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I have a problem. I have a HP Pavilion dv5000 laptop computer which had original windows XP installed. I bought an upgrade to Windows 7 pro on the internet and the program is working fine except that I can not get the laptop monitor to show anything. I attached another monitor to the computer and it shows everything normally. I have tried to change the drivers to get back to the original with no success. The audio would not work in Windows 7 so I downloaded a windows XP audio program and now that works. I want to do the same thing for the monitor/graphics software but can not do it yet. Does anyone have a solution? Source for the drivers? I have tried all of the standard things such as restore etc.
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Preferred Solution: dv5000 pavilion

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi All,

I recently got a 2nd hand Pavilion. All was working fine untill i tried to format and reinstall windows XP. The first time i did it, i managed to delete the partitions and start a format. All of a sudden the laptop just powered down. Now whenever I boot from the windows CD it starts loading and when it gets to the part where "Setup is starting windows" and you press Enter to start the installation, it keeps powering down.

Anyone got any ideas what the cause could be?


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I have a hp pavilion DV5000, I had the hard drive crash. I got a new hard drive same manufactuer as the original it is just larger. I can't get the computer to recognize the new hard drive that I just installed. Please Help

A:HP Pavilion DV5000

Go to the website of the hard drive manufacturer, and download their drive setup software. Most drive manufacturers, except Toshiba, have setup software.
Otherwise, you benefit from using a full Windows disc rather than the recovery disk that came with the HP Pavilion... though it is do-able.
OEM drives you buy without the box and setup disk just take a little more experience because it needs a low level format or a manufacturer setup.
The download from the drive manufacturer's web site also comes with instructions on what to do.
Then of course the original hard drive crash may have been some other problem to begin with.
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So let s start this by saying I m not computer illiterate A few days ago I was having a problem with the fan not rotating properly and thus not giving as much heat relief as needed so I took the damn thing apart amp reset the fan cleaned it all out etc The fan works fine now however I think before I was able to fix the fan something else happened that is out of my control Here s the problem Computer works fine for everyday activities ie internet aim word etc When I try to watch a movie or play a game or anything that requires any sort of graphics the entire computer just shuts Hp pavilion dv5000 off Now I m really not entirely sure as to why it would do this there s no forewarning no graphics errors that would indicate the video card is malfunctioning or anything like that but I thought it might be the video card s battery I m gonna replace the battery anyways because it couldn t hurt but any other solutions would be greatly appreciated I m not Hp pavilion dv5000 ready for this laptop to die nbsp

A:Hp pavilion dv5000

thus, you something missed when you was cleaning your cooling system. check the heatsink carefully again, and check the air temperature which blow out from laptop. if it hot, then problem is in some other place, if it's not hot, then check again cooling system.
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My laptops lagging really bad. i can't restore it, it always says "restore incomplete" i've run various scans which clear out alot of malware and spyware ect. but nothing helps. it still takes forever for anything to load, when i try and use windows media player its real choppy. Also cannot boot up in safe mode.

A:HP Pavilion dv5000 in trouble

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I have a HP Dv Its running Xp media has a amd turion processor and gig or ram It has been running slower and slower over the last few months I cant seem to figure out why I run zonealarm for a firewall and avg for antivirus I also scan with adware There is nothing on the computer that any of them find Yet the computer runs so slow theres times i type faster then the letters appear on screen I do have a ton of processes running but i am unsure of what I can clear out and what needs to stay I just counted and there is processes Is there a way to find out what i can Pavilion Dv5000 HP issues clear HP Pavilion Dv5000 issues out and what needs to stay Any other ideas what might be making my laptop crawl Im not to computer savvy so please bear with me Ive been working on issue non stop with this thing for a few a while now I also have the dreaded random shut HP Pavilion Dv5000 issues downs and my office wont work anymore IM still working on those as well Hit me with any ideas you migh have Thanks nbsp

A:HP Pavilion Dv5000 issues

Run an HP restore
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I have problems with the driver on my laptop. The Sound Card is not recognized and I have no sound at all. I would like to know if there is any solution to this problem.

A:HP Pavilion dv5000 NO SOUND

I have finally downloaded Win 7 32 bit and eveything now works fine. You have to download the driver fromo though but thats no problem. It works great and I like the system Im looking forward to it actually. Thanks to everyone for their interest.
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My ligthscribe drive on my HP Pavilion Medel DV5000 won't recongize any of my DVD Movies and Audio Discs.

In My Computer my DVD Rom Drive won't show up.

I tried looking for the drivers for the drive but could'nt find it.

I believe my Anti-Spyware program dump my drivers under Windows XP or I had a Virus before and scrwed everything up.

I tried Boot Up Linux Disc but with no luck.

Anyone have exprience this problem ?

A:HP Pavilion Model Dv5000? Jazz
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My BIOS information now:
Pavilion DV5000
Systembord id: 30AE
Processor: AMD Turion 64
Processor speed: 1800 Mgh
System memory: 1920Mb
BIOS version: F.33
KBC version: 49.38
Serial number: [edited By Moderator]
On official site from HP i cannot find Bios versions for the Pavilion DV5000.
Are there official newer HP BIOS versions for this laptop ?????

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A:Is there an BIOS upgrade for HP Pavilion DV5000 ?

Yes, that is correct, and you can update the BIOS if you are running XP. As long as you flash the BIOS with the XP OS, you should be OK, but I cannot guarantee it 100%. I don't dual boot any of my PC's.
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Hi everyone I own an HP Pavilion dv and it has been giving me some troubles these past weeks At first it dv5000 Trouble an laptop. with Pavilion HP was a problem with it constantly rebooting after having displayed the good old Windows XP loading Black Trouble with an HP Pavilion dv5000 laptop. Screen Today it started to behave strangely again and I tried to control the situation Since nothing happened and the OS was completely stopped and the screen had frozen I rebooted it the old school the very stupid way you remove the batteries Trouble with an HP Pavilion dv5000 laptop. and the alimentation When I tried to put it to work again there s the black screen with the quot HP Invent quot thing and then nothing happens afterwards I ran BIOS and I can t see the name of my HD anywhere nor can I make the OS work in the quot mode without mistakes quot nor any option available when I press F right after the black screen appears Can someone help me I d be very thankful since my situation is a bit desperated Oh and excuse my english I might have a few mistakes Thanks everyone nbsp

A:Trouble with an HP Pavilion dv5000 laptop.

your hdd may be broken. if you need information from this hdd, i recommend you to put it in service-centre,which can restore info's from hard drives.
another reason: if you can't boot from DVD drive - the southbridge chip may also been broken. in this case - only the MB repairing or replacing can solve the problem.
and what's the model of your notebook?
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Here is a pic of the display on my HP DV5000 laptop.  Hooked up to an external monitor it works fine.  I've seen posts that say stuff like inverters, motherboards, etc. go bad.  Any idea what to look for on this one?  thanks. 

