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Can i upgrade my hp pavilion 500 desktop with the AMD RX 480...

Q: Can i upgrade my hp pavilion 500 desktop with the AMD RX 480...

I am planning to upgrade my hp pavilion 500-342nem which already has R7 240 graphics with the new RX 480.Is it possible to upgrade both the psu and graphics card?Will there be any compatibility problem (psu in question Corsair CX 500?.i have heard a lot of chatter about hp restricting the upgrade of their pc's. Will the new card work?Any help will be apppreciated.
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Preferred Solution: Can i upgrade my hp pavilion 500 desktop with the AMD RX 480...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello All I have a HP Pavilion a6522f Desktop PC with 8 GB of RAM with a processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core at 2.6. According to the manual my sokets is  AM2+ The S/N is MXU8250339. i will like to upgrade my processor to max. Witch is the max processor that i can upgrade in this model, will a need a new heat skin and thermol passte. If so do i have to upgrade the Power Supply for this model. Can you send me that informaticon. Attach to this form is a screanshot of the spec of my desktop Thanks

A:Upgrade Processor HP Pavilion a6522f Desktop PC

Here is the link to upgrade CPU models. The "Phenom with Quad Core (Agena) technology (AM2+) up to 9600 (up to 95 watt)" seems to be the top model.  You will need new thermal paste, using the same heat sink.  The variation in power is only an added 6W. Here's a link (sold out) but look at the specs. Amazon should have it.  Do not get the Black Edition.
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Windows 10 upgrade wizard keeps telling me that my system is not ready because they are working with partners and will notify me.  This system has no special modifications or software changes.    It has been in this state since Windows 10 has been released.

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A:Pavilion P6520f Desktop won't upgrade to Windows 10

That's strange! Try using this link instead It also gives steps on how to use the Media Creation tool and gives a link to download the tool that should work for you.  Keep me posted!
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Can you please help me with choosing the RAM for HP Pavilion Mini Desktop 300-010inThe one that is already in the system isHynix 2GB 1Rx16 PC3L - 12800S - 11 - 13 - C3HMT425S6AFR6A - PB Acording to spec this we should be able to use a DDR3 SODIMM.I have a spare which is also DDR3 SODIMM at home but it did not work can you help me with compatible memory? The one i tried which on put into system i get beepsHynix 4GB 2Rx8 PC3 - 12800S - 11 - 11 - F3HMT351S6CFR8C - PB Kindly help
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I have a Pavilion desktop s3750t. It runs on a Vista operating system. I want to know if it is possible to upgrade it to a newer operating system so I can purchase a new printer? If so how much will it cost or can I do it myself?
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After unwisely accepting upgrade from 8.1 to 10 I had problems with External Hard Drive and now have black screen with power. I have tried all boot remedies, F2, F10 etc without joy. Now if I hard switch off unplug.power cord for however long, on in again power returns to machine without.turning it on. Whats going on
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Hi,  I bought a new 4gb ram module  from Maplins  to upgrade the  ram on my machine from 4gb-8gb , Poblem i'm having is that the machine is not picking up the new ram module. Can someone advise if the spec of the ram module i bought for my system in compatible  with my machine.  spec of new RAM module:  4GB DDR3 1600MHz Laptop Memory? Upgrade your Laptop's RAM by an additional 4GB? DDR3 Non-ECC memory module? PC3-12800 / 1600MHz? 204-pin Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module (SODIMM)? CAS latency: 9 cycles? Voltage: 1.5V thanks  

A:hP Pavilion 300-235na Mini Desktop PC - memory upgrade

Here is the link to your system specifications.  If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon.          If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks! Here's the Memory Specs: Amount: 4 GBSpeed: PC3-12800 MB/sType: DDR3-1600Memory upgrade informationDual channel memory architectureTwo DDR3 SODIMM socketsSupports up to PC3-14900 (1866 MHz)Supports 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB SODIMMsSupports up to 4 GB on 32-bit* systems NOTE:* - 32-bit systems cannot address a full 4.0 GB of memorySupports up to 16 GB on 64-bit systems NOTE:Maximum memory shown reflects the capability of the hardware and can be limited further in the operating system.
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Can I upgrade Nvidia graphics card to latest cards or supported one from Nvidia.

The reason to change the graphics card is, it is over heating and crossing the 100 degree celsius which reports in black screen and suddenly crashes.

So anyone can tell me which is the suitable graphics card that will support HP Pavilion P6270IN Desktop .
What will be the upgrade process with new graphics card?

Please suggest.

Below is the Product information:
Link : HP Pavilion P6270IN Desktops
Prod: AU930AA#ACJ

Hardware Information:
Motherboard: IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT220
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500

A:How to upgrade Graphics card of HP Pavilion p6270in Desktop PC

You have a PCI-e slot on your motherboard so theoretically you can fit any of the latest cards. It's not that simple though, for starters you only have a 300W PSU which will limit you to the most basic cards and is probably why a GT220 is fitted. You'd need at least a 450W PSU to run a decent card.
You only have a dual core CPU too which will bottleneck any of the latest nVidia cards.
Lastly is case size, some of today's cards are absolutely massive and the chances are most would be too big for your case.

One thing to try to get your GPU temperatures down is to remove the side panel from the case (with the power switched off and every external cable unplugged) and give the machine a good clean out with a soft brush and a can of compressed air. Dust build up can easily block the heatsink on the GPU (as well as other components) which will stop it from cooling properly.
Are you using this machine for gaming by any chance?
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Hi, i am a complete computer novice in need of wisdom. the PC i'm currently using is a HP Pavilion p6710f Desktop PC - But recently the game i'm playing called Aion has been upgraded, thus my my fps has dropped below 20 - I had no problem getting 40 fps in the past, so i was wondering which type of graphics cards will fit/needed, and if possible given suggestions on what i need to do to keep it around 30-40 fps!  Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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 Hi Everone, I have a HP Pavilion 550-204nl Desktop that i would like to upgrade the nvidia geforce 730a 4gb ti video card to a another video card invidia or radeon.what card this is possible? The computer has Processor serie A Quad Core AMD , 8 GB RAM ,OS is Win 10 [64-bit] , Motherboard is a Orchid3 .  Alimentatore interno uATX Energy Star 6.0 da 180wany Helpful advice will be greatly ..APPRECIATED!!!!sorry for my english!
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Hello,I have HP Pavilion G4 with ATi 7400M graphics. My laptop runs many games it has 2gb ram. I want to ask that if i upgrade my ram to 6GB or 8GB will it increase GPU Ati power also???. It has intel HD graphics also dual graphics card. can any one tell me the memory bandwidth of 7400M . My CPU is B940

A:HP Pavilion G4 Ram Upgrade???

QuoteIt has intel HD graphics also dual graphics card.This is a laptop and you added a Intel HD Dual Graphics Card?Specs online show that it just has the integrated ATi 7400MThis laptop is not very powerful and what games do you run on it that you want better performance out of? You might be wanting to get a whole new computer vs adding RAM, but it all comes down to what games your running and plan to run. Games that you have now that lag, memory added might increase load time by not having to have the games page so much overusing the hard drive, but frames per second will remain about the same I feel. What games do you run that you want better performance out of and what operating system version are you running and 32 or 64 bit?,157214.0.html
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HiI purchased HP Pavilion g6 1040-ex with product number LP233EA#A2N from Saudi Arabia.I would like to upgrade my RAM. What can be maximum RAM this laptop can work with?What are the part number of this RAM?In case the part numbers are not available in the local market, are there alternatives available?TIA
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My HP Pavilion g4 will not update to windows 8. I do not get any error message or screen, it goes so far into the setup then reads cannot update to windows 8. Any help appreciated.

A:HP Pavilion g4 will not upgrade to W8

Hello wcf8144 and welcome to TSF,

Please download and run the Upgrade Assistant.

