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Can't share printer on my 10 with a win7 computer on the same network.

Q: Can't share printer on my 10 with a win7 computer on the same network.

I HATE modern networking with every fiber of my being. Once upon a time, networking was simple. To support huge corporate networks Microsoft has made it into a nightmare for home users.

Since I've upgraded from 8.1 to 10 my wife's win7 computer can no longer use the printer on my computer. I've run down every rabbit hole I found on Google to no avail. You are my last hope. How do I fix it so she can use my printer???

NOTE: for what it's worth I can use the printer on her computer.

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Preferred Solution: Can't share printer on my 10 with a win7 computer on the same network.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't share printer on my 10 with a win7 computer on the same network.

Is the printer network capable? Make/Model Requested.

Sharing is so 90's <.
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I have a network printer that I would like to use in a room away from the router. Can I use an RJ45 splitter so these two devices can share the same cable? It doesn't have wireless capability.

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I am trying to share a USB attached Brother MFC 240C from 64bit Win7 to 32bit XP over a home network and when I try to install it on the XP pc, it complains that the software is incompatible.

I went to Brothers website from the Win7 PC & downloaded just the driver for windows XP - when I check the x86 box found in Additional Drivers (see screenshot #1) it complains its not compatible. I've never used Additional Drivers before so I'm not sure what its supposed to do.

Any advice would help a huge help - I'm stuck.

screenshot #1
screenshot #2

A:Can't Share Printer From XP To Win7


I had the same problem when I first went to Win7 64bit trying to get my family Vista laptops to see the printer (which was attached to the WIn7 machine).

You need to download the WinXP 32 bit drivers and install them as additional drivers on the Win7 machine, hopefully you can find the right place as you have mentioned it already (I am not at home and have WinXP at work so can't check).

When you install the printer on the XP machines it looks for the drivers on the machine that the printer is attached to, so you need to have the 32bit XP drivers installed on that PC. If I have misinterpreted your post and you have tried that, you can try this:

1) Attach the printer to the laptop (wired) and install all driver software etc
2) Remove printer from laptop and re-attach to desktop
3) Search for and install the networked printer
4) Uninstall the wired printer from the laptop

Have seen a few people have tried it that way and it worked, a bit annoying to have to do but it might get you up and running.
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TSG SysInfo Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Win7 printer XP and share to Trying from to XP Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Trying to share printer from XP to XP and Win7 Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD PRO Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc RY CN BU BH Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am trying to share my printer with the other computers on my home network I have the printer connected to my XP machine The other computers are running XP and Windows The Windows machine is directly connected to the router and my computer and the other XP Trying to share printer from XP to XP and Win7 computer are connected wirelessly I ve shared my printer and given it a share name But the other computers cannot access my computer for some reason Could it be a firewall problem I m not sure why they can t access my computer to see the shared printer nbsp

A:Trying to share printer from XP to XP and Win7

it could be a firewall issue
what firewalls do you have on the PCs ?

Share printer between windows7, XP, Vista
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i have a shared printer on a windows 7 computer. i have another win 7 comp also able to use printer. i want to also share the printer with a vista computer. all printers are in same workgroup. in one of many attemps it asked me for username and passwork. i don't know if that means username for printer/comp or user name for vista comp or what. please help.

A:How to share non win7 comp with vista printer

Enter the name of your Vista Computer. It would be "somename-PC" as an example.
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hello, i switched my bosses computer to win7 here at work, all went fine.. we are using win98 under VMWARE 6.5 for our windows 98.. everything works great, except i cannot get it to access the printer on the win7 machine, it sees it but always gets a access denied error, i have turned off password sharing.. and any of the xp/win7 machines see it fine.. just the damn 98.. and i can't not use 98 cause of our POS software...

Any ideas? thanks!

A:Anyway to share the win7 printer to a win98 machine?

Anyone have any luck trying this? i have tried the tricks people posted for making vista work with 98.. but no luck in 7
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Hello i have install the win 7 64bits in the server, but my others pc with xp 32bits, my hp 3745 is automatic install with win 7 64bits, but I can not share the network for computers with xp 32bit, when I install says missing driver, can someone tell me how correcting this? thank's

A:Share Printer win7 64bits bits with win xp 32bits

Easy to do, and works like a charm. you just have to trick the computers:

Networking from Printer attached to Win XP PC to Win 7

Good luck
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I've just had a new PC built for me for the first time rather than build share 64 New Network install & others printer, SMB W7 issues? -network it myself I aid a local shop and it's a pretty nice machine They got windows up and running when I got it back and lugged it in I don't even remember it asking about whether my network was home work or public I may be mistaken about that A lot New W7 64 install -network issues? Network printer, SMB share & others of the networking is fine by adding 'everyone' to the share and joining the same homegroup as my laptop I managed to get each to see their desktops so I'm up and running with most of my workflow But there's a couple of things not quite right about the network I've got a Xerox Phaser network printer It's got a simple 'walk-up' installer where you get the windows software into listening mode and then on the printer's menu initiate the connection This doesn't find the printer Even choosing the manual option of inputting the ip won't find it So I've had to connect it with USB not the end of the world but shows that something's not right I have a lot of media on a dlna server in my home Setting up kodi to find it the SMB devices didn't show the host Though manually typing the IP in this case did find it Lucky I knew the IP Weird And trying to FTP to my website fails too It says quot EAI FAIL - Nonrecoverable failure in name resolution quot Yet the same settings on my laptop imported from the laptop connects fine Surely there's something not quite right Is there a way to reset all the network connection settings to default 'out of the box' settings

A:New W7 64 install -network issues? Network printer, SMB share & others

OK, I just rethought it a little and added filezilla to the firewall exceptions list. Now t's working! I wonder if the same would fix the printer issue?
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I have a network with to Share Network Xp Win7 Visible Can't But XP Pro SP systems ans - Win Ultimate systems I have them set up on a Work Group with all of the same names and print and file sharing enabled When I Network Visible But Can't Share Xp to Win7 look at the network from the network icon I see the groups name and all of the systems are listed I can share files between all of the XP systems from anywhere including the Win machines The problem is that When I try to access the Win machines from the XP systems I receive the error you are not authorized to access this system I have the systems set up as a work network and have turned off the passwords for sharing Network Visible But Can't Share Xp to Win7 I have completely turned off the firewall and it still won't let me access the Win machines I am listed as the administrator on Network Visible But Can't Share Xp to Win7 all of the machines and they all are set to allow anyone to change things Anyone have any ideas I am pretty sure that this just happened after one of the latest MS updates but I can't seem to find where the problem is Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Network Visible But Can't Share Xp to Win7

Hello gingem,

Try these recommendations:

Create Identical UserNames and Passwords for both computers.

On both computers make sure that DHCP is enabled.!174.entry

Netbios need to be enabled on both computers.

Try accessing the Shared Folder/Drive by using the IPAddress of the computer that you're trying to access.
Click on Start and type \\IPAddress\SharedFolderName then press enter. An alternative to the Shared Folder Name could be C or C$ which is the Local C Drive of the computer if you have the entire drive shared.

Please post an update.
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We have a printer which we would like to share but we cant because it wont work with the cross over cable (rj45) it only works by usb I don't know why can we share it this way. it a SHARP MX-3110N PCL6

A:Share network printer

Don't use a crossover cable - use a standard patch cable (plain old regular ethernet cable)
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I can not figure out how to add the printer port for my laptop and the printer is hook up to a desktop. I already shared and I have got the network drive on my laptop and I can see the printer there and I can not figure to add it

A:share a printer over a network

gameplayer10 said:

I can not figure out how to add the printer port for my laptop and the printer is hook up to a desktop. I already shared and I have got the network drive on my laptop and I can see the printer there and I can not figure to add itClick to expand...

Try this. In any address bar, type the following path:

Do you see the printer share?? If so, double click on it. It should install the drivers for the printer automatically. The printer share will not be in any mapped drive that you placed on your laptop.
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My Brother MFC-5840CN is USB connected to my desktop computer, which has 32-bit Windows XP. I have a Dell Studio x64 with Windows 7 installed and I want to share over the network to the Brother printer. When I go through the paces I get the message that the .inf driver is missing. Have gone through the various help sites (Brother, Windows, FixYa, etc.), downloaded and installed BRAdmin Pro 3, but nothing has worked so far.

Help is appreciated.

A:Share network printer

Lets get the simple stuff out of the way. Did you share the printer successfully on the XP machine? Did you download the appropriate driver on the Windows 7 machine? When you are doing the setup of the new printer on the Windows 7 machine at what point does it give you the error message?
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i have tried everywhere for this, but they all seem to give me the same standard reply as what windows recommends.i have a windows xp computer with a printer connected to it. i have also got another windows xp which does not hav a printer connected to it but i want to share the printer on my other computer. i use a netgear dg834 broadband router to share my broadband internet. how do i share the printer though? everywhere keeps saying make sure prinet connected to the pc is set to share, and then add printer from other pc, but it does not find any printers?? help me please :giddy:

A:How to share a printer on a network?

Alright, XP does make it a bit easier. Do you have XP Pro? Cause pro may have some more steps to take.

Right-click My Computer on the host (PC with printer) and then click Properties. Next click the Computer Name tab. Look at the Workgroup name, write it down. Also make note of the "full computer name". Go to this same place on the client PC (other one) and if needed, click the "Change" button to put it on the same workgroup.

Next open My Computer. Then click Tools-Folder Options. On the host PC. Go to the View tab and scroll to the bottom of the list and see if there is a check mark next to an item called "Use simple file sharing". If so, uncheck it. May not be needed, but not sure.

Now go into Control Panel-Printers on the host. Right-click the printer and choose the sharing option. Check that the share name is nice and small and that the appropriate permissions are set to allow access.

