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upgrading Envy m6 1125dx with SSD, are there any limitations...

Q: upgrading Envy m6 1125dx with SSD, are there any limitations...

I'm interested in swapping out my current HDD and replacing it with an SSD. Are there any limitations on the size of SSD I can install? Will a 1tb work or am I limited to 512gb or anything like that?Are there any complications I should be aware of while considering this upgrade?Thanks a bunch!

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Preferred Solution: upgrading Envy m6 1125dx with SSD, are there any limitations...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: upgrading Envy m6 1125dx with SSD, are there any limitations...

See p. 48 of the Manual here: M6 service Manual There is no limit to the SSD you can install other than your budget. Any 2.5 inch SATA SSD that is 7mm thick which almost all are. The Samsung Evo 850 is my choice but OCZ, Kingston, several others make a good product so as long as it is a name brand you can shop on price and there are deals to be had. Software reinstallation/migration can be hard but if you have Windows 10 you always know you can download an install disk and you do not need a Key Code to reinstall and it will activate when you connect to the internet. Windows 10 allows you to make a system image and you can also use cloning software. Many ways to skin the cat. Post back with the inevitable follow-up questions. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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So I purchased my HP Envy m dx from Best Buy in and for the past several months I've noticed my right hinge from my HP ENVY M6 1125dx screen breaking cracking getting looser nbsp At first it was very little so I could still open or close the screen but now the crack has become so bad that I HP ENVY M6 1125dx have to squeeze the plastic frame and back cover together because they seperate everytime I open the lid nbsp From private stores or even Geek Squad they are charging me atleasy almost half of what I paid for this laptop nbsp I don't have warranty on my HP ENVY M6 1125dx laptop anymore but I've done research and found that this is a common problem for the HP HP ENVY M6 1125dx ENVY m 's and customers have gotten their laptop fixed at no cost nbsp I really hope I can do the same by HP because I use this laptop on a daily basis for school nbsp Never have dropped it and it is well taken care of nbsp PLEASE HELP ME THANKS
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All boats at the hinges of the lid of my hp envy m6 have irreparably broken and I want a new casing for the laptop.

A:New case for hp envy m6 1125dx

Hello , You can order it online if you are comfortable replacing the parts youself, else contact HP support and send it for repair, If you want the part number please provide me with the Product number of the laptop.  #hpexpertday

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.
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All boats at the hinges of the lid of my hp envy my have irreparably broken and I want a new casing for the laptop.

A:New case for hp envy my 1125dx

#HPExpertDayHinges are part of the cabinet/housing and the part is not available seperatly. The parts/components inside the compuer can be bought and fixed. The housing/cabinet cannot be purchased and even if you try to buy a non approved one the ports on the computer will not match, hence I would say you cann HP and setup a serivce or take the unit to a authorized service center.Another problem: Even if you were able to get your hands on replacement hinges, you should have very good knowlege to fix the hinges as you will have to take the whole computer apart to fix it.Refer:
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I have had my nbsp m - dx for a while and I am very careful with it given my last HP laptop also had hinge issues nbsp The nbsp right hinge began to come apart Now the Notebook m6-1125dx ENVY HP BROKEN HINGE PC problem is increasingly worst such that it is difficult to open close the nbsp computer without feeling tension from the bending plastic nbsp The plastic above the hinge is starting to HP ENVY m6-1125dx Notebook PC HINGE BROKEN crack too Yes my nbsp pc is out of warrenty however this is a common manufactor issue I am a long time HP customer and recommend them to all my friends and family This is the second time I am having an issue with an HP and I cannot afford a new laptop right now poor grad student and all nbsp After doing some research I found that this is in fact a common problem with the envy notebooks and that HP has repaired the issue Who should I contact in order to resolve this situation Thank you so very much for your time and your help Respectfully PH

A:HP ENVY m6-1125dx Notebook PC HINGE BROKEN


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Some time ago, I noticed my left hinge wasn't working correctly. I began to split the computer apart while opening and closing. I've seen this is a pretty wide-spread issue with this model and i'd like to know what can be done. I've just been keeping it open, as to not make it completley unusable, but that's not a real solution.Thanks for your help!

A:HP Envy m6 1125dx left hinge broken


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I'm considering putting an mSATA drive in my Envy m6 1125dx and I'd like to know what the port speed is. mSATA II? mSATA III?
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I bought an HP Envy m6 1125dx from Best buy in 2012 and for the past couple of months, I have noticed that the Right hinge between my screen and laptop body getting looser. Initially it was very little and I was able to open and close the laptop. But now the right hinge completely broke and the left hinge is getting looser. Also plastic frame just above the right hinge is broken. Now I am not able to open the laptop. Apart from the hinge issue, my battery also got some issues. It?s not getting charged even if I plugged for more than 3-5 hours. It looks like the battery is dead. I don?t have warranty on my laptop now. But I did googled and the forum says, this is common issue with M6 1125dx.Can someone please help me how can I get this laptop fixed? Please help. Thanks.

A:envy m6 1125dx Broken Hinge and Battery issue


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I'm interested in purchasing an HP ENVY 720-220 computer. The specs look great, but I'd love to upgrade the RAM. According to the product specifications, it is upgradable to 16 GB. Now, my question is, would HP be willing to upgrade the RAM themselves if I paid an additional fee? I know the guide to upgrade RAM is online, but I'd rather not take the risk and mess up the machine.  Thank you ahead of time.
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I want to upgrade my 960 card to a GTX 1060 3/6gb version. Will it fit into the HP envy phoenix case?
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Good afternoon, I have a 2015 HP Envy with 16 gb of Ram and i5 which goes up to 2.40 ghz. I would like to know if there is any way to put a more powerful processor in my notebook. Thank you very much 

A:Upgrading processor for my Envy

Dear Customer, Please provide the unit details:Model noProduct NoOperating System    Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Hello, I would like to upgrade the GPU and PSU on a  HP Envy H8-1437c.  The GPU I am wanting to upgrade to is the GEFORCE GTX 970.  It is 10" in length, PCI Express 3.0,  and a dual port (or double wide?).  The PSU is  a  EVGA Supernove Nex650G.  Are there any proprietary power connectors on the current psu that I should be worried about? Am I able to upgrade the current GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 )to the GEFORCE GTX 970? Thank you very much!
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Hi there!i´m trying to upgrade cpu of an old Envy m6-1160la for video edition, after effects, premier, 3d max, etc.StockCpu is i5 3210u (2 phisical and 2 logical cores), and seeking i´ve found that this cpu uses the same socket than others  with 4 phisical cores (example: i7 3540m).See the list below: i want to know if anybody try this before.Thanks

A:Upgrading HP Envy M6-1160la

fonando wrote:Hi there!i´m trying to upgrade cpu of an old Envy m6-1160la for video edition, after effects, premier, 3d max, etc.StockCpu is i5 3210u (2 phisical and 2 logical cores), and seeking i´ve found that this cpu uses the same socket than others  with 4 phisical cores (example: i7 3540m).See the list below: i want to know if anybody try this before.ThanksYou can find a list of compatible Intel CPUs in the HP ENVY m6-1160la Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide.
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I have an HP Envy 13d061sa, 13.3 inch laptop with 256GB SSD drive. I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the drive to 1TB. Also is this owner upgradable?Thank you
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A few weeks ago I took delivery of an HP Envy Phoenix - se nbsp It seems these days that HP and other manufacurers don't want you to add anything that they didn't ship to you so newer PC's are harder to upgrade nbsp nbsp On the surface it seems the - se has some upgrade potential nbsp x M slots open open PCI Express x slot open PCI Express x slot nbsp I wanted to make use of the open M slot add some RAM add an SSD for data apps add a high end sound card and replace the stock drive with a bigger one 850-065se Upgrading Phoenix Envy the HP nbsp nbsp When it came to adding memory or accessing the open m slot there was a challenge nbsp The Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se CPU fan radiator was in the way nbsp I almost stripped the screws x in moving it but was successful nbsp In the end I was able to add a Kingston heyperx m drive and up the RAM to Gb nbsp nbsp When it came to hard drives there were a couple of challenges nbsp The first was fitting a inch ssd in a inch bay nbsp I found a suitable adapter on amazon nbsp The second was that the drive bays depend on a certain type of screw to work nbsp Once you know what sort of screw it goes pretty well nbsp The last challenge was SATA cables nbsp One needs degree connectors at the drive side of the connection nbsp The last challenge was expansion cards nbsp I want to add Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se a PCIe sound card to the computer but there's not much room nbsp The nvidea takes Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se up two slots and obscures the PCIe x slot nbsp There's another PCIe x slot but the video card won't fit in there nbsp I haven't done so yet but I am hoping that I can fit the PCI x card to the PCI x slot successfully nbsp So far I have been able to upgrade my - se but it's been a fight all the way nbsp I've also done some modest overclocking with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility I've got the CPU up to MHz but have hit a bit of a wall nbsp I need to do more study and may get a better result nbsp

