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Qestion about Z600 boot block date (urgent)

Q: Qestion about Z600 boot block date (urgent)

Greetings nbsp st time come date Qestion about block (urgent) Z600 boot here but i need a quick answer to a question related to CPU amp Memory supporting - nbsp I try to obtain a used Z workststion for editing projects originally Qestion about Z600 boot block date (urgent) nbsp fitted with DDR GB x nbsp E x Nvidia NVS x G HD x being offered by a seller nbsp Seller managed to sent me a photo capture part of the bios it writes boot block date c revision board nbsp My question is - nbsp is it possible to run dual X Westmere core CPus using stock heatsinks kit No WG AA nbsp is it possible to run max GB x GB DDR - ECC Registered Ram nbsp Note that both Cpus and Ram will most likely obtain from after-market sellers other than designated HP distributers nbsp See attached jpeg for snap shot of system bios boot block date nbsp nbsp Kindly i need a quick reply or the Z offer will slip away fast nbsp Regards nbsp PM
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Preferred Solution: Qestion about Z600 boot block date (urgent)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Edit - CPU model revised for a porper CPU X nbsp it's st time come here but i need a quick answer to a question related date block about CPU for Qestion Z600 model) (Revised boot to CPU amp Memory supporting - nbsp I try to obtain a used Z workststion for editing projects originally nbsp fitted with DDR GB x nbsp E x Nvidia NVS x G HD x being offered by a seller nbsp Seller managed to sent me a photo capture part of the bios it writes boot block date c revision board nbsp My question is - nbsp is it possible to run dual X Westmere core Qestion about Z600 boot block date (Revised for CPU model) CPus using stock heatsinks kit No WG AA nbsp is it possible to run max GB x GB DDR - ECC Registered Ram nbsp Note that both Cpus and Ram will most likely obtain from after-market sellers other than designated HP distributers nbsp See attached jpeg for snap shot of system bios boot block date nbsp nbsp Kindly i need a quick reply or the Z offer will slip away fast nbsp Regards nbsp PM
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I am running an HP Z workstation Bios version G V nbsp OS is duel boot Windows Professional -bit amp Ubuntu LTS nbsp Using F set-up I have Enabled Advanced- gt Bios Power On for all days of the week and have set a time for power on Under Advanced- gt Device Options I have enabled wake on lan Under Advanced- gt Power on- gt Options After Power Loss i have set the option to always on nbsp If push power on button on front of machine it auto boots to Linux If I then pull the plug the machine immediately goes off If I plug the machine back in NOTHING HAPPENS It doesn't power up I have to push the button If I unplug the machine and then plug it in and wait until the BIOS Pwoer On time then machine does NOT boot or power up at the selected workstation auto after won't Z600 power loss boot time Again I have to push the button to get it to power on nbsp What am I missing or doing wrong The machine is being used as a remote server It has to automatically reboot after power loss nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Z600 workstation won't auto boot after power loss

Changed nothing and the issue went away.Had a 4 hour power failure in the building.When power was restored machine automatically rebooted.So pulling plug on Z600, machine doesn't auto-boot.Power fail entire building: router, monitor, Z600 and machines boots.
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Hi, I am going to tell my friend how to use a proxy to get around the Iranian government block on youtube. What sort of trouble could he get into if cuaght? And what sort of trouble could I get into?


A:I am going to tell my Iranian friend how to get around the government internet block URGENT Q'S

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I have an agents worksheet and sold worksheet The sold worksheet has a list of sold properties in it including the agent [urgent!] date Grouping and problems code selling price and sale date My problem is that Grouping and date problems [urgent!] i need to display commission by agent for a specified time period I placed the commission at the end of the Grouping and date problems [urgent!] sold properties list I have no problem with calculating the commission I can t figure out how i can display commission by agent for a specified time period Grouping and date problems [urgent!] I created a criteria range to be used for advanced filter but how am i going to so-called link my agent code and sale date from my sold worksheet with the agent details in my agent worksheet to be displayed in another worksheet to be filtered Or am i going about it all wrong Is there an easier way to get all this done Sold Worksheet PropertyCode Branch SaleDate AgentCode SellingPrice Commission East - - Agents Worksheet AgentCode FirstName LastName Branch Dany Lim East And lastly i have a criteria range for my startDate but i m unsure of how to end up getting commission by agent for a specified date I m guessing it requires some sort of grouping but i don t know how to Please Help nbsp

A:Grouping and date problems [urgent!]

Please describe better:

so-called 'link' my agent code and sale date from my sold worksheet with

Exactly what are your groups?
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I am having trouble with sorting my file list whose file names begin with 6 digits representing the date. (ex: 011809 which is Jan 18 2009). I am running Vista Home Premium and additionally have gone in to the registry and added a New DWORD Value, NoStrCmpLogical with a value of 1. This has resulted in everything beginning with 1's, 2's etc. being grouped but not using the entire 6 digits.

I am working on Exhibits for a Special Ed complaint that must be filed yesterday! However, with over 180 Exhibits and not being able to sort them chronologically, I am going in circles.

I am not sure if the value needs to be changed or if their is a different way to go about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Urgent.. Need help with sorting files by date.

Hello Sugsmissy, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You can use OPTION ONE in the tutorial below to add a column that may have a date option listed that can sort the files the way you are want. Afterwards use OPTION FOUR to try the different sort orders for it for one that may work.

Column - Customize

Hope this may help some,
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Hey everyone I m having problems date format Solved: DISPLAY the How of Urgent: field? you a do with Access where I have a date time field which stores a month and a year successfully but still automatically assigns the first date of the month in question I used the following input mask Solved: Urgent: How do you format the DISPLAY of a date field? for the date field and so far I haven t had any troubles with putting in a month and year So far so good But when I complete the date and move on Access changes it to a full date e g -- gt Now I m actually fine with this part my only problem is that I don t want it to do this in forms both datasheet and normal view or reports I heard something about using a Format http office microsoft com en-us access HP aspx to adjust the display but I can t seem to get that to work Is there any other way to tell Access how to display the date field like what can be done in Excel This is rather urgent as I have a project due tomorrow and this problem as well as others have now been reached and I d like to solve them as soon as possible Any help is appreciated and I look forward to your responses nbsp

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I urgently need help in writing the criteria for a query in which i need it to find all records that are more than 2 years old

A:URGENT HELP NEEDED Access todays date minus 2 years

More info is needed. How many tables are being used with your query? What are the table and field names? Try to be as specific as possible.

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Hi ERROR [URGENT] BOOT [URGENT] LOADER Guys This is quite a long story So let me get straight to the point On my Dell Optiplex Computer Windows -Ultimate I partitioned the hard drive to make space for another windows installation I then installed Windows Vista Ultimate on it All of that went successfully but after a while it became useless for me and my computer [URGENT] BOOT LOADER ERROR [URGENT] I then uninstalled Window Vista and deleted the partition so i would have one partition on my hard drive Windows So then every time i started up the PC it would load boot manager and it would ask me if i would like to boot to Windows Vista or Windows I had deleted Windows Vista from my computer so i thought it shouldn't be there Then i found this program that deletes the boot option As in it deletes Windows Vista off from the boot manager So then i went ahead and deleted Windows Vista from the boot list After i just tested to see it would work So i restarted my computer and it loaded the boot manager again And the problem is that i only have Windows Vista as an option instead of Windows I tried to do everything to fix this but it never worked and when i try to boot to Windows Vista it says that the boot file is missing Thats because i deleted Windows Vista So then i put my Window Install Disk in the CD drive and the CD Drive was making a loud buzzing noise I opened the case and it was literally broken So all i need to know is how i can get my option to boot to Windows on my Boot Manager I cant use a Disk Drive I presume the only way is to buy a new one or to Boot from a USB Please Post comments regarding this problem Thanks Adam Also i CANNOT access my computer


Hello adam, welcome to Seven Forums!

If Windows 7 is still there you need to make sure it's the Active partition and if it is do the 3 separate startup repairs discussed in this tutorial to recreate the "System" boot files (back) to Windows 7.

Start by having a look at Option Two #3, to see if it's active.

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

You can use the outline in this tutorial at the link below to make a bootable USB of the Windows 7 installer and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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On Windows Embedded Standard PosReady 7 64 bits, I try to find in the registry the values for :

 # install OS Date
 # install Updates Dates
 # Boot OS Date
Can you help me ?

Do I need to search at WMIC level ?

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Q: qestion

hi al i want to print something but i dont want the pictures on the page how do i cut them out cheers

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just a quick qestion my cpu reads at 667 is this what it is ?? or is it a 650 or a 700 ?? i cant read it off the cpu because the heatsink it stuck down to it.

Cheers ipatriot

A:Cpu's qestion

There is a PIII 667Mhz; 133Mhz x 5.

You can get the Intel Processor Frequency ID utility to be sure thats what you have.
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I am installing xp pro on lenovo lap this is the first line at setp....>>>Yo asked setup to create a new partition on 152000 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on iastor86 [MBR]........NOW THE QESTION IS THIS...>>>What is iastor86??I have been reading it is a lol malware issue?

A:Just one qestion

i could be wrong so wait for other replys but sure its a hidden partition probably with recovery on it/drivers etc when comp was first built/and or its pointing to an incorrect drive like an external/flash, check in bios first /press delete on start up to acess drive/partitions to see which is first boot,recognised or faulty
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i am tryin to figure out why i would get a session_initialization_failure message in the bsod when trying to boot from a bootable cd

A:quick qestion

Worth a look:
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Hi, guys not sure if im posting my qestion in the right place... but it is kind of hardware related.

Can someone explain what this means 1GigaPro 533MHZ what escatly is the speed of the prossor.

I have brought this notebook. ......The link :

I thought it was quite cheap?! Although i know its doesnt have a floppy.

Thanks Guys .....ipatriot

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Will an AMD FX8320 8-Core processor work with an Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 990 FX AM#+ motherboard? And will the Kingston KVR1600DDR3/8G memory work also?

A:Solved: Compatability Qestion

The Asus website will list the supported processors for the motherboard as well as memory that's been tested with the motherboard.

Off hand the memory should work and so should the processor as it's a top of the line new motherboard, all it may need is a BIOS update which you can verify you have the required version or higher.

