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Lost all Admin rights.

Q: Lost all Admin rights.

My brother thought by logging into his Microsoft account on our main computer would be very helpful. He then got admin rights. So, the past few days I have been trying to undo what he did and sure enough I have got his account off the computer. However, when making him just a standard user from admin, the account we still have on our main desktop is only a standard user as well and i forgot to change it to an admin. I tried so many different ways. I tried command prompt, safe mode to giving the local account admin but the "YES" button is still blurred out. I have no idea what to do since this a new software and every method I have tried doesn't help.

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Preferred Solution: Lost all Admin rights.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lost all Admin rights.

Option four here:
Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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Power outage due to storm. Came back on without pictures and documents. It's an HP desktop. Would a file recovery program work? I've tried some of the instructions online, but they don't work.

A:Lost pictures on Windows 7 from power outage

Oh mary; I feel your pain. Were the pics within one folder and now they're ALL missing?
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I recently cloned my old 160gb hdd on to a new 1tb hdd, then proceeded to format my old hdd. After formating it had lost 128gb only showing 32gb. I have checked for partitions (unallocated) but none can be found. Even tried remapping mbr, with no result. Any help to recover my lost storage space would be great.

A:Lost hdd space post format

I'm running Windows 7 home premium BTW don't no if that info will help with a solution or not.
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I had to format and re-install Windows XP on a Satellite A105-S4201 Laptop. I installed XP, and updated to SP3. The brightness control no longer works using Fn+F6/F7 (or any other way for that matter). It was working before the format.
I tried a couple of different Common Modules installs. This one: tc00324000b (version 6.07.03) won't even install. Gave me error message, "TVALG Driver installation has failed". And this one: SPA210 TCommon Modules-XP (version 1.00.06) installed, and had me restart, but when I tried to install the hotkey utilities afterward, it said "TOSHIBA Common Module not found! This setup will terminate." Also, I have the latest BIOS version installed (v 6.0)
Any ideas?

A:Fn Brightness Control lost, Toshiba Laptop

Are there any yellow (!) in the device manager?
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I have an EVGA GTX 560-Ti graphics card connected to two monitors. The primary monitor is a Syncmaster 2433BW and the second monitor is a Syncmaster 204B. Everything was fine until this morning when I booted up and found the second monitors resolution way off. After entering the NVIDIA control panel I found the monitor simply identified as Digital Display with a very limited resolution table available, the monitor was set to 1024x768. On the control panel resolution screen it is identified as "Generic Non-PNP Monitor with only two resolutions neither of which is the recommended 1600x1200. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver with no improvement.

A:Lost monitor ID in setup

Have u tried This option the Resize? I use this due to my Samsung tv doesnt have really good scaling which I was left to using a random resolution but this random resolution still is read from the tv as 1920x1080 maybe it might work for u

if this doesnt work I havent actualy got which driver did u install nvidia driver or the monitor one? if so this is were u should go
<-this image seems to not be working right click open in new tab

Right click my computer Properties Device manager and rightclick on the monitors and update software
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I have a wireless ubee modem. I have had it for a will now and it has worked great up until yesterday. I can't find my wireless signal for my internet. I can hook up the usb port and get the internet just fine, but when I turn to wireless I can't even find my wireless signal name to hook up. I know my laptop is still getting signals because my modem is still finding my neighbors signals. Please help!!!

A:Lost My Internet Signal

Are you using someone else internet service via WiFi? If your now they power cycle the internet modem and your wireless laptop. Power cycle means reboot them or power them down then power them up. Internet modem can be reset but you would need to call your ISP and let them send a signal to hit the box (reset it) or walk you through the steps to do it on your end.
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Hi Friends ... I have this laptop that has been given to me by my company and the USB ports have been blocked in manner such that I can copy stuff from my USB drive on to the machine but cannot copy in the reverse direction, ie. from the hard drive to the USB. Obviously it is to safeguard against theft of data. However, I do not deal with any confidential data and like to back up things every few days. Please tell me a shortcut to unlock my USB entirely even though I do not have administrator rights on the machine.

A:How to unlock USB ports without admin password?

Sorry, we will not assist in circumventing such security features, especially when the machine belongs to someone else.
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Ok so I m a first time builder here with a budget of I use my computer for web browsing with a million tabs so 1st time build, lost :P open I admit lol music recording editing normally about or so tracks only lite gaming minecraft with heavy skin packs and will be doing small video editing like boxes of video in one frame and watching movies both blue-ray and the occasional live stream I use Windows themes skins on my computer and have more rainmeter gadgets than I probably need I ve come across some good barebones kits for but they lack a few things which I may not even need lol I definitely need a wireless card no cable running to my room and obviously a blue-ray player I don t burn music or movies onto CDs if I need to I already have a burner I m looking for a minimum GB of RAM Do I really need an SSD My mind keeps saying quot YES quot but my wallet says quot nope not in the budget quot I do already have a TB drive for storage I would just like an SSD for the OS and programs But if that s not feasible I have no problem with a small HDD So what am I looking for that will meet the needs of my use and budget Mobo CPU GPU RAM PSU Case SSD-or-HDD Blue-Ray Player Wifi Card and after market cooler heatsink everyone always says stay away from OEM coolers go after market So if I m not all that crazy and this is feasible I appreciate any and all help and hope to learn a good bit in the process please feel free to teach so I actually learn something I m not loyal to any brand so I don t care about any of that at least not yet Thanks nbsp

A:1st time build, so lost :P

matrix86 said:

(everyone always says stay away from OEM coolers...go after market)Click to expand...

I would only make that recommendation based on whether the person will be overclocking. Neither Intel or AMD will package their CPU with a cooler that not sufficiently adequate under non-overclock conditions.

Have you assembled a parts list or are awaiting feedback first?
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My computer running Windows Ultimate -bit can no longer access my Western Digital Caviar quot Black quot TB hard drive that s connected but I suspect my data to still be in there so I wonder what data recorvery tools people have used and recommend This is one of the additional drives to my operating system C drive It has been formatted as NTFS and been working fine for several months until with recommendations Data format, from drive please lost recovery software a week ago Now it appears as the E drive on Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please My Computer as originally configured but the volume label is now blank I used to have that named as quot Media quot When I double-click on it to Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please enter the drive I get the Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please error message quot E is not accessible The parameter is incorrect quot In Computer Management -- gt Storage -- gt Disk Management the drive appears but it s File System is now indicated as RAW rather than NTFS I have tried using Active Partition Recovery and that successfully lists my drive with the original label name quot Media quot and as NTFS and also lists the folders located at the root of the drive which is why I suspect my data to still be in there and recoverable However when I use this tool to do a full scan of my disk it freezes after scanning MB There are tools out there with varying reliability so whch ones do people here recommend another tool I trired I forget its name was scanning my disk but prediced days to go over the entire TB so that s out of the question I have been told to use a tool that can recover files onto a separate disk rather then try to repair the original disk and risk losing more of the original data Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please

Oh crap. Something like this happened recently to me when I had backed up some data to an USB thumb drive. It worked fine for awhile, then some weeks later, my PC just couldn't read it anymore (kept saying "disk in drive needs to be reformatted/etc"...and the properties for the drive also showed it as RAW format instead of FAT32 like it would have been usually).

I think the issue is drive corruption, which seems to be fairly common with external devices like USB drives, but odd in the case of an internal drive. The remedy for me was to try to access it from a different system, which was easy since being a USB stick I could try it elsewhere easily. If you can use another system to access the drive, preferably a Linux/Ubuntu based one; it is likely your best bet to recoup the data before its lost permanently. An external HDD kit would be ideal, and they are quite cheap also.

