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T410 Hard disk upgrade

Q: T410 Hard disk upgrade

Hello, Model: 2522-DM1 I'm looking for new hard drive for upgrading my exisitng 320GB HDD but i have one question thatwhat will be the maximum hard drive capacity support in my system?? In lenovo site it has mention max 500GB HDD and 250GB SSD but when i go through forum and other online utility where it has mention that it can support upto 1TB HDD,SSHD and SSD. see below link someone please clarify this.. if 1TB is supported then i would intereset in seagate SSHD 1TB 32GB NAND (P/N:ST1000LX001) and also i have seen Toshiba SSHD which is also good but i need expert's suggstion on this.
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Preferred Solution: T410 Hard disk upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello Everyone Odd thing to after 520 ssd on intel series Lenovo win7proSP1 upgrade T410 BSOD i've experienced yesterday upgraded lenovo t laptop to intel ssd drive GB and decided to instal win pro with integrated sp In BSOD win7proSP1 on Lenovo T410 after upgrade to intel ssd 520 series the post installation stage while setting username and computer name computer crashed with BSOD It happen - times Even booting in the safe mode i experienced times complete freeze where i had to manually power off laptop I continued installing drivers BSOD win7proSP1 on Lenovo T410 after upgrade to intel ssd 520 series on notebook and seams that issue is no longer present I have different problem now windows shuts down unexpectedly without any bsod dumps happen also several times in past h In attach you will see in system logs only single entry as i cleared event logs to find last occurrence easily Note that with Hitachi disk that was in laptop before I never experienced bsod true is that i got laptop with installed win proSP on it with all drivers installed I used lenovo system update tool to get all drivers to the system I am suspecting that new hardware intel ssd series might be cause of this or the drivers either on sata controller or on disk according to ssd toolbox firmware on disk is latest Run Disk Full test with Intel ssd toolbox and finished successfully Also checked with malwarebytesand scanned system no issues found Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware amp Internet Security Software Scan Date Scan Time AM Logfile Administrator No Version Malware Database v Rootkit Database v License Free Malware Protection Disabled Malicious Website Protection Disabled Self-protection Disabled OS Windows Service Pack CPU x File System NTFS User refa Scan Type Threat Scan Result Completed Objects Scanned Time Elapsed min sec Memory Enabled Startup Enabled Filesystem Enabled Archives Enabled Rootkits Disabled Heuristics Enabled PUP Enabled PUM Enabled Processes No malicious items detected Modules No malicious items detected Registry Keys No malicious items detected Registry Values No malicious items detected Registry Data No malicious items detected Folders No malicious items detected Files No malicious items detected Physical Sectors No malicious items detected end P S after first BSOD while creating first user and naming pc i decided to name laptop evil

A:BSOD win7proSP1 on Lenovo T410 after upgrade to intel ssd 520 series

ssd tool full test passed with success
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There are ultra bay adapters for the T410, as well as many other T-series laptops so you can install a 2nd hard drive in place of the CD or DVD drive.  I have the adapter and drive but for some reason the computer doesn't recognize the drive in the bay.  You can hear the drive attempt to power on and spin but after it boots there isn't any sign of the drive.  Are there some steps I'm missing, something I need to change?   I just updated to a 240GB SSD, so the 2nd drive is the OEM 250GB HDD it does still have the OS installed, which would be wiped if I could just get the drive to load so I could format it and use it as a storage drive.  I'm running Windows 10 64bit.
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This compaq presario v3000 is 160gb hdd and 3gb ram.Is this laptop can support 750gb hdd or 1TB hdd ?
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Having cleaned the dust from my cooling fins my PC is working well again (is not overheating) and I am considering upgrading the hard disk to a SSD. In looking online it seems to suggest that there is an SSD module already in the machine and I wondered if I will see much benefit? Also the disks I see are all SATA, is that OK to be put into this machine? Lastly I see hybrid SSD/HDD devices....are these worth considering? Sorry for the dumb questions, but any help/insight is gratefully received. Ian.

A:I am looking to upgrade the hard disk of my z5610,...

You probably have 4GB of memory and you can upgrade that to 8GB. Asfar as the HDD, go to System Information/ components/Storage/ Disks and you will see the Model of your HDD. See this video (ignore it's for video card upgrade) and you will know how to uograde it. on the left and HDD on the right.
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I have a Lenovo Flex-2-14 laptop with 1TB hdd (8GB sshd). I bought a new 1TB ssd. I tried cloning the hdd to the ssdwith programs like MiniTool Partition Wizard, Reflect, Acronis and EaseUS Todo, but I wasn't able to boot from the ssd - I got the Blue Screen Of Death with either the error UNSCCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE or DRIVE_IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL.I also tried to create a recovery drive with windows' tool "Create a recovery drive". I tried to reinstall Windows on the ssd from the recovery drive, but after clicking ?Reset your PC?, I received the error  ?A required drive partition is missing?.Please help me, I am desperate.
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Dear All,

I have a Tecra A9 51G with 160 GB hard disk. Is it possible to replace the existing hard disk with a new hard disk of higher capacity like 500GB or more.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

- Rajamani.

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A:Tecra A9 51G Hard disk Upgrade.

Yes you should be able to install a 320 or 500GB with no problem. I imagine a 750GB should also be fine, but I wouldn't try installing a 1TB just in case there is a Chipset/BIOS sector addressing limitation.
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Does anyone know if it's easy to upgrade a notebook hard drive with another manufacturer's hard disk.

I have an acer extensa 710T with a 3 Gb hd. I want to upgrade it, but acer only offer a maximum 6 Gb disk. Could I easily buy an off-the shelf disk and install it??? The current disk seems to be in a removable holster.



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Having cleaned the dust from my cooling fins my PC is working well again (is not overheating) and I am considering upgrading the hard disk to a SSD. In looking online it seems to suggest that there is an SSD module already in the machine and I wondered if I will see much benefit? Also the disks I see are all SATA, is that OK to be put into this machine? Lastly I see hybrid SSD/HDD devices....are these worth considering? Sorry for the dumb questions, but any help/insight is gratefully received. Ian.

A:I am looking to upgrade the hard disk of my z5610,...

You probably have 4GB of memory and you can upgrade that to 8GB. Asfar as the HDD, go to System Information/ components/Storage/ Disks and you will see the Model of your HDD. See this video (ignore it's for video card upgrade) and you will know how to uograde it. on the left and HDD on the right.
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Hello,is it possible to replace my original HD (32 Go) too small and repalce the 2 Go of RAM by 4 Go of RAMWhat model of SSD and RAM can I installed ?Thanks for reply.FM

A:ES13-331-C8A1 : upgrade Hard disk (32 Go) + RAM ?

Hello, Your laptop is equipped with eMMC of 32Gb which is directly soldered on the motherboard.If you remove the bottom (only 12 screws), could you take a picture around the fan area?May be you'll be able to add a HDD for your personal data.It supports up to 8Gb - DDR3L - 1600MHz (1x8Gb in single channel).Original memory modulesSpoiler (Highlight to read)KN.4GB07.023SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.4GB (Kingston)KN.4GB0G.029SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Hynix)KN.8GB07.022SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Kingston)KN.8GB0B.030SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Samsung)KN.8GB0G.022SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Hynix)KN.4GB07.023SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.4GB (Kingston)KN.4GB0G.029SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Hynix)KN.8GB07.022SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Kingston)KN.8GB0B.030SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Samsung)KN.8GB0G.022SODIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Hynix)Compatible memory modules:PNY
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I currently have Win 7 Home 32 bit installed. I will be upgrading my system and using a new Sata hard drive.
I would like to install my Win 7 retail upgrade disk [ the 64 bit version ] on the new drive.
Can I do this? If so what would be the easiest way to retain all information from my current 32 bit drive?

A:Installing 64 bit to New Hard Drive from upgrade disk

Quote: Originally Posted by Mrgooch

I currently have Win 7 Home 32 bit installed. I will be upgrading my system and using a new Sata hard drive.
I would like to install my Win 7 upgrade disk [ the 64 bit version ] on the new drive.
Can I do this? If so what would be the easiest way to retain all information from my current 32 bit drive?

When changing from 32 bit to 64 you MUST do a clean install and therefor have to re-install the apps.

Upgrade disk? Not full redial, or OEM?
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Hi,does any know if I can upgrade my 1TB Sata Hard Disk in my HP Envy dv7 to a 1TB Sata SSD Drive. In essense I want to mirror the contents of the original 1TB Hard Drive to a new 1TB SSD Drive then detach the original Hard Disk from the laptop and replace it with the new SSD drive that has the mirrored files. Thanks in anticipationLuka123

A:Can I Upgrade a Envy dv7 1 TB Hard Disk to a 1TB SSD Drive

Hello Luka123,  Welcome to the HP forums.  As far as I can tell you can upgrade your hdd to an ssd.  However, I recommend you to reinstall the operation system instead of copying it. This because you will lose perfomance when coping from an hdd to an ssd, It might even affect the lifetime of your ssd. You can download Windows 10 and activate it with your Windows 7 serial if you want to. Winos.
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My Dell Inspiron notebook hard disk is about to fail (SMART event warnings; Crystaldiskinfo status: bad)
I am still on Win 8.1; reserved upgrade to Windows 10; status is"we will let you know when your system is ready for upgrade".
I have a replacement hard disk available; how do I replace it without new Windows 10 licence ?
Do I need to need to re-install Windows 8 (with Dell OEM installation disk) and then upgrade to Windows 10; or can I do a clean install of Windows 10 (using Windows 10 installation media downloaded from Microsoft) on the new hard disk?
As I am entitled to an upgraded OS (Windows 10) - I should be eligible to install and use Windows 10 on a replacement hard drive. Please correct me if that is not right.
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I had to install a new hard drive on a computer (Dell). All I have is the Win XP upgrade disk. It tells me that since there is no operating system on the disk, that it cant install the upgrade. Is there any way around this other than buying a full XP disk?


A:Solved: Installing XP on a new hard drive from upgrade disk


You have 2 options:

Buy the full version XP CD.

Get hold of a 98, 98SE, or ME CD.

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Hello, I hope this question has not been answered, because I could not find a definitive answer on whether an upgrade from the normal SATA hard disk, on my HP Envy 17 k241no, to a PCIe hard disk, such as the Samsung 950 PRO Series PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD, would be possible? The main reason why I cannot figure this out is that I cannot find any details in the guides provided for this model, that states whether it has PCIe  or not. I hope some of you can help me figure this out. Regards,Frederik
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I would like to upgrade the HDD of my satellite Pro M70-220 laptop from the current 60GB HDD to a 160 GB HDD Drive, and would appreciate if anyone could provide information on the type/specifications of the HDD that I should like be looking for, and if possible, specific recommedations of manufacturer and model number of a suitable 160 GB HDD.

