my store bought copy of Vista64 Ultimate. It now has a great looking crack in it

I have the case with the certificate of authenticity and the product key on the yellow sticker, will MS replace it (if there is a shipping fee thats fine). I dident buy it directly from MS, got it from Ofice Depot I think many months ago. I did register with MS when I first installed it, so they can verify its me.

A:Replacement CD ?

Originally Posted by wwoods loving son, just 15mins ago just decided to play with a "shiny thing" that happened to be my store bought copy of Vista64 Ultimate. It now has a great looking crack in it

I have the case with the certificate of authenticity and the product key on the yellow sticker, will MS replace it (if there is a shipping fee thats fine). I dident buy it directly from MS, got it from Ofice Depot I think many months ago. I did register with MS when I first installed it, so they can verify its me.

Why not create your own Vista O/S imaged disk with full windows backup? If the cracked disk still works create an ISO image of it and burn it to a dvd.
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Good day, I decided to change on his laptop celeron 1000M processor intel core i3 3120M, but after changing the CPU the laptop is not longer activated, the light is blinking on caps lock and nothing else happens, not even starts the download of the BIOS. Is it possible to replace the processor on my laptop?

A:Replacement CPU.

Hi,Blinking of the cap locks key means there is some sort of hardware problem the CPU could be faulty or not compatible. So I can help give you a clear diagnostic please tell me exactly how many times it is the caps lock key blinks and how many are long and short blinks. Many thanks,James
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Is it difficult to replace the lid of Acer Aspire V3-771G (with the Acer Logo on Back). I saw some screws on each side.
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Hi I posted a while back about possibly burning out my CPU Replacement CPU? due to lack of Thermal Paste I Replacement CPU? went out got some thermal paste reapplied it to the fan heatsink and it seemed to boot up fine The CPU fan was running perfectly in time with boot up and my other fans were also running correctly Job done I thought it was all better Then I get the freezing again along with no booting up I can hear the PC start up but the monitor picks up nothing and it just sort of sounds like its humming without much happening I went out and got a new cooling system which is compatible and sort of the next model up from the one that was already installed Same problem Still freezing fan was working perfectly and booted up fine So the question is where to go I go from here I have replaced the cooling system is it perhaps the case of replacing the CPU next Any advice would be greatly appreciated as currently the computer is in bits on the floor My system spec is as follows Intel P Ghz MB RAM OO Mhz Hardrives GB and Serial ATA rpm Seagate ATI Radeon MB WINDOWS XP Old CPU Cooler Zalman ALU Super Flower Heatsink New Zalman CNPS -CU Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler Motherboard is ASUS had the computer about years the BIOS has never been upgraded Last time i could check CPU was running at C Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Replacement CPU?

Realistically it could be anything.
If the CPU has cooked too many times it may indeed have failed, if that is the case it could have taken anything else with it.

The motherboard may be heat damaged, the possibilities are endless.

Nobody here will be able to provide a definitive answer as only you have the PC. Trial by substitution is all that you can do without a several hundred thousand dollars worth of laboratory and a white coat...
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Hey not sure where to put this at but I'm looking for any help on replacing my hard drive for my computer... I have an eMachine W4065 (yea yea i know its junk thats why i'm upgrading) and i bought a new maxtor hard drive for it... when i disassembled the old hard drive it looks totally different from the one i bought... the one i bought is all enclosed in a little black square and has the plugs. my old hard drive though has circuit boards attached to it and everything else. Will the drive i bought be able to work somehow that i haven't noticed or did i just waste my money? thanks for any help

A:Cd Rom Replacement Help!

Some older drives have an exposed circuit board on the bottom.
How old is the computer?
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Hello,  i have hp pavilion-p107ne , it already installed 4 gb ram and i want to add one more ram  1. is this ram agrred with my motherbord :      Kingston ValueRAM 8GB SO-DIMM DDR3 PC3-12800 CL11 (KVR16S11/8) 2. is it able to add DDR4 Ram 3. what is max. ability can i put for both slot .  Thanks in advance  

A:Ram replacement

 Hi, Does not support DDR4, only supports 1.35V DDR3L KCP3L16SD8/8 Manual Page 2, 3: Supports the following configurations: ? 12288 MB (8192 MB×1+ 4096 MB×1; not supported on computer models with a 32-bit operating system)
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I have a DELL 4100 that needs a new HD. The original one is:

Can I replace with this one?

