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Monitor won't display (no input/check cables) after new video card install

Q: Monitor won't display (no input/check cables) after new video card install

I recently purchased a Chaintech Geforce FX MB DDR AGP X X video card from newegg com Additional stats Core clock MHz D-SUB DirectX DirectX DVI Max Resolution input/check after display won't Monitor cables) new card install video (no x Hz Memory Clock MHz OpenGL OpenGL TV Monitor won't display (no input/check cables) after new video card install Tuner No TV-Out S-Video Out VIVO No I ve been using an old Geforce MB card don t have the specifics at the moment and it was working fine albeit sub-par for new games namely Guild Wars I m using an ASUS A V Socket A motherboard MHz FSB AGP Pro X if you need any other info or specs let me know and I ll provide what I can Long story short I correctly and safely removed the old card input the new card and nothing happens My monitor says quot no input check cables quot Obviously something is going on with this card I m not sure if the problem is with the card itself or its compatibility with my motherboard I m not a genius when it comes to pc hardware that s why I m here and basically I have two questions If this video card can work with my motherboard what do I need to do to get it to work If this video card cannot work with my motherboard what s the best video card I could buy that would be compatible with what I ve got Also considering the motherboard I DO have if I indeed I need to replace this card again what should I look for so I don t order the wrong thing Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Monitor won't display (no input/check cables) after new video card install

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor won't display (no input/check cables) after new video card install

You didn't say whether or not you uninstalled the old graphics card driver and installed a new one.
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Hey all I hope someone can help me with a hair-pulling problem I am having with my -month old PC I have tried every possible solution to no avail I have looked on countless forums as well and tried all the likely solutions but nothing has helped Okay so I recently took my whole comp apart to install aftermarket NB SB and CPU from No video display on monitor card HSF s as well as a couple of Thermaltake Spirit RS s on my x GB sticks of RAM When I put it all back together after installation and turned it on nothing displayed on my monitor except for the Acer popup screen when it is first turned on and a quot no display quot box popup after that followed by the monitor going into standby The computer powers up with everything seeming like it is getting the proper power Fans LEDs etc all are on and I get no beeps from mobo except for when I forgot to plug in the -pin to the video cards RAM doesn t look faulty because I have extra brand new GB sticks that No display on monitor from video card I swapped in and nothing changed Also I tried swapping the video cards in opposite PCIx- slots but nothing happened as well I tried using a No display on monitor from video card VGA cable with DVI adapter on the end instead of the DVI cable I have that runs from the monitor to the card bvut hasn t done anything either Tried using just one video card and switched SLI card to single Also reset BIOS on mobo I have come to the following conclusions-sound logical a Bad psu b I somehow fried both cards seems unlikely though Your helpful responses are greatly appreciated Specs E OCZ GamexStream W x GB Transcend pc Asus P N-E SLI Antec Nine Hundred dual MSI NX GT SLI d nbsp

A:No display on monitor from video card

Does your motherboard come with an on-board VGA? Try connecting the display monitor to that.
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So both my monitors were working fine and fully functioned untill I updated my video card. It now only displays on one screen, but if i disconnect the working screen and restart it shows is on the other screen and vise-versa. Also when i try going into the Nvidia control panel it just doesnt respond.

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So, I got a new video card at work to install and nothing will show up when I plug it in. I can go through the computers VGA and it works fine, but when I go to the video card only a black screen. Any help? Can't download drivers either, only black screen upon boot.

A:Display Drivers/Video Card and Monitor Screen


Have you tried removing the graphics card and using the on board VGA to boot into windows, you could then install the required drivers.

Then shutdown the PC >> Insert new graphics card and see how that goes??

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I'm not getting an image on my computer screen. Tried second monitor without success. PC savvy friends have told me it's the video card or the motherboard. I purchased a new graphics card. However, I wouldn't know how to go about installing it without a display. Could it be my motherboard? Any help would be appreciated. Dustin

A:Help! I lost display on my PC monitor! video card or motherboard?

first off dustin, welcome to techspot.

It does sound like a video problem...

Before we can help you out..we need a bit more info.

First off, have you made anymjor changes to you PC? Or have their been any problems before this happend? (flickering screen etc etc)

Replacing a video card is not hard at all, but we need to determine if your PC used an actual video card, or the video output is built into your Motherboard.

If you could tell us you PC make, Model, and some simple hardware specs, including you motherboard, and video card (if you use one)

If you dont know how to get them (specs), dont panic, its not that hard. You should consult this post found here

Post back with your specs, and we can go from there....

Good luck

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Took an old Dell XPS 630i with ATI 4850 old card that crapped out on me and replaced it with ATI HD 7750. I am sure i properly seated the card but when i connect it to my monitor all i get is a black screen... When I boot up the machine i can't even see BIOS logo.

Monitor settings itself can change from auto detect, Analog, Digital. Using a DVI to VGA adapter so im on Digital Setting - which should be correct because i see the floating color box...

Card spins, pretty sure 750w PSU works fine, etc ... didn't touch anything else. Also I was reformatting windows 7 on this PC and didn't finish (It finished installing windows but i got to the screen where it told me to enter my Name for PC and i just turned it off) I doubt this has anything to do with it but thought i should mention this.


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I have an HP ZR22w monitor with three inputs: VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort. I want to hook up a computer to the DisplayPort, but my video card id HDMI out. All the cables are sold as DisplayPort source out to HDmi monitor in. Are these cables reversible?
Can you recommend the right way to hook this up? Is there a cable that exists for this situation? Do I need a combination cable/adapter?
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There s a lot to this story so I ll try to condense video uninstalled card after Monitor won't I display drivers it as Monitor won't display after I uninstalled video card drivers much as I can A few days ago Monitor won't display after I uninstalled video card drivers I was watching Netflix and my monitor suddenly went blank I could still hear the show so I unplugged and replugged the cords until it finally came on This happened about more times that day The next day I turned on my computer and the monitor didn t come on I did the same thing and it finally came on It would go off randomly throughout the day just like before Now we get to today and the same thing happened l except today I couldn t load any of the games I play I tried to launch over watch and it told me my video card wasn t compatible I tried to launch counter strike global offensive and it forced me to have the lowest settings possible So I decided to update my drivers I had been putting this off for some time just because everything seemed fine When the driver update would ask for permission from my computer my monitor would go blank and I would have to unplug and replug like before If I tried to open task manager the monitor would go blank A lot of the times when the monitor would go blank icons would be moved around on my desktop and the programs already open nbsp such as steam and battle net would shrink So anyways I was able to update my drivers and so I tried to open up over watch Again nothing changed and my driver software says I still need to update So I was browsing the Internet and someone had a detailed explanation on how to completely remove all graphic related drivers and reinstall them So I decided to try this I had to restart my computer to complete the first task which was simply uninstall the drivers So I did and now no matter what I do nothing shows up on my monitor Specs AMD FX- eight core processor AMD r fury x gfx cardGigabyte -gaming motherboard Corsair vengeance gb of ramEither a watt or watt psu - rose will I was on the irc chat earlier and the suggestions I had gotten there were to either plug in my older graphics card Ati Radeon and connect my hdmi to dva cord into that or find a dva or the other kind of screw plug to display cord and connect that instead of the hdmi port My monitor has both screw plug ports and an hdmi plug The fury x only has hdmi and display ports,157620.0.html
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I don?t know how better to explain than with pics:

When I started my pc that?s waht I got. I checked the cables and saw that the one from the monitor was loose ? the thingy on pc was actually loose. I am actually missing one of these little ones, and the other one got loose:

I tightened it ? same thing.
Bought new ones ? same thing!
What can be the problem? The contact or something just died on me?

Thx in advance!

A:Graphics card, monitor or just cables?

Those are just screw anchors, and one or more may be stripped. They have no bearing on electrical or video problems except to keep the video cable connected and secure. Looks like the computers video card is dieing... besides the stripped screws. Try another monitor to be sure
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Hi im having a major issue I want to play my games via my Dell switching Xbox cables. PC without monitor on video flat screen monitor The way I Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. achieve that now is by disconnecting the vga cable that connects my computer to my monitor and plugging in the vga cable for my xbox into the monitor Then when Im done I have to go through the agonizing process of unscrewing the cable for my xbox and replacing the cable for my computer This is my xbox cable http www xbox com en-US hardware x xbox vgahdcable My major question is Can I make is so I can have an option or button to switch between the two videos Like say mid game I want to switch back to my pc without have to unplug my Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. cable or anything can I do that I notice the cable for the connection from my pc to my monitor has another cable hanging off of it but I have no idea what that is for and it doesn t take in cables it puts out My operating system is a Dell C and i have a in flat screen monitor with the speaker attached to it on the bottom Do Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. I have to buy an attachment or is there a program I can buy Thank you so much nbsp

A:Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables.