The Asus website is currently down or undergoing maintenance as I cannot get at it.
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Here is my system info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD A - M APU with Radeon tm HD Graphics AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count Google Cloud Qestion RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon TM HD G Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION TKBSS Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled My question is this I have three computers How do I get the information from all three that I want to store on the cloud moved there When I try to Google Cloud Qestion open a application for Google Cloud on the second computer I don t get a sign in or dashboard Instead I get a screen that says I Google Cloud Qestion don t Google Cloud Qestion have any projects yet and wants me to open a new project folder I don t want to start a project I just want to upload some stuff that isn t on my other computers What is wrong here Thanks for any assistance you can give me nbsp

A:Google Cloud Qestion

Hi WildBill.
Try this;.. to have 3 computers sharing info thru the Google cloud.
Make sure all computers have Google cloud App installed.
perhaps sign out of cloud on one computer before signing in on another to download files.
make each computer have its own Google ID & then share across by clicking on the files you want to share & click the share button, type in email address & ok.
Thats it.
go to other computer, get email with link to shared files.
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I would trying to create a .wav file that's the Narrator.exe reading text.

I've open it up like this.

Start > Run > Narrator

Then typed the text a pressed clrl+shift+Space bar

Not sure how to save that though.

Would anybody happen to know how?

I'm trying to save Narrator reading text as a .wav file.

Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] Qestion about Window Xp Narrator.exe

Hi Dev in need,

I have had a good look through the documentation for Narrator, but can't see a way of saving the test being read as a .wav. I have found a program that I have just tested out that may be a good work around for you. It's called TTSReader which is Freeware (commercial and non-commercial is OK to use) Download the recommended first link (2.3MB)

Once you have installed the program, here is how to use it:

To create a new document, go, File>New, and then type what you would like to be spoken. There are 10 different voices to choose from. You can also change the pitch, speed and volume. When you are happy with the speech voice used, go, Tools>Read to WAV. Change the output to wherever you like (desktop) and hit Start. It will save the text you have written as a WAV file which you can play back.

Here is a sample for you.

Too Files - Free File Hosting - No limit - Test File - testfile.wav - Too Files
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Wal-Mart and RadioShack are selling these laptops with Windows Vista Home Basic on them for $350.00. They come with a 15 day return trial period. Is anyone familiar with them, and are they worth getting? It says they have 1024 MB of RAM. Is that enough?

I'm trying to decide if this is even worth trying out?

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Hi all,

Please help!! I'm having a problem to copy some files from a folder.
My folder have lots of files and is there any way for me to write a batch file to copy only files according to "date modified"? For example last week files or yesterday files.

Please help!! Urgent!!!
Thank you.

A:Urgent!! Copy file by date modified using Batch File.

Take a look at XXCOPY:
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I installed windows 8 transformation pack (i know im stupid) and after restarting it says
BOOT MGR image is corrupt The sytem cannot boot

i dont have the windows 7 CD because i installed it from my USB, but i tried putting windows vista CD but it still says the System Cannot boot.

please help, what should i do? il try burning windows 7 installer on to a blank DVD tomorrow, but will it work? because windows vista CD didnt work

EDIT: if i choose 'Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive' on bios it says 'Selected boot device not available. strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility press f5 to run onboard diagnostics

A:BOOT MGR image is corrupt The sytem cannot boot error! URGENT!!

Don't worry, if you can boot with Vista DVD, just start the recovery program, in there choose comand prompt and then do the following commands:
bootrec /FixMbr bootrec /FixBoot bootrec /RebuildBcd
The source (of course HERE!!)
Bootmgr is missing - Fix[2]=General%20Tips

See ya!!!
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Im in the process of getting help with our machine that may be infected. Question....if I back-up files onto my separate backup drive is there a risk of capturing the virus or whatever is on my machine and taking it with the files? Most of the files I backup are my documents, program files, like Dreamweaver etc..thanks

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Q: Z600

Hello , Maybe its a stupid question  I recieved a Z600 desktop pc .2x Intel Xeon Processor E5606 4C 2.13 GHz, 80W, 8M cache,4.80 GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066MHzQuadro 4000And 8 gb ram I know i will not be able to run the latest games with those specs . But what if i would install for example 2x x5570 toghether with gpu gtx 750 or 760. Would i be able to play games like dark souls 3 , battlefield 4 , .... Is it still worth to put some little money in it , max 150euro ? Its just that i watched this video on youtube and he is able to play the witcher 3 ultra settings .  


That is still a great workstation, and you can upgrade it nicely.  Read this entire thread, and be happy you have been gifted a "revision 1" motherboard that has higher capabilities than the original motherboard. Link is here. Google Z600 QuickSpecs, and the top one will be about version 7 but the next one will be about version 51.  Those reflect the original versus revision 1 motherboard. The SSD I recommended in the above thread is the one to get.  A fresh W7Pro64 is the way to go.  You can upgrade processors, but if the Max TDP for the one(s) you want is over 95W then you need to make sure you have a "Perfomance" heatsink/fan over it.  The search bar in this forum directs to this forum only.  You'll need to spend some time.  Note that you should only install a processor from the list in the QuickSpecs later versions to max out your performance, though you can use the older ones too. These are still new enough and in demand..... two fastest "revision 1" category processors will not be cheap even used off eBay.
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I just finished setting up my new to me Z with x E CPUs and gb of ram the ad said gb but it actually had x gb and x gb nbsp nbsp I have done some reaseach on this forum already and I got lucky with the later version of the motherboard I have gb of ram on the way and Z600 me to New plan to explore CPU upgrades New to me Z600 as funds allow nbsp nbsp Couple of things I am wondering about at this point nbsp nbsp The power button LED does not seem to light up I New to me Z600 saw refernce to this issue somewhere and they maybe burnt out Unless there is a BIOS setting I am missing this seems like the only plausable cause The machine seems to work as it should nbsp I am missing the top trim grill and the rear handle I think it was mounted in a rack Its a minnor thing but I'd like to replace if I can I have come up with P N nbsp - is this correct I found one on ebay with a suspect picture does anyone know of any other sources I have searched
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Hello nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I have a HP Z and love the machine nbsp It currently has nbsp nbsp Dual Xeon E Ghz nbsp Processors can HP V1.0 I Z600 Mobo do? with What - GB Ram nbsp Evga Geforce SC nbsp Lately I have been gaming a little on the machine because of the HP Z600 - with V1.0 Mobo What can I do? card I have installed nbsp However I am noticing slight performance issues with the machine nbsp I am assuming the processors at this point nbsp DUe HP Z600 - with V1.0 Mobo What can I do? to the fact all spec testing coming back and saying the processors are the minimum requirement's nbsp for allot nbsp of the games nbsp BF GTA Doom nbsp Don't get me wrong nbsp Doom plays amazing on this machine on nightmare ultra settings on a screen nbsp However there is some slight shuttering and hiccups here and there nbsp I have read so many different answers to this question and hope I can get a more direct answer nbsp With a Z V HP Z600 - with V1.0 Mobo What can I do? motherboard what are my faster Xeon processor options nbsp nbsp I would like an X however my understanding is that may not be a possibility nbsp with my older MB I have something like V bios software installed nbsp Or am I looking at a processor like the X nbsp nbsp Thank you for the input nbsp nbsp nbsp
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i've got a new to me z600 workstation. Looking to upgrade it for video editing. Currently it's running windows XP pro, looking to upgrade that. Currently it has a X5550 chipset( single) 3gb ramCurrently it's running dual 160gb hd's Looking to upgrade the CPU's dual processors, largest possible. and max out ram (24gb)   What should I use?Hard drive, looking to install a SSD Any help is appreciated   

A:z600 upgrades CPU, HD

I am working on a Z600 project right now, so this is timely.  You will need to use the search box on this page upper left area, which searches this forum only. 1.  First step is to see if you have an original motherboard or the later "revision 1" motherboard.  Best way to tell is if you look up the boot block date in BIOS, under the first tab.  The boot block date tells you if you have original or revision 1 most easily. 2.  Assuming it is the better later motherboard, then you need to find the latest Z600 QuickSpecs.... its in the 50s, maybe 51 or 58.  From that you can look at the HP supported processors.  Your memory should be the faster 1333 type but most of those processors listed there run slower than that.  3 run at the faster speed which will let your memory run faster too.  You can choose from those 3 for the best heavy lifting.  Note that the fastest quad core is faster than the fastest hexacore.  So, if you want raw speed I'd bet the quad core would serve you well.  If you want 12 rather than 8 total cores then go with the fastest hexacore.  I use the Noctua thermal paste.  We have had good success with used processors off eBay for these types of workstation upgrades. 3.  You'll want 2 processors, and you'll want to match to the heatsink/fan you already have. 4.  I believe you don't need a "performance" heatsink for 95 watt processor.... the motherboard wants one for processors that are over 95 watts, from my reading.  There is a way to spoof a motherboard into thinking it has a performance heatsink attached when it only is a mainstream, by the way. 5.  SSDs.... I have been very pleased with the Intel 320 series 300GB SSD that you can get off eBay.  We use a lot of those.... rock solid, and the Intel Toolbox is great for tuning it.  That workstation is a SATA Gen II one, and HP warns against using SATA Gen III HDDs in those unless they are sourced from HP (assume special HP firmware applied).  We have not seen a comment from HP on whether this rule holds also for SSDs, but I am assuming so.  Hence, I choose to use that particular SSD, and also have used HP-sourced Gen III SSDs in our SATA Gen II workstations with zero problems. The Intel 320 series SSD is a SATA Gen II drive with enterprise features, and has served us very well.  Even used off eBay they almost always have had 100% life left in them.  I update their firmware as needed via the Intel Toolbox. 6.  We use W7Pro64 mostly, but I have been pleased with the W10Pro64 OS.  You can upgrade to W10Pro64 for free at this time, so I have been "W10 activating" all my xw and Z workstations and having that ready for the future, but still mainly running them with W7Pro64.  Once your box is W10 activated you can install W10 anytime later.  You certainly want a 64 bit OS. 7.  You need a second processor to take advantage of the second set of 3 memory slots..... ideally you'll run with 6 x 1GB, 6 x 2GB, or 6 x 4GB.  The sweet spot for $/GB is with the 2GB sticks.  Having them all the same size gets you a speed benefit too....  Look at official HP sticks for that on eBay and you also can find the same codes from other vendors such as Dell.  I consider the HP sticks the best because they have been "binned" for quality. 8.  HP just came out with a new BIOS for the Z600.  It is best to update BIOS from within BIOS.  I have gathered best HP driver sets for W7Pro64 from later HP workstation sources and they load fine on the Z600, but for W10 I've been using what comes from the autoload from MS.  9.  I like to add in a quality eSATA backplane adapter to the bottom opening for fast backup and Acronis image captures.  I also like to add one of the TI-based HP USB3 cards into the top PCIe slot, and am working on a nice use of that ... Read more
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Hi everyone nbsp I've got a couple questions im not a very tech savy person so I tried to research as C2 for Z600 Upgrade much as I could nbsp st Question nbsp I would like to upgrade my z ram to gb which I read is the max amount of ram I can have also read that needs to be ECC Registered memory so I found this and I would like to know if it's the right option nbsp http www ebay com itm Server-RAM- GB- x- GB-PC - R-ECC-Registered- MHz- - v- Upgrade for Z600 C2 pin-Memory- nbsp nd Question nbsp Im interested in getting an USB pcie card but since this computer has been out for quite a long time im not sure if the card is compatible as I read thunderbolt cards are not compatible so this is the next best thing I found nbsp http www ebay com itm nbsp I would really appreciate any help I can get nbsp Thanks in advance and excuse my english not a native speaker

