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please help me !!! i have dell latitude E6420 Cpu working well !! but Gpu nvs 4200 is very hot. when i test in furmark temperature is 105 c .. i change 1.5 mm thermal pad but nothing change . i install E6420A08 bios but nothing change.. please help me someone
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Preferred Solution: Dell latitude E6420

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hello i have both these dell and Dell e6430 latitude latitude e6420 laptops well i have bought a Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420 e for my girlfriend as the other one she has is crap well i have read that these e get warm and well i found out they come with one pipe heatsink well Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420 i heard u can upgrade the heatsink to a pipe one DUAL HEATPIPE heatsink DELL P N - TYP i was wondering what else do i need to do this as when i get this laptop its second hand i pro in it ghz im going to clean it out and put new paste on it put i hear people are on about this copper shim to put on it can this be done and well can i upgrade my dell latitude e i pro ghz heatsink with the Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420 double heatsink as i know that one only comes with one pipe love you guys info if you guys can help me would be class thanks i got this info here GPU Temperature C on Latitude E - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Community

A:Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420

Joseph mate best leave as is after all it was made to function as it came. Now for the compound and copper shim personally I would not bother with the copper shim I can see no good reason for it the dual pipe again if it was made to work with one pipe then leave alone.

It is better if you renew the compound using a decent cleaner and compound and I can recommend these for that job

Arctic Silver Incorporated - ArctiClean for thorough cleaning and preparation and Arctic Silver Incorporated - Arctic Silver 5 for the compound.

Now it depends on who you listen to but I always use these products and after the old compound is thoroughly cleaned off and the surfaces prepped I spread the compound very thinly and across the both entire surface of the CPU and the heatsink with my finger inside a vinyl or latex glove and then place a rice grain sized piece of compound on the CPU and replace the heatsink. If you touch the surfaces after clean and prep then redo it.

While you are in there do make sure the fan and the radiator are really spotless and I sometimes relube the fan bearings to make sure the fan is running at full tilt when needed.
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I bought Dell Latitude E6420 few months ago.
It had a severe problem of freezing (I believe it was due to too much CPU Usage since I upgraded to Windows 10 and was using chrome), and I wasn't even able to move my mouse. It happened frequently and it never unfroze
Now what's happening is that it freezes when I'm not even working on anything, and while I am able to move my mouse, nothing really happens. I press windows button yet the windows tab doesn't come out. I can't access to folders or anything.
I thought it may have been SSD problem so I bought another one, but the screws are stripped and I'm not sure how to unscrew them without damaging anything.
Any guess on what's going on and what I can do to fix my computer?

A:Dell Latitude E6420 Freezing

Hello and good afternoon
Considering that you purchased it used it is hard to determine what, if any, hardware has issues. Have you ran Diagnostics?
It is doubtful that everything will pass with your issue so write down the error codes, if any, and post them.
Another option is to restart and when you get the "splash screen" begin tapping the F8 key and your display will offer several options. Arrow down and Chose "Last Known Good" then push the Enter Key and see what happens. Last known good resets the system to when all of the settings worked.
The screws just hold a cover for the SSD so you will not damage it if you are careful. Perhaps you should reinstall the other SSD and then run Diagnostics.
The aforementioned suggestions are a "stab in the dark." However, we never know.
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I am desperate to undertsnad how to disable the touchpad on my Latitude E6420 laptop.  The F5 key is showing a pictrue of the keypad but it is nopt working.
Help much appreciated.
Best regards,.>Florenece

A:How to disable touchpad in Dell LAtitude E6420

Welcome to the community
To disable/enable touchpad hit FN+F5. This is the manual of your laptop ; in case you need it in the future.
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Hi guys I am having an issue with my laptop. It was updated using dell drivers and apps that match the service tag and everything was working smoothly until I rebooted today and now a password is requested on the bios screen before I can go any further. I don't have a password on my OS or my bios but this Dell secure manager must have chosen a default one on my behalf. Now I can't get into anything, it won't boot to CD drive or usb it just stays on this bios password screen. I tried nearly everything I could think of. I removed the cmos battery. Tried various possible default passwords and nothing. I don't really want to try shorting the nvram chip, too much could go wrong with powering up a disassembled laptop and even then it might not work. Any help at all would really be appreciated.

A:Latitude E6420 DELL secure manager

Ok update for anyone interested. I was unable to source any help for this and conversations with Dell where non productive. The only safe option I had was to replace the motherboard. So in respect of this option I decided there was nothing to lose in attempting to reset the nvram chip.
The most irritating part is disassembly in the hope that you will detect the chip before complete disassembly is achieved. I found the chips where placed conveniently under the keyboard and are easily accessible. There are 2 x 8 pin winbond chips side by side 25Q16CVsig and 25Q64CVSIG, the one I concentrated on was the 8MB chip 25Q64CVSIG. If you look up the datasheet for the component you will see pins 5 and 6 are signals CLK and Serial Data In, these are the 2 pins we need to short. If you are unsure which pin is which, if you look at the chip you will see a circular impression on the chip face, this is indicating pin1 and the numbers increment in an anti clockwise motion.
First thing I did was reconnect drives and anything that you way have disconnected and then I tested a normal boot to make sure everything was connected correctly and you will notice the Dell secure manager is still appearing. Now reboot and whilst rebooting connect a small wire or loose piece of solder between these 2 pins and the PC should boot up bypassing this password request allowing you to boot into the OS. Delighted this worked first try I wanted to make sure it did not happen again so I opened up dell secure manager software that was installed and looked for the change password option and was able to change the password to something I can easily remember. I then rebooted with everything reconnected and housed without the nvram chip reset and the dell secure manager popped up again but this time I entered the new password I had just set in windows, held my breath for a few seconds and it accepted this password.
I hope this helps anyone else with the same issue because I had definitely not set a password within Dell Secure Manager software before this issue arose and can only conclude that by not setting one Dell software create a default for me and this is impossible to figure out. Good Luck.
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I am looking for the hard drive screws (not the caddy screws) that hold the caddy+hdd assembly securely with the chasis. I ordered from Ebay a couple of times and they send me everything but the 3 hard drive screws that I need. Where can I find them? What is the part name/number? Your help is much appreciated.
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Any advice on how to upgrade this to wireless AC?
Operating System Edition: Professional Product Line: Latitude
Operating System: Windows 7
Optical: DVD
Screen Size: 14"
Battery: Included Processor Type: Intel Core i5 2nd Gen.
Webcam: Not Included Processor Speed: 2.50GHz
Touchscreen: No Graphics Processing Type: Integrated/On-Board Graphics
Memory: 8GB
Hard Drive Capacity: 320GB
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I have 2 Dell Latitude e6420 using Remote Desktop connecting thru a TS Gateway, that once connected don't have access to their local resources, IE no clipboard, local drive or local printers. In the .rdp files, all local resources are permitted and on
the server side, access to the local resources are allowed. These are the only 2 machines having this problem. Any idea?
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A client's laptop will not load Windows 10 with latest updates installed from power on while it is plugged into the docking station.  The screen will be black with white circling dots.  The client can undock and boot the laptop just fine and plug it into the docking station afterwards.  Not entirely sure why it's not booting while docked though.
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my dell latitude e6420 screen goes blank and stays blank when it has to boot from the internal hhd or usb or even cd, i can not even run diagnostic test. all my laptop can do now is go to Bios settings. it turns and stays blank when not at bois. plz help me...very urgent.

A:my dell latitude e6420 screen goes blank when it has to boot

Hi notyme,
Welcome to the Community.
Unplug the adapter and the battery. Press and hold power button for 20 seconds. Plugin the adapter. Press and hold “Fn” key while turning on the system. Hold it down until the diagnostic starts. For more information click the link mentioned below:
Please refer to the link mentioned below for information on error codes:
Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell
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Hey, I have a dell latitude E6420. I was using laptop and doing my routine work and then i got notification that 7% battery is remaining,Plugin the charger.. While there was 67% Charging was remaining (1Hr 9min estimate) .And ligh was also blinking orange.Then laptop shutted down automatically.
Battery Information in BIOS are follows
Health= Low
Kindly help and give suggestions..
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After change boot value to UEFI, notebook freeze after display logo DELL, after press F2 or F12 display yellow text only and freeze.
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I have reinstalled my computer. Then I wanted to use Dell System detect to find and install my drivers, but it is scanning many hours without result. I need to install all my drivers to my computer for right functionality, but I am not able to do it. What can I do with that? Where can be problem? I see this screen for a hours.
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My Latitude was 100% password free up to 5 minutes ago.  The hard drive is new, and I did a clean reinstall of Windows 10.  After a successful update of the Broadcom USH firmware via DOS, the computer has now locked me out.