During these operations, you may be required to restart, that's fine.

If you have done all these and still can't connect to the share, then it is likely a firewall problem. Since you have a router (which should also be a firewall), make sure neither computer has a software firewall running. Check your Antivirus, if it's some versions of McAfee or Norton or Panda, it may have a firewall function, turn it off.

To check the Windows firewall, go into Control Panel and click Security Center. There should be a link to firewall settings on the bottom, turn that OFF on both PCs as well.
Then try to connect to the shared printer again.

I personally think it's a firewall problem, as XP is normal extremely easy for printer sharing. In fact, if certain settings are in place, XP will automatically find and install shared printers, without you even having to do anything.

Good luck
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Any help welcome SCENARIO Win home premium needing to access network shares on XP Pro SP machines on a LAN Having a problem with accessing shares on out of xp machines from a win box With XP a and b On trying to select the mapped drive in windows explorer getting quot z is not accessible Pro network share Win7 permissions XP issue. - quot amp Access is denied amp Selecting the network name in windows explorer i e laptop shares are showing in right window but in general when trying to double click into a share I get amp windows cannot access laptop sharename amp the exception being amp SharedDocs amp which can be accessed apparently without issue The network shares on a and b are set with share permissions for LAPTOP admin-name with the exception not surprisingly of SharedDocs which is shared for Everyone I would have then expected the prompt for the remote Win7 - XP Pro network share permissions issue. credentials dialogue to be presented then as indeed it is with XP c Firewall on a or b allow full access to machines in the IP range amp all machines are in that range the router is similarly open for these IP addresses With XP c All XP machines are setup in the same manner in terms of network permissions and security as on the rd XP c machine and on this machine all shares are accessible On the accessible machine a login box pops up first time I try to access it requesting remote credentials This does not occur on the other two as access is always denied Common All three XP machines can access each other without problem I am admin on all No machine has simple file sharing active Win Machine The username on the Win is different to that on the other machines however the XP machines all have the same username yet this is not a problem for access to XP c Other Observations I don amp t know if this triggers any light of illumination in anybody but everything I have read suggests that the workgroup needs to be the same on both machines in a connection However as a point of interest they have been different the Win was joined to WORKGROUP the others to MSHOME but in this configuration c was accessible I have changed the Win now so it also is joined to MSHOME but with no difference I am wondering if this points to any inconsistencies in what I am otherwise thinking of as a uniform configuration across the thee XP machines i e would there be some protocol difference in XP c that is allowing it to by pass this usual constraint Thanks guys nbsp

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I have a bit of a complicated problem.
I installed a NAS (Lacie) which is working great.
At least on both my Linux (ubuntu) computers.

On my Win7 laptop on the other hand it is a complete mess.
I can see the drive as media server kind of thing under network, but I'm not able to mount the drive at all...

I already stopped the function called windows media player network sharing service wmpnetwk, i entered a new key in the registry (Windows 7 – Cannot connect to network drive | Eureka!) but still nothing.

Any help? I'm not used to working in a windows environment, but is suppose mounting a network drive should be a basic tool anyway.

The mounts in Linux are done with sshfs...

please help

A:Win7 mounting network share (NAS) impossible

This usually requires that you change the lanman server parimeters in order to get Windows 7 to connect to certain types of NAS boxes and older servers.

The NAS box probably doesn't do NTLMv2. Try setting the Windows 7 machines to allow both NTLMv1 and NTLMv2.

This assumes that you have Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise or Pro.

Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy

Local Policies - Security Options

Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
Set to Send LM & NTLM responses only

Set the Minimum session security for NTLM SSP
Disable Require 128-bit encryption

The screen shots below should be helpful. Notice how both "Require NTLMv2 session security" is unchecked as is "Require 128 bit encryption".

Reboot all machines after making the adjustment.
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I would like to share this new USB printer between both of my XP PCs. I am using an older broadband D-link wired router to connect to the Internet, but it does NOT have a port for the printer. I have read that security is an issue when you make things shareable. Can you help?

A:Share new USB 2.0 HP printer on my wired network

Connect the printer to one of the machines - right click on the printer object and goto Sharing and Security. Share the printer out. Goto the other machine and simply map the share.
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Hi -

I'm running XP home edition on my desktop PC, which is connected via wired-connection to a router that also has wireless capability.

This PC has a printer connected directly (usb).

I would like to share the printer with other XP machines that are connected through the wireless router.

Is there an easy way to do this?

- mestran

A:share printer on wireless network

Contect the printer directly to the router. Then set it up to be shared over the network. Should work then.
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Here is what i have, I have a Desktop (XP) which is hardwired to my wirless router and I have a Vista laptop connected wireless to the router. I want to print wirelessly on my HP AIO printer which is connected via USB cable to my desktop. Is it possible? I have shared the printer and tried to access that computer but couldnt do that. Any suggestions??


tech blind
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I have a need to share a printer between only 2 pcs that are connected to a network of many computers. These 2 pcs are connected via a wireless connection. The situation is in a motel where all the rooms have wireless access to the network and internet. These 2 pcs are set up in a business center for the public to use. I want these 2 pcs to be the only ones to be able to use the printer. These 2 pcs have wireless cards and ethernet cards in them.

Can anyone give me some advice.

Thanks in advance.

A:Share printer between 2 pcs on a larger network

A general way is to put the two PCs and printer behind another router daisy chained to the first.

There may be other ways depending on what operating system(s) and the printer and firewalls used. For example, if the printer is connected to one of the computers you could configure a 3rd party firewall on that PC to allow access from only the router and the other PC (using a static IP on the other PC).
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My friend had an Epson printer connected to his Windows XP computer and was sharing to two other computers xp amp Vista through his network Because this Epson printer was pretty old he bought a new Canon printer and installed it to his main computer then installed the drivers on the other two computers However although the other two computers show the new printer they are not communicating with it Do I have to create a new virtual printer port for USB for this printer If so how do I do that WIRED a on Network a Share to Printer Trying When I looked Trying to Share a Printer on a WIRED Network at the properties of the Epson printer on the computers before it was un-installed - the Windows XP shows connection through Name of Network Local Port and the Vista machine shows connection through Port USB virtual Printer Port for USB I tried to use the same settings for the new Canon printer and made sure the SHARE PRINTER is active - but again although the printer shows in the printers folder it gives a communication error The main computer prints fine since it is connected through USB directly as was the Epson I tried to be as clear as possible any help that I can get would really be appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Trying to Share a Printer on a WIRED Network

Yammii, On the main computer that has the printer connected, have you gone to Start > Printers & Faxes > and right-clicked the installed printer icon, and clicked the Sharing option, then tag the box to share the printer?

Then did you run the Add Printer Wizard in the other computers (same place as above) to install the available network printer?
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I have a PC connected to a wireless modem via ethernet. I want to print on a printer that is connected to a laptop via ethernet, the laptop is connected to the network via wireless usb adaptor. I checked the printer to be shared via the laptop, on the PC i went Printers/Add Printer/Browse/Clicked on printer/clicked yes to use as default, wizard said successful but I can't print. Any ideas? Thanks Mike

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I upgraded to Windows 10 on a server computer (the one which has two printers connected to) and none of the other three computers on the network (all three running Windows XP) can connect to it. Downgrade back to Windows 8.1 and boom the computers can connect to the printers like a charm. Everytime I try to connect to the printers from the other computers it asks for a username and password and no matter what combination I enter it refuses to connect. I even disabled password protected sharing and set up a new network, deleted and added the printers and what not. Just refuses to connect. Wondering if its the incompatibility with Windows XP that is refusing to make it work.
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I'm trying to connect my mac (OS X 10.4) to a windows computer (2000 Proffessional) which is connected to a Samsung ML-1740 series printer. The two computers are connected through a router, but I'm not sure how to access/share the printer. I've never done this before, and I can't figure it out.


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how to share network printer to other users???

A:how to share network printer to other users

Hi and welcome to SF,

1. Is the printer connected to a router either wired or wireless please or to a computer using a usb connection please specify?

2. Have you installed the drivers and software on each computer wishing to communicate with the printer?

3. Is UPNP enable on the router?

4. Is Netbios over TCPIP enabled on each computer wishing to use the printer?
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I have a Kodak ESP 3250 AiO printer running on a vista os. It does not have wifi or bluetooth. I am trying to share it to a laptop with windows 8. Can this be done and if so How? I have a netgear N600 wireless dual band router hooked to the vista machine along with the printer which is shared and plugged into the vista through a usb cable. I installed the printer on the laptop and it shows up in the control panel. All driver are on both machines. Try to print on the laptop and get error, cannot connect to kODAK ESP 3200 Series AiO. Which is the way its listed on mypc which is the host computer. I do get internet on the wireless laptop.
If this is possible please help I'm confused.

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I have a home network consisting of Windows 10 PCs and one Windows XP Pro PC. I used to be able to access the printer from my other PCs not the XP one though. Because of the XP PC I have all the PCs in a workgroup. The printer is attached to what I refer to as a print server. The server can access the other PCs but the other PCs can't access the server.

The issue is due to the Windows Update which took over two hours to complete. I say that because I could access the printer before. The trouble is I don't know what the update has done.

So I have a printer that works fine but my other computers although they can see it cannot access it.