A:Upgrading the HP Envy Phoenix 850-065se

Schwaa, welcome to the forum. This was a very good review of how you upgraded your computer.  What you discovered are the problems that are created by a mid-size case.  It would be great if HP would offer a full size case for their gaming computers.  What you accomplished should make a major difference in performance.
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Hello HP Support Forum,I would be grateful if you could tell me whether my pre-built HP ENVY Phoenix 860-000nj Desktop PC should be compatible with NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card or not. I should note that this desktop of mine has been running a GTX 980 Ti on a 500W power supply for almost six months now without a single problem. I've added a link with the full specifications below.Thank you!
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I attempted to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.  Upgrade was still in progress when I left for work.  Returned to find notebook frozen.  Tried to restart, still freezes at HP logo screen.  Tried Hard Restart process, still freezes. What is my next option to regain functionality?  Notebook was purchased in July of 2013.
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Hi, I had a problem with my old HDD installed on my HP ENVY 15-j012la, so I bought a new 240 gb SSD (Crucial BX200). I replaced the HDD with the SSD, then turn the laptop ON with the USB Win10 image to install it on the SSD, but the installer didn't recognized it. I gave format to the SSD, but the problem remains. I've read that the SATA should be changed in the BIOS, but this laptop has the InsydeH20 3.7 and there's no way to change to AHCI. I would be very grateful if you could help with this issue! Best !
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Hello,Since I have some basic computer knowledge but I want to be sure before going for it, I need your advice. I own a HP ENVY Sleekbook 4-1000en and I recently upgraded hard drive and OS.I am thinking of upgrading RAM as well, as far as I know you need 2 memories of the same type so I guess I can?t just buy another 4 GB one right?Do I need 2 x 4 GB DDR3 of the same type to make it work? For example would these ones work fine ?Lastly does upgrading memory require any other configurations after plugin them in? Is a format required for example?Thanks for your time.
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I have an HP ENVY 750-177c and was upgrading and 2 thin black wires got disconnected from the motherboard.  They have loops on the end of the wires that look like they could slip on pins.  The wires connect to the top of the computer box.  Where do I reconnect them at?
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Hi nbsp I got my HP ENVY t-j Quad Edition nbsp Non-touch edition yesterday I am planning to upgrade the Hard disk to a SSD This question might already be asked by some one before but I am not able to find the related post right answer for this model nbsp nbsp My Configuration Windows th nbsp generation Intel Core i - MQ to SSD Quad HP 15t-j100 Upgrading on ENVY Edition ProcessorIntel HD Upgrading to SSD on HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition Graphics Upgrading to SSD on HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition -inch diagonal Full HD BrightView LED-backlit Display x GB DDR System Memory Dimm TB rpm Hard DriveNO mSSD Hard Drive Acceleration CacheNo Additional Office SoftwareSecurity Software Trial -Cell Lithium-Ion BatteryNo Internal DVD or CD DriveStandard KeyboardHP TrueVision HD Webcam w integrated digital mic b g n x WLAN and Bluetooth x nbsp I was said that i can only install either a GB GB SSD on this laptop But i am seeing that there are some issues in installing the GB GB SSD's on this laptop and success with GB etc nbsp Can you please let me know some details on what is the right SSD size I can upgrade to from small size to large nbsp Also Observed that there are so many issues in installing cloning the OS on to the new SSD So many said that the recovery media either using CD DVD USB is not working Few were succeded with Acrons Cloning software and some other free tools nbsp Is that really difficult to clone my OS from my hard drive to the new SSD and use it Also there is no CD DVD drive where i can use for cloing using any third party softwares nbsp Can you please let me know the right process to clone my hard drive on to the SSD and use it nbsp Also can you please suggest me any best SSD for this model nbsp Thanks in advance

A:Upgrading to SSD on HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition

Can some one please help me on this.
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I picked up a refurbished HP ENVY 750-137C, and am currently looking to upgrade the graphics. I don't want to break the bank, but I do want it to last me some time, so I'm looking at the Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1070.  Aside from the changes in power requirements, does anyone know if this card would be compatible, and if there are any issues to this upgrade? Also, Nvidia recommends a 500W power supply for this card. Would that be enough, or is that genrous number? Additionally, if anyone has a power supply product they would recommend for this theoretical combination, I would greatly appreciate the advice. Thanks!

A:Upgrading to GTX 1070 Graphics Card for HP ENVY 750-137C

@Drifterx311?, welcome to the forum. Here are the full specs of the card on nVidia's website.  The card is double slot and 10.5" in length.  I suggest measuring from the Back I/O plate to the front of the case to see how much space is available.  I believe that it will fit, but it will be tight. As you stated, the specs recommend a 500W power supply unit (PSU).  Personally, I would buy one with at least 600W.  This will give you some extra power for peak needs.  I like Corsair products.  Here are some PSU's for you to review at Newegg.  If you choose a modular PSU it will allow you to only install the cables that are absolutely necessary.  This allows for better airflow.  The PSU is the backbone of the computer.  Read the Customer Reviews to see what users have to say about them.  A good PSU will make your system run much better. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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The service guide for the HP Laptop ENVY 17-j013cl indicates the largest SSD that is compatible is 160GB.  Does the service guide state this because, at the time the ENVY 17 was produced, the largest SSD was 160GB?   Or is the system limited to 160GB SSD, for some reason? Thanks.
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A stuck key caused me to get locked out of my bios. I'm getting a "System Disabled" message with the code: 60366659How can I unlock the bios so I can get the laptop back up and running?

View Solution.

A:Bios locked on my M6-1125dx

I can't thank you enough! I've been struggling with this for well over two weeks...I was reluctant to post on the forums, and to have this resolved within 30 minutes of creating an account and posting my question, I am absolutely shocked at how quick you provided the answer.Thanks again
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Hi nbsp I have a HP Pavilion g - dx PC Notebook Driver Model Pavilion HP g4-1125dx USB Issues #:... Notebook PCModel LW UA nbsp When it was upgraded to windows i lost all USB functionality nbsp The device manager is using a driver but it isn't functioning properly nbsp 'Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller' and 'Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller' have the yellow exclaimation point nbsp with USB symbol next to them nbsp Under properties it reads nbsp Windows cannot load the USB Driver Issues HP Pavilion g4-1125dx Notebook PC Model #:... device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code Unable to Load Device Driver hs device driver could not be loaded Error Status was x x nbsp When i try to roll back the driver nothing is available nbsp When i try to update it says i already have the best USB Driver Issues HP Pavilion g4-1125dx Notebook PC Model #:... driver nbsp I tried windows update and the Driver Easy software but no luck there nbsp I confirmed that i do infact have power getting to the ports USB Driver Issues HP Pavilion g4-1125dx Notebook PC Model #:... via usb fan so i don't believe it is a hardware problem especially since it was working prior to upgrade nbsp I know its an older laptop but I Upgraded the CPU to a Phenom II N quad core and the darn thing runs so good i hate to give up on her nbsp Ethernet and Wireless are working properly and there are no other troubled hardware issues nbsp Thanks in advance Cory nbsp nbsp
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As bad as Me has been ever since I built this computer and put it on, I still have it. But enough of that... this isn't really a problem but just a simple (and probably unnecessary) question. I always thought that every windows platform had a 512 MB ram limitation except Xp and maybe win2k (wasn't sure on 2k)... but I was sure that Me couldn't do it. I just bought 512 MB and for kicks put all 640 in to see if it would post and it did. However I was under the impression that it couldn't take more than 512 so I was just wondering if I could expect problems down the line with this much in. I could always take the two 64s out and keep them until I get Xp (which will be soon) since the difference between 512 and 640 isn't as noticable as that between 128 and 256. Thanks for the help.