The message is "Dell Secure Manager" - This computer system, <service tag>-6FF1, is protected by a security authentication system.  You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.  Please type in the system or administrator password.
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My Dell Latitude E6420 has black screen of death. Let me explain what happen. My friend bought a battery for his E6440 laptop and his laptop not starting (no display) he asked me to check on my laptop for that battery.
My laptop display gone after inserting his battery and changed to my battery still didn't worked. I connected external monitor display coming there (external monitor is showing primary). but laptop display not coming to make it secondary.
I did steps.
1. drained power 30-1-2. still didn't work
2. changed RAM slots with another still didn't work
3. tried D+ power, did not see anything.
this morning I observed If close display 70 to 80% I can see barely light on the screen window login in the angle. 
Is that means back light gone? What are solutions have now? Do I need to change display? give me suggestion.
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 recently bought a Dell latitude E6420 i5-2520M 8GB and I am experiencing a very annoying issue with the speakers.
The sound coming from the speakers worked until I plugged in the headphones jack into the computer for the first time - when I unplugged the headphones internal speakers stop to work completely.
What I have tried so far with no success:

Uninstall and reinstall windows audio/sound drivers
Tried Realtek drivers
Disabled headphones
Recovery and reinstall Windows 10

What is strange is that every time I uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers the speakers start to work again until i plug the jack of the headphones and again speakers stop to work. Any Idea?
Please let me know what you need to know about my computer to better understand the problem and I will amend the question accordingly.

A:Dell latitude E6420 - plug headphone jack in stop internal speakers to work

I resolved installing windows native audio drivers
Apparently, this is a known issue with the Realtek drivers on the Dell Latitude.
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Hello Forum,
I received a laptop support request from one of my users... the user insists that there was no "drops" or "water incidents" or "yanking by the screen side". I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and thought I'd ask the community.
What would cause something like this on a laptop monitor?


A:Latitude E6420 - what would cause the screen to do this?!

Bad video chip to say the least . He maybe right . I have seen screens do this to. Either way not a cheap fix .If fixed at all.
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Hi, I recently run PassMark Burn-In Test ver. 7 on my Latitude E6420 i7-2630QM with Nvida NVS 4200M 512M video card. During the test I noticed that the GPU temperature is about 103C and the software reported "failed test" because of this high temperature.
The CPU temperature is also high, around 93C.

Is this normal? Should I return this laptop?


A:GPU Temperature 103C on Latitude E6420

This is a known problem with the E6420 14" laptop and Quad core CPU's. I have a E6420 and E6520. The E6520 handles the heat much better and tops out at 85C GPU and 95C CPU when running Diablo 3 for an hour on max resolution and max graphic settings.   My laptop shipped with the single heatpipe heatsink, it would downclock CPU because of excessive heat and even shutdown. After I received the Dual pipe heatsink with a new thermal pad, my temps dropped to 100C max on CPU and GPU and laptop no longer shuts down due to overheating.
The problem is Dell packed a lot of power into a 14" laptop. When running at max load, the cooling system simply can't keep up. Dell should really fix this but you can do a few improvements on your end. FYI - Do not attempt if you are not comfortable doing this or are tech / mechanical savvy.
Here is what I recommend:
1. Ensure you have the latest BIOS installed. Dell has changed the thermal curves for the fan in recent bios updates.
2. Ensure you have the DUAL HEATPIPE heatsink DELL P/N - TYP01. My E6420 shipped with the wrong Single pipe heatsink pictured below.
Single pipe heatsink - ONLY FOR DUAL CORE i5, i7. NOT FOR i7 QM QUAD CORES.
There is a "gap" between the heatsink and the Nvidia NVS 4200M GPU. Dell uses a  <ADMIN NOTE: Profanity removed as per TOU> thermal pad to transfer heat. a lot of users have done the following to reduce temps even lower by replacing the thermal pad with a copper shim sandwiched between two layers of thermal paste / compound. I'm sure Dell probably does not support this below mod even though users have reported lower temps after the mod which in turn stresses components less.
3. Order this copper shim kit.
4. Use a good thermal paste / compound such as Céramique 2:
Lastly - search through the forums on this website as there is alot of information about your E6420.
i7-2760QM turbo up to 3.5ghz
16GB DDR3 @1600MHZ - yes the E6420 and E6520 will accept 16GB and run at 1600MHZ if you buy 1600Mhz Ram AND have a Quad core CPU that Supports 1600Mhz ram natively. search for your cpu here and look under "memory types" for supported speeds. "Max memory size" for max memory your CPU supports.
500GB HDD @ 7200RPM
1600 x 900 HD Screen w webcam
Backlight Keyboard
Intel 6250 Wifi
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I was curious what the "SC" slot above the HD on my E6420 was for is it some kind of expansion port? I cannot find referance of it function anywhere on the web site.

A:what is the slot labled SC above the HD on my Latitude E6420

The SC slot and the ExpressCard slot are not the same.  I have a Latitude E6410, and it has both a smart card (SC) slot on the left side and an ExpressCard (EC) slot on the right.  The EC slot is about 3 times thicker.  The smart card slot is for reading smart cards (, and are a way to verify someone's identity to allow them to use the computer, and are common with the government and various companies.  The Express Card ( slot is for expansion devices, like wireless cards or USB 3.0 ports.  ExpressCard is the newer and much faster replacement standard to old PCMCIA cards.
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Okay, maybe this sounds silly.  But I have an E6420 with this fancy HDMI port on the back of it.  And I have a 6 month old Toshiba TV with plenty of empty HDMI-in ports.  How the heck do I get it to display on my TV?  Apparently just plugging in an HDMI cable isn't the trick, because nothing happens.  Is there some kind of Fn+F8 combo like there is with VGA that I need to use or something?  Thanks!

A:Latitude E6420 HDMI Output

Here's what I ran into, and how I fixed it:
We use 6420s, and I noticed in device manager that they have BOTH Intel AND NVidia video drivers installed.  The only conclusion I could find was that Intel was driving the computer's LCD display and NVidia was driving HDMI.  So, if I would use the keyboard (Fn + F8) to change the display, it would work fine for VGA connections, because those fell under the control of the Intel card.  Same thing for if I chose "screen resolution" from the desktop.  All those were only addressing the intel card, which controls VGA and built-in display.
To use HDMI, which falls under Nvidia, connect your cable and then right-click on the desktop and choose the Nvidia control panel.  From there, you can control display cloning and extending the display to your HDMI monitor/display.
Hope this helps someone- I spent a lot of time tearing hair out over this.
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I'm getting only minimal sound from the internal speakers of my Latitude E6420. The volume is very low, even though it's set to the highest level. Also, the sound is tinny. It's similar to what you hear from headphones at a distance; like when someone near you is listening to headphones at a high volume, or if you take off your headphones/ earplugs while the audio is still playing.
Whenever I actually use headphones, the sound is great, but with the internal speakers the audio is practically nonexistent.
I've set the internal speakers as my default speakers, I've adjusted the loudness equalization, and I've reinstalled the audio drivers. I've even tried wiggling a toothpick inside the speaker jack, but nothing has resolved this issue.
Can anyone help?
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I recently purchased a Latitude e6420, not realizing it was running HD3000 graphics, is there any way to upgrade this to HD4400? Or even to a non Dell card like a GTX970? I realize I should have done my homework and discovered before making a purchase that I was buying a rig with such an inferior card, but I was doubtful that any laptop running an i7 processor would be running such a bad graphics card.
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I can not seem to get the integrated web camera on my Latitude E6420 working properly. It works fine in my web browser at times, on sites like this, but not at all in applications like Dell Webcam Central and Skype.
Are there any other drivers I can try installing except the ones detected automatically by Windows 7? I have had no luck in finding such.
Thanks in advance.

A:Latitude E6420 Integrated Webcam Problem

I solved the problem by adding a StringValue named UpperFilters, with the value ksthunk to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F} using Regedit.
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I have windows 10 installed on my laptop
This is not a problem I have had before
I have to shine a flashlight at my computer screen in order to see anything. When I open the display settings, it says my brightness is already at 100%, and nothing changes when I drag the slider, or when I plug it in. The brightness won't change when using the Fn key either. I tried disabling and re-enabling the display adapter and that didn't work either. I have also tried restarting my computer but again nothing changed. I don't know what could have caused this to happen; I've had this computer for a year and have never experienced this.
Any help to fix this problem would be appreciated!
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After upgrading to windows 10 from 7 I notice some freezing for a few seconds and jitters while playing starcraft 2 on my E6420.  I've done a few things that seem to be helping, but have not completely resolved the problem.  Including, deleting the xbox app with windows power shell, switching to the integrated graphics rather than the Nvidia, launching the starcraft 2 32 bit client instead of running in 64 bit, and disabling one of the cpu cores for sc2 once the game has launched.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  If so have you figured out a fix?  Thanks

A:Any one playing starcraft on windows 10 with a latitude e6420?