A:HP Pavilion DV5000 Display Problem

Have you found out what the problem with your system is?  I have an HP Pavilion DV5000 doing the EXACT same thing, but since the hard drive went out, I can't reinstall Windows XP on it because I can only see the top 1/3 of the screen.  See, even with an external monitor, this system won't recognize the monitor until it's in full windows mode.  Installing windows on this thing would be like flying blind.  Very frustrating.  If only I could get xp reinstalled on it, I do believe using an external monitor also.  Unless I can find a way, this laptop is finished.
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Ok when i pop in the xp disk, it loads fine and boots to the hard disk screen ,but no hard disks can be found. I can boot to the drive easily but hp loaded this machine with so much crap that its insane to fix it now. All i want to do is wipe the sucker clean and start over with pro sp2 since thats all i have. I'm about to but a bullet hole through the whole laptop, or at least smash it with a sledge hammer :P

A:hp pavilion dv5000 wont let me install pro sp2


If you are going to do this, Please back up all your files that you want to keep.

You might want to start your laptop up from cd. and Windows Setup should see all the Hard Drives/Disks on you laptop there will only be one on you laptop but it could be partitioned.

Any more help just ask,

Have a nice day,

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At my dv5000 to Hp connect wireless wont Pavilion home I use suddenlink internet phone and Hp Pavilion dv5000 wont connect to wireless cable The modem I have relays my internet and phone service I plug a Hp Pavilion dv5000 wont connect to wireless Linksys wireless-G GHz broadband router into the modem to make my internet wireless Hp Pavilion dv5000 wont connect to wireless Both my boyfriend and I are able to pick up the signal fine My mothers internet will not pick up the signal The wireless works because the little blue button stays on There is just no wireless signals found I have looked everywhere for an answer The internet was working then we had the power go off and now it will not connect Her computer is an HP Pavilion dv series it runs windows xp I know a little about computers so I have done all the basic things to try and fix it Reset router update drivers disable reenable the wireless I have done all of those things I have had this problem once before and the solution is simple I JUST CANNOT REMEMBER Please anyone who knows anything I would love advice on how to fix it Oh when I plug her directly into the internet she runs fine I don t think the actual wireless on her computer is the issue because it is staying on it is something wrong with picking up the signals nbsp

A:Hp Pavilion dv5000 wont connect to wireless

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
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Hiya I've been trying to make improvements to an old laptop of mine - A Pavilion DV EA with an Intel Celeron M CPU Bios version F laptop issues CPU replacement Pavilion with DV5000 After going through the manual the forums and gathering info I tried replacing the Celeron CPU with an Intel T and then an Intell T which by all accounts are supported and should have worked But in both cases the laptop wouldn't get as far as the boot screen - the power would come on when the power button was pressed all the lights would light up but that's it no beeps or anything CPU replacement issues with Pavilion DV5000 laptop else The fan would start once the power came on but turned off after a few seconds and the laptop would stay like that indefinitely Once I switched back to the Celeron it was back to normal as though nothing had happened nbsp Is there something else that needs to be done besides the BIOS update that might get one of the replacement CPUs to work I also have a Core Duo cpu i haven't tried yet - is it even worth the effort given the results with the and nbsp Thanks in advance

A:CPU replacement issues with Pavilion DV5000 laptop

Hi, Did you buy the RIGHT part number from HP or from other shops ? Normal retail CPU's won't work. Please don't ask me why but believe me, it's simply won't work. Regards.
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i have an hp pavilion dv5000 and at first i had a "blue screen" problem so my friend thought reformatting my hard drive will help but no i have no OS and when i try to put one in it says like "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system" please help i dont know what to do

A:HP Pavilion dv5000 cant find a hard disk installed

How did you friend reformat the HDD?

1. Under Windows
2. Under Windows Setup
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My HP dv Pavilion Notebook is failing to recognize the internal CD-ROM drive This is a recent problem the drive was working properly less than a week ago The device manager shows no option for the drive as well as the system information in the HP help center has the drive listed as not being installed I have go so far as checking the BIOS Phoenix edition for the drive but am unable to locate the option to check if the drive is enabled I fully understand the risk CD-ROM failing to dv5000 is the recognize internal drive. HP My Notebook Pavilion and danger in entering the BIOS hence why I am seeking advice from those who are more knowledgeable I have tried calling the HP support center for assistance needless to say they were of no help The individual I spoke to had even My HP dv5000 Pavilion Notebook is failing to recognize the internal CD-ROM drive. less knowledge of computers than I do and even less of how to help solve my problem If there is anyone able to help I would greatly appreciate it thank you nbsp

A:My HP dv5000 Pavilion Notebook is failing to recognize the internal CD-ROM drive.

If Device Manager doesn't even show the drive there is a good chance that it has died. You can look in BIOS. In a Phoenix BIOS where you usually want to look is under Main. You should see your HD and maybe the CD drive. Settings should be on auto. If the CD drive isn't there it probably needs replacing. With a laptop you could take the drive out and put it back in to make sure you have a good connection.
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Pretty much the thread topic..upgraded from XP to 7 today and can't seem to up my resolution. Tried updating the drivers but they all say up to date. Went to HP's site to try and update the drivers but there's no option for Windows 7..just XP and Vista naturally lol but yeah just trying to expand the screen a bit cuz it looks off.

A:Hp Pavilion dv5000 Windows 7 32bit stuck in 1024 X 768 reso

I have the same laptop and I never had any issue with the resolution...

You need the legacy ATI Catylist control center and mobility moder.
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i have an hp pavilion dv5000 and at first i had a "blue screen" problem so my friend thought reformatting my hard drive will help but no i have no OS and when i try to put one in it says like "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system" please help i dont know what to do

A:my hp pavilion dv5000 has many problems like its not finding a hard disk drive

What is the error code on the blue screen message.

Look for specific numbers such as 0x---------
Also anything such as PAGE_FAULT
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I was given a slightly beat HP laptop when one of my customers upgraded. The video chipset still works (i.e. works fine when attaching an external display) but the screen itself is acting up. When the computer is powered up, the backlight turns on but there is just a single vertical line of colored pixels. I know all of the pixels work because if I tap the side of the screen they will display normally at any given time, but then the picture seems to get distorted or slowly burns out. So I'm thinking the inverter is junk, which is an easy enough fix... but I wanted to ask someone who has a bit more experience with this sort of thing. Any ideas?

