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Z400 X5690 W3690 Fastest Processors

Q: Z400 X5690 W3690 Fastest Processors

I'm working on a project to soup up the Z and have some results nbsp Mine came with a W quad core processor and I read in our forum here that this revision motherboard with the later boot block date from BIOS X5690 W3690 Z400 Processors Fastest and the memory slots can support running a X processor despite the fact that was never listed in any of the HP QuickSpecs for this workstation nbsp That processor is equipped for running in a two-processor workstation it has QPI links rather than just nbsp It also is said to be the fastest processor that will run in a Z outfitted with two processors and it also was never listed in the Z400 X5690 W3690 Fastest Processors HP QuickSpecs for the Z revision later generation motherboards nbsp It was listed by HP for the revision Z nbsp I can confirm that the X runs just fine in my revision Z Z400 X5690 W3690 Fastest Processors and have some advice on a less expensive eBay used processor that should give the exact same performance nbsp nbsp Some Z generalizations nbsp Most of them came with the higher capacity Performance - heatsink fans that can handle the W max TDP processors nbsp These are larger have x x mm fans and have instead of heat tubes built in nbsp Because the Z is a single processor workstation it is optimal to use a hexacore cores processor nbsp You want the fastest available processor clock speed that will run in that workstation GHz and you want the highest transport speed GT s QPI nbsp You want the largest cache MB SmartCache nbsp You want the FSB of the processor to be the highest possible so that if you have fast memory it will be allowed to run at its fastest speed and not held back by a slower FSB processor you want FSB for this nbsp You also would prefer a Xeon with only one sSpec code so you don't have to figure out what version is the latest there will be only version if there is only production sSpec code nbsp Never buy one that has a sSpec code that starts with a Q it will be a Qualification pre-release processor nbsp Prefer to buy from a US rather than China source unless there is a great deal from a proven good source and you don't mind waiting - weeks nbsp nbsp Update to the latest BIOS which is and came out nbsp The X with sSpec code SLBVX sells used on eBay right now about USD nbsp The equivalent single QPI link processor that is in the latest HP QuickSpecs document v is the W with sSpec code SLBW and it sells used on eBay now for about USD nbsp So buying that will save you about over the X for the same performance but you won't be able to shift that over to a two-processor Z setup later nbsp Here's some stats for the three processors discussed above nbsp W Xeon GHz SLBEV W max TDP cores GT s QPI MB SmartCache FSB eBayX Xeon GHz SLBVX W max TDP cores GT s QPI MB SmartCache FSB eBayW Xeon GHz SLBW W max TDP cores GT s QPI MB SmartCache FSB eBay nbsp The W performance scores below are from the same Z before and after the processor upgrade this morning and the video card scores shown will rise when I put in a faster GTX or Quadro card nbsp I tend to stick with the Intel series SSDs off eBay because they are SATA generation II SSDs and have been rock solid for me nbsp I like the GB version best which often will give me a drive score nbsp The maximum score for any subcategory shown is nbsp Here's a W Pro Windows Experience Index probe for my original processor nbsp nbsp nbsp Here's the same for the X and the W will produce the same scores nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Z400 X5690 W3690 Fastest Processors

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Can processor speed be increased without changing or removing any harddware

A:Processors: Can speed be increased?

Depends on your specs and what you mean by increase.

Some processors are unlocked and can be over-clocked by increasing the processor frequency multiplier (which is multiples of the system bus frequency). This only effects the stability of the processor if clocked to high.

Many systems even if the processor is not unlocked, can still be overclocked by increasing the system bus frequency. Changing this frequency effects everything in the system, which can cause system instability with anything.
System builders will lock both system bus and frequency multiplier, by customizing the system BIOS. Limiting the BIOS is the number one reason, I do not like prebuilt systems.
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Hey all, I would like to make my laptop a bit more powerful by adding a new processor (I've already upgraded my RAM). It's a Compaq Presario CQ62. Would anyone know whether an i5 or i7 would fit it?
Thanks in advance.

A:Intel Core i5/i7 processors in my Compaq laptop?

You cannot change a CPU in a laptop. You have to buy a completely new laptop.
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I want to buy a new motherboard I already bought 8GB of DDR2 ram but im not sure if it will work on ASUS P5Q SE PLUS motherboard I think this has the speed of 667Mhz can anyone please give me some sugestions what motherboard I should buy that supports core2quad processors and that supports 16GB of ram! Cause I wanna upgrade it from time to time! Thanks in advance!

A:Motherboard for Core 2 processors and 16GB of RAM

Well, to answer you're first question, yes, that motherboard supports that type of RAM.

I cannot, however, understand why you would purchase DDR2 ram. You will not be able to find a whole lot of DDR2 compatible motherboards for sale, and even less core 2 processors. I highly recommend you return that RAM, and get current DDR3 RAM along with a current generation Motherboard and CPU.

Give us your budget, and what you will be using this PC for, an we will be able to help you choose the correct components to buy.
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When is DDR4 likely to float up into the market? I'm needing to build a PC with the fastest working memory possible while still remaining 100% stable while running 24/7/365.

If it's going to be over 3 months, what would be my best option for the absolute fastest RAM on the market by that time? I plan to air cool, but will throw a big fan on top of the RAM modules for added stability.

A:DDR4 coming? Or what is fastest RAM I can get?

It's a bit early to tell whether a DDR4 will hit this year. But of course, there're plenty of powerful RAM to choose from. I prefer both Corsair or G.Skill, because they have gaming potential. And some of the features are probably good overclocking, and longevity.

As far as I'm concerned, Samsung has manufactured a DDR4 module already, maybe last year.
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Hi Guys !

I have intel dual core @2.0 GHz processor.I am upgrading my system.For now im going to replace the mobo and RAM.I am going to buy G.Skill RipjawsX (2x4 GB) RAM.So I wanted to know will my system support it.I know the mobo im going to buy will support it.

Thanks in Advance !

A:Does Intel Dual Core processors supports 1600MHz RAM?

t3chn0vamp said:

So I wanted to know will my system support it.I know the mobo im going to buy will support it.Click to expand...

Thats all you need to know, the CPU is irrelevant for selecting memory. The CPU never has dictated the type of memory used. The motherboard either supports the memory or it doesn't.
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I've combed many web sites trying to find more information about this. I dimly recall even contacting the folks at ARM corporation, asking whether they are working on it (without a response, of course).

Does anyone here think that it will happen? What would you use such technology for? I'm interested because, as you probably know by now, I'm hoping to build an ultra-low-latency rig that lets me create some monster audio (using a MIDI-capable DAW like Cubase).

Now that Windows 8 will support ARM, I'm curious to see whether the industry will move toward low-power, high-efficiency, yet powerful processing.


- S
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So, I currently have a Sandy Bridge system that I built from scratch and am very happy with it. But before this, my old computer was ancient. (Compaq with an old AMD '64' processor, with DDR memory (not even DDR2) and an AGP slot.)

I don't ever want to get trapped with something that old again, so I would like to plan to regularly upgrade my computer. While I admire AMD for what they are doing, and I do believe it is good for mainstream computers, it doesn't seem best for what I like in the foreseeable future, so I know I want to make plans for Intel processors... But I can't decide whether I want to shoot for the tics or the tocs... or even alternate by skipping both a tic and a toc.

What do you think?
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my motherboard fried out on me so im wanting to update any how any one know a good reliable mobo that can game with that is Intel Core i3-550 3.20GHz CPU compatible and within a reasonable price range

A:Core i3 processors advice needed

You still looking at your original $200 budget mate?

If so, this is considerably under your budget:

GIGABYTE GA-H55-USB3 LGA 1156 Intel H55 HDMI USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard $114.99 (with $10.00 rebate) from Newegg.

