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Brand new HP Spectre x360

Q: Brand new HP Spectre x360

Great laptop put it through a lot of testing in my first weekend of owning it and I'm quite pleased overall nbsp This issue has nothing to do with the laptop itself but rather the included sleeve which I'm also pleased was included as other brands models I checked Brand HP x360 new Spectre out did not include a sleeve nbsp However it smells really awful nbsp I mean it's really nbsp an nbsp exceptionally terrible rubbery type odor nbsp And it's not as if it's only when I put my nose up to it or even handle it nbsp It can just be sitting a few feet away from me and I smell it nbsp I tried washing it by hand figuring it's just an extreme example of factory chemicals or materials not being completely washed away before packaging nbsp This act may have reducded the smell by - but the stench was still very noticeable so I put it through a wash in the washing machine nbsp Again it's possible it's reduced the smell down to of what it started as but it's Brand new HP Spectre x360 still pretty ridiculous how bad this thing smells nbsp Has anyone had the same experience nbsp Have you had better luck in nbsp removing the smell nbsp I'm sure someone will suggest that it's free and maybe not worth the effort and therefore to just look into a different sleeve but I like it aside from the odor and would like to be able to keep it for some extra protection padding even once I decide on a method for carrying the device around if possible nbsp But it will not be worth it if I can't get rid of the odor Solved View Solution

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Preferred Solution: Brand new HP Spectre x360

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Brand new HP Spectre x360

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Logitech has decided that it's sick of their old, outdated brand, today launching a new look for the company that will supposedly place "design at the core" of its products, while building on its "hertiage as a technology company". ...

Read more

A:Logitech to focus on design, starting with a brand new logo

Nothing wrong with the logo, except the "g" that is hurting my brain.
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I got a new laptop recently (this past Sunday) and ever since I turned it on I've had horrible issues with WiFi. It's tothe point where I'm ready to return it to the store and just go without a computer. Keep in mind I'm not very tech savvy, so I might not know what you're talking about.

It's very slow and won't stay connected to the internet. 4/5 times it doesn't load the web page I'm trying to load and after about 5 minutes after powering on it disconnects from my Wi-Fi and refuses to reconnect. The troubleshooter says it's a router issue but resetting the router doesn't do anything at all and no other device in the house is having any issues. I haven't downloaded ANYTHING to it yet. In addition, when it /does/ connect to my Wi-Fi, trying to open any web page brings me to a "you are not connected to the internet" notice.

I have no idea what to do. I need a computer for work but I'm so sick of having problems with them.

A:Brand new laptop; faulty wifi process?

Set up the laptop next to the router where the signal should be strongest. Are you sure that you are connecting to your own wi fi network and router? When you switch on the laptop it will search for in range networks and when you spot your own you are asked to give the password before you can use the internet for the first time. If that's not happening maybe its logging you on to a neighbouring unsecured network (no password set) where the signal is weak. If I click on the wireless icon bottom right in my taskbar it brings up a choice of available networks. My icon looks like a set of steps and so the icon shows how strong the signal is. Check that you are connecting to your own router and see how strong the signal is. You mention other devices that work OK but haven't given any details.
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Okay, okay, I know that most of you stopped using floppies long ago. But my question is: I was about to buy a Buslink external USB floppy disk drive (brand new, still sealed) from someone on Craigslist, and just wondered if it's a decent brand.

And would have I have by anything extra, other than perhaps a cord? Never done this before.

A:Is Buslink an okay brand for an A-drive?

I'm sure it is fine, the technology in those hasn't changed since about 1992, lol. The only thing that is different is the USB interface. The drive alone should be enough, I don't think USB Floppys needed external power.
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I just got this computer about 2 weeks ago, and ALREADY I am getting lag problems. I have the CPU widget, and when I am JUST on the web browser, I get about 50-70 CPU being used. My specs are:
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+
Nvidia GeForce GT 430
And if it helps, I AM using an external HDD for most of my programs, since the original PC came with only 250 GB.

A:Computer becoming extremely slow. It's brand new.

Which applications do you have installed to the external?
What connection type and speed is the external HDD?

I'm not sure I would install applications to a USB 2.0 drive. Especially if the applications are used frequently. I know I wouldn't if the application installs memory resident system monitors that run 24/7. However I usually disable these monitors from running at startup as well.
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Howdy all The amazing folks at Tech Spot saved my bacon many moons back helping me fix a virus laden laptop for Brand New to can't HP connect 17 Internet Envy Quad Touchsmart my sick kid And so I turn to Brand New HP Envy Touchsmart 17 Quad can't connect to Internet you with my latest computer nightmare and beg of your assistance once again I just bought a new HP ENVY TouchSmart t-j Quad Edition Notebook PC ENERGY STAR for my daughter for Christmas It arrived yesterday and I opened it up to start preloading her software onto it so she can have it ready to go Christmas morning Unfortunately the thing just won t let me get connected to the internet via wifi It is using an Intel Wireless-N adapter running Windows factory installed I have tried everything I could think of - using Intel drivers instead of Microsoft ones resetting WINSOCK flushing the DNS using a static IP instead of dynamic the works Nothing appears to be working The device can clearly see my network - it shows up on the list of connections and validates my security information running standard WEP security - not the best I know but it s easier for the multitude of tech I have on my network all of which connects fine but it only gives me limited access and does not want to connect to the network or the internet My base system is running Windows My router is a Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N Gigabit Router WNR v I have not tried a hardwire connection yet as I really need this to be a wireless device Help me TechSpot Gurus you re my only hope nbsp

A:Brand New HP Envy Touchsmart 17 Quad can't connect to Internet

Hey Mark. I would connect to the Net by cable and allow it to get any OS updates and/or driver updates before I change any settings.While online,try to connect wirelessly to see if it finds any updates quicker.
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I have a brand new computer which is much capable on computer new regardless Game OS of freezes brand of doing what I ask for Unfortunately it kept freezing very early in games I tried BF shogun and dead island The outcome is the same At first I thought it might be because I was using a win and it had some compatibility problems Then I installed win ultimate after deleting everything on C applied Game freezes on brand new computer regardless of OS all updates for windows and video card drivers then tried dead island again You know what it crashed on character selection screen Then it also crashed in the end of my first battle on shogun What I mean by crashed is that it is totally frozen and I can t even do ctrl-alt-del It leaves the only choice to me as reset So I guess it is not because of the OS so I would definitely appreciate if you can help me with this Here is my build G SKILL Ripjaws GB x GB DDR PC DIMM RAM Cooler Master Hyper EVO Cooler mm CPU Cooler AMD BullDozer Eight Core FX- GHz AM Processor CPU LG GH NS X SATA Internal SATA Game freezes on brand new computer regardless of OS DVD Writer Sapphire HD XT G GDDR PCI-E Dual Fan Video Card Graphics Card Cooler Master K Mid Tower Gaming Chassis quot Samsung LED Monitor LED FSP Aurum W ATX PSU Active PFC Black Asus M A EVO R Motherboard Socket AM AMD xDDR xPCIe- xPCIe- Firewire RAID ATX Any help you can provide is very much appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Game freezes on brand new computer regardless of OS

There are many things that can be the cause of this. I first thought it was the GPU, but as I read on, I think it could be either a RAM, temperature, or HDD issue. It is most likely a RAM issue.

Another issue could be overheating, but since the games crash basically instantly, it doesnt seem to be an issue. Just to make sure, can you download RealTemp and tell me temperatures on the CPU? Also, download GPU-Z, and tell me the GPU temperatures (sensor tab of GPU-Z, under "GPU Temperature").

Most likely cause: It could also be bad RAM (this is the most likely reason). Download Memtest86, put it on a flash drive, and boot into it. Run Memtest about 5-10 times and tell me the results.
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Hi all,

So I'm upgrading my motherboard from an ASRock which has caused me nothing but problems since I got it to a MSI. They both are intel socket motherboards. My question is, how do I go about doing this? I would prefer to keep my files from my prior build but I have read that it is necessary that I reinstall my OS before I install my motherboard. I realize I can backup my PC's files and then reinstall them once I've installed the new motherboard but are there things that I should be mindful about while working on this process?

I have a lot of specific questions about this process. So maybe a step by step instruction or something like that would be a good place to start and I can see if I have questions from there.

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Hey I am sorry if I posted in the wrong section I didn t know where to post I just bought a new computer in April and I ve been gaming on Brand To Make Noise PC New Starting it about hours a week since Just recently I noticed a subtle high pitched hum ONLY WHEN I M IN GAME I can go to the main menu and it will stop I Brand New PC Starting To Make Noise have well enough the minimum requirements to play the games I do so it s not like I m trying Brand New PC Starting To Make Noise to overload my PC Could this be a hard drive issue Intel QC i - gb DDR SDRAM Unfortunately I just found out I have a Seagate Barracuda TB SATA Gbs MB Cache RPM Inch Desktop Hard Drive which may be the problem nVidia GeForce GTX Gb Don t know PSU yet sorry Does this sound familiar to anyone I have a year warranty so whatever the problem is I should be able to get fixed I wanted to see if anyone might have an idea of what it could be It s hard to tell where the noise is coming from I m guessing it s either the PSU or H D nbsp

A:Brand New PC Starting To Make Noise

It could just simlpy be your fans speeding up? When I game, as the computer gets hotter the fans in my PC speed up. When in the menu, it cools down so the fans slow down Its just a guess though...
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Hitachi Hard disk are more cheaper than other I want know that how is it has good performance.How about other brand.

A:Which hard disk brand is best? Hitachi?

Need more details for a better answer. has a lot of information on drives and their performance.
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Computer specs Case CM Storm enforcer Brand PC, new overheating problem with a m intake fan at the front bottom of the case and a mm outtake fan at the top-back of the case CPU Cooler Xigmatek Prime SD with two mm fans I think they re mm one for intake another for outtake CPU Intel Core i GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX So I got this computer literally one week ago and the threshold that it s deeming to be too hot Brand new PC, overheating problem is degrees Celsius I ve heard from other people quot over is a bit bad Brand new PC, overheating problem quot quot it can handle quot quot it can handle up to quot so I m really not too sure if is an okay temperature for my CPU to be running at It gets this hot when I run diablo at max settings - but when I play tribes ascend at max it can get to degrees Every game play the temp is always over I ll be getting a mm outtake fan for the top of the case anyday now which I m hoping will help but I d really like some helpful advice please The computer is located on top of my desk which is on the opposite side of the room to my window I can include other specs I just included what I thought to be the necessary ones nbsp

A:Brand new PC, overheating problem

That sounds too hot, make sure your CPU HSF is mounted properly and that you haven't applied too much thermal paste.
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Ok guys,

so I have a old IBM laptop which is partitioned as follows, C,D,E,F. It is a 80GB ide.

I want it to work on a old dell laptop, how do I go about getting it to boot up and work in the dell?

I have already tried putting the ibm drive into the dell, slapping a xp cd in and doing a repair install but no joy. Wont even boot up.

Someone told me to try and do a boot sector repair....

Any suggestions that will work?