Thank you


A:160GB Hard Disk Drive Upgrade for Satellite Pro M70-220


The notebook uses a simple 2.5? SATA HDD.
It?s no really important what speed the HDD supports but I recommend using the 5400rpm or faster 7200rpm HDD?

Usually all HDD size should be compatible because SATA controller has no limitation.
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Dear HP, I am ex-Employee of HP worked for many years and big fan of HP. I bought HP Pavilion P001tx in Nov 2014.question;1. Can you exchange or upgrade keyboard with backlight one?2. Can you exchange or upgrade keyboard Normal Hard Disk 1TB with SSHD 1TB? WebCam is too dull... Thank you. 

A:Keyboard upgrade and hard disk exchange for HP pavilion P001...

Here is the Service Manual: Manual None of the optional keyboards is backlit so there is no port on the motherboard for a backlight cable and no part to install.  Yes, the hard drive can be replaced with any 2.5 inch wide and 9.5 mm or 7 mm thick SSHD or full solid state drive. See p. 105 of the manual. It is a pretty involved thing to do but can be done. Post back if you need more help.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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My company s computer needs to be patitioned partition Hard-disk hard-disk do failure disk. Can't boot nor format when using and reformat The system is still working well Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure I mean nothing wrong with anything weird huh Ok the hard disk just need to be split I mean make drive C amp D on the hard disk I know how to do that easy Then the HD need to Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure be formatted amp reinstall windows XP Ok easy too But the main problem occured before I do anything partition amp format I have my own bootable CD that I usually use for partitioning amp formatting Ok i insert the CD amp restart I went to BIOS amp changed the boot order st boot CD-ROM nd HDD- amp rd Floppy Then restart again Ok the bootable CD is excellently loaded I typed fdisk then came the first problem it says something like no fixed disk I exit fdisk Then I typed format c nd problem occured it says something like invalid drive I forgot the error message because the pc is in my office right now I m currently at home begging for help So the error message is not accurate sorry I think if I run the CD the hard disk will not be loaded or should I say hard disk failure amp If I take off the CD amp restart again change the BIOS st boot HDD- then windows will load Weird right I don t think my CD is corrupted nor broken because I tried to run the CD from another PC Yes I can access the C drive from that PC Does anyone have any idea of the possibilities here Hard disk failure when running a win bootable CD bad BIOS setting File System Thanks nbsp

A:Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure

It sounds like it might be the bootable CD you've created is not picking up the HDD's/partitions.
To eliminate this as a posibility travel to bootdisk and grab the WinME bootdisk and boot from there. If it picks up the HDD you can FDISK and Format from there.
The other option is to boot using the XP CD and let it handle the formatting/partitioning duties...

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Hard disk type Seagate SATA Model Number SeaTools, of DST hard failed DST the do hard Short g has My and passed disk Long disk ST AS Serial Number RA J H Firmware Revision AAD OS XP SP Mother Borad Intel GCCR My hard disk has passed Short DST and failed Long DST of SeaTools do the hard disk going to fail If yes how to transfer my data to a new hard disk easily Complete description of the issue I have experienced boot up issue with my PC days back My PC not even boot into safe mode also I got the following blue screen errors on successive restart of PC A x xC F x x FBA X B STOP C Unable to locate component c x E XC X C XF E XF E I have removed and replaced the hard disk several times I can boot into windows now and can work normally But one of the above Blue sreen My hard disk has passed Short DST and failed Long DST of SeaTools, do the hard disk g errors is coming all of sudden while working on PC It is happening independent of the application I am using And the following messages are coming at the XP welcome screen and while working on the PC A C windows system drivers etc netloc wlt has corrupted and unreadable Perform CKDSK B C windows system drivers etc APPFCONT DAT has corrupted and unreadable Perform CKDSK C C windows system drivers etc idsflt cfg bck has corrupted and unreadable Perform CKDSK D Cagefile sys has corrupted and unreadable Perform CKDSK I have performed CHKDSK on all local drives exept local drive C CHKDSK giving a message that quot can not directly access C drive quot I have performed virus scan with the following software and no virus has found Panda Internet Security Malware Bytes Spybot TrendMicro Housecall Performed Seagate s my hard disk is a seagate hard disk SeaTools hard disk tests Short DST Pass Long DST Fail HDtune software test Pass ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hijack This Log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS SYSTEM winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security TPSrv exe C PROGRAM FILES PANDA SECURITY PANDA INTERNET SECURITY WebProxy exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Files Google Update GoogleCrashHandler exe C Program Files McAfee SiteAdvisor McSACore exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PsCtrls exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PavFnSvr exe C Program Files Common Files Panda Security PavShld pavprsrv exe c program files panda security panda internet security firewall PSHOST EXE C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PsImSvc exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PskSvc exe C WINDOWS System TUProgSt exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security pavsrv exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security AVENGINE EXE C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS RTHDCPL EXE C WINDOWS system igfxtray exe C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security APVXDWIN EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Taskbar Shuffle taskbarshuffle exe C Program Files RocketDock RocketDock exe C Program Files ViGlance ViGlance exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files WordWeb wweb exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security SRVLOAD EXE C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PavBckPT exe C Program Files Sify Broadband BBClient exe C Program Files Sify Broadband BBImpSec exe C Program Files Java jre bin java exe C WINDOWS system cmd exe C WINDOWS SYSTEM ping exe C Program Files The KMPlayer KMPlayer exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Internet Security PAVJOBS EXE C Program Files Googl... Read more

A:My hard disk has passed Short DST and failed Long DST of SeaTools, do the hard disk g

In a Run box, enter "chkdsk /r"
You'll be asked if you want to run chkdsk at the next reboot. Enter "Y".
Reboot, and be prepared to wait, as it may take a long time.
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Windows XP sp2 wont boot from hard disk.

After much to do turns out my computer doesnt recognise the hard disk.

I have a seagate 500Gb SATA hard drive, its about a year old, the computer doesnt get hot in the slightest and it shouldnt be dead. I checked the wiring, as far as i can see, its all fine.

only conclusion i come to is that my hard disk is kaput which it shouldnt be. Can anyone give me any other possible solutions to try out before i cry and/or spend money on a new one? theres a lot of data on it i dont want to lose.

If not, ill plug it in to another computer to check, i havent done that yet because it will take me hours - i can only unscrew the hard drive from one side without rearranging the room.


A:Hard disk boot failure -> computer won't recognise hard disk

Is your Seagate the 7200.11 series?

We've been seeing a lot of harddrive issues layely that has nothing to do with the drive itself but bad SATA cables aas the cause. Do you have another one you can switch out?

When you say the computer doesn't recognize it we're talking the BIOS here, correct?

Another suggestion is what you have already suggested but I would "slave" it in antother system and see if you can access it that way.
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Greetings I have an Asus laptop running windows bit and this laptop came with hard drives each partitioned into two parts C amp D and E amp F I am transferring over GB of data from one drive C to the other F Get this the transfer rate is MB s right now Over hours left to copy the GB There are over items but that still does not justify the MB s I am open to any suggestions Hard transfer Extremely Disk Slow Laptop Disk Hard to but first a few points Yes I am sure they are two separate drives with those partitions Error checking showed zero errors on both drives This is the rd time I am trying a transfer Both drives are relatively empty especially the F C is my system disk The SMART data shows no read write errors or overheating I have disabled the virus protection and all real-time scanning Again I am very open to suggestions and checks Feel free to post your idea Thanks in advance

A:Laptop Hard Disk to Hard Disk transfer Extremely Slow

My experience with file transfers of the type you that the number of files doesn't matter...what matters is how large the files are.  Video files take much longer than text or document files.
Slow transfer rates between partitions/drives...can indicate a problem with either the partititon or the drive, IMO.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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Hi guys I will try to explain this as simple as i can So let's start my disk,hard Windows about Confused disk on problem hard installing I have laptop ASUS N SF and it is a year old so i have decided to format I have Confused about installing Windows on my hard disk,hard disk problem two separate hard disks that are the same brand SeaGate AS each gb capacity Before i decided to format one of my hard disks that is my partition Confused about installing Windows on my hard disk,hard disk problem D started to make strange noises and it was not recognized but i was using my laptop without problems because my windows was installed on my other hard disk that is my partition C So now my question is this After i formatted them both i have no clue which one is which they are like Disk Partition gb Disk Partition gb So how do i choose the one that is better and not having problems to pust my winodows on I know that i can buy new one and replace it with the one that is having problems but right now i have no money to do that I am student Thanks in advance

A:Confused about installing Windows on my hard disk,hard disk problem

I'm willing to bet that Disk 1 is the bad hard drive since the bad hard drive was the D: drive.
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What is the difference of 3.5 external hard disk (e.g. WD My Book) vs a 3.5 internal hard disk fixed into an enclosure to work like an external hard disk?

Are both good to be use as an external drive to store backup?

What 3.5 enclosure is good?


A:3.5 external hard disk vs 3.5 internal hard disk with enclosure?

What do you mean fixed into an enclosure to work like an external drive? Are you referring to a My Book 3.0 VIA USB 3.0.... vs.... an internal SATA III SSD or HDD? Be a little more specific.
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I am having this Hard Disk problem My old Hard Disk Samasung GB bought in started showing signs of corruption like Windows doing chkdsk at every boot and data getting lost So I bought a NEW Hard Disk Western Digital TB last on a hard disk "Windows hard problem" disk new detected month Sep to backup all the data from old one I didn't have time to backup but wanted to use PC so I Clean Installed Windows bit on the New Western Digital TB and used it about a month without any problems A couple of days ago i decided to backup up the data I reformatted the New Western Digital TB with Gparted "Windows detected a hard disk problem" on new hard disk and did a clean Windows Install again I connected the old Samsung GB to the motherboard and started copying the files to the new Western Digital TB Suddenly Windows showed me an error Windows detected a hard disk problem which makes sense because the Samsung GB is old and might be failing BUT the error is showing both of my "Windows detected a hard disk problem" on new hard disk Hard disk in the dialog box Is my new hard disk corrupt as well Why is Windows showing my new hard disk as failing Can Windows mistakenly show both hard disk in error Please help i am confused sorry for a confusing question i will answer anything required I have taken the screenshot of the error message they are in attached files The st Screenshot shows both my Hard disk in the error box OLD Samsung and NEW Western Digital WD The nd Screenshot shows only one of my Hard disk and its the new one Western digital WD
Relevancy 49.02% new on this forum and i have a problem with my old hard disk..every time i turn up my pc, windows pop out message ""Windows detected a hard disk problem" ,"Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss". So i decided to replace my old hard disk, but problem is that i have vista preinstalled on my old hard disk. So my question is how can i install vista from my old hard disk into my new one?..please help me and thank u for your reply

A:how to install preinstalled vista from the old hard disk into the new hard disk?