Unfortunately, there are no Windows 10 drivers available for this laptop. You would need to have windows 10 drivers for better performance and programs to work better.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number. You would click my name in blue, then on the next page in the upper right corner, click the words "send private message"
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I started getting the message "ME is in recovery mode" when booting. Followed these instructions to update the BIOS.
Now I've waited several hours and nothing is happening.
"Updating your system's firmware. Do not power down you system". Also "Flash progress" is at 0% and the message below states it's "Sending Intel(R) Management Engine FW Update".
I have win7pro running on the machine, if that bit of information helps.
Please help

A:Latitude E6420 bios update stuck

Any news on this? I am stuck with my Latitude E6440 on the same screen.
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I have dell e5420 with integrated webcam which has Windows 10 installed on it. The Webcam was working fine until last evening and this morning, it has stopped working. 
The Windows 10 Camera app shows the error code 0xA00F4244(0xC00D36D5)
The Dell Webcam Central app shows error "No supported webcam found" 
When looking at Imaging Devices under Device Manager, there is no driver for the integrated webcam.
Can you please advise how I can fix this?

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I have a latitude E 6420, the bios update failed and now the system will not boot, it hangs up.
Thanking you in advance for your help. 

A:How do I recover a failed latitude e6420 bios flash?

Does it hang up before or after you see the Dell splash screen?
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Hi team,
My question is the following :
Is it possible to upgrade Latitude E6420 - E6430 from a simple HDD to a SSD disk ? 
Technically, I know that it's possible, but several technicians from Dell sub contractors are sure that there is a lot of issues with this upgrade.
Indeed, in my company, we did this upgrade on a E6430 yesterday for a beta client. This morning, this client called me to report that after laptop switching on, the screen shows " No bootable device found".
Are you aware about this kind of problems ?



A:SSD disk upgrade - compatibility with Latitude E6420 - E6430

I have experienced the same issue. My SSD drive was not detected. I updated drivers and so on, without any effect.
By chance I figured out that it was a purely mechanical issue. The ssd drive is a little thinner than the usual hard drive so that it did not get into contact with the slot.
I resolved it by sticking some layers of tape on the tip of the ssd in order to make it apparently thicker.
See the photos.
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I have E6420 work Latitude HDMI won't output jack tried a LOT of different things to get my HDMI port to work but I will follow any advice in specific order if anyone can suggest a good starting point Ideally this is a common problem and I just have yet to find the resource to address it Even though I have an integrated Intel HD Graphics device manager indicates that quot NVIDIA M PCI bus device function Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code quot Is this driver only for monitors that I would hook up to my Latitude that contain corresponding NVIDIA hardware software i e does this NVIDIA M have anything to do with why my HDMI output jack won t work Please help as I have a Nixeus WQHD quot Ultra High Resolution x that I am dying to use to its full potential I d even appreciate recommendations for an external GPU if it is that to which I am relegated Besides my Latitude E tag B H R I also have a Studio tag MZ DN if I can get my WQHD monitor to work on that any easier Thanks in advance and have a happy and SAFE Memorial Day weekend
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HI DELL Support
I have a DELL E6420 with a faulty LED screen (WLED 1366 x 768). I notice that the E6420 also has an anti-glare  HD+ screen option (1600 x 900). Can I replace my faulty screen with the higher resolution screen?

A:Latitude E6420 screen replacement 1366x768 to 1600x900

Yes, assuming you get a screen known to be compatible with the system (don't just buy any screen - notebooks work only with those screens they ship with from the factory!)
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The digit alpha-numeric monitor serial number CN- GH D- - Q- FLComputer model Dell Latitude E Operating system Windows Pro -bit Video card Intel HD Video card not driver E6420, U2715H, Latitude installation for recognized driver version nbsp Latitude E6420, U2715H, not recognized for driver installation Out ports available on the video card Using the dock so have Latitude E6420, U2715H, not recognized for driver installation xDVI amp xDPOut port nbsp using from the video card to what video in port on the monitor DP- gt mDP nbsp Cable used to attach the video card to the monitor nbsp The included cable from the boxWhen I press the OSD it displays Resolution x Hz - Maximum x HzIt was purchased from a Swedish reseller There seems to be a problem with the recognition of the display by the computer the maximum resolution I can choose for it is x If I look in the device manager it is listed as quot Generic Non-PnP Monitor quot and in the HD graphics setting as quot Digital Display MS quot nbsp When I try to run Dell Display Manager I get the message quot This program requires a supported Dell monitor and connection and compatible display driver quot If I run the Monitor Drivers installation from the included CD screen I get this message nbsp The following connected monitor have been detected Def Plug and Play Monitor - Default Monitor Drivers for the following monitors have been found DELL U H HDMI - DELD DELL U H HDMI - DELD DELL U H DisplayPort - DELD DELL U H miniDisplayPort - DELD Drivers for the following connected monitor can be installed None Please connect your monitor before running this program I ve tried to manually install the driver from the CD via the Device Manager but nothing happens I ve run the installation for Intel HD drivers and I m using the latest Before this monitor I ve had a dual monitor setup with monitors via DVI and that has always worked fine Not sure what more to try I tried to do the hard reset mentioned in nbsp http en community dell com support-forums peripherals f t nbsp
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Even though the 14 inch laptop panel supports 1600x900 (Dell part number MJ154) the max resolution i can pick is 1366 x 768. No higher options are shown

Am running Windows 10 64 bit and i tried some 2015 drivers from Karl Sabo but no joy. I realise that Dell dont officially support this old laptop, but it works fine in all other respects.

I also tried downloading an Intel driver utility but it scanned the laptop and said there were no suitable drivers

I noticed in Device Manager that the laptop screen is detected as "Generic PnP monitor". Could that be why its limiting the res, as it doesnt know what the panel is capable of ?

Interested to know if anyone has their 6420 running higher resolutions....thanks

A:Latitude E6420 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 & Nvidia - Max resolution low

There seems to be alot of people have resolution issues at the moment with intel graphics and windows 10 it seems to be a driver issue. Can you create a custom resolution via your gpu control panel and force 1600 x 900? If this doesnt work you should get in touch with Lenovo they may have a fix , or you may just have to wait for intel to catch up
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Hi We have laptops in my family Latitude E and E and a Precision M I wanted to upgrade all configs with an mSATA SSD which is placed into the WWAN mPCI-e connector It works fine with the Precision but I can t use it with the Latitudes Is there any possibility to use it issue Latitude and mSATA and compatibility E6420 BIOS SSD E6430 with the Latitudes My first thought was to update the bios of the E it came with A i just downloaded the A for that and ran the updater but it failed somehow i ran the exe when the process finished the system rebooted i saw the update in progress in the post screen and than when it restarted again it said no bootable device press f Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue to run bios but bios was damaged could not run and killed my motherboard Now it is replaced with a new one but i m afraid to run an update again now it has A Could you Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue check up the issue of the failure Is it safe to try a bios update again And can it help me to update the bios to use the mSATA SSD Regards Otto

A:Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue

Hi Otto89,
Latitude E6420 and E6430 are not designed to install the mSATA drive on the system. The slot provided is for WWAN cards. Therefore, I am afraid there will be no BIOS update released to customize the mSATA drive.
Please reply for any queries.
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My Latitude E6420 has Bios A7.  Support site has Bios A12 through A23, all of which need Bios A8 to install.  How do I get Bios A8-A11 to prepare for the later ones that are available?
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Hi I bought a backlit keyboard for my latitude which was only equiped with a non backlit model at the time I got it When hitting Fn gt nothing happens I read many things on the web and it looks like we have to go into the BIOS and enable the backlit activation latitude keyboard BIOS for on Missing backlit enabling e6420 menu I ve been told that I should find the menu under System configuration and Keyboard Illumination but I don t have this menu I also had a look and the hot keys and don t have the ones related to the backlit keyboard Looking at the Control Panel Keyboard Properties I don t have the Backlight Missing BIOS activation menu for enabling backlit keyboard on latitude e6420 tab quot Keyboard Brightness quot Does someone know how I can enable my backlit keyboard and have it detected as such Prior buying the backlit keyboard I got in touch with the Dell support to make sure I can upgrade my notebook with a backlit model without facing compatibility issues They told me that I just needed to order the backlit model as a spare part and it will work but it doesn t Does somebody know how I can get the backlit keyboard working or is it just a bad luck and it will never work thanks in advance for your help