I personally prefer Gigabyte to pretty much everything else, but opinions will differ as everyone has their own individual experiences and therefore their own personal recommendations.
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Can anyone tell me what this means I am thinking of buying a new pc and am not confident enough to build it myself. Have been looking in the usual places that people who build there own rigs probably disapprove of, when am looking at a certain pc from dell it says this

The memory speed of 4 DIMMS configuration will be limited at 1066MHz with Athlon II X4 630 and Phenom II X4 820 processors. ...

If the memory works at 1300 Mhz and the Processor only supports 1066 Mhz what does that mean ?

A:AMD processors limited to 1066MHz memory speed?

AMD CPU's have the memory controller built into them. Faster memory will just have the speed of it set to what the memory controller can support.

So if the memory works at 1300Mhz, but the controller only supports 1066Mhz, then the 1300Mhz memory will just slow down to 1066Mhz.

But Dell only says that the speed of the memory will be limited on those CPU's only if all 4 ram slots are filled with memory. Unless you will be upgrading the memory in the system when you get it, you dont need to worry about it.

Hope this helps.
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Can anyone recommend a 64-bit server that supports hardware virtualization?

Can't seem to find anything with the AMD-V or Intel-VT processors on Ebay. I found ONE Intel server on Ebay but would like to look at a few more options. What I want to do is set up a small intranet like environment for testing/development purposes using Ubuntu Server and the XEN hypervisor and set up like 5 or 6 VM's. Maybe mess around a little with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.

In additional to which server I should buy, does anyone have any other suggestions so far as hardware requirements?

A:AMD-V and Intel-VT processors

Most of the Intel Xeon processors would be suitable for this:

Most (if not all) Opterons from AMD would support virtualization as well.

If you don't need a server CPU, there are plenty of desktop CPU's that support this technology as well.
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hi.i am new to this.i want to know the best processor in the market today thats a reasonable price that i can use on my dell dimension currently runs a intel core 2 duo,this is a few years out of date i believe.i want a a significant upgrade in speed.any help would be great?.thank

A:Upgrading Dell Dimension 9200 processors

Do you know which CPU you have in your machine? I believe those came with Core2Duo E6400's at one point.
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HELLO TECHS I AM GOING TO UPGRADE MY SONS PC take can the fastest system for CPU my Looking WITH MY OLD PROCESSOR AND I WANT TO UPGRADE MINE TO THE Looking for the fastest CPU my system can take FASTEST PROCESSOR IT WILL TAKE THIS IS MY PC SPECS MY PC SPECS Operating System- Windows Ultimate Graphics Video Card- EVGA Nvidia GTX OVERCLOCKED MB of onboard memory RAM Memory- Gigabytes PC- Q Core Quad Q GHz MHz Socket Quad-Core nm Processor quot This is the processor that i am going to install into Looking for the fastest CPU my system can take my sons PC my sons motherboard Gigabyte GA- VM-S quot MY Motherboard- Gigabyte EP -UD L Heat Sink- Coolermaster GEMENII with copper heat pipes Power Supply- Antec ATX watts Hard Drive- Gigabytes SATA with a hard drive cooling fan MY QUESTION IS WILL MY Q Core Quad Q GHz MHz Socket Quad-Core nm Processor FIT IN MY SONS motherboard Gigabyte GA- VM-S AND WHAT WOULD BE THE FASTEST PROCESSOR I COULD PUT INTO MY Motherboard- Gigabyte EP -UD L THANK YOU TO ALL THAT REPLY nbsp

A:Looking for the fastest CPU my system can take

For the Gigabyte GA-73VM-S2 to work with the Q9550 you need to update the BIOS to F4D if it isn't there already, you can find more info about that HERE. The fastest CPU your EP43-UD3L will support is the Core? 2 Extreme QX9770 which really isn't worth the money. the next step would be the Core? 2 Quad Q9650 which is just a Q9550 at 3.00GHz 333x9.
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For 2 cores at 2.2ghz only $36.
From what I know AMD does run a bit cheaper but what is it about this processor that makes it so cheap? The only other thing I can think of is the L2 cache.

I'm running an intel core 2 duo 2.33 ghz with 4mb shared cache and I know the price tag on my processor is much more.
Putting AMD vs Intel aside.. is it pretty much the cache that really seperates the price?

In the end I'm building my friend an everyday computer for mostly browsing the net no serious gaming of any sort so this AMD is looking like a sweet grab

A:What's this processors cons?

Sempron is the Celeron of AMD. Can't compare it to a core2duo regardless of speed.
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Here's my mobo info:

A:Which processors will my motherboard support?

Here you go:
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I'm trying to figure out if one of these is more powerful than the other or if they're both about the same (JUST from a performance standpoint). Any help would be much appreciated!

-Intel Pentium 4 1.3GHz, 512 MB RAMBUS
-AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton) 2.167 GHz

A:Comparing Processors: Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz vs AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1 GHz

Consider reading this article.
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I'd like to upgrade my processor and my motherboard if needed. Can somebody tell me what processors my machine can handle?

System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
System Model: HP d530 CMT(dg062a)
BIOS: 786B2 v2.44
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
Memory: 3072MB RAM
Radeon X1600/X1650 Series

I'm not sure if that is enough info.

A:Can somebody tell me what processors my system is compatible with?

Pentium 4: 800 FSB, 512 Mb L2 Cache, Hyper threading ( 8 different CPU's)

2.60GHz sSpec SL6WH, SL6WS
2.80GHz sSpec SL6WJ, SL6WT, SL6Z5
3.00GHz sSpec SL6WU, SL6WK, SL7BK

Pentium 4: 533 FSB, 512 Mb L2 Cache, Hyper threading ( 6 different CPU's)

3.06GHz sSpec SL6JJ, SL6SM, SL6K7, SL6QC, SL6S5, SL6PG

Here for your spec sheet

To match the Processor to the sSpec code go here (I've already done it for you -see above-but if you want addition details this is the URL
And narrow your search to: 512Mb L2 Cache, 478 socket, 0.13 micron manufacturing technology, Hyper-threading technology (under Supported Features), and the GHz processor speed stated in the HP spec sheet posted immediately above.
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So I'm planning to buy a new PC since my old one malfunctioned and I was unsuccessful at repairing it. I was mainly paying attention to the processors of the choices I have and these mainly caught my attention:

AMD Phenom X4 9650B
AMD Phenom X3 8850
AMD Athlon X3 8750
AMD Phenom X3 720

And basically I want to have a fast computer which would allow me to use many programs simultaneously. I don't care for performance concerning games, so that's why I've payed attention to the multi-core ones for cheaper PCs. Which one of these could be considered fastest for general purposes and should dual-cores also be considered?

A:Buying a new PC, advice needed on processors

I would stat away from the phenoms, and look at the phenom II's . Also what motherboard are you looking at getting, Am2+, or Am3?
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Hi - I built an AM2-based comp a yr ago. MB is Asus M2n sli deluxe. Processor has been AM2 5200.

Now that processors have advanced and prices have dropped, what is the fastest processor I can drop into this mb for at or under $100?

I can't figure out how to compare speed between AM2 and AM2+, plartly b/c it seems the hypertransport speed of an AM2+ chip will be limited b/c it is sitting in an AM2 MB.

I believe that if I upgrade to an AM2+, I will have to upgrade BIOS. Have people had problems migrating this Asus MB to AM2+, including the BIOS upgrade? THANKS!

A:Upgrading: fastest cpu for AM2 Asus M2N SLI Deluxe

9600 ordered. bios info?

hi - thanks. we have ordered the 9600. where did you get the bios info?
i always get frustrated by the asus website. was it there?
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Okay, so I have a friend that decided they were gonna build a new computer, and of course asked for my help.

They want to go with an AMD processor, but I said I'd rather go with an Intel... as I've seen that Intel's lately perform much better on average, put out less heat, and seem to have bigger L2 caches from what I've seen looking around.

Anyways, as I'm not familiar with AMD's latest lineup of processors, I thought I'd ask everyone here what they'd recommend. (Last time I even bought an AMD was about 3 years ago...) Anyone had any experience with AMD's more recent processors?