I also run on Vista 32 bit
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My GeForce 5200 isn't working. I've been having problems with it where the video cable connects to the card. Sometimes Windows XP loads up in 256 colors. When I jiggle the cable, the screen goes black then comes back on in the correct colors. Now, it's completly out and the monitor won't load up. How do I install my new GeForce 5500FX if I can't see my monitor? I believe I need to connect my monitor cable to my mother board monitor connection, but I don't think it will work as long as my GeForce is installed.

A:Solved: How do I install new video card when I can't see my monitor?
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I have 2 monitors set up on a Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 Ultra (AGP). Runs fine. I wanted to add a 3rd monitor and am trying to install a Geforce 2 MX400 (PCI). As soon as I install the card none of the monitors work past the startup window. I have downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers, tried switching AGP to PCi in BIOS, installing the MX400 first then the 5200. Can't seem to figure this one out. - Windows XP, AMD 2200+, 1gig ram, Via chipset, 350w power. Please help.

A:3 Monitor set up, 2 video card install problems

Similar Problem

I'm having this same problem. Did you ever figure it out????? Email me!

[email protected]
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My problem seems to be two fold Dxdiag is reporting everything in display as n a ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name REBECCA-PC Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit Build Service Pack win sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD System Model MS- after screen DxDiag and driver video install card display blank BIOS Default System BIOS Processor AMD Phenom tm II X Processor CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Manufacturer Chip type DAC type Device Key Enum Display DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install Memory n a Dedicated Memory n a Shared Memory n a Current Mode x bit Hz Driver Name Driver File Version Driver Version DDI Version unknown Driver Model unknown Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B EE - - CF-B -B DAEC CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Driver Strong Name Unknown Rank Of Driver Unknown Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a D D Overlay n a DXVA-HD n a DDraw Status Not Available D D Status Not Available AGP Status Not Available ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback Yes Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name RTKVHD sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No Description Realtek Digital Output Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback No Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name RTKVHD sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No --------------------- Sound Capture Devices --------------------- ------------------- DirectInput Devices ------------------- Device Name Mouse Attached Controller ID n a Vendor Product ID n a FF Driver n a Device Name Keyboard Attached Controller ID n a Vendor Product ID n a FF Driver n a Poll w Interrupt No When I install my video card drivers for my Ati Radeon HD it will load the Bios screen but when it gets to windows it goes blank I can hear it starting up and if I type in my password on the blank screen it will take me to my background image but do nothing else I can get to safe mode If I uninstall the drivers I can load regularly but can not play any games that need directx Windows automatically downloads some VGA drivers When it restarts the computer returns to blank screen at login Edit Also when I do install the ATI ... Read more

A:DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install

I solved both issues. They had to do with use of dual monitors, so it was making my television the primary monitor and not my comp's monitor. Unplugged the television and reinstalled the driver, works perfectly now.
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Its a weird problem. It has been working fine for over a year and little bit more. Suddenly the monitor lost input signal, and went to sleep, while the computer is still running. The monitor hasnt gain signal even if i restarted. It keeps sleeping, because it doesnt have any input signal. Also when i leave it on it suddenly gets signal an has display for a few secs or min, then loses it again. What could be the problem? If it never had happen before. What should i do or any recommendations, Suggestions?

A:No monitor display, no input signal

Update your video card drivers from the manufactures site. If you cannot get to that point, unplug your power and video card cord from the back of your computer, then hold in your power button for a minute. This will suck up the remaining electricity. Then of course plug it all back in. If this works still make sure to update your drivers\windows update.
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Ok, heres what I'm trying to do. My sound card (SB Audigy 2 Platinum) has RCA inputs and my video card (GForce 4 Ti4800) has both video ins and outs. I want to hook up my Playstation 2 to these video and sound inputs and play games using my computer's monitor and speakers for the video and sound. Is there a program I can download that will allow me to watch what is coming in the video input on my video card?

A:Program to display video input?

Um from what I see the GeForce 4 Ti4800 has only 3 plugs in the back and all are output - standard VGA, DVI, and S-Video.
If yours has more can you supply more information on the card please.
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I recently upgraded to a 450 GTS and bought a new PSU. I have the PSU working and am on it right now. The problem is that when I place my 450 GTS into my computer and boot it up, my moniter says "Check Video Card". I am currently using my on-board graphics card to get my PC to start.

I also hear the system booting and loading through my speakers but my monitor is the only problem. Been frustrated for hours.. Please help.

- Computer: HP Pavilion a6042n
- Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20 GHz
- Ram: 2.00 GB
- OS: Windows 7 (32-bit)
- Power Supply: RF-500WPS2 (500W-600W Peak)

Could this issue be because I need a bigger Power Supply. The graphics card I currently have requires 450W and I ran it on my other PC with the same Power Supply.

A:Monitor says "Check Video Card" after upgrading

It sounds as if you forgot to plug in the 6 pin PCI-E power connector on the graphics card.
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Hi all, I have just bought a second hand Dell Dimension 2200. When I switch it on the monitor is displaying
No Signal input, check video cable. I was using this computer at the home of the person I bought it from without problems.

When I have hooked the monitor to a laptop it is displaying on the screen for a couple of seconds the showing me the same error message.

As soon as I switch on the computer it give four short beeps, a short pause then another two beeps.

Any ideas as to what this would be or how I could fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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Okay, so I looked for some answers involving this but nothing seems to quite fit my issue. I woke up this morning, turned on my computer and after some loading it stopped just short of the log in screen and told me that it couldn't display the video mode.
Now, I'm not sure what's happened here. I haven't done anything to the computer recently, and currently I'm running my computer in safe mode, which works. I tried to hook another monitor, but they both have the same issue. Nothing major has been done to this computer, and I don't even think that anything was installed. I was using it last night, got off, went to bed and then woke up to this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What do I need to do do this?

I want to be able to plug Yellow/Red/White(ps2/dvd player for example) cables into my pc (or monitor) so that I can have my monitor output the image.

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I was playing luxor1 last night and when finished tried to leave the game but the screen went black and displayed this message. "Digital Input cannot display this video mode."
I rebooted, tried unplugging everything, tried another monitor and nothing is working. Screen is still black. when rebooting the computer doesn't always fully reboot because sometimes I don't hear the windows sound. And sometimes I do hear it. Can anyone help?

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How can one rig or setup a laptop monitor (purchased as a kit without the computer portion) to receive an rca video signal from another computer?
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I want to use my laptop to watch tv, but I don't know how to input video signals into my laptop's monitor..

I really need your help, thanks a lot!

A:How can I input video signal to my laptop monitor?

Welcome to TechSpot forums

It is unlikely that the laptop's video capability has a video in connection. So unfortunately I doubt this is a possibility. One of my workmates does have a USB tv card device which feeds a TV signal into the computer and this works with a laptop (aerial connects to device, device connected via USB connection to laptop).

Something like the devices for sale from this website would be required:

If you post details of the laptop model we will be able to confirm whether it does or does not have a video in capability.

If you think you might stick around at this forum please feel free to post a hello message in the Introduce yourself forum
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I have a "Digital video input (DVI)" on the back of a LCD Flat Panel Monitor,although i use the old fashion monitor -to- computer type of cord.

What use is the Digital video input (DVI)? My video card just has the old fashion output for a monitor connection. I am thinking if i get a new video card for my computer that has a DVI output, i could connect the computer to the LCD monitor DVI input...and get a better picture. True?
thanks ahead of time

A:A Digital video input (DVI-D) outlet on LCD to use?

Yes. DVI will give you a clearer, faster picture than VGA will.
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My Dell LCD flat screen started saying "no video input" all of a sudden. It did that once or twice and then it just went to a black screen. I tried restarting and still nothing. When I restart the fan just blows really hard and the computer makes weird beeping noises. I plugged monitor in to another pc and it worked fine so it's not the monitor. Is it the graphics card? The computer seems to start up. Everything was working fine up to this point. Runs XP. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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I've been using a DELL SE WFP monitor for two years It's been running fine on its native resolution of x until a day ago This resolution disappeared recently I have done nothing out of ordinary these past few days Unless you count plugging in a This Cannot Video (Analog Mode Display Auto Detect Input). newly-bought USB hubman so I have no clue how or why this happened I am currently using a resolution of x which I would have no problem with except that now I am unable to play most of my MMOs When I run a game the screen Auto Detect (Analog Input). Cannot Display This Video Mode turns black and there is a message saying quot Auto Detect Analog Input Cannot Display This Video Mode quot I have tried most of the other resolutions that my monitor was capable of displaying but I kept receiving the same message So far I've tried -System restoring -Installing the monitor driver from the website How do I convince my computer that my monitor is an LCD widescreen and not a generic non-pnp monitor

A:Auto Detect (Analog Input). Cannot Display This Video Mode

Try the following:

1) Unplug the Cable from the back of the monitor and check if you can see window moving across the screen
(Self Test for the monitor)

2) Try to re-install the video drivers.
The monitor drivers are not much of a use, still good you re-installed them.
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hi all i m typing this on my phone so I apologize in advance for typos I just spent about an hour trying to figure out why my friend s desktop won t properly boot up and display when I got boot moving of input lines proper probs: no wavy instead to a monitor; then, display there she couldn t get any display at all just a msg that the monitor was in power save mode I thought maybe the RAM might be loose so I reset the two sticks she had in there turned it back on and voila a proper boot up and display but we get to boot probs: no input to monitor; then, wavy moving lines instead of a proper display the desktop and now the display changes to non-viewable jumbled scrambled lines turn it off force reset and we re back to no input on the monitor i m pretty sure it wasn t booting up at all since boot probs: no input to monitor; then, wavy moving lines instead of a proper display I couldn t get the quot cap lock quot indicator light on the keyboard to go on when I pushed the button I reset the RAM sticks again and got a proper display for a few seconds this time however it got all scrambled before we even reached the desktop what can we try now I don t know all the specs on this computer but I do know it s running windows xp pro media center edition any and all help is appreciated thanks mary nbsp

A:boot probs: no input to monitor; then, wavy moving lines instead of a proper display
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Hi. This question will immediately expose my ignorance about video capture. I'm interested in getting a Leadtek Winfast DTV1000S card, mainly to convert some videos. I see from the specifications and the pictures that this card supports composite video and S-video connections. However, I can't find any reference to the audio signal, and how that is captured. I suspect it would probably be through a separate audio line from the source into the line-in on my PC, bypassing the DTV1000S as such. Could any wise member please take pity on my ignorance and tell me how the audio signal is handled in such a case.