hi check out this first just in case and if you do need to read this
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i have a 80gb internal hard disk since it was not sufficient i switched up to a 500gb hard disk so i want to know whether i can use my 80gb hard disk as an external hard disk
if so how please instruct me

A:how to change a internal hard disk to a external hard disk

Is the 80gb drive ide or sata?
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I will try to keep this as brief as possible and yet give you wise and wonderful tech persons all the information you need to help me Disk Broken Thread similar disk" Hard "Help! Hard Solved: to issue out I am intelligent but NOT a super-user I have an e-machines desktop computer It is old A Cyrix MII processor with upgraded memory I have a gb Maxtor hard drive which is the issue at hand I am running Win My home computer the e-machine desktop is networked through a router with my printer and my business laptop The problem Win loads and boots It LOOKS like it s functioning properly However it cannot read any of the files on the disk When I try it tells me C is inaccessible I can t search explore etc The files are quot non-existent quot I Solved: Hard Disk issue similar to "Help! Broken Hard disk" Thread managed to get Windows to create a backup of it and saved that file to my Laptop Solved: Hard Disk issue similar to "Help! Broken Hard disk" Thread I can only quot assume quot that it actually backed up ALL the files on the drive so they are safe One really ODD thing you should know is Solved: Hard Disk issue similar to "Help! Broken Hard disk" Thread that I cannot get into the BIOS When it boots and usually gives you that second or two to hit F and enter setup doesn t do that any more I sit and hold the F key Nope I ve second-guessed myself and tried the ESC key and the F key I ve tried it with and without the CTRL key Nothing So I can t even tell the silly thing to boot from the CD instead load onto my D backup drive and then kill the C drive It s like it s possessed Things I ve already tried not necessarily in this order I got a paging error while booting so I followed the directions to increase my virtual memory it says there are zero MB of data available on my C drive -- maxed out or non-existent I can t tell -- but it wouldn t allow the change Not enough space Disk Management it says there are no appropriate partitions however it still boots I don t get that After frustration set in and finally getting what I hope will be a good backup I tried to re-format the disk so I could reload Win from the CD It would not re-format Sometimes it said C was inaccessible and sometimes it said the volume was already in use No reformatting I booted into safe mode in Command version It wouldn t read C Inaccessible I tried to boot from the CD and reload Win over the existing The volume is in use I tried to boot from the CD and completely wipe out the disk and re-install Wouldn t do it I tried to simply delete all the data Inaccessible I ve plugged and replugged the cables and swapped them around to make sure it isn t them Still a problem In Safe Mode with Command screen it defaults to c documents and settings administrator I can change the directory to c documents and settings but no lower than that When I try to get a directory list it is inaccessible I tried to repartition it Inaccessible How can it boot and run Win with networking and have zero disk space I would like to retrieve all the data on there and quot fix quot the drive and go on with life However I am willing to trust the backup I made for the miscellaneous files I don t back up regularly quicken amp some others are backed up regularly on my extra drive so they re okay Is that backup going to be worthless all things considered I think that covers it I ll amend this post if I think of anything else you might need to know Thank you in advance I have not been out here for some time but in the past you have been really helpful Thank you Greg nbsp

A:Solved: Hard Disk issue similar to "Help! Broken Hard disk" Thread
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Got some problem here,just recently bought SATA 3.0 hard disk(samsung)and i forgot if my motherboard support this hard disk,after checking it only supports 1.5 SATA.I visited samsung website on how to force my Hard disk to run at 1.5,
I'd follow what the site told me to do but no luck still got the same problem ("Hardware Initiate failed,Please check device) (The BIOS does not be installed)

Anyone got an idea how to fix this,might be some BIOS set-up?Kindly walk me through,Im still using my trusted desktop Motherboard Asrock p4v8+ BIOS P1.50.Badly need help

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the message I get for my HP desktop windows 8hard disk error Hard disk1 (3F1)why and fix it how?edited by moderator: Email address removed for safety

A:What caused & how do I fix Hard Disk error: Hard disk 1 3F1

Check cable connections at back of drive 1 are firmly connected.Try a new SATA cable to drive 1.Test drive 1 with SeaTools:
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I have a HP Ency Phoenix - - that had a dead HD I got a good deal on a SSD and thus replaced the drive When I attempted to run the recovery disks I ran into the issue that I kept getting a Hard Drisk Error blue screen at start up nbsp nbsp I found it odd so Disk but Error Hard Disk fine Hard I took the drive and tested it on another computer No issue I've now been able to install windows back on it and even upgraded it to Windows before the deadline but I still get the blue sceen error nbsp nbsp All tests pass for both memory and the hard disk System also runs fine with the exception that when I start up the computer there is a massive delay then I get the Hard Disk Error If I just F kit and then close and continue the system finishes to start up nbsp nbsp I think I may Hard Disk Error but Hard Disk fine be having a firmware issue but HP Assist is installed and all updates are Hard Disk Error but Hard Disk fine suposed to be running nbsp nbsp Anyone outthere running into a similar issue I feel like I'm Hard Disk Error but Hard Disk fine having a false positive since I went up to a Solid State Drive nbsp

A:Hard Disk Error but Hard Disk fine

How much capacity, in GB, does the SSD have? Less than 256GB is unlikely to work with the recovery media.
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My computer starts up to a black screen displaying smart hard disk error hard disk 1 (301), f2 system diagnostics enter continue start up. Run diagnostics hard drive failed with an error code. Tried to reset bios start up no luck, tried to do the recovery it says pic need to be repaired and won't let me go any further. I lost my recovery discs when I moved into my new house. Help
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My hard disk C drive where the windows is is going to fail soon It has some bad sectors is a how failing, change new disk? disk hard to to Hard and some corrupted parts and I Hard disk is failing, how to change to a new hard disk? encountered blue screen that says something about hardware failure When my Acronis is doing backup Acronis stopped half way because it cannot access some sectors to do the backup it was fine previously I can still login to windows depends on luck I want Hard disk is failing, how to change to a new hard disk? to change to a new hard disk what is the Hard disk is failing, how to change to a new hard disk? best fastest way to do it If I copy the whole disk to another new disk would I encounter problems copying half way since there a Will the data copied to new hard disk be incomplete since there are bad corrupted sectors on my old hard disk My old hard disk is TB WD Black What should I use for the new hard disk Does it need to be same size and model Thanks a lot Greatly appreciate your help I do know how to change a hard disk and reinstall Windows Windows updates took a long time and install all programs again and setup again That would take a few days so I am wondering if there is a faster way

A:Hard disk is failing, how to change to a new hard disk?

If you don`t have a complete backup image, then there`s nothing you can do about it. You`re gonna have to re install windows.

Get your data off before the drive dies.

Your new drive does not have to be the same size and model, you can get whatever you want.
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HiCan someone please tell me how to copy eveything from hard disk #1 to hard disk #2then remove hard disk #1 and use hard disk #2 in its place..???I have tried a few different things that I know of and i'm out of ideas!Any help will be much appreciated!RegardsJim

A:Hard Disk To Hard Disk (straight Copy!)

Download Digital Dolly 1.0 and burn an .iso image to a CD. Create a folder on your computer to DL Digital Dolly to. Unzip DD in the same folder. Te create a bootable image.Use the Drive Image feature in DD to copy all the information From drive C:\ to D:\.MOD: Cleaned up mispelled word and poor sentence structure (Like you can see a difference).
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To avoid the Student Win 7 hassle (upgrading Vista 32 to Win 7 Pro 64 bit ISO burn, etc), can I simply use the Home Prem 32 Upgrade (for my other computer) arriving this afternoon with my 64bit Pro upgrade key & end up with the 64bit Pro installation?


A:Win7 Pro 64bit Upgrade Key w/ Prem 32bit Upgrade Disk

No... you can only update to the same version that you have installed... Home to Home... etc.
Relevancy 46.01%

I bought a Win 7 Professional upgrade disk at retail and want to use it to upgrade a new computer that has Win 7 Home Professional installed. The installation stopped and I was directed to use Windows Anytime Upgrade to do the job. Microsoft expects me to purchase a key in order to perform the upgrade. Can I ignore this and use the disk I have? If so, what's the procedure?

A:Upgrade Win 7 home prem to professional using upgrade disk


You should be able to use Anytime Upgrade to do that...just give it the product key on the Upgrade package.

You will not be able to do an in-place upgrade from the disc, to the best of my knowledge.

If you would prefer to do a clean install, try this tutorial: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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hi sir im vijay im usin tb segate new hard disk sir in my system i cant able to boot my os and also my hard disk its showin that hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter i restarted many times its sayin the same problem in my gigabite mobo bios my hard disk is not get detected sir the problem is that wen im installin the new os for nd time its all went nice only sir but at the completion of the os it wil ask for system enter disk press failure boot insert hard disk the user name and password but in my system its frozen sir fully of black screen and i cant able to do anythin so i restarted my system from that im gettin this error as hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter that my new hard disk and all of my data is in that hard disk only this problem arises wen im installing the os for nd time sir till now its showin the same error sir plz help me im so confused

A:hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter

Repair MBR:

Boot From the Windows Install Disc
The first thing you?ll need to do is boot off the install disc, and then click through until you see the ?Repair your computer? link in the lower left-hand corner.
You?ll need to choose the correct installation of Windows and then click the Next button.
And then you?ll get to the System Recovery Options screen, where you can get to the Command Prompt.