A:IBM laptop HDD in another brand laptop

Of course there are problems - - you need the hardware drivers for the Dell.

get the make/model of the dell, go to there site, find support/drivers and download them to a CD or USB.
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Long story short Received my new laptop on Monday and I installed Windows and the Drivers on Tuesday I was able then to connect to the internet wirelessly in another room in my house My router is a year old wired Linksys G router and in order to provide wireless in my home I set-up a TrendNet Access Point N a year and a half ago Though there are times that I need to periodically reboot we can access the internet anywhere in the house on our laptops The laptop at the beginning connected fine recognizing the TrendNet and the signal was strong I then installed Windows Updates Microsoft Essentials and the latest Adobe Flash By the way the W firewall was enabled from the beginning After a time I shut it down but when I came back this system will not connect at all It shows that the system is connected to the Access Point with a strong signal but when I go to connect to the internet wirelessly Brand at it the start, now worked Wireless doesn't new laptop: it constantly says that there is a problem Diagnosis says it s my modem access point or router So I reset them at least five times but nothing has changed Besides my two PC s have no trouble connecting to the internet Two Lenovo laptops have no trouble connecting to the internet throughout the house I even fired up my year old Toshiba Tecra S using a TP Link USB adapter at the opposite end of the house and it connects Diagnosis diagram shows connection from Access Point to laptop but no connection from laptop to internet I did a system restore as I only installed the Adobe Flash and Microsoft Essentials When it finally rebooted the only thing I reinstalled was MSE I even set things to default But the problem persists The Device Manager recognizes my wireless card and reports Brand new laptop: Wireless worked at the start, now it doesn't that it is functioning properly With one exception the Intel Wireless Pro Drive Software diagnostics tool reports that every test passed including Signal Test which gives an Excellent quality rating What it has failed is the Ping Test I would appreciate any help you can give because I am really out of my element here This laptop is for my son who will be entering college this fall and so I need it to be able to access wirelessly By the way it does connect via ethernet cable nbsp

A:Brand new laptop: Wireless worked at the start, now it doesn't


if it shows the current IP address as 169.x.x.x then the issue is not finding
(or being blocked from sending/receiving ) the DHCP service in the router.

ALSO, if you see an IP address like 0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334
then you have IPv6 enabled on the laptop;
1) google for disable ipv6
2) apply the solution for your {XP,Vista,Win/7} laptop

reboot and reconnect
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The last time I bought a gaming mouse it was this habu mouse. I bought it refurbished for around 20$. Are there any off brands out there that compare with say razer mice for a cheaper price?

I was peeping this mouse

A:Any off-brand gaming mice as good as Razer?

Not cheaper, but I think Steelseries products are better.
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I recently bought brand new parts to build my own PC I had a friend put it together He tested it display won't Monitor PC build new on brand on his monitor and the bios started up fine I took it home and tried plugging it into MY monitor and there s no display The power light is just yellow The monitor is old but I know it works to an extent because my old desktop registers it It s a inch Dell The port on the back of the new desktop is VGA Here are the rest of my computer specs as follows Mobo - MSI Z MA-ED B LGA Intel Z B DDR SATA and USB Monitor won't display on brand new PC build A amp GbE MATX Processor - Intel Core i - GHz MB Cache Socket LGA Memory - Corsair Vengeance GB x Monitor won't display on brand new PC build GB DDR MHz PC -Pin DDR Memory Kit for Intel Core i i i and AMD Platforms SDRAM CMZ GX M A PSU - Corsair Builder Series CX watt Plus Certified Power Supply Compatible with Intel and AMD Platforms ATX CMPSU- CXV HDD - Western Monitor won't display on brand new PC build Digital Caviar Blue GB SATA III RPM MB Cache Bulk OEM Desktop Hard Drive - WD AAKX Video card - MSI AMD Radeon HD G Pcie GDDR Heatsink - Cooler Master Hyper EVO CPU Cooler RR- E- PK-R Like I said he plugged the newly built PC into his own monitor and the bios started up fine Any suggestions nbsp

A:Monitor won't display on brand new PC build

did you plug the monitor into the board or the 6850? Just use the VGA/DVI adapter that came with the GPU and you should be good.
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Hey guys,

My question is probably dumb, but I've never really thought of it before and wanted some feedback before I buy.

Basically, say I have brand A ram and want to add some more, but it's from brand B. That won't matter, will it (both being DDR 3, of course)?

I don't see why different brands wouldn't play nice together, but I never say never >.>


A:Different brand RAM

This depends on how you plan to use your computer. As a general rule with newer motherboards, you should at least use the same timings and type memory. Brand can be different, although I always use identical RAM in my builds
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I bought a brand spanking new gigabyte a75m ud2h motherboard as well as a processor for the FM1 slot (came as a bundle). I hooked it all up but for some reason i'm not getting ANY reaction when i turn the computer on, no fans no light on the motherboard nothing. When i plug the power back into my old motherboard it starts up just fine. So the power switch is fine, the power source (650W) is fine...not sure why my machine is not starting up with the brand spanking new mobo & processor =( Any suggestions? I have tried putting the power button pin in every slot on the F-board, cannot get any reaction from my tower.

A:Brand new motherboard upgrade, computer showing no signs of life

First suggestion, check that you aren't shorting out the board by having any screw mounting the motherboard contacting the case. I'd even suggest taking it out of the case and testing just on a desk/table, away from any sources of static electricity. If that makes no difference it could be that the motherboard is DOA (Dead on arrival). There are many products that slip through quality control procedures of manufacturers and turn up at people's homes in a non working state. If the testing outside of the case doesn't give any positive results it might be time to contact the retailer for RMA/sending them back the faulty part.
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it was working fine this morning, and i'd left my computer copying files on to it all day, and when i got back to it just now it started telling me that this hard drive doesn't exist.. it had it as g:, and i have another one plugged in now called f: (which is showing up okay), and my computer's hard drive is split in two, c and d, so it's not a name confusion thing.. just stopped working all of a sudden, even its little light isn't lighting up.. .. i managed to use it fine once before, to copy files on to (needed to do that so i didn't lose everything when i wiped my computer's hd, for another reason (most stubborn virus i've ever met)).. .. so what should i do now? is my stuff still salvagable?

A:WD hard drive, almost brand new, not showing up in my computer all of a sudden

Is it an external hdd? You could start Disk Management (press start, and run diskmgmt.msc). If your hdd shows up there you can right click and assign a new drive letter.
You can also try to connect it to another computer.

Sadly it's also possible that your hard drive just died, even if it's new. In that case you should return it to wherever you bought it and get a replacement, but your data could be difficult to recover (maybe it's possible, but very expensive). One of my Transcend external drives stopped working after only a few weeks
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Ok first of all I am new here and am not sure if this is the correct section to make this post in new gaming on PC frame games brand rate Inconsistent so forgive me if i m wrong I recently bought a new pc with the intention of running games Inconsistent frame rate in games on brand new gaming PC at decent graphics settings These are the specs ignoring the irrelevant parts like disk trays ext AMD Phenom x T x Mhz processor ASUS M N T-M LE Motherboard gb of DDR RAM tb Samsung hard drive AMD Radeon HD gb graphics card Ever since buying it i ve noticed that the frame rate it s capable of producing fps on most of my games locked due to vsync at hz on my monitor at x resolution and with high settings However when things start to pick up the frame rate often drops quite considerably Normally I would put this down to the settings being to high but after about or minutes the frame rate will normally return to frames A good example of this would be in League of Legends where I have fps for the most part but will often drop to around Even in World of Warcraft in a vs battleground the frame rate will return with seemingly no change in what s going on around me almost as if it s taking ages to prep itself for it These problems also occur on lower graphics settings even on lowest in world of warcraft so I doubt it s me overloading the settings I turn off all the background programs that i m aware of and have even resorted to using the overclocking software provided with my motherboard on my CPU but nothing seems to work I also did a windows performance scan and discovered that all the categories gave a score of above except my hard drive which got a could this be an issue So far my attempts to fix this via searching forums have resulted in people saying quot you shouldn t be experiencing these problems quot but I am and would appreciate any help on this issue nbsp

A:Inconsistent frame rate in games on brand new gaming PC

Hope ya got the latest video card drivers n windows updates. Really do you even notice the fps drop or are you staring the fps numbers? Also you can go into your power management and adjust your settings so your cpu is running above the normal 5% on idle.
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I have had many issues with this comupter, but my Dell Inspirton 1545 had started to read "no bootable devices" and wouldn't start at all. Now, after buying and installing a brand new harddrive, it reads it again, but only SOMETIMES!

When it gives me options of rebooting or running a diagnostics test, if I switch some stuff around or restart it, or even just leave it alone for a little while, I can start it and it works fine. Except after a short while of using it, it will malfunction and go to "no bootable devices" page again. Tech support says that the hard drive may not be connected properly, but I don't know what to do!

A:Dell Inspiron says "no bootable devices" with brand new hard drive

Probably a silly question, but is anything on the hard drive, like an O.S.? Has the "new" hard drive already been formatted? I'm only asking for sometimes some of my clients will go behind my back and install things like hard drives on their own and try to load an O.S. on them, failing to go through the formatting process, and they in the end either through frustration or embarrassment wind up calling me to drive to their house and fix their problem, like installing the O.S. properly.

Also checking your connections might not hurt, just make sure everything is fitting nice and snug and connected the right way.

(This was just me kind of thinking out loud for you.)
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I was searching through newegg's extensive case fan selection and found that
there were over a hundred, 120mm fans, and twenty or more brands.
Which brands are better, more reliable/durable? What should I expect to pay: $5 - $25 for a 100 or 120mm fan?
From what I have heard, brands like Rosewill, Antec, Thermaltake, and Cooler Master are good, am I correct?

A:Which fan brand to buy?

Depends what your expectations are.
A few things to take into consideration are:
Bearing type
Sleeve bearing -cheap, noisy and gets more noisy very quickly as it ages and the lubricant dries out. Not recommended for horizonal use.
Rifle bearing- same deal as sleeve except that the spiral grooves (rifling) on the bearing surface allow the lube to be pumped over the whole bearing surface so it can be mounted horizontally.
Ball bearing- Better than sleeve/rifle. Expect to pay a bit more than the these also. relatively quiet for most of it's lifetime but can age prematurely (as do sleeve/rifle) with excessive dust buildup.
Fluid (sometimes marketed as Fluid Dynamic or Enter) bearing- sealed bearing-pretty much silent, long service life, fairly expensive.
Magnetic bearing uses two magnets repelling each other instead of a physical contact area within the bearing. The only noise is that of air flowing over the fan blades. very long service life.

In addition any of these fans can have PWM (pulse width modulation) -variable speed control that can be altered automatically via software. Characterised by having a four-pin connection -either fan header, or molex.

The most important value tends to be the actual volume of air a particular fan can move (how much pressure it generates) since a lot of fans will state a number in cfm (cubic feet/min) or m/hr (cubic meters/hour) which in actuality bears no relation to it's ability. Note the testing methods employed here and here. Even though the second testing method may seem a little primative, both are more representative of real-world usage.
Examples of "good" fan construction/design allied with quiet operation and longevity would be those from Scythe, Noctua, Noiseblocker as well as *some* Thermaltake, Sunbeamtech, CoolerMaster and Gelid
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Hello there TechSpot,

So I've just built a new system, first time builder. I've followed an online guide to the absolute letter but for some reason, the motherboard just won't POST or display anything on the monitor(s).

My old PC now also only displays on the monitor without a graphics card installed. I went into BIOS after some advice, and checked on the First Display, but that's set to the PCIEx that my graphics card goes into. Nothing on this older system has changed besides me moving the hard drive between the computers once.

So far, I've tried to run the new system without any of the un-needed peripherals (HDD and DVD Drive) but to no avail, just the fans and lights running.

Before I forget, the front-panel speaker thing is plugged in, so it should be able to POST.

No POST, No video, no beeps.