A:Upgrade for Z600 C2

Heya there, this link might answer your 2nd question
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I have the following HP Z and I want to upgrade the CPU from the Z600 upgrade CPU current Intel Xeon E nbsp to E E or X processors The two basic questions I have nbsp are nbsp Is nbsp that possible If so what exactly do I have to do Implicit in those two questions are nbsp Will the chipsets on the motherboard will support the newer processors Will the current heatsinks for the E CPUs work or will it be necessary to replace them Thanks nbsp Bob nbsp ------------------------------------------------------------- nbsp ComputerModel HP Z Workstation C XSerial Number UA Chassis HP Mini TowerMainboard HP AE Z600 CPU upgrade hSerial Number UA BIOS HP G v NUMA Support Z600 CPU upgrade Unit s Total Memory GB ECC DIMM DDR nbsp Z600 CPU upgrade ProcessorsProcessor Intel R Xeon R CPU nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp E nbsp GHz C GHz GHz GHz IMC x kB L MB L Processor Intel R Xeon R CPU nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp E nbsp GHz C GHz GHz GHz IMC x kB L MB L Socket Slot FC LGA nbsp ChipsetMemory Controller HP Tylersburg- D I O Hub x GHz GHz Memory Controller HP Xeon Nehalem UnCore x GHz GHz x GB ECC DIMM DDR GHz -bitMemory Controller HP Xeon Nehalem UnCore x GHz GHz x GB ECC DIMM DDR GHz -bit nbsp Memory Module s Memory Module Freescale Motorola KSF AZ- G K GB DIMM DDR PC - U DDR - Memory Module Freescale Motorola KSF AZ- G K GB DIMM DDR PC - U DDR - Memory Module Freescale Motorola KSF AZ- G K GB DIMM DDR PC - U DDR - Memory Module Freescale Motorola KSF AZ- G K GB DIMM DDR PC - U DDR - Memory Module Freescale Motorola KSF AZ- G K GB DIMM DDR PC - U DDR - Memory Module Freescale Motorola KSF AZ- G K GB DIMM DDR PC - U DDR - nbsp Video Adapter ASUS R X Series CU SP SM GHz GB DDR GHz -bit PCIe x nbsp Graphics ProcessorOpenCL GP Processor ASUS R X Series SP C GHz GB DDR GHz -bit Compute Shader Processor ASUS R X Series SP C GHz GB DDR GHz -bit nbsp Storage DevicesGB C GB SATA MB Cache GB CWDC WD FAEX- BA TB SATA rpm TB E F G HWDC WD FAEX- BA TB SATA rpm TB D IASUS nbsp nbsp nbsp BW- D HT SATA BD-RE DVD -RW CD-RW MB Cache N A Z nbsp Operating SystemWindows System Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack Platform Compliance x nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Z600 CPU upgrade

Bob, Correct Prefix of these processors is (x5650, x5660 and X5675) Model No           Part No x5650                WG731AA x5660                WG732AA X5675                LB215AA I have also mentioned technical information below what these prefix's means, Letter Prefix:X = PerformanceE = Mainstream (rack mount)L = Power OptimizedW = Workstation for up to 2 processors per motherboard. The letters also refer to the power consumption figures of the CPUs in question. Note that the numbers associated with the letters are for the "Nehalem"-based Xeon family and older Xeons that use the letter designations have different TDP values associated with the letters. L = Thermal design power (expected power draw with a 100% CPU load running normal software) of 60 watts or less. These are the "low voltage" chips. E = TDP of 80 watts. Intel refers to the Xeon 5500/5600s with this letter prefix as the "basic" line and as a result, the idle power draw on these chips is frequently worse than any of the other series of chips, despite the other chips possibly having a higher full-load power draw. X = TDP of 95 watts. These are the "premium" mainstream chips as their TDP is not so excessive that they are difficult to cool in a rack server, yet their idle power consumption is far lower than the E-series chips. W = TDP of 130 watts and higher. These are the fastest, hottest Xeons made and they are designed to be used in workstations and pedestal servers with better cooling than an average 1U or 2U rack server. ========================================================Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.========================================================**Click the KUDOS star on the left to say 'Thanks'**
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Can anyone point me to such a program that works.

My computer is telling me one of my hard drives is there (as local disk D) But is not formatted. Yet it is and it has data on it.

I'm running XP pro.

Loosing the data will not be the end of the world, just a shame.

I feel sure there is something out there that would at least let me get the data off before I reformat.



A:Boot block recovery software


There is a product called Spinrite which is supposed to be fantastic though i have no experience with it. You can get details of it here

It sells for about US$100 which may be a bit steep if you're looking at a once off.

purchasing info is here but the toll free number is only good in the US (i'm in OZ myself) so you may need to drop them a mail if you're interested.


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I would like to know if the Z600 will support the 3.1 USB adapter card and if so, what do I need for an installation?

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A:Usb 3.1 adapter in a Z600 workstation

Agree.... that card should work in a Z600, but will it work to the USB 3.1 10Gbps speed standard?     No. The HP Z600 workstation has no PCIe generation 3 slots.  It has 3 PCIe Gen2 slots, 1 PCIe Gen1 slot, and 2 PCI slots.  Below is a link to the HP page describing the Z600's slots: Here is a note from StarTech regarding their card's speeds, emphasis added:  "The maximum throughput of this card is limited by the bus interface.  PCI Express Gen 1.0 max throughput is 2.5Gbps.  PCI Express Gen 2.0 max throughput is 5Gbps.  PCI Express Gen 3.0 max throughput is 10Gbps.  The available bandwidth (10Gbps) is shared equally between the two ports." These USB 3.0/USB 3.1 PCIe cards generally need power supplementation.... the +5VDC they need does not come up from the slot, but it is easy to find a 4-wire "molex" peripheral-to-SATA power adapter which can provide you the higher wattage 5VDC they need to meet potential power draws (versus what USB 2.0 needs).  All this info came from research figuring out how to add the Texas Instruments based HP USB 3.0 card to our xw6600 workstations, which have 2 PCIe Gen2 slots (the rest are Gen1).  Z620 gives you some PCIe Gen3 slots.... slots 2,4 and 5. Here's the Z600 slots diagram:
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Hey there! I got a later spec Z600 WS here that came with dual X5650 (TDP 95W).I made a good deal and got two X5680 (TDP 130W), and tryed to install those to the WS.System tells me, that the CPU installed needs too much power, and the System got halted. Is it a Problem with the Heatsink, because of the fact, it is to small (for TDP <95W), or is itrealy the mainboard, that just can't take the X5680 Xeons?I googled a lot and found some Z600 running on those CPUs, so what's the deal? I already tryed to bridge Pin 1 and 5 of the Heatsink-Fan Connector to simulate a Performance Heatsink,just to test if it would boot, but that did'nt work.

A:Z600 with dual X5680 CPU

First, I don't see your new processor type listed in the latest QuickSpec for the Z600 I looked up this morning..... version 51, which lists your current X5650 but not the X5680.  There is a hot X5647 listed (at 130W max TDP) but the other higher performance processors are all 95W.  So, there must have been a 130W cooling option for the Z600, and I'd presume it is the same as used for the Z800 (see below).  Also, the Z600 must be able to provide 130W to each of its two processor sockets. I checked with the Z800 QuickSpecs (v56) and don't see the X5680 listed there either.  The latest QuickSpecs, however, often do not list all processors that were listed previously.  The now-unlisted ones will still work, and you can go back through the HP QuickSpec archives for your Z600 to see if the X5680 was ever officially listed.  If it was then it surely should work.  A HP engineer I trust fully has let me know that there are some cases in which a processor that was never officially listed will work.  Let's just say that will be a rare exception.  Maybe you have found one of those processors? The X5680 processor has only one sSpec code, SLBV5, and can be bought new now from Intel for $1663.00 each.  On eBay you can buy that processor today for about $200.00 each, USD, used. It is encouraging that you can get to the point of boot that the motherboard rejects your heatsink/fan combination, because my experience with truly non-listed processors is that they won't even get to that level.  Flat zero progression into boot. So, I'd buy one of the "Performance" heatsink/fans from eBay, and the Alan guys there have almost 450 in stock at a fair price, new.  That is a US source, and  I have bought from them in the past many times, with never a problem.  Buy one for about $50 and test with that and a single X5680 in place.  The wiring trick..... that jumper wire should work if HP is using the same motherboard sensing method for detecting presence of a performance heatsink/fan as was used in the xw8600, but who knows?  This performance boost is worth spending $50.00 more on at this stage of the game to get an official Performance heatsink/fan to experiment with.  For example, perhaps HP added to the motherboard the ability to detect the larger 92x92x15mm heatsink fan rather than the regular heatsink's 80x80x15mm fan. Take a look at this link, for more details on the Performance heatsink/fan that I believe you need.  Those have been available on eBay for a fair price, new and you can find that via searching for part numbers 463991-001 and 535588-001: Z800 Performance heatsink larger fan  Here's a picture of the performance heatsink/larger fan for the Z800, and likely exactly what you need for your Z600 project.  All my references indicate these are identical, but the Z400 performance fan is different.  Note how this heatsink/fan is shifted leftward on its mounting plate, when viewed from front (the fan side).  The Z400 performance heatsink/fan is not shifted leftwards because it is a single socket motherboard and has a fair amount of room around it on both right and left sides.  Thus, the performance Z400 heatsink/fan will not fit on the primary socket of a Z600 but this one below will.  The performance Z400 heatsink/fan will however fit on the secondary socket of a Z600 with a little bending down of its rear air deflector plate at its bottom.  You can see pictures of that Z400 performance heatsink/fan elsewhere in the forum.   I'd make sure you have the latest BIOS installed, and also confirm in BIOS that you have the latest revision of the motherboard by checking the boot block date.  It sounds like you'll have already done all that.  If one of those X5680 processors works then the other will ... Read more
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Hello guys,I bought a used hp z600 six month ago and it works perfectly so far. However, i realized that the blue led of the power button doesnt work and has never been on in my machine. I wonder if there are software or hardware solutions to make it work again ? Bios options or cable fiddling ? Thanks in advance
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I have just upgraded to windows 7 (from Vista) and now I can't print. I have a Lexmark Z600 and although I did have problems getting the driver loaded & working with Vista, it did finally work. After upgrading to windows 7, I reloaded the printer driver to no avail. I even deleted it and went out and found the latest driver available for my printer and still no help. Any ideas ?