A:AMD processors - what would people recommend these days?

Depends on budget, AMD is marginally cheaper, and they have quite competative processors with lots of L3 cache. Budget?
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I am currently setting up a system as a backup server and intend for it to have a raid array reliable boot from Which to is fastest/most setup on hd s through a gb s sata raid controller pci card one or two raid mirrored ATA IDE arrays and possible using the sata on the mobo both gb s for another mirrored array but it would have to be through software since the nforce raid controller isnt working with sata drives So my question would be which array if any is best for my boot drive the gb s raid would seem the logical choice but i imagine that gets bottlenecked at the pci slot so next up would be the onboard Which array is fastest/most reliable to boot from sata but how much would that get slowed down by software raid so that leaves the mirrored ata ide drives western digital caviars mb cache gig drives Also i have read a few posts about people having their systems Which array is fastest/most reliable to boot from slowed to a snails pace with os s on arrays is this a concern Thx nbsp

A:Which array is fastest/most reliable to boot from

sethbest said:

I am currently setting up a system as a backup server, and intend for it to have

a raid 5 setup on 4 hd's through a 3gb/s sata raid controller pci card,
one or two raid 1 mirrored ATA IDE arrays, and possible using the 2 sata on the mobo (both 1.5gb/s)
So my question would be, which array, if any, is best for my boot drive?Click to expand...

Raid-5 requires an ODD number of drives, the extra is for the parity
see this and click on the {5} button

the 3.0gb/s raid 5 would seem the logical choice but i imagine that gets bottlenecked at the pci slot, so next up would be the onboard sata, but how much would that get slowed down by software raid? so that leaves the mirrored ata ide drives, western digital caviars, 16mb cache, 500gig drives.

Also i have read a few posts about people having their systems slowed to a snails pace with os's on arrays, is this a concern?

ThxClick to expand...

Even MS discourages the boot drive on a raid. see this

Reliability? That's Raid-1, Raid-10
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hi guys

im thinking of buying a new system but im not sure which processor and graphic card to buy


- intel core i7 - 920 (2.66 GHz) which is new in the markets
- intel core 2 duo extreme -QX9775 (3.20 GHz)


im thinking about nVidia XFX GTX 280 (1GB, SLI , DDR3)

any ideas ?

A:Intel processors &VGA?

dude, big price difference between the i7 and the qx. narrow down your budget.

ideally though, get the i7 920 with an x58 board plus a couple of sticks of ddr3 and the 4870/1gb with a true power of at least 550w(80+) plus two bananas and you're almost there.

besides, aren't you curious how 4 physical+4 logical procesor would feel like. 920 then.
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Which ram is the fastest 800MHz CL6 or 800MHz CL5
Someone from my family is asking

A:Which ram is the fastest 800MHz CL6 or 800MHz CL5

cl5, its cas latency. smaller number, faster timings.
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I realize I am going to seem a complete retard. However, we all must learn sometime... I hope. I'm having a lot of trouble installing a new XFX Force 7600 GS video card. I have an AMD Athlon 64 CPU. I'm not even sure if there is a compatibility issue there. I've been unable to find out through the normal venues. Each time I install the new card, I have nothing but a blank screen. I have uninstalled the old vid card drivers. Have no place to plug the monitor into the montherboard itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Compatibility between processors and video cards

OK, the monitor plugs into the video card, not the motherboard. cpu/gpu compatability is rarily and issue. Lets consider it non existant. Unless you're trying to shove a pci E card into an agp slot, somehow(If you have one of those old chipsets and sockets that uses prescott(int) or athlon k8(amd) processors.
Anyway, we need some pc specs. The motherboard, the cpu, ram and what kind, along with the power supply unit make. Thx
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Would a Pentium D processor be able to make full use of Vista 64bit, or would it just be a waste of cash to upgrade to a 64bit O/S?

A:Pentium D processors

with the setup u have, I would say all is pretty old for Vista. that is not to say it would not work but would be slow.
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I am about to buy a new Intel Quad Q6600 PC with ATI HD 4870 video card but before deciding to buy I wish to know how long would the Quad processors continue to support the coming PC games. As you know the Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) processors are due by the year's end do you think I would be able to play the future PC games with my Quad when the Intel Core i7 would be released? Also which Quad should go for, Q6600, Q9550 or Q9400? I mean which is the best in performance and is the most mainstream. Kindly inform. Thanks

A:Intel Quad processors and future PC games

Yah i will support it...
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As I am going to buy a new PC I wish to know which video card brand should to go with keeping in view the future developments such as Intel's release of their Core i7 (Nehalem) processors by the end of this year. And as you know there is dispute between intel and Nvidia at present and it may be possible that Nvidia may not be able to support intel's next processors i.e. Core i7, do you think that Nvidia which is today the defacto standard in PC gaming and widely recognized would lose this position to the ATI video cards in near future? So should I go forward with Nvidia or ATI? Kindly recommend. Thanks

A:Nvidia or ATI after Intel Core i7 processors?

It kinda depends on what chipset you go with rather than the processor type. For example, if you buy a PC or motherboard with an Intel chipset, rather than an nVidia chipset, you should buy ATI because of greater compatibility. Also, Intel's chipsets support ATI Crossfire technology while nVidia chipsets support SLI. I would imagine that the new i7 processors would perform better on a native Intel chipset over nVidia but that's my two cents. It doesn't look like either graphics corp. is going to succeed over the other any time soon so it's anyone's guess as to who comes out on top, if that even happens...
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my system shows up "Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz" but it shows this twice on device manager?
Does this mean that i have 6.40GHz worth of processing power?


A:Two processors, quite confused

all the newer p4s use hyper-threading to simulate 2 cores but its not very useful. no you only have one core running at 3.2 ghz
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Wasnt sure if is the right place to post my question but I got a few that fit in this category

1. Im kind of confused with the whole Intel vs AMD thing, what AMD processor is equivalent to a intel dual core for example. Is there like list where I can see them lined up in order?

2. There are different types of dual cores for example, right? How do you know whats best? What the max ghz on a dual core?

3. Theres tons of different companies selling PC's, what are some good ones today. I see a lot of eMachines, acers, gateways, dells, any of them good?

Im not buying anything, just wondering...


A:CPUs (Processors)

Unfortunately, comparing processors isn't like it used to be; in fact, not only have the done away with labeling processors by their speed in ghz, if you grab a bestbuy or any comparable circular, they don't even tell you the specific processor anymore, just something like 'dual core,' After heat and power consumption increased drastically as the cpu manufacturers tried pushing toward 3 ghz, they went down another route and started re-engineering the designs of their processors at their current speeds and manufacturing sizes.

so you might want to do a little research if you do think of buying in the future. There's dual and quad core's now (and triple cores with AMD from what I understand) but I'm not sure as to the specifics; perhaps someone can elaborate.

Personally I shy away from buying pre-fabbed comps and prefer building one myself, but if you're not familiar with doing so and have no interest in the literally hundreds of hours you'll put into research, familiarizing yourself with them, troubleshooting strange problems, etc., I'd stay away from it. I can't really recommend any company though as I'm really not too familiar with them. But one of the best things I can think of doing is looking up tech support problems and nightmare cases with the different companies. You don't want to fall into the same holes others have fell into. So, although again you said you're not buying, always google the models you have in mind (this goes for any tech product of course) and see what problems others have had.

This is a little old, but still informative:,369.html
choose the benchmark from the drop-down menu uptop

For recent prices:
also useful are the reviews and the buyers guide down the left hand side of the menu

also, is a good website
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Shall I Upgrade My Processor/What Processors are CompatibleWith My Board?

Well as you can tell from the title, i'm wondering if I should upgrade my processor and what processors are compatible with my board.

I have a ASUS PDGT-LA [HP Goldfish3].

I currently have a Intel Pentium 4 519K 3.06Ghz 533 Mhz FSB 64-bit Processor.

Would upgrading to a 640 or a 630 be worth the $100?

What processors are compatible with my board?