A:Brand new system, not POSTing, first time builder

it's possible, that on the older desktop the power supply is not sufficient to run the new card, especially if the card requires auxiliary power directly from the PSU. it would be very helpful to post the complete hardware specifications of at least the two desktops so we can get a better understanding of what you are working with. there are nearly an infinite number of hardware combinations so more specific information on each component is always helpful.

i'm a bit confused as to what you are looking to do with Desk A... i know B is a completely new build with graphics card, but are you also replacing the adapter in A?
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Hello this is quite an exciting topic for me since the Internets is virtually free of any feedback regarding ZT AFFINITY computers Basically Let me give you the rundown of the specs which seems like amazing deal compared to anything remotely similar that is namebrand I need to know why this is or isn t a good deal for tower mouse keyrd only Has anyone ever heard of ZT computers they sell through Costco AMD Phenom II T Six-Core Processor GHz AMD G SB Chipset GB DDR Memory Drives TB SATA II Hard Drive X DVD R RW Front Panel -in- digital multimedia card reader Graphics Integrated ATI Radeon HD series graphics from AMD Communications Gigabit Comparing generic brand name computers to Ethernet LAN Audio -CH High-Definition Audio CODEC Keyboard amp Mouse USB Desktop Keyboard Optical Mouse Expandability total bays slots x quot Exposed x Comparing generic computers to name brand occupied x quot Exposed Comparing generic computers to name brand x occupied x quot Hidden x occupied x PCIe x x PCIe x x PCI Ports x USB ports Front Rear x Audio ports x eSATA port x DVI port x VGA port x HDMI port x PS keyboard mouse port x RJ network port Operating System Genuine Microsoft Windows Home Premium -bit Additional Software Microsoft Office Starter reduced functionality versions of Word and Excel not the full version of Microsoft Office Access the full Office experience when you purchase a Product Key Card The Product Key Card is a single license card that contains a -character code to activate full-featured Office software on your new PC To purchase Click Here Symantec Norton Internet Security -day trial Additional Information Dimensions HxWxD quot x quot x quot approx Power supply W Lifetime toll-free phone support Year Limited Parts amp Labor Warranty Email and fax support M-F from am- pm EST nbsp

A:Comparing generic computers to name brand

They have decent ratings but overall the customer support is a little on the crappie side. PC MAG has had reviews on these systems and they liked them overall but remember that these kind of systems usually tend to have low quality parts used to make the price lower on there systems.
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My title is a somewhat simplified version of my question, I will try to go a little more into detail.

I just bought a new router, Cisco E-3000. I want to bridge this with the old router, a 3com router.

Problem is, the old router is not mine. And I'm not allowed to remove the old network.

What I would like to do:
Set the new router up as primary router. Set the old router up as secondary. Keep the old security settings on the old router so that everything remains the same for the other users.(They don't want a password for some odd reason).

What is the point of all this?
I want my router to be on a different subnet, with better security and QoS. This way, my network stays better protected, meanwhile the other users will not even notice things have changed.

Would this be possible?

A:Bridging two routers of different brand

use the following layout

modem==firstRouter(lan)------(wan)newRouter----your systems

any request(s) from your systems will flow out to the Internet and back to you correctly,
but nothing attached to the firstRouter will be able to access the newRouter or beyond,
as firstRouter keeps its default route to be its Wan Side connection, not the port to the newRouter.

The newRouter(wan) side will take its address from the firstRouter.

You set the newRouter IP address to what you want and let its DHCP make assignments for your systems. The three common addresses for private LANs are

If the firstRouter is on say (#1), then set yours to 2 or 3 - - this makes it even more interesting for the upstream systems

one consequence: the new router will be isolated and thus no port forwarding will be possible,
reason: it would be required to port forward on BOTH routers. This may impact gaming or any 'servers' on your systems.
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hello im new member to this forum.. i hope i will get a appropriate solution to my problem
The problem is my brand new laptop (acer d260) dont turn on.. its brand new. using it for first time. never switched on before.. dont even see the power light glowing after i plugin the batter charging Adapter..

A:My brand new Acer D260 notebook doesn't turn on

Are you sure your wall socket is getting power?
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hey guys first off my name says it all - i really don t know a lot about pc s right here goes - bought a new pc from dinopc and it arrived days ago turned it on and it worked fine installed my game world of warcraft and downloaded all the extras turned it off properly following day i played the game with no problems at all and again turned it off properly however the following day i turned it on and all i got was a blank monitor screen everything is exactly the same as the night before and not been touched or fiddled with the tower is running and the fan is working but i have no idea what it could be coz its all new also it cant be the monitor as i tried it on the working one im on now any suggestions would be very appreciated my specs are - CPU AMD Athlon II X AM Operating System Microsoft Windows Home Premium -bit Motherboard Asus M N T-M Memory new but Blank screen brand PC GB DDR mhz x GB Hard Drives GB S-ATAII Gb Blank screen but brand new PC s Optical Drive x DVD RW DL S-ATA Graphics card ATI Radeon HD GB Sound card Onboard Audio Case Piano Black ATX PSU W PSU thank you very much nbsp

A:Blank screen but brand new PC

With a NEW computer and limited computer knowledge it is always best to get it fixed under warranty.

Dinopc ->
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hey guys im making a PC its comping close to complestion, whats a good brand of ram to use? the OS will be windows 7 ultiment, or enterprize.

Case - Element V
Radeon HD5870
24" LCD
Core i7 930
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
SATA Blu-ray Burner
Kingston 6G Kit 1333C9
mouse, raser

right now im gonna grab Kingston 6G Kit 1333C9, im not sure about it though, also dont hate me for buying raser, its mostly a joke.

thanks for ANY help

A:Good brand of ram for a high end PC

If you're not planning an overclocking adventure then the Kingston modules will be fine. I presume they are the KVR1333D3N9 kit. If you're planning on overclocking you might want to investigate a DDR3-1600 kit. Since your motherboard model is an older board (as is mine) there wont be a great deal of selection under the RAM QVL but Crucial, G.Skill, Kingston and Corsair don't usually have compatibility problems with Giga boards.
Check the memory configurator/memory finder on each memory manufacturers site for compatibility if you are unsure.
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Have an issue with my computer not turning on A couple of days ago it shut down on me in the middle of web browsing It would not turn back on I noticed my power button LED light stayed lit I completely unplugged the computer and then plugged back in The LED light was now off I then pressed power and it turned on After minutes the computer shut off again LED light came back on I waited til the next day to try again but was unsuccesful I thought that I had blown my power supply I replaced the power supply with a new one and the computer would Computer not turn brand supply on, is will new power still not turn on At this point I am puzzled by what it would be I just Computer will not turn on, power supply is brand new so happened to have another MOBO and I swapped the two MOBOs and still nothing There is a small square light on the MOBOs themselves that come on when the Computer will not turn on, power supply is brand new power supply is connected Not sure what it means Since swapping the MOBOs didnt do anything I bought another CPU After installing it I get nothing I really need to get this fixed fast Any suggestions Why would the power LED light stay on This is happening with both mobos FYI Its an Intel PERL mobo with an Intel Pentium HT processor Socket nbsp

A:Computer will not turn on, power supply is brand new

call the company
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I am contemplating building my own desktop. I have lately been wondering, and it may be an illogical question:

I have been told that there are people who have multi-card set-ups (Nvidia in SLI, presumably) who have one of their multiple cards dedicated to handling the physics in a game. My question is this:

On mobos that support both Nvidia and ATI graphics hardware, is it possible to have a card from each of them? I wonder if it is possible to have one of the latest cards from ATI to handle the graphics side of things, and an Nvidia card dedicated to handle the physics in games that support the feature?

A:Choice of GPU Brand

multiple cards dedicated to handling the physics in a game.Click to expand...

Waste of money IMO.

Also, no.
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I bought this netbook on black friday and had done a ton of reviews on it and everyone gave it stars I got it at BestBuy and they had said that they opened it from the manufacturer and freezes reboot Netbook restart when can only manual Brand-new idle, with uninstalled all the trial software and installed an Anti-virus program Aside from that all I ve installed software-wise is Skype I have no issue with the computer if I am actively surfing or working on a document But if I pull up a web page that has a lot of text and I m reading it for a while or if I walk away from it and leave it it freezes after only a few minutes Also I can t close the laptop while it Brand-new Netbook freezes when idle, can only reboot with manual restart s on otherwise Brand-new Netbook freezes when idle, can only reboot with manual restart when I open it again it will show me the screen quot User Name application running quot but when I click it it doesn t do anything I have run all the spyware checks and anti-virus and it s clean I have also changed the power options so that it doesn t hibernate and shut of screen savers This hasn t helped It really is a great little computer otherwise and I d like to fix it rather than take it back for a refund Does anyone have any ideas I really don t think it s a heat issue since it sometimes only happens after minutes and it isn t hot at all Could it be the ram I can t reboot Windows in it since I don t have a portable USB Optical drive and the netbook itself has no CD-ROM Here are the stats OS Windows XP service pack Model Compaq Mini - DX Intel Atom N quot LED GB DDR GB HD Built-in HP webcam b g nbsp

A:Brand-new Netbook freezes when idle, can only reboot with manual restart

Talk to the manufacturer. Get it fixed while still under warranty.
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I just bought a brand-new Dell Inspiron I started the computer finished the registration and Dell Connect Brand to New Won't Internet Inspiron 1545 connected to my home wireless networking system The Dell has Vista OS pre-loaded on it and it showed full connectivity to my internet system However once I clicked on Internet Explorer the page would not load and I could surf to other pages Thinking it was an Internet Brand New Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't Connect to Internet Explorer issue Brand New Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't Connect to Internet I tried Firefox Firefox allowed me to go to Google but nothing else I spent about an hour on the phone with Dell who informed me that there have been some configuration problems between Vista McAfee and Internet Explorer but they wanted to charge me for a one year Brand New Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't Connect to Internet software warranty apparently my warranty is only hardware I uninstalled the free -day trial McAfee but could not still surf the web I ve tried ipconfig as well as other online hints but nothing s worked I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem I m pretty close to just returning the Dell to the store and looking for another brand Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Brand New Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't Connect to Internet

Yes, I can connect using an Ethernet cord. The Comcast technical website (our home internet provider) shows that my computer is connected via Ethernet and wirelessly, but I still can only surf the web when I'm connected with an Ethernet cord.
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months of Multiple BSODs on a or computer BSODs Multiple 5 a - error? of on hardware new brand driver months brand new computer - driver or hardware error Mini dump 5 months of Multiple BSODs on a brand new computer - driver or hardware error? analysis help please Hi I m looking for anyone who can analyse mini dumps and help me determine the source of my problems The system has been giving me hell from the start The problem often manifests in different driver and memory errors - To my level of understanding the errors seem to be fairly unrelated When it runs well it s awesome and it really performs When it starts messing up that s it it might BSOD on every start up times in a row and then start working for no apparent reason I ruled out faulty PSU and faulty RAM and system always runs cool the hottest component being the fanless graphics card I have also run extensive tests on system hard drive Seatools returned no errors after firmware upgrade and long tests However DiskCheckup keeps changing its mind out predicted TEC date it jumps from Jan too Aug either of which is unacceptable and well within manufacture warranty Reinstalled windows countless times with different installation CDs So that leaves MOBO CPU GPU or maybe some software of driver issue I feel that it must be hardware related but I can t work out what it is on top of that the faults are often intermittent making trial and error testing unreliable I have collected many minidumps now but I can t work out if they are related or not has my comp dozens of problems or just a couple with variegated symptoms Questions Q Can anybody help me Q How should I post minidumps and info Hard drive questions Seatools return no errors I have been told that this is the definitive test for a faulty hard drive Q PassMark DiskCheckup keeps changing its mind out predicted TEC date Does this indicate a problem with my hard drive Q When ever I run chkdsk it says that it has found errors and is repairing them Does this indicate a problem with my hard drive GPU questions Video driver has supposedly caused some of the BSODs The drag and drop mouse marks don t disappear almost as if the screen is not refreshing Q Could these be signs of a faulty graphics card Thanks a lot I m beginning to go a little bit mad from all this troubleshooting dead Jane nbsp

A:5 months of Multiple BSODs on a brand new computer - driver or hardware error?