Upgrade to Windows 8 - Microsoft Windows
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Hi  I have an HP Pavilion 550-279na. Whilst it suits most of my needs, I do enjoy the occasional game and have found that the GPU that it came with, the Radeon R5 330 is not providing enough 'oomph'. I have had a look around and think that the Nvidia GTX 750ti would probably fulfill my needs. Do you think that this card would fit in my PC? Also, I am guessing that the 180W PSU that it came with would not be sufficient to run a faster GPU, do you have any recommendations on size or model that would fit the Pavilion. My apologies if these are very lay questions, my hardware knowledge is not up to scratch! Thanks for any help. Charlie
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Hi everyone, It wil be my first question so plase bear. I have laptop HP Pavilion  g6 1005sw and want to ask about best processor can be handled by motherborad, same with Memory. I wondering about AMD Phenom II P960 Quad-Core 25W it is good choice? Will match without any problem? Thanks in advice!
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I have a feeling that this 2.3 GHz i5 6300hq isn't going to get me very far.  I was wondering if my specific model was upgradable, and if so, what CPUs I could install.  I have done work on my old Pavilion 15, replacing the CPU and upgrading RAM, so I believe I'm capable of upgrading myself.   Also, my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU, which is a problem as I use the notebook for gaming.  I currently have the GTX 960m 2gb, if you think that I'm wrong.
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I want to upgrade CPU to a 1gig on my HP Pavilion N3390 Notebook. Can someone explain to me what steps must be taken? After I buy the |CPU, where do I put it? How do I take apart the computer without breaking it?



A:HP Pavilion, how do I upgrade CPU

First of all will need to check the web site and see if you are able to "jump" from the current cpu to 1 gig. If not then at least look for a BIOS update.
Now since you have a laptop things will get a little dicey. Will need to get a cpu which is made for a mobile pc , then will need to acctually take the laptop apart to be able to reach the cpu ...
When it cames to laptops changing a cpu is more "funky" then a regular desktop...anyways if you're skilled with a screw drive will be able to take the laptop apart and get to the cpu , remove it , put the new cpu in then put the laptop back as it was..
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I have an HP Pavilion 17 g 106nf (energy star) and i would like to upgrade the RAM.  What are teh best RAM's to get, also, how high can i make them?
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My Laptop has i7 processor.  Currently 2 x 2GB RAMs are installed. I'm planning to upgrade my laptop RAM to 8 GB . Should I buy 2 x 4GB RAMs or 1 x 8GB RAM . Can I buy "TRANSCEND 8GB 1600MHZ LAPTOP RAM " for my laptop or is there any frequency mismatch.    Please suggest me what is the best solution for upgrading my RAM to 8GB . Thanks in advance.

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A:Can I upgrade my RAM of HP Pavilion dv6 3052tx to 8 GB ?

@c4arun? Supports up to 8 GB system memory in the following configurations: 1024-MB total system memory (1024 MB x 1) 2048-MB total system memory (1024 MB x 2, dual-channel) 2048-MB total system memory (2048 MB x 1) 3072-MB total system memory (1024 MB x 1 + 2048 MB x 1) 4096-MB total system memory (2048 MB x 2, dual-channel) 6144-MB total system memory (2048 MB x 1 + 4096 MB x 1) 8192-MB total system memory (4096 MB x 2, dual-channel)  DDR3/1333-MHz and DDR3/1066-MHz (only computer models equipped with the IntelCore i7-840QM 1.86 GHz processor, the Intel Core i7-820QM 1.73GHz processor, theIntel Core i7-740QM 1.73 GHz processor, and the Intel Core i7-720QM 1.6 GHzprocessor run at DDR3/1333-MHz; all other computer models run at DDR3/1066-MHz)  Your manual here. REO
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I have an HP notebook model Pavilion 1050el.
Now the CPU is an Intel P8400.
I have seen in the Maintenance and service guide that it's possible to replace the CPU up to the Intel T9600 probably because when the guide has been written no better CPU were available.
Now I can see the T9800, T9900 and P9700 are available.
Can you confirm me that these 3 CPU are suitable for the Pavilion 1050el  ?
The serial number is : [personal information removed] 
thanks and regards
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Hi everybody I'd like to upgrade the nbsp CPU B of my HP Pavilion g - g6-1365sl of upgrade Pavilion CPU HP my sl nbsp nbsp Searching on the web i've found different nbsp Maintenance and Service Guide for g as report below nbsp http h www CPU upgrade of my HP Pavilion g6-1365sl hp com ctg Manual c this is the first from the HP website http www hp com ctg Manual c pdf from google on HP com http h www hp com ctg Manual c pdf as above http www hp com ctg Manual c pdf as above nbsp Now my question is which is the correct one I know the second c doesn't report my CPU so probably is to exclude it but the others nbsp The editions don't match each other I'm confused what is the difference nbsp I assume that the correct edition is the nbsp c the first one nbsp just because the touch pad is centrally unlike the other two and because is that provided by the site so the maximum installable CPU is nbsp Intel Core i - M nbsp It's correct what is the difference between these editions nbsp Thank you in advance Solved View Solution

A:CPU upgrade of my HP Pavilion g6-1365sl

You actually have the best motherboard in the series and it will handle 2d gen Intel Core CPUs, "Sandy Bridge", with bridge alive chip off i.e. switchable graphics. Up to i7-2640M. Your heatsink is the same as used on the i7 models so it is just a matter of removing the processor, replacing it with the better one you want, locking it down, applying thermal compound and putting everything back together. OK slight oversimplification.  See pages 79-85. Your Manual
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My laptop model no. is 15-n003TX. I bought it 3 years back. It had AMD Radeon gpu. Now, for my research purposes, I need an Nvidia GTX 900m gpu. How can I get this upgradation??

A:gpu upgrade pavilion 15-n003TX

Hi, No you can't. Upgrading video card on a normal computer such as yours is impossible or very, very, very, very expensive. Regards.
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Hello,I'm planning to upgrade the memory of my machine, but I can't seem to find the manufacturer and speed of the present one. I'd like to buy exacly the same.My notebook is HP Pavilion DV7 3150eq Entertainment PC, currently it has 4 GB and supports up to 8. A looked at the product specification but the only information there is that it has 4 GB DD3 RAM and the motherboard supports up to 8 GB of RAM. It doesn't say even how many slots are there 2, 4 etc. Does anyone know who is the manifacturer and the speed of the RAM memory installed on the notebook model? And if not to much to ask, how many memory slots are there on the motherboard? Thanks,I. Hinov

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A:HP Pavilion dv7 3150eq RAM Upgrade

Hi, Normally each laptop has 2 slots for RAM. You can use the following information: Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 (non-ECC)Maximum Memory: 8GB - Slots: 2Each memory slot can hold DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500 with a maximum of 4GB per slot. Regards.
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I would like to increase the amount of ram in my laptop but not sure if its posible.  It has 4g now and I would like to double that, anyony know if this can be done? 

A:Ram upgrade for Pavilion g6 2260he

@jprado471? Supports the following configurations up to 8 GB:? 8192 MB total system memory (4096×2) (No support for 32 bit OS)? 6144 MB total system memory (4096×1 + 2048×1) (No support for 32 bit OS)? 4096 MB total system memory (4096×1 or 2048×2)? 2048 MB total system memory (2048×1) Your manual here. REO
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Hello. I have HP Pavilion 17-g109ur with Core i5 6200u and I want upgrade RAM to 8GB DDR3L 2133MHz. The question is, will it run with frequency of 2133MHz? Or it just will run slower?