Many thanks

A:Audio input to video card

Where do you capture from, and with which program? If it's an external source, say VHS tapes or such, you use a * connector to 3.5mm audio jack to the mic line in plug, and select the program to capture audio from line in. If it's from an internal file from the computer (some would need to do this) or a digital broadcast, or whatnot, you just set the program to record sound from the default audio output device. Make sure the program you use supports this.
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Anyone know of a Nvidia graphics card with S-video input and DVI-out sockets?

A:S-video input graphic card?

Any Geforce card that has VIVO, Video-In/Video-Out:

Or if you have a nice video card then you could just get a TV capture card:
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I don t have a webcam but what I do have is a standard digital camera with a video out phono I plug this into my video card and video Using as input card webcam my my using the video card software I can see on-screen the video that I put in be it my camera or my video player etc The problem comes with the fact that no other application or software can use my video card msn Using my video card input as my webcam just has a black screen when I select the video card Skype says quot cannot start video renderer please check you have a valid directx installation quot I do and other programs say Using my video card input as my webcam things like quot Unable to start device please ensure other devices aren t using it quot etc The only way I ve been able to get around this is to full screen my video card software showing the video and screen broadcast that window with skype I d much rather a better solution to this because it not only means I have to use Skype all the time but it means my nd monitor is unusable while doing this because its showing the video being used as a screen broadcast Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my video card to work with my programs Many Thanks nbsp

A:Using my video card input as my webcam

PC web cams are cheap. Invest in one...
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I ve got a friend with a problem and that now Card, Video with input there's Solved: no Messed problem is he isn t registered on this forum All jokes aside he is experiencing a rather inconvenient situation that I believe somebody here may be able to help figure out He says quot So I got this computer it s quite old Old enough to have been built with XP as its default I have a broken computer that I took a wireless Solved: Messed with Video Card, now there's no input PCI card from and I also took my GeForce and tried to put it in The GeForce wouldn t fit so I put the old video card back in I tried to run the computer Solved: Messed with Video Card, now there's no input again but when I plugged the monitor in Solved: Messed with Video Card, now there's no input it said that it wasn t getting any input Everything was running fine before this it was getting input For some reason the video that s already built in didn t read in the first place and still doesn t There s no prong cord to plug in and everything is all the same way as when I got it except the wireless PCI but I ve tried it without that as well and still no input I have no idea what s going on is anybody able to help quot Feel free to post as if it s directly to me I ll be copying and pasting it to him anyways nbsp

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I would like to get a video from the Raedon HD 7000 series, more specifically, 7700 or 7800.

I managed to find my computer's specs online and want to ask if I were to get a new card, would I need to upgrade anything else, like a better PSU, or a better CPU to prevent the card from being bottlenecked. I don't mind if it's bottlenecked a bit, but I would like to run Skyrim (as well as BF3) on high or ultra and be able to play Witcher 2 more smoothly.

The computer specs can be found here on the official HP site. I hope this is enough information to answer my question.

If I have forgotten or you need anything else, feel free to tell me and I will update ASAP.

A:Thinking of upgrading my video card, can I get some input?

Well you'd definitely need a better PSU than that 300W one which came with the HP. What's your total budget for the card + PSU?

Your i7 2600 processor is fine... actually it's more than fine since PC makers generally always tend to make CPU-heavy and GPU-light machines.
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So this weekend I went out and got myself some nice 8 ft long HDMI cables. But, when I got home and plugged them in to my Radeon 5770 GPU to my HDTV there was no input.

Currently I'm using DVI, but I don't have an cables to connect the audio, so there is no sound right now.

So.. any ideas what the problem might be? Do I need to configure something first? download a driver?

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last night was doing some video editing when bam screen goes black Rebooted ok keyboard on video cant lightcan see POST, No monitor, sounds input toggle HDD - i can hear the HDD working but No video input on monitor, cant see POST, HDD sounds ok keyboard lightcan toggle on my monitor it says quot No Video Input quot - after a while i hear the windows chime turn on my keyboard caps lock can be toggled but no display - so i assume it was able to post and load windows but just no display - rebooting did not work same as above i ve reseated ram components tried video card on another pc - worked - tried monitor with another pc - worked moved video card to another slot - same problem disconnected all power except for boot drive video and normal motherboard connectors reset cmos remove battery same effect- i know it is booting ram test with mobo elicits the right number of beeps scoured the web for answers it turns out this seems to be a common problem but no common solution - only thing i haven t tried is replacing ram so posting it here No video input on monitor, cant see POST, HDD sounds ok keyboard lightcan toggle in case some of ya might have an idea or two to check out my system core i - GB RAM ATI Win home premium w ps nbsp

A:No video input on monitor, cant see POST, HDD sounds ok keyboard lightcan toggle

I'd say the power supply may have failed such that it no longer provides enough power to the graphics card even though it can supply some power to other parts of the PC. A 450W or greater PSU is recommended for the Radeon HD 4850.
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I just bought a new video card and installed the drivers. The VGA and DVI outputs work fine. However, the S-video input on the card doesnt seem to work. Although I have a live S-video source plugged into the card, Windows Movie Maker (or any other program) gives me an error saying that I have no video input device plugged in. I re-installed my old video card and the S-video worked fine, so it seems to be an issue with the new video card. My question is this: do I need to tell Windows how to look for the S-video input through this new card, or should it find it automatically? I think the S-video input is broken for this video card, but am not positive.

Relevancy 64.93%

Just finished building a new PC for my mates brother all components seemed to be secure I turn on the PC with just the power cable in YAY from input to Built Monitor, Graphics PC, no signal AGP Onboard Newly and card it turns on so i think this is too good to Newly Built PC, no input signal to Monitor, from AGP card and Onboard Graphics be true it turns on first time I unplug it take it upstairs to my monitor plug in my monitor into the AGP card i installed in it Nvidia XT then booted it back up The monitor stays on standby no signal input sign floating round the sreen AHA the motherboard has onboard graphics maybe it defaults to that I remove the AGP card plug the monitors cable into the VGA socket on the motherboard boot it back up Still nothing I presumed that because the fan comes on CD drive and HDD that the processor is intalled Newly Built PC, no input signal to Monitor, from AGP card and Onboard Graphics right So then I reset the CMOS normally solves most things in my case lol boot it back up and still i got nothing The monitor and the Cable work fine and the AGP Newly Built PC, no input signal to Monitor, from AGP card and Onboard Graphics card is fine to as my friend used it in his other PC before giving it to me Motherboard is brand new and i had the same model before just without the onboard graphics Memory is also intalled right i checked twice For the love of god help me Could it be something to do with the Hard drive Slave Master wrong way round Disk Drive faulty I DON T KNOWW lol the only old bits in the PC are the Hard Drive Disk drives and the case itself Please consider everthing before just saying faulty this the Motherboard in question http www ecs com tw ECSWeb Product uID amp LanID Thanks nbsp