Here are some of the older dmp analyses:
View attachment 50542

View attachment 50543

View attachment 50544

View attachment 50545

View attachment 50546
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Hey everyone i just bought a HP Pavillion Elite PC After a few minutes computer freezing on brand problems gs new 9500 Geforce of running games they freeze and i get a blue screen where there is a load of writing i dont understand or else it will just freeze and my monitor wont pick up a signal On occasions of the second instance i have to actually plug out the machine from the socket It is days old Always had the problem Also when there is a freeze and shutdown i can temporarily see that objects and effects Geforce 9500 gs freezing problems on brand new computer are surrounded by little purple dots While playing med total war on occasion there would be weird triangular shapes appearing also Motherboard - Intel G g G P P chipset intel IR ich r southbridge Graphic interface -ehhh Windows Vista is that what your looking for Memory - gb ram CPU -Intel core QUAD q Geforce 9500 gs freezing problems on brand new computer CPU Speed - Ghz but there is cores Power Supply Make Model - this info is hard for me to get very poor experience with actually opening case plus its brand new and i dont want to risk anything A point to note though The power supply should be enough to power my machine if have not added anything to it This machine has been mass produced Watt output Amperage- sorry but i dont know where to get this info hopefully not a problem Graphics Card- Nvidia GS I have latest drivers Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Geforce 9500 gs freezing problems on brand new computer

Take it back to who you bought it from and have them fix or replace it
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Hi Just got home hrs ago with my new ChilliGreen TB USB HDD Everything looked perfect I just plugged it in in installed itself I didn t even have to create a partition it 2TB, crashing ChilliGreen new brand keeps was already made so yeah I start copying my files immediately but the damn thing keeps crashing every time it crashes I hear that sound windows XP makes when you disconnect a USB device and seconds later it reconnects again and it works again for a random amount of time the shop says this is a problem on my PC but I don t know how I ChilliGreen 2TB, brand new keeps crashing clicked the Optimize for ChilliGreen 2TB, brand new keeps crashing stability the option in windows button as well but nothing good happened what else can I do P S I have USB drives non of them have this issue tried plugging the drive into and USB into USB and even an USB HUB but no matter what I do the result is the same P S The drive does not have drivers officially it just installed with something from Microsoft it s my only drive that does not specify a name it s just External Drive USB Device official drivers do not exist could this be the source of the problem nbsp

A:ChilliGreen 2TB, brand new keeps crashing

I'd try the drive on one of the back panel USB connections on your computer. Try a different USB cable too, obviously Windows thinks the drive is being disconnected even if it isn't.

I can think of a few reasons this could happen:
1. You are disconnecting the drive (unlikely).
2. Your drive is pulling more power than the USB Port can provide. (Unlikely for a drive of that size at this time since its using 3.5" hds which require a separate power source, unlike 2.5" externals which may pull power from the USB Port itself).
3. Faulty USB cable (also pretty unlikely).

If you can't fix it by a new cable or ensuring the drive is running off external power (can you hear it spinning down at any point?). Then take it back to the shop and make them make it work with one of their machines.

All 3 of my scenarios seem pretty unlikely, so there may be something else wrong, but I can't think of what.
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Just built a new computer ASUS m n -D mobo AMD Quad Core GB Corsair RAIM EVGA GTX Brand new off for itself powering 4-5 PC shuts after custom built seconds up graphics card NZXT Ultimate Cooling Chassis Took a GB harddrive out of my old computer a gateway It ran like a champ for approximately weeks Now it will not power up at all when I press the power button When I unplug the PSU or flip the off switch on the PSU and then plug it back it the computer immediately begins to try to power up without me even pressing the power button It will begin to power up for about seconds lights up Brand new custom built PC shuts itself off after powering up for 4-5 seconds CPU fan starts case fans start monitor lights up etc but then will immediately shut itself off At first I thought it might be the power button cord on the chassis and I fiddled with the connections on that and then I pressed the power button and it began to start Again however it shut itself down after a couple seconds After the first time messing with the power button connection the power button will not do anything ever The computer still attempts to start itself after being unplugged and plugged back in but always dies nbsp

A:Brand new custom built PC shuts itself off after powering up for 4-5 seconds

Do two things, updated your specs in your profile and lookin in your case, tell us what psu you have.
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Hi all I googled looking for solutions to problems recovering a Compaq Presario computer and found a link here so I thought I would post a possible solution I have stumbled across Make sure the system you are recovering has been restored to FACTORY SPECS That means removing anything that wasn t in it when it was new PC Name Recovery solved problems brand I just tried to restore a Name brand PC Recovery problems solved Compaq Presario SR AN with a new hard drive in it from a new set of HP supplied recovery disks I got one error after another with problems copying files to the Name brand PC Recovery problems solved hard drive I got as Name brand PC Recovery problems solved far as a reported of the installation before I was forced to stop It reported problems copying Driver CAB and Base INP I managed to get Driver Cab installed by putting in a recovery disk from a different set but no way could I get Base INP to work After suggestions from HP that the Motherboard wasn t plugged in WTF I tried dismantling the machine and reseating the CPU that I had previously removed in cleaning and reseating the undisturbed DVD IDE cable and the HDD IDE cable I also removed the extra MB of RAM that the customer had installed to take the system from the factory supplied up to I then re-ran the recovery process with absolutely no problems I believe there was no problem with the seating of the cables or CPU I believe the main problem with the system was that the recovery process baulked when it discovered more RAM than HP had installed and would not continue I know next time I have to recover an HP Compaq or other brand OEM system I will be ensuring that the system is COMPLETELY back to FACTORY SPEC nbsp

A:Name brand PC Recovery problems solved

I take it that the extra 256Meg of Ram did not originally come from HP
I'm not sure if that's relevant or not, but even same rating Ram (but different manufacture) has been known to cause issues (ie best to use exactly the same Ram cards always)

I was discussing a similar matter earlier on here: Windows will not boot with more than 2gb of ram (although the emphasis in that thread was the 2Gig max, before installing Windows, and strangeness of having increased ram in a system)

Either way, thanks for your post, it was interesting to note this issue (and likely cause)
Many times during a Setup fault, I have advised members to remove extra Ram cards and try again. It may be that the originally recorded Ram (under re-imaging) may be the answer (on some computers that may have Setup problems) Sadly you would need to test this issue on 10 similar, same spec, computers to really confirm. Or contact HP technical support, or possibly their tech forum, to ask of others experiences.
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Hello I m having a hard time with this brand new PC and can t figure out what is wrong I have tried the following games Shayia WolfET Fallout Far Cry All of them crash after min to hour of gameplay I get a blue screen that flickers then my pc reboots I tried WinXp b and WinXp sp still the same results I tried with the drivers that came with my system didnt fix the problem so tried with the ones on the manufacturer s hour crashes PC New after Brand to 1 10min gaming websites for all hardware Brand New PC crashes after 10min to 1 hour gaming didnt work any better Here is my gear CPU Intel Core Duo E G M S MOBO ASUS P Q It broke after days of games failing so I had the store give me a new one since they believed that was the problem RAM CORSAIR Mhz DDR NO-ECC M TWINX C Hard Drive G SATA SEAGATE Power supply Corsair W Video Card EVGA GTX M I use to understand everything that was happening with my old PC years old even changing blown up caps on it but this new computer with all the new technologies is overwhelming and after spending a good amount of cash I would like to be able to play a game Will wait your expert advice nbsp

A:Brand New PC crashes after 10min to 1 hour gaming

Take it back to the store and have them check it out. You might also have a defective video card or memory
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I've recently purchased an additional Hitachi Deskstar P7K500 320gb SATA HD to compliment my other Hitachi 80gb HD on my home build PC. I hooked it up and Vista didn't recognize the new drive. I went and manually set up the drive, and as soon as i put something on it, Vista gave me a (back up and replace drive) message. Any suggestions?

A:Brand new corrupt drive

format it first then use it. see if it gives u thaat error still. if that doesn't work u may be out of luck
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Hi everyone I just registered here because I saw new Brand :( PC crashing is some other thread and this place seems to Brand new PC is crashing :( have some really knowledgeable people O I really have nowhere else to turn with this I have a bad problem but I dont even know what is causing it so I dont know where to go and what to do so I m hoping people here may be able to help me or even point me in the right direction First my PC specs Intel Core Duo E Stock speeds Geforce GTX stock - both power leads plugged into it Gig of Corsair -C ram - - - two gig Seagate Barracuda SATA-II Corsair HX W PSU Gigabyte P DS Motherboard Revision SoundBlaster X-Fi Music edition Important Everything is at its stock speed Nothing has ever been overclocked Entire PC is one month old Windows XP Professional - Service pack --- Legit legal copy etc Latest Sound Video Bios drivers and latest Direct x c Problem I use the PC for work but I got some fancy hardware because I wanted to treat myself with being able to play modern games too I have about games Some are really PC taxing games like ES Oblivion and Flight Simulator X etc They all seem to work fine apart from The that struggle are taxing games too and pretty new Company of Heroes Hitman Blood Money Rainbow Las Vegas I can play the games but eventually they will crash Hitman - only on one of the last missons Las Vegas - only after playing for an hour and half have I seen the crash And Company of Heroes crashes A LOT The tutorial can t be done without crashing and the crash can occur minutes after starting I can also play on the biggest map for minutes and then it crashes I have played on the smallest maps though and won the battle and never saw a crash although the game only lasts about minutes I suppose All the crashes are exactly the same I get crazy colours on the screen with billions of dots and lines which kind of make a chequered pattern in square shapes about half an inch squared It is just a big psychadelic screen Sometimes the sound still continues for a moment and sometimes after a moment the sound will go into a loop Sometimes it will just stay like that for ages and I have to hit my reset button And usually it will restart my computer by itself Never will it just return me to Windows and never does it show me a blue screen Its crash and reboot basically Control alt delete etc will not work while the crash is happening too by the way ALSO sometimes when the PC restarts the screen doesn t come back on It stays in suspend mode I have to turn the PC off again and restart it and then the screen comes back on as normal Error report After booting back into XP after the crash I get a quot windows has encountered a critical error quot message and it asks me if I want to submit it to Microsoft If I view the error details myself this is what they said Error signature BCCode f BCP BCP BCP BCP OSVer SP Product And then if I click on the link for technical details of the error it says this c documents administrator locals temp WER dir Mini - dmp c documents administrator locals temp WER dir sysdata xml I think sometimes the error report is slightly different but that is just an example of my most recent error What I have tried Everything I have suspected all of my components so I have been on Corsair s forum about my RAM and on Creative s forum about the soundcard etc I tried running Company of Heroes with sound disabled and it ran much longer than usual but the crash still appeared I have also run it after disabling everything none microsoft related using MSCONFIG This was suggested on the Company of Heroes forum I have run a MemTest on my RAM and it ran for almost hours and had zero errors I have also run a quot Video Card Stress Test quot which I ran all night and was still going strong after about hours Only other thing I can mention My motherboard selects slow timings for my RAM by default It is meant to be - - - and initially defaults to - - - This is normal for this motherboard evidently It... Read more

A:Brand new PC is crashing :(

This has to be caused by the Nvidia Gforce drivers... You've covered everything else
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I want to learn about middle high class brand names for hardware for a PC I know a few real famous ones that are real expensive and not much I m new to computer and want to learn CPU - AMD Intel Hardware names brand Mobo - Asus Gigabyte MSI RAM - Corsair HDD - Seagate WD ODD - VGA - HIS PSU - Seasonic Enermax Thermaltake Case - This is all I know I heard that Intel is better at overclocking or something than AMD But AMD is cheaper Asus and Gigabyte are pretty equal and MSI a little bit cheaper I dunno anything about ODD mine s LG just cus I got my comp done when I was in Korea VGAs mine s a Geforce but its some another Korean brand only in Korea I actually wanted a Radeon I heard that nowadays Radeons are cheaper and better is it true Hardware brand names like Radeon are the ones used for gaming I think PSU is the most important part of a PC right and those are the ones I know That are real good power supplies I have no idea about case although it s another real important Hardware brand names part for cooling and stuff So please tell me some decent brandnames for parts like i know super expensive famous ones but not so much of good but not so famous ones nbsp

A:Hardware brand names

Here are some decent brands, apart from the ones you've already mentioned:

Motherboards: XFX, eVGA, ABIT, Foxconn, Biostar (TForce series)

RAM: A-DATA, Crucial, OCZ, Patriot, Buffalo, Kingston, G.SKILL, GeiL, PQI, Super Talent

HDD: Samsung, Hitachi

ODD: Pioneer, Lite-On, Plextor

For ATI: Sapphire, Visiontek, Gigabyte, Force3D, ASUS, MSI, Diamond, PowerColor

For NVIDIA: eVGA, XFX, BFG, MSI, Leadtek, ASUS, Gigabyte, Zotac, PNY, Galaxy

PSU: Akasa, BFG (except ES-800), Antec, BGears (Straight-power series), be Quiet!, Corsair, Cooler Master (Real Power series), Enhance, Etasis, Fortron FSP, Gigabyte (Odin Pro & Odin GT series), Mushkin, OCZ, PC Power & Cooling, Sapphire, Seventeam, Silverstone, Sparkle, Tagan, XClio (StablePower series), Zalman

Cases: Antec, Cooler Master, Lian-Li, NZXT, Silverstone, Thermaltake
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I?m in Need of ram for my Compaq Desktop Computer

I?m only Running a 256MB Stick right now

I Was told I Can run up to 2048MB as that?s what the board will hold

Now I need to use Either DDR PC2700 or DDR PC3200

But What is the Best Brand of ram to us on a Older Computer like this

I've Heard Stories of People Running a Brand and then the Computer Crashes, The Motherboard gives up etc.