Repairing the Master Boot Record:

If you want to restore the master boot record, you can simply type in the following command:

bootrec /fixmbr

You can also write a new boot sector onto the system partition with this command (which is often more useful):

bootrec /fixboot

And of course, if you just use bootrec /? you?ll be able to see all the options.
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nbsp USB jpg nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads nbsp USB jpg nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads nbsp USB jpg nbsp (impossible) disk making on disk Problem 2.0 slow USB with external hard image nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloadsDear all I will enclose here my complaint which I send to motherboard maker Gigabyte regarding USB external hard disk problem Please read it and if anybody knows how to solve this thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My computer has external hard drive connected to USB port s which is extremely slow Drive is Transcend StoreJet No drivers exist for it It works perfectly for other I O operations like copy paste delete etc When I try to make hard disk image with any program and store it on Transcend Store Jet Problem with slow (impossible) disk image making on USB 2.0 external hard disk speed starts with MB s but drops to nearly zero in few minutes You can see example on attached picture It is the same with any program Disk image would take more than one day to complete if it completes at all Actually I never managed to finish image with any disk Problem with slow (impossible) disk image making on USB 2.0 external hard disk imaging software I tried all usual software for that Paragon Aomei Acronis EaseusToDo Drive Problem with slow (impossible) disk image making on USB 2.0 external hard disk XML etc Are there any USB or other drivers which are responsible for this issue Can Gigabyte be serious regarding its costumers and provide them solution in order to use USB ports for most important thing backup In this case making disk image is totally impossible USB ports have speed f Mbit s theoretical This is far cry from situation here So USB ports on this Gigabyte configuration is totally useless for backup on external USB hard disk Clearly there is serious bug which can cause loss of data - worst outcome in computer use for your customers NOTE all disks internal HDD and external USB are checked multiple times and they do not have any errors Hard disk has GB only GB is occupied BIOS can see USB disks It is upgraded to version It is on Safe Default Setting Computer was in service few days ago and they did't diagnose any faulty component Please feel free to ask me for further questions if needed But this issue has to be solved URGENTLY PS I could not open the case of mu computer to see Serial No and Power Supply since it is under guarantee and that is prohibited Again please be URGENT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A:Problem with slow (impossible) disk image making on USB 2.0 external hard disk

This could be any issue causing your problem , software , usb drive may have errors on it / or ?
Imaging your 150 Gig via Usb will take time { Mine are about 40-50 Gig } Operating System And Programs Only.
I personally partition my main Drive eg: c:\ and d:\ and so only the operating system is on C;\
Then use the D;\ to store your personal files. , this way your c:\ wont keep growing in size as you are storing everything there.
If you cant actually do anything with the computer because of warranties as you stated "just serviced" , ask them why you cant Image Drive.
1/ Try another hard drive to backup to.{ Usb will always be slower } than directly connected to Mobo.
2/ Use Mini Tool Partition Wizard [ Free } to create another partition -
3/ Remove all Temp Files / Restore Points / etc with Ccleaner { Free ] -
    this will reduce C:\ size to minimal size { defrag drive also }.
4/ Use any program to Image C:\ { I use Acronis }. to the D:\ Backup Folder.
5/ Then copy the image to any portable drive or external if need be.
6/ Use the D:\ for your personal files and folders as a backup also.
Sometimes you have to do things yourself - than rely on Service Centres and Costs.
If you run a Business then you claim all your costs incurred.
All this will take time but you will have backups and feel at ease.
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my hp dv6443 laptop harddrive was erased by killdisk to get rid of scripts or whatever was causing the sluggish performance. The windows version was Vista home. When trying to reboot from the original disk recovery cd to get the maching working again, the err2err3 displayed at start up. I have read about creating a bootable cd with partition recovery, but have been unable to figure out how to create one. I can drop the free partition builder programs onto a cd, but I don't know how to make it "bootable". But I may be going down the wrong path. Any ideas? Is this problem fixable, or should I just throw the computer away. Thanks!
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when starting my computer, and no boot disk is inserted, i get the error message:"HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK PRESS ENTER" when a boot disk is inserted, windows xp starts up if no button is pressed after a boot disk is inserted. I cant work out how to boot from hard disk immediately, and it is set as primary boot device. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk Press Enter

Just go into the Bios and (For my motherbaord) in Advanced BIOS Features, set primary, seconday etc boot devices as you like.
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I've got a problem with my brothers laptop.

It is an old AMS Power CD, with win. 95. When I turn it on, it begins to boot. The screen reads:
BIOS 1.23, CPU = Pentium 100 MHz
640K System RAM Passed
23552K Extended RAM Passed
256K Cache SRAM Passed
System BIOS Shadowed
Video BIOS Shadowed
Mouse Initialized

Then in a red flashing box in the middle of the screen it reads: "Couldn't reset hard disk system Save to Disk feature is disabled"

Then, "Operating system not found" below

I would much appreciate any help or assistance I can find.

A:Couldn't reset hard disk system, save to disk feature is disabled

I'd bet the harddrive has a loose connection or completely failed. If you don't know how to take it apart and check it take it to an expert.
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Hi i have a Gb western digital hard drive with C and D drives i partitioned Press Insert System And Enter Disk Disk Hard Boot Failure them the D drive has all my gaming applications on it and the C drive has all the files for windows and other crap like firefox etc I was once reformatting to XP from Vista and in the middle of reformat my computer shut down causing a major problem the answer was my graphics card died Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter now i have an EVGA Mb GT with DX I brought the drive Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter to my neighbors house and he can use it just fine it boots and everything but the problem is that when i bring it to my house and i insert the drive it goes to the Nvidia Boot Agent and after a while displays HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER My current BIOS Boot order is Floppy CD and then Hard Disk Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter I don t know why it wont boot but the copy of XP has been verified and it works great on my friends computer why won t it start on mine Please help me nbsp
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Hi peeps and thanks in advance for any help you can give me My laptop is doing my head in thanks to its new-found ability to chew up free disk space on my C drive Not sure if this problem has been on-going for a few weeks or something but it's come to a head now A few bits of info that might be handy Vista Home Premium bit laptop constantly disappearing (writing?) running Hard and space disk disk is about three years old GB HDD partitioned into a C and a D both with approx GB total space according to Properties The story goes like this Got low disk space warning pop up something like MB left - thought that this was entirely plausible since my wife keeps taking videos of our little baby on her camera and saving them on the lappy Decided to move some User folders from the C to the D and in the process moved about GB which then freed up several Hard disk constantly running (writing?) and disk space disappearing gig of space on the C drive Then I noticed that this was consistently dropping and the HDD light was flickering all the time even when the laptop was not in use Updated and ran all the following programs AVG Free CCleaner CWShredder Malwarbytes - and nothing untoward reported Booted into safe mode and ran the programs again and still nothing reported Accessed VSS records via a command prompt and this was set to UNBOUNDED maximum capacity and showing as GB in use on disk so revised this down to GB a cautious approach I admit and freed up a bit more space but this again is slowly being reduced Ran WinDirStat and this is showing that the C drive is GB in use - when I right-click the C drive in Explorer and go to Properties Explorer says that GB is in use and this figure is increasing Interestingly when I select all the directories and files in C and all hidden files and folders are shown by the way this totals GB Any suggestions would be gratefully received - I was almost hoping it was malware as at least it'd be an answer to the mystery but so far it's not looking like it unless you people can suggest something I have missed Many thanks Andrew

A:Hard disk constantly running (writing?) and disk space disappearing

First, lets find out what is on the drive
JDiskReport or my preference

This link may help and give information.

Scan with your antivirus
Scan with malwarebytes. Did you update, when you ran your report?

Space is probably being taken by restore points, Did you check for that possiblity?
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I've had my Acer Aspire 5310 laptop for a few months now with Windows Vista. I have an 80GB hard drive, partitioned into two drives as default.

Until now I've never noticed that the numbers didn't add up. I know when you buy and 80GB hard drive, it should actually show up as less due to bits and bytes and what not (80GB=74GB roughly) but I found something fishy in Disk Management. There is a drive showing up with no letter assigned to it which is nearly 10GB in size and after doing the math it accounts for the 10GB i lack after adding my two 32GB hard drives together.

So I have 2 x 32GB drives plus this weird drive which is 10.

I have attached the screenshot of disk management.

If anyone knows what is going on here I would very much appreciate it!

Cheers, Darren (newbie)

A:Problem with Vista Disk Management/Being robbed of hard disk space!

has this just recently appeared? This is a longshot, but if you have Kaspersky lap installed then that could be the problem. It autologs roughly 10 gigs of data without your permission, it is easy to get rid of, but annoying none the less.
However this doesn't seem to likely as what seems to have happened here is that you have accidently split one of your hard drives into two. Either that or a program like deamon tools has created a virtual drive. Do you use either deamon tools or alcohol 120?
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Hello everbody a reluctant famliy computer fixer here so here s the story- we have a Gateway GM desktop computer that had the hard drive fail here are the computer specs that I started out with ProcessorAMD Athlon X -bit dual core processor Operates at GHz x KB L cache MHz vista mc recovery disk replcemnt disk hard reloading from Solved: system bus Chipset NVIDIA GeForce SE MemoryInstalled MB DDR MHz PC - dual channel memory two MB DIMMs Expandable to GB DDR DIMM slots Hard Drive Solved: hard disk replcemnt reloading vista mc from recovery disk Western Digital Caviar Blue GB RPM SATA II hard drive Optical Drive DVD RW X super multi-format dual layer drive Write max X DVD R X DVD-RW X DVD-R DL X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-RAM X CD-R X CD-RW Read max X DVD-ROM X DVD-RAM X CD-ROM Video NVIDIA GeForce GT MB DirectX and Blu-ray HD DVD capable One DVI-I port with HDCP One HDMI port One S-Video port includes DVI-VGA Dongle AudioIntegrated -Channel High Definition AudioNetwork SupportIntegrated MARVELL E Ethernet Modem K ITU V ready fax modem Power Supply watt VideoNVIDIA GeForce GT MB Read max X DVD-ROM X DVD-RAM X CD-ROM http support gateway com s PC R sp shtml I took that hard drive out and replaced it with a Western Digital Caviar Black TB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive for Desktops TB maximum storage capacity Serial ATA interface Data transfer rates up to Gbps rpm for fast read write times MB cache buffer http www bestbuy com site Western Drive for Desktops p id TSG SysInfo Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ELITEGROUP MCP PM-AM Antivirus None Here s the problem I got the new hard drive in and used the gateway recovery disk That loaded windows vista media center I tried to view a video that came in pre loaded in MC and this is the messege I got Video Errror files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctly Please restart WMC or restart computer then this WMC Tv and video may not work as expected because the video card does not meet the minimum memory requirement of MB of video Ram if you Consistantly encounter errors with TV or Video Please update the video driver or install a new video card I did close everything down and reboot but no fix So I can plug things in and follow directions but I am at my limit here Everything was working except the harddrive before the crash so I don t think I need a new video card I do not have this computer on line because I ve got no antivirus on it yet Sorry this is such a long post I am hoping this is enough info I thank you all in advance What to do next RexAnneC nbsp

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I have created a Bart PE bootable XP cd.
I can boot into windows using this CD
I would like to know how to copy the data in my hard disk to pen drive or flash drive.

Thank you.

A:How to copy data from hard disk to pen drive using Bart PE bootable disk?

When it comes to actually using the BartPE disc, you?ll need to first enter your BIOS and set the CDROM drive as your primary boot device, this is the default setting in most computers.Once BartPE is loading, when prompted for network support, click ?no? if you do not need it like in this case to save yourself some time.Click on Go , Programs, A43 File Management UtilityThis will open a similar program to windows explorer so you can copy your data before formatting. Locate the hard disk where your windows installation is on, select the folders you want to backup and copy them to the other partition or hard disk.If you have an external USB hard disk and want to copy your data on it, make sure you connect it to the computer before you boot with the BartPE disk.
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I have created a Bart PE bootable XP cd.
I can boot into windows using this CD
I would like to know how to copy the data in my hard disk to pen drive or flash drive.

Thank you.