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I have a Dell 4th gen XPS system running a Pentium 4 650 3.4Ghz CPU.
I recently went onto to purchase a new CPU, and picked out the Intel Core 2 Duo E6750. This has a bus speed of 1333Mhz, which I just read may not be compatible with my current mobo even though it's an LGA775 socket.
Did I buy the wrong CPU? Can anyone tell me what the best compatible dual-core CPU would be for this system?

A:What are my limitations?

Processor type Intel® Pentium® 4 with HT Technology
NOTE: Not all Pentium 4 processors support Hyper-Threading
Cache 512 KB, 1 MB, or 2 MB
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Power supply The USB specification provides a V volts supply on a single wire from USB Limitations Tip: Power which connected USB devices may draw power The specification provides for no more than V and no less than V between the ve and -ve bus power lines Initially a device is only allowed to draw mA It may request more current from the upstream device in Tip: USB Power Limitations units of mA up to a maximum of mA In practice most ports will deliver the full mA or more before shutting down power even if the device hasn t requested it or even Tip: USB Power Limitations identified itself If a compliant device requires more power than is available then it cannot operate until the user changes the network either by rearranging USB connections or by adding external power to supply the power required If a bus-powered hub is used the devices downstream may only use a total of four units mA of current This limits compliant bus-powered hubs to ports among other things Equipment requiring more than mA hubs with more than ports and hubs with downstream devices using more than four mA units total must provide their own power The host operating system typically keeps track of the power requirements of the USB network and may warn the computer s operator when a given segment requires Tip: USB Power Limitations more power than is available Typcially a USB external HD will draw much more than this to power the motor so don t expect to attach one without adding an external power supply To verify just read the label on the device it should state clearly the Voltage and Current requirements edit btw there s also a limit to the number of USB devices attached to a single port which is obviously you need some USB Hubs to make this work edit nbsp

A:Tip: USB Power Limitations

And very good and useful post, nice one.
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I have recently moved and am currently having problems accessing the internet using Internet Explorer.

I have Comcast digital cable and am able to access the internet via Netscape, but not Internet Explorer. The following message appears when I attempt to do so:

You have tried to access a page that you are not authorized to display and were stopped by the SAS Proxy. First check if the URL you entered was actually the exact one you intended to use. If the URL is correct and this error reoccurs, then please call Customer Care. Give them the URL that you are not authorized to access as well as the page sequence you followed to get to this point.

A:SAS Proxy limitations

Tools, Internet Options, Connections, and click on the LAN Settings button. Uncheck the Use Proxy Server box.
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Hello Friends.
The downstairs computer (familiy PC) is the one I am currently trying to cool a bit. While this PC is on 22 hrs a day, and with the temperatures getting warmer outside, the temperature of the CPU is 60C - 65C standard. This is a Emachine PC (yeah I know, but this is really my dads PC, my is a custom frankenstein) and I called them to find out if there is any extra spots to put new case fans, or any extra fans for that matter. They told me dissapointing news, that there isint any more pin connectors to plug the fans into. So I am stuck with a crappy Cooler Master fan/heatsink combo that raises my cpu temperature to 60C in a matter of 30 min.
What can I do to reduce this speed in my situtation.

A:Cooling on limitations

You can run extra fans off the power-supply. Look for types that have the molex-connector-plug, either the small one like for floppies or the big ones like for HD or CD. Buy a splitter-cable (Y-cable) if you have no more free leads coming from the PSU.
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I am looking at upgrading my system CPU Limitations AM2+ CPU Memory AMD MB HD Memory I do not understand fully the following motherboard statement concerning quot CPU limitation quot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- x DIMM Max I GB DDR ECC Non-ECC Un-buffered Memory Dual channel memory architecture Due to AMD CPU limitation DDR is supported by AM CPU for one DIMM per channel only --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions Does that statement mean that if I have DDR that if I have x GB DDR that AMD AM2+ CPU Memory Limitations I can only put stick in each color coded channel Would I be better off with x GB of AMD AM2+ CPU Memory Limitations DDR Basically I want to order x GB of DDR and I want to know which slots to put them in Note It is my understanding that the above issue is caused by the Memory Controller for DDR Memory being located in the CPU housing and therefore is an AMD issue and not caused by the motherboard manufacturer Thank you very much for your help nbsp

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I would just like to know something . On a 32 bit operating system that has 4 gb of ram installed on mobo and has a 1 gb video card , how much ram would you be able to use ? Is it true that if you have a 32 bit os [which is limited to somewhere around 4gb] and have a 1gb video card that you will only be able to use 3 gb of Ram ?

Awaiting your replies

A:32 bit memory limitations

Hi vista 32 bit is limited to just over 3 Gb
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Hi there,

I have a VPS running Windows 8.1 Professional x64, the plan I'm on is 4x CPU however Task Manager and System shows only two cores. I've contacted my provider and they ensure me that I have 4 cores and they don't know why my 8.1 installation is only using two of the four.

I understand that each version of Windows has different limitations and allowances, I'd like to know if using 8.1 in a virtual environment is somehow restricting the use of the other cores?

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I am running Vista Basic x on a fairly Webcam limitations? fast machine and internet connection Webcam limitations? I was using the Microsoft Lifecam VX- for awhile especially when I was using XP When I changed to Vista though I figured I needed to upgrade so I Webcam limitations? purchased the Lifecam VX- It s just one step away from their top model The problem I feel that I am experiencing is when I use Windows Live Messenger to do a video call with the webcam when I m looking at myself in the preview all of my movements look jerky and not fluid The person I am talking to though their webcam broadcast look fine What I don t is is the image I m seeing in the preview what my friends is really seeing or is it just that I m seeing slow jerky movements caused by the limitations of Live Messenger but that s not really what is being broadcast Either way I still don t like the jerkiness and the slowness of what I m seeing in my preview window and I imagine that there might be better IM software that would not do that correct like Trillian Could I also just be finding out that maybe these Microsoft LIfecams are now really that good nbsp

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Is there (or what is) the expected f.p.s. limitations when using a 4x AGP slot even with a mid-to high end card?
Can I expect only a 10fps (or so) increase if upgrading from a ProSavage S3 DDR to a ATI 8500?

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I purchased a karaoke system which comes with a standard music package and deleted all of it I run a karaoke business so I already have my music catalogue on a portable hard disk The karaoke can connect to a pc via usb and use a software that lets you add songs individually or in small batches then this software turns all the songs you added into Limitations!!! Software a a dat song Software Limitations!!! list which changes the names of the songs to numbers but still keeps all the song name Software Limitations!!! artis and everything So I cant just copy all my music into the hard disk of the karaoke the system would not read them properly The problem is that when using the software to add files in batches it only lets me add like or at a time to the add list I can continue adding by and then send the complete batch to the karaoke hard disk but I have thousands of songs it would take forever Any ideas Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Software Limitations!!!

Lets start with the name of the software?
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I know that OSs have limitations on the amount of RAM they can take but do they have limitations of the total amout of HDD storage they can take too?? If so what is the limitations? Are the limitations different for the x32 compared to the x64 like it is with the RAM or does it not matter what bit the OS is in terms of HDDs? If anyone happen to have the limitations on hand for XP too I'd like to know that too.... Thanks all.

A:Vista HDD Limitations? maybe??