A:HP dv5000 bad inverter?

The LCD panel itself might be bad, but you can check all cable connections before you purchase any parts. i really don't think it is the inverter
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HI! I'm wondering if anyone has any advice. I shut down my dv5000 laptop the normal shutdown and then the next time I tried it won't turn on. I can see that it is getting power because the little light in the front is lit up. It is plugged in to AC the battery is about dead on it so I always us it plugged in. This is the first time I have had any problems with it.

Thanks in advance for any help

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my sister s laptop an hp dv was plugged directly into the wall during an electrical storm about a with help sister's hp dv5000 week ago and now its unusable when she turns it on the black screen with the blinking white bar in the upper left-hand help with sister's hp dv5000 corner comes up for a second or two and then the screen flashes blue and the whole thing help with sister's hp dv5000 shuts off two of her friends are computer science majors shes in college and they think the only thing thats wrong with it is the hard drive got fried first of all i was just wondering if it is possible for the only thing to get fried is a hard drive during an electrical storm im pretty new to the actual inner workings of a computer and i was just wondering if it would be worth the money buying a new hard drive if that is a likely situation i was also wondering if a quot Western Digital GB UDMA RPM MB NB HDD quot part WD BEVE would be compatible with it i have searched several sites and it seems like it is but i really don t want to have two unusable hard drives when its going to be replaced instead of just the one i dont have the laptop with me since my sister s at school until the weekend so i dont know how much more information about the computer i can give but ill try please help me so i can stop being the middle-man for my computer illiterate sister nbsp
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Hello I picked up a used HP dv dv us laptop and the hard drive is toast it has a bad partition table It came with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition I am thinking of putting Vista on it The HP specs on this http Help to know need laptop, HP dv5000 with Solved: h www hp com ewfrf wc document docname c amp cc us amp lc en amp dlc en amp product What I need to know is I would like to Solved: Help with HP dv5000 laptop, need to know use a GB ATA E I D E WESTERN DIGITAL WD SCORPIO WD BEVE RPM HP tech support says I cant use more the a gb drive and it has to be rpm Can I use a bigger drive in this laptop or do I have to stay with a bg rpm drive The old drive was a Fujitsu gb Model MHV AT and will not boot up at all I tried PM to to fix it and keeps telling me bat drive Thanks Ken nbsp

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My wireless card is working properly, however I get the error statement: "unable to find certificate to log you on to the network."   All was fine until I had a crash.  After recovering the system, the wireless failed to work.  I have re-installed the driver, but that did not help.  Any Suggestions?
Router:                 D-Link Dir 615
Computer:           HP Pavilion dv5000  running XP
Wireless Card:   Intel Pro 3945ABG

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A:Wireless is not working on DV5000 ?That error message can pop up if you're running IEEE 802.1x authentication, but are not actually in a 802.1x (EAP) environment.Please goto Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Communications --> Network Connections --> Right-click your Connection and select Properties --> Click on the Authentication tab --> Disable / uncheck the option IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network. Now, try to connect to your Wireless network; are you able to? (Note: you may need to restart the computer.)
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So I just installed windows recently on my sisters HP windows dv5000 hp problems 7 pavillion pavillion dv There are a number of problems First the keyboard is wack After I type a few words hp pavillion dv5000 windows 7 problems it'll jump to a middle of a sentence before or words before and start from there as I type like I'll write hey how are you and it goes between h and ow and starts the cursor all the way over there or it'll be gone and start no where and it'll go to the post button or something Another issue but not as big is the fact that there is a mute button if you are familiar with the HP pavillion DV and when you press it the light goes on if you turn on the mute This always happens It happened when I still use windows XP now that I changed it to windows however it no longer works If I press mute or even if I don't the button is not turned on Any one can help ESPECIALLY with the wacky keyboard situation I can't type anything without it going back midway and start to type out of the wrong section of it Thanks Sound Issue whenever I hibernate then restore windows the sound is gone I cannot get it back unless I restart my PC

A:hp pavillion dv5000 windows 7 problems

Check here for updates

Product search results
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hi gang
I haven't dealt with xp in awhile, especially on AMD Turion hardware...
a hard drive failed [like dead.... another issue] on this laptop and I grabbed the only IDE device I had in the pile to try to load XP back on the laptop. its a AMD Turion x64 HP DV5000 series... when I load the HP OEM XP CD it gets to the point of initial load like before the "press F8 to EULA" - bombs out with the message: /ntkrnlmp.exe not loaded error code 4
Googling about I find a bit of material about the ntkrnl error 7 but not error 4.

anyone tell me what's going on?
the bios on this system is quite lame... setup has few options at all so there's not much to enable/disable.
The Disc SHOULD be good - its been probably 3 months since I used it successfully to rebuild a different HP laptop...

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I am working on an HP Dv laptop Turion processor Slow Dv5000 HP behavior erradic and GB RAM and GB HD running factory installed Windows XP MCE All MS updates HP Dv5000 Slow and erradic behavior are current Avast antivirus is running properly The user has particularly good computer use and browsing habits but just the same I have used Spybot SD to verify that no spy ad mal-ware are currently installed I ran Sophos Anti-rootkit no problems found No AOL no toolbars HP Dv5000 Slow and erradic behavior no junkware No firewall software no special security software The main symptom is slow start-up - Windows logo screen a bit slow then sits at a black screen HP Dv5000 Slow and erradic behavior for up to minutes before finally showing the Welcome screen Click on profile results in another - minute wait Windows event wav files have a bit of a jerky sound Applications start slow and function like they are starving for memory I have stripped it down to basic functions via HJT HD Cleaner and Spybot SD I performed chkdsk r and found fixed some disk errors It did not however fix the problem Does anyone out there have any ideas I haven t mentioned nbsp

A:HP Dv5000 Slow and erradic behavior

Apparently this one was a real stumper... I was hoping to get to the root cause, but I finally resolved the problem by rebuilding the pc. I see that several folks viewed my post, so thanks for looking everyone. Maybe we can figure this one out next time.
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I'm having trouble with my hp pavilion dv5000. It started about a month ago and i should have tried to repair it sooner. To begin with the problem was just loud clicking noise, perhaps the fan. Soon after it had trouble waking from standby and finally while attempting to turn it on the power LED would turn on but after a few seconds the screen wouldn't light up and the power LED light would begin to flash.
It had been working still however if you tried to startup a few times, with no further problems. However now it won't seem to get past the Flashing LED no matter how many times i try.
I'd be really greatful for any ideas.


