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Pen Support for Spectre x360 13t

Q: Pen Support for Spectre x360 13t

Hi after being bounced back to and fro from various departments of HP I'm still unable to get Pen support on my Spectre x360 13t-4200 model. I've came a few people that didn't have the firmware but were able to download it for their 15t series, but so far I get a failed operation when I try to install the firmware. The same pen works on my sister's last year's model. Attached is a screen shot. ANy help is welcomed as I'm a graphic artist, I need my active stylus functionality Please & Thank you. 13t-4200 13-4003

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Preferred Solution: Pen Support for Spectre x360 13t

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Pen Support for Spectre x360 13t

What is the name of the pen excact model number? I will see if I can locate drivers for it.
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Just as 4K displays were becoming more affordable and widespread, it seems as though industry standards groups are preparing to up the stakes again. Apple's 5K iMac still isn't a high enough resolution for the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA),...

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A:VESA readies DisplayPort 1.4a standard with support for 8K displays

it is likely that we will see 8K TVs become more readily available before 8K computers do.Click to expand...

It is likely the only reason to have an 8K computer would be to use an 8K TV as the display.
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Acer announced two new gaming-grade 27-inch monitors at the Consumer Electronics Show last month. The XB270HU garnered the most media attention thanks to its IPS panel and Nvidia G-Sync technology. What Acer neglected to mention at the time, however, was...

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A:Acer's 27-inch XG270HU display will ship with FreeSync support

Those bezels are awesome! I wonder how much it'll go for though...
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I just bought a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD. Now I see that I have to enable AHCI for it to work properly, but I don't find anything that says AHCI on my motherboard! Will I never be able to use my SSD?

The motherboard's south bridge is ICH7. I know it has something to do with this problem, although I am not sure.

Thanks for help!!

A:Does ECS G31T-M7 (V7.0) support AHCI?

Do you have anything labeled IDE? It is a channel mode that needs changing from IDE to AHCI.
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Hello! I want to buy a Geforce Gtx 980 4GB gddr5 for my pc but I dont know if my motherboard can support it, how can I tell? my mother board is B85-G41 PC mate>, My procesor is i7 4770 3.40GHz. RAM is 16GB 1600MHz and PSU is 500W.

A:Video Card Support

From the information you provided, yes the GeForce GTX 980 will work very well with your MSI B85-G41 motherboard. You may want to keep an eye on your PSU though. 500W is the minimum system power requirement (according to the Nvidia website) to run the GeFore GTX 980. If you Overclock the GPU, it may run into some issues with the draw power coming from the PSU, and could cause it to go into an overload.
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I am thinking about purchasing this motherboard,

But I am not sure how to tell if a video card is compatible.

Here is the card I want,

I realize the PCIe 3.0 will fit to the motherboard, but I do not know if it will be compatible.

I do not understand the difference betweeen DDR3, DDR5 and GDDR5.

Thanks for help!

A:What video cards will support this?

Yes, those two items will be compatible with each other.

DDR3 & DDR5 are VRAM types and GDDR5 is a motherboard RAM identification.

For the future, you can go >>here<< and all your parts to see if there will be any issues with compatibility.

But keep in mind that there can be other compatibility issues such as the graphics card being too long to fit in the case.
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I'm new to gaming and just starting to learn, but I could really use some help.

I have a Dell Studio 1558 with an Intel Core i3 CPU and a 64-bit operating system, and I'm wondering if it will support an nvidia gtx 770 graphics card.

I'm not really sure how to tell and most of the explanations I've found have been too technical for me at this point, so I would really appreciate help.

A:Will computer support an Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card?

Can you tell us your complete specs and what wattage your PSU is?


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I have these cards on a fast Dell T with GB RAM and they are FLAKEY They came with Wesson Active Adapters but the AMD guys said to get ACCELL so now I have ACCELL adapters At first monitors worked then then Since does not work at a contiguous desktop I - for No AMD AMD support 8 W7000 Dual from monitors have dropped one fro the matrix within Windows still have connected AMD tech support is a JOKE For MONTHS before the Holidays their phones many times said quot Can not connect to support at this time quot and this was in the advertised business hours for tech support A few times I did get through there were people there who had no idea what what going on had RCV and kept finger pointing to quot software on your machine quot And yet I have been running with NVIDIA or AMD cards on this machine for over a year with no problem I got the W for speed well that part is OK the four that work are fast But it would be nice if they all worked Duh Lat week for instance I had a talk with a AMD person named Dan who told me once he heard my story that there is a ligh level guy named Charlie Dual AMD W7000 for 8 monitors - No support from AMD who really really wants to work on my case but Charlie is busy now and will call me at AM Monday morning I was here at this morning and no call In fact after an hour I called AMD and the message was AMD tech support does not open until AM At I called and got some poor guy who barely knew up from down very polite though and made all kinds of excuses for Charlie like Charlie was not available Charlie works in another building I have never seen Charlie I can not get in tough to Charlie I can leave a message for Charlie but I can not tell you if or when he will call you Insane I feel so let down by this company Someone should report them to the FTC and whatever bases of information possible to stop people form getting bush whacked by this AMD quot company quot nbsp

A:Dual AMD W7000 for 8 monitors - No support from AMD

Ok so if I am reading correctly this is the card you purchased correct?

Now then, you have two of these running in one machine im assuming X-Fired together so you can output on 8 displays. So the way im reading this (please correct my if im wrong) you have 8 display port adapters going to 8 different monitors (Display port to HDMI, DVI, or what?).

So here are my questions:
Which monitors have dropped off (Which card or both and which ports)?
Do you have the latest Catalyst for the Workstation cards running?
What version of windows are you running?

Here's a couple of quick things you can do to try and get all 8 working and ill see if I can't figure out the issue with you:

Try disabling eyefinity and running every monitor as an independent display.
Try rebuilding eyefinity in the control center and see if it detects all 8 monitors

One thing is that display port is designed to hold more than one monitor per port, im guessing you are using the DVI connectors since they came with it. My advice would be instead of using every port on each card, buy some of the dual display port adapters and use only the top card to run eyefinity, using 2 cards for multiple displays tends to run into issues at times especially when connecting such an extreme amount of monitors.
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Hello I ve been thinking about changing be PC my Graphics to able would Card handle? Which (support) my Video Card to another better NVIDIA My current computer specs Computer HP PAVILION ELITE HPE NL Computer Name PavilionElite System Manufacturer Hewlett Packard BIOS Ver OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Build Which Graphics Card would my PC (support) be able to handle? Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz CPUs Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Will be extended to Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Mb Power Supply W Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI IONA DirectX Version DirectX Antivirus McAfee All Access - Total Protection Updated amp Enabled Click here for more specs Which Nvidia Graphics Cards does my PC maximum support Could it support one of those -GeForce GTX TITAN -GeForce GTX TITAN Microsite -GeForce GTX -Series Microsite -GeForce GTX Ti new -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX Ti -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX Ti BOOST -GeForce GTX Ti -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX Could you also be specific which ones would be the best for me to buy nbsp

A:Which Graphics Card would my PC (support) be able to handle?