A:How to copy data from hard disk to pen drive using Bart PE bootable disk?
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Hello So I recently installed Windows Home Premium on an Acer Aspire I've been having a bunch of issues with it since the install Firstly When I boot it takes me to the quot Disk Check quot screen and tells me that one of my and Hard Frequent Disk Disk Errors Check Freezes, auto BSOD, cancels, disks needs to be checked for consistency However the disk in question isn't something like quot C quot or quot D quot it's quot volume c afec Frequent Freezes, BSOD, Disk Check auto cancels, and Hard Disk Errors -cb - e - - e f e quot The disk check also automatically cancels It doesn't prompt me with the usual quot Press any button to stop the disk check quot option just straight to quot Disk check has been cancelled quot When I eventually get to the desktop I get the screen quot Windows detected a hard disk problem quot I look at the details and I'm told that my C drive has been reporting failures When I check the status of the disk via the Disk Management tool I'm told that all my partitions are healthy When I actually use the laptop it's very slow and frequently freezes It takes a while to catch back up and sometimes these freezes lead to a BSOD The Frequent Freezes, BSOD, Disk Check auto cancels, and Hard Disk Errors BSOD message was KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR I checked the event viewer and it Frequent Freezes, BSOD, Disk Check auto cancels, and Hard Disk Errors also seemed that before certain crashes I would have driver controller error on an IDE Port I've attached a picture of the disk check screen event viewer and memory dump I apologize about the quality of the pictures I couldn't screenshot the images on the actual laptop as it was freezing and crashing too often I really hope this isn't a problem with the hardware itself and thank you to anyone that can help me out with this problem Pictures DISK CHECK BSOD EVENT LOG - Album on Imgur Files Attachment

A:Frequent Freezes, BSOD, Disk Check auto cancels, and Hard Disk Errors

DISK_HARDWARE_ERROR: There was error with disk hardware
Ensure all data is backed up, then run the DOS version of the LONG test of SeaTools, and report the result:
SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use
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Hey Guys Looking for your advice and any links if any cheers in advance My Situation In December I purchased a Toshiba Qosmio X - Model No PQX A- X J At the time I upgraded my purchase from Toshiba Reseller BD U going from the standard x GB Sata drive x GB SSD to instead having x GB sata drives I purchased with year onsite next business day warranty that is is now expired It came loaded with MS Win Premium Home Edition Recovery X500/00X Drive or Separate Reset) Hard Disk Qosmio Disk From (Factory System - but no disks Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk provided My Needs I need want to factory reset my PC - Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk its starting to run slowI need to re-partition from my existing x partitions to just having The Issues Possibly as a result of upgrading the disk drives at time of purchase I don't believe I have a hidden Recovery partition in order to do a System Recovery from the Hard Disk Drive - see image of my current partitions attached I don't have Win OS installation disks or Toshiba Driver disks as they should have been installed by Toshiba My Questions Do You agree that I DONT have a Recovery Partition - when looking at the partition image I'm confused on this point coz people say its hidden Given I have no Toshiba Drivers Disk or Windows OS disks - what should I do I'm thinking of downloading Win use my product key from sticker under PC and making a disk USB but need to learn how Is this where I get ALL necessary Toshiba drivers for my PC from Does Toshiba provide a link on its site and instructions on where to get Win from so I can make a recover disk Notes Tried to email Toshiba support but at step of their email process validation failed due to my PC being out of warranty so will call them on Monday instead THANK YOU THANK YOU for any help you can give big ro small Cheers Rick

A:Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk

Sorry the model is Qosmio X500/00X
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1. I have Win7 64-bit installed.

2. Earlier I installed MySQL and created database (size: 2 GB) in my D: drive (size: 52.8 GB).

3. Then I formatted my C: drive and installed Win7 again. As a result, MySQL got uninstalled and something happened to the database in D: drive.

4. After the new Win7 installation, My Computer shows D: [50.8 GB free of 52.8 GB] but the disk is empty.

5. How do I recover these 2 GBs?

A:Hard Disk space seen as occupied... But disk is empty inside

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management, showing all the details of the D drive.
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Hi, My Seagate 2TB external hard disk is not getting detected by my PC, doesn't show in 'Safely remove hardware' option.

However, based on one old thread, I installed Partition Recovery Wizard and this is how the scan looks. Please help.

A:External Hard Disk not detected, visible in Disk Manager

Please find the screenshot of disk management
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If I am saving a backup to internal hard disk vs USB 3.0/2.0 USB external hard disk

1. Backing up to an internal 3.5 hard disk vs backing up to an external 2.5 hard disk using USB 3.0, roughly how much extra time would the external backup need to complete the backup process?

2. Backing up to an internal 3.5 hard disk vs backing up to an external 2.5 hard disk using USB 2.0, roughly how much extra time would the external backup need to complete the backup process?


A:Speed of saving to internal hard disk vs USB 3.0/2.0 external disk?

There's no definitive answer, it would all depend on which internal drives you had (SSD/HDD, SATA 6GB, SATA 3GB) and which external drives you had and their relative transfer speeds. It's all just guesswork without that info.
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I have started using my nice new Satellite T110-12. How can I create a recovery disk?

Why there is a frequent message about vibration has been detected, hard drive head disk has been moved to a safe position? Is there something wrong? Should I return it before the week is up?

Please answer, many many thanks!

A:Satellite T110-121 - Question about recovery disk and hard disk

Hi LindaMon,

> How can I create a recovery disk?
What about reading your user manual?
You need an 8GB USB stick for creating a recovery medium and preinstalled Toshiba recovery disk creator.

> hard drive head disk has been moved to a safe position?
Yes, that?s normal and everything is ok with your notebook. Your HDD will be protected by HDD/SSD Alert utility that is a nice feature from Toshiba to avoid head crashes and can enhance the life of internal HDD.
But yoou can disable these notifications if you want. ;)
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I have IOmega 1 TB hard drive. 2 days ago, my comp restarted suddenly after which my external drive is corrupted.

I get the error 'H: is not accessble' The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable.
It shows up in the disk management as RAW file system,

I have almost 700 GB of important documents, pictures & files that I don't want to lose.
Does anybody know of any good recovery software that can help.

A:Hard disk Error - The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable.

Hi r4hara,

Welcome to SevenForums.

You seem to have lost the partition somehow and that seems to be the reason why it had turned RAW.

IMO, the best free software to do the recovery from a RAW disk is Test Disk. TestDisk - CGSecurity

It can be a little daunting for the first time user, and so take your time to read through all the documentation.

First use PhotoRec in it - which does not write anything to the drive in question - and try to recover the files.

Then you can use TestDisk and try to rewrite the partition. Some people have reported that even after restoring the partition with TestDisk, the drive remained RAW but they were able to recover most files using the option to copy.

Whether PhotoRec or TestDisk, it is going to take a lot of time to recover the files. Copy them to another external drive with adequate capacity.

You may find some help here to understand the usage.

Guide to using PhotoRec recovery software.

Regain a lost drive using Test Disk - An Illustrated Guide

Good luck.
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I am facing problem of unable to shrink c drive in my windows 7 home premium.I have read everyone writing in about not to change the hard disk to dynamic type,but after partitioning one time using disk management now all my partitions are dynamic type & I still have 288gb left in c drive.
I need help.

A:hard disk changed to dynamic type after using disk management

Read this tutorial on how to covert back from Dynamic. Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk
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I have two hard disks, one Seagate 120 GB one and another Maxtor d540x-4d
5400 rpm 40 GB UATA/100 drive. My problem is that the maxtor drive used to
work fine, but recently, it is recognized by BIOS and Device Manager in
Windows, but it is not shown by either the logical disk manager in disk
management or My computer. What is the problem? Any remedies? THanking you

A:Hard Disk recognized by bios, but not by My computer/Disk Manager

You need to partition and format a drive to see it as a drive letter in Windows.
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Hello Members!I have a Windows 8 OS backup on a Pen-drive & mine is a branded PC from HP~ AIO make.Is it possible to format the entire Hard-drive to reclaim the Space used by Recovery Image desk (D:)? Can someone please help guide me on how to format an entire Hard-drive (both C: & D:) in context to an HP Desktop environment?Help will be sincerely appreciated.Thank you.

A:Is it possible to recover the Hard-disk space utilised by Recovery Disk(D:)?

Yes. But not-recommended.The recovery partition  is the only way you have to repair your system in the event of a failure. The computer makers now want you to use that recover if ever a major failure makes your computer unusable. If you need more storage for your photos and videos, consider these methods:A. Use DVD discs to store photos and videos.B. Use a cloud service to save your most important information. C. Purchase in economic external hard drive for extra storage.It would be a b ad idea to format our hard drive unless there was something urgent.,157377.0.html
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Hi, My Seagate 2TB external hard disk is not getting detected by my PC, doesn't show in 'Safely remove hardware' option.

However, based on one old thread, I installed Partition Recovery Wizard and this is how the scan looks. Please help.

A:External Hard Disk not detected, visible in Disk Manager

Please find the screenshot of disk management
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Couple of hours ago my Windows 7 could not recognize my external USB hard disk (Maxtor Basic). It came up on Disk Management and Device Manager but not on My Computer. However I fixed it (by deleting its line off regedit in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices, plugging out the ext. HD and plugging back in). Windows automatically installed the drivers and I could access the drive.

But now Windows shows my Maxtor as a fixed disk drive, instead of "devices with removable storage". I still have the option to "Safely remove hardware and eject media" from taskbar, however I rather have Windows treating it as a Removable USB Storage so that the disk can sleep when not in use. I am pretty sure it has something to do with regedit, so any help would be appreciated.

A:USB external hard disk shows up as internal fixed disk

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A word of caution! Its never a good idea to alter your register,
IMHO please review your device manager and check your devices for your disk drives, check for any warnings in the driver area.
I'm attaching my screenshot for comparison as I have a similar configuration.
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o k so heres my problem im curently defragmenting my HD i have two partitions my C drive and my D drive i have my OS installed in my C drive and alot of other things So when i first started defragmenting my C drive i had GB of free space and i left to go eat taco bell XD and when i came back it was around done but the free space was down to ONLY GB so iv looked evrywhere and foun lots of people had this Disk Disk Lost Hard Solved: After Defragment Space problem didnt quite find Solved: Lost Hard Disk Space After Disk Defragment a solution though and BTW im stil defragmenting im writing this but i might just end it becouse it started going really slow im assuing becouse i have no free space left on that partition Another important thing is that im NOT using the disk defragmentor that comes with the OS im using one called quot Piriform Defraggler quot and before that i used the default one that came with the os and it said that it was defragmented but when i analyzed it with the other program it said it was like fragmented So if theres ny more info u guys need just let me know and i dont know if my HD space will come back after i close the program but idk il let u guys know becouse i might just close it out now becouse i dont think it will finish any time soon so plz help me out with this problem and thanx in advance nbsp

A:Solved: Lost Hard Disk Space After Disk Defragment sry guys....i was just doing sum "reasearch"..and found out how to fix turns out i had to resize the maximun ammount or shadow copy space..or sumthing like that....i had to do it in the cmd ya...