A:Cannot share a printer on a home network

Get a Network Print Server that will work with your printer if only USB.
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I ve files/printer Solved: share Can't on network? been having a problem that I can t seem to find a solution to I can t seem to share files from my desktop to my laptop I have a Dell XPS desktop running XP and a Dell Inspiron laptop running Vista I have a cable internet connection which runs through a Linksys WRT G router I want to be able to share my files from my desktop to my laptop My laptop can t access the files on my desktop Sometimes the laptop can see the desktop but not always but when I click on the icon it says I don t have permission to access this device or that the path cannot be found I have seen several different error messages when trying to do this However Solved: Can't share files/printer on network? I can see my laptop from my desktop fine I have tried disabling the Windows firewall but it doesn t seem to help I have the C drive set to shared Solved: Can't share files/printer on network? on the desktop so the Solved: Can't share files/printer on network? laptop should be able to access the files shouldn t it Can anyone help me with this issue nbsp

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how do i share a network printer from my win7, 64 pc to one running vista

i have tried all the sharing settings, but when i upgraded my PC to win 7, my second pc running vista won't print anymore

printer: hp officejet pro 8500ag

A:how do i share network printer from my 7, 64 pc to one running vista

jfree, a big welcome to you to Sevenforums!

On both Windows 7 and Vista, make sure under advanced sharing settings (find by typing phrase into start menu search) that you turn on network discovery and file and printer sharing (both computers).

On the Vista one (without the printer installed), in the start menu search bar, type 'add printer' without quotes and click it. Go through the steps to search for and install the printer driver (and thus the printer) to which you are connecting.

Hope this answers your question. Let me know if it does or not.
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I have two systems.

1: Desktop running Vista 64 premium w/ printer attached (USB)

2: Laptop running Vista 64 premium
I am trying to share the printer connected to the desktop over my wireless network.

Desktop has

-Network discovery On
-File sharing On
-Printer sharing On

Laptop detects printer over wireless network. After 1-2 min of it trying to connect to the printer the Desktop locks up.

Computers are on same workgroup.

A:Network Share Printer locks up host

I think I'd start this process by reloading the printer drivers, and the wireless network drivers on the printer machine. No reason it should lock up trying to share the printer.
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Good evening.

I'm pulling my hair out.

I am trying to network my computers so that i can share a computer.

I have spent an age looking for how to do it. I have tried set up wizards etc.

Problem is the PC's we have have XP home - which came on the machines when we purchased it (so no CD) and havn't a floppy in the laptop so can't create a disk to follow the procedures.

Bascically I'm new to this and lost.

Here's what I have/ want.

I have a desktop connected to a Belkin router and a printer.

I have a wifi laptop (no floppy) that I want to be a ble to use my printer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Once I'm networked pretty sure I know how to share the printer.

THanks in advance for your time and patience,


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Oh Boy do I need some help I have read through several other threads on these forums and followed many many sets of instructions all to no avail Here's the deal sorry I'm not terribly tech-savvy but Ill try I setting so up network home a share printer I can help need my best Desktop PC running Windows XP Home connected I need help setting up home network so I can share a printer to and printing to a Canon PIXMA MX Also connects to ADSL through a router DELL Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium can connect to the net wirelessly through the PC's internet I need help setting up home network so I can share a printer service Question Because the laptop can connect to the internet through the PC does this mean we should be able to share the printer through this 'network' or do I need to set up another home 'network' I have tried setting up a separate work group many times and I can't get them to talk to each other The printer has sharing enabled in the printer properties Question Does the printer need to be somehow added to the network If someone could please come to my rescue with some easy step-by-step instructions I would be eternally grateful

A:I need help setting up home network so I can share a printer

I've just answered this same question, check your firewalls to see if they are blocking anything.
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After going through all configurations outlined in both XP help and my ISP directions, I still can't share my printer from the other computers on the network.
Printer is connected to the computer with the wired internet connection; and I have no problems sharing the DSL connection (through wireless router) from the other network computers ... just can't share the printer. Any suggestions on what I might be missing?

A:Solved: Share printer on wireless network

Welcome, slg321.

Some of the things you are missing:

1. What operating system(s) are on the computers.
2. The printer brand and model.
3. What you have done so far to enable file and printer sharing.
4. Whether the other computer(s) can access shared files on the printer-owning computer.
5. Any error message(s) you've encountered.
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I want to use one printer to do all my printing. My main computer has a broadband connection and I use a Netgear Rangemax router tied into it. My other 2 computers connect to it by wireless adapters. How can I use one printer for all 3 systems? Do I need a wireless printer server or can it be done without one and if so how do I set it up? Any help is appreciated.

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I have a Epson CX6600 printer connected to a HP m7757c desktop. I have a HP dv6930us laptop connected to the desktop through a lynksys wireless G router. I also have a NEC running XP connected to the system, and a Canon Pixma MP160 printer connected to the NEC.

I can access shared files from all the computers on my network, and can print from the laptop to the Canon via the network. If I hook the laptop directly to the Epson, it will print, but I cannot get the Epson enabled on my laptop through my network. When I try to do so I get an error message that says I need to install a driver, but the 32 bit desktop can't run the 64 bit driver. Got any ideas?

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Hi This is my network. over Unable files or printer Solved: to share first posting I have a desktop computer a laptop computer and a WIRE gateway Both computers Solved: Unable to share files or printer over network. run XP SP home addition The desktop connects to the gateway through an ethernet cable The laptop connects to the gateway via a wireless connection Both computers connect to the internet just fine I was able to share a printer until a few months ago when it quit working I have never been able to share files The desktop is named MARINA and the laptop is CHUCK The work group is MSHOME When I displayed MSHOME under My Network Places on the desktop I could see MARINA but not CHUCK Doing the same thing on the laptop I could see CHUCK but not MARINA Looking through the postings I found a similar problem to mine posted August John Will replied to it I decided to go through the steps that he suggested The first step was turn off both fire walls I did this with no affect He said that some fire walls require complete removal My fire wall is part of ESET Smart Security so I removed it on both computers When I did this I could now see both computers under MSHOME but I could only see MARINA files on the desktop and CHUCK files on the laptop When I tried to display the remote files I got the message Chuck is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator Etc on the desktop and Marina is not accessible on the laptop I can ping each computer by name and IP address The services Workstation DHCP Client DNS Client Server TCP IP Netbios helper and Computer Browser have started Both computers are in the MSHOME work group File and print sharing are enabled and sharing has been specified on selected files and the printer I don t use any name or password to log on I don t know how to check the NetBIOS setting He asked to see the results of the command nbtstat n for each computer Results follow Laptop CHUCK Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings Chuck gt nbtstat -n Wireless Network Connection Node IpAddress Scope Id NetBIOS Local Name Table Name Type Status --------------------------------------------- CHUCK lt gt UNIQUE Registered CHUCK lt gt UNIQUE Registered MSHOME lt gt GROUP Registered MSHOME lt E gt GROUP Registered MSHOME lt D gt UNIQUE Registered MSBROWSE lt gt GROUP Registered C Documents and Settings Chuck gt Desktop MARINA Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings Chuck and Marina gt nbtstat -n network connection Node IpAddress Scope Id NetBIOS Local Name Table Name Type Status --------------------------------------------- MARINA lt gt UNIQUE Registered MSHOME lt gt GROUP Registered MARINA lt gt UNIQUE Registered nbsp

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Curious if anyone has used something like a Virtual Print Server or something similar.
Where host computer has the Print to File device setup.
Other computers on a network would print to it and access the stored images from a network share folder.

Trying to find a way to cut out the required use of scanners where I work.

Edit: This is for Windows 7 systems.

A:Solved: Print to File as a Network Share Printer possible?

I didn't find a program in Windows to do what I need, but found guides on how to set this up on Linux.

Linux CUPS Server (Common Unix Printing System).

And running a PHP webserver for merging PDFs.
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Hello all,

I'm trying to set up file and printer sharing on a desktop and laptop with xp on both. The internet connection is fine, shared through a Belkin router. The router is wired to the desktop and the laptop connects wirelessly.

If I try to add a printer to the laptop via 'Add new printer' I cannot browse the network - I get a message saying "Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions."

Also, I can't share files between the two computers.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If you need more info, please ask - I'm not very good at networking.


A:Cannot share printer or files on wireless network - internet OK.

have you run the network setup wiz if so are they both on the same workgroup
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I have a pc wired to the linksys router that is running WinXP Media edition It also has a printer HP Photosmart that is connected to it by an ecb cable or something strange like that But it has always worked and I have always been able to share it with my two dell laptops running XP home UNTIL my hard drive crashed on the dell with the photosmart and I had to format and reinstall I use to be able to print from the HP Photosmart printer from both HP laptops I can t remember how I did it but I know it is not happening now I have gone as far as to share the entire c drive on both pcs I have made sure file and print sharing is checked in the firewall list This just seems crazy to me since it worked before Can anyone help me with this I would really appreciate it Been working on it for days Helen nbsp
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Hi all I have a weird problem And also complicated local share printer network Can't error) (0x00000012 on 'cos not even my CISCO Network teacher has been able to give me a solution I think I need some smart people here The thing is that I can't share my printer connected by USB to my PC with my laptop on another room over the local network in Win the name is Home Group The printer model is not relevant because time ago I was able to do what I'm trying now All my configurations are OK at least the basic ones because there's definetely something wrong with my Can't share printer on local network (0x00000012 error) PC and here's why if I take my laptop and put it next to the printer and connect it to it by the same USB cable I can access the printer with my PC while it's been shared by the laptop That proves that the internal network is fine Also all the configurations of the printer and also of the home group are literally same in both PCs the big one and the laptop Both PCs run Win I have tried this Connect to printer error - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads but it didn't work The printer is also properly installed on my PC it is not a driver problem or something like that My AV is ESET ESSBE but I don't think it's related because I have tried deactivating its firewall and also on the laptop the AV is the same and the printer did work The services are also equal in both PC's now I have even tried changing the network adaptor on my PC from Ethernet to Wifi Nothing I recently had problems with the home group but they are solved by now I guess the source of the problems is the same but I don't know where else to look Does anyone have a clue of what' happening here Thanks in advance

A:Can't share printer on local network (0x00000012 error)

Do you have the Windows firewall turned on? If not you won't be able to share the printer until it's turned back on again.