A:windows 7 vs lexmark z600

I gave up trying with my X74 All-in-one in the end.

Lexmark website was very definite XP was last driver release.

I never had vista.

Bought Canon MP 250 All-in-One then from Argos at 34.99 which I am very happy with. Although I dont do an awful lot of printing.
And mostly convert colour web pages to print in Grayscale.
(to save on colour cartridges)

The printer is quite noisy at start of printing as it resets heads and loads a page of paper, but quiet enough during printing.
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Hi, Description explains it all, I've been thinking of replacing my current HDD for a SSD. I haven't done much researching on this myself but thought I would check here just encase there's any known issues/pit falls with installing a ssd into z600 workstation, I will be looking at adding a 1TB ssd. 1. Installing hardware? the z600 3.5 inch caddy wouldn't house an SSD, do HP sell brackets which will fit the z600 ? 2. Compatibility with the workstation? are there types of SSD which are best suited for z600 workstations? 3. Installing and set up? is it as straight forward as plugging in the SSD via SATA cable and installing the OS? Any Bios tweaks? Any info would be appreciated, Griff

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A:installing a SSD into Z600 Workstation.

Installed a Samsung Evo 500gb SATA III into my z600..and it works perfectly. Installed it last week and have been installing programs and having general use from it with no problems. I wanted to test it properly before posting a response. It could be possible that i experience issues with it later, but I would of thought that if it had any issues I would know about it by now. My SSD reads at 282 MB/s and writes at 270 MB/s - Random Read 51612 (IOPS) Random Write (IOPS) 47395. Being a SATA II gen workstation its not reaching the SSD's full potential at 540/520 Mb/s read write but from what I've read you wouldn't even notice the difference its so fast.. and I agree  CC suite, mozilla, (haven't installed 3dsmax yet) all boot in seconds compared to minutes on old HDD. Just to note I didn't use a HP recovery disk to reinstall OS. I used an official windows 7 .iso and booted from USB (even though it some has some useful things, i didn't want HP bloatware) Drivers installed perfectly without a hitch. Windows serial on bottom of tower  1. Installing hardware? the z600 3.5 inch caddy wouldn't house an SSD, do HP sell brackets which will fit the z600 ?" Via Scott's comments, look for the 'needs-tool' version in the post's above, mine cost 8.50 and takes all of 5 seconds to fit the ssd to the z600. I wouldn't sugguest buying the tool-less version.. unless you have no hands and lots of money." 2. Compatibility with the workstation? are there types of SSD which are best suited for z600 workstations?"Yes they're HP approved SSDs detailed in the post's above, but I've had no issue with consumer grade SSD, but you roll the dice with which brand. The Samsung EVO 500gb, no problems. You can use SATA III ssd's but you can get issues as warned by HP as their firmware doesn't support some types (so basically if it doesn't work they wont help you) ". 3. Installing and set up? is it as straight forward as plugging in the SSD via SATA cable and installing the OS? Any Bios tweaks?"Make sure your BIOS is set to RAID+AHCI (Mine was already setup like this). I used the samsung magician tool after install and it will say that your PC is not set to AHCI, but i just ignore it. As long as BIO's and firmware are up to date you will be fine. Use a blindmate formfactor to install the ssd (see above posts). Make sure you get the latest firmware on a usb before you install SSD, it should be the first thing to check after installing the SSD. You don't need to change SATA cables from II to III as the cables are backwards compatible.. either way having a SATA III in a z600 will just limit you to SATA II speeds (which compared to a normal HDD are ridiculously quick). Just plug-in and install OS. It may be worth reading up on SSD optimistation, the samsung magician advises some things to do but not all neccessary, its either lifespan over performance.. defintely worth reading up on, if this is your first SSD as it was for me."  Hands down best upgrade i've done to my workstation, and very simple to do. I'm glad I waited for better support and for the cost to go down on SSD's before using them. Want to say a big thanks to Scott Harrison for his help on this subject. I pestered him lots but have really appreciated his guidance! cheers Scott and anyone else who posted help.  Enjoy your SSD, I will.  Griff
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So im trying to upgrade to 2 X5650s but it wont boot. I updated the bios to 3.57 and at least the 2 80mm fans dont go crazy but still no boot. The manuals online say its compatible. Thanks for any help Model Z600 (FW863AV)Z600B/ZC2.66+/L160/W4.0/295+a/p

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Hi ,

I have this product but after updating my computer to W7 ı have a problem with it. The original cd refers to Xp , 2000, 98 but now for W7 it says " it ' s not suitable for your system.

I ' m looking forwart to hearing news from you

Thanks ...

A:Lexmark Z600 W7 Driver ???

Hi Betonarmy,
Here is the Windows Vista Driver if you want to attempt to use it.

Lexmark - United States

Also as far as a Windows 7 driver here is what I saw on their website:

Cannot find MS Windows 7 printer driver; Unable to locate driver


Driver Support
Lexmark is in the process of preparing for the launch of the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.Driver Availability
In the weeks leading to consumer launch of Microsoft Windows 7, Lexmark will publish the type of support expected and the timeframe in which drivers will be available. Lexmark is currently finalizing Windows 7 support for a variety of its existing products. The list of products which will have Windows 7 support at launch is available in the links below. Windows 7 Business Products

Windows 7 Home Office and SMB Products
Operating System Driver Support
Some printer models will have native easy-to-install printer drivers embedded in the operating system's driver library. Lexmark is providing a wide variety of printer drivers to be included with Microsoft Windows 7.Driver Delivery
Drivers will be available for download from , and recently released printers may have the Microsoft Windows 7 driver available on the Software and Documentation CD provided in the box with the device, or a combination of both driver delivery methods will be available.Future Products
Starting in 2010, all new products will ship with Windows 7 support.

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Hi,I would like to know if I can install a Geforce GTX 1080 in a z600 workstation?My power supply is 650W so that seems to be enough. I have 2 * 6 pin connector so I guess I can add an adapter to 8 pin. Would this work? Thanks.
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Hi First of all I want to tell you that my computer is still running so my issue is not urgent as some others not manager boot/boot questions urgent: may be Yet I hope that someone may take his time to give me some hints I am not urgent: boot/boot manager questions familiar with computers but do not have deep knowledge about many parts of the operating system I am sorry for the unspecific title I couldnt get it any better with a few letters and my little English knowledge When Windows was released I took my Windows Pro licence and a step-by-step tutorial from a German IT magazine to install Win straight to a brand new computer which was built by not urgent: boot/boot manager questions a local store The tutorial had described how to have a microsoft tool running under Windows create a bootable Win USB stick As the Microsoft tool does not run under Windows I cannot use it anymore Additionally I followed instructions in a magazine to create and use a VHD file for installation of another instance of the operating system Everything worked fine until I did something stupid I wanted to change the default boot entry and used EasyBCD to destroy my conmputer's ability to boot Yeah well don't use a tool if you don't know what you're doing During the process of repairing that mostly by googling on my quot smart phone sigh I've learned that you can take backups of your boot configuration and many more things but still I don't really understand the boot process I bought books on Windows and Windows Server but all I found was the very same information that you can find all over the internet which is hardly more than bcdedit's parameters My computer is up and running since a few weeks again booting both instances as desired So I tried to find more information on the boot process but failed So finally -- thanks for reading so far -- I have some questions and would really appreciate some help Is there sort of a quot boot whitepaper quot for booting Windows on UEFI systems One that'd answer questions like what partitions must or can be involved what parameters the boot manager accepts and what they are for and so on I am mainly interested in the part between quot UEFI finds boot manager quot and quot loading Windows has sucessfully started quot While repairing my boot manager I disabled my USB stick's ability to boot Booting from my USB stick it actually boots from the hrad disk now This happened because I tried to work on the hard drive's boot configuration while having bootet from the stick One more lesson learned I guess this can easily be repaired but I have no idea how I have monitors Before my disaster boot manager was displayed on both screens since the incident only monitor is used often I have only monitor switched on the other one may even be turned aside Of this issue I also think it can be solved easily but I had almost googled my fingertips off finding lots of dual monitor problems with one staying black all the time but my sencond monitor is active all the time except when boot manager displays BIOS UEFI is displayed on both I admit I have one more question specific to my current configuration but I think I better create a new thread for that one another day Thnak you in advance for anby hints

A:not urgent: boot/boot manager questions

Take a look here:

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Hello I do some of the tech work for a local teen year school program A shift-restart boot menu Block lot of them are there for behavioral purposes They each have a laptop to do school work with but we've done Block shift-restart boot menu a lot to lock them down Disabled being able to boot to a USB or CD in BIOS so they can't boot Ubuntu or some other OS and freely roam the net Microsoft Family Safety installed with all the options turned on so they can only get to certain sites and run certain programs and their attempts are all logged Also running a program that the teacher can see each of the screens and control or blank them or whatever It's a fairly locked down system But teens will be teens One thing I hadn't considered with Windows is the Shift-Restart into the preboot menu And from there they can reset their PC's or have other options for booting from CDs USB etc All good things to have access to when the operating system isn't playing nice but can completely circumvent our other efforts for the kids So is there any way to disable this option or to restrict it to admin password That should really be built in anyway since anyone can just shift-restart a computer wipe it fresh and you're out Thanks for any help
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Hi,I bought new laptop Lenovo G50-80 but not able to install windows through original DVD. I'm getting the error message "window boot manager has been blocked by the current security policy".My laptop model specs :
I reset my boot settings to default but still no change.
Please help me to install windows 7 in my laptop.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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hello i have a asus et it has a bios boot block on it it does not have a floppy cd or dvd rive only usbs i have tried a external usb dvd r boot BIOS et1602 Asus block w to Asus et1602 BIOS boot block install xp back on itand it hangs up when it says starting windows win gives me a blue screen and a string of error codes blocks uniflash in bios removed cmos battery and it did not help forgive me but i knowi will say this wrong but it install ubito just fine ive tried several online sugestions on flashing it from a thumb drive im either doing it wrong or its acting the same way as dvd r w it just blinks forever with no action Asus et1602 BIOS boot block ive ran into some tuff ones butthis takes the cakebios says there is no password but reset it anyway so ive reached the Asus et1602 BIOS boot block point of desperaty and thought maybe i would short the pins on the bios chip i have had to do that before i cant figure out wich is the bios chip its not obviouse to the eye and i think ive searched almost every chip on the board it hasa atom cpu motherboard number isem -dhs rev this is crazy hard ive googled my brains out can anyone help me please thanks as usual nbsp

A:Asus et1602 BIOS boot block

Have you contacted Asus support for this issue?
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When this PC has sat in a releativly cool enviroment, it will boot up just fine. But let it get warmed up good, say having it on for 5-8 minutes and it will not boot up!