I've been told

Kingston is Very good for the Money

I will be buying from

Here is what they have to offer


If you need all the Specs I can get them

A:What's the Best Brand of Ram for a DDR PC2700 PC3200 Case

what I would suggest is to go to the Crucial site, they have a scan that will examine u're computer, and give u options on mem. and even give different brands u can purchase. Crucial makes very good ram. here is the link
also u might have to go to Compaq to get what is compactable with that computer, but I bet crucial will tell u and give recomendations.
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When Vista started for the very first time it played its little sound, but since that i haven't heard a peep from it. No idea why. Any ideas?

Device Manager says everyhing is working fine.

A:No sound on brand new Acer Aspire 5920

Check in windows sound manager if everything is ok. As example if the sound is on or enough volume selected or it has not been muted.
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i bought an gt i pulled out my old grapich card uninstalled all drivers and related programs and turned off pc plugged in the gt and boot the system everything seemed fine so far until a bios bleep and a reboot so i right new brand GT 8600 but Asus problems, major away think not enough power since Asus 8600 GT major problems, but brand new i didnt got a Asus 8600 GT major problems, but brand new bsod its an watt power supply so i plugged out audio pci card plugged out some fans plugged out all unneeded usb devices and i boot again all seems fine no reboot so i install the drivers from cd and i start up a game oblivion in this case her where the problem start my whole screen is layed out in a raster filled with green squares like a chess board i begin thinking maybe i installed something wrong or forgot something of my old grapic card so again i retake the uninstal steps and reboot this time windows doesnt boot no bsod no error just black screen and nothing so i do the worse step format c start over from scratch so i finish installing everything but still my overall performance is messy websites not always responding programs not always responding and the green squares are still visable if i run dxdiag direct d and draw tests not in windows ive got no memory dumps no event logs running on a asus m a vm mobo amd athlon x asus GT kingston x gb ddr nbsp

A:Asus 8600 GT major problems, but brand new

hi there,
seems like youve tried everything from uninstalling all previous drivers to reformatting windows and yet there's still problems. Although your power supply is a bit weak. Your running a dual core AMD and a geforce 8600..both of them combined is probably around 250-300 watts of power already and thats NOT including your hard drives and cd drives. you may want to try out a stronger power supply..maybe a 550 watt? gives you a bit of head room for your other stuff like fans etc.. Install all the latest drivers from the Nvidia website and if your still experiencing artifacts like chess like screens and stuff like that, then consider your graphics card to be faulty. try and plug in another video card on the same slot? if it works fine then its your card.
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Everyone do not buy from powercolor. I bought a video card from them it worked 4 days then stopped workin, the card was a defect. Theni have to pay 8.00 for shipping to send it back to them another disappointment. Then yesterday they try to bs me sayin i didnt give them the rebate form which they are lieng I did all the rebates over the phone and the lady told me everything to send them and I did. Lets hope i get my card back WORKING and the 10$ rebates. Im sick of this company other people said there good on this forum but this is a very bad experience. Feel free to post. If this is the wrong forum sorry, I wasn't sure if this was the correct forum. PimpMyPc

A:Video card brand review!

ye but this is a bad experience with them have u ever bought anything from them?
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i am very new at gaming computers and need as much help as possible. i have just bought a gaming computer and when i go on the internet and i scroll down its starts to lag what does that mean?

A:Need help with brand new gaming system

Hi Unko Bejo, your question is a little to broard (open)

Please put your System Specs in your Profile

and state specifically where you go on the Internet and what page(?) you are scrolling down.

It would also be good to know what Internet connection you are using (I don't think it's dial-up ) and also what's running on your computer (Internet Secrity - Norton?)
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i just built a brand new gaming rig, and when i tried to start it up, i got nothing. no lights, beeps, or spinning fans. I am sure i have all of the cables installed correctly, even had a technician come check it out. no dice.

i am wondering if the mobo or the psu were DOA, or if something else is the matter.

any help is much appericated.
my gaming depends on it!

A:Brand new build won't even start

I would first check to make shure that your power button is working properly. You can test this by jumping the two prongs coming out of you Moboard that go to your button.

if it still dosent work then find a new psu to try in your rig.
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Brand new member here seeking some help and advice I just recently purchased some new GPU brand time when First buying/owning new. it's a hardware such as new Motherboard CPU RAM and GPU I basically upgraded my entire system My PC runs fine and I can play games no problem for about - minutes before it freezes crashes and or displays a BSOD The only game that I have run so far that has not had any problems is Rainbow Six Vegas What I m trying to ask here is Is it normal to have some problems like the ones listed above when you come into possession of a brand new GPU HD I have the latest drivers for my GPU and Mobo I also have the latest BIOS VBIOS flashes for each and I don t have any cards in my PCI slots that may be conflicting Is this simply a software or driver issue My temps on my GPU are idle - c load - C and my CPU s temps are idle - C load - sC My mobo nForce i Ultra is shipped with a bare SB and I fitted a small copper heatsink from Vantec right ontop of it in order to lower the temps there There s a big black heatsink ontop of the NB aluminum I believe and I can t see how that could be getting hot My case is pretty well ventilated usually leave the side off for better temps That out of the way I First time buying/owning a GPU when it's brand new. can t see how my periodical crashing can be related to high temps I m still unsure whether it s to do with drivers or software issues I got all this new hardware on my b-day Jan rd and I haven t been able to rightly use any of it yet which is very disappointing Usually the BSODs I get list files such as quot ati duag dll quot I know that s part of the ATI drivers but that isn t the only BSOD I ve been getting I ve also been receiving BSODs that say quot IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL quot I think that that may point to defective hardware No My hardware isn t defective if it can play R Vegas for as long as I want it to without crashing or freezing at all As of now I m mostly thinking it s drivers but I m not completely sure and wouldn t know how to fix that anyways Can any of you guys help me out nbsp
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I know its probably a newbie question but i've never crossfired 2 card before and i was wondering if you could from 2 different brand (example: Sapphire+MSI etc...) I know each company has its own way of doing things but in essence its the same card just different sticker on it lol

The only reason i ask is because i have a Sapphire 3870 and i've found another 3870 (Powercolor) for about 30 cheaper. Yes im cheap, so sue me!

A:Two brand crossfiring...

Yes, you can Crossfire two cards from different brands and different types as well, but from the same generation only. For example, you can run Crossfire with a X1900XT and a X1950PRO.
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Hello all I recently built my first computer and everything was smooth Now dvds new play will burner burn not DVD but Brand I m having problems with my DVD burner I have a brand new Lite On LH- A S model drive Before this one I had a brand new LG GSA-H NK Both drives will read and play dvds but won t burn them I also have a DVD CD RW drive that works perfectly plays dvds and music and burns music The two drives that I m having trouble with are both SATA while the other drive that works is a IDE drive I m thinking that may have something to do with the problem but I can t find anything in the BIOS that looks like it would have an effect When I attempt to burn a DVD with Nero or quot tried both quot the process starts and it will stay on for about minutes then it comes up and says generating high compatibility borders successful generating high compatibility Brand new DVD burner will play dvds but not burn borders then it says burn process failed at x I m running Windows XP Pro SP AMD Athlon Processor Ghz GB ram DFI nF Ultra-D MoBo Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance nbsp

A:Brand new DVD burner will play dvds but not burn

Is your hard drive SATA or IDE?
Relevancy 29.67%

SO just received my new Gigabyte X -DQ laid everything out just like every other MB install pulled out the old put in the new installed the new INTEL core duo using stock CPU Fan for now installed the new OCX MB Compliant MEM one gig GigabyteX38-DQ6-brand never reaches Anyone? and new BIOS, chips installed the ATI Radeon PCI Express card and connected up the new W Thermaltake Powersupply Connected Keyboard and MB and after flipping the switch the Motherboard and fans start THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING SO the CPU Fan spins for about - seconds and stops I get no beeps indicating what might be wrong no video and since I don t have a classic keyboard I m not able to see if any of the lights are coming on ANYONE with any ideas please share I ve reseated the CPU Fan MB and removed all peripherals and even stepped back to a single Gig Mem Chip and same results After holding the power button I get the MB to shut off Upon trying to power up again the MB responds exactly the same except it powers itself off about seconds after the CPU Fan stops HELP nbsp

A:GigabyteX38-DQ6-brand new and never reaches BIOS, Anyone?

Reset the bios to failsafe settings. Make sure your power supply's 4-pin 12volt Molex connector is attached to the motherboard. Try a better, stronger power supply. If all this fails, replace the motherboard
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hey all,
with the sage advice of y'all, i've fixed on getting an 8800 gts, but i'm dithering a bit as to which one.
the two i'm mainly considering are the msi and the xfx, both get good reviews on newegg and the msi is cheaper, but more of the reviews for the xfx mention relatively low temp and more of the msi reviews mention higher temp. i've currently got an xfx 7600 gt and i like xfx in general, never had an msi card.
basically, does the xfx version actually provide lower temp and higher reliability? oh, the msi card is their OC version (can't find a non oc version) so it does have higher stats.
thoughts? better brand i missed? (looked at the evga had the worst reviews of all 3 on newegg)

A:best 8800 gts brand?