A:Newly Built PC, no input signal to Monitor, from AGP card and Onboard Graphics
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Good afternoon I ll try to provide any all information that I can - I m stuck and have a headache and am not very technical Working Card NO Not New Signal, Video - Stll Input A bad combination for working on any system I have a eMachines T - days ago I went to turn on my system When it began the boot process my monitor showed No Input Signal I researched and learned to troubleshoot - so have a checked all cables b attached used the monitor with another system worked fine c checked power cord with another system worked fine d attached another flat NO Input Signal, New Video Card - Stll Not Working screen to my system -- same issue This leads me to think it s an issue with my system vs the monitor So - after more researching and reading I NO Input Signal, New Video Card - Stll Not Working determine that I need to buy a new video card I just did this today and purchased one that should work I think and should be compatible I purchased NVidia PNY MB AGP x and installed per directions Did not fix my issue So - I popped it back out put it back in unconnected and reconnected all cords and cables and got long beep and short beeps Further research suggests it may be memory or it may be the mother board I can t see anything to know what message if any the system is giving I would really appreciate any other suggestions as to how to troubleshoot or fix my issue This is an older system and quite frankly I don t want to drop a Mother Board into it don t know how BUT I do have files stuff that I d like to get off of it I can t do that as I can t see them So - I m open for solutions If there are not solutions for a fix I m open as to how I can get my files off the sysem Thanks to any all in advance I ve never changed anything until today so my specs are AMD Athlon XP Processor QuantiSpeed Architecture operates at GHz KB L cache amp MHz FSB Operating System Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Home Chipset NVIDIA nForce Memory MB DDR PC Expandable to GB Hard Drive GB HDD rpm Optical Drive DVD RW Drive Write Max x DVD R x DVD RW x CD-R x CD-RW Reads x CD x DVD x Max CD-ROM Drive Media Reader -in- digital media manager USB Secure Digital SD Smart Media Compact Flash Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO Micro Drive Multimedia Card Video NVIDIA GeForce MX graphics AGP x slot available Sound nForce -channel Audio Network Mbps built-in Ethernet Modem K ITU v -ready Fax Modem Peripherals Premium Plus Multimedia Keyboard -Button Wheel Mouse Amplified Stereo Speakers Ports Other USB ports in back in Media Reader Serial Parallel PS Audio-In amp Out nbsp

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I am trying to replace a Gforce2 video card with a Gforce FX 5200 with 256m o ddr memory. When I install the new card I get a conflick message saying that I need to remove another piece of hardware to free up the resources needed. It will not tell what hardware is in conflict.

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Hey everyone,

I'm running an HP p6214y with an nVidia GeForce 9800 GT. I recently got a Sony Bravia 32" TV that I was hoping to run in dual screen mode with my HP 2009f monitor. The video card has two DVI out ports which I'm using with two DVI to VGA cables. However, I've found that when I hook the Sony HD TV up to my video card, the video card will stop sending an input signal completely randomly. This sends no warnings or errors to the event log either. I have a 750watt power supply as well. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thank you!
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Well around winter of my Card? Input Video Signal, No Fried Faulty Mobo? computer broke down I have recently gotten sick and tired of using a windows COMPAQ has too little ram for anything remotely modern So I am back to it my Father looked at it and he thinks the motherboard is fried No one in my family has any PHYSICAL computer problem experience though I have virtual experience It started to make a loud hoarse noise at startup The monitor sayed quot No Input Signal quot and said quot Monitor going to sleep quot We cleaned out the inside as it was ridiculously dusty and now the hoarse noises have stopped But the monitor is still messed up What I can provide -Another computer to test things -Pictures of the inside of my computer -Specifications To an extent another thing I want you to know I am not prepared to buy most things I have another computer with parts I can swap if it comes down to it No Input Signal, Faulty Video Card? Fried Mobo? but if we cant fix it we are going to buy a brand new computer If anyone can help it would be much appreciated I have little physical computer experience as in none So I dont know where anything or what anything is nbsp

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HI, I'm planning on buying a new graphics card. I have an Inspiron 720. I have a premade computer with Intel Intetlrgrated Chip set G4/G3. Please ask for extra specs if required.

A:How to install/see available graphics card input slots

First you must look in the manual (and in the case) to check there's a pci-e slot and what version it is. Recent gfx cards are v3, which is somewhat backwards compatable with a v2 slot, but not necessarily with an earlier version.

Next you have to decide what type of gfx card you need - either hi-end for gaming or something cheaper, say, just to run multiple monitors. For gaming, you should check the websites of games you are interested in to see how powerful a card you need to play their game.

When you've got an idea of the type of card you need, you should check that the psu in your pc can power it. Store bought computers are built down to a price and don't allow much leeway for extra power demands (eg from the extra gfx card). A lower end card will probably run ok with the standard psu. A powerful card uses more watts and usually needs extra 12V power connectors that plug directly into the card. Standard desktop psu's can't usually supply enough watts for a hi-end card (or have the 12V aux connectors). In that scenario, you have to invest in a new psu.

A few ideas for you to think about.
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So basically i did bunch of dual display setups before but using two video cards or using one video card with two outputs but this is the FIRST TIME im trying with a built in intergrated card and a PCI card.

Heres the issue.

I hooked up the PCI video card and when i plugg both monitors in, the intergrated video card gives a yellow exclamation point in the device manager and nothing shows up on the monitor. Only the PCI video card shows signal..

I tried un-installing both cards, redoing it from ground up, tried disabling and renabling both cards but only one monitor shows up and that is the PCI card.
What do you guys think?



Check that the on-board video is enabled in the Bios.

It's possible you can't have both working at the same time, should be able to check this if you know what motherboard it is.
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Hi there What I want to do quot extend my desktop on a second monitor but my second monitor is compounded by HDMI TVs monitor a setup up video and Set card primary monitor in multiple and a VGA LCD stage monitor both used as Duplicate setup in Windows quot How I have done this and it works -I have diplay devices HDMI TVs that are connected using a splitter and two monitors Set up primary monitor in a multiple monitor and video card setup both on VGA -I also have two quot video cards quot GPU one Amd radeon hd with VGA DVI and HDMI ports and Intel HD onboard aprox GB with VGA output port -I have connected the TVs with a HDMI x splitter on amd radeon's HDMI port and one of my VGA monitors this one acts as a STAGE MONITOR for the singer artist lyrics -The integrated Intel HD card has my quot Control quot monitor attached that I use as my primary monitor the one that shows me the Desktop and the lyrics control application Software aspect of the problem In Windows I use my Intel HD video card as my primary display then I can extend on a second monitor the desktop The second monitor is my VGA Stage monitor The Third display that appears in the setup is the HDMI splitter this one is a Duplicate of my stage monitor I use x resolution for my primary display and x for the second monitor I know this resolution is too small for my HDMI TV's Windows recommends me a x fullHD resolution but my STAGE MONITOR does not support that much so I need to use a small resolution PROBLEM EVERY TIME I DO THIS SETTINGS EVERYTHING WORKS SUPERBLY FINE AFTER RESTART OR SHUTDOWN THE PRIMARY MONITOR SWAPS WITH THE EXTENDED AND THE DESKTOP IS SHOWN ON THE TVs AND THE STAGE MONITOR AND THE RESOLUTION OF MY PRIMARY DISPLAY JUMPS TO FULLHD AND IT SAYS quot OUT OF RANGE quot WHY HOW CAN I MAKE MY SETTING PERMANENT NOTE My BIOS setting clearly say Primary video gt Onboard And yes the startup screen and the BIOS screen only shows on my Intel HD primary monitor After Windows Starts things swap each other If I don't connect any display on my AMD Radeon PCI-Express card the screen stays on my primary monitor At some point I have observed that if the display devices are started in a sequence first the primary second the splitter and the stage monitor the settings keep on But after numerous attemps this solution became inefficient because every time I start stop the HDMI splitter array the resolution changes and the displays swap each other Is there any registry tweack that can solve this Software problem Thank you for reading
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I didn't know if I should have put this in the general discussion page or the video card page but here it is My laptop has been acting up today I would open the lid and it would have strange colors For example blues would be a strange red color But it would automatically fix itself and go back to normal colors I was suspicious but didn't think much of it Later today I walked past it and the monitor was black nothing on it So i pushed the power button and shut it down Than the fun began It would card. the monitor monitor the it or video Is Laptop dilema. intigrated show me the splash screen Dell when you first boot it up like for some it would say ASUS or such depending on the mobo they had installed It to had messed up colors only it did not correct this time than the screen went black I waited a few minutes hoping it would wake up and give me a screen witch it never did I rebooted several more Laptop monitor dilema. Is it the monitor or the intigrated video card. time trying to get into the bios or anything with a Laptop monitor dilema. Is it the monitor or the intigrated video card. screen witch also failed The DELL splash screen never failed to come up though After close observation I noticed there was something on the screen it was just really dark and barely readable It said something to the effect of quot Windows has failed to start quot and gave me the option of booting normal or startup repair I eventually shut the lid and got a secondary monitor and tried to use it Apparently shutting the lid disables the primary monitor and lets you use the monitor you plug in And now I have a screen again It worked What do you guys think is it a monitor issue or a video card issue And is it repairable Sadly i don't know much about the laptop other than it is dell has an integrated ati graphics card and is windows vista It is dell inspiron if that helps

A:Laptop monitor dilema. Is it the monitor or the intigrated video card.