If you have a relatively new system there should be no limitations.

On older systems sometimes the BIOS needed to be flashed.
In the case of XP you need SP2 for larger drives.

Otherwise there should be no problems

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My daughter's new Hp a F has gb ram amp gb H D Out of box C drive listed as gb amp D- recovery Drive gb Wanted to resize C drive to gb gb gb gb Vista Disk management appears to allow the C drive to only be resized reduced by no more then We tried to resize by then resize again and this was not allowed to happen Totally lost when they spoke of pagefiles taking up sectors etc Is there a trick Limitations Resize in getting the size partitions you want in Vista Hard to believe HP engineers would believe someone with this Resize Limitations size drive would not want Resize Limitations to resize partion into smaller drives We keep almost all data on drives other then the C drive My solution thought is to order was going to anyway a set of recovery install disks and start from scratch assume this will work Besides once we resized the original drive the original D drive recovery will wipe out the new partitions in a restore P S later in year I will purchase a T additional drive amp a T external backup for her to use I assume we should format them immediately amp set new partitions rather then try amp doing any resizing Thank You Ronald
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I am a low level computer programmer On a scale of - I would say I am a maybe a I do understand most of what is going on in a given program This is just so you don t respond to this like you **char** limitations are talking to a beginner or a year old I am making quite a few programs in C right **char** limitations now most of which are for a class I m in college I understand how to affect character arrays in many ways but I do not understand why quot char equation sizeplus quot is not a valid line I do know that it has something to do with quot sizeplus quot I was taught that if you give a character array a size it has to be or more to allow for the basic input and then the null terminator I have used the only ways I know to set a standard size greater than or equal to in an array so that provided I know the base size of an input or have a lot of locations using **char** limitations the array I need only modify one space to increase or decrease the size of the array define sizeplus or int sizeplus char equation sizeplus In this instance I can later affect sizeplus through other inputs and still keep the array of size or greater nbsp

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Hello This might be hard to believe but I closed my office door for lunch today and laid down on the floor for a sleep I ve been sick I don t do this often honest For kicks I thought I d schedule windows media player to start at for an alarm clock using AT on the command line Well ten minutes after three I sit up and check the time The task either didn t run or ended with errors I ve tried every permutation I can think of but still can t get the app to run Does anyone know if the app or batch file have to be in the command path for this to work I specified the path similar to this C AT quot c program files windows media player wmplayer exe quot Again I tried all kinds of things interactive without the quotations specifying machine name and still couldn t get it to run Using XP Pro Thanks nbsp

A:Limitations of the 'AT' command?

The "AT" command is a new one on me(other than for modems)....

I use The windows task scheduler (schtasks from the command line) for things like that.
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hi, well i want to figure out how to put limit on an account on windows xp. The story is my bro plays games and stuff thats why i cant change his account to limited, is there a way to block for him to get into control panel and few other folders?

A:Windows xp Limitations

With XP Professional there are a LOT of things you can do.

While logged in as with an administrator account (or one with admin priveleges) go to your start menu > run > type gpedit.msc

In there you can set group policies, this allows you to lock users out of just about everything.
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I have an old amilo laptop that i backup regularly. it takes some time to move all my files to the backup as its a usb 2.0 machine

i have purchased a new laptop and as such want to simply restore the backup of my files to this machine, inc all inet explorer setting/favourites etc. is this possible?



A:Restore Limitations

If transfering from Win XP, download the update WET from here:
Download details: Windows Easy Transfer for transferring from Windows XP (32 bit) to Windows 7

Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

Warning do not use the old Win XP Easy Transfer, will not work with Vista or Windowds 7.
Recovery WET IMG
How to extract files from MIG
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I have one dvd of windows 8.1 pro since the bersion is full i thought i can use the key also on my laptop.
So i tried and installation went fine and i can browse and surf the internet on my laptop and i can download updates(still downloading) and now i got a message and when i went in to the settings i see the message:

Something like: This product key is being used in another pc please try a new one...
So i'm going to buy a new one but i wonder since i can keep working on the laptop without a problem so i wonder if this message is just for alerting you since it's not legal or it will do something later on to the windows ?

A:Windows 8.1 ask for a new key what are the limitations ?

after a while your desktop will go black and the PC will shut down every hour.. until you activate a new key
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When I burn a dvd on Magix Pro Edit 12, trying to playback on a dvd player I get the message that it cannot play due to area limitations. Can burn Magix Photostory on same computer, 2GB DDR2 ram, Toshiba laptop Windows 7. They play with no problem. Have tried playing on several different dvd players. Only thing it will play back on is Sony dvd recorder. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Just realized I posted this in wrong forum but don't know how to delete this one.

A:Can not play due to area limitations

as you have reposted in multimedia i have closed for you

if that happens again, all you need to do , is click on the report button and ask a moderator to move to correct forum
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Will there be issues if I try to create a Windows 8.1 USB Recovery Drive on a USB Flash Drive larger than 32GB? The Create a Recovery Drive actually formats the USB drive in FAT32 and makes it bootable. I plan to purchase a 64GB USB flash drive. Will the Recovery Drive Creator repartition the USB Flash Drive as a 32GB FAT32 partition? I tried the same on an external USB hard drive and it repartitioned the external hard drive as a 32GB FAT32 partition.

A:USB Recovery Drive Limitations

The create a Windows 8.1 USB Recovery Drive, only needs a USB Drive of no more than 1gb.
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I have an ABIT KV- motherboard with some problems and I want to replace it and compatability Memory limitations with an MSI K M Neo-V Both boards support AMD x processor and similiar type of RAM SDRAM PC Memory limitations and compatability DDR In the ABIT board it runs the memory right to the max In the MSI board which I just recieved in the mail but have not installed the manual says if your RAM is double-sided which it is and you run it in both slots it will reduce the speed to DDR This thoroughly upsets me I called Kingston the Memory limitations and compatability maker of my RAM and they said it s just the limitations of the motherboard and there s nothing I can do about it And I really can t afford to buy any new RAM Up to is all it will take anyway Want I want to know is will I notice a difference in performance A difference severe enough that would make me regret buying the board I plan on running two GB sticks with Windows Vista Basic x The reason this is so important for me to know is becasue I like my sysem to quot fly quot That s why I spent the extra money to get the DDR By the way it s a socket motherbaord for AMD These boards are getting harder to find and if I get a new more modern board there s a good chance it won t accept the RAM I have Who knows I may just be open to find a newer more modern motherboard combo that will run today s latest RAM Any suggestions on where to buy nbsp

A:Memory limitations and compatability

I always recommend attempting to go for newer technology before upgrading older tech. I would check out board prices at

I don't believe you'd see a noticeable speed decrease but why downgrade when you can upgrade? (budget withstanding of course)
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anyone out there tell me how i can make certain accounts only have access to what i want them to access on win xp pro please....thanx
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I need to buy an external hd and format it w/FAT 32. I recall that individual files can't be larger than 4 GB, but I don't remember if there is a limit on the actual partition size. I'm planning on getting a 500GB drive if FAT 32 will handle it. (Running XP Pro.)