eVGA is the best, but the GeForce 8800 GT is better than the GTS and it's cheaper.
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Dream Machine bad brand good brand What is your Dream Machine I mean spec but realistic example not a time machine and what brand? good bad Dream brand? Machine, component brand you have bad experience with and what brand you very worship heres my Dream Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand? Spec - AMD Athlon FX- quad-core - dual gb internal hdd rpm mb cache - Blue Ray burner - gig Buffalo Firestix rams - dual XT gig version in crossfire mode - E-Mu M channels sound card - Physx card - Killer Nic card - Altec Lansing FX watts surround sound system - watt Antec TruePower Quattro psu - Windows Vista Ultimate bit - liquid cooling - custom see through hard plastic glass case - gigantic fan that cover each side of the case - red lighting fancy neon colors - every components all red color like ram video card mobo etc - Machine name The Blood Demon I chose amd processor cause so far I have no problem with amd cpu I have bad experience with intel cpu s got celeron mhz and it auto reboot often and sometimes wont boot got pentium ghz on laptop and it is out of order for less than years of purchase got pentium ghz and going to folder full of pictures seems slower than my athlon winchester chose dual gb instead of one piece tb hdd is cause as i study theres no tb that has rpm so ill go with dual gb rpm mb cache instead chose blu ray over hd dvd is just felt like it chose buffalo firestix ram is cause i really admire and worship buffalo brand last time i bought a used dirty no antena junk looking buffalo router at ebay and it works flawlessly no random disconnect nothing at all before i bought a Dlink router brand new sealed and it disconnect me randomly and oftenly like evry min it disconnect me and auto connect itself even i bought brand new sealed i never deal with Dlink again and buffalo really made me proud so buffalo brand got my credit so now i am pretty sure all their product are reliable and good although it dont seems that they are not a pure specializing ram company such like crucial or kingston but i really think they are great on ram too gig ram to assure no sudden hicup lagg exist stable and steady performance oh yeah I bought PNY ram and inside wasnt PNY ram it was something else will never tust PNY again and will never deal with PNY product again Buffalo is the most trusted brand for me chose ati radeon hd xt is cause i have always use ati cards and have never have a problem been using x se x pro and x xt and no problem at all also i notice myself that ati has better image quality sharp and brilliant colors i mena usually i always hear ati has great image quality but never see it for myself and now i experience myself that ati is truly have superior image quality i took game screenshots and compare with others with ultra and gt on max settings and mannn my ati x xt card are indeed superior image quality deep sharp and brilliant color also ati tends to have more shader power than nvidia cards so its a crysis proof since crysis diffinitely eats alot of shader power and ati card will be perfect for crysis chose E-Mu for sound card is that I have bad experience with creative lab I bought the basic bucks creative lab sound card bit it have driver problem like sometimes it will randomly set itself to channel when i already set to it did it often and sometimes it made one of the speaker dont work I had to reboot to make it work Will never deal with Creative Lab again although i have not try their high end sound card but still i have a feeling that i dont trust it chose Physx card for realistic atmosphere and physics movements chose Killer Nic card to boost up connection reduce connection lagg especially a great idea if you playing a mmorpg that the server located at Malaysia and you re from USA such as a mmo called Perfect World connection lagg like the sound of attacks will delay and the attack animation are delay I always have connection lagg problem when playing games that hosted in malaysia when im in USA and im sure Killer Nic... Read more

A:Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand?

That little lot wouldn't be any good without a mobo tho.
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what is the best quality ram brand?

If you have trouble deciding.. feel free to vote randomly.

I bought PNY ram and non-PNY brand inside. Will never deal with PNY again.

ps. whats the difference between Kingston and Kingston HyperX?

A:best quality RAM BRAND?

I chose Kingston

Because my asus board recommends it.
Check your manual for it's recommended RAM.
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i'm planning to get another external hard drive....since my last one is kinda dead....can someone suggest any good brand for external hard drive??

is LeCie any good???

A:What's a good brand for External hard drive??

I would think whatever brand is good for the internal hardisk would hold true for an external. I like Maxtor/Seagate products, but I'm pretty sure they are not the best.
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Alright, i know there may be a lot of these kinds of threads. I've done some searching and attempted any tries for a solution. Probably the only think i know is that the PSU is NOT dead. However, I'm not sure about the mobo because when everything is connected, a green light on the mobo is ON. I have made sure it's not getting grounded, though im still not quite sure. Triple checked that everything is connected correctly. Could the source of the problem be the CPU? It's brand new, made sure heat sink was correctly put on and everything. Feed back would be greatly appreciated. My specs are:

Antec sonata 3 with a 500w PSU (tested PSU and works fine)
Asus Motherboard P5N-E SLI
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz
GeForce 8500 GT
Kingston PC2-6400 1 GB DDR2

A:Brand new PC, Will not turn on.

IS your memory dual channel (2x 512). One of the memory modules (if you have two, or just the one) could be dead and it is causing your computer not to turn on. If you have some more memory that you know works try it. The green light on the motherboard just means that you are getting power to the board.

IF the memory checks out start unplugging things to see if you can find where something is shorting it out. Unplug everything but the CPU fan and then turn it on. If nothing happens then the board is either dead or the CPU is dead. If it does turn on just start putting things in one at a time and turn it on each time till you find where the bad part is.
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I just purchased a brand new bare bones machine. The machine came with the motherboard, processor, and power supply with no OS installed. I installed windows XP and all of the updates. After installing the OS I proceeded to change out the power supply from a 350watt(which came with the machine), to a 750watt which I bought separately. After installing the new power supply I no longer get any video output whatsoever. I was wondering if this would be a problem with the power supply that I installed or possibly something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:No video output on brand new machine

Double check to see if you have missed out any connections.
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Hello! I would like to see the comments and reviews all of you guys can share about gaming laptops, since I'm planning to buy a Laptop for this purpose in the coming months I'll appreciate if you can say which is in your opinion one of the best brands (and not overpriced) for gaming.

I've keep my eye on the Dell XPS but I believe they are so expensive when you really add the customize good stuff to those. I've seen the ASUS have some good models for gaming, HP web site allows you to customize a decent gaming laptop without being so expensive, and there's also Fujitsu which some models include the ATI HD2600 which I believe is pretty good.

Please leave your comments about it. Thanks!

A:Best Brand for Gaming Laptop

Neither of the above brands. Check out for the best gaming laptops available.
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Hi guys, i really need some help with my new laptop,

Its a core duo 2.0 ghz, 2gb ,224MB Shared Intel GMA 950

Like i think thats enough, its brand spankin new i got it two days ago and i cant run counterstrike source, my FPS is at 10 and it doesnt make sense, my ping is super low around 20-30, and it doesnt help anything when i change the resolution. I've tried the widescreen with high res, high detail, or low detail, i've tried everything. But i dunno where to go now, if you guys could help me that would be great. I was reading something on another post about restarting your cmos or soemthing like that, but i have no clue what that is. Im not bad with computers, just not great. Thanks guys

all the help will be greatly appreciated

A:Having trouble with brand new laptop and FPS on CS SOURCE

Intel GMA 950 integrated video is terrible. That would be the problem no matter what.
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I am shopping for PC3200 DDR1 ram. My problem is, there are so many results I don't know enough about ram to know which is the best brand choice. Could anyone who knows ram check the following list?

Also, I heard that having too much ram is bad enough as too little because there is too much room for the pc to navigate its memory within. If I have 1.5 GB as opposed to just one, will that cause any problems?

So, out of these results, what brand would be the best to buy?

Relevancy 29.67%

Hi, i just got some new speakers and when i plugged it in the power outlet and the computer the light goes on, but when i try something with sound it doesn't work! I went to the control panel and looked at the sound and audio devices, it said there was no device plugged in! I even tried my microphone but it still didn't find it!


A:Brand New (bought Today) Speakers Are Not Responding!

to me it sounds like the drivers for you're sound device (sound card or on board) is lot loaded try to reinstall it.
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So far the best out of the three brands i have seen are Hp and Gateway (i do this based off the product and customer service) dell bah their customer service not really that friendly. While doing my searching around i found this everex brand laptop.

So what i am looking for is any insight as to their customer service as well as laptop reliability. Since i could not seem to find any online support on their website to have a talk with one of their reps.

A:Just want to know if Everex is a brand to spend on?

Stick with HP
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Hi all last week i baught a graphics problem brand new card AGP X Inno D GeForce FX for my second pc it arived days ago and i poped open my case instaled the card and booted the pc up Everything was fine i installed the brand new graphics card problem drivers and updated direct x to go with the new drivers and played a few games over lan It was running fine for days i unpluged the pc to tide behind it the next day i pluged it in to play and no video is showing It shows the boot screen and the loading windows logo but as soon as windows starts the screen goes blank and the moniter says no signal i would thing the computers not booting windows but i hear the windows login sound just after the screen dies So thinking it was a conflict with the onbored i went in to bios and attempted to disable the onbored but the bios dosent reconise the card it just says onbored or auto I then tested this card in my main pc and it dosent boot at all I have no clue whats wrong and i would be thinking its burnt out but then why does it still show the boot screen anyone havwe any ideas the computer using it is an old dell wiht an intel penteum running mhz and ram the second i tested it in is runing an amd athlon xp and gig ram Any help would be great thanks nbsp

A:brand new graphics card problem

hello utra,

don`t worry, your graphics card(GC) is fine. the problem is with your monitor. infact your monitor is fine also.

it happened to me once.

im assuming that after installing your GC you increased your display settings, along with increasing the resolution, and your monitor got tunned to those as wel, but when you unplugged the monitor, it got reset to lower settings and now when you want to start your pc monitor just turns blank(only when win-desktop loads) because its not accepting the higher graphics.

so what you can do is:-
if you know any shortcuts to reset your pc`s display , then you can do that once you hear the windows load.
if not, then connect your pc to a monitor which could handle higher displays and then step down the resolution a bit and connect back to the previous monitor.

i hope that helps.
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Just got a new desktop HP Pavilion a n Used the Easy transfer program and cable to bring files settings etc from old emachines pc to the new machine running Vista Home Premuim Now I m getting a message every few minutes that the Recovery D drive is full Drive C has tons of room left of GB free However Drive D has of GB free Can t seem to get a read on the space being occupied by D s contents Recovery last modified before I bought this machine System restore last modified after I bought the machine Aluria Cache file before I bought it Using the recovery new drive and computer full? Brand Disk cleanup I can quot use Dsk Cleanup to free bytes of disk space on Recovery D quot Well obviously that doesn Brand new computer and recovery drive full? t help Spoke with someone at HP Brand new computer and recovery drive full? and he couldn t figure it out Couple questions A Is this Brand new computer and recovery drive full? a concern B What is this drive used for and if it s full what will happen when it is needed C If the only part of D that has been modified since I bought the computer is the quot System Restore quot did I import something from the old machine that is too large D If so what to do Many thanks nbsp

A:Brand new computer and recovery drive full?

is the D drive another partition?

Most new systems are full of bloatware. Remove it with CCleaner (Free)

turn off system restore when using CCleaner.
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Newegg has a god deal on of their mobos but Ive never heard of it.

A:Anyone heard of the Mach Speed brand???

No mate I haven`t heard of Mach speed.

More worryingly perhaps, is I can`t find any reviews either.

Regards Howard
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Im thinking about getting a New Laptop. Was going to get a Desktop but a Laptop would be much kooler lol. But what would be a better choice. Dont just say all of them are good lol. But i dont really know which would really stay with me for the longest. Especially running Windows Vista.

A:The Best Brand of Laptops

Almost every person has a different opinion, so rather then telling you which to buy, i will tell you which not to buy. i think 90% can agree that sony viao, alienware, voodoo are a waste of money. Every other brand, people either swear buy them, or swear at them. Now, you need to be more specific on what exactly you want to do with it. A desktop has a waaay better price to performance. If mobility is what you want, obviously you want a laptop. If the laptop is going to be glued to your desk, and you just want it to "look cool", then be logical and go with a "cool" desktop. If you are gaming, go with a desktop. Now be more specific and we can recommend you actual models, brands. If you are video editing/graphics, some will recommend a mac. Although i personally don't like macs, it's all just a matter of opinion. And a desktop, 50 times to 1, will last you longer then a desktop.
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Hi just brought a whole new pc about two days ago..

First off, the heatsink was not mounted properly and i saw the cpu temp @ 85 so i shut it off immediately and reseated. That is fixed now.

Only problem left is, in any screen the monitor has pixellation covering, like green lines..

Ive hooked up another monitor so its not the monitor.

I have an MSI X1950Pro 512Mb.

Coolermaster igreen 500w (If that matters)


A:Brand new graphics card - screwed?

Try removing and refitting the graphics card.

If that makes no difference then try clearing the cmos on your mobo, your manual will tell you how to do it.

If neither of those work then the graphics card is probably faulty and should be replaced.
Relevancy 26.23%

I cant find any information about this "Ultra" brand laptop, its a p3 1.1ghz and i have no idea how much video memory it has.