Hi computergeekguy,

Since you are getting 'video' on an 'external display', it appears to be an LCD related issue with the laptop. You may also try to run the LCD BIST (Built in self test) to check the 'LCD display performance' when separated from the 'graphics'. You may find the following steps useful:
- Power off the laptop
- Press and hold down letter <D> on the keyboard
- Power the laptop back on (continue to hold the letter <D>)
- Laptop enters in the 'LCD diagnostic environment' (check the performance)

If your laptop does not enter the diagnostic mode, you may also try to release the 'flea power':
- Power off the laptop
- Unplug the AC Adapter and Battery
- Press and hold down the 'power button' for 10 - 15 seconds
- Plug the 'Adapter cable' back in and launch the 'LCD BIST' again

Do reply if you have any further questions. I would be glad to assist.
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Hi there I m in pretty desperate Display Mode" Games Cannot "Analog Input All Video This need of help First I ll start by giving the specs of my computer Computer Operating System All Games "Analog Input Cannot Display This Video Mode" Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Service Pack Service All Games "Analog Input Cannot Display This Video Mode" Pack DirectX DirectX c Computer Name MCCLOUD User Name Paul Motherboard CPU All Games "Analog Input Cannot Display This Video Mode" Type Intel Pentium MHz x Motherboard Name Intel Rock Lake D PERL PCI AGP DIMM Motherboard Chipset Intel Springdale i PE System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type AMI Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port RIM Virtual Serial Port COM Communication Port RIM Virtual Serial Port COM Communication Port Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce Ti MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce Ti I m also using a Dell FPt LCD monitor Now the problem is that whenever I try to run counter strike or Civ my screen goes black and says quot Analog Input cannot display this video mode quot Now I know this normally means that I m trying to run a resolution or refresh rate that exceeds the monitors capacity The thing is though that I tried playing counter strike at x with vsync on and it still gives me the problem Another weird thing is that when I switch the video mode from open gl to software I can then play I m pretty stumped I ve tried everything I could think of in terms of forcing the video mode and programs to lock the refresh rates but nothing seems to be working nbsp
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hey guys,
I thought it would be sweet to run a duel monitor setup on my computer but
when i installed my video card my comp aways runs on the video card monitor,
it doesn't even show the motherboard monitor is there. I was wondering what could i do to fix this.
BTW. the video card is a maddog predator Radeon 9250 pci.
the computer is. compaq presaio s5100nx with 768 ddr and 2.6 mhz running on windows xp home.

A:Motherboard monitor and video card monitor conflect

You may have to change something in the bios, I have done this before but I dont remember what the setting was.
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I am at a complete loss I recently moved and when I got my computer unpacked it wasn t working properly the monitor would come monitor... and blacks out, card video Monitor replaced on for a couple of seconds and then goes to black if you power it of then back on it does the same thing you Monitor blacks out, replaced video card and monitor... can position it just right and still see that XP is running in the background and can move the mouse cursor around So my first thought was that it s the monitor so I hooked my boyfriend s brand new monitor up to it both are lcds exact same thing So naturally I assume it must be the video card so Monitor blacks out, replaced video card and monitor... I replace my year old video card w his new one and tried both monitors same thing happens I am now worried that it may be some sort of virus I don t know if this has anything to do w it but I added my b f s Monitor blacks out, replaced video card and monitor... harddrive to mine to act as a backup storage device I took his hard drive out and put it back in his system and plugged in his monitor and it has the same response but his system worked an hour ago so that s what lead me to my virus theory but I can t find anything online - PLEASE HELP nbsp

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I don t know if this is a repost of someone else s thread but I don t seem to find any threads that has any problems similar to mine I m very sorry if it is Basically there is this slight problem with the monitor I have purchased It s Video Display message: "Attention: No Input" Philips x sw I hooked everything up to my computer and everything worked fine Up until now it still works fine My slight problem is that whenever the display turns off I use power settings the screen would say quot Attention Display message: "Attention: No Video Input" No Video Input quot For the screen saver that message doesn t pop up at all I have tried both DVI and VGA cables and the results are pretty much the same I reinstalled my video card and the results are the same I even tried both the DVI slots on my video card Right now I m using DVI I also searched up the solutions provided on Philips own site but it Display message: "Attention: No Video Input" s not really helping me at all Everything is working fine and dandy but that message is actually bugging me I m beginning to wonder if this is normal or not when the display is shutting off The display is back to normal once I move the mouse but after leaving the computer after a certain time that message would pop up anyways when the display is turning off Does anyone have any solutions or know if it s like this or not As always helps are appreciated and THANK YOU nbsp

A:Display message: "Attention: No Video Input"

Mine does the same thing when turning off my PC and the monitor is still on. Nothing wrong with it. Is this message on all the time or only when transitioning between sleep/hibernate to full power?
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Windows automatically updated last night before shutting down. When I turned on the computer this morning, the HP w2207h monitor was not functioning properly. Each time I rebooted, I received the message "HDMI Input: No Input Signal" before the monitor went to sleep.

I do not believe it is a problem with the sleep and display settings as I have dual monitors and the EN9910 is functioning properly; both are set to NEVER anyway. Further, I have plugged our SONY television into the HDMI port and it works just fine.

I have also plugged the monitor into another computer, using the same cable, and both worked just fine. The hp monitor also functions in the utility mode. Problem seems to exist only when Starting Windows.

This has happened once before with a Windows Update, but I don't recall the solution.

Please help.


A:HDMI Input: No Input Signal -- Monitor Going to Sleep

Hello and welcome aspen can you just make sure the driver for that monitor is ok.

Software & Driver Downloads HP w2207h 22 inch LCD Monitor | HP? Support

But mate I also think you may have answered it yourself in another way. Can you remember when this started happening? If so system restore back to before that date.

Then it is just a matter of downloading any updates if this is what is - one or two at a time until you find which one is the culprit. Make a not of that one and each time it comes up untick it to download / install.
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Hi I m Down Card and Shutting Problem - Monitor Video Video Playing in a dilly of a pickle here When playing video my screen will go black for just a second and then return Video Card Problem - Playing Video and Shutting Down Monitor to normal With most video players the video will then usually play but when using BSPlayer bsplayer org to watch video the screen will go black return to normal and then video will not play It gets worse Video Card Problem - Playing Video and Shutting Down Monitor Sometimes I will be minding my own the computer will still be running but then the screen will go black then the monitor will give me the old message quot self test check your pc and signal cable monitor is working quot The computer will still be running and the only way I know to get picture back is to restart the computer I have gotten this error the most when the using BSplayer which sometimes causes the monitor to just shut down like that But other video players like divx QuickTime and windows media player will all occasionally not play or cause weird image problems to crop up on the screen Also if the computer freezes up hitting ctrl alt del gives me a black screen with garbled white text I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and installed the latest bsplayer version but neither of those actions fixed my dilemma OS se Video Card NVIDIA Geforce FX CPU AMD Athlon XP nbsp

A:Video Card Problem - Playing Video and Shutting Down Monitor

spinnermason said:


Iím in a dilly of a pickle here.

When playing video, my screen will go black for just a second and then return to normal. With most video players, the video will then usually play, but when using BSPlayer ( to watch video, the screen will go black, return to normal and then video will not play.

It gets worse. Sometimes, I will be minding my own the computer will still be running, but then, the screen will go black, then the monitor will give me the old message:
"self test / check your pc and signal cable / monitor is working"
The computer will still be running, and the only way I know to get picture back is to restart the computer. I have gotten this error the most when the using BSplayer, which sometimes causes the monitor to just shut down like that. But other video players like divx, QuickTime, and windows media player will all occasionally not play or cause weird image problems to crop up on the screen

Also, if the computer freezes up, hitting ctrl+alt+del gives me a black screen with garbled white text.

I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and installed the latest bsplayer version, but neither of those actions fixed my dilemma.

OS: 98se
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2200Click to expand...

sounds like the gpu is overheating or goung bad get some compressed air and blow out the video card very through (*get the rest of pc while you are at it) and if this dont help you may have to replace
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I would like to use my old ze4300 hp notebook to play movies on my new acer 19" widescreen lcd monitor. I connected the laptop to the lcd monitor using the blue video port. Everything is visible except the movie. I am using cyberlink powerdvd, and I can display the program on the monitor (i.e. the frame with all the functions play pause etc but the box with the video is black-blue with no image) I tried going into the display settings and tweaking the settings (resolution, hardware acceleration) with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I just moved my desktop pc from home to my apartment and I'm not getting any display on the monitor now. The monitor just blinks on and off when connected and doesn't show anything at all, tried reconnecting numerous times. My computer runs fine; all fans are running, but i noticed that my computer gave off two quick beeps 10ish seconds after booting. so both the computer and the monitor do work individually, is there something else im missing?

A:No video display on monitor

With out any video output how are you determining the computer is working properly? Because you heard a couple beeps and the fans are running? Do you hear the Windows theme when it would normally reach the Desktop screen?