Hope this helps!
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I have Windows XP SP that would not boot to the desktop on a Normal boot The system has SATA HDD amp SATA DVD-RW partition HDD XP -- Windows lost data problem on Red SATA ports on the Motherboard amp Black SATA port on the mother board I apologize but sadly I do NOT remember if the DVD drive or one of the HDD was in the Black SATA port I m not REALLY sure I Windows XP HDD partition problem -- data lost understand the difference but The system would boot up almost to the desktop so I was able to boot up in Safe Mode Once I could get to the desktop I looked at the System log in Event Viewer amp it showed that the controller was reporting drive errors on Hard Drive NOT the boot drive It was happening so much that it was virtually filling the Event Viewer amp making it Windows XP HDD partition problem -- data lost hard to see anything else in there amp kept the system from being able to boot to the desktop It never made it to where it said Windows was loading my personal settings I have never seen a NON-boot drive keep an XP system from being able to boot up Once I made it to where I could see the Event Viewer messages I shut the system down amp disconnected the quot bad quot drive amp restarted the system It then booted up fine but when I looked at the event Viewer is STILL showed Hard Drive errors I thought that it might be a bad cable so I shut the system down again amp connected the SATA cable that was connect to Hard Drive amp moved exchanged it with the one on Hard Drive amp booted the system I looked in the Event Viewer amp it was STILL showing Hard Drive errors so I opened quot Disk Management quot amp it thought the hard drive that I took out was still in the system At this point it was actually in another room Disk Management showed hard drive errors so I right clicked on the drive that wasn t even IN the system amp chose quot Delete Partition quot amp that made the drive errors stop Remember THAT hard drive was NOT in the system at the time I rebooted the system amp looked in Drive Management amp it reported quot Drive Missing quot When I looked in Event Viewer it STILL had Hard Drive errors NOW I suspect that this is REALLY a power issue amp NOT a hard drive or controller problem My power supply has leads Has SATA type amp IDE type type power connector Has SATA type Connectors Has IDE type amp Floppy type power connector I shut the system down again put the quot bad quot drive in the system disconnected all of the SATA cables amp power cables Plugged the HDD in the Red SATA ports left the DVD uplugged moved the power cables Of course I figured that since there where SATA power connectors on one lead it would be OK to plug in hard drives Keep in mind that this system has been running this way for years with showing this problem although now that I think about it the boot drive has failed times BUT they were all Seagate GB drives amp I have had those fail in several other systems FAR more often than the Hitatchi or Samsung However the WD drives have failed just as often as the Seagate Since I now suspected that this was a power problem I decided to plug in only of the HDD in the SATA power lead amp plugged the remaining HDD in the SATA power lead that the DVD was using amp I left the DVD disconnected I booted the system NOW my question Problem The drive that I took out of the system thinking it was bad now has NO partition When I deleted the partition on the HDD even though it was NOT in the system at the time that partitions are gone I have not done anything else to the drive since I found this problem so does ANYONE have ANY idea what I might be able to do to bring the partitions amp my TB of data back In UNIX there are format commands commands that can bring back files because they re not REALLY gone the allocation table is just not looking in the right place or something I realize this was a L-O-N-G amp Boring story but I had to go through the whole thing to explain the problem amp hopefully get a solution Thank you ... Read more
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Hi all I have been having a problem with my wireless intern network connection I have a sneaky suspicion that my service provider is doing all they can to not have this be there problem Sequence of events -Wireless connection intermittently stops impedance lost, connection Wireless problem...what? working - times a week for the past month -Service provider said it was probably the router -Bought a new router Problem still occurring -Service provider said it Wireless connection lost, impedance problem...what? was my wireless network card Told them that ALL the laptops in the house don t work Okay well then that s not the problem -I go look at the modem Power light-ON Send amp Receive- Blinking Cable Light- OFF -Told me my modem was offline Said it was probably an impedance issue Not sure what that means -Unscrewed the cable Wireless connection lost, impedance problem...what? touched the inside with my finger screwed it back in rebooted computers All computers working -Previous technicians said to unplug the power to both modem and router that works temporarily I m not sure what is going on here and I am no wiz with this stuff but I am now thinking this is either a problem with the cable line OR the cable modem I keep getting different answers from the cable company and they tell me I might have to have someone come out to look into the issue which of course I will be billed for Already paid for a new router How should I deal with this nbsp

A:Wireless connection lost, impedance problem...what?

The company should be able to supply you with a new modem to attempt a fix. This should not be something you are billed for, generally you should be billed if the issue is caused by something other then their product(the Modem) or the telephone line leading to your house+the demarcation point.. These are all things that the ISP should be covering.

Does this issue happen when you are connected by Ethernet cable? Or JUST wireless?

If this is limted to a wireless issue then I would say that it is an issue that is fixable on your part:

Things to look at: Phone lines(Filters on your phones)
Wireless Phones, Microwaves, any new wireless devices in the house.. Wireless devices can cause interferance with eachother. lots of wireless phones work on the 2.4GHz frequency, the same frequency that 802.11 works on (Wireless) If this fixes the issue, try each phone separtly to narrow down the issue.

To eliminate phones as the issue, you could disconnect all your phones in the house, and test your wireless connection and see if it improves. To make sure it is not due to distance/interferance (Physically) Set up the laptop within 3 feet of the router and see if any issues happen connecting to the router.

Microwaves also work on the 2.4GHz frequency at times and can cause interference when running, but this would be a rare disconnect.

Lastly, if this is simply an issue overall (Wireless and hardwired(ethernet)) then I would suggest connecting to their modem directly, ensuing there is nothing between you and their device. IF there is still an issue, replace the cables between the Modem (The phone cable) as well as the ethernet cable to your computer.. If there are still issues then this is left to the ISP to fix and should not be at your cost.

You pay for their services and this should include the service and repair of their device. Modems tend to break down/overheat and have issues over time, they should be able to supply you with a new one.
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Last year my Linksys WRT 600 routerkept rebooting itself every 15 minutes or so without any help.
I searched online for replacement router.
Then I found aftermarket non linksys software and loaded it first onto my computer, thn with a direct connection, onto my router.
Here it is a year later and the WRT-600 is still running unhindered.

A:Linksys router lost connection repaired

kdmedic1745 said:

Last year my Linksys WRT 600 routerkept rebooting itself every 15 minutes or so without any help.
I searched online for replacement router.
Then I found aftermarket non linksys software and loaded it first onto my computer, thn with a direct connection, onto my router.
Here it is a year later and the WRT-600 is still running unhindered.Click to expand...

Yess, there are two know firmware replacements - - which one did you chose?
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hi - i was just playing music on my dell latitude e4300 via bluetooth to a belkin bluetooth receiver connected to stereo.

somehow the connection got dropped - during a phone call on a land line. may be irrelevant.

now, i cannot get bluetooth connection back. there is no bluetooth icon in the system tray.

i cannot find 'bluetooth' devices in start>control panel> devices
--i have 2, and both ought to be there.

i unplugged bluetooth receiver, and had win 7 search for devices to add - no luck.

sure, i can reboot, and everything will probably come back.
but i am hoping for a better answer. i don't want to have to reboot every time the bluetooth connection gets lost.

i searched the web for a little, but only found unrelated posts, or posts with no answer. THANKS!

A:Bluetooth connection lost, icon gone from system tray, not in device manager

bluetooth light/icon on laptop, not screen is on; no bt

ok, i rebooted, thinking the bluetooth icon would again be in system tray, with the red in the middle, showing i have bluetooth capability, but that sound is not currently being directed to bluetooth.

no icon.

the dell laptop does have bluetooth icon illuminated on the laptop, just above the function keys - not on the screen at all / not in sys tray.

the bluetooth receiver is on, is working.

'add a device' is not finding this bt thingie.
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Just wondering if anyone can help. My dvd drive crashed when i was burning files onto a dvd. now all the files are gone. anyone know what i can do to access the files on the dvd? do data recovery programs really help? has this happened to anyone else? is there a way to retrieve the already burned files, or is it a lost cause?

A:DVD drive crash, lost files

No files left on the hard drive? What program did you use to copy the files to the DVD drive? Can you read the DVD on another computer?
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I have an older ativa router don't know the model number right off but it has worked fine and I have 4 hardwired computers wired in and on occasion i use my netbook for a wireless connection. I haven't used it in a few weeks and now it won't work. nothing has been changed on any computer. I can sometimes get a connection but it show packages sent but none received and wont work. do you think the wireless part of the router went bad and how do I know how to check. Please help need the wireless service for my netbook and my new laptop which would not pick up the signal either and i have no password or restrictions on it . They normally just pick it up and work. Please help if you know what i need to do.
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I read that to create a backup CD of My Pictures I I I Pictures think lost My should drag the My Pictures desktop shortcut icon to the CD drive shortcut icon and drop it there I think I lost My Pictures I did that I closed My Pictures and played the newly created CD I looked at several pictures Confident that my pictures were now safe on the CD I deleted most of the pictures in My Pictures Still confident I emptied the Recycle Bin Today I needed a couple pictures from the CD I opened the CD and Xclicked the My Pictures icon thinking I was going to view the pictures I had put on the CD Finding only a few pictures I realized that the My Pictures icon on the CD had opened the My Pictures file on the computer Can anyone tell me how I can get to the pictures on the CD As long as that My Pictures icon is on the CD I don t know how to get past it The CD is a CD-R so I can t remove the icon I m thinking if I could somehow disable the My Pictures on my computer I could get to the pictures on the CD and make a new CD without the My Pictures icon Or do it on a different computer that doesn t have a My Pictures program I m using Windows XP home nbsp

A:I think I lost My Pictures

It sounds like you copied the shortcut to My Pictures onto your CD. Double click on My Computer, right click on the CD you have supposedly copied your pictures to, then click on Explore. You should be able to browse your pictures. Or instead of clicking on Explore, click on Properties. It should tell you the total MB of pictures. 300 pictures would probably be couple hundred MB. If that's not what you see, then thing didn't go as you hoped.

At this point, you should prepare yourself that some of the pictures might be unrecoverable. Use programs like Recuva or Photorec and see what can be recovered. Better to install these on a USB drive rather than C: (assuming that's where you saved the pictures) and risk overwriting the "deleted files".
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Last night when I logged in to Rapidahare, I realised all or most of my files were gone, and there are some important files I need to retrive it, and I had already contacted Rapidshare about this, their reply was :

However, maybe you find the files in the Trash Folder in your account. If they
are deleted, there is no way to recover deleted files.

I'm sorry for the inconvenienc

can anyone tell me how to retrive the files and to find out the date the files were deleted? or also the ip address

help help

A:I lost most of my files stored at Rapidshare. How do I get them back?