A:Flashing Power LED - no startup - HP dv5000

loud clicking noiseClick to expand...

Usually HardDrive failure
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Can I install Windows 7 on Hp DV5000 laptop and will it work ?


A:Install Windows 7 on Hp DV5000 laptop

Can I install the same drivers I used for this laptop using Windows xp pro. on
Windows 7 Pro.?

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after hibernate my hp pavillion dv5000 laptop has no sound. I have to always restart my computer to get sound.

A:hp pavillion dv5000 laptop no sound after hibernate

Are your drivers up-to-date?
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I recently purchased a replacement battery for my HP Pavilion dv5035nr and after charging, the computer will not start without the power cord attached. Frankly, I am not sure it is charging, since the battery monitor remains at 62% charged and identifies the battery as an original HP battery, which it is not. I have removed and replaced the battery and this doesn't seem to work. I have also updated the BIOS but this has not helped. The replacement batter is a 12 cell lithium-ion, 10400 mah. Any suggestions? I appreciate the help.

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I have mobile intel 945 express chipset for my hp pavillion dv5000 laptop. Is there a windows 7 update for the driver? and what is the maximum resolution if anyone knows? Before I upgraded to windows 7 I didn't check how high the screen resolution can go but hopefully I can make it larger because everything is so compressed at 1024 x 768 I want to see it in a larger resolution but I'm not sure if there is an upgrade or if it's even possible.

A:mobile intel 945 express chipset for hp pavillion dv5000

If there is an updated driver for your chipset it can be found using the driver update utility available at Intel? Driver Update Utility.

This should sort you out.

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Dear everybody! I'm going to buy more 8GB Crucial ram for my laptop. Currently i have 4GB. So i will have 12GB ram total. So Could anyone give me some advices about this. Is it ok ? Is it compatible with my device ?  Thank you.  

A:HP-Pavilion-17-f100-Notebook-PC-series - HP Pavilion Noteboo...

@0xaddr? Memory Supports the following configurations: ? 12288 MB (8192 MB×1+ 4096 MB×1; not supported on computer models with a 32-bit operating system) Your manual here. REO
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The sound on my notebook works fine until I connect it via HDMI to an HP Pavilion 24xw monitor.  Then the audio disappears.  If I disconnect it, the audio comes back. I have tried going to the 'Sound' section of the control panel.  There are two options:Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio HP 24xwThe default is Speakers Realtek.  When I use the test facility my notebook plays the test sound.  I have updated to the latest version of the driver. Can someone help with why when plugging in the monitor the audio disappears from my notebook? Thank you so much!
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Hi, I just bought 2 laptops today and wanted it to be in Windows 7 64 bit instead of Windows 10.May I know where to get the Winows 7 drivers?I had tried to search around but I couldn't get Win7 driver.Can you provide me? The laptops I just bought are:HP Pavilion 14-ab175TXHP Pavilion Notebook - 14-ab161tx
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a simple question......will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

help me obi-wan youre my only hope!!


A:will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

Actually that's a hard question, generally its not possible to install another motherboard, sometimes it is. In this case one is an AMD platform and the other is an Intel platform, there could be tons of differences in mounting holes, physical design, clearance, connectors, heat dissipation requirements, cooling systems, etc. Laptops are not like desktops that use more standardized designs.
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I have a Genuine Microsoft DVD DV4 not does ... Pavilion internal Pavilion UEFI show dvd using for Windows When I put the Bios in UEFI boot mode It does not boot from the DVD or Pavilion DV4 Pavilion using UEFI does not show internal dvd ... if i use a USB bootable stick nbsp formatted using APT format When I hit esc on boot and select the boot devices to boot from nothing is shown nbsp If nbsp I let it just try to boot it give me a message that no bootable image on hard disk It is a new hard nbsp When I put it in legacy support mode it will boot either the USB or the internal DVD but I want to use UEFI and the new APT format for security What device can you buy so this laptop nbsp will boot something that is portable media on this bios nbsp It came with this format on the original hard drive with windows nbsp Thanks Buford nbsp HP Pavilion DV - cl with INSYDE F bios from latest update
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I would like to connect my HP Pav 23-1010t All in One Desktop to my HP Pav dm4 laptop.  For the purpose of switching between the two, using the HP Pav 23 video/monitor, keyboard and mouse to control what is on the laptop.  Will a KVM switch work?  Or some other swtich or cables?
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My HP Pavilion 500-205t was destroyed by a lightning strike. The HD is o.k. I have purchased an HP Pavilion 500-490 because the specs were very close.  I  want to use my 205t HD. Both computers are Core i3-4130, have 1 TB 7200 SATA 6G 3.5 HDs, same OS (Windows 7 Pro 64). My question is:  can I swap them out, or do I need to get an external HD enclosure and copy the 205t to the 490? If I need the external HD enclosure, looks like aluminum would be best, but would like recommendation for one which would hold my HD.
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how does the dvd/cd work ? have a disk in but wont come out . need to know how it works ........... steve

A:hp pavilion all in one

When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.
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hi just bought a lap top hp pavilion dv2530 with vista and i cant find how to activAte the built in web cam, theres nothing in the help, im a bit of a novice can anybody help?

A:hp pavilion web cam?

morgansssss said:

hi just bought a lap top hp pavilion dv2530 with vista and i cant find how to activAte the built in web cam, theres nothing in the help, im a bit of a novice can anybody help?Click to expand...

Hiya morgansssss,

Right mate do you have all the Quickplay software. If so all you need to do is goto Start, Computer, Devices, Hardware. At the top of the page you will see System Devices. Click it.

You will then see a window just like XP. Hit the hardware tab then scroll down to the USB line.

Once there you should see "USB composite device". Right click on it and choose Enable.
There will be a pause as the device is enabled.

You will then need to scroll up a little and find "imaging devices". Right click on "HP Webcam" and enable it.