If not, can you direct me to a one that would work. This is an old PC that is going to my young cousin, so she doesn't need anything fancy or with a lot of storage space. I just wnat to get the PC working for her to use until she needs a better one in the future.


A:HD Replacement?

If you have the space inside, that is drive space, that one should work fine. Are you removing the present drive?
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Yeah I did the unmentionable - I messed up my CPU when I was replacing the cooling fan .

Specs on the M/B:
CPU Support: Intel, Socket 478, Pentium 4 Up To 3.20 GHz
Bus Speed: 400/ 533/ 800MHZ
Expansion Slots: 1-8X AGP, 5 PCI
Max Memory: 3 DDR - 12 GB
Chipset: VIA PT800
IDE Controller: Supports ULTRA ATA 133, SATA
Additional Features: ATX Formfactor, Supports 8X AGP, Supports DDR400 Max 12GB, Supports ATA133, Supports Serial ATA, Supports 6 Channel Audio, USB 2.0 Support, On-board LAN

My memory is:
512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3
256MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3

My old CPU was:
Intel P4 2.8Ghz 512k Cache,400FSB SocN 478

With my memory being only 400MHZ, can I put a higher value CPU in, such as:
Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz / 1MB Cache / 800MHz FSB / Socket 478 / HyperThreading / Processor

(also known as 'bull in china shop')

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Can I replace a Intel 4 SL7E2 2.80 GHZ/533MHZ with a SL7E3 2.80GHZ/800MHZ? The power supply ,ram and Hard drive have all been upgraded.
The current cpu is showing 100 % usage at times and has been slow.I have sl7e3 from another unit .The PC is a Dell Dimensions 4600.

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I have an Aptiva with a CD-ROM drive. Can I replace the drive with a rewritable drive? How about a DVD drive. Could I leave the present drive and just add another instead of replacing it? Am I asking for trouble?

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hey i am new to this so whats up.........
recently i bought a 366 Mhz Processor for my IBM THINKPAD 770 series laptop....After i took my laptop apart i could not find the processor... i didnt want to go under the big sliver metal area becuase i didnt want to mess anying up yet.. lol what i want to know is where the hell is the processor... or can anyone show me pictures? i have a 3.0 ghz laptop... i am just messing around with this oold one... just trying to upgrade it a litle... so can anyone help?

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Been using Act! for several years on a desktop PC running XP, 32-bit. Just discovered Act! will not run on the new Win7, 64-bit machine we just set up to replace the dead XP machine. I need a replacement for Act!, something that tracks names, dates, appointments, addresses, phone numbers, etc. and that will pop up on-screen reminders.

Suggestions, please. Willing to spend up to $100.

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Hello! I have a notebook Pavillion 15-n231sr. It has two slots for RAM, one of which contains 4GB memory card. I am going to buy one more card. Can I buy 8GB memory card or should I buy another 4GB card? Sorry if it's a frequent question, but I'm strugling to find any info on maximum memory for my notebook. Thank you in advance!

View Solution.

A:RAM replacement

Hi, Please use information on page 2 of the following document: Yes, uou can use total 12GB. Manual also shows you how because it is accessible and RAM specs. More manuals: Regards.
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Hey All,

My Old Cpu is Starting to Slow Down, Its Main Ghz is Starting to Drop.

Its a 2.4 Ghz Dual Core Celeron E3200.

Now I've Just Shopped Around and i've Found a Replacement,

Intel Core 2 Duo E7600, S775, Wolfdale 45nm, 3.06 GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3MB Cache, 11.5x Ratio, 65W

My Question is, Will this be worth the ?90?

And i Do a Lot of Gaming and Work. So what do you guys think? Any reviews?

A:CPU Replacement

Hi i would suggest you to get a Quad Core (Core2Quad) instead if you can increase your budget a bit coz as you've mentioned that you do gaming and as new games taking advantage of 4 cores so it would be nice though E7600 is a good processor and you will see quiet much improvements compare to Celeron
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Greetings everyone!First of all I apologise if I posted in the wrong topic.I am in possesion of an HP Pavilion 11-h003sa x2 and I need to buy the Detachable Keyboard because the one I have has broken but I couldn't find where to buy it.I need a link or same info.Thanks!
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Hello folks, i am new to tech stuff. I used to work to an AMD system built by a friend of mine. I usually like to do audio and video editing. So -- audio quality is important for me but then at the same time I also play games once in awhile. Are there any recommendations for an upgrade? what brand is good for the purposes above mentioned?