Maybe one of your family or friends that you share data with deleted your files...
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Guys, I Just bought this USB. (Kingston data traveller 4gb) After buying the USB, i put some files in it and then removed it from the laptop properly. But when I put it back, the files are gone! But when I checked the properties, the used space is still the same but I can't seem to see the files I put in there! I tried putting a single picture in the usb and removed it, when i put I plugged it in the laptop, the image is still the there but the previous files I put there was really gone! Crap, I really need those files. Help please. Thanks.
additional info:BTW, I've tried searching the web and it seems that i'am not alone!

and also, every file i put into the folder i made keeps on disappearing whenever I remove the usb and put it back again. T_T

A:Lost files on USB drive

Hey guys, problem solved. All I had to do was format the USB. And I also tried to recover my files using EASEUS but no luck. My files are gone forever. But at least I've learned my lesson, Always back-up your files. My USB is fixed but my files are gone.
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I have just got a 16GB PNY flash drive 2 days ago so i could attempt to create a boot drive on it. I doubted i had set it up right so i wanted to start over. I formatted the drive, and now half of the space is missing. I am using Windows 7 so i tried using the Disk Management tool to try to find out what happened. In Disk Management I saw that the missing space still exists as unallocated space. I then tried to delete the partition so i could re-allocate all the space as one partition, but the delete option was grayed out. so now i have no idea how to get my space back.

So my question is how can I get my flash drive back to having 16gb of space on it?

A:Flash drive space lost

Gparted, Included with most Linux distros (I personally use Puppy Linux)

EASEUS Partition Master for Windows
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Well i m bewildered to say the least Was on my laptop Compaq laptop not sure which as I can t seem to find it on Ebuyer anymore until about am maybe Was fine then and has been fine since I got it back in September I think it was Turned it on at about pm today and near on everything has gone Managed to get lost? Laptop data onto my browser Chrome can t anymore and all the history had gone Can t sign into MSN as my contact list isn t ready or something like that Lost all the stuff I had on sticky notes and in folders Tried restarting and turned it Laptop data lost? off then left it then turned it on again still the same Had a message saying something like can t log onto user desktop therefore logging onto Laptop data lost? default user desktop happen twice though Really confused by this Just wondering if anyone knows why it might of gone like this By the way it s running Windows Premium came with this on it Thanks nbsp

A:Laptop data lost?

Can you restart your pc in 'safe mode'? (power on, then tap F8 key quickly) till a black screen with white text appears. Use the cursor keys to scroll down to 'Last known good configuration', highlight it, 'enter'. See if that gets you back to your own desktop.
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I am fixing a PC (WinXPx32) for a friend. He has older PC with 40GB HDD. It is NTFS formatted, I have ran a disk clean up, and I have disabled system restore as well.

Windows folder (under root) is consuming 32.60GB when you right click > properties >size. But if I go into the folder and select all (yes hidden too) and right click > properties >size, I get only 4.78GB. Where did the 27.82GB go? Everything else on the HDD is accounted for and consumes minimal disk space.

The drive has 840MB free at this point. I am lost...

A:I have lost 27.82GB on my HDD

Try running ExplorerXP (i often find it pretty helpful looking at space on XP systems)
> Click on the Size column to sort stuff by size
> Note it starts the display right away but updates the display as it completes scanning the drive
> so give it maybe 30+ secs or so before to finish scanning all the folder sizes

/* edit */
Does it help? fyi.. there's also a MS KB about fixing disk file/folder size errors under NTFS, tho i've never seen it occur or had to so myself. I've always found the "missing" space

/* edit */
OH. just noticed

Windows folder (under root) is consuming 32.60GBClick to expand...

32GB???? That's HUGE!
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Hi I have a problem with as far as i can see my graphics It starts with the flickering screen every time i try to run either Call of duty MW or Battlefield Bad Company In Cod the screen flickers just as the map starts and it last for - seconds before it levels out This happens every time a new map loads Now in BBC however the problem gets worse I had the same problem here but lately the game has started to freeze up on me resulting in a completely no access situation for me i have to manually shut down the computer All other functions work just fine web browsing other programs etc Here s my specs Asus and lost problems) graphic (severe Confused p q motherboard with Intel eaglelake p chipset Bios ami Quadcore Intel core Quad q cpu ddr - sdram x Ati Radeon HD mb running with DX Monitor Dell slimthroat quot crt generic pnp First i tried all the normal stuff Dusting checking the cables upgrading the display drivers etc with no effect I did a memory test using memtest Everything was fine I did a stress test with Everest cpu core v v v In the end i thought i d try a graphic stress test using D mark Now the irony here is that after about seconds into the test the screen started flickering again and guess what it turned all black froze up on me and i Confused and lost (severe graphic problems) once again i had to manually shut down the computer - I m kind of lost as to what the problem could Confused and lost (severe graphic problems) be Does anyone recognize this or have a clue as to what my problem might be Note I should mention that when using Sony vegas the rendering of a project seems to create the same problems and when using Particle Illusion i get it too almost as bad as when playing BBC nbsp

A:Confused and lost (severe graphic problems)

What PSU are you using? For how long have you been experiencing these issues?

Ati Radeon 4850 HD 512 mb running with DX11Click to expand...

The HD 4850 is not DX11 capable.
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I have an hp mini 1000 netbook with the admin passwords in the bios and win xp. It was my cousins who is no longer with us, so my aunt gave it to me. Noone knows the passwords. How can I bypass them or override them? I can get in as a guest but it is too limited. What are my best options?

A:HP Mini admin password unknown

You need to talk to HP, after changing the registered ownership, and may need a document about the fate of the previous owner. You may have to send it to a certified HP service center with a formal notice of change of ownership included.
As for TechSpot, there is a policy to not provide assistance with passwords.
What you want to do is usually very difficult in the best of circumstances.
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Hi guys,

Just want to find out how to get my computer to register the HDD2 (D: drive). I followed the provided instructions from Toshiba for downgrading to XP from Vista. The sheet said to select any option other than return to out of box state or maintain current partition. So I chose the only other option available.......which was remove the partition or something like that. Now I have 2 hard drives totalling 500Gb, but only one drive registers. What is the best way to sort this out......

Appreciate the help!!!
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I`ve formatted last time then I couldn`t find Network Adapter

I`ve GA-Extreme motherboard with win 7 64-bit

What do you suggest ?

A:I have lost Network Device

Go to the Gigabyte website and find the LAN driver for your motherboard.
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Hi, all!

Our laptop, HP Pavilion DV9000 (Vista Home), is equiped with a wireless wi-fi card. Suddenly, there is no connection to our router, hence no internet. I went into the System, Device manager, to check the status. I could not find anything on the wi-fi card, just the standard network controller.

I tried to open HP Wireless Assistant program, it would not launch.

Can someone advise if it's a hardware problem, that the wi-fi card needs to be replaced?

Thanks so much in advance!

A:Lost Wireless capability on HP DV9000 laptop

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. The On/Off toggle in front is glowing amber, no matter which way I flip it.
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hi all, i firstly are pretty new to computers!, but recently i reinstalled xp home edition, but on completion i found in device manager some features had ? in yellow, sm bus controller, unknown device,video controller, video controller (vga compatable), & my pc is not running correctly at all i think due to these missing drivers?! can anyone please shed some light where i have gone wrong? thank you

A:Recent reinstall lost drivers help

Reinstalling Windows will require the installation of those drivers. You didn't do anything wrong. It just is. Go to the PC manufacturer's (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.) for most of those drivers if you don't have a driver CD. If the PC is self built or custom built, then go to the motherboard maker's website for those drivers. Go to the graphics card maker's website for graphics drivers.
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CD amp DVD drives don t have recording tabs Help OK here s what is going XP, CD's drives tabs can't 'Properties' lost anymore! DVD & burn in CD on Several weeks ago don t remember exactly when mid or late January I was fooling around amp installed some programs so I could convert songs from my phone to a format my computer could read Didn t work I uninstalled it Then a bit later I downloaded a program to ID music by playing it over speaker into the microphone to id a song Uninstalled it too I know one of these programs again don t remember told me to change my default record media from the drive to I think a virtual CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! drive Anyway I think this is what has caused my problem which is I can no longer get CD-R s to burn I have a Dell DImension with Windows XP and when I try to use Media Player to burn songs CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! to a CD it looks as if it is going thru the process but doesn t do it XP and media player recognize the drives and I can play CD s or DVD s just can t get the computer to remember that yes these drives are capable of recording Also when I put a blank CD-R into either drive they show under properties to be full and have CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! no space left on them even though they are new When I go to properties on both drives there is no recording tab so I cannot enable recording I have Googled around and here is what I have tried to do to fix it I used the Microsoft site s suggestion to edit the registry and change the drive values from to or No help I made sure the IMAPI value in Admin Services was on automatic and I force started it No help I went back to the registry and deleted the high filters and low filters in the registry file related to the drives No help I uninstalled the drives in device manager logged off and logged on to reinstall but they already had No help I uninstalled the drives and immediately went to new hardware wizard It found them and installed them No help I reinstalled Nero my burning software No help I went back to Microsoft s site and used the automatic Fix It wizard but it said both drives were not capable of recording bogus since I ve burned I don t know how many CD s since I got this computer in mid I probably forgot some stuff since I have been at this all afternoon and evening but I m really frustrated Both drives were working great forever so I guess when I installed those programs I mentioned earlier it jacked up something I don t think I ve tried to burn any CD s since I got rid of both of those programs up until today when I discovered the problem Thing is I CAN T remember which program had me change the record or burn to feature I think it changed it from the E and D drive to something else but don t remember where or how Yeah I know it was stupid to not write it down and yeah I regret screwing with either program But I d really like some help here if anyone can I appreciate it nbsp
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I know that there are lots of posts on this, but none have helped.

The computer says that everything is working fine, but there is no sound from either the headphone jack or the speakers.

Recently reinstalled windows xp.

Dell Dimension 4600

From the dell site I have reinstalled the drivers for chipset, bios, and audio. Nothing has worked. There are no conflicts that can be seen. Nothing is on mute.

there are 2 audio drivers that I installed:

SoundMax Integrated Audio
Creative Labs

I think that Soundmax is the main one, but neither of them is producing sound.