A:HP Pavilion 17-g109ur RAM upgrade

Alteral. Your CPU says yes but the your manual says no??? Memory TypesDDR4-2133, LPDDR3-1866, DDR3L-1600 Max Memory Bandwidth34.1 GB/s DDR3-1333MHz Dual Channel Support (DDR3L-1600 downgraded to DDR3-1333) DDR3L-1600-MHz Single Channel Support Supports up to 16 GB of system RAM in the following configurations: 16384-MB total system memory (8192×2)12288-MB total system memory (8192×1) + (4096×1)8192-MB total system memory (8192×1) or (4096×2)6144-MB total system memory (4096×1) + (2048×1)4096-MB total system memory (4096×1) or (2048×2) Sorry but I can't give you a 100% for sure answer. REO
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Hi!I am using HP Pavilion 15 Notebok PC (F6C42PA#ACJ). It came with Win 8.1 preinstalled on a 1 TB HDD. I have upgraded the OS to win 10 and now want to upgrade my HDD to a SSD. I was wondering if Transcend TS256GSSD370S and Samsung Evo 850 is compatible with my laptop. Also how to enable AHCI mode? I don't see any such option in BIOS.Thank you.
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Hello I'm having HP Pavilion n tx model with one slot containing GB MHz DDR L SDRAM I'm from India want to upgrade total RAM of my system to GB Since I'm totally new to this kind of thing I need help regarding this As I mentioned I want to upgrade my total RAM to gigs but I'm pretty confused to which one I should go for I'm currently having these options I've posted links for convenience nbsp Crucial GB DDR Upgrade RAM n208tx help Pavilion HP PC - Unbuffered NON-ECC V Meg HP Pavilion n208tx RAM Upgrade help x nbsp HP Pavilion n208tx RAM Upgrade help nbsp http www crucial com usa en scanview F C D C nbsp nbsp HP GB DDR L MHz V SODIMM RAM nbsp http www amazon in HP-DDR L- MHz-SODIMM-Laptop dp B O PQLW ref sr fkmr ie UTF amp qid nbsp Kingston GB RAM FOR LAPTOP MHZ PC L LOW VOLTAGE nbsp http www amazon in Kingston-LAPTOP- MHZ-PC L-VOLTAGE dp B CQ HBQ ref pd sim sbs e ie HP Pavilion n208tx RAM Upgrade help UTF amp r nbsp nbsp Corsair GB DDR L Low Voltage V Mhz Laptop Memory SODIMM nbsp http www amazon in Corsair-Voltage- Mhz-Laptop-CMSO GX M C C dp B EHJ U K ref pd cp e nbsp nbsp These are as per mentioned on the websites nbsp Can you please help me out Are the specs mentioned above correct nbsp i e compatible with my system Or if you find these unsuitable it will be better if you could suggest some product as per my system configuration gb will work fine as well nbsp Thanks in advance Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion n208tx RAM Upgrade help

Hi IshanIt'll take time for me to view the image as it has to be approved my moderators.The Samsung RAM you have now would be this I guess: problem in going in for 12gb if you want. But as I mentioned two identical RAMs have it's own benefits.Both the RAM you mentioned in previous post looks compatible. Check whether there are 8 Black memory chip banks on the RAM (physically) - look at their pics. Some have 4 memory banks even though the RAM configuration you need may be the same - they don't sometimes work in some HP laptops (from various feedbacks in this forum).RegardsVisruth
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I am considering upgrading my HP Pavilion to Windows 10.  I consulted HP's Web site and was advised that "HP has tested your PC model and has determined that it can be upgraded to Windows 10, but there is information to review before moving forward." In the Section "Potential Feature Limitions/Intel precessors and Windows 7/8 32-bit I found this statement:"Computers configured with Intel Broadwell (Intel Core i3-5xxx, Core i5-5xxx, Core i7-5xxx; Pentium 38xx, Celeron 37xx/32xx) or Haswell (Intel Core i3-4xxx, i5-4xxx, i7-4xxx; Pentium 35xx, Celeron 29xx) processors and 32-bit versions of Windows 8.1 are not capable of upgrading to Windows 10 using the Windows Upgrade tool." My Pavilion runs an i3-4130 CPU and the 64-bit version of Wondows 7 Home Premium. In one place I am told I can upgrade to Windows 10.  The other place seems to suggest that I can't.  Please advise.

A:Can I upgrade my Pavilion 500 to Windows 10

Hi: The way I interpret the cautionary statement you posted is that only applies if you are running a 32 bit operating system on your PC, which you are not. It also says those PC's with those criteria can't use the W10 upgrade tool. I would imagine then folks in that circumstance could use the W10 media creation tool for 32 bit, by making the 32 bit DVD, and running the upgrade from the DVD on the windows desktop. I don't see any restrictions against doing that on the microsoft website below.
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Hi I was wondering what form factor type this Pc has BTX or ATX, if im wrong in saying this please point me in the right direction, I require at least a 500W PSU and I am only purchasing in australia, Maybe from china if on ebay

Current specs:
8gb RAM
1gb VRAM (Nvidia Geforce 520)
Intel i7 2600 - Quad core
1.06TB Storage

A:HP Pavilion P6-2055a PSU Upgrade

According the the Manufacturer details, you have a standard ATX PSU so as long as you stick with that, you can fit pretty much any inside your machine. It does look like the 300Watt version inside the machine is a bit short compared to normal PSU's, but as long as you still have space, it should fit just fine.
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Okay no matter what....

is there a way i could upgrade my graphics card on my Hp pavilion slimline s3300f pc?

or maybe somehow get another one on their for support for two screens?


A:Pavilion Slimeline.....any possible upgrade?

Hi Adeang,

According to the product specifications, there is a PCI Express x16 slot available, so it should be possible to insert a 3rd party graphics card. Here is the main support page for your PC. I found the information by clicking on 'Product Information' and then 'Product Specifications' and scrolling down the list to the section headed 'Expansion Slots'.

HP Pavilion Slimline s3300f Desktop PC*
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Upgraded to Windows 10 last week and now I find that my Computer cannot access the Internal CD ROM drive.  I have downloaded the latest drivers from HP but still I cannot access the CD drive.  I connected my Pavilion 500-281 to an old HP destop computer via the USB port and I could access the CD Drive on the old computer, but not the internal CD Drive on my current computer.  Has anyone encountered this problem and what is the best fix?
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My Pavilion 550-102a is short of grunt - the AMD A4-7300 processor is not up to handling anything beyond basic email it seems. The official HP product page for my system lists the following quad core CPU upgrade options: A10-8850, A10-8750, A8-8650, A10-7800, A8-7600. I am seeking some advice as to the suitability of the aforementioned processors, or any others which may be better and will fit the available FM2+ socket? Also, having never done a CPU upgrade before, is it as physically straight forward as a memory upgrade? Thanks.

A:Pavilion 550-102a CPU upgrade

@pgking, welcome to the forum. The CPU's that are listed in the HP documents are the only ones that have been tested to assure they work.  Therefore, they are the only ones that are supported by HP and the motherboard.  All things equal, the A10-8850 should be the fastest one that is supported.  Upgrading the CPU is a bit more technical than upgrading the memory.  There are numerous videos online that will help you. If you want to add some additional performance, I suggest considering a SSD.  I will never have a computer without a SSD as the boot drive. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hi, I have a HP laptop configuration HP Pavilion g6-2265sx Notebook PCModel #: C5B24EAI ran CPUZ and got the following information about RAM  This is information about my CPU  This is my Cache   This is information about SPD  Following are my questions What is the maximum RAM my system can support?I have 4 Gigs in slot1, can I use 4 or 8 or 16 Gigs in slot 2?What online stores can I but RAM in India? Thanks in advance for your time.
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Hello, I have hp pavilion 15-ab226na and would like to upgrade hdd to ssd drive. The big question is if I do that myself will I lose the remaining time of warranty? If yes Is there any possibility to ask HP for assistance with this?

A:hp pavilion 15-ab226na SSD upgrade

Here is the Manual: Manual Page 49 and the material just before it shows how to access the hard drive area. It is not terribly hard to do but if the laptop is under warranty it does jeopardize it. If the upgrade is done without damage it will not generally affect the warranty. You can contact an HP Service Center in your area but this would be a paid service and they will not install 3rd party hardware so you would have to buy an SSD from HP, which will be above market pricing. However, it would keep your warranty for sure if you have HP do it. A decent computer tech shop will also be able to do it. Post back if you need any more help. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I have already doubled the RAM but I was thinking if upgrading the processor was possible.... If it is then please let me know. Thanks in advance

A:how much can I upgrade pavilion 15 n259tx

@pb1398? You would need to upgrade the system board. Your manual here. REO
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Hi I was thinking of upgrading to a R9 270 Gigabyte Windforce GPU, and the powe supply need is a 500 watt and im at half that. Was wondering how to go about upgrading the psu.