It gives the "Award Boot Block BIOS V1.0" and will not go any further.

The BIOS is "Award Modular" Version 6.00P

Do I have a chipset problem? Do I just need to update the BIOS?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:Award Boot Block BIOS Error

Correction to BIOS Version above: should read 6.00PG
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I have a problem during installation,
after windows copies setup files and right before the beginning of the installation wizard, a color test striped pattern (Red, Green, Blue, Gray) keeps blinking and the installation STOPS.

Any suggestions ?!

A:Win 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 installation problem on HP Z600

Where did you get the Ultimate install dvd from, sounds bad.

Just reboot, see if the install will finish.
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Hello there nbsp i'm happy user of HP Z with quadro inside right now i'm changing the way i work with d - by doing more and more graphic card Z600 HP upgrade real time d rendering using Graphic card power via the octane render software solution HP Z600 graphic card upgrade i plan to upgrade my GC i got solutions and questions about each one nbsp solution nbsp the existing quadro nbsp a new quadro using SLIQUESTION does SLI works with quadro in a HP Z nbsp solution nbsp the existing quadro nbsp a new quadro QUESTION does the HP Z support differents cards nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp does the quadro can be sloted inside a HP Z i think the quadro has a larger size nbsp solution nbsp the existing quadro nbsp a Geforce GTX TITANQUESTION does the HP Z support differents cards nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp does the Geforce GTX TITAN nbsp can be sloted inside a HP Z i think the Geforce GTX TITAN nbsp has a larger size nbsp thanks

A:HP Z600 graphic card upgrade

The Z600 QuickSpecs indicates you can only have a single high end graphics card in the Z600. That is either one Quadro 4000 (142W) card or one Quadro 5000 (152W) card or one FirePro V7900 (<150W) card can be installed in the Z600. However, you can have two Quadro 2000 (62W) cards or two FirePro V5800 (74W) cards or two FirePro V5900 (<75W) cards in the system as this is supported (not that this will help with your graphics processing needs). The Z600 Maintenance and Services Guide also states you can have one 150W graphics card in either PCIe slot 2 or 4 (leaving the adjacent slot empty) OR you can have 2 75W graphics cards in PCIe slot 2 and 4. So SLI or crossfire is not a supported configuration with high end 3D cards due, in part to the 650W 80% efficient HP proprietary PSU used in the Z600 (which can't supply the needed power) and in part to the lack of system cooling validation for these more powerful 'heaters'. And as the HP PSU is a proprietary design, it is not a simple swap to an of the shelf standard ATX supply. Some cabling modifications would be needed and it still may not mechanically fit or work (as others have experienced no boot issues when attempting to use a modified standard ATX swap in their HP workstation -  some have even damaged their system board so be warned). As for mixing cards in SLI configuration, IIRC, Nvidia allows mixing cards from the same family. So, presumably a Q4000 & Q5000 would work as would a GeForce 760 with a Titan, should the PSU have supported the load (which it doesn't). Mixing Q4000 with GeForce Titan in SLI configuration will fail as they would be considered a different family. And you can't use a Quadro driver with a GeForce card or a  GeForce driver with Quadro card which creates a driver issue if you try such SLI mixes. So you may need to buy a more capable system (or do some development work to find a more powerful HP PSU you can fit into the Z600 or instead modify a standard ATX PSU to fit and resolve any issues this creates while also modifying the Z600 chassis cooling system to better cope with the extra heat). Good luck. [edited to add underlined text]
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hi guysi'm an engineering student and a graphic designer so i need a workstation to get my work done . actually i'm a huge fan of Apple Mac but buying Mac Pro will cost me more so i've decided to go with HP solution i gan get used HP Z600 or Z800 and customize them i've a question does any one of them support PCEi SSD or i've to go with Z620 ?
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Ladies, gents, I recently got a refurbished Z600 workstation and immediately noticed that the chipset fan is always running at approx. 2,500 rpm, even right after a cold boot and when idling. I can't image that this is normal - all the temperatures are fine, so I see no reason for the fan to spin this high. I know that it is a small fan which needs the high rpm to create sufficient air flow, but 2,500 rpm seems excessive. Has anybody experienced this before? Is this in fact the normal idle speed for the chipset fan (as the seller's customer service wants to make me believe)?
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We have a number of HP Z600 workstations that were upgraded with additional memory. After rebooting the system reports:207-Incompatible DIMMs detected slot CPU1 DIMM1203-Memory module failed self-test and the failing rank was disabled slot CPU1 DIMM1.The BIOS indicates DIMM1 as ERRDiagnostics show the memory module at the correct size and speed but its part number does not fully populate.When the DIMM is removed the system still reports the 203/207 error.I have tried to update the BIOS with the latest version, apply default setup and clear CMOS but the device still reports an error with DIMM1 (populated or unpopulated). All other DIMMs work fine.
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I wish to find a suitable cooler for my HP Z600.The original part it is no longer available.In fact I wish to change both of them, the original one it is already 5 years old.So if you have some experience , maybe you can help me.Bolt connection it is a square 80 mm.The spring bolt a 3mm?The original cooler has a height of 95mmThe space to insert the cooler, betwen socket 0 and 1, it is also different.From my point of view even U3 cooler it is too big.

A:Cooler Xeon 5500-HP Z600

Try eBay: /Roger
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We have a Z at my workplace which powers off unexpectedly after some time usually a few hours I have not been able to catch it happening but I come back to the machine and it is powered down nbsp I have done a bit of investigation so far but have not been able to get to the root of the problem - Updated bios problem still occurs I saw mention of bios updates fixing an unexpected poweroff problem - Checked temperatures during stress testing seem normal rules out heat problems - Tried removing extra HDs still get poweroff I suspected bad power supply - Tried MemTest still get poweroff indicates that it is not an OS software problem I have not seen any failures detected by memtest - Looked blink codes on the Z600 Troubleshoot workstation: poweroff unexpected LED on the back of the PSU after a shutdown LED does not blink nbsp I got this info from here nbsp http h www hp com hpsc doc public display docId emr na-c N F My next step nbsp would be to try swapping the power supply from another known working Z machine which we have nbsp It looks like a straightforward operation although the machines have different CPU configurations CPUs in Troubleshoot Z600 workstation: unexpected poweroff the problematic machine vs CPU in the Troubleshoot Z600 workstation: unexpected poweroff good machine - perhaps the capacities are different nbsp Can anyone suggest any other troubleshooting steps to take before I nbsp put it in for service nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp
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Hi everybody i need your help i have hp z600  workstation but when start doesnn't show anything i change procesor  ram graphic card but same problem  didnt show anything in scren can anybody know what is to happen with my pc ? 

A:HP Z600 Workstation doesn't show anythink

Do the system fans start to spin after you hit the power button ?Does the workstation not beep and blink red ?
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Thank you in advance for any and all help provided,  My father gave me a "Z600 workstation" that he is not going to use anymore(retired). I noticed that this unit can have a dual CPU setup. My question is if I can use this unit for gaming. Can I set up the rig with 2 CPU for better gaming performance?  I am aware of GPU and RAMM upgrades but not to sure if it's even possible to run the 2 CPU at the same time? Will having the 2 CPU increase the GHz speed from 2.13GHz - 4.26GHz? system : HP Z600 WorkstationIntel Xeon E5506 (1x)@2.13GHz3GB DDR3 RAMMWindows 8.1 ProBoot Block Date 01/30/09 B3-based system
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I am the recent owner of a new to me nbsp Z with the C revision motherboard nbsp Specs are pretty basic with one E GB x gb unbuffered ram a gb SATA HD a DVDRW and a single NVIDIA Quadro nbsp The machine posted the first two times without incident and I booted a live CentOS CD and everything was working fine so I installed it and everything went perfectly nbsp In fact I can't recall such an easy linux install ever nbsp Then I rebooted again and Z600 cmos cannot reset compute. after enabling entered the BIOS to enable hyperthreading nbsp While in the BIOS Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute. the genius in me could not help but play around nbsp At some point I enabled compute for both of the x slots nbsp I know I know big mistake nbsp When I rebooted again I was introduced to the six beeps of death nbsp To me enabled meant allowed not mandatory nbsp I reseated the card cleared or attempted to clear the Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute. CMOS and the offending setting about a nbsp hundred times following the official procedure then Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute. any other I could find to no avail nbsp I found a thread with the exact same issue which mentioned having to wait for the stored energy in the system to bleed off and pressing the power button several times before pressing the CMOS reset button nbsp It worked for others but not me nbsp I have tried everything moving the card changing the card to one that supports CUDA but I enabled both slots I have powered down the machine unplugged the power cord removed the power supply waited hours pressed the CMOS reset button for seconds three times and I still have the six beeps nbsp Unless my machine contains some secret alien technology I am lost nbsp How do you clear the CMOS nbsp I have tried every procedure theory guess chant and encantation I know nbsp I started building computers when Jimmy Carter was Preident and I have seen it all almost nbsp The only other option I can see is a PCI VGA card so I can get back into the BIOS nbsp Any ideas or advise would be appreciated nbsp nbsp It's a great machine and I want it back

A:Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute.

I don't know the exact positon of the CMOS RESET switch, but you can remove the battery to set BIOS defaults.Don't forget to unplug the power cord, no need to remove the power supply or graphics card.Put back the battery after a few minutes and power on the machine.Video should be back now and all BIOS settings (including time and date) are lost.
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Infected with Virus - used malaware (MBAM) removal software and deleted the files. irql_not_less_or_equal (0x0000000A) error occurred. After that, can not boot from XP CD to recover or even sony OEM logo is not appearing.

I get 1 beep code and blue screen most of the screen and black screen some portion. (phenix BIOS)

Attempts to get to BIOS with F2/F3/F8 did not help. Reinserted memory DIMMs and cleaned up inside little, no progress.