I have followed all directions from

the website computerhope issues ch000208.htm

with no luck.

A:Lost sound after reinstall of windows xp

See if Windows reports any problem devices

Make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post

Generate a DirectX report

click Start->Run, enter dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot, use the paper clip icon to attach the reports. (If you don't see icon you may need to first cick Go Advanced)
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LookinAround I need your help again, I moved for a new job and in the process lost the disk containing the audio drivers you made for me. Here is a link to the post involved. Any way you can help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you !!

A:Lost drivers

You can probably pick up the audio drivers by running Windows Update in the custom mode and download and install all critical and hardware updates listed
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Hi Folks I was playing Oblivion and was messing with some of the many mods I use with the game I noticed after restarting the game sound partial lost Suddenly that some of the sound was malfunctioning such as the voice dialouge and certain sound effects such as casting a lightening spell or a fireball After further investigation I discovered that I had similar problems in other games as well so I knew it wasnt just Oblivion When watching videos such as You tube I have music but no voice Also some of the Windows system sounds will no longer play but others will So in short I can hear music being played though that sometimes gets warbly but in general cannot hear any voice or special effect type sounds wether it be in games or watching YouTube Media Player or listening to ITunes I should also mention that at times the sounds seem to be trying to play like they re very faint and distorted but usually there is just silence Here are the basics of my system Windows XP Home Sp AMD x Processor Biostar TA GX A Motherboard GB OCX dual channel memory GeForce GT mb graphics At the time of the problem I was running the on board sound in the AMD GX chipset but have since switched to a SoundBlaster X-fi Extremegamer card Here is what I ve done to troubleshoot the problem but to no avail -Reinstalled the latest MB chipset and Suddenly lost partial sound Audio drivers -Reflashed with the latest BIOS update -Purchased and installed the SoundBlaster card mentioned above -Wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows with all updates -Downloaded and installed K-Lite Codec Pack standard and ran the repair options Which messed up my ability to open the Windows sound control specifically SNDVOL EXE I suspect that after everything I ve tried there must be something wrong with my motherboard I ve tried to look for specific sound issues related to my MB on the net but didnt really come up with anything helpful Any suggestions would be appreciated This board is only a year old and I d rather not go buy a new MB at this point Thanks nbsp
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I recently lost complete Lost (via ftp ability localhost IE) internet access / / access to the internet localhost via my browsers and the ability to connect out via ftp I ve been able to quot fix quot Lost internet (via IE) / localhost access / ftp ability the internet access with firefox but not IE I can ping but not Lost internet (via IE) / localhost access / ftp ability local host In firefox and IE when I attempt to access localhost page I m using IIS I receive HTTP Error The service is unavailable When I attempt to use ftp I receive Status Connection attempt failed with quot EAI FAIL - Nonrecoverable failure in name resolution quot Error Could not connect to server I ve used netsh but seems to no avail as I can not even locate the log file any place on my pc I ve updated IE to my ftp client but still no fix I m not very familiar with this your help would really be appreciated I just spent several days working on this with Kimsland in the malware section topic recommended I move here now nbsp

A:Lost internet (via IE) / localhost access / ftp ability

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Hi everyone. How do i go about getting my laptop in use again?
I have found the mainboard battery, but can't get to any jumper to cut the power. It realy doesn't seem to be ment to be pulled out.
Does anyone know a masterpassword for my laptop?
Does anyone know of an instructionsmanual for realy disassembeling the laptop?
I hope you can help me

A:Packard Bell Easynote R1995. Lost boot and HDD passwords

Masterpassword does not exist. You or the previous owner set it . It is not something that Packard Bell does.
TechSpot does not help with password problems.
The Battery is on a cable that can be cut and redesigned to have plug-in wires.
There is no instruction manual, except at the Packard Bell site in England.

There is no way to recover a HDD password, that I know of...

In my opinion, the Packard Bell is one of the worst of all laptop investments, with several levels of bad technology and unreliability. I would start out by fixing up a better computer.
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I have a Dell Latitude D630. It has an admin password for the bios. Nothing is locked except for the settings. I can't change any of the settings in the bios. It lets me boot to windows just fine though. My question is, since I don't know that admin password for the bios, if I upgrade the bios firmware, will the admin password be deleted? Since I'm flashing the bios, I would think that all the settings will be lost. Is that the case?

A:Will upgrading the bios firmware on a Latitude D630 delete the bios admin password?


Didn't you reply here, and say it worked (after the unusual 9th try )

Awfully strange!

A bios update can't remove passwords. As You Must Know

Oh and thanks for the extended long Title. I'm thinking this Topic of yours would be best removed? What do you think?
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Hello, my external hard drive has lost it's format. It was a 1 terabyte NTFS drive, now it's a 1 terabyte unnalocated drive. It has loads of stuff on it and I would like it back.
I have used several DOS programs and a couple of them could see the files and folders but crashed when trying to retrieve them.
When using Runtime's GetDataBack for NTFS, I can see all the files and folders in all their glory and the program lets me save them to another drive but the actual "save" does nothing.
Any help greatly appreciated

A:Hard Drive has lost its format

I use EASEUS Partition Recovery Free 2008. I don't know the limitations of what they are offering for free downloads now.
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Hi, everyone
I have an serious problem, ive buy an hp 6730B on ebay but when i want to upgrade the bios, my computer wants an administrator password for the flash.
The seller told me he have maybe do an error of typing, beacause his password don't work.
this computer is an compaq 6730B
S/n : CNU8466GNS
P/n : GB987ET#ABF
Service tag : C6730bUP8400W5X16GIBNNF20Qa

Thank you

A:HP 6730B bios admin password problem

I asked for the same problem in this forum but my threat was deleted with the suggestion to read the Forum FAQs.
I read them but I didn't find why they did it. So I want repeat the question adding it to the yours one:

HP CompaQ nx9005
hash code [ 15656]
I need the system password

I wrote and I just wrote again at the hp forum about it whitout any help, and the hp chat doesn't start because of a bag (I'm not the only one having this problem).

I read all messages of the reference topic about the same problem (as suggested) but I didn't find my needs.
I think I will have to ask about it a lot of time. Hope to find someone who can help me.
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OK, my subject line might sound cryptic! Here is my set up: first router (main) is connected to the cable modem and provides std addresses as (base is etc. I have a second router (same brand) as a gateway connected to my main. This second router base address is and all that are connected to this one have manually provided IP addresses (such as, etc). The main one provides WIFI access as for the second one do not.

Now my question: from my laptop who uses the WIFI network, how can I reach or connect to the other network (the one that is managed with the router with the address? The purpose? I would like to access the computer connected to it as if they were part of the WIFIed network. And be able to access the router management page. Any clue?

A:Cascading routers - how to access admin features from one to the other?

first some basics;

examine the router (the box itself). everything attached to a LAN slot will default to
routing upwards using the WAN slot -- that's a big clue as to what the routing tables looks like.

second; to manage the configuration of a specific router:
a) WIRE a system directly to it
b) login to the router config page using the current router's ip-address

if your network is

then a system attached to routerX will route upward to router(X-1) and NOT downward to router(X+1)

if you wish to have ALL systems (wired and wireless) see and share with each other, then you have too many distinct address.
Leave router#1 as is. disconnect router#2 from #1 and wire router#1 to a LAN port on router#2, leaving its WAN port empty. Log into router#2 and disable DHCP.

Now do the same for the wire from #2-->#3 and disable#3 DHCP.

All systems (wired or WiFi) will get ip-assignments from router#1 and will be able to
ping and share files.
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So yeah, i have a Lanparty UT nF3 250GB Mobo. Not 100% on what goes goes where. Unable to locate a users manual online. The wires are as follows:

4pin white / open / black / red with the same 4pin connection on the other side

(Qty. 2) 4pin red VCC / white USB2- / green USB2+ / black GND with a separate 1pin GND

2pin red / white -> H.D.D. LED

2pin orange / white -> POWER SW

2pin blue / white -> RESET SW

Welcome to how to wire your mobo 101. Really need some help figuring out where these go. Thx

A:Need help with wiring Lanparty UT NF3 250gb mobo, lost manual

Try this
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I went and reformatted my computer, (major issues with it)
Long story short I don't have any of my saved outlook emails etc.
Is there anyway of recovering them? I thought that I did find some but they are
only like shortcuts or it says that I can't open it due to the path etc.

Its for work and I really need my stuff. I would appreciate any help at all.
It was running on Windows XP and had outlook 2007

A:How do I recover lost emails and docs after computer formatted?

You will probably need to use a data recovery program. Most of these are rather expensive however, there are a few free ones around. I've used Pandora Recovery for a lot of clients and had rather positive results.

It is a free download and pretty straight forward to run
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I have a samsung Hard Disk, so well when I'm testing my hars disk the software show an error : X 03 Spin up Time the especific information it was attachment in this thread.

Please if you know some kind of solution, tell me.

I'll appreaciate your cooperation.