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A:HP Pavilion p6207c psu upgrade

Hi @enimen2?,I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP Support Forums. I understand you are have questions about upgrading the power supply and video card. I will be glad to help you. I looked at the specs for the motherboard and the video card.  The motherboard only supports PCI E 1 and the video card is PCI E 3.0.  The video card will fit in the slot but will only run at PCI E 1 speeds. I know this ios not what you wish to hear, you still can upgrade the video card and the power supply but will not improve the performance. Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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My HP Pavilion n tx notebook has memory slots for RAM modules One slot contain Hynix GB MHz RAM I want to upgrade total RAM to GB pavilion RAM 15-n209TX HP for Upgrade I'm from India amp amp am thinking of buying GB DDR L MHz SODIMM PC L Non-ECC SDRAM V I have few doubts amp amp questions regarding the upgrade Kindly enlighten me with appropriate advice lt br gt First of all is my choice of RAM specs correct and suitable for my laptop model lt br gt If I don't get same brand HYNIX from market is there any problem on buying another brand with same specs and installing it into memory slot in addition to Hynix RAM lt br gt Which brand is best one available in India lt br gt How do RAM Upgrade for HP pavilion 15-n209TX I know if my preinstalled RAM is single dual channel actually I don't know what it is meant lt br gt My laptop product service catalog manual says it supports only GB DDRL MHz SHARED RAM if I'm planning to upgrade What does that mean amp amp should I specifically look out for something while buying RAM from retail shop lt br gt lt br gt Thanks in advance

A:RAM Upgrade for HP pavilion 15-n209TX

I don't know the market in India at all. When I say no-name memory I mean literally no-name memory. It will just have the speed stamped on it no other identification. If you mix modules you lose dual channel operation which means the memory can transfer 10-15% less information per cycle. While generally, the more memory the better, but it is also true you want it to be faster. Very few computer users really need more than 8 gigs. Hence most people would be better off with 8 gigs in dual channel than 12 gigs in single channel mode.  This memory would work fine and would be functionally identical to the module you have:
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Good morning, I own a HP Pavilion 15 n-012ss (Model number: E9M64EA#ABE]. Currently it is equipped with a 0.5 TB SATA HDD. I was planning to upgrade it to SSD. Kindly guide me through steps and compatible products, and availablity in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.  Thank you,

A:HDD to SSD upgrade for HP Pavilion 15 n-012ss

Hi, Good evening. Please download the first manual on the following first: Very simple. Please use the following steps 1. Buy new SSD. You can use any standard 2.5" SSD for laptops today but please try Crucial, Samsung, Sandisk ... other brands may not work (from my tests anyway). Try 1GB for future growth.2. Clone existing HDD to new SSD using many free clone software   I did test few times using the first one (AOMEI Backupper). It worked as designed 100% 3. Swap HDD and SSD using informtion from the above manual. Regards.
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Hello, I recently bought a Pavilion g6-2006sq and i want to upgade the RAM.I want to know what type of ram can i use . What is the maximum size  and what speed.I want to install 4gb kingston value ram 204 pin 1333mhz part  product number KVR1333D3S9/4G  and want to know if it's compatible  Also i was thinking about KHX1600C9S3P1K2/8G and wanted to know if they are worth it when comparing the performance of the instaled memory and KVR1333D3S9/4G versus KHX1600C9S3P1K2/8G Thank you !

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A:RAM upgrade for Pavilion g6-2006sq

Hi: Below is the link to the service manual for your notebook. Supported memory info can be found in chapter 1 on page 1. Max RAM is 2 x 4 GB of PC3-1333 (PC3-10600).  You can install PC3-12800, but as you see from the manual it will only run at 1333 MHz as that is the max speed of any of the processors installed. A single 8 GB chip will not work, let alone two. Paul
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Hi all My parents have an HP Pavilion entertainment laptop that frankly didn t run well when it was new but is really struggling to open programs now I am thinking of putting in an SSD as a boot drive and moving the HDD into the optical bay and upgrading the RAM to the max of Also possibly Pavilion 1100? HP dv6 Should upgrade I upgrading to Windows I think would confuse them My dad does a lot of photo editing using Lightroom Other than that it s basic word excel amp Internet browsing only Is it worth it for me to put a few hundred dollars I figure about into the laptop or should they look for a new desktop instead It would be worth it to me to extend the life of the laptop with a view to buying new down the road Here are the current specs HP Pavilion dv t- GB RAM Intel Core Duo T Should I upgrade HP Pavilion dv6 1100? Ghz bit Vista ATI Mobility Radeon HD Thank you nbsp

A:Should I upgrade HP Pavilion dv6 1100?

I would keep the HDD, clean install Windows 7 (check out this article for help:, it is for Windows 8, but the same applies to Win 7), and upgrade the RAM. I wouldnt add an SSD because your CPU is pretty old and the SSD will be bottlenecked by it and therefore it would not help. I recommend Clean installing Windows over the SSD because clean installing gives the "New" PC feel to old hardware like an SSD does to semi-new PCs. The RAM will also make a huge difference. After you clean install Windows, report back and ill tell you what drivers you need (you only really need a display driver).

I think it is a good choice to wait for a new laptop down the road. This upgrade will gain you a few years, but dont expect to game on it. Keep in mind, clean installing Windows will delete all of your data! So use these sites to help assist you in your back up adventure: (For Windows 7, but Vista is basically the same I think).
I recommend this less since it transfers old settings (which can be causing the performance hit you are experiencing) to the new install:

Windows 7 will set you back a hundred bucks: 7
But it is worth the upgrade. If you are a student you can sometimes get discounts thru Microsoft but since they want to separate themselves from Win7, they may not offer this anymore. But they still do for Win8, but it is hard to find an institutions other than universities.

Use this tool to find out what RAM supports your system: (tell me if the link doesnt work since I am running OS X now and it automatically sends me to the download for OS X, so I cut off some of the URL)

Finally, install the Catalyst Software Suite after you have clean installed Windows 7 and added the RAM:

Keep in Mind: You should install the newest BIOS revision for your laptop before upgrading to Win 7 to avoid errors:

Don't be afraid to ask questions . Sorry if this essay is intimidating .
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Hi all, I've recently (October 2016) bought a Pavilion x360 (model 13-0004nl); the internal 5400rpm 1TB disk is extremely slow so would like to upgrade to a SSD disk.I'm not able to find info on this machine and if it can be upgraded to a SSD disk or not, someone have info?Some link to the documentation would be appreciated, thank you in advance. 

A:Pavilion x360 SSD upgrade

Hi, It uses a 2.5" thin HDD, you can upgrade to SSD BUT you need to ask an HP authorized service provider.  Please read a manual called Maintenance and Service Guide on a following link (similar/older machine): Regards.
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So I have had my hp pavilion p7-1534 for a while.  I've been looking in to upgrading it because I don't have enough to buy a new pc. I am in need because it could be very slow at times and now for the upcoming school year I will be making videos and such and I need a good machine for rendering while also being able to do games at higher fps' because why not? I have about 400 dollars and could save up some more. Leave suggestions please thanks.
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Hey. I have a few questions RE. installing RAM.

I am looking to upgrade my computer's RAM. I would just like to know how would I find out what RAM is compatable with my computer.

It has 256MB DDR SDRAM (266MHZ) already installed.
I have checked wtih numerous RAM sites and they never have my model in their compatibility database.
I have read somewhere that it can handle 2GB of RAM. I'm not sure how many slots for RAM I have but if I had 2, would it be safe to just add 526MB or do you have to do it in equal installments of 256/512 each slot?

Also is there any shops around Melbourne (Australia) that anyone can recommend to me for buying RAM? Either online (even overseas) or not.

Also is the anti-static wrist strap necessary, if so could I just make one?

Sorry aobut all the questions, but thanks in advance.

A:RAM upgrade for HP Pavilion t550a

The details of what you want in the way of RAM are here:

RAM 256/3200 MB 400 DDR SDRAM ([email protected])
Maximum 2 GB (2x1024MB DDR SDRAM)
Sockets Two 184-pin DDR DIMMs
Size 128, 256, 512 AND 1024 MB DDR DIMMs

As long as you observe sensible anti-static procedures, its not essential to use a strap but you should know what you are doing. That you ask perhaps suggests you have not done this before?