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I have an office of 10 computers, 5 of which use advance
computer drafting software. I have a file sharing
computer with Windows 7 professional that is sharing
files to everyone on the network. The network goes down
almost daily. Nobody can access files during this time.
Rebooting the file sharing server fixes the problem.
Correct me if I'm wrong...The max number of users that
can access the shared drives on the computer with windows
7 pro is 20. We only have 10 users. The 5 computers with
advance computer drafting software open 10 to 15 files at
one time for one drawing. Does this have any effect on
the number of users that can access files on the server?
Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

A:File sharing limitations

Welcome to SF,

One great solution that I have for you is called NAS. Please check out this Thread for more info.
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Hi there I looked through past threads for something similar but was unable to find anything which answered my questions I bagged myself a bargain months ago and picked up a Dell mini pc which had been refurbed and upgraded from XP with a Win Refurb license and only cost I typically reinstall the OS every few months to keep Refurb License limitations things running smoothly as this little pc serves media to my house and is where everything is kept Irritatingly I have been unable to do a reinstall as last time I tried it told me Refurb License limitations the product key I have does not go with the installation disk I have The place I bought the pc was happy to do a reinstall which at the time was Refurb License limitations to add a TB disk and not charge me They were also reluctant to offer me my own disk to go with the pc as it may jeopardise their staus as issuers of the refurb license My questions are these - where can I obtain a refurb download link I have one for a HP laptop where I dl'd a clean and legal copy - does a SLIC table have anything to do with not being able to add different hardware to the pc without it saying that it is not licenses to THIS pc am I misunderstanding SLIC - Will any Win disk work if the SLIC table conditions are met I am reluctant to begin a reinstall get to the end and find I don't have a working pc Thanks in advance Evile

A:Refurb License limitations

I wonder if they are selling counterfeit Win7 to you. Download and run MGADiag.exe,
post back its report in the text box obtained by clicking on # on reply box toolbar. We have the top Win7 activation specialist in the world here who will have a look at it.

Otherwise you should use the official installer provided in Step 1 with tool to burn to DVD or stick in Step 2 of Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. Then follow the steps given to get and keep a perfect install.

It is not necessary to reinstall your OS every few months now that there is good backup imaging to reapply an image of your finished perfect install in 20 minutes. More in tutorial.
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Hey, so, I'm just wondering, I have a Gigabyte GA-M61PME S2P, and it has an 8GB RAM limitation. It also says, it can only use 32 Bit operating systems. Therefore limiting it to 4GB ram, and it says, I have the common 3.25 GB of 4.00 GB ram available situation. I know I don't need the RAM upgraded, but it kills me to know I couldn't if I wanted to. Just for this, I'm considering getting my mobo switched. Is there ANY way, difficulty doesn't matter, that I can revlieve these limitations? Thanks alot in advance guys!

A:Mobo limitations removed?

Quote: Originally Posted by kylefrikkentoth

Hey, so, I'm just wondering, I have a Gigabyte GA-M61PME S2P, and it has an 8GB RAM limitation. It also says, it can only use 32 Bit operating systems. Therefore limiting it to 4GB ram, and it says, I have the common 3.25 GB of 4.00 GB ram available situation. I know I don't need the RAM upgraded, but it kills me to know I couldn't if I wanted to. Just for this, I'm considering getting my mobo switched. Is there ANY way, difficulty doesn't matter, that I can revlieve these limitations? Thanks alot in advance guys!

I have never heard of a modern board being limited to 32-bit only...

Have you tried to run an x64 OS installer to see if it just works? Can you link us to where you read that it is 32-bit only?
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I have a few questions about Adobe products.
1. Photoshop CS4 Extended
2. Premiere Pro CS4
3. After Effects CS4

I have the trial versions for all of these. Other than the 30-day time limit, are there any limitations on these trial versions in relation to their full version counterparts?
If so, I was wondering for each one if I have to either:
A. Enter the code to activate full version with no limitations.
B. Do a separate installation for the full version.


A:Adobe Trial Limitations

From my limited experience with Adobe products, there is no restrictions on trial products. You do not need to reinstall just enter the code . If upgradeing you will need the older versions code also.

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Hi The documentation for the CryptEncrypt function https msdn microsoft com en-us library windows desktop aa v vs aspx states that quot is not guaranteed to be thread safe and may return incorrect results CryptEncrypt Limitations Threading if invoked simultaneously by multiple callers quot This CryptEncrypt Threading Limitations seems to be a very extreme limitation that makes the CryptAPI library basically useless for our purposes - i e encrypting in more than one thread I'm hoping that this statement is a little too strict - and that it should actually read that it's not thread safe if you call it from multiple threads with the same Key or Hash handle or the same buffer - e g because the internal key state is updated by the function if you're in a stream cypher mode such as CBC mode Something like this is indicated in the following blog post from http blogs msdn com b alejacma archive threading-issues-with-cryptoapi aspx Can someone please confirm if it is safe to call the CryptEncrypt function from multiple threads when there is no shared data i e different key and hash handles and different buffers Kerry Johnson Zetron
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I will start with saying that I have an old motherboard - I have an M3A78-CM (AM2). Say, if I wanted to upgrade my processor to an intel i7 I couldn't do that because my motherboard won't support it, right? Okay, I have two questions to ask.
1. If I buy a new motherboard and replace it with the older one, will all my RAM, CPU, GPU and other stuff be recognized by a newer generation motherboard, since you can pretty much see that I have a fairly old system configuration.
2. I don't know how to put this, but can somebody find me the maximum, high-end CPU that THIS motherboard can support? I'm sorry but I don't really understand much about motherboards.}
Oh... and one last thing. Can THIS processor be supported by my motherboard? And how good is it? Thank you for your time.

A:Are there any motherboard upgrade limitations?

If you get a new motherboard that is anywhere near a recent design and model, it will NOT use DDR2 RAM, which is what you have now.

You'd need to buy DDR3.

I don't know much at all about AMD processors, so can't identify the strongest processor that can be used on your current motherboard.

But---the rule of thumb is to NOT spend a lot of money putting new stuff on really old motherboards. You are generally better off replacing the motherboard, RAM, and CPU unless you are really restricted by budget.

It is possible there is a relatively cheap AMD processor that would be a worthwhile significant upgrade for your motherboard. Someone else will have to answer that.
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The new Windows 8.1 with Bing has some limitations about default search providers and start page and are only available for OEM manufactures. Other than that is there any limitations on Windows 8.1 with Bing or is it the same as Windows
8.1 standard editions?
So far I have not been able to find any limitations myself. 

Thomas | MCP |

A:Windows 8.1 with Bing limitations?

Hi Thomas,
There is no any limitation between OEM bing search and Retail Edition.
You could take full advantage of it either in OEM Windows 8.1 or Retail Windows 8.1.
For its improvements, you could read this article below:
Bing Smart Search gets smarter in Windows 8.1

Karen Hu
TechNet Community Support
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Hi, just after some instructions on setting up a guest account with limited abilitys.
Main issue is toolbars kept getting installed by others, along with spyware ect.
Would like to create a guest account, and limit it so the users can only browse the web, downloading is ok, but installing software is not.
I have created the guest account, just need advice on how to protect it, Thanks.

A:Protection and limitations on users

Hi -Please see This Microsoft Topic on setting Parental Controls.This is one of the better ways to control limited users on your computer. Also see Set up Parental Controls activity reports so you can check on site usage.It may be called Parental Control, but it can be used as a Managed Account System - Regards -
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Server connections are limited by it's license agreements, Professional's connections are imited by what?

A:professional connection limitations

Both license agreements (voluntary) and a hard 10 connection limit in the registry. In NT4, there were several registry hacks that could eliminate the limitation, but I don't think that is true of 2k or XP.
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Does anyone know if there is a size limit to the amount of records that can be stored in an MS Access database? I am working on a web page that directly accesses and updates an Access database, but I need to know how large I can get. Any help is greatly appreciated!


P.S. I have already tried searching in Google and in the MS Knowledge Database. I have tried it, however I still have not found the answer.

A:Access size limitations

Don't know if this helps - got it from Access 2000 help files:

Microsoft Access database general specifications
Attribute Maximum
Microsoft Access database (.mdb) file size 2 gigabytes. However, because your database can include linked tables in other files, its total size is limited only by available storage capacity.
Number of objects in a database 32,768
Modules (including forms and reports with the HasModule property set to True) 1,000
Number of characters in an object name 64
Number of characters in a password 14
Number of characters in a user name or group name 20
Number of concurrent users 255

also Table specifications:

Microsoft Access database table specifications
Attribute Maximum
Number of characters in a table name 64
Number of characters in a field name 64
Number of fields in a table 255
Number of open tables 2048. The actual number may be less because of tables open internally by Microsoft Access.
Table size 1 gigabyte
Number of characters in a Text field 255
Number of characters in a Memo field 65,535 when entering data through the user interface;
1 gigabyte when entering data programmatically.
Size of an OLE Object field 1 gigabyte
Number of indexes in a table 32
Number of fields in an index 10
Number of characters in a validation message 255
Number of characters in a validation rule 2,048
Number of characters in a table or field description 255
Number of characters in a record (excluding Memo and OLE Object fields) 2,000
Number of characters in a field property setting 255

For further info, type SPECIFICATIONS into Clippy's help box!
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I have a 3 TB USB 3 drive that I would like to use with Windows XP. Is it possable to do that
and have access to the total drive? I am thinking about getting a netgear router with USB connection feature and connecting this large drive on a netgear network but all my computers use windows XP.

