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Replacement Screen for the HP Notebook nc6400

Q: Replacement Screen for the HP Notebook nc6400

Dear Friends, Hope all is well... I'm still searching high and low for a LCD screen for my nc6400 at a reasonable price.One seller on eBay did not want to sell to me as I contested the price advertised and the selling price. Which was almost twice as much as the Ad stated. Claiming it was a sale price when in fact I looked at the sales records and they were all sold at the lower price. PLEEZE! help.... Have a blessed day! Thank YOU! Sincerely, Raphael

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Preferred Solution: Replacement Screen for the HP Notebook nc6400

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replacement Screen for the HP Notebook nc6400

The following seller seems to have a reasonable price.
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Dear Friends, I'm nearly certain the LCD is gone bad... The screen lites and there are a bunch of colored hairlines (about an inch and half wide total) running from top to bottom on the left side of the screen only. The rest of the screen is a lite gray color. What do you feeling is going on and where can I obtain a good healthy screen or possibly a parts machine with a known "good" screen? I have looked a little on eBay, but nothing thrilling. The screens alone are more than  some of the entire computers. Any thoughts, suggestions, options will be very welcomed.... It has been great little computer overall, but i need to be careful and use my $$$ wisely.  God Bless...Sincerely, Raphael
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Hello! I accidently cracked my Hp 15 notebook's screen. I want to know where to get the replacement for my touchscreen, and how much it will cost. My produt number is J9K48UA#ABA and serial number is CND4385ZCY. Please help Thanks

A:HP 15 TS Notebook PC Replacement Screen

Hi, Please bookmark the following link: Screen (Display) part number is:   764877-001. You can buy from that store (click the square box to select) or try the following shop: Regards.
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As you know my laptop is getting outdated as time flies I need 2007 in Notebook Replacement to upgrade it too a newer laptop soon but it s not soon as i know intel core duo have been hangin around for a year I know that i MUST wait until the successor of intel centrino core duo come by the end of this year Deadline for myself to use this old laptop is up to end What i ve found is this Intel mobile processor Gilo - nm multi-core Q Since windows vista is booming out and i think i ll be using both vista and xp on a same quot future quot notebook i decided to take a look at current product especially the mobile graphic card AFAIK ATIX X series and nVidia X series are the only series which is quot windows vista Notebook Replacement in 2007 certified quot or quot DirectX quot compatible But the problem Notebook Replacement in 2007 is that both of the mobile gpu are going to be released about Q or Q I m only interested in and x or higher as x is a low-end card I ve been offered a new laptop but i refused to upgrade because of these reasons My question is Are the abovelisted roadmap are true I mean is the intel gilo is released in Q and ATI R is released before Q It s because i m confused whether to buy a new laptop this June or this November I only have this months chance to buy a laptop cause of private reason I hope anyone will give me some description I really need confirmation when will be intel gilo and ati r come out because i really need to upgrade my -years old lappy by this year Final deadline of my notebook is end -years old In a short-form Do you recommend me getting new laptop This june core duo based X OR This november - january intel quot gilo quot ati x or x hopefully Thank you for your time reading this story and i thank you good reply pal nbsp

A:Notebook Replacement in 2007

Sorry about your TravelMate.. Got my ThinkPad in Nov 2004 and it's still going stong

No roadmaps are true. That's why they are called roadmaps. Also, paper specs are nothing but glorified wishful thinking by the manufacturer. Don't trust anything that isn't out there for real. There can be delays, manufacturing issues, limited supply to select partners, astronomical pricetags, unexpected performance issues, driver problems..

Whether to buy something now or wait for a while.. Do you need a new laptop now or only after a while? If you waited three years, you could get something amazingly fast
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i have a ibm thinkpad 600E. my cd rom has suddenly stopped working. everytime i put a cd rom into the drive, a message comes back that the drive is not ready. some people have mentioned that perhaps the lens that reads whether a cd rom has been installed has worn out and i may need to replace the whole cd rom. does anyone have any suggestions on how i may be able to get my existing cd rom repaired or replaced?

A:finding a replacement notebook cd rom

My first thought is that the 600E came with a 3-year warrenty. You may be able to get this replaced under warrenty and save yourself some expence. Try calling the following number, it will put you in contact with IBM EasyServ: 800-772-2227. You will need your serial and model number (they are located under the machine on a small decal with a barcode on it). If it is still under warrenty, they will arrange to have the unit sent in for repair. They usually are very fast and you should have the computer back in three days or less.

If it is not, you should be able to buy a new one directly from IBM, the part number is 05k9068. You may also buy one here, but the part number will be 05k9067. You could also shop around in the internet, these should be available from several sources.
Sorry, that part number was for the DVD drive, the par number for the CDROM is: 05k8994
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need a replacement for my battery. Where can i get it ? TIA 

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A:need a replacement for my notebook battery

Lots of "compatible" replacement batteries on eBay India: I could not find an original genuine battery on any of the India sites I know of. The compatible batteries are very attractively priced and generally reliable. I still try to buy genuine if I can for newer model laptops but have purchased compatible batteries quite frequently for older laptops where cost is an issue and have generally had a good experience.
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Hello all- can anyone recommend a website (better if in Canada) that sells replacement screens for notebook computers. I need one fast- hopefully one that offers express shipping.

Thank you

A:notebook screens replacement

One place I have seen some here recommend (however, I have never had to use them) is
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Hi: I just purchased the 15-ay041wm (Product X0H86UA) and I am trying to replace the 1TB HDD with a Samsung 850 EVO. I followed the instructions on the Maintenance & Service Guide pages 52-53 regarding removal of bottom cover. However, after removing all 11 Phillips PM2.5 screws (including the two under the rubber bumpers), I can't pry open the bottom cover from computer (or don't know how to). It seems like it is glued or that there may be other screws. Can't find video on Internet. Do I need any special tool or special trick to pry it open? I thank you in advance for your assitance.
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Dear Sir Mem Actually the battery of my notebook is not working at all its required to replace it and i want to purchase it through HP other online store But i am not able to find the specific battery compatible with my notebook Moreover i am not interested to purchase it via HP service center due to high cost So please share a link so that i can purchase it through online I am waiting for for your responses My HP notebook and Battery details are as follows- My HP note book details Product description HP -r tx Notebook PC Product number J C PA Serial number Personal Information Removed -------------------------------------------------------- The Battery Details HP OA notebook battery HP part Number- - ICR v nbsp nbsp nbsp mAh ------------------------------------------------------ nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Battery Notebook 15-r014tx Replacement for PC HP nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Thank you
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I replaced a defective hard drive in my NEC 2205c notebook, all went well. When repowered, the screen remained black, I powered down, repeated the procedure with the same result. with the drive removed the startup stops at "starting WIN 95", next error MAG. ,as would be expected, "hard drive missing".
Where do I go; from here?


