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Q: HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ...

Does the motherboard for a HP Pavilion a c TV PC have support for EIDE HDDs as well as for SATA nbsp I bought this computer for at a thrift Pavilion For Motherboard HP SATA Support ... a1777c Native Both store and it has no HDD By the loose cables inside it's clear that the original HDD was SATA I do not have any spare SATA HDDs but I do have some EIDE drives sitting in a few old computers that I no longer use I've seen a few pictures on the HP site that identified IDE EIDE HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ... connectors on HP motherboards that look pretty similar to a couple empty connectors on this MB I just want to find out for sure from someone here since I can't seem to get a definitive answer on my own investigation I would like to try to fix this computer up as a PVR It has a Hauppauge Wintv HVR TV tuner already All things being equal I would rather get a new SATA drive but I would hate to spend the money when I don't even know for sure that there isn't something wrong with HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ... the machine that won't show up HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ... until I install a HDD and try to install Vista the OS it shipped with and all the drivers Currently I don't have another computer that I would want to put a new SATA drive into as a secondary if this HP doesn't work properly On the other hand I think that the biggest EIDE HDD I have is GB -- and used Free is great but I'll have to sort out my priorities myself but first I need to know whether it's even possible to use a EIDE HDD in this computer without an adapter Also the DVD drive is still hooked up with SATA cables Providing that the MB supports EIDE as well is there any reason why the DVD drive could not be left with the SATA connection while the HDD runs off EIDE Thank you for your interest Grant

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Preferred Solution: HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ...

Your motherboard does have suppport for EIDE and SATA hard disks. I suggest purchaseing and using a new SATA drive. You never know when a EIDE drive is going to stop functioning and really disappoint you.
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Kind of an interesting issue but when I enable SATA native support in BIOS and try to boot to windows vista home premium it blue screens and does not load. Disabling it fixes this issue and boots fine, isn't vista supposed to have native SATA support built in? Any ideas on why it is not working? I know it does not work with XP but this is the first time I have had issues with it in Vista, cant remember turning it off in BIOS so it must have been off since I got the system two years ago.

System is a HP DV8230US laptop, 3GB RAM, 160GB Seagate 7200RPM, 1.66GHZ Intel Core Duo, not that it really matters .

A:Vista and native SATA support

Try to write down that blue screen stop code error you get, and post it for better help. Is that hard drive a SATA type, or just a standard PATA IDE type drive ? I do know that the AHCI mode of SATA configuration in the BIOS is only supported by Vista and not XP. On my new Intel based ASUS board computer, in the BIOS options for SATA are as; AHCI or as; IDE, and in that IDE mode there is 3 options; disabled, compatible, and enhanced.
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I have in Option SATA BIOS? Support Native No recently purchased a HP dv tx laptop with Vista preinstalled like many of you and would like to preferrably dual boot XP and Vista than to clean install XP I have read in length No SATA Native Support Option in BIOS? every post on this forum and others online detailing the process of performing this and have a No SATA Native Support Option in BIOS? firm grasp on what i m doing although i cannot proceed until i work out how to disable the No SATA Native Support Option in BIOS? Sata Native Support that is supposed to be in BIOS This is the SATA info in device manager quot Intel R GBM SATA AHCI controller Mobile ICH M quot Therefore I am sure that the HD is Sata so i ve ruled that out as the explanation When I enter BIOS from Startup I enter System Configuration and Sata Native Support is nowhere to be found Not on the main Sys Config screen not under Boot Options and then even further in not under Boot Order So how do i successfully disable Sata Native Support if I am given no option to do so in BIOS If someone anyone has an answer to this I would be very appreciative Thanks KB nbsp

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Gentlemen I'm looking to get Vista drivers for a Pavilion a c I notice that on the driver download page for this model that some of the downloads are available as either or bit The operating system drop-down box only lists Vista with no or bit designations Does it matter which bit rating the original installation media from HP used I currently have a Vista bit disk so can I use that even if the original HP-installed version was bit I know I can't use bit drivers with a bit installation Regarding Few A Driver Questions Pavilion a1777c I'm wondering A Few Driver Questions Regarding Pavilion a1777c whether it matters whether I install the the same bit-version of Vista that the computer shipped with nbsp I don't see any chipset drivers A Few Driver Questions Regarding Pavilion a1777c on the driver download page Traditionally this is is the first set of drivers you install I see a bios update a Intel ViiV software update nbsp and drivers for an Intel Matrix Storage Manager but this is as close as anything seems to come to chipset drivers A Few Driver Questions Regarding Pavilion a1777c Does the driver download page actually have everything needed or do I have to go to ASUS who made the P LP-LE motherboard for actual chipset drivers If the latter I don't know why these drivers wouldn't be listed on the HP driver download page or at least a notation and link to go directly to ASUS Also I notice a Roxio Creator Application update Since I don't have the original installation material would it be a waste of time trying to install this software I installed drivers for another HP computer that had a Roxio update and the update would not install because it couldn't find any earlier version to update Same deal here Your interest is appreciated Grant

A:A Few Driver Questions Regarding Pavilion a1777c

Hello, Grant. GHagen wrote:Gentlemen,I'm looking to get Vista drivers for a Pavilion a1777c. I notice that on the driver download page for this model that some of the downloads are available as either 32 or 64 bit. The operating system drop-down box only lists "Vista" with no 32 or 64 bit designations. Does it matter which bit rating the original installation media from HP used? I currently have a Vista 32 bit disk, so can I use that even if the original HP-installed version was 64 bit? I know I can't use 64 bit drivers with a 32 bit installation, I'm wondering whether it matters whether I install the the same bit-version of Vista that the computer shipped with.  The best way to determine if the driver will work is to try to install it.  If it is not compatible it simply will say so.  There are come 32-bit apps that will run on a 64-bit OS.  An example of this is Adobe Flash Player.  I have had to run the 32-bit version several times. I don't see any chipset drivers on the driver download page. Traditionally, this is is the first set of drivers you install.  You are correct.  There is no Chipset driver for the 945G chipset.  I even tried the Intel website and they don't show one for Vista. I see a bios update, a Intel ViiV software update  and drivers for an Intel Matrix Storage Manager, but this is as close as anything seems to come to chipset drivers.  If you try to install the BIOS update, please be extremely careful.  A failed BIOS update is the easiest way that I know to create a good boat anchor.  Does the driver download page actually have everything needed or do I have to go to ASUS (who made the P5LP-LE motherboard) for actual chipset drivers?  Since HP motherboards and BIOS'es are proprietary, they are not the same as the retail version of the same mobe.  You can only use drivers that are developed by HP in most instances. If the latter, I don't know why these drivers wouldn't be listed on the HP driver download page, or at least a notation and link to go directly to ASUS.Also, I notice a Roxio Creator Application update. Since I don't have the original installation material would it be a waste of time trying to install this software? I installed drivers for another HP computer that had a Roxio update and the update would not install because it couldn't find any earlier version to update. Same deal here?  You can give it a try to see what happens.  I know that many apps that are shown as updates have been found to actually be a full app.  In the past Windows Upgrade versions were full versions, but not listed as such.Your interest is appreciated!GrantPlease click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Yesterday I had a PC technician around to see why my PC was not booting-up properly and also to change my SSD to a larger SSD. As I am visually challenged I cannot do hardware upgrades etc, so I got a Techie guy in.

We used Zinstall HDD by-the-way and I would highly recommend this application for such a job plus, it is extremely fast.

Anyway, while he was diagnosing my boot-up issue he discovered I had a malfunctioning network card; while removing this, he noticed all the SATA settings were set to SATA 2.

When he reset these to SATA 3, the PC would not start-up! When he set them again to SATA 2 there was no problem and it worked fine?

Can anyone illuminate me on this please?

Thanks for any/all imput

A:SATA 3 not working on Asus P6X58D-E motherboard with SATA III support

Many people have had issues with the Marvell controller on that MB.
You may want to live with SATA 3g/s. Easiest path, no real difference except for benchmarks, and no chance of data loss.
But in case you're not satisfied with that, here's something to look at.

AHCI-mode on Marvell 9128 controller in Windows 7 Ultimate x64


[Solved] ASUS P6x58D-E, Win 7 (64) Marvell AT 91xx - Asus - Motherboards-Memory
A fellow name Jaquith seems to know what's up.