First thing I would do is opent the computer case and make sure that nothing was jarred loose during the move. Such as a video card coming partially out of a socket. Make sure all the power cables to the motherboard are secure (best way is to disconnect then reconnect the plugs). Check to be sure the ram is seated fully.
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Just got an EliteDisplay E231i, I am connecting it to my HP Envy 15 Laptop Touchscreen via the USD cable provided in the box with the monitor.  The new monitor screen only says 'Check Video Cable'.  I have done everything I know to do and can't get the new monitor to work with my laptop.  Please help!
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My monitor keeps saying going to sleep will not turn back on I turned everything off unplugged all cords redone everything .still saying going to sleep. but now saying check video cable where is this located

A:can't turn on monitor says going to sleep then check video

Is your computer even working--does anything ever show on the screen other than those messages?The 'check video cable' message is coming from the monitor. The 'going to sleep' message may also be a monitor message.If your keyboard has the power management keys: might see if you can use the 'wake' key to get the computer going. But I suspect your computer isn't working and the messages are generated because the computer isn't sending a signal to the monitor.
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Hey everyone I installed a second video card to my system Card Second Running Monitor Stuttering Third on Video off Video because I have a dual monitor setup running off one card ATI and now I have an ATI running my projector It seems Video Stuttering on Third Monitor Running off Second Video Card that when I play video off the second card to my projector it shows a slight stuttering in the video but not the audio These are files I know work properly so it's not that When I plugged in the second card and Video Stuttering on Third Monitor Running off Second Video Card fired up the machine automatically installed the drivers Was this a bad idea Should I uninstall them and do an manual install from drivers available in the setup from ATI's website I had to do some rearranging of the screens under the screen resolution menu but it seemed ok until I played video off the second card Also when I start the computer ATI blacks my screens out for a few seconds and then comes back on similar to what it does when I want to change the resolution of a screen This is frustrating to watch every time I turn on the machine Anyone now what I can possible do to solve these problems I never thought it would be so difficult to install a second video card and have it work properly Thanks everyone

A:Video Stuttering on Third Monitor Running off Second Video Card

Definitely install the ATI drivers.

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Just bought a new system from ibuypower. Here's what I have:
Nvidia 9600 GT 1GB card (TWO)
22" Widscreen Westinghouse LCD monitor (DVI & VGA inputs)
DVI-D cable

Each card as 2 DVI outputs. I have tried to connect the monitor to each of the 4 DVI outputs from the computer, but nothing displays. I have even tried to usa a VGA/DVI adapter, and connected a VGA video cable to the VGA input for the monitor, and still nothing.

Am I doing something wrong?

Relevancy 59.77%

Most solutions involve "reflow of video card". I am a computer tech in my town and have never heard of this process. Please explain.

A:No Video either on display or external monitor

Don't do it. A reflow is a very crude fix that will not last even if it seems to work temporarily, It involves blowing heat directly onto the video chip to melt the solder and reestablish lost connections. Real tech shops do a "reball" which properly applies the video chip back to the motherboard. We don't really hear about "reflows" any more. That was about a specific model series almost 10 years ago and I am not aware of your model having similar issues. If the video is dead, then your best bet is a new motherboard. You can also find shops that have a presence on eBay that have professional equipment needed to rework a motherboard at the chip level and their services are about $60-100 to rebuild your motherboard.
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My system is a P3 450/512 with a 17'' CRT montior, radeon 7000 64mb, 384mb sdram running at 1024x768.
I am having this problem with weird black lines that fade horizontally away from text, pictures, the mouse pointer ect . it is most visible with black text on white background. It usually occurs when i first turn on the Comp, and goes away after it has been on for awhile. I have re-installed windos and i just got the video card, my old one was a tnt 2 ultra. i have tried changing the refresh rate and it helps somewhat but you can still see the cascading lines that drift off of the text. i have the latest drivers and correct color profiles for the monitor. the only way to make it go away completly is changing resilution back to 800x600 but i would like to run at 1024x768? any thoughts?

A:Monitor/video display problem.

Welcome to TSG!!

It sounds like the wrong driver for the monitor. Did you get a disk with the monitor? Windows is probably using a generic one and did does not likje the higher setting. Check the monitor's makers website for a program.
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I have an older PIII Tangent computer which will not recognize the monitor It continues to display no signal on the monitor despite any of the steps I ve taken The machine was running Windows SE Monitor and/or display problems video when it last worked Here are the things I have already checked I unconnected everything removed all cards except the video card and turned it on I replaced with new memory and reseated the memory modules after checking each one individually I removed and replaced the CMOS battery with a new one I swapped out the monitor with a known good one I replaced the video card with a brand new one which was also a AGP version compatible with w SE I even replaced the video card with an older PCI card using the PCI only slot I usually don t have any problems with determining the problem and replacing the hardware but this time however I am stumped The only thing I can figure is the PCI AGP slot on the motherboard itself is bad I obviously cannot get Monitor and/or video display problems into the bios or Monitor and/or video display problems OS to see the settings to determine if that may be the problem Hopefully you will be able to help me solve this problem Thanks for your help nbsp

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Hey I was just wondering how do u check how much mb your video card has. I go to system/device manager, click on video card properties but i cant find anything. can someone help me?

and can u answer which is better.
Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller (on new computer)
NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro (from my old computer)

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Hey guys
my video card is RADEON X550
and im wondering if it can support WOW?even if its 800x600
thx pplease leave a comment =]

A:Hi need video card check for WOW

Didn't you post this inside the gaming section? Don't double post the same thing
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Hello I m back My dad has been busy but recently he s not been very well and we haven t had a chance to try what was suggested in my last post We ve already tested the memory and I think the problem could be with my graphics there check to a my video way Is card? card I think my dad s said it is integrated onto the motherboard and it does not have it s own memory and therefore uses my PC s I was just wondering whether there is a way to check it for problems I ve got the driver up to date and my graphics card Is there a way to check my video card? probably already mentioned in one of my previous posts is an ATI Radeon HD Another thing we are going to try to solve my problem is my brother has recently upgraded the Is there a way to check my video card? graphics card in his computer and he s offered me his old one that we can try This one I think has it s own individual memory and might be better Many thanks nbsp

A:Is there a way to check my video card?

Check it by putting it in a known good computer.
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hwo can someone check to see if there video card has gone bad and can that cause a problem in burning DVD,s??????

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Can anyone please tell me how I can find out the brand, XXMB... etc. detail information of the video card? OS is Windows XP Home.

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Hi all First post here at bleepingcomputer My buddy said there were some knowledgeable people on board over here Thanks in advance I got an HP media center TV PC back in august It came with a Hauppauge PVR PCI tv tuner card I ve had problems on and off with the ehrecvr service when trying to use the tuner to watch A Game Console/tv Using Monitor As Display For Video tv on the computer - in fact I ve never been able to get it to work despite being paid hr to do computer tech support Long chats with the people at microsoft hp Using Monitor As A Display For Video Game Console/tv hauppauge etc sent me in fruitless circles Anybody know of any way to simply use a computer monitor as a display for my video game consoles namely my old dreamcast I need to be able to use AV composite cables for this There has got to be a simple way to use my nice flat panel display to play video games and watch tv by channeling the signal from tuner card to monitor Spencer
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I searched the forums but display video static/distortion Monitor I didn t see anything that seemed to match the problem I m having For the last maybe six weeks I have been having visual distortion problems on my computer whenever I do the following Use DS Max Use Google Sketchup Watch any video file from the hard drive Monitor video display static/distortion View slideshows on my computer Here are some examples of what I am seeing My computer otherwise works normally but while watching a video or trying to use a D program this happens It happens on both my CRT and LCD monitors I have checked and double-checked the cords and I ve had this video card for years yet this problem just started happening The only thing I can say might be the cause is the installation of DS Max which I did in early June yet uninstalling the software did not eliminate the problem If you ve seen anything like this and can offer any information or advice I d be very open to it Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Monitor video display static/distortion

Bumping to see if anyone might have any answers...
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I have a website that has different colors displayed and has some pictures as well When I look at this website on a friend s computer the website looks fine - all the colors and pictures display as expected But on my computer monitor Windows XP Dell Dimension Dell crt monitor when I look at the website the pictures do not show and some of the text colors are not what they shoud be ex black instead of purple In MIcrosoft Word when trying to set the page background color the color template comes up fine and show different colors to choose from but when I pick a color the page background monitor/video/display issues color color stays white I m not sure if this is a monitor driver issue or an issue with my video adapter or something else When I check the monitor type in windows display properties it shows default monitor as the monitor type The color quality setting is at Highest bit Any help or suggestions are appreciated nbsp
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A guy I work with gave me this video display monitor made by Digital. It is a VT420. The port connection on the rear is a 25 pin configuration labled

Is this thing cable of of being connected to modern PC ?

A:unknown type video display monitor

From what I just read on a used equipment site this is not even a Color Terminal

You can't be that desperate...can you? Come by my house and I'll give you a newer color monitor if you are.
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Is there a way to get the real-time output from a video camera onto a computer monitor without having to use a computer in between?

To be clear, all that will be present will be a video camera, a computer monitor, the necessary connecting cords


whatever adapter box/device to adapt the video camera signal to a computer monitor.

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I have a gateway laptop that I run lid closed with a 22" Gateway wide screen monitor. I installed the klmcodec340 pack on it a while back to be able to watch avi's and what not. However the widescreen monitor still won't display video but when I open the lid on the laptop, that screen will display the video while the monitor won't even when it is set to duplicate the screen. Any suggestions?