Upgrading from a GTX 260, I'm not sure I would select a 660 or 760. Unless I was going for DirectX 11 capability. The 670 requires a 500W power supply and the 770 requires a 600W power supply. So while DirectX 11 would be an upgrade, if you are wanting a large performance increase, you will need a larger power supply than 460W. Judging by the dimensions of the GTX 260, I would say the longer graphics cards (11 inches) would physically fit. Speaking of the GTX 260, nVidia specifies a 500W is required. I know the specifications allow for headroom, so it is your call whether you want to risk a card that calls for 500W.
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I am thinkin of buying

and I need to know if it will support my processor which is a core 2 duo E6550 and my G card which is a NVIDIA GT220 (old I know but does its job for what I need) and DDR 2 ram cards.

thanks all

A:Need to know if this motherboard will support my processor, RAM and GPU

The board seems to be a P4 board. - IntelŪ Desktop Board - DQ963GS

However there does seem to be support for Core2 processros with BIOS updates. - Found 36 Compatible Processor(s) for Board "DQ965GF"
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My monitor lately im seeing that its kinda losing its power its going dull + another wierd thing when I turn off the screen because im away studying usualy for a few moments I get that screen all kind of coulors like buncha strips and the monitor starts outputting strange sound from it which fade after a few seconds what could this be?Note monitor has been used for over 5 years now I belive could the screen be Dieng.

A:Need support for monitor

Sound like it is time for a new monitor
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Hi all. I was just wondering if anybody knows is ATI support 3D vision yet? i have 2x6950's and an acer GD245HQ 3D Ready Monitor.


A:ATI 3D Support?

If your asking whether the monitor is "AMD approved" -then (unless their site is out of date - not beyond the realms of possibility) then it doesn't show up as supported hardware.

As for driver support, it might be best to check out some of the reviews
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A:Can my motherboard support this GPU?

yes, but the better question is can your PSU handle the GPU? What size/model PSU do you have? Also see if the GPU will fit into your case because its long.
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Here is the screen I'm using RIGHT NOW:

Here is the graphics card I'm looking at getting:

Will my monitor boost up to that res. or even 1920x1200 with this GPU?

A:Does my monitor support 2560x1600 res?

Well, as you know, the native resolution is 1920 X 1080. All the other details as to maximum should be on the HP site. What you list is for HP Canada. Pay close attention to contrast ratios as well.
The video card goes to 2040 X 1536, but I would never depend on a used graphics card to do what you want at those resolutions.
Short answer: should work, but I would want to see it in the details on the HP site.
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I don t pretend to know much about CPUs doesn't M3A78 asus support II 965? Phenom Why x4 mb or motherboards so thought I d ask you guys I currently have a Asus M A Motherboard and didn t want to have to upgrade it for a new processor So i found out that the Phenom II X s are AM backwards compatible and began my search for the processor I wanted After reading about the AMD Phenom II X Black Edition I decided it was the processor I wanted with the right price tag for me but to my dismay despite the M Why doesn't asus M3A78 mb support Phenom II x4 965? A page saying it Supports nm Phenom II X Processors Why doesn't asus M3A78 mb support Phenom II x4 965? the does not appear on the cpu supported list on the asus webpage I called but wasn t given any real reason i think the guy just read what I had and saw it missing from the support list TL DR So I was wondering Why doesn't asus M3A78 mb support Phenom II x4 965? just why the Phenom II x BE isn t supported by the Asus M A motherboard Thanks in Advance nbsp

A:Why doesn't asus M3A78 mb support Phenom II x4 965?

I took a quick look at the CPU list on the web and the Phenom II X4 965 seems to be supported. Nope I was wrong. It's not supported. I looked up the ASUS M3A78 EM which does support that CPU.
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Just a quick note for anyone interested in using (or is already using) SSD's in RAID 0. It seems that TRIM support for RAID 0 will be implemented in Intel's RST 11.5 driver.

[Source: Storage Review]
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Does anyone have any experience dealing with ASUS customer support? I've got a P8P67 LE that won't post (it's also got the faulty 3GB SATA Intel bug and is eligible for the recall.)

Problem is, I can't get ahold of ASUS at all. I've filled out their online form for the recall using the mobo serial number, but when I try to look up the status on their status page it tells me my serial number/email is invalid. I can't register again because i'm already in the system. So I filled out a customer service request 10 days ago and haven't heard back. When I call I've been transferred around, disconnected and left messages that haven't been returned.

Anyone have any advice on how to get ahold of them? I've got a dead board, eligible for recall, and it's still under warranty.
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I have a GeForeve 9800GT from a friend and I would like to know if it will be compatible with my MSI 785GM-E51 motherboard.

Thanks in advance
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So I m looking into the MSI P A-GD B motherboard for a new build I was looking at the specs and it says it supports DDR at MHz but that it would need to be OC d to get up to either the MHz speeds Basically I m wondering if it s worth it to OC for the speed and how exactly to do it Here are the specs of the build I m looking at Mobo MSI P A-GD B LGA Intel P SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel CPU Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz LGA W PSU OCZ ModXStream Pro W Modular High Performance PS Graphics MSI R Cyclone PE Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HD HITACHI Deskstar TB RPM SATA Gb s quot So the main questions are a is it worth 1600MHz memory and P67A-GD65 support mobo it to go for the speed memory over the b what do I need to mess with to get the memory running at the full nbsp
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Doing some research to finally set a home wireless network. I have an original PS3 and am trying to determine if there are any wireless N adapters that are compatible. Have seen contradictory reports on the web so Im curious if anyone here has this up and running or can make a specific recommendation.

A:Wireless N Support for PS3?

You can set up a wireless network using ANY wireless capable device. PC's, Notebooks, PDA's and PS3's. The methods are the same
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My amd processor x2 5200 i got some problem so i gave to amd for RMA they replaced new Amd processor. Thing is they gave AMD Athlon X2 250. But my mother board Asus M2N-MX PLUs
I just connected tested... no display @ monitor.

Does my mother board will support AMD Athlon X2 250. ???????


A:Asus m2n SE Plus support AMD Athlon X2 250?

The AMD Athlon II X2 250 is not supported by your motherboard according to Asus' website.
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hello im planning to buy HDZ955FBGMBOX link and i have motherboard asus m4a78 link it show support ALL if HDZ955(but last letters is not the same) will it support my mb couse i dont have pcb 1.02G i see that HDX955... is by pcb version 1.02G

A:Phenom II x4 and motherboard support

I didn't see the Phenom II X4 955 listed in the CPU Support list for the M4A78 on the ASUS website. Might be a good idea to contact ASUS support just to be sure one way or the other.
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I m new to TS so be nice I recently installed wow and at first when i tried starting it up it said your d accelerator isn t working So i asked one of my friends for help he said you don t have a graphics card So i installed this with with dual me Help tmu support card video new choosing a graphics card my friend had just to see if it would help and when i tried starting wow up again it said your video card doesn t support wow plz install one with dual tmu support I also checked out the WOW website for info and it had a list of cards it doesnt support and mine was among them Im not really sure which one i Help me with choosing a new video card with dual tmu support need or which one fits my computer if anyone can suggest a video card that would solve my problem plz help let me know if im missing any info you need to choose a card THX alot sorry for making it so long but wanted to describe as much as possible Operating System Windows Ultimate -bit Build win gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Gateway System Model MIDWAY BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found Help me with choosing a new video card with dual tmu support User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode Gateway E Series nbsp

A:Help me with choosing a new video card with dual tmu support

Is this a small form factor or a regular width case? It appears that you need an AGP compatible card but the form factor of the case will make a difference in the card you can get. Also, you might need to upgrade the power supply to match the graphics card but that depends on which card you get.
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Can I make this video card work with a Dell 745 MiniTower? Not a gaming PC, three screen support is essential.
AMD lists 500W as the minimum wattage for this card. Could you suggest a PSU upgrade to make this work?

chasis dimensions -
Height 41.4 cm (16.3 inches)
Width 18.5 cm (7.3 inches)
Depth 43.8 cm (17.3 inches)
Weight 12.34 kg (27.2 lb)
Volume 33 Liters

Temperature Operating 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F)