Bottom line is you need the right drivers.
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Gentlemen I have a Pavilion a c desktop which I got recently at a thrift store All it needed was a HDD so I put in a Western Digital TB SATA and tried to install Windows Vista Home Premium bit a1777c Install Clean Pavilion Aborted Vista which is the OS it shipped with I say tried because the installation aborted at the last step Completing Installation with a window that popped up reading Windows setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware As far Pavilion a1777c Aborted Vista Clean Install as I can determine all the hardware is just what the computer shipped with -- with the exception of the newer higher-capacity HDD The first thing that occurs to me is that the Vista installation disk I used was SP I've used it before on a HP notebook and there was no problem I have SP on another disk and could put that in after the initial installation but the a c ships with a PCI graphics card and TV FM tuner card It could be nbsp that the original HP installation media included SP so that I would need my own Vista installation disk with SP included to get a successful installation I would consider a set of Rescue Disks but that option is not available on the Downloads and Software page for this computer There might be a third party resource for recue media but likely at three times the price HP would charge Will this computer as shipped work properly under Windows On the Drivers and Software page I chose Win as the OS just for fun and there was only one thing that came up as Pavilion a1777c Aborted Vista Clean Install different from the stuff available for Vista If it turns out that getting rescue media from a third party was the only realistic way to go I would be tempted to put that money towards Win Anyway I've talked enough about it Do you think that I'm onto something with the Vista SP installation disk being the problem or could it be nbsp something else Your interest in the problem and its solution is appreciated Grant

A:Pavilion a1777c Aborted Vista Clean Install

Hi, Grant: It is possible that the new hard drive you purchased is an advanced format hard drive which Vista doesn't recognize. Advanced formatted hard drives are formatted with the GPT table instead of the older MBR partition table, so that they can work with the newer UEFI BIOS's, which your model doesn't have. So, here are my recommendations... 1. Visit the WD website and see if they have a bootable tool to format the drive in MBR. You would have to delete all partitions, make one new partition, format it in MBR-NTFS and see if Vista installs that way. 2. There are free 3rd party software suites that can do that for you such as this one...
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Since building my system I've been reading a lot about SSDs and their projected evolution - yes I did it backwards and should Support Native to is W7 SSD have done my homework prior to the build Fortunately my SSDs are MLC TRIM enabled and allow me to RAID them - SSD Support is Native to W7 making them exceptionally fast The configuration and drive selection was based on topical numbers nothing as in-depth as the controller type or TRIM support I just got lucky New technology is tough A few of you that bought HD-DVD players or going back to BETA-MAX understand this problem With Vista Microsoft wasn't prepared to implement native SSD support Instead they gave us ReadyBoost the neat little feature that creates additional RAM out of a USB stick Although a neat gimmick it's essentially useless and a cheap attempt at any real SSD support With Windows they finally got on-board relatively early and implemented native support for SSDs Beginning with the first betas for both SLC and MLC - and more importantly native TRIM support That support will continue to evolve as quoted early on from a senior MS developer Quote I'm not an expert on our storage drivers I deal mainly at the file system level but it appears that our ATA port driver ataport does implement trim support This means that SSD drives which present themselves as ATA drives which I think most if not all do can support trim provided the drive itself also supports trim Non-ATA devices -- including USB drives and SCSI drives -- don't yet have the ability to support trim since our other port drivers don't implement trim This may change as the market evolves I don't know if any rd-party storage drivers implement trim as of yet but yes they would have to implement it for it to work This is quite remarkable since MS would in the past relegate new technology support in the form of service packs and not the main RTM Time's are changing Fast It's important to note here that at the time that comment was made USB sticks did not - and still don't support TRIM This will change as SSDs get smaller for now we are going to have to rely on 'decent' speeds from our trusty sticks until they get their own controllers For our conventional SSDs TRIM support is essential With Windows the OS file system will determine if your drive has native TRIM support and configure it accordingly nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by MSDN Blog Windows will disable disk defragmentation on SSD system drives Because SSDs perform extremely well on random read operations defragmenting files isn t helpful enough to warrant the added disk writing defragmentation produces By default Windows will disable Superfetch ReadyBoost as well as boot and application launch prefetching on SSDs with good random read random write and flush performance These technologies were all designed to improve performance on traditional HDDs where random read performance could easily be a major bottleneck Since SSDs tend to perform at their best when the operating system s partitions are created with the SSD s alignment needs in mind all of the partition-creating tools in Windows place newly created partitions with the appropriate alignment Good to know From the get-go W will take advantage of a SSD TRIM-enabled drive and configure it for you While I personally disable the pagefile entirely those who still use it will benefit significantly by keeping it on your SSD To determine if your SSD supports TRIM open a console as Admin Code fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify If the console returns a ' ' your drive supports TRIM and it is ENABLED If it returns ' ' the file system has disabled TRIM for your drive This means your drive's controller does not support TRIM Don't fret A firmware upgrade may correct the problem as more and more SSD manufacturers are now implementing this essential feature in the form of BIOS updates for older drives and natively in new drives Check your drive's site for possible upgrades While forcing TRIM is possible it i... Read more

A:SSD Support is Native to W7

I have a question. If anyone knows if this is partially or entirely true...

A friend has a Intel core I7 system with 12GB of RAM. Everything is high end in his system. He claims that the entire OS and all his apps cache into the RAM and it is FAST FAST FAST.

He is claiming that the way everything is caching into the RAM.....he has no need for a SSD. Just a small regular HD for storage. I don't know everything he's running but it seems to make some sense. With that much RAM and running at those's getting to the point where 16GB of DDR3 RAM will reduce or eliminate the need for the speed of an SSD.

What do you think? I think it's pretty darn cool. Is this where we're going?

BTW very good read Captain Zero!
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Installed Win 7 over an old Intel 865GBF main board (Intel Extreme on board graphics controller with shared mem). Getting the graphics drivers to work is so frustrating!!

Everything works fine except:

It installs the standard VGA driver by default -- which doesn't allow my LCD/TV to go full res (1680x1050). Also, no updates for the same.

If I install the Intel drivers from the website, (in XP compatibility mode) they work fine, except keep hanging whenever there is any video playing (WMP / Flash / etc) and generally Win7 becomes crashy/hangy. There are no drivers for the 865 mobo from Intel (only support till winXP).

Any ideas?

A:Intel 865 No Native Support

Here try this, the download url is in the title, but be sure to install it using xp sp2 mode and also make sure the run as adminstrator box is checked to, havent had any problem and im using the same chipset.

Would have attatched it but it wouldnt let me.
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Has anyone found a All-In-One (AIO) printer/scanner/copier that just works when plugged in under Windows 7? I mean, you take the thing out of the box, connect the power cord and usb and Windows 7 either has the drivers for it built in or it gets them automatically from Windows update. I want a printer whose manufacturer respects my platform of choice by playing by it's rules and I'm voting with my dollars for that capability. I'm sick of these proprietary drivers alway hassling you to buy7 their ink and use their photo service and cluttering up my interface. I want something that plugs in a works as advertised without needing a bunch of extra crap installed.

A:Native AIO Printer Support

Quote: Originally Posted by baarod

Has anyone found a All-In-One (AIO) printer/scanner/copier that just works when plugged in under Windows 7? I mean, you take the thing out of the box, connect the power cord and usb and Windows 7 either has the drivers for it built in or it gets them automatically from Windows update. I want a printer whose manufacturer respects my platform of choice by playing by it's rules and I'm voting with my dollars for that capability. I'm sick of these proprietary drivers alway hassling you to buy7 their ink and use their photo service and cluttering up my interface. I want something that plugs in a works as advertised without needing a bunch of extra crap installed.

The Epson 6600 does but is too old to be available now. Plug and Play, all functions. Might want to take a look at their current release
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In order to maintain my sanity, could someone answer this?

What Operating Systems natively support FAT32?

A:Native support for FAT32

As far as Windows operating systems, the ones I know about are:

Win98, Win98SE, ME, Windows2000, XP, Windows2003.
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What is native USB host support?

A:native USB host support

For the motherboard,the hardware is built in.
For the operating system,it has drivers for USB built in,
so you don't need to install drivers for it.
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as everyone is no doubt familiar windows has had integrated zip support for years now which is not a bad thing in theory except for the part where windows insists on displaying zip files as directories in windows explorer and when you have a section on your external drive dvdrw etc full of zip files this can result in some serious directory tree bloat since the good folks at MS didn't think to make it so you could just uncheck a box to stop that anyone who's got a dedicated archiving tool like zip or winrar or even winzip itself is stuck with make safely it away? go how to support: native zip windows doing something unnecessary back in XP it was a simple regsvr u command away from being stopped but in vista and native zip support: how to make it safely go away? not so much so now I get to pile another thing on my list of issues in setting up my new win install how can I safely disable the native zip support so that windows explorer won't be showing me zip files as directories in the tree

A:native zip support: how to make it safely go away?