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a friend of mine has an hp notebook (zd 7168cl) and he recently misplaced his power cord adn i'm trying to help him get another power cord in the most economical way; besides getting the expensive proprietary cord from hp, what are his other options? are there generic cords that he can get and what should he be looking for?we went to best buy, fry's, compusa, and they pointed to some targus universal adapters but on the label, it doesnt include the model of his notebook

please help

thank you
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the battery on my Acer 5920g is in need of replacement. The one I have is rated at 10.8 volts but the replacements are often 14.8 volts. I queried this with a supplier and they said it was compatible. It doesn't sound right to me. Would someone clear it up for me please?

A:Solved: Replacement notebook battery

There seem to be 2 different voltage batteries around, one is 14.8 Volts the other is 11.1 Volts !

Have a look here and see if the 'replacement for' list includes the battery you want to replace :-

Incidentally the battery at that link looks a good buy !
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I need to replace the hard drive in a notebook.

The drive I want to replace is a Toshiba MK6026GAX

I am not sure if I need a ATA- 6 or,

an IDE ultra ATA 100 type drive

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When I boot, I get the HP Battery Alert (error 601) advising me to buy a replacement battery. However, on checking the HP parts store, I don't seem to be able to purchase the correct battery (part number 710417-001). Is there any way to purchase a replacement battery from HP (I'm in the UK)?
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I need to purchase a replacement battery for a Pavilion Notebook 15-AB269SA. The code of my faulty battery is 800049-001 but can't find it in the online store. The other code number on the battery is 6EUUB06BB9T373.
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I am trying to find a replacement battery that doesnt suck for this laptop. I have owned the laptop for about 18 months and the battery is just dead. Wont charge at all. I only used the laptop on battery power a handful of times, the rest of the time it was plugged in and running on wall power. So I am really baffled by why this thing is dead when it has barely been used. I would like to find a replacement that is better than the one that HP tries to sell as a replacement as it has terrible reviews.
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Hi there, I am looking for  a replacement batter for a HP ENVY 17-j184na Notebook PC. I replaced the original one which burned out with a 4400mAh six cell battery. The battery life for this is barely an hour out of the charger. I am looking for a replacement battery that is either:- 6-cells and higher mAh, or,- preferably, a 9 or 12 cell battery. Can I take it that all Envy 17 PC's do not have the same type of battery, and that I shouldn't look at one that just advertises Emvy 17 batteries? Any help on finding an effective replacement would be really greatly appreciated. Best regards, Josemacphisto
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Does anybody out there know where I might obtain a replacement motherboard for a c855-2e5 notebook? Keyboard cable connector is broken but it still works and the SD card reader chip is actually broken off. The only way to repair it is to change the motherboard.

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Hi all,I've had a slight accient with my keyboard and I need a replacement. Would anyone beable to tell me where I can get a replacement from please?I have checked the HP parts website and had no luck finding one for my laptop.Many thanks,Phil

A:HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p189na keyboard Replacement

@Phil_M_H? We would need the country of your choice and the color. "Black or White???" REO
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Hey everyone So I have a HP Pavilion zv notebook The hard drive Confusion Replacement Drive Hard Notebook died the other day and I was told by a HP support staff that I need to order this part Part Number Specification - GB Ultra ATA EIDE hard drive - RPM -inch form factor -inch height However upon taking the hard drive out I noticed Replacement Notebook Hard Drive Confusion right away it is most definitely not -inches thick It is mm thick HPs own parts websites agree with the HP support person that my model requires that part number and that part number is inches in height Yet I can clearly see with my own eyes that my hard drive is not inch thick I am sure the hard drive quot compartment quot in the bottom of my laptop could not hold something inch thick However other third party websites seem to give conflicting reports Most of them tell me that the part number - is mm in height Replacement Notebook Hard Drive Confusion which certainly seems to correspond to what I am seeing myself Yet some of the websites don t list this part as being compatible with my model for example www notebookparts com When I search this site by model I get a different set of HDs yet all of them are mm I have done some extensive googling of different part retailers and I have found about half of them list mm as the height of this part and others list inches What I am asking is if perhaps somehow the different sources are measuring different aspects of the HD and maybe the inch and mm are somehow just different measurements from the exact same item One the one hand I have HPs service staff and their website telling me it is definitely a inch part i even emailed back to get that confirmed and it was Yet I have my own eyes and ruler telling me that theres no way a inch thick hard drive will fit in my laptop Am I crazy here What I am supposed to do I m an American living in Germany and I have so far had two occasions when my packages have quot gone missing quot in german customs without a trace only to have them send back to sender months later So I am very afraid to buy a - part only to have it go missing and miss out on the sellers time period in which I can return it if it is the wrong part nbsp

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I need to purchase a replacement power cable for this laptop/notebook (UK mains to the Notebook).  Please could anyone help me identify which one I should buy?  I'm struggling to use the website functionality with Product number, Model or Serial number, and I've called HP Support but just keep getting cut off!
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HP Notebook Computer Battery Safety Recall and Replacement Program
In cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, HP has announced a worldwide voluntary safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook batteries. The affected batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers.
Because affected batteries pose a fire and burn hazard, it is extremely important to check whether your battery is affected.
The following Website provides a list of potentially affected product series:
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I check my laptop power card no in AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement Program  and found my AC power card is eligible for replacement, But what about my Adapter, Due to power card fault my adapter get faulty, one day my adapter goes faulty by making small blast in it. So HP have to replace both AC power card as well as Power adapter. Yesterday  I got my AC power card only so please make replacement of Adapter also.
My order details given below:-
Order Number  [edited order number by moderator]
Order Date   08/31/2014
First Name:   RAVI  
Last Name:   [last name was edited by moderator]

A:HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement P...

I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages, this post has instructions.
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Hi Seven Gurus, having problems w/ my 4 yr old laptop computer shuts down after powered on 2-3 minutes, have eliminated HDD & RAM as possible culprits (reseated both & swapped out both HDD & RAM...same result) Tried blowing out the dust bunnies... same result... don't feel hot air blowing out side vent.