The actual brand is "Ultra"

No other info listed,

can i upgrade this? i wanna play some games.


Steve Laboy

A:on-board video card for "ultra" brand laptop

is there a model or serial number somewhere on the unit? be sure to carefully check all surfaces of the unit, including any areas that are accessed via removable panels. you may even be able to find the unit's FCC id, in which case you can get further information from the FCC website (they have a nice database that lists any device based on its FCC id).

what do you want to use this laptop for? usage possibilities depend largely on the RAM and video card, which are not strong selling points for most laptops.
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My friend has a new custom built computer with a KN8-Sli mobo, 3200+ 2.0Ghz Venice, 1Gb Corsair Valueram and a Aspire turbocase 520W powersupply. His computer doesn't start at all, when you turn on the power [on the power supply] all you get is a red light, which I have found no records of on abit or the manual. I'm guessing the problem is something either the Power Supplu [my guess] or the mobo. All of this was gotten at once so we don't know what has worked or what doesn't work and we don't have another computer to test it on so any ideas on this one? haha


A:Brand new computer problem

I wouldn't be surprised if the power supply that came the Aspire case was the culprit. The wattage isn't the issue, it's the quality (or lack thereof) of the unit.

That said, I might be confused by the wording of your post but are you trying to turn on the PC using the switch on the back of the power supply instead of the switch on the front panel or did you just mention it because you were testing it? I'm just trying to eliminate the possibility that the front panel switch was hooked up incorrectly and isn't working.
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Hi all,

Can anyone advise me to which brand if motherboard is the best to go for? Im currently looking at an Intel one but would like to know if there are better makes.

The processor I have is a C2D E6600, does the mobo I choose need to have a minimum criteria??

Can anyone suggest some good ones?

Im looking for ATX, compatible with C2D, plenty of expantion possibilities, no graphics, SATA and ATA-100 with a decent amount of maximum RAM.

Any ideas?


A:Which brand motherboard is best??

I don't recommend Intel go for MSI GigaByte or Asus
This is my point of view take it or leave it
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Hi all,

Just wanted to ask for any suggestions on good graphics cards. Im currently building a PC and want to buy a really good one. Well, it needs to be able to handle vista nicely and be able to handle games well.

What are the best brands?

Here is what I have bought so far:

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Motherboard
LiteOn SATA DVD Writter
Sony Floppy Disk Drive
X-Power 700W Power Supply
Aspire X-Discovery Black ATX Case
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Processor
Seagate 500GB Internal HD

All I really need is the graphics card now but I want a good one. Any ideas??


A:Which is the best brand for graphics cards??

What kind of games do you want to play? What resolutions? Do you have an LCD with a fixed resolution or CRT?

I'd also say your budget/how much you can spend and region would be useful to give suggestions. That's a beast of a system so I'd hope you have decent budget to give it a 3d card to keep up with it.
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The stock coin cell battery that powers the cmos on my motherboard has japanese words, but it says CR2032 3V. If I put a Energizer or Panasonic battery of the exact type in there for example, will it work fine?

A:Will any brand of coin cell battery work in a motherboard?

You're in luck. Any make (panasonic, energizer etc) will work just fine. If your battery isn't already completely dead, remember to save your bios settings before removing the battery, or your setting will revert to default. If your battery is already dead, then no need to save your bios settings.
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Hello all.
well I'm gonna build myself a brand new puter.(laptop)
only thing is i haven't the foggiest idea where to shop and get the best prices.
I don't really won't anything fancy just functional.
I work in Saudi Arabia so that means lots of flying.
I would like something travel friendly.
If any of you guys have any spec. suggestions fire away.
The most I use my machines for is music,communicating with family,and taking online classes so maybe I can be as smart as you guys
Thanks for any input.

A:building a brand new machine

For your specific needs I would go with an IBM or fujitsu laptop

Portable, durable, and stable
Relevancy 30.96%

I have PNY, eVGA, BFG, and XFX compared here.
I can't decide which company to buy... The BFG is lower in some stuff and I hear XFX isn't very reliable...
Also, the eVGA is cheaper so I'm wondering... Which company do you recommend?

A:Which Brand?

I like evga mostly because they usually have the highest performance/price ratio, and they also tend to have great warranties and support.
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mobo Intel Product D error reboots and message with NO new crashes pc Brand GZIS Field Version AAD - cpu Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz M sharing L Cache LGA Processor DIMM MB DDR - DDR SDRAM bios updated to the newest Video Brand new pc crashes and reboots with NO error message Adapter Intel R GZ Express Chipset Family MB onboard Audio Adapter Intel GB ICH - High Definition Audio Controller A- onboard Disk Drive Maxtor V E GB IDE Optical Drive LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW- S Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional service pack Network Adapter Wire PC Port No heating problems microsoft memory check shows no RAM problems The system crashed even before Brand new pc crashes and reboots with NO error message installing wire network and now also gets disconnected from the net very often other older computers working on the same network have no problems The technicians in the company lab first told me the windows installation was faulty so I installed windows again with service pack and all the new updates and it still goes haywire periodically I spoke to microsoft - they said that it s probably a hardware issue Help Please p s I have no idea what the minidumps are nbsp

A:Brand new pc crashes and reboots with NO error message

Both dumps list VisorUsb.sys as the probable cause. See if there's as update available for this file.
Relevancy 29.67%

There are basic types of hard If brand a please this!!! new installing are drive you read then hard drive that most people will want to install They are - Pata also called ide and ata Easy to recognise as they If you are installing a brand new hard drive then please read this!!! have a large pin socket and jumper settings And - Sata both sata and are set up in the same way They are easy to recognise as they don t have a way socket but have a way instead There are also scsi hard drives but i doubt may people will be using them so i will not be dealing with them in this post Pata - Pata s will connect via a way data cable that has plugs on it excluding the one that plugs into the mobo It is VERY VERY important to get the jumper settings correct or THEY WILL NOT WORK There are basic jumper settings cable select master and slave The easiest way to set them up is to use cable select The mobo itself will then assign master and slave as it sees fit Usually it will set the drive on the end plug as master and the other one as a slave If you are running more than pata drive on the same cable then you must insure they are both set to cable select or that is set to master and is set to slave Having both set to master WILL NOT WORK and having both set to slave WILL NOT WORK Once that is set correctly most mobo s will be happy and boot fine if yours doesn t then you will need to check the bois settings The instructions for doing this will be in your mobo manual Sata - Only device is catered for per cable so there is no need for jumper settings Its just a case of making sure your bios picks it up correctly again you will need to refer to your mobo manual for instructions If after properly installing your hard drive and checking the bios out it still doesn t show up in windows then it probably requires formatting For windows XP Pro right click on your quot my computer quot and select manage storage then disk management Locate your new drive on the right hand side and right click and use the format wizard Once all that is done you should have a new hard drive installed and working properly Enjoy P S I only have XP Pro so if anyone else can add the formatting procedure for other windows versions then please feel free to do so nbsp

A:If you are installing a brand new hard drive then please read this!!!

One minor correction to avoid potential confusion. It's really a 40 pin, 80 wire cable. Most will know what you mean, however.
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Hey everyone Right so i ve upgraded my PC RAM and brand) other up Pairing (Ballistix recently and it s running everything nicely the only problem I have is a degree of stuttering in games like F E A R and BF Framerates and Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand) other Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand) things are all good but I know my RAM is letting the system down My spec is AMD Athlon HIS X XT GDDR gig of branded Ram might be Crucial but not sure it begins with C DDR W PSU by Jeantech Asrock SATA Mobo Now i ve gone and ordered some high quality Ballistix Ram from Crucial com x DDR but my worry is that my old Ram will stop it from running to it s full potential because of different CAS latencies and timings etc So my question is what would be the benefits of getting x Ballistix over using the lower quality RAM and the Ballistix ones together will I notice much difference at all or is there no difference I was only wondering since running Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand) different modules together tends to make the higher ones scale down to the slower ones but i m not sure if this applys if they are both the same speed DDR Thanks a lot everyone Matty nbsp

A:Pairing up RAM (Ballistix and other brand)
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Hey, just thought I'd post the results that I obtained from the polls.

Asus, Gigabyte, DFI and Intel seem to be the clear winners

The brands that have no good nor bad votes I called "assume bad" because I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to buy those brands.



A:RESULTS - Motherboard brand poll

Hey, thanks for posting the results! This will give me a hand in the near future when I build myself a new rig.
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Brand new system out of the box hours ago Got everything hooked up it all seemd to light up fine got the standby lights all the fans spin up so does the hard drives Even the red led on my video card to make it look pretty lights up but i get no video and no keyboard and the optical mouse doesnt get power untill after the system powers on fully in all my previous systems the little bastard kept blinking even after i shut down The system runs for about or minutes before shutting it self off monitor is getting power i can see it on standby but no signal it never leaves standby no beeps system stats p p -vm asus mobo gig dual core pentium d s no name power supply safe power watt heavy duty maxtor gig master and a slave radeon x agp x gig ddr single stick already tried unplugging everything but the minimals checked and rechecked keyboard, new no no Brand everyhing, video. connectors and plugs till i went crosseyed its shutting it self back off so its obviously doing something Brand new everyhing, no keyboard, no video. but i have no way to tell help im without a personal computer untill its fixed nbsp

A:Brand new everyhing, no keyboard, no video.

TypoNinja said:

Brand new system, out of the box hours ago.Click to expand...

Its under warranty, take it back, messing with it will void any warranties.

Relevancy 29.67%

Heres the story, i decided to purchase an Asus 7600GT

But apparently their manufacturer is EOL... I wouldnt have a clue what End of life means in this context but I'm asuming it means I cant get it...

I have several alternatives: expertvision 7600GT
Point of view 7600GT
MSI 7600GT
Inno3D 7600GT

These are my choices.

Which would be the best alternative?



A:alternative brand for asus 7600GT silent

Of the options you listed I would go with the MSI, never heard of the other brands. Lots of different options for the 7600GT on Newegg that are name brand cards at a good price. Here's on thats a bit cheaper than the MSI:
Relevancy 30.1%

Heloo everybody. I recently built my own computer. Everything went smoothly except for one PSU problem which i have now fixed. I have everything loaded up on it and there are little or no viruses yet. I have a dual core AMD and a good radeon graphics card that could run even oblivion well on my old PC. Now with this PC things are going kinda slow and battlefield took forever to load. In the game even on low settings it was laggy and i wasnt even playing online. What could the problem be? The only things i'm not sure about are the memory moduls and the mobo but i'm preety sure the mobo wouldn't slow it down. What do you guys suggest.

A:Brand New and runnin' slow plz Help

Did yuo install the motherboard drivers after installing windows? and what are the specs of your system?
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hi Im planning on upgrading to a bigger harddrive so i can store my digital pictures without having to burn them on DVD disc every 2 uploads (my SD card is a 2GB card and I fill it up quite fast)

I need somethign fast and efficient but also very reliable and a good company who backs up their drives incase somethin goes wrong..

says my board handles" 4 x Serial ATA 150MB/sec with support for RAID 0, RAID1, RAID 0+1" so i guess this is just regular Sata? i cant use Sata2?

whats the difference between IDE and SATA? which is faster, more reliable and better?

A:most reliable hdd brand?