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Hi please and corrupt disk disk accessible file hard not system can you help I have a Gb Seagate Barracuda ATA internal hard drive which is mounted in a Safecom usb firewire external caddy It has partitions a Gb FAT drive and the rest divided into logical NTFS hard disk file system corrupt and disk not accessible drives of Gb and Gb I have only had the disk a couple of months Shortly after I purchased the disk I had a power failure whilst scan disk was running on one of the NTFS drives Upon reboot XP did not recognise the NTFS drives reporting that the file system was corrupt the FAT drive was fine and accessible I managed to recover all my files mostly mp s and movie files from both NTFS drives using hard disk file system corrupt and disk not accessible GetDataBack reformatted the disk replaced the partitions for good measure and reinstalled my backup Since then I haven t really had cause to use hard disk file system corrupt and disk not accessible the disk so it has remained switched off but today I needed to transfer some files across for backup purposes Having done this I then did a bit of housekeeping deleted a few files and moved a few folders around on the disk Then explorer crashed and after I managed to recover from the explorer crash I found that the NTFS partitions were once again inaccessible in XP XP reporting that the file system is corrupt once again Once again the FAT drive is accessible I am currently running GetDataBack again and it looks likely that it might find all the files again I hope I originally purchased the disk to backup my main hard drive which I needed to perform a clean install on this has been done I run ewido spyware blaster adaware se spybot search and destroy avg and look n stop firewall I m pretty certain that there are no XP problems malware or viruses on my pc Can anyone suggest any ideas as to why this might be happening Could it be that this disk is incompatible with my caddy or does it sound like there is a problem with the disk itself Would the disk be less likely to have problems if I mounted it internally Obviously I don t feel overconfident about using this disk for backup purposes anymore thanks nbsp

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I am preparing for a hard disk crash.

I purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in June 2012. It came with a Samsung optical disk containing Windows 7. I am eligible for the $14.99 USD upgrade to Windows 8. Will there be an installation disk for Windows 8 available at this price and if not, then how much more will it cost?

If not, then how should I ensure that I can easily install Windows 8 after a hard disk crash? Do I have to keep my Samsung optical disk of Windows 7?

A:optical disk installation of Windows 8 after a hard disk crash

Quote: Originally Posted by broiyan

I am preparing for a hard disk crash.

I purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in June 2012. It came with a Samsung optical disk containing Windows 7. I am eligible for the $14.99 USD upgrade to Windows 8. Will there be an installation disk for Windows 8 available at this price and if not, then how much more will it cost?

If not, then how should I ensure that I can easily install Windows 8 after a hard disk crash? Do I have to keep my Samsung optical disk of Windows 7?

I'm not positive, but I'd guess a $14.99 price for Win 8 would be a download, unless Samsung is offering some special promotional price for a disc.

I've seen a price of $69.99 for Windows 8 Professional, which I think is for a disc.

I'd find out what that $14.99 price is good for. It may be for an ISO download, in which case you could burn the ISO to a disc.

I'd keep the Windows 7 disc regardless. If you are like most people, you probably will find 7 preferable to 8.
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I have a problem regarding my external Toshiba hard disk 500 GB where it can?t be detected in my computer and also disk management. I have formatted the external HD since I was asked to format it when an error popped up.
So I formatted it and after the formatting completed, I tried to connect the hard disk to my Windows Win 7 laptop. When I connect it to the laptop, it can?t be detected and yet the hard disk is blinking with its white light like it used to when it is connected to the laptop. I tried the disk management thingy, but it can?t detect my hard disk. I tried in other laptops but the result is same
What can I do to make it better? Please help me.

A:External hard disk not detected in My Computer and in Disk Management

First off, how old is your Toshiba external HDD? Also, when it starts to spin up, do you hear any sort of clicking or whining noise?

If you hear any noises that sound off, it's possible your external HDD is failing.

When you formatted it, what file system did you use to do so? Because sometimes even if Windows can't detect it, I have had success with booting with a Ubuntu Live CD, and then connecting the external HDD in order to format it that way. It all has to do with how Windows formats HDD's and how Ubuntu and other Linux systems do.

If you can I recommend downloading Ubuntu onto a CD and boot to it on one of your computers, in the Live CD mode, so it doesn't install anything. Once its loaded, plug in the Toshiba and try to format it as NTFS (this is important, because Ubuntu doesn't use it as a native file system, so you need to make sure that NTFS is selected on the format window, not EXT4 or the other types of Linux OS File Systems)

If it doesn't work, post back here, and I will see if I can help you some more. Also feel free to PM me if you have any other issues.

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I started with a 40 gig for my primary drive
When I install the new western digital WD2500BB 250 gig hard drive I first I get:

CD-rom : Sony DVD-Rom DDU1615
no IDE fixed disk present
press F1 to save

Disk: 40.0 GB [email protected]@[email protected]
CD-rom : Sony DVD-Rom DDU1615
press F1 to save

Disk: 250 GB WDC WD2500BB-14RDA0
CD-rom : Sony DVD-Rom DDU1615
press F1 to save

Then I get the error message:
non system disk or disk error
replace and strike any key when ready

I think I need to format my new hard drive but I can't figure out how to get that far.
Any help will be greatly appreciated I'm trying to upgrade this PC for my kids.


A:new hard drive causing nonsystem disk or disk error

If you would provide the make and modle of the machine to be upgraded, I will try to assist. It could be as easy as configuring a BIOS setting.

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I formatted my hard drive today and after a reboot I got the message quot Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter quot If I insert my Vista disk hit f at startup and go to boot screen click on boot from CD then bypass the boot from CD option it will start Vista I have checked my boot sequence and it shows booting from the right drive My hard drives are SATA Im stumped fellas Asus M N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard Two Hard drives but the second just for Disk Hard Disk Insert Boot Failure System backup not in RAID This is what my system information tool says Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk on the hard drives Type Vendor Model Size Interface Temperature Direct Access Device HDS VLSA SCSI Disk Device GBytes IDE RAID Direct Access Device Western Digital WDC WD AAJS- PSA SCSI Disk Device GBytes IDE RAID Direct Access Device SanDisk SanDisk U Cruzer Micro USB Device MBytes USB USB DVD TSSTcorp SanDisk U Cruzer Micro USB Device USBSTOR RAID DVD SanDisk TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S N SCSI CdRom Device SCSI USB

A:Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk


Changed my partition to active and re-booted, gave me this: "BOOTMGR missing"

Tried to repair with CD and the operating system was showing up on D:, dont know if this is usual but thought it show show C:

Went to Cromt in repair option and tried to rebuild bootmgr with this command:
"bootrec/rebuildbcd" restarted computer............BOOTMGR missing

Was then able to boot from second hard drive (D from boot screen.......finally gave up and formatted fine now.
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I have run into a problem that has been causing me quite a bit of headache as of late. A week ago, my WD Elements External Hard Disk is not displaying under hard disk drives, but does display under Devices and Printers. This is what it shows under computer management:

I have tried to initialize the disk using MBR and GPT options but failed receiving I/O Disk Error.

Please help, thank you.
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Someone installed a linux OS on this guy's Acer Aspire laptop, he wants me to load win7 but when I get the install windows screen, it is showing "Windows cannot be installed to this hard Disk space, Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS.
I searched the net but can't find instructions on how to do this from the win7 disk?

A:How to format Hard disk to NTFS with win7 disk?

When you get to this window install screen and select Custom Install, select Advanced disk options at the next screen. Delete all partitions and then press next. This will automatically make Windows partition and format the drive.
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I am using XP and I get the following message on booting up :-

"....:qttask.exe - No Disk
There is no disk in the drive. please insert a disk into drive\Device\Harddisk1\DR1 "

When I click Continue a number of times the message disappears and I can use the computer.

I don't know what the problem is and its effect. I would certainly like to cure the problem and would be grateful of any help.


A:Error message - Hard Disk qttask.exe No Disk

Best to stop it starting up with XP. Go Start>Run and type in msconfig. Click on the Startup tab and scroll down to the entry for qttask.exe and then untick it. Click Apply and OK and the system will restart. When it comes back, tick the "don't show this message again" box and hit OK. You won't be deleting QuickTime and can still start it when needed.
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Hi my dad s hard drive crashed and so he has just bought another now he needs to reinstall Windows XP Home but unfortunately he doesnt have a disk as its an HP machine and a disc was never supplied the operating system Disk Disk Longer Question About New Available No Reinstalling OS Onto Is When XP Hard was already on the Question About Reinstalling XP Onto New Hard Disk When OS Disk Is No Longer Available computer and the option of making a recovery disc was available but he never actually undertook that option So he needs to get Windown back on his computer he has the serial sticker on the side of his machine he rang up HP and they said the machine is not in warranty - they cant send him a replacement disc - so what are his options I have seen at pcworld uk XP sells for about now he might aswell buy a new system for that price i have also seen an OEM version for sale on the web for about but im not quite sure what this means does it come with an activation key at all Anyway if he obtained a XP Home disc and entered his serial number do you think HP would actually send him the activiation code by email or over the phone surely they have to right Basically there is no way he is going to pay but he needs a legitimate copy of XP back as he already owns one but cant revive it any help would be much appreciated Thanks Richard nbsp

A:Question About Reinstalling XP Onto New Hard Disk When OS Disk Is No Longer Available

The sticker on your dad's pc is likely for an OEM install and so it will not work with any other version. Your best bet would be to buy XP Home OEM which does come with a CD key. 50 is about right.
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I was playing EVE, and an error popped up saying that I should backup my data and replace my hard disk, yet I hear no signs of hard disk failure, and the disk management says that the disk is healthy. MegaDan5 thinks I might have a virus. Should I still make a backup just in case, though?
I forget the exact words of the message, but here's a paraphrased transcript:
"Hard disk failure imminent. Backup your data and replace the hard disk"

A:Hard disk failure error, yet disk is healthy

Can you post a screenshot?
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My Hp pavillion pc started crashing a lot recently and recovery didn't work so I told was advised to get a new hard disk which I did but now I keep getting the above error I've been into the bios and all seems to be booting from the correct drive The first time I tried the hp recovery disk it started to work but when it came to reinstalling the software it stayed on for long so I switched off Maybe that was disk Non-system with new disk error drive or hard a mistake I've run a diagnostics test all passed the test but at the end it said testing Boot path error code BIOHD- I tried putting the old drive back Non-system disk or disk error with new hard drive in and it was the same as before But I was still able to go online albeit until it crashed again HP want more money to help even though I brought the recovery discs they suggested I really hope someone can help I've been told there needs be A partition before the software can be installed Sorry if the wording is a bit messed up I am writting this from a mobile Thanks in advance Greg

A:Non-system disk or disk error with new hard drive

Have you tried to run the recovery disks again? They should automatically put a partition on the hard drive.