WinRar does what you seek/ask for. Personally 7zip is better.
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Hi Everyone Use Vista HP bit and have an issue which is possibly more hardware than Vista specific so PCs controller to Access SATA native apologies in advance if that s the case Using a DELL XPS which is about three years old and was preloaded with Vista I need to carry out a procedure to flash and spoof my xbox to play DVD back ups of legally acquired games and this involves connecting the xbox DVD drive to my PC etc etc The process requires access to your PCs native SATA controller This sounds like Serbo Croat to me but I understand that this is rarely the case so folk opt to use a specific PCI to SATA card which I have ordered I am also advised to disable the driver if using a VIA card Quite simply can someone advise me Access to PCs native SATA controller Is it likely with my kit and OS that I would have Access to PCs native SATA controller access to the native SATA controller How would I check this I checked Device Manager and hardware for a VIA card but don t seem to have one Is the VIA card and the PCI to SATA card one and the same so wouldn t Access to PCs native SATA controller be there until I Install the latter Apologies if this is a bit off topic but I am genuinely confused and confounded and am struggling to get responses on other forums Many thanks for your time
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I'm puzzled by this. I have a laptop [cpq] that has no floppy, just dvd/rw.
I've installed at different times both win xp MCE 2005, and Win xp Pro sp3.
In both cases, installing from disc, when I hit F6 hoping to install the intel sata driver, I got no response. Of course, I had to flip the BIOS/setup to "compatibility" mode to even get the sata drive recognized for install. I have not seen good reports of hacking the registry after the fact to try to get the sata back to native mode. so I"m stuck

I would like to install an SATA SSD in this rig, but this issue is defeating me. How do I get a native-sata install done so i reap at least SOME of the benefit of the change to SSD??

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According to Microsoft Hybrid SLI and CrossFireX are unstable and provide poor user experiences and as a result they will not be natively supported in Windows 7

Read more at source

A:No native Hybrid dual GPU support in Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by eggyuk

According to Microsoft Hybrid SLI and CrossFireX are unstable and provide poor user experiences and as a result they will not be natively supported in Windows 7

Read more at source

Cant blame them with the current NVidia and ATI chips being the way they are
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Okay guys.
I'm running Windows 8 Pro at the momment and I'm about to kill myself.
I have my TV connected over to my laptop through VGA.
My TV's native resolution is 1366x768.
I have to fn+f8 on my laptop on the boot screen every time I want to switch to my VGA output because I'm unable to do it in the OS. But that isn't the main problem.
When I go into resolution settings I have the following options:
I'm actually running my TV on the 1440x900 and it works but the image is extremely blurred and strains the eyes.
My laptop's screen is also broken so I can't use it too well.
Is there any way I can get the PC to display my resolution and finally fix this problem once and for all?

GPU:Intel GM965 Chipset
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this is a common and good business machine: HP DC5800 SFF, processor E8400 dual core.
all I'm trying to do is make sure sata is in native mode before fresh install of Ultimate x64. I have two other older DC-series and don't have the same setup screens [at least not identical]. no issues with those.
the BIOS 786f2 v01.51.

anyone know if there is a hidden menu somewhere? if not, anyone know what the defaults are for sata devices? I'm stumped. in fact, I can't even find a real bios file on the normally-competent hp support site.... rather what I find are replication utilities. If I were to flash the bios I would need to do it via usb... but can't find a real bios file

any help would be appreciated. it shouldn't have come to this

A:HP DC5800 : no option for sata native mode???

If you have the Small Form Factor version, try this for a bios
HP Compaq dc5800 Small Form Factor PC*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center
For another form factor machine try here
HP Compaq dc5800 Small Form Factor PC*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center
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Hi people

I recently bought a SATA Seagate Hard Drive when i enable SATA Native support in the bios my pc doesnt boot windows properly and i get stuck on the HP Invent screen a blue screen flashes up too quick to read then I get a choice of starting in safe mode and last known good config

If I select one its just gets stuck in a loop and doesnt get to the desktop

Is anyone able to suggest anything I could do? when i disable SATA native it boots up ok


A:Laptop not booting Native SATA is enabled

Keep it disabled - we have to for our HP laptops
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On the Microsoft Forums Someone wrote Again not one single post in thousands I've helped with in forums about RAID that was positive - every single one was either a problem or a disaster And if you already knew the answer then why did you ask I qualified my opinion as exactly that yet you still reply without even the most basic human decency I responded--even though the above was not written to me This may or may not be of interest 10 support in RAID of Discussion Windows 0 Quick native to anyone considering RAID and Windows --so I thought I'd repost it here as there may be some folks unfamiliar with how to Quick Discussion of native RAID 0 support in Windows 10 stripe drives in Windows for RAID performance without having to use either an integrated or dedicated RAID controller amp without specific RAID drivers as well I was searching this evening for info an the AMD SB IDE AHCI RAID controller support--which atm does not support RAID mode on an EVO SSD The problem is that I could not setup RAID normally from inside UEFI because then my boot drive--the Samsung EVO won't run--even though it is not in the RAID config So I had to set my UEFI contorller to AHCI the only mode the EVO will run on through my AMD SB but I wanted to setup a couple of my other drives in RAID --without changing the UEFI bios setting from AHCI to RAID Over the years I've heard a lot of negative stuff about RAID that simply isn't true so I responded below to the original poster as follows Again hope you find it at least slightly informative if not well gosh I Guy I'm very late to this thread but you should take a look at the Windows forums where tens of thousands of people write about the quot problems quot they have or had with Windows By your definition no one should be using Windows either Your comment above is ridiculous frankly When you've been in this business for a few years you'll realize that the only people who write threads in hardware software sections are people with problems seeking answers People who aren't having problems likely outnumber the people who are by at least - and you never see them writing in RAID or Windows threads --uh because they aren't having any problems Your sentiment above is completely wrong More to the point I've successfully used RAID in a number of hardware scenarios and in a number of Windows versions without a single problem in ten years--I mean not one In fact the only hard drive I've had go out on me when I was using it was running as IDE--not RAID ironically You see neither the drives the controllers nor the OS version gives a bloody damn whether you run the drive in RAID or IDE--it's all the same to the drive and the OS People who are down on RAID are down on it because they know nothing about it except what they've read from other people having problems with it--people just like you Had you used it and had you experience with it you'd know the truth of what I amp Hawk say here More to the point--did you know that Windows natively supports RAID And no--I don't mean quot with the proper drivers quot --I mean with the standard Windows IDE AHCI drivers Pop open the computer management console run the Disk Management program and let the fun begin Take any two physical drives maybe even --I haven't tried that yet tell Windows you want a quot striped drive partition quot and Windows will give it to you and convert both drives to dynamic from basic automatically--and will stripe the drives and prepare partitions across both drives of whatever sizes you set out of what's available Striping two physical drives and using them as a single partition is RAID my friend And Windows supports it natively The only limit to a dynamic partition is that you cannot boot from it--so you'd want to keep your boot drive as a basic drive in this scenario I actually found this thread because I also have an SB and have known for awhile that the AMD controller driver doesn't support RAID for the EVOs--and I searched this evening to see if a... Read more
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Hi- I installed XP on a SATA drive in IDE mode I would like to switch it to the native setting but have been unable to figure out how to find the right drivers and install them This is a Gateway computer model FX S I loaded all additional drivers that came packaged with original computer Here is info on my system Windows XP Professional Installed native use in IDE SATA drive XP mode on and drivers as how install - to Version Service Pack Computer Installed XP on SATA drive in IDE mode - how to install drivers and use as native Intel R Core TM CPU GHz Ghz GB of RAM Motherboard Board Intel Corporation OEMD XLAG AAD - Serial Number BQLA C Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Intel Corp LA J A Disk Drives WDC WD AALS- J amp B IDE ATA ATAPI controllers Intel R g ICH Family Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - DF Intel R GB GR GH ICH Family Ultra ATA Storage Controller - CO I understand now that the prefered method is installing drivers concurrently with operating system However I would prefer to not reinstall operating system if possible as all other software and profiles are loaded and up to date I wiped the original drive and am rebuilding this surplused computer for a local non profit Many thanks in advance KD

A:Installed XP on SATA drive in IDE mode - how to install drivers and use as native

The drive is setup correctly (ie: IDE mode). I'm not sure what you mean by "native settings". It should be running fine as is.
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Hi dear HP community! It's first time I making post here and looking forward for reply from you... There was no problem for me to find drivers about month ago but today I've found myself surprised that no drivers availble on the HP site for Pavilion dv6700 CTO. Link used: Product: HP Pavilion dv6700p/n: KU120EA#ACB Can someone help me to find driver pack? Maybe some local backups.... Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Cant' find Pavilion dv6700 native Vista drivers on HP offici...