I've found these links online for replacement Fan/Heatsink but am concerned about vendors being trustworthy.
Gateway NV53A NEW90 NV59C NV59C66U CPU Heatsink Fan AT0C9001DR0 KSB06105HA
Gateway NV59 Laptop Cooling Heatsink and Fan AT0C9001DR0 | eBay Gateway NV59C Intel Laptop Heatsink w/ Fan, 60.WJ802.006 , AT0C9001DR0, at0c9001ss0, 60.psv02.005, at0c9001av0: Computers & Accessories
Gateway NV59 Laptop Cooling Heatsink and Fan AT0C9001DR0

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Part # AT0C9001DR0 see attached image:
Attachment 336017

A:Need replacement cooling fan/heatsink Gateway NV59c notebook

Just ordered the part from the E-Bay link above seller had very high marks. Now I hope it's just the fan/sink needs replacing...
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Hi When starting the computer the following error appears on the screen The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result in random shutdown data loss or possible system damage The system will shut down in seconds To prevent shutdown and continue operation press the Enter key now I followed all steps in this document to fix this error except the final one which is replacement Code This document pertains to HP and Compaq notebook PCs When starting the computer the following error appears on the screen The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result in random shutdown data loss or possible system damage The system will shut down in seconds To prevent shutdown and continue operation press the Enter key now System Fan b In addition to this error the system fan may spin faster and become louder This error indicates that a problem exists related to the heat removal system One of two possible events is occurring The system fan is not spinning or not spinning properly The temperature inside the case is too high and the fan cannot spin fast enough to remove the heat This error message occurs to help prevent costly damage to the computer To fix this error use the following steps If you notice that the system fan spins and is blowing warm air from the computer clean the exterior vents to remove dust buildup by blowing air through the vent openings Do this while the computer is off Dust can accumulate inside the vent opening and around internal cooling components preventing the removal of heat After dust notebook Cooling replacement for Pavilion fan dv6-6093ex advice HP has been removed try turning on the computer to see if the error goes away if not continue to the next step For more information on reducing heat inside your computer see Reducing Heat Inside the PC Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook Perform a hard reset Performing a hard reset can reset recorded thermal values in memory and enable you to use the computer again even if only for a short time to access and save any important files before service For information on performing a hard reset see Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook Issues In some cases updating the BIOS may help prevent this error from occurring For information on how to update your BIOS see Updating the BIOS Have the computer serviced to clean internal components and replace the system fan if necessary Ensure that the following items are addressed during servicing Thoroughly remove dust from all internal cooling components Ensure that wires from the system and CPU fans are connected to the motherboard securely The spare parts need care when purchasing since they must be compatible with my HP Product name HP Pavilion dv - ex Entertainment Notebook PC support Product number LM EA A N I was told by HP forum member that my Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook notebook's 'Cooling Fan CPU fan heatsink' should be replaced with this HP Spare part number - Discription Cooling Fan CPU fan heatsink For use only with computer models equipped with a graphics subsystem with -MB discrete memory However this information written on a sticker on the Cooling Fan CPU fan heatsink' sent by a person claiming that he is computer technician Sunon MagLev MF V -Q -G P N HFMH Rev-A DC--- A BR FAW A EP CFM KCL When I have made comparison between the information on the Cooling Fan sent by that computer technician and the information on the Cooling Fan in my 'HP Pavilion dv Notebook PC-Maintenance and Service Guide c below I found there is no relevance at all between the two cooling fans There is no spar part number typed on the fan sent by that person Also When I tried taking ... Read more

A:Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook

I would say the components are (in order): thermal compound - heatsink and then the fan

You would need thermal compound too. And an appropriate cleaning solution to remove previous compound.

I wouldn't know how handy you are, do you end up with spare screws when you try fixing stuff?

Any fan is operated like that, some differences apply depending on fan specs and controlling hardware.
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I just had my toshiba satellite pentium xp-sp mobile processor RAM gigs into the authorize warranty depot for a replacement of the mouse pad as the warranty was almost up It is now over this was May I had called a week and a half earlier however they said toshiba notebook? can't bios after warranty password replace mouse pad replacement of the parts were delayed and did not arrive until the day before my warranty was up I can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook? had to go in for medical surgery directly after and did not use the computer until this past week and noticed when I took can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook? the notebook down to my software techie who was removing Norton Systemworks for me as I don t how to do it cleanly that my BIOS password was not in place He tried to replace it however it would not set I phoned the warranty depot and I am not a tech oriented person and know little about BIOS and I should say that my software techie called them as can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook? well I should say that I have used this software techie since I have owned the computer and he knew that I had a BIOS password and so he discussed the issue with the warranty depot tech who replaced my mouse pad The tech replied that he did not touch my main board and thus it was not his fault and he told my software techie to have me call him which I did I told him that I noticed that he did not boot my computer in front of me when he had me test the mousepad that he brought out my notebook from the back room repair station and had me check out the mouse pads which worked fine and then he also mentioned that he had looked at my PCMCIA slot pins visually and used the air duster on it but could see no issues I mention this as I advised him via phone before I went to have the mouse pads replaced that I had just recently had a problem with the PC card not recognizing my hardware and so I asked him to check it as the warranty was nearing its end I should also comment that the PC card was working when I took it into the shop and so we discussed the fact that I may not have seated the card in the slot so that there was a good contact and that was the end of the discussion Since I did not use my notebook due to my health until last week I had no realization that the BIOS password was not working On the phone he said I must have possibly had the computer near moisture which I definitely did not He admitted that he had not seen a notebook so free of dust in the openings and in overall such good shape as he indicated he sees so many with food etc on them and my computer was in excellent condition as he put it I told him I am an accountant and don t eat around my computer etc and I also use the air duster compressed air on it weekly into all the openings and have for the past years that I have owned it Now the warranty depot says that my main board likely has an issue with the BIOS chip and that they charge hr and that the board will cost - I had to pull teeth to get documentation on the work that was done under warranty and noted that the mouse pad part was quot Used quot and the area where quot Condition quot was categorized was quot blank quot But that was after I got the computer back to work as I was in a hurry when I left I never thought that I should have had him boot the computer when I was there He says there is no quot jumper quot on this notebook whatever that is and that he did not disconnect anything that my main board coincidentally must have given out right after I left his shop He claims that there was no BIOS password on the unit and I told him it was working when I booted my notebook an hour before I brought it to this Toshiba authorized depot There are no updates for the BIOS on this notebook as my software techie checked for this on Toshiba s Support site and he tried again to put in m... Read more

A:can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook?
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Dear Colleagues, I trust this finds you blessed in everyway. I need a new LCD for my wonderful nc6400 notebook. Just added RAM and would like to keep this little gem up and running as healthy as possible. Connected via S-video cable to my Sony Bravia TV the computah works perfectly. I know there are some on eBay, but I'm looking for someone that might be more reliable of a "seller" or another source all together.Any help or sugggestions greatly appreciated!!! Blessing's from Vermont. Sincerely,Raffaele
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Hello all,

I recently picked up a hp-compaq model #nc6400 laptop from a guy. He said it started having a problems and he "formatted" the hard drive using disk sanitizer in BIOS. It had no OS on it when I got it, had NLTDR not found error. I'm attempting to install WinXP on the system. It copies all the files and restarts, and begins installing, only to BSOD during installation with a watchdog.sys error.

From what i've read, this is related to drivers. I've located the relevant drivers for this sytem, but what I don't know how to do is to get them onto the system, seeing as I can't even boot into safe mode. Is it possible to slipstream these into a bootable WinXP install disc?
Thanks to anyone who took the time to help me out!