Its often easier to take the box into a computer store and have them fit the RAM, it costs next to nothing and if it does not work, you have some redress.
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Hello  i want to upgrade my Hp pavilion GPU which has the AMD R7 2gb which just isn't powerful enough for me now i am looking to upgrade with  MSI AMD R9 380 Gaming Graphics Card (4 GB, PCI-E 3.0, GDDR5, 256 Bit, DVI-I, HDMI) . i am just wondering if i can upgrade it with this and that my mother board  would be also able to handle, I already know i will need a better power supply to make it run but will there be anything else i would need to buy to run and not have any problems. Thanks in Advance for the replies.
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HP Pavilion Notebook-15-ab277cl (ENERGY STAR) Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 - 5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz  2.3964x-based processor1TB hardriveHD displayWIndows 10 HomeNO Pen or Touch Input5500 Intel Graphics. I'm a big time gamer and wan't to know if i can get an external graphic card, or just a new graphic card. I can run something like Batllefront farely well, but GTA5 is a very big and complex game and my computer has trouble rendering it all. What can I do to make it run better?

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A:Can you Upgrade Graphics on HP Pavilion?

Hi, No, unfortunately this is not an option for many laptops (could be over 95%)  including yours. Regards.
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Hi,  Is that possible for me to upgrade CPU for HP Pavilion dv6-4023tx?  What is the best CPU support this laptop that I can upgrade for?  The application I am using photoshop, archiCAD19, Cinema4D R17, platform is Window 7 64bits Thanks Philip
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I have an HP Pavilion a1129n which has been upgraded & now has hard drives of 279, 179 & 6.71 GB (316 free GB total) and 4 GB of RAM. I?m using a DELL E2011H monitor. Do you think I should upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7? I got a message from windows saying: ?Unfortunately, this CPU is unable to run Windows 10.The CPU isn?t supported.ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 SeriesThe display manufacturer hasn?t made your display compatible with Windows 10. Check with the manufacturer for support.? And the HP website says ?This product is no longer supported?. Does anyone know if there?s anything I can do to resolve that problem and get the free upgrade to Windows 10 (before it?s too late) without it taking very much time or money? Thank you.
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Hi! My wife bought a Pavilion 23.F279 and she would like to play Diablo III. The computer's graphic are not quite up to the task and the PC is a bit slow. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the graphic card and/or add an SSD drive?
Her processor is I5-3330S @ 2.7Ghz, 8 gig ram
[personal information removed]
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Hi. I would like to upgrade my notebook's Ram from 2GB to 4GB. Please let me know if this is supported and if yes, which RAM (model  no / part no) Should i buy? Laptop Model: HP Pavilion DV6500P/N: GA405UA#ABAOS: Microsoft windows vista home premium.  Thanks in advance for the response. -Gayathri

A:Ram upgrade for HP Pavilion DV6500

Hi, Your machine is an HP Pavilion dv6565us : Yes, it supports 4GB max:        Up to 4 GB (Up to 1 GB may not be available due to 32-bit operating system resource requirements) Using   667MHz DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm). The last manual on the following link shows you how to add/replace RAM on your machine (from page 5-12): Regards.
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Hello,I want to upgrade the RAM (now is 4gb). May I know the compatible RAM and upgrade capacity?Thanks!
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I'm looking at buying the HP Pavilion 15 BC035ND in The Netherlands. This machine comes with 16GB RAM (2x8), but I'm finding mixed messages on the possibility of upgrading to 32GB. Anyone who knows if this is possible on this machine? Thanks in advance for any info!

A:Pavilion 15 BC035ND RAM upgrade

@Boompieper? DDR4-2133 Dual Channel Support (DDR4-2400 bridge to DDR4-2133)Supports up to 16GB max system memory  Your manual here. REO
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Hello Sir/Madam, I want to upgrade RAM and Hard Drive (to SSD) in my HP Pavilion 15-p045TX laptop, please answer my below questions:I have a 64Bit Windows 10 Installed on my laptop. Related to RAM -1) I have 2 RAM slots, 1 is used with ADATA 8 GB RAM, what is the maximum limit of RAM I can use in my second slot (8/16)?2) Is it upgradable to 2*16GB RAMs (total 32 GB) ?3) Can I use any brand DDR3 8GB/16GB RAM ? 4) It has to be 1600 MHz ? Or 1333 Mhz will also work ? Which is better ? Related to SSD -1) Is there any limit on SSD memory size support ? 1 TB Supported ?2) Can I use any brand SSD ? Transcend SSD 370S 250GB and Samsung 850 EVO 250GB OK ?  Will installing 64 Bit Linux make any difference on above questions OR Performance ? --Thanks Sandeep
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I am sorry to bother you with something simple but I can't seem to find the right info. I have an HP Pavilion 533W that is running a 1.79GHZ processor, I have not removed it, only looked for the specs..

I have an Intel Celeron D 2.53 GHZ /256/533 that I bought new for a similar model but the motherboard ended up bad. I would like to upgrade with this extra processor I have but I can't find enough info on these to find out if it will work. I am almost down to just having to uninstall it and compare the cpu's.

I was hoping that someone would know the answer since this is not my strong point in the computer business. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Want to upgrade CPU on a Pavilion 533W

If the Celeron fits in the CPU socket, try it...
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I would like to upgrade my processor from 8 32 bit to a 64-bit in my HP pavilion DV 8300 it has a 32-bit with Windows 7 would like to upgrade processor to 64 bit, and would like to know how far I could upgrade my laptop as I use it a lot please help if you can would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.
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HI guys I want to upgrade my gb ram to gb or and my gb HDD to gb SSD The problem is i am not quite sure what rams and SSD's are compatible My current specs are CPU nbsp nbsp nbsp Intel Core i M GHz nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Arrandale nm TechnologyRAM nbsp nbsp nbsp GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard nbsp nbsp nbsp Hewlett-Packard CPU nbsp nbsp nbsp Graphics nbsp nbsp nbsp Generic PnP Monitor x Hz nbsp nbsp nbsp MB NVIDIA SSD Pavilion HP RAM and UPGRADE dv6-2120tx GeForce GT M HP nbsp nbsp nbsp Storage nbsp nbsp nbsp GB Hitachi HTS A A SATA nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp GB JMCR SD MMC SCSI Disk Device NULL I am thinking about nbsp Corsair GB DDR - MHz CMSO GX M A C for ram and Adata Premier Pro SP GB for SSD Will they be compatible with my laptop If not which ones do you suggest Thanks in advance Any HP Pavilion dv6-2120tx RAM and SSD UPGRADE help is much appreciated
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Looking for confirmation of which BIOS update to install for a Pavilion 500-039-there are several listed on HP's website. 

A:BIOS Upgrade for Pavilion 500-039

Hi @NVMO2007, and thank you for your post.Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are looking for the correct BIOS to use. I am happy to assist. If you are not using the HP Support Assistant,  then give it a try. It should find the correct version for the mix of hardware in your system. HP PCs - Using HP Support Assistant (Windows 10, 8, 7) Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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Hello,I got a HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n019nr Notebook PC. It is fitted with 4GB RAM single DIMM and I would like to upgrade it to 8GB. Could someone inform me as to what is the frequency of existing RAM module as I will need to buy the second 4GB RAM module of the same frequency. Also what is the max limit that I can upgrade the RAM to? Thanking you.

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A:RAM upgrade for HP Pavilion 14-n019nr

Hi, It has Two SODIMM customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slotsDDR3L-1600 MHz dual channel support And you can upgrade to 14GB (8GB + 4GB) Supports the following configurations:? 12288 MB (8192 MB×1+ 4096 MB×1) (select models only)? 8192 MB (8192 MB×1 or 4096 MB×2; not supported on computer models equipped with a 32-bit operating system)? 6144 MB (4096 MB×1 + 2048 MB×1; not supported on computer models equipped with a 32-bit operating system)? 4096 MB (4096 MB×1 or 2048 MB×2)? 2048 MB (2048 MB×1) Please use the second manual on the following link for more information and how to add/replace RAM: Regards.
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Hi, the above model contains a 2TB hard drive which is reeeeeeally slow.  My old i3 notebook is way faster for most tasks.Does anyone know if the motherboard can take an SSD alongside the 2TB drive?I understand this will invalidate the warranty, but it is (hard) driving me nuts.Thanks.