(vaio desktop PCV-RZ44g - XP, sp3)

Not sure what to do next. Appreciate your help. thanks.

A:OEM logo not coming; blue screen with black block; XP CD won't boot

If you are getting beep codes...something is seriously out of focus.

Have you looked the code up to see what it's trying to tell you?

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Hello,I recently acquired a z600 with a quad core Intel Xeon E550 and I would like to know if it is possible/desirable to put my old z400 two quad core Intel Xeon W3550.I checked and both use socket b type soo I'd assume I should have a problem but as hardware is outside of my knowledge base I wanted to ask =)Thank you in advance

A:Changing my z600 processor to my z400 processors - CPU upgra...

Hi, The z600 series of workstations support Intel Xeon Processor X5570 QC 2.93 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor X5560 QC 2.80 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor X5550 QC 2.66 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5540 QC 2.53 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5530 QC 2.40 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5520 QC 2.26 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5506 QC 2.13 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHzIntel Xeon Processor E5504 QC 2.00 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHzLooks like they support CPU's with 80W to 95W. The Intel Xeon W3550 has TDP 130W . I don't think this is going to work. Regards.
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I have a motherboard problem that doesn t let the CMOS battery maintain the clock So whenever I turn off my laptop the year resets to The lithium battery is brand new The BIOS boot How WinXP before date set to is from but Compaq never solved that problem So Windows Longhorn gives a blue screen os death and locks when booting with date - - and Win k XP sometimes locks at the logon screen but most of the times gives a warning at the logon screen and makes a loud beep even with the sound mute Can you tell me a registry How to set date before WinXP boot tweak to disable that warning or to set the date to - - for example before the winlogon exe loads Because after the system loads a program called quot atomic clock quot sets the correct date and time throught the internet The BIOS of the laptop does not have an option to set date and time So everytime I wanted to boot Longhorn I had to use a dos boot disk to change date and the reset the pc So I uninstaled longhorn Because date an time aren t executable files I dont know how to refer to them to use it If it was windows I could soulve the problem by putting quot date - - quot in autoexec How to set date before WinXP boot bat In XP I still dont know How to set date before WinXP boot how If this is not the correct place to ask this sorry Or you know a solution please help best regards Andr nbsp

A:How to set date before WinXP boot

"One hack claims to reset the computer's internal clock so Windows XP constantly thinks the user has 60 days to register the software. And another claims to disable the Activation feature entirely. One patch purports to replace files that need to be activated with non-activated versions from the corporate edition."

You must walk through the door...look harder
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When I boot my Dell Demension 4550 Pent4, 2.00 GHZ, it says to hit F1 to reboot and keeps looping. I ran an diagnostic and received the following error code: 0F00: 1342 'Msg Block 0 address not found' I'm able to read the 'C' drive thru a DOS prompt.

Does anyone know how to repair this error or should I just do a re-install of Windows XP???

A:Windows XP boot problem/error code 'Msg Block 0 Address not found'

Some say disabling the floppy A: drive in BIOS fixes the issue. Not sure if itll work but if you do decide to reinstall windows you can do a repair install instead which will leave all your documents and programs intact.

Just make sure after doing so you update windows as all updates will be lost in the repair install.
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Hi.Our brand new HP Z600 workstation running win srv 2008 rebooted after only couple of weeks with the following output from bios level screen:System reset caused by CATERR.927 - Fatal error on dimm in slot CPU0 DIMM1ECC Error on read operation What does this mean and how can we prevent this from happening in the future ? ThanksSergey

A:Z600 workstation reboots: system reset caused by CATERR

Having the a similar caterr error message.Did you recieve any response? Thanks.
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I am in need of a new system board for a Z600 but want to know which version would work with the 56xx series of Xeon dual processors? There's 460840-001, 460840-002 and 460840-003. The one that came with the machine was 460840-003 / REV AE, but it died so I got a replacement 460840-001 / REV 0D, however, I can't get the computer to post. So I'm looking for which board and Revision I need to make it work? Thanks. Would this one work?

A:HP Z600 System board / Motherboard that supports x5670 proce...

The Z600 460840-003 supports both the 55xx and 56xx Xeon processors.  As you discovered, the 460840-001 only supports the 55xx Xeons.  I am not sure about the 460840-002, but there are other threads in this forum where some have tried the varioius -00x Z600 versions. 

I am an HP Employee.My opinions are my own, and do not express those of HP.
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HP Z600 & Z800 Workstations support Nvidia Quadro M4000 8GB Grpahic Card?  Can the defual power supply hand the wattage from the new GPU's? Currently running Nvidia Quadro FX4800 graphic card.
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I have a Z600 that came with an REV #003 motherboard and two X5670 CPU's. The board went bad and I replaced it with a REV #001, not realizing that it won't run X56xx chips. So I then purchased two X5570 CPU's and put them in. When I boot, I get a series of 8 beeps, and an error message that the BIOS is corrupt. So I created a BIOS recovery disc and flashed the machine as per the instructions. I then unplug the power cord (as opposed to powering down first), wait 5 seconds and plug it back in a power up. I then get the 8 beeps and the error message just like nothing has been done to fix it. Is it possible that trying to run X56xx chips on that board fried something? Is there a way to reset it? What should I try next? Thanks.
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Loooking at trying to run a batchfile to set time and date prior to vista login or boot like a bootloader menu. Can any one help.
I have one that runs at startup but need it sooner.
Reason: Bios Battery unsoldered and laptop battery no good(due to knackered AC input.
Could set this via bios each time but thats a pain in itself, thats why I use a batch file on startup but programs load prior to this and flag up faults( tried using startup managers to delay times)
Thanks in advance
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Readers Digest version we have an / on boot changes Time system Date install base of two different laptops HP amp Dell Inspiron at our customer sites running our locked down kiosk software These are all running a version of XP that is installed off a master version made about two years ago This was intended to be a quot known good quot version for long term use in a non-networked environment so no updates were supposedly needed What I'm seeing now Date / Time changes on system boot that has come is a small percentage of our install base about are having a problem with system date time being reset back to Dec ever time they turn the system on My first thought was CMOS Batteries needing to be replaced but as I said these are two different hardware Date / Time changes on system boot versions and not all were sourced at one time We would buy a dozen at a time and order more as needed And the problem cropped up all of a sudden when the year flipped over I'm not ruling CMOS replacement out but it seems less likely then a software firmware issue This is causing a problem as our Date / Time changes on system boot software has a license with two dates coded into it date of start and date of expiration Date of start is always days prior to the expiration date we set when we generate keys Hence if a customer has a valid license but the computer thinks it's it give an quot invalid license quot error and they can not use the software Currently I have customers either not reboot their systems or force a manual setting of the date time every time they boot up I am unable to recreate this is my lab with any of the laptops I have here I do have one system this is happening on in route to me for inspection Hopefully I'll see some type of system error in the logs telling me what is going on Any thoughts

A:Date / Time changes on system boot

Hi Z

Seems like you've got the most likely candidates in mind already - the CMOS batteries and the firmware. If it's a bug in the Bios, seems like that would be likely only on one platform - but not both.

Any chance that the customers might have local tampering going on? [Anyone possibly getting access to the system after hours]?

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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I used a partitioning software, and did a merge from my second partition to the main partition. But there was an error, and can't boot up now. Please, HELP ME! ASAP!

A:Can't Boot [Urgent!]

bump... sry... it's really urgent
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Today a Mr. Watson Postmorteum Error opped up on my screen. It said my pc would now be shut down (which it did) When I tried to restart, it justs keep rebooting itself. I tried to restart in safe mode but it won't let me do that either. It just keeps taking me to a screen with start up options and a countdown to start clock then reboots again back to the same screen. I can't even run a disk unless I disable my harddrive - then it will let me run it. I have files on there that I really need to access. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Win XP won't boot *URGENT* please help!


Originally Posted by sierrapup

Today a Mr. Watson Postmorteum Error opped up on my screen. It said my pc would now be shut down (which it did) When I tried to restart, it justs keep rebooting itself. I tried to restart in safe mode but it won't let me do that either. It just keeps taking me to a screen with start up options and a countdown to start clock then reboots again back to the same screen. I can't even run a disk unless I disable my harddrive - then it will let me run it. I have files on there that I really need to access. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello sierrapup, Welcome to TSF!

You mention that you can get into "a screen with start up options", is one of the options "Last Known Good Configuration"?
If it is, select this option, and follow the on-screen prompts.
If not, please give us the details of the listings.

Post back with the outcome.

Kind Regards,
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Hi,My HP 250 Won't Boot Saying No Bootable DeviCe Found,And When I Took It To An Engineer He Wanted To enter The Administrator BIOs We Dnt Know ThePassword And I Got A 8digit Cide Generated "70934599"Please Help Me I Saw This Forum On GOogle Please Help I djt Wanto Fornat It..He Tested The HDD Nithing Was Wrong

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Got 2 sticks of new RAM. Exactly same as my other 2 sticks except different make.

No matter what combination i try, i cant get them to work. The pc powers up, with the green and orange light on constantly, but the monitor never powers up.

Could both of these RAM sticks be damaged?

Please help!


New RAM -

Motherboard -

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My computer has died! When I boot it up, it gives me 5 options:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Safe Mode with Networking
Last Known Good Settings

And NONE of them work! I need to do this urgently, this is the most important thing to go wrong with my computer EVER, I need it fixed within a few hours, or my boss MAY KILL ME.

Someone HELP!


I'm running on XP Home with SP2


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i cant view this site
ive tried using proxy sites ... i dont have my ip rereouting program on this computer use to let you into websites taht say you gotta be from there contry to view them i might give that a try later on cuz the ip is weird its is there a region identifier any1 knows of website or outside program? otherwise ill look into that later, was just wondering if maby any1 else can view that page or might know what the deal is...
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Well, just yesterday I discovered all my windows application thumbnails were replaced by the default windows application thumbnails. Applications like Hearts, Windows Media Player, Real Player, Notepad, Calculator have all been affected.

My spybot S&D has, since 2 hours ago, got on maniac mode blocking all the registry changes on my blacklist. Here's a screenshot:

I have been using Adaware Pro and Spybot S&D. Did two full scans; Adaware came out null and S&D came out with CoolWWWsearch.WCADW, CoolWWWsearch and Nat.
Here's a screenshot:
Here's my list of running applications:

Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated. =)

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On my other computer, My hp Noterkook laptop is my problem.  It will not boot up.  It is telling me that The Boot configuration Data for my PC is missing or contains errors.     File \EFI\microsoft\boot\BCD   Error Code  0x0000034. I have ran all the system tests .   System Diagnostics..   network boot,   when all would not work.  Rolled back BIOS Setup to F.10      I can not go on line on my laptop notebook will not boot up. How can I get a fix since I do not have a boot up disk. I downloaded a fix for my you cam 6 and reboot brought me to this problem.  