Hi, Yes, there is a hiccup. HP is working on the problem right now: many driver pages are down. Regards.
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Would this overclock all my components on the front side bus? The reason I ask is because if i was to put a CPU in with a rated 1333mhz bus speed for example my FSB would be set at that speed but it would not be overclocking my ram chipset e.t.c they would be at there stock rated values still.

So i'm assuming as 1333mhz is a native preset for my motherboards bus speed I should be able to run at this bus speed without overclocking everything else on the BUS?

A:If i set my motherboard to it's native 1333mhz with a CPU that has an 800mhz bus....

You can overclock the FSB without overclocking the RAM, but it will overclock the CPU, like if you put an 800MHz FSB CPU in a 1333MHz mobo the mobo will downclock to 800MHz, so then overclocking this will overclock the CPU, as well.
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Hi Guys thanks in advance for reading my post I have an Old Gateway Pentium D GHz GB ram DDR GB HD model number that It’s a to Gateway replace Motherboard? possible? native How GT5012 even Gateway GT with a pair of LG Blu Ray Optical Drives How to replace a Gateway GT5012 native Motherboard? It’s that even possible? I am into the blu-ray wagon so I ve been backing up my HD How to replace a Gateway GT5012 native Motherboard? It’s that even possible? documentaries and most important movies and files into Blanks BD media however I ve been having issues with big files and blu ray movies It s How to replace a Gateway GT5012 native Motherboard? It’s that even possible? taking between - hour to burn files of GB Movies like King Kong and Kingdom of Heaven Director s cut will take more than hours I am using DVD Fab and my OS it s the crappy Windows XP Anyway I am trying to do a make over and I know my limitations The specs of my motherboard says clearly that it will not support CPUs other than Pentium Ds or lower No support for Quad cores or core duo Building a new computer it s not an option right now A friend of mine said that upgrading to Windows will fix part of the issue he saids that Windows XP wasn t build for those tasks Here is the question How can I find a compatible mother board that can replace the one I have right now and supports Core duo or Quad cores CPU I want to be able to use the Gateway s PC case and recycle some other components they are in good condition I called Gateway and they said they would not support any upgrade and won t give me any info Thanks in advance for any help that you may provide These are my motherboard specs This is the Intel Cortez G Motherboard Features include Intel G chipset Supports Intel Pentium and Celeron D processors and Pentium D dual core processors LGA socket or MHz system bus Memory support for DDR DDR or DDR MHz DIMMs expandable up to GB Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Integrated Intel High Definition audio using Sigmatel Intel Integrated LAN Two PCI conventional one PCI Express and one PCI Express add-in card slot nbsp

A:How to replace a Gateway GT5012 native Motherboard? ItÂ’s that even possible?
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I am planning to change my current HITACHI 5K320 320GB HDD (HTS543232L9SA00) which is SATA I (*SATA-150*) to new HDD, but I can't find any information will my Toshiba Satelite R630-146 support new SATA II (*SATA-300*) HDD.

Maybe anyone has any ideas where I could find such information?


A:Does Satelite R630-146 support SATA II (SATA-300) HDD


I?m sure that SATA II HDDs are supported.
The point is that the notebook supports the SATA controller and the SATA II is down compatible to SATA I. So it should not be a big problem using the SATA II HDD even if the controller would be SATA I

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Even though the following is a question I do welcome opinions on what the right answer is to my situation I have an IDE type motherboard The motherboard model number is SV M See http www newegg on (SATA work IDE) Motherboard Solved: Will Sata to Bridgeboard IDE com Product Product aspx Item N E Date accessed - - PM I am not sure but I believe my motherboard was made in Is there a way I can connect a Terabyte Sata Hard Drive to my SV M motherboard I have heard of a Sata Bridgeboard SATA to IDE I have not used one before A matter of fact I have only seen the Youtube Video below How to connect SATA devices in a PATA IDE only PC system https www youtube com watch v BwRClahcUCI Date accessed - - PM They even sell this bridgeboard SATA to IDE online Kingwin SATA to IDE Bridge Board ADP- http www amazon com Kingwin-SATA-Bridge-Board-ADP- dp B SZDOM Solved: Will Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) work on IDE Motherboard Date accessed - - PM The bridgeboard above above has a out of stars However I am not sure if this bridgeboard would be compatible with my motherboard If there is a better bridge board SATA to IDE that you know of please let me know Do you think the Bridgeboard SATA to IDE would work with the SV M motherboard nbsp

A:Solved: Will Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) work on IDE Motherboard

They sometimes work and sometimes they don't. To make things worse your motherboard is really old and uses a VIA chipset which had a lot of compatibility issues.

You may want to look into a PCI SATA Controller card instead if you need to use this dinosaur: 600022728
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I wanted to know if there is a way to connect a SATA hardrive to an older motherboard that has no SATA connection

A:Adapter to connect SATA HD to motherboard with no SATA connection?

You can always use one of these PCI SATA adapter cards:

A computer as old as you're describing will likely have an old type standard PCI slot, and NOT a PCI-E (PCI express). be certain to verify which slot you have, before you make a purchase. These are two entirely different interfaces, which are not interchangeable.
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Some how my old friend managed to upgrade my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 with that chipset driver CD I gave him. I don't know how he did it. I would ask him but he moved to Germany. Anyway I've heard you can run the setup with Windwos Vista compatiblity mode but I don't know if it is safe. Anyone know?

A:Motherboard support CD does not support your operating system

Download the drivers from the manufacturers website. The driver CD is likely outdated anyway.
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Relatively new hdd disappears after some time.
(1Tb WD black sata3 jumpered to sata2)
All cables are sata click.
The drive is used for storage and is accessed only few times a month.
So is any way to test somehow what is the problem
hdd, cable or mb sata connector (GA-EP43-DS3L).
It's all start with annoying red hdd activity light lighting all the time when a drive disappears.
After a reboot all is back to normal for some time.
Tested a drive with hd tune pro and it seems ok.
-up normal
-down 1Tb missing

A:Sata Hdd / cable / motherboard sata / problem?

a few things to try first.

-use a different sata cable
-use a different power cable
-try the drive in a different sata port on the motherboard

my first thought was a motherboard fault, which it may well be but try the above first, if nothing else you can eliminate three things as possible faults in the mean time.
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a simple question......will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

help me obi-wan youre my only hope!!


A:will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

Actually that's a hard question, generally its not possible to install another motherboard, sometimes it is. In this case one is an AMD platform and the other is an Intel platform, there could be tons of differences in mounting holes, physical design, clearance, connectors, heat dissipation requirements, cooling systems, etc. Laptops are not like desktops that use more standardized designs.
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Hi everyone,

My brother has a new Compaq laptop with Vista installed. But, completely exhausted from it's slowlyness he wants me to install XP. Now Setup is not finding a harddisk. So, what can be the problem? The HD is a SATA-disk. Does XP support SATA-HD's or not? Or do I something wrong? Or is there something I forgot?


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I am using HP pavilion g 130-4AU support of 12 GB RAM ? or what is the maximum support RAM .  When i installed 12 GB RAM it shows 8 GB is reserved ..   Kindly assist me on the same ... Thanks for advance to all...
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Hey guys This is kind of embarrassing Despite being a very seasoned PC user I have never ever used a SATA HDD Always mobo HDD? support a SATA my Does IDE My old machine I custom built back in had been retired a few years ago due to a crashed hard drive I was able to score a GB Western Digital WD ABYS but I was surprised that it Does my mobo support a SATA HDD? was SATA when installing it because I didn t have a cable to connect it with nor do I see one on the motherboard So basically I have no experience installing this Is SATA better than IDE somehow I would just like a summary of the differences and more importantly some guidance on what I need to purchase I tried researching my Shuttle AK S E mobo to see if it was even compatible and if I would need one of those cables or the entire adapter Needless to say I didn t find much info available on it I heard these adapters slow it down which implies IDE is better than SATA to me Most of the ones available on Amazon had bad reviews How do I install this without any drawbacks Do I need a new mobo or is there an easy way to make it work and continue to use this mobo that s still in fine working order nbsp

Relevancy 51.17% <---- Specs and Manual.