A:Help with HP-Compaq nc6400

Have you tried formatting with the Windows CD before you install, ie. deleting the partitions and creating a new one?
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Dear Friends hope this finds Sluggish Laptop HP nc6400 you well I have an older but pretty reliable HP nc laptop I m not sure of reasons behind all this The best it has ever operated was after a fresh install of Vista which took a Sluggish HP nc6400 Laptop considerable amount of time More recently over time it seems to quot hang quot more and is slower at just about everything At Startup from Msconfig I only have the AV running I do regular maintenance along with MWBytes Defrag s etc I know AOL webmail and AOL software is quite bloated but i do use it and like it overall After booting the computer and logon to AOL webmail it hangs there for about a minute as one example I do use AdBlock but even if I disable that it still hangs My question s would be along the lines of how can I speed things up a bit maybe tweak things a bit Or am I just asking too much of this laptop I d really appreciate any help or suggestions you fine folks may have in this regard short of another installation of Vista Thank You Sincerely Raffaele Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack bit Processor Genuine Intel R CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R GM Express Chipset Controller Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard AD Antivirus Avira Antivirus Updated and Enabled nbsp
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Not sure if this belongs here or in the Network & Sharing forum.

I have a nc6400 laptop where the nic card stays lit all the time, even when the computer has been shut off. I've had Sony and Dell notebooks that have never exhibited this behavior before.

Is there a setting I can go to turn it off?


A:HP nc6400 nic stays lit all the time

this means the network card supports WOL. Wake On LAN. you maybe able to turn this feature off if bios, however by just unplugging the cable or turning off the router should
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ok so i just reloaded windows on my nc6400 hp laptop, i had to download the internet and sound driver, i realized that when i close my laptop it doesnt go to standby so i went to the desktop right clicked, properties, then to the screen saver, then power then i clicked advanced tab and when i clicked the when i close the lid of my computer the only option is do nothing.

sorry this is my first time using this forum please tell me if this is in the wrong spot i will move

A:hp nc6400 wont go to standby

Hello, jwags1995, welcome to TSF.

Could you upload a screenshot of the menu?

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What is the cost for a new motherboard for Compaq 6400?

A:Cost of new motherboard for hp compaq nc6400

Hello, If you are trying to buy online , every retailer has different prices, Hp doesnt send Systemboard as customer replacable part. so you may check different online options   #hpexpertday

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.
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I've got an HP nc6400 running Windows XP Pro. It's got the HP Integrated Module with 2.0 Bluetooth installed. I've verified that bluetooth is enabled in the BIOS. Whenever I use the My Bluetooth Places, I get an error message 'No local bluetooth device found'. When I look at nearby devices on my Palm, I see my laptop with a name of XXXXXX. I cannot detect any devices from my laptop. I also do not get a bluetooth icon on the taskbar. I've downloaded and re-installed the drivers that HP posts for the integrated wireless module to no avail. I also show that bluetooth is enabled via the HP Wireless Assistant. I'm at a loss. Anyone dealt with this before?

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nbsp Hi nbsp My old nc running Windows is displaying a red screen while booting but starts normally maintaing the red color Blue and light colors seem to be fine but the rest of the colors are a mess The quality of the display 10 Display nc6400 - Compaq and Red - Linux Windows HP nbsp is also very poor I did several things to see if I could solve the problem I did a Windows repair which uninstalled all my applications and there was no change I uninstall the video driver Intel gm and reinstall it and no change After that I used a knoppix boot cd and the problem is there also not in red but the display quality is very poor One of the things that is also happening is the fan speeding continuosly nbsp Can I assume that if the problem exists with W and Linux that the video card is mal-functioning hw problem Please if you have any sugestion it would be helpful I would like to keep this nbsp notebook nbsp Thanks nbsp Rui

A:Red Display - HP Compaq nc6400 - Windows 10 and Linux

271058 Your assumption is most likely correct -- as Linux and Windows use totally different video drivers.  So, any video problem that is the same in both is either the video chipset, or the monitor, or both -- but in either case, it's most likely hardware, not software.
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Hi there I recently got a bare-bones HP Compaq nc from work no RAM no harddrive no OS A collegue gave me an installation disk for Windows nbsp -bit no drivers included but I can't seem to find the appropriate nc6400 7 - Install Compaq Help Driver HP on Windows drivers I've read that this notebook did not originally have Windows and therefore there aren't specific drivers for this case butI also read that there are other ways around installing the proper drivers I keep getting to the screen select drivers to be installed with an option at the bottom to Browse or Rescan I've tried the Windows Windows 7 on HP Compaq nc6400 - Driver Install Help Service Pack via USB among other drivers for Windows Vista it doesn't ever detect anything from the USB I've also tried the SP by downloading it and then burning it to a CD to try still Windows 7 on HP Compaq nc6400 - Driver Install Help nothing I'm not getting any error messages it just continues to say no device drivers were found Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers and then click OK I can't tell if I simply have the wrong drivers and therefore it won't detect it or if something else is preventing this from working nbsp nbsp I should note that I am very new to all this so anything that may otherwise seem obvious probably isn't I've just come in to the hobby of fixing up older computers so any hints tips Windows 7 on HP Compaq nc6400 - Driver Install Help general knowledge is greatly welcomed Thank you in advance
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Hi I have a problem I cannot solve with drivers or software I have serviced two HP's that have the same recurrent problem basically they randomly freeze with no response from any part of the OS Vista business SP bit when browsing the web the System at on freezes random browsing web NC6400 when HP and later on just randomly with the older NC The first one that exhibited the problem was an old NC everything works fine on it just this random total freeze that requires a hard shut down to fix System freezes on HP NC6400 when browsing the web at random after between minutes and an hour of usage Now it's successor the NC has the same problem in fact I am typing this post on it now with no problems just that without warning without any kind of similar actions before it just freezes with the screen showing what I was doing at the moment in time All of the drivers are updated to the latest versions on both these machines and the hardware DVD drive quick launch wireless bluetooth ambient light sensor etc seems to have no problems Some possible solutions or remedies would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Dann

A:System freezes on HP NC6400 when browsing the web at random

You can run a virus scan with Malware bytes: Malwarebytes

Try doing a system restore to a point before your problem occured.

Performance tweaks:
Speed Up the Performance of Vista

run chkdsk to see if you have any hdd problems: How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP

run memtest86 to see if you have memory problems: Memtest86 - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

Go into safe mode and open the elevated command prompt and type in: sfc /scannow
to check for file integrity errors.