If it still doesn't work then there's usually one of two different possibilities:
- bad recovery disks
- other bad hardware in the system

I'd suggest running these free bootable diagnostics first: Initial Hardware Diagnostics
Then, if those tests pass, contact HP to return the defective recovery disks and get a new set.
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Last night my hard disk screamed really loudly and has now died. I get the NO IDE DISK message.
I obviously need to replace the hard disk.
Can anyone please tell me how and where to buy one. At least 80 Meg or more. Cannot find anything on the Toshiba web site about spare parts.

I live in Spain so will need to get it shipped to me.

Also does anyone know if someone can examine the old hard disk and try and rescue my data. A lot was not backed up. Such as photos and kids singing.



A:Qosmio E10: Hard Disk died - NO IDE DISK message


Try to connect HDD to other PC as external one. Maybe you will be able to rescue some data. Other way you can try to check HDD using sector repair tool. One of them is HDD regenerator.

Maybe after doing this you will be able to start OS again. I have had similar problem. HDD Regenerator will not repair HDD but it can be used again.

In my opinion you don?t need any special HDD and I also think that you should be able to use 100GB one. You can order it by service partner in your country or take old one in pc store and talk with your local dealer. He will advice you what to do.
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Hi to all seven forums.
I bought a new 1tb hard disk, and I connected it to my pc as slave, and when I creating the partition in windows seven disk management and right click to creates new partition, it had four option.
1. simple volume
2. spanned volume
3. stripped volume
4. mirrored volume.
plz tell me quickly which option will I click for creating partition..
I want this partitions..
C: 30gb
and the remaining space is equally divided to 3 partition..
plz hurry guys..
I m waiting and stick on this..

A:Need quick help about new hard disk partition on win 7 disk management

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshot tools.
A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
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Hi there I was wandering if anyone could help me out I am running XP pro and although i recently updated with SP the PC appeared to be ok Now when i try to boot up i get DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER If i put my operating disk in it loads the various files and proceeds to windows setup if i chose to set up windows XP now ie re -install the whole system it goes to the licence agreement then to the windows xp professional setup offering options either to set up windows on the selected item or create a partition or delete the partition Most imporantly in the box below it states mb disk o at Id on bus on atapi and underneath lt setup cannot access this disk gt which is the Disk disk boot hard missing failure and worrying In the bios it appears to be able to detect the fact that there is a hard disk drive available If i do press enter at this stage a darker blue screen appears stating that a problem has been detected and that windown has shut down to prevent damage It then goes on to suggest things that are not possible ie boot into safe mode ofr update or Disk boot failure and the missing hard disk disable drivers it gives the following technical information which for me as a beginner is as much use as a wooden eye It say STOP XOOOOOOO e OXCOOOOOO Disk boot failure and the missing hard disk OXF C CFD OXF A X Setupdd sys- adrress F C FD base at f d datestamp d dd f whatever that means If there is anyone who can help i would appreciate it I assume the hard drive is ok and the connections are too nbsp

A:Disk boot failure and the missing hard disk

Moved to Windows. This is not a business applications issue. Good luck!
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Hey guys quick question

1. I have a 1TB Drive Partitoned in half C:5OOGB and F:500GB Now I recently Purchased another 1TB Drive and its already setup.

2. Id like to Change the Drive letter F: wich would be the Second Partition of The Drive C: and assign this Letter to the New Drive.

3.The main reason for this is because Im currently Running FS In the F: Partition of the Same Drive but instead would like to run it in the new drive.

All Registry entries made by FS is pointing to the F Drive therefore Re-assigning the letter to the new drive its a must for me thanks.

I believe just changing the Partition Letter F: wouldn't interfere with the OS considering the OS is on the C: Partition although it is the same drive but wanted to make sure before continuing

A:Changing Hard disk Letter through Disk Manament

Should we know what "FS" is?
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I have an external hard disk which got corrupted. When i connect the disk through USB it shows as an unknown device in the disk management with no option to format.

In My computer the device is showing as H: drive but unable to access it. It asks if i want to format or not but when i go for format it does not do it. I want to erase the disk completely as of now. What should i do??

I tried to load it from linux but there it shows as Device Error. Disk Failure is Imminent.

Can something be done or is it a hardware failure.

A:External Hard disk showing as RAW in disk management

Sounds like the drive is failing or the circuitry in the enclosure is faulty.

I would first remove the drive from the enclosure and hook it up as a slave to a desktop PC. See if you can then access it. If you can, then post back for further instructions with the version of your OS.
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I was advised by a computer tech to buy a new hard drive because of issues I had with my HP pavillion s3330.
After installing I got a non-system disk error message.
After going into the BIOS to make sure it was booting my HP recovery cd from the the right drive, I ran a diagnostics test and after finding no problems an error message came up at the bottom saying - Testing: BOOT PATH, Error code: BIOHD-3.

I consulted HP who said I need to create a partition for the software to be installed to.
If that is the problem then can anybody assist me with this as I have no clue.

By the way, I'm using Vista home premium.



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Hi all it's my first posting here thus I hope I'm doing everything fine I'm having this weird problem after a PC crash I had found out that my Windows XP laptop Compac nc didn't see anymore any CD DVD drive or any virtual CD DVD drive The device manager stated that the driver had been started correctly but there was no corresponding HW available Error which in the case of virtual drives is quite funny I had already seen this problem on other PCs and solved it by removing Upper and Lower filter entries in the CurrentControlSet Control Class entry for CD-ROM and rebooted After reboot all disks were available as expected and I had to reinstall some of the CD-Writing software to re-install the needed upper and lower filters Now everithing seems to work fine with one notable exception If I show devices in Groups Explorer insists in placing my CD DVD both phyiscal and virtual in the quot Hard Disk Drives quot group This is not a problem in itself except for some annoyances - When I insert a CD or DVD ROM Explorer says the HD is full and nags about clenaning it up - Autostart does not seem seen as Disk Hard Explorer Drive Disk by Removable to work as expected all the times I've noticed that when I create a new virtual DVD or install an external CD-ROM it is correctly seen as a quot Removable Disk seen as Hard Disk Drive by Explorer Removable quot Device but I don't have any quot Properties quot option in the contextual menu If I refresh the explorer window F then the same driver is seen as an HD the quot Properties quot option appears and by the way it also has the correct cd dvd tabs such as Recordin options and such I suspect something else is wrongly set in the registry or in some quot ini quot file but I don't know what else to look for Anyone can help me or give me some hints on how to make my XP installation go back to his senses Thanks for your help Paolo

A:Removable Disk seen as Hard Disk Drive by Explorer

Hi Paolo. Welcome to TSF.
It's possible some files got corrupted when your machine crashed. Try reinstating them by running sfc /scannow. Provided your XP installation disc has SP2 installed put it in your drive. If autorun isn't working you may have to start it manually. When it starts, press EXIT at the welcome screen. Then press Start>Run and type sfc /scannow in the box and press OK. You may have to press retry several times - this is normal. When finished, reboot your machine and see if this has improved things.
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Please help I have a problem with my Compaq PC will explain from beginning At first when i boot the PC it used to come one message like quot splash screen error run rompaq quot and below that black screen F to boot when i press F it used to boot windows and i can work comfortably now the problem before last two days when i tried to start my PC it won t boot instead it shows the same message press F to boot i suspect Disk Can Xp Not Disk And Hard Boot From Both Windows Up Start by mistake i deleted some system file but it was a normal shutdown i made last time after that i made one start up disk from another computer and tried to boot from it but i can t while booting from floppy it begins the booting but windows Windows Xp Can Not Boot Both From Hard Disk And Start Up Disk not coming it shows like Starting A gt mode can code page prepare ega cpi failure to access code page font file A gt mode con code page select code page not prepared A gt keyb us keyboard Windows Xp Can Not Boot Both From Hard Disk And Start Up Disk sys code page specified has not been prepared A gt I can enter to C or D etc also can use dir like commands please help me to solve this problem nbsp

A:Windows Xp Can Not Boot Both From Hard Disk And Start Up Disk

You have some serious troubles, and need to do some intensive reading on how Windows works, and what happens when a hard drive is corrupted or damaged or mis-installed..
It would be helpful for you to tell us computer, install discs, installed hardware, connection, hardware configuration you have, as well as the age of everything, and the recent history of failures and difficulties..
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I have a SATA Hard Disk, it was working ok then I stopped using the computer for about 3 months and when I turned it back on the Hard Disk is not showing in the BIOS or in the Disk Manager, what could have happend and is there ANY way it can be fixed?


A:Hard Disk not showing in BIOS or Disk Manager

Did you reset CMOS? check in BIOS what method your HDD is using.
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I bought a f series Compaq laptop ok It's originally with VISTA but the previous owner installed Windows Ultimate in it Runs ok and everything but I want my lappy to be in its original state my Hard USB, DISK, Unable boot but [email protected]#% from ANYTHING to laptop OK here's the problem I spent HOURS and hours trying to solve without success I can't Unable to boot my laptop from DISK, USB, ANYTHING but Hard [email protected]#% boot my Laptop from USB CD-ROM USB FLASH DRIVE nor External disk drive I checked BIOS I set the boot order like I'm supposed to DISK gt USB gt HDD Nothing happens I hit f for BIOS setup or ESC for Boot order and I only see Hard Drive as boot option No CD USB I tried to quot repair computer quot F and I get no repair option only restore option with restore points I have use Partition manager to check partitions I am unable to install RECOVERY Unable to boot my laptop from DISK, USB, ANYTHING but Hard [email protected]#% MANAGER I get missing quot HardDisk dll quot or when I install hdd dll I get error code that Recovery Manager is unable to run I have recovery Disks for both VISTA X and WIN X and both are no use since I can't access those I tried to upgrade my BIOS F gt gt gt Running the BIOS upgrade software I got from HP official site I get to the point where the Software tells me it is creating a FLASH BIOS and I get immediately the blue screen with quot memory dump quot message This happens every time I try to upgrade I'm not too knowledgeable in computers but I can troubleshoot easily with good instructions I've tried everything and I come across with a problem after a problem It's so frustrating I even tried the original WIN and VISTA installation disks as a last option No I can't boot from the disk What is going on k

A:Unable to boot my laptop from DISK, USB, ANYTHING but Hard [email protected]#%

There has to be a setting in the BIOS that is stopping you from booting from the USB or CD/DVD drive. That is IF those to thing actually work.

Have you checked to see if the USB and CD/DVD drive work?

As to the memory dump when trying to update the BIOS. You are doing this from inside Windows? I would suspect that because of the memory dump error.