A:Monitor Won't Display Video, Not codec problem

By "video", do you mean the actual video content inside a media player or display in general as in the desktop background, applications etc?
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I have been using the same set up for just over a year now and yesterday my monitor (which is just a TV with a HDMI port) stopped receiving signal.

I can boot up the pc and get the BIOS, which I can go into and see everything fine, as well as the windows loading icon but when it would normally go to the log in screen I get nothing.

I can however plug in an extra monitor (an actual Samsung monitor) with a VGA cable and it all works fine and on top of that if I connect the TV at the same time it works perfectly fine as a second monitor.

However if I try to turn off the VGA monitor and just use the HDMI TV then I get no video signal again.

No idea how to get my main TV monitor working again. Totally stumped.

OS: Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz
RAM: 8.00GB
Video Card: GeForce GT 620
MOBO: Asus Ranger VII
PSU: Corsair 500w
Monitor: Technika 22" HDMI + Samsung SyncMaster 2032 VGA
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Running multiple monitors:

Display 1: ATI ALL-In-Wonder Radeon
Display 2: ATI Xpert 128 (also tried Diamond Monster Fusion)

The ATI TV display won't work with the multiple monitor enabled. I get sound, but only a little strip of video, and it is frozen, sort of a green and purple display. This worked fine under Win98 (and ME).

All drivers have been updated. I tried changing color depth (per ATI support). Didn't help. If I shut off the second monitor and turn TV back on, it works.

Anybody have a similar configuration?
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I just got a new asus nvidia geforce 7600 GS 256mb. It's an AGP card, and I put it in the AGP slot on my Gigabyte 8TRX330-L motherboard. I made sure the auxilary power cable was plugged in, plugged the monitor signal cable in and turned the computer on, but nothing appears on the monitor. Anyone know what the problem could be? My power supply is an ATX 12V 2.0 400w supply, so I dont see how there could be a problem there.

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I'm about to buy this little number: gs

But I'm wondering what sort of pre-check I should do before actually putting my money toward it. I remember once before I was checking to see if my fan or power supply or something was good enough to run it so that it wouldn't overheat or anything but I'm not sure if the thing is still good enough to run this card.

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I m thinking of buying one of these two card to replace the awful integrated graphics on my aging mobo http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E My question Would they both work with my comp which would you pick Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional -OS Service Pack Service Pack -DirectX DirectX c Motherboard -CPU Type Intel Pentium MHz x -Motherboard Name ECS P M -M Epox EP- VKMI PCI AGP CNR DDR DIMM -Motherboard Chipset VIA P M -System Memory MB -BIOS Type Award Display -Video Adapter VIA S UniChrome - D Accelerator VIA S UniChrome System Slot Properties -Slot Designation AGP -Type AGP -Usage In Use -Data Bus Width -bit -Length Long AGP Controller -AGP Version -AGP Status Enabled -AGP Device VIA S UniChrome Integrated -AGP Aperture Size check: card video Compatabiltiy MB -Supported AGP Speeds x x x x -Current AGP Speed x -Fast-Write Not Supported -Side Band Addressing Supported Enabled everest nbsp

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I purchased a PC game. I had no problems installing the game, but it will not let me play the game it shows the following message Device 0 cannot run this title. Your video card must be set to application controlled antialiasing. Please check your video card settings.

A:how do i check my video card settings

Go to Start > Run. Type in dxdiag then click OK. Wait until the green progress bar stops, then post back the following info:- Under the System tab - Processor & Memory- Under the Display tab / Device - Name, Approx Total Memory, Current Display ModeAlso post the title of the game you're trying to play.
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Umm how i check if my pc can run this harddrive

And this video card - Nvidia gtx460

A:Solved: How i can check if (video card and HDD)

Buying new pc in end of summer mostlikely.
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hi when i install my new graphics card which is an ati x1950 pro i get no signal on the monitor I have a 650 watt psu, so theres more than enough power. i have a new mobo which is an asus one. the fan on the card spins so power is getting to it..... i just don't know what else to try ... any help would be greatly appreciated..... thank you!!!!![/B]

Also i did have it working once it booted up with the graphics card in and it then read the full 2gb of my ram so i began installing drivers... but when i restarted it didnt come back on.. i have uninstalled the onboard vga driver but still no luck....

Pleas Helpppp!!!

A:No display on monitor when instaling graphics card.

This sounds as if it is either a failed card or incompatible drivers. Remove the card and boot using the on-board. Uninstall all the drivers and the reboot.
Visit the ATi website and find the latest driver set for the card and download it.
Power off and then refit the ATi card. If it boots and you have the default 600x800 image then install the drivers. If it fails, then I reckon it is dead and you should take it back.
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I have a Gateway FX Gaming computer Link http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and I try to plug in the video card given in the graphics description in link quot NVIDIA GeForce GT Over-Clocked w MB on board memory and DirectX quot Which as far as I know the video card was made to fit the computer When ever I try to plug the graphics card into my computer I dont get any display on my monitor at all Also The power button-light flashes Both fans computer and video card turn on and work But after a minuite or monitor in? plugged is card No display on when graphics so the computer turns off My onboard normal graphics work normally but obviouly arent very good for gaming If there is any way possible to fix this problem please reply I am very eager to resolve this issue Additional Details My computer hasnt worked with my No display on monitor when graphics card is plugged in? graphics card before therefor I decided to Restore my computer to factory settings and still didnt work and thats where I ended up now nbsp
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so i have this 2005 dell desktop and i finally decided to reinstall windows xp, everything was going well and installation was complete. the resolution was set to max so everything was huge and would not fit on the monitor i tried to change the resolution under the display settings but the bar would not slide at all. i started messing around with the advanced setting and disabled the video card and restarted the pc now the monitor shows windows loading with the blue bar going back and forth and then goes blank. how can i enable the video card again when the screen is blank???? once this is done how can i change my resolution for all to fit on the screen????? please help thanks

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Hi Guyz I have an HP D SFF based on intel g chipset Pentium-IV in perfectly working condition with the latest BIOS amp Driver updates I bought an NVIDIA GeForce Quadro FX Graphics card Now to this working-ok PC As soon as I plug-in the NVIDIA FX into one of the PCI slots amp press the power switch the display suddenly goes blank I tried disabling the On-board VGA IRQ -- gt DISABLED pressed F to save and restarted the PC Still the same happens As soon as I press the power switch with the Video card attached to one of the PCI slots I can hear the processor Fan HDD mobo all working -- gt But with Pls display Video PCI help!! No Card.. NO DISPLAY I even tried changing the PCI VGA PALLETTE SNOOPING from 'DISABLED' to 'ENABLED' whatever that means as per a user's suggestion but zilch Nada No DISPLAY with the PCI Video card attached Is there a hardware mismatch like the HP D not being compatible with the Nvidia Quadro FX Any help is deeply appreciated Pls help Thanks in Advance

A:No display with PCI Video Card.. Pls help!!

Looks as if it will not work with your Computer ...
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i bought ma frnds working 7600gt yesterday when i installed it fan is working everythings workin fine but no display only first time i heard series of beeps and i quickly turned it off since then no display.. ma mother board is d85010agb n power supply is atx-320 watts,before buyin it and currently em using radeon 9000 pro

A:Video card with no display

The 7600gt may need the proper drivers to run properly
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So here s my problem It seems that my video card doesn t give any display to my LCD It says check signal cable for a while and then after would be completely blank My LCD has no problems no Video gives display card at all even the VGA cable Tested it on my other computer everything seems fine My computer boots up to windows everything s fine I knew this because of the sound when entering windows but it doesn Video card gives no display t display anything Sometimes it does work and everything s fine again but when I shut it down open it up another time same problem When it does work I play games normally and it s performance is absolutely fine I tried inserting it to the on-board video card slot and it s also fine What might be causing this I have tried re-seating the video card cleaning it thoroughly still the same My pc is old about years old But still works fine up until this problem came up Replaced motherboard a year ago and HDD months ago Specs if it helps Palit GeForce GT GB Bit DDR AMD Athlon X GhZ x GB Strontium DDR RAM BIOSTAR NF Micro AM Mboard Hitachi GB HDD nbsp