A:Can Optiplex 745 support Radeon HD 6870

Putting the card in a mini-tower PC may be tricky... I have a Mid-Tower case and the hard drive bay is movable, to accommodate the "long" video cards. Get the video cards measurements and apply them to the inside case, where the PCI-e card slots are. Keep in mind that you will need to take up 2 card slots for 1 video card. If the mini-tower case has a standard ATX power supply any good brand (Antec, Corsair) 500 watt or better power supply will work
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So im planning on a new E6700 Will E6700 new support the my mobo cpu upgrade Im not a fan of Will my E6700 mobo support the new E6700 updating Will my E6700 mobo support the new E6700 all for the best I m more likely a FSX player and a bang for the buck guy anyways here is the deal I have a gaming rig and a casual pc my casual pc is getting a bit older and i believe its time to make a little change in the CPU I currently have the E which i bought about years ago running on my PC CHIPS P G v It s been a very nice mobo no problem at all and running I ve looked on several sites about compatibles CPUs and every website i get into Including the PCHIPS one agree in that the E is compatible with my mobo That is the Conroe procesor since there is a new cpu with smaller mn design and a ghz clock speed It really came to my head that if my Mobo is compatible with the old E Conroe should it be compatible with the new E Wolfdale If you need any more pc specs PLEASE ask me I will surelly answer everything Thanks for your interest P S I m new poster in this forum nbsp

A:Will my E6700 mobo support the new E6700

More than likely not. Most board that were born it the 65nm process era, will not support the newer 45nm CPU. In many cases, newer boards intended for 45nm CPUs are backwards compatible with the older chips, but I know that doesn't help you.

The E6700 (Pent) is a very new offering. It usually won't even run in boards that accept the E6300 & E6500 "Pentium Dual Core", (the new 45nm CPUs), without a BIOS update.

Here's the CPU support page for your board, and no's the answer;

the board's CPU compatibility doesn't even extend to the E6x20 series of C2D. These were the 1333 FSB models.
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Hey i just joined this site it seems like you guys clearly know what your support? 3D TMU card w/ accelerator dual talking about so 3D accelerator card w/ dual TMU support? i was hoping that maybe sum out there can help me with my problem you see i have just installed WOW and it keeps coming up saying that my D accelerator card is not supported by World Of Warcraft Please install a D accelerator card with dual-TMU support System information Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA RIVA TNT Model Model Pro Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type RIVA TNT Model Model Pro DAC 3D accelerator card w/ dual TMU support? type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV D amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name nv disp dll Driver Version English DDI Version Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d No WHQL Date Stamp None VDD n a Mini VDD nv mini sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E E- D- CF-F F- A B C CB Vendor ID x DE Device ID x D SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG B ModeMPEG C ModeMPEG D Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Enabled nbsp

A:3D accelerator card w/ dual TMU support?

That card is not supported by the game. You may be able to add a better card to your system but given the systems age I'm not sure you'd want to put any money into it.
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I bought the new Sapphire HD FleX edition that FleX supposed support HD 5770 to displays three is supposed to do monitors out of the box Eyefinity made easy they say I have my monitors setup in the correct sequence but my right monitor HD 5770 FleX supposed to support three displays is always in DISPLAY PORT mode and can go no bigger than x It is NOT a display port LCD My left uses the supplied HDMI to DVI adapter my middle uses the DL-DVI port and the right uses the SL-DVI port I tried moving them around and all that happens is either my middle becomse x mode display port again and the left just does not show anything if HD 5770 FleX supposed to support three displays it s in the SL-DVI port Anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening Out of the box for me means OUT OF THE BOX I have lost hrs to this card and have come out no further ahead or any closer to eyefinity out of the box Here is a link to the actual card if it helps http www sapphiretech com presentation product leg amp psn amp pid nbsp

A:HD 5770 FleX supposed to support three displays

see if this helps you, setting up eyefinity can be a bit confusing. let us know, if you would, how it works with a single 5770.
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does I5 Supports Win XP?

A:Support for new i5 CPU

Ofcourse. Why won't it?
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I got new monitor with maximum resolition of 1920x1080. My computer doesn't support this one. My computer options from high to low are 1600x1200, 1280x1024,.... but not 1920x1080.
What do I need to do?

A:PC doesn't support new 1080p monitor?

Try installing the driver for the monitor if there is one. You may also want to verify that your video card supports that resolution.
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I built this system in March and windoze vista home Ubuntu/Linux Motherboard with support premium This Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support particular edition of vista was a nightmare from day one and I eventually found a work-a-round to get Ubuntu installed NO Linux support from the MB manufacturer days after getting it to a dual boot system vista stopped recognizing the mouse and keyboard So I have a MOBO that doesn t like Ubuntu and is a nightmare to try to fond workarounds for Here is what I have to work with XFX nForce a SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA a Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support SLI Socket AM AM ATX Audio Video HDMI DVI PCI Express Gigabit LAN S PDIF USB eSATA RAID AMD Phenom Processor HD WCGDBOX - GHz x KB Cache MHz MT s FSB Agena Quad-Core Retail Socket AM Processor with Fan Kingston PC MHz GB DDR Desktop Memory - x MB Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support Pin OCZ SLI-Ready Dual Channel MB PC DDR MHz Memory x MB XFX GeForce GSO Fatal ty Edition Video Card - MB DDR PCI Express Dual Link DVI SLI Ready Seagate GB Serial ATA HD MB SATA- G And the full sized ATX tower w watt PS Which Motherboards would be the best to work with that HAS Linux SUPPORT Thanks for all the help over the years guys I truly do appreciate it Drew nbsp

A:Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support

Is there a specific component on that motherboard that you're having problems with? I can't imagine that the motherboard is not "compatible" with linux - in fact, I've found threads with people using Ubuntu with that mobo. I also find it odd that you'd have a Windows Vista issue with that mobo since most of the users I see online who use it are running Vista or 7 64-bit. Perhaps you have a faulty motherboard and it's not a problem with the model itself.
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Does anyone know if this board supports large HDD. 320 GB, 500 GB etc.? Thanks fish4specs

A:Gigabyte GA-K8U-939 HDD support

Update to the latest BIOS and it definitely will support hard disks of any capacity
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Well I have a 3 year old pc with intel 82915g/gv/910gl chipset

if I install windows 7 , will my chipset work

I have drivers just for xp, I searched for even vista driver, but I didnt found them.

plz help

A:Windows 7 Intel drivers support

They will be on the website of the manufacturer... or with help from their tech support site.
Generally the chipset will work... but others can be a frustration.
Chipset upgrades, if needed, are found on the Intel website... It is a struggle to find where.
What is your brand, model, and configuration.
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No IPv support on new Belkin routers per Belkin tech support Subject Support for IPv on the Play Max Wireless Router Does the Play Max Wireless Router support IPv on the WAN side LAN side or both Thank you in advance Discussion Thread Response Santosh B C AM Hi Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support Thank you for taking the time to write to us We understand that you want to configure the router with IP V Ip address We are sorry to state that Belkin router can only be configured for Internet protocol TCP IP version Thank you Should you have any further questions please take a moment to review our Knowledge Base at belkin com support or let us know Please ensure that in order to reply to this email or access any attachments you must follow the link shown above and click update at the bottom of the email to be able to respond Do not reply as we will not receive your email Santosh B C Technical Support Agent Belkin Technical Support Customer C M AM nbsp

A:No IPv6 support on new belkin routers

Well time to look at the Cisco Linksys E3000 instead. As that's where I headed for. Why over the Easter Weekend I was helping my brother-in-law setup his free Cisco Linksys 802.1n from Cox Communcations. He and I have Cox both have the same plan. But I didn't see what the fact that his wireless 802.11n downloads was very quick. Even though be both have Power Boost, his E2000 is quicker than Belkin N+. Wow! An on the Gizmo site online there is a short review on E3000 in 802.11n mode and it's quick. There is EnGenius ESR9850 that's suppose to be showing 700mbps on LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN on wired connections where P2P is showing 19,721 max connections instead of the norm 200 max simulations connections. As 802.11n is over 100mbps too.This is 10/100/1000mbps the NPU is all-in-one SOC meaning the wireless chipset is integrated into the chip. NPU speed is 384MHz and the onboard RAM is 32MB. Online this wireless 802.11n router is only $49 to $59 on some sites. Belkin N+ V2 uses this setup, but looks like some other companies have spiked up the firmware or hardware to get max connections speeds.