My price range for this is 300$ right now i am having FM2-A55M-E33 Msi and i wanna change this for real for better.

help please? Thank you s much in advance.

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HI I have a Packard Bell 1307 imedia with a Altissimo µATX Chassis, i need to replace my exsisting PSU which is a FSP FSP250-60PNA-E 250W 20-Pin ATX PSU. I am looking at your 500w model please could you tell me if this is a compatible PSU model. Only asking because ive been told that most PSU's are to big for my chassis. Thanks, Steve

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Hello First-time visitor The wi-fi on Wi-Fi Replacement my Toshiba Satellite M stopped working some time back I contacted Toshiba and after some troubleshooting they informed me that the wi-fi card was bad that it couldn t be replaced and that I d have to Wi-Fi Replacement buy a USB wi-fi in order to get wi-fi capability back my warranty has expired That didn t make sense to me so I took it to Best Buy where I bought the laptop and they did a little troubleshooting and said the wi-fi card was bad but that Wi-Fi Replacement it could be replaced However they weren t allowed to order and install such Wi-Fi Replacement parts They did remove a bottom cover and point-out the card So now I need to find a replacement part I ve got all of the information from the card but I don t know enough about all the numbers to know what s important and what s not I m hoping someone on here can point-out what I need to ensure matches on the replacement card that I order Here s the info Main Aux Intel Centino Advanced-N WiMax Model ANXHMW P N G C T PA U- MPC WFM CB WMM D DA D B TA E - Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer nbsp

A:Wi-Fi Replacement

you may find a small nano wireless USB adapter a lot cheaper

As an example - NOT a recommendation

based on this number

can you take a picture of it ?

BUT would you do this
goto device manager
and then on the network adapters - click on the wireless adapter
Click on the Details Tab
Under Property - drop down
Select hardware ids
Right click and select all.
Then right click again and select copy.
Copy and paste that here.

The Hardware ID's. VEN & DEV. Look them up here.

How to find drivers
Tech Guy configuration

drivers using the VEN and DEV IDS
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A friend of mine called to say that their computer was shutting down randomly and the computer was running really loud. I stopped by and took the cover off and noticed it was the CPU fan. I just wrote down the model number of the PC and didn't measure the fan, assuming I would be able to find it online. Maybe it's there, but I'm not smart enought to see it. The computer is a Compaq Presario SR5233WM (GN578AA). Below are the specs I found on Compaq's site but I'm still not sure of the size of the fan and really hate to have to stop by again to measure the fan. Can any of you tell what size of fan it's using? Thanks.

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My computer has been making a humming sound after it has been on a while. I took off the sides and blew out the dust, and alot came out of the fans. I noticed that one of the fans blades did not turn freely when I blew air on it. Hooked up the power cable and turned it on and the fan did not turn. Once and awhile it tried to turn but then would stop again. The fan is mounted on the motherboard and has ABIT printed on it. It is the smaller of the two fans mounted on the motherboard. How difficult is it to replace and what is it called? Is it the motherboard fan? Thanks for any advice.


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Is it possible to remove a ATI Radeon X1200 graphics from a Toshiba A215-S7437 and have it replaced with a Performance Video card?


If ATI Radeon X1200 cannot be removed from a Toshiba A215-S7437, can another graphics card be added with the ATI Radeon X1200 still intact?

Performance Video cards:

Nvidia GeForce Go6600
ATI Mobility Radeon X700
Nvidia GeForce 8400M-GT
Nvidia GeForce Go7600
ATI Mobility Radeon X1600
ATI Mobility Radeon X1700
ATI Mobility Radeon X2500
Nvidia GeForce Go7700
Nvidia GeForce 8600M-GS
Nvidia GeForce Go7600GT
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 DDR2
Nvidia GeForce 8600M-GT DDR2
Nvidia GeForce 9500M-GS DDR2
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 GDDR3
Nvidia GeForce 8600M-GT GDDR3
Nvidia GeForce 8700M-GT
Nvidia GeForce 9650M-GS
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I have an HP Touchsmart 600-1055 NY539AA in need of replacement fans.  Where can I find these?  I've looked online and can find lots of fans, but none that seem to be a direct replacement.  Anyone have a good source?  Thanks in advance!
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I really like Switcher (Switcher for Windows Vista) it rearranges windows like mac os x, but uses a lot of memory. Do you know any similar alternative?