I've just built this computer with a Sata HDD and a Sata DVD drive. However I get the following error:

press F1 to continue no IDE Master HDD detected

Could this have ocurred because I plugged the DVD drive into Sata 1 on the motherboard and the hard drive into Sata 2 (they were both color coded 'red' on the motherboard so I thought they were the primary ones and the black ones were slaves)?

The other problem is I have no PS/2 support during post (can't use PS/2 mouse or keyboard before I get to windows, forcing me to use USB).

I have installed Windows XP SP3 on the computer and there are no IDE drives in the computer.

A:PS/2 support and Sata connections

Go into the BIOS and disable the onboard IDE controllers and their HDD detection. Your getting the errors because of the IDE not having anything installed on it and everything is SATA. I usually put the booting SATA drive on on the first SATA port on the MB (which is usually SATA0) and then put anything more after that.
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I want to upgrage hdd to SSD in my laptop HP PAVILION 15-AB032TX.So, first question is is it possible to do so?if it is possible to upgrade will Samsung 850 EVO M.2 MZ-N5E500BW SSD be compatible with this device.The laptop is still under extended warranty. Will this upgrade action void the warranty? --Thank You.
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Hello ! I have choice betwen two models of Pavilion x360 13" : 13-a202nj  13-a201nj The 13-a202nj have a "ssd M.2" and the 13-a201nj have a sata SSHD.  I wanted to know if these two models have the same mother board with a slot M.2 and a slot Sata or if they have two diferents boards one only with M.2 slot and one with only sata slot ?  I also wanted to know if the memory ram is upgradable from 6 to 8 GB ? Thanks !! 

View Solution.

A:M.2 and Sata on pavilion x360 and ram

Hi,Yes it does have regular SATA slot too.Manual is the same as what I posted in this thread - my first post.Have a great week to you too!RegardsVisruth
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please i need to know where is the sata cofiguration in the bios of the HP Pavilion dv6 i cant find it so please i need someone to help me find it because i want to install os x 10.9 on my pc and i keeps my pc freezes when i install while i tested it on anthour computer and it is working great so i hope some one answer
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Hello everybody

Does this model support SSD Hard Disk(Sata 3)?

thanx in advance!!!
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The product manual has this to say about hard drive and ssd support for a host of different envy models nbsp The manual - nbsp http HP support m.2 ssd? my sata 17t-n100 Can 3 Envy h www hp com ctg Manual c nbsp Supports -cm -in SATA hard drives in mm in and mm in thicknessesAccelerometer HDD protection supportSupport for nd HDDSupport for SATA HDD Port Support for m SSD support storage function assuming SSD gt G Port nbsp Single Can my HP Envy 17t-n100 support m.2 sata 3 ssd? HDD configurationsSupport for the following single hard drive con gurations -TB -rpm -mm -TB -rpm -mm -GB -rpm -mm SSHD con gurations -TB -rpm mm SSHD w GB NANDDual storage con gurations nbsp -TB GB M SATA SSD TLC -TB -TB -rpm x SSD con gurations available for i GTX PCA GB M SATA SSD TLC GB M SATA- TLC GB M SATA- TLC valueSo HP Support assistant says I have the following laptop nbsp Product No nbsp M X AVModel No n CTO nbsp nbsp While the my battery compartment notes I have this model nbsp Product No nbsp L X AVModel No t-n nbsp The instruction manual is not clear which storage configuration is applicable to which model nbsp Here is my laptop configuration nbsp Windows Home th Gen Intel R Core TM i - HQ Quad Core Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX M GB Discrete Graphics GB DDR - DIMM -inch diagonal Full HD WLED-backlit IPS Display x Touchscreen TB rpm Hard DriveOffice Software TrialSecurity Software Trial -cell WHr Lithium-ion BatterySuperMulti DVD burnerBacklit KeyboardHP TrueVision HD Webcam with Dual Digital Microphone Fingerprint ReaderIntel ac WLAN and Bluetooth R x nbsp I recently ordered this m sata ssd from amazon but I am not sure its compatible with my system - nbsp http www amazon com gp product B TGIW XG psc amp redirect true amp ref oh aui detailpage o s nbsp Its a Samsung GB M Inch SSD Form Factor nm nbsp Can I use this in a dual configuration for my laptop with the current rpm TB HDD already in the system nbsp Or do I have to use one or another nbsp Or can I select a smaller storage SSD for a dual configuration nbsp I talk to a tech and he said my system only supports a GB ssd and he did not state if this is a dual configuration or a single drive configuration nbsp I find it hard to imaging a new envy with an i HQ Quad Core skylake processor only supports a measly GB SSD nbsp Any insights on what my system can support Solved View Solution

A:Can my HP Envy 17t-n100 support m.2 sata 3 ssd?

I can verify that it works just fine. I had the HP tech insist I could only use a single drive and a max capacity of 128GB. Those techs don't know squat. I am currently using a dual configuration with the OS and my programs on my 850 evo m.2 sata III 500GB SSD and my data files (videos, music, and pictures) on the preinstalled 1TB 5400 rpm HDD.
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I am running out of HD space and want to do two things at once and still preserve my existing windows 7 prof. programs and data files. 1. Update my existing HD 1TB ST3100528AS to 3TB 7200 RPM 6GB/s SATA III HD2. Update to free Windows 10 Operating system (eligible till July 2016). Questions: a) What will be the first thing to do?b) How to back up a large data filesc) Is it possible to do it in stages?  Note: I have a Blue Ray optical drive. Thanks Zack 

A:Support 3TB Sata III 6/GB hard drive

Greetings, Your PC is circa 2011. I would not upgrade to Win 10. Your PC does not have UEFI BIOS.  Win 7 will not see  or be able to access 3TB as an MBR install is limited to 2TB. You need GPT disk partitioning which is only available on a UEFI BIOS system. You can add a second HDD as you have four SATA ports. Two SATA ports should be available unless you have other HDD's now. Use the second HDD for data. You can also install programs on the second HDD. This does add some complexity if you have to do an HP recovery for some reason. Transfer the large data files to an external USB drive. Large program files cannot be moved from their current location. you would have to uninstall and then reinstall those programs using the second HDD as the installation destination. Jay
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I bought R850 with SSD.
The bad thing is that SSD 256gb installed is limited to SATA II with transfer up to 300/mb. I read that Sandy Bridge Supports SATA III which covers 600/mb.

Is somebody successfuly installed better SSD disk capable with SATA3?

I tried Sisoft Sandra and it reported that SSD SATA is II, the same for Motherboard. The HwINFO reported that chipset is capable with SATA 3. The Everest shows only SSD data with SATA 2.

Is the bios blocked for higher transfers ? I got 180mb/s read, 150 mb/write - which is 3x worse than normal SATA 3 256gb SSD harddisks.

Can anybody help me and tell - if it is matter of R850 bios ? or just only the old Toshiba SSD firmware ? if I buy better SSD with SATA3 - will it fully support higher speed ?

Best Regards

A:Tecra R850 - SSD support for SATA III 6.0GB


I?m not sure what R850-xxx notebook you have but as far as I know this series is equipped with one for the Intel (Sandy Bridge) i3/i5/i7 CPUs.
Also the notebook supports either Intel Cougar Point QM67 (AMT model) or HM65 (Non-AMT model). Both supports SATA II (3Gb/s) and SATA III (6Gb/s)

But for example if the host interface is 300MB/s you get sustained Data Read : Max 250MB/s and sustaine Data Write : Max 160MB/s
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I was thinking of buying the 400gb seagate drive but im not sure whether it would work with my motherboard? (an AsRock 775i65GV). How easy would the drive be to install and will i need to but any extras with the drive to get it working? Cheers

A:Will my MOBO support a SATA drive?

Well does your board have SATA ports on it. Then the next thing to check would be if it does have SATA ports on it is the drive that you have picked out SATA or SATA2, and what is supposed by the board you have
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Tried and True! Wipe the HD to remove all the random STUFF manufacturers like to bundle - FDisk - Format C:\ - boot from trusty CD with CDROM drivers to a DOS prompt - pop in the XPSP2 CD and off we go. That is until the the trusty Boot CD can't find the SATA CD\CDRW\DVD Drive! I've been using the Win98SE Boot Image from BootDisk.Com for years. Added a Wiping util and Smartdrv.exe to speed thing along. Now ALL our new machines come with only SATA HD's and Combo CD/DVD drives. I'm lost without my UberBoot Disk... Help Me Jebus!