That should sort it out. If not let us know.... Hope that helps. Peace
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hey, i've had a hp detachable pavilion x2 for a week or so, it came with 8.1 on it and i wasn't going to upgrade to 10 but thought sod it and upgraded earlier and now my mouse touchpad randomly stops working, the mouse pointer disappears and the keybooard stops working, i have to use an on screen keyboard and use the touch screen to get around

it says it is a ELAN touchpad, i've spent over an hour now googling this issue. all signs are pointing to it being a driver issue after a windows 10 upgrade yet i haven't seen an actual fix anywhere. can anyone point me to a link of the driver that i need please before i throw this thing into the street

elan say to contact manufacturer yet HP have nothing on their website unless i have completely missed something obvious. please help

A:HP Pavilion x2

If you go to the linked HP page and enter your product number, you should be able to find the HP drivers for your touchpad:

If there are no Win10 drivers, then you should not have upgraded to Win10, because not every HP machine running Win8.1 is upgradeable to Win10 without problems. You could have checked the compatibility on the HP site prior to the upgrade.
Relevancy 26.23%

I have been trying to help a friend update or correct her winxp on her HP pavilion w I have a copy of my winxp cd from my dell system however I dont have the product key code to use it So I have tried repeatedly to reset her computer to boot from her cdrom without success I even posted here last week and someone suggested to tap the delete key when rebooting to change the boot sequence I wasnt able to get it to work However I did accidently discover that tapping F brings up the Recover system on her computer Not knowing exactly for sure if I could just correct her winxp with recoverying Pavilion Help HP with Need the whole system I turned off the computer to stop it I have questions Can anyone tell me if the Recovery System on this HP model allows you to correct a current copy of your windows without reformatting and or Can anyone tell Need Help with HP Pavilion me Need Help with HP Pavilion how to set this Need Help with HP Pavilion HP model to reboot from the CD-rom OR How do I access the bios to change the boot sequence Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nbsp

Relevancy 26.23%

Five months ago I bought an HP Pavilion Notebook dv us I also purchased Norton Internet Security and Spy Sweeper I kept these along with Windows XP up to date About a month ago I turned it on my Pavilion Help with HP and it said Windows did not start successfully A recent hardware or software change might have caused this If your computer stopped responding restarted unexpectedly or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or Reset button was pressed or if you aren t sure what cause the problem choose Start Windows Normally Then it listed the ways to start up Safe Mode Safe Mode with Networking Safe Mode with Command Prompt Last Known Good Configuration Start Windows Normally I made no hardware changes and the only software changes were Norton Spy Sweeper and Windows updates The last time that I had my computer on it did not stop responding or restart automatically or shut down automatically Previous start up was not interrupted due to power failure and I did not press the power button or the reset button I tried all options starting with Start Windows Normally When I did this and when I tried starting with Last Known Good Configuration Windows acted like it was going to start up and then the screen went blank power was still ok When I started in the Safe Modes the screen filled Help with my HP Pavilion with stings The first sting was multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS system DRIVERS PCIIDEX SYS I called HP support and was told without asking me very many questions that I had a virus and that my only option was to re-image my computer I went along with it and my computer seemed to be working fine until last week it happened again I am looking for some advice on what the problem could be and please speak in layman s terms as I am not very computer literate I want to be prepared so that when I call HP they can t just get away with an easy fix If there was something wrong with my computer before I even took it out of the box I want to be able to make an argument so that HP has to fix it Thank you for your help nbsp
Relevancy 26.23%

I have a problem with my hp pavilion laptop when i put it on AC charging the white light blinks not charging

A:hp pavilion

Model number? How old is the battery and the laptop?
Relevancy 26.23%

what is the dimensions of my hard disk? i want to keep ssd in place of HDD, so i want to know which type ssd can i keep. is it m.2 conector or m.3 conector

A:hp pavilion 15 ab-516 tx

Hi I found this manuals for you unit in page 3 you can find the info M.2 SATA3
Relevancy 26.23%

I am having problems with my HP Pavilion 15f- 033WM laptop. When I tr y to turn it on, the light next to the on button turns orange and then white, but the laptop does not turn on. Switched out the battery, no difference. Anyone that can help it would be greatly appreciated Rich G

A:hp pavilion 15f-033

Hello @dorado1962, Welcome to the HP Forums! I have taken a look at your post and understand that your HP 15-f033wm is not turning on. I want to help you resolve this issue. Please begin with a hard reset. Once that is complete, follow this troubleshooting documents in an attempt to turn the notebook on: HP Notebook PCs - Using and Testing the AC Power AdapterHP Notebook PCs - Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a ChargeHP Notebook PCs - Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 10)HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Which Operating System are you using on the notebook? I look forward to your reply! If this information has helped you, click the thumbs up!
Relevancy 26.23%

I was having some issues with my laptop being slow and randomly shutting down applications that were open. I scanned for viruses thinking that could be the cause, but none were found. I then decided to just do a total reset and erase literally everything on there. The reset got to around 62% and then it said it failed. Now my laptop will not completely turn on. It just goes to a black screen with the HP logo and then back to a black screen. Every once in a while an error screen pops up with a message saying something like CMOS checksum error. I have tried resetting it with the power button but it haven't worked. Does anyone know how to fix this? It's only a couple months old and I really don't want to buy a new one!
Relevancy 26.23%

I just bought this computer on May th nbsp Computer shut itself off pavilion one all in and tried to reboot itself nbsp Then reported that there is no hard drive nbsp Now mind you I have been using this computer for over three weeks now I shut down the system for the night turned it on the next morning and it worked pavilion all in one for pavilion all in one about hours nbsp Then shut itself off nbsp came back on went into repair mode just to end up saying there was no hard drive nbsp Called HP and spoke with someone I could barely understand nbsp I spent and hours on the phone trying pavilion all in one to get this to work nbsp She asked if there was any other progams on the computer nbsp I told her nothing but the anti-virus nbsp She decided it was my antivirus that was not compatable nbsp She proceeded to walk me thru the recovery and it still didn't work nbsp So I was told to wait until June th for a usb stick system recovery nbsp It will fix the issue nbsp Today June th I received the system recovery usb stick followed instructions and low and behold again there is no hard drive nbsp I spent over on a computer that I can't get to work nbsp Can someone please help me nbsp

A:pavilion all in one

Wendy, welcome to the forum. I have asked the appropriate people within HP to help you.  Thank you for your patience.
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I am trying to connect my Hp pavilion dv6 6135dx to my samsung porgiato HDtv and before purchasing anything I would like to know what cable and/or converter I would need to connect them. My samsung tv doesnt have an hdmi port so I would need either composite or s-video cable to my vga port on my laptop.

A:Hp pavilion to tv

Hi and welcome to TSF possibly something like this GTMax HDMI to Composite /S-Video Converter 3RCA: Electronics
Relevancy 26.23%

I need to upgrade the ram of my  Pavilion dv6 1100sv.Please tell me the type of ram i'll need.Thanks.

View Solution.