A:Missing BIOS activation menu for enabling backlit keyboard on latitude e6420

Not sure if this question has been answered but, while I came here looking for the answer I accidentally figured it out on my latitude e6410, hit the function key and the right arrow, it was lumped there with the scree brightness.
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Hi guys quick question i bought both of these laptops and well im upgrading the e6420 i7 chip nvidia e6430 and with dell Dell i5 heatsink on both from a single pipe heatsink to a double heat pipe heatsink well i put the double one on my dell e i with the nvidia Dell e6430 i5 and dell e6420 i7 with nvidia chip chip also i thought be cool and great if i did the copper mod on it also did anyone ever do this as im not sure what thickness of copper shim to put on it i got a few thickness of shims when i bought the kit i have a mm on it alresdy and all is good just wondering is that the right one for maximum coolness anyone ever do this also if you guys have any ideas on the shims for my other dell e i one would be great as i have the double heat pipe heatsink Dell e6430 i5 and dell e6420 i7 with nvidia chip coming Dell e6430 i5 and dell e6420 i7 with nvidia chip also i intend to be keeping these laptops for a long time so love them to be running really cool getting about c on just surfing the net on idiel on the e i
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Win 7 HAV Detection tool indicated my Latitude does not have Virtualization enabled
I went to BIOS settings and changed them to enabled for all 3 Virtualization options, as well as for TPM
(One of the Virtualization settings indicated TPM must be enabled)
I then selected TPM activate and rebooted the machine
However, HAV Tool still says 'Not enabled'

Any ideas?

A:Enabled TPM and HAV (all Virtualization) on Latitude E6420 -> but Windows 7 HAV detection reports not enabled

Dell does not answer questions for the

Microsoft® Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool
Hyper V   VIRTUALIZATION now requires SLAT instructions which means CORE I3 I5 I7 minimum. SLAT (Second Level Address Translation) is a feature of the CPU. It is called “Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI)”, and has been called Extended Page Tables (EPT) by Intel and Nested Page Tables (NPT) by AMD. You can use Wikipedia to look up Intel Nehalem and AMD NPT:
 Here's a blog post from Ben Armstrong that should describe how to get it installed:
The key is to uninstall the update that installs WVPC, then it should work.
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Just posted this in Desktop  by mistake so reposting here
Microsoft HAV Detection Tool reported HAV not enabled
So I went into BIOS settings, enabled all 3 Virtualization options, and noticed that one of them indicated TPM also required.  Enabled TPM and selected Activate.
Then rebooted, and re-ran HAV Detection tool
Still indicates "not enabled" 

Any ideas?
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im user of this notebook for 3 years and last 2 years i have problem with temperature.. I bought new heatpipe TYP01 with dual heatsink and notebook has still temp. about 90°C (CPU,GPU) HDD had 30°C.., I have last any chance to change thermal paste?... What kind of thermal paste use?....

Ive Windows 7, notebook is for programming, no gaming.......
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Hopefully I did this right. This Dell E6420 company laptop has been giving BSOD errors. I have my speculations that it is the Bluecoat client that we have installed on it, but just want to confirm as the dump file throws up several other things.

Windows 7 Enterprise x86
Re-imaged using our custom deployment.
System is fairly new with a i5 & 4gig memory.

The & Perfmon is attached. Please let me know what you guys find

A:Dell E6420 BSOD

Literally all of these were related to proxyclientwebfilter32.sys. I would remove it at least to test

Old driver needing updating

How To Find Drivers:

- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.

- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference Driver Reference
Driver Reference Table (DRT)
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 am trying to find out how  to reset a bios password on a E6420 laptop. Can't install fresh windows.  Please help

A:Dell E6420 Bios Password

Thank you for writing to us!
We would request you to contact either tech support over the phone or Delltechcenter on facebook.
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Hi all
Past few weeks i have a problem with booting my latitude. If i turn on notebook usually, screen just blink twice and then start to be on still but nothing happened - i include video of this
But i found a solution how to boot. Due FN+POWER i will put notebook into diagnostic and if i quit diagnostic i could restart and then boot properly. I also do a full diagnostic and nothing, everything looks fine. im including also video of this as a proof.
After i did full diagnostic, i also did an BIOS update (just to be sure) to A21 but no change. 
Did anyone have experiences with this?
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I am having a heck of a time getting things working on this new to broadband xfr issues driver e6420 ??? sim dell me dell e xfr dell nor att dell e6420 xfr broadband sim driver issues ??? are of much help the info fresh install of win dw g installed drivers from dell in order they suggest some drivers would not install saying I didn t have the hardware not all of this make model have same stuff my problem It has the built in mobile broadband with sim card when I got it it had a version sim but I have a att data account so I got an att sim and installed it att connected everything and I had to change the version APN and it worked and connected but the problems started When I went to shut down the laptop it took about mins and flashed a bluescreen with something about driver power SFC on reboot showed no issues But now mobile broadband would not connect turns out the APN reverted back to the version APN and now changing it to the att APN doesn t help So please tech heads help me nbsp

A:dell e6420 xfr broadband sim driver issues ???

Dell Latitude E6420 XFR

What's the "service tag" number and/or "express service code" number on yours?

Once it's identified and its support site is accessed, it'll show you what hardware came in it and what Windows 7 64-bit drivers are available for it.

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Computer Specs Dell Latitude E Intel Core i M x GB GB RAM Nvidia NVS M GB HDD Win Pro Bios A Sata Operation set to AHCI and no fast boot I have of these computers They are all out of Warranty I replaced the original mm Hitachi GB HDD for the Intel GB SSD I used Acronis True Image to clone the hdd to the ssd Cloning process went just fine like on any other computer The Issue is that every or cold boots the computer cannot find the SSD Rebooting the computer solves the issue that time I have to find a solution I want to sell them with an SSD and not with a HDD Things I have tried Updating Bios from A to A Putting a mm spacer not at Dell boot SSD E6420 detecting randomly on the SSD and ofcourse reseating the SSD Swapping for another Intel GB and GB Clean install of windows which I knew was a waste of time as it doesnt affect BIOS not detecting things Googling the problem for hours Call dell Use another brand of SSD It will probobly not make any difference from looking at other threads Use an HDD Last resort I cant stand the slowness of regular harddrives
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Hello I own a E which I intended to rejuvenate a bit by replacing the HDD by a SSD I replaced the HDD by on logo, E6420 black freezes Dell screen the SSD but the SSD was not recognised by the bios Hence I entered the BIOS and tried to change the SATA setting from RAID to ATA Oops Very Wrong Move The laptop hasn t booted ever since The dell logo shows but when E6420 freezes on Dell logo, black screen the progress bar is complete I only get a black screen If I try to press F or F the upper right message shows entering setup E6420 freezes on Dell logo, black screen but the freeze happens anyway usually with the upper part of the screen being black and the lower part still showing the remains of the dell logo What have I tried Many boot tries - with the old HDD - without any hard disk at all - without any disk no HD no optical - with or without the battery - with a bootable Windows install DVD in the optical drive - with a bootable USB diag stick made with https www dell com support article us en SLN EN All this with no avail I ve also tried to clear the BIOS settings going back to factory settings seems a good idea by unplugging the cell coin battery and yes I did it by the book with the power button down during many seconds sequence After re-plugging the cell coin battery the boot sequence is longer before the logo appearance and funny enough just plugging back the laptop starts it but the end of the story remains the same Pressing F gets to half logo freeze Period Spent some time browsing this forum and others I seem to have run out of options Has anybody got a brilliant idea or even an ordinary idea that would do the trick - Thanks in advance
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Hello everyone just joined up and have a question I recently added an external Samsung ssd to my laptop and I'm having some issues and concerns The cable that came with the 'kit' looks and is described as a USB to SATA cable I have an Esata cable for an internal ssd drive to be used as an external drive which does NOT work with this drive The USB to SATA cable provided does Why I have the drive attached to the Esata port with the USB cable but am I losing speed connected this way Would I be better off getting a different cable I also have the USB module connected into modular bay with an empty port that I could use but E6420; (128GB) Esata Dell 830 Samsung help. with SSD port connection having read alot on the speed of the interfaces in Dell E6420; Esata port with Samsung 830 SSD (128GB) connection help. question Esata seems to be the fastest I'm just not sure it's configured or utilized this way and I'm thinking it's the cable for starters the drive also appears as a USB device Thanks in advance Technoid

A:Dell E6420; Esata port with Samsung 830 SSD (128GB) connection help.