I like seagate and western digital. I'm not sure if I'd spring for one of the new perpendicular recording drives yet, since they're brand new tech. As for ide vs sata, I don't notice any speed difference in regular use, but sata is a faster interface. I see it in much the same light as agp vs pci-express. Yeah, pci-e is a faster interface, but at the point when it was introduced agp cards could easily keep up with pci-e cards, since cards weren't maxing out agp's speed. Maybe eventually hd's will have more speed than ide(pata) can handle, but who knows when. I'd get a sata 150 though, since the cabling is "neater" than ide ribbon cable.
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I come here after having gotten help a month or two ago with a new problem I order brand new parts to build a new PC over this weekend and recieved them today My problem is this after connecting everything the computer turns on and the motherboard green light comes on when i turn on the power it starts too boot up and after or seconds it dies with no speaker warning just turns off fans spin for maybe seconds please help Specs Asus M NE motherboard x g corsair ddr ram amd x dual core processor brand new antec watt psu with an apevia aluminum case i have a gig WD sata HDD but i disconnected i checked all connections and disconnected and reconnected everything as well i unscrewed the motherboard and remounted it any help is apprciated i feel like i might be missing something very Brand computer new wont startup simple or that maybe my mobo processor is DOA thanks in advance nbsp

A:Brand new computer wont startup

It's not the processor for sure because if the proc didnt work, the computer would either not even start or turn on and be unable to do anything but stay on. It wouldn't turn off. It may be the Mobo that is damaged of it COULD be (plz dont flame me people) the PSU. I know Antec is a very reliable company but everyone makes mistakes so it might be that too. See if you can borrow a Mobo and PSU from someone and restest everything.
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hey guys,
i was just wondering, what is the best brand PSU to get, im looking at between 300W-400W depending on price

A:Best Brand Name Psu

Here take a look at this article here:
it gives a list of bad psu's, as well as good psu's on a low, medium and high budget.
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Hello Based on your experience which are the best brands for a DVD-RW drive because in the Past I had bad experiences with this kind of drives and I got tired for RMA s and refunds at the stores The only brands that have worked really good for me is st Pionner and - Sony even tough DVD-RW Best for Brand an this last one already have an exchange Best Brand for an DVD-RW every time I burn a DVD-video with a drive the results were a lot of skipping and sometimes even no play at DVD players it s not the media because I always Use DVD-R Sony TDK Memorex always use same software Nero and Clone DVD please note that this has happened only on the Brands Memorex Toshiba BTC and Emprex I m not sure if this brands have poor quality drives or is something else if it was my computer It will also happen with my Pionner DVR-A but this Drive has worked more than perfect for more than years unfortunately the life of the lens laser has lost it s power and is failing at the burning process so it s time to get a new one but I was wondering if any of you can recommend a very good optical drive besides Pionner and Sony Thank you nbsp

A:Best Brand for an DVD-RW

Plextor - Best
Lite-On - Good

Everything else, beware. Some other brands work brilliantly, but I think its a lot more of a crapshoot with them than it is with Plextor.
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so here is my problem i just built a brand new computer that i have been saving forever for that cost me all brand new stuff assembled by me and a friend who has built stable systems before we configured everything right cpu tight mobo screwed down power connected stable everything seems good right so around a week into running i get a hard drive error which we fix by stabalizing the hdd with some extra screws maybe a week later i start getting this fatal blue screen giving me a machine check exception error i new Error...please brand help, Machine Check computer have no clue what to do about this error so i boot into safe mode with networking and everyhing appears normal so i restart and it boots up fine to my normal desktop this error keeps happening and i continue to boot Machine Check Error...please help, brand new computer into safe mode and then restart probably did this - times now i get the error constantly and sometimes cannot even boot into safe mode here are my specs AMD Athalon X ASRock Dual-SATA Mobo WD Caviar Gb HDD G Skill GB -Pin DDR PC Memory GeForce GT MB Graphics Aspire See-Thru w Power Supply can somebody please tell me what i need to do run a RAM test RMA my processor everything is still within days but will be running out soon please help me this is my dream machine and i dont know how to fix it nbsp

A:Machine Check Error...please help, brand new computer


Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you are saying, but I do not see how a "hard drive error" can be fixed with extra screws. When you booted into safe mode, were you able to run chkdisk? I'm not an expert, but it sounds like your hard drive could be a bad one. Does it make any noises? Excessive clicking?

I would also try to run MemTest- one stick at a time. If you can get to them, there are people on this site that can advise you on your "minidumps." (reports windows makes makes when it encounters errors.

Maybe some of the smarter guys will respond, but that is my opinion of where to start checking. One more thing- that PSU doesn't have the best reputation. it could be part (or more) of the problem. I know I haven't been much help, but at least this will bump the thread- maybe smart people will notice and help.

Good luck, man. :knock:
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Heya This is my first post on what looks like a great forum I m really happy and releived to have found it and I m so desperate to get this frustrating problem sorted out The Advent T computer if that helps at all in question is only months old and I made the grim mistake brand dilema with IRQ pc...! a Advent new of shelling out far more on the thing than I probably should have lol The problem is related to the IRQ s I switch on the pc and it hums into action pretty nicely everything ticks and wirrs - no errors at all Then when you start up a game for instants Microsoft Flight Simulator the glitches just come in fast and furious You re able to swiftly switch views barrel roll and vault above the clouds with relative smoothness during the first mins and then the computer seems to hit a brick wall The picture jars and the sound playing at the time of the lockup repeats itself on a really rapid loop IRQ dilema with a brand new Advent pc...! - almost a constant hum The computer then decides to either shut down and reboot completely or i ll get the legendary IRQ dilema with a brand new Advent pc...! blue screen of death which is about as unhelpful as a paper anorak telling me that the IRQ is NOT LESS OR EQUAL The IRQ dilema with a brand new Advent pc...! annoying thing is that MSFS isn t the only program with issues - i m a D graphics student embarking on a yr BA course so I m worried about investing in expensive CAD applictions through the fear that it they not function and simply crash X Reunion MSTS Halflife Doom - the list goes on they all reach around about the - min point and lock up Strangely the only program that doesn t lock up is the most demanding D game of all and part of my reason for buying the new pc Battlefield Hmm So all this aggravation from a new pc that cost me over I can t tell you how annoying and frustrating it is - I ve only made two alterations since the day of purchase and those are a graphics card replacement Now an X Radeon and the installation of a new wireless networking card in the same slot as video DVB-T card was I d really appreciate any help could I disable any of the USB ports Are there any items listed that may be conflicting with eachother I understand that one IRQ can house as many as chipsets - but the setup is quite strange Anyway here are the specs and a screenshot Again i d really welcome any advise to get this pc working as it should Cheers Sorry for the ludicrously long post As you can see from above single IRQ s house many of the T s devices This is made even more complicated by the fact that the Graphics card cannot be shifted into another PCI slot But maybe that s normal ADVENT Intel Pentium HT processor ghz cpu s mb of system ram X Radeon Series mb ram C-Media Audio Gb HD Space nbsp

A:IRQ dilema with a brand new Advent pc...!

try disabling the onboard network adapter in the bios, run a game and see what happens. if that doesn't work pull the new wireless pci card and start the computer and try the same game. If no good take out 1 memory module and try the game. Still no good try the other memory module (assuming that there are 2 x 512) Stll no good then swap out the video card for a different one and try the game. Something has to work..
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will any brand hard drive work on dell desktop systems??
i have been told they don't??
wanted to ask be fore i tried it.

A:will any brand hard drive work on dell desktop systems

Hm im not sure, i own a dell and i'm pretty sure you can use any type of drive so long as your computer supports it. Such as, dont get a sata drive if you dont have sata connectors. I'm pretty sure any IDE drive would work with a Dell. However Dells tend to be on the cheaper side and dont always have expansion bays for a second (or third) hard drive . Open your case or look at your manual to make sure you have room for expansion before buying one. If you don't, simply buy an external one that connects VIA usb. Because I think firewire doesnt come standard on most dells.
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hi all-

I'm going to be purchasing a new computer in a few months, and i didnt know which brand to go with. I like HP and Dell. i dont want to custom buiold my own so please none of that


A:which brand????

Hp or Gateway. Stay away from Dells...
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Ok this time I am really blowing a fuse Take a look at the letter I sent to the sales service of the company that sold me the card Hello My name my x800 with boot (no pro Problems new brand again) radeon is RXXX LXXX I purchased a graphic card from you about Problems with my brand new radeon x800 pro (no boot again) months ago and for Problems with my brand new radeon x800 pro (no boot again) no apparent reason this one stopped working The computer just won t boot with it but it does with my old card The card didn t come up in its Problems with my brand new radeon x800 pro (no boot again) original retail package and therefore I have no guaranty for it It was a radeon x pro mb Is there any chance that I could send it back to you and get the guaranty working I also checked the card and it didn t smell of burning or nothing seems to be fried on it I also experienced quiet a few problems with it ever since I installed it crashes blue screens weird behaviors from my computer etc I am terribly upset because it already took me a month to finally get the card There had been a mix up and the delivery company left it lying in their warehouse all that time Therefore the card had only been installed on my computer and running for less than a month Please do something Kind regards RXXX LXXX Does anyone have a clue about what could have happened It all happened after I tried to run a demo of Titan quest The computer crashed a couple of times and after the third time Nothing would come up at all on the monitor I then put my old card back and it works nbsp

A:Problems with my brand new radeon x800 pro (no boot again)

it sounds like you have a defective card. the fact it did not come in the retail package does not bode well. it is probably not a new card but a refurbished one. or worse yet one that someone allready had a problem with a returned it, and they sold it to you without even fixing it.
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Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 4000+
GHX Card: EVGA Geforce 7900GTX
Monitor: Spectre X20G-NAGA III

I have recently started building a new omputer and I have run into a problem. The computer turns on but when I look at the monitor, an message pops up showing a picture of this: Monitor ---> X --->Tower (Basically meaning that it has no connection to the computer) I find that intresting though because I have everything plugged in and in the right slots.

Any ideas? Any solutions? Please help!

A:No Signal Message (Spectre Monitor)

Hello and welcome to Techspot!

We need to back up a bit first. Open up your case and have a look.

When the system is not turned on, there is an LED light on your board. Can you see it? What color is it? When you hit the power button, tell us EXACTLY what happens. Any fans spinning? Does the color of that light change? Any beeps from the system?

Did you connect the power connector to your graphics card?

How many watts is your PSU (and what make is it)?

Tell us some more about your ram. What size and speed are the ram? How many sticks?
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well i just bought an amd dual core system with gb pc ram at i think gb upgradeable gb hard drive SATA an integrated geforce le a dell quot lcd screen and have pci e slot left pci and one drive bay already a lightscribe drive besides what are the next things i want to add thats the question hp pavilion w pk so heres my uses i look at porn i play games but not the most high end ones i tend to wait a year before i buy em i do photos on dig camera etc i read tons of news and play online games too i am into art but currently don t do intence pix work there thats kinda how i use this rig also i have another comp hooked up to it on a home lan much slower but still like modern and thats about it tell me guys what ar on upgrades! brand help new pc me decide emy nexy steps to my supercomputer would love to have the ability to watch and record tv but the reviews are so cryptic and i can t help me decide upgrades! on brand new pc decide my old pci avertv card the coax connector ripped right out and i cant get it to play anything but sriously screwed tv so i want a tv card my vidcard is integrated and i never trust those help me decide upgrades! on brand new pc to be good but this one is ok need better i think more ram good never had a thing i have tried yet go bad just wanna fine tune and not buy the wrong stuff help nbsp

A:help me decide upgrades! on brand new pc

Great system so far!

I would guess you have enough ram. There are, i believe, fairly good arguments for not going over 2 gigs on a win xp system anyway.

For tv tuners i would stick to ATI or Hauppage. Pci or usb, i dont think it matters. I have used both myself and i have a Hauppage unit right now.

As for vid cards, i dont do a lot of gaming, will leave that to those more in the know, lol. But if you dont do heavy gaming, maybe you are ok with what you have.

How about a firewire or usb2 or sata external box with hard drive for backup and storage (photos) as you only have the one hard drive listed? If firewire make sure it has the oxford chipset and no other. If usb stay away from optorite chipsets. I think i have the word right but its opto-something, these are known trouble-makers as far as chipsets go. Often the very cheapest usb boxes are the ones to stay away from, look at the specs, or go to for all usb info.