*Do all of the above in safe mode (repeatedly pressing f8 after post).
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Hello Recently my laptop screen had to be replaced due to a cracked screen Original screen was a Samsung and the new screen is LG After this whenever I install Intel HD graphics windows boots up till the login screen and then goes black one bright flicker then Screen/Blank screen after Black screen replacement completely black again However when I boot into safe mode and replace Intel HD graphics driver with Standard VGA adapter everything works fine except for crappy graphics ofcourse I tried installing various old new latest versions of driver software upgrade downgrade BIOS install monitor inf file from lenovo website for this laptop model everything Odd thing running Dxdiag shows my current display to be x bit hz So I tried to change the display refresh rate in advanced settings gt Screen refresh rate no luck no other option except ' Use hardware defaults' So I went ahead an modified registry values as given here How to Modify the Video Refresh Frequency in the Registry Again no use After I reboot and go back and check its set to by default Tried clean installs installing on a completely Black Screen/Blank screen after screen replacement new HDD Windows Pro Windows Ultimate Windows everything Is it a screen problem Or some hardware ID kind of thing What should I do Please help Dxdiag information ------------------ System Information ------------------ Black Screen/Blank screen after screen replacement Time of this report Machine name UNKNOWN-PC Operating System Windows Professional -bit Build Service Pack win sp rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer LENOVO System Model AG BIOS Ver PARTTBLx Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Manufacturer Standard display types Chip type Intel R HD Graphics Core i DAC type Internal Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS A AA amp REV Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory n a Shared Memory n a Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name ThinkPad Display x Monitor Model Monitor Id Native Mode Output Type Driver Name igdumd dll igd umd dll igdumdx igd umd Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version unknown Driver Model unknown Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo'd n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B E - - CF- B -EA CACC CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x A AA Revision ID x Driver Strong Name Unknown Rank Of Driver Unknown Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a D D Overlay n a DXVA-HD n a DDraw Status Not Available D D Status Not Available AGP Status Not Available

A:Black Screen/Blank screen after screen replacement

Not all laptop screens are the same. It is important to get a "replacement" screen, not a "compatible" one.

On the back of the laptop screen is a product sticker (you can only read this before you install the screen). On that sticker is the manufacturer and model #. You can use that number to find exact replacements.

How did you come to choose the LG screen?
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Good Morning, I just bought a hp/Compaq nc6400 running windows 7 professional. doesn't seem like a terrible machine but wondering what people think about the hp/Compaq nc6400 laptops. I bought this since someone stole my MacBook pro and needed a computer. I am more used to apple and actually enjoy using apple products but couldn't find a decentally priced one on craigslist in my area. windows 7 doesn't seem too bad but I left windows when vista arrived and generally avoided any form of windows after that and now I have a windows laptop again...
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I just bought a refurbished Compaq NC6400 and since it had been on the shelf for over a month, the battery was fully discharged. I put the notebook on charge (almost 5hrs now) and the charging indicator is still in amber (charging). Is this normal? The battery pack is more than warm too.
ps. I've kept the notebook turned off while it's been charging.

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I have installed windows 8.1 and for the ATI mobility Radeon X1300 is intalled the windows vista x64 drivers in compatibility mode for vista. the drivers installed and works fine but during booting and shutdown time it takes up to 10 minuts. During booting after the windows logo and before the login screen the screen become black and the mouse pointer shows and hides for up to 10 minutes and then the login screen shows same behavior when Shutting down. Any help will be appreciated

A:ATI mobility Radeon X1300 Driver issue on NC6400 HP Compaq

Try this driver:Legacy AMD does not have separate drivers for Mobility cards.
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SORRY--I ORIGINALLY TITLED THIS AS AN HP That was two computers ago this one is a nbsp HP Notebook - -f dx ENERGY STAR nbsp Not sure this is where it belongs The first results of what I thought was a narrow Google search had nothing matching this and a lot of lockup after password results nbsp While working on the computer including actively typing the screen will blink black for at least a full second then password HP screen then Notebook appea... 15 goes black, screen come back to wherever I was before Then a few seconds later it blinks again and the password screen appears nbsp The machine is well-ventilated and it not doing any processor-intensive gaming stuff nbsp HP 15 Notebook screen goes black, then password screen appea... It is similar to a screensaver re-login Pressing enter after the password returns me to the same place almost instantly nbsp This has continued even after I have done at least two each virus scan Avast malware scan Malware Bytes and spyware scan SuperAntiSpyware nbsp There's also plente of gigs of space left on the hard drive gigs of RAM and Task Manager says there's still unused memory and the processor is somewhere less than occupied nbsp So what gives nbsp Thanks

A:HP 15 Notebook screen goes black, then password screen appea...

Hi @Grump,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the screen flashing black . I will be glad to help you. Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me, so I can help you.
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Can you replace the glass and digitizer from an xps 12 9250 4K with a digitizer that is for the 9250 FHD? I know if it works you wouldn't have 4K resolution anymore. My main questions is will it work?
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Hello,Hp pro one 400 g2 non touch all in one pc screen has broken but i dont know where to repair it or how i personally repair it.If somebody could help me how to repair/replace the screen that has broken i would appreciate it.I tried searching for the part name of the screen but couldnt find it. I searched on ebay and other sites for the part but still couldnt find it. -Blank10 Netherlands.

A:Screen replacement

Hi , Thank you for posting on HP Forums, your issue with the HP 400 G2 AIO is classified as a commercial product (business line).Our Commercial Support Team does not provide assistance via this platform.If you require immediate assistance, you will need to log a case with our Commercial Support Team.Click here for details.Let me know if you require further information and/or assistance.

I am an HP Employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.Nav****Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution?&"Thumbs up "if it solves your problem.****
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Hello! I recently dropped something on my Dell Inspiron 15 Touch's screen and the LCD got destroyed. Now, when it turns on (usually the screen doesn't turn on), it is a mixture of white and black. I would like to replace the LCD and have the touchscreen work as well. The touchscreen actually DOES still work, and the screen is smooth to the touch. I went to this link---  But I think it is only the front, with no LCD. Please help! Thanks!!
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Will a screen for an HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx be compatible with an HP Pavilion dv6- 1245dx computer?

Problems with current computers.
HP dv7 - I have 2 HP dv7 laptop computers that the motherboard is fried and I think the other components within it are ok.

HP dv6 - I have 1 HP dv6 laptop computer that the screen "back light" is out and everything else on it works.

I would like to confirm this question before I open up the computers.

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Hey, I beg you to help me. My laptop screen is broken and now I am searching to find used replacement. I have been looking for compatibile models that will work with my laptop for hours without any sucess now Im here. Can someone tell me if its possible to find out which models from HP screens are compatible and will work with my model when I replace it.  Thank you

A:Screen replacement

Hi, Please use part number for your computer on page 4-25 of the following manual to order from HP Stores (They may not stock it now) or elsewhere: One example: The manual also shows you how to replace the screen. More manual: Regards.
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Here can I get a replacement screen for this laptop please? What would be the approximate cost? Mine has been dropped and smashed. Ta.
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I need to order a replacement screen for my Lenovo Y - The manufaturer is LP WF SP L and I have had the horizontal line probelm for awhile now and it hasn't gone away I know it is not a software problem becuase I had my laptop checked today I updated my intel driver and geforce gtx driver but it is a screen issue and not a cord connection issue that I am having I have to have my laptop for school and I can't send it in for weeks at a time to Screen Replacement have it fixed when it's just a Replacement Screen screen issue I am really hoping I can order a replacement screen for my laptop and have it sent to me so I can install it or have a tech center install it without having to give up my laptop for a few weeks Is their anyway I can have a replacement screen sent to me or a best buy near me to have it fixed I cannot stress enough that I have to have my laptop and sending it in is not an option for me right now But I am covered by warranty and need to have my screen replaced ASAP nbsp Thanks for the help