Thanks in Advance,

A:Shall I Upgrade My Processor/What Processors are Compatible With My Board?

Socket: LGA775
Supports processor up to 3.4 GHz
Supports Intel Pentium 4 HT processors

Lots more info from here:
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hi. just wondering if anyone knows the fastest pentium 4 processor for a 400mhz system bus speed? im trying to upgrade an old pc to max out the cpu speed. currently it has a crappy celeron 2.1ghz @400mhz chip in it. just wondering if its even worth it? thanks.


nevermind i found it. its 2.6ghz. but would i see a huge improvement over the 2.1celeron? i also have a 2.4ghz p4 laying around, would it work, the fsb is 533mhz?

A:Fastest p4 400mhz?

what kind of computer is it? If the motherboard only takes 400fsb, the 533 cpu will not work in that board. You would see a decent improvement over that celeron no matter what p4 you got:

Heres a Tom's chart comparing a celeron 2.4 and a p4 2.6:

go throught the available charts to see where they stand
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I have a very old Compaq Presario (model 6LPXE1 from the 6000T series). It has a Compaq 07E8h motherboard with an Intel P4 2.26GHz currently installed. I would like to upgrade to an Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 3.0GHz 1MB L2 Cache Socket 478 89W Single-Core Processor - OEM. How can I determine if this CPU is compatible with my motherboard?

I am attaching some system specs from ASTRA32, but the demo version report is truncated. Let me know if any other information would be useful.

A:What socket 478 processors are compatible with my Compaq 07e8h motherboard?

I think that the Intel 845G chipset supported at most a 533MHz FSB, not 800MHz like that CPU you're thinking of buying. I'm not sure but the chances that it'll work on your motherboard are slim.
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What mobos will support intels new processors?

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i want to know which processors i can run on my system. currently i have pentium D 2.8. so, i have an LGA 775 socket. my mobo manual says that it can support upto 1066 mhz fsb. so, can i run c2d or c2e on my system???
thanks in advance

A:which processors i can use on an LGA 775 socket

You've just answered your own question.
A LGA775 socket with 1066MHz FSB will support (you guessed it!) a LGA775 CPU with a 1066MHz FSB.

Only the newest C2D CPU's have 1333MHz FSB, so any Core 2 Duo except the E6X50 series will work.
It would help if you tell your motherboard info. A LGA775 socket with support for a 1066MHz FSB does not necessarily mean it can support C2D (the chipset needs to be compatible).
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???i Heard There Was Gonna Be A Price Drop

A:Have The Quadcore Processors Dropped In Price?

well they dropped like almost half price on this one site. havn't seen it drop abnywhere else though
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I am going to buy a new laptop and i am on a budget i can upgrade to these three options which is the fastest option by that i mean the is Which fastest? which one will Which is the fastest? make my laptop faster Option Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB Cache MHz FSB GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM at MHz - x MB GB Serial ATA Gb s RPM w NCQ amp MB Cache Option Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB Cache MHz FSB GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM at MHz - x MB GB Serial ATA Gb s RPM w NCQ amp MB Cache Option Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB Cache MHz FSB GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM at MHz - x MB GB Serial ATA Gb s RPM w NCQ amp MB Cache This will be running on windows XP media center edition and the graphics card is the MB ATI Mobility Radeon X I will be Which is the fastest? doing video editing and some mild gaming im not really worried about internal storage because i plan to buy an external hardrive to store all my movies on Hope someone can help nbsp

A:Which is the fastest?

The first option will be the fastest (by a long shot in games). Beyond one gig may help you in Vista but save yourself and run WinXP.
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Hi guys

I was wondering since using this awsome low budget board, i was wondering is it possible for it to support next gen 45nm processors? casue this board is listed as a capable 1333MHZ FSB. So assuming it can, can someone elaborate more on this?


A:P5N-E SLI support 45nm processors

1333Mhz FSB processors can be conroe or penryn (45nm) the E6x50 series coming out in july are xconroe 1333 processors.

The board may or may not support Penryn with a BIOS update.
Relevancy 36.12%

I'm planning to build a new gaming PC, and I'm currently doing my research.

Which one of these would be the better choice if I want to play high quality demanding games with great fps, response time, and little lag?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+


Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz

They are both about the same price, and both may perform similar. Which would any of you hardcore gamers out there suggest?

I'm probably going to go with the Intel Core 2 Duo. If this is the best choice, what then mobo-wise would be good to look at? I do want to get an SLI mobo in case I want to buy a second video card in the future and put it in there.

Graphics card = GeForce 8800GTX (unless other suggestions)

A:Comparing 2 processors...

You have to put the motherboard and the video card(s) into the equation here.
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How does thermal design power apply to multi-core processors?

Intel's QX6800 has a TDP of 130W, according to Intel's website. That processor is quad-core; so does that mean that the combined TDP of all the cores is 130W, or does each core have a TDP of 130W?

AMD's Athlon 64 FX-74 has a TDP of 125W, according to the AMD website. So do both cores combined have a TDP of 125W, or each core?

Also, is the TDP the same as the wattage used by the processor?

Thanks in advance.

A:Question about TDP on multi-core processors

TDP tells you how much heat the cooling system has to remove from the CPU, so yes, it means all the cores combined.

Yes, present-day electronics convert virtually all the electrical power to heat, so TDP would be roughly the same as the power consumption of the CPU.
Relevancy 36.55%

I'm picking out a new computer and needed some input. I'm leaning toward this one- AMD Athlon? 64 X2 Dual-Core 3600+

but this one is $20 cheaper- Pentium® D Processor 935 with Dual Core Technology (3.2GHz, 800FSB)
Is there really a big difference?

A:Which of these processors is best?

im not quite sure but i think the X2s are better then the Pentium Ds. The X2s are really cheap right now, i recommend at least going for an X2 4000+ or perhaps slightly higher. Get them while there cheap and still available.
Relevancy 36.12%

I currently have a AMD Athlon in my computer but my X2 AMD's on Processors motherboard? I want to look into AMD s dual core processors but I have a couple of questions I ve read in a review that you may have to update your BIOS AMD says the Athlon X should fit into existing motherboards with only a BIOS update provided that the motherboard AMD's X2 Processors on my motherboard? can deliver enough power to drive a current nm Athlon processor Existing Socket CPU heat sink fan combos should be sufficient to cool an X as well As always you ll want to check with your motherboard maker before assuming your mobo will work with the new chip There are always exceptions Click to expand Source I have a DFI Lanparty UT NF SLI-DR Expert and a W Silverstone PSU will a X processor work on my motherboard or will I have to update flash my BIOS I have a Thermalright XP with FAN for my CPU it s at C F now Will that be enough nbsp

A:AMD's X2 Processors on my motherboard?

What does DFI say on their website for this motherboard model. If they are posting a new BIOS, you should probably install it anyway.
Relevancy 36.55%

How does everone feel about them. Just asking because there is a notebook that I want and it runs AMD, so yeah.
(Please dont get mad at me, Im new at this)

A:AMD Processors


they are fine, no better no worse.
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I see that the Pentium D is a 64-bit processor, but when I search for Intel processors with 64-bit registers, only the Itaniums are listed. What is the register width of the Pentium D processor? Also, know of any good websites that provide information like this for processors?

A:Register size of Intel processors

Well, the register size depends on what kind of registers you mean and what mode the processor is in.

In full 64-bit mode, x64 processors have 16 64-bit general-purpose registers plus the floating point and multimedia stuff. You can still use all the registers with less than 64 bits of data of course.

And, I know this may come as a shock to you, but Intel for example actually supplies documentation for its products
Like, when you look under "Technical Documentation", you may find a page like this:
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My PC gave out and so I am using my laptop at the moment.

Anyway I want to get a new PC with the fastest processor.

The one in my old PC is a Athalon 3800

I have not kept up with the latest processors and saw that Intel now do the Duo Processor. Could someone explain please the difference in speed as the last time i looked at Intel it was the Pentium 4 based processors.