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I've bought a ThinkPad P50 with 500GB HDD. Now I want to install another M.2 SSD. And then I buy a M.2 tray.( But it says it's a "M.2 SATA SSD Tray". So does it support NVMe SSDs witch size is 2280 ? (Sorry for that my grammar is pretty bad.) 

What's up?
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Please, can someone help me with SATA 3 support on Tecra R 850.

How to enable that, i've already updated bios but that didn't help me! Found somewhere that toshiba intentionally didn;t support SATA 3 although chipset support that.?????


A:SSD SATA 3 support on Tecra R850

As far as I know SATA 3 controller isn?t supported on Tecra R850.
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I have a Dell Latitude D810 laptop with the expansion station. I am running XP pro with the latest bios which was made in 2006. In the station there is a PCI slot which i have a PCI-SATA controller card(made by Silicon Image).

I am trying to connect an esata drive to the controller card. The card is recognized fine by the computer and is running normally. When i connect the eSATA hard drive, nothing happens. The computer does not recognize the drive in computer management.

There seems to be NO setting for SATA in the bios. Nothing in posts or bootup.

What can i do to get this external drive to work? Like i said, the controller card works, but when the drive is turned on, nothing happens on the computer(blue light comes on the enclosure).


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Hi everybody. A few days ago i changed my hard disk with a new ssd so i decided to install windows 10 in it, but now i can't connect with wifi. I tried to install the new drivers from windows update but nothing changed, so i used some website to find the latest drivers but there aren't. Now i fear that my pc doesn't support windows 10, but i'm not sure.Please can you help me? What can i do?Thanks everybody.

A:Sleekbook HP Pavilion 15-b050el can support w10

Hi: What model wireless network adapter does your notebook come with?
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Is the Pavilion dv4-2160us Supported under Windows 10?  I tried doing the upgrade but received message saying I needed to contact the Manufacturer about the display. I went to the HP support site and entered my model number to check for drivers but message said no drivers were available. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Does Pavilion dv4-2160us Support Windows 10

@YMJ? Check here. REO
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will my computer (hp pavilion hpe h8-1061sc) suport a new ASUS GeForce GTX 960 2GB STRIX DC2 OC grafic card or do i have to uppgrade somting?

A:will hp pavilion hpe h8-1061sc support a geforce GTX 960 gra...

Greetings, Your PC has a Legacy BIOS. The 960 graphics card will not initialize. The Nvidia 600 series graphics cards will work. Cheers!
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F9M02UA#ABA pavilion 17 laptop. Does it support usb 3.0 ?

A:F9M02UA#ABA pavilion 17 laptop. Does it support usb 3.0 ?

@travistee? Multi-format digital media card reader for Secure Digital cards 2 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 1 Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 1 HDMI 1 VGA (15-pin) 1 RJ-45 (LAN) 1 Headphone-out/microphone-in combo jack Your specs here. REO
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July 2016 successfully upgraded to Windows 10. Laptop has run great for 3 months. Windows 10 updates/fixes cannot be installed. After 5 hours with 3 different Microsoft support people logged into my PC, said the Windows 10 update cannot completed because my PC is not compatible for Windows 10, more specifically the BIOS does not support Windows 10."0xC1900101 = 0x2017The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation." My BIOS is F.55. The HP support driver / software page only has a pull down menu for Windows 7. Can an HP dv4 1540us Laptop T6600 2.2Ghz with 8GB of memory support Windows 10? It did orginally, and in fact is still running Windows 10, it just can't support Windows 10 updates. Is there a newer BIOS version available of this PC? Other suggestions of how to solve this problem? Thanks
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Hi, Is HP Pavilion 13-s199nr x360 Convertible can  use 128-GB, M2, SATA3 SSD , Hp Part no: 834166-001 ? Does this model comes with M2 connector and if yes, what size ? 60mm or 80 mm ? Thanks and regards,Arun

A:Pavilion-s199nr can upgrade to M2 SATA 3 SSD ?

Hi, It supports part numbers on page #17 of the Maintenance and Service Guide on the following link: Regards.
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Kind of a long-winded problem so I ll try to condense My daughter s HP Pavilion DV laptop came with Vista Home Premium installed It has an AMD processor nVidia graphics and SATA HDD The HDD died so it needs replacing and of course the OS installed on the new HDD I ve HDD DV6000 Pavilion Win SATA & XP Solved: HP Pro done this before Solved: HP Pavilion DV6000 SATA HDD & Win XP Pro when I built my old Intel-based desktop PC originally and when its HDD died last year Naturally she didn t get a full install CD for Vista when she bought the laptop about - years ago I wanted to install XP Pro on it but XP and SATA don t get along too well from what I ve researched From what I gather there are a couple methods to install XP on a SATA HDD One involves creating a bootable CD with the appropriate SATA drivers slip-streamed along with XP I ve also read a bit about going into the BIOS and disabling SATA installing XP and later installing the SATA drivers rebooting and entering the BIOS again re-enabling SATA and continuing to let XP boot with SATA support I suppose using the slip-stream method would probably be easiest but would the other method be just as simple Will the SATA drivers for Vista fork with XP Or am I getting off track here Any advice appreciated nbsp

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Hi All nbsp Hoping someone (2) Pavilion HP SATA changes between a... II randomly 17-e153sa can help me with this because it's driving me bonkers and Google searches are yielding nothing of interest nbsp I recently bought a Samsung EVO SSD and installed it in my HP Pavilion -e HP Pavilion 17-e153sa randomly changes between SATA II (2) a... sa laptop nbsp I did a fresh installation of Windows on the drive along with all the Windows updates and the chipset drivers from the HP support site nbsp The BIOS is already the latest available F nbsp When I installed Samsung Magician I noticed the drive was working at SATA instead of SATA nbsp I did the benchmark test and sure enough it is running at SATA speeds MB s nbsp I was a little dissapointed because I thought the laptop supported SATA nbsp Anyway I didn't mind too much because the performance improvement over the mechanical drive is immense nbsp HOWEVER last night I opened Samsung Magician again and discovered it was now reporting as connected to a SATA controller and the benchmarks proved the drive was indeed operating at full speed MB s nbsp A bit confused by this I rebooted the machine to see if the speed remained and ever since then it is back to being SATA nbsp This makes me wonder what is going on nbsp Now I know that the laptop can support SATA I want to get it working consistently nbsp Please can anyone help me nbsp Thanks AnotherMuggle
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Hi All nbsp Hoping someone can help me with this because it's driving me bonkers and Google searches are yielding nothing of interest nbsp I recently bought a Samsung EVO SSD and installed changes a... (2) 17-e153sa SATA II Pavilion HP randomly between it in my HP Pavilion -e sa laptop nbsp I HP Pavilion 17-e153sa randomly changes between SATA II (2) a... did a fresh installation of Windows on the drive along with all the Windows updates and the chipset drivers from the HP support site nbsp The BIOS is already the latest available F nbsp When I installed Samsung Magician I noticed the drive was working at SATA instead of SATA nbsp I did the benchmark test and sure enough it is running at SATA speeds MB s nbsp I was a little dissapointed because I thought the laptop supported SATA nbsp HP Pavilion 17-e153sa randomly changes between SATA II (2) a... Anyway I didn't mind too much because the performance improvement over the mechanical drive is immense nbsp HOWEVER last night I opened Samsung Magician again and discovered it was now reporting as connected to a SATA controller and the benchmarks proved the drive was indeed operating at full speed MB s nbsp A bit confused by this I rebooted the machine to see if the speed remained and ever since then it is back to being SATA nbsp This makes me wonder what is going on nbsp Now I know that the laptop can support SATA I want to get it working consistently nbsp Please can anyone help me nbsp Thanks AnotherMuggle
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I have to replace the hard drive on my old HP Pavilion p7-1003wb (died) and I know it's an SATA drive, but can't figure out what version of SATA it is, and the product spec sheet for this desktop just states SATA under the hard drive spec. I don't know if that means it's version 1 (?) or they just didn't feel like listing the version. 