A:Spin up Time - Warning Imminent data lost is predistec

Are you having trouble with this drive? If not, this error could be meaningless. Does the Drive pass its SMART test?
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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

A:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.
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Last posts I saw are about - files no longer available on HP site to download DIAGS creation file Laptop Armada - -T- -D- - - secondhand- function keys didn t do anything when I bought it gb HDD IBM TravelStar mb RAM swappable floppy and CD-ROM OS - W Kpro Event- virus spyware infection lost DIAGS Compaq 7400 about months ago - virus removed by computer repair tech guy then performance SLOW - so HDD formatted and Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS OS re-installed The problem - running out of disk space and can t do a decent defrag Asked tech guy to upgrade to or or gb HDD He cloned the original HDD to the new one - it would not boot He has tried everything he can think of and has given up Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS I had downloaded System ROMpaq - he did not find Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS it bootable I tried to create a boot disk - I could not seem to make a bootable disk - with the old DOS boot files got a message about NTLDR not found WIndows sees gb not Administrator options in Control Panel shows primary partition is gb rest is quot Unallocated quot - no DIAGS partition I have read all of the posts I can find Tried to find the DIAGS file on HP and got a no longer available message So the old HDD boots fine but without being able to install the BIOS on another HDD can t upgrade AND then boot the laptop If I could make a boot diakette that worked maybe we could find a way to install the DIAGS partition and BIOS on the HDD if the files are still available Any help would be most welcome baby steps please Mary nbsp

A:Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS

is this your link?

it creates bootable diskette with setup program. afaik, you'll need to reseat cmos battery before doing this(in case, when your laptop won't boot from floppy first).
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About a week ago i was playing farcry II and my computer totally shut down on me.

When i tried to re start the computer i got nothing at all almost like it was dead, so i tried replacing the PSU with a new 700w one now the fans and mobo starts up but wont go past that, all that comes on is a red light on the tower which stays on untill i turn it off again.....

Has anyone got any idea's or suggestions to what it could be.

My system spec is :

Intel core 2duo 2.4ghz
4 gb ram
400 gb HD
Nvidia geforce 8600 gt
700w ezcool psu
Thermalake sonictower cpu cooling.

A:I'm lost all help appreciated

Sounds like a motherboard issue to me. Do you have another pc to test hardware?
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Hi everyone - I appreciate your helping in trying to resolve this I have a Dell connection for lost LAN/Internet suddenly sessions New Inspiron E running Windows XP SP that I ve had for two years I m running IE Explorer McAfee Security Center amp Wireless LAN/Internet connection suddenly lost for New sessions security I have had NO issues with my hard-wired or wired internet connections prior until about six weeks ago I use my PC for both work usage MS Office SAP etc and personal usage My issue is a follows I can be connected to a wireless LAN connection and have multiple things up and running SAP Internet streaming music etc I will go to open a new session in IE and the new session will give the typical error message you see when you are not connected to the internet While I get this error my other sessions continue to run without issue e g SAP streaming LAN/Internet connection suddenly lost for New sessions music etc If i try to refresh a page as an example though like the streaming music then that page stops working but my SAP system GUI connection will still operate without issue I have tried to disconnect my pc from the wireless connection and re-connect and it still doesn t work I occassionally get it to repair by hibernating my PC or putting into Standby mode but typically I have to reboot - then it works flawlessly again until it suddenly stops again If I step away from my PC for a while sometimes I come back and my whole internet connection isn t working I have only had this issue once on a wired LAN connection at the office - but i m typically connected wirelessly so that s when i ve seen it most I have installed Google Chrome in case it was an IE issue - but it appears to not be LAN/Internet connection suddenly lost for New sessions IE specific I ve tried to restore IE - but that doesn t seem to have solved it either This happens on more than my wireless network though - so i m pretty convinced it s an issue with my PC and not my network or wireless router The issue is that I don t know if it s a hardware issue or a software registry etc issue I ve run McAfee checks CCleaner SpyBot etc - and they are all clean Any ideas on where to start Even pointing me in the right direction of what to do to see what is operating correctly or incorrectly when the issue starts would be very helpful Sorry for the long email - but it s a weird issue to describe and investigate Any help is appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:LAN/Internet connection suddenly lost for New sessions

Uninstall McAfee, run a registry cleaner and install Free AVAST or AVG and see if your connection troubles end
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Hey guys im new to the forums although I ve been a visitor for ages now Anyway Every time i play a game such as Call of Duty multilayer my PC sometimes will get some Fps drop occasionally and or just do a Warm Boot Restart Now Ive put I'm lost totally resetting and Computer Keeps in new power supplies its a new gfx card ive tested a lot of the hardware and no matter what i do it wont work for me These Random restarts are starting to get very aggravating and i was hoping that someone on this forum could be kind enough to hopefully shed some light on my problem Now My suspicion is that my pc could be overheating however i have a temperature gauge and its all in s- s idle and s under load Despite this its the kind of re boot that would occur because of overheating Anyway I no some of you guys have experience with this sorta thing so i will upload my miniDumps from after the Restarts and will also post my system Computer Keeps resetting and I'm totally lost specs below Really appriciate any help Regards Reggie System Spec Asus Crossair AM Motherboard GB dual channel DDR OCZ memory MB HD Palit Sonic Edition GB S hard drives Zalman CPU cooler AMD X GHz processor Creative XFi Fatality ed watt Jeantech PSU nbsp

A:Computer Keeps resetting and I'm totally lost

Please run Memtest on your Ram
And confirm all your Device Drivers are up to date

Sometimes this is as easy as removing any high intense program (such as Norton Antivirus or AVG or other Internet security software, ie Zone Alarm)

Try installing Avira free AntiVirus instead
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I have a user that has a cd-rom that will continuously open and close itself as long as the pc is on. It doesn't matter wether or not any disc is in the drive. Suggestions?

A:CD-ROM has lost its mind

Yes, replace the drive it's faulty. Maybe get a DVD Drive this time
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Hi all having successfully cleansed said laptop from various nasties thanks in part to Kimsland and Bobbye i have an issue with the admin login Ok when booting up xp is set to fast user switching and the welcome screen login screen with user accounts Administrator is not included in the list So i hit ctrl alt del twice which then brings up the secure login dialog box So i key in Administrator and the Pavilion DV1000 login? HP admin password that i set and it comes up with quot Unable to log you on HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login? because of an account restriction quot WTF is that The only way i can log in as admin is to reboot into safe mode when it presents itself as another user in the welcome screen list giving in total which quite frankly is ridiculous The main reason the lappy was infected was due to uneducated users installing all kinds of crap as their accounts had admin rights I need to restrict them to limited accounts whilst having full access to the admin account without the need to reboot into safe mode I ve google searched for answers but couldn t find any I m looking for a way to solve this issue so with respect please don t come back with workarounds like quot press shift right-click run as kind of suggestions because i m after full access to admin account without rebooting So any help you can offer would be most appreciated thanks nbsp
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Hi guys really I have big problem I have Dell Latitude X1 and I don't have the admin password
I want to reboot it. but i don't know how if i can't even access to this computer ...Thank you

A:Admin Password

If you are the registered owner of the laptop you are probably better off contacting Dell support.
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i did a system recovery with the cd that came with my Vostro 1000. Everything looked ok until I tried to access my wireless internet connection. It is like the wireless is turned off, however there is not a switch on this computer.

A:After system recovery I lost my wireless access

Try pushing the function (key with Fn in blue letters) and i think the F2 key. Look at the blue symbols on the keys and one of them should look like a wireless symbol.
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I have a Dell Dimension which was connecting to the Internet via Netgear WG v wireless USB adapter I also have a Dell Insprion using lost after connectivity Windows Wireless Update an Internal network card no problems Both running Windows XP Router is BT Voyager After doing a Windows Update I had problems with internet connectivity limited or no connectivity Reinstalled the Netgear drivers via laptop connection no joy Tried manually setting up IP address and it could see the router but would not bring up the Internet Did a system restore to just before the Windows Update and Internet came back but then had problems with itunes quicktime A Wireless connectivity lost after Windows Update knowledgeable Wireless connectivity lost after Windows Update friend thought it best then to do the Windows Update and the Internet connection again disappeared but now I cannot do a system restore Am able to connect to router with an Ethernet cable Thought maybe the Netgear was faulty so I ve now installed a Belkin Wireless G desktop card Initially this found the router but with limited or no connectivity After a reboot the Belkin cannot even see the router cmd line says Media disconnected but after complete reinstall of Belkin using latest software from Belkin website no joy In desperation I ve restarted the Netgear which comes up with Limited or no connectivity still ipconfig all shown below Host name Arthur Primary DNS Suffix - Node Type - Unknown IP Routing Enabled - No WINS Proxy Enabled - No Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Media state - Media Disconnected Description - Belkin g Network Adapter Physical address - - - F- - F- Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection specific DNS suffix - Description - Netgear WG v Mbps Wireless USB Adapter Physical adreess - - F-B -CD- - Dhcp enabled - Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled - Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address - Subnet mask - Default gateway - If I try to ping the router on the request times out Laptop ipconfig all below Host name - Larry Primary DNS suffix - Node type - unknown IP routing enabled - No WINS Proxy enabled - No DNS suffix search list - home Ethernet adapter Network Bridge network bridge Connection specific DNS suffix - Description - MAC Bridge Miniport Physical adreess - - - D- E- -D Dhcp enabled - Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled - Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address - Subnet mask - Default gateway - DHCP Server - DNS Servers - Lease obtained - Dec Lease Expires - Dec I set up a network bridge on the laptop to enable me to connect our XBox to the internet via a bridge - don t know if that s significant This morning I connected the Wii to the router wirelessly - no problem Any suggestions greatly appreciated Sorry for the lengthy post nbsp

A:Wireless connectivity lost after Windows Update

Try a winsock repair per;
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I think I ve tamed my new beast of an ATI Radeon x Not sure WHY I absolutely had to have it but hey The top card for a few weeks anyway even though at stock fan speeds the CORE temps can reach Celcius what about fragile parts on the mobo nearby this little heatbox FYI - Running XP Pro V SP Anyway Riva Tuner seems to work at hot New Needs run? - RivaTuner run to X2s Admin 4870 Clearance comandeering the GPU fan speeds back up to reasonable - if a tad noisy - levels Its a little Klugey occaisionally stops working or seems to only want to work from either the startup folder or as from New 4870 X2s run hot - RivaTuner Needs Admin Clearance to run? a registry key The main problem I have is that I have a Visitor account setup I sublet my place occasionally for non-ME users to limit the amount of havoc they can do HOWEVER Riva tuner will not start or operate properly with anything but administrator privileges This is a non-starter So I can either grant guests full dominion over my PC or have my cooks itself into complete failure while restricting the access of my guests Is there a better mousetrap for RivaTuner Note that starting up as an admin and then logging on off is NOT an option as of the time the scenario will be a guest starting up without me around Many thanks to all who opine nbsp

A:New 4870 X2s run hot - RivaTuner Needs Admin Clearance to run?