I am a little confused as the processor speeds for Intel seem lower than they were for Pentium 4s.

I need advice on each brand AMD and Intel please and which is the latest and fastest processor each company do. I always used to go with Intel just my last one was AMD.

Any reading material on each would also help me in choosing which type of PC to go for and where to get it from.

Thanks for your help


A:Latest Intel and AMD Processors, Need Help Choosing a New PC For Gaming & General Use

"Fastest" is a really ambiguous term nowadays when referencing processors. The introduction of multicore CPUs really threw off the whole clock speed thing. The Core 2 Duo line usually tops benchmarks, but the E6600 only runs at 2.4Ghz stock.

What games are you using it for? The processor feud has turned into an all-out war, and I'm getting more and more convinced that the power you get from top of the line is crazy overkill.

That being said, the Core 2 Duo E6400 or E6600 is the biggest bang for your buck. I didn't notice that much of a speed difference between my Athlon 3500 and the E6600 for simple computing tasks given all other identical components.
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right now i have the duo core 2 duo 2.13 ghz processor and im thinking of up gradeing to the 2.6 how much faster is this?

A:How much of a differance is these processors.

Instead of upgrading, try overclocking your 2.13 to 2.6. 2.13 Core 2's can easily pass 3GHz.
Relevancy 39.56%

im looking to get a wireless mouse that can be plugged in over nioght to charge like the mouse docks, but i play alot of online gaming, and i need to know which wireless mouse has the fastest response time. that is the one thing i cant stand when i had one and it was like 1 second lag an di wouldnt play games. please let me know

A:fastest mouse of the land.

I don't think a good gaming would be wireless. Wireless still uses battery, no matter how small it is, but then it increase the weight of the mouse itself. (except a4tech battery-free wireless mouse)

For fastest gaming mouse, i recommend RAZER Pro Solution Mouse (i forgot the model) but it's proven that the mouse is really great.
Relevancy 36.55%

hey guys is there a difference between notebook/laptop processors and desktop processors? if so can you give me a link for any notebook processors.


first i would like to say yess there is a diffrence here is a link to amds laptop processors: and for intel:
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I have an ECS 741GX-M motherboard which (apparently) supports socket 462/socket A CPUs.

I currently run an Athlon XP 2600+, but have been looking around for something faster. The best I've found so far is an Athlon XP 3000+, does anybody know of any faster than this that would be compatible?

Also, if I were to get a new mobo what would be the most future-proof socket type? I don't like the idea of having to buy a new mobo just so I can run a faster CPU.

A:Fastest CPU for ECS 741GX-M

Think the best you can do is a Barton core Athlon XP 3200+, or 3300 if you can find those, but they were only made in OEM not retail version.

Futureproof for AMD would be AM2, for Intel 775. Those will be on the market the furthest into the future at this point.
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can any of you guys recommend what would be the Best & Fastest SATA HDD for running a windows XP or Vista OS on..?? i want to have like a 20-50GB HDD just for the OS and have a 500GB HDD for Personal Data ect..?? can anyone recommend anything for this type of setup..??

A:Best & Fastest SATA HDD for OS only..??

Good suggestion is to grab SATA Raid.

You can put your 80 GB in first drive and rest of it can running up with you all together. like if you have 80GB, 250GB, 500GB... when plugged into RAID board, it will make computer think all this drives into one. THat is, 830GB.

If you want to use it for lag-free gaming, i recommend you Western Digital Raptor 74.4GB (running at 10,000 RPM)

The Seagate packed the best sata hdd in the market.... 750GB SATA II. ^^
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I have an AMD Athlon 64 3200 processor on a K8V-X board that is 754 PIN. I was thinking of moving onto a 939 PIN MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum with the AMD Athlon X2 4200 chip.

I would be interested to know will it be worth the investment? I mainly use my PC for adobe premier and video editing, is it worth my time and money to upgrade?

Cheers in advance.


A:Are dual processors worth it?

If you plan to multitask, it is DEFINATELY worth it. Dual-core processors wipe the floor with single cores when it comes to multitasking because well... it's like having 2 seperate processors running different things.
Relevancy 30.53%

I'm new to building my own PC. I've taken a really bland class on Computer Architecture, so I know the basics of the basics.

I just guess I have a question that I'm begging to be answered. :dead:

So does anyone know if there's conflicts with the idea of Dual Core Proc. in a Dual Proc. Motherboard?

And of course, is it worth it?

A:Dual Core Processors in a Dual Processor Motherboard

No there will not be any conflict. If the motherboard has a BIOS that supports dual-core processsors, it will use both cores present on each processor.

READ: Opteron 285 review
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From all the posts I have read on hard drives and performance it seems that I should have at least four quot GB drives R P M RAID formatted into small partitions the quot drive makes a smaller physical travel of the heads increasing speed the striping to speed up access to the data and mirroring to cover me if I have errors Smaller partitions make the heads travel shorter distances and the formatting starts on the outer edge of the disk where the speed is greatest so the data can be retrieved and stored fastest there OR am I all wrong set-up??? fastest drive and read all the info wrong Help me please fastest drive set-up??? I wish I had read all the information before I spec d this computer oh well c est la vie I can always trade one of my friends for a couple of my old drives and maybe get some cash to buy little fast ones if that is what I need to do Any Ideas nbsp

A:fastest drive set-up???

As far as I know, 2.5" 15000rpm hard drives aren't available yet. There are supposed to be available later this year. They are also going to be SCSI drives rather than the more familiar SATA or IDE drives. You might be better off with the larger physical (and capacity) WD Raptor drives and setting them up in a RAID configuration.
Relevancy 35.26%

I was wondering if future athlon procs, like the "Sledgehammer" and "Clawhammer" were going to be Socket A, also does anyone know when they are coming out?

Thanks, -Bourbon

A:Socket A on future Athlon processors?

The *hammers are based on a 64bit/32bit architechture so I would think a new platform would be needed to take advantage of the 64bit chip...
Relevancy 36.12%

If using intel, can 2 prescotts be used? or only 2 xeon's?


A:Dual processors

Xeons only, or Pentium III and older. P4s don't support multiple processors.
Relevancy 30.96%

AMD Dual Core processors - updating BIOS?

how do you do this?

thanks a lot

A:AMD Dual Core processors - updating BIOS/flashing BIOS?

Flash a BIOS?
You need to download the update from the motherboard manufacturer. Then follow the directions in the readme file that usually comes with it.
Relevancy 39.56%

What's the fastest memory you can buy to match with AMD XP 3000+

A:Fastest Memory for AMD 3000+

pc3200 i belive so 400mhz

its the CPU i want but as you can see its ran out lol
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I have AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon XP Processors that are defective (i believe). Although i have a feeling that these defective processors were slightly defective because of overheating or perhaps i have been used them for three years.
Lately, i have stumbled on a certain webpage that tells how to revive a defective thought i did not manage to get the address but i believe there is a chance i can revive my defective processors only that i have no idea how.
Anyone who can tell me how to revive a defective processor or perhaps you can give me link(s) to page(s) that tells how to do so.
Many thanks, i will appreciate any help.



A:defective processors

hyperrider said:


I have AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon XP Processors that are defective (i believe). Although i have a feeling that these defective processors were slightly defective because of overheating or perhaps i have been used them for three years.
Lately, i have stumbled on a certain webpage that tells how to revive a defective thought i did not manage to get the address but i believe there is a chance i can revive my defective processors only that i have no idea how.
Anyone who can tell me how to revive a defective processor or perhaps you can give me link(s) to page(s) that tells how to do so.
Many thanks, i will appreciate any help.

Click to expand...

you had them on for 3 years straight? anyway i geuss jsut google it i never herd this befor tho
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Hi Guys,

Just a quick question i cant find and answer to...