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Hello Everyone So I just upgrade my video card and PSU See my original post here card display. New video won't http forums techguy org hardware -solved-upgrade-advice-needed html Current specs CPU AMD Phenom New video card won't display. X BE GHz RAM GB DDR MHz GPU XFX Radeon HD - NEW MOBO Jetway HA PSU Thermaltake W TR - NEW HD One GB and one TB WD Caviar Black So here is what happened Yesterday I installed the card and booted the machine and nothing Screen was black but the computer did boot to windows I could hear the windows chime through the headphones So i swapped it out with my old card and jumped online to the Jetway site to read the mobo manual After that I tried installing the in the other PCIE slot on my mobo but it wouldn t fit due to interference with other parts on the mother board So I moved it back to the first PCIE slot I tried to boot it again and this time I got the initial post screen I had forgotten to plug in the SATA cables this time for the HDs so I got an error message I powered down the machine plugged in the SATA cables to both hard drives and booted again Again I got a black screen The monitor wasn t even getting a signal from the video card I was worried I might might have a bad PSU or bad card I unplugging the optical drive and my data HD and still nothing I powered down and rebooted each time I tried something I unplugged the system drive again and booted and this time the screen worked I got the post screen and the same error message saying it couldn t boot I plugged the system drive back in booted up and again got the error screen Reset jumped into the bios settings reset the boot priority restarted the system and everything works fine The computer ran great all last night I put the through its paces on a few games just to make sure there were no issue and everything was great This morning I start it up and again nothing Black screen and the light on the monitor is flashing indicating no signal I have tried everything I can think of but no luck A friend of mine said it sounded like an IRQ conflict I have gone through the bios and messed with the settings but I can t get anything to work I tried to update the BIOS but I can t because the update files offered by Jetway are not compatible with Windows bit One clue I did stumble upon was as follows The motherboard does have a built in GPU In the bios settings the computer checks the PCIE slot fir a VGA device first and if there is none it then uses the on board GPU At one point I started the system up with the new card plugged in but my DVI cable plugged into the the on board graphics port The computer went straight to the on board gpu and didn t acknowledge the new one was plugged in Also please note I did contact XFX and Jetway tech support yesterday The guy at XFX just blamed the motherboard manufacturer and the guy at Jetway well it was just embarrassing He knew nothing about the product and couldn t understand the question I was asking Any help Anything I can try that I haven t yet Thank you in advance -Pete nbsp

A:New video card won't display.

I have suggested that we continue on the original topic - removing the SOLVED indicator from it.
It seems to me to the easier course of action.
All the information is then so readily available on there.
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Hi there I hope you can help me guys I have this PC for almost a year then suddenly it hangs I restarted it but unfortunately it won't boot anymore It say's quot NO SIGNAL quot on monitor No POST message from BIOS You can't see anything aside from the LOGO of the Monitor which is LG what I tried are Re-seat the Video Card Don't work Re-seat the RAM Memory Card Don't work Reset BIOS Don't work Enter Safemode but there is no display Don't work Hooking it up to an No Video it card? Display to Is fix possible on-board display and it works Re-place the video card and it works what I would like to ask is when I used the old GT Graphics card It shows no display but I hear the chime sounds from windows logging-in Is it possible to fix No Display Video card? so I'm a bit Is it possible to fix No Display Video card? curious that the card Is it possible to fix No Display Video card? isn't busted at all because the MOBO still detects the card but no display So is there anyway I can fix this issue

A:Is it possible to fix No Display Video card?

Quote: Originally Posted by jademoore6

Hi there, I hope you can help me guys.

I have this PC for almost a year then suddenly it hangs. I restarted it but unfortunately it won't boot anymore. It say's "NO SIGNAL" on monitor. No POST message from BIOS. You can't see anything aside from the LOGO of the Monitor which is LG.

what I tried are:
1. Re-seat the Video Card. Don't work
2. Re-seat the RAM/ Memory Card. Don't work
3. Reset BIOS. Don't work
4. Enter Safemode (but there is no display). Don't work
5. Hooking it up to an on-board display and it works.
6. Re-place the video card. and it works.

what I would like to ask is, when I used the old 9400GT Graphics card, It shows no display but I hear the chime sounds from windows logging-in. so I'm a bit curious that the card isn't busted at all. because the MOBO still detects the card but no display.

So is there anyway I can fix this issue?

the cards ports are dead, the only way to fix these are to replace and solder the ports on, more hassle than the cards worth TBH, you could use it as a dedicated physx card i suppose
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I have a 5 year old ViewSonic E790 19" display, and a Geforce Ti 4200 graphics card.

I have updated all the drivers.

Once in a while the display corrupts, showing patterns that look like large pixels. Sometimes it appears as a series of vertical lines, each 1/2 to 1" in width.

Rebooting won't fix it, I need to power off the computer and power on to recover.

Any thoughts as to what it is?

A:display, or my video card.

Instead of rebooting have you tried turning the monitor off, then back on after a few seconds?
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So I finished putting together my new rig for the most part. AMD 920 2.8 Quad, 4gig corsair ram at 800mhz, Gigabyte UD4P MOBO, corsair 650W PSU, XP home 32bit. Everything is working fine and I appreciate previous feedback on the individual parts. The rig is intended to play the newest tier games pretty well. Currently I have a trash video card inserted just to make sure everything booted up. This is the new permanent one I have in mind, I plan on running only 1 video card, no SLI/Crossfire: And here's the display I have in mind: Any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi there,

I just bought a new video card: ASUS EAH 5670.

I took out my old video card and installed the new video card but I dont get any display on my screen, its just black screen.

Can anyone help me on this? I have installed video card many times before but I never encounter such problem.

My computer is HP Pavilion a6045x

A:New video card, no display

What was the older video card you had? Did you uninstall all previous graphics drivers drivers before pulling out your old card? Also ensure that your PSU provides sufficient power to run your GPU.
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I am having some MAJOR problems trying to get my Gefroce 8800 working on my PC. It feels like i have tried EVERYTHING.

I have a dual core 2400 AMD athlon 2 gigs of ram, XP.

The exact problem. "card is not found" what I have tried.
in BIOS switch settings to PCIE, Disabled onboard video card through control panel, went out and bought a 650 watt power supply. removed and plugged in card multiple times, tried card in buddies system (worked fine) tried a older video card in my system, it worked fine.

The exact card is a 8800 Geforce GT 512mb. My motherboard is a Asus M2V-Mx SE PLEASE... someone tell me how to get my card working!... Everytime I restart the computer it looks and looks for the card (for about a minute) and the reverts back to the on board card.


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I have a problem with my PC It won t quot wake up quot after sleep mode I ve tried a few things but nothing has worked So I would be really happy to get some help Yesterday I accidentally put my computer into Sleep Mode Even though I meant to turn it off video input" Monitor "no says entirely Now days have passed and I ve still NOT been able to get it working again When I press the power button some lights turn on and things start spinning The monitor switches on then says quot No Video Input quot quot Returning to Sleep Mode quot I ve opened the side of my case so I can verify that things Monitor says "no video input" do indeed turned on at least to some extent The screen however remains blank There are also no beeps of any kind either The fans are all spinning properly The Monitor says "no video input" yellow light on the motherboard is lighted However the blue light on the power button isn t blinking as it usually does The lights on the keyboard I e Numlock isn t lighted up as well My computer specs are stated in the image attached My monitor is a Philips and I know it s working properly because I hooked it up with my laptop to check I ve tried - Restarting many many times - Unplugging and then holding the power button for secs - minute as some forums suggested - Unplugging the power cords and plugging it back again - Turning off all the switches and leaving it for one night to cool - Cleaning the entire inner case - Searching the forum for similar cases But nothing is working Tonight I ll be unplugging everything and leaving it on to cool again HELP I need my daily fix I really appreciate your time and advice Thank you super duper much in advance kind strangers xo nbsp

A:Monitor says "no video input"

Start up the computer and keep pressing F8, until you hopefully see if it brings up a black screen with white lettering. Select VGA Mode and restart...
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I have an HP Pavilion A uk computer with an HP w v monitor The OS is Windows Vista I ve No - - Graphics Signal Input New VGA Card? Input been getting the message quot VGA Input - No Input Signal quot and the monitor appears to be in sleep mode permanently I ve checked all the connections cables etc and I have also connected the monitor to an VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card? old computer VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card? where it worked fine I m guessing I need a new graphics card but don t know how to go about changing it I have opened up the box and cleaned it all out but am not sure what to do now Could I take out the graphics card from the old computer and put it in the new one The old computer is a Dell Dimension Windows XP Or would it be an option to swap hard drives I urgently need to access my work but the old computer got a virus and doesn t work properly I don t know the first thing about hardware really so wondered what any of you would recommend I do Just buy a new graphics card and replace the old one - in which case what would I buy Put the graphics card from the old machine into the new one How do I do this and does anyone have any diagrams Swap the hard drives so that I use the old box with the new monitor this is probably a stupid idea but who knows Please help nbsp

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forum/site, and would like to pose a question. Recently I received a Samsung 943BWX 19" LCD monitor. It has 2 screen image modes (Auto and Wide). The Auto setting's display does not "fill" the screen (black borders on L & R sides). The Wide setting is like kind of "stretched" looking. My main concern is the graphics, mainly text. Lettering is not completely "black". My current display settings are 1028 x 728 @ High (24 Bit). Maybe I need some guidance in dialing in the proper display settings or would a switch from analog signal to DVI make my situation better I should mention all my machine has is the integrated video (VGA) connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS: Win XP SP2
Gateway 300SE (2002),1.2GHz, 512MB RAM
Intel 82815 Graphics Controller
Intel Celeron Processor