A:Best alt+tab replacement

go to start / search/ flip 3d switcher

Switch Between Windows - Flip 3D Shortcut
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Hi, I cannot find my windows 7 dvd, I am thinking that one of my little ones was playing in the office and threw it away or hid it somewhere. . I have the product key but no dvd. Is there a way get a replacement dvd and just use the key that i have. I really dont want to spend the $300 that i spent for the full ultimate edition. Thanks for your help!!!

A:Replacement DVD

May not be the best way but you could always torrent it.
There are some X64 iso`s out there already that people have bought
If your using a bought key then it would be 'genuine'
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i have a gateway one it came with Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor1 T5250 (1.50GHz, 667MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache) and would like to know on newegg which is the best to get that is more powerful than this? also the motherboard is Systemboard w/ Intel? GM965 chipset

A:Cpu replacement need Help

Hi sphwhat316 and welcome to the forums

What is the model number of your computer?
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my screen cover broke and looking for replacement how much would it cost
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Hi, first of all, I am not really a tech guy and I dont know anything about hardwares so that is why I am posting here.

I have a Toshiba A25-S207 laptop running windows xp. The hard drive crashed a while ago, and i need to buy a new one. The hard drive that was in is : 40GB* hard disk drive, Enhanced IDE (ATA-5), 4200rpm, 9.7mm height, 0.2lbs, Service Removable. Can anybody tell what can i replace it with? And also can i use the Recovery DVD that comes with the laptop to install the drivers and the OS?

Help is appreciated.

A:Possible HDD Replacement

The hard disk must be a Parallel ATA (aka PATA or IDE) of just about any one of that type that is available.

ATA 100 Drives

ATA 133 drives

Short education on the use of the term "IDE": Both the old 40-pin IDE drives and the newer Serial ATA drives are IDE devices; but, people generally mis-apply the term "IDE" as distinguishing the older 40-pin drives as IDE.

can i use the Recovery DVD that comes with the laptop to install the drivers and the OS? Click to expand...

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I don't know where this thread belongs, or even if it's relevant to tsg, but here goes: A friend has a Dell XP desktop. She lost her original installation discs, and called Dell for a replacement. They sent her a new XP Home CD, and charged her $180. The same as if she had never owned a Dell PC, and had gone out and bought an XP CD for full retail price. It doesn't sound right to me. I thought that you would pay for some kind of service charge if your installation CD got lost or damaged. Did Dell make a mistake? Is this normal business procedure?


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Replaced AVO CPU fan (C7025B12M) on my HP 7955 with a AVO DA07015812U , Both are ball-bearing and three pronged.
The differences between the two fans include that the later fan has a thermal swich-off, and the HP7955 came with the the C7 (former) which was 7000 RPSA, and the new one is 5400 RPN.
I checked on the BIOS Set-up, but I couldn't see any adustments for the fan, so what is it under?
Thanks for your concern!


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Hey everyone!
I have a quick question, i want to buy new ram for my pc, but not sure what to find to buy them. all i know is it's DDr2 and i want to go up to 8G of ram, i got 5G of ram at the moment.

Windows 7 professional 64bit
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core Processor 5400+
5G ram / ATi Radeon HD 4650 1G
480W power supply
going to upgrade video card to either 5850 and 5870
or ATI 5670 since it's a mid range causal gamer card.

A:Ram replacement

The best advice that I can give you is, Do not buy 3gb of ram. This is called mix and match a big NO No. Go out and buy all that you need.
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Hi I need a new cpu (I broke pins) and have found the cpu I have but was wondering if the cpu Amazon suggests as the newer model: would work as I can't find a mobo compatability list anywhere Cheers
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i am getting hdd warning message - stating its due to fail.   The drive installed is a seagate ST3750528AS 750gb which was discontinued long time ago, can I just put in any SATA drive as replacement?  I think old one is a SATA II drive - woukd a SATA III work? ThanksScoops
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Grandson needs a cpu fan to replace a Taisol fan model # AF80612HA. If anyone knows where I can get one, it would be greatly appreciated. ty I have had no luck

A:Need Replacement Cpu Fan Help Please
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Hi all. The HD on my sons PS3 died and we were wondering, can you buy replacement hard drives? Also, does it have to be a PS3 HD, or can we get an external HD (like for a regular pc)?