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A:HP Pavilion 15-ak085na SSD upgrade

It is being worked on and I believe it will be solved. Yours may work but there is a danger it will not.
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I created a real nice thread here and received some great help from Paul Tikkanen so if he or someone else could assist me it'd be great Dunno why I cannot RAM dv7-6b76eo upgrade Pavilion HP post a reply in that thread any more They either closed the thread or I'm blind Anyway I HP Pavilion dv7-6b76eo RAM upgrade have the HP Pavilion dv - b eo and am planning a RAM upgrade Currently I have x gb samsung PC - nbsp DDR - nbsp I'm thinking to go for ddr but what prevents me is some threads I've read saying ddr won't even physically fit in a ddr slot which is my current one as well as this piece of info from Wikipedia nbsp DDR SO-DIMMs have pins rather than DDR 's pins which are also spaced closer rather than nbsp mm and are nbsp HP Pavilion dv7-6b76eo RAM upgrade mm wider versus nbsp mm but remain the same nbsp mm in height source https en wikipedia org wiki DDR SDRAM nbsp nbsp -pin SO-DIMMs DDR have a single notch closer to the center than on -pin SO-DIMMs -pin SO-DIMMs DDR nbsp mm inches wide and nbsp mm inches high making them nbsp mm inches wider than DDR SO-DIMMs with a single notch after pin source https en wikipedia org wiki SO-DIMM nbsp Does it mean that a ddr SODIMM RAM chip wouldn't even physically fit into my notebook's slot nbsp Well ok if I have to make my peace with it and stay with DDR can I AT LEAST install the fastest DDR i e PC - DDR - nbsp because my current one PC - nbsp DDR - is sorta slow at times nbsp Thanks in advance and would really appreciate an answer to question and above Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion dv7-6b76eo RAM upgrade

@nematsvehclav? I could not say for sure. But I have yet to see a 16gb memory card for a laptop. "Yet" REO
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Does this computer support RAM upgrades (to its supposed 16 GB max)? Listed in Amazon reviews for the unit an exerpt from the manual that seems to suggest downgrade to DDR3 1333 is necessary for dual channel ram performance.  of course, skylake processors are not rated to interface with regular power DDR3 and are supposed to be damaged over time because of the power differential. I don't necessarily need to upgrade to 16 GB of ram, I just want to know if it is possible (and safely so for the CPU). Thanks!
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Hi, I'm a complete newbie in everything regarding IT so please, in plain english and as easy as possible in answers I have problems with windows updates to my HP Pavilion x2. It's been problematic since I've got it because it's usually runs out of space on C disk. Its been cleaned and doesn't have absolutely nothing on it apart from everything whats been instaled when I got it. There is plenty of space on D disk, but it's impossible to move preintalled apps or the new ones to it by default!! It makes me crazy and I have no idea how to instal latest updates, been trying to install them for last 2 days! Please help!
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First off I want to say hello and thank you to anyone who has information HP a1223w Pavilion help upgrade on the topic Here s what I need help with I have a HP Pavilion a w It has not been modified in any way so it s just factory stuff The problem is HP Pavilion a1223w upgrade help my motherboard uses PCI slots and I need PCI-E so i ll be able to upgrade the graphics card I wanting to upgrade this machine to be able to game on it Maybe not some of these high end games but I want to get it to these specifications This is what the game requires The game is Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning PC SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS For Windows XP GHz P single core processor or equivalent Gigabyte RAM A MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader At least GB of hard drive space For Windows VISTA GHz P processor or equivalent Gigabyte RAM A MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader At least GB of hard drive space Supported Video Cards ATI Radeon TM series X X X X X X X X X X NVIDIA GeForce series FX FX GTX GTX Ok HP Pavilion a1223w upgrade help so I need to upgrade the motherboard firstly so I will be able to use these graphic card since i will need PCI-E slots I m guessing HP Pavilion a1223w upgrade help i will also need to upgrade my power supply The bottom line i need help choosing what kind of motherboard and power supply i need to get and what will fit my computer Once I get those I know what to get for RAM and graphic card Sorry for the long post I wanted to make sure i was clear with what I need help with And thank you again to any one who can help nbsp

A:HP Pavilion a1223w upgrade help

This might not be easy because I don't think that HP uses the ATX form factor. Many of the motherboards mentioned here are ATX boards, which has holes in certain places that match the back board it rests on. I'll have to look deeper into this one.

If your power supply unit is below 450 watts, you may need to upgrade.
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Hi, I'd like to upgrade my laptops hardrive to SSD-drive. It said on my laptops service guide that only the intel based model supports on ssd drive. However my Pavilion has AMD Turion. Could anybody confirm weather I can upgrade HDD-->SSD?Also, if the upgrade is possible, can I install the current HDD drive in the second hard drive slot? If so, are there any extra cabels/adapters needed. I tried to find this info on HP's partsurfer, but no luck. Any help highly appreciated...  Notebook info: HP Pavilion dv7 / LM00EA#UUW  Regards, Jarno

A:SSD-drive upgrade possible for my Pavilion dv7?

Hi, What is your machine actually ? I can't find LM00EA (zero, zero), LM0OEA (zero, oh), LMO0EA (oh, zero) and LMOOEA (oh, oh). Regards.
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Hello,I recently decided to upgrade the Nvidia Geforce gt630 that came with the pc. After a bit of research i' ve found the gtx 750 or 750ti cards and i would like to know if they are compatible with my system. If you have any suggestions for better graphics cards please tell me. Sorry for bad english.PS. I looked up on HP spec sheets and idk why but my pc has a different cpu (the i5-3330)
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Hello, I would like to upgrade the RAM memory on my  HP Pavilion 23-q102nl.It currently holds 4gb.I would like to know if these 4gb are currently on one slot or 2x2gb,If it holds 1x4gb and has free slot, which ram are compatible? can I add 1x8gb and bring the system to 12gb total or does it have to be another 4gb? Thanks

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A:Ram upgrade on HP Pavilion 23-q102nl

Here is the specs page.Speed: PC3-12800 MB/s    Type: DDR3-1600    Supports 1 GB, 2 GB, 4GB and 8 GB DDR3 SO-DIMMs  on the 2 slots.  Supports up to 16 GB (unbuffered) on 64-bit computers. The 23-q102nl is a 64 bit machine.WARNING:  Only specific modules work.  You can not just run out to the locale shop. You can  use CPUID's program called  CPU-Z to detect what is there.
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I want to upgrade the RAM from 4 to 8GB (16 if possible) and upgrade the OS to one with a longer support life - I'm thinking Windows 7 or 8.1. Is it best to do the upgrades serially and which should I do first? What RAM should I buy i.e. ordering info? Which OS do you recommend and where is the best place to buy it and the preferred media. Thanks to those forum members in advance for your advice.butchiepoo

A:Upgrade HP Pavilion Notebook - RAM and OS

Hi, Please use the following manual: RAM: page 2 gives you RAM specs and max RAM supported. Page 67 gives you part number, you can use part number to order from HP or online stores. Please note: this is an old machine and RAM could be a bit hard to find now.For OS: Windows 7 drivers are available on itshomepage: You are much better to upgrade to Windows 7 than others because HP supports it. For OS, you can buy from a computer shop or order from Microsoft. Please note again, this machine is 8 years old. Please do not waiste more money on it. Regards.
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Recently, my computer performance has decreased (I tend to use some resource-heavy programs) so I was interested in upgrading my RAM from 256megabytes to 1 gigabyte.

It has an ASUS motherboard, model number A7V-VM. I was concerned about this, because apparently the way RAM was built has changed slightly, making older computers incompatible.

Would anyone know if I could upgrade my current RAM to 2 512 megabyte Kingston/AZEN DDR sticks?

A:HP Pavilion 7935: RAM upgrade possible?