A:Replacement Screen

Hi Marley1114 ,
Greetings .
Was there any incident of any accidents like falls or damage on the sides ?
Do you have similar lines onscreen using an external monitor? Same line in BIOS?
These are the common thing that would be asked from you as a headsup.
Better to take picture for email sending to save you the time .
Ideally having an upgraded warranty to an Onsite service would be ideal on your situation where onsite tech can just go to your place to work on it.
If you have an IT guy in campus that can do it for you or if you yourself have tools and skills to do it , then it would not harm asking tech support if that option of simply sending you needed parts would be possible such as in your case.
Costing for labor would certainly be outside the warranty coverage if you only have depot repair service that you need to cover .
Check your options and give them a call .
English  24 hours a day 7 days/week1-877-4-Lenovo, 1-877-453-6686 Schedule a Callback for faster support 
Update us how things go for you.
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Hi guys, i would like to know can i replace the screen of a dell lattitude C640 14.1 xga screen , with a screen from a dell D620 14.1 wxga? Wil it fit and will the connectors be the same?

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Hello, so i am trying to buy a new LCD screen for my Acer aspire one netbook. My model number is 756-877BCrr but if i buy something similar to that, like for example, a model number that says: 756-877BCKK, would it still give me the same product or would I have to find the exact same model to find my LCD screen? Please help!

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A:LCD screen replacement

No problems. You only have to choose between glossy or matte.
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Hey all, hope your day is going better than mine.

I am kind of frustrated right now because like a genius I decided I would try to replace my laptop screen myself. I have successfully taken it out and put it back in, however an issue has occured. It turns on fine, the screen even lights up. However the only thing that is showing is one pixel. One very tiny dot in a lit up black screen. I don't know where I went wrong and even redid the processes to the same affect and was hoping someone here could help me. It's an acer v5 471-6569 if that helps. Any advice would be appreciated.

A:Do It Yourself Screen Replacement

where did you get the replacement screen?
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Hi. Does anyone out there know how to replace just the LCD screen in an HP Pavilion ZX5000 series laptop? Mine is a Pavilion ZX5180us. I don't need to replace the whole screen and cover, just the LCD. Thanx for any help.

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How do I replace the screen?

A:screen replacement

Hi, What is your Pavilion G6 ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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I've had this all in one Acer A5600U for less than three years, and suddenly while I'm typing in a word document the screen goes haywire -- to make long story short, there's a horizontal line across the screen around two thirds of the way down, with the icons in the top quarter of the screen duplicated as a shadow over the bottom quarter of the screen.  Can still get to the underlying icons, but local computer repair shop says LCD is shot and isn't replaceable by manufacturer.  And of course my unit is out of warranty.  Each of my previous computers has lasted 8+ years without a problem.  This is really a disgrace.  Help!
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Have a broken screen on pavillion 23 model 23-g125t, cant seem to find replacement screen anywhere online can some point me in direction

A:replacement screen

@thunder36?, welcome to the forum. I suggest that you try HP Partsurfer to see if HP has the part available. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hello, i won a Lumia 1520 and some portion of my screen is dead. I'm planning on replacing the screen with a quality ,authentic or genuine screen. Can anyone recommend a seller to me so that i can make the purchase. Thank You.
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After having issues with my laptop, diagnostics showed that I needed to replace my HDD. It was replaced with an SSD, and windows 10 was reinstalled (as that was the OS before replacement). Now the laptop shows that there is "no pen or touch input" in the control panel and the Human Interfacing for touch screen is missing. Both Windows Update and HPSA have been no help in finding the driver for it or in giving any useful information. I just don't really want to have paid extra for touch that doesn't work....

A:no touch screen after SDD replacement

Hi, If thats the case then your best bet is to update the drivers using hp support site. I am going to include pictures so you could follow the steps properly. Go to then type the product number to the search bar  Click Software and Drivers  Then Click Go  Select the current version of windows you are using  Then look for the drivers you seek that you believe missing.  Good luck!

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Pavilion 23 all in one Model 23-g125t has broken screen. Cant find replacement no where on web, HP partsurfer is no help. I dont understand why replacement screen so hard to come by for this ccomputer? Screen is made by Sansung "LTM230HL08  H01HP PN 710432-006. Partsurfer say this part number is used in multiple products. Gave list of model but none for 23-g125t. Can someone out there shed some light on this please.

A:Replacement screen pn 710432006

Hi, It is a CTO machine, that's why Normally very hard to find information for CTO machine. But from the product code/number above, we can find it is :  J1M83AV and it uses other code from screen:  745419-001 as shown: and model 23-g125t is on the list. Much, much easier to find now: Regards.
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Hi,I'm looking for a replacement screen bezel for an Acer Apire 6920. I have googled it, but cannot find one, anyone able to help me locate a supplier?RegardsChris

A:Replacement Screen Bezel

This help?
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Have a Edge 15 Touch Screen, year and a half old, (out of warranty) that the sreen went pink with green highlights. Also, can see desktop icons bleeding through.Did everything I could think of; Reset PC, uninstalled and reinstalled Display adapter driver. Pretty much decided need replacement screen.Any good tutorial for tis model? The Lenovo guide is OK but I'd like something clearer.Also, best replacement price from Lenovo?????Attached a snip of screen.Pete

Monitor.JPG ?51 KB
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Monitor was very damaged by impact. Can displays be purchased separately? If so what might they cost
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Here is my current laptop LCD (broken) backside angle:
And of the LCD i'm looking to buy (same model, screen size, bl, etc but looks different): SONY VAIO VGN-NS255D/S LAPTOP LCD SCREEN 15.4" WXGA CCFL SINGLE (SUBSTITUTE REPLACEMENT LCD SCREEN ONLY. NOT A LAPTOP )

A:Not sure if I should get this LCD replacement for my broken screen

Unfortunately this looks to be a damaged lcd screen. Does any amount of movement of the screen on it's hinges make this change?

Just know that you can run a wired monitor and be back up and running and actually pick up screen size as well run a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.
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Hello,I have a hp laptop but accidently my HP laptop screen got broken. Now, my laptop's warrenty in expired. Can you help me with the proper guidence for my HP laptop screen replacement. Thanks in advance. 

A:Laptop Screen Replacement

   Need the full model number. There are lots of x360s including ones with different sized screens. Touchscreen? Post back if you need help with that:
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I need a screen replacement for my laptop, the product number is A4A71AV. I need this screen ASAP, all of my work files are on this laptop. Thanks in advance!
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I want to replace my Satellite M70 screen by one coming from a Satellite L300
Is this possible ? Are both screen equivalent and interchangeable from mecanical and electrical wiring
and connexions point of vew


A:Screen replacement on Satellite M70


As far as I know both notebook series: M70 and L300 supports the same display size and are equipped with the 15.4" WIDE XGA screen.