Thanks in advance.

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This system has the OEM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745.  Having problem with video.  What graphics card can I use as a replacement.

A:GTX 745 Replacement

Hi,          You can use the AMD Radeon R9 270 2 GB which is ompatible with unit.  RegardsSATISHP4 Click " Thumb's up " icon if the question is answered/resolved.
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A member of my church cracked the screen on their HP19 All In One. What part number do I need for a replacement?
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I've been having many issues with WMP and cant find any alternatives to this piece of crap. I need to find something that does not eat my resources, uses mp3 tags, and can sync devices. I loved Rhythmbox in Ubuntu but can find anything similar to it for stupid Windows. Can someone help?

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Ok emachine t Failed HDD replaced with identical HDD that had been formatted Hitachi Deskstar g I have the restore DVD It will load up I can see the ghost images and it loads successfully After all loaded reboot then I Help HDD replacement with can see it going into a blue screen but reboots itself I think it says missing C windows system blah blah ok Yes I tried rebuilding Help with HDD replacement the BOOTCFG Will not work Ok so Help with HDD replacement this is where I am at I believe that I need to tattoo the HDD and can do this blind folded Help with HDD replacement with an HP however emachine is being stubborn I can not find any information on this whatsoever its like a black hole of information to find the iso tattoo program for emachine Can anyone in here point me in the right direction to tattoo Flash so that the restore disk will work properly Yes I could reinstall a new OS but its a friend and he can t afford it right now You know how it is when your friends come to you and need a favor next thing you know its eating every minute of your life away Thanks x nbsp

A:Help with HDD replacement

Your eMachine T2984 is a high failure rate motherboard... well in excess of 60% after two years... Your problem could easily be caused by the eMachine motherboard failure. Your hard drive that came in the eMachines is likely good, as is the cpu, cpu fan, modem, and optical drive. But the motherboard and power supply are of such high failure rate that you will need to test them thoroughly with a power supply tester... and trying your hard drive and other components in another board.
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I am looking for a windows 10 compliant GPU for my 3+ yr old Precision T1650 which will handle 2 monitors. my applications are CAD programs NOT gaming. Cost is a factor as this is already an old system. Sugestions?

A:Replacement gpu

What is your current GPU?
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Greetings everyone,

My 1.4 ghz T-bird Athlon cpu burned out on my K7S5A mobo, and I was wondering if I could replace it with a athlon xp cpu? Should I also get another heatsink as well?

A:replacement cpu

FYI : If its an AMD processor, Duron or Athlon XP get THE BEST heatsink available. Go for the best one.

Few days back my CPU fan started melting and it melted on... (better than CPU burn out...) So had to get a BIGGER, BETTER fan and also a BIGGER ATX cabinet. Things are fine now.

About the processor, the support site suggests this -

Socket A, currently 550 MHz - 1.4+ GHz
Compatible with AMD Duron/Thunderbird series
200 - 266 MHz Processor Bus Compatible Click to expand...

This is the link -
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The cooling fan on my laptop is done for. I received a message saying their is a problem with the cooling system take it in for service, so I opened it up, blew out the little bit of dust on the inside and tried again. Well the fan is completely not spinning. I have a Toshiba Satellite P755-S5320 and per a quick google search I see this fan on amazon Replacement Toshiba Satellite P755-S5320 CPU Cooling Fan: Computers & Accessories Is their 1 brand that is recommended over others, or is their a local chain store that I could go to to purchase it and get it same day? Or even a specific fan that someone on here (with more knowledge than I) would recommend that I Purchase?

A:Replacement Fan


You can use any brand you like,just try to match the RPM's of the old fan.. Some fans will have a 3 wire configuration,not to worry the 3rd wire is for a sensor. Some pc's have a sensor some don't,it will still work the same,just match your pin configuration or molex setup on the mobo..
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Hi All,

With all the discussion around the forum about the pros and cons of vista's UAC, the news of a better alternative, when it arrived in my inbox today, (from Technibble), looked to be a perfect answer.

However a look around the web found this information on the package, (Smart UAC Replacement), found this warning about the developers of the package.

The package looks like a perfect answer to some of my annoyances with UAC and is available / recommended on sites I would normally class as trusted, so wanted to ask if anybody has any further information or comments.

A:UAC Replacement?