I ran into the same issue as you when I first started messing with eSATA. I assumed since the ports looked the same, that any cable would work. So, I tried getting an external drive working with a regular internal SATA cable. No dice. The drive was never recognized.

I bought a new Vantec USB/eSATA drive enclosure that came with an eSATA cable, and it worked fine. I'm not entirely sure what is different about the cables, but it seems to be from my tests that there is such a thing as a specific eSATA cable.

As for the performance, I would save if you want speed, go eSATA. If you want portability, and will be adding and removing the drive often, go with USB3.
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Hi Greetings I would like to ask for your assistance because I m already out of ideas how to resolve this issue Right after I powered up the laptop E5450 screen dell Latitude start logo after up blank DELL it will get past the DELL logo screen then it will be completely just black screen I wouldn t even hear any activity from the CPU fan HDD and pressing DELL Latitude E5450 blank screen after dell logo start up the Caps Lock doesn t lit up the LED The LED indicators on the side are only displaying the power indicator but none for HDD Battery and Wireless Here are the steps that I have done so far Removed the HDD and Battery then press amp hold the power button for at least - seconds to disperse the internal voltage Then attach the Battery but not the HDD Press and hold Fn and then the Power button hoping to boot me up to the ePSA Diagnostic Utility Press F or F while booting up Re-seat the memory and also clean with a dry tissue These are the procedures that I have done but nothing has changed It still displays blank screen right after the DELL logo I do hope that you could assist me on this Thank you so much
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Hey guys.
Pretty much what the title says - Dell's new, recently-released ControlVault driver (version A19) does not successfully install on a Dell Latitude E6330.  I followed the driver installation order from the "Dell Business Client Re-Image 'How-To' Guide" and installed the Dell ControlVault driver last.  It did not work.
Attached is a screenshot of what I got, and the Windows Installer log.


A:Dell ControlVault A19 installation fails on Dell Latitude E6330 with a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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I installed Windows 7 64-bit on my Latitude E6400. I cannot seem to find any way to install Dell Control Point. I got the Driver Pack to install. I found one download of Security Manager that worked, but I would like the Power Manager one.

I've looked on this forum a few times and any links I click on just redirect me to the Drivers and Downloads page. I get errors saying that my service pack is not supported.....I'm on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I also got some 32-bit errors, but that's my fault for downloading the 32-bit version.

Does anybody have a link to the full Dell Control Point package (Power Manager, Connection Manager, Security Manager) that will work on 64-bit Windows 7?


A:(Dell Latitude E6400) Dell Control Point on Windows 7 64-bit

Here is a good article on reimaging the Latitude E6400
The Win 7  Control Point System Manager files are a bit tricky to find, but they can be downloaded from the following link.
This should help if you have installed the correct drivers in the correct order.
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Hey all nbsp I ve got a Dell Latitude E where the driver installer for the Dell Wireless wireless card fails nbsp I m running Windows -bit the computer boots in UEFI mode and I ve installed all of the drivers according to the Latitude E-Family Re-Image Guide I ve got a log as well it says this nbsp nbsp nbsp Dell Update Package Execution Start nbsp nbsp fails on on mode) Dell Windows E6320 installation 1530 7 driver Latitude Wireless (UEFI 64-bit Dell nbsp Original command line E -NIC DRVR WIN A R EXE Dell Wireless 1530 driver installation fails on Dell Latitude E6320 on Windows 7 64-bit (UEFI mode) nbsp s nbsp nbsp nbsp DUPFramework version nbsp nbsp nbsp User Command unattended nbsp nbsp nbsp DUP Capabilities Dell Wireless 1530 driver installation fails on Dell Latitude E6320 on Windows 7 64-bit (UEFI mode) Value x FFFFF nbsp Dell Wireless 1530 driver installation fails on Dell Latitude E6320 on Windows 7 64-bit (UEFI mode) nbsp nbsp DUP Vendor Software Version A nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System Model Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Version nbsp nbsp nbsp OS Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Language EN nbsp nbsp nbsp Language Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior unattended nbsp nbsp nbsp Temporary payload log file name C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUP B tmp nbsp nbsp nbsp Translated Command Line setup exe s v quot LOGFILE quot C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUP B tmp quot quot nbsp nbsp nbsp Path C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior unattended nbsp nbsp nbsp Append File C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt nbsp nbsp nbsp --- Start of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp --- End of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp Vendor Software Return Code nbsp nbsp nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp nbsp nbsp Exit Code set to x nbsp nbsp nbsp Result FAILURE nbsp nbsp nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp nbsp nbsp Execution terminated at date-time nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Dell Update Package Execution Start nbsp nbsp nbsp Original command line quot C Users Administrator Desktop Drivers - Dell Latitude E E -NIC DRVR WIN A R EXE quot nbsp nbsp nbsp DUPFramework version nbsp nbsp nbsp User Command attended nbsp nbsp nbsp DUP Capabilities Value x FFFFF nbsp nbsp nbsp DUP Vendor Software Version A nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System Model Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Version nbsp nbsp nbsp OS Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Local System OS Language EN nbsp nbsp nbsp Language Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior attended nbsp nbsp nbsp Temporary payload log file name C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUPB tmp nbsp nbsp nbsp Translated Command Line setup exe v quot LOGFILE quot C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R DUPB tmp quot quot nbsp nbsp nbsp Path C Users Administrator AppData Local dell drivers E -NIC DRVR WIN A R nbsp nbsp nbsp Identified Behavior attended nbsp nbsp nbsp Append File C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt nbsp nbsp nbsp --- Start of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp --- End of Payload log --- nbsp nbsp nbsp Vendor Software Return Code nbsp nbsp nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp nbsp nbsp Exit Code set to x nbsp nbsp nbsp Result FAILURE nbsp nbsp nbsp Open file C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt nbsp nbsp nbsp Open file C Users Administrator AppData Local Dell UpdatePackage Log E -NIC DRVR WIN A R txt
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for the basics and schoolwork
and which is newer 

A:which is better dell latitude e5440 or dell latiude e6430

The E6430 has a metal case and is more robust, but uses an older CPU and chipset.
The E5440 is a plainer chassis with a newer generation CPU and chipset.
The E6440 is the concurrent update to the E5440.
There are too many possible configurations to definitively say which is better -- it depends on the CPU, GPU, etc. in the specific model (or that you choose when you order one, but since the E6430 isn't a current model,  you may be looking at used systems).
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The error is:
---------------------------Capture Failed---------------------------The biometric unit is not in the correct state to perform the specified operation.
Do you want to try again to enroll this finger?---------------------------Yes No ---------------------------

I've tried other fingers and I still get this error

A:I've installed the fingerprint reader palmrest on my dell e6420 and I keep getting an error when I enroll a fingerprint

It seems to have been fixed after I rebooted my laptop. I've enrolled my right hand and now can login seamlessly.
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I own a Dell Latitude E6430.   I am looking for a Dell Companion 12000mAh or 18000mAh type of device to power and charge my Dell Lattitude E6430 when I am traveling (no outlet available).   When I view the compatibility list for both the Dell Companion 12000mAh and the 18000mAh I don't see the Dell Latitude E6430 in either list.  I went and purchased the 12000mAh and I am attempting to use this to charge and power my Dell Latitude E6430.  It powers my Dell Laptop for about a minute and then quits.   Is there a solution for this problem?   And/or is there another Dell Companion type device that I can purchase that is listed as 100% compatible with the Dell Latitude E6430?   I would like to either get this solution working or purchase the product that is listed as 100% compatible.
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about an hour ago my computer screen just froze and these vertical dotted lines appeared all over the screen. Now I can only start the computer in safe mode and i need an easy fix. ive already tried a system restore but the blue lines appears on my desktop again.
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I stumbled across your site and noticed a thread where you helped out a non-techie like me and I thought I would register and give it a shot. My daughter asked me to fix her Dell Latitude cpi which she uses for her college work. That was the easy bit it was a dodgy on/off button. Then she asked me to get it connected to the internet through her cable modem. I thought that would be easy too but I have spent hours on the internet trying to find what sort of adapter is needed because there is no direct socket connection to fit the modem. I would be eternally grateful for any help you can offer and it would make me look good in my daughter's eyes.