A:Which RAM for my Pavilion dv6

PALAIOLOGOS Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about neediong RAM for your DV6 and wanted to help.According to the Maintenance and Service Guide for your PC it uses SODIMM PC2-6400 800MHZ DDR2 memory modules. If you want to confirm that on your PC, then I suggest you download and run CPU-Z from here:  CPUIDGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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Let me ask: How to adjust the microphone is available in laptops

A:Hp Pavilion G4

Dear Customer, Please go through the below doument, see if its helpful:   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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My HP Pavilion has the intel 810 chipset. It won't give me more than 24 bit color.

I have reinstalled drivers and down loaded new drivers till I am blue in the face - to no avail.

Any hints what to do next would be appreciated.

Relevancy 26.23%

HP Pavilion g7 right speaker is non-functional. The issue occurred after unit was dropped. I am absolutely certain it is not driver, software or balance settings etc etc etc... Is it possible that the connection was jarred loose somehow? Both channels work through headphones.

A:hp Pavilion

Could be the connection, or something broke like the actual speaker, one of the wires, or the circuit board/adapter/plug for the speaker.

You will need to open it up and a look, no other way around that.
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I am trying to fix my granddaughter computer hp pavilion dv4-1514dx, I did reinstall windows 7 and I have al kinds of errors:
After the reinstallation of windows 7, I have this message: ?No bootable device-Insert boot disk and press any key?
When I shut the computer and reboot again I get this message:
Windows could not complete the installation. To install windows in this computer, restart the installation.?
Then I restart again and this is what happens:
Application close [info] NO HDD
Hard drive test ok
Some times the computer restarts ok but then ask for administrator password
Administrator password is Clear in the bios set up
Can you help?

A:HP Pavilion

It sounds like something went wrong during the Windows re-installation. Since it sounds like you have installation media and this is a fresh install anyway, the first thing I would do is try installing again from the Installation DVD.
Relevancy 26.23%

I have a pavilion 23 -worked fine but now all of a sudden the keyboard has started playing up _ starts every newcharacter with a v - the touch screen keypad works but isnt ideal
Relevancy 26.23%

I have a client with one of these, the fan is howling pretty good, looking at it carefully it seems the PSU is riveted into the case, HP does not list it for sale seperately. Anybody know of a PSU that will fit in here? or should I just toss it and chalk it up to experience?

Relevancy 26.23%

Hi there nbsp I want to install an M SSD in my new Pavilion laptop but I just want to be sure this for Pavilion SSD 17? M.2 will work nbsp My laptop part no is V Z AV - HP Pavilion t-ab CTO ENERGY STAR It doesn't M.2 SSD for Pavilion 17? have a touchscreen I want to install GB M PCIe x SS NVMe TLC PA for use with non-touch screen M.2 SSD for Pavilion 17? products - This part is listed in the laptop's service manual nbsp When I bought the laptop from the HP store I was only given M.2 SSD for Pavilion 17? the option of the GB SSD which was not enough for my needs so I went with the TB spinner This is why I'm not sure that the GB is compatible nbsp I disassembled the laptop and I do have a free M slot nbsp I just want to be sure this will work and that it will use the full four lanes of the PCIe bus Otherwise I'll look at a lower-cost upgrade nbsp Thanks for your time
Relevancy 26.23%

just got my new Pavilion X2, unable to go online because the keyboard doesnt register anything. I am not happy.
Relevancy 26.23%

Desktop is not starting up properly. Auto Repair screen pops up to restart. Will restart but doesn't fix the problem.
Relevancy 26.23%

Hi today I opened my computer and it wouldn't go past hp logo. Called hp, they advised to release the static. Did that, comp worked fine. Just went to re open comp and it's the same thing (10hrs later) tried to dispel the static and it's now not working, just the up screen. Please help!!!please note, I'm not a techie or techie minded, so any help needs to be laymans terms please. thanks in advance 

View Solution.

A:Pavilion 23

Hello @Pottumpuss, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I came across your post about issue with the desktop not starting, and wanted to help! First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Desktop PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10,8) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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Turned on my hp . The screen came on . Asked for password then went black before putting in the password. The side lights is on put no display. Please help
Relevancy 26.23%

Video- I tried installing Direct X It seemed to install fine I restarted like it asked me to and I tried installing and playing HP Pavilion Help Halo It game me a error about hardware acceleration it did the same with Battlefield giving a slighty diffrent error but basicly the same and also with a N Emulator They all gave me Direct X related errors I HP Pavilion Help went into several places can t really remember were quot to check what video card HP Pavilion Help I had and they all said quot unkown quot Audio The audio doesn t work I didn t really try anything to fix it other then HP Pavilion Help making sure everything was connected-which is it Also I don t know if this is important or not it shouldn t be but I uninstalled the defualt version of windows the PC came with mainly becuase of all the worthless it came with I figured it was just easier to re-install windows thne delete it all CD Burner I can t get the thing to work I tried Nero and CDRWIN and neither of them would burn a cd it just said no CD writer installed I was thinking maby it was a drivers problem I tried reinstalling them through the device manager section but it just said their was no drivers found nbsp

Relevancy 26.23%

Hello everybody I have a problem with my notebook, when I try to turn it on I find screen black with line up on the left. I tried to do bios and stuff and it says bios recovery (500) I press enter and still on the same black screen nothing changes. Sorry for my english first of all and can somebody please help me?
Relevancy 26.23%

pls help i forgot my admin password how can i removed?theres a number show 63324160

A:hp pavilion

Your question has already been asked and answered. See your other thread.
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My wife's HP Pavilion has hit the bunk, or so it seems.

It's a four year old laptop, which has been suffering from serious spyware problems for a while. Before it quit, I ran Panda active scan on it, and it detected 200+ malware infections. When I tried cleaning out Temp. Internet files, cookies, etc., IE would freeze and not respond.

Then - the mouse quit on logon. So, I thought, I've had it, time to reformat and reinstall manufacturer software. Which I did, only to find out that on boot-up mouse and keyboard both refused to respond. Not good.

Ran the diagnostic utility, which said something about RAM being set wrong, and then point out some non-specific "board problem".