I agree this looks sooo good, but, do we trust the provider? I don't think I will be the first one to try it out.
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I have a custom machine that one of the fans has started running really loud and is changing pitch all the time. I'm pretty sure that its the cpu fan and im getting ready to replace it.

HOWEVER i have never done this before and i have no idea how to determine what fan to buy to replace it... its one of these that has the heat sync attached. any education on what paramaters i need to consider etc would be appreciated

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I've been fixing a HP mini laptop It has a Intel Atom N450 1.66MHz. I replaced the ram from 512 to 2 GB
cleaned out the fan and all other crap with compressed air. I installed Win 10 and it works OK, but it seems to freeze up when it looks like it's working normally but it does nothing, until I tell the laptop to do something else. then the first thing I told it to do finishes. I know this is not normal.

My question is, is there a compatible CPU in the 3.4 MHz or 2.4 MHz range?

A:Cpu Replacement

No idea if this would work but these are the specs for the Intel Atom x7
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"Hi" I just recently bought a pc for a very low price. I'm fully aware of it having the worst processor ever. I'm willing to replace the mb completely. This mb has agp slot for graphics. Ofc the new mb would have to have a pci express 2. Probably a quad core. Nothing specific with ram. But I just need to know what direction should I go in reference to. What would fit!

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Motherboard - GA-880GM-USB3
Processor - AMD X6 1055T
Graphics card - PCI EXP 4650 1 GB
I want to buy new 4GB RAM. Please help me to choose correct one.
[Sorry for my bad English]


A:RAM replacement help.

It says on your motherboard supports DDR3 memory up to 1800MHz +
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Hi all,

Recently I got a replacement HDD from Maxtor. Upon inspecting my new HDD, it say Refurbished drive. So they sending me an 2nd hand HDD.

Question is, can they do that?

No way, I'm going to buy Maxtor drive anymore...

A:Replacement HDD

Everyone does that.

If some ***** RMAs his perfectly OK drive because he can't plug the cables in right then you can't expect Maxtor to throw the thing away.

All companies fix trivial faults in their products and let them back into circulation. You should appreciate that Maxtor actually bothers to let you know.
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The LCD screen for my laptop is damaged. It has dark spots and lines (seems like internal cracks) on it. Where is the best place to get my screen fixed?


A:LCD replacement

What brand of laptop do you have? You can get one and replace it yourself at LCDs4Less, they usually run about $300 for a brand new on and about half that for a slightly blemished one. Depending on the laptop age, condition and specs it may not be cost effective to have someone repair it for you.
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need to replace h/d as it is going bad. is there anyway to save whats on it including the windows xp?? and put it on the new h/d thanks

A:H/d replacement

Yes. You say your hard drive IS going bad? So get a new drive. Install it as C or primary master with the OS on it, and connect the old drive as D or primary slave. If the old drive can be read by the new operating system you may be able to save the files to the new drive
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WOuld a replacement hard drive come with a loaded OS?

A:Replacement HD

Hi, No, I don't think a normal shop would do this. Regards.
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After cleaning out all the dust stuffed into it, the VGA fan now makes a lot of noise, probably because the bearings are shot.
I want to replace the fan, other than "matching" it up with one on Newegg, is there a more precise way to pick a replacement?
The service tag for this Dell is 7470F1. It appears the card is Nvidia GeForce 8300 GS, but I wasn't able to find the fan spec.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

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My HDD is dead and I am looking for a replacement, it currently runs a WD Blue SATA 6Gb/s 2.5" 5400rpm HDD and an 8mb cache. I want to replace it with a Seagate Barracuda SATA 6gb/s 2.5" 7200rpm HDD and a 128mb cache. Will it be a problem, specificaly for cooling? Thanks

A:HDD Replacement

Hi, I can't see any problem with that. That is a good choice. Regards.
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I want to replace my ssd with a 256Gb  ssd.  Can I do this and if so how do I clone the existing SSD.  This is an HP Adata 256GB SSD Solid State Drive SSD AXNS381E-256GM-B - HP:762214-001.Many thanks Jc
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I have a HP DV7-3160us and the hard drive went out.
Did a hard drive check error (305). Hard drive failed.

Went on to search for hard drives. Do i just need an internal 2.5 HDD, or is there a certain type i need for it?

A:Help with replacement of HDD

It should be a standard 2.5" laptop SATA HD 7200rpm

Seagate ST500LM021 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" Laptop Thin Hard Drive -
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Hi There,

AS Windows SteadyState isnt combatable with Windows 7, I need to find a replacement.