100C would melt/damage the CPU quickly. Get a better 3rd party cooler
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I have an XP Pro computer that loses it's connection to the web after a few minutes or less. The icon says I am connected to the LAN but I lose internet access. There are 6 other computers running XP Pro, XP Home and Ubuntu on the LAN and none have this problem. I run winsock fix, reboot, and can connect to the web again. I can't find a reason but it seems more time based then random.
Any thoughts out there? Diagnostics?
Also, I just installed AVG free and it reported another antivirus program on the computer but I can't find any. This computer has had ZoneAlarm and PC-cillin on it in the past but both were uninstalled.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

A:Lost connections

Let's start here....

Download Autoruns and then clik on file autoruns.exe to start it. Notice its status in lower left corner of window

Hit ESC key (your upper left on keyboard) to stop scanning
Click Options Check Verify Code Signatures. Other options should be unchecked
Click File->Refresh to start scanning
Wait for status in lower left says Done.Then click File->Save As, save to a text file and attach the file (using paper clip icon for attachments) onto your next post
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Sorry about the brief description i original made. What i meant to say was if i go onto my computer all i get is my profile account documents, my local disk and my disk drive. This is wrong because i used to have all my USB drives there aswell. If i plug any Pen drive in it shows a Message saying it has malfunctioned.

It started when i was working of one of my pendrive and i clicked to save. It showed a message that i cant remember unfortunately an then i balloon came up in the bottom right of the screen saying the drive had malfunctioned (the same as i get whenever i now plug any pen drive in). Ive had no new hardware added recently and I'm baffled to why this has happened.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:I've lost my USB drives

Have you added any other hardware recently that would have taken over the drive letter it used to have assigned to it? Or mapped network drives?

If so, try right clicking the My Computer icon on your desktop, go to Manage and select Storage > Disk Management to see if it spots the USB drive and can assign a new drive letter for you.
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Hey all hope you can help. I have a less than a year old gateway computer with windows vista. I did the service pack 1 update and lost my sound. I have the Creative I-trique 3200 series. they worked fine before on this comp now it's like they don't exist. I have tried everything but I am not all the computer savvy. Please help

A:Lost my sound on new computer

Also in Device Manager, it says under sound, video, and game controllers:
Realtek High def audio:
Unsupported game port for creative:
VIXS Pure Tv-U 4899 (NTSC/ATSC Combo:

I am thinking my problem lies with the unsupported game port for creative beings that what my speakers are. They have not been unplugged or moved, and worked fine untill the vista service pack 1 update.
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I have lost the sound on my XP machine......not all sound, if I pop in a cd it auto plays with Windows media player, however I cannot hear any sound from the web?

I have checked all drivers and devices in device manager and supposedly all are working correctly......yeah right.......I am at a total loss. I can't to any volume controls (luckily WMP has volume and that can be controlled) or sound mixer of any sort......there was at one time a small speaker icon that I would go to to mute and contrl the sound level and if I double cliked it, a large mixer of sorts would appear.....I have nothing now.

Thnx in advance.

A:Lost Sound unexpectedly

You will have to reinstall your sound driver. What are your computer's specs?
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I need to know the location of the password chip on the motherboard of a Dell Latitude C840. Everything I have tried so far has not worked. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get on this.

A:Admin Password chip location on Dell Latitude C840

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your answer may be found in this thread HERE Pages 10/11/12 maybe the interesting part for you.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hi My Media Centre PC has stopped connecting but connection can Lost access internet router to the internet It connects wirelessly through the router but I cant download any content view webpages Router is a Linksys WAG GS with latest firmware The laptop Im using to right this post is connected wirelessly and has no connection issues The Media Centre Lost internet connection but can access router PC wireless link is supplied by an Edimax EW- Ug USB pen I have used the latest drivers from the website but this has changed nothing IP config settings are below Local area connection adapter is not in service and isn t meant to be This connection is generate by my pinnacle TV card which is not currently being used so you can ignore it Please advise Alex Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Autoconfiguration IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Ethernet adapter Edimax Pen Connection-specific DNS Suffix WAG GS IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings Media Centre gt nbsp

A:Lost internet connection but can access router

Are other machines able to connect to the internet via the router? If not, have you tried connecting the laptop directly to the modem, thereby bypassing the router?
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My wireless connection worked fine until I did a MS update yesterday. OS is XP with ZoneAlarm (this is up to date).

My network is found but when I click connect it tries to connect but then stops. There is no offer to do a trouble shooter.

The last time that this happened it was a compatibility problem with ZoneAlarm but that doesn't seem to be the problem this time.

I have tried the ipconfig release and renew from the cmd but get a msg that no action can be taken on the unconnected wireless. ARGGGGHHHH!

Any help out there? Thanks

A:Lost wireless connection

Have you tried turning ZoneAlarm off, rebooting, startup and see if the problem now works? (help see if it is ZoneAlarm related)
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Ok this is what i have for sound cards

X-Fi Titanium Pro Fatality PCIe
X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Pro Fatality PCI


Logitech G51 Surround Sound - Trying To Hook Up to Xtreme Gamer

Tritton 5.1 Surround Sound Headset - Hooked Up To Titanium

Problem :

After i hooked up the G51 i lost sound on all cards.. WTF?
nothing wants to work now.. im so confused ive hooked up multiple sound cards before, never had this problem...and logitechs support site is completely useless

Ideas: ????????

nevermind fixed it >_< stupid driver conflicts >_<
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Our laptops with Vista are on a wireless network we installed the network printers and printed a test page and all was good. When we rebooted the laptop we lost all our ports. The printer is an HP 1022 / OS Vista /server Windows 2003r2 spk2. We installed the printer as a local and manually added a port. Its a work but it would be nice to have a reason why. Thanks
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Q: Lost

Hi all i just brought a new HHD with Gb and trying to install on Lost my XP it works and show Gb in the Computer Management however when i use Error-checking in the xp it will reduce back to Gb just need to know why and what is the solution my config is listed below montherboard P B RAM Mb CPU Gb in addition when i use properties for the drive i see GB is in use and Gb is free i have nothing Lost in Lost the disk yet and how can i get it back is that my system doesn t support the large disk i had a Gb HHD and it worked fine until it broke down is there a way to prevent this happen now i use schkdsk in the dos mode and it shows the Gb is in bad sector this is a brand new HHD and don t know why is that not comptitable with my system Zap nbsp


Click Start, Run and type CMD then press enter. Type chkdsk /f
Restart the computer and hopefully that fixes any bad sectors or errors on the drive. Don't forget the space between chkdsk and the /
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Hi Hope someone can help me Something happened to my hard drive and it ran checkdisk but I guess could not repair it it says there is not enough space to repair it There was about gb free on the drive it was a gb drive The drive is NFTS It is not my boot drive just one of my gb data drives music actually When I ran FileScavenger on the drive all the files are there and when I recovered some to another drive they were fine There are files on it I could transfer all the files off the drive but that would be a lot of work take a lot of time and I would have to buy another drive to put them on So the data is there and - in back? drive access Windows data to hard access get on to Lost how intact just for some reason it cannot be quot seen quot I assume this is file structure table thing issue pardon my Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back? technical jargon MBR FAT not sure exactly Is there a way to rebuild it so that the data can be seen again or do I have to do the transfer dance Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back?

You will probably have to do the "transfer" dance, and reformat the drive. Chances are good that the drive is ok. The Master Boot Record (MBR) may be corrupted. There are utilities out there that can repair the MBR without destroying data
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My mother-in-law had an old Presario 7360 running XP Home with only 56 MB RAM. I tried to install a linksys wireless PCI card, and lost signal to the monitor. Plus the PC automatically powers on when I plug it in. I removed the PCI card, but nothing changed. Did I fry the memory? The motherboard? Please tell me all I need is memory and/or a video card.

A:Lost Monitor Signal: Did I fry it?


I'd start off with trying a different monitor, or test that monitor on a different computer, if you haven't already.

I'm pretty sure a wide number of things can cause loss of video, but I would try using a single one of your ram sticks, (assuming you have 2 separate sticks in your computer) making sure you try it in both ram slots on your mobo.

Also if you have another power supply I'd try plugging that in. Maybe that extra card you plugged in was too new, or simply just fried your old psu. =P *shrug

I would probably also try clearing the CMOS.

As far as it turning on automatically when you plug in the power cord, I haven't come across that before in my personal experience.