It'll take 512MB x2 PC133 Dimms.
See manual here
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I am attempting to upgrade a HP Pavilion xe 783 to 512mb using two 256mb cards. When installed on mother board, set up recognizes 512mb ,but, when loading windows xp the computer stops and reports that it is not acpi compliant to upgrade bios. Went HP downloaded bios upgrade, same report not compliant the computer can be upgraded to 512mb according to HP...not much help from them. I have put each 256mb board in separtelyand they work fine. I also installed each with a 128mb board and they also worked fine with a total of 384mb. Mem boards are pc100/66 the cpu is celeron 700mhz/66mgh. Any clues will be appreciated.. P.S (Wifes Machine if you know what I mean..)

A:[SOLVED] pavilion xe mem upgrade

Is the part number on the two 256mb cards the same and do they look the same (same number of chips)?

Memory warranty is usually 1 year or lifetime....if not the same part number suggest return them to dealer and get two that are the same. has a memory selector on their site that will tell you what the proper memory cards are for your machine.
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Hi everyone nbsp HD CPU, DV8000 &OS Pavilion upgrade RAM, I have a HP Pavilion Dv Dv ea is the exact model number nbsp I am intending to upgrade The CPU RAM Hard drive and OS and have Pavilion DV8000 upgrade CPU, RAM, HD &OS a few questions regarding upgrade limitations on this computer nbsp It is currently running XP pro but I am intending to upgrade the OS to Windows -bit if I can find a suitable -bit CPU upgrade nbsp It currently has a nbsp T Intel centrino Duo CPU but I am unsure of which CPUs are compatible nbsp nbsp Is there an easy way to identify nbsp compatibility I know that it is removable but what would be a recommended upgrade for optimal performance nbsp Is there a limit to the size of hard drive I can install It had duel hard drives Is there any problem with installing a rpm hard drive Is it the BIOS that limits the size of hard drive that can be installed nbsp nbsp Finally what would be the limit for RAM after CPU and OS upgrade What is it that sets the RAM limitations in a nbsp computer nbsp Help with any or all of these Q's greatly appreciated nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Pavilion DV8000 upgrade CPU, RAM, HD &OS

Hi: The GeForce Go 7600 is a Windows 7 capable graphics adapter and should be able to run all the eye candy in Windows 7 and have the same resolution as you had in XP. Try the last driver nVidia released for it. I see you have a wide screen monitor...Depending on your screen resolution, with the proper driver it should be able to be set to 1440 x 900.  That should give you the view you expected. 3 GB usable memory with a 4 GB max RAM capacity is perfectly normal-even with a 64 bit OS. You need the Intel 965 chipset in order for the 64 bit OS to "see" all 4 GB of memory. You have the 945 chipset. Paul
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can i upgrade ram of my labtop hp pavilion dv6-6199ee from 8g to 16g?

A:hp pavilion dv6-6199ee ram upgrade

Hi, The following link shows its specs:    It clearly says :   Upgradeable to 8 GB DDR3 (means max 8GB). But the Maintenance and Service Guide says, it uses Intel processor (CPU) therefor you can upgrade to 16GB (page 5): Please use right part on page 66 of the above manual or at least same specs. Regards.
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upgrade wi-fi pavilion ze5000
i want to replace stock card with wireless n card in my laptop
how to

A:Upgrade Wi-Fi Pavilion ze5000

What is the stock card? How old is this HP Pavilion? I don't see any references to a stock card on the HP site, or a wireless socket.
Looks as if you will have to install a PCMCIA wireless card. Easy enough, and low in cost.
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Hello everyone,

Someone needs to upgrade their memory and video card. He has a HP 8562 Pavilion, it currently has 64MB SDRAM memory and a 8MB NVIDA Vanta 3D AGP Graphic Card.

He wants to upgrade to at least 256 of RAM and just an average video card: $50-85.00

What do you guys suggest?

A:Upgrade for a HP 8562 Pavilion?

For RAM go to and eneter his system info and they'll recommend the correct RAM. Their prices are good too. If its Windows 9X get a 256MB chip to add to the 64MB, if its 2000 or XP get at least 512MB of RAM.

Does he play games? If not then leave the Vanta. If he does play games:

The first two offer DirectX 9.0 support and 128Mb of RAM, the third is a 64MB Ti4200 which is getting old but still holds its own very well.
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I have a HP Pavilion 15ak002nl and I would buy a SSD.I found this: SSD 128GB Serie 600p M. 2 Interfaccia PCIe x4 NVMemade by Intel, is it supported?Which others types of SSD are supported by my PC?
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Hello everyone.I own a laptop HP Pavilion 15-e073ea and I'd like to buy additional RAM. The memory I have installed now is Kingston HP16D3LS1KBG/4G.As I cannot find such memory in any shop in my country, I'd like to know what other memory get I install?I found two similar RAM modules in my local shop and these are:1) Kingston 4GB [1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM 1.35 V ( Kingston 4GB [1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM SRx 8 ( there any significant difference between these models? Should I buy on of these or maybe some other?I saw that my memory has written 1Rx8 on it if that has a meaning.Regards, Lucas

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A:HP Pavilion 15 memory upgrade

This is what you have now: The key thing here is that it is high density (4 black blocks) and low voltage (1.35 volts) 1600 mhz  The first link you gave says the memory can run at 1.35 or 1.5 volts, which is true for all low-voltage memory but it does not work the other way around. 1.5 volt memory cannot run at 1.35 volts.  So it looks like the first memory you linked will work, but I cannot be sure on the second; it does not state the voltage. I would avoid it.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hello, My dad's laptop currently has 4GB RAM in it and I would like to go upto 8GB, it's DDR3 but is there a specific make I need? Could I buy 2 of these or are they not compatible? Or these?  Thanks

A:HP Pavilion G6 1325sa RAM Upgrade

 Hi, The best option is your details, Crucial, because it is certified,  Kingston might not be compatible.
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Can any one tell me if i can max out my Motherboards ram or any type of upgrade i can do.

HP Pavilion 17-g121wm

Right now i have a total of 8 gigs installed.

I think i can go a step further to 16 gigs of ram but i am not sure.

A:Hp Pavilion 17-g121wm Ram Upgrade

Check your manual. Or visit and see what its wizard says. It looks like it does support 2 x 8GB but note 8GB is generally considered the "sweet spot". That is, less RAM and you see a drop in performance, more RAM and the gains will be marginal at best - if noticeable at all.

You might do better finding noticeable performance gains by migrating to a SSD. Upgrading graphics often provides significant gains, but often requires a bigger PSU to support the more power hungry graphics card.

Much depends on what you do with this computer.
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I would like to find out if anybody knows if the CPU (Pentium 233MMX) in this machine can be upgraded and if so where can I find one?


Ward Bryant

A:HP Pavilion 3265 CPU upgrade

i believe you have the fastest, best cpu your system will accept already in use. you'll need to replace the whole thing. steer clear of oem, huh?
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Hello,I am trying to decide whether it's time to buy a pc or upgrade my pavilion. The specs on the website show cpu upgrades that will fit my mobo and it shows an AMD Athlon X2 (Bt) will fit. It's a 3 core 3.1 ghz vs the quad core 2.2 ghz that it came with. I use my pc for warcraft mainly and my pcs specs should run it fine for the upcoming expansion aside from the cpu speed. I know that the game won't use more than 2 cores so I figure the CPU should be a decent upgrade. Is my thinking correct? Would there be problems swapping a quad core for a 3 core or will everything be compatible? Any info or thoughts woukd be appreciated. Thanks
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I am currently running 2 x 4GB Ram cards(DDR 3 1066 MHz) for a total of 8 GB. I am finding that the system is regukarly "Hanging" eg 'Firefox not responding'. I have 2 x 500GB HDD which have approx. 60% free space. The system is heavily used for Photoshop activities with file sizes of 300 - 500 MB. Is it possible to replace these memory boards with 2 x 8GB DDR 3 1066 MHz for a total of 16GB? Thank youBob