After two years of owning first Belkin N+ it has served me very well. But like all PCB wireless routers they tend to degrade and start acting up after heavy duty usage like I have place this router though. Plus these newer routers seem to have full speed ahead not like 2008, 2009 where they seem to be half speed. 2010 wireless routers not all but those I've mentions are set to the max instead of mid-way! Gig connection is suppose to be 600-700mbps not 100-200mbps.
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Here's my mobo info:

A:Which processors will my motherboard support?

Here you go:
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Yeap, apparently there was an update for trim support with RAID 0, 1, and 10 (not 5).

Now, this is really interesting news to me, as I want to buy a couple of SSDs for my new build, and put in RAID 0.

Now, this update is apparently only for Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Reading around, I can't figure out of this would include the P55 chipset.

Can anyone answer this?

A:Trim support and RAID - update question

Any Intel I/O controller hub that supports RAID from ICH7R onwards (so from 945P chipset), including the P55 family (which has an integrated Platform Controller Hub).

For any other thread viewers interested:
Driver here
All drives in the array must of course support TRIM

Definitely a step in the right direction !
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So I'm looking at a new motherboard. It will be using an intel core i5-750 processor. I also have a gtx 260. I found a motherboard on newegg that has Crossfire support. Does that mean it will also support SLI? Here is the link.

Any help would be appreciated. Also if it isnt suggestions for a 100-200 dollar mobo with SLI support would be appreciated but It needs to run the core i5-750 as well.

A:Motherboard SLI/Crossfire support

I've been wondering the same thing myself. I have an MSI mobo which I know supports Crossfire, but my video card is Nvidia.
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Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R

Asus P6X58D Premium

I heard the gigabytes UD3R's usb 3.0 get cancelled when using crossfire or sli? Does Asus Premium does the same?

thank you for your answers, would help me alot

Explain in detail if you can please..

A:Motherboard Gigabyte or Asus? Which one fully support usb 3.0 and crossfire?

I heard the gigabytes UD3R's usb 3.0 get cancelled when using crossfire or sli?Click to expand...

That does not seem very probable. What's the source of this information?

Both ASUS and Gigabyte are great brands. Just get the board that comes in cheaper as long as they have the same feature set.
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A:Can Thermaltake M9 support another 120mm blue led fan?

Here's an idea. Check Thermaltake's product specification page.
Are you attempting to win the title of "Most threads started that could be answered by a simple Google search" ?
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Sony Optiarc Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X CD-R X CD-RW MB Cache SATA DVD Burner with LightScribe LightScribe Support - OEM Antec probably support and build this actual gen games games? of 100% next Can Three Hundred Illusion Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail SAMSUNG Spinpoint F HD HJ GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive ASUS VH T-P Black quot ms Widescreen Full HD p LCD Monitor cd m ASCR Built-in Speakers - Retail GIGABYTE GA- TA-UD AM AMD SATA Gb s USB ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail SAPPHIRE L Radeon HD Juniper XT GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card - Retail RAIDMAX HYBRID RX- SS W ATX V V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Modular LED Power Supply - Retail G SKILL Can this build support 100% of actual games and probably next gen games? GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBNT - Retail AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Deneb GHz x KB L Cache MB L Cache Socket AM W Quad-Core Processor - Retail ARCTIC COOLING Freezer Pro mm CPU Cooler - Retail nbsp

A:Can this build support 100% of actual games and probably next gen games?

All these items are worth:

$995 shipped ($1000)
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I'm going to buy a GTX8800 for my pc, but before that I will need to upgrade my PSU because it has only 250W ( i-cute china brand ), it definetly not sufficient to run GTX 8800. I have found this PSU on ebay

cgi.ebay. co. uk /NEW-650-w-SATA-PC-PSU-POWER-SUPPLY-SILENT-120mm-FAN_W0QQitemZ140332178693QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Computing_PowerSupplies_EH?hash=item20ac731d05

I'm not sure does it fit for my new video card or not.

Experts please help me !!

A:Question: Which PSU to support GTX8800? PSU upgrading

You're better off getting a branded PSU from Corsair, OCZ, etc. I doubt that one from eBay will actually output 650W...
Also is the 8800 GTX even in production any more? Even if it is you're better off spending your money on a Radeon 5750 or something, which would probably cost about the same.
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I ran the windows 7 upgrade advisor on my computer and it indicated that my current graphics adapter won't support the windows there an upgrade for this I have a geforce 8500gt 512mb card with v.191.07 drivers installed?who do I get the updates from nvidia or microsoft?

A:Windows are support?

If you are running a Windows XP 64 bit, you must get Windows 7 64 bit. 32 bit Windows XP needs 32 bit Windows 7. Don't worry about the geforce 8500gt now. Install Windows 7 and the required video driver updates will take care of the issue
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I have a small 750VA UPS which i use to safely shut down computer.The backup is about 5-8 minutes.We are having power shortage and thinking of battery backup but not much cash for inverters.My question is that do my UPS support those large battery(cars and bigger one like 120amp etc,don't have knowledge sorry).How much amp of battery do my UPS support?I calculated my computers' power consumption and it's around 230watt(with 9800GT,not sure)+36Watt monitor.So can i only get battery or my UPS too weak and need inverter?

A:Battery support for 750VA UPS

As long as it is 12V DC you can use any battery you want. There are a few things online about using a car battery for the battery backup. You may want to use a 'deep cycle' marine battery (although I don't know the availability of marine batteries in Nepal). There are probably other 'deep cycle' batteries other than marine.. Anyway, unless it is in a pretty well ventilated place you'll want to avoid unsealed batteries, which include most car batteries, because of hydrogen gas buildup (and perhaps H2S).

Depending on the battery you may (probably will) lose the ability to correctly monitor how much life you have left in the battery when running the electronics.
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Not my problem, but one I have noticed many, many times lately on these pages. So many people report 'unable to boot from install CD' or DVD, despite having the boot order correct. Can some experienced repair technician throw light on what is going on - are CD/DVD devices becoming quite quickly unable to support booting?

And what may be the cause? Is there some change in recent motherboards, is XP/Vista/Win7 sending out updates which interfere with motherboard drivers? Do devices simply fail quite quicky these days? .... or what?

A:Do many CD/DVD drives fail to support boot these days?


Here's what the issues have been:

Written disc (copied) that is not being picked up by the standard laptop CD/DVD Drive (normal I find)
Faulty CD/DVD Drive, that can read in Windows, but cannot boot BootCDs (common I find)
Users not selecting either "press any key to boot from CD" or not selecting the Fn key that changes to CD boot (not exactly Bios config)
Scratched or dirty discs (and CD/DVD Drives)
Incorrect jumper setting (or cabling) on older ATA (IDE Connected) CD/DVD Drives
There may be a whole range of others (and a comprehensive list) listed on other sites of possible issues

BUT: When the computer was bought (brand new) it booted from the CD/DVD Drive (even new and old computers)
Therefore something (as above) has changed since, ie its not MS updates or firmware drivers, or anything like that. Although I agree that parts don't last as long as they did in the past, ie most 486 computers still work, ironically
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I have a Shuttle SN78SH7 with the latest SN78S10Y BIOS. I had been using a wired USB KB, which works fine. I recently switched to a wireless KB, but it does not work during POST or the grub2 menu. It works fine though once the OS boots up.