A:SATA version for an HP Pavilion p7-1003wb

Hi: It won't matter what speed sata hard drive you get, because they adjust automatically down to the controller's max capability.  In other words, you can get a SATA III drive (6.0 GBPS), which will run at the SATA II (3.0 GBPS) controller speed. I found this link which shows the chipset on the motherboard your PC has is supposed to support up to SATA II (3.0 GBPS drives.
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I have Pavilion DV7 7020ec notebook. Recently I decided to install SSD drive as primary system drive and add second drive for data. I bought two disks, both SATA III types, SSD is working fine and system is booting very quickly. Second 2,5 Western Digital drive is put in second bay and running smoothly but according to Intel Rapid Storage software I downloaded from your support site, the disk (or port on motherboard) is running only at SATA II speed of 3Gb/s. I haven´t found any information if the ports on motherboard are both of SATA III types or first is SATA III and the second on is only SATA II type. Is it correct? I always thought this notebook has two internal SATA III ports.

A:Pavilion DV7 7020ec second drive SATA II?

HP does not really publish that information in any accessible way, but we do know the optical drive port is SATA-II so it is not a stretch to think the second HDD bay port is also. The secondary bay is not able to be a boot drive so I can see that HP only configured it as SATA-II. SATA-III was brand new when that laptop came out and I think it probably cost a bit more to design it with SATA-III ports. The actual difference in operation between SATA-II and SATA-III is negligible and it should not affect the performance of a drive used as pure storage in any appreciable way. Have you run a disk benchmark on it to see what kind of read/write speed you get? That is the real test.
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thanks for your help.

I tried to delete this thread the site will not let me.

A:Trying To Reinstall w7 Upgrade on new Sata III as c: with AHCI support

Can you see the HD to initialize it in another OS's Disk Mgmt?

If not, plug it into SATA 1 port and unplug all other HD's for install.

Boot the Win7 DVD to see if it detects the HD, then install.
Boot Your DVD
Clean Install Windows 7
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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Hi This can be a bit tricky aspecially when there is no floppy drive So I have injected my winXP installer with the RAID drivers from my MB drivers CD as per attached JPG and created my bootable iso Now that did not work no drive visible Was it because I have only included the folder in red i've ignored the rest The files in this folders included a CAT INF and a sys file Shall I just include the whole structure even the x drivers and select all when injecting as per green highlighting nLite My specs can be found on the left also the drive is tb Hitachi HDA CLA which is visible in bios and was visible when I used my other xp via IDE no problems there Gonna give it another go now smashed test disc no against the wall already P Am I forgetting something Thanks in advance for your support See ya in a mo

A:[SOLVED] SATA support for winXP sp3 installer

HELP! this still does not work! Injecting the whole RAID (without x64 folders) drivers list and still nothing - getting desperate now!
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Why Toshiba Satellite R830 does not support Sata III, although motherboard specs. indicate that it is possible?

As a result you can not significantly increase the performance of your laptop by replacing HDD with SSD Sata III drive. Is there any way to enable Sata III (6 Mbps) on R830?

Any system settings? It is also kind request for needed bios update supporting SSD and SATA III...

All help appreciated! :)

A:Satellite R830 - Sata III support for SSD drives

All the Sandy Bridge chipsets should be SATAIII compatible. What program did you run to determine SATA support?
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I have an Asus M4N78 PRO.

There are 6 Sata connectors but 2 support AHCI and RAID mode only. (4 red and 2 black)

I have 3 harddrives and 1 DVD connected in the 4 red ports.

Maybe I'm going to buy a SSD to speed up my PC Is it possible to use one of the black sata ports if I enable AHCI. (I don't want RAID, just want to use it like the others SATA ports).

Then should I put my DVD or a harddrive in the black port?

A:SATA that support AHCI and RAID mode only

If you enable AHCI, I suppose that SATA ports 5 and 6 will behave like the other four SATA ports. I see no indication in the M4N78 PRO manual that ports 5 and 6 are on a third-party controller.

On my own Asus motherboard, I'm using AHCI mode. An SSD, a HD, and two optical drives (all SATA) work without problems.

I don't know how easy it is to switch to AHCI mode without re-installing windows with your nVidia chipset. It's not difficult with Microsoft drivers:

Error message when you start a Windows 7 or Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive&#58; &#34;STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE&#34;
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Revisiting an old problem my tried and true method is to Wipe the HD to remove all the random STUFF manufacturers like to bundle if it s a new PC or just SATA w/ Disk Create a Boot Support to make random problems go away - then FDisk - then Format C - then boot from trusty CD with CDROM drivers to a DOS prompt - load smartdrv exe - pop in Create a Boot Disk w/ SATA Support the XPSP CD and off we go That is until the the trusty Boot CD can t find the SATA CD CDRW DVD or SATA Hard Drive I ve been using the Win SE Boot Image from BootDisk Com for years I m lost without my UberBoot Disk Help Me Jebus OK last time we solved this by changing the SATA Emulation settings in BIOS to IDE and both the CD DVD and HD were found Now I m working on a little older PC approx yrs and can t find anything to change in BIOS Does anyone have a Boot Disk or know where I can get one that will recognize SATA CD DVD and HD s I was looking at Acronis but that seems a bit of overkill Thoughts nbsp

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I purchased this convertible today, and i was unable to find the compatability information partaining to stylus's. I was hoping to be able to use an active stylus of some sort,so in the event there is not support for that type of stylus, are there any kits to add this capability with this model.thank you, HTL

A:stylus support pavilion x360 13-a091

Hello GoldenEyes04279, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how you are looking for documentation on the use of a stylus on your convertible notebook, and I would be happy to help you! For further assistance in providing you the appropriate documentation, I will need to know: The Product and Model Number of your notebook computer.The version of Windows you have installed on your computer.Please re-post with the necessary information, this way I will be able to research this further for you. I look forward to your reply!Cheers!
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Hello,I want to upgrade my laptops (hp pavilion g6 2005 ax ) hard disk.previously it has 500 gb disk.So can this model supports 1 tb disk.Product Specification -Model - hp pavilion g6 2005axOS : windows 7 64 bitRam - 4 gbPlease suggest.Thanks.
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I have 4GB RAM and need to add additional 4GB. Please let me know the maximum RAM support on my modelHP Pavilion 15-p018tu and how many slots are available, can I upgrade 8 GB RAM on single slot ? Please advise Thank you,Premkumar
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I am having an issues regarding use of stylus pen or digital pen  My Notebook details HP Pavilion Touchsmart X360 13-a201TU 1) PN:L8PO3PA#ACJ2) Model: 13-a201TU3) WINDOWS 10  Is there any way to use stylus pen/Digital pen for this HP pavilion touchsmar notebook. If possible what the specification and model number oof the pen? Regards Prabhuram
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I got the following error from HP support website, when I looking for HP Pavilion All-in-One - 27-n106d drivers. // We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select ?Update? to try again. // What should I do.. PLease advice. Spoiler (Highlight to read)   

A:HP Pavilion All-in-One - 27-n106d, support website unable to...

It works for me when I try to access your Windows 10 drivers. Click this link, then choose Windows & Windows 10 from the drop-down menus and you will be taken to your driver download page.
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 Again guys good morning. It would also reinstall HP Support Library for my PC Pavilion Desktop WinVista 32bit. Thanks for kind help
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Hello. I am very interested in playing Diablo 3 when it comes out; although my current "stock" graphics card will not allow me to play, even at the lowest settings. I am thinking of upgrading to the
XFX - AMD Radeon HD 6670 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 Graphics Card

Will my "stock" HP Pavilion support this? Or will I need to upgrade something else in order for it to accept the new hardware?

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 Hi  good day. Would anyone know if HP Pavilion x2 - 10-n101tu supports Intel WIDI and also Miracast pls  ?  thanks  very much.
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Hello to all of you,
I have this laptop HP PAVILION 4282EA:
Product Specifications*

from HP site this is my display adapter:
Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator 900

But whenei did un update to the display driver from windows updatesi got this driver:
Mobile Intel? 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset

Anyway i can't manage to make the AERO EFFECTS working.
Is there any thing that can make the AERO EFFECTS to work properly?

A:HP Pavilion 4282EA Not support AERo Effects?