A:Will not Boot up, configuration date missing, File \EFI \Mi...

On my other computer, My hp Noterkook laptop is my problem.  It will not boot up.  It is telling me that The Boot configuration Data for my PC is missing or contains errors.     File \EFI\microsoft\boot\BCD   Error Code  0x0000034. I have ran all the system tests .   System Diagnostics..   network boot,   when all would not work.  Rolled back BIOS Setup to F.10      I can not go on line on my laptop notebook will not boot up. How can I get a fix since I do not have a boot up disk. I downloaded a fix for my you cam 6 and reboot brought me to this problem.
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I have notebook HP Pavilion dv ev Corei and I m not able to set up correct time and date When boot time after and BIOS reset OS. date I set date in BIOS and start Windows there is time BIOS time and date reset after boot OS. difference few minutes sometimes few hours etc but every time different When I turn off nb also remove battery time in BIOS is still OK But when I start Windows there is difference BIOS time is ok till I change time or date in Windows And this is big problem when I update time or date in Windows then after new boot BIOS time and date is reset to I ve tried everything update BIOS fresh installation of Windows change time internet sync settings change the Hard RAM after a lot of research i decided to change the bios chip next to the quot Control Keyboard chip quot on motherboard i download last Bios version from HP and program it problem not solved after that i changed the other BIOS chip problem not solved again finally i change the quot Control Keyboard chip quot ENEKB QFD and unfortunately problem still alive note Sometimes when I work with my notebook date and time changes it go future or past i changed the battery on mother board No effect sorry for my english please HeLp Me

A:BIOS time and date reset after boot OS.

Change the cmos battery.

How to replace the CMOS battery.
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Hi Can someone please help me solve this problem I ve been using ASUSP P E-Deluxe for over years without any problem But now there s a message that frequently shows up like this quot CMOS not setup CMOS date and time not set press F to enter CMOS SETUP F load defaults amp continue quot When i check the date and time in the BIOS - it gets reset back to This only happens when i leave my computer off for a specific amount of time i e if i turn it off overnight and turn it back on in the morning When i press F - load default values correct the date and time and reboot the pc - it s fine But when i turn it off again overnight and turn it back on in the morning - it makes a strange beeping noise and comes up with the motherboard bios screen saying CMOS ERROR - date time issue Specs OS Windows xp pro CPU p ghz M b ASUS P P -E Deluxe nbsp

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Since installing SP3 my Dell Dimension 4600 resets date/time to 2004 (purchase date) and the boot drive reassigns to A: every time it is switched on.

I have uploaded the latest BIOS form Dell's website and tried a hotfix from MS. I re-set the date/time and boot drive in the setup utility in the BIOS on start-up, but these settings only last as long as the PC is left on.

I do not think this is a problem with the CMOS battery but with SP3. If I restore to SP2 then all seems fine.

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I have desktop with pretty old configuration (from 2005) which had been working perfectly till now, unless it started showing "CMOS: Invalid date/time setting" on every boot after switching on from mains.

If mains is powered on and only system is shut down and started, CMOS invalid date/time issues are no longer noticeable.

I have done this below steps so as to troubleshoot the issue:
1. Replaced the CMOS battery with new one
2. Clear the real time clock through jumper pins as provided in mother board user manual (ASUS K8N)
3. Loading with default values from BIOS and setting date/time through OS.

The above mentioned methods solve issue temporarily and the set information is getting lost when the mains is switched off.

Can anyone suggest what might be the problem?.

PS: I did not face this issue from past 10 yrs of usage even though I had replaced battery couple of times.

A:Invalid date/time setting on every boot

presuming that the problem is ONLY related to the Battery
check voltage with multimeter on OLD battery and new battery
generally 3V

if old battery is less - and new battery is correct - check contact for battery is clean usually small sprung type projection contacts base of battery
side contact to + is usually OK

That is the first job
those batteries must be 3+ t0 work 2.8 is no good
There is not gradual fade they are either specified voltage or they are flat as far as the system is concerned
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Before I buy a new cpu mobo and ram I decided Urgent BOOT, Wont PC for the final time to get my old pc working again maybe some of you guys work some magic and my mobo will start working again I got a new sound blaster audigy zs sound card I removed my old drivers and my old sb live card inserted the audigy the computer at first booted I installed the audigy but upon shutting down the computer didnt turn on the fans were spinning and nothing all screen a day later and the computer wont boot I have removed all the pci cards from the mainboard Still doesnt PC Wont BOOT, Urgent boot tried removing sdram chips and tried each seperately still no boot Then i removed the cmos battery the computer booted fine then i shut it down and put the audigy back in along with other cards the computer wouldnt boot then i removed them all over again took out cmos battery for minute now it wont boot even if all pci slots are free All the fans spin and thats pretty much it I have lights in the back of my mainboard and according to them the computer is on System power on I have run out of all the options tried reconnecting all power supply connections no PC Wont BOOT, Urgent luck The lights on my dbracket are all red according to msi site this means cpu is damaged i think this is impossible I never touched it never took of the heatsink my sys specs AMD Athlon Xp cpu on MSI K T Turbo v mobo Leadtek a geforce ti mb pc sb audigy zs dvd rw and dvd rom drive gig wd mb hd w power supply btw i just found the jumper on the mobo to switch it to fsb it doesnt even turn on at all not quiet sure what this means when its on fsb the fans turn on interesting thing is that the cpu fan and the gpu fan spin they are connnected to the mobo which means that devices are getting the power Spetznaz is on the verge of nervous breakdown lol nbsp

A:PC Wont BOOT, Urgent

Try unplugging the computer and remove the battery. Leave it out an hour or so. After an hour or so reinstall the battery take out all cards execpt video. Make sure memory is fully seated in their slots. All cables firmly seated? Cpu firmly seated? Plug computer back in and if it boots get into the bios. Usually by hittting the delete key right after you hit the power button. Load setup defaults. save and exit and see if windows boots. If it does then try rebooting several times to make sure it continues to boot. Now try the sound card in a different slot. If nothing works after reinserting the sound card, I would think that maybe its bad. Return it an try another. Is your power supply a generic one that came with the case?
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My fugitsu laptop gets stuck at the boot screen when i tryu to start it, alls i did was restart my computer and know its doing this, I run win Xp and im pissed because i have a very imporant document on that computer and it wont start need help asap!!!!!! Safemode wont work!!!!

A:Urgent Xp Stuck At Boot!!!

How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP
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Hey everyone This is my first post here at EightForums and hopefully I can get help with an ongoing trouble I've had for the past day Not sure if this is where the thread should go Now here's the main problem I don't think Windows is picking up my partition or is it The laptop technically crashed in this situation Windows is installed on C Drive Before the crash I was simply installing the latest AMD Catalyst and VISION Engine Control Refresh Boot Can't or [URGENT] Panels [URGENT] Can't Refresh or Boot whilst surfing Facebook I'm not sure if the problem is directly linked [URGENT] Can't Refresh or Boot to this or not After the AMD stuff installed it [URGENT] Can't Refresh or Boot let me choose whether or not I want to reboot now or later so I left it open until I could close Facebook that's where troubles start The bar at the top of Chrome went invisible and everything started flickering so I Alt Tabbed to the prompt for rebooting and hit reboot and went to get a coffee I come back to my laptop expecting a login screen but instead I'm greeted with a blue screen showing that winload exe is either missing or damaged or something so I've been trying everything in a command line from my install disc I've tried all the BCD backups tried fix MBR all that One led to a problem where it said quot The Boot Configuration Data BCD I assume is damaged quot or something but I had a backup so I renamed it back to BCD from BCD OLD and now I'm back at the same winload exe screen Refresh Your PC didn't work either I'm getting a drive locked error and yes I tried clearing attributes In Diskpart I've tried List Partition and it showed my GB D called Data my System Recovery Partition of MB and my C with or so gigabytes and it's extended not primary I've tried setting it active won't work I need this laptop for a lot of data and a resume I need to turn in for a job interview tomorrow Need help Ceejay

A:[URGENT] Can't Refresh or Boot

The practical, and recommended, *( By me ) thing is to have a CD/DVD clean install version of Windows 8 or any other Windows OS for other times/computers. The problems with after market upgrades, or factory installed Windows 8, is that there isn't a disc. I've been stuck too many times.

Windows 8 comes in three versions and two selections. Regular, Pro and commercial for large corporations and government. Windows pro is sold as either an upgrade version or a complete version. Around my area Windows Pro complete sells for $69.99 US Dollars.

By installing the disc and booting it should get you back on line. It also contains some fix/repair features. There is also the old procedure or rebooting while tapping repeatedly the F-10 key which brings up a diagnostic/repair menu.
You may have been hacked by bandits. You may have a worm or virus. Or you may have a conflict with other software. Yours is a very common problem that is seen often on these forums wherein the protection software conflicts with Windows 8. One remedy there is to uninstall the software and reinstall it. Too it is necessary sometimes to go into the registry and delete some unwanted remnants of other useless software that is still embedded.