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Ok so here s the problem I have a Dell Latitude CPx J OGT BIOS Revision really my I need Dell Latitude... help with A I also have the Windows XP Pro Reinstallation CD with Service Pack The original problem was upon bootup the computer gave a STOP error STOP x A x x BD xE B x BB AD I tried booting from the Reinstallation CD and this is what happens At Windows Setup it gives me -artition Unknown MB MB Free It gives me the following options and I have provided the information on what happens when I try each of them Create Partition C - Nothing Happens Enter Run Setup - An error has occured while Setup was updating partition information on MB Disk at Id on bus on atapi MBR Setup cannot continue Then the computer restarts Delete Partition D - I really need help with my Dell Latitude... The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant Please contact your system vendor or visit http www hardware-update com for an updated BIOS If you are unable to obtain an updated BIOS of the latest BIOS supplied by your vendor is not ACPI compliant you can turn off ACPI mode during text mode setup To do this simply press the F key when you are prompted to install storage drivers The system will not notify you that the F key was pressed - it will silently disable ACPI and allow you to continue your installation Recovery Console does not work either What I gather from this is that the partition is not assigned a prompt For example C and I cannot figure out how to give it one Anyone have any advice Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi, I have just brought a Dell Latitude CPx back from the dead and it is working wonderfully apart from the fact that the Function (FN) keys don't 'function'.
Any ideas please?

A:Dell Latitude CPx

Humm... old.

When you say you brought it back from the dead, how so? Did you have a Dell recovery disk, or did you install an OS from a box into it? Was the keyboard okay before hand, or was it part of the reason for it being DOA originally?

The CPx series were one of those 'semi'-Dell machines, since the same notebook could be purchased in a number of liveries, including HP and Gateway (your machine looks exactly like my Solo 1400). If you loaded an operating system into it that wasn't from a recovery disk, then you probably need to download the drivers from the Dell website into it. Otherwise, the keyboad may be out of sorts, and may need replacing.

If you can find the service tag number (on Dell laptops, they tend to be on a thin white label and are only 6 to 8 digits long), you can punch it in here ( to find out what was on this beastie originally, and what can be downloaded to it.

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every time it trys to run windows xp a fatal systems error c000021a

screen say the windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly
with a status of 0xc0000006 (0x00000000 0x00000000).
the system has ben shut down

i tied safe mode and tried to reinstall but driver wont pull up system repair disk

A:dell latitude help

post the mini dumps

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Hi everyone This is a long shot I ve got a machine from about here and am hoping someone might be able to remember something about them XPi - Dell hot very Latitude Old It s small black and very chunky - the Dell Latitude XPi CD mhz I needed something with windows so I upgraded the drive from gb to a Samsung HM JC gb Basically I ve got some games that don t work with compatibility in XP at all All fine and dandy with swapping the hard drive but the underneath of the machine gets universally hot as hell I don t seem to be able to detect a fan much less any cooling vents Would I be right in thinking that it was fine with the gb and it needed neither a fan or cooling vents but that my latter day gb drive runs that Old Dell Latitude XPi - very hot much hotter I actually love this laptop but want to waste neither it or the drive so any suggestions much welcome I ve tried the Dell site but the documentation I found wasn t hugely informative about the specific problems I m having though to their credit all of the setup files were there for download Many thanks Tony nbsp

A:Old Dell Latitude XPi - very hot

If your new hard drive is higher RPM than the old drive, then that would explain the heat. Your old drive was probably 4500 RPM, and the new one 5400 or 7200. If that is true, there's not much you can do about it short of buying a new drive.
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Hey there ive got a friends latitude XT here just put 7 on it and its working perfect apart from the tablet buttons.(the ones that rotate the screen and things) they dont seem to be working and im not sure what drivers to get for it or what, its fully up to date now and still nothing.
please help me xD

A:Dell Latitude XT

HERE is the Dell Lattitude XT drivers. They have Win 7 64 bit and 32 bit drivers. Select the OS bit you have.

Keep in mind the correct and required install sequence for a Dell (and many others) is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Dell Laptop System Software (3) Install motherboard chipset drivers (4) Install device drivers including video, sound, ethernet, etc.
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hi there thanks alot for reading this this is my problem the pc Dell latitude D Windows XP home intel centrino the problem when i boot it takes me to the page i have an uption to either enter Dell 610 latitude in a safe mode or Dell 610 latitude just the last pace windows wokred properly this started as a result of when i was syhuting down the system and i had to remove the battery since the system hang after which i used the spare battery i had but still no start up when it start the windows logo it then goes back again to start up of notification that seems the system was shut down or windows encountered an error or the reset button was pressed etc i then enter F to diagonise the system and the followoing information was passed i run the dell diagnostics from the system setup and get this error detected on quot start DST short test quot error code - Msg IDE status failed stats byte control code Msg No additional Sense Infoormation also at the end of the diagnostic it says Test result fail error code - Msg No drive detected it further request i run dell drivers and utilities CD which i misplaced a long time now getting such a Cd is now a problem i need any assistance i can get as my office job for over a year is all in the system and i dont know how to go about it ok thanks for any help addvice you can give me jimmyosas nbsp

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Dear Sir,
i've dell latitude X1 laptop. Its become unfortunately BIOS protected.
Tag # DSPHH28X-595B

Plz help me in this issue, how i can break this password.

I tried my best to break this but could not.

can any expert help me regarding this matter.


A:Dell Latitude X1

Any Latitude ending in 595B has been handled by Dell. Contact them for a solution.
Also, search the files on this forum for Dell Password, and Password commentary. There is a lot of useful information.
I have not seen any X1 password fixed... except by Dell.
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Hey whats up
I have a dell latitude cpx laptop, and I broke the two keys letter "Y" and "6" also the metal bracket that connects the key plate to the actual laptop. Anyone know where I can get this. the problem started by the keys not working when pushed down. Any ideas on why that happened as well.

A:Dell latitude cpx

sc-strapped said:

Hey whats up
I have a dell latitude cpx laptop, and I broke the two keys letter "Y" and "6" also the metal bracket that connects the key plate to the actual laptop. Anyone know where I can get this. the problem started by the keys not working when pushed down. Any ideas on why that happened as well.Click to expand...

Thats a normal problem for those keyboards. You could probably have gotten those keys working again by reseating the cable from the motherboard to the keyboard. Now it sounds like you need a new keyboard. You can probably get one from Dell or possibly find a used one from ebay. Replacements can also be found online like this.
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Hi,I am new here and need help.
I have a laptop(dell latitude cpi) my kid entered a password and now I can't access windows.
Every time I turn it on a message comes on saying:This computer system#xxxxx is protected by a password authentication system you can not access the data without the correct password Please type in the primary or administrator password.
My problem is that my kid does not remember what password he used.
Does any body Knows how to remove the password since I can not access the bios either?

A:dell latitude cpi

sorry we cant help u with passwords as we dont know the intent involved.i hope u understand.
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Hola. Please need help...Ihave a Dell Latitude D505 it was working just fine, sudenly nex day I try to get into the Internet and a window open::{{ Cannot find server-Microsofth Internet Explorer}} the wireless/ Local network Connection is {{ Excellent }} but what Idont undestand is ... that said: Acquiring address,limited/ on the wirelees Nework Status shows SEND 1,474---RECEIVED 0
Please help

A:Dell Latitude D505

Welcome to TSG forums.
Try clicking on use the Win key + R. type in command (or cmd) then type in "ipconfig /all" without the ". also not a space between the g&/. Next type in ipconfig /flushdns. see if this helps.
You might also clean your temporary ie files:
Open IE click on tools>internet options. Under the general tab open browsing history, view files. When that open click on edtit>select all, (this highlights the list) then click on file>delete.
Let us know how it goes...
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Dell Latitude 5270P/N SNS5270001
It come with 1TB 5400RPM  of HDDCan i add M.2 SSD to work with HDD
SSD: use as system osHDD: use as data storageThank you

A:Dell Latitude 5270 HDD & SSD

Yes, you can.  That said, M.2 drives are offered in both SATA and PCI Express (aka NVMe) versions.  Be sure you get a SATA drive - NOT a PCI Express drive.
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HELLO , can somebody help me to have password to my laptop
Bios password , i have try many things but not succed

A:Dell Latitude D600

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Take a look HERE

Hope it helps.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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does anyone know if you can put bigger than a 40 gb hdd in a dell latitude d600 laptop.

A:Dell Latitude D600 HDD ?

all i am asking is if i can put a 160 gb hdd in a dell latitude d600, it it compatible
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I have a Dell Latitude D520 Laptop and am having problems with the display... I am running Windows XP SP3. When I switch the Laptop on all starts fine and all the Icons appear as they should. However, after approx 5 mins the Display goes off and no matter what I do I can't get it to come back on. After Restart the same thing happens. I don't think this is a Software Issue as it all starts as it should and the problem persists after I've tried re installing Windows onto it. When the screen Dims it is still possible to see everything very dimly in the background.

Any help would be greatly appreciated????

A:Dell Latitude D520 HELP!!!!