Graphics - Windows Vista* support frequently asked questions
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Recently  I had purchased one laptop with the follwoing configuration. I want to know whether I can add one m.2 sata hard drive to my HP Pavilion 15t-bc000 CTO?  HP Pavilion - 15t Laptop256GB PCIe® NVMe? M.2 SSDFull-size island-style backlit keyboard (silver)Security Software Trial8GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (1 x 8GB)Intel® 802.11ac (2x2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 Combo15.6" diagonal FHD IPS UWVA anti-glare WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080)Office Software TrialWindows 10 Home 64HP Wide Vision HD Webcam with Dual Digital Microphone (Natural Silver)3-cell 61.5 WHr Lithium-ion BatteryIntel® Core? i5-6300HQ (2.3 GHz, up to 3.2 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) + NVIDIA)® GeForce® GTX 950M (2GB GDDR5 dedicated)No DVD or CD Drive
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I have an HP Pavilion a6500f running Windows 7 Home Premium.  I'd like to add a second 500 Gb 7200 RPM hard drive to it as a slave drive.  Can I do this?  And if I can how do I know what dimensions the hard drive should have?
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I'm building another computer and am still new to "how to install a SATA Drive". (HD Manufacturer) no longer provides the link to thier downloads. So how can I get the SATA driver so when I go into Windows XP instillation it will recognize the Hard Drive. I also put in my Windows disc and hit F6, tried all the options but just got error codes. Lost, please help.

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Hello Experts, i would like buy an PCI-Express-Card for Support 2 x e-SATA Port. The Card can only installed into an PCI-Express Slot Interface. Windows Vista Ultimate German Version, 32-Bit with SP1, actual Drivers and Patches on my XPS PC. I am not sure, that the Card can be installed on my XPS 720 Desktop. Currently works my Seagate FreeAgent Pro Drive on the IEE1394 Port (e. g. Firewire), but the Speed is currently very bad.  Sorry for my bad english, i am living in Germany.... ;) For more Questions for me - Thanks all experts here...   

A:Installing an PCI-Express Card for Support e-SATA Ports ?

If you have only one video card installed then you have one(1) PCI-e X16 slot available. there is also another on availabel on the lower end of the board but it will only run at x8 not x16.diagram of system board HERE Items number 14,16, AND 19 are the PCI-e slots. you will need to determine if the add in card needs the x16 or can run with the X8
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Hey, I would like to buy the "N Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter" and i want to know if my HP Pavilion 14-b150ej Sleekbook supports WiDi/Miracast. thx.

View Solution.

A:Does my HP Pavilion 14-b150ej Sleekbook support WiDi/Miracas...

Hi,  Eventually I was able to to get the "Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter" from a friend, and IT'S WORKING!!  Thx for all the help.
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Lost sound on my HDMI connection.  Looked in my Sys Tray and no Support Assistant.  It used to be on the laptop.  Went to HP and tried to download HP Support Assistant and got an HP Install Shield Wizard and got 1670 Unable to load module along with path and Error Code 32.   Bull
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I'm thinking of buying the,

Corsair Force Series 3 90GB SATA 3 6Gb/s Solid-State-Drive.

Force Series

Info "" Corsair Force Series 3 is Compatible with SATA 2 3Gb/s.
Haven't yet moved to SATA 3? Like all Corsair components, Force Series 3 SSDs are designed to last through several system upgrades. Adding a Force Series 3 today means that you'll still get incredible storage performance now, and your SSD will be ready for your next upgrade.""

Well,is future proof.

My GA-X38-DS4 motherboard is Sata 2.

Here we have some good experts in SSD installation.

So,i need your opinion\advice. Good idea? Bad idea?

A:Sata 3 ssd on Sata 2 Motherboard.

It should work just fine on a SATA2 port, but it will be limited to SATA2 speeds.

For example, youll Probably see Seq. Reads in the 250-275ish range.
To take advantage of the speed its capable of, youll just have to upgrade to a Motherboard with a SATA3 port.
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Where can I find this? I'm looking through the manual and I can't find anything. I have a ASUS CUV4X and looking to put in an 80GB hd with my existing 20GB, i'm sure it caps somewhere before I need a promise card or something, but I can't find where it says anything about that, u guys know? thanks!

A:how much HD mem does my motherboard support?

With that board, 4GB...

To get all kinds of info about your board, use AIDA32 - (its free).

80GB drive will work fine on the board... but what Windows version do you have?

512mb should be enough... PC-133 type.
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I am planning on building a home server in the not to distant future and I am wondering what motherboard will support ECC memory. I need an AM2 motherboard with about 3 pci slots and 1 pci-e slots which can support ECC Memory. The more the better.


A:Am2 motherboard with ecc support

Any Body got any ideas?
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I recently purhcased a computer which was at one point used as a server comp. Here asre the specs : P4 3.00 GHz with HT, 2 GB PC 2700 RAM, 80 GB SCSI 15K rpm HD and it's in a butt ugly server case. Anywho, I checked the comp specs and realized that there is currently no video card however there are 2 PCI-E slots. I was just wondering, If there are 2 PCI-E slots, does that give me the ability to get 2 SLI compatible video cards? Because on the specs list, it said nothing about SLI, however there are 2 slots...


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I have an INTEL D945GCNL motherboard.there are two slots for RAM.Currently 1Gb DDR2 ram is installed in slot A.
i wish to upgrade the memory to 3gb.i recently bought a single chip of 2gb ddr2.
but the intel website says maximum supported ram for the mobo is 2gb.
when i inserted the ram the OS detected it.(got both vista & xp).
there wasn't a considerable increase in performance though.(gaming etc.)
the new chip speed is 800. first chip has a speed of 667.
there might be a problem with dual channel feature also.
is 3gb possible on this board?
shall i continue using the new chip along with the old one or shall i return the 2gb chip and get a 1gb and settle for a total of 2gb ?

A:Motherboard RAM support

From what i have read, that motherboard will only support 2gig of ram.
What has happened is by mixing the two speeds of ram, the system is running at the lower speed.
So your best bet will be to remove the 1gig stick and only use the 2gig stick.
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I thought that all modern BIOS included support for the on boot function "F11 - Invoke Boot Sequence Menu".

I am now told that this is not the case and that many new motherboards do not support the F11 on boot option. In addition I have also been advised that some current BIOS versions have no on boot option facility at all and that the only way to change the boot sequence is to actually change the settings in the BIOS.

Can any Forum member confirm (or not) that the above is in fact true.


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I have an ECS 741GX-M motherboard and I found a used Athlon XP 2600+ that I was thinking about buying, but I just want to be absolutely certain this CPU will work on my motherboard before I purchase the chip. The ECS website - Support lists the Athlon XP 2600+ as supported, but there are 3 different versions of this chip as far as I can tell. The chip I'm looking at is the XP 2600+ with the Barton core, a slightly lower clock speed, 333MHz FSB, and the 512K cache - but this particular version is not listed on the website above, only the two versions with the 256K cache are listed. I would expect this chip to work, but I just want to be certain. Can anyone tell me for certain whether this CPU will work on my motherboard or not? Thanks.

A:Will my motherboard support this CPU?

They probabkly left it off then list, but the list does have other 333Mhz FSB Barton's listed so I see no reason why this one wouldn't work.
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how much ram can the fastest motherboard support? Windows 7 x64 (excluding home premium, home basic, starter) supports up do 192 GB of ram. Memory Limits for Windows Releases (Windows)

A:How much ram can a motherboard support?

I have seen 12GB DDR3 tripple channel (3x4GB), so I would say 24GB to fill the 6 slots (6x4GB).
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Hey guys, I have this motherboard :

It is rated to support 95w CPU's. Does this therefore mean any 95w CPU will work? I am looking at this processor be exact :

Also, whats the chance of this motherboard being able to support a 125w cpu. Thanks alot

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I want to try an AMD Sempron 2200+ 1500 Mhz processor.I have a ASUS A7S333 motherboard and a AMD Athlon 1300 Mhz processor.

A:What CPU does my motherboard support?

Your mobo supports AMD Athlon and Duron cpu`s, but might be able to support Semprons with a bios update.

See HERE for further info.

Regards Howard
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MSI Z -A PRO Will support new Win my motherboard out of 7 the box? LGA Intel Z SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard - Newegg com Disclaimer I have not bought this mobo yet but I will next month I'm building a new PC that will hopefully be able to run the Will my new motherboard support Win 7 out of the box? latest games at fps using high max settings In anticipation I bought an install disk for Win professional bit The mobo I was originally going to get ended up having numerous reviews that said it did not work with Win at least not without jumping through numerous hoops first Even then though it seemed like there was only a small chance of things working the way you want So I looked for another one and found the one that's in the link at the top I've read up and seen a few reviews about it working with Win no problem but I can't be sure If this mobo doesn't support Win out of the box can you recommend me a modern one that will Here's what the other parts of the build will be like I need a mobo that can support these Intel Core i - MSI GeForce GTX Fractal Design Arc Midi R Black - System Build - PCPartPicker
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I want to buy a 512mb stick of ram
how can I check if my motherboard will support it