Windows 8 Defender and Firewall is considered to much improved and among the best FREE software. However, commercial software is recommended for enhanced protection.
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Hi for christmas this year i got a new laptop Acer Aspire g After months of just tinkering with it i decided to attempt to put Mac OS X on it and dual boot it I read various ways of doing it x and so on But basically i ended up messing up my hard drive causeing me to lose into Can't boot needed, Urgent help anything! everything i had on it Im not too sure what happened but i think Urgent help needed, Can't boot into anything! it was due to Urgent help needed, Can't boot into anything! formatting the partition wrong Anyway i used a windows recovery disk which is able to boot to load up a command prompt and attempt and format my hard disk I am not sure if i did this correctly however This shows the set up of my hard drive in diskpart With this i attempted to install a clean version of vista I put in the installation DVD and tired to boot it making sure the CD Drive was st boot priority This lead to a never ending blinking quot quot in the corner of the screen I then attempted the same thing with an XP disk this also did the same thing To try to get some sort of operating system i tried to install ubuntu the latest one This DID boot but when trying to press either install or run the live CD the whole computer freezes to which a reboot is required Now i am completely out of options and freaking out about the whole thing ive got school exams in a few weeks and i need my laptop desperatly i would appriciate and help so much I've tried to give you as much information as possible but i am happy to give you any more information you need My System Specs Code General Platform Technology Intel Centrino Duo System Type Notebook Built-in Devices Stereo speakers subwoofer wireless LAN aerial Width cm Depth cm Height cm Weight kg Localisation United Kingdom Processor Processor Intel Core Duo T GHz Multi-Core Technology Dual-Core -bit Computing Yes Data Bus Speed MHz Chipset Type Mobile Intel PM Express Cache Memory Type L Cache Installed Size MB RAM Installed Size GB GB max Technology DDR SDRAM - MHz Form Factor SO DIMM -pin Configuration Features x GB Storage Controller Type Serial ATA Serial ATA Interface Serial ATA- Storage Hard Drive GB - Serial ATA- - rpm Optical Storage Type DVD RW R DL DVD-RAM BD-ROM - integrated Card Reader Type in card reader Supported Flash Memory Cards SD Memory Card Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO MultiMediaCard xD-Picture Card Display Display Type quot TFT Max Resolution x WXGA Widescreen Display Yes Colour support -bit million colours Features CrystalBrite Video Graphics Processor Vendor ATI Mobility Radeon HD Audio Audio Output Sound card Compliant Standards Dolby Digital Live Dolby Pro Logic II High Definition Audio Dolby Home Theater Features Acer DSonic stereo speakers Audio Input Stereo microphone Notebook Camera Camera Type Integrated Sensor Resolution Megapixel Input Device s Type Keyboard touchpad -way scroll button Telecom Modem Fax modem Max Transfer Rate Kbps Protocols amp Specifications ITU V Features Wake on Ring Networking Networking Network adapter Wireless LAN Supported Yes Wireless NIC Intel PRO Wireless ABG Data Link Protocol Ethernet Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet IEEE b IEEE a IEEE g IEEE n draft Features Acer SignalUp Compliant Standards IEEE b IEEE a IEEE g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED IEEE n draft Expansion Connectivity Expansion Slots Total Free x memory - SO DIMM -pin x ExpressCard Interfaces x Hi-Speed USB - PIN USB Type A x display video - HDMI x display video - VGA - pin HD D-Sub HD- x display video - S-video output x remote control - infrared x IEEE FireWire x audio - SPDIF output headphones line-out - mini-phone stereo mm x network - Ethernet Base-T Base-TX Base-T - RJ- x audio - line-in microphone - mini-phone mm x audio - line-In - mini-phone mm Miscellaneous Features Security lock slot cable lock sold separately administrator password system password wake on LAN Compliant Standards ACPI Power Power Device External Voltage Required AC V Hz Battery Technology -cell Lithium Ion Installed Qty Capac... Read more

A:Urgent help needed, Can't boot into anything!

Any ideas? I would really appriciate any help. Please
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Ok, i guess I better start from the begining. My computer came with Vista and I installed Xp with it only to take it off later. Once I took it off I was trying to remove the windows boot menu because it still had XP listed. I read on a website that i had to delete the c:\boot directory and this would fix the problem. Now vista won't load at all. It says "missing system32\hal.dll"

I'm on my wifes computer now but I have client information on mine and I did not backup. What can I do?

A:URGENT - Vista won't boot

Hi -

Insert the Vista DVD or invoke the Vista recovery partition and try Vista System Restore first (there may be no Vista restore points b/c of XP booting). If NO-GO on System Restore, boot in same manner and select System Repair.

Can you see the Vista OS partition from XP?

Regards. . .


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My Acer was experiencing problems running slow etc So i decided to run a virus scan on AVG virus software When i saw that my firewall was in need of an update I clicked to update and my computer shut off Ever since then I was getting the blue screen of death and no option for safe mode so I could not boot windows Today I found out that I could access Acers recovering Boot [URGENT] problems managment by using Alt F in POST I restroed my computer back to factory original and everything was seeming to work fine Untill in the middle of Vista reloading itself I got another blue screen of death this one not so fatal allowed me to boot in safe mode Vista however did not I could not boot in safe mode untill windows had finished updating So i returned to boot normally Boot problems [URGENT] I got to right before selecting a User and I got a pop up saying quot Your computer was restarted blah blah blah quot basically I could yet again not load windows So i returned to the Acer recovery hopeing to again restore to default No such luck Every restore I attempt fails about of the way into it quot Restore failed - Boot problems [URGENT] reason xd d quot After the failed restore I can load my computer up to the Post point but after that it restarts itself

A:Boot problems [URGENT]

0xd000000d on an acer aspire 5515
Maybe one of your RAM modules is bad. If you have vista, hold down f10 or f8 at during boot to see if you can get to the memory diagnostic tool.
I had errors so I tried removing one of the RAM modules. Once I removed the bad RAM the error went away.
(Bad RAM, contact the manufacturer and get it replaced or buy new RAM).
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windows7 ultimate 32 bit. suddenly switched off, reboot does not show on screen which reads "HDMI CHECK SIGNAL CABLE"

Using ATI HD4350 fanless with heatsink connected via HDMI lead. tried another monitor using white dvi cable monitor stays blank then shows power saving mode. so that eliminates the monitere & hdmi lead.

could a duff graphics card show this error? any advice please. no on board graphics.

unable to get in to bios no bleeps, win7 dvd no good either, all fans come on and moterboard MSI X58 on board indicator light goes from amber to green when pc turn on so m/b must be ok.

A:pc will not boot need urgent advice please

If you can't get the system to boot up it's difficult to know whether to go for the graphics card or the motherboard.

When you say the Windows DVD is no good, is that you don't have one or that you can't extend the DVD drive tray?

If you've got a problem with your graphics and your DVD drive you could have a motherboard problem or possibly a power supply problem.

Do you have a system repair disc?

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode?
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My new Win PC won't needed Urgent boot. help PC please! was fine yesterday - today it won t boot Startup Repair has run times now and it concludes that it cannot repair startup I have run System Restore from within Advanced Repair options to put the PC back to a time I knew it was working - which has made no difference Also ran the Memory diagnostic but it didn t report any errors not of course that I can get into Windows to see the log file it supposedly created When I try to boot PC won't boot. Urgent help needed please! into Windows I get the usual M B splash screens and now - I don t think this came up before - Loading Asus Express gate and then the Starting Windows message and then a quick flash of a Blue Screen of Death far too fast to read anything before the system shuts down and restarts the Startup Repair screen Not sure how or if I can change the restart options in the BIOS so that the blue screen remains on screen Asus P X DE M B Starting Win in Safe Mode also gives a blue screen As far as I can see unlike in XP there is no way to run a Windows repair from the CD-ROM Is my only option to reinstall Windows and therefore waste the three weeks I have spent setting the PC up as I want it Or can anyone see any other ways forward before I do this I can boot using a BartPE XP disc but that hasn t been much help Thanks Martin nbsp

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I initialy had my computer set up to dual boot XP Home Edition and Ubuntu XP (URGENT) Partition Boot Cant I then purchased Cant Boot XP Partition (URGENT) Windows Vista and set up my PC to dual boot XP and Vista Vista worked fine and still does however when i went to boot XP i recieved the ntldr error To solve this problem I copied the needed ntldr files off of the instalation cd and placed them on the XP partition After copying the files I then selected the XP option during boot After selecting this partition i moved on to another screen asking which operating system i would like It had one blank option and XP Home Edition After selecting either one my system restarts and i end up at the boot screen again I am still able to boot Vista just not XP I have tried many options found online but none have been succesfull I am in need of some programs on the XP partition so i would like a solution by tonight if posible Thanks in advance nbsp

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My computer wont boot properly. It takes a long time to load and eventually when it finally opens, the system repair screen pops up. I then wait for the system repair to execute and it states it cannot fix the issue and to close. I close, restart and the same thing. I have tried to cancel the system repair and nothing. I have also tried to boot in safe mode but it takes a very long time and nothing.
I am stuck, I dont know what to do and I wish not to lose my valuable data. Please help me restore my data.
Note: I dont have the original windows 7 cd.
Please help ASAP, I would really appreciate it.

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(Sorry if typing is bad, this keyboard is strange) I recently found my old Compaq Presario V2000 I want to use it for school. I have tried booting in to it, won't work. It says no hard drive detected. I have tried resetting BIOS, inserting boot CD's, and reinserting the HDD. please help me fix this. Thanks, bye. PS when i go into BIOS, Tools, HDD self test, it says no IDE device.

A:Computer will not boot up. URGENT

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Does the HDD have power?

How is the HDD connected to the motherboard?

Have you tried a new HDD?
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My dad's laptop crashed, and it's getting a BOOT/BCD error.

Apparently, in order to fix this, I need to use the recovery disk from his computer and the repair option. His disk does not have that repair option. I created a recovery disk on my PC, and am wondering whether I can use it on his laptop.

If not, how else can I fix this problem? Advanced Boot Options does not start, I can't run in safe mode.

A:BOOT/BCD Error. Urgent!

Quote: Originally Posted by ArthurNeedsHelp

My dad's laptop crashed, and it's getting a BOOT/BCD error.

Apparently, in order to fix this, I need to use the recovery disk from his computer and the repair option. His disk does not have that repair option. I created a recovery disk on my PC, and am wondering whether I can use it on his laptop.

Yes. Any Win7 repair disc is really nothing more than a slimmed-down Win7 installation disc to support only the system repair functions. (note that any Win7 installation disc can also be used to accomplish the same repair... just select "repair" from the main menu.)

And both of these discs are usable in any environment for repair of that Win7.
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Hello I have a Fujitsu Amilo and I have had it for about years now I haven't had any major problems with it but lastnight I forgot to turn my laptop off at night and today I went on it and was on it for about an hour then I was looking through my pictures and wanted to look at the through another programe and it wouldn't load up so I turned it off by the power button however I tried turning it on and it my boot,urgent!!! laptop won't came on with the black screen and white writing saying load the launch start up repar and start windows normally so I chose the second option and it was on the screen saying quot my laptop won't boot,urgent!!! windows starting quot for about my laptop won't boot,urgent!!! minutes I turned it off again took the battery out left it for about minuets and tried again but same thing happened then I tried and chose the launch my laptop won't boot,urgent!!! up repair and it still loaded files and then it just was starting up for more than minuets and tried this several times atm I have took mybattery out for an hour please I need URGENT help I have files I really need of my laptop please help I am sososoososos desperate for help my life without my laptop memory is like an absolutely failure please help asap X

A:my laptop won't boot,urgent!!!

Please need urgent help guys:(