I understand I should try enabling "Legacy USB support" in the BIOS, but I can't find that in the menu. Can someone point me to the right setting?

-Thanks, zog

A:How enable "USB Legacy support" on SN78SH7 Shuttle

You need to keep Legacy USB support turned off and use a USB to PS2 keyboard adapter
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heya guys, I'm half way through building my new system I currently have the Asrock M3A790GXH/128M motherboard and i am looking to buy the Athlon II quad core 620 as I can get it pretty cheap.

My question is on the asrock site it says "Support for Socket AM3 processors: AMD Phenom? II X4 / X3 (except 920 / 940) and Athlon II X4 / X3 / X2 processors"

However in the cpu support list it says that it does support it?

Can any one clear this up for me?

The asrock K10nSLI board says it does not support the athlon 620 on its current bios, however this is not true.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slurp:


Just solved my own problem haha, feel pretty stupid for asking now it says phenom not athlon!

A:Asrock M3A790GXH/128M support Athlon II quad 620 chip?

The Athlon II X4 620 should work fine on that ASRock.
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We are a rafting company that sells our photos on cd. Currently we have been simply burning to the one on-board burner. This creates down time while each disk burns. Each burn is a unique project and not a duplicate. Can I hook up 5 external burners to a well equipped PC and burn 5 unique projects at the same time? If it is possible what should the PC be equipped with in terms on memory, processor and anything else? Thanks for the help.
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I have a Adaptec 1205sa sata host controller. I added a 2 tb hitachi to my system but the host controller does not recognize it. Adaptec has not bothered to update drivers since '03. I found this thread that deals mainly with vista support for the 1205. The last post states once updated 1tb support will be added. However i am unsure as to what i need to dl from silicon image. Can someone explain with easy step by step instructions how to update the drivers/bios for the 1205 using the updates on Silicon Image's site? Thanks..
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which is the company that works best after sales support for desktops

i change my laptop.......

A:HP, IBM, Dell, Acer: who offers the best support?

Well I Dunno What you mean About Sales Thing or Whatever because I'm only 14 And Spend Money At My Will But I have An HP And I love it Because I Screw Around With My Computer Alot And The Recovery Disks Save My life Tons Of Times. And You Can get the Best deals With It I have A BlueRay Burner And 512MB Graphics Card WithHDMi port And Tons Of Car Readers And A TV Tuner 4Gb Of ram And 750GB Of Room So i think I Got A Pretty Good deal For $1000
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Hi Folks,

I understand there's a forum, run by Asus, where you can ask questions directly to the developers. This is NOT the usual user's forum.

Anybody know anything about that?



A:Asus Technical Support

I guess no one knows about such a site
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Has any forum member encountered a quot stop all activity quot order from Financial Services when trying to submit a change of ownership form I purchased a relatively new Dell XPS M from a storage unit Change Dell Customer Support/Ownership auction and while trying to assume ownership online a D-Tech took me all the way to the point of removing the Master P W then announced a problem w Financial Services Using a landline I contacted them only Dell Customer Support/Ownership Change to have Finance transfer me straight back to Support which said they were transfering me back to Finance who said they would transfer me to T Support at which point I hung up Any Clues out there I have noticed user hpgl posting bios master p w and submit the following info in hope theres a chance I too could be helped Thankx to all forum users and especially posters who dare to break the bond big industry thinks they have on the personal computers who purchase their products Dell XPS M Duo gb hdd service TBZ G express nbsp

A:Dell Customer Support/Ownership Change

Surely someone has encountered this situation w/ Dell Financial. As big as they are and as many of us that there are,the chances are atleast 50-50. So I'll ask in a diff'rent way:
Anyone care to share their tips, numbers and or experiences sufferred from DELL with respect to master p/w requests, change of ownership requests and generally any info we as a group may find usefull ? Like,for example,the pertinent info from a live support chat (number codes ) not the entire chat but the meat of the request..

anyway just an attempt to get my post number up and maybe get the info to do it myself. My selfishness shall end with this: I've shorted 6 systems with 100% success and will post my photos and results.

Dell XPS M1530
s/t 5TBZ6G1
e/t 12657547873
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i have a gigabyte nforece3 250 mobo NVIDIA chipet. Is Patriot Memory DDR3 Viper Series 2GB 1333 compatible?

A:Does Gigabyte nForce3 250 support DDR3 RAM?

Nope. It doesn't even support DDR2. Only DDR RAM will work.
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Hey there, I've recently gotten more and more into gaming, and as it gets more serious the demands for less lag has gotten to be more!

So here's the eMachine. I got it from a friend and he put a huge video card, a new power supply, and lots of RAM into it.

Anyway here's the link:

and here's the CPU I want to put inside of it:

I know the sockets match and everything, but I read something about how my motherboard has to support Dual-Core Processors

(Btw here is my current processor: )

A:Will my motherboard support this Processor?

Bump, I'd really like some insight here =/
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error message says I need a shaper model 2. Here is my computer details:

Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller [Display adapter]
Samsung 570V TFT [Monitor] (14.9"vis, s/n H1CR305247, March 2001)
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Main Circuit Board b
Board: Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 4500S
Bus Clock: 400 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A03 07/25/2002

Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3

Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC

Not sure what else you would need to see. Please let me know if this is enough to know what type of video card I need to buy.

A:Video card doesn't support sim 3 game

You will need to install a good video card. The Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller is on-board video, and it is not strong enough to allow you to play most games
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When I do something that runs at 640x480, I get an "Out of Range" message that says: 29.4KHz / 60Hz. I assume it's resolution / refresh rate. The only way I have managed to use 640x480 is by installing a new driver for the video card, but when I turn off the computer it happens again. Monitor: LG Flatron L1918S. Can I force 640x480?

A:My monitor does not support fullscreen 640x480

Go to start>run>type regedit

settings tab> click advanced> and then under the adapter tab, click list all modes. Should give the option after that

Edit: I just re-read your question and don't think this will work. I was thinking that your desktop didn't give you the option to select 640X480
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I'm planning to buy the following mother board;

What I need is a confirmation that all of the following parts will work with it.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


A:Will my motherboard support these parts?

They will work, however, I suggest a power supply of 500+ Watts, the 430 may not be sufficient.
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Hi I have an HP ZE which I tried to clear the password in the BIOS by entering the original password then the enter key times over the new password blanks The next boot it asked for a password and my old password didn t work Nothing works There must be a bug in this BIOS Now I get a hash code of I tried to contact to contact HP I talked to technicians over several hours some of which were quot know Code HP is? does Support what not Hash nd level quot support technicians I tried to tell them that I have a hash code none knew what that was at all I told them i understand I just need to provide proof of ownership which I was ready and willing to do and a Hash Code they said they never heard of this method and I HP Support does not know what Hash Code is? must send it in to a service center All of them told me to remove the CMOS battery I insisted that won t work in a laptop and they insisted it would work They all insisted One of them even HP Support does not know what Hash Code is? sent me a manual to disassemble my laptop This model requires complete disassembly and removal of the mainboard to get to the CMOS battery it s located on the bottom side of the motherboard and there are no openings in the casing so you have to completely remove the motherboard This is crazy advice to give to an average home user I knew this wouldn t work but since HP technicians told me it would so I tried it HP Support does not know what Hash Code is? I m pretty technical and not afraid Completely disassembled the laptop removed the mainboard Left the battery out for a full day STILL PASSWORD It appears nobody on this site helps with HP Hash Codes any longer looks like mainly Dell products Not sure why but I see lots of HP owners posting without resolution Bottom line What are my options Is this computer now a Paper Weight Please advise Thank you nbsp

A:HP Support does not know what Hash Code is?