I wouldn't go buying anything yet (if you can even find much for that pc) until you get another opinion, just giving you some ideas to try since it looks like I'm your first reply.
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I have a problem since installing XP SP3 . I simply cannot get any video to show when I play movies on my PC. G-Spot says that all the codecs are installed but even in the G-Spot test screen it is blank. I now have installed K-Lite mega codec pack, prviously I had tried XP Codec pack with the same result.

I have tried playback with VLC,Win Med Player, media player classic,nero show time and quicktime player, all with the same result, sound but no video. A dvd plays fine with both sound and video. I hadn't give any thought that SP3 may be the culprit but I have come across the same problem elswhere on the Net.

Thank You
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I have lost one of my important file in my PC,how can i get back it?

A:Important file in my PC lost

how can i resize my partition without damage my files?

how can i resize my partition without damage my files?
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I'm trying to find out a password to a network in our house. We dont have any passwords on file and the company that set up our network two years ago are no longer in business.

We're not here often so the password that we once knew is now forgotten.

Is there any remedy for this?

Is it possible to just start up a new network with the same modem?

A:Network password lost

Are you just talking about the Administrator password on your computers there?
If so have a look here:
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Hi I m hoping someone can help After having a horrid bug on my system that disabled my desktop regedit taskmanager and other fun stuff etc I haven t been able to connect to the after internet Lost 2003 connection in virus internet via since I might have deleted some dlls while getting my system clean lol I dual boot standard edition and run XP Professional The original message when I try to repair the highspeed cable connection quot Windows cannot renew the IP address from Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus the DHCP server Instead an automatic private address will be used to connect to computers within the same private network quot What I have tried so far ipconfig renew---the Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus error is An error occurred while renewing interface local area connection an operation was attempted on something that is not a socket quot I checked to make sure DHCP was enabled which it was I followed Microsofts article on--How to remove and reinstall TCP IP on a Windows Server domain controller Article I can run dcdiag and netdiag to see what errors come up if that would help as well Still no connection I m completely lost at this point Thanks Kim nbsp

A:Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus

Article ID : 811259
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There are 3 PCs on my home network:

1/. Vista Ultimate 32 bit Intel Dual Core desktop - Ethernet connection
2/. XP Home laptop Intel Celeron laptop - devolo AV200 mains networked
3/. XP Home Athlon XP1900 desktop - Ethernet connection via USB to Ethernet adapter.

They run through a KCORP 108 G wireless router. Company now defunct but router ostensibly OK.

Pure Networks 'Network Magic' used.

Problem: Up until yesterday all 3 PCs connected to the internet and to the local network. This is a very long-standing and (so far) extremely stable set-up.

Since yesterday PC #3 has lost its internet connection whilst maintaining its local connection.

I've tried rebooting the router, disabling security options on the router, swapping over LAN connections on the router, swapping the LAN connection on PC #3 for a devolo link. Unfortunately the problem persists.

Has anyone got any ideas on what could be causing this? I can access all 3 PCs from each other!

Thanks in advance.


A:Internet connection lost on 1 PC

Check the firewall settings. I wish I could recall the specific problem with Zone Alarm that caused periodic disconnects from the internet. Flushing DNS temporarily restored the connection. Using the correct setting overcame the problem. I wish I could offer specifics.
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hello the dell of my brother is blocked with an administrator password, I will to know if it is possible to regulate this problem

the model is dell latitude 110L, the service tag is #204FM1J-595B

who could help me please ??

if someone can help me,contact me

thanks guys and good luck

A:Dell Latitude110L admin password

Your brother may ask DELL for master password to unlock the computer.

maxpaynemafia said:

hello the dell of my brother is blocked with an administrator password, I will to know if it is possible to regulate this problem

the model is dell latitude 110L, the service tag is #204FM1J-595B

who could help me please ??

if someone can help me,contact me

thanks guys and good luckClick to expand...
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My company corporate office sent on Administrative Rights Laptop---help! Dell me a used Dell D this week I love the centrino techonlogy and it s much lighter and faster than my own personal HP Pavilion workhorse My problem is that the laptop is set up with user and administrator rights This stinks I can t download any applications Administrative Rights on Dell Laptop---help! update software even change the clock on the thing I wont have to return the laptop until I leave the job anyway so I want to be able to load Firefox Java GTA etc for when I travel with it Is Administrative Rights on Dell Laptop---help! there a way to crack the password and log on as an Administrator so I have permissions to change things and load programs or alternately can I dump the whole thing reload XP and start over I have the XP disk from my old HP I am not so good with computers but it would be a shame to travel for work as much as I do and be stuck in a hotel in Billings playing minesweeper nbsp

A:Administrative Rights on Dell Laptop---help!

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

this can be tricky but do-able.
Check This Link
or This Link

G'Luck & safe travel
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Hi Guys' I have a sata 160Gb hdd as second drv (ntfs) on XP home.I must have had too much wine for dinner as I formatted it & then ghosted my C drive onto it. Unfortunately the C drv is FAT 32. Now the drive ID letter (F has gone. I can still see the drive in disk manager but cant access it. Is there a way of low level formatting it ? I dont mind losing the data. Thanks Manfred.

I do have a good relationship with my PC - just a bit strained at times.

A:Lost hdd id letter on sata hdd

Oh yes, two Primary Active HardDrives.

You should still see it in My Computer
Where you can right click on it and select Format...

Or just use a Windows CD to boot from and remove it from there
(I usually unplug the main one just to make sure that I don't remove the partition (and format) that)
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Is there a way to remove administrative tools and command prompt from a windows 2003 server lock down terminal session?

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Cannot Login to Netgear DG834G router wirelessly from Dell Laptop

Hi heres hoping you can help me.

I have a wireless connection through a Netgear DG834G from a Dell M6300 running Windows XP which is working fine with respect to accessing the internet..

I also have a desktop (wired to the router) which is also running fine.

The problem is that I cannot log into the router wirelessly as Admin on
I can login to the router as Admin from the wired PC, but not the laptop !!
I get to the login screen to input password but when pressing enter the login box just re-appears with the password field blank again.
I know the password entered is correct and accurate as it works from the wired desktop

(note: I have changed my laptop recently from HP to Dell, I was able to access the router wirelessly as Admin to perform maintenance with the HP model)

Any ideas ?

A:Cannot connect to wireless router as admin wirelessly

Are all the settings correct for the wireless laptop.
encryption method WEP, WPA, WPA2

Does the router even see this new laptop?
Do you still have the older laptop?
Check to see if the DELL firewall is disabled under Windows, make sure it off.
Try opening up a session: ping
Does the laptop get IP by DHCP,

ipconfig /release wait.... ipconfig /renew wait... try it again does work then
try static IP then do ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns

If all still doesn't work try..
re-joining the wireless router
disconnect using the wireless in range method on the laptop
reconnect but remove the password then re-do it then click on connect see if the wireless laptop can connect.
If it does reboot the laptop and login with your login ID password
Now open the browser and see if you can get into your router
Make sure you do not have any spyware or popup blocker active..
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Computer- Dell Inspiron 8100
Problem- Admin Bios Password

I have tried numoerous things, and in the end seems eeprom is only way to reset this.

I looked and looked, it says under motherboard, yet I never found a "24OC" 4 legged chip on the board to reset.

This cpu is 7 yrs old.

So far no luck fixing this one or my Toshiba and have both been reduced to eeprom reset as only viable option.



A:Cant find EEprom on Dell Inspiron 8100 (admin bios pw)

All Dell (and others) BIOS and Admin password removal to this thread only:

--> HP / Dell / etc. Laptop password help (April - June 2008)
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My girlfriend's laptop seems to be showing symptoms consistent with gradual hard-drive failure (she is losing random bits of data for no reason and is experiencing OS functionality slowdown as well as boot errors). One of the files that 'vanished' was her diary, is there any way to recover this by means of software? (The laptop is still functional and I can run whatever needs to be run). Please get back to me if there is any way to solve this. We tried a data-recovery program but it didn't yield any results, only something that looks like a temp copy of the file. Word couldn't open it because it was corrupted, and I don't think that's the right file anyways since it's only ~160 B, when her diary was a 20 page file (I'm guessing ~100 KB)
Thanks for any help anyone can give.

A:Help needed with lost data recovery


download the recuva feature, that will retrieve her diary as long as it has not been overwritten.

It is free ware, enjoy the luvin your gf gives you when you retrieve it for her
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Hello all hardware wizards, sorry to take your precious time .

I just purchased HP NC8230 laptop from eBay. It's really great laptop. The laptop not require boot password and so it reaches to windows XP, but unfortunately I discovered that its bios is admin protected, therefore I can't access bios and make any modification. I know that these business laptops have extra bios protection and therefore it's not so easy task to reset their password.

Can someone, that have experience with this kind of laptops, help me? It would be very appreciated.

A:HP NC8230 laptop Bios Admin Password

read the faqs AND post in the laptop forum. Your answer is already there.
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I need help locating the device driver for my intel chipset i recently had to format my laptop and when i had re-installed Windows XP Professional back on to the laptop i had lost about 6 drivers for some of my devices i have managed to find all but 2 of these drivers the 2 left to find are "Video Controller" and "Video Controller (VGA Compatible). I have looked on the Intel Support website but can't find the chipset here is the details from a Everest Report

Device Properties
Driver Description: Video Controller (VGA Compatible)
Hardware ID: PCI/VEN_8086&DEV_27A2&SUBSYS_ 0F711019&REV_03
PCI Device: Intel 82940GML/943GML Graphics Controller 0 [A-3]

This information is the same on both the drivers needed could anyone help by posting a link for these drivers.