Once that is done the link below shows some set up procedures that should work for you.

Can't share printer, get error
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Over the past month we have been experiencing a problem with Windows XP.
All PC's are on XP SP3 and are on a domain.

But just recently some users are having difficulty printing and getting to network shares. This happens because they are not authorised. We sometimes get this error message in the bottom right hand corner.

Please lock this computer, then unlock it using your most recent password or smart card. Please clock to see more information.

When we do this the problem doesn’t go away and that message appears every time we try to print to a network printer or open a shared drive.

This is becoming really Frustrating and embarrassing for us now and we would really like a fix.

Thank you for your time.

Quote Reply ​

A:Windows Credentials, Network Printer, Netwrok Share Problems

Take a look at
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Over the past month we have been experiencing a problem with Windows XP.
All PC's are on XP SP3 and are on a domain.

But just recently some users are having difficulty printing and getting to network shares. This happens because they are not authorised. We sometimes get this error message in the bottom right hand corner.

Please lock this computer, then unlock it using your most recent password or smart card. Please clock to see more information.

When we do this the problem doesn’t go away and that message appears every time we try to print to a network printer or open a shared drive.

This is becoming really Frustrating and embarrassing for us now and we would really like a fix.

Thank you for your time.

A:Windows Credentials, Network Printer, Netwrok Share Problems

Can no one help?
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Hi Guys,

Brother has himself a new laptop running vista. He can connect to the wireless router and get internet access, but we cannot figure out how to share the printer which is connected to my computer running XP sp3.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Solved: Help needed trying to share printer with a laptop on a wireless network
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i am having a problem i have 5 computers that are in the workgroup FACILITY, there is no domain, all but one can see each other.

i am trying to share a fax machine between them, I can see the computer named fax, but cannot connect to it, but when i log onto it i cant even connect to the facility workgroup.

anyone have anyh suggesstions as to what might be happening

thanks in advance


A:cant share fax/printer on workgroup computer

Have you tried to go to start/run and type \\FaxName

Where the fax name is the name of your fax.

Also can you access any shares where the faxreside?

What Operating system are you using?
What is the make and model of your fax?
Do you recieve any error messages when connecting to the fax?
What netwoking protocol and service are installed (ex: TCP/IP, file and printer sharing etc)..

It the system setup in a peer-to-peer network using a static or dynamic ip?
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How do I share an Epson printer on windows 7 with my other computer that has windows xp? Again thanks for your help

A:Share Epson printer on windows 7 with my other XP computer?

On the assumption the printer is hard wired (e.g. USB ) to the W7 computer, go to the printer properties and the sharing tab and give it a share name. Then, on the XP machine, add a printer, network printer or local port and add..... \\W7 computer name\share name - add.
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I have a home network using windows xp professional with 3 computers on the network. Up until the other day I have been able to share files and printers across all 3 computers.

Suddenly I am no longer able to access files on the shared printer on one of the computers. I am able to access the other 2 computers from that computer and that computer can still access the internet on the network as well. But I can no longer access anything on that computer form the network.

I have tried everything I can think of to figure this. There is no active firewall, sharing is turned on, etc.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

A:Unable to file/printer share on one computer

on the failing computer, delete the remote printer, reboot, and then redefine it
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Before going into the details I have used this setup W 's printer accessed from XP for computer to XP with will share Printer not attached W7 computer months I'm now using another XP computer and can't get it to work - although it can quot see quot the printer via the Printer attached to W7 computer will not share with XP computer workgroup and tried to connect to it it can't find a driver of which more later So it may well be a driver issue too Here's what happens I have an OKI printer attached to the Windows Ultimate computer via a USB cable It works flawlessly I Printer attached to W7 computer will not share with XP computer have a laptop with Windows XP Professional that can see the Windows computer and everything attached to it including the OKI printer When I tried accessing the OKI printer from the Printer attached to W7 computer will not share with XP computer XP laptop it complained that it did not have the correct driver so I downloaded the driver from the OKI website and extracted it it to reveal the INF file and the others In the XP machine I go to quot Add Printer quot and choose quot attached to another computer quot browse for the OKI and choose it It then tells me to find the INF file to install the driver When I do that it says that Windows cannot locate a suitable driver My recollection from years ago was that Windows itself offered to find a driver in this situation from Windows Update but it didn't happen in this case The downloaded OKI driver is the correct one for the printer and suitable for XP Vista and Windows so why does Windows not recognise it I set up an almost exaxctly identical XP sharing W 's printers on the same network a few months ago and had absolutely no problems so I either I don't remember what I did at years old highly likely or something has changed My wife's identical XP computer is sharing the OKI on the W quite happily I must have missed something really stupid - but what Regards John

A:Printer attached to W7 computer will not share with XP computer

Solved - my mistake. I'd picked the wrong driver after all that!

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My local network printer is a HP Business Ink Jet 1200DN and it is currently serving 4 computers. I just added a Windows 7 computer to the network, but found the original HP Startup CD will not load the network printer driver under Windows 7. When the the Starter CD is opened and the "install driver" button is hit, a message appears stating that the software requires Internet Explorer (IE) 5 or greater. (My Windows 7 package has IE8 installed, so this error message is bogus.) It is noted that the Starter CD disk loads the printer network drivers OK on computers running Windows XP.

I checked out the HP Windows 7 printer support web page for the 1200DN printer and found that they provide one (1) download driver, which is strictly for the 1200 printer to PC connection using the USB cable. So this download is of no use for installations where the HP 1200 printer is used in network configurations.

A:How to fix Win7 incompatibility with Network Printer

Have you tried using the compatibility manager to install the drivers?

Do not allow the auto run to begin, if it does cancel it. Instead right click on the printers .exe file (setup file) and then click on "Troubleshoot compatibility", a window will open. After the scan tick the box for "troubleshoot program" then tic the box for "The program worked in earlier versions of windows but won't install or work now"

Now pick the version of windows you've used with the printer and it worked fine, if it was Vista sp2 then pick that, if XP sp3 then pick it etc etc.

Then click "Start the program", move the trouble shooter window to one side of the screen, the program tends to open under it out of view making it look like nothing happen, or check the taskbar either one.

Once installed and is working click "next" in the troubleshooter window, select "yes save these setting for this program".

Once done if the error window opens, click "this program installed correctly" and close it.

If the program fails to install or the printer fails to work right once installed do the same thing again but pick a different version of windows to install it as. You may have to try two or three, more? until you hit on the one that works for your printer but one should work.
You might have to uninstall the program before trying again with a different version of windows.

Then keep checking the manufactures web site for updated drivers, naturally if its a fairly old printer they may never offer win 7 drivers for it.

Keep in mind even at that there is a chance the printer will not work right with win 7 but doing as I suggest here should give you the best shot at it.
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I have an HPTouch laptop and I'm trying to connect to my HP 4200 printer thru my desktop PC.

I am using the laptop via wireless and can see the drives on the desktop PC but cannot print.

The laptop cannot find the printer.

Anybody have a solution.


A:Win7 cannot find network HP4200 printer

On the desktop PC did you share the printer?
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Hello i Have the above problem while I try to share a printer on a domain network.
My windows firewall (localy) is also damage, is that the problem that I have to solve first?

Windows 8  - cannot share a printer error message appears "[Window Title] Printer Properties  [Main Instruction] Printer settings could not be saved.  There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.   [OK]

A:Windows 8 - cannot share a printer error message appears "[Window Title] Printer Properties [Main Instruction] Printer settings could not be saved. There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. [OK]

You may need to reinstall the printer. Remove the printer driver from Control Panel\Programs and Features, then add the printer from Devices and Printers.

Please note that if the printer driver is not in the list in Devices and Printers, I suspect that the printer is currently not compatible with Windows 8. In this case I suggest you contact the printer manfuacturer for more information.
Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?
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Not sure what is going on, but 75% of the time when a user logs into any of our machines that have Win7 the ports disappear and they can't print. The spooler is running. If I restart it, it seems to fix it, or reboot sometimes it will fix it. I have been fighting this for over 2 months and can't figure it out.

I have loaded the latest drivers I can get for the printers. I also turned off the Print services under Windows features. I adjusted the Print and Point info in gpedit.msc. What else am I missing here? This is causing major issues at my work that people are starting to get frustrated. There has to be a fix for this. Any ideas?

These printers are mapped on a Win2003 server to the network and only these Win7 systems have this issue.

A:Printer Ports disappearing on Network Win7 machines

I have the exact same problem. Win2k3 print server using GP to deploy printers. I too have change the Point and Print stuff in GPO

It is real big issue. Some staff are fine and others continually have the problem.

We have Windows Vista and XP here that have not got this problem at all!

Also with the deploying of printers, it looks like some dont deploy correctly as they have yellow exclamation marks. I then remove the printer and perform a reboot and the printer comes back fine. Interestingly if I try to remove a printer that has deployed correctly I get an error stating that the device cannot be removed.

Man Windows 7 might be a nicer OS to use but with issues like these, MS better get their butt into gear!
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I have a network setup with in our home, and am able to connect to it through windows 7 but after a bit of time all the other computers dissappear off of the network. Also I am having difficutly sharing my folders on the network. The other computers in my home operate on Vista or lower so I am not sure of the issue. I have lowered the encryption and allowed windows to activly look for networks which it does well but it will only do this for a short period of time. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Like I said the network will apper and I do have access to it on occassion but then disappers and will not return. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:How do I share my computer on our network?