Im going to order the parts for my new computer soon

Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe SLi Mobo
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+
1Gb Corsair XMS PC3200
120Gb Seagate Barracuda ATA-100
BFG GeForce 7800GT OC 256MB GPU (ebay for £260) retail around £400

Basically thats it, i've read on the net that i need a BIOS update for the mobo so it can handle the processor.
so the question, will the mobo handle the processor while i update the BIOS?
then work perfectly after.
If not, how do i update the BIOS.

A:Updating BIOS to handle AMD 64 processors


Be careful of buying the graphics card off Ebay!! buying some parts for pc's on ebay can end in a problem, for example they dont work or they are broken already!

In reply to your question i think that u will be ok with the processor in the mobo well u update the bios. However i am not really shure about this so it would be best to wait for more replies!
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I'd like to know what is the fastest internet connection to have for your home. I currently have Directway. Is Roadrunner or others better.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.

A:fastest/best internet connection ??

It depends on where exactly you live.

If you happen to live next door to a major ISP, then you can run a cable there and have a 10 gigabit ethernet connection. If you happen to live in the middle of nowhere then your only option may be satellite (best services go up to several megabits).
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Code b AMD Processor Ordering Part Number OPN Breakdown b Processors are identified by markings known as Ordering Part Number OPN The OPN identifies the processor and its specifications b AXDA D K V D b --Maximum System-Bus Front-Side-Bus Speed ----Level Cache Size ------Maximum Die Temperature --------Operating Voltage Nominal Core Voltage ----------Package Type --------------Model Number -------------------Processor Core Architecture Brand Name b Processor Core Architecture Brand Name b i These alpha characters define the core architecture of the processor i OPN Code Brand Name Technology ---------------------------------------------------------- AXDA AMD Athlon XP m AX AMD Athlon XP m AMSN AMD Athlon MP m AMP AHX AMD Athlon MP m K A AMD Athlon m AHM Mobile AMD Athlon m AXMS AXMD AXDM Mobile AMD Athlon XP m D DHD DHM AMD Identifying processors DHL AMD Duron m Identifying AMD processors b Model Number b i This four digit numeric field defines the speed of the processor in megaherz or Model Number as appropriate i OPN Code Frequency OPN Code Model Number ------------------------------------------------------------- MHz Mobile MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz Identifying AMD processors MHz MHz MHz MHz MHz Desktop b Package Type b i This single alpha character defines the package type for this device i OPN Code Package Type --------------------------- A CPGA B OBGA D OPGA E uPGA F OPGA G uPGA b Operating Voltage Nominal Core Voltage b i This single alpha character defines the voltage for this processor i OPN Code Voltage ---------------------- Y V C V T V X V W V J V V V Q V L V H V U V K V P V M V N V b Maximum Die Temperature b i This single alpha character defines the maximum die temperature for this processor i OPN Code Temperature -------------------------- R C V C T C S C Q C b Level Cache Size b i This single alpha character defines the Level Cache Size for this processor in addition to KB Level Cache i OPN Code Cache Size ------------------------- KB KB KB KB b Maximum System-Bus Speed b i This single alpha character defines the maximum System-Bus speed for this processor i OPN Code Speed -------------------- B MHz C MHz D MHz Source http www amd com gb-uk assets content type DownloadableAssets Processor Recognition Rev ENG pdf nbsp

A:Identifying AMD processors

To keep it more confusing check this out:
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Im a gamer who happens to be on a fairly tight buget. Im planning to buy a new pc within a month or two and with the release of 64-bit processors, there will soon be games designed for them. Im wondering if a 32 bit processor will be able to run 64 bit games well, if at all, or if i should put up the extra cash for a 64 bit. Thanks!

A:Will next gen. games using 64-bits work with 32 bit processors?

you can rest assured that game developers will continue supporting 32 bit since it will remain the majority of systems out there for a while. and the developers are in business to make money. they arent going to limit the market for their games by ignoring the 32 bit OS's.
Relevancy 35.69%

What's you opinons on this type of Processor ?

Are they a "Fad" ?

Or a reasonable buy ?

A:INTEL Pentium D processors

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Definatley not a fad, however there is the xtreme too.
Extreme uses HT and dual core, both have 1mb cache for each core.
The extreme goes much higher fsb 1066, the D is 800.
What I don't like reading about them is it appears you need to run
the Intel® 955X Express chipset
Intel® 945P Express chipset
Intel® 945G Express chipset
Intel® E7230 Chipset
to get them to run right.
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Just wanted to know what the fatest avalible internet is here in the UK? I have been reading about T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192 and they seem to be only avalible in the US or some place like Japan. All i know i can get over here is up to 8mb Cable or ADSL. Is there any others i can get? and how much would i be looking at? and what is the fastest?

Moka :hotbounce

A:Fastest Internet Un The UK

I am sure you can get a gigabit link to your home if you talk to the right company and are willing to pay outrageous sums of money..

All the cool acronyms you are talking about are backbone grade connections provided to big customers (well, T1 is slow really) - in order to get anything like it you have to look at ISPs who provide services to companies. And you have to be relatively close to some big pipe unless you want to lay miles of fibre out of your own pocket
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Well, I dont know if processors can be changed. i currently have a celeron d processors at 2.93 Ghz but i would love to have a pentium 4. Do i necessarily need to buy a new motherboard in order to get a new processor? Or can they just be poped out and changed as long as the motherboard supports a p4? here is my motherboard right now

well. i just really would love to get rid of the celeron, i can't say its a bad processor, I say its highly underated cuz its actually pretty decent. well I still would like a p4 seeing as they are faster and more powerful so can processors be changed? and if they can can my motherboard support a p4, i know my motherboard support ht tech by the way, it said on the manual.

A:Can processors be replaced?

Pick your choice of CPU:
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I'm thinking of putting a 64-bit processor into my computer. Can I run 32-bit applications/OS's on a 64-bit processor without run an emulation program or taking a hit in performance (I heard somewhere that you needed an emulator that hogs resources)? Thanks.

A:64-bit processors

As far as I`m aware, there should be no problem running 32bit apps with a 64bit processor. And as for an emulator I`ve never heard of one being needed.

Regards Howard
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I have $1000au to spend on a new processor my 2 options are as follows.

Amd athlon 64 4400+ dual core (939)
Amd athlon 64 4000+ (939)

This is strictly for gamming only i already have a $300au motherboard lined up i just need help deciding on a processor.

Thanks :angel:

A:Processors Which one is better!

For gaming the 4000+ would be better as it has a clockspeed of 2.4Ghz (the 4400+ runs at 2.2Ghz). Games are still single-threaded & will not be able to make use of the 2nd core on the 4400+.

That said, if you like to game while having MP3s compressed in the background or DVDShrink running, the 4400+ is the better choice.

Don't you like it when there isn't one clear answer ?
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AMD 750 AGPSet Chipset - What the fastest proccessor I can get?

I have a GigaByte GA=-71XE4 motherboard, and an AMD 750 AGPSet chipset. The AMD website wasn;t oo helpful, so I'm asking here.

What is the fastest, off the shelf AMD proccesor that can go i this board. It is Socket A, and currently contains a Duron 850. I'm not taling overclocking, as I don't want to do that, just in case

A:Fastest processor for GA-71XE4 (750 chipset)
Not very much help either

Now this is some help, although it's a .pdf file and you may not be able to read it...

It states that your 7IXE4 can support:

Duron 600-950 MHz
Athlon 650-950, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

What your sysbo can't support are Athlon XP's and FSB's of 266, only 200.
Relevancy 34.83%

Hi All,

I am planning to buy a Dell laptop in a couple of days. I have a chioce between these two processors:

1) Intel Pentium®M Processor 745(1.80 GHz/2MB L2/400MHz FSB)
2) Intel Pentium®M Processor 755(2 GHz/2MB L2/ 400MHz FSB)

Other things remaining the same, the first option will save me 200$. Do you think that it is worth paying 200$ extra for the extra bit of clock speed? I am buying my laptop for studies. I'll have it do complex tasks on large survey datasets (sometimes as big as 250 MB) using mathematical/statistical software. The laptop will have a 1GB DDR SDRAM (2 DIMM).