Does anyone have any idea what this is about, before I reach for my biggest sledge hammer and have some quality time in my backyard with this piece of junk? :suspiciou

A:HP Pavilion

download Spybot search and destroy and ad-aware.
run both.

panda anti-virus sucks. Use norton or mcafee.

consider using an alternate web browser like mozilla or firefox. They're less prone to virus and trojan attacks.
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? OS - Vista/ Windows 7 ? Windows 7 Home Premium? x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? 64 bit AMD Turion II Dual Core M500 2.2GHz? What was original installed OS on system? Win 7? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? OEM? Age of system (hardware) 2 yrs? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? No ? CPU AMD Turion II Dual Core M500 2.2GHz? Video Card Notebook? MotherBoard Notebook? Power Supply - brand & wattage Notebook ? System Manufacturer HP? Exact model number (if laptop, check label on bottom) HP Pavilion DV4

A:Win 7 HP Pavilion dv4

Uninstall your anti Virus,
Install MSE

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

also run "SFC /scannow"
Relevancy 26.23%

Just purchased hp pavilion 15, how long does it take for everthing to upload? Started the express choice about 2 1/2 hours ago and the screen still says just a moment. Can you help, please?
Relevancy 26.23%

Hello nbsp I have an HP Pavilion dv that I have put windows pavilion dv4 HP on nbsp Everything is working and going great considering how old this laptop is nbsp nbsp But I do have nbsp four drivers that I am not sure to what they are nbsp Also one nbsp drivers to nbsp my USB nbsp might need an update cause periodically my mouse disconnects for just a HP pavilion dv4 second and then it will reconnect and continue to work nbsp This is the only issue I am having but I would like to get the other nbsp four drivers installed and maybe the rest updated if they need to be nbsp I would think windows would have the rest of them updated or it would HP pavilion dv4 show if they were not but being so old I am unaware if it would detect them nbsp Either way any information on what I could do to get this fixed would be greatfully appricated nbsp Here is what I have nbsp nbsp Base System Device nbsp PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS F C amp REV PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS F CPCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC nbsp nbsp Base System Device nbsp PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS F C amp REV PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS F CPCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC nbsp nbsp nbsp Base System Device nbsp PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS F C amp REV PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS F CPCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC nbsp nbsp And nbsp nbsp Unknown Device nbsp ACPI VEN HPQ amp DEV ACPI HPQ HPQ nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Once again thank you for your help
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i dont remember my administrator password for my hp pavilion g6 laptop, help? no clue what my halt number is.

A:hp pavilion g6

Hi, Same as: Regards.
Relevancy 26.23%

Hi,I need to replace the fan on my Pavilion G6 but cannot find any information regarding part no. on the HP site.I have entered the serial no. and product  no. on the online system and it does not find any info. Not sure whether I should or should not post serial and part numbers here but can forward these if required. Any help or advice on where or how to find the correct part would be appreciated.Many thanks in advance

A:Pavilion G6 fan

Hi, Part number is   639460-001. You can find it on page 22 of the Maintenance and Service Guide on the following link: You can buy from HP shop: or from Amazon: Regards.
Relevancy 26.23%

working on an hp pavilion (no time limit)
specs:windows xp,80gb hdd,1.86ghz,1024mb system memory
problem is that when it boots desktop comes up but no icons no start menu and you cant in put any controls, nothing happens when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del in any mode and no last know configure ration. Hard drive checks out ok when i ran the test from the computer but tried a hdd test from ubcd(Ultimate Boot CD) and it did not even see the hdd the problem has been this way for 6 months or so I'm told and they said it just happened when they went to turn it on one day so as all ways any help is much appreciated

Relevancy 26.23%

Laptop fell off of bed onto carpet. Video display had blue lines. When touching the monitor it corrected itself. However, later the display wouldn't show. The computer would turn and I could hear the startup sound. Attached to a external monitor and it worked. Then I updated the AMD Graphic Drive and restarted the computer. Won't show on the external monitor and no startup sound. Can hear the fan. Removed the RAM and powered up the computer and heard the mother board beep. What's wrong with my laptop.

A:HP Pavilion dv7

Hi @Kaimeha26, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great site for information and questions. I read your post about the laptop dropping to the carpet from the bed and now has display issues. A commendable job was done, by hooking up the unit to an external display and removing the RAM modules and checking.I'll be glad to assist you. It is always a privilege to work with a tech savvy expert like you. Because of the drop, it certainly looks like the notebook has developed a hardware issue. It needs to be serviced. You could check the warranty of your unit by visiting this link: you can contact phone support to get the unit serviced by visiting this link: Thanks for being a part of the HP community. Please let me know if this helps, and if it does please mark this post as an ?Accepted  Solution?. Kudos would also be appreciated for my efforts to help. You could simply click the ?Thumbs Up? button.Thanks and have a terrific week ahead.
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Helo, I won to know if my laptop HP Pavilion X2 10-n000np suports the active stylus pen made by HP.Apriciate any answers.Thanks

A:Hp Pavilion x2 pen

Hi, Please check the following table:  Regards.
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Hi, ny friend has a HP Pavilion Laptop and she is trying to get into my wifi. So i put in my wifi and it is 10 digits, the lest two were nembers and they wouldnt fit. We had a plan that we would playy Roblox for a little bit but now she cant! Why is this happening i need help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Relevancy 26.23%

Hello! so I recived a pop-up message on my screen that told me I was very low on memory/storage. In the settings of my laptop, it says that my laptop is using 19.2 GB of storage for "Preload". What is Preload and why does 19.2 GB's of the 19.5  total GB's of used storage consist of it? 

A:HP Pavilion

Zach, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.
Relevancy 26.23%
Relevancy 26.23%

Hello! so I recived a pop-up message on my screen that told me I was very low on memory/storage. In the settings of my laptop, it says that my laptop is using 19.2 GB of storage for "Preload". What is Preload and why does 19.2 GB's of the 19.5  total GB's of used storage consist of it? 

A:HP Pavilion

Zach, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.
Relevancy 26.23%

We have purchased 5 HP Pavilion 550-132d having a windows 10 OS, we need to downgrade the OS to windows 7 32 bit because we have a system that only run up to win 7 32 bit. But unfortunately upon installing the win 7 32 bit OS, the mouse/keyboard freezes! and general 'hanging'  during installation . When we purchased the computers we are expecting that we could install windows 7 without any difficulty since windows 7 is still on the market.  Can we have a work around so that we could install win 7 32 bit on those 5 new HP Pavilion 550. We will greatly appreciate immediate response on this. Thank you very much.

A:Pavilion 550

Hi, Windows 7 drivers are on the following link: My suggestion: download HP Support Assisstant (HPSA) from the above link and install to your machines, After that use HPSA to run Updates and it will fix driver problems for you. Regards.
Relevancy 26.23%

Hello, i Have a HP Pavilion dm4 if i plug the changer to the board retun light back. i need your support
Relevancy 26.23%

it looks like another friend dropped off a computer that is completely messed up. its a hp pavilion 6640 or somthing like that. my friend claims it has upgraded memory but i know it came with at least 64mb. it came with win 98 on it, then was upgraded to millenium but dragged ****. i tried putting ubuntu 5.10 and 6.10( whatever the newest discs are) but it didnt work, then it made sense when i found out the specs of the machine. so is there a user friendly linux or a way to crack win 98 se? the box dosent have a "key" sticker on it so no 98 se key.