So from my point of view it should be possible to use the same display?but I could be possible that the flat cable which connected the display with the motherboard could be different? so pay attention to this? maybe you will need another cable?
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I bought my laptop at bestbuy in 2014, the screen cracked. apparently the LCD still operational. the crack is expnading day to day and makes uncomphortable to use.  I am looking for a replacement. Where can I order from? Best regardsCarlos Moamba

A:screen cracked, need replacement

Hi, Please bookmark the following if you wish for future references:     You can buy from there or use part number to buy elsewhere such as Amazon:   (No available now - sorry. You can try other online shops). Regards.
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I'm trying to replace the screen on the Hp stream 11-d010nr from a HP Stream Laptop 11-r014w. Is it possible for it to work?

View Solution.

A:Screen replacement compatibility

Hi, Screen part number for HP Stream 11-rnnnaa machines is 834445-001: It is not compatible with HP Stream 11-dnnnaa machines. Regards.
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Hello, I have a g500s 20245 laptop which suffered a tragic accident and its screen got broken. Looking at replacement screens I see that some are SLIM LED and some are LED, is there a difference in compatability.Also what else should I take into consideration?

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A:g500s screen replacement

hi bluelark,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
If you have the model type number of your system (59xxxxxx)
You can post it back here and let me check what's the default LCd on your unit for reference.
Solid Cruver

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I cannot find a replacement screen for my laptop anywhere. I bought it march 6, 2016.P/N: P1A53UA#ABAmodel: 17-p161dx
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Hi all, Got a broken screen on my S7 and have a screen here to replace it. I've done many screen replacements on various laptops, ipads, iphones etc but not done one of these yet. There isn't much in the service manual on it (only explains how to detatch the LCD assembly) and there's no info on the internets anywhere on removing the LCD. I can't see any screw holes or anything on the new LCD i have here so i'm assuming the LCD is attached using an adhesive. My guess is that its similar to a macbook pro where you have to hit it with a heat gun then detach the screen with an opening tool. That said, that is just my guess. Can anyone on here tell me how its done before i have a sort of stab in the dark attempt myself? Cheers!

A:Aspire S7-391 screen replacement

Try This:
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Toshiba Satellite Laptop
17" WXGA+ TruBrite 1440x900 R (Glossy)
SP Media Center Edition Ver. 2002
XP Pro Service Pack 3
Intel T1300 @ 1.66 GHZ
0.99 GB Memory

Vertical mulitcolored lines across the screen. Hooked it up to my screen, no lines...researched it...there is a problem with these screens and warranty will replace for free, but warranty is expired. Question is..

Is it a problem with the screen itself or the inverter? Or do i replace both possibly?

How do you know whether or not its your inverter or the screen itself...

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Hi, my sister recently cracked the screen on her laptop, a Fujitsu-Siemens L1310G. I'm looking for a replacement screen to install, which looks easy enough. But I need so help understand exactly which screen I should be buying as a replacement. The manual lists the following specifications for the existing damaged screen:

Panel size: 15.4" TFT WXGA, 1280x800 pixels

Will any screen that matches these specifications work? Or do I need to find any other specification details?


EDIT:for spelling

A:Replacement Laptop Screen

Go here:

Scroll down to: Amilo L1310G CLAA154WA01 (CPT TFT)

click that and at top of page is info

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Unfortunately my screen got a crack at the top while holding my P at the top of the lid nbsp to Replacement Thinkpad P50 Screen transport it between two desks Had never happened to me before with other Thinkpads but apparently the P lid chassis has more flex In any case I need to replace my screen Since the P is relatively new nbsp there is little information available Let's start a thread nbsp According to the P hardware maintenance manual replacement does not look too difficult http ok de thinkpad HMM p hmm en sp j pdf nbsp Here the info taken from AIDA Monitor ID LEN BAManufacturer LP WF -SPK Manufacture Date nbsp More info about LP WF -SPK can be Thinkpad P50 Screen Replacement found here http www panelook com Thinkpad P50 Screen Replacement LP WF -SPK LG Display LCM overview html nbsp I always hated this screen nbsp as it has much lower brightness than what I previously had in my W and can hardly be nbsp used nbsp in sunlight and I had thought about the possibility of replacement before So if I already have to replace it for mechanical reasons I am wondering if I can get nbsp something better nbsp I definitely want FHD nbsp antiglare nbsp LP WF -SPB nbsp looks as if it would be compatible and has better brightness and color gamut cdm vs cdm CIE http www panelook com modeldetail php id nbsp Any ideas about possible problems with compatibility nbsp Any comments nbsp nbsp

A:Thinkpad P50 Screen Replacement

Just found this reddit where someone has done it:
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I recently built myself an intel sp-15 uma barebone laptop which all went very well and I recommend it for anyone who has had experience building desktops. The problem is I cracked the led screen that came with it. I ordered a replacement screen from and they sent me a samsung as opposed to a chi mei, which should be compatible. The problem now is that there doesnt seem to be any power getting to the LED backlight. I tested it with the cracked screen as well, and its backlight didn't work either. There is a very faint image of whatever is on the screen, so the video card is working properly.

What should I do? Is there something i could fix? a place i could send it to that would cost less than $400 to fix? I'd prefer to fix it on my own.


A:Replacement laptop screen is much too dim

You may just need to replace the inverter:
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I am purchasing a new lcd screen for my Acer aspire laptop, i have found a good looking and cheap screen on Amazon and i need to be sure that it will fit in my laptop, here is the link: would love to know if this screen will go good with my laptop. Here is my screens specs that it has written on the back(the broken/original screen)Manufactured: 12/43 Model No: B156XW02 v.6AU OptronicsMADE IN CHINA (Z40)H/WA F/W:1 I was most worried because my screens model number says v.6 and the one on amazon says v.0, so thanks!
Relevancy 44.29%

Recently my HP Touchsmart 15 laptop's (LaptopModel#:L0T71UA) screen broke! I looked up the model number for the screen (ScreenModel#:B156xtt01.2), and I was wondering if I could use a B156xtt01.1 screen instead of a 1.2. Also, I do not need any touch compatibilities; just a normal 15.6" screen for my laptop. I would also like to know if this screen would also work: All support is highly appreciated!