Please reply with your suggestions as soon as possible. Thanks

A:Urgent : Choice b/w Intel Pentium M 745 & 755 processors

If you have the cash.....
Relevancy 39.13%

I need help i need to know what would be the best CPU for this motherboard and what EXACTLY it can handle because i would really like to puch it and be able to use this thign for at least more months this is the specs on my mobo from the HP website the mother board is an ASUS A V-VM Motherboard Supplier ASUS System BIOS Supplier Phoenix Form Factor uATX Processor Brand AMD Processor Socket Type Socket-A PGA Processor Family Athlon T-Bird Palomino Duron Spitfire Morgan Maximum Processor Core Frequency GHz Palomino GHz T-Bird Ghz Morgan Proc Front Side Bus Freq MHz Chipset Name Via KM A Chipset quot North Bridge quot amp Revision KM A VT A Chipset quot South Bridge quot amp Revision VT C B can handle, my I'm mobo CPU upgrading Need fastest my kno the CPU to rev CE Super I O N A Flash BIOS Device Xbus Mbit Memory Type SDRAM Memory Speed PC Memory Sockets Additional Info on my sys BIOS version PhoenixBIOS Release G for Asustek Chipset Via VT KT KM Sys controller Southbridge VT C A PCI to ISA Bridge No DMI SMBIOS Prensent Current processor AMD Athlon Ghz x MHz DDR if anyone has any sugestions or knows what I should do please tell me i read this post in another forum whiel trying to figure this info out my self you can check it out just go here http forums pcper com Need to kno the fastest CPU my mobo can handle, I'm upgrading my CPU showthread php s amp Need to kno the fastest CPU my mobo can handle, I'm upgrading my CPU postid as it says in a few of those posts the FSB speed can it be different than like what can run and I know HP posted the limits on it but as in a few of the posts on the other site it said you could probably run up to a XP but i dont want to waste my money so does anyone know exactly what the limitations are and what would be the fastest type of AMD processors that i could use and that would work on this mobo with the BIOS i have or if i could change the BIOS though it could be locked i dont know any suggestions or comments will be useful so please help If you need any additional details I would be more than happy to find them out for you thank you nbsp

A:Need to kno the fastest CPU my mobo can handle, I'm upgrading my CPU

According to the posted specs, the motherboard supports a "max" of a 1.67ghz palomino, which is the AXP 2000+

However, I've used several A7Ms with KT133A chipset and I've had mixed results. All of them were able to handle a 2100+ Palomino, but not thouroughbreds of any sort.

Getting your hands on a palomino might be more difficult these days because they have long since been discontinued. I have a few, they are quite the heaters. I'd say try to get your hands on a 2000+ if you want to upgrade.
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Anyone have any information on duel processor boards, duel core processors? I am trying to find a benchmark comparison of them compared to a standard processor - I saw such as comparison recently in a magazine... but alas i threw it away thinking "I wont need that!".
Any help much appreciated


A:duel processors
The x2 is amd's dual core, the pentium d is intels dual core.
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Starting to gather info on best CPU / video card to use ?

Don't use the computer for gaming ... but do require good performance for video capture and editing (guess same required for gaming anyway) ... any thoughts on what to look for ??

Have AverMedia USB2 TV capture module, but may be better to be in notebook rather then having more things to plug in ...

Budget around $1500-2500 (maybe 3,000)

Battery life not a problem be using it mostly at home

Greg ...
Relevancy 39.13%

Is anything faster than SATA II right now?

A:Current Fastest form of PC storage

Wrong question.

Interface speeds a la ATA133, SATA, SATA2 have nothing to do with the storage speed. You might as well determine the max speed of a car by looking at the biggest number visible on the speedometer.
Relevancy 36.12%

i was just wondering why there is a difference in the processing speeds of an AMD and an intel processor. i mean why does an AMD 3800+ equal about a 2.6ghz intel, or so i've heard. also what the hell is dual ddr, and whats so great about it?

A:AMD Processors and Dual DDR

:wave: Hello & Welcome to Techspot :wave:

These questoins have been asked quite a lot, and if you do a little search, you should find plenty of threads where the difference between AMD and Intel cpus are explained, and what DDR is, and how it is affected by Dual Channel...
Relevancy 36.55%

I have heard that AMD's processors help protect against viruses:

this is what it said that I was reading:

"All AMD64 processors, including the AMD Athlon? 64 FX, AMD Athlon 64, and Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processors, are enabled with Enhanced Virus Protection. With Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), you will be able to fully utilize the security technology*. By providing extra security at the platform level, AMD lets you easily embrace the future of computing. "

I think thats kinda cool if this is True.. :giddy:

A:AMD Processors

It's not True, it's Marketing.

There is some truth in there but not enough to get all excited about it.
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what is the fastest ram i can get for the Asus A8n-Sli? i know the standard is 3200 but how do i know what the max it can take is?

A:fastest ram to get for A8n-Sli

RTFM -> Asus A8n-SLI manual
Relevancy 39.99%

I have an ancient motherboard and was wondering what the fastest AMD Athlon XP processor I can get with a FSB 266 and roughly what price it would be preferably in £. Thanks.

A:What is the fastest AMD processor I can get?

Athlon XP 2600+, Thoroughbred core, 2133 MHz.
Relevancy 35.26%

I was looking on system information and noticed that it has my processor is listed twice...........

And also if i request my system information usin Alcohol 120% it says i have processor X2

very confusing . any ideas ?

A:Why is System information reporting that i have 2 processors ?

Hyperthreading enabled cpu..
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this is just out of curiosity really. But i should be getting a job soon so i'll be able 2 get some good upgrades for my computer. I'm more of an AMD person myself, thats all i've used before so may as well stick with that rather than going for pentium. Anyhoo i've spyed out alot of processors and motherboards and i just wanted to be safe, will any AMD processor go with any AMD motherboard?


A:AMD processors with AMD motherboards

No. You need to pay attention to the socket the CPU uses (Socket A, 754, 939, 940) then you get a board which has the same socket or you decide on a board then you get a CPU which can fit on the socket.
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I was reading somewhere that some guy installed two processors, is this possible, and where on the MoBo would you put a second processor?

A:Duel Processors

Search Feature is your friend.
Dual CPU or 64 bit?
Dual-core CPUs
Dual CPU or 64 bit?
Dual CPUs and Gaming?!?!
Would a dual 700MHz system be faster than a singular 1400MHz system?
SMP SystemsDual CPU or not ? ( Kind of an odd question )
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I've been hearing that the new windows system will run on 64 bit processors since its going to be a 64 bit program. Will it also run on the old 32 bit systems or are we all going to have to upgrade in the near future? I ask this cause I just built a new system with a 3.0E GHz P4 system and I usually dont upgrade for 3-4 years. My last system was a 750MHz athlon! I try to beat the dead horse, hehe. Anyway, was just curious about what you all think may be the benefits and all that about the upcoming change.

A:Info and opinions on new 64bit processors?

IMO, 64-bit computing is NOT ready.

I'm aware of 64-bit Linux and the upcoming Windows. What about the rest of software? They're still mostly 32-bit and some 16-bit. Even in 32-bit Windows, the computer is mostly waiting for the user's input and idling. Has anyone here tried to compile Gentoo from stage 1 tarballs? Takes days if not weeks. Who plays 3d FPS 24/7? Yeah, one guy did that in a Korean net cafe and died of exhaustion after 2-3 days.

I'm very satisfied with my xp 2500+. Your P4 is pretty good. The things you might want to upgrade would be 3D accelerator, RAM, HD with 16mb cache. Or maybe your chair. I've seen so many photos of pc's and one had a Alienware and a crappy chair.
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Hey guys I am a self tought computer freak. I like many others have trouble in choosing which processor is good, which is not right etc.
I want to hear about them from those of you that know a lot about them.
The ones that dont know about them can visit, read and learn.