Thank you,
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I'm developing an MFC application in MSVC++ on Win XP. After creating a dialog box using the Resource Editor I started copy/pasting Edit Boxes in the main dialog box. All goes well until I've pasted 224. Then no more edit boxes can be pasted (the paste option is greyed out) in fact I cannot add any other type of control at all.

Does anyone know what is going on ? Thanks for any help.

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I want to capture a screenshot from an avi file. I?ve tried playing it in Windows Media Player, pausing the movie, and hitting ?print screen.? But when I paste the image (into paint or photoshop), I get a black square where the movie shot should have been. If I leave Windows Media Player open and move my paint window over the media player window, I can see the paused image in the black square area (when the black square is aligned with where the movie is in the background).

Does anyone know why this happens? Is it a quirk of the media player to not allow what it?s playing to be print screened?

Is there a way around this? (A better way to take screenshots?)

A:The limitations of “print screen” - help!

yeah this is normal its a protection so you can't steal shots. Kinda stupid way i know.
I haven't actually figured/tried another way because onetime i was doing it i found something really neat. if you save that picture and make it your desktop image you have the Movie Playing right on your desktop. and it uses no more Resources than Media Player itself.

Sorry I wasn't helpful in this matter.
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to write an application, and I wonder if there is a limitation on how many cases you can have on a Select Case?
I have 200 maybe more window series (types) so I need to make some calculations depends of the type of window I am working with. So I will need 200 cases. Am I way off..?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Will it revert back to the EXACT state your pc was in at the time or will it still remember your latest bookmarks/downloads/registry/data files settings etc that you have changed since creating the restore point?

I'm about to install GTA4 and as ths new pc was build specifically for me to work on audio production, i'm a bit sceptical of sticking this game on here but was bought it for xmas and my pc can handle the spec, and i do get bored from time to time.

If it messes with my audio settings and reverts back to older versions of flash/direct x/codecs etc during the installation (contains flash, directx and codec files) then i wont be very impressed and will be relying on system restore to put my pc back to exactly how it was before this game went on.

Whats the limitations of a system restore?

A:What are the limitations of system restore?

Good read Here
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so I am an audio guy with an old p4 2.0 ghz pentium setup... and I was wondering if there are any limitations to taking my operating system drive with everything on it installed and repair installing it on a new mobo / cpu combo ...

I figured any p4 would work but not sure about the athlon 64fx or the dual and quadcore... or the migration from a 32 bit setup to a 64 bit setup...

can someone please let me know what I can get away with here.... reinstalling everything would be more of a headache than you know...


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A friend works for a small company run by a family who use their home PC for the business software and data accounting stock etc Some members of this family have been rather careless in the use of this PC visiting porn sites specifically and my friend now has her Limitations? Xp System Restore Windows work on the computer blighted by popups and adverts and all the usual stuff you might expect from the malware you can pick up on porn sites A run of some online virus checker don t know which Windows Xp System Restore Limitations? one claimed a count of viruses She turned to me for help and I got her to install a copy of Norton Internet Security I advised a fresh install of Windows but that Windows Xp System Restore Limitations? was out of the question because it seems no-one at the company knows enough about computers to set all their business software back up and restore the data from what limited backups they do - and because I m trying to offer tech support by phone I daren t get involved in anything that drastic Norton promptly detected and quarantined a large number of viruses however the removal of one or some of these affected the network settings and their accounting software which connects via dial-up to a bank to send the payroll and is fairly vital stopping it connecting quot Error quot was the one given - something to do with the remote computer not responding as I understand it Clearly the problem doesn t lie with the remote computer and interestingly the dial up internet connection still seemed to work ok anyway In order to get the accounting software working again we restored all the quarantined files and turned off Norton which left us back at square one I suspect that removing the files again and running the utility winsockxpfix will sort the problems with the network but I m nervous about trying anything I can t undo I don t really want my friend to get fired because I gave her bad advice Hence I want to set a system restore point before I get her to try anything else Basically my question boils down to this If I run this utility and mess with the TCP IP stack and other network settings and this affects this accounting software s ability to connect to the bank will going back to a restore point put it right again I know system restore backs up critical windows files I just don t how it interacts with other software and I d rather know a bit more before I offer any more advice Congratulations on wading through this rather lengthy post My apologies on the lack of technical detail but you now know about as much as I do on this one Any advice would be appreciated

A:Windows Xp System Restore Limitations?

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer.From what you describe you should be able to clean your system (your friend's system) without disruption or lost of files. Nothing is 100% since we do not know exactly what malware infects the computer in question. I recommend you go to "Preparation Guide for use before posting a HijackThis Log", and follow the instructions provided. Once you begin it is important you follow any instruction given to you by the HJT Team. No one else should give advice, nor should you take advice except from a HJT Team member.
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Basically I want to know what are the record limitations of Access 2000 anybody know?????

A:What Are The Record Limitations Of Access 2000?

In Access 2000 Help files:
Microsoft Access database (.mdb) file size 2 gigabytes. However, because your database can include linked tables in other files, its total size is limited only by available storage capacity.
Number of objects in a database 32,768
Modules (including forms and reports with the HasModule property set to True) 1,000
Number of characters in an object name 64
Number of characters in a password 14
Number of characters in a user name or group name 20
Number of concurrent users 255
Click to expand...

does that answer you?
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Not all Word 98 features are supported in Word 5.x and 6.0 for the Macintosh. When opening Word 98 documents in Word 5.x or 6.0, some data or formatting may be lost. The document 6imp98.doc describes in detail the conversion issues that may arise.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Word 98 for the Macintosh


Relevancy 41.28%

Hi all,

Is there a way around the page size limit in Access reports? I want to print the responses to a questionnaire by groups, etc, but to show all the questions, answers and categories of answers, along with calculations, I need about 23 inches. Currently I have two reports - one showing the first 7 questions and the other showing the rest, but the client (and I) are not particularly satisfied with this - it requires my client to do a lot of sorting to bring the pages together for a sensible report, and I cannot page number things.
Your help is appreciated in advance!

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Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on my laptop. Status bar in Recycle Bin shows individual file sizes and sum of file sizes until more than 15 are selected. Once 16 or more files are selected, a Show more information link appears which does nothing. Yesterday, I wanted to open numerous small pdfs. Selecting and opening more than 15 pdfs at one time had no effect. 15 or fewer and they would open.
Is there a hack around this annoyance and is it different in other versions? I really like to see Recycle Bin summary info in the status bar. I read somewhere that some people use a different File Manager which would show this information and possibly allow many files to open. I really don't want to go that route.

A:[SOLVED] File access limitations?

Hello Herpfan,

This is because Windows 7 has a limit of only being able to open 1-14 files at a single time per default. If you want to change this, you need to go into the Registry and change a value.
Go to Start > Search.
Type "regedit" > Hit ENTER.
Navigate to the following registry path:

Change the "MultipleInvokePromptMinimum" value from 15 to 16. (16 being unlimited).
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I'm using a Dell Inspiron 1501, and in 2 weeks I've had 2 hard drives die on me. The Dell technician told me that it's because my laptop will not support a hard drive over 120gb, and the two I were using were both 500gb. Both drives worked for around 4 days, before dying to the point where they couldn't even start up anymore. Do different systems actually have limitations on the size of hard drives that can be used on them? Am I doomed to keep killing hard drives if I buy them over the size of 120gb or did this technician not know what he was talking about?