Quote: Originally Posted by ahosser

I have a network setup with in our home, and am able to connect to it through windows 7 but after a bit of time all the other computers dissappear off of the network. Also I am having difficutly sharing my folders on the network. The other computers in my home operate on Vista or lower so I am not sure of the issue. I have lowered the encryption and allowed windows to activly look for networks which it does well but it will only do this for a short period of time. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Like I said the network will apper and I do have access to it on occassion but then disappers and will not return. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome

Im pretty confident you are using homegroup for networking. Homegroup works well when only win 7 machines are on it but in a mixed environment it is iffy. there is a pretty simple solution. Instead of using homegroup, you can change to a work modol and use workgroup. that should make sharing easier and encrypion as well. homegroup uses IPv6, which can cause random drops, disconnects, etc.

To change to workgroup go into networking and set up new networj using the workgroup. when it is set up and working you can simply disable IPv6 and kill the homegroup.

Let us know if you need help with that
Kenn J++
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I have a home network consisting of a company-issued WinXP Pro desktop HP and a personal Win Home Premium laptop HP The WinXP machine has a HP printer hp PSC connected via USB This printer is quot shared quot by the WinXP machine shared as quot hppsc quot Unfortunately the WinXP machine uses a work-related domain name and can't be changed It's not on a quot WORKGROUP quot Both machines are on the same LAN but aren't in the same WinXP shared creating network from printer Problem on Win7 workgroup homegroup or domain WinXP Problem creating network printer on Win7 shared from WinXP box is on Win box has ip I want to create a network printer on my new Win box for this printer If I use quot Add a Printer Add a network wireless or Bluetooth Printer quot the Win box does not quot see quot this printer even though it's shared I assume because of the domain group differences So I try quot My printer wasn't listed quot and I try to use the quot Select a shared printer by name quot When I try to specify the name hppsc I get a Error quot Windows failed to connect to the printer quot operation failed with error x f Can anyone suggest a remedy

A:Problem creating network printer on Win7 shared from WinXP

If you want the printer to be in the network, then all the computers has to be in the same work group.
See, how to change the work group of your computer:
How to change your Computer Name (or Workgroup) in Windows XP – Simple Help

Then only the printer can be configured with those computer. Even if your printer is not wireless capable and your wireless router has a USB port, printer can be made as a network printer.
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Hello I set up a home network with XP: and & Home WIN7 problem sharing printer network file a WIN Home Premium Dutch language laptop and a XP Professional English language netbook There are both an HP LaserJet and an HP Photosmart printer connected to the WIN -laptop Both computers have only one user profile which has administrator rights They are both connected to the same ADSL modem by wire not wireless Internet is working fine It Home network WIN7 & XP: file and printer sharing problem took me several hours to make this home network working Now I have complete access with my WIN -machine to the XP-netbook But other way around is not working as I would wish With my XP-netbook though I can only access the files which I put in quot Public quot folders quot Public documents quot quot Public desktop quot Now every file on the desktop has a lock symbol added Home network WIN7 & XP: file and printer sharing problem to the icon No problem so far but I'd like to share also two folders that I Home network WIN7 & XP: file and printer sharing problem created myself C Install and C Programs I don't manage to do so I also have a problem with the settings to print from the XP-netbook to the HP PS -printer connected to the WIN -laptop I can't install the driver through the network I can install this printer correctly locally on both computers But on the XP-machine I have to provide driver files which I can't find and on the WIN -machine I can optionally install an x -driver which I also can't find The Laserjet -drivers are embedded in both Windows-versions but the PS are not included in XP So here are my questions Is it normal that with WIN only files and folders in quot Public quot folders can be shared How can I share C Install and C Programs on my WIN -machine with my XP-netbook How can I feed the correct printer driver into my XP-machine or into my WIN -machine so that I can print from my XP-netbook to my HP PS on my WIN -laptop Thanks for your advice and greetings Guy Belgium

A:Home network WIN7 & XP: file and printer sharing problem

Please help me out!


Guy, Belgium
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I created a workgroup and added my desktop and my laptop every thing went fine.

I am trying to share a folder and I can make it accessible to everyone but I want to make it so only my laptop can read and access files.

I hit permissions > add > locations

but I can only see my desktop in the list i want to add permissions for my laptop how can I add it to the users or groups list?

Please help.
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I have 3 computers on network, all running Win XP, all in same workgroup. File and print sharing is enabled on all 3 computers, windows firewall has been turned off.
comp1 wired to linksys router running windows xp
comp2 wireless to router running windows xp
comp3 wired to router running windows xp

comp1- connected to internet can see and ping all 3 computers on workgroup, can't access shared files on comp3 (says I don't have permission), can access shared files with comp2

comp2- connected to internet, can see and ping all 3 computers, can access comp1 shared files, can not access comp3 shared files

comp3- connected to internet, can see and ping all 3 computers, can access all shared files on both comp1 and comp2, but can't access comp3 shared files

comp3- file sharing is enabled, logged in as computer administrator, IP address are all in same range.

A:Can't share files with one computer on network

Since no computer can access computer 3, first just make sure you have the same user name and password created on that computer that is being used on the other 2.
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System Broadband Cable MB Blueyonder Router Netgear WGT Desktop AMD XP Win XP SP Pro Realtek RTL Ethernet Network Card cable connected to router Laptop wireless One see/share other on network computer can't Acer Aspire Win XP SP Home Wireless card PROBLEM My problem is One computer can't see/share other on wireless network that in a wireless network One computer can't see/share other on wireless network - just installed paid for it fool on Thurs - the main desktop computer can t see the other or share its files while the other laptop CAN share its files and use its printer The network may not have been set up properly in st place incl for both and not just one to share Since network installation I have had a major browser hijack episode - helped enormously with by moderator MFDnSC - endless hanging - now largely clear though there are still some net email connection hangs which he thinks may be to do with network ISP setup probs From desktop when I try View Network Connections - I get quot Kate workgroup is not available You might not have permission quot When I try Run Kate SharedDocs laptop shared files I get quot the network path is not available quot Kate quot is laptop name I tried Network Setup Wizard - switched from quot This computer connects directly to the Internet quot option to quot This computer connects to the Internet thru another computer on my network or residential gateway quot - and rebooted Disaster Lost all net connections Switched back to original option but wizard stalled while setting up network I reset and somehow everything was back to normal But still can t see laptop computer files Since above attempt Network Bridge which WAS enabled is now no longer active - shows quot network cable unplugged quot But nothing is was unplugged Both computers d l from Net - files P p etc fine Just that browser email connection still a bit niggly Both ping each other fine Any suggestions And many thx in advance S o should shoot Gates - that whole setup wizard and all the network windows in Explorer are so confusing amp ambiguous nbsp

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We have two Windows 7 machines on our LAN, one of them having a printer connected to it. The problem is, when I connect to the printer from the computer with no printer attached, it says, Downloading driver..., Finishing Installation..., and then a message box pops up: Connect to printer: Windows could not connect to the printer. Access is denied.

OK, I have disabled both firewalls, disabled both antivirus programs, shared the printer, made sure the printers security was set up right (Everyone: print, control printer).

And yes, I have tried using a Local Port named like this: \\<computername>\\<printer>
And no, that did not fix the problem.

I think it has something to do with the computer the printer is attached to, it had all of its services disabled, but I have enabled enough so that the printer shows up as available on the network.

Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Win7-Win7 printer sharing; connect to printer access denied

On the computer that has the print device connected to it.
go into your Device and Printers > Right click on the printer > printer properties > security > Then add the user account of the other computer with at least the print permissions.

Remember that the manage documents permission a lone does not allow the user to print.
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downloaded yesterday for an important installation where I was very afraid to use 64-bit Windows 7 in real production environment with non-technical users. older Kyocera model, fortunately has a fairly recent wad-respin tagged for x64 Windows 7 & Vista. Ran multiple tries as Administrator, user, compatibility mode, debug mode. nada.
could not install the drivers.

i see all the files necessary right there but they don't clue me as to whether the driver files themselves are 32bit or 64.

any idea how to hack this in?

A:Kyocera Network Printer FAIL. supposedly Win7 Driver package

Short of just running the installer one quick and easy way to check is to locate any INF files and look for anything mentioning "AMD64", if that is present then the drivers will be/work on 64 bit Windows.
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I files other nor network Cannot on share computer with to same connect am trying to transfer files from my laptop to my desktop but when Cannot connect to nor share files with other computer on same network I open the network folder from the start menu to access the desktop from the laptop the desktop computer is not shown I ensured that the workgroup names are Cannot connect to nor share files with other computer on same network the same all sharing is turned on on both computers in Network and Sharing Center since it is a private network I checked the router settings and nothing seems to be wrong The desktop is running Windows Vista Business x and the laptop is running Windows Home Premium x so there is no way to make a Homegroup connection However I can see the laptop computer from the desktop s network folder I click on it to gain access but I get an error message quot Network Error Windows cannot access -PC check the spelling of the name Otherwise there might be a problem with your network Error code x The network path was not found quot have checked all wiring router settings and nic card settings have done a successful ping even Network and Sharing Center I have also checked sharing permissions and permission levels I see nothing that could possibly affect the access of the computers The only thing I can think of is that when I click on the Network ID button under the Computer Name tab in System Properties on the desktop it asks join a domain or workgroup it will not let me save the selection quot This is a home computer it s not part of a business network quot that may or may not be the issue because it will only remain on quot This computer is part of a business network quot probably because I am running Windows Vista Business Also another issue could be that they are running two different OS I have no clue how to resolve this issue I have even looked up the error code and applied different resolution methods for that particular error but still nothing Someone please help nbsp

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I've been able to make this work in a test environment but can't make it work in a real situation. My test environment has two Win7 Pro PCs. One PC is behind a Linksys router with port 1723 forwarding to it. The other PC is on the WAN side of the Linksys and I can connect with VPN and ping the host, see the shared folder/files and remote desktop. Great......BUT

When I do the same thing as stated above but the VPN server is located behind a Linksys router across the Internet I can connect but can not ping, remote desktop or anything on the far side LAN.