99% of the time the computer/OS BSODs from memory errors. Memory errors come from bad memory.
If the notebook has 2 sticks of memory remove one of them then try the BIOS update. If it still BSODs put that stick back in and remove the other.
If it still BSODs then try it from a Safe Mode boot or from a Command line boot.
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hi all,

i would like to ask you a very basic question:

What is the difference between an external hard disk and an internal hard disk mounted on external enclosure?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure risky in terms of loosing the data?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure reliable to use?

kindly let me know as there is a vast difference in the price of these hard disks. The external hard disk is costing more and if i use internal hard disk in external enclosure price is very much reduced.

my only concern about using internal hard disk in external enclosure is the reliability.

thanks in advance,


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Hi all I T410 bios mod bug have flashed a WL-free BIOS from Serg to my T -DA I had the latest factory BIOS before Flash was successful i disabled the TPM because the beeps at startup Then i realized that i cannot read CPU speed from the OS Ubuntu and the battery isn't charging I can see on the indicator when it is T410 mod bios bug inserted or not but no charging T410 mod bios bug I installed TLP started a calibration but it only discharged the battery and charging is not working Or if it is working BIOS does not see what charging circuit is doing EC ROM is in addition I tried to flash factory BIOS but it cannot be done with battery I'm afraid to flash FL and FL as i have two FL files extracted from factory flash Have someone seen a bug like this before Can someone tell me how to flash FL and two FL 's and PAT files with Winphlash Or force the boot CD image to update I ned to revert the factory BIOS to check that the charging circuit is OK nbsp Thanks in advance
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The ads I see on Amazon etc say that there is more than one fan type for a T and be sure to get the one that fits your machine nbsp How to make the match nbsp My T is a Type - U according to a sticker on its bottom nbsp At https support lenovo com us en documents migr- I find a table that maps these computer types to model numbers of parts including fan assemblies nbsp It lists Fan assembly integrated M and M as suitable for type - x but by omission it implies that Fan assembly discrete M and T410? fit What replacement fan will my M are not suitable to type - x nbsp I assume that in that type code x is a variable so - U is a member of that type nbsp Ah nbsp I just learned at nbsp https support lenovo com us en What replacement fan will fit my T410? documents migr- that the two different fan assemblies are for integrated graphics and discrete graphics models respectively - their heat sink components are quite different nbsp Ah again nbsp From pix on Amazon I infer that the two integrated assemblies have slightly different heat sinks but both are for integrated graphics nbsp The M is shown here nbsp https www amazon com Genuine-IBM-Thinkpad-Cooling-Heatsink dp B MTWDB E and the M is here https www amazon com IBM-Original-Thinkpad- M -Assembly dp B QWCTLG nbsp From this I want to conclude that if I get a model M or M I'm cool nbsp Is that right nbsp Also it's possible and much cheaper to buy a fan without buying the heat sink assembly as well nbsp Anybody know which fan models fit into the Fan assembly integrated nbsp Thanks in advance Ken
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Hi,  We have HP Zero Clients (T410) and are connection to an Windows 2012 server.When i look in the admin guide it saysthat USB redirection to windows 2012 and Windows 8 is supported.  I have enable USB redirection in the zero client. But when i connect an USB device to the zeroclient is isnt viable in my RDP7 connection to the server. Do i have to edit some policys on the server or do i need software ?  Kind regards,   Hans Vos

A:T410 - USB redirection

Im having a simaller problem with my Windows server 2008, using the T410 as well. I can get thumb drives to redirect, but i cant get SD card readers. Have you found a solution to this problem yet?
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I have a DV7 laptop and the reason I cannot boot up is a hard disk error HARD DISK 1 (3F1).could you please help with this topic?

A:Hard disk error HARD DISK 1 (3F1).

Hi The error indicates that the Hard drive off the unit has failed and you will need to replace the part in order to get the unit back to working condition. If your notebook is still under warranty, contact HP and arrange to have the drive replaced.If you are out of warranty and would like a guide on replacing the Hard Drive yourself, please let me know.
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I have a XP system with nForce4 mainboard. The original hard disk is SATA made by Hitachi. I want to add a 2nd hard disk (IDE) to the system.

However, after I add it on, the XP can not boot up. BIOS can recognize it. But the XP does not. It does not matter how I set the 2nd disk to master or slaver.

Anybody has solutions, please give me an advise.


A:How to add 2nd hard disk (IDE) with first SATA hard disk

Have you checked your HDD order in the BIOS? On my ASUS K8N-E Deluxe, I have an IDE as my boot and a SATA for storage, which I had to tell my BIOS the HDD priority. You have to make sure that the BIOS points to the correct boot drive.
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How would one go about replacing a the hard drive? I am having the same issue on the DV6.

A:Re: Hard disk error HARD DISK 1 (3F1).

@notteckysahmThank you for joining HP Forums.I'll be glad to help you! As I understand you want to replace the hard drive on your DV6 notebook as you've been gettings the error message 3F1 - To let you know that signifies either a bad drive or a loose connection, it's recommended that you reseat the drive & attempt a test using the hardware diagnostic tool, click here for the details. If you have already done the above, here's how you can replace the drive: Before you beginYou need a Phillips head screwdriver.Turn off the computer. Disconnect the Ethernet or modem cable. Disconnect the power cord.Transfer the computer to a clear, flat, stable work surface over a non-carpeted floor.HP strongly recommends the use of an anti-static wrist strap and a conductive foam pad when working on the computer.Do not remove a component from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it.For more details, click here Let me know if those steps worked for you.  If they did, that?s awesome!  Give us some reinforcement by clicking the solution and kudos buttons, that?ll help us and others see that we?ve got the answers! Good Luck!
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Hello my notebook has suddenly experienced a problem with it s hard drive and I m at a loss as to what to do It s a quot Compaq Presario CQ quot running quot Windows quot As far as I know all drivers and system software is up-to-date Well I was running a couple programs and the notebook froze a few times but only for a minute or so Then it froze for about minutes Not completely but I couldn t access the programs to close them so I long-pushed the power button and turned it off I immediately tried to turn it back on several times and was met with a black screen After running some system checks and looking at the BIOS and all that I understood that the problem was with my hard drive The system tests were with my experienced it's suddenly Hello, problem a has notebook Error hard Hard Disk as follows Memory Test PASSED Battery Test PASSED Run-in Test Stalled at Start-up Test Stalled at Hard Disk Test Stalled at So the computer recognizes that the hard disk is there but still gives me the Hard Disk Error Hello, my notebook has suddenly experienced a problem with it's hard quot Hard Disk Not Exist quot error messages at several points I have no idea how to proceed from this point My main concern is the Hard Disk Error Hello, my notebook has suddenly experienced a problem with it's hard integrity of my files pics videos music especially music Does anyone have any idea what I can do Thank you very much nbsp Hard Disk Error Hello, my notebook has suddenly experienced a problem with it's hard
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hi there..

my name is Anis...i just bought external hard drive 500gb...but after I formatted's just about 400++ gb can be used..i would like to to use the extra/reserve space for my ext hard disk?by any means, i want to fully use my 500gb space for the external...please help me...thank you...

A:How to fully use the extra hard disk space for external hard drive?

It should have about 465GB, what are you seeing?

You will not have 500GB due to the conversion between binary and decimal for reporting sizes.
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Gday I have Hard & Paragon Hard External Disk Suite Manager Drive USB emailed Paragon and am awaiting there reply but you guys seem to know a lot more and try and solve the problem Up to this point I have used either Acronis or Paragon for my backups I prefer Paragon over Acronis mainly because the restore by Paragon is far quicker I have both bootable CD's but in this instance I would like to concentrate on Paragon I downloaded Paragon's Advanced Recovery CD Build Put it in my rom and booted looked at a black screen for minutes Removed it and rebooted it got stuck at the loading of Vista then I got another black screen no hard drive movement Rebooted again this time with the regular Paragon bootable CD It booted into the recovery console Now this is where things go from bad to worse I tried finding my OS after a lengthy period I received an error disk i o fault no operating system found Now disk is my external hard drive where my backups are kept So I rebooted with the CD in went into the recovery console and clicked on quot safe restore quot after playing the waiting game I get a message disk i o fault Took out the Paragon CD put in the Vista one tried a repair but there was no OS to repair So I installed Vista and because I didn't want to have to reinstall all of my programs again yer lazy I know but that's what backup's are for Checked with the fresh install that my two external hard drives had there drivers and were present They were both accounted for in Vista So put back in the Paragon bootable CD got to the recovery console tried a quot normal restore quot and once again got disk i o fault So I tried a quot safe restore quot same error message Back tracked to see if my OS was still there and IT HAD GONE So again I installed Vista checked with the fresh install that my two external hard drives had there drivers and were present They were both accounted for in Vista Put back in the Paragon bootable CD got to the recovery console tried a quot safe restore quot and once again got disk i o fault Back tracked to see if my OS was still there and IT HAD GONE AGAIN So yet again I installed Vista this time I tried copying over the latest backup to a partition that the Paragon recovery console could read Tried again and yup you guessed it lost the OS again this time the error message was disk i o fault Once again I installed Vista this time however I installed the Paragon software initially it wouldn't find my backups but I was like a dog with a bone and eventually got Paragon Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite & USB External Hard Drive to locate them This time I tried a restore from the Windows environment crossed my fingers my eyes and my legs eventually Paragon said it needed to reboot to continue the operation I rebooted and the recovery looked promising but I could not sit there and watch it waiting for it to fail so I went and watched the TV for a couple of hours I came back to my PC and OMG shock horror EVERYTHING WAS BACK Now for the question I have used the recovery console before and it found my USB external hard drives why this time could it not Footnote I also tried my Acronis bootable CD it loaded then the screen went black I have since done a backup to my external just to make sure it was still viable it worked without a hitch I also did a backup on a partition that is on a different hard drive to my OS just in case I run into this problem again Whether or not it will be read is a whole different story

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Hey there guys about six months ago I started receiving an error every few days on my computer on boot and it was something along the lines of 'pxe-rom Check cable connection ' To fix it I just used my Windows install CD and it was fine until whenever it'd happen again Now just about three days ago an error popped up that said 'Windows has problem. detected Windows Hard drive hard has a failing? disk detected a hard disk problem' The hard drive is a GB Toshiba MK GSXN Anyway after Windows has detected a hard disk problem. Hard drive failing? getting that message I quickly backed up all of my important documents and stuff onto an external HDD It was also very slow slower than my computer had ever been So I decided to do a clean install since scans with Malwarebytes and AVG detected nothing And then once it finished it popped up the error message again I have noticed that the slowness has gone but I'm not installing any programs in case it does fail I am wondering that maybe the 'check cable connection' error was telling me something but I didn't think anything of it So does it sound like I need to get a new hard drive EDIT I bought a new hard drive fixed

A:Windows has detected a hard disk problem. Hard drive failing?

In many cases, that is Windows way of saying your hard drive is in imminent danger of failing. Of course there could be other problems, but windows will usually detect it first. A tutorial that may help is simple to use, but may take a while. Disk Check I would also get the Manufacturer's hard drive diagnostic program to check the drive. You were wise to back up all of your personal information.