A:Ram Upgrade Pavilion dv7 3008TX

Hi,             The Maximum RAM upgrade on this unit is 8GB. You can check the product specs from the below link
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Hello Team, I  wanted to get  upgrade of  RAM  from 8 GB to 16 GB  of my HP Notebook Pavillion ,Here  is my number -+91-7276098372 , Request HP suport to call back ThanksDebanjan ChakrabortyCell-+91-7276098372
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I am trying to upgrade my memory card on my home computer right now there are cards both I bought one that is a and installed it pavilion hp upgrade 6645c ram but the computer won t hp pavilion 6645c ram upgrade see it I think I may need to update the bios but can t seem to get that to work When I try to start the computer with only the new ram installed it starts beeping one hp pavilion 6645c ram upgrade beep then beeps then beeps then one beep but it won t start I could find bios hp pavilion 6645c ram upgrade updates on the hp site but only for xp me and I think but I am running however one of the updates I loaded has instructions for win but it says that I need to format the floppy as a boot disk how do I do that The info I found about the motherboard says COGNAC which is what hp was using in their pavilion c series Any help would be appreciated I have read a few other posts that say that maybe there is not a bios update how can I be sure nbsp

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I downloaded the new BIOS from the HP support page for the 569, it's BIOS A0.07 Rev A from 2016-10-06.  I currently have BIOS ver 80.06 from 2015-04-01.  I tried to install from the UEFI BIOS firmware upgrade menu and it says "BIOS image did not pass validation".  I also tried to install from within Windows 10 and the option to upgrade is greyed out and below its says BIOS is not compatitble with my system.  Should this BIOS upgrade be on the 569 support page?
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Hello guys, I am planning to buy the HP Pavilion 15-au006tx. Wanted to know whether this has an M.2 Slot to add a Boot SSD? -Jenson

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A:HP Pavilion 15-au006tx M.2 SSD upgrade possible?

We get this question a lot and right now I cannot advise anyone to buy an HP laptop with the idea of adding an M.2 drive to it when it did not ship with one. There are a couple long-running threads here, one of which seems to have concluded that on certain models the M.2 port is disabled in the BIOS, and another has shown that a model which shows an M.2 slot in the Service manual in fact has no such slot. See p. 34 of the Service Manual: Manual It appears from this Manual that you can have either an M.2 mSSD or a hard drive since it refers to an SSD board and cable. It's also clear that if you can use an M.2 mSSD you are limited to the SATA variety, which has no speed advantage over a 2.5 inch SATA SSD. I would buy it, since the specs are very good and swap the 1 TB 5400 rpm HDD for a 1 TB SATA-III SSD and if 1 TB is not enough storage for you consider putting the 1 TB HDD in an optical caddy. Who uses a DVD drive these days, anyway? If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hello I am looking for suggestions for video cards for an HP n Pavilion PC It has an on-board video card now that uses up to mb of the installed RAM I would like to upgrade to at least a mb card I don t do much gaming but I HP PC video Upgrade Pavilion for have run across some Upgrade video for HP Pavilion PC applications that are requiring more video Upgrade video for HP Pavilion PC memory I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade to a mb ATI Expert card several months ago and it just did not seem to work It would recognize the card but then it would not continue to use it correctly and the display was horrible From my research at that time I should be able to install and use another video card HP says so and I have seen threads about it but I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations that they have gotten to work in situations similar to mine Thanks System has MB RAM Win XP Home OS nbsp

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Hello!I am using a HP Pavilion dv6000 notebook, with a 32-bit Vista business, 2 processors of Genuine Intel with 1.73GHz each, and only 1GB of RAM. I would like to upgrade the RAM to 4GB, but I don't know if that's possible, and/or how to do that. I hope you guys can help me.Thanks.

A:How to upgrade RAM on HP Pavilion dv6000 ?

We need to know the exact model number from the tag on the bottom of the laptop. You can then just check by model number with Crucial at to check max memory specs. Some of the dv6000s max at 2 gigs as you likely already know. 2 gigs is dirt cheap and would be a major improvement. With 32 bit Vista even if you install 4 gigs only 3 will be available for Windows to use. So 2 gigs is your best bet anyway. The difference between 1 gig and 2 is huge, the difference between 2 and 3 is negligible, in my opinion.
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I want to upgrade my hp pavilion g4-1200tu Ram. Please help me in finding which kind of Ram supports this device.

A:pavilion g4-1200tu ram upgrade

Bruno. Start on page 5. REO
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I upgraded to the Windows 10 free upgrade.Initially there was not enough memory on the tablet so I purchased a 32 G chip. The install went fine, so it told me.Now when I power on it says 'Please insert the external storage mediate and press OK".  I pop out the chip and put it back inIt flashes a white box with nothing in itThen it will spend over half hour trying to install a previous version of windows.Then I hard reboot, same problem.Any fixes? Can't even get to a prompt

A:windows 10 upgrade to HP Pavilion x2 WON'T RuN

HI @dmbennett, Welcome to the HP Forum! It is a terrific place to find answers and tips! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide: First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More..  What is your specific model of Pavilion x2? HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number? I grasp that you are trying to upgrade to Windows 10 and discovered you required more space, You installed a SD card and downloaded the upgrade to the SD card. When you rebooted your notebook you got the message " 'Please insert the external storage mediate and press OK". As you are unable to load Windows, I would do a recovery back to factory settings and then retry the upgrade.  Here is a link to HP PCs - Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 10)to assist you with that process. There will be a prompt to backup your data to prevent loss, should you desire to do a backup. HP Notebook PCs - How to Restore Backup Files Created During the F11 Backup Procedure. I am not sure if when you first setup the  split if you were prompted to create a backup  image or not.  If one is required and you do not have one, please contact HP Support to obtain a recovery kit. Please contact HP support at Contact HP Support.  Once you have completed that process, be sure to do all your Windows updates and run the  HP Support Assistant .  Here are links I think may help you with upgrading to Windows 10 should you like to try again:HP Tablets - Upgrading to Windows 10, How to: Troubleshoot common Setup and Stop Errors during Windows 10 Installation (from , Windows 10 update, please insert external media (from and How to upgrade Devices with less free disk space to Windows 10 (from  Microsoft is also offering support for Windows 10 should you care to avail yourself of that option. Please keep me apprised of your progress. Thank you  for participating in the HP Forums! We want to help you as well as others who may experience a similar issue. Please consider marking the post that resolves your issue as  "Accept as Solution?  to help other community  members!To say thanks for the assistance, please click the ?Thumbs Up Icon? below.
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I have tried to upgrade the laptop (pavilion dv3 4060es) cpu from i3 350M to i7 740QM.When I plug the processor I get no video.I have the latest bios intalled (F.23, march 2016)The service manual indicates the i7 740QM as a compatible processor.Is it a compatible processor?.Do I have to configure something in BIOS before upgrade? 

A:Pavilion DV3 4060es CPU upgrade

No you made a very common error. You can't just look at the list of processors and assume any one of the processors will work in all versions of that model series. Look at page 17 of the manual. The different system boards are listed as follows: For use only with Intel Core Quad processors 611348-001For use only with Intel Core Dual and Core2 processors 599414-001For use only with Intel Core Quad processors (1-GB) 622627-001For use only with Intel Core Dual and Core2 processors 622626-001 So in order to install a Quad processor you need a Quad motherboard. The fan and heatsink is the same. HP no longer has the boards in stock so you would need to find one on eBay or contact an HP reseller: I took a quick look and came up empty but a little harder search might turn up something.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hi, i am trying to see if there is any way possible for me to upgrade my cpu , what i have currently is just too slow. HP Pavilion 17-e155nr TouchSmart Notebook PC Product Number  J8S35UA Microprocessor  1.5GHz AMD Quad-Core A4-5000 Accelerated Processor what would be the best upgrade for me? i am hoping for 8 core  thank you so much!!!

A:HP Pavilion 17-e155nr cpu upgrade

Budimu wrote:.... what would be the best upgrade for me? i am hoping for 8 core ...Hi, Did you know you have to buy the whole motherboard/system board to be able to upgrade ? This is a very expensive upgrade. Please check page 73 of the second manual on the following link which shows avaiable (PC boards) parts for the series: Regards.
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Will ECC memory work in Pavilion p6-2335ea ? I know the spec says NON ECC only but has anyone tried ECC ?