I've disabled IP6, unchecked "Use default gateway on remote network", and a few other things but can't make any progress in fixing this issue. My routing table appears to be fine when compared with the one that works.

What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Win7 to Win7 VPN connects but no ping or file share access

1. On the incoming connection properties dialog, have you checked the box that says "Allow others to make private connections to my computer by tunneling through the internet or other network."?

2. Have you added the proper user in the Users tab?

3. This fix worked for me when I had this issue -- on the Networking tab, make sure that you specify an IP address range rather than using DHCP. Make the range something that is well out of your router's DHCP range--for example, many routers default to as the starting IP. Make the VPN starting IP something like Hope that helps!
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Hi folks,

I need help. We have a peer to peer network here in our company, for some reason, my boss computer have issue when he open My Network Place and it take like 30 sec or more to be able to display other computers or shared document on the network. My computer or other don't have that issue. We have about 18 PC on the network. Anyone have a clue why it take long time to be able to see other computer/share on the network place? I check all the setting, firewall, antiviruses, etc. but couldn't find the problem. I guess it laying somewhere in the operating system.

Thank in advance,


A:My Network Place take long time to see other computer or share


If you are comfortable working in the registry you can try looking at this page.

But first make sure you create a restore point and export the registry keys before changing them just in case you have to change them back.

Is it just the browsing that takes long? or does working on the network also take longer than the other workstations?

Hope this works.
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Good day to all!

My computer belongs to a small office network and I would like to share one file exclusively to one computer on the network, meaning that the computer that I want to share with can only see and access that file.

I use WinXP-Pro, on a workgroup, simple networking (1 hub, 1 router, 10 computers)

Help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: How to exclusively share a file with one computer on a network?
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I have a unusual case where I need to setup two mapped network drives as possible to is name? Why users share multiple the not share map the without different to network single drives machine as same it manipulating from two different users to the Why is it not possible to map multiple network drives to the same share as different users from single machine without manipulating the share name? same share location When I attempt to Why is it not possible to map multiple network drives to the same share as different users from single machine without manipulating the share name? map the second drive after inputting the user name and password the system goes on its merry way for a few seconds and then returns me back to the username password input If I change the second mapped network drive to use the IP address the two shares work happily If I manipulate the host file and point two paths to the same address then I can also work around this problem However I would simply like to know why I am blocked from setting two mapped drives to point to the same share with different credentials nbsp e g TestFolder on TestServer is shared to TestUser amp TestUser where the IP of TestServer is Case If I map S to TestServer TestFolder using TestUser if I then map T to nbsp TestServer TestFolder using TestUser it will not work nbsp Case Mapping nbsp S to TestServer TestFolder using TestUser if I then map T to nbsp TestFolder using TestUser it will work and I can access the folder as the two different users Case If I map S to TestServer TestFolder using TestUser if I then map T to nbsp TestServer TestFolder using TestUser it will also work but I am accessing S amp T as the same user nbsp Why do cases work but case does not nbsp
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Hi There!
I would like to have an index copy of two network locations.  One location is on the fileshare and the other is on Sharp.  I used to be able to do this.  I would like to search on my local computer and have keywords "inside" files
in those network locations return results.
Thanks in advance.
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I'd like to access the internet with my XBOX360, but I do not have a wireless adapter for that system. I do, however, access wireless internet with my PC.

Is there anyway to create a connection between my computer and my XBOX to allow for a connection to the internet through the XBOX360?

A:Can I share my computer's wireless network capability with another console (XBOX360)?
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Gents As per title I have a NAS with FreeNAS on which I've created a folder for my wallpapers I've got a fair bit I check interfacelift com every couple of months or so for new ones and keep them all in one folder so that all of the computers in the house have access to them via slideshow I've got it set to change the wallpaper once a day Anyway - I have no issues getting when (on sleep access lost goes network to Wallpaper share) computer the slideshow set up finding the folder etc etc - it's only that when the computer goes to sleep I find that the wallpaper has been changed and if I Wallpaper (on network share) access lost when computer goes to sleep go into the Personalize settings I see that Windows has lost access to the share and has instead reverted to some other folder no idea where it's even at that seems to have - of my wallpapers but that's it In any case - I guess my question is any way to keep the pathway to the shares open even during sleep I never used to have this problem in W Cheers
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As the topic says, I'm having an issue where a computer on a network cannot see the other computer on the network.  It is able to connect to the internet, and I double-checked based on earlier threads and the network discovery IS ON.  This computer
is able to create a Homegroup and the other computer on the network is able to see the shared folders when it joins the homegroup, but I cannot create a homegroup on the
other computer and have this computer see it to join it.  The other computer sees this computer in Windows Explorer under Network, but as far as the problem computer is concerned, it is the only computer on the network.
Despite this, when I open up the Network Map, it shows both computers, the router, and the modem.
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Halp Having troubles setting this up Windows computer working fine - printer working fine it's a canon ip On Windows XP machine SP I am trying to access the printer I've tried this a couple of ways and it fails every time Drill Sharing with Win7 XP (x64) Windows printer on computer down to printer via the Add Printer searchj for a network printer action This eventually will ask me to point to an INF file that I don't have unpacking Canon's printer driver installer to get to the Sharing printer on Win7 (x64) with Windows XP computer 'ip inf' file will eventually get me a 'Invalid printer file' error even though I can see that the inf file looks like an inf file Try to add it as a local printer pointing to the network path network printer That Sharing printer on Win7 (x64) with Windows XP computer installs OK but it doesn't work Try to install a network printer giving it a network path See What in the heck am I Sharing printer on Win7 (x64) with Windows XP computer doing wrong I cannot get Windows to add the Windows XP drivers to it's list so I can install it via the network Halp

A:Sharing printer on Win7 (x64) with Windows XP computer

Rebooted windowx xp computer after uninstalling it and tried method #2 and it worked fine! Dunno what went wrong!
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I am trying to print from my new computer and have tried sharing permissions etc. and downloaded a driver but it might be wrong. What do I need to do?

The XP computer has the printer connected to it. I would like to print in current set up and be able to connect to new 7 computer direct.

Thanks for any help.

A:New Win7 connect 2 WinXP computer's printer.

Forgot to say the printer is Epson D92.
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I cannot print from this Win7 computer across the network to a printer located on a WinXP computer.

Win7 computer is running Home Premium and the XP is XP Pro with SP3. Other computers, all running XP Pro, can print to this printer just fine. The prnter is an HP Officejet 6500 series (e709a).

I have loaded the driver on the Win7 computer, browsed the network to the desired printer, double-clicked to set it up. I get an instant response that the print jobs fail. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and rebooted several times -- no luck.

Firewalls are turned off. All computers are on the same "WORKGROUP" (no domain).

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Hello My apologies for the vague title there's not a lot of room to sumarize Here's the issue A printer shared on a Windows pc cannot be accessed because the user but Win7, shared the Printer access stopped at computer. is stopped when accessing the computer itself Sound confusing Allow me to clarify The hosting Printer shared Win7, but access stopped at the computer. computer is a Windows Pro bit machine with Printer shared Win7, but access stopped at the computer. a shared printer attached hereafter referred to as W x It's on a workgroup with the following other computers Win Home x laptop W x Win CP Media PC W x Win XP Pro laptop WinXP I'm not using homegroups and there are shared folders on the W x computer which are accessible by the right accounts e g administrator has access to the whole thing whereas other Printer shared Win7, but access stopped at the computer. accounts only have access to specialized shared folders Here's the specific problem I'm encountering The printer is shared with EVERYONE allowed access to print and manage documents However if you try to add the printer on any of the other computers XP Win Win you are blocked by the request for additional permissions to connect to the hosting computer The only account allowed past this point is the administrator account which I don't know why since I'm only trying to access a shared printer Once you're past this point you can add the printer So I'm sure you're thinking quot That's just UAC or installer permissions quot There's more Once this printer is added I'll restart one of the connecting computers in question say the W x laptop and when I log back on the printer is added However when I try to print to it I cannot The printer cannot be accessed and print jobs will hang in the queue The ONLY way to get them to go through is to try to connect to the host computer W x say by clicking on it in the network computers which will then request an account to authenticate admin Once you've authenticated ta da print jobs go through So I know this is something jacked up in my permissions settings but I'll be dipped if I can figure out where No one has a quot deny quot permission set anywhere Any help would be deeply appreciated

A:Printer shared Win7, but access stopped at the computer.

I feel like an idiot for not thinking of the simple solutions...

One of the first things to remember in a workgroup environment is the end users have the unfortunate flexibility of having different passwords for each account they have on every computer (unlike a domain environment). Such a simple solution, but I didn't think of it 'till now because I work in a domain environment 99% of the time.

So yeah, said user changed their password on their laptop and didn't tell me, thus the host computer said, "Hey your password's not valid." Change the passwords to match and...