Send it back to HP and ask them to fix it for a fee.

Hash code is not yet common terminology in the computer world... and all dial up techs in foreign countries are prevented from password fix training online.
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Will newer video cards run older games? Lego Star Wars II support say they only recommend cards they have tested. Well their list of supported video cards is from 2006 and not very appealing. Many of them aren't even available now. Are they sure newer cards won't run their games or just unwilling to stick their neck out and say, yea maybe they could?

A:Old games-new cards? Lego support says no

I'm sure they will run fine if the OS supports it. Vista won't run some older games but those are going back at least 6 years.

I can't really think of any other reason why they wouldn't, the old cards technologies are built into the new cards with the possible exception of whatever the old Voodoo cards did..
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yesterday i downloaded a game world of warcraft. now it's telling me
i need to install a card call 3d accelerator card with dual-TMU support.
can u tell me were i can go to download a safe program.

A:Where can I go to download a accelerator card with dual-TMU support

Try a google.
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I have a Dell desktop running Vista connected to a Canon printer via a Linksys wireless router Initially I had the printer connected via USB to another Dell computer on the network and everything birectional support" message printer network "Enable on worked fine I needed the USB port for another device so I changed it to wire the printer via ethernet directly "Enable birectional support" message on network printer from the router Now the first computer also connected "Enable birectional support" message on network printer to the router via ethernet still works fine However the wireless computer has some issues I get a message that the computer cannot communicate with the printer and to quot enable bidirectional support quot However the bidirectional support box is greyed on the printer properties The strange thing is that the printer still works even though the computer says it isn t working So I seem to be communicating just fine from the PC to the router to the printer but some how the reverse path isn t working right and I don t know how to get the quot bidrectional support quot ungreyed I ve tried reinstalling the printer drivers but that doesn t make any difference I used to go wireless from the computer to the router ethernet from the router to another computer and USB from that computer to the printer - everything worked Now I am going wireless from the computer to the router and ethernet from the router to the printer Works OK but gives a warning that it isn t working Anyone know how to fix this nbsp

A:"Enable birectional support" message on network printer

I think you need to add a new port called standard tcp/ip.
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I'm looking yet again into PC parts and was looking at motherboards. I think I found a good one, but I want to make sure it will support 2 hard drives, as I want to format one as Vista and one as XP.

Here's the link:

A:Will this support two Hard Drives?

yes, but in order to make a dual-os system, you need to install XP first, and then Vista on the SAME (unless you like swapping drives physically).

Almost every motherboard will support at least TWO HDs.
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Intel Extreme Graphics XGA x support Hi im new here and i really have searched hard for many weeks to resolve this issue to no avail I will be very impressed if support? 2 XGA Extreme 1200x800 Graphics Intel someone can help Im having problems with intel gme graphics drivers Intel extreme graphics on my clevo M CW M W M W yrs old XGA x and dont know where to turn The basic driver that came with the computer regularily when i open a browser window or Intel Extreme Graphics 2 XGA 1200x800 support? video window the screen goes stripey grey Everything seems to be fine underneath as i can shut down with no problems but no screen until i reboot I installed the latest drivers and tried those inbetween to no avail and this seems to overcome this problem but there seems to be no support for XGA resolution The new driver says in display gt settings that monitor is digital flat monitor x but my screen is x XGA and there is no option to change that The only resolution that is usable is x which fits the screen but the text and icons are slightly distorted Ive searched all driver sites intel drivers and the give the same driver for the GM and GME Is there any other drivers i could possible use for this resolution or is there one i can t find Im running Phoenix NoteBIOS would an upgrade resolve this excuse my ignorance on this one i don t know much about BIOS upgrade and will have to read up There must be others with this model that have had similar issues over the past years Im running XP Pro with SP Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Intel Extreme Graphics 2 XGA 1200x800 support?

Have you thought about getting an add-on AGP or PCI HD ready video card?
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Hi all,

My System config is
Intel Dual core proceesor 2.8 GHz
Intel D945GCCR moterboard
Intex 450w psu.

I am not going to do any overclocking..

whether my system supports HD 4850?

Thanx in Advance

A:Would my system support a Radeon 4850 512mb

No. Your PSU doesn't supply enough power for the card to run properly in your system.
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Hello, i have an ECS P4IBAS Motherboard and was wondering if it can support a 160GB hard drive. The bios is Award Modular BIOS 6.00PG v1.1 and the motherboard has the Intel 845 Chipset. I currently have an 80gb hard drive which is about to fail (it has a very high reallocated sector count) and i really want to get a bigger hard drive as 80gb isnt enough for me anymore. The year of my bios is 2001. So will this motherboard support a 160GB hard drive without having to flash my bios?

Thanks, Nissanman.

A:Hard Drive Support For ECS P4IBAS Motherboard?

Yes, depending on the OS. The Award BIOS will handle it. But, unless you use XP Service Pack 2 or 3, your maximum size per partition is 132 gb before formatting or 128, or so, after formatting.
Best thing to do is format it with whatever OS you have, then extend the partition with a partition manager such as PartIt, Norton Ghost, Acronis, or the like.
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Hey I have a small project (Personal Project) I am working on I got 3 compaq proliant 1600 for free, I am talking about the one that got discontinued on march 2000 this thing is old lol. Now I wanted to know if it could support sbs2003 below are the current specs also I attached a picture below. It will support 4 or 5 PC's
2x P3 600 MHZ
4x 256 MB Ram
4x 18.2 SCSI HDD I set one of the HDD as "page file"
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I thought that the only motherboard that supported DDR and DDR was the GA-EP C-DS R but when I was reading the overview for the GA-X -DS this is what I found quot Intel X Express Chipset The Intel X Express Chipsets support the latest multi-core processors with FSB MHz including the upcoming nm processors with DDR3 for the and DDR2 GA-X38-DS4? support memory its record breaking performance and greater energy efficiency Intel X chipset with optimized system DDR2 and DDR3 memory support for the GA-X38-DS4? memory capabilities chipset over-speed protection removed for maximum overclocking providing faster boot and application load times and additional power savings Intel X chipset also offer options for both DDR and DDR memory support U providing scalable options for users wanting to take advantage of higher memory performance with less power consumption to run next generation applications such as high-definition video and D visualization quot THe above was taken from the following website http www gigabyte com tw Products Motherboard Products Overview aspx ProductID So can anyone tell me from personal experience or their own exstensive and rock-solid knowledge if this board can take DDR as well as DDR nbsp

A:DDR2 and DDR3 memory support for the GA-X38-DS4?

The board only supports DDR2. While the chipset may support both DDR2 & DDR3, it's upto motherboard manufacturers whether or not to design motherboards with support for only one, or both.
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I've got an Asus A7V8X and ran into a problem once I re-loaded XP. XP works great, I have access to my files and it loads just fine, just w/out the Lan, USB and Sound. Under the device driver, all I get are question marks for these devices. Everything was good before I reloaded XP, so I know the board works fine. I installed the most recent 4 in 1 drivers per the Asus website but still no-go. I made no changes to the Bios in 6 months, so I should be fine there.

So, what's up?

Thank you,


A:A7V8X XP works but w/o support for Lan,USB and Sound

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First go Here click on the drivers tab and download the audio and ethernet drivers for your mobo.

As for the USB problem. Have you got anything connected to your USB ports?