Is the power adapter attached when this happens? Laptops by default dim after 5 minutes of inactivity when the power adapter is not attached to save power but it should come back on by either pressing the power button once, or tapping the Enter key. Is the battery being recharged when the power adapter is attached? You can try this without the battery in, and just using the Power Adapter to test if the battery is the problem.
You can adjust the power settings by right clicking a blank space on the desktop/Properties/Screen Save/Power. You can change the time and what the power button does. (ex) pressing power button once to wake from sleep etc.
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Hello, I borrowed a Dell Latitude 630 because my Compaq nx9420 can hardly even boot up now. I'm not sure if the sound stopped after I installed a game or after I plugged my headphones into what I was pretty sure was a headphone port. I don't remember, but all I know is that I can't play World of Warcraft and I'm freaking out. Can someone please help me? It has XP.

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Hi all,

I have been given one of the above notebooks, problem is, it is an old machine used by my friend in his office, it has Windows NT loaded on it, so I formatted another laptop HDD with Windows XP and change the one in there.

The problem is, on boot up it searches for Windows NT, not found and it returns to the POST state. How can I stop it searching for Windows NT and constantly rebooting?


A:Dell Latitude C600


What type of system did you build the other laptop drive on. Is the processor type the same? Also have have you checked your BIOS ssettings to determine if NT is defined there as the OS to look for?

I would do this:

Boot the current hard drive from an XP CD (full install mode) and load XP from scratch on the system you have the drive in. I have found that an XP load for an AMD for example will not boot a system that has a Pentium or Celeron. Also make sure the hardware you have, has XP drivers for all the necessary pieces.

Happy to provide more information if you need.

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Well its like this, all is not good at this point !!!!!!!
1: can't boot up from disk , all I get is it asking for the location of the COMMAND.COM INTERPRETER
2: Once I do get it to boot what do I need to get dos to recognize the external CD ROM that is connect to the USB port, so that I am able to install Win XP.
3: Or is there another way to connect the external ROM to the laptop rather than using the usb port.

Your help on this matter would be greatly accepted.
cheers CODAN

A:Dell Latitude 610 boot up to usb cd rom

Howdy codan...

You might try here Bootdisk, download the XP boot disks, once downloaded, double click on the downloaded file to create the floppies...
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im a new member so im a little lost at the moment. i have a dell latitude 510 that wont start up. it has started once for me but then shut down again The lights come on 3 near the screen 2 down the side on the top and the network plug flashes i have replaced the memory,removed the battery and removed the dvd still no good any ideas


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dell latitude c810 turns on and then it will shut off in 2 seconds,there is nothing showing on the display when this happens,also it will work fine with a external monitor.
can anyone help me with these problem.
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My friend gave his laptop to try and fix because I am pretty tech savvy, although had virtually no experience with laptops. His has the problem of not turning on, I couldn't hear the hard drive stating to spin so I took the one out of my laptop and put it in his. Nothing changed but then when I put my hard drive back, my screen wont turn on, just the lights and I cant hear the processor, or harddrive start up. nothing but the little power lights. I really need you help guys, I am selling this laptop to friend of my brother this week

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A:Dell Latitude won't turn on

Remove the HardDrive again from your laptop (I think we are only talking about your Laptop)
Remove the Power Adaptor and Battery
Hold down the ON button for 30secs (dispersing all internal voltage)
Put the Power Adaptor back in (No HardDrive yet!)
Turn On
Does it now show a display?

If Yes. Turn it off, and put the HardDrive and Battery back in.
If No, Remove the Power Adaptor again
Disperse the internal Voltage again
Remove and reseat the Ram (sometimes blowing out any dust too)
With the Ram back in, Put the Power Adaptor back in
Turn on

Did it work?
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I copied this directly from my question on Yahoo Answers because I did not yet get an answer ----- We have an OLD Dell Latitude from CD! ANY Old WILL Latitude NOT Dell boot laptop that we got from someone a long time ago and it is very slow It has XP Pro on it but it is way too slow for actually using I installed Xubuntu via Wubi Old Dell Latitude WILL NOT boot from ANY CD! and that worked great So I decided I would try to partition the HD and put Xubuntu on permanently and probably remove Windows I uninstalled Xubuntu but it still shows up on the boot menu even though it doesn t work ANYWAYS I Old Dell Latitude WILL NOT boot from ANY CD! have a few various boot CDs including Xubuntu UBCD and the Windows disc that came with the laptop The laptop has no CD Drive on it so it uses an external one with some weird cable Not USB The problem is that NO boot cd will boot on that laptop They all work on any other computer but this thing refuses to boot any cd It sits at the Dell screen when it finds that there s a boot cd and it sits there for minutes and does one of two things It stops trying and boots to Windows It makes a horrendously loud BEEEEEP and says something along the lines of quot Boot incomplete press F something to resume in which pressing that takes you to Windows or F something to go to Setup BIOS Now I HAVE configured the BIOS crap boot order So in theory it SHOULD boot from CDs Instead it tries to but then it seems like it gives up and just boots to Windows The specs that I can tell of the laptop are Pentium III Processor MB of RAM GB Hard Drive ish inch monitor and only one USB port not And I don t know anything about the graphics I really need help with this I need to get it to boot from CDs so I can fix the darn piece of crap It USED to boot from its Windows CD But no longer Please help nbsp
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Hi all I was thinking about purchasing a d420 how Latitude -- Dell it? is Dell Latitude d for is this a good laptop for its price It has GB RAM and comes with charge and all It looks fresh I didn t see any scratches or anything tomorrow before I buy it I am going to take a look at it again and turn it on The local pawn shop by my school is selling it I need a Dell Latitude d420 -- how is it? laptop that is good on the go and just like this witch Dell Latitude d420 -- how is it? is lightweight and small to carry How is it What are your reviews about it are the latitude series good for a high school student I might play some games on it like WoW If I do purchase it I am going to install Windows XP Crystal and optimize it the best I could I would of had my HP Pavillion dv but turns out I bought a new LCD and whole screen for it and got it installed now the Graphics card web on it If I wanted to replace it I would need to change the whole mother board HP said sucks for me nbsp
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Ok I am nbsp kind of new to all this so please have a heart and nbsp refrain from making me need please d820 dell help latitude look stupid cause i might make it easy nbsp by nbsp being a easy nbsp target I have a dell laptop latitude d and my goodness need help please dell latitude d820 it was is slow I mean so nbsp slow nbsp mail might be more practical using lets say the pony express so i do mean need help please dell latitude d820 slow nbsp Then if anyone could be kind and nbsp can help me get it to have better performance i would really be grateful That is not the main problem nbsp due to it being so slow nbsp i searched nbsp read nbsp and saw its a good idea to reformat the entire thing and that nbsp i did I followed direction per windows tutorials and made a back up disk to reboot from I then formatted the thing clearing it back to its virginity state and proceeded to boot from back up disk I was informed i needed to authenticate my version of windows so i used the key located on the bottom of my dell It acted like it was going through and by that i mean it was taking forever and then eventually came back saying i could not use that key for my version of windows pro I dont have the money to just go buy a new one and it wont let me authenticate this version Please someone nbsp anyone help me out here To top it all off its even slower so it seems Any education or enlightenment will be very welcomed and well received Thanks and hope to hear all the things i need to bring this dell back to its working state

A:need help please dell latitude d820

The Latitude D820 would have shipped with Windows XP Professional and not Windows 7 professional. They key will be for Windows XP Professional...
It should run Windows 10 32 Bit okay, follow this guide:
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I just installed a new HD in Dell laptop and loaded it with a new Windows XP Pro and downloaded the System Pack 3 and all other XP Pro important downloads.

First the sounds didn't work, but a I downloaded a driver and I got sound. Now, the only challenge is to get the picture on the monitor when I play a DVD. I hear a sound, but there's NO PICTURE!

I beleive there's no Graphics card. Where/how do I download this car? And what kind of Graphics card?



A:Dell Latitude D610

MaxGlide said:


I just installed a new HD in Dell laptop and loaded it with a new Windows XP Pro and downloaded the System Pack 3 and all other XP Pro important downloads.

First the sounds didn't work, but a I downloaded a driver and I got sound. Now, the only challenge is to get the picture on the monitor when I play a DVD. I hear a sound, but there's NO PICTURE!

I beleive there's no Graphics card. Where/how do I download this car? And what kind of Graphics card?


MaxClick to expand...

You may need to download newer drivers for your graphics card that is in your laptop. It sounds like right now your computer is using the default drivers from the Windows XP Disk which may not be good enough for your video to show up from a DVD. Did you try the Dell website for the video drivers?