A:b156xtt01.2 screen replacement

Hi, Part number for screen is: 764877-001 (Please bookmark the link for future references). You can use part number to buy from Amazon (cheaper than from the above store). Regards.
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Hi everyone nbsp I have a HP Spectre - TU Touchscreen Ultrabook that is unfortunately damaged After taking it to the repairers I have been told that the nature of the damage means that I will have to have the whole screen replaced if I want to repair the laptop nbsp However the Spectre help REPLACEMENT HP 13 Screen only part of the screen that I need is the backing cover rather than the whole LCD I know that the display assembly is only sold as one part by HP but I was wondering if there is anywhere I could look to find water-damaged Spectres or cracked HP Spectre 13 Screen REPLACEMENT help screens so that I could remove the backing that I need from those What does HP do with old screens that they replaced for people at their official repairers This would be a far better alternative than buying a whole new screen which I can't afford it'd be better to buy a new laptop instead or selling the broken laptop online for a few hundred dollars nbsp nbsp The part number for the whole screen is nbsp - nbsp I have found this website http www alizones com product HP Spectre 13 Screen REPLACEMENT help laptop-lcd-assembly-for-hp-spectre-xt- - t- -lcd-display-touch- but is it reliable for Would really appreciate ANY help or advice at all I'm very desperate nbsp Kind regards Jess
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Hi, I'm trying to replace a busted lcd screen for a Compaq Presario CQ60. It seems there are more than one possiblities for this part. Could someone point me in the right direction? Here are the specs I have so far.

Compaq Presario CQ60
s/n 4CB927HKVW

15.6 "
Model No. B156XW02 V.0

Connector bottom right
No webcam


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Hi all, Got a broken screen on my S7 and have a screen here to replace it. I've done many screen replacements on various laptops, ipads, iphones etc but not done one of these yet. There isn't much in the service manual on it (only explains how to detatch the LCD assembly) and there's no info on the internets anywhere on removing the LCD. I can't see any screw holes or anything on the new LCD i have here so i'm assuming the LCD is attached using an adhesive. My guess is that its similar to a macbook pro where you have to hit it with a heat gun then detach the screen with an opening tool. That said, that is just my guess. Can anyone on here tell me how its done before i have a sort of stab in the dark attempt myself? Cheers!

A:Aspire S7-391 screen replacement

Try This:
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I cracked the screen on my HP Envy M6-AR004DX.  Where can I get a replacement and instructions on how to replace? Thanks.
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Hi guys,  Please can anyone let me know what model screen i need to replace on a g6-2205sa ? (Prodcut no. D1Q47EA) I've had a look on the HP Part Surfer and HP Part Shop site but neither is showing any results for the laptop. If i could just find something that is compatible i would be very grateful. Kind Regards
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Hi I am after some advice. A few months ago my laptop screen gave up the ghost. The laptop would boot up fine and I could use the TV or another monitor, however I went ahead and ordered a new screen, 3rd party. However the display on the screen doesn't fit within the monitor if that makes sense, there is a gap to the left of the screen about an inch wide and for the full length of the screen. The mouse will not track there, it is simply where the display ends. Also at the bottom of the screen, the display continues on beyond the screen so that my toolbar or the bottom of the page I am browsing is lost.  Thinking I maybe had a dud screen I returned the purchase and ordered a new one but have the same problem. It's like looking at a minimised web page. Any ideas?
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Can I use a different Asus model LCD screen or do I have to get
replace with the same model?

And could someone kindly tell me where I could source a second hand one

A:Replacement LCD Laptop screen

Usually,you would need to stay with the same type.
Would be helpful if you had a part number,as I believe
asus laptop parts are made by someone else.
I have seen a lot of LCD screens on Ebay.
Might do a search there for your models screen.
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I want to make sure I am buying the correct led screen for my model.  I am having difficuly finding the product any assistance would  be appreciated.
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Over 4 years of use on the screen appeared dead pixels and I would like to replace it. However, I would like to put the IPS or PLS / * VA screen, but not TN, and perhaps higher resolution, for example 1600x900. Can there be such a replacement and can anyone recommend a specific screen model, whether one experiences such a replacement? Now is Samsung LTN156AT16-L01, 40 pin LVDS, the loop output: bottom left corner.
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My phone dropped and screen stopped lighting up ever since.There is no physical damage on the screen and touch is working fine.I purchased extended warranty and is still have the time if they honour what i bought from nokia question is can i try my luck and say display stopped working and get it replaced because there is no sign of physical damage.
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Hi All, I am attempting to get a quote to get a cracked touch screen on my hp spectre 13 pro replaced. for the past couple of hours I have been searching the HP website for an out of warranty repair service. Now I have managed to find the page, I've cliked 'laptops' but then there is no option to get a quote. Am I missing something or do HP no longer repair out of warranty machines? If so, does anyone have any advice as to where to go to get a quote? Many thanks
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Greetings,The fan/heatsink combo I bought for my T60 several months ago was apparently the 41W6409 for a T60 with discrete gpu and cpu, but mine is an integrated model which uses the 41W6408 .As I cannot return it, I was thinking of simply replacing the old fan with the one on the new heatsink. But I'm not sure that it will fit, because the only FRU's I could find were for the fan/heatsink combo.I was therefore wondering if anyone here happened to know if these fans are identical.Thanks very much in advance.Steve

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A:Fan Replacement for T60 w/15.4" screen and integra...

Skater wrote:Greetings,The fan/heatsink combo I bought for my T60 several months ago was apparently the 41W6409 for a T60 with discrete gpu and cpu, but mine is an integrated model which uses the 41W6408 .As I cannot return it, I was thinking of simply replacing the old fan with the one on the new heatsink. But I'm not sure that it will fit, because the only FRU's I could find were for the fan/heatsink combo.I was therefore wondering if anyone here happened to know if these fans are identical.Thanks very much in advance.SteveSteve, you can use the discrete heatsink on your integrated motherboard. Actually the best option in my opinion is to go with a T61 heatsink which is designed to cool the much more powerful X3100 graphics and uses thermal paste instead of the lame silicone type pads used to cool the T60 graphic systems. You can also replace these pads with thermal paste on the T60 heatsink but the T61 unit is better in my opinion. I can't tell you if the fans are interchangeable because there was more than one fan used on the T60 intel models, some were and some weren't. There were also a couple different discrete heatsinks, but either will more than suffice at cooling your integrated graphics. The platform that cools the discrete gpu won't be used so it's not an issue and the chipset cooling platform will suffice at cooling your integrated graphics. 

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I broke the screen of my hp-g71070us. I'd like to replace it with that of a broken dell inspiron 4100. The problem is the screens don't look too similar. from to

Anyone have any idea if this could work?

A:screen replacement from WXGA to WGA?

The HP screen is 17" and the Dell is 14.1" so there's no way this can work, sorry.

EDIT : you should be able to use an external Monitor though.
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i need to replace screen for my hp2000-2202tu model please suggest me option in india and also provide description as total pin and left/right side panel and compatible screen with as i.e. screen of g6 is compatible to me then its fine thanks
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Hi  , I  have a cracked digitizer on  My Spectre x360 and I  wnat  to  replace the  screen, but  cannot  find any  instruction on the internet. This is not  the first  time I replace touchscreens, but  this one looks a bit  different, so  it would be nice to  have some guidence on  how to  remove the touchscreen without  damaging the computer.