It maybe that if you have then it`s the drivers for the device that`s connected you need.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have a LG GSA-H N DVD GSA-H55N Windows software 98SE? does LG support not Rewriter which I bought to backup my hard drive amp store my data before getting rid of the French version of Windows SE which I think was missing things amp replace it with an English version My computer a Pent II MHz recognizes the drive as a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H N amp works just fine as a CD-Rom My problem is that the software that came with it does not support Windows SE amp both the paperwork amp the CD both state to contact LG for Windows amp DOS support Of course they come back amp say that they do not Power DVD Power LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE? Producer Nero Express All I want to do is be able to backup my data amp download programs for later installation as I have found you cannot Install from C to C in a pinch I could download to my D DOS FAT drive amp install from there maybe but have not tried that yet There must be something out there that will let me get this unit to Burn but I have not been able to find it on my own yet then maybe I don t know what I am looking for Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE? a bad case of JS Downloader Agent amp the only cure is to wipe the drive amp start from scratch I guess I hope this is the right Forum for this but this is my st Thread blush nbsp

A:LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE?

hi welcome to the site.
You could try a free burning program such as the one below.

As for the JS/Downloader.Agent try making a thread under the Malware thread someone may be able to help you with that as i dont know much about it

hope this helps

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in the AMD cpu's, they all (well not all but you know what i mean) seem to have the Hyper-Transport Support and its usually double of what your bus speed is
just in MT/s instead of MHz

.....actually, can somebody just explain this to me before they tell me how to take advantage of it.

A:How to use Hyper-Transport Support?

Uhm.. It is used for communication between different chips and cores and is not something you can turn off and on - your motherboard and the chips involved are purpose-built for HT.
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Can my mobo support a Core2Duo Processor?

It has a LGA775 socket and it can support upto a maximum of 1066Mhz FSB.

Thanks in advance

A:Will my mobo support Core2Duo? It has LGA775 socket

Unfortunately we do not have crystal balls at our disposal & need more information on your motherboard before answering that question.
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Hey guys and gals,

I bought this mobo back in July and have not used it yet. It's the A1 680ISLI and I am not sure if It supports the new PCI 2.0 interface. Any suggestions/Answers???


A:Does the EVGA 680ISLI MOBO support the 8800GT

The 8800GT should be a PCI-e x16 interface, so as long as the mobo has that then you'll be fine.

Basically everything you can get these days has PCI-e x16 on it so it will most likely be ok

If you're not sure, google for pictures and compare what you have on the board.
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Dual X XT crossfire Owner Who has dual X XT in crossfire mode or who used to have dual X XT in crossfire mode Can you tell me hows the performance what game did you play can you tell me the fps also if you happend to play these games - Dark Messiah - Age of Empires III Asian Dynasties - Time Shift demo - Vanguard - Zera asia - Two Worlds - Soul of the Ultimate Nation asia - Rainbow Six Lockdown on maximum settings can you tell me how much fps you get I have CrossFire? support Emachines T6212 Do one X XT right now and planning to Do Emachines T6212 support CrossFire? get another one for cheap to do crossfire I dont mind throwing dollar on a used but working X XT and can my motherboard support crossfire it s an Emachines T check here for detail http www emachines com support product support html cat Desktops amp subcat T-Series amp model T and if crossfire do both card must be from the same brand I have sapphire does my second card must be from sapphire as well or dont have to nbsp

A:Do Emachines T6212 support CrossFire?

I very much doubt your pc suppoerts crossfire. Even if it did your psu would most definately not.
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First of all my support external USB booting? motherboard Does I have a ASUS M N SLI Delux Does my motherboard support external USB booting? NVIDIA nForce I was in my bios and think I found where it says I can but I just want a second opinion so that I know for sure In my BIOS I went to quot Advanced quot then I went to quot PCInP quot from there there was two options the first one was quot Plug and Play quot and it was set to quot NO quot The second one was quot Resources controlled by quot and it was set to quot Auto quot When clicked on the quot resouces quot one on the right hand side where a explination or something of what you are clicked on said quot BIOS can automaticly configure Does my motherboard support external USB booting? all the boot and plug and play compatible devices If you choose Auto you cannot select IRQ DMA and memory base address feilds since BIOS autimaticly assigns them quot Now to me that sounds like my board supports plug and play boot devices Any help is great thanks nbsp

A:Does my motherboard support external USB booting?

It probably does.
Why do you want to boot from usb tho?
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I think that my MOBO can support this processor, but I just wanted to check.

I currently have a Intel Core 2 Duo E660 2.4GHz, with 2GB DDR2 533MHz RAM (2x1GB).

I want to upgrade to an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66GHz Quad Core CPU. According to the ASUS website, my computer can support Quad core.

- Support IntelŪ next generation 45nm Multi-core CPU
- IntelŪ Quad-Core

I also wondered how much is the maximum RAM my MOBO can support (can I put in 2GB sticks in or just 4x1GB).

- Dual-channel DDR2 800/667/533

All help greatly appriciated in question #1 or #2.

A:Will my MOBO support a new processor and differnet RAM?

generally it is better just to stick with 2 sticks of ram. So go with 2 x 2gb if you want 4gb. (This is overkill for most applications). 2gb should be plenty.

You should not have any CPU upgrade issues, but you may require a BIOS update. Read:

read: before doing anything else.
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I set up my office hell from months ago with Qwest DSL cable wanted months for engineering bought several computers all went well until this week I have a similar network at home Actiontec port ether wireless Office GT Two Dells one El cheapo emachine So I sublet to a tax accountant also they are on a wireless network with cable router next door at their main office Last week Home from vacation When this all happened Wireless cable went down and from hell the same time as my DSL I lose connectivity as does one of my from hell CSRs rd computer OK Mine and CSR have quot cable disconnected I did all the obvious I have backup cables brought my CPU next to modem no good Took mine home hooked it to DSL it worked Back to office it hooks up fine on original cable I try the same with CSR emachine No good quot Cable Disconnected quot on board ethernet So I install a linksys ethernet Disable onboard Install good same problem So maybe modem I buy a USB linksys wireless and new Action tec smae model modem I get it up on old modem and it hooks up internet working But the availble wireless is quot JimnCorine quot I set my DSL up originally at Actiontec as wirless OFF so I m thinking a neighbor has a mighty strong signal I go to Actiontec and wireless is ON While looking around suddenly i am kicked out Password protected I call Actiontec India late at night They say just hit the reset button which of course wipes the router IP Subnet everything for brains I call Qwest two hours we get everything coded WEP on wirless I have on wireless Passworded Actiontec Admin locked down nicely New modem I ask support should I put in the modem I want to keep No problem just replace modem So it appears Jim or Corine guessed I had an Actiontec uh my SSID was Actiontec DUH got onto my XX named them selves as Admin then when I went to WEP my wireless tried to password me out of my own network They have been theiving DSL JIMNCOR probably tried hacking into tax wirless also They have service and were restored in an hour or so I am my IT dept OFF shoot The ethernet computers work The wireless gets signal quot no connection to interent quot On ethernt both onboard and linksys quot cable disconnected quot I have been researching I am somewhat OK on computer things Since I have connectivity lights on modem all green wirless reading Ethernet on that unit quot cable disconnected quot etc Question Ethernet controller or NIC Won t I need to reprogram the old modem so I can return the new modem I don t need I am obivously NOT a computer pro of any sort just trying to run my network Can this be a corrupted file or is it hardware I AM GOING NUTS nbsp from hell


Fixd the USB. Deleted linksys software..unistalled. Then re-installed "found new hardware". Drivers only. Hooked up instanly.

Now the "network cable is unplugged" is next. Both onboard adapter..and PCI linksys.


Any idea's..?
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I want to ask if someone knows whether my ATI radeon 128 MB card supports PixelShader 2.0 or not, because I cant play Europa Universalis III. Please answer my question. Thanks in advance
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Hi guys

I was wondering since using this awsome low budget board, i was wondering is it possible for it to support next gen 45nm processors? casue this board is listed as a capable 1333MHZ FSB. So assuming it can, can someone elaborate more on this?