A:old pavilion

It should run ubuntu. I had a lower spec'd Pavilion with a P2 300 in it that came with 48 megs of ram. I upgraded the ram and had Mandrake 7 running on it fine.
Relevancy 26.23%

Here is my HP Pavillion Computer Info---------------------------------------------System:Microsoft Windows XPHome EditionVersion 2002Service Pack 1Hewlett-Parkard Pavilion Intel®Celeron® CPU 1.80GHz1.79GHz248 MB of RAMMy Computer only has like 16-20gb---------------------------------------------Im looking foward to buying a new Hard Drive so i can increase my GBs, and my question is can someonehelp me find a good hard drive that is atleast $100-$150 and that is decent GB Storage for this . Im a newbie atcomputers and i want help.

A:Hp Pavilion

I'm a little confused by what you said, "My Computer only has like 16-20gb". How big is you HDD? Anyway, go to they have some of the best prices and customers give reviews on the items so you can get a better idea of which one you like. Seagate is a well respected brand. I use Maxtor a lot, a lot people don't like Maxtor but I've never had any problem with them.
Relevancy 26.23%

Hello everyone Any information that might help will be greatly appreciated I have a H P pavilion n with windows xp I bought it new but never got a system recovery disk It has a secondary hard drive that stores all of the system recovery stuff Whenever I had any problems before I have used it and it worked great to totally toast the comp back to how I H,P Pavilion help, Please got it The problem that I am having is my son got some kind of bug on it where it wouldn t do anything SO I bought and tried to put H,P Pavilion help, Please in vista but it didn t work so I bought win XP and it installed so the comp works fairly well but nothing that was installed from H P isn t there The secondary hard drive that has all of the recovery stuff is still there but their is no way to get to it What can I do With what I spent on vista and a new xp I could of bought a new cheap comp but I like this one It does or did everything that I would like it to do but now it don t Please help in any way that you can Thank you for your time Sincerely Dave

A:H,P Pavilion help, Please

Hi .You can:a. Contact HP for recovery/restore disks, Buy same from commercial outlets,;oq=&aqi=Louis
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I have an all in one desktop and it is requiring a power-on password. After 3 failed attempts no code is given, only an asterik symbol. Any help would be appreciated.
Relevancy 26.23%

HI, I have a HP pavilion g6 laptop and the original charger given to me by the company has melted causing damage to property as well. i can't seem to find the official email address or contact number of the company. What should i do and who should i contact? i apologize if i posted this question in the wrong board. I couldn't find the one appropriate to my issue. edit: I am from India.
Relevancy 26.23%

My Hp says this, what do I do ,??  Hp Battery alert  The system has detected the storage capacity of the battery stated below to be very low. For optimal performance , this battery may need to be replaced   primary < internal > battery ( 601)  please help me me I work from home and no computer is not good lol.. Than you in advance 

A:Help,!! Hp pavilion dv6 -6c 11 nr

Hi, The error 'Primary (internal) Battery (601)' does indicate that your notebooks main battery ( not the cmos battery as the error tends to suggest ) is showing signs of wear and you may want to consider replacing it - the 601 error typically occurs when the storage capacity has fallen below 25% of its original value. Further information on this can be found on the following HP document. This is a warranty item, so if your notebook is still covered, contact HP and arrange to have it replaced - If needed, you can check your warranty status Here. If you live in the US, contact HP Here. If you are in another part of the world, start Here. Regards, DP-K
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Good Afternoon,
Would like to pose this question and see if any of the group can assist me.

I currently image our new CPU's with a secure image of Windows XP Sp2. Our computers (desktop and laptops) mainly consist of Dell's and images work fine thanks to our information management staff. However, our director has an HP Pavilion dv8000 notebook that I cant get an image to take on it. It just goes into a cycle of choosing safemode or boot normal.

The weird thing is, I have an option at the start of the image to choose "network" or non-network (stand alone) and the stand alone image works fine.

Are they any settings on this HP that I need to turn off or on for the network image to work?

Thanks in advance
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Have a message that says A component of the operating system has expired.  With error code 0xc0000605  and is asking for recovery tools, which I dont have where can I get them????

A:pavilion 23

>  A component of the operating system has expired.  With error code 0xc0000605  ... A did a Google-search on that code.  One posting suggested that the date/time in the computer's "BIOS SETUP" was wrong, and needed to be corrected.Reboot, and enter "BIOS SETUP", and check. Another posting suggested that your computer is running a "Windows 10 Preview" version, rather than the "official" release.  Is that correct?
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My HP Pavilion automatically intalled the HP 15 Pavilion Windows update but it stopped my keyboard working Oddly it was possible to enter my PIN but then the keyboard no longer worked HP Pavilion 15 after the home screen appeared Using a HP Pavilion 15 USB keyboard gave the same result nbsp nbsp I removed the update and the HP Pavilion 15 keyboard worked again but I assume if I let the update install again the same problem will happen nbsp I have used the HP Supprt Assistant and installed all the updates but the BIOS update will not go away It looks like the BIOS update is not supported for this model nbsp The currnt BIOS is F The latest is F nbsp I tried to make a USB flash drive after identifying my System ID as but when selecting the BIOS file to install bin is not listed The only ones available are D bin bin A bin bin and bin nbsp My question is where can I get the BIOS update file to match my Syetm Board ID and will updating the BIOS enable me to run the Windows update
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I am trying to reinstall XP and all of the sites I've visited regarding this (Including HP) say, "From the Windows XP desktop, click Start, All Programs and then HP Tools.
I do not have that on my menu. The only thing regarding HP is the HP Share to web and Hewlett-Packard officejet software.
Where do I find HP PC tools so that I might perform HP PC SYSTEM RECOVERY ?
I've tried doing a SYSTEM RESTORE from the SYSTEM TOOLS menu and it goes through the process and then restarts only to say that it failed. Any advise would be refreshing!

A:HP Pavilion 500 XP

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I was about to do a restore on my computer today. I restarted my computer and hit the F10 key like always, but nothing happens, the computer just restarts. I tried it repeatedly with the same result. I went back to my computer and seen that the restore partition is still there can anyone tell me why I cannot get my restore working? Is there a way around this I mean is there another way to activate my restore?