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It`s my brothers laptop, running 98se. I downloaded Adaware latest version, and updated. I ran adaware, can you believe it, it found 700 items that needed to be deleted. Just to make sure I told adaware to quarantine all 700, just in case, adaware said they were quarantined. Next I told adaware to delete the items, adaware froze immediately. I have tried this 4, or 5 times with the same response, even after rebooting. I even tried deleting smaller amounts, with the same results. I was just wondering if I had overloaded adaware with the large amounts of data that needed to be deleted, and how I might overcome the freezing of adaware. I have been using adaware for about 3 years now myself, and have never had this happen before, but, then I have never had to delete 700 (LOL) items before. Any imput will be much appreciated.


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I am trying to download a address list from some POS software. I obtain the list through the software, and then download it as a .txt file to the A: drive. (that's the only option the POS software allows).

The problem I'm having is that after it goes to the A: drive and I open the text file in Notepad it only shows a portion of the address list. It's showing approximately 2650 lines of addresses (with more info that just addresses) even though in the POS software there is between 5000 - 20000 lines of addresses.

Is there a limit as to how many characters can be placed in Notepad? Or do you see any other problems with my situation? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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I have a server running server 2003 that hosts quick books. There are two other computers in the office connected through a linksys router-1 wired and 1 wireless. Also a home computer and another laptop with a sprint air card. We connect from home and with the air card laptop using remote desktop. Getting ready to add a couple more air card equipped laptops and am wondering how to overcome the limits imposed by remote desktop when more than two need to connect to the server.
Any wisdow will be greatly appreciated!

A:Overcoming Remote Desktop Limitations

Is a simple solution, You need a terminal server. You need to uninstall QB, configure the server as a terminal server, reinstall QB, purchase Terminal server license pack,configure the terminal server license server and you are good to go!

Oh, I am assuming that this is not your domain controller.

Also I have never configured QB to run on a Terminal Server, so I don't know what Intuit requires with this model.
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I m not sure which forum to put this in as I don t know what s causing the problem I hae a new Quad Dell Inspiron the deal made it cheaper than a Dual Quad running (due limitations?) open to os Additional won't windows XP Additional windows won't open (due to os limitations?) It has MB memory I guess it used MB of it I get a lot of news-related newsletters from various sources and like to open all the articles of interest to me in separate windows to read them as opposed to reading each one as I open it I find that after I have such windows open the computer stops responding to any mouse commands to open a new window be it in IE or any other program like Word If I connect a camera to download pictures it realizes that I have added hardware asks me what I want to do I choose the Camera Wizard and nothing happens At that stage it will not even respond if I doubleclick on the new hardware icon in my system tray to remove the camera safely According to the SIW utility that I have running that shows me the CPU and ram usage I am barely using - of the CPU and using about of memory MB used MB free and it says that of the mb swapfile the maximum used is mb and mb is in use Once I close the windows the machine works just fine What could be causing this--a software limitation or a hardware one and what can I do about it TIA nbsp
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Currently I am using the Trial version of WES7. I found that I am unable to detect "keyboard filter" when accessing the group policy. Is that part of the limitation?

Because I am setting up a kiosk like station for users to only access to certain programs and not allowing them to have access to the hotkeys or functions like "Ctrl+Alt+Del".

Need some advise here if I have to purchase the full version of WES7 to optimise the functions.
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Greetings XP Windows Limitations Professional Edition and salutations fellows I have been researching on Windows XP Windows XP Professional Edition Limitations Professional Edition operating system from many perspectives from its developers Windows XP Professional Edition Limitations to its users and have not been able to have a rough gauge on its limitations about its figures and numbers according to its maximum value supporting protocols My question is that Does Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack on a P GHz GB RAM with GB PATA HDD windows installed on PATA Drive and TB SATA HDD has any limitations on the number of an average of MB softwares or programs that can be installed on the system before it starts to overload or slow down I know it depends on a lot of factors but I need someone to humor me in a hypothetical situation just wanted to know how many programs i can install because i use a lot of programs is there a limit to the number of programs my desktop is slowing down so i need to know whether it depends on the size of the windows folder or the registry entries My windows folder is GB and there are no errors or viruses i have done all of the maintenance and optimization services There is a definite or absolute memory leak with the hard disk slinging and thrashing I have Bitdefender Antivirus Pro installed as well and it is working fine and did not slow down the system before plus i have removed all secondary non-essential programs that run at start up and in windows services I have also scanned the system using different kinds of antivirus softwares with spywares firewalls malwarebytes removal tools and been monitoring the system using process explorer and hijack this I uninstalled all of the security suites so now there is just one bitdefender antivirus but there is no understanding why the system would slow down when there are only processes running instead of the usual processes that i used to run before when the system never slowed down My system has programs installed in it and it was working fine so my question in technical terms would be Does the installing of programs result in the overload of the registry The reason i am asking this question is that there is no other possibility as i have fully scanned and tuned the system getting rid of all the garbage and there are no extra processes running except the system processes so if there is an experienced person out there you re help would be greatly acknowledged thank you very much and farewell nbsp

A:Windows XP Professional Edition Limitations

Ive never heard of 240 programs being needed in a computer.I would think the computer would be slower than a snail.All i know the pro version of xp was to be used for business use and the home version was to be used for non business use.I dont know what the limitations are but all of those programs might be pushing it.
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I'm working on creating basically a home quot slideshow quot of pics and video clips of a family reunion I'm using Microsoft's for DVDs limitations Size/length Vista-included Windows Movie Maker program to do it The Size/length limitations for DVDs person I'm making it for isn't interested in anything fancy which is why I went with that program instead something more substantial Anyway So far it's about seconds shy of hours long and I still have about more pictures to add at like seconds each and maybe some more that need to be added I know on the DVD's they all say GB hours of video limit But I know all the content I'm putting in is taking up barely about half that space So when I burn this to a DVD to be played on your average DVD player is it going to force me to stay within that hour limit or since all the media is less than gig will it be ok to go over a little I'm looking at like maybe hours minutes I know if I was just copying all the files onto it it would let me fill up the GB but don't know if it will still let me do that with an actual playable dvd I know I could just wait until I'm done making it pop a DVD in and see what happens but if I can't go over the hour limit I'd rather not take the time to add all the extra media I have for it

A:Size/length limitations for DVDs

If you're burning it as a video, then there is a 2 hour limit (on 4.7gb DVDs), this means that the software is making a folder called VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS on the disc and the DVD player will treat it as a movie

If you're burning it as data, ie just copying your newly made video file onto the disc, then your limit is 4.7gb (the 2 hours is irrelevant now), be warned though, some DVD players can't play video files when stored as data on the disc, you'll just have to try it out and see if it works

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Hey guys I need some help. I have a vaio and it reads 384MB of RAM. I have two 256MB cards of RAM. When I place one card in one slot it reads 128MB RAM! Are there factory limitations on this model and if so Ihave seen in other forums there is a possibility to loop around this. Can anyone help me?

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I use Word 97 on a desktop (Win XP/Home), Word 2002 on a laptop (Win XP/Pro), and Word 2002 on a desktop (Win 2000).

Is there a limitation, and if so, what is the limitation, on the number of characters that can be entered into a merge field when using the Mail Merge feature of either of the two versions of Word?

Thanks for your help.

A:Word Merge Field Limitations

I think you'll find thats 255 on a single line morris.
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I am looking for new laser printer that has these features:

Color laser printer
Automatic duplex (not manual)
Wireless connectivity
scanning capability (flatbed or ADF)
faxing capability
under $500 to the door

I am doing my own research, but I can not find one with all these features. Any help is appreciated.


A:Looking for a new laser printer, with heavy limitations

Did you check the Lexmark Pro 205? That's the one I use.
This link belows will help you find the one you need
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I am building a new system and began to wonder about the limitations that HD's would put on SATA. Basically, I have been thinking about getting a solid state storage device (for boot drive) and wonder if there is any point to going with sata III.