Or you may need to download a DVD Playback Codec. They are normally not free, but there is a player out there that they come free in which is called VLC.
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I'm trying to change BIOS data.

I simply cannot change the page (7 of) or move from the time Date Fields.

Any ideas, please?


A:Dell Latitude C840

But you have no problem changing other BIOS settings?
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I have a dell latitude d400 with an Intel Pentium M Processor 1.40 GHz. Im wondering if i could upgrade that to an Intel Core Duo, please help. Thanks. I have xp running on this.

A:Dell Latitude d400

Hi jkswimmer and welcome to Vista Forums

Sorry, but I don't recommend this. With a desktop system, then possibly. However, with laptops things are much more complicated. Power consumption and heat dissipation are the greatest concern and they are optimised for the current processor in the system. A replacement processor, if it is not identical, might have different power and thermal characteristics, in which case the system would fail to keep it within its normal working range. In addition to that, simply accessing the processor on a laptop is much more complicated than simply removing the side panel as you would on a desktop. You literally have to strip the laptop right down, being carefull not to lose the various small screws or damage the wiring and its connectors. And then, of course, you will need to repeat the procedure in reverse to reassemble it.
Personally, I would leave your laptop as it is, with one exception. To improve its performance, make sure that you have installed the maximum amount of memory that it supports (see manual for details).
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My laptop connected perfectly months ago to my home wireless network. Then my son borrowed it to game on and changed settings to connect to his pc as a monitor or something. When he gave it back, i can click and see my home wireless listed, however, when I click connect it will not connect. The only way I can connect is by connecting an ethernet. I am disabled so sitting on the floor is getting hard. Can anyone help me get back to wireless again?
Yes, the wireless switch is slid on, on the side.
Yes, i have rebooted.
I have tried to restore to a previous point, however it only shows 2 recent dates....
Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Dell Latitude D630

First you need to contact that son of yours and give him a bit of your mind after he tells you what he changed.
He should come back and undo those changes.

Can you see the network name being listed in the wireless drop down?
Or any network in the drop down listing?
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Hello I am new Dell Work Cpi Latitude Won't here and will jump right into this I do have this posed on the Dell Forums Dell Latitude Cpi Won't Work but theye are a little slow to suggestions I have had Dell Latitude Cpi Won't Work a terrible time with this Laptop and am desperate for help with a solution I bought a Latitude Cpi from a co-worker This Latitude worked fine for about weeks and then will not work correctly This has been a problem now for and a half months Specs of the laptop Latitude Cpi D XT PII Megs Ram Bios A Intially when I got this Laptop it had Win K The co-woprker had this loaded for the past year and it worked fine with no problems During the first two weeks I had this laptop I had no modem so Dell Latitude Cpi Won't Work I borrowed a Microcom modem Before this my co-worker never had a modem in this laptop After he bought his new laptop he gave me the Xircom Cardbus and K modem When I installed this modem is when I started to see some problems At this time the BIOS was at A Win k would load but would not take all the way It would lock up about halfway through trying to load I then would shut down hard and restart and it would not load at all It would run through the BIOS but would not load Win K I decided to wipe the hardrive and did a F Disk I reloaded Win K with about the same results although it did fully load one time I next tried Win I did this after I formated the harddrive again Win loaded a couple times and then did the same thing First it would lock but then I would just get a cursur in the upper left hand corner but no operting system would load I next put in Win ME I reformatted again and Win ME did load a couple times fine It detected the PCI Controller and Bridge just fine which is a Texas Instruments Then I shut down and started again and it loaded a quot Generic Card Controller and Bridge quot No it is back to the same as above in that it won t load WIN Me like the other operting systems During this time I am able to get into Safe Mode sometimes Shut down and restart for the full OS and it does nothing I have tried these solutions so far Reseated harddrive Reseated memory Reseated processor I have run Dell Dignostics which shows no problems at all I have had no fewer that people who are pretty efficeint with laptops and PC s look at this and they can t figure it out I am really out of ideas Please help I will try any suggestion Thanks In Advance Jon nbsp

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Just got a new Dell Latitude d600 laptop. I used it today at work sometimes without power cord and sometimes with. I left it up for about 1 hour and later today for some reason it wont power up. I suspect the battery has run down but I have a power cord and it still wont power up. Does anyone have any insight on how to trouble shoot to see what the issue is?

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Hi all,

I have an E6400 running Vista and an E4300 running Windows 7. Both with regular HDD's, wanting to upgrade them to SSD's. I have the SSD's - a Crucial BX100 250G for the first, a 120G Toshiba for the E4300.

E6400; I have 'cloned' with EaseUS Todo Backup onto the SSD, apparently successfully, via CD caddy, but it won't boot up when I replace HDD with SSD. Just get a black screen with a cursor. Could it be just that it is thinner, so loose?

I haven't tried to do the E4300, so any tips there... also read it could be something to do with Windows 'hidden files' not being cloned?

Also wondering if Win 7 or Vista is better - been happy with 7, just got the Vista machine. If one is better, can I clone one onto both & do away with Vista, or vice versa?

A:Dell Latitude SSD upgrade

When you boot into Windows and only the cursor is visible, click 1 (one) time only CTRL+ALT+DEL, select New Task, then navigate into the Windows folder, scroll down and click on explorer.
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my laptop turns on,but then a black screen,after a while it says windows could not start successfully,please start in safe mode etc.,but no keys will do anything.also it will say file missing or corrupt,please reinstate,but when no keys will work how can i do anything what it tells me to.i was using laptop and it just suddenly went off,and then the above messages come on.i can also hear a clicking it time for the scrap yard or will it be worth having it fixed. thanks any help will be appreciated.
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I m in the process of looking at new laptops and want to see if there is a consensus on what would be a better choice Latitude or Inspiron PIII GHz Display XGA SVGA or UXGA any real difference between the gb ultra ata hd guess they are rpm doesn t say mb RAM Win USB or PS Mouse Xircom Realport if possible Doesn t a second battery take up a cd a slot Laptop will be docked while in office and Inspiron Dell's Latitude vs is used by Legal Director who will be on the road with it during the Legislative Session Medium use We ve gone with Dell Desktops and have been pretty happy with them We ve also done Latitute Inspiron laptops Inspiron C P and Celeron don t mix the PII works fine Latitudes C P with Win Win are very reliable Latitude C P with Win is so-so BUT I didn t put it together a non-tech person did but it s hers so there Latitudes are about whereas the Inspirons are about also with Office XP Thanks for your inputs Randy nbsp

A:Dell's Inspiron vs Latitude

Inspirons are more powerful but more bulky

Latitudes are classed as ultraportable but they are not as portable. They often come with more connection possibilites
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I want to know if I can upgrade my computer to use 8GB on may computer. I am wondering it that is possible. I am running windows 7 home preimum, 120 GB SSD with 32 bits now

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hello there not sure if this is windows related.well i have installed speedfan software and this laptop i have is at 55-60 running and the fan is quiet kind of i was wondering is there any way of speeding up my fan at lower temperatures.i cant figger out this speedfan settings and im afraid of frying my is what i think is my fan maybe DELL $3E8 on ISA then it shows temperature 1 offset not sure what i should put that to.


Many (most) Dell's do not have user fan speed control. Its what it is. Laptops, in general, tend to run warm as they sacrifice extra cooling for reduction in fan noise.
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Posting this from Panera in Ft Lauderdale where acquaintance with BSOD caught my attention. He says 10 years old Latitude 640 runs 32 bit 7 great with 1gb RAM, BSOD only just happened.

I told him the real geniuses are behind this door here.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:10 year old Dell Latitude

One and only minidump,not very helpfull.

Though this minidump points to ati2dvag.dll ati software\driver

Needs to update these,the oldest drivers ever posted here,no way to be compatible with win7.

cwawdm.sys 0x8db02000 0x8db17c00 0x00015c00 0x3d52b424 08-Aug-02 9:10:44 μμ
el90Xbc5.SYS 0x8da69000 0x8da7b200 0x00012200 0x3ede829a 05-Jun-03 2:36:58 πμ
ati2mtag.sys 0x8d977000 0x8da13000 0x0009c000 0x3f39a3b3 13-Aug-03 5:34:27 πμ
ati2dvag.dll ati2dvag.dll+40496 0x95400000 0x9545f000 0x0005f000 0x3f39a3c6 13-Aug-03 5:34:46 πμ
i2220ntx.sys 0x8da7c000 0x8daa2400 0x00026400 0x421d41ff 24-Feb-05 5:54:55 πμ
el90Xbc5.SYS 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller

i2220ntx.sys INPROCOMM IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card
It was acquired by MediaTek Inc in early 2005