A:P5N-E SLI support 45nm processors

1333Mhz FSB processors can be conroe or penryn (45nm) the E6x50 series coming out in july are xconroe 1333 processors.

The board may or may not support Penryn with a BIOS update.
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i have a intel mobo (out of a compaq presario sr1123wm) with an intel celeron cpu, im not sure what chipset or what version gma (if necassary will post) but when i installed Vista ultimate it installed DX 10, i thought it was impossible but everything ive checked says DX 10 is installed is this just a glitch or is the gma (from a computer produced around 2003-2004) running DirectX 10?

A:Intel GMA DX 10 support

It's a glitch. My 7950GT is reported as using DX10, although I know it does not support DX10. I don't know why it happens, but did you check Dxdiag? I think that said DX9.0c for me.
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Does anyone know of any board that will do this? like the Asrock one? which is out of stock everywhere.

or know of anywhere i can find an asrock?

here is a link to the asrock of which i speak

A:Looking for a Motherboard that will support 939 socket, DDR ram, and has an AGP slot

I found one. All I can say is good choice of motherboards, ASRock America is in essense ASUS.

Sorry about the high price.
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i recently reinstalled windows XP, was updating all my drivers and when i came to doing my soundmax drivers, i got the error "the audio driver files do not support your computer hardware"

Im using an ASUS A8N-VM CSM with a nForce 430 chipset, running XP pro.

I tryed everything i could think of, including getting the newest soundmax drivers, getting newest nforce chipset drivers, updated bios, updated windows, updated directx updated net framework 3.0 (i have both 2 and 3 in my add/remove program list, is this alright?) and have tryed installing different audio drivers, but i am still without a audio device in my device manager and the error message when installing soundmax persists...

please help
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i have an asrock dual 915 gl mobo.

does it support ddr2 ram.
i have a pentium 4,128 mb nvidia 6600gt and 1gb ddr1 ram

A:does my mobo support ddr2 ram


- Dual Channel DDR memory technology
- Supports DDR400/333
- DIMM slots: 2
- Max. capacity: 2GB

Sorry, but only DDR (1) up to 400 =)
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I was looking up mobos and found this one on Newegg: here. I want to make sure that it supports the Core 2 processors before I buy it.
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okay, i want to set my system up for dual monitor support. i have an amd64 3000+ and 1.5 gb ram blah blah blah. i know i could buy a new card with 2 outputs. can i keep my current geforce4 agp and buy a pci videocard for the second monitor? this setup will have me running 2 videocards for each monitor. is there some conflict issue with this or would it be easier to pony up for a new card?

A:cheap dual monitor support

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Yes you can run 2 video cards...
What ver. of windows?
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I got an Nvidea quot Geforce MX quot for my work computer It is a pro with an AMD processor and I use it to run Vision Vision lets me monitor other computers and give presentations controlling multiple computers at once My onboard graphics card on my pc had about MB ram on it this new one has ram--which should make my Vision run better However when 3d 4000 in support GeForce4 missing :( dxdiag--no memory Nvidia MX I installed my new video card it does not show or behave as if the ram is utilized When I run quot dxdiag quot it shows the card but it says quot Total Approximate Memory n a quot and Direct Draw acceleration Direct D acceleration and AGP texture acceleration are not available When I look at adapeter in display settings it shows the card with Total Memory Am I not reading dxdiag right and my video card is functioning properly or do I have a hardware problem Or could it be some other software issue I am trying to decide if I should exchange this card upgrade the card or get my money back I have tried the driver on the CD it came with I tried the Nvidia GeForce4 MX 4000 missing memory in dxdiag--no 3d support :( driver on Geforce s homepage and I tried a driver on driverguide com I keep getting the same result GrrrARrgh Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this or if I should return it Thanks nbsp

A:Nvidia GeForce4 MX 4000 missing memory in dxdiag--no 3d support :(

What version of DX have you got ?
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For all of us who upgraded to PCI-e for the sake of speed and DX10, here's a kick in the pants!! NVIDIA has just announced (Feb 22, 2007) their line of G84 AGP DX10 cards.
Scroll down to the Feb 22 2007 news, fourth article.
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I want to try an AMD Sempron 2200+ 1500 Mhz processor.I have a ASUS A7S333 motherboard and a AMD Athlon 1300 Mhz processor.

A:What CPU does my motherboard support?

Your mobo supports AMD Athlon and Duron cpu`s, but might be able to support Semprons with a bios update.

See HERE for further info.

Regards Howard
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Hi all,

I have just rebuilt a PC at home. Its a Packard Bell Pulsar 600. Ive upgraded the hard disk from a 5400rpm 10GB (IDE) to a brand new 7200rpm 160GB (IDE). I booted to a Win98 boot disk and used FDISK to create a new partition using the maximum capacity. Then formatted the disk and installed XP Pro SP2 fresh.

Everything is fine but the drive is only showing up as 127GB. Ive read that and been told that I need 48-bit LBA support for this but I already have XP Pro SP2. Shouldn't this already have this??


A:How to enable 48-bit LBA support on XP Pro SP2

the FAQs answer it all:

you may need a BIOS update per FAQ
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I have a HP PC, which has ASUSTEK Oxford M/B (PE524A - ABU)
I want to upgrade to 2gb RAM, and have seem cheaper high density chips - but they suggest confirming the motherboard is compatible. Anyboy any ideas on how to do this?

A:Will my m/b support high density RAM?

Go here

Look for the scanner. It will scan your system and tell you what kind of memory you need. It is a start however a problem I ran into once was that the memory manufacturer said their memory was compatible and my mobo maker said it wasn't. Turns out the mobo maker was right. Have you called HP support and asked them?
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hello everyone,ive downloaded wow but it says i need a 3d accelerator with dual-tmu support im new to these type of games so im in the dark really

A:I need a 3d accelerator with dual-tmu support

Hello and Welcome to TS!!

Nice to meet you, and see you around!
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I ll try to make this as short as possible I have an older computer specs are below with a video problem For some strange reason it doesn t like to have a video driver installed When there is a video driver installed it will freeze randomly monitor will turn off computer will restart on its own and sometimes I even get horizontal lines rolling down the screen Needless to say the computer is pretty much in-operable However when there is no VGA driver installed the needed support tech here... please. Experienced computer runs just fine No problems at all I have tried Experienced tech support needed here... please. all the drivers Experienced tech support needed here... please. ATI has to offer and i still get the same result I have tried different AGP cards in this computer SE and a all with the same result I then tried these two cards in my main computer and they work fine with the drivers so the video cards are fine so what gives Is the motherboard defective maybe The computer had no problem before running the SE Now since we formatted the hard drive because of nasty virus it doesn t want to have a video driver installed I ve never run into this problem before Any ideas suggestions would be appreciated as there is almost no information out there regarding this problem I can t see it being a BIOS issue because I haven t changed anything in it recently My only guess is there s something wacky with the mobo or some bizzare software problem Please help SPECS Mhz AMD Athlon Slot A Processor ASUS K V Motherboard w universal AGP Pro slot Mb PC Ram W A Macron PSU ATI SE and ASUS AGP speed set to max which is X Gb HD Windows XP SP fully updated nbsp

A:Experienced tech support needed here... please.

You probably didn't install your motherboard's chipet drivers after you reinstalled windows. That would be my first guess.
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Well I just found out that my MSI K8MM-V does not support two floppy drives. Can anyone recomend a socket 754 board that supports two floppy drives (A & B)? It also needs to have an AGP port and support PC 3200 Memory.

A:socket 754 board with dual floppy support.

I just want to let you know that through my searching and searing I was not able to some up with a board that supported 2 floppy drives. I did hear EpoX made a board, maybe, maybe not, but either way I could not find one.

Have you thought about using an external floppy that connects through a USB port?