Pentiums VS. Athlon

A:Difference between different processors explained

Do a search on this forum, that subject comes up about every second day.
Stop being lazy.
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What is the fastest internet connection currently in existance...anywhere?

this is just generally me being curious and bored. does anyone have any ideas?

A:What is the fastest internet connection currently in existance...anywhere?

Please see the following article taken from

September 2, 2004
Scientists Set Internet2 Speed Record
By Susan Kuchinskas

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) set a new land-speed record for Internet2, a second-generation network serving universities and research institutes.

The team, which included folks from AMD (Quote, Chart), Cisco (Quote, Chart), Microsoft Research, Newisys, and S2io, transferred 859 gigabytes of data in less than 17 minutes. It did so at a rate of 6.63 gigabits per second (define) between the CERN facility in Geneva, Switzerland, and Caltech in Pasadena, Calif., a distance of more than 15,766 kilometers, or approximately 9,800 miles.

Scientists are racing to move gigantic amounts of data by 2007, when CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will switch on. This huge underground particle accelerator will produce some 15 petabytes (define) of data a year, which will be stored and analyzed on a global grid of computer centers.

High-energy physicists are excited about the LHC because they hope it will allow them to find the Higgs boson, a theoretical particle that they believe creates mass.

"Physicists are trying to fill in the blank spaces in our model of high energy physics," said Jim Gray a Microsoft Research engineer who helped set Wednesday's record.

But this $10 billion collider will be of little use if scientists around the world can't access the data.

Researchers aren't the only ones excited about blazing data speeds. This record speed of 6.63Gbps is equivalent to transferring a full-length DVD movie in four seconds. There are uses in astronomy, bioinformatics, global climate modeling and seismology, as well as commercial applications from entertainment to oil and gas exploration.

Internet2 is fast -- Abilene, a U.S. cross-country backbone network, blasts data at 10Gbps. But transoceanic networking is another story. There are hardware and software issues to overcome, Gray said.

For example, one limiting factor is that the fastest available interface for PCs is the PCIX64 Bus Isolation Extender, which can only handle 7.5Gbps.

The land-speed test is part of an ongoing R&D program to create high-speed global networks as the foundation of next-generation, data-intensive grids with a goal of transferring data at 1Gbps.

The performance also is the first record to break the 100-petabit meter per second mark. One petabit is 1,000,000,000,000,000 bits (define). That may seem like an almost inconceivably large number, but Gray said storing petabits of data is a fact of life for many large corporations. He said Microsoft has about 5 petabits of data, and he estimates Google and Yahoo store that much, as well.

"If you have a million customers and they each have a gigabyte of storage, that's a petabit," he said.

The technology used in setting this record included S2io's Xframe 10 GbE server adapter, Cisco 7600 Series Routers, Newisys 4300 servers using AMD Opteron processors, Itanium servers and the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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I have a Compaq S3000NX
According to the website it has either an AM37 MB or an MSI MS6390 MB. My question is: What is the fastest Athlon XP processor I can use? MSI website says the fastest supported is 2200+ but the AMD website says their the MS6390 can support 2600+. I can't find any info on the AM37 either. I wanna upgrade the processor in it. If anyone can help it would be great.

Bottom line:
Can i use an Athlon XP 2600+ in my computer?

A:AM37 or MS6390 in a Compaq S3000NX...Question about fastest processor.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You can find info on the AM37 here.

Here are the cpu specs for the AM37.

Athlon XP model 8 1700+ and up. Athlon
XP model 6 1500+ to 2100+. Duron
model 7 1G and up. Duron Model 3 950Mhz. Maxiumum Icc core supported:
Up to 46A

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Being a complete novice who is thinking of buying a PC with an AMD Semperon 2600+ processor. Can anyone tell me how it compares to a Pentium 4 processor.

A:Semperon 2600+ processor v Pentium 4 processors

Uh very poorly, you will notice the Sempron is much cheaper than the Pentium4, or even the AthlonXP. Thats because its a cut down, low market version of the AthlonXP. Its the Celeron of AMD.

A 2600+ AthlonXP would perform much alike, about the same performance of a 2.6GHz Pentium4.

A 2600+ Sempron would probably (my best guess) perform about as good/fast as a 1.8GHz or a 2GHz Pentium4.

If your only doing Internet, word processing,etc, then it'd be fine, but if you want to play games and have a half fast computer, stay away from the Celeron and Sempron. Ever heard of the Duron? Sempron replaced it.

The cpu doesnt have as much cache as the AthlonXP does, which really cuts away from its performance, and a few other things here and there that cut it down, which is also why its soo much cheaper.

Celeron = :dead:
Sempron = puke:
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Basically, I want to get a faster processor for xmas, so my big question is.. how do I know what processor is compatible with my motherboard (I really don't want to buy a new one if possible)
I know my motherboard has to be able to support a faster processor but how do I find this out?
All I really Know is that I have an AMD Athlon XP (I think) 1.2GHz processor. I dont have a clue what motherboard I have, which leads to another question.. how do I find that out?

Thanks :grinthumb

A:Motherboards and compatible processors

I believe SiSoft Sandra will tell you what motherboard you have. You can download the free 'lite' version here:
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hey, i have two processors listed in my device manager, though i only have one installed. it says both are working. i also have two video cards listed as well. one says 'secondary.' is this a problem? what can i do to fix it?

A:two processors listed

do you happen have a Intel Pentium 4 processor and one of the newer ATi video cards?

that phenomenom you are mentioning is normal. i have the same thing happening with my system. you do not have to worry about it -- it is not a problem.

there are two cpus listed because of hyperthreading, which makes the operating system think that there are two cpus (with one physical cpu). you must have one of the newer Pentium 4's that have hyperthreading. you can read more propaganda (i mean info) from Intel regarding hyperthreading here.

you have two video cards listed because the primary adapter is for your monitor and the secondary adapter is for tv out. that is how ATi designed their card to interact with Windows. i am not sure about Nvidia video cards but they probably do something similar to ATi.
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Hi, ive been hearing around school that in early 2005 Pentium are to realise a batch of dual processing cores, i.e two processors working together. Can anyone verify this? Also there will obviously have to be a whole reworking of motherboards, so perhaps its not such a good idea to splash out on a £130 mobo if its only gonna last you a year.

A:Mainstream dual Pentium processors?

Haven't heard about a release of dual pentiums as one item...interesting though...I wonder how much of a difference it would be as opposed to simply running 2 processors you bought seperately...
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i've got a 1.5 ghz p4 and would like to upgrade it. i thought the fastest 400mhz fsb p4 was the 2.4 ghz but i'm not shure could anyone tell me witch is the fastest p4 with a 400mhz fsb

A:whats the fastest 400mhz p4 ?

[email protected] fsb

Edit: Silly me! I was temporarily confused and was thinking of 800 MHz fsb. Not sure why. Another late night perhaps.
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i've been hearing lately that AMD is due to release a 64bit Athlon64(clawhammer) cpu in september/october/november. i also know that intel is launching a cpu on the prescott core. will the prescott cpu be 64 bit too? also how will the new 64 bit processors affect the computing world. i jus got a p4 2.4ghz C system and i hate to see it go totally obselete in a matter of months.

A:64 bit processors

relax - your shining new CPU won't become out of date the second 64-bit CPUs appear.

I should expect that 64-bit will primarily effect the server market mostly, and will only trickle down to desktop level after some time. Although there are some operating systems already available for these chips (windows 2000, linux, etc) there aren't a lot of apps yet. 64-bit will become the standard one day - thats for sure - but it will take quite some time.
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What is it with this new way that AMD name their processors? It is very confusing as their names no longer suggest the Mhz speed like they used to, whereas Pentiums still do. Is this just a ploy by AMD to trick naive people into thinking that their 1900's, 2000's, 2100's &, 2200's etc run at that Mhz speed? Where the heck do they get these figures from?

A:AMD Processors: Ambiguous Naming

AMD's Model Numbers, Intel query them