*sigh* Problem solved.
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I have a home network with computers Two are Windows -bit Two are Windows -bit Three from Win7-64 My only? Documents How to I Win7-64 do share are Windows XP The Windows machines are also grouped in a Homegroup The two Windows -bit machines is a How do I share My Documents from Win7-64 to Win7-64 only? laptop Win -bit PRO and a desktop Win -bit ULT PROBLEM I want to share the My Documents folder of the WIN PRO laptop with the WIN ULT desktop I How do I share My Documents from Win7-64 to Win7-64 only? do not want the other machines to have access to WIN PRO My Documents I cannot use Homegroups because the other Win machines would then have access to it Both of How do I share My Documents from Win7-64 to Win7-64 only? these Win - machines have the SAME USER with ADMIN user settings and password I'm the only one who uses the Win PRO laptop and Win ULT desktop so I use the SAME User Password and Admin rights for both I tried to use the Shared Wizard shrpubw exe on the Win PRO laptop Under FOLDER PATH I navigated to C Users Me Documents and clicked NEXT Under NAME DESCRIPTION and SETTINGS I left the default SHARED NAME as Documents it shows the SHARE PATH as WIN PRO Documents left the DESCRIPTION blank and did not do anything with OFFLINE SETTINGS and clicked NEXT Under SHARED FOLDER PERMISSIONS I selected CUSTOMIZE PERMISSIONS and clicked CUSTOM button Under CUSTOMIZED PERMISSIONS I clicked on ADD button Under SELECT USERS or GROUPS I tried to change LOCATIONS to WIN ULT as the FROM THIS LOCATION but it does not show up as an option Only the local machine WIN PRO shows up I tried to add WIN ULT Me in the Objects list box but it did not recognize it either I'm lost Any help Thanks

A:How do I share My Documents from Win7-64 to Win7-64 only?

One possibility here: How to share files over workgroup
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Hello People We ve my with Win7 WinXP Win7 HDD Share and got a Win Ultimate Media PC connected to the TV in the livingroom and connected to the router and internet It has two Harddrives x GB - OSDisk x GB - MediaDisk We want to share the TB Media Disk with our other computers x WinXP Pro SP x Win Ultimate But i cant get it to work The only thing i succeeded was getting into my windows desktop with the media pc but it has to be the other way around Here is a picture discribing things more clearly CLICK Cant i just Disable all security shit on the Media PC so the other PC s wont get an error message that they dont have the privilage to connect to the Media HDD Damn its hard to discribe my problem but to make it short I want to SHARE one HARDDRIVE on Share my Win7 HDD with WinXP and Win7 a WINDOWS computer with two other computers one WINDOWS XP computer and one WINDOWS computer Thanks for all help i can get

A:Share my Win7 HDD with WinXP and Win7

Quote: Originally Posted by fritszoll

Hello People!

We`ve got a Win7 Ultimate Media PC connected to the TV in the livingroom, and connected to the router and internet. It has two Harddrives:
1 x 360GB - OSDisk
1 x 2000GB - MediaDisk

We want to share the 2TB Media Disk with our other computers:
1 x WinXP Pro SP3
1 x Win7 Ultimate

But i cant get it to work. The only thing i succeeded was getting into my windows 7 desktop with the media pc, but it has to be the other way around.

Here is a picture discribing things more clearly: CLICK!

Cant i just Disable all security shit on the Media PC so the other PC`s wont get an error message, that they dont have the privilage to connect to the Media HDD?

Damn its hard to discribe my problem but to make it short:

I want to SHARE one HARDDRIVE on a WINDOWS 7 computer with two other computers: one WINDOWS XP computer and one WINDOWS 7 computer.

Thanks for all help i can get!

I will bet you are running "homegroup" for networking. Homegroup uses IPv6 and has connectivity issues on some systems.

To verify if that is the problem you can simply set up a new network connection using "workgroup" instead. It uses IPv4 and seems to be more reliable

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I just purchased a Win7 desktop and Win7 laptop and a router for the wireless laptop. What do I need to do to be able to see the files on the old XP computer? I hooked this computer up to the router also and am not able to see the files on the old XP. I just want to transfer some files from the old to the new, but haven't been able to find any good instructions out there. Please help! I'm afraid the old XP is about to go on me and desperately need some files off of it! Thanks!!

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Not sure how actively anyone is tracking user needs here but figured I had nothing to lose by asking for help unable to find an understandable Home? Virtual 2007: running access Home...password to Windows on in PC network Win7 10 Win Win98 printer answer here so far I had been happily running Virtual PC on a Win Home system printing on a network physically connected Windows Virtual PC 2007: Win98 running on Win7 Home...password to access network printer in Win 10 Home? via usb cable to a Win XP system nbsp I have now replaced the XP tower with a Windows tower with that printer attached to that tower and functioning normally When I run Virtual PC on the Win system it quot sees quot the Win system but on trying to install the printer it is asking for a password to the Win system I am guessing that it would require a ton of tweaks to get around this and although I am not a full blown novice I never like fiddling with too many settings that might screw up everything else that is working So long story short is there in fact a reasonably simple way to work around this or should I just give up to progress and new operating systems Thanks to anyone who might be willing to point me in the right direction
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Hi there note Pos in title of post means Possible -- not the other meaning often shortend to pos Not being able to share printers easily WILL be a drawback I've run into what I hope is MY error but I can't see any way around this Computer is do W8 on Showstopper a How W8) -- share Pos (Printer USB printer I running W Development Preview X- with a USB Epson Printer attached Printer works fine -- so no driver probs etc I want now to print from a Wireless Laptop running W X- Normally it's easy between W machines or a mix of XP and W machines on the W remote machine add new local port BLACKDOG Photoprinter Then no prop W Hostname is BLACKDOG old shared name of the printer is Photoprinter On the W machine I can't find ANYWHERE to be able to set the printer shared name so not unnaturally the W remote machine can't connect I've got round the problem in a bit of a kak handed way -- I've got a W K server VM also running on the W machine --so I've attached the USB printer via the VM settings to the VM W K server machine -- now my remote W laptop can print In the VM just disconnect the printer from the HOST and attach it to the VM -- then in the VM enable the printer as SHARED in the usual way and proceed just as if its a physical machine -- I've posted how to share printers between a mix of XP and W machines on the W Forums Here's the Shared setting for the printer I'm missing in W Pos Showstopper W8 -- How do I share a USB printer (Printer on W8) Where I can set the Shared Name I hope that this get around isn't necessary but I haven't found a way round it yet -- I'm sure there must be one Cheers jimbo
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I have Verizon FIOS, 2 desktop PCs (1-Windows XP Home; 1-Ubuntu); 1 laptop (Windows Vista); and 1 USB printer connected directly to the Windows XP Home desktop PC.

I want to be able to print from any of my workstations directly to the printer. It is not a networked printer, as it connects directly to the Windows XP desktop PC.

Is this possible? If so, how? Everything is hard-wired to a wireless router except for the laptop which uses the wireless capabilities.

Thanks in advance.

A:3 Devices; 1 Printer How to share the printer?


Yes just make sure that all pc's or laptops have the same ID, for the networking then make sure that all of them see the printer.
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I have a really strange situation today that started after I had to reboot our UTM device and then switch We have a wired network although our modem router is also wireless if needed We don t use the wireless normally After rebooting the UTM and Switch all computers were turned back on again one by one of the were up and running and on the network and internet straight away One PC connected to the LAN but cannot get internet access Our DHCP server is on the UTM Internet (Win7) Network Wired Computer no has on One device and each computer has it s IP address reserved This computer had reserved and it still has that IP address when I do ipconfig It can access all the files on our NAS and all the printers on the network I ran all the ipconfig commands to One Computer on Wired Network has no Internet (Win7) release renew One Computer on Wired Network has no Internet (Win7) flushdns I reset winsock and rebooted Still no internet I did a print screen off one of the PCs that is working properly and compared it Apart from the MAC address and other PC specific items I could see no difference So I put a wireless dongle on it to see if it would connect the the internet on wireless It worked I had internet but no LAN other than to the wireless router So I thought there must be a problem with the NIC I went to the local PC store and bought a new NIC card and installed it I disabled the old one and connected the network cable to the new one No difference If I enable the NIC card I have LAN but no internet if I enable the wireless dongle I have internet but no LAN I need both I cannot figure out what has changed on this ONE PC that was working fine until today Oh one other thing I tried that didn t work I connected a brand new Ethernet cable directly from the modem router to the PC So this bypassed the UTM device and Switch Still no wired internet nbsp

A:One Computer on Wired Network has no Internet (Win7)

Try these

(1) shows packets going to google's dns
(2) shows you can convert name to ip address
(3) shows access to our site
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Printer Networking Problem -- Computer Can t Connect Wirelessly My husband s Dell laptop runing XP Pro has been part of a home network we have had for about a year He had no problem before printing wirelessly to our on Computer not showing and Network Printer up HP DSC All in One printer However several days ago Sept he could no longer access our hard-wired computer the HP Media Center m n desktop running XP Pro The symptoms The computer would not show up in My Network Places in his Windows Explorer His computer could not find any of the folders C Drive and My Documents that we had designated as shared on the HP desktop He could no longer access the printer He inadvertantly uninstalled the HP printer from his Printers and Faxes list When he tries Printer and Computer not showing up on Network to use the Add New Printer Wizard the HP printer will not show up on the list of computers on the Printer and Computer not showing up on Network network Once or twice the printer did show up on the list of computers but it asked for him to enter a username and password He never had used a password before quot Guest quot was displayed on this but was quot grayed out quot Other facts --All of our computers are in the same workgroup MSHOME --His computer can ping the HP desktop and the HP desktop can ping his computer --I can access his computer by typing its IP address into the Run command line box --We have a cable modem by Scientific-Atlanta our ISP is Comcast We have wireless networking with a LinkSys router --My husband can still access the Internet just fine through the wireless router --There is no firewall set on the HP computer right now --I have verified that the C drive and My Documents folders are marked for sharing on the network --These protocols are installed on both computers -- TCP IP Client for Microsoft Networks File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks also NW Link NetBIOS --Under Advanced settings for TCP IP under the WINS tab it is checked quot enable NetBIOS over TCP IP quot nbsp
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Good day I have an Epson printer which I cannot find with find network printer cannot Computer my wife's win computer My network looks like this Printer found here Modem- gt Asus RT-AC W Router- gt USB Printer Wife's computer found here Modem- gt Asus RT-AC W Router- gt TP Link TL-SG switch- gt Wife's computer My computer finds the printer just fine it is located here Modem- gt Asus RT-AC W Router- gt My computer via cat My computer automatically detected the printer via the devices and printers utility in windows My wife's computer couldn't find it When I tried to manually find it I got asked a bunch of questions somebody that knows something about networks needs to answer I am not Computer cannot find network printer interested in hooking up to the printer via wireless wired only Any ideas If so please don't ask me to give you an IP address or subnet mask or some other networking jargon without Computer cannot find network printer telling me how to do it as well since I am an end Computer cannot find network printer user not a network specialist