OK, so here is the question: If the read rate is 300 MB/s and write 275 MB/s then would there be any difference between 3.0 GB/s and 6.0 GB/s transfer speeds?

It just seems to me that when reading with both transfer speeds the rate would be 300 MB/s and when writing the buffer would full up in a few microseconds while the drive is writing 275 MB/s.

Any help from someone with more technical knowledge is appreciated.

Lao Tan
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Dear Forum,
Seeking help to create a simple disk drive or create an extended volume, My 1TB SATA dik drive crashed and I installed a New Toshiba 5TB SATA drive. Performed a clean install of Windows 10 Pro / 32 Bit version / Primary disk drive partition/volume @2TB, but cant seem to allocate any of the remaining space. Any suggestions?

Thank You in advance,

A:Need help with Disk Management - Windows 10 Pro / 2TB Limitations

You installed Windows OS using MBR partition scheme. For MBR disk, it can only see 2TB max. To use full 5GB, you need to initialize the disk as GPT.

More info: Whats the difference between MBR and GPT? - Hard Drives - Storage
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Can not play due to area limitations
When I burn a dvd on Magix Pro Edit 12, trying to playback on a dvd player I get the message that it cannot play due to area limitations. Can burn Magix Photostory on same computer, 2GB DDR2 ram, Toshiba laptop Windows 7. They play with no problem. Have tried playing on several different dvd players. Only thing it will play back on is Sony dvd recorder. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I got this hard disk enclosure and I can't find anything on their site or anywhere else about what limitations there might be on the size of drive they will accept and whether there is any link between the motherboard's BIOS limitation and this enclosure's limitation as to size.

The documentation that came with the enclosure is scant and contains no information on the subject.

Does anyone know where I might find some documentation or information on this?

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Hey there I am on a network and recently there have been limitations to my IP address and mac address of my network card The limitations consist of disabling my network card and IP from receiving internet access after particular times during the day What I want to know is Am I able to change the Mac Address on my network card Is there any other way that Mac My On Addresses Limitations Network Causing I can change my IP address The network Mac Addresses Causing Limitations On My Network administrator has set me up with a static IP so no matter what my IP address cannot change I m wondering if a certain procedure or program can alter my IP so the admin won t have control over my internet access Please forgive me I rarely have problems with networks however this limit has just came into affect for the past week Mac Addresses Causing Limitations On My Network And I want to know if I am able to bypass the limits if I can Mac Addresses Causing Limitations On My Network change my mac address of my network card ethernet landline - not wireless and or change my IP Address Regards Alex wave nbsp

A:Mac Addresses Causing Limitations On My Network

Yes, you can do all that. Whether this would actually give you any internet access is another matter.

No, I personally am not going to tell you how to get around network security. I'm sure the admin had a good reason to put these restrictions in place and if you have a problem with that, you can take the matter up to him personally.
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Hello Everyone I am attending a university and my major is Game design and Art design I wanted to take a game called ZEQ lite it is considered to be Open of limitations the Open are Source What licenses? Source Software it is free It is technically a mod based on on a highly modified ioQuake engine foundation Over the years many people have added a lot of features and upgrades to the game However considering the fact that it is free and open to being modded do you think it is legal for me to take the mod and change it to my own liking and add my own features and then pack it up as a legit game and sell it The game assets models and levels will most likely not change but many of the animations and game features will be completely changed and improved on Also I would add a lot of my What are the limitations of Open Source licenses? own content and levels but the foundation will be the same open source software What do you guys think Only reason I thought of this is because I wanted to make a different type of Dragon Ball Z game for the PC and hopefully distribute it on Steam but they already did such a good job building a foundation with ZEQ lite that it would make my work so much easier and faster as compared to making the majority of the assets myself nbsp

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Greetings and salutations fellows I have been researching on this operating system from Professional Edition XP Limitations Windows many perspectives from its developers to its users and have not been able to have a rough gauge on Windows XP Professional Edition Limitations its limitations about its figures and numbers according to its maximum value supporting protocols My question is that quot Does Windows XP Professional Edition Limitations Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack on a P GHz GB RAM with GB PATA HDD windows installed on PATA Drive and TB SATA HDD has any limitations on the number of an average of MB softwares or programs that can be installed on the system before it starts to overload or slow down I know it depends on a lot of factors but I need someone to humor me in a hypothetical situation just wanted to know how many programs i can install because i use a lot of programs is there a limit to the number of programs my desktop is slowing down so i need to know whether it depends on the size of the windows folder or the registry entries My windows folder is GB and there are no errors or viruses i have done all of the maintenance and optimization services but my torrent has suddenly started malfunctioning by giving a definite or absolute memory leak with the hard disk slinging and thrashing so if there is an experienced person out there you're help would be greatly acknowledged thank you D

A:Windows XP Professional Edition Limitations

My answer is, I have no idea... I wouldn't even begin to try put some kind of math calculation on it. While a P4 computer can still be useful for lots of tasks, it is outdated by several years. A faster computer is the easiest answer and the best solution. The more programs and files you install on any hard drive, the slower your access times will be.
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Hi all I was hoping someone knowledgeable could clear up some confusion I have on the upgrade process I've googled my questions and it seems there is no definitive answer and that Microsoft themselves seem to not be consistent on their treatment of upgrades I originally wasn't going to upgrade but at for a Pro version I can't resist I am aware that you need a current install to upgrade I was hoping that during future paths limitations Upgrade and the upgrade process I would be given an option to chose the key I wished to invalidate for the upgrade Now I am quite fond of my Windows license and am going to keep it around in case I don't like Windows and just because it is a great OS So my dilemma is as follows I have a couple full licenses for XP and Vista I also have the OEM license of Vista Business that is on a sticker on my computer I am resigned to the fact that I'll have to uninstall my current OS and install an old one for the upgrade and I can live with that I would however like to Upgrade paths and future limitations get rid of my most worthless license for the upgrade which in my opinion is the one OEM one on a sticker on my laptop So I guess the question is would the limitations of the OEM license which is that it is only valid for that specific machine be attached to the upgraded version As the Pro upgrade is for a limited time only I imagine any future computer I will buy will have the Home version with it and I would like to preserve my access to the Pro version as well as to have the option to have a clean install If I can transfer the upgrade in the future getting rid of the OEM license makes the most sense if not the full Vista license Condensed version Will these Upgrades be transferable to a new machine in the future Will OEM limitations be attached to the Upgrade license in the future Will we always have to install the old version first even after activating it i e if I upgrade to an SSD in the future will I have to install the old OS first While typing out my questions I came to the realization that if I upgrade to a new machine I won't be able to install using the OEM license if the old install is required

A:Upgrade paths and future limitations

Hello jaebberwock. Welcome to the Eight Forums.

You mentioned "in case I don't like Windows 8" so I guess you haven't used it yet.
Based on that assumption, I would suggest downloading Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation for free. (good for 90 days) Burn it to a dvd. Do you know anything about imaging? Do you have any external drives? I would consider learning a little about external drives so that you could make some images? Are you on a budget? Can you afford to spend a few bucks on imaging software? Search online for imaging software. You could image your XP system without affecting it by an upgrade. Same with Vista or Windows 7. Image what you want to save so that they could be returned to the condition they were in. I cannot help you with your questions about upgrading licenses and keys so maybe someone else will chime in. Personally, I am not a fan of dual booting, many problems could happen. Opinions vary.

Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation

From my point of view, I would image backup XP, Vista, Windows 7 using the software of your choice (perhaps something like Acronis). Then, install Windows 8 on unallocated space. Do you know what unallocated space is? I apologize. I know nothing about what you know. Anyway, good luck. There are tutorials here:

Installation & Setup - Windows 8 Forums

Suggested Steps To Take Installing And Setting Up Windows 8
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I recently bought a new hard drive with a capacity of 160 GB, but my computer is only allowing me to use 30 GB. Is there anyway I can get to use the rest of the capacity?