A:Lost device drivers for Intel Chipset

You say that this is a laptop? I would check the manufacturers website for drivers sometimes they have device drivers for whatever laptop you may have, I looked at the intel site and didnt see your chipset on there. What brand and model is your laptop?
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Could someone help me? I have a Dell Latitude D510 laptop and I put an BIOS admin passwoed an year ago. Now I need to remeve it but I don't remember. I tried the latitude.exe program but did not worked. Service tag nr. is 6TXB42J-595B . Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Dell laptop reset bios admin password

U will have to do, a chip reset.
Coz i also keep trying those ideas with the latitude application but it failed, but when i did the chip reset, thing worked out exactly how i wanted them.
All the best

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I am in sales. I have a new Dell d610 Latitude Laptop. I need to reset some of the stuff in the BIOS for wireless, etc and the IT guys at my company seem to have mislogged or fogotten the admin pw for BIOS. Anyway they have given me five alrady and non of them work. They say I will have to ship the unit in to Chicago and they will fix it. That will take a WEEK that I do not have. How can I reset the password? The settings in the BIOS I need to change are locked and the message says the setup is locked-enter the admin pw into SECURITY UNLOCK SETUP to enable changes. Any advice is welcomed!

A:How to reset the BIOS admin password

This subject was briefly mentioned HERE
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Tonight I was converting some Files and was checking out some Folders.

Then what happened is the next minute 60% of my files were missing.

Please i am desperate to get theses back, please help I'm trying to find my disc Utility at the moment to hopefully run that one the drive.

A:Lost Files

Go to,,, or others of your choosing, and examine the various file recovery programs. You should be able to quickly recover these files and directories using one of the free or low priced recovery programs under File Recovery at
We use them all the time for standard files and missing files with usually complete satisfaction.
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ok I reformatted and reinstalled WindowsXP and after reinstalled everything the only problem is my sound won't work. well here is exactly what is happening I install the card driver (Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio) and when I reboot I get sound as I should, but that will be all. The card is listed in Device Manager, when I click on something to play that uses windows media player it looks on the screen as if there is sound but there is nothing. can anyone tell how to fix this I have reinstalled the drivers several times.

A:Lost soundcard

Is it the default device in Control Panel - Sound / Audio devices under audio tab ?


Are you sure you have the right driver for your Windows version ?
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Hi all I am having a strange problem while overclocking my GPU My system Specs are Pentium D Ghz GB SATA SEAGATE Harddrive nVidia FX MB AGP card Settings Overclocking After restarting lost my are !!! GPU system, - No fan on it MB DDR Mhz RAM nVidia provide After restarting my system, GPU Overclocking Settings are lost !!! applications to overclock their cards in their installation disk I have installed that application and now I can see Overclocking menu in Advanced Display Settings The guide provided with the software says to manually increase the settings slowly and and test it And gradually increase but it has another option somewhat like Auto-detect when I click it it detects the best settings for my PC I have checked the performance by a benchmarking tool and yes the performance in graphics rendering increases much Then I run a Video Card Stability test tool and stress it for - hours It runs smoothly I save the settings Till now everything is fine Now but when I restart my comp those settings are lost and I need to redetect and save to get better performance So any method to make those settings permanent Thanks in advance REgards TheHacker nbsp

A:After restarting my system, GPU Overclocking Settings are lost !!!

Got it........This problem is solved.......
But now, after overclock my monitor has started flickering a bit.
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I am troubleshooting a RAID 5 configuration on a Window XP Pro machine. It was being used for data storage on the network. At some point I lost connectivity to the network drive (RAID)? I also had a network bridge which has disappeared as well? The machine has 2 NIC's installed on it which I don't understand its purpose for 2 NIC's? So as a temporary solution I copied the data on an external hard drive via USB. Then connected it on another machine and made it a shared network Drive. Any suggestion on restoring my RAID 5 array connection and network bridge? I have 3 stations, 3 switches and one Router.

A:Lost connectivity to my RAID 5 configuration

Uhm.. If you lost access to the RAID and the data, how could you copy it to the eternal drive? Or, do you mean that other computers could no longer access the machine with the raid array?

There is a big difference between network access and local access!
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Within these few day, my computer kept losing connection to the internet. I was able to be online for 1 hour and all of sudden it would disconnected for no reasons, and I've to wait one day to be able to get back online again. I've a home network at home, my cox cable modem is connected to my router which is connected to my computer. Everything seems working properly, I have no idea what's causing all this! Any help or suggestion would be grateful, thank you.

A:I lost internet connection, Please help!

Next time that happens you need to call Cox cable and see if their network is down.
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My daughter's computer fried and won't even power up anymore. We have a bunch of photos on it that we hadn't backed up. Is there any way to get those somehow?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Lost Photos

Well when you say that it fried, what do you mean by that ? Will it not power-on or did it go up in smoke ? If you can somehow get the hard drive out of the computer, you might be able to put it into an USB enclosure & transfer the files onto another computer.
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Hi I have a really convoluted problem which I think boils down to me having lost the control sector in my HDD after a format I think I ll SATA Lost I chipset, Need don't - BIOS controller, know!!! MBR? explain the sorry chain of events I have x Maxtor L and an ASUS A N-SLI Premium I had an install of Vista on the machine which was not working out for me - went to XP but that install messed up due to the disc not all data wrote Went for an install of K I had lying around just to get something on there and in formatting the disk for this k install I think I lost something Originally the OS setup screen looked like this Cartitional NTFS xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Unpartitioned Space MB Dartitional NTFS xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Unpartitioned Space MB The k format I did for the failed k install was NTFS to NTFS Vista to k Lost MBR? Need SATA controller, chipset, BIOS - I don't know!!! stylee I guess but Lost MBR? Need SATA controller, chipset, BIOS - I don't know!!! when looking at the HDDs in the OS setup after the k instal format I then got this Cartitional unknown xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Dartitional NTFS xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Unpartitioned Space MB I d lost the first unpartitioned space on C and it s saying unknown as the file structure Long story short - the k install didn t work I got a better copy of XP but when trying to install this after selecting the disk C and copying the install files - after the reboot a message comes up A disk read error occured So I have no o s on there and the HD seems unusable Have I broken my HDD Or do I need to sort the MBR Mobo what Please please please help I am totally stuck Rgds nbsp

A:Lost MBR? Need SATA controller, chipset, BIOS - I don't know!!!

Looks like the C drive has gone bad or it needs an all 0's write. How is the boot sequence set in the bios? The A drive needs to be OUT of the boot sequence entirely. The sata controller needs to be enabled in the bios too
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hi ppl,

got a dell latitude c610 for almost 3 years now, 3 months ago it got broken, some failure on the display, i took it to a locar repair store to have it repaired... it took them 3 months to repair it but now... i cant remember my bios password... could any1 help me getting a master password?


forgot to include my service tag: 66b0021

A:Password lost on Dell Latitude c610
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First I'd like to say hello to all at TechSpot. HELLO.

I accidentally applied the following command at a system restore command prompt to a secondary hard disk: "D:\boot\bootsect /nt60 c:" (without the quote marks). I thought it was my DVD drive.

Now when windows boots up and I try to access the drive in Explore, Windows asks me to format the drive. When I right click properties, it doesn't show any sizes and it shows the pie graph as 100% free space.

Is there any command I can enter to reverse the above? Is there a specific switch I can use in the command that pertains to hard disks?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


A:Lost Hard Disk Contents

Hum.. Why would a hard disk utility do anything with your DVD drive? Or were you just trying random commands?

What Windows versions are we talking about here? WIndows XP and earlier do not support Vista partitioning or boot sectors. So if the Windows that cannot acces the drive is XP, then you have to revert the boot sector back to the older format. (Use the /nt52 switch).
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Help Pls, I could'nt find the 24c.... chip on dell latitude 640m. Can somebody help me here so I can use the shorting method. Or is there any other way out? Help me to locate this chip pls.

A:Admin. password on dell latitude 640m

Admin. password on dell inspiron 640m

Pls, help needed for Admin.password (grey screen)on dell inspiron 640m. I mistakenly posted for latitude 640m earlier. I'm sorry! I actually meant that of dell inspiron 640m. I need help on how to locate the bios chip 24c...... or how to over come the grey screen with Admin. password protection.
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I couln,t find the 24C chip on the Dell XPS M1210 can someone help me so I can use the shorting Method. Help to locate the chip please or anybody knows the password for this laptop XPS M1210
Tag# 7X5GH1-595B


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I recently bought a dell inspiron 6400 N series computer from a fellow soldier who left to return to the states. I was planning on using this computer for movie watching and to save pictures on to send to family. I went to turn it on one day after using it for a week and the computer started up to a screen that asked me for an administrator password. I did not receive this password or do not have knowledge of one that was saved. I cannot use this laptop and I was just starting to enjoy it! This was my way to have some down time away from this place. Can someone try and help me please? I tried to email rustam_ but got no reply. I tried to go to different websites but found no help. Someone please help me! I would really appreciate it.

A:Lost Admin Password in IRAQ help Dell6400 Inspiron

I'm assuming this is a windows password we're talking about here, and that you're running XP. If it is asking you for a BIOS password (black screen, white text), then you're probably screwed, unless there is a BIOS reset jumper within easy reach. If not, have fun opening the entire laptop to find it.

If it gets to windows and wants a password, try this:

grab either active password changer (


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (

Follow the instructions closely and there's a good chance one of the two will work.