A:Computer cannot find network printer

It works now, no idea why but after going running I came back to the computer and did another search. Showed up, go figure.
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I have an HP Pavillion c desktop running XP home hardwired to a netgear wirelss access point router It is connected to a broadband cable modem Connected to this computer is an HP psc xi all in one printer I have an HP Pavillion zv notebook computer wirelessly connected to the netgear WAP I have run the network set up wizard on both computers naming or network Computer not seeing Solved: printer each computer uniquely with a common network name allowing for file sharing Both computers will connect to the internet When I look at My Network Places or neighborhood Neither computer sees the other When Solved: Computer not seeing network or printer I run Add Solved: Computer not seeing network or printer A Network Place I see Entire Network Microsoft Terminal Services -Microsoft Windows Network XYZWG It will not let me select XYZWG on either computer to Solved: Computer not seeing network or printer add to the network places The printer is identified as office printer on the desktop with sharing allowed When I try to add a printer to the notebook it will not find the printer The wizard just comes up with Microsoft Windows Network and will not find the printer What have I done wrong Any help would be greatly appreciated Bob nbsp

A:Solved: Computer not seeing network or printer

have you created the same username on both computers? quoted from

" computername is not accessible. No permission to access the resources"

If both win2000/XP and win9x can see the workgroup but only win2000/XP can access a win 2000/XP computer, and win9x gets the above error, check the group name. If they are the same name,

Check these:
1) are you sure the logon user has permission to the shared folder?
2) have you tried to logon using the same user name and password of the accessed win2k/XP computer?
3) the last and risky one, if you enable guest account in the accessed win2000/XP computer, can you access now?
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Both computers are XP. Computer 2 used to be able to print through network. After installing McAfee, he uninstalled the printer by mistake. Since then, we have uninstalled McAfee and gone back to free AVG . Now we can't get it connected to the network printer. When we go into printers, there is no printer installed, and we can't find it when we try to find a network printer/browse. All that shows up is to chose from is Microsoft Windows Network. No printer. Then when we type the name of the server computer and the name of the server printer, it says no again. Can anyone help us.

A:Computer can't print through network printer

Check the system with the printer installed and see if it's still shared properly. Does the printer show up in Network Places for the computer that it's connected to? That will indicate whether it's shared or not.

Can you ping by computer name both ways between the computers? Did you use the McAfee Removal Tool to totally remove any traces of it?
Let's see this for each of the computers.
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands, one at a time, followed by the Enter key:

Note that there is a space before the -n or the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the - or / in the following commands.



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.
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Next week I'll be buying a Brother MFC-9840CDW laser printer which has both a wired and wireless networking capabilities. We can't use USB to set the printer up because the printer will be over 6 feet away from the computer, so we'll be using networking to connect the printer to the computers, but we've never set anything like this up before. I'd like to make sure that I have all of the equipment in advance, so that I can hook it up when it arrives. Right now our computer has one network input, which we have our broadband plugged into, so how/where would we connect the printer network cord to? What kind of equipment do we need to buy?

A:Network printer to broadband and computer?

First think, a USB cable with work upto 5 meters away so if this is the solution that you like the best you should be able to pick up a USB extender. Or you can find a USB Repeater if you need to go further.

As for the network configuration, the equipment that you need will depend on what you currently have. If you have an open port on your switch you can run the network cable from the printer to that switch. Then you will need to use the Brother's interface to configure a static IP address, subnet mask and gateway. Once that is done, you will go to your computer and use the Add Printer option.

Select the "Local printer attached to this computer" option but deselect the "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play Printer". When you click next you should have the option to "Create a custom port." Select TCP/IP and enter in the IP address that you configured on the Brother.

Then you will be prompted for the drivers.

So, if you are going to network it, you might only need to buy a network cable if you have a switch port open. If you want to use USB you might need to buy an extender or a repeater depending on how far you need it to reach.
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My current xp system has lexmark platinum pro 905. I have no idea how to create network to new win8 machine to use the printer. Currently have netgear wireless modem with connection to the printer but printer on xp, printer is usb connected. Lexmark does not have a Win8 dirver. Help?

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Hi there I have spent one Slow computer only printer XP in one network days and days on this problem and am hoping someone out there can help me I have an Epson Workforce Slow network printer in XP one one computer only network printer connected wirelessly to my home network Computer which is XP is having no problems using the printer normally Computer which is XP Media Center edition can print to the printer but it is very slow If I go into printer properties it literally takes about seconds for the printer properties screen to pop up on the screen I am wondering if it might be something remedied by this Microsoft Hotfix but of course the Hotfix is quot temporarily unavailable quot Here s the link http support microsoft com kb Here are the things I ve tried on computer Uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers rebooting each time many times Went into printer properties then ports and selected quot RAW quot vs quot LPR quot under port configuration Created a new user profile on computer did not help Deleted all unused old printers Microsoft Word times out waiting for the printer so it s more than just an annoyance - I don t have access to this printer on computer Thanks for any and all suggestions nbsp

A:Slow network printer in XP one one computer only

Is computer #2 also connected wirelessly and if so what is the signal strength?
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A small network computers-only Network 98 printer see can't computer the of the of computers XP Pros Mac windows SE The network has modem to router to switch to computers there is a network printer all the computers can see it except the windows computer The wierd thing is the always used to be able to see but now all of a sudden it won t work all the computers are sharing with each other Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer and the can share files etc but not the printer I tried everything Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer but like I said all of a sudden the printer shows up but is greyed out when you try to print with it error box comes up and in red letters Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer says the printer need attention says need to check cables all cables are ok like I said it work before I tried deleteing it and then do the add printer again nothing It keeps saying its off line but you click the off line so it would be online and try to use it and it still says the printer is off line but when it says that the other computers print fine I am stumped do not no what else to try nbsp

A:Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer

It would help a bunch if you were specific about the printer make/model, and how it's connected to the network. Is this a shared printer, or an Ethernet capable unit?
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Hi all,
I have set up a printer for my dad which works fine on my computer and my mums, however when my dad (who is right next to the router which routes the print commands to the printer) try's he simply gets a print failed message. I cannot find much on the net about this issue which suggests its a localised problem.

The printer is an epson PX710W (which is incredible).

I suspect the issue may be out of date drivers on my dads computer for his network adapter but if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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I have a small office with 6 networked computers and a network printer. As of this morning we got an internet service upgrade (Uverse) and changed from a router to a switch. Everything seems to work fine...

However, one of the computers on the network can no longer see the network printer. This computer connects to the internet and other computers on the network just fine but the printer is invisible. All other computers connect to the printer without issue.

4 of the computers are XP, 2 are Win 7. The computer with the printer connection problem is XP but it doesn't seem like that should be a factor. I have tried the printer troubleshooting and uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver. The printer is invisible to this one computer.

All of this makes no sense to me. Any ideas what to look for?

A:One computer on network cannot find printer.

Can you give the printer make and model and how it is connected to the network?
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My Network:

Starbridge router #1 (, connects to a pc with cable ( (here is where I get internet)
-router #1 connects to router #2 via Ethernet ports.

Linksys router #2 (, connects to a pc with cable (

Printer ( connects to router #2 via Ethernet port.

Both pc's have static addresses configured on IPv4 properties.
Both pc's have static addresses configured on router #1.


I can print from the pc connected to router #2 but not from pc connected to router #1.
How can I enable this?

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Hey guys, I have a Windows 95 machine on a workgroup called 95users and I have a computer running windows xp on a workgroup called xpusers.I just bought a laserjet color printer for my office that is connected through ethernet. It has it's own ip and network name. I can get it on the Windows XP computer, but I can't get it to connect to the windows 95 computer. I have downloaded the drivers and everything but it says that the computer is offiline and user intervention is required. Please help me out if you can. Thanks!

A:Adding network printer to computer.

ekk Win95. Is there a reason why you are still running it (needed old program)? They do have the drivers for windows 95 for this printer?? I really find that hard to believe. It has been years since I have even seen Win95... the only thing that comes to mind is sharing the printer off of the XP computer and see if you can connect to it that way. Just a thought.

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I have an HP4515 printer and it is currently connected to a computer by USB. The computer is connected to Domain A and other computers share the printer from that computer. I would like to connect it also to a different domain (Domain B) by CAT5. The domain on the CAT5 would use DHCP for an IP address, while the Computer uses local connection. Can this be done?

A:Connecting printer to network and computer

I think that you are saying that you want to connect the host (to the printer) computer to two different networks. That will work provided the networks are using different IP address ranges. If the computer is supposed to get internet access via one network then on the other network it should have a static IP with the Gateway and DNS server left blank.

If you mean you want one computer to connect simultaneously to two different domains as in those things businesses use instead of workgroups I'm pretty sure that is impossible.