Does anyone know of any good replacements they can recommend>


Toby Hutton


Deep Freeze or Time Freeze
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Hello everyone I see there is a lot of threads about PSUs so I m hesitant about posting another one I just have a quick question My parents PC HP a y suddenly stopped working and I traced the problem to the PSU I used another PSU to verify this Well I don t have a clue what to look for in a replacement PSU besides the max power rating Replacement PSU The original PSU is Bestec ATX- - Z So I need a PSU with at least a W max out that is ATX form factor The main connector is a pin I also need at least peripheral connectors w floppy drive connector and an ATX V P connector Looking at newegg there is A LOT to choose from with many different types available ATX PSU Replacement ATX V ATX V EPS V ATX V MicroATX and MicroATX I just need some guidance Looking to spend - that seems to be the average price of the PSUs on newegg that are - W Thank you nbsp

A:PSU Replacement

The Bestec you are replacing is nothing special. This supply will be much better:
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I had a pc with 2gb ddr3 ram, some days ago i was added 2gb ram again with previous one. But now it is showing 100% cpu usage whenever i start internet. Is there have any connection between ram and cpu usage if ram upgradation not done matching together.

A:Ram replacement

Is all of the RAM recognized by the motherboard and listed in the BIOS? Is all of the RAM listed in Windows System Properties?

Typically the RAM is recognized and works, or it doesn't. Try testing the RAM one at a time to verify they both work properly.
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HI,I am not sure where this discussion should go but lets start here.
I still have not resolved the internet connection problems my PC so i think if i can afford another PC i will go that route now,but my question today is if i get a newer PC with a WIN7 OS already installed can i take the one out of the other PC install it in the newer PC and not bring a malware or virus problem with it and destroy newer PC.
I am not sure if you can do that but would like to know before i get into something i can not fix easily,thank you

A:new PC replacement

This is not a good idea. You will run into all kinds of problems - malware being the least concern. Drivers and activation will be your main problems. I assume your current OS is an OEM system.

A fresh system is always the way to go. And don't be afraid of Windows 8.1. It is a nice system. With a couple of days of training you will love it - fast, reliable and lots of nice features.

What are you looking for - laptop or desktop.
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I'm not sure If I want to keep on paying for Norton 360 so I'd like to see the free alternative out there. Can you reccomend something to replace Norton 360 that would offer equal or higher security?

A:Replacement for Norton 360?

You ask a common question for which you will receive varying opinions and recommendations.Here are links to some recent BC discussion topics with opinions from other members:Best Antivirus?Best anti-virus software for windows 8?Looking for recommended anti-virus softwaresWhat is the best antivirus protection?What's the best premium security suite in the market currently?I generally recommend ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus or Emsisoft Anti-Malware as they leave a small footprint...meaning they are not intrusive and do not utilize a lot of system resources. Kaspersky Anti-virus is also a good choice for the same reason. If you don't want to pay then I would recommend avast! Free Antivirus or Bitdefender Anti-virus Free Edition.For more choices see Choosing an Anti-Virus Program.Keep in mind that an offer of free anti-virus software is essentially a marketing technique...a way of advertising and enticement to get folks to try a product and if they like it, to purchase the full (or Pro) version which typically provides more features. Marketing and promotional strategies are built into the vendor's business model as part of their operating costs. Bottom's all about generating revenue and finding new and creative ways to do so. As such, users may have to deal with occasional nagging pop-ups or nuisance advertising and prompts to upgrade to the paid version.By using such free programs, you are essentially agreeing to the terms of the vendor's service which includes those ads. In some cases you may be able to disable annoying pop-ups through the anti-virus settings if the vendor included an option to disable them. If the vendor does not have such an option listed, then your only alternative is to switch anti-virus software if the pop-up ads annoy you that much.Also keep in mind that many anti-virus vendors are bundling toolbars and other software with their products as a cost recoup measure. In fact, all free Anti-virus programs now come with toolbars or other bundled software except Bitdefender Free.Beware: Free Antivirus Isn’t Really Free AnymoreHas the antivirus industry gone mad?!ESET and Emsisoft Anti-Malware also have the added advantage of blocking the installation of most Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) (such as adware, spyware, unwanted toolbars, browser hijackers) if you enable that feature.
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My Processor Fan is going out and I have not been able to find it.It has a Mulberry Mother Board. HP can't locate it, and I have called all the companies that they gave me. They don;t have it. The Fan is a Foxconn 140B12L  DC 12 Volt  0.12 Amp. Made in China  M494B001 3 Pin. Please Advise:

A:Replacement Part

Hi, The processor fan should come with the processor. Probably you are talking about the system fan part number 646679-001 under Hardware kit section:    (Please bookmark the link for future referrences). You can find it from Amazon: with photo:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Regards.
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hi peeps im wondering if anyone knows where i can get a replacement internal cd-rw+ drive for a sony vaio

my dad was copying files with it and since they were "big files" he decided to squirt it with this can of condensed air that you can buy, he never hsook it and the lens got soaked and water and hasn't worked since. does anyone know how to sort this or where i can get a replacement as i know going to sony would be VERy expensive.

thanks people


A:Where can i find a replacement....


The water inside of a pressurized can of air is actually alcohol, someone correct me if I'm wrong. That stuff evaporates to nothing, so as long as you don't try to turn on said device while it's still wet you'll be fine...

Seeing as how it doesn't work, someone prolly tried to turn it on while still wet (doh!)

Have you tried cleaning the lens?

Is the sony Vaio in question a laptop or desktop? If it's a desktop, any replacement drive will work. Try for cheap cheap prices.

It may be harder to find a replacement away from Sony if it's a laptop.
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Hello everyone I need thoughts on whether or not the problem is the motherboard even though I did some tests and it does seem so but I would like your thoughts Here s the story I have an eMachines T Desktop computer Here s a link to the Computer s Specs http www e me com products products html prod T nothing has been changed except for the Motherboard Replacement? Power Supply which is now a Codegen Dual- w The Problem with the computer is that it no longer turns On The lights of the PC won t turn on but the Fan of the processor the one on the back and the PSU all turn on but nothing appears on screen Pressing and Holding the Power button sometimes shuts down the Fan of the Processors Fan and the one on the back I do not know what the name of that fan but the PSU Fan Motherboard Replacement? still spins Before this behavior started to happen the PC worked normal there were no Performance issues everything just worked until it started to shut down Motherboard Replacement? unexpectedly and ultimately refusing to turn on I already tested the RAM Hard Drive and PSU on another desktop computer and it all worked the RAM and Hard Drive all came out with no errors I also used a Power Supply from another computer to the eMachines computer and RAM and nothing still the same problem So is this Mother Board related Will replacing the Motherboard fix the problem Thanks in Advance nbsp

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Hi all,
I have a Dell Inspiron 530s with one 288gig hard drive (SATA) running Vista home premium/64 (SP2). Although the system seems is running okay, I am preparing to replace the drive (DR0) because of ?event errors ID 7. Also taking this opportunity to replace DR0 with a larger capacity drive, say 500gig. I downloaded ?EASEUS Disk Copy? and created a DVD bootable disk with cloning software. My thought is to add/install the NEW drive (DR1), then boot off the DVD and clone the old to the new drive, then replace DR0 with DR1. First, does this procedure seem OK? Any pitfalls? Also: By cloning the smaller drive to a larger drive, will I be able to use the additional space or will I be restricted to the 288 gigs on the original drive?
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can you replace a 14" LCD display 1366 X 768 resolution to a 1440 X 900?

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So I have been using the free Sygate Personal Firewall for a while now. Apparently it is not being supported anymore. Anyone know of another free one that is equivalent (and doesn't stop functioning or reduce effectiveness after a 30 day trial)? Eh, I might actually have to spring for one. But not if I can help it!

A:Sygate Replacement

Sygate is still an excellent firewall. But at your request here are some freeware firewalls..Firewalls (Run only one.)Zone Alarm Free for Personal Use SyGate Personal Free Edition (I personally use)OutPost Firewall FreeKerio Free Personal Firewall
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Hey, I beg you to help me. My laptop screen is broken and now I am searching to find used replacement. I have been looking for compatibile models that will work with my laptop for hours without any sucess now Im here. Can someone tell me if its possible to find out which models from HP screens are compatible and will work with my model when I replace it.  Thank you

A:Screen replacement

Hi, Please use part number for your computer on page 4-25 of the following manual to order from HP Stores (They may not stock it now) or elsewhere: One example: The manual also shows you how to replace the screen. More manual: Regards.